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Pro Aris et Focis

File: f399ac48494c1cf⋯.jpg (485.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch20.jpg)

0f088b No.17271


Every White Hat and Good Heart that have put their lives on the line for our future will be respected.

That includes Q. There will be no doubt sowed against his word, there will be no delegitimizing of valiant efforts.




Shill, go piss in the sea of a thousand other boards.

Patriots, We have work to do.

This is /qresearch/ after-all.




Rule 0: Keep this board private as best you can. Normies must keep to other platforms for board efficiency. It's not the end of the world to slip up sometimes, but please try your best.

Rule 1: Easy on the reports. Shills will post and that is a part of 8chan. If we are having a large attack by shills, they will be taken care of, otherwise, we will ingore your report if it's just someone who you think is an idiot. Learn to spot bait/shills and IGNORE it, as stated in the first few posts of every bread we've baked, did you miss it? Be vigilant.

Rule 2: Famefagging prohibited. You can do that absolutely anywhere else. Just keep it off this board. Lets not make Q jump ship again.

Rule 3: NSFW content is NOT allowed. Open a new tab ya' wankers.

Rule 4: Doxxing will result in a perma ban. We take threats of doxxing seriously. I don't even want to see you doxxing yourself!






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0f088b No.17276





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And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

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0f088b No.17277





FOR THE LOVE OF GOD & COUNTRY. LURK MOAR, POST LESS! Other then that, great work everyone! Our actions are being closely followed by (((them))) and the good people of the world!




<Like it or not, we’re all playing 4D chess now. Each and every one of us.

<So how does one make sure the public is never again turned into sheeple?

<You teach them how to play 4D chess.

<You teach them how to play the Game of Thrones.




If a baker is needed and you decide to be one:

Read the instructions at the top of the dough and below.

Do not forget to update the link, which contains the dough used for this bread.

Last dough: pastebin.com/wAAkkGmL from #19




Prayer Requests: >>16785

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

Stay positive and loving. Try it at least. Hate only brings darkness.

41ee9a No.17294

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

3a519a No.17306

Love me some fresh dough. Thank you baker! Keep the fucking clown shill fags in the old thread hopefully

41ee9a No.17307

Another money laundering group and sub groups

Onward Together will start by supporting five groups, including Swing Left, Emerge America, Color of Change, Indivisible and Run for Something.

In some cases will provide direct funding to the organizations to help grow their audiences. The funding - it appears - will come from you America and yuour kind donations…

4ab310 No.17308













4158cd No.17309

BRIT INTEL> = British Intelligence = GCHQ, MI5, MI6

HRC CAMP PAY> = Hillary Clinton's campaign payment

DNC PAY> = Democratic National Convention payment

CLAS: 1-4 PAY> = 1. Fusion GPS 2. Washington Post (CIA) 3. FBI 4. ??? payment

STEELE> = Christopher Steele (above: BRIT INTEL) MI5 spy agent

PODESTA> = John Podesta A.K.A "skippy" "you think ya hot shit dontcha"

a8c28a No.17311


These two. Well the PV vid today shows how they are always on top, etc, thanks to twitter fuckery. Tomorrow's will be even better I hear. Would love to tie these two fucks to a pay deal with twitter or some bullshit. They piss me off.

cb9025 No.17312

File: 2d16850108bd7af⋯.png (6.89 KB, 1334x85, 1334:85, Screenshot-2018-1-11 Q Res….png)

Holy fuck, guys.





https:// twitter.com/infinitechan/status/951262933811638272

7c88d4 No.17313


Not including guidance fins so maybe 2

c42dc6 No.17314

Anons, can we not talk about Assange, SpaceX/Zuma, Rods from God, Flat Earth, or chemtrails for at least the first 100 posts in this bread please thnx. There are so many other topics that Q have made mention of.

a8ffbf No.17315


Isn't #4 Jeb?

20782d No.17316


Flatearth shill detected

313dcc No.17318

File: 96b25fde7422e53⋯.jpg (7.35 KB, 258x195, 86:65, RodsOfGod.jpg)


You could always do with less. 10' rods would probably give you 4 or so with a 'launcher'. Sure it's less powerful, but still enough to do the job. Especially if the rods are for things such as ICBM interception. (Like, say, to stop the deep state from invoking the NK contingency)


KYS faggot

6b8d64 No.17319

You so called autists continue to be slow in figuring things out, don´t you?

The real reason for CBTS board drop is not mod mis-understanding, it was the CIA black-mailing NSA director Mike Rogers, forcing the NSA to drop ties with CTBS. Q is fake, the new boards are CIA.

Current version of Q is fake, new boards are CIA. None of the posts since the second, when the Q account was compromised, are authentic. That is the same day of the rogue forum wipe.

https:// media.8ch.net/file_store/02daa0647829ae4ba220feef5e7b0ad4df169c46f42aebeca82c8086650c8008.jpg

The NSA had control of cbts and then the clowns took over, kicked-out Rogers and then are not shit storming the storm and creating their own fake clown forum only for the Larp Q. Wake-up!

Q is fake, and the new boards are CIA run!!

Q himself explained his trip code was compromised on the 2nd, eight days ago. Since then, none of the new Q posts are legit.

Main key agents doing this are SAGE and DEFANGO, who are clown agents trying to destroy this forum by taking it over from the NSA. And spreadsheet anon is also spreading this false information and fake links.

You all are being fooled and tricked.

Stop chasing clown DEFANGOS and rabbit holes!

Learn with the pros like us!


c8eacf No.17320

File: 45683d7bd4badc5⋯.jpg (178.55 KB, 659x768, 659:768, Shilling in the rain.jpg)

c42dc6 No.17321




KEK too fucking late.

4158cd No.17322


Jeb? explain.

6b8d64 No.17323



The only place you all are going is down the same rabbit hole.

283204 No.17324


Some Anons did extensive research on them in cbts. Perhaps they migrated here and can re share the info they had.

0b6bf1 No.17325


So we're still pushing this AI Tyler nonsense......

84d5d7 No.17326

File: 5f917d87e01f260⋯.jpg (25.28 KB, 333x235, 333:235, takforbrød.jpg)

c8a862 No.17327

File: 25e2f248e426926⋯.png (2.58 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-2….png)

Hey Rothschild fuckers!

We hear you breathing!

Red-pill worthy article for normies on Rothschild pukes control. Great read and insight. Plus this nasty poem…

Who hold the balance of the World? Who reign

O'er congress, whether royalist or liberal?

Who rouse the shirtless patriots of Spain?

(That make old Europe's journals "squeak and gibber" all)

Who keep the World, both old and new, in pain

Or pleasure? Who make politics run glibber all?

The shade of Buonaparte's noble daring?–

Jew Rothschild, and his fellow-Christian, Baring.

http:// www.sarovic.com/jacob_rothschild_is_guilty.htm

4ab310 No.17328


Tell David Brock to fuck off for me.

6b8d64 No.17329

This video tells it all:

qanon - LARP - Q Anon = Moldy Bread cbts - calm before the storm – YouTube

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOyRscDKsmw

No need to look any other place.

753618 No.17330


That's bad?

I think of it more as the continuation of the Templar cross. I've seen Evil Dead 2 as well, does that make Sumerians evil?

996599 No.17331


they would be useless for ICBM interception since they are just dropping, the power is a mach 7 device doing a non nuke destruction of a structure on earth that cannot be shot down.

d2495b No.17332

We've hit Shill con 2 pretty early tonight. Early Q dumps incoming

a8c28a No.17333


been filtering. nice and quiet. it's lovely.

753618 No.17334



179749 No.17335


People fall for BS when they're not willing to put in the time to research and make connections.

AI might be smart but AI ain't capable of the things that Q has done.

So shove your crap.

242f9a No.17336


cant fill out the form.

wont let me input.

can u show us wtf it is?

41ee9a No.17337

Taped people showering

http:/ /www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22027027/mlb-agent-jason-wood-fired-accused-filming-clients-showers

10735b No.17338


Nope. Ask any Southerner. A lot of Northern blacks have tried to belittle them and shame them for not being racist. These guys survived being defendants of slaves, then not being able to find jobs, and are still some of the nicest people on the planet.

Seriously, look up Charles R. Patrick. He’s calling out blacks for being owned by the democrats. A lot of black people that post on his page are saying the same thing. It’s fucking MSM that is ruining everything.

6b8d64 No.17339

And this one also explains even better what is going-on:


https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXYvulK5h8M

Stop being red pilled and fooled!

a8c28a No.17340


Bot detected? Piss off

b5ef2f No.17341

Larry Schweikart @LarrySchweikart

1) Here is the reality, and part of the reason prosecuting the criminals in the FBI and elsewhere is taking so long:

2) It will . . . not MAY . . . will lead to Zero. I think everyone in DC knows this.

3) Regardless of whether "Sesssions has the guts to . . . ."

6:17 PM - Jan 10, 2018

c42dc6 No.17342


I typically don't filter in case I might miss something, but lately im seriously doubting I would be missing anything.

f58cc5 No.17343

File: 682ab88161bc97e⋯.png (68.19 KB, 857x376, 857:376, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

Live just started

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nra0z72Kb20&feature=youtu.be

4ab310 No.17344














It's like you're asking for a filter

Shall I shut you the fuck up for you?

a8ffbf No.17345


Jeb had initial contact with Steele, and later dropped his dossier and his candidacy for President. Leaving DNC and Hillary to pick it up.

478e39 No.17346


filters are your friend.

6b8d64 No.17348


STFU Defango clown nigger morons.

I am not associated with any David Brock clown niggers.

56b159 No.17349


Who are in it?

db8f06 No.17350

Did I miss the discussion of this earlier??


WikiLeaks‏Verified account @wikileaks

Note on recent press: UK gov claims that it will arrest Assange because he changed his house arrest location without permission. A max $5,000 or 3 months penalty, not valid & long spent. Assange already served more than 14x the max under UK sentencing (house arrest = 50% time).

3:42 PM - 10 Jan 2018

9873cc No.17351

File: 9cb8a3fc3daa5d0⋯.jpeg (127.91 KB, 750x522, 125:87, 356B8AAC-2E34-4BB8-90B9-C….jpeg)

6b8d64 No.17352


STFU clown nigger!

c6cf5c No.17353


You fags are just mad because Q called you out for the famewhores you are. He's here and talks to the true patriots. Not butthurt shills

89d520 No.17355

Trumpy Bear commercial om the Sportsman channel tonight!!! "I am the storm" there are no coincidences

953600 No.17356


My theory of Zumba being tied to the Iridium satellites as a targeting system (think RR’s Star Wars project) using Iridium as the primary explosive component of a new weapon system could easily be delivered and difficult to detect. Large quantities are not required so 20’ poles of the stuff are ludicrous. Think about what a weapon of this type could do to make all conventional nuclear weapons and delivery systems obsolete. NK? Iran? Russia? China? (See previous posts). Research Iridium. Make the connection. Expand your thinking.

a8c28a No.17357


Was htere. They are a slide, and I brought it over from last thread and apologize, but it is relevant only in that they are sucking twitter cock to always be so high with the clintons, licking their boots, and as high against potus. Like every single fucking tweet. I'll refrain from talking about them. They are crooks, etc.

01f6a4 No.17358

Is there a document out there where I can search Q post by time stamp. That also includes his posts. Everything I have can’t search time posted. I have a spreadsheet up to like dec 3 that I can search just time stamps

b5a866 No.17359

Plan for next Q posts from his board? Will first person to see Q's post copy pasta to here and we all reply to that? Otherwise we'll lose track of the responses.

c42dc6 No.17360

Anons, did anyone put any work into the 43 confirmed connections? Seems the number 43 keeps popping up and I think this is something key that we glossed over.

Nov 24 2017 00:23:11



ID: q8aHxh0v



Expand further.

Make the connection.

Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.

Important to understand.

When this breaks many won’t swallow.

MSM not trusted.

You are the voice.

We are here to help guide.

Future proves past.

You are the calm before and during the storm.


41ee9a No.17361

Finds a body, videos it, gets shut down….

https: //kotaku.com/youtube-cancels-logan-pauls-ad-deal-puts-other-project-1821970251

f58cc5 No.17362


pretty sure Phamlet is one of them

91aee3 No.17363

File: ec0c2967d5b5067⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1950x1328, 975:664, Screenshot 2018-01-10 18.1….png)


Thor's Hammer

Rod of the Gods

This was a real thing 15 years ago. I remember finding that Raytheon was developing the technology for the Pentagon and some serious badass SS munitions came out of the research:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinetic_bombardment

http:// www.nytimes.com/2006/12/10/magazine/10section3a.t-9.html

https:// www.naturalnews.com/050890_Rod_of_God_secret_space_weapon_Tianjin_explosion.html

https:// www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2004-06/rods-god

http:// www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/RODS-FROM-GOD-Imagine-a-bundle-of-telephone-2539690.php

https:// www.inquisitr.com/2346562/china-tianjin-explosion-was-caused-by-pentagon-rod-of-god-space-weapon-strike-according-to-conspiracy-theorists/

Rod of God, the greater question here, however, is whether the rod can survive the atmospheric re-entry speed that's necessary to result in it striking the ground at 4km/s.

In other words, if V1 is the velocity of entry into the atmosphere, then the equation we are pondering is:

4km/s = V1 - B1

V1 = velocity upon entering the atmosphere

B1 = velocity reduction caused by braking in the atmosphere

The real question here is: Can a "Rod from God" weapon survive V1? Or will it "burn up" from friction with the atmosphere? We can't know the answer to this, and the Pentagon isn't telling. But we can guess that the space weapons industry is at least two decades ahead of what they're telling the public.

The Western media cover-up, promoted by so-called "meteor experts" planted by the military complex, tells of a fantastic meteorite striking Russia's Urals region, while trying to ignore a second spectacular space disaster in Cuba, which occurred just hours later.

A pair of massive meteorites, each brighter than the Sun, has never been recorded before in the entire history of astral chronologies. Obviously, the bus-size objects that fell from the sky are man-made and not freaks of nature.

While it is too early yet for a conclusive determination, one scenario can explain the twin disasters, and that is a free fall of a U.S. Air Force orbital weapons platform loaded with super-heavy "God Rods". A dual-cabin space-based bomber likely caused the falsely attributed "meteorite" hits on Russia's Urals region and, just hours later, on Cuban territory. In both cases, witnesses and videophone images showed "bus-shaped" objects "brighter than the Sun" falling to Earth in regions halfway around the world from each other.

6b8d64 No.17364


STFU clown nigger!>>17325

You are still pushing this fake Q larp non-sense since Q has been taken over by your clown nigger friends since the January second take over of the NSA by your clown friends. Since then, all Q posts are a larp. So STFU!!

