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File: 909963738188f7e⋯.jpg (5.86 MB, 2500x2207, 2500:2207, US-$5-SC-1923-Fr.282.jpg)

3799bd  No.2221598


3799bd  No.2221604

File: 88211c347664ae6⋯.png (171.85 KB, 848x547, 848:547, regalgold_34.png)

77d27e  No.2221757

File: a5c47ad8ff6eedd⋯.jpg (54.29 KB, 620x330, 62:33, petroyuan2.jpg)

And the Agenda of PetroYuan what?

US could be so fucked if the Grincucks don't use the gold standard.

China/Russia was very smart in to save the gold and prepare the currencies.

f0bfb6  No.2222550

Crypto is a good temporary stand-in, but would be useless in a post-apocalyptic war scenario. Default for no money is bartering, but bartering has it's limits.

Gold has always been advocated, but without a way to smell down or divide into smaller pieces, it would be a hard thing to trade for anything.

My greatest concern for cryptos is they're the prelude to 'one world currency' type bullshit. The fact it's inventor is anonymous and cannot be transparently verified makes me think intel agency or deepstate. Even the hash tool used in bitcoin (SHA256) is an NSA invention. Did no-one get the RSA 'paid to weaken encryption' memo?

NSA hasn't stopped advocating weaker and useless encryption standards.

Any currency of insufficient quality/complexity is easy to manufacture, forge, fake, mass-print. Any currency that can be printed can be inflated. Cryptocurrency has a good address for this idea - you can't spent what you don't have.

I'd back three horses: crypto, food supplies and bartering.

Realistically what you'd need to do is wipe the debt, create a new currency. We're moving towards a cashless society, so is this viable?

548877  No.2222830

The President has said three things repeatedly.

I will make America Safe again,Strong again and wealthy again.

Strong and safe are well under way, next comes wealthy. My working theory is that after the takedown of the big banks, a new gold dollar will be rolled out at +/- 1000:1. Existing account will be made whole up the the FDIC/NCUA insurance limits at 1:1. SS and other such plans will be paid in new dollars. That will have the effect of killing nearly all US debt both household, corporate and government. People will accept it because most people have much more debt than savings. I can't formulate a good theory all of the details re retirement accounts and such but most of those are held in stock so they will just be revalued in new dollars.

Lots of pitfalls and loose ends but that's how I see it working generally. Holders of metals will benefit greatly.Bondholders will get pounded. Holders of USD that can't easily be brought in from the cold will lose it all. Additionally, I think we'll issue letters of Marque, not to seaborn pirates this time, but to hackers who will use them to track down assets that should have been seized.

I'm convinced that we live in historic times.

3799bd  No.2222937


What's your theory on Treasury bonds? People buy Treasury bonds instead of using savings accounts because of the greater interest. Would they suffer?

aaa05f  No.2223304


US treasuries will likely be paid out at the 1000/1 rate. All debt will be wiped out.That has to include US bonds.

343441  No.2223423

We dont need another fiat currency. The exact same thing will happen again.

Something I think everyone needs to understand is that we have all been monetized. We are the BENEFICIARY but these evil people have made it so damn difficult to use our remedy. What has been stolen from us through fraud should be returned ASAP. Without us having to jump through 50 million hoops.

9d083a  No.2223887


Crypto currency is a extremely poor stand-in, since it is totally dependent on a mechanism for electronic exchange/transfer.

The obvious first casualty of any apocalyptic event would be electricity.


Does anyone seriously believe the electrical grid would not be the first necessity to go. One need no further evidence that the Iraq War where they trashed access to power, water, etc.

How long would NYC, Washington, et al. survive before it would become a Mad Maxx Thunderdome. Laugh at the survivalists, but they can survive when the metro areas resort to even more Darwinian survival.

Essential material goods become the new "currency" via the original barter system.

Half the population would starve or dehydrate within about 30 days, from natural or man-made causes. Picture a WalMart doing pre-Xmas sales then multiply by a factor of 100,0000.

Remote/rural and self-reliant would be the only choice to survive.

Crypto - useless

Food supplies - limited to what you can carry and protect

Bartering - What do you have that is "valuable" to someone else.

Think Plymouth Rock in 1620-1621. Half died, but not from being killed by other Puritans

On a positive note, the surveillance state, corrupt parasitic government and evil banking systems would be obliterated. Marxist's will finally get what the wished for, but the "means of production" would be available to redistribute to the masses. Their plan presumes there is a "system" they can loot. In engineering terms, "a fatally flawed system" leading to chaos according to the effects of entropy.

9d083a  No.2223898



"means of production" would NOT be available

2ce6a5  No.2224555


Absolutely agree. Well said Anon.

0f853d  No.2224649

File: 2e486b8fdec4970⋯.jpg (10.05 KB, 188x268, 47:67, images-4.jpg)

File: 64eced2bfd3a4ff⋯.jpg (14.02 KB, 255x192, 85:64, 684aecff8245d85efa5dd94e2a….jpg)






0f853d  No.2224792

File: 58ebb648f42d27a⋯.jpg (8.34 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-529.jpg)

File: a478872417f68af⋯.jpg (9.95 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images-100.jpg)


Yes, well said. ditto ditto ditto ditto

you da pasta maker

ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto

47d336  No.2228097

File: f6cf165d7a28f81⋯.jpg (237.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, New Player Anon Inc.jpg)

I'm going to approach this Bread as how to bake a mountain but first kindly read this article on Big Banks - A Culture Above Any Law to get a foothold on the competition.


From that article, we find out how the banks have a diverse control of properties on the Man-Made Board of Monopoly and literally untouchable. Humanity (man) is but a thimble on the playing board but what if we introduced a playing piece the likes of Godzilla? This has never been thought of for the simple reason of being impossible. Let's look at impossible, the Anons have created a culture where the world is watching today where the success has been nothing short of amazing and entertaining.

Man becomes a better player on the board game since everything is for sale like stock positions where the majority of shares purchased earns a seat on the board of directors which gains influence in decisions. Also, there is the play of hostile takeover, happens all the time, that's competition.

This purchasing power comes from people around the world who can see us in a better light at which point can invest $1 per month. As capital grows we acquire control of diverse properties and advance humanity on the playing board. Public banking institutions should be used as a charter for this growth also the public involved from contributions can vote on key problems we face. The workforce will be available from who joins us receiving a hire position. Many other goods and services will be available to contributors at a discount because of purchasing power.

Why wait for the Banks to throw the switch and we end up in a soup line like during The Great Depression? The only team players like Larry Summers or the likes of Paul Singer get that call before the switch is thrown. Becoming a better player is key, no guts no glory and the Anons have guts and that determination which is needed when the impossible is possible. Because at this point in time the financial system is over-leveraged and debt along with other manipulated investment vehicles are a musical chair game where the music stops and many will not have a seat. The time is ripe for a new play, who will lead? The ones who have no fear of failing.

Q will remain and Anon Inc. (We The People) is the future to maintain what we have started.

c52d2b  No.2228178

Commodity backed crypto currency backstopped with actual precious metals and commodities. ALL of them private. The only government involvement is in the actual coining of gold and silver coins… THATS IT. No income tax or other fee faggotry. Everyone who worked for the FED… even the fucking Janitor gets hung in the national mall on independence day.

9d083a  No.2228662


Sounds very poetic, and Pollyanna-ish. The board is not an economic system and you seem to have a naive & grossly inflated sense of entitlement. All the "normies" in the world will send "us" $1? And what "value" do you think the board can provide in return?

Aside from the obvious utopian awesomeness, who gets the money, how is it divided up, etc. No rules, no control, no bosses. no leaders(?), but many,many normie followers. I suppose the governing structure should a libertarian anarchy?

A better economic model for this board would be a monastery - Christian /Buddist/Tibetean etc. Little or no real contact with the outside world. Intense focus on individually-chosen issues; learning and enlightenment - socially cutoff from the rest of society and sufficing on the alms of others, No product to sell, so the $1 would be a charitable donation?

Since this isn't a job and no one gets paid, I presume this is purely recreational for most, mildly educational for others, a source of enlightenment by the many esoteric gurus and geniuses ready and willing to impart their wisdom achieved by intuition and spiritual energy.

If you think I am being too critical, perhaps you could initiate a small scale proof-of concept project with other like minded anons. You can keep all the money donated.

You can then report back to us on your inevitable success and surely will attract more followers/members.

Does a pilot plan sound like something you would be interested in starting?

We await with eager anticipation for the results and proof-of concept for our project.

As an aid to getting started, you might find the story of the "Little Red Hen, very informative

I am excited already.

How soon do you think you could get started?.

9d083a  No.2228689


Spoken like a true Revolutionary - All Power to the People

Lenin, Trotsky and Mao would be so proud.

Not that evil Adam Smith who conspired with the Capitalists

9d083a  No.2228702


Think mirror - It reflects back an image of yourself

47d336  No.2229099


The Little Red Hen was informative and yes I am that Hen. I believe this would go beyond the board but your board is a good think tank and why I am here. Your board is also a wonderful launch pad for reaching the public. The business model possibility would be a Nonprofit as to how you explained your present work here. I'm asking for help with a proof-of-concept model to bring us in a better light. When I leave this place I would like to see it as a better place as to when I arrived, that is my goal. The Anon Board already offers much value to the public. The next level is to maintain what has already been achieved here. Who would support that? Well, who made it possible? The world loves a hero a concept comes to mind, 'Trust The Plan'.

And so it begins I've already started.

9d083a  No.2229207


Have you asked,

"Who will help me bake the bread?"

Sounds like a solo mission, since many will take but fewer will make.

Non-profit is a great Marxist dodged. Your only expense is the value you assign to your own.time. As long as you take all the money out the board pays not taxes, but you pay personal takes on it.

That's how the all work. Make sure to spend all the money on "something" to avoid taxes. Have you seen the payroll and travel expenses for all their staff. Shell game is they "donate it to a "trust" that only they control. Poof !! any extra money if a gift to charity - their non-taxable charity.

O though we were all going to work on the project?

No volunteers yet Little Red Hen? There will be if any money rolls in, since is "our" board. and you can't legally collect all the money for "the board"

FAIL - try again after Business 101 including business law, marketing, accounting & taxation

Utopia isn't free Some on has to do the work and everyone shares the money.

Thanks for volunteering

1ae201  No.2229461

File: 3635cdf64056679⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 2026x1989, 2026:1989, EQForWhatIt'sWorth.jpg)

If I just do a minute of digging through the laundry basket, sofa cushions, and slots/ashtray of our vehicles… I could fill a Best Foods jar with cold hard U.S. coin. If that doesn't fill the jar, I could walk down the block and find more in the rough patches of grass, bushes, gutters, and parking lots. Surely everyone reading this could do the same. A jar full of good old change… with mint dates that go way back before any of us were even born. Now, the point is that there is literally mountains and mountains of American coin that has survived every up and down our economy has put it through. Coin is in every house, business, buried in treasure chests out in the sand, or at the bottom of lakes, rivers and oceans… there is tons of it from sea to shining sea. That mountain of change isn't going to disappear like crypto in the blink of an eye or flip of a switch, and that mountain of change won't tear or burn like cash/stocks/bonds can. In the event of an economic disaster, American coin will always be around, and it will always hold value to the people who choose to do regular everyday business as usual. In fact, it may become more valuable when that is all we have to work with. Coin is perfect currency for the hard dirty work it would take to rebuild after a shtf scenario, or an economic reset. We wouldn't need global trade partners, stock markets, tax collectors and their unfair ways/means… all we would really need is the strength to cut loose from those systems, and accurate scales to balance the weight we have. U.S. coin… no contracts to sign, untraceable, durable, portable, and every American recognizes it for what it's worth.

47d336  No.2229469


Well, in the mean time all debt will have to be forgiven and a countries currency will be valued as to there reserve in gold. The Fed and Central Banks are painted in a corner but with printed money it does seem to reach escape velocity of all negative news. Maybe we'll find a new business model for the old one is off the rails.

Business 101 needs a revision for what we all been told is upside down but creation has an odd way of showing up where timing is everything.

Godspeed Anons

12bc07  No.2236356


>The obvious first casualty of any apocalyptic event would be electricity.

Which is why I said it'd be useless in the event of war. The deepstate's plan clearly assumes worst case scenario (they assume they will lose - which is why they have all those deep underground bunkers. They trigger war then run away like a bunch of pussies).

I've slowly navigated countries towards protecting electrical systems (see the SHIELD act, and cyber security utilities provisions):


If you're already on renewable energy then you're largely immune (just needs circuit breakers and a good sense of timing).

>Food supplies - limited to what you can carry and protect

You're assuming bugout scenario. If you're in a nuclear scenario, you won't be travelling anywhere without a radiation suit. Bugout is only viable during authoritarian crisis, which implies power is functioning.

>Bartering - What do you have that is "valuable" to someone else.

Knowledge. A shit ton of it. Doesn't weigh anything to carry, and you can't steal it from me. If you have skills or craftsmanship, you'll be in demand. I also have a harddrive with the entire contents of Wikipedia stored on it, as well.

Item wise? Well, if you kept that food supply I was referring to earlier…

But that said, valuable to who? Everyone has different needs.


1) If the main currency is dead, you're either going to see crypto or bartering as stand-in (likely both).

2) If you're at N-day war, ANY currency is going to be useless (you either can't trade and have to hunker down - food supplies, or if the radiation isn't so bad you can walk and talk, your JIT infrastructure is going to be so badly disrupted that no-one is going to want gold and everyone will be haggling for clean food and water. You can generate the latter with a variety of techniques. Growing the former in a warlike scenario might not be possible).

>Essential material goods become the new "currency" via the original barter system.

I'd imagine, specifically, seeds (or salt, like the Romans used, given it was a preservative).

The issue with knowing what system to gear towards depends on what last ditch plan the deepstate execute. If we can neutralise them before they trigger N-day (which I'm thinking is their failsafe depopulation angle), then we can have a new currency or crypto.

But if they do go N-day, then the extent of the damage dictates what we can use.

Securing America's nuclear reactors against EMP would be a HUGE step (because if the nuclear reactors go critical then it worsens). Just so you guys can see how badly designed the US electrical grid is: some nuclear reactors rely on other nuclear plants to supply power in order to shutdown as their 'backup generator'.

(It can take 3 days to fully shutdown a plant.)

855c15  No.2236365

never happen.

12bc07  No.2236700


Interesting concept, but the issue isn't 'can we generate financial leverage?' - having seen people fall for some of the dumbest scams imaginable, getting money is the 'easy' part.

What is the hard part is making sure that the people who control the finances are wholly incorruptible. I don't mean slightly incorruptible, but *wholly*, because if it achieves the level of power you're hoping it does, that is a huge temptation towards corruption.

Dictatorships can flip, democracies can be subverted.

There's also the issue of ensuring for generations it's always staffed with wholly incorruptible individuals. Bearing in mind these people will be under attack from government goons, financial hitmen, dirt diggers, media propaganda, the full whack (see how Julian Assange is treated, then crank it up to anti-Trump levels of hysteria).

It would be far better, in my opinion, to operate 'behind the scenes' (exploiting the same tactics they do), exerting influence in a way that is difficult to centrally target or identify. By having no active radar presence, there is nothing they can specifically target or try to co-opt.

Consider when Anons did Occupy Wallstreet but George Soros co-opted the whole thing (and the media suppressed it entirely). It was the very definition of 'extremely noisy' and 'extremely obvious'. You never see any powerbrokers protesting - because they know it doesn't work.

We only know about pieces of shit like Bill Gates and George Soros because they're constantly in our face, 24/7. I bet what you guys don't notice are the NGOs that they fund that go largely unannounced and are largely ignored (who could be argued as doing the bulk of the work).

Try to avoid fame and 'going big'. Any military commander will tell you that you never signal your presence or your intentions to your enemy. Don't form a big obvious corp, make micro-cells, small groups, small shell companies that target easy wins (for example, Occupy was really onto something with the 'buy debt cheap and pay forward' scheme).

Suitable targets for finances:

1) Swing/undecided/independent politicians in local counties/regions/states etc

2) Lobbyists to advocate specific goals in government (or if too costly, on a local/county level)

3) As said, acquiring seats on boards etc to influence financial decision making

4) Investing into startups whose goals align with your own

5) Hiring investigators to dig dirt (using their own tactics against them)

6) Starting legal cases (using funds from legal cases win to fund other legal cases etc). Again, start small (county/local region)

7) On-the-cheap advertising (to spread information or support or acquire more funds etc)

8) Undercut excessive interest micro-loans

Ideally each 'cell' should work on a regional level. Start winning the smaller battles first in as many unnoticeable areas possible. The goal being not only to spin off as many 'good practice' start-up businesses as possible, but also to impact regional politics.

344a86  No.2236837


Yes. You are right about this. Coin that says "in God we trust". When electronic money disappears we will value 1 cent=$1. Coin will buy 100 times what it does currently. Poor can buy because as you have noted it is readily available.

1f5108  No.2237615

Gold-backed financial system will be in place while humanity grows spiritually in a resource abdundant environment. This system will be in place until we no longer need a financial / monetary system. How soon all of this happens depends on each of us and the future we are co-creating. But it will happen one day where we no longer need a financial system.

1fc798  No.2258152

crypto is the cabals version of the currency reset.

watch as all variations of crypto (failed or otherwise) become part of one, true, historically strong, respected worldwide, central banking "fedcoin" (name is used as an example)

faae1f  No.2258967

Required viewing. Dutch High level Banking Insider spills beans on illuminati and financial racket.

Spoiler: They're kid diddlers and jews


e04f03  No.2259407

Ask yourselves ….If you consider crypto worthless than why did MS/APPLE/Cabal go to great lengths to produce chip sets that bypassed the Binary Code.

Now cross reference this with timing, 2008/2009 was when crypto went mainstream. Around the same time period as the induction of the most common MS I3/I5/I7 chips.

Research Meltdown/Spectra and once again cross reference with timing. Right after Christmas when Q went silent the vulnerability was exposed. Weeks before Christmas Intel CEO sold $24 million in stock…WHY?

Now Ask yourselves why after intel sold stock, and after the Meltdown and Spectra was exposed did MSM start pushing the Idea that Child Porn was encoded in the block-chain….Why?

Timing is crucial.

That sure is a lot of dancing for a currency that many consider worthless.

Money is slavery

Currency in general is slavery.

Sheep no more

It is better to give than to receive.

Add Quantum Computers.

How do they work?

Think 011010100010101101010101

Is a future without Currency/Money possible?

Coming to a Theater near (you).

This is bigger than you can imagine.


9d083a  No.2260080


Coins are just currency - a token representing value held elsewhere. Coins are worth their melted content - nothing more unless universally accepted by other traders.

9d083a  No.2260099


Yeak we are all going 4D where money won't be needed, nor will clothes since we will be "spirit-only, with no bodies. just beams of light connected to other beams of light communicating

For details - see description "The Borg"

9d083a  No.2260129


Where are your cryptocurrencies when the electricity goes off or there is no Internet?

What happens to cryptocurrency in the event of an EMP, which is not all that difficult for many hostile powers to possess and use (including the Cabal as their last act of evil)

How much cryptocurrency could you produce with CIA Seven Dwarfs?

What suckers!!!!!

9d083a  No.2260204


What is this Binary Code you mention?

Is that like ones and zeros or some secret only you know?

What kind of currency is immune to loss of electricity and connectivity ?

You don't need money, just something valuable to trade THAT OTHERS VALUE.

I suspect you come up real short on that measure, and would be happier in an anarchy, although you can't control the other citizen who could do any thing they want to you, and no one to save you. Why would anyone risk their life to save yours?

Glaringly obvious answer - no one

9d083a  No.2260208


Troll repellent was successful - all clear

701505  No.2260304

What did Q say about the end of the fed?


What do the banks provide?

Necessary for now?


End of the fed = end of the banks?

No banks now = no strucutre now.

Chaos ensues?

Good for The Plan?

Who would be blamed?


Red Wave important?


What does stucture provide a building?

Stability necessary.


Old structure rotten but stable?

New structure needed?

Structure SOURCE?

How does a building's structure come to be?

It is BUILT.

Build the structure, make it stable, end the Rotten Fed.

The people have the power to build it.

You (and your Peer) have more power than you know.

FIND and build the "structure."


47d336  No.2344318

File: 1024361a0f533bd⋯.png (97.79 KB, 1037x594, 1037:594, Justice Department Announc….png)


Thanks J, nice tool box build and yes, corruption is a tough egg to crack.

Revisions being made to the business model.

From the DOJ: 7/27/18

"With today’s announcement of this non-prosecution agreement, non-compliant U.S. clients of Mirelis must now pay that 50 percent penalty to the IRS if they wish to enter the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. The IRS recently announced that the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program will close on September 28, 2018."


f2b76e  No.2345600

I'll admit here are a few issues to crypto, but the crypto naysayers here don't know WTF they're talking about. Crypto's biggest problem is merely that it's so nacent and undeveloped, but it's as real as anything else. Just because you don't understand a complex technology doesn't make something silly. I'm imaging fucking uneducated idiots or a bunch of old goldfags on the other side of the screen. Know what the fuck you're talking about it before you open your mouth.

4b63a4  No.2345904

Wouldn't a debt reset primarily benefit the rich as they hold the most assets?

How soon do we think such a thing could occur?

Really want to buy a new house before it happens

6f3051  No.2365980

File: 0a4c4adb7dfaf9c⋯.jpg (216.98 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, FINAL POOL MEME Z.jpg)


Royal Elites / Rothschild Formula > Global Banking Cartel


Federal Reserve Act

Federal Reserve Inc.

A Private Company?

Shareholders = ?

IS THIS Constitutional?



What is your recourse?

What is a Federal Reserve Note?

Define NOTE



United States Declares BANKRUPTCY

United States Inc.

A Private Company?

Shareholders =?


US BANKRUPTCY Still In Receivership?

Emergency Banking Act March 9 1933

House Joint Resolution 192 73rd Congress June 5 1933

1938 Supreme Court - Erie Railroad v Tompkins

Why is this relevant?


Common Law

Equity Law

Admiralty Law


Statutory Jurisdiction?

Statutory Jurisdiction Definition in Blacks Law Dictionary?

Why Not?


Birth Certificate = ALL CAPs

Social Security Card = ALL CAPs

Drivers License = ALL CAPs

Are YOU a Living Soul or a Person>CORPORATION?

Blacks Law Dictionary 6th edition

Birth Certificate Applications Started WHEN?

Social Security Registration Started WHEN?

Birth Certificate # = CUSIP


Cestui Que Vie Trust

Cannon Law

Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Edition

Are YOU the Trustee or the Beneficiary?

Who Created The Debt? The Bond?


Uniform Commercial Code

UCC = Private International Law?

If UCC Private WHO OWNS?

1938 Supreme Court - Erie Railroad v Tompkins

Common Law > No Compelled Performance

Equity Law > Compels Performance

Admiralty > Compelled Performance > AND Criminal Penalties

> AND Requires International Contract?

Statutory Jurisdiction = ?

Are You A United States Citizen?

Federal United States?


Continental United States?

United States = Federal CORPORATION

Congressional Act 1871

28 USC 3002 - Part VI - Chapter 176 -Sub-Chapter 176 - Subsection A, (15)

Did 14th Amendment Create A Lower Class of CITIZEN?

15 U.S. Statute At Large July 27 1868

“Expatriation Clause”

WHY Is This Relevant?

Your Name as Signature

‘’Without Prejudice’’ UCC 1-308

What is a ‘’compelled benefit’’?

‘’Argument and Recourse’’ UCC 1-103



What is YOUR recourse?

UCC 1 - ‘’Secured Party Creditor”?

YOU have more than you know


1849db  No.2366530

File: 5fa1cbced6fe956⋯.jpg (100.75 KB, 1420x1963, 1420:1963, PEPE in control.jpg)

File: d91b81702fceced⋯.png (666.23 KB, 798x600, 133:100, FUCK THE FED 01.png)

OK, I'm doing some digging on one of Q's posts. Ima drop this here and see what you magnificent faggots can add.

My thinking is to drill down and really answer Q's questions with regards to the banking system and families, so as to make a simpler, more accurate, and more easy to understand map.

Here's what I have. I'll check again in the morning. You may have seen this before in Q research (but it's a fucking 200 IQ meth-amped monkey zoo ATM, not exactly the best place for slow thinking…)

Thanks to the anon who dropped this, it allowed me to put this together. https://quizlet.com/108980866/global-economics-exam-2-flash-cards/


Wealth (over generations) buys power.

Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.

More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

Families combined (TRI) = NWO.

Thanks to the anon who dropped this, it allowed me to put these pieces together. https://quizlet.com/108980866/global-economics-exam-2-flash-cards/




Wealth (over generations) buys power.


Power (over generations) buys more wealth/control.


More wealth/control buys countries and its people.

Families combined (TRI) = NWO.


Inner TRI families will collapse.



Council On Foreign Relations. According to Christopher Lydon, writing in the July 1977 Atlantic, "The Trilateral Commission was David Rockefeller's brainchild." https://www.antiwar.com/berkman/trilat.html






What is the keystone?

KEYSTONE IS KAIROS = KAIROS created to facilitate international policy coordination, named Bretton Woods institutions were negotiated there

-The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/ World Trade Organization (GATT/WTO)

-The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

-The World Bank

What Nation dominates all others?



-set in 1930 and is the first economic international organization (IO)

-Had 2 functions: collect reparations from Germany and promote economic coordination bw national central banks

What Nation has influence over most others?


What is the keystone?


Return to SA.

Strings cut (+++).

Puppets (+++) in shadows.

Each side of the triangle controls a certain subsect of power brokers.

Power brokers are also labeled as the puppets/servants.

What is the New World Order?

Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?

What does this mean culturally?

Why is this relevant?

What occurred in SA?

How did POTUS remove one side of the pyramid?

What did POTUS receive while visiting China?

Where did POTUS dine?

What is the significance?

What if China, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?

Who controls NK?

Who really controls NK?

Who controls several agencies within the US, EU, and abroad?

Why is No Such Agency so vital?

Enormous scale of events currently ongoing.

Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS?

This is not easy to accept nor believe.

Crumbs make bread.

Operations active.

Joint missions underway.

The world is fighting back.

Refer back to graphic.

The Great Awakening.

Snow White.

Iron Eagle.

Jason Bourne (2016)(Dream/CIA).













98252d  No.2366603


You're right… Lets just make another Fiat currency with the FED at the helm… That obviously, from history, would be better. >>2228702

An image of someone who hates the FED… Hrmmm.. Yeah. Thats me. The person who hates the FED.

0f0f14  No.2366938

File: eb1e689d39d9124⋯.png (66.79 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, w4rfl4g.png)

File: 73a4c31a521b427⋯.jpg (203.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Lookie who guards the p0pe.




https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank_for_International_Settlements

Look at the main building in Basel

9d083a  No.2367378


You sais it right - you are imaging since you can't beleive there are an shortcomings.

I could give you about 20 of the top of my head, but won't bother.

More effective if you learn the hard way.

Just remember where your currency is if the lights go out or the Intenet access was unavailable from wherever you are.

Some of us aren't uneducated idiots.

We own you know "proof".

Experience is the best teacher

1f5dc2  No.2371352


Well some of us know the answers to this mess but it shouldnt be hidden or difficult to navigate your way out. There seems to be different ways to extricate oneself from their grip. Which one is right though?

4b63a4  No.2382007


>Wouldn't a debt reset primarily benefit the rich as they hold the most assets?

>How soon do we think such a thing could occur?

>Really want to buy a new house before it happens



047c6a  No.2382719

File: 235acdd4359d48c⋯.png (324.45 KB, 611x717, 611:717, reaction-plsno.png)

I hope I can day trade with the new monetary system. I keep getting fucked in the job market, trying to get a career at my point is just ridiculos, I'll be 40 by the time I can get anywhere, and just want to make my own money on my own terms. Fuck this economy man. I wish Trump or Ron won in 2008 & 2012.

701505  No.2382758

File: da4ce946580fbbb⋯.png (114.66 KB, 863x625, 863:625, bitcoin structure BCH IS T….png)


>My greatest concern for cryptos is they're the prelude to 'one world currency' type bullshit.

The beauty of them is that there is competition. 1500 exist, most are total shit. Bitcoin got taken over by banks and then forked off to bitcoin cash, which still follow the original vision of free person to person non-centrally banked currency.

>The fact it's inventor is anonymous and cannot be transparently verified makes me think intel agency or deepstate.

Sounds like someone similar to Qanon to me.

>Even the hash tool used in bitcoin (SHA256) is an NSA invention.

What did Q say about not everyone inside the agencies being corrupt?

acae7f  No.2382853

I have a bad feeling about this. If Dan Harmon is a pedo, then isn't the whole plot of devaluing a currency from Rick and Morty ('turning a 1… into a 0!') almost a prelude, threat or 'warning'? The show often makes a lot of references to subtle conspiracy theories (such as the moon landing stage prop in 'Rickchurian Mortydate').

And I often find shows pre-empt an event.

Given the massive debt of the US ($140 trillion) it could be very well be argued that a dollar is literally worth zero. And the Simpsons episode that predicted Trump as president had Lisa Simpson afterwards talking about the US: "we're broke", with Trump being inferred as the previous president.

What's more disturbing is my opinion is that Lisa Simpson represents Hillary Clinton (Lisa is a liberal throughout the entire show). So there's a few overlapping plans: devaluing the dollar to worthlessness, and Hillary Clinton taking power after Trump.

Which means we would need to head off one or the other to ruin their plans.

Replacing the banking system with a stable structure is not an easy task. Not even within virtual environments (such as World of Warcraft where the value of gold coins has to be regulated) is keeping valuation of currency a thing.

Cryptocurrency is not perma-stable (and I wouldn't rest any laurels on it because it has a couple of flaws I haven't yet disclosed). Gold is problematic because everyone else possesses that and it can be stolen again (or decoupled).

Building a new system within the timelimit permitted (4 years assuming re-election win) is going to be insanely tricky, especially with partisan resistance.

Solving trade deficit is one way to go, but there does need to be a massive cap on military expenditure (US spends more than the prior three countries combined, and that includes China). I'm imagining there's a lot of financial waste. On the other side, you're doing all the R&D and places like China, Russia, France, israel etc are just stealing it, so you get no investment returns.

Thwarting IP theft is possible: you need to throw out so many red herrings and dangerous false positives (imagine the Chinese wasting many years trying to get bunk tech to work) that they end up spending more trying to steal it and make it work.

The other side of the fence is invest in better security in regards to how IPs are stored, reduce R&D spending on projects that the Chinese etc are gimping hard for (invest in R&D that they aren't interested in).

A new Fed has to be publicly accountable, and it's ability to print more money must be blockable by some means, whether public or presidential. 'Quantative Easing' is complete bullshit and why there's such inflation in the US currency right now.

But that printing cap can't work unless expenditure falls below revenue earnings. That either means greater taxes, or more spending cuts. Strategically you could do investment schemes to get businesses off the ground that repay the investments (so an indirect means of generating profit).

You could also ask for repayment of the bailout money handed out to banks by Obama. The system is not socialism for banks, and they should repay. Softly softly might have to be utilised, if you ask for everything upfront you could bankrupt and ruin everyone who has an account with them.

Essentially, you need to run the US government almost like a business (except it's profits are reinvested back into the public). Once in/out is stabilised, you can transition to a fed that can't easily print money and swap for a new currency.

But I'm oversimplifying things here.

The question of the day is where is this debt coming from?

My money says 'overcharged interest rate excess from the IMF'.

Kick whoever overcharges the interest rate in the balls (the IMF) and then proceed to a 0% interest system. If you can make IMF losses exceed that of the interest damage they're causing you, you might be able to get, an, ahem, 'rebate'.

Or you could just take the IMF out entirely. Your call.

acae7f  No.2383000

Oh, and the IMF is holding a lot of other countries in debt too.

So it might be entirely possible you can get a few other countries and groups to agree to have a 'meet up' with the IMF, baseball bats included.

To paraphrase sci-fi's rogue Sam Starfall: 'a man with a small debt is in debt to the debtor, a man with a large debt has the debtor in debt to him'.

I mean, lets be honest here, no country could produce $140 trillion even with 100% of it's GDP geared towards it, so who is charging such insane interest rates? Who could the US possibly be in debt to given they have one of the largest nuclear stockpiles in the world?

