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File: 338ff41bbad4ec8⋯.png (41.13 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ClipboardImage.png)

cc4259 No.1066636

Q Research General 1329



Love yourself, and mean it. Think mirror.

War Room Update

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#TaxCuts → see below

#LetsSueFacebook → related; IBoR (still relevant)


>>880021 How to Quickly Spot a Clownschill

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Monday 04.16.18

>>1064908 ———————- www.iqt.org/portfolio/

>>1064365 rt >>1064287 ———————- 23andMe

>>1064089 rt >>1063675 ———————- Not a coincidence, 25/100%

>>1062716 ———————- They are here in force

>>1061084 ———————- Re_read Five Eyes

Sunday 04.15.18

>>1058989 rt >>1058536 — Ginsburg confirmation dissent, PDF

>>1058804 rt >>1058722 — Reporter to capture

>>1058722 ———————- Clown Black Brennan

>>1057899 ———————- [4] Clown UIDs

>>1057786 rt >>1057770 — The WHY

>>1057770 ———————- The WHERE

>>1057619 rt >>1057442 — Nothing stated should be discounted

>>1057509 rt >>1057393 — Comey throws AG Lynch under the bus

>>1057351 rt >>1057113 — Focus on Supreme Court

>>1057223 rt >>1057113 — Perfect example of why we are here

>>1057159 rt >>1056766 — Typo. SC = Supreme Court

>>1056602 rt >>1056562 — Proofs being lost

>>1056554 ———————- Side by side graphic

>>1056087 rt >>1056025 — Where are the autists?!?!

>>1056025 rt >>1055967 — Think Timing. 'The Plan'

>>1055924 rt >>1055826 — Side by side graphics are important

>>1055826 ———————- SC, Loretta Lynch deal

Saturday 04.14.18

>>1041555 ———————- Expand your thinking. The ‘date’ vs ‘actual’. Iran next.

Friday 04.13.18

>>1032326 ———————–Trust POTUS. … Intel good.

Thursday 04.12.18

>>1015665 ———————- Twitter down. Injection good.

>>1015438 rt >>1015398 — Intel drops a delicate job.

>>1015262 ———————- RR Problems archive.fo/QR2tE

>>1015015 rt >>1015000 — Misspellings matter.

>>1015000 ———————- Trumps MEMEmbers of Congress

>>1009048 rt >>1008970 — We certainly have it all!

>>1008955 ———————- HONEYPOTS. archive.fo/uqayV

>>1008693 rt >>1008670 — Alan (Derschowitz ed.). Welcome Aboard. Plane. 17.

>>1008560 rt >>1008534 — Syria.

>>1008491 rt >>1008463 — Facebook. Building 8. China.

>>1008463 ———————- Night [5]. archive.fo/5FfTx

Wednesday 04.11.18

>>1005902 ———————- #17

>>1004880 ———————- Freedom!

>>1004087 ———————- Learn Our Comms

>>1003596 rt >>1003248 — @Snowden FB info drop

>>1003054 ———————- "There will be consequences."

>>1002918 rt >>1002786 — House of Reps

>>1002729 rt >>1002693 — Truth is like a Maypole

>>1002693 rt >>1002643 — [H] in the Killbox

>>1002643 ———————- IT'S HAPPENING

Tuesday 04.10.18

>>985368 ———————– Fireworks.

>>982457 ———————– Bolton cleaning house!

>>979213 rt >>979093 —— TRUST

>>979093 ———————– FBI burning midnight oil

>>978771 ———————– Tuesday (China). Cars

>>978383 rt >>978366 —— Fake

>>978104 rt >>978080 —— Chongqing

>>978017 rt >>977691 —— China’s Embrace of Foreign Cars | https:// archive.is/IGTnw

Monday 04.09.18

>>977691 ———————– China/CQ cancel

>>974802 ———————– Read carefully. (Cohen) archive.fo/NfBjK

>>974537 rt >>974444 —— The connection is simply chlorine

>>973651 rt >>973608 —— Learn our comms

>>973468 rt >>973390 —— They broke in during the fire

>>973341 rt >>973097 —— Reason we are here MORE

>>972392 ———————– RR problems

>>969959 ———————– CA Targeted

>>968804 ———————– Like Clockwork (note the filename)

>>967875 rt >>967809 —— SAT imagery + EITS are not definitive

>>967752 ———————– SYRIA. Hold until CONF

>>967390 ———————– CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS

>>967331 rt >>967224 —— Think ‘Bridge’. GOOG. FB. TWITTER

>>967161 rt >>967123 —— YOU are being TRACKED

>>967105 rt >>966637 —— PEOPLE have POWER

>>966859 rt >>966637 —— Follow the family (MZ)

>>966637 ———————– XMAS IN DC

cc4259 No.1066645


OBAMA TIMELINE >>949587, >>926762, >>949333, >>949547


>>1065557 - Startups who received investment from In-Q-Tel

>>1065451 - CIA - Twitter link

>>1065363 - Earlier research on In-Q-Tel + Anon theory.

>>1065206 - In-Q-Tel Clown front, Graphic


>>1064404 - Five Eye’s joint SIGINT collection


>>1063963 - Q's related to Comey, side-by-side


>>1062872 - PATRIOT'S DAY









>>1063103 - NZ FVEY SAUCE

>>1063154 - RBG SAUCE

>>1063205 - FVEY NZ SAUCE


>>1063309 - FVEY SAUCE


>>1063504 - FBI/DOJ TIMELINE

>>1063509 - POTUS TWEETS


>>1062788 How do we know that Syria was a false flag?

>>1062702 Brennan is a Rothschild stooge


>>1061383 judicialwatch.org

>>1061434 Biden's son inked deal with Chinese government days after vice president’s trip

>>1061721 It's about the BREAK

>>1061606 GCHQ doc on spying Trump (Five Eyes)

>>1061648 The women are important in the cult?

>>1061973 Eric Trump's tweet with the Sun Q


>>1060952 Shenzhen Stock Exchange architects (notice spirit cooking, upside down cross)

>>1060839 Nose ring on the bull/the one ring (interesting parallel)

>>1060848 Info on Shenzen sculpture, follow rt's

>>1060687 Obama And Lynch "Jeopardized" Clinton Email Investigation

>>1060634 Recommendations for Armenia on Trafficking

>>1060640 Datapoints on Scalia

>>1060537 The Democratic Plan

>>1060534 Pics of Shenzen sculpture

>>1060563 Founder & CEO of BackPage worked for FBI and was awarded by Mueller

>>1060454 CP victim says Comey "Helped Abuse to Continue"


>>1060457 AS & Armenia [ARM]

>>1060128 SC & Amazon

>>1059986 Side-by-Sides/"informational parallels"


>>1058438 Future proves Past Twit stringers

>>1058076 Anthony Scalia Graphic connections

>>1058118 Timing Of Tweets

>>1058251 Graphic connections

>>1058431 Graphic

>>1058573 You got it Q


>>1057807 Patriots Day graphic

>>1057833 Tarmac Treason Updated

>>1057872 Future proves Past graphic

>>1057875 The There the why


>>1057113 Future Proves Past Graphic


>>1056720 o7 ROGER WILCO!!


>>1055069 NIT; who's asking questions?

>>1055060 Preet Bharara, Bill's water boy

>>1055313 Loretta Lynch: she mad

>>1055325 We salute you Gunny :'(

>>1055326 Hussein/HUSSEIN = Obama. Got it?

>>1055059 B. Clinton, Weinstein connection

>>1055604 Project Cassandra; drugs for guns dig

>>1055589 Iranian/DS ties

>>1055559 Erroneous CBS Laura Bush obituary

>>1055646 Obama, Lynch jeopardized email investigation


>>1054217 Breakdown between HUSSEIN and Hussein

>>1054376 >>1054434 Income Taxes and the Law - William Cooper

>>1054392 Kathy Ruemmler Digworthies


>>1054511 Chinese Spies engaged in Massive Theft of U.S. Tech

>>1054557 >>1054765 NTI Not bombed - list of entities known to be associated with SSRC in Syria

>>1054493 Kish Island, Iran - Offshore banks/trafficking to circumvent sanctions

>>1054839 Trust the plan!


>>1053443 David Boren - Committee of 300 - Stroke

>>1053501 Nuclear Threat Initiative Digs

>>1053564 What do anons think this investigation that Q Team is working on would look like exactly?

>>1053613 >>1053653 >>1053743 Awans and the Q drops

>>1053669 >>1053975 Expand your thinking

>>1054113 Eric Holder wants liberals to shut up about impeaching POTUS

>>1054153 Follow the Wives (and those who visit them upon the death bed)


>>1052655 Barbara Bush health failing

>>1052675 Time to set the stage (tarmac fiasco)

>>1052707 Alyssa Milano starting a revolution?

>>1052814 Bill Cooper 666 and 1776

>>1052920 NTI bombed in Syria?

>>1053021 Trump promises to protect states' rights

>>1053079 (You) may not believe in it, but (((they))) do

>>1053086 Pentagon claims 2,000% increase in Russian trolls after Syria strikes.


>>1051844 Contaminated with holdovers

>>1051941 Pace yourselves, lads.

>>1051994 More IG reports on Comey and McCabe

>>1052071 SJC WORST FBI

>>1052368 Stericycle's medical waste incinerator located in North Salt Lake

>>1052417 Welcome, newfags

Notable Posts Discussion: >>311157

Archive of Notables >>>/comms/225 (Batch 740~ present)

cc4259 No.1066649

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cc4259 No.1066653






cc4259 No.1066672




No notable updates in this post. Don't sperg, just add them now.

65206d No.1066725

File: 6c02f949ad72719⋯.jpg (305.29 KB, 753x1168, 753:1168, 2018-04-16_11-52-26.jpg)


cc4259 No.1066761




2d3fcd No.1066765

You are a top ANON, Baker..


e39079 No.1066766

File: 564d42d5a52c34e⋯.jpg (274.26 KB, 1126x508, 563:254, Sergey Brin Google co foun….jpg)

File: c56324060b2dcc9⋯.jpg (43.76 KB, 560x419, 560:419, InQtel Bridge.jpg)

File: ce5424f40ec2e60⋯.jpg (152.56 KB, 771x638, 771:638, HRCU1LynchComeyRBG.jpg)


2d3fcd No.1066770



c5e7ce No.1066779

File: 5e3290d5c6ad446⋯.png (406.6 KB, 693x945, 11:15, Untitled.png)

This guy really is a fucking idiot

89f139 No.1066780


fine job

b67ed9 No.1066782




gotcha covered


Fantastic work, anon!

c83dda No.1066789

File: 9a7fcce3a1655eb⋯.png (419.25 KB, 2176x1452, 544:363, RED CASTLE Palace..png)

RED CASTLE="Heavenly Palace" is Tiangong-1 the Chinese satellite

Red Castle Q post with SAT COMMS

Navstar satellite network

Satellite atomic clock

Clock activated with Red Castle

HAMMER, On the clock


Clock with Red Castle

Their Satellite NETwork paused?

A possibility. Q said, "Net" not internet

Satellite hack, GPS spoof

What fell from space recently, Accident or retailation?

Think Navy Ship crashes with We ARE active

b28b43 No.1066790

>>1066666 (last bread)

Formed in Montreal in 2009 by PhDs with specialties in lasers and fiber optics, Genia Photonics has 30 patents on this technology, claiming incredible biomedical and industrial applications—from identifying individual cancer cells in a real-time scan of a patient, to detecting trace amounts of harmful chemicals in sensitive manufacturing processes.

974662 No.1066791

File: c67cec1941a2329⋯.png (2.31 KB, 566x130, 283:65, Untitled.png)

from prev bread

seems a lot of censorship going on today

e3f3b3 No.1066793

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00792R000500240001-6.pdf

Technical proof that Scalar Waves exist

https:// vimeo.com/72878317

Summer 2011 White TV got the hint from the Swedish Secret Service, that scalar waves are used in mind control. The victims, targeted individuals (t i) complain, that nothing is shielding against the radiation attacks (tin foiled hats) and that they can be targeted in high altitudes ore far beneath the ground in caves. This already indicates, that they are not targeted with electromagnetic waves, but another kind of wave.

Soon the contact was made to the leading scalar wave researcher, Prof. Konstantin Meyl, teacher and researcher in physics at a university in southern Germany. Because of the more than 100 years on-going cover up against scalar waves, he decided 1999 to construct an experimental kit, that shows how Nicola Tesla worked in the late 1890-ies to detect scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, not transversal, as the electromagnetic waves.

This kit has been sold to more than 1 000 researchers all over the world, opening their eyes, that other interesting types of waves exist.

Prof. Meyl, the Nikola Tesla of today, shows not only the difference between the electromagnetic waves (Heinrich Hertz 1888) and the scalar waves (Nikola Tesla 1897), but also different and more convenient ways to apply them.


1. scalar waves propagate with different speed, sometimes much quicker than the speed of light,

2. scalar waves can transport wireless electricity

3. scalar waves can have huge over unity effect by collecting neutrinos (free energy)

4. a scalar wave transmitter realizes directly, if the receiver is in resonance

5. no shields against scalar wave

6. scalar waves do not decay in the distance, you can send them through the earth to the other side

Technical and medical improvements:

1. cell phones only using scalar waves do not emit electro smog and have one dimension more to modulate information both on the frequency and the wavelength; computers run by scalar waves have much better efficiency than even quantum computers

2. wireless transportation of electric energy without losses; cell phones, electric cars, motors etc. need no battery, they can be charged through the air while running without pollution

3. scalar waves are able to transmit medical information to the body in a positive context (bio resonance/frequency medicine, ie. Bicom, Oberon, Scio) or negative: mind control and remote killing

4. DNA and cell communications can be physically explained

5 free energy devices collecting neutrinos can be built

6 bees, butterflies and other animals will recover

Finally it has to be noticed, that Prof. Meyl detected a third kind of wave, the magnetic scalar wave, which is biological relevant. So there are three different kind of waves: the electromagnetic (Hertz), the electric scalar wave (Tesla) and the magnetic scalar wave (Meyl).

30f1d6 No.1066794

>>1066779. Blast his twitter. He IS an idiot!

b67ed9 No.1066795


I like the toast mortem

gonna do that

4e7568 No.1066796


>these people are stupid.

>maxine stupid.

5644e7 No.1066797

The Shadowbrokers are at it again, this time Theresa May's trillion-$$$ off shore account:

https:// twitter.com/ZuThadeus/status/985852093746569216

0b9f01 No.1066798


Shitlibs are beyond helping.

26d56a No.1066799

Meueller's smoking gun

http:// digitalcommons.law.umaryland.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3181&context=mlr

89f139 No.1066800

shief was on the morning news today talking

about trump russia collusion today about duesawitz (spelling) bank and how that needs looked into.

also how trump attacking potus was unconstitutional for not getting congress approval.

804260 No.1066801

File: becd2a76f841f19⋯.jpeg (151.48 KB, 750x747, 250:249, 1 post less.jpeg)

c7190a No.1066802

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundun dun dundundun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundun dundun


Dundun dundun dundun


Dun dun dun dun dun

Dun dun




Daddaddadadsadadadadadadadadadaddadadadadadaddadadaddadadadadadadadadadadadaddadddadaddadadadd dadadadaddaddada



Nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nnyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

Nnn nn nn nn nn nn n nn nnn nn nn nnn nnn nnnnnnnn

Dddddddd ddadadadadaddadadadadadaadadadadadad


Nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu




Nyunyunyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu











Ddudndundun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dund




Chi chichi chi chi chih









This is how confirmation works.

Have you guys read the first book in Dune? He put his own son through the fire.

0e166c No.1066803

Guys. SpaceX wants to launch a Falcon 9 booster."

https:// twitter.com/arstechnica/status/985942628960296961

43a4aa No.1066804

File: 19bd281e8afc3ab⋯.png (29.67 KB, 588x323, 588:323, FireShot Capture 201 - Q -….png)

Guys remember

>False drops

>Bot push

c10519 No.1066805


Did You post this shit, Comey?!

>>1066769 <picrealted = WTF?!

8963f7 No.1066806


Potus confirms no missiles shot down ?




[ C P 19]

Show the World Our Power.



580629 No.1066807


"where's muh arrests?" deserve to be nuked. a few others too, like the mutherfocker fegelbots, but eh, BO/BV are nice & tolerating

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


f2267d No.1066808

File: 92bff6593747c2d⋯.jpg (23.15 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 44238099001_5301282803001_….jpg)

Thank You Baker

0c7f0c No.1066809

I'm troubled that the Michael Cohen case is assigned to Judge Kimba Wood, who was a failed nomination to SCOTUS by Bill Clinton. Why hasnt Cohen challenged her to be removed?

523198 No.1066810

File: 29419601b4cf7a3⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1531x957, 1531:957, pizzagate.png)

464e4b No.1066811

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBc2_AsRFBU

Wthat is this?

6c9025 No.1066812

File: 8618f55c5cad1c9⋯.png (224.54 KB, 834x958, 417:479, ClipboardImage.png)

FBI signs Twitter surveillance contract

https:// thestack.com/world/2016/11/15/fbi-signs-twitter-surveillance-contract/

https:// www. fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=4a9f7905fae17d11b64f69832474265d&tab=core&tabmode=list&=

https:// www. fbo.gov/index.php?tab=documents&tabmode=form&subtab=core&tabid=4016bad41cb632fe38703aa821ec8fc3

https:// www. fbo.gov/index.php?tab=documents&tabmode=form&subtab=core&tabid=c4c7040639619a975faf642ab5183da7

fa583b No.1066813

File: 241ffa72e1a80f2⋯.jpeg (78.66 KB, 228x291, 76:97, 1179EF16-3360-4BAF-AE7C-5….jpeg)

Over the Target


Learn History

http:// www.biblesearchers.com/hebrewchurch/primitive/losttribesisrael13.shtml

267cf4 No.1066814

File: 9f8551f622c1c0c⋯.png (830.42 KB, 1280x480, 8:3, cometpizza_victims.png)

>>1066387 (LB)



This def. is Comet Pizza and I was on the forefront of PG research and never came across this.

Is this new?

b71879 No.1066815

Many search engines going to shit rapidly.

IEDs and MS-13s being planted at top of most every topic.

Be extra careful what you share. Could blow up in your face.

66470d No.1066816


I rememberz

2dcbeb No.1066817


Why are these schedules being compared? I am not a newfag, I just don't know what the connection is?

368d35 No.1066818


Liberal arts professor and hardcore shill. Proof positive that even complete dumbasses can graduate from Harvard Law.

6c9025 No.1066820



4e7568 No.1066821


This used to be on the top of every bread, why was it removed from dough? (((shill))) subversion? Baker, please advise.

89f139 No.1066822


speaking of them evil fucs, is ldr still not active?

c10519 No.1066823

File: 3aff2db8f3e1161⋯.png (37.09 KB, 500x502, 250:251, embed101.png)


Looks like a link you neglected to embed.

