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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 8ffb99b0b579fbe⋯.jpg (14.43 MB, 8006x8484, 4003:4242, Q Concept MAP.jpg)

0030cd No.396133

As requested, I'm posting updated copies to my Q Concept mind map as I work on it's. It's going deep, and hopefully we can crowdsource a way render it into an easily digestible medium for normies or anyone. Add your own, lets share ideas, please!

0030cd No.396264

File: 66de56b6e751a47⋯.jpg (6.83 MB, 5400x5278, 2700:2639, Q Concept MAP 1-1.jpg)

Here's the first update. I've added a placeholder branch for people/places that need thought and placement. Please note, the working copy of this contains links for sauce. If you see something that you have some good sauce for PROOFS, please feel free to share it, I'll be grateful for the info. Once I figure out the associated cloud for this software, I'll upload the project and share the working copy, not just a .jpeg.

Thanks and please share your own concepts!

67985f No.396319



Each major group (subtopic) connected to the main topic, then has a separate map, for example like >>395850 suggested:




human trafficking


Not sure , but it would seem a good idea to make ones for the people, businesses (Sidley Austin) and foundations (The Asia Foundation, politician's foundations) that Q has mentioned specifically.

So you have 1 large map, and then the subtopics each have their own maps on which you can add the links to actual proofs.

a38004 No.396324

Last year when I was dumping Wikileaks stuff on Gab I cam across a series of tweets by them where if you clicked on the link of a particular person it showed all their contacts.

It was an interactive map and as you mouse point on a particular connection to that person information would come up.

I can't find them on my end so I went looking still can't find them I was wondering would this be the kind of thing we could use to build an interactive 3d map of our connections.

If anyone could find those tweets from around September or October of 2017 I really think they could help

a38004 No.396346


Aw Geez I found them

Can this help

Original tweet

https:// twitter.com/wikileaks/status/793849006702989312


Visualizing the Clinton, Podesta, DNC

https:// clinton.media.mit.edu/

0030cd No.396352


I'll get it all out of my brain, then the organizing will begin. Part of this is self-help, kek. Gotta unburden the grey matter first. But yes, that's exactly where I'll be going. You're over the target anon. I'll never even bother with this if I start making separate maps before I purge my head.

0030cd No.396362


And thank you! Forgot to slip that in there.

a38004 No.396374


https:// clinton.media.mit.edu/clinton

0030cd No.396375


This does that on my copy, just not the jpeg I'm posting here due to file size constraints. I'll look into the cloud host for this tomorrow so I can post the link to the "working copy".

0030cd No.396377


looking now..

a38004 No.396380

does this help?

0030cd No.396389


I like it. I bookmarked it. Thanks.

a38004 No.396399


trying to help

d8e435 No.396406

File: aa9fb4cd21b77a1⋯.png (108.44 KB, 936x607, 936:607, MAP DRAFT 4.PNG)

Still more connections to add but here it is…

67985f No.396412

File: cdd5f7975c042f1⋯.png (2.8 MB, 5393x7897, 5393:7897, Laura Silsby NLCR.png)

File: 7c427b6760d3b4a⋯.png (667.75 KB, 3292x2365, 3292:2365, child trafficking network.png)

File: e02c755afe15d36⋯.png (1.45 MB, 5191x3799, 179:131, us govt personnel -child p….png)


No problem I understand completely. Large view first, then specifics.

I had the same experience during /pg/ - so much info, so many connections. Reposting here re: human trafficking.

It got very huge, very quickly. Had to break it down to some smaller maps to tie in and show the relationships.

Attaching as examples

a38004 No.396414


can you use the program Wikileaks used to make it interactive and then we throw in news and deltas and all the stuff we need

67985f No.396584


Question - are you open to using this thread for other mindmaps or did you envision it to be just for your large, over-arching 40kft view map? Don't want to clutter it up if the latter was your intention…

97ff29 No.396848


At a glance it appears that you are doing a great job. Nice and neat, well organized.

The problem I have with what you are presenting, (at least this available image) is that even on a 52" flat screen tv, I cannot read the information in the flow chart.

97ff29 No.396939

Flowchart Shareware

http:// www.flowcharttools.com/flowcharttools.html

a46e04 No.397006

any chance of an interactive world map. Starting with first things first. To show how like a virus their corruption took the world. Such as a google map…

f40132 No.397026


Could we add geoengineering?

a46e04 No.397040

considering most work, mil and school for adults in is an 8th grade level. we must remember to keep it simple and interactive at that 8th grade level. Hoping this helps wife's in Advertising.

67985f No.397285


Thank you, but that's kind of the point - Even if you break it down, it's enormous. That's why I have been advocating for more targeted maps, so they will be smaller and more digestible, even for autists it can be overwhelming. And if it's overwhelming, then the brain can't really process it.

48c965 No.397625


Is it just me, or do images get placed into the breads that have nothing other than the image itself. No headers on the file name (something seemingly random in the name), nothing in the body post linking back to another post or any explanation why the photo.