I always found bankers to be out of touch with reality…

268cc7  No.2383540


UCC copyright owned by ALI

b2c295  No.2385077



Oh, but you know about finance. Okay, Professor.

10f407  No.2385576

I think there are a lot of cogs changing inside the machine.

Money is a fictitious concept that humanity has served for too long. I believe the definition of wealth is about to be redefined as our culture matures and evolves with the collective conscious.

We are about to see a mega revolution in the agricultural sector that will solve all these problems we face as a species ie. Food Shortages, Climate Change, Physical/Emotional/Spiritual/Political Health, Wealth Distribution, and social equality.

7dbca0  No.2385690

File: ae24d30bcd8b189⋯.png (428.45 KB, 921x532, 921:532, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8f7f11ca39741ea⋯.png (24.45 KB, 723x451, 723:451, ClipboardImage.png)


I'd recommend anons to analyze the digibyte blockchain project (www.digibyte.io). Community driven, secured through 5 mining algorithms, incredibly fast. Already making real world impact helping out victims of venezuela's hyperinflation crisis.

e2c074  No.2387085

US coins:

Read HB5404

No mention of coinage

Coins worthless (treas default) 100% loss

Coins = FRN push

Coins exchange for consritional silver = 1200% gain

Better odds than you'll get in the casino…

5ed7ab  No.2388235

File: bdea4674db31095⋯.png (351.66 KB, 1461x497, 1461:497, Proof-CSWandQ.png)


Wish I found this thread earlier.

On the topic of cryptocurrencies.. I put together pic related which hopefully helps us to understand what light to view them in.

Anon's post helps too: >>2382758

There's definitely a connection there.

Between the good guys and cryptos.

I'd even go so far as to say that there is a chance that crypto is /ourmoney/. Money based on math and code, and not on magick.

But sure, it's still young, still has issues, and doesn't feel very safe yet.

We can fix those things. Maybe that's what anon wants us to do, or talk about, or consider - whatever.

I'll come read this thread more in depth later so that I can give a better response. Main point for now is this image I made. Very simple, but shows a connection.

5ed7ab  No.2388444

File: 0e871829f1d6133⋯.png (329.81 KB, 863x981, 863:981, Proof-BitcoinCash.png)


Also put this together.

5ed7ab  No.2388480

File: 97ea59648418db8⋯.png (94.36 KB, 884x458, 442:229, TrumpEOSupplyChain.png)

File: 3955cdd57dbc997⋯.png (42.92 KB, 820x221, 820:221, ForkAnnounce.png)


There's also this.

Hopefully this is enough evidence/proofs for anons to consider cryptos in a different light?

I'm also willing to view them in anon's light as well - if skeptical.

268cc7  No.2390423

The dollar was previously defined by congress as a specific weight of silver and is likely still lawfully defined as a weight of silver. IMO circulated coinage should return to fixed weights of silver when the unlawful equation of Federal Reserve Notes and Dollar is removed. Fixing the value of silver and gold to each other in some set ratio would likely have unforeseen negative consequences. Ideally there would be some mechanism for them to float against each other or have the ratio revalued on a monthly or quarterly basis.

e2c074  No.2391183

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Bannon on crypto listen at 26:00

Bonus: He drops some great redpills at 25:10

968c4e  No.2391215

Anyone still have their 63-64 gold mint coins?

5ed7ab  No.2395525

File: 149218601bce3c1⋯.png (4.03 MB, 1920x2728, 240:341, Trump-AMA.png)

File: 8b3406e5b829ded⋯.png (490.2 KB, 1245x906, 415:302, Trump-AMAProof.png)


Thanks anon that's a great video.

I'm listening to the Q&A at the end as well to see if he talks about it more there. Still listening and will update if I find more. But I did find something at 57:20. He says that a financial crisis is coming. And Q references the book 'the coming bond market collapse' as well. Interesting to think about.

Back to the topic of Bitcoin/crypto. Trump did an AMA on 4chan a while ago and was asked about Bitcoin. When asked if he had plans for it, he simply said that 'it is still very new' - implying?


His remark is on the bottom right of the image, the second to last pink box.

701505  No.2398940

File: 9dee9fd50b24053⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, intrdsting.jpg)


Interdasting…Haven't seen that one. Do you know where the original pic of the shirt is from?

Also people love to make fun of CSW, but I am too convinced that he was one of the original creators of bitcoin.

701505  No.2398952

File: c8e3102cb86174b⋯.jpg (663.52 KB, 1128x2192, 141:274, Q STRUCTURE BITCOIN SYMBOL….jpg)


There is this one too.

701505  No.2399144


>Back to the topic of Bitcoin/crypto. Trump did an AMA on 4chan a while ago and was asked about Bitcoin. When asked if he had plans for it, he simply said that 'it is still very new' - implying?




acae7f  No.2400581


…Which is why the only thing you could try to discredit was grammar?

They just don't make shill quality the same these days.

acae7f  No.2400929


The issue with trying to reattach currency back to gold or silver is that it means we haven't learnt our lesson - the fact that a single presidential decree (FDR's gold seizure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_6102 - took 40+ years before it was rectified) means to re-establish the same system would be madness.

Even with the greatest legislation in the world (consider how the constitution's second amendment slips against the gun control crowd) there's nothing to say a good 20-40 years of chipping away or a war wouldn't just immediately undo it again.

Gold/silver coins addresses this (because the value is interwoven into the currency) but every government since time immemorial has practice the concept of debasing a currency (translation: they water down the gold/silver amounts until you get these bastard copper/nickel hybrids):


Even if you had a perfectly upright government, you still encounter two major problems:

1) Gold/silver's amount is not sufficient to supply all people with sufficient 'loose change' to do day-to-day transactions (currency deflation can just be as bad as inflation or hyperinflation)

2) Bad actors or enemies will 'subvert' the coinage by slowly replacing it with non-valuable goods over time.

From a futurist perspective, you've also got two other problems to consider:

1) Space developments will likely lead to gold becoming more abundant (lower value), and

2) Advancements in molecular engineering might also yield the ability to turn another element into gold, silver etc (admittedly unlikely, but if it happened, gold/silver would deflate in costs)

On the other side of the fence you've got the incoming upheaval of robotics, which is going to make a lot of people unemployed. In-fact, I've been purposefully sitting on automated store designs for nearly 4 years now because it would kill the retail industry as you know it (think theftless stores that you need not enter).

With massive unemployment from robotics (which is why Davros are trying their stupid 'universal basic income' - they're trying to head off a riot at the pass from the unhappy masses by paying them regardless of work status) you're got the death of the basics of finances as you know it.

Star Trek's vision of a cashless society doesn't seem too far off, either. Some of you might have noticed buses now take credit cards for payment? And there's a big push to go contactless.

Soon (I use the term relatively here: I consider within 20 years to be 'soon') there won't even be a coinage or set of notes to track against gold. Then what?

I could solve the issue UBI is trying to solve, but that would simply maintain the status quo for the rich, so there's tricky manouverings to be had. If we can dispatch the elite, I will more than happily do what I can to solve the impending economic crisis.

Whatever proposal you make for currency, always assume 50% of people will be trying to actively subvert it. If you can stop subversion, you've got a good currency.

acae7f  No.2401208


Coins as they stand are worthless because they're made of copper/nickel and other cheap, worthless materials.

Coupled with the mass printing of notes, devalues what little they were worth even further.

I will say this - the death of cash is coming (whether I like that idea or not). The most valuable resource these days seems to be time, and fumbling about with, transferring, distributing, counting out, scanning//checking for fraud etc are all massive time wasters.

What infuriates me is Amazon have an excellent business model, but an extremely pisspoor set of ethics. In attempting to boycott, I found it practically impossible (I've been recently forced to use them *again*), because there's zero tangible competition or alternatives.

They don't have to micromanage cash or trade and thus operate extremely efficiently against retail stores (Amazon's only weakness is that it has a significant delay of up to several days in some cases of delivery, where-as a store has it 'there and then').

It's disappointing there isn't an ethical alternative to Amazon that can reinvest it's gains from systematic improvements and efficiency back into the community. The automated retail stores would actually allow a very effective fightback against Amazon, but as said, it would maintain rich status quo, so I can't deploy that proposal until I can be assured Davros' assholes aren't going to benefit from it.

7c3cbb  No.2401502


We need a $45 dollar bill with Trump on it

7c3cbb  No.2401522


>I will say this - the death of cash is coming

Will research for food

Also pretty good at cooking food… will cook for food

701505  No.2402317

File: d995648841f0867⋯.png (3.18 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_3202.PNG)

5ed7ab  No.2402702


>the original pic of the shirt

It's from here: https://twitter.com/ProfFaustus/status/1022851742659170304

And yeah, most people are still influenced by the shills, which I want to work to reverse, and also I think people were expecting someone much softer/gentler, but I knew that this was the personality type required to build something like Bitcoin (even though the real story is probably more complex). This was before I dug into it more and found intel to support his position.. just from hearing him speak I had the idea that he was not what people tried to peg him as (scammer, etc).


Oh yeah that one is nice. Saved.

I have to practice making mine like that - has much higher memetic potential.



Yes I think it's clear what he meant too, although I couldn't believe it at first. But how could it not be true with how much potential the technology has? Trump (and those with him) are looking at Bitcoin to see if/how it can help the country and the people and the world in many different areas, but it is/was still a bit too young (and that was before the fork as well, so Bitcoin was still comped at that point) and untested. Plus why show your hand too early…

My personal feeling on this is that you should never bet against technology, against programmable things that can adapt and change over time. I don't want to say it's a sure bet, because I can't predict the future, but if we work hard like your earlier post suggests, I think it has the potential to really change things for the better.

5ed7ab  No.2402902

File: e9796f41f33a3dd⋯.png (183.85 KB, 754x872, 377:436, TulipTrust.png)

File: 2a6f8ad1a958476⋯.png (23.89 KB, 311x271, 311:271, decimal.png)

Another interesting thing that I found a while ago relating to Bitcoin is in the Tulip Trust.

Apparently there are 1,100,111 coins held by this trust. I thought that was a strange number.

If you treat it like Binary and convert it over to Decimal you get 103.

Think mirror and it's 301 .. very similar to 3301.

I don't even want to think about what that might mean, if anything (longshot), but it's an interesting coincidence.

d12379  No.2403856


Humour aside, more like 'will riot for food'.

The rich know if they don't reduce your numbers or placate you with free cash (AKA welfare state), you're going to be very hungry, and very angry.

Good news for people who are trying to dispose the corrupt like me, but bad news for everyone else. And I'd rather get rid of the corrupt without people starving in due process.

'Free jobs' (AKA guaranteed work) is an alternative red herring (I threw it out way back to see if anyone would bite) which is basically UBI but you do stuff that might possibly be vaguely considered working whilst they hand you over cash you could have gotten under UBI for not working.

The massive issue with UBI/Guaranteed Jobs is the government would be the biggest financier/employer, and thus if you said politically incorrect bullshit(TM) then your money goes bye-bye. Literally population and riot control. Hence all the militarised vehicles.

You might joke now, but the retail industry is the biggest employer for working class. Pre-empt is here: self-service checkouts (in stores, restaurants, car parking lots/garages, to name a few). Eventually, you will only have backroom staff. And then only the engineers and logistics drivers.

And then just the engineers (automated delivery systems are underway but poorly developed).

Your choice might be between 'deviant fanart poster' and 'cleaner'. For some reason robots are shit at all the really shit jobs. Fancy cleaning out sewers? Because a bot can't.

And don't bother with higher education jobs, it's an oversaturated market with students up to their eyeballs in debt. It's bad all around.

(It's kinda funny we haven't yet invented fully fledged automated farming, though)

701505  No.2445380


God bless you coinfag.

There's a guy named Bix Weir (on youtube) who has been theorizing that whitehats inside the treasury & fed had been giving out messages about the need to bring down the Fed by creating new structure. First releases of a comic book with very interesting imagery came out very close to the birth of bitcoin as well. Interesting rabbithole if you haven't been down.

4ff366  No.2447179


What's the name of the comic book?

f120f8  No.2447650

They made a plan for saving the world and didn't have plans for economic future?

Where is your logic?

Read Anons….


701505  No.2451823



>Use Logic.


701505  No.2451914


Wishes and rainbows - https:// www.bostonfed.org/-/media/documents/education/pubs/wishes

Road to Roota (teacher's guide to the comic book): https:// www.bostonfed.org/-/media/documents/education/pubs/roota

You can also see explanations on the youtube channel RoadtoRoota/Bix Weir. He's a little over the top but he pretty much nails it on this stuff.

He used to be a big gold proponent until he realized a.) that it won't work as it's also controlled and b.) that the whitehates created bitcoin/crypto as a better solution.

701505  No.2451931

File: 30719a19c89645f⋯.png (1.38 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, PepeQued_Alpha.png)


The fed also put out another comic recently with a character called "Glix" (rhymes with "Bix" the guy I mentioned) who is reminiscent of Bix himself. Coincidence?

268cc7  No.2458363


Logic? That bill is either naive or deceptive, the (paper) gold market has been under heavy manipulation for a very long time.


Is your primary argument that our government shouldn’t follow the letter of the law now because somebody might break the law later? Were the defined weights and measures that have already been written ever lawfully removed? What are these public servants who do not even do their jobs getting paid for anyways.

The people should not be forced to use only government or private bank issued money/currency. But the government of the people should abide only by the letter of the law.

9d083a  No.2458805


It is an idea but not a plan.

If taken literally and by itself, is unworkable

Effective 30 months after the date of enactment of this Act—

(1) the Secretary of the Treasury (in this Act referred to as the “Secretary”) shall define the dollar in terms of a fixed weight of gold, based on that day’s closing market price of gold; and

(2) Federal Reserve Banks shall make Federal Reserve notes exchangeable with gold at the statutory gold definition of the dollar.

This would allow all US bond holders to exchange their fiat dollars for gold, at a price to be determined by "that day’s closing market price of gold"

1) What would that do to the price of gold until then ^^^^^^^^

2) The entire world of bond holders would drive up the prce of bonds and the price of gold, simultaneously to maximize cash our exchange for gold

Where will the FED get all the gold to redeem the T bills?

I don't think they own much gold - fiat money

Who gets screwed royally?

We owe 20 trillion - do we have 20 trillion in gold or anywhere near that?

Insane idea but the folks back in West Va will think it sounds good, but take a big one up the ass.

Crash of 1929 and 2008 will look like "the good old days"

9d083a  No.2458879


Bitcoin is just another case of fiat money, and 100% vulnerable to electric power and Internet connectivity.

Loss of either would be catastrophic and create total panic & chaos.

Think of bank closures writ large

0bc832  No.2459070


>Where will the FED get all the gold to redeem the T bills?

Notice Russia has been bailing out of T bills? If POTUS/Putin are working together, what does that tell you? Follow Putin's example?

My thoughts are that HB5404 is a trial balloon for other world leaders to think about (or possibly misdirection)

A world system of crypto (one cryptocoin per unit of PMs) for interbank/treasury transfers with PMs in the hands of people would seem to be the most stable system.

Real wealth IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE is the best way to inhibit future cabal fuckery.

1c90d1  No.2459142

File: 5654e7875c23db1⋯.jpeg (149.26 KB, 1191x794, 3:2, 2CC7D9F0-0CBD-4196-A0B7-0….jpeg)

File: 964cf96a8d167d1⋯.jpeg (230.89 KB, 1722x514, 861:257, 907B14C2-01D8-4A94-B9C4-A….jpeg)

File: bcc47ba05d82fa6⋯.jpeg (12.35 KB, 378x70, 27:5, 87F62CD5-782A-469E-B184-8….jpeg)

File: 3e945767fbe8675⋯.jpeg (26.77 KB, 378x413, 54:59, 1BCCEF36-A7B8-49AF-A353-E….jpeg)

I’ve been banned from The Donald for posting this meme. wth?

It’s not like I’m a newbie over there.

0bc832  No.2459176


Didn't mean to use rebbit spacing. Was just tying to separate thoughts.

Will add one more thing:

Think of the logistics of a switch, just in the US. People cashing in/out, printing/minting/supply logistics. Would there be mass panic in lines of people trying to cash in their coin jars, and what would happen to vending machines, car washes, laundromats, etc? The plan needs to minimize disruption, which means it needs to be rolled out slow enough for industry to change machines. How do people even go to banks when most branches have been slashing tellers?

Perhaps the blue stripe hundreds and coinage transfer across, while only smaller bills need to be replaced within X months. That isn't nearly as intimidating a task.

701505  No.2460335


This actually isn't true. Coins can be backed up offline, and they would be in the same place when the electric/internet comes back up.

18a96e  No.2475484


Should have put this here originally. Turbo Tim and O's hole said they were fake…..I recall them first saying they stopped using those in 1982 but THOSE particular ones were fake for sure…;p I ended up here on train to como…slept and missed station. There was no stop and NO ONE or NOTHING was searched. Article is highly in-accurate. Its a coffee kiosk . Thank you Shengan

5ed7ab  No.2477178

File: 6c8bc2ab1be4d6a⋯.jpg (4.37 MB, 3338x3309, 3338:3309, Trump-NESARA.jpg)

File: a0239d56190651a⋯.jpg (630.27 KB, 1392x1063, 1392:1063, 1531188075895.jpg)

File: 0bae33d8751abd0⋯.png (122.51 KB, 662x716, 331:358, eos.png)




This is quite the rabbit hole indeed, gonna take me a few days or more to wrap my head around it.

Interesting that the Boston Fed was the one who (re)released the Wishes and Rainbows comic right before Bitcoin was released, and also the first Fed Bank to write a paper on crypto from what I could find.

But at the same time, in that paper (whoever wrote it) Bitcoin was misunderstood and incorrectly described as being permanently inflationary.

Gonna have to look into it more.

Bix is cool, thanks for introducing me to him. I'm going to take some time to really understand the Road to Roota stuff that he talks about in his earlier videos when I get the time.

I saw that he talks about the 'Crypto Cabal' which is a really good phrase that I might start using. I've attached a pic for everyone to see what he means by that. Masons involved for sure.

He also seems (or did) talk about A. Greenspan in a good light. I always thought the opposite was true. Gonna have to look into that too.


Oh yeah. That reminds me of NESARA which hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet.

Not sure how much truth there is to NESARA but it's an interesting read for sure.

Pic related is the quick infograph explaining the idea (that I have no idea if is true or just disinfo). Some interesting coincidences though.

In my next post I'll attach the .pdf of it - very dense reading.

5ed7ab  No.2477185

File: 786f95bce09c286⋯.pdf (404.17 KB, nesara.pdf)


And here's the PDF for the actual proposal of NESARA if anyone is interested.

Like I said it's very dense, full of legalese, but still there is some interesting stuff in there if you flip around.

701505  No.2492005


EOS/Masonic symbol is an interesting find.

Re. Greenspan; read some of his pre-fed writings. He was a true goldbug. Went along to get along in the Fed I'm guessing.

701505  No.2492031

https:// news.bitcoin.com/bob-goodlatte-becomes-first-member-of-congress-to-disclose-crypto-holdings/

>first crypto holding congressment = goodlatte

https:// qanon.pub/?q=goodlatte

Goodlatte appears to be /ourguy/.


701505  No.2492078

File: f00db9ce9a021ff⋯.jpg (90.63 KB, 938x716, 469:358, Dj95NT9XgAAxbLL.jpg)

9d083a  No.2492375


The NESARA plan is sure to be a winner with retirees, and people with IRA or other retirement plans. That is only some of the reasons it fell flat

…included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax,

abolishing compound interest on secured loans.

(That would apply to "anyone" that loans money. Why wouldn't they just make loans outside the US where compound interest still exists. I can think of about 50 ways that could be done. Where would you go to get a loan then?)

9d083a  No.2492403


And naive fools never realized this is exactly what would happen?

Shows lack of very "serious thinking" to miss this little item.

9d083a  No.2492435


Does it included discussion of the negative consequences or just "rosy scenario"

Fortunately, even Boomers could see through this non-viable proposal, hence it's quick death

5ed7ab  No.2493531





Found the writing.

Definitely a Goldbug, but not sure if a patriot.

Putting him in the neutral box for now (from bad).




Definitely not a coincidence. Plan in motion.

There were two crypto related meetings in Washington recently - I watched.

Both sides of the table (Gov and Biz) seemed to still be a bit confused as to what they were dealing with.

Hopefully clarity soon.

9d083a  No.2493746


He is an Ayn Rand fan and likely Austrian school

and hard-core gold standard guy

F.A.Hayek and Ludwig von Mises are same school of thought

Married to Andrea Michell and married by Ruth Bader Ginsberg so don't know how that filts his financial worldview

Strange mix

268cc7  No.2496613

I followed an interesting breadcrumb doc that leads to a codification written into the USC that, if the Fed were to be declared as engaging in hostile activities against America (which they are), the government would have the legal right to seize all Federal Reserve Notes held by the member banks. This could be used if the government wanted to transition to Treasury Notes and the member banks refused to comply. The statute, which I am not going to spell out here, was most certainly not written for that purpose, but the jurisdiction of the Fed vs. jurisdiction of member banks would allow it to be used in this manner if the circumstances called for such extreme measures.

e3c65e  No.2496721


Isn't this where the Cabal put their money a few months ago? If we all get out, they'll have close to nothing. Oversimplified, I realize, but still a reason to get out.

701505  No.2498407




I like how you're thinking, but I think basically Q is saying (and I agree) that any radical action would cause too much upheaval and disruption of the economy and of real Americans' lives. I think we have to simply build the new infrastructure and make the old one obsolete.

Think the internet to libraries.

701505  No.2502914

Reddit bitcoin cash community talking about qanon: https:// www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/95czkj/train_your_brain/

5ed7ab  No.2505945

File: 78e1eb1384c7a3f⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1824x1280, 57:40, Infograph-BitcoinCashSpace….png)


I saw that.

Looks like things are moving now.

Probably gonna get more eyes on this thread in the future.

For everyone reading this thread I just had an interesting conversation with another anon on 4chan about Cryptos and the Space Force. I decided to turn it into an image due to how much it made things click in my brain.

Let me know what you think.

I also want to make an image about symbolism in crypto, there's more examples than just what I and the other anon have shown above. I'll get to that asap.

5ed7ab  No.2506044


Yeah I think that a lot of key players on their side decided to back BTC once it was completely subverted and controlled by them. Before, when Bitcoin was still free and truly P2P, they refused to talk about it, and even censored it in certain ways.

But that all changed once Blockstream came in and starting messing with how Bitcoin works. After all of that was done you began to see all the talking heads in the crypto space come out and start backing BTC, acting like it was the future, etc.

If my memory is correct, @Jack did this, Spez from Reddit did this, etc. And I believe a member of the Rothschilds starting publically investing in Bitcoin once it was taken over as well.


If these guys like it, I don't.

Your plan about 'getting out' from there is exactly what most people have started to do - switching to BCH (bitcoin cash).


Yes I too wonder sometimes about how things got so bad. Why was it allowed to happen.

Maybe it was necessary? I don't know. But at least things are getting better now.

I just read this comment on a youtube video, but it matches my thoughts perfect, if Bitcoin Cash hadn't come into existence I would have given up on crypto.

5ed7ab  No.2506077


That should read "talking heads in the tech space", think silicon valley etc.

701505  No.2506187


>If my memory is correct, @Jack did this, Spez from Reddit did this, etc. And I believe a member of the Rothschilds starting publically investing in Bitcoin once it was taken over as well.


Good point. Would also make a dank meme.

>if Bitcoin Cash hadn't come into existence I would have given up on crypto.

I agree completely. The day the fork happened was bitcoin's 1776.

701505  No.2506200


I hadn't heard that about aluminium. Very interesting. I would be shocked if (when made feasible) didn't make PM's much less scarce.

240f69  No.2506248

File: 32692b21eff3347⋯.jpeg (9.6 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 5a14d7c8be89f.jpeg)



5ed7ab  No.2509590

File: 5669ee76d5b9408⋯.png (371.78 KB, 863x981, 863:981, Proof-BitcoinCash.png)

File: a4594c647cfe235⋯.png (976.83 KB, 2137x981, 2137:981, Proof-BitcoinCash2.png)


Stopping by real quick to drop off 2 updated version of this proof/side-by-side.

The second version contains tweets that I think will help people be more convinced of the validity of the proof.

I'll be back later tonight to read posts, replies, etc.

268cc7  No.2511395


Yes I absolutely agree. I shared that finding because some who are aware of the precariousness of our current failing fiat paradigm are operating from a place of fear. Take reasonable measures to protect yourself, but do not fall to fear. Even if a new Antifragile structure is not built in time (many stages), contingencies are in place to bridge the gap.

5ed7ab  No.2511855

File: 0d2717da6c10226⋯.png (695.87 KB, 540x818, 270:409, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at ….png)

File: 03cda7f27ee4905⋯.png (892.79 KB, 857x778, 857:778, Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at ….png)

File: 2c174bb0daed7bf⋯.jpg (47.22 KB, 890x469, 890:469, de-dollarization-escalates….jpg)


On Bonds…

Q has linked us to a book called 'the coming bond market collapse' through his tripcode/book association list.


After Putin met with Trump, Russia sold off most of their US treasury bonds.

I think the writing is on the wall with regards to US debt.

5ed7ab  No.2512026

File: 97361176f4b82cf⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2137x981, 2137:981, Proof-BitcoinCash2.png)



d7aa05  No.2512120


Bitcoin and others are being sold off according to main thread.

701505  No.2512394



CSW talks structure and highlights same exact text as meme posted here days before. Great find anon.

701505  No.2512431


I have reached the same conclusion about bonds.

What are bonds?

When you hold them, why are they valuable?

Promised future payments?

Payments of what?


Dollar's value in 10 years?

Who wins in times of inflation?


Who loses in times of inflation?


Holding bonds is like being a lender?

Coming collapse of bonds?

701505  No.2512462


But what about the stock market?

What are stocks?

Partial ownership in a business?

When held, why are they valuable?

Future profit from business?

How do businesses make profit?

Create products?

Provide services?

Add value?

Study financial statements?

Where is the value?

Equipment? Goodwill? Expected future earnings?

How much of total assets is dollars?

Stocks are denominated in dollars.

Bonds ARE dollars.

Be careful what you hold.

18a96e  No.2513667


Yes it is. Bitcoin people….how do you rectify that the Hash id is confirmed NSA? How do you think the DS funds itself after January 2017. Not dumping on BC however in its present form it will not be carried over that is for sure. Guaranteed we use Blockchain for the new one.

18a96e  No.2513679


Same as most ICO. Implied value….basically an annuity without going through the regulatory framework of an IPO.

b180c2  No.2513773


Only morans genuinely believe rich people having more money than people that aren't rich isn't good for rest of us.

them having that money says more about their competence in most circumstances than it does about their luck. You seem to be of the mind that rich people just become rich without much investment. This is rarely the case. Even when it's not the case it is just about always the thing that casts the individual in to debt. Most people aren't sure what to do with tons of money when it's just dumped on them, so they make TERRIBLE investments. Rich people would never do that. I wonder why…

e16ab8  No.2514361


where is the presidential address held at

road to victory seen but need destination

19b719  No.2514677


reading about bonds or

getting rid of hidden power

only confusing to the


wtf noble pursuit

701505  No.2514996

File: 35f6f0ac6003c00⋯.png (348.48 KB, 863x981, 863:981, bch nist.png)


>how do you rectify the Hash id is confirmed NSA?


>Not dumping on BC however in its present form it will not be carried over that is for sure.



9d083a  No.2515155


That presumes they both DO come back up in a "timely" fashion.

What happens if only partial or prolonged.

Dead Stop > Panic > Chaos

Think in terms of a run on every bank, and effective "bank closing" until both restored

f1d38a  No.2515206

cash is (noble) king

f1d38a  No.2515218


when is the end of marching?

f1d38a  No.2515237


bankers hours

bankers not marching?

f1d38a  No.2515267


oi oi damnit trish

sew close

f1d38a  No.2515310


more fun than a bag of spitting camels

f1d38a  No.2515688

what will the catholics think

i dont like it

pete and repeat were sitting on a log

hellraiser clive, really? really?

9d083a  No.2515774


Bump #1

f1d38a  No.2515911


barbershop step right?

everyone shuffles

f1d38a  No.2515945

so im gonna chew gum i guess

i want to kick ass

hate the tingling of the flavor but i guess i need to i will

f1d38a  No.2515970

mad hatter or


full faith in intelligence comunities?

dark to light?

f1d38a  No.2516010


full faith going catholic Iuntil told different

all out of hanging material

8e43f0  No.2518099

File: 89c80ef8fa4752c⋯.png (585.42 KB, 982x886, 491:443, Gold!.PNG)

File: 8bae1acab39e2a5⋯.png (768.54 KB, 1128x819, 376:273, Gold!2.PNG)

File: 1151d47be3e0715⋯.png (694.55 KB, 1040x683, 1040:683, Gold!3.PNG)


following SerialBrain I found this link he had. Never heard of this man..but I have heard of Goldboy there. Money stuff..not my specialty..

5ed7ab  No.2520727

File: 189392c9da77196⋯.png (1.15 MB, 966x903, 46:43, Proof-CorinthianPhoenix.png)


>would make a dank meme

Agreed. I'll work on that infographic when I feel up to it.

>bitcoin's 1776

Indeed. And the war comes after.


Never a dull moment in this market.



Bonds - basically IOU's between countries. I checked and China owns a ton of ours.

That means they stand to lose a huge investment when the bond market collapses (in dollars).

But I take it from your line of questioning that dollars no longer matter. Or bonds. Or stocks.

The world is going back to real assets. Things with actual value.

Financial freedom (for countries and people). Things that make sense again.

I have to say, I can bring myself to understand all of these financial machinations, but they feel so alien. So overcomplicated. So needless.

Hopefully the new system is much more simple and logical.

I used to believe that Trump would keep stocks high for political points but it's not possible - I see that now. Wouldn't that be political suicide? He used to call it a bubble during the campaign, but now he always talks it up. Well if it coincides with the crescendo of 'the storm' then people would give him a pass I think. Interesting times ahead.

BTW for anyone out there keeping up with this convo, I found a nice succient article from a Cryptoskeptic Goldbug's point of view covering the coming changes (keep in mind their bias when reading):



It's an interesting thought experiment.

When the electricity goes out, do you have thoughts about getting rid of it? Or just hope for it to come back as soon as possible?

If crypto becomes important to daily life and people feel safe in it, outages (rare due to p2p nature) would not be a doomsday scenario.

And plus, an outage does not mean that it broke, just that it is currently not reachable (by you).

Has Bitcoin ever had an outage? From my online searches the answer is no.

5ed7ab  No.2520948

File: 9bbd23d1b953a67⋯.png (801.19 KB, 672x894, 112:149, TwinCrises.png)

701505  No.2521142


>But I take it from your line of questioning that dollars no longer matter. Or bonds. Or stocks.

Stocks and bonds are very different.

Bonds are backed by future repayments of a specific currency.

Stocks are backed by part ownership in productive assets.

Think equipment, returning customers, inventory, goodwill, etc.

If the dollar crashes, what happens to dollar based bonds?


If the dollar crashes, what happens to a stock?

If the company can still produce and make a profit, the stock price goes UP.

Stocks are denominated in dollars, but backed by non-dollars.

Does your house stop being a house if the dollar crashes?

Does it have less bedrooms?

What happens to its price?


Does your car still drive?

Assets' aren't tied productivity currency.

Bonds are entirely tied to currency.

>I used to believe that Trump would keep stocks high for political points but it's not possible - I see that now. Wouldn't that be political suicide? He used to call it a bubble during the campaign, but now he always talks it up.

Search trump tweets about the stock market. He has said time and time again it will keep going up. Markets will continue to be propped up.

Will they go up because of economic activity?

Or will they go up because of inflation?

Mutually exclusive?

If not, how could you tell the difference?

A way to bring in a new system with less disruption than a 'reset'?

Very Stable Genius!

701505  No.2521155


>Assets' aren't tied productivity currency.

This should say

"Assets' productivity aren't tied to currency.

5ed7ab  No.2521603


Oh I see now.

I incorrectly interpreted your previous post on stocks.

Yes, the dollar denominated price of stock (aka the market) going up as inflation kicks in is logical.

