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File: e073f22bff5d22f⋯.jpg (81.83 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Water lilies.jpg)

fd9e12 No.1121104

1114012>>1114077 >>1114095 >>1114101 >>1114251

Great idea. Scan through the questions (keep them brief and concise) to be sure we're not duplicating questions already asked.

a0f8bd No.1121474

File: 16ec69f3a6d200d⋯.jpg (37.36 KB, 500x656, 125:164, 2018-04-20_13-41-39.jpg)

Are we going to look into this now as well.

>Sgt. Terrance Yeakey was an Oklahoma City Police Officer, a first responder to the OKC bombing

>According to friends and family, Terry began being intimidated by federal authorities because of his personal pursuit for truth and the information which he possessed. He was being pressured to put an end to his independent investigation.

>Terry’s last known words were, “As soon as I shake these Feds that are following me, I’ll be back and we’ll go to dinner.”

>The officer’s body was found the next day in a field one mile from his abandoned vehicle.

>He had been bound, repeatedly cut, strangulated, brutally tortured and killed execution style with a single bullet that entered his right temple at a 45 degree angle.

>No gun was found at the scene.

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-20/23-years-later-oklahoma-city-bombing-story-you-were-never-told-about

85b539 No.1122228

File: 1a499146537d3d0⋯.png (346.1 KB, 401x560, 401:560, 5ad7fce5e8abd.png)

Please ask Q if voat is compromised. Ill be lurking here until we get more news.

07a3f0 No.1122462

Q - @Backchannel17 is clearly not you, of that we can be certain. He claims .mil background, and I have asked a specific question numerous times that would confirm but he has not answered. Is he pumping disinfo, or is he one of us? This is important to verify because he seems to be the originator of the NP selling missile tech to NK theory.

fd9e12 No.1128594

First, many thanks to Q, POTUS, white hats, researchers on this board. My question: We're still seeing lots of spraying in our skies. For what purpose? Who pays? Will it end?

fd9e12 No.1128627

Is VOAT comprimised?

98da9a No.1128639

Id like some info on the gold backed yuan oil contracts the dollar is dying.unless we have asset backed currency well be selling ourselves for food.the bubble burst unless we have asset backed currency nothing else matters.why would anyone invest in the dollar you can get gold from china.how is this being fixed and how fast.

fd9e12 No.1128670

No.1121104 I'm finding questions and reposting here:

Delta engine fire?


How rare are engine fires?

Think logically.


My follow-on question is related to something I saw in the comments on Linda Paris’ Q-related blog. One of the persons had questioned President Trumps stressed/strained appearance and demeanor when announcing the Syrian missile strikes and it got me thinking…(Ms. Paris is also known for her outstanding video channel, McAllister TV).

Bluesky7: “Robert…ever played Texas hold ‘em…poker. Besides chess in 3D Trump and Deep State have a side game of Poker going. He captured their hidden cards up the sleeve in North Korea. Neutralized most of their covert sub fleet and got the secret algorithms and data files with the BDT during the Hawaii missile strike. And lastly got them to play their last chance chem weapons card they had in their hat band….they are now scalar’ed down to high tech compact portable weapons that fatigue certain metals at a distance with lazer accuracy. The gun isn’t to his head, it’s ours. The F-22 belly landing and thunderbird crash and several others including the commercial AC are all related. There is still the issue of AT LEAST two nuclear weapons missing out of US inventory and a question of decommissioned devices of unknown number to be resolved. He was sweating with your/our lives on the line. Have a nice day, I don’t sleep at night.

Bluesky7: “Also Robert try this link. [link] I could over whelm you on this subject but short version is that it’s a matter of scale. The package needed to deliver a fatiguing signal is much smaller than needed for instant large-scale destruction as observed in this video. Also, if you have lots of time on target (slow or stationary target, e.g., aircraft on tarmac) you can weaken metal in several ways including Hutchison effect, scalar wave, or other beam weapons or field effect weapons.”

( https:// youtu.be/ASCnmahuiCg ) [same as the ‘link’ in Bluesky7’s comment above] shows a very compact, effective US Special Forces type weapon.

Q-team, is it possible that besides the ‘Poppycock’ and related networking equipment and transport vehicles, the sharks have also stolen other toys, such as compact, man-portable directed-energy weapons from the SEALs’ or other Special Forces’ toy boxes?

Thirdly, if so, is that what they're leveraging to blackmail President Trump?

Lastly, if not man-portable, do our Deep State enemies still have access to larger systems similar to the directed-energy weapons mounted on satellite platforms that the Q-team identified in the mega drop files as being responsible for starting the California fires? Those would also seem to be capable of damaging aircraft on the ground or in flight.

fd9e12 No.1128685


(This is actually a reply to Q's #1176, 1095705, but everything seems to have 750 replies already.)

Q, you asked, "How rare are [aircraft] engine fires?"

Unlike the ‘Poppycock’ hoax, these recent engine/aircraft/rotor failures are very real.

It appears the recent surge in civilian aircraft part failures/accidents is an expansion of the military attacks that you have previously noted. While failures in both arenas appear to be metal fatigue related, it seems impossible that salted metals from the manufacturing sector is a commonality across the broad spectrum of manufacturers and events.

The opportunities for access to the different aircraft varies greatly. If this is intentional, systematic sabotage, it would appear the proximity of a perpetrator(s) need not be ‘close-in’…necessarily. Additionally, the sabotage events have been intentionally slight so as to conceal the perpetrators’ methods, their identities and to aid in their detection avoidance and escape. These appear to be the hallmarks of hi-tech tools in the hands of the saboteurs sniping at our civilian and military aircraft.

Inquiring minds do want to know. Are the civilian and military aircraft failures related?

fd9e12 No.1128714


there is a burning question I want to ask


* Why is there no mention of Jewish lobby aka Zionists

* Mafia NY and USA

* Triade

* FEDs and Roths central banking why our US military is their thug still ?

please we need clear hints links or answers from you guys.

will it be GO against ?

fd9e12 No.1128743


“Pet names” are they triggers or names of a victim’s split personality?

fd9e12 No.1128816


Q. The US Govt has responded to a series of false flags through the years. Syria is the latest. We can't know what game is being played currently, but many were upset by the latest missile "response" on Syria. Will a time come that we will learn the truth?

fa4304 No.1217356

‘Q’ you need to give some strength here UTC+7, it’s been 27 months since I started…no money left, sold and given away everything for food,now have septicemia and only noodles left, no matter, I have to sell my computers, unable to work as anon anymore, that matters…still have so much to tell, Zika is 1 of so many, and you have my 9/11 Moab…IDont know what to do ? I will loose access to this device soon and then I am offline…

‘It’s always about the money’

92a37d No.1217843

I understand the LANDLORD has flipped…such joy…I won’t revisit old news…but I am unsure of who else…I don’t want to expose a white hat, but I don’t want to go down with my ship without exposing the black hats…SCIF@+7?

