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Pro Aris et Focis

File: be75721a1fb1472⋯.jpeg (38.7 KB, 480x388, 120:97, mindcontrol.jpeg)

770d5e No.390660

DIscussing MK Ultra, Monarch and other mind control technologies/techniques including those that use drugs or brainwave stimulation. Recovering from nid control such as SRA Satanic Ritual Abuse is included

770d5e No.390782

For the purposes of this discussion lets keep to the following definitions

MK Ultra - CIA developed mind control techniques used to create assassins, Manchurian candidates, super soldiers and similar EXPENDABLE actors. In other words, they are not concerned with keeping the person's ability to live sanely because ultimately they are supposed to take action in an insane way for plausible deniability

Monarch - A derivative of the CIA work used to create Mind Control slaves primarily in the Entertainment industry. Most Hollywood A-list celebs such as actors, singers, and even leading sports stars are Monarch slaves. This technique requires the creation of highly competent personas in order to achieve the work of the slave. Usually two, one for singing/acting/playing and the other for interviewing. In addition Monartch includes creation of a sex kitten persona (men too) that has no sexual inhibitions and is bisexual. When the programming fails, these slaves are usually salvaged to work in the porn industry.

Illuminati - this is the ancient techniques of the elite bloodline families, honed over centuries. It also includes highly competent personas, and creates walls between personas for information hiding, particularly about satanic rituals, human sacrifice, torture and blood drinking (real vampires) and cannibalism. The victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) were usually programmed using these techniques. This style of programming uses a long period of conditioning starting in infancy when the parent regularly inserts fingers into the baby's throat, anus and vagina. Regular child abuse and torture is normal. Children are often chained or kept in cages and straitjacket type constraints. Sexual use of the children starts in infancy, not just for adult pleasure but also for conditioning.

In addition we should discuss how chemicals are used, not to do mind control but to facilitate it. Radio waves of certain frequencies and electronic stimulation are also used, again, to to create slaves but to facilitate programming. AI DID (Artificially Induced Dissociative Identity Disorder) is a core component, formerly called Multiple Personality Syndrome.

8184e6 No.390946

I’ve been there. I can tell you everything about how the clowns try to program people to do shit like what happened in Florida.

770d5e No.390963

MK Ultra style programming (many sub techniques) starts with torture, both physical and mental. Ideally the person is kidnapped and this is done against their will. In Monarch, the physical torture is carefully done so as not to leave very many scars, and only small ones that are almost unnoticeable. Psychological torture is also used to amplify the physical torture. The subject must believe that they are actually being killed. This realization that they are about to die causes the mind to shatter. Later the programmer will collect fragments of the mind into many separate personas. The initial phase of torture leading to shattering of the mind is followed by a second torture that is more psychological. In particular there is an actor who befriends and comforts the subject and then finally betrays them to the second bout of torture. This betrayal is an important step of psychological torture.

The programming is costly. It requires many sessions over a period of a few months, guiding the subject through journeys in a fantasy dreamworld. Different schools of programmer use different journey raw material. Alice in Wonderland was likely created for the Illuminati families. MK Ultra like to use the Wizard of Oz. Monarch often uses modern Disney stories, perhaps chosen based on the subjects preferences for Disney characters. The specific raw material is unimportant. The whole point is to create an internal fantasy world, a place to park the personalities that are not currently conscious and in control of the body. Jos, a programmer for Hollywood, uses a modified Monarch in which many personas are not parked in oblivion, but are conscious of what is happening just unable to act, i.e. they have relinquished control to the persona who has been called forth.

Personas are switched in and out via triggers. At one point this was basically a code word but that is very crude and subject to accidents. Nowadays the trigger is usually mulit-sensual for instance touch and a word, or a smell and a word. A handler will wear a certain odd perfume and speak the word, or the handler pinches a certain place on the body while saying the word. It takes a lot of work and time to create the personas and set up all the triggers and test them. It is by testing the triggers that they are implanted.

770d5e No.390977


Anything that you know which would be useful for a meme maker or a map maker, is welcome here. We collect the raw material and the folk with skills do the memes and maps.

770d5e No.391002

Jos, a former military psyops programmer now works for Hollywood creating and programming Monarch Mind Control slaves for certain moguls. He has share a lot of info here:

http:// bluemonarch.freeforums.net/thread/10/machine-illuminati-handling

It can be hard to identify which posters are Jos because he has to use a lot of Opsec, vpns etc. to keep alive. Not sure if he entirely succeeded but for a few years he shared a lot of info.But if you really want to learn and fully understand this, you will need other sources to fill in the gaps

8184e6 No.391004


There favorite drug is LSD. Been hit numerous times. I tried to create a thread and was banned for 3 years. BO had a change of heart and let me back in.

8184e6 No.391055

Trust me the MK Ultra stuff is real. I’ve been through it. Not all minds can be controlled.

0699f7 No.391093


LSD and DMT are related in the psychedelic effect. Yet DMT seems to be important for elites. https:// pastebin.com/f7jEYb2H

Big Pharma agent Bayer is in to buy Monsanto and German agricultural minister just played against the political ally to get Glyphosate/Roundup running for 5 more years. My guess is: lowering of Tryptophane -> Serotonine-> Melatonine-> DMT of the masses is part of the plan overall Mind-Control -> causing chronic diseases/depression

8184e6 No.391144


I wouldn’t be surprised if I was hit with DMT too.

0699f7 No.391303


As the elites seem to crave for DMT, which is produced by the pineal endogeneously during Near Death Experience and deep Meditative States. I know of no way to get targeted with it, but with the depletion of this bioactive amine.

