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File: ebafcc6a370ea5a⋯.jpg (198.5 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Georgia Government 19.6.20….jpg)

cac4f0  No.2861109

Hello anons,

Within the last 48-72hrs a massive 11GB archive has been released and is dubbed "Insignia Project"/"InsigniaGate" by it's leaker. I've been sifting through the files. It seems quite interesting an the leaker Eliahi has been at this for quite some time. It seems he has had some bouts of mental instability but that does not have anything to do do with the actual intel itself.

I'd appreciate if anyone would like to help dig on these files and let us all know what you find!

Here's the intel drop/archive:


Here's the 4chan thread:


cac4f0  No.2861139

File: c9f89af7714ac93⋯.jpg (191.88 KB, 1688x844, 2:1, Email 1.JPG)

File: eca168f9edd052e⋯.jpg (310.11 KB, 1136x1056, 71:66, CIA FOI Request.jpg)

File: e6a4996783edac3⋯.jpg (88.78 KB, 960x806, 480:403, EL.jpg)

File: 5c1965cf5d273a3⋯.jpg (246.59 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, ICIJ Panama Papers.jpg)

File: 3226b7cbe4d38b5⋯.jpg (287.33 KB, 1440x1800, 4:5, International Consortium I….jpg)

cac4f0  No.2861168

File: 21bc9b277136f01⋯.jpg (199.68 KB, 856x1141, 856:1141, Initial Invite to DRC from….jpg)

File: 72f45ceaf478c42⋯.jpg (3.19 MB, 4048x3036, 4:3, DRC 12 Month Business VISA.jpg)

File: 075bb066369cc49⋯.pdf (218.45 KB, DRC Invite for Honorary Co….pdf)

File: baf3c5127b615e2⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1084x1550, 542:775, Secretary General Brazzavi….png)

File: 055e0e21056dfc3⋯.jpeg (212.82 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, Priest DRC Residency 2017.jpeg)

Happy diggin, anons.

Lots of stuff here.

ea0ecf  No.2861568

File: 403fd43fd6d01a5⋯.png (52.76 KB, 651x584, 651:584, Screenshot_20180903_231331.png)

this guy is too funny

cac4f0  No.2861770


They're actual conversations with someone.

His twitter is @Ensin17 and he has print screens of the conversations on his twitter at the moment.

7d8811  No.2861945


Zero mastery of French, but using cross-translation via Latin on the third image, roughly reads:

Subject: Invitation to (effective?) one visit to travel the congo

(Your) Excellency Mister Ambassador

discussion of opportunities of (the) affairs of the authorities (of the) Congo, the Society Australia "Heart of Africa Trade Delegation" will interview the diversity of sectors of activities, effectively one visit (to) travel the Republic of Congo from 30 March to 5th April 2017.

The responsibilities of the delegation are/is/include:

Mister Priet Peter Alexander Richard: Passport number PA2893397

Ainsi, the represenation (of) diplomat of note pays(attends?) to the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC: Republic Democratic of Congo [French Grammar is weird]), is part(?) of (the) facility of note partains to obtaining (a) visa for the journey to travel to Brazzaville (Brazil?)

Apologies for my terrible translation. A native French speaker will likely do far better.

Essentially what the letter appears to read is they've granted someone (the Ambassador?) a visa to go visit some part of the Republic of Congo, specifying how long they have leave to remain in that country for.

c4af12  No.2862319

Active 4chan thread here:


09d80c  No.2862493

File: 3a76bda35cef733⋯.jpg (3.74 MB, 3036x4048, 3:4, IMG_20180517_181211_2.jpg)

File: 43b072db584340c⋯.pdf (5.48 MB, InsigniaGate Mandate 12.8.….pdf)

File: ad894117fe031bc⋯.jpg (3.2 MB, 4048x3036, 4:3, IMG_20170812_023355_2.jpg)

File: f4b2d83afaf75e0⋯.jpg (302.95 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 1535954380757.jpg)

Bullion deposit to a swiss bank account in the late 90s

Insignia gate mandate

screenshot of Unknown transactions

Obama 5 star trust doc

d7228a  No.2862937

File: b0018570960aed8⋯.jpg (121.24 KB, 1712x569, 1712:569, Response from the CCC 10.7….JPG)

7d8811  No.2862999


I transcribed the fourth image as follows (looks like trying to collude over witness statements involving Obama, also. 15 TRILLION DOLLARS):

Dear Mr Berman


As President of the United States Barack Obama's Layer, I write to inform you of major chatter within the global intelligence network. This chatter and subsequent investigation is of grave consequence to the current and incumbent President, notwithstanding the outcome.

I have taken the liberty to attach a recording left on a CIA encrypted COMS channel, of a DCI ordered hit on "Whitecat" over this intel, just to paint a vivid picture of the gravity and import of this email to you Sir.

The FBI investigation for Senator Edward Kennedy of July 7th 1989 [1999?] that I have personally verified through my Pentagon contacts directly with the FBI can be found on the link below.


If you require PDF documents of the above FBI transcript, please request them as they are just shortof 20mb and your server may reject them via email - I can send them to you via dropbox.

The CIA informed me of President Obama's visist to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011 in regards to this incident, and the 15Trillion USD SWIFT's, see attached. Lord Stratclyde who was at the time the boss of the House of Lords under Cameron called my agent, Lord David James into an urgent meeting the day after the two power brokers met:

Lord James was told in regards to the content of this email, "You are now interfering with the highest level of British Security Since WW2".

See the named:

George Bush, Sr. Major General Edward Lansdale, William Colby, Roberto Ferrera (LWR Rosier) & Richard Armitage

I would advise that younotify the President immediately as this information is being de-compartmentalized for the press, United Nations & Interpol, and is currently being put forward to other major Governments for transparency and the return of the Rule of Law.

I would hate to think that the Presidents[sic] involvement would become a blight on his good term.

Please respond soonest, as I am supplying names to this investigation and require confirmation from the President and his office of the facts surrounding his involvement for the record.

Please note, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security in Australia has been cc'd for good house-keeping, national courtesy and domestic security. https://www.igis.gov.au


7d8811  No.2863069

Berman = Jeffrey Berman?

"The bearded, no-profile 50-year-old lawyer’s central role in Obama’s likely nomination is emblematic of the depth of Obama’s preparation for the 2008 campaign. "


Are we looking at a massive attempt to steal 15 trillion from the US by the likes of Obama & Co?

Let me guess… flown all the way to Iran?

cac4f0  No.2864252

Thanks for your contributions anons! Just got home from work. Will see what I can find

09d80c  No.2866144


Thanks… Nice trips.. DON"T TYPE IN THE NAME FIELD…. No one gives a shit about your name… Only your ideas have weight here… STAY ANONYMOUS.. its important.

0c4b06  No.2868223

File: 2b1c085f8ae5598⋯.gif (63.91 KB, 700x706, 350:353, 1518428233846.gif)

Holy shit I was just reading about Yohannes Riyadi and the 15 trillion dollar SWIFT scam the other day. this is huge, guys.



31af9e  No.2869913


Why isnt anyone else talking about this?

2401c0  No.2869986


Stop blaming Iran when you don’t know anything yet. For fucks sake you’re another neocon just like Bush. Always blaming the countries the cabal wants to you blame you play right into their hands. Dumbass.

cac4f0  No.2870002


It looks like most of the knowledge has already been public.

I think that Mr. Eliahi needs to point out what the major connections are for everyone. If the CIA kill order on <WHITEHAT> is legit - that could be a major smoking gun. So far what I see is a man that is pissed off about everything and wants stuff to get done about it and has compiled everything he possibly can which proves these people are up to no good - which these documents(FOIA) certainly do prove they are up to no good.

So here we are, running around in circles, waiting for the justice to be brought to the perpetrators while we follow Q crumbs every day. As far as I can tell we're not much better off than when we started off.

If any insiders with non-public intel that will bring down the corruption scheme see this - just get it done with already for the sake of humanity already. Growing pains are never easy. There is no way any one is going to mitigate the obvious public backlash that will happen when these corrupt politicians(etc) are jailed because they are brain washed.

Do it Q.

Do it.

And for any insiders out there… just drop the info already. If you've got dirt that will burn it all to the ground - Do it already!!! We're all tired of waiting. There is absolutely no way that we're going to make it through this without major backlash. Just get it done already… this evil has perpetuated for 1000s of years. End them already. Insiders, drop all the intel you can.

0e1090  No.2877534


Thank you for your concern about my safety my anonymous friend, however it's important I remain identifiable. In-fact, I would argue I put myself into more danger if I cannot be identified (it's easier for my writings to be buried if I'm anonymous, and if they can be buried, I can be potentially dispatched without anyone noticing).

My tripcode 'name' is a compromise between my usual habit of using my real name (like I do in many forums and boards) and not causing anons too much worry about DOXing myself. Tripcodes don't work on this board unless they're Q's, so my publishing it to the name field is intentional.

As far as my safety goes, there's already a microwave weapon setup against me outside, and I've already had several attempts by the likes of the FBI (ever famed for their corruption) to try to trick me into committing one crime or another or to leave my jurisdiction where the 'lying to an FBI agent' would no doubt be pulled (they either make you drunk or inject you with drugs - doesn't matter what you say, incoherent shit can be lying to an FBI agent too).

I'm already 'known', you might say. Using a name makes my writings searchable and harder to bury. A refuge in audacity, you might say.

Pretend the name doesn't exist. It's basically a tripcode anyway.

0e1090  No.2877605


I double-checked, but it's not a typo. The codename for the agent they ordered a hit on is "Whitecat" and not 'whitehat'.

Given the colour-animal combination, this is classically an agency codename (I would, however this is a total guess on a limb, say it's a CIA codename). It might tie in with the "white rabbits" and "hatter" and "alice" type shit, although those don't follow the standard naming convention (the latter seems like amateur hour on codenames).

What we need to do is identify when this email was sent. That gives us a 'latest possible date' for the hit, then we can date range backwards and look for suspicious murders.

Another total guess, but please don't jump on this simply because it fits the narrative we want to hear - what if "Whitecat" was Seth Rich?

We'd need to prove it, though.

MS13 ordered hit?

0e1090  No.2877851


Note the date Blackheath raises his concerns about a $15 trillion dollar fraud. 2012 - back when both Obama and David Cameron were in power.

"16 Feb 2012 : Column 1016"

And I quote:

"There are three possible conclusions which may come from it. First, there may have been a massive piece of money-laundering committed by a major Government who should know better. Effectively, it undermined the integrity of a British bank, the Royal Bank of Scotland, in doing so. The second possibility is that a major American department has an agency which has gone rogue on it because it has been wound up and has created a structure out of which it is seeking to get at least €50 billion as a pay-off. The third possibility is that this is an extraordinarily elaborate fraud, which has not been carried out, but which has been prepared to provide a threat to one Government or more if they do not make a pay-off. These three possibilities need an urgent review."

And look who is involved?


Who was involved with HSBC?

James Comey.

What are HSBC famed for?

Money laundering for criminal gangs (Colombia etc).

[The world's local criminal bank]

"In April and May 2009, the situation started with the alleged transfer of $5 trillion to HSBC in the United Kingdom. Seven days later, another $5 trillion came to HSBC and three weeks later another $5 trillion. A total of $15 trillion is alleged to have been passed into the hands of HSBC for onward transit to the Royal Bank of Scotland. We need to look to where this came from and the history of this money. I have been trying to sort out the sequence by which this money has been created and where it has come from for a long time."


2009 is one year after Obama took power.

James Comey appointed in 2013, 1 year after Blackheath raises his concerns of fraud involving HSBC transactions?

"James Brien Comey, Jr. (52), former United States Deputy Attorney General, has been appointed a Director of HSBC Holdings plc with effect from 4 March 2013. He will be an independent non-executive Director and a member of the Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee."


0e1090  No.2877872

Apologies, Blackheath quote link missing:


He goes into additional detail, claims he has the original contract, is convinced it happened.

Digging into it, there's a discredit attempt to say the information is a scam, but no-one can explain why or go into much depth other than saying it's 'some sort of scam'.

