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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 649fc34523f4e25⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-351.jpg)

1f7818 No.287036




>>279968 rt >>279898





>>285721 Videos of SOTU are disappearing. Archive before posting.

>>286850 RAW Video of SOTU

>>286613 , >>286746 FOCUS, "[something] Trump, you need to be shot."

>>284781 Lost & Found Photos of SOTU Phones. POST YOURS HERE PLEASE.

>>286590 How can we get the photo? Any LegalAnons here?

>>286601 , >>286614 , >>286575 , >>286625 , >>286633 Q Letting us know that Getty manupilates photos before posting?

>>286402 , >>286411 , >>286419 , >>286460 , >>286487 >>286489 , >>286510 Phone Screen Confirmed Shopped. Spread the word.

>>285836 , >>286363 Were the phone screens doctored?

>>286351 , >>286362 , >>286367 Focus on the TimeStamps on the phone (only thing not doctored)

>>285742 , >>285742 , >>285760 What is Q asking for exactly? Thoughts

>>285763 , >>285611 , >>285766 Photo updates

>>285681 , >>285707 , >>285714 The soundclip we're looking for? 3 seconds in "He oughtta be shooottt"

>>285547 , >>285562 , >>285551 Video Updates

>>285658 Can anyone access the ftp that was listed in the EXIF data of the photo on the Getty website?

>>285651 Beatty's Statement on Trump's SOTU Address


>>283537 rt >>283468


Updates: >>285423 , >>285771 , >>286339 & >>287019


Rothchilds selling investments. DOW crashing hard.


Re-read crumbs.

Nothing is coincidence.


Memo --> intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

Rebuttle Of Charges Against The Memo --> intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_fisa_memo_charge_and_response.pdf

Rule 13. Correction of Misstatement or Omission; Disclosure of Non-Compliance --> fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf

OIG Reports Page --> oig.justice.gov/reports/all.htm

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d771fe No.287046

Seems to me the easiest way to get the video is to pressure Q to give it to us.

1f7818 No.287048

#351 Dough pastebin.com/FSEuxJCc

1f7818 No.287062

New baker required from now

d21c91 No.287095

File: 4af86dd834af64c⋯.jpg (31.36 KB, 399x600, 133:200, IMG_0038.JPG)

Those Russians are sneaky but are not the culprit. MS-13 was frumps force in Califas for decades. El chapo and the wall is a thug play for blow. This is why you work jobs you hate for people that don't like you to buy shit you probably don't need. Know their low, target. Merriment be thine victory. 4 teh lulz

8b424f No.287109

File: b65579bbb98169b⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1543x1156, 1543:1156, Beatty ReleaseThePhoto.png)

Disseminate/ Tweet please

df0309 No.287127

File: 2bad1bdea623dc8⋯.png (120.3 KB, 568x453, 568:453, Untitled.png)

1dfbeb No.287128


Since Hillary can't drone him - - -

586d58 No.287130

JA under attack? Didn't he activate a dead mans switch?

f69805 No.287131

Bear with me anons.

Q says build a timeline.

Think 44D chess.

If the x axis of that timeline use Trump's Tweets, they may have a heap of info we haven't included!!!!!!!

What do you think?

We know this is all planned way back.

Good idea???

7b9922 No.287132

File: 6a40365e2c633b5⋯.jpg (533.78 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, BigBabyEdition - Copy.jpg)

; )

d56e18 No.287133

File: 8febf7189f91d6b⋯.png (92.26 KB, 833x743, 833:743, r1.png)

e864d0 No.287134

a0ba04 No.287135


All intel says JA no longer resides at the embassy

ce3c97 No.287138


>include trump tweets in timeline


0796b3 No.287140



My thinking as well.

930b32 No.287141

4788b5 No.287143

File: 94333d4ac11fa3b⋯.png (109.32 KB, 820x626, 410:313, ClipboardImage.png)

Can you feel the hate oozing from MSNBC? Almost as if to say "Hey Roths, here's your target"

https:// www.cnbc.com/2018/02/06/heres-how-much-the-stock-market-would-have-to-drop-to-wipe-out-donald-trumps-stock-rally.html

586d58 No.287144


Oh ok I was wondering someone put up a breaking news post about how a suspicious parcel was left at Ecuador embassy

04973d No.287145


He's still there, final decision to be made on the 13th

Sidenote : Where are all the Twitter Hashtags we need them in the bread i wanna fire up some memes today

e864d0 No.287146


Yeah, we have no reason to believe he is actually at the embassy.

5eb2f0 No.287147

File: 99b2403614b1f0b⋯.png (122.85 KB, 836x489, 836:489, ClipboardImage.png)

Amtrak, two cars decouple at 125 mph.

No one hurt

04018e No.287148

File: b58cc9b003e82bc⋯.png (5.07 MB, 2880x1800, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

File: 3e0a57253bc6fea⋯.png (1023.86 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 4f1258051c99eff23950908ca5….png)


it should be the section on the right side of the screen. find the woman in the red coat sitting in a 2-seat row next to the desk. use her as a marker, then count the rows backwards.

1f7818 No.287149


This tells people that Beatty was writing the press release on her phone, not that the phone image is doctored. Maybe add that it was doctored by Getty?

4788b5 No.287150


Whoops, CNBC.

But what difference, at this point, does it make?

6d998c No.287151

File: 70ef89b18977333⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 470x333, 470:333, schiffing.jpg)

8b424f No.287152



It's not all bad, it's a good time to get some of those stocks that were overpriced and now are underpriced….

586d58 No.287153


Yes they are driving down their stock prices self sabotage

a3ac1a No.287154

File: 3a9937d28e1dc73⋯.jpg (83.09 KB, 407x521, 407:521, my-people.jpg)

Thank you for all your work baker, this one is a very fine bread.

My people can live on this bread for many generations.

f99471 No.287155

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳


Hey! Who ever made the Lynch memes, you forgot ONE important player that was there!!!! RYAN

5e0322 No.287156



f69805 No.287157


Thank you.


Trump has been planning this.

Trump uses code in his Tweets.

Trump is a genius.

Trump has his own intel.

If we include his Tweets at the same time as the events in the timeline, we may uncover info.

Is the MAP part of his Tweeting timeline????????

4ade74 No.287158



found this https:// www.emptywheel.net/2017/06/27/the-fbis-standards-for-ingesting-raw-702-data/

bb9a67 No.287159

File: 4c3e5b8a3460d5d⋯.jpg (124.35 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Lord-Sugar-YouView[1].jpg)


Funny how Lord Sugar in the UK also hosted The Apprentice

9f15ac No.287160

HAARP is controlled by the University of Fairbanks.

They offer tours.

7b9922 No.287161


yes sir!

586d58 No.287162


What's the bald black dude texting? Bottom right near cspan tag

edaec5 No.287164

some good older posts









3ea728 No.287165

LADS! dig this before shit gets scrubbed, googling this account number is turning up LEADS






f39c57 No.287166

File: 72d19d321842b62⋯.png (561.57 KB, 1202x628, 601:314, Cabal1.png)

1f7818 No.287167


Kek, definitely a phat bread.

f99471 No.287168

Isn’t that Clair mccaskil?


8091ed No.287169


Mitch McConnell, Cuck Schumer, and Richard Anderson are responsible….

7b9922 No.287170

i just hope ja is ok and i have faith in potus hes well protected.

this sounds like a "look over here moment"

04973d No.287171

https:// youtu.be/x6pZzek2iwI

LIVE: Press Secretary Sarah Sanders URGENT White House Press Briefing on National Security


930b32 No.287172

c55307 No.287173

File: 342331fe13851dc⋯.jpeg (396.78 KB, 1242x1749, 414:583, 3B086AF0-FA31-479E-805C-3….jpeg)

In a Monday morning massacre, Newsweek fired Editor-in-Chief Bob Roe, Executive Editor Ken Li and investigative reporter Celeste Katz, The Post has learned.

All three were working on a story about the news site’s parent company and its possible financial ties to Olivet University, a fundamentalist Christian college founded by the controversial Korean-American pastor Rev. David Jang.

Hours after the shocking dismissals, the parent company, Newsweek Media Group, appointed Nancy Cooper, the managing editor of sister title International Business Times, as acting editor of Newsweek.

In the Cooper announcement, NMG did not mention the firings — noting only that Roe and Li would be leaving the publication “immediately.”

Newsweek has been in a gathering cloud of controversy, especially since Jan. 18, when dozens of investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office raided the site’s Lower Manhattan offices — and left hours later with 18 computer servers.

The DA, in the midst of a 18-month probe of NMG, is said to be focusing on its financial ties to Olivet.

https:// nypost.


f69805 No.287174



Think ahead.

When events unfold and people see and witness the parallel universe which went unnoticed, they will be dumbfounded that they missed EVERYTHING.

NOTHING will ever be the same again.

df0309 No.287175

https:// twitter.com/maxoptical/status/960742986014449664


8e8f0e No.287176

File: a06a6ffdef73126⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Lady Liberty.png)

Asked this earlier but only got a ballpark answer

>What's the timestamp of that phone pic?

df76e2 No.287177

one anagram of Chip Somodevilla: vile moloch asp id

264f09 No.287178


Remember the Q post with the question about when the military can bypass the three-letter agencies.

DOJ and FBI are 3-letter agencies. The question is whether he was talking about multiple levels. Is there a level at which everything the NSA and all of Mil.intel have is turned loose… and are we there yet in a .mil operational sense?

By turned loose, I mean bypass the need for warrants. Keep in mind that within the civilian court structure there is a requirement for warrants but under military authority there is no such requirement. That means EVERYTHING that the NSA has would be opened up. (WE SEE ALL, WE HEAR ALL)

The problem is with optics.

I believe we are already at the point the military is quietly using said information (Q crumbs… QED) but the problem is public perception and the ability of the opposition to scream "Military COUP!!!" That's a trigger phrase for a lot of patriots who have been anticipating a military takeover, gun grab and camps.

I think the reason Q has us hammering away right now is to get the public ready for the fact that this shit is going on in order to shift the public narrative. What happens when the President orders said info opened up on certain US citizens? It's all about optics and the President has to look Presidential, not partisan.

The funny part is that any of those idiots who are doing this stuff would know they're being watched and it will be used against them at some point because it's obvious from what has been posted on this board.

995b8e No.287179



If somebody isn't psychic (and most are not), they will not have a REMOTE CLUE what the hell you're trying to convey.

To your credit, you did say please.

7b9922 No.287180


like 9:43 or 42

4f6cec No.287181



>Should we build a timeline for this:



>>>286871 -Was this part of the U1 corruption that OIG exposed?

>>>286960 -McCain delivers Dossier

>>>287090 -entrapment

3dd106 No.287182


#UnredactRedundancy !!!

03ce2a No.287183


Thanks. Good stuff.

4f6cec No.287184



Should we build a timeline for this:



>>286871 -Was this part of the U1 corruption that OIG exposed?

>>286960 -McCain delivers Dossier

>>287090 -entrapment

485782 No.287185

File: 1538da9991b63a4⋯.png (454.22 KB, 664x539, 664:539, Scavino45 2-6-18 11 15 am ….PNG)



I don't know if it is or not. However, POTUS is meeting re MS13 right now.

620514 No.287186

File: 5db3c6bd027cda9⋯.jpg (33.9 KB, 200x248, 25:31, adam-schiff-says-releaseev….jpg)

File: 4a6f288fb7f9bc3⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 200x248, 25:31, Akaufman1.jpg)

We should just use this picture as Adam Schiff unironically in several memes

f69805 No.287188

Press secretary… wouldnt be announcing major happenings.

If she did, it would catch a lot of people off guard.

995b8e No.287189


there ya go, nice teeth.

dc14dd No.287190

Sorry Anons, I know other bread not filled but gotta run.

Raw footage is the crude output of a video or still camera recording. It is the unprocessed data from a camera's image sensor. Most photographers prefer shooting raw footage due to the high quality of images that the camera sensor could possibly produce.

This kept ,me up last night, I searched all printed transcripts of SOTU and all were edited. So if we put the time stamps together with the Video, maybe this is what we are looking for to compare and contrast.

I believe in the cell phone pic, Beatty is quoting Trump, FIND THE QUOTE/

The lines redacted are approx 36-38 characters per line and the SPACE Redacted is I believe are TWO LINES about 72-76 characters. I think it is Samsung Phone.

I think the quote she was going to use was deleted because it would like she agreed.

I remember Trump using the word Civility, because I have posted about Civility on the board.

RAW Footage to find time stamp in POTUS speech vs Beatty Cell phone.

Fox news: I calculated at about 46-48 mintues into speech

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Npz2zEJt2pc&t=774s

I also think what we are looking for is not complex and was not scrubbed but to freak out ABC's and have them scramble and leave a trace.

It was done in the dark of night when vermin are plotting knowing that Sentry Anons were at their posts.

Good Luck and God Bless

PS, I could be wrong but where would we get the footage and how could we determine where in the speech Trump was at vs Photo of phone

1f7818 No.287191

Baker Out. Someone Bake #352. TY

af38d9 No.287192

File: 68f65a0108dc31f⋯.png (150.79 KB, 1080x301, 1080:301, virginmemeradvice.png)

File: 20c9ae116cb24a5⋯.jpg (135.25 KB, 618x1024, 309:512, memereality.jpg)



memetic advice for newfags.

t. meme vet.

8e8f0e No.287193

File: cca05f07798751c⋯.png (88.82 KB, 511x384, 511:384, The thrill of politics.png)


wait what

the other guy said it was like 50 minutes in

5cf9fc No.287194


One of Dilleys drops mentioned that he was living comfortably elsewhere, all footage/public info claiming he's at the EA is false/old.

7b9922 No.287195


lets hope they round them all up!

they tore down all the public housing and spread violence everywhere! this cant get done fast enough at local lvl's!

ea97b9 No.287196


Interesting thought…

401737 No.287197


Im a photographer "Raw" possibly refers to an unprocessed image format.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_image_format

8b424f No.287198

File: 20d938e77071a5e⋯.png (2.79 MB, 1542x1158, 257:193, DOCTORED.png)

7b9922 No.287199


thought u was asking about time on actual phone

d21c91 No.287200

File: 799b93f81b9f23b⋯.jpg (116.51 KB, 1888x2015, 1888:2015, IMG_0785.JPG)

Baker dues

c81fc7 No.287201

File: 3b32a6ba6ac4cae⋯.jpg (53.01 KB, 580x500, 29:25, 13.06.27-Mail-5.jpg)

File: 2c0313e6f9eee0e⋯.png (138.58 KB, 660x466, 330:233, 10508-2784-140917-Mail-6-l.png)

Don't know if any anons have already stated this, but after an hour or so of examining pixel by pixel, it wasn't forensic evidence that led me to the conclusion, but glaringly obvious inconsistencies between the UI and the model of phone she's holding.

