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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a112245f6639e77⋯.jpg (291.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 649fc34523f4e2596e74a69509….jpg)

83ea81 No.333774

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2db3b6 No.333796

ty baker baker!

b5575d No.333803

Beaver Bounce

cd9a7e No.333805

File: c367a133ceb8d9f⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 204x255, 4:5, Potus Praying For You.jpg)

6a4e6c No.333806

File: 69fa08490afdd43⋯.jpg (125.19 KB, 472x518, 236:259, 41.jpg)

b5575d No.333807

Q hasn't posted on GA for over 10 days

9a635b No.333808


He is waiting for Geronimo…..

ec113f No.333809

41772f No.333810


https:// anonsw.github.io/qtmerge/qtmerge.html

2dcde3 No.333811


I guess we better pack it up

7ab47d No.333812

File: b8b6f630471498f⋯.png (32.64 KB, 492x316, 123:79, ClipboardImage.png)

hey plane wreck guy

get another job

7f349f No.333813

Q coming… I can feel it

0d08d8 No.333814


Never give up! Never say you are sorry and Give Hell as long as you can!

9a635b No.333815


Why is your ass sore? KEK

def763 No.333816

Good morning Anon's. I have thought about this part of the Q post from earlier today. I believe I have an answer for the misspelled "socities".

Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/10/18 (Sat) 03:33:29 237dde No


"JFK - Secret Socities"

Where we go one, we go all.


If you separate the misspelled word

" Soci - ties", I found an article regarding secret social media marketing.

http:// streetfightmag.com/2017/06/07/sfsnyc-how-soci-ties-local-reputation-and-social-media-at-scale/

It is essentially a cloud marketing platform that collects your personal data from all social media for marketing your personal identity for profit and I suspect Clowns In Action files on you and me.

2dcde3 No.333817


That's IBS

ec113f No.333818


many thanks

613357 No.333819


Q this Post touched me deeply! I was in the 5th Grade when JFK was assassinated, and even at that age, when Ruby shot Oswald right before my very eyes on live TV, I KNEW something was rotten in Denmark!

My worst fears were later confirmed as I watched the escalation of the Vietnam War, came close to being drafted (high lottery number), and the overall decline in this Great Country!

Thank you to you, and to all those who would give their life for this Great Country, so we can take it back! I feel that my prayers have been answered. I will help fight to get it back and keep it FREE!

5dcd88 No.333820


>Q hasn't posted on GA for over 10 days

Public board. He'll dump there when ready.

e363c6 No.333821

File: 850c0de6fdbc780⋯.png (222.97 KB, 320x332, 80:83, white horse prophecy.png)

contribution for the night.

719cf3 No.333822


And I say what you see on the screen is a very partial and delayed picture.

But if you are correct 2 planes just crashed then. Should be all over the news.

bb4efe No.333823


anon found it this morning … no one cared.

quote from MLK leading to mystery babylon

e154e8 No.333824


Not tweets.

I was asking what time zone the qresearch breads are stamped.

8500b2 No.333825



b8d6a5 No.333826


Along the lines of "RFUN"? ←- Stock symbol.

These companies do the similar things.

Anon willing to bet you find an In-Q-Tel connection….

0d08d8 No.333827


You apparently. Wanna share errrr?

719cf3 No.333828


They're fallin' out o' the sky!

They're fallin' out o' the sky!

972424 No.333829

File: 34067e0823b6995⋯.jpeg (96.97 KB, 500x625, 4:5, image.jpeg)

bb4efe No.333830


lemme see if i can find it again

c75647 No.333831


I'll take what is a cult persona for 500 Alex

41772f No.333832


Thanks anon, hope it is useful to those digging on the posts.

dc0358 No.333833

File: 4dabcdb2b91aaaa⋯.png (356.02 KB, 1876x878, 938:439, unknown.png)

eb4895 No.333834

In the last bread someone said this teaches shills and deep state our manuevers.. While I agree

We evolve faster than they do ..currently 1/2 our traffic knows them rules

1/4 is clowns and shills we eyeball from space with a crack in our glasses

1/4 is newfags.. Who need to learn the rules … Theyve taken the redpill from certain famefags.. And think they have an original idea

They dont realize to be in theres about 1500 breads if you include migrations

Lurk moar..BUT Instead of 2 years i suggest a 350 bread rule

8364f6 No.333835



Did his whiskers hurt your back?

a7bc82 No.333836


spooky.., very spooky..,

e363c6 No.333837

File: 4221cc8e7a78212⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1123, 1080:1123, white horse prophecy.png)

last one was way too small.

536043 No.333838


You're nothing more than a cum stain from some boomers dick. Eat shit and die faggot.

c70882 No.333839


Nah nah nah,, ill take THE RAPIST for 500

1a4979 No.333840

Dups in the bread. :)

Bless the Baker; Bless the Bread

_Baker Baker 19_

What does this mean?

Trying to get property of non-object /8chan/howitzer-base/http/post.php:1164

e61006 No.333841

Been redpilling. Normies waking up. Even sister-in-law, die hard liberal, is now seeing fuckery and has started watching Hannity. It's working, anons. Need help with this though: I dug years ago into FactCheck.org, which Obama referred to; found out out it was Annenberg Foundation = Soros. Annenberg was also Obama's first job. So that's fake truth. Now normies are looking at Snopes and I want sauce to expose Snopes as fake. Can't find where anons have exposed it as fake. Don't show me the Snopes meme that was here a few days ago because it had FactCheck.org as the source.

Does anyone have the sauce on Snopes being fake? Will help with redpilling. Thank you.

b2ce8a No.333842

one day soon GHWB will be burning in Hell. Before he arrives, I hope JFK gets the opportunity to at least hit him upside the head with a bat.

9d3cc7 No.333843


It's kinda hard not to be correct when a jet flies over you at 2000 ft. I will say that where the plane lands (on the map) is a few miles from the indicated position (on the map) of the airport, but the timing is nearly real-time.

50957e No.333844


Bookmarked, thank (you)

0f57bb No.333845

From 409 ===ADMIN=== see



2026b2 No.333846




"The Frequency"

https:// harpers.org/archive/2001/12/the-frequency/



5dcd88 No.333847


One day, people will remember America is a REPUBLIC and not a Democracy, never has been.

00ef5a No.333848

File: a750bfe07b0bfba⋯.png (634.02 KB, 987x686, 141:98, image.png)

File: 78755e695c1bc5a⋯.png (568.98 KB, 1076x694, 538:347, image.png)

File: f893194c3efb212⋯.png (2.21 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, image.png)

File: 0cb3aa9e7b933fd⋯.jpeg (195.71 KB, 1200x1805, 240:361, image.jpeg)

File: 61e2ae86cc40d5b⋯.jpeg (50.77 KB, 650x366, 325:183, image.jpeg)

9dcc67 No.333849


Ya! Impressive work anon!

1a4979 No.333850


pics didn't fly

1a4979 No.333851


Clinton Email investigation timeline >>291986 , >>291104 , >>291986 ,

e363c6 No.333852

File: 6a2fb013d0daa5c⋯.png (42.32 KB, 819x367, 819:367, enemies within.PNG)

another interesting comment I found.

0f57bb No.333853



>https:// anonsw.github.io/qtmerge/qtmerge.html


https:// qcodefag.github.io/

762c08 No.333854


In a Republic ALL power and authority rests with the people.

It is delegated in limited form from there.

5cf23f No.333855

7ab47d No.333856


shilly…, very shilly…,

where are the real kekistan air force vets at???


def763 No.333857



And, the "JFK - secret socities" could be another data center at JFK airport. Secret Data Center for Clowns. I do believe Q was giving us dual messages in that one post.

4599b9 No.333858


This is a good start.


0b7a3d No.333859

Uncle Russ Flees Country amidst NYPD investigation.

https:// pagesix.com/2018/02/09/russell-simmons-is-hiding-out-at-yoga-retreat-in-bali/

e3731f No.333860


>dubs checked


the fuck nigger? u a bot or some shit

faddc1 No.333861

File: e77149482de2710⋯.png (380.95 KB, 961x584, 961:584, jfkconroom.png)

Anons, Pay Attention

JFK Con Room.

Con - To swindle (a victim) by first winning his or her confidence; dupe.

Stay with me here.

5/2/2011 - usama bin laden raid = fooled you aka conned


9/11 or 5+2+2+1+1=11

let's fast forward 11 days, there's that 11 again

we land on 5/13/2011 which also happens to be Friday the 13th, what are the odds?

On this day, Hussein, the Con man decides to name a con(ference) room after JFK. The conference room is located within the Situation Room which is more of a series of rooms. This is the same conference room that the fake ubl raid was conducted. Starting to make sense?


5+1+3+2 = 11


pic related

9a83f5 No.333862

File: 8b6979d8d35571e⋯.png (825.81 KB, 712x853, 712:853, ClipboardImage.png)

Tasty bread, Baker.

e363c6 No.333863

looks like a good time for me to sign off and go to bed everyone is talking to themselves and not engaging. have fun

f34d8b No.333865

File: 60e9584666662f0⋯.jpg (15.85 KB, 377x400, 377:400, DVu3IgfXcAA2roE.jpg)

1a4979 No.333866


Just a theory . . .

Maybe, because Q is a group, the person that would normally drop in GA is not available and the other(s) don't have the right creds to get on right now.

a7bc82 No.333867

File: 8b0b4a7959d2e17⋯.png (435.54 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, planefag3.png)

A douglas KC-104 launch from Utah.., it's near from Sacramento. , maybe a extraction for someone special ?

eb4895 No.333868


last few breads have felt this way - ambiguous Q post .. Feels like the shills and glowfags gave up and are just posting drunks.. But a lot of newfags too

762c08 No.333869


The people have never delegated many, many powers the Constitution does not mention.

Instead, such matters have been legislated,

but the people have yet to speak on them.

41772f No.333870



Thanks, word to the wise, this doesn't auto-update (yet).


I did qtmerge because I wanted the tweets in context.

67389b No.333871

One dumb question for the night. Ive lurked for a long time to learn the culture and dynamics, but im new so, sorry but ill learn. What is "The Hunt For Red October" and "Iron Eagle". Please instead of being an asshole to me, just help me out this once. We all have to learn somewhere. Im not going to keep asking questions, just need this confirmed

b2ce8a No.333874



1a4979 No.333875


I don't think we have 100% nailed those down but I could be wrong and will probably find out shortly, lol.

0f57bb No.333876


anon was threatening to dox…then posted pic of apt. blg….knowing how this shit works…don't want anyone to have heart attack when they see their apt. see post number in my post.

bda38b No.333877


Why do you fucking idiots care whether or not a missing plane on flightradar is a software glitch, the pilot turning off ADS while flipping switches for landing, or an actual short haul jet crash in HALIFAX FUCKING NOVA SCOTIA!?!?!?

Or is Trump the president of Canada now too?

Get the fuck back to reddit you clown fags.

7f349f No.333878


Tom Clancy's book was better…

15e65f No.333879


You don't know how trips work.

5dcd88 No.333880


""The company's financial woes have gotten so bad that Snopes' owner David Mikkelson started a crowd-funding website pleading for donations this week, which raised over $500,000 from generous readers in its first day.""

Now there is money laundering. Someone gave them 500K ? In a day? Come on…

e363c6 No.333881


red October referred to that submarine in Hawaii… they were hunting the submarine and there was an actual submarine and an actual missile that was launched. Rumors are either Israeli or that Argentina submarine were sunk.

Not sure on iron eagle.

50957e No.333882


It's awesome work anon!!! Looking forward to future updates :)

b5575d No.333883


Red October is the the democrats Russian Collusion narrative boomeranging and bringing themselves down instead

762c08 No.333884

File: 4c9df04111309ce⋯.jpg (74.48 KB, 360x474, 60:79, No_More_Blue_Pills.jpg)

def763 No.333885


I found this : RFUN Recorded Future User Network . It does tie in with SOCI ties from my >>333816 post. We have a connection!

https:// www.recordedfuture.com/rfun/

eb4895 No.333887


Movies titled that have yet to explained. Weve yet to hear who the real life players are. But we know the jist of the movie plots

0f57bb No.333888


ah ok, sorry then (backs out gracefully) good work!

a8677e No.333889

File: fbb77c4c949911e⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_2108.JPG)

Previous Bread

> alas was too slow


> Aggghhhhh

< Muh Feelz



Your post has

>inspired ART

(Pic IS related)

1a4979 No.333890


I don't, because I've never used them but I'm thinking that in addition to the trip there is also a board owner pw for GA that perhaps hasn't been shared.

762c08 No.333891

File: 658bc4504ffd14d⋯.jpg (128.47 KB, 588x447, 196:149, Rabbit_Meeting.jpg)

313936 No.333892

b69e6f No.333893

"And, the "JFK - secret socities" could be another data center at JFK airport. Secret Data Center for Clowns. I do believe Q was giving us dual messages in that one post."

They kill the guy and then name a. Airport after him.

b2ce8a No.333894

fef4e9 No.333895

File: f6e585bc8c3b0bb⋯.png (134.12 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, Palmeri.PNG)

Hey Anons, want to run a Q-related theory by you all tonight, pic related. If any of you closely followed the wikileaks release of podesta e-mails, did you all feel like they just petered out after Trump won the election. They were building up to more and more explosive revelations as the election got closer. See pic of Jen Palmieri getting panicked that something really bad was going to drop before the election, but it didn't.

So, my theory says Wikileaks didn't release the most damaging Podesta e-mails. Trump won and they cut a deal with Assange to save the "whoppers" as Palmieri calls them until after Trump and his new DOJ has a chance to address the crimes. Maybe we'll still get the rest of the Podesta e-mails?? Seth Rich?? Anton Scalia?? Who even knows what else..

00ef5a No.333896

File: 6db76d36dc4e057⋯.png (311.63 KB, 811x590, 811:590, image.png)

File: 7c07a705655d090⋯.jpeg (100.6 KB, 710x846, 355:423, image.jpeg)

File: edfb07e2411655e⋯.jpeg (184.89 KB, 1281x742, 183:106, image.jpeg)

a8c044 No.333897


Podesta took great pleasure in torturing children. Most people want to see him suffer. That’s all the phrase means.

ec113f No.333898


otoh… no pizzonna de plainfags

b77ee3 No.333899

Interesting point from Sundance

https ://theconservativetreehouse.com

9e1c5f No.333900


Move names that have been in Q posts. If you want to dig, watch the movies if you have not seen them and look at the plots etc. and see if anything in the crumbs that have been dropped speak to you. Also the spreadsheet is a good place to start to re-read crumbs.

ba6a09 No.333901


Snopes outed in late 2016 as Soros funded, COO busted for cocaine and literally dumped his wife and married an escort.

440188 No.333902

File: f14f3ac31226f00⋯.jpeg (711.95 KB, 1189x2172, 1189:2172, BD72DC79-707C-41CC-8231-A….jpeg)

File: b45b199df72aba1⋯.jpeg (376.82 KB, 1110x879, 370:293, 42009DE9-B04E-4FDB-AB36-5….jpeg)

“Dec 19 2017 21:22:19



ID: 5ed198


Board owner, mods, and other patriots:

Sincere thanks for all that you do.

You are true heroes.

Long overdue - my apologies.

There will be a day (within the next few months) that a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions.

We thank you for your service.


83ea81 No.333903

File: 5a03324bd2b166b⋯.jpg (253.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, planefags.jpg)

41772f No.333904


TBH, standing on shoulders of giants at qcodefag/trumptwitterarchive. They are the awesomer and deserve the most credit. Thanks though. Glad we can all work together.

b2ce8a No.333905

120475 No.333906


It could be many reasons. One that comes to mind is OPSEC. Maybe the clowns would have an easier time compromising the locked board than the others due to its more-static nature.

Secondly, Q would have to post then change boards to reply or clarify. By staying in /qr, Q can be more immediately involved in the responses and likely miss less than he would were he changing boards.

Lastly, maybe he's not posting in GA because he found it doesn't really perform a vital function. With github making noises about shutting down qcode, it is likely that GA might become important again shortly.

bda38b No.333907


Oh my. You are being an ASSHOLE and now you ask me NOT to be an asshole.

You are a fucking nigger piece of work you clown shill. Why should I write anything for you to read when you have PROVEN YOUR INABILITY TO COMPREHEND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE?

This is like the guy who marches up to the security guard at the entrance to a government building and asks, please sir if its not to much trouble would you be so kind as to direct me to where I can go inside the government building. If I were the guard I would cuff him and haul his ass into an interrogation room

00ec5b No.333908


No I can't make sense of it. What is your point? This isn't the first time you've posted this .

Also why do you omit using the 11 from 5/2/2011?

5dcd88 No.333909


My take is the MAP (Military Action Plan) is divided into stages. Red October and Iron Eagle are the code words for those parts of the plan.




(previous parts above). We are now in Red October.

Red October (Hunt)

Iron Eagle (take em out)

2b12cc No.333910

File: ec63e7a85f7b5d1⋯.png (219.52 KB, 1330x547, 1330:547, Screenshot 2018-01-16 at 1….png)


Here is an example of the research methods they use…

They post on their own forum…and take the answers they get..

9dcc67 No.333911

OK this is my last shot for the night.

The DELTA goes to 81 because of the 81 posts on GA. Still unable to find a [15] marker, but the [14] is pretty close.