0e1090  No.2877923

From the link, Strathclyde reference - which ties in both the email and these declared events:

"Finally, I have a letter from Mr Riyadi himself, who tells me that he was put up to do this, that none of it is true, and that he has been robbed of all his money. I am quite prepared to recognise that one of the possibilities is that Mr Riyadi is himself putting this together as a forgery in order to try to win some recovery. But it gets more complicated than that because each of the $5 trillion payments that came in has been acknowledged and receipted by senior executives at HSBC and again receipted by senior executives at the Royal Bank of Scotland. I have a set of receipts for all of this money. Why would any bank want to file $5 trillion-worth-$15 trillion in total-of receipts if the money did not exist? The money was first said to have come from the Riyadi account to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and from there it was passed to JP MorganChase in New York for onward transit to London. The means of sending it was a SWIFT note which, if it was genuine, ought to have been registered with the Bank of England.

When this came about, I took it to my noble friend Lord Strathclyde and asked what we should do with it."

No wonder, per the email, Strathclyde called Priest's agent:

"The CIA informed me of President Obama's visist to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011 in regards to this incident, and the 15Trillion USD SWIFT's, see attached. Lord Stratclyde who was at the time the boss of the House of Lords under Cameron called my agent, Lord David James into an urgent meeting the day after the two power brokers met:

Lord James was told in regards to the content of this email, "You are now interfering with the highest level of British Security Since WW2"."

By British security… they meant a massive securities fraud involving the Bank of England?

0e1090  No.2877963

For Americans outside the loop, Lord James is none other than…

Lord James of Blackheath.

These are documents relating to the Riyadi case, per


Excuse the pun: you were right on the money.

These explosive revelations could take down the Federal Reserve, or even the Bank of England.

0e1090  No.2878039

There's a tie-in here with my own research in TTDDTOT (which involved a hit on a Croatian journalist).

There's an uploaded scanned copy of the Riyadi case found here:


Which is hosted in Serbia. Which won't mean much until you tie in my TTDDTOT research where I was hunting down ties from Hillary's Hatter, AKA Marty Torrey. He shared a company called Global Partnerships Incorporated with a guy called Ratko Knezevic


Basically, he was connected with shady goings-on (a Serbian mafia) and the hit was purportedly for 1.5 million euros.

Tie-in with this case? Given the document is hosted in the Serbian Republic.

cac4f0  No.2931918


0b1a9e  No.2933128


1st doc pictured from a person in their chief of state to someone in office of travel and migration.

Subject: rqst for travel visa

"we have the honor, as kindly requested, to bestow a TRAVEL visa to Mr.Priest…, holder of an Australian passport #PA2893397, "gardener" of the Chief of State Civil House out of Australia, via S. Africa and(visa) will arrive this Saturday, 18th of March.

Attached, we have provided you with a photocopy of the subject passport."

2nd doc- letter stating a "work" visa has been granted.

"Object: Invitation to carry out a work(travaille)visit to Congo Brasseville.

"in view of a discussion of business opportunities, the Australian HEART OF AFRICA TRADE DELEGATION who … with a diversity if sectors of activities, has arranged a work visit to Republic of Congo from March 30 to April 5, 2017.

The "leader" of the delegation is: Mr. Priest…

Thus, the diplomatic mission of our country, Dem. Republic of Congo is pleased to assist OUR(notre=our) GARDENER to obtain the visa fir their work trip to Brazzeville.

You may rely on me, Mr. Ambassador, in assurance of my distinguished consideration.


(I skipped the doc hidden with paperclip logo- will do last as it occurs last in sequence)

Nextdoc- Attestation of Residence(interesting- and just roughly translating this one) stated that Mr Priest, an Australian is now residing in Kinshasa. It says now that he is Director Proffessional of JEWELRY. "bijou" =jewel. A Bijoutier= Jeweler.

The hidden doc with paperclip symbol is bestowing upon him title of an "honorary" ambassador in thanks for his work. Will go back and do that one in another post. It's late now. This post is long for me, phonefagging.

0b1a9e  No.2933303


The paperclip doc is saying they have accepted hisnomination for an honorary ambassador, inspite of not having submitted, as per rules to qualify, a letter of good moral standing from his country, a letter of residence and a letter from a reputable bank attesting (good credit?) it does not say they have awarded him the honorary title.

078a07  No.2936737


Thank you very much Watson (I really should adopt the moniker of Sherlock Holmes).

The insight about jewelry is interesting because Africa has a major blood diamond war. Indeed, this casts my mind back to the mysterious death of a woman in a car in New Jersey who, having investigated, was associated with a jewelers of some sort. This was some years ago, and the investigation went cold.

Her death was particularly suspicious because depending on which eyewitness report you went by, she was either forced in-front of the train in the rail crossing (and thus could not escape), or her car jolted forward by itself for seemingly no reason at all.

Having investigated her car model, it was vulnerable to remote hacking.

Furthermore, the story by the train engineer was even more circumspect. He was able to escape the train from the front, BUT, people in the carriage immediately behind died in a fire.

Analysis of the train wreckage revealed that it was impossible for the engineer to escape via the front (after all, the door was wrecked, and the car was on fire like the train).

The only way possible was out via the passenger doors from behind the cockpit of the train. But to do so, the engineer would need to pass the passengers in that section who died. It was inferred he likely locked the doors as he left.

Onboard the train were US government officials. They weren't the ones killed. Highly circumspect by all counts, and the jewelry incidence here made me think that perhaps the car driver was involved in some illegal blood diamond smuggling ring, and was being disposed of as a loose end.

The only agency with remote car hacking assets at the time were the CIA.

Even more creepy, the location was in… Valhalla. A place in Norse mythology reserved for the dead.


"Cell phone records show that Brody's husband Alan called and spoke to her for almost nine minutes at 6:11, during which time she was apparently still on the Taconic. He told investigators later that during the call he gave her directions to the Scarsdale meeting"

"Alan, who had once worked as a conductor in his native South Africa,[14] did not believe she was familiar with the area she was driving through,"


Mere coincidence to our case?

0b1a9e  No.2939042


We will all have to get up to speed on the underlying facts of Insigniagate.

Am still not sure of some things.

He is described as a "gardener" (head groundskeeper?) at some (Australian?) government house. A historic building with grounds to be maintained?

I know that, at least in the US, there are different types of visas, i.e. travel, work, spouse etc.

visa volanye-=travel visa

visa de travaille = work visa

It could be M. Priest is greatly qualified at the level of a landscape contractor and his vocation title us lost in translation?

He may very well have gone on this "sejour d'travaille" (a working trip) to give them advice on the landscaping of their own government building in Brazzeville for a week from March 30 to April 5, 2017. So far so good. His visa application was granted prior and mailed via South Africa. Is that our Bijoutier(jeweler) angle? Have to go back and check if that was his route of travel or did they send his visa that way.

0b1a9e  No.2940328


Sorry, only chimed in to help translate the French Congo docs but, in doing so, need a quick run-down.

Is this Eliahi Priest( I can't help but be amused) the son of the gardener?

Is he of dual citizenship or something? Note how the letterhead on the letterhead of the Maison Civil Chef d'Etat matches where it says he is the "partenaire"(gardener) for the Maison Civil Chef d'Etat.

Maybe this Australian has been contracted advise them in their landscaping? A groundskeeper is no small job title and not without some prestige if it is for a government.

The one direct correspondence from the DRC govt to Mr Priest in Queensland treats him as a foreigner in consideration for an honorary Consul betw their govt and Queensland(notice not a real consul and not betw their govt and Ausralia but betw their govt and Queensland- so a step down, not such a great honor).

0b1a9e  No.2941081


Let me say this. The documents pictured are not in date order. Caused me a litlle confusion. Is that part of the intrigue of this case? I don't know. But to clarify:


The March 16 letter is from their State Dept equivalent(House Civil Chief of State) to their Immigration/customs equivalent. It implies his role is already "partenaire" (gardener) for the sending agency(see letterhead)

a d that they have given him a travel visa (visa volante) and his travel will originate from Australia, VIA SOUTH AFRICA, and arrive in Kinshasa on March 18, 2017. Where do they have all those diamond mines? This is a couple if weeks prior to another visa granted (as a group?) to HEART OF AFRICA, which he is the responsible party for, from March 30 to April 5.

His next document is in mid September stating he is residing in Kinshasa, and says he has remained in Kinshasa(doesnt say since a specifc date but dies say) without interruption, and there is nothing in his papers(passport/visas) to indicate any interruption in his being there. At this point, has he been in the Congo since March 18? Was this a standard type of foreign registry documentation ir was it being obtained to show residency in relation to application for hinorary consul which is documented later In October?

Is this guy recruited while oversees while contracted to do some landscaping for their govt building?

Big question, does an Honorary Consul have the same privileges of diplomatic immunity if carrying, oh let's say a package or something from the Congo to Australia?

Is that the reason why the document re nomination for honorary consul was given?

0b1a9e  No.2941612


You will remember my telling you of my studies in African exploration when I tell you that the idea of bestowing an honorary consulship is not without precedent.

Dr. David Livingstone was given a very unusual Consul of Quelimane position prior to the Zambesi Expedition, a title many jaded officials in Her Majesty's Gov't no doubt smiled in secret and saw it for the conceit that it was. Nevertheless, it was bestowed and was deemed a diplomatic protection for Livingstone and the Zambesi expedition.

The sticky widget(using an English term to set the scene) was that because the area of the expedition took them through territory that was, although barely maintained, claimed by the Portuguese government which because there was some question of their being secretly complicit in the slave trade, was a sticky situation.

As I said those jaded HMS state dept officials saw it as a created position. Of note, Livingstone was a commoner, only raised to public prominence because he had written a bestselling book re his recent crossing of Africa from the East to the West coast.

Of note, like in this case, it was not a full consulship between Her Majesty's Govt and Portugal, but a lesser consulship betw HMGovt and a run-down foreign post with a couple of hundred people called Quelimane in the East coast of Africa.

The real consulships were normally given to persons of a higher birth.

The fact is, it was done, for reason and effect.

So is the Gardener really foreigner for them? Is it possible he is described in code? Need to find his profession in Australia. If it is a codename/ descriptor, what does a gardener do? Does he cultivate? Plant? Arrange? Make fruitful arrangements? Lots of double entendre possible meanings to be had there. But really need to eliminate/confirm his gardener identity.

27ea2c  No.2941666

There was a few threads about this on halfchan and the consensus was it's BS because:

1. The financial documents in general are not the sort usually used for these types of transactions.

2.The guy references the White Dragon Society which is considered a myth.

3. "White Spiritual Boy" Trust is one of the most redpilled phrases I've ever seen but no one labels their billion-dollar accounts that way


0b1a9e  No.2941851


What is insigniagate? By that, are there different moving parts to it? Is the Gardener story a vignette, smaller sub-story to the bigger picture and maybe this guy, Eliahi Priest is the son or some relation to Peter Priest? Is it possible Eliahi was digging re (his father's) Records and followed the thread to that other stuff you mentioned?

Agree though, I tend to shy away from that White Dragon society stuff, if they are the source. If he only refers to them, then he is just misled.

Guess we will see. This didn't come from British Fight posting it?

0b1a9e  No.2941951


Ah, now I see. He just refers to them. Don't throw the baby out yet.

He may just be some unstable guy who has some really complicated information to hash out and has been ineffectual in sorting it out.

When was he declared unstable?

After, discovering this info? By who? Is he unstable, paranoid or overreaching to try to make connections with what he has?

I wonder if some anon approached a US govt oversight committee with some of the info discussed here, but yet incomplete, they might not get the same response.

Let's approach the intel separately from any if his White Dragon references. Maybe he has polluted his own investigation by mentioning the WDS. Let's see what else comes out. Let anons work in it Awhile.

27ea2c  No.2942996

File: 893e6d99268f1ed⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 1280x683, 1280:683, THE SHAPE.gif)


Well the thread didn't get bumplocked so you'll have an opportunity to explore it at least.

cac4f0  No.2944323


beaa62  No.2945120

File: 4c8b4ae17230b58⋯.png (220.48 KB, 694x750, 347:375, ObsidianOrderBadge.png)


I'll reply to your comments in turn, but your remark about gardener you might find as cover work. Feel free to get spooked at this stage - Garak, from Deep Space 9 (often subject to intrigue plots involving intelligence), remarked that 'being a gardener was one of the few times that the cover was more interesting than the assignment'.

Garak is part of the Obsidian Order.

Whilst ficitious, I'm sure it pushes us an interesting direction to explore. I do not think someone would travel so far merely for gardening. Planting - framing. Removing the weeds - taking out targets. Cultivation - double meaning, either cultivation of drugs or cultivation of particular groups or activities.

I'll need to come back to this point later. I'm also planning to do the therapist research but I'm swamped and I'm starting to suspect my day job is purely to stop me from conducting research.

Eyeballing the datasets on Mega, there's references to Nugan Hand bank, which I know for a fact is a CIA money laundering outlet based in Australia.