Look at the delete/backspace button on the keyboard. It's a gray background, and the icon is a black outline, with a grey interior. This button design was last seen on iOS 7.

When iOS 8 rolled out, the delete button was redesigned, having a grey background, and a solid white icon, with only the "X" in the center being cut out, to reveal the gray background. no outline, no black.

Ok, so her OS is, at the newest, iOS 7, which was released September of 2013.

Her phone has no button on top, but has a button on the right side, a design first introduced in 2014 with the iPhone 6—which shipped with iOS 8 already installed. In fact, the iPhone 6 (or newer iPhones with the power button on the right side, and no button on the top) can't even run iOS 7. The newest model of iPhone that is capable of running iOS 7 was the iPhone 5c.

So, basically:

Delete/backspace button shows use of an operating system running on a phone that cannot run that operating system. There's your evidence of fakery.

035ef3 No.287202



I fished thru it the last few hrs and continue .So far I cannot see anything other than the color of the screen. The timecode on the screen stops at 935 pm on the screen .I see them all on the phones but there is no close up just the flying camera .

9d0144 No.287203

OH SHIT….. POTUS is now threatening a shutdown!!!

4788b5 No.287204

POTUS just uttered the words SHUT DOWN like 10 times on his MS-13 meeting. Calling Dems bluff.

7b9922 No.287205


its a warning to potus

or lets hope white hats are doing it

8b424f No.287206




BO, please update dough with updated graphic please

ce3c97 No.287207

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.




9b151e No.287208

There is a label on the scarf in the photo

jgkente . com

James ntis

Website says they are made here

46f638 No.287209


Not only what you said, but this is not what Qasked us to do.. It's the total opposite! Instead of finding the original RAW image they are trying to spread tampered images in our name!

a0ba04 No.287210


The entire screen is the forgery, not just the blanked-out part. Yes, I concur.

990d8f No.287212




Great work anon!

e864d0 No.287213

Press briefing pushed back until 3:15

f99471 No.287214


Great job anon

89c1fd No.287215


This new blind posted today by sedan sounds an awful lot like The Standard Hotel and the two employees that died in helicopter crash. I tried posting this a minute ago but I'm not sure it went through

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/02/todays-blind-items-account-number.html?m=0

a3ac1a No.287216


That seems smart, MS-13 is a menace in the very blue local area around Washington. Virginia is on verge of becoming a blue state and voters HATE government shutdowns because nearly everyone lives off the government.

But MS-13 might get their attention as valid reason to threaten shutdown.

04973d No.287217

2 days until next possible govt shutdown.

87fd66 No.287218

I got a response from the house archives and they don't carry any of the footage from the SOTU. other sources they said may have video is CSPAN, Library of Congress And the U.S. House Recording Studio.

For Library of Congress, they recommended specifically "congressional floor proceedings" and recommended googling "congressional floor proceedings library of Congress" or going here: www.loc.gov/avconservation/collections/congress.html

They said we can also try contacting the U.S. House Recording Studio directly I have not been able to find their direct phone number, but the Chief Administrative Office of the U.S. House, which oversees the House Recording Studio, can be reached at 202-226-6660

401737 No.287219



is it evidence of fakery or a method of sending a message. not from Q to us but from one BA to another.

Im a photographer "Raw" possibly refers to an unprocessed image format.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_image_format

ee301e No.287220

Found another pic, probably from the same photog

https:// www.gettyimages.fi/license/912423502

May need more than just the one pic…

7b9922 No.287221

boom, potus said

"we are going to get you them laws"

3dd106 No.287222


The Press seats were only half full 2 minutes ago

4f6cec No.287223

File: f6e8529fc5e3817⋯.png (47.68 KB, 751x160, 751:160, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 1….png)

This mentioned earlier of FOX

"Fed punishes Wells Fargo"

$400 mil

Something is cooking - this could be just the beginning…

8e8f0e No.287225

File: e1106267fb3c5b0⋯.jpg (13.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 234.jpg)


goddammit anon.


seriously anyone?

32e1df No.287226


Was listening-audio announcement bumped to 3:15

7b9922 No.287227


also the vl, deciples, kings

e864d0 No.287228

8091ed No.287229

File: 3884f481d1779fe⋯.png (439.59 KB, 878x813, 878:813, screenshot_865.png)

https:// youtu.be/x6pZzek2iwI

224f60 No.287230


He looks like he's on drugs. Meth or coke if I had to guess.

52f32a No.287231

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

LIVE: Press Secretary Sarah Sanders URGENT

White House Press Briefing on National Security

https:// youtu.be/x6pZzek2iwI

Starting shortly

aa5a56 No.287232


>Focus on the details of the Trump investigation too.

I just did the timeline for

>>283537 rt >>283468

to keep it INLINE with those date(s). And to show a TIMELINE GRAPHIC example, instead of SPREADSHEET date i.e. VISUAL expression...

150062 No.287233

File: cd894fee29e28bc⋯.jpeg (371.08 KB, 623x2065, 89:295, 6e54cb71e78c601dc962c1ca2….jpeg)


Los Angeles v. Patel,

576 U.S. ___ (2015)

https:// supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/576/13-1175/dissent4.html

"Justice Scalia, with whom The Chief Justice and Justice Thomas join, dissenting.

The city of Los Angeles, like many jurisdictions across the country, has a law that requires motels, hotels, and other places of overnight accommodation (hereinafter motels) to keep a register containing specified information about their guests. Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) §41.49(2) (2015). The purpose of this recordkeeping requirement is to deter criminal conduct, on the theory that criminals will be unwilling to carry on illicit activities in motel rooms if they must provide identifying information at check-in…."

2567f8 No.287234


I think I heard them say it was starting at 3:15 local time.

6428c1 No.287235

File: 5a843b3bad0e6d1⋯.jpeg (31.67 KB, 261x223, 261:223, 93E7FF36-B7E5-4E90-AD12-8….jpeg)

7c1444 No.287236

File: 541bd8bc23e6080⋯.png (887.31 KB, 817x6530, 817:6530, screencapture-washingtonpo….png)

Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robes emblazoned with a large cross and the motto “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures,” according to the group’s website. Some hold titles, such as Grand Master, Prior and Knight Grand Officer. The Order’s name is in honor of Hubert, the patron saint of hunters and fishermen.

[Texas sheriff’s report reveals more details on Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s death]

Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter and C. Allen Foster, a prominent Washington lawyer who traveled to the ranch with Scalia by private plane, hold leadership positions within the Order. It is unclear what, if any, official association Scalia had with the group.

995b8e No.287237


Lest it breads more bad info, there is a MAJOR ERROR error in both posts >>285138 and >>285342

in that the AS 187 references ARE NOT helicopter related

AS->Antonin Scalia [187] ->Killed/Murdered/Arkancided

dd49de No.287238


Looking at my phone right now and you are completely wrong. My delete button is gray with a black outline.

IOS 11.2.5

df0309 No.287239


https:// twitter.com/37911133339

twitter account with same digits

a66587 No.287240

Steve Elmendorf, 06MAY2016.

Post images…??

e864d0 No.287241



7b9922 No.287242


oh bummer tore down cabrini green. now the hard core gang members

are everywhere.

they did this in multiple states

3dd106 No.287243


Cool. Gives me time to get some things done.

171058 No.287244

File: f67b10889771850⋯.jpg (81.08 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 242nb2.jpg)

930b32 No.287246



was dug fairly extensively last night.

0796b3 No.287247

File: 6d604c2fcf3288b⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Outbreak.png)

19132e No.287248


Why is it "urgent"?

276163 No.287249


This is "blame the victim" bullshit.

Hippies tried to end the corporate/cabal influence 50 years ago. It was the Kent State Massacre that ended the Peace Movement. Nobody can accomplish anything by being murdered so the movement went underground.

The Peace Movement still exists. It's just a lot harder to murder anons than hippies.

c81fc7 No.287250


I'd guess that yes, it refers to the RAW file format.

Not that any standard EXIF data (short of GPS coordinates) would be of much interest, but the RAW format would only contain non-destructive (reversible) edits—and even then, those edits would only be present if it were bundled with the XMP data.

401737 No.287251



Im a photographer "Raw" possibly refers to an unprocessed image format.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_image_format

e864d0 No.287252


That feed always says urgent. They want you to watch it.

4727d7 No.287253


It seems like the wizards at the NSA would be able to get the content of her email from her cell provider. It's hard to believe that the Q Team doesn't already have this info, so the question becomes why does Q want us to find it.

930b32 No.287254


appologies on last post. Supposed to just be "THIS".


was dug fairly extensively last night.

90310a No.287256


Q said find the raw footage, doesn't seem like anybody is even looking

9d0144 No.287257


9e3e29 No.287258

hv looked at the soundfile



Hey anons, hv been trying a few hrs in Protools/Avid. Sorry, tried everything. cant get the voice on the sound clip isolated from GEOTUS. voice is in same direction (close to Geotus' mic) and same hight range,

Hv tried every equalizer and stereo image to see if i can isolate it. No can do.

sorry anons, I tried and failed

a66587 No.287259


Steve Elmendorf, 06MAY2016.

Post images…??

401737 No.287260


"raw" images cannot be photoshopped because they are unprocessed

b5ee27 No.287261


a3ac1a No.287262


>hard core gang members are everywhere.

Yup, by day they are cooks, waiters, dishwashers, landscapers, carpenters, all sorts of legit occupations. Dug deep into local neighborhoods.

d60264 No.287263


Under -

Current Hashtags









d10a27 No.287264


Link for launch?

e864d0 No.287265


Bc they cant give us it! They have it to use to bring justice but it would be epic if we could also source it and spread it to bring public attn. We are being trained.

6a5c2d No.287266

File: d4663f0718f8f09⋯.png (84.87 KB, 657x486, 73:54, 7-10.png)

DJT publicly now talking about MS-13 gangs as a problem.

Simultaneously tweets out 7/10

This is the GO CODE to dump Seth Rich.

c81fc7 No.287267


Oh shit, you're right! I didn't realize that design was reinstated for iOS 11.

That's what I get for investigating while hung over.

46f638 No.287268


http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address


df0309 No.287269


i hope they sell tickets to his hanging

689fb3 No.287270

File: 359da50f5a1d84f⋯.png (355.11 KB, 522x427, 522:427, 2018-02-06_1347.png)

b5ee27 No.287271


https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbSwFU6tY1c there you are

ce3c97 No.287272


>This is the GO CODE to dump Seth Rich.

u wot m8?

44ddf2 No.287273


Great work phonefag!

d10a27 No.287274



7b9922 No.287275


makes me sic

we want safe neighborhoods

these people/animals are totally nuts

they do robberys and tons of violent

crimes in daylight. they dont care

0796b3 No.287276


What's supposed to be on board?

Fox says that EM said 50/50 odds of it exploding, lol!

995b8e No.287277


Will still leave a normie scratching their head, and thinking you're confused.

They will think, Doctored? Why do I care? This guy is whacked.

04973d No.287278


talk for yourself, we were looking all night

i was up looking until 9am..

5cf9fc No.287279


I'm not a photographer, but I know this because I'VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION! Fucking lurk moar faggot.

You think 18+ hours after Q drops about this on a board of autists a Wikipedia article is important new info that requires a post?

Fucking go back.

bee6e5 No.287280


Did anyone match markers with q post.. Was here this morning

ce3c97 No.287281


if nothing else it provides a timeline showing we knew the photo was doctored before the rest of the country knew

401737 No.287282



Im a photographer "Raw" possibly refers to an unprocessed image format.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raw_image_format

d0a0b8 No.287283


On Tuesday afternoon, a rocket the size of a 20-story building, containing 27 engines and a cherry-red Tesla Roadster as its payload

04973d No.287284


thank you anon, i went back to an older bread and got them.

saved them on my desktop

8091ed No.287285

File: f924ecf4ee628c4⋯.png (219.06 KB, 1652x437, 1652:437, Getty Images.png)

46f638 No.287286


Hey Baker I think this is the RAW video we are looking for. My internet sucks right now so I can't verify. Don't want it to get lost if it's valuable to us. Maybe someone can really check it out for audio snippets or stills, or even use the timecode ticker to cross reference with other vids etc.

8d22cc No.287287

File: 7aa4fdb172dedd2⋯.png (152.08 KB, 551x341, 551:341, fxheavy.png)


Elon's old car will be sent to Mars orbit…. supposedly.

7b9922 No.287288

secure our border

vet properly a process


3919d6 No.287289


04018e No.287290

OK, listen up….

NASA takes mega high-res images of past SOTU's. See this one attached. That is possibly what Q was referring to with the civilian tech comment. We need to find the NASA photos from this SOTU.

https:// www.flickr.com/photos/nasahqphoto/16148028997/in/photolist-qAWSr4-gbMpBx-7YsjCY-biduQv-23TgwEU-dpuBcm-bidvNX-7zSwn9-fmysqR-bidtyT-68pwtm-8E1XuX-qbuzfz-FPkj1W-FPkjeG-23UpdAL-4Wk4mz-nsax-8H67c6-nz3uxQ-8d2PZE-jP5Xq9-7yUX25-rcsyCX-anUVAf-qBzvZa-jJJeDj-9dnjkf-64V88b-qZSLBx-22zRkED-22zRiqi-FPkhNA-22SuLbw-22zRi8e-22SuMQy-4yhRaN-23UpbXW-23UpdTj-qcQvD8-f5tn1D-bic8c8-23VGRjz-qSZqN3-23SWeVj-9dmyNJ-eW9mff-3gkE15-jzXkuc-65Mm3H

8091ed No.287291



<<read entire post

3b49ba No.287292

https:// squawker. org/politics/somebody-just-leaked-every-phone-number-and-address-on-anthony-weiners-laptop-639-politicians-and-media-personalities-doxxed/

b5ee27 No.287293


It's important.., I don't know that takes on board, but the example of Zuma is dangerous

0796b3 No.287294




9e3e29 No.287295

File: 01c0b021b50bf8b⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, design flyer 30-1-18 DEF1.jpg)


hey anons, are u supposed to work together with the war room fags on the daily hashes?

We havent made you all the stats 2 wipe ur ass with you know…

Use the ice cream graph.

#GrassleyMemo is a dead meme btw doesnt even show up in the stats.

will get back to u asap with daily suggestions (feel free to ignore, its just a suggestion)

sen my post

>>287258 about

the audiofile

04973d No.287296

File: 185e8b9e0554ed2⋯.jpg (452.54 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, weiner doxxing.jpg)

46f638 No.287298


>Hey Baker I think this is the RAW video we are looking for. My internet sucks right now so I can't verify. Don't want it to get lost if it's valuable to us. Maybe someone can really check it out for audio snippets or stills, or even use the timecode ticker to cross reference with other vids etc.

http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

a0ba04 No.287299

File: 82913c81eb0bff6⋯.jpeg (47.14 KB, 529x352, 529:352, iu-9.jpeg)


Never trust a guy who's mom looks like this.

