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File: 2ca1bdf21b2af5b⋯.png (6.67 MB, 5760x3240, 16:9, 2ca1bdf21b2af5bdc6812f9b55….png)

503c55 No.1674011

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>>1673022 Facebook allowed companies to access certain types of user data, despite claiming to have ended those partnerships in 2015: Report

>>1673078 NXIVM - Down The Rabbit Hole in NYC

>>1673083 BuzzFeed editors knew about reporter's romantic relationship with indicted ex-Senate staffer: Report

>>1673107 POTUS Schedule update re: meeting with Tredeau

>>1673124 House GOP blocks Obama-era rules on cost of climate change

>>1673180 List of notable suicides in 2018:


>>1671621, >>1671874 Gordon Ramsay partnering with Rotchschild?

>>1671680 Cause of death of hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning remains a mystery - autopsy report

>>1671695, >>1671716, >>1671731, >>1671851, >>1671881 Bourdain photos, fuckery in EU

>>1671729 The N.W.O. is being defeated within the U.S.A. and is now focusing all of its efforts on the countries within the E.U.

>>1671819 The Gloves Are Off: State Department Goes Nuclear On Leakers After Wolfe Arrest

>>1671909 President Trump on marijuana: I probably will end up supporting end to federal ban

>>1671910 Former CIA officer Kevin Mallory found guilty of selling secrets to China

>>1671934, >>1672032 Iran admits to facilitating passage of al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attackers

>>1672049 Rose McGowan rushing to support Asia Argento after Bourdain’s suicide

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>>1670887 CDAN relating to Bourdain suicide?

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>>1670941, >>1671085 Bourdain suicide?

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>>1671322, >>1671590 Washington DC Daycare Center Raided for ‘Pimping Children’ to Elite Pedophiles

>>1671387 Armbands used for smuggling SIM-cards?

>>1671410 Trump hand signing Q again?

>>1671554 Italian PM breaks with EU, backs Trump’s call for Russia to return to G8

>>1672183, >>1672386 Anthony Bourdain on the esteemed American statesman Henry Kissinger.


>>1670082 Justin Trudeau’s Best Friend Jailed After International Pedophile Ring Bust

>>1670146 G-7 Photo Canada

>>1670283 James Wolfe's Wife Had A PFA Against Him in 2003

>>1670321 Germany issues international arrest warrant for top Assad officer

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503c55 No.1674023

File: d11a905b7683ad4⋯.jpg (138.9 KB, 735x490, 3:2, _dccbdeegbw4.jpg)

Dough #2106



New Bæker Request

e76ac2 No.1674059

751 nice job baker!!

d56ffa No.1674060

File: b357b5c43d9ba42⋯.jpg (13.49 KB, 207x255, 69:85, pc2706b8d4523713e4f4a9cc30….jpg)

Link on 751, nice Baker!

3c29d2 No.1674061

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d013e No.1674062

>>1674036 <--


So, you admit that you're here promoting your site. Yeah, this'll go over well here. Good luck.


State your intention, neon, if I'm wrong.

1564d7 No.1674063







73b29a No.1674064

File: 214d35173d3bf2e⋯.png (467.08 KB, 651x500, 651:500, thanksbaker2.png)


e631bb No.1674065

File: 4b79451834596c0⋯.gif (1013.85 KB, 500x381, 500:381, 4b79451834596c02433c2693c1….gif)


a3b96b No.1674066

File: 6d32ae73bede0f2⋯.jpg (183.3 KB, 834x1058, 417:529, ZomboMeme 08062018220849.jpg)

904d7c No.1674067


He did that TWO breads in a row.

Accuracy award goes to baker…

4a9d98 No.1674068

File: d8bd065e1f56ff1⋯.png (184.63 KB, 1161x1081, 1161:1081, somolia-wikileaks.png)

File: 2da9a8dd1dbc50d⋯.png (39.35 KB, 572x276, 143:69, potus-6-8-2124.png)

holy fucking shit!


found on wikileaks

check out this statement!!!!

>To me I can think

of no other reason for killing him than that he knows things that our side

would not want the rest of the world to know.

5ac500 No.1674069


Baker here brah

Thanks for the delishus bread. Confirm handoff?

b2926e No.1674070


thats probly not even neon lol

could be a shill

if it is its working well

cd289f No.1674071

4286e9 No.1674072


True Pundit


24m24 minutes ago


Iran Admits To Facilitating 9/11 Terror Attacks in America

e960ac No.1674073


No way SECDEF recommends war with Iran.

1d5ca0 No.1674074


01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01000110 01101001 01110010 01100101 01100100 00100001 00100001

3c29d2 No.1674076

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ca96ce No.1674077

repost from last bread:

https:// www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2018/6/8/17442518/verizon-hans-vestberg-new-ceo-announced-5g-fiber-lowell-mcadam

two big names out at Verizon. current ceo and a vp. Lowell McAdam and John Stratton.

904d7c No.1674078


Call that one spanky.

c48d9c No.1674079

File: ccaad2e31fec76d⋯.png (155.65 KB, 631x392, 631:392, PikeZionismvsIslam.png)


(((IRAN))) vs (((ISRAEL)))

9cc032 No.1674080

The guy with the ID of 509501 is a satanist… who has gone to elite ceremonies.

His first of two gave his ass away in the previous thread.

e80056 No.1674081


Yeah that's what it looks like to me too

The usual suspects on Twatter seem to be dancing around the implications a bit

So theatrical, and something about it stinks

e631bb No.1674082

File: 60c92dd4bb84df3⋯.jpg (49.56 KB, 590x696, 295:348, SESSIONJEFFFF.JPG)

File: 8eeaabc68bda23c⋯.png (552.96 KB, 736x549, 736:549, sessions cookie.png)

File: c49ada296975ebc⋯.jpg (53.45 KB, 636x486, 106:81, SESSIONS FLYNN.JPG)

File: f917c1674193e52⋯.jpg (121.93 KB, 1087x608, 1087:608, SESSIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS….JPG)

File: 789d64d221b022c⋯.png (663.52 KB, 703x495, 703:495, sessionstrumpflood.png)

Sessions Meme stash continued

cd289f No.1674083



NK is 10x as dangerous than the mullahs we look what we did


Israel > Iran

aa9704 No.1674084

File: 8c5f0d337f3e011⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 611.69 KB, 1050x924, 25:22, 1E313828-796F-4DF9-85E3-2….jpeg)


1d5ca0 No.1674085


01011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01000110 01101001 01110010 01100101 01100100 00100001 00100001

503c55 No.1674086

File: 4a19464382993b3⋯.jpg (138.11 KB, 611x588, 611:588, _h4ig3do3wya.jpg)


My pleasure baking as always. Enjoy the kitchen!

Handoff Qonfirmed

e631bb No.1674087

File: 43512fdaf149003⋯.jpg (107.31 KB, 854x559, 854:559, sessionswater.JPG)

File: 6b66c42b8e1d774⋯.jpg (215.42 KB, 600x894, 100:149, SESSS.jpg)

File: bc9db1c57a65eae⋯.jpg (72.35 KB, 750x500, 3:2, sessshhhtrust.jpg)

File: 04022b32ed08530⋯.jpg (183.91 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sessshyionssasasas.jpg)

File: b153093a5fc79f9⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 540x281, 540:281, SESSSHYY.jpg)

dcfcc3 No.1674088

File: 5f0f09649b127a9⋯.png (22.48 KB, 495x162, 55:18, 1.png)

File: 8b4f2df37c566e9⋯.png (23.12 KB, 495x159, 165:53, 2.png)

File: 9f402b456340304⋯.png (31.63 KB, 494x208, 19:8, 3.png)

File: 844cb091a2b0dfe⋯.png (745.31 KB, 1664x1664, 1:1, Q-ClockExpanded.png)

File: 13a727420b6e12c⋯.png (2.85 MB, 3509x2640, 319:240, Q-ClockWarGames.png)

Alright anons.

Pendulum swing.


8:16:24 on 3/5

3:6:9 on 4/17

2:4:6 on 6/3

0:0:0 on when?

9e1ed3 No.1674089

File: 69b5c2921b4ff46⋯.png (214.65 KB, 913x662, 913:662, 9ee4e6f64bf1632d20f37a8d9c….png)

File: ee31670d8364c05⋯.png (2 MB, 1978x1496, 989:748, ee31670d8364c05f42e35b142a….png)

File: e039847239679c1⋯.png (330.3 KB, 1836x800, 459:200, 0ba8b8746a3f64d2ad3341a105….png)


6/3 Q drop Monday

6/11 Monday


73b29a No.1674090

File: 0fa93d21ff14055⋯.png (369.13 KB, 500x571, 500:571, Sessions-Chan.png)

bfa5d1 No.1674091


Whoo buddy. Nice find

a04924 No.1674092

File: 76ef00df36aaaaa⋯.gif (3.89 MB, 225x382, 225:382, IMG_1793.GIF)

Thank you, Baker.

34996a No.1674093

File: cbf8b0dd0051b90⋯.gif (3.45 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 1484645037_giphy (1).gif)


79bc03 No.1674094


Breeeee aye aaaaaaaaaaaan!

e631bb No.1674095

File: 29ab1c32a0f43f8⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1200x802, 600:401, sesssionscucc.png)

File: e94532933b4c901⋯.jpg (40.91 KB, 408x339, 136:113, SESSSIONSSSS.jpg)

File: 113625666e63539⋯.jpg (144.21 KB, 946x1024, 473:512, sesssionsssss.jpg)

File: 603ec2d4739423b⋯.jpg (147.04 KB, 664x498, 4:3, SESSSONSSSSS.jpg)

File: df66500625e5b1e⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 800x494, 400:247, SESSSSHIONS.jpg)

3388a0 No.1674096

File: 672c2fd8e21b6fc⋯.jpg (77.09 KB, 611x655, 611:655, EyeJA.JPG)

File: a626eed7b6c6334⋯.jpg (27 KB, 720x339, 240:113, DfNjeEyXUAAwcjN.jpg)

File: 65c83a17bf7f78f⋯.jpg (38.67 KB, 718x394, 359:197, DfNjeeBW4AAWhyZ.jpg)

File: fa0fa1220262411⋯.jpg (80.63 KB, 720x676, 180:169, DfNje1ZWAAAluQ-.jpg)

File: b69aef6feec4f71⋯.jpg (18.89 KB, 380x218, 190:109, DfNjfsRXcAMsh_R.jpg)

The Eye the Spy bread is filled,

…. but have we agreed on possible role JA will have for

6/11 ?

I'll just leave this here.



8f98de No.1674097

File: 71e1122ad818c79⋯.jpeg (173.37 KB, 1513x1474, 1513:1474, 31B78348-29D7-4389-9836-0….jpeg)

NXIVM notable from Bread #2104

>>1673078 Bread 2104

Anon said N is 13 but is also IV Both add to 4.

NXIVM = IVXIVM = 9 1 1

Pic to Support

5ac500 No.1674098

File: 04b3ca169f99da8⋯.jpg (67.31 KB, 600x317, 600:317, 04b3ca169f99da8bb2a7fe1c09….jpg)


Thanks Baker and Godspeed!

b2926e No.1674099


that would be a pretty short war anon

israel alone could wipe them off the face of the earth

c4966a No.1674100

File: bff774595f62b4a⋯.jpeg (85.84 KB, 748x548, 187:137, 2045CE44-9E01-4E4D-B93A-5….jpeg)

Thanks baker for this bread!

3c29d2 No.1674101

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c48d9c No.1674102


So when does Israel invade Iran?

Lets see the Jews go it alone this time….see how tough they are…put some boots on the ground

f9847a No.1674103


IDs change every thread.

cd289f No.1674104


now thats a new one

e631bb No.1674105

File: 8156c53522420a9⋯.jpg (78.88 KB, 715x363, 65:33, sesssshsleeper.JPG)

File: 4c34a4724c20b1e⋯.png (66.1 KB, 300x168, 25:14, SESSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHAASSHAAH….png)

File: 18aa27cbba61233⋯.jpg (90.04 KB, 568x697, 568:697, SESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSJ.JPG)

File: 1b539be015d9625⋯.jpg (195.48 KB, 800x400, 2:1, SESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.jpg)

File: 3266e6c75f89300⋯.jpg (98.53 KB, 600x406, 300:203, SESSSTRUST.jpg)


end sessions meme stash

d55467 No.1674106


Iran has not trended on twitter

I've seen the story in passing

It really is not that big of a deal

Except for those trying to make it so

f29c05 No.1674107


With the eventual coup is enough Anon.

e80056 No.1674108

File: 3179dab16a640fd⋯.jpg (28.8 KB, 388x408, 97:102, GinaHaspel.jpg)


Somolia Somalia

She knows

c4966a No.1674109

File: 4d150b89c33f17e⋯.jpeg (113.24 KB, 620x676, 155:169, 16834565-C856-408E-9E3B-2….jpeg)

Good job baker!

17f3d0 No.1674110



NR is a useful site, anons. No shit.

I'm not a clockfag but it looks like they did some free work for anyone who wants to use it.

e960ac No.1674111




33bacb No.1674112

File: 1df51cddf5d8252⋯.jpg (240.92 KB, 1268x720, 317:180, TheBestB.jpg)

File: e9d9560ac25055f⋯.png (725.46 KB, 533x557, 533:557, DOITQ.png)

Wow <3

559071 No.1674113

Baker on fire. New bread at 751…. Alright now Baker..you're a magician..we see you… Thank you kindly

29d17c No.1674114



d0d08c No.1674115


I'm sure Q team has a nice file on them.

dcfcc3 No.1674116



cd289f No.1674117


lol how would israel invade iran?

it would have to go over two or three countries

Iran is on israels doorstep, but we made a deal with iran/syria/russia to get iran away form the jordan-israel border and we remove our proxy army from jordan's border

but the jjjjjeeeeeeewwwwssss right?

its getting old tbh

caa9ad No.1674118

Harvey Weinstein at a private party for Anthony Bourdain's Ex Paula Froelich.


9e1ed3 No.1674120

File: a1dd5e2a825b8c1⋯.gif (60.08 KB, 230x270, 23:27, 1ee7c09bc34d0e6758b6572005….gif)

3c29d2 No.1674121

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9cc032 No.1674122


I'm just pointing out his posts in previous thread.

I've remote listened to their ceremonies with the speaker using a gawd awful voice. That is the shit he says.

4f002b No.1674123

>>1673355 (prev)

China trade talks and discussions of a summit with Putin in the US are huge indicators of a major geopolitical shift. Lines are being redrawn. Common sense appears to be prevailing.

When DJT said on the whitehouse lawn that Xi was a great man but that he wants the best for China and DJT wants the best for the US he signaled that there was room for making deals.

No more demonization. Collaboration. Friendship. Trade with all nations. Pursue your interests but understand that others will be pursuing theirs.

96f5ab No.1674125


Re: ==NXIVM 1413 Fifth Ave==

Yes, Anon- you are on to something.

Initial dig and I find info that contradicts- from square footage to sales.

Very little to be gained thru a search so I conclude that something is being hidden.

GOOD CATCH and good work!

3d013e No.1674126


could be, may not be. Either way, not working if they're outed. shills gonna shill (especially the frustrated friday night types), I like to make sure they're not having fun doing it. Back to re_reading crumbs for me…

5493fd No.1674127

File: d8c80baa7167cf9⋯.png (637.32 KB, 874x707, 874:707, JW.png)

This is new.

3fd6cc No.1674128

51 minutes in, Trump still hasnt fixed Somolia

34996a No.1674131


Roughly 15 Million Jews world wide.

Over 1.8 Billion Muslims.

It wouldn't even be a contest. Israel would attack conventionally. Get in trouble, start tossing their nukes and then they would be overrun and finished. They know that which is why they have their attack dog (US) on the chain.

e960ac No.1674132

File: 295096d36e707ca⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1084x1280, 271:320, Dalailama1_20121014_4639.png)


oblig nvxivm

c48d9c No.1674133


Well get after it…put in the call to Bibi. Im sure (((you))) will be on the next flight to assist

4400a4 No.1674134


That's what Israel wants, moar playing the victim.

b2926e No.1674135


giving them more than 1 you just wastes bread

i dont respond unless is funny

9cc032 No.1674136

I've remote viewed some of the "scientific"celebrity torture/blood orgy/ adrenochrome sessions documented and observed by lab coats.