4158cd No.17366


If true, #4 could be Jeb & J.McCain

20782d No.17367


Condición de cedulado / documento: INSCRIPC.AS400

2e903f No.17368

File: de96c117e32d1e5⋯.png (230.63 KB, 1036x772, 259:193, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

File: 8242a8336c141bd⋯.png (612.69 KB, 1046x769, 1046:769, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

File: ffb8d9615826146⋯.png (742.57 KB, 1046x777, 1046:777, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

File: 9fd962d82840142⋯.png (341.94 KB, 1039x784, 1039:784, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

File: dade6a518e46795⋯.png (712.59 KB, 1030x823, 1030:823, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

b5ef2f No.17369

Stonewall Jackson‏


Follow Follow @1776Stonewall

 More

Sean Hannity just said that people have been asking him, when is this big bombshell coming? He said don't worry, it's coming, possibly next week, and it's massive! Even bigger than he ever imagined. Will be the biggest story of the decade. And it has to do with Hillary Clinton

2befc0 No.17370


The Sumerians were much like we are now. So, Lord was more like “Master” or “pharaoh”

097daa No.17371

41ee9a No.17372


Video is cool

36f854 No.17373

File: f360337b495e810⋯.png (45.29 KB, 713x381, 713:381, bigtime.png)

two daysbefore this Q post comey tweets:

Where are the voices of all the leaders who know an independent Department of Justice and FBI are essential to our liberty? “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.” — Martin Luther

did comey get caught in the playboy mansions' honeypot?

did trump crush comey?

did comey cry like a two year old?

big time

01f6a4 No.17375

Trump twt earlier today at 9:11Am also he has two twt at 20m apart 6:07 and 6:37

91aee3 No.17376

Sorry date on quotes:



56b159 No.17377


So that guy wasn't to be trusted from the start. These fucking famefags.

Mark my words, they'll be saying 8chan a lot.

0b6bf1 No.17378


Have a working link? Is that a pol link?

d8eeaa No.17379

Ausfag here, I've done a bit of digging into the education of recent Australian politicians.

TL;DR - You are much more likely to get into politics if you studied at a Group of Eight university.


There are 43 universities in Australia. The Group of Eight is, unsurprisingly, eight of them: University of Western Australia, University of Melbourne, Monash University, University of NSW, Australian National University, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide and University of Sydney.


Through 2007-2013 Labor went through 49 members in their Cabinet and Outer Ministry. Of these 49 members, only 4 with a university education went to a non Group of Eight university. An additional 4 did not receive a university education.

Hence, 41 of 49 members went to a Group of Eight university.

Through 2013 - present the Liberal party has been in power. Of the 44 members the Liberals have had in their Cabinet and Outer ministry, 26 have gone to a Group of Eight University. 13 went to a non Group of Eight university and 5 did not attend university. Only one did not study at all in Australia, instead going to a university which is part of the LERU (see below).

Every single one of our Prime Ministers since 2007 attended a Group of Eight university. Just for a fun little fact, our previous two Prime Ministers (both of the Liberal Party) received Rhodes scholarships to Oxford.

The Group of Eight works together with a variety of other Education collectives, particularly the Association of American Universities (AAU) and the League of European Research Universities (LERU).

They include Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford.

You can find the full lists of these other universities at https:// en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Association _of_American_Universities & https:// en.wikipedia. org/wiki/League _of_European_Research_Universities

Quite a few of our politicians have studied overseas. Almost always at either AAU or LERU universities.

Also, all but one of the Group of Eight board members have studied at either an AAU or LERU university.

May be nothing, just that these universities are always considered better. Still thought it was worth mentioning.

89d520 No.17380

also at halftime of national championship the rapper int the second song sounds like he says Qanon will take your {life or eye} for it!

dc268b No.17382


pamphlet now live @


tho who cares heh

a8c28a No.17383

I tried not to, but this is pro stuff and angry Defango fags on their own "mission from God"

(translates to no girlfriend and basement dwelling) to just break us. Fuck em. If I see something I might need to clear for I do.


242f9a No.17384


nice. keep going

dd0563 No.17385

File: 3d50107c8c75f3a⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2552x2220, 638:555, Stage.png)

Interesting news headline popped up when I was watching, reminded me of some Q drops.

c42dc6 No.17386


Yes…. https:/ /archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150693391/#150698662

cb9025 No.17388


Fucking kill yourself, holy shit.

4f6885 No.17389


Q posted to this board literally withing three minutes of it being announced. He liked it no more than we did.

1a6b9b No.17390

This is Big I think-back from thread #18

Go to site and then maps. Here's an example and more too.

https:// littlesis .org/maps/2733-oil-and-gas-dominates-lsu-center-for-energy-studies

2023f2 No.17393


BO's please delete post #16589 (thread #19)- no porn plz. Respect for Q & POTUS. At least pull it into a "warning this may burn your eyes" thread.

9165c4 No.17394

File: f558aba7620a556⋯.png (7.8 KB, 591x176, 591:176, LARP.PNG)




Q has mentioned the word "LARP" only once:

>Coordinated effort to silence.

>It will only get worse.

>All for a LARP right?

He had a good point.


We're not stalled, just given time to digest.

Re-read crumbs.

Re-read crumbs.

Re-read crumbs.

You don't have to go through all of it from the start, just open up that qcodefag.github.io/, search something and see how easy it is to fall back into Q's crumbs.

See how many answers and debates are shitting up the thread when a lot of it is right there.

See how many little things are worth digging back up…

Know this shit in your bones. Stop shills in their tracks with accuracy.

Fight, fight, fight, or Read, read, read.

>Why is this relevant?

>Re-read crumbs.

89d520 No.17395

Trumpy Bear Commercial on Sportsman channel Iam the storm WOW

56b159 No.17396


Oh I know. I was there.

60073e No.17398

#Tyler Dane Wigington, credible? #Q

d2495b No.17399


We aren't here to "figure" things out. Everything that needs to be known by those that need to do. We are here to dig with the information given and spoon feed it to the brainwashed masses. If we find something new they might have overlooked then it just gets thrown in with the rest of the massive amounts of evidence already known.

The problem you have is that you know you are a dead man walking trying to shill for the glowing clowns.

All clowns will feel the injection burn. You don't sleep at night knowing we are uncovering your dirt.

You have lost.Might as well just give up and accept your fate of death. Patriots have won AGAIN

41ee9a No.17400

Just thought this was cool

https:/ /sciencealert.com/frb-121102-fast-radio-burst-massive-black-hole-nebula-icrar

4112b1 No.17401


Two easy payments of 19.95. Yea right. The gayest thing I've ever seen.

b937c8 No.17404


That is fake!

cb9025 No.17405


It means Assange is Ecuadorian now and can leave the embassy to live in Ecuador as a free man. The problem is getting there.

efdca5 No.17406

According to a recent report by the Pew Center the American voter registration system is in dire need of an upgrade.

** Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.

** More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters.

** Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.


4bd914 No.17407


you gave your message--now move on

b195b0 No.17409


Sure looks that way!

610a62 No.17410

shills are fascinating.


56b159 No.17412


Stop whining. 8chan is 18+.

Besides, the pictures might prove useful if she decides to run.

a15f8f No.17413


Great info. Yes, what the public knows is at least two decades behind. Kevin Shipp does a great job explaining this in his presentation for Geowatch. He's former Clown.

41ee9a No.17414


Why aren’t they saying all the Dems leaving???

1a6b9b No.17415


https: //littlesis.org/maps/2744-philadelphia-smart-city-learning-ecosystem

This one shows Clinton Global Initiative

2e903f No.17416

File: a8183d4356f5a21⋯.png (174.55 KB, 1624x394, 812:197, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

https:// en. wikipedia.org/wiki/Kinetic_bombardment

953600 No.17417



My theory of Zumba being tied to the Iridium satellites as a targeting system (think RR’s Star Wars project) using Iridium as the primary explosive component of a new weapon system could easily be delivered and difficult to detect. Large quantities are not required so 20’ poles of the stuff are ludicrous. Think about what a weapon of this type could do to make all conventional nuclear weapons and delivery systems obsolete. NK? Iran? Russia? China? (See previous posts). Research Iridium. Make the connection. Expand your thinking.

544e7b No.17418

File: 0e9b980c95e13ab⋯.png (113.75 KB, 293x516, 293:516, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ea8d0546b84b03a⋯.png (113.28 KB, 360x516, 30:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2490a5e4f93fff3⋯.png (113.61 KB, 360x504, 5:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 47987d626bec40f⋯.png (113.4 KB, 360x500, 18:25, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c3e79670ea1553a⋯.png (116.9 KB, 360x501, 120:167, ClipboardImage.png)

Congressmen who didn't return after the holiday break

a807a7 No.17420

File: 91fb38e1b49b3a0⋯.png (269.42 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_8805.PNG)


We are living in Revelations...this I have become aware of & im not a bible fag!!

I stubbed across this website the other day looking up "7 seal"...I don't believe in coincidences!! Look at name of website and date this was posted!!!! POTUS is the Lion!

This was what I saw when I prayed to God to awaken me. Time will tell...

67e98a No.17423

this is the STORM.

It has finally come out that the FISA warrants were issued by using the DOSSIER.

Reported by both Hannity, and Gateway pundit.

This is what we needed to prove a huge crime. This makes it worse than Watergate.

Now people will go down.

4f6885 No.17424

File: aa513b35ae8250e⋯.jpeg (42.31 KB, 297x158, 297:158, 8749938472625234923492834….jpeg)


Shills are anon more times than not.

I would know.

c7fa41 No.17425


Arrests aren't leaving in the conventional sense.

20782d No.17426


Ah, my apologies, click-jump or something; my snarky remark was intended for the post directly above yours:


6b8d64 No.17427



0fd72c No.17428



0c6961 No.17429


Think in this case I would go with Tony Podesta.

If you go with Tony it may lead to the possibility that Tony used Manafort and Papadopoulos as plants to encourage/create muh Russia interference.

Dossier created by Fusion and McCain turned into a Podesta WAPO Steele coup attempt.

953600 No.17431


Iridium is 2nd densest element discovered in 1803. Can withstand temps over 1600 degrees C

4158cd No.17432


All of their attitude's have changed as well, not sure how closely you follow.

67e98a No.17433


This will bring all the FBI/DOJ and more down. Truly. It was the one thing that needed to be proved to bring them down.

89d520 No.17434


your correct Anon Gay as hell!!

544e7b No.17435

File: 5215b3d01eabffb⋯.png (92.96 KB, 360x431, 360:431, ClipboardImage.png)


missed the last one… sorry.

b5ef2f No.17436

Lights out at CES: Giant trade show plunges into darkness, knocks out Samsung, LG, and other booths



0fd72c No.17437




f58cc5 No.17438


just the messenger, no need to shoot me…. came up in my twitter feed nigger

8d77c7 No.17439

File: 2c76f20c2c7e3de⋯.png (52.89 KB, 521x560, 521:560, Capture.PNG)


The "43 confirmed connections" statement was odd.

It seems to point to the 43 FREEDOM stringers, which were posted the following day.

255ed2 No.17440


I am an iron stomached anon, but the idea of doing a meme about her using prescription drugs while pregnant for this meme doesn't sit right with me. Many pregnant women take medicine (at the advice of their doctors). They have the best of intentions for their children and don't realize they are being led astray. I don't think many of the doctors realize they are leading them astray.

I think once the great awakening happens, there are many people who will have a lot of guilt about things they wonder if they caused while pregnant. It seems cruel to drop that in advance of what we know is to come.

We are all going to need some mercy on the other side of this. There is plenty of self-doubt to go around without inadvertently adding on more.


59af10 No.17441


Iridium is one of the rarest elements in Earth's crust, with annual production and consumption of only three tonnes.

315f2d No.17442


Oh wow, thanks for the info, i'm outta here,can't thank you enough, no really you saved me so much lost time,wow thanks again what great info,a thousand thanks,best post ever,incredible,insightful,wow thanks, i never knew before you showed up,thank you thank you

8947e3 No.17443

Who claims expertise in the following but appears overlooked despite all of the common themes here:

Infrastructure - aviation, civil, communications, rail and power

Defense and Nuclear security - chemical weapons disassembly, critical infrastructure, US naval operations

Mining and Metals - ferrous / non ferrous, industrial metals

Oil, Gas, Chemicals - natural gas, offshore oil and gas, pipelines and petro chemicals

Power - nuclear, thermal, hydro

Exclusive and long term dealings with DOE and whose employees require a minimum Q clearance depending what programs one is involved in.

Bechtel. No Coincidences.

160397 No.17444


Little Sis is fucking amazing resource - if anons would use that and the other resources in that thread in the Resource Library, stuff would go a lot faster.


Pretty sure he's taken a lot of the answers from the spreadsheet (not all)


Not, it's not, it's an actual Q post.


If you've got that in a text file, I'll update my infographic of that. Isn't there a thread in the catalog on it? I would love to include their faces too heheheh


Seems like now would be the perfect time to fire this sucker out into the normiesphere

https:// postimg.org/image/61kp4ajgp/

(also in meme thread 7 I think)

a795fa No.17445

fuckers are all on paid vacations, paid for by us that can't afford to vacation

41ee9a No.17446

ccca89 No.17447

Good evening patriots!!

2d0054 No.17449


43 connections to the water? Many won't swallow… previous posts talked about making people sick. Loop is connected to the cities and other utilities… Water too? Obum didn't fix water prob in MI. Think of how this flows…

4158cd No.17450


you're right, TY anon, i'll add it.

3e617f No.17451

This is a great resource focused on the corruption and crimes we frequently are researching. This is a huge amount of work by this patriot…mind blowing detail and well organized.

https:// idraintheswamp.com

4bd914 No.17452


then let us follow it

we are free to follow our belief

as are you

you are not going to "save" us--

so give up.

c42dc6 No.17454


I feel like the 43 connections were identified in previous drops and could point to the identities of who the Freedom stringers are referring to.

20782d No.17455


Holy famefag, Batman!

2e903f No.17456


"Turn off the lights and I'll glow" - (You)

179749 No.17458


You don't know your bible very well do you….

that lion is Yeshua

315f2d No.17459

File: 46a1f94fe2b4bb5⋯.png (13.18 KB, 569x725, 569:725, byebye.png)


Wow Q is ai,wow,look what i just found wow thanks huge evidence for you

2d0054 No.17460



and drip drip www.loopcapital.com/loop-capital-markets-acts-as-co-senior-manager-on-300-million-district-of-columbia-water-and-sewer

1a6b9b No.17461


https:// littlesis


20782d No.17462


like an LED

56b159 No.17463



fa5683 No.17464






he copy pasted here from last thread... just filter it. anon will post till nobody talks to it anymore. either a clown or somebody freaking out and not able to face the horror of whats coming.

50febb No.17466


Did Q do this? Confirm JA FREE?

4f6885 No.17467


Like this

back on target

ignore the shills

it will kill them

1e22cc No.17468


>You all are being fooled and tricked.

the only true think you've presented

>mfw being lied to often, the general population soon came to expect it as the norm


>No need to look any other place.


you've found the one, the true and pure truth?

Plato would be proud


>Shills are anon more times than not.

the things Yuri Bezmenov calls useful idiots?

>mfw I often wonder about my own motivations and actions on the boards

c7fa41 No.17471


No. Names of persons or entities not yet accused will be redacted. It does not mean what you said necessarily.

cf07a2 No.17474



You're not old to stay but if you do shut up.

This is war, not chat.

8d77c7 No.17476


Except '43' appeared out of nowhere with that post. It was a very strange line at that point, without knowledge of any of the following posts.

No "confirmed connections" had been mentioned previously.