Are you in control here?

e8abce No.1220896

So, still no answers…tick tock…answermethis…and quickly…did you receive a webpage that has the MOAB for Alex Brown and sons…or has it been lost for ever…you think nothing is ever lost from the Internet…but how wrong you are…

Russian Collusion/fisa warrants=dot come on.com

Slate..tea leaves…you are not in control,and until you cut the head of the snake,we are all in danger on the Internet…stop doing the work of the CIA by concentrating on the FBI, they are ancient history…and no more deleting my messages BAKER…answer the question with the letter of the middle name in the MOAB…

I don’t intend to go down quietly,the public have a right to know…and I still am not convinced whos side you are on!!!

99265f No.1221046

P is for panda

Flotus is our queen/Twitter is how you confirm MOAB.

I will be watching for 24 hours

1e6363 No.1231363


Q confirmed it to be fake…check https://qanonposts.com/ for verifications

1e6363 No.1231381


This will be addressed later on when it Israel turn to be dismantled! One step at the time…There is an order in the take down operations as Q clearly shows in his posts from the beginning

1e6363 No.1231396


In a sense we have the answer to this question already, it was not an attack on Syria but strategic Cabal sites in Syria… US Russia and Syria knew this…media is spinning another tale….These Cabal sites had to be destroyed in order to move on with Iran and the take down of the chemical /bioweapon manufacture plants owned by the cabal

1e6363 No.1231419


Good question, I guess Potus and Q team need to take down the cabal first, also remember that this chemtrailing is not only a US construct but international (by cabal owners) without those being taken down they can't stop it now. First things first. Qteam and Potus are dismanteling hundreds of years of corrupt and carefully plant destruction of humanity so that takes a bit more than a year all together…

a04370 No.1231439

Tick Tock,

Who is?

The white rabbit !

The CIA!

1e6363 No.1231452


Potus is busy rebuilding the country in an honest way, by taking back employment and manufactures , that is the only way he can slowly reconstruct the country, this is not done in a year time…all the damage done by the cabal is enormous, think also about the infrastructure that has been neglected in the US because the money went to corrupt places. Rebuilding the country is priority #1 , at the same time creating gold backed money….the debt is world wide, unless a country has the money backed with gold. I'm sure this is Potus' expertise , so he probably will work on that simultaniously

1e6363 No.1231456


Is the question if the CIA is the white rabbit?

a04370 No.1231464

This is for Q..sorry…the white rabbit can be found in Wikileaks..

1e6363 No.1231465


This board is for questions…was this a question?

1e6363 No.1231471


Q doesn't respond to this thread, he is only posting his drops..

a04370 No.1231473

The question should be?

Is Q really on President Trumps team!

a04370 No.1231483

Then maybe someone should direct Q to this page when he next posts…

1e6363 No.1231484

Yes, if you go to the research board and check the notables or all the Q drops from Oktober till now, you'll see it is. Research the board and find the answers. There is no doubt Q is on the Trump team and very close to Trump

1e6363 No.1231496


Maybe you should go to the research page and get involved. Q will never answer random questions and only interacts with longtime Anons that have been here from the beginning or are heavily involved in the research…He doesn't have time for that , there is a system to this board and to how Q works…Please research and discover how it works for yourself

a04370 No.1231506

It would appear that way, but if you open your eyes,what do you see…the white rabbit was involved in .? And that is were I will stop..maybe someone would be good enough to point Q here…

a04370 No.1231517

I am who i am..and what I know is what I know..

1e6363 No.1231525


This is not a board for questions to Q, he will NOT answer here, as for your statement, you are obviously very new to this…you do your own research or check if it has not already been answered on the research board, in the notables, or in the archives…useless to put your opinion here as we have a system that is well oiled machine…you do not get to dictate how things are done, especially not as an outsider who hasn't done the research …otherwise you would have know the answer to this question. Lurk more ask questions after research all archives, it easy to find

a04370 No.1231526

And only President Trump is to be trusted

1e6363 No.1231536


Ok, you're too new to understand what is going on at this board obviously! you don't even know how to reference to what post you are answering…that says it all

a04370 No.1231538

If this was a film “The Matrix”, my name would be the Oracle

1e6363 No.1231545


Please stop spamming this thread!

1e6363 No.1231553


Ok filtered out …either do the research what this board is about or don't post! You are wasting your time and this thread!

a04370 No.1231558

You should be less cocky..this is not spam…and I am rather an old hat at this game..

1e6363 No.1231584


You and many others are in this position, we don't respond to victims here, as everyone is victim to the system, Q does not respond on this thread, he ONLY posts drops and sometimes answers people that have research related questions that can be revealed, so it's useless to post this here. You are your own savior , participate in the movement , we are victors, not victims …

1e6363 No.1231588


If that was true , you wouldn't be hear but in the research thread…Q will never be on this thread…So lurk and learn first

1e6363 No.1231606


ID: 1e6363 Filtered out….spamming thread, new fag, no clue how it works

a04370 No.1231610

Would you like to lurk somewhere else, as I have placed y message already..however.if the toy soldiers want to do some good…then I have a few clues that seem to have been swept under the rug by JACK

1e6363 No.1231617


You may want to ask this in the research thread, keep it short and provide a link of your source (sauce) That way others will chime in to the ideas or questions you have.