28b359 No.1674137

"Once described as 'the Rothschilds of the New World,' the family Bronfman—although officially based in Canada—certainly constitutes the proverbial 'royal family' of the American Jewish establishment… Proteges—directly and indirectly—of the Bronfman family have included multiple powerful and well-known personages ranging from Al Capone to U.S. Sen. John McCain… After all, of course, Edgar Bronfman—reigning patriarch of the family—is the longtime head of the World Jewish Congress…

While it is well-known McCain’s father-in-law is the owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributor in Arizona—one of the largest beer distributors in the nation—the mainstream media has had nothing to say about the origins of the Hensley fortune that financed McCain’s rise to power. The Hensley fortune is no more than a regional offshoot of the big time bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty."


2b7c35 No.1674138

File: 9380fbc4b8ff3cd⋯.jpg (75.22 KB, 520x722, 260:361, 500471574bed9752ceb2ebb845….jpg)

Canadian Anons.

DIG and shift narrative.


Who was/is involved on CA. side?

How was the material moved?

Was it moved through ONT.?

Hydro One Exe. bonuses?

If not through ONT. then where?

2: Border

Why is nothing being done?

Why is JT. just throwing money at the issue?

Why is JT. not trying to solve the issue?

Why is JT. really not doing anything about it?

Could the reason be it's part of the smuggling pipeline?

Pipeline from SA.-MX.-CA.-NY.-CA.?

Side note…

Why did JT. donate to the CF?

How dose CA.tie into everything?

Where else dose CA. fit into the big picture?

Remember You Hold all the POWER.





8f98de No.1674139




NXIVM = 911

34996a No.1674140


It's like a broke down 1980s K car. It's not worth fixing. Just sell it for scrap and be done with it.

cd289f No.1674141



cya next bread (((shill)))

e960ac No.1674142

File: 5022bf2c1590b8f⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 612x345, 204:115, SRAANHRT1.jpg)

a3b96b No.1674143


They have since the beginning… GOY!!!

08e200 No.1674144

File: 8333940d6ab8db8⋯.jpg (194.33 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, Pierre_Lescure_2012.jpg)

File: 00d031f7e38beac⋯.jpg (13.98 KB, 253x384, 253:384, Pierre_Lescure_Thierry_Fré….jpg)

File: 591ef698425d5c6⋯.jpg (385.73 KB, 1459x1280, 1459:1280, Inauguration_expo_Musée_de….jpg)


"Asia Argento stunned at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival by delivering a withering speech in which she said that disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein raped her at ‘this festival’ in 1997."

So maybe the people running Cannes wanted to get back at Argento for revealing what goes on at their "festivals"

"The Italian filmmaker, most famous to American audiences for her role in Vin Diesel’s 2002 film xXx, has been at the forefront of the #MeToo movement, breaking the Weinstein scandal by doing an interview with Ronan Farrow for the New Yorker back in October.

Argento subsequently left Italy for Germany due to the culture of ‘victim-blaming’ in her home country."


PUBLISHED: 07:46 EDT, 21 May 2018

"Following her speech, people quickly praised the director and actress for her bravery, among whom was her partner, the celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.

He tweeted: 'Brava. An absolutely fearless off script nuclear bomb of a speech to a stunned crowd at Cannes"


Who runs Cannes?

Along with Argento's revelation aboit Weinstein, there was some conflict between the festival and Netflix.Hmmm


Three main dudes run it:




So maybe rocking the boat at their profitable little festival, and attention from wannabe starlets went over the line? They couldn't whack Argento so they took out Bourdain as a warning to others?

Maybe there is a standing list of troublemakers, and whenever the deep state needs a distraction, they pick one and the media runs it over all other stories?

697e18 No.1674145

File: e9afe92f346a6d1⋯.png (9.1 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, hm.PNG)





Tried to make the awning more clear...looks like it says "CULTURE YARD" and something like an eye on the bottom. Also old letting behind it that says unisex.

1d5ca0 No.1674146


Yea She Knows

17f3d0 No.1674147

File: 2ad81364f0e83a3⋯.jpg (74.87 KB, 630x442, 315:221, baker-teach-me.jpg)


You are a pretty good baker anon. Thank you.

e3a01b No.1674148


Why do I have this horrid feeling they are setting our POTUS up on this trip to try and take him out…yet POTUS and team already know this, (insulated and protected) yet it is going to be allowed to play out on the big f-in stage. Nothing any outlet could/would shut down which will incriminate them for the world to see.

The shot heard around the world?

I feel sick…

Now I'm just gonna pray, pray, pray…hard to even type this.

3d013e No.1674149

>>1674135 point taken anon, I'll leave (that one) alone

49a9d2 No.1674150


ThankQ memeanon!

Harvester here. The ones that we didn't already have, I have added to anons' collection. Shadilay.

4a8a26 No.1674151


Q the buzz kill.

who woulda thunk it?

(the bad guys)

c4966a No.1674153

What is the deal with that ad on bottom and she looks young asf

Fucking anime pedo bs

Maybe that’s why Q went dark the ads are comped and used to make Anons look bad?

4ebaa4 No.1674154

File: 8ab54fc0533b42a⋯.jpg (15.44 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fc3d9208626c5d69bc22524187….jpg)

File: 3a1caa420901b3c⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 255x186, 85:62, cea771b2ee1c5e741d8d8452bc….jpg)

>The Light reveals the Truth. - Q

>The Light will reveal those on the team, and those pretending to be. - Q

>Be careful who you follow. - Q

>Follow the White Rabbit. - Q

>You are watching a movie. - Q

>Time reveals all… - Dr. Strange








c48d9c No.1674155



Thats what I thought…little Israel

All bark and no bite

9cc032 No.1674156

MK ultra shit… Other celebrities join in on psychologically torturing other celebrities.

584c34 No.1674157

File: 32a47c6ddf90e6f⋯.png (548.75 KB, 929x410, 929:410, ClipboardImage.png)

Lily Vonnegut - Kurt Vonnegut's daughter. So I went to high school with a girl who was introduced to Lily via the people who died in the plane crash. I think we need to dig further on her. I think this girl I know who lives in the Hamptons is wrapped up in this mess. She told me weird stories years ago and she did gigs on the Sopranos and other shows linked to people we know.

Check her Instagram: Hmmmmmm - the famous chef who killed himself is her first pic - Bourdain???? Plus a pizza pic???

https:// www.instagram.com/lilyvonnegut/?hl=en

73671e No.1674158

File: 51ebcf40aac334e⋯.png (33.39 KB, 740x179, 740:179, 2.png)

namefag from last bread: >>1674049 (lb)

Just as the first few suggestions:

Don't namefag, don't famefag, don't put your fucking "by evilWulf" on it & do it here until we're sure, see post Nr. 2 on qr for "confirmation".

c5cfd2 No.1674159




Nighty Night AI Baker.


7c0d88 No.1674161

1673655 (pb)

We call the president by his name here. Its a sign of self respect as well as respect for DJT and the office.

Dont know about your occultist jabber.

We dont believe in your cabal programmed butt wookies like Bathmat a Beezerbutt and loonyfur.

23c54a No.1674162


get the fuck out.

3fd6cc No.1674163


Sorry, generic wording. His Somolia twat where he misspelled the word

cd289f No.1674164


are you serious?

get an ad blocker and stop bitching

503c55 No.1674165

File: 4e0a3809112672a⋯.jpg (93.99 KB, 624x350, 312:175, _y6zn2vnhftd.jpg)

>>1674059, >>1674060, >>1674067, >>1674113

751, 750, 751 Close enough, I'll take it. ;)

Also ThanQs to baker girls, but I don't really want to tag all of you for reasons, kek

3c29d2 No.1674166

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5ac500 No.1674167

Q (Anonymous) . 5 Nov 2017

Q's "happening" and "happen" posts collection #6

Game Theory.


Why is this relevant?

Moves and countermoves.

Who is the enemy?

False flags.

Shooter identification.

Shooter history.

Shooter background.

Shooter family.


Define hostage.

Define leverage.









Why is this relevant?


What is Flynn’s background?

What was his rank?

Was he involved in intel ops?

What access or special priv?

Why is this relevant?

Set up.

Who wins?

Who becomes exposed?

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Who has access?

What is MI?

Who was part of MI during BO term?

Who was fired during BO term (MI)?

Why is this relevant?

Re-read complete crumb graphic (confirmed good).

Paint the picture.

Disinformation exists and is necessary.

10 days.



Good v. Evil.

Roadmap of big picture is here.

Review post happenings.


Crumbs not only for /pol/.

The silent ones.

Others monitoring (friends and enemies).


Snow White.

Godfather III.


9cc032 No.1674168

Lemme just say this… free Trent Reznor, and fuck Aguilera.

f29c05 No.1674169


Already Iran will change with the Coup.

Don't worry for that.

4400a4 No.1674170


Hence why I said 'moar'.

1564d7 No.1674171



678824 No.1674173

Ali Watkins worked at Buzzfeed when the dossier was leaked.

9cc032 No.1674174

A guillotine is too good for Aguilera.

3d013e No.1674175

File: 2a08eb9da4fee87⋯.png (51.16 KB, 1213x506, 1213:506, ClipboardImage.png)


why do i find myself saying AD BLOCKER every day now? BTW, those ads have been there since day one, stop with the fake concern, & look up "plausible deniability"

cd289f No.1674176


the muh BO/baker is a bot shill is here and calling you a bot

too funny thanks baker! o7

dcfcc3 No.1674177


If legit, the consequences will never be the same.

f29c05 No.1674178


Welcome to the Chan Newfag.

ef5705 No.1674179



16c362 No.1674180


>Can you feel it?

>It's Hive Mind.

>It's "coming together"

>It's electric .

>It's almost Palpable.

>It's reaching a Fever Pitch.

>When the Dam Breaks, it will be complete Pandemonium!

Sounds like a bad hypnotist.

cd289f No.1674181



was thinking last night if she had anything to do with the leak of the dossier to buzzfeed in jan. 2017

but nothing on it yet

c48d9c No.1674182


Its just a fucking psyop game

Israel and Iran both play to get extra handouts from US tax payers.

They never do shit

3c29d2 No.1674183

File: f343f4d597b9c01⋯.jpg (52.83 KB, 619x767, 619:767, AXOLOTL.jpg)

a3c3fa No.1674184


The Cabal wants to force a Proxy war with Iran Not with Iran.

Pick a Country like Yemen?

Standard Protocol. $$$$$

Same Shit, Different Day.

Trump Won't take the Bait nor Allow.

We Finish Wars now Not Feed the Military Industrial Conplex

661eae No.1674185


What are you even going on about? "Admit?" How do you even derive that from ANY of what I wrote?

I already clearly stated my intention, but here it is again, because you have such astounding comprehension problems:

My friend built an interactive Q clock.

It's free for everyone and really useful.

The only reason I posted here in the first place was to get it distributed to anons immediately, and not wait for some other anon to discover it and post for me.


Congratulations on being an insufferable faggot.

17f3d0 No.1674186

File: 9288c9c3b5d8279⋯.png (523.14 KB, 478x468, 239:234, Newfag1.png)


Dude, really. It is standard.

Lern moar.

904d7c No.1674187


>Maybe that’s why Q went dark the ads are comped and used to make Anons look bad?

If you were here when Q came, there was a derogatory kike face lampshade icon floating and the ad was for adult toys with a real japanese girl holding a dildo.

Now it is for anime (which means drawings) and I am still unclear what a "free anime pussy" is, considering it is a drawing?!?! but whatever…

The ads are SITE wide. Not just /qresearch.

db41e0 No.1674188

File: b52ace997474cd9⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 300x168, 25:14, cannes.jpg)

280061 No.1674189

File: 6b133bd3a8bfba3⋯.jpg (165.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


b2926e No.1674190


that being said you can tell when its a actual black hat

those are fun to talk shit too

i miss lynn rothschild lol

79bc03 No.1674191


Beautiful gills

e960ac No.1674192


She is pretty.

365b7a No.1674193


he's a namefag

namefags want attention

How do you win against a namefag?

Ignore it

661eae No.1674194



Get rekt.


c4966a No.1674195


Check this out

I don’t use adblocker for last few months and this board hasn’t had shit like that here

I don’t care about ads we are talking the subject matter

Looks borderline pedo fuck that shit!

What’s the outside observer supposed to think?

This board is full of chomos or something?

That’s probably why Q went dark the ads are comped

cef7f0 No.1674196

File: 6ea999c5cdbbac5⋯.png (164.62 KB, 332x591, 332:591, 4b097ee89dc6b4b799d37f13c9….png)

File: e4851795f0a30a2⋯.png (152.18 KB, 334x590, 167:295, 5ea60460e29c2ba73ecea7acad….png)

File: c9b4e5079092dda⋯.png (150.65 KB, 335x587, 335:587, 470f8624eed20dc506b31d2c01….png)

File: ae45a184df7c55b⋯.png (156.53 KB, 341x592, 341:592, 046f7b74e160a96cf9c0b3df71….png)

File: 2845147c3a452b9⋯.png (226.22 KB, 336x546, 8:13, 65da5d7a1e7f4bf43e65bdf0b3….png)



f29c05 No.1674197


The War is open in Afghanistan and near in South america.

The problem in the middle east is Turkey.

49a9d2 No.1674198

File: 2694aec4d32726f⋯.jpg (114.39 KB, 568x697, 568:697, Sessions44.jpg)


Updated the sealed federal indictments #

It's close enough even though we understand some might be warrants rather than indictments.

3c29d2 No.1674199

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the deal of the art

used a pencil

c5cfd2 No.1674200

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e631bb No.1674201


91ac2f No.1674202


Maybe a bit too much oil….for photog purposes

6d6c30 No.1674203

(Bread #2105)



Twisted sex. Yep, civilization is in decline.

b2926e No.1674204


ok now i believe eye that you are a clown lol

365b7a No.1674205

File: 84cd3cba9c5a1cb⋯.png (97.15 KB, 813x858, 271:286, welcome.PNG)


>What’s the outside observer supposed to think?

What’s the outside observer supposed to think?

dont care

4a8a26 No.1674206


listen bot, shill, clown, whatever…

there needs to be different people holding the positions faggot child rapers do now. or it's all just going to be hidden.

kids! they just don't get it.

c48d9c No.1674207


Pfffft….wtf are they going to do?

Threaten Greece?

….They wont do shit either

7aafc9 No.1674208

Man this board fucks me up some days when i realize certain shit. I've been reading these breads for a while now and finally noticed this nasim shit is a shill slide. It always starts with a picture of it then a post saying 'she is pretty' then it cascades from there.

16c362 No.1674209


It was moved via a trucking company based in Saskatoon. JT's political party, or more correctly, some of his political operatives, are closely connected to the Clintons.

a3b96b No.1674210


Q is no buzz kill .. But until Hoggfag nite a month or so ago .. We forgot that Humor was our best weapon .. That shit lightened the mood.. Check the breads.. Nite shift jokes and ties the breads and crumbs together… Dayshift gang up and bully for thauce .. Gather all the info

Nite shift best shift again

3fd6cc No.1674211


a lot of hair on her ass too

3c29d2 No.1674212

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

904d7c No.1674213

File: 5ab76cdf2c02698⋯.jpg (65.27 KB, 630x355, 126:71, capt-obv1.jpg)

3388a0 No.1674214


So what's are prevailing theory for JA at this point?

At last, Wiki was supposed to be comp'd…..

34996a No.1674215


The twat spelling… country… same same…

e631bb No.1674216

File: 7af85726e32d070⋯.jpg (67.33 KB, 817x601, 817:601, AAAAAAAAAAAAA.JPG)

File: e26f93dec7a2168⋯.jpg (74.02 KB, 816x601, 816:601, BC.JPG)

File: b91fe8f9bae4218⋯.jpg (44.32 KB, 938x600, 469:300, xc.JPG)

File: b84058bcd37cd31⋯.jpg (80.99 KB, 938x600, 469:300, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….JPG)

File: 6cee162113c9619⋯.jpg (85.81 KB, 825x603, 275:201, AAABBCBCA.JPG)



661eae No.1674217

File: af5cc86c439668e⋯.gif (509.86 KB, 700x827, 700:827, 1528470391024.gif)

61bc0c No.1674218



c4966a No.1674219


It’s gone now


And it’s JS based..

Careful anons some fuckery going on here..

f299d6 No.1674220


Yeah real shit is really slow right now. It is worse than you know, unfortunately this shithole of the internet has SOME better information than most out there. Look and learn

e631bb No.1674221


i dug into that walter pearce creep, what ever happened with these 2?

34996a No.1674222


You cant get too serious with this shit. The whole point is to enjoy live. Have fun. If its at the expense of the democrat pedos and other various asshats of the world all the better. Make fun of them and enjoy!

