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File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

dcb141  No.1339868

What may happen now that US has pulled out of Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

I think that with all the International pressure upon the US recently - the visit of France and Germany as well as previous US politicians travelling the globe to tell foreign leaders to ignore Trump there may be 2 possible outcomes.

1st is potential punishment ie False Flag - if I'm correct it will be a big one.

2nd is immediate action by Israel and Iran against each other. They are chomping at the bit and I think the dogs of war will be let loose.

I pray for us all.

6793fa  No.1340680

I think the reason your threads are being taken down is because no one else is posting in them, let alone a multitude, and the board owner has said a number of times not to start separate threads that a related to Q content.

9ebf6f  No.1340922


As soon as that Iran deal was signed, EU governments and business flooded into Iran. They tried desperately to get Trump to stay in the deal. Why? As we learn today, because of U.S. sanctions being put back in place, all those govts and business have 6 months to get their butts back out of Iran. They weren't interested in whether or not Iran held up its end of the deal; they didn't want to lose their newfound source of big revenues. Isn't it always that way–follow the money??!!?

9ebf6f  No.1340979


And Iran was making a lot of money in deals with the EU nations. The U.S. sanctions means no one can deal with the bank of Iran or the Iranian govt or Iranian businesses. Pulling out of the Iran deal is a BFD. Too bad Iran thought the influence of the EU countries would keep us in the deal. So much so, that it flatly refused to negotiate with Trump. Should have read the book. He could afford to walk away from that deal. And did. He told them he doesn't play games. Shoulda listened to the man.

9ebf6f  No.1341011


To steal a phrase from my favorite movie, "Mr. Trump don't play!"

dcb141  No.1341534

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

I think the biggest part of the US position today is the fact that they will sanction any nation that trades with Iran - I'm not certain what type of trade this refers to.

But look at the implied snub to the EU. Is the US willing to sanction former allies?

There is a global powerplay happening here. I can't help but feel that we are on the edge of a knife's edge.

I haven't heard of the Russian or Chinese response yet. At the end of the day what will really matter is what these nations will do.

f86c09  No.1342017


Im not willing, nor was the president or the people willing, to be held hostage with threat of nuclear proliferation. It was a BAD DEAL, and Iran lied. If they didn't keep to their end of the bargain, why should we?

If you keep bending over backward for people who want to fuck you over, you can't complain when they go in dry and don't call you the next day. The US is not taking it up the ass any longer.

If anyone does a false flag, it will be the cabal that wants America to fail. Iran will be too scared of US strength. Bullies always are.

dcb141  No.1342307

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

I agree with you, I think that the cabal, what ever this amorphous collection of disparate groups of power brokers and will be the ones to cause a False Flag. Iran is not and never have been a threat.

Is there a potential that a False Flag could happen within Israel or to a Jewish centre around the world to be the catalyst that would cause Israel to attack Iran.

Would this action bring in America on the side of Israel?

14b08c  No.1342386


Peaceful trade between nations is bad. War and sanctions are good. This is Jewish diplomacy.

Trump is a faggot and I will do everything I can to see that he loses in 2020. I personally convinced hundreds of people irl and thousands online to vote for this obese bozo. That's over.

14b08c  No.1342423


America will always be on the side of Israel because our government is full of Jews and our citizens are braindead christcucked subhumans

14b08c  No.1342444


The only way to have peace in the middle East is to denuclearize Israel and give nukes to Iran.

dcb141  No.1344930

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Israel is on major alert. Iron dome is active apparently. Allegedly Iran may missile attack Israel from within Syrian sites. Earlier Russia targeted Israeli equipment that was stationed within Syria.

Remember what I said earlier about knife edge. We are certainly treading it right now.

Anyone hear of American response to this situation. I know Trump and Pence have cancelled Jerusalem visit.

9efbd7  No.1345770


Why are you even on a Q research board? To shit talk?

14b08c  No.1345921


To counter the disinfo and propaganda from Q

ed5b60  No.1346101


Attention newfags: Leave the Name/Email field blank for your safety/anonymity. Do not create new threads. You may post in any thread already created. Thank you.

>if you could read, you might be dangerous

9efbd7  No.1346144




Not only are we not taking it up the ass anymore, but Trump drew the line for the whole world. He called out the WW black op leaders and said the world wasn't taking it up the ass anymore for their shit. That means no more billions of US $ for EU. They are all the evil rolled up. The wheel of fortune. The hub, their life breath. Their crooked deals and running the world is crumbling and they all know it.

Korea peace. Free. China and Japan helped it happen. All Free. Done deal. Iran just got freed, no longer hostage.

Here's the edge of the knife, our big hitters enemy list: Renegade and any willing to stick with him, assholes to the end, the EU (Evil Union) Soros, Merkel aka Hitler spawn, & Macron. The message for them is mess with the best and die like the rest, and yeah, spend your own money to run your shit (you no longer have ours) and very you're getting voted out by your own people. Arrests, Suicides and exposure for all the world to see. Coming soon. Seth in June, remember… Parade in November… Put it on your calendar.

UK is in Brexit. EUs first shocker. UK and USA were their main budge! Our dirty Obama loop capital docked in the EU distribution center. [That is not from good trade]

The question is who's now neutralized or neutered and who's getting arrested for attempting to kill us all, and our President? In oh so many many ways.

Brexit will bring the Fall of the EU, Merkel, Macron. Iran was next, middle East freed today! No where for CIA to call home. [Kill box will follow them wherever they go] No more $. And didn't someone say Soros was going to have a special end? Financial downfalls for the rest.

Fuckem all. We are in Justice phase.

Don't forget that.

Praise God

Thank you thank you thank you

Q President Trump, Generals, Sessions PATRIOTS and everyone else on the side of good. No Fear, ya hear!

9efbd7  No.1346261


Since the coalition strikes - US UK & France- just wiped out Iran & Syria's main military capabilities and ammunition, and Israel hit Iran's assets in Syria today, what do they have left except fear of dying? Israel is in a strategically superior position. The first time in decades. No more paychecks for Hamas Hezbollah or terrorist rebel ops. CIA, or nuclear workshops, not so much anymore. And No Such Agency knows everything.

14b08c  No.1346405


Fake news

14b08c  No.1346421


You're delusional

9efbd7  No.1346424

File: cf1d6dab29cf461⋯.jpg (45.56 KB, 679x382, 679:382, DcAppd6VQAEQ9_0.jpg)


Oh, so you admit you're a clown shill twisted shit talker. Must not be going so good for you seein all the winning and truth happenings.

874b71  No.1346433


Agree with synopsis except that I feel compelled to say that bending over backwards should be altered to just bending over. Anatomically, it is difficult to be screwed up the ass while arched backward.

Carry on.

Oh and OP…KYS

9efbd7  No.1346437


You're delusional

9efbd7  No.1346442


Will I guess you would know

14b08c  No.1346451


All I see is Q pushing you idiots to support regime change in Iran. You can call that winning, if you happen to be Jewish or a neocon.

14b08c  No.1346465


That statement was fact. What is the source of problems in the middle east? Israel. How do you end these problems? End Israel. How do you end Israel? By denuclearizing it and making Iran into the regional power.

9efbd7  No.1346493


Why don't you move there and get us an up close live on the ground report then, since you are soooooo all knowing of the situation with all your fancy labels and judgments. Geeez you must have brain cells seeping out of your ears you're so gosh darn smart.

14b08c  No.1346498


The situation on the ground is that Iran will be pursuing their nuclear program now. I wish them luck.

9efbd7  No.1346563


Actually it has always been the deep state fucks ==collective fucks== that are responsible for the world's misery. And now, the time has come for all of those evil fucks wherever they may be (including Israel)(all nations implicated/none innocent) to Stop with the evil game plan shit plays. It's not how you say. Old school ignorance and overused rhetoric that doesn't apply.

It's more like come out come out from wherever you are…

And don't confuse the synagogue of Satan with God's people and use the word "Jew" to judge huge populations of people. They are not of the same father. There's a difference.

Whose your daddy applies.

That's why it's good v evil.

Discernment needed.

Do you have discernment?

9efbd7  No.1346575

File: b069b92e118b552⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 255x168, 85:56, 9988fc4a1d399a86f24d9a517f….jpg)


Fake news.

14b08c  No.1346730

File: e9240ad95735005⋯.jpg (98.1 KB, 840x455, 24:13, Radin-Tweet.jpg)


Your post is really a mess. Stay in school

822f81  No.1346839



There was 40 years of interest added to the amount the US owed from the deal with the Shah= $1.8 billion.

dcb141  No.1347384

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Thank-you for responses. There are a few trolls but that is human nature.

I worry about intellectualizing this debate because the truth is people are dying. Innocent people who don't have the leisure as we do to make these comments.

I agree with one of the posters that Iran is being isolated and it's defenses are being neutralized.

So yes I agree that there is some action going to happen. But why? What is the point of taking out Iran? Are they an existential threat to the West?

How much do you think we really know? Are there bad actors whose grip on countries like North Korea and Iran whose sole purpose is to keep the tensions high?

Why do they want to keep the tensions high? Whose purpose does that serve?

As much as we are uncovering the 'Evil' and exposing it to the light of truth we are also at the most dangerous point in modern history. Nukes are like hand grenades.

dcb141  No.1348960


I know you said you can't expose all the evil things, but unfortunately you have to. You really have to.

THe truth will be far from pretty but it has to be done. We need a moral reset and any sea change means all the crap has to be exposed.

Expose it all. Most of us know that there is a lot of evil.


dcb141  No.1352036

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Q posted this earlier:


Will this continue to happen? Does anyone think that the US will allow this to happen?

Does anyone think that Israel will allow this to happen?

Is Russia moving equipment into Syria/ Iran?

dcb141  No.1353598

No Name's new book is called "The Restless Wave"

Watch the water?

dcb141  No.1357658

Interesting that Jake Tapper's new book is called "The Hellfire Club".

The Truth is worse than we know.

dcb141  No.1359003

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)


Are any of them mossad?

ead917  No.1359300


There is a difference in taking out Iran and cleaning out Iran, or any other country. The plan is global housecleaning. Third party operators, their equipment, assets and ammunition, and dirty paid contractor leaders are the target. And they set up shop and assets in neighboring geographical areas so they can always attempt to regroup and continue.(Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yemen. The politicalize the term regime change against US,/Trump/Mil. But really it's like what's happening in US– taking our country back, freedom. Think of cockroaches and nests. So if head cockroach bad guy gets his, all the better.

Qteam already knows their moves. Q, eyes on the exterminator. Notice his recent post:


…Today, w/ pending sanctions and military action(s), POTUS will gain more ammunition / Intel against THEM.

And that's exactly what we are seeing.

Promises kept. Plan proceeding.

Notice flag burning is contained in the "lawmaker's" chambers while the citizens tweet thank yous to US.

Russia is on the side of clean up. The Stupids Germany France HRC are really really stupid.

It's a good movie. There will be a standing ovation in the end.

dcb141  No.1359332

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Great post. I absolutely agree with the above statement.

Aren't you concerned with who the paymasters are? How will they react?

As far as I can see France, Germany et al are puppets. How do we go after the paymasters?

RM you are a good man.

9ebf6f  No.1359502


I think we will see a few sputters out of Iran, but that's it. Unlike Obama & Company, Iranians are not THAT stupid as to try anything big.

ead917  No.1359753


The problem with all the Intel agencies, including MOSSAD is that they were created under the EYE for their own WW security services– to SERVE the EYE of the Illuminati, to serve Rothschilds. First formed under Russell Trust legal Corp Order of Skull & Bones and Wackenhut International Security Services, and all the rest, CIA, FBI, MI5, MI6, MOSSAL, GCHQ, etc. Bloodline families controlled out of London. RothRockefeller++Before 1920s, 30s and after. They embedded in America in colonial times. Over 300,000 employees WW in the 90s.

EYE Intel community. Even secret Aussie bases. Always controlled the secret tech. for ffs. So major problem. They are embedded. Ex: archived files of GCHQ state Lenin planted MI6 agents in Russia during the Russian Revolution in 1917. Putin deals with embeds, double agents to this day.

If you really want to be informed, Research this: ABCA, TTCP, SDI, "Brilliant Eyes," BRUSA, UKUSA. Secret treaties and Agreements related to the Holden Agreement, 1942. Antarctica? Why is there a secret base, Northwest Cape, in the middle of the Bermuda triangle. Lots of IT techs suicides defense software. Look at newly released PDF GCHQ government files.

5 eyes my ass, more like 1000 eyes.

dcb141  No.1359898

Does the clean-up mean that we have to name names?

ead917  No.1359981




The paymasters are tied to the snake's head. And like Q informed us, the snake's bloodlines is what we fight as it pays it's puppets and gorges on the world citizen's money. SA strings cut. Ouchie. Iran nuke deal. Ouch. Follow the cut offs. Reflected in CEO resignations. And let's see how the EO asset grabs go. Q says good results.

Problem: they have breeding programs, no shit. The viper's eggs hatch. They need to be destroyed. So I think a MOAB on their Cloning shit is in order, (would be great if CERN accidentally blew up). Seriously. That, along with total decimation of their money system, allowing for zero recovery would cut the head off. Liquidating their bank and assets has to happen or they will stay alive to bite again. JP Morgan is one of their vehicles. There are soooo many who seek to do harm. The roth financed secret tech and internet companies are not safe for us. WWWeb? Space linked kill grid in your face, real time, is what I see that as.

So this will be a continuous battle. We can't go blind again. We have to teach our children, and our children's children.

Evil is real.

dcb141  No.1360007

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Evil is real. I think all should be revealed and not just 60%.

People need to know the truth.

ead917  No.1360098


Like the saying goes, they ain't shit without their money. Funny thing is, as we know so well, bills will keep coming!

They can't be allowed to regroup. I'm hoping the EO list will prevent that. And I think we will see even more suicides than what we're very already witnessing.

How many Suicide Watch posts have we seen? And Names are slowly trickling out. Walk of shame is everywhere, everyday. Win.

I hope for fireworks. By the 4th of July would be such a sweet American pie.

Seth Rich. June.

We mustn't lose patience.

I won't be surprised if no name, #41 or HRC pass away. Soon.

ead917  No.1360291

File: 7a15d852250b90d⋯.jpg (9.13 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 15ba53fd8ff2affab4b187ec2e….jpg)

Back at ya. Evil is real, but we've become complacent about it. It is like an accepted behavior. Planned infiltration. HW, violence (many FF) weren't even real events. Real people didn't do most of it, and defects jumped on the bandwagon. Goal was to make it invasive fear, take guns, and to Desensitize. Dead consciousness. Saying evil is good. They changed our mind sets. Programmed it into social fabric.

George Soros evil pig needs to die soon too.

You get beat down if you call evil out. Trump has taken steps to reverse that. EOs on religious rights reinstated. Hopefully we will see a reversal of our moral decay.

Q says we have a choice to know. Many anons know 80, 90? I think we're way past 60.

Public has it reached 60? The Stupids are at 0, living in a lie. Alternative reality show.

dcb141  No.1362277

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Hi above poster, for the sake of differentiating anonymous posters :) get another image. tanx man.

dcb141  No.1362521

The image of the buildings that

dcb141  No.1362540

… Q just posted is in Singapore.

I think it's called Marina Bay.

Is this where President Trump and Rocket Boy meeting?

ead917  No.1363035


Certainly not intended to offend you, and id says I'm not you for anyone with a brain. Thought back at you let you know. Kinda of sensitive?


ead917  No.1363072

File: 44ef0a3cf089bff⋯.jpg (80.15 KB, 680x383, 680:383, Dc3V6ARU0AAp5Wd.jpg)


Yes, it is Marina Bay. No one's saying it, but could the meeting there on 6/12 be the SKY Event?

ead917  No.1363142


What can I say? I like your man.

ID: dcb141. Makes me laugh everyone I see him. What's his name?

Last time, promise.

peace & blessings anon

ead917  No.1363252

File: f2e61d0d88fcb00⋯.jpg (17.06 KB, 536x536, 1:1, DbquBu-WsAAzJTw.jpg)

File: fed2e0a2a6dd93d⋯.png (11.99 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 29738161c23413d927406e1c17….png)

Attention: This will be my new image:)

OR maybe the old lady???

can't decide…

Laughing is goooood for you

dcb141  No.1363562

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

lol mebbe I am sensitive! My apologies not meant, to offend.

dcb141  No.1363590

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

I am curious about SKY event as well.

Anyone else thinking that with the very public impacts on NOKO and Iran that there is the potential of a FF?

I don't want to see one but look who we are dealing with. Evil

dcb141  No.1366808


Did they mess with your youtube link?

dcb141  No.1369852

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Is the new global personal Identification system being set-up in China. That image of plastic wrapped pallets bundled in the same group of photos that associate China and Apple - is it technology to help make this happen, or is it saved data of Apple clients. I think of all the selfies that people have taken and now there is a really good database of close-ups.

This on it's own is troubling but what is alarming is the purpose.

What is the purpose Q?

Who would be in control?

ead917  No.1372013

File: fed2e0a2a6dd93d⋯.png (11.99 KB, 255x243, 85:81, 29738161c23413d927406e1c17….png)




Ponder this.

This statement re Iran is very insightful.

This is why we are safer-

Because they plot (with evil) to destroy America. It'all about Death to America.

(with a big big thanks to Obama & gang)

RE: Iran's advanced weaponry:

"An inter-continental ballistic missile is not needed to blow up Jerusalem. It is needed to blow up New York."