1e6363 No.1231637


Your opinions would be deleted as you are a shill in the eyes of Qanons…either ask a proper question and find out for yourself wether you should believe Q or not…participate, be proactive, don't expect Q to answer your questions…People filter you out and nobody will see the post anyway..so you either go with the rules of the board and research, or you can expect to be deleted or filtered out…it's that simple, we all have respect for eachother…also, you have no reference post to your post, so if you want answers try the research thread. This is not a research thread, nor a thread where Q answers questions…There is no baker here either….so you are definitely on the wrong thread here

1e6363 No.1231644


To whom is this directed??

a04370 No.1231663

Tut tut…don’t play with a newbie,isn’t that who I am…lol…but good luck everyone…

1e6363 No.1231664


People think Q will answer the questions here, which is not the case…he only posts in the research thread…maybe an idea to post that on top of the thread here

a04370 No.1231678

P is for Panda,not pill…tick tock Q

23ae64 No.1233400


I disagree. Fifteen months is plenty of time to choke the US spraying with miles of bureaucratic red tape. Transferring slush funds back to the Treasury would likely cut off the funding for spraying. This is what Trump has a cabinet for; they need to get busy.

f5bfc1 No.1238097

Red Bull gives you wings,and I want to fly…the black hats deleted my copy of the MOAB in 3/16 both Drive & Dropbox..so enough games Q…I don’t have the tools for work…and that twat on Twitter {. . . . } is still twerking, it’s an insult to the King..play the queen and show me some love, it’s no good taking the pill away,even@jack can do that…I will only wait so long too see JUSTICE…

f5bfc1 No.1238127

Tick tock 1 revolution on the clock…show me some love if you are going to serve JUSTICE..

f5bfc1 No.1238226

Flotus is my Queen

4f3fd2 No.1305420

File: 0a359ccfb2d9862⋯.jpg (451.51 KB, 1152x1251, 128:139, linkin-park-silver-directo….jpg)

File: 8958064435a1847⋯.jpg (56.48 KB, 375x347, 375:347, a-house-for-a-party.jpg)

File: e613bbc9d095bd3⋯.jpg (137.75 KB, 580x580, 1:1, maggiesfriends.jpg)

1) is maggie important - is her family important - are her DC neighbors important - are the girls in the bandana picture important (one kennedy)

2) do YOU know where the apricot door panel building is…are we finding it for us?

3) are *you* trying to find something new, or *only* helping us find what you already know?

8ac1c5 No.1311734

Dear Q,

Please confirm you were not referring to Dr. Corsi in post about money/profiteering. For the Unity of our movement.

8ac1c5 No.1311755

Dear Q,

I ask this for the unity of our movement due to increasing divisiveness. Please confirm you did refer to Dr. Corsi in post about money. Then let's all make up and move forward as ONE.

c2a54a No.1317997


Be careful who you are following.

Some are profiting off this movement.

Some are building a big following off this movement only then to retreat and go mainstream.

Patriots make sacrifices.

Some, the ultimate sacrifice.

Patriots are SELFLESS.

Do they ask for monthly payments to remain Patriots?

Think logically.

To some, it’s only about the money.

'''Those who would seek personal gain at the expense of others in this movement has an agenda.

You decide.'''

This is not a game.

The only profit we should all be striving for is TRUE FREEDOM.

God bless you all.


Question for Q: You really meant Anons should use critical thinking and reread crumbs to know (now, and in future) who is Patriot and who is cabal?

4e79e0 No.1320893




The spraying also acts a deterrent for aerial spying - though they will never tell you that. I think it is the mercury, which also reflects sunlight.

That being said, many years ago I remember coming across some US patents for aerial testing on US citizens. Can I still find them,unsure.

38411d No.1325728

File: 6f955f418e5df84⋯.jpg (49.33 KB, 650x487, 650:487, Free The Hammonds.jpg)

I was wondering if we could have an ETA on #FreeTheHammonds Maybe even #FreeSamGirod?

78f23e No.1326744


Considering all that we are aware of regarding the false premise and targeting of Trump and anyone affiliated with Trump and/or his administration in the Mueller investigation - would it not be beneficial to hold a press conference to address the American people directly rather than leave it to the media to report on it?

Israel's presentation regarding Iran's nuclear weapons program and their non-compliance was informative and could not be ignored. The evidence backed facts presented in that type of forum forced the media to acknowledge and respond with equal evidentiary fact.

POTUS has used direct communication with the American people (and the world) all along via Twitter and his rallies. It's abundantly clear to us that the Left controlled media will NEVER report ANYTHING supportive or unbiased about POTUS. Why not cut out the "middle" and go directly to the people on network TV?

And Thanks. Don't know/don't care WHO you are - seeing people researching, analyzing and coming to informed fact based conclusions and educating others is great. Our country needs informed voters that are going to hold our elected officials accountable.

e9cd88 No.1329451


I tend to be the reason for not stopping with you. I feel the chemtrails are something that POTUS can put an end to with a wave of his hand (in the USA.)

We know he knows about it so what could be the reason for not stopping it? One thing comes to mind——–there is something in the sky that needs to be hidden and I think I know what it is. Before stating what "it" is, here's a little background and why I think like I do on the subject.

A couple years ago I commented to hubby that the sun looks different. Meaning it was not the same warm, golden color we're used to. Now, it looks like an LED light and it is no longer round. I also noticed that for at least the past seven months the chemtrails occur in the morning and in the evening every single day in the heartland. So, this lead me to deduce that what ever "it" is operates on a timetable, twice a day. So, I started searching on YT. Didn't take me long to find what I think "it" is—–which are celestial bodies getting closer and closer to our planet. In addition, there is a Sun Simulator which explains the odd shape and color of our sun. There are patents on the simulator.

So this tells me those celestial bodies are visible in the am and pm AND they eclipse our real sun two times a day. I'm wondering if Q's message that the parade on 11/11 will be "GLORIOUS" is b/c those celestial bodies will impact earth and we'll meet our Creator???


e9cd88 No.1329469


Please disregard my first sentence –it should read, "I tend to agree with you"

d516c9 No.1331873


Some possible connections….

April showers … Bring May flowers…

@WhiteHouse posted this tweet THREE times…

As May Flowers Bloom, A Closer Look at White House Gardens Past and Present….

showing spring flowers at White House..flowers shown among pics is the CROCUS


HPSCI report released has the following Information….

Miss universe pageant Moscow 2013 hosted by the Agalarov family, father and son, and their business…The CROCUS group…pageant held at CROCUS city hall Moscow……

What message is maybe being sent????

Link to pics of CROCUS flowers


5efd3f No.1347560

Q, Will the People ever be free of this administrative state that is robbing us of our life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness under color of law/authority?

9181cc No.1352145

File: 1ec0e935047ec91⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 250x202, 125:101, images (7).jpg)

Q, Can you tell Mr. President We Love Him ? How TWEET it is.

4f3fd2 No.1357943


>a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms


my man.

if you are implying what i think you are implying, then you know why this is important to me. you know what's up. i don't know how that's possible, but hey, that's great.

thank you for knowing.

and for however you do it.

you have given me calm in my own storm.

and if this is all b/s, then hey, at least we're all crazy together.

2c3b47 No.1373325

File: 0f372b324f32410⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Dear Q,

What is your opinion on this guy? Going through his past, he seems like kind of a nutbag–he has pushed to reveal all manner of corruption then advocates for socialism, as if it makes any sense that people would want to centralize power into the hands of the government when they've just been told how horrible it is.

