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File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-350.jpg)

6fcab2 No.286277



>>279968 rt >>279898





>>285721 Videos of SOTU are disappearing. Archive before posting

>>284781 Lost & Found Photos of SOTU Phones. POST YOURS HERE PLEASE.

>>285836 Were the phone screens doctored?

>>285742 , >>285742 , >>285760 What is Q asking for exactly? Thoughts

>>285763 , , >>285611 , >>285766 Photo updates

>>285681 , >>285707 , >>285714 The soundclip we're looking for? 3 seconds in "He oughtta be shooottt"

>>285547 , >>285562 , >>285551 Video Updates

>>285658 Can anyone access the ftp that was listed in the EXIF data of the photo on the Getty website?

>>285651 Beatty's Statement on Trump's SOTU Address


>>283537 rt >>283468


Updates: >>285423 , >>285771 & any more?


Rothchilds selling investments. DOW crashing hard.


Re-read crumbs.

Nothing is coincidence.


Memo --> intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

Rebuttle Of Charges Against The Memo --> intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_fisa_memo_charge_and_response.pdf

Rule 13. Correction of Misstatement or Omission; Disclosure of Non-Compliance --> fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf

OIG Reports Page --> oig.justice.gov/reports/all.htm

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>>276713 Another Rothchild Investment Cut

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6fcab2 No.286290

#350 Dough pastebin.com/3XijWvBP

1655a4 No.286311


California you say… hmmm… any connection between this engineer and Schiffty?

a2b75f No.286326

File: 321378507d542fa⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 1249x2048, 1249:2048, IMG_0716.JPG)

These damn clown rodeos are ruining great narrative.

f3c7e5 No.286327


598938 No.286330

When the Launch of Falcon Heavy?

99ddb7 No.286331

File: 65ecc9f73ec210a⋯.png (475.93 KB, 597x454, 597:454, clownbeatdickbread.PNG)

9235c4 No.286336

File: b65579bbb98169b⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1543x1156, 1543:1156, Beatty ReleaseThePhoto.png)

Take and Spread please / Start #ReleaseThePhoto is able

Repost for new bread…fight on!!

fbf362 No.286339

File: f7f1d4d100a7711⋯.png (559.37 KB, 1001x762, 1001:762, 6b2ee9b1f1b419c29f9a123ed8….png)

File: 40e6bc951bdbe93⋯.jpg (257.69 KB, 963x747, 107:83, 6d23a73775c1484b87f0495d17….jpg)

File: 3683883a21c546f⋯.jpg (174.35 KB, 1075x1024, 1075:1024, 81c3540c297e6837fc5faf4b8a….jpg)

File: d32c8d02c07d611⋯.jpg (115.5 KB, 500x625, 4:5, d32c8d02c07d611cb6438aa509….jpg)

File: 8a3b240f1f7f3ee⋯.png (132.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, eeb0ec83b9bc68c9408e8755f6….png)

Favorites from last bread

f5fc83 No.286340



d5b7f9 No.286344


No. Corsi is reading Q drops the same as we do. There has to be a reason why he is not getting his own drops.

There are a few others that are getting their version of the drops. If we would put them together with what we get it might make a better map

Brandon Dilley and Thomas Paine are two that are getting their own info drops.

ead053 No.286345

so… what's up with Carl?

https:// www.fbi.gov/about/leadership-and-structure/fbi-executives/carl-ghattas

<Carl Ghattas

<Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch

>Carl Ghattas currently serves as the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch where he leads the FBI’s operations and intelligence efforts involving all national security matters, ranging from terrorism to espionage to weapons of mass destruction. Under his leadership, the program will continue to focus on technical innovation, operational agility, and strategic partnerships.

>Mr. Ghattas joined the FBI in 1997. Upon graduating from the FBI Academy, he worked counterterrorism investigations in the Washington Field Office. Mr. Ghattas deployed overseas to investigate several major attacks against the United States, including the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya; the 2000 attack against the U.S.S. Cole in Aden, Yemen; and the murder of several Americans in Greece by the Greek terrorist group 17 November. Over the course of his 20-year career, the majority of Mr. Ghattas’ focuses have been on counterterrorism efforts in the United States and around the world and strategically integrating intelligence and operations to ensure intelligence collection aligns with priority threats. In 2014, he was appointed special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office's counterterrorism program and, most recently, served as the assistant director of the Counterterrorism Division.

>Mr. Ghattas has received numerous awards, to include the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service and the Exceptional Achievement Medal from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

>Mr. Ghattas earned a bachelor of arts from Duke University and a Juris Doctor from Washington University.

e7e2c5 No.286346


he's a famefag gets his stuff here and TB others on YT, twatter.

e97ba0 No.286347


I wish I had an Iphone.. someone please verify this. Take a screenshot of the phone

c7fa46 No.286348

File: c8f1009197f9e72⋯.png (801.78 KB, 2640x1476, 220:123, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

93344d No.286349


“Drop a Friday” could also refer to the market dropping on that Friday.

Or, perhaps Q accidentally a word.

102a10 No.286350


are u really missing the photos because i think i have em all. I screen shot and/or dl almost everything.

6efcde No.286351

Listen up you autists…focus on the time stamp on the phone. The header is the only part not photoshopped. Isolate the time stamp and you isolate an approximation for when to be looking in the video streams.

b0fd6e No.286352


and LGBT fag. also big strategist for Them.

61920b No.286353

Don't Forget Q said:

"Can you read the message?

Not sure if civilian tech can capture @ that distance."

So even if you find the Raw video will you be able to Zoom in enough with just Civilian quality A/V programs?

Don't know.

c6d046 No.286354

If the unaltered pic is to be released soon, the 4am talking points for tomorrow will be about joking to shoot Trump.

We will hear about taking comedy too seriously and nobody wishes hum harm.

b1badf No.286355


TPaine gets his info from other sources that he has had for a while, not just Q.

6cef44 No.286356


I believe Q is asking a literal question:

"Why did the memo release drop A market by 666 points?" Well, that was a shot fired from the cabal to let people know who REALLY controls the markets.

995ee2 No.286357


Good point, anon.


d5b7f9 No.286358


I know. He ticks me off but he is getting the news out there. I am bit startled he posted about Q drop from last night as fact already. That is just famefag move faster then normal.

598938 No.286359


What a nervous..

cd1c45 No.286360

File: f7f1d4d100a7711⋯.png (559.37 KB, 1001x762, 1001:762, 6b2ee9b1f1b419c29f9a123ed8….png)


Nice work! Boost this

It reads easy

Makes sense

Boost this on the boards and to normies!!!!!

f18b15 No.286361

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)

b670e8 No.286362

f18b15 No.286363

File: 0be45b682df5eae⋯.jpg (241.64 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, shopped - Copy.jpg)

a373e2 No.286364


AS was dead before them tarmac meeting. The meeting was to promise LL the SC spot if she played ball.

9235c4 No.286365




Agreed. Dilley and Paine are getting seperate drops. Corsi, while high vis, is behind the power curve on this stuff, however he is validating Q, so that is a good thing. I don't think Corsi is all there and his "intel" background is not as real as he likes to make it sound (resume fodder of sorts).

39b3c2 No.286366


Person of interest for sure

443dc3 No.286367




>92% Battery

d5b7f9 No.286368


Yes I know. That is what I said.

ead053 No.286369


i think it's good some anons keep looking on the videoside, but i'm of those who think it's a raw pic we're after.

video's just not that good for detail (and taking stills from a video is a "capture", which Q said is not what we want)

82ca21 No.286370


The bottom part of the picture is incorrect.

The photographer was not directly above Beatty. We can see that it's about a 30-40 degree angle looking down over her shoulder at the phone. So when standing behind POTUS and looking towards the audience, the photographer was above and some distance to the left of Beatty.

db7e3f No.286371


Typing up a suicide letter? For someone who will be Seth riched

6efff7 No.286372


do "minority edits" = minor edits?

or do "minority edits" = Dem or FBI edits


e7e2c5 No.286373

bbd594 No.286374

File: 6b0b783a1b374f9⋯.png (1.34 MB, 2168x964, 542:241, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: 488fef18ab85621⋯.png (142.52 KB, 2098x1096, 1049:548, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: b09ab7d056c1b04⋯.png (101.19 KB, 2070x746, 1035:373, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: 14084db5a1de972⋯.png (123.58 KB, 2112x802, 1056:401, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: 4b1dc26e0536d42⋯.png (986.49 KB, 2140x1150, 214:115, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

Answer to (RED) and Ringmaster

Diggers we got some work todo

(RED) partners?

(RED) products?

It's coming together ANONS


(RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to harness the power of people and companies to help fight AIDS.

(RED) partners with the world’s most iconic brands that contribute up to 50% of profits from (RED)-branded goods and services to the Global Fund

The Global Fund, the recipient of (RED) funds, is a 21st century organization designed to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics.

As a partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector, and people affected by the diseases, the Global Fund mobilizes and invests nearly US $4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in more than 140 countries. By challenging barriers and embracing innovative approaches, partners are working together to end these epidemics.


Nowhere on earth do women have as many opportunities as men. Nowhere. But for girls and women in the poorest countries, that inequality is amplified. We won’t end extreme poverty until we break down the barriers holding girls and women back. Sexism is global – the fight against it should be too. Join the movement and use your voice to call for change. We’re almost 8 million strong already, but we’ll be even more powerful with you.


God Bless Patriots

962930 No.286375


Can't wait for you to post this same shit in EVERY thread so I can identify and filter your ass.

4b5df3 No.286376



>Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187]

SC = Supreme Court

LL = Loretta Lynch

3a4f37 No.286377

Thank you, Baker. And thank you anons for all you do. Keep fighting the good fight.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

ae6bbb No.286378

DJIA 24542.61 196.86 ▲ 0.81%

S&P 500 2658.48 9.54 ▲ 0.36%

NASDAQ 7016.60 49.07 ▲ 0.70%

37824a No.286379


Hi faggot! Still up to the same crap we see…… bout to crack into your machine and delete that faggoty meme. See you soon!!!

f566a4 No.286380

File: e3406bb10a34b42⋯.jpg (17.27 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 5705f76f0a4d2dd9673a6a8382….jpg)

Thank you baker for the

d5b7f9 No.286381


I have seen Corsi miss the point completely on many drops though he has great ideas for others.

82ca21 No.286382


Does Dilley have a set schedule for his live videos on periscope?

b1badf No.286383


I love that this bugs you so much!

598938 No.286384


hmm ,Maybe for SpaceX and his Rocket Falcon Heavy?

c7fa46 No.286385


All comped companies….

915cb3 No.286386


Q also asked why do John and Sara get the best stories, so John Solomon and Sara Carter are getting direct drops as well.

065a40 No.286387




Point of clarification

If people start fact-checking this (as I did), they might discover the email to Podesta with the script wasn't on 11/11/15, but rather 11/17/15

https:// wikileaks.com/podesta-emails/emailid/1459

Here's the MAP referenced in the email:

http:// www.smithsonianeducation.org/educators/lesson_plans/borders/map1a.html

96be45 No.286388


Texas judge defends decision not to order autopsy for Justice Scalia

https: //www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/02/16/texas-judge-defends-decision-not-to-order-autopsy-for-justice-scalia/?utm_term=.2d33b2ed6793

Judge Cinderela Guevara

Texas Judge Arrested and Charged With Bribery

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/texas-judge-arrested-and-charged-bribery

Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgad

c7fa46 No.286389


I'm sure he's going to stand behind his decision all the way to a grand jury….

b1badf No.286390

Public interest [keep high].

U1 FBI informant.

AWAN/DWS/Paki intel/MB.

Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187].

Who is the informant?

9235c4 No.286391

File: b65579bbb98169b⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1543x1156, 1543:1156, Beatty ReleaseThePhoto.png)




That's fare. i think the photographer was up and to the left of clock and video camera, but I don't have original photo to edit. The guy in the white stands out and someone already put the yellow circle around him. I thought the same thing, but don't think it detracts from the message…

a373e2 No.286393


the bad guys know more is coming.

the bad guys trying to liquidate or hide assets.

bbd594 No.286394

File: 6b0b783a1b374f9⋯.png (1.34 MB, 2168x964, 542:241, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: 488fef18ab85621⋯.png (142.52 KB, 2098x1096, 1049:548, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: b09ab7d056c1b04⋯.png (101.19 KB, 2070x746, 1035:373, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: 14084db5a1de972⋯.png (123.58 KB, 2112x802, 1056:401, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)

File: 4b1dc26e0536d42⋯.png (986.49 KB, 2140x1150, 214:115, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 9….png)


SleepyANON found this from hooliganmonsoon YT channel

SAUCE Included here

https:// red.org/our-partners/

Answer to (RED) and Ringmaster

Diggers we got some work todo

(RED) partners?

(RED) products?

It's coming together ANONS


(RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to harness the power of people and companies to help fight AIDS.

(RED) partners with the world’s most iconic brands that contribute up to 50% of profits from (RED)-branded goods and services to the Global Fund

The Global Fund, the recipient of (RED) funds, is a 21st century organization designed to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics.

As a partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector, and people affected by the diseases, the Global Fund mobilizes and invests nearly US $4 billion a year to support programs run by local experts in more than 140 countries. By challenging barriers and embracing innovative approaches, partners are working together to end these epidemics.


Nowhere on earth do women have as many opportunities as men. Nowhere. But for girls and women in the poorest countries, that inequality is amplified. We won’t end extreme poverty until we break down the barriers holding girls and women back. Sexism is global – the fight against it should be too. Join the movement and use your voice to call for change. We’re almost 8 million strong already, but we’ll be even more powerful with you.


God Bless Patriots

d5b7f9 No.286395


I don't think so. It is hit or miss for me also

I swear I just saw a alert that Corsi deleted the tweet he posted earlier about the Q post last night.

cd1c45 No.286396


Texas isn't the place to be if you're on someone's hit list

93344d No.286397


Trump knows about the text and it’s why he called them “treasonous”

9c5ec1 No.286398


weapons of mass destruction?

d5b7f9 No.286399


That's right. Forgot about them

6c39c5 No.286400


I'm sad that they told them, I've been filtering the "thank you bakers" for a month

c7fa46 No.286401

File: d77c05573e198a8⋯.png (629.34 KB, 491x850, 491:850, screenshot_404.png)

6cb6a0 No.286402

File: 438fe1d61b3bea8⋯.jpg (125.39 KB, 809x910, 809:910, g5R.jpg)

Is it confirmed this is shopped or anyone with a phone like this confirm that there's a space like this between messages or while typing a message?

260fff No.286403

File: 16ed2a92eaecf5c⋯.png (95.52 KB, 1233x401, 1233:401, memo 23 Friday.PNG)


People keep dropping hints about A FRIDAY in relation to the memo.

I didn't catch anything in the memo where "A FRIDAY" would make any difference, however, I did see that September 23, 2016 is A FRIDAY and that the actual article written by Michael over at Yahoo is pretty interesting.

What are we supposed to be getting from this part of the memo that hasn't been released yet?

Something significant in this paragraph that is missing and dropped here on the board?

ead053 No.286404


he might redeem himself, if keeping it cool.

but i shall never, ever forget the fuckery he did when Q posted about LoopCapital and that utter fool-of-himself barged in saying that "clearly wasn't Q" (dude hadn't even followed or understood much yet about the drops).

Abusing his "authority" over mods and the fameyoutubecrew to try and crush Q… didn't work, made a complete ass of himself, and now he turned around and leeches off Q again.

Don't get your eyes off that snake.

We see you, Jerome.

We don't forget.

db7e3f No.286405


Of course POTUS and Q know they have the texts transcripts NSA they see all they hear all remember

d1acea No.286407

File: 2c52a69ae8702ee⋯.jpg (411.98 KB, 706x678, 353:339, JG.jpg)

LIVE now. She's about to talk.

https:// www.politico.com/livestream_2_

e813fa No.286408

JC tweeted an image today https: //twitter.com/Comey/status/960911029881462784 I flipped it upside down then blew it up. Where the branch meets the water I see a phone number. Does/did anyone else see it?

