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File: a4f5241f7776bcb⋯.png (652 B, 600x600, 1:1, 600px-ICS_Lima.svg.png)

596dd6 No.2540458



25a5df No.2540531


3e367b No.2540538

File: e169b206b411ccd⋯.png (123.8 KB, 333x333, 1:1, (pepeQ_plus.png)

c4fdc7 No.2540540


f9173f No.2540541


3064fb No.2540546

¬ means negation

a2182b No.2540549

Anons ???

9c8742 No.2540552

Use pixelknot?

106d70 No.2540557

wut dis :)

305a5b No.2540558

File: e974de18f0d9d98⋯.png (316.3 KB, 994x3163, 994:3163, Screenshot_2018-08-10 An A….png)

Pastebin screencap

3e367b No.2540560


maybe not, actually

36210f No.2540562

File: 6f91c8c4b0e2515⋯.png (5.3 KB, 960x57, 320:19, International maritime sig….png)

1b9048 No.2540564


Q team has my armpits getting a lil sweaty!


80fe4e No.2540565


what is this

e95443 No.2540569

Look at tim3stamp….another 55!!!!

c4fdc7 No.2540577


¬Q=Q didn't write this.



80224a No.2540579

File: de334095fb062f4⋯.jpg (204.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Boom.jpg)


557db4 No.2540581

Why posting this, Q?


c206a3 No.2540590

I'm lost, is this saying the trip codes are easy to crack?

3064fb No.2540597

testing tripcode: #WeAReQ@Q

t. anon

5966f7 No.2540602

Read the pastebin idiots

7382ff No.2540606


from filename: ICS_Lima

image is from wikipedia

Lima = L

In harbour: "The ship is quarantined."

At sea: "You should stop your vessel instantly." Latitude (the first 2 digits denote degrees; the last 2 denote minutes.)

What ships have been quarantined????

062307 No.2540607

What's going on in here?

34522d No.2540616

File: 60b5cc05da116a6⋯.jpeg (18.32 KB, 474x355, 474:355, th (3).jpeg)

If Q writes on coconut s I will start to wonder. Soon we will reach the bottom of the rabbit hole.

9e0434 No.2540618

File: d48cf6796506d91⋯.png (2.32 KB, 960x57, 320:19, 6f91c8c4b0e251503331fb9897….png)

26d225 No.2540624

Trip has been hacked…this is not Q

25a5df No.2540641


National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)

5c20f9 No.2540642

>It is my belief that Q is a charlatan.

>It is my belief that Q is a young, untrained American man who is playing games with your faith, your hope, and your love of country, mostly because he finds it amusing. I believe he may call you to violence, not to save our home, but merely for entertainment.

fa2c8b No.2540650

It is going to be hardest for Veterans when the Awakening first comes to them. They have sacrificed life, limb, family and all measures of treasure for our Great Nation and were duped in some cases into fighting fabricated and unnecessarily prolonged conflicts. Seek them out and help them wherever and whenever you can. Veterans are our American National Treasure.

5e5923 No.2540651

Lima is the capital of Peru <filename>

e760d6 No.2540654

File: 3cd321c0c073e0e⋯.jpg (98.38 KB, 925x943, 925:943, #1atrump.jpg)

Q, where are you?

85c2e2 No.2540663


Wtf is this shit

967fb4 No.2540668


How the fuck did this ¬Q person obtain Q's password so they could post with Q's tripcode?

2da8d1 No.2540669


Note space at beginning of tripcode.

Just a slight improvement on the old 'Fake Q' LARP.

Soon, shills. Soon.

9e0434 No.2540671

Using an open source password cracker (hashcat), publicly available information, and a little guess work about Q's favored key space, a user can successfully recover all of the passwords that correspond to Q tripcodes. These are posted below in chronological order of use:

Tripcode: ITPb.qbhqo -> Password: Matlock

Tripcode: UW.yye1fxo -> Password: M@tlock!