85b00b No.17477


I believe everything RED

is Rothschild related

315f2d No.17478


Drives me nuts

d171a1 No.17479

File: bd6493ff60ce6eb⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, meme.jpg)

4158cd No.17480


BRIT INTEL> = British Intelligence = GCHQ, MI5, MI6

HRC CAMP PAY> = Hillary Clinton's campaign payment

DNC PAY> = Democratic National Convention payment

CLAS: 1-4 PAY> = 1. Fusion GPS 2. Washington Post (CIA) 3. FBI 4. ??? payment

STEELE> = Christopher Steele (above: BRIT INTEL) MI5 spy agent

PODESTA> = Tony Podesta - used Manafort and Papadopoulos as plants to encourage/create muh Russia interference.

Dossier created by FusionGPS and McCain turned into a Podesta WAPO Steele coup attempt.

4f6885 No.17481


don't bother reporting

when the logs were updating most if not all were dismissed, but they were doing some justified banning despite that. I think it puts work on the mods. Correct me if wrong.

6b8d64 No.17483


If you do not want to be shown the truth that is your problem anon fag.>>17452

2befc0 No.17484

Hall of Records in Mount Rushmore

Hidden behind Lincoln's head is a 70-foot-long chamber containing enamel plates documenting American history, sealed in a teakwood box in a titanium vault. >>17397

507e95 No.17485


you can get that from MSM why would Q tell us that Mueller is trying to take Trump down?

2e903f No.17486

File: b378cfbb395f287⋯.png (331.69 KB, 1619x598, 1619:598, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)


Try Mach 10…

88524b No.17487


Bob Brady is under FBI indictment

b937c8 No.17488


As in GONE gone???

953600 No.17489


Old data, annual production was over 10 tones in 2010. Who is mining it? For who.

c42dc6 No.17491


Maybe they were confirmed without Q explicitly saying "confirmed". Confirmed via the news, etc..

cb5741 No.17492

CATS OUT OF THE BAG that Obummer Hussein and Hillary conspired to use the fake dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to SPY on Trump before the election.

The FREEDOM CAUCUS confirmed it on Hannity tonight, and implied that it is MUCH BIGGER than just Trump, there may be gross widespread misuse of FISA during the entire Obummer regime. All the details will come out and made public.

I think this is January [10] marker from FREEDOM caucus. January [20] marker might be indictments unsealed?

*** We NEED creative folks here to create awesome MEMES right now on Obummer abusing FISA and get it trending on Twitter! MSM news will bury this, get it trending.

Got a good hash tag for it?

91aee3 No.17493

Thanks, divin' in now


2d0054 No.17495

LC is all about the water - mm's and bill's in deals.

160397 No.17496


and the rest: >>4852



43 connections were referenced in the previous thread. Please go read it. At the end there are 2 graphics posted that outline one especially autstic anon's connections for each of the 43 lines in the stringer Q mentioned to UCMJ.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Go read what was already done before you got here tonight.

31fcad No.17498


>CLAS: 1-4

CLASsified Subject/Targets #1-4.

See: >>>/cbts/151134





>Covert OP by [CLAS-59#241-Q] to infiltrate at highest level to destroy from within?


>(9) states of CLAS-ready go-live.

4bd914 No.17500


anon fag and proud of it!

move along– you bore me

cc95a6 No.17501



3e617f No.17502


I would expect it’s McCain

1dbb0a No.17503


43 presidents tied to the big lie…only 2 true presidents…JFK & DJT…now THAT would be hard to swallow

7343c8 No.17504


Creepy McCuckerBush!

c06b30 No.17505

File: 38be591bccec2f8⋯.png (135.17 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Zumba.png)


pic related.

sorry, couldn't help myself.

9be134 No.17506


An example of a "poor" CEO fronting for richer people is J P Morgan who controlled a lot of assets and drove world finance 110 years ago, but he didn't own all that much. Not sure we know whom he was fronting for.

4f6885 No.17507


director of social media


759018 No.17508

We will continue to tell the truth, it is no use to try to suppress it. Q anon and Trump are banking cabal shills!

Full truth exposed here:


16168a No.17509


President 43? GWB?

0f428f No.17510

02f6ff No.17511


Yup, as I said it's not a moving target weapon because of re-entry, but Fk you if you are in a bunker in a mountain in NK boom no nuke fallout

cc95a6 No.17512

Dan Scavino just posted a picture of Trump today meeting with CIA Pompeo, John Kelly called it #TeamTrumpBTS

1dbb0a No.17513

0c6961 No.17514

File: c5324690ca1c245⋯.jpeg (408.98 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_20180103_184949_proce….jpeg)


Well that's good news I thought it was Sophia and I don't want to take breadcrumbs from a Saudi AI that wants to destroy humans.

c8eacf No.17515


DEVELOPING: Reports of Gunfire at Cal State San Bernardino | Here's What We Know

759018 No.17516

Q refuses to admit that Mueller is trying to take down Trump. This only proves that the new Q is fake.

160397 No.17517

File: fe427e80b619e97⋯.png (122.4 KB, 1550x1613, 1550:1613, threats fuckery on spreads….png)


It's the same faggot that made the threats to delete the answers in the spreadsheet. Yeah, that fucker.

b195b0 No.17518


Expand your horizons.

Explore the Heavens!

9be134 No.17519


What does CLAS stand for or mean, do we know?

f58cc5 No.17520

>>17343 not really….. meme maker… part time plane fag, computer broken, can only browse mostly - thought the board might be interested… least the board is getting some of it's mojo back instead of the fucking gay cheerleaders/taskmasters that set it up

i'll go kill muhself now

dd0563 No.17521


>two comped boards ago

953600 No.17522


Being mined in Canada…still researching

759018 No.17523

You so called autists and clown fags continue to be slow in figuring things out, don´t you?

The real reason for CBTS board drop is not mod mis-understanding, it was the CIA black-mailing NSA director Mike Rogers, forcing the NSA to drop ties with CTBS. Q is fake, the new boards are CIA.

Current version of Q is fake, new boards are CIA. None of the posts since the second, when the Q account was compromised, are authentic. That is the same day of the rogue forum wipe.

https:// media.8ch.net/file_store/02daa0647829ae4ba220feef5e7b0ad4df169c46f42aebeca82c8086650c8008.jpg

The NSA had control of cbts and then the clowns took over, kicked-out Rogers and then are not shit storming the storm and creating their own fake clown forum only for the Larp Q. Wake-up!

Q is fake, and the new boards are CIA run!!

Q himself explained his trip code was compromised on the 2nd, eight days ago. Since then, none of the new Q posts are legit.

Main key agents doing this are SAGE and DEFANGO, who are clown agents trying to destroy this forum by taking it over from the NSA. And spreadsheet anon is also spreading this false information and fake links.

You all are being fooled and tricked.

Stop chasing clown DEFANGOS and rabbit holes!

Learn with the pros like us!



303a61 No.17524

Anons…take a step back and look at the situation.

Everyone is guessing trying to solve puzzles.

Is this redpillng the masses?

037187 No.17525


Me neither because the stuff they're howling about clue you in on their fears. But after those nasty OW pics…

834079 No.17526



478e39 No.17527

File: 0a60a8a688345fb⋯.png (116.67 KB, 1867x565, 1867:565, link.png)

Anyone else see this new link on Q's board?

Anthropomorphic porn?

I aint clicking that shit!

Pic related

c3d90f No.17528

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Learn with the pros like us!"

It seems to me like you're the EXPERT, Mark!

c42dc6 No.17529


You have sauce for that? Not trying to reinvent the wheel, but trying to keep the conversation focused on q posts and this is a topic that I have not seen discussed to death already. I like the UCMJ theory but it is nowhere near definitive.

759018 No.17530


No this board is comped by the clown fags!!

9be134 No.17531

>>17516 Did old Q target Mueller? Not that I recall. And I don't have first hand (or really any) knowledge one way or the other about what Mueller is doing.

a15f8f No.17532



b5ef2f No.17533

Sheriff Joe on Chris Cuomo and says he has evidence of Obama's fake birth certificate and it will come out in time.

daa20a No.17535


Were you the shillcutioner from CBTS?

1eb33b No.17536


Mueller is not within Q's scope.

Probably because Trump has no bone to pick with Mueller.

Because Trump is clean and wants a clean investigation from Mueller.

What don't you understand about that?

759018 No.17537

Q and Trump are banking cabal shills.

315f2d No.17538


just looked it up,tried to see who put it out,no info,if it has a beanz sticker on it so help me.

4f6885 No.17539

2176bd No.17540


That hashtag has been used for a while. It references a Trump instagram and BTS stands for "behind the scenes"

fa5683 No.17541


spreadsheet is backed up right? i hope often. mockingbird is gone… can't you feel it in your brain? i fucking do. and these people are fucked then dead.

cc95a6 No.17542

Dan Scavino Jr.

‏Verified account @Scavino45

1h1 hour ago

.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump joined by WH CoS Gen. John Kelly; Dir. of National Intelligence Agency Dan Coates; Deputy Director Ted Gistaro; Dir. of @CIA Mike Pompeo & NSA Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, at this mornings intelligence briefing.


b937c8 No.17543



daa20a No.17544


Haha, I enjoyed your work. Good times.

0b6bf1 No.17545


Ok, how is qresearch thread #19 still posting beyond the 750 post limit?

759018 No.17546


You cannot make assumptions cause Mueller is going after all in Trumps circle including TRump. So this Q is fake and that is proof.

cf098a No.17547


It's motivating to see the shilling knowing that if you filter them, you may not know what triggers them. And triggering Clovvns is when you know you are on target…

953600 No.17548


You now how to filter…just do it. Otherwise try to contribute something shill

791caf No.17549

wheres the follow the wives thread?

41ee9a No.17550

https:// www.10news.com/news/students-told-to-shelter-in-place-after-gunfire-reported-at-cal-state-san-bernardino

759018 No.17551


I am not Quinn you retard!!

ba733e No.17552

ID: 759018

Filter this user!

cb9025 No.17553


That has nothing to do with Q and everything to do with the Attention-Hungry Games, an 8chan competition for board of the week. The winning board gets a global ad spot like that.

d2495b No.17554

Jesse Watters and Hannity just gang banged that loony bitch

0c6961 No.17555


What about Zirconium or Uranium jw

315f2d No.17556

c42dc6 No.17558



THIS…… but there is no rhyme or reason to their shilling anymore, its as if they are just slinging shit to see what sticks now.

759018 No.17559


You bore me because you are a retarded anon clown.

544e7b No.17560

File: 30ba2d93f8afd0f⋯.png (53.17 KB, 262x240, 131:120, ClipboardImage.png)



add one more

4f6885 No.17561


ty. It was pretty effective. At least a couple of you enjoyed him. I appreciate that. cbts banned him, but he came back for thestorm. Trying to keep it to a minimum these days.

818f76 No.17562


what formula did you use to make this?

i don't see how you got




4158cd No.17563


So #4 is Buzzfeed

058cba No.17564


Not sure how to link to a thread but it can be seen from the catalog.

One of these should get it



315f2d No.17565


Can't stand her, libturd

9165c4 No.17566

File: 66409052469119b⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1533x591, 511:197, ClownsLeftJokersRightHereI….png)

File: 30950542140c6db⋯.png (1.37 MB, 2222x864, 1111:432, ClownsLeftJokersRightHereI….png)

19ec4f No.17567


TD Bank -> Toronto Dominion Bank

Is a Canadian Bank

www.tdbank.com (US Website)

www.td.com/ca/en/personal-banking/ (Canadian Website)

d2495b No.17568


Same. I enjoyed watching that

4ab310 No.17569



Definitely hired for being extra hot when triggered.

41ee9a No.17570


How much they paying you to act like an a$$

16cf6a No.17571


I'm phonefagging and my husband has had it with me being on here and can't understand that we are working for POTUS. Can someone please post Q's posts that actually thank us for what we do? I know there was one post where Q called us all out and said we would get a message. Can someone please post that message for me—my husband thinks I am truly Crazy and we are fighting hard.

Thank you Anons.

759018 No.17572


Mueller is as dirty as they get, so no clean investigation. Mueller carried stolen uranium sample to Russia, covered up 9-11 and is part of the uranium crime syndicate. Cannot get any more dirty then that. So STFU.

160397 No.17573


If you re-read, I did tell you.

>it's in the last thread

Please go read the last thread.

Please, go read the last thread.

Really, please, go read the last thread.

It's in there. You cannot miss it. It's a huge long post of text with the 43 line stringer.

The two images that anon made and decoded it are very detailed, close to the bottom of the thread.

Please, go read the last thread.

>this is a topic that I have not seen discussed to death already.

You are new, clearly.

Please. Go read the last thread.

Read the spreadsheet.

Go read the Q database.

Re-read the crumbs.

Then come back.

daa20a No.17574


Hell he even got me for 3 hours for namefagging after I got drunk and wouldn't go anon.

791caf No.17575


thank you

2176bd No.17576

058cba No.17577



thanks anon that was convenient

b5ef2f No.17578


Kamala Harris??

759018 No.17579


I get pain not only penny contrary to you glowing clown shill niggers!

50febb No.17580


Agreed, she is F'ing ANNOYING. When dust settles, let's meme her into OBLIVION shall we?

c98a4b No.17581

File: 72466c655b4b94c⋯.jpg (153.73 KB, 500x671, 500:671, postmeme1.jpg)

Attention Anons

We are at war and there is a major attack headed our way in the form of the new movie coming out entitled "The Post." This is hugely relevant and I will explain why.

Please remember Q anon post when he linked NYT (?) article about NSA slipping up and leaking data saying it was an attack and we are at war.

More news coming out about NSA, apparently there is a bill going up for vote THIS WEEK. Could this be the BIG WEEK?

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/01/10/us/politics/nsa-surveillance-privacy-section-702-amendment.html


This new movie with creepy Tom Hanks, enabler Meryl Streep, and Pedophile Steven Spielberg is pure propaganda meant to diminish trust in the White House, and embolden and instill trust in newspaper outlets such as the now clown owned Washington Post.

We must flip this narrative arround and creative memes such as the one I posted and hijack the #s that are floating around to market the movie…


Mega Normies who plan to see the movie

Mental attitude trying to instill

The Washington Post USED to be good, What happened to it now???

This I feel is of the highest importance right now. This movie is a direct attack propoganda and we have the opportunity now to use the buzz about it to redpill the normies about who owns their media outlets and who they are really writing for now. Please memers and spreaders, it's our duty to shape the narrative.

4f6885 No.17582


cbts was out of control with the ban hammer. We lost some productive input because of that.

753618 No.17583

File: 4bca46f3205ad10⋯.png (667.59 KB, 700x512, 175:128, SanQuinius.png)

Shills are hot and heavy…again.

Why do they come here to just shitpost and act retarded?

097daa No.17584

508a25 No.17585

File: 2e79bb50ad6a772⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 473x641, 473:641, 0001.jpg)

b8a198 No.17586


And who pray tell is US?

759018 No.17587


Trump Dossie Bank. That is not the bank that paid for the Fusion GPS dossie. They are using a fake decoy to protect and cover for AMALGAMATED BANK.

d31ff7 No.17588

File: ef9d043e5482b83⋯.png (882.31 KB, 968x619, 968:619, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

06162e No.17589

It's so Shilly every night at this time. This is the 2nd bread full of ClownsInAction I guess. Give it up! Wake up America. This is not a game!!! Patriots at work doing what you can't figure out. If you have a brain, use it!