4e7664 No.286409


Edits by dirty cheating skanky Democrats

968782 No.286410


Which is why I agree we are being pointed back to Getty.

"Not sure civilian tech can capture @ that distance"

Getty not civilian?

9235c4 No.286411


It's confirmed shopped. People have looked at the layering and can see there is something below due to some transparency. Also, a space would be totally white…not an offshade box…

2f7f86 No.286412



you think that this text is what makes them treasonous?

6fcab2 No.286414


Added to Notable for next.


Added to Task Updates.


This is great anon, thanks a million. Added.

>>286351 , >>286362 , >>286367



And added.

>Kitchen nice n HOT today, the flava of autism strong in this loaf. Thanks for the lels on the way…

c6d046 No.286415

Whoever sent the "shoot trump" text to Beatty is most likely a foreign agent and was being monitored under a FISA warrant.

95cc46 No.286416



ae6bbb No.286417


Maybe she'll kick the bucket there.

102a10 No.286418


William Campbell (IIRC)

6cef44 No.286419


It's shopped, I have an iPhone, as well as being a developer, I can assure you, the text areas do NOT look like that. And someone made it look like the usual "messaging" app on the iPhone, so that's a flaw in itself. The standard messaging app on the iPhone looks quite a bit different than that.

6efff7 No.286420

File: 32abfda99eaad43⋯.png (37.21 KB, 819x138, 273:46, Qrelated.friday.edited.out.png)


anon was saying a Friday was edited out. asked, by whom? later posts suggested is was a minority edit.

my problem is that nothing re. edits has been made public, so how are we supposed to figure this out at this time? perhaps future news stories will mention it and we'll know it's significant


9d2dae No.286421

File: 759e0bca913da35⋯.png (363.33 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F29F0D91-6A4C-4D4C-909A-CB….png)

c0d9f5 No.286422

https:// abeldanger.blogspot.com/2016/08/explosive-q-on-clinton-foundation-fbi.html

a373e2 No.286423


mine also looks different.

962930 No.286424


Didn't know she could stay conscious long enough to make a speech.

d1acea No.286425


I want to see if she falls asleep while she's talking.

05c9f5 No.286426


Just post it.

f18b15 No.286427

i put it in shop and done everything i can do. im getting nothing. i cant separate layers on original photo. any suggestions?

db7e3f No.286428


Ok it's shopped hunt over come on anon be serious stop spreading disinfo you sound like a clown right now

235040 No.286429

Can we Add HashTag

UnSeal the Indictments

3bd9b3 No.286431

File: 1fd0e8591490f7a⋯.jpg (530.3 KB, 1518x2000, 759:1000, cri_000000133999.jpg)

Black Forest.



Black Forest in German = Schwarzwald.

Search leads to Austrian born artist Christian Schwarzwald, whose work "Rooms Fulfilled"

(2003) is featured in the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection:

https:// books.google.de/books?id=Dvx1HD72UYgC&pg=PA247&dq=schwarzwald+rothschild&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGsZSL5ZHZAhWKPFAKHV0FCcQQ6AEIPDAD#v=onepage&q=schwarzwald%20rothschild&f=false

The painting was apparently gifted to MOMA: https:// www.moma.org/collection/works/97336?artist_id=28878&locale=de&sov_referrer=artist

If this is connected to the sale of the Rothschild hunting estate in Langau, Austria, the painting might offer a clue as to what went on there.

260fff No.286432


Yeah… I'm thinking that maybe "a friday" is a bombshell that pulls in another part of the investigation. Maybe there is a date in the memo that is close to "a friday" and the "a friday" was deleted because it would pull something else into the memo.

61920b No.286433

File: d38b7bf019b722c⋯.jpg (26.84 KB, 1500x575, 60:23, Full of Schiff.jpg)

Would You Let This Guy Watch Your Kids?

d5b7f9 No.286434


They are according to their plan

a2b98c No.286435

>>286302 no, it's still there…


d721c5 No.286436

Fuuuug My bitdefender went down and support at bitdfender is down. I was able to get a message to dude with vid. We still need it?

1e48ff No.286437


Great idea. We can build up to finding the photo!

Do it in 2 stages– "What are they hiding?"

When we find it- "They hid this!"

Same (looking) Meme and SAME HASHTAG

9235c4 No.286438

Thank you Mark Dice. He put the RT Schiff clip out there with his usual comedic comments…

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vbvVFdK18c

962930 No.286439


Been filtered for weeks.

6cef44 No.286440


??? spreading disinfo? WHAT disinfo am i spreading to be exact? That the photo is shopped?

d1acea No.286441

File: 3152fe80f4c6e69⋯.jpg (362.01 KB, 687x735, 229:245, JG2.jpg)

brooch, earings

6f3f89 No.286442

'As DOJ Prosecutor (1990), Adam Schiff Was Accused of Covering Up Evidence to Help Prosecute FBI Agent in Shady Russian Spy Case

"Adam Schiff has been carrying the water for the Deep State for decades.

Let’s travel back to 1990 when Adam Schiff was working as a federal prosecutor for the Justice Department who was hell bent on prosecuting a FBI Agent for “espionage” which by today’s standards would look like a weak shoplifting case.

Schiff was chasing FBI Agent Richard Miller for trading a secret FBI manual to the Soviet Union for sex, money and a Burberry trench coat. Yes, that is it. Imagine those headlines today? Miller’s case wouldn’t even get a sniff in the Andrew McCabe era.

After three or four trials — a mistrial and an overturned verdict on appeal — Schiff finally got Miller locked up but the case went sideways and Schiff was accused of covering up evidence that could have helped Miller.

Such allegations, from defense attorneys representing a Justice Department employee against federal prosecutors are rarely taken lightly. And from what we now know about Schiff’s propensity to leak classified intelligence, perhaps the details of this case should be re-examined. The FBI’s Miller has long been free from prison, yet Schiff perseveres.

What did Miller know about Russia — or the FBI’s dealings with Russia — that made the Bureau want to silence him? And why would Schiff and the Justice Department allegedly cover up evidence to put Miller away on Mickey Mouse charges of trading a FBI manual for sex and a trench coat?

There is always far more to such a story that ever meets the public eye.

This surely leads to roots of the Deep State in the 1980s and 1990s with young Schiff at the proprietorial controls. He surely is no new player here. Schiff’s DOJ career looks as shaky as his Congressional a career."

https:// truepundit.com/doj-prosecutor-adam-schiff-accused-covering-evidence-help-prosecute-fbi-agent-shady-russian-spy-case/

f18b15 No.286443


f u asshole

i thought we was on same team

im just trying to help

8e8eef No.286444


Hillary investigation began July 10,2015, based on a recommendation from the OIG. Her interview was July 02,2016.

c7c526 No.286445


Did you call it?

2d556c No.286446


Jesus. Lord of the flies for the sickos.

db7e3f No.286447


There is also a different "Black Forest" in Czech Rep. castle runs red/ Black Forest also a Rothschild estate it's used as a golf course yuuuuge complex

933062 No.286448

fun fact:

Judge Cinderela Guevara

who declared Justice Scalia deceased without going out there. also declared this young lady dead… one Melaney Parker see link below.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1543214

So Clintons/Obama/Cabal had Scalia Wetworked 187'd to make room for a new Justice. They stalled on picking one during Obamas remaining tenure so that as soon as Hillary won, they would move Loretta Lynch into the Supreme Court and no one would be the wiser. they just did not count on Trump winning….

d5b7f9 No.286449


Trump has 5 days to ok the Dems anti memo so it would be great for Trump to release the next damning memo at the same time.

Who would want to read the Dems stupid memo then.

b1badf No.286450

File: d4d5d4c62f5fc04⋯.png (55.23 KB, 523x641, 523:641, U1 Campbell.PNG)

http:// fingfx.thomsonreuters.com/gfx/rngs/USA-CLINTON-INFORMANT/010051PX3W7/document.pdf

865825 No.286451

File: 3a326e8cadbe779⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, strongtogether.jpg)


for what it's worth woman in the blue shirt [Melinda Gates?] appears photoshopped into the image.

649db3 No.286452

Thanks baker.

2553b8 No.286453


Getty is owned by Carlyle Group.

so, no.

9f2092 No.286454


Telegram? I'm not a user- don't know

d5b7f9 No.286455


just filter the idiot.

260fff No.286456


you should know as well as I do that's more than likely the plan.

Make them look like absolute fools

82ca21 No.286457


>I thought the same thing, but don't think it detracts from the message…

It won't for most people, but some people will spot the error and use it against the mission. The more accurate the graphic, then the more it hits home against the evil doers.

It'll clearly tell them that not only do we know that her cell phone was altered, but we can also point to that exact photographer in the audience.

Hit those fuckers hard with nothing but undeniable facts and 100% accurate graphics.

61920b No.286458


He's dying of Cancer too.

Should've testified long ago.

Maybe he has?

6f3f89 No.286459

File: 7374d7d772c39e9⋯.jpg (107.02 KB, 494x628, 247:314, President Trump Fans FB Po….jpg)

'President Trump Fans' FB post

102a10 No.286460


it was established as shopped last night. just go back 2-3 breads.

6efff7 No.286461

File: 32abfda99eaad43⋯.png (37.21 KB, 819x138, 273:46, Qrelated.friday.edited.out.png)


it could, but that anon's hints suggested that "the minority" "dropped a Friday" from the Memo during the editing process.

db7e3f No.286462

Question can THE PEOPLE make a case against HRC in Supreme Court? Can THE PEOPLE bring charges against HRC to start the criminal investigation process by the white hats?

db7e3f No.286463


Yeah sorry just realized what you were saying I jumped the gun on the response my bad

649db3 No.286464


A couple of nice loaves.

add33a No.286465

Why don't U.S. Mil. just lock up the $ controllers?

& why do they continue to spray skies full of poison? "Sorry abt your lungs ma, just doing my job."

6efff7 No.286466


we already did that yesterday : 9:42-43 pm

102a10 No.286467


Good point. The People vs. Clinton Foundation or DNC or what have you.

d1acea No.286468

File: b1f36358ff13e80⋯.png (66.36 KB, 198x270, 11:15, ClipboardImage.png)


reminiscing about Dukakis, ACLU now

9a8532 No.286469


Fuck you!! I can't be filtered I change IP addy EVERY TIME I post. Have a Great Day asshole!!

d721c5 No.286470

Am I shadow banned or what.

Where do I tell him to upload the HD vid of SOTU at??????

5f8cbd No.286471


Plenty of news agencies had periscopes going on twitter too! Live SOTU

ae6bbb No.286472

The sooner POTUS gets rid of the Obutma carry overs, the sooner he'll be able to get real reform for our nation done.


6efcde No.286473

Okay anon's, we need a lawyerfag. I went through as many streams as I could find. I think the White House livestream of the SOTU is at the right angle to have this on film. but during the time in question they are using a clip from the front.

f18b15 No.286474

why would em and space x get to use

nasa's property?

i thought potus funded nasa

9235c4 No.286475


Fuck yeah….hope this is legit!

5b5db1 No.286476


Huge if big

db7e3f No.286477


Exactly but I am not lawfag need lawfags to answer or explain how it would be done I WILL DO IT if I am explained how to do it

05c9f5 No.286478



But who posted that? Is it a LARP?

260fff No.286479

silly question… is there an app to run the chans on? Right now I'm doing it in an internet browser… thought maybe there was an app to take the raw data off the chans and filter the one post wonders automatically and stuff like that. Only time I'm going to ask this. thanks.

82ca21 No.286480



Release the Dems' memo. Then release a follow-up memo. Then release the full report and all of the evidence, proving for a fact which memo is true.

Of course, the dems will still balk at the evidence and claim things are taken out of context or some other bullshit, but that's nothing new. When that fails they'll find some other distraction.

add33a No.286481


Wouldn't let that guy watch my dog.

6efff7 No.286482


you made a complex fact pattern very easy to follow – nice job, anon.

9235c4 No.286483



We still need to spread

70b240 No.286484


I hope this person knows they can get the shopped info and not assuming they will, as we did last night.

5f8cbd No.286485


Yeah, we had all of this in December “who is p” discussion. If not in bread, likely should be

5372a7 No.286486

Amtrak train breaks apart at 125 mph


2f1189 No.286487

File: 11ae965bd26e23f⋯.png (144.17 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 6E9ACF73-8893-4BB2-8440-3D….png)

968782 No.286488


Thank You Anon, possibly explains why it survived the fires then.

cddea3 No.286489


What I think Q is trying to tell us is that we should not be able to read the message very well with our zooming capability…hence, pointing out that the phone in middle is shopped!

d721c5 No.286490





Can anyone see my posts?


865825 No.286491

File: 8c105a8f1235048⋯.jpg (26.54 KB, 250x285, 50:57, popeandboy.jpg)


The Black Forest was the location of the 'Boy's Choir" overseen by the "retired" Pope Ratzy's brother. Many charges of abuse over the years. Some speculate rightly that the International charges being brought against Ratzy for covering Pedo crimes in the church was what brought him down.

aa763f No.286492

https:// nypost.com/2018/02/06/amtrak-train-breaks-apart-at-125-mph/

Amtrack sure having a tough time of it lately, eh?

ae6bbb No.286493


Same fucking post from last bread, and not a fucking thing about it but being shopped, and now here are 3 swooning over it….ffs

01f993 No.286494

File: 19517d13c3494f3⋯.png (586 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Nothing is ever deleted - ….png)



>about killing POTUS

>oh yeah, haha

One anon got really upset when this was first posted here, rightly so. It was intended to shock - both on the stage (performance) and the meme.

102a10 No.286495


Trying times get the best of us all. It's all good anon.

598938 No.286496


SpaceX rent the Areas to launch..

99ddb7 No.286497


No dipshit the UNDERLYING plot to remove/assassinate him is real AF cuz "It was her turn"

4eac0c No.286498


Chip Somodevilla is the photographer from Getty Images who took the photo. Maybe he still possesses the raw image data.

4b5df3 No.286499


Do we? or do we wait to see if they follow through on their word? no sense in ruining credibility if they fail to follow through

f5fc83 No.286500


Yea but Getty owns the images.

f18b15 No.286501


but isnt em a blackhat

they need to terminate lease

b5ddd7 No.286502

File: 153647f550ee2c7⋯.mp4 (1.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, TheyLiveFakeNewsCNN1Mb.mp4)


Fox News SOTU Speech Links

President Trump's 2018 State of the Union Address links Part1-4

Part 1 23:14

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVH9PYeNdB8

Part 2 19:46

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=IACkVSSBy5Y

Part 3 18:52

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoKZjlSoyZQ

Part 4 21:57

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoX39jDeqU8

State of the Union 2018 Full 1:45:37

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npz2zEJt2pc


I did a (two pass ffmpeg) recoding of the They Live movie clip CNN Fake News parody. It's 1.1Mb instead of 3.5Mb. So it's 3x faster to upload, and download for more views.

(Slight loss of quality, but still gets the message across)

c8050d No.286503

File: 078ab141d2323f0⋯.jpg (413.81 KB, 1100x1472, 275:368, !newsweak19..jpg)


>"Adam Schiff has been carrying the water for the Deep State for decades.

9235c4 No.286504



I mean spread the word that the phone is photoshopped…

788288 No.286505


Selling Off Apache Holy Land Oak Flats Involved John McCain and Jeff Flake.


d721c5 No.286506

File: 186b46d45a327bd⋯.jpg (13.91 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 38.jpg)

File: 6013fffd89cce1c⋯.jpg (56.1 KB, 540x591, 180:197, 31.jpg)

d5b7f9 No.286508


If you go around calling people names of course they are going to filter you just like you would do them.

Maybe think before you type

bbd594 No.286509


Thank You I didn't vet, just saw it in the video

f18b15 No.286510


yes we should spead the word its been shopped until

someone gets the unshopped pic

4b5df3 No.286511



shit is getting real John Galtish at this point

ead053 No.286512

any real anons out there getting excited about twitterfags & various random "sources" recycling Q?

Corsi, 'President Trump Fans', all these read what's here.

It's not a drop if there ain't any new info.

or just make a thread for all the parasites, already, and follow/track them there.

