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Pro Aris et Focis

File: e4bdc71384717e0⋯.jpg (284.52 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

443279 No.21606


Every White Hat and Good Heart that have put their lives on the line for our future will be respected.

That includes Q. There will be no doubt sowed against his word, there will be no delegitimizing of valiant efforts.




Shill, go piss in the sea of a thousand other boards.

Patriots, We have work to do.

This is /qresearch/ after-all.




Rule 0: Keep this board private as best you can. Normies must keep to other platforms for board efficiency. It's not the end of the world to slip up sometimes, but please try your best.

Rule 1: Easy on the reports. Shills will post and that is a part of 8chan. If we are having a large attack by shills, they will be taken care of, otherwise, we will ingore your report if it's just someone who you think is an idiot. Learn to spot bait/shills and IGNORE it, as stated in the first few posts of every bread we've baked, did you miss it? Be vigilant.

Rule 2: Famefagging prohibited. You can do that absolutely anywhere else. Just keep it off this board. Lets not make Q jump ship again.

Rule 3: NSFW content is NOT allowed. Open a new tab ya' wankers.

Rule 4: Doxxing will result in a perma ban. We take threats of doxxing seriously. I don't even want to see you doxxing yourself!

Rule 5: When a thread is unstickied, do not keep bumping it. You are sliding other threads down the pages by doing this. You will recieve a short ban upon breaking this rule.






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443279 No.21609




Shill Alert! Man your battle stations! We have these LOSERS by the ropes (literally). I wanna see these boards fill up with USEFUL CONSTRUCTIVE INFORMATION. Godspeed PATRIOTS.





<Like it or not, we’re all playing 4D chess now. Each and every one of us.

<So how does one make sure the public is never again turned into sheeple?

<You teach them how to play 4D chess.

<You teach them how to play the Game of Thrones.




Prayer Requests: >>16785

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

Stay positive and loving. Try it at least. Hate only brings darkness.

bdd5c0 No.21639

File: 589b9b6a769819c⋯.png (120.79 KB, 749x794, 749:794, IMG_3362.PNG)

File: 42e1837bdd54c4d⋯.png (69.61 KB, 750x561, 250:187, IMG_3361.PNG)

In case no one called it out- Trump had a 10 marker this morning. 3:33-3:43am (pst)

Second message says Quinnipiac poll. Q pol? Sorry if we are past this

9246c9 No.21690

File: 6a34a5e6f52a2ca⋯.png (81.92 KB, 670x363, 670:363, screenshot_358.png)

BREAKING NEWS: Ecuador confirms that Julian Assange has become a citizen of the country and requests a 'dignified and just' solution with Britain

www.dailymail. co.uk/news/article-5259297/Ecuador-confirms-Julian-Assange-citizen.html

cd0a58 No.21691







f1d5e2 No.21693

Can someone point me to any Q post about Malaysia MH370 flight?

I want to try and make a connection.

170b0e No.21694

not liking how this FISA vote is playing out.

"Corrupt bastards in D.C. - including GOP - will pass FISA bill because they are part of the Swamp. Give Intel anything they want so they can use it to spy on Americans. Trump gets spied on, then advocates FISA. Not bright on this one. You can't punish a child by giving them toys."

twitter. com/Thomas1774Paine/status/951487024070103040

NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake Statement on Surveillance Legislation

At this late hour (with all the fear mongering by national security authorities pushing to reauthorize and expand an unconstitutional warrantless surveillance program), unless the Amash-Lofgren Amendment is passed, Congress may end up passing a bill (S. 139) that actually gives criminal suspects more Fourth Amendment protections than innocent people.

I urge all Americans who care about their privacy rights protected by the Fourth Amendment to call their Representative in Congress and tell them to vote for the Amash-Lofgren amendment instead and the proposed USA RIGHTS Act.

The USA RIGHTS Act reforms Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) by ending the pernicious and pervasive mass surveillance practice that licenses the secret backdoor warrantless searches and data mining of US person calls, emails, texts and other Internet and digital communications under the cover and color of spying on foreign targets.

I blew the whistle right after 9/11 on the original mass domestic warrantless electronic surveillance program known as STELLARWIND, and its secret subversion of privacy rights protected by the Constitution and paid a very high price for doing so.

This reauthorization bill just further codifies and expands the mass surveillance regime under the guise of protecting people by stripping their privacy protections.

National security does not trump our inalienable rights as a people, especially when the government want to “collect it all to know it all” and bypass the rule of law for secret executive rules to keep us safe from ourselves using legislative acts to make it all legal.

www. accuracy.org/nsa-whistleblower-thomas-drake-statement-on-surveillance-legislation

ce121e No.21698

I'm sure its been mentioned but today is human trafficking awareness day

8db69e No.21699

File: 4cb1ecfc087f510⋯.gif (92.18 KB, 750x980, 75:98, antigravitywg010.gif)

Crystal Clear



0b83ed No.21700

File: d3ff2a6bc804157⋯.jpg (27.63 KB, 473x355, 473:355, takkfor.jpg)

89ec41 No.21702


No chance this is true.

No chance they "outsource" a delicate OP to dismantle the global Cabal to us retards. To think so is to miss the point of the exercise, and is bordering on delusions of grandeur.

Also, no offense, but the board here has been little to no help with all the recent things I have solved. It's 90% either shills, or newfags who are weeks behind in their understanding. Most of the quality work from other anons has all been great research being done, primarily on LOOP. There are a few others that are making OK progress with MAP analysis, but not many. The puzzles that took so long for me to solve, are actually painfully simple now that I look back on them. Anyone with formal training in cryptography, intelligence analysis, communication methods etc. Would probably have solved them almost in real time. We do not bring that skillset or value AT ALL.

The puzzles are to prove correlation of information while events are secretly unfolding, enabling people to point back to verify the deeper context as events are confirmed.

Our role in the OP is psyops. POTUS understands the undercurrent of conspiracy theorizing, red-pills, etc. and understood we would be a massive force generating memes and information. He understands how easy and valuable it would be for the Cabal (Clowns) to compromise us and string us along with partial truths and false narratives. At that point, we would be a force for bad.

So, instead he encodes information that only the aforementioned group would dig into and find / accept. This guides us in our digging and memeing, and allows us to be a backing choir for the POTUS, in harmony with his overall OP, rather than getting fed disinfo and causing disharmony.

cd0a58 No.21703

File: 9544853d5ef7a9b⋯.jpg (64.67 KB, 751x544, 751:544, TrumpFisa.JPG)


Next post 4:33 -10

9246c9 No.21707

File: fb79440244efeab⋯.png (533.79 KB, 1271x886, 1271:886, screenshot_359.png)

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange granted Ecuadorian citizenship

www.foxnews. com/world/2018/01/11/wikileaks-founder-julian-assange-granted-ecuadorian-citizenship.html

e57879 No.21710


>Looking at Q posts every day and comparing them to POTUS tweets is very time consuming. Is this worth pursuing?

Yes. >>>/thestorm/21574

> >>21481

>Graphic form for each correlation a MUST.

>This will be the AUTH tool you use when all of this becomes public to provide friends, family, others.

>Do you think POTUS re-tweeted MAGA PILL for no reason?

>We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

>We believe in you.

ccbf9b No.21711

Tremendous digits that last thread. KEK is here.

d65f99 No.21713

File: 74fae7a461ecb05⋯.png (61.5 KB, 789x386, 789:386, Screenshot_12.png)

Did you guys catch this? I just saw it.

3ae245 No.21714


I don't think this is quite it.

Q is currently 'our mentor' - and Trump our leader. When is a map useful? Why would timing be a part of it?

A group of children on a world with no trees watch their teacher plant a seed. He tells them of what it will grow into and that it will take time. Sadly, he is found still the next morning and, himself, buried. Students begin to argue if the tree was real, or just a lesson the teacher was never able to finish. Will it ever give them this 'fruit' he spoke of?

But... He taught them to read and to interpret diagrams. In the old books of the world forgotten, trees are described and their growth stages documented. Every budding leaf and arcing branch stands to vindicate the words of the teacher years after he has left. By the time the flowers for the fruit appear, even the most staunch of skeptics will be forced to admit that the seed had a purpose and the teacher knew what he was talking about. There will be fruit and it should be just as the book describes, when the book says it will appear.

Mind opsec. Don't need bots sniffing around the translation of that parable.

3a7377 No.21716



fd14b1 No.21717

Can Q still post in /greatawakening if it is locked?

cacbc4 No.21719


The times should read



: >>21703


all EST times

66ca18 No.21724


They already have.

7f3bd8 No.21725


He's the BO there. It's not locked for him.

3a7377 No.21726

File: b680967447bcc6f⋯.jpg (109.13 KB, 774x809, 774:809, 96ff9d6da4d0653cd17d15fe3d….jpg)



4ca0d6 No.21727


I thought the understanding was that the 'time markers' were suppose to be between Q post and POTUS' tweets, not between Potus' tweets? Or is it both?

b4da85 No.21728




This also means that "average Americans" have had a direct hand in Draining the swamp, and bringing criminals to Justice. A true collaboration and consensus between the People and their elected Executive Representative. This is a unique time in history that we are making happen.

..So all of you concern fags can think of it that way, when you ask yourself: Why am I here?

bdc97d No.21729


>POTUS understands the undercurrent of conspiracy theorizing, red-pills, etc. and understood we would be a massive force generating memes and information.

I sure don't know what our purpose is…but I do know that I have learned SO MUCH in these few months that I had no idea was going on in our own gov and worldwide. This has opened my eyes! And for that, I am grateful, even if I'm of no use whatsoever in the grand plan here.

3a7377 No.21732


That, is part of the grand plan.

cd0a58 No.21733


Mueller /ourguy

b39f42 No.21735

File: 0aed26088e7d139⋯.png (223.93 KB, 450x438, 75:73, Stuck in the Middle with Q.png)

Borrowed image from previous thread.

30da83 No.21737

File: 11a756b3ea8f552⋯.png (5.92 MB, 3000x2413, 3000:2413, IWOREEEEEEE.png)

cd0a58 No.21738

File: c360d2c283d994f⋯.jpg (25.33 KB, 407x317, 407:317, GREEAT.JPG)


Yes, correct.

7abeeb No.21744

File: c3791522e50af87⋯.png (114.52 KB, 1332x644, 333:161, MI #1.PNG)

I'm going to post these again. I appreciate all the work going into figuring shit out - but I feel in my gut that we overthink things too much.

Q WANTS us to figure this stuff out.

Q WANTS us to be able to read the map.

I know Q said there are double meanings for some things - but EVERYTHING?! I don't think so. These posts I kept from the start of this on the other chan. Maybe someone working here now will understand them more than me… But here they are again.

a9310d No.21745


9f1dda No.21748

Any anons feeling a bit uneasy about the contradictions in the news (from POTUS admin) vs. what's being told here via Q?

For example - NK talks (pretending like NK is even a sovereign nation or that we're even talking to them) or how the CIA director said no deep state has ever existed.

If Q is all about truth, why are they still putting out lies?

Maybe getting people the TRUTH isn't the objective at all.

Also a bit narcissistic to think people can't handle the truth. People can handle anything, especially the truth.

I believe in Q, his crumbs and definitely POTUS but all this double speak is concerning.

Just needed to play devils advocate a bit.

Cheers anon.

e46928 No.21751


outsourcing is likely to find things not yet found, make connections not yet made.

we are here to serve.

8db69e No.21752

File: ac5d1800307ef6c⋯.gif (42.46 KB, 1218x417, 406:139, antigravitywg013.gif)


The Planetary Grid System shown on the reverse side was inspired by an original article by Christopher Bird, “Planetary Grid,” published in New Age Journal #5, May 1975, pp. 36-41.

The hexakis icosahedron grid, coordinate calculations, and point classification system are the original research of Bethe Hagens and William

S. Becker. These materials are distributed with permission of the authors by Conservative Technology Intl. in cooperation with Governors State University, Division of Intercultural Studies, University Park, Illinois 60466 312/534-5000 x2455.

4d87f8 No.21755

Where are we supposed to send the normies, it's missing from the top?

4ca0d6 No.21756

File: d547fcc2728f13b⋯.png (47.16 KB, 576x491, 576:491, KimDotcom.png)


Kim's tweet right above that one…

"I don't really know why it's taken this long into the investigation for it to turn its attention to actual evidence of the hack"

db35cd No.21758

We lost the FISA vote

Go figure

d6c1a3 No.21759


I think the time diff between Q and POTUS were to train us.

If that is true

Then the twat at 6:33 has a message for us.

The twat at 6:43 is to confirm message is in twat that occurred at 6:33. Also twat(6:43) has Q in it to double confirm message/comm in twat 6:33.

Now what that comm/message is I don't know.

992946 No.21760


Looks like my pastebin link is being used in the TOOLS FOR RESEARCH section "All DJT tweets after 10/27: pastebin.com/PnVUATb4"

I didn't expect it to be used so it was not from a logged in account to allow updating. Here is the new one. I will update it daily.

https:// pastebin.com/UfNbiyMK

Please use this in the batter instead of the old link.

a9310d No.21762


nice so I was not banned.

Tanks to the Mods deleting the shills and counter measures.

I found filling the thread with /pol content would drive away the shills and normies.

How did you guys perceive it?

cd0a58 No.21764


Trump always knew about the 400lb hacker in the basement.

e38e9f No.21766



I think it's bigger than that. We need to look at all posts/tweets from a 40,000 ft view.

The very first day Q posted there was a [0] marker.

Day 2 there was a 12 hour marker

Day 3 there was a 6 hour, 11 hour and 12 hour marker.

I haven't got to anymore of it. There has to be a larger pattern/sequence we are missing.

From the resources, I am using didtrumptweetit.com and this spreadsheet - anonfile.com/t4Pcvbd5b9/Q_Data_Set_-_Minute_Edition.xlsx

Can anyone help?

e46928 No.21769


EXACTLY my thoughts, anon.

Infowars "Zaq" = shill

ZUMA was shot down/blown up.

Elon Musk = bad actor

4d87f8 No.21770


I was banned but it wasn't my post so my other browser must be using the same VPN IP which is what the shills do so they can keep posting

0fff9d No.21772


Then leave

b638ac No.21774

File: b548e904f6a80bf⋯.png (357.2 KB, 596x431, 596:431, ClipboardImage.png)

is this taken from the movie risk?

4ca0d6 No.21775

>>21713 Also, does Mueller hiring Ryan Dickey to lead the cybercrime investigation into DNC hack 'prove' Mueller is indeed /ourguy/?

a9310d No.21776



was /qresreach confirmation, was deleted to reduce awareness of /qresreach

bc618e No.21778

File: bba5b87d3a23b5f⋯.png (712.86 KB, 1333x1193, 1333:1193, decoding Q 2.png)

File: 34668cc4d63a422⋯.jpg (114.12 KB, 728x637, 8:7, how to read Qs posts.jpg)


>Q WANTS us to figure this stuff out.


These have gotten lost in the fray, but are very handy.

9246c9 No.21779


Must be because he's still at the Ecuador Embassy

e57879 No.21780


>How did you guys perceive it?

Probably didn't, because filtering.

Generally, though, posting "junk" here would seem to be … counterproductive.

Why not just let autists have a quiet & comfy work environment?

71750d No.21781



cant wait til we get to this stuff!

cd0a58 No.21782

File: 282a360e9367dfe⋯.jpg (47.44 KB, 1393x523, 1393:523, NKLithium.JPG)


Musk and Lithium and Frank Giustra and Clinton Foundation

06b2ec No.21784

Has this been mentioned?

bloomberg.com /news/articles/2018-01-11/wal-mart-raises-u-s-hourly-wage-to-11-in-wake-of-tax-overhaul

d65f99 No.21786



I think so.

2d8ccd No.21787

Would it be too much of a stretch of imagination to imagine that since early November 2017 kinetic tungsten rods (booming all over the place) have been falling on very naughty elites that have built bunkers leaving them with fewer places to hide? Or just wishful thinking?

99ab30 No.21789


This. Delta between tweets is means to keep us informed of a plans progress.

fbef88 No.21790

File: d1f9029f4e3e93a⋯.jpg (99.38 KB, 604x643, 604:643, azimuthal-map.jpg)

A literal map on a circular plane?

66ca18 No.21791



Yeah I've been saying that since we heard that Zuma was a "total loss" and so many anons said I was nuts and were cheering EM on like he was their hero when we know that he's the real Rocket Man.

0c9859 No.21792


What evidence does Kim have?

e46928 No.21793


do your own search, anon.

here, this will get you started:

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

control/f = search field

e57879 No.21798


>These have gotten lost in the fray, but are very handy.

But those were deciphered in November.

Messages are different, now.

Current focus is on time deltas between Q posts and DJT tweets.

170b0e No.21799


that's a big let down for me. It's not a good bill. See Thomas Drakes thoughts.

0b83ed No.21801


[0] put on Greenwich (observatory) ?

337e8c No.21802


OMG, the world IS flat! Sorry couldn't resist ;)

f1d5e2 No.21803


I've done that, several times. All combinations I could think up turned up nothing, but I recall it being discussed a while back.

Can anyone please help? Or give me a keyword to search?

8f0312 No.21804

Morning anons !

Going through the things from last night: What's up with this in the batter (Notable Posts):

>[0] Maker Graphic -> >>19465 Proof Real vs >>19603 Proof Fake (which is it?)

"Proof real" and "proof fake" ?? WTF?