523198 No.1066824


It's new as long as Truth remains covered and perps not behind bars!


2b3966 No.1066825


Hey, the notables link Last bread anons trying to tell you what was notable. Getting moldy 1 timer

a3fd53 No.1066826



368d35 No.1066827


Over the target

580629 No.1066828


what a twist

never heard this tale of "ProTrump FBI agents" before

ohlook a new narrative all of a sudden

dac8b4 No.1066829

File: 8f094ab07887381⋯.jpg (123.65 KB, 960x640, 3:2, Hackerman.jpg)


Great eye, Anon.

Now can you figure out the identities of the people on the tables?

c656e8 No.1066830

File: f6ee3c55a048a0e⋯.jpeg (792.82 KB, 1491x1319, 1491:1319, 055E1234-0BED-49A9-A74B-0….jpeg)

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is likely to resign in June after two cronyism scandals sent his approval ratings to an all-time low and risk damaging his party’s fortunes in elections next year, according to one of Japan’s most popular postwar leaders.

Junichiro Koizumi, a flamboyant reformer who was prime minister from 2001-06, told a weekly magazine published on Monday that Abe has found himself in a “dangerous” situation over the scandals, adding: “Won’t he resign around the time the current parliamentary session ends [on 20 June]?”

Speaking to Aera magazine, Koizumi said Abe could harm his Liberal Democratic party’s chances in next summer’s upper house elections if he manages to cling on to the LDP presidency in a leadership election due in September.

Abe has been badly bruised by allegations of cronyism centering on the heavily discounted sale of public land to the operator of an ultra-nationalist kindergarten in Osaka with links to his wife, Akie Abe.

He has consistently denied any wrongdoing, and said he would resign if he or his wife were shown to have been intervened in the sale of the land.

The finance ministry recently admitted to tampering with documents to remove references to Abe and his wife in papers relating to the decision to provide an 85% discount on the appraised value of the land.

He is also alleged to have used his influence to help a friend secure permission to open a veterinary school – claims he has rejected. Last week, however, an official document emerged describing the veterinary school as “an issue that involves the prime minister”.

Although he shares Abe’s hawkish views on defence, Koizumi has emerged as a vocal critic of the prime minister’s support for nuclear power. Abe wants to expand nuclear’s share of the energy mix, while Koizumi has called for its abolition following the March 2011 meltdown in Fukushima.

His comments came after he speculated that Abe would find it “difficult” to secure the LDP presidency for a third three-year term this autumn, telling reporters: “He has lost trust and whatever he says sounds like an excuse.”

New polls show the twin education scandals have caused dramatic slump in Abe’s support ratings, with many voters saying they were not convinced by his explanations.

A survey by broadcaster Nippon TV released on Sunday showed Abe’s support had sunk to 26.7%, the lowest since he took office in December 2012. An Asahi newspaper poll published on Monday put his rating at 31%.

On Saturday, protestors gathered in front of the national diet building to demand his resignation, with organisers claiming up to 50,000 people had taken part.

Shigeru Ishiba, a former defence minister, was the most popular choice to replace Abe in a weekend poll by Kyodo news, with 26.6%. Koizumi’s son, Shinjiro Koizumi, came second with 25.2%, with Abe in third place with 18.3%.

Abe will arrive in the US this week for talks with Donald Trump on trade and North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme.

Despite his attempts to establish a close personal relationship with the US president, there are concerns Abe has been sidelined by a recent flurry diplomatic activity that will see the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, meet South Korea’s president, Moon-Jae-in, this month, as well as a possible summit between Kim and Trump the following month.

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/16/japan-shinzo-abe-tipped-to-resign-june-cronyism-scandal

a3fd53 No.1066831

File: 4ec460524260d79⋯.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F9FB7C61-A318-4756-BE70-4A….png)

McCain asking for more missiles?

c10519 No.1066832

523198 No.1066833


On top of that hooktube links are appreciated, so as not to give yt/goog their dues.


Thanks to the anon that found it! We will need more autism to iden.

0c7f0c No.1066834


[Schiffty] anytime [g]o[o]d.

cc4259 No.1066835

File: 56701c31b461f6b⋯.jpeg (88.05 KB, 996x1044, 83:87, tooblessed.jpeg)


Hey I don't give a shit!

No one stepped up until I did at the very end.


310f17 No.1066836

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Learn more here.

https:// www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnilnjUumFqDMOeh3DVHd7QjZdObXBxxE

Playlist needs updating. Too busy here to do it

4f8c26 No.1066837


19th April ?

89f139 No.1066838


big ears goes before or after potus trying to get other countries not to go along with his plan.

267cf4 No.1066839


HRC and CC?

0c7f0c No.1066840

File: 639ba5264346a7c⋯.jpg (123.26 KB, 500x888, 125:222, delaney meme.jpg)

3637a7 No.1066841




Zoomfags we need identification!!

8dd54d No.1066842

>>1066554 (Last Bread)

Backdoor channels to the WWW without known existence. Well, Q-Team & POTUS know about it now.

7dd18d No.1066843


Him and General Ass wipe Keane wont be happy until Raytheon has a back order for a hundred years.

9275be No.1066844


What objective would that be? Doesn't Trump wanna pull out? Wasn't he supposed to pull out 30 seconds before the chemical attack?

ab3df9 No.1066845


"We should have acted. They're already here. The Elder Scrolls told of their return. Their defeat.. was merely a delay."

We have to finish the job once and for all.

dac8b4 No.1066846


That is 100% Comet Ping Pong Pedo Pizza. Now we just need to figure out who those two people are.

974662 No.1066847


statement in bold ==red== should be on top of bread

and we can filter.. so need for the censorship

total faith in BO- 8 bit

zero faith in his "staff"

adc551 No.1066848

I'm not ANTI-social

I just have specific priorities at the moment

Seeking company is not one

Tell Vlad I'll thin back out ; ;

0e166c No.1066849

>>1066803 (Arstechnica)

SpaceX to launch a small planet hunter for NASA on Monday

TESS will be able to monitor the brightness of more than 200,000 stars.

ERIC BERGER - 4/16/2018, 9:04 AM

Enlarge / Jeff Volosin, TESS project manager at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, holds a model of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite.



The wildly successful Kepler Space Telescope was designed to observe faint stars and monitor them for brief dips in brightness that would indicate the passage of an object—most commonly a planet. However, the Kepler telescope was only able to resolve stars only in one specific area of space, about 0.28 percent of the entire sky, so it spied few nearby exoplanets.

It is often the brighter stars that are of more interest to astronomers seeking to find exoplanets, because they are typically closer to the Sun and are therefore more readily observable with other instruments. Therefore the follow-up instrument to Kepler, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), has been designed to observe the entire sky and optimized to find stars 30 to 100 times brighter than those Kepler could study.


Number of potentially habitable planets in our galaxy: Tens of billions

After Kepler validated the search for exoplanets by finding thousands of them through careful measurements of periodically dimming stars, astronomers have confidence that TESS and its four cameras will be able to monitor the brightness of more than 200,000 stars during a two-year mission and find thousands of exoplanets. Of these, astronomers estimate that the telescope should find about 500 Earth-sized and "Super Earth" planets, a fair number of which should be within the habitable zones of their parent stars.

Because these stars will be nearby, their exoplanets will be ideally suited for follow-up observations by the James Webb Space Telescope (hopefully launching in 2020), as well as other large ground-based and space-based telescopes. Perhaps one of the planets found by TESS and surveyed by other telescopes will have an atmosphere with water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. This would provide a very strong signal for life.

The small, refrigerator-sized TESS spacecraft inside the Falcon 9 rocket payload fairing.

The small, refrigerator-sized TESS spacecraft inside the Falcon 9 rocket payload fairing.


But before TESS can begin its search for exoplanets, it must reach space and a highly elliptical orbit between Earth and the Moon. In this "lunar resonant" orbit, the spacecraft is designed to collect data while outbound from the Earth, and it will then transmit the data back to ground stations from 107,000km above the planet's surface at its closest approach.

The spacecraft is scheduled to launch on Monday aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Liftoff is scheduled for 6:32pm ET (22:32 UTC). This will be SpaceX's eighth launch of 2018 and one of its last—and perhaps its very last—flights of a new Block 4 Falcon 9 booster.

The rocket will attempt a landing on a droneship in the Atlantic Ocean shortly after launch. It has the fuel to make a land-based landing, but during a briefing Sunday, SpaceX's Hans Koenigsmann said droneship landings are "softer" on the booster. If all goes well, SpaceX hopes to rapidly turn this Falcon 9 first stage around and fly it again on a supply mission to the International Space Station in July.

2a5307 No.1066850

File: 3bd6fdde2b9eaf7⋯.jpg (23.74 KB, 423x377, 423:377, berries.JPG)


I member too.pic related

8963f7 No.1066851


Actually Q rt'd this already. Potus confirmed it today at conference.

fde39a No.1066852

>>1066449(from previous bread)

He (Lyin'Comey) has that goofy Forrest Gump see-no-evil sort of "innocent/naive" look, very different from a Schumer or Brennan who carry the look of evil. It's as if his brain is not functioning. (MKUltra, MPD) But I wonder if there are photos of Comey with a different facial expression: his evil dark side alter? I had an acquaintance who was split and even her eyes would change color when she switched personalities. Creepy. Can anyone find pictures of the evil Comey vs the naive baby boy Comey?

37f2f4 No.1066853

Shittibank VP just an hero’d…

Why does not Q address the Syria FF directly? Obviously no chemwep storage depots were hit…

a3fd53 No.1066854

File: fbb4b77da0428d4⋯.jpeg (163.23 KB, 913x549, 913:549, 00B8C780-DA7F-4ECD-B720-8….jpeg)

POTUS schedule today

f2267d No.1066855


Exactly. He is there to assure them the NWO plan is in place and Trump will be removed from office.


That nigger is wrong!

0c7f0c No.1066856

File: f3c7d91f9c5f1da⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 276x365, 276:365, free beer q.jpg)


This is called "censorious bullshit." Dimwitted. Not Platonic in the least.

Q: Where are the autists?

Me: Check the same place where you are keeping the demoncrat arrests.

87d538 No.1066857


only works if ==alone== inside a line.

580629 No.1066858



i don't like it either, but the bots eat up a third of our breads with their lame random posts…

2dcbeb No.1066859


Thank you, I assumed this was it but wanted to make sure i wasn't missing anything additional.


Fuck you, these breads fill up so fucking fast

c813ff No.1066860

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



SpaceX TESS Mission in 4hrs….

f68a21 No.1066861


Anon, the reason why I suggested you add another column for HUSSEIN for pre-T and post-T travel dates


>Why does Hussein travel ahead of POTUS?

>Why did Hussein travel behind POTUS?

>Think Asia.

>Think NK.

bbe88f No.1066862

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

live now

b28b43 No.1066863

File: e6187bbe5077b99⋯.jpeg (11.97 KB, 132x255, 44:85, a548873243af9280ce85b7ecb….jpeg)


POTUS comfy in Mar A Lago

0c7f0c No.1066864


Worst is Harvard Law Prof [Laurence Tribe]. Please [] now.

b6daeb No.1066865


I hear that anon. Especially since I've been face to face with SS & Clowns IRL re: Benghazi. I'm always at the ready.

2b3966 No.1066866


The way the internet is, I am not sure what the answer to it is in the future. BO usually drops ban hammers when something big is coming but inbetween that we have to filter/ignore as usual. Takes will-power to not reply to some

0e166c No.1066867


Could be important?

c10519 No.1066868


>The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

3ce24b No.1066869


Whatever's put in the dough is Baker's choice.

There are many Bakers.

Whatever's put in the dough is about what's relevant.

c5e7ce No.1066870


I had to leave his twitter page he is literally too stupid to even talk to

0c7f0c No.1066871


Because it's slavish bullshit. Turns our Stalin posted it.

b28b43 No.1066872

>>1059000 (old bread)


Today Faggots

31442d No.1066873

>>1066779 >>1066794 >>1066796 >>1066798 >>1066818 >>1066828

Abramson should be your first clue…

"Abramson is a variation of a patronymic surname, meaning "son of Abram (or Abraham)", the Biblical figure. It is most prevalent among American Jews."

adc551 No.1066874

Once aired it must be completed

Have a great afternoon

O & O

2b3966 No.1066875


Was thinking same thing, Home Base on a Monday? Castling

e53381 No.1066876

File: 4aae3c690127448⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 275x183, 275:183, clown3.jpg)



3cab2e No.1066877

File: 63da72b777fd6dd⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, octopusart.jpg)

>>1064908 ———————- www.iqt.org/portfolio/

>>1064365 rt >>1064287 ———————- 23andMe

Add 23 and me to In-Q-Tel list"


37f2f4 No.1066879

For the thinking among you, please answer this question:

It is abudently obvious this strike was made solely for Israhell’s benefit. No sane, intelligent mind can deny this fact. So, what has happened to make the kikes feel so desparate that they need to make this move now???

b28b43 No.1066880

File: 5c178e36b1494d8⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 594x410, 297:205, 27dsio.jpg)

31442d No.1066881


Castle is also the secret service codename for the White House

0c7f0c No.1066882


World leaders dont believe the lyin Kenyan?

1c7e29 No.1066883


b71879 No.1066884

In-Q-Tel much more than a shell/holding company. They're into "predictive linguistics" or future trends forecasting/shaping by collecting an intense amount of words being written in real-time on the internet and then processing data using language algorithms for analysis & propaganda molding.

Best sauce can find atm. (Not shilling for c.h. and his work, but he's one of the very few in the world that knows this stuff inside and out so at least a good tutorial, fwiw.)

https:// halfpasthuman.com/ALTA)_how.html

"Predictive Linguistics is the process of using computer software to aggregate vast amounts of written text from the internet by categories delineated by emotional content of the words and using the result to make forecasts based on the emotional 'tone' changes within the larger population. A form of 'collective sub-conscious expression' is a good way to think of it. Predictive linguistics can be used to forecast trends at many different levels, from the detail of sales to individuals, all the way up to forecasts about emerging global population trends."

9ca696 No.1066885


Looks new to me, never seen this before.

Where'd you find the pics, anon?

Zoom fag anons, can you take a look?

324d7b No.1066886

File: 272e23fdcf60eaa⋯.png (78.62 KB, 595x686, 85:98, DavidHoggNextBoycott.PNG)

#DavidHoggsNextBoycott is currently trending on twitter

In the event anons want to join the fun


2b3966 No.1066887


binders full of them, which ones do you want?

523198 No.1066888


>scalar wave tech

This is a notable, but given the state of notables today you'll have to repost this. Big and important for what's to come.

87d538 No.1066889

Yes. The dough need a little overhaul.

Topics missing

Chapters missing

580629 No.1066890


<Takes will-power to not reply to some

very easy not to reply to fegelbots, but they eat up bread & attention. particularly annoying when Q posts/bread flies (ask bakers)


<eternal vigilance.

also applies to coordinated efforts to silence.

Coordinated effort to silence.

It will only get worse.

All for a LARP right?


6e0eb3 No.1066891

File: 2aad6a6aa9d47cc⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1294x932, 647:466, ClipboardImage.png)

e53381 No.1066892


tribe wrote a textbook on constitutional law i had to read when in law school

know i know why we short hand referred to it as "con law"

RGB would have endorsed it

310f17 No.1066893


We stopped short on PG

We were at first & goal

Royal Order of Jesters

Sub-group of Shriners

We were told by an AMA Anon on half chin to dig & we dropped the ball, sorta..

They are a big piece of the puzzle re child trafficking.

ID big operatives in that org & PG will be revealed fully.

It is a super turbo shilled topic & hard to research but for the real Autists in here it may be a cakewalk.

Worth another deeper look IMO

d1976a No.1066894

Jerry Brown just hung himself out to dry.

APNewsBreak: California rejects border duties for troops



89f139 No.1066895


but he is a puppet for deep staters, hes a mouthpiece errand boy

b71879 No.1066896

Godspeed, anons.

b6f336 No.1066897

File: 6cca07edc08c3ea⋯.png (728.7 KB, 1624x1352, 203:169, NTI ORG in Syria.png)

>>1066556 (prev)

Did this WSJ article mention that NTI.org owns the Research facility bombed in Syria as the source of the "chemical attack" or that Ted Turner & 'Moonbeam' Jerry Brown are on their Board of Directors, or that Warren Buffett is an advisor?

5c5bef No.1066898

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/16/clinton-cash-confidant-revealed-as-buyer-20m-rockefeller-home.html

053213 No.1066899


Not stupid… Fighting in a corner.

Establish a foregone conclusion in the minds of the population. X document will conclude y. News cycle will try to avoid covering the content and the scandal. Just that the document has been released and it is controversial. Invite opinion artists to opine on what it means, never discuss what is actually in it.

If the population afflicted with the propaganda never actually reviews the documents or finds a source willing to quote from it… Then what does the population believe?

I would stand by on blasting these people on Twitter just this moment. What we should do is get a list of targets and wait until the IG report(s) roll in. Then blast them with quotes.

Catalog targets and when it comes time, mark them with a hash tag for meme delivery teams observing the hash.

eaa3e4 No.1066900


Resolution too low for Camera. Any attempts at cleaning it up with civilian tech is worthless. IMHO it looks like it could be shillary but doubtful.

Marks on wall check out, as does Signal strength mark.

0e166c No.1066901


>also applies to coordinated efforts to silence.

Maybe for a Shutdown..

a3fd53 No.1066902

File: 688049ebcf487f2⋯.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 21918982-1139-487F-BD11-36….png)

9b50b8 No.1066903


good work. now look into 'frankists' among the founding fathers (esp. jefferson/ben frank-line). franklyn was spymaster for the roths (postmaster general), hellfire club. total linear continuity with the jesuit conversos in spain and alumbrados. DC is their temple to luciferian ideals, based on the same pentagram scheme as rennes le chateaux (where jefferson visited). pedo gate goes way back before 1776. . .probably at least to the crusades and templars circa 1000 ad. . .total continuity. most of the masonfags and jesusfags can not handle the truth.

3ce24b No.1066904


Thanks for the tip.

0c7f0c No.1066905


Same. I live in the heart of libtardville, do not enjoy socializing with libtards. Once the big demoncrats are arrested and are no longer "cool," and the voting rolls are purged, the little idiot demoncrats will be seeking answers and leadership, because they are sheep. Then, MAYBE they will be worth talking to.