1892c9 No.287301

File: 5b7b3410a65e1da⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 500x653, 500:653, astro-vette.jpg)

b5ee27 No.287302


For that so heavy?, hmm…

084fa5 No.287303


Heavy Metal.

ad6c6f No.287304



92060d No.287305

File: 59d2d35112f201a⋯.jpg (128.12 KB, 800x1147, 800:1147, U5duHDBN2nKSXtyHau3EYhKqAc….jpg)

930b32 No.287306


does that Account # match one of the slush funds Q posted before?

Im gonna see if i have that post saved to check.

cf5124 No.287307


Anyone open the actual document editor or the version of doc editor that would be on that phone. to check the layout?

8b424f No.287308


Then disseminate your own and leave me alone. I think it says it all, but whatever…we all think differently…you release something else. It's about highlighting that something she wrote was covered up…

My co-workers are normies and they didn't have any problem following…

8091ed No.287309


Send Elon instead!!!

23a811 No.287310

Just so we're clear…

The FBI estimated that law enforcement agencies nationwide made 10.7 million arrests, excluding those for traffic violations, in 2016.

There are approx. 18,000 police agencies with over 1 million employees.

The average annual salary of a police officer is $82,162. (Or, approx. double the average American's salary).

Local cops in towns and counties around New York state are robbing taxpayers blind with astronomical yearly salaries — including one officer who pulled down $442,000

Police officers are arrested about 1,100 times a year, or roughly three officers charged every day, according to a new national study. The most common crimes were simple assault, drunken driving and aggravated assault, and significant numbers of sex crimes were also found.

In the seven years of the study, the researchers compiled 6,724 cases, or about 960 cases per year, involving about 792 officers per year — 674 officers were arrested more than once.

Police officers were arrested 1,695 times for violations of their oaths to the public, messing with evidence, or lying in official statements from 2005 to 2012

There are 2000 private intelligence agencies with over 5 million government employees and private contractors now holding security clearances giving them access to classified information.

The American tax-payer funds the intelligence community to the tune of 1.1 TRILLION dollars annually.

The CIA worked with communists to assassinate JFK, as revealed in the released JFK files.

The FBI is working overtime to undermine and frame our democratically-elected President.

The US Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that over a more than two-decade period before 2000, nearly every FBI examiner gave flawed forensic hair testimony in almost all trials of criminal defendants reviewed so far, according to a report in the Washington Post.

The cases examined include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death, 14 of whom have been either executed or died in prison. The scandal raises the very real probability that innocent people have been sent to their deaths, and that many more wrongfully convicted are languishing on death rows across the US due to FBI analysts’ fraudulent testimony.

JUST WANTED ALL YOU TAX-PAYERS TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING FOR YOUR MONEY… If the 5 million-strong intel-community would do this to a sitting US President with few saying a word, who are you to stand up to them? Who is going to stop them from lying to ruining your life?

Why do we tolerate this? Because you have no choice… you peasant.

Freedom… Psssshhhh

"What is justice?" - Socrates

c42739 No.287311



>The shot heard around the world

Wait, that fits, shit

7b9922 No.287313

in canada, americans cant even go visit

if they had 1 dui. bush had to get a

trp to enter.

http:// www.duientry.com/

but we let in killers, something wrong here

995b8e No.287314


This is far superior than that other one.

This makes sense and will get people involved and thinking. Kudos to you.

392db3 No.287316

File: 7d78bfc852a8f1f⋯.jpg (88.63 KB, 671x500, 671:500, 242oem.jpg)

a18bac No.287317

File: b175547b88b02f8⋯.png (365.57 KB, 791x460, 791:460, spaceballs.png)

a0ba04 No.287318


your concerns have been acknowledged and filtered.

89c1fd No.287319


One would assume a hotel that is involved in trafficking & possible body disposal wouldn't be sticklers for the guest identification laws

8d22cc No.287320


Yeah strange… a Tesla roadster weights almost 3,000lbs and the Falcon Heavy's capacity to Trans-Mars Injection is 37,000lbs. That drops a bit because the car doesn't have it's own propulsion for the mars injection burn but still waaaay overpowered for just launching a car.

c81fc7 No.287321

File: f3231a8b08d3a44⋯.jpg (120.02 KB, 966x1200, 161:200, DVU4AUiVAAEYUbF.jpg)

File: 64c6b11ee58b13f⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 540x960, 9:16, iOS11-email-Options-540x96….jpg)



Ok, that said, a new email message in iOS 11 has rounded corners at the top of the new message "card". The card corners in her message look much more squared

23a811 No.287322


Yeah… Go bury your head in the sand, you gov't-cock sucking, faggot.

ad6c6f No.287323


We have this already. We're looking for the original uncompressed files, not a stream.

1dfbeb No.287324

File: f307bef8c5ba50d⋯.jpg (57.5 KB, 700x415, 140:83, elon-mom.jpg)

>>287299 Better - the bride of Frankenstein - is the mother of jr

04973d No.287325



>Lmao. Gangrelated anon… it's all in the lyrics

>Listen/Read to

>Biggie - Long kiss goodnight

>Makaveli - Against All Odds.

>listen to the names, DIG… its easy

401737 No.287326




well maybe your all knowing self can point me to the post where Q says its a video file? no such thing as a raw video file. 1 of 4. since the other images are stills the one should also be a still.

46f638 No.287327


The Little Black Book you don't want to be in!

f99471 No.287328

https ://conservativedailypost.com/federal-judge-orders-speed-release-1-2-million-documents-obama-clinton-deep-state-scandals-exposed/


035ef3 No.287330


Jesus on the dashboard !

8d22cc No.287331


Oh man a Winnebago would have been MUCH more exciting payload and more appropriate to the rocket's throw weight.


He wants to go so bad lets send him there Kek!

46f638 No.287332


Find the film

9d0144 No.287333


Must be nice to be able to just throw away GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED MONEY(or better yet, we the people's tax money) on just launching one of your vehicles into space just because.

a18bac No.287334

File: c876c26c4d8b5c7⋯.jpg (305.31 KB, 1280x944, 80:59, slem.jpg)

f045ee No.287335

File: 155624afdf2102b⋯.png (425.05 KB, 603x333, 67:37, ClipboardImage.png)


When did space become his personal junkyard?

d4783f No.287336

numeralogy as of late .. stock fell 666

superb owl score 41= daddy bush 33 =mason

f99471 No.287337


Look top right corner, you can see the two diff layers

04973d No.287338


Black book, isnt that that pedo guys book?

i forgot his name smh..

77aac8 No.287339

Can you believe what the payload for this launch is? KEK

A roadster with a spaceman in the driver's seat…reminds me of the start of the movie Heavy Metal! KEK!!!

46f638 No.287340


Words have multiple meanings also..

http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

035ef3 No.287341


It's a shame I liked Elon. Now I know he's obum bums butt buddy and he's a badguy Q said. How is he allowed to launch ? I hope Q inspected the payload.

035ef3 No.287343


So its a fake photoshop overlay in other words?

c01003 No.287344


what mars really looks like… btw, a p900 can zoom in incredibly on so much, like read a phone screen from a distance, just saying.. they do not cost much to do your own distance footage of anything really

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccG_D0FY_JQ

92060d No.287345


elon musk is a fucking psy-op. He's a frontman for DARPA tech. Nothing more. Wake up.

156271 No.287346


NBC actually displayed “breaking news” complete with ominous music this am at 8.35 central to say stocks were down another 550 points.

Basically scaring everyone…and that was the ONLY point.

By the time the segment had ended, djia had already bounced up 250.

Within an hour, it was back in green.

Media try at manipulation. FTC should be able to do something.

035ef3 No.287347


Ok Il wake up .

6ea70d No.287348


Can you take a picture of your phone?

I'm wondering why her emoji button looks blacked out?

258bea No.287349


The account number listed in the Blind post has a twitter account tat dates back to 2011 but its marked private.

https:// twitter.com/37911133339

cbf230 No.287350

Market's up 278 with an hour to go…

https:// www.cnbc.com/

b5ee27 No.287351


Exactly.., for some so heavy.., as example: must carry 10 or 20 cars.., if the injection is 37,000 ibs..,It's would the limit weight..

035ef3 No.287352


CNN was trying to scare everyone of course as well this morning. Insanity. They want us destroyed so bad.

c26855 No.287353

File: dd7547292bbea4b⋯.jpg (30.22 KB, 255x184, 255:184, IMG_0784.JPG)

Top secret post on chan board

8d22cc No.287354


Sliding off topic a bit… but seriously they are always so concerned about cleaning every speck of dust and bacteria off NASA probes, aren't they worried his car could hit mars and spread his filth all over the red planet before he even gets there?

23a811 No.287355

File: af28ba924932e6e⋯.png (107.65 KB, 803x343, 803:343, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

File: 99fa915871bbe57⋯.png (212.2 KB, 518x735, 74:105, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

File: 686c35387156e4b⋯.png (152.37 KB, 1044x513, 116:57, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

File: 4900966db839239⋯.png (642.68 KB, 809x899, 809:899, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

Don't worry guys… The gov't will save you.

3b49ba No.287356


https:// archive.is/rWZGf#selection-9921.0-10053.44

92060d No.287357

File: ba35007ee933314⋯.gif (661.66 KB, 218x200, 109:100, thanks-1511627038965.gif)

4788b5 No.287358

File: 36c2b1e614ab18e⋯.png (3.54 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)






Interesting choice of words…

6ea70d No.287359


If you can take a pic, put your thumb in front of it to see why it looks so shopped…

a30a05 No.287360

File: ba06b27e7bce4a5⋯.jpg (3.28 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1517947154044757470611.jpg)

Adam schiff family tree i looked him up a ancestry too. Says edward ephram schiff came from russia

http:// www.famechain.com/family-tree/39315/frank-schiff/martha-schiff

a18bac No.287361


Eugenics/Genocide. Kinda like Blankets for Native Americans. Gotta Think like a Cabal. Put Justin Timberlake in it.

3081e4 No.287362


Maybe he's targeting the White House.

8091ed No.287364

File: a9306fa61b522aa⋯.png (39.04 KB, 264x414, 44:69, screenshot_866.png)

I bet (((a lot))) of DM's were sent back and forth on that twatter account!!!

111df6 No.287365



76ff82 No.287366

File: f49280970e950d8⋯.png (5.2 KB, 230x96, 115:48, Q capcha 13.png)

SpaceX Falcon Heavy booster sending a Tesla roadster to Mars orbit with a robot driver, huh? What's the use in that? Send it to the surface, let him drive it around!

4f6cec No.287367


what kind of damage does 37,000 pounds have on planet when it strikes the earth from orbit?

04973d No.287368

https:// truepundit.com/hillary-clintons-big-super-spy-guy-christopher-steele-run/

ce3c97 No.287369


you know the polio blankets are just a myth, right? propaganda to demonize white people

a3f79e No.287370



Was Hillary making deals outside Hussein? You betcha. It's what she does best.

1dfbeb No.287371

>>287341 Anon,

>>287345 Bingo

If you're newbie - best bet is to Q map musk, look at the date Q called him out - then go to the bread - lots of solid dish by the Anon Army - he's evil

FFS, look at his mother >>287324

f99471 No.287372

Another train????

https: //nypost.com/2018/02/06/amtrak-train-breaks-apart-at-125-mph/

18262a No.287373

https:// pastebin.com/tHJkwnE3

a0b44c No.287374

File: 334c8e7a29ccb06⋯.jpg (355.61 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, adam schiffty.jpg)

cf7352 No.287375


>blackpill post

we're already dead inside anon, wont work here

035ef3 No.287376


Why the fuck would he say that considering the chatter about him online . You think he doesn't surf this board ?! WTF is going on here folks? A car with a fake man inside sent to mars. MY ASSHOLE ! I hope Q is in control of this shit. I don't trust Lex Luthor after reading these explosion bs statements and Boom shit.

7c0c27 No.287377


from orbit? almost none, a little pollution.

8091ed No.287378

File: c3a49646218017f⋯.png (604.96 KB, 1749x899, 1749:899, screenshot_867.png)




https:// web.archive.org/web/20180206200034/https:// twitter.com/37911133339

04018e No.287379

If you look at this filename, the PS was likely done on Feb 1. using webarchive, we need to try to find a snapshot of Getty Images from Jan 31 or Jan 30 that has the image before PS…

http:// content.tegnanc.com/photo/2018/02/01/GettyImages-912439238_1517521556700_12686834_ver1.0.jpg

f99471 No.287380


Put that in the pastebin please.

f99471 No.287381

4f6cec No.287382


Boring Co. :

What better way to build a network of bunkers prior to world destruction… just sayin

b5ee27 No.287383


hmmmm…, We hope that something good pass

392db3 No.287384

File: 44c87a59d7cc5a4⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 620x427, 620:427, 188gnl.jpg)

b1ed0e No.287385

File: 7540552765db993⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1214x1464, 607:732, The_entire_cell_phone_scre….png)

dont know, if it was already mentioned:

https:// twitter.com/maxoptical/status/960742986014449664

76ff82 No.287386


Oh, so they ARE sending it to the surface? Cos FOX News only said they were sending it to orbit.

They out to have a The Grand Tour challenge by sending top model robotic autos to the red planet, let them duke it out in some endurance test

d10a27 No.287387

HEAVY METAL-Sammy Hagar-Heavy Metal

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQE1Q1NILfQ

4fe9f0 No.287388


A very impressive timeline was already done. Shown on last bread and should be in dough.

f99471 No.287389


Maybe the man isn’t fake?

76ff82 No.287390


Top jam!

392db3 No.287391


I thought the same thing

086f58 No.287392


damn mouse turd olympics

2cf1cd No.287393


Correct. Not the whole screen was overlayed, as some anons think. If they overlayed the whole screen why such a lousy job? They would make it look 'normal'.

Or the photographer saw it himself, or they did the job at gettys. One of them is complicit with treason for withholding/scrubbing of evidence of a treaseous crime.

4788b5 No.287394



Maybe same image with a small snap of Hillary in the corner, captioned "Brought to heel"

c81fc7 No.287395




No, I have an X, the keyboard layout is different (though the design of the button is the same).


I actually did this w/ a friend's hand in front of the screen, then scaled down and compressed the pic, sharpened like hell in photoshop, and did see that there was a similar (to the pic we've seen) amount of noise around the edge of the thumb over the screen (specifically lots of green artifacting).

a0ba04 No.287396

File: c0793461477f15c⋯.png (523.67 KB, 1161x716, 1161:716, b8ce128c95bccece4f2a3b791c….png)

File: 21118fb5c7b8070⋯.png (630.63 KB, 1173x740, 1173:740, 0d2dc63110b02c849f339e75bd….png)

035ef3 No.287397


Im not new for sure, I remember when Q first called EM a bad guy I was shocked. I just do not understand how he can just do whatever the fuck he wants at Kennedy? makes no sense to me but I don't require immediate results either. I know chess but this is risky letting this guy just launch shit into space . Maybe 41020 is not yet in control of Canaveral? Weird times we are in.

b5ee27 No.287398


Hmmm, debris rain?