1a6b9b No.17590


Zero is the key in his Twatter…very interesting

daa20a No.17591


I didn't take it personally. I still will bust it out if there's any DEW or targeted individual stuff.

d2495b No.17592


Because we are the Qhosen ones

9be134 No.17593


So this is why Feinstein released the testimony that the Dossier is not fake. Not sure what the legal standard is here, but testimony under oath that it's not fake will help in any defense. Probably a total lie of course.

759018 No.17594



20782d No.17595


Sauce for your list?

4158cd No.17596

Final update.

BRIT INTEL> = British Intelligence = GCHQ, MI5, MI6

HRC CAMP PAY> = Hillary Clinton's campaign payment

DNC PAY> = Democratic National Convention payment

CLAS: 1-4 PAY> = 1. Fusion GPS 2. Washington Post (CIA) 3. FBI 4. Buzzfeed payment

STEELE> = Christopher Steele (above: BRIT INTEL) MI5 spy agent

PODESTA> = Tony Podesta - used Manafort and Papadopoulos as plants to encourage/create muh Russia interference.

Dossier created by FusionGPS and McCain turned into a Podesta WAPO Steele coup attempt.

31fcad No.17597


>Shills are hot and heavy

Because the anon(s) posting the clock/web are close to decoding the stringers.

4f6885 No.17598


ignore and or filter

41ee9a No.17599

c85363 No.17600



753618 No.17601


Is it even worth it to make memes about the guy?

508a25 No.17602

File: 08f07fb50d9be8b⋯.jpg (151.05 KB, 840x539, 120:77, 90917b9f2f36ee0721659fdc03….jpg)

283204 No.17603

File: 6557ead5682ad8b⋯.png (606.45 KB, 693x718, 693:718, SC 1-10-18.PNG)

Sara Carter

Was the DNC/Clinton campaign-funded dossier used to obtain Trump FISA warrant?


fa9658 No.17604


His office used to be in front of my High School…….. Dana Point

058cba No.17605

File: 7519a27d80de391⋯.png (114.68 KB, 300x240, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


You remember the Stephen King story about monsters who come to steal time, or something like that?

Shills are here to steal your attention. Any moment they can rob is a victory for them

508a25 No.17606


Actually kinda fun.. I think I'm gonna make a few more.

324c27 No.17607

File: 2535301b0f300cc⋯.png (322.79 KB, 588x295, 588:295, ayylmao.PNG)

759018 No.17608


Mueller is dark hat shadow gov shill. A criminal. Took stolen uranium sample to Russia, covered-up 9-11, is one of the uranium crime syndicate members. Since Q does not address this, it proves Q is a larp.

39a0c2 No.17609


All showed up after connection between Jeffery Rothschild and Loop was found in last bread

4f6885 No.17610


and we have spoken several times when I was not obviously GW w challenger mowing shills. You have done some good work, anon. I welcomed you back was it last night.

abbfa9 No.17611



We heard you the first time. Repeating yourself just makes you stink of desperation

160397 No.17612


Yes, spreadsheet is backed up often. Any anon can also download it and is highly encouraged to do so!

Spreadsheet now has ALL Q posts (and those he responded to) directly linked to the actual posts and the posts on the threads' archive.fo page, this means you can all see and access directly threads from /cbts/ that got (((mysteriously erased))) from the 8ch archives for that board! Problem solved!


I remember you, that was always kind of funny. A little levity is needed sometimes.

3e617f No.17613


Yes! This seemed imminent. Congratulations Julian Assange. Godspeed. Clearly shit is due to hit the fan as it would seem this an ‘art of the deal’ of a deal.

b439fb No.17615


WE are not working for POTUS, we are working for ourselves and our country, even if Q was fake, we are learning and discovering the evils of our country and seeing the resignations and indictments, we are ANON and do this for ourselves.

daa20a No.17616

File: 455deee1b8278e9⋯.jpg (11.45 KB, 189x266, 27:38, maximumoverdrive.jpg)


The only movie that can possibly top that one is Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive

3c8e4d No.17617


Circular sitting positions plus Kelly looks like could be a letter Q

41ee9a No.17618

bdf628 No.17619

File: b9e424907f54ed5⋯.png (73.14 KB, 1180x258, 590:129, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

File: 991c3ed811aff55⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1182x946, 591:473, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)

OWL ?????

759018 No.17620


We expose your Defango clown nigger fake Q operation morons!

bf0562 No.17621



I… I think they're trying to entice the mods into a heavy banhanmer spree. Which is hilarious because they've just ended up looking like unorganized fools for the entire day.

Fucking Art of War up in here.

9dfbe5 No.17622

File: d6ad341785843c3⋯.png (47.95 KB, 1002x536, 501:268, 5Min.png)

File: 7cd77762230e861⋯.png (26.1 KB, 973x278, 7:2, 10min.png)

File: 35c4c0671fec1b9⋯.png (6.76 KB, 985x67, 985:67, 20Min.png)

File: 02a54c5d17df4e1⋯.png (37.18 KB, 1016x405, 1016:405, 1Min.png)

Marker Research

trumptwitterarchive.com/archive ONLY (no q posts)

Time Stamps where Hour = Same


1, 5,10, 20 Difference

(This does not take into account the delta in minutes where hour changes i.e. 1;59 -> 2:01)

Can someone show me where I can get an easy copy of the time stamps from all Q Posts in a nice format? Would like to combine in spreadsheet.

759018 No.17625

Loop capital funds the global crime syndicates. This is the Q message decoded.


e3a40f No.17626

>>17578 It doesn't sound like she is leaving

http: //fortune.com/2018/01/09/kamala-harris-cory-booker-senate-judiciary-committee/

daa20a No.17627


I remember, thank you. I hope our work will help the white hats end this madness.

c6cf5c No.17628


Comey and Clinton set up Mueller to take the fall once the shit hit the fan. Regardless Trump has Mueller right where he wants him

41ee9a No.17629



759018 No.17630



c8eacf No.17631


The Langoliers

610a62 No.17632


the NSA was never in control of any board you fucking mental midget. NSA secures the IP(s) from which Q posts. You try to divide but we will conquer.

2e903f No.17633


This is good news… I think you're right.

759018 No.17634

Mueller, Trump, Mnuchin collusion with the banking cartel.


Q and Trump are banking cartel shills!

26314c No.17635


Q anon is awesome, but what’s phenomenal is the crowdsourcing anons on this board. That is The Calm, The Storm and The Great Awakening.

759018 No.17636


Admiral Rogers firing you moron!

691474 No.17637

File: fc4ff2e06b704a9⋯.jpg (33.77 KB, 588x700, 21:25, FDCC676C-A92E-49AE-8131-52….jpg)




















101f02 No.17638


That's hilarious. Dontcha know that EU is on deck? They don't know he hasn't been there for better than week?

They just want to tweet while they still can.

508a25 No.17639

File: 03f27140e7ddf85⋯.jpg (34.82 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0002.jpg)

691474 No.17640

File: 9907e4e5d052b97⋯.jpeg (8.4 KB, 290x174, 5:3, 8877300D-2A9E-43A2-97D8-8….jpeg)









2befc0 No.17641


Check last two threads for post with the name Cathy O’Brien or Jason Bourne. I know I saw something there with a bill potus signed yesterday.

a8c28a No.17642


I saved this for later. That looks like a lot of work and just because you are upside down' doesn't mean I don't care about you all! Thanks for this.

af7f7c No.17643


Image Archive By Topic


Individual images are available on this board at the links given below.

Collections of these images may be downloaded from zip files, which expire 1 month after the upload date. The library is still under construction.

Part 1 of 2

911 >>13248 - 15 files, 4.0M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/3eCJp0lp/file.html

Adrenochrome >>13275 - 34 files, 4.6M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, anonfile.com/m4A0wbdfbc/Adrenochrome.zip

Alabama Election Fraud - 48 files, 32M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, anonfile.com/30A8wedab8/Alabama_Election_Fraud.zip

Alefantis (James Rothschild) - 11 files, 3.3M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/PbH1qiWt/file.html

Amazon - Facebook - Google - Twitter - surveillance - 81 files, 20M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/nox5e1

Anderson Cooper - 83 files, 35M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/1nxkzk

Antarctica - Arctic - 15 files, 1.6M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/ok5sky

Antifa >>13314 - 9 files, 940K Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/o07qio

Argentine Submarine - 3 files, 248K Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/Zx1NymqA/file.html

Assange (Julian) - Wikileaks >>13328 - 20 files, 3.9M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/wYgFb5h3/file.html

Astana Kazakhstan >>13348 - 16 files, 4.3M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/gSA5qIAh/file.html

Atlanta Airport incident >>13366 - 9 files, 2.9M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/J9Jom51J/file.html

Awakening - the Great >>13370 - 19 files, 6.7M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/7rc27d

Bannon (Steve) >>13393 - 6 files, 1.6M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/miy20pOH/file.html

Bible >>13405 - 10 files, 3.6M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/O7w8FRFT/file.html

Biden (Joe) >>13410 - 29 files, 4.8M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/SV4mHhSY/file.html

Bill of Rights - Human Rights - EO >>13430 - 18 files, 5.0M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www105.zippyshare.com/v/ngX6MnCi/file.html

BIS - Fed - Banks - files, 1.7M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www.sendspace.com/file/lgr6f3

Black Community >>13456 - 55 files, 12M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www.sendspace.com/file/qrztb1

Blackmail - Epstein - Orgy Isl - Lolita Express >>13493 - 20 files, 6.3M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www.sendspace.com/file/hxhfte

Blackmail - Honeypot - Fleiss - Hefner >>13516 - 34 files, 9.3M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www.sendspace.com/file/mh68iz

Blood >>13537 - 33 files, 8.3M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, anonfile.com/FcA9w1d0b4/Blood.zip

Bluebeam >>13566 - 22 files, 4.8M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www110.zippyshare.com/v/Srz6stTw/file.html

Bohemian Grove >>13583 - 16 files, 4.6M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www110.zippyshare.com/v/fcarXosa/file.html

Boot - Ankle Monitor >>13595 - 38 files, 14M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/14nhf0

Bush family (all) - 44 files, 11M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/chava0

Canada - Trudeau >>13634 - 24 files, 5.5M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/l4ubl1

Cargo Containers - Trafficking >>13645 - 8 files, 3.2M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/0gsf26

Cartoons - Garrison >>13651 - 16 files, 5.8M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/n422vm

CERN >>13659 - 7 files, 1.7M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/ebl9pz

Chicago >>13674 - 11 files, 5.3M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, anonfile.com/XaA3wbd3be/Chicago.zip

Children - Missing - Abductions >>13681 - 59 files, 15M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, anonfile.com/ZdAfw4d6bc/Children_-_Missing_-_Abductions.zip

Chrissy Teigen - John Legend >>13721 - 24 files, 4.6M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www110.zippyshare.com/v/8FArebfi/file.html

CIA >>13735 - 64 files, 18M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www110.zippyshare.com/v/xV602u9n/file.html

Clinton (Hillary) 1 - 192 files, 81.2M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/zv2f6d

Clinton (Hillary) 2 - 167 files, 49.1M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www110.zippyshare.com/v/6PNoBFst/file.html

Clinton Foundation >>13781 - 8 files, 1.4M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, www110.zippyshare.com/v/OY1DTgp8/file.html

Clintons (Bill - Chelsea) - 261 files, 64M Mb, uploaded 01/09/18, sendspace.com/file/qjs3o8

c98a4b No.17644

File: cf383b567890f37⋯.jpg (141.97 KB, 500x750, 2:3, washpost1.jpg)

88524b No.17646


Zero = O


691474 No.17647

File: 462aa41dea15d22⋯.jpeg (178.57 KB, 800x560, 10:7, 8787E91E-2BC7-4451-AABF-4….jpeg)


41ee9a No.17648

Remember friend anons… in the art of war, keeping focus, is paramount..and key to survival.

ce4407 No.17649



315f2d No.17650

File: 1dbb2e7a1b07b6a⋯.png (488.73 KB, 733x412, 733:412, poke.PNG)

File: add9c9b3da64fc7⋯.png (147.38 KB, 699x440, 699:440, tic.png)

d2495b No.17652


What the fuck could this possibly have to do with us?

Did you really stumble on this and think Hmmm I need to share this asap.

This is a good way to end up in a FEMA reeducation camp for the 6-8% of brains that have turned to mush

af7f7c No.17653


Part 2 of 2

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - Awan scandal >>13788

Deep State - 7th Floor - Shadow Gov >>13807

Dems - Libs - ShareBlue - FusionGPS - Seth Rich >>13828

Disney >>13878

Drain the Swamp >>13892

Election Rigging >>13981

Eye - Black Eye - of Illuminati-Ra-Horus - Pineal Gland >>14001

Fake Aliens >>14058

Fake News - MSM - CNN - Project Mockingbird >>14042

FBI Corruption - McCabe - Fake Dossier >>14186

Foundations >>14339

Gannett - Tegna >>14360

Gitmo >>14396

Globalist - Control Pyramid - NWO - Cabal >>14442

God - Christ - Jesus - Love - Pray >>14488

Haiti >>14579

Hollywood - Sex Abuse - Weinstein + others >>14593

Huma Abedin - Muslim Brotherhood >>14640

Human Body Parts - Cannibal - DNA - Fetal Flavor - Organs >>14659

Human Rights - Human Trafficking >>14715

Indictments - Trials - Sedition - Martial Law >>14744

Infographs - Diagrams >>14766

Iran - Protests >>14890

Islam - ISIS >>14915

Jarrett (Valerie) >>14940

Jerusalem embassy >>14952

Jobs - Employment >>14954

Loop Capital >>14958

Lynch (Loretta) >>14978

Maxine Waters >>14987

McCain (John) >>15046

Mind Control - TV - MK-ULTRA - Control - Monarch >>15125

MS-13 >>15270

Mueller - Investigation >>15280

Munk (Peter) - Barrick Gold >>15290

North Korea - Kim - Nukes >>15363

NRO Satellite Reconaissance >>15482

Obamas (Barrack Hussein Michelle) >>15495

Oprah >>16117

Patriot - Military - Flag - MAGA >>16204

Pedo >>16795

4112b1 No.17654

File: da998b33093daab⋯.png (176.19 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2243.PNG)

1eb33b No.17655



You two: aren't paying attention, aren't very smart, are shills, or are some combination of these three.

I'll try again:

Q not going after Mueller means absolutely nothing to Q's mission. That's why Trump is not saying anything about Mueller.

Whether or not Mueller is clean is irrelevant to Q's mission or to Trump.

Trump is clean and that is what matters.

And that's all that Mueller will find. whether Mueller is dirty or not.

Trump knows that, so why address Mueller with Q?

2e903f No.17656


Uh huh… My thought was, why not have a shit-ton of these ranging in sizes for any target size? Shorter or longer, thinner or wider rods.

Furthermore, would love to see a tungsten telephone-pole dropped on all Temple of Set sites.

47a687 No.17659

File: 6618b6ff690ba59⋯.jpg (478.49 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, homebannerimg2.jpg)


Trying this hard to be a nigger

daa20a No.17660


Will do, thank you.

058cba No.17661



That's it, scared the crap out of me when I was little.

c3d90f No.17662

Current Q anon tripcode has been cracked by the clowns. All Q posts after the second are clown shill niger DEFANGO clowns.

