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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2ca1bdf21b2af5bdc6812f9b55….png)

bee581 No.1151632

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


Redpill for normies: >>1087693 Proof POTUS was behind Q even before he appeared on the chans.




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bee581 No.1151638

Q's Latest Posts

Q's Tripcode

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

Sunday 4.22.18

>>1147720 ———————- Today is Earth Day.

>>1145824 ———————- Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?

>>1140227 ———————- MB Connections

>>1140780 rt >>1140510 — Salon article Michelle Bachmann witch hunt

>>1141069 ———————- Civilization Jihadist

Saturday 04.21.18

>>1133942 rt >>1133925 — AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! 11.11.18.

>>1133862 rt >>1133796 — They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed

>>1133464 rt >>1133332 — Fire up the memes!

>>1133332 ———————- What will next week hold?

>>1133238 rt >>1133204 — We came here for a reason

>>1133189 rt >>1133099 — Expand Further. Blackwater USA. Plausible Deniablity.

>>1132004 rt >>1131959 — Look at those palm trees!

>>1131877 rt >>1131741 — As the World Turns.

>>1131963 rt >>1131935 — Anons honored by your presence

>>1131741 ———————- Yesterday.

>>1131328 rt >>1131287 — Coincidence?

>>1131266 rt >>1131254 — Think private email addresses

>>1131254 rt >>1131247 — Think public & private Twitter accounts

>>1131191 ———————- Right on Q

>>1130667 ———————- Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest.

>>1130369 rt >>1130171 — Think Sessions

>>1130171 rt >>1130125 — Maggie Haberman on HRC team

>>1130089 ———————- Wikileaks Podesta emails

Friday 04.20.18

>>1124872 rt >>1124637 — The world is watching

>>1124271 rt >>1124212 — Alefantis pic big, but risky

>>1123696 rt >>1123617 — POTUS warning shot

>>1123575 rt >>1123519 — Hussein diddling Maggie/Wendy since 10?

>>1123499 rt >>1123388 — Hussein & Maggie

>>1123388 rt >>1123269 — Agnes Nixon Soap Operas (article)

>>1123269 rt >>1123074 — As the world turns.

>>1123074 rt >>1122995 — The door will be opened later.

>>1122995 rt >>1122741 — Hussein/Wendy Over the Target

>>1122280 rt >>1122226 — Wendy?/Marina

>>1122111 ———————— Hussein with Wendy

>>1121949 ———————— Allison Mack tweet with a pic of Abramovic

>>1121353 rt >>1121283 — Canary palm tree, signal?

>>1121272 ———————— Mack is naming names

>>1117177 ———————— Canary palm tree

>>1116344 rt >>1116307 — TRUMP card coming

>>1116309 rt >>1116269 , >>1116276 — They fall for it every single time/How do you 'legally'

>>1116248 ———————— SR June JA

Thursday 04.19.18

>>1109466 ———————— Q&A again

>>1109320 rt >>1109176 — Yes, midterms are safe

>>1109196 rt >>1109132 — WW

>>1109139 rt >>1108927 — SR connect to DNC

>>1108971 rt >>1108947 — Structure

>>1108949 rt >>1108920 — Fake. We control

>>1108897 ———————— Q&A 5 min

>>1108850 rt >>1108831 — What makes a good movie?

>>1107913 rt >>1107523 — Memos are FAKE

>>1107796 rt >>1107717 — Who captured?

>>1107754 ———————— Eyes only

>>1107080 rt >>1106974 — The words used re: Intel & buying/selling will bury her

>>1106873 rt >>1106719 — The importance of this cannot be expressed more clearly

>>1106728 rt >>1106719 — 13min mark

>>1106719 ———————— Big ERROR

>>1105360 rt >>1105264 — Push to DIVIDE is strong

>>1105264 rt >>1105115 — SKY Event

>>1105115 rt >>1105041 — What are you witnessing unfold?

>>1105041 ———————— Rudy. NYC. Relationships High

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If it ever goes down, the mirrors are: qntmpkts.keybase.pub & qanonmap.bitbucket.io

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bee581 No.1151640



>>1133464, >>1134569

Al Gore





>>1143022, >>1143031

1. Map Huma's Family: Parents & Siblings

>>1142939 Huma's Sister, Heba, attempted to undermine RIGHTFUL outcome of Presidential Election

>>1143533 Follow the Money. Check out Dearborn, MI also


>>1143739 MB & OBAMA


>>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz

Thread carefully, >>1101931

Obama Timeline

>>949587, >>949333, >>949547

>>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation'



: D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only)''' >>1113402

>>1135628 Nancy Pelosi's Twatter Archive

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 Dig On Feinstein's Husband

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

NP Video Links and Resources

>>1113394 Download the NP video using https:// video-download.co

>>1110963 Streamable download of Pelosi NK vid available

>>1113792 Download straight from anonfiles

>>1107614 Pelosi video expanded version

>>1114951 Bash script

bee581 No.1151642



video report: https:// twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/987765785400573953

>>1134056, >>1134177, >>1134803



>>1150910 So the Germans just brought back their hidden gold for the first time since the Cold War.

>>1150932 Rudy Guilani and the master plan

>>1150947 Wendy Wasserman Schultz Update

>>1151039 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

>>1151099 I see Al Gore has a great big house in Nashville

>>1151500 mypizzabrain instagram download

>>1151540 What Islam Isn’t -Dr. Peter Hammond


>>1150127 mypizzabrain instagram

>>1150132 Wendy Mills Abrams family business has ties to shennanigans in Chicago

>>1150136, >>1150419 Hollywood/Music fags – this is the power structure.

>>1150195 This is not the first time Reinking's father returned weapons to his son.

>>1150288 Palm Signal?

>>1150270, >>1150380 Wendy/Debbie Waserman Schultz

>>1150694 ICE arrests 33 with history of human rights violation across the US during Operation No Safe Haven IV


>>1149275 Q Clock

>>1149323 Mike Pompeo The Sedona Forum this weekend?

>>1149350, >>1149366, >>1149374, Kanye made a deal?

>>1149424 Here's an article in 2015 where Debbie Wasserman Schultz was referred to as Wendy W S

>>1149705 Not even halfway, kek. WWG1WGA

>>1149852 'Tyrannical' judge told 'not to return' after she berates defendant who died three days later

>>1149979, >>1149980 Marines with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, return home to Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center


>>1148556, >>1148658, >>1148681, >>1148707, >>1148789 POTUS last tweets very telling

>>1148575 Chinagate

>>1148592 The Carbon Credit Trading Ponzi Scheme

>>1148627, >>1149105 Al Gore celebrating in Florida

>>1148636, >>1148691 NXIVM moves to Brooklyn

>>1148676 The person that took the shooter down.

>>1148785 JFK documents could show the truth about a diplomat's death 47 years ago

>>1148803 Wendy that met with Al Gore

>>1148876 Thank You Law Enforcement

>>1148888 No Official Intel Used To Launch Russia Probe According To Controversial DOJ Document: Nunes

>>1149134 More mind control sauce


>>1147912, >>1147945 Oldfag checking in, Q timeline accelerating in April

>>1147940, >>1148355 One dead after plane crash HORROR in Tennessee, US

>>1148055 Protest pics from Haiti

>>1148081 Gore and John Doerr via Kleiner Perkins

>>1148083 What happened in SA will happen here

>>1148117 Report: Al Gore’s Home Burns 34 Times More Electricity Than Average U.S. Household

>>1148124 Fresh Qmap

>>1148178 First part of Maria/Nunes interview transcribed!

>>1148367, >>1148396 Al Gore made $500 million from jihad terror sponsor Qatar


>>1146960 2-JSEG on the move from Nice, possibly to Guernsey >>1147372

>>1147110 Game Plan Revealed, Parkland Student calls for gun confiscation

>>1147140 what is the 113th and 114th day of 2018?

>>1147145, >>1147566 Waffle House suspect had Illinois firearms authorization revoked after arrest.

>>1147168 WH - Waffle House - White House - threat?

>>1147282 Was digging on Comey, found out about Reinhold Niebuhr.

>>1147310, >>1147312 POTUS tweet - "There's no there there"

>>1147358 Qatar says ‘no hypocrisy’, admits to PM attending wedding of terrorist’s son

>>1147425, >>1147436 Waffle House shooter tried to setup meeting at White House

>>1147463, >>1147470 HERO: James Shaw Jr, 29, wrestled the gun away from the shooter and he fled on foot

>>1147513 Democrats are getting desperate as Mueller stalls

>>1147575 This is the scedule for the next days of the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn/GER.

>>1147646 Another Wendy to consider?


>>1146356 Mueller isn't investigating President Trump.

>>1146364 Barbara Olson/Interesting connection to the Clintons/911

>>1146395 Telford grooming scandal continues to spiral

>>1146399 Nunes video on Fox (ref'd by Q)


>>1146798 Q asked, “How do people support/vote 4these people?” (morally or technically?)

>>1146815 Travis Reinking was previously arrested for being in a restricted area near the White House in July 2017

>>1146846 Kanye tweeting like crazy today

Best Of Bread >>311157

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bee581 No.1151645

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bee581 No.1151654

Dough #1440

https:// pastebin.com/n384dEtg

b7e357 No.1151661

File: 014512728c04967⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2397x1851, 799:617, A423g356h6r7j786kj89k.jpg)


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76d28e No.1151685

File: 9f6bcccfbc5b5ce⋯.jpg (300.46 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, 10b9977a810bdaa437d6728e4b….jpg)

c9018c No.1151686

Is anyone else pretty sure Q's first posts (regarding October M.Law/Mil.Tribunals) are going to happen this year, just prior to the 11.11.18 celebration?

f8d252 No.1151687



b99254 No.1151688

File: 7b7a97b4597ebc1⋯.jpg (933.26 KB, 2242x2154, 1121:1077, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at ….jpg)

06b2fa No.1151689

c375a2 No.1151690



b87f3d No.1151691

File: fc0da2d88bbcbdb⋯.png (38.74 KB, 600x670, 60:67, fc0da2d88bbcbdb8d8d9c0091a….png)


ff209d No.1151692


Agreed, Darnkess is NK ref about NK reunification for the Olympics. Think Mirror (12/23 mirror date).

I assume Q never confirmed mirror date because RR being driven by Q is sensitive info.

219da3 No.1151693

File: a1c8be44a155796⋯.jpg (174.52 KB, 1200x786, 200:131, buns_for_all.jpg)


We have buns for all this time.

You get a bun

And you get a bun

EVERYBODY gets a bun!

No need for squabbling

Or fighting

Or arguing

Munch on your bun

And listen to the wise anons

27f2a4 No.1151694


Same day but earlier in the day before Q posted.

07a095 No.1151695



883344 No.1151696


f3288d No.1151697

File: 3b9fdf8b27f6bd3⋯.jpg (95.05 KB, 516x540, 43:45, memewar.jpg)

File: cd35af840823a47⋯.jpg (177.94 KB, 939x803, 939:803, memewarpepe.jpg)

Thank you baker!


Q, on standby and awaiting target(s) of the MOAB


9a65ee No.1151698


Remember Alfredo Stroessne?, Puppet of Hitler?, This Guy is of the source of Stroessne..



https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/22/world/americas/paraguay-election-mario-abdo-benitez.html


58c871 No.1151699

>>1151620 (previous bread)

No, b/c Q said this about Seth: (SR 187)(MS13 (2) 187)>

in post #436 on qanon.pub.

03133f No.1151700


sure…you first

27f2a4 No.1151701


Oh that's cute.

We are all already doxxed by the good and bad guys.

883344 No.1151702

File: 49b568a4e531fb0⋯.jpg (202.92 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, OaTeLvFe.jpg)

File: 1863bcfadd6b8a8⋯.jpg (124.79 KB, 768x512, 3:2, picture-of-hindu-gods-gane….jpg)

18025b No.1151703

c375a2 No.1151704


what a bunch of asses……

had to

c9018c No.1151705


I feel like the "happening+++" is better proof for the uninitiated.

06b2fa No.1151706


Why don't you start us off?!

fd7961 No.1151707


He did not mention the year indeed

Though that's still fucking far, we still have that much stuff to unpack? And it'll be that slow? Let's hope it ain't that

60c96e No.1151708

Heads up, (Blue Anonymous) cointelpro

6a5f55 No.1151709

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Final stand

8df0de No.1151711

File: d3a7309d285bbc2⋯.jpeg (24.03 KB, 474x474, 1:1, psychologicalwar.jpeg)



Excellent notable baker. This one frankly needs to be stickied all over. islam is a disease and Q team fucking knows it along with any Patriots within DC beltway area. The clean up will take years, but the west WILL be free of this disgusting subhuman group.

7074cd No.1151712

Any news on AbramaFag ?

0ba9c6 No.1151713

File: 3e15bcd83875b03⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 322A7444.jpg)

all this for a fucking dime bag in LA

883344 No.1151714

File: 5dcf6cd93d428a1⋯.jpg (144.81 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, Shia-bad-shoes-06.jpg)

File: 199a543c273d034⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 1444692818955.jpg)


d216de No.1151715

Last bread:


yes. Threat to NK that we'd take preemptive strike w/ EMP. And that they had 10 days to get their shit together.

978f68 No.1151716

File: a8d38be2f08a119⋯.jpg (864.22 KB, 1351x1957, 1351:1957, Screenshot_20180423-033546.jpg)

Wendy- fictional first name made up by J.M Barrie, Author of Peter Pan.

Barrie is accused of being a pedo and "stealing" a bunch of boys from their parents


Inspiration for Wendy was supposed to be another authors daughter Margeret (MAGGIE) Henley who called him her "Fwiendy Wendy" she died aged 5 of "Meningitis"

The Author Father W. E. Henley wrote the poem "Invictus" - Obama's/Prince Harry new favourite game

W.E. Henley was known to run in pedo circles.

883344 No.1151717

File: 8e0e2f626e914c0⋯.jpg (9.68 KB, 255x144, 85:48, 181cd59f30870fb9540cec2567….jpg)

File: 199a955c3d0a64a⋯.jpg (743.96 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, 199a955c3d0a64a37945a000f4….jpg)

58c871 No.1151718


See if anything like what happens? Sorry. Late to the party.

0c9f76 No.1151719


Verified account


29m29 minutes ago


I'm super chaaaaaarged. Bout to take this whole thing to mars

7074cd No.1151720


is that Terry Richardson ?

3a205f No.1151721

https:// www.news-press.com/story/news/crime/2018/04/21/venice-man-gets-330-years-child-porn-charges-sex-tourism-trial/538939002/

Man gets 330 years for sex tourism. Article states that his victims were as young as 6 or 7 years old.

Noteworthy quote from the detective. "The community is not going to tolerate this kind of exploitation of children anymore."


6ca01e No.1151722

File: 07fd0cb46d2c241⋯.jpg (37.07 KB, 308x436, 77:109, Stocks & Bonds.jpg)

File: 2c87b0f874342b5⋯.jpg (5.88 KB, 297x170, 297:170, Bonds.jpg)



We should give these people new stocks and bonds, more befitting their character.

Any chance we could get a "stocks & bonds" quote from POTUS before they start going down? It would make a beautiful meme.

Thank you.

Your Fellow American.


24a4b3 No.1151723

File: 8438f90ccee4825⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 352x248, 44:31, CNN_Our Facts.jpg)


3064a0 No.1151724

File: 29d0771a60a8cbb⋯.png (166.96 KB, 483x378, 23:18, braveheart.png)

When Rome ended, the people were decadent, perverted, and overly entitled. We in the west, are the Romans of the past. We are overly privileged Americans, and Europeans.

Just like the Romans, our army’s have become overly taxed. The strength of our economies has been decimated by NAFTA, WTO, and the sale of our economic power by the political elite. It has decimated our towns, and destroyed our families. Our leaders (until Trump) were incompetent, indoctrinated, or compromised. Our internal struggles for power, and the failure of our religious leaders to speak to the next generation, have lead us to this collapse.

Today we are controlled by television, music, false flags, war, and fear. One has to wonder how far back parts of that’s been going on?