If thinking maps and building the map. A map would have layers and eventually get to a point of needing a keystone to hold it all together connecting one side to the other.

So how does one inspect an image for layering to see what may be contained in it, underneath, etc.?

e9b5e7 No.400864

File: 408fda88a7e7628⋯.jpg (227.58 KB, 1222x704, 611:352, u1.jpg)

File: 8035bc7ed1cc5d3⋯.jpg (709.08 KB, 1255x703, 1255:703, Garten.jpg)

File: dfccd01677006fb⋯.jpg (429.91 KB, 1250x681, 1250:681, rothkopf1.jpg)

File: 152343bb4ce86ca⋯.jpg (541.58 KB, 1264x689, 1264:689, Louis.jpg)

File: 382937558f19d54⋯.jpg (562.59 KB, 1235x683, 1235:683, sadler.jpg)

A few maps I pulled together in December. Thew various networks associated with Gannett Board members and other areas of the deep state

66381a No.402226

File: d09085640ebf581⋯.jpg (154.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, alwaleed-podesta-obama.jpg)

File: 52642c801698204⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 500x641, 500:641, arrested-saudi_0.jpg)

File: 8207f9406d3eaf4⋯.jpg (90.42 KB, 564x600, 47:50, vaticanf09a29aad318132757e….jpg)

66381a No.402231

https:// throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/

folks head on over to this website.

tons and tons of MAPS/PROOFS

with everything we are digging into! I can't believe I just found this!

a6e8bd No.404939

File: e902cd5a58b5e57⋯.jpg (888.97 KB, 2550x3508, 1275:1754, keystoneidea.jpg)

a couple of posts on bread #476 got me thinking. they were:

>>387418 (in referring to Q's >>386861) which said:

15Map 10 5 (1)key



The top isn't so complicated. Everything that goes into it is. Should I make it easy for them Q?

then >>387505 (in referring to Q's >>387462) which said:


a a a a a b b b b b b b b b c

then same anon posted >>387536 (in referring to their own previous post 387505) which said:

where is up down

where is left right

where you find the keystone

then finally they posted >>387617 which said:

The map is in plain sight. Don't make it so complicated. It doesn't have most of the answers you want. The map tells you where to dig.

i then started thinking about bridges with keystones in them. if the keystone is at the top and all of the strikers come down in an arch from the keystone, and if the bridge is over water, then the arch would be reflected in the water. so i used the above a a a a a b b b b b b b b b c where c would be the keystone and the other letters the strikers beside forming the rest of the arch. i then thought of using the "up down, left right" post to form the other letters which i reflected with a mirror. i came up with the following rough sketch. maybe you smarter anons could figure something to do with it?? maybe it could form some kind of legend for a map??

c6ffa0 No.405271


Q please help you tubers is saying that you have been compromised please stop this

4eaa29 No.405468





Here is a resource library that even Mr. Cooper would have appreciated. Worth all of your time. Alot of gold in here.

htt ps://me ga.nz/#F!kn5lQJ5I

Key - !gIr0SGs4SL2fXrQR0dU61A

328bdf No.406193


Shared thread, not just mine. We are hive mind.


I think that is a very good idea. Something you could read forward or backwards.

328bdf No.406205


I'm not sure I follow. Can you elaborate?

328bdf No.406259


Everyone is different, anon. Therefore you are going to see many perspectives from many people. Another thing to keep in mind is that some maps our new and evolving, while others our completed segments bigger picture. Some anons may choose to post descriptors, while others may just choose to post the graphic. This is an image board and this is simply a thread for mapfags to collaborate and share.

328bdf No.406318


Interesting that you are missing the Rothschild ownership of the Rio Tinto Group in the map. A lot of ties you have there, good work. You should add the Roths' historical ownership in Rio Tinto.

328bdf No.406384

OP here. I'll have some more work to post on Sunday I have real life stuff to do this weekend. I hope to see some more great maps when I get back.

f40132 No.408339


Geoengineering, commonly known as chemtrails. I posted that comment last night, and this came to my attention this morning:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFOb99rQJNY&t=2s

A lot of people awake/waking regarding the spraying going on in our skies. For them, bottom line is: are (((they))) still spraying.

f40132 No.408384

cd07f9 No.408660

Aloha Mapfagistan!

I have all the Muckety maps backed up and could post here if they’d help. I wouldn’t want to clutter the thread up with them if not.

Another idea: I’d be happy to make another hread / repository where all the muckety maps and other infographs could be posted and used as a reference for the map makers here.

What do you all think? Godspeed anons.

75cb0d No.408709


You need to develop some critical thinking skills Anon. We're not here to hold your peter. Suggest you start researching image editors and how they work.

Lurk moar. Learn. Add value.

