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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

731e2c No.262230

The People dreamed this country. The People built this country,



>https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf


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c0c4be No.262244

I think these 43 FREEDOM_ stringers are more important than we realized.

POTUS said in the SOTU near the beginning, "the people are the key". I believe that something expired on Feb 1st. Whether it was a contract or Fed related or something to do with an NDA, I do not know. But I am sure that it is significant, that it involves the 43 stringers, and that we must find it and publicize it to trigger some action.

For instance, suppose it was a monopoly agreement. It has expired but the USA and the other side are just continuing along as if it was still in place. If we find out what it is, and publicize it, the monopoly ends and some key commodity or product is suddenly freed from monopoly constraints. Petroleum? Natural gas? Is it a family of patents?

Why are we now free?

Because if we do not know WHY and HOW we are free, then we are not free at all.

f3d05a No.262249

File: 40cb57367b78c13⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, gofyourself.jpg)

when you fight bullshit with bullshit you get horseshit, plan ahead

28b9e2 No.262253

I'm Scared.

13dc96 No.262254


Funny saying on the meme!

1d41a7 No.262255


It'll be okay anon…. we have Q and Jesus on our side!

a3d131 No.262256

Anyone look into Comey's wife?

Comey's wife of 30+ years is Patrice Failor:

"Has a master's degree in counseling and has worked as a court-appointed special advocate in juvenile court. In 2016, Comey attended to watch her testify in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee about the need for greater support for neglected children. Failor and Comey have also been foster parents to several children over the years."

"Failor is also a former Bridgeport Superior Court volunteer. As per her status on her Facebook account, Failor is also a foster parent. She has served as a guardian ad litem for the foster kids and works with aging out foster kids in her community."

She was also in the Peace Corps and at one point worked in Sierra Leone.

b6e512 No.262257


Of what, anon?

8fde93 No.262259


And the planes at Pentagon and Shanksville? Still missing. Planes can't disappear into steel beams. We only know what we saw on TV.

f3d05a No.262260


i voted johnson

dddc1b No.262261


Being at night, and cellphone cameras it is not likely to see a bullet.

There is a video of a water bottle "jumping" within the venue, obviously got hit.

The evidence of bullets are plenty, except from the hotel window.

e487f7 No.262262

File: 3c452a5dab0ea85⋯.png (53.41 KB, 514x809, 514:809, onward anon soldiers.PNG)

3c548d No.262263

File: 6ed10df9ecd2da8⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, McC_Sauce_Flush.jpg)

96220e No.262264


Glad to see some good reporting on those people.

Well done, Anon.

df1599 No.262265

File: 4694c7217c671c8⋯.jpeg (95.23 KB, 1151x991, 1151:991, D9AAF517-1845-4A9A-B4BC-C….jpeg)

File: 0013ad2e5d1491c⋯.jpeg (51.16 KB, 590x393, 590:393, 638D2147-F362-4BB5-9470-1….jpeg)

File: e33cbbeebd24525⋯.jpeg (125.57 KB, 500x976, 125:244, 77AD3F61-E812-4005-BF46-F….jpeg)

File: 59ad81f70196ff9⋯.jpeg (129.26 KB, 500x976, 125:244, A34D32F8-5AA1-468C-8137-7….jpeg)

File: 6f31f5831593a7d⋯.jpeg (131.32 KB, 500x976, 125:244, A9FA01C6-0D07-4FA5-A926-9….jpeg)


Thank you baker for your preparation.

1d41a7 No.262266


I only said the planes hit the towers… I never said anything about planes in Shanksville or the P-gon… thats a…different story and it has to do with a certain white 747.

b6e512 No.262267


Their first-born son died really young.

731e2c No.262269

File: 27fcfcb2332bcc1⋯.jpg (12.55 KB, 480x360, 4:3, daleGribblejpg.jpg)

5378c3 No.262272

Comedy is pushing major signals and the table has been set for a major F2F to happen tomorrow. Please make sure to mention to family and friends, "geez, if something happens at the super bowl.. you can bet your ass it's Hillary Obama & Co covering up their crimes!" That way if some shit does go down… just fuckin redpilled 50+ normies instantly

28b9e2 No.262273


The SB LII…, these souls reptilian haven't a heart..

15f744 No.262274


What? Every jail i have ever been in has a toilet out in the open and doors only close at night. So during the day you are shitting in front of everyone and at night u only shit in front of your cell mate.

In fact i was in dc lockup a few times when i was younger and in a holding cell with a toilet in the corner and wide open room full of dudes watching peolle shit and piss.

f2b8be No.262275

Are we able to use military courts just based on the fact that we are under a national emergency?

bac70c No.262276


Mentioned it before but not sure if anybody noticed the grass runway very close to the coordinates..

12e9d3 No.262277


Correct. NSA and ATT are bed partners.

a27edc No.262278

File: 4002112716363c8⋯.jpg (84.84 KB, 960x720, 4:3, fear-is-the-path-to-the-da….jpg)


Fear not, the future is not here now.

8fde93 No.262279


These were the videos from the FBI cleanup in daylight OP was referring to. Not a single bullet hole on the stage roof or VIP tents.

I saw the water bottle…that's the only possible evidence I saw..but oddly near a group of guys chilling and smoking totally unconcerned with bullets and dead bodies around them….too bizarre to be read.

7c8cc1 No.262280

help stooopid newfag. where the hell can i find the pic of POTUS sitting at table with pen staring hard at camera with generals and staff surrounding?? Need that badass pic.

a3d131 No.262281


Yeah 9 days old from Strept B. She wrote an article about it.

http:// articles.baltimoresun.com/1995-09-13/news/1995256217_1_collin-infection-baby

dddc1b No.262282


Agreed, planes did hit towers. (at least the second one i witnessed)- Was in NJ across Hudson bay. Seen #2 get hit, heard jet sounds and impact sounded right.

Shit and fire came out the other side, but i cannot confirm the model/make of plane, it was a big one though.

eac09f No.262283

File: 0bdc8b2d3c22ba2⋯.jpg (558.21 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 8.jpg)

df1599 No.262285



749b1c No.262286

2bfcac No.262287

File: 415bdb67df3f56d⋯.jpg (66.78 KB, 792x534, 132:89, t1.JPG)


These people are stupid

b6e512 No.262288


Ugh, I know. I sometimes hate only being able to dig and meme.


^^^^^^^^^ This anon has it right though.

In the meantime, trust POTUS and the MIL to handle it the best they can.

df1599 No.262289


Times up

f2b8be No.262290


But what has to happen for the state secret privilege to be invoked?

dddc1b No.262291


I really looked for stage roof damage, saw none.

Some holes for hanging equipment. But not bullet proof.

Those rednecks shoot shit all day at home, and are drunk. They were obviously "once removed" from reality. I don't think it registered that the bottle jumping was not someone wanting to shoot water bottles.

f9d4e9 No.262293


There's a Y on his head

1d41a7 No.262294


Now thats not to say there weren't explosives in the towers or Bldg. 7 to help the process along… but there were tons of people who got fried in the lobbies of the towers that day by the falling elevators literally sucking hundreds of gallons of jet fuel down with them. You can't explain that with bombs as the only source of the destruction.

f3d05a No.262295

File: c26661c817c0905⋯.jpg (15.37 KB, 173x255, 173:255, corn.jpg)

what is corny on the inside is corny on the outside too, eventually ~egyptian proverb

f029f8 No.262296

File: df483518c36f832⋯.png (334.91 KB, 639x457, 639:457, 788b126e75589145274daa3bd2….png)

f9d4e9 No.262297

3593cd No.262298


Don't know if it has anything to do with the stringers but the first thing that popped into my head was Tesla and the free electricity that come from the ground and the sky. Next I thought of the grid of triangles that circle the globe and line up with pyramids, Hopi settlements, cities with Star in their names and the alleged flight path for sun god Apollo.

Sry, Free Association.

06561b No.262299


Shitposting par excellence, love it!

f2b8be No.262300

Do we have any legalfags lurking tonight?

How do we connect Reynolds v US, State Secret Privilege, and military court?

d8b950 No.262301

File: 0ea9ee16b9e93a7⋯.png (7.77 KB, 547x99, 547:99, Capture.PNG)

Do we have a master list of Loop Capital connections? Here's three more to add to the 43

071a98 No.262302

File: c1b6f0d8945f771⋯.jpg (31.35 KB, 544x183, 544:183, Untitled copy.jpg)

Seven Clans Red Lake is within the Canadian Shield…. Red Shield?

Also, their logo… RED number 7 and RED "SEVEN"

I just keep thinking "No Coincidences"

687f85 No.262303


Time Disposal no coincidences

dddc1b No.262304


I remember bldg 7 "shooting windows and debris" before it fell.

Controlled demolition was the ONLY explanation.

And noting the way the towers fell, no doubt there either. The collapse started ABOVE the impact areas.

52164b No.262305


I think we're giving the 43 _Freedom drop too much attention. It is by far the most picked at post to date and we have made no meaningful progress at extracting codetext from it. If its truly important we understand it, Q would throw us a bone after over a month and many thousands of man hours staring at it.

b6e512 No.262306


And the next year, he was appointed to the Whitewater Committee…

d5c511 No.262307



Former Metropolitan Police Department chief Cathy Lanier resigned from her post the month after Rich’s murder to accept a position running security for the National Football League. She sits on the Washington Police Foundation board alongside Heather Podesta, the D.C. power broker who was married to Clinton campaign chief John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony.

In 2014, Lanier was honored on ELLE magazine’s list of the ten most powerful women in Washington alongside top Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and longtime Clinton friend and informal adviser Neera Tanden. Other honorees included NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue and Obama Cabinet official Penny Pritzker.

https:// bigleaguepolitics.com/seth-rich-police-chief-hobnobbed-clinton-campaign-dnc-officials-photos/

this smells big time

6ba1d4 No.262308


https:// www .ebay.com/i/162840670898?chn=ps

its just two lines like rectangles

d8b950 No.262310

File: 2d4bb91f915d9d1⋯.png (6.31 KB, 485x109, 485:109, Capture.PNG)


Here's another one

df1599 No.262311


state secret privilege



4f5118 No.262312

Comey's postings are sounding more and more psychotic

27956e No.262313

File: 993df990720ad98⋯.gif (13.87 KB, 937x705, 937:705, BlackWhite.gif)


f2b8be No.262314


Will McCabe, Comey, etc be tried in military court then? Bc we cant trust FBO and DOJ?

f85b12 No.262316


Amazing how many of these people have dead children. Statistically unusual.

f9d4e9 No.262317

oh no the shills are here

129e6d No.262318


The videos at ae911truth.org are good material for understanding the demolition viewpoint.

df1599 No.262319


Loop Capital

Keeps coming round


and round

1d41a7 No.262320

File: 023e00c7d0b73a6⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, maxresdefault.jpg)


This is your guy when it comes to Building 7. Probably rigged the detonators himself.

15f744 No.262321


It never ceases to amaze me how many people believe th official 9/11 narrative. It really puts things into perspective how easy it is to fool the majority of people. Imagine all the lies they got away with before then, before video and photography.

Wew lads.

dddc1b No.262322


I trust Q in this, because:

1. he said we are safe.

2. he mentioned FF's

But that does not discount the fuckery that will likely be ATTEMPTED.

Might be scary. But WILL be safe.

The good guys have to allow the bad guys to do bad things before they get arrested, but the bad thing will "fail".

That's my take on it.

4f5118 No.262323


Comey's wife sounds like a child trafficker. That's it!

d53cf3 No.262325


You, my friend, are a Clown.

df1599 No.262326






a3d131 No.262327

I wonder if this is another one of Comey's coded messages:

https:// www.instagram.com/p/Bewk1QogKoM/

795f27 No.262328

File: 67c626c0ce62e9f⋯.png (423.29 KB, 982x677, 982:677, Screenshot 2018-02-03 at 1….png)

My favorite: cheekyvideos.net/murdoch/Episode%2010%20%20When%20My%20Brothers%20Finally%20Wake%20Up.html

Wake Up America!

c0c4be No.262329


But Q did throw us a bone. He gave us the flag named FREEDOM_.png to draw attention to it. We already know that we need to regularly reread ALL of the drops to find things because the future proves the past. That means that things we were confused by in the past, become clearer in the future when we have knowledge informed by events.

We got the flag message from Q and we know that Feb 1st is a significant date, but so far some connection hasn't been noticed. It may be another drop or two. Or maybe one of the 43 is easier to solve and will open the rest for us.

dddc1b No.262331


The columns standing were cut at 45deg angles, facilitating a sliding effect of the beam after shape charges cut thru, there is no "collapse" explanation for this on every major supporting structure.

it was "pulled" on purpose.

2c5e59 No.262332


yesterday was Janet Yellen's last day as head of Federal Reserve…

89e1e6 No.262333

File: e6e84326178c8ac⋯.png (83.17 KB, 1433x954, 1433:954, Info.png)

Since today I am a bit lazy, I have not done a side by side of messages obtain the markers from POTUS' own tweets.

If you don't agree the way I have done it, that's fine. You can do it yourself better.

Anyway, I think this is POTUS' subyacent message of the day.


dc3561 No.262337

Before the quill shill storm, there was diggin related to "Trump(ing) their "sacred cow""…

Must've been over the target with that or another topic to bring in the devil's minions.

A few interps of what the sacred cow is, HRC & BHO mainly.

Just thought I'd remind anons where the Light was before the clouds came

8fde93 No.262338


Would have been rigged ahead of time I'd think…though they did have all day on Bldg 7…but it's no easy undertaking.

a98fc7 No.262339


Me too…me too. Youd have to be crazy not to be scared.

28b9e2 No.262340


The next is powell?, right?

f2b8be No.262341


Thank you.

f3d05a No.262343

File: 2a078941f7ecb5a⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 203x255, 203:255, huevon.jpg)

the savages want the memo

bac70c No.262344

Can anybody else see jordys tweets? I’m not registered but was able to see all his tweets earlier today.. now can only see one and says they will be closed till the 28th for in service training?

15f744 No.262345


Lol. Hes acting. You guys are so gullible. You act like you know the truth but all you know are MSM talking points. Truth is u dont have a clue what the truth is.

aa21ec No.262346


He deletes his tweets after 24 hours

8f7c04 No.262347


Could also prepare them by twatting any dirt you can find on G4S.

b6e512 No.262348


I know some pretty woke ppl, and even they won't make this leap. Selectively open minds, I guess.

947ec4 No.262349


I saw the angles cut on the beams in some of the footage after the bldgs fell…seemed very strange at the time.

Not the way to cut for hauling…

Also, the molten metal for days/weeks…jet fuel heating metal to a molten state? And staying that way for weeks?


8fde93 No.262351

File: 739fbaf1bfe57dc⋯.png (292.02 KB, 600x399, 200:133, comey hillary.png)


There's one on display in the lobby of the new 911 museum…I refused to pay to see it, but noticed through the window.

4d0b0f No.262352


You have to keep up with them. He keeps deleting them

12e9d3 No.262353


He deletes his tweets sometimes in a matter of minutes. There is no rhyme or reason that I can find, but not followed him all that long.

902c6e No.262354

>>262339 There is no courage without fear. Rejoice at the chance to grow your character!

Ima back to lurking now . . .

dddc1b No.262355


The FBI fingerprints are all over it along with the CiA & Mossad. INCLUDING the first bombing of the towers in the 90's.

I hope Trump lets it out, all the way to JFK.

At least about the shit we been lied to about publicly. It is "fake news" at it's best.

2c5e59 No.262356




https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/02/02/yellen-exits-the-fed-today-amid-both-heavy-praise-and-bitter-criticism.html

02da69 No.262357


Amen bro. He literally seems like he's disconnected from reality. Maybe it's bc he knows he's gonna get the death penalty.

15f744 No.262358


Gee do i want to know what quill was? I had to do normie stuff and missed all the action?

129e6d No.262359



Have you guys seen the ATC and cell phone studies as well?

1d41a7 No.262361


Awww you found me! GFYS

52164b No.262362


I agree that we just need to revisit it when we have more world event information to map to it. That flag.png was analyzed about as thoroughly as we could and nothing meaningful was discovered.

The apache - Fisa Court authorization extension bill connection on the other hand, i found very interesting and fertile.

34e713 No.262363

File: 221ae19682107cd⋯.jpg (82.53 KB, 700x525, 4:3, ffdb6a25351864cda3262b47ab….jpg)

File: 5a82f79967d9087⋯.jpg (23.75 KB, 620x376, 155:94, mk.jpg)

825f84 No.262364


Well, you'll only do that once.

dddc1b No.262365


Yellen be Gellen!

(remember the Gel Dr.Scholls commercials?)

She's walkin!