I've checked post & tweet and they appear an hour apart. Have we now gone to ignoring hours to find markers, when before for all markers hours & minutes were relevant?

a9310d No.21806


productive was could not be done because at around 03:00 GTM and 04:00 GTM Normies and Shills where spaming /qresearch.

During that time Q does his first apperance so all eyes are on us.

Go back to threads #20 #21 nothing but spamtext from normies

71750d No.21807


AFAIK deep state just means a group of sleaze balls from high up in every organization that work together to do evil shit and cover for each other. Not like an actual organization.

cd0a58 No.21810

File: ea0988e9ffadc25⋯.jpg (45.68 KB, 591x465, 197:155, Flowchart Map.JPG)

OK, news unlocks map.

I'm thinking like this.

7c602d No.21811


Yep, I posted that yesterday when the photo first started circulating. Watch Risk if you haven't already.

bc618e No.21812


>Current focus is on

Maybe for you and a few others, but a large portion of Q's posts haven't been understood satisfactorily.

Those graphics are helpful for others who are attempting to understand Q's posts. And there are a lot of Q posts.

cacbc4 No.21813


If Trump signs it, I am then giving up on Q and this whole hope of taking down the deep state. FISA is deep state it is against We the People and is against our Constitution.

I have been here since the beginning

e57879 No.21814


>Go back to threads #20 #21 nothing but spamtext from normies

Yeah, was there. Gale force shilling, during LOOP and CLOCK posting.

d65f99 No.21815


Someone else probably knows more than I do, but I believe the info was transferred fron DNC servers to a USB drive, then through MEGA to Wikileaks.

4ca0d6 No.21816


Kim has claimed to have knowledge of Seth Rich's murder for a long time!

24b3b3 No.21818


Perhaps the message at this point was simply confirmation of how it works so we will be ready for it in future?

fabc2e No.21820


point me please

3ae245 No.21821


I think the issue was Daylight Savings Time. I remember that coming up last night.

Not sure if it is relevant or just autists arguing over autism…. But that might give people a clue as to how things are getting fuckered up with the times. Though it was only one tweet where this would have been relevant.

f69419 No.21823

Why would Drudge twat only the single word Mueller?



10m10 minutes ago


44 replies 58 retweets 64 likes

0fff9d No.21824

Whomever is responsible for the meme log, thank you.

It's absolutely brilliant.

cd0a58 No.21825

File: 4b84336481bff1a⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 462x453, 154:151, RothschildBlvd.JPG)

Let's keep in mind. Maybe Q posted on chan platform because Rothschild and Soros connections expose Zionist agenda, which is chan territory…hmmm

Move the Embassy from Tel Aviv (financial center) to Jerusalem (spiritual center)

8db69e No.21828

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


KEYSTONES in megalithic structures

(you find these kind of keystone fabrications worldwide in ancient structures)

7634f8 No.21829

Hey Guise and Gals.

I have a couple of new rules I would like to implement starting immediately.

1. No calling each other faggot or nigger. It is very degrading and methinks had led a few of you to actually becoming gay.

2. Generation names are no longer allowed. This is about being a Patriot not when you were born. Terms like Gen-Xr and Boomer will no longer fly around here.

3. Mentioning Political Party affiliation is counter-productive and no longer permitted. Both parties are corrupt so stop wasting bandwith with terms such as demonrat and republitard. Nuff said.

Please feel free to add to the list and I look forward to a speedy implementation and immediate compliance.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to a more civil and educated forum.

89ec41 No.21830


There are various methodologies that you could consider based on these comments, including the spider web / 43 connections approach.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, I have found that it is amazing how much you will learn if you just literally go back and re-read the MAP, in it's entirety, every single day while keeping any recent events in mind.

The "circle" flow is a sort of intelligence analysis process. You are collecting more data (DJT tweets, news releases, new Q drops) then going back and re-analyzing your intelligence data set to look for more correlations.

Most days you will find something you haven't thought of before, see something in a new light, or be reminded of something you (and maybe everyone) had totally forgot.

Each a trip around the circle reveals more and more, gradually red-pilling you and slowly confirming what is disinfo (or misunderstood previously) and what is confirmed info.

b39f42 No.21831


>that parable.

This is why I love this place, as exasperating as it is sometimes. You're making my point for me, where else would you find thinking as disparate as this?

And to your excellent parable, yes, these efforts will, already are, bearing fruits. Thanks.

170b0e No.21833


Been here since day 1 also and I am no shill

I tend to agree with you

Rand Paul says he will Filibuster

bill in current form is deep state at it's finest

I hope POTUS has a damn good answer for this

3094fb No.21836

File: 9bb11fe4af72db8⋯.png (246.74 KB, 697x653, 697:653, Capture _2018-01-11-10-52-….png)

71750d No.21837


Aren’t embassies generally In Capital cities? Jerusalem is the real capital of Israel.

bc618e No.21839


In graphic form, what this anon was doing? >>21778 (not mine, but helpful)

460344 No.21842

BREAKING NEWS: House votes to reauthorize FISA.

71750d No.21844


Nomchrissy tiegen is a tranny and no more naked oprah plz

4ca0d6 No.21845


PLEASE ban sensitivity faggots for shitting up the board with their BS 'muh feelings'! ffs Get a fucking life!

9246c9 No.21846


Are you kidding me after all this!

d6c1a3 No.21848


Negative. That's what the consensual vs consequential twats were for.

The 6:33 twat is in Q style. That twat is the message. Maybe info coming out about the dossier and DNC? Idk what the message is but I know it is one for us.

443279 No.21849


4. No retarded attempts to impose snowflakey rules on anons. Only faggots, millennial scumbags, and 3-letter niggers want to corral discussion and enforce "compliance".

Fuck you.

99ab30 No.21850


Heads up, search using all lowercase letters. If you start with a capital it will search as Whole Match. Useful for stringers.

cda05d No.21851

File: ba060f572183d80⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1987, 1080:1987, 20180111_105205.png)

omaze . com

the primary donation page foe Aids RED day…started by

Magic Johnson who partners with…


all those fucking smug Hollywood fucks begging us to fund it all

460344 No.21853


According to this:



BREAKING: Multiple people shot in Ellenville, NY (Ulster County). Schools on lock-down. Massive police response. #DEVELOPING


99ab30 No.21854


You're thinking right

cd0a58 No.21855


I think it's an actual image.

1=2 2=4 4=8



0100=4 etc.

Binary machine language produces image on screen by lighting pixel on map.

0b83ed No.21857

File: 28f230bfad8d8c7⋯.jpg (32.47 KB, 503x377, 503:377, rulez.jpg)

a8c560 No.21858


It's simple math anons

It's consensual and consequential

9246c9 No.21859



24b3b3 No.21860


You must be new here. There is no safe space here for you.

If you are offended so easily by words then this isn't the place for you.

d82362 No.21861

File: 21fabd77b98de6c⋯.png (17.04 KB, 101x115, 101:115, ClipboardImage.png)


Photo has been shopped

4ca0d6 No.21862


Next that faggot will want to pass out crayons and bunny rabbits for their 'safe space'! WTF lol

9f1dda No.21863


Agreed. POTUS can say it's for foreigners only but we all know that's not true. Not like we can trust any three letter org to respect its own people.

It's the opposite of respecting the sovereignty of human beings.

7abeeb No.21864


But the MAP is the overall PICTURE of what is/has/will be happening…

The time deltas are what we are supposed to use as proof later that Q/POTUS are helping. us. That's how I understand it on a very basic level.

Which is all well and good, BUT we STILL don't understand fully HOW to read the MAP - and I think the simplistic overview I posted earlier from the other chan is the realistic basis for reading the MAP.

I think the BEST thing we've gained through this whole thing is opening our eyes and our minds to all the info already out there that proves what worthless vile evil corrupted shit goes on in our world! It opens our eyes and gets us out of our little boxed-in heads. The info shared and dug up has been AMAZING and eye-opening!

315915 No.21865


Here is criteria to prove Q: Successful prosecutions of the CABAL result. So far we see SA shakeup but tie to POTUS is sketchy at best. Lately we have seen many events supporting legislative victories and potential reduction in DJT legal problems. But indict and prosecute the US players in the CABAL, that is what most long for, and it remains elusive at this time. We hope sealed indictments are related. We long for some sign it is happening. Speculation of CABAL player captures is off the chart but has no current factual support. World events seem to contradict Q at times. Time will prove or disprove Q. If disproved, I hope we can all laugh like the gold miners in the Treasure of the Sierra Madre film when the gold they all worked so hard for was thrown to the wind. But if Q is proved true…what a moment in history to be a part of. The latter seems worth the gamble. What else you going to do in life that is potentially as important?

e46928 No.21867


yep. connects more dots.

(((their))) reach is vast.

99ab30 No.21868


Absolutely OnPoint.

bc618e No.21869

File: 5789f845354012e⋯.jpg (3.77 KB, 124x125, 124:125, 1471979953057s.jpg)

a576ab No.21871

how the fuck can u read that shitty font


30da83 No.21872


do you know if new posts will replace the number, or jump to next/follow chronology?

(sorry, confusing, i mean will next post be 7 then, or a new 6?)



4247ac No.21873


Ok faggot

b846a1 No.21874

File: 15af1367eca9f96⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 320x199, 320:199, jfk-illuminati-assassinati….jpg)



https:// www. veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

d152fb No.21875

Im telling you…the stuff that Dilley spilled today may mean something. It is bugging the shit out of me >>21867

d8f88b No.21876


No. The most powerful document on the planet is easily the Bible.

0c9859 No.21877


Hes not going to sign unless he gets what he wants that's how he works

saw this coming…. 5 steps ahead

these people are stupid

fc1a89 No.21878


Definitely. Hair and the bent leg near the pocket area. Someone used a blur tool to try to hide their work. Hopefully we see a real photo of him free soon.

8f0312 No.21880


So after this map, the Zero meridian goes through Germany ?

And it's an azimuthal map ? hahaha. ffs, are we doing (q related) research here or are we spreading around children's kaka ?

99ab30 No.21881


By ants?

1ac354 No.21882


Lurk moar, those "inappropriate" words mean something else.

e46928 No.21883


as i recall, Kim first received the download from Seth Rich, and then the info was sent to WL. he claims he was an intermediary, with direct link to SR.

460344 No.21884



b1c1c4 No.21885


Not worth abandoning Q over it. The nation does in fact need intelligence agencies, spies and all that stuff. FISA could be a good tool IF it is monitored and managed by decent people that respect the rights of the citizens. The corrupt fools that have been using it have not respected our rights. Maybe GEOTUS plans on putting in a White Hat to run it and all will be well.

b846a1 No.21886

File: b831700f0f408dc⋯.jpg (146.2 KB, 751x945, 751:945, obfujpl13a701.jpg)

File: 52b9c9aa7dc8eca⋯.jpg (71.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, sddefault.jpg)

d8f88b No.21887


Uh…thats not how it works.

You dont go into a bar and demand everyone to sober up and stop cursing.

Dont like it, get the fuck out.

7abeeb No.21888


YYYYEEEESSSSS! That's what I've been doing. The more you read and re-read from the beginning the more it all clicks together as you pay attention to the current news coming out…!

99ab30 No.21889


The process of reading the Qmap with knowledge of current news is what unlocks it.

Graphic is critical.

Future unlocks past.

9ad010 No.21890

File: 3ed543e4565e2d1⋯.jpg (691.13 KB, 1200x664, 150:83, CMSA_145_071114.jpg)

bc618e No.21891


> the simplistic overview I posted earlier from the other chan is the realistic basis for reading the MAP.

Yes. Mil-Intel anon would not have posted that for no reason. He also would not have said that is what Q wants from us for no reason.

Examples and tools to make them >>9200

For our understanding and also helping educate and calm the public.

It's amazing that for 2.5 months this many autists are still not getting it!

24b3b3 No.21892



Maybe it's for us to be ready for a Q drop later todaythen? Or an order for Q to do X.

4d87f8 No.21893

Whats the best reddit to send a normie? Anyone? there are a million of them

e57879 No.21894


>But the MAP is the overall PICTURE of what is/has/will be happening…

That was my initial guess, too. And may still be true.

But, today it occurred to me that the MAP may be of the Q comms team's REVEAL plan.

That is, the sequence of news stories that will be fed to Hannity, Carter, et al

Working from that hypothesis, it then becomes important to have corresponding memes ready.

This idea was discussed briefly yesterday, before the shilling hot heavy.

Decode the map, prepare the memes, distribute them when the corresponding news hits.

71893b No.21896

gpo. gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-115hr4478ih/pdf/BILLS-115hr4478ih.pdf

Amendment to H.R. 4478

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978

372c84 No.21897


_/q\_ was watching the board last nite ,did he/she drop @nything?????………../////////////////@y@\\\\\\\\\\\\\__________________

b1fd22 No.21898


"Appears there may be evidence"

Is huge

Is he telling us it a great big dis-info campaign and maybe there was NO FISA at all?

d8f88b No.21899

2 days left before the "BIG WEEK" ends.

c31237 No.21900


my concern is similar, we need full disclosure otherwise no matter the good intentions just think how this plays out in the future. if Q team and those with trump can dismantle a global cabal of this strength, that has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, what chance do us normal people have? its all well and good saying they are the "good" guys but how long until they are no longer looking out for the best interests of the people? i feel like we are digging our own graves here. i just hope they have contingencies in place for those that will inevitably be corrupted by the power they are about to receive once the cabal is taken down.

40551a No.21903


>I sure don't know what our purpose is

Know the past, anticipate the future, act in the present is a general principle to go by. When there's a long standing conspiracy consistent patterns will emerge, because complacency would set in after prolonged success of their operations. Also there's one vital thing to keep in mind that highlights their future ambitions: Data is the new oil, AI is the new gold rush. This means that most future strategies and policies will be massively focused towards the tech sector and intelligence agencies (much, much more than it is currently). After all it makes sense they would want to secure all information as an ultimate commodity in the future.

35818d No.21904


^^^^^^ Anon is right…

Q posted on Chans because he knew we despise political correctness.

(Proven by the lampshade Kike and such… )

Anons here are not scared of anything, we tell it like it is.

Q wanted us to spread and be interested in learning the truth, and damn naked truth is what you get here.

Not necessarily because we are smart, sometimes we be dumb as hell and fly off in strange directions, but it's a collective personality thing most anons here are proud of.

We are also (no kike pun intended here) 'the chosen ones' to explain to fellow normies for years to come about what happened while they were sleeping…

24b3b3 No.21905


How do you know that?

71750d No.21906

This is how you destroy a country from within. Poison the minds and spirit of the population. Everyone is programmed under a SPELL >>21874

7abeeb No.21909


Future unlocks past.

It all comes around full circle.

I just haven't figured out how to "predict" what actions come next. Have you? Or do we only get to figure that out as news comes out?

c7aaa4 No.21910

File: f21f7274690d555⋯.png (227.18 KB, 408x672, 17:28, ClipboardImage.png)

4ca0d6 No.21911

File: 45aebefa9bcd0fb⋯.jpg (44.43 KB, 480x278, 240:139, NOT how it works.jpg)

170b0e No.21912


passed 256-164

not even close

I feel like I've been sucker punched in the gut

b846a1 No.21913

File: 527fe9ea5c37287⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 620x280, 31:14, white-dragon-society2.jpg)

File: dabdce0cc6ee28a⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 307x205, 307:205, CCZsbv-UkAAd8-K.jpg)

9246c9 No.21914



460344 No.21915

Ecuador has granted citizenship to Julian Assange, says foreign ministry

Published time: 11 Jan, 2018 16:03

Edited time: 11 Jan, 2018 16:48


6b47e2 No.21917

File: 0d2056ddc19091d⋯.jpg (42.3 KB, 560x339, 560:339, Truman-on-the-CIA.jpg.w560….jpg)


How the fuck can we believe we are winning if this is what they are still voting for?? We have been working in loops and making maps while these clowns still run the circus. My apologies for being a concernfag but WTF???

What say you

< Q??

8f0312 No.21918


This issue hasto be solved, I agree. But how is referring to previous practice (i.e. hours also count) now considered "fake proof", and creatively ignoring hours now is "real proof". If I only go by the numbers (incl DST), it appears "real" has become "fake" now ? Wondering what infantile shill faggot put that line in the batter ?

0fff9d No.21919


I bet if I mention anything about them on Twitter, I'll be suicided in less than an hour

71750d No.21920


Yeah I think we get it anon…synagogue of Satan is well understood by now

db35cd No.21921


It can. I am trying to watch the other side and their perspective and can see how it might be bad, or at least exhaustive, so it can be put to bed. The other side is convinced that all the Russians living in trump towers, and some other items like that prove that he has "ties". they like to point to a large donation the RNC took 7.6 Mil(?) by someone with ties to Russia - scant details I need to research, yet they conventiently excuse all the CF money given often outright by governments in the billions that went where? to what?

I do understand the 4-10-20 concept of all the audits of Lop and every one else. One of the reasons McC and Obama (will) keep their foundations on university properties is it gives them immunity from certain audits and disclosure requirements.

3ae245 No.21922



Speak of the devil and there he will appear. They probably have a fucking bot that dings them when we start mentioning shills.

Anyway… I don't think these are "concern trolls." Remember that the groups like Agitorgs are still active even if their funding has been gimped. They can still sit around and play on the computer as a team without having to globe trot.