They have dedicated casinos of which they do the money laundering in. They also have a number of aircraft related to those casinos, specifically for ferrying money around. Unfortunately I do not have the other researcher's handiwork to hand.

If they're involved, it's all but guaranteed to involve stolen money.


>White Dragon Society

They're not a myth, but information on them is sparse. One could be forgiven if they thought it was a white supremacist movement based on the name, but from what little I know about them, they're actually an offshoot of the Chinese Triads.

China having major influence in Australia would not be surprising. In-fact, they're the main financiers of mining operations in Australia, so they would know a thing or to about mining in general.

beaa62  No.2945218

Democratic Republic of Congo is a CIA hotspot:

"The CIA was also a vital part of the United States' efforts to aid Joseph Mobutu, who took control of the Congo in 1965 and renamed the country Zaire and his name Mobutu Sese Seko.[4] The CIA would work heavily with Mobutu, particularly in relation to American support for the National Liberation Front of Angola and Jonas Savimbi's National Union for the Total Independence of Angola. "

"The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second largest country by area on the African continent, and is one of the most mineral rich countries in the world. It produces many of the free world's minerals, such as 75% of the free world's cobalt and 70% of the diamonds.[5] It also produces valuable agriculture, such as coffee, palm oil, and cotton. The Congo—formerly a Belgian colony—is only one-quarter the size of the United States."


So, we can at least infer which agency is most likely responsible (besides the FedRes) for the $15 trillion dollar transfer - the CIA.

And Watson, look what it says:

"During the following decades, the CIA continued to keep an eye on the Congo. By 1969, the CIA's interest in communist threats in the Congo had solidified, despite their trust in its president. A report on Soviet Policy from February of that year reflects the concerns of the CIA of Soviet interests in both Congos, Kinshasa and Brazzaville."

Soviet interests in Kinshasa and Brazzaville?


Whoever is trying to claim the documents are bunk are obviously attempting to discredit it.

Better send them back to the circus, because we don't need clowns in America (or anywhere else, for that matter).

831a2f  No.2945724


>They're not a myth

What convincing evidence. I'm convinced now. All I needed is some random guy telling me what to believe and I'm all set.

a04b43  No.2951714


The envelope with contents exposed appears to be either an exhibit envelope with the Downing Centre Local Court(address)

It has a case #20016691196.

DDP v A. Hamod (filed?) 12/3/97 which is March 12, 1997.

DPP =Director of Public Prosecutions

It is a criminal case but he was not convicted. The (judge)signs a notstion at the bottom and gives his title as LCMa.

I think this means Lower Court Magistrate (acting).

His note indicates he is returning the certificates enclosed to the defendant, Anthony Hamod.

Interesting thing about the certificates is rhat Mr. H was not arrested for anything wrong except the investigators of a related investigation arrested him because "they thought" he possessed a forgery.

In a later case. the Swiss bank denies the certificate is real.

One set of persons who had possession of the certificate, (ie could have duplicated it while in their possession) is now the police, and the list is very short.

The (judge) in the later civil case, which was dismissed by the court, goes into detail about whi had ut and when.

That case was some years later.

But basically noone will honor his certificate now. It is deemed fake.

a23c88  No.2952912


Your entire refutation is based on other people telling you what to believe, and that's your response to mine? Pot and kettle.

Before us are documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, but sure, lets go with a Karl Popper argument of proving a negative. Your entire argument rests on the premise that an organisation is as of yet 'unproven' (to you). So?

Perhaps you could explain to us all why someone would waste so much time forging so many documents? What the intentions are? If your argument the White Dragon Society is a myth are true - you must follow through your conclusions in their entirety and declare everything here a fake, and ultimately justify why someone would release fakes (including, might I point out, passports with all of the security watermarks on them).

A losing argument for you to fight, yes?

a23c88  No.2953344


>Interesting thing about the certificates is rhat Mr. H was not arrested for anything wrong except the investigators of a related investigation arrested him because "they thought" he possessed a forgery.

If they released him without charge, it means they couldn't prove the certificates were fake, which either suggests the police are incompetent, or that the certificates were indeed real.

Regardless, I've found a lead with the details you have extrapolated:

"Federal cases surrounding Beirut, Lebanon businessman Anthony Hamod ( of Sydney, Australia ) saw Australia Federal Police arrest him, keep him jailed for 9-months, afterwhich the Australia federal court released him and ordered the $170,000,000,000 billion dollar valued platinum bullion UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND ( UBS AG ) certificate of deposit ( CD ) be returned."

"- Anthony Hamod ( 1st Plaintiff )


- State of New South Wales ( 1st Defendant )

- UBS AUSTRALIA LIMITED ( 2nd Defendant )"

"26. Mr Hamod’s affidavit is relatively long and difficult to summarise. It tells a remarkable and intriguing tale going back to June 1994 when Mr Hamod received the Certificate for security for costs and commissions said to have been earned by him for the supply of services for the sale of several other certificates held by PT GALAXY TRUST INDONESIA. Mr. Hamod said that in June 1994 he conducted a due diligence on the Certificate with Pierre Grumbacher, the clearance officer of the Second Defendant [ UBS AUSTRALIA LIMITED ] through ALFIMA TRUST Tand satisfied himself that the Certificate was authentic and valid and issued by the Second Defendant [ UBS AUSTRALIA LIMITED ] as a Bearer Certificate for a Deposit of Platinum."

Referral source:


Original source:


Archive.is throwing errors at me again, suggesting this information is, yet again, highly explosive. It's also worth noting whenever this happens, my HTTPS gets bumped down to HTTP… despite having HTTPS everywhere installed. Hello there NSA, how are you this fine morning?

…And my browser got totalled (and my clipboard wiped). Unluckily for them my browser keeps the last session in memory if it crashes. Nice try.

Tor also thwarts the little 'server error' trick with Archive.is.

Continuing on.

It appears after a court case in Australia, Anthony got his certificates accepted?

The amount of restrictions on testing the certificate, plus the insane amount of security suggest they took this certificate very seriously.

Given this man's location in 2007 lines up with our other individual's associations with Australia, we can be assured they are most likely the same man.

The case, further:


Looks like we have a lead.

Plenty of evidence this is indeed legitimate. We also have some additional insights into who Mr Anthony Hamod is, and where he's travelled to. The case also documents some of the… events he has experienced.

a23c88  No.2954490

"10. Some examples of the documents are as follows. Exhibit AAT is a letter dated 6 January 1995 from HAMOCK INVESTMENTS PTY. LTD. to Nicholas Wall, above the signature of the first plaintiff. The subject matter of that letter is a proposed sale of the Platinum Certificate. The letter contains material suggesting that there may have been potential buyers for the certificate, inferentially supporting the proposition that the certificate is valid. The letter is inherently self-serving. It contains other representations that are arguably incapable of verification."

"13. Exhibit AAAE is a document of some 213 pages. It is not possible conveniently or accurately to summarise its contents in any meaningful way. Pages 133 and following of that document, however, are portion of a statement by an unnamed person apparently given to the Australia Federal Police in the course of an interview on September 20, 1995 in Vancouver, CANADA."

"14. Pages 19-21 of the same exhibit are a letter from the first [ 1st ] Plaintiff to federal agent Bishop of the Australia federal police, which contains, among other things, the following statement:"

"16. Exhibit AX is a document of 79 pages that also defies convenient or accurate description. Page one of that exhibit is a letter dated 11 March 1994 from HAMOD HOLDINGS PTY. LTD. to Michael Brendan O'Dowd. […]"

". . . [ COURT EDITED-OUT: Item # 55. & Item # 56. ] . . ."

"16. One of the matters that need to be incorporated in the present application is the fact that the plaintiffs are now and have for some considerable periods during the history of these proceedings been unrepresented by counsel and/or solicitor."

"Mr. Hamod also professes a less than perfect understanding of English."





Wow, the digging around this case got severely impeded. Archive.is errored even within Tor, and I found my entry node refused to change. After I forced a change in Tor's source country, my Tor browser wouldn't connect (blocked ISP level?).

I made use of Tor bridges to work around the ISP block, which worked, but after every successful archive.is archive it stopped working again. I burned through no less than three Tor bridges to archive the above, which eagle-eyed readers will note most couldn't even be archived directly.

I have never encountered resistance in archiving information to this level. It strikes me they're about a couple of stops away from just pulling my internet entirely. You'd be forgiven if you thought I lived in China, but alas, no… I am resident in the UK. What fun!

81a299  No.2956830


a "Gardener" in Australia is professionally called a Landscaper, its a 4 year trade if i remember correctly. Priest may either be the principle contractor or "Gardener" may be a euphemism

86f33e  No.2957343


Don't you find it interesting we have a guy who goes by the *title* priest (look on the passport image in the mega upload link), but also, per the above court case documents, we have a federal Australian agent named Bishop:


"Plaintiff to federal agent Bishop of the Australia federal police"

Maybe mere coincidence, but what are the odds we have two cases that involve certificates, a person called Priest and another Bishop?

Perhaps mere curio at this point in time, but there's evidently more to this case. We need to dig into who this Richard guy is.

cac4f0  No.2965740

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Related video

0175c5  No.2971126

Exactly my thought.

The whole reason for the criminal case against him was because someone(co-owner of creditor) though it was real and wanted him to draw avainst it an ungodly sum, for which just the processing agent's handling fee(a percentage) was going to be $600million.

He refused. There were sour grapes and they made the false allgation of him possssing a forged certificate, to get the document seized and "safely" in the hands of the police in their "very safe" evidence locker.

Now, the subsequent civil complaint, also makes notice that the police then took the certificate(or maybe a fake copy of it) to Switzerland to have it analyzed. Something was mentioned about them doing this without the Court's permission?

In Switzerland, it (or what they presented) was deemed fake.

Only the police had control over the certificate pending the court case against Hamod…

Some good questions are, did they steal the original?

Is there a reason to make people think it is fake? So the bank can keep the money?

A cop could buy a whole new identity with thei share and be living in a villa on Lake Cuomo.

0175c5  No.2971551


Give me more Congo docs in French if any more.

Want to know if he was made honorary consul.

Wonder if they gave him any consular ID he could then use to get through customs.

His travel history becomes very important after that.

0175c5  No.2971628


ps I don't do apps to get to the data drop. Also, that 4ch thread was weakand chatty with nothing dug.

f890fc  No.2975150


For a person who never had a twitter acct, can you or someone in the thread tell me if the person in the blue dialogue fields or the white dialogue fields in the exchange is supposed to be the same as the person who sent the email to Mr. Berman?

I can definitely say it is not one of them and possibly neither.

So Eliahi(the gardener's son)is a trustee of the Five Star Trust?

Did his sire make a fortune and this "Chance the Gardener" is some bastard(I am not completely serious her- but having fun with the cinematic allusion) who was made a trustee to some vast fortune?

Going back to check date of the Partenaire's birthdate on his passport.

45afae  No.2976214


Went back and had another look

at the pictured documents re Priest the Gardener.

In examining the date stamp of the visa on his passport, it falls outside the time of the March 18 arrival mentioned in the letter of transmittal of the visa- our first knowledge of a Congo visit.

Even though not knowing the ttimeframe of his original grant of a visa, we know this must be a supplemental visa stamp (de travaille-work visa) for a YEAR from mid-September 2017 to September 2018.

By the way, his date of birth is April 29, 1981 which would make him about 36 years old at the time. What's Eliahi Priest's date of birth?

45afae  No.2977802

Found out it is the same guy who refers to himself as Eliahi Priest.

He is most definitely a JEWELER from Noosa, Australia.


Also: https://youtu.be/Vw03z9m94qM

So, he is a JEWELER (bijoutier) who who spent some 6 months in the Congo. Has stated he wants to reform? the diamond mines of the Congo, and spent 6 months in the Congo last year.

BTW, his trade delegation seems suspicious. What is he offering the people of the Congo?

Was he ever given the honorary consular title?

is there a nexus between Priest and Hamod?

And why did the Congo refer to him as their partenaire" or gardener of the Maison(house)Civile(civil) Chef d'Etat(Chief of State)?

45afae  No.2978920

Okay, after floundering about, I find these documents re Priest's travel visas are not submitted as some sort of incriminating evidence but are just put out there, by him, to I guess document his invitation to go there.

Priest met a Congolese counterart at a lay Peace convention, forgot where. Was invited to visit Congo.

his mission, he states on video is to help rebuild the urban infrastructure of Kinshasa/Brazzaville and since he is a jeweller bring back a pile of diamond, cut out the middleman, and share more profits with the people.