The metabolic pathway is pretty complicated and begins with the essential amino acid Tryptophane. Humans and Animals can not produce it. https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shikimic_acid

0699f7 No.391337

File: ae0405ccdf7632c⋯.jpg (125.18 KB, 987x505, 987:505, MKU0.jpg)

File: 2a448699a9d5c4f⋯.jpg (329.32 KB, 995x1030, 199:206, MKU.jpg)

File: 432874f57c62570⋯.jpg (299.85 KB, 995x1031, 995:1031, MKU2.jpg)


I would guess DMT is too precoius to get targeted with. Any more intel on it and The involvement of Big Pharma?

8184e6 No.391342


Well here’s how it happens. You meet some chick on a dating site or in a bar. You get her number and you go on a date. She seems totally uninterested in you but she goes the motions. Your drink is spiked. Then ((they)) wait for a reaction. Not all minds can be broken. Coming after me was their biggest mistake!

770d5e No.392460


This Q drop has a link to a previously classified CIA document on MK Ultra

This is most directly relevant to the government, because it is still in use today AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS.

However there is a lot more to the technology of Mind Control. It was not born in a vacuum and there are other variants in use by private individuals but nevertheless these people are VIOLATING HUMAN RIGHTS in doing this.

1bfbcf No.392624

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._Gordon_Wasson

"Wasson's 1956 expedition was funded[8] by the CIA's MK-Ultra subproject 58, as was revealed by documents[11] obtained by John Marks[12] under the Freedom of Information Act. "

R. Gordon Wasson was the person who brought magic mushrooms to the west.

Also head of Public relations (propaganda) at JP Morgan Bank

The counter culture was MKUltra.

Why does it seem like all the problems started with the boomers?

FYI the MKUltra testimony document isn't newly declassifed. It's been out there for a while

89ebb7 No.392670

pol did a ton of research on this and i was around at that time - a lot of the research ended on layered personalities. They would intentional force stress to fracture the personality and induce various layers with different programming. I'm just stopping by to say hello and keep us moving, I will do my best to recall more and provide as much info as I can.

89ebb7 No.392688


heres one of the archives that still exist, a lot of this information will have been purged and need some fresh digs

http:// archive.is/WQhBt

fc58e2 No.392740



Programming subjects was an extension of the MKULTRA initial project and came under project Monarch:

https:// medium.com/@sebastianedward/mk-ultra-project-monarch-and-julian-assange-ad2aa42ba1a4

https:// www.counterpunch.org/2017/11/17/the-cias-house-of-horrors-the-abominable-dr-gottlieb/

It involves breaking down the mind through extreme trauma (pain & sexual abuse) until the psyche shatters and an underlying personality is formed, exposed and is capable of being programmed. There was a considerable amount of development of this technique, horrendously, from the Nazi-initiated area of research via operation Paperclip into the UK with one of the most notorious and prolific practitioners, Dr Green around the US (and other countries I imagine).

This became a rather sophisticated process and there are many MKUltra / Monarch 'survivors' that have been broken and subjected to ritual sexual abuse who are now attempting to address their horrifically painful past and rebuild their lives. It's a bit tricky as there is meant to be a self-destruct / suicide command in there which activates when the memory of the training starts to become accessible to the 'normal' person's consciousness.

1bfbcf No.392785


MKUltra has two separate dimensions

One is the manchurian candidate style control of individuals

mind programming on a micro scale

The other is control of populations and social engineerings

mind programming on macro scale

Most of the seeds for all the degeneracy we experience today were planted back in the 1960s.

Remember the spook narrative you find on places like plebbit is that the C_A were a bunch of dumbasses who didn't know what they were doing

The mass proliferation of LSD and other drugs was "blowback"

Obvious this is exactly what the clowns want people to believe

89ebb7 No.392792


https:// monarchprogramming.wordpress.com/category/alters-and-triggers/

fc58e2 No.392818


So a suitable subject is identified, and likely involuntarily subjected to 'therapy' in an institution >>392740; then Q goes on to state:

'THERAPY' takes [x] to break the mind into a functional/programmable device.


Ability to use frequencies [incoming sig]/modify/code/program over 'x' period [designate] mobile phone to 'control' target subject.

So the rest of the programming Q suggests can be done remotely via the mobile phone.

The drugs that these subjects might be on I doubt would be something as uncontrollable as strong SSRI's as these can make the subject suicidal and / or uncontrollable, I would suggest that it would be something a little more innocuous that renders the subject susceptible, or maybe drugs aren't required for the further programming. Q says that this is at the highest classification and so I seriously doubt we would find anecdotal evidence on the net, Patents are the only area that I can think of to follow, both for the technology and for the drugs. Laboratory trials and perhaps peer-reviewed papers maybe?

I presume it would be more 'acceptable' to do this inside an institution that has been tied to some of the Monarch stuff before, as any regular mental health workers I imagine react adversely to the patient's howls of agony, terror and misery…

ad1988 No.393182

File: daa661481667640⋯.png (774.19 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Messages Image(2447334810).png)

Might be helpful to include some oldies in memes for the older normies to recognize. Plus, these guys are admitted to have been in MK Ultra - so reminding normies about them may help them to accept the concept that the program has continued.