But many of the things he said, and some of the causes he championed, are proving themselves to be true. And I found excellent information on Soros via his "Executive Intelligence Review" magazines (the older ones are better–the newer ones don't seem to reveal much). I am of the opinion that his magazine might be kind of like Wikipedia–use it to get references, then take it with a grain of salt and verify. Of course, it would be nice to get your opinion.


b2e74d No.1396698


[48] = No Name

Question posed to Arizona senator

Arizona 48th State

4f3fd2 No.1399438

would another class action suit help at this point?

is there still information which is held but (not held)?

2ed551 No.1401844


Is the pain felt by Patriots or those who oppose Patriots?

Just wondering if I have to deal with some pain for a bit.

71144a No.1405661

Q where are we in Revelation? How much of Rev , even the Bible is false? What do you recommend to a Christian with a relationship with a God through Jesus Christ ? What did you do when you first learned this info about our Bible?

2432b7 No.1413722

How does Bitcoin fit into all of this? Is Bitcoiin Soros related?

9dc123 No.1417104

File: 8032cc4f63b857e⋯.png (84.76 KB, 720x527, 720:527, 20180515_074323.png)

File: fead50e1990c4d7⋯.png (268.5 KB, 720x741, 240:247, 20180515_074257.png)

File: be1dd8adb9f5a41⋯.png (116.14 KB, 711x1163, 711:1163, 20180515_074231.png)

Q, I think ==Allianz== is very much more than it suggests.

Is this monster under the radar?

f40253 No.1417759

So what do all these dead Palestinians have to do with everything?

f5a449 No.1418104

Now Comes the Pain

Foreshadowing the rise in commodities prices.

1) cures US trade deficit through oil exports

2) forces benefit recipients into looking for work as their benefits no longer cover the bills. this is in conjunction with the recent e.o. mandating work requirements be created and enforced.

cf5c3e No.1419018


Q is not a rabbi. calm down anon.

f88e0a No.1419384


Hari Krishna

9ad417 No.1425616

Any more guidance for Aussies? Unsinkable global warming Aussie PM, Turnbull. Divided conservatives in the Liberal party. [We never gave away the term Liberal to the loony left.]

The left, Labor, is outing them selves nicely at Hillary's speaking tour but the left electorates would/ have voted for union criminals. Its a problem. Who do I focus on?

Foreign minister in Iran now looking for Trade exit or ban bypass, can't tell which. The Foreign affairs department does not take much instruction from conservatives even then they are the majority.

News media totally MSM with the exception of Sky which is only 50% biased. Few see it.

I hope you have people down here. I'm a nobody, old ex army sig, so I saw your comms. 5.5

How do I help?

9ad417 No.1425816

How significant is this guy? Alejandro Cao de Benós

Spanish Kim propagandist.

Korean Friendship Association (KFA) Members will be interesting.



He is very active on twitter. So the gun running charge did not stick.


Call the riot squad? lol.

4bff1b No.1430118


Richard Donoghue, former JAG (familiar with military tribunals) - Will his previous experience there be put to use with those who deserve GITMO? TREASON charges?

Session states he brought him in after Sessions was tasked with MS-13, because of his experience with gang members, terrorists, AND CORRUPT PUBLIC OFFICIALS

Fireworks time?

<3 the Q Team!!!! WWG1WGA

9ad417 No.1437265

Mentioned Q to ret Signals officers at Anzac day; one was interested and took notes and one knew of rumours. Mentioned Q in a random shop one knew. Mentioned Q at the riding School one had heard of you. Still much confusion. That's to be expected but I'm in Australia!

This may help. http://appliedimpossibilies.blogspot.com.au/2018/05/qanon-for-busy-people.html

f3f80e No.1437356

File: 88fef916955f4ef⋯.jpg (175.82 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 88fef916955f4ef6ad6dfd19a8….jpg)

04323f No.1438438

Hey Q, why no addressing agenda 21? or the freakishly high levels of flouride in the water? only pedophilia and treason? both serious but the assault on humanity through food and drink just as important but never hear about that. drawing the swamp would entail going after ALL these topics, right? or somethings just untouchable?

77545c No.1438458

Q, my questions are about the certainty of control, of assured outcome. That has to be a msg for public consumption and morale, as no human enterprise is certain to achieve its goals? Do you have an internal red team function ongoing? If mission fails, will you advise?

ea93de No.1440105

File: 06e7d375b5538e1⋯.jpg (93.35 KB, 543x753, 181:251, Q1390.JPG)

File: c409a14d03f58a1⋯.jpg (74.51 KB, 528x633, 176:211, Jan14.537.JPG)

File: 45c7a7ca67a3fa4⋯.jpg (23.99 KB, 521x230, 521:230, F92.JPG)


04323f No.1440206


got my answer. disregard and Godspeed!

2d0c71 No.1446160

Where are the post on qanon.pub?

ecd645 No.1446190

Q, what's up with this? Real or fake?


341424 No.1447894

File: c12f9ec0cb620e1⋯.jpg (109.27 KB, 640x960, 2:3, aaaajfk.jpg)

Would the world be different if the Kennedy family had not been replaced by the Bush, Clinton and Obama cartels?

341424 No.1447972

File: 193063767b10ccd⋯.jpg (92.64 KB, 800x469, 800:469, AAAMERICAPSY.JPG)

Sun Tze vs Saul Alinsky?

f38dde No.1448411

Q Not asking WHEN, but asking WILL we at some point in time find out who you are?

f38dde No.1448419

Q, Question about the holocaust. Real or Fake?

2faacc No.1448781



851464 No.1449872


Is this "email address" supposed to be showing when you hang your mouse over ******,=,e\_ヾ(ᐖ◞ )、


316165 No.1454282

Q. "Increased chatter" re:London

This weekend - events y_

Q. Bomb(s)??

As many disagree with the events

Will EVIL show its face on saturday.

Pray it does not.



316165 No.1454299


6,000,000 lies

Look into Aushcwitz

a7d681 No.1454642


When the justice phase begins, new judges are good, but will current corrupt judges actually be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned?

316165 No.1458167


TX school shooting,

Is that a response to

"Messages sent"

2ed551 No.1458476

John Brennan is not a stupid man. Made it to head of Pickle factory. Please tell me that his exit strategy from this mess is covered.

a87b9a No.1468797

Will the criminals involved with the mortgage fraud and TARP extortion from a decade ago be brought to justice?

4bce48 No.1469075



That, is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them). Narrative shift.

33145c No.1469408

File: a802f7e174deed4⋯.jpg (83.07 KB, 1072x350, 536:175, Screenshot_20180519-111301….jpg)

So, on 5/16, Q posted this crumb.