Tripcode: xowAT4Z3VQ -> Password: Freed@m-

Tripcode: 2jsTvXXmXs -> Password: F!ghtF!g

Tripcode: 4pRcUA0lBE -> Password: NowC@mes

Tripcode: CbboFOtcZs -> Password: StoRMkiL

Tripcode: A6yxsPKia. -> Password: WeAReQ@Q

Note that Q seems to be unaware that the algorithm only takes the first 8 characters of the password and ignores the rest. In the past, Q has claimed to have baked meaning and foreknowledge of future events into these passwords, in particular, the 4pRcUA0lBE:NowC@mes tripcode-password pair. If I understand correctly, Q claims that the full password was "NowC@mesTHEP@in—23," with 23 signifying the date of an important event, but anything beginning with "NowC@mes" would yield the same tripcode signature. This weakness severely undercuts any claimed predictive power and indicates a possible intent to mislead. For example, all of the following passwords should yield the same tripcode, 4pRcUA0lBE:

NowC@mesTheKing – Q is Snoop Dogg

NowC@mesTheSun – Q is Ringo Starr

NowC@mesTheAnswer-42 – Q is Douglas Adams

These can all be tested at at minichan's tripcode test page. https://minichan.org/triptest?name=A%23NowC%40mesTheAnswer-42 .

eb0422 No.2540678


setting up a new tripcode I imagine

80224a No.2540680

Finally, Q doubters have their own board.

Good luck.

85c2e2 No.2540684

Clowns out in full attack mode…

66c3b3 No.2540686


New signature? Is that an article about to be published?

36210f No.2540687


You are the OP, you tell us, your pastebin tells the story

561735 No.2540688

RM ?

540d2e No.2540694


What the fuck just happened?!

4f6dc6 No.2540710


The new Trips has a !A at the beginning

c7b5e5 No.2540712


Try harder CIA shills! I’m not buying it!

d0f161 No.2540713

File: f07ca4f75a41673⋯.jpg (130.22 KB, 777x645, 259:215, mdstate.jpg)


Tell 'em what they've won Johnny!!


4e762c No.2540731

File: 6c64db1d59350cc⋯.png (80.07 KB, 466x818, 233:409, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at ….png)


Quarantine or "Q" flag.

Didn't the subject line just get filled in? Same trip.

956118 No.2540732


>Clowns out in full attack mode…

If this is the best ammo they have left, they should just give up. Game over

066d11 No.2540734

File: dd9a46c4ea24f12⋯.png (106.25 KB, 616x421, 616:421, ClipboardImage.png)

All this Mason bashing.

George Washington was a Master Mason.

Andrew Jackson was a Master Mason.

Benjamin Franklin was a Master Mason.

There were 13 (?) Freemasons involved in

drafting/signing US Constitution/Declaration

of Independence.

14 US Presidents were Masons.

All Masons can't be all bad, can they?

c7b5e5 No.2540735


Q always says something ahead of time……don’t buy this BS!

988edc No.2540737

File: 743017eec323a47⋯.jpg (148.28 KB, 725x1007, 725:1007, critical thinking.jpg)

enjoy the ride guys hahaha

f1de49 No.2540743


kys CTA

540d2e No.2540744


Q you wanna set this shit straight?!

6f0506 No.2540749


If you aren't full of shit, then post something on /patriotsfight/ or GTFO

4f6dc6 No.2540757


Yeah right, you faggots can't even tie your own shoes

b2dc8c No.2540766



48541d No.2540772

Space in front of Trip fake and gay.

3e367b No.2540774


not a different board, we're still on /qresearch/ here

f29d50 No.2540782


Tell us, OP

85699c No.2540784


2 nights ago I was watching a show on amc about mason, and next after that was illuminati…but back to the masons…at the end is a good monologue about how the first masons wanted to bring the LIGHT, from the darkness, said it many time…will try to sauce it.

bc9da0 No.2540785


c7b5e5 No.2540789

The boom is being lowered……must be desperate to think they can pull this off!

c206a3 No.2540791


the 23 didn't signify an important event. The number 32, if i'm correct, is symbolic in some way to the elite and flipping that to make 23 is a sly way of saying "we're not playing your game anymore" to the deep state.

I wish I could give more detail, but I don't remember all the symbolism and details about it. Maybe Q can shed some light on it.

74ddc8 No.2540792

e0f952 No.2540797

I am angry!! Where do I angry at?!

bc9da0 No.2540799


Did you guys even read the pastebin?

f29d50 No.2540802


Idiot…..you're tagged as the fucking OP

bc9da0 No.2540810

Seriously, read the pastebin. The trips are hacked. Very interesting.