NOTORIOUS ADMITTED MK ULTRA SUBJECT: "'TED KACZYNSKI “THE UNABOMBER”"' (letter bombs killing 3, maiming another 23)

Harvard and the Making of the Unabomber

In the fall of 1958 Theodore Kaczynski, a brilliant but vulnerable boy of sixteen, entered Harvard College. There he encountered a prevailing intellectual atmosphere of anti-technological despair. There, also, he was deceived into subjecting himself to a series of purposely brutalizing psychological experiments – experiments that may have confirmed his still-forming belief in the evil of science. Was the Unabomber born at Harvard? A look inside the files….

There, from the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1962, Harvard psychologists, led by "'Henry A. Murray"', conducted a disturbing and what would now be seen as ethically indefensible experiment on twenty-two undergraduates. To preserve the anonymity of these student guinea pigs, experimenters referred to individuals by code name only. One of these students, whom they dubbed "Lawful," was Theodore John Kaczynski, who would one day be known as the Unabomber, and who would later mail or deliver sixteen package bombs to scientists, academicians, and others over seventeen years, killing three people and injuring twenty-three.

SAUCE: https:// www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2000/06/harvard-and-the-making-of-the-unabomber/378239/

“At the age of 16 Ted was accepted to Harvard but signed up for a series of psychological experiments which some have speculated were part of a secret CIA program known as Project MKUltra. The effect was to exacerbate Ted’s increasingly obvious mental health issues.” http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3410840/Do-think-brother-Ted-Unabomber-David-Kaczynski-tells-moment-wife-asked-bone-chilling-question-like-growing-twisted-sibling-turned-FBI.html

“The dark side of MK Ultra was inspired by the supposed arrival of Nazi Party “mind scientists,” formerly charged with the spread of Hitlerian Weltenshunkreig, or world mental warfare, who were said to conduct secret programs like Operation Midnight Climax, which relied on CIA-funded prostitutes to dose unsuspecting johns with psychedelics as company men watched from behind one-way mirrors. While both Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski and Whitey Bulger were both MK Ultra subjects, “conspiracy” writers tend to concentrate on the mind-control aspects of the program that supposedly help build assassination-machine actors like Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan.

http:// nymag.com/news/features/conspiracy-theories/cia-mind-control/

(SHORT 10 ½ MINUTE VIDEO): David Kaczynski reveals the MK-ULTRA-CIA mind control program that brother Theodore Kaczynski (dubbed the Unabomber by the FBI) was unwittingly a part of for three yeas Harvard, and then at the University of Michigan and probably U.C. Stanford. In recalling some of the details of his brother’s involvement in the covert behavior modification program, David Kaczynski says of his older brother, “In a sense, he wasn’t paranoid; he was in a sense conspired against.” The video offers hints into the Project Paperclip-generated mind control program that Kaczynski along with thousands of others (universities, mental institutions, prisons, the military…) were victims of.

https:// archive.org/details/dkazinmkult (2005 video “THE UNABOMBER: HE WASN’T PARANOID, HE WAS CONSPIRED AGAINST”)

"'HARVEY MURRAY"' – Leader of Harvard MK Ultra human experiments

Director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic in the School of Arts and Sciences after 1930. Murray developed a theory of personality called personology, based on "need" and "press". Murray was also a co-developer, with Christiana Morgan, of the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) . . . Murray is also noteworthy in popular culture for his links to future domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski, whom Murray subjected to a set of unethical and psychologically-damaging experiments from 1959 to 1962.

From late 1959 to early 1962, Murray was responsible for the ethically questionable, CIA-sponsored Project MKUltra experiments in which twenty-two undergraduates were used as research subjects.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Murray

ad1988 No.393197

File: 578c4765850217a⋯.png (581.55 KB, 720x433, 720:433, Messages Image(2129353423).png)



(pictured and as played by Johnny Depp in "Black Mass")

Boston mobster James "Whitey" Bulger volunteered for testing while in prison in Atlanta in 1957. Lawrence Teeter, attorney for convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan, believed Sirhan was under the influence of hypnosis when he fired his weapon at Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. Teeter linked the CIA's MKUltra program to mind control techniques that he claimed were used to control Sirhan.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra#Notable_subjects

Bulger’s inmate case file shows he was subjected to extreme testing under the MK-Ultra project. This was the code name of a U.S. government covert research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans (mind control) through the CIA's Scientific Intelligence Division. The program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and "officially halted" in 1973. The program itself engaged in many illegal activities; in particular it used unwitting convicts as its test subjects, which led to controversy regarding its legitimacy. MK-Ultra involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate people's mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation. as well as various forms of torture.

http:// www.alcatrazhistory.com/bulger.htm

Whitey Bulger tells about his experience with MKUltra and how he was recruited by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer of Emory University.

http:// www.ozy.com/true-story/whitey-bulger-i-was-a-guinea-pig-for-cia-drug-experiments/76409

029ac1 No.393595

Got a 1 month ban for the first time a couple days ago, after talking about mkultra, and my theories.

I didn't get into my experiences personally, but since there's a board for it now, I will.

There's lots to include , so I'm going to be breif. Please, I'm looking for others too talk too, and this isn't a joke to me.

Was told am Danish royality, ex communicated by church at some point for being pagan Vikings, And name was changed. Little too no history of past -

Grandmothers parents ran brothels and her dad was a pedo.

Grandmothers husband(the Danish royality) was heavily invloved in Scientology. They took all his money and that was that.

Lineage on Dad's side, also unknown for most part, but through my name, could of possibly held chieftan clan seat and hailed from Normandy -

Grandmother had some born from rape. My mother dad was the Danish royalty.