9be134 No.17663


And since you do address it, in preference to stuff Q suggests we can actually research and make progress on, you're … what?

91aee3 No.17664


Word on the street:

Saddam Hussein was developing this in the 00s and was one of the things we looked for when we invaded in 03.

https:// www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/5194934-saddam-hussein-s-space-gun

Project Babylon:

Saddam was pleased with Bull’s contributions to the Iraqi war-effort and, as legend has it, listened with fascination as Bull spun his space-gun yarn while the two downed a bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch together. Saddam desperately wanted Iraq to be the dominant power in the Middle-East and, according to Bull, that was never going to happen unless Iraq had home-grown access to space. Saddam Hussein was enthralled with the idea of Iraq being a space-capable nation and thus was born Project Babylon.

The ultimate goal of Project Babylon was, of course, the oft delayed realization of Gerald Bull’s dream to build a gun big enough and powerful enough to launch satellites into orbit. Saddam had ordered two space guns, but first Bull was going to build a smaller prototype which was nicknamed “Baby Babylon.” Gerald Bull was paid a cool 25 million dollars for Project Babylon. The Baby Babylon, which was completed in 1989, was built on a hillside at Jabal Hamrayn located 145 km (90 miles) north of Baghdad. Baby Babylon utilized a 45 meter (147 feet) long, 350 mm (13.8 inch) wide barrel, and weighed in at 102 tons. The supergun had an effective range of 750 km (456 miles) and had the capability to launch chemical and biological warheads. While Baby Babylon could not achieve sufficient velocity to send objects into a stable orbit, it had the capacity to reach space and thus could have been used to explode conventional shells near enemy satellites, crippling them. There was also discussion of the gun being capable of firing nuclear shells, if Iraq ever gained access to same.

On Saddam's space program:

"After the United States invaded and occupied Iraq, it was possible for US intelligence agencies, as well as the United Nations, to roam Iraq collecting evidence about its various weapons programs. The United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission, known as UNMOVIC, gathered substantial information on various Iraqi ballistic missile programs, including information on the Al Abid space launch vehicle. Much of the information was gathered from documents turned over by the Iraqis in 1995 after a high-level defector prompted the Iraqis to preemptively release documents they had been hiding in a chicken farm in order to blunt the defector’s damage. UNMOVIC also gathered additional information after the American invasion in the form of interviews and other documents. That information is now contained in a massive report on various Iraqi weapons of mass destruction programs."

0c6961 No.17665


Implies that we are not anonymous..

92264a No.17666



Honest question for you…are you here to try to get everyone on board and realize this is a multi layered psyop? Are you still digging too…but not so focused on Q drops? The voice and approach changed A LOT - especially with the word "death" and "defcon". But I choose to still dig, as long as I'm learning.

I find this Bank info interesting that you shared. I also do a fair amount of digging OUTSIDE of here. Using a multi-layered approach keeping open.


71fd5f No.17667

File: dac882c3888b925⋯.jpg (324.93 KB, 1035x738, 115:82, Screenshot_20180110-190553.jpg)

catching up, saw this … i missed sumthing..

c3d90f No.17668


The fact that Q does not address it proves he is a larp.

7f566a No.17670

>Why Rothschild wear horns

>Why Trump doesn't like to mention McCain's name

Trump doesn't like to mention the name McCain because Mc means son of. So McCain means son of Cain. Trump doesn't like to mention McCain's name because the name reminds him of Cain, who killed Abel, Adam's first son.

This is important because we are descendants of Seth (Adam's second son), while the Globalists/Rothschild, etc. are descendants of Cain.

Cain was the son of Eve, but not the son of Adam. Abel was the son of Adam, while Cain was the son of the Devil, who impregnated Eve when he tricked Eve into eating the apple.

It is said that descendants of Cain will voluntarily identify themselves to normal people by wearing horns on their head. This is why you see photos of Rothschild wearing horns. Q keeps asking if you guys understand what it signifies. None of you had the answer. The answer is: They are signaling that they're descendant of Cain, and thus, descendant of Satan. This is also why they worship Satan and not God. Because to them, Satan is their great great great great… great… great grandfather.

On our side, God have been hiding himself through the eras, showing himself only to a selected few. Because of this, most people do not know that God exist.

On their side, Satan have been showing himself to all his descendants regularly and have helped them numerous times throughout their lives. Because of this, on their side, they know that Satan exist.

So our side doesn't know that God exist, but their side knows that Satan exist, and not only does that, but Satan have been helping them out throughout their life (killing their enemies, giving them influences and power, granting them success, protecting them from harm, etc.) This is also Rothschild anon claim that the Devil loves them. Of course the Devil loves them. They're his descendants. The Devil only hate normal people, who are descendants of Adam (The Devil can not stands Adam).

Q, can you confirm any of this?

0c6961 No.17671


No proof and gay.

b1b3c5 No.17672

All of this could very well be an attempt to add all anons onto the targeted individual program.

b8502f No.17673

File: ce455bdd33c0ebf⋯.png (484.04 KB, 1164x598, 582:299, Congrats JA.PNG)


Congrats Julian!!!!


610a62 No.17674



nice try retard.

>shill tactics

9873cc No.17676

>>17423 The sauces



a15f8f No.17677


It was ridiculous the job done on that bullshit certificate. Maybe that ladies family can sue for her death IN THE WATER AFTER the plane crash.

c6f149 No.17678

File: d9f44158c7f3d04⋯.jpg (100.98 KB, 496x301, 496:301, Faces of Q.jpg)

All it took was one stringer and I was hooked

1eb33b No.17680


Sounds legit.

Any ole YouTube vid will give me solid intel, right?

c3d90f No.17681

>I know what I am talking about, >>17666

so no use for anyone to keep attacking me.

3dd834 No.17682


I'm on your side anon. Relax.

2e903f No.17683


Nigger, you fake.

41ee9a No.17684


Love the movie

fa5683 No.17685


nice to see this is looking more like a saving humanity habbening lately and not guarding cat food recipe secrets. i'm a see the pattern/comprehension type not a computer guru. searching is ok but not great. anyway… fight on!

a8c28a No.17686



Does not imply that. When it all comes out, you (you) will know and be able to show the messages are for you, should you choose to.

508a25 No.17687


Yup. No better source of truth that Youtube

c3d90f No.17688


Nope. That was the last legit Q post moron.

058cba No.17691


A lot of work, is what that is. Manually going through all images and memes from 2 months and organizing by topic.

7b7b54 No.17692

On the subject of 43, going with the spider web map reading discussed recently and the FREEDOM_1-43 stringers, I have to think we're revealing who the major players are. Once there's enough information on a target (guilty beyond reasonable doubt?) those freedom commands might be fired and the targets taken out.

If we then consider P to be the spider at the center of the web, we're either taking out the flies that feeds P or we're breaking the connections that supports it one by one. When all of the connections are severed, only then can the source of the web of corruption be destroyed and what remained of it, blown away by the storm.

An alternative theory, since Q says that they consider us flies (feeders), maybe we're dealing with 43 spiders here? If we don't take them all out, the web will only be rebuilt and we'll need to do this all over again.

My worry with this is that he says "map currently has 43 confirmed connections". Does this mean we may expect to see further connections to discover and break?

c3d90f No.17693


You are a fake clown Defango nigger.

a15f8f No.17694


No just one of his shills.

3dd834 No.17696


Thanks anon. Checking it out as we speak.

c3d90f No.17697


Shut up clown nigger fag.

049185 No.17699

File: 4bed8193a07c0cc⋯.jpg (302.66 KB, 982x770, 491:385, 02bhf02t89 - Copy.jpg)

Safe passage for Assange.

Enou[g]h is en[o]ugh.

0c6961 No.17701


Okay sounds good.

2e903f No.17702


Is that why you're here?

507e95 No.17703

What if they are spamming so hard , to fill the bread, to jack the next bake, to pull a ban session, to bust up this board. Do we have a secure baker on board lined up , not a concern fag, but concerned

7f566a No.17704


Feeders as in we're just food to be offered to Satan?

c3d90f No.17705


I am what? What is your question? I am a destroyer of lies.

36f854 No.17706


two daysbefore this Q post comey tweets:

Where are the voices of all the leaders who know an independent Department of Justice and FBI are essential to our liberty? “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say.” — Martin Luther

did comey get caught in the playboy mansions' honeypot?

did trump crush comey?

did comey cry like a two year old?

big time

2e903f No.17707


How the fuck do you even reach that conclusion… Trump is like fucking anti-bank Andrew Jackson reincarnated.

9be134 No.17708


I want to start filtering, today is too much. How do I do it? Filtering by name doesn't get it done, wish I could filter by ID but that's not one of the choices.

31fcad No.17709


> the FREEDOM_1-43 stringers

They seem to indicate operations against 43 targets.

It's frustrating that we haven't decoded them further, by now.

c06b30 No.17710

File: 6a795e9ebecc9c5⋯.jpg (6.8 MB, 8254x5167, 8254:5167, 0Marker_.jpg)

0c6961 No.17711

File: 3972863534c1719⋯.jpg (67.95 KB, 666x430, 333:215, NORAD_Command_Center_Cheye….jpg)


We have eYes on you gaf reggin nwolc

ecc1c4 No.17712

File: 5f4bbd77a15e567⋯.png (3.54 MB, 2560x3463, 2560:3463, foxacid felony.png)

They're using Fox Acid on all of you dipshit rubes. I hope you have excellent opsec, not that it really matters kek.

a8c28a No.17713


This may be true. (shrug) pass me a breadcrumb and get me some wifi. Quick!

dd0563 No.17714

File: 61eee4d217f400f⋯.jpg (1 MB, 2240x5072, 140:317, 15_to_1.JPG)


Yeah man.

c3d90f No.17715


Of course it matters! It is a question of national security!

16cf6a No.17716


THANK YOU ANON!!! God bless you!! My heart hurts right now because my husband has totally lost faith in me and has stopped believing what I say about Q. I just know in my heart we are doing what is right.

1eb33b No.17717


>Since Q does not address this, it proves Q is a larp.

Or, Mueller is not part of Q's mission.

So that's why Q does not address Mueller.

It can't be more obvious.

use the two brain cells that God gave you, ffs.

fa5683 No.17718


mockingbird is gone. msm and any others that rely on that coordination are winging it now. they have no idea what to do. and then theres trump haters who just sling shit whateverway too. mockingbird is over. i feel in my head. it's gone.

953600 No.17719


Nice to meet you, Destroyer of Lies….

c42dc6 No.17720


This is an interesting theory Anon, Thanks. I would like to think that IF the 43 are targets then they would be many of the people mentioned and pictured in Q's posts. If so then maybe P has been identified as well but we have glossed over it.

315f2d No.17721


He'll get more connections as it gets deeper,look how the indictments keep going up, when you squeeze a rat they'll flush out the other rats,only logical

59af10 No.17722


Iridium is one of the rarest elements. Less than 3 tonnes produced per year. Platinum is cheaper.

You need to do some research …. you didn't even look at Wikipedia, or you would know this.

179749 No.17723

>>17707 Agreed. Watch Tennessee speech.

c3d90f No.17724


See this morons.

508a25 No.17726


Simple... because they are.

cf098a No.17727


The anons have obviously hit a sore spot with babyeater-satanclub.com glow clown shills.

They have nothing, thats why they are trying everything. It's hilarious actually. Makes my lurking whisky taste even better knowing the panic of the soon to be doomed…

c42dc6 No.17728


Agreed, they are panicking.

4f6885 No.17729

File: c77322d20c5f0cc⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 250x224, 125:112, 1510274583509sa1.jpg)

good job, anon. just ignore or filter

56b159 No.17730


Your husband is a faggot. Also, tits?

c3d90f No.17732


Admiral Rogers was you moron and authentic Q posted this in the last authentic Q post moron!

bab7f6 No.17733

I was just talking to a friend who is aware of Q and this board. When talking with him and going over the occurrences with the planes turning around, etc, I had a sort of light bulb moment….

Remember we had a period of time where nearly everyday there were aircraft turning back when on their way to their destinations? One aircraft had that model Christine on it - it was turned around 4 hrs into the flight! Other flights were turned around as well. On top of that there were many airports shut down for long periods of time, most notably the one in Atlanta.

This all seemed to occur around the time that the EO came out on Human Trafficking and corruption. Here is my light bulb moment - when has this happened in the last 2-3 days???? Have we heard of any aircraft turned around or airports being shut down???? I haven't.

The image I had was of people who had been involved with human trafficking and corruption had tried to flee the country and all of them were nabbed - which sent a very powerful message to the rest of the bad actors who were going to do the same thing to not do it or else.

Its weird how those activities (aircraft being turned around, airports being shut down) seemed to become normal at the time they happened!

7b7b54 No.17735


We do give them power, control, and wealth. I remember seeing a chart along the lines of "The Illusion of Choice" showing how all of your food choices in the market comes from a small handful of mega-corps. We keep buying and they keep benefiting from us not paying attention.

ecc1c4 No.17736


You lot are beyond help.

508a25 No.17737


I am the destroyer of "Flies". Killed 2 already tonight.

691474 No.17738

File: bd0d7623e866067⋯.jpg (50.69 KB, 750x600, 5:4, e2ae3434-61a5-4f5a-b235-d3….jpg)



https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

c6cf5c No.17739

File: 5dc871c7812ea7f⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 618x618, 1:1, 95a5151acb35b0d13c914dc2d1….jpg)

c3d90f No.17740


That is disinfo and not true moron!

cb9025 No.17741


How is Jamal these days?

d2495b No.17742



ce4407 No.17743


theologyfag here - we are not in the times of Revelation. The church will be raptured out at Rev4:1.

cf098a No.17744



When the clovvn central got taken down, it was in control of Potus. He is turning it off as it dies out.

Where is Anderson Cooper?

Where is his GANNETT (owned by Weinstein) Now?

36f854 No.17745

File: 88c83f026ba169b⋯.png (52.28 KB, 713x381, 713:381, BIG TIME.png)



4112b1 No.17746


Wouldn't think we are anon to No Such Agency. Maybe to each other and others tho.

"Who has all the information?"

b8a198 No.17747


You just made a offer for anons to come join the Pro team.

Who would that be exactly? I mean the mission was to red-pill the normies to the Great Awakening. That pretty much seems to have happened. So the CIA steering this board to investigate even more corruption, does not really make sense to me.

But that logic aside, I would like to know more about this elite team that you represent and what your mission is?

I mean, if Q is no more, what is the point of your team doing anything at all? Right?

179749 No.17748


I will say this before and I will say this again. Why the hell would you have a 3 hour private meeting with your mortal enemy shortly before said mortal enemy files a lawsuit against you for Russian collusion.

It's called TROLLING the other side.

Where have you been the last 5 years? Not paying attention to the news clearly.

610a62 No.17749


Well shit, then I must thank you for coming to this obscure message board and saving our souls against this ‘Q’ character… wew, that was close.

41ee9a No.17750


How many indictments are there now has anybody checked?

16cf6a No.17752


Agreed…my tits are too big to fit in camera range and my dik swings to the right! FFS…Im having a feking Q crisis in my life right now!! Why can't everyone UNDERSTAND and accept what we are doing!!! Fukkkkkk

3dd834 No.17754

Tu ys stop givin

1eb33b No.17756


Go back and suck on Davey's micro-dick.