(Blacksheep anon made his own thread, and i respect that very much, it's the proper way to do it, thanks)

598938 No.286513



Someone forget the ties of EM with DS..

cddea3 No.286514


I see you

9235c4 No.286515



5acbf7 No.286516

Q has mentioned storing information offline at least three times in the last week. I believe there is a possibility of an internet shutdown coming.




b87d17 No.286517

Ohio supreme court rules in favor of right to life state law. Just a good news break, carry on.

b1badf No.286518


upload it to here. What is it a video of?

6f3f89 No.286519

>>286475 -

I wanted to see if it was really posted, I don't know any thing else about it




>>286493 - Yes, it was mentioned in the last fucking bread, I never claimed anything else, Asshole! No one is "swooning" but your faggot ass!

4b5df3 No.286520


Makes sense

b5ddd7 No.286521


yes your post can be seen.

Click "Show post options & limits" below the comment box to embed a youtube link, or click "Select/drop/paste files here" to upload a vid or picture

cddea3 No.286523


So this does look like her iPhone message with the top boarders not measuring the same.

ead053 No.286524


ugh gawd, the antishills/hostile anons are so worse than actual shills. SAD.

505097 No.286525


^^^2016 *EXPLOSIVE* Q & A on the Clinton Foundation - FBI Insider on 4chan /pol/

d721c5 No.286526


It's a HD DVR recoding of the SOTU. My bitDefender went down and their support site is down.

6f3f89 No.286527


good one!

4eac0c No.286528


Maybe he could turn to a whistleblower! Idk. I wish.

649db3 No.286529


He's a drama shill trying to get people worked up thinking he has the video.

d721c5 No.286531

I have no firewall of antivirus ATM.

Just need to know where to tell him to upload

102a10 No.286532


well for one i belive anyone that has donated to the DNC can sue because Bernie was burned (pun definitely intended) but there is already a case pending.

Although just any rando doing so could bring more attention to the case or to a new "crime".

cddea3 No.286533


Damn- anyone hurt?

ae6bbb No.286535


>Yes, it was mentioned in the last fucking bread, I never claimed anything else, Asshole! No one is "swooning" but your faggot ass!

Fuck you and your shopped POS, and take your 3 little faggots that are falling all over the place hoping a shopped photo is real.

add33a No.286536


I love the sink one!

0d2151 No.286537


since we are on this traitor EVERY anon should know about Jacob Schiff .

260fff No.286538


I think there's a distinct possibility of a virus that spreads and fries every intel chip ever made.

(They) have hacked every Intel chip made for the last 10 years or so, and that will be their final swan song, killing off every computer they possibly can.

Remember that story a few weeks ago?

b1badf No.286539

6f3f89 No.286540


You're a fucking idiot!

Go play Farmville, Faggot!

55c541 No.286541

http:// www.americansouthwest.net/arizona/petrified_forest/black-forest.html

This black forest is in apache, county. Uranium?

I think yes.

Carrizo Mountains

Uranium mining started in 1918 in the Carrizo Mountains as a byproduct of vanadium mining. The district is in Apache County, in the northeast corner of Arizona. The uranium and vanadium occur as carnotite in sandstone of the Salt Wash member of the Morrison Formation (Jurassic). Production stopped in 1921. Another period of mining took place from 1941 to 1966, producing 360,000 pounds (160 metric tons) of uranium oxide (UO).[1]

The black forest is not in austria where the rothschild's land was, FYI.

a373e2 No.286542

I would think invited guests were posting video on twitter throughout the speech.

can't find any…..

ae6bbb No.286543


>Go play Farmville, Faggot!

Play with your dad's nuts, and be sure to lick them well while cleaning them

2b9ee0 No.286544

File: 01d1893c7e3bade⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 334x350, 167:175, Preston.jpg)


Thank Q !!!

9488ac No.286545


Well, this isn't a sound clip and it's not exact wording….but nonetheless….

http:// www.independent.co.uk /news/people/david-attenborough-donald-trump-shoot-radio-times-interview-michael-gove-a7390476.html

ead053 No.286546

File: c715f3ff5ef7da7⋯.jpg (149.5 KB, 1111x1311, 1111:1311, Q20180206_01-34_02-29.jpg)

so… what's up with Carl?

https:// www.fbi.gov/about/leadership-and-structure/fbi-executives/carl-ghattas

<Carl Ghattas

<Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch

>Carl Ghattas currently serves as the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch where he leads the FBI’s operations and intelligence efforts involving all national security matters, ranging from terrorism to espionage to weapons of mass destruction. Under his leadership, the program will continue to focus on technical innovation, operational agility, and strategic partnerships.

>Mr. Ghattas joined the FBI in 1997. Upon graduating from the FBI Academy, he worked counterterrorism investigations in the Washington Field Office. Mr. Ghattas deployed overseas to investigate several major attacks against the United States, including the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya; the 2000 attack against the U.S.S. Cole in Aden, Yemen; and the murder of several Americans in Greece by the Greek terrorist group 17 November. Over the course of his 20-year career, the majority of Mr. Ghattas’ focuses have been on counterterrorism efforts in the United States and around the world and strategically integrating intelligence and operations to ensure intelligence collection aligns with priority threats. In 2014, he was appointed special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office's counterterrorism program and, most recently, served as the assistant director of the Counterterrorism Division.

>Mr. Ghattas has received numerous awards, to include the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service and the Exceptional Achievement Medal from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

>Mr. Ghattas earned a bachelor of arts from Duke University and a Juris Doctor from Washington University.

7ba7c7 No.286547


Ding Ding!

99ddb7 No.286548

File: 8e50e9b29944f83⋯.png (776.94 KB, 713x603, 713:603, ClipboardImage.png)

05c9f5 No.286549


No, we don't. We need to verify it first.

The post makes no sense. Is the guy claiming to be Chip Somodevilla?

Why would he keep this information hidden?

9235c4 No.286550


Does this mean that we are getting close to some U1 information release? I sure hope!

102a10 No.286551


problem is her screen shows squared off edges vs. the clearly rounded edges in this pic. only possibility is if she has an old version of iOs on her phone and it looks like that. not sure if thats the case though.

6efff7 No.286552


is this a legit or patriot or parody POTUS FB acct?

197c22 No.286553


What's with all of the drama build up? If they have it, they should have released it without all of the drama.They risk being shut down by announcing ahead of time. I think they lose credibility with this stunt.

0d2151 No.286554

File: 6228b4576655733⋯.jpg (27.08 KB, 300x254, 150:127, Schiff-graphic-300x254.jpg)

4b5df3 No.286555


I was about to say that in internet shutdown is unlikely until seeing >>286538

Ideally not, I won't say that it can't be done though

cddea3 No.286556


BOTH OF YOU STOP IT NOW!!! We have a helluva lot more at risk right now than you two boys getting in a pissing contest! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! So stop with the name calling and bitching! You are wasting space & our time having to roll past your insults to each other!

add33a No.286557


Not for the first time.. just ask Igor Pasternak!

a4d809 No.286558


When (at what age) did his eyeballs decide to try to vacate his skull?

2f7f86 No.286559


Why the fuck would that be valuable?

You can find dozens of copies of the broadcast online. They all use the same camera feeds, regardless of network.

4b5df3 No.286560


Who is John Galt?

6f3f89 No.286561


It is "President Trump FAN" FB page , as I stated when I posted this pic.

269d59 No.286563


When he started mainlining meth

ab7ced No.286564

07d267 No.286565


It's well known that the art industry is a cover for corruption. "Contemporary photos"= Pizza?

598938 No.286566

Do not lose the Focus on the SpaceX…

f18b15 No.286567


thats going to suk ass

shutting net down.

9235c4 No.286568

File: b65579bbb98169b⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1543x1156, 1543:1156, Beatty ReleaseThePhoto.png)


I'm saying spread the message for the last time. If that gets released, great, but if hardly anyone knows about it, it won't make a big splash. The point of this board is to help topics go viral.

Put yourself in Q teams shoes. Why would they drop this intel to us…they want to use us as a tool to disseminate information to the collective.

So please help disseminate!!!

260fff No.286569


The sad thing is that all this technology that (they) made that enables us to all connect… they knew that one day they'd want to shut it all down… so they made a backdoor for it. We were told about that about a month ago. I have 2 more computers that are not connected to the internet if this one fries. Also android phones, tablets, knoppix on flash, etc. I need to get an old AMD computer for a backup.

779e6a No.286570


She looks to have a pretty new iphone…Doubt it its an old IOS

add33a No.286571


But REEE Ding iz hharded!

7ba7c7 No.286572

File: 10e21d8c2a7bebc⋯.jpg (229.01 KB, 1047x570, 349:190, Shiffty Shiff.jpg)

Steal this Meme!

25867d No.286573


Wouldn’t if Hank Rearden owned it.

269d59 No.286574


A memefag should do a "faces of meth" meme with this pic as before and one of his eyeballs popping out pics as after

6fcab2 No.286575



>Can you read the message?


>Black Caucus phone.

>Not sure if civilian tech can capture @ that distance.

>These people are LITERALLY MORONS.


eb6a2e No.286576


We could approach it this way: someone eventually will get the original - hopefully it's one of us, but even if it's not, it WILL be had.

Therefore, let Ms. Beatty have the opportunity to respond ahead of the photo release…(tweet to her)

1) She can respond to the photographer's (or Getty's) version of the photo - she will have to reveal what she typed that was so bad that that they had to edit it out


2) Tell us what was actually on the phone if the entire screen was Photoshopped.

She'll have to respond. If she doesn't, the original photo will be worth a thousand words and she'll have to answer after the fact to The People.

The fact that Getty published the blur backs her into a corner no matter what - checkmate.

260fff No.286577


Never said anything about shutting the internet down. Fry the chips in the computers (they) built [intel] is all I am implying.

ae6bbb No.286578


And as mentioned before, in last bread it was shown to be shopped.

On this thread you post it again and get 3 little faggots post on your post OMG! I HOPE IT'S FUCKING REAL…YUGE!!!

For a fake! You faggot, spread your disinfo else where.

820a89 No.286579

File: 415307bfc8b4ed2⋯.jpg (52.09 KB, 928x503, 928:503, CarterSpy.jpg)

4b5df3 No.286580


Really really hoping that my trips don't confirm. The fallout would be phenomenal, normies would lose it, Gov AND Business would suffer tremendously, and the trust in infrastructure would drop to near 0

99ddb7 No.286581


>Igor Pasternak

For you Atists who want to know moar on Igor (thanks Anon) https:// en. wikipedia.org/wiki/Worldwide_Aeros_Corp

393791 No.286582

FBI informant is sick with terminal cancer, wtf his testimony is delayed. His attorney at Tucker (i believe) was not quick to point that it was (((them))) who are delaying. She said he needs to brief her more on his future testimony. Sounds strange to me

2f7f86 No.286583


Oh wow, look, a famefag with no real information.

Hey look, a bunch of retarded anons paying attention to it for some stupid reason.

5acbf7 No.286584


Very familiar with existence of back door access but not specifically of such a virus. I agree that this would be a much more 'safer' move for (((them))) than attacking the internet itself. It's just as important a resource to them as it is to us

7396dd No.286585


You're missing a "c" … it's Schiff

3e0330 No.286586


Imagine THIS.

Raw intel collection.

Narrative FEEDER.











How do you retain 'Freedom of the Press' if those in front of the camera [trusted by select viewers] are extensions of the ARM?

Freedom of the Press is VITAL to retain.

ARM Media Network

http:// www.armmedianetwork.com/index.html


Based in Pakistan….hmmmmmm

f18b15 No.286587


oh, well that suks worst. lol

add33a No.286589


Maybe it's part of that people-eating disease the Hannibal's get?

b64d08 No.286590


Finding the raw photo is good. Legalanons can advise on how one might compel Getty to release it. Also, many media sources that published the photo may have received a .RAW TIFF file. If we can get a hold of one of those it would be interesting.

However we might only be able to prove that Getty doctors their photos. The .RAW file should be easier to analyze because there is no JPEG artefacts, but at the end of the day, there may only be a doctored photo.

This is why the video is key. Even if there is only one original in the hands of the FBI, using FOIA to get it puts more eyes on the analysis. A video is harder to doctor.

And, if the person really was writing a message, then even if the message has been replaced, the video will show their finger taps which lets us recover the message. Just like those old 30s movies where the detective unrolls a typewriter ribbon and reconstructs what was recently typed. It's called forensic investigation, CSI, etc… You can do it too.

Need some advice from legal anons. Know a lawyer? Get them to join in this conversation. They can even use your computer to write their messages if they are afraid of the watchers.

017985 No.286591


Because they don't have it. They are following along here & they think it will be found here, then they will post it to FB & act like they had it all along. Not everyone comes here. They only get their info through idiots like this. VERY dangerous. It's one thing to spread Q's message to the masses in an easy to read format, it's totally a different thing to do the "Alex Jones" type of fake ass hype that will more likely than not disappoint. Then it discourages A LOT of people to ever consider any Q stuff again.

I HATE these people that do this fake ass attention whoring bullshit. It does so much more harm than good. Fuck

4b5df3 No.286592


hmm, since you put it that way…

Dec 11 2017 12:50:52

>Be prepared to lose access.


9235c4 No.286593



Seems logical and a good path of assistance to the cause. Well done Anon…

6f3f89 No.286594

File: b82e222a9fd18e4⋯.jpg (59 KB, 624x386, 312:193, TP trolls Comey.jpg)

Tp trolling Comey!

04760f No.286595


The voice of reason.

Thx MomAnon

7ba7c7 No.286596



Back to the shop ;)

065a40 No.286597



It sounds like Q is warning of a flood of NSA captured material being dumped. Once that happens, all hell will break loose online and we will likely see acts of desperation. Massive DDOS, viruses activated, false flags, blue beam, anything and everything to prevent the truth from reaching us.

We will have to act fast to capture what we find and quickly disconnect storage from the network once evidence is collected.

Crazy to consider how big this could turn out to be.

db7e3f No.286598



Was gonna say use a different upload platform then link that post here so we can visit and see video

269d59 No.286599


Kuru… mad cow disease for humans

ead053 No.286600



well, at least these aren't random street pic stills taken from a video.

these hey-look-at-this-guyz distractions are at least somewhat amusing, but i hope legit anons don't fall for the ploy (or the fact that multiple IDs jump in everytime to give more traction)

a2e0a8 No.286601

File: bf80e302531d1b8⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 5061x3374, 3:2, GettyImages-912414994.jpg)

File: c1b0e208e4771a8⋯.png (534.01 KB, 824x799, 824:799, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

Another 1 by Chip S

Look bottom left

Can't see text at full zoom

260fff No.286602


That is exactly what I am warning about. I'm only on a 1.5g connection so likely won't be able to d/l much but everyone needs to be aware of things.

d1acea No.286603

File: cc1679a8a7a5960⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 1161x752, 1161:752, JG.gif)

She just said she don't like tattoos.

2f1189 No.286604


I’m running iOS 11.2.5. Not sure if that helps.

f18b15 No.286605


hopefully the white hats will stop ant big ffs.

im praying everyday

2f7f86 No.286606

File: ea4fd72731e3b20⋯.jpg (20.36 KB, 337x368, 337:368, hngggggg.jpg)


Welcome to last night, retard.

4b5df3 No.286607


Well, backups will be happening AGAIN this week. And I just lost an old AMD PC recently, FUCK!

Dec 11 2017 12:50:52

>Be prepared to lose access.

6e341a No.286608


I KNOW! I kek every time I see it. Can't help it.

6efff7 No.286609

Going forward, we need to be better prepared next time POTUS gives big speech, or whatever.

This feels like a drill (kind of like the Fake News meme pre-war drill)

598938 No.286610

Do not lose the Focus on the SpaceX (Falcon Heavy)

99ddb7 No.286611


>We will have to act fast to capture what we find and quickly disconnect storage from the network once evidence is collected. Yes Anon, just like we normally do. It's why Q trusted us in the first place. memba?

