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File: 524f0e1adeebc91⋯.jpg (232.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, # QResearch-419.jpg)

e025a6 No.340928

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


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Saturday, 10.2.18

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Find raw source for image of Black Caucus center phone, unedited, high-res, enhanced & archived offline.Disseminate. It will go viral.

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Awaiting download link from anon who will purchase. Any updates?


>>284004 www.fbi.gov/about/leadership-and-structure/fbi-executives/carl-ghattas

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>>333151 Clowns, Kissinger and Cronkite?

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e025a6 No.340958

Q Post not in dough



e025a6 No.340968

#419 Dough pastebin.com/zShY6174

28d4a8 No.340972

File: 547f891116cfe5c⋯.jpg (257.15 KB, 1400x791, 200:113, Maga2.jpg)

File: df268b4e45a1ca6⋯.jpg (121.81 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Maga3.jpg)

File: 0a54722dfc270cb⋯.jpg (176.56 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Maga20.jpg)

File: edfebba60cae432⋯.jpg (145.44 KB, 1025x512, 1025:512, MAGA101.jpg)

Just a little something to greet folks from the previous bread.

It's not all bad, you know! 2018 will be GLORIOUS!

Q said so, with accurate foreknowledge that he does not need to prove to anyone.

6747a0 No.341006

File: 3787f2c4b390ad0⋯.png (306.05 KB, 1088x2220, 272:555, Ginsburg.png)

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/justice-ginsburg-has-some-explaining-to-do/2017/12/06/224d8f0e-da0c-11e7-b859-fb0995360725_story.html?utm_term=.bbf77b3be27e

e9521c No.341007


yes, IRS allows physical ownership of gold in a roth or 401k. The catch is the coins have to be american eagles or bars of equal purity. Krueggerands etc don't count. Call your CPA.

382a29 No.341008


Yeah no idea wth they are doing… Prince Harry going for a joy flight with his new fiancee around the Eastern US?

2de696 No.341009

dcf5e6 No.341010


Patience is a virtue. Tough times never last…tough people do.

One moment at a time. One step at a time. One day at a time. One battle at a time….and pick 'em wisely.

C'mon anons…we can muster up some patience so we can enjoy the RIPE fruit of the harvest when the time is right.

There is a time and a season for everything.

Thank you, Lord, for filling us ALL with an abundance of patience as you do what it is you must do to bring about Your will in Your timing on our nation and around the world.

8c882b No.341011


>Why would it be important he was in Russia?

Snowden gives Russia the keys to US cyber infrastructure once WW3 kicks off, giving them massive advantage and prolonging the war.

34cbca No.341012


As an 'anti-bot' strategy, that's some highbrow thinking…'they/it/AI' never receive any 'responsive data' to gauge its efficacy…and perhaps move on to another play. If your advice is deeper than that (and applies to human trolls as well), it's over my head as I'm too tired to think clearly, but thanks for the helpful tip. Nice one anon - note taken!

fe7145 No.341013

On what kind of scale should we be expanding our thinking?

Is it the case that even the Anons are not ready to accept the full extent and nature of what has been going on?

Is there a dimension to this which could be considered paranormal?

Can we get a 40k drop?

044248 No.341014

Baker can you add this to bread so other anons may see this interview when concerning TG?

Trey Gowdy's "Going Home" Interview with Martha MacCallum

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Kh9845CrU

2e8df3 No.341015

What if Red October was a war plan?

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_Revolution

20a717 No.341016


so Soros & Snowden same team..

4df248 No.341017

File: 2fdc28ca5d72a63⋯.png (12.66 KB, 273x279, 91:93, Screenshot-2018-2-11 TRUTH….png)


THANK YOU Q !!!!!!!!!!

please more of this.

a3e3f3 No.341018

File: 501caca056bdedb⋯.jpg (24.58 KB, 363x550, 33:50, pepelaugh.jpg)


check em! KEK

bc895f No.341019

File: 84193b1123d9bfc⋯.png (853.04 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread28.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

244245 No.341020


Snowden is still seen as a hero by most normies.

How to change that perspective?

Shift a narrative

Be trustworthy.



c83f9a No.341021

File: cb8b59d1c0ca9dd⋯.jpg (84.45 KB, 1199x486, 1199:486, gitmo.jpg)

https:// twitter.com/thepurge111/status/962747335259418625

scheduled flight backwards:

https:// www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ua2572

e9521c No.341022


This is TG's interview with the american people for the biggest prosecutor job since nuremberg.

f22cb4 No.341023

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."

Thank-you for saying this. It shows the depth of the intelligence (smarts) being used in this OP and that this truly is a war of information (the new battle field). It also shows true patriotism in that it is not simply a power grab but a re-empowering of the American people. The 2nd Amendment is about the right of the people to rule themselves!

b5939f No.341024

044248 No.341025


Could be, but wow they are cramped in that little craft, not that they probably care.

b9a9f6 No.341026

Russia is our friend.

64d975 No.341027


Snowden is the Russian hacker!

He hacked the DNC he hacked the election

Snowden is a Russian agent who either was a spy or a defector and took a ton of spying information with him

8c882b No.341028


same goal, maybe different teams

2fd2da No.341029

Snowden most recent Retwat is scary!

9819e8 No.341030


Also to add: The intel being used against Trump, would have been used regardless to Start WW3 under HRC in her half of the 16 year plan.

Snowden was the beginning of the end. He was the trigger for WW3. Remember Vault7. Interfere with Russia and make it look like came from US.

29d01f No.341031

Snowden in Russia as Clown would mean that Russia is Clown friendly.

f2130c No.341032


Truth be told, I didn't even KNOW Kim had a "sister" before this

d421af No.341033

File: d8356647f38505d⋯.png (370.24 KB, 1024x426, 512:213, you_need_this_one.PNG)

is Michelle Obama a man?

if Hussein is a muslim, why marry a trans man?

d2ec95 No.341034



Hello Snowden and Russian Clowns (Medvedev in Bangkok)? nbcnews.com/politics/elections/russians-penetrated-u-s-voter-systems-says-top-u-s-n845721

e025a6 No.341035

QPost Recent Findings Consolidation 2.11.18

>>331709 5 were removed or subtracted from society or secret societies

>>333960 Concise Answer for why Q uses Movie Signatures

>>332810 Signature movie descriptions + general themes

>>333979 Secret Socities link of JFK speech

>>332914 JFK Speech.jpeg

>>335226 Bunker Q + Trump Tweets

>>323793 Light on Q's crumb on unauthorized people in the Capitol Hill SCIF

>>327539 Q 'E' Photo, Shanghai Pudong Airport confirmed

>>322457 Q Runway Photo: Noi Bai International in Vietnam confirmed?

>>322197 Q Runway Photo: Shanghai Pudong Airport a possible location

>>322178, >>322222 White House IP?

>>321497 IP, Dallas, ClintonEmail & Softlayer Tech

>>321086, >>321304 Top 10 IP Address

>>320603, >>321921 Hannity's Top 10 List

>>328082 Missing "E" on Secret Socities Qpost

>>326512 Most Plausible POEC explanation

>>321141 #RunDavidRun

>>322346 Q's 3 Consecutive Trips. The Kek is STRONG

b9a9f6 No.341036

Russia and America, shall be the greatest allies.

9229ec No.341037


The whole world is a stage.

All of mankind's institutions are false.

11be46 No.341038

Movie Sum of all fears. After detonation, scientists were able to determine the origin of the uranium.

U1 would allow bad actors to do that and USA would be blamed.

c2688d No.341039


what if it was U.S.A.F ?

f856cf No.341041

File: 6c237f0898e2c24⋯.png (126.9 KB, 1245x656, 1245:656, a094fbd7e0751d6adf370bcc7c….png)

2-AUER took a HARD left and now is going back up north.

150889 No.341043



8c90f5 No.341044


If there is a nano ounce of truth in that, may he die in excruciating pain from extended torture.

db4053 No.341045

Newfag here, been lurking since end of october.

Q doesent want people harmed but in Rus is Putin the law, easier and faster penalty…

Remove and "e" from Freed will it be FRED, in swedish does that mean peace. So maybe an peacetreaty threre. Redpilling NK will take some time.

Apache, probably several meanings but it was an Apache that shot down the Iranian Drone. About Iran, several of the nations are most likely prepareing a groundattack on Hizbollah soon. US are arming them and Saudi and Isreal are working tigether now. Most likely Lebanon aswell.

Martial Law: For that does Trump need the Congress to approve it and probably also the SC. Otherwise will the people react harder. Maybe some US-fag can give better detail on your laws.

Just some thoughts

efd07a No.341046


nothing wrong w/ applying pressure at strategic times.

>timing is everything.

i'm all in, but escaped from the cave years ago and i can't say that of too many here. define: groupie keeps coming to my mind.

7e0139 No.341047



Post last edited at

f2130c No.341048


not on our own time. arrests will happen when they should, as an arrest w/o a SOLID case built, will only get these assholes walking free again. remember (or re_read):



044248 No.341049


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-AxslTLkNA

664753 No.341050

Q seems a bit frantic (maybe not the best of words) we understand MORE now or as fast as we can put info together and keep tracking of it all.

e78b47 No.341051


That's something to think about.

27554d No.341052


Then that would be recent considering the assassinate every CIA operative they come across. Except him because he had such valuable hacking information.

c2688d No.341053

File: 8e3729e9b7dfdba⋯.png (91.73 KB, 500x522, 250:261, flat-earth-eclipse-2060269….png)


get out of here with that shit

589638 No.341054

420 fags are rolling blunts in preparation.

d0e782 No.341056

Good ole Ruth is probably been given 'An offer' you can't refuse.

3ebbd9 No.341057


>Why are we still here given foreknowledge of events?

Many Anons replied to the "WHY". But I guess Q would highlight the "STILL". "Why are we STILL here …"

Why can Q still post foreknowledge of events, if he is publicly known,…

>No FBI investigation into this?

So why is the FBI not stopping this Q-posting? Because they cannot locate Q, and Q is known by less then 10.

fd3131 No.341058



what do you mean ? sorry not following

e78b47 No.341059


You're telling me? I've got 2 breads open so I can go make graphics but I'm waiting for this stuff to die down before I stop watching.

27554d No.341060


Only so much a team can do without giving away stuff that would get them in trouble later (or even now considering who is watching)

7aa0eb No.341061



382a29 No.341062



I was being kind of snarky saying that, would be funny if it were them. Still feel like something is majorly off with it… they just turned around…

2c7071 No.341063

File: 7b80b68c17d81f2⋯.jpg (8.04 KB, 255x153, 5:3, Rosatom.jpg)

OK, we're over the target thinking a couple of Rosatom guys were the reason for downing the aircraft.

We're the good guys, have no jurisdiction, and wouldn't have wanted them dead. Dean men don't testify.

So someone WITH jurisdiction/operability takes a really high profile approach in eliminating them. This sends a signal to others involved.

Why remove them so they can't testify? It would only help to protect the Clinton's/Obama's. Or would it?????

We know the Russians are totally ruthless and perfectly capable of acts like this. What could possibly be so important to the Russians?

Was Russian involvement/collusion in our election/politics MUCH deeper than has been revealed?

What ELSE do the Russians have to hide? If U1/Hillary/Obama collusion was one thing, is there yet another shoe to drop?

We seem to have a bit of a handle on the former, I'm starting to become concerned that we're being warmed up/prepped to accept the latter.

12e63c No.341065


They were hunting the force ready to carry out a Red October coup inside the PEOC. That force has been found and thwarted.

7774a9 No.341066

Russia is the safest place to be for a 'wanted man"?

e68741 No.341067

Anons, there's a good chance that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a clown asset all along.

Retirement was probably highly suggested.

07bd35 No.341068


Putting it all together…

New insight into Snow White?

Reference to the Snow White Program by Robert L. Hubbard.

purpose: "all false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally expunged"

Q signatures equal order of operations?

Alice & Wonderland = cut strings/stranglehold of Clintons and Saudi Arabia

Snow White = expose false information and shift narrative

Great Awakening = opening the eyes of the public and a call for spiritual renewal through repentance of evil actions

Red October = revolution and takeover by MI and patriots for trials and sentencing

Movie references = plot metaphors for what's happening?

Godfather III (1990)

Speed (1994)

Wargames (1983)

Iron Eagle (1986)

Jason Bourne (2016)



Titanic (2000) By LeonardoDiCaprio>>340993


cd7312 No.341069

A 'sister' is NOT a sister.

72c544 No.341070

File: 3484eb5a09ef7d5⋯.png (1001.65 KB, 639x916, 639:916, ClipboardImage.png)

b5939f No.341071


Putin a puppet? Never

c83f9a No.341072


flight directly to gitmo

fd3131 No.341073


he is looping back now ?

12e63c No.341074


ES did the 187.

24b258 No.341075

I have my biases, but it seems to me like U1 and the dossier were honeypots. Russia appears to have been fighting its own struggle for decades now against the cabal. In my lowly autistic opinion, I think Snowden is in Russia to try and spy on /our/ allies in Russia. Q probably will never be able to confirm due to optics with "muh Russia" but oh well.

664753 No.341076


Hang in there then. Don't forget to eat and drink something.

7aa0c7 No.341077


Thats not the right guy in the pic. Verify it.

589638 No.341078


Rev. 12

febff0 No.341079


Snowden's tweet today:

Edward Snowden‏Verified account


Follow Follow @Snowden


Speak not because it is safe, but because it is right.

7:08 PM - 10 Feb 2017

9819e8 No.341080


That's why Snowden had to be made to look like a Traitor. Steal NSA info and reveal to the world… hero to the normies. Except that he gave all of NSA tools to clowns and would use against Russia to assist HRC in 16 year plan. Russia is clueless since he's a "traitor"

0e46f0 No.341081


I don't know , Kim Clement said God was going to pull the pants down on Russia and Iran and expose them to the world.

999234 No.341082

Snowden in Russia as a favor for the cabal for U1 to discredit the NSA, as insurance if the NSA was able to go ahead with the plans to dismantle the cabal laid out long ago?

2cbfa4 No.341083



That cracked me up! lmao

34af7b No.341084


A SC retirement would create a media firestorm and a potent narrative switch.

e9521c No.341085


Rosatom is Uranium 1.

3c44a8 No.341086

File: 6f5d1804cd81156⋯.png (410.53 KB, 568x335, 568:335, ClipboardImage.png)

771918 No.341087


Not good enough. We fight those who would undermine the constitution. The NSA has participated in that… I hope Q is right, but I have yet to see evidence they have been course-corrected.

89818e No.341088


wtf?? smh

0f44a1 No.341089


Maybe Q believes facts should’ve been discovered more efficiently, quickly.

c3486e No.341090


well… could be NK / SK … sisters?

8b099d No.341091

File: 89c33c25086cf03⋯.jpg (632.71 KB, 2334x1521, 778:507, sheep.jpg)

Agree or do not speak, Baaaaaaaaaaaatists . Q.


These are but clean-up jobs before the real work of restoring the Constitutional Republic can begin in earnest in part by abolishing most of the unlawful federal govt.

044248 No.341092


Here it is, the full 36 minute video.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-AxslTLkNA

f856cf No.341093

File: 6548eee485a6397⋯.png (76.29 KB, 1007x418, 53:22, ef9cfdb011cb093d4929e23596….png)


Seems like its actually doing something else, keeping tabs on the plane will post more information if new stuff comes up other /planefags/ watch it.

4df248 No.341094

fucking retard I was thanking him for double posting so i don't have to wade through all the bullshit (You) post

4ad310 No.341096


Snowden is apparently critical to what's going on rn, so he's just stressing that extra hard. Also, we are a bit scattered at the moment, so he's probably telling us to focus the autism kek.

e51ebe No.341097

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."

Gee I really like this part.


725b74 No.341098


yup, said it before… pershukov wasn't on the passenger list… ivanov on the passenger list is born in 1986, the one working at rosatom graduated 1987… doesn't ad up!