Watch how consistent and formulaic the posts are. It's like news media talking points. They go into various boards and work in shifts and to mild scripts to try and steer discussion. You will see one guy freak out and start screaming in caps lock about Q being a larp… And then not ten seconds after he is run out on a rail, you see a "wow, that guy was crazy… But seriously, guys, it's time for some habbenings. Our credibility is on the line!"

Just watch the pattern unfold. They have one or two actors try to induct more into their sentiment. Most of us are probably fairly hardened against it, but there are possibly some newer fags out there who are still a bit new to the song and dance.

b39f42 No.21923


>No chance this is true.


>No chance they "outsource" a delicate OP to dismantle the global Cabal to us retards.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Of course you are right. I was contending that it's possible they are using us for bulk data collection and winnowing out connections/names/etc. Not outsourcing the OP, but using us as an additional search resource.

Excellent precis of our work here, ty.

e57879 No.21924


>I have a couple of new rules I would like to implement starting immediately.

There are kids on my block who spend more time arguing about rules than playing the damn game.

In here, it's much easier … there's a Filter widget. I use it a lot

Just sayin'

71750d No.21926


Conspiracy is palatable to normies

372c84 No.21927


bc last nite he/she say's it's gone drop in /research/ board

e46928 No.21928


i don't recall ever seeing a Q post re the Malaysia flight, per se.

cda05d No.21929

File: 378797813755eab⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 921x499, 921:499, 22i72z.jpg)

File: 020ea02794bbd1a⋯.png (552.24 KB, 1078x585, 1078:585, 20180111_110033.png)


meme this shit

30da83 No.21930

File: e95a71041f4dab9⋯.jpg (78.45 KB, 1024x525, 1024:525, SKY_FORTRESS_ENGAGED_.jpg)




very much much very

>Expand your thinking.

>Re-read crumbs.

>Re-listen to yesterday's speech.

>Connect the 'markers.'

>News (in all forms) unlocks the map.

> Expand your thinking.

>The Great Awakening.


most important thing for newfags (and old, come to think of it):

>Re-read crumbs.

>Re-read crumbs.

>Re-read crumbs.

460344 No.21932


I am upset.

"The vote was 256-164 to extend the program, known as Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act."

WTF is going on!?

db35cd No.21934


I filter them at their first post since we can't trip. I looked to see if they said anything else, and decided they are def shilly, so clicky clicky the filter ID.

4ca0d6 No.21936

File: c5c3775f9469f2b⋯.png (307.44 KB, 670x336, 335:168, CIA William Casey.png)

08bc63 No.21938

File: 67f1792cf78ffd3⋯.png (63.4 KB, 1264x487, 1264:487, 55555.png)

File: d61547ee0ac7391⋯.png (7.25 KB, 608x119, 608:119, 44444.png)

File: 174b918cb76ea11⋯.png (47.97 KB, 700x182, 50:13, 33333.png)

File: e247bd814abde7d⋯.png (40.48 KB, 932x191, 932:191, 22222.png)

File: 986ac212bd07f8f⋯.png (51.54 KB, 1022x166, 511:83, 1111.png)

9ad010 No.21939

roy potter is shitting all over full chan hahaha

what is his deal ?

2f261b No.21940


I'm getting 404s on all

89ec41 No.21941



4ca0d6 No.21944



24b3b3 No.21945


Got a link to that one?

If it wasn't said on Q's board then it can't be verified unless it had Q's trip.

7abeeb No.21947


Hmmm… That makes some sense too.

Good direction. So the map is not for "predicting what/when things will happen" - but to let us know when important news is truly important maybe?

7f3bd8 No.21949


Q WTH is this??

3b2195 No.21950

File: 5e3ebeb4c00bc58⋯.jpg (92.91 KB, 513x800, 513:800, 17a61ec8ad73fb93ff2da40e66….jpg)

If you're reading this sir or can talk to The President, you CANNOT make a deal on DACA. Even if the bastards agree to your terms on chain migration. Build wall deport all. Any kind of deal will simply make you a one term president, and the country cannot survive another democrat as they are all communist idealogues now.

c25d31 No.21951


only thing I can think of offhand is the mention of 7/10 plane crashes being targeted kills, which this one seems to fit considering the patent/R0th story.

9f1dda No.21952


The end game is definitely on my mind too.

Q has ensured I won't trust our government ever again - so how do we move forward doing the same thing in the same system but with different actors?

All these traitors cutting deals won't work for me. Sure they will have to face God, but it would show we still have no respect for natural law as a nation.

Where's this all going, I don't know!

Still have faith in Q/POTUS but starting to have more questions than answers.

30da83 No.21953


yes. because they don't exist yet.

(pre-emptive links, since we "know" where future Q will appear)

9246c9 No.21955

File: 40afed26e002e63⋯.png (284.33 KB, 407x654, 407:654, screenshot_363.png)


That's Magic Johnson on the end to the right….

b39f42 No.21956


>we are here to serve.


e46928 No.21957


i believe Kim claims to have knowledge of SR being the source of the DNC leak (i.e., it wasn't Russia).

got sauce for Kim having knowledge re. SR's murder?

08bc63 No.21958

File: 79c6085d2d93f2b⋯.png (60.63 KB, 836x494, 22:13, chessAnyone.png)

File: 24032dffedc12e8⋯.png (117.34 KB, 1351x513, 1351:513, reynoldstobacco.png)

cda05d No.21960


omaze .com

play on words

Magic Johnson sucks donations by hosting Aids awareness, having Hollywood celebs and funnels it to Loop Capital

1bac06 No.21963

File: 045ef0499532d74⋯.png (592.66 KB, 1275x885, 85:59, Rod-Rosenstein-THE-BIG-LIE.png)

Q needs a bit more fruit in his diet, so it's easier to make more frequent dumps.

Oh yeah, pic related. LOOK AT THE WIVES.

Rod Rosenstein's wife (attorney) defended Bill Clinton.

Rod Rosenstein was investigator into Clinton Whitewater.

Rod Rosenstein, head of DOJ's Fraud & Corruption Unit.

Rod Rosenstein needs new orange pajamas and a plastic tray.

7f3bd8 No.21964

File: 812528bc1e41a89⋯.jpg (182.13 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, bill-binney071.jpg)

3ae245 No.21966


Yeah…. But even if we go one-bit maps… That is a small image. You don't even have enough there to define a 16bit-depth pixel, there.

d8f88b No.21967


Agreed. Why are there still chemtrails too? Where are the mass arrests? 9,000+ sealed indictments? Getting tired of puzzles. If this "BIG WEEK" ends with nothing , it is going to be hard to keep sacrificing so much on my life into this.

Many of us have family, friiends and work to maintain and this is taking its toll. I told everyone this would be a "BIG WEEK". I must look insane to them by now, worse in the 2 days we have left.

8b258f No.21968


just want to point out, since its the swedish chef, that in swedish its "Tack för det goda brödet". the text in pic is norwegian or danish.

6b47e2 No.21970

File: aba0a9c863a889b⋯.jpeg (17.36 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images (19).jpeg)


More like they have all the information but can't act on it due to security clearance, politics, black mail, and the threat of glow in the dark clowns suiciding them. Trump knows all but can't give the impression he is making moves and asked for public disclosure to be slowly leaked out in order to make sure when the time is right he can strike without a revolt.

35818d No.21971


I don't feel comfy about the vote either, but here is a thought of comfort…

The cabal has been in power for hundreds of years before "intelligence" in it's modern form. This modern intelligence is what "toppled" the cabal.

So if proper oversight becomes of it and measures are put in place that cannot be circumvented then I will change my opinion.

Just to be clear, I am against any person or agency having the power to "rule the world", so whatever has to happen to prevent that, I am listening…

2f261b No.21972



Don't think I am typing them out correctly, can't find 4,5 either

Hoot me out?

54f298 No.21973


dutchfag here. Den Haag is the seat of government and where the embassies are. Amsterdam is the capital city, but only has consulates. Don't know for other European countries.

99ab30 No.21974


muh slushfunds r dry



we bought the power we have

gibs money now


They are hilariously terrified. Cheers Patriots.

e46928 No.21975

b846a1 No.21976

File: d38c8eb8b811dfe⋯.jpg (161.41 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, KM1028918539_30.jpg)

9246c9 No.21977


Anyone ever wonder how Magic Johnson is like the healthiest person on the planet….

e57879 No.21979


Can we connect Huma → Bagley → Reynolds → Loop ?

3a7377 No.21980


Agreed, but what you just told me was pairs of times anyhow, I'll make as many clocks as you want, you arrange them how you want. I am clock anon, I can not run the whole job.

3b2195 No.21981


The fact that he has AIDs at all pretty much means he did some faggot shit.

d82362 No.21982


Can POTUS veto that?

460344 No.21984

File: 709cf5fafc16fec⋯.png (208.97 KB, 481x911, 481:911, DJT011118.png)

Todays tweets

170b0e No.21985

File: 7f3d2c7a279e4e1⋯.png (62.71 KB, 639x323, 639:323, #Filibuster.png)



maybe Rand will succeed

cbb88b No.21986


I think you want the other door.

68a413 No.21988


The object of these boards is to turn over every rock we come across and hope to come up with a find that can be messaged as a meme.

We've also been charged to find a 'method to Q's madness', so to speak. We now have to up our game and put these finds together ourselves into a pattern that will be a tool to evaluate the 'true' import of news' events.

That hasn't happened YET. (emphasis on yet).

That could be why we think the wheels are spinning WRT to events occuring IRL. It may not be feasible to move faster than the general public's ability to absorb the revelations. We are tasked with providing the tool for an easier understanding of events from the Q team perspective.

The problem with famefags, etc., as I see it, is that since their purpose is to 'massage' the message coming from here, and there is no 'message', yet, they are trying to do the job assigned to us.

That's where they are fucking up. They are jeopardizing the validity of what we find and creating the the possibility that when we do find the 'message', no one will take it seriously.

Maybe that's the reason Q seems to be distancing him/herself from the famefag set.

Note the tone of the shills. The shills are keying in on this 'sore spot'.

691835 No.21990


he's butt hurt about the dearth of high profile arrests. Think about what the vile treasonous left's reponse to mass arrests would be before we redpill the masses though. We need the evidence to be rock solid and free of perceived political bias. The american population's intelligence is is quite low, and they abysmally ignorant on any important issues. Q and Company know this. Roy, cool your jets.

We will know if this (Q prosecutions) are legit when we see high profile joos start getting arrested.

71750d No.21991


From what I gather the clock is all past posts with their future tweet/news counterparts paired up ina sequence that will eventually be at zero. Then we can wind back the clock and everything will tick or click and make sense in retrospect. No predict8ng the future

9246c9 No.21993


That's what I'm saying….here's a guy running around with AIDS and is like the healthiest person on the planet….

cacbc4 No.21994


Years ago with FISA (2008) I called every single senator and congress including President and Obama (running) saying NO to FISA.

I asked (just like with the bail out) how many people calling for and against when talking to offices.

They would say 1 million against to 1 for.

BUT the Congress Critters passed it anyway (both bailout, FISA - different times - the bills weren't together)

My point is…. Congress Does NOT give a Shit about What WE THE PEOPLE want!

Yet the Fucking govt is suppose to be FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE!

I have had extreme HOPE of BY the People once more!

From the bullshit Patriot Act which was passed immediately after 9/11 (funny how a 1000 page bill was already written and ready to pass Congress) and FISA… 2 bills that take away almost all of our Bill of Rights and Constitution.

I am a Constitutional Rights Person!

Before I became aware of how controlled everyone is in govt. I believed I could make a difference by having my voice heard and I screamed and shouted and worked to try and make a difference… then I found the Truth out!

I gave up on trying to make a difference and do something for the betterment of all.

I got my hope back with Trump and Q….

I have believed once more in the POWER OF THE PEOPLE!

But FISA passing shows the Power is still with the FUCKING DEEP STATE!

I have done lots and lots of research on this board and there are information pieces that are/have been used for bread… but I will not waste my time anymore with it.

I will walk away as I had to do in the past with trying to get Truth out and have my voice heard.

FISA can not be signed by Trump!

35818d No.21995


So that makes sense now…

His HIV shit was faked to make money-

(The black pop would be the biggest target too)

0c9859 No.21996


Might be a necessary evil

Thousands of people die from car accidents every day much more than guns but we do not ban cars (yet) Im sure the push is coming soon but at this point they are still a necessary evil

cda05d No.21999

Amazon was also promoting and donating sales to RED day aka Loop Capital Day

guess what CEO resigned in Oct

https:// www.google .com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/10/17/amazon-studios-chief-roy-price-resigns-following-sexual-harassment-allegations.html

3b2195 No.22001


You pretty much only get it if you do some faggot shit. It used to be called GRIDS. (((They))) renamed it to sell the idea that it was a general STD to the public or to take the stigma off of faggots.

cd0a58 No.22002

File: ac96792ae648dea⋯.jpg (195.94 KB, 1459x737, 1459:737, SwitchII.JPG)

File: d04a3f5aa2bbedc⋯.jpg (73.99 KB, 414x659, 414:659, Switch.JPG)

Switch, Henderson Deep underground huge company.

e46928 No.22003


link? not sure i saw the one you're referencing. thx.

22c73e No.22004


its not 2/3rds though

6b47e2 No.22006

File: b5552a212229342⋯.png (158.41 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, five_eyes_ukusa_concept_de….png)


Nothing burgers and fries. We've been fed with more clown lies.

Red pills, blue pills and some not so big deals

Now we wait for Q to bait and discern our truth from fate.

Was the truth that hard to swallow? Should we leave or should we follow?

What say you

< Q?

db35cd No.22007




He is working to have it overhauled. And if it WERE actually carefully monitors as Lying Jim Comey talked about, it wouldn't be horrible. Too easily to abuse, but if they don't have a replacement and it goes, then we do lose some real abilities of its ORIGINAL intent.

You can't bail on Q for that because the Prez is one man with many responsibilities and sometimes even he gets a shitty deal that needs to be reworked. He has made his point, and I promise you that no one cared at all the first time this issue went through. They were all caught up in the Muh AlQueda koolaide and rammed it through.

We like to think we see a step or so ahead of the game. We tribute POTUS for seeing several. I think he does. This whole building of the secret and shadow police state we have been living in took time to build. Many false flags to mold the narration. We are trying to get out without bloodshed. Baby lamb Libs swear he is the next Hitler/dictator, not realizing their heros were the real bad guys, but one step at a time, they will see he isn't. I wish it hadn't passed, but after more review and I have been following it for about three months, I have to let it go, because some of the new EOs actually do help choke it back and people need to look at the bigger pictures.

2d8ccd No.22009

A wise Anon pointed out to me today here that part of the game is exposure…in the FISA case who voted against and why …might be interesting to dig up

e57879 No.22010


>a large portion of Q's posts haven't been understood satisfactorily

Agreed. Each of us does what we can. The variety is a hive-mind strength.

As you indicate, perhaps someone reviewing the older posts will get a new insight.

Happy hunting.

170b0e No.22012


He must be good friends with Mathilde Krim

7abeeb No.22013


Great Q post - read it from the bottom to the top - because the questions are the answers to the questions… Sooooo much in this post.

3b6d1a No.22014


bout time, don't make q look bad.

691835 No.22016

Things we KNOW:

1.Netanyahoo/Mossad was aware of and involved in the 9-11 attacks along with SA money (I maintain the theory that SA royals are in fact, Jews..)

2. The CIA runs drugs to fund their operations

3. DC is run by interlocking pedo blackmail rings

71750d No.22017

He hasn’t had aids in years, >>21993

9246c9 No.22018


Pro tip: He never had AIDS

460344 No.22020


Great post on how I feel too.

I'm stunned & speechless.


I sure hope he or someone does something!

Trying hard not to punch something now.

b846a1 No.22021

File: 823685a94cc106d⋯.png (491.48 KB, 1095x556, 1095:556, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

b623d7 No.22023

I went and posted on Voat to remove any links that are link to our research board. I am sure whomever posted will remove. Good people that respect our work.

9f1dda No.22026


I feel you anon.

Honestly the bill means fuckall, they're going to spy on everyone anyway. Pass or not.

It's up to the people to protect their own sovereignty.

e46928 No.22027


which board, anon.

e46fdf No.22028

File: 3ccd92e339d2f8f⋯.jpg (512.77 KB, 1515x1662, 505:554, ###ALIEN.jpg)

A bit too much??? Just trying to be creative

8f0312 No.22029


How does that equation work, please ?

4+10+20+10+16+1 equals 61. Back to school with you and lurk moar, please!

db35cd No.22030


Voting for is a possible bad guy. Voting against is also a possible bad guy. Its all in how they hide the business they do and with whom. FISA is suppose to be foreign. Get a local as an intermediary (Think Podesta) and you bypass a lot of FISA capability. I think D Bogino is correct: If there is an American in the mix, in any form, you must have a warrant. Period. That is how it will get fixed.

2807a8 No.22031

File: 71f73e49d005406⋯.jpeg (198.55 KB, 876x1062, 146:177, image1.jpeg)


This from /pol/ suggests 4.10.20 means Audit of Clinton Foundation

c25d31 No.22032


Fucking this. Either way, it's worth it.

6b47e2 No.22033


Not how AIDS works. He has HIV not AIDS and he could have gotten it from one of the 300000 women he slept with in LA. Millions of HIV positive people are virally suppressed and tolerate their meds without major issues. FOCUS on the MONEY.

db35cd No.22034


yeah, looks Abromovichy

654258 No.22035


Some faggot post a pic of goatse for this boomer nig

c25d31 No.22036


cbts plebbit

35818d No.22037


I hope to see the 24hr perpwalk channel too.