988d0e No.2540815



Good lookin' out, Anon.

31f618 No.2540817

Clowns hacked Qs Trip again fucking shit .

342735 No.2540818


no he's not..

he is replying to OP for fucks sake

only newfags here?

988edc No.2540820

File: 6b692d879c66999⋯.png (2.64 MB, 3781x2702, 3781:2702, cfr-media-empire-hd.png)


we dont need to read it because we all know that MSM is fcking owned by the CFR

b6bf32 No.2540824



066d11 No.2540833


cool. thanks, fellow patriot/anon. good luck.

6f0506 No.2540834


I tagged the OP, you're not a potato, are you?

38d11a No.2540835

File: 461860d85028d2e⋯.png (434.17 KB, 491x635, 491:635, Nailed it! ! !.png)


>Note space at beginning of tripcode.

e0f952 No.2540837

Why kind of moron would come here and post a fake Q, just to insight the real Q. There will be hell to pay! This is not a game!

4f1975 No.2540838

File: 521500c60f7bf2c⋯.jpg (139.28 KB, 590x775, 118:155, fake and gay.jpg)

File: 8e91129944cbaac⋯.jpg (53.21 KB, 500x562, 250:281, faekandgay.jpg)

File: 6a966bac39c17f8⋯.jpg (934.74 KB, 2153x3024, 2153:3024, einsteinonq.jpg)

Q is not a young person. The patience and level of knowledge it would take, assuming a single person, is incredibly uncommon for a young person. The story is so complicated, that the outline seems like an enigma. No young person did this.

I think what is missing here, is the FACTS which are being uncovered. Real, or not, Q has inspired adult autists to dig and find the truth for themselves. We have. Why not focus on that?

Shills gonna shill, I guess!

aa82b1 No.2540847


how long does it take to brute force an 8 character key on a supercomputer?

f29d50 No.2540852



Apologies, anons. I've had a rollercoaster of a week IRL. Stress levels and sleep are quite disproportionate.

eba5a2 No.2540867


yeah not the same trip.

look closely anons

f1de49 No.2540874














aa82b1 No.2540875


and how long did it take from the trip change to the crack?

d0f161 No.2540887


WOW! All this for a LARP!!

They're all going to turn BLUE when the STATES roll RED. 11/6 Victory! 11/11 GLORY!

ae0b59 No.2540889

An Appeal to Patriots Q !A6yxsPKia.

132111 No.2540890

For how long has the Trip been hacked? Or did the latest Q+ post trigger this last pastebin post as a retaliation?

The password length ignorance is troubling but not alarming. Best case scenario Q quickly gets a new Trip in. But.. we can never really be sure if the new Q is the real Q since the password was let out before the trip change…

quite a pickle…

Or.. operations are over, self destruction like Q has said before.. not sure

6f0506 No.2540892


Kek. They're attacking the /patriotsfight/ board now, fucking faggots.

342735 No.2540897


no worries at all, anon - these are obviously extenuating circumstances..

stay the course


this was a very poor attempt on their part, unconvincing to anyone with a brain

9a4962 No.2540901


Wtf is happening in this thread? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

49a35b No.2540903

File: 409694fdb9e1c8f⋯.png (86.9 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

46f467 No.2540913

File: 7b8d8a7dc8cdd9f⋯.png (1.87 KB, 710x23, 710:23, Screenshot_2018-08-10 An A….png)

Strength Test

8115fd No.2540916

File: 22275193bf4a601⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1584x4553, 1584:4553, 0_Jews_Do_Control_The_Medi….png)

File: bab9e839f09d4af⋯.png (380.32 KB, 1224x3360, 51:140, 1_Jewish_Supremacism_Issue….png)

File: f77e6bb6c4874e3⋯.jpg (111.23 KB, 634x555, 634:555, 1528582550160.jpg)

File: b27be26c6331972⋯.png (2.32 MB, 3580x1252, 895:313, Jews_Immigration_And_Natio….png)

File: cc2621cb464eff9⋯.jpg (189.35 KB, 900x1046, 450:523, jews_Migrants.jpg)

Frenly reminder that jews control the fake news violence inciting treasonous media. Pic related 1.