John Hagee


(Christians United For Israel)

ead917  No.1372807

File: f2e61d0d88fcb00⋯.jpg (17.06 KB, 536x536, 1:1, DbquBu-WsAAzJTw.jpg)


Have you noticed us stupid sheep are always the last to know anything about "advanced technology?" We find out 40yrs later.

No doubt It's already a done deal. They've been testing, perfecting and gathering databases WW since the 1930s. Now they have manned AI working assigned tasks as we speak, have already rolled out a sales pitch, (SMART) and put PR in place to smooth any ripples and silence objectors.

Their MO : Control and keep technology from us, then leverage it against us in an evil form. [ Note 187 doctors, IT techs, scientists,Tesla, patent buys and manipulations, etc.] (their idea of management, along with the Clinton kill switch). [They specialize in kill switches].

The most troubling on the horizon, besides AI, is the microwave [kill box switch]. You know our DNA has a frequency, right? Even water cells. Wait, we are mostly water. hmm

Research the Aussie secret bases, Pine Gap EMP research since 1966 & especially the US Defense facility @ North West Cape directly in the middle of the Bermuda triangle and all the 187d IT techs between 1982-1987. Most of dead employed by GE or Marconi. You will recognize CIA hit jobs. It's all related to where we are today. Why? EMP is an electro magnetic wave, a microwave. Round off your education with Cymatics. If you Controll the electro magnetic fields, you Controll the earth. We are an electro magnetic field. We are wetware to them. And the earth… It takes hits too. Vibration machines. Why do they need vibration machines? Hmm. Isolated 80 foot wave? Earthquake? of FFs? This is the rest of the enemy exposed.

So yes, please please. We really do need low frequency wireless microwave antennas on every light post and utility pole bursting out RFR. And it could never ever hurt us.

Hmm [At the touch of a switch]?

Hmm [we are the receptors]?

And effects NOT tested. Sounds safe to me.

YES!! 5G and SMART phones and devices for everyone! Optimized execution!

After all, 5G is a whole lot faster with 1 millisecond delay. (4G has 50 millisecond delay, but who's counting).OBut, but that's their selling point…. soooo much faster.

Look into this and start raising shit.

They track ideologies MO (since the beginning.) They are thought police.

5G is for AI.

dcb141  No.1373326

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

I think you are well aware of the issues. Some og these things I have no idea about but can connect the dots.

When is it too late? I mean if they are developing this tech, they are developing it to use. Right?

How do we prevent things before it's too late, or is it already too late?

ead917  No.1374648


What Q did for us is give us a voice.

We forgot how to fight, as evil overwhelms. He started the second American Revolution. All these anons made it happen. Too late? Not if we don't say so.

He showed us how- We just have to fight, fight and wake up people. Calls to Congress and our representatives seem to have profound effects, as do memes on twitter. Letters to White House? Letters to Trump? All helpful.

It's the anon rebels… They spread the word. Anons!! Don't stop. We've been hit with so many wakeup calls…

Q says

Remain BRAVE.


We fight.

Conspiracy no more.

I love Q

We deserve truth and accountability

From tech companies too.

I now Q is busy with all this shit, but I wish we could ask him about it. And

I still wonder if Trump has something up his sleeve with 5G? I hope so.

ead917  No.1374830

File: 501199e2358c7f2⋯.jpg (12.57 KB, 255x134, 255:134, bb6c489966eab675f4afd9df6d….jpg)

9ebf6f  No.1374960


Done and done. I unsubscribed from AJ/infowars. Also, I no longer click on youtubes that feature either Corsi or Jones on them. That's a shame because they used to have good stuff, like OpenMind. I hope other loyal Q patriots do the same. For Q's sake. For our sake. For POTUS' sake.

f3fba5  No.1375110


i do think he is Q ,,,, but u know what he can do though, to qlear it up…. InfoWar… nuke them:)


9ebf6f  No.1375273


That's funny. :) !!

I like how you think.

dcb141  No.1375598

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

You know what gives me hope in our world? It's all the people like you who believe in goodness and in truth.

Keep fighting. I'd like my children to inhabit a better world :)

ead917  No.1381603

File: 8d2a16b7b1913ff⋯.jpg (36.77 KB, 360x279, 40:31, Dc8lnfPX0AAPx97.jpg)

File: ea8b514658c9c25⋯.jpg (13.22 KB, 191x240, 191:240, Dc8lmiNWkAIzUbm.jpg)

File: 4232f421c4c5ee0⋯.jpg (113.09 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Dc9YFIAUQAcXysH.jpg)

Thoughts on Sky Event that

Connect to recent posts, Q map, Q crumbs and anticipated justice phase. The "dots"

What have we been following?

Operation FREEDOM.

Things, the map, the targets, are coming to light. Exposure imminent. D5. Can't be stopped.

Justice phase.

indicating the hard part, the storm, is

coming to an end.

5 Eyes = Comms Intel

End = Sky Event(s)

That which Q posts most about

"We have it all"

"Follow the map"

43/map Q229 Nov. 25, 2017

What's on the map?

That which Q is loudest about

"no one gets a free pass"

"These people are evil"

What if they discussed… harming POTUS or his family?

What did the discuss…

In secret meetings…

Valerie, Obama, Brennan, Hillary, Billy, James, Holder, Rice, Clapper, Loretta, NO NAME, Adam, Nancy, Soros, SA, you in UK, France? All of you?

Q knows everything.

Conversations? D5.

Domestic AND foreign targets

What does Q posts in maps?

Target locations, [Satellite kill box coordinates] Comms Sat Intel

Amateur radio ham/VHF/UHF?

Tarmac Sky Harbor

SKY Event Hawaii

We have it all.

You have more than you know.

"LOC" = Maidenhead Locator System

Grid Map. UnLOC the map.

It's happening soon.

It's the missile , the Hawaii missile

When they tried to nuke Hawaii and blame NK. That's the D5

ead917  No.1381695

File: 29c6d00ffdcd2bb⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 680x357, 40:21, DbRCqxlWkAEMQvs.jpg)

It's all D5. Bill. Phoenix Sky Event.

Comms in the Sky. D5

D5 lots of D5

ead917  No.1381740

File: 38f6c7604cf2f85⋯.jpg (115.54 KB, 920x537, 920:537, DbgANzTU8AAD1Bj.jpg)

dcb141  No.1383089

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Wow, these are extremely serious allegations. you are essentially indicting most of the countries in the West and it's leaders.

This is serious information. They would never allow this to be public.

Hawaii is the key. It has to be revealed that it was an actual missile launch.

An attack on American soil by "domestic/foreign" powers is the biggest redpill at all.

Which means of course that the means of disseminating information has to be examined. THe MSM are owned as we know. THey are traitors. They need to be exposed as such. I honestly believe they are the first that need to be charged with sedition. It is essential Q.

At some point 5D chess has to result in a checkmate.

Amazing above posts. Thank-you anons. Keep em coming. THere are others reading these posts. Stay safe.

dcb141  No.1388861

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Anyone think Gorka was the spy?

dcb141  No.1395869

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

I've brought the issue up before, as many have of what the reactions of the various bad actors to the US helping with the Korean problem and pulling out of the Iran deal.

It seems that everyone needs this deal to happen, hence two very powerful countries (France and Germany) coming to US to plead their case. If this deal needs to happen what are the potential actions that may take place for the US to reenter the deal.

1/ Would they take out President Trump to ensure the deal happens?

2/ What kind of event could be invented that would bring the US back into the Iran deal?

3/ Anything else?

Anon's besides proof, we need to gameplay options open. We have to be ready and we can no longer be sheep.

ead917  No.1398683


Ever think this part is just another chess move? Trump and Qteam, moves countermoves already set? So they will let happen what needs to happen to achieve the goal. Operation FREEDOM. –WW.

Next consider who will have to fall? (all called out in the drops) and, nobody gets a free pass…

Because no way Trump will take steps or make decisions to go backwards against the plan. That being said, sanctions will stand until the last evil rat falls. I think that will also surely include the EU. (Merkel, Macron, Norway and Sewden's nazi best buddies organization).

How else can a lasting WW FREEDOM be achieved?

WW Brexit! Make it happen. Countries need their cultures and identities reinstated. They want border and security. EU, UN, puppet politician posers, their agents and agencies with Soros "ideologies" work against humans try to remove borders, because they want us dead or enslaved.

So, besides what Trump government can do, world citizens everywhere, will vote out evil. Still to come: WW economic stability & prosperity.

This is The Great Awakening.


ead917  No.1398709


Game play:



ead917  No.1398747

File: f2e61d0d88fcb00⋯.jpg (17.06 KB, 536x536, 1:1, DbquBu-WsAAzJTw.jpg)

As we speak.

Rats out.

Rats ratting out rats.

I need more popcorn.

ead917  No.1398899

File: 647ad216d9b7a4d⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 480x445, 96:89, DciGiS7U0AAZzkH.jpg)

dcb141  No.1399718

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Great comments.

Besides digging up info and making connections and hopefully telling others - redpilling seems to be the appropriate verb what else might we have to do.

We are dealing with leaders who rule countries that have conventional and nuclear arms.

What are the chances that what is happening may lead us to conflict. What assurances can we be given that things don't get so bad that we are conscripted.

I'll fight freedom, any day and twice on Sunday but I'd like to know of the brink if we're close to it. A lot of people look to you Q. You brought us here for truth, we can handle it.


dcb141  No.1399729

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

lol I'll fight "for" freedom. Not wanting to increase anyone's paranoia

dcb141  No.1403011

Are US military bases on high alert?

dcb141  No.1405735

What is the one crime, that people will be hunted to ends of the earth, regardless of who they are?

Trafficking of children. This exposure needs to happen and the punishment needs to be severe.

e03acb  No.1405744


The reason your shit keeps getting removed is because It Doesn't Matter!

You come at this from the point that Iran is a nation of consequence…They are not! Not at all. They only exist TODAY by the grace and goodness of President Trump!

So does the EU for that matter. As for our EU 'allies'….They deserve a nuke up their ass even moreso than Iran!!

dcb141  No.1405764

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

You misunderstand, I am not in disagreement with President Trump at all, but if you think that Iran or any of the foreign actors are not influenced from other forces than your understanding of geopolitics is poor. Start reading some history before advocating "ass nukes".

Big day anons - Embassy move, definite increase in reactions, France and Indonesia, 25 dead so far in Palestine.

Leading up to an event?

Prayer and firm resolve.

dcb141  No.1408766

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

"Attacks will only intensify."


We all know and distrust the mainstream media. I think that many of them should be charged with sedition.

But the real attacks are the ones that Alex Jones has been promoting. I've just watched a couple of his broadcasts(1 of them with Joel Skousen); Jones has gone out of his way to call Q the "Fake" Q.

Jones for a lot of people is considered one of "us". What if he isn't? Is he dividing "us"?

What a tangled web.

9ebf6f  No.1408959


Don't think there is anything that will bring us back to that politically insane Iran deal. It was a ruse. It was all about the money. Money before security and safety. There was no real security and safety measures to protect the world from Iran. Hell, the deal was never even signed. Only the side deals dealing with money matters and kickbacks and bribes were signed.

9ebf6f  No.1408996


I'm not anxious about any of that. If it happens, I will go willingly and proudly and fiercely. No matter what we might face militarily, I think it would pale in comparison to what we have, including the best generals. We just have to set the generals free to do their thing.

9ebf6f  No.1409024


Anon, I have read quite a few of your posts now and I have started having my doubts about you. You try too hard to be "one of us", yet you show no real understanding of what is going on here. You seem too interested in "us" for my comfort.

9ebf6f  No.1409054

D5 = avalanche

Understanding comms is easier if read in context.

9ebf6f  No.1409074


E.g., snowball…no stopping…D5. Get it?

D5 is the largest of avalanches.

9ebf6f  No.1409167

File: 57dece3c5a63271⋯.jpg (60.3 KB, 593x421, 593:421, D5.JPG)


Context, anons. Sometimes the comms are self-explanatory.

9ebf6f  No.1409183


"The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5."

dcb141  No.1409363

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)


I'm not American, but I fully support the efforts that your President is making.

I'm concerned because the world is on a bad path. An earlier post of mine talked about the difference between subjects and citizens. Americans are legally citizens. I support that and am here so you don't lose that status. And Q is right - WWG1WGA.

I'm hoping the spillover will affect my country and reveal Trudeau as the globalist, leftist A-hole that he is.

dcb141  No.1410554


But I agree that there are trolls and even worse. Remember these people are motivated, with lots of resources and at the end of the day don't give a crap about you or me. They only care about power.

As I said protect yourself.

dcb141  No.1416447

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Go get them Q. Don't hide any of it from the public. We need and have a right to know.


dcb141  No.1416612

Brian Moore

Miosotis Familia

dcb141  No.1416623

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

dcb141  No.1419874

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Richard Donoghue - From 1993 through 1995, he served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division

dcb141  No.1419896

Hold onto your socks folks, we are looking at a major shakeup in the realms of political and economic power in the US. This will ripple out to other foreign powers.

Be prepared and God bless to all.

dcb141  No.1423657

Even the Pope is talking about 'retiring'. If he's guilty of what I think he is Q, none of them can get off. None of them. EVIL

dcb141  No.1423814

That's the spiritual side of the cabal,need to go after the money. At some point the Rothschilds and their ilk will have to be removed. Completely.

dcb141  No.1429778

If anybody thinks that the royals are to be ignored, think again. This whole wedding nonsense is a distraction and a way to show this disgusting family as being understanding and accepting of people of colour. It's all a distraction.

They have to go down too.

dcb141  No.1431519

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Please read Brave New World. This is the world that these Evil people envision. It is a world of absolute control.

22e8f8  No.1440379

File: b662636f650aaa5⋯.jpg (82.13 KB, 929x1199, 929:1199, DdXzqqqXcAAwNy5.jpg)

Q ROCKS!!!!!!!!!




dcb141  No.1443472

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Amazing how many layers of corruption that they have to remove in the justice system to get a trial that approaches fair.

I know it's taking awhile but this is the best approach, any other way, short of martial law/military tribunal could be the catalyst for a second American shooting Civil War. Change is needed but it is smart to try all options before needing to use violence to change the system.

Congrats to your President and those involved in putting this plan in motion.

It's like an onion A-nons, one layer removed will eventually lead us to the Controlling EVIL Centre.

Not saying to put your guns away, but put on the safeties until there are no more options.

I know the President is just there for the US people. Understood. But hopefully we can have some help(here in Canada) to help remove the EVIL. WWG1WGA.

dcb141  No.1447009

I think the next operation the Clowns should initiate, named after a Stones tune is "Biggest Mistake" :)

f1fa82  No.1447656


What a great place for a mass arrest. A bunch of them will be there…together. Kind of reminds me of SA!

370e11  No.1447671

File: 1a225ceed5ccfcc⋯.gif (4.54 MB, 455x262, 455:262, bumpyride.gif)

"It's going to be a bumpy ride!"

dcb141  No.1451630

What does NASA have to do with this? Anyone have any ideas?

dcb141  No.1451826

Anybody else wonder where 26 trillion dollars disappeared to?

dcb141  No.1454920

Fake News Media had me calling Immigrants, or Illegal Immigrants, “Animals.” Wrong! They were begrudgingly forced to withdraw their stories. I referred to MS 13 Gang Members as “Animals,” a big difference - and so true. Fake News got it purposely wrong, as usual!

At what point do you go after the media? They really are guilty of treason and need to pay. They have abused the immense trust that they have been granted. There are a lot of them on CNN, NYTimes, MSNBC, etc that should HANG. No question. They think their purple theme shows solidarity - it shows how they are guilty.

What do they know that they will continue this narrative when it is slowly but surely breaking apart?

nitey-nite Tapper. hellfire club indeed

dcb141  No.1454966

England - what a deceiver they are. It will be an interesting day when Americans and the world realize how malicious and deceptive England is. Let everyone be fooled by this royal wedding, it is nothing but hocus pocus.

dcb141  No.1467659

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

I cannot stress how much the media has to be exposed for what they are. They are a major onion layer that has to be removed(Treason-judgement).

There are still so many people who believe the current narrative. These people are good people but they have no idea of the underlying corruption that the majority of us anons know about.

There needs to be exposure - How do we go about getting that information? It exists.

We have to help Q, not by just listening but being proactive.

There biggest fear is a proactive public. Bigger than Q and bigger than President Trump.


For all the Canadians, we need to find out about Trudeau's ties, the Trudeau Trust Fund, and who he follows.

Let's do this.

dcb141  No.1472076

Q, you have finished haven't you? It's now in our hands. Thank-you so much. END.

dcb141  No.1474623

not done yet!

f1fa82  No.1474882


Fight against Evil

Finally, let the mighty strength of the Lord make you strong. Put on all the armor that God gives, so you can defend yourself against the devil's tricks. We are not fighting against humans. We are fighting against forces and authorities and against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world. So put on all the armor that God gives. Then when that evil day comes, you will be able to defend yourself. And when the battle is over, you will still be standing.

Be ready! Let the truth be like a belt around your waist, and let God's justice protect you like armor. Your desire to tell the good news about peace should be like shoes on your feet. Let your faith be like a shield, and you will be able to stop all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Let God's saving power be like a helmet, and for a sword use God's message that comes from the Spirit.

dcb141  No.1479499

I'm with you there. I do pray to God and hope that God will help me expose the EVIL and defend myself and the people I love.