07c4e2 No.341099

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-04/red-october-washington-2017

fd9bbe No.341100


DEAC Data Centers in Russia. Is he in one of these?

http:// www.datacentermap.com/company/deac_datacenters.html

fd3131 No.341101


thank you anon

c2688d No.341102


Holloman, Kirtland and Cannon

http:// mymilitarybase.com/new-mexico/

d0e782 No.341103

Just to let you know Q. I'm mostly going to use and disseminate your info on my website. Strategies of war, and all that…..

a1dc19 No.341104


Wrong guy, wrong dob, wrong picture

a3e3f3 No.341105

File: dbdf0e1139c4e3f⋯.jpg (136.59 KB, 975x780, 5:4, February-2018-Calendar-Pri….jpg)


psst… yesterday

8b099d No.341106

Restore the Constitutional Republic, Q.

Expand your thinking, Q.

d421af No.341107

File: 98149baa89f0acd⋯.jpg (26.76 KB, 500x500, 1:1, bait (2).JPG)


flat earth shill.

We already know the clowns are behind this crap

2c7071 No.341108


> Verify it.

Not mine, just grabbed from last thread for context. If pic is wrong, my bad.

75a61d No.341109

Might be a peanut, but should be added to list of resignations. Black dude Ricki BARLOW resigned from L Vegas City Council Jan 22 2018. Federal corruption charges. Q referenced Barlow earlier - maybe another coincidence.

We must be patient. Continue working and doing our best to understand. This huge, complex undertaking by beloved patriots and our incredible POTUS is brilliant - but not easy or swift.

27554d No.341110


Russia is never clueless. Hapless occasionally following the collapse, but no. Never.

085801 No.341111

File: 6ddf86f5e626fbc⋯.png (190.14 KB, 665x587, 665:587, ClipboardImage.png)

From 2013 Ryan Fogle


589638 No.341113

"You will cease to exist."

"What if Snowden was still a clown."

What if Q is speaking to the CIA as a whole….

The CIA will cease to exist?

044248 No.341114


Not showing on ADS-B

f2130c No.341115


Hmm, so the "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA" narrative holds some bearing, since Snowden is operating as a

Clown In RUSSIA (CIR) in conjunction with

Clowns US (CUS) for one big CIRCUS

1fca20 No.341116


maybe his concubine

1286d3 No.341117

File: 8db17f122c23dea⋯.jpg (321.12 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Ruth-Ginsberg2.jpg)

File: b5d5e189399b215⋯.jpg (321.39 KB, 800x400, 2:1, Ruth-Ginsberg-e14680190328….jpg)

b7c6dd No.341118



Graphics are crucial.

They're crucial to everything Q has been saying and also everything we have been doing.

If we don't understand = no graphics.

2cb311 No.341119


>How helpful is prayer to you guys and your ops?

I can tell you that prayer is the MOST powerful force in this world.

God hears all of our prayers.

They do not need to be complex. Pray in your heart sincerely. Pray for God's hand to guide and protect POTUS and patriots.

One minute of prayer has untold power. God is not constrained by time like we are. One minute of prayer could equal an infinite number blessing from the Most High.

Just don't expect God to ANSWER your prayer exactly how YOU think he should. He has plan for each one of us and knows what's best. Likewise, he will use our prayers / petitions to His purpose as well (the salvation of souls).

e68741 No.341120


Dilley's source said today would be off the charts!

I'd say so.

d0e782 No.341121

This isn't for me any more.

f19e6e No.341122



Snowden works for Putin and the CIA

b1ee9c No.341123

File: 2f16e9a520c5c02⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 600x380, 30:19, dayof days.jpg)

day of days!

ec3363 No.341124


Glenn Greenwald is going to have some explaining to do very soon.

222581 No.341125

File: b15ce5718f6e1dc⋯.png (424.61 KB, 730x435, 146:87, flattardery.PNG)


382a29 No.341126


So to recap in the last few days I've been following its been to Memphis, Dallas, New Orleans, St. Petersberg, and now Naples. Before that I heard anons say they saw it stop at other cities as well. Very very off.

58948a No.341127

771918 No.341128

For those interested in NK angle: https:// youtu.be/X8a3dlJVQq8?t=1059

f55b39 No.341129

The Principalities, The Powers, And The Dark Rulers Of This World

When I was a boy, I enjoyed playing with toy soldiers. I suppose that for a similar reason I also enjoyed watching ants march across the landscape. Their order and discipline awed me. Of course, being a boy, I could not leave well enough alone. As the master of my own little universe, I contrived to pit ant colonies in warfare with each other. Then I watched the agonies of their conflicts in fascination.

Although the ants were not entirely helpless, there was little they could do. To the ants I was the “power.” Could those little ants speak truth to me? No. So I made them my toys and amused myself.

Similarly, the powers that be in our society can be overwhelming.

From: https:// citizentom.com/2013/06/09/what-is-speaking-truth-to-power/

So is this, it is also true.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Even when the principalities, the powers, and the dark rulers of this world can hear our words, too often they don’t bother to listen. The puny wisdom of tiny ants means little to them.

27554d No.341130

File: 3068d6065a9e76d⋯.png (70.93 KB, 303x166, 303:166, ClipboardImage.png)

9819e8 No.341131


Oh I don't think they're clueless. I think he's not alone. Other cabal people (anti-Putin) keeping him safe.

589638 No.341132

ad6a1d No.341133

Q thinks we haven't been trying to wake up normies for decades? The fuck was all the JFK, 9/11 Truthers, Sandy Hook, Pizzagate shit then? You think we've been sitting on our asses Q? There's a global cabal against us, we voted you in to fix it. YOU fucking learn.

f2130c No.341134


Well, America & Russia for SURE won't be going to war soon (MAD/Mutually Assured Destruction)

33cd64 No.341135


A plane callsign 2-AUER - possibly Rothschild related (Bauer was their original Austrian immigrant name). Definitely UK based though.

7aa0c7 No.341136


He also said we should see some EBS/EAS alerts this week.

06ce85 No.341137


Point out (((they))) and why would (((they))) support Snowden when he's suppose to be anti (((them)))

b67215 No.341138


Do you have any original thoughts of your own?

4ad310 No.341139


Hmmm…I dig that angle…maybe she DOES have the skinny on her best buddy's heart attack, after all…

8c882b No.341140


This. He still pops up on FOX from time to time. Not sure which side he is on.

382a29 No.341141

File: f7f55b810a77551⋯.png (163.65 KB, 1199x782, 1199:782, 2auer5.png)


Going back to Naples… I think?

f2130c No.341143



b5939f No.341144



>This board is the comunication and control platform for the operation teams in the field and its used to synchronise different intelligence agencies of other countries.


>The Q-team talks to field agents - we are the side benefit.


>The "forecast" ist the run instruction.


>Why this board? Cause its not checkable for investigations - its public and its anon.


>All other stuff could be backtraced, this not - simple and efficient.


>What changed? The more cryptic way Q communicates - because crumps for us are encoded commands for the agents in (hidden) operation and a way to synchronise the actions between different intelligence agencies from other countries - with no traces left.


>Same as Red October - working with secret knowledge let you camouflage the communication and the real operation.


>@Q - every real operation is a kind of "game" - but with living figures and in the worst case with real victims.

340239 No.341145

So we see with the Vault 7 release of CIA hacking tools by Wikileaks that the CIA has the capability to spoof a hack from a location its not coming from.

Snowden is a SPOOK.

Now we emphasize why he's in Russia?

To setup the narrative that Russia hacked the election using CLOWN hacking tools?

d421af No.341146



You are missing a A

55cba7 No.341147

167ec4 No.341148


Demonstrates foreknowledge. Snowden a mole or double agent turned for the white-hats?

1286d3 No.341149


Go to the Dildo thread and report that.

554679 No.341150

Maybe RBG is a sacrificial lamb to redirect the narrative away from the big stuff coming down the pike. Expect resignation about time IG report comes out.

48c1f5 No.341151



In one of Q posts.. He referred to TG..

Said look at NWorth before being in Gov. and today ..

The way I see it, They are giving TG a walking pass

He must have been blackmailed and given money to tie him in..

As you can see by his demeanor that he was very disturbed.. As Q said.. Leverage is politics

I feel Sorry for TG,, but like all young new politicians

as soon as you get to DC, they rats pick

you up, fuck with you.. and then your screwed..

TG going home and is discusted with politics

0f44a1 No.341152


Agreed anon not graphicsfag. Limited to late night and weekend support as memefag.

43312f No.341153

File: 96b4b4728a2ce8a⋯.jpg (25.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, snowdz.jpg)

Is Snowden a good guy or bad guy?

Q has been annoyingly ambiguous about this.

But the Clownshills have been annoyingly UNambiguous.

So i'm going with White now!?

fe7145 No.341154



A conspiracy to discredit Truth masked with the labels of "other conspiracies".

8b099d No.341155


He's unknown by everybody. A nobody. He's not even Michael Moore.

6747a0 No.341156



Lurk Moar Faggot.

044248 No.341157


Altitude dropping?

fd3131 No.341159


oh shit .

340239 No.341160


So we see with the Vault 7 release of CIA hacking tools by Wikileaks that the CIA has the capability to spoof a hack from a location its not coming from.

Snowden is a SPOOK.

Now we emphasize why he's in Russia?

To setup the narrative that Russia hacked the election using CLOWN hacking tools?

ad6a1d No.341162

0e46f0 No.341163


It should have been gone in the days of JFK but they killed him, JFK didn't have Marines surrounding him and wasn't as aware as Trump is now

89818e No.341164


good start!

a94b46 No.341165

File: d26e5ec99f96a19⋯.png (2.23 MB, 1360x4321, 1360:4321, facebook.com_vyacheslav.iv….png)

https:// www.facebook.com/vyacheslav.ivanov.7334

2c7071 No.341166


>Wrong guy,


382a29 No.341167


Not yet… idk man any time i've thought this plane was doing one thing its done something totally different.

a2f122 No.341168


I'd imagine Soros was given advice on how to place that 18 billion outside of the legal reach of his eo.

They spoke recently about sf getting go orders as well. Since this was all pre planned it will likely take place afafp and be completed afafp. When do we get our confirmation of successful missions on the the other 44? I'd imagine soon but would understand if otherwise. We have been given loose play by play Asia ops already which is more then what I was expecting. Only things left to play out are inevitable. Appears to just be optics after the 44 get eaten by what appear to be seals.

e025a6 No.341169

File: 2a4f7ee42b2b41d⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 575x289, 575:289, ScreenShot_006 (20).jpg)

File: 6dabfd72f1986d8⋯.jpg (28.28 KB, 563x305, 563:305, ScreenShot_012 (10).jpg)

File: 8900fb9a9f33cc2⋯.jpg (26.32 KB, 567x215, 567:215, ScreenShot_013 (5).jpg)

Memember the series of creepy posts on Fri and Sat evening, pics related?

Could they have been connected to Sergey Medvedev and the Infraud Organisation? They seemed to be threatening/dark and spoke of supercomputer networks and malware, not to mention RED OCTOBER.

b9a9f6 No.341170


No. Putin is against the Rothschilds the Central Bankers, they create currency out of thin air when they make loans to the government and then they get it all back with interest. The Rothschilds are the biggest problem in the world and Putin is against them and on Americas side.

244245 No.341171

I am legitimately excited!!

cab22b No.341172


>Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

Bakers please carry this on through the breads.

Incredibly helpful.

044248 No.341173


I agree.

I wish he would stay, but don't think he's going to.

07bd35 No.341174


Wait a moment.., If Putin is with the Cabal, why the globalist feel contempt with he?

589638 No.341175


Naw. All hell is about to break loose. Potus is just making sure we can defend ourselves when it does.

8c882b No.341176

feels like the shills died down once the drops started. running scared?

d2ec95 No.341177



Q posting about TG stepping down and SC (Supreme Court?) in same post, then mentions RBG today. Related? Still not sure what SC was referring to could be Special COunsel or less likely Sara Carter

0078f0 No.341178

I think Q is telling us that events may start to rapidly unfold. The Q team's methodical approach is reaching endgame. He lists the pieces they have in place. We anons are one of those pieces. You anons fight the meme war pretty good. Gets out the message. Next phase could get more intense.

<prep fag warning>POTUS cannot prevent all fuckery when the shit hits the fan. They are good but they're not God. Anons, go to costco. Get extra. Stock up on hunting supplies, too. Pints. Be prepared

febff0 No.341179


It's because they don't get that the CIA harms our citizens. they think CIA is protecting our citizens.

f856cf No.341180

File: ced310495bf1f6f⋯.png (52.54 KB, 814x328, 407:164, 857017205ab6203070e9f56f67….png)


Its dropping alt currently and speed.

33cd64 No.341181


Has it been denied landing clearance? Can anyone listen to Naples ATC and get a clue as to what is going on?

7aa0c7 No.341182


Looks legit

c83f9a No.341183


i will add him… give me a moment…

e68741 No.341184


Rob Reiner must be lurking

Meatheads vs Q … KEK

289148 No.341185

File: 304c722aab6b67e⋯.png (284.07 KB, 727x409, 727:409, Capture.PNG)

>>340741 Last bread

I was thinking of this. Was re-reading this AM. Also one said eliminate Black Ops overseas THEN arrests here.

7774a9 No.341186

Hollywood made Snowden a hero so I'm pretty sure he's not.

c436d5 No.341187




>This. He still pops up on FOX from time to time. Not sure which side he is on.

His investigative instincts are good, but he is still under the bubble . If he ever breaks out he might be something positive.

fbdc19 No.341188


no. p is pope. anybody else wasnt here long enough

11be46 No.341189

Want to know what started this whole shit storm in my opinion…

You have to go back to August 6 2011. When Hillary Clinton's was being watched like a hawk by our enemies and they set up an ambush and killed our brothers.

I want Justice, I want death for these fucking traitors, noting less. No jail, so the next Obama can pardon them.

Insurgents shot down a U.S. military helicopter during fighting in eastern Afghanistan, killing 30 Americans, U.S. officials said Saturday.

Of the 30 dead Americans, as many as 25 Navy SEALs died, a senior military official told ABC News. 38 people were killed in all. The New York Times reports that 22 Navy SEALs had died.

244245 No.341190


It discredited the NSA.

Made it distrust us.

Distrust those who protect us.

fe8809 No.341192

If Snowden was still a clown, he could be spying on Russia

725b74 No.341193


this one graduated 1987 first time.. the ivanov on the plane was born 1986! and there is no pershukov on board… there goes the link rosatom

b9a9f6 No.341194


Sorry, but no. America and Russia shall be the greatest allies, sorry kike.

0f44a1 No.341195


Thanks for updates. I mind them. Why would 757 traffic to gitmo be so frequent?

2cbfa4 No.341196

File: d1083455b7f52f5⋯.jpg (179.48 KB, 862x530, 431:265, RBG.jpg)

4e0db0 No.341197


there is something to this twatter, @jch_magdalena

382a29 No.341198


It landed once in Naples already for sure.

4ad310 No.341199


Ding ding ding.

Recently, Dershowitz brought up the prospect of appointing an independent committee to sort all this bullshit out.

Nuremberg-like maybe?

TG could fill the role of head prosecutor very nicely.

His impartiality in that case would be critical.

febff0 No.341200


BAD/it's obvious. He works for CIA.

e78b47 No.341201


I agree with this assessment… like this week rapidly, we shall see.

044248 No.341202


I know, it's been crazy tracking this one.

094763 No.341203


Good interview regarding the Snowden-Clown connection:


9819e8 No.341204


We're supposed to be redpilling those close to us right now. I believe the Media (once cleaned from mockingbird) will search us out once the real truth is out there since we're the most knowledgeable. Anons will be responsible for the 100%. DJT/Q will do the first 60/40

b65d44 No.341205

File: 31893554b373ecc⋯.png (613.94 KB, 946x404, 473:202, rbg.PNG)

R.B.G comments about Trump before he was elected need to be brought back out into the public eye

ad6a1d No.341206


We SHOULD distrust government. That's what this country was built on.

64d975 No.341207


Snowden was under Obama when he leaked info

And Trump wasn't expected to win so would the narrative still have been hacked the election? or attempted hacking?