The tie-in to Hamod is that it is one of the stories he is trying to expose.

Phonefagging and forgot website.


Will have to go find it again.

45afae  No.2978957


Almost got it right. It is www.contactzero.org

Long night. Out.

45afae  No.2984627

Please accept my apology for the false translation of the word "partenaire" for "gardener". That is false. The correct translation of "partenaire" is a "partner".

I sincerely apologize for any confusion it may have caused.

I can only say that the word below it in my French dictionary is parterre which stands for flowerbed.

Still, plain error. Not sure how that crept into my consciousness.

I do remember seeing a Ytube vid or discussion prior to seeing this thread that may have "planted" the idea. Please forgive the pun.

Hopeful the error didn't waste a lot of digging.

6dbd7f  No.2986179

File: 6c5c8491322cd2b⋯.gif (2.11 MB, 320x180, 16:9, Gardener.gif)


All good friend, we got a good laugh out of that.


Thank you baker for creating this bread!

We'll give you a helping hand…

6dbd7f  No.2986236

File: b307e99037ad8e7⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1569x618, 523:206, Insignia Gate.png)

File: 8e8f7efb2ed43e9⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1560x649, 1560:649, InsigniaGate2.png)

We've been watching it grow. No pun intended…

Images are Fox News live stream of Trump rally

6dbd7f  No.2986847

File: e722fb037c59a2c⋯.png (88.29 KB, 759x601, 759:601, prf.png)

File: 27f7617d0e5d1ef⋯.jpg (82.45 KB, 893x670, 893:670, image0.jpg)

Proof of Contact with Eliahi Priest AKA Contact Zero and collaboration. Comment retracted was a little divisive. We're not here to cause division.

Redacted dates and Discord name(s) for security.

We will provide proof each new day, that we post, to prevent imposters.

We really didn't want to have to do this (can you hear us Q), but some anons have gotten a little misguided with this drop, a body has dropped, and things aren't picking up as fast as we'd hoped, for certain reasons we can't disclose here.

We are your fellow QAnons. For the past several months going back to June 18-20th, around the time when Eliahi had been forced into a mental ward against his will by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organization), we have had all this information and been sifting through it trying to piece it together and verify it. Some of our members know Eliahi personally and vouched for his character.

We had a close contact within the DoD (Former Marine Corps Intel Analyst) who we sent the government documents (from the dropbox) to for verification. He confirmed them (most importantly FBI Eagle II), but wanted proof that the CIA was currently trafficking drugs and said he'd do a little non classified digging for us. He sent an image of an Associated Press article, provided above, and told us to "think Iran Contra."

For us in our network/team WWG1WGA aren't just words, it's an action.

Bear with us, mistakes have been made along the way, we are still learning.


45afae  No.2986972


Thank you kind and gracious Anon. I hope I can help in my humble way in the future. Had the weekend to talk to myself but I finally figured it out! Was completely thrown by his travel docs thinking they were some incriminating docs. Wish you had been here like 5 days ago!

Godspeed all.

700ce9  No.2987015


Holy shit! I wondered where and when Eliahi would pop up again. I know him. He sincerely believes he (and his girlfriend at the >>2933128

time they could still be together long black hair and he used to have a beard) have been charged by aliens to save the world. Back when I knew him he was all about zero point energy and he got hooked up with Charley. (Can't remember his last name) but he was the brit who made all those insane love videos then flipped. They filmed themselves doing an ayahuasca ceremony and both of them ended up on heroin after that. He was a good looking man and his girl was a looker too but he was clearly unhinged. I haven't looked at everything here yet I'm phonefagging but will look tomorrow. He's all up in that dragon family stuff and one woman I recall being involved had four kids on the dole and was constantly scamming. If Eli has any money now that would be odd because they were basically homeless last time I heard from him.

Sorry guys but I seriously doubt Eli is much changed. He used to write up all kinds of

Official looking documents and talk about all his high level meetings and he wasn't evil but ah… he also wasn't plugged into the right socket. He was always talking about being contacted by dragon people and in danger because of what he knew.

700ce9  No.2987045


I messed up my post (phonefagging) again I know Eli..he was in the process of creating and issuing "space passports" for lack of a better word… universe passports. I'm uncertain how he's managed to avoid getting sectioned. I think he's basically harmless which is the likeliest reason and I seriously doubt he's got any money. He was trying to get custody or enough money to go to OZ to see or get his kids. He was fixated on it.

700ce9  No.2987108


Forced into a mental ward. Well there it is. Eli is not a danger to himself or others not really but sadly Eli is a very believable nutter. Good grief who knew he'd get this far? He's just a gentle nutter. Believers will flame me and if I cared enough I could prove it.. but people gonna believe what they're gonna believe. He gathered quite a following among the "alien free energy save the world if you'd only just listen to me" crowd. Lol i didn't see your post until after I wrote my "I can't believe he hasn't been sectioned" post.. I see he has been.

The loss of his kids really fucked him up and he was obsessed with getting them back and back to them.

Again, believe what you will but.. I know him. Or rather knew him. He's got a way of sincerity that you just know it's real.. he firmly believes it himself and I guess that makes it easy to convince others. Holy shit this is bringing back the memories… all his letters and official looking paper and his stories about high level contacts.. he was basically homeless and I never knew him to work. But he's kinda got this Jesus air about him and he had lots if people willing to help him… as I see here.

Carry on.

45afae  No.2987118


Oh, by the way, did Priest ever get his honorary consulship of Consul to Queensland?

He brags alot of government contacts in his letter to Berman for some Jeweler's son from Australia. But the one about a connection to FBI by way of Defense Department, which I guess can be possible, but sounded like he was confusing the roles of US law enforcement agencies with US military agencies. But as I said nothing is impossible- referring to the Berman letter.

What do you think of his claims?

700ce9  No.2987133


OMG sorry lol diamonds? Perhaps my Eli has evolved into a greater confidence man that before. How does a homeless alien Jesus find money for that? One gig was the zero point energy and I see he's still got the zero… only now it's contact zero? Oh lawd Eli.

700ce9  No.2987169


You probably need to read my other posts. Eli has always talked about being and ambassador but before it was a space ambassador (see my other posts about his space passport scheme). What he wanted most was to get back to OZ to see/get his kid. I recall photos of kids (not with him in pics) and honestly I have no idea if he really has kids or what the "reality" of that was. It just used to be his passion… get back to OZ for his kids.

I hope LARPers aren't using him to fuck this Q thing or divert it.. although with his sense of justice Q would probably be right up his alley… but if you think Eli is actually going to lead you anywhere… but the lad never had any problems getting followers.. he just couldn't ever quite get back to OZ.

700ce9  No.2987200


Wait what? He's a jeweler now?? Oh KEK. Although I'm sure he'd be passionate about reforming the blood diamond thing.. Eli us not a jeweler or if he ever was no one knew about it back in the day.. and he most certainly never worked.

I hope people aren't giving him money… but then again I suppose if he's found a way to actually get money from fools then more power to him.

6dbd7f  No.2987209

File: ca3a6c0a40dc7d7⋯.png (205.95 KB, 1443x548, 1443:548, Troll.png)


That doesn't sound anything like Eliahi. We've even watched his older videos. You're going to need to provide a lot of proof to back up your wild allegations.

6dbd7f  No.2987233

File: 620e19f4e16b76b⋯.pdf (508.48 KB, APPOINTMENT - Juin 2018 Pr….pdf)


yes he did. I doubt he would've if he had gone around talking about aliens and dragons lmfao

cac4f0  No.2987242


>in danger because of what he knew.

We have all put ourselves in danger knowing what we know here in qresearch - especially those of us who haven't went the extra mile to reach wide and far with our information.

A Q Researcher is literally missing right now when he specifically said he wasn't going anywhere the day before he went missing…

I have no doubts Mr. Priest has had bouts of instability but I do believe he believes what he says. That'd be a shame if he made up the documents. I find it interesting that on his twitter he posted about a relatively well known IC-type guy ended up dead after he posted what he posted as well.

Keep up the good work. People have made some interesting connections here. I wouldn't throw this under the bus yet.

6dbd7f  No.2987258

File: e9aca32c1a3f99a⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_20170913_2258122.jpg)

File: 7eac8e919a11c27⋯.jpg (41.58 KB, 893x670, 893:670, IMG_20170913_2315252.jpg)


yeah, the Jeweller.. here he is with his name on $2 million in one of the most dangerous countries in the World with the Protection of the President.. who are you again?

how about them diamonds eh? and no, Eliahi doesn't need to ask for money lmao

cac4f0  No.2987282


have went the extra mile not haven't

6dbd7f  No.2987374


All good anon, baseless crap attacking the source of the information instead of looking at it is why we're here. Clown Psyops activated to prevent disclosure of CIA drug trafficking being potentially linked to guns and human trafficking. We are sticking with what we can prove and that is the CIA cocaine trafficking in Nicaragua to provide an infinite amount of funds for CIA covert operations without the oversight of Congress, As well as CIA money laundering activities involving the Nugan Hand Bank in Australia. THERE IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ALIENS OR LIZARD PEOPLE IN THIS DROP!

cac4f0  No.2987426



Exactly. As far as I am concerned there's plenty of well put together damning information and people need to see it.

700ce9  No.2987431


Oh Eli… the endless videos of he and that long dark haired woman together professing their endless love for each other. I honestly forget her name .. once I saw the descent into further madness post ayahuasca ceremony (like Ick who went to drink in Peru and came back believing his visions were literal). Eli and Charley both got into heroin and my patience with the gentle Jesus character came to an end. Whatever he says… he can say. If I sent him a photo he'd recognize me instantly.. and given his apparent state of mind now… that's not going to happen… suffice it to say I've given enough specific details of my intimate knowledge of what he was up to all those years ago.. that he's got to be pissing his pants… but he's good, he's ALWAYS been good. And unless he turns to violence I've ZERO doubt he'll come out on top and perhaps with some actual money this time.

700ce9  No.2987457


Holy fucking shit! While the beard and hair and eye color are the same that is NOT Eliahi Priest… drugs man… seriously drugs. Eliahi used to be a good looking thin man the man in that photo is a shadow of his former self (if that is him). That is honestly a shock.

Ask him to show you the post ceremony aya video.

Whatever he's got you all convinced of… believe what you want.

CIA DRUG running is not now nor has it ever been a secret… the information about this is endless. Seriously why are you all acting like it's new?

How do you know those are diamonds?

Again holy shit Eliahi.. put down the needle. You've completely trashed yourself and I'm more than disappointed and know many who would be disgusted that the gentle space zero point energy Jesus now looks and acts like a confidence man.

cac4f0  No.2987478


Character assassination does not address the information posted here. It seems that the majority of (((shills))) immediately resort to character assassination any time someone stands up and says something about the shit the that is going on in the world.

For me - you attacking Eliahi based on previous troubles, especially mentioning any drug problems he may of or may not have had in the past just further credits him.

Guess what. Many of us on qresearch have had troubled lives, drug addictions, alcoholism, depression, mania - it's called life. People grow and change. People move on. People better themselves.

Attacking someones character in attempt to discredit the information they present is one of the most pathetic things any human can do when the issue at hand is the GLOBAL ELITE DRUG TRAFFICKING.

This thread is NOT about Eliahi's personal background. It is about the information presented. All of the shills that go on rampages attacking other's credibility is INANE, IMMATURE and DOWN RIGHT EVIL. Some of the best people in this world have had some of the most troubled lives.

You should reconsider your actions and how you proceed with your rhetoric - qresearch is a band of misfits who know there's something significantly wrong with the world not a board of people who attack one another based on their personal histories.

And I will REITERATE. MANY of us here have had troubled lives - and we have the industrial complexs and the people ACTUALLY TRAFFICKING the drugs into the country to blame for it. The CIA trafficks fucking drugs into this country that much is well known - and yet our tax dollars don't go to HELPING the drug addicts? Where's the common sense in that?

Get back on track and stop the character assassination or get the fuck out

700ce9  No.2987504


Of course he believes what he says.

How do you know a researcher us dead? Or even missing? Do you KNOW that or are you kicking up some drama? They've way more reason to take me out and yet here I am. The only way I'd ever worry is if they were able to take Trump out and that's not going to happen… there hasn't been any "danger signals" since U.K. (At least not any that his team didn't sort before it got out of hand.)

Don't believe me? Watch what eventually happens to Roger Stone. Oh hey Q.. just phonefagging tonight..