They are losing and will strike back soon and often. They have no choice.

dcb141  No.1479908

The only royal event that has significance for yesterday's date is the beheading of Anne Boleyn. We're getting closer. You can wrap yourself up in as much social conscience as you want but it won't hide what you are. We're coming.

dcb141  No.1484165

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)


Don't let them carry out their desperation plans to prove a point. Let us know what they are. I'm sure many are in a position to help sound the alarm. Anon's don't take the trigger guards off yet.

They all have to pay. It is abhorrent what they stand for.

Name them all. We'll spread their damn names.

dcb141  No.1492731

God Bless you too Q and all people who desire truth and freedom from EVIL.

e49028  No.1493643







































1e5499  No.1493772

e73296  No.1494157



e73296  No.1494249

File: 933d3911ded3457⋯.png (26.98 KB, 220x289, 220:289, redpill-vertical.png)

TAKE IT NOW (testing image)

e73296  No.1495049

Where is the Q gif overlaying the London camera rotations?

dcb141  No.1495130

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

Ever think that these people are so EVIL that they are willing to start a WW to hide in?

I just saw a pamphlet Sweden distributed to every household about being prepared for national emergency or war. Canada did a test of emergency broadcast system last week. First time I'd seen that in years.

dcb141  No.1495188

Good God code- breakers are a patient bunch!

dcb141  No.1495253


if the cabal is looking for a secure way to communicate, do you think their main discussion is how to have a distracting limited in scope and action WW?

Because Sweden and Canada are being warned is this the potential area of conflict? Big empty spaces, What does everyone think?

29529d  No.1495351


Why would they do that? Our military would go in and get each and everyone they wanted. Rules in war? Wouldn't be in that one, as its not orchestrated. Our technology is amazing. They may have threatened them with more hidden agendas. Such as, anything else, dont want to give ideas.

29529d  No.1495428


Yes, from what i have been seeing is a great feel of patriotism. HOWEVER, there is no real organization. This whole thing needs to come together. If, someone posts petitions in attempts. And you agree, post on twitter facebook until it is completed. And, if you dont agree, suggest better wordings to petitions.




dcb141  No.1495436

I don't disagree with you. But things still need to be discussed, For example is there a possibility that various national militarys are not necessarily controlled by sovereign power. it wouldn't be the first time in history.

dcb141  No.1495463


Not a time for inaction. Just have to think of how to protest, who to protest, what form does that protest take, what are potential pushbacks and how does one defend oneself accordingly.

Q is absolutely right in how this is helping change the narrative, dismissing the BS msm and making the arbiters of current control look ridiculous in their lies. This is essential.

But more may be required. WWG1 WGA

dcb141  No.1495498

1 Cor 13:4-13

How can we not do this for anything else but love.

Pax tecum sit, et benedicat te Deus

29529d  No.1495554



seriously, there should be enough people on this board alone, and members outside to complete the tasks alone. This is a massive group. The lack of inaction is absurd.

And, yes there is a lot to talk about with the masses. What better way than here? It can be done.

Seriously, Q intellegence, is telling us that right now is the time to do something, if we want it done. This MAY BE OUR LAST CHANCE IN HISTORY. Do we not get it? FACT* OUR MILITARY LEADERS ARE THE MOST PATRIOTIC IN VERY LONG TIME, and may ever be.




e73296  No.1495667

GODSPEED lovers of FREEDOM and National Sovereignty.

POTUS is letting out The Executive Order today that will start the D5.

The Executive Branch will follow the law.

I have prayed a powerful prayer today and I urge you all to do the same. Prayer works, and so does action. MEME the HELL out of people on many accounts, and spread the word locally. Love your family, friends, and kiss your babies. God will judge the wicked in our nation and abroad.

dcb141  No.1495701

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)

I'm not American, as I've mentioned previously but I have a high respect for your country and what it regards as freedom(citizen vrs subject)

President Trump loves your country. I think that is the reason why he is suffering these "slings and arrows". That is patriotism.

Keep telling people (red-pilling) but remember to act as one. You have people at all levels of govt, military and public that love your country. Act as one. Remember the cabal has perfected 'divide and conquer'

Trying to figure how we root these buggers out of Canada. :)

29529d  No.1495799


We love canada too, but once the usa is cleared and positioned, already happening a little. This is going to be world wide. They are going to restructure the reserves here, freeze assets. Why are big families "donating to charity and auctions" - we will see debt pretty much wiped out. Our politicians are just a piece. They are going after the big dogs… this will be world wide. Mass convictions, and hangings. I would not be surprised, if martial law had to be implemented at a point. If this happens, its good for us common people.

dcb141  No.1495916

In Canada we need to find out what happened to the thousands of First Nations women that have disappeared. Thousands upon thousands. This is a major step in rooting out this EVIL. Although I appreciate Q saying that we can only publicly reveal a percentage of this evil, I have to disagree. As bad as it is, we need to know all as a society, as a people, as a world.

440648  No.1496470


To all people and all nations, our free born rights to work and live and speak. I am inspired by the many WW patriots/populists and populists who seek to uphold Liberty and be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

May Canada be free, and may Providence show the way forward for us all.

dcb141  No.1503997

What does everyone think will happen tomorrow the 23rd. I see a lot of bloggers and youtubers waiting in anticipation.

dcb141  No.1505285

When you already control the world, what is the only thing one can possibly want?

dcb141  No.1507320

File: 15ba53fd8ff2aff⋯.jpg (75.68 KB, 370x463, 370:463, mask.jpg)


Thanks Q. My guess is that once one media organization takes a big hit, the others will fold. They have so much to lose. I wonder which ones become pro-President Trump first.

It will be interesting to see how the Podesta dinner with all those journalists comes into play.

Seditious fools.


dcb141  No.1518343

lol notice how CNN personalities look stressed and without sleep!!!!

dcb141  No.1518844


dcb141  No.1522573

I know these threads are all about Q, but I have to throw this out there; Candace Owens is awesome. What an amazing person. When President Trump has completed his mission Republicans get Ms Owens into your party. She's the future of your country.

Although love for her to come to Canada :)

CNN hosts looking so nervous still. lol Seditious fools.

dcb141  No.1527080

Massive news drop yesterday, Pientka being one of them, emails being another and a few more. Let's go Americans, you need to discuss and disseminate these findings. You are beyond red-pilling yourself, it's about helping red-pill your country. The rest of us(I'm Canadian remember) are following. Use social media(until they block you) to post this info.

What President Trump and Q know and have been promoting(Mr. President, your use of social media truly is brilliant) is that they give you the crumbs but you bake the bread.

Everybody's hungry, get baking.


The gas mask guy - I can't post the image anymore.

dcb141  No.1535158

Emmet 'Flood is coming' . nice :)

dcb141  No.1537244

Don't know what happened yesterday, but it was the turning point. Q I hope you (plural) and the President will let us in on the happenings at some point.

Also you are continually silent on not-so-great britain. We know who initiated all of this nonsense. How will you deal with them?

I hope this place is truly anonymous, I've gotten a few strange phone calls.

the mask guy

dcb141  No.1538821

If Great Britain is harboring enemies of your republic as evidenced through the assault on America's highest office and essentially your constitution, how does America respond.

I can understand why Q has suggested that the public can only know so much. A very difficult issue. Again I believe that exposure should be 100%. Perilous times indeed.

The mask guy

dcb141  No.1547702

Wow the news is coming fast and furious. NoKo etc. CNN has no idea how to react anymore. Good on em, the seditious fools.

With so many great threads on this board dealing with all aspects of the second American Revolution and the necessary paradigm shift, I've been trying to nail down this thread to something more specific. As a Canadian I was hoping that other Canadians and concerned foreign parties could way in on the World Order that is present here in Canada. Believe me our country is up to it's eyeballs in the EVIL. Come on Canadians let's help our American and global brothers and sisters rid this planet of the cabal and their cronies. We have to cut off all the heads. And all heads lead to Great Britain.


the mask guy

dcb141  No.1547705

lol pickel.

Gotta love Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I think she is awesome.

dcb141  No.1550761

In Canada, the govt wants to allow non-Canadians to join the military. A foreign legion if you will. Anyone else have a big problem with this? They say that the number of enrollees into the Military has dropped and that necessitates filling the spaces with people from other countries. Globalization and anti-soverignty takes many forms. This is dangerous and unacceptable.All under the 'leadership' of Trudeau - the empty trust fund millionaire. Canadians we have to speak out about this.

dcb141  No.1550786

The cabal started a long time ago. They new that to bring their plans about they would need to have influence on major institutions of our society. Examine what they teach in schools. Look at post-secondary - what do they teach the professionals(engineering, medecine, business/accounting etc) who are they here for. I mentioned reading Brave New World before. The President and Q are a catalyst for change. The real change will be maintained and decided by us, the people, no matter what country you are from. Dig deep.


dcb141  No.1551651

The word which is of most significance in NWO is Order. Did Huxley have some knowledge that motivated his writing?

dcb141  No.1574972

If cabal need to escalate plans - disorder - solution - order because of disclosure to the public will they create disorder and hurt public at the same time? My guess is, they well. Global outbreaks? No vaccines (available)

the mask guy

5e8052  No.1578778

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

5e8052  No.1578832


roseanne promoted the account because of the 'good analysis'

get ready for more of these suspensions..archive on threadreaderapp NOW.

dcb141  No.1581165

I just watched CNN. They had April Ryan on it. Look at the language she uses about the people that voted for President Trump - his base. Her antagonistic language to these people is a reminder that speech like this led to people with yellow stars pinned to their chests brought to camps. You can now be considered an enemy just for who you voted for. This is so serious. They no that there are going to be major prosecutions in the future, they will do everything to disrupt this process and demonize anyone who disagrees with their narrative. Come on people, our voices have to be louder than theirs. This isn't about whether you back the President or not, this is about free speech, about the right to have your own opinion and to voice.

I think Roseanne was idiotic to make that tweet and ABC is probably within their right to fire her. I wonder though if she wasn't a supporter of the President if the outcome would have been the same.

Things will be getting more serious especially the closer we get to the actual negotiation with North Korea. We have to know what the cabal are protecting their. Whatever it is, it's serious and EVIL.

Seditious fools.


dcb141  No.1585797

I'll only mention one more thing on Roseanne, she was fired by a company, like a lot of similar companies that protected and still protect sexual predators. They do this knowingly. Come on America, come on Canada, come on world, where is your outrage? The double standards that exist are because they have created the standard. They have created the narrative. This EVIL has existed a long time and was made to penetrate all aspects of our society. And it has.

Only an effort by the public, by people who care, by people who believe in goodness can end this. How do we examine our media, our political system, the economic system, the education system?


dcb141  No.1596297

Enjoy the show.

Those are the last words Q gave us. Thank-you Q. It is remarkable that there are people who exist that will take a stand, probably at great risk, to make the world a better place.

We have enough info Anons. Keep digging, keep putting the pieces together. I know that Q want's to avoid the possibility of an armed civil war, or retribution to the cabal. If we can do it legally and get it them all then that is the way to go. Don't let us down Q.

I look at all these wonderful threads people have put together and they represent the great awakening as your President has stated. He has endured much slings and arrows.So what is it we can do besides putting the pieces together? Tell your friends, your neighbours, the people around you. We need to publicly spread this info. Remember we are already awake. We need to wake everyone else; to give them that seed of doubt in the current narrative, to not blindly follow the media and the political and economic leaders who tell us "everything is alright" just "obey". They fear us. They have to because we outnumber them and they know that we are one step away from pitchforks and fire. The greatest nobility we can have is to prove how EVIL they are. How England's elite and the elites that are subservient to them will one day have to fear going outside.

Can you do that? For yourself, for your children, your neighbors and the world. I know you can. We know we can.


God bless you and keep you.

At some point it would be nice for us all to be unmasked and to live free.

dcb141  No.1596334

Further to the above post:

And a child shall lead them:


Can we be awakened and awaken as this child has done? Can we have his courage? You know we can.

"And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven"

This applies no matter what religion you are. I use it because I'm a Catholic and it fits.

What a kid eh! Awesome!!

the "unmasking" guy :)

dcb141  No.1598122

President Trump said that he has spent too much time dealing with all the collusion bs and needs to put his attention to the real issues.

That is a signal folks. They are ready to implement the necessary changes(prosecutions, economic normalization, etc). IG Report coming out very soon and NK talks soon after.

Expect the EVIL cabal to pull a few more dirty, inhumane tricks. They are all going down. Be ready and pray for your President, all those in the know and for all of humanity.


dcb141  No.1598167

When you have all the power in the world what is the one thing you want?

fe9458  No.1599381



dcb141  No.1601531



dcb141  No.1628491


dcb141  No.1630373

Just because Q is posting little, doesn't mean that we start. Q is the spark, we are the fire. We will help light up the dark and we do that by persistent public acknowledgement and derision of the EVIL that has gripped the world for so long. They are scared that we know. At one time we valued the singers, and jesters, and storytellers because they could reach a broad group of people with a message that often people were afraid to talk about or just were not aware of.Sing it out folks, make the jokes that stick, tell the stories to banish the dark.


dcb141  No.1632646

A psychiatrist involved in the Jon Benet Ramsey case was murdered along with 3 other people. THe alleged murderer died by 'self-inflicted' gunshot today. Anyone have any information on this? How close are we getting to tying the child trafficking, pedophilia network to the cabal? We need to know and spread these things if true. Remember, songs, jokes, stories etc etc.

517d75  No.1640314


"Jones for a lot of people is considered one of "us". What if he isn't? Is he dividing "us""

Alex Jones was never, from the time of his inception and to now, a part of 'you'. He was and always is 'controlled opposition'. He's a walking discredit movement.

Think about it: Alex Jones, the man who is so fat he could easily have a 'mysterious heart attack' and die (without being noticed) is some vocal rant-aholic who screams at people in a crazy-ass, discrediting kind of way.

Contrast that with the example Q brought up of the woman who questioned the 9/11 narrative. Dead.

How about the guy investigating the satanic cult some months ago who also ended up mysteriously dead? Or any other actual conspiracy theorist or researcher?

And yet, there Alex Jones sits, making profits, getting fatter, and key point here - not dying. And he does not strike me as being smart, so I can't chalk it up to survival.

Good conspiracy theorists are either extremely smart and still alive, or end up dead.

Alex Jones is not dead and is not smart. He's controlled opposition. Operation Mockingbird but for the conspiracy theorists. Designed to be the 'faceplate' of conspiracy theory where we get painted as 'lunatic raving loudmouths who scream a lot' and 'yell communist' at everything (which is very American-centric, I might add).

Proof Alex Jones is controlled op:

1) Profits easily (truth tellers always encounter resistance and legal threats, finances disappear)

2) Still alive (truth tellers often get death threats - I can attest - or killed - I've seen others get killed under dubious circumstances)

3) Very 'acted' with the appearance of being 'emotionally unstable' - most conspiracy theorists are rational, level headed people (they only 'sound' like they're 'raving' if you're reading a post and haven't actually met them in person).

4) Strawman arguments/poorly presented arguments that are often very easy to disprove or debunk (and extremely gloss over the *actual* facts that would arguably make the argument very strong)

5) Lack of critical judgement in analysing given datasets.

6) Heavy reliance on criticism/skeptism (AKA 'opinion pieces') as a compensation for a total lack of research (see 4 and 5 above)

7) Uses appeals to what conspiracy theorists 'mostly agree with' to 'lumpsum' attack other theories (IE conflating bad or poorly formed theories as being part of the set, EG flat earth, to discredit other better founded theories, EG evidence of 9/11 being an intel operation/inside job).

There's plenty of others. Remember, if Alex Jones has advertisers, he falls under the same problem YouTube has - so-called 'advertiser friendliness'.

517d75  No.1640421


"I cannot stress how much the media has to be exposed for what they are."

"There needs to be exposure - How do we go about getting that information? It exists. "

It's not about 'how to get that information', that part is easy. So easy that Project Veritas does it on a daily basis as a sort of independent journalism investigation charity.

The real question is 'how do your disseminate that information in a way people can trust'?

Because the media are a 'well oiled' propaganda machine. They're not going to publish the information that leads to their own downfall. They even appear to have a gentleman's agreement not to publish dirt on each other (with exception for when they get into a direct scrap with one another, EG Fox versus CNN).

For example, you'll never see any of the media outlets publishing the Project Veritas' 'nothing burger' discovery of the New York Times, or if you do; it's heavily distorted and buried (Project Veritas often finds itself at the focus of slanderous or dishonest information).

Any countering outlet or an honest outlet gets attacked and berated. Anything not of the lying media is supposedly 'fake news'. Anything on YouTube (prior to it's censorship - something they all egged on for) is 'terrorism' or 'alt-right' or 'trolls'. If it's Twitter or Facebook it's supposedly 'Russian bots' (despite numerous instances involving real people who are clearly not bots).

The issue isn't getting dirt on them - that shit is easy, they don't even hide it.

It's getting the dirt to the people who need to know it, it's getting it out there via uncensored platforms that can resist attacks and government legislation (read: abusive censorship practices like 'blackbox AI' that censors content - see Thesera May's craziness), and in a way the people can easily access and trust, that is content neutral and isn't subject to the same level of editorial bias.

Even if we knocked out the media outlets now, another abusive monopoly or media outlet would simply take their place.

Two options: develop an alternative, or legislate, legislate, legislate.