In my opinion, we the ‘anons’ of the chans, along with Q and the meager forces he employs, are the last hope to save the West.

If you’re scared of being arrested, of being set up, then you should leave. Our soldiers face death every time they go into battle. Something we cannot understand. We the ‘anon’, we face arrest by the deep state, determined to destroy us. I say let them come, let them defy the President of the United States, let them set us up as the fall guy. We will fight them at our doorstep.

Let’s make no mistake, they are setting us up. They will attack themselves, and blame us. The far left are now threatening the UN, CNN, the SPLC, and others. These are the groups that have been attacking us for decades. That’s the set-up.

Let me say this, and let all ‘anons’ say the same, WE ARE NON-VIOLENT, AND GOD FEARING, WE ATTACK NO ONE. We will not be set-up as the straw-man for the perverted and defiled elite.

Before the meme wars begin, let’s post our creed to the board, ANONS ONLY BRING MEME’S OF TRUTH, NO MORE. WE ARE NON-VIOLENT. Don’t let them set us up as straw-men to further their satanic ideology.

We are the remnants of the West, the greatest culture man has ever known! We are not afraid. Oohrah!

98115e No.1151725


Decepticons fried his brain.

0293b4 No.1151726


BOOM..........you nailed that.....we all need to research this company........they are a major player they tie into every evil work...f..sex trafficking....cannibalism....9/11..........f... everything....this guy on this video knows way too much i;m surprised he is still alive

https:// youtu.be/yvWZ3NlvGzM

27f2a4 No.1151727

Lol, so true!


c9018c No.1151728


My name is Michael J. Lindell and I'm from Minnesota. Come at me clowns!

03133f No.1151729


terry u woke?

b04f3c No.1151730


Um. This is getting interesting. Now he's onto SpaceX?

f3288d No.1151731

File: 8b8a0da8e27b9f5⋯.jpg (73.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CNN.jpg)

File: 9ee3fe8573f4c8b⋯.jpg (18.45 KB, 539x94, 539:94, cnnsucks.jpg)

37c29d No.1151732


How many shitposts this bread?

0c9f76 No.1151733

Lon Cheney and The Queen

Werewolvse of London

883344 No.1151734


I live in muh mama's basement still.

I'm only 46 tho so I still have a good amount of time to grow up and get my own place you know.

Timez is hard.

If i has my own place i wood.

3a205f No.1151735


He just bought a Tesla.

239501 No.1151736


Haha you thinking the ol' I'm older or wiser than you trick will work on people reading this board is pathetic. (Yeah we are all so blinded by how much info is put out in cryptic tweet additions) sorry if you really believe this, someone failed you here because it leads of topic and has never been said by q.

513231 No.1151737

File: 73ec211f8f70427⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 768x326, 384:163, HCR-C&C.jpg)

Made meme last night before midnight shift, don't remember if I posted it or not then.

So here it is.

Enjoy -you amazing fags!

c3db0a No.1151738


Q indicated and Potus confirmed, the DNC lawsuit is what was needed to legally bring out the proof. Q also says the midterms are safe. So yeah, I think it will be this year. I can't imagine how we go from the state we are in now to safe midterms in such a short period of time, but trusting in the plan.

2a3c0b No.1151739

File: fe7f66ab2b50b41⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 1007x488, 1007:488, h0t1.JPG)

This insa is a lddle suspet. DONT LEAVE COMMENTS! A bunch of Polaroids of girls eating pizza and then I kept scrolling and saw this. Strange.

7074cd No.1151740

File: f6823a7d0413b0a⋯.jpeg (140.8 KB, 600x418, 300:209, PgmUf.jpeg)

File: 3fc78a764151317⋯.jpeg (240.29 KB, 1600x893, 1600:893, GcAtwJ1.jpeg)

File: 1c553bbafbd6409⋯.jpeg (14.17 KB, 411x238, 411:238, mom.jpeg)

File: 3d1b029527dcb08⋯.jpeg (31.62 KB, 406x379, 406:379, wendy.jpeg)

File: b39bf85f2520a7f⋯.png (3.08 KB, 448x112, 4:1, download.png)


and there you hve it folks

b58645 No.1151741


This makes a lot of sense to me. Did not know about Tim Black.

Something about AJ’s “jumping ship” seems too forced/deliberate/sudden to be believable at face value

9a1cc8 No.1151742

Just saw a thing on twitter about being able to mute words?

When did they roll out the self-censorship?

Safe spaces for everybody!

9a65ee No.1151743

And talking of Serco.. Check this out..

https:// www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/apr/23/outsourcing-ndis-contact-centres-to-serco-an-accident-waiting-to-happen

883344 No.1151744




He's trolling ELON.



ea22af No.1151745

File: 489ed35d24be94a⋯.jpg (25.93 KB, 319x216, 319:216, 28wf5w~2.jpg)

File: 489ed35d24be94a⋯.jpg (25.93 KB, 319x216, 319:216, 28wf5w~2.jpg)

Duh! I sho llikes spirit cooking with John Podesta..

b99254 No.1151746

File: 99813dc38db6ac5⋯.jpg (575.57 KB, 2830x1718, 1415:859, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….jpg)

91f448 No.1151747

File: 08f796f8e3a8566⋯.jpg (175.55 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, idiocracy.jpg)

i used to own crocs, i am sorry too

85fff4 No.1151748

File: d12654dd38fe738⋯.jpeg (22.58 KB, 300x239, 300:239, 8921E26C-46F9-4D9D-B84A-6….jpeg)

Reminder to shills & Levin, you can see se your microwave as a faraday cage!

e78fdd No.1151749


Yeah I'd seen that but never said anything when looking at Deltas. I considered deltas to all be after a Q post and so I never included it in any of my findings.

0c9f76 No.1151750


My Pillow!

f3288d No.1151751


outfuckingstanding anon

c375a2 No.1151752

60c96e No.1151753

File: 027339c3ec038c8⋯.png (428.22 KB, 678x551, 678:551, 20180407_164802.png)


Go to Mars, retard. Please, let's take our physics lessons from kanye Kardashian.

54f91c No.1151754

spidey sense tingling…Somebody is on here…

34a332 No.1151755


Click on >>1151711

Filter ID+

Magically you get your wish.

883344 No.1151756

File: c8c2b30620b867c⋯.jpg (126.88 KB, 727x922, 727:922, Fry-Style-Icon-Shia-LaBeou….jpg)



784747 No.1151757

File: 87cbf797cfb6ee2⋯.png (60.07 KB, 586x346, 293:173, ClipboardImage.png)


He looks like he's into the #MeToo bullshit

4227b8 No.1151758

(Bread #1439)


>She brought Jay Z into it.

Spreading lies, are we? She was anywhere from 18 to 15 when she first met him. It's reported he's twelve years older than her, so who'e bringing who where?. And she wants out.

06b2fa No.1151759

POTUS tweet

>nice and new and "Smart"






>muh EMP


>muh inventions (elec. grid)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brilliant_Pebbles

WTF, Q?!

0b4d20 No.1151760

Treasure trove of macabre "pizza" photography * 'art'


https:// www.instagram.com/slaughter_of_the_slices/

Do NOT comment on their Instagram so as to cause shut down of the account

883344 No.1151761




967510 No.1151762


Think mirror.

0c9f76 No.1151763


you started a factory in our town…fell through..

not a nice thing

62a2bf No.1151764

Apr 22 2018 12:58:19 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 195414 1145824 NEW

Not ‘official’ product - 5 Eyes.

Listen carefully.

No evidence to support POTUS targeting.


Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding? >gravity like SESSIONS Hammer dropping


She had to win at all costs.

You know why.

How do people support/vote 4 these people?

https:// video.foxnews.com/v/5774707105001/?#sp=show-clips


This Q drop from today is pointing us back to this Q drop.

Jan 21 2018 14:06:20 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo 47

Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?

1 of 22.

#Memo shifts narrative.

#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.

#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.

#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].

#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).


27f2a4 No.1151765


Maybe he was telling Q to go ahead and start that day.

ea22af No.1151766

File: 676360702508b7d⋯.jpg (44.78 KB, 480x334, 240:167, 28wefg~2.jpg)

c375a2 No.1151767


I don't tuck…but other than that.

c9018c No.1151768


The time-line shouldn't be a shock to you. Q has said multiple times that this will be done by 11.11.

Also going from the ground up means the higher ranking arrests/trials will be near the end.

I'm fine with the time line. I'd rather they do it right and safe. Progress is clearly being made. Need time for the word to continue to spread.

Also "Think Mirror" and "Future Proves Past" support this theory.

513231 No.1151769


Image looks mirrored, cant make out biz card/menu writing on side.

Assuming it is Key West location..

2909a8 No.1151770

File: ec7f5cd3fd2163e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 966.9 KB, 885x638, 885:638, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you, Baker.

Hard work on fast moving threads.

You da best.

cf10fa No.1151771


My guess is that Haiti will be revealed this week and that's the MOAB.

85fff4 No.1151772

File: 584e6610f2a1bc3⋯.jpeg (68.82 KB, 1190x595, 2:1, A016F491-3048-4C60-9944-0….jpeg)


Use* trying to type now, fear porn is real…

45c774 No.1151773

File: d07a3b2cc66eda8⋯.jpg (136.25 KB, 900x588, 75:49, DbajdSEUwAAdX-Z.jpg)

Note the bucket.

537185 No.1151774

File: 34aa9bbba122aa3⋯.jpg (126.88 KB, 800x572, 200:143, flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)


The bait ball is freaking out

>>Let's dine soon

3adda4 No.1151775



fe6e92 No.1151776

PG Anon. Got a massive pedowood data dump in response to the Entertainment Notable in an earlier bread.

A takedown of pedowood is essential to knock out the major control structure of the deep state.

Prepare your anus, because here comes a horsepill sized "red pill suppository". Forgive my crude humor, just thought I'd lighten the mood with a crass joke. Phuhuhu.

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=%22Paul+Reubens%22&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=%22Ian+Watkins%22&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=Spielberg&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=Geffen&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=Schneider&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=CDAN&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=Disney&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=Leto&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=%22Chris+Cornell%22&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=%22Chester+Bennington%22&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=Barsi&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2483805 Judith Barsi. Major red pill material for memers. Contains current working theories regarding the case at this time.

https:// searchvoat.co/?t=O%27Rourke&s=pizzagate&u=&d=&b=on&nsfw=on Results for Heather O'Rourke. Major red pill material for memers.

347048 No.1151777


Those are usually after the war is won

883344 No.1151778



Add a fanny pack.



095dcb No.1151779

File: 75291bc9f12bb2a⋯.png (381.65 KB, 549x459, 61:51, rg49.PNG)


>How do people support/vote 4 these people?

Anyone else find it odd that Q used 4 instead of for? I've never seen him use 2 instead of 2. Seems deliberate.

Could he be saying that the 4am talking point mockingbird media convinces people to vote for these people?

Having a political discussion most people these days is like debating a continuous stream of fake news. Very rarely do I hear a new or rational discussion. It's just talking points.

f92d60 No.1151780

File: 07e5bd7d7d85869⋯.jpg (379.47 KB, 1080x860, 54:43, Screenshot_20180422-193810.jpg)

File: 7a1df313c7090b2⋯.jpg (510.34 KB, 1080x1787, 1080:1787, Screenshot_20180422-195003.jpg)

https:// science.howstuffworks.com/e-bomb.htm

c9018c No.1151781



Can't say I fully understand everything but I think a lot of things are further along than even we know.

NK being a good example. They are likely already denuked. Public won't be aware of that for a while.

91f448 No.1151782

File: 14f4682e15e3d93⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 600x338, 300:169, ff0a19b5729771a9b00c74de56….jpg)

omg are the shills tunneling me again some moar

must be a tax audit they are after, at the least

glas them marines got home eh

6965ea No.1151783

File: 2354f23d14e781a⋯.png (410.96 KB, 768x768, 1:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 1.png)

File: 79b222c68431e3c⋯.jpg (242.55 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 2.jpg)

File: 6bc8f3876f41686⋯.jpg (450.99 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 3.jpg)

File: 10bf9a4e3dc4ef0⋯.jpg (305.32 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 4.jpg)

File: 01519c138728e9f⋯.jpg (300.76 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, FAST AND FURIOUS 5.jpg)


Hussein and Hillary facilitated a genocide with Operation Fast and Furious by running illegal weapons to Mexico for the Cartels to use against the Population. The very same guns they tried to righteously ban in the USA.

Democrats did their best to hide the truth about Fast and Furious, with A.G. Holder, the only Cabinet member ever to be held in contempt of Congress, arguably lying to Congress about his knowledge and involvement and repeatedly saying he "didn't get the memo." American citizens and Mexican nationals to this day are in jeopardy from criminals using weapons the Obama administration funneled to them.

Read more: https:// www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/04/eric_holder_fro_prison_not_president.html#ixzz5DGswbIAi

El Chapo’s Capture Puts ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ Back in the Headlines

Obama-administration scandals never resolve. They just vanish — usually, under a new scandal.

So it was with one of this president’s earliest embarrassments, “Operation Fast and Furious,” designed to help the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) dismantle drug cartels operating inside the United States and disrupt drug-trafficking routes. Instead, it put into the hands of criminals south of the border some 2,000 weapons, which have been used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American, U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Now, Fast and Furious is back in the news. Earlier this month, a raid on the hidey-hole of drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman recovered not only the notorious drug lord, but a (“massive”) .50-caliber rifle, capable of stopping a car or shooting down a helicopter, that originated with the ATF program. Rest easy, though: Only 34 such rifles were sold through the program.

Read More: https:// www.nationalreview.com/2016/01/fast-furious-obama-first-scandal/


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Drug_War#Firearms


200,000+ deaths and many other horrors

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexican_Drug_War#Effects_in_Mexico

Make no mistake, the Clintons have profited both with import of coke up into the USA and running of guns down the border into MX


Let's get this maiz popping!

LOVE YOU ANON! no homo

edefae No.1151784


He and Roger went after HW this week and they usually avoid digging into him and Barb. There is a definite change taking place that are being marked by these smaller events. Shroyer also had a best of Wikileaks hour on Friday. This is setting up for some pretty important drops coming.

0b4d20 No.1151785


More here and tied to cutting/torture/pedoshit

https:// www.instagram.com/slaughter_of_the_slices/

54f91c No.1151786


i aint clickin that mein neger

f3288d No.1151787

File: 740c3c900ae587b⋯.jpg (30.78 KB, 360x547, 360:547, romangeotus.jpg)

883344 No.1151788

File: 49b568a4e531fb0⋯.jpg (202.92 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, OaTeLvFe.jpg)

1b040b No.1151789

File: 9b3b41ba52ad487⋯.png (96.04 KB, 1182x1039, 1182:1039, IMG_4940.PNG)

Sharing from another Autist Anon

Q post webclock

fd7961 No.1151790


Oh for sure, I'm on board with the plan and everything, I have a good instinct on what is going on behind the scenes in all the different layers and see the progress, just wish it'd be faster lol. Time is boring nowadays you know..

7074cd No.1151791

File: 2a91ca74e4fe26e⋯.png (60.32 KB, 1221x232, 1221:232, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at ….png)

File: adb4f20aade49e1⋯.png (388.87 KB, 1231x544, 1231:544, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at ….png)


Invictus Games

f92d60 No.1151792


W. T. F. is THIS?????

c3db0a No.1151793


There are so many potential MOAB's, it's hard to know which one(s) it will be.

34a332 No.1151794

File: 252d39aa91c1c5d⋯.jpeg (21.31 KB, 474x343, 474:343, download.jpeg)

Thx baker

97b040 No.1151795

File: a506104f7cebe0a⋯.png (59.83 KB, 624x628, 156:157, da.png)

03133f No.1151796


thats not the pizza we're looking for anon

04bb36 No.1151797


Yeah he probably drives a bentley.

3a205f No.1151798

File: 691f37df1658e0f⋯.png (739.97 KB, 956x552, 239:138, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at ….png)

883344 No.1151799



MOAB will be the HRC vid


ec794a No.1151800


He has used sms lingo be4, including "pls".