Ask Eliahi what happened yo Charley when he went to see "proof"… he'll know what I mean… wonder if the same thing happened to Eliahi? Cause whatever happened to him holy fuck it doesn't look good on him. Sort of like Charley.

Odd that.

700ce9  No.2987515


LOL character assassination? That's what we're calling the truth now? How come you don't know ANY of this stuff about Eliahi?

Use your damn head and "watch who you follow".

cac4f0  No.2987540


If I came out tomorrow with irrefutable documentation of the massive pedoring that exists what is the first thing the media would do?

Character assassination.

What you are doing here is no different.

700ce9  No.2987552


"Had in the past"?

Clearly you have ZERO idea of what Eliahi used to look like. In my experience this level of degeneration means it's not in the past. He's like a poster boy for before and after meth. (Although he didn't use meth when I knew him.)

You're choosing to believe every word out if his mouth because you want it need to and he's always had a gift for collecting believers. Always. Where is he getting his money now? How does one go from being a basically homeless Jesus to amassing "diamonds?" How does he go from ZERO POINT ENERGY (remember Eliahi?? Remember all the secret "contact" and … dragons and space passports? And ambassadorships??? I do.

What happened to Charley?

cac4f0  No.2987553

File: f2d4e28f923b946⋯.png (259.4 KB, 500x250, 2:1, op lazarus.png)


>How do you know a researcher us dead? Or even missing? Do you KNOW that or are you kicking up some drama?


We can all see that you are not from this board.

I, however, am.

700ce9  No.2987592


I'm not assassinating his character I'm telling the truth. Ask him. If he's not a con man now he'll tell you. If he lies and denies well then… and based on that ZEROCONTACT post lol he's gonna deny it to the bitter end and attack me sideways when he's actually shitting his pants trying to figure out who I am and if he figured that out he'd really shit his pants. Chances are tho… unless he saw a photo he'll never be able to figure it out… back in the day he had quite a collection… I wasn't one of them. Yo Eliahi i still look like me… sadly you don't even resemble a shadow of your former self.

If I'm ruining any government aka Q ops by outing a confidence man I fully expect to hear from the boss.

I won't.

700ce9  No.2987611


I read that drama the other day. I've yet to see PROOF AKA POLICE REPORTS news reports of missing man that a man is missing. Kek you guys are too much.

cac4f0  No.2987620


I don't doubt that the man has had a troubled past.

Let me make this very, very fucking clear to you. This is an information war. The information Eliahi has presented is damaging the reputation of the CIA. The CIA is humanity's enemy. They are MY fucking enemy and whatever DAMAGES THEM is GOOD FOR US

This is an information war. I hope the entire global conscious is FILLED with MORE and MORE and MORE disillusionment in the (((global elite))) until the whole god damn house of cards falls down on its self.

I will reiterate - this is an information war and I will do anything in my power to ensure more, and more, and MORE damage is brought against (((them)))

That includes making people aware to the fact that just because someone has a screwed up past it doesn't mean they're wrong - and all you've done in this thread is the VERY epitome of character assassination don't pussy foot around and act like it isn't. I've studied vast amounts of psychology, sociology and social engineering and I will not allow this thread or the contents of what this man has presented to be side tracked by some irrelevant claims.

If I did every drug under the sun and thought I was Jesus for a year and during that time I solved the world's food shortage would I people care I was crazy for awhile?

No, they would not.

18c091  No.2987622


He did post a video of his arrest at the mall jewelry store. He was in the back room when they led him out of the store. I can't find it at the moment, tho.

cac4f0  No.2987635


>I read that drama the other day.

It much is drama and you downplaying it shows that you don't belong on our board. There is someone who was DEDICATED to this cause and researching the ailments of our earth and you are DOWNPLAYING the fact that he is currently missing.

>I've yet to see PROOF AKA POLICE REPORTS news reports of missing man that a man is missing.

And have you done anything to help the investigation? I have. I've spread the fact he is missing far and wide. You have done nothing but down play the fact that ONE OF OUR VERY OWN IS MISSING

>Kek you guys are too much.

And you, my enemy - have lost all credibility just now by downplaying the fact that one of our own researchers is missing.

That's no laughing matter you vile piece of shit

3f719a  No.2987750

File: a1173e11c880210⋯.jpg (299.61 KB, 616x798, 44:57, img1536733211003.jpg)

They'll need these !! I'm sure their crapping their pants !!

95ca1e  No.2988356

Gardeners handle the green (lettuce, cabbage, 'scarole–cash) maybe? Referencing 2941612

No idea how to do this…just offering a suggestion

95ca1e  No.2988493


Gardeners handle the green (lettuce, cabbage, 'scarole–cash) maybe? Referencing 2941612

No idea how to do this…just offering a suggestion

(Figured it out)

785139  No.2988715


No I was referring to an honorary consulsip from the Chief of State of Congo between the Dem. Rep. of Congo and Queensland.

The document you provided is an:

" Attestation of Representation

No. 001/ Kava Trading/ 2018"

(it says) " I the undersigned, Kavaboko Lokele Zombi

Fabrice, Director General of the Kavu Trading SARL

Society in the Democratic Republic of Congo, attest

for the time being, that M. Priest Peter Alexander Richard, P.O. Box 513

Noosaville, LPO, QLD Australia 4566 represents our

Society in Australia.

In such title, he is entitled to make contact with investors in the Mining sector, namely, purchasers of diamonds and of gold.

At such time this document is presented for service, it shall attest to that right.

Done at Kinshasa the 20th of June, 2018

(signed) Kavaboku Lokele Zombi

The Director General of Kavu Trading"

(this is only that he represents the diamond and gold trading company called Kavu Trading)

p.s. it is my best translation, no gardeners were found in the document

785139  No.2988758


Let me apologize personally, in an attempt to interpret a document from the Congo Chief of State about Mr. Priest's travel visa, I incorrectly said they referred to him as their "gardener". That was wrong. They referre to him as a "partenaire" which means "partner". I apologize for waisting your and anyone's time who then gave thought to the gardener theory. Godspeed Anon.

cac4f0  No.2988933


I think this makes it pretty clear that the Congo believes what Eliahi has to say is in the Congo's best interest…

ef3dbe  No.2989012

File: 456e7f31a7d4ace⋯.png (266.76 KB, 541x469, 541:469, ClipboardImage.png)


97e057  No.2989196

File: 6e200b763b137dd⋯.jpeg (211.92 KB, 750x1017, 250:339, E6098909-3B2D-4C94-A928-C….jpeg)

Whoops, put the wrong doc in Re Deliagate to the Congo. My bad anon. The DRC has put him forward. For reference, Eliahi got thrown into a mental ward because a month or so prior they passed a law in Australia allowing them to deem individuals fixated and detained against their will if they contact government officials more than twice. This can be verified as there is documentation in the drop of his contacting multiple different government entities regarding the information provided. He was only in for about two days before he was released. ASIO was behind his detainment. More documentation on the Congo can be found in the mega link under the 0 folder. I’ll get the videos around his detainment here tonight if you want to see them.

785139  No.2989197


I lean your way. As of Jume this year! Okay, for the sake of argument, we miust agree M. Priest is or has been in some deep dealings. No judgement. Let's say this guy has a few loose screws, those are the guys those that play games want. Easy to disavow easy to say he probably fell off a cliff or a boat.

Why would old "friends" follow the mention of his name across time and the chans all the way to here, to talk crap? To protect me from his scamming? I don't see Mr Priest trying to strike any scam deals here.

What I do know is that if I knew him when we were young and he somehow scammed me, I would have moved on.

These people profess to have some disdain fior endless videos the behavior in which they evidently can't stand to see him and some woman in. But it looks like they spend a lot of time watching videos of this guy.

One endless video I hate and it's the last. But these guys are like minders whose job it is to make sure this Tailor of Panama doesn't accidentally expose THEM.

Maybe this Priest is some

785139  No.2989260


(cont'd) one who while not pointing his finger at them directly, is tangentially showing us a whole new world they would like not discussed.

cac4f0  No.2989298


It's is simple as this: when you're over the/a target then comes the flak.

Nevermind if Eliahi had some rough times.

Is he the one trafficking cocaine for the CIA?

No. No he is not. Why should we care what personal difficulties hes had that have zero relevance to the topic at hand. He's clearly well connected.

As it stands there is no reason not to listen to what the guy has to say - especially if there's more info to come in which case I'd say drop the bombs my friend. I'm ready to watch the fucking house of cards fall already. The time for waiting is over. There is absolutely NO way to perfectly execute "the plan" it doesn't exist. Period. Not unless they are literally time travelers.

There is INEVITABLY going to be public backlash when the truth comes out that worlds governments aren't corrupt - they are down right fucking evil, at least most of them have been for quite some time.

Let god sort them out.

I personally thank Eliahi for his sacrifices it takes a level of bravery to come forward like he did.

785139  No.2989303


Please do. Thank you anon. i refuse to add that app for the drop. I will go to the Zero page though. But if you want to post any docs here, BRING IT!

cac4f0  No.2989358


You don't need Megasync to download files you can download single files from the archive straight from your browser.

At least I can anyways.

785139  No.2989398


This is from their ministry of foreign affairs re saying they received "an amplification if his dossier" which adds a nomination for honorary consul between Congo and Queensland. Not 100% sure but they seem to say they have accepted it even though he lacks some 3 documents: letter of good moral character (background check), a letter stating where he resides(proof if residence)and a letter from his main bank(kind of proof of good credit). I was asking if he had ever received the honorary consulship. Noone has confirmed it yet.

90dc17  No.2989638

Since some are talking about movies here– Does the current disconnect between former acquaintences (and current hangers-on) and Mr. Priest's actual dealings in a very bad-ass place doing diamond transactions remind anyone else of that movie about the dual-life of that Gong Show host?

Crazy flake of a comedy talent show vs stone assasin?

b595bc  No.2991138


213c93  No.2993567


Classic mil-int shill. This particular technique is used by HUMINT types. The classic CIA technique of 'discredit the source' (even if said source has reams of photographs, evidence, etc).

They try to excuse the lack of proof as 'not caring':

>if I cared enough I could prove it

They care enough to post three walls of text but not enough to supply one piece of damning evidence?

Shills rely on people not questioning the comments further (often trying to layer an insult, like 'mentally ill' with contradictory compliments, like 'gentle').

They don't section 'gentle' patients in a mental health setting (especially in overstretched healthcare departments with limited funded), so even the basic premise is horribly wrong.


This guy is correct.

InsigniaAnons, you might have a problem with Q aiding your cause because Q is clearly pro-military and seems to even be pro-intelligence at times. Notice Trump's stance on whistleblowers: no pardons.

You'll likely want to create a secondary leak source (EG VOAT or similarly) in-case this one doesn't pan out.

@Watson Sorry old boy, I'm going to have to hand off the various cases to you. Me and the Qboard admin do not see eye to eye, and I'm fighting enough battles as-is without having to split hairs over thread creation with the admin.

Also, you can connect the two (the documents are technically speaking connected), but it'll require a deep dig: the certificate in the Australia case was for PLATINUM, which can be mined in both Australia and, I do believe, Africa.

The question to ask is how did Hamod find the money to purchase that much platinum? He was also held for a long period of time without trial and without counsel - indicating abuse of government powers.

If you read the judges remarks, he tries to pretend he's impartial, but he's forced to note Hamod's complaints about his lack of impartiality (which the judge desperately tries to use jargon to obsfucate). The judge denied the inclusion of several notable pieces of evidence by Hamod, including COURT TESTIMONY as HEARSAY, on the Australian prosecutor's urging.

It's very likely if there was a fake, someone supplied the fake to the forensics, and kept the real one for themselves.

A lot of shady shit and large piles of money involved. Even in such a short space of time (4 days) you've already drawn a CIA HUMINT shill in, and they're usually only reserved for the biggest troublemakers.

Anyway, I'm handing off my caseload to you @Watson. I apologise, but I refuse to post within the realms of an admin who won't explain contradictory policy decisions, and I'm not interested in starting a fight as I know most Qanons are well intentioned.

It's very unlikely you'll see me around after this, as I've got financial institutions indirectly throwing their weight to keep my own site offline and everywhere else quite eagerly censors me (and my last forum host was quite obviously threatened after deepstate types found they couldn't get to me).

Stay safe. As the clowns are watching, I strongly advise you keep important details sparse or to a minimum (especially any data about yourself).