Grandmother was sexually abused throughout childhood , tried killing herself, and admitted to hospital in 60s in an area where mk ultra was happening. Plus the Scientology which is known satanic -

Mom's brother raped her throughout childhood as well, resulting in a whole slew of problems for my mom. Mom was deemed gifted and advanced through school at very young age, fell into drugs in late teens - mom is currently "massuse" on Craigslist… Even tho I can help her financially. Long story, but she's disturbed. - I was also deemed gifted, and was regualry tested with cognitive tests/iq/behavioral tests my entire life. So much so I was instituted in third grade for 4 months at an assessment centre. - my life has been a constant dr.jeykll Mr Hyde scenario, and I've bounced from group home to relative my entire life, never staying anywhere longer than a year or two . - me and my mother almost both died at birth. - my eyes change color, and I have the famous mkultra drooping left eye. - I'm extremely compassionate and caring, yet I can also "go off" . One time that seems pertinent was when I was about 12, and I set a women's hair in fire while waiting in a line. I quickly snapped out of it , swatted her hair, and ran off. - I've been plagued with migraine headaches since the assessment centre, and my lifes been a mess. This is only a preface to my life , and I'm praying I'm not some victim, but too many things add up. I just want to find other people who might be in my same shoes..

For the record, I'm financially in the 1%, on account of my day trading and business ventures. I feel the need to say this, as I know what I'm saying might make me sound like a loon… But again, it's only the tip of my iceberg, and each day its becoming more and more of a reality to me..

770d5e No.393752


Some more info on the Illuminati style of programming based on lifelong conditioning. Here it is called Greek programming

770d5e No.393923


One of the things that Jos said is that people who are fundamentally altruistic cannot be successfully programmed. It doesn't stick with them. This may be you.

Jos is the Illuminati programmer who revealed a lof of his trade secrets on the Blue Monarch site here:

http:// bluemonarch.freeforums.net/thread/10/machine-illuminati-handling

Also, there are groups of survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse, the lifelong conditioning and programming done in Illuminati families, that are working on deprogramming techniques.

There is a core personality in everyone that cannot be shattered, which cannot be wiped and from whom nothing can be hidden. Not sure what to call this but it is either the soul or something closer to the soul. On top of that we have an ego, and that is what MKUltra and other techniques are manipulating. So they can create a personality that has information and block that info or wipe it from the mind of the other personalities. But the core consciousness underneath knows all, sees all, and cannot be either shattered or wiped.

Problem is that we get access to the core via the ego.

But, back to the SRA folks. They are working on integrating the shattered mind. It is possible to reprogram the personas to some extent, especially as the programming starts to wear out and become less effective over time. But the most important thing is to get all (or as many of the personalities as you can) to get together, hash out things, and elect a leader. That leader personality will then run the show, but they must be compassionate like the loving father in a family and make sure that all the other personalities get some time to express themselves in a safe manner. Key to this is to bring down the barriers. Let all the personalities be aware and watching all the time.

For a lot of people, it is not a good idea to read too much about the experiences of people who have been programmed. This can often trigger bad things. It is better to read about psychology in general, and other self-help info. For instance the works of Norman Vincent Peale.

You might find something useful here

http:// did-research.org/research/structural_dissociation.html

Search for deprogramming techniques because even though most cult programming is not as deep as MKUltra, you can get some benefits from the deprogramming techniques that they use.

Get out into nature, wild natural settings even if it is only a corner of a Japanese garden in the city. Learn to pray to God, inside you, the small still voice that cares about you and loves you.

770d5e No.393962


Due to the suicide programming, if you know a person who could have been in CIA MKUltra programming, make sure that they start by doing work on love, self love, prayer, and talk to them frankly about suicide and suicidal thoughts. If you can convince them that the suicidal thought are not their own but were implanted in them by people that used them, then they have mental ammunition that they can use when the internal turmoil and struggle hits them.

71eaf4 No.394164

Anyone know whether programming would cause a kid to shit their pants quasi-voluntarily until young adulthood?

….asking for personal reasons…

78f94c No.394409


Thanks for the response. It's been driving me crazy trying to talk to anyone about this stuff…

I'm going through an exceptionally difficult time right now, where I'm in a reclusive, lonesome place. Dissosiation has essentially become a comfort for me. Before I knew what exactly it was, I used to tell counsellors/docs that I could "turn off my emotion and feel nothing"

It's extremely taxing, feeling like you know so much, but no one wants to listen/feeling like there isn't much purpose. Too having sudden jolts of valor, grandiose, and extreme empathy.

Anyways, I'm going off again. Thanks for words and links , I've been having trouble finding people who don't have a PayPal donation attached to their site..

68ce2c No.394468


I've read all people have some sort of chip via vaccines that literally can set off like a bomb at any time of they see us getting too far down the rabbit hole, but these thankfully have been deprogrammed by light forces.

68ce2c No.394477


This makes me wonder if Qs post saying DELTA in that Military cryptic message may have meant that Cruz was activated….

fc58e2 No.395608


Yeah it's pretty bad. i think, from what i've seen, it would be best to find a specialist who works solely in this area should you come across someone who has been affected; mistakes in prying or triggering would be dangerous, traumatic at the very least.

fc58e2 No.395609



6b73d4 No.395791

What's the Nazi involvement in this? Did they have their own mind control program? I only ask bc given the way /pol/ paints the Nazis this would seem contradictory.

fc58e2 No.395876


yes, mengel i think

6b73d4 No.395925


Okay, so then what's the truth about the Nazis? Q indicated that Hitler was a pawn. Now it seems they had a mind control program. Was Hitler actually driven by a desire to save his people? Did the holocaust actually happen? Sorry I don't mean to derail, but I'm trying to understand the truth. If they've lied to us about him then that's a method of mind control in and of itself. One side of the argument is lying, I just can't tell who anymore.

df80a2 No.396915


If you read the MK Ultra document, it also references a sub-project called MK Delta….

df80a2 No.396930


Research operation paperclip. After WWII we imported several nazi scientists who created our modern day MK Ultra programs. I don't know how Hitler fits in but we brought over his people when the war was done.