Q could be anything from a team of boomers to actual extraterrestrials…

c9018c No.1151801


The war being won by then is what I'm suggesting. The 11.11 parade is the celebration. If we are all United again, that means the truth is out there already.

I could definitely be wrong but it seems to make the most sense, as of now anyway, imo.

f8d252 No.1151802

File: 93a81842694798c⋯.png (711.35 KB, 832x881, 832:881, trump-bat_.png)


Just making fun of filter fags.

3b3485 No.1151803


Fear. False Evidence Appearing Real. Makes me sick that even on FOX they're spreading mass chaos to the sheeple. Fuck this.

883344 No.1151804


He drives a big S class BENZ

3adda4 No.1151805


Half of that movement is actually useful given sex cults and shit in Hwood. We’re not done with Weinstein yet.

54f91c No.1151806

>>1151792 slaughterhouse bone pile cattle. degenerate art

f3288d No.1151807


one of my top theories


347048 No.1151808


Noice crocs

883344 No.1151809




So I've heard…

c375a2 No.1151811


forgot the fanny pack…mine's camo.

04a59b No.1151812

File: bc4465fa17cc426⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 228x217, 228:217, ofs.jpg)

c3b55e No.1151813

File: 876921690a1d35f⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 15244518225003982290941741….jpg)


Long time lurker here. Do you know anything about the original FBI Anon that showed up on 4chan before the Comey announcement? He was the entry point for many here I think and I remember hearing rumors he has been gotten by the Cabal. Where we go one we go all. I'm hoping a hero like that is still with us to see the fruits of the risk he took.

God bless you and America.

2a3e03 No.1151814


He flirted with our FLOTUS. I don't blame him. Look at /OUR/ Melania vs. Hussein's Michelle. But to fall over a beautiful woman while sitting next to your dump truck is kinda wrong. Lmao. Funny as shit, but kinda wrong

ec794a No.1151815


I cannot wait for the worldwide spread. This will be a whole new world.

9a65ee No.1151816


Fear Porn.

27f2a4 No.1151817


Good catch!

5 Eyes

4 people

682af0 No.1151818

File: b93288da20adcbc⋯.png (267.22 KB, 800x820, 40:41, youhavetogoback.png)


Whose this retarded muzzy loving shill?

1c32c3 No.1151819


me hopes

7074cd No.1151820

whaddup Yeezy

2909a8 No.1151821


Instead of making us all click every one of those links, thereby taking everyone away from the board and their own research, hows about you click all those links and summarize for us?

f3288d No.1151822





sincerely, anon

d216de No.1151823

Idk what the exact timeline is, however I do know that Q Team has been playing War Game Strategy on this shit for several years before POTUS became POTUS. As an aside…Recall, FBIanon said he "used to" do war game strategy for Russia and that's why he was sure Russia did not want a war with us. Another reason I think FBIanon was the prep for Q and actually connected.

Point being, war games calls for all contingencies to be on the table. Moves and countermoves. They have predicted how the cabal will react WW and have figured out the best way to WIN. I sleep just fine knowing that.

24a4b3 No.1151824

File: 23e9a25cb984a2a⋯.jpg (96.02 KB, 605x753, 605:753, CNN_find our apple.jpg)

3adda4 No.1151825


Looks real asf.

548e70 No.1151826

File: fb14e2d55d55dbb⋯.png (1007.3 KB, 826x973, 118:139, julian-assange-total-witch….png)

91f448 No.1151827

susana martinez et al would steal loads with leos

got so bad people were getting beheaded in palomas mx for years

again it was cocaine grudges between bushes frump and clintons

883344 No.1151828

File: c8eb81cc1888b3c⋯.jpg (94.84 KB, 730x486, 365:243, gospel.jpg)

07a095 No.1151829


How widespread would this problem have to be for an HRC pedo video to not tip the scales…

45c774 No.1151830


Some look quite fresh, All for ART.

bee6c0 No.1151831

File: 27d15368dd3b5b5⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 459x278, 459:278, BasedAssad.jpg)


He's full of shit just like Q.

cf10fa No.1151832



The HRC video and Haiti are likely one in the same..

"Keep them blind"

"Keep them starved"

"Keep them stupid"

Haiti is the Clinton Foundation undo and the Dems undo. No black vote = minimal Dem support in the mid-terms.

468e00 No.1151833

File: b44d9f91ead80b3⋯.jpg (80.91 KB, 800x596, 200:149, today-is-earth-5add4b.jpg)

883344 No.1151834

File: 1df05069783f8ae⋯.jpg (45.66 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 28w3k9.jpg)

cfad0e No.1151835


Yes, this guy was the one who got me on chans, we need to know what habbened here. Also rumors were he is dead, thats not good.

05bd05 No.1151836

CBS Broadcasts Armed Anti-Trump Character Saying, ‘We Need to Assassinate the President’

CBS Television on Sunday night broadcast an episode of The Good Fight in which an anti-President Donald Trump character armed with a handgun said, “we need to assassinate the president” and spoke of “regime change”.

The Media Research Center’s Callista Ring reported on CBS’ nationwide broadcast encouraging the assassination of President Trump.

…Lawyer Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski), who despises Trump and spends most of her time hallucinating fake news segments about the president, defends her friend Tully after he was arrested for violently rioting in the streets. Tully jokes privately to Diane in court, “Oh, like we need to assassinate the President?” in response to Diane asking him not to say anything radical. When she reprimands him for the statement in a later scene, he assures her that he was only joking. TGP note: Tully mentions the judge is a Trump supporter, which prompts Lockhart to admonish him not to say anything radical. That prompts his statement, ““Oh, like we need to assassinate the President?”

But lest you think this was just an innocent joke, check out this next exchange. In response to Diane finding a gun in his bag and demanding to know if what he said in court was a joke, Tully responds, “Why? You don’t believe in regime change?” When she hands him back the gun after unloading it, he tells her, “This won’t slow us down.”

CBS has a habit of broadcasting calls for the assassination of Republican presidents and GOP nominees. In 2000 CBS aired a taped episode of the Craig Kilborn show in which footage of GOP presidential nominee George W. Bush was shown with the words “Snipers Wanted”.

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/04/cbs-broadcasts-armed-anti-trump-character-saying-we-need-to-assassinate-the-president/

f92d60 No.1151837


fox is controlled media.. only few ppl r on Potus team.

43c1c4 No.1151838

hell 2 emp's one over WASHINGTON DC AND LA should do the trick send those fuckers to the stone age for 5 years ……

095dcb No.1151839

File: 52ef8a41e026aee⋯.jpg (66.04 KB, 740x317, 740:317, rg19.jpg)


This is definitely one of the mass extinction events Q was talking about. Nuclear or non-nuclear it would absolutely devastating. Detonating a nuke in the ionosphere for fry all electronics in a huge radius.

People these days don't realize what goes into providing the food and water they consume every day. Electronic components (microprocessors, sensors, etc.) are ubiquitous in modern society. Collection, processing and transporting all rely on electrical components.

It would be pandemonium. When Lynn said we would die of thirst. This is the threat that first popped into my mind.

682af0 No.1151840


bait set, taken by the cucky filter faggot.

Well played.

3e8725 No.1151841


My name is Elmer J Fudd,

I own a mansion and a yacht.

34a332 No.1151842

What to do after we have saved the earth from evil?


c3db0a No.1151843


Agreed. Potus has said time and again he will never reveal the plan to the enemy ahead of time. I sure wish Patriots could be better informed of a timeline without notifying the enemy. Wish in one hand……

883344 No.1151844



Kanye's timing seems significant.

You may be right.

Might be incredibly damning evidence of HRC / DEMs about Haiti…

4fbd26 No.1151845


And Tits too.

FFS stand up once in a while from your keyboard, maybe your nuts will drop finally.

f21b6a No.1151846


all that would have to happen is the clinton huma tape dropped for all to see.

06b2fa No.1151847


It's a pile of cow femurs in a slaughterhouse.

4b2147 No.1151848

>>1151540 (last bread)

Good info Anon.

When there are a few of them they are

"The Religion of Peace"


A good rule to follow,never trust ppl who prefer to use their hands to wipe their butt instead of toilet paper.

cb02c4 No.1151849

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/384371-trump-asked-netanyahu-if-he-cares-about-mideast-peace-report

https:// archive.li/9AF93

>Trump asked Netanyahu if he actually cares about peace: report

>President Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call last year if he actually cares about peace.

>Axios reported Sunday that Trump made the blunt assertion while discussing a potential peace deal in the Middle East.

>Trump had read news reports about Netanyahu building additional settlements to please his conservative supporters, something Trump viewed as an unnecessary move meant to anger the Palestinians.

>Trump then asked Netanyahu if he genuinely wants peace of not, according to three sources familiar with the call who spoke to Axios.

>A senior official told the news outlet that “The President has an extremely close and candid relationship with the Prime Minister of Israel and appreciates his strong efforts to enhance the cause of peace in the face of numerous challenges.”

>Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders added: "The President has great relationships with a number of foreign leaders but that doesn’t mean he can’t be aggressive when it comes to negotiating what’s best for America."

>Trump spoke with Netanyahu earlier this month amid simmering tensions in Middle East.

>The two leaders discussed the protests raging in Gaza, along Israel’s southern border.

>Palestinian medics said a protester was killed by Israeli forces, one of 17 people reportedly killed during the clashes.

7567d2 No.1151850


Amen brother, meme's of truth.

883344 No.1151851




He got the old 187.


c9018c No.1151852




Where we sleep one, we sleep All.

(Ok, I'll stop shit posting now)

6611cb No.1151853

File: d42c1da40e6a91e⋯.jpg (249.49 KB, 1538x768, 769:384, Fast Furious1.jpg)

File: bbd074ea448dca4⋯.jpg (307.79 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, Fast Furious4.jpg)

File: 18f800cdce82ce0⋯.jpg (446.33 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, Fast Furious6.jpg)

File: c5856fa841bb440⋯.jpg (322.54 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, Fast Furious7.jpg)


Weird that someone is taking 4 of my memes and using them as a copypasta.

It ain't me.

Yes Holder is a terrible guy deserving of big legal trouble, but it does not make sense to keep posting this same copypasta bread after bread so it must be a shill. I won't answer it again.

Proof by posting my own color-inverted versions of the same memes.

682af0 No.1151854

File: 6d01c8ff0c49092⋯.jpg (64.49 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, KEEPEMDUMB.jpg)


use this.

6a5f55 No.1151855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

MSM fake news blues

548e70 No.1151856

File: 3abab674c92a313⋯.png (941.56 KB, 1024x759, 1024:759, uyecle562f3ypepe.png)

ec794a No.1151857


Nukes have a habit of consistently not working every time the Cabal uses them.

8af6cd No.1151858


The spiral started 1/20 and the posts advance 1 minute each day and the spiral minutes start over on 3/07… thats 46 days.

What is the explanation of this spiral map?

3e8725 No.1151859


We're going to Germany and London in particular and help our brothers take their country back

5b6e3d No.1151860


When Comey and the FBI get found out, Would all other prosecutions by FBI and DOJ be at risk?

4227b8 No.1151861



Is it real or is it through your Mem-Intel-Inside-Orex?

883344 No.1151862

File: 199a543c273d034⋯.jpg (44.75 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 1444692818955.jpg)

File: fe286d19b56a2a0⋯.jpg (108.55 KB, 632x500, 158:125, 28ui2v-1.jpg)

3adda4 No.1151863


Now we’re fucking talking!! This kind of thing is how I think it works. Where is there sauce for this?

94fc5d No.1151864


Thank God and do our best to protect ourselves from happening again

85fff4 No.1151865


Can we bet on THE GREAT AWAKENING? I’M ALL IN!!! 🇺🇸🦅🐸

f3288d No.1151866

File: b7afaf05c36edd2⋯.jpg (90.77 KB, 1133x801, 1133:801, targetaquired.jpg)


If it is HRC video (pic related)


06b2fa No.1151867


Levin isn't one of the controlled at Fox, IMO.

54f91c No.1151868


Kanye gonna twitter out the MOAB pass to Rodman who links to video

22 million brothers redpilled

34a332 No.1151869


What date was wind the clock?

5b6e3d No.1151870


Need help now mate

883344 No.1151871






ec794a No.1151872

File: 6a935511aa9927b⋯.jpeg (14.07 KB, 255x226, 255:226, 6a935511aa9927b4630f837f5….jpeg)

37c29d No.1151873


http:// people.com/tv/terry-crews-describes-alleged-sexual-assault-adam-venit/

I'm guessing he is, he had his ass grabbed and the dude tickled his taint at the same time

7074cd No.1151874


cuz he said fuck an elevator ill take the escalator

cf10fa No.1151875


Good graphic but it would be better with Haiti kids in the background. Don't think the HRC vid is KKK related. Pretty sure it will be HRC talking about Haiti in an irredeemable manner.

22807b No.1151876


Assuming the (Comey) Memos are fake as Q said, it is breathtaking to watch Comey and the Deep State attempt to keep the truth from being exposed. What could they possibly have on Comey that would convince him it would be better for him to lie and be taken down rather than allow the light to be shone on exactly what happened?

Also, Nunes is being coy (I believe). He said in his interview with Maria Bartiromo “We are not supposed to spy on each other’s citizens, and it’s worked well,” he said. “And it continues to work well." "And we know it’s working well because there was no intelligence that passed through the Five Eyes channels to our government. And that’s why we had to see that original communication.”

Do you expect me to believe that one or more of the remaining four eyes did not share information in order to help justify this bullshit Trump Russia fiasco?

https:// www.thenation.com/article/russiagate-or-intelgate/

https:// www.thenation.com/article/russiagate-is-revealing-alarming-truths-about-americas-political-media-elites/

f92d60 No.1151877

File: c35c36567c54171⋯.jpg (357.3 KB, 1080x957, 360:319, Screenshot_20180422-195858.jpg)

uh oh… normies r going to wake up in masses …

18025b No.1151878


I need new glasses, i thought this was Debbie wasserman's hair

f21b6a No.1151879


remember the "earethquake" last year. they reported it as happening near the underground testing/launch site for NK. it was reported to have killed 200 people at least.

Fair to say that took out their nuclear ambitions.

095dcb No.1151880


No doubt, patriots are in control. I'm just convinced this was one of their plans.

If it weren't for those meddling patriots.

f3288d No.1151881

File: a25ee3e61b5c5c3⋯.jpg (83.79 KB, 699x540, 233:180, hrcLOL.jpg)


made this today LOL

883344 No.1151882



Help all the pour souls recover.

We are the boots on the ground.

a57c61 No.1151883

File: 879b0c262447894⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 1079x341, 1079:341, clue.jpg)


c7ac95 No.1151884


Kek! Oprah, is that you?

91f448 No.1151885

File: c0ea54d2e35aab7⋯.jpg (205.78 KB, 1600x856, 200:107, Idiocracy_Shot1.jpg)

fukin mini



no gun

no threats

be well

5b6e3d No.1151886

When Q speaks about the MATRIX is he refering to the fact that we are all blind to the truth, the MATRIX was what was planned for us all in the future or both?

537185 No.1151887

File: 11235a864f146a2⋯.jpg (834.86 KB, 1331x945, 1331:945, circlingthewagons.jpg)


Don't tell anyone >k

741eb9 No.1151888


Well said anon.

We're here for an honest approach to problem solving for the best of all.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

8af6cd No.1151889


Jan 7 2018 23:01:24 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f946c4 21439


Do you understand what just occurred?

POTUS Tweets [15 min] between.

POTUS missing "Q" in select word.


POTUS mods Tweets [1 min] between.

POTUS adds "Q" in select word.

This was not meant to signify AUTH / established.

This is to train you how to understand the correlation between posts and Tweets.

Future proves past.

Wind the CLOCK.


Feel privileged - POTUS just spoke to this board [P_pers]

We serve at the pleasure of the President.


513231 No.1151890


Effective radiated power degrades exponentially with man made emp devices.

They can't even make a reliable one that kills cars when under the hood.

Not likely useful at atmospheric level, and closer to ground would only affect a few city blocks. Not to mention the initiating pulse would have to be such magnitude it would cause as much damage physically from the blast.