Reminder that the problem is not jews per-se, it is unchecked jewish supremacism and subversion. Pic related 2.

Remember this:

-Jewish money and lobbies can’t buy off a redpilled general population's ire.

-Redpilling the gen pop is the best deterrent to jewish-supremacism, just like a 2A is the best deterrent to an armed invasion.

That being said, remember this:

"There are plenty of people of Jewish descent who do not support Israel, who are not wealthy slumlords, who are not racist, and who exhibit in all spheres the solidest of moral character. But where are they when the Collective Jewish Body speaks, acts, and oppresses in their name? If the Jewish community dictates a “community of fate” by bloodline, surely all those of even partial Jewish heritage have a stake in raising critical voices against the steamroller that claims them."

Non-subversive jews need to refuse to stay silent about jewish supremacism and subversion, because in their particular case, silence is consent.

Basically, non-subversive jews have to REFUSE to continue to be the human shields of the jewish interest groups that subvert the Western nations in their name (which is ALL of them), and the way they need to do it is to ACT against them, legally of course, by speaking out against them using every channel of communication available to them and presenting the verifiable proof that jewish interest groups have engaged and continue to engage in subversive activities, as well as start to organize groups that pro-actively speak out against the subversive jewish groups, and making the names of the members of said anti-jewish interest groups groups public. Off course that would mean that said jewish interest groups would target them, but the truth of the matter is, and I say this as a statement of fact and NOT a threat, if non-subversive jews don’t speak out and organize against the jewish interest groups, they will be targeted (legally and perhaps otherwise, I fear) by the patriots who are sick and tired of the subversive interest groups.

Pic related 3, 4 and 5 are excellent examples of why this is necessary, and it WILL happen, one way, or another.

In case you have trouble reading ANY image in the board: right click the image and select the option "open in new tab" or "open in new window", then you will be able to zoom in all the way on it.

f9173f No.2540919

File: 5d9a3187eb1a57a⋯.png (311.09 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_0302.PNG)

File: 24ac962bedb889e⋯.png (168.13 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_0303.PNG)

Fake Q and Real Q


23a361 No.2540923

looks like a neet brute forced a password

0471bc No.2540925


This proves Jack Posobiec is Q. How else would he have Q's trip? He's proving it. Future proves past.

6f0506 No.2540931


I got a bad gateway when reloading.

f29d50 No.2540943


a1ed7c No.2540948

File: 712e6d3bfc57785⋯.jpg (142.85 KB, 1523x703, 1523:703, trip cracked.JPG)


did you open the pastebin

this anon has fucking cracked the password

988d0e No.2540950

File: 08c8212daff7e31⋯.jpg (69.37 KB, 720x724, 180:181, 38652724_2299645126719897_….jpg)

48541d No.2540951

Posting in fuckup bread!

0669e1 No.2540954

BO says its been blacklisted as of 13:18 EST

38d11a No.2540957


8115fd No.2540958

File: 82b6eac1a8f1540⋯.png (819.08 KB, 830x911, 830:911, 1.png)

File: 3827c8a8965f3a3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1091x4694, 1091:4694, Canada_jews_pedos.png)

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, Israel_Pedos.jpg)

File: 53474c24a2e795f⋯.png (539.65 KB, 1005x3784, 1005:3784, Rabbis_from_hell.png)

File: b7e59dd18019891⋯.png (573.88 KB, 817x5736, 817:5736, Rabbis_from_hell_2.png)


Shit up kike, plenty of people in 4c have cracked the trips.

JP is an oven dodger who will get what he deserves.

5c20f9 No.2540959


How else? Through guessing and brute force analysis.

Doesn't take that much time with only 8 characters and a known dictionary.

4f1975 No.2540964

Thats it! MAGA repossesses Israeli military equipment and forces open borders and upon Israel. A generation of raping and pillaging and many of our problems are solved.

458b0f No.2540988

Q is in control

This was expected and accounted for.