Then on Friday, may 18, We first had the idiot shoot up Trump's property. But no one was hurt except the shooter, who lived. Was this event supposed to be a false flag, but failed? Not enough to hijack the news cycle.

Then, later the same day, we had the Santa Fe shooting, where everyone who knew the kid said there were zero red flags. 10 dead, 10 injured. Definitely and clearly enough to hijack the news cycle.

Also on Friday, we now know that the Anthony Weiner Indictment was unsealed, without a peep from MSM.

So, I'm wondering. Were the two shootings yesterday the attempts to silence that Q warned us about? The first one failed, so they activated the second shooter. All to distract from news of the indictment getting any coverage? False Flag 1 failed, false flag 2 successful.

f4b8a6 No.1472374

File: 220d7f8f5af5001⋯.png (379.67 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-19-17-4….png)

Is the misspelling important?

5cd238 No.1473997

Q will potus have a ak rally?

Cold bakers stand w rest of bakers.

United we stand divided we fall….

Not just words but words to live by.

5a9a80 No.1479204

Targeted Attacks on Sessions from 'truthers" in Alt-media…

Disinfo is necessary?

Psy-Op against Anons?

04323f No.1487904

Q___Is mandatory-mercury-saturated vaccines and the hidden cures for cancer outside the swamp and scope in your guys' eyes?

01c94d No.1488008


Not outside the scope when the pharma companies are working with Clinton.. read the wikileaks..

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/24440

04323f No.1496419

France and Germany plan to enact a European Superstate abolishing the European Union and formally altering the current world order to establish a European Superstate that can challenge the United States' dominance. In addition, the EU Ceif has stated his desire to replace the United States on the world stage. You are aware, Q?

4042ec No.1499959

People laugh, but Flat Earthers know something.

Ps 19:1, Is 40:22, Josh 10:13>>1121104

f38dde No.1506258


Are we going to see some dirt on Cheney anytime soon?

e2dcd6 No.1514408





Q can you add Workday to your Silicone Balley Cabal? They are offering HB1 Visas with training and a promise of a job. Meanwhile our kids are graduating top Universities and are not getting this exposure and therefore not landing jobs. They have got quite a system going there-filling the HR jobs with foreigners- then guess who they hire in? When I hear people say young Americans don’t have the skills needed for jobs it makes my head explode!!

64aa5a No.1514449

File: 3782f3eb28a770c⋯.png (131.34 KB, 633x328, 633:328, epa-20180522.png)

What can we do to fix the EPA? Is there criminal negligence going on over there??

No arrests over Detroit lead poisoning?

64aa5a No.1514467

File: 3782f3eb28a770c⋯.png (131.34 KB, 633x328, 633:328, epa-20180522.png)


Room for the EPA?

9ad417 No.1522198

Are people getting the RR vote thing backwards? The six that voted nay were all democrats and potential or real Hillary Clinton rivals and competitors.

The tea party voted for him. If RR is getting retained because he was the tea party members whistle blower only they would know. The nay vote democrats thought he was in Hillary's pocket. They win the party if she falls and wanted someone more "aggressive".

9ad417 No.1523463

Just for the Americans. Hopefully Q knows this. Alexander Downer is from the Liberal Party of Australia, a conservative party. We never gave up the term liberal to the loony left. He may be on Q's side. Australian Intelligence is not happy about Hillary. Downer was the longest-serving foreign minister in Australian history, 1996-2007. The equivalent of Secretary of State. Not a dry ~ tea party conservative but also not a Wet ~ RINO. Current PM is a wet. Former one Tony Abbot is a Dry. John Howard is a Dry. All three are Liberal party members.

The main socialist party in Australia is the Australian Labor party.

Some people are confusing the American usage of liberal with the use of the term in the rest of the world which is opposite.

Fox is making the same mistake [again!]

All the US founding fathers proudly called them selves liberal. Some idiots let the Marxist steal the terms democrat, liberal and progressive in the US. Time to take it back.

PS Qdisscussion board seems full. Getting the 750 message.

62aac5 No.1525340


Flint's Water Crisis Explained in 3 GIFs


28b5bf No.1527698

Q post 1318

"What if the same data is being used by other investigators?

What does it mean if a grand jury is impanelled?"

Q post 1319

"Why is the NY AG resignation important?

What past/current 'high profile' FBI investigations are within the jurisdiction of NY?

Define roadblock."


"Crucially, New York State has no statute of limitations on rape and criminal sexual acts"(Flood of all others!!)

"a state grand jury is convening in Manhattan in connection with the multiple sex abuse allegations which originated in New York, according to sources familiar with the case. This as simultaneously federal prosecutors have opened their own sex crimes case."

"And according to a new WSJ report, federal investigators have simultaneously initiated a criminal probe into whether Weinstein "lured or induced any women to travel across state lines for the purpose of committing a sex crime," as part of their inquiry. The WSJ reports further that the federal probe "comes amid frustration among some law-enforcement officials that local prosecutors haven’t brought charges."

"Miramax, which he co-founded and is now facing ongoing criminal investigations in multiple US jurisdictions as well as in London and France."(Same key allies in Iran deal!! Same infestation!?!?)


28b5bf No.1527829


"To sum up: Facebook, a California-based company, has enlisted the same firm that is providing legal advice to their state against the Trump administration, through none other than Eric Holder, to advise them on combating perceptions of bias against conservatives."

Advising just a cover? Clowns are all connected.

c4840c No.1529383

@Snowden, Black, White or Grey hat?

9ad417 No.1533380


This has happened before in other countries. Generally no, they are just retired off. Even in Nazi Germany that's what we did. Evidence of criminality is very rare i the case of corrupt Judges. I'm not Q. lol.

6a4a87 No.1540459


If someone has submitted (to PACER) specific prima facie evidence of corrupt judges (and consequently has had multiple attempts made on life, and is forced to live in hiding) will these judges be arrested?

9ad417 No.1544135


Good point that's a hard one but we have had cases in Italy and the third world where criminals found someone that the judge had tried and went after them pretending to be the judge, a framing the Judge. However if that's in Australia then you probably have a corrupt judge there. What state?

ffa1c7 No.1546841

Planefags - what happened to :

mh17? MSM narrative t/f Russia or Ukraine? Buk or a2a missile with cannon fire?

mh370? Lost in Space? Landed or shot down Dieago Gaseeya ?


db3c7c No.1549201


mafia state RI

de120b No.1554728

Is Zee-ka being watched/tracked?