Not worth the trouble when other more suitable weapons exist.

Try making a emp device. I done it small scale, but it is hardly effective at 3 inches! Even an emp detector 100m away had hard time detecting it every time - even when it delivered a good pulse.

And furthermore, a nuke does not carry emp of any significance against all "common knowledge".

There are literally hundreds of VIDEO CAMERA FOOTAGE of nuke detonations at close proximity.

ALL of the cameras survived, and before you say they are shielded- think CCD and LENS have to be directed at the source of the footage…

No special cameras were used.

b2a4c5 No.1151891

File: 99006895944390e⋯.jpg (597.79 KB, 1440x2960, 18:37, Screenshot_20180422-195608.jpg)

Holy shit..I can't believe this make it to the Long Beach Press Telegram. Prayers have been answered I think it's finally happening.

https:// www.presstelegram.com/2018/04/21/follow-the-money-from-clinton-friends-to-fired-fbi-official

2e7088 No.1151892


KEK! I got your photo!

347048 No.1151893


Memefags are our secret weapon. Q called you to duty. We got your six.

4c9130 No.1151894


TY anon.

548e70 No.1151895

File: 27f60c5cb55d8cf⋯.jpg (44.3 KB, 1248x720, 26:15, shania-twain.jpg)

468e00 No.1151896

File: bfc6012d551c90d⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 700x597, 700:597, this-is-5add4c.jpg)

883344 No.1151897

File: bf341c7f89e2f00⋯.jpg (11.61 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault-12.jpg)

60c96e No.1151898


Hey, everybody, this fag just got their phone turned back on and can't stop posting the same old stale ass pics.

54f91c No.1151899


put a Pepe in it between It and BHO

60eb7b No.1151900

File: 58ed0affca9d086⋯.jpg (15.44 KB, 170x255, 2:3, ET roth.jpg)

File: eeb5c3d49c006ed⋯.jpg (179.87 KB, 1200x962, 600:481, HERO GREEN.jpg)







3b3485 No.1151901


Just the kind of back up we need. I've tried my best to wake up my fellow blacks but they love rap and fried chicken way too much. I hope this will finally get them to rise up and storm the beach and leave all the brands that take money from us.

(((Marvel's))) Black Panther made a fuck ton of money over $1 BILLION dollars and not a fucking dime went back into the inner cities & black communities. How foolish they were spending all that money and giving it straight to da joo.

2b1546 No.1151902


Here’s the post:

Apr 8 2018 16:39:06 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 198500 955760


Pictures leaked for this very moment.

Who/what is not pictured?

What forces shadowed No Name?


Special contractors.

What was delivered?


Exact location.


Buildings E of spider web.

Spider web marker.

Open source.


Q hasn’t failed me, only the jerks on this board who think they are ‘all it’. You fail Q and POTUS.

f21b6a No.1151903



wake people up .

91f448 No.1151904



allegory everywhere

besides horseshit

cb02c4 No.1151905

File: 04a143d39ee413f⋯.jpg (3.11 MB, 1928x7000, 241:875, maggie.jpg)

62446a No.1151906

File: 3e42402b151e1ad⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.29 KB, 1280x972, 320:243, tumblr_oty5cgIlHG1uxptyeo1….jpg)

3adda4 No.1151907


Phone fagging, please assist. What about the start the clock posts? Wind the clock I think means get ready for go.

c9018c No.1151908


Yea I'm cool with it.

I trust Q, POTUS and the plan.

Would rather the Patriots are safe.

I hope when the Battle is complete, Q comes back and let's us know more. Crumbs/Connections we missed.

And general things we've always wondered or wanted to know.

5b6e3d No.1151909


Anon explained this to me yesterday

possible Q = SR

2909a8 No.1151910



Not a reliable source of information.

34a332 No.1151911


You can but by then you will find out your money is fake.

9a65ee No.1151912

File: 76fa2aa1539b311⋯.png (679.96 KB, 965x973, 965:973, 80dd1372f1d50bc37ae78e6107….png)

37c29d No.1151913


https:// tmz.com/2018/03/07/terry-crews-case-against-agent-adam-venit-rejected/

http:// people.com/tv/terry-crews-describes-alleged-sexual-assault-adam-venit/

7074cd No.1151914


totes Vegas

ec794a No.1151915


Patriots have many forms :)

bcb8eb No.1151916


Well done Anon. I saved this one for twatter.

347048 No.1151917


Trust the plan. It will be glorious.

883344 No.1151918




The classic 1 2.

I absolutely love that /ourguys/ all seem like total crazies to the masses..

dec258 No.1151919

513231 No.1151920


>ALL of the cameras survived,

Technically I meant the camera delivered good footage- some of them were destroyed by the nuclear blast, but not emp (that would have burned out camera before the nuclear blast arrived).

(had to set my own record straight)

8af6cd No.1151921


111 days from Jan 7 is April 28

3adda4 No.1151922


Or the “enjoy the show?”

40f39d No.1151923

I can confirm Military aircraft (at least one chopper) presence around what seems to be the Clinton Chappaqua residence for the past hour.

Not sure if it's an arrest, raid, or whatever else. Might not even have anything to do with them. But they're only a few miles from me and the chopper with the flashing and spot lights is EXACTLY in their direction.

I barely post - and I'm not a clown/shill.

593722 No.1151924


Fox has to cover Trump positively after they lost 50% of their viewers doing hit pieces on him during the election. Fortunately for us, they can't pander to liberals because they're so despised on the left.

There are a few anchors that are relatively red-pilled, but Murdoch is a globalist through and through.

883344 No.1151925



They tracked the poster….

24a4b3 No.1151926

File: 63ede4b33d575e2⋯.jpg (93.76 KB, 605x753, 605:753, CNN_find our apple 2.jpg)

548e70 No.1151927

File: 2a25542f5ee4982⋯.jpg (110.8 KB, 662x500, 331:250, 54cc79bba10aa41cedd2a2312f….jpg)

60c96e No.1151928


Vince Staples, lol, follow the stars fag.

3e291a No.1151929


Like Q said, they will follow the stars. The Kanye worship shows how many newfags have invaded here.

3b3485 No.1151930

File: d865ae51e7342fe⋯.gif (703.17 KB, 245x230, 49:46, xzEUgDr.gif)


>111 days from Jan 7 is April 28

Oh hell yeah. This gon' be gud.

34a332 No.1151931


Add 111 days to

Jan 7.

54e805 No.1151932

File: ac737fe98f91828⋯.png (240.68 KB, 638x367, 638:367, iu.png)

File: 594b7c87bca611f⋯.jpeg (42.29 KB, 919x616, 919:616, iu-1.jpeg)

8af6cd No.1151933


April 28

3e8725 No.1151934


Of course some will get challenged based on their corruption. But the news that Broke today from Nunes is going to take down the entire operation. Period

d862de No.1151935

File: bc46c3012880a9a⋯.jpg (251.53 KB, 710x881, 710:881, 28e3b4cc8559a0c5b3ee94bb58….jpg)


Certainly doesn't look like those EMT folks are rushing around frantically to me....a clue....

0293b4 No.1151936


YES.........HE IS A MAN WHO KNOWS TOO MUCH........i'm surprised he still lives

3b3485 No.1151938


Holy dubs.

883344 No.1151939

File: 6370af70d644b0a⋯.jpg (66.64 KB, 500x476, 125:119, 6370af70d644b0a3e5085af396….jpg)

978f68 No.1151940

File: 450e0d96510b081⋯.png (62.81 KB, 225x372, 75:124, Margaret_Henley.png)

The Original Wendy. Margaret "wendy" Henley

2909a8 No.1151941


Second from right: did he play for the Redskins?

34a332 No.1151942



11c688 No.1151943

Few boards ago, anons looking for who could be SK on Lolita Express flight logs…

SK = Stanley Kubrick?

6a5f55 No.1151944

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Owwww My Balls - meme

8993d8 No.1151945

File: d19217783f383cb⋯.png (785.18 KB, 1112x1372, 278:343, Facebook friends.png)

Even Friends on Facebook…..

967510 No.1151946


Doug Williams.

7bf9c1 No.1151947


Add an electric chair anon.

883344 No.1151948


Clinton Portis right?

91da06 No.1151949


Completely peaceable.

54f91c No.1151950

>>1151923 coming back direct from TX funeral? They ever drop HRC there by chopper?

3b3485 No.1151951


Sucks that we have to wait for ANOTHER weekend drop…now the MSM will just puke out more false flags & keep killing people. Ugh.

3a8017 No.1151952


Non-Violent meme's of truth, that's who we are. Thanks anon.

c3db0a No.1151953





All of you are probably right. I'm thinking Mueller is the MOAB this week. The Comey memos pushed that narrative last week.

With the slow pace of DC, I think we are still weeks away from Haiti/CF/HRC. That's if the evidence is on Weiner's laptop. All of that is looking like it will be early June. At least to me. But I have been wrong before.

c33266 No.1151954



2a3e03 No.1151955


Yup. Hussein loves to TRY to pick up hot European women at funerals. Kek… Poor fuck… At least this time Michelle didn't make him move 😂😂😂😂😂

fe6e92 No.1151956


The short hand is that those links contain the entire arsenal of Pizzagate research relating to Pedowood, organized by target. Material on leads on Spielberg, Disney, David Geffen, Jared Leto, etc.

883344 No.1151957


Swordfish enterprises RINGMASTER




7366fb No.1151958


I think in this instance that Kanye (even though I hate him) is the Key to the Black vote. We need someone polarized more than Roseanne to break the chains. I think that Kanye has his place in history as being the guy that brings the truth to the people. Especially after he had his meeting with POTUS at TT. I pray for his safety and performance.

>I'm super chaaaaaarged. Bout to take this whole thing to mars

784747 No.1151959

File: c3f846555427091⋯.png (105.52 KB, 636x612, 53:51, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c6099037f2e77a⋯.png (22.14 KB, 245x200, 49:40, ClipboardImage.png)

802a89 No.1151960

File: 000c30daaa954b5⋯.jpg (499.42 KB, 800x1045, 160:209, JQA.jpg)

54f91c No.1151961


^^^^^^^^^^ PLANEFAGS

513231 No.1151962


Anon—→ THAT makes a lot of sense.

Can anyone collaborate his appearances around the flight log dates?

967510 No.1151963


Image search turned up Art Monk.

b04f3c No.1151964


Don't understand how a clock has 10 positions instead of 12.

e73229 No.1151965

7074cd No.1151966


111 Strike Package Confirmed.

883344 No.1151967


Kubrick directed the LOLITA movie..

fb5b2f No.1151968


Are you joking?

After the Bartiroma interciew todaynwith Nunes?

MOAB incoming

end of the Mueller investigation!!!

a complete Witch Hunt

f92d60 No.1151969


not worried about that shill.

not worries about emp. not sure which will happen 1st.. "The Big One" 9.0+ eq that CA news keeps fear porning about or EMP… I'm just glad its not killarys Fema Camps.. that would have been overboard

5b6e3d No.1151970


where does 111 days come from?

4fbd26 No.1151971


Daylight savings time.

513231 No.1151972


now almonds are jiggling…

347048 No.1151973


Good find, Anon.

34a332 No.1151974


Every month equals five mins.

3b3485 No.1151975



dea3db No.1151976

File: 9278faa4d9089fb⋯.png (31.75 KB, 578x251, 578:251, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d7c5752574cbce2⋯.png (45.07 KB, 212x210, 106:105, ClipboardImage.png)


Just look at him

60e89b No.1151977

File: 20f316d898e9a82⋯.jpg (24.3 KB, 596x441, 596:441, main-qimg-2726c442f4127167….jpg)


This is what spicy White People Food looks like

05bd05 No.1151978

Mar 28 2018 00:45:17


Done in 30.

House cleaning.

WH secured.

Final stage.


Correct me if I'm wrong but Friday 27 April will be 30???

649358 No.1151979

File: 377f3d1030d597b⋯.jpg (342.65 KB, 1094x801, 1094:801, sothatshitsgood2.JPG)


Hahahahaaa!! Jimbo…

f3288d No.1151980



give every US president except Hussein and Clinton MAGA hats

even the random ones

e73229 No.1151981

File: 7ca706ad699dc98⋯.jpg (191.54 KB, 1304x653, 1304:653, Screenshot_20180423-050802.jpg)


Trump holds big rally this day

556f1c No.1151982


incredible cover

06b2fa No.1151983



https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modular_arithmetic

3b3485 No.1151984


DUBS CONFIRM. Wonder bread is too spicy for some white people. Gotta wash it down with milk.

c33266 No.1151985


Not in Texas :)

dec258 No.1151986


This is very interesting – does anyone understand it?

6611cb No.1151987

File: 1577f3fe2140a68⋯.png (937.94 KB, 1481x699, 1481:699, ClipboardImage.png)


1) ADSB does not show ANY military aircraft over NE CONUS. Pic.

2) Now, what makes you say it's a military chopper if all you have is a visual from several miles away, in the dark? Sound?

Planefag bed.

Planefag out.

c3db0a No.1151988


While we are dreaming, I hope that we have a great get together of anons here with Q/team :)

It would need to be a full weekend. Lots of stories to tell.

cd50aa No.1151989


That was in reference to Flynn's exoneration. Could happen.

8a9914 No.1151990

File: b700f27895361b2⋯.jpg (80.29 KB, 287x475, 287:475, 751568-1.jpg)

d216de No.1151991


That would be quite dramatic.

fd7961 No.1151992



>"We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow." - DJT

6965ea No.1151993

File: d89bc2d8e80713d⋯.jpg (93.38 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 385565_2178401359983_19091….jpg)

A shill for justice? Sure. I am.

Sorry for wasting .2% of the thread with a MEME that needs to gain notoriety among ANONS who are oblivious of Husseins and Hillary's crimes against HUMANITY outside of the USA

Not all Anons are 24/7 here. This meme gets propagation each time it is replicated in a thread.

Do you rather me waste posts battling shills unironically? I rather bring notoriety to one of the BIGGEST CRIMES they have committed AIDING A GENOCIDE.

Sorry for using your property. Would you rather them being not used?

If you made them for replication, would you rather sharing the rest of Fast and Furious I do not have? (I only have those 5).

As a Mexican I am the only Anon here feeling the repercussions of these crimes right on the flesh. I have had those AK pointing at my head a couple of times actually.

bee6c0 No.1151994


>that meme where niggers push salty garbage as "good food"

1b040b No.1151995

File: c1f11d6da4be063⋯.png (43.53 KB, 927x1500, 309:500, IMG_4949.PNG)

2e1f38 No.1151996


4 eyes = wears glasses

347048 No.1151997


More bigs will follow him and their peeps

93d062 No.1151998


2018 will be glorious.

c7ac95 No.1151999


I say we flood this asshole's twatter with Q memes.

3b3485 No.1152000

File: cee8eb574fb46eb⋯.gif (631.35 KB, 300x232, 75:58, VQv50cY.gif)



A day before the MOAB drops! Clutch as fuck. It's the final countdown!

34a332 No.1152001


27th or 28th depending on time zone

b7e357 No.1152002



You need to look at


Graphite bomb BLU-114/B.

A graphite bomb (also known as the "Blackout Bomb" or the "Soft Bomb") is a non-lethal weapon used to disable electrical power systems. Graphite bombs work by spreading a cloud of extremely fine, chemically treated carbon filaments over electrical components, causing a short-circuit and a disruption of the electrical supply. The filaments are only a few hundredths of an inch thick and can float in the air like a dense cloud. The weapon is sometimes referred to as a "soft bomb", since its effects are largely confined to the targeted electrical power facility, with minimal risk of collateral damage. Graphite bombs only work on power lines that are not insulated.

The graphite bomb was first used against Iraq in the Gulf War (1990–1991), knocking out 85% of the electrical supply. Similarly, the BLU-114/B "Soft-Bomb" graphite bomb was used by NATO against Serbia in May 1999, disabling 70% of that country's power grid.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphite_bomb

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=QY904Uj859g

8993d8 No.1152003


Nothing showing on Public Flight Radar, so it is probably blocked with no transponder

468e00 No.1152004

File: 0888aaa3a0c0e2e⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 612x412, 153:103, podborl6.jpg)


His "wife" is a dude.