085801 No.341208


go take a look at his twitter

he hates trump

sure you can go ahead and convince yourself hes good..but youre a moron.

150889 No.341209


maybe you should research just who putan is

he says hes not for nwo, actions says he is. sorry


48c1f5 No.341210


We never here of POMPEO at the CIA..

back in October there was rumors that the marines were at CIA headquarters..

I wonder about POMPEO

89818e No.341211

589638 No.341212


I'm all in, too; but I'll not be lead by the nose ring anywhere, ever.

1d3c82 No.341213

File: 9084463432cdbfd⋯.png (646.05 KB, 960x542, 480:271, ClipboardImage.png)


771918 No.341214


O Stone is not normal HW

06ce85 No.341215


I'm not so sure about that, Putin, appears, to have worked very closely with (((they))) to fuck the USA.

ad6a1d No.341216


Dude we've been trying for decades.

664753 No.341217


Putin in not with the cabal. If Hillary was President she had said she would go to war with him. Putin is trying to save his country. There are cabal inside Russia going against him right now.

c2688d No.341218


there was a senate anon on 4 chan last year that spoke of being an assistant to a senator who had been blackmailed for having an affair, but was a good man… he never outed himself but i always wondered if it was maybe Gowdy or Chaffetz….

b9a9f6 No.341219


Right. Snowden was when Russia though hillary would win and nuke them.

382a29 No.341220


There has been a lot more traffic to Gitmo today than past Sundays definitely.

340239 No.341221

>>341160 (You)



f9cacd No.341222

Iron Eagle series of novels by Roy A Teel, Jr. Read longer synopses on Amazon.

Book 1 - The Iron Eagle hunts for serial killers and extracts justice.

Book 2 - Serial killer capturing young teenage boys. Iron Eagle after the killer.

Book 3 - Potential terrorist attack in the US.

Book 4 - Plot to kill the President.


Maybe these instead of the movie

f7af58 No.341223

File: 165579842407e9a⋯.png (21.54 KB, 510x155, 102:31, ClipboardImage.png)

27554d No.341224


It wasn't Russia. And not a chance that he needed to "Be" in Russia to do it. He went to the only place (notice she started in China) that might actually save his ass from the CIA. And even then… not so much. I can't believe the little shit is still alive. He has something still very important that cannot be tortured out of him. They didn't even do that to him. Something about him has always been amiss and I couldn't figure him out.

fd3131 No.341225




c3486e No.341226


OH.. they had that setup to look like USA had it's fingerprints all over that !!! That's a definite

cd7312 No.341227


>We know the Russians are totally ruthless and perfectly capable of acts like this. What could possibly be so important to the Russians?

And the American cabal isn't totally ruthless and perfectly capable of acts like this?

What a dumb sentence. The cabal is everywhere the same. And the cabal isn't "the Russians". The cabal isn't "the Americans" either. "The cabal" is the cabal. Lern to differentiate.

33cd64 No.341228

File: 8ef162e802b730b⋯.jpg (277.92 KB, 1371x905, 1371:905, 2AUER_2.jpg)


Spoopyness confirmed on Flightaware too.

2cbfa4 No.341229

File: 9fdf9a654ed28e4⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1952x3584, 61:112, P Does NOT Stand For Dr Ph….jpg)



fcd9eb No.341230


>To setup the narrative that Russia hacked the election using CLOWN hacking tools?

Does it have to be Russian gov. or someone inside Russia?

1fca20 No.341231


Old Ruthie just does what she's told, I'm sure. Maybe she is now "free" to retire.

d54fcc No.341232

File: 7f0a8516d4826b6⋯.jpg (44.16 KB, 800x450, 16:9, repo man.jpg)

Snowden glows. I've been saying this for years, faggots.

fe7145 No.341233


Mass consciounsness was too sleepy, this is changing now.

044248 No.341234


Going to land some where.

5d4022 No.341235


I've thought all along TG would "prosecute" impeachment trials of judges. TG is on Judiciary Committee and they play that role in impeachments of judges.

8c882b No.341236


next week is suicide week remember :D

1286d3 No.341237


They always run scared when Qteam comes to visit. They know they can track everyone here no matter if you use VPNs and Tor.

Those that remain are the lowest paid that don't understand much, the stooges.

8b099d No.341238



Free Beer Tomorrow. Q

589638 No.341239


Maybe she's his clown handler.

88d98a No.341240


40,000 ft view

Silent Weapons for Silent Wars

f728c4 No.341241


In response to Qs post. Having this long overdue "Cleansing" is one thing, but what protects the Future of Humanity? Is something going to be in place to ensure Corruptions/Crimes by Political Leaders, Intelligence Directors, Law Enforcement Officials don't happen again? Is Humanity going through an Ascension that this is all part of and these things won't even be Possible when this is all said and done?

f9cacd No.341242


Just some rich fucker jet-setting around.

febff0 No.341243


Hahaha, my bad. thanks for clarifying.

12e63c No.341244


That was an inside job. The Clowns set them up to be killed, and the patriots on that helicopter knew it in advance and couldn't do anything to prevent it.

f19e6e No.341245


The Pope is a puppet just like the rest blackmailed pedo he was a bouncer at a bar before he joined the church for christs sake wake up

d2ec95 No.341246


I'm still of the belief that that was Crowdstrike, but the Russians hacking into the voter rolls could be Snowden

a3e3f3 No.341247

File: 5f3f6c77689f477⋯.jpg (207.98 KB, 425x282, 425:282, head sand.jpg)



20a717 No.341248

File: 04979f6340be2f7⋯.jpg (9.77 KB, 419x162, 419:162, truth to power.jpg)

File: ead24c4a00b24eb⋯.jpg (30.57 KB, 642x418, 321:209, asma.jpg)

Q posted Truth to Power yesterday

She didn't die until today. Q said Truth to Power yesterday at 2:30 AM or something.

9962f3 No.341249

Still piecing together…

APACHE = Apache Software Foundation?

Q referenced ASF as a tool of the opposition to burst disinfo and distract using a 5-pronged approach back in November.

340239 No.341250


My understanding of CIA hacking tools is they can spook any location and the hack will appear to have originated from anywhere else.

But the fact is, THE RUSSIANS HACKING THE ELECTION was what started everything and that was based on a intel report prepared BY THE CLOWNS THEMSELVES and the old deep state.

e68741 No.341251


No need, future confirmed past.

244245 No.341252


Skeptical, critical, analytical

In control, Dominant force

Who's really to say?



589638 No.341253


Make is scotch, and I'm omw.

f856cf No.341254

File: 7c2539a44c7b2ae⋯.png (49.25 KB, 1086x237, 362:79, 1348d042e631a61db41fa7cff2….png)


Flight re-landing at Naples? Possible issue on flight?

b5939f No.341255




>@Snowden "Truth To Power"


>Drop "Truth To Power"








>>>325370 You will cease to exist










>Coincidence "Truth To Power"?


>Coincidence Barlow?




>What if Snowden was still a Clown?


>Why would it be important he was in Russia?





I think the storm is now reaching Europe

044248 No.341256


That and taxation.

a0e58a No.341257

Every time I think I understand the timestamping stuff, I realize I don't.

Can someone please explain it simply for me?

75a61d No.341258


Thank you - not great at navigating paste bins or some of the other tools - but read all possible. reluctant / hesitant to add without an OK from others first.

fbdc19 No.341259


your graphic is incorrect. one "photo" is a shop, and the guy being handkissed wasnt a roth (unconfirmed anyway) but yeah.. p is pope

e9521c No.341260

I've been throwing my friends and family hints and clues to start redipilling them without risking my credibility. Today I'm finally ready to go all in and commit. The rosatom russian flight connection isn't in the MSM news yet. Predict that and you will have their ear.

33cd64 No.341261


Maybe it's trying to do a runner and has been ordered back to Naples.

382a29 No.341262


Gotta be Harry… he's drunk and forgot his fiancee in Naples

a2f122 No.341263


read it. It would be interesting if Q team vouched for that. Interesting read.

7a8138 No.341264


More memes?

b9a9f6 No.341265


No, sorry. Snowden was probably Russian but when it was Russia against Hillary. Right now Russia and America are allied because Trump.

771918 No.341266


There is no goddamned evidence of this, gtfo

589638 No.341267


Everyone named Kim is wrong.

2de696 No.341268


I agree too. He got blackmailed and for his job in the memo release he was given immunity or something but has to retire. That would be my guess.

150889 No.341269


lol i love you no homo

im all about some free beer… woot woot

e2922c No.341271


Hey planefag what's the deal with this flight? You keep posting it but I've not seen any context.

20a717 No.341272

File: 86868d5bb3f252c⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 1938x489, 646:163, asma2.jpg)

ad6a1d No.341273


It is not for Q to determine who protects the future of humanity when truth breaks out. We voted Trump in to bring much needed chaos and truth. Let the cops settle where they may. Q will be just like us.

044248 No.341274


(You) just earned (You) a filter.

9c5698 No.341275


snowden[clown] steals data from NSA. His cover is that he is trying to expose criminal acts. Hollywood even makes a movie about him. He is part of an op to discredit/down the NSA. Is he in Russia running clown ops? If Good Guys take him, they get bad PR? Cabal strikes back? Moves pieces on the board for better strategic advantage? [The cabal is trying to start WW3]

b6b463 No.341276

MSM -> controlled

ES.. Can not make his things public if they were for the good

fd3131 No.341277

File: 6f1d684851e6f9b⋯.png (448.3 KB, 1599x678, 533:226, zzzzzz.PNG)

waiting for clearance clarence

9ceab8 No.341278

13002a No.341279

File: ad6d77761af18ff⋯.png (913.96 KB, 1190x432, 595:216, ayyyyy.PNG)

File: eeaa91df2ac0c1c⋯.png (20.36 KB, 317x239, 317:239, ayys.PNG)

Fuckkity fuck fuck. Remember the old Q post "BAYS - Bunker Apple Yellow Skies" Yeah that one???

That day I did digging on BAYS and found a nightclub in Russia. Now I'm thinking it may relate to Q's latest

>What if Snowden was still a Clown? Why would it be important he was in Russia?

Fuck fuck now I'm having trouble digging up my research.

340239 No.341280


Isn't that the point though? There's no evidence of who REALLY hacked the election which is the only reason the Russia "investigations" into POTUS started in the first? Guess who said Russia hacked our election? THE INTEL AGENCIES!!! Genius.

cd7312 No.341281


Q wrote that the 'sister' is with pence.

Think: Is NK with Pence?

Is SK with Pence?

NO! A woman ('sister') is with Pence.

Like Q said.

READ before you post.

cab22b No.341284


So did (EWE)

12c1c5 No.341285

Be patient with me anons.

Think its time to identify work teams

DIGGERS dive deep into past posts. Stay on task. Play with Newsfags.

MINERS archive separately, not relying on bakers. (Still don't think all bakers are on the same team.)

ARCHIVERS lock down mining work.

GAMERS double check the time stamps for authentication.

CHASERS pick up the latest bread and run it to fruition. Play with planefags.


Beginning to see this map as a set of gears.

Big gear finally turns, but little gears are getting the work done.


Head your posts in caps identifying your discipline. Help the whole map be solved.

Not an edict. Can be refined.

589638 No.341286


Whatever. We're working our fucking asses off, and we're not stupid. We've adapted like crazy. He can adapt, too.

044248 No.341287


or some kind of mechanical failure.

4df248 No.341288

91c23e No.341289


Diesel ?? ha ha

That stuff runs off free energy devices that WE should be using. Tesla wasn't a car manufacturer.

8768db No.341290

File: 08fcb21fffba65f⋯.png (33.34 KB, 1198x218, 599:109, screenshot-8ch.net-2018-02….png)



222581 No.341291


I always have thoguth Vault7 was a pre-emptive CIA leak to establish plausible deniability since March 7th 017 when it was leaked by WL. Now it makes sense that SNoden did it even moar.

589638 No.341292


Yeah, he shouldn't have said that.

06ce85 No.341293


Very good! Look at the novel 'Q Clearance'.

20a717 No.341294

File: 04979f6340be2f7⋯.jpg (9.77 KB, 419x162, 419:162, truth to power.jpg)

File: ead24c4a00b24eb⋯.jpg (30.57 KB, 642x418, 321:209, asma.jpg)

File: 86868d5bb3f252c⋯.jpg (85.96 KB, 1938x489, 646:163, asma2.jpg)

28d4a8 No.341295

File: a173e0acee26811⋯.png (46.15 KB, 1752x276, 146:23, ClipboardImage.png)

Checking past breads and this

>>339788 re: passenger list

looks important. Was it missed?



Has the same birthdate as Steele: 24.06.1964

June 24, 1964

Handshake with anon who captured this info, or did we drop the ball?

ec3363 No.341296

File: 4e7f4fd1fc64534⋯.jpeg (65.53 KB, 400x400, 1:1, F02A262B-C214-449B-A15E-4….jpeg)

340239 No.341297


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea


Such a good idea

fe8809 No.341298


no, they are doing the same thing we are, researching and trying to figure out a counter angle to the information given us. Happens every time a big drop comes

1286d3 No.341299

File: aa18e09e824fa3c⋯.jpg (758.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, traitordeath.jpg)

da1f14 No.341300

Newfag here. Regarding possible Datacenter in 89047. Possible CACI International datacenter? Heavy government involvement. Employment for IT in Vegas/Henderson area a couple of years ago as well. www.caci.com/enterprise_it/

8b099d No.341301


Murderers need to be arrested NOW.


7aa0eb No.341302

File: 3f023760172c07e⋯.png (713.43 KB, 861x875, 123:125, katerina.png)


Follow the wives . . .

fd9bbe No.341303



After 45 years of annoyingly living in this bullshit world, I'm ready for EVERYTHING.

2173f0 No.341304

Ginsburg was probably given a sweet pension deal from HRC/cabalists for fucking things up on the SC for so long.

<Bow out once HRC gets elected so we can put some young blood in your chair.

Hussein might've been in the running for that, if not some other puppet faggot.

Now she's only remaining alive and fucking things up out of spite.

Odds are she's made some kind of deal now, that or she's [next] to resign.

Of course Snowden is a clown - anyone being glorified by Hwood/MSM faggots has to be.

That recent "documentary" was proof enough.


He was also there ready to plant/find more damning "evidence" needed to start WW3. He's already glorified by normies, his reveal of Russia/U1 would have made him a fucking saint.

Snowden needed to cease to exist yesterday, but his position is likely one of the most sensitive of all.

Once domestic safety is assured, Q/MI can drop the hammer on him and the rest of the clowns.

8768db No.341305

File: 91307eb93bc7a5f⋯.png (21.95 KB, 1232x183, 1232:183, screenshot-8ch.net-2018-02….png)

Why the time gap?

e9521c No.341306


who is the iron eagle? vigilante?

b65d44 No.341307

Judges hold tremendous power. Most Americans have zero hope they can make a difference because of the built in knowledge of corrupt Judges and how powerless they are against them. Educating the public to have HOPE they can get justice begins with showing them that Judges only have ABSOLUTE power when the corrupt are in power to shield them. Trump is in power now and We The People have taken back control! https:// ballotpedia.org/Impeachment_of_federal_judges

8b099d No.341308

fe8809 No.341310


I'm going with the possibility that's the only place he could be safe from the Clowns; if he is a white hat.

fd3131 No.341311

Las Vegas is a clown shithole .

33cd64 No.341312

File: e80ea06f8624770⋯.jpg (96.96 KB, 551x550, 551:550, Red Arrow.jpg)


2-AUER is a military flight from the UK and is believed to be connected to the Rothshchilds (Bauer was their original immigrant name). It may have Roths on board. It left Dallas earlier, overflew New Orleans and Galliano, landed at St. Petersburg then flew on to Naples.

Naples is a known staging post for Gitmo flights from what we've seen before.

f7af58 No.341313

File: cc577d5c59203b0⋯.png (105.2 KB, 384x169, 384:169, ClipboardImage.png)


Kim Jung Un's sister.