9d2dae No.286612

File: db684e7d60ec7cb⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C5364643-6E0A-4B96-BAB1-B6….png)

767845 No.286613

PLEASE! i think the pictures of the cellphones are a clue to who said something like "Trump should be shot" : Need a second (or 20) set of ears on this video:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVH9PYeNdB8&t=54s

at the 54 second mark focus on the lady standing below and to the right of the lady in the red dress (center). i believe she may be a member of the black caucus? play video and focus on her and try to hear her voice while tuning out the clapping. reloop, listen again, reloop, listen again….

am i hearing things?!?!?!! anyone?!?!!!

a373e2 No.286614


Q letting us know that Getty Images manipulates photos before posting.

db7e3f No.286615


I'm going to look into putting a case on her I'm going to call around ask my reps and senators

ead053 No.286616


>joining the discussion about ethical leadership

i guess that's one way of describing prisonbitch hierarchy

d1acea No.286618

File: f341f429e8181b4⋯.jpg (395.41 KB, 540x670, 54:67, Tchief.jpg)

260fff No.286619


I wish they could do it the old school way. Get 50 flash drives, load the info, and ship it to anons through a trusted courier that does everything with pen and paper. Heck, maybe even more if needed. Then the info is in 50 different hands and not a damn thing they can do about it.

71c5ab No.286620


I think it has more to do with this:

Repeal of the law prohibiting domestic dissemination of government propaganda.

http ://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/

b670e8 No.286621


Biden was always touting Amtrak as THE way to travel.

I'm sure his prints are all over the train habbenings.

add33a No.286622


This was the first time I've ever seen it.

aad386 No.286623




5acbf7 No.286624


Trips of truth Checked

The webz is a double edged sword for both sides. Such a tool could be used to cut off one's own foot to escape a trap or predator if need be. I think they would if they think they have to.

995ee2 No.286625


Have to agree.

Why would they photoshop over something that we shouldn't even be able to see? Probably because it's incriminating.

The fact that we CAN see what the phones say is more telling than anything else.

TGE very much emphasized how "we caught them in the act" and "they never thought they'd get caught. We caught them."

Any relation to what was on the phone? I believe so.

d5b7f9 No.286627

Steve Pieczenik is in good form today.

Since its inception, the FBI has been perfidious and immoral. Check out their real history. When you know the truth about this "institution" you are NOT shocked by the lies, crimes, treason and cover-up by such a diseased institution.


3564d3 No.286628


They are random. Sometimes he'll have them daily, other times then not. He does announce them to his followers on Twitter. Dilley had p-scope yesterday (anons have been posting summaries at "Alternative Intel Source"). He has started doing live videos on Facebook as well.

260fff No.286629


Congrats to that fellow… seems like a good choice for the NSA chief, someone born out of cyber warfare. Wonder if he will have anything to do with cyber warfare going forward as well?

2f7f86 No.286630



It's blurry because of the lens aperture, not editing.

102a10 No.286631


Good job anon bro. You have several shills attacking you today.

Hey BO/BV check out those IP's attacking anonbro. More pelicans for the trash bin.

Best part is they all just outed themselves by conversing. Dumb fucks.







7ba7c7 No.286632

File: 8ea3c023cd09fa4⋯.jpg (237.76 KB, 1043x564, 1043:564, Schiffty Schiff.jpg)

Steak This Meme (Take Two!)

ae6bbb No.286633


That's the reason behind Q wanting us to get the video and check it ourselves.

869f69 No.286634

File: 508237e97e3930a⋯.png (54.99 KB, 1111x614, 1111:614, tvi9FTF.png)


STFU attentionfag, nobody cares how long you've been here.

ea333c No.286635


Already working on it for a while… panic do not, anon

d1acea No.286636

File: 098b3ea3748ac37⋯.jpg (410.08 KB, 604x666, 302:333, ASwarns.jpg)

9fc322 No.286637


I suspect that ENTY of CDAN is getting drops too, different venue for the Hollyweird connections. It all adds together. Multiple platforms, multiple avenues of release all for the same purpose.

b1badf No.286639


I'm not sure he could be any dumber.

1ac381 No.286640


JobAnon hoping in!

Who controls the audience???

How do you retain 'Freedom of the Press' if those in front of the camera [trusted by select viewers] are extensions of the ARM?

Freedom of the Press is VITAL to retain.

The Nielson Ratings!!

Nelson Holdings co.

Based in the UK

I think this might be an ARM

d1acea No.286641

File: 8a458000367ad93⋯.jpg (315.95 KB, 891x523, 891:523, PRducks.jpg)

95cc46 No.286642


Sucks getting filtered when you just tried to make a quick joke about the candlestick guy at the beginning of every bread…oh well,

c0ae77 No.286644

File: 1f3e4aea92b7a23⋯.png (832.86 KB, 1005x611, 1005:611, ClipboardImage.png)


found another phone

ec7d5f No.286645

File: 6b2ee9b1f1b419c⋯.png (588.9 KB, 1001x762, 1001:762, scalia_murder.png)

File: 7a5e5d1a4e9ffec⋯.jpg (271.82 KB, 800x511, 800:511, Lynch Treason.jpg)

File: 28d9748ebc41b74⋯.png (201 KB, 1004x665, 1004:665, Feb_5_Who_did_carter_page_….png)

File: 3ed4689fbc943b7⋯.jpg (131.18 KB, 750x908, 375:454, everyoneIdontagreewithaRus….jpg)


>>We dont have a poet a bard or a story teller and I think we need one LULZ

Before victory is declared and the official history of lies gets printed into stone tablets, the true story of the Anon Army must be told and retold to all future children, so that they know the human cost of freedom.

In 2016, as corruption grew out of control within the institutions of the United States, the divinely-inspired national experiment in freedom, good people throughout the land who normally would tolerate much from benighted people among them and practice their “live and let live” pragmatism, faced a hard choice:

Whether or not to get involved in the affairs of others, to try to reset the freedom experiment or give up all hope and live under increasing totalitarian lockdown, implemented world-wide.

The path of intervention is normally distasteful to self-reliant, decent folks but the rising sirens of evil derision against all of Life, slandering and degrading life’s sacred meaning from the bully pulpit of the mediaMatrix, made clear sounds that the time had come, for good men to do something, together!

There was a new asset in the human arsenal, or at least, a newly empowered and organized one, that would end up being the measure that would tip the balance in favor of freedom.

This power was the power of autism, harnessed for force multiplication into an Internet information militia, an informal adjunct to the executive powers granted to POTUS. It was discovered, by analysis conducted by military intelligence, that Team Autist or the Anon Army, which includes members not labelled autistic, showed great natural talent for memetic warfare!

More importantly, due to living with societal sidelining, the pure spirits of the Anon Army conducted the power of freedom with less lost energy. The autists’ lifetime of self-training in persistence against all resistance, including internal psychological traps and self-sabotage, uniquely prepared the Anon Army to engage in memetic guerrilla warfare with the most entrenched, degenerate, ubiquitous power structure ever assembled on the face of the Earth and WIN!

Cohering and beginning to accelerate its growth in 2016 with the organic eruption of the pizzagate investigation, this initially rag-tag online army honed its organizational and researching skills lifting the filthy skirts of the globalist, crustal elites, showing the world what evil lurked in the sharts of mad men.

The Q group began to include the Anon Army in its strategical planning and made (acknowleged) contact in October 2017.

What has happened since is unprecedented in the history of human warfare, as good people, perhaps not fit for conventional deployment, are able to volunteer to commit tactical advances ON THE BATTLEFRONT, in this spiritual war.

Armegeddon, now fully in play, contains the war mostly within the minds and spirits of all humanimals on planet at this time, sorting those who have clued into the heart of Creation from those who completely missed the meaning of life.

The industrial-strength proxy army of the dark loads, the minions of the mediaMatrix, is pulsing out mind controlling programming, 24X7, counting on the constant repetition of disempowering disinfo, with no alternatives in sight, to brain stain the listener/watcher with internalized DAMP memes, designed to grow doubt, fear and despair deep within the mind like mushrooms.

It is THIS onslaught of lies and deception-with-evil-intent that the Anon Army engages, on the FRONT LINES of the Matrix, in a selfless, chaotic swirl of intention and brilliance which is continually chipping away at the entranced delusions of all those who would otherwise become chipped cattle!

As this story continues, the Anon Army will write its own victorious history and we are privileged to witness and encourage this valiant effort!

Like Ali’s phantom right cross which knocked out Sonny Liston, the blows being struck by this Anon Army (which marches on hot pockets!), are coming out of nowhere as far as the arrogant ones can see, to land haymaker blows against the millennia-entrenched evil and for the Peoples’ ultimate Freedom!


One anon asked rhetorically:

For those who are asking why Q would come here to reveal all…

Who else could he go to?

Why did God/Jesus always choose those who were the least in society to spread His word?

One basic answer: Because they will listen!

The Anon Army heard the call and responded with whole-hearted effort and the rest will become history, when the victory is realized!

Godspeed, righteous anons!

d1acea No.286646

File: 2c1e25404ef5dc5⋯.jpg (504.3 KB, 618x867, 206:289, ECTsu.jpg)

d5b7f9 No.286647


What is ENTY of CDAN ?

ae6bbb No.286648


Where there's a will…

4b5df3 No.286650


I remember when this idea was floated before and some anons (or shils, who knows?) shit on the idea of a dump that we'll need to grab & run. Now with more context, the likelihood seems to have increased for this scenario. Whether it's in the plans or not, we should still be prepared for the possibility


Just like we normally do, exactly

1bf9b8 No.286651

Tarantino says sex with 13 year old is ok. Defends Polanski

https:// www.infowars.com/shocking-bombshell-tarantino-defended-polanskis-pedophilia-said-sex-with-13-year-old-isnt-rape/

5372a7 No.286652


Krunkelbach Valley Uranium deposit, Menzenschwand, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

https:// www.mindat.org/loc-1777.html

Selling Off Apache Holy Land (McCain and Flake sell apache land)


82ca21 No.286653

File: 08ea9d9ea8a4a3d⋯.png (724.63 KB, 1055x754, 1055:754, 16-year-plan-to-destroy-am….png)


>Massive DDOS, viruses activated, false flags, blue beam, anything and everything to prevent the truth from reaching us.

Brought to you by the same people behind the (active) 16-year plan to destroy the U.S. Attacking the Internet and home computers is nothing compared to the lengths that these people are willing to go.

f97e44 No.286654


Maybe "drop a Friday" is identifying the memo as the reason behind the stock market diving 666 points.

9cb7d2 No.286655

File: 59c1859df1980e7⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1432x795, 1432:795, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

g ettyimages com/search/2/film?assettype=film&autocorrect=none&events=775111075&family=editorial&filmsegments=raw&offlinecontent=include&sort=best#license

5372a7 No.286656


entertainment lawyer

82ca21 No.286657


Make that *formerly* active.

c6d046 No.286658

Imagine THIS.

Raw intel collection.

Narrative FEEDER.











Nsa collects raw data. The raw data can be searched and retreived with WARRANTS. FISA WARRANTS are needed for spying on American citizens acting as foreign agents. There are Americans who are foreign agents who get foreign intel to feed to other American foreign agents who then distribute to others for narrative and for blackmail.

How many foreign agents are in our country?

Equal to number of sealed indictments?

4b5df3 No.286659


>I think they would if they think they have to.

Unfortunately, I agree

db7e3f No.286660

Anybody have the FB profile name that will be releasing the phone images later?

2f140c No.286661


Mueller. wouldn't

that be twist

5bcdb1 No.286662


Absolutely, Anon. It was extraordinary when that got passed.

93344d No.286663


Right, and I’m suggesting there are at least 2 other possible interpretations of that Q crumb.

393791 No.286664


I watched them all, it appears the person shooting the footage is too close. But you can doublecheck, maybe i missed smth

6e341a No.286665


Nice digis

Some anon made it right after Q had posted 'let that sink in' about the info he dropped. I chuckle whenever i see it, improves my mood. TY to whichever anon made it!

5372a7 No.286666



78b18c No.286667


same topic, has anyone noticed, these latest huge earth quakes, ends with a tsunami warning that turns out to never happen?

i say this as, what really causes a tsunami if the earth quake is just the cover story?

food for thought

4b5df3 No.286668


>"we caught them in the act" and "they never thought they'd get caught. We caught them."

As SOON as I saw Q's drops on this, those phrases came to mind.

55c541 No.286670



50160b No.286671

File: 3fa2a0d5b030c64⋯.png (459.4 KB, 1650x1275, 22:17, [10] Marker_7 of 10.png)





Guys…appears we have a [10] marker for the POTUS 7 of 10 tweet.

Pic related

d1acea No.286672

File: 72c2991d12f25e8⋯.jpg (301.2 KB, 952x414, 476:207, NVEx.jpg)

b1badf No.286673

Comey installed this guy.

Carl Ghattas

55c541 No.286674


got to love the taunting way he said it too. Making america american again.

5d6da7 No.286675


>Equal to number of sealed indictments?

I think some of the sealed indictments are for sitting judges. The cabal has to have judges they can force to make certain decisions in order to carry out their behavior pattern.

99ddb7 No.286676


Convergence kicking Pedo ass to MAGA!!

017985 No.286677



e5c2bb No.286678


Yeah, this shit has to go bigtime. It put mockingbird into overdrive. Notice they dont even bother to cover anything that doesnt fit the narrative, so much worse than ever.

e5c2bb No.286679

Did anyone hear back from that photographer? Trying to catch up from last night.

db7e3f No.286680


Q said foreign agents in our govt at highest levels remember

4b5df3 No.286681



Be prepared for what you find…

78b18c No.286682


i actually did, and interesting thing about blowing up large gas pockets in the ocean…

7396dd No.286683


Repeal the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.

017985 No.286684


Those happen regularly. You should really monitor that site/real-time earthquakes for a while before you post shit like this. Your stupid is showing

a10a02 No.286685


he kinda skips parts we know as true…. it was kinda odd just pointing out ! don't shoot me….

b1badf No.286686


He didn't answer any messages and then he turned off his dm's and blocked everyone on twitter who requested the photo.

add33a No.286687


OBASTARD! Heard he was SA controlled. Would not suprise me if true.

017985 No.286688


Shame. It means you're still a fucking shilling thread sliding faggot.

f5fc83 No.286689

6.4 EQ in Taiwan, several building collapsed or fell over…..

9d7c39 No.286691



That post is not currently on the FB page. I think it may be an attempt to get anons to self dox on FB

a703a3 No.286692

File: 2f3fef06eb0bdba⋯.png (570.09 KB, 641x542, 641:542, 1510977338518.png)


>Getty is owned by Carlyle Group




…and we had a representative in here earlier explaining to us about the very professional photographer and the nice reasonable man at Getty that we should beg for the image.

7b1074 No.286693

File: 7287fcafe229492⋯.png (453.82 KB, 663x857, 663:857, another amtrack train.png)

https:// nypost.com/2018/02/06/amtrak-train-breaks-apart-at-125-mph/

humm another amtrak incident. this one was going from DC-NYC

b670e8 No.286694

File: 4358b8b48206878⋯.png (101.59 KB, 323x492, 323:492, GetItRight.png)


TWO months apart?!


<pic related

5d6da7 No.286695

a373e2 No.286696


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVH9PYeNdB8&t=54s

yes I know, but the one published was clear as day……hence they photo shop.

6e341a No.286697


It's almost def classified meaning Q can't just post it without potential consequences. I'm starting to think the whole point was to get us to notice that that photo was shopped. Hence I doubt we'll find it but u never truly know.

Never under estimate the power of the autist!

e0749a No.286698


At the end of the day he's a photographer, they love it when their work gets attention. Keep pushing.

add33a No.286699


Anyone of note on it?

9d2dae No.286701

File: d6f50826339958d⋯.png (3.11 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1211A817-19A1-4508-BB60-51….png)

Please make it stop

4b5df3 No.286702



True. An attack on the WWW would be nothing for those ready to kickstart WWIII. Even if it never happens, we should be prepared. Brick and mortar still has value, but even they're dependent on the webs. All of those businesses/agencies who never updated from old systems, may have been onto something

d1acea No.286703

File: 6e5cecc68d61c3d⋯.jpg (318.11 KB, 1194x423, 398:141, Tai.jpg)

File: adf1639dce535f0⋯.jpg (518.56 KB, 910x736, 455:368, Tai2.jpg)

93344d No.286704


No way it all gets dropped at once. It would be easier to dismiss that way, and patriots have shown slow drips are more their style.

f00508 No.286705

File: 185f3d8d0c3e698⋯.png (85.42 KB, 288x458, 144:229, screenshot_859.png)

File: f924ecf4ee628c4⋯.png (219.06 KB, 1652x437, 1652:437, Getty Images.png)

23e9d7 No.286707


That's like a law school for retards.