2b1546 No.1152005


When Q said the memos were fake, I took it as fake in the sense that they were not written as each event occurred. Rather, the were conjured up by several people (LL, etal) after the fact.

Just my thoughts if anyone cares.

347048 No.1152006


Gets my vote

71478c No.1152007

File: beb45163f355271⋯.png (1.25 MB, 2488x1223, 2488:1223, DCLeaksimage.png)

File: 0d021b12f527171⋯.png (222.17 KB, 640x1057, 640:1057, McCainFeingoldAct.png)

File: 485f8285886e80c⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 1600x2272, 50:71, SorosHackedDocs.jpg)

Found a Soros honeyhole, includes the DC Leaks docs discussed between 2-4 AM EDT today. Political message board out of Ireland.

Just look - this thing is huge and the more I read the more it freaked me out. Runs to 51 pages, haven't read it all yet.

http:// www.politics.ie/forum/current-affairs/250265-george-soros-open-society-foundation-what-do-they-do-dcleaks-pulls-back-curtain-14.html

Pic related is a sample from just one post

Explains everything about Soros, goes way in-depth into his philosophy for those into that, also lays out how he systematically insinuated himself & manipulated the whole fucking world to make ludicrous amount of money. He's a whole mental disorder of his own.

Oh, and this even brings out good buddy NoName into play. His fucking piece of legislation unlocked the door for this worldwide shitstorm.

3b3485 No.1152008


Big Pharma will not exist in the next few months. What a fucking time to be alive! WOW.

2909a8 No.1152009


Numbers of the ones digit: 0-9

This allows matching of Trump twats and Q drops to the ones digit.

Only ten positions possible in 0-9.

Don't know if this is what Q is looking for us to do, but that clock anon is one of the only anons to take a stab at it.

It's a start, at least.

dec258 No.1152010


Hmm this is strange

58b1ec No.1152011

File: f579f1ab7547703⋯.jpg (340.4 KB, 1318x730, 659:365, whowillitbe.jpg)

9a65ee No.1152012


Anyone could have been. And Curiously. that post was erased..

03133f No.1152013

>>1151987 the only aircraft you seen on ADSB are the ones the mil want u to see. they can turn off their transponders and go dark any time they want

6965ea No.1152014

File: bb36fdd2dc8307b⋯.jpg (70.63 KB, 600x427, 600:427, popckorn siriracha.jpg)



347048 No.1152015


Zero point

4f9857 No.1152016

WikiLeaks To Countersue Democrats; "Discovery Is Going To Be Amazing Fun"

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-22/wikileaks-countersue-democrats-discovery-going-be-amazing-fun

Apr 20 2018 12:43:14 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 5a1150 1116248

Answer Q re: SR.

SR June JA.


https:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/20/democratic-party-files-federal-lawsuit-alleging-conspiracy-by-trump-campaign-russia-wikileaks-to-disrupt-2016-presidential-election.html



32b343 No.1152017

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 59:

Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies

A Miktam of David, when Saul sent men to watch his house in order to kill him.

59 Deliver me from my enemies, O my God,

protect me from those who rise up against me,

2 deliver me from those who work evil,

and save me from bloodthirsty men.

3 For lo, they lie in wait for my life;

fierce men band themselves against me.

For no transgression or sin of mine, O Lord,

4 for no fault of mine, they run and make ready.

Rouse thyself, come to my help, and see!

5 Thou, Lord God of hosts, art God of Israel.

Awake to punish all the nations;

spare none of those who treacherously plot evil. Selah

6 Each evening they come back,

howling like dogs

and prowling about the city.

7 There they are, bellowing with their mouths,

and snarling with their lips—

for “Who,” they think, “will hear us?”

8 But thou, O Lord, dost laugh at them;

thou dost hold all the nations in derision.

9 O my Strength, I will sing praises to thee;

for thou, O God, art my fortress.

10 My God in his steadfast love will meet me;

my God will let me look in triumph on my enemies.

11 Slay them not, lest my people forget;

make them totter by thy power, and bring them down,

O Lord, our shield!

12 For the sin of their mouths, the words of their lips,

let them be trapped in their pride.

For the cursing and lies which they utter,

13 consume them in wrath,

consume them till they are no more,

that men may know that God rules over Jacob

to the ends of the earth. Selah

14 Each evening they come back,

howling like dogs

and prowling about the city.

15 They roam about for food,

and growl if they do not get their fill.

16 But I will sing of thy might;

I will sing aloud of thy steadfast love in the morning.

For thou hast been to me a fortress

and a refuge in the day of my distress.

17 O my Strength, I will sing praises to thee,

for thou, O God, art my fortress,

the God who shows me steadfast love.

3b3485 No.1152018


As the world turns ;)

7074cd No.1152019

File: ad44648fb59821e⋯.png (54.67 KB, 639x258, 213:86, Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at ….png)


He was already dead [187] .

f0e51b No.1152020

Incoming on Hannity

So now you can’t own real estate if foreclosed?

http:// thehill.com/homenews/media/384366-hannity-hud-shell-companies-report

3e291a No.1152021


"Done in 30" means that it could be anytime before "30" occurs. It could be done in 23, and it would still be done in 30.

f3288d No.1152022






can you get a link to the docs???

8af6cd No.1152023



1acde8 No.1152024


Everything we rely on, including food, fuel, energy and pharmaceuticals, relies on electronic technology. Our population densities are in large cities which rely on trucks to bring them the necessities of life. Many places like NYC don't even have kitchens/pantries with enough food and water to last a week, even if they planned for this sort of thing.

fd7961 No.1152025


We're on the literal precipice of this shit and I keep telling my friend, kept him updated on the whole thing as it progressed, he still can't see it. Some people are in for a rude awakening. On many fronts.

03133f No.1152026


tits or GTFO

5b6e3d No.1152027

can you guys help me out? military parade on 11/11

why 11/11?

2a3e03 No.1152028


Yes, I know. Michael likes to wear dresses .kek

4fbd26 No.1152029



34a332 No.1152030


These are the days of our lives.

2909a8 No.1152031


He askeered.

Tommy Arnold no do so good in the big house.

New roomies Big Bubba and Tyrone the Human Tripod are waiting for Tommy.

3b3485 No.1152032


>Zero point

I'm too ready. This is just too many happenings before the real happenings. Lord have mercy. DWP are going to get fuuuuucked.

5b4e8f No.1152033


Does Anon remember consequential vs consensual?

Direct proof for Q.

c3db0a No.1152034


It is frustrating for us that lack patience. I try to remember that she could have won and look where we would be now. Good people die. It's an evil world and has been for centuries. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

e796b6 No.1152035

Dec 18 2017 23:58:04 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 82d434 121559


Clock started - 10 days.


Jan 6 2018 15:52:55 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: c9daa0 7958




Think clock.

Wind the clock w/ all markers.


Future proves past.


Jan 7 2018 23:01:24 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f946c4 21439


Do you understand what just occurred?

POTUS Tweets [15 min] between.

POTUS missing "Q" in select word.


POTUS mods Tweets [1 min] between.

POTUS adds "Q" in select word.

This was not meant to signify AUTH / established.

This is to train you how to understand the correlation between posts and Tweets.

Future proves past.

Wind the CLOCK.


Feel privileged - POTUS just spoke to this board [P_pers]

We serve at the pleasure of the President.


Jan 19 2018 17:26:08 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo 45

Counter-narrative went out @ 4am to MSM contractors [like clockwork].

Russian bots.

These people are REALLY REALLY STUPID.



When does a bird sing?

NOBODY is safe.


MSM contractors #Goodbye#

Fight, Fight, Fight.


Jan 27 2018 13:09:33 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo 70


The clock is ticking.

How's Russia?

[Mr. Contractor]

Freedom of the Press.

John Perry Barlow.

https:// freedom.press

SecureDrop [Whistleblowers]?

SecureDrop>Clowns In America.



Feb 18 2018 21:11:55 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo 107




Mar 23 2018 12:14:06 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 461

Clock activated.





Apr 21 2018 14:15:51 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: b7a0ab 1133464


Fire up those Memes!

Please stand by.

On the clock.

Ready to play?

MOAB incoming.


3015f6 No.1152036


Armistice Day

9a65ee No.1152037



e73229 No.1152038


100 years after WW1

883344 No.1152039



the beginning of one's awakening.

they start seeing 11:11 all the time.

a32920 No.1152040


I have posted meme's against all of these groups, none of them have called of violence. The left will send in their Islamic radicals to smear us. It is what it is, the left is a hateful ideology of projectionist. The West is awake they will not fall for bullshit anymore. If I were and elite, I would hide.

784747 No.1152041



d74f5c No.1152042

File: db5e190c2c5a419⋯.jpg (101.38 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DUxlSooX0AAAq7G.jpg)

soooo many promises

dec258 No.1152043


Kek good one anon

fef576 No.1152044


(Couple breads back)

Remember Q said, they have private accounts and communicate burner phone numbers through their tweets. We need to find those private accounts and decode those tweets, get their numbers and spook them. kek

bb7022 No.1152045



It’s filled in going forward. When Q activates the clock, we start from the top and spiral in.

I think we may be on or around the 45 delta February 19th.

Counted forward from clock activated on March 23rd, and spiraled in by day going forward.

Decent theory is we’re 4 levels down on the center top of this web.

What was posted on the Feb 19th day with this delta? Phone fag can’t search dates easily.

55a0c9 No.1152046


marina abramovic art

468e00 No.1152047

File: f389ad285ce35fb⋯.jpg (26.14 KB, 500x479, 500:479, 810361d93bc959b19aee5d80be….jpg)

623b00 No.1152048

File: 0ac8c76eb37849f⋯.png (333.29 KB, 1195x540, 239:108, MEME TATICS.png)

93d062 No.1152049


yes, the weiner lap top won't come out until after Mueller orders a raid on Rudy Guiliani's office.

883344 No.1152050

File: b55f4291b41fbe2⋯.jpg (49.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Juul-Black-Basic-Kit-2.jpg)

d862de No.1152051

File: bc46c3012880a9a⋯.jpg (251.53 KB, 710x881, 710:881, 28e3b4cc8559a0c5b3ee94bb58….jpg)



Also remember….disinformation is KEY AS WELL….look at the DNC lawsuit….RUSSIA BEHIND DATA BREACH….well, wouldn't that be something IF EXHIBIT ONE was the only PERSON who could DEFINITIVELY SAY THIS IS FALSE….

JA has staked WL reputation on fact that a SOURCE would never be revealed…

SR may have been hidden "under the radar" UNTIL THE DNC MADE THE MOVE IN COURT!!!!

For me, the CRYPTIC MESSAGE from the other day NAILED IT in terms of the real possibility of him BEING ALIVE.

06b2fa No.1152052



That's a different show.

Besides, it's

"Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives."

6dec0b No.1152053


thats why i laugh when i look at the county vote map. red supplies them. and they are surrounded.

c15eb2 No.1152054


Roseanne's gonna love seeing his ass fry KEk

623b00 No.1152055


111 anon cmon

5b6e3d No.1152056


thats me for the past year…

now also seeing visions!!!

c44e1c No.1152057


At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 WW1ended

682af0 No.1152058


gookanon what's the status on worst korea about Qanon. Anyone really paying attention over there?

7074cd No.1152060

212563 No.1152061


Weaponized autists that figured shit out. 111 days future proves past.

2909a8 No.1152062


>Correct me if I'm wrong but Friday 27 April will be 30???


But don't discount the possibility of misinformation/disinformation.

BTW, I hope it's not done in 30 days.

It's just getting good … just look at the fear and desperation of the leftards/msm.

I'd miss this shit if it ended in a week …

34a332 No.1152063


O7 anon

6a5f55 No.1152064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Because HE is the ONE

3b3485 No.1152065


That means that 111 weekdays from Oct 30, 2017 would be April 3, 2018.


883344 No.1152066

File: 1863bcfadd6b8a8⋯.jpg (124.79 KB, 768x512, 3:2, picture-of-hindu-gods-gane….jpg)



Good ones?

I had a dream I bet with some sort of council last night…


But always positive.

Sometimes I have visions I'm like dancing with this crew..

cd50aa No.1152067

File: b82d157f45dcdf3⋯.png (60.49 KB, 510x332, 255:166, b82d157f45dcdf388632345f32….png)


I always remembered it as "these are the days of our lives."

…Fuckin' Mandela Effect.

c9018c No.1152068


Haha agreed.

It's been awesome to go through this with my fellow anons/Patriots.

I wish there was a way we could safely meet up in person.

Who knows though. Maybe once this is over, we won't have to fear those type of things.

37c29d No.1152069


It's not anons, it's davy brocks 7 dollar an hour bastard children…

bb7022 No.1152070


I think we may have multiple clocks running simultaneously. Markers. Q said those were the signatures. Each signature is a clock, some completed, wound, and activated and some still outstanding?

55a0c9 No.1152071


think chess, when the clock is activated, whose turn.. whose move..

0b04eb No.1152072

File: 9bccc82fd088602⋯.png (173.05 KB, 1361x1093, 1361:1093, jfk-release-soon.png)

stage is set for


on Thursday 26th

50450c No.1152073

File: a0a92315ce60375⋯.png (95.98 KB, 1880x603, 1880:603, Brave_2018-04-22_23-13-44.png)

Is this the same Sarah Nixon?

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/58988

Knowing how Pedosta writes his movie ideas, this is probably not a movie.

3e291a No.1152074


I downloaded them yesterday. Several audio files included. It was over 500 Megs, if I remember correctly. Where could I archive a zip file?

883344 No.1152075




468e00 No.1152076

File: ef4d6878f8486bf⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 615x579, 205:193, trust-the-plan.jpg)

edbf9d No.1152077

File: 5622608c2db1ca1⋯.jpg (82.39 KB, 403x780, 31:60, nasim-censorship-1.jpg)


>>the beginning of one's awakening.


Nasim confirms.

8993d8 No.1152078

Initials S.K. on Lolita Express

S.K. = Stephen King?

I remember on twitter, there were small news reports of Trump banning Stephen King from his twitter and vice versa…

06b2fa No.1152079


11:00 Nov 11 1918 = End of WW1 = Veteran's Day = 100th anniversary this year.

62446a No.1152080


Great job Anon.

7366fb No.1152081


Has anybody validated the original of this pic? It looks…….fake. Laura looks scared, Slick Willy looks stoned (the only real smile) ever one else looks very angry. GHW looks too disheveled to be a pic of a former President. His tie, to the right may be a signal. This is NOT a distinguished photograph and considering how many SS agents and publicists etc are out of the picture, I don't believe they would let this pic get out. He almost looks like Hawkings… I think he already dead. CGI Bush????

967510 No.1152082


Never gets old.

f8d252 No.1152083

File: 11aa00cc4f36e32⋯.png (723.77 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Except the 4th word isn't "Tesla"; it's "my."

So your decoded message reads "my I'm the."

883344 No.1152084

File: b55f4291b41fbe2⋯.jpg (49.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Juul-Black-Basic-Kit-2.jpg)



bb7022 No.1152085


That clock is over the fucking target!

5b6e3d No.1152086







lots of good answers, so we dont really know then?

11Hr 11D 11M good for me!

464a03 No.1152087

Hey Mr. West,

I heard you then. We hear you now. I understood then but understand much more now. Many more will understand you too.

God Bless.

(Parts from video.)

Black men have been slaves. Obama had to be perfect.

Being perfect don’t always change shit bro.

This is a moment in the matrix bro. They vibes is back.

I’m not trying to be the man. I’m just a man.

It’s a new world Hillary.

It’s a new world Barak.

It’s a new world Jay-z.

Don’t send killers at my head.

The show is over.



513231 No.1152088


Yes. This is a thing.

Also 'strings' of conductive wires.

But to me personally it does not affect me.

I am 100%off grid.

Internet would go down, that's as hard as I would feel it.