People need to develop the BitTorrent equal to chat, or even video (and no, not BitChute: that's FBI).

b064c8  No.1640558


The logic you use is rather poor. I am not AJ supporter any longer because he mixes truth with Deep State propaganda which would protect his life as you would say. Disregarding the DS connections as if he had none and was a wackadoo truth teller, to off AJ would validate him. His antics always will keep him from MSM and he had to go sabotage to discredit truthers who had been swindled into following him over the years because truth did start to prevail. So to off AJ would only make him a martyr in the truest sense if he was the real deal. Now it doesn't matter since he self destructed.

517d75  No.1641831


I'm not saying to 'off' him (you misread me).

My whole point is he hasn't been offed already because he's a part of them. Real truthers, conspiracy theorists etc often end up dead (especially vehicular 'accidents' of some sort: Michael Hastings, or suicides: Dr David Kelly, for example) or threatened in some way.

Never would I propose death as a general solution to anything, with the very extreme exception being possibly sick and twisted pedophiles (to be fair, keeping them alive in jail with the full exposure of people knowing them as pedos/rapists strikes me as more of a punishment, especially when 'prison justice' kicks in).

dcb141  No.1643828

We can either waste our time looking to discredit people or we can look at spreading the message. I don't know who Alex Jones works for and I don't really care about him. It's about who he works for, who the mainstream media works for who we all work for. Our job is to get the message out. To change the narrative through whatever means is available to us. Whether it is you tube, or 8 chan or songs, jokes, stories.

The idea of discrediting is just misdirection - it takes us away from what we really need to focus on. How do we change the system or as President Trump put it "Drain the Swamp". There is nothing more important than that. Right now Tucson, Arizona has become a focal point. How do the kids get there? Where do they go from there? Is California a part of this trail. Who are the traffickers? And who are the primaries? The primaries have to be discovered and removed. Hopefully legally. THis has to be done in the light of day. Who is the mayor of Tucson. Who own's the land that these cells were discovered on? What is the connection of this company with the Clinton Foundation?

Let's not waste our energy on misdirection. We need to uncover the source..

These seditious fools. EVIL.


dcb141  No.1649615

These trafficking routes are a part of the map we will need to be aware of. They lead to countries, money and people and most importantly to children we may be able to rescue. Anyone involved in this trafiicking should be(fill in the blank) I think it should be the death penalty. Countries involved need to be exposed.

This is more than just pedophilia, there is a hunt aspect that needs to be examined (northern Canada, hunting lodges in Europe, etc) but also a medical reason. What exactly is happening in the life extension department?


I've said this before, but Canadians and the rest of the world have help our brothers and sisters in the US expose and remove this cabal.

What's funny is we already know who they are. What does it take to take them down? Hopefully legally and in the light of day. What does it take?

They are not seditious fools, not just to your respective country but to humanity.


dcb141  No.1649623

correction: they ARE seditious fools…

mask guy needs to read his posts before sending them out :)

51e7e1  No.1649688

>>1643828 YES.

We can either waste our time looking to discredit people or we can look at spreading the message. I don't know who Alex Jones works for and I don't really care about him. It's about who he works for, who the mainstream media works for who we all work for. Our job is to get the message out. To change the narrative through whatever means is available to us. Whether it is you tube, or 8 chan or songs, jokes, stories.

The idea of discrediting is just misdirection - it takes us away from what we really need to focus on. How do we change the system or as President Trump put it "Drain the Swamp". There is nothing more important than that. Right now Tucson, Arizona has become a focal point. How do the kids get there? Where do they go from there? Is California a part of this trail. Who are the traffickers? And who are the primaries? The primaries have to be discovered and removed. Hopefully legally. THis has to be done in the light of day. Who is the mayor of Tucson. Who own's the land that these cells were discovered on? What is the connection of this company with the Clinton Foundation?

Let's not waste our energy on misdirection. We need to uncover the source..

These seditious fools. EVIL.


dcb141  No.1649730

Is there a potential that mules, Either couples pretending to be parents or single parents are bringing up kids from south of the American border as a part of the trafficking trail.

If they are, who do they deliver the children to when they hit the US. What routes do they go from there.

Misdirection seems to be happening now with CNN and others trying to talk about kids being seperated from their parents under President Trump's administration. And some fella was checking a facility in Texas. But the trafficking route is likely in Arizona and California.

Beware the misdirection.

The child trafficking is what is going to bring most of them down. We are talking about children folks. Children.

These people are EVIL.

Remember ignore the misdirection. Keep digging and posting. SONGS, JOKES, STORIES.


dcb141  No.1651651

Canadians, do you think that one of the possibilities that President Trump has put tariffs on our steel and aluminum is that Trudeau, through his bromance with BHO allowed CSIS to spy on Americans through the 5 eyes program. I think the President Trump and Q is aware of that.

Trudeau, that empty trust-fund millionaire is not out friend. We have to find out more, particularly his relationships to Soros, the Bronfmanns, and the British crown.


d8e475  No.1655356

>>1651651 I think it's all been floated. High tech Auto parts and Steel issues in regards to critical tolerances (cheap import sold as high grade domestic?) Logical issue.

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 8744ac No.592798 📁

Mar 8 2018 18:52:54 (EST)

Q !UW.yye1fxo No.96 📁

compromised? Logical questions should always be asked.

https://www. theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/may/31/justin-trudeau-kinder-morgan-pipeline-china-did-he-fear-being-sued

dcb141  No.1655584

Yes this was the issue with the Japanese steel company that had been fabricating quality reports for 5 decades. Canada has had great relations with the US and I doubt there would have been a willful reason to lie about quality issues to compromise America's security until recently.

Interesting article.

Why is there a desire to shift Empire? And why not name the primaries? Because they certainly aren't of Chinese ancestry. Dark to light.


dcb141  No.1655624

Who were the primaries that sold America and the world out?

Please understand that people really desire change. They know that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. It can't be easy but there are now legions that support. I guess it's difficult to not create a mob.

3ea586  No.1656252

"We can either waste our time looking to discredit people or we can look at spreading the message."

Either-or fallacy. We can do both, at the same time - especially when the misleading source of information is likely to harm the credibility of the current cause.

I also find your attitude pretty strange given Q is willing to out, expose and even discredit people (IE Alex Jones).

Passing out your message is no good if you don't openly condemn the hucksters who piggyback on it for a free ride, and suggesting 'discrediting is misdirection' is what I'd expect a *shill* who didn't want *other shills* to be exposed to say.

Alex Jones is fraud, acting indifferent when he's misleading others is not acceptable. You're not silent in the face of media lies, or lies by Hillary Clinton, why be silent in the face of his lies? Makes absolutely no fucking sense.

dcb141  No.1658200

I'm just saying Alex Jones is not important. Most people here including yourself realize that AJ lacks credibility after his effort to discredit Q. I want to know about his handlers. They (Cabal) are EVIL. They need to be exposed.

If you think that makes me a shill well your opinion is your own.

Seditious fool!


dcb141  No.1667847

Way to go Ford. Don't be an arsehole. Do the people right.

dcb141  No.1667872

I pray that the G7 summit is peaceful. There will be demonstrations. Hopefully law enforcement has the good sense to weed out the infiltrators. You know they will be there. I'm tired of all these EVIL false flags.

If the public had the guts to persecute the real seditious fools for 911 we'd be in a better place. Thank God your President and Q finally have the guts. Thank God we(as in us) finally have the guts.

Songs. Jokes. Stories.


dcb141  No.1686729

Just so the world knows, all Canadians do not stand with Trudeau. His ideology is not ours. His close relationships with Soros, his payment to terrorists, his absolute belief in the fascistic components of political correctness reveal his true nature. He is just another face of the Cabal that if infiltrated the global media, politics, religion and economy, hopefully not too much of the military.

He has to go Canadians, he will bankrupt our country and overregulate us to death. The cabal is EVIL. They do not represent you or me but a class system which keeps them on top and the rest of us under their boot. Did you real Brave New World yet?

Have you written Songs, Jokes and Stories?

Have you told your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

We have work to do?

Seditious fools.


dcb141  No.1688127

Empty-headed, trust fund shill Trudeau and his govt are denying Christian churches the right to apply for funding to have a summer student assist in the various parishes because they ticked a right to life box in the application. They are doing this on the grounds that the govt will deny anyone who impedes against the various individual freedoms.

Hypocrisy! They are denying religious freedom.

Don't be fooled by Trudeau. He will overregulate us to death.

Seditious fools.


dcb141  No.1701398

I have a story.

Because he won, plans that have been decades in the making were critically interrupted. A small select group of families/institutions felt that they were entitled to rule the world. Countries that did not fall in line, were put in chaos by countries whose leaders were subservient to this small group of people. These defeated countries were unaware of this manipulation, usually started by a well-funded group of terrorists/ radicals who said they had a better way. Religion was often used as the catalyst. Most Christian countries did not suffer this type of destruction. There already was a means of control and a ready supply of battle fodder. This small select group of people/institutions were not just looking for global control but looking at a way to prolong the duration of their lives. They already could access most medical information but also had labs around the world to conduct experimentation. A lot of this revolves around children. They don't care about people only about their ability to control. When she lost, their preeminent means of economic and military control had been partially removed and changed. This could not stand because if one wants to rule as they do, one needs the whip. With a shift in leadership, things started to become public. Things they would have eventually pushed into the public sphere but still needed to be in the dark because generally humanity recognizes these acts/beliefs as heinous and EVIL. They can not stand the scrutiny because it will bring them into the light. And they will be known and subsequently removed for the blight that they are.

They've gone far with their 'plan'. They've coopted education, economy, military, justice and most importantly morality.

And all they can say now is 'if only she had won'.

Seditious fools. We will get all of you.


dcb141  No.1713166

I watch CNN to see what the opposition is doing. There is a lot of promotion of BHO and particularly how he would have met with North Korea. Of course that didn't happen.

They(EVIL) are worried. Their control is unstable and falling apart before their eyes. What information has North Korea passed onto your country? Who are the players? Through them we get the primaries. I expect more people will be suicided or there will be some massive event(FF) to distract. Let's hope Q and the good people out there have the resources to prevent.

Let's go people - Songs, Jokes, Stories

Family, Friends, Neighbours


dcb141  No.1713282

Does the fashion/beauty industry have anything to do with life extension?

e5d787  No.1718026





Q said the cure would spread.

God Bless All You Patriots

dcb141  No.1720445

Not much understanding of financials; how does the globe and mail story talk about a cure or does it talk about the illness.

Please elaborate.

980f39  No.1721243

Investigating his handlers would be a good cause but I think it's redundant - CIA, Operation Mockingbird. They coined the whole conspiracy theorist phrase back during the JFK 'Magic Bullet' schema.

If I'm a seditious fool, I'd love to meet what you consider to be a trustworthy smart man.

980f39  No.1721269


Is calling everyone seditious fools your equivalent to 'kindest regards'?

dcb141  No.1721357

No I use seditious fools to refer to the cabal and all their peons which have inflicted such EVIL on the world.

dcb141  No.1727546

Are these seditious fools so selfish that they are willing to allow their families to suffer once they have been arrested? Do you not think about your spouses and children? Do the right thing. How do you think your country treats traitors? Why would you want your loved ones to suffer the humiliation and mob rage(unfortunate but true) of revelation? Do the right thing. There is forgiveness in a humane society. As your President and Q has stated: dark to Light.

Do the right thing.


dcb141  No.1735002


What you are implying in your latest posts is a complete transformation of the government. Into what? The President has suggested some things over the past months, and I am a hesitant to feel a 'strong' man is the solution. Maybe it is, maybe the corruption is so bad that it is necessary. The media is already pushing the 'Cohen' bs, If Huber has been working for 5 months and the IG for years and the goal is to reveal and prosecute before the midterms don't you think now is the time? The media will be such an obstacle that isn't it also the case that any prosecutable corruption in their group should be revealed now.

I understand that the slings and arrows are also attempts and missiles. I commend your patriotism and fighting EVIL. It is wonderful. God bless you and keep you.

Come on people(of all countries) Songs, Jokes, Stories, to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

This is a fight we must all engage in.

Sometimes we have to be told how Q.


dcb141  No.1743063

Mr. President,

Sir are you willing to release the unredacted IG Report?

I know that you folks have some impressive strategy. I think the public may know about 20%. At some point though revelation has to be closer to 100%.

Change, real change requires disclosure, discussion and the will to do what is required. You know that the public will back you, but we need to know. Trust us as we trust you.

Happy Birthday Sir.


dcb141  No.1745900


The carbon tax debate is starting in our country.It is a tax on essentially your life. It is a tax that will ensure that poor people stay poor, will never be able to afford a home, or a car, or the little luxuries that all people enjoy and not just those with money.

Don't be fooled by the rhetoric. It is a tax on your life pushed by our empty headed trust-fund millionaire of a Prime Minister - Eyebrow Trudeau.

Say no to the tax. It is another insidious means of control.


dcb141  No.1752148

Castle - Camelot (?)


dcb141  No.1757060

Russian collusion to obstruction of justice to improper spending of election money to…

And besides this they've accused the President of everything from racism to sexism to elitism to populism.

Mr. President you have suffered so many bs slings and arrows and it is all bunk.

Time to pull the trigger on all of these seditious fools.

I know they have some means to retaliate from organizing peons to protest, to assassination attempts to unauthorized missile launches.

You need to put an end to this Sir. Trust us as we trust you.

And remember folks put out the Songs, Jokes and Stories.

Tell your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Even if they don't fully accept it, believe me a lot of my family doesn't there is still opportunity to open their eyes to Truth. I'm amazed that my Dad is starting to see some of it. And he is part of that group which in some ways are the hardest to reach.

The people we are fighting against are EVIL. We are 'useless eaters' and sheep to them. They think they are so separate that they have no problem abducting and killing our children. Our Children!!!!

And remember Canadians we don't have to accept Eyebrow Trudeau. He's a shill and a seditious fool.

All roads lead to Britain and at some point that road will go through Israel first.

No one said this would be easy. But our path is necessary.


dcb141  No.1759889

Q you are absolutely right that the snowball is rolling and getting bigger. Look at the increased media attacks. CNN hosts look so tired. lol Seditious fools!!!

I know you expect them to retaliate with harsher methods. Please keep the President and yourselves safe.

Let's go folks, now is the time to be louder, more diligent, logical and following the path of good and righteousness.

The media has been but have also increased their attacks on you, the supporters and voters of your President. This is how they think. They don't care about you.

We have to get them all.


dcb141  No.1764938

Mustapha S.

dcb141  No.1765040

Good news about Manafort. lol they might not need to bother with an extra prosecution - he's already where he belongs.

lol Plants need water.


dcb141  No.1771212

Wow, the snowball!

Folks time to be louder, logical and with love.

Please be careful, the Q release is dynamite and we are closer to JUSTICE.

The are seditious fools and must realize their necks are inches from the noose. They will fight for survival although they are used to control from a point of strength. They don't have that anymore.

Talk about the shot heard around the world.

God be with you and keep you.

Remember these are all the peons, no matter how far up the chain they are. At some point we go after the controllers. THey are international.

All roads lead to England, but first through Israel.


Take care of your President. He needs to be protected, Keep the tweets coming Sir.

dcb141  No.1771244

I'll mention it again, because of the fact that there is a political bent: Are there people crossing the American Southern border with kids that are not their own. Child trafficking. Were there elements in the Democratic and Republican parties that were aware of this and profited from it. ie Arizona and California but also other States(New York)

Is the President and his administration aware of this? Is this the reason why they are separating the kids? Protection.

I'm just speculating.


dcb141  No.1783421

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there. We are here because we love our children and want them to know freedom and the right to choose their lives.

We are fighting against those who want to remove our freedoms, who kill children, who believe that we are 'useless eaters and sheep'. Their crimes are horrendous and they will pay. Not just their peons but them. They know who they are.


dcb141  No.1789849

Obama's speech has to be listened to carefully. I think it was the clarion call to get Europe to let immigrants flood in, in the name of compassion. It is almost as if they knew that the conflicts in the middle east would have been the 'impetus' for this flood.

So it achieved a few things. The 'hero' BHO said it would be decent of countries to accept them, no questions asked, It helped create conflict in Europe which created strife in various countries. Fear leads to greater controls.The flow of immigrants also hid all the bad actors coming into Europe and points beyond with little chance of checking their documents.

It created chaos in the countries they were leaving. No one to stay to defend their territory.

Great PR for the world's'compassion'.

By bringing this large amount of people with all the conditions it creates the cabal can enact bigger controls on everyone.

If you examine it, it's a planned event that is one of the steps to their global control.

These people are EVIL.

We are going to get everyone one of you. One country at a time.


dcb141  No.1791508

Trolling is fun!!! lol

Are you pushing for a reaction Q?

I appreciate the confidence because it means that you have them.


dcb141  No.1791536

I hope!!

dcb141  No.1796075

Morning sun brings heat.

Full moon coming.

Undiscovered stars learned.

Missions forward

Is this a kill order?

Discovery of a false flag and the perpetrators?

They've learned names and there was a decision to weed them out.

What's the heat? Explosion?

Go get em Q


dcb141  No.1796703

There is a flu in China that has a high mortality rate. Anyone have any ideas?

Can a virus be engineered to target groups?

dcb141  No.1803510

Apple is spying on phone conversations and giving the info out to their 'buddies'

dcb141  No.1807177



dcb141  No.1811356

Canadians, Americans and the world has to be strong. There is obviously some major revelations that are and will be revealed. I'm reading reports of the DOW going to plunge. The will attack on many fronts. If they(EVIL) hit us on the economic side they are expecting people to dismiss all the good changes that are happening. We have to keep an eye on what individuals and corporations are selling large and what their connections are. In their panic they will reveal themselves.