795bde No.396962




fed9e4 No.397415

File: e9ae8aac75c9688⋯.jpg (67.3 KB, 945x576, 105:64, MKULTRA2.jpg)

I'm starting to feel sick, if you don't get it, I'm pretty sure the translation of this is that "MR(black)" is exporting people illegally to other country to experiment on them.

4b5848 No.398202

File: 43561b9a6c9538d⋯.png (740.08 KB, 528x678, 88:113, BT.PNG)

A whole lot of MKUltra info in Brice's book.

http:// files.meetup.com/562554/Brice Taylor - Thanks for the memories.pdf

4b5848 No.398245


Hilter was a puppet.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfT5NTHU9HQ

2370dc No.399258


Didn't Hitler have his scientists invent

methamphetamine? Does it tie into this at all?

Does the quality have any bearing? Like

bathtub peanut butter or P2P?

When I was younger I got pretty deep into it.

I've seen others do some WACKED OUT SHITE but always attributed it to the meth. Not

so sure now.

Long post. gonna break it up.

2370dc No.399304

I know there have never been any laws passed

against subliminal messaging. Has anyone seen this?

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=wofs8ZpcXlM

It is in music and

movies even magazine verts (advertisements). I looked earlier and couldn't find it but I know 12-14 years ago years ago I read

an article in a mag, while waiting at a docs office(forgot the name of it. Incidentally, it also

talked about "dark angel" the system that was bought

for 1 billion that was supposed to be the forerunner for the Mark of the beast) that talked about Seagrahms getting busted doing it with a vert

of their vodka in Playboy. It said that if you take the

brightness of a picture and turn it down to

where it is just below what your eyes can see,

your sub concience still picks it up.

Superimpose a pic over the top and you're

good to go. I KNOW it's done in music

because I read an interview with Steve Vai

(I'm musician/guitarist of 35 years) not long

after Passion and Warfare came out and he

said where in one of the songs there was a

BACKWARD subliminal message. Just like the magazine, I don't remember exactly which song and searches render nothing. Point being

it is done and no one/thing is busted for it.

Tech has probably advanced pass the need

for any of that and handle it thru the phone

that most have nowadays. I always think of

the movie "They Live" lol. The black and white

signs saying, sleep. consume. obey. It has

been an on going joke with me that whenever

I catch something in a movie or something

somewhere others have missed I raise my wrist like talking into my watch and go, "We

got one that can see!"

Nothing like the autists here though. Truly intelligent and sharp as a Hattori Hanzo sword.

Is this type of control/influence still used on us in relation to ==MKultra/Monarch==?

2370dc No.399714

I wanted to comment on the ULF

weapon/s that were mentioned yesterday in one of the breads. It was said that they run from

3hz to 30 hz. 20hz in the lowest most humans can hear. Recording studios use bass baffles

in the recording rooms as well as the

mixing/monitoring rooms. I wonder if it is possible to condition a room to resist that weapon?

If we had a way to record it, and the source were moving, we could send it

back and create some 'comb filtering'. ←– one could make a glowing musician joke there lol

Similar to sounding like you're in a big tube

or the 'flanging' effect used in guitar sounds and other instruments.

ie Van Halen on the keyboard

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFez84xaR6Q

and on the guitar

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx86CxKYtg0

'Flanging' becasue it was first discovered by slightly 'edging' the 'flange' of one of the reels on a real to real with your hand, then releasing it while another real to real played a duplicate of that sound. 'Comb' because it combs thru the sound

creating that back and forth, near/far sweeping sound.

When recording in a square room, if there is nothing to bounce the sound waves around enough, you get 'notch filtering'. ←— [:-}

Like Joe Satriani with his wah peddle set at a certain place. A flange sound with no sweep.

It makes your sound get thin by significantly reducing peak amplitude in certain frequencies. Duplicate sound waves hitting each other head on, with the peak and valley of one being up to 180` out of phase with the bounced sound. All recording programs and most DAWs (digital audio workstation) have an invert phase button on the input channel/s.

All frequencies are affected but it seems to be the most noticeable in the low-low mids. It would most likely be impossible to stop that weapon completely but it might be enough to disrupt it to be useful. Between that and baffles, I feel one could make a 'safe room'. Of coarse, would more info on weapon itself.

Billy Sheehan,

one of the baddest ass bass players that ever walked, had a rig that used these 'speakers' (not really) that produced ultra low frquencies that were used in experiments with elephants.

Elephants communicate at hella low hz. They

can communicate up to 10 miles away. Low hz takes A LOT more power to produce the

same 'audible' level to ones ears. ie It takes a 300watt bass amp to 'appear' as loud as a 100 watt guitar amp. He said you couldn't really hear them but you definiately felt them. Maybe too big/expensive

c3206c No.399822



https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2C2WGoWWrM

On the night of a party, guests will arrive before dinner and are let in by security guards with a strict list of welcome attendees — anyone not mentioned on the list will be barred from entering.

The events are either catered or guests cook dinner together, and alcohol is widely consumed, followed by drugs after the meal.

The most common drugs are “some form of MDMA, a.k.a. Ecstasy or Molly” — and some pills proudly display the logos of high-profile tech companies.