My house is lightning proof, and shielded from EMI and microwave (metal structure with wiring all inside conduit that are external to building.

Solar panels are thinfilm atop metal backing, suppressed to building frame.

(I too, expected her to win )

e73229 No.1152089


Yes Sea of Hope(starring Maggie Nixon) was with Sylvia Earl

f9fb6e No.1152090

fac9b1 No.1152091


President John Adams is my ancestor.

f3288d No.1152092


was it from here: https:// fdik.org/soros.dcleaks.com/ ???

and I'm not sure how big is the file?


93d062 No.1152093


That's how I read it too.

5485ac No.1152094

File: 69635cf75d79c92⋯.png (4.09 MB, 5320x5840, 133:146, 12-23-17_mirror_connection….png)


Think Mirror graphic still undisputed by events. Updated NK proofs.

f21b6a No.1152095


you didn't see the last thing he said about SR

9a65ee No.1152096

c3db0a No.1152097



Maybe when it's all over, we won't have to fear doxing ourselves.

f34497 No.1152098

File: 53a197d3954b3ca⋯.jpeg (110.39 KB, 1024x1021, 1024:1021, 9EB543AA-73D1-4664-AB34-D….jpeg)

AJ said cabal is planning to Teichstag themselves with FFs, then push the narrative that liberty movement is aligned with ISIS.

They even made a stupid poster, KEK.

http:// thegatewaypundit.com/2018/04/isis-threatens-satanic-cnn-and-american-media-in-poster-campaign/

3b3485 No.1152099



I've been seeing it too. Every day for months. Are we being called or something?! What's happening?


I finally started remembering my dreams. Clarity for sure.



03133f No.1152100


"…and these are the days of our lives" was the intro. days of our lives was the title

ee7dd5 No.1152101


My suspicion on this - based on the 5 eyes context and our understanding of how the arrangement enabled all to spy on their own people by proxy - is that the partnership is also used to control elections in the same way.

The seemingly superfluous support/vote phrasing suggests that who you support and who you vote for may be different. How could I vote for a leftist? If my vote is intercepted and changed with help from one of the 4 foreign eyes.

605693 No.1152102


Jay Z took the nose dive after he met her.

Or they were asked to marry.


By the way fuck you. What lie am I spreading? Do you know for a fact she didnt?


Is this twitter where you have to use a ? to avoid being sued?

04a59b No.1152103


This is so not helpful. Go fuck yourself.

682af0 No.1152104

File: 2838a380214f75f⋯.gif (348.21 KB, 350x233, 350:233, trumpback.gif)

3b3485 No.1152105


What's this?

2c6b7c No.1152106

File: 06edbc7da59f3d9⋯.jpg (160.14 KB, 1859x3068, 143:236, 1ADJViedeoBoom.jpg)

883344 No.1152107



They're fucking weird.


I could really use a blowjob !


40f39d No.1152108


Chopper over Clinton's is gone - was there about an hour - I have a video but don't know how to post - it's just a snap with a blinking light, a chopper sound, and some txt I put below (which I can take off since it's in snap memories)

How do I post a video? gave me an error with .mov


3e291a No.1152109


I like that… a chess clock. Game starts by activating white's clock, then white stops his clock

while starting black's clock. It could mean that they have made a move and are awaiting a counter-


02dc7c No.1152110


Correct. Q said they were written at the same time.

e796b6 No.1152111


I hate this picture. It looks like he is pooping.

513231 No.1152112


I had to make sure that was not my wife in that pic!

Her "accessories" look familiar…

b287d8 No.1152113

File: 2236091d3fd13ec⋯.png (912.18 KB, 2340x1656, 65:46, skyevent1a.png)

883344 No.1152114



We are the 144k

0293b4 No.1152115

Q…the alcatel phone which sits on your desk that connects you with your joint chiefs of staff is not secure…….just fyi

https:// youtu.be/yvWZ3NlvGzM

06b2fa No.1152116

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




You just remember it incorrectly.

<In '65

And later on;

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=98T3PVaRrHU

1acde8 No.1152117

f92d60 No.1152118

File: 08082a029e31f44⋯.jpg (542.62 KB, 1080x1705, 216:341, Screenshot_20180422-201658.jpg)

File: 231ad2465a3c766⋯.jpg (665.7 KB, 1080x1736, 135:217, Screenshot_20180422-201649.jpg)

File: 53f4486c019f2cd⋯.jpg (113.21 KB, 540x928, 135:232, Comb21042018111436.jpg)

File: df5cbb7169de007⋯.jpg (84.51 KB, 540x708, 45:59, Comb21042018111525.jpg)

File: 495a7f19bdb3828⋯.jpg (579.1 KB, 1080x1172, 270:293, Screenshot_20180421-231013.jpg)


Anyone want to Submit a 1984 Theme to Defcon 2018? … there hip w/ Satan & all..

91da06 No.1152119


Yep. Yours is what I remember

37c29d No.1152120


It's the Pelicanfag, or AIMFag, or SESFag. Same MO, seems something catches their attention and they spam it every bread; could be a bot who knows for certain.

f34497 No.1152121


*Reichstag, my bad.

40f39d No.1152122


Chappaqua, NY - gone now - was there about an hour

5b6e3d No.1152123



Mushroom cloud visions

not dreams, i am awake

b04f3c No.1152124


A start indeed. I avoid this clock and calendar stuff like the plague, but my head is swimming with potential ideas now.

Who needs sleep. So overrated.

8af6cd No.1152125



Apr 21 2018 14:15:51 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: b7a0ab 1133464


Fire up those Memes!

Please stand by.

On the clock.

Ready to play?

MOAB incoming.


So is this telling us to be ready for May 1, 2 & 3? Because its (((on the clock)))

it counts down 16 day then 14 then 12 days, is there a reason habbenings habben 2 less days between each other?

967510 No.1152126


I pray.

883344 No.1152127


The MAC of ECIGs..

Not one of those lame I PUFF CLOUDS BRO, but to stop smoking.

It's really great. It works. And is super high tech.

0293b4 No.1152128


http:// themillenniumreport.com/2018/04/how-ses-serco-opic-do-the-dirty-work-of-the-shadow-government/

0c9f76 No.1152129

On this day in History

1915 1st military use of poison gas (chlorine, by Germany) in WW I

1993 Holocaust Memorial Museum dedicated in Washington D.C.

1994 7,000 Tutsi's slaughtered by Hutu in the stadium at Kibuye, Rwanda

2006 243 people are injured in pro-democracy protest in Nepal after Nepali security forces open fire on protesters against King Gyanendra.

2016 Paris Agreement on climate change signed in New York binding 195 nations to an increase in the global average temperature to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5°C

More than $3.3 million is stolen from the First National Bank of Arizona in Tucson in the then largest US bank robbery in history

On April 22, 1981

296 St Gaius ends his reign as Catholic Pope

536 St. Agapetus I ends his reign as Catholic Pope

70182f No.1152130

>>1151206 (last bread)

good question. I would put a bet on HRC and CF because the post that made by Q about MOAB included Haiti.

4f9857 No.1152131


Legion of lost light, now found.

Dailed in anons can’t be stopped!

347048 No.1152132


Baker Notable

1a7751 No.1152133

File: 7aba4d1c29b449b⋯.png (356.96 KB, 646x705, 646:705, Fitton re Guardian Hannity….PNG)

Michael Cohen case shines light on Sean Hannity's property empire


8993d8 No.1152134


It might be Medical

f46542 No.1152135

File: 05d84d6b2cb7718⋯.png (10.66 KB, 846x132, 141:22, 1085327.PNG)

>>1151352 (last bread)

See Bread #1354




8066b5 No.1152136

File: 7772dd92cdeb2aa⋯.jpg (24.61 KB, 498x305, 498:305, s7dfg6s7d8f9g6sd78f9g6sdf7….jpg)


I leave near the coast - don't care to say where, but here the power company has to come and regularly wash off the INSULATED power lines. One time they didn't and I could see all sorts of colors in the night sky. Salt buildup caused one line to arc down to the other and set a pole on fire. Everyone where I live was without power until about 9am the next morning.

9a65ee No.1152137


Do you have Twatter?

ec794a No.1152138

883344 No.1152139






Like blurry meetings and stuff above you in a bubble?

fe6228 No.1152140


Filter by name

8993d8 No.1152141

File: 37c894120c0f345⋯.png (615.3 KB, 1349x465, 1349:465, medical.png)

3b3485 No.1152142


>We are the 144k

144k what?! What do you mean?! Reincarnate?! I'm freaking out, lad. SPELL IT OUT FOR ME!


>Legion of lost light

What do you mean? Anons, I'm freaking the hell out.

3e0cc1 No.1152143


Oldfag here


This need to move to the next bread

347048 No.1152144


She probably deserves a Q card by now

ebd936 No.1152145

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVT-8tUfiE


11c688 No.1152146


Dang heart attacks. Saw another post about SK and friend both dying, but didn't know when.

3e291a No.1152147


Yes, but there were only about 1300 files. The articles said something like 2500 files. I had to grab

them one-by-one, then change their extensions to match the file type. Took a couple of hours or

so to finish it. That's why I wanted to upload a zip file, so other anons wouldn't have to waste

so much time grabbing them.

5b6e3d No.1152148


So speaking to friends they are alos seeing 11:11

i am also now seeing




where does it come from?

b287d8 No.1152149


I seem to remember both.

Wasn't there a 3 second commercial interruption that just said "and these are the days of our lives"

8993d8 No.1152150


Good Evening

God Bless

a10490 No.1152151


How brilliant was this guy to cast Cruise (belongs to cult) & Kidman (birthed into a cult) in a film. Eyes Wide Shut. about a cult.

464a03 No.1152152


Not seen anyone else say what I was thinking in relation to this. Wow…thank you anon.

0c9f76 No.1152153


1864 US mints 2 cent coin (1st appearance of "In God We Trust")

60e89b No.1152154



Wha up Q?

0293b4 No.1152155


https:// youtu.be/yvWZ3NlvGzM

784747 No.1152156

File: 809684bd0128dd8⋯.png (354.27 KB, 1262x709, 1262:709, ClipboardImage.png)

883344 No.1152157



We are together.

We are strong.

We are the 144k.

They are so weak.

It's pathetic.

5:5 - only positive timelines remain for us.

04a59b No.1152158


click it.

f3288d No.1152159


On standby, awaiting target(s) Q

dd9203 No.1152160


He just doxxed Q.

I'm reading about this guy…I think he's right.

c3db0a No.1152161


Maybe she was arrested and we didn't know it. We know she was offered a deal , at first but declined. Then she asked for a deal at a later date that was refused.

Moves and counter moves do not always fall within a specific time period. Maybe she has ben allowed to remain free to put more nails in their coffins. Shit, look at what the DNC just did. Hard to believe they are THAT stupid.

4f9857 No.1152162


The enlightened souls sent to Earth to lead the way home for the rest.

In revelations they are marked with the sign of God and taken up into heaven to be spared the Tribulation.

513231 No.1152163


Hi Q. Good evening behind the door!

967510 No.1152164


We. Are. Q.


06b2fa No.1152165


A lifeflight would hang around for an hour.

It defeats the whole purpose of getting a medical emergency to hospital ASAP.

7e2b83 No.1152166

File: d063a6dea494f52⋯.jpg (62.38 KB, 1200x776, 150:97, verne_troyer_mz3nio.jpg)

two for flinching

58b1ec No.1152167

>>1151795 5:5

'Smoke um' out

50450c No.1152168


Good time for inspiration.

e73229 No.1152169


Yes sir

883344 No.1152170



We do not know much more.

We just know that we are.

43c1c4 No.1152171


144 k make to mountain when Christ returns

f46542 No.1152172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q's link embedded.

3b3485 No.1152173


I don't smoke cigs. Stop smoking cannabis months ago to look for work and still can't find a job. KEK. Are these good to start smoking?

03133f No.1152174

File: b06c03eb144e4a4⋯.png (108.79 KB, 247x255, 247:255, aa49d4ccab171ac989fb6d6b48….png)


"like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives". with the title days of our live. like i said. quit wastin my fukin time. mandella effect is dumber than flat earth. if history can be changed like that, hillary woulda been made pres the day after trumps innaugaration and we would all remember it like she was actually elected. but no, such supreme power to fuck with a shaq movie and a shitty fuckin soap opera

f0d81e No.1152175

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Lolita was an expose of Pedophilia. See documentary, they weren't exactly subtle in those days. There is a scene in the recent movie 'The Shape of Water' that shows Shirley Temple dancing with Bojangles.

5b6e3d No.1152176



Are visions of the future to be expected?

stared last week for me?

f92d60 No.1152177

File: b1c5cd27074f14f⋯.jpg (264.44 KB, 1080x955, 216:191, Screenshot_20180422-202408.jpg)

3e291a No.1152178


Q, are the Soros files recently talked about here worth examining?


883344 No.1152179


It's happening.

2a3e03 No.1152180


Good evening Boss. Hope you're ready for the MOAB, Anons standing by! We got you Q. WWG1WGA

03133f No.1152181


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98T3PVaRrHU

62446a No.1152182


"Surrender" message to deep state

883344 No.1152183

f9fb6e No.1152184



593722 No.1152185


They came so close.

They tried so hard.

But they couldn't break AMERICA'S SPIRIT.

a40249 No.1152186



Riding dirty on the telephone, eh? Be safe.

0b04eb No.1152187

File: b69eb6d6e91d0a8⋯.png (422.97 KB, 588x392, 3:2, jfk.png)



fe6228 No.1152188

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



06b2fa No.1152189


Convert online to mp4 and embed.


8993d8 No.1152190

Never live on your knees vs dying on your feet..

Never Accommodate!

b16c5f No.1152192


Thank You Q

347048 No.1152193


That would be diabolical and I wouldn't put it past them. They're not going to pull it off in 18. Q said so.

bee581 No.1152194

We Must Fight

Did I miss any notables?


>>1151724 When Rome ended

>>1151739, >>1151785 More pizza related instagram accounts

>>1151780, >>1152002 EMPs & Graphite Bombs

>>1151889, >>1151931, >>1151933 What date was "Mark the clock"?

>>1151905 Wendy Infographic

>>1151923 Military aircraft activity around Clinton Chappaqua residence.

>>1151945 Friends on Facebook

>>1152007 Found a Soros honeyhole

>>1152072 Stage is set for JFK release

8066b5 No.1152195

File: 6fd0cb5a4a079be⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 6fd0cb5a4a079be54c4bfa3eb3….jpg)


The clowns are terrified and they KNOW Sean is the real deal. Cowards. Hope they all die a coward's death.

123e1e No.1152196


Dubs confirm. Us honkeyfags indeed have the most bland food. I'd much rather eat niggafag food anyday… and that's coming from a crackeranon. Our foods kinda match the personalities, if I were to make a sweeping generalization… we can all be honest about ourselves. It's the chan. We all one race, human race. I love my colorfulfag brothers and sisters.

8af6cd No.1152197

File: 2f5f3f1584ef1c9⋯.png (2.53 KB, 310x163, 310:163, a7ffb193423f0a5573ceeefe7c….png)



God bless America.

05bd05 No.1152198


Stop being a slave, we are all equal anon!


9a65ee No.1152199


The World is changing. maybe it's for the ascension to the 4D/5D..

d1f9dd No.1152200

File: 970011288aba24f⋯.png (645.11 KB, 699x469, 699:469, WassermanKilledSethRich3.png)

883344 No.1152201




Is that real Q.


fcdfb4 No.1152202

File: 6ee3611438af635⋯.jpg (165.05 KB, 1114x1152, 557:576, _20180422_232358.JPG)

File: 5737fc61cc4db69⋯.jpg (172.17 KB, 1121x1156, 1121:1156, _20180422_232334.JPG)

File: 7b0fa12f20c1848⋯.jpg (164.53 KB, 1145x1158, 1145:1158, _20180422_232300.JPG)


62446a No.1152203


(((They))) are shitting bricks.

b5b2c3 No.1152204


>Posted Nov 17 , 2013

dec258 No.1152205

06b2fa No.1152206


You said "AND" >>1152100

0293b4 No.1152207

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

883344 No.1152208


I don't think the ascension will be a new body.