56aaee  No.2999087

File: c3f354e3aa12539⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 628x628, 1:1, Eliahi Priest InsigniaGate.jpg)

File: 38251ab6fed0eda⋯.jpg (298.22 KB, 1440x1438, 720:719, Kimbondo.jpg)

Not quite sure who our friend is, it could be any number of people I've called out over the years for being either complete sell outs or partial (turn a blind eye sell outs) to the deep state. I'm not the nicest of guys to people I don't like, and usually it’s because they have weak values that are part of the problem. I also don’t take kindly to smart arses or disrespect and I’m not shy about having a go back, so yes there are a few out there who don’t like me.. Not to mention my real enemies in the CIA who would seek to prevent this drop from getting out of control in the real world.

I don't need to justify myself here, the drop speaks for itself, so I'm not doing that – However, I also appreciate clarity about my character and don’t enjoy assumptions.

I would like to state for the record that I've never had a heroin problem, nor been a junkie. Interesting that our troll alleges heroin in his/her first allegation & then meth in their second allegation. Not very congruent.

I’m not very certain what they mean about "Aliens" – However, I am certain we are not alone, and as a former UK Director of the Institute for Security & Cooperation in Outer Space, this information was passed down to me from Dr Wernher Von Braun himself, and also shared while they were alive by our honorary Chairman, Sir Arthur C Clarke & one of my Co Directors and Former Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell. So I am far from alone or "mentally ill" in my beliefs based on the body of evidence that exists both scientifically and from leaked documents and Von Braun’s direct experience in the NASA world.

As far as "Charlie" is concerned from Love Police back in the day - this troll in the thread has his/her Intel all messed up, I have never been friends or hung out with the Charlie.. Please show me a shred of evidence, a video or a photo to prove otherwise - one would think if I was close to enough to do H with the guy there would be somewhere something to prove this friendship.

This Drop is not about me or Aliens, that’s a distraction. I have placed my ID and what credentials I have in folder zero as some of the conversations and documents in the drop involve me, and of course the Prosecution folder is a huge key to the extent of the Cover up in Australia involving Nugan Hand.

My placement in Congo is largely irrelevant aside from the fact Maj Gen Ferrera in the FBI document is implicated in Patrice Lumumba (former DRC independence leaders) assassination and I am seeking justice and further stability for DRC on that front. The documents are also to show that if the DRC takes me seriously enough to entertain a roll for me, perhaps 8Chan will take the evidence I have presented seriously knowing the source it is presented from.

I'm nothing special, I don't pretend to be. I'm not asking for anyone's money, I don't have a personal donate button anywhere on the Internet, nor do I have a Patreon. I don't believe it is right to profit from information that reveals untold genocide and suffering at the hands of a psychopathic few. If people want to support my vision I always ask them to donate directly to the Congo Orphanage I support here: http://hubforkimbondo.it/index.php/it/ - I don’t see any of these funds and it all goes to support the Orphans of Congo.

Now back to InsigniaGate which is why we are all here, please find my most complete explanation and summary here: https://youtu.be/FQZQ7uJ1BxU

I don't pretend to know all the answers & I've never suggested all my information is new. However, despite the fact some of this information has been dropped before, nothing has been done about it, no-one has been held accountable - and this is the crucible of the issue. Back when Congress investigated the Clinton Arkansas connection and back when Australia did a Royal Commission into Nugan Hand, the FBI document was still Top Secret. So this fresh drop the way it is presented is a game changer in my humble opinion.

The rest of the drop goes about verifying and proving that the information is genuine & far from circumstantial. However 8Chan is not the forum for me to decides this, this is up to the ANONS to verify which is why it is here.

I would like to thank the ANONS for refocusing the thread on the drop as opposed to what I have either allegedly done or haven't done previously. I am not asking for your money or running for public office so this is, as has been agreed irrelevant to the investigation.

Moving forward is a process of accountability and taking this process from 8Chan into an official spotlight. Folder Zero A will keep those updates forthcoming.

Thank you all again for your time and attention, it is not my place to always comment here, however I felt it important to make a personal connection and thank you. I wish you well in your digging.

I can be reached relatively easy for questions via my myriad social media presence.

May we all work together for a brighter future.

cac4f0  No.2999435


Thanks for your clarifications Eliahi.

Character assassination is (((their))) immediate go-to and any qresearcher with half a brain knows it.

We appreciate you clarification and we will continue to draw as many connections as we can and spread as much possible truth as we can on this matter. Once again - thank you for everything Mr. Priest


6dbd7f  No.3000420


sorry anon, I kinda grabbed that out of the megadrop and threw it in here on my way to work this morning, without running it through our translator. I'll avoid doing that kind of laziness in the future. Did Eliahi answer your question about his position? I was mistaken in bluntly stating yes. He needs to push Australia to open up diplomatic relations with DRC. however, Insignia Gate…

6dbd7f  No.3001791


Great idea anon!


Thanks sherlock. You're comments are very refreshing compared to the normy level intel we've been dealing with. We definitely made the right choice bringing this here. I'd chalk it down to the clowns are pissed we exposed John Ritchie [CIA] and shed the light on his little band of hooligans (kek). That HUMINT shill was psyop targeting those of us helping Eliahi. They were activated the moment we popped in here (nice dossier btw). Also, I'm sure Mi6 didn't like their little door having a light shed on it for the world to see (knock knock, kek). I hope Q isn't against us… we're all pretty big fans of his. If he is… he's really not going to like it when we tie some of this info to his crumbs kek. To be fair, we did try to push a response out of him. He's relatively quick to point out shills… Can't say for certain if he's indirectly sent us a message or not. It's pretty late in the game to put this cat back in the bag. Just in case, our kill switches have kill switches (KEK). Nothing said in this post is anything not already open source stated. We'll take a step back and assess opsec a bit more. Thanks for this.


90dc17  No.3002482


@InsigniaGate Anons

Question for you or Eliahi:

Did he KNOW everyone in the HEART OF AFRICA delegation that went with him?

To clarify, trade delegations are notorious for being compromised with intel agents tagging along, using them for cover.

Would be curious to know if there were any late additions, tag-alongs, peoplle he didn't know.

90dc17  No.3002670


>The question to ask is how did Hamod find the money to purchase that much platinum?<


I seem to recall in my reading of the court proceedings that the certificate was not purchased by Hamod but given in exchange as payment-in-kind for some other service rendered.

7b1ceb  No.3003966


Re the above link: Could not find the article. If someone has a copy, could you please post it?

Don't intend to be rude by asking these questions that may be old stuff to I-Gaters, but it is all new here. Having said that, may we ask questions of Eliahi about this trip?

I think in a video interview before the Heart of Africa trip, E mentioned the he had been building on the relationship with Congo for some (9 or so?) years.

Was E responsible for the planning of the Heart of Africa trade delegation, or was it something that was occuring and E was encouraged by his friend to join and be a part of?

Not suspicious of E. Just wondering why some don't want details of his life being spooken of.

The friend of E who had his briefcase and passport stolen in (forgot the city) prior to the Peace conference. Did that arouse any suspicions that there might be intel involved at an early date?


If the theft of the gentleman's briefcase and passport was done by intel while the peace delgate was en route, it implies he was targeted well before.

7b1ceb  No.3004738

> encouraged by his friend to join and be a part of? <

Oh, sorry I believe E stated he met the Congo peace delegate at the convention/ at the hotel after his briefcase was stolen with his passport.

7b1ceb  No.3004932

Just asking these questions to try to understand how E became aware of the info he has layed out in the drop.

You have dropped many docs about his travel to the Congo.

Is the story of his developing affiliation with the Congo government and trade companies related to his accumulation of knowledge re wire-transfers, wrongdoing, etc?

Wasn't sure why he dropped all the peace conference, trade mission, attestations of his dealings with the government and business of the Congo if not to establish that his going there was for legitimate reasons. As opposed to (those other people)? Or what he observed while there?

If it isn't that, then I don't see why he would need to include all that documentation of his relations with Congo.

Need more data.

Basically it's this: If I observed a crime or criminal activity in New York and I wanted to report it, then I wouldn't need to include pictures, travel plans, plane tickets dinner receipts from the family vacation to the Grand Canyon, right?

Can someone help this anon draw a faint line, if only in pencil for now, from the Congoto Five Star Investments, or to Anthony Hamod?

7b1ceb  No.3013489


>I double-checked, but it's not a typo. The codename for the agent they ordered a hit on is "Whitecat" and not 'whitehat'.<

Not sure what timeframe is for the hit you refer to, but have been doing some reading(barely scratched the surface. So many pages) of the FBI memo/report to Sen.Ted Kennedy- wriiten in 1989).

They state that Casey? ordered a hit, around the time of Contra optations, of one Adler Berriman Seal(aka Barry Seal). The hit was done in Florida.

Again, don't know much but maybe with more digging…or someone just tell me I'm wrong.

Could this be the hit that was ordered on Whitecat?

Think the report stated they had recordings? The recording?

Also, get this, Adler Berriman Seal was known for driving around ina White Cadillac. The nickname in the US for Cadillacs is "Cad".

From that we can get that Mr. Seal drove around in a "WHITE CAD".

He was killed in said White Cad.

Did someone transcribing the recording of the hit order possibly hear "WHITECAD"?

Unless the source of the agent name was written. Then I am off base. Just an idea.

7b1ceb  No.3014073


Sorry typo. "optations" s/b "operations"

7b1ceb  No.3014233

Any anons just stopping by should really take an interest i this dig.

I have only just made a slight read of the FBI memo to Sen. T. Kennedy and have already seen reference GODFATHER and EAGLE II.

Beginning to see what I-Gate Anons meant when they say this might relate t Q crumbs.

59215e  No.3014763


I found the specific video that you're looking for & also his FB page.




7b1ceb  No.3014880


thanks anon. will get on that

6dbd7f  No.3016201


Sorry anons for the lack of details in some areas.

As stated on twitter (@Ensin17) this is more than a drop it's a live op. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Let me state straight out that we don't have all the answers, but together we will be able to do a lot.

we need to be extremely careful what we say here for opsec reasons.

1. Eliahi put together the delegation with his own people.

2. There were no spies.

3. The connection to Congo is the assassination of Patrice Lumumba as mentioned in the FBI document.

This investigation is about CIA cocaine trafficking, the lack of prosecution and the extent of the cover up. More information will be provided as it is uncovered and cleared for release.

His Congo credentials and World Peace Congress picture were to show he held credibility in the international arena.

If you wish to know more about Eliahi Priest (AKA Contact Zero), you can search his name on google, yahoo, duckduckgo, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. and find plenty of information and videos going back 8-10 years.

It's not that we don't want anyone looking into his past, no one is stopping you from pressing enter on a search engine, but we would really like to dive into the content of the drop.

There are plenty of videos out there to watch, so if that's something you want to look at, we suggest stocking up on popcorn.

one of the most important videos to watch is his remembrance day speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQZQ7uJ1BxU&feature=youtu.be

I would embed it but for the life of me I can't get it to work.

965a1d  No.3016229


Sorry was busy. I really do appreciate you doing that. I cannot access it. Won't go into doxing detail. But thank you again.

6dbd7f  No.3016578

File: 338115ec6190761⋯.pdf (1.02 MB, InsigniaGate - Top Level I….pdf)


I believe it is "WhiteCat"

Eliahi Believes this to be McCall who's passport is provided in the CIA assets folder.

We don't know for certain who "WhiteCat" is.

see attached for the Insignia Gate index created by Eliahi.

It goes over each folder. This was for the original drop so it is missing the new folder/files that have been added later.

Also, the dropbox.com link in the index doesn't work. We didn't realize Dropbox had a daily limit on shared links.

We had to switch to Mega after the drop when the link stopped working.

We will most likely switch to a different service in the future that is more user friendly.

65f04e  No.3016727


Thaanks anon. I appreciate your responses.

Just wanted a quick acceleration. Your answers really do help, and you have no idea what grandkids you have recruited re tech skills Did I say grandkids? I meant grandparents. Some of us anyway. We make up for our shortcomings with spirit and conviction.

Btw, haven't heard quality of audio on "hit" order, but any possibility the transcriber was mistaken, and may have mistaken the word "WHITECAB fot WHITECAT?

65f04e  No.3016762


sorry probably crossed posts in the ethers. Got it.

6dbd7f  No.3016913


All good anon, this recording is from sometime during Leon Panetta's Time as DCI (Director of Central Intelligence). See index attached to this post >>3016578 for more info

3bb90c  No.3027645

Thank you to my Insignia Gate Anons for covering my bases while I handle the Live Op moving forward.