OK. Perhaps I am the only anon that would think that is funny…

419ca1 No.262367


If high grade kerosene could operate well as a demolition tool for building girders…..why do they use the more expencive thermite?

d53cf3 No.262368


I am amazed at how people accept what the media spoon-feeds them about Las Vegas. Nobody will show me a video that shows a single person getting hit by a bullet. This even though there were over 22,000 video cameras there. How hard is it to bust ketchup packet and play dead? Anybody notice all the duping delight on the faces of the so-called victims and witnesses?

86dd20 No.262369

I'm doing a lot of cleanup on the key words and it's really coming together. Obama is at the center of the spider web and going out is like a hierarchy. The bigger the player, the closer they go to the center. For the next "ring" out I have Hillary, McCain, Mueller, Soros, CIA. That may change but I think the general idea is correct.

I think that taken as a group, the most difficult thing for us to do is stop overthinking.

06561b No.262370


You can hack a car…and a plane

f3d05a No.262371

File: 6a5dfebfb896756⋯.jpg (112.69 KB, 900x981, 100:109, IMG_0982.JPG)

round up some unicorns, i see a party coming

f029f8 No.262372

File: a488ab51f0ee543⋯.jpg (94.97 KB, 960x638, 480:319, 62716_1635813176459_359237….jpg)

Daca Daca!

28b9e2 No.262373


Ugh.., I don't like much.., he's Jesuit.., I doubt that He is with GEOTUS..

010778 No.262374


Maybe a coincidence, maybe synchronicity, but 43 congressmen called for Eric Holder's resignation in 2011 (during BHO's admin) over the illegal fast n furious gun-trafficking operations.. public fallout from that was responsible for a lot of the anti-2a press..

96220e No.262375

While we are on the trail of Mezkinsky, I'll check out the Kushners.

What does the Tribe have to Hide?

f17f2b No.262376



Good For You Sir

1d41a7 No.262377


The FBI have gotten VERY good at covering up massive events of their own creation.


I've spent years of my life on the subject… kind of sad when you figure even a 5 year old can see its all is BS.

df1599 No.262379





Treason >>262370




86dd20 No.262380


We need to forget that number. Seriously. It was an arbitrary number that was only good until the next connection via keywords was made, which happened probably in the next message Q sent.

010778 No.262381


> 43 congressmen called for Eric Holder's resignation in 2011

sorry, here's some sauce

http:// dailycaller.com/2011/11/15/update-42-members-of-congress-now-calling-for-eric-holders-resignation/

e879fa No.262382


of what?


e14e75 No.262384


Take a walk thru James Comey house and meet the neighbors.

Meet the neighbors: Among the nearby properties are those of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, a massive Clinton fundraiser

http: //www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4496292/Sacked-James-Comey-lost-500-000-selling-Connecticut-home.html

0400f7 No.262385

File: ee277e9c31b2e60⋯.jpg (67.32 KB, 640x640, 1:1, cokincomey.jpg)

86dd20 No.262386


Ripe for mass beheadings.

dc3561 No.262387


Jerome Powell, if I'm not mistaken

39f087 No.262388


http:// www.startribune.com/super-bowl-live-security-firm-fired-after-not-conducting-proper-background-checks/472420453/

The Minneapolis-based firm that was providing security at Super Bowl Live was replaced Wednesday for insufficient background checks of its employees, according to sources familiar with the situation.

The Super Bowl Host Committee replaced EPG Security Group with G4S, another Twin Cities firm, sources said Friday.

EPG, founded in 2007 by former Marine Erik Bergling, has deleted its various social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But a cached version of an Instagram post said the firm was “hiring hundreds of protective agents for two major upcoming events in the Twin Cities: Red Bull Crashed Ice and Super Bowl Live.”

The firm provided security at Donald Trump’s inauguration and the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, both high-security events, according to its blog.

A G4S security guard, who asked not to be identified because he did not have permission to talk to the press, said the company sent staff from across the country, including Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, to work Super Bowl Live and that they have been on duty since last weekend.

02da69 No.262389


They would be tried in Military Tribunals bc they are literal enemies of the state, therefore, enemy combatants. He's apart of a team that tried to subvert the will of the people, spied on a presidential candidate/President Elect AND sitting President, and was attempting a coup. He's cooked.

f96177 No.262391


It was dark, idiot.

But you obviously have no interest in knowing anyway, or you would research it for yourself instead of just shilling here about it.

7cffc0 No.262392

Hey anons you have no reason to trust me but nevertheless i have access to an archive of all qresearch posts, including deleted ones. While it is true the mods have been busy, almost all the deletes make total sense, removing people shitting up the boards. I see no fuckery and no deletion of Q posts. I was concerned, but i no longer am. Great job, mods.

f2b8be No.262393


They must know this is about to happen then, since they are well informed on the justice system.

b6e512 No.262394



b94665 No.262395

File: 298c4d19a2197ea⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 500x268, 125:67, The_Dark_Knight_Rises___Sa….jpg)


Conn./ foster children / Court guardian / Comey?

Peace Corp / Profile isn't looking to reassuring.

$$$ to bitcoin, Agency and dirty.

e3af11 No.262396



6116b7 No.262397



2c5e59 No.262398



She was member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) = cabal

010778 No.262399


> which happened probably

You don't sound so sure. Fuckoff.

86dd20 No.262400


He probably wouldn't let a single grain go to waste.

f2b8be No.262401


OK, thank you. Just making sure I am not missing that something additional has to happen first before military courts can be used.

6f6518 No.262402


Are you speaking of Chelsea Clinton's use of the name Diane Reynolds?

FYI I'm no legalfag

4063ba No.262403

This is how you research anons!!

vid is 10-15 mins

will connect much and explain gravity of situation.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYE9UgmVrfU

02da69 No.262405


Pic is disturbing as fuck.

dc3561 No.262406


created by an anon in the last bread, to name the (mis)leading question shills

a3d131 No.262407

Looked granular to me.

2e74a8 No.262408


Jordan is a famefag clown with literally nothing to say, so he deletes everything he tweets.

But the Twat screencaps did have a purpose, generated by shills for the objective of flooding Qresearch, pelican style.

It looks like he must have generated enough cult followers for his scam, so he's training more now.

334320 No.262409



where will you be when diarrhea strikes?

a27edc No.262410


>If high grade kerosene could operate well as a demolition tool for building girders…

Would it?

What is combustion temp of said kerosene?

What is the melting point of girder steel?

How does jet fuel cut all girders simultaneously from roof to ground allowing for freefall with a few thousand gallons?

e14e75 No.262411


She's apparently a fan of LGBTQ stories and Broadway . . .

Shortly after Comey was fired by President Trump, he and Failor attended a matinee of Fun Home, an acclaimed Broadway show about a woman scrutinizing her identity as a lesbian and her own father's life as a closeted gay man. A producer on the show later told The New York Times that both Comey and Failor were so moved by the play, they were wiping away tears as they headed backstage to greet the cast.

http:// time.com/4778429/james-comey-donald-trump-fun-home/

Ousted FBI Director James Comey Spotted at Performance Of Hit Musical

8fde93 No.262412


True…if there were any planes they were radio controlled….but def no planes at the other two sites for sure….and it's been proven a pro couldn't have flown a plane into the pentagon as we're told….besides the fact that they won't release the footage is all the evidence you need of a cover up.

At this point there's so much evidence 911 was planned from the inside it's not worth arguing about.

3b6779 No.262413

File: 817480634220a6b⋯.png (21.39 KB, 809x267, 809:267, 2018-02-03 (4).png)


Sacred cow

an idea, custom, or institution held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism.

Are we overthinking this?

f2b8be No.262414


No it was a SC case that used the State Secret Privilege.

ba3e9e No.262415


I wonder what it would take to push him over the edge…..

0400f7 No.262416


yes your correct, zoomed in looks like reflection/shiny table

e14e75 No.262417


Comey is not the only government official to go to the theater after enduring a public setback. Hillary Clinton has been spotted at a host of Broadway shows over the last several months since losing the 2016 election, including Sunset Boulevard and the final performance of The Color Purple.

Clinton loves purple epstein and weinstein and spielburg

dddc1b No.262418


Not sure what ATC means, but I am a "RADIOFAG" and recorded full txt of pager traffic that day decoded by my pc and a scanner.

I will paste the "highlights" from that below.

Sorry if it rolls the board crazy, but TXT files are not allowed…

—————- re bldg 7


2001-09-11 10:02:08 Arch [0916644] B ALPHA Zinclaire@aol.co|Another explosion|Another explosion has occurred and collapsed a portion of tower #2!

2001-09-11 10:04:31 Skytel [005507202] A ALPHA flashnet@intelcenter.com|FlashNet Event|NYC: Third explosion apparently collapses Southern tower of World Trade Center.

2001-09-11 16:13:37 Skytel [0001336] C ALPHA ]!z00]"AP];0a]<4Breaking News: ]<2Building 7 at the World Trade Center is on fire and may collapse…]$ (40


2001-09-11 17:23:59 Skytel [005109366] B ALPHA 10) Trade Center Building 7 collapses. - ny desk

2001-09-11 17:30:11 Arch [0180998] B ALPHA Summary: World Trade Center - Pentagon Attack A third building (Building 7) in the World Trade Center Complex collapses. President returning to Washington.

2001-09-11 17:30:42 Metrocall [002273251] A ALPHA Frm: THE EMERGENCY EMAIL NETWORK Sub: DISASTER UPDATE Txt: Summary: World Trade Center - Pentagon Attack A third building (Building 7) in the World Trade Center

2001-09-11 17:32:32 Arch [1327523] A ALPHA BREAKING NEWS from CNN.com – Third World Trade Center tower, 47-story building 7, collapses. Details soon. For complete coverage of this story visit: http:// www.CNN.com or AOL Keyword: CNN CNN Headli

2001-09-11 17:32:43 Arch [0975773] D ALPHA BreakingNews@CNN|CNN Breaking News|BREAKING NEWS from CNN.com – Third World Trade Center tower, 47-story building 7, c

2001-09-11 17:44:12 Metrocall [1517629] D ALPHA Bldg 7 WTC Crumbled to the ground - all were evacuated

6ba1d4 No.262419


and a train

d53cf3 No.262420


It was dark. Maybe read what you write, and you'll see that you are the idiot. I'm questioning the media and the government here, so I think you are the shill.

6f68bf No.262421


Reflection of his head on the desk, cummon now

6e1542 No.262422

Don't need this shit! Beware!!!!


Verified account



1 hour ago


ALERT: We have received several reports regarding a video containing child porn being received via Facebook Messenger. The message asks to make the image viral to give 'justice to the victim.' Federal authorities are investigating.


2c5e59 No.262423


I trust Trump's picks, especially when it comes to finances

419ca1 No.262424


That is the point. It cannot. Lots of engineers have stated that.

34e713 No.262425


^ you already notice the commodity: the people

^ what made you mention a N. D. A.?

6458bc No.262426


This casino is not in the northwest angle where the coordinates were posted. It is popular with Canadian gamblers.

And let go of the sub connection. Not sure how that got started. Think about it anons.

9b2afe No.262427

File: 4986f0ebcf4897d⋯.png (152.21 KB, 1143x899, 1143:899, screenshot_697.png)


Laurene Powell Jobs

>Steve Jobs wife

https:// www.cfr.org/experts/laurene-powell-jobs

d5c511 No.262428

Remember what Q said about the loudest voices? We have to step up the pace? Maybe?

52164b No.262429


I don't think (m)any here use Facebook messenger.

15f744 No.262431


Why no share?

f029f8 No.262432

2e74a8 No.262433


Zuck's AI tech easily could have blocked this, so some kind of false faggery is afoot

dc3561 No.262434


nope, not at all. it's those sacred cows that remain as triggers for the misinformed. take BHO & HRC & NP, etc. off of the false pedestals & make them regular humans that can and have fucked up, royally. they're emperors who have no clothes, continue to call them out

e14e75 No.262435


Lives relatively close to sandy hook.

06561b No.262436


For however devoted you are to him, you may be sure that he is immeasurably more devoted to you and has incomparably more faith in you. For he is faithfulness itself – of this we can be certain as those who love him are certain. This type of certainty is far greater, more perfect and true than the other and it cannot deceive us, while the first kind can be deceptive and can easily be an illusion. Indeed, the second type is experienced in all the faculties of our soul and cannot deceive those who truly love God; indeed they no more doubt it than they doubt God himself, for love drives out all fear. ‘Love knows no fear’ as St John12 (1 John 4:18)

cbf310 No.262437


isnt it also some weirdly colored cow of prophecy?

129e6d No.262438


Air traffic control

Thanks for that pager traffic, haven't seen that before.

8fde93 No.262439

File: 5f09c9a5ef4c176⋯.png (124.73 KB, 422x288, 211:144, Russia russia.png)

702f6a No.262440

POTUS explained sacred cows in his tweet this morning. Previous presidents who cannot be discussed negatively. Like BO >>262413

f029f8 No.262441

File: 66643abd956f889⋯.png (168.3 KB, 542x532, 271:266, pepe007.png)

e737a8 No.262442


I love how when Democrats do it, they're Democrats, bu when Republicans do it, they're Republicans In Name Only.

1b88cd No.262443

What did I miss anons ? Had to go to a Fish-fry that My late Father started for 2 High School kids scholarships…. Be so glad when Taxes & Donations go to where it is supposed to ! Thanks to all the anons & Q you give us hope…..

415acb No.262444



Q said look at wives

These people are sick!!

8f7c04 No.262445


Jesuits doesn't mean anything. It's whether they're in the club or not!

dddc1b No.262446


There's more.

That was the latter portion.

Was scared of pissing off anons about rolling the bread.

b6e512 No.262447


What's that strip on the table though?

And his ring almost looks to have a small engraving on it. Or something. Can't tell.

a42790 No.262448

<< Not sure if this has been mentioned before,

<< but did a little light digging on the meaning of

<< Snow White and it's seven dwarfs.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Later known as the B.U.N.C.H.

International Business Machines Corporation


>> No Snow White reference found in Wikipedia entry.

Burroughs Corporation


>> IBM's market share was so much larger

>> than all of the others that this group was

>> often referred to as "IBM and the Seven

>> Dwarfs."

Universal Automatic Computer


>> eight major American computer companies

>> in an industry then referred to as "IBM and

>> the seven dwarfs" — a play on Snow White

>> and the seven dwarfs.

National Cash Register Company


>> By 1986, the number of mainframe makers

>> had dropped from 8 (IBM and the "seven dwarfs")

>> to 6 (IBM and the "BUNCH") to 4.

Control Data Corporation


>> No Snow White reference found in Wikipedia entry.



>> Through most of the 1960s, Honeywell was one of

>> the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" of computing.

Digital Equipment Corporation


>> No Snow White reference in Wikipedia entry.

Radio Corporation of America


>> No Snow White reference in Wikipedia entry.

General Eletric


>> No Snow White reference in Wikipedia entry.


010778 No.262449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Silverstein is on video stating that it was pulled.

Silverstein owned the building at that time. Vid releated.

Now fuck off with the building 7 slide.

1d41a7 No.262450


Probably says "there is no god but Allah"

15f744 No.262451


No i thought we agreed it was bho. He had a “controversy free” presidemcy and hes black. Of course this was all planned so anyone who talks bad about him MUST be a racist and he is MSM golden child.

1bc0bd No.262453


We should look into how many of these criminals have a child that has died.

Can't remember his name now but a pedo in EU killed his own son for a ritual.

e57abc No.262454


Heather Podesta.

It was too easy for the cabal.

4f5118 No.262455


Is that some tiny wedding band for beta cucks? That's it?

4dda92 No.262456


Why, oh why, are you using blender?? You don't need a 3d program for that, just vector. You can use Inkscape (vector and totally FREE) for that, my friend. So much easier, scale-able, good resolution at any size.

3b6779 No.262457


Yes! Hence.

held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism

83fcc4 No.262458

Margolies Law Office is a Dallas tax law firm that handles a broad range ofIRS issues including: Back Taxes, IRS Letters, Tax Liens, Wage Levies, Bank Account Levies, Penalties and Interest Abatement, Property Seizures, Unfiled Tax Returns, Tax Refund Confiscation, Audits and more. Visit the Practice Areas page for information on how we can help you resolve these issues.

6e1542 No.262459



Federal authorities and local law enforcement agencies nationwide are aware of a viral video being shared through social media depicting apparent child pornography.

The video, mostly being shared on Facebook Messenger, appears to depict an underage girl involved in a disturbing sex act. The message asks users to make the image go viral to give ‘justice to the victim.’

The video has been shared on various social media and internet service provider platforms across the country.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces in multiple states are investigating this video and are working to try and determine the origins of the video and identify the victim and suspect involved.

Police are reminding citizens that disseminating child pornography is illegal. If this video should be shared with you, do not share it with anyone else via email or social media. Instead, delete the video and make sure you report the video to your social media or internet service provider immediately.