We will get all of you. Do not doubt that for one second. And you will pay.

Q is there a chance that they will shut down the internet? Is that possible. Are we (the people) making plans to continue digging and revealing. We need to be ready for many eventualities.

They are EVIL.


ce8d3b  No.1811677


Yes. Biowarfare mechanics state as such.

Think about how certain diseases only target certain species. The only difference is you must carefully encode a virus against a specific DNA engram and make sure it doesn't mutate too wildly.

It's a topic for serious consideration in the event of say, an interplanetary war (IE a war against aliens). H.G. Wells proposed the first - bacterium, albeit his depiction is entirely defensive.

Also, space force.

dcb141  No.1812324

Thank-you for the info. It gives me much to think about - wild speculations aside.

The space force introduction is interesting - Is there something up with the American Air Force that requires the President to seriously consider dividing it up? Anyone able to add anything to this query?

Let's go Canadians - I will keep asking for those who want positive change to contribute to this all important discussion of creating positive change.

There must be people who served(Thank-you) and citizens with some knowledge that can assist.

Eyebrow Trudeau (ET) is a shill. What do we know about his past? What do we know about his foundation?

What is amazing and heartening is that we are becoming 'unified'. Seriously consider the meaning of that.

One simple statement. One simple call.


Remember: Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours

dcb141  No.1816460

Yeah what a way to publicly disparage this movement by having a guy with a gun have a sign in a big old noticeable van that says Release the IG Report.

THese people are EVIL.

Perhaps they think they believe that people don't know who they are. They should be shaking in their socks.

dcb141  No.1827649

Here's a story:

Was there a plan put together by an elitist group of families and disseminated to their economic/ political peons to flood Europe and North America with undocumented immigrants, who would be put out of their own homes by the terrors of war, bigotry, contrived and uncontrived economic hardships to make the trip to a border of a 'promised land'.

This influx of people, which hid bad actors amongst the group of innocents created hardships in Europe and North America that would require 'controls' to be put in place which could be used on everyone.

chaos - fear - control

This influx of people also bottoms out the economic ability for the citizens of these countries. No more high wages, why when you could give an immigrant far less. This leads to more chaos, more fear, more controls.

The question is why do we let this 'elitist' group get away with it.

We will collect their peons, the child traffickers, the saboteurs, the drug importers. And they will pay.

Does this story end with us going after the controllers? They should pay a million times over. They are a stain that needs to be cleaned away.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

We are fighting EVIL.


Come on Canadians - time to get to work.

dcb141  No.1827843

Addition to story:

Can an engineered virus come in with the immigrant influx to cause massive harm? Wouldn't the citizens react negatively to this?

Chaos - Fear - Control

These people are EVIL. They are going down.


dcb141  No.1830953

Finally, the doctor is in!!!

Still don't know what's on the ring Q. If it represents a club, what is the club and what politicians/entertainers, bankers, newscasters are on it?

Shine that morning light on them.



dcb141  No.1831140

Also who makes the ring. There seems to be a frightening level of organization to this 'club'. If they are pedos they should be put in the same basket as traitors.

Capital punishment.

I hope someone is keeping count of all the lies/propaganda that the 'news' people are spouting.

Each one should be tallied as an individual count of treason.

Capital punishment.

dcb141  No.1831452

The FF was for the congressional picnic wasn't it?

dcb141  No.1840750

The President is correct. Time to go on the offensive. Pics and vids should start to make their way out into the public sphere.

Of course you can give them a choice first; to reverse course, do the right thing, but do the time or release the pics/vids.

These people are so EVIL they don't give a thought of how this will affect their families.

Be aware people. Stand ready and strong. They will try to hit back.

Let's go Canadians, time to find out everything about ET. :)


dcb141  No.1845312

Berman, don't think for one second that Reps Jordan and Raskin are referring to you and your ilk (Seditious fools). They are talking about the Press not propagandists and deliberate falsifiers of the truth.

Too late for 'fair and balanced' as your colleague said earlier.

But it's not too late to tell the truth. You know exactly what I mean.


Songs, Jokes, Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

dcb141  No.1845866

Facts matter. Seditious fools.

dcb141  No.1854136

Here's a question:

Can a news organization's positive continual coverage of a political party be construed as Electoral promotion/advertising?

Seems like some partys get millions of dollars worth of campaign advertising without having to pay for it.

Just a question.

Seditious fools.


dcb141  No.1859476

Canadians BNN joined up with Bloomberg. Is there issues with this?

It seems ET's promotion of a globalized Canada is becoming apparent in very public ways.

What secrets does Eyebrow know? I fear Canada is deep into this.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.1859716

Also to my American friends:

If they are organizing the protests/riots, what groups are communicating this, how are they getting there(bus companies), are there media organizations(seditious fools) that are reporting/promoting, is there the potential that a FF could be held against these protesters/rioters to galvanize that group against your govt.? What is the distraction?

Please be careful and be aware.


dcb141  No.1860490

Further to above post:

A lot of the reporting (the Seditious fools) is also negative to your President's supporters. This is not just against your government, this is against your citizens. Keep this stuff in mind. I really don't know what the solution is but I'll keep throwing ideas out there.

dcb141  No.1867803

Oh CNN. Tom Arnold? Are you serious? lol Mr. Druggie only shows how utterly desperate you are.

dcb141  No.1868043

Doesn't the reporting on the migrant children seem to have reached a fever pitch?

Has something been discovered with the adults coming over and the adults waiting that is about to bring a lot of people down? Are arrested illegals who are not parents talking and giving contact names?

dcb141  No.1874558

Watch the narrative, it's now about the 'kinder, more understanding Democratic Party' and how there are Republicans and Independents that disagree with your President, his Administration and his Supporters.

Look even though I'm a Canadian and generally conservative in beliefs, I also have very liberal ideas. It's not about sides it's about Right versus Wrong. Remember that.

Right versus Wrong.

I don't agree with everything you President says but I fully support what he is doing. What a hero to accept all of the insults and threats because he truly believes in 'America'

I want a political system in Canada that truly believes in our country and not a pawn of global interests.

Songs, Jokes and Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours!


dcb141  No.1874756

Q I know that you all have a plan, but it will be necessary to have disclosures and indictments soon. I'm amazed by the people susceptible to false narratives. Sometimes the harsh light of truth is what's required. Get em all.

dcb141  No.1875460

It's interesting how CNN starts to call 'facts' 'points of view'.

They are seditious fools remember that.

CBC is just as bad, just not as insidious. Thankfully a lot of Canadian views CBC as a heavily-subsidized left leaning media organization. That's unfortunate, once they were legitimately a very good news service. Shame.

dcb141  No.1875834

Was it just an accident that caused the injury to the Republican candidate. I really hope she's ok. Americans if this isn't an accident than it's time to start protecting your citizens.

If this isn't an accident it will show you what these seditious fools are willing to do. Funny they had Sanford on CNN last night. Deflection perhaps? What does he know? What does CNN know?

This is serious folks. I suggest that all Republicans in office or running for office to start looking at protection and considering their moves. What a sorry state of affairs in a free country to worry about this. But it is what it is and until Disclosure and Indictments start consider yourself warned and time to take the initiative.

Why, you may ask would a Canadian care so much about another country? I've said it before it's better to be a citizen than a subject. The way the world is going you may be the last shining light of true freedom. The rest of us need something to aspire to. Don't lose it please.

I'm hoping Canadians can get involved and figure out the EVIL shit that is happening here. New seat of power perhaps? Still working through it.

Good luck Americans, you are not alone, we are not alone.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


a856e8  No.1875836


You're an Israeli slave bud. They are the source of the problems in the middle east. They also did 9/11. Time to wake up.

dcb141  No.1875859

I know about Israel. And I'm not a slave. The whole reason I speak here is because of 911. That damn treasonous act changed the world. TIme to change it back.

dcb141  No.1878045


dcb141  No.1886157

Your President is absolutely right; This sham of a Russian witch hunt is devastating to your country. It is divisive and does anyone have any idea what it does to your sovereignty or national security? This whole pile of bs was created to depose a lawfully elected President to maintain the status quo and to hid crimes. Crimes against humanity, against your nation (treason) and against your right to be free, to be a citizen.

Songs, jokes, stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

The propaganda has reached a fever pitch. The next step for them after this uncivil discourse is civil disobedience. It's serious.

And another plea to Canadians to start uncovering and disclosing the crap that is happening in our country. This isn't just about the United States. It is global in their desire for their definition of 'globalization'.

Remember that, at the end of the day, this is about a group of people who want to control the world. That's it. Nothing more. They want to flood countries with people and have this abrupt joining of very divergent cultures.


Chaos - Fear - Control

Mr. President at some point the disclosures and Indictments need to start in a very public way.

If your country falls, the world is doomed. It is as simple as that. This is a paradigm shift we don't need.

dcb141  No.1886915

Disclosure on the Las Vegas shootings and Seth Rich's murder is a good place to start. Don't ya think.


dcb141  No.1886987

CNN is already talking about how the President views the news organizations are 'treasonous', which for the most part they are. Some of them are aware of the treason.

They know what's coming. Don't these people consider their families when they commit this treason? Are they that selfish.

Seditious fools.

Reliable Sources my arse!

dcb141  No.1887024

Felsenthal you report lies. Pull back on it as much as you can. "We make an error" - what a joke!

Americans this is your 5th Estate!

dcb141  No.1887076

Gotta go after the journalists too. It's amazing when one is aware of the lies how the media is the biggest enemy of truth. It's astounding the world we live in. Shame.

Gotta disclose and indict them too. Who their handlers are. How they get their narrative. What are the origins of their sedition.

If they are so selfish not to even consider their families then they have made their choice. What is the penalty for treason?

dcb141  No.1887336

Good for you Beck! I've disagreed with you in the past. But what a courageous thing to do.

Shame on Reliable Sources. Shame.

dcb141  No.1894855

Canadians, don't you see how ET's (Eyebrow Trudeau) rise to power was a carefully crafted PR job. The boxer, the cool, guy, the environmentalist, the pseudo intellectual. He is nothing but a fairweather PM. A face for all reasons and really just a shill for all seasons. He was crafted. Look who supported him, the Soros family. This should be reason enough to look deeper. His soft manners and words are hidden by a man who doesn't care, elbowing a woman in parliament to get her out of the way. What kind of 'good' person does that? A carefully crafted puppet. Prove me wrong.


dcb141  No.1894870

We have to look at the Bronfman empire too. Who are their friends? What do they support? What is the agenda? Do all their trucks hold booze?

dcb141  No.1898702

Americans, don't think that Harley-Davidson is the only American motorcycle manufacturer.

Really how American are they anyway?

Let globalisation occur naturally, not pushed by families/corporations that just want global control. They don't care about borders.


dcb141  No.1898767

Leopold is the best you can do Kate? lol! THANKS!!!! lol!!!!!

dcb141  No.1898977

Remember the EVIL have peons everywhere. Everywhere. They have been planning their takeover a long time. If you are a voice they want to silence you. Use your voice.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

And always protect yourself.


dcb141  No.1905363

It's amazing that they are blaming Water's divisive and inflammatory comments on your President.

The left will not accept any blame. They just won't. They are leading your country and the world to disaster. They will take away your freedoms and they are still Peons.

Remember at some point we go after the Handlers. EVIL


dcb141  No.1909089

They are escalating. Schumer and Pelosi made their cover-their-arse statements. Expect the organized protests/civil disobedience to start in a big way. Potential for False Flag to be masked by this.

What is possible is they will 'hit' their own. To increase the outrage.

If this is true think about how EVIL they are. They do not care about life whatsoever.

Mr. President disclosures and indictments please.


dcb141  No.1909108

CNN makes their 'obligatory' Waters pushback between huge stretches of blaming the President.

Seditious fools.

lol Berman "the tone comes from the top" You are such a shill. You and your fellow peons are traitors.


dcb141  No.1910362

I wish CBC had the independence to not mimic the talking points of American broadcasters. It's as if they work for CNN.

Shame CBC shame.

Look how much this cabal has infiltrated our institutions - on a global level.

Think about that.

Where are your Songs, Jokes and Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Do you want to be a slave? Do you want them to take children? Do you want them to trample freedom?

Well do you?


dcb141  No.1910391

If wealthy families/corporations are responsible for violent or forceful impacts on a Nation's sovereignty and constitution can they be considered enemy combatants?

Just a question.

dcb141  No.1924898

Here's a thought:

If you were the cabal, EVIL yes but also very clever, one way to infiltrate society is to take control of institutions.

Who are these immigration judges in the US. What are their backgrounds? Why do they need so many more immigration judges? Who are making these requests? What states are they in? Who are they affiliated to?

Lots of questions to think about folks.


dcb141  No.1925246

Notice how they are changing the narrative with the new Democrats getting elected (NY). Already it's a pushback against the old guard(Pelosi and Schumer, etc) THey are definitely guilty but don't leave the Republicans out of this group.

It is not about Left vrs Right. It is about Good vrs Evil.

Lots of bad Republicans who have to go/indictment/prosecution/noose(?).

Be on guard Americans. The rubber is truly hitting the road.

Be careful Canadians and everyone for that matter.

They (cabal) will need to distract. They have no choice. Revelations of the top peons are moments away.

The distractions could be very big. They are EVIL.

And we're going to get every one of them.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.1925813

Thank God and Bless you and all of your families.

658eff  No.1928170


658eff  No.1928178


dcb141  No.1928355

Either way good luck.

dcb141  No.1940897

Time to be very, very aware. Please be careful.

dcb141  No.1942002

What oath does Mr. Cicilline refer to? I'm really very curious about this. I wonder if the early posts/ suggestions of a secret group so far off-base?


dcb141  No.1942215


It would be interesting to hear a little bit about this(above post).


Getting a handle on this group is so exclusive not because they are so well hidden but because of their apparent immensity.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

dcb141  No.1942287

Wow RR is literally building his own gallows.

dcb141  No.1942317

Someone had better be watching out for RR's health. I have a feeling there may be a potential heart attack or vehicle collision in his near future. He needs to stay alive because he is a keystone.

dcb141  No.1948423

What was the Maryland newspaper going to publish?

dcb141  No.1955900


We have all been talking about 'the Great Awakening'.

We have listened to President Trump and read everything Q has posted. They are the catalyst. They are the glue that has bound us together.

We are the storm. I'm like every single one of you that is tired of the lies. A lot of us were probably awakened during 911 some of us before and some of us afterwards.

We awakened because of love. For our Family our Friends our Neighbours our Country(s) and the World.

We look at the lies being told by the media and say enough is enough. We see the wars that happen for no good reason and the millions of people that have died and suffer. We see companies that intrude into our public lives and realize that this is wrong. We hear politicians tell us to just follow and know that there is more to living than just being a subject.

The story that we have been fed is their story, not ours.

I want my child to grow up in a better world. A better world.

Q is saying that big things are about to happen.

We have hoped and prayed for this and not naively.


We are the Storm.

Be ready and be aware not only for yourselves but for everyone. That is the biggest thing we are needed for. To guide, to give hope, to help, to light the dark.

“Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.”

Peace be with everyone.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.1975266

I don't know about all of you, but I'll be tuning into your President's interview with Maria Bartiromo tomorrow morning.

Sunday morning, a lot of people at home, people, for the most part, not at work, but with their families - a good time to begin the disclosure.

Let the arrests start Monday morning. Give the EVIL a chance to to meet their end on their own terms before it is decided by…. us.

Just a hope.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.1992333

I've been pretty much the only one writing in this thread. I used the masked man image until I wasn't permitted to post it anymore, but still I keep writing.

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians and I extend that greeting to people of all countries, Patriots - all of us who I've said are sick of the lies, of the EVIL. All of us who want to make this world better.

Canadians we have a Prime Minister (ET) who is willing to engage in a trade war that will affect our economy, will affect our lives so he can continue to kiss the asses of the global cabal. He doesn't care about us. He really is the empty-headed trust fund millionaire shill.

We must vote him out, and choose politicians who are not 'owned'. Have to figure out who they are of course. We need to be following the path of our American friends who are pushing for change. Earning the world's respect instead of selling out.

I tell people about the changes that I believe are coming. Not everyone will listen, in fact some whom I'm very close to are very angry with what I say. But I still believe and hope and pray.

So continue with your Songs, Jokes and Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

We still need to get them all.


dcb141  No.1997296

The protest in Portland yesterday seems like a probing attack. Those Antifa shills (honestly are these people really that brainwashed) have been quiet until yesterday.

The closer we get to truth- disclosure and indictments - the more I think that there will be protests of a more serious nature.

Using the smoke bombs seem to be a set-up; will protesters on the right in a future protest react in a harsher way(firearms) or will there be plants in the crowd(likely) that will use this as an excuse.

I know your President and Q are doing everything to maintain order, but please do your part. Be aware and vigilant. Always protect yourself and your family. Stand strong but video everything.

Q has shown us that the EVIL are not the only ones who can use tech.

Still waiting for Canadians to start speaking out. What happened to all the indigenous women who disappeared? We have to answer that question. And there are people who know. They have to speak out.

Songs, Jokes and Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2010318

If ET(Eyebrow Trudeau) was aware that our secret service was complicit in spying on a citizen of an allied country who was running for their highest office how do we as Canadians deal with that?

It is a really big deal.


How do we find out how members of our services including politicians made overseas trips to places like NEW ZEALAND? How do we match that up with other members of the 5eyes?

Who created the 5eyes? What Presidents/PM's were governing then?

dcb141  No.2010891

Canadians (and Brits, Aussies, New Zealanders) will have to consider the ramifications of what our officials knew about the illegal spying and any other related acts. It is a big deal.