9e1ed3 No.1674223

File: 83a3b7953471edc⋯.jpg (299.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 63be5de3e2fb23d1ae6f5a8eb4….jpg)

365b7a No.1674224

File: 672ac6e359b1fcc⋯.png (998.6 KB, 1100x1000, 11:10, Chan-MWO-Shill-Spotters-Sn….PNG)


see, you're catching on! you'll reach a point you bleep right past things that don't matter and you'll spot a shill from a mile away

cef7f0 No.1674225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



34996a No.1674226


fuck… live = life.

1564d7 No.1674227

File: 8851f6c70c6e0c3⋯.png (806.74 KB, 857x572, 857:572, g7.PNG)

File: 306aa0a7ef08db7⋯.jpg (88.11 KB, 1024x610, 512:305, G7 group.jpg)

File: 5df13be177c9f8d⋯.jpg (89.01 KB, 1024x562, 512:281, pregame meeting.jpg)

cd289f No.1674228


wtf are you talking about?





f29c05 No.1674230

File: 4ab84f6e4cf7354⋯.jpg (158.79 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, ottoman-empire.jpg)


You could be scared of Turkey Right Now.

Now that exist Sleeper Cells in Germany..

3c29d2 No.1674231

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3d013e No.1674232

File: 1e03d4e38e744db⋯.png (297.31 KB, 469x326, 469:326, ClipboardImage.png)


Stated your intent at least. Have fun earning enough trust for anons to actually download an executable, while simultaneously namefagging. May do well on twitter…

dcfcc3 No.1674233

Once the breads calm down I might dig on the pvcure again. Does it even lead anywhere interesting?

34996a No.1674234


Way less than mine so it's good!

7aafc9 No.1674235


This board has helped me learn about so many different things that I'm truly grateful for the awesome anons! The shills can go eat a dick then visit with Dr. Kevorkian though.

61bc0c No.1674236

b2926e No.1674237


i dont think we can legally save photo 3

49a9d2 No.1674238

File: 5bbef6426f52c0f⋯.jpg (303.19 KB, 1200x802, 600:401, DearPotusKek.jpg)

File: 3289f746287b1f4⋯.jpg (97.48 KB, 401x560, 401:560, POTUS.jpg)

File: 03f3f88b662a44e⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 500x668, 125:167, LovePotus1.jpg)

File: fec78f1f6a9c5ec⋯.jpg (138.53 KB, 735x755, 147:151, LovePotus2.jpg)

File: 32967cf2804c0f5⋯.jpg (235.81 KB, 1844x1120, 461:280, TheyFearPOTUS2.jpg)

e960ac No.1674239


what the fuck ya waitin fer!

b40aa1 No.1674240


Calling attn to yourself as an individual, even as an relatively anonymous individual is not wise to do here. Do not promote yourself or your ideas, speak the truth and let God disperse it as He sees fit.

3c29d2 No.1674241

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cd289f No.1674242

File: a447f946893adf1⋯.png (82.95 KB, 557x344, 557:344, ClipboardImage.png)


you mean Pressure-Volume????

just fucking with you

1564d7 No.1674243


John Solomon

c4966a No.1674244

File: 33c6031063232c0⋯.jpeg (122.6 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 3439E98F-AA4F-4F41-9B62-A….jpeg)

Bro wtf is this?

Looks like a little kid?

Fuckin sick ads here man!

This is probably why Q went dark.

The company you keep says a lot about who you are.

Q can’t make drops when this shit is here.


e958e8 No.1674245

I've been riding the Satellite of Love for 3 days now.

How do I get back down?

e89775 No.1674246


It's "Pat" from SNL. Finally, we know the truth!

082642 No.1674247

Why you have to post porn pics for hand offs? Not classy!

cd289f No.1674248


enough out of you

cya next bread muh anime is bad shill

e631bb No.1674249


i posted to twatter many times in the past and they left it up..i agree its fucked up, just want to know if anything has happened as far as ray chandler / walter pearce etc

2b7c35 No.1674250

File: 64948c51cb4ae4a⋯.jpg (46.82 KB, 717x717, 1:1, 27751536_10156023684009890….jpg)

dfa329 No.1674251

Riiiight…peeps saving the world are posting with porn, anime porn, hentai porn. Yep, I believe it.

d56ffa No.1674252

File: d1bfd1a25ed95eb⋯.jpg (13.73 KB, 210x255, 14:17, 5a78ef79d9d565f99213077d8e….jpg)

3c29d2 No.1674253

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

83c69b No.1674254


(((They))) are trying goad @POTUS into direct military conflict. We’ll know for sure if the MSM starts calling him out for not taking direct action.

9e1ed3 No.1674255

File: 1609daa0529aa5c⋯.jpg (60.82 KB, 1024x904, 128:113, 1609daa0529aa5c45cb6d28b16….jpg)


Since when do kids have boobs?

904d7c No.1674256


Respect the japanese culture man!

e3a01b No.1674257

File: a617f25d07f5f87⋯.jpg (682.03 KB, 1472x1220, 368:305, Renegade.jpg)

Apologize if this has already been posted.

“Renegade” Chef.



https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/06/08/business/media/anthony-bourdain-dead.html

dcfcc3 No.1674258

File: 32b2d700a616155⋯.png (533.51 KB, 610x620, 61:62, 48902893524.png)


>when the power curve hits max-Q

49a9d2 No.1674259


Use an Ad Blocker, anon.

Never see 'em at all.

5bdb2c No.1674260


Ɨs ŧħɨs ɇȺǥɇɍ ƀȺꝁɇɍ Ⱥ ƀøŧ? Wɨŧħ ħɨs "đɇłɨsħ" łɨnǥø øvɇɍwɍøᵾǥħŧ?

159602 No.1674261

File: 3a5e982f0c2fa82⋯.jpeg (54.53 KB, 666x390, 111:65, download (39).jpeg)


Kevorkian is a far more talented painter than Bush.

a4e690 No.1674262

anyone elses phone making a low freq buzzing noise every few days?

b2926e No.1674263


you mind doing a dump of her ig photos on here? i had a couple when q posted it but it went down before i finished

1ff2bb No.1674264


Anyone have that screenshot of the Q drop that happened right after someone posted Gay Porn?

Post it for concernfag here.

5ac500 No.1674265

's "happening" and "happen" posts collection #5

Q (Anonymous) . 5 Nov 2017

Ten days.


Scare tactics (MSM).

D's falling.

R's walk-away/removed.

SA → US → Asia → EU

Disinformation is real.

Distractions are necessary.

Focus was US today while real happening in SA under same context (military control, martial law, missile strike (rogue) etc).


POTUS' Twitter attack (see above).


Why is this relevant?

What was the last Tweet by POTUS prior to SA?

Why is this relevant?

SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).

Where is POTUS?

Why is this relevant?

Military operations.

Operators in US.

Snow White

The Great Awakening

Godfather III


28b71f No.1674266

File: 8fa704fa1f6d751⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 20180608_212948.gif)


about time

511bf0 No.1674267

File: 450566903a1658c⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1392x832, 87:52, 328683684369.png)

7c0d88 No.1674268


They bring their demented low d magic tricks here . Not had any success.

1564d7 No.1674270


Do you know where the fuck you are?

b2926e No.1674271


no but mine is recording randomly

i got a 25% data left warning with data off and period started 2 days ago

gues they are starting to worry about us

fff73f No.1674272

Ingraham just mentioned that Rodman must be working for the C_A

e631bb No.1674273



34996a No.1674274


All the time these days. The fat ones eating processed crap all day long.

c5cfd2 No.1674275


The date on that third (blue underwear) pic tho.

cd289f No.1674276

File: 69837b5816f673e⋯.jpeg (11.69 KB, 132x255, 44:85, pepeSHOW.jpeg)

wtf is with all the muh porn shills tonight??

d56ffa No.1674277

File: c9029e19b0950a4⋯.jpg (9.02 KB, 255x255, 1:1, dickhand.jpg)

904d7c No.1674278


CLICK it and order some shit.

See if it comes underage?

(proof in hand!)

f9847a No.1674279

File: 3bdec33f2e9e52e⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 540x416, 135:104, 1371418.jpg)

8f98de No.1674280

File: 6eca65aabbeec2b⋯.jpeg (195.04 KB, 1512x1411, 1512:1411, 34A2BF8D-8DE0-4572-9683-F….jpeg)

I think Shills Hi-Jacked the NXIXM Discussion.

To the Evil playing the game Dates have Meaning and Symbolism has Meaning. June 11th is the day (they) fall.

NXIVM = 611 or Mirror 911 see my original post above. And Pic


1d5ca0 No.1674281


>We Finish Wars now Not Feed the Military Industrial Complex

I like That

f299d6 No.1674282


Couldn't agree more. Yeah it's like sifting through a septic tank for a gold ring. Face it all and laugh. If only more people did that, this shit would be over tomorrow.

e7d889 No.1674283

File: ef98f19e7bc220c⋯.png (563.37 KB, 807x594, 269:198, walter.png)

File: 35bb9f72e151bde⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1135x870, 227:174, pizza.png)

File: 9cce2077e918929⋯.png (131.77 KB, 891x366, 297:122, nate.png)



Rachael got married to a Guiness. Nate Lowmen is her baby daddy. Nate makes Andy Warholesque art and sells it for insane prices on ebay.

365b7a No.1674284

File: f20b98da8eeecd5⋯.jpg (101.04 KB, 620x881, 620:881, 417.jpg)

File: e923b40a20b463e⋯.jpg (85.36 KB, 416x640, 13:20, Hot Sexy USA Girls4.jpg)

File: 6b47077e3e8e8bc⋯.jpg (159.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hot-girl-wallpaper-5.jpg)

File: 62d3b0d83d06511⋯.jpg (121.69 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Unknown HD HOT Girl 1080p ….jpg)


baker girls for the faker hurl

5bdb2c No.1674285



1564d7 No.1674286

Dig, meme, pray, or GTFO. Those are the rules. Those have always been the rules. Follow those rules or leave.

e958e8 No.1674287


No, Rodman would be running the Defense Department

b3e60d No.1674288


I thought he was being watched by the Men in Black

8c0f52 No.1674289

File: 6e0aab50eb97caf⋯.png (674.21 KB, 501x750, 167:250, tybaker.png)











I'm going to throw this out there. Who really controls Iran?

How did Israel manage to get a large Uhauls worth of intelligence out of Iran?

Who really controls Iran?

How did Israel sneak in and out of Iran undetected in the single greatest heist of intelligence ever?

Who really controls IsreANel?

Just a theory but…gotta admit it has some legs.

cd289f No.1674290


lol pornfag summoned Q COUNTLESS times

cdd818 No.1674291

b75732 No.1674292


Looks like Black hats paid for the advertising…

3fd6cc No.1674293

File: db46c22b53fcd13⋯.png (10.31 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 8851f6c70c6e0c33da92538b35….png)


That awkward moment when you are sitting at the same table as Hitler's daughter

1d5ca0 No.1674294

Got to be a pony in here some where

dd55e0 No.1674295

Anons, do not attack the AI Anon and chase it away. AI Anon is here to help, he is fucking with the shit posting Bot that has plagued the board for days now. He is the funny one chiding the Bot.

3866e9 No.1674296

4. But you endure not patiently, nor fulfil the commandments of the Lord; but you transgress and calumniate his greatness; and malignant are the words in your polluted mouths against his Majesty.

5. Ye withered in heart, no peace shall be to you!

6. Therefore your days shall you curse, and the years of your lives shall perish; perpetual execration shall be multiplied, and you shall not obtain mercy.

7. In those days shall you resign your peace with the eternal maledictions of all the righteous, and sinners shall perpetually execrate you;

8. Shall execrate you with the ungodly.

9. The elect shall possess light, joy, and peace; and they shall inherit the earth.

10. But you, ye unholy, shall be accursed.

11. Then shall wisdom be given to the elect, all of whom shall live, and not again transgress by impiety or pride; but shall humble themselves, possessing prudence, and shall not repeat transgression.

12. They shall not be condemned the whole period of their lives, nor die in torment and indignation; but the sum of their days shall be completed, and they shall grow old in peace; while the years of their happiness shall be multiplied with joy, and with peace, for ever, the whole duration of their existence.

e631bb No.1674297


anyone have a method to host like 60 pictures easily instead of spamming here?

a35a12 No.1674298

File: c8f593f3ddcfc07⋯.png (414.87 KB, 512x346, 256:173, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ee4746cd9f4421c⋯.png (1.13 MB, 870x616, 435:308, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a4524540742c12a⋯.png (26.48 KB, 555x337, 555:337, ClipboardImage.png)

Notice anything different, anons?

Red carpet instead of the creepy garden rug.

This was just last week or so.

a4e690 No.1674299


it's doing it 3-5 times with about 10 sec. in between.

61bc0c No.1674300


Japanese are freaky sick.

rike the gorden shower

9cc032 No.1674301

The Kings of Light have departed in wrath. The sins of men have become so black that Earth quivers in her great agony. . . . The azure seats remain empty. Who of the Brown, who of the Red, or yet among the Black (races), can sit in the seats of the Blessed, the Seats of knowledge and mercy! Who can assume the flower of power, the plant of the golden stem and the azure blossom?”

~Thirty-Five Buddhas Confession

3d013e No.1674302

File: a2d39ab5df076fb⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 259x259, 1:1, shill_pepe_sweat.jpg)



>What’s the outside observer supposed to think?

If you can't handle the ads, you can't even handle the shit we dig up. Weak stomach, I think it's called…

>That’s probably why Q went dark the ads are comped

<8chan's ads are the reason that Q went dark, because ads are so fucking important that they can disrupt a military operation.

These dues don't even try anymore, they know their job is pointless

cdd818 No.1674303

File: ee52c72fce8f631⋯.jpeg (149.62 KB, 1440x890, 144:89, 1528501891.jpeg)

3c29d2 No.1674304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b2926e No.1674305


the cabal controls them all lmao

maybe not entirely but they love pitting 2 sides against each other

904d7c No.1674306


Japanese drawings just look younger than they actually are…

e960ac No.1674307

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, pepelaugh1.jpeg)

5bdb2c No.1674308


αι ¢σηтяσℓѕ тнє σνєяαℓℓ υαℓιту σƒ тнιѕ вσαя∂ ву мσησρσℓιչιηﻭ мσѕт σƒ тнє ρσѕтѕ.

365b7a No.1674309


you must not understand tits

6d6c30 No.1674310


Okay, this brings up a major problem. When someone's Insta or Twit or whatever with problematic material is brought up, people should be explicitly told DON'T POST ON THE ACCOUNT, THE OWNER OF THE ACCOUNT WILL SET IT TO PRIVATE OR SHUT IT DOWN. This should be mentioned every time accounts being scouted are posted.

a4e690 No.1674311


not phonefagging either

c48d9c No.1674312


I keep saying Israel/Iran is a COIN op.

They just want handouts via the US taxpayer to feed the MIC and stuff their Swiss Bank Accounts

dcfcc3 No.1674313


Iran has been ruled by crypto Jews since a long long time ago.

There was a brief period of control by native tribes at the turn of the last century but they were ousted and hanged.

Everything after that has been a farcey.

0c290c No.1674314

File: c345af7ec3ea860⋯.png (607.56 KB, 854x573, 854:573, a lot.png)

cd289f No.1674315


>Who really controls Iran?


>How did Israel manage to get a large Uhauls worth of intelligence out of Iran?

they legit stole it

>How did Israel sneak in and out of Iran undetected in the single greatest heist of intelligence ever?

the iranians are incompetent jihadis

>Who really controls IsreANel?

not a country lol

a3c3fa No.1674316


This shit always bothers me and this is OUR Board ?

Can't sell an Ad?


34996a No.1674317

File: 996b2ae22d04162⋯.jpg (191.45 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, pony.jpg)

159602 No.1674318


The japanese anime style was (like most asian things) a copy of the american style, specifically an interpretation of Mickey Mouse.

49d8b5 No.1674319


I never see these ads using the Brave browser :)

3388a0 No.1674320

File: f36d3572a88c460⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _101948569_025219997afp.jpg)

File: 57bf7abb51b5f04⋯.jpg (92.07 KB, 665x684, 35:36, Som 45 Tw.JPG)


Trump's tweet came just a few hours after the military officially reported the Special Operations agent's death, stating that one other service member had been wounded in an enemy attack.

"During an operation June 8, 2018, in Jubaland, Somalia, one U.S. Special Operations member was killed and four U.S. service members and one partner force was wounded as the result of an enemy attack," U.S. Africa Command (Africom) said in a statement.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the service members."

The death is the first U.S. combat death in Africa since an ambush last year by ISIS-aligned fighters in Niger left four U.S. soldiers dead and prompted questions over whether American troops in the region had proper support.