I think it just means there will be new tech, life will be glorious, and there will finally be harmony.

327d85 No.1152209

File: bbe689815a2e01f⋯.jpg (68.7 KB, 563x648, 563:648, If Trump Wins Nooses.jpg)

https:// web.archive.org/web/*/harvardmuslimalumni.org/*

As requested

e513ee No.1152211

File: 0ad10e28001f6a6⋯.png (1.23 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 0ad10e28001f6a634e0ba35bdd….png)

f3288d No.1152212

http:// www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/ronaldreaganatimeforchoosing.htm


Now let's set the record straight. There's no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there's only one guaranteed way you can have peace – and you can have it in the next second – surrender.

Admittedly, there's a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson of history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face – that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and it gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand – the ultimatum. And what then – when Nikita Khrushchev has told his people he knows what our answer will be? He has told them that we're retreating under the pressure of the Cold War, and someday when the time comes to deliver the final ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary, because by that time we will have been weakened from within spiritually, morally, and economically. He believes this because from our side he's heard voices pleading for "peace at any price" or "better Red than dead," or as one commentator put it, he'd rather "live on his knees than die on his feet." And therein lies the road to war, because those voices don't speak for the rest of us.

You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for, when did this begin – just in the face of this enemy? Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard 'round the world? The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn't die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well it's a simple answer after all.

You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, "There is a price we will not pay." "There is a point beyond which they must not advance." And this – this is the meaning in the phrase of Barry Goldwater's "peace through strength." Winston Churchill said, "The destiny of man is not measured by material computations. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we're spirits – not animals." And he said, "There's something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty."

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.

We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.

We will keep in mind and remember that Barry Goldwater has faith in us. He has faith that you and I have the ability and the dignity and the right to make our own decisions and determine our own destiny.

Thank you very much.

347048 No.1152213


Divisionfags are shills. You'll get use to it or have a hard time around here

8af6cd No.1152214

File: 13752ea9371e7d9⋯.jpg (158.06 KB, 962x641, 962:641, 13752ea9371e7d9522624f9715….jpg)




430a2c No.1152215


It is Veteran's Day! This should have been done years ago, not only to honor their sacrifices for us but as a matter of patriotism for every citizen of this country.

18025b No.1152216


Well if that isn't a reminder of our task, I don't know what is

7366fb No.1152217



We will fight to the end, God bless Q, God bless POTUS God bless the Anons and God bless the whole world!!

468e00 No.1152218

File: 72770ef33dbd40d⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 500x667, 500:667, podborkl.jpg)


Well said, anon. I'm on board with you all. WWG1WGA

883344 No.1152219



513231 No.1152220


Q, Did Potus plan with Regan?

(that would be cool as hell right!)

c15eb2 No.1152221

File: d596e8a2aab5559⋯.png (108.67 KB, 849x475, 849:475, Reagan.png)

06b2fa No.1152222


It's always been "…So are the days…"

0b04eb No.1152223

File: 333501976292ede⋯.png (13.06 KB, 1262x89, 1262:89, Q4-22-232232.png)


mirrored time stamp again

649358 No.1152224

File: 5a9c4839a872450⋯.jpg (206.22 KB, 709x886, 709:886, surprisewitness.JPG)


Chicken wang

f9fb6e No.1152225



3015f6 No.1152226


Tornado outbreak of November 17, 2013

883344 No.1152227




I would guess this has been a covert mission starting with JFK. Then Regan.


4f9857 No.1152228


Lies and deceit require 10X’s the energy than the truth.

They’ve easily put in that much, but Light shatters darkness.

Their lines are breached, the enemy is pouring in and our re-enforcements are just arriving over the horizen.

They are being routed, and will soon fall to their faces wailing and begging for mercy, but we shall give them no quarter.

06b2fa No.1152229



2a3e03 No.1152230


I'm no slave Anon. Nobody forced me to be here amongst my brother and sister Anons . BOSS is a form of endearment for Q. Love him ( no homo)

c44e1c No.1152231


Q today I am emotional as is coming from my cousins wake. Now you hit me in the feels with this CMON MAN! WWG1WGA WITH TEARS IN MY EYES! SEMPER FIDELIS! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

72375e No.1152232


One argument for Regan on that one. Americans most certainly have rebellion in their blood against forces that would oppress. We just have to pass forth the knowledge of effective and just rebellions as opposed to becoming the oppressors ourselves. God Bless.

Kek, my ancestors were at the Tea Party and abolitionists. We were the OG protesters who actually knew right from wrong.

62446a No.1152233


wonder if the fag who heard a helicopter near Clinton house earlier is on to something.

4617eb No.1152234



32b343 No.1152235

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 60:

Prayer for National Victory after Defeat

A Miktam of David; for instruction; when he strove with Aram-naharaim and with Aram-zobah, and when Joab on his return killed twelve thousand of Edom in the Valley of Salt.

60 O God, thou hast rejected us, broken our defenses;

thou hast been angry; oh, restore us.

2 Thou hast made the land to quake, thou hast rent it open;

repair its breaches, for it totters.

3 Thou hast made thy people suffer hard things;

thou hast given us wine to drink that made us reel.

4 Thou hast set up a banner for those who fear thee,

to rally to it from the bow. Selah

5 That thy beloved may be delivered,

give victory by thy right hand and answer us!

6 God has spoken in his sanctuary:

“With exultation I will divide up Shechem

and portion out the Vale of Succoth.

7 Gilead is mine; Manas′seh is mine;

E′phraim is my helmet;

Judah is my scepter.

8 Moab is my washbasin;

upon Edom I cast my shoe;

over Philistia I shout in triumph.”

9 Who will bring me to the fortified city?

Who will lead me to Edom?

10 Hast thou not rejected us, O God?

Thou dost not go forth, O God, with our armies.

11 O grant us help against the foe,

for vain is the help of man!

12 With God we shall do valiantly;

it is he who will tread down our foes.

6965ea No.1152236

File: 4619fd67b9dd249⋯.gif (2 MB, 251x450, 251:450, Gomez_popcorn.gif)



d954d1 No.1152237

File: 257b2682e7740b9⋯.png (203.97 KB, 1014x525, 338:175, We Must Fight President ….png)


That got me fired up.

327d85 No.1152238

File: e8b35c22e4add5d⋯.jpeg (80.14 KB, 500x700, 5:7, Trump and Melania 98.jpeg)

Donny looking like a boss. Get em Q

50450c No.1152239


Well, for one thing its the first sunday after election day. Most people will be able to attend.

883344 No.1152240





91da06 No.1152241

File: e2c86652b4f96d6⋯.png (89.21 KB, 586x391, 586:391, e2c86652b4f96d6d7df623fe86….png)

c3db0a No.1152242


Excellent vid, Q.

Pay attention CLOWNS!

386251 No.1152243



Is Kanye working with POTUS to help wake up the black population?

741eb9 No.1152244




9a65ee No.1152245


With the body is enough for this dimension. just lack to unlock our psychic abilities and mental capacity (More of +4)

The DNA is key in this..

691057 No.1152246


Right on

Drop the MOAB

34a332 No.1152247


Make the other bastard die for his country.

We will live for ours.

3b3485 No.1152248


>The enlightened souls sent to Earth to lead the way home for the rest.

>In revelations they are marked with the sign of God and taken up into heaven to be spared the Tribulation.

NOW it's starting to make sense. This is why I've turned to vices to numb the pain. The pain of knowing. How can I be spared after all the things I've done? What's the mark of God?


Lads, is this it? What's "heaven"? I'm scared beyond belief.

5b6e3d No.1152249


what does the message mean?

3e291a No.1152250

Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator

Bill Clinton: The Great Prevaricator

Hussein Obama: The Great Instigator

Donald J. Trump: The Great Liberator

d862de No.1152251


Yes indeed. Wonder why? HA!

883344 No.1152252



ec794a No.1152253



3d82d6 No.1152254


Wow….LOVE our MILITARY!!! God Bless us all, and God Bless those fighting the GOOD fight!!

b287d8 No.1152255


digits confirm!

0293b4 No.1152256



>Q…the alcatel phone which sits on your desk that connects you with your joint chiefs of staff is not secure…….just fyi

>https:// youtu.be/yvWZ3NlvGzM

ab4aa9 No.1152257

File: 2e961adc676dda9⋯.jpg (114.77 KB, 700x625, 28:25, symbolismtrump.jpg)

40f39d No.1152258


Q any intel on this military chopper that was hovering the Clinton Chappaqua residence for an hour tonight?! Never seen this before and I've been in this area a long dang time.

4f9857 No.1152259



All you anons are so damn GLORIOUS!

8066b5 No.1152260

File: 124fc92952cfeea⋯.png (201.42 KB, 398x403, 398:403, fa9d8sf7sd89f7ds8f9s7df89d….png)

File: 6e3cf41cc1016d3⋯.jpg (227.54 KB, 1094x708, 547:354, SPACE-MADNESS-3.jpg)

File: 8c4537e01161c60⋯.jpg (266.53 KB, 1262x1035, 1262:1035, fd7a8f96das8f756d7.jpg)


Hey Q! Looks like I showed up at just the right time!

593722 No.1152261


maybe they'll shut down the gird of EM mind control technology and my ear can finally stop ringing.

883344 No.1152262



There is nothing to be scared of.

Do you really think any of this will be scary.

It will be Glorious.

6dfdfc No.1152263

File: f229df5df796e80⋯.png (291.04 KB, 543x287, 543:287, Capturedh.PNG)

3b3485 No.1152264


How can we get our powers back?

339e52 No.1152265


After this battle is won, we have a much larger battle to win back the soul of America. I am pastor/patriot and I offer my services however I can help. We must reclaim not only the law of America but the heart. I am praying for you and POTUS daily.

5485ac No.1152266

The line was crossed way before 9/11. Whatever you went through to bring us this fight now, God bless you.

3015f6 No.1152267


November 17, 2010

"The first Guantanamo detainee to face civilian trial, Ahmed Ghailani, was convicted by federal jury in New York on one charge of conspiracy related to 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Ghailani's native Tanzania."

2e780a No.1152268

File: d90a891b41f189c⋯.png (213.27 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, DATES MAP done in 30 ex..png)



Sorry I had to step away, an Anon was nice enough to repost. The Date starts on 1/20/18

& then repeats again on 3/21 the clock starts on the [15 MIN] (15,16 so on to 59, 60/00, 1,2 & so on) ends on [14 MIN] & dates 1st time end on 3/20 1st time & 5/19 second time around. This graphic may help. Also see original post,


>>1149275 Q Clock

d75351 No.1152270


Done in 30 referred to Flynn

6965ea No.1152271

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



3b3485 No.1152272


>maybe they'll shut down the gird of EM mind control technology and my ear can finally stop ringing.

I'm about to fucking cry, anon. I'm not the only one with the ringing!

8993d8 No.1152273

File: 37c894120c0f345⋯.png (615.3 KB, 1349x465, 1349:465, medical.png)


Any help? This was what looks like was in the sky

883344 No.1152274


A good way of putting it.

f3288d No.1152275





5b6e3d No.1152276

So is Q gauging the awakening by number of hits on YT?

cd1124 No.1152277


Damn good speech

f46542 No.1152278


almost like Q has some sort of script, to post a drop at a specific time or post number… Hummmm….

cb02c4 No.1152279

File: 68be3e874ce0455⋯.png (334.6 KB, 446x918, 223:459, maggie.png)

File: f70134b501aff19⋯.png (889.12 KB, 1389x2289, 463:763, maggie 2.png)

File: a88f9bdd67cbc9c⋯.png (44.49 KB, 463x561, 463:561, reading rainbow gate.png)

File: bf746afa8b5193e⋯.png (508.28 KB, 789x592, 789:592, reading rainbow.png)


I found Maggie Nixon's Gofundme page and one of the people who donated to her is Levar Burton.


f9fb6e No.1152280


Transcript of RR's A Time for Choosing (aka "The Speech")


347048 No.1152281


Islam is the enemy today. Iran's next

c1e789 No.1152282


Hey Q, this good vs. evil thing kind of freaking me out… I used to be agnostic, not sure anymore.

ee7dd5 No.1152284



f3288d No.1152285




e4d6cb No.1152286


Looks like a great aggregator

04a59b No.1152287

File: e80ab6d1e257b0f⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 345x329, 345:329, not_smart.jpg)

9a65ee No.1152288


The Future is changing..

Now. We have to see How can to affect in this.

Because the CERN is modifying the space-time

883344 No.1152289

f21b6a No.1152290


the parade in Washington!

217e69 No.1152291

File: 0a4d6da9236b0f4⋯.jpg (75.62 KB, 620x412, 155:103, phoneycomey.jpg)

4ded9d No.1152292


Fight, Fight, Fight!

8066b5 No.1152293

File: 1b6bca4d1623fb5⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 640x916, 160:229, ronald-reagan-365884.jpg)

f3288d No.1152294


https:// fdik.org/soros.dcleaks.com/view%3Fdiv=us.html

Working link to the DCLeaks archive of Soros docs

710c12 No.1152295



He was also Datum on Star Wars.

e513ee No.1152296


5x5 Anon !!!

d216de No.1152297


FLOTUS has had a huge impact on who DJT is today and his newfound relationship with God. Very important puzzle piece in bringing this to fruition.

dec258 No.1152298


that wasn't Q who answered you

0b04eb No.1152299

File: e79971940b45bd8⋯.png (25.52 KB, 708x290, 354:145, Q4-22-232232.png)


heres another 16 days ago

c751c0 No.1152300

…something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space…

Winston was a smart fella.

883344 No.1152301




You're fine.

It's really simply.


b04f3c No.1152302


So we are going to war after all?

f75100 No.1152303


I'm worried about a false flag coming and it being blamed on NK before the Summit.

Please stop it from happening.

55a0c9 No.1152304



c9018c No.1152305



An excellent reminder, This is not a game.

God bless our Men and Women in the military. (Past and Present)

God bless our Commander in Chief.

God bless Q.

God bless our country.


5b6e3d No.1152306


i know

i dont care i just need help to understand

327d85 No.1152307

Q I know you dropped Gore for a reason. What is his role in the deep state and what is his Rothchild connection

72375e No.1152308


It's entirely possible he's just a family friend. Don't assume unless you find proof. He might genuinely be participating in charitable activities without knowing about the bad shit.

f8d252 No.1152309


We're already at war, anon.

34a332 No.1152310






Agnostic is neutral.

Can't be neutral.

Pick a side.

3e291a No.1152311


I think he was Geordie LaForge on StarTrek TNG, but close.

464a03 No.1152312


Rally the troops.

Freedom isn't free.

God bless our troops, POTUS, Q team and America.

f3288d No.1152313


Reagan was talking about an IDEOLOGICAL WAR anon…


465783 No.1152314

File: 5011f80b98ad74a⋯.jpg (4.55 MB, 3999x4998, 1333:1666, ecc.jpg)

9a65ee No.1152315


Lack the bushes.

GW. Bush: The Great Destroyer of worlds.

883344 No.1152316


This message was that we are fighting for


dd9203 No.1152317

Well at least Q is a high level ex military attorney who works with Erik Prince.

Also contributes to Newsmax with Alan Dersh.


I'm good with that Q.

Keep it rolling.

3e5644 No.1152318

File: 0b1f14436a40dd8⋯.gif (46.52 KB, 798x804, 133:134, QAnon-Army.gif)



883344 No.1152319




f9fb6e No.1152320


Q on 11/2 (today is the 112th day of the year):

To those watching (you know who you are):

>You have a choice to make.

You can stand up and do what you know to be right.

Or you can suffer the consequences of your previous actions.

Make no mistake, you are on the losing side.

>The choice is yours.

If you decide to take down /pol/ and the net we will be ready.

4920-a 293883 zAj-1 0020192

Alice & Wonderland.

cd50aa No.1152321

3e8725 No.1152322



593722 No.1152323


yeah it sucks. My theory is that there's some sort of dynamic system in place designed to prevent us from achieving a level of mental coherence. Those who are awake and actively trying to clean their minds of the conditioning get the dial turned up to 11.