9275be No.1066906



https:// www.rt.com/politics/423916-rosneft-sechin-ulyukayev-trial/

c813ff No.1066907

File: 4753489620d8299⋯.png (64 KB, 512x512, 1:1, merchant pepe.png)


Armenian clown

1d0c07 No.1066908

File: fa44f9d3135f293⋯.png (632.13 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


joola tables

0c7f0c No.1066909

File: 92c890ee0635d63⋯.png (689.98 KB, 922x499, 922:499, comey beaver.png)

6168b0 No.1066910


If my math is correct, we are still at zero big arrests. The traitors and luciferian pedophiles are still 100% free.

dac8b4 No.1066911

File: 9c80ea5d851183e⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 306x701, 306:701, 44C795A100000578-4926190-i….jpg)


I think the heels the person on the right is wearing look like this kind

bdc614 No.1066912

File: e1298f3fedcd2c2⋯.jpg (173.24 KB, 1040x865, 208:173, sw01.JPG)

File: da12de52ba0a59e⋯.jpg (178.86 KB, 997x964, 997:964, swo2.JPG)

>>1064365 old bread

Her grandfather is interesting too.

This is about her husband (below)from LI..

Head of Product, Wear OS


May 2003 – Present (15 years)


Director of Product Management

Head of Product, Android Wear


- Led product for Google Fiber

- Led product development for Google's social/local business products, including Google+ Pages and Google My Business

Earlier years...

- Product Director for Google Apps for Work

- Group Product Manager for Google's internal CRM tools used globally by Google's ads salesforce

- Product Manager for AdWords

30f1d6 No.1066913

>>1066897. No wonder Jerry Brown is being so cantankerous and not letting NG troops do duty.

6ccca8 No.1066914


Called wedges

2b3966 No.1066915

File: 5600ba1308137f2⋯.jpg (126.85 KB, 920x471, 920:471, taxcuts5.jpg)


saving this one offline, ty anon

c6a165 No.1066916


Can we add this to notables


CIA/In-Q-Tel History

0c7f0c No.1066918

File: 90c12df3645aee6⋯.jpg (29.47 KB, 400x264, 50:33, judge smails.jpg)


One of the jobs of govt is to arrest perpetrators of known, provable crimes.

3cab2e No.1066919

File: 786d84f7b83ab7a⋯.jpg (32.3 KB, 446x599, 446:599, munchausen.jpg)


I block him.

He's a fabulator.

100db7 No.1066920


Now we can utilize Guarantee Clause and oust the non-Republic.

8963f7 No.1066921

I think yesterday a post was made about side-by-side, and in that post was sequential deltas, something like 111,112,113, etc.

Does anyone have it?

0e693f No.1066922


I saw everything that came across pizza for months and months.

Have not seen this.

And to anon who thinks we dropped the ball, no.

Pgate never left radar, it was just too soon to be actionable.

c813ff No.1066923



Putin needs to arrest Oleg Derepaska!!!

b28b43 No.1066924

File: 946257cd4e01ad6⋯.jpg (12.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 3e29ba0287788c3fa87766fcad….jpg)

37f2f4 No.1066925


now data like this is something that indicates the 8ch groupthink fantasy (therheiry that these attacks were in concert with Russia an Syria and that they only hit Isis and McCain stockpiles)

kudos anon. Its still a stretch though. Given AIPAC/Mossad control of DC

bbe88f No.1066926


You're welcome

493bf9 No.1066927


In March 2015 In March 2015 Wojcicki filed for divorce, which was finalized in June 2015.[18] filed for divorce, which was finalized in June 2015.[18] Sir, was this divorce a legal move? Are they still moving forward with the plans of the Hivite Death cult? I have been digging the book of the Hivites, So hope and pray this evil abomination of a religion is fully exposed and eradicated from the universe. I pray you and warriors are able to save as many people, children as possible from the pure evil you have uncovered. Please by all that is of God never give up the fight! God bless you and keep you all, Amen

394440 No.1066928


You should honestly just post them in every bread. I'm sure there will be at least a few anons that haven't seen them.

669215 No.1066930

If this has already been posted, forgive me, I didn't see anything last couple of threads.

Anne Wojcicki - was married to Sergey Brin. Sergey was co-founder with Larry Page of - Google. Later he became president of Alphabet.

Interesting info on 23andme.

http:// www.academyll.org/wordpress/assets/23andMe-founder-Anne-Wojcicki.pdf

https:// www.insidephilanthropy.com/guide-to-individual-donors/anne-wojcicki.html

https:// www.forbes.com/profile/sergey-brin/

Ok. Back to lurking moar.

0c7f0c No.1066931


One of the humongous fallacies here is that the govt keeps us "safe." There is no bigger threat to public safety than police and other govt thugs.

dac8b4 No.1066932


Thanks. it also looks like there is a drink (or pitcher?) under the table beneath each person.

9275be No.1066933


Trump needs to arrest someone! Hahahaha!

de18b1 No.1066934

File: 172f466407d39bf⋯.png (265.64 KB, 881x498, 881:498, SC informational parallel.png)

File: 9fb4cc2aea2733a⋯.png (316.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tarmac informational paral….png)

File: 70e8f3cfc7d411c⋯.png (599.77 KB, 981x699, 327:233, tarmac1 informational para….png)

File: 76a02128125cf45⋯.jpg (115.55 KB, 720x502, 360:251, popesidebyside.jpg)


from last night/morning

a3fd53 No.1066935

File: d7ee3165b5dcc49⋯.png (566.07 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 56274A46-5517-4388-ACA8-8B….png)

File: 3e56cb940931d7e⋯.png (528.23 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1E22E70B-C501-4F44-AB6F-0F….png)

File: ed866df4f27196c⋯.png (608.16 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6C245816-EE27-4456-AE46-6A….png)

Fuck yeah Pompeo!!

66470d No.1066936



Nice dig, Anon



580629 No.1066937



People asked for arrests.

Gave one example.

Just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not ongoing.

Trust the plan.


Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean BIG things aren't happening.


2018 will be GLORIOUS.



Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


66470d No.1066938

89f139 No.1066939


hes got them on ice but thats not helping people wake up

65206d No.1066940


Basically all of them are pretty except two. Red/black. Isn't that the same thing as two columns but more efficient? Maybe I'm missing your point?

0c7f0c No.1066941


God, what a nightmare that must have been, because obviously the Prof was no better.

c813ff No.1066942

File: b0e7f925d8bd0c6⋯.png (160.38 KB, 259x380, 259:380, 528b1cd5f9467e59c95b63b5ea….png)

66470d No.1066943


Don't entertain the sliding faggot concerns, faggot

66470d No.1066944

2a5307 No.1066945

File: 28b361416fc944e⋯.jpeg (7.83 KB, 280x180, 14:9, forthefuture.jpeg)

We have got to keep re reading the crumbs, everyday there is something that jumps out and seems more relevant. If you think in terms of the 111 days, mirror, and the anon nudges we get from Q, we just need to pay attention to the habbenings and continue to be at the ready to explain what is taking place. Focus guys, and laugh when ya can, shills, naysayers and clowns don't sleep, they can't laugh or even enjoy all of this the way we can. So enjoy it, but you gotta keep up on the game plan, have clarity to use those real eyes to realize real lies. For the future, I want this ended perfectly in our time. Trust in Potus, Q, and all Operators with their asses on the line. We were simply asked to assist in helping normies to understand, lets do it Patriots.

18eed1 No.1066946

File: 8d7f82813685cc7⋯.png (12.29 KB, 664x474, 332:237, ClipboardImage.png)



So IQT is the BRIDGE?

79fc73 No.1066947

File: 67cc572be3117af⋯.mp4 (35.47 KB, 480x282, 80:47, YES.mp4)

dac8b4 No.1066948

File: 02bb9ad9f920959⋯.jpg (108.79 KB, 634x951, 2:3, images.duckduckgo.jpg)


These ones look even more like the shoes on the person on the right of the table.

b6f336 No.1066949


>Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is likely to resign in June after two cronyism scandals

Wow, interesting!

0c7f0c No.1066950


[McStain] anytime [g]o[o]d.

324d7b No.1066951

File: 3de3e403d78a911⋯.png (378.76 KB, 650x552, 325:276, Hannity Tweet re FEC HRC L….PNG)

File: 8b797bcef3d747c⋯.png (70.41 KB, 504x603, 56:67, Hannity re FEC HRC Lawsuit.PNG)

FEC LAWSUIT: Clinton Campaign ‘LAUNDERED’ $84 Million in ‘ELECTION SCHEME’


1."…lawsuit from a pro-Trump political group…"

2. Committee to Defend the President filed an official complaint

3. Claiming the Hillary Victory Fund “solicited cash” from high-powered donors

and illegally “funneled” those funds through state chapters and then back to the DNC.

90c47d No.1066952

Hey Q! Trumps actually screwing things up big time with his plan for Iran, I know you have blind faith in the military orb's as a show of power, but you don't even have the whole picture! Maybe convince him to back off since over engineered tech alone won't win a war.

67af0d No.1066953


Did Trump actually take out an Assad complex? Because if he took out a cabal power structure, certainly Israel would know…

d45b35 No.1066954

File: dd32f9cff3f29c6⋯.png (19.74 KB, 352x641, 352:641, IMG_1083.PNG)


72ba91 No.1066955


he is @ Mar-a-Lago with Melania for the rest of the week says Fox News just now

66470d No.1066956


So we're in agreement that AS is not Adam Schiff, but Antonin Scalia?

0c7f0c No.1066957

File: 83ff92d857a3649⋯.jpg (64 KB, 780x1015, 156:203, comey obama whsiper.jpg)

2d3fcd No.1066958


>>1066951 (FEC Lawsuit: Clinton Campaign Laundered $84 Million in ELECTION SCHEME)

267cf4 No.1066959


If we had a date or something, we could try matching the purses on the table up with people's garments of that day.


This is certainly new. These images are damning.

c813ff No.1066960


Bye bye Hezbollah :D

37f2f4 No.1066961

Anons with a brain, can you explain to me how there was no chemwep collateral damage when “76 missiles” hit dead center in “muh chem wep storage depot”

cuz im a dum schill.

a3fd53 No.1066962

File: c0a20a6fa391239⋯.jpeg (257.33 KB, 913x913, 1:1, 1E899F99-33E9-4792-8158-D….jpeg)

Any Q connections?

66470d No.1066963

cefbb6 No.1066964

File: b5f00f71c31b3c3⋯.jpg (140.1 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 0802rkaw3so01.jpg)


Good dig. I think Notable.

6ccca8 No.1066965


I researched pizza and this is new for sure

6e0eb3 No.1066966


my pleasure patriot

1d0c07 No.1066967


official table tennis tables are 9ft x 5 ft

might help with height guide

6168b0 No.1066968


Free Beer Tomorrow Q.

a61f72 No.1066969


they were warned and removed before the strike

cacb60 No.1066970


Certainly looks like Killary and Huma.

de18b1 No.1066971


yes in this context

AS can be Schiff in context but for this its Sdalia

a71117 No.1066972

File: 090ce46e8868cc6⋯.jpg (85.39 KB, 650x526, 325:263, slave-market-small.jpg)

Human Trafficking on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange?

8963f7 No.1066973


It was like this, but it had the deltas on the graphics. Delta's from drops to happenings / confirmations. I'm seeing 115 for:

Dec 19 2017 23:10:31 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 3c96d5 130030




[ C P 19]

Show the World Our Power.



To 4/13 - Attack date.

If I remember correctly it might have went to 113, if this is 115, we need to find a 114 we missed.

efb681 No.1066974

Sorry to shit up bread but…


500 hits for Syria on the catalog and i looked in the obvious places. (please, i'm redpilling my grandma)


he almost certainly took out no-names clown chemical factory

f2267d No.1066975

File: bae42c584ed3f87⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 214x317, 214:317, MV5BMjQyNzM2MjM1Ml5BMl5Ban….jpg)


Option 3

87f0da No.1066976

>>1066635 (last bread)

The cabal pierced Cohen's attorney/client privilege and will attempt to depose Trump on the exact charges that face HRC.


Comey is the patsy. He is now realizing that he is being framed by the HRC stay behind network as the kingpin.

He was always a wanna be.

He thought he was going to be allowed into the power structure but he was always a useful idiot.

Comey's usefulness to HRC is no more.

He has a target on his head and it will be made to look like the Trump forces were responsible.

fdccb5 No.1066977


Incorrect, and dangerously delusional. Yes government can be a huge threat– nonetheless, it does indeed keep us safe. That is why dictators always emerge after resolutions– because lack of strong government authority leads to

1) fights over power


2) lawlessness

Both of which make citizens VERY UNSAFE. We are historically very lucky to live in times that prevent us from getting direct experience of real instability.

We need to learn to think intelligently about that world, rather than using crude political rhetoric.

c813ff No.1066978


A picture is worth a thousand words. . . .

b6f336 No.1066979

File: db66321a8ec16f9⋯.jpg (726.24 KB, 2706x1076, 1353:538, Comey slimeball - POS Deep….jpg)

9275be No.1066980



https:// www.rt.com/politics/423916-rosneft-sechin-ulyukayev-trial/

What I can't hear you over Putin draining the swamp. With real arrests and trials and stuff, you know "The rule of Law" stuff.

What did you get?

Oh right Trump attempting to start WWIII. Go team! Trust the plan!! Right off the cliff!

1ffb4a No.1066981

File: 56a5d3733f4c2d4⋯.png (365.4 KB, 717x901, 717:901, CA.PNG)

0c7f0c No.1066982


I'm the type that prefers accomplishments to excuses.

eaa3e4 No.1066983


Huma's breasts or lack thereof do not fit woman on table in bikini top.

37f2f4 No.1066984


I dont know, but I do know there were no chemweps in these alleged chemwep storage depots.

Someones is LYING.

d45b35 No.1066985

The only thing I want for helping this effort is for my son to meet Trump, he really is a big fan

267cf4 No.1066986


What is the date of that picture that you posted? That could certainly be HA and HRC in those images.

1d0c07 No.1066987

https:// healthyceleb.com/huma-abedin-height-weight-age-body-statistics/81833

56bff4 No.1066988

File: 704ef4ef9bbc9d1⋯.jpg (70.54 KB, 620x465, 4:3, DasiDioWAAAtM4H.jpg)

Russia Reveals Who "Staged" Syria Gas Attack, As US Claims Moscow "May Have Tampered" With Site

The Russian Envoy says that the controversial "White Helmets" were one of the anti-Assad "pseudo-humanitarian NGOs" which staged the event. As Disobedient Media and others have reported, the White Helmets are funded in large part by the United States.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-16/russia-reveals-who-staged-syria-gas-attack-while-us-claims-moscow-may-have-tampered

5c5bef No.1066989

File: bd5030c0c58faf1⋯.png (236.39 KB, 960x531, 320:177, BOOM.png)

dac8b4 No.1066990

File: 1c89eae55648ae0⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 895x680, 179:136, AuthenticRarePepe.gif)


Good autism, Anon.

d35142 No.1066991


Oh FFS are we sliding into this shit now?

Are you armenian?

8589ca No.1066992

Zuckerberg WAS recruited by his cousin, Snowden, into the CIA! They already had model of FB, he's just figurehead! He probably acted like he didn't know anything cuz he probably doesn't! Am sure he was briefed before testifying but I guess he didn't get questions in advance like crooked Hillary! LOL Look at the government intel program LIFELOG that was ended when they launched Facebook! It was supposed to be like a digital diary of EVERYONE! How many ppl got a warning saying FACEBOOK DELETED the app "This is Your Digital Daily Life" (which sounded a LOT like LIFELOG) cuz even tho that person didn't log into it, ONE OF their friends did & therefore their info may have gone to Cambridge Analytica? BTW, if FB DELETED THE APP, I guess they owned it?? Anyway, if you clicked on more info to learn about this app that was like a daily virtual diary, it stated only a small number of users logged into it from Facebook, so why did almost EVERYONE get that warning? Oh yeah, the purpose of that bldg being built across the street from FB HQ here was to be able to store massive amounts of metadata! When I researched Lifelog, autocorrect put in Lifelong at first, which coincidentally was worth looking into! ALL of these players SO coincidentally involved in ALL of these different companies doing a LOT of similar things!

9ca696 No.1066993


they don't look like minors.

they don't look distressed. woman on right appears to be smiling??

310f17 No.1066994


Warming up the meme cannon…

f2267d No.1066995


Well done

d35142 No.1066996


Thanks textwallfag

0c7f0c No.1066997


It's another crime in itself to not arrest known and provable criminal perpetrators. It's obstruction of justice.

fde39a No.1066998


Memorable historical moment!

0e166c No.1066999


Already is USSecretary of State?

65206d No.1067000


So most of it is travel AFTER.

Obama might be seeing what Trump says and assuring them to not trust it.

But regarding Asia, there is a different pattern.

South Korea 5 days later. NK.

Philippines almost a half year before. ISIS.

Vietnam about a month later. Trafficking.

Just random thoughts

3ce24b No.1067001


What's the post number for that quote?

87f0da No.1067003

File: f20068a9e160017⋯.jpeg (14.66 MB, 3442x14849, 3442:14849, image.jpeg)

2dcbeb No.1067004


From the Wiki

"GQ ranked James Alefantis as the 49th most powerful person in Washington partly on the basis of owning Comet Ping Pong and its cultural cachet."

Must be some good fucking pizza

0c7f0c No.1067005


[Brown] anytime [g]o[o]d.

b67ed9 No.1067006



44e1b8 No.1067007

VP really love this space stuff. He's talking about asteroid mining!

c83dda No.1067008


TY Anon.

Great meme!

03c6b2 No.1067009

Barbara Bush is dying and not seeking medical care. Do we believe we will get a death bed confession? Probably not. She must be trying to pass on before her military tribunal and will try to keep up her false public image. I imagine she will have a private satanist burial.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/15/us/politics/barbara-bush-ill.html

http:// www.wzzm13.com/article/news/local/barbara-bush-in-failing-health-will-not-seek-additional-medical-treatment/97-538483468

1d0c07 No.1067010

huma is suprisingly tall at 5"9

to tall for female B

6168b0 No.1067011


Boom! Mic drop!

67af0d No.1067012


Hadn't heard of this before, sounds crucial. Fits with crumb about 'date' vs 'actual'

89f139 No.1067013





580629 No.1067014


>We have got to keep re reading the crumbs, everyday there is something that jumps out and seems more relevant.

very true.

got a lot of flak for posting and reposting these a few times yesterday when nuffin was happenin and anons were shilling and shilled into the damn HRC vid rumors and other useless filler:

>>1053457 << Things Q told us to do (1of2)

>>1053458 << Things Q told us to do (2of2)

b6f336 No.1067015


April 11, 2018 California Gov. Jerry Brown agrees to send National Guard troops to the border

"In a letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, the Democratic governor said

>he will accept federal funding and in turn deploy 400 guardsmen to help with border and immigration efforts both at the border and in the interior of the state.

"Your funding for new staffing will allow the Guard to do what it does best: support operations targeting transnational criminal gangs, human traffickers, and illegal firearm and drug smugglers along the border, the coast and throughout the state," Brown said in a statement"

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/california-gov-jerry-brown-just-agreed-to-send-national-guard-troops-to-the-border

5d8cd9 No.1067016

"The Why" = Y = Goat Head = Satanic

680ac2 No.1067017

17 people injured at Lee Prison last night

7 inmates dead

100db7 No.1067018


I made a FOIA request for Hussein's travel history in Oct and Nov 17, still waiting…

08dd8b No.1067019


they just got an eye opener with all the new traffic theyre receiving from this post

37f2f4 No.1067020


isthat part of the 8chnarrativenow too?