But of course there are some stocks out there that shouldn't be worth near what they are even in a post inflation world.

But reading over your previous posts again is that what you were hinting at? "how much of total assets in dollars".

Some stocks have good/real value, some don't - be careful what you hold (in stocks, and in other things).

>Very Stable Genius!

Without a doubt.

Inflation + Economic activity will work together to push the market up, up, up.

But what about people who can't/aren't in the market. I'm worried they will get left behind (higher prices etc).

Is this where Bitcoin Cash comes in?

5ed7ab  No.2521696


Oh I might be getting ahead of myself.

A gold-backed dollar would work fine as well.

Although I'm not sure how that transition would work .. value the market on one dollar, but introduce a different dollar?

Lots to think about.

5ed7ab  No.2521993

File: 9caa03a275a2452⋯.png (494.37 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, Proof-Bitcoin21.png)

9d083a  No.2522058


Mortgage loans stay, but ability to pay bottoms out like 2008.

Your explanation is seriously flawed

Companies need money to buy raw materials (loans)

Where would people get the money to buy your now "higher priced" house.

Is it more valuable (supply vs demand) and can buyer get a loan?

What you described is fantasy land and recent and past history has shown that is NOT what happens.

Now, there might be a plan to migrate away from the Fed as "source of currency".

The debt remains so bonds dive, but we pay interest only on the debt service, choking the Fed and providing a floor for bonds.

too complex to describe here, and lots of loose ends, but there may be a way out without a world wide depression (a la 1930s)

9d083a  No.2522067


Inflation is a controlled devaluation, but IS a devaluation that makes hard assetts more valuable but loans/bonds worth less.

Study the 1960s thru 1980s and see the actual results

9d083a  No.2522154


There are many very smart and experienced people already working on it.

8 chan can stand down - they won't be involved

9d083a  No.2522171


Why do you think he really hired the Goldman Sachs guys in his admin?

Not to get phucked by bankers - he dealt with them his whole life and is still rich

a45a76  No.2522190



>8 chan can stand down - they won't be involved

how little you know

f1d38a  No.2524955


how refreshing

just invested in gold plated cannon

still feel uneasy as hell

still dont feel like iron man

18a96e  No.2525022


Mt. Gox…. There is one.

5ed7ab  No.2525527


Mt. Gox was an exchange (a website) and had nothing to do with the actual Bitcoin network.

Shady story that though. Deaths involved.

Gox going down fucked up the market for years (and still more) but had no effect on the actual network.

f1d38a  No.2525569

tin foil hat waaaay to syncronistic

#5 need input

18a96e  No.2525871


Fully aware of Mt. Gox. Too many are not. Fuckery at its finest. It was no mistake BC 'appreciated' as it did WHEN it did.

All the forks and splits. CFTC couldn't wait to monetize it. They did….see price discovery in Jan 2018

By no means mistake this for a bash. Blockchain will be used later. The issue now is removing the spoopy actors that used this as funding and communication. The hash id is NSA. Whoever strated it may have had it comped earlier this year. Hence the cap and 'whale' sales.

Mt. Gox also "lost" quite a few coins during its ordeals.

No insider knowledge here…just 40 yrs of seeing different cycles of "change". as in hopey….

f1d38a  No.2525990

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

gorillas in the nmist

sic k

f1d38a  No.2526004


hi why dont you have more light in here i can hardly see a thing in this spooky greenish glow


f1d38a  No.2526276

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5ed7ab  No.2526332

File: 636c11b1a22b32a⋯.png (240.08 KB, 930x700, 93:70, plansavebit.png)


Speaking from an optimistic point of view for some counterbalance.

I'll go point by point.

1) Removing spoopy actors

I think that's what's going on right now. Forced liquidations, investigations into manipulation, etc.

I think it is being prepped for the mainstream. Being cleaned up.

2) The hash id is NSA

Q is NSA (plus more).

I don't have an issue with that.

Bitcoin might have been a honeypot at some point (good vs bad - 'we have it all').

3) Bitcoin was comped earlier this year

I think the opposite.

Bitcoin was comped years ago. It is now being uncomped. And bad actors are being forced to sell their holdings.

4) Mt. Gox 'lost' their coins.

That's true. I don't know more about this, but I agree it's not what it seems.

f1d38a  No.2526402

in search of incredible arris

f1d38a  No.2526429

reading french with spanish is hard

fucking babel on

f1d38a  No.2526448

the way

the way

the way

the way

f1d38a  No.2526513

what are cannibals favorite arm flavors goddamnit this isnt dress rehearsao

f1d38a  No.2526521

the fucking stage is set the lights are on and im surrounded by props

701505  No.2526553



>Matthew 21, moneychangers


I understand "english ordinal" but can you explain "Full reduction", "Reverse ordinal", "Reverse full reduction"?

701505  No.2526662


>But what about people who can't/aren't in the market. I'm worried they will get left behind (higher prices etc).

Almost everyone with savings is in the stock market. All tax-deferred retirement plans have been essentially legislated into the market. Ever have a 401k? What were your options? Large caps, small caps, midcaps, value, growth, etc. All stocks. Maybe a bit of bonds.Same goes for pensions.

Trump is signaling bigly that the market is where to keep your savings if you don't want to lose your wealth.

>Is this where Bitcoin Cash comes in?

I think bitcoin cash comes in as the inevitable new system for cash. Cash is critical for any person or business as it allows a means to take action immediately (i.e. highly liquid).

Assuming bitcoin cash/crypto becomes the new currency, while it will be volatile in the short term, nobody loses by converting USD to it as the price will continuously increase as adoption of the "new network" comes online.

For those that don't adopt until the very end, they likely won't lose much if any (in terms of purchasing power) when they finally do so.

The total market value (market cap) of all fiat is 10's possibly 100's of trillions in USD. Total of crypto is 100s-1000s of times less than that.

701505  No.2526688

File: e484f19be5cfc36⋯.gif (23.82 KB, 400x400, 1:1, download.gif)

f1d38a  No.2526726


yep yep yep

i get that much

theres a lot of frenchies out there

not gettin the answer

guess ill stay hungry?

f1d38a  No.2526747

make good for the mice people?

f1d38a  No.2526788




dead cat bounce?

f1d38a  No.2526803

enough to driv a man crazy

f1d38a  No.2526942

java fucked on this

wtf i miss arch

f1d38a  No.2526953

even the fucking drill is matrix

f1d38a  No.2526956


701505  No.2527099


disregard. I understand. https:// www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php for those interested.

701505  No.2527158

File: 0378dca76461475⋯.jpg (7.73 KB, 509x129, 509:129, nakamotomatthew.jpg)

5ed7ab  No.2527461

File: 270383af7443e9c⋯.png (529.16 KB, 1011x763, 1011:763, Proof-Bitcoin21M.png)



>[M]atthew [21]

Nice, didn't notice that. Added.

For the gematria ciphers, I actually had no idea what each one means. I've just always assumed that the more matches there are, the more you can be sure that the two words are actually related by design.

I found this which explains the ciphers a bit though:



Very interesting.

Reality is full of surprises.


9d083a  No.2527552

File: ea948587c681bbd⋯.jpg (11.49 KB, 303x166, 303:166, Chicken bones.jpg)


I prefer Ouija boards, tarot cards and chicken bones

5ed7ab  No.2527563


Thanks anon, that all makes sense.

I think I have what I need now in terms of knowledge/disclosure in order to help spread the word.

Might craft a few more memes like I mentioned earlier in this thread in order to help open people's eyes even more, and if I get new ideas I'll craft them as well and drop them off here.

9d083a  No.2527719


Younger people have speculations

Older people have memories re:your speculations

They "lived" through things you need to research.

But some haven't figured that out yet and think this is all "newly uncovered secrets".

We didn't stop it - you won't stop it - Q & team will, so lose your condescension, and you might learn something

f1d38a  No.2528477

File: 566d48f5d4d8faf⋯.png (270.82 KB, 559x427, 559:427, 104.png)

penny for your thoughts

18a96e  No.2528591


3) Bitcoin comped earlier this year.

I meant for them. Sorry for the confusion

9d083a  No.2528615


Don;t take financial advice from anyone posting on a chat board.

Learn more about finance and you will see the errors in what you were told.

He is probably a stock broker/peddler selling empty promises

18a96e  No.2528647


Could not agree more. Do whatever you think is right.

f1d38a  No.2528803

File: 13825c122ec5100⋯.png (468.23 KB, 756x436, 189:109, frank.png)


donnie darko


b3ecd9  No.2571046

File: 2e5252b98b09d0e⋯.png (375.21 KB, 747x676, 747:676, Rented Currency.png)

5ed7ab  No.2573675

File: 6fc21b1b5e122c3⋯.jpg (249.35 KB, 1528x892, 382:223, IronEagle1.JPG)

File: b369e1b5d96a7d1⋯.jpg (182.27 KB, 833x832, 833:832, IronEagle2.JPG)

File: 7fd8f09265db31f⋯.jpg (192.17 KB, 912x912, 1:1, IronEagle3.JPG)

File: ca3f997f875ce8a⋯.jpg (186.15 KB, 915x913, 915:913, IronEagle4.JPG)

Placing these photos/posts here for safekeeping.

Not sure if legit yet, but they seem interesting enough to post here so that I can revisit over time

This is not my work



IRON EAGLE tells us the story of the struggle between the FED vs Cryptocurrency vs gold, and how the market has been manipulated through the media.

5ed7ab  No.2573686

File: 13ef92de674b2e6⋯.png (258.36 KB, 939x725, 939:725, Ironlist0.png)

File: 615a1283e09709b⋯.jpg (163.56 KB, 647x899, 647:899, Ironlist1.JPG)

5ed7ab  No.2573697

File: 8535ce739479d1d⋯.jpg (300.02 KB, 1682x716, 841:358, 7.JPG)



Federal Building:

Samuel Yellin, a noted wrought-IRON craftsman from Philadelphia, designed and executed numerous railings, gates, and fixtures throughout the building.

The interior has a two-story atrium with dual staircases and a skylight etched with the outline of an EAGLE.

18a96e  No.2573760

Not against cryptos but until all the bad actors are removed from BC I will remain firmly on the sideline. I never touched it because of all the issues surrounding Mt. Gox, it's closure and the missing coins/wallets. Also who is the whale?….that caps it thus not allowing it to break out of BB. Put it in something else for now

701505  No.2585916




Thank you anon. I didn't see these in main breads. Can't say if they're onto something or not, but glad to have them safely stored here.

701505  No.2585926


Bad actors were removed on 8/1/17 with fork of bitcoin to bitcoin cash. Still a risky investment. But all signs point to increasing use and adoption.

701505  No.2585942

File: f6cd7993442c24b⋯.jpg (206.98 KB, 652x960, 163:240, pepe_mom_shorts.jpg)


I don't own a single share of any stock and have no incentive to have anyone invest in them. I am just explaining why I think Trump's plan is to keep stocks high and why it makes sense through the lens of The Plan.

5ed7ab  No.2600417

File: ad8726c5411ec76⋯.png (878.33 KB, 1900x1564, 475:391, Proof-BitcoinGov.png)


I've added on to this proof and made it more all-encompassing.

This is probably too deep for many people, but perhaps a few will benefit from it.

I'm not getting much traction with these proofs on the chans yet. It seems most regular anons are still a bit asleep still. I'm going to take a step back and let the next few months play out before trying again. This includes the other couple memes I was planning to make. No sense in crafting without an audience.


Yeah they might be on to something but I have to look into it more to know for sure.

The Qlock is an interesting device. I might take some time off from digging on crypto to go work on the Qlock some more. I used to be very into it. At least I'll see if I can make more sense out of the Fed Iron Eagle theory and how those specific news articles connect and what it might mean for cryptos.

If I come up with anything interesting I'll post it here.

For anyone keeping up with cryptos in general, there is a huge planned stress test coming for Bitcoin Cash on September 1st.

Should be very interesting.

Sites to view on that day:



701505  No.2600685


God speed anon. Your work is greatly appreciated. I am watching this thread closely every day. I am quite confident that the bitcoin cash communities and anons here will have more and more overlap in the coming months.


>actors given marching orders

>You are watching a movie


5ed7ab  No.2602247

File: cdc2648346b958c⋯.png (177.09 KB, 1014x593, 1014:593, ADC.png)


Yes I think an overlap is inevitable at some point.

It seems that we have the same goals and the same enemies (pic related). All that's needed is the collective aha moment.

>You are watching a movie


A very good one.

5ed7ab  No.2602866

File: 79ddb22fa6ebc69⋯.png (931.6 KB, 2080x988, 40:19, Proof-CovfefeBitcash.png)

Oh there's also this which was given to me by an anon over on 4/biz/

faffc9  No.2605261

File: 893f5f3662bc740⋯.png (59.89 KB, 630x803, 630:803, gaddafi 1.png)

File: 5e541e18b84aab9⋯.png (322.86 KB, 633x918, 211:306, gaddifi 2.png)

Food for thought.

When a system is broken you start over/restructure it.

The value of money is an illusion made by "the few" to enrich them.

The illusion of money buys power.

To get rid of the current power structure you change/restructure the system.

Change the monetary system & structure by which billionaires, monarchies, corporations.etc hold power.

Corporations cannot hoard profits as the people share in the profit. Corporations are now owned by the people, not an individual.

When both the mother & father do not need to work to make ends meet, jobs open up, the nuclear family returns.

Perhaps the stock market could be a reflection of the "profit sharing" each person would benefit from.

701505  No.2611658


Interesting. That led me down a whole dig on CSW and the lawsuit involving CSW and Dave Kleiman's brother. I can't make heads or tails of it. It is very hard to argue with things that CSW says. I wouldn't go as far as to call him a reasonable guy, but the things he says about bitcoin/economics/human behavior all seem very logical to me.

Based on your citation of Roger Ver saying they are all actors (and CSW's ties as a gov. contractor) I wonder his role. Given how much sense and focus he makes on bitcoin being digital p2p cash without middlemen and his want for more competition, I don't see how he can be anything other than /ourguy/. Unless he's some kind of Alex Jones like honeypot shill. Be careful who you follow I guess.

9d083a  No.2612293


Reddit users share suicide helpline on cryptocurrency page after bitcoin price crash


Support forums for suicide prevention are being shared on cryptocurrency forums amid concerns for the mental health of bitcoin investors after a major market downturn.

The price of bitcoin dropped to around $6,000 on Tuesday, down from above $8,000 at the beginning of August. At its peak in December 2017, bitcoin was trading at close to $20,000, after shooting up by around 1,900 per cent in value in 2017.

Such dramatic gains saw interest in bitcoin spike as new investors rushed to buy cryptocurrency in the hope of making a quick profit. In early January, however, the price of bitcoin collapsed to around half its value in a matter of weeks.

It has since continued to slide, in what has been the cryptocurrency's worst ever start to a year since its 2009 inception. Previous price crashes have led to reports of people taking their life in relation to cryptocurrency, prompting people to share links and phone numbers to support services.

The latest crash takes bitcoin back to the same prices it was trading at in November 2017, however investors in other cryptocurrencies have been hardest hit. In the last 24 hours, ethereum and bitcoin cash plummeted by almost 20 per cent, amid speculation of a mass sell-off.

The price falls sparked fresh concern for people who may have lost significant sums of money. One post to the popular r/cryptocurrency forum on Reddit shared helpline numbers and website links for the US Suicide Hotline and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

"If you feel you might be suicidal, and live in the United States, I urge you to call the Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255 or navigate to Suicide Prevention Lifeline for a live chat and additional resources.

701505  No.2613714


plebbit nerds post the suicide hotline every time there is a decline in the market. They'll be doing the same thing after the next bull run when it crashes from $100,000 to $30,000.

701505  No.2613838

>Federal Reserve ending soon?




Found this when I was doing some research for something else: https:// www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/speech/powell20170328a.htm

It's a paper from Jerome Powell, current Chairman of the Fed, written last year not long before he was appointed Chairman.

The word structure appears 20 times. On its face it says that the Fed is necessary for stability. It reads like something you'd expect from a banker.

However, if you read between the lines, he is saying that the Fed was intended to be more "decentralized" (he uses that word twice). The last sentence is especially interesting when read from the perspective of the plan and Q's "structure" comment:

>The structure achieves a practical balance that should not be changed lightly, as it continues to serve the country well.

He doesn't say "should not be changed." he says "should not be changed, LIGHTLY". i.e. we need to change it carefully as its structure is functional now. Changing it lightly would cause panic. We need a new structure in place before we get rid of the fed.

>learn to read our comms

701505  No.2613999


>Jon Faust (1996), "Whom Can We Trust to Run the Fed? Theoretical Support for the Founders' Views,"

This paper is also cited in the last footnote of Powell's paper above. Anyone have access to it? If so, I'd love to see: https:// www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304393296900379

851621  No.2614117

File: ab3d3bba82ebcf1⋯.png (478.93 KB, 1330x562, 665:281, Haim Tomer ISDEF.png)

File: df43dc4243e710b⋯.png (485.34 KB, 1327x549, 1327:549, Roni Tidhar ISDEF.png)

File: ec817b1cac96cb6⋯.png (294.17 KB, 1010x724, 505:362, ISDEF Expo.png)

File: bfd578a290524aa⋯.png (212.94 KB, 586x438, 293:219, Mossad Thou shalt make war.png)

File: 4bc721a7e9abed0⋯.png (194.47 KB, 577x457, 577:457, Mossad bugged Iran's mucle….png)

Mossad dig from a lurker;

851621  No.2614166

File: 74c3a28e7e92b62⋯.png (212.13 KB, 603x531, 67:59, NoName and Kerry.png)

"Two Traitors"

851621  No.2614181

File: ca6ce0fd7e5682c⋯.png (92.47 KB, 584x350, 292:175, Snowden- Al Baghadi traine….png)

998689  No.2615373


Common Sense Washington


998689  No.2615809

All you cryptojews need to deep dive on the SAFE Network. It's not the crypto gold nor is it some shitcoin.

Maidsafe has been working since 2006 to connect spare hard drive space into essentially a software meshnet which disintermediates the server architecture. The head developer is responsible for Aramco's network…if that puts things into proportion. Also, they're working very closely with Tim Berners-Lee's SOLID project for a decentralized application layer which would work perfectly with SAFE as a base layer. Anyway, it's a bit of a different beast than everything else in crypto. It's a decentralized autonomous network first that just happens to require a token rather than the other way around. Do your own research, obviously, as there are so many scams out there. I worked for a AI/Blockchain incubator for a while and realized that almost all of the projects were shit and nothing coming through was legit, just a lot of investors wanting to make money.

Not even stuff in the top 10. All garbage! It's bitcoin or nothing folks…and I'll entertain this BCH bit for a while too. I like CSW but I think BCH is crap…unless there is real proof that BTC is comp'd, I still think it's the better tech by FAR. Anyway, it's definitely more of a speculation, but the SAFE Network (MAID) is a bigger vision, not about money and currency but of decentralizing the entire internet. It was the second crowdsale (after mastercoin itself, now omni) and I've followed it since then. I have reason not to be surprised if this is an /ourguy/ project considering some of the people at Maidsafe and other elements, etc.

6efc3b  No.2620748

File: e06694087ab2594⋯.jpg (71.75 KB, 524x599, 524:599, TowerOfBasel.jpg)


Some guy from 2000 years ago misread Baßel into Babel.

876935  No.2620959

File: 8683ec28ac10cd9⋯.png (92.45 KB, 1221x815, 1221:815, asdf1.png)


I think a currency reset or a new dollar (gold backed?) is necessary.

5ed7ab  No.2621654

File: c9341ce33665a06⋯.png (113.29 KB, 687x664, 687:664, ev.png)

File: 617ee0b88029104⋯.png (145.86 KB, 1071x458, 1071:458, ev2.png)

File: 57236d137f31175⋯.png (80.19 KB, 719x813, 719:813, 1.png)

File: 6acb6de0ccfdb01⋯.png (109.63 KB, 693x857, 693:857, 2.png)


>Perhaps the stock market could be a reflection of the "profit sharing"

Would that look like corporate buybacks? Isn't it already going on?


From what I've learned here, lawsuits are good because of discovery. If he is who he says he is, this lawsuit is the perfect way for things to come to light in an undeniable fashion. But that's just a hopeful theory.

Already some anons on the other chan have shared with me the idea that proof exists online if you follow the patents (two pics attached).

Might be worth a dig (later).

And even if you can prove that he is satoshi or part of it, you still have to prove that he is /ourguy/ as it was put, and that bitcoin cash is something that is good for the country and not a clown operation designed to weaken us. For that I was leaning on the coincidence between his tweet and Q's post. It's not much but it's enough for people who are used to the comms here.

But it might be worthwhile to dig for more concrete proof.

I've attached a photo here of a trademark he registered with dave kleiman .. "eternal vigilance is the cost of liberty" in the title. It's pretty patriotic, and if he were a shill he would have to be playing a very long game. And the smarts required to use the word 'cost' instead of 'price' (meaning to always be paying for your freedom as long as you are alive). Most honeypot shills don't have those sorts of brains.


This is very interesting. And of course the word Faust caught my eye.

I will dig more on this later. Maybe I can find the paper somewhere.


I've looked into SAFE. We spoke about this earlier, maybe in the main breads?

I looked into it like I said I would.

I came up with a major issue.

For the SAFE network to work, people donate hard drive space in return for maidsafe tokens.

Ok, assuming that maidsafe takes off and is widely used, when people earn these tokens what will they do with them? Maidsafe/SAFE is not designed to be a currency, but simply a network that rewards the sharing of HD space. So what will happen with these tokens that people earn is that they will be traded for whatever the best coin is, let's assume it is Bitcoin Cash. This will put downward price pressure on SAFE and upward pressure on BCH. So in the end it's best to just use BCH and let people who want to participate on the Maidsafe network make money for you via their activities.

BCH is the real deal btw. And BTC is comp'd.

998689  No.2625614


What the team realized with Bitcoin is that tokens are essential to the adoption and network effect of decentralized systems. First, they have to be pretty awesome in some real respect, user friendly, and balance incentives. TOR, for example, does a bad job at all 3 of those.

You earn tokens by offering a partitioned portion of your HD to the network. That resource is measured by a number of metrics (speed, uptime, etc.). One of the main point, which is unique, is node aging, which separates the trustable parties from fakers. Your resource gets prioritized based on the quality of your resource…is the message. It's an equivalent idea to mining except the measurement is node quality, not processing power. Likely, it will be much less energy expensive than bitcoin because of that. There are parameters put into place to not incentivize centralization. Basically, over time, there is little profit incentive to run a big operation…even pushing to a loss. The idea is that spreading the energy costs across a distributed network is minimal on each small node, and that cost is outweighed by the benefit of a decentralized network for all to use.

To your question, so you earn when others pay to use your resource, which is directly proportional to the quality of your resource according to the network. You can then pay to use space on the network, buy other good and services online or in the real world(assuming acceptance) or sell those tokens for another currency. What's interesting though is where Tim Berners-Lee comes in with his project SOLID at MIT media labs. It's a protocol for decentralized applications. All the application content is stored wherever the user wishes…on SAFE, on a harddrive at home, on Dropbox, etc. The applications simply process the data but don't mine it. Perhaps they could for freemium services or, and this is the big ah-ah moment, the SAFE token allows for micropayments to use the decentralized applications. It's a completely new business model for app developers. pay-per-use. It also aligns the incentives of the developers and the users which is the MAIN PROBLEM OF THE INTERNET today. We are the product. Not on SAFE, in theory.

In a sense, SAFE tokens would be more of a currency than Bitcoin. With lightning, there is still some hope for Bitcoin as a currency, but so far it's much more of a Gold than anything. Not being a blockchain, SAFE offers the one thing that all of the others have an issue with, scalibility. SAFE actually gets faster with more scale. There are no throughput limitations. Increasing nodes has a order of magnitude effect on node propagation.

All the internet really is is a conglomerate of massive data centers, Amazon Web services, Comcast, Google, Facebook, Lakeside, QTS, NSA, etc. SAFE turns them into mere nodes on the network, changes their cost structure, and gives them coins from the network in exchange for our data privacy back…if they choose to participate. Something like this is coming for sure albeit SAFE or something else. It will be the next wave of crypto. We already see things like EOS or IPFS, etc. which are all really poor approaches…if not outright scams.

If the network is merely a decentralized drop box, then a dynamic equilibrium would be found between those selling their tokens and those buying them to buy memory. You've got to see the vision of the network though. It's really pretty huge. Speculative, definitely! But it's essentially saying that there is a new internet coming. It could run parallel or completely replace the current clearnet. It's a large ecosystem of infinite real estate…not just a decentralized dropbox. BCH doesn't do that. It is an can only be a currency…with maybe micropayment channels. Blockchains are great for storing data indicators but not the actual data. Who the hell would store the actual data in the blockchain? It wouldn't scale. And the blockchains that want to allow any memory source with just the indicators on the blockchain, well…that doesn't actually decentralize the data, which is the whole point. There are no others projects decentralizing the data. They are all running into problems because of the top down approach. They want to get rich first and then reverse engineer the solution on a live network…and failing one by one. I think there is a world for both bitcoin and SAFE, but honestly, if SAFE works like it should, it will be a monster and much more user friendly than anything out there.

ac5970  No.2629065

File: 58fa51681cf915d⋯.png (12.51 KB, 612x792, 17:22, ANON.png)

"The fork will provide a 2:1 ratio of ANON to all holders of ZClassic ("ZCL") and a 1:1 ratio of ANON to all holders of Bitcoin ("BTC")."

GTFIH Faggots




HODL BTC or ZCL until September 10th to get your ANON coins.

Note: ZCL HODL'ers will receive 2x the amount as BTC HODL'ers

Historically, Bittrex has supported every single ZCL Fork.

701505  No.2630004


>I've attached a photo here of a trademark he registered with dave kleiman .. "eternal vigilance is the cost of liberty" in the title. It's pretty patriotic, and if he were a shill he would have to be playing a very long game. And the smarts required to use the word 'cost' instead of 'price' (meaning to always be paying for your freedom as long as you are alive). Most honeypot shills don't have those sorts of brains.

very very interesting and good point anon.

>These people are stupid.

>And of course the word Faust caught my eye.

I completely missed that. Good (if obvious) catch.

That got me thinking as well, so I looked a bit more into Faust…he was appointed by J. Powell, possibly /ourguy/ per:


See: https:// forexlive.com/centralbank/!/fed-chair-powell-taps-two-specialists-to-serve-as-senior-advisers-report-20180219

>Fed chair Powell taps two specialists to serve as senior advisers

>Fed chair Jerome Powell said to have tapped monetary policy specialists Jon Faust and Antulio Bomfim to serve as senior advisers

>They would be the first appointments made by Powell since he took over as Fed chair two weeks ago.

So we have:

Structure (per Q)>>JP's paper about structure and the fed (structure appears 20 times, 21 if you count the 1x "structured", kek)>>cites Jon Faust's paper re. who can we trust to run the fed and the founders' vision>>Faust appointed senior adviser

Lots of coincidences.

998689  No.2631566


I'm holding out for the shillcoin and the cryptojewel forks.

5ed7ab  No.2635108

File: 51aff82f7422e07⋯.png (208.28 KB, 1181x722, 1181:722, 21structure.png)

File: 7155eecc708f6e2⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2466x1014, 411:169, powellbitcoin.jpg)


>structure appears 21 times.

Kek. Yeah, the 'structured' definitely counts, because when you ctrl+f the word 'structure', it gets caught up in the search string.

Pic related (21 matches).


Kek. A coincidence, or an obvious reference to the 21 Million cap on Bitcoin (and bible too?).

These are some really interesting crumbs. Wow.

I never thought to dig from this angle - I was always more comfortable on the technology side of things, staying away from the old school institutions, but the crumbs speak for themselves.

I think there's enough here to complete the circle… From Q's post, through Powell/FED, all the way back around through Bitcoin, through CSW, back to Q.

It would be the ULTIMATE proof, without a doubt.

This requires a comprehensive dig.. I will get on it asap. I said I was going to stop digging on crypto for now, but I guess that was a mistake.

I even made a meme with Powell last year when he was first appointed (very elementary level meme). I knew he was pro Bitcoin back then, but I didn't know how deep things went.

5ed7ab  No.2636021


It looks very interesting. I will keep my eye on it for sure.

68c48a  No.2636339

File: 31d5f5a636a7245⋯.png (135.59 KB, 1153x441, 1153:441, dr.png)


this is not a game

captain N

dr wright

dr light


again captain N

this is not a game!

best timeline EVAR

998689  No.2636523

File: 1cb52de6d2fb574⋯.png (285.34 KB, 500x412, 125:103, ClipboardImage.png)


Dr. Wily

68c48a  No.2636991


rockman in nippon ya know wily was spelled wiley in megaman 2 i think, my NES/Famicom history is on point

998689  No.2637103

File: dd599005e8d4bf7⋯.png (314.95 KB, 649x365, 649:365, ClipboardImage.png)



68c48a  No.2637390

d3ec6d  No.2637472

File: 7dc0c4a7fdc5aa1⋯.png (2 KB, 200x200, 1:1, address.png)

If any of you Bitcoin whales want to help out a fellow Q researcher who is dirt poor then here's my wallet. Would appreciate any help you whales can give me. We all know Q was probably involved in the creation of BTC as part of the effort to end the cabal's influence over finance.


18a96e  No.2637493

Saw a post on main q board that apparently the strings have been cut at the fed and a new version of it is being operated out of Reno. Would certainly make sense getting it far away from DC/NY. Also sort of slides neatly into the whole silver manipulation story. The amounts are staggering over the last 10 years.

5ed7ab  No.2638781


Wow that's a mind bender.

Dr. Wright ((Beam of) Light), Inventor of Megaman (Bitcoin), part of N (Q) team, led by Captain N (Q).

All laid out decades ago.

What a timeline.


I saw that post too, but I can't find it now.

There's a tool here for searching the breads: https://www.resignation.info/scripts/8chan/search.php

You can try finding it if you remember the words in the post.

618b7d  No.2641837


Christopher Wylie, the kid who blew the whistle on Cambridge Analytica, another actor in our movie.

618b7d  No.2641846

File: 67a8ff958bfb734⋯.png (93.89 KB, 680x340, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

9d083a  No.2641917


Q had nothing to do with it.

It got comped by the big money and they crashed it twice to seill high then buy low.

Amateurs will get their ass handed to them every time.

Crypto currencies have limited utility and are still fiat currency - no real value behind them

9d083a  No.2641930


Can't happen they way you described. Learn something about the Federal Reserve SYSTEM. You can't break off a piece. They insure each other and absorb the losers (and consolidate with fewer).

You can't understand the banking systems from a one page website post.

If it was that easy everyone would be a banker

9d083a  No.2641951


Why would anyone want to buy memory and processing power from you, when they could be a far better value from some cloud provider.

The can afford the infrastructure at a far lower cost than individuals.

Crypt can;t replace currency since most of the population will not accept it unless they have confidence in the "managers"

9d083a  No.2641963


Why not crank out some free Bitcoins for yourself?

Isn't that the basic idea?

Everybody can "create" their own money not based on tangible assets?

9d083a  No.2641970


He looks like he was a real insider with lots of information.

/sarc off

618b7d  No.2642023


They don't buy it from anyone. They buy it from the network. It's autonomous.

There are use cases for centralized cloud storage and for decentralized cloud storage.

I'm not going to doxx myself nor claim that I have 100% certainty, but the blanket statements you're tossing out have been thought through extensively in the academic literature, which is considerable.

With the cost involved with the loss of personal privacy, national risk, and corporate espionage, decentralized clouds may prove to offer something worth the extra margin, if there is one. Likely the management reduction costs alone may make it a cheaper solution all things considered. Regardless, the marginal cost on each individual's energy requirement will be minuscule compared to what it provides and large operators will only be able to run at a loss, which they would likely do in the beginning just to recoup some of the sunk cost in hardware. Hopefully, their coins, if they don't see, will grow in value. Over the long term, they will be disintermediated these networks except by parties that have no interest in data privacy. And unlike Bitcoin, while it won't be completely decentralized, it will be much more distributed so that anyone with a decent setup to offer memory to the network will be rewarded. That said, it isn't a requirement to use the network. Simply surfing the network is free.