No evidence outside of the continuous unexplainable fits of fatigue, giving into impulses, and self-sabotage I've experienced. And the tinnitus of course.

4f9857 No.1152324


Breath deep anon, nothing to fear, just your old self trying to hold on to what was once comfortable and stable.

Let it fall away and try your hardest to let go of what you did before.

You knew no better.

The mark of God is no Earthly sign, but matters and is seen by those to whom it concerns, Ones higher and purer than we.

Fight now, focus on now, do your best and release the past.

8af6cd No.1152325



Adds up to 11

fcdfb4 No.1152326

File: d9c2a7c0022a854⋯.jpg (471.39 KB, 1440x1948, 360:487, _20180422_231319.JPG)

cd50aa No.1152327


Whoops. Meant to post funny reaction meme. You got me to kek, anon.

06b2fa No.1152328


DUBdubly confirmed.

04a59b No.1152329



883344 No.1152330

File: 0b1f14436a40dd8⋯.gif (46.52 KB, 798x804, 133:134, 0b1f14436a40dd863fd2c03e9b….gif)

347048 No.1152331


We want peace but we're not afraid to fight

f3288d No.1152332

File: 58cfc0904303d25⋯.png (3.45 MB, 1685x1197, 1685:1197, qarmy.png)


use this anon

I adapted from that pic

8066b5 No.1152333


Star TREK (Jordi LaForge)


And, yeah - I used to watch Reading Rainbow. Fugggggg… You forgot he was Kunta Kintae (or however it's spelled - "Toby")

58b1ec No.1152334


Round (them) up

538fad No.1152335


You MUST re-categorize Islam as a political ideology so it is not protected under freedom of religion. They are using civilization jihad.

You must REMOVE Islam from freedom of religion protection by passing laws that categorize it as something else. They are using freedom of religion against us.

72375e No.1152336


Could be an intentional slipup, but thanks for the info.

04a59b No.1152337

File: f3c662d223926ab⋯.jpg (888.65 KB, 2910x2002, 1455:1001, Trusrael.jpg)

f0d81e No.1152338

File: 8761837064ab53c⋯.jpg (21.97 KB, 358x358, 1:1, Vice Lords.jpg)


It's on. Kek.

883344 No.1152339

File: 0b1f14436a40dd8⋯.gif (46.52 KB, 798x804, 133:134, 0b1f14436a40dd863fd2c03e9b….gif)

I prefer this 10 fold.

Much more straight to the points.

Hats anyone?

1c32c3 No.1152340


maybe Kali is calling you

from the dark side

cd50aa No.1152341


Baits too easy for the likes of you. Stop posting.

2cebc7 No.1152342


Sounds like we're going to war. May God bless the United States of America.


97b040 No.1152343



It's not hard to trigger a fucking nerd, is it?

f237aa No.1152344


We are ready

Thank you Patriots for this moment

The Awakening

347048 No.1152345


You and my mother

0293b4 No.1152346

File: f43f55a72c59286⋯.mp4 (15.05 MB, 640x360, 16:9, videoplayback.mp4)

a0d392 No.1152347

File: 8b5a8144238d02e⋯.jpeg (500.84 KB, 1242x1686, 207:281, 085B6718-AF21-4774-97AD-7….jpeg)



c1e789 No.1152348


Very simple, I pick good - I never understood how "Evil" Evil was until now

883344 No.1152349


We will do whatever it takes for PEACE.

9d0e6f No.1152350

3e8725 No.1152351


I get it if he's joking but it's 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel there if you're 144,000

But I'm fine if he's kidding

784747 No.1152352

File: 93586e6e9741de5⋯.png (168.86 KB, 1364x612, 341:153, ClipboardImage.png)

f21b6a No.1152353


kitty bomb. thank you

e78fdd No.1152354


Tactical patch.

c3db0a No.1152355


We are already at war

347048 No.1152356


Watch the wives

8af6cd No.1152357



Word, phrase, number, or other sequence of units that may be read the same way in either direction

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or racecar… More

f3288d No.1152358


This is the issue of this election: whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.

You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down: [up] man's old – old-aged dream, the ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have embarked on this downward course.

In this vote-harvesting time, they use terms like the "Great Society," or as we were told a few days ago by the President, we must accept a greater government activity in the affairs of the people. But they've been a little more explicit in the past and among themselves; and all of the things I now will quote have appeared in print. These are not Republican accusations. For example, they have voices that say, "The cold war will end through our acceptance of a not undemocratic socialism." Another voice says, "The profit motive has become outmoded. It must be replaced by the incentives of the welfare state." Or, "Our traditional system of individual freedom is incapable of solving the complex problems of the 20th century." Senator Fulbright has said at Stanford University that the Constitution is outmoded. He referred to the President as "our moral teacher and our leader," and he says he is "hobbled in his task by the restrictions of power imposed on him by this antiquated document." He must "be freed," so that he "can do for us" what he knows "is best." And Senator Clark of Pennsylvania, another articulate spokesman, defines liberalism as "meeting the material needs of the masses through the full power of centralized government."

Well, I, for one, resent it when a representative of the people refers to you and me, the free men and women of this country, as "the masses." This is a term we haven't applied to ourselves in America. But beyond that, "the full power of centralized government" – this was the very thing the Founding Fathers sought to minimize. They knew that governments don't control things. A government can't control the economy without controlling people. And they know when a government sets out to do that, it must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose. They also knew, those Founding Fathers, that outside of its legitimate functions, government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector of the economy.

691057 No.1152359

For the watchers:

The day of the role is coming.

74a21e No.1152361

JAN 16TH https:// www.clickondetroit.com/news/did-you-hear-a-loud-boom-and-see-a-flash-in-metro-detroit-we-re-looking-into-it

MARCH 29TH https:// www.clickondetroit.com/weather/thermoscope/michigan-gov-snyder-activates-emergency-operations-center-to-monitor-chinese-space-station-debris

APRIL 19TH https:// www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/04/19/magnitude-3-6-earthquake-hits-near-windsor/534822002/ (upgraded to 4.1)

APRIL 22ND http:// www.wtol.com/story/38014669/loud-boom-heard-in-temperance-mi-area

bee581 No.1152362


05bd05 No.1152363

Video: Carla Ortiz Debunks the Alleged “Humanitarian Mandate” of the “White Helmets” in Syria. They Work Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda

Bolivian actress Carla Ortiz debunks the humanitarian nature of White Helmets in Syria.

The non-profit organization is lauded by the corporate media for their unwavering efforts and determination to help Syrian civilians amid the ongoing crisis.

But there is more than meets the eye.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCu8mNC1JyE

8066b5 No.1152364

File: abc06f21d5df415⋯.png (555.04 KB, 487x635, 487:635, abc06f21d5df415d2ca79c7944….png)

WRECK 'EM, Q!!!!!

727b80 No.1152365


He was the President I voted for in the 1st election I was eligible to vote for.

Call me a concernfag or whatever, he was a great man and that video brought tears to my eyes.

God Bles the USA. I never thought I'd see what I'm seeing now. Thank you MI, Q and fellow Patriots.

684bce No.1152367


My father, brother and nephew are vets. I do know we can not fail this war. This is our last chance and we need to go all out once and for all.

We have space to deal with next.

71478c No.1152368

The word "fight" is a noun and a verb, with many different meanings.

In today's world, a fight can happen via routers and ISPs.

883344 No.1152369


If you're here and not a clownshill.

You're good, you're empathic, you want to help…

The EVIL one's, do not possess these qualities..

It's just power, control, and manipulation!

386eba No.1152370




2e780a No.1152371



See original post here,


>>1149275 (You) Q Clock

See additional graphic later updated from original I posted later that same bread >>1152268

0293b4 No.1152372


https:// youtu.be/yvWZ3NlvGzM

18025b No.1152373

File: e6d91f1783bb581⋯.png (921.53 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-22-22-3….png)

06b2fa No.1152374


Help with what, anon?

It's a medevac chopper, so what?

9652a1 No.1152375


I was going through Twatter and doing my research on M. Abramovic.

I discovered several accounts which are HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS!

One of them is The_Culthouse_UK

ANONS DIG! They have parties going on in Eastern London

throughout 24th-28th April! These dates are within the Satanic celebration days. I would bet that this is a child sacrifice event.

Pray anons. This week will be hard for some souls on the planet.

7074cd No.1152376

File: 696f0bda88cbc60⋯.jpeg (185.68 KB, 1242x744, 207:124, b7a3077ac24b305505c8cbae9….jpeg)

File: 0afd0821494db08⋯.jpg (46.92 KB, 309x509, 309:509, IMG_0611.jpg)

File: 1a8f372e0a14df6⋯.jpg (21.93 KB, 255x128, 255:128, IMG_0618.jpg)

02dc7c No.1152378


Prayers for /ourguys/

c9018c No.1152379


We also need a plan to prevent things from ever like this again.

Along with a plan to keep POTUS and Q Team safe after they leave office.

There will likely be Cabal members in hiding, who want revenge.

1c32c3 No.1152380


i knew it

i knew it

yer all jews

revelations ya know

c1e789 No.1152381


I have easily picked my side, riding with good over here - I am just in awe that the shit was real

883344 No.1152382

1c9d22 No.1152384


>https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVT-8tUfiE



ec794a No.1152385


Evil is useless. The more one is egoistic, the less he believes in this.

682af0 No.1152386


We fight. NO CUCKERY.

3b2355 No.1152388

File: bb8bc5d4ef4ae0b⋯.jpg (139.12 KB, 1137x500, 1137:500, sidebyside.jpg)


To keep all these struggles from happening again, people need to hold actual wealth rather than fiat receipts.

Take down the evil bankers, Q!

db8be8 No.1152389

File: c604f204b7b7283⋯.png (482.69 KB, 940x360, 47:18, Hillary in Bubblewrap by C….png)


But why??

8066b5 No.1152391

File: 1900e05c75d532e⋯.gif (200.28 KB, 295x210, 59:42, ROWSDOWER.gif)


Hey, fuck yourself…



KEK - I like the way this Anon thinks!

c7ac95 No.1152392


Go away, Tom. You're an asshole.

e4d6cb No.1152393

File: 438b2a4f71fd89e⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 320x240, 4:3, image.jpg)

f3288d No.1152394


9be30c No.1152395

File: d871a05232b508c⋯.jpg (698.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, yourfired.jpg)

edbf9d No.1152397

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>America must win this war. Therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure. I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.

Speech from POTUS Reagan. His voice broke on 'I will sacrifice.'


a5b9d8 No.1152398

If we choose to, will we see mikey's balls??

7e2b83 No.1152399

File: fbaeded80596a86⋯.jpg (166.57 KB, 1440x1450, 144:145, IMG_1258.JPG)

File: 082ebc2aaf49ec1⋯.png (81.14 KB, 915x1225, 183:245, IMG_0549.PNG)

jackelope with an upside down triangle in the shadow death

casue they use a couple routes

been meaning to get a patch made

no one knows the origin but maybe reagen

9be30c No.1152400

File: 9624f0e894b5d58⋯.jpg (831.73 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Q_JFK.jpg)

883344 No.1152401

File: 4109c8dc8f070dd⋯.jpg (115.72 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, download-17.jpg)


This is a CYBERWAR.

d481fa No.1152402


Since this post the shills have gone out of their minds. WE ARE NON VIOLENT. WE ONLY ATTACK THE TRUTH. WE WILL NOT ATTACK ANYONE WE LOVE ALL.

18025b No.1152403



No chills, pride, honor, loyalty, praise, strength WWG1WGA

9be30c No.1152404

File: 25653e4be5e60fe⋯.jpg (696.44 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 5_eyes.jpg)

dec258 No.1152405


Well presented. First time I've seen the Levar connection – would be sad if something there.

347048 No.1152406


POTUS is non-violent I hope it works out that way. Be ready. The cabal will try anything. .

f55e2c No.1152407

File: 9b58e9d72e49908⋯.jpg (123.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

8f6bab No.1152408

I get the feeling that Q throws back a scotch or two, watches US Military vids and gets misty eyed.

God bless Anons, Q & GEOTUS

0293b4 No.1152409

Q ….i'll go…..send me….you've done enough to warrant that

9be30c No.1152410

File: 21e24016ca2b43d⋯.jpg (122.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, haiti_01.jpg)

File: a6ca72c990e658c⋯.jpg (123.02 KB, 1440x907, 1440:907, haiti_02.jpg)

2a3e03 No.1152411

d216de No.1152412


And Here…We…Go…

f21b6a No.1152413


gotta love a man in uniform.

bba68a No.1152414

File: 3e48eb940e501b2⋯.jpg (11.17 KB, 255x205, 51:41, 3e48eb940e501b24d22730bbc1….jpg)


tick tock = JFK Nescafe , As the world turns ?

9be30c No.1152415

File: 896c898ee756d1d⋯.jpg (349.7 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, LadyJustice.jpg)

File: e19ea32196c0601⋯.jpg (745.61 KB, 2040x1442, 1020:721, fallofhillary.jpg)

File: 62269f5219b0699⋯.jpg (260.6 KB, 973x800, 973:800, lock-hillary-up-ben-garris….jpg)

File: c941c096015bc63⋯.jpg (275.55 KB, 1200x1015, 240:203, strongertogether.jpg)

413f0b No.1152416

File: 074f244e067a3db⋯.jpg (178.69 KB, 1464x500, 366:125, 28wiiw.jpg)

883344 No.1152417

741814 No.1152418

File: fb8aeab1b437ee5⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 306x406, 153:203, ThankYouKissWW2.jpg)


Beatuiful. ThanQ, patriots, anons. For God and Country. And for the children.

3608c3 No.1152419


ill go with you anon, patriotism meters at 11 of 10

34a332 No.1152420


Twitter bomb…

f3288d No.1152421

File: 1420b25a31115af⋯.png (520.74 KB, 800x640, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


*sniffles* its just sweat

7e2b83 No.1152422

File: ce42c1f415249ce⋯.jpg (112.03 KB, 802x996, 401:498, IMG_0766.JPG)

homotus haz board on reddit

plz filter the shill

1c5e19 No.1152423


One of my favorite speeches.

God bless, Q and POTUS.

c1e789 No.1152424

fe017f No.1152425

File: 659e52f61507568⋯.png (84.39 KB, 887x575, 887:575, shadey.PNG)

File: 7ffe96edce2bc23⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1652x885, 28:15, shadyslim.PNG)

Q says to Find the loudest voices. Can POTUS' Shadey twat be about Eminem Slim Shady records? Does anyone have sauce on Eminem with human/sex trafficking?

https:// shadyrecords.com/artists/

Also watch Vince Staple at Coachella talk about Shady Records. And then he rips R. Kelly as a pedo and human trafficker. I can't seem to embed the video from YT

9be30c No.1152426

File: f414b6f523f6580⋯.jpg (600.98 KB, 1000x1032, 125:129, isaiah17.jpg)

691057 No.1152427

They are all going down

The Clinton's

The bushies





And moar

65dc1e No.1152428


>https:// www.news-press.com/story/news/crime/2018/04/21/venice-man-gets-330-years-child-porn-charges-sex-tourism-trial/538939002/

It begs the questions. Sick bastard needs to be hanged. He got away for at least 11 years

Love the Sarasota beach.

dec258 No.1152429


Thanks Q

End of the illuminati

9be30c No.1152430

File: 62269f5219b0699⋯.jpg (260.6 KB, 973x800, 973:800, lock-hillary-up-ben-garris….jpg)

File: c5526f3fe73c8bb⋯.jpg (366.11 KB, 1200x881, 1200:881, hillary_oz.jpg)

2e780a No.1152431




See other graphic with a q post example>>1152268

f237aa No.1152432


883344 No.1152433

File: fbd19f3163008cd⋯.jpg (65.73 KB, 680x365, 136:73, seals-680x365.jpg)

File: 0b1f14436a40dd8⋯.gif (46.52 KB, 798x804, 133:134, 0b1f14436a40dd863fd2c03e9b….gif)