But its possible the "big week" was the torpedo turning at hillary. That's actually yuuge, but not to "the anons" who know so much more "should be" happening.

And also, if things go smooth without shock and awe, then let it. No need to shock and awe until it's OVER - then there is no need to scale back or slow down operations based on public freakout factor.

Plus: no news about it certainly drives the remaining clovvns crazy!

I have faith however.

Enough things are happening to confirm it is happening.

(people falling, resigning, etc)

3ae245 No.22038


Because you touch yourself at night.

First - you are arbitrarily defining an issue you think to be real, for starters - and want removed. You are trying to sit in the driver's seat from the cargo hold. Know your place.

Second - if you are talking about chemtrails and uncomfortable with sounding crazy (or even concerned about it) then you have a confidence problem. Plenty of big things have happened this week. Plenty of small things, too.

Q's messages are part of a script and code. They are not here for your emotional support and need to feel vindicated. Improve your self-confidence by correcting for your belief in disinfo campaigns (everything is a fucking chemtrail, now, despite the fact that real seeding techs and virus dispersal pods release an invisible trail…) And learning to discuss things from a rational point of view, rather than simply a venting of counter-dependent paranoia.

9246c9 No.22039


Focus on all the money Magic laundered through Loop

16fb79 No.22040


https:// on.rt. com/8wgr

Zuma satellite from @northropgrumman may be dead in orbit after separation from @SpaceX Falcon 9, sources say. Info blackout renders any conclusion - launcher issue? Satellite-only issue? – impossible to draw.

https:// twitter. com/pbdes/status/950473623483101186


30da83 No.22042



oh, my impatient children.

>How the fuck can we believe we are winning

how about

<have to keep the SPIDERS believing they are winning


>Bad people watching.

1ac354 No.22043


He made a video about Defcon1, thinking that was meant literally. When that turned out not to be true he got a lot of shitposts on twitter.

Now he thinks 8chan is a cult, that Q is probably compromised , Trump's maybe not a good guy, etc.

Anyhow, think its a Lesson for youtubefags to lay out possibilities, and not jump to conclussions. The dude from Destroying the Illusion does a good job at that, besides going of the rail on space and alien shit lol.

3b2195 No.22044

File: 0b68793b357e19b⋯.jpg (174.3 KB, 564x800, 141:200, fulgrim_wallpaper_componen….jpg)


niggerfaggot detected.

a53b6f No.22045


Or I can just filter out your faggy nigger rules

b846a1 No.22047

File: aa2a8acef81bdb9⋯.png (1.05 MB, 959x639, 959:639, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

460344 No.22048

Great way to start the weekend with this FISA shit!


691835 No.22049


fuck off you filthy nigger faggot

cda05d No.22050

File: f4ff9c576f76ca0⋯.jpg (28.11 KB, 195x280, 39:56, simmons_magic_book.jpg)

cool hand gesture

3b2195 No.22051


>and he could have gotten it from one of the 300000 women he slept with in LA.

Nope, HIV is strictly a homosexual male disease.

4d87f8 No.22052


its says banned www.reddit.com/r/cbts

BAKER please put a good line for normies at the top where it says not to link here, this place has gone to shit in the last month because of the links we need to know where to send them.

66ca18 No.22053


Praying this is true. Would be another good sign that MI is succeeding BTS like the thwarted terror attack in NYC.

372c84 No.22054


no, sat is on his place in _L_E_O_===========>they test it on trump tower, don't listen to @nything!!!!!!!!!!

9bc742 No.22056


couldn't we take a q drop… then see what trump tweets occur at the different intervals… but not necessarily on the same day? like q drops something today at noon… but it doesn't get confirmed by trump until a week later by a 12:05 tweet. has anyone looked into that?

d8f88b No.22057


How did you know I touch myself at night?

691835 No.22058

We will know Q is 100% legit when joos start going down along with Hillary's crew

d8f88b No.22060


Agreed 1000%

2a6f57 No.22061

File: cbf575b0478a07d⋯.png (210.64 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-11-11-2….png)


Standing ovation, anon!

9246c9 No.22062


Magic Johnson was indoctrinated into the cabal many years ago….

6b47e2 No.22063

File: c61c4ee64c95414⋯.png (62.67 KB, 200x227, 200:227, 200px-8th_Space_Warning_Sq….png)


I know the spiders and owls are watching the FLIES with warrantless FISA spying tool!


8db69e No.22064




3b2195 No.22067


God damn I hate spiders. Death to all xenos.

f4cf1a No.22069

File: 7f17590d65b39e8⋯.jpg (26.81 KB, 400x267, 400:267, go-game.jpg)

File: 0885f2693c6e314⋯.jpg (26.75 KB, 400x283, 400:283, henanboard600CE_0.jpg)




Might be onto something here. Sauce below:

What Is Go?

Go is . . . ancient board game which takes simple elements: line and circle, black and white, stone and wood, combines them with simple rules and generates subtleties which have enthralled players for millennia. Go's appeal does not rest solely on its Asian, metaphysical elegance, but on practical and stimulating features in the design of the game.

Go's few rules can be demonstrated quickly and grasped easily. The game is enjoyable played over a wide spectrum of skills. Each level of play has it charms, rewards and discoveries. A unique and reliable system of handicapping bring many more players "into range" for an equal contest. Draws are rare, and a typical game retains a fluidity and dynamism far longer than comparable games. An early mistake can be made up, used to advantage, or reversed as the game progresses. There is no simple procedure to turn a clear lead into a victory -- only continued good play. The game rewards patience and balance over aggression and greed; the balance of influence and territory may shift many times in the course of a game, and a strong player must be prepared to be flexible but resolute. Go thinking seems more lateral than linear, less dependent on logical deduction, and more reliant on a "feel" for the stones, a "sense" of shape, a gestalt perception of the game.

Beyond being merely a game, Go can take on other meanings to its devotees: an analogy for life, an intense meditation, a mirror of one's personality, and exercise in abstract reasoning, a mental "workout" or, when played well, a beautiful art in which black and white dance in delicate balance across the board. But most important for all who play, Go, as a game, is challenging and fun.

To learn more about why millions of people have loved this game for thousand of years, visit our Top Ten Reasons to Play Go; or, if you prefer, start playing go right now!

Go combines beauty and intellectual challenge. In Asia, it is often played on a traditional, carved wooden board, with black and white stones made from slate and clamshell, but good affordable equipment is also available. In either case, the patterns formed by the black and white stones are visually striking and can exercise an almost hypnotic attraction as one "sees" more and more in the constantly evolving positions.

The game appeals to many kinds of minds -- to musicians and artists, to mathematicians and computer programmers, to entrepreneurs and options traders. Children learn the game readily and can reach high levels of mastery.

Because go lends itself to a uniquely reliable system of handicaps, players of widely disparate strengths can enjoy relatively even contests. The game can be a casual pastime for the idle hour -- or a way of life. Michael Redmond, the only Western player to have won status as a top-grade professional player in Asia, when asked why he had devoted his life to go, replied, "Because I love the game."

We hope you will too.

Above is Copypasta from http:// www.usgo.org/what-go

Pics related.

460344 No.22070

I think it's time to get ready.

ce121e No.22072

be ready

397395 No.22073


We've already been having a huge week. And we still have plenty left.

JA is free and safe. Key witness for Tribunals

FISA confirmed for Dossier to illegally spy on Trump team. This is huge news this week.

Monday the OIG report will drop and that will be what will show the committee that we are in a constitutional crisis and will be what will start the Military Tribunals and revelations

71750d No.22075

Nope. It’s been gone for years. Complete remission >>22033

3b2195 No.22079



readiness intensifies

2d7b39 No.22080

Was the "Big Week" the Hour Long Meeting showing Trump in Complete control of the Boardroom ? Proving Competency.

7655ef No.22081


It seems to me that if Trump was trying to conceal his moves, then only the earliest Q drops would work. It wouldn't take the cabal long to catch on to the 4chan operation Q was running. Q would obviously be aware of this, so their later drops would take this into account. That would explain why future drops seem different in kind from the earlier ones. There could be different phases of the operation. We're in phase 2 or 3 by now. Phase 1: cabal has no idea; phase 2: cabal knows, but masses don't; phase 3: masses start figuring it out, hence all the YT and Twatter attention.

6b47e2 No.22082


Fuck off with that nonsense. This is about TRUTH and recovery from all the lies we are fed. A FUCKING VIRUS does not pick M vs. F. It happens to be spread easier when the infected person BLEEDS so anal sex is more of a RISK but some girls like it and some bleed vaginally.

daf482 No.22083

File: 589b9b6a769819c⋯.png (120.79 KB, 749x794, 749:794, 589b9b6a769819c4f242df344a….png)

The timestamp alone shows that KEK wants us to pay attention to this tweet:

1/11/18 → 1111

3:33 → 333

Shadilay! We are over the target!

d8f88b No.22084



e46928 No.22085


it has to go thru BOTH houses of Congress.

then it goes to the Pres.

46f40d No.22087


Born Ready

3ae245 No.22088


He mentions smashed servers in the first tweet.

I am also curious to see how he works on FISA.

3b2195 No.22090


How is it nonsense? it used to be called GRIDS for christ's sake. Why would you want people to think it's a straight disease?

cd0a58 No.22091



Underground massive data center?


a8c560 No.22092


Expand your thinking

Everything has meaning

3b2195 No.22093

it's literally God's Disease.

3b6d1a No.22095


It will take 2 years to clean get justice on the sabotage. That means 1 more year. Have patience. MT has been right on many things, I and it looks like this too. Things are definitely beginning to be exposed and that is why the squealing is getting louder.

e46928 No.22096


How long can Rand stand? He's gonna need some help after his "neighbor" tried to f'g take him out.

d152fb No.22097

Its like an hour, but he said his source told him that the gold taken from the towers on 9-11 has been found…in addition to large amounts of cash missing from Obama and Bush's presidencies.

Elon Musk found it in the mountains while doing research for Space X. He turned it over to Adm Rogers to save his own ass for the dirty shit he has been up to

Looking back at the clues about Elon, etc, made me start thinking about them differently….but I can't get a handle on it


fabc2e No.22098

6b47e2 No.22099


3 ring SERCOS with a big CLOWN show.

3b2195 No.22100

it ONLY affects those who should be wiped the hell out anyway.

It should be called Sodom's Syndrome

1ac354 No.22102


The number 8 in the middle is equal to the amount of digits. KEK

460344 No.22103


The day started off great, then FISA then sugarcoat with job stats.


Got to keep the Faith…

daf482 No.22105

File: b546d9e88cbe589⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 600x364, 150:91, aa3.jpg)



372c84 No.22108

there is dictionary which is call babylon i think, you can put whole text and get regular meaning

738a24 No.22110


Sorry at work. Julian free sauce?

9f1dda No.22112

Look at the shoes you're filling

Look at the blood we're spilling

Look at the world we're killing

The way we've always done before

Look in the doubt we've wallowed

Look at the leaders we've followed

Look at the lies we've swallowed

And I don't want to hear no more

My hands are tied

For all I've seen has changed my mind

But still the wars go on as the years go by

With no love of God or human rights

'Cause all these dreams are swept aside

By bloody hands of the hypnotized

Who carry the cross of homicide

And history bears the scars of our civil wars

6b47e2 No.22113



Please tell me you aren't this fucking stupid.

0bf244 No.22115


How I read this tweet:

Q P[atriots] "Execellent or Good" (caps)

d8f88b No.22117



b4da85 No.22118


I personally thought it was fake and gay, and discarded it as ramblings of a shill.

I took the tack of telling them they were too late, because we already have the evidence, the numbers, the data redundancy and the resolve to BE the storm. Fuck them.

Breaking a shill's mind with the truth is much more satisfying than filling this place with junk anyway.

3b2195 No.22119


What's stupid about it? It's reality. You must think it's a bioweapon the (((rich))) tested on those oh so poor Apefricans too. It's not. It's what happened when a dude stuck his dick in another dude's ass. You can't get it from a vagina.

bf9d84 No.22120


Is there video? Haven't seen this.

b8d46e No.22121

Black Ministers Threaten to Pull Support For Cuomo Over LaGuardia Plan (Delta)

October 5, 2015

In a letter to Cuomo and Rep. Joseph Crowley, the group, Mobilizing Preachers and Communities, said that no minority-owned firm is a primary partner with LaGuardia Gateway Partners, the consortium chosen to rebuild the airport's central terminal in May.

https:// www. dnainfo.com/new-york/20151005/east-elmhurst/black-ministers-threaten-pull-support-for-cuomo-over-laguardia-plan

On Aug. 8,(2017) Cuomo and Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian announced the beginning of construction of Delta’s new facilities in the eastern half of the airport. The western portion of the airport is being developed by LaGuardia Gateway Partners. Cuomo also announced in August that Magic Johnson Enterprises and Loop Capital Markets LLC will help to fund the project, marking the first time an MWBE firm invested in a state public-private construction project.

http:// cityandstateny. com/articles/policy/infrastructure/andrew-cuomo-transportation-projects.html#.Wla5hyOZPVo


New York Governor marks first time MWBE firm will invest equity in public-private construction

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced (08-Aug-2017) a breakthrough with LaGuardia Gateway Partners (LGP), the firm building the western half of New York LaGuardia Airport. JLC Infrastructure, a JV comprising Magic Johnson Enterprises and Loop Capital Markets, will become an Minority-owned and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) with LGP, marking the first time in the state's history that there will be an MWBE firm investing equity in a public-private construction project.

https:// centreforaviation.com/news/construction-begins-on-deltas-4b-facilities-at-new-york-lga-701987

db35cd No.22122


Great Summation. Thanks. I wax philosphical in big picture ways of plitics, because it is a nasty, tangled picture that is hard to unravel, I left pol to stay with this because it has some direction at trying that.

Besides, I was tires of influx of fakery hitting /pol to scare off thoughtful people. There was just stuff I'll never unsee and it was all to shut down real digging. For whatever reason, this board is actually being treated with kid gloves. They three big waves we have had since the move are childsplay. They have recently brought some of their A game thinkers and psyops sliders. That says a lot.

3b2195 No.22123

Unless she got it from a dirty needle or banged a faggot somehow.

6736ef No.22124


It's likely about stirring up the LOOP nest for investigators' surveillance of the reaction.

cacbc4 No.22125


NO it was not at 3:33 am that is showing PST

It was at 6:33 AM EST -

04ddee No.22127

File: 5edb1665bc0cc81⋯.png (53 KB, 546x340, 273:170, twitter_tyranny.png)

cda05d No.22128

CA decriminalizes knowingly passing HIV…

http:// www.latimes


Trump also fired all of the HIV/Aids council.

All I can find is the government spends $1 billion annually on research, but I can't track where it goes

bc618e No.22129



>Underground massive data center?


Thank you - added to the spreadsheet.


>perhaps someone reviewing the older posts will get a new insight.

Not only that but for people who are re-reading Q's posts daily. Greater understanding is the goal.


>I went and posted on Voat to remove any links that are link to our research board.

Thank you, that was good. We can hope they will.

0bf244 No.22130


he should veto anything that allows unmasking of US citizens.

6b47e2 No.22131


Being virally suppressed is not remission. Are you suggesting he got a secret antidote or vaccine?

928de8 No.22133

File: b7bcfc5997becba⋯.jpg (56.37 KB, 803x135, 803:135, Viet Nam fake news.jpg)


And here's an example of how they perpetuated the disinformation program with Pentagon driven fake news back in the Viet Nam days.

http:// www.informationclearinghouse.info/article21028.htm

372c84 No.22134


on duckduckgo search dictionary from military to regular and you gone see link for it call babylon

put whole text in there and get a meaning

b846a1 No.22135

File: ddcbe852d38b66a⋯.png (307.24 KB, 662x370, 331:185, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

fabc2e No.22136


marker = 45?

bf9d84 No.22137


Does anyone remember a research who asserted that HIV becoming AIDS was a hoax, and AIDS was caused by the HIV "treatment," which is actually perfectly curable?

He would travel the world giving lectures, and literally injected himself with the HIV virus at every lecture to prove his point. He remained healthy, and I believe is still alive and speaking.

460344 No.22139


"Have faith."

Would be a really good time for some kind of sign right now.

3ae245 No.22140


I am less interested in whether or not Trump signs FISA … And more interested in how he reacts to it.

Consider that FISA is a powerful tool. One I may disagree with having a place in a sound government… But we don't have a sound government. FISA allows what would be inadmissable in court to become the tip of the prosecution's spear.

The question is whether or not we can see the weapon dismantled before it is handed back over to the processes of democratic elections.

b8d46e No.22141

The Rev. Jesse Jackson pushes for diversity on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley

Frost Editor | February 29, 2016

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, founder and president of the Coalition, praised the deal and the company, saying that Apple is continuing to show “tremendous leadership” in the movement to “democratize capital.” Indeed, since Rainbow PUSH intensified its campaign in 2014 to open up and diversify Silicon Valley, Apple has included African American, Latino and diverse firms as underwriters in three consecutive debt offerings.

Castle Oak, Loop Capital, Ramirez & Co., and Drexel Hamilton are part of the Apple offering.

http:// www. frostillustrated.com/2016/the-rev-jesse-jackson-pushes-for-diversity-on-wall-street-in-silicon-valley/


March 15, 2017


Facebook $104 billion IPO: BE 100s firms CastleOak Securities, Loop Capital, M.R. Beal & Co., Williams Capital and Blaylock Robert Van were among investment banks that participated in the transaction.