Guests then start “cuddling and making out” and guests will break off into “twosomes or threesomes or more”.

The parties last all night and the group gathers again for breakfast, “after which some may have intercourse again. Eat, drugs, sex, repeat.”

Elite Silicon Valley MDMA orgies

http:// www.news.com.au/finance/business/technology/eat-drugs-sex-repeat-an-inside-look-at-silicon-valleys-secret-debaucherous-cuddle-puddles/news-story/052472fc5e0d4f7ff7eb98d50c620093

c3206c No.399847


Yes, and Kamikaze pilots took it before they suicide murdered. Some believe it was put in the ritual saki they had before they took off.

http:// www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/crystalmeth/history-of-methamphetamine.html

2370dc No.400087

2370dc No.400813


>'THERAPY' takes [x] to break the mind into a functional/programmable device.


d84dd0 No.400908

This guy was a high ranking handler for Illuminati slaves. ANDRIJA PUHARICH multiple mind control patents under his name. http:// www.oocities.org/area51/shadowlands/6583/project188.html

4fd01c No.401002

File: c4d6cb7f1a98559⋯.png (86.55 KB, 1667x432, 1667:432, radio.PNG)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/José_Manuel_Rodriguez_Delgado

MKUtra Radio control

12c651 No.401053


>Didn't Hitler have his scientists invent


I'm not sure about meth

from the wiki

> Methamphetamine was discovered in 1893

the war did cause the creation of

>Methadone, sold under the brand name Dolophine

>Methadone was developed in Germany around 1937 to 1939 by Gustav Ehrhart and Max Bockmühl

This was needed because Germany had no access to raw opium to make morphine

My main thought I wanted to impart to this thread was the importance of bigPharma in mind control projects

Who makes the drugs

Who discovers new drugs

Who chooses what avenues to research


I'm currently reading the pdf about MkUltra program that Q pointed to.

Trying to determine if the "control cues" sent by cell phone were audio emitted by the cell phone or patterned radio transmissions emitted by the cell phone.

I know subliminal and sounds below the hearing range as well as above can have effects on humans

I know that there is some documented evidence of brain wave pattern alterations with proximity of transmitting cell phone.

It's a side lead to the [3] scientists and their work

963f10 No.401246



It's called the spirit molecule, and based on a person's reactions to it, it is absolutely useless as a controlling mechanism. Something else, maybe, but I don't think that. Same with mescaline.

Erowid boards - trip reports has some interesting stuff.

c6aeec No.405816

re: Super Soldiers, Andy Pero's story:

http:// educate-yourself.org/mc/projectsuperman1part27oct99.shtml

2d0377 No.406626

A friend of mine has collected some good information

http: // www.psyop.info/p/about.html

2d0377 No.406654

and here

http:/ / www.psyop.info/2017/05/tactics-used-against-targeted-individuals-electronic-targeting-psychological-warfare.html

2d0377 No.406685

Some good info found here

https :// publicintelligence.net

2d0377 No.406722

Psychological Operations Officer’s Manual:

https :// info.publicintelligence.net/USArmy-PSYOPS-Officer.pdf

d78e2f No.413036

File: c47c7ddd6265cc6⋯.png (592.14 KB, 774x903, 6:7, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at ….png)


https:// therearenosunglasses.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/operation-mind-control-researchers-edition.pdf

770d5e No.415101

>>414545 Mind War: A paper by Michael Aquino (Temple of Set)

>>405362 Mind control DOC

>>408609 Cell Phones / Mind Control: Scientific American article

>>406042 Updated List Of MKultra spoopyness

>>402581 Delta States & how Deltas are created >>403908 & activated >>403909

>>400960 MK Ultra & Modern Day Mind Control

>>397061 MK-Ultra & the pharm/cell tech connection

>>392797 MK-Ultra: Aquarius Group Operations

>>393637, >>394008 MK & MK pdf Cliff Notes >>393717

>>397353 CIA, MK, Mind Control & Sodomy: Research

>>405611 Voice to Skull psycho-electronic mind control

>>397491 Psychological, Acoustic and Chemical weapons that are LEGAL

>>397207 Patents for Mind Control

>>402113 Heard Voices: List of shooters who all heard voices

>>397349 Heard Voices: Florida suspect heard voices telling him to carry out massacre

83dc13 No.415408


ahhh so >>402581 makes the connection with the network wearing orange and purple

770d5e No.418870

>>414545 Mind War: A paper by Michael Aquino (Temple of Set)

>>405362 Mind control DOC

>>408609 Cell Phones / Mind Control: Scientific American article

>>406042 Updated List Of MKultra spoopyness

>>402581 Delta States & how Deltas are created >>403908 & activated >>403909

>>400960 MK Ultra & Modern Day Mind Control

>>397061 MK-Ultra & the pharm/cell tech connection

>>392797 MK-Ultra: Aquarius Group Operations

>>393637, >>394008 MK & MK pdf Cliff Notes >>393717

>>397353 CIA, MK, Mind Control & Sodomy: Research

>>405611 Voice to Skull psycho-electronic mind control

>>397491 Psychological, Acoustic and Chemical weapons that are LEGAL

>>397207 Patents for Mind Control

>>402113 Heard Voices: List of shooters who all heard voices

>>397349 Heard Voices: Florida suspect heard voices telling him to carry out massacre

There is MORE to Mind-Control than MK-Ultra. RITUAL is a form of mind control. RITUAL comes in many different forms and at the highest criminal levels it exists for only one purpose: conformance (command and control).