20b1a7 No.341314

File: 5ea60186bc4b94c⋯.gif (81.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, serveimage.gif)

340239 No.341315


Lawfag here.

Most judges just do their job.

There's rank and file judges at local and state level.

Kind of like FBI, the top are dirty but the rank and file are Americans.

ad696b No.341316

Why did Hollywood do a movie about Snowden? To make his out as a good guy when he is not?

75a61d No.341317


Net worth increase info for TG was disproven many breads back. There were 2 key topics in the Q post, but the increase NW did not apply to TG. You can check and re-read that post and see if you agree.

7aa0eb No.341318


He has a website: http:// www.vonavi.ru/Site/Welcome.html

33cd64 No.341319


What's his vector, Victor?

094763 No.341320



"There are more good people than bad. The wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country. Realize Soros, Clintons, Obama, Putin, etc. are all controlled by 3 families (the 4th was removed post Trump's victory). "


0680e5 No.341321


You have this dead on anon.

f7af58 No.341322



Mormon and Jews all own the casinos.

f2130c No.341323



anons have watched too many hero movies & expeect justice in 90 minutes flat, methinks

a3e3f3 No.341324


wrong original post…

03a106 No.341325


this is not the island

this is not an episode of survivor

seriously - go somewhere else

i am filtering you leaderfag

we dont need leaders here

you dont understand the culture

go back to plebbit

771918 No.341326


One, how would we know because only Crowdstrike was given access. Two, I (know forensices) went through all the coc ips and found nothing linking to Russia. Three, yes the three letters manipulated report because they are comped. Still doesn't link ES *AT ALL*. The HRC server muh russian incident had nothing to do with ES until some semblance of evidence is given…

its called logic

044248 No.341327

File: 746af5cdc1c2b2a⋯.jpg (21.37 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1st-recon-kekguns.jpg)



340239 No.341328


Law and Order SVU

150889 No.341329

i say it loud and clear

putten is a nwo puppet

start researching him

snowden is comfy there

b00110 No.341330



8b099d No.341331


Abolish the CIA/FBI. Unlawful.

2cb311 No.341332


Yes. Similar to how they covered up Titanic murder of leaders who opposed the creation of the Fed Reserve.

2c7071 No.341333


>the cabal isn't "the Russians". The cabal isn't "the Americans" either. "The cabal" is the cabal.

Point taken, you are correct. Thanks for looking past the f…ing picture and reading.

To your point, I know this and totally agree but don't feel the cabal has as much freedom in Russia as it does everywhere else.

Putin has been ruthless in removing them, so my surmise is that the Russians themselves took this action.

There are many moving parts in play here and this action could very well have been to protect Russian interests, not the cabal's.

fd3131 No.341334



cd7312 No.341335


To me, this woman is a new person, I never heard of her before, but now European rags are writing about Kim's sister like mad. But Q made clear that this woman is not Kim's sister.

Why does the MSM want us to believe she is?

fbb1c8 No.341336


Do we get a personalized title card too?

Stop trying to structure chaos faggot…

7189ee No.341337

If Snowden is possibly involved in directing certain operations, might he be linked to the plane crash?

e7d51b No.341338


I never understood the bloody smear marks. What would make these? Bodies dragged in or out?

360ac1 No.341339

I'm at a conference of spiritual seekers. Wild place, really. I had an insight into why our message missed the mark with them and why they don't see what's going on. To begin with, they are associating the chaios they see with POTUS. He came into office, and they saw chaos. They don't understand the true origin of it. Also, POTUS is not still. They do not understand the energy of a doer. I am still here at the conference, but I will talk more about this this evening. 8pm PST, most likely. How are the memes of NK wanting to talk to SK coming along?

044248 No.341340


Busted looking at Pence! KEK!

2e8df3 No.341341

>>341313 (Where we go one, we go all)


340239 No.341342


We need to coordinate and setup up another thread that pulls from General.

11be46 No.341343


I'm sure they have a time line and we are behind it seems.

f55b39 No.341344


Roger, Roger.

15aac2 No.341345


Take a look at who directed the movie, and what other subject-matter he has covered in other projects.

I think you can draw a picture based off that alone.

33cd64 No.341346


It's called "GTF back on the ground, before we shoot you down". That could be a technical failure I suppose..

4ad310 No.341347


/Ourguy/ Theory:

There's been talk of a secret /ourguy/ spy network involving Erik Prince.

Pompeo has the clearance to access clown materials.

Pompeo gives Prez oral briefings almost every day.

He probably reports things to him that shouldn't be on paper for clowns to find.

This info is probably passed along to the secret network.

Also, he gave Panetta serious shade during that Bret Baier interview kek.

fe8809 No.341348


I'm curious as to the use of "Was" a clown…did he turn or is he already dead

b67215 No.341349


His name was Seth Rich.

f9cacd No.341350


CIA liaison with Russian Mafia.

8b099d No.341351


I can tell by his car.

11be46 No.341352


Leroy Jenkins?

d1c286 No.341353

File: fef2c773e3c20f7⋯.jpg (47.73 KB, 547x295, 547:295, mmh.jpg)


Is Q telling us COMMS are directed at RBG's final upcoming birthday? MOURN, MURDER, HEART ATTACK?

7a8138 No.341356


Interesting that Q singled her out. She is so obviously biased and full of hatred that she should have been retired long ago.

Hopefully this means we'll soon be looking at. the back of her.

0f44a1 No.341357



340239 No.341358



Make a new board to discuss role and link thread here through linked my post and whoever else is going to help set this up

a94b46 No.341359

File: 17e130c41d68027⋯.png (646.83 KB, 1366x945, 1366:945, www.vonavi.ru_Site_Welcome….png)



8b099d No.341360


Gowdy blah blah blah whole lotta nothing.

7774a9 No.341361

I have to believe this whole whistle blowing story with Snowden is a smoke screen. This guy has to be in the know of something way more important and is not sure who to trust?

ddd238 No.341362




Pence is with the sister to prove that we would not attack NK or near with our own VP present. Did someone get to this?

2de696 No.341363


I will have to go back and check. Thing is though a lot of these powerful people have money in shell accounts that we do not know. Plus TG may have not even taken a bribe. Maybe he got caught is a sex scandal and was being blackmailed. Underage girl etc.

cd7312 No.341364


Is 'cardiac arrest' the Pakistani version of a 'heart attack'?

b65d44 No.341365


Lawfag too. Our system is stacked with high level corrupt Judges to protect the elite. The politically correct term being used is " Activist Judge" They are corrupt and need to be removed. Not all Judges but the ones who are Bad Actors sit in very high places

b67215 No.341366


Never go full Leroy.

8b099d No.341367


Free Beer Tomorrow. Q

08b5e1 No.341369


Organization is critical for you. Do you and worry less about everyone else.

48c1f5 No.341370


I say Both… these people are sick.

When Trump SOTU speech regarding when Some lower operators in the crowd yelled USA…

It was a sign that that they would be free to disclose their handcuffs without reprisal..

TRUMP said: " I know You were blackmailed etc.. But if you help us You will not be prosecuted …

fcd9eb No.341371

Red_October - Red October was a cyberespionage malware program discovered in October 2012 and uncovered in January 2013 by Russian firm Kaspersky Lab. The malware was reportedly operating worldwide for up to five years prior to discovery, transmitting information ranging from diplomatic secrets to personal information, including from mobile devices.

RED_OCTOBER - movie - nuclear submarine Red October, a Typhoon-class vessel equipped with a revolutionary stealth propulsion system that makes audio detection by passive sonar extremely difficult. > difficult to detect <

The right information is more powerful than weapons. How do you get information while going undetected -> very hard trick. New technology.

QtoQ: RED_OCTOBER - Software group that makes one of the best spyware in the world.

[SNOWDEN] - Stole lot of information from NSA. He conf. [CONTRACTOR] - For who? and if else what was his primary mission?

COVER = Alerting pub to NSA spying program. No privacy. What is real mission? He dealt severe blow to NSA.

What was his route -> What did he take with him. Did he drop info to RED_OCTOBER that they needed in order to perfect their spy software? For example how NSA or FSB Detected the first RED_OCTOBER. Nothing is less than it seems.

HUNT_FOR_RED_OCTOBER - Hunt for defector with access to new dangerous tech. This tech gives blackmail info. Information is deadly. The HUNT is over. This information can also prove that all of Russian hacking has been done by outside party. Rogue group? [Contractor]?

Follow the money.

Did money disappear anytime recently? Can't work if you have no food.

12c1c5 No.341372




Igor Gromov was identified in a Wikileaks. Has the same birthday as Steele.

2 3 boards back.

15aac2 No.341373


I had nearly forgotten about Leroy Jenkins. Much obliged anon.

f2130c No.341374



YES! By [187] of JFK the clowns had another 55 years to run amuck, that time shall be ending soon

9819e8 No.341375

Prior to election, DHS hacked into 21 states. They attempted Georgia and got called out on it. It was when BHO put DHS in charge of election results (supposed to be state controlled) due to Trump claiming rigging (He knew).

Clowns have access to DHS systems, those same entries modified to Russia via Vault7 and media pushes it, and no body goes back to Georgia calling out DHS and it's forgotten.

06ce85 No.341376


(((They))) use Snowden for their plans, and also to make money off his treason… The evil system in full operation.

fe7145 No.341377


Thread is up. Use it.

1286d3 No.341378


No they don't actually. Maritime law on the land is unconstitutional and UNGODLY.

Any judge that practices Maritime law on the land MUST be dealt with severly!

589638 No.341379


I very strongly disagree. Re-read crumbs.

999234 No.341380

File: 4eb20eb93639382⋯.jpeg (40.67 KB, 800x451, 800:451, 38F98760-8D82-4CFB-83A8-7….jpeg)

ad696b No.341381


Yeah one of the biggest propaganda pushers in Hollywood. He is a shit pusher. Whats to change history

e025a6 No.341382


Wew lad. Hope this helps-

>>340609 N&S Korea / Freed from clown control theory

>>340202 NK no longer under clown control?

4e1846 No.341383

File: 5078c2a79859c74⋯.png (38.63 KB, 540x245, 108:49, Screenshot 2018-02-11 at 2….png)



Red October

16 yr plan

pic related

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-04/red-october-washington-2017

585856 No.341384

Q Seems to be having a little trouble with his connection..

340239 No.341385


Yea, especially the FISC judges and probably a lot of federal judges. 9th circuit obviously. But I thought Trump had record numbers on federal judges getting through

cab22b No.341386


Keep Yourself Silent

Anonymity, look it up. (DDG)


12e63c No.341387


More likely the 'sister' (KJU's daughter?) is there to be smuggled to safety so KJU doesn't have to worry about his family when the patriots take out the Clowns in NK.

4867b0 No.341388

What Is Norovirus, And How Did It Break Out at the Winter Olympics?


0f44a1 No.341389


We use Apache for our Q work? Open source, so free?

ba2829 No.341390




- Origin: Aztec (Nahuatl)

- Meaning: Lord Frowns in Anger

3047ab No.341391



Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/11/18 (Sun) 14:33:41 4c88a3 No.340719>


Coincidence "Truth To Power"?

Coincidence Barlow?


Q forecast Barlow's 'heart attack' on 1/27...upon death 2/7 states 'heart attacks can be deadly' ...brings up once again today...COINCIDENCE???

What if Snowden was still a Clown?

Why would it be important he was in Russia?



382a29 No.341392

File: c60d323b70821f0⋯.png (86.97 KB, 255x288, 85:96, kek.png)

Where did our plane go? Last I saw was in holding pattern… then gone.

33cd64 No.341393


"T'aint no thang. Man, he's ooonnn. Isn't trippin' But the folks was freakin', man. Hey, and the pilots were laid to the bone, Home. So Blood's gonna hammer out and jam jet ship. Tighten that bad sucker right down the middle.. sheeit."

3e0f66 No.341394


Would you believe [1] source was used for [2]?

Guys, what do we think this part means?

8768db No.341395



Their belief alone is not enough to constitute paranormality.

771918 No.341396


Could also be the Bolshevik revolution… a setup by the cabal in revenge for Tsars father saving the US from the Cabal in 1863 (most don't know about that)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLB1umCHaqw

1286d3 No.341397

d01e75 No.341398


Is everyone who works for the CIA bad? Q said a few times there are more good people than bad. I think it's easy to fall into the trap where we paint something white or black, no middle ground. I think it's more complex then that. Now I know the CIA was run by bad actors and apparently many more bad actors are on the loose still, but just saying someone is CIA doesn't necessarily mean they are bad, per se. Just thinking.

fd3131 No.341399


ground naples .

7aa0eb No.341400


Manifest could have the dob's mixed up. The name is what is important b/c Q confirmed we were over the target.

085801 No.341401

File: fb9acc14df07d5e⋯.png (41.12 KB, 1336x347, 1336:347, ClipboardImage.png)

This seems VERY relevant !


3c44a8 No.341402

File: e1a0d72cb1d05bf⋯.png (470.08 KB, 702x395, 702:395, ClipboardImage.png)

fcd9eb No.341403


How do you move a lot of data without it being intercepted?

Carrier pigeon.

044248 No.341404


I haven't had it on screen since it turned back to Naples.

340239 No.341405









664753 No.341406

File: b3860e5a77bd329⋯.png (947.62 KB, 700x463, 700:463, Crypto.PNG)

This doesn't sound good.

(Reuters) - Thousands of websites, including ones run by U.S. and UK government agencies, were infected for several hours on Sunday with code that causes web browsers to secretly mine digital currencies


589638 No.341407


Hey, let's throw around fantasy as fact. Fuck off.

f55b39 No.341408


She looks old enough to have a heart attack.

9962f3 No.341409

Q and team holding 14 high-value targets in the OPEC?

Was there an attempt at an escape re: OPEC force failed?

Are we quickly approaching Red October?

bcb4c1 No.341410


kek. ATCfag here and I approve the logo. Caching with the latest drop. Godspeed Anons.

20475f No.341411

Barlow was a clown or killed by clowns?

2c81ca No.341413

File: 5fade91c37217f8⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 3984x2241, 16:9, CNIA.jpg)

I suck at photosho and couldn't get the lines clean on my CCC/CIA logo, so I decided to be a paperfag and made a paper cutout of it instead.Hope someone likes it.

91c23e No.341414

File: cb4106e5865b27f⋯.jpg (122.83 KB, 958x714, 479:357, DataCenters.jpg)


Underground massive data center?

Henderson NV

Why is Henderson PD and Nevada DOJ involved in Bangkok hacker case?

3decb8 No.341415


Read "Origins of the Fourth World War". The communists never lost control of Russia. Putin is KGB! Russia is not the good guys.

7baf68 No.341416

File: 4b1a3360844b5bb⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1730x3115, 346:623, learnourcomms.png)


>Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


By God, thank you Q team. Without removing ALL the wires and strings that have been trapping us in such DEEP state of muck, we cannot take those steps that people 'see' without risking complete failures.

>How do you defuse a bomb?

>Knowledge of which wires/strings to cut?

This is where we come in as the conduit to the PUBLIC, because WE are the people.


As Q said,


725b74 No.341418


this one: GRADUATED 1987 at Moscow School 21

the one on the plane: 20 ИВАНОВ ВЯЧЕСЛАВ АНАТОЛЬЕВИЧ 22.06.1986

i don't think he was one year when graduated?

0f44a1 No.341419


Spoofing where original sniffers are really located Vault 7 drop.

b65d44 No.341420


I was impressed with the statements of record number until I saw the actual number. We have a very long way to go. He has notices of intent to nominate written to fill empty seats. I think there is still around 100 open

33cd64 No.341421

File: d45201fd7a9d2e5⋯.jpg (258.65 KB, 1423x833, 1423:833, 2AUER_3.jpg)


90ft. off the deck last time I saw it.