5d6da7 No.286708

017985 No.286709

File: 7fbb518326878e6⋯.jpg (11.54 KB, 255x162, 85:54, 656923ff28b39c13e4e0968ef4….jpg)

Today is extra shilly I see. WOW. Fucking dirtbags.

87dc74 No.286710


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Carlyle_Group

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getty_Images

7f4b76 No.286711


I am in my 40’s so well aware of what it was before internet. The problem is, I can’t imagine how bad it would be without it now. Literal nightmare. Just about everything relies on internet these days…

add33a No.286712


Please someone tell me this is false.

102a10 No.286713


>ranging from terrorism to espionage to weapons of mass destruction

FBI vault dump on Comey showed there was a folder labeled "WMD".

4b5df3 No.286714


Hilarious in retrospect!

87dc74 No.286716


To me that was the first thought I had as well- the look they control things down to press release photos and even to a letter what is edited. That entire screen might have been. They were all looking at their phones at the SAME time. Was it over that tweet only? Who was texting all them?

db7e3f No.286717


So only Q and POTUS will have text info Q wants USB to push the pics that show photoshop to raise questions that DEMAND answers

82ca21 No.286718


The same Twitter that he spams all day long with either other people's political re-tweets or self-promotions for his book.

In the past 12 hours he's posted around 35 tweets / re-tweets. I enjoy his live videos, but it's a bit of a workout tolerating his Twitter spamming just to find out when he'll be broadcasting again.

db7e3f No.286719

We are Q's/ POTUS ARM

a373e2 No.286720


watch the news. Maybe Red Cross corruption will break open this week?

5372a7 No.286721





db7e3f No.286722

We control narrative from now on WE BE DA FEDZ NOW NIGGAZ

64e23b No.286723


I believe it said 9:41. Saw in a pic

d1acea No.286724

icu. keep typing furiously and contributing nothing.

229460 No.286725

Trump also specifically references the blank stares - it being like a game and treason in this clip.

no coincidences.

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-lxwDPM4Yg

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-lxwDPM4Yg

393791 No.286727


I dont think its complete false. I still do not get why this move with Jerusalem ( we maybe missing smth), same with Syria, maybe i am retard

5d6da7 No.286728


>Just about everything relies on internet these days…

Be thankful for this. The internet checkmated them because it (a) enabled the population to communicate in ways that overwhelmed their ability to control it, (b) commodity storage made the preservation of damning evidence so accessible to the population that it overwhelmed their ability to control it, and (c) they integrated the internet's capabilities into the transaction processing apparatus of their businesses in such a way that they can never turn it off without killing their enterprise.

"They are prisoners of their own device." - or - "Strategic suicide."

6e341a No.286729


Along those lines look into the ocean receding for no reason. It happened a few times within the past year down in South America. & it was NOT the tides. It just happened in Venice & india(iirc) but their saying it's cause the blue blood moon. The SA one's are spoopy for sure.

3bd9b3 No.286730


Q has highlighted the Rothschild estate sale and [Black Forest].

The estate is in Langau, Austria, but the Black Forest ("Schwarzwald") is in southern Germany, it doesn't even border on Austria.

Which is why I believe Christian Schwarzwald's 'art' is the key here


e0749a No.286731


We'll also find out if Dilley's source is a larp. He predicted this week voter fraud will go public.

6fcab2 No.286732

Anyone up for helping the baker?

A list of all the theories in this thread on this Q post would be really helpful for the dough if anyone's up for it? There's around 4 I think.


ead053 No.286733


please learn difference between DELTAs and MARKERs (those are when there's something in a Q drop that can be found in the next Trump tweets)…

ddceb8 No.286734


Not to mention Pence pushing the TriFaith initiative in Israel.

8e8eef No.286735

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3epe_IcNw2g

President Trump Hosts a Law Enforcement Roundtable on MS-13

102a10 No.286736


Literally last 3 breads addressed the phone being shopped. u want the screenshots or do you just want to kys now?

0d2151 No.286737


he doesn't filter imo , he has really solid as well as flakey info , so you must filter yourself .

7041df No.286738


I've never trusted intel, all the comps I've built have been AMD; that being said, no guarantee that the same or similar type of back door is built into it. I have not seen any info on comp'd AMD chips though.

aad386 No.286739


a lot of Muslim Brotherhood was brought in. Then you have the AWAN issue. Many dots to connect in that labyrinth

2f7f86 No.286740


No, it was from a completely different picture.

6c39c5 No.286742


really? I'm a shill for filtering shitposts now? the IQ's just keep dropping around here, huh?

d7475d No.286744

Has anyone looked at the CNN SOTU video?

Time stamp 48:59

Time in real life 9:59

788288 No.286745

Selling Off Apache Holy Land Oak Flats Involved John McCain and Jeff Flake.


39b3c2 No.286746


THIS IS IT anons, focus.

Middle cellphone woman is the one who can be seen when you loop it, moves while she projects her voice at POTUS.

I'm hearing a slight variation though:

"[something] Trump, you need to be shot."

c36c5d No.286747

another fucking train crash????

https:// nypost.com/2018/02/06/amtrak-train-breaks-apart-at-125-mph/

aad386 No.286748


Actually Dilley source said to be on the lookout for it. Dilley surmised it might be this or next week. Don't go on the larp train yet. Source has been pretty accurate thus far

f18b15 No.286749

i left last night after Q was here. i asked if roths was liquidating because of seizures? did he acknowledge?

995ee2 No.286750

They photoshopped over an incriminating message that we clearly would never see.

There is a still of the message on that phone out there somewhere.

>These people are LITERALLY MORONS.

ae6bbb No.286751


He's having to do that because of the Jerusalem situation.

1f91d1 No.286752

File: 6e54cb71e78c601⋯.jpeg (994.28 KB, 623x2065, 89:295, BC58F39D-058B-43F9-94AA-B….jpeg)

BOOM LADS - this CDAN blind looks like it is probably about The Standard Hotel


6e341a No.286753


Something is def fucky with those phones. The lady playing candy crush claims she wasn't playing that game. Seen an article where a reporter asked her bout it in a bread from last night.

ead053 No.286754


you should ask during Q's next AMA on reddit

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

c305fb No.286755


The big question is did this congress woman report the threat to SS? If not, why not.

ae6bbb No.286756


Shill elsewhere, shill.

5d6da7 No.286757


AMD also has Intel ME style supervisor core. Also Meltdown and Spectre exploits from what I've been told. ARM too. I fully expect MIPS is the same story. Have a nice day.

e5c2bb No.286758


Am I the only one that thinks that's shady?

7041df No.286759


if it's a photo of a screenshot saying "Trump should be shot", it would be evidence to be used in the future. The white hats have to play by the rules unlike the black hats that have no rules; that being said, We are still Winning

96be45 No.286760

File: 9a323ef7e4e5365⋯.png (589.05 KB, 1001x762, 1001:762, Capture.png)


Fixed. Thanks anon for pointing that out. Any other changes just let me know.

995ee2 No.286761

933062 No.286762


Yeah, how much higher can you get when you have Huma Abedin (Muslim Brotherhood) as Hillary's Right hand who pretty much ran things, you have Valerie Jarrett (Iranian, Communist) who pretty much ran things behind the scenes, Obama's advisor. You have Obama, who's education and false information (birth certificate) which was all neatly packaged and covered up by no less than alWaleed of Saudi Arabia. We did not even have a government that we thought we had. its frightening.

78b18c No.286763


yes, i thought that was interesting also, as they say when the tide reseeds like that, its sure to have a tsunami to follow, yet that didnt happen in these last few times, hmmm?

the sad part, there are people that may really know the real truth, but they never tell us the real truth about anything these days, it all up to us to figure it out, and the reseeding tides like that, is just mind blowing without a clue for me to even have a likely guess

5d6da7 No.286764

869f69 No.286765

File: ccf3c7291acc3f3⋯.jpg (221.23 KB, 1000x540, 50:27, magababe.jpg)

They will talk about the market plunge for 2weeks until the next FF.

WE need a narrative change…How else can we obtain the unedited photo proving conspiracy to assassinate the president?

add33a No.286766


That is somewhat understandable if you've ever seen VA state senator Richard Black's presentation on Syria & how the religions got along before our intervention. But, I don't think it could be replicated, so I don't know what Pence is up to.

c6d046 No.286768

I know NSA has all the data, but the Trump team would not IlLEGALLY access the data.

They would need to get warrants to mine the data. They would need FISA warrants to get the data on AMERICANS acting as foreign agents.

Team Trump was monitoring the phones of the foreign agents who are or have been at high levels in our government. Those warrants let you monitor all those who have contact with the foreign agent.

I think that's all those sealed indictments are for all of those involved in this spy ring. . . from high level operatives like valerie jarret to the patsys running the hotel blackmailing schemes. That is why the numbers keep increasing and they are still sealed.

I believe that some anon hinted about the indictments being more than for child trafficking which is part of it. But it is huge if a big web of a foreign spy ring is uncovered with Hussein at the top.

Meant to control congressman and others by bribes and blackmail.

And Trump says yesterday that we caught them!!!

395116 No.286769


I havent but I've been looking at others. watching them side by side in sync shows that all news agencies cut the raw footage differently. None are alike. There may be one video that has the right angle

5d6da7 No.286770

393791 No.286772


Trump is fighting a psychotic cabal, here we are with him, the other issues should be adressed in time. There is always a need to keep an eye at those in power

6e341a No.286773


Rumor has it it says 'trump should be shot' from Q drop. Hence treason, especially coming from a law maker. & jmo on it being classified. I could easily be wrong.

82ca21 No.286774


>Even if it never happens, we should be prepared.


One of the cheapest and easiest tools is a radio for your home/office. Back in the 1990s, local talk radio stations were mostly conservative and incredibly popular when helping to spread the truth about Clinton and other problems with government. Radio hosts were mostly informed, and callers could easily add to the conversations and add new information as well. If such an attack against the Internet was to take place, talk radio can once again be a critical tool for helping people stay informed to the truth.

7041df No.286776


Don't pay attention to the shill, apparently their first, second and third stringers are all benched, so you get this shit

4f9160 No.286777


That is why the time has come for an Internet Bill of Rights, makes sense.

bd110e No.286778

File: 1b36af0568816fa⋯.jpg (132.55 KB, 668x720, 167:180, IMG_0469.JPG)

102a10 No.286779


Also be alert for malware being dropped in the mix. Would be a perfect time for that. Fucking clowns.

933062 No.286780


i am sure there is! you see all cameras are digital, all digital files must be dumped into a computer. any photographer going to photograph an event like SOTU must be cleared, have all his equipment checked out by Secret Service. all files could have been copied or transmitted or taken directly from his computer by NSA and lets say this photographer uses Photoshop on cloud. i mean really? these people ARE stupid.

aad386 No.286781


I hear "Trump needs to be shot"

b670e8 No.286782


We're not looking for a photo, or a capture.

We're looking for the VIDEO it, the photo/capture, originated from.

5d6da7 No.286783


*asset seizures

3564d3 No.286784


So what? There's a ton of things I don't like doing too. Do you want the intel or not? If so, you got to tolerate a lot of stuff. It is waht it is. Hell, I HATE reading through thousands and thousand of stupid ass posts here everyday to try to glean a few nuggets of truth. But I got to do it if I want to be in the know.

9d7c39 No.286785

File: db6d3db1fb50537⋯.png (43.9 KB, 629x336, 629:336, POTUS 2-6-18 5 32 am PST.PNG)

File: e9710342964b30a⋯.png (32.4 KB, 653x277, 653:277, POTUS 2-6-18 5 37 am PST.PNG)

File: 8091a756a4911b4⋯.png (99.01 KB, 657x486, 73:54, POTUS 2-6-18 8 am PST.PNG)

File: 671b8da3308f4cf⋯.png (199.37 KB, 663x707, 663:707, POTUS 2-6-18 8 05 am PST.PNG)


POTUS has tweeted 4x today. Two sets of tweets five minutes apart

:32 :37

:00 :05

83e2a0 No.286786

File: 66dd0bf30ba999a⋯.jpeg (569.69 KB, 947x1057, 947:1057, F6D719AD-1194-4E16-829A-7….jpeg)

Can anyone make this duck twitter blue. I think it’s a good morale patch

b1badf No.286787


Comey installed him. Him and Rybicki's names are in the FBI vault dump from today. They were all part of the HRC scandal. I'm still digging on this.

f18b15 No.286788

you know..

i have been here since pol

never have i once posted

your a shill or im filtering you or called names

i just filter and move on

it craps up the board

if your serious here and researching, meme, plane, praying.

why dont you stop the shit. we are on same team.

there are people that want the world a better place from all walks of life.

everyone here on same team brings something to the table. my 2 cents

if u dont like what i say, filter and move on

dont filter me then tell the world.. your filtered. grow up

ae6bbb No.286789


>'trump should be shot'

It is not treason to speak your personnel opinion about some one.

Just like in here, many people fight each other and tell the others to kys or any other little thing we throw at each other.

Now, if your planning it…that's a different story.

6f3f89 No.286790


>Who had a seizure?


e5c2bb No.286791


Not getting enough attention.

What are 2 very vocal critics of POTUS??

e58529 No.286792


sounds like it

4b5df3 No.286793


I remember too, we all walked with our heads up! And yeah, it'd be rough for a while if access to the internet was limited of totally out somehow. Once it's back up though, the flood of people asking why/how it happened, would set off investigations that would backfire, so it's lose/lose either way if it were attempted.

865825 No.286794

File: 267ba41f21c9f2e⋯.jpg (36.3 KB, 448x326, 224:163, 267721_10150251572927558_5….jpg)


good job. may it go viral.

somethings been dampening my twitter, for sure. all of a sudden 4K views instead of 30K . I'm not shadowbanned either.

Still waiting for the crooks to stop slanting the playing field.

6c7ca6 No.286795


And twitter periscopes-there are many!

395116 No.286796


one of the phone pics showed 9:50 on wall clock which is around the time when trump says "Americans are dreamers too."

46fa22 No.286798

Globalist $$ shill Peter Schiff about to appear on Jonesenstein to talk stock market

ead053 No.286799


thanks, sorta looked like that last dropped was forgotten/ignored, glad to hear anons are on the case

d7475d No.286800


They all seem to cut off before they get close enough…

But the CNN one is a front view.. not sure if it helps… but they are all looking at their phones..

Kind of a close up…

3564d3 No.286801


Yes, Dilley's source has been shown to be pretty damn solid so far. And I was very skeptical of him at first. Now my skepticism levels are normal.

5372a7 No.286802


Mr. Weishaupt (as in Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati)

6e341a No.286803


Iirc when the sa ones happened there's a YT vid of some sort of electro magnetic waves or such originating in Antarctica. U see it start there & it goes almost exactly over Brazil & a few other spots I believe. In any case ur right, we r def not told the truth & it's up to whistleblowers & citizen journalists to find it.

17f762 No.286804

Antony Weiner's Laptop contact list


https:// pastebin.com/tHJkwnE3


https:// web.archive.org/web/20180206015119/https:// pastebin.com/NfcM6YfF

7041df No.286805


I figured so, can't hurt to hope a little , lol

50160b No.286806


Got it. Just got caught up in the excitement and connected wrong dots.

Will resume lurking.

db7e3f No.286807


She has an African flag on her shortbread I was digging around kind of looks like Cameroon flag or something govt down there is shady af I will dig to see any connections then cross reference that to D.C. / UN members

b1badf No.286808


Yeah idk why anons are skipping over some pretty major Q drops lately.