These were Public Ritual Theater: JFK, 911, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon.

These are Private Rituals: Opening the Inner Eye (Ritual Sodomy of Children), Human Sacrifice (commit Murder to gain Personal Power), Kiss the Ring (AIPAC, Pontif, Royal, Yellen, Weinstein), Catch-and-Provide-Slaves (Edelstein, Sterling Alen, SA, Clowns, Wannabes)..

What is a Ritual?

How does a Ritual Work?

Who is Master of Rituals?

Are Ritual Masters Public Figures?

What is Ritual Hierarchy?

Why does Ritual "Work"?

Whom does Ritual benefit?

Whom does Ritual benefit the greatest?

What Rituals do we perform every day?

What Rituals do we perform on special occasions?

What Rituals do we perform for Special People?

What Rituals do we perform for "work"?

What Rituals do we perform for "permission to live"?!

770d5e No.422817

>>402113, >>405611, Invoked Paranoid Schizophrenia In School Shooters >>418443, >>397349

>>407359 Frequency, therapy, and shooters

>>418370 Monarch overview

>>417225 More programming

>>417076 MBreaking Your Mind >>417140, >>417083

5deeb7 No.461343

Right OK.

To answer Q’s question:


Big Pharma required for research into Pharma / effects / animal & human trials of vaccines, medicines and supplements for mass human consumption. Lobbying of Doctors, Health Practitioners to prescribe their drugs.

To initially 'break' the mind there would need to be a physical intervention ('therapy') performed on the subject, after which the subject could be remote controlled via EMR. Without an intervention this could still affect mass population.


Am looking at the EMR transmission of control signals via sat referenced in Q's post >>>/greatawakening/96

Aluminium adjuvant in vaccines has been found to concentrate in the brain of infants. Vaccination policy is enforced.

Involving chemtrails in the scope of this containing aluminium (increases amplitude of received EMR ), barium (allows radar tracking of subjects / us!??) Strontium (increases effect of aluminium amplification in EMR, would this also amplify the effect of Barium?):

https:// www.activistpost.com/2015/07/aluminum-barium-and-strontium-new.html

So chemicals from chemtrails increasing both our receptivity as well as our reactivity to EMR signals, as well as allow us to be tracked.

Both EMR and Fluoride share the capacity to be genotoxic and reduce melatonin secretion. Reduced melatonin secretion is seen to play a central role in the neoplastic and other diseases associated with EMR exposure (does this mean that assimilated Flouride in the body / brain from water as well as the drugs Fluoxetine and Mefloquine might increase the effect of the already amplified EMR??)

A lot of anti-psychotic and SSRI’s feature in these cases and the industry has been permeated by the CIA from the beginning:

>> 446734

5deeb7 No.461347


So as per Q’s post:


Candidates are identified, monitored and subjected to therapy as per Monarch programming. They are then further programmed / triggered / controlled via Extra Low Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation. This patent was suggested by Bill Cooper in relation to a case brought up around Remote Neural Monitoring:


U.S Patent Number: 3,951,134 for remote sensing and modulation of brain waves, 1976.

This patent is now owned by Harris Corp, who also own the patent for the Stingray cell phone tracker (this in theory could be used to identify which person to affect with any Satellite ELF signals as their phone IMEI would be their identifyer). Harris Corp have a history of working with GEC Marconi.

Some of the scientists that died on the Marconi SDI Programme in the 80’s and 90’s were working on ELF Signals as they were developing radar for the Stingray torpedo. Here is some info regarding the GEC / Marconi mind control and the deaths of the scientists:


If you look at this guy’s research, he has proved that the EMF of the brain interacts with the EMF of the earth and that information passes between the two and in fact can be picked up by a second mind (the resonant frequency of both the mind and the earth’s EMF is 7Hz).

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l6VPpDublg

Therefore if, for instance a signal of 1900kHz had the inverse signal added to it which was carrying a separate signal at 7Hz, this would leave an Electromagnetic Radiaton signal at 7Hz which itself carried an AI controlled signal replicating EMR signals of desired brain behaviour which would then be picked up and incorporated into the brain’s EMF, and therefore go some way to producing the desired results of the transmitted brainwaves on the person’s behaviour / thoughts / senses.

The thing about EMR is that all signals can be neatly added together, manipulated and subtracted out of there again – exposing the previously coded signals and pretty much any frequency as it’s just mathematics. With these having direct and measurable effects on a human’s consciousness there’s really no limit to what interference / controlling behaviour could be projected onto a subject remotely. Voices / audio & visual messages wouldn’t be a problem. Transmitting a consciousness to co-habit? Already been theorised and claimed by Robert Duncan. Hive-mind, anyone?

There could be hardware in some devices which takes this ELF satellite signal and introduces it into a mobile phone’s radiation so as to relay the ELF to the brain, and also monitors the brainwaves for their response and relays that. A phone could always introduce lower frequency signals into higher frequency carriers to bypass the problem of not having enough power to broadcast ELF signals. If you look at the level of energy that the internal signals are in the brain’s EMF then as the lecturer states – it’s not the level of the signal, it’s the modulation within that signal that is important.

There is definitely enough info here, all relatively substantiated to propose a fact-based explanation as to how this can work in the real world. Would be good to have an idea of the mobile phone tech though, and any further ideas.