What is the most likely shtf scenario that low resource patriots should prepare for. Obviously patriots need to be ready for anything. But is there a higher likelihood of any particular scenario that we must be prepared for? I'm asking on the behalf of those with limited resources to be able to prep.

9dc123 No.1605507

Q. Devices silent. COMMS down.(-10)

? Plan - Assets - Ops (Safe_y_n)


591009 No.1614501

Could 6-11 be the "undoing" or "reverse" to 9-11 since "6" is "9" upside down?

b5d71b No.1618013

Q - HC and sex cult, was she molseted as a child? Were her parents involved?

c68f82 No.1618263

Thank You Baker. LoveNRespect for Notables annotations.

c68f82 No.1618279


There may be no comms from Q until 6-11. Usually silence means they are working intensively on resolve.

3ba18f No.1620455


Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 5a7e3c No.1620282 📁

Jun 3 2018 14:58:29 (EST)









3ba18f No.1621408

File: b8b4cfb4c0499c9⋯.gif (213.43 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, DarkToLight3Done.gif)

d120af No.1628624

Hi, Q: Can POTUS just seize Soros, Hussein, CF, and Cemex assets? Is there a new Team of Children Rescue Warriors who can arrive places like AZ to stop those corrupt Sheriffs, Police, and Judges involved in covering evidence and hurting the women and children? Can't we shut down places like the Standard Hotels?

6394bd No.1628700

Australia; big debate about Chinese influence. Reform of intelligence in Canberra. Probably not a Boom but progress. Are the right people working on it? Major debates on union funding of the Labour party; Reform of the banks and industry super funds; Parliament wants to know where that money for Haiti went but the MSM never mentions that. Some progress but I'm not in the loop. What else is needed?

d120af No.1628722

Hi, Q & Team: We pray for you, love you, and Thank Q. I pray day and night for the evil ones to be stopped. I pray and cry for the women and children to be freed from the Pedos. Every day these Evil Ones are free, more are hurt and killed. Please tell us you will stop these vile demoniacs SOON! THANK Q.

7d9049 No.1628747


What if Q is Joo too?

6394bd No.1628785

When it comes to fixing the banking system some of us are looking a new gold currency technology. I have gold in my wallet. Gram, to centigrams in gold and 0.5 to 5 g in silver. Crypto currency compatible. Make sure Potus knows that a gold based currency does not need the government to own the gold. I wont name the company its searchable. Add in proper term deposits, target savings funds; new full reserve banks. (new bank licences are done.) Crowd funding the wall and all other public goods gets government out of the revenue game. Do this and we will have a whole different kind of boom.

326633 No.1630747

Are any developments related to Shahbaz Khan pleading guilty last week?

6394bd No.1638122

What ideological idiot in China thought this is a good idea. Demanded 40 plus airlines stop calling Taiwan Taiwan but call it China. Same with Hong Kong and Macau.




The Australian government is already back peddling fast on the one China policy. If China acts on 40+ airlines then getting to and from Communist China may need a rowboat. The party is on its last legs and desperate.

Pretty sure this counts as a bonus BOOM.

9fa43f No.1661057

File: fa34b0bcb8793fa⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1127x1200, 1127:1200, You are reading a Comic Bo….png)



Are we reading a Comic Book?

819d3b No.1665500

Does the 2045 Strategic Social Initiative founded by Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov play a role in the Cabal's plan?

2c3b47 No.1666056

File: 1dcc41d51c2c0a0⋯.jpg (204.64 KB, 520x1200, 13:30, a.jpg)

Q, what about Freddie Gray?

I remember there was a slew of documents going around on 4chan that seemed to show contracts for paid crisis actors–I'll upload one here for reference, and I'll be uploading everything in the general thread so it can get reinjected.

Looking through the Soros leaks, you can tell that he has been entrenched in Baltimore for a -long- time. The group associated with the contracts (or at least one of them) is Friends of Democracy, which is Soros-funded.

There was never really an explanation as to how that man died of a severed spine…but clearly, it was the Democrats who benefited. There was much talk of goings-on behind the scenes, but the whole episode seems to have fallen off the map of the public conscience. Did they kill him to spark civil unrest, then offer themselves as the solutions? Like firefighters that start fires for job security? I have long noted that as their modus operadi–inflame racial animus, then present themselves as the cure, then inflame it even more. Who could possibly believe that the way to racial harmony was to separate people on the basis of skin color, treat them differently, and convince one group that the other group owed them money?

I remember the post-Cosby Show transition; as much as Cosby may be maligned today, his show did probably did more to improve people's views of Blacks in this country than any before it. How? By showing them as regular people who had achieved the American dream–that was something we could all admire. Their kids were like ours, their problems were like ours (actually, they were rich compared to most of us…but they had values when dealing with their kids), they worried like we do. The emphasis was that we were the same, not that Blacks had intrinsic differences that we had to understand and adapt to. Of course, soon after the Cosby Show moved on it was back to "In Living Color," and Blacks were again portrayed as idiots capable of remembering, at least, to utter a warning about racism after they'd spent the previous five minutes acting like blithering idiots. I'm pretty sure that this was what Dave Chappel was talking about when he left his show.

I swear, even when I was young I recognized this as either a huge mistake by people trying too hard to overcompensate, or a sinister, sinister move. I know now it was the latter influencing the former.

3777d2 No.1668715

File: d1b8afec56903d2⋯.jpg (96.3 KB, 600x416, 75:52, 20100453_1_600_416.jpg)

Dear Q,

1) a) are the noises in the sky haarp-style tests/attacks? b) Do they have any relation to the embassy illnesses or natural disasters? c) are they attempts to alter human frequencies? d) are the attempts like Operation Fishbowl Dominic? e) are they trying to duplicate the pyramid-obelesk system?

2) a) do you know what they did with nimrod? b) how much of the Kandahar monster is true?

3) a) is there truth to the pineal gland alchemy with the organ harvesting? b) why penguins?

4) when and where will the door be available for those who want all the truth?

are any of those worth researching for you? thank you all God bless

eb9597 No.1675712

Q when will America be able to fly the peace time flag.

7dec55 No.1686804


First slow peel of onion unnerving but +1 on necessity…MEGA, MAGA, and the some really cool stuff and I am certainly hip and on board with the plan…here to help actually..born for this moment…

On Pharma change and disclosure in that area…would suggest several things that might crack things open…

-FDA has to change/reform…one way would be with Right To Try and using that framework to allow some natural products (cannabis and others) up the FDA path..maybe approval with conditions, etc…

-natural products will address 80% of pharma issues WITH NO SAFETY ISSUES. No contra's, no horrible safety issues…stuff from your spice cabinet has incredible power. I have a dog in the fight, so all I will say there..