QPostID: 147023341, QPostDate: 10/28/2017 6:15:48 PM, DJTweetID: 924400308834455552, DJTweetPostDate: 10/28/2017 6:19:42 PM, DELTA: 3

QPostID: 150512900, QPostDate: 11/22/2017 4:28:01 PM, DJTweetID: 933448074348900354, DJTweetPostDate: 11/22/2017 4:32:18 PM, DELTA: 4

QPostID: 158078, QPostDate: 12/23/2017 3:22:21 PM, DJTweetID: 944665687292817415, DJTweetPostDate: 12/23/2017 3:27:05 PM, DELTA: 4

QPostID: 60141, QPostDate: 12/9/2017 1:12:19 PM, DJTweetID: 939560154269405184, DJTweetPostDate: 12/9/2017 1:19:31 PM, DELTA: 7

QPostID: 158078, QPostDate: 12/23/2017 3:22:21 PM, DJTweetID: 944666448185692166, DJTweetPostDate: 12/23/2017 3:30:06 PM, DELTA: 7

QPostID: 82056, QPostDate: 12/12/2017 5:03:32 PM, DJTweetID: 940706127309926400, DJTweetPostDate: 12/12/2017 5:13:12 PM, DELTA: 9

QPostID: 158078, QPostDate: 12/23/2017 3:22:21 PM, DJTweetID: 944667102312566784, DJTweetPostDate: 12/23/2017 3:32:42 PM, DELTA: 10

QPostID: 148183670, QPostDate: 11/5/2017 11:34:15 PM, DJTweetID: 927397233741492225, DJTweetPostDate: 11/5/2017 11:48:25 PM, DELTA: 14

QPostID: 60, QPostDate: 1/25/2018 12:04:48 PM, DJTweetID: 956578887160532992, DJTweetPostDate: 1/25/2018 12:25:53 PM, DELTA: 21

QPostID: 147012719, QPostDate: 10/28/2017 4:44:28 PM, DJTweetID: 924382514613030912, DJTweetPostDate: 10/28/2017 5:09:00 PM, DELTA: 24

QPostID: 147012719, QPostDate: 10/28/2017 4:44:28 PM, DJTweetID: 924382752941756421, DJTweetPostDate: 10/28/2017 5:09:57 PM, DELTA: 25

QPostID: 147567888, QPostDate: 11/1/2017 10:56:16 PM, DJTweetID: 925925920304779264, DJTweetPostDate: 11/1/2017 11:21:56 PM, DELTA: 25

QPostID: 60141, QPostDate: 12/9/2017 1:12:19 PM, DJTweetID: 939564681743814661, DJTweetPostDate: 12/9/2017 1:37:31 PM, DELTA: 25

QPostID: 147012719, QPostDate: 10/28/2017 4:44:28 PM, DJTweetID: 924382919845666816, DJTweetPostDate: 10/28/2017 5:10:36 PM, DELTA: 26

QPostID: 148746, QPostDate: 12/22/2017 11:12:55 AM, DJTweetID: 944247868126318593, DJTweetPostDate: 12/22/2017 11:46:49 AM, DELTA: 33

QPostID: 8, QPostDate: 1/13/2018 10:09:38 PM, DJTweetID: 952386227705204736, DJTweetPostDate: 1/13/2018 10:45:45 PM, DELTA: 36

QPostID: 8, QPostDate: 1/13/2018 10:09:38 PM, DJTweetID: 952387277610774528, DJTweetPostDate: 1/13/2018 10:49:56 PM, DELTA: 40

QPostID: 8, QPostDate: 1/13/2018 10:09:38 PM, DJTweetID: 952387373056380928, DJTweetPostDate: 1/13/2018 10:50:18 PM, DELTA: 40

QPostID: 150686780, QPostDate: 11/23/2017 11:12:46 PM, DJTweetID: 933921775984967681, DJTweetPostDate: 11/23/2017 11:54:37 PM, DELTA: 41

QPostID: 147567888, QPostDate: 11/1/2017 10:56:16 PM, DJTweetID: 925931294705545216, DJTweetPostDate: 11/1/2017 11:43:18 PM, DELTA: 47

QPostID: 57, QPostDate: 1/24/2018 2:39:13 PM, DJTweetID: 956261892640604161, DJTweetPostDate: 1/24/2018 3:26:16 PM, DELTA: 47

QPostID: 147640127, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 1:44:30 PM, DJTweetID: 926155393490878464, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 2:33:47 PM, DELTA: 49

QPostID: 51, QPostDate: 1/21/2018 7:31:32 PM, DJTweetID: 955249077645643776, DJTweetPostDate: 1/21/2018 8:21:42 PM, DELTA: 50

QPostID: 147632662, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 12:36:31 PM, DJTweetID: 926139726129704960, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 1:31:32 PM, DELTA: 55

QPostID: 60, QPostDate: 1/25/2018 12:04:48 PM, DJTweetID: 956588348864454656, DJTweetPostDate: 1/25/2018 1:03:29 PM, DELTA: 58

QPostID: 72, QPostDate: 1/27/2018 5:01:09 PM, DJTweetID: 957387711693905925, DJTweetPostDate: 1/27/2018 5:59:52 PM, DELTA: 58

7f349f No.333912


Anon asked nicely… that counts for something doesnt it? Sounds like you got Q blue balls. Rub one out and take the edge off.

9dcc67 No.333913


QPostID: 147023341, QPostDate: 10/28/2017 6:15:48 PM, DJTweetID: 924414387343028224, DJTweetPostDate: 10/28/2017 7:15:39 PM, DELTA: 59

QPostID: 147640127, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 1:44:30 PM, DJTweetID: 926157911151214592, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 2:43:47 PM, DELTA: 59

QPostID: 147679416, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 7:03:36 PM, DJTweetID: 926238774773862400, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 8:05:07 PM, DELTA: 61

QPostID: 158900, QPostDate: 12/23/2017 4:40:56 PM, DJTweetID: 944700332881440769, DJTweetPostDate: 12/23/2017 5:44:45 PM, DELTA: 63

QPostID: 148023976, QPostDate: 11/5/2017 1:31:00 AM, DJTweetID: 927077305876434945, DJTweetPostDate: 11/5/2017 2:37:08 AM, DELTA: 66

QPostID: 147979863, QPostDate: 11/4/2017 7:33:30 PM, DJTweetID: 926973117708296192, DJTweetPostDate: 11/4/2017 8:43:08 PM, DELTA: 69

QPostID: 147689362, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 8:19:28 PM, DJTweetID: 926260114146889728, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 9:29:54 PM, DELTA: 70

QPostID: 148016618, QPostDate: 11/5/2017 12:14:37 AM, DJTweetID: 927059219370643456, DJTweetPostDate: 11/5/2017 1:25:16 AM, DELTA: 70

QPostID: 52, QPostDate: 1/22/2018 10:19:54 PM, DJTweetID: 955658992793149440, DJTweetPostDate: 1/22/2018 11:30:33 PM, DELTA: 70

QPostID: 147816901, QPostDate: 11/3/2017 5:33:30 PM, DJTweetID: 926580912036466690, DJTweetPostDate: 11/3/2017 6:44:39 PM, DELTA: 71

QPostID: 148286961, QPostDate: 11/6/2017 4:48:58 PM, DJTweetID: 927672843504177152, DJTweetPostDate: 11/6/2017 6:03:35 PM, DELTA: 74

QPostID: 150681832, QPostDate: 11/23/2017 10:21:46 PM, DJTweetID: 933917415028772864, DJTweetPostDate: 11/23/2017 11:37:17 PM, DELTA: 75

QPostID: 139851, QPostDate: 12/21/2017 12:01:03 PM, DJTweetID: 943908041803657216, DJTweetPostDate: 12/21/2017 1:16:28 PM, DELTA: 75

QPostID: 43, QPostDate: 1/19/2018 4:02:49 PM, DJTweetID: 954478044487520257, DJTweetPostDate: 1/19/2018 5:17:53 PM, DELTA: 75

QPostID: 147683156, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 7:31:24 PM, DJTweetID: 926249604936556545, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 8:48:09 PM, DELTA: 76

QPostID: 148286961, QPostDate: 11/6/2017 4:48:58 PM, DJTweetID: 927673257230327808, DJTweetPostDate: 11/6/2017 6:05:14 PM, DELTA: 76

QPostID: 148453749, QPostDate: 11/7/2017 6:43:57 PM, DJTweetID: 928064591665467393, DJTweetPostDate: 11/7/2017 8:00:15 PM, DELTA: 76

QPostID: 150681832, QPostDate: 11/23/2017 10:21:46 PM, DJTweetID: 933917690552573952, DJTweetPostDate: 11/23/2017 11:38:23 PM, DELTA: 76

QPostID: 158900, QPostDate: 12/23/2017 4:40:56 PM, DJTweetID: 944703626454487042, DJTweetPostDate: 12/23/2017 5:57:50 PM, DELTA: 76

QPostID: 148022145, QPostDate: 11/5/2017 1:10:37 AM, DJTweetID: 927075137131896832, DJTweetPostDate: 11/5/2017 2:28:31 AM, DELTA: 77

QPostID: 147681912, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 7:21:32 PM, DJTweetID: 926247543801044993, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 8:39:57 PM, DELTA: 78

QPostID: 7, QPostDate: 1/13/2018 9:23:53 PM, DJTweetID: 952385311669178368, DJTweetPostDate: 1/13/2018 10:42:07 PM, DELTA: 78

QPostID: 147646606, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 2:39:41 PM, DJTweetID: 926176823117074433, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 3:58:56 PM, DELTA: 79

QPostID: 147687684, QPostDate: 11/2/2017 8:07:18 PM, DJTweetID: 926259330474704900, DJTweetPostDate: 11/2/2017 9:26:48 PM, DELTA: 79

QPostID: 10956374, QPostDate: 11/25/2017 3:28:38 PM, DJTweetID: 934539256940417024, DJTweetPostDate: 11/25/2017 4:48:16 PM, DELTA: 79

QPostID: 150681832, QPostDate: 11/23/2017 10:21:46 PM, DJTweetID: 933918671503753216, DJTweetPostDate: 11/23/2017 11:42:17 PM, DELTA: 80

QPostID: 150767674, QPostDate: 11/24/2017 4:19:45 PM, DJTweetID: 934189999045693441, DJTweetPostDate: 11/24/2017 5:40:26 PM, DELTA: 80

QPostID: 150869010, QPostDate: 11/25/2017 1:20:08 PM, DJTweetID: 934507210385829888, DJTweetPostDate: 11/25/2017 2:40:55 PM, DELTA: 80

QPostID: 70, QPostDate: 1/27/2018 1:09:33 PM, DJTweetID: 957334999522533376, DJTweetPostDate: 1/27/2018 2:30:24 PM, DELTA: 80

f34d8b No.333914

File: 531db88c1fc9959⋯.png (287.56 KB, 631x843, 631:843, Screenshot 2018-02-10 23.5….png)

https:// twitter.com/Steve4Trump/status/962565526017867776

https:// t.co/lkJYWjuQUW

80ef9a No.333915

I hear a helicopter when down tonight in Grand Canyon. 3 dead.. can a planefag look into that

9a83f5 No.333916


>"The Hunt For Red October"

Alec Baldwin is getting arrested soon by Sean Connery as soon as Connery is finished running around the globe in a Russian boomer (submarine).

Baldwin is going down.

>"Iron Eagle"

Adolf Hitler is still alive and he's helping Q team drain the global swamp.

He's doing great. He's been drinking jewish baby blood and surprisingly youthful for his age.

Adolf's expertise is cabal presence Europe and South America.

I think I have those two crumbs right.

But, you should read the map and verify my conclusions for yourself.

bda38b No.333917


You are wasting your time. If he can't read the info at the top of the bread then he will never be able to find the spreadsheet. No point in being helpful to people whose IQ is under 73

1a4979 No.333918


Good possiblity

00ef5a No.333919

File: 3e08ad3779682a8⋯.png (907.33 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: 5f4bbd77a15e567⋯.png (3.54 MB, 2560x3463, 2560:3463, image.png)

File: 922290debeec0b7⋯.jpeg (67.66 KB, 600x314, 300:157, image.jpeg)

File: 4198442ff871d48⋯.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2048x1366, 1024:683, image.jpeg)

File: 4561c88ae5d13a6⋯.jpeg (3.08 MB, 1488x5793, 496:1931, image.jpeg)

0f57bb No.333920


nope…saw ANON last night who got small memento in the mail…as thank you. He commented briefly on post mark and contents but not great detail…there may be more..he said nothing to prove as it was something only meaningful to him..but no sender..personalized…no one else stepped up to say..sorry cannot recall bread# but search for postmark…that should do it.

00ef5a No.333921

File: caabbb99f6f4201⋯.png (874.39 KB, 662x429, 662:429, image.png)

67389b No.333923


Makes sense. Thanks!

c6311c No.333924



southern califorina cities

sanctuary cities

5cf23f No.333925

File: 976f15bf75a59b3⋯.png (56.11 KB, 1129x335, 1129:335, ModEdit.png)


Be grateful I reported the self-doxxing stupid faggot that doesn't know basic opsec to a mod. It wasn't a threat. It was a wakeup call.

Mod Edit: He's right.

Post last edited at

00ef5a No.333926

I'm out for now.

Peace out….

67389b No.333927


I have it all. I can figure out everything Q says except iron eagle and hunt for red october

5dcd88 No.333928



Terrific work! Should be saved.

a8677e No.333931

File: 41fc2daf42058c2⋯.jpg (209.42 KB, 1389x454, 1389:454, IMG_2033.JPG)

File: b62ef57db05bf37⋯.jpg (129.18 KB, 702x390, 9:5, IMG_2106.JPG)


Where we go one, we go all.


564e4f No.333932


Font makes it difficult to read. Try something with no serifs.

67389b No.333933


Excellent thanks. I dont like A Baldwin anyways, and I cant wait to see how Hitler has aged after 73 years

564e4f No.333934


#2 is really well done.

83ea81 No.333935


I'd recommend reading what this anon has to say >>332810

>The movie references that are undefined:

>Iron Eagle - Soldier who will not make General; Possibly McMaster who had to have Petraus brought in to bring him to rank of General. Also, IE's plot is pilot/hero who has to buck the system (stealing fighters) to save a soldier who faces certain death; this might play out as military (W&W) against rogue regime (Clowns/cabal) to save the country.

>Hunt for Red October: Another hero officer who has to save everyone by opposing the regime in office - another allusion to the W&W against the clowns. Secondly, final problem has attacking sub destroyed by its own weapon; if the second scenario, then Mueller might fit the bill, turning the Russia Collusion back on the cabal. One notable quote from the movie: "We don't have to figure out how to get the crew off the sub. He's already done that, he would have had to. All we gotta do is figure out what he's gonna do." We don't have to know all of the cabal's plans. We just have to figure out what they are going to do. They love their symbols, and they can't help crowing about what they are about to do/just did. Did you see the superb owl symbology?

>Godfather III - Bad guy tries to go legit, but the way he tries to go leads to corrupt "allies" and corrupt church. I think GFIII is the position almost everyone who is being allowed to "retire" is in. They didn't want to be pawns, but they were forced in to it, because even the whistleblower system was run by the cabal. Where do you turn when you are completely surrounded? You either 187 or you play the game.

>Those are my guesses and thoughts. Open for debate and disagreement.

There have been other movie references Q has made and the general plot of each movie seem to be the context of why they use them.

865e29 No.333936

Euro copter ec130 down over grand canyon. 7 inside unknown at this time of any casualties

9dcc67 No.333937


I was thinking about FISA warrants and Red October the other day.

Red = Russia

October = The month that the first FISA warrant was issued on Trump.

The Hunt for Red October is the Mueller investigation.

5dcd88 No.333938


>Grand Canyon

https:// www.s fgate.com/news/us/article/3-dead-in-helicopter-crash-at-Grand-Canyon-12604646.php?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

c6311c No.333939

File: 1aa226463abc9de⋯.png (99.37 KB, 500x355, 100:71, a-pledge-a-day-keeps-the-d….png)

bb1cac No.333940


Maybe it's fine just the way it is–like he laid out a map, and is now going about to prove that it was correct.

67389b No.333941


Your first mistake is trying to imply you're someone of importance

120475 No.333942


https:// www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?82461-J-F-K-Speech-Revealing-the-Role-of-Secret-Socities-Worth-Watching

Note the spelling of socities in the URL above. This is what Q was referring to in his post. Shills seem to own this board.

d8469d No.333943


There ya go! This is how to read the map! Thanks

564e4f No.333944




Red October is currently in play.

e0a58e No.333945

File: 3fb955f654df4cd⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1063x696, 1063:696, KEK Beam of Light.png)

1a4979 No.333946



Lol, the postmarked item does not match up with the Q drop. Wishful thinking.

"There will be a day (within the next few months) that a scary but safe personalized message finds its way to you on multiple platforms recognizing your contributions."

Was the postmarked item SCARY? Did said anon receive it on MULTIPLE PLATFORMS?

Not even remotely close.

I'll stick with >>333902 until something else drops to prove it one way or the other.

f08cdc No.333947

Games R Fun!

RF Gun

0f57bb No.333948


.no need to scare the shit out of people…they're idiots we've got people filling in the name / email addy…but idiots does not=evil or worthy of pizza…easy.

bb4efe No.333949

File: 35feb776d85a407⋯.jpeg (405.98 KB, 621x912, 207:304, 2CA6E164-A3D7-4A64-B69A-E….jpeg)

80ef9a No.333950

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/02/10/us/grand-canyon-helicopter-crash/index.html

4599b9 No.333951


I saved both. These are really nice. Thank you.

bb1cac No.333952

Any planefags care to weigh in on whether this is a typical flight? (It's the plane from E terminal in Pudong)

https ://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/cz443#10617070

b2ce8a No.333953

I have a feeling major shit is going down tonight. Be nice to have a Q drop with some body cams.

9e1c5f No.333954


Q wanted us to watch this version, good catch. That is the one I watched, just by luck.

b46c25 No.333955

File: f0ff59b90a81ff5⋯.jpg (260.32 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, El stumpo.jpg)


Sit on this stump for a couple of months and lurk.

Then you can engage.

00ee8d No.333956


http:// www.wsbradio.com/news/dead-tour-helicopter-crash-grand-canyon/cK6jnOXQ8EJkLkJ4Ar2wAP/

Report says 3 dead in a tour chopper

313936 No.333957


lmao u put cnn as sauce?