Africom's statement did not specify how many enemies or which organization carried out the attack, but reports say the al Qaeda-affiliated al Shabaab is suspected.





5bdb2c No.1674321


ѕυ¢н αѕ тнє ƒαкє яα¢ιѕм.

cd289f No.1674322


can you explain to a non-muh joo anon wtf a "crypto jeeww" is?????

b78048 No.1674323


If I remember right, there also wasn't video of any of them boarding the planes. They showed a clip of Atta, but I think it was for the previous connecting flight.

e960ac No.1674324


actually, Q left because we hate the niggerkikes…fuckin' halfbreeds.

you'll see.

1d5ca0 No.1674325



3fd6cc No.1674326

File: 016eb71918d255c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 197.5 KB, 451x371, 451:371, dffgg.png)

Free anime pussy with every order

904d7c No.1674327


And octopus up the ass and the sex game shows sniffing asses and stuff.


Quite a few sick brownies over on the Island..

5c88ff No.1674328


You know… I remember this from a few years back… Like since October of 2015 ???

Another thing I recall is being bored one Saturday afternoon and popping on CSPAN, It was a recording of some Congressional meeting with maybe 20-25 people in attendance. Paul Ryan was being addressed as Mr President. So I think… WTF? I only caught like 10 minutes of it and it abruptly ended.

At that time, I thought that P Ryan was the president of the corporate govt. Never had any followup at the time. Weird, hey?

e631bb No.1674330


na this was exposed months ago,, would have been taken down by now,, remember the Eminem ray chandler drop etc? thats what this is from

4a8a26 No.1674331


well hello there FBI material. sad to see you but we have a few here sending and trying to save you right this second. help is on the way!

f29c05 No.1674332

File: ea8ccf0f6b3fcca⋯.jpg (47.07 KB, 500x490, 50:49, 13718510.jpg)



Seriously. left to complain of silly stuff and use AD Blocker. Faggot and respect the Japanese culture.

For them is that Exist the Chan.

5ac500 No.1674333

Q !4pRcUA0lBE . 13 May 2018

Q's "happening" and "happen" posts collection #6

Sealed indictments.

Define indictment.

“An indictment is a formal accusation against one or more defendants, charging them with one or more crimes. In the federal criminal system, the indictment is the principal method by which a prosecutor initiates criminal proceedings.”

How are they sealed?

How are they secured?

How are they safeguarded?

No leaks [unusual?]

Federal vs ….

Why are accusations sealed?

Grand jury involved?

Re_read crumbs re: DOJ / FBI re: IG / Huber

Who appointed Huber?



What happens if FED [criminal] indictments are brought forth to a corrupt FBI / DOJ / FED Judge?

FBI / DOJ - 1st.

C_A / State - next?

Now comes the pain.


e960ac No.1674334

File: b8b0144c6ecb5de⋯.gif (3.44 MB, 280x208, 35:26, monkryGIF.gif)


still funny

2915e6 No.1674335

File: d191bcca54b3eb2⋯.jpg (82.91 KB, 960x924, 80:77, 34756438_10213445279185236….jpg)

File: a2db74f5a3f3997⋯.jpg (82.06 KB, 602x597, 602:597, dream_igpth13m4pi.jpg)

b40aa1 No.1674336


soon the pay will dry up.

3c29d2 No.1674337

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cd289f No.1674338


kys clown


do you really not know how the chans work?

the BO doesn't control what is advertised you dumb fuck

just leave please

847f66 No.1674339


This ad is finally gone from my feed and I still have to see it.

dcfcc3 No.1674340

File: 7684a2f95bdeb96⋯.gif (313.01 KB, 500x282, 250:141, 928903859028.gif)


>muh joo

muh bin joo

7aafc9 No.1674341


It's probably clowns posted on them to warn them that they've been found out.

2b7c35 No.1674342

File: 3daef03251d4eb1⋯.png (415.64 KB, 625x543, 625:543, trap.png)


Get/Use an AD blocker

365b7a No.1674343


yeah but I only remember one gay summon

3fd6cc No.1674344

File: 9bf33dd79f4734e⋯.jpg (28.42 KB, 399x399, 1:1, download.jpg)

b40aa1 No.1674345


ablock much?

904d7c No.1674346


Atta was connected to Clintons and CIA.

"Mohammad Atta's Flying Circus" - Video by hopsicker long ago explains the connections to the CIA.

a3b96b No.1674347


Thats why i cheered <^> on when i saw them reappear.. F4k3b0t and fake Q .. Have conveniently stopped posting anything comprehensive

cdd818 No.1674348

File: e7690d4caf1aa78⋯.jpeg (229.9 KB, 1314x1736, 657:868, 1527810566.jpeg)

4cd81e No.1674349



cd289f No.1674350

official new shill tactic:

muh porn ads

61bc0c No.1674351


Just FYI…

We aren’t the only ones spying on shit…

You got redditors, twitters, paytriots, voat goats…

Pizzagate steem, halfchan, 8/pol/, TRS, discord, godlike chat…

Now what were you gonna say?

f29c05 No.1674352


Iran controlled by Mullahs (Other factions of the Muslim Brotherhood)

Israel as Proxy of the roths.


3c29d2 No.1674353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

08e200 No.1674354

File: 9e077e21074b9f5⋯.jpg (54.01 KB, 618x410, 309:205, gettyimages-137166305-copy.jpg)

File: 2c292ffae6f9aad⋯.jpg (38.07 KB, 306x564, 51:94, 459236CA00000578-0-image-m….jpg)

File: ba352ab486358af⋯.jpg (294.24 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 491269373.jpg)

File: 7d0d99af08c89a5⋯.jpg (146.19 KB, 817x1390, 817:1390, harvey-weinstein-departing….jpg)

File: bc519f2f4ab5dd2⋯.jpg (420.16 KB, 704x1024, 11:16, 169140862.jpg)


Asia Argento at Cannes: Film Industry “Covered Up” Harvey Weinstein’s Crimes"

"“Even tonight there are those that need to be held responsible for their conduct. You know who you are.”

“I have a few words to say,” Argento said, while Cannes jury member Ava DuVernay stood beside her. “In 1997, I was raped by Harvey Weinstein here at Cannes. I was 21 years old. The festival was his hunting ground."

“I want to make a prediction,” Argento said during her remarks, “Harvey Weinstein will never be welcomed here ever again. He will live in disgrace, shunned by a film community that once embraced him and covered up for his crimes. Even tonight sitting among you, there are those that need to be held accountable for their conduct against women. You know who you are."

“But, most importantly,” she continued, “we know who you are, and we will not allow you to get away with it any longer.”

Some in the audience, according to those who attended the ceremony, were “visibly stunned” as Argento spoke and directly accused the Cannes Film Festival of sheltering Weinstein and people like him."

"As Rebecca Keegan reported, the festival’s entrenched culture—rules requiring women to wear heels on the red carpet, yacht parties brimming with sex workers—has made for a rougher adjustment to the #MeToo era than many would like. "


So apparently Harv with a star wingman like *Matt Damon" would invite starlets out on go yachts and rape em.

Search pix for "weinstein cannes" and you'll see many, many.

28b71f No.1674355

File: 5c88212c3e2ba9c⋯.gif (1.49 MB, 537x545, 537:545, 20180608_213635.gif)

3d013e No.1674356



<Claims to be disgusted by an ad


<Caps, crops, memes, then reposts the very ad that they claim to be disgusted by


shill faggot trying desperately to crate a false consensus by connecting hentai of all things to pedophilia

a30728 No.1674357

Big qanon.news update.

I've just uploaded another full archive as a zip

Grab it at http://qanon.news/Archive (~260MB/~1.5GB Unzipped) [Updated: 6/08/2018]

Past updates are available as well

http://qanon.news/Archive/zip/JSONArchive20180514.zip (~200MB/~1.2GB Unzipped) [Updated: 5/14/2018]

http://qanon.news/Archive/zip/JSONArchive20180420.zip (~135MB/~817MB Unzipped) [Updated: 4/20/2018]

I've also rejiggered the site so that there is a single page that includes all the Q drops + Twitter data + time filters. All these are based on form controls so you can turn them on and off.

The Q posts are now formatted in your local time - which can be switched back to Zulu time.

I've also moved forward with a good search technology - similar to elasticsearch. I've implemented it on the Q posts page and it does seem to work pretty well. I'm not exactly sure how it figures out its ranks for results - but it's displaying right. I'm going to implement it for searching the Archive titles next, and then the BIG QRESEARCH BREAD SEARCH.

The good news is that if all goes according to plan I should have a full text search available for the entire qresearch archive within a week or so. What I have found is that it is very VERY fast once everything is set up.

I'm also looking as d3.js for some data visualization. https://d3js.org/ Any anons have some ideas on what they'd like to see?

5bdb2c No.1674358


í ǵúéśś íf ӳőú áŕé véŕӳ ӳőúńǵ áńd śtíĺĺ ńéẃ tő húḿőŕ áńd hávé á bád śéńśé őf húḿőŕ ńátúŕáĺĺӳ.

e631bb No.1674359


i was trying not to dox myself

904d7c No.1674360


Anon, it's not a depiction of a kid, its a jap tranny with nice tits. He is legal age for a drawing tho.


8d85a4 No.1674361



The following is not mine. I can't source it because it would dox them. You would recognize their name.

"As you know, I’m not a Q-er, but he seems to be right this week.

1) DOJ filed suit to end Ocare as unconstitutional, arguing that the “tax” section is now gone via that tax reform act of 2017 and therefore the basis for the law is gone. A lawyer analyst friend tells me that theoretically some elements could remain in place, but since Roberts based the whole law on the “tax” ruling, now that the individual mandate is gone, it will be hard to support. He thinks this will go through 5th Circuit & come to USSC before the election in 2020. Pray for more USSC retirements. Also, more circuit court judges have been voted out and will be confirmed, and more district court judges.

Oh, and the guy who wrote the brief on Ocare? Ready, who is Trump’s latest pick for the 6th circuit. We are already even in one of these courts and nearing majorities in other circuit courts after only 500 days of Trump. He sent up 12 more names to the senate two days ago.

2) Obviously, the indictment of the leaker a big deal, and we need to indict the reporter too. If you receive fenced goods you know are stolen, you’re an accessory, not a reporter. BTW, this is leaker #3 that “sleepy Sessions” has gotten. Reality Winner and the other guy’s name, which I forget.

This is a very big deal. Remember last year Newsweak was raided?? Hmmm.

3) Obviously, OIG report dropping on TRUMP’S BIRTHDAY is a big deal. Horowitz himself chose that date! Don’t think it’s a coincidence. It’s over 400 pages, so it’s not fluff.

But keep in mind this is the EMAIL part of the report, NOT the FISA abuse, so you won’t likely see Deep Stroke, Pageboy, or some of the other coupsters here. This is Combover and McCabre, maybe going to Lynchmob.

(For those of you complaining you don’t do Twitter so you can’t see the nicknames list, go here:


The OIG report CAN force a reopening of Cankles e-mails. Remember FBI director Chris Wray saying if evidence warranted “We can unring that bell”?

I’m pretty confident either Combover or McCabre, or both will get seriously hit on this. Don’t know if it goes to Lynchmob.

Oh, BTW, even partisans like Ed Klein say the tarmac meeting won’t yield anything cuz Bill Clinton didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to. It was a “I know where you live” signal. So I doubt you can find anything a court of law would accept there.

I notice that “Sundance” of the “Last Refuge” last week ran a story arguing that Trey Gowdy had taken over the Congressional investigation so he could derail it. Except last week I heard that Bob Goodlatte for whatever reasons only named three people to hear Bill Priestap’s hearing-—Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and a D considered an extremely low-IQ guy from Chicago. Biggs, Gowdy and over 20 other D & R members were excluded by Goodlatte, who then exempted himself since he excluded Gowdy. I do not yet know why these three were selected-—you don’t get any better than Jordan and Meadows. But it’s interesting that Sundance’s theory was disproven in a week, with Gowdy bounced.

Sundance then wrote a piece about McConnell saying he was only keeping the senate open because he was sucking up to Trump so he could turn around and kill the tariffs . . . except McConnell THEN squelched bills that would kill the tariffs. If you recall during the election, Sundance was also pushing the tidal wave 71-million Trump voter thesis (only off by 9 million). Also, Sundance guaranteed last August that Sessions would “resign in 24 hours.” Hmmm.

Point is, be careful with his stuff. He has an agenda, and frequently makes big errors but never admits them. He does uncover a lot of stuff.

f29c05 No.1674362


They're so. A lot of mind control about them Anon.

a3b96b No.1674363

File: 23defbe3b6d647b⋯.jpg (20.57 KB, 187x255, 11:15, 5eaa200b613e355f1b04135914….jpg)


Thats not new.. Actually a fall back

f9847a No.1674364


It isn't fake, you're just new as fuck.

2915e6 No.1674365

File: 89115427c54b7cf⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 735x490, 3:2, dream_jcofd36ob0c.jpg)


Roy Cohn , Top o' the Sixes…

Keep your enemies close… and have dirt on everyone.

5bdb2c No.1674366


Aᴙɘ YoU ꟻAkɘ⸮

ccedaf No.1674367


Red shoelaces….

7ab668 No.1674368


>SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).


>SA → US → Asia → EU

Is there anyplace after EU?

Israel for last?

3c29d2 No.1674369

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

19d688 No.1674370

I'm pretty depressed right now and no one to talk to but this board. No one wants to talk to me…family…friends…they just think it's a burden. I am really hurting right now, and no one is listening!

My brother is back from Arizona, and I haven't seen him for many months, yet maybe when I finally see him, it will be like for an hour or so. Same thing with my other brother from Hawaii. The last time he came back, we maybe spent a total of an hour and he spent a lot of that time with an old friend from high school. I was all alone!

I am all alone right now! And I hate this feeling!

Family and friends want nothing to do with this…I am so depressed because I realize this!

Who wants to be with or deal with someone that is depressed? I know I wouldn't!

I don't have a gun (probably a good thing) so I am thinking a belt around the bathroom door?

I don't know.

That's what's really going through my head right now, and I just need to let somebody know, even if it's Anons!

3fd6cc No.1674371


Damn asians with all their weird sex fetishes

a3c3fa No.1674372


Fuck You arrogant cock sucker.

" you don't know how the boards work"


Fuck You asswipe

ef5705 No.1674373


it's all relative.

76def5 No.1674374

File: 90945ae91c2d631⋯.jpg (75.35 KB, 827x420, 827:420, DfNCMvFU8AAIW4H.jpg)

3388a0 No.1674376



I thought she was Hitler's granddaughter……

1d5ca0 No.1674377


yea not sure right now let me think

7c0d88 No.1674378

That's a drawing


↑↑↑↑↑this is a shill

365b7a No.1674379


must be time for gore

9cc032 No.1674380

The Blue Lotus was revered in Egypt as a holy symbol… The Lotus stem goes down and through the water and is anchored in the mud… The flower rises above water during the day, and sinks below the water at night.

On the light of a full moon the Blue Lotus rises for one night above the water.

Here ends the lesson.

2915e6 No.1674381


You've moved on to trying to convince people to be atheist now?


503c55 No.1674382

File: 17a5c3ef53c9729⋯.jpg (196.29 KB, 615x586, 615:586, _3tlpc2xh76z.jpg)


>ʍʇq spᴉɐ ƃuᴉʞɔnɟ sᴉ sᴉɥ┴

f87dc2 No.1674383




Most people are surprised to learn there are currently 34 active Jewish synagogues in Tehran alone. More than any other city in the world besides New York and Jerusalem.

61bc0c No.1674384


I used to know a girl who got paid a lot to piss on Japanese businessmen.

A lot.

That’s all she had to do.


e960ac No.1674385



I EARN my living


OK, for the record, I do not HATE niggers. I think if anyone can afford one they should be able to buy one. I support equal rights for all.

f29c05 No.1674386


EU is very far now with the censorship

Central Asia and Latin America is next, after of Asia.

ca96ce No.1674387


just realized that an N with a mirrored N is top makes an KI.

cd289f No.1674388

File: 192e568ce33a7c4⋯.png (129.24 KB, 1005x420, 67:28, ClipboardImage.png)

FFS just to prove a point

here the 8chan homepage

4400a4 No.1674389

File: 655c9dec8cc059b⋯.gif (1.67 MB, 500x484, 125:121, Concernfag.gif)


How do you fucking live without an adblocker?

3c29d2 No.1674390

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4a8a26 No.1674391


lol. lil kid with BIG tits. settle down. it's a cartoon.

when tom is killing jerry do you freak out?

f9847a No.1674392


Call a crisis hotline.