Remember, the 8ch mental gymnastic is that the attacks were only on Isis/mcStain,Clown sites.

lemme guess, is 8ch groupthink walking that theory back now???

d45b35 No.1067021

My son was terrified about ISIS and NK and he thinks Trump is the best president ever for defeating them, he's a very smart kid

fde39a No.1067023


Are MZ and @snowden cousins? Sauce?

27f815 No.1067024


Kankles couldnt get her fat ass up there

f68a21 No.1067025


Haven't double checked the dates yet, but pretty sure HUSSEIN traveled to Korea pre- and post- Trump. Possible double visits for Vietnam and others, as well.

191a42 No.1067026



2dcbeb No.1067027

6168b0 No.1067028

9275be No.1067029

And Russia kicks ass again

https:// www.rt.com/politics/423173-convicted-pedophiles-face-life/

dac8b4 No.1067030


http:// www. dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4926190/Huma-Abedin-seen-taking-son-school.html

Date on that photo was Sept27 2017 in New York City. It was more to show the style of shoe and that Huma owns/wears that style of shoe.

79fc73 No.1067031


or was Sarin (which will burn just fine) not CL

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarin

72ba91 No.1067032


>the purpose of that bldg being built across the street from FB HQ here

are you at FB HQ?

Snowden and Zuckface are cousins?

523198 No.1067033

File: 4171cc7b903a6ba⋯.jpg (253.55 KB, 1123x800, 1123:800, original.jpg)

When a form of life is only convinced by so-called evidence about a matter, then this doesn't mean any more than a new belief. But knowledge, truth and wisdom can not be elaborated by such kind of evidence, but only by ones own labor of thinking and inner reaching of clarity by an inner generated evidence of truth.

If you doubt Q, pizzagate, proofs, etc., we have no purpose in convincing you of it.

What is presented here - some will take it, some will leave it.

But sooner or later no one will remain unconvinced.

12b6f7 No.1067034


Hillary must be really exhausted after stuffing her face with pizza.

d45b35 No.1067035


We appreciate Trumps work for us

580629 No.1067036


dude really

do i have to explain what CTRL F is..

https:// qanon.pub/

Feb 11 2018 15:37:17 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ec346b 339775

post "725", there, chewed yer food for you

65206d No.1067037


I'll keep an eye out for your response if you can find and confirm that?

I'm fully hoping you fine autists help perfect this list with me

c813ff No.1067038

File: b8b9d6eb0759bf6⋯.png (307.74 KB, 870x663, 290:221, Vice President Pence Deliv….png)

Love what I'm hearing….

191a42 No.1067039


Look fine to me

f2267d No.1067040


Be proud! Your son is already smarter than half the country.

805a2f No.1067041


Adrenaline (Adrenochrome) can make people perform superhuman feats.

0c7f0c No.1067042


I'm not delusional, asshole, I'm a person with over 30 years experience being involved with government. You, however, are just an unemployed, know-nothing keyboard warrior trying to figure out where the sheep are going next so you can follow. The govt is the enemy of the people. Fucking wake up, dumbass statist shill.

Disarm the police and reinstitute Constitutional carry. #duh

267cf4 No.1067043


I pulled it from a post from the last thread.

This one. >>1066387

The anon that posted it only had that single post all thread.

72ba91 No.1067045


she does not want to hang for her crimes

1ffb4a No.1067047

File: 0da19ebf32cb892⋯.png (652.67 KB, 1896x804, 158:67, !!!.PNG)

This Nuclear Blast Simulator Lets You Put In ANY Address to See What Would Happen (Plus a List of Potential Targets)

Daisy Luther

April 15th, 2018

The Organic Prepper

https:// outrider.org/nuclear-weapons/interactive/bomb-blast/

9275be No.1067048

https:// www.rt.com/politics/422973-trump-refused-pardon-yaroshenko/

d35142 No.1067049


Ugh, the disgusting legs on that beast.

cbe777 No.1067050


>Technical proof that Scalar Waves exist

>https:// vimeo.com/72878317

This is not proof of a scalar wave. It is proof of a standing wave (the LEDs on the source are in a position in the resonant circuit that is being cancelled by longitudinal waves crossing each other in both directions. (The guy apparently doesn't understand this.)

aa5096 No.1067051


Dude I was right there with you deep diving Pizzagate from Nov 2016 and I never saw this. Got to be some new released stuff.

ea0215 No.1067052


>Has POTUS made a statement found not to be true?

Well, yes. He said he would 'Go home' from Syria

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtwOqFLOmqk

Instead, he attacked Syria on a 100% false pretext. How can we trust you after that crime?

b6f336 No.1067053

File: 78b6f596ff49070⋯.jpg (234.19 KB, 500x1278, 250:639, Al Smith Dinner.jpg)


That Al Smith dinner was a highlight is Trump's campaign! the guy's reaction behind his left shoulder when he says "HRC is SOoooo corrupt…" Priceless!

4cc16e No.1067054


It's the special order adreno-sauce for the "elite" guests…

26d52a No.1067055


"Interestingly, 23andMe’s newly announced agreement with Genentech is only the first of 10 deals the company has struck with large drug and biotech companies. Such deals will utilize the database that was created by 23andMe’s customers who bought its DNA test kits and donated their health and genetic data for research.

Since 2006, 23andMe has amassed data from 800,000 customers, about 600,000 of whom have agreed that their genetic data will be used for research purposes. The deal, however, also appears to prove what journalist Charles Seife has long suspected to be the true intentions of 23andMe.

“The Personal Genome Service isn’t primarily intended to be a medical device,” Seife wrote in the Scientific American in November 2013. “It is a mechanism meant to be a front end for a massive information-gathering operation against an unwitting public.”

http:// www.renegadetribune.com/the-jews-behind-23andme-and-family-tree-dna/

1d0c07 No.1067056


…and she knows that expensive medical care is BS

6168b0 No.1067057


Or it's because she's 92 years old and humans normally die of natural causes around that age.

30f1d6 No.1067058

>>1066955. That is very interesting

0c7f0c No.1067059


An example of the govt keeping us safe.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States – that's roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child "stranger abduction" cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.

f68a21 No.1067060


Won't be this bread or next, but will post your graphic with additional dates

114bc8 No.1067061


wow how convenient.

>you can't see arrests but they're happening!

awesome, totally behind-the-scenes, nobody will see or hear about them, surely this will bring a great mass awakening!

191a42 No.1067062


So, no sauce

4f8c26 No.1067063


They want all our data to feed into the seven dwarfs ?

To create AI

what's at the end of the rainbow ?

e53381 No.1067064


do not feed the clowns

6225f6 No.1067065

https: //truepundit.com/exposed-video-facebooks-devious-plan-to-steal-the-2018-election-for-the-democrats/

a927a1 No.1067066


What about 11states effected by lettuce ..11 effected by eggs …e coli …make up also affected

3637a7 No.1067067


containes good vid for redpilling normies!!

and fapfags;)

efb681 No.1067068


someone dropped it in a bread, no one noticed, then i think it got added to notables for one bread

241a1b No.1067069

File: c6753ed1bd4e6d5⋯.jpg (100.5 KB, 500x681, 500:681, sethA.jpg)


Stupid is, as stupid does.

9275be No.1067070

merica’s ruling class has a curious attitude to democracy. It seems to be interpreted as something that’s good for the US and its allies but bad for critters who won't accept their role in the ‘America-led international order.'

First off, let me be clear. I think all foreign electoral interference is wrong. In any country. And if it’s eventually proven that Russians meddled in America’s 2016 presidential election, I certainly won't condone it. But I’ve have always doubted that the Russian state organized some heinous plan to tilt the contest to Donald Trump, so I’ll be shocked if something of this nature is ever proven.

Read more

American meddling is bad too, except when it isn’t, says ex-ambassador to Russia

Instead, I’ve always imagined the greatest extent of Russian ‘interference’ was probably some half-baked playing around by private individuals. Something akin to a “social media marketing campaign,” as the New Yorker’s Adrian Chan believes. And on a relatively minute scale, to boot. Because - given the billions of dollars swirling around American stumping - anything bar a full-scale FSB/GRU, all-hands-on-deck operation would probably amount to little more than a hill of beans.

By the same token, I was stunned back in 2011 when the Moscow Times (a pro-US title, overwhelmingly written by Westerners, despite its name) reported how ex-vice president Joe Biden had told fringe Russian opposition figures that “it would be better for Russia if Putin did not run” in the 2012 election. Indeed, when you see the opprobrium directed today towards US Green leader Jill Stein for once attending an RT banquet where Putin was present, its shows one hell of a double standard.

0c7f0c No.1067071


I tried to redpill a normie with the "sealed indictments." She asked, Why are they sealed, I want to see somebody arrested on tv.

Normies are 100% about muh tv, not about being redpilled by anybody.

3ce24b No.1067072


Thanks (not for the attitude, thus lack of consideration as to why I might ask, instead of CTRL F it myself).

This is what I was looking for https:// 8ch.net//qresearch/res/339346.html#339775 brains.

dbb184 No.1067073



Anne Wojcicki sister has ties to CEO of Youtube and ties to Google as well

6168b0 No.1067074

File: 54322033b88e72d⋯.jpg (113.3 KB, 400x400, 1:1, FreeBeerTomorrow.jpg)

7cc013 No.1067075

761a42 No.1067076

https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-lattice-us-m-a-canyon-bridge/lattice-semiconductor-to-be-bought-by-china-backed-canyon-bridge-idUSKBN12Y1K5

87f0da No.1067077

File: 7c54e1791edb318⋯.jpeg (34.25 KB, 620x282, 310:141, image.jpeg)

File: ea92158ddd0b4bb⋯.jpeg (224.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, image.jpeg)

https:// www.axios.com/jon-lerner-mike-pence-national-security-advisor-withdraws-60cdb733-0b78-47d3-9292-8282e35fda0a.html

Something very strange regarding Mike Pence.

One question: Is Mike Pence on the Trump train?

We must depose Paul Ryan NOW!

He must be made to step down as House Speaker IMMEDIATELY!

Ryan is one of the last lines of defense for NEVER TRUMPERS in the Republican Congress.

37f2f4 No.1067078



oh, so it all burned up? wow, that musta been a big fireball, butwasnt it Chlorine that they were using? Because what state actor in theirright mind would Sarin, a musch more effective agent when you could just make crude Clorox bombs

0c7f0c No.1067079


So safe.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States – that's roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child "stranger abduction" cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.

2ffdb9 No.1067080

File: e12bac4015915df⋯.png (918.56 KB, 1122x1222, 561:611, Hogg_Kasky.png)

File: f4ec28a03772e4a⋯.png (980.81 KB, 1297x918, 1297:918, Jeff_Kasky.png)

File: 6907e06542c9cec⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1713x2054, 1713:2054, Jeff_Kasky2.png)

File: a0d4546a24f9f82⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1773x2194, 1773:2194, Jeff_Kasky3.jpg)

File: b422b7ab4238526⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 1044x944, 261:236, Jeff_Kasky4.jpg)


Inject some spice into that shit. Expose his pedo bosses.

053213 No.1067081


I would say it is the same room. Same table, etc.

The problem is the lighting makes it hard to tell exactly what is imaged and to tell with the eye whether there has been some alteration.

I want to say this image rings a bell with me. I could have sworn I saw it a year or so ago. I was not, however, involved with the pedogate research. I kind of wandered into the whole thing, later.

There again, I have been having a lot of dejavu lately. So, it could be that it was familiar to me in another timeline, or my onset of hairloss indicates pressure on some kind of gland by a tumor that is screwing with my memory. Who knows?

b28b43 No.1067082


Shes not human.

9275be No.1067083


I'm more about put your money where your mouth is.

65206d No.1067084


I was originally gonna do this in google sheets but that's a honeypot and too risky for spam shilling or deletion

1930cb No.1067085

File: 3c36f996846cb2b⋯.png (210.78 KB, 556x501, 556:501, pepebomb.png)

Anon's I'm going to raise altitude for a bit, I've been thinking big picture lately. Bear with autistic ramblings.

The cabal has always had a fascination with bloodlines and DNA. I was doing some searching and my curiosity was piqued when I read something that gave me that familiar chill of evilness when I uncover something.

https:// web.archive.org/web/20090703184601/http:// gow.epsrc.ac.uk/ViewGrant.aspx?GrantRef=EP/G062137/1

"Engineering Virus-like Nanoparticles for Targeting the Central Nervous System" 2009.

I don't believe this has been mentioned around here, but some conspiracy minded folks have heard of this before. The Human Genone Projects first phase was called Read. It is now in its second phase called Write. As it has been said here before, DNA data collection is happening large scale, but why? A good question with many answers. Some good, some detrimental to humanity. Although learning more of DNA and being able to edit it would help us eliminate disease, when have big medical companies ever wanted to fully cure anybody? Its the least profitable way of doing business in their sick minds.

Human Genome Project

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genome_Project-Write

Now it all seems pretty normal to want to map out our bodies to learn more about them right? But this is what happens when people feel like they can control life and its building blocks.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2016/05/14/science/synthetic-human-genome.html

While the project is still in the idea phase, and also involves efforts to improve DNA synthesis in general, it was discussed at a closed-door meeting on Tuesday at Harvard Medical School in Boston. The nearly 150 attendees were told not to contact the news media or to post on Twitter during the meeting.

Organizers said the project could have a big scientific payoff and would be a follow-up to the original Human Genome Project, which was aimed at reading the sequence of the three billion chemical letters in the DNA blueprint of human life. The new project, by contrast, would involve not reading, but rather writing the human genome — synthesizing all three billion units from chemicals.

But such an attempt would raise numerous ethical issues. Could scientists create humans with certain kinds of traits, perhaps people born and bred to be soldiers? Or might it be possible to make copies of specific people?

A cabals wet dream don't you think? Breed people to be subservient while the "elite" bloodlines stay "pure." But it goes further than that. Diseases that affect only certain gene holders is another horrible way it could go. In my humble opinion it is much simpler and diabolic. These synthetic DNA and synthetic genes are able to blend in with natural ones, thats the point of them. If you study up on what they're trying to do, that's basically how they would introduce them into a human. I believe the cabal still has mass extinction on their playbook and the Q team and world allies are still trying to circumvent it. This recent strike in Syra? Most likely one of the research facilities carrying on this work in the name of evil. Think about it. Technology/Biotechnology that can be used to make humans how you want. To be able to make who you choose resistant to certain diseases or chemicals while others not. But most importantly you would have the power to control the path of human evolution. Imagine the power of that for a minute. It's staggering. So i suspect this research chemical lab was more along those lines as even the most retarded normie is starting to believe Assad isn't gassing his people.

USA and friends did a strike to eliminate the cabals biological development site in Syria. The purpose of this site is not chemical weapons in my opinion but of weaponizing human genetics against us, or working towards a mass extinction event by creating an agent capable of quickly spreading airborne, yet able to be resisted if the right "genes" were had. Combine this with what we know about the cabals intentions already and it seems that they still have a "nuclear" option without it being actual nukes. I dunno anons. Thanks for making it through if you did.

267cf4 No.1067086


You gonna wait around for a cnn article that covers the photo or help the cause? Quit being a negative pussyfaggot and get to work.

580629 No.1067087


some quotes are good to repost once in a while.

not so much for clowns but other anons.

not engaging with the stupid answers.

3637a7 No.1067088



Bet they have FB

4221ef No.1067089


1st page is missing the following information, it used to be just below the Q posts at the bottom of the 1st page

Find Previous Q Posts at: qanonmap.bitbucket.io/ qanon.pub

If it ever goes down, the mirrors are: qntmpkts.keybase.pub & qanonmap.bitbucket.io

Backup Q Posts >>>/comms/226

0c7f0c No.1067090


But muh 1 billion sealed indictments.

e53381 No.1067091


govt is a neccesary EVIL

that is what the founders knew and said

therefore it must bu LIMITED

we forget

they took advantage

we got a second chance - a miracle really

never again

89f139 No.1067092



the ones i had listening all turned on me when

trump bombed syria.

they r not going to believe anything unless its

on tv or EBS

aa5096 No.1067093


She did go to Comet for a fund raiser….maybe this is her and Huma exhausted waiting on the next round of torture to begin on the kids and they wanted to lay down for a moment? I can imagine torture can exhaust the people inflicting it also. And that fat bitch is suck with Kuru and lacks youthful stamina.

686b9d No.1067095


Hmmm, didn't know May was that rich. Is she connected to the Roths or another powerful family?

f2267d No.1067096


Beat me to it Anon.

0c7f0c No.1067097


[Huma] anytime [g]o[o]d.

505c29 No.1067098

Anyone hear if Gitmo is starting to get new guests yet?

fa3f96 No.1067099

Dems are searching for presidential candidates to replace Trump incase they get to impeach him if he fires Mueller.

b67ed9 No.1067100


Posts come and go organically, depending on what the Baker (Squad) thinks the bread need

a61f72 No.1067101

File: 15c4ed675c23dbd⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 393x419, 393:419, clowns.jpg)

87f0da No.1067102


I have always wondered what these fat slobs do to make their faces skinnier than their body.

c34547 No.1067103

File: 6ca424ead609c04⋯.png (23.77 KB, 300x255, 20:17, IMG_1003.PNG)


Wish some fags would step up to the bake. We've over 200 UID's in every bread and no-one to bake at times. It's a disrespect to Q and the team and


0c7f0c No.1067105


[Killary] anytime [g]o[o]d.

37f2f4 No.1067106

https:// www.linkedin.com/in/robert-snape

Daily mail has the story

Shittibank Vp of intnl fraud got his neck stretched for a few days in Mejico….

save that linkedin quick anons!

523198 No.1067107


How many civilian casualties from that bombing?

You know it's 5d chess, so you can get to the bottom of things pretty fast. The sleepers can sometimes understand something, too.

0c7f0c No.1067108


[Iran] is next.

267cf4 No.1067109


This has got to be newly released. I can tell by shill comments and real anon comments that this is legit. We need to figure out where this came from.

c5e7ce No.1067110


I read about 5 of his tweets and had to stop. The stupidity has no bottom. He will hang himself once all the bombshells start coming out

718e52 No.1067111

File: ca1d2e41586137e⋯.jpg (82.44 KB, 606x437, 606:437, 8ball-Q.jpg)


>>>1062716 ———————- They are here in force


Please repair Q post.