14f307 No.17757



nah its ok 43 is a go

they wouldn't even start without having 100% on the whole thing.

this goes way back

691474 No.17758

File: a7e3c21c254fb10⋯.jpg (24.69 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 593320fd-482a-4d70-bfcd-39….jpg)

058cba No.17759

File: 59321f2bfc77078⋯.jpg (774.76 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, owillissb.jpg)


We're getting there but don't forget about Shareblue. They have an active disinformation and doxxing effort typically focused on /pol but undoubtedly here now.

A lot of the Brock people are looking at prison time so you can be sure they will be here and have their minions here in sheer desperation (albeit not entirely stupid, either).

c3d90f No.17760


Rosenstein, Sessions, Q, Trump all protecting AMALGAMATED BANK and Rothschild, private Federal Reserve banks. They are only going after non FEd reserve banks.

Details here


2e903f No.17761


Wilson, Booker, McCain, Wasserman-Schultz, Harris, etc… Is this… Christmas?

2d0054 No.17762


Right - I think we have to look at the people that are connected to the water deals & LC. Trying to figure that now

26314c No.17763


Saw it.

Moot shill chaud.

a8c28a No.17764

File: d2bb950ca0628b0⋯.png (659.26 KB, 900x732, 75:61, ClipboardImage.png)


Very artistic. you get one (1) kek.

56b159 No.17765


Take your xanax geez

1507b2 No.17766


Why would the twitter msg be in EST and the Q post in EDT ?

16cf6a No.17767



How are deeez Nutz these days?

315f2d No.17768


so it started with marker [0]?did it go 0-1-5-10-15-10-5-1-waiting on second [0]?

c3d90f No.17769


Look at this again.

3e617f No.17770



FALSE - Jeb! 100% did not hire Steele or have this angle. It was standard campaign poop research. Only Clinton and pals got that going. This isn’t remotely disputed so not sure where you got this from.

a48d8e No.17771


Nope, the graphic on the left is totally legit. It is displaying the correct EST time just as written. I was around at that time and took the same screenshot. I'm EST, so no calculations were needed on my part. I verified this with another textAnon.

See for yourself with the Raw Text Q Dump


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Keep digging, anon! Courage!

a8c28a No.17772


Haven't seen that face since quad. Oh my…

4f6885 No.17774

File: 95f6b59e8d96118⋯.jpeg (40.7 KB, 299x160, 299:160, 8749938472625234923492834….jpeg)

Namefags are anon at this time

26314c No.17775


Lols, stahp it, my cheeks hurt.

953600 No.17776


Maybe you need to do more research than just wiki…I did. It’s also a byproduct of copper and nickel extraction processes. And why are there so many mining companies selling it if it’s so rare? And relatively recently.

20782d No.17777


To learn more, read:


c85363 No.17778


No, anon. That's not how daylight savings time works.

c3d90f No.17779


Quinn has NEVER been on this forum.

c8eacf No.17780


Please break out one of the lisp memes, just one. I really loved thosth

b79317 No.17782


jag alskar dig anon

c3d90f No.17784


Who is not coming back?

71fd5f No.17785


naw, i meant.. ive read Q posts& didnt read any callouts by him referring to TB or RP. only thing i remember was the he had no comms w/ any1 outside the chans... but that was directed to BOs lying

any hoot, moving on, watevs.

1e22cc No.17786

File: a6345697bd9389e⋯.png (399.15 KB, 800x977, 800:977, wirelessEmergencyAlerts.png)


Coming Soon To A Device Near YOU

cf098a No.17788


Looking at the shillfactor tonight, I say they are here already!

Hope they get lethal injection - or they can come to visit me, I own land w/pig farm, backhoe, and am proficient with my sawed off dbl 12ga.

2ec4f5 No.17789


Did they end up showing up later in the day, or do we know?

753618 No.17790

File: 3449db270ea0368⋯.jpg (58.64 KB, 500x568, 125:142, drain.jpg)


I noticed they just seemed to pop out of thin air so we must be doing something right. It's like /b/ is just fucking with us, though. That's how dumb these fuckers are.

41ee9a No.17792

I make it a personal point to ignore ANYONE who is trying to misdirect me from my mission in research here… so the trolls…you are wasting your time. Go collect your $ and visit the storm! We heard they are missing you.

c3d90f No.17793


Spreadsheet anon exposed.


4bd914 No.17795


maybe i'll get a cell phone..


324c27 No.17796


tits or GTFO

06162e No.17797



c2f9f5 No.17799

Is the big credit our Big week?

SEOUL, South Korea – President Trump deserves “big credit” for kicking off the first talks between Pyongyang and Seoul in more than two years, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Wednesday.

daa20a No.17800


Holy fuck, anon, thank you.



I'm speechless.

160397 No.17801

File: 1bd286764b3f567⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 347x346, 347:346, readme.jpg)


>Please memers and spreaders, it's our duty to shape the narrative.

This is a good time to discuss this topic

Target audience

It's not enough to just slap words on an image in Impact font.

It's not enough to make fun of SJWs and their imbecility.

It's not enough to point out the vapidity and hypocrisy.

That's not the job we were given.

None of that helps POTUS.


We could keep making witty, biting memes making fun of liberals, but that does not break their conditioning nor bring them over to support POTUS' programs.

What doesn't work?

>attacking the label

>attacking ideals

Liberals identify so strongly with their labels and ideals that when those are attacked (or challenged), they take it as an attack on their very identity, their very person. This is why no amount of logic or facts work to "convert" them. Ever.

We have to be savvy.

So what DOES work?

Advertisers and educators know what works. They use psychology and marketing tricks. They have found a winning formula and they stick with it.

>catch phrases/hashtags

>identify target's wants/needs

>identify target's fears/insecurities

>group identity markers

For this particular campaign, the pressure points are

>those they looked up to violated certain cardinal tenets of the ideals

→ Meryl Streep empowered RAPE CULTURE

……→ strong woman? enabled women to be oppressed by ebil "white" men!!

→ Spielberg participated in RAPE CULTURE


>being lied to by those they trusted

They have been made fools of, taken advantage of

→these people treated them like they are fools and idiots

no one likes that. Exploit the native resentment and bitterness (they are already bitter people)

Do you see where this is going?

Find a pressure point, apply pressure, but do it from THEIR SIDE, from their own native viewpoint

<Meryl Streep is a pedophile enabler, a rape culture apologist!

<All these years I read WaPo to find out how Bezos worked with X and took me for a ride all this time!

They love boycotts. Let's help them.

They love being loud and angry. Let's throw some wood on that fire.

They love being offended and outraged. Oh look! There's a bunch more wood for that bonfire.

Lite it up lads, we can do this. And if we are really good at it, they will never realize their opinions were altered by denizens of the darkest, dankest corner of teh interwebz.

c3d90f No.17802


Your cheeks hurt from being exposed?

efdca5 No.17803


Shilling much? They don't like to say his name because he got soldiers killed when he sang like a bird as a prisoner during Vietnam. Daddy in politics set McCain up in politics and covered for him. Birds sing when they are caged.

e6adf3 No.17804


Holy shit. I forgot all about that. That wass so fucking fucked up…..God Damn.

16168a No.17805

Been waiting on this for a while. Kek


>https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

753618 No.17807

File: ba8d3fb1f1a07f5⋯.jpg (1015.71 KB, 2400x1634, 1200:817, 21e32c3c1a76bf6bb27acf5892….jpg)


They're shilling for their dead boards and the ones who arent are just spraying noise and textual excrement. Is this going to need to culminate to creating yet another board. Boards are expendable. We can shed them like snakeskin.

c6cf5c No.17808

File: 97816f10dd89627⋯.jpg (11.45 KB, 246x369, 2:3, 3859406_370.jpg)

Remember clownfags!





Hang em high!

a8c28a No.17811

File: 9b45a817bd1c257⋯.png (393.92 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

. >>17780

This guy is better looking and never been convicted. Prolly smarter too.

7b7b54 No.17812


The last number I can find in the relatively short time I searched is just shy of 9,300 stated Dec. 31st.

c3d90f No.17813


STFU clown DEFANGO nigger!

16cf6a No.17814


Tits too big how bout lil dik pic? FFS…I fuk s up and said "husband"…I broke Anon rule and deserve the "tits" comments…BFFS…

dc268b No.17815


NO your arrowed supposedly equal times are NOT CORRECT! EDT + 4 = GMT, and EST + 5 = GMT, NOT the other way around as you have it in the graphic!

Go back and start over.

26314c No.17817


See ‘WaterFix’ - California

Resnicks of ‘The Wonderful Company’

They own Fiji Water and almond farms CA.

Trump takes exagerated drink on camera.

Fiji has a brutal junta supported by Resnicks.

Fiji is known for human trafficking.

cb5741 No.17818

>Caught On Video: Harvey Weinstein Attacked At Restaurant


About time..

41ee9a No.17819

Hahha Weinstein got bitchslapped

http:/ /www.magapill.com/o/harvey-weinstein-gets-pimp-slapped.htm

c3d90f No.17820

9853da No.17821

Jeffery R


What else?

c98a4b No.17822


Bless you anon

1e22cc No.17823


>he got soldiers killed when he

< Johnny Wetstart

>mfw USS Forrestal

c06b30 No.17824

File: c190b87c5965d80⋯.png (50.41 KB, 628x310, 314:155, 1115.png)


You can change live twitter settings to whatever (but not EDT unless Daylight Savings Time is active). In the trumptwitterarchive it shows proper. Here is twitter GMT. All this has been hashed out in [0] marker board. But, might as well add to graphic if that's not clear to us anons.

b5ef2f No.17826




You are correct.

3dd834 No.17827


<I hit enter instead of delete.

Guys stop giving these shills fuel. Don't click On their YouTube links which will increase their view counts. Use hooktube. Even let's you DL for future shiteposting memedumps.

It's simple.

Instead of youtube.com/watch?v=_mS6LH6V_0U

Use hooktube.com/_mS6LH6V_0U

Everything after the "v="

c3d90f No.17828


Because the clown niggers mix truth with lies..

315f2d No.17829


your phonefagging a friend not husband,stay anonymous, show him this too

https:// twitter. com/hashtag/SealedIndictments?src=hash

41ee9a No.17830



64be66 No.17831

File: 6d6959716064f12⋯.png (41.38 KB, 609x323, 609:323, 1515638152406.png)

037187 No.17832


https:// qcodefag.github.io/?

a8c28a No.17833


Related to that guy up in Canada, eh?

c6cf5c No.17834


Obama Foundation

Muslim Brotherhood

507e95 No.17836

What if they are spamming so hard , to fill the bread, to jack the next bake, to pull a ban session, to bust up this board. Do we have a secure baker on board lined up , not a concern fag, but concerned

099dfd No.17837



>non-public identity information concerning known unconsenting United States persons

WTF does unconsenting US persons mean??

4f6885 No.17838


this board is good so far, but yes expendable. I watch the logs and so far these guys are doing a very good job. You are correct about the shills. I'm trying to stay low key, but effective.

c06b30 No.17839


correction [0] marker thread in /qresearch board

here -→ >>618

c3d90f No.17840


What we pros do is expose the smoke and mirrors of the clowns. Get it?

10dd24 No.17842

wtf in here tonight?… somone let the children in.

Loop is proving hotter than we ever thought.

The shit we be finding is attracting clown flies

fuckin' groids … oh well back to it

hey, is there bread with 'the wives' research islolated? I do not yet see one

20782d No.17843



1035ec No.17844


c8eacf No.17846


Hahaha who ever came up with the lisp-to-text is an unsung hero of CBTS

c3d90f No.17847


Langley was raided.

efdca5 No.17848


Click on the triangle on the left by the word Anonymous. Filter ID

4112b1 No.17850


You're welcome! Glad I could help!

Your husband is a twit! You'll have the last laugh when it breaks! Hold the line soldier!

1eb33b No.17851



0055b9 No.17852


Lerk moar.

c3d90f No.17853


You are the fly and we destroy your lies.

26314c No.17854


This is hilarious trollsauce shilling tonight!

I like it, means we’re closer to the target.

16cf6a No.17855


TY Anon…been at this for so long & slipped. I'm going to sleep and wake up Anonymous tomorrow.

64be66 No.17856


Thanks, Eminem.

548ed3 No.17858

I was looking forward to a contested divorce between Huma and her Weiner.


efdeda No.17859


means they weren't down with that shit!

a8c28a No.17860


Yeah, it's a battle without blood so far I think. Will they pay them all too?

c5b259 No.17861


Map currently has 43 confirmed connections.

Could refer to #43, Dubya

242f9a No.17862

File: 21d4062efda3e9c⋯.png (151.66 KB, 797x599, 797:599, mueller.png)


any shill mentioning Q not addressing Mueller

>cannot fucking read

9be134 No.17863


There were two exaggerated drinks. I don't remember the first too well. The second, he was wearing a purple tie and drank the water with both hands. That meant he was going to consume them, and he was wearing purple to mean the purple color revolution people e.g. Soros.

cb9025 No.17864


Are you retarded?

65cee6 No.17865

File: 18ef81b6f155a12⋯.jpeg (744.29 KB, 1000x660, 50:33, serveimage.jpeg)

8d35e0 No.17866

Any LOOP CAPITAL researchers that would be willing to take a look? A second pair of eyes would be helpful….




c3d90f No.17867


Admiral Rogers was in charge of cbts before he was fired and clowns took over Q trip-code. All new Q posts are clown posts.


41ee9a No.17868

Unsealed indictment..

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-executive-managing-director-och-ziff-capital-management-indicted-defrauding-client-and

1e22cc No.17869


>maybe i'll get a cell phone..

you don't get it do you

>mfw EAS WEA will hit all communications devices not just smartphonz

10e1c4 No.17870

Both Julian and Q had 10 days of Darkness


b5ef2f No.17871


Trump doesn't even know who they are, so it won't affect him like it did slick willie.

4f6885 No.17872


I recall we figured this one out way back. For the life of me, I can't remember what it was.

753618 No.17873


The ones who already admitted to being paid to slander the president? Here's the difference, the ones touched by (((dems))) are real.

9be134 No.17874


As noted, while they're married they cannot be forced to testify against each other. That's become important enough for Huma to stay married, apparently.

508a25 No.17875


I bet it is…. I've been watching the same thing….

d2495b No.17876


Yes, Yes they are.

efdca5 No.17877


Click Add filter first then ID

953600 No.17878


Mueller is one of “our guys”

a1b8e9 No.17879


In the spirit of multiple meanings, 43 is also GWB.

753618 No.17880


most of them already admitted to being paid.

942ce4 No.17881


Water main break at JFK - 1/7/18

Airport computer glitch effecting customs/international service across US and several other parts of the world (some chatter I can recall about Turkish airports) - 1/4/18

ATL/London flight turned around TWICE 1/3/18

730d54 No.17882

File: 0ed5fd44000efcf⋯.png (129.17 KB, 1007x418, 53:22, IMG_1609.PNG)

Sitting in circular position plus Kelly = "Q"?

b937c8 No.17883


Someone posted a list of Congress people that didn't come back after break and didn't follow up confirming how they knew they werent coming back. Was that legit or no??

091891 No.17884

File: de83291a84d2934⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 200x200, 1:1, SSanon.jpg)


Q anon Sub-Reddit Team KEK

Is there anything more cringe than you normie fags.

befb16 No.17885


Some are here doing serious work. Take your pot smoking and fuck off.