Anyone with investigative information on the identity of the child or the suspect in this video should contact police immediately.

d5c511 No.262460


When I started researching Sage I came across this article

http:// www.kenoradailyminerandnews.com/2018/01/23/northwest-angle-33-residents-mourn-loss-of-family-pets

at the bottom of the article it states that the man just disappeared. Maybe nothing?

8e6d0a No.262461


unfortunately it's an easier pill to swallow than, the whole deal being an inside job about insurance fraud

4bd83c No.262462

File: b177100be8c5267⋯.jpeg (132.88 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1517717663.jpeg)

0400f7 No.262463

File: 80e89b643261661⋯.jpg (83.93 KB, 640x640, 1:1, reflectionnobcomey.jpg)


strip probably an inlay

e14e75 No.262464


FBI Admits NO Murders in Newtown CT in 2012 - Sandy Hook

https: //archive.org/details/FBI2012-Newtown

https ://www.infowars.com/fbi-says-no-one-killed-at-sandy-hook/

Recently released FBI crime statistics curiously appear to show that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, despite reports that numerous schoolchildren and faculty members were slaughtered during a shooting rampage in December of that year.

Was is mudd so upset on CNN?

dddc1b No.262466

Actually reminiscing about the horrible day…

I want to point out the pager traffic was reporting some crazy shit like car bombs that were never mentioned elsewhere and NEWS agencies back then did use pagers before cellphones were as popular…

Heres another snibbit of highlights:


2001-09-11 09:47:01 Skytel [004540294] B ALPHA The Pentagon in Wash. DC was hit with an airplane also


2001-09-11 10:08:05 Skytel [007512234] C ALPHA Y! || Plane crashes into second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 10:08:35 Skytel [007527724] D ALPHA Y! || Explosion rocks second World Trade Center tower.

2001-09-11 10:08:44 Arch [1631993] C ALPHA From Jeremy Thomas Sub:matt - the plane that hit the pentagon was a twin engine commuter plane.


2001-09-11 10:24:10 Arch [0867607] B ALPHA cteasley|A car bomb just exploded outside the state department bldg.

2001-09-11 10:26:42 Arch [1631993] C ALPHA From Jeremy Thomas Sub:Matt - a car bomb has gone off next to the state dept in Washington.

2001-09-11 10:26:42 Arch [1020272] A ALPHA portion of pentagon collapses - car bomb went off outside of state dept.

2001-09-11 10:26:50 Skytel [007464100] B ALPHA murphyjd_2000@yahoo.com||now a car bomb exploded outside the state dept. in DC

a3d131 No.262467

File: b1ee3d7351e38a5⋯.jpg (179.51 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, IMG_2492.JPG)

749b1c No.262468




Old relationship.goes back to.western union telegraph days.

28b9e2 No.262469

File: 26d2d47001ca0f7⋯.png (31.38 KB, 884x296, 221:74, JeromePowell.png)


The University of Georgetown is the only university Jesuit on the US.., I don't know if GEOTUS know that.., I hope that so.., unless that a Good faction of the Jesuit is with Geotus..

f96177 No.262470


See the Snow White thread.

The colloquial meaning has great significance to our time and our work here, in the long run.

7cffc0 No.262471


Share the deleted msgs? The mods wanted them deleted, i have to assume they are acting for Q so i would not share them.

The rest? If there is a need i certainly could.

a8e97c No.262472


Sacred cows..plural

Bush’s, Obama, Clinton’s

52164b No.262473


Does anyone have a textual description of the video? I don't want to possess or view child pornography.

83fcc4 No.262474

Edward Mezvinsky was born on January 17, 1937 by the 1990s he was already being charged for a wide variety of 419 scams and according to a federal prosecutor, Mezvinsky was conned of using "just about every different kind of African-Based scam we've ever seen" The scams promise that the victim will receive large profits, but first a small down payment is required. To raise the funds needed to front the money for the fraudulent investment schemes he was being offered, Mezvinsky tapped his network of former political contacts, dropping the name of the Clinton family to convince unwitting marks to give him money -Wikipedia. Later in 2001 of March, Mezveinsky was indicted and pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud of nearly $10million dollars. To this day, he still owes $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.

Marc Mezvinsky was born in December 15, 1977 he began dating Chelsea Clinton in 2005, but the Mezvinsky's and Clinton's go back as far as the 1990s. The senior Clinton's; William "Bill" Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Mezvinsky's; Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies, were very close friends in the 1990s as well as very politically intertwind for many years. Later, Marc and Chelsea got engaged in ThanksGiving of 2009 following their wedding on July 31, 2010 at one of George Soros mansion, as well as two children, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky born onSeptember 26, 2014 and Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky born on June 18, 2016.

William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton also has had history with law, When he was expelled from Yale on crimes of raping a fellow female classmate, and then Bill Clinton's Father had to pay the school to keep this from reaching the media as well as keeping charges from being filed towards his son, Bill Clinton. Later in life, Bill Clinton and his brother were involved with Dan Lasater, BCCI (Bank Of Credit and Commerce International) and so much more and as President of the United States, Bill Clinton pardoned his brother, Roger Clinton from his cocaine distribution crimes.

This shows an enourmous amount of "Special Interest" that can not be ignored. This is an organized crime on a massive scale. Our government has been breached. 

194e1f No.262475


Hmmmm.. if that isn't a grand distraction from the superbowl and happenings this weekend?

drawing attentions.

e14e75 No.262476


James Comey lives next door. Why did the FBI say this? So the city could receive money from us taxpayers?

f12971 No.262477


Red and black sevens happen all the time on slot machines.

f029f8 No.262478

File: ac815addf07fdac⋯.jpg (79.29 KB, 492x960, 41:80, 27459995_1880741908603920_….jpg)

15f744 No.262479


The fucked up thing is you cant delete anything fromfacebook iirc

e14e75 No.262480


>James Comey lives next door. Why did the FBI say this? So the city could receive money from us taxpayers?

8fde93 No.262481


Not true. I went to a Jesuit College. There are more, but I wouldn't read into that. Georgetown does have some Clinton ties for sure though. It's not the only one though.

702f6a No.262482

Which is why I said presidents plural…. then “like” BO, not limited to BO >>262472

f029f8 No.262483


Seven is also a vector symbol… and it's present in every space agency logo in the world.. every one.

c0c4be No.262484


Ok Jerome Powell replaces Yellen at the Fed on Feb 2nd. That might be what FREEDOM_ refers to but if so, we should be able to find something in the Fed that happened 43 times, with SA (probably Saudi but could be South Africa) and one with Germany.

Not so much who is who, but what did Yellen approve or do 43 times

34e713 No.262485

File: ba0b31e7880c4bd⋯.png (17.66 KB, 1001x318, 1001:318, que.png)

409801 No.262486

File: 72f2d60bfb49b4d⋯.png (35.58 KB, 610x312, 305:156, bad goys.png)

4dda92 No.262487


Isn't the LOOP Capital thread the place to accumulate those? They don't do a lot of good in the General threads, since they will be lost when it falls off the catalog. Are you cross-checking the connections with the data in there?

15f744 No.262489


Why would you assume that? Q expressly said no outside comms. Share the link plz. Other anons are interested in archiving as well.

Q said to archive EVERYTHING.

2bfcac No.262490

File: af897944f49b887⋯.jpg (66.28 KB, 790x490, 79:49, t1.jpg)



A Death Eater Under Every Deep State Cloak

738fac No.262491

File: bdf03350b7ff6f9⋯.jpg (142.66 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 2ff5f9c6ce2cb0f1d10a5fd2b9….jpg)


I really appreciate you doing this.

War is messy. I do my best.

f1e516 No.262492

said since i was young… rock and roll music is GODS message. i know it. so many. ozzy no more tears. satan talking… GODS message. GOD controls the message. so obvious.

e1ac08 No.262493

McCabe "sang like a bird". When does a bird sing

1bc0bd No.262494

File: f140ec050d76425⋯.jpg (134.67 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, LV.jpg)

File: b24f94802301922⋯.jpg (103.71 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, LV 2.jpg)

File: 8ef22de72ee1507⋯.jpg (107.29 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, LV 3.jpg)

File: c414a79b6c5ccca⋯.jpg (102.52 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, LV 4.jpg)


Many of the witness have been murdered for what they saw

dddc1b No.262495


Just guessing, but would there be 43 countries with central banks?

c0c4be No.262496


If interest is a scam, then maybe Yellen hiked Interest rates 43 times before that Q drop. Was there any Germany connection with one of those times?

8e6d0a No.262497


Thank You Anon, I'm not the only one that sees it that way. Oooh, let's drop some vague information, followed by more mysterious information, then delete my tweets. I don't discount the ability to remotely view, but this is Q research, not the Jordan Sage fame fagging hour

d53cf3 No.262499


You are right. He's referring to Bush 41, Bush 43, and Obama. A person can be a sacred cow.

52164b No.262500


CDAN has had blinds related to CP and murders and suicides to cover them up on an almost daily basis. If this is true, it sounds like a big ring is coming apart at the seems.

2e74a8 No.262501


SACRED COW is a big hint about Hussein's mother and religion, cash stashed in Indonesia, Hindu god carried in his pocket




95f153 No.262502

File: c68d9ac171b699c⋯.png (102.75 KB, 276x295, 276:295, gt.png)

1d41a7 No.262503


Actually it seems like there has been nothing but hype over the risk to the SB and the great lengths they have gone to prepare security-wise. Remember that many of the worst FF attacks in recent history have been when and where we didn't expect it.

e14e75 No.262504


https ://hw.infowars.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/conn-fbi2.jpg

Might be a good meme… graphic

dddc1b No.262505


FBI honeypot!

Like "see something say something"

"Call 1800CALLFBI and tell us where you seen child trafficking so we can kill you quickly."

b7d228 No.262506


cyop because Hillery and Huma molesting child coming out soon? Thanks for playn your hand! We will show it to everyone we know and add disclaimer! These people are stupid

cb55de No.262507


Last /qcodefag is still unconfirmed by /greatawakening. Q is MIA. Too many Brits and Russians here. This thread has lost contact and lacks all cred. Sorry, I'm just saying. Without Q there is no incentive to continue on with this mission.

129e6d No.262508


Do you know if these are available in the WL 9/11 archives?

c0c4be No.262509


Do you mean the United Federation of Planets symbol?

Is Star Trek the truth and everything else a lie?

f96177 No.262510


You have to go back.

1978e9 No.262511


"That's It?" LMAO

f12971 No.262512


Yes. Probably because they had moderate success with whole walnut sauce = gannett and the peter munk = P.

Not that either walnut sauce or peter munk are innocent mind you, but they are distractions from other things.

415acb No.262513

File: 8c8db1f74576ded⋯.png (610.83 KB, 717x737, 717:737, ClipboardImage.png)

Said Jan 28th wikipedia had owner


at USB Stadium in MN!

52164b No.262514


The average price of a Super Bowl ticket is >$5,000. This is a 1% event. If the .001% want to distract the mere 1%(Doctor's, Lawyers, etc) this would be an ideal target.

f2b8be No.262515

File: 8aeaab4ae2646cd⋯.png (36.4 KB, 1317x268, 1317:268, djt.PNG)


334320 No.262516


I just let them know about my IBS

1d41a7 No.262517


Hollywood Pedo ring… The Glee guy Mark Salling was killed because he was going to take his collection and spill who provided them to him and who else is involved…. that collection was most likely a catalog of the group's many misdeeds.

4402f7 No.262518


NativeAnon here, each tribe has a clan system. We track our bloodlines through a matrilineal society of clans. Some tribes have 2-3 clans some have 11-12 clans. Red is a sacred color with symbolic meanings to our people, after all we are redmen,redskins,etc. Your projecting a little here, just my 2 cents, nya weh, anaske he !

52164b No.262519


LDR is a self proclaimed eagles fan right? Is she attending?

95f153 No.262520

File: 8c9a4cc33145ab5⋯.jpg (311.51 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, GEOTUS.jpg)


Sad to see these degenerates still pimping the alt-kike. They have to be pissed at how quickly that shit got shut down.

e14e75 No.262521


building had espestous… taxpayers gave him money

28b9e2 No.262522


I say that because The Jesuits aren't people for trust, in fact, Fidel and David R was (Jesuits).., for sure.., the US received a lot influence for the Protestant Catholic, if Geotus know that.., could be that a Good faction of the Jesuits is with geotus?

8f7c04 No.262523


Please share.

1bc0bd No.262524

File: 8b909aaa51d8fc0⋯.png (34.49 KB, 466x447, 466:447, Trump.PNG)

2c2ed5 No.262525


I get the feeling you're trying to express yourself.


Trips! Thank you. Enjoy your posts.

f66573 No.262526

Anyone got the scoop on crypto currency? Heard rumors it was designed by Soros.. sounded like a crock of shit but figured I had to find out

9b2afe No.262527

File: 22f39b7de7503c3⋯.png (357.25 KB, 675x813, 225:271, screenshot_698.png)


http:// www.nbc12.com/story/37418449/warning-about-child-porn-video-circulating-facebook

a27edc No.262528


Some of my most favorite people are Muskrats!

8fde93 No.262529


All I'm saying is Georgetown is not THE ONLY Jesuit School/University in the US…that's all.

1d41a7 No.262530


Kellyanne is attending and they aren't going to let anything happen to her so if you see her not there or rushed out quickly then you will know that the sum of all fears is happening.

f029f8 No.262531

File: befe0d12e6ace95⋯.jpg (27.16 KB, 960x621, 320:207, 27459358_1851615841515520_….jpg)


No asshole, I said every space agency in the world including NASA, Google their logos you dipshit, arrogant…

b6e512 No.262532

File: b64093684e2f74d⋯.png (704.15 KB, 1193x775, 1193:775, Liberty.png)

File: e424714c655a0be⋯.png (944.26 KB, 1191x769, 1191:769, Sun.png)

Rough weather = storm?

Meanwhile the sun is out in both…

a42790 No.262533


lv2 and lv4 are the same person.

2ec35d No.262534

File: 060a28f989fffb2⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 500x448, 125:112, IMG_1679.JPG)



dddc1b No.262535


They were uploaded to tor a few times, but I don;t know if anyone kept them.

The full file is over 13mb.

1bc0bd No.262536


I know.

c79ba2 No.262537


Thats some real low effort bait you got there bud. Back to the drawing board.

f2b8be No.262538

>If Trump failed, if we failed, and HRC assumed control, we as Patriots were prepared to do the unthinkable (this was leaked internally and kept the delegate recount scam and BO from declaring fraud).

HOLY SHIT!! Man I am way over due for a reread ALL the crumbs.

Alright carry on……

f029f8 No.262539


Where the hell did you even get United Federation of Planets Symbol from you fucking sci fi faggot geek. Get out of your mom's basement and get a life.

52164b No.262540


This is great info. Do we have any other info about notable white hats or black hats attending?

071a98 No.262541


Thank you for the info. No disrespect intended.

2e3c7a No.262543

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)



95f153 No.262544

File: 79f95e4767d0245⋯.png (109.96 KB, 578x587, 578:587, altkikes.png)

752f6f No.262545

I've been trying to redpill my spouse, but it's very hard when nothing happens despite all of the obvious intel in the memo and being dropped here.

When do we get SC2 to delve into the cesspool abyss that was the previous admin? Why are taxpayers still paying for SC1 when there is no Russian collusion? Anything else is out of the scope of the council, no?

Why is TG leaving politics? I read his statement. Is he so fed up with the swamp that he no longer can deal with all he has seen? I think if he is part of the swamp I will lose all faith in government. I hope he has been approached to be a high-level judge or in DOJ.

With all the crumbs dropped by Q, with all the information revealed here by anons (thank you!), with the revelations in the memo, there are still no consequences for Hussein's cronies, Hill and her cronies, JC continues to tweet his BS, Shiff still spews his BS…it is disheartening.

Will taking action be hard on the libs? Sure. We can start a crayon and coloring book drive for them to take to their safe spaces. The other half, like the students from NYU who didn't even know the SOTU hadn't happened yet, but berated POTUS and his speech (morons) won't know their asses from their elbows anyway. The rest of us wait…wait for the cesspool to drain. Wait…

We need action. Hear me Q? The spouse is ready to spit out the red pill.

83fcc4 No.262546

And the Matriarch that married Abe Mezvinsky

Fannie Grundman

Grundmann may refer to:

Emil Otto Grundmann (1844–1890), German painter who studied in Antwerp under Baron Hendrik Leys, later moving to AmericaErhard Grundmann, German luger from CzechoslovakiaErich Grundmann (1906–1973), Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross recipient during World War IIWalter Grundmann (1906–1976), German Protestant theologian during the Third Reich and DDRWolfgang Grundmann (born 1948), member of the Red Army FactionReiner Grundmann (born 1955), German sociologist

2c5e59 No.262547



Gotta trust Trump on this one.

He knows what he's doing..