18a96e  No.2643033


Totally agree. Its all or nothing..I am speaking about removing the 1933 actions. I fully understand the SYSTEM. Perhaps you don't

da258e  No.2643555


What are the banks planning? They aren't getting their war so they need to find a way to blame their system failing on something else.

https:// markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/atm-hacking-scheme-fbi-warned-major-banks-of-potential-attack-2018-8-1027458043

da258e  No.2643634


I doubt Q was involved in the creation of bitcoin. Much like Q, the identity of the creator of Bitcoin is not important but the information being released will/has changed the world.

da258e  No.2643689


It is not as simple as just creating a few bitcoins for oneself. The good cryptocurrencies have to be mined. Bitcoin takes a lot of power to mine. One could create a new cryptocurrency if they knew how to develop on the blockchain that could be traded in the exchanges however what that project does plays a big role in the value of that currency. Think of each coin or token as a share of stock in a company.

932550  No.2645112


a more precise definition would be "one who pretends to love his or her country in order to get paid".

618b7d  No.2645446


"No man can serve two masters: for either he

will hate the one, and love the other; or else

he will hold to the one, and despise the other…"

701505  No.2645805

File: 841c655fabb1fea⋯.jpg (22.74 KB, 480x480, 1:1, trumpeagle.jpg)


>Powell has nothing against bitcoin/private currencies

Top kek indeed.

>I was always more comfortable on the technology side of things, staying away from the old school institutions

Great. It takes all types anon. Technology is not my strong suit.

>I think there's enough here to complete the circle…From Q's post, through Powell/FED, all the way back around through Bitcoin, through CSW, back to Q.

Q>>Fed>>Powell>>Bitcoin is very strong I will work on drawing up those connections. CSW connection I haven't fully comprehended in my mind, probably because I haven't dug on that one as much.

>This requires a comprehensive dig.. I will get on it asap. I said I was going to stop digging on crypto for now, but I guess that was a mistake.

I was hoping this would be the case. I've been browsing /biz/ a bit after you mentioned it. It is a freakshow but I saw some chatter about this very thread over there. Glad to have you and fellow anons working in this thread. Main breads are great, but I can really tuck into the autist part of my brain in this one.

47d336  No.2646823

File: 2f4a28758a29583⋯.jpg (30.14 KB, 600x280, 15:7, Martin is no Cupcake.jpg)

File: bb673d1aa450397⋯.jpg (79.13 KB, 962x544, 481:272, A10 Genoa bridge weeks bef….jpg)

File: 88da35f3b9ab6dd⋯.jpg (245.73 KB, 962x591, 962:591, A10 Genoa bridge collapsed.jpg)

File: fbf38be3dab66cc⋯.jpg (79.52 KB, 950x660, 95:66, Mario Draghi President of….jpg)

Martin Armstrong is America's financial forecaster . The man is no Cupcake.


Martin, warns of a bridge too far! "Italy has called on the ECB to guarantee the bond yields warning that if they END quantitative easing the Eurozone will break apart."


07230a  No.2646884

File: 8a96e9a93a84b00⋯.gif (2.05 MB, 500x282, 250:141, popckorn harry psych.gif)

File: d162956f00c1e65⋯.jpg (177.7 KB, 700x700, 1:1, kraken.jpg)

I bought silver on December 2015 at 13.50 spot, which was 14.88 total per Troy Oz!!

I know Silver was at 8 bucks in the 80s and like 10 bucks in the 90s, but let's be serious: It was fucking 50 bucks in 2012 or so, I doubt Silver will be cheaper than it is now.

Any thoughts?

07230a  No.2647059

File: eee961f41ab3ca9⋯.jpg (86.43 KB, 760x400, 19:10, bitcoin.jpg)

File: 7edefed68b128da⋯.jpg (350.97 KB, 600x600, 1:1, silver pegasus.jpg)

File: 840c01e6fed496b⋯.gif (886.47 KB, 500x412, 125:103, POPCKORN CONSTANZA.gif)


You cannot print more Crypto because it is limited in amounts in existence (Bitcoin), ok, but think the following:

Bitcoin does suffer inflation each time it is worth more and more and you have to use smaller and smaller factions!

Inflation in bitcoin means you stop using 1 bitcoin to buy 1 tank of gas and start using .001 bitcoin to buy the same tank of gas!

701505  No.2647618


Inflation/Deflation is simply the increase/decrease in the money supply. Bitcoin has steady inflation built in until the last bitcoin is mined in approx 120 years from now. So long as use/adoption increases a faster rate than the inflation (which so far it has greatly outpaced) then prices in bitcoin will go down, similarly as to how computer and TV prices have decreased of the last many decades due to manufacturing efficiency outpacing inflation of fiat currencies.

701505  No.2647634


Couldn't say re. silver, anon. I don't like putting all of my eggs in one basket be it silver bitcoin gold stocks cash or artwork.

5b141d  No.2648325

File: 3c7ffe6f25247b8⋯.jpg (20.57 KB, 250x250, 1:1, ShellGameMeme.jpg)

File: 27b433c1727b2e5⋯.jpg (62.91 KB, 497x497, 1:1, ThisIsMoney.jpg)

Here are a couple of contributions to the meme library

5ed7ab  No.2650305

File: 3b0b11fccc6234b⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, vitalik-secret.jpg)

File: a045b94bae91482⋯.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1492973320012-IMG_5710.jpeg)

File: 66fa0709586524c⋯.png (9.53 KB, 300x215, 60:43, ethereum-logo-1C9A722BB1-s….png)

File: 38ff586d3816d7b⋯.jpg (38.25 KB, 502x479, 502:479, 78e41d83e85115fb213736c372….jpg)

File: 55e62cb67924d98⋯.jpg (80.09 KB, 981x1334, 981:1334, 8f3b641251182a057b33db9d62….jpg)

Been doing some digging today.

I'll make a few separate posts. First I want to just drop off some images about symbolism in crypto for people that are browsing the thread to take a look at.

Here's Ethereum.

>Be careful what you hold

5ed7ab  No.2650351

File: caf546e1055d153⋯.png (5.74 KB, 424x119, 424:119, rwy.png)

File: 0395aa4ef023fb5⋯.png (3.96 KB, 450x484, 225:242, 1726.png)

File: 2c123406449d6d8⋯.jpg (14.79 KB, 602x401, 602:401, main-qimg-3270d99b4a71492e….jpg)

File: 1b77d24664a3eee⋯.jpg (731.62 KB, 1920x1279, 1920:1279, allseeingeye_ouroboros.jpg)

File: a379828359987f1⋯.png (8.81 KB, 355x142, 5:2, index.png)


Here's Maidsafe. I was inspired to dig on it thanks to the posts in this thread.

>Be careful what you hold

5ed7ab  No.2650464

File: 92ff8be4770268e⋯.png (262.44 KB, 340x803, 340:803, 911.png)

I've found a really interesting coincidence on the Twitter account of CSW.

It says that he joined twitter on 4:54 PM on 22 Sep 2010.

That date and time caught my eye, because it is so close to some important numbers, namely 444 and 9/11.

Well I figured out that if you subtract 9/11/01 from those three numbers in a mirror (backwards) fashion, you get a result of 4:44 11 Sep 2001.

So by using 9/11 as the key, you get a result of 9/11 as well.

There's no way this is a coincidence.

Mathematically impossible right? Like Q says.

Or at least improbable.

It's interesting anyways.

Melting my brain a bit, but in a good way.

18a96e  No.2650671


Convinced that bitcoin started out as the 'evil plan' because the undeniable fact is its HashID is confirmed NSA. If you look at the timeline of it's trading pattern you will see it was 'liftoff' in 2016.

The proliferation of other crypto's soon followed. They were all allowed to be adopted. The CFTC even allowed BC to be monetized. That started in Dec. 2017. See the results after that. The media certainly allowed that safety net aspect of crypto's to build.

IMO BC was created in part to take the heat off of the metals trade. Witness the rise of all comms. starting in early 2009. It was so predictable that Goldman even sold its coveted GSCI off so as not to appear conflicted.

Crypto's were nowhere, at least several yrs away from being mentioned at the water cooler, in 2009. The banking apparatus has been short gold and silver for many decades.

At the turn of the 19th century a choice was made regrading our industrial use of metals. Have seen the figures regarding what was available at the time in both metals i.e. MUCH more silver then gold, a choice had to be made. Once the choice was made to use silver it could not be undone.

It is no accident that the actual silver content of coins was virtually removed in 1964. However as the use of silver grew after the second war the choice made at the turn of the century could still not be undone. Enter Wall Street and Greenspan's Route A programs.

This was used to great afect throughout the market, never more obvious than the metals trade. As the available supply to be mined or wherehoused dropped below the the known amounts for gold a solution was needed.

Hypothecation was born.

You can read up about the metals manipulation trade via hypothecated trading from the mid 60's on.


5ed7ab  No.2650835

File: 529d0d530dcbde9⋯.png (648.37 KB, 1499x840, 1499:840, mirror.png)

File: 3316a237df757a6⋯.png (820.62 KB, 1505x857, 1505:857, faust.png)

File: abf7812bdd079fe⋯.png (82.18 KB, 1206x207, 134:23, papers.png)


I've also been doing some digging on Jon Faust as per your post, who might be the actual 'Professor Faust' (or maybe a coincidence, or maybe just another link in the puzzle).

He has some interesting papers and a very interesting website.

Of note are the two papers I have attached a picture of. The first is the 'Who can we trust to run the FED' paper that Powell references, and the second is something about using distributed blocks to solve problems. It reminds me of blockchain a bit, but I have to read the paper again to know for sure what is being talked about.

This also seems like the best lead on grabbing a copy of the 'trust FED' paper. His email delivery system doesn't work however.


Here's a link to the second paper .. on first glance it doesn't look related.

I'll have to take another look later though.


Here's a link to his website.

There are some interesting sections in it. And it reminds me of oldschool websites that I used to find around the net.

He's got a section about dyslexia and 'mirror' writing, and a section on finding the 'most famous faust'.


? or


I'll keep digging for something more solid.

I did dig on Powell more, but didn't find anything more solid than the Structure talk with reference to the number 21.

He talks about DLT's (distributed ledger technologies) in a speech, but plays it very safe, doesn't reveal much.

a4600b  No.2650861

File: f07a11cfe114dd0⋯.png (384.97 KB, 1014x587, 1014:587, 640d505ace842e3fc22c1ff050….png)

File: ec0b4222d776f05⋯.png (1.72 KB, 79x84, 79:84, 666.png)

File: 03bb0691035a5c2⋯.jpg (21.83 KB, 776x436, 194:109, 38920cbeb0779a587ab23d82b1….jpg)




ripple/xrp …

what anons think?

a4600b  No.2650871

File: 75452aee0160d85⋯.jpg (59.92 KB, 431x300, 431:300, 0.jpg)

18a96e  No.2650918


Regarding gold and it's value to the Federal Reserve. It's per/oz value has not changed on it's own books since it was 'valued' at $44.xx

This was never adjusted up/down as its value changed. It is still on the Fed's book at that level even today.

IMO it was never changed so that at some point in the future, say now, it's value has always been at $44.xx/oz so if it's finally proven to not be there, it's not, they can then say "well we only valued it at $44.xx and not current MV so it's no big deal".

Google Ron Paul and Ben Bernancke exchange in 2006. He knows what is happening. I would have voted for him if he had a chance however he would have never been allowed to win. His son may have the last laugh.

5ed7ab  No.2650992


Nice find anon.

>Bill Clinton


I was always skeptical of ripple.


You raise some good points. Digital cash opens up a can of worms when it comes to tracking, privacy, mark of the beast type stuff, etc.

I think in a perfect world Bitcoin would exist as a digital asset that you could choose to hold or not, and that tangible cash would still exist (backed by cryptos and metals) so that you could still live a low tech life if you wanted to.

Metal manipulation? Yeah I've looked into it a bit and I'm sure that they are being suppressed. I'll look into it more though.

What I don't believe though, is that Bitcoin started out as the evil plan.

I think that actually Bitcoin was released to the public as basically the Ark to help us survive the flood of the collapse of the old economic order. The technology has been around for a while to make something like Bitcoin work… I think 2009 was a strategic year to release it for many reasons. Economic recession, QE going on like crazy, Obama taking power, etc.

What probably happened is once Bitcoin started taking off (2013-2014) the Evil people learned how to copy it, how to pervert it, and how to twist the whole crypto space for their own desires. That's where the feeling of evil probably comes from. If Bitcoin is allowed to stay simple and pure, it can be one of the best forms of free money that the people will ever have. But like I said above, it does open up a can of worms.

I was reading twitter earlier and some developer for Bitcoin said he plans to make a wallet that can go into a chip in your hand. I would never , ever, never use something like that, and if that's the end game, then I understand your reservations and I share them too.

5ed7ab  No.2651131

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Ron Paul and Ben Bernancke exchange

Very interesting anon.

This video?

It's a good conversation.

Now take everything Ron Paul says, and apply it to Bitcoin.

By the way, notice that right after Ron Paul humiliated Bernanke on the topic of Silver, the Silver market crashed.

a4600b  No.2651168

File: ad72208e471a146⋯.png (53.7 KB, 667x754, 23:26, f2c916d92e4fea2ba48b5661d8….png)


Yes and also the numbers.


5ed7ab  No.2651218




I can't wait until all of these Evil and scam coins get washed away.

618b7d  No.2651294


I definitely noticed this too. With all that I know about the rest of the project and the people in it, I definitely tend to let this slide. Remember these symbols are good in their original meanings. It's the evil people that pervert them. Discerning between the two is our homework. Knowing the depth of thinking and the quality of ethical philosophy driving the project, I'd be pretty surprised if it was related. Moreover, I think the tilted triangle might even have been on purpose to avoid that confusion. In any case, that community is very transparent. Their forums are open and you're welcome to search the history. Here are just a couple of quick threads from the search result "mobius triangle"




Even a tongue-in-cheek post from the developer


The thinking seems to have been from other things I've read that a triangle is a very strong and stable structure and a mobius strip has a cryptographic essence to it. strong, encrypted network. That said, they've moved on to the other hexagonal symbol with the nodes as the current iteration after a long drawn out rebranding discussion…also in the forum.

618b7d  No.2651320


Interestingly enough, they've already presented at google a number of times…the whole thing flew over the heads of the googlers…they'll wake up when it's too late…after milk and naptime in their kindergarten-colored nurseries for giant infants.

618b7d  No.2651589


silver is going to get crushed. from a technical analysis POV, there is nothing good to show…


that's called deflation, not inflation. things cost less…not more. if you're in dollars, then relative to bitcoin, yea, dollars are inflating at an incredible rate since about 2011.


ripple is and always was centralized. they should be in jail. that guy controls like 2/3 of the ripples and just controls the supply-side to create stability. not even a blockchain. total scam but lots of corporate smoke and mirrors.


none of these objects or symbols have any power or meaning. It's the power and meaning that humans give them. They are merely tools. It's what we do with them that's important.

The cypherpunks have been working on digital cash for decades…since the 70s they understood the problem. it's very clear in their ftp server comms. read assange's book. The hashcash algo which makes up the theory behind one of the main parts of bitcoin was thought up in the 90s and implemented in email and an attempt at a centralized digital gold…it's a battle that people are waking up to years later.

the alan greenspan theories of satoshi are some of the most interesting, strangely enough.

It's very interesting that you mention Bitcoin as being an Ark. VERY interesting…

You carry a card in your pocket (no to mention your phone, the most sophisticated surveillance device in history) but wouldn't put a RFID chip in your hand? The smartphone is way more the mark of the beast that some ultra limited chip.

18a96e  No.2651979


I certaily do see bitcoin as viable. More the Block chain aspect of it. Many different applications that are non-financial.

The humiliation of bernancke was before the rise from $10 to $50, approximately 3 years prior. The silver market was and is the most manipulated on the planet. It's a relatively small market even when it was $50 (was there for a day I recall).

Look into Blythe Masters at JPM. She is the credited with the creation of credit default swaps. She was released on the metals markets in 2010. Also JPM is now the largest single holder of above ground silver. They had ZERO prior to 2011. They inherited the legacy short position of Bear Stearns. That, imo, was the reason Bear was left to twist in the wind for as long as it did. Whomever took on it's book were saddled with the decades long need to suppress all commodities. Most of Bear Stearns assets were swept into the FED, see here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maiden_Lane_Transactions

That allowed the game to have a lower starting point.

I am not saying put everything you have into XXX. What I am saying is utilize the history that we have been given for decades and contrast it against what we are all learning now.

It's going to turn out something like this….everyone has seen books about conspiracy theories over the years.

What if those books become the new history books? Certainly more in those crazy "Stories"today than a year ago

ac5970  No.2653308


Bitcoin Cash opened today around $512 and is now comfy @ approximately $592

Just a few months ago it was near $850

Qresearchers, this may be a good time to get into the crypto market.

Of course, DYOR.

868b7c  No.2654556

People have touched upon several points about Bitcoin being part of the evil plan, and it is, in ways you can't even imagine. Ignoring the fact the creator was never independently verified, and it uses 'mathemagical backdoored SHA256', there's a few clues to it's real intentions:

1) It's a global currency (one world order shit)

2) The wallets give you a unique, highly trackable ID

3) Payments are public, so who you receive money from (follows on from 2) and who you give money to are all trackable on the ledger (think facebook style 'friends' list trackability)

4) It allows agencies to money launder their own activities via proximities (blackops, dark money)

5) If the system goes AWOL, NSA can release the 'mathemagical backdoor' or eventually SHA256 will go the way of SHA1 (completely broken)

6) It allows them to build up a worldwide, distributed hash cracking network on the cheap (notice that the end goal will be a majority of the hashes you solve will be 'defunct' IE not relevant to the payment portal).

7) As hardware for hash-cracking becomes cheaper, allows agencies to pick it up second hand for use in their own operations (think ASIC type devices made en-mass).

It's pretty devious when you think about it.

Everyone here talks about Bitcoin, but…

…Thoughts on Monero? (PS tries to protect your privacy and resists streamlining of hashing operations)

cbfbc7  No.2654669


>Public banking institutions

That's half an idea, and not a bad one. The other half, missing, is how to motivate people to invest what for many of them is their last dollar every month in such a bank.

I agree likewise with so many here that a debt jubilee is essential. But that, too, is only half an idea that's good but insufficient. The missing half is how to achieve a jubilee. It's not like the Cabal will just let us have it!

cbfbc7  No.2654721





The bottom line of your posts is that whomever controls physical resources wins. Electronic money, fiat currency, it all doesn't mean jack shit without physical security.

To wit, maybe the path forward is for Trump to hijack the Fed, and then for the Fed to start printing enough money for the govt to invest in physical public assets that promote the collective security of "the real economy" – Main Street. (This would be a two-fer: it would increase our physical security while also moderately provoking inflation, effectively making debt easier to repay – let's call it a "soft debt jubilee.")

Perhaps this is in fact what Trump plans. It's not far from what he's actually been doing. What we use as a currency is secondary–not unimportant, but secondary–to what that currency is used to achieve.

I'll leave you with this quote from a newsletter written by the LaRouche crowd. https://archive.is/EimY7 The main point is that the security comes from physical infrastructure investments of the New Silk Road type.

Glass Steagall alone will not do the job. Nothing short of an entirely new world financial order can succeed in replacing the “Casino Mondial” of floating exchange rates and unbridled speculation, which has taken the place of investment into the real economy, with the IMF and the ECB as the “enforcement” mechanism. Such a New Bretton Woods approach is required, restoring fixed exchange rates in a gold reserve system, while “New Silk Road” projects based on national credit expand the productivity and well being of the entire human race.

Achieving such a new paradigm requires that Donald Trump sit down with the leaders of the other three great powers in the world — Russia, China and India — to formulate such a new Bretton Woods agreement.

618b7d  No.2655082

File: c011acf69b547c8⋯.png (533.52 KB, 758x426, 379:213, ClipboardImage.png)

344a86  No.2655315


I agree about Bitcoin. I think regular "In God We Trust" coins are the best in a collapse. Our money is devalued right now. How about 1 cent becoming equivalent to what one dollar buys now? Most people have "worthless change" lying around. It is already "legal", too. We the people can decide value. I like 1 cent equivalent to $1.

18a96e  No.2655534


Only the treasury has the onlt authority to COIN money. Not dollars or anything else.

I will certainly embrace crypto's once the smoke clears. Until then I remain on the sidelines. I still see them, all of them, as a way to herd people into whatever the Fed;s version of a digital coin is. Cause a crash and 'offer' to exchange all the issued crypto's into 'fedcoin'.

Everyone would have no choice but to accept.

If that happens it is game, set and match. The level of control would be complete. That is why I believe it was evil to start with. Was the plan all along.

5ed7ab  No.2655634

File: c58674597760854⋯.png (105.08 KB, 689x512, 689:512, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at ….png)

File: 6359fc10c6ce3b5⋯.png (150.17 KB, 802x282, 401:141, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at ….png)

File: 9c067eb33a6c042⋯.pdf (485.93 KB, Sgantzos_K_GA-HSCBB17.pdf)

Potential Info/Disinfo

AI in the Blockchain.

For digging (later).

5ed7ab  No.2655671

File: ab251c90295af6a⋯.png (388.81 KB, 1481x814, 1481:814, titanic1.png)

File: ef59e8455df3432⋯.png (615.75 KB, 643x661, 643:661, titanic2.png)

File: 7bb37102593051b⋯.png (17.43 KB, 137x226, 137:226, pol.png)

File: 26e574c112df017⋯.png (141.29 KB, 293x306, 293:306, unk.png)


More digging on his website.

1. Reference to the Titanic (Fed creation importance). KDC pointer as well (crumb = pointer).

2. Reference to /pol/ (pol)

3. Interesting website background, not sure if important but putting up for digging.

5ed7ab  No.2658642

File: 8636ca8c13bcc4c⋯.png (79.23 KB, 1112x939, 1112:939, trustfed.png)

File: 1116d87f5ed16be⋯.pdf (404.01 KB, ifdp429.pdf)


e38e0a  No.2659002

wheres the deep wing addy

2d0d42  No.2660537

File: 43648512eb8bdab⋯.jpg (204.09 KB, 1275x922, 1275:922, 0026.jpg)

>Clinton Global Initiative

>Brock Pierce

>Bitcoin Foundation

701505  No.2660545




kek that's some downfall level symbolism right there.


wow that's quite a find and a mind melter. One hell of a coincidence if so. (especially with the Faust/mirror writing conection)

I also had to look up the significance of 444:

https:// willowsoul.com/blogs/numbers/5-reasons-why-you-are-seeing-4-44-the-meaning-of-444

>1st Meaning of 444: You are on the Path of Awakening

>3rd Meaning of 444: You Are on the Right Path, Just Trust

>444 9/11/01

Great awakening re. 9/11

701505  No.2660594


>I was reading twitter earlier and some developer for Bitcoin said he plans to make a wallet that can go into a chip in your hand. I would never , ever, never use something like that

Kek no


>You carry a card in your pocket (no to mention your phone, the most sophisticated surveillance device in history) but wouldn't put a RFID chip in your hand? The smartphone is way more the mark of the beast that some ultra limited chip.

There's one big difference anon. I can put my phone in a faraday bag leave it in my house and go for a walk, talk, or sleep without it being attached to me. Huge difference. The chip doesn't come out so easily.

701505  No.2660816


wow great find anon. Thank you for digging this up. I just read through almost all of it besides the detailed formulas which were beyond both my comprehension and interest.

On that note here's what I found from the paper. It's going to be long, but I think it is interesting and connects some dots re: Q>>Structure>>Powell>>Faust>>The plan for the fed. Here goes:


The image you posted from Faust's website that you weren't sure if it was important, I think is very important. The writing around the edge says:

>Is it the Greek letters or the words around them that matter?

This sounds like something Q would ask us. In fact, as I was reading the linked paper from Faust, I was thinking to myself…the point of this paper is the ideas that he's bringing up, not some esoteric financial model. That's just the vehicle by which he can get away with implying the message.


Onto the paper itself:

The most interesting parts are the intro, background, and conclusion. The rest is just theoretical economic modelling (which I will make another post about Faust's thoughts on that after this one, as it is also quite revealing.). From the paper:

He brings up Article 1 Section 10 of the constitution at least twice:

>No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts

Off to a good start.

In an entire paper about the economics of various fed policies he bring up political implications:

>While one major argument for the bill is based in political philosophy (footnote 41)

and then footnotes that sentence:

>The argument is that it is inappropriate for public policy to be made by people who are neither selected nor ratified by a political body. Of course, this paper does not deal with issues regarding the legitimization of government power.

He's going out of his way to say the Fed is private/unelected without saying it.

Think how Trump said that he would "never call KJU "short and fat" Plausable deniability.

Think the "words around the greek letters"

> In formalizing the rationale of the framers of the Fed, I have not argued that the framers correctly balanced interests on the Board.Thus, I am not arguing about whether these proposals would improve or worsen the current balance.

Faust spends the majority of a 40 page paper with dense economic modeling and then disclaims whether or not his models would have any effect either way. Next sentence:

>Rather, I cite them as evidence that issues of balance remain of interest today.

I.e. "I'm saying that there are big problems here."

>These contentions about the cause of inflation not only indicate that debtor-creditor tension is still important, they raise questions as to the success of the Fed as an institutional response to these tensions.

"Should the Fed even be allowed to meddle in these things?"

He concludes the body of the paper with "A postscript about democracy"

> While such a system of policymaking is clearly not democratic in the simplest sense of the term, neither are many of the most important institutions in the U.S. As noted above, some of the Constitution's Article I Section 10 restrictions provide an interesting case.

> few economists would suggest that capitalism would be well-served by leaving the enforcement of contracts open to majority vote. Just as the majority may be better off by giving up its general rights to alter contracts, it may also improve its welfare by giving up some of its power to alter the terms of nominal contracts through monetary policy. Thus, while the particular form of independence chosen by Congress may be open to question, it is difficult to support a generic "pro-democracy" argument against monetary authority independence.

When read "slowly and carefully" as Q often instructs, it appears that we need, rather than the mob rule of democrazy, we need a standard protocol, like we have for contracts (i.e. we all agree that contracts are a protocol to be obeyed), for our monetary system.

Perhaps a consensus algorithm?

618b7d  No.2660876


What's the connection between CGI and the other two?

Pierce is a sleeze and connected to some pedos. Also been involved in some sketchy crypto projects and potentially a billionaire in crypto…doing spoopy stuff in Puerto Rico…

With him at the seeding of EOS…and Dan Larimer and Dad's background with Raytheon and Lockheed Martin…I'd stay the hell away. Time-bombs.

701505  No.2661057

File: 7f6cde26f6137f3⋯.png (279.6 KB, 1419x946, 3:2, 7f6cde26f6137f3dfc2e2e67fe….png)


>DSGE modelling is a Titanic achievement. As for the benefits, I'm sure we've just seen the tip of the iceberg.

In a paper on the same subject DSGE modelling:

>I believe that the current crop of DSGE models, like

lab rats, are magnificent models. For the profession, they represent

a titanic achievement—with all the images that adjective may bring

to mind.

>all the images


I believe he is saying that all of the economic modelling done by the Fed, Keynesians, etc. are total rat shit.

>Is it the Greek letters or the words around them that matter


701505  No.2661070


Sorry, I f'd up the formatting when I copied pasted from the PDF. This should all be green text:

>>I believe that the current crop of DSGE models, like lab rats, are magnificent models. For the profession, they represent a titanic achievement—with all the images that adjective may bring to mind.

18a96e  No.2661330

Perhaps a consensus algorithm?

You should have put that at the top!

Best thing I've read today.

ac5970  No.2662139


So whats the deal, are all of us going in on Bitcoin Cash together or what?

I'm ready to make the move whenever yall are.

618b7d  No.2662190


Hell no, but if you have forked tokens, then it's good insurance just to keep them.

Bitcoin and lightning and the reality of the ecosystem around it are just so much larger than BCH. All of the best minds in crypto work on BTC. If Bitcoin doesn't need high throughput on the base layer, then BCH makes ZERO sense. Lightning solves it all. Plus, even if NSA or Craig or Satoshi think BCH is better, that doesn't mean anything. You can have a stroke of genius on day and then a brain fart the next.

868b7c  No.2662220


>The bottom line of your posts is that whomever controls physical resources wins.

Absolutely spot on. However, it's worth bearing in mind a currency is a 'confidence note', and if people lose confidence or the note, then they may attempt to seize whatever physical assets they can, by force (looting/rioting).

>for the govt to invest in physical public assets that promote the collective security of "the real economy" – Main Street.

Correct on how to salvage the economy, but your next problem is one I've been debating for years: what *is* valuable?

Obviously, food and water, you need those to survive. But food and water alone won't cut it (just look what happened to East Berlin under Soviet occupation - they had food and water, evenly rationed out, but it simply was not enough to satiate desires).

Maybe shelter, like housing (easy win: a lot of the foreclosures are fraudulent or found on the cheap). Maybe transportation. Healthcare, definitely. People want a flexible income that they can spend on getting goods of their preference. You *could* provide those effectively, but…

After this problem you hit the automation 'paywall' that the rich are experiencing hard: automation makes workers a force multiplier (you need fewer paid workers to achieve more in less time). So you're on the verge of a 'post-scarcity society' (resources plentiful, but people with little to do).

I'd argue most people need jobs to function (and not to start going out causing trouble). Without jobs comes a loss of social connection, boredom, a sense of worthlessness, and more importantly, financial staying power to get things you want.

You could refashion such jobless people into a workforce for good (kinda like FDR with national parks etc), but paying them is the issue. Where do you get the money from? Machines don't earn a wage, companies structure themselves to avoid paying taxes and elect people who lower them. What *is valuable*?

I've got a solution to the automation problem, but it hinges on the Davros types being ousted etc. They know if they're not ousted, society will collapse as automation takes over way more, and I'm hedging my bets the rich will willingly overthrow the deepstate IF it means they can avoid losing their position. You could say I'm… banking… on it.

868b7c  No.2662291


>AI in the Blockchain.

As much as it sounds like disinfo (maybe it is), it *is* plausible.

For an AI to achieve power it needs two things: processing power, that's resistant to being destroyed (EG decentralisation) and financial power.

The bitcoin would be the economical AI's gambit if it wanted to use the China method to take over a planet. Remember, an AI isn't limited to our concepts (such as nuclear war). In-fact, it could easily stalemate us with one nuclear weapon and a *lot of duds*.

One gut terror I do have is the 'beast' as described is actually an AI. Which is why it's so important for the 'beast' to mark people (forehead - facial recognition, hand - RFID contactless scanners).

Entirely theoretical. Would it concern you more if I told you the US military apparently didn't see any of the terminator movies, and as part of the 'Space Force' plan, are thinking of, and I shit you not, an AI linked global satellite system for the control of launching missiles (did no-one read the very first script of Terminator and why it was called 'Skynet'?).

And if you're thinking of beating crypto by staying old school fiat, there's a big push to eliminate change/cash and to go contactless. Estonia has already achieved this, I do believe.

EMP plan is still on standby.

618b7d  No.2667805


618b7d  No.2668074

File: c29722088cba681⋯.png (113.35 KB, 600x413, 600:413, ClipboardImage.png)


MaidSafe on collaboration

As we mentioned in the introduction, a decentralised web will require a number of different interlocking components, including decentralised storage, decentralised networking, decentralised applications and decentralised identities.

MaidSafe, one of the event's sponsors, is trying to cover all but one these bases with its autonomous SAFE Network, replacing the Transport, Session and Presentation layers of the current seven-layer internet with decentralised alternatives to create a platform for applications. The project is currently at alpha test stage.

So it's all sewn up then, no need for further collaboration? Not at all said CEO David Irvine, who will be speaking at the event, pointing to the firm's open-sourcing of its PARSEC consensus algorithm and its invitation to other projects to help develop it. It's just not always easy to organise joint ventures he said. The summit will bring together many pioneers and innovators (70-plus projects are represented) with each pushing their own ideas for redefining the web.

"[Everyone's] so passionate about improving the internet experience, we are defining the rules for the future, and everyone has a point of view. That does mean there are some egos out there who are quite vocal about the merits of their approach versus others, which makes for good media stories and fuels hype, but it's not what we're really focused on."