It was asked by some Anons somewhere in an earlier Bread or perhaps even in Reddit why I have not handled Human Trafficking in the Drop.

My response was that I simply do not have enough prosecutable evidence like whats found in the drug trafficking and money laundering intel.

In saying this I have taken the time to address the subject by bringing you the two best witnesses I believe are available on the internet - that is Fionia Barnett & Isaac Kappy. Its alot of information but relates directly back to Intel Q has been dropping.


Hollywood Actor Isaac Kappy talks further about his damning allegations about his Ex-Friend Seth Green & Wife Clare Grant linking them to a Child Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Network in Hollywood. Big names also dropped include Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks.

Courageous SRA Survivor, Fiona Barnett discusses her view on the International CIA child trafficking network and its links to the MK Ultra Program. Connecting the dots between Australian Politicians, media figures and International world elite involved in these crimes.

6dbd7f  No.3027708

File: 443142a6f40bf91⋯.jpeg (323.78 KB, 2048x1706, 1024:853, WWG1WGA.jpeg)


Nice El, you beat me to it LOL!

6dbd7f  No.3028462

File: 9e087a5f89c52d3⋯.pdf (9.08 MB, FBI EAGLE II _i_.pdf)

File: 5f5bf9d62c34ebc⋯.pdf (510.55 KB, DoD 5Star.pdf)

File: d3c9991bbf9377a⋯.pdf (579.88 KB, THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY 1….pdf)

on to some info.

The FBI Eagle II document is important, but for a better picture of areas the FBI document can be lacking we recommend reading "Crime of the Century"

The DoD 5star document is a letter from Richard Armitage to Ferrera.

6dbd7f  No.3028497

File: 882ac4db726a6e2⋯.pdf (197.7 KB, DoD5StarText.pdf)


Here's a type up i did of the DoD 5 star document as it can be a little hard to read.

I wasn't able to figure all of the words out so any improvements would be welcomed.

4cf798  No.3031626


I know this isn't much, but I can help you with the difficult to read "???" words and names so you can tevise it. Here we go:

2nd paragraph- insert SUM (of money)

3rd paragraph- insert AWAITING (the release)

4th paragraph- insert BURMA

5th paragraph- insert PROJECTS. The context here is that he is talking about competing construction "projects".

7th paragraph- insert (the name) MASAYACHI ITO. My context/reason to believe this is because of typographical errors in this letter and common typo errors.

I believe the typist transposed the C and the I of his name.

4cf798  No.3031635


Sorry, correction, the typist transposed C and A of Mr Masayachi Ito's name

4cf798  No.3031758


>but we would really like to dive into the content of the drop.

Have always been a fan of delegating tasks to reduce waisted effort.

Would recommend you post docs and subjects you, the I-gate Anons would like input on. Targeted effort. Just tell us, like we've got this area figured but could use help in this other area.

Please bring documents here to 8ch. It helps to discuss and refer to them.

631932  No.3032819


Wait a minute? El, as in Eliah Priest?

631932  No.3033058


Aussie Anon here. I downloaded 3/4's of the file drop about a fortnight ago and have only reviewed a fraction of it's content, none of it in full (thus far). I've been all over the boards and it's hard to stay on top of everything all at once.

One thing is for certain after just briefly glancing at the balances on some the accounts are absolutely innumerable. I mean, I had to check on a chart how to pronounce how many "illion" is those accounts.

4cf798  No.3033738


Hey Anon, could you please drop bundle of docs here for us to take a crack at here for discussion?

Thanks in advance. And Godspeed.

6dbd7f  No.3035578

File: 813b7ae60b9875b⋯.pdf (197.71 KB, DoD5StarText.pdf)


Thanks anon, attached updated document.

6dbd7f  No.3035794

File: 35114c8273f0b26⋯.pdf (152.33 KB, Project Hammer Hiding tree….pdf)


Everything is relevant. To help us, we need to get you all up to speed on this investigation.

First three connected docs were posted here >>3028462

These should help you get a partial idea of the bigger picture, while each document can be cross-examined with the others.

Also see attached doc "Project Hammer"

Hiding trees in a forest.

"Black Gold"

Going forward, beware of Red Herrings. Can be dismantled with logic and common sense.

red her·ring

ˈˌred ˈheriNG/


noun: red herring; plural noun: red herrings

something, especially a clue, that is or is intended to be misleading or distracting.

6dbd7f  No.3036179


Message left [59:20]

Phone call received [1:26:47]

Lord David James of Blackheath

Re: "High Level Contacts" >>2987108

We know (((they))) know.

Bodybag threat>Contact Zero

>187 "Wilfredo Saurin"

This is not a game.

776ec7  No.3038132

File: aba5190dbbc475a⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2453, 1440:2453, Face[1135].jpg)

Here is some information that will shed some light on the character of Agent zero aka Priest aka many others.

The INSIGNIAGATE info is solid.


Read EVERYTHING presented here.

Then you can ask that same question.










4cf798  No.3042920


Ahah! Listened to first half of the video interview you posted 9/15 in which E states he worked at one time as a LANDSCAPER when he lived in Scotland! Must have been something about him that told me he had gardenening in his roots!

4cf798  No.3042994


ps - but seriously, have been reading alot and watched some vids too. Been doing more reading, less posting.

Do you think GRANDFATHER and the EAGLE II, BLACK EAGLE here may at some point be related to Q's similar signoffs?

Can you hint at overlap with Q's drops and I-gate?

f0b753  No.3043034

RE: ▶ANONS of The Chan Anonymous 09/16/18 (Sun) 09:25:04 776ec7 (1) No.3038132

Oh wow, you managed to trawl the swamp of the internet to find more unverified claims by shills like yourself.. Ashtar Command ? Thats your reference ? Please..

The BackStory news mag is the only credible article..

You people supporting the deep state are lame, old, tired..

The mistranslation of the Gardener was due to be addressed - I mean being worried about Gardening in Congo rather than the actual brunt of the drop was due a remark.

You referenced above are the exact mud crab we are referring to. Your days are numbered.


4cf798  No.3043308


Did a wiki-search for Masayachi Ito. It took me to Masayoshi Ito whose bio is this: Masayoshi Ito (伊東 正義 Itō Masayoshi, 15 December 1913 – 21 May 1994) was a Japanese political figure. He served as acting prime minister of Japan in 1980 after the sudden death of Masayoshi Ōhira. He then served as foreign minister of Japan from 1980 to 1981.

I think he is a probable match due to his political background and serving as foreign minister and finally as prime minister.

My speculation is this is the guy but his name was butchered in the document with typo (and mispell?) We brought it closer to its spelling but there are no hits using a "chi" ending. But a big hit using a "shi" emding.

I think the misspelling occured because of sound similarity and from a lack of familiiarity with Japanese culture.

If you do put it in as a re-write, which I think you should, you should just use the author's spelling with (sp?) behind it and put Masayoshi Ito in parentheses afterward.

4cf798  No.3043325


Sorry, you should type "sic" after the original misspelling of his name, to indicate it is misspelled. Then put Mayatoshi Ito in parentheses after that.

4cf798  No.3043342


Son of a gun, now I'm messing it up! Phonefagging. His name is Masayoshi Ito.

4cf798  No.3044000


The mistranslation of the Gardener was due to be addressed - I mean being worried about Gardening in Congo rather than the actual brunt of the drop was due a remark.

Dear Ensin, If that was entirely in response to my last post about you doing some landscaping then please accept my apology for my last attempt at humor about gardener thing.

You see, I am the idiot who thought he was helping a fellow Anon, who was going by @SherlockHolmes to translate a document he looked like he needed help with. But after my gaffe it's going to take awhile for me to live that one down. I was trying to make a joke out my stupid mistake. I have been posting here sometimes as @Watson but sometimes just anonymous.

Let me be real clear here. The joke was and is on me. And as regards any landscaping work you may have done in Scotland, if you may have taken that as an intended slight, let me tell you, I've had a few jobs in my time. I'm no stranger to physical work. Don't know whose words I am stealing here but, "All work is honorable."

I am not a troll. I am not a shill.

I am your friend. @Watson

4cf798  No.3044158




4cf798  No.3044610


Got to say something here. You know you folks kinda just plopped down here in QLand thinking we should all know your whole story.

And if you don't know the I-gate story, heres a fuckin link to 3,500 pages of shit

You folks are actually surprised noone knew who you all were!

You came in like rock stars with you I-gate Anons cheer squad.

I knew nothing about you or your cause.

I just popped in to see if I could help a fellow ankn who wasn't doing too well with the French lamguage so I helped.

Mind you I am totally fucking phone faggong the whole 3 Congo documents in French. I don't have a godammed language program on a computer. What do I have? I have a fucking iphone6 with a 1&3/4 by 3 inch screen, writing the shit down on a lined notepad in my own chicken scratch. My sloppy notes and yeah just my knowledge of French and a dictionary while sitting up in bed at fucking 4am.

Elle? Suck my dick!

I interpreted 3 documents from the Congo with just my knowldge of Fresnch for which nobody else was able .

So fuck off cunt!

@mudsucker to cocksucker!

I'll bet you're real fluent in French.

4cf798  No.3045265


>>Eliahi has been at this for quite some time. It seems he has had some bouts of mental instability but that does not have anything to do do with the actual intel itself.<<

You know you guys did a shit job setting this up? Starting with the preamble to the whole thread- The sentence above only refers to Mr Priest as Eliahi, not as Priest Peter Alexander Richard. So, for someone just junping into the thread, it took a lot of discussion to figure out he's the same person. My next point is WTF, the person who wrote the preamble to the thread is talking mental instability, which after seeing videos of him, I know is false.

So I day this, if I hope it was not you guys who gave Mr Priest that introduction. If it was not one of you that wrote that, then look at it and ask yourself if even the paerson that started this thread knew anything about Mr. Priest.

I know I did not.

Just saying, to use a golfer's terminology, you did a poor job getting this "teed off".

The intro should have had his fullname along with his nick name and a short statement of intent and explanation of the initial docs would have been nice.

If you look at the beginning entries of the thread, it is apparent that more than one anon is not fully grasping the subject yet.

Anons trust noone and question everything. How did you think they would make your acquaintence?

1f22fc  No.3048780

what i want to see is people posting attempts at recreating the cosmic energy devices.

6dbd7f  No.3049300


It very well could be, we haven't gotten a whole lot of time to go over every Q drop in regards to this (we'd be very happy to get some help on this), but certain things stick out such as 7/10 plane crashes aren't accidents;

how many of those are involved in drug/gun/human trafficking and crash when they get caught mid flight?

Does the CIA give the smugglers flight paths to get to the US undetected as they did with the cocaine smuggling operation?

Things like that bridge the past to present, showing the same tactics are still used by the agencies to conduct illegal activities.

After all, why change what works?


Spelling errors are plenty in these docs. Thank you for your due diligence!

You'll find in the FBI document that the CIA was paying off politicians in Japan to control the entire government.

It's unlikely any political deaths of Japanese politicians at that time were a coincidence. Plenty of people were getting knocked off surrounding this.




Sorry watson, you're right we should've better explained that Eliahi Priest, Peter Alexander Priest, and Contact Zero are the same person.

We've seen so many videos of him across youtube and facebook we figured anyone looking into him would've been able to make the connection.

We didn't have anything to do with this thread until this post >>2986179

So sorry watson, you are not a mudcrab. We do have someone that speaks fluent french in our group and has been a big help with translations. Again, sorry for not throwing the translation out there with the Congo document.

Eliahi (Peter) can be a bit testy. He's been working on this information for 8-9 years alongside Lord David James of Blackheath.

We've been a little on edge recently, as stated before, a body has been dropped and we don't know who will be next.

The disappearance of Bill Smith has been very concerning to us anons in the recent months, as should the disappearance of any Qresearcher, and people have been knocked off for far less than what we are doing here.

We can see past the shills in a heart beat. We know whats going on behind the scenes. El has been very transparent with those of us putting the work in.

Us I-Gate anons have had this information for a few months and not every day of that was spent going over the information.

We're just normal citizens of our respective countries with full time jobs and some of us have families to look after.

Qposts have always come first for us and some people in our group just can't keep up with Q and insignia gate at the same time.

For the few of us that have been able to, it hasn't been easy.

4cf798  No.3050089


(off topic but E would like this guy)

You weren't specific about energy production or jusst use of cosmic energies, so I am going to take that as an invite to tell you a story about a guy who rigged a device to channel cosmic energy to "heal". Gotta be careful to put that in quotations because he is not a doctor and can't be making such claims legally.