Microsoft Corp. announces an offering of $10.75 billion debt sale with CastleOak Securities L.P., Loop Capital, and Williams Capital as co-managers of the deal.


BE 100s investment banks Loop Capital and Williams Capital co-manage IPO for online marketplace ETSY.


Microsoft $13 billion notes: Co-managers include CastleOak Securities, Loop Capital, and Williams Capital.

Loop Capital and Williams Capital are among participants in Hewlett-Packard’s $15 billion offering, enabling its split into two companies: HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprises.



Loop Capital and CastleOak Securities co-manage three-tranche, $3.5 billion bond offering for Apple Inc.


Microsoft’s $19.75 billion bond offering: Co-managers include BE 100s perennials CastleOak Securities, Loop Capital, Siebert Brandford Shank, and Williams Capital.

http:// www. blackenterprise.com/snap-black-investment-firms-involved-tech-ipos/

e38e9f No.22142

Some observations regarding Q drop patterns:

Q has never given us a drop on the 16th, 17th, 26th or 27th day of any month.

Q has never given us a drop during the 9am or 10am EST hours.

We have had 11 Wednesdays since Q starting posting. He has not posted on 5 of them.

There were 7 days in November with no Q drops, 11 in December and 4 so far in January.

Have faith, Q posted day before yesterday so we've only had one day of darkness.

fd14b1 No.22143

Dan Bongino is dropping some major truth bombs on Fox News' Outnumbered right now.

He knows whats up. Just said "Fusion GPS was deputized by the Obama administration".

fabc2e No.22144

File: c037cfbe5897e6e⋯.png (300.58 KB, 1416x854, 708:427, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)


you're right….


db35cd No.22145


Just a part of it. All of these are big salvos.

Mental fitness bill<> Big Meeting

DF leak<>text mesages culminating (partly)

FISA vote<>

McCabe n closed door testimony no one is talking about as well as Ohre. <>Media completely not talking about it, except in one place.

This is only what we see. Imagine the 80% we don't!

e4aa0e No.22146


Have you found anything around Atlanta like this?

0f1496 No.22147

Keystone Angkor Wat

youtube. com/watch?v=Ol3_9jY4Tec

b846a1 No.22148


Go to hell, you Baal-worshipping, crypto-Satanist shit-stain… Your time is coming to an end.

Try to shill. It won't stop us. We're coming for every single one of you pedophile, child-sacrificing fucks.

Squirm, motherfucker.

397395 No.22149

File: 05eb1b25aa90135⋯.jpeg (83 KB, 674x404, 337:202, received_510420709339666.jpeg)


He received his passport on 12/21

Then Navy posts this to twitter on Christmas morning and deletes two minutes later.

Navy seen rolling in on Christmas Morning

Assange is free and safe. Leave it at that

e8e811 No.22150


Nothing we are doing is about "catching the bad guys". It's about preparing with visual evidence for the masses of people that aren't going to understand. They need to see why everything in their life was turned upside down.

8bbd8f No.22151


Damn Right! Stuff is starting to happen!

3b2195 No.22152


Maybe by bringing awareness to it, the perpetrators can be put in fucking prison today. One can wish.

372c84 No.22153


look at magic johnson he had aids like 15 years, he has money if u have money there is cure for it

e57879 No.22154

File: 27b67fb3d3f8aaa⋯.jpg (90.14 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, closeEncounters.jpg)


>What else you going to do in life that is potentially as important?

Who says I'm doing anything else IRL, anymore?

< pic related. This is me, now.

2d87cf No.22155


this is the kind of autism we need.

kudos, sir.

6b47e2 No.22156


Then go sleep with a girl that has HIV without a condom please!!!!!!!

> Can't get HIV from a vagina

You win the award for being the dumbest person on the webz today. Congrats now

< KyS

8bbd8f No.22157


Also some of the indictments have been unsealed, I would expect a steady drip though, because obviously the system cant handle 9000 Indictments are once!!

cacbc4 No.22158

File: 919fc4a062bbb45⋯.jpg (55.84 KB, 536x341, 536:341, Fullscreen capture 1112018….jpg)

Fucking Deep State and all those swamp critters!

fabc2e No.22159


What type of sign would be best?


bf9d84 No.22160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I found an old link, if anyone is curious. Dr. Robert Willner.

2d7b39 No.22161


Here ya go… Shows He is in Complete control….https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=RRMTgbX-MPg

e46928 No.22162


what i can say is this: if good actors wanted to stop the payload, good actors could do so (easily).

there is so much disinfo in the news, i have no idea if the launch actually was "successful" or not.

1470a9 No.22163


V E T O anyone?

That would sure escalate things quickly…..

9bc742 No.22164

File: 3cf9b366e5f8724⋯.png (257.76 KB, 578x401, 578:401, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

shit is ridiculous… nypd firing all the white guys… and promoting diversity hires to chief. http: //breaking911.com/massive-nypd-shakeup-continues-additional-chiefs-fired/

d8f88b No.22165


Only 4 days in January with no Q drops?

Are you sure?

3b2195 No.22166


Odds are good that a girl that has it is also a needle user and wouldn't be very attractive anyway. The point is that it's extremely rare to contract it via hetero sex. In the fraction of a percent and I really dont see why you're getting so up in arms about this. Why is it a big deal? You're not gay are you?

4d87f8 No.22167


You can't get aids that way, it's only a fluid pass so unless you are a drug user or blood trans, you have to take it in the butt if you are a male, women can get it from a bi male, the aids crisis was trumped up because it really was only gay males getting it but who would spend billions to cure that right? a hollywood hoax

e8e811 No.22168


I was on the counting team. There were a handful of originals unsealed. There are regular arrests, drugs, pedos in that mix.

507839 No.22169



daf482 No.22170


also don't forget it was the Chans channeling Kek that brought the dawn of the Don… Q is here because Kek willed it

372c84 No.22171


_/q\_was watching board last nite, he say's drop is gone be here, go to last nite page around 10/11pm

3b2195 No.22172


Thank you.

WE actually know our shit.

2a6f57 No.22173



lurking/watching… I see you bastards

4d87f8 No.22174


I saw Magic every Friday nite with a new blonde at the TGIF Fridays in Marina Del Rey, before he really came out that he had it.

6b47e2 No.22175


I would love to see you inject yourselves with HIV and go without treatment. Please post pics.

Why the fuck would you spread this nonsense.


Go make a thread about AIDS you stupid mother fuckers

bf9d84 No.22176


What do you make of:



cacbc4 No.22177


More than 4 days in January. He didn't post until Jan. 4th first time in the month. Now he hasn't posted for 3 days, last on 8th.

So that is 7 now for sure… I haven't checked the days inbetween 4 and 8 yet.

8db69e No.22178


tick tock tick tock

Romain-Jerome-Octopus watch

460344 No.22179


Good question. I have some RED_RED signs in my head right now.

"Have faith."

"Have faith."

"Have faith."

"Have faith."

"Have faith."

"Have faith."

cd0a58 No.22180

File: 646abaafa592ef7⋯.jpg (95.28 KB, 1519x711, 1519:711, Switch Atlanta.JPG)

4d87f8 No.22181


I had some Dr friends back in the 80s and they told me the truth, I worked in Hollywood near Geffen center and there were always like 30 guys out there looking like Auschwitz so I was worried.

b846a1 No.22182

File: 0648117472707c1⋯.png (749.98 KB, 962x641, 962:641, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

372c84 No.22183


i know, he has too much money

e57879 No.22184


>There are regular arrests, drugs, pedos in that mix.

We should expect many MS-13 in the mix, given the emphasis over the last year.

Understandable that anons were projecting their preferred perps onto the list …

bf9d84 No.22185


Here's video:


Don't mean to slide. Was responding to it being brought up. Could be relevant if there's hoaxing involved.

6815ab No.22186


Has anyone gone through all of Trump’s tweets and pulled at all the capitalized letters from each yet? I’ve seen some work done with pulling tweets into a spreadsheet, but not in a form you can really use. I’ve started but I don’t want to recreate the wheel because he tweets a lot.

b4da85 No.22187


Because your responses match a demographic that is excited about all things new and untested due to lack of experience. That's why. No offense.

2a6f57 No.22188


Sounds like you have a new task

f13911 No.22189

File: 4c74e46a3ee8359⋯.png (310.12 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EFD2BE30-02A9-47D2-85B2-BD….png)


Actual risk low.

6b47e2 No.22190


Fuck off with your disinfo. Virus is in your blood. My dick causes vaginas to bleed. Some girls like it in their ass. You want to know about my sex life? The point is HIV is not a gay disease. Is Hep-C a gay disease??

d8f88b No.22191


"What else you going to do in life that is potentially as important?"

Taking care of my family is important to me. I will glady place them over Q research. If Q gives info I can use to redpill them, awesome, but lately the claims dont pan out and I look like a paranoid fool to them.

6815ab No.22192


Lol awesome. See you in 17 days. So many tweets.

2a6f57 No.22193


ea08a5 No.22194


So if MJ is in remission- do they have the cure? When you think abt it with all the s3x these ppl are exposed to and not been impacted by AIDSHIV more than the rest of the population it’s very strange. Not to mention bl00d rituals. So they must have the cure or vaccine.

d82362 No.22195

File: bc5a2537cff02a8⋯.png (113.63 KB, 631x659, 631:659, ClipboardImage.png)

48dd69 No.22196


You need to listen to Prime Minister David Williams. The Constitution does not apply to you because you are not a signatory of the document and neither were your ancestors. I. Shit. You. Not. In international law you can seek the right of self determination and leave any corrupt bankrupt system you like legally. Prime Minister David Williams interview by Sarah Westall as well as nativeborncitizen.com dot com. Not my site just good info on your point here.

3b2195 No.22197


>muh dik


I'll agree to that but the guy started getting defensive about it.

e4aa0e No.22198


Thank you.

Wondering about that Dec 7 fire drill at the Atlanta airport complex

d8f88b No.22199


I was being sarcastic, anon, but thanks for the laugh. No offense taken.

2ea77e No.22200


>Thanks in advance and I look forward to a more civil and educated forum.

Where the fuck do you think you are faggot? ==FUCK OFF==

db35cd No.22201


Reallllly? Now that is curious. How did that happen? some Reddit guy get us the sauce.

0bf244 No.22202

New Trump tweet

“45 year low in illegal immigration this year.”

b846a1 No.22203


https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=h23fw279dlM

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=xJXblSsQp4Q

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=EmNR8_sTKoo

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=A7PZ-vGB5Qs

e4aa0e No.22206


Saw AnonScan talk about 6th fleet near English harbor…truth to that?

17ab16 No.22207

Harris Faulkner talking about all the Oprah/Weinstein memes!! LOL! Anons mad the MSM

6b47e2 No.22210


Don't see any Zeros there for vaginas or numbers for male to female Anal sex. Of course there is vaginal rape as well.

It's in your BLOOD.

1401c6 No.22212

File: c024a8b951197d7⋯.jpg (31.16 KB, 320x231, 320:231, image.jpg)

Here's the [0] MILLION $$$ QUESTION.

Going by twatter user settings only, How does 7:15 PM EST become 11:15PM GMT-UTC?

If EST is GMT-5?

What is 11-5?

Change the twatter user settings yourself and behold the crazy-making.

To enjoy more [0] marker fun questions, visit dedicated bread >>618

[0] Debunkers, pls answer this.

Maybe I just need some sleep.

39a34c No.22214


same shit happened at NOPD in early 90's

result?… carnage and chaos…

Everyone left New Orleans

372c84 No.22216



eeb686 No.22219


Could the Q P E G mean Canada? Like Winnipeg Canada ?

c00b3e No.22220


I saw that same post where the anon said something about the 6th fleet in the English harbor….

db35cd No.22221


Concur. Nicely done.

30da83 No.22222

File: b19228a3c6003fd⋯.jpg (90.77 KB, 550x550, 1:1, qlockpepe.jpg)

File: cf189d38ff5ef70⋯.jpg (178.09 KB, 888x1120, 111:140, kek.jpg)

File: 24e46883c477b12⋯.jpeg (35.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, kek trumps moloch.jpeg)

File: 11a756b3ea8f552⋯.png (5.92 MB, 3000x2413, 3000:2413, IWOREEEEEE.png)

b1c1c4 No.22223


NO was crazy back then

db35cd No.22226


Ima make one of those clocks.

20b3a8 No.22227

File: 3741a9a4d2adbb6⋯.png (3.62 MB, 4168x7168, 521:896, 63C87931-66A6-4E4C-B509-D3….png)

File: d1c3f9f1967fa80⋯.jpeg (255.86 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, 8607F09D-25D5-4DCB-A868-0….jpeg)

bf9d84 No.22229



Are we sure that was the sub title? I thought the subreddit "CBTS" was already taken and there was some other subreddit about the boards, but I can't remember. I thought CBTS_stream or something to that effect, but it's turning up nothing.

a9310d No.22230


>do you know if

> will replace the number, or jump to next/follow

you must be a newfag

go back to reddit, twitter, kikebook or whereever you came from

e57879 No.22231


Behold those digits

b4da85 No.22232


Have you read the new FISA bill?

cd0a58 No.22233

File: 2556cf255a672d3⋯.jpg (65.52 KB, 896x598, 448:299, SwitchSuperNAP.JPG)



The Keep is Coming

The new Atlanta campus will be named The Keep, continuing Switch’s penchant for naming campuses after highly-secure fortresses. If it sounds like something from “Game of Thrones,” it’s not an accident. The keep is an architectural feature of many ancient castles, usually the strongest and most secure area of the castle. The keep was a stronghold where the kings or nobles would retreat for protection during battle.


Jason Bourne Dream

689e34 No.22234

File: d3b8055a8643d13⋯.png (53.7 KB, 653x441, 653:441, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c437658b4756cfe⋯.png (38.72 KB, 606x287, 606:287, ClipboardImage.png)





>>18395 [0] Maker Graphic -> >>19465 Proof Real vs >>19603 Proof Fake (which is it?)

FAKE. I live in Eastern time zone. Trump tweet shows as 4:15 PM and Q post shows as 18:15. So Trump tweet was 2 hours before Q post.


4d87f8 No.22235


We need somewhere to send them so this site doesnt' get worse but want someone good without the famefags

22c73e No.22236

Re: Loop Capital

Ive been digging (as we all have) for a while now…I found they did underwriting for several IPOS most notably: Outfront Media, Blackstone, Freescale Semiconductor, Empire State Trust and Facebook…just seems like they are buying up infrastructure and utilities on a massive scale…..not sure where to go beyond this level of analysis here

6b47e2 No.22238

File: 98e490807cb019c⋯.jpg (260.8 KB, 926x1067, 926:1067, nZBn2av.jpg)


< Checkkkkkkkkekkkkkkk'd

KEK is here with us.

30da83 No.22239

File: e7f2d27c65549a7⋯.png (389.03 KB, 1164x359, 1164:359, 22222.PNG)


feel the kekness

daf482 No.22240

File: eaa0496bd66cce9⋯.jpg (103.25 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Shadilay brothers_930819_6….jpg)

8bbd8f No.22241


Nice find!

cda05d No.22242


we linked it to Loop

OMAZE .COM > Magic Johnson > LOOP

3ae245 No.22243


This is a big slide in the thread.

But, there have been a couple people along those lines. Personally, I think they have a point. HIV behaves like a super virus that has no other analog. Worse, it has yet to be isolated from scanning electron microscope samples. SEMs can be sensitive enough to distinguish between molecules. If we can't find the virus, yet… There's a damned problem. We have no problem isolating extremely simple viruses like Ebola that are extremely small… Yet HIV is a ghost.

So - I am skeptical of a virus that can lay dormant for years, avoid all methods of direct detection, and can only be "identified" using reverse RNA transcription…. And then people wonder why it has a lot of human pieces of code.

The missing piece to the puzzle is a lack of general understanding. AIDS went on the rise in the 1980s and 90s. That was around the time we succeeded in eradicating smallpox. People who have AIDs would get smallpox, even in developed societies, and that would have become the cause of death. Any situation in which the immune system was compromised would be obfuscated by smallpox.

Livers fail. Kidneys fail. Why not the immune system? The idea that people with AIDS are effectively MassEffect Quarians is not all that far fetched when you figure that organ failures are not uncommon - particularly in areas with malnutrition or substance/diet abuse.

I don't think it is a conspiracy much as I believe it is the effect of an overly institutionalized University and medical Care system. You don't get funding to research developmental or degenerative disorders. You get it for researching pandemics and shit that scares people. You also don't get money for lifestyle therapy, but for prescriptions.

The system needed little conspiracy to select for a new phenomenon being a pandemic and to squelch voices of dissent.

b846a1 No.22245


The Khazarian Mafia has infiltrated nearly every state, religion, and organization on the planet.

Their strength lies only in their secrecy. Take this away from them and the world will attack them from all sides. DO IT.

"Recent peer-reviewed Johns Hopkins genetic research by a respected Judaic MD shows that 97.5% of Judaics living in Israel have absolutely no ancient Hebrew DNA, are therefore not Semites, and have no ancient blood ties to the land of Palestine at all. By contrast, 80% of Palestinians carry ancient Hebrew DNA and thus are real Semites, and have ancient blood ties to Palestinian Land. This means that the real anti-Semites are the Israelis who are stealing Palestinian lands in order to build Israeli settlements, and it is the Israelis who are the ones tyrannizing and mass-murdering innocent Palestinians." - Mike Harris

We are often deceived and used by these evil bastards… They will infiltrate various groups and religions and commit acts of terror in the name of that group or religion, in an effort to get us to kill each other.