102a10 No.286809


Ur good. Only ones filtering you are shills or those too stupid not to follow what shills are telling them. Keep posting and u'll keep having a better experience. I can tell u they weren't adding anything of substance because i checked before filtering that list.

Regardless it's as simple as this; if something important was stated u'll see it added to the batter or mentioned multiple times so even if one of those fools posted something of value we'll still see it.

d721c5 No.286810

That's pretty funny. Now you can see that they are both homely in their own way.


7041df No.286811


no because several of us bombarded the shit out of him last night when we discovered who the photog was

3a94d7 No.286813

File: 541aa97763767e2⋯.jpg (77.78 KB, 1352x447, 1352:447, SOTU1.JPG)


9:01 = 3:55 in the fox broadcast.(link below)

Phone says 9:43

So add 3:55 to 9:43 = ???

Some somewhere around the 46-47 minute mark of this video:

https: //youtu.be/Npz2zEJt2pc?t=45m45s

I think it was taken when everyone stood up after the word "RECIPROCAL"

260fff No.286814


I posted both sets of anon posts that are connected in last bread.

add33a No.286815


Did you see Scaramuchi on the Michael Knowles show (dailywire) the other day?

Scaramuchi said Trump was allowing in both globalists & nationalists because he wanted them to work together. (Or something to that effect.) I don't know if Trump realized how corrupt the globalists are. They'll stab him in the back.

f18b15 No.286816


Seizure. Forcible possession; a grasping, snatching, or putting in possession. In Criminal Law, a seizure is the forcible taking of property

0d2151 No.286817


well said , and welcome glad you are here anon .

e0749a No.286818

Just reading through Dilley's recent drop, RE:the Hilton/Rothschild marriage,

Apparently Obama feeding intel to Trumps competition, wouldn't Hilton Hotels be his completion among others?

5d6da7 No.286819


Yeah, if you look back into what the air force was doing in the 60's and 70's with computers, you can see they knew what they were doing. It went to hell in the 80's with the cabal control. Everything's compromised. Everything.

db7e3f No.286820


Obama is in NZ I thought?

f18b15 No.286821

f18b15 No.286822


thank you anon

83e2a0 No.286823

I think the pic post was a shot across the bow…

I don’t think we”ll ever find anything. I’m skeptical of the publisher of the photo anyways because of the “can civilian” hardware take a pic like that? With the request to dig, when it’s posted to a “Hannity” type there will be probable deniability for an “anon” source…my .02

db7e3f No.286824

What other elites are there where are elites running why? What are extradition laws?

4b5df3 No.286826


Same here, haven't heard anything about AMD, working in the industry though & seeing things up close & personal, planned obsolescence is a phrase i can't delete from my head. Virtually no company or product is safe from that

edd9f4 No.286827


clown rodeo turned into a federal panty raid.

Technically since all of chan is volunteer, no one is shilling here particularly, except pelicans , clowns, Alex Jones , fexas, etc.

To try and be judge of morality in this situation is utter crap. The people say what they want. Or some ban fag craps up a great thing cause they are ignorant. It's Sisyphus Vs revolution

b64d08 No.286828


Want to know what the ARM is?

Check their Facebook page



033ce1 No.286829

Dems are so stupid. A camera is flying around right over their shoulder and they are just texting away like nothing is happening.DUH !! Q is right, these people are dumb .

6e341a No.286830


Oh I know coming from us is one thing. But coming from a law maker that's supposed to hold up the rule of law? & like u said if they were planning it…..

6c7ca6 No.286831


Ed Buck (older white man) ( big Dem donor) (photos with Schiff from last week) liked young black men (one died recently) check weho news articles

395116 No.286832


those women are something like 5 rows back and off the center row. camera needs to be center shot and wide enough to see those rows.

they are on their phones almost the entire time

aad386 No.286833


Many thanks Anon

d5b7f9 No.286834


He never said exactly but said it should in the next week or so. It's not his call but Trumps.

e0749a No.286835


I mean during the campaign, Obama was leaking intel to Trumps business competition, which would presumably include Hilton.

90f003 No.286836

File: 0c520fb622b1c3c⋯.png (551.99 KB, 1202x628, 601:314, Schiff dontdoit.png)

Earlier request

a03aa3 No.286837


The Rothschilds "decided to sell the Langau Estate near the town of Gaming to the Austrian Prinzhorn family because the buyers promised to keep and develop the forestry in the Lower Austria province."

So now I'm wondering what's buried there!

https:// www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-31/rothschilds-sell-austrian-hunting-estate-in-a-historic-deal

a9f8d2 No.286838


This is not what our plan is.. Not what Q asked for. If you think a couple of anons with this meme is gonna have any impact , you are an idiot.

Research like Q asked us to ffs. Have you even looked once for the original? I doubt it highly!

6c39c5 No.286839


As I understand it, if you are pre-Bulldozer you are safe from both major hardware exploits.

5fe1f4 No.286840


> I don't know if Trump realized how corrupt the globalists are. They'll stab him in the back.

you are talking about someone who was in New York real estate and made it big

He knows how to deal with crooks, mobsters and politicians

5940af No.286841


Great work Anon!! On the second graphic, on the 5/2/16 part of timeline, where it notes re Clinton investigation being called MYE - Mid Year Exam, is that because the OIG began the investigation mid-year (June) of 2015, thus MYE?

ae6bbb No.286842


Extradition laws don't matter if we want them badly enough.

Send in the SEALs and retrieve.

In and out before sunrise and nobody is the wiser.

e5c2bb No.286843


Huge blind. Huge.

260fff No.286844


what is Pre-Bulldozer?

269d59 No.286845


Do a Faces of Meth meme, anon

395116 No.286846


ah thats gotta be it

7b852d No.286847

RECAP of news today;

fbi comey files dropped

feb 14th JA will recieve verdict on if his charges will be dropped

photographer who has the getty RAW photos blocks any who DM or comment about files

anons head to national archives to view the 4 rolls(different camera feeds) of sotu

im just going to type re-read crumbs here as a reminder that Q dropped a load last night

0b7f47 No.286848


Lawd… (dies)

6c7ca6 No.286849

File: 947a89dfe060703⋯.jpeg (656.18 KB, 1242x1977, 414:659, 7C96BA9B-BCB2-4AB8-B5FE-4….jpeg)

a9f8d2 No.286850


http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

ab7ced No.286851

File: c70b598f96a7e6e⋯.png (55.42 KB, 250x250, 1:1, thumbsup-pepe.png)

6efcde No.286852


Thinking more about this I think you are right anon. The only way to have an image retain fidelity like that on zoom would be to shoot it in SVG. It is clear that SVG was not what this image was shot in because the header of the phone and the buttons are not the same fidelity as the text body.

db7e3f No.286853


They are killing Christians like clock weok down there I wonder if there are any Muslim Brotherhood Connections and if the Muslim brotherhood connection can be traced back to the Harvard University Muslim Brotherhood Association (HUMA) and if so the connection they have to Obama and Beatty

70b240 No.286854


Assuming that is what is being said, how the hell are we supposed to make that viral?? We can't be certain. How could a normie or blue pill?

5d6da7 No.286855



lol. NO.

6c39c5 No.286856


AMD basically switched to multi ARM cores like five years ago, they called it Bulldozer

0d2151 No.286857


needs more areola

b64d08 No.286858


Remember that somebody redacted a name from the official report of the incident. Where is this redacted report? Who wrote it? Who redacted it?

Oh, and whose name was redacted.

9235c4 No.286859


I believe it is referring the primary vote. Trump made it past Cruz, Hillary past Bernie. But a way of talking about campaign in code, because they (FBI) should not be working with political campaign…

f00508 No.286860

File: c7e1166762c0525⋯.png (43.09 KB, 464x239, 464:239, screenshot_860.png)


Johann Adam Weishaupt was a German philosopher and (((founder))) of the Order of the Illuminati, a secret society.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Weishaupt

7041df No.286861


And that's the catch. We already know from Q drops that there have been planned attempts on his life. So, with saying that, there is probably a lot more to it than just a screen shot.

If that is not the case, the bigger picture is to make the public aware of the shit that goes on and how biased the dems are towards POTUS. MEME/Mind warfare

ae6bbb No.286862


Bet she'll be dragging those around on the floor when she gets older…KEK!

0b7f47 No.286863


Anything associated with NY law/attorneys is corrupt AF… NY is a cess-pool.

a9f8d2 No.286864


Yeah looks like a few memers need to start reading Q crumbs instead of trying to sabotage our research!

6c7ca6 No.286865

File: dc1de3113882a98⋯.jpeg (962.24 KB, 1242x2135, 1242:2135, 2E6F4A49-25D4-4868-A7A8-9….jpeg)


Ed Buck/ Adam Schiff

0d946a No.286866


What is the significance of the red box?

What is the point here other than she was writing a response before the speech was over?

If I don't get it, how the hell is a normie going to?

f18b15 No.286867

File: 0a0736acc9a51c4⋯.jpg (155.75 KB, 667x619, 667:619, stg - Copy.jpg)


i watched movie with wife last night to refresh my memory.

sounds exactly the kind of this the sic fucks would do.

ae6bbb No.286868


>how biased the dems are towards POTUS.

This part would be most likely.

906aad No.286869


I just started checking Amtrak has speed limits. The average speed limit is 59 mph. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO way that train was going 125 mph.

The (((deep))) state is out of control and the media are complicit in covering up their crimes. The real records will show that they are lying, unless the Train company is in on it too.

6e341a No.286870


This is the video showing those emissions originating from Antarctica. In case link don't work just YT Brazil ocean receding Antarctica

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=uegaI0tXBng

c305fb No.286871

File: d5d89c3e1136019⋯.png (192.76 KB, 640x284, 160:71, 5GQh1o-Hjyw7BznPRUMVvXkCck….png)

From Reddit, hot off the presses.

NYT has just outed Carter Page as a mole.

5372a7 No.286872


Standard Int'l CEO: Amar Lalvani

The building that now houses The Standard, Hollywood, was originally built in 1962 as the Thunderbird Motel, and had become a retirement home when Balazs purchased and remodeled it. Original investors in the Hollywood hotel were Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Benicio del Toro, D'arcy Wretzky and James Iha.

twitter.com/37911133339 (locked account, same # as the account in the blind)

21e1b1 No.286873



6c7ca6 No.286874


Try twitter periscopes from that night-plenty

260fff No.286875


thank you… jim stone posted about amd but he doesn't know his shit very well. I have a e6510 and I would like to find a similar laptop with AMD.

Not having too much luck.

f00508 No.286876


Which male A+ actor is an academy award winner and lives overseas most of the time?

5d6da7 No.286877


The original photograph was photoshopped to remove two lines of text from the middle phone before being sent out to the media for reporting. Someone didn't want that text read. Q post suggests it says "Trump should be shot." ← that's an assumption until we know.

6efcde No.286878


a fucking vector graphic is the only way to maintain fidelity on zooming in. There is no fucking way the camera was able to shoot one because none can due to the need to scale the colors to an infinite level, that better for you fuckface? since in your infinite wisdom I had to draw a fucking coloring book picture for you to understand my point

962930 No.286879


No proof…but I liked what anon posted in last bread: basically it could have been a way for Qteam to watch all the sources delete vids and pics in real time.

269d59 No.286880

add33a No.286881


Looney Clooney?

5372a7 No.286882


undercover FBI informant

ead053 No.286883



maybe it's not so much “Trump should be shot!” that will shock us but the reply…

“don't worry, we're on it”


“soon” or something

b1badf No.286884


Captain Jack Sparrow.

b5ddd7 No.286885


Muslim Brotherhood is linked to CAIR, CAIR is linked to Obama IIRC.

ba4468 No.286886

File: 359da50f5a1d84f⋯.png (355.11 KB, 522x427, 522:427, 2018-02-06_1347.png)

5d6da7 No.286887


If you buy it from a company that makes computers, it is compromised. Learn electronics and build it yourself if you want any guarantee of security.

fe331c No.286889

File: 9386638058d3084⋯.jpeg (274.91 KB, 900x824, 225:206, DEED245E-B6B0-4212-8C70-7….jpeg)

File: b0c3c8ae509ee8a⋯.png (722.97 KB, 1058x762, 529:381, 9C2AD81A-F5AF-4575-AECD-5C….png)

File: 03e6dd04dbf5ad9⋯.png (618.25 KB, 1057x732, 1057:732, D10F194B-9411-4AF0-96E8-27….png)

File: 32ad01e850bd0a5⋯.png (1.49 MB, 608x853, 608:853, 4DE28063-C55C-4384-B221-B4….png)


Timeline assist: for those newfags lacking context or those cherished oldfags annoyed by board traffic sifting...

Event context by Yoishi Shimatsu

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180206181926/http:// www.rense.com/general96/hackedscalia.htm

LL: LP/PS text

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180206182321/https:// legalinsurrection.com/2018/01/report-fbi-agents-texts-suggest-loretta-lynch-knew-outcome-of-fbi-hillary-probe-in-advance/

WL: ‘wet works’ (plural)

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180206182957/https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/6008

#2: McCabe

see FOIA attached

Overall context, plot org charts from Q crumbs by helpful anon:

see attached, ‘big, bigger, biggest,’ to ‘expand your thinking’

aad386 No.286890


Re-read Q drop told us all right there about HUMA (Harvard University Muslim Association) direct link back to Al Waleed

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/12535.html#13092

c305fb No.286891


Which would imply that the FBI planned to spy on Trump very early on. Much earlier than the nomination.

ae6bbb No.286892


Starting to look like a sting operation by our FBI against the Russians…kek!

4f9160 No.286893


Absolutely. To then later admit in some shitty livestream that there was a Chicago mafia that could be a threat to anyone focusing on Loop Capital as Q had told us too! UGh


5d6da7 No.286894


haha. I'm not even going to ask how one uses a camera to "shoot in SVG." your 'knowledge' of how imaging works shot off the retard graph with that one.

260fff No.286895


I've wondered about taking my 6510 and putting in a new motherboard and flash drive. Need to research building my own laptop.

f18b15 No.286896

i think the stock market needs to go too.

speculation is a fancy word for gambling

it should be illegal especially when 401 ks are being used

f00508 No.286897


It's Clooney he lives in Italy most of the time and has two Oscars under his belt!!!

d7475d No.286898


It's still a good shot of the right people and should be posted… it's there for a reason

I haven't seen it in any other videos…

5372a7 No.286899


Unrelated, FBI used Page as UC to catch Russians, then turned around and told the court he was working with Russians in order to spy on Trump.

dc99f1 No.286900


Love the sink one - very clever Anon - made me laugh out loud here.

6c39c5 No.286901


AMD Phenom ii n970 quad … last of the good ones.

5940af No.286902


I see! Thank you Anon!!

aee1fe No.286903


Yes! I've been peddling this movie here for the last few days, glad somebody watched it. Now imagine them doing this same thing but with children too… sick fucks.

3a94d7 No.286904


> anons head to national archives to view the 4 rolls(different camera feeds) of sotu

Getty says they will not edit photos.

That doesn't rule out the possibility that the photographer edited the photo prior to submission.

https:// www. gettyimages.ca/company/editorial-policy

aad386 No.286905


Page was used as a patsy by the FBI. And why in the hell would anyone believe anything in the NYT now is beyond me.

Thomas Paine and Sundance have linked this all together as has drawandstrike. Go to twatter or their websites

73bcbf No.286906




Looks like the boys at NYPD

are getting tired of waiting.

db7e3f No.286907

https:// integratedreporting.org/news/iirc-welcomes-the-release-of-king-iv-as-south-africa-sets-a-new-global-standard-for-corporate-governance/

5d6da7 No.286908


It also doesn't rule out that Getty modifies photos and is just lying.

cc970b No.286909

File: 63f3e27c2d987fb⋯.jpg (32.16 KB, 631x481, 631:481, IMG_0790.JPG)

Chan rules, we are offended by (((them)))

Leave your pee pee heart on your own board. You were lied too, it's a bummer. Be a fabulous fag and humiliate your oppressor . Ommision of fact is the lie we fight. Let's keep our hands clean and exercise supreme verbiage. Proper pronouns when insulting is encouraged. Go vintage with your memes cause everything now is not current or even factual in the MSM. Happy hunting

3623c3 No.286910

File: 63bdef75de699fb⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, as1350.png)

meme ready

83e2a0 No.286911


“No proof” Q is the truth…

1 Can you read the message?

2 Source _ archive offline & they have it RAW

3 Not sure if civilian tech can capture @ that distance

4 these people are morons…they may have purposely sat them there to spy on their phones

Posting that, feeding the photo to the media, that shows the. (((We))) have the RAW photo and when it shows up…Hannity can claim an ANON source.