930b32 No.287399


anyone know what post had the partial account #'s on it?

6adf5f No.287400

Has anyone had luck contacting the Clerks office at the capitol to check on footage?

534a89 No.287401


Sorry if this has been asked…been working…but wouldn't the White House be the place that would have the actual raw footage? Is there a way to request that from them? Or request from the Capital Building?

04973d No.287402


C. Delores Tucker, you's a motherfucker

Instead of tryin' to help a nigga, you destroy a brother

Worse than the others; Bill Clinton, Mister Bob Dole

You're too old to understand the way the game's told

You're lame so I gotta hit you with the hot facts

Once I'm released, I'm makin' millions, nigga, top that

They wanna censor me; they'd rather see me in a cell

Livin' in hell, only a few of us'll live to tell

Now everybody talkin' about us, I could give a fuck

I'd be the first one to bomb and cuss

Nigga, tell me how you want it

i know… but still, gang related murder.

f99471 No.287403

Hmmm, interesting day… space x, judge approves order to release 1.2 million BHO,HRC docs….Urgent press conf, Train wreck….

7c0c27 No.287404


they did on plebbit yesterday

035ef3 No.287405


OMG WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!! A sacrifice ?!

41b56c No.287406


Re-reading the Q drop:

Imagine THIS.

Raw intel collection.

Narrative FEEDER.











How do you retain 'Freedom of the Press' if those in front of the camera [trusted by select viewers] are extensions of the ARM?

Freedom of the Press is VITAL to retain.

I suggest it might mean this:

Imagine THIS. = Hypothetical idea

Raw intel collection = any kind of intel collection.

Narrative FEEDER = Who usually tries to control the narrative? MSM. So in regards of ANY intel collected, the media usually attacks certain parts of it that they don't like. In this case, FEEDER could mean source of intel.

Narrative COLLECTORS = WHO found it.

Narrative DISTRIBUTORS = WHO told the public about it.









All seem to suggest some of the excuses the MSM uses to discredit any factual evidence.

How do you retain 'Freedom of the Press' if those in front of the camera [trusted by select viewers] are extensions of the ARM?

Freedom of the Press is VITAL to retain.

Freedom of the press is retained by normal American citizens doing the research and investigating. Think about it, pretty much ANY intel coming from ANY govt agency is generally viewed as potentially biased or politically motivated.

What if we the people are the ones who found the sources, collected it, and then disseminated it instead of the corrupt MSM?

Make sense?

f99471 No.287407

a66587 No.287408

File: 1b810d0042516a9⋯.png (2.57 MB, 899x996, 899:996, SteveElmendorf1.png)

File: 0ef55611b5cbe71⋯.png (2.52 MB, 896x983, 896:983, SteveElmendorf2.png)

File: e107edb2f82114f⋯.png (2.54 MB, 894x993, 298:331, SteveElmendorf3.png)

File: d99d9e6773d08a2⋯.png (2.56 MB, 893x999, 893:999, SteveElmendorf4.png)

File: f5b7730378ab658⋯.png (2.53 MB, 893x988, 47:52, SteveElmendorf5.png)

Steve Elmendorf, 06MAY2016.

5eec93 No.287409

File: d1534038b0a1b91⋯.jpeg (52.8 KB, 736x479, 736:479, 0FDBFE91-40E0-4A5B-8EDD-1….jpeg)

Just an idea for you memefags: really surprised we haven’t seen any Grima Wormtongue/Adam Schiffty memes. Stop slacking anons.

7f2b11 No.287410

File: e0399eeeb3b597c⋯.png (120.59 KB, 890x539, 890:539, ClipboardImage.png)


Look at the video at 9:42 p.m. if you can find the one from Chip.

086f58 No.287411


no raw means bit mapped or per pixel, jpg etc are compressed and don't capture high quality, also usually the image is higher res as far as someone looking to do print quality work as color correction is easier that way.

ce3c97 No.287412

a0ba04 No.287413


Colbert is Grima

a66587 No.287414

File: dc8d83bcdbaecc0⋯.png (2.11 MB, 867x847, 867:847, SteveElmendorf6.png)


Steve Elmendorf, 06MAY2016.

930b32 No.287415

File: 7526b87ecf05445⋯.jpg (127.29 KB, 1021x710, 1021:710, slushfundaccounts.JPG)


disregard. i found it and it didnt match. wishful thinking.

04973d No.287416

I can confirm that a package containing an unknown white powdery substance and a threat was addressed to my name. It was handed to UK diplomatic police. I understand they are performing toxicology and forensics.

Julian Assange twatter

c26855 No.287417

File: f0d80f2b3f4dd67⋯.jpg (61.58 KB, 512x768, 2:3, IMG_0445.JPG)

I would like to thank Q, Dr Pepper , American spirits, iOS 6 on 4s, Putin , private tunnel, la tienda Rosa , tubas, and the chronic .

e0598c No.287418


>Boring Co - What better way to build a network of bunkers prior to world destruction


Guessing It has nothing to do with underground hyperloops, and everything to do with justifying all the R&D and equipment to build DUMBs.

035ef3 No.287419


They launching Obama into orbit in the car ?!

4727d7 No.287420


Bingo!!! There are no coincidences: POTUS currently speaking at a round table on MS-13 (who were hired to 187 Seth Rich) and posting 7/10, which is when Rich was killed. We need to check WikiLeaks and JA's Twitter.

ef5d1f No.287421

File: 42f4d2a57738f3b⋯.jpeg (69.77 KB, 461x534, 461:534, Qanon10pm020518.jpeg)

just saw this posted on twitter. looks like a Q drop dated 2/5/18 @ 10pm EST, but I never saw this on 8ch. Can anyone verify?

ce3c97 No.287422




don't forget transit tunnels for the undergroud slave trade

930b32 No.287423


Obama dumping excess cocaine. ;)

3081e4 No.287424

cf7352 No.287425



a18bac No.287426


meme idea…Sammy Haggar on top of Amtrak train "I can't drive 55!"

086f58 No.287427


What part about test could 50/50 blow up don't you get?

7b9922 No.287428


lolol with food and water for 2 days

8091ed No.287429

[3] need to pull all the DM's for this account on the twatter servers….

https:// twitter.com/37911133339

7cdb54 No.287430


I agree. I think it also trains us how to think. If everyone was hyper aware of the way the Cabal operates, the safer we all are. If everyone is awake, the harder for ((them)) to regain power in the future.

I am sure they have the proof whether it be via the No Such Agency or the TEMPEST program if that exists.

156271 No.287431

File: 66aaa5d269d080d⋯.jpg (214.06 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, shifftycharacters.JPG)


Get that memo!!

8847d1 No.287432


It's a Dilley drop….not Q

ce3c97 No.287433



>can anyone verify

yeah, you can

c3cee4 No.287434

not sure if any anon posted about this, but could this be a story about the Standard Hotel?

http:// www. crazydaysandnights.net/2018/02/todays-blind-items-account-number.html

f1e955 No.287435

File: 7718080d1260111⋯.png (87 KB, 730x324, 365:162, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

8611ad No.287436

File: 820c67298d464d8⋯.png (4.77 KB, 861x60, 287:20, ClipboardImage.png)


FTPfags, anyone can get in?

anonymous doesn't work…

a0ba04 No.287437


This is from Dilley's source, not Q.


224f60 No.287438


He looks like he's on drugs. Meth or coke if I had to guess.


7c0c27 No.287439


they havn't gotten a response yet…. gimme a min I'll find the post

2cf1cd No.287440


Good job finding trying to find out.

Only, one thing bothers me… when someone said this out loud (it was audible enough for others in the room, I guess), why was there no commotion over it. It should have shocked some people. No visible reactions in the room.

(Just wondering.)

8611ad No.287441


IP is to getty ftp that I found

f34ec2 No.287443

File: b44d2fee4043eee⋯.jpg (46.31 KB, 635x537, 635:537, TP.JPG)

From this morning.

Is TP watching chan?

Someone with a twatter should ask him to get the roll.

8b424f No.287444


Yep, Dilley's source - in same circles as Q team according to him…

851d86 No.287445


nope, got any more style of those memes by any chance? like to analyze them.

4f6cec No.287446

392db3 No.287447


not confirming he's still at the embassy though. is he really still there?

e864d0 No.287448


yea he is an anon.

6428c1 No.287449

File: 72d09429f8da12f⋯.jpeg (100.68 KB, 764x500, 191:125, 21267002-0580-4142-9BFD-F….jpeg)

ef5d1f No.287450



No shit Sherlock. Already told you I didn't see it on 8ch, which would include the fucking archives. so, fuck yourself and try to keep up. wondering if it was missed FFS

b5ee27 No.287451


f99471 No.287452

File: ce982630e467a4a⋯.jpeg (212.45 KB, 1270x1472, 635:736, 50854ECD-56FC-4982-9351-2….jpeg)

This was in my twat feed..


084fa5 No.287453


Almost looks like stars coming out of his head where they're gonna smack him in the eye for his deeds.

f1e955 No.287454


You're right, it doesn't confirm he's there, but someone may think he is.

e96559 No.287455

File: 9a323ef7e4e5365⋯.png (589.05 KB, 1001x762, 1001:762, as187.png)

File: d7f4de38a427e8d⋯.png (750.82 KB, 914x702, 457:351, ASStandard.png)

1892c9 No.287456


just send all these parasites to their own thread already

c81fc7 No.287457


Unless there is a matching XMP file in the directory, in which case, when the RAW photo is opened in, say, Adobe Camera Raw, any RAW edits would be present—though reversible. That said, the only edits you'd find would be sharpness, white balance, color balance, tint, geometric correction, etc. No superimposition or anything that alters the actual pixel data—just different rules for how software should render the RAW image.


RAW format only refers to files created in the camera, with the exception of some extensions like .NEF (Lightroom's RAW format that has slightly smaller filesizes and more universal compatibility than manufacturer specific RAW files.)

Other raw file extensions include CR2 (Canon), NIF (Nikon), and I'm sure several others.

Photos can be uncompressed, yet altered—TIFF files are the best example of this (and often times larger ones have multiple layers as well).

930b32 No.287458


if by "gang" u mean Dems then yes.

ce3c97 No.287459

File: 289ff6c35421831⋯.png (48.05 KB, 880x550, 8:5, you_02.png)


>i know it's not on any of the tools devoted to archiving every Q post ever, but is this a Q post?

c26855 No.287460

File: 1e69c98049e8e59⋯.jpg (56 KB, 960x760, 24:19, IMG_0667.JPG)

Two For flinching

fc89a1 No.287461


Were on the same team, right anons?

f1e955 No.287462

File: 6d0150afaaeb771⋯.png (104.14 KB, 415x301, 415:301, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

469ab4 No.287463


Dilley's source has merit

But, the source says he is not part of "Q"

A contractor that has been "Cleared" to have Dilley get the "Truth" out.

Same with Thomas Paine and Hannity

258bea No.287464


Domain Name: 37911133339.com

Registrar URL: http:// www.godaddy.com

Registrant Name: Ovid Brown

Registrant Organization: Ovid D Brown



DNSSEC: unsigned

035ef3 No.287465

spacex webcast on

7b9922 No.287466


lol i remember that

084fa5 No.287467


Note: It would technically be possible to modify a RAW image but this is NOT probable.

258bea No.287468


IP :

IP-based Geolocation of 37911133339.com : flag US United States | Arizona | Scottsdale

DNS Status : Online

46f638 No.287469


Nice thanks.

I noticed 2 UK ministers on the list:

Peter Mandelson (a queer - probably a pedo) &

Patricia Hewitt (Trade Minister - probably trading in children!)

ef5d1f No.287470


better comms. thanks anon.

f99471 No.287471

930b32 No.287472


Actually it's really easy. Just post the financial docs showing the agents posing as media. Simple. In fact the Fusion GPS financials prob shows most of them.

a0b44c No.287473

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear?

just a thought.

8b424f No.287474



It's information from Dilley's source. NSA and DHS have the actual voter counts Trump 70 mil to HRC 57 mil. Verified, by independent non-governemtn entity. That news is suppose to come out the end of this week i believe.

He also said there were 4 more memos going to come out. Then MSM started reporting 5 memos yesterday.

Not Fake info - Can't vouch for author of drop in photo…

1892c9 No.287475


>wondering if it was missed

<pic of his own post includes the answer (it's a dilley)



>on the same team

not all of us

>right anons?

not all of us are "anons"

6d998c No.287476

File: be67b87acc4256e⋯.jpg (311.78 KB, 1600x1062, 800:531, Nkorea.jpg)

a0ba04 No.287477


Based on the veracity of his assertions I suspect Dilley's source is MegaAnon

f99471 No.287478

b5ee27 No.287479


It's Curious that Sarah Sanders and SpaceX is almost at the same time

f99471 No.287480



7b9922 No.287481

im calling bs on em

sending car up

just f stupid. make the story

crazy and they will believe it.

the crazier the better.

44ddf2 No.287482


You're in the wrong place, that's why. Go here


7c0c27 No.287483


reddit .com/user/Deelo53/comments/7vnsif/cbts_stream/

I membered wrong, email sent 4 hours ago.

41b56c No.287484


Hmmm, yeah. You have a valid point. Okay, nm then.

46f638 No.287485


Patricia Hewitt UK Trade & Industry Minister cals for age of consent to be lowered to 10yrs old.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2569570/Patricia-Hewitt-breaks-silence-groups-links-National-Council-Civil-Liberties-boss.html

Her details found on Weiner's laptop

Patricia Hewitt hewittph(at)parliament.uk 207-726-2567 H 207-215-5144 W 00162518403 (constituency Fax 7715790970

C London UK Minister of Trade and Industry a Victoria St. London

e5c854 No.287486


Didn't EM already send his car up before?

04018e No.287487

Look at the link to the Chip Somodeville photo – he mis-spelled the word 'thier' in the link. Could that help us track down the original file?

https:// www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/members-of-congress-look-at-thier-cell-phones-during-the-news-photo/912439238

3feecf No.287488


Peter Mandelson, the "Prince of Darkness", appropriately has an email address with demon.co.uk

ce3c97 No.287489


may allah bless you with your 72 virgins, or something like that

035ef3 No.287490


They are launching Killdawg the original and Obama original no clones to mars no helmet

d4783f No.287491

SpacEX sells

f99471 No.287492

That was shared to my twatter, I trust POTUS, Q and Q team…. if it’s not from them I ignore it…. lots of fame seekers out there….