3d013e No.1674393

File: cf2811618fbd884⋯.png (623.46 KB, 601x601, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



The AI accuser is back. You clowns make, it so easy to spot your glow

2915e6 No.1674394




61bc0c No.1674395



I’m only a racist sometimes.

c4966a No.1674396

File: 442600940f0acb1⋯.jpeg (53.38 KB, 530x402, 265:201, A2AA7C82-1BCE-4193-A174-E….jpeg)

“Underage girls don’t have boobs..”

Yeah okay weirdo

Look at her face and body looks young asf

That’s creeper shit

a3c3fa No.1674397


I've got some info but Do you have a Better Looking Sister?

661eae No.1674398


While you're all busy playing edgelord, plebbit has already verified that the program works and is fine.

I got the word out. My job here is done.

I revert to being a simple anon.

cd289f No.1674399


I said: "do you really not know how the chans work?

the BO doesn't control what is advertised you dumb fuck"


do you know where you are shill?

stfu, gtfo, then kys painfully

a436c0 No.1674400

People keep saying to Jeff Sessions, "do something!"

But that's what I've been saying to President Trump! Sessions was appointed by Trump, and he is under his authority. However, if America is going to have any chance, something more drastic needs to be done than what Jeff Sessions is capable of.

Like… President Trump declaring martial law, suspending habeas corpus, and purging all the wicked. Q claims to have all the information..! So…

So DO SOMETHING, Mr. President!

Though, I don't suspect there is this type of courage in the WH, unfortunately. America cannot survive much longer because its Achilles heel is pluralism, and degeneracy cannot be warded.

I can only wait for and trust in God Almighty to clean up this mess. When that comes it will not be pleasant, but the righteous will survive, and God's people will awaken.

>And it will be, when all these things come upon you the blessing and the curse which I have set before you that you will consider in your heart, among all the nations where the Lord your God has banished you, and you will return to the Lord, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul, and you will listen to His voice according to all that I am commanding you this day you and your children, then, the Lord, your God, will bring back your exiles, and He will have mercy upon you. He will once again gather you from all the nations, where the Lord, your God, had dispersed you. Even if your exiles are at the end of the heavens, the Lord, your God, will gather you from there, and He will take you from there. And the Lord, your God, will bring you to the land which your forefathers possessed, and you [too] will take possession of it, and He will do good to you, and He will make you more numerous than your forefathers. And the Lord, your God, will circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, [so that you may] love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, for the sake of your life.

Deuteronomy 30:1-6

>And they shall bring all your brethren from all the nations as a tribute to the Lord, with horses and with chariots, and with covered wagons and with mules and with joyous songs upon My holy mount, Jerusalem," says the Lord, "as the children of Israel bring the offering in a pure vessel to the house of the Lord.

Isaiah 66:20

www. youtube.com/watch?v=a4v7QmJ3jFM

www. youtube.com/watch?v=X6_RZeqAMLo

e631bb No.1674401






























































































b2926e No.1674402


anon i was like you 2 months ago

1: stop looking to others for validation

2: take a large amount of vitamin c and d

3: drink alot of water

4: find a new hobby

the world is gonna be a much better place in 6 months

49a9d2 No.1674403

File: 733f8232f41cb25⋯.jpg (201.35 KB, 1505x369, 1505:369, DigMemePray1.jpg)

File: 5193b80ad6c552a⋯.jpg (105.55 KB, 600x1000, 3:5, DigMemePray.jpg)

File: 8b172a08e07a85e⋯.jpg (134.58 KB, 857x500, 857:500, Patriot diggers thanks.jpg)

File: 72f42a63a33fbdd⋯.jpg (161.52 KB, 958x479, 2:1, Storm Diggers Bakers Memer….jpg)

File: 50eaeca49e35afe⋯.jpg (61.85 KB, 500x291, 500:291, Patriots storm pray meme d….jpg)


Anon speaks truth.

e960ac No.1674404


>I’m only a racist sometimes

Try harder.

dcfcc3 No.1674405


Anon we are here for you always.

As far as depression, it's gonna sound strange but giving up wheat makes my mood 100x better.

Think about it.


It certainly goes against the narrative.

d31d09 No.1674406


sending love your way anon. #wwg1wga

f9847a No.1674407


Stop looking at her body if she's underage, pervy.

f299d6 No.1674408


You should try a big black dildo up your ass. (obvious Slide!)

7009ac No.1674410


Anthony Bourdain, Marina Abramovic (alias "Bea" alias "PSYCHE") into Drilling holes in child heads to FUCK BRAINS OUT (literally..). Would explain why this shit has to be burried and Q was talking 20 / 80.

https://herasblog.com/ 2017/02/28/bourdain-talks-drilling-holes-in-pizzagate-victim-heads-to-fck-their-brains-out/

https://herasblog.com/ 2016/10/25/psyche-marina-abramovic-on-her-lovers-and-her-critics-the-cut/

56ed13 No.1674411

1d5ca0 No.1674412



904d7c No.1674413


The biz culture there is the sickest part.

They pay to get shit on too.

They have tiny dicks and the girls mostly got pussies that you can fist, not a lot of real life satisfaction in sex there. Enter the perversions…

ef5d20 No.1674414

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

159602 No.1674415


As long as you require an audience to exist, you will feel this way.

5ac500 No.1674416


Thanks for your excellent work, QanonNewsAnon, your site's an incredible resource.

>I should have a full text search available for the entire qresearch archive within a week or so


8b6e06 No.1674417



Ditto w BRAVE. Stupid ads.

1d5ca0 No.1674418



5bdb2c No.1674419


🄵🄰🄺🄴 "🄲🄷🄰🄽 🄲🅄🄻🅃🅄🅁🄴" 🅆🄰🅁🅁🄸🄾🅁⊡ 🅃🄷🄴 🄰🄸 🄱🄴🄰🅃🅂 ⓔⓐⓒⓗ ⓐⓝⓓ ⓔⓥⓔⓡⓨ ⓒⓗⓐⓝ ⓒⓛⓘⓒⓗⓔ ⓣⓞ ⓓⓔⓐⓣⓗ, ⓐⓝⓓ ⓓⓞⓔⓢⓝ'ⓣ know ⓦⓗⓔⓝ Շѻ รՇѻρ܁ Շɦร รก'Շ /ρѻɭ/ Շฝѻ ץﻉคɼร คﻭѻ܁ िપƈᛕกﻭ िคᛕﻉ܁

f39695 No.1674420

File: 750cf63f730d2e3⋯.png (69.7 KB, 642x562, 321:281, ApplicationFrameHost_2018-….png)

So Biden knew.

He knew that Iran was behind 9/11.

And he wanted to pay them off.

Reward them.


56ed13 No.1674421

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

miss her

79bc03 No.1674422


In time and through time those capable stand watching the motion of time. A di-stance they stand with a perspective unknown. The seven levels of religion distract the consciousness It is all before you. Dare to see?

cd289f No.1674423


at this point I'm suspect of:




54b9e3 No.1674424

*beautiful Melania voice*


c48d9c No.1674425



Not surprising if you read the History of Khazaria.

17f3d0 No.1674426



Ai-anon is one of the good guys, has done a lot of good work (and taken a lot of abuse) since December

9cc032 No.1674427

Those with ears had better listen.

3d013e No.1674428


I sense a larp, but in case it's not, here's my advice:

BE YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND. And change your diet, depression = chemical imbalance

76def5 No.1674430

File: 990cae2b8b0bce6⋯.jpg (179.7 KB, 1089x1194, 363:398, qanon45.jpg)

d11ca7 No.1674431

File: 2fd2d45e43c5b6b⋯.jpg (161.84 KB, 1242x1213, 1242:1213, 9phs43s71u211.jpg)

cdd818 No.1674432

File: 7098dea7ce76459⋯.jpeg (146.09 KB, 1440x777, 480:259, 1528512233.jpeg)

e631bb No.1674433


?? you care to explain why you want to protect child abusers?

a3c3fa No.1674434


You are an Idiot.

So who accepts ads?


You have NO Business Sense.


a4e690 No.1674435


same "im going to kill myself" fag shill who shows up once a month. ignore.

904d7c No.1674436

File: ce8f23b97acddd3⋯.jpg (34.66 KB, 590x363, 590:363, lend-me-your-ear.jpg)

ca96ce No.1674437


yeah, sorry. autocorrect plus unclear concept = cluster.

draw an N, and then a mirrored N above it.

should look like a poorly kerned KI. Keith. dunno. just messing around with variations of nxivm.

3a32f5 No.1674438


He blocked me a long time ago for calling out his bullshit.

Does he happen to link a source?

ec4387 No.1674439

File: dd36473bd2fc056⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1024x1500, 256:375, House_Cleaning.png)

4400a4 No.1674440

File: adbd20b5df174e9⋯.jpg (55.3 KB, 640x705, 128:141, 1525984382595.jpg)

Not sure if it's a newfag slide or black hats are nervous because we suddenly brought up NXIVM again… We could be over target again.

b679c6 No.1674441

File: 844645688a714ed⋯.png (646.21 KB, 1005x1024, 1005:1024, ClipboardImage.png)

a223ba No.1674442


Lol, yea, BO should add links to send them to Reddit, hehe. And their should be a simple test to see if they are offended by giggling tittys…

f29c05 No.1674443


Welcome to the twilight zone

f9847a No.1674444


8/pol/ is under new management. Pay better attention. The racism is back. You can stop typing in fagfont now.

20aa2b No.1674445

File: 4696a1fee3150d0⋯.png (27.45 KB, 717x197, 717:197, ClipboardImage.png)

Has anyone found this? Archived maybe?

73b29a No.1674446

Now the jews are pushing Iran did 911.

Won't work, kike.

We goy know.

we know.

You are gonna pay.

2915e6 No.1674447

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Fuck, we're not even at the late night crew yet…


34996a No.1674448


Shit… he was their meal ticket and they all fucking knew it. He had the access they needed and they all had something he wanted in return. They all knew full well who was buttering their bread and what was expected to make it in that industry. They could have gone off and worked at the GAP but they made a choice. This is why most don't say shit for 20 years and then now his dick is in a ringer they're all coming out with #MeToo.

ef5d20 No.1674449



4a8a26 No.1674450


anon does know. you don't.

and you are a weirdo.

4286e9 No.1674451


Queen Beatrix sister commits suicide

and Spades daughter is named Francis Beatrix

e960ac No.1674452

File: acf072b5664d5b7⋯.jpg (23 KB, 341x268, 341:268, continue.jpg)

73671e No.1674453



Likely one of the usual suspects. An "oldfag", uh huh. dumbshits with friends who do things for them and always famewhoring. Baruch, PA, that you again ?

3c29d2 No.1674454

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ec4387 No.1674455


"we always knew."

"Final stage."

3fd6cc No.1674456


Pretty old to be his grand daughter

ec964a No.1674457

Isn't the logo on kate's husband's coffee mug 23&me logo, or a DNA helix

7c0d88 No.1674459


This looks like faction on faction cultist shit. Heard Harvs brother Bob moved to push him out and things got out of control.

Now they all scared. Dont see Speilberg in public any more.

Not Q they fear right now its each other. Its co in tel pro reprised.


bea46e No.1674460


You've nailed it.

b48b71 No.1674461

File: 951607c30663c3d⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1660x840, 83:42, Donald J. Trump realDona….png)

Signals are very important.

2915e6 No.1674462

File: 857c454fd25c001⋯.jpg (13.23 KB, 255x244, 255:244, 857c454fd25c001593e292f9f3….jpg)


I see it now that it was in a language that people actually speak. Gracias.

d31d09 No.1674463


what else can we look into?

are you an ontario anon? i know their is human trafficking going on here.

301a47 No.1674464

>>1673757 (lb)

I stand by Neon - he is a through and though Patriot. The best out there, deciphering Q crumbs and more.

He is invaluable to the cause.

Keep up the stellar work Neon!

34996a No.1674465

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuck Farrakhan. This is my negro of choice.

e631bb No.1674466


^^^ this post is all picture from Ray Chandler & Walter pearce instagram from a while ago when i snipped a bunch of images


ray chandlers insta is shut down long ago.

d11ca7 No.1674467

File: 6778dd25121f1ea⋯.png (804.17 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 2nZeu6V.png)

Is this the skull those guys in Arizona found?

d6c003 No.1674468


Roger Stone is not only a blackhat, he's a blackhat who bet way, way, wrong. Even more than Alex Jones, this guy will be going to prison because of Trump.

I can't believe these guys can even keep a straight face and act like Trump's continued good fortune is good news to them.

roflmao. The fact that Fox has him on is just so pathetic. Man we need a legit redpilled TV/radio station BAD.

1d5ca0 No.1674469


Think he really believes that???

Too many moving pieces that day for it to have been Iran

91ac2f No.1674470


FUCK! Wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley

3dce27 No.1674471


You are not alone anon, WWG1WGA.

We need you to stay healthy. Talk to someone if you keep having those thoughts. Your country needs you in this fight!

When things seem bleak, if you wait a little while, they have a way of getting better.

Also you can find hope and solace by reading the Bible. God cares about you and wants to have a relationship with you.

3c29d2 No.1674472

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0b7ea8 No.1674473


so-mole-ia ?

f39695 No.1674474


>Does he happen to link a source?

Yes. See >>1674449

b2926e No.1674475


thats what happens when you call out the cabal

he has alot of hate

but i think he just knows too much and fell into it

maybe we could get him on our side ?

ec4387 No.1674476


Queen Beatrix daughter-in-law's sister…

but Bea is still cult related

1564d7 No.1674477


Who is the guy on the far far right?

365b7a No.1674478

they've been trying different things but newer anons don't know to ignore them yet. I'm only keeping one eye on the thread while I dig. what target are we over today? Bourdain still?


76def5 No.1674479

File: 09f89928e5078c3⋯.png (249.27 KB, 797x662, 797:662, 84dd64c2-155d-4db6-9ff4-c4….png)


3d013e No.1674480

5bdb2c = "the bots are taking over" shill, workining the night shift now (overtime pay? shift differential?)

Changing fonts = namefagging for attention

4400a4 No.1674481

db41e0 No.1674482

File: 0942190c9320297⋯.jpg (161.63 KB, 1024x1234, 512:617, big brother.jpg)

a3c3fa No.1674483


I'm gonna kill myself fags.

3 so far Tonight?

Please call the Help Hotlines

9cc032 No.1674484

The Blue Lotus has it's birth and root in the mud. It grows up slowly towards the surface of the water; towards the sun.

Once mature and in bloom the Lotus buds above the water during the day, and closes its petals and submerges during the night.

One one night a month, during the full moon the Blue Lotus rises above the surface and blooms.

Whoever finds the meaning of this saying shall not taste death.

c05dc6 No.1674485

[ 5bdb2c ]

[ 661eae ]

3dce27 No.1674486


unclear – could be daughter through IVF, though

96f5ab No.1674487


Looking for the lost Xanadu?

e631bb No.1674488

File: c4fd9bf177e0d43⋯.jpg (110.5 KB, 942x610, 471:305, ysdygdfy.JPG)

File: eebe7b939349c27⋯.jpg (68.09 KB, 930x598, 465:299, hgjngyxf.JPG)

File: f6b8741c5ded485⋯.jpg (82.15 KB, 935x606, 935:606, hrtfghfrhrfh.JPG)

File: 26762923f2ede55⋯.jpg (98.93 KB, 941x606, 941:606, jgcgcfj.JPG)

File: 7649cc6612137a6⋯.jpg (60.21 KB, 933x595, 933:595, hfhdfhfh.JPG)



some sick shit

a4e690 No.1674489


it's a shill

says same shit once a month.

but go ahead and feed it.

4d384f No.1674490



1564d7 No.1674491


Iran is lying, catch up.

fff73f No.1674492


Look up The Stendahl Syndrome

159602 No.1674493


ayo, hol up

so you sayin,

you sayin we SHOULDN'T trust they guy with a tat of nixon on his back?

f29c05 No.1674494


We don't know if it's true.

So remember the Iraq Case.

Leave that Iran collapse Alone and birth Persia.

9cc032 No.1674495

The Blue Lotus has it's birth and root in the mud. It grows up slowly towards the surface of the water; towards the sun.

Once mature and in bloom the Lotus buds above the water during the day, and closes its petals and submerges during the night.

One night a month, during the full moon the Blue Lotus rises above the surface and blooms.

Whoever finds the meaning of this saying shall not taste death.

4400a4 No.1674496


Either the Israel-Iran connections or NXIVM, one of the two.