4944f1 No.341422

File: 51be5a62602008c⋯.jpg (127.64 KB, 1368x912, 3:2, noname doing real well.jpg)

Did No Name get the cancer cure? His daughter says he's doing real good…



ba2829 No.341423


71 were the passengers - one was targeted because they were the second source for the dossier - implying steel wasn’t actually both credits -yahoo news/dossier - used as evidence to obtain fisa warrant. second person must of been able to lead back to actual russia collution. string cut/info untraceable upward

ec3363 No.341424


Did the central office send that response? It makes you look like a shill.

4df248 No.341425


old news … is to scare normies.

656f85 No.341426

Why is the 'sister' with Pence, yet they don't make any contact or speak?

When people are 'cheating' and are in public together, they often avoid each other, but slip out separate doors at different times and rendezvous in an alcove.

664753 No.341427


Stop being a fanfag

9c5698 No.341428


He played his part well. How many lies did he say? Any Anons familiar with snowdens early calls for action? Examples of him trying to mass condition?

20b1a7 No.341429


How did Putin came into power?

Who supported him to get him in the saddle?

What streams flow to his rise.


Still active.

How fast can you go?


1286d3 No.341430

fdecc8 No.341431


Never really had cancer. A cover

f856cf No.341432

Any planefags currently watching the 2AUER flight? Just vanished off radar for me.

1d3c82 No.341433


We could use meta

b1ee9c No.341434

File: 9fc6c7b79167e97⋯.jpg (118.08 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, cbm.jpg)

ddd238 No.341435


He spoke of rogue control / attacks

He means ( I think) that clowns in NK are still planning shit and are going to try to get us into a conflict with nk by launching and saying we did it.

We wouldn't do that with VP there

b58287 No.341436

File: dcfcfb2820b965f⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x4086, 45:227, Screenshot_20180211-141245.jpg)





Ginsburg was on stage at Columbia today

044248 No.341437


Damn! Had her face blown right off!

12e63c No.341438


The people who wrote the dossier was also involved in arranging the U1 deal?

fd3131 No.341439


landed in naples

150889 No.341441


fake surgery so he could use the illness to escape prosecution later if need be

0680e5 No.341442

I am starting to believe that this cabal is built of the same general players that our founding fathers fought against back when we were created as a country with a constitution. This cabal is cowardly when punched in the nose.

The reason this is the second revolution is that our military is fighting the with the veracity which freed us in 1776. The only thing this cabal is afraid of is raw military strength. They are pussies when punched in the nose and are only concerned about their survival.

No Deals



This is the language they fear.

43312f No.341443

I wish I could cut that straight.

I'm decent at PShop tho.

e34423 No.341444

is it too simple to think snowden was in russia to give paper trail of 'haxing'

64768c No.341445

File: eda18a6abe81895⋯.png (72.71 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180211-170044.png)

File: b915db2e35c6851⋯.png (339.08 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180211-170338.png)

File: 5baf9f05a55bfe2⋯.png (148.57 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180211-170344.png)

File: 51d9fc0dc2ae5ba⋯.png (131.08 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180211-170407.png)

File: 06ab3ddd6b78bc7⋯.png (113.11 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180211-170412.png)

http:// www.facebook.com/sergei.millian

https:// twitter.com/Raccus

http:// www.contacteu.com/html/cn/MREP/index.aspx

http:// www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/MREP/index.aspx

http:// images.mofcom.gov.cn/anqing/201512/20151203204421581.xlsx

http:// luchnik.ru/members/2014/

https:// www.chamber.nyc/directory_listing.asp?id=7202&catid=648

http:// russianamericanchamber.com/en/members.htm

http:// www.vneshtorg.biz/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=1881&Itemid=454

http:// www.rususa.com/classifieds/view.asp-type-7-aid-5278

http:// stories.globalatlanta.com/2007stories/015150.html

https:// photos.state.gov/libraries/russia/231771/PDFs/2012-ccg-russia.pdf

http:// www.russiantown.com/adminservices/adv/data/ic_adv/52/

http:// www.iberglobal.com/files/rusia_ccg(1).pdf

f2130c No.341446


Greenwald could have been fooled by the optics that Snowden presented as well (s[doing a service to We The People and the world) as many were fooled (including me at the time). OR, Greenwald was also a clown all along

15aac2 No.341447


Looks pretty good actually. Bonus points for determination.

f0b494 No.341448

Steele had to have Russian aliases, wouldn't you think?


2c66b4 No.341449


damn son makes sense

8b099d No.341450


A lot of judges in Cal are very corrupt and are in fact judgefags.

12c1c5 No.341451

Did >>339722 confirm as Q with tripcode?

9962f3 No.341452


PEOC - Presidential Emergency Operations Center


340239 No.341453


POTUS could get A LOT more SC picks too. Q drop just now on Ginsburg. If POTUS wins again in 2020 that'll be at least one more. I feel confident the judiciary will be in far better shape even through 1st term.

There was a questionable judge POTUS put up there who never heard a case. That derailed it. Dems have been holding up appointments across the board.

771918 No.341454


Goddamn it until Q says directly otherwise no evidence of this.

Let me remind you, Snowden was just a contractor. TS(SCI) clearance is esentially just a rampedup NDA (non-disclosure-agreement)…


This is what Snowden (says) he believed he was doing. Am I the only one who remember the cryptome days, when before Snowden those of us who talked about echelon, tempest were all called crazy tinfoil hatters? Snowden is not a fucking traitor until shown otherwise.

ec3363 No.341455

File: 204fb526af55801⋯.jpeg (86.52 KB, 1400x700, 2:1, DD933A91-72A2-4DCA-92CF-8….jpeg)


Heh. We have it covered

f9cacd No.341456



http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2017/12/four-for-friday-annexin-a2.html

1286d3 No.341457


He should die with an academy award in his hand! Had me fooled and I've been redpilled for 25 years!

48cb33 No.341458


I had the opportunity to personally ask someone born into the dark side who got out about FE. They told me B.o.B. (a rapper I know in atlanta -definitely cult affiliated) is pushing it, so my gut says it my gut says flat earth is a hivite approved false narrative

3047ab No.341459

>>340940 missing Q Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/11/18 (Sun) 14:33:41 4c88a3 No.>>340719


Coincidence "Truth To Power"?

Coincidence Barlow?


What if Snowden was still a Clown?

Why would it be important he was in Russia?



1cff2f No.341460

Bizarre change in my goog.e results for North Korea as soon as we started talking about contractors here. It’s like the only media outlets in the world are conservative. Yesterday every top result was progressive. It’s like they’re in hiding now….

861e42 No.341461

I have come here for almost 4 months

Today I am truly overwhelmed

No words

Tears of joy

bf187d No.341462

Snowden claims he now "works for the people", bu look at his twitter header.

Wall Street Journal


New York Times

Washington Post

3e0f66 No.341463


Sorry but that dumb traitor POS doesn't represent most mormons. So I wouldn't say "mormons" own most casinos. That is extremely misleading info. Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck and Harry Reid are not like most Mormons. They are LAME. You will not find any major ties to Mormons and casinos. MISINFO

cd7312 No.341464


You don't get the point here: Q said 'sister'.

If she were a real sister, Q wouldn't write 'sister' instead.

A 'sister' is NOT a sister.

A 'sister' is a person ACTING as a sister.

78edf9 No.341465


best one yet! great work!

1bd119 No.341466


Anons… Do you get it?…

> Ask yourself, who is trying to start a WAR?


> Ask yourself, if a missile was launched by rogue actors, what would be the purpose?

Start a war… think operation Northwoods

> Ask yourself, what would/should immediately start a WAR?

Ballistic missile attack.

> Ask yourself, would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: "Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to 'force' the US into a WAR/conflict against X?"

No… they would fall victim to the lie.

RED OCTOBER = "Hunt for Red October" is a movie about a submarine which fires a missile that explodes back on itself.



This is sick. Q was right, this is hard to swallow.

e025a6 No.341467



Added, thank you. Did you see >>341169 ?

e9521c No.341468



this is a good find

04f7d3 No.341469



Feb 11, 2018 03[:26]:03 PM

Rep. Lou Barletta, a Great Republican from Pennsylvania who was one of my very earliest supporters, will make a FANTASTIC Senator. He is strong & smart, loves Pennsylvania & loves our Country! Voted for Tax Cuts, unlike Bob Casey, who listened to Tax Hikers Pelosi and Schumer!

Feb 11, 2018 03[:36]:08 PM

Just spoke to @JohnKasich to express condolences and prayers to all for the horrible shooting of two great police officers from @WestervillePD. This is a true tragedy!




Feb 11 2018 15[:16]:29


@Snowden "Truth To Power"

Drop "Truth To Power"



POTUS Delta Math

Feb 11, 2018 03:36:08 PM - Feb 11, 2018 03:26:03 PM = [10]

Q Time Math

Feb 11, 2018 03:26:03 PM - [10] = Feb 11 2018 15:16:29

7e0139 No.341470


good and bad apples in every group but sure can't condemn the entire organization irregardless of the organization

d007ad No.341471

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/11/18 (Sun) 16:12:25 No.83

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/11/18 (Sun) 16:38:14 No.84


@Snowden "Truth To Power"

Drop "Truth To Power"




>>325370 You will cease to exist





Coincidence "Truth To Power"?

Coincidence Barlow?


What if Snowden was still a Clown?

Why would it be important he was in Russia?



d1c286 No.341472


Keebler Elves, baking some cookies to go with the batter. Chips Ahoy, mates.

340239 No.341473


Yea, right Ed.

Now we know Snowden is lurking here.

4944f1 No.341474


You're right.

b65d44 No.341475


In one of her interviews she said that she was appointed by a Democrat and therefore will resign when a Democrat was in control. ( paraphrasing a little)

13fcf1 No.341476

Was it a threat by Snow/Clowns to kill Ginsburg blame Potus ?

d96e4b No.341477


Retired USAF here. That is a very abnormal pattern and I have seen tens of thousands of them in my life.

f2130c No.341478


>feeling underappreciated

Haven't you heard? Redpills are available here in higher dosages now

0f44a1 No.341479


Alas, poor lass only had one eye. OF course she had to end it all.

27c636 No.341480

File: 0941ca274ff65e0⋯.jpg (42.23 KB, 451x260, 451:260, Ginsburg-620x362.jpg)

e84773 No.341481

File: 634c4ba3eea07af⋯.png (275.58 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 661fa5877f1604a⋯.png (173.62 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 889fba96b017069⋯.png (158.37 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

Any relevance here?

ebcfdf No.341482

He’s not an unknown.

They did a whole fucking movie about him

It was called….SNOWDEN.


340239 No.341483


Bake it


3047ab No.341484


>Q forecast Barlow's 'heart attack' on 1/27…upon death 2/7 states 'heart attacks can be deadly' …brings up once again today…COINCIDENCE???

33cd64 No.341485

File: 58a095dd9d9ed6c⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 660x288, 55:24, kekATC.jpg)

7aa0eb No.341486


The DOB for the one on the plane could be wrong.

8b099d No.341487


Justice for Seth.

Justice for Scalia.

Justice for Breitbart.


5a5fa8 No.341488


Stupid find but still a troll is a troll

Snapchat has a Conspiracy Theories post on its discover tab today. In it: CPP With a door. It says see no basement.

Still- troll is a troll and thats very in the open. Still trying to normalize. Anyways- no sliding just pointing it out.

28d4a8 No.341489




Vyacheslav IVANOV =|= Vyacheslav PERSHUKOV

Guys. This needs some clarification.

You have to know how to recognize a first name versus a surname.

Vyacheslav is a male first name.

The entire Russian passenger list from the Russian site lists everybody like this:

SURNAME, First name, Patronymic. (Russians use 3 names generally).

So the man on the passenger list with a first name of Vyacheslav has a surname IVANOV.

The man with ROSATOM connections is

Vyacheslav PERSHUKOV.

(firstname, SURNAME)

See the annotated passenger list by a person with Russian language background. >>339074

Is somebody barking up the wrong tree here? Sorry for jumping around, I am trying to read 3 breads at once and you know how impossible that is.

If already discussed & clarified, I apologize.

f5905e No.341490


Good point. He's been radically inconsistent in the last 18 months. ITT all Snowden's original confidants are suspect:

>Laura Poitras

>Glenn Greenwald

>Ewen MacAskill

91c23e No.341491


Hell, looking down at the front of her would work for me.

Naturally, I mean before they close the lid.

589638 No.341492

Why do you idiots announce when you filter? There's no like button, bitches.

27600e No.341493


Or family (wife, 2 kids) threatened is possible.

6905ad No.341494

Mourn, murder, heart attack…

Were they going to kill a member of POTUS family, then another at the funeral and then use heart attack gun to make it seem legit?

2c81ca No.341495


Appreciate it, anon. I also suck at spelling and couldn't write photoshop or CNN/CIA the right way in the post.

f856cf No.341496



Anywhere confirming land? Can agree saying that was weird super weird.

8b099d No.341497


She never thought she would lose.

3147cc No.341498


That's how I recall it too. Hoping TG will be prosecuter at Gitmo

771918 No.341499


Mormonism is thinly veiled freemasonry.. but this is not the board for that, take it elsewhere

4e1846 No.341500


>>341415 (did Clowns install Putin? think voting machines)

Hollywood / Edu System / University / nanny-state / welfare-state / self absorption TWTR FB fantasyland….

"when we weren't watching, our country was stolen…"

340239 No.341501

File: 6c0ca10e71a3072⋯.png (162 KB, 620x372, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/feb/11/john-perry-barlow-obituary


f2130c No.341502


>What if Snowden was still a Clown?

Nothing ambiguous about this. At all. If you still need help, presume the answer is YES, and re_read ALL crumbs re: Clowns In America

48cb33 No.341503


ty retiredUSAFanon

and ty 4 your service

and ty for being here

171f06 No.341504


Kek, flattardery

664753 No.341505


This was today

589638 No.341506


Brings back memories ….

1286d3 No.341507

Truth to Power (2017) An Inconvenient Sequel

Stars: Al Gore, George W. Bush, John Kerry

http:// www.imdb.com/title/tt6322922/

45d615 No.341508

Yeah. I'm withholding white/black hat on @snow until I see something concrete from Q.

All i know is that BHO was pissed about it, and anyone who pisses off that douchecanoe is cool in my book.

340239 No.341510


Vyacheslav IVANOV worked for Rusatom absolutely confirmed.

Not sure about the other one.

b7c6dd No.341511

File: 831d5ad07110b53⋯.png (22.23 KB, 651x200, 651:200, Asma_Jahangir.png)

Asma Jahangir, the human rights lawyer who died yesterday, in Raza Rumi's truth to power tweet died….you guessed it, of a heart attack.

Heart attacks can be deadly?

044248 No.341512


That's the lesson to be learned here.


5062cf No.341513



Red October–Communists in America are trying to take over power here? Like it happened in Russia about 100 years ago? Q is stopping them.

771918 No.341514


This is a good point (coming from a pro ES fella)… but in my eyes they were comped after he dropped the info… blackmail ops etc? They didn't used to be compd! Someone got to them!

20b1a7 No.341515

File: 8d3aeb0645086fa⋯.jpg (500.9 KB, 959x1073, 959:1073, 100710pod16_J.jpg)


To point out to newfags at times.

It's a thing, you know, to sometimes shine a light

8b099d No.341516


Without purging the voting rolls, elections will continue to be a joke.

Do that and you can stick a fork in the demoncrats everywhere.

fd3131 No.341518


thank you for your service , you say abnormal , but seen it thousands of times ..sarcasm ?

f856cf No.341519

File: 9ce702ffe32c58f⋯.png (112.88 KB, 880x608, 55:38, rgrgr.png)

Can confirm flight has taken off again.

33cd64 No.341520

File: 0750b78ce6ff985⋯.jpg (202.04 KB, 1101x843, 367:281, 2AUER_4.jpg)


My call on this is that they are being denied landing clearance, The height graph indicates a 'touch and go' approach.

382a29 No.341521


Everything about this plane is abnormal. Cirrus Vision… about as small a jet as you can get. Registered to UK Military. Hopping between several US cities.. followed by Navy Citations and T-6IIs into Dallas… the maneuver it just did.