Within any movement dedicated to upending the status quo, there lurks the danger of a People's Front of Judea-type scenario with infighting destroying the possibilities of cooperation. Amplifying the risk, many projects in this space are funded through cryptocurrency tokens, which adds profiteering to the mix. It's easy to see how the whole thing could implode, but Irvine says he's now starting to see real collaborations happen and hopes the summit will bring more opportunities.

"We've already been talking to Sir Tim Berners-Lee's Solid project at MIT, and we have a growing number of developers experimenting with applications for the platform," he said.

MaidSafe has been a fixture in the decentralised firmament for a while, predating even the blockchain which is the backbone of many other ventures. At one time it had the space almost to itself but has since been joined by a host of others. Asked about his company's USP, Irvine came back with one word: "honesty".

We asked him to expand.

"There is far too much hype in the wider blockchain crypto space and we have always tried to distance ourselves from that nonsense. We're trying to build something hugely complex and radically different. That doesn't happen overnight, so you have to be upfront with people so they are not misled. Sure we've learned along the way, got some things wrong, but whenever we have we've held our hands up and that has helped us."

And the big-picture goal?

"In essence, privacy, security and freedom. The technology we are building will provide private and secure communications, as well as freedom through the unfettered access to all humanity's data."

5ed7ab  No.2668777

File: 1d5972c7cae3665⋯.png (77.38 KB, 963x237, 321:79, 444Awakening.png)

File: cd9fb16f14b1644⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1280x1446, 640:723, Trump-444.png)


>Great awakening re. 9/11

I had no idea about the 'Awakening' definition for 444. That fits in perfectly with what we're doing here on this board.

Also lends more support to the theory of CSW being /ourguy/.

This reminds me of a cap (second picture) that was put together back when the chans were first taking our initial baby steps in learning the comms.

Knowing what I know now re: 'Great Awakening' and 444, these coincidences all make so much more sense.

5ed7ab  No.2668934

File: f0d2d3b43a531b9⋯.png (149.78 KB, 293x306, 293:306, >implying.png)


>The image you posted from Faust's website that you weren't sure if it was important, I think is very important.

That makes perfect sense.

It's not what's being said (the greek letters, representing almost random looking gibberish), but what's being implied (the english letters on the borders).

The fact that this is the background image for his entire website hints at the idea that all of his writings and works should be viewed through this lens of search for the true meaning beyond the plaintext and what you can see with your eyes.

Subtext and subtlety. Plausible deniability.


Got it.

618b7d  No.2668965


trips confirm "you are on the path of awakening"

5ed7ab  No.2669050

File: 2caaa741faf1b2e⋯.png (113.94 KB, 689x498, 689:498, RAT.png)



>DSGE models, like … rats, are magnificent models … they represent a titanic achievement—with all the images that adjective may bring to mind.

>I believe he is saying that all of the economic modelling done by the Fed, Keynesians, etc. are total rat shit.


Comms indeed. Saying it without saying it.

And now POTUS is tweeting about Rats too. I guess there's a lot of them scurrying around.

So if the economic models are all trash, then the next step would be to check his paper on how the FED should work.

I see you've made some notes on it. I will take my time reading and understanding them before commenting.

5ed7ab  No.2669129

File: aaafc1b23b70b31⋯.png (361.78 KB, 990x837, 110:93, lightning.png)

File: 67076d6996e204e⋯.png (274.4 KB, 1055x368, 1055:368, 67076d6996e204e2976a4110aa….png)


Kek, I think we all are in here.

I noticed you said that BTC has all the best developers in the space and that Lightning is going to be a big deal.

I just can't see it that way after everything I've read.

According to some of the things I've seen, Lightning is vaporware that doesn't even work.

I would suggest to just check out the subreddit r/btc every now and then. Just pop by once in a while and see what's going on. It's very enlightening.

Pic related.



The connection between Ethereum, Theil, and Ambrosia is another one to keep an eye on.

They've just started digging on this in the main breads. Apparently Ethereum is used as literal blood money.

Interesting times ahead for the crypto markets.

618b7d  No.2669361


Lightning does work, though it's a patchwork solution. there's a huge complexity, UX, and adoption problem…almost everything is crypto is back office stuff…it's amazing, but it remains to be seen if they can package it cleanly, securely and under budget. BCH is a hedge on that failing, but it also has it's own scalability problems. MAID is, I think, interesting because it offers not only a hedge, but also a potentially parallel technology in either blockchain result. It's the only ground up project. BTC/BCH/LTC, etc. are as well, but they didn't go deep enough into the meaning of decentralized trust. Money is only part of the equation. It's decentralizing value that is the important piece and in the information age, that means data. gold to oil to data. Only the projects mentioned in the article I posted above got that. The blockchain projects, however, are going to find it very difficult to scale as all-purpose solutions.

Ether was always a scam. I could have been in big from day zero, but I saw it for what it was worth. My suspicions have proven 100% correct. My ignorance was in underestimating the greed, lies, and irrationality of the market. Somehow, I stayed solvent through the post-2013 downturn not unscathed, but it would take lesser men to repeat the feat. The anons should dig on Vitalik's dad. He's the real force behind it…and with a particularly interesting background.

5ed7ab  No.2669730


I am reading through his paper right now.

I see what's happening here.

The entire paper is framed as if it is an argument for why the FED must exist as is, and why it is proper, but in reality almost each line of this paper takes a baseball bat to the skull of the FED and shows why they are not the right choice for our country.

It's very clever.

>partisan theory

>"stringent standards"


>endogenous maximization of wealth

>inflation as a problem


I am able to follow along, but it's slow going and I have to take notes as I go in order to keep my thoughts straight.

I'll have a better post later tonight once I fully wrap my mind around it.

But I can already see how to connect the dots now using these speeches and papers and Q's post and the coincidences that we have already talked about in this thread.

618b7d  No.2669912

File: ce7a3ca853ec9a8⋯.png (164.38 KB, 1170x666, 65:37, ClipboardImage.png)




Daniel Krawisz

March 29, 2014


Bitcoin-Induced Demonetization

This article is about the possibility of Bitcoin-induced currency demonetization, or hyperbitcoinization, which is what would happen to any hapless currency that stands in Bitcoin's path of total world domination. If this happens, the currency will rapidly lose value as Bitcoin supplants it. What would such an event be like and how can it be understood economically?

Comparison to Hyperinflation

Demonetization refers to a process by which people cease to use a good as a currency, and hyperinflation is a kind of demonetization when the government inflates the currency at an accelerating pace. Hyperbitcoinization is a different kind, though it will appear (superficially) similar. In both kinds events, prices in the doomed currency will skyrocket until it is no longer a currency at all.

There are two essential differences between hyperinflation and hyperbitcoinization. The first is that a currency hyperinflates with restricted competition from other currencies, whereas hyperbitcoinization happens because of competition with Bitcoin. This is because capital controls are much more effective on other fiat currencies than on Bitcoin, so it is easy for Bitcoin to cross borders and compete with anything.

The second is that in a hyperinflation, the government expands the money supply to outpace people's inflation expectations. Demonetization occurs as a result of their destructive interaction. Whereas a hyperbitcoinization event need not be accompanied by any change in the supply of either currency.

As the government forms a habit of inflating the money supply, its people form a habit of anticipating rising prices. This prevents the government from gaining as much each time it inflates. Thus, to get the same kick, the government must inflate more. The money loses value once people anticipate such heavy inflation that they can't spend it fast enough and it no longer functions as a currency.

Hyperinflation is an entrepreneurial act on the part of government, in the sense that it involves a continually changing intervention that prevents an equilibrium from forming. The government must continually alter its own behavior to stay ahead of its people's. The moment they begin to anticipate its future policy, the government must change the policy by increasing the rate of inflation.

Hyperbitcoinization is a voluntary transition from an inferior currency to a superior one, and its adoption is a series of individual acts of entrepreneurship rather than a single monopolist that games the system.

Whoops, You Just Got Bitcoin'd!

Based on these two differences, I make two predictions about a hyperbitcoinization event.

A hyperbitcoinization event will be much quicker than a hyperinflation event. I have two reasons for this. First, the government will have a much greater difficulty preventing bitcoins from entering the country due to the impotency of capital controls upon it. Second, hyperinflation is inherently an attempt to fool people, whereas hyperbitcoinization is quite regular and predictable (at least by comparison). Therefore people will more easily see that they had better switch over. Thus, as fast as hyperinflation is, hyperbitcoinization will be even faster. It will happen much faster than you expect.

Hyperbitcoinization will not disrupt the economy to nearly the same degree as hyperinflation. The currency is the instrument of the division of labor, and hyperinflation makes it unreliable and forces people to use worse alternatives. In a hyperbitcoinization event, people switch from a fundamentally inferior currency to a superior one, whereas in a hyperinflationary event people will only switch to a new currency once the old currency becomes worse than the next best alternative, such as gold or detergent. Hyperbitcoinization should be accompanied by a rapid improvement in productivity and wealth.

Hyperbitcoinization will probably be a confusing time for everyone, like a second adolescence. However, once it is over, no one will be able to imagine how we got by with the earlier system.

701505  No.2670195



Thanks for taking the time to read through it. Sounds like you've alrady found some gems. I concur that Faust is a key connection.

It also occurred to me to search "Jon Faust bitcoin" and I found this article from last December.


Again very critical on the surface but has several extremely keen insights and hidden messages. I have some meatspace things to do now but I will make a post on it later.

https:// cfe.econ.jhu.edu/happy-new-year-bitcoin/

b6aeef  No.2670731


ive been thinking beast is AI (not true ai but inhabited, either way, then theres the sophia & cain aspect highly esoteric and 1st enoch is as far as i go because i try to walk in his shoes as much as possible except for accidently doing mirror magic on a few digs in the past, when you have a mirror break by itself and fall on your 1st edition of thru the looking glass things get spoopy.) the watchers want out of their chains, although i was under the impression only azaziel was chained, the rest of them are said to be under volcanos in mountains and hot springs, the disembodied nephelim want bodies though, there are only 200 watchers but probably millions of nephs, I think unclean IoT, have you come to judge us before our time? anyway ipv6 doesnt load on my machine, it helps me sleep better at night.

9d083a  No.2670764


Crypto currencies are a scam.

It is too easily co-opted by big $$ financial types.

You think they wil let you have control?

What happens to every crypto currency?

Run up then crash - Sell high then buy back low

Rinse & repeat

9d083a  No.2670813


You don't understand much about financial systems.

It is more than buying shit on the Internet

Capitalism requires capital - Where does that capital come from

Somethig "like" the FED is necessary, but not one that is privately owned as ours (and most others) are.

Rothchild-types don't care about the form of currency

They are focused on capital-formation

618b7d  No.2671017



99.9% of cryptocurrencies ARE a scam, I agree. They run from simple frauds to sophisticated schemes likely by these evildoers. However, volatility in the market is NOT evidence of nefariousness in the underlying. Farm commodities are more volatile than BTC…

The value and capital unlocked by a successful distributed trust system would be immense.

5ed7ab  No.2673366

File: 3155ece1f01befd⋯.png (464.74 KB, 784x1002, 392:501, trust.png)

File: 4dacde7c92df5f3⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 600x308, 150:77, architects.jpg)

File: c8de361c52ccd53⋯.jpg (76.09 KB, 710x369, 710:369, chancellor-on-brink-secon-….jpg)


Alright, I'm finally done grappling with the paper.

I'm glad we dug it up, the implications in it are very interesting, and the fact that Powell would choose to cite it says a lot.

I agree with the points you have brought up and I have some to add as well.

For starters, I kept going back title of the paper: "Whom can we TRUST to run the FED?"

With a critical eye, and with the benefit of knowing everything that happened after this paper was written, I think the answer is pretty clear.

We can't. Trust anyone.

The FED should not require trust to operate.

For example, in the paper it is stated that theoretically the lower wealth portion of the population will advocate for inflation in order to boost their wages, and the wealthier would tend to try and keep money growth nearer to zero to keep their wealth intact, but we know now that the opposite occurred.

The paper assumes that society will tend to create a wealth transfer from rich to poor, but the opposite occurred. It was the worst of both worlds… inflation without wage increase.

So if we cannot trust democrazy to properly control the money supply, and history shows us that we cannot trust institutions like the FED either…

>Rase questions as to the success of the FED

It failed.

We need to fix the FED. We need something like the FED, but not the way it is now.

So the next part of the title says "Theoretical support for the Founders' views"

Which founders? Of the FED or of our nation?

I think both depending on if you are reading the Greek text or the English surrounding it.

That leads to the question of a Gold or Silver standard and the Article 1 Section 10 of the constitution that was brought up.

But the paper accurately shows in the introduction that these are not perfect either - they tend to be unstable due to exterior forces on the gold supply and metal to money ratios.

So it sounds like nothing works perfectly. And lots of trust is required.

>We need a standard protocol, perhaps a consensus algorithm.

Yes, I think something like that might represent a good step forward for our monetary policy.

Something like Bitcoin. Interestingly the whitepaper of Bitcoin goes to great lengths to describe its trust-less nature.

But if so, the current structure should not be changed lightly, like Powell says.

5ed7ab  No.2673533

File: 23ff302332d4e8d⋯.png (8.9 KB, 940x348, 235:87, chart.png)


Thanks for that link and article.

There's another good one on that site about the growth of Bitcoin.

These articles really help put things in perspective.

We might be in the very early stages of Hyperbitcoinization now. Or rather Hyperbitcoincashinization.

It may seem like just a simple stock chart, but I think the growth of Bitcoin might represent a leap forward for us as a species, as a civilization.

Meaning that any who actively try and suppress this technology are actually suppressing humanity as a whole, are anti-life, anti-evolution, anti-enlightenment.

But it's good to have to push through obstacles. Creates anti-fragility.


Nice find.

I'll take some time to read it and the other he wrote on Bitcoin.

I did quickly skim them and yeah, it seems very critical on the surface. Though he does leave open the possibility for massive value creation and some other things IF the technology works out.

23ac43  No.2673973

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

23ac43  No.2673984

File: 64232a9c9e704bc⋯.png (167.63 KB, 470x336, 235:168, 9wasntasking.png)

File: 07d2185c9d3aa97⋯.gif (90.68 KB, 481x350, 481:350, 999999.gif)

File: 9bc55ecc8f3b644⋯.png (432.33 KB, 703x690, 703:690, 9999999999aijuboard.png)

last post was a spoopy bug the dr octagon, this is the kinda shit im dealing with

57ca5d  No.2674162


None of your resources are dated, cited. shill

faffc9  No.2674660


No not corporate buybacks.

Nor the current stock market system.

Nor gold & silver.

Nor the current bitcoin. (I do see a structure here that could be viable with changes)


The largest resource WW is the people.

Payment is only an issue when you are told it is.

What would you do with a million dollars ?

5ed7ab  No.2675063

File: ee72fa7f9502e4a⋯.png (769.53 KB, 1680x2975, 48:85, HitlerFinancing.png)


Something more similar to pic related then?

If money is an illusion, then we can simply create the best kind of money and economic structures possible for the changes we wish to bring about in the world. No need to worry about labels or any other such limiting factor.

And of course Gaddafi had some good ideas as well, which he was severely punished for.

If someone had full control, there's probably no limit to what they could do re: changes.

5ed7ab  No.2675086


Though I'm not sure how realistic that picture is when you consider the trust required again.

It's an interesting example anyways.

9d083a  No.2675174


Amateurs playing a big boys game

Any major financial player can control this market without too much effort

Run price up a or crash it depending on whether they are trying to buy low or sell high

Deep pockets rule the game - as in poker or business

9d083a  No.2675214


Too bad you will have nothing to say about it.

Can't vote on a replacement that people can't understand.

Cryptocurrencies are dead is power and/or Internet access is gone.

Read up on bank runs in 1929 then presume every bank goes on "bank holiday"

9d5293  No.2679859

File: bdff10bb38594f1⋯.jpg (447.4 KB, 2554x1381, 2554:1381, buybitcoinsign.jpg)

File: 374caf1578b5e7b⋯.png (421.61 KB, 450x600, 3:4, bitcoinsignguy.png)

File: efb102a12dbf51d⋯.png (78.3 KB, 1245x316, 1245:316, 777.png)

Another coincidence for all to consider.

"Bitcoin Sign Guy" holds up a sign that says "Buy Bitcoin" during Yellen testimony right before (timed perfectly, scripted?) the person questioning her says "What do you fear?".

His donation address finishes with 7 BTC and 777 transactions.

I watched some interviews done with him.

Very smart, very aware. Not a random guy.


9d5293  No.2679978

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Short video.

Jon Faust on if the FED is ready for the next recession.

faffc9  No.2680264


We have a system they created to control you.

They decided thousands of years ago certain bloodlines were "better".

They created the rules.

They created money, based not on the resource that is most plentiful, but on a resource that was not.

Corporate profits went to a handful, not the workers that did the work.

They determine what the interest rates are.

They set up a stock market they manipulate.

Said stock market crashes when they want it to.

They created a tax system for their benefit not you.

Then they created the laws which apply only to you if they are broke, not them.

In fact if you are part of the BIS, you nor your family can be prosecuted in your lifetime.

Laws were created to punish you, not them.

Then you were educated on how to play their game,by their rules.

Credit cards, debit cards were set up so you fail.

They created a system in which one person, the Queen, owns/controls 1/6th of the land.

Then they charged you to be educated, on the rules of their system.

So currently we have:

An actor can make one movie and make 30 million per movie, per year.

We have parents that can't stay home to raise their kids, as according to their rules, they are not "working".

Now attempts are being made to fix the system they created.

Heaven forbid we should think out of the box and create a new one, as that does not fit with what you were told "works".

618b7d  No.2680855


That's Qurious….

5ed7ab  No.2681106


I'm all for creating a new system instead of trying to put bandaids on the old one.

I'm not sure what the answer will look like, but I push forward regardless.

Something has to change.

18a96e  No.2681381


FOrgt who said it but the trust factor.

"if you owe the bank $1000 that is your problem….

if you owe the bank $1m that is the banks problem.

I never bought the trust aspect of it all. Goes hand-in-hand with the myth of productivity.

The biggest factor in changing any of this is producing a solution that is so radical in it's approach it will be accepted by nearly all.

That can go both ways and is good/bad depending on your audience.

Whatever the solution is it must be a total wipe out all secured and unsecured debt AND it's derivative structure (the real problem imo).

Ask yourself this…Is it sane to have one bank hold 'assets' valued at more than the GDP of the entire planet?

We have had more than enough regulatory framework to keep the system partioned. We saw what was done with that framework starting in 1933 and just about ending with the suspension of mark-to-market. Hell let's just throw in a complete ban on shorting with the removal of the uptick rule. It was so over then.

We 'died' in September 2008. Call it QE, Repo's, TARP-they were starting to run out of accronyms after 2010- or whatever you like.

Was nothing more than ctrl-alt-print 24/7/365

701505  No.2681464


>With a critical eye, and with the benefit of knowing everything that happened after this paper was written, I think the answer is pretty clear.

>We can't. Trust anyone.

>The FED should not require trust to operate.

Kek great point.

>For example, in the paper it is stated that theoretically the lower wealth portion of the population will advocate for inflation in order to boost their wages, and the wealthier would tend to try and keep money growth nearer to zero to keep their wealth intact, but we know now that the opposite occurred.

>So if we cannot trust democrazy to properly control the money supply, and history shows us that we cannot trust institutions like the FED either…

Great catch. I remember reading this and thinking that the opposite happened, but I figured that I must not understand what he's saying. I think your interpretation is spot on. They told us (whether they expected otherwise or knew) one thing would happen, but it was quite the opposite, with the bottom line being that they either can't or don't want to control inflation in a favorable way for the people.

>So the next part of the title says "Theoretical support for the Founders' views"

>Which founders? Of the FED or of our nation?

KEK. This also activated my almonds when I read it, but only subconsciously. I have read fairly extensively about the fed and and I don't recall its architects ever being referred to as founders. Given the way it was created (by congressional dictate) "founders" seems like a strange word. Given the way Faust seems to like to write, this seems like a clear double entendre.

>Something like Bitcoin. Interestingly the whitepaper of Bitcoin goes to great lengths to describe its trust-less nature.

>But if so, the current structure should not be changed lightly, like Powell says.

The loop is starting to complete!



(I think we should start labeling notable posts so when this bread fills we have them for the next one. Great to see this one gaining steam.)

9d083a  No.2681679

File: 87893cc4e22f5f2⋯.png (595.29 KB, 583x386, 583:386, Marx.png)


Is that you Karl?

9d083a  No.2681731


How is wealth created?

How does wealth transfer occur?

Why don't people at the bottom start companies and create wealth ( Oh, yeah, they always did)

Why do so many think that the total wealth of the US belongs to "We, the People"?

Revisit is the story of the Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen found a grain of wheat,

Said "This looks good enough to eat,

But I'll plant it instead, make me some bread,"

Said to the other guys down the street,

"Who will help me plant this wheat?"


"Not I!" said the dog and the cat.

"Not I!" said the mouse and the rat.

"I will then," said the Little Red Hen,

And she did.

It gets better from there


701505  No.2682208


(Part 1 of x)

Here is my attempt to breakdown this article on bitcoin by Jon Faust current advisor to J. Powell at the Fed: https://cfe.econ.jhu.edu/happy-new-year-bitcoin/

All parts aren't included here, but a lot of it is. Faust's text is in green:

Faust starts with talking about the inherent inefficiency of bitcoin:

>Bitcoin transactions are inefficient, slow, and uncertain relative to natural alternative approaches to digital currency. And these disadvantages are probably not fixable—they are essentially required to support the amorphous governance model.

Bitcoin's proof of work is inefficient compared to traditional systems. For such an "amorphous" system, this inefficiency is the cost of keeping it so.

>Worse still, amorphous governance probably isn’t a good thing; it is almost certainly not a good enough thing to warrant using such an inefficient, slow, and uncertain payments vehicle.

Amorphous is not the benefit in itself.

>If you are OK with centralized governance, you can do much better than cryptocurrency. If, instead, you are desperate for amorphous governance, you will pay a large efficiency price.

To avoid centralized governance, the cost of inefficiency is necessary.

He then relates this idea to bitcoin's ledger and the importance of consensus:

>Few people I’ve spoken with understand how radically formless Bitcoin governance is. With any book-entry asset, a key issue is how to maintain integrity of the ledger in which ownership, and ownership changes, are recorded. In the case of Bitcoin, there is no official ledger, and, in fact, nobody has any responsibility to keep any ledger at all. Should they wish to do so, anyone can, at any time, start or stop keeping a ledger, and anyone is free to put forward any version of the ledger they like.

Bitcoin's amorphous ledger is not necessarily immutable.

>Then how do we know who legally owns what? That’s old-fashioned thinking.

Key word "legally". Ownership in bitcoin is not like recording a deed with the county or confirming your bank balance. Faust now explains how ownership comes from consensus:

>What stands in for a conventional notion of ownership arises from the following process: take all the things that are being put forward as the ledger at the current moment and apply a set of consensus rules to determine if a consensus exists. If so, we take this as truth, but only as truth of the moment. This snapshot of reality prevails unless and until some other consensus arises. No rule or principle keeps a very different consensus from emerging at any point in the future. In one consensus, you bought some Bitcoin this morning and sold them this afternoon, but in a subsequent consensus, perhaps you never owned them at all.

It is the ability to establish consensus that is the critical factor to determine ownership in bitcoin.

>(Warning: there is a lot of nonsense on the web about irreversible and instant transactions in Bitcoin. A careful reading makes clear that no transaction is ever final. This will become a clearer below, where we dig deeper into Bitcoin.)

WARNING: ignore the critical element of establishing consensus at your peril.

>Even without getting into any further details, it should be clear that the rules for determining consensus are critically important to this system.

Driving home the importance of consensus again. Now that I'm getting to know his style, this seems quite blatant for Faust.

>Nothing, however, about the choice of rules is clear. Nobody controls the consensus rules, and anyone can propose new consensus rules at any time.

The system is precarious. We better choose consensus rules wisely.

>Finally, nobody can enforce the application of any set of rules.

The fed (and no other central authority/government) will be enforcing these rules. (You) better get it right.

>The consensus rules prevailing at any time are simply the rules being used by a sufficiently large share[1] of those who happen to be choosing to apply consensus rules.

It is incumbent upon miners to choose the right consensus algorithms and users to use the coins that those miners support if we want accurate ledgers via a decentralized system.


701505  No.2682219


(Part 2 of x)

>This is an accurate description of Bitcoin governance, but it is intentionally written to highlight the profoundly formless nature of the governance. Let me give a hint as to the possible magic—that is, a hint as to why the ants might work together to pull the train.

I'm going to now tell you what to watch out for in building this still precarious structure.

>Suppose that the consensus rules create an incentive for a lot of folks to keep what we might call an honest ledger.

Suppose bitcoin can do exactly what we want…

>So long as the incentive of crooks to abuse the system are vastly overwhelmed by the incentives of honest players to keep honest ledgers, then honesty will more or less spontaneously emerge from this amorphous system.

Incentives for honesty are critical. CSW talks about this all the time.

>So this might work if we get the incentives right between the forces of good and evil.

"Good vs Evil is real." -Q

>There are two problems with this approach. First, an essential part of getting the incentives right involves imposing gratuitous inefficiency in the system.

See above (and again below) how this inefficiency is necessary for decentralization. I believe this is classic Faust appearing to contradict himself, when he is actually saying "here is something people will say is a problem, which I have already showed is necessary/not a problem.

>Second, even ignoring the inefficiency,

Ignore any arguments about inefficiency.

>nobody has put forth a comprehensive argument that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies get the incentives right so that honesty reliably prevails.

Think "Proofs necessary?"

We don't have the conensus algorithm perfectly figured out. CSW believes it is figured out via the original vision of Satoshi. There is still much debate about this. The bottom line is that we need to figure this out to make bitcoin work.

>It is difficult to imagine any solution to this problem except the one Satoshi Nakamoto engineered into the blockchain ledger: ledgers must be costly to create.

Kek again. Driving home the importance of inefficiency (i.e. proof of work)

>It should be obvious how this helps: if you make it sufficiently costly to propose any ledger, fraudulent or not, you’ll sharply reduce how many are proposed.

It should be obvious that I'm saying that this so-called inefficiency is critical to decentralization.

(continued below…)

>Let me repeat for emphasis: the key to honesty prevailing is dissuading folks from creating bogus ledgers by making ledgers costly to create.

Listen up patriots: incentivizing honesty is the only way this system will work.

>Remember that this waste supports only 200,000 transactions a day, a tiny fraction of the millions handled by conventional payments networks daily. And in conventional networks, the marginal cost of an additional transaction is near zero, but with Bitcoin, the marginal wasted energy for additional transaction must remain high. More transactions must mean proportionally more waste if the system is to deter the creation of fake transactions.

If we're going to scale bitcoin, it will take a massive amount of resources. This "waste" is what will be necessary to secure the system.

Think onchain scaling (bitcoin cash, waste, massive recources required) vs. off-chain (bitcoin BTC, lends to centralization, not secure)

Satoshi himself said that bitcoin when scaled will end up being ran in massive industrial server farms.

>I’m not asking you to trust me on all this: I’m only trying to spell out what the Bitcoin documentation means when it says that, unless you want radically decentralized governance, there are far more efficient systems.

Or put in another way: if you want radically decentralized governance, there is no more efficient system than bitcoin

>We noted above that some folks claim that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, but, in fact, no transaction is ever final in this system.

>There are deep discussions underway about how to maintain integrity with less waste, but almost all of those involve abandoning substantial aspects of the amorphous governance that gave rise to the waste in the first place.

Be very careful about trying to make the system more efficient.

>What governance benefits do we buy with inefficiency?

>You don’t have to be at a Trump rally to find people who see a few flaws in conventional government.


>Thus, the idea of currency without government has some appeal.

More kek

701505  No.2682238


(part 3 of x)

>Let’s accept that you can have currency without government; you still cannot have currency without governance.

Critical distinction often missed by those who say that systems without government coercion cannot work.

>So is amorphous governance better than what we have? Enough better to warrant the cost?

>This is the ridiculous part of the Bitcoin model. Defenders essentially claim to have created the holy grail of political economy, a system in which folks with diverse interests reliably reach consensus on a just and fair outcome with no central authority.

Wouldn't that be nice?

>The key, say the defenders, is game theory: "Possession of Bitcoin is not enforced by business rules and policy, but cryptography and game theory." -[Bitcoin Wiki] Bitcoin discussions are full of statements like this, and read like bad freshman essays. Game theory could help us establish that the decentralized consensus process will reliably pick an honest outcome. The trouble is that nobody has actually done the relevant game theory.

"Proofs are important." -Q

>Indeed, completing such a theory would be a game theory advance akin to what general relativity was in physics.

Einstein figured out relativity. Who will figure out the game theory of bitcoin/decentralized currency?

From wikipedia: "General relativity explains the law of gravitation and its relation to other forces of nature."

I'll leave that to wiser anons to translate that to bitcoin and forces of nature/man.

>Satoshi Nakamoto essentially put forward a conjecture that this would work, but nobody has even attempted to comprehensively analyze the incentives of the multitude of parties involved in order to establish conditions under which honest ledgers will very reliably float to the surface in the consensus process.Because this is a fast moving area, I won’t claim to be on top of it, but there are a couple of deep flaws I see in current analysis.

Satoshi gave us a brilliant start, but have we built a map forward?

>This is a problem at many levels. An immense share of disagreements in the economy arise not because one party does something everyone (even the offender) agrees is illegitimate, but because various parties disagree on what should be accepted as legitimate. There is no process for orderly resolution of such disputes in Bitcoin. This problem is precisely what is behind the debates that have arisen over hard forks, which have roiled the valuation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If we are to have a legitimate system, we must agree on the definition of legitimate?

>But the problem is deeper. Since there is no standard of illegitimate consensus building that we could simply make illegal, the only way to forestall these unsavory types of consensus building is to be sure that the resource cost doing them exceeds the expected benefits.

If we can agree what defines legitimate we must then incentivize the system (consensus algorithm) towards that definition.

>Analysis of these tradeoffs in the cryptocurrency literature, however, seems to be based on the naïve view that the potential benefits from shenanigans are bounded by the value of the Bitcoins that might be stolen.

People always focus on how to avoid a 51% attack, that is the ability to create a false conensus and rewrite the ledger for the benefit of the attacker. That is not the really big problem here.

>In a world of derivative securities, the value of the coin stock has little to do with the possible benefit to, say, temporarily deflecting the value of the Bitcoin.

The banking complex can manipulate the price of bitcoin with derivative securities. (They are probably already doing this with futures added in 2017)

>This is basically why Warren Buffett called derivatives financial weapons of mass destruction. The value that changes hands due to a deflection in the value of Bitcoin is bounded only by the size of the bets that have been placed, and has no natural bound. (If we didn’t know this before the financial crisis, we learned it from the credit default swap market during the crisis…

Watch The Big Short if you haven't.

>Of course, laws about illegitimate market manipulation might, in principle, come into play to keep this from happening. Of course, laws about illegitimate market manipulation might, in principle, come into play to keep this from happening.

This would work if they followed their own rules.

701505  No.2682247


(part 4 of 4)

>More ominously still, if Bitcoin became a centerpiece of the payments system, there would be immense externalities arising from the continued health of the system—Bitcoin would become too big to fail. The political benefits to an evil group or state actor from disrupting the system—perhaps bringing down the economy—might far exceed the value of the coin stock.

This is very similar to what happened with the incentives of banks to buyoff blockstream, co-opt the development team, and try to create a banking 2.0 by removing the critical aforementioned of on-chain PoW scaling.

>In short, everyone agrees that the integrity of Bitcoin rests in a game-theoretic calculation of costs and benefits of shenanigans. But nobody has even figured out the relevant calculation, let alone performed it.


He goes on to talk about predictions for the future:

>Cryptocurrencies as currently understood must have a far higher marginal cost per transaction than conventional payments networks.

"as currently understood" not as they have to be.

>Thus, unless folks strongly prefer unproven, slow, and inefficient transactions, other approaches will win out in the market.

Unless people prefer [decentralization], [centralized] approaches will win out in the market.

>Put more positively, if some cryptocurrency flourishes it will flourish within a fairly conventional governance structure.

Think structure.