-a quick path thru the FDA for natural products showing anecdotal efficacy would be good

-pharma products showing contra's should be IMMEDIATELY pulled from the market by the FDA..hell their whole purpose is protecting us and most pharma products ARE NOT SAFE

The endocannabinoid system IS THE MOST IMPORTANT therapeutic system in our bodies. It is not studied at major universities. I know why and it is not conspiratorial at all…procedural..but let change this and open the door to all the door to all the wonderful health potentials this system can address.

Parting thought…if I "broke" your endocannabinoid system your body would not regulate properly and you would suffer issues of the immune or in your feeding and craving first. Leading cause of death in the USA=inflammation…leading complaint to docs=pain…both issues of the immune! Second leading health issue? Obesity..issue with broken feeding craving. Statistics say we have a broken endocannabinoid system, cannabis helps, but diet the ultimate answer. This means many many diseases of disregulation can and will be addressed with food.

66fa7f No.1688317


Will the entire truth that has been exposed to anons ever "officially" be announced and broadly accepted and become part of history? Or will the plan just slowly play out, but anons never officially be recognized as key players?

7b6136 No.1698010

Aslans Army ? anything on them ?

7b6136 No.1698018


Any help would be appreciated Q !!! thanks

c28ab1 No.1702644


So that would put the actual meeting on 06/03?

After all, first one meets, then one goes sightseeing?

Re Pictures… if pics are taken from bad guys, then good guys have full surveillance/tracking of bad guys? Also, provides proof to bad guys that good guys are not psyopping?

c614a6 No.1709139

Did Wray, Horowitz and Sessions receive a copy of the Robinson family support letter?

77e599 No.1709214


This is in response to Q's post #1459. COVFEFE = CO-FVEY. 5 eyes are working against all of us and POTUS/Q are planning to take them all down which I think everyone knew but I just wanted to share the breakdown of the 'word' COVFEFE. POTUS uses the sound of CO-FVEY which is genius.

77e599 No.1709234

>>1709214 It dawned on me when he said he heard COVFEFE instead of Yanny or Laurel.

6394bd No.1727271


I think Trey Gowdy overdid it a bit. lol.

Trying to red pill some friends in the independent conservative media but it's hard. They think I'm nuts; that's only half right. Is Fox news etc in the loop and pretending ignorance or should we be working on it? They are really going after Kim and not getting a lot.

6394bd No.1727323


USS Jimmy Carter cyber warfare sub. Are they flying another pirate flag? How do you hack a closed internet system?

b8997f No.1729106

File: cbad4532ed88d0f⋯.jpg (35.77 KB, 636x694, 318:347, israel-isis.jpg)

6a14b1 No.1732029

Q, can you please confirm the "Q" shaped weather pattern found on radar? The would be the most EPIC confirmation.

6a14b1 No.1732068



6a14b1 No.1732181

Long shot here. Been following qanon.pub for months, heavily involved on Twitter. Trying to understand how the boards work. I've read rule and it's all awesome. Finally feeling brave enough to engage here. I want to help. Can someone, anyone, please respond and tell me how to locate the newest threads so I can contribute? I have info, SS, questions and more importantly I now have the time to dedicate. Thank you in advance to those who are still with me and are willing to respond.

b8997f No.1733692

File: f4a869ccd4cb8f8⋯.webm (962.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f4a869ccd4cb8f8afe233f1c7….webm)

851464 No.1733752

Inviting the public here to the research board can be very offensive to many normies. The racist remarks, the sexual photos and comments….will those things be cleaned out if you intend to present a professional research board? Also, many jewish comments - need to definitely distinguish the zionists from the religious jews. People will not be able to understand an offensive joke.

a7bef5 No.1738549


Good friend. Keep digging. Do some research. Find a topic and dig dig dig.

c3109e No.1738628

Is POTUS going to do anything to help Tommy Robinson? Word is that he has been moved to a prison with 70% Muslims. If true, he's a dead man walking. https://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=1911&mn=140073&pt=msg&mid=18376684

2562fe No.1740230


What can we do to help Targeted Individuals (TIs)? I'm in AUS and my brother, who lives in a different state to me, is being attacked with voice-to-skull tech and is in a really bad way. He is suicidal and has tried to kill himself before. (They) have been going after him for several years now, and have hacked into his computer, have all his bank details, and track his every move. They can also make him say or do things against his will. He may have been selected as a target when he learned that a local council he was working for at the time was collecting illegal data on private citizens.

I spoke to him last night on the phone for the first time in years, and the very same night he was assaulted by the (voices), so they are listening in on his conversations and are trying to break him. He can't go to the police or seek help from a doctor or psychologist, because one of the strategies (they) employ is to make sure that no one will believe him or they'll just think he is crazy.

I knew that harassment of Targeted Individuals was a real thing, but when I found out it was happening to my own bro that's when I realized just how evil and disgusting these (animals) are, and that this stuff is REAL.

Q, if you can shed some light on when we can expect this kind of evil to stop, it would go a long way to helping TIs who have nobody to turn to, and maybe give them some hope. Also, any suggestions on how we can effectively prevent the mind control tech from affecting us, or what TIs can possibly do to help fight off the tech, would be very much appreciated.

I'm also putting this out here on these boards to expose this disgusting practice to the world, and to let everybody know that this shit is REAL, and that we are onto (them).



If you want to contribute in the discussions of Q crumbs and share your related research, click on [Catalog] at top of page, look for thread titled "Q Research General #2xxx:" the largest # being the latest thread. Each thread is limited to a max of 750 replies so you'll only be able to post if the number of replies is less than 751 (shown by the first number after "R:" at top of thread).

Welcome to Q Research. I'm also on Twitter trying to red pill but have been having the hardest time with the throttling/shadowbanning of my tweets. :/

228867 No.1741528

Is Tommy Robinson being set up/setting himself up as a martyr to provoke UK civil war only to justify pacification, intervention by EU in order to deflect Brexit?

It has to be asked, we cannot put it past them. We know their methods. I like what the man is doing now but there is so much about him and his history that just doesn't fit.

2562fe No.1742497


Seconded. To add my two cents… after reading this particular paragraph on the newfag page:

"Recognize that the culture of the boards and of warriors is metaphysically male. Be glad you can swim anonymously with them if you choose to, but if you want to preach "let's all be gentle day-care workers as is the way of women", then go where the women and children are, and go with our blessing, but understand this is a men's club because that's who founded it. You women and SJW's have claimed every damn corner of the world, this one is OURS. Fit in or opt out."