340239 No.341522






Wikinews has related news: Poet, lyricist, and digital activist John Perry Barlow dies, aged 70

Barlow died in his sleep on the night of February 7, 2018 at his San Francisco home at the age of 70.[99] At the time of his death, Barlow was in deteriorating health following a heart attack he suffered in 2015.

4df248 No.341523


I'm just going to stop trying to help you fucking retards… old news was RERELEASED today by the FUCKING ROTHS to scare THe FUCKING NoRMIES OFF OF THE INTERNET!

725b74 No.341524


still not ivanov… q gave "over the target" with post about pershukov, with text about pershukov.. no pershukov on passenger list…



12c1c5 No.341525

Not fanfagging. Can't keep up.

Every anon with a pure heart has come here for a reason. Skills are being missed. If we are to expand our thinking, we must expand our workforce.

The real autists are lost in the shill. Bakers are not always reliable.

a94b46 No.341526

File: 4dcc828a288703e⋯.jpg (49.26 KB, 1200x688, 75:43, DVx2sWzWAAApwil.jpg)

f2130c No.341527


Yes indeed, the intensity has only just begun

c3ad49 No.341528

File: e70487065213420⋯.png (105.8 KB, 750x643, 750:643, IMG_2627.PNG)

Fyi. Las Vegas is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

e78b47 No.341529


original author of graphic here.

They have given me more than adequate material for another graphic today, another graphic inbound that is 10X better than that one was, Before 8pm.

f7af58 No.341530

File: 7c6a1e592e72a6a⋯.png (501.2 KB, 1286x601, 1286:601, ClipboardImage.png)


Mormons all over Vegas.

They run it.

Mormon and CIA are pals.

7aa0eb No.341531


They both worked at the same place!

IVANOV works there


05fc30 No.341532


The CIA is the cabal's army within the U.S. government.

b29a78 No.341533


Hmm, The Alliance disabled or destroyed the Zuma?

33cd64 No.341534

File: 394e921379f6c3f⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Stay on target.jpg)

Calling all planefags..

8b099d No.341535


Trump has an opportunity to appoint the most judges of any President right now! That number will only grow. The Senate needs to do its fucking job for a change. McConnell needs to go!

044248 No.341536



Have it on screen once again.

979d53 No.341537


public is told sister

who she actually is-

pawn, maybe

or proof that no FF happening at the Olympics

1fca20 No.341538


to prevent cop killers from killing cops

12c1c5 No.341539

It was just an idea. I understand the culture.

May move to life as a translator, but fucking hate the idea of being doxxed.

cd7312 No.341540


Putin is fighting the cabal for years and years now. Trump has just started.

I'd really like to know who downed that airplane and how.

Putin is certainly not an angel. He cannot be, because fighting the cabal is a dirty task.

The same applies to all other people, who are actively hunting the bad actors down.

fcd9eb No.341542


No, but interesting.

What was Obama most recent Asian trip path.

affafc No.341543

Never forget, Anons, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg advocated for a lowering of the age of consent (for young girls to marry) to 12. Fuck anyone who advocates for the sexual abuse of children. https:// www.gpo. gov/fdsys/pkg/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG/pdf/GPO-CHRG-GINSBURG-2-4-3-12.pdf

e78b47 No.341544


same. now get to work. If you have work to do. :)

1cf898 No.341545


The sheriff needs to retire if he wants to try and become a moral man however I bet theyre going to suicide him eventually because he knows too much

919029 No.341547


Is it possible the clowns not only controlled NK but Iran and Russia as well? Possibly others.

33cd64 No.341548


This thing activated planefag almonds from the start. It's a bloody magnet for planefags. They really are that stupid - if it was a knackered old Cessna we wouldn't have looked twice.

6a2945 No.341550


Your opinion on the freemasonry is very wrong, but aside from that - the info I was stating is relevent to this board and that is that Mormons do not own most casinos in Vegas, that's just ridiculous.

8b099d No.341551


Kennedy wants to retire and Breyer is old.

5062cf No.341552

If it wasn't necessary for Snowden to remain in Russia, BHO would probably have pardoned him along with Manning.


cd8901 No.341553

So…even Abel Danger is anticipating a war with Russia….is this just disinfo per say…are the Clowns controlling elements inside Syria equipped with US military equipment?? Is this just a play to keep the clowns making mistakes? It' s a bit confusing really. Been away in meetings all weekend, so I'm just catching up

7ef513 No.341554


The "deteriorating health " line is really selling it don't you think?

044248 No.341555

Don't know what the hell it is, but 2-AUER dropped again.

Going to restart ADS-B

771918 No.341556


Then you obviously don't have a fucking clue what tf you are talking about…

589638 No.341557


They'd never put Roe v. Wade at risk.

8b099d No.341558


Wont resign so an appointed conservative can take his place. Traitor to the end.

7aa0eb No.341559


IVANOV was the target - he worked at Rusatom


Get it now?

33cd64 No.341560

File: 5685cff8ed00c7d⋯.jpg (464.79 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, Chan Analysis Division.jpg)

File: 8645e4375ef8a1c⋯.jpg (301.2 KB, 748x851, 748:851, Chan Intel Recon 1.jpg)

File: b616e5c44a12d4b⋯.jpg (412.3 KB, 886x953, 886:953, Chan OCD Division.jpg)

File: 9f17b2d704a096b⋯.jpg (192.8 KB, 565x629, 565:629, Chan Special Ops.jpg)


There's a new CIA in town and it's not them. They don't stand a chance.

7dcbee No.341561

File: 72c72d75b72810f⋯.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 704360C9-AF85-4FE3-B91E-D2….png)

File: 1bc5ad801f9a72a⋯.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 66CB34F5-4FF0-4D69-95D4-D8….png)

I’m catching up a few breads back.

Anons, did anyone catch Gutfeld show where he called out the #Eagles a few minuago?

I have the video, but no clue how to get it on here.

He called them “liars” and the CC I tried to capture was fucking changed to FLYERS.


Anyone else see this? Or can push rewind to beginning of show where he was talking about the parade and depends??


Pic related.

d96e4b No.341562


The oddest thing I have seen today is actually in relation to the helicopter crash near the canyon and the fact the USAF was on site to rescue and extract the survivors.

The USAF has only two groups capable of such a thing and those are either Pararescue or Combat Command with the closest squadron being the 58th out of Nellis. So there is no doubt the 58th would have been the mentioned group. However, the thing is that it isn't so easy for a base to send out special operations and the approval for doing so is tricky when it comes to American soil. Given that the rescue is being reported some ten minutes after the crash I just don't see that as possible from my own experience in the USAF and the fact a base commander doesn't have the authority to send out special forces on American soil even if for a rescue operation.

Point being, I think we need to find out who died on that crash.

5a5fa8 No.341563

File: 0bc1f33c92d6710⋯.jpg (109.29 KB, 1000x727, 1000:727, 74357493579283475983475983….JPG)



I think this is what Q was pointing out, if no one has yet.

https:// thesternfacts.com/carter-page-met-russian-politician-behind-uranium-one-deal-during-trump-campaign-10cdfa078642

774b20 No.341564



and this is what I was talking about when I said this place needs some leadership/direction.

8e987e No.341565

File: 18b9613ccfff195⋯.jpg (138.67 KB, 750x954, 125:159, 1510150992791.jpg)


How about taking a single prominent Hollywood pedavore back east Q?

No arrest or publicity, just gone from CBS. Or pick one.

The prominent pedavore would have a chance to confess at the high level team they feel entitled to, and we can bully the residual reps into aesthetic reparations for all the social engineering they crammed down our throats for the last decade or two.


It is really time for the first (rare) Pepe movie.

771918 No.341566


Fucking love these…

cab22b No.341567


Life is hard. You're an inevitable subject of malevolence.

Either rollover and quit or redirect your contributions to somewhere more conducive to your principles.


2cbfa4 No.341568

File: b3696f7c42d7fef⋯.png (65.21 KB, 572x396, 13:9, Snowden tweet.png)

3047ab No.341569


Q forecast Barlow's 'heart attack' on 1/27…upon death 2/7 states 'heart attacks can be deadly' …brings up once again today…COINCIDENCE???

12c1c5 No.341570

I see your point.

Maybe miners can archive posts as digger, chaser, etc.

Still so many tasks assigned by Q left undone.

Still so many blanks on the spreadsheet.

b35fae No.341572


no more dis-info Its #32

Vyacheslav Anatolyevich IVANOV


Vyacheslav A. IVANOV


Vyacheslav IVANOV

6aa7d1 No.341573

>>341067 Arounnd New Year's Breaking 911 on twitter had story late night RBG had been rushed unresponsive to NYC hospital. Situation was serious and would follow with details. Tweet was then quickly deleted. Always wonder what really happened. Seems she lived to make public appearances in Feb at Sundance and now book tour.

b65d44 No.341574

There is movement on removal of Judges happening but it doesn't get attention. PA. http:// thehill.com/homenews/campaign/372655-gop-state-lawmaker-wants-to-impeach-judges-after-pennsylvania TX https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/07/10/a-texas-judge-was-suspended-after-saying-she-sexted-her-bailiff-and-used-him-to-buy-drugs/?utm_term=.f7e6bc2dd329 , https:// www.cbsnews.com/news/young-min-burkett-texas-judge-removed-over-citizenship-becomes-us-citizen/

e84773 No.341575


Obama = CIA plant?

Take over country from within. 8 years of systematically undermining EVERY SINGLE American strategic interest.

Frank Marshall Davis/Ocommie's Grnadfather = CIA, right?

Long Term Plan. Must get control of WH.

Post last edited at

4ad310 No.341576


There are quite a few [2] refs in Q posts:

[2] highly classified clown ops exposed.

REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP].

BDT/False Flag posts vs actual news of bomb attempt (NYC)_

DEFCON 1 posts vs H scare_

[2] above represent PRIMARY indicators.

>>We don't say his name [2] $19,000,000 SINGAPORE (Why don't we say his name?)

[CLAS_EO_ ][2]

>Missing 1

>Missing 2

>Missing 3

<When Assange posted pdf of Fire and Fury:

Do you believe in coincidences?

[2] Q Chapters.

References to clowns, false flags, BHO officials, McTreason, enemy combatant EO's, Assange, Michael Wolff.

How they fit together?

f856cf No.341577

File: 7c369b076009a95⋯.png (157.94 KB, 1709x601, 1709:601, b.png)


Whoever is flying is just going on and off radar but seems to be landing again

f2130c No.341578

File: bdd972c0513c81a⋯.jpg (100.55 KB, 1049x693, 1049:693, #2.jpg)

File: 66a917e08699d4d⋯.png (142.54 KB, 1160x1093, 1160:1093, 1.png)

File: 3f0520e738e5055⋯.png (378.09 KB, 1769x1205, 1769:1205, 2.png)

File: 125225c81dc09f2⋯.png (204.96 KB, 1369x1162, 1369:1162, 3.png)

File: 96f4005f7845a17⋯.png (50.06 KB, 1292x623, 1292:623, 4.png)

11be46 No.341579

If Kim Jung is an actor, What is his best friend it the whole world, Dennis Rodman?

4952dc No.341580

File: 334249d4d41c3aa⋯.png (1.75 MB, 812x3680, 203:920, screenshot-www.bbc.com-201….png)

UK News agenda >main item on BBC evening news

Oxfam Haiti sex claims: Charity 'failed in moral leadership'

>>Ministers could cut off funding for Oxfam if it cannot account for the way it handled claims of sexual misconduct by aid workers, the international development secretary has warned.

33cd64 No.341581


Track it on Flightaware - that hasn't missed a beat. Just put the tail No. into the search.

2cbfa4 No.341582


click on "[▶ Show post options & limits" to embed video

f5905e No.341584


Hard to know. We know Clowns are all over media including MSM and "independent." They like their stories.

7a8138 No.341585


I did a lot of research on that blind when it first came out. This isn't McCain. The politician is Hillary Clinton. Bill is the dude who was screwing the mystery person on the side. The Mystery person was Eleanor Mondale. She kept a diary about her and Bill's escapades. She was about to publish the details of the diary—just as Hillary was about to launch her presidential campaign against Obama. They decided the only way to stop Eleanor would be to kill her. So they hired the mystery nurse to inject her with the Annexin A2 under the pretense that she was being given a flu vaccine. The Annexin caused her to get cancer. She recovered from it the first time, but the following flu season she went back for another shot and the same nurse showed up again and injected her with more of the cancer causing substance. And it killed her. I don't think that Eleanor ever made it on the Clinton's murder list.

cd7312 No.341586


Mmmh…like the clowns wouldn't shoot a president?

d3c942 No.341587


https:// global.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html

Ground Test - San Francisco Intl TEST1234

United States Military





0.0 kts



Vertical Speed:












8b099d No.341588


"Dont call me during lunch." ~ Kasich

2110a5 No.341589

File: ce09e16ae5371b4⋯.jpg (37.06 KB, 854x258, 427:129, hrc.JPG)

I could have missed this when it was reported in November. Have you guys saw? If we have all of this evidence remind me why she's not in GITMO.

http:// www. magapill.com/o/huma-abedin-blackmail-files-on-weiners-laptop.html

2e5f01 No.341590


Something crazy is happening on twatter also. I’ve been deeply shadowbanned for two days now. Suddenly, my notifications are going off on full-auto. At least 25 in the last 5 mins. when earlier today and yesterday I had maybe 5 total..

7ef513 No.341591


What this place absolutely does not need is leadership by some anon you twat. Where do you think you are?

771918 No.341592


Yep, BHO was a groomed Brennan/Brzinski/Kissinger chicago school straussian toy-puppet from the get go…

(the birth cert drama was limited hangout to keep the discussion away from that)

a3b761 No.341593


Rodman took a copy of 'Art of the Deal' to KJU in June last year…

7aa0eb No.341594


IVANOV was the target - he worked at Rusatom


Get it now?

9c33ba No.341595

I think traitor snowden should have his twitter account nuked with memes

48cb33 No.341596


and Ed Cox (CFR, Nixon Son-in-law, Chairman NYS GOP) introduced Page to Trump

f6ecf7 No.341597

So does Trump tell the country the truth about NK, or does Trump "make peace" with NK for optics and must make it look like after all these years, the two countries connect?

33cd64 No.341598


Thanks! I created them to try and keep people focussed in the groups. Planefags do this as a default.

82732b No.341599

File: 8793012178e24d8⋯.png (227.11 KB, 1300x975, 4:3, sub1.png)

Earlier bread an Anon was looking for watermark removal

58e744 No.341600

File: f378cb2747f8797⋯.png (337.91 KB, 738x492, 3:2, comey-whatever-1.png)

affafc No.341601


Lawfag here, but not licensed in Nevada. If I were, I would damn sure file a lawsuit. Let's hope some patriotic attorney in Nevada will file a lawsuit/injunction to stop the blockage of radio transmissions by the police. I would do it pro bono if I were able to, just for the hell of it and because it's the right thing to do.

bc895f No.341602


The latter is the 5D chess move.

486518 No.341603

File: 1fc3de9d670bd79⋯.jpg (20.88 KB, 475x210, 95:42, Q1.jpg)


Awesome Job!

6aa7d1 No.341604


Good find anon

All seems to fit

12e63c No.341605


Oh, that's why they were involved in catching the Russian hacker in Bangkok.

f2130c No.341606





Worth repeating:

>>341278Ukraine was supposed to start WW3.

Syria was supposed to start WW3.

Hillary was supposed to start WW3.

Russia-gate was supposed to start WW3.

The Hawaii missile was supposed to start WW3.

The FF at Olympics was supposed to start WW3.

The White Hats and POTUS have been working very hard to save the U.S. and the world.

771918 No.341607


Very possible they were already mockingbird assets… food for thought

98166e No.341608


I am sorry. Did not have a chance to read all of intervening breads where this got straightened up. Not disinfo, just an honest mistake. Sorry.

d96e4b No.341609


Well it is very normal for planes to land and immediately take off during practice runs or testing as this occurs every single day from very flight wing. It's the pattern that is odd to me as the practice/test runs always follow the same pattern and never deviate. In these cases there is serious deviation which I have never seen before.