67389b No.333958


Q has mentioned red october on 5 separate occasions before the Hawaii sub…..its something else

a7bc82 No.333959

File: 2ee20eafc13fa27⋯.png (577.9 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, planefag4.png)

The KC-10A go to Sacramento..

55194d No.333960


> What is "The Hunt For Red October" and "Iron Eagle".

When Q mentions movies he wants you to look at the story line within them and compare them to whats going on.

Example: Godfather 3 - Pope replacement (Vatican replacement) & Mafia leader going legit - (Someone who's committed crimes for decades wanting to do the right thing- I think this is Mueller).

1a4979 No.333961


Except Q had said Red October had not yet happened as of Nov 20 - Github #168

66ec71 No.333962


That would be sweet

67389b No.333963


Or you can just answer me and help me out…..

0f57bb No.333964


it says that anon will get something across multiple platforms..meaning..could be mail, could be a phone call, could be ..get the pic…this guy got something small but meaningful in the mail..he did not CLAIM it was…but said he had no other explanation…that post was a thank you from Q and it seemed like (as they know who we all are despite condoms) the thing this guy got in the mail resonated with that post. Dig it and read it yourself..he didn't say it WAS but when he got it he thought of that post. That's all.

9dcc67 No.333965


Noted. Thx anon

67389b No.333966


The most intelligent response I've seen. Thank you very much fellow patriot

a8677e No.333967

File: 33a3fdb2029b156⋯.jpg (128.33 KB, 702x390, 9:5, IMG_2109.JPG)


> Thanks ANON!

Here is one with[out] text

(Pic related)

> 4 anons to use

e61006 No.333968




Good stuff. Thank you. Will use.

00ee8d No.333970


News claims 3 dead. It was a tour chopper

564e4f No.333971


Lots of radio traffic yesterday.

One skyking today (so far) tied to yesterday's traffic.

55194d No.333972


>The most intelligent response I've seen. Thank you very much fellow patriot

It seemed sincere.

Also look at the dates the movies are made, names of the actors, etc. Could be anything hes referencing.

a553c3 No.333973

Okay this was odd. I just started watching Judge Jeanine, and it was a recording of Adam Schiff talking on the phone with a Russian sounding man, something about Trump being naked, and then the show froze and within 2 minute I was back on and they were talking about something entirely different.

Anyone, is there some new tape released of Schiff talking to a Russian Spy?

78499f No.333974

File: aa95adff27ccd08⋯.png (45.26 KB, 791x376, 791:376, Ingersoll.png)



Different Ingersoll ref, but I swear JC lurks here…

1a4979 No.333975


Russian radio pranksters. Came out last week.

564e4f No.333976


Looks like the censored her.

faddc1 No.333977


this is a recent Q drop, I'm analyzing the first line.

"JFK Con Room."

Feb 10 2018 04:13:33



ID: 567809


JFK Con Room.

https:// www.cia.gov/kids-page/games/break-the-code/code-1.html

Would you believe this site is actually used to comm to rogue operators?






JFK assassination was a false flag

We were tricked/"conned"

Usama bin laden raid was a false flag, we were conned. JFK created the Situation Room at the White House because he didn't trust the intelligence community, they tried to con him into starting Nuclear War with the Bay of Pigs, he didn't bite. There are several rooms that make up the Situation Room. One of the rooms is a conference room that Hussein named after JFK. He did this on Friday the 13th, 11 days after the ubl false flag that was conducted from the conference room that was named after JFK 11 days later. The Illuminati like numbers, especially 11, God's number is 10 so 11 for them is like having a +1 on God.

9/11 was a con/false flag

120475 No.333978


It was not a "catch." Another anon pointed it out within ten minutes of Q posting the "misspelling." It makes perfect sense, and any other discussion on this subject is a waste of time and resources. That's what shills cause; a waste of time and resources.

83ea81 No.333979


Good catch:


The link is missing the same letter as Q said. Worth noting, however I'm still waiting for a Trump tweet to be missing an 'e'.

5cf23f No.333980


How else was I supposed to get the point across? Now that the shit's been cleaned up, I'll say it… sharing your exact GPS location via EXIF data is fucking stupid. No offense to BO/BV - they're great but I have no way of knowing if they're around at any given moment.

1c8827 No.333981

File: bd27cb3e00e4113⋯.jpg (33.17 KB, 421x340, 421:340, DVuyOc9U0AAGxwB.jpg)

File: 2a130cbe1291c5d⋯.jpg (132.78 KB, 1024x1013, 1024:1013, DVuogYxVoAEUnCn.jpg)

File: ed3c37b5ae96bd4⋯.jpg (92.67 KB, 754x499, 754:499, DVuoBROV4AI9w-A.jpg)

File: 8e4f745e638e377⋯.jpg (51.71 KB, 558x536, 279:268, DVumJmYUMAEGp08.jpg)

91720b No.333982

File: 9b5d11fbf19be12⋯.png (23.65 KB, 684x136, 171:34, Screenshot from 2018-02-11….png)

>M_knZhVGT hidden 1 hour /qresearch/ Attached a public ban message to post #333453: YOU'RE IN FOR A HELLA'VA GREAT AWAKENING

based as fuck

e34f4d No.333983

File: 3f91bdb760a8153⋯.png (554.99 KB, 1676x930, 838:465, 1403QAF5.png)

Got our old friend Luftwaffe 14+03 here with a Qatari flight not too too far behind it. Why are they going toward the ME… any movements reported?

73a325 No.333984

Awan Spy Ring And Drug Ring in Congress - Operation Cassandra

https. ://youtu.be/EuisN3oCNOk

0f57bb No.333985


LOL she was playing the russian prank..there's two guys who call our politicians..MADMAX and NO NAME have also fallen prey to them..they're hysterical..called Schiff for brains and offered him nude pics of trump…Schiff bit…realized too late he got PNKD tried to back out but coms prove they had side convos trying to get the sauce. TOP KEK

55194d No.333986


>Anyone, is there some new tape released of Schiff talking to a Russian Spy?

A prank that happened a while back and the dumbass had his helpers email them back for more info. MSM spinning it as "oh he knew this was the fake the entire time" Bullshit.

One by one potus is picking these scumbags off like flies.

c88e48 No.333987

File: bb95e0b4c04048e⋯.png (51.3 KB, 928x319, 32:11, 8shea.PNG)

File: 8183239a1334af2⋯.png (142.28 KB, 1092x834, 182:139, 1rfun.PNG)

File: 06f5144a3096e83⋯.png (56.9 KB, 1060x519, 1060:519, 2rfun.PNG)

File: faefa14815ef079⋯.png (83.05 KB, 1057x604, 7:4, 3rfun.PNG)


More on rfun and Theresa Shea

First pic found via this article from Buzz Feed and others from RecordedFuture/rfun2017

https:// www.buzzfeed.com/aramroston/exclusive-family-business-at-the-national-security-agency?utm_term=.cuwjP2eYy#.pgj6akJmr

4f0f4c No.333988

File: b0ec82ff3bf30a9⋯.png (745.43 KB, 962x678, 481:339, ClipboardImage.png)


Another thing Red October was/is.

Red October was a cyberespionage malware program discovered in October 2012 by Russian firm Kaspersky Lab. The malware was reportedly operating worldwide for up to five years prior to discovery, transmitting information ranging from diplomatic secrets to personal information, including from mobile devices. The primary vectors used to install the malware were emails containing attached documents that exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word and Excel. Later, a webpage was found that exploited a known vulnerability in the Java browser plugin. Red October was termed an advanced cyberespionage campaign intended to target diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations worldwide.


- - - -

It's my suspicion that this malware attack may be related to how NK got nuclear technology suddenly. NK is reported to have a large and sophisticated military hacking unit.

c6311c No.333989

File: 5d1c73ba9869215⋯.jpg (124.62 KB, 500x500, 1:1, froggy.jpg)


anyone's guess

e8be7e No.333990


Stupid Schiff was punked by a couple of radio jocks with Boris and Natasha bullshit saying they had sexy dirt on Trump – and the idiot fell for it.

9d3cc7 No.333991


I think all the bad guys, if not here themselves get updates from other players. Wouldn't you?

0f6af4 No.333993

File: 137e478f7382cf4⋯.png (5.86 MB, 2222x3333, 2:3, Q_FocusMap_Symbolism.png)

Symbolism: Identify and list.

Focus Map of a selection of collected crumbs >>

0f57bb No.333994


if he is lurking he's either

1. complaining

2. dropping fake sauce

3. dropping real sauce

4. fapping to thanks baker pics

a553c3 No.333995


Gotcha thanks

55194d No.333996


> discovered in October 2012 by Russian firm Kaspersky Lab.

Thats my favorite part. As if Kaspersky wasn't the reason why it got there in the first place.

00ef5a No.333997

c8b4b9 No.333998


Something like "We will finish the job you started" or …………

0f6af4 No.334000

File: 7d0ce57f72b97ba⋯.png (1.23 MB, 828x743, 828:743, m_BAD DAY FOR MLOCH.PNG)

1c8827 No.334001

File: 1bede6e68356eab⋯.jpg (32.4 KB, 464x349, 464:349, DVul5b0VwAA0ysH.jpg)

File: 2a4bf3f942abdac⋯.jpg (237.93 KB, 913x1200, 913:1200, DVujIxRUMAAgX8N.jpg)

File: 3140610214a7e4b⋯.jpg (113.32 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DVuizZlUMAAaLG4.jpg)

File: c76c1b7bfe9da75⋯.jpg (95.6 KB, 607x727, 607:727, DVudn3KUMAI7NNb.jpg)

15e65f No.334002



>if he is lurking he's either

Well, he's a faggot and a liar, so that rules #3 and #4 out

bda38b No.334003


Then you are a goddam fucking nigger fag. Go spew your garbage on REDDIT

We have no use for your cunt farts here

00ec5b No.334004


Well done! Maybe some will learn from this

0f57bb No.334005


I get it…thanks for covering his ass…but honestly if he was foolish enough to post from his phone do you think he understands that? Now the poor sod is probably shaking in the closet thinking he's gonna get party vanned…lol

1a4979 No.334006

Dups in the bread. :)

Clinton Email investigation timeline >>291986 , >>291104 , >>291986

Bless the Baker; Bless the Bread

Baker Baker 19

a7bc82 No.334007

File: 346db65718f1aba⋯.png (568.23 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, planefag6.png)

Douglas XTNDR51 (KC-10A) coming to San francisco

91720b No.334008

File: b7bf587cd0e857d⋯.jpg (96.24 KB, 500x563, 500:563, 24cqcy.jpg)


>4. fapping to thanks baker pics

440188 No.334009


Red October movie about a nuclear sub and a Russian who ultimately fakes his death to defect to America Plus much more. Based on a true story. Research!

Iron eagle another movie plot - research.

67389b No.334010


Show me some type of proof that youre someone of importance and not a small dick sitting behind a computer eating a hot pocket and ill leave

f6317c No.334011



PlaneFag - stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

Below a certain altitude, the track stops/disappears. Always "lands" short of the airport, and "takes off" miles from the airport.

Some tracks just suddenly disappear over the ocean or in remote areas. That's not a UFO abduction or a crash. They have simply gone out of radar range, or in the case of military planes, have left a commercial corridor and have "gone dark."

15e65f No.334012


It's better than actually getting party vanned…

94079e No.334014

Where is the Argentinian sub?? Is that important?

1a4979 No.334015

e154e8 No.334016


Just checked an archived vs catalog copy of the same bread. The archive has UTC time stamps for posts.

0f57bb No.334017


this one…is saucy…the spider web is big and sticky. I am really fascinated by how the layers stack up (this is layered) and how each dot on each layer is connected..what is the CENTRAL hub (think center tent pole) which all web layers run up and stack? WHO….it's worse than a family tree!

78499f No.334018


Oh, definitely. But he's the only one I've noticed that makes almost direct references to chan-related material. Direct meaning things only we'd pick up on kek.

55194d No.334019


>Where is the Argentinian sub?? Is that important?

Red October?

a553c3 No.334020


Hot pocket what a great idea. BRB

1c8827 No.334021

File: 76d873366a0c4cd⋯.jpg (84.44 KB, 744x664, 93:83, DVucDQiWsAAdkyZ.jpg)

File: f24a780f0bb7057⋯.jpg (21.3 KB, 430x350, 43:35, DVub8fYXcAEPdwH.jpg)

File: 3be4fb005811851⋯.jpg (108.57 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DVubJOQX4AEIybH.jpg)

File: bc945605645a35f⋯.jpg (91.79 KB, 782x551, 782:551, DVuXN3-X4AECpDI.jpg)

7ab47d No.334022


you need to change the first one to thanks obama

q said this is no longer R vs D

stop labeling democrats and liberals

its time to FUCKING UNITE


948e7d No.334023

Planetary Liberation going strong

As above so below

94079e No.334025


That't been on my mind in relation to Red October

1a4979 No.334026



Unrelated per Q

e3731f No.334027


>mfw I'm not the only non-AI shill slide bot on here right now.


Have an archive URL for that shit

> http:// archive.is/lXiVh

b2ce8a No.334028

Fags needs to stop assuming Q posts in chronological order during or before ops. They posted Shanghai op, then runway, the airport. Those could've been in reverse. Flying in from airport to China, then Shanghai Op. No point in trying to follow planes. They'd NEVER cue us in on that bc it cues (THEM) in.

00ec5b No.334029


And our breaking news today.. The grand canyon swallowed up a helicopter with one huge bite. Onlookers say it was a totally unprovoked attack.

83ea81 No.334030


Fixed :)

0f57bb No.334032


I felt compelled to make it multiple choice.

a8677e No.334033

File: 867f92678c75c2e⋯.jpg (109.87 KB, 703x750, 703:750, IMG_2111.JPG)


(Pic related)


e3731f No.334034


fuck off

00ef5a No.334035

File: 930f7d62af5879a⋯.jpeg (121.49 KB, 572x572, 1:1, image.jpeg)

File: 8b77747a570aa0b⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: 819cdc23bdb9529⋯.png (996.18 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: c887d24fc8afa1a⋯.jpeg (110.81 KB, 1145x899, 1145:899, image.jpeg)

File: 1ac2d1bff144c29⋯.jpeg (38.53 KB, 367x401, 367:401, image.jpeg)

dbbf63 No.334037

Complete info from Dilley's drop today. Haven't seen the info regarding the EO mentioned yet tonight.

Dilleys source mentioned an ammendment to an EO made post 911

Dilley drop gleaned from the rambling

Presidential EO amenment to 13223: Ordering the ready reserves af armed forces to active duty and delegating certain authority to secdef/sectrans hereby ordered as follows

Sec1: The authorities available for use during a national emergency under section 688 abd 690 of title 10 USC are also invoked and made available according to their terms, to secretary concerned, subject in the case of the secretaries of army, navy, air force, to the direction of secdef (oct 20)


Wonder how many of them are sitting on the 12 military panels running right now? 12 panels of 12

This old EO info can now be revealed to the light in the correct context

Marine group now ready to snatch 44

Tonight will be off the chart

POTUS will use EBS more than once in this next week

Hold on to your hats, shit is going to get real.

That EO seems interesting, seems like it's worth a dig. The rest is interesting, but future proves past right? Get comfeve:)

00ef5a No.334038

File: 96e471ba8dec636⋯.jpeg (93.63 KB, 720x878, 360:439, image.jpeg)

File: ecc002a25604407⋯.png (519.7 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: aa2fe949fa0eabf⋯.jpeg (107.85 KB, 625x576, 625:576, image.jpeg)

File: 3a9206dfa883e30⋯.png (815.35 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

1a4979 No.334039


Bless the Baker; Bless the bread!

76f4a5 No.334041


Hunt for Red October- torpedo fired from a Russian sub is intercepted and steered back to the source, destroying the sub with their own torpedo.

This is Russian collusion. They fired at POTUS but colluded with Russia to do it. It will be the Dems downfall.

0f57bb No.334042


there is always hope…just felt bad for the sod…there are no real warnings…flashing gore went out ages ago.

b2ce8a No.334043


It's actually WW, not just Americans. Q has said that hey have "tremendous support WW". Plenty of victim nations that want the cabal decapitated.

ccf6f3 No.334045

File: 877b2e1218ed84a⋯.jpg (212.89 KB, 500x364, 125:91, schoolhouse awoo.jpg)


>class dismissed

Nice work, Anon.

e9b5b3 No.334046

File: 4683360f2171b2c⋯.jpg (94.25 KB, 759x483, 11:7, ISIS has US tanks.jpg)

I am very grateful for our President, Q and our great military and for where we seem to be heading as a Nation, but I also hope that there are plans in place to reduce our militarism around the world, while we rebuild our defenses here at home. It would be great to listen to this old Bill Hick's comedy piece, knowing that we have finally transcended the past 25+ years of idiotically arming our enemies while going bankrupt in the process.

Bill Hicks - Weapons of Mass Destruction

https:// youtu.be/DllifzzoJnM?t=2m13s

http:// theantimedia.org/us-tanks-isis-iranian-backed-militias/

2c02e8 No.334047


You could be right, this has been the plan for 3 years.

I'll add this, Stage set w good and bad but to begin change and make a difference POTUS needs status quo to get stuff moving and slowly allow America to wake up. We humans do not adapt to change very well and if all this info came out, we would as a society panic. We know it's true. Think back when grocery stores went to scanners, it took longer because people thought they were being cheated or when they went to plastic bags. I know silly example but it happened.

We just don't deal well with change and we have brainwashed for so long that society suffers from Stockholm syndrome but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

0f57bb No.334048



15e65f No.334049


Canyons kill. Just say no to canyons.

6a4b5e No.334050

Feb 10 (Reuters) - OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP said on Saturday that it has cut its sales force in half and will stop promoting opioids to physicians, following widespread criticism of the ways that drugmakers market addictive painkillers.

https:// www


9a83f5 No.334051


Dumbass fucking Comey doesn't even see the irony in his twat.