508a25 No.17886


I think you meant the other anon..

f03986 No.17887





it's a Presidential Memorandum, not EO.


Apparently, Pres Trump signed 3 of them yesterday. This article explains what they are, and how they differ from EOs.


4f6885 No.17888


iirc Q said Trump was fine if he did not break any laws regarding Mueller

993d4c No.17889

41ee9a No.17890

File: 171519c9ba514b3⋯.png (821.78 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 53189BE8-2D65-4F7E-8AC6-04….png)

548ed3 No.17891

Trump has charged ICE to vigorously enforce the law. Dems voting base is shrinking.


daa20a No.17892


It means people who's information was unmasked by the intelligence community. As it stands only foreigners are allowed to be surveilled due to the fact the constitution does not grant them rights. The surveillance apparatus is being abused by the IC to violate American's rights. This EO is a step in the right direction.

753618 No.17893


It's ALWAYS a black, brown or a soyboy.

Never anybody normal doing this shit.


cb9025 No.17894


Are you also retarded? My God, some of you need sleep.

4bd914 No.17895


it was a bad attempt at being "silly" i am not "silly" i won't attempt to be again–

(i do better digging–i'll keep to that)

befb16 No.17896


No proof of this.

1eb33b No.17898


This proves my point.

Trump is not worried about Mueller.

cf098a No.17899


Why go after a bank that is going to become property seizure in the near future anyway?

USE you brain! Think like a winner….

b8a198 No.17900


That is obvious.

I am just waiting to hear the stellar argument about how we are supposed to abandon this board and follow fame whores that say Q has been fake for months.

This logic makes no sense to me.

Why would the CIA co-op the board?

Why not just shut it down or getting Q to say; "POTUS has failed us, all is lost!." That seems much more effective to me.

Most normies are only going to adsorb 5% of what we dig/meme up on this board.

They all just mostly want hope.

I don't see how staying here, and continuing to dig/meme some how defeats our purpose. Sorry mind went spinning off trying to contemplate sheer stupidity.

b8502f No.17901

Wikileaks post on Assange


bab7f6 No.17902


So the last incident was 3 days ago. That's my point. It has quietened down a lot.

993d4c No.17903


You are a fool he refers to him twice he asks us why did Muller meet with the president first and also what is Muller's background Muller has been gathering information All Along on uranium one shut the fuk up and go home

37c1b4 No.17904

The thread is taking a pounding.

Anons… take a water/food break.

Don't engage.

92264a No.17905


>no comprende

Who are you talking to? I asked a specific question…and he is clearly avoiding. Why? He only is responding and attacking.



>Too busy shitposting and can't even answer direct questions? I thought you were trying to get pple on board with your theories? You have no good strategy. This tells me you are not worth listening to even if their is a strand of truth in your posts.

753618 No.17906


No, Trump is just innocent of when he's being accused of. Would they be digging this long and this hard if he wasnt? Why wouldnt he want them to look stupid in the end? Mueller's stupidity looks like he's on our side, but he's not, he's just stupid.

ccca89 No.17907


I have been following this since late November when this gets shill heavy it’s always a set of bigotfags like this one that run the show real patriots ask yourself something have you ever seen 1 productive digging post that included ni_er or ke what does the enemy try to paint every patriot as? Why do they fill every single tread with this bigot crap? So when the shit hits the fan they can paint Q and us as a bunch of racists IT WON’T work POTUS will save the black community from the cabal prison forever thank God

315f2d No.17908


means they were told lies and didn't know about their bad programs they ran.We were in a War and didn't even know it,the enemy within.

d2495b No.17909


Marines have had control on Langley and NSA. Old news anon

5aa086 No.17910


43 pumping stations between completed phase 1 and phase 2 of Keystone pipeline (wiki).

dd0563 No.17911

File: 3d07b3c01d3baaa⋯.png (3.62 MB, 4168x7168, 521:896, MAP.png)



I'll post this again in case the night crew hasn't seen it, originally posted earlier.

Contains new thoughts on a few of these points.

8d35e0 No.17912


I forgot to include PART 4 >>17897

1035ec No.17913

Holy shit… Legit Happening! Shit is about to get real

a8c28a No.17914


I start filtering by Post +. If I see continued fookery, I bumpt it to ID. If I know a bunch of rubes are going to answer, I go ID+

4f6885 No.17915


I believe you are correct

been on this since day one

every reference to that was not confirmed

1e22cc No.17917


no worries anon

emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds

cogito ergo dubito ergo sum

keep diggin

f58cc5 No.17918

File: d56459654f9d30c⋯.png (91.06 KB, 234x1064, 117:532, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at ….png)


yeah… real normie here, I've made more original art than you've downloaded from google images faggot

1035ec No.17920

WikiLeaks‏Verified account


Following Following @wikileaks


Note on recent press: UK gov claims that it will arrest Assange because he changed his house arrest location without permission. A max $5,000 or 3 months penalty, not valid & long spent. Assange already served more than 14x the max under UK sentencing (house arrest = 50% time).

b5ef2f No.17921



1d4df2 No.17922

File: 5b61813f544999e⋯.png (213.5 KB, 924x1686, 154:281, 1515639527687.png)

26314c No.17924



*I was looking for Loop deficated board too.

65cee6 No.17925

File: ac77ddd86d51c53⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 800x528, 50:33, fisaWarrant.jpg)

sorry wrong image

c8eacf No.17926

File: a4b576fbc300864⋯.jpg (112.46 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 227qav.jpg)

4f6885 No.17927


ID is all you need

1eb33b No.17928


>follow fame whores

This sums it up.

Famewhores aren't able to famewhore off of Q anymore.

So naturally, Q must be fake and we need to follow famewhores to read the real truth that the real Q wants us to read.

It was/is all about twatter/youtube followers to those assholes.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

db8f06 No.17929


Valerie Jarrett

cf098a No.17931

Q said NoSuch is in control the day after reports.

Confirmation enough for me. Even though other reports were out.

So if you work for them, sorry about your paycheck - they lied!


610a62 No.17932

File: e1734da45404a35⋯.png (3.9 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 3B08AA6E-CD8A-41D9-8D64-9B….png)

DEATH to satanic pedos.

b8a198 No.17933


Again who are these "pros" you speak of? The Power Rangers??

d2495b No.17934


Proof was Q telling us Patriots have full control

953600 No.17935


That’s why i put quotes…he’s not an insider but POTUS doesn’t have to worry, POTUS is well insulated

10a5c9 No.17936

Is Killary detained? Billy tweets something for the first time this year, something about being "detained," then Killary retweets a slash job book about the Destruction of Killary?

What kind of unstable troll got ahold of her twatter?

Bill Clinton

Verified account


Jan 8


A free press is critical to a free society—the detention of journalists anywhere is unacceptable. The Reuters journalists being held in Myanmar should be released immediately.

Hillary Clinton Retweeted

Melville House

Verified account


Jan 9


Today, the amazing @SusanBordo's THE DESTRUCTION OF HILLARY CLINTON is out in paperback! We're celebrating with this excerpt. Pulling punches isn't exactly Susan's thing — thank goodness.

a795fa No.17937


the queston is, why isn't bannon mentioned, is he really an enemy leaker that Trump despises?, if so, why hasn't q ever mention him?

1eb33b No.17938


Yes. That proves my point.

Trump isn't concerned with Mueller.

And neither is Q.

942ce4 No.17940


Maybe the rest of the scum no longer have access to air travel b/c Q got their shit together in that matter.

cf098a No.17942


Even by 'tonights shillstandard' that was before shills say Q is fake. So either way, someone don't want to listen to reality.

993d4c No.17944


No. He isn't.

You'll see.

1eb33b No.17945


>he's just stupid

Summed up in three words.

Nicely done, anon.

26314c No.17946


University Chicago elements are blocking the Obama Executive library. They’d rather keep their park and a nice neighborhood.

dc268b No.17947


NOT NOT NOT "Coming Soon To A Device Near YOU"!!!!!

Geeze can people here read for shit?! That article is dated 2016, read the fucking graphic, and refers to January 20 2017 NOT 2018. WTF.

a8c28a No.17949



41ee9a No.17950

cb1e1e No.17952



Coeur Mining, Inc. is a well-diversified, growing precious metals producer with six mines in the Americas employing approximately 2,300 people. Coeur’s wholly-owned operations include the Palmarejo silver-gold complex in Mexico, the Silvertip silver-zinc-lead mine in British Columbia, the Rochester silver-gold mine in Nevada, the Kensington gold mine in Alaska, the Wharf gold mine in South Dakota, and the San Bartolomé silver mine in Bolivia. In addition, the Company owns the La Preciosa project in Mexico, a silver-gold exploration stage project. Coeur conducts exploration activities in North and South America.

92264a No.17953

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The Post - Steven Spielberg directs Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks (I feel sick…sigh)

>Thank you Anon. Good post. I barely got through the first sentences and already realize the (((games))) that are being played.

These are real live WAR CYBER WAR GAMES


2ec4f5 No.17954


When was Adm Rogers fired?

c6cf5c No.17955


Comey and Clinton set-up Mueller to take the fall.



41ee9a No.17957



753618 No.17958


If Trump was worried, he'd have him taken out some how. The fact is that Trump isn't guilty of what they are accusing him of and they cant just falsify evidence because pats will sniff it out and expose it on the internet, but Mueller can't stop digging because he's being controlled by total psycho idealogues.

c98a4b No.17959

179749 No.17962


seriously... use your brain and figure out what is going on. disinfo from trump camp on all sides. 3 hr meeting w/ Trump via Mueller right before incitement filed. Many other details prove dis info campaign.


091891 No.17963


>me me look at me i am so important

>im not the famefag on youtube btw

You make 'art' we make memes - post some of your art nigger i bet its fucking shit

1035ec No.17964

Julian Assange obtiene la nacionalidad ecuatoriana

On the Twatter, Just now!!!!!!

993d4c No.17965


MUELLER made a deal to exonerate himself from his crimes on 9/11 he's been playing the left since day one he's a registered Republican he was part of the Republican team and Trump knows it and Trump's used it against him and said buddy you better work for me why do you think he let all those fools get involved you think Robert Muller for a second didn't know how dirty these people are why hasn't he brought one single charge why isn't he found one single thing you're full of it

507e95 No.17966


He wasnt, but did announce his retirement in the Spring , date to be announced

242f9a No.17967


Admiral Rogers was not fired.

announced retirement

>probably because he will be giving testimony

on the cabal

753618 No.17968


Who don't know when to fold and walk away from the card table*

1eb33b No.17969


Have we misjudged lil Kim?

He sounds like /ourguy/.

10a5c9 No.17971


There were 16 absent from the Congress today, 3 from the Senate.

1e22cc No.17973


If we suppose that Mueller isn't on the Trump Team


the group he gathered for the investigation are all rabid anti-Trump

if they can't find anything that will stick nobody can

no better way to get a clean bill of health than from your enemy who is forced to admit there is no foul play

26314c No.17974


Yes take a drama nap.

You’ll feel less shilly in the morning.

41ee9a No.17975



063440 No.17976


Let's wargame that theory for a second.

You are ADM R (assuming he is heading Q) and you are 'fired.'. Then people use the trip code you also know to try and hijack your movement.

Because of how trips work, it should be pretty easy for you to go around and show people that the trip is compromised. Or anyone else in the Q group. … Starting to see the problem with this theory?

Now… You could say that they just threatened you with your life… But knowing who these people are, do you really play along with that? Or are you saying that you are built of such cheap moral fiber that you would abandon your allies to the enemy?

If you believe people are so easily persuaded, then you are in the wrong place and are more of a danger to those who would take you as an ally than you are holed up in a private bunker. Go hole up in a bunker and save your own skin. Stop trying to spread paranoia among the ranks because you have a confidence problem.

179749 No.17977


Admr. Rogers is the one ultimately behind everything. Sad to see him go but let the great ships sail into the night.

85b426 No.17980

File: 91c1d9682ab8615⋯.png (292.35 KB, 636x476, 159:119, beatenwith-shovel.png)

I love when memes make themselves.


953600 No.17981


You just don’t understand then

4f6885 No.17983


speculation, but good. Probably have even more on him.

d2495b No.17984


Shut the fuck up. KJU is a clown actor, he may want out. But it's too late. He just knows his fate like all the other clowns

a8c28a No.17985


It is truly Q101 for just left normielanders. If I wasn't amped up on NoS... They need a manager. Maybe some of them can go on the voice or something? They need a little zip. If you get my drift.

But they are catching on... I am not watching, just listening. (Don't hate- spying is my life)

1035ec No.17986

Assange did it. Q proven legit again.

c8eacf No.17987

1d4df2 No.17989


Disinfo is necessary.

179749 No.17990


This is exactly what happened. I have no knowledge of a "deal" but he's been playing the left

1035ec No.17991

f58cc5 No.17992

File: 31052ab0874bcca⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1584x1296, 11:9, HAPPY_NEW_YEAR_AUTISTS_rev….jpg)


here was one faggot

753618 No.17993


No, because he's threatening my president. Fuck what he said about past presidents, he also hates this one. He's a bastard and fucking communist. Don't understand the "best korea" meme when Kim stands in front of a hammer and sickle.

31fcad No.17994


This is right on target. Shills kicked into high gear when it was first posted.

Pray we can figure out the rest.

993d4c No.17996



Unless Trump flip them and said you're going to work for us you never heard of an informant working for the cops

cf098a No.17997


Sweet shovel of justice…

Please put pig-shit in shovel first…

160397 No.17998



You're welcome, it's something that has been needing to be said for a while. Memes are okay for us, but need to target the right audience and have the right effect. Maybe put this in the Meme library threads?

1eb33b No.17999


>Brock people are looking at prison time

Sadly given all the sex they will be enjoying in prison, I think maybe Brock's gang is looking forward to it.

Can we have firing squad instead?

dcc05b No.18000


I missed this, somehow.

Thanks for reposting it.

c5b259 No.18001


Nice dig, anon

59af10 No.18002


If you had any answers, you would have posted them. Filtered

942ce4 No.18003



Not only is it the anniversary of this capability, it's also the anniversary of POTUS inauguration.

753618 No.18004


That's some nuclear butthurt you got there, son.

4f6885 No.18005

File: 454a447e18d8328⋯.jpeg (39.56 KB, 302x162, 151:81, 8749938472625234923492834….jpeg)

Is it just me or has the shilling dropped somewhat

c6dee0 No.18006


Not quite there yet. The third temple needs to be rebuilt in Jerusalem.

1035ec No.18008

Q might ask……

Who just got an Ecuadorian Passport?

2ec4f5 No.18009


Seeing ppl talking about this on twit now...

Show me the Q post.

953600 No.18010


Mueller and Sloppy Steve are part of the same “As the world turns” disinformation propaganda for POTUS

efdca5 No.18011


LOL Sounds like Little Rocket Man knows how to assign names too

22bdc5 No.18012

Thats one of the best I've seen>>17925

a8c28a No.18013


And additional note over 600 listeners. fuuug.

f58cc5 No.18015

File: ea236f607bba9d3⋯.png (267.07 KB, 855x539, 855:539, Munk_was_in_control.png)

507e95 No.18018


Oh, I dont think he will be done, I think he is retiring from the Navy to take a post in the Gov, you know like the other retired military that is on staff of our GEOTUS

a8c28a No.18019


Im filtering so hard I can't tell, honestly.