It can and should bring down govts.

What is ET going to do the closer we get to this information coming out?

What are we as Canadians going to do? We will have to do something. That is certain.

Q has the server. They already know everything.

Now it's whether people(peons) will willingly give themselves up or be dragged down kicking and screaming.

Please consider your families. If you love them even a little it is time for you to tell the truth.

Because the truth is coming out one way or another.

It might be the difference between a noose and a jail cell. Seriously.

Think of your families.

And to all Songs, Jokes, Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2015129

I've given this a bit of thought:

The unsealing of the indictments in regards to breaches of American National Security code will have global implications. Those involved will certainly discuss the involvement of foreign actors.

Canada is involved. I just know it. To what degree is yet to be discovered.

Canadians need to be aware of what may be coming.

Anyone have ideas? This swamp is global.


dcb141  No.2020422

I think the lamp is illuminating the inside of the apple. No more secrets from Apple. Hopefully Q has found Apple people willing to disclose and to testify.


dcb141  No.2020492

Or a toppled chess piece.

dcb141  No.2025979

Happy Independence Day to all Americans from your neighbour to the North.

May you have a grand and safe celebration and may all of us be a part of draining the swamp and making a better world…. eh. :)


dcb141  No.2035866

I don't know how real this is, but it is very interesting.


33aedb  No.2036026


Thankyou, we will make this fight together

33aedb  No.2036035


Bigger than you know…. you are right

33aedb  No.2036043

Today “We Kneel” in honor and respect for the Forefathers who found and fought for this country, We kneel to them, and to all the Soldiers that continue to hone the blade of freedom, forged in blood so many years ago. A weapon that needs to be continually honed and sharpened by blood and sacrifice , by Honour and by Valor, by blood and by tears. May God humble us in our quest and give us strength to wield our weapon with precision and sacrifice.

33aedb  No.2036107

Off day for Govt spook trackers 15 Here , 1 Ohio, 2 Arizona , 2 California (sf Bay) , 2 GB , 4 Germany. 3 NK via DC , Unraveling the rest.

33aedb  No.2036138

Shhh on the keyboard Baker No worries …We are tracking.

33aedb  No.2036175


It is about Good vs. Evil. Nothing more.

33aedb  No.2036251


You are , each and everyone of you the Storm. Your faith and your Hope is what this is all about. Do not fear! Make your voice be heard. There are many others here who have no fear and if the “assClowns” take it to the next level, We are here watching and then it will be our game. ,

33aedb  No.2036260

POTUS and his FAM will not fail you. Trust them

33aedb  No.2036396

Looking at pictures of a Families name etched in stone at Normandy. All of you fight. Make your voices be heard . Do not let this happen again.

33aedb  No.2036447

Just a shout out God Bless you Baker. Enjoy your evening.

33aedb  No.2036493


Money comes thru OFA, track the offshore bank accounts, it’s all open source…

33aedb  No.2036549

EP ,” when it’s time “call the ball”….we are here. 100%

dcb141  No.2042077

Be careful and do not underestimate their ability to track you. Facebook is their most direct way. If the George Nasif info is real then the irony of it being released on fb is excellent.

Q we probably need an indication as to the value of the Nasif info drop. What he promises is the world and we've seen too many lies to accept every promise.

Still hopeful though.


dcb141  No.2058016

I don't know about you, but it feels like something big is about to happen.

dcb141  No.2067755

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2078849

I am continuously impressed by your President particularly when he tweets out things that he already knows the answers to. That is trolling my friends.


dcb141  No.2081534

We all get great information and hypothesis from youtubers and anons on these boards. I listen to Deception Bytes and was very interested in a portion of one video she did about illegal immigration.

To continue her thought, Is Central, South America and Mexico(new president) being converted to untenable politics, gang warfare and poverty to force emigration to the US and Canada?

If there is a push for a one world order, which I believe there is, will the chaos of these countries force people to come to North America en masse. This would destroy the American and Canadian economies, increase crime to new heights and essentially create massive amounts of fear with the American and Canadian populations.

And how would the world power(cabal) view this? First it would be armed citizens reacting against the chaos of the new illegal immigrants. Among this group of people, many who are innocents would be the evil elements that we don't want here.

Chaos - Fear - Control.

But in this case whose control? The reaction of particularly the American citizens to defending their homes, their lives and their families lives would be vilified by the MSM and the Shills.

Would they clamp down on the Americans then? Take away your gun rights, reduce your freedom of speech and assembly.

Chaos - Fear - Control

These EVIL bastards have been planning for a long time.

Remember - Citizen and not a Subject.

Songs, Jokes and Stories to you Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2083723

Are all aborted fetuses disposed of at abortion clinics, hospitals, etc?

Are these human remains used for other purposes that would disgust people?

Just wondering what you all have to say about this.


dcb141  No.2108500

Canadians, we have to start looking at the numbers of missing children in our country. This includes the Federal and private agencies that are involved.

Why were the pharmaceutical CEO and his wife murdered? Who did it? Why did the police immediately call it a murder/suicide without any real investigation? Who are these cops? Who owns them?

I fear that the Cabal(EVIL) are heavily involved in the institutions of our country. We have to start investigating this. There are people in the know who can't be happy with this situation. You really need to start exposing this. It is not enough any more just to bite your tongue and stay silent. I know there are risks. If we want real positive change then unfortunately there are risks we must accept.

I think quite a bit whether this board is as anonymous as they say it is.

Americans please protect your President. His trip to Europe will be one of the biggest risks he will take.

All of the investigations and eventual(I hope) disclosure and ensuing indictments in the US will reveal the involvement of foreign parties and governments. So-called allies. This will be a huge deal with frightening repercussions.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2113493

Still haven't heard anyone comment yet on George Nasif and his facebook page. Is this info real?

dcb141  No.2117344

I worry that people will only comment or react after Q posts or your President tweets.

I believe they want their own citizens and other countries' citizens to continue digging and discussing whether they prompt it or not.

Q is the catalyst, the information we dig up and assemble is the fuel and oxygen and we are the fire.

This is not just about awakening but doing something about it.

We are all in this together and we have to do our part.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

The only thing that the current Liberals have correct is that they have to be unified and loud. All of us who want truth and value freedom have to be Good and Right and Unified and Loud.

A spark may show us the way but it is not enough to brighten the room.


dcb141  No.2117833

I worry that people will only comment or react after Q posts or your President tweets.

I believe they want their own citizens and other countries' citizens to continue digging and discussing whether they prompt it or not.

Q is the catalyst, the information we dig up and assemble is the fuel and oxygen and we are the fire.

This is not just about awakening but doing something about it.

We are all in this together and we have to do our part.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

The only thing that the current Liberals have correct is that they have to be unified and loud. All of us who want truth and value freedom have to be Good and Right and Unified and Loud.

A spark may show us the way but it is not enough to brighten the room.


dcb141  No.2125555

I was never quite sure why people didn't like Bannon. I like him a lot.


dcb141  No.2139823

In this world of social media and "fake news" broadcasters limiting freedom, voices of dissent and pushing propaganda, people need alternative media platforms.

At one time a site called JustinTV existed. We need more of the same. Of course they sold out and the site subsequently closed despite the huge viewership.

We need to have that again. Any ideas?


b11dcb  No.2141161


One America News Network (OANN) is the closest I've found to real news. Check your local listings, or if you're a DirecTV subscriber, OANN is on Chan 347. I highly recommend it.

dcb141  No.2145350


6f85d2  No.2146035


The citizens have to be ready to swiftly impose this capital punishment if for any reason whatsoever Trump does not serve 8 full years. That is why more guns have been bought by private Americans in the past two months than exist in the entire U.S. military.

6f85d2  No.2146051


>If there is a push for a one world order, which I believe there is, will the chaos of these countries force people to come to North America en masse. This would destroy the American and Canadian economies, increase crime to new heights and essentially create massive amounts of fear with the American and Canadian populations.

If Trump gives us a truly free economy and gun liberation, then this concentration of humanity will be a blessing in disguise and we will all grow drastically wealthier and more cultured. You must engage them and teach them our ways in the meantime and you have to do it out of love and urgency.

dcb141  No.2152114

I'm uncertain of what the two preceding posts mean.

The first one suggests that if your President does not serve two terms(is that because he would be elected, or just serve one term, or removed?) that the citizens impose capital punishment. On who and why? These are big unanswered questions.

No doubt I believe that there are traitors in your govt, press, and various other economic and legal institutions. Some of them do deserve the noose. Definitely.

But please remember the rule of law(which is your Constitution, your Declaration of Independence). If everything that Q has been suggesting comes to pass, you will have justice and the cabal and their Peons will pay. They have to pay. Outside of this you suggest anarchy. That is insane.

The 2146051 post suggest that your President has to give a 'truly free economy and gun liberation' - Look at America's economic numbers; President Trump has been doing excellent on that score. What is a 'truly free economy'?

What is gun liberation? Your Second Amendment guarantees your right to bear arms. You must protect that. That is your responsibility.

Sorry I don't understand your post, unfettered immigration is not a blessing in disguise. It just isn't. Please look at Europe, ask all the rape victims if it's a blessing in disguise. Ask all the low-income Workers whose income will get even lower(2 million new people in Germany alone) if they think it's a blessing in disguise.

Thanks for both above posts but I disagree with both.

Remember Song, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2152243

Mr. Richmond, you seem like someone I could respect, however to clean up the FBI, which means dealing with corrupt snitches who continue their criminal ways, and issues that have negatively affected the African-American community than this investigation of the upper-leadership must continue and be purged. It is necessary. I may side more with Republican or the Right philosophy but that doesn't mean that Democrat or Liberal ideas are anathema to me. Not at all. But this is not about Left vrs Right this is about Right vrs Wrong and Good vrs Evil.

You need to continue to fight and support your community and your constituents but 'towing the party line' is not the way. Please reconsider.



dcb141  No.2152297

Understand that this increased anti-Russian rhetoric(12 indictments against spies for spying? lol, 'discovery' of the poison in the UK, running commentary about Russian intereference in the MSM and various intel agencies, ad nauseum) is to discredit anything that your President may learn when he meets President Putin.

I am personally interested to see what info the Russian President will provide to President Trump. Uranium 1 payments I think will be front and centre.

Canadians, this potential disclosure will certainly indict Canadians, including, I believe, Canadian govt officials.

We have to start thinking about how we address ET and our own politicians.


dcb141  No.2156322

What do people know about the Waste Management company?

d2fc9a  No.2160254


Mafia origin

d2fc9a  No.2160838


The "situation of the ground" in approaching open revolt, to toss out the top mullahs, They are being squeeze dry financially since they can sell their oil to buy necessary imports. Bloodless coup, and reset back to per-revolutionary" times. Self-induced regime change aka long delayed counter-revolution

83389e  No.2162172


I've seen enough to know these politicians need to be addressed by the end of a noose. Anyone involved with blackmail, slavery, and rape of the innocent need to be put to death.

83389e  No.2162183


Let me conpound. Willful acts. Those who've been threatened into compromising positions through hostage of loved ones must be heard and accounted.

dcb141  No.2162346

Thank-you for the posts. I think there is something up with Waste Management too. I need to start looking at who started it and who the major shareholders are

In Iran I hope they do toss out the top mullahs, the Iranian people need to have their freedom back.

And yes any of this cabal, their peons, their propagandists, their shills - this EVIL, must pay.

Many of them do deserve to swing. But it must be through rule of law.

Let`s hope Q has not led us down a garden path and that disclosure and prosecution are actually going to happen.

It has to happen, they have been doing this to kids. Our Children. I would willing pull the lever on all of those that are guilty. God help me for saying that.


dcb141  No.2172292

Treason and sedition. Politicians who accepted money from the 'enemy' Public servants who were aware and facilitated this. Journalists who help cover it up. A cabal that want to remove borders so their world order can come to fruition. It's always about control.

Interesting to think that all of these people can do all this with the 'enemy' and try to misdirect the public by saying your President is in league with Russia.

It will be sad and interesting to know the Canadians involved.

Now that's a story.

Don't know if there is enough rope.


dcb141  No.2172484

To clarify, Controlled America has named a lot of 'enemies' over the year. Some of the current obvious ones are NK, Iran, Syria, Russia etc. Think about the questions around the money and 'info' that has been passed back and forth between those States and our so-called 'Politicians'.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

The cabal does fear us, the People, and they should. Once their names and crimes become common knowledge they will be erased from History.


dcb141  No.2173961

When I write of 'enemy' I mean those that the cabal and their peons have declared as enemies - NK, Iran, Syria, Russia, etc.

They are afraid of us, the People, who have been lied to on a daily basis, who are forced to watch our buildings come down and innocent people killed, our children missing to satisfy this EVIL.

They are afraid of us, and they should be.

We will get every one of them. They need to be erased from history and only remembered for the evil they are.

This is not about right vrs left but Good vrs evil.

Remember, Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2181656

tick tock

dcb141  No.2185422

If we think about all of the peons, just in North America… now I mean the ones who have knowledge and are actively working at subverting the granted freedoms of the Canadian and American peoples it must really number in the tens of thousands.

Think about it: civil servants, bankers, insurance brokers, people in the health(psychiatrists) and pharmaceutical community, people in the military(shame), crooked law-enforcement, intellectuals(post-secondary and now in the primary, middle and high schools)…

It is a long list.

Canadians we can see that Americans have all kinds of sealed indictments that will hopefully rid our society of these TRAITORS.

What are we doing in Canada? It's not a stretch to realize that portions of our intelligence community have been coopted, and you can be damn sure that ET is a shill, but we have to look at the various crown and private companies and individuals and institutions who are literally changing our country before our very eyes.

Again a plea to the military, intelligence, political and other areas of our society who know and hate what is happening. Please be our spark, our catalyst.

How many people(women and children) have to disappear, how much treason will you stomach before you say something?


Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

We can't rely on Q to do everything for us. Keep digging, keep baking, keep pushing for truth and justice.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2197563

Who was the secret service agent that died of a stroke?

dcb141  No.2200060

Canadians, there are discussions about resettling the Syrian White Helmets in Canada. These people are terrorists, they staged false flag events and are responsible for so much death and suffering to the Syrian people.

We have to speak out against this. It is unacceptable.

Come on Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Our Friends to the South have shown us a path to freedom. We have to take it.

Continue looking into ET (Eyebrow Trudeau).


dcb141  No.2223279

Uranium 1, while significant, is small potatoes compared to the potential truths that will come out.

Did you have a President that was a Manchurian candidate? Who installed him? Who were the Powers(EVIL) behind those that installed him?

I have a feeling there will be lots of revelations. Which need to happen. Imagine all the people in the know. Treason!

Not enough rope.

Remember Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2251990

Draining the swamp really means a massive purge. This needs to be done by rule of law, because the alternative if the cabal is able to depose your President, is pitchforks and fire. None of us want that. Considering we know who many of the shills are:CNN, MSNBC, Banks, Politicians, some Police - You can be sure they don't want pitchforks or fire either. Although they do deserve it.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2251996

Post-Secondary institutions will need to be examined too. Lots of shills hiding out there.

dcb141  No.2253567

Whoever is involved with the potential normalization of pedophilia are not even going to make it to the rope. Pitchforks and fire for them.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2279400

Doesn't it seem that the cabal(EVIL) lost control of it's multitude of shills and peons? That the shills and peons thought they could grab more for themselves.

MSM still toeing the shill line though. I think once the level of corruption is revealed that treason and sedition will be the charges leveled at all of them.

They are so selfish that they forget the shame and dismay and isolation that their families will experience when these idiots are brought before the judge, and possibly, a length of rope.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2352340

I pray for the safety of your President and Q and all those who are helping spread the message of truth and freedom.

It's hard to discern timetables but it does feel like we are at a critical moment. Again a prayer to our success.

I don't want to seem overly positive but at some time the 'allies' will have to be addressed for their roles. We already know about England. Traitors to the world.

And of course Israel. They will have to be dealt with. Hopefully by the Israelis who know how corrupt some of their own countrymen and women are. Better they do it then the revelations be made public.

Canadians, how are we making out with uncovering our own traitors? ET and the long-institutionalized corruption? They will all have to be challenged and deposed.

Remember Songs, Jokes, Stories for Family, Friends and Neighbours.


d2fc9a  No.2352632


Except we have no jurisdiction in all those countries.

Are you requesting changes to Q's Plan, or contemplating one of your own?

d2fc9a  No.2353016


What we are seeing is David Brock's army of harassers, and 4 chan rivals.

The pros are long gone - their skills not necessary for and ongoing shit post storm

Amateur hour now

dcb141  No.2353841

Thank-you for above posts. The plans that Q has are as we can see in the news and the almost daily revelations are certainly not to be changed by me. I just comment and try to engage more people to become more active in this great awakening.

Often countries do have jurisdiction in other countries whether it is prosecution and transfer of criminals(traitors) who have skipped, or the influence of trade, and of course the sometimes unfortunate necessity of war.

Great Britain is in this up to their eyeballs. As I mentioned with Israel it would be nice to have the British citizens get involved and remove these 'traitors to the world'. This is their jurisdiction and certainly a heck of a lot more just and apropos than other countries 'jurisdictions'.

I suppose commenting makes us all amateurs.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Mind the 'trolls' :)


dcb141  No.2354457

"33 orders removed" lol!!!

Nice! Now that's trolling.


dcb141  No.2369283

A good time to start unsealing those indictments, don't ya think.