8115fd No.2540993

File: a342d4105359b4d⋯.jpg (154.02 KB, 765x1178, 765:1178, ISIS_Says_Sorry_To_Israel.jpg)

File: aedd4f25b64661c⋯.png (602.62 KB, 757x827, 757:827, Israel_Helps_ISIS_1.png)

File: c1652e60fa1bbaa⋯.png (1.99 MB, 791x7652, 791:7652, Israel_Helps_ISIS_With_Cas….png)

File: 19e07db02f30e1d⋯.png (167.2 KB, 665x610, 133:122, Israel_Wants_ISIS.png)

File: f412d7f8caae054⋯.png (548.62 KB, 634x1482, 317:741, Israel_Wants_ISIS_2.png)


Make Israel Glass/Ashes

5e1150 No.2541025

>>2540734 Exactly!

b6bf32 No.2541032


ThanQ BO!

0669e1 No.2541039

Everyone check patriots fight

Q !A6yxsPKia. 08/10/18 (Fri) 13:24:24 No.132

We are under HEAVY attack.

AB[C] took control.

Tripcode compromised.

No. 131 Last.



a4c96c No.2541046


I read the pastebin, the only problem is some people like me can confirm Q is legit and have personally been greatly impacted by the massive forces of the U.S. military due to it. Heck I even met a Q and can confirm they are Military Intelligence…. so what am I saying? well… shills gonna shill I suppose. good luck getting people off this ship tho!

8115fd No.2541060

File: 1efa91cecda0404⋯.png (116.14 KB, 652x652, 1:1, 1_Neocons_Trotskyites_1.PNG)

File: ada0c3ec5e212a6⋯.png (111.92 KB, 625x674, 625:674, 1_Neocons_Trotskyites_2.PNG)

File: 52d9a20421f48a2⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 1912x4168, 239:521, Marxism_Jews_Trotsky_Neoco….gif)

File: 25b17b4635e6d63⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 420x291, 140:97, War_Makers_1_Saddam.jpg)

File: 2f46ea97cdfb4b2⋯.jpg (292.26 KB, 1200x937, 1200:937, War_Makers_4_Iraq_25_Most_….jpg)

Kikes are afraid :DDDDD

Neocons are Israel first communist traitors who will get the rope :DDDDD

c7e71c No.2541061


c7e71c No.2541071


awww they already took it away.

i was gonna have some fun

004f26 No.2541084



Fuckin clowns playing Anonymous.

4924e7 No.2541092


Wait, what….care to elaborate?

c9809a No.2541097

File: a9e7164b7eccbe5⋯.jpg (59.54 KB, 521x500, 521:500, CLOWNS ARE FUCKED BUH BYE.jpg)

File: b60b36071869443⋯.png (468.41 KB, 506x665, 506:665, Cabal clowns 2 .png)

File: 469dd8fd97caa78⋯.jpg (140.9 KB, 690x389, 690:389, 28wyv5.jpg)

File: 7cc6da43e58ce2e⋯.jpg (143.3 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 27aggo.jpg)



2bdf9d No.2541098

sit tight, nerds.. we knew this was coming.. Q will update on PR.. these fucks are all out war

f8a0f3 No.2541105

▶Q !!mG7VJxZNCI 08/10/18 (Fri) 19:26:08 No.133




c5e800 No.2541118


Except that if you look at qanon.app, this post is showing up, as are the ones by anons who tested the password in the pastebin article.

Whoa, Q just posted on PatriotsFight, new trip code, check it out

e0b2a2 No.2541122

We must be getting very close to the big show if they are going this far. Stay united Patriots!

5e5923 No.2541129

File: df7766e6861e079⋯.png (16.33 KB, 324x245, 324:245, ClipboardImage.png)

e3d765 No.2541144

The last password had the letters WAR Q in caps

f8a0f3 No.2541155

If the C_A is comped, that means the US still don't have control, means it's being run out of London.

That is an absolute act of war.

I am UK but my leaders are committing treason against the people.

Trump must DECLAS and declare war on the UK and ask for immediate surrender.

62d043 No.2541163

Q is a LARP. Robert Cicetti posted this. I am not an anon.