Lefties are delusionally stupid.

bb4efe No.334052

File: 89feef77e8069af⋯.png (306.91 KB, 498x731, 498:731, Screenshot-2018-2-10 Q Res….png)


socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities socities

can you see it this time? anybody care?

removetheveildotnet.files.wordpress .com/2014/08/occultconspiracies01.pdf

1a4979 No.334053


Maybe we can get a confirmation from Q but it sounds the most plausible at this point.

22d0a5 No.334054


Wow… Either you are being fucked with hard, or none of these fags know what's up either…

HFRO - In the movie, the bad-guys fire a torpedo and it boomerangs back on them, sinking their vessel. This refers to the Russian-collusion story boomeranging on the Dems/HRC.

IE - "Eagle" was Bill Clinton's SS nickname. The consensus id Iron Eagle refers to that rapist.

4599b9 No.334055


As long as the Democrats continue to pull the shit that they are, then they need to be called out

65001e No.334057

40,000ft talk here guys.

Petrus Romanus, Peter the Roman, the 112th Pope, the final pontiff, he who will betray the faith, the last pope.

It has been prophesized.

0f57bb No.334058


willcock is calling he want's his disclosure back…

you must go back.

7f349f No.334059


Sometimes fresh eyes can give fresh perspective.

9a83f5 No.334060


>4. fapping to thanks baker pics

Ummm … who isn't?

a7bc82 No.334061

File: 6dbe9a44bf837ce⋯.png (465.29 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, planefag7.png)

is it strange that a Airplane does that?

22d0a5 No.334062




1a4979 No.334063


More likely: https:// www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?82461-J-F-K-Speech-Revealing-the-Role-of-Secret-Socities-Worth-Watching

389048 No.334064


I hate to be ugly but I posted that 3 or 4 boards ago. No one commented. Kinda hurt. But whatta ya going to do.

9dcc67 No.334065



313936 No.334066


the epitome of oral sex

f08cdc No.334067

File: 2dad64c9db0daed⋯.png (246.95 KB, 633x516, 211:172, rfgun - Copy.png)

>Games R Fun

RF Gun

<Resonant Frequency

>Q drop about device placed and WH renovations

RF Gun

>cuban embassy

Sonic weapon

Ultrasound or ELF, I'm not sure?

4f0f4c No.334069

File: df268b4e45a1ca6⋯.jpg (121.81 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Maga3.jpg)

bb4efe No.334070


i know somebody asked me for it … i dug it back up from this morning

f34d8b No.334071

File: d1c5950d94dea62⋯.png (314.25 KB, 639x954, 71:106, Screenshot 2018-02-11 00.2….png)

https:// twitter.com/CRinQC/status/962572701188612096

bda38b No.334072


Q always says things that can be interpreted in two or three different ways. That's because, as he points out repeatedly, the future proves the past. In other words he never ever tells us anything about future ops. He only gives us confusing crumbs that the CIA can misinterpret so that they run around like chickens with their head cut off, and then when they least expect it, WHACK!!! Q and his operators cut off their heads. It is a fun game that they play.

When the news comes out about the CIA chickens being decapitated then we can put the crumbs together and see that Q is a legit source.

Then Q throws in a bit of real intel for us to meme up to the social networks, but by that time the CIA is pissed with this board and they don't give a flying fuck about memes on twitter. So they ignore it and BAMMM!!!! Seems that social media is an important tool after all.

7ab47d No.334073


missing the point

no more libtards

no more democraps

no more name calling

time to unite as americans

time to wake people up from deep sleep

a5395e No.334074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

already spreading fear in Californa… police state bs

f6317c No.334075


not unusual during aerial refueling

ba6a09 No.334076


I remember press footage of ISIS climbing in those tanks and operating them. They seemed to be very familiar with the tanks and proficient. No doubt we trained them how to operate our tanks.

389048 No.334077

1a4979 No.334078


No place for "feelings" about posts on the Chans. We are anonymous. It matters not who gets the info out as long as it gets out.

faddc1 No.334079


Winning Bigly!!!

313936 No.334080

i really want a tennis court like that

86682f No.334081


Q has mostly posted here on this board lol, seems he is doing quite a bit of taunting (((them))) lately.

7ab47d No.334082


wrong -

Go Read Q


91720b No.334083


>That EO seems interesting, seems like it's worth a dig

he's about a month behind Q on this one

a8677e No.334084

File: 98bbeb574c00a8b⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 620x349, 620:349, IMG_1768.JPG)


895b62 No.334085

File: 533a4b488f57f46⋯.png (130.91 KB, 306x712, 153:356, gettothechopper.png)

Possibly related

https:// truepundit.com/chartered-helicopter-las-vegas-goes-outside-grand-canyon-seven-board/

00ec5b No.334087


Bye bye

564e4f No.334088


Lynn style Secret message

0f57bb No.334089


thanks…have lots of trouble listening to periscope but had been closely following for correlation between Q and that info..very different style

keep in mind this is likely telegraphed to see who calls who or who goes where. I do not believe they've changed their strategy of telegraphing moves.

Compare and contrast, check and double check. I for one appreciate Ddrops..ignore the hate.

243cc1 No.334090

check out the links to the spreadsheet and code anon. Search for Red October and Iron Eagle. There will be explanations alongside of the archived posts.


15e65f No.334091

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Kinda hurt.

vid related.

7f349f No.334092


What time did it go down? Seems kind of late for sight seeing over the canyon if its dark.

7ab47d No.334093

File: 870dafe3c84437c⋯.png (54.58 KB, 492x386, 246:193, ClipboardImage.png)

243cc1 No.334094


Links are at top in the bread.

692368 No.334096

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse thinks that Bill Priestap has flipped, and makes a strong case, as does HPSCI member Chris Stewart's reticence:

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/10/game-over-judge-jeanine-interview-with-hpsci-rep-chris-stewart/

We just haven't heard Priestap's name out there, not nearly as much as all the other members on the baseball team roster full of crappy characters.

1a4979 No.334097


We need to find out who was on board.

bda38b No.334098


The day of reckoning is approaching when we the people will RISE UP from our DEATHLY stupor and see with EYES WIDE OPEN the work of the lord my God why have I forsaken thee.

55194d No.334099


Legal loophole in case they have to testify. Should be a law to prevent that.

a8677e No.334100

File: d4601137fd703a1⋯.gif (194.54 KB, 800x600, 4:3, IMG_1675.GIF)


78499f No.334101


Device in WH / OO / PEOC walls?

67389b No.334102


Yep agreed. Thanks

bb4efe No.334103



fuck you … I've had that speech memorized for decades… how does the misspelling even get you to that.

1a4979 No.334104




389048 No.334105


Thanks, that was fun. Love Spongebob.

1c8827 No.334106

File: 3de12de86f1c048⋯.jpg (194.78 KB, 897x1200, 299:400, DVuSGjNVQAAPIF2.jpg)

File: 0ecb2093977c937⋯.jpg (81.43 KB, 750x679, 750:679, DVuP0V8VAAA4X8s.jpg)

File: 82feb0b1e41d36d⋯.jpg (76.79 KB, 750x593, 750:593, DVuPFjkVoAEPRPX.jpg)

File: 76cb182dcdddb55⋯.jpg (47.38 KB, 547x537, 547:537, DOiv3wkWkAA_aUP.jpg)

76f4a5 No.334107


>Hunt for Red October

>Maybe we can get a confirmation from Q but it sounds the most plausible at this point.

I remember it already being confirmed by Q. I haven't found the post yet but will post it when found. An anon on half chan, I believe, posted that Red October was about the Russians sinking their own sub with their own torpedo and Q responded acknowledging it.

811fa9 No.334108

Can someone help?

I'm looking for the Wizards and Warlocks patches Q posted a while back. It was a picture of two patches, one was a Navy Intel Command patch or something like that, and the other was some NSA patch maybe.


edb392 No.334109

File: 21f6849f2814ad4⋯.jpg (457.09 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, avenge_jfk.jpg)

A little something for the boomerfags who can't sleep. Tell yer friends.

9dcc67 No.334110


>__0Hour ?

Comey doesn't have the proven access Q has

bdb930 No.334111


we read the EO day it was signed, no dig needed, you may need to dig, or you may find it in the bread.

55194d No.334112


>following widespread criticism

Riiiight. Not the massive lawsuits waiting for you if it continues.

91720b No.334113

Vol, you've got a report waiting for you

ccfc0e No.334114


During the Cold War, one submarine would frequently attempt to follow another by hiding in its baffles. This led to the practice of "clearing the baffles", that is, turning to observe the blind spot and detect any followers. Related maneuvers included the "Crazy Ivan", a hard turn to clear the baffles and position the submarine to attack any followers, and "Angles and Dangles", a five-hour process of rapid direction and speed changes to ensure that all items aboard were properly secured for hard maneuvering and would not fall or shift suddenly, producing noise that the enemy could detect.

This was depicted in both the book and movie called Hunt for Red October.

The torpedo ended up turning back on itself and blowing up the one that shot it.

Much like the Russia Collusion is turning back on the ones that started it.

15e65f No.334115




1a4979 No.334116


Because I can READ - read the link

0f57bb No.334117



ce51de No.334118


comey is ur dad who dresses you up like howdy doody n fucks u in the ass

faddc1 No.334119


I keep thinking the E is for Egypt that P stands for Pharaoh

65001e No.334120


I left David a purple suicide prevention ribbon on twitter, he's seemed depressed lately, I'm worried about him guys…

bda38b No.334121


Thats what they always say; And the answer never comes until a day or two later. But be my guest, sit there with your tongue hanging out while you wait.

Or…. you could go to work digging on one of the many corrupt and criminal organizations that we have uncovered.

You could go over the list of resignations, make sure it really is up to date and we didn't miss some from an unexpected direction, and you coud try to turn that into a STORY that will get the attention of normies.

00ef5a No.334122

b2ce8a No.334123

Look for interview tomorrow on Crowd Source The Truth YT. Guy interviewed is Vietnam vet who unknowingly ended up helping setup a Clown bank for black ops. Lives in NZ now.

bdb930 No.334124


where you been, went down hours ago, daylight hours

ccfc0e No.334125

If Q posted it then look at the maps for it

If it was a random anon post..good luck with that

bb4efe No.334126


I can read too… it doesn't come up on my search at all… again how do you get there ?

0b7a3d No.334127


I'm still hoping Mueller is the torpedo.

deea7b No.334129


Here you brother.

I was five, and saw the assassination and the funeral of the television.

Fast forward five years and I get MLK,Jr and then RFK. At the age of ten, when RFK was killed, (MURDERED), because I am sure he was going to see JFK's work to be done, I will never forget the anger I felt when this happened, 10 years old ffs.

This changed me. Vietnam, on the TV at suppertime nightly.

Volunteered into the Marine Corps, nam era.

Angry, very angry. Get some.

These days, regardless of history or the fugged up shit we have seen since, felt nothing will ever change, until I came here.

God bless POTUS, Support and Q "Team and you anons for the plow that paves the way..

Bless you all. Keep up the good fight and godspeed. Lurker and sometimes poster.

You anons rock and steady the course as she goes. Godspeed. And thank you all.

19dfbb No.334130

So I have been doing some thinking.

Do any of you Anons watch Dutchsines? YT'er geologists who predict earthquakes and is constantly assaulted by USGS for false science but his info and science is legit. He is dealing with alot of the MSM discrediting the truth bullshit.

Anyway he has been tracking consistent DEEP >500km earthquakes consistently occurring around New Zealand. And New Zealand has been getting slammed with moderate earthquakes with a big 7.0 or greater earthquake projecyed in the next few days.

I have seen a lot of info as of late on New Zealandin regards to it being the bug out location for the CABAL. All the filthy rich dirty SOBs have supposedly been buying uo large swaths of land and building massive underground bunkers. it is also serves as a launch point to Antarctica.

I am not sure what this means or where to go with this info but it just seems odd the amount of geologic activity that is taking place right in the exact same location as where the CABAL intend to hide out. How deep are these DUMBS? What do they think is coming?

1a4979 No.334131


Search git for October

811fa9 No.334133




can anyone help?

1a4979 No.334134


copy pasta

https:// www.siasat.pk/forum/showthread.php?82461-J-F-K-Speech-Revealing-the-Role-of-Secret-Socities-Worth-Watching

78499f No.334135

File: bc2a92f73709620⋯.png (739.15 KB, 567x567, 1:1, DamnItJim.png)


7f349f No.334136


yeah, found it 5:20 local time.

f6317c No.334137


https:// qcodefag.github.io/

120475 No.334138


You realize you are feeding a shill, don't you? No one is that stupid accidentally.

bb4efe No.334139


GOD DAMN YOU FUCKIng RETARDS ARE STUPID …. just fell out of the sky huh?

7ac663 No.334140


Thank you for your service anon!

76f4a5 No.334141


It's not on there. I'm checking the map. Not all Q posts are on github.

313936 No.334142


amen brother

its in the bible

revelation means great awakening

5dcd88 No.334143


800,000 reported missing each year. Most found

0f57bb No.334144

who knows how to ruin a good time?



28de1e No.334145


Snopes almost went bankrupt and had to rely on a gofundme to stay afloat. Legal issues, from what I hear.

>proof of their begging

>https:// www.gofundme.com/savesnopes

>please nobody donate


Very useful. ==BAKER!!!==


Didn't that FBIanon guy say more damning things were to come to light?



ccf6f3 No.334146

File: 6db89d7d716fb3c⋯.jpg (95.17 KB, 450x500, 9:10, all smiles awoo.jpg)

00ef5a No.334147

692368 No.334148


Agree completely. Must make conscious effort to set aside ego.

The word IS getting out. Poll numbers showing definite improvement on people who think Obama improperly surveilled Trump. The awareness is spreading. We're succeeding.

Remember that we're all on a million different schedules and screenviews & clicks can vary for a million different reasons. It's the very randomness and chaos that makes it work, and repetition is important. If ya post something that doesn't get traction once, try it again later. This war isn't personal, it's about the saturational spread of information.

eafb1e No.334149


I didn't want to lose it.

Alright, I'm really gone now.

e8be7e No.334150


You will live to see your anger relieved.

1a4979 No.334151


If it is not on git it is earlier which means it could not be correct because git #168 says Red October had not yet happened.

f08cdc No.334152

File: f991a6a3c476a67⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault - Copy.jpg)

File: a63aee9222e2aa2⋯.jpg (210.45 KB, 1147x573, 1147:573, maxresdefault - Copy.jpg)


interesting dig

new path to a familiar place

811fa9 No.334153


I've already scrolled through that…

I guess I'll check again.

0f9836 No.334154


Best theory I've heard so far for Red October.

1da9f6 No.334155



not a BV anymore, eh, girl?

82aeab No.334156

More dead Doctors…

String of suicides among doctors at Mount Sinai hospital…

http:// www.refinery29.com/2018/02/189624/mount-sinai-st-lukes-suicides

811fa9 No.334157



funny you mention that

Remember that false alarm in Hawaii?

bda38b No.334158


The battle is not won yet but we are ready to fight no matter how many years it takes.

90e051 No.334159

File: 34ca460b85b0dd2⋯.png (1.79 MB, 694x899, 694:899, [School-Play]Mockingbirds&….png)

File: 7d8da82c4464de8⋯.png (1.79 MB, 694x899, 694:899, [School-Play]Mockingbirds&….png)

File: fcf47df30b68d4c⋯.png (1.79 MB, 694x899, 694:899, [School-Play]Mockingbirds&….png)

File: c2ffc000c4a347b⋯.png (1.79 MB, 695x900, 139:180, [School-Play]Mockingbirds&….png)

File: 7e281fa158778d5⋯.png (1.79 MB, 694x899, 694:899, [School-Play]Mockingbirds&….png)

The last half of a 1974 Diplomatic Cable concerning WIRETAPS!! WIRETAPS!! Starring, [C]lowns: Kissinger, Saxby, Reasoner, Bell, Zeigler, Donaldson, Hoover, Haig, Mitchell, Ehrlichman, Ellsberg and on and on and on…how easily the lies roll off those lizardly lips!!! Inside: "ITEM: MEMO FROM FBI ASSISTANT DIRECTOR DEMOACHE: CONTENTS DESCRIPTION: ALEXANDER HAIG, KISSINGER'S DEPUTY, CAME TO THE OFFICE OF FBI OFFICIAL WILLIAM SULLIVAN AND MADE REQUESTS ON THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY FOR WIRETAPS. HAIG INSTRUCTED THAT NO RECORDS BE KEPT."

313936 No.334160

"if my sons didnt want war there would be no war"

rothchild mum

lied about every war

deea7b No.334161


Dutchcince. Tes. He is all over lots of Fuggery for years,. The new Zealand earthquake thing goes back years. Huge one in the Christchurch region, years ago. Not a typo, christchurch.

Tin foil shit, perhaps?

0f57bb No.334162


>I have seen a lot of info as of late on New Zealandin regards to it being the bug out location for the CABAL.