Have to spread the word folks:

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2381641

It will be very interesting to see what those folks are so 'angry' about.

dcb141  No.2387949

Those fucking pedophiles.

I guarantee we'll have enough rope.

We will get all of you.


dcb141  No.2392002

Raise your voices my American friends. The crescendo of your voices and beliefs will drown out the lies and propaganda.

With the unsealing of indictments and disgusting revelations of the EVIL, our voices are needed and to be louder than ever.

Interesting to see CNN finally recognize Q, this is indeed the Great Awakening.

Let's go Canadians time to raise our voices too. ET has to go and the cabal has to be removed from our awesome country.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2408983

Double killbox. They have you Rosenstein. Time to come clean, do this for your family and whatever decency you have left.

You are either lynchpin that comes out on it's own or is removed with a sledgehammer.

Welcome to the Great Awakening you shill.


d2fc9a  No.2409262


I don't think Rod is still on the board, but I see that your over-size ego thinks these "howling at the moon" post will relieve your feelings of impotence and inadequacy

I suggest you resume your medication

dcb141  No.2409776

Wow you're not a shill at all. :)

We'll get you all.

dcb141  No.2432825

Hopefully companies like yahoo, msn, and the other internet 'news' will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. The amount of negative fake news to your President is frankly tiresome and embarrassing.

Shocking to see that CBC is no different. Shame CBC shame.


c69574  No.2435868

Mine, too.

The irony is this one is still here.

dcb141  No.2440949

Thanks for the above post but I'm uncertain what 'mine' you are referring to. What is the 'one' 'still here' that is ironical?

dcb141  No.2450824

Excellent work Professor Cohen. Max Boot is a propagandist and representative of the corruption that must be stamped out. The fact that Boot and others like Mudd are CNN advisors is indicative of how treacherous and seditious that organization is.


As people seeking goodness and truth we must maintain our Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2462445

Kinetic weapon? Surprising(well maybe not) the lack of coverage.

If so Q is right in saying this isn't a game.

We have to be strong and loud.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2462999

If these were all attacks(downed helicopters and planes, 'meteor' strikes near military bases, etc) against the armed forces shouldn't these be considered acts of war? If the perpetrators are known shouldn't they be dealt with, even if they are not countries but rather families and corporate interests. I asked this question before.

What do you all think? Obviously some of these families and corporate interests are not in North America and may have nothing(or little) to do with their country of residence but don't they deserve a drone strike or special forces visit in response?

Again, what do you think?


dcb141  No.2463610

The Democrats will lose the midterms based on fair voting.

What will they try to do to wrongfully influence this outcome? Who will they try to scapegoat?

Be vigilant.

Across the world, all of us patriots to goodness and truth have to be vigilant.

Canadians, we have to raise our voices. They will try to exploit us and our laws. My belief is that this has occurred and will continue to.

Be vigilant.


240e85  No.2465361


go away george. make you'Re own thread

240e85  No.2465416


oh, wrong thRead. I guess you did

dcb141  No.2466767

This thread is open to everyone. Truthseekers and shills. Thankfully it's easy to recognize the shills and peons these days.

dcb141  No.2466779

Good week for Rod to go down.


dcb141  No.2479632

Hello Canadians, let's keep an eye on this embassy sniping between SA and Canada. Lots going on here I think.

Anyone in the know and would like to comment?

Remember this isn't just about our American Family, Friends and Neighbours freeing themselves but about us and the rest of the world relieving ourselves of the EVIL.

Bless you all.


dcb141  No.2488715

We're getting so close you can almost taste it. You can certainly smell it - the fear of the EVIL - their shills and peons.

Who are 'they', the puppet masters, the cabal, the star chamber, the 'privileged'.

They are not all American, but they will all fall.

We will get you all. And you will pay.


dcb141  No.2508322

If the leadership of a country is being punished, must the population pay?

Just a question.


dcb141  No.2508511

Your President and Q have a plan. I trust it.

What are our plans, how do we resist and create change?

Are you creating Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours?

Are you helping create and populate alternate platforms to Facebook, Apple, Google.

Are you publicly disparaging these 'platforms' for the control they display?

Are you voting?(This is a big one)

Are you turning off CNN, MSNBC, CBC and not buying the Washington Post and the Times?

Are you giving them money to survive instead of shunning them and forcing their 'journalists' off the gravy train?

Are you uniting?


dcb141  No.2509495

QAnon site is down.

dcb141  No.2533068


We will get you all.


e2f609  No.2533838


You can go to: //qanonmap.bitbucket.io or //8ch.net/patriotsfight/res/62.html#65

Here are current Q posts:


Q !A6yxsPKia. No.128 📁

Aug 9 2018 21:54:19 (EST)


(888) 373-7888



Q !A6yxsPKia. No.127 📁

Aug 9 2018 21:45:15 (EST)

Q !A6yxsPKia. No.126 📁

Aug 9 2018 21:27:00 (EST)


[WH [Hussein][VJ][DM][JB][RE][[[JK]]][SP][KM]]←—-→[HRC/DNC]

[C_A [JB][CLAS1-5]](NSA - play/reveal TT) ^^

[DNI [JC]] ^^

^^^^^ ^^

[DOJ [LL][SY][BO-CS(UK)][DL][PS][DL][JC][MM][RB]]←——–→[BC]*


[FBI [JC][AM][JR][MS][BP][PS][LP][JB][MK][JC][SM][TG][KC]]←————→[[HRC][BC][HA][CM]………][FAKE NEWS]




[FUSION GPS](Shell2)←——–(CS)——-→[NO NAME]

[PERKINS COIE](Shell2) ^^^^^

[WASH FREE BEACON](Shell1) ^^^^^^


*Tarmac (final meeting - no charges/drop = supreme court)

*Go-Between(s) (meetings 1-4)

Hussein (3) NAT SEC ORDERS OFFICIAL (POTUS CAN DECLAS)(Bottom-to-top (see now))(FBI/DOJ to expand fast)

FISA apps FALSE activate domestic spy campaign (UK assist - feed to C_A (cannot operate domestically)(JB)

They NEVER thought she would lose.



What assets (people) were placed (spy) in POTUS' campaign?

Why did the news cycle drop this investigation?

Think several.

What if those 'placed' are being investigated by BM?

Plants need water.

What if others 'placed' connect to….(future)

What if Nellie Ohr prev worked on the FARM?

The START (public justification to proceed (clean)).



Q !A6yxsPKia. No.126 📁

Aug 9 2018 21:27:00 (EST)


[WH [Hussein][VJ][DM][JB][RE][[[JK]]][SP][KM]]←—-→[HRC/DNC]

[C_A [JB][CLAS1-5]](NSA - play/reveal TT) ^^

[DNI [JC]] ^^

^^^^^ ^^

[DOJ [LL][SY][BO-CS(UK)][DL][PS][DL][JC][MM][RB]]←——–→[BC]*


[FBI [JC][AM][JR][MS][BP][PS][LP][JB][MK][JC][SM][TG][KC]]←————→[[HRC][BC][HA][CM]………][FAKE NEWS]




[FUSION GPS](Shell2)←——–(CS)——-→[NO NAME]

[PERKINS COIE](Shell2) ^^^^^

[WASH FREE BEACON](Shell1) ^^^^^^


*Tarmac (final meeting - no charges/drop = supreme court)

*Go-Between(s) (meetings 1-4)

Hussein (3) NAT SEC ORDERS OFFICIAL (POTUS CAN DECLAS)(Bottom-to-top (see now))(FBI/DOJ to expand fast)

FISA apps FALSE activate domestic spy campaign (UK assist - feed to C_A (cannot operate domestically)(JB)

They NEVER thought she would lose.



Q !A6yxsPKia. ID: 41fd34 No.2530456 📁

Aug 9 2018 19:57:59 (EST)

Anonymous ID: dfdddf No.2530206 📁

Aug 9 2018 19:39:36 (EST)

popckorn deadpool KEEek.mp4





Previews are over.



c5dc3d  No.2534571


The public hearings will put a few of the bad actors front and center in the news cycle for next few weeks while America watches them testify and squirm.


Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) is preparing subpoenas for Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, according to two congressional sources familiar with the matter.

The subpoenas will also go after other current and former FBI and DOJ officials including Jim Baker, Sally Moyer, Jonathan Moffa and George Toscas, the sources said.

Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores told The Hill that Goodlatte has been in touch with the DOJ about seeking testimonies from these officials.

A Republican House Judiciary Committee aide confirmed to The Hill they plan to seek such interviews: “We plan to interview the people below in the coming weeks and we will issue subpoenas to compel their attendance if necessary.”

dcb141  No.2534619

Thank-you for both of the above posts.

d2fc9a  No.2535216


Just yours

dcb141  No.2537882

If MK Ultra did and does exist, there are decades of 'therapists', handlers and unfortunately drones/patients. This number would have increased as the EVIL perfected techniques.

All of these people will have to be addressed and dealt with.


dcb141  No.2542558

Time to be loud!

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Lots of things are happeningI(organized riots, attacks on Q's posts, shootings in various countries, etc.)

Keep your President safe. Keep all good People safe.

We can't let the EVIL gain a foothold.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2554377

What's going on in Fredricton, NB? One of the police officers shot and killed was an investigator in internet child pornography crimes.

I'm not sure if this is coincidental with what's happening these days, but Q has said there are no coincidences and I believe Q.

Anyone if information, please post.

Let's go Canadians, if we think our peaceful country is without rot and EVIL, think again.


cec31c  No.2554878


>If MK Ultra did and does exist


dcb141  No.2555810

Thanks for the above post. I do believe that it exists.

What's unfortunate, besides the victims is that there is a whole division of psychology and biochemistry sciences that have paved the way for this truly EVIL program.

All of the people involved, from development to implementation must be held accountable and pay.

Look at what you have done to people, probably people who really needed help and what did you do? Brainwash them to serve your purpose.

I think these people and programs would be easy to track, by year, by thesis, by study specialty, by hire, by region.

Remember there are people who direct them from the top. Money for research and control have to come from somewhere. What major medical, pharmaceutical, institutional corporations and entities are involved.

We will find all of you.


dcb141  No.2566979

It's comforting to know that we are maintaining lists on the EVIL - Traitors, seditionists, satanists, pedos, murderers, shills and peons.

We will get all of you.


dcb141  No.2573851

If I was Q and was able to hack into the remote controls alleged to put in planes wouldn't I rub the cabal's nose by having a Q400 do a few loop-de-loops near SeaTac and then pinpoint an Island. Maybe pretend to put someone on the plane and have them radio in from another location. Just a speculation.

I also wonder if Countries are defined by the EVIL as corporations, do they give the 'chosen' leaders of those 'corporations' certain privileges that we, who inhabit those Countries don't have. Has the division of power and land happened long ago?

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2593914

Interesting article my American friends.

If we know how deep the corruption is don't you think that real journalists would to? Paid shills? You bet. Traitors.


dcb141  No.2605162

Q is this about them bringing down the US? If so, when did they plan this?

dcb141  No.2609978

I know I've said it a few times, but again I believe it's time to be vigilant and aware, to protect yourselves, your Family, Friends and Neighbours; that it's time to raise your voices in Jokes, Songs and Stories.

We all know that there have been things happening some open(to those who can see) and much, I believe, that is secret.

I believe the cabal has finally lost control of segments of their global program and like Q says are panicking.

We all know what happens to cornered rats - they will try to bite back.

I pray for all of us, myself and my family that our need to have the truth revealed and the EVIL removed is coming soon. I truly pray for that.


dcb141  No.2638314

Round ups, arrests cost money.


dcb141  No.2642268

This is about protecting our children and the children of the world. It is about seeking justice for the children that they(EVIL) have abused and murdered. They look to destroy innocence.

I guarantee we have enough rope for all of these scumbags.

Media, politicians, bankers, the church, those 'privileged' families, the shills and peons.

We will get every one of you. You have some time to come clean and confess.


dcb141  No.2642322

This EVIL group of people have been perverting those things which we value. Infiltrating and perverting the Church. That damn Snake auditorium. Taking over our(anyone of the Christian faith) holy land and putting symbols of their cult everywhere. The Israeli parliament. Getting into our media. Perverting the truth in journalism, getting into the kid's networks and inserting these insidious messages that are evil. Taking over networks like History and presenting their version(lies) of reality. Giving us movies about purges, and murder, and just generally evil shit. Teaching our kids in school to embrace the state and dismiss parental control. Teaching our young people in universities and colleges their version of social justice, an attempt to remove free thought and speech. In our banking system, defining classes and value.

This plan has been in place for a long time. They(EVIL) have inserted themselves into the highest levels of our society and are steadily eroding goodness and everything that makes us believe in truth and the value of human life.

Your President was correct: this is our last opportunity to end this EVIL.

We all know what it is, and we are starting to know who they are. Not everyone but we will find them to.

I hate condoning death but we will need that rope and I pray to God above that we will have the strength to do what needs to be done.

Maintain our lists. These 'people' can not be allowed to escape.

We have to protect our children and our future.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2642360

I include the courts and legal system in the above list of EVIL. It all has to be cleaned out.

dcb141  No.2643711

I'm glad that the EVIL is 'choking' instead of doing the choking.

Thank-you Mr. President and Q and the internet for allowing us to free choice to discover for ourselves that our deep unsettled feelings about our society and the world are not just figments of our imagination or 'conspiracy theories'.

Thank-you for guiding us with certain crumbs. You are correct in saying that we. the People, are the power. It was just hidden and slowly removed from us for a long time.

No more.

I realize that you believe that certain terrible truths should remain hidden but I believe that full disclosure is necessary. Sometimes the red pill is mandatory. To clean our house the EVIL has to be exposed. For all to say and understand and to make peace with.

People of the world, we have to remember what happens here and what happened to bring us here. The mechanisms of their control, the puppets, the resources and most importantly their motivation.

If we want to remain free, and our children and future generations to remain free, we must swallow this bitter pill and truly have a great awakening.


dcb141  No.2643830

If countries are fiefdoms, I want to remain the unincorporated man.

dcb141  No.2661832

I really appreciate the thoughts of the Seething Frog. I believe he's on point with many things that he discusses.


dcb141  No.2661934


A great video. To the Democrat Talk Show host, Sir I have great respect for you and your courage.

To the lovely and intelligent Ms. Owens, you are a voice that is needed in your country. Keep it up.


dcb141  No.2668315

"Nothing to see here"

Go get em Mr. President. Go get em Q

We have enough rope.


a2e315  No.2678677

File: a42a9036827e6b3⋯.jpg (236.94 KB, 1055x930, 211:186, 20180816_184752.jpg)

a2e315  No.2678746

These is no if, MKULTA DOES EXIST

dcb141  No.2680322

Thanks for above posts. I agree completely. Has the cabal figured out how the brainwashing of an individual can be transferred to significant brainwashing of a society? (Beyond advertising, marketing, propaganda, etc).

I think yes.

We have to remember all of these techniques that have been utilized. We must guard ourselves in the future from such manipulation.


dcb141  No.2681923

Interesting video in regards to Seth Rich's murder.


These people are EVIL.


dcb141  No.2683120

I wonder if the American university 'secret societies' are just jurisdictions of control, ie skull and bones is planning and execution, manuscript society is propaganda and history rewrite, etc.

Just a thought.

One thing is certain is that all living past and present members of all of these 'ivy' league idiot groups have to be investigated.


dcb141  No.2711431

It's amazing how the attacks on your President have indeed ramped up. Such foolishness. The only thing that this has accomplished is made us, the public more aware of the absolute manic, treasonous behaviour of the msm. They are without shame and I'm hoping are included in at least one of those sealed indictments.

After decades of hiding under the facade of journalism, we all know who they really serve.

And we will not forget.

The biggest attack they can make against us, the public is an economic attack.

They could use force but we will respond with force and go after their masters. They have to know that because we know who they are too.

Economically, they would create confusion and sow discontent. We have to be aware of this tactic and look to mitigate it. We have to protect our Family, Friends and Neighbours. We have to be a world of communities that do want the best for each other.

So continue the Songs, Jokes, Stories for all to hear and respond to. Ignore the roadblocks that the EVIL has put up to prohibit our message.

As Q said, this is the Great Awakening which we are all integral to. We have a chance to remove the wrongs which have controlled us for such a long time. To choose Good over evil. To be FREE.

God Bless us all.


dcb141  No.2714524

When the American Justice system really imposes justice on all the corrupt lawyers and judges ensure they are put in the general population. That would be justice, don't ya think?

d2fc9a  No.2714657


Is that the one he is out on the dark porch with his "high level insiders"

d2fc9a  No.2714715


Yep, all those frat boys are building a secret army

d2fc9a  No.2714798


In military tactics, a flanking maneuver, or flanking manoeuvre is a movement of an armed force around a flank to achieve an advantageous position over an enemy.[1] Flanking is useful because a force's offensive power is concentrated in its front. Therefore, to circumvent a force's front and attack a flank is to concentrate offense in the area when the enemy is least able to concentrate offense.

Flanking can also occur at the operational and strategic levels of warfare.

The flanking maneuver is a basic military tactic, with several variations. Flanking an enemy means attacking from one or more sides, at an angle to the enemy’s direction of engagement.

One type is employed in an ambush, where a friendly unit performs a surprise attack from a concealed position. Other units may be hidden to the sides of the ambush site to surround the enemy, but care must be taken in setting up fields of fire to avoid friendly fire.