1f9d64 No.2541166

Black hats

Disinformation paste in

Desperate to control narrative

Course correction


cdda55 No.2541185


49a35b No.2541195

File: 23a62f33af402a3⋯.png (417.23 KB, 500x750, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

38d11a No.2541210

File: 57a114ee08a429a⋯.png (51.33 KB, 506x515, 506:515, ClipboardImage.png)

e0b2a2 No.2541214

Q - If they can hack that easily, (maybe it wasn't easy) but how can we know and trust the information we are getting from this point forward? Is what the pastebin said about the password true? If it is, then the board is comped and we are pretty much finished here.

We need direction, now. What do we do?

5e5923 No.2541226

File: e9f859093b27218⋯.png (27.71 KB, 392x346, 196:173, ClipboardImage.png)

a4c96c No.2541229

File: ad9a75194d2d06a⋯.jpg (679.71 KB, 1296x619, 1296:619, night with q.jpg)


I figured someone would call me a shill but I get an actual bite out of that? Then you get the proof sir! haha https://twitter.com/watkins_2 Click the pinned link at the top for the summary on my life as a cult victim. - the good guys took special care with me cause I'm one of the MK ultra victims (filmed sacrifice)- and as Q said "no outside comms" and indeed, all comms with me have been through 8chan (usually through titles and proxy) but I can to some extent prove it through posts - anyway, go there or don't I just wanted to respectfully reply to you.

f8a0f3 No.2541234

New trip has two exclamations.

More secure.


e4210d No.2541237

File: 9a10170afb2bf98⋯.png (128.64 KB, 1657x820, 1657:820, Sketch.png)

This is part of the plan. I think there are hints in the passwords.

38d11a No.2541239


Trust yourself

a998a2 No.2541242

Deep State going down hard! Scared and desperate. Enjoy hell you scum! God has already won, from the beginning. Again, enjoy hell!

56cc6e No.2541274

What to make of this? Interesting day.

c7e71c No.2541281


The real hint comes when you decrypt the latest tripcode using the instructions provided.

notQ always delivers.

3064fb No.2541294

ayy lmaos are real

66827a No.2541298


In the immortal words of Douglas Adams (see what I did there?):

DON'T PANIC! (In nice, big, friendly letters)

bb0737 No.2541300


It's like these clowns forget there's proofs

Nothing but concern fagging. Doesn't touch a single proof.

Just like every other MSM hit piece.

Also hot of the heels of HRC Village stealing discussions?

Shills wasting whatever free time they have left in this world. SMH.


cf326b No.2541303

Anons just as Q tripcode fuckery

Husband yells

TV automatically switches to internet

Some website GOV tries to load

Can't load -goes back to satellite?????


d36f72 No.2541306

dont forget people, we still have /patriotsfight that's not comp'd

1aa67f No.2541311

Q didn't post this. It was the CLOWNS!!!


004f26 No.2541313

File: e184ac26bdb6542⋯.jpg (29.28 KB, 640x427, 640:427, IMG_20180804_201120.jpg)

7f3a64 No.2541340


can we get this thread locked

faggotry afoot here.. no need to be divided on threads

f9cad2 No.2541346



We are under [extreme] heavy attack by [3] intel agencies [Foreign & Domestic].

We are in comm/coordination w/ necessary division(s).




f8a0f3 No.2541354

File: 0a007083e20dd94⋯.jpg (144.18 KB, 1080x558, 60:31, Screenshot_20180810-193642….jpg)

New Q on PA.

cf326b No.2541360



f8a0f3 No.2541383

Posting seems slow.

Assume internet down in many places.

UK reporting in.

Can all wings report in?

Its happening.

ee002b No.2541386


Hi Alan, Hope you're doing well and staying safe. Thank you for teaching us the "language."

09bd3d No.2541395

File: 0da9a81f315047a⋯.jpg (23.86 KB, 400x225, 16:9, moldybread.jpg)











f71d85 No.2541410

hi mom, I'm Q!

cf326b No.2541416



TV hacked at exact same time

Anyone else????

a4c96c No.2541461


np : ) I was actually on the board cause I thought Q was trying to tell me something in code that I just wasn't reading correctly,and just checking to see if I missed a message, but then it turns out the damn trip got hacked! yeesh! well, I'm still ok and I hope you are doing well as well.

f8a0f3 No.2541474

Global internet problems.

UK still up.

If you see this post, stay strong, stay United.

God bless POTUS, Q team and all anons.

The countdown is at zero.

This is their last stand.