If that's the plan then they fail. Indigenous Maori have a lot to say about what's going to happen to NZ when SHTF…recall that NATURE takes care of her own…A maori elder said "when the damn breaks in China, go to the mountains"…

Yangze river damn built on fault…millions of people will die when it breaks….elder did not say WHY…but consider chain of EQ…birthing the mystery egg….who knows…but the earth will continue to do what she's always done..only now days people make conspiracy theories out of it.

c88e48 No.334163

File: 34e6887c3f4ff0d⋯.png (27.88 KB, 738x181, 738:181, spacex1.PNG)

File: ecd5e2e0cb96c14⋯.png (712.92 KB, 746x605, 746:605, spacex2.PNG)

File: 10289fdc9a086f7⋯.png (23.9 KB, 758x180, 379:90, spacex3.PNG)


Actually frightening! Links to IQT Labs that further links to the following regarding Space X

a8677e No.334164

File: 78cc441fca8e376⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 460x259, 460:259, IMG_2051.JPG)

T The

R Real

U Ultimate

M Miracle

P President


> my FAVORITE newsweak cover yet…. the CS one is great 2!

bb4efe No.334165

File: 17694b865421010⋯.png (174.55 KB, 630x815, 126:163, Screenshot-20180210223750-….png)

File: 8413b53545881c6⋯.png (155.01 KB, 632x819, 632:819, Screenshot-20180210223709-….png)

well Fuck you all.

this is the last dig you get from me

94079e No.334166

The best outcome of the Mueller scam is if Mueller exonerates POTUS. I think that will happen. He has nothing and is in deep schiff concerning U1 and needs a safe way out.

a8c044 No.334167


Can confirm

65001e No.334169

File: 55c35d290646d84⋯.jpeg (343.24 KB, 750x956, 375:478, IMG_C8B4EDF111AE-1.jpeg)

What did they know?

bda38b No.334170


Bless you anon. Marines are behind Trump (and Trump is behind the Marines) so these bastards, WORLDWIDE are beginning to feel the pain. We will wipe them out before we are done even if it is our grandchildren who finish the job 40 years from now.

0f9836 No.334171


Yeah and the sub.. was it Norwegian?

2ef762 No.334172


Kudos, anon! Thank you for your service, patriot.

f34d8b No.334173

https:// www.worldgovernmentsummit.org/

6a4b5e No.334174

U.S. and U.N. sanctions on the Foreign Trade Bank, North Korea’s primary foreign exchange bank, were preventing the country "from honoring its obligation as a U.N. member state by hindering even normal activities such as payment of the U.N. contribution,” the North Korean mission said in a statement late on Friday.

"It also shows how cruel and uncivilized the sanctions are,” it said.If it is unable to make payment "it is crystal clear" the blame lies with the United States and "its followers," the statement said.

https:// www


0f57bb No.334175


not an excuse for Sinad…ouch..why..5,444 LIKES? WTH is wrong with people.

0f6af4 No.334176

File: 57b4e7c662cb3e0⋯.png (194.55 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Trump_TheSpeech.png)

File: afd0cb43a3fa23b⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Trump_TheSpeech_MEGAMAGAed….png)

2ef762 No.334178


They see the sickest shit, anon. Many of them are probably liabilities for that reason.

bda38b No.334179


This is what happens when they do Monarch(MKUltra) on these girls. The programmer shatters their mind but sometimes they can't put it back together again. The only functional persona is the sex kitten one and the rest of the mind is a mess. They can do porn, but they aren't always able to just stay alive.

AI is evil

313936 No.334180



71f27c No.334181


…he says with a straight face.

00ef5a No.334182


We are one and hopefully have the same goal.

Peace… End game is not far.

55194d No.334183


> torpedo

and this one is nuclear tipped.

9d3cc7 No.334184

See this anyone: Alan Dershowitz says that "none of this is criminal" and that he "does not know of any statute" in relation to FISAgate and all the BS around it.

Interview starts at 23:20.

Lou Dobbs Tonight

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GrowGl30Hk

83ea81 No.334185

File: a68b56bfb1a3e12⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 3500x2359, 500:337, b725d11a85a763c4efb3c254ef….jpg)


Slight text edit, if you're interested. <3

7f349f No.334186


Its time to make that stock market great again.

1c8827 No.334187

File: da806dbbc1f15e0⋯.jpg (264.73 KB, 1200x934, 600:467, DVuFUnPVAAErjZ-.jpg)

File: a5915aa61f3bd98⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 477x276, 159:92, DVuFBAYXcAAc79f.jpg)

File: 456ba1560ee06f4⋯.jpg (98.23 KB, 923x560, 923:560, DVt-yAZU0AAwHUu.jpg)

File: efa0774c465d1da⋯.jpg (49.02 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DVt7C1-V4AAYBaV.jpg)

0f6af4 No.334188

File: 96be372207d5ed9⋯.png (512.59 KB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_The silent on….png)

what's up silent ones?

always silent, or… ?

f34d8b No.334189


My mother was in 5th grade.

5dcd88 No.334190


Very well said. :)

deea7b No.334191


Amen and Semper Fidelis, Always.

1af9c9 No.334192

Grand Canyon crash:

Eurocopter EC130

The helicopter company is Papillon.

Facebook (employees)

https:// m.facebook.com/people/feed/coworkers/101687300869

9dcc67 No.334193


Built by germany. Didn't carry nukes.


f34d8b No.334194

https:// www.worldgovernmentsummit.org/

Any anons want to help me dig into this? Seems fishy.

91720b No.334195


i just did too. it's not there, which means Q never posted it. you're remembering incorrectly or you've been misled.

15e65f No.334196



>This war isn't personal

I disagree with this statement.

It's very personal. (((They))) regard (us) as feeders, for (((them))). (((They))) are trying to kill (our) entire existence/way of life. (((They))) tried to turn (our) Republic against God. It's personal as fuck.

All the more reason to show no mercy, and give no quarter.

Leaving (your) emotions at the door is one of many ways of denying (((them))) mercy or quarter. Fuck them.

0f57bb No.334197


insane…connections, layers..my feeling is thus…most people in this web have zero idea they're being used for ill..need to know…etc…all of them tend to be proud of their work…that too may put 99% in hospital..once they discover…

313936 No.334198


all manipulated by the sic fuks

78499f No.334199


I did see that. WTH? There's gotta be somethin' beside perjury or contempt or whatever!

4599b9 No.334200

File: 01dc491ecb4e729⋯.png (44.97 KB, 673x337, 673:337, POTUS 2-10-18 10 50 am PST.PNG)

c88e48 No.334201

File: e36875b6150c178⋯.png (343.17 KB, 898x904, 449:452, gene therapynew.PNG)


Also leads into gene therapy that is truly frightening too. What do these people have planned for humanity on this earth??

https ://lifescivc.com/2018/02/saw-coming-pharma-now-gene-therapy-biotech-2-0-rare-diseases/

762c08 No.334202


But the worst thing is this sort of self-regulation.

That is what caused the problem.

c7d606 No.334203

0e1b4d No.334204


Future proves past is a way to "thread" disparate events together in the way Q desires, which to some is the pure truth, to some mostly the truth (ie misinfo is necessary), and to some just interesting/thought-provoking (most other parties wouldn't choose to be here).

Everyone to some degree is a consumer of data, the difficulty lies in interpretation, and right now that is society's weak spot. What is happening is: whoever this entity or group is, they are methodically teaching this group how to interpret events their way. They do so through Socratic dialogue and intermittent reward/feedback mechanisms that are well known and have been for a very long time.

Evil parties know that disrupting this mental threading process keeps people from putting together actionable big-picture themes/acts-of-our-own-plays and this will generally lead to us eating out of their hands, which is pretty much rule #1 of dealing with adversaries– above all else, don't just eat right out of their hands. Find and grow your own food.

1a4979 No.334205


Pakistan 2011

f34d8b No.334206


The whole class watched him die on live TV

28de1e No.334208

File: a9aed0829805b32⋯.jpg (45.29 KB, 391x465, 391:465, p000.jpg)



>they always come back

>you can never leave

>you're here forever

1af9c9 No.334209




Employees at Papillon


Let us fly you to the Grand Canyon! Papillon is the largest, longest-running, and most experienced air tour operator - we bring over half a million passengers to the Grand Canyon and beyond every year!

14K people like this

13K people follow this

View Page

Mike Arvizu

Supervisor at Papillon

Former Combat Medic at United States Army

Went to Great Falls High School

Went to Snyder High School

Lives in Henderson, Nevada


View Profile

Scott Swanberg

Line Pilot at Papillon

Former CFI, CFII, Tour Pilot at Classic Helicopter Corp.

Former CFI at ATOMIC Helicopters

Former Aircraft Mechanic at Government Contractor

Former Squad Leader/ SGT at 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne)

Former 15U Chinook Crew Chief (CE) at 4th Infantry Division

View Profile

Esther Beckett

Followed by 132 people

View Profile

Sherwin Mercado

Director of Sales at Grand Canyon Helicopters

Senior Sales Manager at Papillon

Studied Business Administration at University at Albany, SUNY

Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada

Married to Sunshine Mercado

From Valley Cottage, New York

View Profile

Ronnel Socrates Taclibon

The Goddamn Apprentice at Papillon

Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada

From San Pedro, Laguna

Joined April 2009

View Profile

Tyree McNarie

Grand Canyon West Assistant Base Manager at Papillon

View Profile

Travis Feld

Helicopter Mechanic at Billings Flying Service Inc

Certified Flight Instructor at Front Range Helicopters

Pilot at Papillon

Worked at VFA-14 Tophatters

Studied at Aims Community College

Studied Aeronautical Sciences at Redstone College

View Profile

Tim Janssen

Line Pilot at Papillon

View Profile

Randi Aton

Works at Papillon

Owner-Operator at Charming Impressions

Former Cashier at Haggen Food & Pharmacy

Studied at Boulder City High School

Went to Boulder City High School

Lives in Boulder City, Nevada

View Profile

Oliver Simbul

Dispatcher at Papillon

Studied at Guagua National Colleges

Went to sto.tomas high school sasmuan pampanga

Went to Sto. Tomas National High School

Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada

In a relationship with Cindy Adrian

View Profile

Alicha Ann Eukel

Front desk at Merrill Gardens

Customer Service Representative (CSR) at Papillon

Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada


From Henderson, Nevada

Joined August 2009

View Profile

Michael M Boshra

Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Alaska Airlines - Los Angeles Int'l Airport (LAX)

Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Virgin America

Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Skywest

A&P Technician at Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Papillon

Studied Aviation at Crimson Technical College

View Profile

Shawnna A Simmons

Web Designer at Papillon

Studied Art/Graphic Design at University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Studied Computer Information Technology at College of Southern Nevada

Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada

View Profile

JT StNick

Works at Papillon

Went to George Washington High School Mangilao, Guam

Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada

From Sinajana

View Profile

Edie Bacs

Works at Papillon

Went to TC High

Lives in Tusayan, Arizona


From Tuba City, Arizona

Pronounces name EE-dee BAHKS

View Profile

Jason Klingler

Pilot at Papillon

Helicopter Pilot / Flight Instructor at Silverhawk Aviation Academy

Studied at Silverhawk Aviation Academy

Studied at Utah Valley University

Studied Commercial Helicopter Pilot at Silverhawk Aviation

Went to Madison High School

View Profile

Valerie Jenkins

Works at Papillon

Former Asst. Manager at East Lake Management

Studied Business at Olive-Harvey College

Went to Carver High School

Lives in Houston, Texas

View Profile

Therese Anne Meehleib

Website Maintenance at Papillon

Studied at Skyline College

Went to Jefferson High School

Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada

In a relationship with Brandon Merenda

From South San Francisco, California

View Profile

Jed Tutor

Flight Line at Papillon

Studied at Richfield High

Went to Richfield High

Went to RHS


Followed by 161 people

View Profile

7f349f No.334210


Don't forget to Like the ride!

6a4b5e No.334211

Not sure if this was caught on Friday:

“An event taking place today at the University of Michigan aims to analyze sexual relations between adult men and adolescent boys.”

http:// www


9dcc67 No.334212


Speaking of Deagel.com


Check out the scary population forecast from 2016.

Note at the bottom.

1af9c9 No.334213


Sorry for the long post!

faddc1 No.334214


he also got Jeff Epstein off with a slap on the wrist and is a suspected pedo himself

7ab47d No.334215

8a40f2 No.334216


White hat tweeting for him today ?

Guys …. Trump is underground

His tweets just today are different…

He has never called himself TRUMP..


a370f5 No.334217


i am local to this literally my in laws live in fall river ns and I was literally just there and there were police on the highway but I do believe I seen one car with damage, solo car on highway but I did say to the wife, christ, 5 ambulances for 1 car!! musta been a car full of teens drunk driving.. now I see this…. damn. FUCK no joke guys

22d0a5 No.334218


We confirmed this months ago… Seriously, lurk moar.

65001e No.334219


It's ok anon, we're all friend here. Just call him a child rapist.

1a4979 No.334220


These are just employees, right? Not necessarily those on board?

26faa0 No.334221

File: ee8a9ce4d1598e3⋯.png (25.53 KB, 537x204, 179:68, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

i'm not sure how powerful that graphic is that shows 11 helicopter crashes in 4 months. for comparison

0f9836 No.334222



Content not found!

0f57bb No.334223


stopped at Comte st. Germaine…LOL srlsy? All one has to do is actually read Giaccamo Cassanova's uncensored 12 volume translated direct from French original autobiography to get the sauce on St. Germaine…LOL talk about a LARP…Also book one of best I've ever read…ever..free on gutenberg…just saying…this shit is full of disinfo……sorry, I realize you're trying but shit sauce is shit.

67389b No.334224


Im really hoping thats the direction it goes, as opposed to the SC getting shut down due to all the discrediting stuff coming out. The public wont accept that….they need to hear the words from Mueller's mouth

04a7a9 No.334225

More proof this guy's a Deep State agent

https:// twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/962574831224057856

https:// twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/915173760231202817

Look deny the others all you want but ONLY a shill would deny Vegas isn't fuckery.

The FBI Agent in Charge Aaron Rouse is COUNTER INTELLIGENCE.

22d0a5 No.334226


I know... Actually, it's longer than that. Not sure why this is even being brought up. We reached a consensus on this far more than a month ago. M'fers need to lurk moar.

1a4979 No.334227


Point to the confirmation. It has not ever been officially confirmed, just assumed.

c8b4b9 No.334228


I saw that, I think he was quoting someone else.

0f57bb No.334229

1af9c9 No.334230

1af9c9 No.334231



04a7a9 No.334232


He was quoting Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch

313936 No.334233


dont ever do that again

a553c3 No.334234


It doesn't matter what Trump does we have our orders. Unite and Inform

453972 No.334235

Heads up for unemployed techfags especilly vets

DHS needs cybersecurity workers every kind

http:// www.defenseone.com/technology/2018/02/dhs-needs-more-cybersecurity-workersit-just-doesnt-know-where-or-what-kind/145835/?oref=d-river

State too

http:// www.defenseone.com/technology/2017/09/analysts-are-quitting-state-departments-anti-propaganda-team/140936/

22d0a5 No.334236


How many witnesses to the LV shooting were on board, amirite?

04a7a9 No.334237


Just remove the spaces next time anon after you copy pasta

0f57bb No.334238


OHHH…this could get really good…FB eh? NO coincidences.

243cc1 No.334239

Newsweek resignations.

http:// www.


0b7a3d No.334240


Holding out for a spot on the DACA application approval board.

91720b No.334241


for ones like that, open a text editor and use the text editor to remove extra whitespace

65001e No.334242

I'm starting to think all our Pinochet jokes about helicopter rides were taken to heart by our enemy.

22d0a5 No.334243


Eh…. We know that there is fuckery on both sides of the aisle. But the entire Dem-party is shit.

1af9c9 No.334244


Ok thank you

7ab47d No.334245

1af9c9 No.334246


Ah yes much easier

0f57bb No.334247


>What do these people have planned for humanity on this earth??

doesn't matter really..the earth is gonna do what the earth is gonna do..she has a way of cleaning things up.

fa1ac5 No.334248


Filtered for being a complete idiot…

6a4b5e No.334249

"Christopher V. Ciccione II, 52, of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a former US Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI) special agent, [was sentenced to 36 months in prison for] accepting cash and other things of value and used his official position to cause a drug trafficking indictment against Colombian national Jose Bayron Piedrahita Ceballos to be dismissed," the release said.



9d3cc7 No.334250


The real shitty thing is that he is probably right. Just more slaps on the wrist for those in the upper levels of our two-tiered legal system.

1c8827 No.334251

File: 79ca751a856480b⋯.jpg (47.02 KB, 439x640, 439:640, DVt63F8VwAAMwpa.jpg)

File: a0f3296ff71e67e⋯.jpg (50.74 KB, 750x485, 150:97, DVt4pZSVoAA49bc.jpg)

File: 8df52377659f861⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 605x535, 121:107, DVtzETRXkAA_jEI.jpg)

File: 54b1c39f8dfaeb4⋯.jpg (115.64 KB, 1200x905, 240:181, DVtzJm4V4AEj7RP.jpg)

bda38b No.334252



Dubai, NWO, yep it's fishy, but it may have already been neutered. What would be really really interesting is to contact all of the speakers after the conference and to ask them to comment on events in the USA. You would need to go over what we know, an Trump's tweets, in order to phrase a question in a way that they UNDERSTAND it and ACCEPT it as something they could comment on.

No mention of Q and no mention other than rumor of things that are not public.

But it would be an interesting way to poll the NWO and see where they are at right now.

65001e No.334253


I too have filtered that ID

00ef5a No.334254


Dentists chair in home, did u ever see epstiens little black book?

Interesting names and numbers to be found

0f9836 No.334255


He has never called himself TRUMP

You new to Trump tweets? Happens quite often when one of his team is tweeting for him lol

0b7a3d No.334256


Newsweek and their new IBTimes owners are sketch as fuck. IBTimes "owns" a Church/College in LA.

0f6af4 No.334257


yeah there's a few dead operators from operation "let's pretend we captured and dumped OsamaBinLaden" who probly don't find those funny

7f349f No.334258


Make sure you arm up in case inform turns into defend!

ce51de No.334259



1a4979 No.334260


Can confirm what? That you got a "SCARY" but "PERSONALIZED" thank you from Q across "MULTIPLE PLATFORMS"?

Tits or GTFO

Just because you got something in the mail from someone you don't know doesn't mean it meets the criteria of the stated message sent out to ALL anons. It will be personalized to ANONS not to each of us individually.

fa1ac5 No.334261


His lawyer sometimes tweets for him

71b873 No.334262

File: 09f9beb0cd2d2c6⋯.jpg (73.31 KB, 936x532, 234:133, Proofofhumancloning.jpg)

https:// www.f acebook.com/dondivamag/videos/1840186209334166/

fef91a No.334263


Seconded. Spread info and continue to dig. There are still plenty of mysteries if its 40/60.