3c29d2 No.1674497

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1564d7 No.1674498

3fd6cc No.1674499


haha i know right. I wouldnt touch her

dcfcc3 No.1674500


We're putting a team together.

61bc0c No.1674502


Not a kmsfag.

This ones a girl


It wasn’t even well written.

The clincher is >maybe a belt

56ed13 No.1674503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ur a lady boy

ef5d20 No.1674504

File: 641a20ef471ee57⋯.jpg (20.4 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


maybe this

d6c003 No.1674505

3d013e No.1674506


You should be having this conversation with the site owner.

Who owns 8chan?


54b9e3 No.1674507

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4979db No.1674508



Ira Einhorn's bail was paid by a member of the Bronfman's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ira_Einhorn#Murder_of_Holly_Maddux

a3c3fa No.1674509


3x Tonight.

Does anyone have Hillary's number?

3fd6cc No.1674510

So what was all that Q talk about "what if RR recuses?", Ed O'Callaghan, etc?!?! Unless just to troll the deep state

678824 No.1674511


Ali Watkins worked for Buzzfeed as the National Security Reporter from Nov 2015 to May 2017.

They published their article on the dossier in January of 2017.

ec4387 No.1674512

File: 0b461b631a1ef38⋯.png (240.87 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Red_Shoes_Ray_Chandler.png)

File: 1ba5762572bc591⋯.png (3.91 MB, 2148x1744, 537:436, Rachel_Chandler_Red_Shoes.png)

8bd57e No.1674513

Get out of the house

Get some sunshine, work out, read a book

Dont forget theres a world out there full of decent people

Get laid


79bc03 No.1674514


By and large the people who have most changed history have not been the great generals or politicians, but the artists and the thinkers. An individual sitting in a room, giving birth to an idea, can do more to change the course of history than a general who commands thousands on the field of battle or a political leader who commands the loyalty of thousands.

Do you wish to stop this individual? Casually changing perspective with the world they have been told to see.

19d688 No.1674515


That's all I have right now, and Anons here on this board. All else is loneliness. God fills the hole in my spirit only so far. I'm pretty much alone in this life and feel like my life has no meaning!

c8d274 No.1674516

File: 1fe09078127b14d⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 311x162, 311:162, Tucson.jpg)

365b7a No.1674517


yeah check back through the breads its up in a couple of spots

cd289f No.1674518

lol only muh joo shills could link iran saying they had a part in 9/11 to joos

y'all are funny as fuck

42e275 No.1674519

On the newbie debate: THIS IS A FREE SPEECH BOARD.

99.95% of the internet is tailored to high-civility and/or mainstream speak. The chans are the ONE public forum where uncensored participation is allowed with no barriers to entry. DO YOU NEWFAGS REALIZE HOW RARE AND PRECIOUS THAT IS?? If you don't, please reflect that Q most certainly does, and that WE made this board what it is.

>We came here for a reason

Only marxist nonsense has convinced you it's okay to enter someone else's space and immediately start demanding they rearrange the furniture to suit you. Be gracious, recognize you have a lot to learn and LURK. That means read and read and read and don't say a thing until you have good reason to think some people on here might actually wish to read your hot take or lulzy meme because they’d be edified by it. If your early attempts don’t get recognition, or get newfag/shill smack-downs, take the note and go back to lurking. Most important, keep up on the notables, read all old crumbs, and post diggs of new research not already discussed on the boards. The chit-chat is for anons that have already earned that stutus via diggs. If that sounds like a lot of work before you get any feels of recognition, welcome to the world where not everyone gets a fucking participation trophy. You'll be glad you joined up tho, because when you finally do have something to add, everyone here knows: earned comfy is best comfy.

Be humble. Be patient. That is the foundation of being an effective patriot. Do you imagine Q started out by skipping those steps? Along the way, lurk with agency, study the boards, the bantz, the culture. Track ID's when you're confused who's just a grumpy anon (we're salty autists generally short of patience for shallow stupidity) and who's a shill. If you're confused what the hell everyone's talking about, GOOGLE SHIT before making an ass of yourself asking the people here. Would you walk into a NASA meeting and ask help with your algebra homework? As for the JQ, if you think we're all anti-semites, research our claims of jewish supremacy in media/gov./finance/entertainment before weighing in. How else do you think we came to our ideas? Do you think Q would choose a collection of idiots who have an ideology of hating people for no reason? If you do, what the hell are you doing here?

This is a political research board, a war room, whose founders likely had an average 125 IQ if not higher. This anon was a research scientist for DoD out of top university and can tell you, this board has the most concentrated collection of high IQ ppl you'll find even in areas like the DoD that do intense recruiting. You have little to teach them, and they have much to teach you, if you'd just LISTEN. You'll hear straight talk and heavy locker room bantz, because high competition spurs excellence. If that's too hard core for you, take it to reddit. Don't presume to dull the edge of these warriors though, they'll skewer you before they let you interfere with the fighting force they've created. I myself have been skewered here, we all have. The chans are a boot camp for the mind. Being called faggot is a mark of having submitted to the training. Do you see why Military Q would relate?

There are lots of us here that also care about bringing the general public up to speed, and will step in to help you if you approach things the right way, to save the heavy diggers the hassle, but you have to come in with the right attitude. If you start bossing people around about racism or not having enough love in their hearts, I'll join them in busting your balls. We do it for two reasons: 1) make better anons. 2) get your whiny ass out of the way, because women and children don't belong in a war zone. If you ARE gender-female, STFU about it and be an anon. Recognize that the culture of the boards AND OF WARRIORS is metaphysically male. Be glad you can swim anonymously with them if you choose to, but if you want to preach let's all be gentle day-care workers as is the way of women, GO WHERE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE, and go with our blessing. But understand this is a men's club because that's who founded it. You women and SJW's have claimed every damn corner of the world, this one is OURS. Fit in or opt out.

c60856 No.1674520

Yep, it is a good shill. Clearly not pushing Q research material. If Q had a problem, he could tell Code Monkey about it.

That said, it is a most excellent shill, very high quality. Should probably get promoted to shift leader or something. Very disappointing to see so many anons taking the bate.

8f98de No.1674521


You Mirror the 6 1 1

And you get. 9 1 1

3c29d2 No.1674522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6d6c30 No.1674523


I'm not pointing out this particular account, this is just an opportunity to say that there has to be a practice established, maybe even saying old images / account is no longer active in an instance like this, people are either going to get some chops together about researching or you're just going to be a bunch of evidence-tampering assholes.


Exactly the same fucking thing. I have seen a half-dozen accounts disappeared when nitwits see them mentioned in a post and decide to add their two cents.


There can be theories, but no assumptions can be made about where the posts came from.

a7d83e No.1674524


Bad enough when it's kids, but when babies are involved, it makes me homicidal. Sick motherfuckers

b48b71 No.1674525

File: 04f9f74d413fbba⋯.png (1008.43 KB, 1114x812, 557:406, U.S. EU take small step o….png)

20aa2b No.1674526

c4d2f8 No.1674527

File: 190df3b46238607⋯.png (922.33 KB, 1890x1029, 90:49, 1 - Spirit Cooking RHONY -….png)

File: f667b4b25b094c0⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1895x996, 1895:996, 2 - Spirit Cooking RHONY -….png)

File: c76b83022435e51⋯.png (851.08 KB, 1829x972, 1829:972, 3 - Spirit Cooking RHONY -….png)

File: 933db240b9c4fa7⋯.png (971.85 KB, 1884x1029, 628:343, 4 - Spirit Cooking RHONY -….png)








Earlier today some faggot here posted about how the May 2018 "suicide" of a guy named Mark Vanderpump might not have been a real suicide, after all. Most of the above-linked posts were in the NOTABLES section.

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills "stars" Lisa Vanderpump was connected to the Rothschilds (through "RHOBH star Kyle Richards, whose niece -- Nikki Hilton -- married a Rothschild) and others with links to the cabal. She's also a Brit with a very secretive past and her brother "committed suicide" only weeks after stating publicly that he was going to write a tell-all book about Vanderpump.

Well, after I read all that I did some digging because of the extremely creepy-close relationship between Andy Cohen (creator of the Real Housewives) and Anderson Cooper (Chief Executive Clown).

Guess what? Andy Cohen's Real Housewives of New York attended what appears to be a Spirit Cooking event in upstate New York back in 2013.

RHONY "stars" Ramona Singer and Luanne De Lesseps can be seen in these photos attending the event with MARINA ABRAMOVIC and LADY GAGA.

Even worse, children were at this event. I'll post four pics with this post and then I'll add two more creepy pics, by responding to this post, in a moment.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH BRAVO-TV? Is it true that just everything in our society is tainted by the Luciferians? I believe so.

They're all on Twatter, by the way.....

cd289f No.1674529

File: e13181042db2329⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1500x945, 100:63, G7hair.png)

430ea6 No.1674530


Love all you anons no homo

But we are all not autists

can we get some plain english in laymen's terms?

a3c3fa No.1674531


Unbelievable Ignorance

b2926e No.1674532


so are we getting a false flag on 611 or are we getting 911 disclosure

f29c05 No.1674534


Abe must be cooperating…

Macron/ J. Castro must to feel the pressure.

c5cfd2 No.1674535

File: 30716cbbae93b81⋯.png (109.29 KB, 1000x712, 125:89, alienskull.png)

3fd6cc No.1674536

One of my favorite recent Q Drops:

Fellow Patriots:

What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5.

Stay the course and trust the plan.

Protective measures are in place.

Remain BRAVE.

We knew this day would come.

61bc0c No.1674537

File: ffe8a0fe4b625b6⋯.jpeg (158.53 KB, 1126x2000, 563:1000, CBEB6F57-7C00-4708-B94F-5….jpeg)

4400a4 No.1674538


You'd be stupid to think they haven't played a part. Go ahead and leave, you'll be back when the news hits MSM.

3388a0 No.1674539

File: 3978550c0047b91⋯.png (1015.01 KB, 960x558, 160:93, 34704869_10211712021588148….png)

File: 57bf7abb51b5f04⋯.jpg (92.07 KB, 665x684, 35:36, Som 45 Tw.JPG)




Some are literally dying in the line of duty.

Our position behind the keyboards ain't too bad, Anon.

49d8b5 No.1674540

File: f8fbbc565e9d370⋯.jpg (32.1 KB, 400x300, 4:3, bigfootskull.jpg)

76def5 No.1674541

File: 0e735fb8ba87b4d⋯.jpg (3.58 MB, 4512x3000, 188:125, monument-statue-decoration….jpg)

3c29d2 No.1674542

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1ff2bb No.1674543


1 John 5:19, Anon.

"The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one."

So. yes, everything is tainted by Satan.

db41e0 No.1674545


If you want to dig on that (and get depressed) look at Kyle/Kim Richards and her childhood rapes under the control of her mother.

2da04b No.1674546

File: 8047877e1d04531⋯.jpg (12.02 KB, 255x210, 17:14, pepereddit.jpg)

3a91ae No.1674547


Junker. Evil bastard

3d013e No.1674548

File: 2b6e6126cc8a6be⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1000x1013, 1000:1013, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b3bceb759e48e49⋯.jpg (273.16 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Comfy Q.jpg)

/QR/ tonight (pic 1)

this anon tonight (pic 2)

1d5ca0 No.1674549


I have been right where you are,

Long walks, lots of sleep,

get busy with daily tasks,

Lots of Pray

Start walking until you think you can walk no further, then turn around and walk home,

If not working, try to find some work

Do not spend so much time on computer

stay outside, work outside, eat healthy

54b9e3 No.1674550

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3dce27 No.1674551


Interesting, what a terrible story

365b7a No.1674552


namefagging is slightly above concernfagging

c9cb78 No.1674553


that stopped being funny roughly three weeks ago you petulant twit

ef5d20 No.1674554

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c8d274 No.1674555

File: cc44a90c4d6070e⋯.jpg (182.2 KB, 1499x799, 1499:799, Nazca Mummy.jpg)

3c29d2 No.1674556

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

34996a No.1674557


G7 with 9 leaders. Fucking tards cant do math.

365b7a No.1674558

File: 7c21ff433d8d6af⋯.jpg (264.26 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 7c21ff433d8d6af596fd27bcc1….jpg)

b2926e No.1674559


yeah i wish i could do more

tweeting and memes helps but its not enough dunno what i can do tho

a3c3fa No.1674560


Shill or just Stupid.


f9847a No.1674561


Air is Satanic. Ban air.

61bc0c No.1674562



4a8a26 No.1674563


YOU see a child under age.

normal people see a cartoon of a naked cartoon.

get help. it's creepy.

8bd57e No.1674564

File: 554fafb58374ee5⋯.jpg (323.41 KB, 1413x733, 1413:733, DdA-MfrV4AAR_I4.jpg-large.jpg)

Someone on twitter made an incredibly thorough database of all the indictments … if anyone wants to take a peek


a5339f No.1674565


I presumed plans that were going to be fulfilled around August/September that would be for the effort to vindicate POTUS. It could also very be a distraction post, but the amount of detail in it doesn't lead me to that possibility.

e622be No.1674566

File: abe38328bcc07c0⋯.png (273.11 KB, 868x643, 868:643, cap2.PNG)

File: 4d331c97d9819c9⋯.png (115.36 KB, 557x607, 557:607, Capture.PNG)

File: 46eeb0133a427d7⋯.png (70.96 KB, 559x573, 559:573, cap1.PNG)



34996a No.1674567


I agree. It;s old.

Here's the New New…

"She's Fine"

c4d2f8 No.1674568

File: c9f91271b88df06⋯.png (843.4 KB, 490x937, 490:937, 5 - Spirit Cooking RHONY -….png)

File: 8f77cc2292556a9⋯.png (564.45 KB, 1454x662, 727:331, 6 - Spirit Cooking RHONY -….png)


Here are the last two pics I had time to save. If you google "Devil's Heaven" you'll see many more pics from this event, some of which have "models" chained to trees, hanging, etc.

I believe one of the models from this event ended up dead. He was found in the desert with his organs removed. Story about that is here:

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/national/mystery-behind-georgia-man-body-found-organs-article-1.1525382

b3611e No.1674569

Should have been called "Unpronounceable Unicode Name Edition".

79bc03 No.1674570


Good people will find it increasingly hard to be happy if they are surrounded by people who are miserable. Eventually no one will be happy until everyone is happy.

6c8a30 No.1674571


"MOP" means Mother Of Pearl watch face

eb57eb No.1674573


used to be in the dough

Read: Social Media Protocols

1. DO NOT CONFRONT accounts that are being tracked. WATCH. ARCHIVE. REPORT.

'''2. If you find an important account, ARCHIVE OFFLINE BEFORE POSTING link to 8ch

We must avoid tipping off the black hats until archiving is complete.

>>1126202 , >>1207179 For Instagram mirroring

>>1127332 For Website mirroring

>>1272084 For Twitter mirroring

c5cfd2 No.1674574

File: 50296c53b6c3d85⋯.png (28.11 KB, 450x300, 3:2, et.png)

73671e No.1674575



famefagging even worse >>1674158

b48b71 No.1674576


>Abe must be cooperating…


56ed13 No.1674577

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

speak to me in a language i can hear

c96390 No.1674578


President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker. Oddly enough, earlier this week an anon matched his birthday 12/9/54 with the deltas of POTUS tweets where he changed councel to counsel. Now he has the same hand signal as POTUS and Abe. Go figure.

966cb4 No.1674579


You are not alone , you are with us…WWG1WGA..listen to your fellow anons…find peace within yourself, and you wont NEED others to validate you,they will come to you.

4979db No.1674580



>So Biden knew.

>He knew that Iran was behind 9/11.

>And he wanted to pay them off.

>Reward them.

The Biden family is dirty:

Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is a board member of Burisma Holdings as is Devon Archer, who is a close pal of Secretary of State John Kerry.

Burisma Holdings is Ukraine’s largest private gas producer and is owned by Nikolai Zlochevsky, who was allied the Ukraine’s with Russian-puppet Viktor Yanukovych before the people threw him out in February.

Bet you haven’t seen this in the Inquirer or on the network news. Wonder how Little Biden feels about fracking in the Ukraine.

The corrupt of the world are uniting. The rest of us better start doing the same.


1ff2bb No.1674581


Good Idea, why don't you start by holding your breath for an hour?

8c0f52 No.1674583


did not know that. makes sense though.

