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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 0749fe0f30ecb83⋯.png (122.88 KB, 600x300, 2:1, clowns.png)

c9089d No.329070

Thread for exposed Ops

c9089d No.329114

Secure.org - Under Freedom.press. John Barlow and Snowden.

CIA kids site - CIA website, used to communicate with rogue agents.

Globaleaks.org - CIA front. 2nd site to lure whistleblowers.

Recorded Future - Funded by In-Q-Tel. https:// www.wired.com/2010/07/exclusive-google-cia/

c9089d No.329146

[44] remaining was after CIA kids. Now at [42] remaining.

Search In-Q-Tel for possible others outside of Q crumbs.

c9089d No.336450

I want to keep this to exposed Clown ops. Known, but not exposed (i.e. Operation Mockingbird) should wait until we know who the players are.

dc5661 No.341691


[44] = 44th President Obama

[42] = 42nd President Bill Clinton

c9089d No.342775


Good catch.

d2a2a6 No.345088

d2a2a6 No.345100

This may be IMPORTANT FOR Q.

Mentions Children's CIA decode site and how this person purports to transcribe a puzzle which reads: "THINK WEAK AWFUL DEAD X PUPIL EX NUN … FBI WRAY F TIPS US RAW … "

See https:// www.reddit.com/r/CBTS_Stream/comments/7wtsug/i_discovered_secret_code_hidden_in_the_cia/

c9089d No.347221

Ok, I haven't been able to reproduce it (possibly shut down), if you entered 0000 from the Corona Deac[0000]. line, it prompted you to download "Family Jewels"

https: // www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/DOC_0001451843.pdf

e6b97f No.353604

I just saw this thread so thought I'd post this here instead of the General thread.

This is probably off topic, but just something I'm noticing lately, as probably you are too, and very important that we recognize it for what it is.

There are supposed whistle blowers now coming forward and this concerns me. Some are prior CIA/FBI agents so it's hard to know if they are trustworthy or not.

They are claiming that they've contacted the Trump admin., claiming they have evidence to take down the Clinton's etc. They are saying that they are being ignored by the Trump administration - funny how they all seem to have this similar story.

So, either they are telling the truth (i.e. they really do have info to share and they have contacted Trump) and the Trump administration doesn't want to use their help or information because they ALREADY have what they need and more. Or they are completely lying.

They also make claims that the same corrupt people in the hussien admin/hrc SD are still there now and running the show, and hiding or destroying evidence. They are also making it sound like Trump does not really want to indict hrc or hussien for all their crimes, so hence he is either bought or part of the same criminal cabal.

I believe these people are CIA/FBI plants. They are not whistle blowers, but pretend to be. They are now coming out and speaking publicly simply to try and derail or detract from what POTUS and team are trying to accomplish.

We need to be careful of this. I'm sure that Q and team are well aware of who these actors are.

One such person was just aired on the crowd source the truth show for example. He claims to have written Trump a letter stating all the evidence he has of the Clinton corruption and that he wants to share it with the Trump admin. in order to help bring down the Clinton criminal cabal. Then he claims that he's been ignored or told they are not interested. Then he claims the same corrupt people are still there in fbi & doj under Trump.

I don't believe this guy. I think either POTUS & team already have this information and do not need to rely on these so called whistle blowers. Or, I think POTUS & Q know that it is a trap to bring more spies in to infiltrate the Trump team.

We need to be careful of this and not allow other shills come to this board and suggest we listen to these clowns. If they couldn't infiltrate the Trump team we should not allow them to infiltrate our team here either.

17f059 No.353665



>Lucy In The Sky With (((DIAMONDS)))


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