078f29 No.287493

Shepard Smith works so hard everyday to get a job at cnn so Anderson Vanderbilt can cornhole him

a09126 No.287494


I hope some parents get to her

46f638 No.287495


Yeah and everyone that sets eyes on him knows he's a pervert!

b18a27 No.287496


Hope press conf talks about the 1.2 mil docs just a little, make them all freak out like with the memo… kek.

7b9922 No.287497


wow, wtf pure evil

469ab4 No.287498

File: bbb92d507eaa20e⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-06-13-1….png)

111df6 No.287499

Who's got a link to the SpaceX launch?

035ef3 No.287500


c26855 No.287501

File: 2559cd039eb58ba⋯.jpeg (13.13 KB, 178x255, 178:255, ED975DAC-C7CF-4B3A-8F37-9….jpeg)

Fancy cars and smoking fine cigars

b18a27 No.287502


That's disgusting.

035ef3 No.287503

spaceex.com/webcast sorry

f99471 No.287504

Q said there are NO private comms with anyone…. so I doubt he’s dropping crumbs in dilly’s or anyone else’s laps…. Q and team and POTUS have their own board that’s secure….and they drop here…

f1e955 No.287505


My God!

035ef3 No.287507


This is the correct one. phonefaggin

f99471 No.287508



1892c9 No.287509


why can't other sources just be other sources?

the need to tie it to Q just reeks of clownery/slides/distractions

c81fc7 No.287510


You might be surprised how many pro photographers/editors do sloppy jobs, especially when working with a high volume of images.

Also assume that for every 1 photo editor who has the right eye and skills to do good work, there are 99 assholes with photoshop, no skill, and bosses/clients who can't tell the difference.

It *is* difficult to create a convincing superimposition of an electronic display, with so many varyingly intense sources of light from the screen, balancing with room light sources (and exact color temperature at the location of the device screen), not to mention multiple layers of diffusion, refraction, and reflection—glass screens, screen protectors, smudges, fingerprints…

It's much easier to shop something like Hillary's head on the body of a horse, for example.

8611ad No.287511

File: ab9628fa01c631c⋯.png (40.33 KB, 620x343, 620:343, ClipboardImage.png)


Is this why DJT spelled "their" instead of "there" in his tweet?

035ef3 No.287512


They can play with ACs teddy bear together

aa5a56 No.287513

File: 4b41524cb9eec42⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, B-A-T-wikileakes-access-ho….jpg)


>If we include his Tweets at the same time as the events in the timeline, we may uncover info.

>Is the MAP part of his Tweeting timeline????????

Here are SOME DJT tweets on the timeline…. He did more, but these are the ones I have put on the TIMELINE

930b32 No.287514


Nice find anon!!!!!!!!

ef5d1f No.287516


Not clear Dilley posted it as it's not in his feed, but even if he did, I thought it might have been a Q posted somewhere else given the syntax.

084fa5 No.287517



also 'there' misspelled

b5ee27 No.287518


7b9922 No.287519


its easy to do, we have all done it

especially with auto correct

76ff82 No.287520

Shep Smith kek:

"Big rocket! BIIIG rocket!!!"


a8d3f5 No.287521


And referred to himself in the 3rd person.

"Trump" vs "me"

1499c7 No.287522



>My God!

Paving the way for their new muzzie overlords.

a30a05 No.287523

File: f565426fb253ce7⋯.png (370.94 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-152234.png)

Got some info on adam schiff ancestors

Will post multiple times theres 7 screenshots

f99471 No.287524


Does anyone have a disposable twatter acct??? If they do try clicking follow and see if they approve you…

23a811 No.287525

We will be doomed if many do not grow a spine and take back their nation… (You) are relying on the gov't to rid you of gov't corruption. Think about that for a moment…

We wouldn't be in this position if our gov't didn't fuck us all over… But we are counting on them to save us? Hmmmm… Non sequitur

Save yourselves. No one is coming to save you.

The corruption is institutionalized and rampant. You can rid the system of it, yet the system itself will only breed it again. That's what it does… it enables corruption by design.

So long as immunity from prosecution, tiered-justice and double-standards in law exist, corruption will thrive. You know it and I know it. You all know creeps like HRC, Podesta and others are fully-guilty of egregious-crimes, yet you tolerate them being free (Oh my bad… You bitched on the internet about it. Pat yourself on the back).

The biggest threat to you and your family is not the creep living in his van or the illegal-immigrant. It's the judge, the politician, the LEO, the CIA-nigger, etc, with the power to destroy you while you are left no proper recourse and no one to call for help. It's the person you trust not to harm you who harms you most.

And if the same judge, politician, LEO and CIA-nigger weren't in your way, preaching to you that you are "not qualified" to protect yourself and your family and that they "got this", you could put a bullet in the van-dwelling creep or the illegal, or protect your family in the way every man/woman knows how to, naturally.

Our "protectors" have tied our hands behind our back and ensured our complacency while they facilitate and enable our demise. Most in law enforcement do not care to serve or protect you in anyway. They merely love their 80k+ salary and the fact chicks dig uniforms. They care more for the power-trip they get lording over you, than they care for your well-being. And you can be certain they will always do what they're told. Because if they didn't, they would have a record of some sort and be barred from even applying for law enforcement… Sure, there are exceptions. But have these exceptions prevented your nation from becoming a corrupt cess-pool of deception and perversion of justice? No…

Yet, here (You) are, pleading for the same system of corruption to come and save you.

Define "insanity".

0ef52c No.287526

File: d6005bb716c2cca⋯.jpeg (829.05 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 470FCE3B-FE4A-4817-8D11-0….jpeg)


Does anyone know who this is

57eba1 No.287527

Pres. Trump: "If we have to shut it down because the Democrats don't want safety…then shut it down. We'll go with another shutdown."


c01003 No.287528


the way they mock us all, maybe today people will take note to the detail of BS they feed us, and amazing that people seeing the truth analyzed to show them the real truth, they still wont get it, nor will they research further… oh well… this is part of the great awakening…

kinda makes me want to watch a old time Godzilla movie, lol

a video to adsorb into the minds of the clueless…

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=01cQCQ2FRxY

f99471 No.287529


Need to charge that phone anon…lol

cf7352 No.287530

File: cfa79240def1713⋯.jpg (170.87 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, _______.jpg)


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdOPdxXykC8

>tfw still miss Spicy tho

a30a05 No.287531

File: 48edfaaad151a68⋯.png (359.96 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-152237.png)

Adam schiff ancestors pic. Related 2nd pic.

b18a27 No.287532

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, kys.jpg)


Oh look its a glowing clown nigger… KYS.

9365dc No.287533

File: 40b71e2e0188943⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 419x337, 419:337, 2-6-2018 2-13-39 PM.jpg)

File: b619573c0c21d48⋯.png (438.4 KB, 630x743, 630:743, 498951a18fb03487a551567586….png)


Guys, lurker here. Using an earlier hi-res pic posted here, I enlarged it and enhanced resolution. I'm not a photofag, so I don't know what else I can do to sharpen this up. But to me, this looks like iMessage, not email, not twatter. Any sauce?

65d450 No.287534


Rep Chris Coons

ebfdc8 No.287535




Take it to the DNC .

6bf823 No.287536

i wish fox would fire that rhino shepard smith

9549f8 No.287537

I am hearing rumblings that Schiff included trade secrets in the Democrat memo. This would require that the POTUS redact that information.

Guess what the Democrats will say next? "Trump is hiding the truth from you! See we told you he was a liar!!"

c6b0d9 No.287538


This is real but only part of it. I just checked.

At about 16:00


a30a05 No.287539

File: 923797f1364953e⋯.png (324.57 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-152240.png)

Adam schiff pic. 3

27b3d0 No.287540


And Raw is the most editable format. Unlocked if you will. Raw takes longer to process so many photogs have cameras with 2 cards, one that records jpeg the other raw.

c26855 No.287541



2cf1cd No.287542


I see, but the text on her screen doesn't exactly match the end resulting piece she wrote. In other words, at that time she was still working on it. And why overlaying the whole screen? You clearly can see only that certain part blocked out.

But, in fact, it doesn't matter much what exactly was doctored. They scrubbed the real content. That's the important part.

23a811 No.287543


Oh my bad… Did I strike a nerve, faggot?

f42c3b No.287544



Woman in read speaking at that time might be Claire McCaskill, senator from Missouri.

ce3c97 No.287545

spacex and WH press briefing started at the same time

9549f8 No.287546


To go further I think we should get out in front of this via Twatter and such

a30a05 No.287547

File: 742ee210eea5576⋯.png (397.93 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-152244.png)

Adam schiff pic. 4

23a811 No.287548


Found the corrupt LEO.

ec1c7f No.287549


this is what's happening. Study the Insurrection Act and the broad powers it gives potus. The W&W have been let off their leash and have full spectrum surveillance on everyone connected through ThinThread. Which is why they are capable of slow playing this and leaving these certain people in play to further incriminate themselves and others. Some true hero stuff is going on and it was now or never. Quantum computing and mouse-click drone warfare combined w biotech were a recipe for disaster in the old guards hands. They still have the ability to destroy world economy, keep game faces on. Truly was now or never

1892c9 No.287550


that's not how Q works,

and certainly not how this board works.

please think & read more before posting the first thing that comes to mind

2798e3 No.287551

Several breads back, an anon commented:


>While they thought they were getting Trump, he legally used their own weapons against them.

This brought to mind the Book of Esther in the Bible. The story in a nutshell:

King Xerxes' queen, Vashti, disses him, so the king tells her to GTFO. The king selects beautiful Esther to be his new queen. Now Esther is a Jew but the king doesn't know this. Esther's relative, Mordecai, uncovers a plot to assassinate the king, he tells Esther about it, and she tells the king, giving credit to Mordecai. Xerxes executes the traitors.

Everything is peachy until the king's top assistant, Haman (think Cabal, Hussein, POS, etc.) gets pissed when Mordecai, refuses to bow down to him after he gets a promotion by the king. Haman learns that Mordecai is a Jew and hatches this plan to kill him and all of his people. Haman goes to Xerxes and suggests they kill all Jews in the Empire because, well, they do bad things against the king. Xerxes says "OK."

Esther gets wind of this evil plot against Mordecai and her people, so she pulls an "Admiral Rogers" and makes an unscheduled visit to Xerxes (a huge no no in those days, even for a queen). Esther is worried the king might execute her for visiting him unannounced, but—to the contrary—he is comfy and pleased. He offers to give her whatever she wants. She asks him to have a banquet for her and Haman the next day. Then, after that banquet, she asks for another one on the following day. Meanwhile, Haman is excited about the massacre that's about to happen. Feeling really smug—he never thought he would lose—he sees Mordecai again and that puts him in a rage, Haman builds a huge gallows to "suicide" him on.

But Haman's hopes are dashed the following morning, when the king—remembering how Mordecai saved his life—orders Haman to honor Mordecai and lead him in a parade through the town! Haman very reluctantly does this. At the second banquet, Esther goes full SA and asks the king to punish Haman for trying to kill her and her people. The king learns Haman built a gallows for Mordecai, so he orders Haman be hanged on the same gallows. Eventually a boat load of traitorous conspirators were all hanged as well. Esther and Mordecai helped Xerxes Make the Empire Great Again.

PS: Those people were stupid.


92060d No.287552


Looks like she's reading along with the speech.

87fd66 No.287553


I followed. waitting

ad6c6f No.287554

File: 9d2d467bdb11606⋯.png (527.17 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


No that's for the cattle. He sticks to prepubescent cum adrenalized blood.

8e8f0e No.287555

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6pZzek2iwI&feature=youtu.be


9e3e29 No.287556

Re: these posts soudnfile

>>285681 >>285707 >>285714 >>285562

tried for hours. Sorry anons. cant isolate that voice over geotius voice.

Baker, pls scrap the task,

cant b done, no matter how many plugins i threw at it. Sorry

did find this website


i tried the file name of that pic on russian browser and got this site

http:// kiiitv.com.webalf.com/

it lists all sorts of pix. i think its between them somewhere. digging now. just found geotus pic. so its related inna way.

anyone wanna help dig?

a30a05 No.287557

File: b67a6e239f0d6de⋯.png (372.84 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-152248.png)

Adam schiff pic. 5

9549f8 No.287558


Parts of what you see there was in her official response to the SOTU

6111d5 No.287559


He's not a RINO, he is an actual Liberal. He doesn't hide it either

c26855 No.287560

File: 25665cb55967dc7⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 384x288, 4:3, IMG_0786.JPG)

My math needs some nets while you count those beans under the curve,

6bf823 No.287561

sarah's presser is going to be about ms 13

ce3c97 No.287562


add a comma in between and your tags will display properly

>>285681, >>285707, >>285714, >>285562

a30a05 No.287563

File: b702d384550ac71⋯.png (332.87 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-152254.png)

Adam schiff pic. 6

a3f79e No.287564


Good one.

76ff82 No.287565

Acting Asst. Atty. General speaking in a press conference, this oughta be good!

f99471 No.287566


Cool thanks. Can’t make a disposable one, got blocked twice and shadow banned three times already

9549f8 No.287567


Are they Tracy Beanz….:|

a0ba04 No.287568


maybe cut this shit out fella?

a30a05 No.287569

File: a08deef8caa7566⋯.png (324.98 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-152257.png)

Adam schiff pic. 7

d4783f No.287570


Jacob Schiff.

1dfbeb No.287571



5ba9be No.287572

ROCKET bounces off of dome and forces the discussion. ?

dab6e3 No.287573


>https:// pastebin.com/tHJkwnE3

Cool beans I wonder how many are current?

6428c1 No.287574

File: 8c58facc91267e2⋯.jpeg (107.07 KB, 764x500, 191:125, 4D2959C4-9524-4BD2-8A5F-1….jpeg)

9365dc No.287575

File: af7f3e0f6b5f494⋯.png (107.96 KB, 419x337, 419:337, 2-6-2018 2-13-58 PM.png)

File: 40b71e2e0188943⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 419x337, 419:337, 2-6-2018 2-13-39 PM.jpg)


>Not the pic on the right, the one on the left. This one.


084fa5 No.287576

Wow…3000 MS-13 guys in DC. That's enormous per capita compared to the other cities in the US!

76ff82 No.287577


ebfdc8 No.287578


Depends on velocity / mass

e2f622 No.287579


OMG, The very special place, GS is in ?!

7e2983 No.287580


working with mcstain on an immigration bill

b5ee27 No.287581


23a811 No.287582

Law-abiding citizens do not need the gov't to protect them from the maniacal-left…

Law-abiding citizens need to tell the maniacal-left and the gov't to fuck off.

Take your nation back. Quit asking others to do it for you.