…is self-righteous and just downright stupid. I'm no newfag but with an attitude like the above I'm really feeling like the only reason I want to be here is for Q. Now if I'm reading into it like this, and I'm no "SJW", imagine how newfags will respond, particularly women… that's half the population. We're supposed to STAY TOGETHER and UNITED, not divided. Isolating "women" is something the cabal likes to do, so why is it happening here? Men's club, seriously? Do we really want to be like (them)? I can tell you right now: the truth, and especially Q, does not belong to just the men. Also, underestimating the "way of women" in the way so described is just showing ignorance.

So please BO delete that bit or at least make it clearer, in case I've misunderstood the context. It's just not cool.

228867 No.1742809


oh that cringy feeling….

341137 No.1743739

Nearly 100% if not 100% of the time the enemy accuses our side of crimes that they themselves have commited. Seems safe predict the enemy's side will accuse Q and associates of treason, espionage, human trafficing, etc.. Real easy to predict. Are we ready to meet that? Do we need to worry about this?

6394bd No.1755934


Thanks working on it but we have an oversupply of suspects.

Also researching the North Korean politburo. Looks like the history books will have a lot on Pak Pong-ju . Lots of people in the Kim family died of poison, Kim Jong Nam was only the last. Pak is a chemical factory manager that rose though the ranks. Chemistry major. Power struggle goes back to the 1980's.

472737 No.1763967

ES set up the draft gmail system for them, didn't he?

35834e No.1765830

Cross posted from newfriends Q & A, so technically not a duplicate. I have been following the board since mid-Nov., can't code, dig or bake. Can only red pill (try to) in real world, face-to-face. Is it possible to have a thread dedicated to face-to-face red pilling. Where those like me can tell stories to each other, what went good, what went bad?

909d18 No.1774028

File: d074101b99bf00f⋯.jpg (285.85 KB, 480x588, 40:49, ObamaandroommateBUSH.jpg)

Could this be Barry's Roommate?

9ff386 No.1779014

File: 1fcc9e428f8d885⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 594x396, 3:2, Borat.jpg)


It's frickin' Borat!!!!!!

851464 No.1788700


Q, You say to drive people to the research board? How do we invite the public for "red pilling" to this board? I'm used to it, but a lot of this "men's club" stuff would drive them away

851464 No.1788724


We're doing ourselves no good by posting edited/fake videos. They can't even spell! People here are circulating it because you posted it too.

326633 No.1791626


>Well, thank you very much, Mr. President.


I know misspellings matter… Countries vs country's? Typo or intentional?

6394bd No.1794035


Exit was missing any action plan or solution to the conflict. It's empty words only. Trump has an action plan and if he tweets this video when people complain they are silenced.

How can Trump send in NATO equipped troops to backup Ukrainians without sending in NATO?

How can Trump win the Russian people in Donetsk and Crimea without concessions from Kiev?

The battle started with a political fight over road spending. Western Ukraine had bad roads to bog down invaders (intentional but obsolete). When tax money was moved to fix that, it had to come from the eastern road funding. That was only an excuse the real problem was racial animus but how do you fix that tax problem? Remove the excuses. Remove central financial power.

We need an alternative to tax funded public goods. That's Assurance contracts; crowd funding. Roads etc.

6394bd No.1794375



Q asked: Who really controls Australia?

One problem is the universities and scholarship grants. Most politicians are either Rhodes scholars or scholars from other organisations. Rhodes is on the centre right colonialism, Cecil Rhodes was 'never a Capitalist' in the modern sense. Some on the other Scholarships are further left.

The result is they are all statist in the libertarian pejorative sense of that word.

The limited number of universities are all well to the left of some in California.

We need an alternative to both the university systems and the scholarships. Moocs are not the solution in all fields; Particularly where lab work is needed.

We are badly influenced by the Silicon valley left.

Many silicon valley elites never graduated or learned capitalism. Not on the curriculum early enough. Including copyright, patents, corporate paperwork as a first year subject may help.

A lot of union leaders are Uni drop outs too.

Does this help at all?

0bdad0 No.1807144

Q, this is my first post ever. Been following you since January and am praying for POTUS, you and all the Patriots that are trying to MAGA!

Just saw this posted via Twitter. Don't know if it's legit, but it is suggesting that Merkel's days in office may be numbered. Wondering if true. See link to article below. If so, wow! Talk about draining the swamp! Not just in America, but WW! Let the Light Shine and become contagious!

I truly believe that God blessed and saved America by putting President Trump in office. President Trump is our "David" and he conquered Goliath by winning that election! He and his administration are continuing to keep their promises to We the People daily and it is extremely refreshing to see those promises come to fruition (economy, tax cuts, foreign policy, etc.). It amazes me that his administration has gotten all of this done in such a short amount of time!

Thank you and May God Bless and Keep POTUS and all of his Patriots seeking to drain the swamp from Goliath's Gang! And may God continue to bless America! KAG2020!


3a1bfe No.1807192

! -Q -

Ref -#1804576

IG email investigation (weakest of set).

Opened door to:

Weiner HRC / Others - crimes against children.


Ref to Huber?

Non public.


Will grand jury - or indictments be made public?

3a1bfe No.1807347

Q Ref post


As far as we can tell - Obama was not a US citizen… some sort of Manchurian candidate.. If they can not arrest can congress impeach? - so as not to further influence or participate in USA politics? (hope this isn't a dumbq)

c61eb6 No.1842018


Q, where's the rest of the club?

What good are these crumbs if HRC, BC, JC, ES, Hussein, no-name aren't even in the US for trial once they are exposed to normies?

6394bd No.1844366


Interesting I'm finding Pak Pong-ju in the video's of both the panmunjom conference and the send off and welcome home from the Singapore trip so that theories busted. lol.

Good luck with the work this weekend. Q research still shows full.

99de09 No.1844435

Hi Q,

Do you think there will ever be peace between Israel and the Palestinians in your lifetime?

1307ec No.1847949

File: a13db382fd7bacd⋯.png (145.77 KB, 1179x287, 1179:287, Screenshot (562).png)


Case 1:18-cv-01422 Document 1 Filed 06/15/18 Page 1 of 210


I am aware this is a "civil suit" filed by S.S. agent Gary Byrne. After reading, I think there will be/ is ongoing parallel investigations. The 1st footnote on page 7 leads me to believe this. (screenshot). How important is this lawsuit? There are many allegations that cover the entire spiderweb of corruption.

Your thoughts Patriot Qanon?

1307ec No.1847990


Sorry. I left out the link


8ca5ac No.1848143



Just a 'crumb' on who it is Please!

All the best, thanks for everything!

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