Combined with what you said too…

bd37f9 No.286912


February 13, 2016

Antonin Scalia 187.

May 2016

HRC Investigation pivots when Ted Cruz drops out of the race. We know this from Peter Strzok texts.

May 2016

Comey starts drafting letter that dismisses Clinton wrongdoing.

June 20, 2016

Peter Strzok changes the text of Comey’s letter from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”.

June 27, 2016

Bill Clinton meets Loretta Lynch on tarmac.

July 1, 2016

Loretta Lynch announces that DOJ will accept FBI “determination and findings”

Texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page indicate that Lynch’s announcement is not brave since she (Lynch) is already aware that no charges will be brought against Hillary.

July 2, 2016

Hillary interviewed by FBI

July 5, 2016

Comey announces, no intent, therefore no prosecution.

July 22, 2016

Wikileaks drops first DNC email leak.

884f97 No.286913


Good thinking.

So Q waves the scent at his pack of autists and sets them loose, who knows what havoc they will wreak, but in any event the Getty org is going to feel some serious heat.

Which Getty likely deserves.

And some congresswomen are going to feel some heat. Who knows what might be revealed in such a situation.

f18b15 No.286914


hive mind cause i have too, i started yesterday and didnt see ur post.

i started as soon as i seen that property

0b1d95 No.286915


Yeah I'm hearing her yell "Donald Trump should be shot". If you slow it down a little, you can hear it slightly clearer

865825 No.286916

File: 08985b31309fc73⋯.jpg (25.52 KB, 320x240, 4:3, trainstation.jpg)


The airplane companies would not release documents confirming who officially died on their planes, 9/11.

Or any records about them. One lawyer was designated to look at all the alleged paperwork. And report back.

So no surprise if Train company is corrupt.

Control of Trains for some hundreds of years were heavily infiltrated by Masons. Same as Post Office. I understand that to be the case. There is Secrecy and cover for their Fraternal Order.

Rt. 66

Titanic too was said to be enabled by some masonic handshakes with the Capt. I have read.

7cd18d No.286917


i thought it was the audio that said that.

5cf43d No.286918


Carter Page involved in U1 also? That's messy AF.

d721c5 No.286919


You would think there's a method for removing sea hag from the bench. Look at her, she can barely sit up, let alone stay awake or think clearly.

f18b15 No.286920


and i bet you there are hundreds of victims buried on that property

ac13bc No.286921


<IR> Framework. Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) will now consult market participants with a view to incorporating King IV within listing rules which apply to over 400 JSE-listed companies.

guess who is ceo of the jse…

065a40 No.286922

File: a202439c4a4e9c7⋯.png (45.36 KB, 623x454, 623:454, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1a414df7fe507bf⋯.png (190.41 KB, 808x745, 808:745, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 57c68228724636f⋯.png (27.37 KB, 516x869, 516:869, ClipboardImage.png)

For this theory about wet works and the movie script to be plausible, then the map referenced which points very specifically to the location of the ranch in Texas where Scalia died would have to have been added to the website for this purpose, don't you think?

Anyway, I looked closer at the website and found the registrar listing to Brian Alpert, who is a big lefty supporter and Trump hater, at least according his twitter. Smithsonian, so no surprise there I guess. Maybe I'm digging an empty rabbit hole, but I wonder what the chances are of the domain owner being directly involved in posting that map to the website for this purpose?

http:// www.smithsonianeducation.org/educators/lesson_plans/borders/map1a.html

https:// www.networksolutions.com/whois/results.jsp?domain=smithsonianeducation.org

https:// twitter.com/balpert/following

https:// www.facebook.com/balpert1

033ce1 No.286923

Im 30 miles from Kennedy Il be watch and will report what I see happen . I still do not belive they are sending up a car on this thing.

4e7664 No.286924


The shot heard around the world

dc99f1 No.286925


There may be a workaround for AMD Anon with regard to the PSP issue.

https:// www.


5372a7 No.286926

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SpaceX Launch Falcon Heavy LIVE : 1st Falcon Heavy Launch & Landing

Launch @ 15:45 ET

884f97 No.286927


Right, the only way that image gets photoshopped is either by someone at Getty or with the knowledge of someone at Getty.

Shitstorm for Getty in either case, one would think.

aad386 No.286928


Don't forget about Seth in that timeline. Crucial

f18b15 No.286929

there is a blind posted about dead bodies buried

in a place where the annex was up.

any new news on this?

39e382 No.286930

Rob Gronkowski's home burglarized during Super Bowl trip http:// www.fox5ny.com/news/rob-gronkowskis-ho


Dodgers star Yasiel Puig's home robbed while his team lost World Series

Strange robbery's its almost like someone sending a message

ead053 No.286931

>>286879 >>286913

>We won't telegraph our moves to the ENEMY.

<We will however light a FIRE to flush them out.


04e66e No.286932

File: cbd3dda43be65e8⋯.jpg (43.05 KB, 470x333, 470:333, Obamauprising.jpg)

865825 No.286933


i saw that. Maps don't match? right?

b1badf No.286934


He was the informant to the FBI in that case. He wore wires and everything.

17f762 No.286935


Love him or hate him, compliments of:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU-KbGi3d1U

6c39c5 No.286936



good to know, thanks.

065a40 No.286937


The maps match very precisely actually

5940af No.286938

File: 525fc9738df9c4d⋯.png (157.39 KB, 970x166, 485:83, ClipboardImage.png)


Can I make a few suggestions for some minor changes?

1.) Please fix the spelling of the highlighted words (pic related).

2.) Can you put the 6/28/16 in the section below under the tarmac meeting of 6/27/16? I think this is VERY critical that she closed the Benghazi Investigation like that. It should be in the same size print as the other items.

3.) Just a comment that when LL said she would accept the FBI findings, she passed the buck to the FBI AND she gave the FBI what should have been DOJ authority!!

b1badf No.286939



NO sorry, not Carter Page. Disregard.

5d6da7 No.286940


Do you actually trust that you can disable it? Think about it. If you were those who put these exploits in place, would you also want people to think they could disable it even if they couldn't?

db7e3f No.286941

ac13bc No.286942


Geoff Rothschild is Head: Government and International Affairs of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited and was a member of the board from 1991 - 2008.

59691c No.286943


Eric Bauman

Any Relation to noted Seth Rich Spokesman/Liemonger/spindoctor Brad Bauman?

They do look alike.

865825 No.286944


they do photo fakery all

the time. There are many examples.

db7e3f No.286945

5d6da7 No.286946


It could be the photographer, but it is a more tenuous connection. Photographers shoot photos and get paid for it. Very simple. Cabal controls organizations with larger scale fuckery in hidden shadows.

5a29b5 No.286947


According to conservativetreehouse.com Carter Page was a U1 informant for fbi

03b5a6 No.286949



1ae365 No.286950


Anons, the audio matches up to POTUS' lines in the speech from yesterday. That's usually how it works every time he says something that seems "outrageous" to haters.

Listen for it, watch it, loop it:

"Don't clap for Trump, he needs to be shot"

USSS probably has high quality sound isolation.

As Trump explained at the rally, they weren't clapping at the SOTU because …

"They were like death and un-American. Un-American. Somebody said, 'treasonous.' I mean, Yeah, I guess why not? Can we call that treason? Why not?"

But he didn't need to explain exactly what he heard since he knew anons would find it and get the word out.

8e8eef No.286951

President Trump Hosts a Law Enforcement Roundtable on MS-13 He is live

23e9d7 No.286952


Some think the tsunami that flooded the Fukushima nuclear power reactors was started by a nuke exploding under the Pacific.

865825 No.286953


Well they aren't still on blackberries, right?

Blackberries would be Awan.

5940af No.286954



393791 No.286955


Nope, the cancer guy whats his face?

5d6da7 No.286956


Are there more? Do we have sauce for this? Perhaps proof would be a good thing here.

b1badf No.286957


No it was Campbell. He wore the wires.

ac13bc No.286958


fker was even born here…why im here…help cut off the snakes head thats fking up this country as well

ae6bbb No.286959


1 method to disable it could also create another opening, disable that one and the method chosen to close it could open another.

Infinite ways of closing that also creates an opening at the same time.

5cf43d No.286960


So they planted Page with Trump, then used his prior contacts with Russians (as an FBI mole) to support a warrant application.. ON THEIR OWN GUY… so they could do surveillance on as many people as they could within the campaign and transition team.Top fucking guys. Top guys indeed.

Where's the rope?

db7e3f No.286961


Do marketfags have this should they add it in? What companies are part of JSE?

aee1fe No.286962


I totally believe in the hive mind when it comes to this group. No doubt there are plenty of bodies buried there, and not just on that property either.

260fff No.286963


And that is how, in 2018, we

cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY1ezMyRV9w

The dogs gather here, they foam at the teeth, they communicate as anons and we eat bread, spilling crumbs. We gather on in a catalog, we sing shadilay, kek and we worship Pepe

Now, again, that's how we, in 2018,

cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

d721c5 No.286964


No, there's nothing there to see.

b670e8 No.286965




5372a7 No.286967


It's somebody else. Read about the lawyer.


78b18c No.286968



awesome vid, thanks for sharing it, The Sun and Moon Group have some real intelligent researchers investigating the things we have not been told the truth about,

b5ddd7 No.286969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



There was a Dutch woman who described being hunted as a child, she claimed abuse - it came up during the pizzagate/pedogate investigations….her recollections are disturbing, though no graphic imagery.

There was more recently a Dutch banker discussing similar from the side of the abuser - who he didn't join.

d5b7f9 No.286970

File: 0d2dc63110b02c8⋯.png (675.4 KB, 1173x740, 1173:740, Timeline1.PNG)

The Timeline

Build timeline.

AS 187.

HRC investigation pivot points.

JC dismiss letter.



WL comms.


f18b15 No.286971


even if they did state that…

its not a direct threat legally.

if that was the case there are alot of celebs should be arrested for doing worst things.

disrespectful yes

90f003 No.286972

File: ddb131a1f9dd311⋯.png (559.54 KB, 1202x628, 601:314, faces of meth.png)


Here ya go

5cf43d No.286973


He wasn't The Informant that was discussed in the news, but he DID do work with Russians on behalf of the FBI before?

03b5a6 No.286974




9d7c39 No.286975

File: a73fb7d6f713c13⋯.png (92.11 KB, 669x469, 669:469, Stealth Jeff 1.PNG)

File: b17774adee2ba54⋯.png (22.03 KB, 647x231, 647:231, Stealth Jeff 2.PNG)


In March 2016 Carter Page Was an FBI Employee – In October 2016 FBI Told FISA Court He’s a Spy…


393791 No.286976


Thats what happens if you work for cabal

be96f6 No.286977


His name was Ronald Bernard. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWpNH6Yofgo

8e8eef No.286978


https:// .youtube.com/watch?v=3epe_IcNw2g

6e341a No.286979


No dogs here only frogs.

In worship of pepe it should be


9235c4 No.286980




Nice job Anon

That's a lot of hard-work…you are a patriot. Keep up the good fight!

6fba51 No.286981

https:// vault.fbi.gov/records-related-to-the-dismissal-of-fbi-director-comey/Records%20Related%20to%20the%20Dismissal%20of%20FBI%20Director%20Comey%20Part%2002%20of%2002/view

anyone posted this yet?

102a10 No.286982

File: 4d453f4e6291905⋯.jpg (142.75 KB, 1191x752, 1191:752, BeattyStatement15.JPG)


Here's the first cap. Need more or will u concede ur a fucking glowing jackass?

ac13bc No.286983


will help dig into it with pleasure if someone more experienced takes the lead

d5b7f9 No.286985

File: b8ce128c95bccec⋯.png (543.5 KB, 1161x716, 1161:716, Timeline2.PNG)


I got these from Extortion17 @CCCINNC

Here is the second one

ae6bbb No.286986


Possible game changer that is.

1ae365 No.286987


No one is looking for a defense lawyer, but you seem to want to be one pretty desperately.

Perkins Coiefag I presume?

8e8eef No.286988


Exactly what Q asked for!

aee1fe No.286989


Its a theme that has been repeated in pop culture for years in movies… Taken, Surviving the Game, Hostel. Hollywoods been throwing the facts right in our faces for years and its been ignored as if people aren't as evil in real life as they are in the movies.

78b18c No.286990


i think so with that one also, that's when i started looking into the real causes of fukushima

788288 No.286991


Rio Tinto is the mining co. Iran owns 11% of the

Rossing Uranium Mine in Namibia in southern Africa, one of the world’s biggest open-pit uranium mines. Rossing Uranium Limited, majority-owed by Rio Tinto, sells its uranium to nuclear power plants in North America, Europe and Asia, including Japan.

be96f6 No.286992


His name is Ronald Bernard.

FYI: Holleeder mentioned 'de Allesweter' in Court, again.

http:// capoditutticapi007.blogspot.nl/2012/01/her-majestys-secret-servie.html

033ce1 No.286993

Big Frog is LIVE !!!

884f97 No.286994

File: b1086078aea1b38⋯.jpg (35.83 KB, 317x400, 317:400, thread-police.jpg)


Careful, anon

Once the thread cops have you, you are toast.

They are scary like British Bobbies.

f18b15 No.286995


amazing work anon!! i dl both copys

6e341a No.286996


NP anon. I'll have to check out the sun moon group. I'm always on the lookout for new info.

0d946a No.286997




Thanks, anon. Thought I had that understanding last night. My confusion was derived from the back flips being done over the graphic in that first referenced post. It makes no sense if you don't the entire story board before hand. I has the wrong picture at the bottom and no explanation. I don;t see how using that is going to help anybody's understanding or maintain some level of credibility.

f00508 No.286998



c7d07e No.286999

File: 848445a9d252ee5⋯.jpg (649.16 KB, 798x1080, 133:180, ce0-ttandard.jpg)







03b5a6 No.287000


Watching it on TV. No need to be rude. Thanks for linking.

b64d08 No.287001


That is a wrong assumption. The T s/b shot comment comes from file 1 of 4 video files. Q told us to use this to identify just which SOTU vide he was talking about. It is not the long 12 hour recording of all of Jan 30th.

We want a highres video where the whole day is broken up into shorter timelength files. There are 4 covering SOTU, and the 1st has the "shot" statement on it. We want the 4th of those files. In that 4th video we will find mobile phone screens exposed and one (or more) of those screens has incriminating info on it.

Q knows this because Q has the original file. But Q cannot release it because it is now evidence in a criminal investigation. However, if we can get a hold of this video file recording a public event (i.e. it is NOT classified in any way) then we can see the incriminating evidence and make it public.

Fact is that we are "the public" If we publish something, that is our right. But the administration is "the government". The Democrat view is the elite view, that means they are above the law. But the Trump administration believes that government is a servant of the people and is limited in what it can do, by the people. Therefore they cannot release this evidence except in the proper process which is before the court. As you know, the legal process takes time, especially when the courts are full of MS13 and illegal immigrant cases.

db7e3f No.287002


Definitely need help I'm not too keen on markets or knowledge of them but I can connect the shit out of some dots like nobodies business

97ef05 No.287003


>Hilton/Rothschild marriage

The thing I wonder about all this is that Paris Hilton and Ivanka were playmates as kids.

Paris thinks of DJT as Ivanka's dad, like a little kid remembers their friend's parents.

Paris likes DJT.

Not sure if Nikki (year or two younger) has same memories, but it's possible that there are stronger bonds between the Hiltons and Trumps than we realize.