76ff82 No.287583


That would be cool

61f7d9 No.287584

File: 368289e255e7ee3⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1193x526, 1193:526, sotuphones1.png)

File: 4e0c960de5a8f85⋯.png (422.14 KB, 636x357, 212:119, sotuphones2.png)

sifted through the footage on this sites coverage

always has the improper angles on the black cockintheass unit of congress

http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

0ef52c No.287585

File: cceb4e97377278f⋯.jpeg (857.96 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 75184F9D-0BCA-4907-B1C2-B….jpeg)


What’s his story? He was crying during the SOTU but it looked like he was on the dem side. Potus seemed to have said something that relieved him in a big way

c81fc7 No.287586

File: 9bc241ae42da4d0⋯.jpg (137.42 KB, 966x1200, 161:200, invert.jpg)


Yeah, saw that, I'm not sure what he's saying the evidence is. Here's a straight inversion, with the orange display. The only thing that looks out of line is it's slightly easier to see spatial inconsistency between the plane of the screen content and the plane of the device face.

27b3d0 No.287587


I love boardroom Trump

08581c No.287588


No drones available, fall back on 'anthrax' a - la 911?

c26855 No.287589

File: e27c0cd70b81c95⋯.jpg (54.33 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0789.JPG)

Flipping politics (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ彡( \o°o)\

f1e955 No.287590



ef5d1f No.287591



thank you anon

6bf823 No.287592

fuck that rocket, listen to the shit ms 13 have been doing to our fellow citizens.

9365dc No.287593

>>287575 Looks like iMessage

->bleep (sender - light blue)

bloop<- (receiver - dark blue)

I use Replicant Android and iOS (Pad) but don't use iMessage.

23a811 No.287594

"Dear gov't… Please save me from the gov't."

76ff82 No.287595


This is awesome stuff

For those who are missing it, find the youtube live Fox News feed

7e2983 No.287596


shopped in -

a3f79e No.287597


she tweeted this. I've seen this photo 1,000 times. I hope people will stop posting it, but I am pretty sure I will see it 1,000 more.

5c1dfd No.287598


We must fight back on a local level. I am. You should to. Everyone should.

This would be a great start:

Fire all public school employees. Sell all the buildings. Reduce property taxes. Let parents raise their children. Biggest welfare system in the country. It would also be the biggest job program. Little schools everywhere.

cbf230 No.287599


Multi monitors FTW

c68149 No.287600



d4783f No.287601


yes , fuck these private glowing companies

bring back NASA strong

c67d7c No.287602


What is soooo much being deleted?

A lot of stuff that is clearly genuine research, not porn, not Pelican, really those are the only 2 things that should be removed.

b5ee27 No.287603


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbSwFU6tY1c

76ff82 No.287604


Along with a built in T-minus 9 hold, right?

1dfbeb No.287605


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-ah5lFndoo

23a811 No.287606


A-fucking-men, anon… Glad to see another Patriot with a spine here.


Do your part, anons!

2cf1cd No.287607

File: 30b82da239893ab⋯.jpg (73.84 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Elon_Muskrat.jpg)

Pop, goes the weasel…

76e988 No.287608


did anyone do an image search of just the potentially photoshopped screen….. to see if that image exists elsewhere?

6bf823 No.287609

are we about to declare war on salvador?

a30a05 No.287610

File: b218806897a39f4⋯.jpg (3.66 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1517949240926641475005.jpg)



It wouldnt let me for some reason. i did it on my phone

3feecf No.287611

File: c87a204ed7adf9d⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 233x365, 233:365, petermandelson1.jpg)

File: 16f4c512850a2a5⋯.jpg (30.98 KB, 224x423, 224:423, petermandelson2.jpg)

File: d0710cbb79a8e2a⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, petermandelson3.jpg)

File: d8a13acf5ff163c⋯.jpg (28.21 KB, 300x281, 300:281, petermandelson4.jpg)



cc7200 No.287612

File: 0eaaa9375a29c2c⋯.jpg (11.8 KB, 225x224, 225:224, aka_alvin_poulits.jpg)

67d4c3 No.287613

File: 1db5c160c23568e⋯.jpg (692.99 KB, 1079x1239, 1079:1239, Screenshot_20180206-123221.jpg)

File: db3d3cb978560dd⋯.jpg (281.8 KB, 697x1215, 697:1215, Screenshot_20180206-123110.jpg)

puke alert!!

https:// www.naturalnews.com/2018-02-05-new-recycling-technology-dead-are-liquefied-sewer-system-dumped-on-food-crops-as-biosludge.html

b5ee27 No.287614


13 min

27b3d0 No.287615


No other Pres allowed this! Boardroom Trump.

9365dc No.287616

File: 99b5efeaaa2a0a1⋯.png (111.63 KB, 495x295, 99:59, 2-5-2018 10-59-47 PM.png)


Not the shopped one

THIS one

c67d7c No.287617


I did. All shopped.

e864d0 No.287618


they are on the list of countries that are top priorities of people to deport and block from coming in.

ef5d1f No.287619



^this. thanks anon.

76ff82 No.287620


Exactly; FOX is staying on it, will probably show the launch in replay after having shown it live in the small window at bottom right

b5ee27 No.287621


sorry, 9 min

46f638 No.287622


It's the audio that i'm interested from this video.. Where the person shouts Trump should be shot.

cf5124 No.287623


Been saying this since last night. This place is like a slinky and and inchworm hybrid because there are just so many people coming in and out without reading where they left off from. they always just want to be in the KNOW in the NOW, NOW. Watching and listeniing to CTBS Stream and watching thier disc is the same way, but with 2000 or more people. Same stuff over and over and little to no progress, then Bam, then repeating BAM for two days.

I can only assume sliders are more to blame than just stupidity. Anyway, this is the one you want to get from Getty. Someone on twitter says another YT'er will have it soon. We shall see.

ce3c97 No.287624


when you've finished uploading all of them, just make a post wherein you reply to all of them so that they're tagged together. it'll accomplish nearly the same thing

04018e No.287625








5badad No.287626

Remember when Q told an anon to lurk moar? I have laughed everyday since

0ef52c No.287627


What is this “pelican” i keep seeing y’all post? The Florida port run by a Muslim? Operation pelican?

45f6c0 No.287628


Trust Sessions….. annnnd nuff said

a0ba04 No.287630


If Trump wanted to fire Sessions he'd be gone in an instant. Therefore = TRUST SESSIONS

035ef3 No.287631

MSM-13 the reporter said KEK!!!

92060d No.287632

File: 696b619345ff4a2⋯.png (462.43 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 696b619345ff4a20bfaed380fa….png)

61f7d9 No.287633


time? i have not heard that

b6da63 No.287634


Settle down, Beavis.

76ff82 No.287635

b18a27 No.287636


Oh look its another glowing clown nigger, kys.

8b424f No.287637


Are you new here? He's one of /ourguys/ and he will savage the enemy when the time is right…

Kindly fuck off

c81fc7 No.287638


Bit-by-bit? Definitely unlikely, unless the subject was something extremely high-value, like Obama's birth certificate.

cbf230 No.287639

46f638 No.287640


It happens around the time he's talking about Iran

e864d0 No.287641


Doesn't bring me any matches.

04018e No.287642


Trust Session did NOT mean Jeff Sessions – go back and look at it. Trust the session of Congress…many other sessions is could have been.

a3f79e No.287643

Press are fools. he talks about MS13, and they bring up MaryJane. WTF

2313f4 No.287644

President tweeted 7/10. Q mentions 7/10 in post 13

92060d No.287645

File: 5423a946e9f1517⋯.jpg (16.32 KB, 394x341, 394:341, 5423a946e9f15179d738d6e3a9….jpg)

a30a05 No.287646

File: 43ceaa69eb9e62a⋯.jpg (3.75 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 15179495261171729915637.jpg)


I swear to i tried to n it wouldn't let me if you can do it then go for it i would love to have made it easier but my phone wouldnt let me put all of them

76ff82 No.287647


Could be a paid shill, be careful how many (You)s you give it

084fa5 No.287648


Exactly. Difficult and there aren't tools that I'm aware of that could make it easy. It is technically possible, though. Do I think anyone (including intelligence) doing this? Nope. Could it be done? Yup.

a18bac No.287649


I read in Japan (I think)< they turned poop into steak. Sink your teeth into that.

45f6c0 No.287650


That makes negative sense, like CNN level sense. Not even sure is you are joking or not.

9549f8 No.287651


Hi anon, you're going to get fucking eviscerated for this so hold on heh. I think Sessions needs a bit more time. I was always told to fear the quiet guy in the corner not the loud mouth at the bar. I am going to give him some more time, you should consider doing so as well

b5ee27 No.287652

7 MIN!

586d58 No.287653

MS-13 why is this relevant what cartels do they pay? WHO does said Cartles pay and influence? Why is MS-13 such a "priority"?

04018e No.287654


fuck you too. been here longer than all of you combined likely. I've known Sessions for years. He's gotten too old for this shit. He has 100% lost my trust. Too old.

7e2983 No.287655




c6b0d9 No.287656


The Dems use them for kill people.

e864d0 No.287657


Bc they are the personal hit squad for the cabal.

7ab623 No.287658


>Kindly fuck off.

I don't know, Anon. He used all caps. He sounds pretty serious… If we ignore him he may add the bold.

a3f79e No.287659


Are you high? MS13 is utilized by deep state. Cut off their resources. they harm and kill our people.

cbf230 No.287660


"Too Old"..You mean like Potus?

76ff82 No.287661


Who is causing the train derailments?

ab6098 No.287662


He wasn't supposed to be senator.

He cheats on his wife.

He likely was in over his head and now has the protection of the new admin.

23a811 No.287664


Americans must be willing to kill their enemies. Just as our fore-fathers did. There is no room for the weak-minded in war.

If true-Patriots had the mentality many do today, world-changing events like the Boston Tea Party would never have happened. Those Patriots did not ask their gov't to "please help". They took what was rightfully theirs and exacted justice on their oppressors. They became the authors of their own destinies. They did not beg to be a foot-note in Q or anyone else's novel.

We must be willing to accept the consequences of our noble efforts and do what is necessary. And until we can do that, we will remain sitting at our desks, praying for someone else to save us… in vain.

04018e No.287665


I agree. been a year now and we're still hearing MS-13 is their #1 priority. waste of resources.

2cf1cd No.287666


The photos in the newspapers come from the same source, so all the same…

Been busy for many hours, found nothing other than this… we even asked AI anon for help, but he seems to be sleeping… 3(

b6da63 No.287667


Oh my! And what, pray tell, is "being here longer than any of us" of value in relation to judging Jeff Sessions?

Next you'll tell us your uncle works at Nintendo.

dab6e3 No.287668


A solid case against the deep state may take half of trumps term to build.

7e2983 No.287669




084fa5 No.287670

presser: https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=vdOPdxXykC8

Interesting. WH is pretty much forcing the MS-13 topic into the media. Pretty hard push to change the narrative or be forced to blatently ignore it.

e864d0 No.287671


And Mattis haha. Go tell Mattis he is too old to his face lol.

and then run like hell

c0d161 No.287672

👩🏻‍🚀😘🎻https:// youtu.be/KSebvfFwEBw 🌮

6bf823 No.287673

operation raging bull

8b424f No.287674


Then you should know why Sessions is important and why MS-13 is a priority.

Fuck off (kindly removed)!!!

c42739 No.287675


Loose translation?

>Why is Sessions concentrating on the hit squad of corrupt officials? Why worry about the damage that this gang is doing to AMERICANS? Why should I trust that the DOJ can't do more than one thing at a time? Either I haven't been paying attention at all or I'm here to shill, you decide.

9365dc No.287676

File: 90b418584f0d1f8⋯.png (110.05 KB, 419x337, 419:337, 2-6-2018 2-13-58 PM.png)


If a photofag could sharpen this up we'd at least have an idea of what to expect in 24 hours.

The entire psb I cropped this out of is 21.1GB. (I think) it can be done.

6428c1 No.287677

File: b4da3632a02dba6⋯.jpeg (88.21 KB, 1002x499, 1002:499, 787A5ECB-3500-409D-B86D-9….jpeg)

c6b0d9 No.287678


Who cares if he cheats on his wife. What does that have to do with anything

586d58 No.287679


Think deeper like in lord of war govt officials were behind illegal gun running to keep wars going. Think same thing on MS-13/Cartles

cbf230 No.287680



You first :)

27b3d0 No.287681


Sessions is known as the Silent Executioner- i trust sessions until I no longer trust sessions.

How anyone feels about Sessions or any one person is irrelevant.

6bf823 No.287682

and that fuck wit shepard cuts away from presser for stockmarket and a fucking rocket

ce3c97 No.287683




>Adam schiff family tree i looked him up a ancestry too. Says edward ephram schiff came from russia

>http:// www.famechain.com/family-tree/39315/frank-schiff/martha-schiff








44ddf2 No.287684



16 years +++

9549f8 No.287685


It speaks to his character at the very least

04018e No.287686


fuck off, bitch

a3f79e No.287687


Sessions is definitely going to shock these naysayers and complainers. Have you seen his shit eating grins lately. He's loving this. He's kicking ass and taking names.

b5ee27 No.287688


a0680c No.287689

thanks for interrupting the Press briefing Shepherd

586d58 No.287690


The company themselves to drive down stock self sabotage

656834 No.287691

Colt player probably just collateral damage

<Jeffrey Monroe real target

>https:// www.crunchbase.com/person/jeffrey-monroe

0ef52c No.287692


Ok. So when potus said whatever he said that signaled freedom to some of those in congress being blackmailed by ((them))

He was probably one of them clapping for his new freedom

b6da63 No.287693


But you DO know who murdered Seth Rich, right? Who was the Cabal's street enforcers? Why they have to be removed?

I swear they lost all the good shills back on 4chin or something.

bc43f4 No.287694

'Operation Raging Bull' ?

f1e955 No.287695

File: ab1bf2936388afd⋯.png (558.4 KB, 662x686, 331:343, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

Adam Schiff, the ranking Democratic member of the House Intel Committee was recorded speaking to Russian pranksters who spun elaborate 'kompromat' tale

He told Vocan and Lexus, two radio pranksters who have also hit Nikki Haley, that he would pass their claims to the FBI in a call made last year

The duo posed as a fake Ukrainian politician to say Trump had sex with Russian glamour model Olga Buzova after a Miss Universe pageant in 2013

In the call they said Putin had been passed naked pictures of Trump and now-president had used secret codes for talks with Russians

Duo gave emails to DailyMail.com which showed Schiff's staff trying to arrange to collect 'classified' documents from Ukraine's embassy in D.C.

Schiff's office claimed he was not fooled by the call and reported it to 'authorities' but did not explain why his staff kept up correspondence

Call posted in April 2017 surfaced as Schiff waits to see if Trump will declassify his Democratic version of the Devin Nunes memo which shamed the FBI

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5355713/Adam-Schiff-spoofed-Russian-claim-nude-Trump-pic.html

9549f8 No.287696


I know!!! I love it! You look at him and just know that he knows some shit is coming. He sits there like yep, keep talking bitches you'll see what I got for you

6bf823 No.287697

hope that fucker blows upup right on the pad.

problems within our country is more urgent than a fucking roman candle

57eba1 No.287698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b5ee27 No.287699

1,30 minutes!

dab6e3 No.287700

Every time I start to doubt Q and believe he is a psyop (which he is) working to distract us he points out something like the photo being altered.

a0ba04 No.287701


You fuck my wife?