Think Powell's statement on not changing the current structure lightly.

>So why the hype? I took a shot at that question in a previous post on crypto-collectibles. The bottom line of that post is a prediction that Bitcoin could continue to have value as a crypto collectible, and—like pet rocks—Bitcoin might even outperform conventional collectibles such as coal, oil, and nickel.

Faust is careful to disclaim any bright future for bitcoin. But he does suggest that it might outperform typical industrial commodities or collectibles. Many collectibles have been bubbles, but others that aren't, have outpaced inflation and would certainly outpace it in any kind of long-term significant devaluation of all fiat currency.

In short, Bitcoin's inefficiency is necessary to decentralization (i.e. not the banking complex). Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. It is absolutely critical that we make sure that we keep the incentives to keep the system fair in place and that we agree on what is fair. If we can't do that, bitcoin will not work. Focus on those things and build the proofs and if you're careful, it might work.

701505  No.2682265


>(continued below…)

sorry ignore that on post 2 of 4. I was having trouble breaking it down into posts. I hope you find that wall of text as interesting to read as it was to write.

618b7d  No.2682608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is Ver a jew?

701505  No.2682673

File: 6b7003ca9f7bb88⋯.jpg (258.7 KB, 643x411, 643:411, you fish.jpg)

I see we are attracting some shills here. I appreciate that they're letting us know we're on the right track. I will not be engaging with them but will simply ignore and filter as I'm sure other anons have learned to do via main breads. Good to know we're on target!

c4b032  No.2683959


>>2259407 :: Letterfag gives theory on Cabal attack on crypto and a future without money, think j+U.

>>2260304 :: Q & FED. Find and build the "structure."

>>2365980 :: Are You A DEBT SLAVE? Anon's large Q style post on the reality of our situation.

>>2366530 :: Anon digs on Q's previous drops re: Money/FED

>>2391183 :: Bannon on crypto, a video.

>>2382758 >>2388235 >>2388444 >>2398952 >>2512026 >>2600417 :: Q, CSW, "Structure", and Bitcoin connections.

>>2402902 >>2520727 >>2527461 >>2526332 >>2602866 :: 3301, Phoenix, The Bible, The Plan to Save the World, Covfefe,

>>2477178 >>2602247 >>2650305 >>2650351 >>2650861 >>2651168 :: Cabal symbolism in crypto

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>>2511855 >>2512431 >>2512462 >>2521142 :: On Bonds, Dollars, and the stock market. Be careful what you hold.

>>2573675 >>2573686 >>2573697 :: IRON EAGLE, the story of the FED vs Crypto vs Gold.

>>2636339 :: Dr. Wright predictive programming in past media.

>>2605261 >>2680264 >>2681731 :: Money as an illusion and a possible future system without it.

>>2650464 >>2660545 >>2668777 :: 9/11, 444, The Great Awakening, CSW's Twitter account, and Bitcoin.

>>2613838 >>2635108 >>2645805 >>2650835 >>2655671 >>2658642 >>2660816 :: Digs on Q>>Fed>>Powell>>Faust>>Bitcoin.

>>2661057 >>2673366 >>2682208 >>2682219 >>2682238 >>2682247 :: Digs on Q>>Fed>>Powell>>Faust>>Bitcoin part 2, "the loop is starting to complete."

c4b032  No.2684011

Notables Retry

Double space between post numbers edition

>>>2259407 :: Letterfag gives theory on Cabal attack on crypto and a future without money, think j+U.

>>>2260304 :: Q & FED. Find and build the "structure."

>>>2365980 :: Are You A DEBT SLAVE? Anon's large Q style post on the reality of our situation.

>>>2366530 :: Anon digs on Q's previous drops re: Money/FED

>>>2391183 :: Bannon on crypto, a video.

>>>2382758 >>2388235 >>2388444 >>2398952 >>2512026 >>2600417 :: Q, CSW, "Structure", and Bitcoin connections.

>>>2402902 >>2520727 >>2527461 >>2526332 >>2602866 :: 3301, Phoenix, The Bible, The Plan to Save the World, Covfefe,

>>>2477178 >>2602247 >>2650305 >>2650351 >>2650861 >>2651168 :: Cabal symbolism in crypto

>>>2492078 :: The takeover of Bitcoin by Bilderberg, FED, and Mastercard

>>>2511855 >>2512431 >>2512462 >>2521142 :: On Bonds, Dollars, and the stock market. Be careful what you hold.

>>>2573675 >>2573686 >>2573697 :: IRON EAGLE, the story of the FED vs Crypto vs Gold.

>>>2636339 :: Dr. Wright predictive programming in past media.

>>>2605261 >>2680264 >>2681731 :: Money as an illusion and a possible future system without it.

>>>2650464 >>2660545 >>2668777 :: 9/11, 444, The Great Awakening, CSW's Twitter account, and Bitcoin.

>>>2613838 >>2635108 >>2645805 >>2650835 >>2655671 >>2658642 >>2660816 :: Digs on Q>>Fed>>Powell>>Faust>>Bitcoin.

>>>2661057 >>2673366 >>2682208 >>2682219 >>2682238 >>2682247 :: Digs on Q>>Fed>>Powell>>Faust>>Bitcoin part 2, "the loop is starting to complete."

c4b032  No.2684037

Notables final try before seppuku edition

Respect for bakers increasing

>>2259407 :: Letterfag gives theory on Cabal attack on crypto and a future without money, think j+U.

>>2260304 :: Q & FED. Find and build the "structure."

>>2365980 :: Are You A DEBT SLAVE? Anon's large Q style post on the reality of our situation.

>>2366530 :: Anon digs on Q's previous drops re: Money/FED

>>2391183 :: Bannon on crypto, a video.

>>2382758 >>2388235 >>2388444 >>2398952 >>2512026 >>2600417 :: Q, CSW, "Structure", and Bitcoin connections.

>>2402902 >>2520727 >>2527461 >>2526332 >>2602866 :: 3301, Phoenix, The Bible, The Plan to Save the World, Covfefe,

>>2477178 >>2602247 >>2650305 >>2650351 >>2650861 >>2651168 :: Cabal symbolism in crypto

>>2492078 :: The takeover of Bitcoin by Bilderberg, FED, and Mastercard

>>2511855 >>2512431 >>2512462 >>2521142 :: On Bonds, Dollars, and the stock market. Be careful what you hold.

>>2573675 >>2573686 >>2573697 :: IRON EAGLE, the story of the FED vs Crypto vs Gold.

>>2636339 :: Dr. Wright predictive programming in past media.

>>2605261 >>2680264 >>2681731 :: Money as an illusion and a possible future system without it.

>>2650464 >>2660545 >>2668777 :: 9/11, 444, The Great Awakening, CSW's Twitter account, and Bitcoin.

>>2613838 >>2635108 >>2645805 >>2650835 >>2655671 >>2658642 >>2660816 :: Digs on Q>>Fed>>Powell>>Faust>>Bitcoin.

>>2661057 >>2673366 >>2682208 >>2682219 >>2682238 >>2682247 :: Digs on Q>>Fed>>Powell>>Faust>>Bitcoin part 2, "the loop is starting to complete."

618b7d  No.2684484


This shit is dumb as fuck. Doesn't even show an understanding of the technology of blockchain or what back office scaling means. DUMB AS FUCK.

This totally misses who the people invested in Bitcoin are. This is just a shill ploy.

Notable my ass.

618b7d  No.2684655

File: db5b28471579297⋯.png (142.37 KB, 918x386, 459:193, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 1….png)

File: 1fc6cacbbcb8128⋯.png (132.82 KB, 942x670, 471:335, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 1….png)

File: 8cbfbb5c974453e⋯.png (203.1 KB, 1018x1136, 509:568, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 1….png)

File: 2feeac47f2a5791⋯.png (164.99 KB, 930x1362, 155:227, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 1….png)

File: f0cec45f7f0a31c⋯.png (224.55 KB, 1006x1232, 503:616, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 1….png)


9d083a  No.2684879


Great case of insane logic

If someone shows me where I am wrong, that is a sure sign I am right?

Maybe one of the reason no one takes crackpots like you seriously.

When do you expect Trump to have you come in and take over the world's financial system since your theories are so superior and perfect.

That sounds line the same logic used by Lenin and Mao.

We ill all sit back and laugh as the professional money manipulators take all your money. Notice the instability of the crypto market?

Wonder why that is?

Somebody keeps riding the elevator to the top then steps out of the car before is crashes.

That would be a clue to rational thinking people but you are living in a 1928 bubble

Sadly, you are not to big to fail.

618b7d  No.2684892

File: 606552304f938f3⋯.png (262.42 KB, 944x1394, 472:697, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 1….png)



9aecf6  No.2684971

Personal opinion only. Most banks buying shorts on silver and gold right now. Jpmc ducked out, they shorted the market for the past 10 years (bear Stearns immunity) and have pulled out of the shorts. Especially in silver. Ratio is 80.1 current, actual physical is 4.5:1 mine rate 5:1, last gov set 15:1. Expect the silver run to drive the ratio along with gold. This will be the first stage. Turmoil in the markets and derivative malfeasance will escalate. Paper market will scatter with the mining output and that is a 512:1 on silver and 213:1 on gold. Remember those numbers. Either post midT potus will move or foreign powers will move to no fiat bimetallic backed. 8250 metric tons us = 300Mio oz gold. Gdp = 80T x 126% to equal broad $125T. Looking @ 125k per oz. Silver valued at 5k to 20k depending on the ratio. Check it against paper ratio. Also take GWP vs total gold. Roughly 126 T broad $ vs 1 Bio oz. We have it all, few will discern

9aecf6  No.2685005


Fd my math. Drunkfag….us is 20T x 126% @ 25 T vs 300m. Global is 126 T x 1 Bio

9aecf6  No.2685076


Totally forgot to add. Jpmc has acquired 750Mio oz of silver since the BS take over. Amassed from BS, Slvr, and skimming the comex warehouses. If you see Giancarlo go after dimon and co or cme group. The tells are there.

5ed7ab  No.2685151





Yes, both the initial post and your analysis of it were very interesting, sobering, and important to understand if someone is a fan of Bitcoin and thinks it might have a real future.

It seems there are a few key takeaways:

1. Bitcoin will only have a future and be worthwhile if The People choose to have a decentralized form of money. The rise of Trump and his movement shows that The People may indeed choose this route.

2. Bitcoin is inefficient compared to centralized systems, and it is this cost and inefficiency (POW) that make it secure. The cost of mining is necessary and is a direct metaphor for the cost of freedom.

3. Bitcoin is still young, and people need to get serious about it now to prove that it actually works as intended, and that consensus can be reached honestly and accurately in all cases.

A lot has to go right for it to succeed, and a lot can easily go wrong that might cause it to fail.

>The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true.

The article is not outright dismissive, and it is not naive either. More interestingly, after reading your breakdown, it seems like the kind of … it almost seems like due diligence. Like something that someone would do in preparation for a move of some sort.

He also wrote another earlier article on Bitcoin that he briefly talks about at the end of this one. I'll give that one a read tomorrow and see if there's anything in it that can be used to add to our conversation.

>The Big Short

Haven't seen it yet. Will check it out.


Since we're operating on the very edge of reality and what is believable, sometimes it is hard to pick out the real posts from the disinfo.

But that is a good point to me and all others reading: stay frosty!

5ed7ab  No.2685273


There are some interesting posts near the top of the bread that I would have completely missed if the notables weren't collected.

The post about Meltdown/Spectra seems worth looking over and digging on. Hints at a future without money too.




Why do you think banks are buying shorts if the price of metals is predicted to go much higher over time?

06ac7f  No.2686660


need to look into desudesutalk

its gonna get impossible to have a discussion in english i bet someday

going back to glyphs

06ac7f  No.2686673


lain feeds the ravens ya know

24b577  No.2687829


Debt jubilee.

Bi-metallic standard of silver and gold.

Set silver price at $1000/oz.

Gold at $50,000/oz.

These prices may seem way high, but when you consider all the asset markets like real estate and stocks piled atop the currency, I think it'll be less painful in the end to go this route.

Ban future implementation of fractional reserve banking.

18a96e  No.2688221


While I agree the comex game for the last several decades has certainly capped the pm's rise, all you need to look at is the insane amount of paper thrown at it daily. I do believe that simply shifting to a gold/silver backed system has some downside too.

Whether you believe the stat that less than 1% of investors or the retail public own PM's is open to discuss. I think it is higher due to the last bubble popping in 2008. Many people piled into physical starting in fall '08. In silver's case is was much more affordable. That had the effect of taking gold along for the ride. During and including the run to $50 plenty of monster boxes were purchased. On the way back down some of that was liquidated due to the scheme to drive it down with billions of oz's of paper…thanks Bart!! (how does he even have a tv show let alone any sort of ratings??) I digress…

In short order we had a period of time where many more investors were faced with a choice…perceived wealth protection (that is another argument altogether) or HODL (whatever assets you have not including hard).

I have to think that many metals purchases were basically kept as an insurance policy. The numbers do not lie regarding paper vs. actuals on the "blowmex".

Switching to a gold/silver standard may risk creating yet another inequality of wealth distribution as whomever was racking and stacking suddenly, almost overnight, could potentially be the new 1%. Do we risk allowing our system to be re-set (totally agree it needs to be done) and peg it to another group of people who 'control' the underlying asset?

JPM had ZERO phys silver until 2011. They acquired a vault license in record setting time. Usually that process takes at least a year to properly apply and be granted a license to store it on premise. They were allowed to do all of it in less than 6 months. They have used the time between acquiring a vault and now to amass the largest physical above ground position ever. At least that is what the numbers tell.

I have to think that JPM does not do that unless an end-game is near. I have posited the system is being reset by stealth. Many procedural things have already indicated a massive change in money creation and mgmt is just beyond the horizon.

JPM's "Blythe and Jamie" show is what killed off actual price discovery on the same Sunday evening that we "got" OBL. It was also the crescendo of Hussein's birth certificate drama.

I have to think the plan is to scoop up any existing assets as part of a nationalization of the banking system. IMO this was done in 2008 however the appearance of a normal functional system is allowed to continue.

Since Ft. Knox was looted most likely in the late 80's it would seem rather "easy" to take over JPM's physical position. Goldman has a similar setup however to my knowledge it is nowhere near the size of JPM. Again most of these numbers are from a very suspect COT, COMEX and LBMA. We can only work with what we are given.

Unless that (complete takeover) is done I fear we will be doomed to repeat this situation again if we just up and decide to create a new 1% virtually overnight.

What do you think?

BTW this does sound simplistic but rest assured it is with several decades of experience. Coffee only for a few minutes!

What do you think?

5ed7ab  No.2688831


Oh and a few more thoughts that came to me after having a chance to sleep on things.

Keeping in mind that this article was written post-Blockstream hijack, and post-hardfork:

Faust hinted at the idea that it might ironically require a centralized government to save or protect something amorphous like Bitcoin. He then does state that there is no real legal framework around it, no path forward for something like that to occur. Maybe one needs to be made? Or maybe that's the wrong way to do things and all the proper incentives should be built in to the system?

Then he brings up the idea of Bitcoin becoming too big too fail if it is ever taken up in a serious manner that we talked about. But perhaps until that point comes, Bitcoin will always be in a state where it is too small to succeed. The cost of attacking Bitcoin right now is very cheap compared to what some people might lose if it is successful. And this was fine while Bitcoin was in stealth mode, but now that it is posing a very real threat, this idea of it being "too small to succeed" is starting to have some relevance. New types of attacks every day.

On that note we get back to the idea of Good v. Evil. As long as you are willing to believe that there is more G than E in the world, then you might believe that something like Bitcoin is possible, and that it will work - but it's not guaranteed. Even if there is less Evil, by it's very nature it will have considerable power that Good will have to overcome in order to put forward a system like Bitcoin, with all its naivete, into the world.

One thing that seems to follow from that thought is this: without the success of 'The Storm', Bitcoin would have a very stunted future.

7302d5  No.2689580

File: 37e242a687c44e0⋯.gif (1.26 MB, 396x195, 132:65, 1527630635333.gif)


Just adding this:

1. US Government and JP Morgan collaborate on insulating the damage posed by collapse of Bear Stearns, including enormous short positions on books for silver.

2. 10 year immunity is negotiated with CFTC for it to be able to handle this silver short position.

3. Consistently profits from short-selling silver whilst accumulating huge stockpile of physical silver.


ba157a  No.2689736

I made a list of all the different investment options that are available to most people currently. The list is then divided into those that have counter party risk and those that don't. I believe that the massive storm that is going to hit politics and entertainment will also make it to the monetary policy and wall st worlds. It would be smart to avoid all assets that currently have counter party risk since they won't survive the unwinding of debt based financial instruments that an event like this storm will bring. Get your assets into things that will survive and have some form of value that is not simply an entry in a bank's computer system.

Has counter-party risk:

Checking accounts

Savings accounts

Money markets

Corporate bonds

Municipal bonds

Gov't bonds



Mutual funds



Private equity

No counter party risk:

Paper cash (still risk of devaluation)

Precious metals (physical, in your possession)

Cryptocurrencies (held outside of exchange)

Real estate



Businesses (brick and mortar)

ba157a  No.2689933


Cryptocurrencies are going to help us rebuild after the storm. Q has been telling us since the beginning that this is bigger than we can imagine. Those 45k indictments probably have some of the most powerful and richest people in the world. I believe this things goes all the way to the federal reserve and our debt-based money system. It was rigged in their favor all along and gave them unlimited power over the rest of us. If they all go down, their rigged system will go down with it. People simply won't trust it. Blockchain is designed to trust math as opposed to centralized organizations and people. The world is going to be DEMANDING a form of exchange that is not rigged by the deep state. Crypto's are going to fill that need perfectly. Once the world wakes up to what is really going on in gov't and money, the scale and speed of adoption will be similar to electricity or the internet.

6ca1d6  No.2691167


Considering the NSA scooped up everything on everyone, they've got to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is…if not some unit in the NSA itself. I really can't see a smooth transition unless they control Satoshi's coins…

There's got to be a deal with the top Bitcoin holders to cap them at a certain wealth level in exchange for becoming players in the bigger game of how to successfully disrupt the system without destroying it or creating uber-wealthy individuals.

Not against profit by any means, but there is a trade-off to be considered if being a trillionaire comes at the cost of destroying the system and the people that sustain you. Some scheme of securing the hoard could be advanced which then becomes the backing of the USD or some universal currency.

What's missing is the middle office of service providers and a blindingly easy user interface. If Bitcoin is so easy and perhaps utterly invisible to the end user, that would be the ideal situation. As Steve Jobs used to say, it just works. 2018 guys, shit should be flawless and work awesome…and with these corrupt fucks out of the way, maybe that's possible…

701505  No.2698274


>Bitcoin will only have a future and be worthwhile if The People choose to have a decentralized form of money. The rise of Trump and his movement shows that The People may indeed choose this route.

BOOM. This fits exactly with the spirit of The Plan. Bitcoin is an inherently voluntary system. The people must buy in for it to work.

>Bitcoin is still young, and people need to get serious about it now to prove that it actually works as intended, and that consensus can be reached honestly and accurately in all cases.

>The Quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains while the Company is true.

There is another split in the bitcoin (cash) community. I think it will be resolved much more quickly and without a chain split this time.

>The COST of freedom is eternal vigilance.

>The article is not outright dismissive, and it is not naive either. More interestingly, after reading your breakdown, it seems like the kind of … it almost seems like due diligence.

That makes a lot of sense. It reads as:

>This could work, but you people better do your due diligence as it could easily not.

701505  No.2698327


>Faust hinted at the idea that it might ironically require a centralized government to save or protect something amorphous like Bitcoin. He then does state that there is no real legal framework around it, no path forward for something like that to occur. Maybe one needs to be made?

Good catch. I think that very well may be necessary. He also hinted that some of the manipulation involved may be illegal, but good luck getting those laws enforced with the corruption inside the banking/regulation complex.

Very similar to the internet bill of rights. Maybe we need a monetary bill of rights.?

>New types of attacks every day.

Eternal vigilance necessary.

>One thing that seems to follow from that thought is this: without the success of 'The Storm', Bitcoin would have a very stunted future.

Yes, and with how well thought out and prepared the Plan was/is, there is no way they haven't considered how to deal with the Fed/dollar. They want to return power to the people (1:21 during Trumps inauguration speech), and that can't be done without dealing with this monstrosity.

701505  No.2698335


>Considering the NSA scooped up everything on everyone, they've got to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is…if not some unit in the NSA itself. I really can't see a smooth transition unless they control Satoshi's coins…

Freakin' great point anon. White hats at work?

701505  No.2698351



Great synopsis of how this fits into the plan.


701505  No.2698387


Great synopsis of the gold/silver standard situation and the potential to create a new elite with such a standard. Thanks anon.


701505  No.2698406



I think these should also go as notables for the Faust = /ourguy/? breakdown

9d083a  No.2698628


But there is no reason to think Bitcoin has any part in that, as long as there are things like gold that the financial world is comfortable with

Bitcoin is a niche item and couldn't be used as a "currency".

5d86ce  No.2698782

Hit n run post:


>The largest resource WW is the people.

The only 'resource' people can offer (versus incoming automation) is 'processing power' (which was the original script idea for the Matrix, jus' sayin').

Sheer numbers don't mean anything unless people are able to do something productively and consistently. They can't use threat of action unless they're willing to act, and they can't 'process' data unless they're smart.

Unfortunately, a large majority have neither the willingness to act or think, which means they're either suspect to those with the biggest resources or the largest smarts.

>Payment is only an issue when you are told it is.

Payment is only an issue if service/product providers refuse to accept it, and it isn't stable (numerically) enough (IE you get pay 10 quads for work, but find bread now costs 20 quads by the time you leave).

Everything else is secondary. I get your point it is about consumer trust, though.

>What would you do with a million dollars ?

Assuming it's already been taxed.

Immediately do extensive research on how best to invest it.

Highlight a diversity of perceived options, split the money between those options. Naturally there's no 'I-win' scenario.

I'd prefer a 'low-flying' strat: invest small in a large number of start-ups, on the assumption at least one will succeed and bring with it sufficient returns.

I would be stonewalled by the fact my investing strategy has to be as moral as reasonably as possible.

However, I do have the ability to invent a broad array of devices, ideas, inventions that I haven't been able to bring into fruition due to inability to finance.

I even know how to help re-stablise the powergrid (presently power usage is *very uneven* and thus *inefficient*), hypothetically save people about a 1/3rd off their bill, but would need a lot of R&D upfront, electrical expertise.

Doesn't even require renewables. Compatible with the pre-existing energy grid.

Got plenty more ideas like that I could hypothetically invest in.

Maybe write a hypothetical proposal to Elon Musk? Always a risk it might get stolen as an idea.

If he's not careful, his car business could go tits up, so he might be open to new ideas.

Regardless: it would also benefit cryptocurrencies.

b525c1  No.2698917


Original twitter handle included Q+++

Dr Craig Wright

Bitcoin Foundation

Clinton Foundation Member - Brock Pierce - Funder of EOS

Dr Craig S Wright

Verified account


Jul 15


Percieved. Note this word.

Bitcoin is not anonymous, it is pseudonymous. With reason.

No anonymous system will survive. Cash in paper form is even not anonymous.

But some will not learn.

Dr Craig S Wright

Verified account


Jul 22


Now we start to show what we have been building.

On our terms.

In our way.

You see, we don't need your investment, nor your advice.

For we are #Bitcoin and we are many #BCH

To some. We are your WORST nightmare and the dream is only starting

Dr Craig S Wright

Verified account


Follow Follow @ProfFaustus


The future of #Bitcoin is cash #bch

There is only one Internet

There will be one base currency.

There can be only one!

End of tweets

Sounds a little bit crazy

9d083a  No.2699796


So if you had that million I note you wouldn't start up a company, but would provide money to "smart, creative people"


You seem to have some opinions of the power grid., so you must work in the industry?

Not likely, since you think it is "inefficient" and "power usage is uneven"

You must have some extraordinary skills to make that assessment, when the industry hasn't already done it.

I am glad to see you wouldn't invest in anything "immoral". That certainly limits your options'

Everything I see indicates you are a talker but not a doer. Someone who pontificated as if the have great wisdom, but the "content" doesn't support the "attitude"

I am less than impressed

9d083a  No.2699803


What is the connection to qresearch that makes it notable

ba3149  No.2700264

Bitcoin BTC decentralised, trustless, verifiable programmable cartel-free inflation-free tax-free MONEY!!


ba3149  No.2700268


yes BCH is an attempt to ruin Bitcoin by centralising nodes into server farms. Just like XRP, ETH, S2X now BCH, it's all just another takeover attempt.

167815  No.2700561

File: da4afc5787102b8⋯.png (86.73 KB, 613x503, 613:503, ClipboardImage.png)

OK anons, there is a new fb and mewe page highjacking Q. They seem to be foreign from the errors I'm seeing. Notice the WWG1WAG They are using the graphics/videos from A Storm is Upon Us as their own and there are around 500 subs with approx similar amount of comments. Seems odd. Many of the posts seem to be redirects to Paytriot sites. It does seem to be a rather new account, with many odd names as commentors. If more skilled and brilliant anons have opinons please share.

https:// www.facebook.com/pg/qanon.gesara/posts/?ref=page_internal

18a96e  No.2701051


We do not know the original intention of bitcoin. Was it the cabal's attempt to push us into the cashless society? Was it a white hat program to stall that original plan? All crypto's are suspect in their present form. ALL OF THEM. Until we get to a point where we have verifiable proof that one is better or worse than the other I will remain a spectator.

This is a simplistic stance however you cannot build trust in a payment device if something as simple as a power outage prevents you from completing a transaction with it.

This is the reality that many would see going forward as it's awfully hard to explain a revolutionary new payment system to someone who has ZERO idea about 'digital' anything when all they need to do to stop it cold is turn the power off.

I certainly am not suspect of crypto's because of that argument…but it is a relevant one.

Block chain is the way forward as a verification process for almost everything we are fighting against. Media, Politicians, Bankers, Environmental issues, etc. The blockchain has so many applications as just a verification tool. Think about that. Currency aside, we are standing at a point in time where a relatively benign set of code could be the key to unlock and provide a level of trust and security unheard of in our lifetime(s). We already have it. Certainly has flaws but just a simple application of blockchain say into supply chain mgmt and an inventory control system could absolutely change the game overnight. Already seeing some of this occur.

I caution that people jump onto the bitcoin wagon for a single-minded application, namely our fiat currency problem.

If we just adopt bitcoin in it's present form we all will be here in less than 10 years time doing this again. No one wants that.

Joe Sixpack is never going to trust a purchasing vehicle that can be neutralized by a power failure. Pragmatism….my friends…nothing but being pragmatic.

167815  No.2701234

File: 9a721be0d904ea6⋯.png (433.82 KB, 801x656, 801:656, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// ayemmo.wordpress.com/2010/04/29/the-green-hilton-agreement-geneva-1963/

41ecee  No.2701777

seems like relevant information among the trolls on bitcointalk, hopefully helpful?


ac5970  No.2703020

Listen to me.

]u.sam[ 'We want You, to be apart of the New Leaders of the Free World.'

Benevolence is the only way forward.

Probability Point Emerged.

SDR (imf) Loses.

We ]w.hats[ win.

Late October, after Golden State Quakes.

Enter Crypto.

6ef775  No.2705467

I didn't know where to put this thought so in the money thread it goes

Natural Resources should not belong to a private entity. If it is from the land of America and is sold the money should be given to all of its people. People who work in these industries should earn fair wages and the profits should be divided with those who inhabit our beautiful land. If companies or other countries need those resources they pay like anyone else would to WE THE PEOPLE. The cabal or whatever you want to call them has been doing this with the living soul resources for a long time. Sucking us dry by selling and trading with our Ens Legis but that is a whole different problem that needs working on. The easiest way out of this mess is just to say NO MORE and refuse to play their game. There are a hell of alot more of us than there are of them. If we all just stop PAYING for their game of fraud against us what can they do? NOTHING.

701505  No.2705613


Thank you anon!

2494d0  No.2705810


Study history more. The earliest records we have show that credit systems were being used NOT barter.

e825f2  No.2706225


Gold/ silver /copper

That's the honestly what money should be.

Credit cards and bank accounts are like crypto only as good as the people that in charge of it. Always a loop that (((They ))) would think of.

Honest people working everyday wouldn't

See that the rich have off shore accounts properties in other countries and of course duel citizenship or know someone

The Who's John galt book and it's author had it correct it starts off as a great idea but only as great as the people in charge.

Checks and balances put in place would be better if term limits and very public compliance.

No monopolies of media - limit donations amounts and make all donations available.

Term limits for Congress


Unions are like Congress they need weeding.

Make the Rich bring money back to US banks or deport and cease property and assets and companies anything to put money back in the Federal reserve.

Whomever embesseled we need to take back what was taken.

Crypto is just another way that elite could get money back after / before we all find out for sure.

Barter system and gold/silver/ copper as money if the ship goes down. Who will have accept crypto from desperate people in need that have not way to check it?

e825f2  No.2706320


Ya those histories who was it good for ?

Credit system is not good in the long run for many. Interest and terms and who's the muscle to get it back and what happens when you have a bad crop?

It works only when good people run it ?

+ think about how the bank robbers of the wild west were written about?

+ r hood

We only have nice stories about elite class in history when people wrote about elite class

Fighting with each other or how they died

5ed7ab  No.2712454

File: 78cc0a7f3823bd2⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 640x455, 128:91, mother-of-all-battlestatio….jpg)




Looked into it. Oh yes, this looks interesting.

I'll play around with it and see if it comes in handy.

>lain feeds the ravens



Great post anon.

>Switching to a gold/silver standard may risk creating yet another inequality of wealth distribution as whomever was racking and stacking suddenly, almost overnight, could potentially be the new 1%. Do we risk allowing our system to be re-set (totally agree it needs to be done) and peg it to another group of people who 'control' the underlying asset?

This argument applies to crypto as well. I'd be interested to hear how we avoid that issue on any new system that we switch to, but especially with crypto as it is a bid shadier and most people will be skeptical of it until it comes into the light. I'm sure there are ways to tell who owns what, but I have to believe that there are some potentially unsavory characters who hold large amounts of crypto, as is the case with metals like you pointed out.

>nationalization of the banking system

Seems about right. I don't know if there is any other way to balance things out again, especially after all the trickery carried out like this anon talks about: >>2689580





Got my eye on it anon.

I've got a notables batch in my text editor and I will add to it and update it in the bread at the proper intervals. Thanks for calling them out.

5ed7ab  No.2712599

File: 5aceb105eb59953⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 640x397, 640:397, 1478859445659.jpg)


>I believe that the massive storm that is going to hit politics and entertainment will also make it to the monetary policy and wall st worlds.

I think so too anon. It's logical that it would.

However, I do not agree that it is going to be something that regular people will have to duck and cover from, that they would feel pain from, that would cause a panic of any sort.

Remember - Full Control.

These things (Bonds, Currencies, Debt) will probably be unwound in a timely and controlled fashion. Society will go on, things will function as normal. If anons think I am wrong, let me know why. I just can't see patriots taking actions that would bring instability to an already tense environment.

Your list is solid though. Worth checking out for people that are planning their financial futures with respect to the storm.


>Cryptocurrencies are going to help us rebuild after the storm.

>The world is going to be DEMANDING a form of exchange that is not rigged by the deep state.

Very interesting points anon.

You know that crypto in its current form cannot handle too much load - too many people using it at once.

There are some people who wish to scale as soon as possible, but they get a lot of pushback. This post is a good reminder as to why we need to get the network ready as soon as possible, and good ammunition to use against those who wish to delay. Crypto gets one chance to shine, it needs to be ready.

Speaking of scaling….


>There is another split in the bitcoin (cash) community.

Yes I noticed that. I did some reading over on r/btc to see who the players were and what the reason was for the split. I was a bit worried at first.. I don't think this is a good time for a fork at all. Would be damaging.

But then after doing more reading and a few good threads popping up I noticed:

>I think it will be resolved much more quickly and without a chain split this time.

Yeah, someone said it was going to be a hashpower war, almost a gentlemen's agreement, and that whichever chain gets the most hashpower will win and everyone else will move forward with that choice?