Should be:

>>1062716 rt >>1062355 They are here in force.

c6a165 No.1067112


https:// twitter.com/Partisangirl

b6f336 No.1067113


>Its still a stretch though

I don't know how you can say its a 'stretch' when the info is on their website that they own the facility that was bombed in Syria but whatever…

79fc73 No.1067114


well, thanks for admitting you are a shill, and not just a retard… Bye

f2267d No.1067115

File: ea1f6eb5668bca5⋯.jpeg (150 KB, 1440x909, 160:101, 1523903740.jpeg)

761a42 No.1067116

File: 6073304cc628069⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_2047.PNG)

aa5096 No.1067117


Finally it makes sense why Comet is such a dive and has nothing on the floors….blood will ruin any expensive materials….you need to be able to hose everything down afterwards…..

03c6b2 No.1067118


Exactly! I'll bet you Anon that within a week of her death, old George Herbert Walker Bush conveniently, suddenly dies in his sleep from a "broken heart". Both would have saved their fake "legacy".

9ca696 No.1067119


once again: where did OP get these pics?

805a2f No.1067120

File: 2467e2167da6710⋯.jpg (274.39 KB, 1581x662, 1581:662, adrenochrome.jpg)


b5b2a2 No.1067121


see also:

Google trends timeline showing "Fake News" is a "pizzagate" counter op.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1064354.html#1064637


Twitter and WPP together posing as best buddies

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1064354.html#q1064770

see also:

Google trends timeline showing "Fake News" is a "pizzagate" counter op.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1064354.html#1064637


Twitter and WPP together posing as best buddies

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1064354.html#q1064770

d45b35 No.1067122

https:// mattermark.com/106-startups-who-received-investment-from-the-c-i-a-most-frequent-in-q-tel-co-investors/

89f139 No.1067123



they are braindead sheeple

30f1d6 No.1067124

>>1067098. Their add on/upgrade isn’t finished yet

c5e7ce No.1067125


That place would be brighter than the sun after a Luminol test

6168b0 No.1067126


976b0a No.1067127


Watched this again two nights ago. He tore her a new asshole. The crowd couldn't handle it. She came back with kids gloves, corny stupid weak material. He said she hates Catholics. He wasn't joking. Looked like the audience was going to vomit.

0c7f0c No.1067128


Yeah. The plan is….. what exactly?

6ccca8 No.1067129


Right, all chekkked but what was the purpose? We dont get it either

e53381 No.1067130


i understand

i just hate it when they tag team tho

then there ends up more threads for the clowns

0e166c No.1067131

Two streams

UK parliament (About Strike to Syria)



SpaceX (Mission to the NASA)

http:// www.spacex.com/webcast

c5e7ce No.1067133

File: 84669f1f1b20533⋯.jpg (73.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 28cerj.jpg)

2e97a4 No.1067134

Founder of One of the Largest Children’s Charities in the World, Arrested for Pedophilia

Last week, Peter John Dalglish, United Nations adviser and founder of the Street Kids International charity, was arrested on suspicion of pedophilia…

https:// globalnews.ca/news/4137871/peter-dalglish-canadian-humanitarian-arrested-nepal/

4e7568 No.1067135


California Rejects Trump Order To Deploy National Guard To Southern Border

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-16/california-rejects-trump-order-deploy-national-guard-southern-border

While many states moved ahead with the plan immediately, one state did not… And AP now reports that two U.S. officials say:

"California has rejected the federal government's initial plans to send the state's National Guard troops to the border."

And the reason for their rejection of Trump's orders…

"Because the work is considered too closely tied to immigration enforcement."

Apr 7 2018 11:38:47 (EST) Q T4Z3VQ ID: 383caa >>936660


Border states are VERY key.

Bigger than you can imagine.

The pipeline.

Not R vs D.

CA is special.

Public will learn.


Apr 7 2018 11:32:47 (EST) Q wAT4Z3VQ ID: 383caa >>936517



Relevant soon.


California is going to have a bad fucking day soon.

e53381 No.1067136


and that is the good news!

3ab820 No.1067137


Easy on the meth anon.

41866a No.1067138

File: ddeaef428f73ac0⋯.png (1.01 MB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_2177.PNG)

File: 3699d96c5b6a08f⋯.png (414.39 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_2180.PNG)

File: 142bd0146b56dc3⋯.png (700.22 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_2181.PNG)

File: 770ace2db362ede⋯.png (229.43 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_2182.PNG)

File: 90aa11e6ecd6f1d⋯.png (430.49 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, IMG_2184.PNG)

Clinton Global Initiative related

Players in the web

Meet Mabel (a.k.a. HRH Princess Mabel van Oranje-Nassau, van Amsberg-Wisse Smit, of the Netherlands)

Who cost her royal husband his position in the line for the throne.


'Ms. Smit was a university student back in 1989 when she met Mr. Bruinsma in sailing circles. She says she stayed clear of him once she discovered he was a gangster. She denies having had an affair with him.

That was before the heavyset hit man spoke. Dutch television tracked down one of Mr. Bruinsma's large bodyguards, Charlie da Silva, at a ranch in Chile. She was his girlfriend, Mr. da Silva said of Ms. Smit and his former employer."

Bruinsma had interests in Yab Yum, a brothel shut down to illegal criminal activities.

Princess Mabel's organization "Girls not Brides" is supported by the CGI:

"Bill Clinton highlighted the progress made by Girls Not Brides, recognising that the growth of the partnership significantly exceeded the pledges made when it was launched."

Countries involved:

Afghanistan; Bangladesh; Burkina Faso; Central African Republic; Chad; Democratic Republic of Congo; Dominican Republic; Ethiopia; Eritrea; Guinea; Honduras; India; Madagascar; Malawi; Mali; Mozambique; Nepal; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Senegal

I know this is a side rabbit hole, but wew, the web is YUGE!

7cc013 No.1067139


Good or bad? That's kinda surprising.

0c7f0c No.1067140


Who cares? Even if it is them, it proves nothing of import.

72ba91 No.1067141


guess we need to speed up that guillotine delivery…

2ffdb9 No.1067142


The weird thing is that on cuck the breads about this are getting shilled to the 9th degree and the mods are collaborating with the shilling.

Same shit happened when Pizzagate started. Shills only engage this much when autists are on target, I have seen it first hand.

I don't know if the images are legit, but shill behavior is off the charts.

5c5bef No.1067143

File: eed8fbff2712c9b⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 600x429, 200:143, Da7Fs6_WsAAM0R9.jpg)

fc1401 No.1067144

File: 36980ec0c1a182e⋯.png (278.95 KB, 644x487, 644:487, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)

the leaks are real…. the news is fake

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/apr/16/robert-mueller-many-news-stories-trump-russia-prob/

394440 No.1067145


686b9d No.1067146


We've been doing airstrikes in Syria for years. Funny how many think this is new simply because Trump announced this one.

761a42 No.1067147

Did we discover what the bridge was?

2b3966 No.1067148

File: ccd203e867dd99c⋯.jpg (327.41 KB, 1331x2918, 1331:2918, Machine.jpg)

Matrixanons, what you think?

0c7f0c No.1067149


It will take 10-20 years to fix the govt - if it happens .

37f2f4 No.1067150


Just pointing out forthe media here what 8ch thinks… I am not a clown anymore, i quit playing after iran contra. I am just trying to figure out whatwent down.

Do you deny that 8ch posited the grand unifying theory to absolve trump of what orherwise appears to be a fatal mistake for his movement? Specifically that Trump did not infact bomb Syrian chemseps bases but attacked clown/mcstain/isis (with tacit approval of the slavs and the syrians?????,

media types: search back, this is what they think.. I think their rationalizing what they see to support the worldview that trump is not comped like sushi forthe kikes

267cf4 No.1067151



What're you talking about? One looks like she's not even wearing pants and they both look like they were drugged and thrown up there.

All your posts are nay saying that pic so stfu shill. Your time is coming, doesn't matter if you're in Armenia or hell, we will find you.

6168b0 No.1067152


The plan is letting known luciferian pedophiles and traitors remain free for over a year. Trust that plan or else you're a clown shill.

89f139 No.1067153

i give up trying to wake people up that dont care.

when shit goes down the way its supposed to

i will explain to them and keep them calm.

other than that, unless they see something on the tv or ebs to proove

good things are happening. they are not going to listen,

most dont care anyways.

aa5096 No.1067154


Q wanted to get our attention. Anyone who can understand the truth was interested in Pizzagate….it created a network of dedicated anons. But MI wasnt ready to try to blow it prime time. I am certain that none of this is by accident. Seth Rich was either one of us from the beginning or MI used his MKULTRA training and sent him on a different mission. But Pizzagate was planned. One to hurt Hillary in the final days of the election. And to begin to red pill the masses. If you found Pizzagate your mind was ready.

c5e7ce No.1067155

File: 86d1c1bf571bdff⋯.jpg (176.96 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 255cpo.jpg)

9275be No.1067156

Trump’s “mission accomplished” remarks bore a striking resemblance to former US President George W Bush’s infamous speech on board the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier in 2003 when he declared the end of combat operations in Iraq in front of a banner stating “Mission Accomplished.” The US maintains a presence in Iraq to this day.

He's just like them. You guys are blind.

053213 No.1067157


Expand your thinking.

Ever played Sims? Such a shame there is no means by which the proper gods and masters over our species have no means to do the same, right? Induce people together, see what traits their kids pop out… Then try to spread those traits you like into your 'master lineage'.

Of course, that is just what meddlesome normal people would do with such power. Dangerous and wrong, but still largely a productive goal for people on the whole. Imagine putting very jealous, arrogant, and alien people in charge who have a deep seeded hatred for our ancestors outside their master lineage….

0e166c No.1067158


Web capture. Archive .is doesn't work very fine with Linkedin.

5c5bef No.1067159

File: 9be6e690008197b⋯.png (83.3 KB, 1531x997, 1531:997, 7c182576-d69a-43b4-892d-33….png)

https:// www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/immunotherapy-transforms-lung-cancer-biggest-cancer-killer-n866356

f2267d No.1067160

File: c1b3bdf4330a95f⋯.jpeg (231.72 KB, 1440x915, 96:61, 1523831653.jpeg)

933422 No.1067161

(Bread #1329)


>…my jeans don't fit anymore….

I used to seriously work out. I'm a lump now. I try to do a few minutes of exercises every time I get up, bathroom run, fridge run, etc.

b78bef No.1067162

File: a3fb6ede7479069⋯.jpg (999.92 KB, 1054x762, 527:381, all_your_crumbs.jpg)

File: 2ac75a66676b0c8⋯.jpg (490.61 KB, 761x679, 761:679, Lying_Loretta_LynchMe.jpg)

File: 5394f24268ada3f⋯.jpg (290.91 KB, 520x519, 520:519, MonicaV2pointOh.jpg)

File: c900ae48e43567d⋯.jpg (570.92 KB, 1015x531, 1015:531, RoseBetweenTwoDorks.jpg)

5e88e3 No.1067163


Fulford claims he a is a Khazarian Mafia slave, so…

0c7f0c No.1067164


NG is Army under C-in-C, not FucktardJerry.

100db7 No.1067165


They must be hated by the masses before arrest. Getting there…

114bc8 No.1067166

9275be No.1067167

The attack also drew criticism from many of Trump’s most ardent supporters in the US. Numerous conservative commentators have lambasted the president for breaking one of his main campaign promises of not participating in military intervention in the Middle East. Thousands of people are also retweeting some of Trump’s previous comments warning against military action in Syria.

More broken promises. Stay strong! Trust the plan!

ea271e No.1067168


Maybe I'm too cynical, but this is another attempt to sidetrack "the plan". She dies and the MBM run with it for a whole week and try to drown out anything and everything else from the good guys and maybe add another delay. Not sure what that says about me, but its the first thing I thought of, former first lady dying of natural causes is now a FF.

a61f72 No.1067169

File: 15c4ed675c23dbd⋯.jpg (16.87 KB, 393x419, 393:419, clowns.jpg)


looks like clowns

are getting


10b4fa No.1067170

File: bbadbf958dbf158⋯.png (37.03 KB, 478x202, 239:101, breaking.png)

8589ca No.1067171

Russia, you got some serious explaining to do! How did you know on March 18th, 2018 that a FF chemical attack was planned for Syria so the U.S. & allies could arrange an airstrike? This proves you had prior knowledge of the chemical attack & how DARE you accuse the U.S of supplying chemicals to Syrian rebels in order to coordinate a chemical FF for a following airstrike? SERIOUSLY, WTF RUSSIA??

https:// youtu.be/2GVetv9lHRA

Crucial information along with the news report from Russia below for EVERYONE to factor in what REALLY happened in Syria & who the perpetrators of the chemical attacks were, who had previous knowledge & the reason for the attacks!! WE ALL DESERVE TO KNOW MSM!!!

https:// youtu.be/AbffI52stc0

The evidence for the chemical attacks is by personal testimony of first-hand witnesses, the White Helmets & if you aren't aware of the truth of these horrendously despicable frauds, PLEASE look for a video I posted about them! I will try to find it to repost if still available!

https:// youtu.be/Dn3L-H6sVIY

The more research I do, the worse it gets! Now claims of prior knowledge of chemical attacks by communication between Britain & the White Helmets with the UK giving them a few days range of the dates in which the chemical attacks were to occur & encouragement to use to their advantage! WHAT THE HELL?? SEE POST OF VIDEO ON WHO THE WHITE HELMETS REALLY ARE ABOVE PLEASE!!

https:// youtu.be/sBmWe5FnSCc


https:// youtu.be/5OtT5jv7DA8

d45b35 No.1067172

https:// theintercept.com/2016/04/08/cia-skincare-startup/

CIA funded skincare products that collect DNA

0c7f0c No.1067173


Do NOT like the assignment to Judge Kimba Wood, a failed Klinton nomination to SCOTUS.

0e166c No.1067174


hmm. it says that Bad. Fulford did that BiBi and Abe was guilty of Fukushima.

b358de No.1067175



http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5618061/Humans-genetically-modified-time-Europe.html

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead to use DNA-splicing therapy to treat blood disorder

* A blood disorder known as beta thalassaemia could be cured using this therapy

* The disorder reduces the production of haemoglobin which carries oxygen

* Scientists plan to cut away the component which is repressing the production of haemoglobin

c656e8 No.1067176


I’ve heard that as well

0dc192 No.1067177



You have a good, and safe, one too.

fe62d3 No.1067178

File: 497e2cf1a32818e⋯.jpg (60.2 KB, 921x471, 307:157, ScreenHunter_163 Apr. 16 1….jpg)

File: c526b286c610eba⋯.jpg (140.55 KB, 782x533, 782:533, ScreenHunter_164 Apr. 16 1….jpg)

File: 11f1875e59eab6a⋯.jpg (138.7 KB, 784x516, 196:129, ScreenHunter_165 Apr. 16 1….jpg)

File: 32d493d997f5a36⋯.jpg (140.58 KB, 785x515, 157:103, ScreenHunter_166 Apr. 16 1….jpg)

POTUS is certainly building the groundwork for an overhaul of the Fed. Look at the 3 appointees from today.

Perhaps most importantly, one of them is the Commodities Commissioner. As in gold/silver? Let's hope!

cbe777 No.1067179


Well that's weird.

65206d No.1067180


Right on the money.

Super soldiers, clones and targeted disease warfare.

Nukes fucked up the cabals plans a bit. They were too damn powerful. Too messy. Sure, scary as fuck and they milked that aspect, but useful only as propaganda. Who wants to nuke a country you want to invade and rule? No one.

So they sit back, do some "limited war" for a few decades. But now they have th~ solution! Genetic warfare! Absolutely brilliant! Now you can kill your "enemies" without denting a single building! Just put on your gas mask after and remove the bodies.

23 and Me is building a catalog so that the best traits can be collected and combined into a synthetic strand.

b6f336 No.1067181



Zuckerberg said combating election interference was one of his top priorities this year and that he has more confidence that Facebook’s going to “get this right this year.”

"So what exactly does Mark Zuckerberg mean by right? He means the public was wrong when it chose Trump in 2016, that Trump supporters should be punished, and that Zuckerberg will do everything in his power to prevent politically incorrect election choices from happening again. That’s what he means."

686b9d No.1067182


Trump loves to yank his haters' chains. He lives in your head for free.

3140d8 No.1067183

SNAPE? The Shittybank's executive is named SNAPE?! Considering how he was the secret hero of Harry Potter, we can see that Rowling's REAL considerations, lmao. She still denies that the children in Harry Potter being armed and trained for self-defense is at all counter to her gun-control arguments (an argument she's making from across the pond because the Brits really love taking our rights to self-defense away so we'll be as miserable and mired as they—even today, the politicians fear us, that's why they orchestrate the huge campaigns AGAINST our rights in the guise of being FOR CHILDREN—yaknow, like Hitler).

https:/ /www.thesun.co.uk/news/6043774/mexico-city-murder-probe-man-found-dead-marriot-hotel/

a927a1 No.1067184


I like knowing we have sooo many pawns still on the board ;)

933422 No.1067185


>They must be hated by the masses before arrest….



751351 No.1067186


I will give you a clue: Find the map of the territory the rebel held in Syria before and after the strike.

Forget what they say. Look for what actually happen.

100db7 No.1067187


That's messed up.

03c6b2 No.1067188



I do not want to see George H.W. Bush lay in state at the Capitol. Let's get this party going!

22af26 No.1067189


Not if you eliminate most of it.

4504d5 No.1067190



0e166c No.1067191


There a yuge different..

9275be No.1067192


Hahahahahaha! Nice try. Fuck you guys suck.

324d7b No.1067194

File: 209dc88683cd70f⋯.png (101.03 KB, 804x574, 402:287, Zerohedge 1 re Syrian Gas ….PNG)

File: c5788ed29c57427⋯.png (648.61 KB, 810x683, 810:683, Zerohedge 2 re Syrian Gas ….PNG)

File: 540d17c8632bd3b⋯.png (54.48 KB, 799x542, 799:542, Zerohedge 3 re Syrian Gas ….PNG)

File: 375ae3b5d86e355⋯.png (107.63 KB, 814x545, 814:545, Zerohedge 4 re Syrian Gas ….PNG)

File: 697801f0f0ea6cd⋯.png (393.57 KB, 801x806, 801:806, Zerohedge 5 re Syrian Gas ….PNG)



d1976a No.1067195


Judges are amazing, they can order anything be done, no matter what law it violates..,..like Attorney Client priviledge

12b6f7 No.1067196


Oh so they were raiding Hannity's lawyer to get him off the air. SIHTF now

0c7f0c No.1067198


Because films.

5c5bef No.1067199

File: c0ee3bcb17d08be⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 255x188, 255:188, ARMMAN.jpg)

b6f336 No.1067200


>He's just like them. You guys are blind.

you're an idiotfag! gtfoh

c15fe8 No.1067201

Reuters Politics

‏Verified account @ReutersPolitics

5m5 minutes ago

BREAKING: Media personality Sean Hannity is revealed as Michael Cohen's third client after a judge orders his name released

2b3966 No.1067202


>Symbolism will be their downfall


The Merovingian and wife, Persephone(Greek/queen of underworld)

523198 No.1067203


Every truthseeker is targeted in some way - your energy is drained by evil forces. This can be fought with spiritual practice and meditation.