04018e No.287702

Martha Stewart thought she was telling the truth. Was convicted and sent to prison. Comey was the one pushing her conviction. Hillary and many others have admitted to much worse crimes on the record and are not even being pursued.

America, where your power is more important than the law – that's what they need to teach kids.

2adc37 No.287703


that was an excellent slide, not relevant at all to the topic coming from the podium

b6da63 No.287704


>no answer

filter it is, I suppose. 3/10 shill, would not hire again.

6bf823 No.287705


dab6e3 No.287706


Just because you're old AF and you're brittle and tired doesn't mean he is

76ff82 No.287707

FOX on Falcon now!

bc43f4 No.287708


Not without a sex change first - Press Briefing MS13

a19940 No.287709

File: aad0d3dc7b1dca6⋯.jpg (99.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, CreepyJoe.jpg)


He is the father of the most famous Biden C-Span victim.

7e2983 No.287710


MS-13 did not kill Seth - they were used as scape goats - have you ever seen the body of someone killed by MS-13?

its not two in the back - they mutilate people

they torture

that hit was [C]lowns

9549f8 No.287711


Where the FUCK is his other hand!! You see the look on her face?

b5ee27 No.287712



f39c57 No.287713

File: 054c39ea6dab02d⋯.jpg (249.47 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Sessions.jpg)

a3f79e No.287714


where have you been? Hillary and co. will get what's coming to them. Treason will not go unpunished.

7b9922 No.287715


look at her face

b6da63 No.287717


have you not read Q crumbs that specifically said Seth Rich was 187'd by MS-13? One of the first drops, in fact.

c81fc7 No.287719


iMessage has the Cancel button on the top right, and Send is in the message input area.

This is almost certainly the native Mail app on iOS.

9549f8 No.287720


Do you think they could do it in other ways? Maybe if they were payed to make it look a certain way? Seth Rich was not a narco they were making an example out of anon

a0ba04 No.287721

File: 2aaf77f121cf37a⋯.jpg (99.17 KB, 634x412, 317:206, 2aaf77f121cf37afa3f29ef120….jpg)

8b424f No.287722



This guy has all the answers, set up a new thread, so we can get some more crumbs from him…</sarcasm>

6bf823 No.287723


Fox cuts from presser to this shit?!

surrender now patriots.

they changed the narrative in mid stride…were all fucked

e5c854 No.287724



This definitely looks different from the one that is photoshopped. Possible texting?

084fa5 No.287725

Out there - presser:

Easter egg roll coming up. Are there 4 rolls? Could the 1 of 4 rolls be referring to something that will be visible in these?

(Yes, I know, it is out there, but hey.)

04018e No.287726


believe it when the bars slam shut. she'll get away with it. she's been telling the same lies of here records being lost for 24 years now. I believe actions, not promises. hard truth reality of life.

264f09 No.287727


I think it's more like this

>Raw intel collection.

This is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. If the seven civilian headed intel agencies (the dwarves) are all using the clown supercomputers, then Snow White has access to ALL their data. What they don't have is the .mil intel.

What is left out at this stage is the NARRATIVE DESIGNER.

>Narrative FEEDER.

The controllers of MOCKINGBIRD, Mockingbird is feeding the narrative.

>Narrative COLLECTORS.

MOCKINGBIRD assets receiving the 0400 drops with talking and focus points.


Media outlets who publish the stories. Elements in this soap opera:









"Imagine THIS" is like saying "Once upon a time…" which means that it's a fairy tale and can't *possibly* be true. CYA.

Q is pointing to all this because this is what we're up against. 2016 took them by surprise (technology) and the MSM has been in decline ever since. However, it's a corrupt mess that has to be exposed. When that happens, what will the backlash be?

>Think about it, pretty much ANY intel coming from ANY govt agency is generally viewed as potentially biased or politically motivated.

THIS is why we're doing what we're doing. If TGE simply dumps intel, he looks partisan and it's all politics as usual. But if the people are demanding the information be released, that turns it all on its head and the truth can be told.

This is why Q said the people must have the truth before justice can be served. But they have to get it in such a way that they can believe it and the MSM is controlled. The anons and the campaigns are the workaround that stimulates public interest.

b18a27 No.287728


0/10 shill attempt, fuck off.

92060d No.287729



ms-13 does contract kills to order, as well as ritual kills. Your logic is faulty.

2cf1cd No.287730

Is that screaming sampled? It sounds like a friggin' football game… stupid people. They think they really can go to mars…

2fee12 No.287732


>https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=ATFwMO9CebA

does c-span have a high def version?

6bf823 No.287733


fuck you cum bucket

65d450 No.287734


I agree

76ff82 No.287735

Anybody have a direct feed without the obnoxious crowd? It would be cool to hear the boosters over the speakers

7e2983 No.287736


i believe its easy to blame a hit on a gang

a84730 No.287737


That is not even the same phone and her fingers have a different placement her thumb is different on the right hand and on the left her finger are more bent holding the phone,

9365dc No.287738



I found the file here, enhanced to 21GB, zoomed and cropped. I'm not a photofag but I think there's more here with the right tweaks!

c640fb No.287739


>(RED) was founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to harness the power of people and companies to help fight AIDS.

"If you don't do needle drugs and aren't gay, you probably won't get AIDS." – Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto

76ff82 No.287740


I think gang members are easily disposable to power players

ce3c97 No.287741


>"If you don't do needle drugs and aren't gay, you probably won't get AIDS." – Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto

he's not wrong tho

a228e7 No.287742

2,322,939 watching now

7e2983 No.287743


no it isnt


what makes more sense - using government blackhats from podestas POV or some gang thugs?

which is easier to control post hit?

9549f8 No.287744

Traditionally street gangs are involved in drugs on some or many levels. MS-13 would be no different. You are all enlightened anon's so you know about Mena Ar. and the Clintons. Given the Democrat taste for Mexican voters is it really that much of a stretch that they would use them as hitters? Maybe promising open access to American cities to peddle their dope?

084fa5 No.287745

7,882 watching the WH presser. Sad ratio.

a74989 No.287746


Who in the fuck are you talking to, newfag?

7e2983 No.287747



blackhats do the job then mysteriously some gang members show up dead and say they were the killers - dead men cant speak

167313 No.287748


Workfag Anon

Sneaking peek

This surprise briefing!

b5ee27 No.287749

Where is the link to track satellites?

cf5124 No.287750


So exciting. I live not too far, but still so exciting! Black hat or not… Just saying

167313 No.287751

2798e3 No.287752


Who cares.

61f7d9 No.287753


sauce it properly or

>fuck off

9549f8 No.287754



92060d No.287755

File: a1cb22bf05a83d3⋯.jpg (81.85 KB, 350x268, 175:134, lowered.jpg)


the ms-13 are easiest to control, since they are dead. Disposable hitmen were the order of the day, quickly dropped by operators after the job to keep their distance from any investigation.

fa1634 No.287756

Looked a lot last night. From what I can tell, no video footage will have a capture that is useful.

So it must be a photo. The photographer is really well known in DC and has taken lots of major political photos. He wasn't just some random person with a cell phone.

That being said, if Q asked us to find it, to me that implies that it is out there somewhere and possible to be found.

Now, the photographer who took the photo for Getty has already photoshopped his images. He obviously wanted a scoop and wanted to release the image (it's gone viral) but without the words on the screen. So he cleaned it up before Getty released it.

So, short of him/Getty voluntarily releasing the raw file, how can we find the raw image? Well I suppose someone who knows how could find his files and obtain the originals. Short of that, perhaps someone else with a cell phone also took a photo of this cell phone screen and it is online waiting to be found. I searched through FB, Instagram, Twitter last night but didn't find it.


a0ba04 No.287757

John Kelly: dreamers too lazy to get off their asses to register for DACA


a0680c No.287758



f9ef8b No.287759


could that have something to do with this?

Effective yesterday, while standing under the statue of FREEDOM, POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened and enslaved.

Those who stood chanting “USA” were FREED.

The shot heard around the world.






a18bac No.287760


Guess that gave him a 50/50 chance

4bf22a No.287761

File: c1b13c79ceead02⋯.png (315.79 KB, 850x475, 34:19, JS.png)



>fear the quiet guy in the corner not the loud mouth at the bar

how many of the anti-Sessions fags are just scared shills? Sessions looks like he's working on a lot more than weed and gangs

9d0144 No.287762

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpn0vh2Rj0Y

9365dc No.287763

File: bb31fc559c7c0bb⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 5451x3458, 5451:3458, dc3a466348994f8fed570debe6….jpg)


This is it anon

08335c No.287764


maybe a little late to the party, but the whole line of numbers is cut off above the letters :D 10keyless and iPhone do not mix well…

9549f8 No.287765


Well when you think you have a right to the country why would you register and wait for approval? Let us not forget that Mexico thinks they own a great deal of the US. Politics of the old wars aside that is what they believe

c895b0 No.287766

damn! what a marvel of achievement that was!!!!!!!!!!

e864d0 No.287767

POTUS just met with RR about the Dems memo

cf7352 No.287768

File: 8f51ec86bc80761⋯.jpg (237.05 KB, 768x1164, 64:97, 1515180733247.jpg)


>how many of the anti-Sessions fags are just scared shills?

all of them

8b424f No.287769

File: 6baaeafd2965014⋯.jpg (9.67 KB, 293x195, 293:195, Sessions Fist.jpg)

Gotta Fist for your ASS!!!

01852c No.287770


Rob was whacked but he’s accurate with that statement as far as statistics go.

e864d0 No.287771


awww baby Sessions.

a0680c No.287772


SHATW =2x meanings.

167313 No.287773


They grow up so fast

9549f8 No.287774


I reiterate…==PROBABLY== wont get aids…

5badad No.287775

Side boosters landing was awesome

7c0c27 No.287776


I don't see any … shill detect method confirmed.

086f58 No.287777

That was pretty amazing that booster landing, like star wars

ad6c6f No.287778

Holy FUCK that was impressive.

ce3c97 No.287779



including that word increases the statement's accuracy. this is a nothingburger

519a71 No.287780


Yeah that was badass

271a35 No.287781

Anyone else think that the entire launch that was just aired was completely CGI??

cf5124 No.287782


The crowds remind me of the old shuttle days. They are pimping for employees. LOL. Pass, but still cool.

c81fc7 No.287783

File: f3231a8b08d3a44⋯.jpg (120.02 KB, 966x1200, 161:200, DVU4AUiVAAEYUbF.jpg)


Sorry, I'm a bit confused here. I was referring to this still photo. I'm guessing you're talking about video footage?

e864d0 No.287785



SX literally gave tech to NK. Stop cheering them on.

271a35 No.287786


The Fox feed that I watched looked like video game graphics.

6111d5 No.287787


MS13 did kill Seth. They are the political tool of the left. Stop acting like you know anything. you know absolutely nothing. Q has confirmed that SR was murdered by MS13 but said it was still classified

76ff82 No.287788


Thunderbirds are GO!!!

a30a05 No.287789

File: f26b5906a1d6316⋯.png (231.04 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180206-155221.png)


This was also something i found that he's apparently connected to

Need it translated though


cf5124 No.287790



c0d161 No.287791

File: 1a5e0c768033bdf⋯.jpg (106.43 KB, 885x711, 295:237, IMG_0767.JPG)

Deploy spacefags

ba14bb No.287792

File: ef8809754640a4c⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1884x1466, 942:733, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

File: 665894e385f936a⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1880x1454, 940:727, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)



The 2 hi-res side by side

d76c3a No.287793

The two return booster landing feeds looked identical.

The landing of the two of them looked like Thunderbirds.

Has anyone ever been on mission space, or saurin at epcot?

It was quite a similar coverage, a bit to showman rather than science for me TBH.

4bf22a No.287794




f8293c No.287795



Podesta email re: Wetworks - 2/6/16

Scalia 187- 2/13/16

Podesta email re: Scalia replacement 2/13/16

Peter Strzok -"end Hillary investigation" texts, draft memo exonerating HRC -May 2016

Peter Strzok changed wording from grossly negligent to extremely careless - 6/20/16

LL/BC tarmac meeting - 6/27/16

LL to accept FBI findings - 7/1/16

HRC interviewed by FBI - 7/2/16

JC dismisses HRC investigation - 7/5/16

Seth Rich murdered - 7/10/16

Wikileaks publishes DNC/ Podesta emails -7/22/16

McCabe aware of add'l emails on AW laptop -August/September 2016

Bruce Ohr's wife goes to work for Fusion GPS - September 2016

NYPD threatens to go public with arrest warrants based on contents of AW laptop - October 2016

Second FISA warrant issued to spy on Carter Page/Trump Campaign - October 2016

JC re-opens HRC email investigation based on "new emails" - 10/28/16

JC issues letter to not prosecute HRC - 11/6/16

JC to Trump, dossier un-verified - January 2017

ADD to this: George Papadopolous joined Trump Campaign in March/2016. FBI said the FISA application was based on GP's meeting with Australian diplomat, bragging about hacked DNC emails in APRIL/16.

05/2016 - last dated emails in DNC dump (not hacked until AFTER the last dated email)

05/25/16 - JA says Wikileaks received DNC emails.

The FBI timeline and reason for FISA is bullshit.

c640fb No.287796

File: 702c79b053ad560⋯.jpg (45.04 KB, 655x771, 655:771, 01.slackpenguinlogo.jpg)


Always handy to have obscure OSes in reserve that are hard to infect.

t. also has old AMD systems airgapped

401737 No.287798


Thank you anon

e864d0 No.287799



Its ok to give an enemy nuclear technology?


76e988 No.287800

File: f38283f1e0d6e3a⋯.jpg (124.13 KB, 708x901, 708:901, qstocks.jpg)

File: c2ba38be301b9f8⋯.jpg (76.61 KB, 1040x731, 1040:731, qstockss.jpg)

yesterdays market cross 666 12 times in a 2 min period

2fee12 No.287801

File: 50df121777ce914⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1545x799, 1545:799, 2cameras.png)


Do we have a shot from POTUS' view to see who were operating these 2 cameras?

23a811 No.287802


Everyone is easily disposable to power-players.

1e34e6 No.287803


>fear the quiet guy in the corner not the loud mouth at the bar

Wise advice. Directly connected to:

>We won't telegraph our moves to the ENEMY.

>We will however light a FIRE to flush them out.

Sessions isn't going to make it obvious who he's going after and especially WHEN their # is up. However, letting it be known that their hit squad is is a target, is a fire to flush out those who've used them.

500361 No.287804

Have y'all seriously lost the phone pics?