6bb82d No.287004

File: 95b6bea8765f4e9⋯.png (23.57 KB, 1341x1083, 447:361, bitch2.png)


Audio at 1:22 Fox Part 1. Big glasses



Some anon found it last night, but it was in the same thread as Q, so didn't get the attention

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVH9PYeNdB8&t=075s

6bb82d No.287005


Sry for the pic. Lol

6fcab2 No.287006


Added anon. Thanks for posting.

5fbf15 No.287007

File: bb4fe04ad703df0⋯.png (331.81 KB, 343x610, 343:610, amtrak.png)

Amtrak again

6fcab2 No.287008


d5b7f9 No.287009


Let me post them both on the same post. I didn't know there was two when I posted the first one.

90f003 No.287010

File: a764080c99083e3⋯.png (560.88 KB, 1202x628, 601:314, Cabal.png)


I like that

229289 No.287011


Who controls HARP now?

884f97 No.287012


Amtrak makes the Post Office look like a model of competence and efficiency.

b5ddd7 No.287013



There was discussion on alt news sites about an undersea HAARP in that region - late Summer last year I think. August/Sept when there were a number of weird weather events.

The Rothschilds are connected (I think there is a Rothschild Island down there?) to the Antarctic region where the transmission came from. There's tests too up in Alaska IIRC.

ac13bc No.287014



need specific details?

6cef44 No.287015


cec398 No.287016

https: //twitter.com/DMJII

twitter at top of screen on left. great meme about biden on his account….

doug johnson II

d5b7f9 No.287019

File: 0d2dc63110b02c8⋯.png (675.4 KB, 1173x740, 1173:740, Timeline1.PNG)

File: b8ce128c95bccec⋯.png (543.5 KB, 1161x716, 1161:716, Timeline2.PNG)

I got these from Extortion17 @CCCINNC on twitter

Feb 5 2018 22:46:30

Build timeline.

AS 187.

HRC investigation pivot points.

JC dismiss letter.



WL comms.


e0749a No.287020


Take it easy on the Post Office, their one of the only gov't agencies that is specifically mentioned in the Constitution and one of the few that don't actively spy on the public.

95a0f5 No.287021


Yes, it has to be an iPhone 6 - iPhone 8 based on the power button and fingerprint scanner.

6c7ca6 No.287022


And Pdop was a former State Dept asset- glad its all seeing bigger light of day. Been known for a while

865825 No.287023


Many many more. Rather dox myself. Washington Post and New York Times both do. There are very few amateur analysts who can see it and who report on it.

It's been going on for decades. Once the smoke settles in all this, if we all survive. I will provide some links.

5372a7 No.287024

File: 9a5dc09f8604521⋯.png (67.32 KB, 394x452, 197:226, herbert_the_pervert.png)


picture is Past & Present.

This is his future

ae6bbb No.287025


>don't actively spy on the public.

We don't know that for sure.

aad386 No.287026


3000 in DC alone!

Fox cut off the feed but can watch on Whitehouse feed here

https:// youtu.be/3epe_IcNw2g

9dc9e3 No.287027


any clear drop about EM yet?

898987 No.287028

File: 956b25f5804bace⋯.png (414.98 KB, 600x333, 200:111, obama destroy.png)

File: 496e2b20fa56c54⋯.png (273.56 KB, 719x900, 719:900, schiff dummies leaking.png)

File: 90bffb2ee112abb⋯.png (297.91 KB, 600x325, 24:13, schiff lies.png)

File: 7d56353f185b873⋯.png (382.07 KB, 600x325, 24:13, schiff sell0ut.png)

0d946a No.287029


still has to many intact teeth.

a9f8d2 No.287030


http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

865825 No.287031


One whole book is dedicated to photo fakery. on the Zapruder film. Yes, they were doing it that far back.

f18b15 No.287032


3000 arrested/deported?

32f890 No.287033


^^^ This sounds about right.

b1badf No.287034

Gen. Kelly! lol

'Too lazy to get off their asses to register for DACA.'

898987 No.287035


Give me USPS over UPS any day of the week (esp Sat since it's free delivery)

db7e3f No.287037


I'm working on why Beatty a seemingly no one has POTUS death threats maybe they thought no one would expect her? All in all trying to find why she was wearing African colors what is her connection in all this I need some time to make all the connections which clearly go back to Rothschild who do they know there has to be a connection I'm missing but Africans are killing droves of Christians women and children I believe most of the Children are definitely being trafficked and since it's Africa no one really looks into it but I believe Beatty was virtue signaling something still working on it

6c7ca6 No.287039


AND Podesta/Manafort AND Pdop/ State Dept

dc99f1 No.287041


Not in the least and possibly opens up other ways too if I'm being honest with you. Wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. But at least it may be a start until it is actually disproven.

884f97 No.287042


True, no reason to impugn the decent P.O. folks who have nothing to do with the fuckery. Apologies and thanks for the rebuke, anon.

That being said, I did rank it ahead of Amtrak.

0ced8e No.287043

File: 100404f259b7c7f⋯.jpg (364.61 KB, 1600x1161, 1600:1161, RAEUBER-2.jpg)


other art includes "R wie Räuber ":


R wie Räuber

R like Robbers

R like Rothschild?

the artwork was exhibited at Galerie Eva Winkeler, Frankfurt / Main, DE

where did the roths get their start?


so maybe we even have a mugshot of the bad guys here

a9f8d2 No.287044


http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

e92e58 No.287045


>but it was in the same thread as Q, so didn't get the attention

it didn't get the attention because she didn't fucking say that

03b5a6 No.287047


Wondering why they cut feed.

Will have to watch later.

598938 No.287049


What can carry there?

b1badf No.287050


Does it have the correct angle for seeing the black caucus phones?

9d2dae No.287052

File: 1e3e738a540946a⋯.png (4.48 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C6AEF308-483A-4EFE-8415-F6….png)

This is fucking awesome

90f003 No.287053


Fuck!!!!! i forgot will do for next bread

nice catch

ac13bc No.287054



guess you saw this one then that another anon posted

03b5a6 No.287055

11bdd6 No.287056


This is your face.

This is your face on meth and kuru.

ead053 No.287057

i hope Schiff gets taken care of before he runs for anything else than cover, because i'm not sure i'll be able to handle all those puns

(really laugh the thought they would push him for President, though, that's even more insane than going with Hill)

aad386 No.287058


ACTIVE MS-13 gang members identified in DC area alone!

b670e8 No.287059


(((THEY))) do.

HAARP was, for all intents and purposes, made obsolete when NEXRAD came on the scene.

HARRP/NEXRAD + chemtrails + Rapid Evaporation = Weather manipulation

Have a look:


95cc46 No.287060



25c8d6 No.287061


IS TRUMP's 7/10 TWEET a Go Code for Seth RICH?

3e1600 No.287063

maybe anons can find a larger version of this pic not on the getty site. She could be the fourth and has a device in lap

https:// www.gettyimages.com/license/912398932

ab7ced No.287064


That's peculiar - The ad it starts off with is The Energizer bunny!!!

102a10 No.287066


Care to comment on



c198dc No.287067

File: 742c4a7a4f7415e⋯.jpg (113.47 KB, 788x444, 197:111, ll.jpg)

49afe2 No.287068

CSPAN 24:32 - left of screen. Who is holding the phone?

abc57e No.287069


except they do

https:// www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2013/07/03/the-u-s-government-tracks-all-the-snail-mail-you-send-too/

b0fd6e No.287070


made a clip. analyzed it. it's not from any of the women in the black caucus is my problem. watch them.

11bdd6 No.287071


Let me guess, you argued that Trump using the word "tap" instead of "intercepted" meant he was wrong and disrespecting traitors and spies.

db7e3f No.287072


I started this whole thing on Africa and Beatty I find it very suspect I am convinced she is in the know of an attempt on POTUS and she is very low key "not on radar" if attempt is made hence them shopping the image of her phone

9d2dae No.287073

File: 013cc27b6fa7031⋯.png (3.42 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3967AC2E-3763-43D1-8F7D-4F….png)

File: 0413efb48c542c6⋯.png (3.97 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 19C38BF3-A100-4016-8E88-B5….png)


6fba51 No.287074

File: 185e8b9e0554ed2⋯.jpg (452.54 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, weiner doxxing.jpg)

weiner doxxed his friends

767845 No.287075


no. audio at 0:54 Fox Part 1

ead43d No.287077

File: 9a8b01ab92be945⋯.jpg (148.06 KB, 1344x960, 7:5, warren3fingers.jpg)

File: 2ada112fe4200c0⋯.jpg (128.09 KB, 1344x960, 7:5, warren3findercloseup.jpg)

I dont know if this means anything or not, but this shot was taken after Trump had mentioned the Spanish unemployment was at it lowest. The guy on her left leaned in and asked her something and then she held up 3 fingers. 3 phones? 3 people she is talking too? Time stamp 19:33. 1st normal ss, 2nd zoomed

f00508 No.287078


potato video, siGh

a6077e No.287079

File: 4783de8ef29200a⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1330x524, 665:262, anotherphone.png)

http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address


102a10 No.287080


prob is newfags constantly getting pulled into the shill tactics. only reason i still mention who Im filtering (but i dont link to them to rob them of a YOU)

f18b15 No.287081


im not arguing nothing

just stating facts

i wish all the swamp creatures would be arrested

e029a4 No.287082


Thought Scalisi was a pedo!

a103b6 No.287083

File: 692d9913eeb0027⋯.jpg (548.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, B-A-T-975911.jpg)



>>283537 rt >>283468

>>283837 Building the Timeline


>>286841 >>286889 >>286912 >>286928 >>286970 >>286980 >>286985 >>286998

>>286995 >>287006 >>287019

add33a No.287084

Speaking of MB.. found this in bookmarks. It's from 2015. Don't know anything abt reliabilty of this site though.

http:// yournewswire.com/us-kill-russian-spies-who-discover-secret-isis-base-in-tennessee/

77214d No.287085


he'll have to get a bigger billboard

e0749a No.287087


Haha, you're right anon. Would it bother you to know that USPS mail sorting machines run on Lockheed Martin servers?

260fff No.287088

this roundtable at the white house is quite informative. Perfect example of Trump in action. Shut the hell up and let other people talk.

ac13bc No.287089


cool..that company number was on one of the pics when enhanced and how the anon figured out who supplied the scarves and ties but other than that I didnt see anything else worthy regarding the company

421bea No.287090

Carter Page worked for John McCain and under one of Clintons Secretary of Defense. He was sent to Trump by Ed Cox. Ed Cox and John McCain are Never Trumpers who started the Fusion GPS dossier. FBI knew Carter and colluded with the DNC/HRC/Obama to plant Page and Papadopoulos.

Papa worked for Hudson/Noble Energy.

Ed Cox is on the Noble board with John Kerry and funded by Clintons. Papa also was sent by HRCs State Department to UNESCO.

Page worked for Gazprom who competed with Noble for the Leviathan Pipeline in Israel.

6fba51 No.287092

https:// squawker.org/politics/somebody-just-leaked-every-phone-number-and-address-on-anthony-weiners-laptop-639-politicians-and-media-personalities-doxxed/

where are they getting this? is contents of the laptop leaking?

03b5a6 No.287093



I think we will be seeing more of this. I wonder what that building is.

5cf43d No.287094


Doesn't matter. Still murder of supreme court judge with a massive conspiracy attached.

e538c9 No.287096

Make it air-tight, anons. We're being tapped to build the case. POTUS and anyone attached to him can't do it because of propriety. We are the investigative journalists. We are the Anon source.

a9f8d2 No.287097

My internet has slowed to a crawl so I can't watch it. I believe it to be raw footage without logos so it may be our target. Can you watch it?

e82e33 No.287098


You could add (ummmm, what do we about the pilot?)

393791 No.287099


Actually very likely, i did some digging right after his death. I think they got rid of him bcs he was a conservative and a constitutionalist time will tell

6fcab2 No.287100


Thanks anon.

New bread




More task updates and Notables included. New baker required for the start of next. Gotta run.

f282d2 No.287101


Focus on the details of the Trump investigation too. Carter Page, George Papadapolos, and Michael Flynn.

Both sides.

884f97 No.287102


Law enforcement in that part of the country is extremely tolerant of Latino criminals, very hands off. This may be because of outside pressure groups.

"Gang" police work is focused on white middle school students more than adult paramilitary fighters. That is a bit of an exaggeration, but only slightly.

But DC/MD/VA is probably the most important stronghold of MS-13 outside of Central America. They will arrest some for show, but it would take years to root them out.

Basically, an entirely new LEO philosophy would need to be taught, and some of those jurisdictions are sanctuaries, so good luck with that.

6fba51 No.287103

https:// oig.justice.gov/reports/2018/g5018002.pdf#page=1

Audit of the Bureau of Justice

Assistance Presidential Candidate

Nominating Convention Grant

Awarded to Cleveland, Ohio, for the

2016 Republican National


9aeeff No.287104

>>286410 reasonable to suggest FIS would have hitech cam with comped press to collect on vip screens from gallery

5d6da7 No.287105



f00508 No.287106

File: 946b88a10ca73ba⋯.png (287.89 KB, 638x478, 319:239, 1080Potato.png)

aad386 No.287107


Scalisi? wtf you talking about?

99ddb7 No.287108

http:// nationalpost.com/pmn/news-pmn/showtime-for-spacexs-big-new-rocket-with-sports-car-on-top

03b5a6 No.287110

Upcoming WH press briefing.

a9f8d2 No.287111


My internet has slowed to a crawl so I can't watch it. I believe it to be raw footage without logos so it may be our target. Can you watch it and report back please?

http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

9fc322 No.287112


Remember the Q post with the question about when the military can bypass the three-letter agencies.

DOJ and FBI are 3-letter agencies. The question is whether he was talking about multiple levels. Is there a level at which everything the NSA and all of Mil.intel are turned loose and are we there yet in a .mil operational sense?

By turned loose, I mean bypass the need for warrants. Keep in mind that within the civilian court structure there is a requirement for warrants but under military authority there is no such requirement. That means EVERYTHING that the NSA has is opened up. (WE SEE ALL, WE HEAR ALL)

The problem is with optics.

I believe we are already at the point the military is quietly using said information (Q crumbs… QED) but the problem is public perception and the ability of the opposition to scream "Military COUP!!!" That's a trigger phrase for a lot of patriots who have been anticipating a military takeover, gun grab and camps.

I think the reason Q has us hammering away right now is to get the public ready for the fact that this shit is going on in order to shift the public narrative. What happens when the President orders said info opened up on certain US citizens? It's all about optics and the President has to look Presidential, not partisan.

f47e6f No.287113


Try periscope?

db7e3f No.287114


Same here I still think there's something there that would some how lead me to her little "trusted" circle of idiots

f282d2 No.287115


Any and all testimonials as well. Who took the stand, when, and what did they testify to?

6fba51 No.287116

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/articles/vice-president-mike-pence-arrives-japan/

421bea No.287117

4e7664 No.287118

Build a timeline.

Trump's tweets.

Could we use his tweets as a temporal axis for the timeline?

6fba51 No.287119

#BREAKING: London Police are responding to a suspicious parcel outside the Ecuadorian embassy where Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is. #9Today

Fuck, what's going on?

99ddb7 No.287120

File: f909ff09fc6a4c5⋯.png (42.33 KB, 971x517, 971:517, ClipboardImage.png)


Delayed by winds?

ac13bc No.287121


have her full names? can maybe try some local Africa sites..never know

f282d2 No.287122


Egg Zachlee

f18b15 No.287123


maybe a distraction to get him out? i hope

f282d2 No.287124

a9f8d2 No.287125


http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

421bea No.287126


He's gonna have to go outside…

0d946a No.287129


Thank-you. This is MUCH more in line with what I thought I was understanding last night when I had to bail.

When I saw that picture @ 286336 getting so many kudos, I thought I missed a bunch. Evidently it wasn't me that was missing a bunch. Thanks for posting.

884f97 No.287136


Scalise is one of the best at advocating arresting pedos, probably why he got shot.

a9f8d2 No.287137


http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

5cf43d No.287139


That's huge. They planted people and then got FISA warrants on them. Sounds like they included things in the application that they'd done in their employ or with an agency relationship. Surely that is game over.

a9f8d2 No.287142


http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

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