I hope so, I hope people honor their agreements, and I hope the right players back the right chain when the time comes. I'm thinking this might all be part of the plan or the show. We shall see.

One thing I have noticed is that pushing for scaling as fast as possible is forcing these undercover core devs to show their hands, to push for methods that stall scaling, to out themselves.

Let's see what happens, I hope you are right.

5ed7ab  No.2712747

File: 4b13b5db4aade8e⋯.jpg (349.73 KB, 1147x1200, 1147:1200, rob.jpg)

File: 35349d6204d358b⋯.jpg (184.43 KB, 1024x653, 1024:653, 0a4c4adb7dfaf9ce2bbd1cfa38….jpg)


>Very similar to the internet bill of rights. Maybe we need a monetary bill of rights.?

That sounds like a great idea.

The original Bill of Rights has proven itself to be such a solid protector of our freedoms that I think extending it (or the spirit of it) to areas like the internet and moneys is something we should really consider. This might help us future-proof the things that we are setting out to do today.

>Yes, and with how well thought out and prepared the Plan was/is, there is no way they haven't considered how to deal with the Fed/dollar. They want to return power to the people (1:21 during Trumps inauguration speech), and that can't be done without dealing with this monstrosity.

Absolutely. I wonder how much of their power comes from their control over our money system. Most of it? All of it? Without that, they will be severely weakened at any rate. And it matches up with the image Anon posted above using the pool table metaphor (reposting here for more eyes).

I wasn't able to find a version of the inauguration speech that matches the timestamp you brought up, I mention this since the 21 number came up again.

5ed7ab  No.2712769



>Considering the NSA scooped up everything on everyone, they've got to know who Satoshi Nakamoto is…if not some unit in the NSA itself. I really can't see a smooth transition unless they control Satoshi's coins…

>White hats at work?

Yeah, based on what's been dropped in this thread, that seems like a very likely scenario.

Anons (especially those new to this thread) should check out the notables, specifically those under the heading "Q, CSW, Structure, and Bitcoin connections."


I'd recommend reading all the notables though. I've never seen such digs and knowledge dropped about crypto before anywhere else on the internet. Very interesting thread we have going on here right now.

5ed7ab  No.2712907

File: 41c5bb781d0bb8b⋯.jpg (110.29 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, SDR.5things.Final_-683x102….jpg)

File: bf3ffa09a14c59d⋯.png (312.12 KB, 930x928, 465:464, sdrscam.png)



Very interesting find anon.

It almost seems legit. They are sharing all the right things, and seem to get everything right.. the tone is correct I should say.

Perhaps the errors are just there for plausible deniability's sake.

I will spend some time looking over it and see what it's all about.


Very interesting post.

I'm forced to consider it due to the syntax.

>SDR (imf)

Very interesting.

They are just creating money out of thin air for themselves, even more so than is already done here.

Had no idea about this, and it led me down a Rabbit Hole that other anons should visit:



After learning this, I hope they lose.

>after the Golden State Quakes

Kek, I'll keep an eye out for that.

I'm also forced to consider previous posts from this ID, keeping in mind that choosing already used IP's can be used for plausible deniability.



Yes indeed. The last thing I want is to be responsible for anyone else's financial decisions. All of the info I have presented in this thread should just be for anons edification. What they decide to do from there is up to them. And the timing of it as well. Risk abounds.


>going in on Bitcoin Cash together

From what I have researched, it seems like the best crypto that currently exists. If one were interesting in cryptos as a concept, and tolerant to the risks of the market, it does seem like the one to most closely keep an eye on.

5ed7ab  No.2713103

File: 2603880b2643869⋯.png (683.05 KB, 3704x2798, 1852:1399, goldvsbitcoinvsdollar.png)

File: 58291392c755e83⋯.png (92.5 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 58b86fe0ca2b01c5008b4bbe-7….png)


>Gold/ silver /copper

>That's the honestly what money should be.

>Not Crypto

I agree with you Anon, but I am forced to consider the other scenario just in case.

What if.

What if Crypto is better money than Gold/Silver? What if it will be more valuable than them in the future?

I entertain these questions not because I want to prove my side (I don't have one), but because I want to know what's possible. I want to know the truth.

What makes precious metals valuable?

Rarity and shininess? Do they have much utility (maybe some, but not enough to justify hoarding bars of it in huge vaults underground).

How can we transact in metals?

What makes crypto valuable?

Rarity and Digital shininess (kek)?

Right now, not much, I think.

Is Crypto fiat?

What is fiat? Fiat is money that has value because some authority says so. Or because the people agree that it does. A thing with no intrinsic value.

But can crypto change its status? Can it become intrinsically valuable?

Can it become not-fiat?

The answer to this I think is yes. If the crypto network becomes essential to the way society operates in the future (think voting, data storage, supply chains, countless other uses we haven't even dreamed of yet) then I think that crypto can become a form of non-fiat money.

The network is essential. Scale + use value. But the financial incentive is key, and the fact that we get to use valuable tokens on top of that network is the icing on the cake for us the people.

Just some things to consider..

(Keep in mind for the images I posted that Bitcoin won't actually be near Gold's value until and unless it is mid-6 figures. 1 BTC vs 1oz Gold is not a fair comparison. Also the other image with the checkmarks gets some things wrong but it should activate almonds nonetheless.)

ac5970  No.2713105

File: 4b0e958267a8b22⋯.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x2560, 3:4, LoJ.jpg)


A gift for you.


HIV-induced shutdown of HPA-axis.

All symptoms identical: adrenal insufficiency. Give HIV patient replacement doses of hydrocortisone, never progress to [AIDS]

ac5970  No.2713148

File: f78dc7f1e6125a6⋯.jpg (5.17 KB, 288x216, 4:3, UPJ00120.jpg)

a43cf6  No.2713214



the people behind freos claim it does not inflate, that it is inherently deflationary.


they also claim they will never track you or

what about internet currency , is it not just as useless as paper not backed by gold? the ability to simply print paper is troublesome, but what is to stop this from happening with "bitcoins" ?

and my biggest fear is that if and when currency is no longer CURRENT (in my pocket or hand) and it ALL goes digital, the potential for a chinese censorship style system of denial of services or goods, similar to the "Mark of The Beast" construct, is a real threat to liberty.

ANONS…W.Hat is the answer?

a43cf6  No.2713261


government decides to shut down public access to internet..gov only…use our cash or dont eat?


ac5970  No.2713320

File: 1e5e993980cb6b2⋯.jpg (40.27 KB, 537x322, 537:322, suppressed.jpg)


Right under your nose.

Held in your hand, a simple solution.

Power outages irrelevant.

What technology did Nokia invent in 2009?

This tech was never allowed by DS.

Microsoft [NOKIA]

a43cf6  No.2713398


i disagree, the storm, done properly will take down the fed while simultaneously replacing all fiat money with precious metals backed silver and gold certificates issued by the treasury and printed by the Federal Government, not a private banking cabal…worry not anons, God has a plan to prosper you, how about keeping consumer interest rates at 1 or 2% for credit? how about laws against excessive maintenance fees on checking and savings accounts? how about a 7 year automatic loan forgiveness policy that does not damage your credit rating? as a matter of fact why would we need a banking cabal centralized credit score anymore?

if we can print actual metals backed currency that holds its value, forgive debts of people who fall below a specific threshold of income, we have a stronger country.

344a86  No.2713622


I personally am looking to local currency for exchange. Our farmers market issues plastic tokens which are useful at all stalls. Once purchased the tokens retain their dollar value even if used the following year. Dancing rabbit is a community that has an alternative local currency but I don't know any more about it. I anticipate the possibility of needing non-digital currency. I don't see why US coin doesn't fit the bill. If digital dollars go away people will still have coins lying around. Their value might be different however. For example a penny might pay for what a dollar buys now. I think this returns us to the value of the dollar about 100 years ago.

18a96e  No.2713698


Nokia was bought by softyman. Ok what technology was never allowed, invented by nokia and suppressed by softyman?

18a96e  No.2714208

Already starting to percolate. Can't say I agree with all offered here however it's a start.


a25f99  No.2714548

a25f99  No.2714565


crypto is bad poopy money…no really.


9d083a  No.2714644


Yeah but all digital makes it some much easier to control and manipulate.

Crypto coins are pretty volatile

Wonder why?

9d083a  No.2714693


You can't get through to the zealots with a little reality therapy.

The will just scream you are a shill tryinng to keep them from getting rich

18a96e  No.2715426


Whatever the solution is going to be I do not think it's mad max as no one wins and personally I do not want to be around in that scenario…from a different poster.

The solution will, no doubt, enrich some more than others. If what we are witnessing now is X inning of the gigantic reset should we all be worried about how we are positioned for it? Firstly, of course we should be. Natural instinct is to be. Tactics.

Hopefully many of you have made plans are busy making them.

What I am positing is the liberation of 1933 Banking Act. What this ultimately will mean for us , as a nation, is well beyond my current pay grade. What it means for OUR society, instead of the rest of the world's, has the reality of appearing very soon.

It may not matter what the people have accumulated in hard/digital assets. Obviously excluding anything paper.

Protect yourselves the way you know. No 1 person can tell you what to do.

For the mad max crowd. Certainly a possibility. I prepared for it starting in 2006 to happen soon after. It will not happen that way. Once prepping became a TV reality show did you ever think it was going to be allowed?

I certainly hope it doesn't happen this way.

Always one in the bunch who wants it that way.

ac5970  No.2715515



DS never would allow this, then.

Fast forward 2018, they cannot stop it, now.

18a96e  No.2716334


TY anon. Should have searched for image. Many TY's

5ed7ab  No.2716478

File: 0cc6a812815aabc⋯.png (322.96 KB, 848x926, 424:463, chipsets.png)

File: 1f42394afb19c98⋯.png (182.03 KB, 603x796, 603:796, bp2pecp.png)

File: 8f0e8f1cfab17e2⋯.png (285.3 KB, 815x963, 815:963, p2pfSatoshi.png)


Alright, I finally did some digging on this post.

>Why did MS/APPLE/Cabal go to great lengths to produce chip sets with Meltdown/Spectra

Sounds like they desperately wanted access to the private keys in people's computers, or maybe to see if they could find out where the first million coins all went. This is assuming they weren't just trying to invade our privacy in general, and getting bolder about it.

>Cross reference with chipset timing.

The I3/I5/I7 chipset line started to be introduced right around the time of Bitcoin being introduced and released.


>Intel CEO sold 24 million in stock before M/S was exposed…WHY?

Trying to exit what he thought was a sinking ship?

The stock kept going up though. Was he paying someone back - a bribe unfulfilled?

"comp Bitcoin for me and I'll give you X Million dollars"


>Started pushing CP in the blockchain…Why?

After losing their M/S leverage on Bitcoin, they tried to invent a new angle of control over it.

>Sure is a lot of dancing

Sure is.


>Quantum computers (how they work… without binary/bits?)

>a future without Currency/Money possible?

Saving these questions/topics for later. Going to require another digging session.

9d083a  No.2716683


I don't think the "reset" will be anything like what some expect.

If it was, there would surely be a "Mad Max" effect.

Got to be a glide path to protect the good guys.

More along the lines of walking away fron the Fed, and leave them with 20T in debt they can't collect.

haven;t thought through what that does to the bond market but that if funny money held by banks and other governments mostly.

Beyond my pay grade as well but I understand enough to read tea leaves

9d083a  No.2716715


They would have to "leach" off other signals.

Ambient doesn't mean free floating excess/unused energy.

FCC might not allow that to happen.

Like stealing electricity by tapping into you neighbors electric feed downstream from the meter

fafc0d  No.2717336



4c8a58  No.2718366

File: 3f10f1cd8945814⋯.jpg (168.25 KB, 536x77, 536:77, Dollar.jpg)

File: acec3cb49834e14⋯.pdf (536.96 KB, Coinage Act of 1792.pdf)

Have you looked into the legal definition of a dollar? If not, the answer may surprise you.

5ed7ab  No.2718589

File: 98dde33498d25b3⋯.png (117.21 KB, 1544x164, 386:41, cicinit.png)

File: 137506212934550⋯.png (342.25 KB, 618x412, 3:2, DennisRodmanCNN.png)

File: 6fe5edd16fd51e7⋯.png (134.3 KB, 1217x224, 1217:224, filter.png)


So I did a bit more digging on Cicada. Got bored.

Apparently they made their first ever post on 01/04/12 (img 1). If you sum those digits you get 17.

Plus they have a saying that goes "Beware false paths."

Very similar to "Be careful who you follow."

I can't claim they are the same groups, but they might share a connection in some way.


On another topic, I have another crypto related coincidence for this thread.

Dennis Rodman, a player in the show who helped to broker a peace deal with North Korea, was wearing a PotCoin t-shirt during his trip there for the big media story about the Trump/Kim signing (img 2).

As much of a stickler Trump/Qteam is for optics, I doubt they would have let this happen if they thought cryptos were something bad. Does that extend to marijuana as well?

Two coincidences with one stone?

Well I thought on it a bit, and I went and checked out the marijuana thread in the catalog and I found an interesting post that might apply to the crypto space (img 3). Check it out.

5ed7ab  No.2724002

File: 9cb75c11ce5c814⋯.jpg (24.74 KB, 225x349, 225:349, b78162b5f8_57341288_o2.jpg)

File: 716dda503d46baf⋯.png (147.74 KB, 591x732, 197:244, visitfromstnick.png)

Alright - I finally did an analysis of Faust's second Bitcoin article "While visions of Bitcoins danced in their heads", and I come bearing gifts.

Apologies for the delay as well. Took me longer than I thought to get to this.


The first thing to notice is that the title of the article is a direct reference to the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" aka "The Night Before Christmas" (pic 2).

>While visions of Bitcoins danced in their heads.

>While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.

Faust wrote the article on December 22nd, very near Christmas, which could be a simple explanation for why he chose this link … but as with all things Faust, it's probably deeper than that.

This leads to an interesting coincidence.

>Saint Nicholas

>Satoshi Nakamoto


Saint Nicholas (currently embodied as Santa Claus) is known for his charity to the people, has a story about giving gold to those in need, and is also the patron saint of merchants among other things (img 1).

There might also be links to Robin Hood, but I have to dig more on that to know for sure.

He was also a supporter of Arianism not Aryanismor maybe there is a link? (it's an interpretation of Christianity, most of the real info has been scrubbed from the net).. which is a dig for a different day.

Ok, so that's an interesting link, but we know Faust is no blind fanboy, so let's see what the article actually says and see if we can find his true meanings in the words he has chosen. A quick read of the article gives the impression that he is saying Bitcoin is not a currency like some people say, but that even though this is true, it might still climb in value over time due to social phenomena and branding leading people to keep pushing the price up by treating Bitcoin as an e-collectible (Hodl).

But it's more nuanced than that.

>Bitcoin has been branded as a currency, and some … seem to have fallen for it.

>this intrinsically useless item

Bitcoin is not a currency (why?), and is intrinsically useless.

>Any asset could function as a currency

>An asset does function as a currency if it is used widely

But apparently it could be a currency if it were simply used widely. If the people wanted it to be one, it could be one.

>Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency could, I suppose … come to play a vital role in our payments system.

>this is extremely unlikely, absent fundamental structural change.


This links back to his other article, and the things he discussed in it.

It's unlikely for Bitcoin to become a currency with the way things are now, but all that could change.

But for now, Bitcoin is decidedly not a currency.


5ed7ab  No.2724007


He then goes on to talk about why Bitcoin currently has value even if it's not a currency:

>Aside from currency there is a second category of valuable-yet-useless assets: collectibles

He's saying that all currencies are useless, but also that collectibles can be too, and that those still have value.

And this value is something that currencies do not have… so if a collectible could become a currency?


>Useless collectibles … have no appreciable use

>Bitcoin at present, looks like a classic collectible

At present, Bitcoin is simply a collectible. But he implies that this could change with progress in Bitcoin's network (at present).

Bitcoin could become more than just a useless collectible. A useful collectible?

He then goes on to talk about different times where simple useless collectibles have exploded in value (beanie babies, cryptokitties, trading cards, etc).

>These anecdotes are meant only to illustrate that the simple phrase “I have more of it than you” can have near-magical value-creating force.

>The fact that it is virtual is not a drawback, quite the opposite.

>Existing only on the internet seems to facilitate explosive growth of a social valuation phenomena.

Bitcoins may have near-magical value-creating force.

Wealth for the people.

Meme magic. I've always held the view that Bitcoins are the first ever (potential) currency to run on meme magic. Might be true. Might not.

>Bitcoin could, like other collectibles, continue to have value.

>The value of Bitcoin might even outperform the sorry track record of more conventional collectibles such as coal, silver, or nickel.

Even without being a currency, Bitcoin can continue to have value and might outperform things that people currently view as safe bets.

>Or crude oil.

A jab at the petrodollar.

And a hint for the future?

Good article.

>Source of alpha

Last point - he brings up the idea of collectibles having a 'source of alpha' in that they hold their value steadily outside of the fluctuations of the markets.

I'm not sure if Bitcoin fits this description currently, as it seems to be traded as a standard forex and stock market inverse at times. But I suppose this could change if people stop treating it as wallstreet plaything in the future.

So after reading the article more closely, it seems that he is saying while Bitcoin is not a currency, it could be one, and even if it isn't, it might still create a lot of value for those who participate in it, and that it might have some benefits like having better value than things we currently view as valuable, and by being more steady than them as well due to the fact that it's value comes solely from meme magic (for now) and because it leverages the growth potential that only the internet can provide. It's actually a pretty positive article, more so than I expected, but we'll see if what he says comes true or not.

And for a more sobering view, his other article is always there to provide some grounding.


Oh and one last note. In the article he uses this word:


It is the Australian spelling of the word 'focused'.

It draws errors from any computer spellchecker, so I doubt it's there on accident.

Could be a reference to CSW, an Aussie.

Could be not.


4ea334  No.2732391

Got to say as a sidenote, you've got a spookily similar writing style to me.


>Bitcoin is not a currency (why?), and is intrinsically useless.

It's worth noting (and adding to your point here) the paper is flawed if it argues Bitcoin is 'useless'. People conflate the lack of trust in bitcoin (IE is it government backdoored) with it being useless (IE can it serve a purpose?).

BitCoin is useful, it's basically a method of exchange. Is it secure? Not really. But Cryptocurrencies are gaining adoption, and Sweden has officially adopted the E-Krona, which makes it by definition that cryptocurrency an 'actual' currency (as it's now state backed).

Maybe Bitcoin itself isn't, but the basis of bitcoin is found in E-Krona and others, and if they're based on it, then bitcoin itself can technically be a currency and useful, even if I don't trust it and say to use Monero instead.

4ea334  No.2732435


Way to strawman my post (not sure why you're saging the thread given it's not mine, unless you're a shill).

The word 'history' isn't even used in my post.

4ea334  No.2732489


That's why I advocate a triple-lock.

Crypto, food supplies, bartering.

Crypto = best case scenario.

Food supplies, bartering = worst.

If you do get an EMP event, be aware that normal currency is useless, because safes, bank accounts, cash registers, tax filing etc won't work (meaning if you have money in a ELECTRONIC bank account, it will go poof in the same way crypto does).

And if you keep the money physically, eventually logistics on cash will run out (plus high risk to keep money on site with you).

Gold, silver has the same issues in that value will be determined subjectively and locally, and can still be stolen. It's also difficult to break a solid gold coin into smaller payments without a furnace.

No good having 1000 solid gold coins because without being able to break it down, you can only buy 1000 times before you run out. And you're reliant on it being adopted. Food will have more sway, and if it's seeds, you can grow more of it.

18a96e  No.2732594


BTW you can buy less gold content in coins. there are 1/4,1/2oz al the way down to 1g. Same way in silver but not at the g level that i am aware of-would be more expensive to produce then worth.

I laugh at the people prepared for SHTF and they have 100 oz bars. Good luck with that!!

faffc9  No.2746600


You are replacing the current system with the EXACT same system, with a different name.

Wealth is a power system.

In order to break the current power system (wealth), create one that currently does not exist.

The rarer the resource backing the monetary system, the greater the disparity.

Yet you ignore blockchain which is open and can be tracked. Why would this be ?

It is one system that anyone interested, can follow to see where the money is flowing.

Currency valuation is something that has been created to control you.

Inflation, devaluation of a currency has been created to control you.

Why is open source being ignored ?

You can find it everywhere.

People love to share their ideas, their knowledge which is evidenced on virtually every platform available.

Most don't benefit in a monetary form for sharing that knowledge.

A government can create its own debt/interest free dollar.

A government can pay every single person the exact same amount, no matter where you live in the world.

It matters not whether you are raising a child, building the next car for someone to drive, a member of a football team, creating the next cure for mankind.

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years, is that people love to share their knowledge & educate. Many have an innate ability to think out of the box, find solutions to problems.

It is when someone thinks they are worth more than the person sitting beside them,that their idea is worth more than another, that they want control over x,y,z, that the problems arise.


This thinking is a great example of how power structure begins.

People have been "educated" to think the same for hundreds of years.

It will take time to dismantle their mind control.

Put another way, not everyone's talent is in farming. (Planting the seed)

It is not that this great number of people are lazy which this infers. Their interests may lie in a different area.

I have heard every single argument of why this is impossible.

Every single argument has been based on what they have been taught to believe.

It is based on a "wealth" or "power" system.

7e232b  No.2747332

everything begins and ends with jews. talmud, kabbalah, freemasonry, banks, finances, sacrifices, pedos. just look into it it aint no conspiracy it is fact!!

Post last edited at

701505  No.2749784



>I come bearing gifts.

Kek. Very useful breakdown. Thank you anon.

The St. Nick/SN/Satoshi Nakamoto is a very interesting coincidence.

>but as with all things Faust, it's probably deeper than that.

I'm beginning to think this Faust guy is a very stable genius.


>Aussie connection

I highly doubt that was an accident. I typed "focussed" into word and word auto-corrected it to "focused". Typing it into my web-browser (i.e. in this post) it puts a red line under it like it's misspelled. Faust seems to carefully edit his posts. Interesting indeed….

701505  No.2749792

4ea334  No.2752287


Lower content coins won't mean much because how do you validate gold is at the purity specified? Sure, you know it's worth that much, but how will you prove that to someone else?

Weighing is easily tricked by debasement. Meltdown, replaced with a metal of similar colour, appearance, weight. You could do reaction tests but they might stain coins.

That's ignoring forgeries, which have gotten pretty good as of late.

It's a tricky sitch.

18a96e  No.2753719


I certainly have given that some thought. Determining value will be the tricky part when SHTF. As far as being able to prove it's purity and full content? empirically you can't unless physical test performed. I never purchase AU in a large enough bar where the fuckery with tungsten can be used.

In short I have to trust where I make the purchases from. I am not 100% certain that my stash is real…but neither is anyone else unless testing done.

There are a few things you can do to limit your exposure to fakes. Certainly much easier on Au. Thickness, weight and experience helps but if they want to fake…they will fake.

47d336  No.2753929

File: e1c248a329c9ff7⋯.png (302.67 KB, 1903x926, 1903:926, Investors Lose Fight Over ….png)

File: 510a6061c3803b1⋯.jpg (62.68 KB, 620x400, 31:20, swimming with the sharks.jpg)

File: 70b0fdf3fb24ef8⋯.jpg (75.24 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Annnd it's Gone.jpg)

Oh, this is Priceless!

Charles Cooper with Cooper & Kirk PLLC, argued in a hearing in May that his clients were essentially robbed of money due to the flow of Fannie and Freddie profits straight to the Treasury.

“With the stroke of a pen, the government had nationalized the companies and taken all the value of the companies for itself, thereby depriving the private shareholders of all their economic rights,” according to the complaint originally filed in 2015.

The Poor Dears!


551c00  No.2754058


>wants to obliterate two economic planks of the Communist Manifesto

>"He's Trotsky, Lenin and Mao, rolled up into one".

5ed7ab  No.2762849

File: 0adc0dc24b99cb9⋯.png (96.49 KB, 688x572, 172:143, ss.png)


>this Faust guy is a very stable genius.

I think so too. Certainly am learning a lot from his works.


Yeah, I doubt that was an accident.

Pic related.

Looks like it's about time to craft some more proofs.

I'm thinking that they will come in handy in the future. Maybe late this year, maybe next year.

Also, I am seeing a lot of necessary disinformation going on right now in the crypto space due to the upcoming hashwar that these proofs might step on the toes of, so until things become more clear I'll probably just build them and leave them here.

5ed7ab  No.2763137

File: ee055190ce42eb8⋯.jpg (764.8 KB, 1504x2964, 376:741, Survival-CollapseInBosnia.jpg)

File: cd570a5949e5f07⋯.png (213.62 KB, 1126x241, 1126:241, goldforammo.png)



Might want to check this image out if you haven't seen it before.

Gives a very interesting breakdown of what happens in a true SHTF scenario and what things are valuable and worth having if things go that way.

You'd think that crypto would be a no-go in a SHTF kind of situation, but who knows with advancing technology like this: >>2713320 >>2715515

Things beyond our imagination are probably waiting to come into the light.

In any case, if it's good to plan for SHTF, it's probably also good to plan for everything going well too like the other anon said.



Kek, hopefully I never have to use this info.

But at least now I know.


This post ties into what was said earlier about if it is possible to live a world without money/currency. This is something that I want to dig on asap.

But for now… I'm trying to wrap my mind around the concept itself. It almost sounds like UBI or Communism at a first glance.

If everyone gets paid the same, how do you properly allocate scarce resources? (even in a world peace, high output world, things are still finite).

I think that if people cannot use money to separate themselves into social strata, they will simply find another way.

I need to do more reading on this.

ba3149  No.2763488

Bitcoin /thread

ba3149  No.2763510


LOL what a great troll

5ed7ab  No.2763858

File: c4887cae8f61e59⋯.jpeg (19.28 KB, 1065x315, 71:21, 0.jpeg)

File: 6b26d3381f84247⋯.jpeg (39.63 KB, 1079x695, 1079:695, 1.jpeg)

File: 9afe338aefc675a⋯.jpeg (60.42 KB, 1080x861, 360:287, 2.jpeg)

File: a8a399d9ec93b32⋯.jpeg (16.13 KB, 1061x253, 1061:253, 3.jpeg)

File: a8523982c42e0ca⋯.png (121.57 KB, 1182x503, 1182:503, comments.png)

Interesting info just surfaced briefly on r/btc. Thread was heavily downvoted immediately.

Worth digging into to check for connections like the comments say I think.

The Satoshi Affair: https://archive.fo/kjuLi

b6a145  No.2764870


Who is this guy? I think he is full of it.

18a96e  No.2765809


"why is open source being ignored?"

Not ignored by me. Absolutely agree is the way forward.


Block chain is the way forward as a verification process for almost everything we are fighting against. Media, Politicians, Bankers, Environmental issues, etc. The blockchain has so many applications as just a verification tool. Think about that. Currency aside, we are standing at a point in time where a relatively benign set of code could be the key to unlock and provide a level of trust and security unheard of in our lifetime(s). We already have it. Certainly has flaws but just a simple application of blockchain say into supply chain mgmt and an inventory control system could absolutely change the game overnight. Already seeing some of this occur.

I just prefer to wait until we get some of the chaff out of the crypto space.

Bitfinex, BP, Tether. Know enough about that to stay away. Reason #1 as to why I did not adopt early on was Mt. Gox. Results speak for themselves. "Lost coins"…..

Seriously speaking…was it not over when we heard rumors of the ICO's from Mayweather, Hilton etc?. Became comical.

ICO=No rights other than a PAPER agreement to what amounts to an annuity payment.

ac5970  No.2766886


What would the World be like if:

0.00000001 BTC = a Satoshi (equivalent to $0.01 USD)

0.00000100 BTC = a Nakamoto (equivalent to $1.00 USD)

All transactions were handled from a mobile Trust wallet,


Utilizing a device built upon the premise of perpetual energy,



701505  No.2767906

File: 4ab9552cb34579c⋯.png (47.38 KB, 576x296, 72:37, cswrt.PNG)



Autist on fire!

Great catch.

I wonder if CSW is watching this thread.

The "ss" in rassberry happened a few days after your first post on "focussed" (8/24) and a day after my follow up post (8/26)

Maybe he'll give us a popcorn reference in the next couple days.

Pic also related. He RT'd something saying that it doesn't matter if he's a fraud. With the admissions of being involved in MI (Q talks specifically about MI a lot), I wonder if we are watching a movie.

The conclusion (using logic) I keep coming back to is that his arguments regarding bitcoin scaling are very strong, but at the same time, he does a thorough job of pissing everybody off at the same time.

Perhaps, like Q, he is speaking in a way that only "those with the ears to hear" (>Read the bible) understand. This forms an ultimate unflappable Q army. Nobody on this side would be tricked by any non-arguments as they were the only ones who saw past Craig's (for lack of a better word) antics, which perhaps are just a filter of sorts. This allows shills to be exposed on the way because they always use personal attacks. CSW makes personal attacks easy, which makes the shills always end up on the wrong side, being exposed along the way.

This is very much the same way that Q worked from the beginning. 4chan/8ch was a place seen as fringe, but Q built a massive Q army by being "right" so much.

People call the people that agree with CSW a cult. Many attempts to discredit. Personal attacks. But, when I talk to others who agree, they are very much in tune with a lot of facts.

If this is his (and the whitehats') strategy, it strikes me as very Q-like and smart.

176711  No.2769230

Ok so Q is posting today but I keep thinking about this thread instead.

The most valuable thing on earth is US the living souls. Our value is unimaginable and what we are capable of doing is unlimited as that is the way that our Father in Heaven created us. Like him. In his image. We all belong to the Father and we are all his children. It is time to remember who we are and say ENOUGH.

The bad guys?

The harm by creating legal fictions to be traded & sold for their benefit MUST end. It seems as though when the wealth they sought wasnt enough then they started physically harming us (the children)

As for those leeches in this world, take what they have stolen then return it immediately.

May the Father have mercy on their souls.

If something is needed to lead our lives in day to day transactions it should be gold or silver (gold/silver backed) since those are used in industies and will have other value.

Bitcoin is nothing. Serves no industry Has no value.

faffc9  No.2769765

Self Sustaining Cities, Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Food For Thought

I am posting this for discussion only. Input. Not because I subscribe to a specific idea.

I have an inherent distrust of each of these. What I do know is that change is required in how we approach every facet of life. Collectively, we have the ability to change the world.

Sometimes when you research one topic, you stumble across other ideas. I may not subscribe to everything each of these do. I do see different perspectives which could potentially be a starting point for dialog.

When Trump first announced his run for president I wanted to know more about him. This lead me to look at the various people around him, and the question why would a billionaire, who has it all, run for office ?

Who was Peter Thiel and why was he backing him ?

Besides his ventures like bitcoin, I found he was building what amounted to self contained floating cities which included agreements with Polynesia and the framework for their own government.

Instead of looking at the obvious drawbacks, I focused on the benefits.

Were there any other models in the works.

Surprise yes there was.

China, Saudia Arabia, and a few other nations, were in various stages of self sufficient cities.

Not only was China building self sufficient cities, they were doing it right in the USA.

"The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre “self-sustaining city” that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned “self-sustaining city” in Idaho"

Saudia Arabia, like Libya, sent thousands of their people to various countries for education, medical treatment.

When the Canadian government became persona non grata, they pulled 16,000 from Canada's education system. Thousands from their medical treatments, and sent them to other countries.

What was the Crown prince of Saudia Arabia up to ?

He was building a self sufficient city, using what appeared to be unreleased technology ?

"$500 billion fantasyland known as NEOM in northwestern Saudi Arabia that’s been dubbed the “city of the future.”"

Then I came across the Venus Project out of Florida which discusses a resource based economy.

"At present, it is necessary for both husbands and wives to work. Monetary economics have to a large extent undermined family cohesion. Parents lack adequate time to spend with their children, and they are constantly stressed by ever-rising medical bills, insurance payments, educational expenses, and the high cost of living. It is in this area that one of the most profound benefits of this new civilization could be realized. The proposed shorter workdays would provide more time for family relationships. Free access to goods and services would make the home a much more pleasant place, with the removal of economic stress that causes so much family turmoil"


7bd19d  No.2771892


I know a lot of people have hype for gold, silver, I've never really understood it myself, my main focus was acquiring knowledge (can't be stolen, can be rented out) on how to make survival products out of everyday objects.