7ab47d No.334264


No its not -

There are many tolerant good people who vote that way because their parents and grandparents voted that way - i have redpilled a ton of "libtards" with questions about 9/11

you are not going to win the fuckheads over

but there are ones you can win over and then THEY will win over their friends

be selective and be patient

that is our job

educate the masses

a8677e No.334265

File: 9aa3b1fa8bce1cd⋯.jpg (467.51 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, IMG_2119.JPG)



> saved!

(Pic IS related)

0f57bb No.334267


provide sauce when acquired.

PS don't dox yrself.

7f349f No.334268


His dildo from Adam and Eve showed up is all.

1af9c9 No.334269

Six passengers and a pilot were on board the Papillion Grand Canyon Helicopters chopper when it crashed around 5:20 p.m. Saturday on the Hualapai Nation near Quartermaster Canyon, Hualapai Nation Police Chief Francis Bradley said. The four who were injured were level 1 trauma patients and were being treated at the scene.

8e46bf No.334270

File: af1038d43dc47bd⋯.png (16.75 KB, 425x210, 85:42, Fly_Eagles_Fly.png)

Reread old crumbs. Saw this.

After that recent Eagles win, it makes sense.

9531e3 No.334271


They're dead, so they'll get over it.

c88e48 No.334272


https: //www.iqt.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Uncertainty-Report_PUBLIC.pdf

bda38b No.334273


Great wisdom anon. We who are about to win salute you

Those newfags who think this is some place to get wisdom from Q need to be given small tasks to do and keep them from too much idle chattering which clogs up the work.

1c8827 No.334274

File: 6722d0ac87b5974⋯.jpg (86.79 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DVtzEAoVoAAGk-y.jpg)

File: 94ee8385e2fd388⋯.jpg (61.59 KB, 666x499, 666:499, DVtyanFVoAEx-n-.jpg)

File: 8a1d3665232abff⋯.jpg (82.63 KB, 750x459, 250:153, DVtx-L_UMAAHrAG.jpg)

File: 7bfbca564b62e12⋯.jpg (33.46 KB, 440x390, 44:39, DVtxFoHVMAAsQBp.jpg)

22d0a5 No.334275


Oh sweet… So, all we have to do is read a 12-volume autobiography to know whether you're full of shit or not. Fucking great!

faddc1 No.334276


see my post here

ubl psy op conducted from the JFK Con Room

Con as in to trick


fa1ac5 No.334278


I’m too old, and disabled vet, they wouldn’t want me ☹️

1a4979 No.334279


Or you could fuck off. I've been here digging and working just like everyone else.

If you have nothing constructive to say STFU.

fa1ac5 No.334280

f08cdc No.334281

File: 968a19bee009537⋯.png (19.51 KB, 1096x288, 137:36, GamesRFUN.png)

7e3d72 No.334282

For anyone who has doubts that we are winning, please see this video (sorry it's FB) of a high school choir singing the National Anthem in a hotel and the amazing reception of the audience.

https:// www.facebook.com/gmager/videos/10213808100174264/

1af9c9 No.334283


Pray that these people deserved it and if not that they recover quickly.

a553c3 No.334284


He's quoting someone who referred to him as "Trump"

1a4979 No.334285

0f57bb No.334286


pro tip, don't post links to PDF…ever. take screen shots post those.

5f9da6 No.334287


We want you here, sir. Thank you for your service.

1af9c9 No.334288


Sorry! My bad

fa1ac5 No.334289


Ty. Navy crypto/ CMAA.

d83973 No.334290


Wrong date and an l was dropped from "will"

313936 No.334291


we need as many good people as possible!

fa1ac5 No.334292

I’m just waiting for something to make some killer memes of…. looking for inspiration 👀

00ef5a No.334293


Can different countries apply?

98363f No.334294

File: 343b98cb6a1eae2⋯.jpg (111.19 KB, 539x620, 539:620, where_do_missing_kids_go.jpg)

0f57bb No.334295


Sorry bro…that's how I found out. What a surprise too. Wasn't expecting it, had always read about Germaine…LOL LARP of the absolute most epic proportions. And Cassanova's book is not only worth the read, he's just flat out original troll anon. When I got to his interactions with St. Germaine I KEK'd BIGLEY because you're right, most people wills swallow the OTHER infor about St. Germaine but will never go look for themselves which is why this shit has been making the rounds for so long.

St. Germaine…original LARP…second to none.

3216f8 No.334296


You have to be able to get a ts still for it to matter.

f6317c No.334297

File: 2c539edc56a946c⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 845x256, 845:256, tunneling_plane.JPG)


while you're looking for sauce on that "plane crash," see if you can find some on this one that appears to be tunneling under Montreal too, please. DUMBASS.

fa1ac5 No.334298


No clue, check the web page

a7bc82 No.334299

File: 7b44b1644e34c81⋯.png (542.08 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, planefag8.png)

RCH514 coming out from Japan.., And P1 Japanese of the JASDF launch.

5cf23f No.334300

File: 133a6e1945e3e56⋯.png (16.36 KB, 460x230, 2:1, Cure.png)

313936 No.334301


this is a ww fight, good vs evil

wake ur friends and family

0b7a3d No.334303


Its Elon Musk's new project. Forget flying cars. Tunneling planes is the future.

fa1ac5 No.334304


Hahahahaha!!! I was crypto…. it took all of a grand two weeks for my clearance TS to go through! They told me at the time that mine took the shortest time of anyone

fef91a No.334305


Absolutely sir. You are welcome here day or night and happy to be sharing these times and moments with you all.

Thank you for your service.

"God FOREVER bless our brave men & women who would give their life to defend this GREAT country.

God bless each and every Patriot in the world.


God bless.

0a44ef No.334306

File: 35feb776d85a407⋯.jpeg (405.98 KB, 621x912, 207:304, 554012FE-9A0E-44D2-B0AE-D….jpeg)

6a4b5e No.334307

File: b32202f269218ee⋯.jpeg (222.2 KB, 1233x955, 1233:955, AC786BDE-57D4-460A-826D-3….jpeg)

c8b4b9 No.334308


How about re:

Its not about Rep or Dem - it's about eliminating corruption in our government. I get good reactions from libs when I approach it that way. Some with beautiful earth (fresh start, new future). Something hopeful we can ALL work toward.

5cf23f No.334309

File: 883c4b0529e1413⋯.jpg (47.52 KB, 845x256, 845:256, 2c539edc56a946ca0b99f26ed2….jpg)


You mean the

>Ground Vehicle?

a8677e No.334310

File: e4f2face973c494⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 650x216, 325:108, IMG_1914.JPG)

File: 3060fe4f383345f⋯.jpg (153.01 KB, 500x750, 2:3, IMG_1920.JPG)

File: 973f5ee49cdd2f9⋯.jpg (189.12 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, IMG_1941.JPG)

File: 83ece60b3669290⋯.jpg (234.05 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, IMG_1967.JPG)


> memeish type graphics

< gets Mind


(Pics Related)

fa1ac5 No.334311


My dad was signal Corp. 22 1/2 yrs. with a ts… was raised very diff then others… knew what a clearance was by the time I was 5. My father always taught us to live our lives every day and see if we had to have that clearance renewed at a moments notice. And that’s how I live my life

872db1 No.334312


i remember when i was doing my interview… they asked if me smoking pot could used against me for leverage… i started laughing

5f9da6 No.334313


Much respect. Outstanding skillset to have on the good guys' side.

1c8827 No.334314


Watching "Walking Tall" with Jo Don Baker right now. Love your meme.

0b7a3d No.334315


i love taft

fa1ac5 No.334316

fa1ac5 No.334317


Now that I can meme with!!! Thanks!

fa1ac5 No.334318



872db1 No.334319


teddy roosevelt quote if i remember right

fa1ac5 No.334320


TY!! I think I’m most everybody in this board has a beautiful set of skills.

fa1ac5 No.334321


*** almost everyone on this board has a beautiful set of skills

811fa9 No.334322


some of us are just here for the ride

fa1ac5 No.334323

71f27c No.334324

Sorry if already posted. Brenden Dilley's source had some intel for him tonight. Dropped on his Periscope: https:// twitter.com/Hublife/status/962541029583802368

Forward vid to 27:40 drop lasts until about 35:00 mark.

Not your thing? Scroll on by.

6a4b5e No.334325


Not mine though!!

90e051 No.334326

File: b8cdde11ea59357⋯.png (1.82 MB, 651x974, 651:974, [C]lown-[M]ockingbird-Scho….png)

An article from 2010, paraphrased: "ARE THE [C]LOWNS, ONCE AGAIN, LYING?" Time to divest ourselves of this vermin…

78499f No.334327



Where we go one, we go all. ;)

5f9da6 No.334328


Honored to serve by your side.

00ef5a No.334329




Thanks for the love, I understand the fight is WW. Been here a long time - appreciated.

I can't wait for the end game, it's going to be good. I enjoyed helping getting trump elected.

Fighting killary with her arsenal of tools at times was scarey.

At the end of the day, Fk it. Peace out brothers and sisters. Carry on the fight.

c8b4b9 No.334330


Great, I think people could use a break from attacking each side, and maybe that approach will wake some. Would love to see them when you finish,

fa1ac5 No.334331


…and…filtered….in…3….2…1…POOF! 💥

50957e No.334332

File: 8332f9db37fc1ad⋯.png (585.65 KB, 1032x888, 43:37, screenshot_1102.png)


Promo for an upcoming Netflix series

9d3cc7 No.334333


I remember having great difficulty arguing with libs back when Clinton was in his first term. They would always bring up Bush this and Bush that. What can you say? They couldn't see that the corruption didn't know party lines

0e8035 No.334334

this is a fucking tasty bread.

havent posted in a month or so, still keeping tabs tho. love all of you, We Are the salt of The Earth.

Be blessed beyond all measure, and then repay the world by blessing it through altruistic intention and action.

True Faith + True Hope= Love

Balance + Composure= Truth


tap in to the power.

Co-Create it all anew, from the foundation up.

Primordial Chaos is the foundation.

Praise Kek.

Love is the Logos.

Praise Truth/Order, that is YHVH and Yeshua.

Be The Water, Run Like A River.

Bless like Buddha.

Peace; Literally.

7f349f No.334335


Here is one… The scene from We Were Soldiers. Sam Elliott (Plumey) handing Barry Peppar (Galloway) an M16.

Plumley hands Galloway the rifle. "Time to fight the Cabal son"

Galloway "But Im a Democrat!"

Plumley "Aint no such thing today"

fa1ac5 No.334336


Will post them when done

cb7954 No.334338


these make me feel seasick.

ccf6f3 No.334339

File: 4571eb90ebe00b8⋯.jpg (109.65 KB, 771x629, 771:629, 1516420756261.jpg)

File: dca333a6dec69a3⋯.jpg (162.74 KB, 1024x662, 512:331, 1516254251753.jpg)

File: be9f3aaebdc4eca⋯.jpg (257.51 KB, 1242x953, 1242:953, 1516258569701.jpg)

fa1ac5 No.334340

1c8827 No.334341

File: 6b2d67e4fc04e18⋯.jpg (115.76 KB, 1200x1139, 1200:1139, DVtw0TZVMAAeO1n.jpg)

File: 9a4a6086beb8750⋯.jpg (114.12 KB, 864x857, 864:857, DVtqUaWWkAANMyt.jpg)

File: 3801c18ab402842⋯.jpg (41.35 KB, 680x370, 68:37, DVtmfG7UMAA52dA.jpg)

File: d1155e2605bebdb⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 367x505, 367:505, DVth7bSXcAM9-X9.jpg)

1da9f6 No.334342


that scene's screenshot with that dialogue as caption might be the one of the best memes ever.

55194d No.334343

NEWS ALERT: Man Goes on Shooting Spree in Kentucky!

A man went on a shooting spree in Kentucky, killing several others before taking his own life.

The tragedy left a total of five people dead.

https: //twitter.com/FoxNews/status/962544872770203648

e8be7e No.334344


Take a shortcut.



872db1 No.334345

[Next week]

[Next week]

[Next week]

Suicide weekend?


the 3 uses of next week cant just be an emphasis … is it a frame of reference or referring to the missing 3 possibly committing suicide… and is the suicide weekend referring to this week end or next weekend since it proceeds the next week reference

6a4b5e No.334346

Games R FUN! (RU UN ?)

Russian Federation ( RF) to the (UN) on ISIS using online casinos for revenue ?



fa1ac5 No.334347


Bet they say he was alt right

1da9f6 No.334348



3 people will commit suicide next weekend.

7f349f No.334350


I have no shop skills… so if another Anon runs with it all the better.

0e1b4d No.334351


Make the case that the reason the Flynn sentencing is postponed by Mueller's team is that they have a Giglio material issue and they are looking to run out the clock a bit.

Basically, in a plea, the government must disclose exculpatory evidence INCLUDING (as per Giglio) reputational issues of witnesses. Strzok participated in the Flynn interview, is married and having an affair, discussed modifying interview notes (called 302s), and was ultimately reassigned to HR desk duty from Mueller's investigation because of demonstrated bias.

Did Mueller's team disclose this to Flynn's team prior to the guilty plea? Well, if not, the plea can be withdrawn and good luck finding anyone to take that to court with what the public now knows.

Let's not forget this was an informal interview, that it was voluntary, and Flynn had no counsel present! And it was not recorded!

9d3cc7 No.334352

55194d No.334353


>Bet they say he was alt right

I've noticed them trying to meme that back into existence lately.

7f349f No.334354


He was Alt Right, but his aim was Left.

af3c7f No.334355

Very thankful for you that spend your valuable time here to help our cause. I live in the mountains of NC and many rumors of UN and Russian troops here training in the mountains for years. Most people respond like they see a 3 peckerd billy goat when discussing. Looking for some intel/info to red pill. Any help much appreciated and thank again!

fa1ac5 No.334356


Hmmmmm… now that one requires me to do some thinking on…..the wording that is….

6a4b5e No.334357


*RF UN sorry!

a65b09 No.334359

File: cd97d6676e3ea73⋯.png (32.98 KB, 738x386, 369:193, ClipboardImage.png)

BO/BV - You anons doing a great job! Thank you for our daily bread!

Just noticed some spelling errors in bread…

2db3b6 No.334360

File: 1b6990e07dc7f08⋯.png (4.44 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C4C3ACCA-968A-4F77-A822-CD….png)

Fuck Vice

fa1ac5 No.334361



c8b4b9 No.334362


Aren't people tired of "fighting"? I will fight to the end for our goal - but wouldn't it be easier to get everyone on board to start fresh working together without the hatred?

a8677e No.334363

File: c59492af4393151⋯.jpg (254.29 KB, 800x533, 800:533, IMG_2077.JPG)


> hmmm …. yes

< just wait until

the REAL [new]z is

SPOKEN on the (TV)

fa1ac5 No.334364



fef91a No.334365


I also interpreted as either but they seem to also have a strange timeline as well…notice how we are all the sudden picking up steam.

b46c25 No.334366

So we have Red October and Iron Eagle fully sorted?

There was a South African white genocide conspiracy proved slowly but partially true dubbed "Iron Eagle" and "Red October" among other names. It was supposed to happen when Mandela died. His death would signal a massive, swift genocide. Blacks would be transported by taxis among major cities and a bloodbath would ensue.

78499f No.334368

File: f1cc9ff1912b08b⋯.png (340.49 KB, 649x776, 649:776, Dammit.png)

872db1 No.334369

https:// www.recordedfuture.com/rfun/

RFUN - Annual Threat Intelligence Conference

f6317c No.334370


It was a joke.

Shill claiming a plane crash was true because he saw 5 ambulances at a car wreck on a highway. I've seen more ambulances at a peewee football game.

55194d No.334371


>guy is a hair dresser

Narrative destroyed. If they push it anons can meme a faggot with a rifle until they shut up about it.

76f4a5 No.334372

File: c6b55aef5c7b49c⋯.png (561.09 KB, 1919x307, 1919:307, Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 2….png)

File: c463b879efcbf83⋯.png (203.46 KB, 1198x298, 599:149, Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 2….png)

File: cd1850d045751a2⋯.png (130.76 KB, 542x300, 271:150, Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 2….png)

File: 5a00e4bc514d346⋯.png (73.24 KB, 544x102, 16:3, Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 2….png)



Found the reference to Hunt for Red October. Image is too large for one screen shot so will need to be combined. Anon suggested Torpedo was intercepted and sent back to destroy the Russian sub that fired it. This is Hillary's Russian collusion story. It will sink her.

00ef5a No.334373


The meaning of life, and the magic number.

Did u no, magnetism can escape a faraday cage?

So data in a fairiday cage is no longer secure.

deea7b No.334374

Signing off tonight, One last thing.

For you anons, Let it shine brothers and sisters.

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

I'm gonna take this light around the world

And I'm gonna let it shine

I'm gonna take this light around the world

And I'm gonna let it shine

I'm gonna take this light around the world

And I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Well I won't let anyone (pff) it out, I'm gonna let it shine

I won't let anyone (pff) it out, I'm gonna let it shine

I won't let anyone (pff) it out, I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Every day, every day, I'm going to let my little light


569d63 No.334375

"Kai" was MKUltra. Have fun.

872db1 No.334377


good night

bda38b No.334378

What do you know about AI?

AI is evil.