4402f7 No.262548


Nope, thats Chief Big Stick, ask your grandma, our people called her Bucking Horse

f12971 No.262549

File: 9123d79bd6d9956⋯.png (839.19 KB, 2229x1544, 2229:1544, Brave_2018-02-03_23-29-34.png)



beedc7 No.262550

9th Circuit did something right?

"This week, even the notoriously liberal

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth

Circuit rejected the idea that the

Constitution requires the government to

pay for lawyers for these child aliens."

http:// www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/02/report-obama-civil-rights-warriors-distraught-as-doj-shutters-eric-holders-project-that-funded-open-borders-groups/

1bc0bd No.262551


I have reread them twice now. Yes, you have to reread and many times things are clearer. More scary if you ask me though.

cbf310 No.262552




I found deleted messages before involving jim reynolds and Obama in China.

Tried to post them multiple times again.

Got deleted every single time.

So I took the hint and quit.

So yeah…….I dunno

4dda92 No.262553


That's great except Q told us outright that the marker [deltas] are between Q post and POTUS tweet, not between POTUS tweets themselves.

Why waste time on something Q already explained, and then doing it totally opposite?


>sacred cows

Ok, good point - so let's review the options that anons offered for sacred cows:




<the FED/FRN (petrodollar)

what else am I forgetting?




Russian jew, well that figures doesn't it? The most virulent, hateful and insane of all.


This is for you >>262456 and I'm really serious. There is no reason to do something the hard way. I hope this helps your efforts. You could also use eDraw (also vector and FREE).

6e1542 No.262554


Those fucking liberal snowflakes are trying new tactics in addition to the False Flags! You have to admit that sending child porn to people getting them sucked into resending it to get arrested is a new low even for these evil demon bastards!!!!

28b9e2 No.262555


exactly.., Now.., the true question is.., the jesuits are with geotus?

d8b950 No.262556

File: 5fd4a91df35e221⋯.png (29.31 KB, 760x271, 760:271, Capture.PNG)

Found some dirt on Loop Capital. Don't know if it's been covered.

http:// www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-youth-violence-prevention-met-20150618-story.html

129e6d No.262557


Just checked and they are in WL.

e14e75 No.262558


the wings of the airplane was bigger then the hole in the pentagon. Accodrding to mueller the airplane flew 2-3 miles street level? would it not knock down some street lights?

e7cc69 No.262559


two lines like train tracks

f2b8be No.262560


Yea! Def mean more now.

1d41a7 No.262561


I think I heard DJT Jr. was going too but having trouble finding sauce on that so I might be dreaming.

2ec35d No.262563

File: 5a477e9858ff3c1⋯.jpg (105.43 KB, 833x468, 833:468, IMG_1698.JPG)

f66573 No.262564


anyone spoken with him lately about this? there seems to be 4 entries made on the wiki page that day

79a890 No.262565


Read somewhere the Hildabeasts' immunity expired…

83fcc4 No.262566

The Grundman surname is German and is either a topographic or occupational name and describes a person who lived or worked on a "grund." This was a valley or plain, in effect flat lands suitable for agricultural use.

34e713 No.262567

File: ea734b904581ca6⋯.jpeg (3.39 KB, 300x168, 25:14, index.jpeg)



ee4829 No.262568

39f087 No.262569


>Patrice Failor:

Patrice Failor, who is an Iowa native. Her brother is Ed Failor Jr., a top staffer for the Republican caucus in the Iowa Senate.

Ed Failor Jr. was a paid consultant for John McCain’s campaign.

d5c511 No.262570


In 2007, Podesta founded Heather Podesta + Partners, which is the nation's largest woman-owned government relations firm. As a lobbyist, Podesta’s clients include the energy, finance, healthcare, retail, real estate, education, transportation, and weapons sectors

In 2007, Podesta founded Heather Podesta + Partners, which is the nation's largest woman-owned government relations firm. As a lobbyist, Podesta’s clients include the energy, finance, healthcare, retail, real estate, education, transportation, and weapons sectors.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heather_Podesta

13dc96 No.262571


Anyone heard of dust?

f12971 No.262572

File: bb807a0414895e7⋯.png (281.87 KB, 2233x1401, 2233:1401, Brave_2018-02-03_23-33-23.png)

File: b02d32a56c9a322⋯.png (349.62 KB, 2256x1503, 752:501, Brave_2018-02-03_23-30-34.png)


And a couple more.

cb55de No.262573


Back to where" I have been going back and forth for two days. I saw no good byes from Q, and No confirmation of qcodefag posts. Right now, all I see is a lot of infighting that is going nowhere.

06561b No.262574


Tourniquet: Best Christian rock'roll ever \m/

6be515 No.262575

File: 3c6532e175b4d0b⋯.jpg (8.46 MB, 4352x7312, 272:457, interesting.jpg)

83fcc4 No.262576

Walter Grundmann (21 October 1906, Chemnitz - 30 August 1976, Eisenach) was a German Protestant theologian and anti-Semitic Nazi and Stasi collaborateur during the Third Reich and GDR. Grundmann served both German dictatorships. He was a member of the Nazi party from 1930 onwards, and from 1933 onwards an active member of the German Christians and prospered as a state-antisemitism supporting theologian and professor for ethnic theology. In 1939, he was made head of the newly founded Instituts zur Erforschung jüdischen Einflusses auf das deutsche kirchliche Leben in Jena, which was meant to serve state anti-semitism by the "Entjudung" (dejudifying) of the Bible and giving anti-Semitic theological training and arguments for Nazi propaganda. Despite his past Nazi activities, Grundmann regained some prestige as an evangelic theologian in East Germany; in 1959 he published his comments on the Gospels, which by the 1980s had become standard popular literature. However, Grundmann also prospered as a "Secret Informer" ("Geheimer Informator") to the Ministry for State Security ("Stasi"). He spied on (high ranking) theologians in Eastern and Western Germany. His cover name was GM Berg ("GM Mountain") after the Sermon on the Mount ("Bergrede") to which he referenced in his inaugural speech[1] 1939 at the Institute for the Study and Elimination of Jewish Influence on German Church Life, set up under him in Jena.[2]

7cffc0 No.262577


Ok if i don't hear a nay from the BOs or Q i will share tomorrow.

02da69 No.262578


Wow. So they fire DJT's people and insert G4S. Interesting.

2c5e59 No.262581


good thought but way more: https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_central_banks

bastards own(ed) the world….til now…

f96177 No.262582


Glad for your effort.

I know hanging in there is easier for the more seasoned.

But take it from one of them here: We are on a roll that will never stop now.

We are also only seeing 20% of what really matters that is happening.

It's way past the point of no return.

f2b8be No.262583

Q, things were kind of shakey back in November huh?


419ca1 No.262584


If the one who granted her immunity was corrupt, it would throw it into question.

That at least makes sense.

f3d05a No.262585

File: 0f022e9292f37ed⋯.jpg (929.11 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, IMG_0938.JPG)

taco warfare

8fde93 No.262586

File: 82e66957959fafd⋯.jpg (119.13 KB, 512x976, 32:61, tappers.jpg)



4dda92 No.262587

File: a33657a26769370⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1059x2697, 353:899, LV witness victims.jpg)


>Many of the witness have been murdered for what they saw

And for trying to organize the witnesses so they could tell their stories.


4283af No.262588


jeez… it seriously is in the history

f029f8 No.262589

File: 46fdf288f0ec0fc⋯.png (396.13 KB, 1024x417, 1024:417, zzz001.png)

f85b12 No.262590


Loyola is a Jesuit College. Chicago and Baltimore.

c89432 No.262591


Nice, anon. So many good ones, but Tourniquet is definitely near the top. God bless!

731e2c No.262592


how waffle

b08f08 No.262593


Is he a for real guy. Usually with false flags the info about victims is put out too soon. We have seen it before where the date of death was published before it happened

9b2afe No.262594


WOW anon this is Amazeballs!!!

4402f7 No.262595


None taken Bruh.

fe674c No.262596


It's the reflection of his head in the polished desktop.

f3d05a No.262597


abq choco taco

dc3561 No.262598


uh oh, someone mentioned Tavistock, shills will definitely be incoming…

Fuck em though,maybe euroanons could add on to regarding Tavistock, which really could use it's own thread

c89432 No.262599


Anon corrected in a later post saying Georgetown isn't the only Jesuit university. I'll add one. Rockhurst University in Kansas City, MO.

a8e97c No.262601


Patience is the key.Trump just stated in SOTU they will no longer let the enemy know their plans ahead of time. This is a cyber war. A lot is happening but it is behind the scene. We must have faith in POTUS.

If you believe it and hold that as truth your spouse will feel your conviction. Spouse may spit out and swallow red pill a few times, you just stay steadfast! Your POTUS needs you.

I have been fighting this fight for 33 years.

It is all coming to a head now. It is Glorious🌟

52164b No.262602


there are about 20 jesuits universities in the US

873ccd No.262603

File: 15b0221d963873e⋯.png (23.19 KB, 639x232, 639:232, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b5ffe2d7a22fedf⋯.png (686.16 KB, 952x712, 119:89, ClipboardImage.png)

Comey twats "Got to dress up for a family event tonight and was proud to wear my FBI cufflinks."

https:// twitter.com/Comey/status/959990506976632833

https:// www.instagram.com/p/Bewk1QogKoM/

02da69 No.262604


Hilarious digits you got there

d8b950 No.262605

File: 1da605e1a46580d⋯.png (12.89 KB, 440x176, 5:2, Capture.PNG)


Loop Capital gave at least $1 million to Get IN Chicago, which has some serious accounting issues.

http: //www.uchospitals.edu/news/2015/20151009-loop-capital.html

28b61e No.262606


did you mean to imply he is castrated or a happy coincidence of misspelling?

83fcc4 No.262607

File: 9036719036c7cf7⋯.png (962.17 KB, 799x2083, 799:2083, Studio_20180203_213805.png)

Grundman Nazis

dddc1b No.262608


The intercepts were not hard evidence of anything except the mood of the day, and that reports were varied. But I am happy to hear it is still out there.

There are lots of truthers that never let it go about 9-11.


The day is coming they will get to take off the tinfoil hat!

4dda92 No.262609


Are you putting your findings on LOOP into the LOOP thread also?

dc4665 No.262611


Great work ANON!

f4d205 No.262612


Meanwhile, Comey has a Howdy Doody fetish with young boys? Dr. Common Sense said he spoke with someone who saw a video. Dress up boys in costume and literally put strings on them like a damn puppet.

f96177 No.262613


That was at the start.

We are in control now.

8fde93 No.262614

File: cea3545a4211e7a⋯.jpg (258.64 KB, 465x570, 31:38, patsfan.jpg)

IF the Eagles win Tomorrow watch out for this guy

d5c511 No.262615


copy - I can't find it anywhere.

dc3561 No.262616


>Q said to archive EVERYTHING.

common sense says to archive everything of IMPORTANCE, not shill shit on the windshield. Forget those posts if the mods saw fit to delete them. As long as they're not Q posts or good digs, they're not needed.

9b2afe No.262617



415acb No.262618

File: 59af012045aee43⋯.png (117.66 KB, 571x230, 571:230, ClipboardImage.png)

NOV 22

Q posts end SUM OF ALL FEARS

3 different times

CIA analyst Jack Ryan must stop the plans of a Neo Nazis faction that threatens to induce a catastrophic conflict between the United States and Russia's newly elected president by detonating a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore.

Was Q telling us THEY KNOW what the plan is

They will stop it.

1d41a7 No.262619


Man the P-gon on that day is a black hole….no one can explain it, so I try to avoid it. I personally would like to think it was a drone or missile controlled by the E4 flying over DC that day, but I can't get over the logistics of staging the plane parts and the broken lamp posts (there actually were several of them).

06561b No.262620


>Without Q there is no incentive to continue on with this mission.

??? Q could be an Anon right now on this board, maybe me ?? Who knows? One day, Q anon is like us others again, as before without namefagging

83fcc4 No.262621


The Mezvinsky's and the Margolies can be traced back to involvement in NazI Germany.

Many many generations.

3c548d No.262622


It must be a "Eyes Wide Shut" event.


d0a774 No.262623

File: 9590aa51bbace34⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 894-ARTICLE-94-MUTINY-OR-S….jpg)



Here are some crumbs, just crumbs

The Energy of the Betrayer is Raison d'être

Victim, Villain, or Hero? That is the 'q'uestion?

4402f7 No.262624

File: 4fcbe97289c605f⋯.jpeg (8.51 KB, 225x225, 1:1, lilmeego.jpeg)


Who gave gronk the meth

d8b950 No.262625


Didn't know there was one, I'll head over there

dddc1b No.262626


I'm gonna consider him a threat on any day…

f2b8be No.262627


Yea, just rereading. I wasn't here until mid nov and didn't grasp the early crumbs until reading tonight.

3993f2 No.262628

File: 6fe87d58c5ce1f4⋯.jpeg (44.1 KB, 634x634, 1:1, F3B9479A-8ED2-4D9D-A654-8….jpeg)


f66573 No.262629

What are the rules to this game? Are WE the PEOPLE allowed to ask for blood or will it cost us?

Where has justice been?

13dc96 No.262630


I am copying this and putting it up in a folder called Super Bowl 52 in my meme folder here:


Please get this out in Tweets. I will be doing that now with the other one. Please dig for more and will upload any that are found so that they can be immediately used.

f12971 No.262632

File: bf620c1949f0987⋯.png (16.02 KB, 464x114, 232:57, CNSA_logo_2.png)

f3d05a No.262633

File: b978cdd8b10c72f⋯.jpg (88.21 KB, 500x487, 500:487, IMG_0912.JPG)

dear clown fags

dddc1b No.262634


Irony is a bitch!

For a DEMOCRAT to wear that pin when TICK TOCK is going thru the halls of Washington!

That's as "out of touch" as one can be…

d53cf3 No.262635


"Witnesses", in an era of crisis actors, don't count as evidence. I want video of someone getting shot. There should be many such videos, as there were at least 22,000 video cameras there. I have looked everywhere and can't find a single one. Did you notice that one of the "witnesses" you posted is on CNN? Not exactly a trustworthy source. They are not only known for crisis actors but also for faking their location with green screen.

f029f8 No.262636


that vector symbol is in every space agency's logo. It's in Nasa's too. They claim it was to honor apollo 7… but then, why is it in all the others? Russian? Spain? Pakistan? China?

4dda92 No.262637


Great, thank you! There is a LOT of info on them, and to maximize anons' time and efforts, this way we aren't researching things already found, and we can keep the data centralized to be able to analyze it better.

065130 No.262638

File: 02ad20aa5ad635c⋯.jpg (172.18 KB, 554x831, 2:3, drawn-whitetailed-eagle-fl….jpg)

Thank you Patriots, ANONS, Q, POTUS, FLOTUS, Troops, And anyone else involved. We are on the right side of history may you all be blessed and safe, your friends and family. FIGHT! FIGHT!FIGHT! WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL.

415acb No.262639


2nd example in the responses to my post

dc3561 No.262640


sacred cows:




<the FED/FRN (petrodollar)

NP & the DNC as a whole

the LGBTQ community




Clowns In America






63ce42 No.262641


Someone tell this delusional fucktard that having cufflinks doesn't make him legitimate, acting legitimate makes him legitimate.

He knows he is a POS that's why he needs to post pics like this, to convince the world of something he already knows deep down inside is false.

Give that to your lovely counselor wife for psychoanalysis.

f029f8 No.262642

File: 8b7e38bd3862481⋯.jpg (106.88 KB, 661x414, 661:414, yo5136f998.jpg)

409801 No.262643

File: d35d97c7a47bf21⋯.jpeg (59.49 KB, 634x634, 1:1, timmy.jpeg)

902c6e No.262644

>>262641 Possible signal?

34e713 No.262645


>Anyone heard of dust?


21da73 No.262646

The purpose of the photo was not the cufflinks.

95f153 No.262647

File: 2ba50de64008c22⋯.png (993.05 KB, 612x2884, 153:721, sb1.png)


>http:// www.startribune.com/super-bowl-live-security-firm-fired-after-not-conducting-proper-background-checks/472420453/

Just in case

754cff No.262648

File: 3a9330209922c5e⋯.jpeg (291.95 KB, 1536x1200, 32:25, 41DA6624-56C5-4646-B31F-E….jpeg)

File: 9c539c821efd4fc⋯.jpeg (282.12 KB, 1536x1492, 384:373, BC62522B-54A5-43E8-B90D-C….jpeg)

Heh. Light them up.

a1e31d No.262649

https:// americanpolicy.org/2002/03/29/who-owns-our-biospheres-and-world-heritage-sites/

old but interesting

8777d0 No.262650

File: fe1fb1b48a2fd44⋯.jpg (77.75 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 23x2z7.jpg)

dc3561 No.262651


Good observation! Went back to watch that movie, didn't even put that together

8fde93 No.262652


Desperate attempt to save FBI face…muh cufflinks bro. So proud to serve!.