Be deceived no more, anons!

Read this and rise up!: https:// www. veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

e57879 No.22247

File: f0d83fc2149d972⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 317x462, 317:462, StMattis10k.jpg)


< would love to see a KEK version

ada7bc No.22250



Another year my ass. If that's true, we can all leave now.

c00b3e No.22251


Precisely, now that we know what Loop Capital doing it's up to anons to figure out how to tell the world….

b846a1 No.22253


For God and country… And by God, the God of Christianity, of course.

2a6f57 No.22254


Put in here all relevant data

Bread>Loop Capital>loaf 130

fabc2e No.22255

File: 48a9d1a17f93168⋯.png (100.6 KB, 452x866, 226:433, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

File: 093250e284271c5⋯.png (88.16 KB, 804x498, 134:83, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)


lotta aids talk right now on the board…

#6 have faith..

71750d No.22256

YEAH mm hmm this


b846a1 No.22257



3b2195 No.22259

File: 9fc631827c5cb83⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 1167x1650, 389:550, night haunter.jpg)



The judgment needs to come down on them, like, yesterday.

e38e9f No.22260


Thank you

c00b3e No.22261


^^^this rocks….

e38e9f No.22265


No posts on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th.

8bbd8f No.22266


Yeah the Khazars are the FAKE Jews, who CHOSE Judaism as a religion (to mask their Satanic practices) when they felt threatened by Christianity on one border and Isam on the other.

So obviously they are NOT of REAL Jewish bloodline

48dd2e No.22267


Yo, get some rehabs - stormfront and veteranstoday are iffy at best (Hal Turner shouldn't be trusted - issued statement or not). Took me years to find but here's something with actual scriptural foundation: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksoYR7dVyfM

On that note, I only recently discovered this term "Hivite" - but did some checking into it - very interesting stuff there also with scriptural references. I think that topic si worthy of its own thread when digging on the occult practices of the elite mebbe. No offense, just lookin' out. Many normies will straight shut off from the info if you don't give an explanation of the diff betw today's so-called "Jews" and the Israelites of the Bible. That link I provided goes in that direction concisely. Just lookin' out - and interested in any info you might send my way, barring those two sources I named. Thanks

0c9859 No.22271


In case you dident know certain people are immune to aids people that have the HLA-B27 variation I know because i have that gene …the aids virus cant attach to it I can be a carrier but it cant affect me

Mostly white Europeans have this gene coincidence?

http:// news.mit.edu/2010/ragon-paper-0506

b846a1 No.22272

File: 9516b1ce069dcf0⋯.png (51.45 KB, 691x134, 691:134, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)


Ya don't say… Ask yourself, why would a bunch of devil-worshipping Khazarian-Mob faggots want you to hate Muslims, and Christians, while also claiming that Jews worship Lucifer?

fbef88 No.22273

File: b2d9ae25b7fd599⋯.png (58.92 KB, 601x600, 601:600, theory-1.png)

File: 02cf725b7608b23⋯.png (55.83 KB, 600x600, 1:1, theory-2.png)

File: 746a00401e05861⋯.png (57.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, theory-3.png)

Listen up faggits

I might be on the something.

Building on this anons work:


Assuming only the hour and and the minute hand is relevant, because seconds are too precise:

If we treat both hands as vectors with equal magnitudes, sum of those vectors could point to any point inside the clock.

A delta thus would mean two points, which can be connected to form a line(connection).

Using this method one should be able to form a web.


Refer to pics for demonstration.

2a6f57 No.22274


Correct. Arguing over whether magic has or hasn't AIDS or how governament gave it to people is OLD news. Unless you find a document specifically saying "loop capital gave me aids."

You're wasting TIME

bf9d84 No.22275




The subreddit is still there.

https:// www.reddit.com /r/CBTS_Stream/

It was never just /cbts, I don't think.

c00b3e No.22276


Santa Mattis de Quantico :D

e8e811 No.22280


Friend, you don't walk into someone else's house and tell them how to keep it. Some here are guests, many unwanted guests. This is not the place for the PC cops, that's FB and twatr

6b47e2 No.22281



c95d56 No.22282


wow, and to think of all the crap I took yesterday for suggesting this.

fabc2e No.22283


Wait! I fucked up, 6th from the start!!

Nov 14 2017 13:51:10

Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: EV3pI+ol


How do you capture a very dangerous animal?

Do you attack it from the front?

Do you walk through the front door?

Do you signal ahead of time you will be attacking?

How do you distinguish between good and bad?

Who do you trust to keep secrets?

How do you prevent leaks?

Who do you trust to complete the mission?

How do you prevent warnings being sent?

Why is Adm R. so important?

Why was the source code to former NSA collection p’s publicly released?

How do you blind the Clowns In America?

What was Snowden’s primary mission?

What was Snowden’s real primary mission?

Was Snowden truly acting on his own?

Nothing is as it appears.

What show is being put on by AG Sessions since his confirmation?

What show is being put on by POTUS since AG Sessions’ confirmation?

Why was AG Sessions’ confirmation challenged heavily?

Why was RR’s confirmation smooth and easy?

What was the vote count for RR?

Why did Sessions recuse himself?

Why is this relevant?

What group has vocally supported RM repeatedly?

How do you capture a very dangerous animal?

Who is best to conduct the attack?

What is the one force necessary to retain control?

Why does the US Military play such a vital role in this global game of RISK?

What is money without power?

Why did POTUS depart Manila 30 min ahead of schedule?

Why is AF1 landing in Hawaii?

Does AF1 have in-air refueling ability?

Nothing is as it appears.

What was the DC vote breakdown between Trump & Clinton?

What is the nickname for DC?

Why would sealed indictments be outside of DC jurisdiction?

What purpose would this serve?

Why are judicial appointments being rapidly completed?

Who can you trust?

Have faith, Patriots.


db35cd No.22284

…and toking up every live feed these days. Gets lots of supachats from the stoner aaayelmaos.


24b3b3 No.22285


There's no proof JA is free, just speculation.

3b2195 No.22287


I regret even replying to that soft glowbastard, seeing how many replies that post has gotten overall. He probably thinks he was a successful shill now.

e38e9f No.22288


Today isn't over.

He missed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Posted everyday from 4th-9th. No post on the 10th.

Last one -

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/09/18 (Tue) 02:06:15 c01d7b No.2012>>2026 >>2030 >>2031 >>2035 >>2037 >>2041 >>2046 >>2051 >>2054 >>2059 >>2062 >>2063 >>2064 >>2067 >>2071 >>2074 >>2090 >>2103 >>2110 >>2112 >>2118 >>2127 >>2131 >>2132 >>2133 >>2136 >>2137 >>2139 >>2144 >>2145 >>2154 >>2158 >>2159 >>2163 >>2165 >>2185 >>2191 >>2197 >>2218 >>2228 >>2235 >>2286 >>2328 >>2343 >>2352 >>2407 >>2412 >>2797 >>18836 >>18857 >>18870

Good job migrating.

/qresearch/ confirmed.

Removed post to keep it less public.

BIG week.

This was needed.

Be ready.


1401c6 No.22290


You have to manually change your twatter settings to EST. Twatter shows pacific time to many EST users. Including ttarchive owner. Check his FAQ.

BAKER: Shills coming out hard on this one to shut it down

9ad010 No.22291


nice catch

db35cd No.22293


Correct and Thank God. Links matter. Thanks for the check

d8f88b No.22294


Youre right. Seemed like more.

22c73e No.22295


very niiice!

b846a1 No.22296


THIS guy gets it… And I say this as a long-time white nationalist, who has only recently discovered the truth about my REAL enemies. No more will I hate/attack the Jews… I will go after the "Jews". And the fake-whoevers, who are actually Khazarian-Mafia, pedo, Satanist, bastards.

I understand the subversion which took place now. And frankly, feel like a bit of a fool/pawn for hating the wrong enemy for so long.

My eyes are open now. It's Khazarian-crushing time!

cd0a58 No.22297

File: 73b3b086c2972dc⋯.jpg (121.63 KB, 870x644, 435:322, MuellerSwampDrain.JPG)


They know.

9889d7 No.22299


Thank you. I've made a PDF out of it to store locally; I'd recommend doing the same.

f530b2 No.22300

File: 1b25db81a639f5b⋯.png (174.44 KB, 892x797, 892:797, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

https:// loopcapital.com/node?page=7

71750d No.22301


AFAIK Snowden had something to do with leaking fake intel as a honeypot to catch the. clowns? And they really blinded by new secret intel they can’t get their grubby hands on, like new spy satellites n stuffs?

08bc63 No.22302

File: b1e4987a21ccb95⋯.png (12.56 KB, 463x239, 463:239, move5.png)

File: c0ef1d0c2213340⋯.png (8.76 KB, 455x203, 65:29, move11.png)




to watch the game play out fully..

it looks like this is the correct match up

the stringers corespond to a chess match

a_ b_ c_ d_ e_ f_ g_ h_


_1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 _7 _8

are corresponding white moves

_a _b _c _d _e _f _g _h


1_ 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ 6_ 7_ 8_

are corresponding black moves

>im going to bed if anyone wants to carry this forward.. or i get back to it in 4 hours

bf9d84 No.22303


What's the significance of TEOV?

e57879 No.22305


>It's likely about stirring up the LOOP nest for investigators' surveillance of the reaction.

That is an intriguing theory. "Watching the watchers," indeed.

7c1559 No.22306


I'm not trying to famewhore now or anything, but i contacted the owner to that board and told him/her to get rid of S.B.

i explained why aswell

e46fdf No.22307

File: 0db86cfd9e6e394⋯.jpg (164.92 KB, 1070x1491, 1070:1491, ###ALIEN2.jpg)


That's not a penis. Alien movie…alien emergence…oh well

22c73e No.22308


that is solid.

b846a1 No.22309

What happened with Operation Solomon?

24b3b3 No.22310


QPEG = Q Post Example

b9391b No.22314


How do you define the length of the hand?

35818d No.22315


Yes. in fact I remember hearing that TESTING for HIV only tests for ANTIBODIES.

Is like testing for Chicken Pox by looking for Antibodies.

Meaning if you have Chicken Pox Antibodies, then your immune system has developed a response to it. Does NOT indicate if you are infected, only that you were at one time exposed.

This test however shows positive if you "have exposure" to something you probably defeated long ago.

Now introduce a drug to combat "chicken pox" when you do not actively have it.

Then you get an immune system crash…


Yes, the drug to treat HIV gives you AIDS.

Hope that explains why.

1470a9 No.22316


It will be interesting to see who handles for Aramco

bf9d84 No.22317



Revelation 2:9, words of Christ as recorded by John:

"I know your affliction and your poverty — though you are rich! And I am aware of the slander of those who falsely claim to be Jews, but are in fact a synagogue of Satan."

9bc742 No.22318

File: 9339ae53a089c57⋯.png (250.54 KB, 559x468, 43:36, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)

odd timing for this

e8e811 No.22319


There's a pastebin with all these in there… don't make yourself crazy going through 59pgs

08bc63 No.22321


this wil fill our completed clock also i believe..

the key all along was Reynolds Tobacco

and the Bagleys



b846a1 No.22322


My burning question now is… How do we identify them?

How can we be certain someone is a member of the Khazarian Mafia?

397395 No.22323


Not speculation. You are the skeptic

0bf244 No.22324


Praise Kek

digits don't lie.

bf9d84 No.22325


Thanks, that helps. I'll have to look into it more, but that was a great ELI5.

1401c6 No.22326


Also, while you're still learning how to play with your twatter…

Maybe you wanna answer this?


22c73e No.22327


good point, will reveal alot of info on current status etc

d8f88b No.22330



Q said their symbolism will be their downfall.

e46928 No.22331


potential diversion in the making?

b846a1 No.22333


Fuck the FBI (Federal Bureau of Infiltrating Khazarians)

408800 No.22336



6815ab No.22337

File: 3f21e4081431c13⋯.jpeg (75.13 KB, 750x436, 375:218, 6D824C3D-6F11-418E-967C-E….jpeg)

File: 9684f89e5bb3a0b⋯.jpeg (142.35 KB, 750x770, 75:77, 377497AA-B685-40C6-B658-E….jpeg)


Going through the tweets. He replied to his own tweet and they were both posted at the same time so could be candidate for [0]. Q was also posting about 9/11 on 11/1 before these tweets. FYI these are in central time.

397395 No.22339


Why not explain why yesterday after the news came out about the passport he removed "political prisoner" from his twitter bio

Because he's free

24b3b3 No.22341


All that is proof of is that the Navy tweeted his name and then deleted it.

bf9d84 No.22342


ID'ing symbols goes a long way. They seem to place a lot of significance and importance in openly parading these symbols to one another. Now that they're public, it should help.

I suspect all those red bracelet "Kaballah" practitioners are in the same club with them as well.

8db69e No.22345


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150506612/#q150515203

In ancient Egypt yellow (khenet, kenit) represented that which was eternal and indestructible, and was closely associated with gold (nebu or nebw) and the sun.

Gold was thought to be the substance which formed the skin of the gods and numerous statues of the gods were either made of gold or covered with gold leaf and the skin of the god was often painted gold in two dimensional images. The pharaoh's sarcophagus was made of gold as he was thought to become a god on his death and he was adorned with a variety of gold amulets and jewellery during mummification and the deceased often wore a golden mask. A golden "Shen" amulet was placed over the breast of the mummy to give the deceased the protection of Ra and ensure that he or she would live as long as the sun shone.

e57879 No.22346


Also, don't overlook the embedded sub-message:

>[C][I][A] [is] [here] (s)(in full)(1) [p][r][a][y]

4ebd8b No.22348

Glow hard, or glow home


No problem, you faggot, nigger lib boomer

6815ab No.22349


Interesting timing. I just found a potential [0] marker of a Trump tweet about NY and Q was talking about 9/11 on 11/1 >>22337

0c9859 No.22351

File: 3d93fc69a94c4c1⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 250x188, 125:94, images.jpg)

File: 88baaab2e0291a6⋯.jpg (17.25 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.jpg)

File: 32d960198737d6a⋯.jpg (162.89 KB, 1915x1058, 1915:1058, maxresdefault.jpg)

Japan kofun

Ancient huge Keyhole shapes thousands of them

507839 No.22353


but didn't the died?

0bf244 No.22354


Cuomo and DeBlasio!

c00b3e No.22355


Indeed these types of individuals thrive on their ego's and it's important for them to (((show off))) and that includes showing off that they too are part of the click, in this case the cabal/Illuminati/Satanism they used hand gestures, written symbols, jewelry and more all to show their allegiance to power, money, greed, and ego, it will be their downfall….

6b47e2 No.22358


Complete BS. Viral load, genetic testing, and CD4 levels tested routinely. You are talking about how we determine exposure to the virus and still wrong. This is rediculous. Go back to connecting dots and making memes retard.

When did Q ask us to cure AIDS?

Why is this relevant?

b846a1 No.22361


I thought this too… So, our task should be to produce a compilation of all known symbols used by the group.

Furthermore, we need to get to the core-concept behind the imagery. This way, we can understand new symbols as they evolve.

397395 No.22362


No that was just proof of the eagle has landed. It was a Qrumb for us.

His bio removed Political prisoner yesterday after the passport news. There is plenty of proof. It's just pointless to keep repeating.

We all need to just leave it at he is free and safe. He is far too important for the Tribunals for us to reveal his location

cd0a58 No.22364

File: 2e1f302b315fab1⋯.jpg (43.73 KB, 758x408, 379:204, MuskCoin.JPG)


Bitcoin was created by Elon Musk.

6815ab No.22365


I’ve been working on something else so haven’t been on. We’re y’all talking about him or something?

fabc2e No.22366

>>Is any anon digging in the Railroad Retirement Board's investment trust? They pay out over $10 billion/yr and have a huge portfolio of all the usual suspects. I don't see it on the dig threads, but as one anon noted early on after the RR Q drop, most of the board are GWB or BHO appointments. I've got some things put together if it hasn't been adjudicated yet. Some interesting stuff, like being tied into the largest medicare fraud case in history.

>>Is any anon digging in the Railroad Retirement Board's investment trust? They pay out over $10 billion/yr and have a huge portfolio of all the usual suspects. I don't see it on the dig threads, but as one anon noted early on after the RR Q drop, most of the board are GWB or BHO appointments. I've got some things put together if it hasn't been adjudicated yet. Some interesting stuff, like being tied into the largest medicare fraud case in history.

from bread #19

fbef88 No.22368


Length = Magnitude

TL;DR: radius of the circle/clock.

Hands' lenghts/magnitudes has to be equal so they cancel each other out at opposite directions. Which will allow one to point at the origin(center).

Actual length can vary if the hands are not allowed to close up below a certain angle.

But i am guessing they can close up completely so if the clock is thought as a unit circle a hand would have a length of 0.5.

93b5eb No.22371


Has anyone suggested starting an electronic chess board. Go thru the stringers. Determine the moves and mark them ? Even if it's an updated graphic with each Q drop? I would volunteer but I really suck at chess!! Admitting a weakness. Lol. Any ChessAnons up for it?

6b47e2 No.22373


Don't waste your time. This is complete garbage. Look into Loop or SpaceX or Sidley Austin or make some memes.