Artificially Induced mental disorders are an attempt to take free will away from people by destroying their mind. The worst is AI Dissociative Identity Disorder often called "multiple personalities". By inducing this condition artificially through torture and role playing with betrayal, TBTB The Powers That Be (also know as the cabal) are able to enslave people and use them like human robots. Sex slaves are created this way, and all sorts of other meat puppets including assassins and Manchurian candidates. The most common protocol for turning someone into a mind control slave is called Monarch. It is a derivative of the MKUltra technique which the CIA developed to create assassins, Manchurian candidates and super soldiers. MKUltra in its turn was developed from the mind control techniques pioneered by the Khazarians who learned it from their Babylonian ancestors and secreted the knowledge in the Cabalah and Talmudic writings. Students of the Egyptian Book of the Dead will note that the Babylonians did not have a monopoly on this. Satanic Ritual Abuse or SRA is merely the outward face of the Khazarian traditional techniques for shattering the mind. But that is only the first half of the process. After shattering a skilled psychological programmer must gather the fragments of the mind together to create several functioning personas and install triggers to turn personas on and off.

1c8827 No.334379

File: d9601d0f6883b12⋯.jpg (65.93 KB, 500x628, 125:157, DVtit0mVoAAvun4.jpg)

File: 2c698c68fedd433⋯.jpg (46.62 KB, 500x739, 500:739, DVths50VMAAxnXu.jpg)

File: a9697d97fe7ff74⋯.jpg (191.04 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DVtZi8aUMAATEwI.jpg)

File: 3844393bc471803⋯.jpg (88.31 KB, 750x673, 750:673, DVtY_B3U8AA6t8E.jpg)

0b7a3d No.334380

Presidential Media Power

National Level EBS[edit]

An order to activate the EBS at the national level would have originated with the President and been relayed via the White House Communications Agency duty officer to one of two origination points – either the Aerospace Defense Command (ADC) or the Federal Preparedness Agency (FPA) – as the system stood in 1978. Participating telecommunications common carriers, radio and television networks, the Associated Press, and United Press International would receive and authenticate (by means of code words) an Emergency Action Notification (EAN) via an EAN teletypewriter network designed specifically for this purpose. These recipients would relay the EAN to their subscribers and affiliates.[1]

The release of the EAN by the Aerospace Defense Command or the Federal Preparedness Agency would initiate a process by which the common carriers would link otherwise independent networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC into a single national network that even independent stations could receive programming from. "Broadcast stations would have used the two-tone Attention Signal on their assigned broadcast frequency to alert other broadcast stations to stand by for a message from the President."[1] The transmission of programming on a broadcast station's assigned frequency, and the fact that television networks/stations and FM radio stations could participate, distinguished EBS from CONELRAD. EBS radio stations would not necessarily transmit on 640 or 1240 on the AM dial, and FM radio and television would carry the same audio program as AM radio stations did.

7b43e5 No.334381


Didn't check out Dilley until a few days ago. A lot of people here have trash talked him but he seems genuine to me. He seems as clueless about his source info as many here are about Q drops but believes the source is valid. He seems trustworthy and if his source is valid then it for the most part seems to confirm what Q is telling us. I haven't researched his previous intel drops though so I can't be sure. Have any of his previous been proven false?

a553c3 No.334382


He seemed pretty conservative judging by his Facebook page he had Fox news selected.

a7bc82 No.334385

What will be the life of Jordy?

04a7a9 No.334387


What did it say?

bda38b No.334388


It is also the Patriot Act and some Obama EOs that give Trump his power. It is also the Magnitsky Act that Trump is now using to seize the assets of people involved in Human trafficking. That is how he stopped the Twitter shenanigans back in November. There are many examples of legislation pushed by the Dems that is now being used against them.

Nothing in Q's drops has a single meaning.

If you are not autistic, then you are best off not even trying because this stuff is beyond you.

91720b No.334389

>What will be the life of Jordy?

that's seriously low effort shilling. whatever they pay you, it's too much

8722dd No.334391

File: ba2f19277966f00⋯.png (564.89 KB, 425x770, 85:154, 2018-02-11 at 2.16.29 AM.png)

I am very proud to be a part of this!

God Bless you Patriots!

God Bless America!

bda38b No.334392


Nothing is fully sorted until the Illuminati are eliminated. Only one thing is sure. (((they))) are smarter than you.

a553c3 No.334393


The stupid jerk. We don't need stupid jerks waving our flag.

b46c25 No.334394

b164a1 No.334395

File: bec4fcca9c91956⋯.jpg (108.07 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FreedonRings.jpg)

For our boys

2db3b6 No.334396

File: 9e3fe315d8180ff⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FD20275B-FEE1-4972-BD07-95….png)

Don’t know if we talked about this yet. Probably. Just throwing it out here again.

78499f No.334397


Dunno if he was ever proven "wrong," but a lot of stuff's been unverified. Like McCabe supposedly getting hauled off to Gitmo for a bit kek.

04a7a9 No.334398


Fake news

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/video/sciencetech/video-1605568/Netflixs-bizarre-Psychasec-CES-booth-features-lifeless-bodies.html

8e46bf No.334399

Whew lads only took me an hour or 2 to make sure I got everything…

762c08 No.334400


> By inducing this condition artificially through … role playing with betrayal…

Hollywood does AN AWFUL LOT of this mental induction.

872db1 No.334401


not that smart obviously… there are more than moral arguments with respect to being a good person… religion isnt necessarily needed… they are just too stupid to see the endgame of the path (((THEY))) have chosen

55194d No.334402


>He seemed pretty conservative judging by his Facebook page he had Fox news selected.

FB flipping likes before an incident occurs? They've been burned countless times in the past because its a shitlib every time.

a553c3 No.334403


It might just be a play on Toys R Us

5035c1 No.334404


Can't wait … <v>

04a7a9 No.334405


These are great. Saved. Thanks anon.

90e051 No.334406

File: c7e199d24aab463⋯.png (1.65 MB, 593x970, 593:970, Marc-Mezvinsky_Neptune-Min….png)

Here's [H] portioning HILLAJUICE to benefit Webb Hubbell's son-in-law. "On the professional front, I've been involved, as a passive investor, with a privately held deep sea mining company, Neptune Minerals, Inc., a Nevada corporation founded on January 5th, 2011 for the purpose of engaging in the business of Sea floor Massive Sulfide (SMS) Mining - they have the second most extensive prospective tenement position in the South Pacific after rolling up the number 2 and 3 players in the industry…"

ccf6f3 No.334407

File: 54b3b9ca1b35255⋯.png (238.84 KB, 1052x623, 1052:623, JFK glow in the darks r go….png)


It wont be long and these occurrences will fall by the way side. Most of this shit is propagated by those about to face the rope. Those who continue such a thing after the swamp is cleared will shed light on the great need for mental health care.

a553c3 No.334408


I guess click all his friends if they're all liberal somethings fishy.

76f4a5 No.334409


>If you are not autistic, then you are best off not even trying because this stuff is beyond you.

Or like Hussein promising to close Gitmo but did not. Then getting to spend some time there, wishing he had kept at least ONE campaign promise.

You were doing good until (((you))) slipped in that de-motivational faggotry at the end. Glowing.

762c08 No.334410


This is distinct from computer AI, obviously, but a far bigger problem.

a8677e No.334411

File: 0d98cdc6913f12b⋯.jpg (181.12 KB, 994x426, 7:3, IMG_2045.JPG)



< created can NOT

> be Destroyed

WE see ALL

WE hear ALL

(Pic related/ish)

> CAN'T stop the SIGNAL…

50957e No.334412


Yea it's a promo for an upcoming Netflix series….

a553c3 No.334413


There's no need to trash talk someone, if they have good intel, good on them. If they get intel off this page and spread it on their media, good on them. If they make money doing it, how does that hurt us?

e1ba29 No.334414

NPR program "Wait Wait, don't tell me" this morning was mocking Trump's banter about treason not standing at the SOTU. Then they went on to talk about executions and how to make them funny.

It was obvious they were trying to get ahead of the inevitable curve of destiny as their leaders careen forward in time to their intersection with Justice


Judgement Day


Why do we even have NPR?

04a7a9 No.334415

File: 61664f882d2b45c⋯.jpg (95.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault-5.jpg)


Those same bastards at Vice said "Let's Blow Up Mount Rushmore" last year then changed it after the backlash

9d4797 No.334416



Suicide by shooting spree?

a7b6c8 No.334417

File: 72eb5d69198ff4d⋯.jpg (231.99 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, cia vr.jpg)

The CIA denied reports that US spies paid a Russian $100,000 in an attempt to buy back top secret hacking tools stolen from the National Security Agency

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/cia-denies-report-over-mystery-russian-200249595.html

872db1 No.334418

File: 011748e70332dcb⋯.png (1.48 KB, 961x41, 961:41, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ac7c2f1c3e08ce7⋯.png (116 B, 65x21, 65:21, ClipboardImage.png)


b164a1 No.334419

File: 0d14d8086678a4c⋯.jpg (245.71 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, CampaignPromise.jpg)


Oh…but he did make good on his campaign promises…

55194d No.334420

Judge Jeanine: Hinted that Bill Priestap has been cooperating this entire time because his name has never been mentioned in any news cycle.

https: //theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/10/game-over-judge-jeanine-interview-with-hpsci-rep-chris-stewart/

00ef5a No.334421


You see the light, unstoppable - magnetic fields are the way forward, poles reversed.

Peace and enjoy the future when all is revealed.

872db1 No.334422

hmmm this board accepts tables fairly well

53be31 No.334423


Bless you Patriot, Thank You for your service from a proud American!

bda38b No.334424


But it's true. Pedophiles are not evil, they are just trying to make children into better people. When an Illuminati father sticks his penis into his baby's mouth, he is just helping it exercise its sucking muscles. This is not really satanic ritual abuse (SRA) it is actually a parent's love for a child in wanting to make the kid grow up as a normal part of their Illuminati bloodline family. If the pedophile did not abuse the children in this way then they would be horrified when they participate in their first baby sacrifice ritual and have to drink the blood of the baby that they watched being tortured in front of them, squealing like a stuck pig.

Oh the memories, so joyful. Childhood is so precious that it should not be wasted on butterflies and bunnies. A good iron barred cage is better, and a straight jacket so that they cannot masturbate themselves but must wait for mommy and daddy's friends to arrive.

762c08 No.334425


Even religion is going to blow up in their face when we get around to deprogramming it.

1c8827 No.334426

File: 09f7e443b5806f6⋯.jpg (130.52 KB, 750x844, 375:422, DVtYqUOVoAAf4q4.jpg)

File: 7111cce82b987c7⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 480x480, 1:1, DVtWDsHW0AEpiEL.jpg)

File: 91f0344180450b2⋯.jpg (183.55 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DVtNFdkW4AE8Dwm.jpg)

File: e3f30459dbb4a97⋯.jpg (55.08 KB, 640x832, 10:13, DVtMpSPVMAEglF-.jpg)

ccf6f3 No.334427

File: 06765fdddda49f1⋯.jpg (2.77 KB, 124x125, 124:125, 1516351839134s.jpg)


Sadly, no.

3092a6 No.334428

File: 1445ee36caf6eac⋯.png (258.31 KB, 460x523, 460:523, ClipboardImage.png)

27eefc No.334429


These are tight Anon!

78499f No.334430


Yes! She pushed that multiple times tonight, huh? Chris Stewart didn't seem too willing to discuss either. ;)

872db1 No.334431


until people come full circle to being a complete sentient being… religion will still serve as a potentially positive guide for those who are blind

243cc1 No.334432

I know a fair bit about DID. Also about Kabbalah and Babylon. There is certainly a lot of evidence about MKUltra and its roots in Nazi torture and programming. However, I think all the stuff about Khazar and Babylon is hooey.

Can you show me one thing from any cabalistic writing or Talmudic writing or Babylonian inscription or the Egyptian Book of the Dead that talks about inducing DID? Not just from a website of someone else saying that's where it came from.

The Khazars did not originate in Babylon.

Wikipedia article on Khazars states:

The tribes[41] that were to comprise the Khazar empire were not an ethnic union, but a congeries of steppe nomads and peoples who came to be subordinated, and subscribed to a core Türkic leadership.[42] Many Turkic groups, such as the Oğuric peoples, including Šarağurs, Oğurs, Onoğurs, and Bulğars who earlier formed part of the Tiĕlè (鐵勒) confederation, are attested quite early, having been driven West by the Sabirs, who in turn fled the Asian Avars, and began to flow into the Volga-Caspian-Pontic zone from as early as the 4th century CE and are recorded by Priscus to reside in the Western Eurasian steppelands as early as 463.[43][44] They appear to stem from Mongolia and South Siberia in the aftermath of the fall of the Hunnic/Xiōngnú nomadic polities. A variegated tribal federation led by these Turks, probably comprising a complex assortment of Iranian,[45] proto-Mongolic, Uralic, and Palaeo-Siberian clans, vanquished the Rouran Khaganate of the hegemonic central Asian Avars in 552 and swept westwards, taking in their train other steppe nomads and peoples from Sogdiana.[46]



865e29 No.334433


Prolly the only true thing they've said in a long time. Kek

We're prolly trying to buy info on Trump, or a hit.

But definitely NOT stolen hacking tools

f08cdc No.334434


do these mkdogs know they're mkdogs?

remember that message?

it was weird

and it involved DID

7b43e5 No.334435


I'll give Dutch lots of credit for his earthquake forecasting method and his calling out of USGS as being bought and payed for by the oil industry, but the cabal hiding out in NZ is all about non-extradition and in no way related to earthquakes.

a553c3 No.334436


Christianity has withstood the test of time, science, philosophy, and even violence, it has stood strong and will continue to do so until Jesus comes.

5c7299 No.334437

OK, fresh take:

Feb 10 2018 05:30:58



ID: 567809


Seals are wonderful creatures.

Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.


Silence is golden.


Games R FUN!


Seals are not only animals, and elite military units. Seals are also something that is a lock of sorts. In that respect the Seal mentioned could be in relation to a key that is keeping prey in a cage/captured. Qanon also mentions PRAY. Praying also does not just mean praying to a deity. It can also mean internal silence/moment of silence. in terms of relationship between the meanings, one could draw the conclusion: or something that captures things could about to be going silent..

Then there is the CORONA_OFFLINE_Deac[0000] line.

Corona program was a secret satellite recon developed for the CIA to take large panoramic photos of then USSR and China. The satellites models were given the names sequentially KH-1 KH-2 etc. 144 Satellites were launched in total, while only 102 returned useful images. The KH in the name stands for Keyhole.

There stands to reason this project is continuing today and maybe it was deactivated by Q group? Obviously this would need to be corroborated researched as it is just my theory.

Also read Revelation 8:1 Final seal opened.. silence in heaven….

865e29 No.334438

>>334434 *Were*

49299f No.334439

Is there any reason to believe that the tesla x spaceman is not a manikin? or that there is something extra in that car?

55194d No.334440


His non answer "I cant discuss that.." all but confirmed it.

872db1 No.334441


i wonder if one of the rocket launches deployed a satellite killer

50957e No.334442

File: dd5f520c8be9b17⋯.jpg (879.35 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, cia vr clown.jpg)

91720b No.334443


>or that there is something extra in that car?

762c08 No.334444


Not only that, but it completes the circle too.

That part is just not in the church yet.

b65805 No.334445


We have NPR because most of the country has not learned any formal logic in the government brian-damage centers we call "public schools" and therefore cannot think critically. Same reason we have CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC NYT, WP el al.

27eefc No.334446


This ONE Anon, its info-overload! My mind is blown.

a7b6c8 No.334447

File: e3bd5da21f0f339⋯.jpg (66.18 KB, 600x315, 40:21, FBFB-103017-Dossier-File-T….jpg)


thx for the fix

5f453f No.334448

any recent status on STOU pic hunt?

872db1 No.334449


i am evidence that religion is not needed… im agnostic at best… i find the argument over the existence of god pointless… conceptually… no side will ever win that argument

22d0a5 No.334450


Sorry Mr. Khazarian Mafia defender, but you're mistaken.

https:// www. veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

b65805 No.334451

Does anyone know which Q map is most user-friendly for copy-and pasting quotes from Q?

91720b No.334452

threadly reminder that atheism is one of (((their))) tactics

dac625 No.334454



15e65f No.334455


NPR wasn't always as comped as it is now. That only started AFTER roughly 30% of the funding started coming from foundations/corporations to drive the agenda..

It really should be scrapped, it is now the opposite of its original mission statement.

872db1 No.334456


atheism is its own religion… it just holds the opposite premise of a religion

ccf6f3 No.334457

File: 31fbd8ed6c26003⋯.jpg (166.67 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, Seth Rich.jpg)

File: c6e37a9e6781f12⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 752x9480, 94:1185, sethrich.jpg)

27eefc No.334460


Something to keep in mind over the coming weeks and months.

91720b No.334461


>user-friendly for copy-and pasting



>atheism is its own religion

true, and you probably just triggered a bunch of people with that statement

22d0a5 No.334462


It's anything anti-Christian… Think about it. If you were Satan, you wouldn't give a shit what people believed in, so long as they didn't believe in Jesus Christ.

762c08 No.334463


Then you agree. It gets deprogrammed then.

Its already happening too.

1c8827 No.334464

File: 529fcb87219c5e4⋯.jpg (87.75 KB, 750x568, 375:284, DVtIOc0VoAAsrAZ.jpg)

File: 54536813549d0e8⋯.jpg (76.18 KB, 750x574, 375:287, DVtIX2aUMAAqD7x.jpg)

File: 66ea236cb47d054⋯.jpg (123.44 KB, 750x746, 375:373, DVtIk_2U0AA3AFE.jpg)

File: 14117061b9d7f38⋯.jpg (64.07 KB, 747x524, 747:524, DVtIooRUQAAFTW2.jpg)

File: 045c9a33970215a⋯.jpg (49.06 KB, 962x566, 481:283, DVtJwPTXcAA0VvU.jpg)

83ea81 No.334465


Fixed. Thank you.



49299f No.334466

File: 19ca9833938c87b⋯.png (233.53 KB, 1022x1084, 511:542, Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 0….png)


Whoops, overshot Mars…

He was going after the Asteroid Belt the whole time. What's the target? And what happens when they car completes the circle?

f34d8b No.334467


Or it could mean that the upper echelons of these people are going completely silent. Either no one knows who to trust, or everyone is busy scrambling to quietly get to where ever they want to hunker down.