Nothing but muscle for the Cabal mafia

baf6e8 No.262653


You forgot Star Trek. Same symbol they wore as well.

b6e512 No.262654

dc3561 No.262655


was telling us and also (((them))) that it can't work

3993f2 No.262656



Social security

782a56 No.262657

File: b32069f2b8e4cfd⋯.png (698.2 KB, 2314x1243, 2314:1243, we the people.png)

whats up with this?

should we push that?

da8a5e No.262659

File: 93c721e1aed6149⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 93c721e1aed6149c1aaebba5ac….jpg)


FF tomorrow will cause more red pilling then the Memo, so many people getting woke to this, I work at a hospital, and the last two days red pilling had gone from Hard mode to easy mode, been getting the FF word out, so If it happens I look like a stable genius.

02da69 No.262660


Post it

f029f8 No.262661

File: 1d6252803abc099⋯.jpg (51.93 KB, 748x498, 374:249, yo5136f998.jpg)

83fcc4 No.262662

Mezvinsky's most common fraud was telling victims that he needed money to deposit in a trust account that would not be moved. He needed the money, he told them, to show he had the financial wherewithal to make an investment. He promised a hefty return.

He then spent the money on African schemes, used it to cover debts, or paid off those who complained the loudest about not being paid back from previous bogus deals.

He spent considerable time moving money around. Investigators found 165 examples between 1995 and 2000 in which Mezvinsky executed bank transactions just under $10,000. Anything over $10,000 requires banks to file a report. Avoiding the reporting is called structuring.

"Mezvinsky was a poster child for structuring," said Zauzmer, the assistant U.S. attorney. "He would go to three banks and get $9,900 on the same day."

He often convinced investors that he had great wealth by showing his companies' net worth in the millions when they actually had no value at all.

Mezvinsky's victims were friends, friends of friends, even his mother-in-law. He was a public figure, so victims trusted him, sure he wouldn't jeopardize his and his wife's political ambitions.

He also extracted money from clients he had promised to represent as an attorney. Mezvinsky got his law degree from the University of California-Berkeley in 1965 but spent little time practicing law.

One scam involved Iowans Merle and Teresa Miller, whose address on government documents is Iowa City. Mezvinsky told Joe Klieber, a financial consultant in Florida and a friend of the Millers, that he needed financial backing to represent a client who was suing the Internal Revenue Service. Klieber would get a chunk of the recovery. Mezvinsky needed $150,000 to demonstrate staying power and credibility.

Mezvinsky, promising the money wouldn't be touched, withdrew it all upon receiving it. Klieber also arranged for a deposit from the Millers, who sent $150,000 to Mezvinsky to be held in trust. Mezvinsky withdrew the Millers' money in cash, and $75,000 went to pay off other clients whose money he had used.

a8e97c No.262663



f2b8be No.262664


Um yes!

28b9e2 No.262665


Star Trek is here.., (Roddenberry.., he did again)

0a440c No.262666

i have a feeling Q is gonna post about human trafficking tomorrow.

and it's gonna be HUGE

415acb No.262667



Thinking it was planned for some time

DC dirty police chief


They never thought she would lose…

eaf879 No.262668


Julian Assange to @Comey earlier today:

"You donut, nose as long as a garden hose."

f029f8 No.262669

File: 49a9757d6752b92⋯.jpg (210.85 KB, 1002x1003, 1002:1003, similar-space-logos.jpg)


Here, just for you. Happy now?

95f153 No.262670


>Neo Nazis faction

The narrative for all false flags from this point forward.

baf6e8 No.262671


Aw gee whiz. Where we go one we go all.

8fde93 No.262672

File: 8e44c70aabdc709⋯.png (261.83 KB, 600x448, 75:56, cuffs.png)

f1e516 No.262673


crazy right. there are songs everywhere if you listen match the message. it's fucking nuts. i knew i was right. said it got mixed results. i'm not a tin foil fucking hat like i thought i was. and mom said i need help an goy family to back her. mom is dead now. r and r is.. it means something. rock and roll can never die… comes to mind. sorry anon… i'm freaking on this. boner on steroids right now. my whole life… i'll wait now for the "right" time to give info. God will tell me. peace.

415acb No.262674


Curious timing of report

Fox News covered it today too

Leaving crumbs

Covering their tracks for FF

aa21ec No.262675


He's the owner of the Eagles.

682374 No.262676

Has anyone ever checked out Bill Schnoebelen?

He's pretty out there talking about werewolves and vampires. But if you think about the elite drinking blood and eating flesh it really makes sense. Also some really good insight into freemasonry

youtube.com/ watch?v=qBdWRT-5H4Q

f3d05a No.262677

File: 9954fd6b63e68ca⋯.jpg (126.91 KB, 640x854, 320:427, IMG_0943.JPG)

it is a little early for the pygmy

07c8ff No.262678


If this is not a secret message it does make him seem more unstable.

b6e512 No.262679


Maybe still has power of some kind?

Also, he's mimicking Eric.


334320 No.262680

Dear clowns… This shit is already beyond your control.

f029f8 No.262681

File: 20ca023977dfa71⋯.jpg (111.18 KB, 1600x705, 320:141, yo5136f998.jpg)


I will give you a hint… They all started from this reflection in a NASA astronaut's visor. All of them.

415acb No.262682


Was threat against POTUS family

See Eric's identical post 4 days ago

And show of force to his team

that he's still running the show

8856aa No.262683

File: 104c248c2baef7c⋯.png (13.37 KB, 781x431, 781:431, yup.png)

File: 946950d2c8c71b4⋯.png (216.85 KB, 1338x1042, 669:521, MakeHarambeGreatAgain.png)

File: 5c4449ac8ff38bc⋯.png (387.01 KB, 1347x679, 1347:679, petitionSiteWorking.png)

34e713 No.262684

File: f9485932ffc8acc⋯.png (600.58 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, gagging-meme-1024x600.png)

a2a580 No.262685


Comey is scum.

902c6e No.262686

>>262679 Q's translation of his earlier post said activate sleeper cells. ;)

02da69 No.262687


Oh look it's a Masshole.

dc3561 No.262689


Q & MI also have

>PLANNED for [3] years.

free will & human spontaneity aside, all bases have been covered. if they have plans to disrupt the game, it's too dangerous for (((them))) to even try , especially if they've already been seen or heard planning

07c8ff No.262690


Impressive collection of data.

0a440c No.262691

i have a feeling Q is gonna post about human trafficking tomorrow.

and it's gonna be HUGE.

8fde93 No.262692


I hope he got sponsored for the free advertising for Riddell, NFL, Pats, NFLTard

a8e97c No.262693


Thomas Pain just tweeted this 38 minutes ago to

Eric Holder:

One day, perhaps soon, the world will know what you did to my family. Your hubris and chronic law breaking helped create Thomas Paine and True Pundit. I have only begun to paint my masterpiece of Redemption.

93a50c No.262694



not to spoil your fun but it's the shine from an overhead light with the shadow of his head or hand

2c2ed5 No.262695


I checked it out some time ago. Dozens of space agency symbols, all sharing common iconography. Don't have the sauce in front of me ATM, but yeah. Weird. They are all 'in the know' about something they don't want US to know.

0a440c No.262696

fuck, i noticed my post got posted earlier sorry for the double post my computer is messing up

83fcc4 No.262697

Abe Mezvinsky

https:// books.google.com/books?id=ACTF56SnaykC&pg=PA273&lpg=PA273&dq=abe+mezvinsky&source=bl&ots=5lWUuBsCEb&sig=czv-WYtYlovyma6JIoLDtxHq4hY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjk9r_pu4vZAhXis1QKHXyjDH44ChDoATADegQICBAB#v=onepage&q=abe%20mezvinsky&f=false

8777d0 No.262699


Me Likey!

065130 No.262701

File: ddbacca5b3a8335⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1517602904253.jpg)

129e6d No.262702



Glitch in the matrix

83fcc4 No.262703


The Jews of Capitol Hill a compendium of Jewish Congressional Members.

415acb No.262704



Letting them know on NOV 22

MI knows all

with SUM OF ALL FEARS messaging 3x

63ce42 No.262705


Niice post Anon

Looks like Eric "Cock" Holder is in some trouble Boooooooyyyyyeeeee!

da8a5e No.262706

File: eef1b6992dec2f5⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 533x400, 533:400, fa67804541c3e505c01c054284….jpg)


Sacrifice your new born to Satan/Moloch? Fucked up that it's to first thing to come into my head, but at this point that looks like as good a possibility as any.

a53a8f No.262707

File: 96a4b27bb1c6e01⋯.jpg (147.54 KB, 650x430, 65:43, dlajdlfjdlfjadsl;fdljf.jpg)

022b38 No.262708


signed it!

3dbbad No.262709



>mr cati decode

https:// www.hooktube. com/watch?v=vHVlYqDAnLE

9c04b8 No.262710

Super bowl security team EPG replaced by G4S less than 24 hours ago! Who worked for g4s? Mateen Orlando shooter and the British para trooper “anti Christ” killed 2 in Iraq. FF incoming!

http:// www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/02/03/super-bowl-fan-event-in-minneapolis-replaces-security-firm-report.html

0a440c No.262711


haha! no its just my computer is messing up

sorry again! but look at the 666 ;)

170b63 No.262712


Chad Nishimura was not killed and John Beilman has no connection to LV both is shit posted from yournewswire. Don't mix disinfo into memes.

022b38 No.262713


and thank you Anon

f029f8 No.262714


The answer is here.. >>262681

d53cf3 No.262715


That's the air conditioner vent there next to the track lighting.

02da69 No.262716


Plane on autopilot from remote system. No way in hell those idiots could fly at 500mph that low to ground, nor make that turn and direct hit at literal ground level with their amount of training. Zero chance.

79a890 No.262717


Related to State Department tenure if I'm not mistaken. I just remember smiling when I saw it, for obvious reasons. Two days ago.

07c8ff No.262718


Maybe but don't forget the white hats have a big challenge for the next 24 hrs heading off any violence in MN.

b6e512 No.262719


How Single White Female of him, eh?


I think he's butthurt Q outed his code kek.


Whoa shit, shots fired!

4d50a0 No.262720

James Comey Tweet Feb 1st -

All should appreciate the FBI speaking up, I wish more of our leaders would. But take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy.


[take heart]=187 [history]=False Flag [long run]-[hold the field]=Super Bowl [stand up]=Activate Sleeper Cell [Joe McCarthy]= Eugene Joseph McCarthy, Former long time Representative of the 4th Congressional District of Minnesota. Super Bowl is in the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. The 4th and 5th Congressional Districts of Minnesota make up the Twin Cities. Stay Alert

dc4665 No.262722


Signed it

cb55de No.262723


I am pretty sure that SCOTUS would get involved in this.

4bac18 No.262724


Didn't Q mention learn Russian?

f029f8 No.262725


Hi Lynn ;)

ed128b No.262726


A dose of logic here

why would (((they))) need 2 shooters if the victims we fake?

shooting was a distraction for a bigger operation that failed

9c04b8 No.262727

Has this been discovered already?

ed128b No.262728



f3d05a No.262729

File: 511ece54454db1c⋯.jpg (1.76 MB, 1392x1979, 1392:1979, The_Two_Jungle_Books_1895_….jpg)

one time this dude with an iphone took over teh worldz

19d895 No.262730

File: 37097c56fd65c8c⋯.png (1.33 MB, 795x793, 795:793, crumby.png)

C'mon pal…

I know you're lurkin' about.

Need some crumbs to fill the breads.

ee6858 No.262731

Donald J. Trump‏ @TrumpUpdate · 40m40 minutes ago

 More

Alexander Downer, the person who just happened to run into Papadopoulos in a London

wine room, meeting for the first time, is an Australian Diplomat to the UK.

He is also a life long friend of the Clintons.

Just how close is Downer with the Clintons ?

8fde93 No.262732


>http:// www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/02/03/super-bowl-fan-event-in-minneapolis-replaces-security-firm-report.html

Bring in Hell's Angels. I thought G4S was already in place…weird to wait til the 11th hour.

07c8ff No.262733


That seems like a big mistake.

It's hard to understand how G4S is still allowed to conduct business in this country.

0a440c No.262734

lmao, i hate those "Hi Lynn" comments

people thinks they are Q xD

8777d0 No.262735


Do we get together here to coordinate, is there a special thread for this?

ad3d8d No.262736

File: 239d6646d283682⋯.png (618.26 KB, 772x963, 772:963, ClipboardImage.png)

More on the train wreck.

http:// wtvr.com/2018/02/01/christopher-foley-obit/

http:// www.cnn.com/2018/01/31/politics/who-was-on-the-train-gop-retreat-congress-republicans/index.html

02da69 No.262737


So, in other words, he's a Jew?

baf6e8 No.262738



This comment alone made me think back to JFK with the person who was I believe removed. I am horrible with names right now since I am reading so much, but this was from the latest drop they did on it this year. It would also be a Future Proves Past.

f029f8 No.262739

File: 8aafa36201f8010⋯.jpg (38.04 KB, 402x563, 402:563, Forester-De-Rothschild-Lyn….jpg)

ad3d8d No.262740

Here's a look at everyone who was on the train (list of members will be updated):

House Speaker Paul Ryan

Rep. French Hilll, R-Arkansas

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-California

Rep. John Moolenaar‏, R-Michigan

Rep. Rick Allen, R-Georgia

Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Indiana

Rep. Ron Estes, R-Kansas

Rep. Steve Womack‏, R-Arkansas

Sen. Mike Rounds, R-South Dakota

Rep. Keith Rothfus, R-Pennsylvania

Rep. Alex Mooney, R-West Virginia

Rep. Martha McSally, R-Arizona

Rep. Don Bacon, R-Nebraska

Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas

Rep. Steve Daines, R-Montana

‏Rep. Drew Ferguson, R-Georgia

Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida

Rep. Mark Walker, R-North Carolina

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Missouri

Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Kansas

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-Louisiana

Rep. Ed Royce, R-California

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, R-Nebraska

Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Alabama

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Oregon

Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Arizona

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma

Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tennessee

Rep. Jason Lewis, R-Minnesota

Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-North Carolina

Sen. Todd Young, R-Indiana

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Washington

Rep. Karen Handel, R-Georgia

Rep. Larry Bucshon, R-Indiana

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas

Rep. Randy Hultgren, R-Illinois

Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Georgia

Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Kentucky

Rep. Jeff Denham, R-California

Rep. Brian Babin, R-Texas

Rep. Tim Walberg, R-Michigan

Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wisconsin

Rep. Mike Bost, R-Illinois

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas

Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas

Rep. Dan Donovan, R-New York

Rep. John Faso, R-New York

Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Alabama

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa

Rep. Kevin Cramer, R-North Dakota

Rep. Bob Lotta, R-Ohio

Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Florida

Rep. Andy Barr, R-Kentucky

Rep. Rick Crawford, R-Arkansas

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina

Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-Wisconsin

Rep. John Katko, R-New York

Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-New Jersey

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-New York

Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tennessee

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-California

Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Colorado

Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Florida

Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Arkansas

Rep. David Valadao, R-California

Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Michigan

Rep. Austin Scott, R-Georgia

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Kentucky

Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho

Rep. Richard Hudson, R-North Carolina

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-North Carolina

Rep. Steve Knight, R-California

Rep. Leonard Lance, R-New Jersey

Rep. Bruce Poliquin, R-Maine

Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minnesota

Rep. Erik Paulsen, R-Minnesota

Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Michigan

Rep. Mimi Walters, R-California

Rep. Robert Anderholt, R-Alabama

Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-North Carolina

Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas

Rep. John Carter, R-Texas

Rep. Tom Rice, R-South Carolina

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pennsylvania

Rep. Buddy Carter, R-Georgia

Rep. Ted Budd, R-North Carolina

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colorado

Rep. Gregg Harper, R-Mississippi

Rep. David Kustoff, R-Tennessee

Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas

1d41a7 No.262741

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's a reason this video always comes up when people start researching this subject. Probably a fighter or learjet remotely piloted, painted to look somewhat like an AA plane.

a2a580 No.262742


Seems Eric Holder made an enemy out of someone who should not have, kek.

8777d0 No.262743


And that's how you do it, meme master!

1bc0bd No.262744



I would love to send him Q's memo post

Jan 21 2018 11:06:20




Will SESSIONS drop the hammer?

1 of 22.

#Memo shifts narrative.

#Memo reinstates SESSIONS' authority re: Russia/ALL.

#Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest levels.

#Memo factually demonstrates HUSSEIN ADMIN weaponized INTEL community to ensure D victory [+insurance].

#Memo factually demonstrates 'knowingly false intel' provided to FISA Judges to obtain warrant(s).