7c857f No.18020


because it's ironically best Korea, anon

993d4c No.18021



How do you know what I know or don't know?

Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.

Remember you heard it here first.

Now go jackoff and hit the sack.

The adults are talking now.

41ee9a No.18022


Wishful thinking

967d29 No.18023


Zero is what Larry calls Obama

179749 No.18024


sure is…. gotta be smart to divide what's going on between the two camps. the ones they go crazy about on either side is usually the effective one for the other camp.

f58cc5 No.18025

File: 9fcc575d8f708e8⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1718x996, 859:498, Clowns_CIA.png)

753618 No.18027


/pol/ unironically defends it against our president, but that's irrelevant here.

92264a No.18028


Clearly a full analysis of this movie would be helpful. It states it's "based on a true story"

>which means many normies and people not paying attention aka not WOKE - will BELIEVE 100% of this - as that's how (((they))) feed their narrative and false educate all Americans.

daa20a No.18029

File: 7ff4cd12d5fb7df⋯.jpg (16.83 KB, 480x360, 4:3, scaredshill.jpg)

1eb33b No.18030


I'd be happy to send the relevant Q post to your husband.

Tell your husband that my fee for this service is the low price of one picture of your tits, or his actively removing you from this board.

Glad I can be of help.

fea9b9 No.18032


Search JP Morgen, Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and note the connections to Warburgs, Lazards, and the Vatican.

Who owned the Titanic?

When did it sink?

Were Guggenheim and Astor the only Fed opponents on that ship?

Who declined their invitations?

How old and how deep is this rabbit hole?

81b7ff No.18033


>Former US missionary gets 40 years for child sexual abuse

>An Arkansas man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually abusing children while working as a missionary in Haiti.

>A U.S. Department of Justice news release says 36-year-old Daniel Pye was sentenced Wednesday. He was convicted in November of three counts of traveling in foreign commerce with the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

>Pye operated an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti, from 2006 to 2012. He became well-known among missionaries and helped coordinate relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake. Authorities say Pye regularly abused female residents of his orphanage, including girls as young as 6.

This sick fucker was sentenced today. Arkansas native, coordinated efforts in Haiti after earthquake. Have there been solid connections made to CF, Laura Silsby, etc. made? Good for redpilling I'm sure.

bfadda No.18035

File: b7d72d03f0206b2⋯.jpeg (149.43 KB, 1080x817, 1080:817, 1515637328.jpeg)

b195b0 No.18036


It's bad.

I have no q team message prepared nor considered.

41ee9a No.18037

Going to need a baker soon

af7f7c No.18038


Good advice. I hope meme makers will listen up. I'll repost this in meme threads.

f46632 No.18039

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I know this is off topic but Oprah Winfrey gets hit by a mudslide straight after she announces shes thinking about a 2020 run for Prez?


Btw I'm anti theist but I see this as a sign for her not to run against Trump.

Notice how everyone who goes against Trump gets destroyed? There's serious woo woo going on around him for sure.

cf07a2 No.18040


Tom Hanks – is he a baby raper too?

a8c28a No.18041

No Beanz, or Corsi. which is why audience is half as big. It was very basic stuff, and a little dry... they might get it together if they keep it up. talking about every other evening.


160397 No.18042



Gentlemen, you can find all the other threads on this board here:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.html

Bookmark it!

there is definitely a Follow the wives thread and a Loop Capital thread as well as some other good ones.

Also, while you're in the catalog, check out the Resource Library - there is a post that has a ton of free research tools for you to use when digging.

953600 No.18043


It was Mueller who disclosed the text messages.

f24806 No.18044


Especially those who were exposed conspiring to commit murder of ~1000 people who were critical of Hillary Clinton. In addition to David Brock, they include:

Elliot Fink

Connor Shaw

Elizabeth Kim

2ec4f5 No.18045

So, on here and on twit, the new push is that Adm Rogers was fired (no, he is resigning when his replacement is confirmed)

And when Q switched trips, everything fake since then.

26b4c2 No.18046

DEFCON[-1] Board is comped.

TOR posting banned?

2d0054 No.18047

File: 7d97180b2c22c19⋯.jpg (101.98 KB, 564x927, 188:309, Capture3.JPG)

File: 841ab84a81ea5ed⋯.jpg (99.66 KB, 566x943, 566:943, Capture2.JPG)

File: 97570127f973c12⋯.jpg (90.15 KB, 574x901, 574:901, Capture1.JPG)

File: 20cd73300e64da7⋯.jpg (60.22 KB, 551x572, 551:572, Capture.JPG)

Loop deals 2010 & 2011

41ee9a No.18048



715318 No.18050

Same with my wife. I don't even try to inform her anymore. SHe is not down with Q


a8c28a No.18051


Want some real fun, start making PP memes or some right to life stuff. They will come UN GLUED!

753618 No.18052

File: 53e1590c0cbe9f6⋯.png (120.08 KB, 213x233, 213:233, lol.png)


That's the Trump Curse at work, babeh

f58cc5 No.18053

File: fde750369ec361b⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1462x1534, 731:767, Comey_Boot_Fixed.png)

File: b75847f177625d1⋯.png (3.69 MB, 1670x1360, 167:136, Merry_Christmas_Q.png)

File: 81073d435e158f3⋯.png (2.53 MB, 1480x1112, 185:139, Merry_Christmas_Q_You.png)

179749 No.18054


good catch

personally believe trump is divinely appointed and divinely protected. Look at things Trump has done in Israel including declaration and western wall.

993d4c No.18055

File: 2aa997843868aec⋯.jpg (98.7 KB, 675x723, 225:241, ZomboMeme 10012018224814.jpg)


For you

26b4c2 No.18057


Board comp'd

160397 No.18058


Thank you, and I hope they do too. And thank you for all the hard work you do. It's really appreciated!

cf098a No.18059


Even Mud is on Trumps side!

a795fa No.18060


robert duuuuuuhniro

4f6885 No.18061

26b4c2 No.18064

Migrate to /covfefe/

b195b0 No.18066


I don't think this really is Corsi's dig.

Wayne Madsen is the guy for that job over there.

Oh wait, they broke up long ago.

dcc05b No.18067


GG, spook

78d243 No.18068




^^stumbled across this post 8 or so hours ago , i read the document from the CIA reading room discussing the Gateway Process , dated June 1983

>read it , read it again , went to sleep , reading it again now

if you read it , keep telling yourself; CIA , Army , 1983 (almost 35 years)

https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf

>they have known about this for a very long time , question everything ,

>and I want to do that week long course. 1 WEEK , think about that after you read it, one fucking week.

2018 is going to be GLORIOUS MEGA

753618 No.18069


How? Trump has the authority to fire the bastard if he wants to.

942ce4 No.18072


Maybe this helps?


099dfd No.18073


>Apparently, Pres Trump signed 3 of them yesterday

Check the date on the article… a year ago

Worthwhile read though for discussion of EO v memorandum

cb9025 No.18074


<posting proof of your asshurt

f58cc5 No.18075

File: 8f5eba172610d4a⋯.png (2.92 MB, 1944x1426, 972:713, Truman_Show_Hows_It_Going_….png)

File: 11321cc6b9ce6c4⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1422x1042, 711:521, Truman_Show_Santa_Claus.png)

993d4c No.18076

d95c13 No.18077

if you see me at the border i got visas in my name

infowars. com/ecuador-issues-assange-a-passport-as-plan-develops-to-remove-him-from-london-safely/

1507b2 No.18079

Problem GMT vs. EST

For those who want to lookup timeDifferences in GMT (DJT tweets vs. Q posts) here is the GMT list:


Corresponding EST list is a bit different due to the DST switch Nov 5th, for comparison:


1eb33b No.18080



Since Trump knows that Trump is clean, he's letting Mueller and his team of asshole lefty partisan cunts whatever they need to do.

1035ec No.18083


thanks much Patriot

3dd834 No.18084

Anyone have deets on Phoenix Program to take down ISIS and Betsy DeVos brother Erik Prince?

He says the strategy is to go after the funders. Which is exactly what Potus did. This was discussed back in Jan 17 2017

Follow the money?

Related article from the intercept. Only attempted to be archived a month ago despite being a year old article.

Is the intercept anti-Trump? We should have a map of all anti-Trump media…

41ee9a No.18086

Think God is destroying modern day sodom and Gomorrah California right before our eyes…

92264a No.18087

File: 78530a49dd1ae07⋯.png (822.68 KB, 1000x775, 40:31, something is very strange.png)

Something is…


It's like everyone is talking to themselves.

No one is engaging in each others posts.

I RARELY see that.

b195b0 No.18088


Totally agree, Dude, when it was not popular to do so. Deep State's last hope: Mueller.

f58cc5 No.18089


not weally faggot just that you are nothing more than a keyboard jockey who has no clue

a8c28a No.18090

File: c581c618c8335b0⋯.png (263.25 KB, 610x358, 305:179, ClipboardImage.png)


You thaid lithp.

953600 No.18092


Oh yea of little faith

http:// www.infomine.com/investment/iridium/

08b0b4 No.18093

File: ca6cfa449523beb⋯.jpg (11.64 KB, 160x241, 160:241, 95A1D085-3FB3-4984-84FB-39….jpg)


>It will . . . not MAY . . . will lead to Zero.


>Zero is the key in his Twatter…very interesting


>Loop capital funds the global crime syndicates. This is the Q message decoded.

b8502f No.18095

Dec 19 2017 01:02:51



ID: c07cfc




NAT_SEC_A,H,H, L, B, E, classified Cdg-23k




JUSTICE_FED_J[1-4]_remove + appellate


Could this be freedom for presidents 1-43?

BO being the 44th and getting locked up?

26314c No.18097


I know your syntax.

Why aren’t you back on your namefag board?

31fcad No.18099


This id from >>>/cbts/151134

Reviewing the timeline & players behind the Dossier.

>CLAS: 1-12>


>CLAS: 1-4 PAY>


>CLAS: 1-9>




Seems that CLAS-1 and CLAS-2 are US Senators,

and are two of the four that paid for the Dossier.

dcc05b No.18100


I thought the same thing.

Maybe it's in hopeful anticipation of some new crumbs?

1eb33b No.18101



I was joking ladies.

I know lil Kim is a mental.

Lighten up.

993d4c No.18102


You obviously are not student of History.

You have no idea about covert politics.

You don't understand allegiances and how they work.

You definitely don't understand Trump.

You probably don't even understand yourself.

Watch and learn.

I only say things that are true.

Lying is for rookies and clowns of which I am neither Punk

160397 No.18103


mah new desktop!! Still love it

a795fa No.18104


"stupid is as stupid does"

0f088b No.18105




Q Research General #21: HOLD THE LINE Edition

Tagging :::








2d0054 No.18106

File: c57dc1722f7193b⋯.jpg (103.37 KB, 544x959, 544:959, Capture2.JPG)

File: 9d9e09b887c8586⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 577x937, 577:937, Capture1.JPG)

File: e89348bca6edce9⋯.jpg (96.2 KB, 566x937, 566:937, Capture.JPG)

File: 94e6cd5ee9e2a86⋯.jpg (79.81 KB, 428x763, 428:763, Capture3.JPG)

Loop deals 2012

753618 No.18108


post the full pic but spoiler it?

315f2d No.18109


No doubt God is helping POTUS from our prayers, does everyone see it,if you're evil or bad karma will get you,these people are falling like flies

063440 No.18114


Do you know how trip codes work? If I know a trip code, I can post under it. Cracking a trip code doesn't mean I can exclude you from it... It means we both can use it.

Kind of like a Bitcoin wallet. If you and I both somehow get the same private address, then we can both send and receive bitcoins from the same wallet. Though the odds of this are effectively zero as there are more possible Bitcoin addresses than atoms in the visible universe.

So... If I crack your trip code - you can post under it just as I can. If Q's second trip has been compromised, it would take a physical detainment of everyone who knows it to keep them from posting under it from literally any internet enabled device.

If we have lost that thoroughly, then just go drink some bleach and check out of this doomed world, as nothing your dumb ass could think of or do is going to be able to change the procedural destruction and consumption of our society.

544e7b No.18115





Here is a text file



Some on this list may have legitimate absence. The list came from Roll Calls: Representative on 1/8/18 and the 2 Senators from 1/10/18


Quite a few Republicans... Hope this stops the "Democrats are Evil" crap.


Phamphlet Anon is being called PA


Roll Call from 1/8/18 for Reps, 1/10 for senators

d2495b No.18120


Don't say stupid shit. Jokes should contain humor . You just sound stupid

26314c No.18121



31fcad No.18125




>What if No Such Agency alerted May to the kill plan per POTUS?

>What if the attempt was ordered by ++?


>FREEDOM Caucus?


cb9025 No.18126


You took time out of your life to create that. You go to an unindexed board on a "dead" imageboard to show your contempt for all of us. That's like knocking on someone's door just to tell them you don't like them.

3dd834 No.18134


<Forgot to post article link. Being a superfag today…

Anyone have deets on Phoenix Program to take down ISIS and Betsy DeVos brother Erik Prince?

He says the strategy is to go after the funders. Which is exactly what Potus did. This was discussed back in Jan 17 2017

Follow the money?


Related article from the intercept. Only attempted to be archived a month ago despite being a year old article.

Is the intercept anti-Trump? We should have a map of all anti-Trump media…

cf098a No.18136


Damn ! She got Pepe all over herself….

544e7b No.18137


What am I doing wrong? I tried 3 times to post the text file. It goes to 100% and sits there. I tried Word, RTF, Text file. I think it doesn't like my format. Please advise.

c7fa41 No.19444


Excellent work

2023f2 No.19479

I don't understand why we haven't heard from Q. He said that things were going to be moving really fast, no time to waste, lots to drop…

Now has his own board and nothing??

Has something happened again with his trip?

What is going on?

6d20c7 No.19490


Kristi Noem from SD posted a live video earlier today. On a topic that was announced today do I don't think it was pre-recorded.

Not sure why she's not in DC doing her job though.

Just going to keep an eye on this.

2023f2 No.19515

File: 08eeeed2d7b212b⋯.png (411.59 KB, 484x611, 484:611, ClipboardImage.png)


Hmmm! Interesting! I saw this earlier today on the Dod twitter…

249a37 No.19613

File: 8f80c3788d524c8⋯.jpg (218.42 KB, 1200x769, 1200:769, 79f3aadc9e7e629910fa4b6b7e….jpg)


249a37 No.19615

File: 821c90eaeb26214⋯.jpg (118.66 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, DS9jXXqUMAErF3C.jpg)

249a37 No.19620

File: 320d4a04ac03938⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1466x1150, 733:575, 320d4a04ac03938dc8e5eef83e….png)

249a37 No.19622

File: 3c8e216d1b7f53e⋯.jpg (122.32 KB, 712x709, 712:709, a43b29c8dd6af29cc73702a809….jpg)

249a37 No.19625

File: 239c1c1c8aaed07⋯.gif (8.89 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 8efd5665c0e7bb9ddace1d7395….gif)

249a37 No.19630

File: 1887e02cb4b555c⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 650x434, 325:217, f4b775b3295cae21201b8e2277….jpg)

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