Jut curious i kinda archived them

035ef3 No.287805

Watched the launch , did not see the boosters come back down. I did see the thing go up to space and separate the rocket but it dissapearThe spacex feed of course lost the camera when they supposedly landed .

e864d0 No.287806

File: 90b418584f0d1f8⋯.png (110.05 KB, 419x337, 419:337, photblur.png)

2 hours until I can deblurr this photo.

cf5124 No.287807

NO shill. It isn't. But this is still OURS you dumbfuck. And who knows how that whole thing will turn out. You are small and narrow in your thoughts. Besides he gave them ROCKET tech, not the nuclear tech, so happily -Fuuuuck offfff.

9365dc No.287808

File: bb31fc559c7c0bb⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 5451x3458, 5451:3458, dc3a466348994f8fed570debe6….jpg)

File: b2f3f6593d17f71⋯.jpg (8.24 KB, 255x170, 3:2, ab78004e480c2ed8eefdb7f78e….jpg)

File: 1f5942ae7386f41⋯.jpg (96.17 KB, 644x1080, 161:270, DSdB5pQV4AITb18 (3).jpg)


Either a photofag can work some magic, or I'll fuck with it later. Got clients to meet up with asap.



bce67b No.287809


086f58 No.287810


Didn't see EM arrest yet so lets assume you don't know, all the people that made this happen didn't give their info to NK, these are Americans doing what we used to do and now without Govt aholes in the way.

Hit me up on the perp walk and I will delete my posts.

f07983 No.287811

File: 355aa4bf5856df1⋯.png (406.51 KB, 879x582, 293:194, screenshot_873.png)

c640fb No.287812


Trains are a freemason thing.

Paralell rails - Boaz and Jachin

"Symbolism will be their undoing"

46f638 No.287813


I've sauced it many times but here you go, the RAW video of SOTU. Around the time Trump speaks about Iran, someone shouts Trump should be shot. I suspect we can either see who it is by lip-reading or the audio captures it better.

http:// www.azfamily.com/clip/14089701/raw-video-trump-delivers-first-state-of-the-union-address

f9ef8b No.287814


is this one of the good people that was being blackmailed?

that was "freed"by potus?

is that why hes crying ?

what was being said around that time?


65d450 No.287815

Reuters Politics

‏Verified account @ReutersPolitics

4m4 minutes ago

LIVE: White House says Trump met with Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein in last hour over Democrats' Russia memo http:// reut.rs/2sfKTtC

ac5b42 No.287816


Anthony Weiner's contact list https:// pastebin.com/VdpzHRGq

bce67b No.287817



b5ee27 No.287818


Yeah, on the camera 2.., something went to the space.

6eba1b No.287819

File: 25398e137eb7903⋯.jpg (84.96 KB, 466x719, 466:719, IMG_0788.JPG)

Wua (╬゚◥益◤゚)

cbf230 No.287820

DJIA after wild swings of 600 points ends the day UP ~568 points http:// cnbc.com

ebfdc8 No.287821


Look for account number from the

Weishaupt account

Standard hotel


76ff82 No.287822


There should be a youtube replay uploaded by now, I'd like to find one with audio of just the boosters without the indoor crowd cheering over it

d60264 No.287823

File: d43223017a722ac⋯.png (62.45 KB, 598x106, 299:53, ClipboardImage.png)

Justice Department Won’t Let FBI Officials, Jim Rybicki and Carl Ghattas, Speak to Senate Panel… in order to "protect the integrity" of the investigation being done by special counsel Robert Mueller.


a74989 No.287824

File: 898d235462ccfed⋯.jpg (51.72 KB, 900x503, 900:503, DVYWR2IUQAAutMB.jpg)


Video feed was fine for the two boosters landing.

The feed did stop though when the core was about to land on the drone ship.

af38d9 No.287825



"Isn't Trump encouraging a government shutdown?"

Sanders: "No, he's encouraging them (Dems) to do their job!"


9549f8 No.287826


Boaz and Jachin are pillars in the porch of King Solomon's Temple…

76ff82 No.287827


"Thunderbirds are GO!!!"

23a811 No.287828


No… FBI killed Seth Rich.

2 firearms "stolen" from FBI vehicle less than a mile away from where SR was shot.

There are no coincidences.

f9845a No.287829


lol…waiting for that day…still think that is part of the 60% no-reveal.

1e34e6 No.287830


Was he blackmailed into doing so (and thusis one of those who may have been set free), or did he do so of his own free will? We don't know yet

c640fb No.287831


>Tarantino says sex with 13 year old is ok.

If you're MS-13, sure.

Mexicans are all kiddy diddlers.

ad6c6f No.287832


I sincerely doubt it. People in Florida would tell us.


Piss off, show me concrete evidence Musk is in the cabal. He worked for them when they were in Power, and he will work for Trump as well. He's a contractor

e864d0 No.287833


I think you are lost. Go to the SX fan club thread instead.

086f58 No.287834


This is space in an iphone generation, looking cool means as much as operations or there wouldn't be an electric car just launched to mars.

What ever it takes the gov is mostly out of it and it's done as a for profit business like everything should be, we don't need the gov for everything in our lives, specially a stupid mission to mars, how bout we land on the moon first.

ba14bb No.287835

File: bb31fc559c7c0bb⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 5451x3458, 5451:3458, bb31fc559c7c0bb9892a2b1ce9….jpg)

File: 832a6fead01271e⋯.png (10.23 MB, 5069x3379, 5069:3379, 2-6-2018c-832a6fead01271e4….png)



Source images

cf7352 No.287836

File: 858f659ee8698cd⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 840x480, 7:4, 1515833611868.webm)


do we have an agreed upon timestamp for this moment? (webm unrelated)

9549f8 No.287837


fuck anon, I just spit soda on my monitor….

271a35 No.287838


Was this supposed to be actual live footage? I'd love to see the on-board camera views of this launch vs. on-board views from other non-SpaceX flights. I swear the entire feed that I watched on the Fox stream felt like I was watching the newest flight simulator game being played. The way the flames looked, the gas plumes coming out……. the dust on the landing….. maybe I'm crazy.

5badad No.287839


I don't always commit a crime, but when I do, I first steal a firearm out of a nearby FBI vehicle

086f58 No.287840


Filters on stun

7e2983 No.287841




23a811 No.287842


Hardest-working kiddy diddlers there are!

e5b02d No.287843

File: 4c9579e86fc5aa4⋯.png (764.17 KB, 2040x2037, 680:679, Luzzatto.png)

Anons sorry to divebomb this group but I need your help since eyes in here right now.

Attached (pizzagate) proof beyond all reasonable doubt of link between highly suspect "Evie's Crib" blog and Tamera Luzzatto who crops up in Podesta emails.

Please circulate if you know where - lots of stuff was 404'd from initial investigation but I never saw anyone solve this puzzle.

Thank you.

9365dc No.287844

File: 40b71e2e0188943⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 419x337, 419:337, 2-6-2018 2-13-39 PM.jpg)

File: b2f3f6593d17f71⋯.jpg (8.24 KB, 255x170, 3:2, ab78004e480c2ed8eefdb7f78e….jpg)

File: bb31fc559c7c0bb⋯.jpg (2.95 MB, 5451x3458, 5451:3458, dc3a466348994f8fed570debe6….jpg)


Sorry about that one. First time fag using the chans

My render, source photo, and these 2 is what that was supposed to be

6111d5 No.287845


They were involved. MS13 fired the shots. That is why it was sloppy. That is why he was alive and made it to the hospital with non life threatening wounds.

61f7d9 No.287846


saucing it?

>smh and laughing

give a time stamp

e864d0 No.287847

File: 58e53c7605b448d⋯.png (126.84 KB, 481x597, 481:597, U1 BHO 1.PNG)

File: daa1af4c9e2a18b⋯.png (87.31 KB, 1032x222, 172:37, U1 BHO 2.PNG)

336368 No.287848

so if the government shuts down, congressmen can be arrested, correct?

finally going to see some public arrests?

f3c39e No.287849


X: keep up on U-one FBI informant @hashtag etc.

Awan bros. DebDNC PakisIntel/Militarybase

Sec Clin.../Llynch yields SCourt Just. 187 Scalia

...or Threaten Schiff (lower conf)


X: Cross index these events with the timing of SCJus..187, build timeline. #2 McCabe. <knowledge of event

Do we have "PS"?

Comms made or make with wleaks



Direct public links, but how would you know to look through it without our Intel agent and access; still, the arrogance of these people is rediculous.



I take this to mean don't push your findings all over 8ch now this one. Save to your computer, seriously. If you want conf for your finding be subtle about it(I appreciate this now). Find something only you would know from having found it/share as a hint.


X: ValJarre[] calls Asciff or SCJust

[a looong conversation]

2 listeners > art3 sec3(charge of treason req 2 witnesses)

[metadata/Operator path or (?)]

Article 3 Sec 3 sedition/treason

--- @ 1 of 4, we already some of the marks, see if you can find them on SOTU. There's Black Caucus Sch[. ] Booke[]

Anon pointed out there are 4 cameras at event.

Keep in mind Q already has this info; he needs us to find it. Push it to mainstream. Again be SUBTLE (Offline) with video.



035ef3 No.287850

Launch was real ,did not see the boosters return to earth. I was looking but I am 35 miles south using binocs. What a show for sure !

9e3e29 No.287851


check out who she is texting WITH dude to the left is also texting. ?? maybe she is texting with someone in the same room at same time

23a811 No.287852



"When I commit a crime, I make sure to make my firearm available to MS-13 to do the bid, then arrest/kill them shortly afterward, so I look like a hero." - The FBI

9365dc No.287853


Exactly. i used the one of the entire chamber on the left, and some PS fuckery.

fc89a1 No.287854


Nothing to worry about. A technical bounce, then sideways for a while. The economy is healthy.

5badad No.287855


MS-13 and ISIS procure the the children for our loving politicians to diddle. Good news, we have enough rope for them all

b5ee27 No.287856


Are you saying that The rocktet was in another shuttle?

bce67b No.287857

thx 4 pics.

23a811 No.287859


FBI = Faggots Brandishing Injustice

e864d0 No.287860



I will put it through deblur. thnx.

6111d5 No.287861

Did anyone catch that ending of the Press briefing. April whats her name got trolled hard and I missed it.

then they said hash tag something and she got triggered

f07983 No.287862


to the trained eye it did look video game'ish you are not crazy….

1892c9 No.287863


>most productive

is a bit of a stretch…

he's entertaining, though, a lot more fun to have around than the everyday aggroshills, concernfags and idiotanons

fc89a1 No.287864


Famous But Incompetent

23a811 No.287865


"Involved" is a vague term… They were CONTRACTED.

bce67b No.287866



963b44 No.287867


How far in does it happen? Would rather not listen to the whole thing. Thanks.

d76c3a No.287868


My thought too - launch was real, dual landing was straight out of thunderbirds - look at the flame going sideways on the closest rocket as it lands.

23a811 No.287869


FBI = Faggoty Boy Intruders

8fb469 No.287870


Are you kidding? If he cheats on his wife, he would cheat YOU too. And cheat on anything else if it was convenient.

46f638 No.287871


Nope not in it.

No mention of Standard or Weishaupt either

77aac8 No.287872


No. MSM Foxnews cut away from it for that fucking rocket launch that won't do shit for us for the next decade, instead of staying on track about MS-13.

f9ef8b No.287873


lots of teenagers i guess

76ff82 No.287874


Yeah, I really have to question the authenticity of the footage

ad6c6f No.287875

Do we have a


4bf22a No.287876


firejail, vm, sandbox, qubes - all useless against this enemy, right?

bb5c99 No.287877

The last days of our lives

e5b02d No.287878


I thought that it was merely speculated that "Grand Tam" was Tamera Luzzatto - that the names of the children weren't corroborated, perhaps I missed an aspect of the research?

3919d6 No.287879

File: 8a16f89d7943492⋯.png (365.28 KB, 506x509, 506:509, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

phone message from @laughingshrimp on Twitter.

254d01 No.287880


This has been circulating since podedta emails release

271a35 No.287881


I don't know - I jumped onto the stream after it was already up in the air. The stream I watched on Fox, which was just linked into the SpaceX stream…. it just looked like CGI. The flames didn't look real. The camera in the upper right with the foil - didn't look right. Earth in the background looked strange. And the dust on the landing looked like CGI. The glare spots….

Again, could just be me… not trying to distract from current tasks. It just looked like "off"…..

46f638 No.287882


That I'm unsure of sorry.

c640fb No.287883



It's all starting to crumble…

23a811 No.287884

FBI = Faggoty Faggots of Faggotry

e864d0 No.287885

The rocket that was launched was paid for by our taxes given to SpaceX by BHO and accomplishes nothing for our country.

Why are we cheering this? Bc its big and shiny??

debd48 No.287886


Does it seem strange that candy crush woman and Beatty have the same phone and case?

f9ef8b No.287887

File: 59e4d65b265a5a7⋯.jpg (231.32 KB, 713x1073, 713:1073, download.jpg)


easy to see what theyd be discussing

tamera luzatto is on there too

61f7d9 No.287888


the anon who keeps saying this is a total cunt for not providing correct sauce

asked him a couple times and get same

bullshit answer.

filtered him for dickheadery

500361 No.287889


Wrong phone

9365dc No.287890


Could be Schiffty?

I don't know but the answer is in the pixels for sure!



e5b02d No.287891


My bad - all I ever saw was the front page not other archived blog posts indicating the names were the same. Thanks for clarifying anon. Her name cropped up again in the Weiner Db leak and I thought I'd found something new.

c640fb No.287892


Pre-2006 AMD doesn't have a backdoor.

6111d5 No.287893


Look I know who ordered the hit, I know the FBI were the ones that interrogated him before dropping him off in the spot that MS13 their paid assassins were waiting.

I said that MS13 pulled the trigger. This part of the investigation is was months ago. We have the answers we need. If you don't you need to go back to November and read.

Podesta ordered the hit, DWS arranged it. FBI planned the pick up, MS13 pulled the trigger. I fucking know. Stop wasting time with shit that everyone has access to from months ago. We can't keep covering shit that we have already worked out months ago

ad6c6f No.287894

Ok baking now

never done this before but I'll try

2cf1cd No.287895


We're not worried about you, anon, you will be fine. It's the people who are still convinced we did go to the moon 50 years ago… and now think we go to mars.

e864d0 No.287896

Do we have a


23a811 No.287897

File: 3000cecbee90525⋯.png (366.73 KB, 598x906, 299:453, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

c55307 No.288010


I was just thinking that icing sugar on the table, or whatever on Comeys cufflink photo might have been a B for plan B ;)

ba14bb No.288014

File: b3c503ecfaf08f6⋯.jpg (2.78 MB, 5069x3379, 5069:3379, phone test.jpg)




The phone/case do seem identical!

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