0c7f0c No.1067204


See FoxNewsheads praise her makes me nauseous.

267cf4 No.1067205


I just moved them over from another anon post on last bread. His post was >>1066387

8963f7 No.1067206


_CONF_AW-CjF78-82(Z 00:00)_


Good Hunting!


43a4aa No.1067207

File: 42dbeaa7993fc4a⋯.png (28.08 KB, 721x168, 103:24, FireShot Capture 202 - (2)….png)

51cd7d No.1067208


They absolutely did that.

2b3966 No.1067209


oh Mueller attacking Freedom of the Press also now?

310f17 No.1067210

File: 526d2166b058e4e⋯.png (373.67 KB, 695x714, 695:714, ClipboardImage.png)

c15fe8 No.1067211


Who is the 2nd one?

2d3fcd No.1067212


>>1067201 (Cohen third client is SEAN HANNITY)

2ffdb9 No.1067213



b6f336 No.1067214


What are the chances it was an Obama or Clinton appointed "Judge"!?

c10519 No.1067215


Clown tactics 101.

Projecting your wrongdoings onto your enemy.

56bff4 No.1067216

Michael Cohen's Mystery "Third Client" Is Sean Hannity

Just minutes after Judge Wood ruled that Cohen's mystery "third client"'s identity had to be publicly disclosed, the name has been revealed - as so ordered.

It's Fox News host Sean Hannity.

2b3966 No.1067217

98708b No.1067218

File: 5bf93b257a5fa25⋯.png (429.39 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot (352).png)

File: 99114ffeb332ce1⋯.jpg (110.49 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 768px-View_near_Shenzhen_S….jpg)

File: 7f6c482bb7cf9e9⋯.jpg (98.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 320410_d1zRJ_j66cgmK75ufox….jpg)


Shenzhen Stock Exchange

"I went out Saturday and wandered near a subway stop and found the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. These are pictures in front of the building and on the terrace."

51cd7d No.1067219

File: 5fd1fe75d06f5e7⋯.png (191.25 KB, 785x549, 785:549, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)



191a42 No.1067220


and just what are you digging? Simply asking for sauce which is not unreasonable.

2ffdb9 No.1067221


Won't Mike Pence get in if Trump get impeached?

100db7 No.1067222



12b6f7 No.1067223


Mar 4 2018 11:16:22 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 33be38 548129

Do you believe in coincidences?

WH suicide.

Hannity intruder.




89f139 No.1067224


they have so much evidence on all these top players

time for da hammer

at least gloves off and some good old fashioned bare

knuckle brawling

9a5c3d No.1067225

File: ac9dfe30207244d⋯.png (416.98 KB, 682x484, 31:22, SMITH.png)

03c6b2 No.1067226


I listened to Fulford just now on YouTube. My interest peaked with the precious metals in the South China Sea and China building that under sea wall…..Secret Space Program.

cbe777 No.1067227



8f3a10 No.1067228

Current Jew Conspiracy bread: https:// pastebin.com/JNmiSPrk

The Jews kill you!

>>965570 Jews plan to genocide Whites and Christians

>>965573 Insane Israel should not have nukes!

>>980779 The Jews are not good!

>>1051987 Is it anti-semitic?

>>1052070 Jews want no diversity for themselves!

>>1053164 In elections, the Jews are running niggers and non whites as Democrats AND Conservatives in Western Countries

>>1062902 Jews taking over the Supreme Court to apply Jew policy (White Genocide).


We see that the Jews are attempting to genocide the Whites, so that makes us Nazis?

You had better watch out who you are calling Nazis you goddamned fucking Jew vermin.

67af0d No.1067229

File: c37da0723ea03cf⋯.png (924.34 KB, 1370x730, 137:73, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)


The attack hit the Barzah research center, which is part of the SSRC.

Where do you see that NTI owned Barzeh/SSRC?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barzah_scientific_research_centre

d6b30c No.1067230


This is all starting to look like a sting operation on the corrupt FBI, DOJ, and Obama judges.

c15fe8 No.1067231


Yep, I was thinking the intruder thing too!

79fc73 No.1067232

File: 9a7183bddca706d⋯.png (233.22 KB, 444x366, 74:61, Screenshot-2017-12-23 CBTS….png)

File: c13cdfaa48163b7⋯.png (452.12 KB, 543x399, 181:133, Screenshot-2017-12-23 CBTS….png)

File: 0a5859ecefabdbd⋯.png (405.75 KB, 490x325, 98:65, Screenshot-2017-12-23 Meme….png)

8589ca No.1067233



Seriously? I established their familial ties awhile back which at the time was easily verifiable with simple search! Idk about now but will go look for sauce on the 2 being cousins!!

4504d5 No.1067234


good catch triple7

2b3966 No.1067235


POTUS is not getting impeached, Dems are not going to get a 'blue wave', these booms are building up, following the money up, and politicians are close after the socials. The pace is unreal now and it is going to get faster

324d7b No.1067236

File: 25854494463c9a0⋯.png (542.83 KB, 673x679, 673:679, Hannity y Cohen.PNG)



If you add the info

ADD this too

So anons can see the source that is pushing this

I believe true anons are familiar

686b9d No.1067237


We don't have a choice. It's up to his family. They have no shame.

At least HW is stuck in an ugly, obese, blob body in a wheel chair. That is probably like hell for him since he was pretty active when younger. Gives him plenty of idle time to think about stuff.

957603 No.1067238


https:// www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-lawyer-negotiated-16-million-settlement-for-gop-donor-with-playboy-model/2018/04/13/2f051f90-3f3e-11e8-974f-aacd97698cef_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.ececa6612823

6ccca8 No.1067239


Check pls if thats real, i do not recall this one

241a1b No.1067240


It's been under our chair since this morning though, so it's really warm.

3ab820 No.1067241



267cf4 No.1067242


I'm ready for wake and bake school. Long time phone faggot but since the newest iPhone update has fuckery installed and it stops anon from posting, I moved the operation over to my PC.

cbe777 No.1067243

0e166c No.1067244


<My interest peaked with the precious metals in the South China Sea and China building that under sea wall…..Secret Space Program.

UK is very angry for the South China Sea in the lest weeks.

c15fe8 No.1067245


This Q post is real

0c7f0c No.1067246


Not in this case, however, if a normie saw something on fb, they would def check the tv to "see if it's true." I'm serious. It's true.

5955ad No.1067247

c813ff No.1067248

File: b8b9d6eb0759bf6⋯.png (307.74 KB, 870x663, 290:221, Vice President Pence Deliv….png)



9ca696 No.1067249


we're still waiting on zoomfags – hold your fire.

c10519 No.1067250


https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/547414.html#548129

c813ff No.1067251


KEk not the pic –– oops

66470d No.1067252


Yeah, fuck that fucking faggot cuck

43a4aa No.1067253

File: 7a023949349cb1d⋯.png (25.13 KB, 623x224, 89:32, FireShot Capture 203 - Q -….png)

1c7e29 No.1067254


Sauce link anon?

f70ae7 No.1067255

https:// www.iqt.org/portfolio/ : one of the companies listed is SnapDNA. Here's IQT's description:


Semiconductor-based DNA analysis tools

SnapDNA, formerly known as Bio-NEMS, is an emerging technology company that has proprietary, interdisciplinary innovations to enable DNA to be directly analyzed on the surface of a high-speed, custom semiconductor device. The DNA sequencing market achieved a 1000-fold decrease in cost and analysis time by replacing electrophoresis-based analysis with semiconductor-based analysis. SnapDNA is expected to be the first company to use semiconductor-based analysis to drive DNA testing into the portable realm.

Sounds much more interesting than what they claim on their own website http:// snapdna.com/



Culture-independent, DNA/RNA Analysis in Under 2 Hours

c15fe8 No.1067256

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/intruder-scare-in-sean-hannitys-home-leads-to-an-arrest_us_5a97cd84e4b0e6a52304e3f2

Intruder Scare In Sean Hannity’s Home Leads To Arrest

Fox News host Sean Hannity had a follower walk into his Long Island, New York, home ― and he wasn’t welcomed.

Former dentist Jan Gilbert, 72, of Long Beach, New York, was charged with trespassing after entering the conservative commentator’s house on the afternoon of Feb. 17, according to reports on Wednesday.

Gilbert wrangled his way into Hannity’s Centre Island mansion by telling an unnamed person outside the home that he was writing a book about the Fox News personality, and needed to give him some papers, according to court documents cited by The Associated Press. Gilbert then followed that person into the house, AP reported.

Hannity’s wife, Jill, told police that she spotted Gilbert inside without permission and that she did not know him. She said Gilbert then left the house and sat in his car on the driveway, where police found him, Newsday reported.

Gilbert was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass.

He told Newsday “someone misheard, fabricated or misunderstood” the encounter. “There is a real reason, a valid reason, a superior reason and a fully confirmed reason, but I’m not going to be able to talk about it,” he said.

According to a real estate listing site, Billy Joel and Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch have lived in the posh area.

Hannity did not immediately respond to a HuffPost request for comment.

a927a1 No.1067257


Yes yes Hannity house had a intruder ! We remember

c5e7ce No.1067259


Damn. shit just took a weird turn

fa3f96 No.1067260

What does Hannity being repped by Cohen have to do with anything?

3ce24b No.1067261

File: 987ab33f0b52364⋯.jpg (71 KB, 478x373, 478:373, Q_ANON RESEARCH.jpg)



After consideration, and frustrations re: the impatience of some anons, pic related is a suggestion of an update of bread avatar. It would save space for other important info in bread & subsequent posts.


0c7f0c No.1067262


Pic proves nothing. Waste of time.

3140d8 No.1067263

re: The Human Genome Project; 23&Me; the Human Atlas Project; etc. etc.

It's freaking Logan's Run. Considering the number of hearts that some of these people have gone through (although now I'm more impressed that Cheney opted for a mechanical heart—he wasn't stealing anyone else's—he's still heartless though), it would not surprise me if they're sequencing us for the profit of our parts in addition to the control mechanism. I mean, us plebes are on organ transplant waitlists until we extinguish while 100 year-olds are getting a brand new heart/liver/kidney/etc. They won't even DO an organ transplant on someone that old in the general population because if it is rejected it would be a waste on someone so old who doesn't have the ability to recover from the surgery.

fe62d3 No.1067264


https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-announces-intent-nominate-personnel-key-administration-posts-42/

6ccca8 No.1067265


Sorry now i remember also

30f1d6 No.1067266

>>1067236. What would it matter who else he represented? There must be 100s.

ecd03f No.1067267

File: b716686bd16be70⋯.jpg (630.38 KB, 1080x1717, 1080:1717, Screenshot_20180416-140409….jpg)

Hopefully some deals are rolling out washingtonpost.com/amphtml/politics/trump-puts-the-brake-on-new-russian-sanctions-reversing-haleys-announcement/2018/04/16/ac3ad4f8-417f-11e8-8569-26fda6b404c7_story.html

a927a1 No.1067268


Remember Hannity home had a intruder awhile back

b5b2a2 No.1067269


I hope they dont jump the clickbait train with this. our movement is damaged when they dont deliver.

c5e7ce No.1067270

File: f2541423f9fe0c1⋯.jpg (71.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 28hwqv.jpg)

2b3966 No.1067271


Maybe Cheney's ticker is so the puppet master can turn it off when needed

1c7e29 No.1067272



12b6f7 No.1067273


Q Knew … the broken record story of 2018.

bd2606 No.1067274


These are either 2 women (or teenagers) who either consensually are there or they were drugged (?) & sexually abused possibly. The girl/woman on left is either smiling or crying?

Or they just got done fkng each other?

d35142 No.1067275


Small brains

fa3f96 No.1067276

File: 0e68fa3b77db4d7⋯.jpeg (182.92 KB, 1200x668, 300:167, Da7S1yEX0AAxPXY.jpeg)

File: 2f231af18831861⋯.jpeg (251.58 KB, 1200x1110, 40:37, Da7S1UrXUAASCfm.jpeg)

Joint Statement from US UK & FRANCE on Syria

89f139 No.1067277


i could of swore they said that trump was his only client

f70ae7 No.1067278


Tick tock, Hannity.

957603 No.1067279


Creepy how it looks like a huge throne/chair.

43a4aa No.1067280



976b0a No.1067281

File: 6faf4ddfa251e1a⋯.jpg (19.52 KB, 350x270, 35:27, usafowls.jpg)


videmus omnia

114bc8 No.1067282


At this point it's hard not to feel like a schmuck believing those excuses. Surely some arrests or even some good news would've been possible by now. This shit's been going on way too long.

eaa3e4 No.1067283

File: eb77ec726f1b6a1⋯.png (37.46 KB, 551x159, 551:159, 6 TwitterWS.png)


https:// twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/985957196323344384

03c6b2 No.1067284


Anon, your spot on with your assumption. Everything these people do is to distract from reality. I'm not surprised by the timing. And to think I used to adore that woman! SMH.

804260 No.1067285


Good idea anon.

fa3f96 No.1067286



Yeah but press is acting like this is a bombshell or something.

56bff4 No.1067287


Gilbert, reached on his cellphone Wednesday, disputed the police account. He denied a request to put Newsday in touch with his attorney.

“There is a real reason, a valid reason, a superior reason and a fully confirmed reason, but I’m not going to be able to talk about it,” said Gilbert. “Someone misheard, fabricated or misunderstood.”

Gilbert, who was represented by a Legal Aid Society attorney, was conditionally released to probation after his Feb. 18 arraignment before Judge David Goodsell in First District Court in Hempstead. Goodsell issued three stay-away orders of protection.

https:// www.newsday.com/long-island/crime/dentist-arrested-tresspassing-hannity-1.17000197

c5e7ce No.1067288


Yeah Im real confused about this one. No guess even

053213 No.1067289


Precisely. All we really know is who he has been investigating … Or… Perhaps only certain people he has investigated have been reported on among the leaks.

This is something I noticed a long while back. Lot of people telling us what Mueller must have found when he investigated x or y … But Mueller, himself, has been very stoic.

Mueller is Satsuki. Or… Perhaps closer to a Homura Akemi, since Homura had that kind of 'talk is useless' attitude. Possibly better analogues, but none are really coming to mind.

Which… Actually… Yeah, I'll see Mueller as Homura Akemi. Doing battle with Walpurgisnacht… The witches coven.

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=S09mEDCqSx4

66470d No.1067290

c813ff No.1067291


Yes and clearly this is all a hit job!!!

a927a1 No.1067292


Yes q knew ! But did WE link those things together ? And why how what when

c10519 No.1067293


Quick, find Hannity's twat from the night of Mar 3 / Mar 4.

He was twatting a form number.

I bet that's what was stolen.

67af0d No.1067294


Thanks, crumb was definitely about that I think

70a068 No.1067295


Muh….. this shill says

"I'm a highly educated socialist and demand respect I'll never earn"

0c7f0c No.1067296


Many of these people "believed" in "Barack Obama." That's the level of stupidity and brainwashing we are dealing with. Puh-leeze.

b6f336 No.1067297

File: bff4c51b86cea9f⋯.png (126.27 KB, 548x672, 137:168, ClipboardImage.png)

These people are fucking sick!

18, 000 Syrian Children have had their Organs Harvested Over the Last 6 Years

"Reports from the Director-General of the Syrian Coroner’s Office affirm that thousands of Syrian children have had their organs harvested since 2011."

https:// friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2018/04/04/18-000-syrian-children-have-had-their-organs-harvested-over-the-last-6-years/

ea271e No.1067298


One of the top(few) media personalities attacking the cabal has his lawyer raided by the FBI shortly after a failed? intruder attempt at his high security house. I don't believe in coincidences. The question now is what do they want? Blackmail? Scare him like what happened with SR?

caa83e No.1067299

File: 2f231af18831861⋯.jpg (251.58 KB, 1200x1110, 40:37, Da7S1UrXUAASCfm.jpg)

File: 0e68fa3b77db4d7⋯.jpg (182.92 KB, 1200x668, 300:167, Da7S1yEX0AAxPXY.jpg)

c5e7ce No.1067300

File: 1356b253554ef78⋯.jpg (39.79 KB, 605x322, 605:322, form-submission.jpg)

3ab820 No.1067301


Left chimpout in 3..2..1..

114bc8 No.1067302


Nobody cares what that Israel-firster has to say. Shill elsewhere.

324d7b No.1067303

File: f816e5f7b2ee89f⋯.png (37.09 KB, 285x259, 285:259, JP Larp.PNG)

3cab2e No.1067304

File: 53466579cff3514⋯.jpg (23.9 KB, 400x299, 400:299, bushdid911.jpg)



a71117 No.1067305

File: 90e57d5c7094569⋯.jpeg (130.55 KB, 889x500, 889:500, waco.jpeg)

3ce24b No.1067306




Please consider >>1067261 for future breads

e046f1 No.1067307

Need quick confirmation.

Twitter is lighting up with a supposed video of HRC and Huma raping some one on the dark web. Is this total bull shit? Or we have someone who has seen this?

6ccca8 No.1067308


Do we have any crumb related

a927a1 No.1067309


That was quick anon niiiccee

39438c No.1067310

File: 6f7830fcab4c330⋯.jpg (42.76 KB, 423x377, 423:377, hannity.jpg)

4c8aa3 No.1067311

File: 6ae27e7278af7df⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1531x957, 1531:957, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't think it is transparent feet.

There is a seam on the wall and that is seen as a line on feet... the pic won't show up on the seam.

d45b35 No.1067312

Regarding Cohen raid, Q said to trust Wray, Sessions, Huber, they are on it don't worry, more than we realize probably.

0c7f0c No.1067313


Trump needs to suddenly open up a giant can of whoopass on these Cal crooktard politicans. Crackalacka.

67af0d No.1067314


"TV/EBS or it didnt happen"


c15fe8 No.1067315


The judge is Kimba M Wood

https:// www.nytimes.com/1993/02/06/us/judge-withdraws-from-clinton-list-for-justice-post.html

Archives | 1993



Judge Kimba M. Wood withdrew today from consideration for Attorney General after the White House learned she had employed an illegal immigrant as a baby sitter before it became illegal to do so.

That stunning setback left President Clinton scrambling for the third time to fill the post.

There was no evidence that Judge Wood, who sits on the Federal District Court in New York, did anything illegal, but White House officials said they told her to withdraw because they feared the kind of public outcry that struck down the Administration's first choice for Attorney General, Zoe Baird, who had employed two illegal aliens for household work. A Blank List

White House officials said they were angry at Judge Wood because she had not told Mr. Clinton and other officials about her baby sitter, even when she had been directly asked. In her statement, however, Judge Wood said she had not misled the White House.

After the hasty search for a first nominee, then the rush to replace Ms. Baird, the Clinton Administration was forced by Judge Wood's withdrawal to start virtually from the beginning in looking for the nation's top law-enforcement official.