[The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America]

Hussein [8]

Install rogue_ops

Leak C-intel/Mil assets

Cut funding to Mil

Command away from generals

Launch 'good guy' takedown (internal remove) - Valerie Jarrett (sniffer)

SAP sell-off

Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)

Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)

Open border (flood illegals: D win) ISIS/MS13 fund/install (fear, targeting/removal, domestic-assets etc.)

Blind-eye NK [nuke build]

[Clas-1, 2, 3]

Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]

Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]

Stage SC [AS [187]]

U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]

KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)

[CLAS 1-99]

HRC [8] WWIII [death & weapons real/WAR FAKE & CONTROLLED][population growth control/pocket billions]

Eliminate final rogue_ops within Gov't/MIL

KILL economy [starve/need/enslave]

Open borders

Revise Constitution

Ban sale of firearms (2nd amen removal)

Install 'on team' SC justices> legal win(s) across spectrum of challengers (AS 187)

Removal of electoral college [pop vote ^easier manipulation/illegal votes/Soros machines]

Limit/remove funding of MIL

Closure of US MIL installations WW [Germany 1st]

Destruction of opposing MSM/other news outlets (censoring), CLAS 1-59


Pure EVIL.

Narrative intercept [4am].

Sessions/Nunes Russian OPS.

Repub distortion of facts to remove Mueller.[POTUS free pass].

Shutdown Primary Reasons.


Weaken military assets.

Inc illegal votes.

Black voters abandoning.

"Keep them starved"

"Keep them blind"

"Keep them stupid"

HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].

The Great Awakening.

Fight, Fight, Fight.


06561b No.262745


Only those for whom God is present in all things and who make the very best use of their reason, know what true peace is and truly possess heaven.

8fde93 No.262747


only 2 shooters? what about all the reports from other casinos? Can't believe any of the bullshit. It was definitely planned….def crisis actors, whether there were real rogue shooters or not. Even people in the audience said shot sounds were on the loudspeaker….but the like to mix fake and real…maybe it keeps us distracted…I don't really know.

d361e9 No.262748

File: 09413386f351df8⋯.jpeg (693.39 KB, 1536x980, 384:245, F1F35A4D-03F0-4D29-BC02-5….jpeg)

0Hour posting this on Twitter saying Q is a larp by this Defango person.

82d1eb No.262749

File: 4a04d9d4d32472c⋯.png (696.82 KB, 644x759, 28:33, DoD 2-3-18 9 pm PST.PNG)


I am sure Q team is around.

d53cf3 No.262751


I'm dead serious. The reflection is the air conditioner vent next to the track light. I know we did not go to the moon. Have you seen the mountain of evidence on that it was totally faked? And I'm not Lynn. I don't understand your post.

2ec35d No.262752

Is there a Petition for Internet Bill of Rights?

That would be good to push, with the hashtag it would be even more effective.

a2a580 No.262753


out of someone he should not have*

Sorry its late, kek.

da8a5e No.262754


gives them less time to respond, if they had agents in place taking them out to early allows them to regroup.

ad3d8d No.262755

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. – More than $20,000 has been raised for the Virginia dad killed Wednesday when an Amtrak train collided with his garbage truck. Christopher Foley, 28, of Louisa County, was identified as the man killed in the incident, according to the Albemarle Police.

"We here at the company lost a friend and a brother," Joann Scott wrote on the GoFundMe page. "His one-year-old son lost a father."

Foley was a passenger in the truck. Another passenger on the garage truck was airlifted to the University of Virginia Medical Center with critical injuries. The driver was taken by ground in serious condition.

Train crash investigation focusing on truck driver's actions

Investigators looking into Wednesday's deadly crash – which involved a train carrying GOP members of Congress – are focusing on the actions of the driver of a truck the train struck, a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

Eyewitnesses have told National Transportation Safety Board investigators the truck driver – who is alive but in serious condition, according to authorities – was seen trying to snake his way through the crossing gates, despite signals that included lights warning of the oncoming train, two sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

The Amtrak train, which was chartered by GOP lawmakers to take them from Washington, DC, to West Virginia for their retreat, was traveling at approximately 60 mph at the time of the accident. The tracks where the accident happened are not often active passenger rails and are usually only used for freight trains, which travel much more slowly, usually around 30 mph.

Neighbors who live near these tracks learn the routine and they plan accordingly, the source said. This Amtrak train was going roughly twice as fast as trains that usually travel on these tracks, so the truck driver may have miscalculated how much time he had if he mistook the Amtrak for the usual slower freight train.

Although it's unusual to have passenger service on the rail line, the tracks are rated for 60 mph, so the fact that it was traveling at this speed is not thought to be an issue, one of the sources said.

NTSB investigators are working to download the video from the camera that was on the front of the train.

baf6e8 No.262756


Alright you have my attention. What's your thesis?

89e1e6 No.262757


There is no worse blindness than the one from a person who having eyes does not want to see.

49c406 No.262759


>fucking vampire royalty has twice the fangs

902c6e No.262760

>>262752 If doxxing is an issue we just need someone not worried about it to submit it, correct?

022b38 No.262761


Major Assassination Attempt??

8fde93 No.262762


That guy's an asshole…and probably Cointel. Famefag

baf6e8 No.262763


Seemed pretty blatant.

129e6d No.262764


It's pretty telling that something isn't right when you have so many key people on one train.

1bc0bd No.262765

File: 1d4b31fbdd7419d⋯.jpg (294.18 KB, 840x525, 8:5, Bill Of Rights 2.jpg)

File: 609551f70dad19b⋯.jpg (110.07 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 2.jpg)

File: 2ae919d06db5136⋯.jpg (105.29 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 1.jpg)

File: 36f28f67803dee9⋯.png (1.49 MB, 830x869, 830:869, Bill of Rights 7.png)


Here is some to get you started for #InternetBillOfRights Look in the meme thread for more.

63ce42 No.262766


They may have information regarding a nuclear weapon and hence decided to turtle up in a COG bunker until it's resolved.

dc3561 No.262767

Twas a joke >>262724

b901fc No.262768

File: aa5460a45da6392⋯.png (332.89 KB, 781x809, 781:809, cia-mudd.png)


ee6858 No.262769

Donald J. Trump‏ @TrumpUpdate · 41m41 minutes ago

 More

Remember - the Clintons and the FBI are extremely strategic with every move and

every player they choose.

Choosing Alexander Downer was one of those strategic moves.

a27edc No.262770


Message unclear

3993f2 No.262771



Been hash tagging InternetBillOfRights all day

022b38 No.262772


Yet Silence

d53cf3 No.262774


I think this is the new Clown MO when you are dead on target. They say, "Hi Lynn," like a little bitch.

dddc1b No.262775

File: 89866d607217cdf⋯.jpg (16.12 KB, 306x359, 306:359, ChrisFoley.jpg)


THAT is the guy that died in the crash.

Been waiting on that.

Thanks anon.

Does anyone have facebook and want to see if he was a conservative they may have got rid of?

(probably was being a working man)

1d41a7 No.262776

Emergency brake was tripped so fits with what Q said about the drone provided warning..

Train's emergency brake was activated, safety arms at site of GOP train crash appeared to malfunction


8777d0 No.262777


200 birds with 1 dump truck, so they thought.

415acb No.262779


Don't think 0 is smart enough for cointel

Actually feel sorry for him now

pathetic and desperate for attn

Stop posting that shit about those 2 fame fags

a2a580 No.262780


CNN are a bunch glowing nigger kikes.

a6a7a0 No.262781

That said "Times Up"… What does that mean, times up for Congress Members under Deep State threats, blackmail? Connection to the Refuse company "Time Disposal" truck on the track ? Wonder what the fine print on the pin, says…too small I cannot read it.

ad3d8d No.262782


Note that the source of this list is CNN.

9b2afe No.262783

49c406 No.262784


>the last snarl of a cornered mouse about to be devoured

totally cinematic

would look amazing in the movie

8ff049 No.262785


Wearing those TIME'S UP, pins the night before a train load of Republicans are hit by a TIME Disposal garbage Truck.

63ce42 No.262786


103 years and no once could touch you. TRUMP works you for 13 months and your Ticked and on your deathbed, suck it looser.

6c1e0a No.262787


Tag Team, back again

Check it to wreck it, let's begin

Party on, party people, let me hear some noise

DC's in the house, jump, jump, rejoice

Says there's a party over here, a party over there

Wave your hands in the air, shake your derriere

These three words mean you're gettin' busy,

Whoomp, there it is! Hit me!

Loop, there it is!

Loop, there it is!

Loop, there it is!

d79a0f No.262788


Had a jewish boss from Israel that described the same thing. fair haired/skin jews - eastern european, don't intermix with middle eastern / dark hair/skin jews & vice versa. taboo. I don't recall him telling me why.

3993f2 No.262790


It’s a hollyweird things about sex abusers

902c6e No.262791

>>262780 IKR?

Where did he learn to logic? POTUS has been since the beginning.

These people are stupid.

316987 No.262792


In other words the Mezvinsky's and the Margolies have a generational hertigage of involvement with Nazi Germany.

Are there any real Anons here? Or is this FB on steroids?

e879fa No.262793


it wasnt a plane man it was a fucking missile fired from a sub off the coast - a fucking cruise missile no fucking commercial airliner can fly that fast that low - it is physically impossible

3993f2 No.262794


Yea weird

d53cf3 No.262795


I wanna be front row at the execution of this psychotic prick. I hope they give him the Chinese water treatment.

3993f2 No.262796


Seen videos of the missle that hit. No plane

dddc1b No.262797


His name is MUDD!

(noanon noticed that humor.)

02da69 No.262798


Never seen that. Thanks. Just cements more of my prior thoughts.

9a7807 No.262799

File: 19dced5c2b68fbe⋯.png (96.88 KB, 693x610, 693:610, lie.PNG)

f12971 No.262800


Another piece of the puzzle. Thats a link.

Papadopoulos <-> Downer <->Clintons

4c84fd No.262801


That tail assembly is from an F-4

9b2afe No.262802


I bet they planned it all at the dinner they had during the shutdown….

02da69 No.262803


Revenge served ice cold.

f1e516 No.262804

anons against a boomer. you want a debate… i rest my case on one song. moody blues. QUESTION. we need you. yes. and. we know stuff fucker. do this song. we had no internet. we could not hide. sauce.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWG4HqREdsA

1bc0bd No.262805


It was so badly planned you might be right

7a89a5 No.262806


>POTUS said in the SOTU near the beginning, "the people are the key"

....What is the STONE?


We need to get a list of any senator or person at the STOU who had these pins. This is odd. Really odd.





This -> >>262487


Very nice list. Were their family members on board too?

19d895 No.262807

File: d4628448e834fd0⋯.png (221.7 KB, 912x615, 304:205, vector.png)

6ba1d4 No.262808


some people call it a coup

415acb No.262809

Duffy had wife and 8 kids on train said on FOX

ee6858 No.262810


The only stone I know is Roger Stone ..

wacky guy .. But hey

02da69 No.262811


Tell O Hour to fuck off. He's pissed no one believes his bullshit anymore.

a56056 No.262812


One the most common deflections used by career appointees, like, FOREVER.>>261646

(carried over)

ad3d8d No.262813


This is the article source:

http:// www.cnn.com/2018/01/31/politics/who-was-on-the-train-gop-retreat-congress-republicans/index.html

1bc0bd No.262814


We oldfags have been through a lot and can see what has changed. These young punks have no idea.

9c04b8 No.262815

File: 3f59ad92f13b9b0⋯.png (106.67 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 46167617-B4D8-48CE-928F-65….png)

G4S is the go to false flag firm.

82d1eb No.262816


That is likely the correct interpretation. However, the pins were worn by most of HW at the Golden Globes to bring awareness to sexual misconduct.

69c919 No.262817


G4S employed the night club shooter Omar Mateen

f029f8 No.262818


You are on the right track. Be warned… They are watching.

ad3d8d No.262819


Article source:

http:// wtvr.com/2018/02/01/christopher-foley-obit/

8777d0 No.262820


Don't forget

Whoomp! Shaka-laka-shaka-laka-shaka-laka-shaka

(Boom shook bye)

8fde93 No.262821

File: 351ba9b803c02bc⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 696x464, 3:2, pelican raid.jpg)


I prefer the Pelicans to hearing about these twats


THeir parent company also owns one of the major Crisis casting firms..go figure…one stop shop for False flags

731e2c No.262822

>>262755 (cheKeKed)

> video from the camera that was on the front of the train.

that will be interesting video

ee4829 No.262824

File: de51ebd584d801c⋯.jpg (299.24 KB, 1500x784, 375:196, BoycottSB3.jpg)

File: 4d7b751840062c9⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 300x295, 60:59, BoycottSB2.jpg)

File: f31b66cdfdcced1⋯.jpg (79.72 KB, 300x295, 60:59, BoycottSB.jpg)

File: 6a464e813e6b63b⋯.jpg (19.95 KB, 474x474, 1:1, nog4s.jpg)

b6e512 No.262825


What in hell would have happened if we lost half of Congress that day?

3993f2 No.262826


I know that kroll from when I used to live in Chicago, he’s on the up and up, by the book.

1bc0bd No.262827


Reminds me of the series V

6116b7 No.262828

File: 17d72e92e63302c⋯.jpg (390.82 KB, 1854x1852, 927:926, IMG_0215.jpg)

dddc1b No.262829


"Yanked way by the feds"

Let me interpret…

Good guys removed from jobs by corrupt fbi to facilitate something devious.


19d895 No.262830


Of course they are. They have my number.

Let em call. I'll be awake most of the night.

1d41a7 No.262831




Its funny when you think about how there were gov studies done for most of the things pulled off that day. Remote control of planes, crash damage of planes flying into walls, operation northwoods, etc..

da2669 No.262832

File: 8f9c31fd812b180⋯.jpg (17.09 KB, 610x458, 305:229, lock.jpg)


its a stretch,i know

8e6d0a No.262833


some anons were pushing it earlier, half the anons on at the time were stroking over "not gonna dox myself", touchy subject here. I been pushing shit on fakebook and twatter letting people know the site is there. Easy to meme

b901fc No.262834

File: f053ef9e2b42873⋯.png (72.62 KB, 775x449, 775:449, huckabee.png)


3dbbad No.262835

File: 26b9f38ce113b1f⋯.png (39.62 KB, 781x287, 781:287, 26b9f38ce113b1f14e4e1f05a8….png)



cb55de No.262836


I think you need a little more time lurking before you start posting rediculous crap like this. Learn how to read the post header.

26e0f5 No.262837

1bc0bd No.262838


Not really. Still there

dddc1b No.262839


Kroll CORP was involved in 911!!!

ad3d8d No.262840


Source for the news release:

https:// twitter.com/LauraCPerrot

415acb No.262841

Nov 22 Q




They know

Watching them lay plans (G4S, DC police chief)

More evidence

Will be stopped

dfd374 No.262842

File: efd8fdb0faf04bd⋯.jpg (153.63 KB, 1064x801, 1064:801, DU-min2X4AEjTCF.jpg)

02da69 No.262843


Shark eyes. Looks insane.

8777d0 No.262844


Some say I'm crazy cause I'm pushing up dasies

The underground sound that you (nig') have found

Amazing, outstanding, demanding,

Comanding, you people dancing

(Whoo!) (Shi') That's a breath-taker

Our producer, a.k.a. the undertaker

You want to come down to the underground old school?

Here's a shovel, can you dig it, fool?

Can you dig it? (We can dig it!)

022b38 No.262845



It would have been an accident an any fowl play covered up…and Commies back in control. Devastating. Thank God!

22a536 No.262846

Sorry. I'm a t work and I don't have a screenshot but I r emember someone at SOTU ha d a gold skul l and bones lapel pin on. I immediately tho u ght Yale and Bones man. Any anon want to try and find it before I c lock out?

49c406 No.262847





0a440c No.262848

3993f2 No.262849


He doesn’t own kroll Corp, diff family

8ff049 No.262850


Don't hold back say how you really feel. tch

8fde93 No.262851

File: a87c6bf73188849⋯.png (231.51 KB, 600x599, 600:599, comey treason.png)

28b9e2 No.262852


That was yesterday?

7609e1 No.262853

File: 57147cc028af71c⋯.png (382.35 KB, 480x482, 240:241, ClipboardImage.png)

07c8ff No.262854


great song, thanks anon

2c2ed5 No.262855


Thumbs up

6c22a3 No.262856


Could the Eos implicate the Federal Reserve's activities to those engaged in criminal acts, and kick in this Federal Reserve Statement in someway that frees us as collateral on the debt? Here the note in Wikipedia, "The Federal Reserve Act was originally granted a twenty-year charter, to be renewed in 1933. This clause was amended on February 25, 1927: "To have succession after the approval of this Act until dissolved by Act of Congress or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law." Has the franchise somehow forfeited their charter and thus our collateralization is forfeited?