Another type is used in the attack, where a unit encounters an enemy defensive position. Upon receiving fire from the enemy, the unit commander may decide to order a flank attack. A part of the attacking unit "fixes" the enemy with suppressive fire, preventing them from returning fire, retreating or changing position to meet the flank attack. The flanking force then advances to the enemy flank and attacks them at close range. Coordination to avoid friendly fire is also important in this situation.

The most effective form of flanking maneuver is the double envelopment, which involves simultaneous flank attacks on both sides of the enemy. A classic example is Hannibal's victory over the Roman armies at the Battle of Cannae. Another example of the double envelopment is Khalid ibn al-Walid's victory over the Persian Empire at the Battle of Walaja.[2]

Despite primarily being associated with land warfare, flanking maneuvers have also been used effectively in naval battles.[3] A famous example of this is the Battle of Salamis, where the combined naval forces of the Greek city-states managed to outflank the Persian navy and won a decisive victory.

dcb141  No.2714869

Thanks for the responses.

Does a flanking work when the enemy is so widespread and embedded that they have no apparent flank? They are in the universities, the legal system, banking, government, religion, media etc.

The immensity of the corruption is what worries me.

I worry that if the arrests and convictions don't come to pass, what will those of us who are awake will do, besides having exposed ourselves.

A lot of worries but I remain faithful.


dcb141  No.2746478

Ya know, I'm not interested in the perp work, or shots of these fools in prison or walking to the gallows but what I would love televised is them trying to offer their deal, televise their negotiation of trying to reduce their jail sentence or capital punishment. Might be a bit much to ask for, but I'd willing watch all these traitors, pedophiles and evil try to talk their way into less punishment.


dcb141  No.2750294

Canadians, don't fall for the anti-trump propaganda on CBC. Shame cbc shame. Shills. Time to take a good look and clean out our own country. We help get rid of the cabal here and the big players can stop economically punishing us.

a4f1c0  No.2750578


So we need Faraday cages for ourselves?

dcb141  No.2753281

lol, thanks for the reply. We'll only need faraday cages if the electricity production from all our new hydro projects exceed expectations. :)

No we (Canadians) need to accept that the cabal is firmly entrenched in Canada and moves quite easily amongst the current liberal attitudes.

We need to remove the cabal from our country. Many will be exposed, including, I think, aspects of our government when the sealed indictments start to be unsealed and the rats start squealing. Because everyone squeals particularly when the noose is dangled.

Even being receptive to these needed changes is a good start, but do your own research. Look no further than CBC if you hate research.


dcb141  No.2758974

"Sheep no more"

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


573b59  No.2760928

They keep taking down your threads! Wow, what a realistic portrayal of a thread this is! Man, I am drawn in and taking this whole thing very seriously. Boy.

dcb141  No.2766065

At least you are reading it. :)

Funny how many of the msm are not reporting on the Ohr testimony.

Be vigilant.


dcb141  No.2795786

I'm a Catholic. I believe that there is something rotten in the core of the Catholic faith, that we have been deceived for a long time and that this deception has hidden EVIL. It has to be exposed and expunged. And anyone involved must pay.

It is too late for apologies from the Vatican. Faith is from the people not the deceivers.


dcb141  No.2802133

Mr. President and Q,

I can understand your reasons why some things need to be buried, but I don't accept that it is the right course of action. We know that there are institutions and countries which have promoted EVIL for a long time. That they have conducted world affairs secretly and not to the benefit of humanity.

Please accept that many of us are able to handle and desire the truth. It is a great awakening and People must be aware of what they are being awakened from.

God help us in learning what the truths may be but we can handle it and deserve to have a clear conscience and understanding of how the world is and how we may shape it into something GOOD and for all.

I am asking you to reconsider.


dcb141  No.2812779

I wonder what the response from the queen will be tomorrow? :)


d2fc9a  No.2812997


You said:

… how we may shape it into something GOOD and for all.

Could you give us an idea how the rest of the 7.6 billion other people feel about "how we may shape it …for all"

You get one vote.

The rest of us decide for our selves, and are leery of people who think they know how to decide what is "good"

Would that be simple majority then imposed on all?

Don't sound very constitutional to me, and I didn't select you to act on my behalf

Maybe a world -wide "hug" chorus of Kumbaya?

dcb141  No.2815178

Thanks for the reply.

Let's see the things which would be 'GOOD' for all:

1 Ending child and human trafficking

2 Exposing and removing control of countries such as North Korea and Iran of criminal elements that seek to threaten the world

3 Removing the social manipulation and spying by social media

4 Exposing and removing a group of individuals, families and companies that have dictated most world events to the detriment of humanity

5 Discontinuing the wholesale spying on everybody by rogue states and security agencies.

I can continue but I think these "GOOD" changes do not impinge on various counstitutions and in fact up hold it.

Perhaps if you can take some time to think on the above-mentioned you will see there is Good to be found there.

Say hi to the queen for me. :)


dcb141  No.2815192

Although I do agree with you about the hugs. We had more of them as a society we might be better off.

Remember Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

dcb141  No.2820659

Something wrong with Q anon's recent posts. Anyone else having the same issue of it appearing when opened and then just displaying a date with no posts?

dcb141  No.2830733


What is the 'bloody wonderland'? And who are the white rabbits?

Be vigilant everyone. The rats are cornered and will want to bite back.

But we will get every one of you. My worry is if this has infected their and other children, how do we help them.

The adults must go. (we have lots of rope) but we do have to help the children. That is the good thing to do.


dcb141  No.2834308


I know that I've been asking people to be vigilant and to ensure the safety of the Family, Friends and Neighbours but I have to say post 2053 seriously has me worried.

Are the rats so cornered that they are willing to do something as EVIL as set off a nuke or a biological/chemical agent?

Is there any way to bag them before they implement a False Flag?

If they are willing to attack the US or it's allies. I'm a Canadian shouldn't they(all of them) be considered enemy combatants and bagged prior to their attack?

I'm remaining faithful and pray to God for our success.

Be vigilant everyone. If you see something, say something or if you can do something. Sheep no more.


dcb141  No.2860207

Royal Mail bought Delivery system Dicom in Canada. Anyone have any thoughts?


dcb141  No.2868338

"Blasts" - explosions?

Message to black hat operatives?


Protect Family, Friends and Neighbours and don't forget Songs. Jokes, Stories.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2870746

Was the President's message to Syrian president actually to Cabal to not initiate FF?

No courts if they do. Just pitchforks and rope.


dcb141  No.2885061

So sentiment is now impeachable Toobin? You are a traitor.

It's now just a matter of time.


dcb141  No.2896110

"Now's the time" eh Cuomo. Who you signalling?

Be vigilant everyone, protect your Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Continue Jokes, Songs, Stories.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.2897368

Keep the President, his family safe. Help keep America, my country Canada safe; our friends down south safe and generally the world.

I have a feeling there will be a lot of plotting happening up to and including Release Day. All the traitors will be cornered.

Keep your President safe, Keep safe yourselves.

God Bless.


dcb141  No.2907329

Much respect Senator Graham. It seems you may have come back to the Light. Much respect. Good way to share the Plan.


dcb141  No.2907361

"Wow" World wide!!

7acb4e  No.2911549


Yeah - I'm a newfag too. Been lurking plenty long.

Tried to post on an existing thread about the running total count of sealed indictments - won't let me. Over 750 posts already. Won't let me start a new thread either.

So, I want to say one thing. The total count of sealed federal indictments is wrong. It's more like 50,800.

Not a big deal, but I thought, let's not overstate things. Let's be as accurate as possible. Let me do some work to tighten up the accuracy of the number everyone is throwing around.

Now my attitude is just who the fuck cares? If anyone wants to challenge me, I'll provide the back up. Absofuckinglutely.

Until then, not going to waste my time anymore.

dcb141  No.2929184

Be vigilant!


Songs, Jokes, Stories in defense of Family, Friends and Neighbours.

dcb141  No.2929251

North Korea - the place they could launch all their really nasty satellites from. Maybe they have a couple up there with some bad weapons deep state(EVIL) retain control. Where exactly are the handlers?

Enemy combatants Q.

dcb141  No.2934308

The op-ed is a cattle-call to all the traitors - peons and shills to hang tuff, and resist…until the end. The cabal battle cry.

Please guard your President.


2adba8  No.2935453



dcb141  No.2948081

Thanks for the reply?

dcb141  No.2971656


dcb141  No.2992850

They've taken down thegreatawakening and serialbrain 2's site.

How are we supposed to communicate and get info Q? Moscow rules?

Mr. President they are killing freedom of speech. This goes and everything goes.

Remember all Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.2993660

Anyone have some info? msm wearing a lot of purple today. Is Florence masking something?


dcb141  No.2996435

Q, why did President Trump's audio cut out during the CMoH presentation?

Was this accidental or was he relaying something that cabal did not want broadcast?

With all the sites going down, it's easy not to believe in coincidences.


dcb141  No.3034551

Funny, yahoo has posted a lot of 'positive' articles on the 'royals'. Lessening the impact are we?

They are criminals and must pay as well.


dcb141  No.3041936

"Buckle down and listen up. It's time to fight for our way of life…"

Thank-you General Flynn.

Come on Canadians we need to show as much patriotic spirit for our country as our American neighbours and friends show for theirs.


dcb141  No.3047534

Just wondering if Fareed Z was signalling a market drop today? It was his second story after his interview with the other shill Woodward.

Have to be vigilant folks, seems like the cabal is gearing up to hit back.

We will get them all.


ad4efb  No.3051863


Godspeed you Canooks. My mom was born in Bromptonville, Quebec.

We did our trade deal with Mexico. Think it will be fine with Canada too.

Best wishes Anon.

dcb141  No.3057059

Thanks and Godspeed to you. I know we'll get our trade deal with the US, but Canada needs to have it's bilges purged first. Too much of the cabal integrated here in polite society.

And thanks again and good luck.


dcb141  No.3064733

Songs, Jokes and Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.

And remember, be vigilant.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.3066533

Looks like the rubber is hitting the road folks. God knows how the cabal is going to react so protect Family, Friends and Neighbours.

This is the first layer of the rotten onion. Once these shills are detained and start squealing, because they will, we can start delving into the inner layers.

This can't be just about cleaning out the US. It's a big old world but a great one if can remove the EVIL.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.3072240

Q, I know you're busy, but if there is any reason people have to be more aware than usual, please let us know.

I figure with all the excellent drops/exposures the EVIL(cabal) must be primed to retaliate.

We are with you.


dcb141  No.3075640

I wonder if there were underwater pipelines laid that besides carrying oil/natural gas also were hidden trunklines(wires).

Nice to hear that ET(Trudeau) is getting exposed for the shill that he is. Speaking of pipelines - the one in Canada will be his downfall.

Be vigilant. Protect Family, Friends and Family.


dcb141  No.3086734

What does their "red line" entail Q? Has their been previous communication between the President and the cabal about what would happen with disclosure/prosecution?

Just wondering what the game rules are in that rarefied air of power.


dcb141  No.3104991

I know it's Q&A but why make disclosure? There is more to this than just answering an Anon's question. What is the underlying message and who is it really directed to.

Talk about down the rabbit hole.

Still I remain faithful and vigilant.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.3105034

Also thanks for answering some issues about Trudeau and the situation in Canada.

The pharmaceutical couple were murdered because they were going to pull away from the cabal? Maybe disclose some hidden information. Punishment and warning.

Let's Canadians, there are things we need to know about 'who' runs our country.

There are good people who know the truth. We need you to release the info.


dcb141  No.3113651

God Bless you and keep you.

Please God President Trump is always safe and protected.

These people are fucking EVIL!

Think about how much they hate people for all the blood that is on their hands; The shills and peons(too many of those greedy foolish people-we'll get you all. Q knows who most of you are, what you did what will eventually become your fate.


dcb141  No.3144810

Q, I agree that winning the midterms will be an indication that the American public will be accepting of military tribunals, but it is such a risk. Not for the election as I'm certain that the Republicans will sweep, due thankfully to President Trump. But the closer we get to that point don't you think that the cabal(just the American shills) will look to create a FF to distract? Heck their global shill counterparts may want to get in on the action.

How much proof do you need to arrest these people now? By waiting it makes me wonder if rule of law is being followed or just a convenience.

Im still faithfull, and although I take a lot of crap from so many people around me who have TDS I have your back in any way I can.


dcb141  No.3168833

Protect President Trump in New York and at the UN. If there is an opportunity to hit the President and hide it all in the mess that is the UN than it is there.

We(global) are behind you Sir.


dcb141  No.3169528

Folks, we all know that history has been changed in various media to prevent people from asking questions. I keep seeing ads for docs on things like 911 or MH370, etc. and realize that this is just another attempt to disguise the truth.

Shouldn't we be looking as well at the companies that make these 'films' and more importantly those who conceive and fund them?

Boy we have a lot of work to accomplish if we want to start peeling back those onion layers.

Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.3181040

That was a great speech Mr. President. Righteous and to the point. It was a good time to deny the endeavours of the globalist cabal. It was the 'line in the sand' that was needed.

ET(Trudeau) is on the wrong side of history. Canadians we have a leader that is playing for the wrong team. He must go. Use your vote and voice.


dcb141  No.3184998

My last two posts were deleted. Interesting.


dcb141  No.3185923

Nope, the posts are there.

I like this guy, always sensible


dcb141  No.3185929


dcb141  No.3190925

Speaking of ads on 911 or MH370 there was a show last night on the Mayo Clinic. There have been questions raised at different times on the Mayo.

Anyone have any information?

Also ET(Trudeau) put on the 'charm offensive' at the UN(according to Yahoo news-another shill company).

I'd like to know what Trudeau's role is. It seems his election was very contrived and immediate. What is his role for the cabal?

Remember Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.3192096

Actually a correction to my previous post, ET's dialogue was with the CFR. He is such an unabashed globalist that it is disgusting.

Gotta get ET out Canadians.


dcb141  No.3227839

Canadians, who is Freeland? Just trying to get some info about her.

And she is a terrible negotiator, if I was negotiating a trade deal with our biggest economic partner, couldn't we possibly send someone a little more serious?

Oh well… Great job Justice Kavanaugh. Sorry that your family had to go through all that EVIL bullshit.

We will get them all.


dcb141  No.3228279

I said it before I'll say it again: Senator Graham welcome back and God Bless you.


dcb141  No.3236050

The cabal(EVIL) would probably have several back-up plans in case one doesn't work.

Their ultimate plan is global domination and the US does stand in the way. More now than at any point in history.

Is it possible that if they lose their control on the Supreme Court and the eventual overwhelming loss in the midterms that one of their plans is to create civil war in the US. They certainly are stirring up emotions right now. This Kavanaugh debacle is one of many examples but has the odour of catalyst.

In a civil war is their the potential for foreign bodies, UN military forces for example to come in to the US to restore 'order'.

We have to think long-term folks, the EVIL that is behind this have been gameplaying this for a long time. Only problem now is they are below the curve and not above it as they usually are.

Your President is an exceptional person, and those who support him are exceptional as well.

Remember: Songs, Jokes, Stories to Family, Friends and Neighbours.


dcb141  No.3252152

Be vigilant folks.


dcb141  No.3253322

Doesn't GoFundMe seem like a good vehicle to hide payoffs?

dcb141  No.3255347

Mr. President, I hope you are safe. Q's post and some of the anon's analysis suggests there was another attempt on your life in AF1.

Was there anyone(from the press) etc who wasn't on the plane?

Almost time to start the round-up. This EVIL cannot continue.

We're with you and remain vigilant.

We will get all of them.


dcb141  No.3282752

VOAT has become a good replacement. It's true that in Canada, for their to be a realization of freedom we must separate ourselves from the 'crown'-those EVIL sons of bitches.

There has definitely been a push to soften the image of that foolish family in the media recently-look at yahoo: they have a daily article about their 'cute' eating habits and nicknames….what a load of crap!

This family has to go and not just from Canada. I'm certain there will be some ugly truths dropped about them soon.

We have lots of rope and we will get you all.


dcb141  No.3287095

It's coming apart at the seams ET(Trudeau): Quebec has spoken, New Brunswick has spoken. Take your empty-headed trust fund millionaire, Soros-backed, globalist ass back to the country club and out of our government.

Way to go Canadians!!

Remember we have to get rid of the 'crown'.

Thank-you Q and President Trump from all of the non-Americans. You've shown us a path.


dcb141  No.3293493

400 firearms stolen from a UPS truck in one of the States. Be vigilant my American friends things are about to drop and the EVIL may be looking for a way (FF) to distract.

Protect Family, Friends and Neighbours.

And keep those Songs, Jokes, Stories and Memes coming.

We will get them all.

Big changes happening up here in Canada too.


dcb141  No.3319339

Wow, we've been following Q a long time. It's been wonderful.


dcb141  No.3332481

This feels like the actual calm before the storm. I'm Canadian so a bit of bad weather doesn't bother me one bit. We all need this storm, Q.

Let it rain.


dcb141  No.3336504

Not hiding things anymore Q. Folks we are that close to storm!!!

Glad to see that President Trump is well-protected.

You have the world behind you.

Thanks for easing up on Canada - 'crown' owned and shill retirees and there are loads of us who think Canada needs better Citizens too. Not, subjects.


dcb141  No.3338253

Arizona-based beef company. 6.5 million pounds. Wonder what owners took the hit on that?

dcb141  No.3345488

China and Israel eh. Vatican just approved a few Chinese bishops too.

Boy oh boy, what a mess. Still we have to deal with all of them. EVIL.

A lot of layers on this stinky onion.


dcb141  No.3359004

Citizens not Subjects!!!


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