"They have nobody on their list now, period," said a Democratic Senator who is close to the White House. "They've got to start from scratch."

Continue reading the main story


Continue reading the main story

As late as Thursday evening, White House officials confidently said Mr. Clinton planned to announce Judge Wood's selection as soon as background checks were completed. But what the officials viewed as a done deal disintegrated later that night as officials questioned Judge Wood and studied documents she had submitted. Trained to Be Playboy Bunny

The sudden turnabout on Judge Wood is a blow to Mr. Clinton, who two weeks ago withdrew Ms. Baird's name after she admitted she had hired the illegal immigrants and had knowingly neglected to pay the required taxes for household employees.

Tonight the White House issued a statement on behalf of Mr. Clinton. "I understand and respect Judge Wood's decision not to proceed further with the possibility of being nominated as Attorney General," it said. "I was greatly impressed with her as a lawyer, a judge and a person. I respect her legal talents, judicial record and integrity. I wish her well."

The White House officials said they had also recently discovered that Judge Wood had briefly trained as a Playboy bunny years ago when she was a student in London and that they feared that that might become the source of jokes.

In the statement issued by her lawyer's office in New York, Judge Wood did not cite her stint as a Playboy trainee but said the issue was her hiring of an illegal immigrant from Trinidad, who worked for her for seven years. Judge Wood said she did not act illegally because her baby sitter was hired in March 1986, several months before the enactment of a Federal law making hiring of illegal aliens unlawful. The baby sitter obtained legal residency in December 1987, she said.

Read More at Link

89f139 No.1067316


lol that is f funny

0b9f01 No.1067317


Is this the first time Mueller (or, his office I guess) has made a public statement?

310f17 No.1067318


To help us gain the proper W5 on that

Q drop in


d0da25 No.1067319

c5e7ce No.1067320


Q didnt mention this one. I remember Hannity's twitter went down for a day

142fbf No.1067321

OAN reportes on the ground in douma saying chemical attack was fabricated by rebels video ⬇️⬇️⬇️

https:// youtu.be/lSXwG-901yU

d1976a No.1067322


Wikipedia says Bill Clinton wanted her as AG. When she withdrew, he selected Janet Reno.

Translation, major swamp creature.

445db2 No.1067323

File: c1b7a52a44035a0⋯.mp4 (8.7 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Sky News presenter Sam Was….mp4)

What happens when a bit of intelligent informed opinion hits the MSM narrative? Watch and laugh/weep:

Sky News presenter Sam Washington rudely cuts short truthful British Major General Jonathan Shaw:


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFnbLPQOdrc

I upload an mp4 of same that you can watch here or download.

fc1401 No.1067324

File: 53dc7bd9108e40b⋯.png (285.06 KB, 747x446, 747:446, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)

b6f336 No.1067325

Mueller’s warning: ‘Many’ news stories on Trump-Russia probe are wrong

“What I have been telling all reporters is that many stories about our investigation have been inaccurate,” the Mueller spokesperson said. “Be very cautious about any source that claims to have knowledge about our investigation and dig deep into what they claim before reporting on it. If another outlet reports something, don’t run with it unless you have your own sourcing to back it up.”

https:// m.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/apr/16/robert-mueller-many-news-stories-trump-russia-prob/

804260 No.1067326


This needs to stop!

3cab2e No.1067327

File: d5a6a27d5c8bed9⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, circus.jpg)


That's what I say.

4504d5 No.1067328


what does this mean?

ea0215 No.1067329


>Joint Statement from US UK & FRANCE on Syria

FUKUS (France, UK, US) is a pathetic gang of criminals. False Flags are all they know.

89f139 No.1067330


u know im right

these people are lost

eaa3e4 No.1067331


Giving ammo to the other twatters here, don't like him or what is posted, just stfu and stop wasting bread!

14e443 No.1067332

File: 0b7ac1bbbf37216⋯.png (300.48 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180416-200542.png)

File: 70ab782e18cbc96⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180416-200556.png)

File: b7d7c2e631f6632⋯.png (290.08 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180416-200603.png)

http:// uk.businessinsider.com/cia-in-q-tel-docker-mesosphere-2016-4

CIA funding Silicon Valley startups Mesosphere and Docker through IQT.

Article talks about Apache Mesos - Used by Airbnb, Twitter, Microsoft and Amazon to mine user data.

We need to dig into Docker and Mesosphere anons.

c5e7ce No.1067333


Yes I even googled it. They have been as quiet as church mice….first ever statement made

78eaf4 No.1067334

File: 1507763c648bae4⋯.png (780.61 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C8785300-E1DE-4726-93F6-03….png)

File: c0f8147703d10b0⋯.png (755.44 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F0ADA796-0641-4802-9E87-C7….png)

File: 6f6042b7ed0f399⋯.jpeg (268.67 KB, 1300x1390, 130:139, F0C41FCC-3618-4769-B8AF-3….jpeg)

File: 618f72e5147fcd6⋯.png (845.96 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 247E50FE-DB9C-47C2-8564-64….png)

In Q Tel

0e166c No.1067335

9684b7 No.1067336


Oklahoma City fed building blown up..

b6f336 No.1067337


Not surprising!

79fc73 No.1067338

File: e8dc4ca6c32d21a⋯.png (302.98 KB, 490x275, 98:55, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Meme G….png)

File: 91ea640358f75f6⋯.png (121.82 KB, 289x257, 289:257, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Meme G….png)

File: 3b9f184120aaf74⋯.png (8.72 KB, 376x137, 376:137, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Q Rese….png)

File: 4770fc81fb6e630⋯.png (15.67 KB, 364x298, 182:149, Screenshot-2018-3-4 great….png)

march 4th stuff

66470d No.1067339

0c7f0c No.1067340


How many have been victimized, including murdered, by these crooktards, just in 2018?

4504d5 No.1067341


nm.. got it

68a34f No.1067342

File: 126f8ea65be2e3a⋯.png (109.1 KB, 411x490, 411:490, 6b5hyn-001-1k4cBGS.png)


i was reading yesterday cohen has few clients , they were implying POTUS may be the only one. and then this … so i dunno . kek

c34547 No.1067343

cbe777 No.1067344


Watch Hannity's ratings go through the roof. Free publicity. This gave him a huge megaphone (at least temporarily.)

a927a1 No.1067345

c10519 No.1067346






Ties in with



fc1401 No.1067347

File: 4f924307d20c2a0⋯.mp4 (4.1 MB, 640x360, 16:9, muellerwoah.mp4)


the only definitively troubling thing i've seen from mueller is the award he gave to backpage VP and this statement where he said he's never heard of parallel construction

c5e7ce No.1067348


Its a form that talks about treason. Hannity tweeted this back in January in regards to Obama and Hillary, and his twitter account disappeared for like 24 hours

310f17 No.1067349


Add China's tally & it's through the roof.

Oligarchs are hard AF on their new organs it seems & need yuuuuge supplies

66470d No.1067350


"What does In-Q-tel, and to whom?"

114bc8 No.1067351


Cry more, shill faggot

c813ff No.1067352

File: e6e0f105547a88a⋯.png (390.52 KB, 662x888, 331:444, Sean Hannity Form 1649.png)



Sean Hannity, Twitter, and Form Submission 1649

https:// www.bleedingcool.com/2018/01/27/sean-hannity-form-submission-1649/

0e166c No.1067353



May is very Fried

Macron also.

2b3966 No.1067354


Not only an attack on POTUS, Lawyers, and now Reporters/Journalists/Entertainer

445db2 No.1067355


The source is friends of syria: not what one calls a trustworthy source by ANY standard. Shill on red text anon.

39438c No.1067356

File: 4f32dd093b127c7⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 423x377, 423:377, hannity.jpg)



I got the stories mixed up

2e97a4 No.1067357


Add this

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-15/take-red-pill-history-syrian-false-flags-exposed

580629 No.1067359


>"What does In-Q-tel, and to whom?"

that's a good one

needs meems

4504d5 No.1067360


thx honeybunny

1ffb4a No.1067361

12b6f7 No.1067362

File: 844c6368421d8fb⋯.jpg (552.12 KB, 2000x1332, 500:333, X6rkCc5.jpg)


Hannity is going to go full gorilla mode now.

0c7f0c No.1067363

File: f3c7d91f9c5f1da⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 276x365, 276:365, free beer q.jpg)

0b9f01 No.1067365


Trips confirm. Fairly yuge I'd say.

e53381 No.1067366

File: e4f5841debb6f93⋯.jpg (16.46 KB, 286x176, 13:8, clown5.jpg)

c5e7ce No.1067367

lol no problem buttercup

9ca696 No.1067368


thx, just checked link to prev. bread → this was the ONLY post that anon made.


957603 No.1067369


Good eye…. I am still trying to figure out, after following pizza/private since the beginning, how I have never seen these images.

c5e7ce No.1067370


Indeed. I can feel the dam about to bust

cbe777 No.1067371

0e166c No.1067372



This isn't nothing fine.

4cc16e No.1067373

File: b5545a5bc25188e⋯.jpg (65.75 KB, 396x594, 2:3, ChelDawg.jpg)


Certainly could be CC…

9a1ff0 No.1067374



No, put it in the first few lines of the bread if you must. There' s no reason to change the logo.

0c1fa0 No.1067375


or they were just drunk. don't read, what you can't prove, into it.

3cab2e No.1067376

File: c724e3fce2ac1d3⋯.jpg (87.86 KB, 750x844, 375:422, mueller.jpg)


Frame-up. Makes sense. Nothing left.

Will be an interesting court case for sure

Especially when it's shown Mueller is unqualified.

c34547 No.1067377

File: da1cebb01edbe89⋯.png (102.27 KB, 978x873, 326:291, #mike01T.png)

0c7f0c No.1067378


This judge Kimba Wood was a failed Klinton nominee to SCOTUS. Not good.

4c8aa3 No.1067379

File: 35d713fc28876d4⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1531x957, 1531:957, ClipboardImage.png)


the seam surrounded by a blue line

and the equal part of missing plastering on the wall marked.


28fe15 No.1067380

https:// digwithin.net/2018/04/08/muellers-history/

Chris Floyd wrote:

“When a few prosecutors finally began targeting BCCI’s operations in the late Eighties, President George Herbert Walker Bush boldly moved in with a federal probe directed by Justice Department investigator Robert Mueller. The U.S. Senate later found that the probe had been unaccountably ‘botched’–witnesses went missing, CIA records got ‘lost,’… Lower-ranking prosecutors told of heavy pressure from on high to ‘lay off.’ Most of the big BCCI players went unpunished or, like [Khalib bin] Mahfouz, got off with wrist-slap fines and sanctions. Mueller, of course, wound up as head of the FBI, appointed to the post in July 2001–by George W. Bush.”

Or did it deal with the Pan Am bombing which ties back into Libya.

With the Pan Am 103 case, Mueller was covering up facts related to some of the of victims of the bombing—a group of U.S. intelligence specialists led by Major Charles McKee of the Defense Intelligence Agency. McKee had gone to Beirut to find and rescue hostages and, while there, learned about CIA involvement in a drug smuggling operation run through an agency project called COREA. As TIME magazine reported, the likely explanation for the bombing, supported by independent intelligence experts, was that U.S. operatives “targeted Flight 103 in order to kill the hostage-rescue team.” This would prevent disclosure of what McKee’s team had learned. That theory was also supported by the fact that the CIA showed up immediately at the scene of the crash, took McKee’s briefcase, and returned it empty.

c10519 No.1067381

Meant to say


ties in with


"Form submission" = they took the bait!

03c6b2 No.1067382


Holy Sh#t Anon - Good digging!

This article not only discusses CIA collecting DNA via skin care products but, Google Keyhole! It's everything Q team asked us the search all in one article. Damn!

>https:// theintercept.com/2016/04/08/cia-skincare-startup/

100db7 No.1067383


too flat. girl on table looks to have 400cc funbags

4504d5 No.1067384


no… its a distraction… qanon is a musical instrument there

c6a165 No.1067385


per Cohen's lawyer, who just announced it in court.

https:// twitter.com/eorden/status/985953576865366017

efb681 No.1067387

File: 5d3f94ad6e9e355⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 300x394, 150:197, pic unrelated - just the l….jpg)


>https:// twitter.com/Partisangirl

thanks anon.

she has a ton of videos and i don't immediately see the thumbnail i'm looking for.

any keywords or specific day/time to narrow my search?

(no need to look if u don't know offhand. i'm a lazy nigger but i'll find it eventually)

3cab2e No.1067388


Yes, I couldn't see anything in that picture.

They sleep on the ping-pong table?

Is that it?

0c7f0c No.1067389

cbe777 No.1067390


Sounds like it. The couldn't handle any evidence held by that attorney being exposed, so they rounded it up.

68a34f No.1067391

File: 655bcc1b3a1003f⋯.png (472.39 KB, 1639x1080, 1639:1080, 6nlt8d-q6sijz2gzx9z.png)

43a4aa No.1067392

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They already made a good video about PizzaGate/Pedovore

10b621 No.1067393

sorry if already posted

Cohen case in the can?

It's in front of the "Love Judge"

http:// 12160.info/page/cohen-case-is

Even before the affair, Wood has made headlines as a tough judge presiding over cases involving high-profile defendants, including “Junk Bond King” Michael Milken.

In 1993 President Bill Clinton nominated her to become the first female Attorney General. But she withdrew from the nomination

d6b30c No.1067394


What possible rationale did the judge have in releasing Hannity's name? Seems like a clear violation of privacy.

a71117 No.1067395

File: 7dc734cd882477c⋯.jpeg (190.49 KB, 500x733, 500:733, download.jpeg)

4cc16e No.1067396


I think that's her shoulder.

aa5096 No.1067397


This is because they have not allowed their mind to grasp the one big truth. The whole world was controlled already and we had no free media. They always will drop back to the position that none of this is possible because someone would of told. They then will ignore the literally thousands of people who have tried to tell certain parts of the control system…..

They still believe the media. This is why POTUS attacking the press so hard is so dangerous to the control. The Media is the gate keeper….if you no longer beleive the gate keepers…your mind becomes up for battle.

When the public arrest begin it will be the end already. And this will be the final step.

These normies will wake up and see a new world. A world they did not work for or even image was there. We on the other hand who tried to keep up on every detail are waiting.

0c1fa0 No.1067398


i researched pg from the beginning and yes, they are new. These are pre heavy investigation because the art work is still on the walls.

When people really got interested, they removed art work and painted the walls. removing any pedo trace.

79fc73 No.1067399

File: b5e88575e4a118a⋯.png (3.86 KB, 254x68, 127:34, Screenshot-2018-3-4 great….png)

File: 4521b8be8b19e55⋯.png (6.35 KB, 340x123, 340:123, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Q Rese….png)

File: 6b6ddb6e10ed37a⋯.png (5.88 KB, 343x83, 343:83, Screenshot-2018-3-4 Q Rese….png)

File: bf40e75df9243c2⋯.png (8.97 KB, 315x122, 315:122, Screenshot-2018-3-4 great….png)

moar march 4th

d45b35 No.1067400


Just doing my duty like everyone else :)

c813ff No.1067401

File: 50f32e61864eb40⋯.png (102.92 KB, 758x614, 379:307, quite simple.png)




Rando comment on Form 1649

https:// www.avclub.com/who-is-form-submission-1649-and-why-do-they-hate-sean-1822482039

6ccca8 No.1067402

3cab2e No.1067403


What do you see in the picture, though?

It's suggestive, but that's it?

4fe729 No.1067404

Did Q drop the HRC pedovore vid on the dark web? Seeing reports about it….

0e166c No.1067405



The Hospitals recolect DNA for the Blood. The Social media with connections with Big Pharma

GOOG and his human Cloning.

This is a deep hole rabbit.

https:// theintercept.com/2016/04/08/cia-skincare-startup/

http:// archive.is/bWMlI

Don't forget to archive everything offline

041484 No.1067406


Rent the movie Memphis Belle if you want know the definition of a Mission !! How many missions did the Memphis Belle have to complete before their crew got a ticket home ??

You are a Brainless Twit !!!

523198 No.1067407




Female breasts are often subject to various visual enhancements.

0c7f0c No.1067408


He needs to Bye@Shep.

92ff92 No.1067409

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4504d5 No.1067410

File: 2ef2831c97cb77c⋯.jpg (53.5 KB, 537x564, 179:188, jackpos.jpg)

f3dc59 No.1067411


they have been saying that with a "reporter" on the ground since Saturday.

c34547 No.1067412

File: bc73b2beabc4ef9⋯.jpg (16.05 KB, 386x395, 386:395, 1511256207753.jpg)

cbe777 No.1067413


>We…are waiting.

…and ready.

b358de No.1067414


>Apache Mesos

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Mesos

Better throw this on the pile too

Mesos is comparable to Google's Borg scheduler, a highly secretive platform used internally to manage and distribute Google's services.

>Google's Borg system

https:// research.google.com/pubs/pub43438.html

445db2 No.1067415

File: c0439744887d747⋯.jpg (73.76 KB, 810x400, 81:40, Casey-001.jpg)

Never forget:

c7190a No.1067416

File: f5f84dc98cf9cb2⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1300x1068, 325:267, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at ….png)


The & is important.

9684b7 No.1067417


You cooking now, anon!

Keep up the great works.

b51c78 No.1067418

Who in Trumps Cabinet is a CIVILIAN?

d6c633 No.1067419


What happened to the link to Q's older posts?

It fell off the bread!!!

0c7f0c No.1067420


Blue wave is a fallacy. Vote fraud is not. Without purging all voting rolls, there will be no victory in Nov. How do you think Soetero beat Romney?

3140d8 No.1067421


Alright, I don't give a shit about this guy, but I absolutely love deductive reasoning like this. However, distractfag, it's not pertinent. The redcoats are only coming for our rights. Lulz, they still call us "the colonies".

324d7b No.1067422

File: 2f6ea132210eea2⋯.png (23.58 KB, 641x272, 641:272, Hannity 1 Twitter Trendiin….PNG)

File: a43851198641d29⋯.png (41.03 KB, 630x441, 10:7, Hannity 2 Twitter Trendiin….PNG)


Part of the show?

Or does Sean need an assist?

b67ed9 No.1067423


GOod idea, but i won't do it.

1st image is not something to trifle with

3aaa1d No.1067424


Then why the shills went into full defense mode, when touching the ancient pre-christian armenia/hyksos/sadducee/Karaite connections?

af12b1 No.1067425


This guy has his T's crossed. KEK

68a34f No.1067426

File: bd5ddea1a39ec49⋯.jpg (113.07 KB, 1000x720, 25:18, 7exh49-xjl8vtddynzz.jpg)


ware u getz all demz teef ? top kek

243d0c No.1067427

Parents may face charges after hogtying 'predator' they say wanted sex with their 13-year-old daughter: reports

http:// www.foxnews.com/world/2018/04/16/parents-may-face-charges-after-hogtying-predator-say-wanted-sex-with-their-13-year-old-daughter-reports.html

This happened in Kanada

Someone on another board has offered to 'look' into it. Criminals, authorities included', go free and victims are persecuted. Private men and women are now offering their services to 'take care' of these problems. I'd say it's becoming a little late.