< What is our purpose here?

fbef88 No.22376


Correction: radius / 2.

b846a1 No.22380


Some are certainly going to be more flamboyant than others in flaunting this symbolism… Didn't Q mention blood-lines? Perhaps this is a significant clue. Can we identify their ethnicity? It seems the ideology transcends ethnic-lines, but there be a main blood-line that rules the others. Ideas?

3ae245 No.22381

File: f1f3159d320b66f⋯.jpg (51.45 KB, 736x743, 736:743, 2f831ebfb9b9a3645b1c29072d….jpg)


When your shill algo spirals into full retard.

d9c0f5 No.22382


We're not alien, Jack.

We're human.

Of course, for us,

being human is a problem.

Old stealth fighter tech.

Shields us from your scanners.

Vocal scrambling.

Can you hear me, Jack?

Keeps your drones confused.

Well, most of the time.

- The drones are programmed…

- To kill humans, Jack.

170b0e No.22384


fbef88 No.22385


Thus 0.25 in length.

I hate not being able to delete posts.

bf9d84 No.22389


This has been done on here since the beginning, but a master thread is a good idea. There was one in CBTS.

Major symbols include: a single eye/eye of horus, pyramid/triangle, 666, owls, depictions of Saturn w/ring.

There's a website vigilantcitizen that rounds up these symbols every month, but there are far more than covered there.

35818d No.22394


Not BS.

First thing that popped up in search on even clown infested google….

Pasted at bottom.

(So if you test for antigen, and treat for infection you kill your immune system!)

"HIV screening tests detect the HIV antigen (p24) and/or HIV antibodies produced in response to an HIV infection in the blood. Some tests detect HIV antibody in oral fluid. … During the first few weeks of infection, the amount of virus (viral load) and the p24 antigen level in the blood can be quite high"


It is VERY relevant because of being another deception involving Loop Capitol.

(that should be obvious!)

475352 No.22395


>https:// pastebin.com/UfNbiyMK

Very interesting compilation.

I note there are no messages with either a :00 or a :24 minute separation.

046c87 No.22397

File: 8cc3e242a2417fa⋯.png (56.8 KB, 417x509, 417:509, ClipboardImage.png)


0bf244 No.22400


from Trump tweet with [0] Marker.

0bf244 No.22402


Trump tweet with [0] Marker.

6b47e2 No.22403


You obviously don't know what an antigen or viral load is. Go use your Google to look that up.

bf9d84 No.22404


Noted. Became relevant from the RED/RED stuff, and AIDS funds filtering through Loop IIRC, but this direction is a slide for the main thread. Maybe a separate thread for this if we find it necessary in the future. For now I'll dig elsewhere.

cd0a58 No.22405

Keep in mind, Trump has veto power on FISA Act.

daf482 No.22408

Anons anyone referring to CBTS or thestorm is dead to us. crossfags are shills pretending to be one of us.

3f0509 No.22412


US as in Defango clown CIAya shills. You have been exposed CIAya shills!


30da83 No.22413

File: c42523425d38a4d⋯.png (162.67 KB, 226x350, 113:175, c42523425d38a4dc8fcafed872….png)

File: b79d6304063e9ef⋯.jpg (52.05 KB, 624x346, 312:173, ain't nobody got time for ….jpg)


we're too comfy for dat shit

ain't nobody got time for dat

015347 No.22415

Potter should be mad at the people who sold out usa with nukes to our enemy. Not mad at B or any anon. Know thy enemy and know thyself. Lead follow or get out of the way. What would Patton say to potter? Patton Meme is needed.

fbd49b No.22416

File: 6c1fb1af5f7f9be⋯.png (450.71 KB, 1752x498, 292:83, Screenshot 2018-01-11 at 1….png)

3f0509 No.22417


That is YOU clown shill!

3f0509 No.22418


You glowing clown fag!

48dd2e No.22420


That's my thinking… It's too much to expect the social media world to quit facking posting links to the new board everytime there's a move. >:( Total clusterfuck

0bf244 No.22422



Who is Jack?

af38b7 No.22423



af38b7 No.22425


Twitter CEO

35818d No.22426


Just pasted that shit from google to help YOU out.

Need a link?

(are you going to stop taking your HIV pills now?)

daf482 No.22427


I just went to check in the reddit CBTS_Stream page and its MAYHEM! No wonder the normies are more confused than motivated. FUCK BEANZ with a rusty butter knife! First pinned link links here!

7f3bd8 No.22428


Anagram for VETO

48dd2e No.22430

bf9d84 No.22431


https:// en. wikiquote.org/wiki/Jack_Harkness

Pretty sure it's a reference.

6b47e2 No.22433


Patton is a polygamist faggot. B is just another anon who uses twitter. Why is this relevant? Get to work on memes or research something.

4d87f8 No.22434


Yes how i feel, wee need somewhere to send them not full of fucks

89ec41 No.22435


Stop replying to shills or you get filtered as well friend

bf9d84 No.22437


Got it. Thanks!

0bf244 No.22438


https:// newatlas.com/skyjack-hijacks-other-drones/30055/

63352a No.22439

File: 6f63f8ca3c74886⋯.jpg (172.95 KB, 899x607, 899:607, sea dolphin.jpg)


Ignore the ego-haters, I agree with you fine sir.

This behavior should be implemented, not by me, not by you, or BO, or mods, but by (You) dear anon.

It is a matter of simple responsibility and shows that you are ready to use Love and truly function unlike the satanic cabal has programmed you to.

Step by step we create our future. Always starting with ourselves. And where we go one, we go all.

3ae245 No.22440


Frankly, it's a wonder we don't have more normies posting in here.

Explains the extremely motivated and dedicated oorah lifer if a shill, though. He doesn't care about us. He cares about generating optics for people unfamiliar with how chan boards work.

c17e97 No.22441


Q will return after they are gone to make it less likely for mass confusion o7 Godspeed o7 stay comfy

7f3bd8 No.22442

(((Shills))) starting early today. Must be a BIG week.

6b47e2 No.22444


Again you obviously don't know what you are talking about. I have a fucking doctorate any have the knowledge within. What is an antigen? What is AIDS? You don't have a clue. How do the drugs work? You are not going to win this one. Focus on the money behind LOOP and the 43 organizations they are linked to.

db35cd No.22445


Been gone since the hour glass change a few days ago.

71750d No.22446


Symbolism fag here. AMA.

Chaos is their goal.






Have excellent resources.

af38b7 No.22448


please don't threaten a good, researching anon

408800 No.22449

File: 7dcaf45cd98f45b⋯.jpg (103.48 KB, 720x800, 9:10, ZomboMeme 11012018132226.jpg)

89ec41 No.22450





Give this a read for more info on [0], and the significant get it led to.

e57879 No.22452


>Wondering about that Dec 7 fire drill at the Atlanta airport complex


>What happened on 12/7?


>Clock started - 10 days.

(Dec. 7-17)

daf482 No.22454


Go suck caitlyn jenners clitdick you faggot. If you can't handle the board GTFO or help us. Whining only makes us want to see your corpse on fire.

c96535 No.22456


There is a /TheCalmBeforeTheStorm, which is better imo

6b47e2 No.22457


Fuck Potter.

408800 No.22458


I agree he is disinformation I simply was making the meme because somebody requested it

372c84 No.22459


get lost

7c1559 No.22461


Fuck you Shill.

b11ee5 No.22462

I got my free beer yesterday. I went into the 7/11 and Achmed was nowhere to be seen. Two sixers of Keystone, delish.

30da83 No.22463

File: 3abccb19ee10031⋯.jpg (50.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, moreSHILLINGmoreCOMFY.jpg)

clowns don't understand JUDO

24b3b3 No.22464


All that is proof of is that the Navy tweeted his name and then deleted it.

daf482 No.22465


>Chaos is their goal.

KEK is chaos. Chaos is the one thing that the Alliance can use against the darkness. The more chaos the closer to the target we are. Praise KEK

ae280f No.22466


Sinful acts always have concequences. You end up either hurting others or yourself or both. A sin is simply an act that is contrary to God or His will.

If you read the first chapter of Romans you will see all the different types of sins that man has engaged in, including homosexuality. In fact in the old testament, this is called an abomination (i.e. a very bad sin). God doesn't place different levels of degrees on sins, to Him a sin is a sin period. But he does with homosexuality, I think because it leads to so many other sins (i.e. in Romans). It also denies the natural use of a man / woman, thereby denying God's wonderful creation. Of course, if everyone engaged in homosexuality there would be no procreation of our species either.

But sin also always leads to sickness, illness, and disease. In fact, sickness, illness and disease come from sin or a sinful nature, they do not come from God. Thankfully, when Jesus Christ gave up his life for us he nailed every sickness, illness and disease to the cross with him (Col 2:14). That was the purpose of why he had to go through all the torture - he carried the sins of the world on him and nailed them to the cross. Meaning he defeated them because he did not remain dead, he was resurrected from the dead and he ascended to the heavenlies unto eternal life. So he defeated death for us. He also defeated sickness, illness and disease, so that when you are born again, one of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit is gifts of healing (I Cor 12). It is therefore available to now be healed of any sickness, illness and disease as part of the gift of Holy Spirit.

f64f69 No.22468

Please read

This is how all the planes are taken out or 'hijacked'. Also car crashes, boat mishaps 'think Navy' remotely controlled ability.

http:// www.abeldanger.org/going-remote-qrs-11-gyro-chip-smacsonic/

bdb2af No.22469


It should say:

"Dems in 2020…

one way or the other."

22c223 No.22470

File: a2fac38320d7369⋯.jpg (93.44 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 22idmf.jpg)

db35cd No.22471


>him/her to get rid of S.B.

>i explained why aswell

Define SB. Sorry, overloaded a little filtering the wnnabenazis

99168d No.22472

File: 44bf1ec563e4d5a⋯.jpeg (451.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, image.jpeg)

Why has this board gone to shit?

45b4b7 No.22473


db35cd No.22474


Oh my. LOL.

6b47e2 No.22475


I like the meme. Potter disgraced ex cop polygamist trying to act like his reserve deployment qualifies him as an expert in anything. Fuck him

7c1559 No.22476


Oh fuck me Anon, my bad (Shitty laggy laptop atm) i meant T.B. my bad. sorry again!

372c84 No.22477


he/shhe looking at u

17ab16 No.22478


Does this mean we should prepare for another migration? smdh

35818d No.22480


I am in medical engineering, not viral, but irrelevant because mainstream science lectures will only support mainstream science and the money that supports them (ie: loop capital).

I (as anyone should be able to) understand that if you introduce an attack against an immune system then you may break it.

Look closely at the test for HIV. Closely. Then you understand if you have "knowledge within".

Meanwhile, enough. Getting nowhere.

3ae245 No.22481


This would be an interesting debate I would love to have with you on another platform. Due to the nature of what we do here, I understand this will not happen… But I can assure you that I know more than you think you know on the subject.

Look at my prior post on the subject for clues as to my line of debate. No need to post further. I am also a different anon from the one you have been arguing with, just in case you are confused.

For those of us who thrive on debate and challenging our own ego against another - there are no pursuits more gratifying or rewarding than the frantic clash of knowledge and perspective that comes from debates… The internet of yore was a grand place for them.

48dd2e No.22482

File: 6317f5ff229c66a⋯.png (609.85 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1326353w_kek.png)

24b3b3 No.22484



I think you don't know how to distinguish between evidence and proof.

Proof would be when Assange publicly shows himself to be elsewhere than the Embassy. Anything else is just speculation.

db35cd No.22485


Find his own photo. And only attribute his own quotes. There is soooo much wrong with that meme I won't eve start.

7c1559 No.22486


how do you know that? BO is anonymous… screens or gtfo

22c223 No.22487

File: 1de2837db39bd52⋯.jpg (133.63 KB, 640x486, 320:243, 22i2pi.jpg)

For those of us that were there, man

63352a No.22488


>BIBLIO_te_CAP_leia_DES you mean.


You have literally answered your own question.

6b47e2 No.22489


So is cancer a gay disease or only for sinful people? Last I checked we are all sinners so are we all going to get cancer or HIV? No..

ac28d0 No.22490

no need to migrate.

you confused yourselves.

enjoy the show!

b11ee5 No.22491

Why search into Loop Capital? We have no seizure or arrest powers. The DOJ should be looking into Loop, not us. Show me. It's not exactly news that corrupt financial institutions fund corrupt demoncrats. Alwaleed, for example, owns a massive share of Citibank. Boycott Citibank.

c00b3e No.22495

63352a No.22496


BO should remain anonymous, too.


We have memetic powers.

We can influence the entire world.

daf482 No.22497


You're no muslimfag! you're a glowfag! Muslimfags don't talk about muslim shit on this board. dig, meme or kill yourself.

b11ee5 No.22500


That's evidence. Proof is what the judge or jury agrees on as proof.

1ac354 No.22501



c96535 No.22502

File: 95a3d610498286b⋯.png (660.75 KB, 876x1062, 146:177, ff94jv1kig901.png)

Reposting this for comment.

The DoD audit was announced early December.

It will likely take months or more though don't you think?

We are only witnessing the very beginning of the curtain being pulled back.

Think long-term, anons. The rest of Trump's presidency will change everything on a social, political, and even global scale.

And I'm so fucking excited you guys.

I am sick of living in a society in which there is no point in existing when you know every dollar you will ever make goes to some pedo fat cat.

But now?

Now I have hope.

35818d No.22503


Why does every vehicle have several "electronic modules" encased (Potted) and kept secret from even mechanics?

Just sayin'

Michael Hastings may have found out.

7c1559 No.22504


i agree anon, im gonna filter that shill before he makes people go crazy

a576ab No.22505

You read a couple of websites , and then u all the sudden are a "symbolism fag"? pls…. >>22446

bc618e No.22506

File: 660094953f62510⋯.png (138.55 KB, 1254x1206, 209:201, blank web.png)

For those working on the web

I made a blank web with 6 "spokes" and 7 rings - svg so those who want to manipulate it can do so

https:// anonfile.com/P3n9x9dbb2/blank_web.svg

looks like pic related

30da83 No.22507

File: 4854d37da95e38c⋯.png (70.2 KB, 852x944, 213:236, migrationpepe.png)



>>22486 nope

>>22478 he's an anon

>>22279 meme harvester

see >>22490 enjoy the show

>This was needed.

>Be ready.

17ab16 No.22509


Why are you asking me, faggot! I asked the question, never made any claim at all!

408800 No.22512

File: e330516cfef35d7⋯.jpg (59.21 KB, 448x571, 448:571, ZomboMeme 09012018123320.jpg)


Hey Fack WOD

Here is why we should be looking into loop capital and making memes.

Memes Elevate the human consciousness level does something they may not have already been aware of.

If people understand the level of corruption ahead of time, it will make it much easier to understand why thousands of people are being arrested for corruption.

It will make it easier for people to understand why the gods that they have been worshipping IE Chuck Schumer Dianne Feinstein Barack Obama Nancy Pelosi etc etc etc are all being arrested and standing trial.

Now that I've explained this take your glowing clown ass back to Langley you f*** face

22c223 No.22514

File: c04cf7eb168e2c0⋯.jpg (98.87 KB, 960x417, 320:139, 22ibbg.jpg)

Michael Douglas Gets Ahead Of Masturbation Allegations Before They Come Out

Posted on January 11, 2018 by True Pundit Staff

397395 No.22515


I guess I'm just in the know then. I must know a lot more than you do.

I have the proof I need off of crumbs laid out. Guess you just need to catch up. You are lost

2a6f57 No.22516

File: 06487e47e10017a⋯.png (252.13 KB, 1440x1596, 120:133, Screenshot_2018-01-11-12-2….png)

File: 8d0a1772a844b1f⋯.png (505.91 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-11-12-2….png)

This post pic related

Breifly checked out the tools

You can literally watch the whole country get deeper in debt as our money is sucked away.


977f99 No.22517

File: f03a837a45eaeda⋯.png (899.19 KB, 904x481, 904:481, Not Running.PNG)

Good to see this. Now….I want some arrests

db35cd No.22519


Are you intentionally trying to spread false info or are you that big of a sheeple? Do you follow JA and pay any fucking attention, or are just derailing and I am taking the bait.

He changed the status when he tweeted paper airplanes. It took a minute for peeps to notice. I mispoke myself early. Then the hour glass change happened. then the photo was released the dame day RT wrote the piece regarding his passport yesterday. That is your timeline.

We all know something is up, but what is completely in question and his mother made a valid point that the thought he is already out is possible disinfo to make financial support drop. People are stupid that way. He's out, no legal bills, all good. Poof!

f64f69 No.22520


>Michael Hastings



f13911 No.22521


daf482 No.22522


break your links, don't post muslimfag shit, post q research or memes, no one cares about your religion or who you are, bring something productive to the table or STFU. (Fellow Muslimfag)

6736ef No.22524


Potter is making his own memes now, kek

db35cd No.22525


Why are they not showing the Dems? They are creating a panic narrative for Republicans and a false emboldening one for Dems.

f64f69 No.22526


The speculation on MH370 also.


http:// www.abeldanger.org/going-remote-qrs-11-gyro-chip-smacsonic/

622904 No.22529


Southpark called that years ago.