11be46 No.341610

File: 4a64885c52a6597⋯.jpg (164.93 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, ND5FCPRODVFI7OKVZEKZM77LSE.jpg)

1d3c82 No.341611




Lets seriously consider this.




>No leaderfags

That is a shitty ass argument. We need better organization to get the best out of fellow autists.

Choosing from one of a few labels is not namefagging and will not lead to famefagging. ID's will still be anonymous and will not be possible to track accross boards.

This is a GOOD idea.

33cd64 No.341612

File: 8fb1dd908d81f94⋯.jpg (332.8 KB, 563x734, 563:734, kekmarine 2.jpg)


The Kekmarine already have one, thanks…

db871a No.341613

https:// www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/02/11/584928451/gilded-prison-no-more-riyadh-ritz-reopens

Riyadh Ritz is open!

5863b0 No.341614


which FF?

98b7f3 No.341615


I'm not buying it with Snowy as a Clown.

It may be true, but Snowden gave HARD evidence of state actors pissing on the Constitution, was running for his life, and boiled the blood of the Deep State with rage against him.

I'll need HARD evidence that Snowy is one of the bad guys before even considering memes against him.

Snowden was the one who exposed Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, and much much more spying on EVERYONE.

I'm not sucking this egg without Questioning it.

e9521c No.341616


Who would have thought Dennis Rodman would end up being one of the most important diplomats in human history.

b65d44 No.341617

Q said cages full. GITMO cages?

7baf68 No.341618

File: 7fb8a14d4f12190⋯.gif (169.55 KB, 650x433, 650:433, flylynnfly.gif)


Time to dig into this important Q drop:

Feb 11 2018 15:37:17

Q ID: ec346b



Ask yourself, why is NK participating in the O-games this year?

>As per my previous post, their official reason being 'to promote peace'. More specifically, they agreed to this joint venture to calm the situation down after they realized they had no other recourse left and their pillsbury doughboy realized this was the best face-saving measure and a way out.

Ask yourself, why is the 'sister' w/ Pence?

>Varieties of Insurance/'gesture of goodwill collateral' - she is in close proximity to Pence and US delegation to acts as a double insurance and/or warding off potential blackhats from more common methods of doing harm (for instance explosives). AKA any harm to US delegation or SK people while SHE is in SK = declaration of war against NK/SK/US on a personal level, aka suicide for blackhats. Chip in the game.

Ask yourself, if controlled, how might you protect yourself and look for a way out?

>You make sure your controllers can no longer have leverage over you, or be unable to do the controlling with their known methods by A)reaching an accord with third party and secretly cooperating B)they kept you under offer you couldn't refuse, now you and your new friends make the situation so YOU start making 'offers' they cannot 'refuse.

You retake the initiative, remove previous leverages.

Ask yourself, what is a distraction?

>Olympics and 'good will gesture' is distraction to ward off the unwanted public attention from INCREDIBLE change taking place geopolitical power wise.

Ask yourself, why did Korea come together as a country v N&S?

>To survive, to free itself from what kept them divided and used them aka the cabal.

Ask yourself, what occurred in Asia (ref pics) just prior to the O-games?

> False alarm in Hawaii, NK started on its own making olympic gestures, complete 180. Space X and tesla/elon musk became OURS, the message was sent to NK that they are now free to pursue other means (now has the reason to).

Ask yourself, what does FREED mean?

>No more outside control, freedom to pursue its own will, cutting the strings, not a puppet anymore. NK hush hush 'diplomatic' activities in DC - cover for negotiations and cooperation?

Ask yourself, do we want a WAR?

>NO. Cabal wanted to use 3 different fuses to start ww3, we are defusing them ALL.

Ask yourself, who is trying to start a WAR?

>CABAL, blackhats, (((roths))), (((globalists))), assassins of JFK, initiators of japanese invasion into china, creators of ISIS, vile middle eastern sources and their pets along with exploiters, liars, and DECEIVERS.

Ask yourself, if a missile was launched by rogue actors, what would be the purpose?

Ask yourself, what would/should immediately start a WAR?

>False flag, to being ww3 and uncontrollable (to us) chain of events that would lead to world wide conflagration and we at their mercy (too many things going wrong, death and misery everywhere). THEIR HARVEST.

Ask yourself, would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: "Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to 'force' the US into a WAR/conflict against X?"

>They cannot fully comprehend it, confusion and anger would be uncontrollable. Secrecy is paramount. There are those strong enough to keep things together, but still a small minority. No experience, or skill, or numbers, or REALISTIC PLAN, aside from spreading TRUTH.

Be the autists we know you are.


Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


>Again, thank you for interjecting and showing (((shills))), useful idiots, and general normies the error of their ways. Great move cutting them off at the knee.


God is with us.

4e1846 No.341619



Did Snowdn broker U1???

9c793c No.341620


Love these! Thank you Anon

0cccd5 No.341621



Once a clown always a clown.

ba2829 No.341622


No opposite - Zuma took out Corona sat.

Zuma mission = January 7, 2018

Q post #498 - sky fortress engaged = Jan 7 2018

6aa7d1 No.341623


Love FM but his info on current events is hit or miss. Good in his wheel house of BUAP and

SES, SERCO, etc.

1286d3 No.341624

File: aa18e09e824fa3c⋯.jpg (758.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, traitordeath.jpg)


Hit Him!!

Want more? Just ask.

9c33ba No.341625


>I said this place needs some leadership/direction

That is the opposite of the entire point of this place.

"leadership" = might as well be famefagging, you genius.

b35fae No.341626

http:// www.helsinkitimes.fi/finland/finland-news/domestic/9407-russian-pension-money-may-be-used-for-pyhaejoki-nuclear-plant.html

664753 No.341627


No They just updated the store today.

05fc30 No.341628


The CIA is the cabal's army within the U.S. government.

7ef513 No.341629


You're a moron.

cd7312 No.341630


Why is the MSM so eager in the first place to want us believe that this woman is his sister? Why is it important that we think, she is Kim's sister? Would the public care about this woman at all?

Why does MSM want us to "know" that this woman is Kim's sister (and she's not!).

f2130c No.341631


OR, let the work continue organically, because only the autist in front of the screen knows what they're good at, and will continue to be good at

ddd238 No.341632


>Be clowns

>Want war with someone to blame Trump

>Nk likely "target"

>Launch attack on sk/nk

>Blame Potus - "muh incompetency", "can't control muh nukes"

Cannot happen if vp there.


>Be clowns

>Snatch and grab sister, blame US

>"How could you? The country was coming together! She was so lovely"

Won't do dangerous ops like that if VP there.


also alternatively,

Both are together/close by each other as mutual hostages of sorts - VP stays near her and vice versa to ensure stalemate and that nothing happens.

I'm getting there.

I have delayed onset autism

e7d51b No.341633


Radiofag here. LVPD was using typical Motorola P25 Phase II digital trunking radio system. Definitely can scan that system with a newer (expensive) scanner. Any idea what new system they may be using?

589638 No.341634

I think it's time to buy more guns.

cab22b No.341635


Chaos IS the system.



2cb311 No.341636

>What if Snowden was still a Clown?

>Why would it be important he was in Russia?



If Snowden is still a clown (high probability) and he is in Russia, that could mean that Russia is under control of the CIA / cabal too like NK!

Remember, Russia was part of the U1 scandal linked to NK and Iran.

Maybe [P] really is Putin?

664753 No.341637


I mean story.

0cccd5 No.341639


Thinking Q saying Hawaii was real. I felt that all along. Pieces of Shit.

2b2e66 No.341640

After today I expect it will take months (at least) for the whole thing to really kick off. Well, I will enjoy the show.

59ae2f No.341641


Speculated this here, when debris was falling and got laughed at

7baf68 No.341642


Thank you, anon. Autists like you are what keeps us alive.

8b099d No.341643

File: 5722e037b780cbb⋯.png (654.62 KB, 888x499, 888:499, comey trump fag.png)

5a5fa8 No.341644


If we get that in writing. We just proved collusion and U1 in this attack to silence players. Right?

ddd238 No.341645


Yes insurance


f9cacd No.341646


It is ALWAYS time to buy more guns. And invest in lead.

e68741 No.341647



12c1c5 No.341648


Clowns are everywhere. They will have a harder time hijacking the board if we deposit good catches in several places.

Keep this going. Every minute. But pure hearts, start a board with your first love and monitor it.

febff0 No.341650


Look anything about bitcoin right now, here on this board, is IRRELEVANT

2e8df3 No.341651

File: b92bec79d92c207⋯.png (176.32 KB, 552x487, 552:487, infraud_organization-v11_0.png)

ba2829 No.341652


could it possibly because NK felt they were going to be set-up for a FF on pence - sending her was insurance against plot to set up NK as being


589638 No.341653


It's called a mutually assured destruction pact. We've been in one with Russia since WWII.

Why "sister?"

Because "sister" is the one running North Korea. We needed someone who they were not willing to kill.

664753 No.341655


Mormons=Mafia now?

f2130c No.341656

File: 5a967de4164cb6f⋯.png (28.83 KB, 1335x124, 1335:124, ClipboardImage.png)

589638 No.341657


Lead and small denomination silver coins.

98b7f3 No.341658



..because the Russians would allow him to implicate them as bad guys, and were not monitoring him 24/7?

Yeah, sure bud.

You're smoking some hard shit. Go bake some cookies, you'll have the munchies soon.

3ebbd9 No.341659


Check Qs post:


96857d No.341660


Wasn't me. I'm being silent.

bb4321 No.341661



They founded Vegas and then it was over ran by greedy money hungry bastards

86dcbb No.341662

16:12 >>>/greatawakening/83

16:16 >>340398

16:18 >>340441

16:20 >>340471

16:38 >>>/greatawakening/84

2cbfa4 No.341663

File: 25950e9d14885a3⋯.png (7.7 KB, 885x133, 885:133, Over The Target.png)

f6ecf7 No.341665



12e63c No.341666


How about arresting the fake-retard shills who are flooding the board with crap?

3eb591 No.341667


Figure it out…

At least we’ve been lied to for the last 50 yrs

All are news is bullshit

Our search results are skewed

No access to the real source info

Not not geopolitical issues

Lied to when we are

War for the last 30 years

Our diets keep us sick

The drugs we’re pushed keep us sick

The one guy we got helping us speaks cryptic code

(((They))) evoke demonic powers to work against us

Have t seen the light for years

Q—-cut us a little slack brother! We need a definitive place to start! We’ve got a lot of ideas but…

Guess we’ll dig!

33cd64 No.341668

File: a6c3978336b2c73⋯.jpg (312.05 KB, 1115x847, 1115:847, 2AUER_5.jpg)

It looks almost like it did the wrong runway approach and was told to go around and re-enter the pattern. Ant ATC guys care to comment?

d3c942 No.341669


Is military ground testing at SFO normal?

Ground Test - San Francisco Intl TEST1234

United States Military





0.0 kts



Vertical Speed:











All of the players are in Pebble Beach right now. BHO, Pierre Trudeau, AT and T conference about net neutrality and NAFTA.

fe8809 No.341670


Lay people tend to use "heart attack" versus medically trained who use the more specific "Cardiac Arrest". Heart attack does not necessarily mean Cardiac Arrest

11be46 No.341671

Any theories on Otto. what really happened?

12c1c5 No.341672



Still think translators coming here will have a hard time making real connections.

713a55 No.341673

On the up side Elbow Tendinitis is way down among 8 chan users Lately ! Sorry just thought we needed a laugh ! Dig on !

5d4022 No.341674

File: 0e1bed95e50c1a2⋯.jpg (63.72 KB, 424x630, 212:315, Cage is full.JPG)


Reminds me of Orange is the New Black theme song:

>The cage is full the day is new

>And everyone is waiting, waiting on you

>And you've got time

Full Version:

>The animals, the animals

>Trapped, trapped, trapped 'till the cage is full

>The cage is full

>Stay awake

>In the dark, count mistakes

>The light was off but now it's on

>Searching the ground for a bitter song

>The sun is out, the day is new

>And everyone is waiting, waiting on you

>And you've got time

>And you've got time

source: https:// www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/orangeisthenewblacklyrics.html

source: https:// www.lyricsondemand.com/tvthemes/orangeisthenewblacklyrics.html

260410 No.341675



Q said 'what if Snowden WAS still a clown? Why would it be important he WAS in Russia.

Was… As in has been?

589638 No.341676


Like your whining? Fuck off.

4e0db0 No.341677


Look at all the publicity he got from msm. They used him to really expose us as "conspiracy theorists", forever changing public perspective on independant research. He's a spook!

03a106 No.341678


no what is a good idea is leaving the board EXACTLY the way it was and has been THUS THE REASON THE BOARD WAS CHOSEN

stop trying to change things if Q wants rules and fucking taskos - Q will issue taskorders

b65d44 No.341679


In order for them to 'participate', we have to respond. It is a dual scolding!

2dbb9e No.341680



12c1c5 No.341681


Ooooh. Yes.

48cb33 No.341682

File: 684176dac88dde9⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1422x1042, 711:521, Truman2.png)

33cd64 No.341683


They've been at New York and Washington airports for weeks. Since Christmas. Not new to us.

58e744 No.341684


maybe Snowden just delivered the entire NSA hard drive??

99b864 No.341685



Silver bullets perhaps

f9cacd No.341686


Why do you say that? I can type with one hand.

2c7071 No.341687


> Putin is fighting the cabal for years and years now. Trump has just started

After kicking out the central bankers and restoring his countries fiscal health, coupled with a mature and robust intelligence apparatus, I don't think the cabal has the running room in Russia that it has elsewhere. Of course the cabal, which is closely aligned with the left in the U.S. could have paid someone to take the plane down, though at considerable risk of coming to a very bad end in something like the Lubyanka.

So back to my initial query, what else could the Russians need to address by removing these Rosatom/U1 actors?

Possibly something other than or worse than their collusion with the DNC? Perhaps an even deeper intrusion into the body politic/financial/nuclear/military?

a05c00 No.341688


It occurred to me he was dirty when he got to Russia and still did not keep his mouth shut. You would lay low if deep state was after you.

ddd238 No.341689


Thank you sometimes I don't explain myself well

b67215 No.341692


What you described was the MSM twisting the narrative to fit their agenda. They had to cover the guy, but they did it their way.

cecd3b No.341693


Is the message re-tweeted by Snowden a 'suicide' order?

Notice in the original tweet the sentences often make no sense. Some of the words seem superlative.

For example: Speaking - lived (I am alive or if you are alive) - Questions: Judges, politicians and all the powerful - downtrodden and afraid - a void.

2df750 No.341694


I wonder what her net worth is?

12c1c5 No.341695


Thanks. I found my way to the GitHub to confirm, too.

3047ab No.341696


missing >>340719 14:33:41

7aa0eb No.341697


Totally off topic but does "McTreason" stand for the one who shall not be named?


3eb591 No.341699


Was he the virus we used? The decoy? “On the run…seeking asylum…not afraid to trade some info for help” oh by the way I need access to the mainframe!


cd7312 No.341700


He might be an unofficial messenger, bringing messages back and forth between Kim and Trump Admin.

0cccd5 No.341701


Nice find. Snowden was also in Hawaii. Clown ops there for sure. Hopefully Science of Identity Cult is on the list for Q and team.

cf7a6a No.341702

Employees of a Netherlands charity "Oxfam Novib" had payed sex with prostitutes in Haiti, even underaged, and also on other international locations. Somehow don't see it in US/UK media tho

2cb311 No.341703


Good pickup. Could mean two things:

1) Snowden is no more (dead)

2) Snowden is "speaking" to Q and has flipped sides (no longer working for CIA)

33cd64 No.341705

File: 97ac410e80232c7⋯.png (348.71 KB, 497x648, 497:648, fuck-off-spray-keeps-idiot….png)


You need this in your life..

f2130c No.341706



bull shit. Leades here shall not and wil not exist, get the fuck over it. Ever heard what happens to a snake when you cut off it's head?