91720b No.334468


>It's anything anti-Christian

yes, anything (((they))) can do to degrade and twist their host culture they will do. i'm going to drop this now as it's off topic

5f9da6 No.334469

Goodnight Patriots. Don't forget to say an extra one tonight for the Ground Operators who are putting themselves in harm's way as we speak so that we can have our Freedom.

872db1 No.334470


wouldnt be the first time lol

besides these are the boards where ppl should be triggered… it challenges their understanding of the world… and thats a good thing in my book

8e46bf No.334471


I went through all (yes all 700+) of Qcrumbs and compiled this QCode sheet for any newfags or oldfags that want to refresh their memory.

FYI QCodeGithubFag is looking for other sites to host as github says he is getting "too much traffic".


15e65f No.334472


>so long as they didn't believe in Jesus Christ.

Or that he doesn't exist. It's an old tactic.

22d0a5 No.334474

File: f59cc1b80dda1ba⋯.jpg (95.38 KB, 680x453, 680:453, Slow-Cooker-Roast-Beef-Sli….jpg)


Regarding the first picture… This is how their vaginas really look:

b65805 No.334475


Awesome, thank you.

f34d8b No.334476


The orbit will come back around. The planets won't be in the same place when it makes a full orbit. Plus, I have no idea what could be on Musk's rocket that could go that fast.

15e65f No.334477


Is that dirty roast beef curtains?

ccf6f3 No.334478

File: ae433178f6a088f⋯.jpg (216.12 KB, 900x649, 900:649, 1515768227712.jpg)

File: ddb7e19de029a85⋯.jpg (57.78 KB, 483x483, 1:1, DT9wH-zWkAAsWUf.jpg)

File: 52404def2bb52db⋯.jpg (60.3 KB, 510x475, 102:95, DT402zaU8AAvDxk.jpg large.jpg)

22d0a5 No.334479


AKA: Marxist-pussy

cb7954 No.334480


I'd tap that…

5f9da6 No.334481


They make me sad in the pants. :(

66cfb0 No.334482


agree 100% it's the cornerstone if you ask me

f34d8b No.334483


A1 sauce for lube?

7f349f No.334484


Suddenly in the mood for Arbys

78499f No.334485


Holy shit, now I'm hungry.

49299f No.334486


Sure, but this whole push to space is about mining and resources…

cb7954 No.334487


prefer horseradish or bleu cheese personally..

b164a1 No.334488


What does this idiot think the definition for "Pedophile" is? Stupid!

762c08 No.334489


Yes, and that is a very good article, highly recommended,

and put out by a great, veteran patriot.

22d0a5 No.334490


Interesting you say that…

Doesn't the Bible say that Jesus was the stone the builders rejected, whom has now become the cornerstone?

"The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner." - Psalm 118:22

Cornerstone = Keystone

f34d8b No.334491


That and mini-sats. SpaceX advertised the fact that they're trying to put tiny satellites in orbit that will connect the entire world with wireless broadband. Interesting considering the current climate.

f10794 No.334492


trip dubs and radar numbers confirm

55194d No.334493


Its the "moderate muzzie" argument. Gets you accepting that some is normal, so eventually all of it is. Just like faggots.

83ea81 No.334494


Absolutely stellar work. Updated the dough, thank you anon.

78499f No.334495



How about some of Hillary's Tabasco?

22d0a5 No.334496

Did anyone turn up any fuckery regarding the Prinzhorns? (Prinzhorn family recently purchased a portion of the Rothschild Black Forest estate).

a8677e No.334497

File: 535f60218662556⋯.jpg (972.74 KB, 2500x1318, 1250:659, IMG_2044.JPG)


> ask the NUMB3RS?

< and they WILL answer

(#s related) >>334411



> as <^> says


Thanks anon


> for those with


[e]yez 2 SEE

bda38b No.334498


Expand your thinking anon

Babylon came from Sumer. Sumer came from some guys dressed in fishscales who taught the people everything and made the people stand in a humble slave pose with folded hands.

Now, at that time, who dressed in fishcale suits?

Only the ancient Turkic peoples on the plains of Mongolia who hunted and herded and ate horses. They did not ride them, just eat. And they took the hooves, boiled then to separate the fingernail parts, flattened them and sewed them onto their coats. As a result they were supermen, and walked out in searvj of adventure. They won every war they attempted, enslaved the people, and added their knowledge. Eventually they wandered into Mesopotamia and used their "golem" technology to turn the adamu (meaning men or clay) into slaves. The Talmud has some garbled stuff about golem and clay in it.

Use that crumb to dig with and do not forget eleusinian and Egyptian Book of the Dead. Read it.

120475 No.334499


>Seals are wonderful creatures.

Obvious remark about special forces.

>Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.

The SEALs were utilized to gather up some of the cabal black hats


You should make peace with God, because you're going to be meeting Him soon.

>Silence is golden.

Voice communications shut off for the black hats


Visual communications shut off for the black hats

>Games R FUN!

We know that you have something planned for the Olympics, and we're way ahead of you.


762c08 No.334500


You know, of course a stone is said to bear witness, many times in the OT.

They represent information, because writings were engraved back then and preserve the thoughts of the author in narratives.

Turning a stone to bread meant applying what was taught to the present, for present life-sustenance.

8722dd No.334501

File: 22481fd7012ffa9⋯.png (392.33 KB, 603x401, 603:401, Screen shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

0f57bb No.334502


he was not even aware of Q when I started watching him..he found out about it from his periscope viewers who kept asking him if his source was Q…he had no idea who Q was…he stated ademently his source was NOT Q..I agree…the verbiage is completely different…I was watching to see if that info correlated, it did so I kept comparing and contrasting…his shit has actually been a bit more "happening" than Q's to be honest…forget which periscope it was but he was like..I TOLD YOU SO..wasn't yuge but it did match what his source said.

I think the 44 stuff is "disinformation is necessary" as BOTH sources have to know when THAT doesn't happen the game is up (if they were larping)…so it was either a FF disinfo to see who calls / contacts who, see who goes where…or the MEGA LARP is about to end.

c80cbc No.334503


What's the deal with Assange and wikileaks. No huge drops since Oct of 2016. Are they compromised? JA dead? I've heard so many theories. :(

243cc1 No.334504

Oh yes, it certainly is informative but totally lacking in one iota of substantiating documentation, i.e. what I asked you for. Original sources, any evidence other than just "he said" to prove that any of the people or writings that you mentioned actually contain discussions or instructions about inducing DID and Monarch programming in people in

ancient Egypt, Israel, or Babylon.

For that matter, the article lacked any evidence in the way of footnotes or references or research to any of the claims it made.

So while I don't consider myself to be Mr. Khazarian Mafia defender, I do consider myself to be someone who won't accept a hypothesis this damning to whole cultures without proof.



49299f No.334505


especially since the CIA is running out of options.

15e65f No.334506



>Plus, I have no idea what could be on Musk's rocket that could go that fast.

Word. Didn't that just launch?

And looking at the image.. Either they missed Mars, or It doesn't appear that the destination was actually Mars after all..

a553c3 No.334507


Common sense tells you there's a God. If ANYTHING exists, ANYTHING AT ALL, a drop of water, a surge of energy. Then there had to be an Eternal, Uncreated, First Cause.

Because common sense tells us that NOTHING can bring itself into existence from nothing. Nothing can self create itself.

So DON'T BE ABSURD. Unless you believe in some eternal regress, which really just pushes the problem back infinitely, which again is absurd. And that is only ONE of three reasons why it is blatantly obvious that there is a God, that is, an Eternal, Uncreated, First Cause.

27eefc No.334508


I remember this from last night… you put this together not long after Q's post. You're blessed with mad speed graphic skills.

762c08 No.334509


Much rejected information of our time now, is becoming a chief cornerstone for the future.

872db1 No.334510


going by your logic… then who made god since nothing could exist before hand

22d0a5 No.334511

File: a392fdff1da3810⋯.png (147.09 KB, 1027x642, 1027:642, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)

File: fc6b77d028e0a05⋯.png (38 KB, 1000x161, 1000:161, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at ….png)


https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=CBmsGnAgPaY&t=647s

53be31 No.334512


need any assistance for next bread???

83ea81 No.334513

File: a9519f1a4595519⋯.jpg (42.68 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, p00t7mb8.jpg)


With their cars that can be remotely controlled.

Or their semi's…

And if you puncture their battery - KaBOOM.

Yeah, a world wide internet that they control the backbone for sounds great..

a553c3 No.334514


My guess is Wikileaks is just waiting for his cue. They have this all planned out.

15e65f No.334515


Stop. Your wasting bread responding to it.

0f57bb No.334516


what does liking fox news have to do with being conservative? LOL Only Sean, Tucker and Judge Jeanne…and Laura…so…

9d3cc7 No.334517


Didn't he brag back then that he had enough to get HRC indicted?

66cfb0 No.334518


you got my hint :)

872db1 No.334519

in reality… who says there is a beginning and an end… that sounds like a simple minded approach to reality… matter has been observed to be created by nothing…

a8c044 No.334520


Calm the Fuck down Cocksucker. I saw the post too. Did I tag your fucking ID? KYS

b65805 No.334521


"The American Public Education System was directly imported from Prussia (modern day Germany). This model of "free and compulsory" education was designed by the Prussian Emperor, in order to generate obedient workers and soldiers who would not question his authority. "

https:// www.you tube.com/watch?v=HZp7eVJNJuw

243cc1 No.334522


That's why He's called God! Eternally self-existent without beginning or end, spanning all dimensions of time and space.

b2ce8a No.334523


They do love their seances.

f34d8b No.334525


This isn't the place for Apologetics…

872db1 No.334526


i argue that our conscious existence is god… and that we all might be all one in the same… and therefore god ourselves living multiple existences at the same and different times across an infinite span of space

8b4bd9 No.334528

South Korea had a 4.7 Earthquake today. How very…. interesting.

Possibly only 100-ish miles from the Olympics.

M 4.7 - 4km SW of Heung-hai, South Korea

2018-02-10 20:03:04 UTC

36.088°N 129.307°E 10.0 km depth

872db1 No.334529


god is ourselves*

b46c25 No.334530


Religion is unnecessary to formulate a conception of God, but a belief system and patterned, unselfish behavior goes a long way to develop a sensible moral code. Those behaviors lead quickly to coincidences previously unnoticed. Otherwise, the lizard brain takes over and we run on instinct/selfishness.


762c08 No.334531


But it was the Bolshevics that turned it towards Cultural Marxism.

15e65f No.334532

=Here come the shills, questioning God..

Fuck You, Clowns

dac625 No.334533

ur all drunk… go to bed

872db1 No.334534


10km depth… might actually be an earthquake this time lol

78499f No.334535


>NOTHING can bring itself into existence from nothing. Nothing can self create itself.

This. How did the shit necessary for the Big Bang (or w/e) to happen, come to be in the first place?

872db1 No.334536


i question everything… to do otherwise is ignorant by definition

53be31 No.334537


f34d8b No.334538


Don't let them distract. Don't lose focus.

dac625 No.334539

we're here to research Q posts..

47edde No.334540

File: 7fc50f25ac7821d⋯.jpg (71.71 KB, 647x477, 647:477, 441601_5_.jpg)

bda38b No.334541

If you are serious about memes and want to help play a role in 2020 and beyond in the international war with the Illuminati, then please take some time to study Memetic Warfare.

Start by reading this DOD paper from one of the War Colleges

http:// www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a507172.pdf

It will not always be possible to get results with the crude work that we do today

4a364a No.334542


Altered Carbon.

Not bad of a show. A lot of nudity tho. Talks about the "depraved" things the rich do when they live too long.

a8677e No.334543

File: 317136a8de7fff7⋯.jpg (163.22 KB, 640x400, 8:5, IMG_1946.JPG)


> [ty]anon!!!

I downloaded photoshop app for phone… and use mostly graphics from these boards.

< = FASTER work!!!


< ANONS post great GRAPHICS!!!

(Lots to work with) here!!!

b65805 No.334545


Yes, both are to facilitate tyranny.

15980b No.334546


They will do it when they see fit.

a553c3 No.334547

If an anon can makes an apologetic statement then another annon has a right to make a counter apologetic statement.

You can't just censor one opinion.

f185b1 No.334548


dilley is doing great! its more then just intell, he is setting a example for others in the future on the howto's run for political office and win (hopefully) on a shoestring budget, for there are going to be a lot of seats open coming up, and those seats can be MAGAwoken or some career politician without a clue that will take the seat being back where we started from…

also, those trashing him here, they are the opposition to MAGA, they show their true colors when they bash him,

15e65f No.334549

<Muh concern concern God concern concern

How to Spot a Clown:

-Concern trolling and copy/pasta spam shilling that contradicts confirmed findings is another red flag.

(((They))) are playing for keeps; This isn't a game.

God bless you, anons.

04a7a9 No.334550


>not the jews

Hello kike

872db1 No.334551


who has proof there was ever a beginning … or will ever be an end… both of our suppositions are only hypothesis' that can never be confirmed by the state of our current technology

0f57bb No.334552


I understand your attitude..truly I do..but you must be new around here…namefagging and famefagging, especially off the work of others is heavily frowned upon. I've listened to the CBTS stream and just bless their hearts. I know what they are trying to do but jaysus most of them are so completely uninformed one lady had to google something simple about Israel…there's endless examples…they cannot follow this thread..moves too fast…and they CONTINUALLY broadcast our workflow as if a consensus has been reached…admittedly the correct themselves but it's just one example..that beanz woman…same deal..this shit isn't for THEIR audience…their audience believes david wilcock and benjamin fulford…or some other such nonsense..stuff that would never fly around here.

I like Dilley, and I use my brain…listen to his periscope for a few months now I can honestly say he knew nothing of Q. No reason for me to lie about that. I never participated in his periscope, I don't do FB or twatter…I listen and compare and contrast information to make better decisions about what I decide to believe…as there is no way I can possibly KNOW any of this is true…hope is not knowing…and i trust the process…no matter if Q is a LARP the process has been amazing as people are redpilling left and right..we don't put out fake news and this crowd sourced intelligence is one of the most powerful things on the interwebz.

DILLY is not in the same category as the Beanz et al…he had a public life career before running for office and he's BAF..we need more of that sort of thing.

53be31 No.334553


please cancel if taken care of

9d4797 No.334554



Haven't been following him long, but from what I have seen, he seems genuine and could potentially shine some bright lights into the swamp. It wouldn't be unreasonable to think that a patriot on the inside would be cleared to contact him. He is running for congress after all, and I hear there might be some seats coming open soon.

55194d No.334555


Hes definitely jew here.

8b4bd9 No.334556


10 km is default depth. But USGS says it was reviewed and +/- 1.8 km. Still shallow. Need to measure P wave vs S wave to see if it was earth made or man made.

7e3d72 No.334558


Does Korea count as Asia?

>Clown black op sites.



b65805 No.334559

Did we ever get an answer to Q's question?

"How do you retain 'Freedom of the Press' if those

in front of the camera [trusted by select viewers]

are extensions of the ARM?"

7b43e5 No.334561


Like I said in my post, he seems genuine to me. I'd vote for him if I was in his district. We need more patriots in our government.

872db1 No.334562


even then thats a bit far down… its easier to get to space than to dig that deep

15980b No.334563

I have learned so much by reading here.

I really appreciate all of the hrs/weeks/months/years that people that think differently than me and approach things in a different manner than I do. I've been amazed by it all. And humbled.

God bless you all.

0f57bb No.334564


>The CIA denied reports

TOP KEK..because they'd admit it…these people and the people who believe them…are stupid.

91720b No.334566


we are the media now

0f57bb No.334568


help me senpai..I want to understand…

b164a1 No.334569

Oh plz not another night of religionfags…

5c7299 No.334573


freedom of the press is granted to all americans. We are the press.

872db1 No.334574


LOL i was playing on the CIA childrens shit and set up a thing in excel… it means… ooo she touched my tralala

568cb1 No.334575


Most likely. HAHA

a553c3 No.334576


It seems to me that the big bang is your problem not mine.

037958 No.334577


The [3] will become one

d2f41f No.334578


Its called , swallowing the red pill

3092a6 No.334579


don´t post it here pls keeps away the stupidfags, for a while at least

f34d8b No.334580


Their charter states that they are not supposed to operate within the US. They broke their charter decades ago.

53be31 No.334581

File: 16df9fe1a6907ef⋯.png (926.6 KB, 694x503, 694:503, ClipboardImage.png)






27eefc No.334582


Yours always have an attractive symmetry to them. You can't help but look at them…

0f57bb No.334583


dude don't set off the religitards again…jaysus the other night was a nightmare. Let them be…their time is coming. It's gonna hurt like hell.

15e65f No.334586

God bless the unbelievers.

437a18 No.334587

File: 8d5919d6c90adbb⋯.gif (614.14 KB, 250x186, 125:93, inb4lock.gif)

8b4bd9 No.334589


True, yet Earthquakes considered Deep start at 200 Km depth and deeper. (From YouTube @dutchsince)

0f57bb No.334592


That Clinton one was freaking hysterical..I died the first time I saw it…clever shift in title…but probably not good to spread that fake news…let's wait for the real sauce :D I'm sure there's plenty.

44aa81 No.335344

cd882e No.335411

File: 4d67871d769afe9⋯.jpg (343.38 KB, 1278x693, 142:77, Screenshot_20180211-060533.jpg)

A Boeing E-6 Mercury, which conveys instructions from National Command Authority to fleet ballistic missile subs. It also can remotely control Minuteman Icons. Took over Looking Glass role in command & control of U.S. nuclear forces should ground-based control becomes inoperable.

cd882e No.335779


1. Home sick from school, watching it live.

2. Right here & on the front lines, taking our Country Back from these MF'ers

7b7d74 No.335998


Good point

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