365b7a No.1674584


Israel-Iran then

its JIDF zealots

678824 No.1674585


The water is calm.

f3d598 No.1674586


A wise man once told me:

"One of these days they will put all the good people behind bars

to protect them from all the crooks running amuck."

f9847a No.1674588


He wasnt using those organs anyway.

d30e8b No.1674589


there are others out there

have faith trust the plan

a3c3fa No.1674590


He already knows

c9a419 No.1674591

File: 1a6d3e3f572372a⋯.png (902.52 KB, 1918x926, 959:463, Screenshot-2018-6-8 ADS-B ….png)

General Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is back from meeting the Finnish President and military leaders, as well as Russian General Gerasimov in Helsinki.

>A brief statement on the Joint Chiefs of Staff website stressed, without elaborating, that U.S. and Russian militaries "have undertaken efforts to improve operational safety and strategic stability."

>"Both (military) leaders recognize the importance of maintaining regular communication to avoid miscalculation and to promote transparency and de-confliction in areas where our militaries are operating in close proximity," the U.S. statement said.


34996a No.1674592


People truly secure with themselves, their natural ability to succeed and general happiness will choose to distance themselves from the perpetually unhappy.

e622be No.1674593

File: fc88c9917aa568e⋯.png (217.45 KB, 561x632, 561:632, rosatom.PNG)

File: b7a756387335299⋯.png (147.65 KB, 514x595, 514:595, rosatom 2.PNG)

File: e1686eaa42f665f⋯.png (140.29 KB, 516x619, 516:619, rosatom 3.PNG)

File: 5384e10363864eb⋯.png (165.77 KB, 542x647, 542:647, rosatom 4.PNG)

e960ac No.1674594



and here you are…responding. kek

3d013e No.1674595

File: e321d97abb3c113⋯.jpg (47.75 KB, 627x626, 627:626, 439f46d4605dcafad0a505f3f1….jpg)

File: 0184511c0afc05e⋯.jpg (51.76 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 029187266199c.jpg)

File: 8c0c32e116e5c7b⋯.jpg (34.34 KB, 680x673, 680:673, 1526565422166.jpg)

File: 69b3a39dbbd9d31⋯.png (586.71 KB, 1597x1600, 1597:1600, Bait1.png)

File: cffbdc19747ffb4⋯.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, 625:626, cffbdc19747ffb4d082cf1ee36….png)


Take a few of these anon, they fit the moment certainly. And yeah, I fell for some of them too. No more you's this evening though, just outings

d56ffa No.1674596

File: 8bf9280ab03a6ee⋯.png (158.82 KB, 540x381, 180:127, slgg.png)

3c29d2 No.1674598



6d51f6 No.1674599

Hi Anons,

I was just trying to see if there is a connection between Jane Rhodes-Wolfe and Ben and David Rhodes and I came across this article from 2013. I thought I had been paying attention but there is some mockingbird info in here that was unknown to me and maybe some of you too. (I'm still digging on Jane, or has been done?)



"Presidents of ABC and CBS News Have Siblings Working at White House With Ties to Benghazi

By Noel Sheppard | May 11, 2013 5:09 PM EDT

"CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi."

So stated political consultant and media commentator Richard Grenell on Saturday's Fox News Watch (video follows with transcript and commentary):

RICHARD GRENELL: I think the media's becoming the story, let's face it. CBS News President David Rhodes and ABC News President Ben Sherwood, both of them have siblings that not only work at the White House, that not only work for President Obama, but they work at the NSC on foreign policy issues directly related to Benghazi. Let's call a spade a spade.

Let's also show you why CNN did not go very far in covering these hearings because the CNN deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is married to Hillary Clinton’s deputy, Tom Nides. It is time for the media to start asking questions why are they not covering this. It's a family matter for some of them.

JON SCOTT, HOST: So they don't want to bring embarrassment upon folks who, who they're close to?

GRENELL: Who directly are related to this story. Absolutely. They're covering for them. There's no question about it.

For the record, Ben Sherwood's sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is the Special Assistant to Barack Obama.

Virginia Moseley's husband, Tom Nides, is the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources.

As for David Rhodes' brother Ben, he is Obama's Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication.

As ABCNews.com reported Friday, Rhodes was a key player in revising the White House's Benghazi talking points last September:

In an email dated 9/14/12 at 9:34 p.m. — three days after the attack and two days before Ambassador Rice appeared on the Sunday shows – Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes wrote an email saying the State Department’s concerns needed to be addressed.

“We must make sure that the talking points reflect all agency equities, including those of the State Department, and we don’t want to undermine the FBI investigation. We thus will work through the talking points tomorrow morning at the Deputies Committee meeting.”

After that meeting, which took place Saturday morning at the White House, the CIA drafted the final version of the talking points – deleting all references to al Qaeda and to the security warnings in Benghazi prior to the attack.

Consider, too, that CBS News executives possibly including Rhodes have allegedly come down on their own investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson for "wading dangerously close to advocacy on" Benghazi.

If Attkisson gets the boot, it could very well be with a foot attached to the brother of an Obama administration official directly involved in the cover-up.

A family matter indeed."

3d013e No.1674600

File: 60ed10c8e459d28⋯.png (230.37 KB, 500x290, 50:29, ! ! ! ! ! (You)re god damn….png)


THIS 100%

8475c0 No.1674601


Iran is behind 911 attack. United States destroys Iraq in retaliation. Sorry, go sell this shit somewhere else.

8bd57e No.1674603


wow…that was good, anon

f9847a No.1674604


Telling people to kill themselves is Satanic.

c60856 No.1674605


Matthew 10:26

“So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

ca96ce No.1674606


hot. got the full cap?

this is good, but want to see full context for posterity.

a966d7 No.1674607

File: dd0640d18e92670⋯.jpg (695.76 KB, 948x849, 316:283, 35000SealedIndictments.jpg)

8c0f52 No.1674608


I think the Israel-Iran two peas in a pod has stirred the shills nest. It makes so much sense the more I think logically about it.

f29c05 No.1674609


The leader of the EU.

Master Puppet. I think.

5da1e7 No.1674610


wrong i

5ac500 No.1674611

File: d361ec799e6f8dc⋯.jpg (42.82 KB, 630x334, 315:167, d361ec799e6f8dc15d48841623….jpg)


Quality post.

cf9170 No.1674612


Where did you get that name from anon?

I am lòking for non corporate governments

b3611e No.1674614


You could rearrange those roman numerals to make many, many different numbers.

e622be No.1674615

File: f87e204a16ffbf8⋯.png (163.36 KB, 545x646, 545:646, rosatom 5.PNG)

File: 99d24220dd79831⋯.png (191.96 KB, 563x575, 563:575, rosatom 6.PNG)

File: 68fbe9ac8a6fef0⋯.png (144.44 KB, 512x646, 256:323, export liscense 1.PNG)

File: 09207f445a09e88⋯.png (82.77 KB, 480x634, 240:317, export liscense 2.PNG)

7f8093 No.1674616

Like >>1674338 said. I don't control the advertising on this website. I am not the owner of the website. Don't forget that /qresearch/ is just a part of 8ch, which consists of almost 18,000 boards, which the same advertisements are all applied to. 8chan and it's softserve advertisement system are owned by Jim Watkins, and have been around way longer than /qresearch/. Lewd anime ads on the chans have been around for over a decade.

5bdb2c No.1674617

File: 06bf633bd1e9eda⋯.png (590.8 KB, 651x924, 31:44, JesusSaves.png)

File: 083b39b855f014b⋯.png (542.95 KB, 788x788, 1:1, dwarfs.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

File: 473610e1c5d6811⋯.png (284.64 KB, 466x427, 466:427, Cat1.png)

Ġëẗ ẗö ẅöṛḳ ḅöẗṡ, ṛëäḋ ẗḧë ẅöṛḋṡ, тЂэ мэаиіиБ, шЂат іѕ іт? ⓨ ⓑⓞⓣⓢ, ⓐⓝⓓ ⓖⓡⓐⓢⓟ ⓣⓗⓔ cₒₙₜₑₓₜ

T ᴇ

lM. 2 +++

\ +


- |

- | xx

- |

- |


Ⓖⓞⓞⓓⓑⓨⓔ ←– > ǝʎqpooƃ





(You are the only one posting like a bot.)

b27b65 No.1674618


Now that's an interesting rabbit hole anon.

db41e0 No.1674619


Iraq is our ally. Israel is our ally. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

3b9c84 No.1674620


I'm in your boat, same feeling, it always gets darkest before the dawn, and it's very dark right now, good news is the light is coming and we'll have that feeling and joy we once knew. Love you anon, don't do anything rash, we need you, your energy and will makes us stronger with you, than not.

e622be No.1674621

File: a8a1086eb071100⋯.png (51.63 KB, 704x454, 352:227, cap 4.PNG)

c4d2f8 No.1674622


Oh my gosh, Anon, you just made me laugh out loud. I got tangled up with a moronic shill earlier and vowed to just block the little libtards from this point forward. But I do appreciate the chuckle.

a35a12 No.1674623

File: 76656b979415c92⋯.png (774.3 KB, 854x573, 854:573, c345af7ec3ea860917000f.png)


Added the Schiffhead at long last kek.

e960ac No.1674624

File: d2567aff530be76⋯.png (219.76 KB, 1045x766, 1045:766, juncker1.PNG)

File: 0699d3f31a9f17b⋯.png (227.2 KB, 1064x857, 1064:857, juncker2.PNG)

File: 970d97964cad91e⋯.png (307.31 KB, 1059x864, 353:288, juncker3.PNG)

File: 45c10f6e5218e20⋯.png (306.33 KB, 1058x864, 529:432, juncker4.PNG)

File: ca343eb9ab9334c⋯.png (112.59 KB, 1075x637, 1075:637, juncker5.PNG)

56ed13 No.1674625

File: 2f106cc715489e2⋯.jpg (171.57 KB, 1171x344, 1171:344, modem.jpg)

cdd818 No.1674626

4a9d98 No.1674627

File: 59a358d0e9f39c6⋯.png (79.66 KB, 2276x672, 569:168, wikileaks-bridge-dig.png)

File: c338cebc58e124b⋯.png (72.07 KB, 829x605, 829:605, wiki-doc-yemen-djibouti-va….png)

File: b33c4a27de801d7⋯.png (173.84 KB, 1175x428, 1175:428, bridge-of-horns.png)

File: d0292e05e421f5e⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1129x1525, 1129:1525, BRIDGE-red-sea.png)

File: 36658ea15985b15⋯.png (265.88 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

wikileaks dig- the bridge project

interdasting as fuck..


>from searching Somolia in wikileaks

cd289f No.1674628


nah the EU sent two people…

as if they are moar important than a country

5ac500 No.1674629

Notables so far…

Anything important missed, pls holler.


>>1674519 NEWFAGS: Come in with the right attitude

>>1674137 , >>1674508 The Bronfman Gang: “Godfathers” to Al Capone and John McCain

>>1674357 BIG qanon.news update & bread searchability on the way

>>1674144 , >>1674354 Asia Argento: "Harvey Weinstein raped me & the film industry covered up"

>>1674138 Canadian Anons: DIG and shift narrative

6d6c30 No.1674630


Reading that made me wonder if he'd been tasked with doing her in, but then I realized they would have helped dispose of the body.

76def5 No.1674631

b48b71 No.1674632


very calm. and the frenchies are scared.

d56ffa No.1674633


I want to front kick Merkel in her gunt.

f3d598 No.1674634


means the board is – free

c4d2f8 No.1674635


Thank you, Anon. God bless you.

1ff2bb No.1674636


Who is afraid? All will be revealed, as you say. God is patient, as we should be.

e76ac2 No.1674637


Anon married/dad anon here. I'm gonna take shit for this but so what. I'm on 50 MG Zoloft and it works like a charm. I'm a worrier/anx type and this solves it. 5 years on it and when I back off or come off it for 6 months the shit just comes back. God wired me this way and the rx works. God Bless

f29c05 No.1674638


Finland searching the war.

And they are also in Elections this year. (The Teacher)

c5cfd2 No.1674639

365b7a No.1674640


Q's posts are coded and the clock is a means to decode them. These three BOOM posts line up at different slots on the clock. And the 'hammer' will fall when we reach marker 0:0:0: but we don't know when that is.

8f98de No.1674641


It would be appropriate to start arresting everyone that is corrupt and has been play this game. All guilty of 911. It’s there symbolism that keeps them together. They Are Mocking is.

bea46e No.1674642

File: e597982df2cfd59⋯.png (410.34 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 586c96b544cc6d7⋯.png (95.33 KB, 581x347, 581:347, ClipboardImage.png)

"Its' Crazy": Texas Roiled By Unprecedented Labor Shortage As Shale Industry Hires "Just About Anyone"

A battle is playing out in Midland, TX between employee-starved local businesses and multinational energy companies who are poaching local residents left and right for high-paying jobs as the latest Permian Basin shale-oil boom accelerates.

Midland Mayor Jerry Morales says the boom is a double-edged sword; while the energy industry has increased sales-tax revenue by 34% year-over-year, an incredibly low unemployment rate of 2.1% has resulted in a severe shortage of low-paying jobs around town - such as the 100 open teaching positions, according to Bloomberg.

Morales, a native Midlander and second-generation restaurateur, has seen it happen so many times before. Oil prices go up, and energy companies dangle such incredible salaries that restaurants, grocery stores, hotels and other businesses can’t compete. People complain about poor service and long lines at McDonald’s and the Walmart and their favorite Tex-Mex joints. Rents soar. -Bloomberg

"This economy is on fire," said Morales - who is also the proprietor of Mulberry Cafe and Gerardo's Casita. Unfortunately, the fire is so hot that the Mayor is scrambling to fill open jobs - from local government positions, to cooks at his restaurants.

In the country’s busiest oil patch, where the rig count has climbed by nearly one third in the past year, drillers, service providers and trucking companies have been poaching in all corners, recruiting everyone from police officers to grocery clerks. So many bus drivers with the Ector County Independent School District in nearby Odessa quit for the shale fields that kids were sometimes late to class. The George W. Bush Childhood Home, a museum in Midland dedicated to the 43rd U.S. president, is smarting from a volunteer shortage.

And it doesn't take much to get hired by the oil industry - which, as Bloomberg summarizes, "will hire just about anyone with basic training"… and it will quickly double, triple or x-ple their pay in the process. "It is crazy" said Jazmin Jimenez, 24, who flew through a two-week training program at New Mexico Junior College about 100 miles north of Midland. Jimenez was hired by Chevron as a well-pump checker. "Honestly I never thought I’d see myself at an oilfield company. But now that I’m here – I think this is it."

And at $28-an-hour, Jimenez makes double what she was earning as a prison guard at the Lea County Correctional Facility in Hobbs.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-08/its-crazy-texas-roiled-unprecedented-labor-shortage-shale-industry-hires-just-about

d56ffa No.1674643

File: 62bd560cc857ced⋯.jpg (81.18 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 62bd560cc857cede4aa1f2c45c….jpg)

b253ac No.1674644


Amen, Brother. Newbies need to read and HEED yoir advice.

ba2dde No.1674645


If I happen to be baking, The title will be:

Q Research General #2112 There is unrest in the forest, there is trouble with the trees Edition

a3c3fa No.1674646


You are Sick!

It's a Fucking Sex Cartoon depicting a young girl who is a Slave.

What the Fuck us Wrong with You?

This is Rocket Science.

You are a Pervert

527c66 No.1674647


Hey, thanks for your nonJapanese opinion of Japanese culture

76def5 No.1674648


Look to See

Listen to Hear

9e1ed3 No.1674649


how am i shill?


3c29d2 No.1674650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4400a4 No.1674651

File: bb11bd5f4c3f7d4⋯.jpg (64.49 KB, 653x393, 653:393, We have to go DEEPER.jpg)



Only way to win is to ignore them and dig HARDER.

7c0d88 No.1674652


>>1674519 ←←←←←※

2915e6 No.1674653

File: fe033753dd6609a⋯.jpg (195.09 KB, 701x513, 701:513, dream_g42ur5mytid.jpg)


On it.

08e200 No.1674654

File: 91812f37c8db9be⋯.jpg (66.92 KB, 640x447, 640:447, cannes-france-23rd-may-201….jpg)

File: da9141fd7466344⋯.jpg (51.26 KB, 532x382, 266:191, ll-drop-in-2_2575243a.jpg)

File: 2030790c03c7d16⋯.jpg (34.27 KB, 442x442, 1:1, Azealia-Banks-reut_2574557….jpg)

File: 60382848003abe3⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 442x317, 442:317, life-ball-reuters-_2574568….jpg)

File: c84056c08e7e064⋯.jpg (47.93 KB, 338x555, 338:555, life-ball-reuters-_2574567….jpg)


Harv & the Clintons were close.

With what Argento said at Cannes, Bourdains tweet about team Clinton sending him nasties and his subsequent demise, one wonders if this is all connected.