(Subs are hot)

e0f952 No.2541480

United States, Missouri - Reporting In.

a1ed7c No.2541488


You are just a naughty little boy

now go to your room!

7719bf No.2541517

Slow, but online here in OK

c9809a No.2541522

File: a3edaf0a6e8d4e3⋯.png (197.56 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Brennen checker.png)

File: 4682abc42a1e572⋯.png (198.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals McStain Checker.png)

File: ef244b740483d99⋯.png (196.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No Deals Comey.png)

File: 76cd2e35fc6a76d⋯.png (197.58 KB, 500x500, 1:1, No deals Hillary checker.png)

72c38c No.2541524




Do you really believe that it took clowns almost a year to figure out the info contained within that pastebin link? Not a chance. Begs the question, why wait until now? Why wait and let the movement grow and solidify before dropping info that, at the end of the day, doesn't refute a single thing that Q has said? All it does is show that some NEET with a hashcracker can impersonate Q's trip more easily that some anons perhaps thought…a claim which is essentially nullified by Q having sole ownership and posting ability on /PF/.

This doesn't smell right. Part of the show?

85413f No.2541542


Which Dr Sterling?

Organ Harvest Dr Sterling


or MKUltra school shooting therapist Dr Sterling?


e0b2a2 No.2541547


You will lose Clowns. We Patriots are united and NOTHING will divide us. Post Fake Q all you want. Shut down the board. Shut down the internet. All you are doing is proving to us that we are RIGHT. Because we are right, we will Stand! YOU CANNOT WIN. We have already won. God gave us our POTUS and Q Team and We WILL WIN!!

f8a0f3 No.2541548

File: 044551deee07b9f⋯.jpg (313.29 KB, 1080x1263, 360:421, Screenshot_20180810-194308….jpg)

Last three PA posts.

That's two wings reported. Thank you chaps.

Is it just the three of us online?

e3d765 No.2541550

Iowa online

3e367b No.2541578


>Trump must DECLAS and declare war on the UK and ask for immediate surrender.

that'd be purdy Stormy indeed

but ok

let's do it

3064fb No.2541580

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cdda55 No.2541595

get off this board. it's useless

fa716b No.2541609


Socal here

5cf0ef No.2541612

Driving S on 95

Near Quantico exit.

Bizarre accident. Says we will be stuck 1. Hr.

Praying for all..

f8a0f3 No.2541618


Good man.

We've lost Europe, main centres of CONUS, most of UK and the rest of the other continents by the looks of it.

782888 No.2541619

8c1a55 No.2541668


Ontario, Canada online

ee002b No.2541669


Yes! It's happening!!

7d59b9 No.2541675


It's a naval flag. Means 'stop your vessel immediately.'

f8a0f3 No.2541685



Thank you.

Please relay anything you can, there may still be eyes on, no posting capacity.

We need to report anything we can if the posting is restricted and assume others can only see.

Make sense?

f8a0f3 No.2541706


Good to see Canadanon

7719bf No.2541714

File: 4220ee28c19abb8⋯.png (19.99 KB, 1166x234, 583:117, Q81028134455.png)

113c6b No.2541715

qpostsDOT ONLINE Q is still posting you guys arnt seeing it weve been fucked full scale attack net going down cell service next BUG OUT

f4352a No.2541744

File: 2c770f19046cd7d⋯.jpg (302.49 KB, 444x831, 148:277, 2018-08-08 09.51.31.jpg)

File: a706503ee2be6aa⋯.jpg (578.75 KB, 707x1131, 707:1131, 2018-08-03 21.58.19.jpg)

975d70 No.2541751


Your post is showing on qmap.pub quit posting. >>2541580

f8a0f3 No.2541754

File: 93bca297ad0d9af⋯.jpg (115.86 KB, 1080x451, 1080:451, Screenshot_20180810-195135….jpg)

Reporting multiple captcha on mobile.

Hard to post.

Assuming that others cannot post.

New Q on PA.

a4c96c No.2541755


I got one code that made me think I needed to pack my stuff and get ready to go, but I've tricked myself into thinking that far too many times now to actually be sure of it. Well, if it happens it happens : ) I hope you are right that it's sooner rather than later but I'm as patient as can be sir. And can wait as long as needed!

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