19d895 No.262857


We have a winner

8fde93 No.262858


You just got Kroll Trolled….lol

3993f2 No.262859


Bob kroll , is polish. Krol, kroll, krull , Krul…. lots in Chicago with those polish names, don’t mean they’re related. It’s like the name smith in USA…

022b38 No.262860


If press was not mockingbird this would be day of days for them, the story of 2 centuries!

3993f2 No.262861

0400f7 No.262862

File: 18be0bae25b053f⋯.jpg (84.62 KB, 465x570, 31:38, 9cio32fd24f2fpzlz.jpg)

ed128b No.262863



Death Penalty

That's it?

f1e516 No.262864


sauce oldfag. teach. don't shut the fuck up. we forgot more than they have on the internet. old ff shit. bring it up. i have. but… we need them. i can't meme… hahaha!

3c548d No.262865

File: 00c339022aeb42e⋯.jpg (122.86 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Alpha_Omega.jpg)

8fde93 No.262866

File: 1e78d368bd88d09⋯.png (77.65 KB, 400x224, 25:14, alex milk.png)

902c6e No.262867

1d41a7 No.262868


So we are all just food for evil alien "gods" that fly around in Y-shaped UFOs?

dfd374 No.262869


yellen last twat

8ff049 No.262870


Where is the list of their family members?

dddc1b No.262871



Had me worried for a second there…

That was the company that had John O.Neil killed…

Was a bad omen.

Thanks for clarification.

19d895 No.262872


let's go diggin

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_government_space_agencies

b6e512 No.262873


Or POTUS would've had to declare open martial law everywhere, and then…don't wanna think about it. Thank God indeed.


Good one! Give somebody a cookie if they post it to his twatter kek!

f85b12 No.262874


Yeah there are some meme geniuses on here, no doubt.

3993f2 No.262875

Kroll Corp is a clothing company , uniforms for law enforcement , security , and more

2ec35d No.262876

File: f73f478dfbbb977⋯.jpg (131.73 KB, 636x345, 212:115, IMG_1746.JPG)



8e6d0a No.262877


I've signed several petitions so far. I am of the belief that if someone really wants to find me, they can; so, I just don't worry about it.

be6015 No.262878


signed it

52164b No.262879


We don't need to sign it to meme it. If we came up with a few petitions and hashtags some random anon might drive a couple hours to a public library and make create it.

d53cf3 No.262880


Awesome!!! My favorite meme of the week.

fe5807 No.262883


Yes, We the People is the way to be heard.

Sign the petitions….

3993f2 No.262884


I would but I got blocked LOL

1bc0bd No.262885


I use Paint and Snipping Tool. Might take longer and not so fancy but it works.

584dce No.262886


Times up pin was a golden globe sexual abuse awareness movement

f029f8 No.262887


Not really… it's an obvious vector symbol.

ed128b No.262888


WW company based in MN? odd

26e0f5 No.262889

File: 689ec8dbb00edac⋯.jpg (18.84 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 1.jpg)

8fde93 No.262890

File: ef1dfee8d391e71⋯.png (226.68 KB, 600x599, 600:599, comey life.png)

File: a364181669eb197⋯.png (229.6 KB, 600x599, 600:599, comey dp.png)


I thought about that or life sentence.

>>262875 Kroll does background checks among other security related stuff for corps/govt.

6116b7 No.262891


I made this WH Petition earlier today:

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-fisa-warrants

316987 No.262892

In an Associated Press article published in The Daily Oklahoman, October 28, 1996, Harold Brooks-Baker, director of Burke's Peerage, a London-based publishing house that traces the lineage of royal and noble families, said that Bill Clinton and Bob Dole have more in 

common than wanting to be president. They are distant cousins! However, Clinton has bluer blood, giving him an election edge.

Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe, but took his stepfather's name as a teenager. Clinton's ancestry can be traced 

back, on his mother's side, to King Henry III who ruled England from 1227 to 1272. He is descended from King Robert I of France.

Furthermore, he is related to every Scottish monarch to the current British royal family. Clinton's royal roots include several medieval 

monarchs and Simon de Montfort, a statesman and soldier under King Henry III. Through de Montfort, Clinton is related to every ancient aristocratic family in Britain today.

J. R. Church continues the incredible story:

Over the past six years, efforts to uncover Clinton's personal history have been nigh unto impossible to confirm. The President had 

all records of his family history, school records, medical history, etc. sealed.

In 1992, we called Burke's Peerage and asked if they had done any research into Clinton's lineage. We were told that they had not done 

a genealogical search on his ancestry. It seemed strange to us at the time that they denied knowing anything about Clinton. Shortly 

afterward, we came across an AP story that linked Clinton to a Gypsy king–citing Burke's Peerage as a source. We again called Burke's 

Peerage and repeated our request. Again, they told us that no work had been done. That's when we read the article to the person on the 

phone, naming Harold Brooks-Baker as a source. She then admitted that they had done some work on the genealogy. She said that we should talk with Harold Brooks-Baker, himself. She requested that we fax a letter and request a reply.

We did as she asked. Two days later, having received no reply, we called again. This time, we were able to get Mr. Harold Brooks-Baker on the phone. He asked why we wanted the information, and said he would have to clear our request with Washington. He said, 'It's a very touchy subject.' He talked like there might be something to hide.

Indeed! What might that closely-guarded secret be? J. R. Church continues his riveting story:

Bill Clinton's family goes back to William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison, making him related to Gerald Ford and Jimmy 

Carter. His kinship to Ford makes him 'near kin' to Richard Nixon and George Bush. Small world, isn't it?

f029f8 No.262893

f85b12 No.262894

File: b28553b7495a3c0⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 550x309, 550:309, 1517588770905.jpg)

Jimmy Kimmel car accident.

He made an illegal left turn when the sign said "Right Turn Only".

And they say GOD has no sense of humor….

02da69 No.262896


Should've expanded and said "Jews". Trust me, I know and have personal experience with these frauds.

52164b No.262897


Its poorly written and not actionable by the white house. If the petition were to redact and declassify the inspector generals report or to redact and declassify the 302's from the clinton email "investigation" we might get some fireworks.

8fde93 No.262898


He chose the LEFT HAND path…that's Karma

49c406 No.262899


which constellation / star system is that?

19d895 No.262900


Taurus Constelation

cb55de No.262901


You're right. I have no reason to trust you.

dc4665 No.262902


Great Catch Anon!

902c6e No.262903


I sense a meme coming . .

f96177 No.262904


Sign us all up.

We all have the same name.

f029f8 No.262905

f1e516 No.262906


but youngfags got better things. things i can't even pronounce. we gotta back em till they wake up. redpill. fuck these punks ain't seen nothing yet. just sayin'

2e74a8 No.262907


Comey wants us to know he's a narcissist and proud of his career building a corrupt and traitorous bureau.

Or more likely, he's sending a message about the "family" all linked together, dress rehearsal a go for a big "event" they've planned.

316987 No.262908


I am not sure how many times I had to say Jew before anybody caught on. 2 threads of it now.

thanks though. I think.

b6e512 No.262909


AHAHAHA snowflake can't take the heat! Badge of Honor to you, anon, what did it?

1d41a7 No.262910

So I know you can get perjury charges for lying to a FISA judge… are there any other penalties possible?

8fde93 No.262911

File: 6a71fd3f0adfc75⋯.png (223.11 KB, 600x599, 600:599, comey cuff links.png)

8777d0 No.262912










316987 No.262913

Royal Boy Chosen'

There is no official documentation for what I am about to relate. I talked with a man in the summer of 1996 who claimed to be a 

descendant of the Rothschild banking family. He informed me that Bill Clinton used to attend their family functions as a boy.

This man grew up in the same town with Clinton. They attended the same schools. He would see Bill at family get-togethers wearing a 

Jewish skullcap. According to him, Bill Clinton is a descendant of the Rothschild family.

He said the rabbis would kiss his hand and refer to him as the Segulah Yeled Eklatosh–the 'royal-boy-chosen.' He said that 

according to private family records, the original Meyer Amschel (Bauer) Rothschild (pictured, right) claimed to have had a heavenly visitor in 1773, 

who informed him that Jesus was not the Messiah. He told Meyer Amschel that the family from which he descended would produce the 

Messiah in the last half of the twentieth century.

A few weeks later I read in 'The Jewish Festivals' by Hayyim Schauss (published in 1938) that the Roman Emperor Nero had faked his death, escaped and married a Jewish woman. The famous thirteenth century 

Rabbi Meir (also spelled Meyer) of Rothenberg, Germany, claimed direct descent from Nero. I called my Rothschild family friend and 

asked it there was a family connection. Two days later he called me back, and said 'Yes! The Rothschilds are descended from Nero!'…" 

("Roots of the Presidents," by J. R. Church, Prophecy in the News, July 1998, pages 18-19).

[This article goes on to describe Nero's character and ends by saying Nero's Aramaic name (Nron Ksr) equals 666. They also show 

William Jefferson Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton as both adding up to 666 but the numbers are off as published.]

8ff049 No.262914


Are you serious, If I wasn't Canadian I'd go submit for crying out loud!!!!

28b9e2 No.262915


That constellation is where come that entities?

fe5807 No.262916


Nov 5 2017 15:41:11


ID: L8quGPI9


The Brit's spied on Trump long before the FISA warrants. See Q post below.

Who is the Queen of England?

How long in power?

With power comes corruption.

What happened to Diana?

What did she find out?

Why was she running?

Who did she entrust to help her flee?

What was the cover?

Why is this relevant?

Why now?




Bad actor.

London Mayor.



Connection to Queen?

British MI6 agents dead.



What was reported?

What really happened?

Why is this relevant?



Secret society.


9a7807 No.262917

File: 293a5e499fca546⋯.png (469.31 KB, 769x683, 769:683, KARMA.PNG)

Karma's a bitch

49c406 No.262918




al right.

planet names?

any "alien conspiracy-tard" know the "alleged race" of aliens hailing from those planets?

1d41a7 No.262919




f12971 No.262920


Convenient idiot or shill. Stop posting this shit.

a2a580 No.262922


You got blocked by Comey? kek.

ee6858 No.262923

FLASHBACK: Valerie Jarrett Kept a ‘Payback List’ of Obama’s Enemies

http:// truthfeednews.com/flashback-valerie-jarrett-kept-payback-list-of-obamas-enemies/

a899bc No.262924

Nov 5, 2017

Important to archive.

Above & next drops have high probability of shutting down /pol/.

It is being safeguarded for these transmissions but not 100% secure.

Who owns /pol/?

Why is this platform being used?

What recent events almost occurred re: /pol/?

Why is this relevant?

Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.


Stay alert in main US cities (DC), sporting events, and other conservative gatherings.

More false flags imminent.

Elections (tues) no longer matter at this stage.

Snow White.

Godfather III.

Above will have context as news unfolds.

Summarize and paint the picture.



738fac No.262925

File: a42bf5dbda3756a⋯.jpg (211.1 KB, 1854x1852, 927:926, ComeyEveryone.jpg)


1bc0bd No.262926


Sign my name too

8fde93 No.262927


That was my guess. I've seen so many references to Pleiades in regards to any of this stuff. aliens, pyramids, pop culture, music.

04286d No.262928


NDAA needs to be passed through both house and senate???

Expanding the “Sensitive Military Operations” Notification System

When CIA engages in CT activities via covert action, the well-known requirements of a written Presidential finding and notification of that finding to SSCI and HPSCI of course apply. But what happens when the exact same sort of activity occurs, instead, as a Title 10 activity? (“Traditional military activities” do not count as “covert action” subject to Title 50 oversight rules, after all). This question is particularly important in the context of kill or capture operations that may take place in locations where the U.S. military is not otherwise engaged in sustained, overt, combat operations.

For this reason, Congress several years ago enacted a special notification regime for a category of operations it labeled “sensitive military operations,” or SMOs. The basic idea is that DOD must give written notification promptly (though only “after the fact”) to SASC and HASC when it conducts an SMO. See 10 USC 130f.



49c406 No.262929



the biggest name in "alleged alien races" there is.

now we need real evidence.

any literature from any of the space organizations talking about that star system?

1d41a7 No.262930


Yep, bet that VJ bitch knows how to crack a whip real well. Hope she gets whats coming to her too.

fe5807 No.262931


Grow some nuts fellas. If you need something submitted to "We the People" post it and I'll submit it.

What are you, patriots or cowards?

902c6e No.262932


I only mentioned it because it was said that some were worried about it. The response I got said they would or I would have volunteered.

19d895 No.262933


Alpha Centauri

4226a3 No.262934

@We see all.


Mark Amodei


Justin Amash


*Joseph P. Kennedy III

John Katko

John Kennedy


*Ami Bera

Anthony Brown

Andy Biggs

Andy Barr


*John Garamendi

Jimmy Gomez

Jenniffer González-Colón

Josh Gottheimer


*Mazie Hirono

Margaret Wood Hassan

Martin Heinrich


*Kamala Harris

Amy Klobuchar


*Dave Loebsack

da2669 No.262935

File: 9ced4c7c4129b65⋯.png (35.8 KB, 1000x281, 1000:281, doug.png)


I was thinking star myself

52164b No.262936


If i were at the center of a political controversy, I would not want to be on the receiving end of a cryptic Assange tweet. How many hours do you think Comey spent trying to decipher this? Good Troll Julian!

022b38 No.262937



Bomb twitter with it!

d8b950 No.262938

File: 247bc2f4c79e206⋯.png (57.19 KB, 775x732, 775:732, Capture.PNG)

Just wanted to drop off something I found re: Loop Capital. Pic related comes from testimony during Kwame Kilpatrick's trial. His Civil Fund (KCF) received 4 payments of $10,000 from Loop Capital.

Link: http: //web.archive.org/web/20180204052514/https:// www.clickondetroit.com/news/defenders/testimony-continues-on-kwame-kilpatrick-fund-money-

13dc96 No.262939


Just so you know these and the other two are going out right now on my twitter feed. Am downloading them to my computer then uploading them to


so that I can download them onto my iPad (which I now use exclusively for doing this stuff) and tweet them out. They are going out under the #NFLHonors hashtag and my followers and any other relevant hashtags that I find. They are already being liked and retweeted.

415acb No.262940

File: bfb9a1e8167b368⋯.png (2.8 KB, 414x72, 23:4, ClipboardImage.png)

1d41a7 No.262941



7 stars in the Pleides cluster… look at the significance of 7 to NASA and other agencies… often use 7 stars in their logos.

49c406 No.262943

f1e516 No.262944

new bake… ode to oldfags. or are you not ready yet?

dddc1b No.262945

File: 64760caecc07cf9⋯.jpg (815.36 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, thatsit.jpg)


If anone has the cutout of photo comey, got more ideas.

da8a5e No.262946

File: c6fb17e7212914e⋯.jpg (790.78 KB, 2000x1125, 16:9, download.jpg)


I think i spotted some of that sneaky Russian bot owl symbology.

a56056 No.262947


Go to bed but pee first.

415acb No.262948

can the alien chat stop

Maybe you should 2 should get a 'chat"room

Focus and dig

Go back and read map

a904df No.262949

File: 7caf63f7ed40e7b⋯.jpg (134.46 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Star trek LOGO.jpg)


Star Trek symbol

1bc0bd No.262950



I want him to hang or be shot.

f96177 No.262951

File: 984a081326d75c4⋯.jpg (106.38 KB, 550x309, 550:309, Kimmel_Accident.jpg)

7a40f4 No.262952

File: 808beee65e9c74d⋯.jpg (185.1 KB, 692x492, 173:123, cb.jpg)

f029f8 No.262953


Vector… think vector… Think Y

010778 No.262954


No joke. So far into the black that the only words for it are:

Upwards of 90% would be hospitalized if the full truth were known.

022b38 No.262955


I thought you were saying "Life Sentence or Death Penalty?" and we were taking a vote.

ee6858 No.262956


Called the 7 sisters… If you look at the placement in the universe as good would look down at the stars and earth… Their placement is exact to the 7 churches in revelation…

19d895 No.262957


Nah… just a boredom tangent, I think.

c5c7c1 No.262958

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Special Prosecutor with Larry Klayman:

Interview with Charles Ortel


Sign the petition to appoint Larry Klayman as Special Prosecutor

ee6858 No.262959

as good would


ee4829 No.262960

File: 89d8fc18e558919⋯.png (341.51 KB, 400x516, 100:129, comey.png)

d53cf3 No.262961


No. Now everybody listen closely. NASA was established with real Nazis under Project Paperclip. They hate you and me, and they love to fuck with you and me. They made this Y their symbol because they know it is just a reflection off the studio ceiling where they faked the moon landing. NASA loves to hide in plain sight and gets off on fucking with our heads and making fools of us. Start with Bart Sibrel's videos and google away from there.