Leader dies/gets comped, chans fall back into the original state of organized chaos. Stop the shenanigans, this isn't a 3rd grade "work in small teams" project. NO dependence on leaders, ONLY the pure intel provided guides us

589638 No.341707


Buy: https:// www.apmex.com/product/74883/2013-armenia-1-4-oz-silver-100-drams-noahs-ark

0068d1 No.341709

Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/11/18 (Sun) 16:38:14 No.84


@Snowden "Truth To Power"

Drop "Truth To Power"




>>325370 You will cease to exist





Coincidence "Truth To Power"?

Coincidence Barlow?


What if Snowden was still a Clown?

Why would it be important he was in Russia?



Q post in great awakening

9c33ba No.341710


>no what is a good idea is leaving the board EXACTLY the way it was and has been THUS THE REASON THE BOARD WAS CHOSEN

I agree with you. But.

You are giving up (you)'s to clowns. Stop paying the clowns, dickhead!

98b7f3 No.341711


>>Ministers could cut off funding for Oxfam

Did ministers cut off BBC funding for covering up notorious pedos?

Circus show for the masses, till they graze on a different patch of grass.

0cccd5 No.341713


Rodman friends before Trump. Maybe Rodman is on the clown payroll.

589638 No.341714


You're doing fine, anon.

1286d3 No.341715


You should never cut off any avenue of research, especially considering the Roths just lost 100,000 BTC which equates to $ 835M

bb4321 No.341716


Yes. Trying to think and think how it relates in this context because sometimes he says #2. And in this scenario it's [2] and 1 was used for 2.

Gonna dig more

b0daa8 No.341717


Good eye.

1fca20 No.341718

File: 372d226f5bc513f⋯.png (215.75 KB, 593x455, 593:455, Screenshot_2018-02-11-16-3….png)

ff4f8c No.341719

I understand that 187 is police code for homicide but I was wondering if it might be referring to Proposition 187, the controversial ballot measure that sought to stem illegal immigration and address its costs by cutting off state services, including healthcare and public education, to those in the country illegally. It was a legislative fiasco for California in 1994 & Adam Schiff's stance against it cost him the election that year.

7a8138 No.341720


Actually, we say 'myocardial infarct.'

86dcbb No.341721


Ty, didn't see it in the batter

5b3553 No.341722


Had a normalfag colleague of mine show this to me this week. Was a great little moment for me.

t. Dutchfag

bd6d8e No.341723


When do birds sing?

e68741 No.341724


Good find anon

7ef513 No.341725


It's not

150889 No.341726


putan is a puppet of nwo/cia two clown comfy together.

nwo was building up china and russia to invade usa.

do research on who putan really is.

hell he had me fooled until i started researching him.

fd9bbe No.341728


That's what I mentioned also a couple of times… noone seems to listen.

d96e4b No.341729


Note what I am about to write may have since changed since my Air Force days concluded but back about a decade ago and for decades before that there were two areas where all communication feeds/radio of course included were all routed through the exact same place which were:

In Northern Nevada/Salt Flats/NorthWest Utah (we simply called it "The Range")

In South Nevada/Northern Arizona through a satellite base of Nellis/A51 out of Henderson, NV.

There was nothing secretive or sneaky that I ever heard of but rest assured all communication traffic out of those locations runs through, in one way or another, those locations due to the high value testing sites.

Sidenote: The Zerohedge site for "Red October" just went down fellas:

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-04/red-october-washington-2017

f2130c No.341730


>Still so many tasks assigned by Q left undone.


>Still so many blanks on the spreadsheet.


If you're wanting on someone else to do it, or again, like a 3rd grade teacher handing out assignments, it will NOT get done. Stop trying to heard cats, you'll only keep getting scratched.

63daed No.341731

Future news proves past.

Q says to learn double meanings so I went ona wild goose chase

Google of "Future News" brings up results about "Future News Worldwide" an intensive conference held in Which is a part of the British Council.

Is anyone familiar with the British Council? It is a corporation that seems to be heavily involved in childhood education. Does anyone recognize anyone on the executive board? They are involved in teaching English courses to adults to teach foreign children.

https: //www.britishcouncil.org/organisation/structure/executive-board

Executive Board

Sir Ciarán Devane

Nigel Arthur

Dr Jo Beall

Hilary Cross

Kate Ewart-Biggs

Adrian Greer CMG

Ed Griffin

Andrew Horton

Mark Robson

Graha m Sheffield CBE

I found this story of a Paedophile who was arrested for molesting children and posting stuff online. He took English teaching courses from the British council.

http: //www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/uk-paedophile-who-wrote-child-lover-guide-admits-to-sex-attacks-on-malaysian-children

another source for a pedophile using the English courses from the British council can be found on Wikipedia.

https ://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paedophile_Information_Exchange

One-time treasurer of PIE Charles Napier became an English Language Trainer at the British Council and was convicted of sexual assault against minors in London in 1995[32] and investigated as an alleged member of a paedophile network operating in British schools in 1996.[33]

The british council has also been reported to be involved in Visa scams

any other anons have any more info on this or the executive board?

7ef513 No.341732



12c1c5 No.341733


Missed my point. Not replacing this board.

7baf68 No.341734

File: 0777b3613804e1a⋯.jpg (66.99 KB, 334x278, 167:139, Blesspotus.jpg)


>We have tremendous WW support.

She is insurance to keep the peace….under a fairly convincing media/excuse story. Olympics = vital for buying time/covering the removal of cabal strings, advancing critical changes in a covert fashion.

Truth will be catastrophically uncontrollable to public of SK/NK and east asia, not to mention the world.

God help decent folk in this world. There is still hope. Bad actors in china including pro-NK hardliners in PLA and CCCP were purged/weakened by XI years ago. Coincidence?

No coincidences.

We are preventing WW3, cutting off strings, wires, fuses, and disposing the explosives quietly.

(((they))) will fall.

SA -> US -> Asia -> EU

Asia leg has started in earnest.

3a14de No.341735



@Snowden "Truth To Power": 1:59 AM 11 Feb 2018

https:// twitter.com/Razarumi/status/962627020499845120

Q Drop "Truth to Power": 5:23 AM 10 Feb 2018


Q Drops 20 hours & 24 min in advance of the message being broadcast

John Perry Barlow Tweets "Worst Housewarming Gift Ever: Russia considers returning snowden to US to as a gift. to Trump!"

https:// twitter.com/JPBarlow/status/956369807468736512

Q Drop "John Perry Barlow" 1:09 PM 27 Jan 2018


John Perry Barlow dies XX:XX AM 7 Feb 2018

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Perry_Barlow

This implies:

JPB had dirt on Cabal so Cabal took him out / Q knew the Cabal was going to take him out

AJ had dirt on Cabal / Q knew the Cabal was going to take her out (and knew the message).

0cccd5 No.341736


Hopefully Trump has removed all foreign troops rumored to be in national parks and out of the way bases as well as all UN everything!!

bb4321 No.341737

b18dac No.341738


Snowden going to Russia after his leak was all part of the plan.

1) leak NSA secrets (May 2013)

2) NSA = bad in public eyes

3) NSA partially blinded due to exposure (Clowns knew the NSA was not fully corrupted and they needed them hobbled)

4) Snowden goes to Russia - he's allowed to leave HK by the international bad actors

5) First negative optics between NSA and Russia - lays ground work for the WWIII

6) Snowden spends his time building the 'Russian Interference' activity (maybe even RED OCTOBER)

7) Trump in mix and look to be winning - Snowden active player in whole dossier/Russian collusion narrative and activity.

In summary, he went to Russia to discredit the NSA and to lay the foundation for WWIII, but when plans changed he led on the whole dossier/russian collusion activity.

f6ecf7 No.341739


I dont think he is speaking past tense

fcd9eb No.341740




>It may be true, but Snowden gave HARD evidence of state actors pissing on the Constitution, was running for his life, and boiled the blood of the Deep State with rage against him.

>I'll need HARD evidence that Snowy is one of the bad guys before even considering memes against him.

>Snowden was the one who exposed Apple, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, PayPal, and much much more spying on EVERYONE.

Are you intentionally this 0brained or are you getting paid for this. Doubt the $$$ is worth it.


>Look at all the publicity he got from msm. They used him to really expose us as "conspiracy theorists", forever changing public perspective on independant research. He's a spook!

This and more. Snowden stealing info and massive leaks gave other [actors] within US at the time many reasons to put pressure and clamp down on NSA. Also massive paperwork which slowed down everyone. Or in other words gave the POTUS and [___] free reign to fire and remove elements within USA that were found to be uncooperative and replace with [clown] assets.

e2922c No.341741

If Snowden is blackhat, anyone who uses Signal may want to uninstall that right now.

868f6a No.341742

I think what Q meant by "PEOC force failed" was the missile alert in HI failed to get a response that would force trump into PEOC

1286d3 No.341743


Definately! People are blind if they think him and Kim are just bumchums! What could they possibly have in common?

12c1c5 No.341744


Spreadsheet is locked down.

d96e4b No.341745


No, absolutely not normal (at all). I have never once heard of it ever going through SFO (ever) and that includes both USAF service and also a very long history in Northern CA. I have never once heard of anything (ever) being tested at SFO and do not for one second buy it either.

589638 No.341746


The EU part of that is when where the shit will hit the fan.

7ef513 No.341747


This. Homie doesn't grasp the culture

f6ecf7 No.341748


Ah good call

59b6f9 No.341749

If HRC wwiii was coming the cabal wanted the tools to control the rest of the world. Snowden in Russia? Seems US was about to be taken out by cabal. the 20 yr plan.

b7c6dd No.341750


?? Why are you correlating post numbers with POTUS tweets?

Isn't the timestamp of Q posts vs POTUS?

3047ab No.341751


BAKER, pls add >>340719 to Qs post next bread. thanks!

bf328f No.341752


^^^^ This rings tru 2 me

dub dubs 2 boot

806be9 No.341753


I just put up a Twitter poll to vote if Snowdies a Hero, Traitor or Pawn. Vote!

20a717 No.341754


you forgot.. funding cut to NSA and more to CIA

db871a No.341755

The Boss Baby on the memo

…and pizza.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIfH-vr-kSI

589638 No.341756



ff4f8c No.341757

Birds sing when caged? In danger?

cf7a6a No.341758


P = Putin?

e603bd No.341759



59b6f9 No.341760


the tools could control elections worldwide?

b65d44 No.341761


lol I overlooked the obvious. Thanks and glad to now know

7297d3 No.341762


Sauce. #2 guy Sergei Medvedev was apprehended in Shanghai last week

https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/thirty-six-defendants-indicted-alleged-roles-transnational-criminal-organization-responsible

98b7f3 No.341763


> They used him to really expose us as "conspiracy theorists",

Let me correct you - they use ANYBODY to fit THEIR AGENDA.

Snowden gave EVERYONE the biggest confirmation that "conspiracy theorists" were not only RIGHT, but IT WAS A SHIT LOAD WORSE THAN EVEN THEY IMAGINED! Snowden was a one man GREAT AWAKENING for the ENTIRE PLANET!!

I'll need to see HARD evidence before I put him with one of the bad guys.

260410 No.341764



Exactly. But why bringing up Snowden today again? Plane crash?>>341703

c31b5d No.341765

File: 4c2db84d190d589⋯.jpg (147.96 KB, 961x714, 961:714, Screenshot (17h 40m 05s).jpg)



12c1c5 No.341766

Need someone in britain to download the BBC copy in HD of the SOTU.

Worked since Qs assignment to find a source. Hit walls every time.

Advice anons? Brit boards to ask?

1d3c82 No.341767




https : // qcodefag.github.io/?q=organize

Clowns and tards BTFO.

You idiots really think Q wants us to be disorganized and chaotic? really think that's why he chose 4chan and not because of autism.

Organized autism is UNSTOPPABLE

Chaotic autism is a fucking circle jerk.

f2130c No.341768


-we need to be organized and professional

-here are your assignments, don't step outside of your role

-you do this, you do that, we'll do this

-this is the ONLY way to get this done, this board is such a mess

the board needs parental guidance, or we'll never get anything done

e2922c No.341769

File: 8356e22e3cc21ef⋯.jpeg (67.18 KB, 900x900, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)


Baker pls.

382a29 No.341770


This is likely… and what would happen to POTUS once in the PEOC? Heart Attack?

554679 No.341771


Birds sing when caged. Cages are full. Lots of people are singing.

febff0 No.341772






we do not need or want ORGANIZATION. Get over it. The culture here is to do your own research, post it here to for others to consider. there is no "OFFCIAL" list of research as it's mostly speculation. The BO's BV's may add it to the bread if they feel it's either relevant or a proven fact. This is mostly speculation.There are other places for you if you want or need ORG. And you can be in charge over there.

e84773 No.341773

File: 5488f91d48b1289⋯.png (119.3 KB, 1360x768, 85:48, ClipboardImage.png)

Did he say "Bread is making my parties???"

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoqYd39wkZs

"It sounds like a miracle, but it's not the result of mysterious forces or chance. It happened because countless people working FOR YEARS chose to make this progress. Some employed great wealth and influence. Some, Democrats and Republicans alike held public office…."

12c1c5 No.341774


Oh yes. Organized Autism is UNSTOPPABLE.

d5ab5f No.341775

Wizard and warlock is Operation Merlin?

2cbfa4 No.341777

File: 2c6611f3f6e836e⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 500x333, 500:333, Wong.jpg)


wong…on so many levels!

9962f3 No.341778

re-post because I think it's worth it.


= Apache Software Foundation

= QAnon referenced ASF as tool of the opposition to burst disinfo and distract using a 5-pronged approach


= Reference to Snow White Program used by Ron Hubbard

= purpose: "all false and secret files of the nations of operating areas brought to view and legally expunged"


Also Snowden is clearly a Clown. Trump wouldn't call him a traitor and insinuate his execution if he were a White Hat.

9581d2 No.341779


No "Public Servant" radio is beyond the ability to decrypt and listen in on.

Yes, in some cases you may have to get…creative…but if you truly want to listen in, there are ways…

7baf68 No.341780

File: af5950ee3f2a553⋯.jpg (43.48 KB, 480x431, 480:431, merkelthebitch.jpg)


Deployment of military forces to root out ISIS sympathizers, 'terrorist' groups, grooming gangs, SCUMS.

Politicians forced out, retired, jailed, executed after trial?

Quietly disposed of?

Gott mitt uns.

Hang in there, Europe. We are coming.

340239 No.341798







Post GOOD bread posts in the same format here.


db78eb No.341800


I'm starting to think Snowden himself is Red October (or the location and capture of ES is and has always been the meaning of "The Hunt for Red October") given what he knows and what he has been commissioned by the clowns to do.

>"How's the bunker these days?"

>"The Hunt For" was dropped.

(We know where you are.)

>What if Snowden was still a Clown?

>You will cease to exist

>@Snowden "Truth To Power"

>Drop "Truth To Power"

(@Snowden = no truth; you're the target)

5618f2 No.341801

8e987e No.341805

File: 2aa71a4211e3368⋯.jpg (27.12 KB, 552x249, 184:83, 1951s.jpg)

File: df61ca05f458e00⋯.jpg (30.83 KB, 653x433, 653:433, 148635383_1435991325.jpg)

File: 6436a375a2ec030⋯.jpeg (10.68 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpeg)


Ralph made sure tourist didn't see anything real. He made Benny Binion's house security stop breaking cheater legs and throwing them out in the alley behind the Horseshoe. "Take them out to the fucking desert you lazy cocksucker's," Ralph advised. Sadly Ralph's gone to hell but some associates are still around. If you have a specific question, post itand I'll pass it on.

03a106 No.341807



bd1697 No.341810

Remember waaayy back Q posted something to the effect of Who really controls N Korea? It would make you laugh? What if it's RBG…made me laugh.

50b34d No.344799

Hey, Q. Long time/ First time.

Does the mention of frequency of EAS broadcasts have anything to do with the 2011 order giving the President unlimited time to deliver emergency broadcasts over all media?

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