5deeb7 No.461383


Also, as per Q’s comment, just the TIP – there is a ‘Trauma Inpatient Programme’ at a Facility specialising in Dissociative Disorders in McLean, VA.

http:// www.mcleanhospital.org/programs/dissociative-disorders-and-trauma-inpatient-program

3bacde No.462361

File: 8761efa1d2b7ff4⋯.jpg (500.03 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Mefloquine_neurotoxic_mala….jpg)

File: 95858abaaa45919⋯.jpg (8.74 KB, 265x188, 265:188, lariam.jpg)

File: 66498b2985b3959⋯.jpg (128.33 KB, 731x527, 43:31, Mefloquine similiar to psy….jpg)

Mefloquine (Lariam, Roche USA) & MK-ULTRA

There is one drug that needs far more research and attention in the context of mass shootings and suicide, particularly by former or active military. Former active military on this board will likely have heard of Mefloquine (or brand name Lariam, Roche USA), which has been used throughout the United States and elsewhere as a prophylactic and treatment for malaria. If they do know of this anti-parasitic drug, they may be disturbed to learn about its history. Mefloquine was developed largely in secret and then fast tracked thru the FDA approval process with relative little appropriate testing for safety and efficacy.

Moreover, there is evidence that as early as 1955, and possibly earlier, the CIA was experimenting with quinolines, the chemical family to which mefloquine belongs, as part of MKULTRA, a program of research in behavioral modification. "Quinolines were included in a study of the “curare-like”—a type of poison used on native blow darts—effects of thiols, and another study that investigated toxic cerebral states. The stated aim of the latter study was to “understand the mechanism of such states as toxic delirium, uremic coma, and cerebral toxicity from poisoning.”

The potential use of these drugs in an interrogation setting was a stated purpose for the study: “an adversary service could use such drugs to produce anxiety or terror in medically unsophisticated subjects unable to distinguish drug-induced psychosis from actual insanity.”

Because of my research in neuropsychopharmacology, I only became aware of mefloquine by chance a few years ago as it is not classed a CNS drug. However, when I first saw its chemical structure, I immediately recognized the "psychostimulant" skeletal pharmacophore found in methamphetamine and "bath salt" type psycho-stimulants. However, because of mefloquine's 6 fluorine groups, its half life for the single "treatment" dose (1250 mg) for active infection has a half life of 15-30 days, which means that an unsuspecting person could take this drug, but only begin to experience adverse psychiatric symptoms several days later without being aware that the effects are drug induced and not idiopathic.

Because GITMO exists outside the US and is under military control, it would also provide a unique opportunity to continue secret advanced MK-Ultra research.

If you start digging into the dozens of news paper articles and published studies in the posted graphics, you will begin to paint a very ugly and disturbing picture.

aa352e No.515197


Q: Think Google [new Pixel phone].

Think Apple [vs. Samsung].

Google Pixel & Apple iphone processors contain Scalar technology? Not a techfag -can anyone confirm? (links below)

In 2016, Google Pixel is 1st

US device with Qualcomm's

Snapdragon 821 CPU which

uses Hexagon 680 DSP containing

4 threads for scalar instructions.

http:// www.knowyourmobile.com/mobile-phones/google-pixel-phone/23783/google-pixel-phone-first-qualcomms-snapdragon-821

https:// www.anandtech.com/show/10948/qualcomm-snapdragon-835-kryo-280-adreno-540/2

Apple's "Macroscalar" is a processor architecture that's been in the works

since 2004. In fact, Apple owns at least

four granted patents on the technology… (haven't found when it was rolled out.)

http:// www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2012/02/apples-macroscalar-architecture-will-it-take-ios-to-the-next-level.html



e9aff2 No.515419




e9aff2 No.515445


CIA Project ARTICHOKE (also referred to as Operation ARTICHOKE) was a CIA project that researched interrogation methods and arose from Project BLUEBIRD on August 20, 1951, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. A memorandum by Richard Helms to CIA director Allen Welsh Dulles indicated Artichoke became Project MKULTRA on April 13, 1953.

e9aff2 No.515450


https:// web.archive.org/web/20110501170115/http:// freegovreports.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=10&Itemid=16

974c90 No.516043

Good movie to watch is American Ultra staring Kristen Stewart.

Tells how cia has mind control program called ultra. And assets, how assets are mind controlled and used for certain tasks.

ac2124 No.519593


This could be huge. Please consider.

BIG PHARMA connection:

Pharmaceutical effects can be transmitted via the magnetic scalar field.

Necessary conditions:

- very low intensity scalar waves to allow uptake & release of information (in this study, Clotrimazole and anti-fungal)

- benzene rings (or simlar chemical molecules) at the the transmitter with its drug information (Clotrimazole) and the biological target (yeast), thus creating the loop antennas.

http:// www.k-meyl.de/go/Primaerliteratur/discovery-md_083002.pdf

From the publication:


1. Biological systems seem to use a special kind of electromagnetics (scalar waves) for signaling. This could also explain why biological systems are only weakly influenced by conventional Hertzian waves.

2. Scalar waves need benzene ring like structures at the source of information and biological target as well. The free electrons circulating in the ring are excited by a magnetic scalar wave passing accoring to the law of induction. These micro currents provide the necessary energy for the translation of the information transported by the scalar wave.

3. In a yeast model, it can be shown that a growth inhhibiting effect of a fungicide can be achieved by mere information transfer via scalar waves.


Supplementary application of drug effects mediated by scalar waves could develop to be a useful tool to reduce unwanted side effects of pharmaceuticals.

b0a793 No.553077

Has anyone taken a look at this? Alternate meaning for MAPS

http:// www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1997/eirv24n13-19970321/eirv24n13-19970321_044-is_a_new_mk_ultra_drug_plague_af.pdf

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