0a440c No.262962

Does anyone else think that the shadow gov't communicates by code through their tweets? Take a tweet Comey made tonight;

Got to dress up for a family event tonight and was proud to wear my FBI cufflinks. https:// www.instagram.com/p/Bewk1QogKoM/

why mention FBI cufflinks?

there have been several that I have wondered about like obvious code and instruction from Eric Holder twitter

Eric Holder Nov. 7, 2017

If we work hard and run everywhere we can unite our country and end this awful time. It will not be easy but it can-and must-be done. We fight. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

what do you think anons?

6116b7 No.262963


I drew the picture, can I help?

0b3807 No.262964


God Speed Anon

f1e516 No.262966


that's it? threshold of corrupt fbi will never be reached… hahaha!

dddc1b No.262967


Thanks anon.

3993f2 No.262968

Hope the Bit**es fry!

http: //www.whio.com/news/national/police-year-old-girl-burned-voodoo-ritual-charged/tX2lAFK0rMAbDvRkW9JILP/

7ca0fc No.262969


Need some bug eyed pics of Schiff and B Clinton riding the lightening from the green mile.

902c6e No.262970


I may be an oldnew fag but I smell shill pickles.

4226a3 No.262971



*Christopher Murphy

Claire McCaskill

Carolyn Maloney


*Bonnie Watson-Coleman

William Lacy Clay

Bill Cassidy


*James Clyburn

Joseph Crowley**

Joaquin Castro

John R. Carter

Jim Cooper

Jim Costa

Joe Courtney

Judy Chue

James Comer

John Abney Culberson

John R. Curtis


*Adam Schiff


*Debbie Wassermai-Schultz


*Elizabeth Warren


*Steve Russell

ee4829 No.262972


You're welcome

34f204 No.262973

File: 054d32df5271c83⋯.jpg (13.22 KB, 200x267, 200:267, alexanderdownerFishnets.jpg)


And this is some further insight into the sort of 'diplomat' Downer is… (pic related plus link):

https:// www.theguardian. com/world/2014/apr/02/alexander-downer-from-fishnets-to-foreign-minister

f96177 No.262974


Not cuff links, hand cuffs.

8fde93 No.262975


PLeiades at the end (skip to last paragraph). Red Hot Chilli Peppers (they also ref the fake moon landings in another song)

Can't stop addicted to the shindig

Chop top he says I'm gonna win big

Choose not a life of imitation

Distant cousin to the reservation

Defunkt the pistol that you pay for

This punk the feeling that you stay for

In time I want to be your best friend

Eastside love is living on the Westend

Knock out but boy you better come to

Don't die you know the truth is some do

Go write your message on the pavement

Burn so bright I wonder what the wave meant


Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably

Listen To Taylor Swift's New Song 'Call It What You Want'

Watch Sam Smith And Fifth Harmony Join James Corden For Carpool Karaoke

White heat is screaming in the jungle

Complete the motion if you stumble

Go ask the dust for any answers

Come back strong with 50 belly dancers

The world I love

The tears I drop

To be part of

The wave can't stop

Ever wonder if it's all for you

The world I love

The trains I hop

To be part of

The wave can't stop

Come and tell me when it's time to


hhRed Hot Chili Peppers - artist photos

hhRed Hot Chili Peppers - artist photos

hhRed Hot Chili Peppers - artist photos

hhRed Hot Chili Peppers - artist photos

Sweetheart is bleeding in the snow cone

So smart she's leading me to ozone

Music the great communicator

Use two sticks to make it in the nature

I'll get you into penetration

The gender of a generation

The birth of every other nation

Worth your weight the gold of meditation

This chapter's going to be a close one

Smoke rings I know your going to blow one

All on a spaceship persevering

Use my hands for everything but steering

Can't stop the spirits when they need you

Moptops are happy when they feed you

J. Butterfly is in the treetop

Birds that blow the meaning into bebop

The world I love

The tears I drop

To be part of

The wave can't stop

Ever wonder if it's all for you

The world I love

The trains I hop

To be part of

The wave can't stop

Come and tell me when it's time to

Wait a minute I'm passing out

Win or lose just like you

Far more shocking

Than anything I ever knew

How about you

Ten more reasons

Why I need somebody new just like you

Far more shocking than anything I ever knew

Right on cue

Can't stop addicted to the shindig

Chop top he says I'm gonna win big

Choose not a life of imitation

Distant cousin to the reservation

Defunkt the pistol that you pay for

This punk the feeling that you stay for

In time I want to be your best friend

Eastside love is living on the Westend

Knock out but boy you better come to

Don't die you know the truth is some do

Go write your message on the pavement

Burn so bright I wonder what the wave meant

Kick start the golden generator

Sweet talk but don't intimidate her

Can't stop the gods from engineering

Feel no need for any interfering

Your image in the dictionary

This life is more than ordinary

Can I get two maybe even three of these

Coming from space

To teach you of the Pleides

Can't stop the spirits when they need you

This life is more than just a read through

f029f8 No.262976

File: df9473655e6caeb⋯.jpg (56.78 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ee277e9c31b2e60fd7bc7f7c1b….jpg)

Don't know what it is, but not a reflection. Trajectory is off.

947ec4 No.262978


9/11 Commissioner said it was a missile during an interview…

It's on youtube.

1f32b2 No.262979


How does POTUS feel about NASA?

8ff049 No.262980


No they're not, Q said these guys are stupid!

8fde93 No.262981


I just made both….though I think Death Penalty is pretty harsh (and wha'ts worse)? I like the Treason one myself.

effada No.262982

File: 2d2280553170b12⋯.png (50.87 KB, 780x634, 390:317, SB52LogoSm.png)


Has anyone pointed out that the L looks like an inverted 7? So, we have the three towers that fell on 911… The twins and number 7.

They like their symbols, don't they?

a27edc No.262983


Multiple light sources.

Knuckle shadows.

21da73 No.262984


Hey retard it's a shadow of his fingers from another light source.

d53cf3 No.262985


Definitely. Q just translated a Comey tweet. I know Q is dead serious and, I'm sure, dead-on accurate with his translation.

28b9e2 No.262986


It's explains the Why They appeared in the Mayan Age.., The Mayas (His origins is the Maya Star, in the Pleiades), go subjects appeared.., mm, If the Y means positions of the Stars..,

What are the others (Alpha Centaury.., Vega…, Sirius..)

8ca072 No.262987


Went back to find that Q post in the thread. Q post before it >>180445

The post Q was replying to was DELETED.


26e0f5 No.262988

File: f62aefc1225f2aa⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1080x4389, 360:1463, 151739.png)






Here is where it really becomes interesting …

ee4829 No.262989

File: 4d7b751840062c9⋯.jpg (73.51 KB, 300x295, 60:59, BoycottSB2.jpg)

File: f31b66cdfdcced1⋯.jpg (79.72 KB, 300x295, 60:59, BoycottSB.jpg)

010778 No.262990

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




21da73 No.262992



Read the Gambino's reply to Comey.

322471 No.262993

There is a clip on YouTube where some Chicago nigger is talking about finding pallets of guns dropped off on the streets in the hood. Q says at some point to effect of nothing is as it seems. We knowingly gun run over seas, are the clowns arming a war in Chicago? Paid through loop?

dddc1b No.262994

File: 75d446acf94b5a9⋯.jpg (521.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thatsit2.jpg)



93a50c No.262995


yeah I'm sorry….looks like a scratch on curved glass

giant distraction psyop imo

0e148e No.262996

File: 67b2b43fc8de9e0⋯.png (5.58 KB, 767x97, 767:97, ClipboardImage.png)



Remember after vegas they took people's phones and wiped them? Pic related, from above article.

fe5807 No.262997



Were the founding fathers too scared to sign the Declaration of Independence?

No, they risked their lives to sign it.

0311ec No.262998


The Pelican spammer was just that, a spammer. They were constantly sock-puppeting around bans to claim board volunteer abuse/deletions of others' posts/returning to the old storm-related 8ch boards/etc. - It was ultimately just a focus-fired shill tactic since nobody else but them were claiming fuckery. Sounds like you were caught in the crossfire at the heat of the moment. Don't dwell on it so much since Q would have advised if anything was afoot on 8ch.

dc3561 No.262999

File: d60bc4dc9eb562a⋯.png (80.43 KB, 783x318, 261:106, 01.27.2018 12.41 Q_post.png)


>[Nothing is ever truly deleted].

f1e516 No.263000

message to the elite. song out. outlaw torn by metalica. long version. time is running out. GOD will prevail. listen and learn. do the song with lyrics anons, it's profound. we need to save these lost souls. or kill them if they don't listen. i prefer saving them… unless they ate babies. then… death. NOBODY would do that if they were not EVIL!

c89432 No.263001

File: 4970cdbd7091754⋯.png (69.42 KB, 1286x572, 643:286, 180445.png)


The anon deleted their own post. Fortunately, Master Archivist got it prior to deletion. See attached.

dddc1b No.263002


Great job too!

I got the cutout.

Was also looking for a photo cutout (got it now)

Good work anon!

ee4829 No.263003


Kekin' like fukk!

52164b No.263004


We would have to lose 25 for the Ds to bring articles of impeachment. The right 3 could temporarily change the voting in the intelligence committee.

de0105 No.263005

File: 5bc56f70291afe9⋯.png (75.51 KB, 1222x832, 47:32, q handler schiff.PNG)

File: f9f7e3015208aad⋯.png (674.99 KB, 425x615, 85:123, q handler balazs.PNG)

So, I found a link between Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel…or a potential link.

The picture of the donation to from Handler is from one of Schiff's PACS–USA PAC, United for a Strong America. The return is the end of the year report from 2017. It's interesting to see Schiff's donors. One, McNamee, is also listed on the Clinton Foundation's donor list; other names on there are very wealthy people who donate huge amounts of money to various Democrat candidates. Donald Sussman also donated tens of millions of dollars to Clinton.

http:// docquery.fec.gov/pdf/204/201801319091286204/201801319091286204.pdf#navpanes=0

Handler dated Andre Balazs, founder of the Standard-Hollywood, from about 2011 to 2013. Awhile ago, but if she's been donating to Schiff for a long time, she could have introduced them. Of course, requires further digging.

Handler recently put up her Bel-Air mansion for sale for 11.5 million dollars. Which struck me as kind of odd that she had a house that cost that much. She had popular cable talk show–but that made her rich enough to buy a home that could sell for that much? Apparently she bought it for 5 or 6 mil. This was her first house and she bought it in 2010. I looked it up, and it said her net worth was 40 million dollars. So I checked to see what some A list actresses were worth. Uma Thurman–50 million. Scarlett Johannson–100 million. Jennifer Lawrence–120 mil. Jessica Biel-18 million. Jennifer Garner–60 million.

It's strange to me that Handler has so much money just basically from a TV show. But I guess there could be a lot of reasons that might explain it.

It's also interesting to me that the former owner of the Standard, her ex, Balazs, relatively recently walked away from the Standard. Also pretty recently, Handler, who wasn't really a huge celebrity, suddenly decides to reinvent herself as an "activist" and seems like she's more famous than when she had her TV show. Now she's selling her mansion.

That could all be nothing. But if there was human trafficking going on at the Standard, and Balazs, Handler, Schiff were somehow connected to it–well, Balazs and Handler would want to get rid of the properties where it was going on, wouldn't they? And Handler would have an interest in becoming an anti-Trump activist.

I'm not saying this has actually happened, and people definitely shouldn't go making memes about it until we have something like evidence.

However, so far, I don't think anyone has found any actual links between the Standard and Schiff whatsoever. I haven't. This might be one, or it might be the first step toward one.

The next place to go would be to look at how many other times Handler donated to Schiff, and whether she did it while she was with Balazs.

Also to track down all records of who made donations to Schiff, and then see what connections those people have.

e879fa No.263006

File: 82888ecb92e7f58⋯.png (200.05 KB, 470x274, 235:137, Opera Snapshot_2018-02-04_….png)

731e2c No.263007


I remember something about a report of an arms shipment headed for the midwest…

reported to us by a russian? just prior to the elections

effada No.263008


My point was about tower 7. I know about the twins having been pointed out.

21da73 No.263009




Everyone will find this very interesting.

Pay attention to the passed he chooses to copy.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5349035/Mafia-heir-Gambino-crime-family-calls-FBI-weasels.html

This is a bigger deal than it seems. Think old crime families.

21da73 No.263010


Excuse me, *phrases he chooses to use.

8fde93 No.263011


Pleiades relevant….Meme maker here since before storm. I'm going to bed anyhow. Shillls and pelicans got the night off tonight.

5cab19 No.263012

File: 36f22510601bc5a⋯.jpeg (386.08 KB, 2102x1400, 1051:700, vernervondisney.jpeg)


Disney and NASA have been close since the beginning.

738fac No.263013


Not bannable. It's understandable.

You came in without lurking and aided the divisionfaggory without knowing. Not your fault, war is messy, and I'm glad you're back.

902c6e No.263014


Or how about "when a left isn't a right"

8777d0 No.263016


Simple & to the point petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-fisa-warrants

We the undersigned, request the immediate declassification of the initial FISA warrant, and subsequent renewals, authorizing electronic surveillance by the FBI and DOJ of Carter Page. We feel the declassification of these documents to be of great public interest and importance to the integrity and confidence of our great Republic and its citizens.

d53cf3 No.263017


I hope he has decided to clean it up. Like with many other issues, POTUS has to bide his time. Remember this is a counter-coup.

2e74a8 No.263018


These people are sick!

6116b7 No.263020


Thank you, anon.

dddc1b No.263021

File: 3ffc8d02ba6dbf1⋯.jpg (481.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thatsit1.jpg)


Heres the unworded version.

Meme the fuck out of it.

ee4829 No.263022


I get your point, and their need for symbology. Up is Down and Left is Right. Fits with Standard Hotel symbolism if you know what I mean.

6c1e0a No.263023


Superbowl known draw for trafficing women into town before the game

322471 No.263024


Brought it crack and killed black community. Send in guns and finish them off

8ca072 No.263027




Thanks, but anons can't delete their own posts here. Check the options available on your own.

5378c3 No.263029

God please protect those in attendance at tomorrow's game

1d41a7 No.263031


Chelsea's Netflix deal was worth 10mil or something like that, still was surprised to see her net worth that high as well. She runs in a lot of dark circles and it wouldn't surprised me if they used her as a sort of recruiter for new Hollywood A/B listers to join their sick little sex/pedo club.

0311ec No.263032

File: 3d16a581af958b1⋯.jpeg (118.42 KB, 872x500, 218:125, 3d16a581af958b17b8380fde1….jpeg)


Anytime. It's honestly getting easier to distinguish shills from genuine anons as time goes on.

731e2c No.263033

04286d No.263034


Maybe Loop Capital or Willis Tower destruction (old Sears Tower) in Chicago. There are PIGs (very old Commonwealth Edison small nuclear power plants) located in city bldgs in Chicago? These existed in the 80s but I can't find any reference that they exist today; it might be a possibility. Fermi Labs existed near Chicago; I've been racking my brain about a FF but the possibility of a "dirty B" comes to mind!

065130 No.263035

File: c52a756e6b8ae0c⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 600x583, 600:583, 1517637417797.jpg)


f96177 No.263036


I think it's "good TO the last drop"

f9d4e9 No.263037


> Gambino is a pizzeria owner

Mama mia issa nother pizza owner!

807eb4 No.263038


As someone with family there to protect those in attendance, I have faith that Q will keep everyone safe.

de0105 No.263039


Baker, I think this should be put in the batter. This is the only link (or partial link) I've seen so far between Schiff and the Standard Hotel since Q suggested that they were connected and that they were the reason for the helicopter crash.

fd52c8 No.263040

0311ec No.263042


This might be a good time to gloss over the Q crumbs in regards to Straya and CF donations.

6116b7 No.263043

File: 17d72e92e63302c⋯.jpg (390.82 KB, 1854x1852, 927:926, IMG_0215.jpg)

File: 71b179ebf506830⋯.jpg (191.78 KB, 1516x1513, 1516:1513, IMG_01D816D7CA09-1.jpg)

File: fe25b823b61668a⋯.jpg (83.23 KB, 737x737, 1:1, IMG_8435.jpg)

File: 993bda31a8e6015⋯.jpg (103.16 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_8395.jpg)

731e2c No.263044


it gets easier with practice

effada No.263045

My ID… effada

Badly translated from spanglish it means "Effed."

I'm fukked!

322471 No.263046

Fill this thread

de0105 No.263047


Why would they do it in Chicago?

f9d4e9 No.263048


I'm glad that you're glad that he's glad that you're back

c89432 No.263049


Ahh, true. I thought this was from prior to qresearch. My bad.

effada No.263050


Coupled with my "tower 7" first post.. Does it mean the SB is fukked? Sorry. Omens and all that.

010778 No.263051



8777d0 No.263052

Are we organizing twit campaigns to bring attn to these petitions?


Just signed it too.

322471 No.263053


Looks like deep state stronghold

dc3561 No.263054


Democratic genocide under a different name. Too many black felons? Send in the immigrants!

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