Gold, silver is a post-post-disaster currency (after the disaster has passed, and society is starting to restabilise). The issue is it's not a post-disaster currency (where speed in relocation and portability might be a requirement).

If you're forced to relocate (EG incoming fire, earthquake, army, etc), you have to leave that stuff behind. My thoughts are one should have supplies for immediate survival post-disaster (if you're the guy with the clean water out of 1,000 plebs who don't, you can ask for whatever you want in exchange, especially if the water is scarce).

My breakdown would be:

1) Disaster

2) 1-3 days of rioting/looting

3) Army steps in, martial law (held indefinitely)

4) Disaster finally impacts army, army falls apart

5) Scattered survivors in small groups

6) Person with most knowledge, tools is 'leader' of a group

7) Groups establish themselves into small communities, rebuild starts

But you're looking on the order of years. Society wouldn't breakdown immediately with fire everywhere and everyone dying, but you'd see a 'slow burn' (it took 4 years for WWII to finish and everybody was trying to kill each other in the most effective way possible. Even the black plague lasted 4 years.)

Don't see it as discouragement to do your gold thing, your situation might be different to mine. I'm just of the opinion it's designed to sap our money away from survival resources, and then they pull an FDR and steal it.

5ed7ab  No.2794689

File: 87b461f69d4ff63⋯.png (1.39 MB, 2271x892, 2271:892, Proof-CSWVirus.png)

File: 48e5908dfc0eed2⋯.png (120.25 KB, 689x602, 689:602, popcornourguy.png)

File: 1203e29ada3ab70⋯.png (82.78 KB, 984x306, 164:51, Avalanche.png)



I think I finally understand this gift.

Created a graphic to help others see as they can.

Thank you.


>wonder if watching

Doesn't seem to be a far-fetched theory.

I'm learning the meaning of these words:

>This board has more power than you can imagine.

>popcorn reference

Funny you should mention that.

Someone else in the space did put out a popcorn reference after your post (pic 2)… and perhaps an /ourguy/ reference? It's a longshot.

It seems like he is currently antagonistic to CSW (but pro-BCH), so if my longshot is correct, then it would play into your idea of this being a movie in a certain sense.

But - he also talks of new consensus protocols… eternal vigilance. I'll admit that I am not well read enough in this space to know if this Avalanche is a good or bad one.

>Q-like strategy, filtering for people that can see the major ideas vs those that focus on trivia

Definitely agree. I see many similar tactics being used between Trump, Q, and CSW. Like there is a shared playbook going around.

Art of War, Thirty-Six Strategems, and more, I'm sure.

I actually noticed that CSW's 'campaign' (media exposure, public statements, etc) started right around the time Trump's did as well. Like they were running in parallel.

And they share the same attackers as well.

Not that we need to define a clear link between the two, but it just shows another facet of the Good v Evil currently going on.

5ed7ab  No.2794789

File: 272cc37c03efac6⋯.png (89.88 KB, 765x447, 255:149, 1.png)

File: f8dadcbbf30f5d5⋯.png (101.44 KB, 445x624, 445:624, 2.png)

File: e22d5b617d22483⋯.png (77.55 KB, 440x607, 440:607, 3.png)


It looks like this Avalanche paper was uploaded to IPFS right around the time of Q's D5 drops.

File it under coincidences.

90a0e5  No.2795366


Health costs are greatly overinflated, insurance and education are mostly worthless, and high prices are due to fiat currency and over-regulation. These problems are not inherent to the physical economy. They are the result of a bloated and parasitic system which cannot be reformed.

Venus Project Smells like Communism to me. Great way to get a servile and dependent population. It will turn into a billion useless gibsmonkeys babysat by robots. The robots will be repaired by robots repaired by robots repaired by robots repaired by a single H1B with a fake resume. What could possibly go wrong?

It wasn't economics that undermined family cohesion. It was feminism, no-fault divorce, slutting around, and womens' newfound ability to breed with losers and then cuck the taxpayers for child support. Also, families used to be effectively unionized against corporations. Mom stayed home and took care of the kids, which was way more fulfilling than most jobs. But the puppetmasters tricked women into wanting to become men. They entered the workforce and drove wages down, so that now everyone HAS to work, and for less pay! Unless of course you can get on the gibs. But access to that slop trough is administered by assorted SJWs who are a bit biased in their assessments.

How about we just burn it all down and go back to 1900 or so. It is probably going to happen one way or another. We can do it the easy way or the hard way…

90a0e5  No.2795408



You can buy 100g gold Valcambi bars and break off the mini bars, like bits of chocolate. This is more cost effective than buying tiny gold coins. There is still the acceptance issue.

I think junk silver will re-emerge as a currency. It is easily recognizable and easy to make change with. A lot of rednecks have been hoarding it ever since it went out of style. I would expect it to re-emerge in rural economies and then spread elsewhere, because its the rednecks who will have the REAL stuff that will allow everyone else to survive.

In the meantime, buying silver + gold + crypto will bring the giant ponzi one second closer to collapse, while also protecting you from lawyers and divorce rape.

Did you know there is only one ounce of investable silver per person in the world? And it is slowly ending up in the landfills, one cellphone at a time? And yet it only costs $16!

90a0e5  No.2795564


It's not just the plants, it's their connection to the grid. It requires special transformers that are very big and expensive and don't get made often, so we have no ability to mass-produce these things. If there was an EMP, the power would be out for years. By then the zombies would have wrecked everything. I somewhat remember during the later years of the Bush administration there was a bill in Congress to EMP-proof these things but it was voted down. Obama voted against IIRC. The funding would have been about as much as DC spends on hookers and blow on a Sunday morning and I remember thinking "How could they be so stupid"?

Now we know. They're not stupid. They're evil. Might be worth a dig.

344a86  No.2796046


I so agree with you. I'm shooting for about 1850, though. Prior to the Carrington Effect, the first Civil War and pesticides. Use coins for currency but value them at 100x current. Sorry about the computers (for those that like them). Maybe redevelop without spy features.

90a0e5  No.2796469


Yeah, fuck Lincoln. He gave us increased Federal power, which led to the Gilded Age, which led to JP Morgan and the Rockefellers, which led to everything else. Things would have been better overall if the Confederates had won. Slavery would still have ended within a generation or two.

Now we are going to have to go through some kind of Zombie Apocalypse. Those who manage to retreat to small self-sufficient communities and radically decentralize everything will be the survivors. They will become like the Roman-era rural estate holders who became feudal warlords and then the nobility of Europe.

ac5970  No.2797519

File: ac6a37c324623b9⋯.jpg (54.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sessions Structure.jpg)


At what point are Coincidences, Statistically impossible?




May I have your attention please?

Who is the White Rabbit?

Is he an MK Ultra victim?


"Well some of us cannibals, who cut other people open like cantaloupes."


47d336  No.2798384

File: d85b5958db12773⋯.png (137.49 KB, 1200x616, 150:77, BRICS.png)

File: 7a45ce3a0596bce⋯.png (129.98 KB, 1211x274, 1211:274, NDB New Development Bank.png)

File: 975f17a6451bd08⋯.png (109.11 KB, 1903x926, 1903:926, Technical Analysis of U.S.….png)

BRICS coming out in Front!

New Development Bank Receives AA+ Credit Rating from Fitch.

3-Aug-2018 - In its press release Fitch stated, NDB’s AA+ credit rating is driven by the intrinsic features of the Bank. Fitch considers NDB’s capitalization as excellent and risk profile as low. Fitch assesses NDB’s risk management policies as strong mainly driven by the self-imposed prudential rules that the Bank abides by, primarily on the capitalization and liquidity fronts.

NDB receives AA+ rating from S&P, cementing its access to global financial markets.

29-Aug-2018 - In its press release S&P stated, ‘The ratings reflect our opinion that NDB will establish itself as a catalyst in reducing the infrastructure deficits faced by its BRICS members.’ S&P assessed NDB’s financial profile as extremely strong reflecting its robust capitalization and ample liquidity. S&P acknowledged robust shareholder support as a key rating factor underpinning its assessment of NDB’s strong business profile.

BRICS South Africa - The Republic of South Africa is the most developed economy in sub-Saharan Africa, yet it is facing strong headwinds from slowing growth. Frequent electricity shortages complicate the challenge for the economy from the supply side.

Project Improvement for South Africa - With the objective to develop grid connection infrastructure, the NDB will provide a PFF loan of USD 180.0 million to Eskom Holdings State-Owned-Company Limited (Eskom). The PFF will support renewable energy development and reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuels. The grid connection infrastructure will be used for renewable energy projects and augmentation of the Eskom transmission network to the Soweto area.

Note: pic of the RAND is today's trading.



701505  No.2805107

File: 31dff1b496ad517⋯.png (520.68 KB, 993x468, 331:156, egs bio.PNG)

File: 5d1908e557a440a⋯.png (56.52 KB, 558x573, 186:191, altruistic agents.PNG)

File: 9a17c458941a0fc⋯.png (640.72 KB, 1800x1260, 10:7, emingun.png)


Autist level finds there anon. Thanks.

The Emin Gun Sirer popcorn drop really got me digging (and almonds activated of course), although I am not convinced I found much of anything…perheps fellow anons can connect more dots.

Sirer's writings are all seem to try to poke holes at bitcoin, and from what I can tell, not very well.

He has two papers that are cited on his bio on Cornell's website, both bitcoin related. (pic related)

The selfish-mining one has been discussed at length in the bitcoin community and seems like (although I'm not sure if theoretically debunked - Nash equilbrium may play into this though), seem to not have been a problem on an emprical basis thus far. This could be because the theory is flawed or (as he mentions in the paper, that miners with enough hash are altruistic, pic related)

The Bitcoin NG paper may be a good solution, but the general consensus is that it's far removed from the original bitcoin system. Not sure what to make of that.

I think the most interesting part is that his research is funded by the NSF (5.7B budget federal agency and DARPA).

Not sure if blackhat or whitehat.

>Disinformation is necessary.

Avalanche D5 protocol is an intriguing lead. Haven't had time to dig, but I look forward to it.

701505  No.2805133

701505  No.2805367

File: a24c5ccca4977fb⋯.png (150.45 KB, 772x480, 193:120, matthew unique vocab.PNG)


Sorry clicked post before I wrote additional comments.


Thanks for the gift anon.

The guy in the video points out statistical improbabilities of the words used in the bible and the associated numerology. I see no flaws with his analysis.

He dismisses the idea that the coincidences therein were from conspiring forces to make it that way (hinting at diving intervention, I'd guess), but I think this is perhaps the best evidence I've seen of /ourguys/ having been working behind the scenes well before we would have ever guessed.

I am not a Christian myself, but the message of Jesus is very much in line with the mentality of /ourguys/.

>Read the BIBLE.

>You have more than you know.

>This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

Pic related from video. (Matthew 21)

701505  No.2805380


Sorry clicked post before I wrote additional comments.


Thanks for the gift anon.

The guy in the video points out statistical improbabilities of the words used in the bible and the associated numerology. I see no flaws with his analysis.

He dismisses the idea that the coincidences therein were from conspiring forces to make it that way (hinting at diving intervention, I'd guess), but I think this is perhaps the best evidence I've seen of /ourguys/ having been working behind the scenes well before we would have ever guessed.

I am not a Christian myself, but the message of Jesus is very much in line with the mentality of /ourguys/.

>Read the BIBLE.

>You have more than you know.

>This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

Pic related from video. (Matthew 21)

701505  No.2805425



sorry for double post. board running slow during Q SNOW WHITE post. Autist sperged.

701505  No.2805675



>"My bum is on your lips, my bum is on your lips"

>And if I'm lucky, you might just give it a little kiss

>And that's the message that we deliver to little kids

>And expect them not to know what a woman's clitoris is

>Of course they gonna know what intercourse is

>By the time they hit fourth grade

Hidden in plain sight?


9d083a  No.2805895


Numerology is like voodoo

Shouldn't it applied to everything.

Why just particular things

Coincidence - no, but yes to selective choices

344a86  No.2806507


I am a Christian and my faith remains despite learning all these crazy things about reality. I have had a strange personal miracle related to a message God gave me. My parents anniversary is 10/17. Some years ago I had a life altering mental collapse and was hospitalized on 10/17. The course of my life changed at that point,because it changed my graduation year. Exactly 25 years to the day after that I left the hospital following a similar but "worse" mental collapse. There have been a number of other instances of that date or that clock time showing up in my life. Until I got on this board I did not connect 10/17 with letters. When I saw Q=17 I thought it might mean something. I didn't know how 10 (J) connected, however. Now I have a possible thought about it. People in this board talk about the Jewish Question. I think they are slightly off. I think it is the Jesus question, as in whether or not you choose to believe in him. You see when I thought I had failed him so badly as to be lost the number 10/17 filled me with dread, but once my faith awoke this number is a reminder of his power to change my direction in life. My daughter has a more modern Bible version that contains an interpretation of Jesus words that essentially indicates he is not of this world order. Jesus told us he is not NWO!

5ed7ab  No.2822041

File: 1acc594e486cbfc⋯.png (130.59 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 7.png)

File: 8de305c5c6ffefe⋯.png (686.46 KB, 640x894, 320:447, EminemBitcoin.png)

File: d9c47ad57984824⋯.png (64.04 KB, 686x286, 343:143, ProfessorX.png)


>At what point are Coincidences, Statistically impossible?

Just a few key coincidences should be enough for those paying attention. This caused me to consider the Avalanche paper more carefully.

I see that it has 21 pages, and the word 'structure' appears 7 times.

Those plus the Q in the URL and the reference to Avalanche, along with the timing of the release, is more than enough for me to say that this paper might just represent the future of Bitcoin. Very exciting.

I didn't want to say anything until I was sure, but when I first saw this paper, I got the same feeling I did when I first saw the original whitepaper.


>Sevens Structure

This connects some dots.

So the Bible is structured around the number 7. In fact Chuck Missler (RIP) says this:

>There is design in the very STRUCTURE of the Bible.

Going back to Bitcoin, I see now that the number 21 is actually another multiple of 7.

So this opens some doors up about numbers, primes, etc.

I was always aware of 7 itself just from being on the chans long enough, but I wasn't aware of how deep and how far back it went.


This one makes me think as well.

I wonder if the double S's has this hidden meaning wherever it is found…

But then again there is:

>Slim Shady

Checked the news for Eminem…

What do you know, a Bitcoin mention breaking today.


And then:


First name of Storm in X-Men.

X-Men reminds me of Professor X; Charles.

>Ryan X. Charles

Said that CSW is Satoshi after your post.


5ed7ab  No.2822258

File: 8fd1958b62903c8⋯.png (335.6 KB, 1616x824, 202:103, MIssler.png)

File: 965d2e6e9606f19⋯.png (480.33 KB, 868x587, 868:587, GodsHand.png)


This looks like a very interesting avenue to dig on. New doors have been opened.

Give me some time to dig and process everything (including the Avalanche paper) and I will report back with anything I have found.

>5.7 B Budget

5 + 7 = 12

12 <-> 21

Wonder if anything? Maybe nothing. Digging will probably reveal.


>Chuck MIssler

>Chuck MI


Kek. Should dig to see if WH or BH, but he does have an interesting bio.

>but I think this is perhaps the best evidence I've seen of /ourguys/ having been working behind the scenes well before we would have ever guessed.

This is what I think as well.

The Bible was written by, given structure by people who view the number 7 as important.

Sounds like something /ourguys/ would do for sure.

>Read the BIBLE.

>You have more than you know.

>This movement is bigger than anyone can possibly imagine.

This makes me think of prophecies, etc.

Certainly worth exploring. Also ties in with the Lion of Judah photo posted earlier in this thread.

Definitely something that I need to spend more time reading on.



Kek, interesting timing on those drops.

Hopefully this will clear the way for us on social media a bit.

A quick glance at the Avalanche paper reveals the words 'Snow White' and 'Ouroboros'.

Both are examples of Proof of Snake algorithms. Certainly no coincidence.

Clown fingerprints all over that, with those word choices… so this is who we are up against.

5ed7ab  No.2822647

File: 6a315609f5cee03⋯.png (68.19 KB, 832x331, 832:331, 1.png)

File: 778a689889a3db4⋯.png (57.36 KB, 692x240, 173:60, 2.png)

File: 90f6a78d86b0f7e⋯.png (196.52 KB, 756x315, 12:5, 3.png)


Very interesting notes about the date 10/17.

JQ, Jewish Question, Jesus Question.

Coincidentally, someone did some drops in the main breads about cryptocurrency, Dennis Rodman, and 'October Qth' (October 17th).

I'll have to look into this more because of what you said.

ac5970  No.2825226

File: 54f05b04b6848a7⋯.jpg (153.17 KB, 300x395, 60:79, Infernum in terra.jpg)



www. .com


Ardent Energy = Adrenochrome

Samuel Hayden = No Name

Olivia Pierce = HRC

Slayer = 4, 10, 20

A.E. Tower = CERN

2016, the most important year in Human History.


ac5970  No.2825474


"And in his terrible rancor between worlds and through time, the Hell Walker found the wretch who shall not be named, but in his heresy was loyal to his evil cause."

f334d2  No.2828056

File: 187ba2d7f627de6⋯.png (105.96 KB, 400x308, 100:77, nsasha.png)

The way it was built such LONG time ago could be explained with a rather poor metaphor.

"The house always wins."

It is set up and run so that the WORLD bank/s will ALWAYS make money of you.

And speaking of

Crypto Currency

1996, NSA. Thoughts?


faffc9  No.2830196


This is delusional at best.

Knowledge can & is stolen, patented, then sold to the consumer.

Open source of that knowledge, which can then be distributed worldwide, negates that ability to corner an entire WW market.

Enables other nations and their people to not live in poverty, enslaved to the same system.

A local community, with diverse skills, knowledge, defense, medical, values, etc. will usually be able to withstand adversity. Those odds increase with planning.

Even federal aid in times of hurricanes etc., has shown that they utilize the local distribution networks within that community.

Why do you think other nations like Saudi Arabia are sending their people to be educated in other countries ?

The answer is simple. So they can bring that knowledge back to help their people.

You need to study hurricane Katrina as one example. Combine a hurricane, with aging infrastructure to include dams, power grids, water contamination, and you are talking weeks/months/years.

This was one of the reasons I posted information on the self sustaining cities.

To start a dialog.

Governments/corporations have withheld critical technology from the masses, including free energy.

They have sold out fresh water supplies to the highest bidder.

If a city was bombed today, that entire structure completely breaks down immediately, which then promotes riots, looting, need for medical. Infrastructure is decimated.

Free energy, would eliminate the need to resort to fossil fuels or rely on existing structures.

Communities in the middle of a disaster would have electricity, heat, and I suspect water, if this technology was released.

Gold, silver, is worthless if that war rages on for years for the ordinary person. The same power structure already owns all the gold & silver.

This is but one reason I continue to question the reasoning for backing a dollar with a system (gold, silver) that they already own.

The only other thought is that if the technology exists, which I believe it does, to create unlimited quantities of various metals, then the market could be saturated. Their precious gold, silver would be useless, worth virtually nothing.

Why does a monetary system need to be backed by something ?

Right, I forgot, because it is the current system!

They would not get their share if it was not backed by what they already owned.

b69819  No.2840295

I hate to say it….but would crypto end up being the mark of the beast…they could tie it to the implanted chips they have been testing for awhile now…capable of tracking and banking all in 1

Bitcoin price is up this weekend, probably a run up while noones watching and everyone is out partying for memorial day

The price of silver has been tanked by jp morgan and at an near all time low…..best time to buy is now….jp morgan just built a silver vault and stockedpiled a ton of it…..if they are stockpiling now….means they know theres gonna be a run up….gold will probably go up too, but best bang for buck on the investment side is silver ….cant go wrong at $15 an oz

Silver and gold cant be hacked and stolen….

b69819  No.2840587


The bible prophecy being referenced is monumental. By trump recognizing jerusalem as the capital he is starting the fulfillment if a nearly 2000 year old prophecy of the rebuilding of the 3rd temple…..solomons temple and the possible second comi g of jesus and the possibility of the antichrist….the antichrist stands in the 3rd temple and claims hes god….end of days prophecy…..and its already begun….isreal minted a coin with trump and cyrus bust on them and are already in the planning stages of the temple….if kusher brings the peace deal they will start moving forward……it has huge significance

344a86  No.2840616


Intentional communities of various sorts fit the bill. In northern Missouri there are several which interact with each other to an extent. I don't favor high tech currency. I'm aware of some alternatives being used, but after a collapse I'd like to use US coins. Our dollars are so devalued that I'm guessing a dollar buys what a cent did in 1900. Another anon pointed out that everyone has change lying around and I agree. If electronic money went away and all we used was coin or low denomination paper but it purchased 100x what it does now, I think that would work.

6dfa94  No.2843855


Lets whack your hostility to one side about 'delusional'. You seem opposed to people learning with a 'just give up' message. Fuck you.

Only knowledge made public can be patented. Go ahead, try to patent my contingency plans (it's only a couple of hundred a pop). I'm got at least 20. I can adapt the rest on the fly.

And look around you, are most people the knowledgeable type? Do they look like they could give advice on how to start a fire? (I bet they would ask 'does anyone have a lighter or a match?' - what do they do when lighters and matches run out?)

Hollywood types can't cook for shit. Had a first hand account from a person who quit, said the celebrity broke down, first week (before they managed to rehire anyone) was a total mess, literally the kind who can't boil rice in a bag. Bear Grylls uses hotels and he's supposed to be their version of survivalist, so make of that what you will.

You also can't patent prior art. There's no profit in the knowledge, EG how to start a fire, because most people use electricity, and don't care.

You come into my house, you steal my supplies, but you can't steal my knowledge and if you know I could do everything from filter water to start fires, are you going to bust a cap into my ass? Maybe you could try to torture me for the information (I could just give you bogus info, you have no way to make sure just short of checking every piece) and then kill me, but then are you sure you got every piece of information?

How are you going to enforce your patents in an anarchy, anyway? Throw some contracts at me? Open-source will be useless if you have no internet and no harddrive (EMP). Even if you faraday cage a harddrive, that HDD could fail from physical blows at any time, and then what?

Q is right every battle is won before it is fought. You stick to your patents and open-source and I'll stick to my memorisation of survivalist knowledge and we'll see who comes out unscathed in the event of a massive disaster.

6dfa94  No.2843883


You're right it appears mark-of-the-beast-esque. Unique IDs for everybody! Globalist currency!

But you're wrong about gold and silver. Gold and silver can be physically stolen (it just can't be hacked or destroyed via EMP).

Don't bother burying it in some woods somewhere, because a metal detector sweep is going to find that. Even if we didn't have metal detectors, there is ground radar that detects changes in the floor (so a sudden shift would likely indicate a burial spot or hole).

And if you keep it at your house, be aware George Bush previously signed a bill allowing the US to seize anything and everything (including you - into forced labour) in the event of a disaster. So if they know you're a prepper (chances are they do) and you're using a smartphone, you're pwned (they'll merely visit your house and seize the goods, by force).

Better for preppers to NOT signal what they do and do not have.

Do not state publicly (online or off) whether or not you have:

1) Guns/ammo

2) Food supplies

3) Gold/silver/valuables

4) Other assets (EG generators, a small allotment, water filters etc)

Simply play dumb. Make yourself appear a non-valuable target. Don't even tell neighbours (or family if you can, as loose lips sink ships), because neighbours could turn on you (or tattle).

You want to behave more like a smuggler (keep it secret) during Independence Day than a shop owner. Likewise, tell other survivalists to do the same thing, don't broadcast how valuable a target you are.

faffc9  No.2847326


Well namefag where have I ever stated there should be patents ? Hint Never

Scalia was murdered just prior to hearing a case on patents.

Just about every major corporation has been seeded by governments using technology your tax dollar paid for.

The people already own the technology for that reason alone.

Resources turned over to corporations for their gain.

Where have I ever stated that knowledge is not important ? Hint Never

What I did state is that local groups/communities, would be better prepared.

Knowledge must be shared so that govs/corps cannot monopolize any industry.


If you are as prepared as you state, then an EMP should not be a hinderance to you in any way.

Get back to me when you understand money does not have to be backed by anything.

It is the system they taught you.

If you take their system away, a nations currency cannot be devalued.

You are the one stating that looting would last 1 - 3 days which has been proven to be false.

You seem to think that the feds will come to your rescue.

Sorry to tell you they will have their hands full attempting to get to your location.

A local community, purged of corruption, has been proven to be more effective.

You think you can do this all by yourself.

Perhaps you can.

I know you can't. It takes an army & a plan.

f5d3ac  No.2851736


Truth….emp could wipe it out, they could use it as a mark of the beast scenario…precious metals could get stolen….

Id rather have the ability to trade something that has physical and mo etary value for things i may need vs risking it all for something that is essentially air and no good to anyone if the power is out….and potentially trackable……if the fan explodes ill be long gone anyways….

Post last edited at

348861  No.2853964



In 2007 Karen warned the US Treasury Department and US Congress that the US would lose its right to appoint the President of the World Bank if the current American President of the World Bank did not play by the rules. The 66 year old Gentlemen’s Agreement that Europe would appoint the Managing Director of the IMF and US would appoint the World Bank President ended in 2010 http://www.imf.org/external/np/cm/2010/042510.htm

348861  No.2853977



5ed7ab  No.2856278

File: fc39bcd420325cf⋯.png (29.56 KB, 547x131, 547:131, BethesdaKnows.png)

File: 57c43039a41bbfb⋯.png (357.92 KB, 1882x686, 941:343, BethesdaBitcoin.png)

File: a103cc9408aa335⋯.png (124.12 KB, 275x412, 275:412, csw.png)

File: f3bc55565fa23fe⋯.png (411.28 KB, 867x322, 867:322, TrumpTimeMachine.png)

File: fd51ae46c731f31⋯.png (124.01 KB, 561x586, 561:586, BitcoinTimeTravel.png)



These posts sent me down a number of very deep rabbit holes. I will try to explain what I've found.

House of Mercy

Starting with the crumbs in your initial post, we can see that Bethesda, the creators of Doom 2016 are potentially /ourguys/ (img1).

I say this because only /ourguys/ would create a game where NoName and HRC are villains who create Hell on Earth trying to extract unholy forms of energy using the expertise and facilities of organizations like NASA and CERN.

Not only does this show that Bethesda might be /ourguys/, it also shows that they potentially have access to high level intel. That Bethesda was able to write about and use these topics as plot devices years ago before they were shown to the public hints at them possibly having some sort of gov connections.

Nes Nistar

Next up, is to figure out what is meant by 'Hidden Miracle.'

Well I visited www.HiddenMiracle.com and it redirects to a Bitcoin website. So I take this as meaning that Bitcoin is the Hidden Miracle.

While I do agree that Bitcoin is near a miracle, I had to think on why it would be a 'hidden' one.

Which led me to this:

>In Purim, HaShem and His hand is so hidden that His name is not even mentioned in the book of Esther. Never the less, HaShem surely delivered His people in a miraculous way. This type of miracle is called a nes nistar - נסתר נס, a hidden miracle.

This would fit Bitcoin if it implied that some of the people behind it were never named - 'His hand is so hidden that His name is not even mentioned…'

Considering that this crumb was tied in with the others, I had no choice but to consider that Bethesda was somehow involved in the creation of Bitcoin and that the hidden part referred to them not being named.

Bitcoin and Bethesda

Searching for 'Bitcoin and Bethesda' I came upon an interesting theory posted to the bitcointalk forums in 2015 (img2).


The author tries to make a case for Bethesda being behind the creation of Bitcoin, Ixcoin, and other things using coincidences and interesting ideas to tie his theory together.

It's a bit wild, and most of what he brings up can easily be explained away, but he does bring up one interesting connection concerning the founder of Bethesda:

CSW Squared

Most in the Bitcoin space would immediately recognize CSW as meaning Craig S. Wright, but it seems the author of the above theory has found another: Christopher S. Weaver.

>After his baccalaureate degree, Weaver earned dual graduate and post-graduate degrees in Computer Science and Japanese Ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University. After returning from Japan on a student exchange program and Princeton-in-Asia Scholarship, he was elected a University Scholar at Wesleyan and went on to complete an advanced dual degree (CAS) with specialty in Japanese and Physics. He also earned a graduate degree in Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Computer Science, Japanese, Physics, and Engineering. Interesting. Hallmarks of a Satoshi, but could be nothing.

On his twitter account you can see his handle contains the CSW we talk about (img3).

It also shows that he studied/works at MIT, which leads to the next point…

Trump, Tesla, Time Travel, and Bitcoin

Now we can finally move on to your second post where the Doom Slayer/Hell Walker moving through time and John G. Trump are mentioned.

Thanks to the 4chan post about Donald Trump having access to the Tesla papers through his uncle John Trump we can make some connections (posted on the 17th, img4).

Namely, we can assume that Trump (both) has/had access to interesting ideas thanks to Tesla's papers. Whether actual time travel is one of these or not is up for debate and beyond me. But let's just assume there were some advanced things in there. Maybe some of these ideas would end up providing the spark for Bitcoin in the future/past.

Next we can connect John Trump back to Christopher S. Weaver via the MIT connection. Both would have been at MIT at the same time, Trump as a professor and CSW as a student. Perhaps they stayed in touch.. shared ideas? Bethesda was founded right after the death of John Trump, which is interesting.

One last little note is of the 21e8 block that was recently created in Bitcoin (img5). The finding of this block initially led many in the space to think that this was proof of some sort of time travel, or perhaps just a quantum computer.

I couldn't find anywhere where a convincing argument was presented for either case.


Everything I just presented is a bit fanciful, and tying things together at the end was a bit tough with what I could find online, but that's where the crumbs led.

5ed7ab  No.2856320

File: 7130e4c59affeb7⋯.png (54.96 KB, 1153x215, 1153:215, 21.png)


Check the notables anon: >>2684037

In short, yes there are probably connections, and we might have found some clues to prove it.


Thanks anon. That helps reinforce the idea that I should put time into learning more about these things.


Also I know there are still some posts I haven't gotten to in this thread yet (future without money, DARPA/NSF, British crown, etc) - I plan to asap.

5ed7ab  No.2856344

File: da8dd3daad66d9d⋯.png (101.94 KB, 1455x448, 1455:448, FPWright.png)

File: acc40e5585ea6f8⋯.png (196.74 KB, 694x857, 694:857, Oct31.png)

File: df338bb6e5020a0⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1896x937, 1896:937, green.png)

And before I forget, I did find another interesting coincidence having to do with CSW.

Perhaps this proof is even bigger than I know for people who aren't yet convinced.

I went and dug up his father's veteran records and it turns out that the Bitcoin whitepaper was released on his father's birthday.

Also if you add up the digits in his father's birth year it sums to 21.

The third picture is just some guy in a green shirt that caught my eye during the latest Trump rally. No idea who it is but my autist sense tingled. It's probably nothing but I'm putting it here so that I can come back to it later if I have an epiphany.

35c274  No.2856903

ready player one//'//'//mark of the beast predicted////. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pay7BAPFrpQ

1849db  No.2857505

File: 6c61d8bb50a82f2⋯.png (51.37 KB, 879x879, 1:1, BTC TRANSPARANCY.png)

File: c53e9f0094961a5⋯.jpeg (19.83 KB, 565x315, 113:63, TRADING PLACES.jpeg)


Concept of cryptocurrency originally introduced by NSA via MIT via paper "How to Make a Mint"

Satoshi Nakamoto is a group of NSA white hats

NSA group joined in mining and spreading Bitcoin

NSA group holds large pools of BTC (this anon guesses ~33%)

Transition to new currency system (end of BIS, IMF, FED, ECB, BOE, BOJ, etc., return of sovereign currency to nations) will use BTC as supra-national reserve currency

USA still retains top dog position in reserves

New era of peace and prosperity as the money power families & crony crapitalists that are still walking around free (aren't in Gitmo) become the punch line from the movie Trading Places

1849db  No.2857526

File: 0d12af427955d19⋯.jpg (98.51 KB, 794x807, 794:807, GTFO 08.jpg)

File: 37347963d445d30⋯.png (229.53 KB, 490x516, 245:258, CIA NIGGER 01.png)




Found your family tree

Your chariot awaits