What I don't understand is how has HRC and others not escaped the same fate? Just a question that's bee posted many times……

0c1fa0 No.1067428


have you never been drunk then?

i was married to an alcoholic, who would strip and lay around naked, when he was over the top drunk. I stand by what i said. Don't read anything into it. People get drunk, pass out, vomit all of the above when drunk.

People also do drugs all on their own.

9684b7 No.1067429


Hillbilly Pepe?

79fc73 No.1067430

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

roundtable vid for primetime twatting

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEHbMtHqQRM

2d46dd No.1067431

Clowns are everywhere, it's uncanny.

31442d No.1067432


nice work. projection but looks like it was filmed in the basement

1ffb4a No.1067433

File: ee5b9cd60dc9d98⋯.png (608.79 KB, 863x769, 863:769, 1.PNG)

File: 4d00bdafacfdec6⋯.png (77.11 KB, 883x736, 883:736, 2.PNG)


https:// www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/reading-between-the-headlines/201311/body-snatchers-organ-harvesting-profit

76d6a6 No.1067434


They're pretty dumb then because there is no way they get 66 vote in the Senate to force him out.

Wild Bill was impeached and he just told them to go fuck themselves and went on about being President.

5c5bef No.1067435


these people are sick

c6a165 No.1067436

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d45b35 No.1067437

https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/cia-skincentials-clearista-beauty-products-dna/

Similar to intercept article

aa5096 No.1067438


Race specific viruses…..yes I have thought about this for more than 20 years. This is why this is our last chance to destroy them….and the stakes are very high.

Frankly in the punishment the risk is to punish too few…than to risk punishing to many.

Think about it and you will realize it to be true.

af12b1 No.1067439


demz be Pelosi's dentures

03c6b2 No.1067440

Baker Notable Posts:



Both connected to same dig on CIA involved in Skin Care Production for DNA collection This article has everything Q Team asked us to dig on.

https:// theintercept.com/2016/04/08/cia-skincare-startup/

3ce24b No.1067441


Haha, chicken! ;)

Understood, but sometimes you've gotta just go for it.

They'll either bitch or they won't.

They probably won't.

It's all about finding the bread from catalogue page.

They prefer to look at the pics than read.

It would totally be recognisable.

cbe777 No.1067442


>Part of the show?

Yes. Hannity is broadcasting something that will convince everyone to be curious, building the MEAT of his megaphone.

0c7f0c No.1067443


When Clintonite Judge Kimba Wood allows the govt to keep and use all his highly privileged atty-client files, should we just tell Trump to trust the plan and never mention it again?

c5e7ce No.1067444


The timing of the Hannity news break is interesting. Happened RIGHT before his show started. Either to sabotage him, or this is part of a bigger plan

241a1b No.1067445


This fails on three fronts:

1- Makes the logo smaller, less efficient, harder to read.

2-Makes the print to small to be readable anyway, and easier to skip over/ignore.

3-Some anons need to learn patience and act like adults, it's good practice for us.

0c1fa0 No.1067446


that would be pence. not another candidate.

5ca5fb No.1067447

Any excellent map readers online? Wanna walk me through a few things in the next bread?

54bcb2 No.1067448

Came onto a site that has dl's of books talking about a huge gold transfer/theft in the 1920-1940's from all over the world, including and importantly the Chinese, and used by the group of 300 as a ways of ensuring the dominance of their fiat currency system. Ridiculous amounts of gold, like thousands of trillions $ worth.

Not had time to deep dive much, recall from interview that pointed to the source site that the Chinese were supposed to be part of this deal, got scammed, then over decades tried to reassert themselves econimically. One part of that was some lawsuit or something that was to to be paid out on Sept 12, 2001, with gold that was stored beneath WTC 7.

If any speed reading anons want to have a go it, seems relevant in relation to recent Q posts on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

http:// www.deepblacklies.co.uk/deepblacklies_new.htm

31442d No.1067449


still standing, must have been well built

2ea7e7 No.1067450


The Killary and Tuna snuff flick was an item Hannity took to his attorney to cover his ass. It was found in the raid. Setup. Beautiful. Game, set…match!

68a34f No.1067451

File: 166a67eadeadf8d⋯.jpg (62.92 KB, 946x408, 473:204, 6gcb1r-hev2obrsnp2z.jpg)


must not of been here , would like to see for myself , any idea on wat bread ?

c27a26 No.1067452

we need perkins coie memes back to direct attention to bad guy lawyers since CNN thinks its such a big deal to have an attorney.

b1ea2c No.1067453

Whoa, Michael Cohen is Hannity's lawyer, why should anyone give a fuck?

2b778d No.1067454


Mueller is thoroughly embarrassing himself, and will be exposed for his own crimes in due time. No need to fire him.

0e166c No.1067455


Project BRAIN.. Hussein did…

3ce24b No.1067456


>3-Some anons need to learn patience and act like adults, it's good practice for us.


4cc16e No.1067457

File: b095e11283ad175⋯.png (252.57 KB, 599x261, 599:261, Saddlebag.png)


Same saddlebag and arm fat.>>1066814

c6a165 No.1067458

Attacking Hannity because he's been breaking Real News on his Fox opinion show.

0c7f0c No.1067459


Isnt it "glorious?"

03c6b2 No.1067460


BIBi is why we are saving Israel for last. BiBi was involved in 911.

1930cb No.1067461


Indeed. I'm not sure how deep into the conspiracy world some people around here have dived, but sometimes it seems not very deep. The cabal has been testing this shit for DECADES.

http:// www.the13thfloor.tv/2017/06/23/the-month-it-rained-unexplained-blobs-of-white-blood-cells-in-oakville-washington/

The mysterious gelatin like rain in washington DC 1994.

All the testing we don't hear about that they do in third world countries, most especially Africa.

Here's an oldie in 1950 San Fran

http:// www.businessinsider.com/military-government-secret-experiments-biological-chemical-weapons-2016-9

It's not new and people are just guinea pigs to them.

b67ed9 No.1067462


thread is high speed, so might miss some subtle crumbs

c5e7ce No.1067463


Exactly. I am trying to figure out how this could be anything of significance

004868 No.1067464


It must be hard to engineer a virus that kills all but hebrews or they would have done it by now

3e755f No.1067465


Hey DIPSHIT, you're the one who should go back to Reddit! The 99% reference was in a drop by Q long before your Q drop post! Lerk Moar, read up, and don't post until you know what the fuck you are talking about, FFS!

fe62d3 No.1067466


Because it feeds the MSM narrative that Fox/Hannity are state-sponsored propaganda.

It's part of their narrative push.

b67ed9 No.1067467


added, tnx

50e4c2 No.1067468

Follow the wives:

This is pretty interesting. Barbara Bush's dad was Alister Crowley.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=189&v=L5pv-2zCbeU

10b621 No.1067469

Syrian Army captures large underground tunnels

they look very well made

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgGqwAwJL5M

68a34f No.1067470

File: 126f8ea65be2e3a⋯.png (109.1 KB, 411x490, 411:490, 6b5hyn-001-1k4cBGS.png)


post 666 saving isreal for last . confirmed

241a1b No.1067471


Did you see Pelosi was already using Mueller's firing as a fund raising gimmick? She must have the attention span of a gnat.

03c6b2 No.1067473


I hope so. The treasury is all we need.

e53381 No.1067474


fulford is a clown

0c7f0c No.1067475


When Trump is fighting impeachment, be sure to just say nothing and trust the plan.

a1e96f No.1067476

So, is Q going to help people get their dna back from 23 and me?

7944a0 No.1067477


Probably because they are not Hebrews.

They are Turkic and have mixed with every race they come in contact with

c34547 No.1067478

File: 2af305c004b1895⋯.png (30.61 KB, 720x644, 180:161, IMG_0968.PNG)


I wath thearching for thome thauth and found thome theeth inthdead.

3ce24b No.1067479


Wake the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up.

Read the crumbs.

Realise the plan was drawn up years ago.

Realise Trump knows of, and accepted the offer to be part of the plan years ago.

Shut the fuck up.

Read the crumbs.

Wake the fuck up.

You're new here.

589af1 No.1067480


Back in my pizza delivery days i would come across this more times then i wanted to. Seeing half naked kids, teens and adults is at first shocking, then repulsive. That's when you realize that it takes a real monster to take advantage of someone in this state.Even more of a monster of a person to put someone in this state for the purpose of taking advantage of.

2d3fcd No.1067481

Still haven't heard Sean Hannity yet on his show…

2b778d No.1067482


Similar style of shoes as well.

Is this from that Ray Chandler pic?

2b06dd No.1067483


He's trolling!

3e755f No.1067484

24ba1c No.1067485

Just trust the plan for 3 more days. Then you'll all be dead. April 19th bitches.

The clowns are coming to get you.

0e166c No.1067486



b1ea2c No.1067487


Still makes no sense, Hannity golfing with Trump at Mar-a-Lago is more damaging

e53381 No.1067488

File: 21fc59b9d37cd72⋯.jpg (6.57 KB, 299x168, 299:168, trumpthumbsup.jpg)


yes it will be trumps best deal in history as he said many times

peace in the ME

save the BEST for last

c0a8e1 No.1067489

>>1058804 rt >>1058722 — Reporter to capture

>>1058722 ———————- Clown Black Brennan

>>1057899 ———————- [4] Clown UIDs

>>1057786 rt >>1057770 — The WHY

>>1057770 ———————- The WHERE

>>1057619 rt >>1057442 — Nothing stated should be discounted

>>1057509 rt >>1057393 — Comey throws AG Lynch under the bus

>>1057351 rt >>1057113 — Focus on Supreme Court

>>1057223 rt >>1057113 — Perfect example of why we are here

>>1057159 rt >>1056766 — Typo. SC = Supreme Court

>>1056602 rt >>1056562 — Proofs being lost

>>1056554 ———————- Side by side graphic

>>1056087 rt >>1056025 — Where are the autists?!?!

>>1056025 rt >>1055967 — Think Timing. 'The Plan'

>>1055924 rt >>1055826 — Side by side graphics are important

>>1055826 ———————- SC, Loretta Lynch deal

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/12/01/fbi-account-clinton-lynch-tarmac-meeting-released-by-watchdog-group.html

https:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/watchdog-fbi-has-located-30-pages-of-documents-related-to-clinton-lynch-tarmac-meeting

http:// observer.com/2016/07/exclusive-security-source-details-bill-clinton-maneuver-to-meet-loretta-lynch/

Did Comey leak this? If so, leaker and liar as POTUS tweeted.

0c7f0c No.1067490


I'm a constituional conservative with 2 graduate degrees you fucking sheep.

89f139 No.1067491


all comped

68a34f No.1067492

File: 27e0fd394f4a327⋯.jpeg (67.06 KB, 1084x607, 1084:607, 27e0fd394f4a327c7dd58aaba….jpeg)


my fucking sides anon .. top kek

a927a1 No.1067493


Straight to the point …ya may want to save /use again

d6c633 No.1067494


So Q is distracting anons?

0c7f0c No.1067495


You wouldnt say this to my face, I guarantee you that.

3aaa1d No.1067497


Yesterday there was much focus on symbology (both the 6 pointed david star as the swastika have ancient armenian origins)

Here a dig into history, from 2 breads ago.


b28b43 No.1067498

Hannity Live stream


https:// www.iheart.com/live/550-kfyi-37/

3e755f No.1067499


Muh bullets work on Clowns, dumbfuck!

e53381 No.1067500


read his material

clever concoction of fact and bullshit

his own writing is all the sauce you need

3ce24b No.1067501


Done! ;)

b358de No.1067502


I tuned in a minute ago. Listening. Still nothing for me.

580629 No.1067504

File: b9da1f6cf0729c1⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 1350x759, 450:253, Bill.jpg)

File: ffe41dea2eb4910⋯.png (586.77 KB, 848x530, 8:5, Jimmy.png)

File: 834d53e8ddeefe1⋯.jpg (43.02 KB, 560x292, 140:73, QUEEN.jpg)


>Even more of a monster of a person to put someone in this state for the purpose of taking advantage of.

0c7f0c No.1067505


Great post. Kek

60a743 No.1067506

File: f49f761e1e3ac45⋯.jpg (340.96 KB, 2838x1152, 473:192, lynch4679.jpg)

Stay focused.

Dig. meme. Pray

d35142 No.1067508


fuck off armenian

a927a1 No.1067509


Pls refer to post >>1067479

42f9e0 No.1067510


ted and Jerry had a stock devaluation in 30 seconds though lol!!!

0c7f0c No.1067511


May just be propaganda to warm up some ideas.

a71117 No.1067512








Very interesting article…someone is speaking to us…why this? why now?

https:// www.pressreader.com/usa/austin-american-statesman-sunday/20180415/282574493662038

0da05b No.1067513

https:// theintercept.com/2016/04/14/in-undisclosed-cia-investments-social-media-mining-looms-large/

Important article relating to what we are digging into.

267cf4 No.1067515


My first guess was HRC and CC

c26626 No.1067516

File: 38f845575907a52⋯.png (76.24 KB, 433x667, 433:667, 1649.png)

File: e3acf3c2163e249⋯.jpeg (170.72 KB, 757x1346, 757:1346, 5113674fc5f6d72bd94991bd7….jpeg)

b968c9 No.1067517

https:// twitter.com/eorden/status/985953576865366017

READ for the scoop on the Ukraine connections to Clintons and Dossier

68a34f No.1067518


thank you anon , will do .

241a1b No.1067519


Anybody entertaining, saying, repeating or even thinking impeachment, should get some sorely needed sleep.

There is no reason. There is no chance.

Do you not see that you are letting (((them))) get to you? The very premise does not even remotely make ANY kind of sense.


2d3fcd No.1067520


Yup, still nothing….

b358de No.1067521


He's on now. Talking about Comey

4504d5 No.1067522

http:// www.foxnews.com/transcript/2017/10/24/clinton-campaign-dnc-paid-for-anti-trump-dossier-research-ivanka-trump-washington-is-complicated-place.html

3ce24b No.1067523

03c6b2 No.1067524


I'm not sure about that. Fulford may have been at one time. He wrote and was editor of Forbes before moving to Japan. Speaking of Forbes, Steve Forbes hasn't been mentioned in any of Q team posts. It must be a clean periodical, not connected to Roths.

0e166c No.1067526



In Which part of Syria?

e53381 No.1067527


please do not feed the clowns

114bc8 No.1067528


Is the Blue Wave part of "the plan"?

2d3fcd No.1067529


HE'S ON.. but this was from last week i believe though

885f62 No.1067530

Is it possible to meme InQtel and how it works?

A cyclical diagram?

Taxpayer > CIA > InQTel > Tech Startup > Big Tech > Big Government ( just an example, can be made more accurate )

We're paying for our own enslavement. ( minus the Black Budget of the CIA; drugs, guns, human trafficking etc . )

d6c633 No.1067531



10b621 No.1067532

E Ghouta


4f8c26 No.1067533








Stop the islamisation of America


b67ed9 No.1067534

File: 793c6f72c2409e0⋯.png (3.46 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 793c6f72c2409e030803630dc7….png)

new bread


2d3fcd No.1067535


Sounds like it was from last week… I believe i've heard this on friday.. not sure

43a4aa No.1067536

so hannity is client of cohen because of the intruder?

dde92a No.1067537

File: 0303ad66c73a93a⋯.jpg (305.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 0 WWG1WGA.jpg)

1331 Toast-Mortem

Previous Edition >>1066740

>>1066725 Updated Hussein/POTUS Travel dates

>>1066934 Side-by-Side Graphics (Repost.. there's a thread for these as well.)

>>1066854 POTUS Schedule today

>>1067178 POTUS building the groundwork for overhaul of the FED sauce >>1067264

>>1066862 Pence speech at 34th Space Symposium

>>1066830 Japan's Shinzo Abe likely to resign in June

>>1066906 >>1067029 Putin draining some Russian swamp creatures

>>1066988 >>1067194 Russia reveals who staged Syria gas attacks - OAN Report as well - >>1067321

>>1067138 CGI-Netherlands related digs

>>1066951 Hannity - Clinton DNC Laundering scheme

>>1067170 >>1067196 Michael Cohen's third client is Sean Hannity Related Qpost? >>1067223 >>1067256 >>1067236

>>1067422 Hannity radio reportedly silent. Livestream >>1067498

>>1066793 Scalar Wave Tech - or standing wave? >>1067050

>>1066812 FBI Signs Twitter surveillance contract

>>1066849 Space-X planet-hunter launch Info

>>1066884 IQT & Predictive Linguistics

>>1067332 IQT & Docker/Mesosphere to mine data

>>1067172 >>1067382 >>1067405 Google Keyhole - Collecting DNA Via skin care products / Human Cloning

>>1066912 >>1066930 Wojcicki Digs

>>1067085 Digging on Bloodlines & DNA - A Quest for genetic superiority

>>1066814 Ping-pong pictures - Looking for SAUCE

>>1066893 Consideration on deeper PG digs

>>1067297 Syrian Organ Harvesting of Children?

>>1066789 RED CASTLE Qpost Considerations

>>1067089 BAKER - Please re-add the Q post links to bread if you haven't already. Thank you!

Unnecessary Disclaimer

An idea for a back-up system of pointing out interesting posts, and creating a quick rundown of a bread. I plan to only do this after NEW BREAD link is posted, or within last 30 posts, and consider it as a useful filler, since the bread moves so fast these days. This, ideally, is separate, yet with thicker ingredients, from the baker's concise chosen notables, and NOT a replacement for the baker's notables. Maybe a few others who prefer to lurk would like to do the same.

These are by no means conclusive nor the information deemed accurate, but more to provide a general feel of the flow of the bread, and an attempt to discern more quality contributions.

Think back hilt to this loaf of bread.

24ba1c No.1067538


It all starts when you complain that you aren't feeling well and need to go lay down. You think you're coming down with something.

And then you don't ever get back up.

Don't worry. We need to keep enough of you dumb ass peasants around to produce energy and food. We are only culling the herd by about 80%

(then you wont miss us much will you? )

79fc73 No.1067539

File: 8d03845e310d916⋯.gif (30.6 KB, 520x340, 26:17, newfags_on_steroids_gif_by….gif)

== Attn. NEWFAGS ==

Are you tired of us picking on you yet?

Take the time to read this >>1061002

b358de No.1067540


Yeah they wen't back into a break again already. I'll stay on.

8b4255 No.1067541


This guy is a real slime ball

0c7f0c No.1067542


Just trust muh plan.

a61f72 No.1067543


maybe expanded thinking since gov