9f1dda No.22530

Immigrants and faggots

They make no sense to me

They come to our country

And think they'll do as they please

Like start some mini Iran,

Or spread some fuckin' disease

They talk so many goddamn ways

It's all Greek to me

Well some say I'm lazy

And others say that's just me

Some say I'm crazy

I guess I'll always be

But it's been such a long time

Since I knew right from wrong

It's all the means to an end, I

I keep it movin' along

58079c No.22531


Do you understand how anti-retrovirals work? NNRTI, NRTI, PI, INSTis none of which supress your immune system. That's is the opposite of the treatment goal. You have been lead down the wrong path med engineer. There is more than one way to test for HIV and does anyone here care to guess how AIDS is defined? Guess what…people get AIDS both on treatment and off!

c00b3e No.22532

File: 3c50da51a1a7498⋯.png (519.45 KB, 834x806, 417:403, screenshot_366.png)

Someone please let Julian Assange out of the cage I'm tried of hearing from this drugged up crazy senile woman already!

www.washingtonexaminer. com/nanc

06aaf3 No.22533

The BO of our previous board seems to believe this board is run by Media Matters or the CIA or something, and that Q has been comped for a long time now.

All of a sudden there is a new general thread over there as of a short time ago.

I can think of numerous reasons this may be happening, and of what the old Board Owner may need to do for his personal projects – but of immediate concern is the likelihood we will be getting trolled even worse than we were already.

Everybody and their brother wants to shut this project down.

Hold on.

b11ee5 No.22536

IMO, after the "DEFCON" debacle, Q is dubious. Believe or not. The use of DEFCON was at best incompetent, uncharacteristic of THIS admin or of Q.

Suggest we focus the following items: Re-add the plane faggotry; watch for disappearance of the crooktards out of the public, off twitter and out of Congress; resignations; arrests.

Focus on action. We arent the DOJ who can seize assets or arrest people.

24b3b3 No.22538


No, it isn't because judges and jury's can be biased and bought off.

8f0312 No.22539


6 "spokes" ? Is counting so hard ?

4ca0d6 No.22541

File: 3354a92b40da434⋯.png (1004.97 KB, 1035x617, 1035:617, Crying Crooked H.png)

2d7b39 No.22543

So will we have to Take out the Pope & Vatican & Switzerland to get them all ?

b11ee5 No.22544


I think we should focus more on facts.

c96535 No.22545

List of resigned CEO's, officials, and other politicians

c96535 No.22547

https: //pastebin.com/N5FMQs9y

c17e97 No.22548

File: 3741a9a4d2adbb6⋯.png (3.62 MB, 4168x7168, 521:896, 3741a9a4d2adbb61ed96d045d6….png)

File: 6e1fa8b22a7107f⋯.jpg (99.87 KB, 774x530, 387:265, DFTRJupXcAEoOrf.jpg)






3094fb No.22550

Guys, on the subject of cancer, you should check out some of the things in the book, Dr. Mary's Monkey. If you haven't already…it will blow your mind. Also involves CIA, Oswald, Castro and JFK.

As far as AIDS, check out the studies of Dr. Judy Mikovits.

b11ee5 No.22554


Think that's bad? I used to see her at my Church and know some of her husband's family (theyre cool though). Ugh.

22c223 No.22557

File: 5e0d2bc10cd0bfd⋯.jpg (214.91 KB, 1224x500, 306:125, 22he48.jpg)

cd0a58 No.22558

File: 4b8f17c48b6341b⋯.jpg (56.39 KB, 531x389, 531:389, QMueller.JPG)

7c1559 No.22559


What do you mean anon?

0bf244 No.22560

File: 2b0958f90d903c9⋯.jpg (31.59 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2b0958f90d903c9d46e5dd4b43….jpg)

cad945 No.22561


Mueller is playing a fiddle

63352a No.22562




-Q gained his reputation by being, at first, anonymous.

-Q was banned from his own board due to people acting with ego.

-Q has re-proven himself recently.

-we all have work to do, each his own part.

35818d No.22563


I disagree.

The DEFCON message was a name of the Consumer Electronics Vegas Show that went dark unexpectedly.

There is a connection, we just have not figured it out.

And if I on Q-Team, I probably would have made the same mistake and assumed that no one would really think we were at DefenseCondition 1 (whereas missiles would be airborne at the moment).

I blame the anons for that debacle. We should have known better.

b11ee5 No.22565


The corruption of the Soetero Admin was well-know 8 years ago, fool. Hey, I know, dig into whether water is wet .

977f99 No.22566


Just posted this meme. Seems to be doing well on Twitter right now

71750d No.22567

>>22521 yeah it’s odd

db35cd No.22569


Roooog. She was the only one left yestderday, which is probably a lot to handle with everything she has gong on in life (generalized statement) that some may find unironic since she hitched a leadership role to the project.

What happened to the others and to Baruch? If these BOs are still associated but not him ( I could give a shit as long as they don't step out and make up shit like he speaks to me in the board and I just "know" it's him… I'm a lingusutics expert dontcha know!) But why did Pamph bail? Jsut curious for the whole legit story, not looking to slide, apologies to all.

3ae245 No.22570


This is the modern day version of "mystery meat."

Many automotive components are fully potted because they are solid state and there is nothing to repair or troubleshoot - so you toss the module and get a new one. The potting helps seal against the environment.

Now…. I can pot a Raspberry Pi and have it programmed to do whatever the fuck I want, and still behave as if it were whatever component it is replacing. So… It pretends to be a fuel injector computer… But has GPS tracking and mines xmr on the side for the lulz.

Or it doesn't. Even if you cracked it open… How would most automotive techs be able to tell the difference between a chip programmed to simply be a transmission module… Or one programmed to direct the predator drones right to you?

I think 99.99% of the auto manufacturers put in what they say. Now… Are those devices hardened against sophisticated attacks? …. Probably not, if embedded devices in TVs and other such stuff are any indication.

e57879 No.22571



Thanks for the warning.

c00b3e No.22572


She's the worst it's like she stumbled outta the old folks home after taking her meds shaking her fist at they sky mumbling crazy stuff….

bc618e No.22573


well godfucking damnit, shouldn't work in middle of night and/or before sufficient coffee

hanging head in utter shame

7c1559 No.22574


yeah the person i was talking with last night is MIA

she's the only "MOD" there now. she's gonna delete it sooner or later its just too much shit going on there

people are shilling and trolling hard

714420 No.22575


Input = crumbs = Q

Oitput = memes = (You)

b11ee5 No.22576


The crimes of these crooktards were exposed years ago. Lock them up or shut up, the rest excuses. The "people will revolt" theme is bullshit. Who cares? Lock them up too if they unlawfully ri ot.

61a61e No.22578


>but of immediate concern


Whether you mean to or are just shilling, concern trolls are not effective here.

We have what Q gave us, which is evdrything we need.

The other BO has proved that he has other motive$ for running a board for this project.

I'm staying here with absolutely NO concerns … because this is where Q is.

And Q's crombs, including the most recent crumbs, has been verified every time.

Stop your worrying or stop your shill trolling.

7c1559 No.22580


how do you know? if true thanks for the headsup anon

4ca0d6 No.22581

File: 9c4671db87dcf22⋯.png (386.91 KB, 500x334, 250:167, Rahm & Hussein.png)

35818d No.22582


Has anyone ever dissected the ECM's from a few auto to determine if they contain any explosives or anything? I mean- once potted and washed, no dog would sniff it, and assemblers would not know a capacitor from a cube of C4…

At this point. I wonder why these automakers are always so quick to appear at Bilderberg and shit.

408800 No.22583

7c1559 No.22584


can i post this one one on Twitter?

714420 No.22585


Dubs say 'yes'

f64f69 No.22586


Are you one of the seven dwarfs Tyler?

046c87 No.22587

File: d305bf8d6070bf5⋯.png (137.75 KB, 418x451, 38:41, ClipboardImage.png)


and anotha one..


8f0312 No.22590


No worries, just wondering. It was with eight spokes also here >>22548, but I guess the anon just wanted to demonstrate the general principle, and explained that we'd need 6 or 7.

daf482 No.22591


of course spread memes far and wide

b11ee5 No.22592

Hey Q, Lock up the demoncrat crooktards period. Dig into that and quit the excuses. If BLM/Auntie Fags unlawfully riot, lock them up too. National Guard, deputize the 3%. Restore Justice Now !

b77653 No.22597


This is exactly how I interpetcan the situation. Once people (maybe you alone) started figuring out the Q code, it did become more clear for me (thanks for that) and gave me all the confidence I nneeded to continue on.

The President is using Q and our board to constantly verify positive comms. and outcomes. His wink and nod to us.

Unfortunately I'm no code breaker but what I do bring to the table is memes made in PhotoGimp and a way to spread it.

e5b62a No.22598

1 aspect of the code/map puzzle may be that Q wants us to slowly figure things out while the operations are in progress.

That way we don't get ahead and telegraph info to the enemy they can use.

At the same time, we are validating that this isn't just coincidence for future reference.

Making history while documenting it.

cd0a58 No.22599

File: 117fa8ac0d35e21⋯.jpg (39.35 KB, 663x355, 663:355, ShotPutOitput.JPG)


Sorry, couldn't resist.

7c1559 No.22600


Will do! i just thought i'd ask.

i dont wanna take "credit" for something i haven't done ;)

db35cd No.22601


he went from living off his credit cards as a civic organizer until he was conveniently discovered, and pimped. That matters. There are some other disturbing connections the photo implies that some will mistake as inclusion, but that will be the next step in the chain.

What was Rahm worth prior to politics? Make those complete, easy connections. And always, always, always where Rahm is concerned right now, connect Chi town the shit hole. They are responsible for the rotting of their inner city at the expense of donors and tax payers.

1ac354 No.22602


See it as picking up and refiring an arrow.

e57879 No.22603



Same as yesterday. We must be onto something.

61000f No.22606


Most excellent!

b11ee5 No.22607

If Loop Capital is so fucking crooked, lock them up. Or let us research 3 more months while they carry on their crimes.

2e1350 No.22608

Have been working on something that may be related to what we are doing here. Not going to share here, as research not complete, and I knew that I might be making a few errors of judgement. The biggest trouble atm is working out what errors may have crept in by accident. And that means finding the sources, so can weed out the verifiable from the speculative and figure out what is true and what False. I have a sneaking suspicion I might have to give the things that I have written so far the axe and start again with a fresh prespective. Pretty sure I understand, but doesn't hurt to check.

Does anyone have the link to the recent Huma email drop along with case no so can begin searching? that is one thing having trouble tracking down in the archives atm. Can't even remember date dropped, so even that would be useful for a start so can look myself.

4ca0d6 No.22609

daf482 No.22610

File: b546d9e88cbe589⋯.jpg (31.06 KB, 600x364, 150:91, aa3.jpg)


kek approves!

89ec41 No.22611

File: 14d846c113e9ef7⋯.png (1.48 MB, 2508x2440, 627:610, Stage.png)



I was watching FN last night and saw this headline, it reminded me of some connections so I threw this together to document.

c95d56 No.22613



0bf244 No.22614


stop with the freaking Tyler.


35818d No.22615


www. chatbots.org/

You can chat with a bot there too!

9889d7 No.22616


That or it's bullshit and manufactured.

b638ac No.22617

#teamtyler #teamdefango, quit your name fagging and dig niggers

fbef88 No.22618


That's great!! Thanks a lot.

I was about to ask an anon for something like this.

db35cd No.22619


Ohhhhh my… that's just funny.

408800 No.22621

File: 3dcaafdb306fb8e⋯.jpg (121.86 KB, 477x904, 477:904, ZomboMeme 10012018120742.jpg)

File: 1f8cbd950a117d1⋯.jpg (106.29 KB, 741x1009, 741:1009, ZomboMeme 10012018152554.jpg)

File: 02beff9de00deb6⋯.jpg (25.97 KB, 203x287, 29:41, ZomboMeme 10012018163500.jpg)

File: 17c4bf821192502⋯.jpg (149.64 KB, 720x775, 144:155, ZomboMeme 09012018185329.jpg)

File: 5d7a84b6069bd58⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 355x410, 71:82, ZomboMeme 04012018193612.jpg)

I believe I have demonstrated my mastery of the meme.

I am producing these on a cell phone.

When someone trashes me for a comment on Twitter I meme them.

For instance this meme.

Royston Potter does not want to screw with me in the world of memes.

I never had more than one wife at once.

My military record is flawless.

I actually did something when I was in the military and it wasn't just weekend work.

Don't Fack with me Roy

977f99 No.22622

What is the easiest way to make memes? I am an old lady so easier the better but I can help this way.

61a61e No.22623


Because of shills and douchbags like you (likely the same assholes) posting irrelevant junk like this.

I like Milo and he has his place, but this is not it.

45b4b7 No.22624


f64f69 No.22625


Not interested. Don't want to read the Quran either.

bc618e No.22628


Yep, that is what was recreated waay too late at night. :)

So now I'll make ones with six spokes/seven rings and 7 spokes/6 rings - next thread or two… and also post in the resource library for those who want to manipulate it on their own.

35818d No.22630


>Michael Douglas Gets A"head" Of Masturbation Allegations Before They Come Out

(Wording is ALMOST perfect!)

63352a No.22634


Not all is in our perspective

Think INSIDE anon. Think where you fit and how the work should be done. Not in the old MSM "fairy tale" way.

fc1a89 No.22635


I thought you were banned to the Wall of Shame last night. Adjust your buttplug and GTFO nigger.

9bc742 No.22636

whens the last time anyone revisited the fbi anon posts? https: //pastebin.com/hgW5q5Kx

fabc2e No.22637


Collective Consciousness

We fuck up each other for gree , instead.

Does Loop have any hands in Mental Healtb departments?

e57879 No.22639


>What is the easiest way to make memes?

https:// imgflip.com/memegenerator

You can use the "Upload your won image" button, after

searching the Internet for image files matching your criteria.

Then add the text you want to add.

Then use the "Generate Meme" button / "Private" checkbox

to download the meme image file.

Then post the result to the Meme thread on this board.

61a61e No.22640


We get to see 20%. 80% hidden.

Disinformation is necessary. Disinformation is important.

Relax. Have patience.

7c1559 No.22641


>https: //pastebin.com/hgW5q5Kx

wow! i remember when this happened, but honestly i thought it was a LARP. thank you anon! its saved now ;)

d04192 No.22642


http:// www.imagechef.com/

9bc742 No.22644

File: 7d65f2fe7306a33⋯.png (45.79 KB, 950x142, 475:71, Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at ….png)


right off the bat

db35cd No.22645


Man, is that on here? I am filtering every religion, crop circle, chemtrail and recently Assange slider. It's so quiet - all Loop, FISA, spook stuff mostly gets to stay.

Also since no one can tell me why a chessboard will document the saving of the nation, and even clocks at this point until they get it solid. Should be in /Chess or /clock threads and maybe they are and coming back. Who knows. Are the Q is the antichrist guys here yet?

6736ef No.22646


Magic AIDS a sympathy slush fund generator?

Racism a psyop for the Black Capital Mafia?

LOOP it back

Future unlocking past

3ae245 No.22647


Hexagon, anon. Not octagon.

What is interesting about hexagons is that they are the natural math of the circle. I could launch into a whole thing about how we teach math stupid these days… But there is a game on mobile platforms called Euclidea - which pretty much sits as the geometric proofs for trigonometry and will blow most people's minds away at how simple this shit actually was.

Granted, our education system is built on teaching practical concepts and first-order-optimal-strategies for kids who were likely to hit the factories/farms at ten, rather than teaching them the groundwork for theorems. We teach the Pythagorean theorem because of its immediate application to construction, rather than teaching trigonometry as it relates to natural math so that it can be digested and understood for a grounding to build more advanced practical understanding.

977f99 No.22648


Thank you Anon

24b3b3 No.22651


I've heard about that one from a few people and have it somewhere. Just haven't got round to reading it yet.

63352a No.22652


This post is for anyone that thinks too narrow.

We are dealing with a crisis on the systematic level. For this to be solved, a new system must be born. A system based on everything we strive for. Good, True and Positive. Support this and the old one will be replaced.

0bf244 No.22653

File: 5379ebdf355e9fc⋯.png (555.94 KB, 1119x815, 1119:815, trump BUGGED.png)

looking for feedback on this one.

too wordy?

7c1559 No.22654


i think it's from the FBI anon thread that was on 4chan last years

58079c No.22655


FBI anon

977f99 No.22658



Thank you Anon

e57879 No.22659


>That way we don't get ahead

Just enough ahead to make memes that match upcoming news drops.

7f3bd8 No.22661


Cash me on Twitter, how bout day?!

58079c No.22663


https:// pastebin.com/hgW5q5Kx

d04192 No.22664


np– hope to see your additions now

9ad010 No.22665


agreed , though he is announcing his move's it's not like the bad actors don't understand , perhaps it does not matter at this time and that is why i guess .

408800 No.22666


Love it

0c9859 No.22668


Keep popcorn ready Anon its coming

or if your asleep like the norm you might miss it!

db35cd No.22670


Now I have to go look up that Simms guy. Gee thanks.

977f99 No.22672


Can't talk. Whole placed bugged by DNC

Catch ya on Twitter

c17e97 No.22675

baker ??

7f3bd8 No.22676



7c1559 No.22677

That Loop capital is getting some retweets and likes! i hope it spreads like a wildfire

afacfa No.22678

Julian Assange is safe.

"Disinformation is necessary."

d1afc6 No.23185

File: 58ac2f1bfde2681⋯.jpg (46.61 KB, 640x480, 4:3, DeNiroLosesItOnTrumo-640x4….jpg)

DeNiro has to have some connection to the corruption or some reason he is constantly bad mouthing DJT. Anyone find anything on this POS?

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