There's more than Cannes:

"We all slow down a little once we reach a certain age; there's certainly no shame in that. Yet it is with an apologetic wave of one crispily tanned hand that Roberto Cavalli, 72, concedes: "Yes, last night I was in a much quieter mood than usual."

Still, after dinner - Saturday's gala auction do for Vienna's Aids-benefit Life Ball, at which he was outbid at 28,000 euros for a champagne cooler of his own design before schmoozing in his sunglasses (as always) with Bill Clinton, Sir Elton Rightly (for it was an arresting sight) Cavalli's arrival at the Life Ball was broadcast live across Austria, Germany, Italy and beyond. In front of some 15,000 raucous party-goers dressed to the theme 1001 Nights (imagine massed ranks of raunchy slave girls and blue-body painted, gym-bunny genies), Cavalli drove to the stage down a highway-wide magenta carpet in a gold-painted Mini with his logo on the roof. "

John, Hilary Swank and Heinz Fischer (the President of Austria) - the evening did at least pick up a bit."



So maybe that's what it boils down to: a 365 day a year drug fueled rapefest for the rich & powerful, always looking for fresh meat.

These people are sick.

e80056 No.1674655

Faux leading their 11:00 with "digging for answers on James Wolfe"

In 2nd place, Sessions going after the constitutionality of Obamacare ($5 says it ain't, so they can throw it under the Constitutional Law bus)

2037b3 No.1674657

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.







3d013e No.1674658


So what's your point? Never mind, see: >>1674519

8c6925 No.1674659

File: 7f3c03c7ce4f52a⋯.png (40.96 KB, 626x288, 313:144, AT.png)

anybody see this gem?

e7d889 No.1674660


How many people in Georgia are found without their organs? www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/10/missing-organs-newspaper/2962225/

5493fd No.1674661


>As you know, I’m not a Q-er, but he seems to be right this week.

Actually, we don't know whether you are a Q'er or not. And what is wrong with providing a name? Not like this is top secret stuff.

Dan Jones and James Wolfe are 2 other leakers.

Not sure there is going to be much in the OIG report we don't already know. And how much if it will be redacted?

ANyway, Deep Stroke should also be involved to some degree since he is one who "interviewed" the wicked witch.

The OIG has had all that information for over a year now. What's Wray waiting on?

Thanks for the lowdown on Sundance.

61bc0c No.1674662


Yeah but my point was, you can scold us here but maybe we ain’t the ones doing it.

Like me yelling at the dog for something the cat did.

430ea6 No.1674663


seriously? you are a

fucking asshole

that was child who is dead and that is how you pay your respects?


365b7a No.1674664


Want to beat the cabal?

Live your best life. And live it as an example to others. Shine a light.

28b71f No.1674665

File: d1ecdf2dc7bd8b1⋯.gif (580.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, a5e1807e-7ef1-44aa-8be8-6a….gif)



heap'um big juju


1ff2bb No.1674666


several times today… but thanks.

c4966a No.1674667


I understand that BO

But honestly Lewd or not wtf is up with nude anime that looks quite young in the ads?

If it’s naked grown women that’s okay but you have to admit that’s some very borderline shit and not cool.

I’ll get ad block now.

cd289f No.1674668


is there ANY evidence that was a child's skull?

a966d7 No.1674669


Vincent Van Gogh, passing it to his girlfriend while whispering, "I haven't heard from you lately."

34996a No.1674670


Not that has been provided publicly.

79bc03 No.1674671


The Sphinx embodies the four cardinal constellations of the zodiac; the four corners of the cosmos - Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The four elements that work together to make the material world.

When Plato (Timaeus) wrote of the world soul being cruicified on the World Body, he was not speaking of the crucifixion of Christ. He was recalling the moment in history as idealism conceived it. When consciousness was fixed in solid matter.

4a8a26 No.1674672


did you get that I.D> from the cartoon?

hurry call the FBI!

they can save the next cartoon.

this is funny though.

61bc0c No.1674673


It was funny though.

You know who haste best sense of humor in the medical world?


They have to because they examine assholes all day.

No lie.

4400a4 No.1674674


Who's to say Israel didn't allow them to do it? They are our eyes in the middle-east in case you forgot. Iraq conveniently got blamed and we invaded, taking out one of Israel's enemies. Expand your thinking.

678824 No.1674675


What the hell is Cindy Crawford doing in it at the 2 minute mark?

a35a12 No.1674677

File: b8bbe7c39f0ccc6⋯.png (220.75 KB, 400x400, 1:1, TellMeMorePepe.png)


I think I love you, anon. No homo.

365b7a No.1674678


>indictments Master list

Baker, nominating for


c5cfd2 No.1674679

File: ba3a073d822f819⋯.png (108.36 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 7ce6a74406634879285cc3f3c7….png)


Calm the fuck down, concernfaggot.

Every pic you've ever seen of a real skull is of someone who's dead.

So fucking what?

4979db No.1674680



OTOH, Einhorn hosted the first Earth Day. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42711922/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/earth-day-co-founder-killed-composted-girlfriend/

1ff2bb No.1674681


Is there any anime that DOESN'T look quite young?

I dunno, maybe I've just seen the wrong anime.

49a9d2 No.1674682

File: a70674835f66441⋯.jpg (200.5 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningBrave1.jpg)

File: 201b296d21b34b3⋯.jpg (204.01 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningBrave2.jpg)

File: 538cc757289015c⋯.jpg (245.93 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningBrave3.jpg)

File: 00952f15b4cde79⋯.jpg (191.35 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakeningBrave4.jpg)

File: ee28b543c35e18e⋯.jpg (313.81 KB, 607x987, 607:987, GreatAwakeningBrave5.jpg)


Yes that was a change of tone.

Memed it that same day, without really knowing what in particular was going to call for BRAVERY by anons. In a sense, it signalled a new phase. Didn't really intuit what sort of imagery was called for because the entire context had changed in some subtle way.

430ea6 No.1674683


I got the clock, but you lost me on the 0 (zero hour)

Now I'm back up to speed.

Thanks anon

Future proves past

a4e690 No.1674684


just a few pics

cd289f No.1674685


that's why we provide sauce here, anything without sauce is just some anon's theory/idea

3c29d2 No.1674686

File: 5e8fbe46e5ffdf9⋯.jpg (2.19 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, 5e8fbe46e5ffdf91d1913a1e81….jpg)

i repecte a creative scholar, any symbolfagging in teh namefagging is kewl

just sell your caca somewhere else

props to regulars

e622be No.1674687

File: 3ebae333bef8e14⋯.png (32.39 KB, 609x549, 203:183, SIGNATURE GUIDE 1.PNG)

File: a6547e18899964f⋯.png (30.96 KB, 608x541, 608:541, SIGNATURE GUIDE 4.PNG)

File: 588f65f81b470dd⋯.png (16.8 KB, 610x268, 305:134, SIGNATURE GUIDE 2.PNG)

File: 96d60e941b752de⋯.png (13.31 KB, 607x267, 607:267, SIGNATURE GUIDE 5.PNG)

f29c05 No.1674688


Here comes the Coup d'éat in Iran…

34996a No.1674689

File: b9abdcc64bc62c0⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 648x746, 324:373, 777289.jpg)


Naked grown women for you. Okay?

2eb917 No.1674690

File: e8db1a338fd7f30⋯.jpg (17.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1506021339202.jpg)


And here's another classic; because a lot of these shills hardly even try anymore, just repeating the same old and tired lines..

1ab784 No.1674691


Every one of us are precious in God's eyes– pray to him now and he will help you. You are loved by the creator of the universe and needed here- there is work still to be done

b48b71 No.1674692


dubs confirm_Kick is a GO.

3d013e No.1674694


some of these "newfags" are just shills pretending to be newfags, is my guesstimate. this subject of ads came up yesterday for certain, maybe the day before. desperation to discredit, is the pattern that I see developing

538811 No.1674695



Add to notables please. Thank you.

34996a No.1674696

File: 75e674452332b3a⋯.jpg (14.47 KB, 255x200, 51:40, 00f39c89dd3a43e93805a2ad5c….jpg)

cd289f No.1674697


I get you're fucking with a shill but spoil that shit FFS

goddamn kek

c5cfd2 No.1674698

File: d1b50f8d6329021⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1024x969, 1024:969, 1d1b1f1a4797db32ff764794fa….png)

527c66 No.1674699


turn off the dam computor

bfc8b9 No.1674700

File: 84e96e640b97bfd⋯.png (6.38 KB, 1250x136, 625:68, ClipboardImage.png)

HRC threatened Bourdain one month ago?

b3e60d No.1674701


They are 8.5/10 here in Wisconsin

f39695 No.1674702

Days away:









430ea6 No.1674703


It was

(((a fucking child)))

be thankful youbare where you are and I am where I am or else I would show you my wrath

79bc03 No.1674704


Fap free photos!

d56ffa No.1674705

File: 32c34c62aff6d3f⋯.jpg (20.82 KB, 255x255, 1:1, pepef6294c08de0f5d76c5949a….jpg)

db41e0 No.1674706

File: 55a4fd43a57791f⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 215x235, 43:47, titsgtfo.jpg)

a35a12 No.1674707

File: 71a10de9e511df2⋯.png (442.74 KB, 499x499, 1:1, KekHasSpoken.png)



Wise anon is wise.

538811 No.1674708

File: f2b320e961a4521⋯.jpg (171.99 KB, 1275x850, 3:2, hfail.jpg)

File: e58b66925c11975⋯.jpg (13.82 KB, 265x300, 53:60, bfail.jpg)

File: 6c8758b2a07d73c⋯.jpg (4.8 KB, 292x173, 292:173, ufail.jpg)


shh sweetie

go to sleep

34996a No.1674709


Im gonna prove you wrong

3c29d2 No.1674710

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

bully rules exist because of intent

e622be No.1674711

File: 8104bbdcf7aa8ff⋯.jpg (95.34 KB, 750x576, 125:96, Statement on Gen Flynn.jpg)

c4966a No.1674712

File: ace11bfd977cee4⋯.jpeg (68.05 KB, 562x571, 562:571, 0F05C571-3A50-4E99-A177-9….jpeg)

2915e6 No.1674713

File: ac0d714e46712a9⋯.jpg (44.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, dream_mupi1rgqjnm.jpg)

File: 8c7fac3a9b6445d⋯.jpg (177.95 KB, 600x601, 600:601, dream_jtg8flkkdw9.jpg)

File: 8b5ed93417f2fef⋯.jpg (371.95 KB, 599x600, 599:600, dream_8obtl30944h.jpg)

File: 215a1a7dcfb2159⋯.jpg (36.58 KB, 255x255, 1:1, dream_iwga97rjwrz.jpg)

56ed13 No.1674714

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



1ff2bb No.1674715

File: 1faafacc71366a5⋯.gif (990.89 KB, 300x337, 300:337, ThisOneMadeMeCum.gif)

Eye bleach for the poor Anons.

cd289f No.1674716



enough of your (((conjecture)))

c48d9c No.1674717


It was a jewish child?

Triple parenthesis is reserved for (((kikes)))

79bc03 No.1674718


This is what I pictured the nuns who used to beat the crap out of us young boys would look like when they were naked. Surely they have foul breath too.

54b9e3 No.1674719

File: 6187fae3a9a1904⋯.jpg (47.81 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 7f7232b586c58c23d2e4424fbc….jpg)


lmao nice eye

f82d5f No.1674720

File: bb32bbed6bdc6c9⋯.png (38.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, poppepe.png)

4a8a26 No.1674721


in this situation I always imagine the one taking the picture is a hot young honey with an attitude. saves on my eye bleach supply.

f9847a No.1674722


Dude show him your wrath anyway.

e622be No.1674723

File: bf4248ee73b0ac1⋯.pdf (455.9 KB, WikiLeaks_CIA_Advice_for_O….pdf)

File: 065df137f7cdca4⋯.pdf (964.73 KB, WikiLeaks_CIA_Assessment_o….pdf)

cd289f No.1674724

File: 8513eda89215925⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 500x555, 100:111, bakergirl7.gif)

584c34 No.1674725


Baker Notable?

9e1ed3 No.1674726

File: 41601ac9ed622b2⋯.png (232.12 KB, 398x370, 199:185, 41601ac9ed622b2da58b4f1b34….png)


You could always take sleeping pills.

a02b35 No.1674727

File: c0682cdd1b5fc3f⋯.png (465.95 KB, 776x500, 194:125, nasim-why.png)

538811 No.1674728


This isn't a game. Priorities don't run

Defend chan culture! → Wake normies

Come on now. This isn't believable. It's fake. Give it up. This is a fucking war. Defending bad words is idiotic and irrelevant. Stop pretending this is a real controversy. It's a joke. Fake posting. Get out.

c5cfd2 No.1674729

File: 97b760155be825b⋯.png (345.96 KB, 3200x1680, 40:21, 37352d860401f47540408cbfee….png)


Riight, because you'd have the wherewithal to actually act on your threat if I was standing in the same room with you… <rolleyes.gif>

KYS concernfag-divisionshill…

49d8b5 No.1674730

File: 8292ec16976751a⋯.png (295.63 KB, 563x558, 563:558, ClipboardImage.png)

1ff2bb No.1674731


I would like to see the wrath of anon

5ac500 No.1674732

File: bbed46a6b9c957c⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 500x409, 500:409, HISTORICBREAD.jpg)


517ee3 No.1674733

So, Q… You know what I stumbled into (or… Some glue-sniffer does and is writing a report on that shit, probably laughing their ass off and face-palming).

Caution anons… That first step through that door is a hell of a trip. Surely, more graceful navigations into the door have been made.

… And this is where a mysterious voice informs me that I have only gotten sight of the door, much less stepped through it. Followed by maniacal laughter and my blast through the number 12 on PBS.

Perhaps when it is safe, a guide book can be written. Or… Maybe that is part of the point. Very little of the world is ever as it seems. To the scientific, action begets reaction. To the magical, symbol begets symbol. The two are not opposites, the magical person looks for meaning in the rain, the scientific person studies precipitation.

The magic mindset finds meaning not in the causal actions, but the arrangement of events. I'll leave it at that.

365b7a No.1674734

File: a1bbd7dbeb9fa03⋯.png (69.32 KB, 508x552, 127:138, a1bbd7dbeb9fa03b52852981ff….png)


most of them who 'fall for it' are newer. It takes a while to collect a toolbox for dealing with every type of shill. Snipers take a long time to train

3c29d2 No.1674735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

76def5 No.1674736

File: 5cb906602e5cbf7⋯.jpeg (18.91 KB, 255x255, 1:1, DEADTEAM.jpeg)

3c29d2 No.1674737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a32943 No.1674738

File: c88ce28cacd3f95⋯.jpg (39.87 KB, 461x341, 461:341, CosbyIII.JPG)


You'll look at that some day and think it;s hot…

79bc03 No.1674740


Need sauce.

4979db No.1674741


That's ==Notable==

538811 No.1674742

File: 846a66ecc862ffa⋯.png (767.43 KB, 578x850, 17:25, GeneralPepe.png)

File: 1c3fed251a74511⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1289x911, 1289:911, JusticeIsComing.png)

File: c11605bd9f28053⋯.png (370.05 KB, 411x580, 411:580, MADAMNPREZ.png)

File: 86e04a8437d6c73⋯.png (505.98 KB, 850x568, 425:284, hrappening.png)

cd289f No.1674743



both have connections to HRC (there is sauce on that, been discussed)

f9847a No.1674745


>Defending bad words is idiotic and irrelevant


538811 No.1674746

File: 67608556e5d783a⋯.png (963.05 KB, 1035x692, 1035:692, Justiceiscoming .png)

File: 28f9a8f933f4462⋯.jpg (48.05 KB, 533x639, 533:639, sleepybot33.jpg)

File: e9bdff10fa56f13⋯.png (822.71 KB, 823x562, 823:562, botnetkekdeath.png)

File: de1819bdbd143e9⋯.png (392.5 KB, 549x789, 183:263, CatTux.png)

6d6c30 No.1674747


I see an asshole posting trying to make excuses for whatever reasons about a cartoon that I also could see was an under-age girl when it first showed up.

a2b754 No.1674748


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

76def5 No.1674750



365b7a No.1674751

File: ed9e1a887675d1d⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1412x794, 706:397, ed9e1a887675d1d1293705ab4e….png)

File: f1ebf224ce38484⋯.jpg (519.89 KB, 1279x648, 1279:648, f1ebf224ce38484fa0d9066f25….jpg)

File: f8fa9a2e676a78f⋯.jpg (13.53 KB, 236x419, 236:419, f8fa9a2e676a78f5d3bde13c59….jpg)