Knew a guy by the name of Justin Ballard. Can prob find on Y-tube and Fbook, Twtr. He was getting people who doctors gave up on, including cancer patiients, approaching him in desperation, and they were getting relief.

Anyway, this guy was trying to heal himself when doctors were out of ideas. Through him talking about his attempts at changing his diet and water pH modification syrstems and resonance, amd just networking, he meets hospital doctor who asks him if he might be interested in a device tjat was sitting in the hospital basement garhering dust. A colleague of his was testing this device that recreated the Earth's resonance.

He gets it, makes repairs and modifications and voila.

The device grounds you electronically by you holding grounds in your hands and, not sure about feet.

He would then wave a long, diode tube over the subjects.

I would kid him and say his diode wand reminded me of Dr. McCoy's gadget that he waived over people in Star Trek.

He is not a doctor, so he must be careful to say he is just using the Earth's resonance on people.

He was saying people who had all these stages of cancer were seeing changes, reversal? I told him, you have the worst test group you can ask for. They are all in terminal phases of their diseases.

I am a skeptic and didn't ever meet any of his "clients". But I cannot stand between a person and life or life's force.

The procedure seems safe enough. I mean his dog would lay in the people's laps during the whole thing. So no electrical currents flying, everything grounded.

His name is Justin Ballard on Y-tub, Fbook, etc

c84bcd  No.3050207

More crumbs from the Chan Anons




Relax Agent Nothing, you have plenty of time to enjoy our little banter, we have enough crumbs that this will take a bit to bake.

fe5e6d  No.3050321

Well done Anons, take the Shills bate and continue down the Ad-homien path.

This entire thread and you haven't even managed to address a thing connected with cocaine trafficking or the CIA.

Incredible you found an old Wiki-User page written by an old hippie friend.. and a bunch of other non-referenced unprovable character assassinations by others I've pissed off for not taking their bullshit.

We don't need to apologise InsigniaGate Anon - apparently some of these guys are researchers and have never even heard of Google Translate (30 Second process even or "phonefags").

You people are not researchers, so far the full extent of your research has been typing "Eliahi Priest" into Google and only including the things that other internet nutters have written about me.

Oh that's right, "you read it on the internet" - so it must be true..

Apart from Lazarus, the rest of you have been rather disappointing.. hate character assassinate and piss your pants all you like, the fact remains you haven't been able to even rouse yourselves to debate or debunk the drop..

Gary Webb was right, it's all about "Shoot the Messenger"..

Well done 8Chan, the CIA has you right where they want you..

Hey Watson, anonymous and talking like that to a Lady, well done.. you're a tough guy.

Anyone with the stomach to do some actual research around here ? Or because I made it so easy for you you'd rather have dick measuring contests of zero consequence.

It's not a good ad for 8Chan.

28376e  No.3070135

Did some digging into this. Nothing conclusive so far. Even the "CIA" phone recordings are probably intelligence or LEO playing along with his story about "five star trust" in order to see what he really thinks, believes, or might actually know, i.e. might have actaully had a security clearance at one point.

There's no way any CIA or other high level agent would spill that information on a phone call to someone who is already trying to call them out on crimes.

>some bouts of mental instability but that does not have anything to do do with the actual intel itself.

The "intel" i can find so far is bunk, bogus, nothing. Can he prove anything? Prove his clearance? And yeah, massive collections of conspircy webpages, random images and memes do not "intel" make.

cac4f0  No.3070581


The drop conclusively proves that the CIA is running drugs.

575d5e  No.3071871

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

575d5e  No.3087548

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6dbd7f  No.3097546


Maybe you should do some more reading. See attached docs >>3028462

9e0e30  No.3103620

File: def4fda76c981cd⋯.png (346.9 KB, 1125x1809, 125:201, IMG_9576.PNG)

File: 214a83a78e59d99⋯.png (392.05 KB, 1125x1909, 1125:1909, IMG_9577.PNG)

File: 10c598000819de6⋯.png (231.72 KB, 1125x1424, 1125:1424, IMG_9579.PNG)

File: e33e77a247c82f1⋯.png (450.88 KB, 1125x1523, 1125:1523, IMG_9583.PNG)

File: 8ef7ededa04edcb⋯.png (349.61 KB, 1124x1471, 1124:1471, IMG_9584.PNG)



5 Star Trust

Riyadi, Cameron, Obama,

IMF, OPC, OSS, BankOfIndonesia,

9e0e30  No.3104502

File: 02eda6976a7b61e⋯.png (275.6 KB, 1125x1519, 1125:1519, IMG_9590.PNG)

File: 845a1a5c91d20d4⋯.png (530.73 KB, 785x407, 785:407, IMG_9591.PNG)

File: 6a40e248910fd82⋯.png (387.47 KB, 1125x1805, 225:361, IMG_9592.PNG)

File: 7be9d4a5157996e⋯.png (365.14 KB, 1104x1935, 368:645, IMG_9593.PNG)


Singapore, Barclays, HSBC

Michael Herzog, Obama

Falcone Settlements, CHIP Cash program

Joe Biden Mitt Romney, Falcone, Bush Snr,

George Bush Jnr, Angela Merkel,

Paulson & Greenspan

Paul Guinnette

Bank of Austria,

74a494  No.3110778

File: 921e49af511c0cd⋯.png (290.57 KB, 453x810, 151:270, ClipboardImage.png)

09b7ef  No.3117727


https:// www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/enforcement20180814a.htm

HSBC North America Holdings, Inc., New York, New York

Cease and Desist Order dated October 4, 2010 (PDF)

Terminated August 7, 2018

Where does this fit in? And now that it's terminated, what are the implications?

cac4f0  No.3117876

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

wew lads

this interview is fuckin comedy. mehal rockefeller is sperging the fuck out

575d5e  No.3138433

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

575d5e  No.3138451

File: 9879ce8c21e3366⋯.jpeg (388.87 KB, 1536x1028, 384:257, A8F2AA8F-E698-40AA-B6EA-F….jpeg)

File: 01e62b7f6e02129⋯.jpeg (91.82 KB, 2048x595, 2048:595, 383D3DD4-47AB-447E-A297-7….jpeg)

575d5e  No.3138476

File: 031607cb2d82c73⋯.jpeg (616.74 KB, 1536x1597, 1536:1597, 4DC3CE99-630D-429C-B398-9….jpeg)

File: 84bcdfe46121de7⋯.jpeg (772.42 KB, 1464x2048, 183:256, 34038053-A040-41AE-B646-F….jpeg)

File: f1b8adb8d5cb0c6⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1353x850, 1353:850, 81D326FD-C498-4DD3-88B8-4….jpeg)

575d5e  No.3138532

File: ea5a5167ed0263b⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1274x1720, 637:860, 10F18A79-D918-457D-92A9-9….jpeg)

575d5e  No.3138724

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

575d5e  No.3138755

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

575d5e  No.3138768

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Partying at the Nugan Hand Bank

575d5e  No.3138775

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More Nugan Hand partying

575d5e  No.3138892

File: 07c542610f632e2⋯.jpeg (421.7 KB, 1536x574, 768:287, B50B14B1-A110-4455-88B9-C….jpeg)

File: 4071befab09b300⋯.jpeg (665.42 KB, 1536x900, 128:75, 58D6C1AE-EEEA-4714-869D-3….jpeg)

File: 19daa3027133f2e⋯.jpeg (475.83 KB, 1536x680, 192:85, B05CB862-93D0-4140-AC27-6….jpeg)

e696a7  No.3139408

Reading stuff like this makes me a little afraid that a great and terrible war must be imminent. No other way to clear these ledgers…

575d5e  No.3142307


The war has been on for some time.

e696a7  No.3142471


Preludes to it. I mean the kind of war that makes a city disappear in a neutron flash, then another, then another…

575d5e  No.3152343

File: 3b7f29cea220b7d⋯.jpeg (862.98 KB, 1390x1264, 695:632, 2E3C960E-6177-4081-97CD-9….jpeg)

File: 1bd81bdc41a6505⋯.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1536x1567, 1536:1567, 33292000-2587-4345-B5F8-2….jpeg)

File: 01f33892ab1d76a⋯.jpeg (863.66 KB, 1536x1503, 512:501, 4AAB27B8-4063-4C94-AB48-8….jpeg)

File: c105da7942b8bb8⋯.jpeg (663.27 KB, 1536x986, 768:493, CBAE91CB-387C-420F-A360-9….jpeg)

File: 355f85229de885d⋯.jpeg (515.2 KB, 1239x813, 413:271, C0A58C1B-6087-4D3E-9246-E….jpeg)

28376e  No.3156998


I'm not disputing that the CIA runs drugs/guns, etc. but this Five Star Trust stuff is so far not verifiable, and the majority of the files in this drop seriously damage the credibility of the rest. Why include obvious BS like this?

>Unsourced, uncorroborated docs

>No provenance or proof of sources (stolen from Kennedy, etc)

>Speaking candidly of identities that most insiders don't know while talking of how a big a deal it is that it's secret.

>Alleged documents from a KNOWN CRACKPOT "Rauthschild" treated as evidence

>Alleged use of "fivestartrust" on Skype and fivestartrust@gmail.com reeks of the contact info used by this source, "Ernest Rauthschild AKA Pharoah, Prime Minister of the United States of North America" who his clearly trolling or mentally insane, or both.

Archive.is and .fo both choke on this. Hopefully it remains live for a good long time for posterity:


It really is one glorious dumpster fire aboard a trainwreck of tinfoil hattery that makes flat earth, Nibiru, and lizard people sound tame.

3b3191  No.3157310


Peeps are expecting it and would not be surprised. So they better do it all at once or else the mobs will search and destroy all reminders of the Cabal . It would be gruesome and glorious all at once.

cac4f0  No.3162926

File: add45cefab21430⋯.jpg (3.35 KB, 120x160, 3:4, 2015-6366.jpg)

HAHAHAHAHAHA oh fuckin wow.

Look at this dumbfuck Mehal Rockefeller


>Mehal Rockefeller, 35, entered St. Charles Borromeo Church on May 14 and placed a check in the amount of $666,000 in the offertory, according to his criminal complaint.

>Parishioners told police they then heard Rockefeller on the phone telling someone, "I'm going to do something tonight or in the near future to this church."

>The next day, he left a message on the church's voicemail demanding an apology. In part, he allegedly said, "We can make this into a big problem and the heaters are going to go on and everyone will burn or I can get an apology."


Unfucking believable and this idiot faggot is literally connected to the real Rockefellers. It'd be wise for them to knock him off right about now considering he's a major fucking loose end. Don't be surprised if Mehal has an accident and slips next to his door handle to find his neck around a red scarf as he free dives down a trash chute and magically teleports to Abedin & Weiner's garbage bin

bahahahahahahahahahaha comedic fucking gold here

c7eb94  No.3172012


Do you get paid for responses or time spent?

If the first, consider this a gift.

Do you even shill, bro? Know your audience.

c7eb94  No.3172028


Elijah seems to know something about this. Things are getting weird quick!



8db422  No.3180264

8db422  No.3180316

File: a9a669ba4dc5772⋯.jpeg (124.02 KB, 1028x675, 1028:675, 038007B2-581E-48A8-99A6-5….jpeg)

File: bf75c684d9f2730⋯.jpeg (40.61 KB, 615x410, 3:2, 222AE6E3-5B7B-4225-960A-A….jpeg)

File: 8db2e06e8adb157⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1914x1436, 957:718, 9CBF702A-C7B0-4750-883D-D7….png)

File: fd4e3cb9e940e8e⋯.png (379.56 KB, 974x547, 974:547, C020E61E-CE0C-4DB2-9BA8-66….png)

File: 432c64db47d6680⋯.jpeg (37.58 KB, 624x624, 1:1, 928308FB-EC82-4A2B-BE99-C….jpeg)

d3ed01  No.3193068

Not sure Mate if this info is part and parcel with your investigation or not, but here goes.

Lisa Barrett started this petition to Class Action, Public Referendum, Family & Community Services and 3 others. She talks about Pell [ran with a bad mob] and Pedophilia too.

Might be worth a quick read.

Sauce: https://www.change.org/p/class-action-public-referendum-class-action-against-facs-cps-docs-dhs-return-our-children-to-their-loving-parents-now

Good luck Mate, Oz Patriots behind you all the way.

575d5e  No.3198432

File: 502ea32bde514f2⋯.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1387x1858, 1387:1858, 4B2943EB-FC61-4044-B517-1….jpeg)

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