2ad425 No.408786

File: 79c90acf4de156f⋯.png (332.98 KB, 1161x768, 387:256, 2018-02-17_1020.png)

Good Morning Anons. I work professionally communicating concepts and information between different groups, explaining complex ideas in general and in detail. I am considering getting involved here (I'm already memeing and twatting) but I understand how much work this concept mapping is going to be to do this right - both for research purposes, and communicating outside the chan to help educate the general public. I'm first going to offer some advice to all mappers as I decide how much further I can get involved right now.

1. A project this big will require a team effort - this is much bigger than and cmap I've seen - so pick a tool that allows secure collaboration but also allows you to save your work offline to avoid corruption/sabotage by others. I have used a tool called "CMAP" to do this - it's free and there are a few ways to collaborate. ( https:// cmap.ihmc.us/ )

2. The nodes ("concepts" or "bubbles") on the chart are where the data is summarized as a label. This label should link off-chart to supporting documentation, or to another cmap that "drills down" into that data label. That more detailed map should repeat the process, drilling down and down until every single node of importance has a link off-map to supporting documentation (web page, wiki, blog, qpost archives, youtube videos, tweets, other anon's hard work, etc).

3. Relationships 101: The REAL value of a cmap is in the METADATA between the major nodes. In many cases this is represented by a line - the "connection" - but that connection should be labeled with a "relationship type" using "linking words". Relationship types should be descriptive. (A)–is supported by–(B) || (B)–has a–(C) || (C)–is a part of–(D). These relationships are how you describe the concept you are conveying. Many times these relationships are directional, so label them ("linking words") like that, optionally use arrows to describe direction.

4. Relationships 102: Sometimes the nature of this relationship is complex enough to warrant it's own node, with a link to reference materials, or even another cmap to explain the relationship process. A good example of this is a very complex bidirectional or conditional relationship. These can get tricky and confusing.

5. Categories will develop. Tagging will be helpful. Color-coding the nodes will help visually organize categories.

6. You map is a guide for the reader. It's best to link to the supporting documents and let your reader mentally map the little details themselves. There are several reasons for that. 1) Your map is a guide for the reader. 2) The reader will learn more by absorbing the details on their own. 3) If your map is too detailed it is cumbersome and overwhelming. 4) You'll never finish a map that is overly detailed.

I'm travelling for work next week, and may have time to get started on mapping. I do not want to do this alone (I can't)… if I set-up a system for collaborating on maps - can I count on you to take a part of the map and start diagramming? Literally ANYONE can create these maps with a little practice, following some basic "best practices", and working together.

The mapteam will also have to defend our work from shills. Given the nature of this project, I'm not yet sure how to do this and keep everything as anonymous as possible. (I think it's important to be as anonymous as possible, for our own personal safety) I'll do some research on this before getting to far into the mapping effort. (We may need specialist help here).

This is not a game. Anyone participating is potentially at risk - because the product of this work (when done correctly) will be of GREAT REAL THREAT to the subjects of the map. We are citizens, with families, and jobs, and we don't have bodyguards and cyber warefare specialists keeping us safe.

If you think you'd like to map with the mapteam, send a quick reply to this please so I know you are out there and you are interested.

Apologies for the length of this read.

62f001 No.409368


Good post, anon. I have been assessing similar approaches. My central thesis is that we need to construct a web graphic that is essentially a 'master list' containing all of the uncovered information with each label/tag and categorically listing each nodes connections within the web to provide ease of legibility and digestibility of the info.

Here is an example of what I have been considering https:// www.q uantamagazine.org/frontier-of-physics-interactive-map-20150803/

And here is an initial/rough-draft/work in progress of a possible organizational structure:


1. Establishing Credibility of Q Info

a) Assemble provided proofs (chronologically)

b) Utilize mind-map format to organize – MUST be easily digestible

c) Highlight confirmation indications I.E., Timestamps, symbols, words, phrases etc.

d) Draw conclusions?

e) Is this necessary or is the Q proofs simply for us, like handing off the baton, and we pick up with developing the mind maps of the events, people, and connections from there

2. Introduction to the Cabal & Deep State

a) What is the Cabal & Deep State

b) Who controls & guides them

c) How do they operate

▪ Blackmail

▪ Extortion

▪ Bribery

▪ Deception

d) Who are the puppets (controlled bad actors/blackhats)

e) Who are the puppet-masters (Godfather directs)

▪ 3 Families/Bloodlines (Inner Triangle) (top of the hierarchy):

• House of Saud

• Rothschild

• Soros

3. Control & Influence Apparatuses

a) Finance

▪ Central Banking Cartel

▪ Market Manipulation

▪ LIBOR, gold, 2008 crash, etc.

b) Technology

▪ Apple, iphone

▪ Google, eric schmidt

▪ Twitter,

▪ Facebook,

▪ Big Data

▪ Backdoor implementation via hardware, software;

• Manufacturing base in China/Overseas

c) Governmental




d) NGOs/Nonprofits

e) Medical/Pharmaceutical

f) Military

g) Religion?

fb28a2 No.409811

File: 5d67aee31c77cb2⋯.jpg (699.8 KB, 2016x1512, 4:3, IMG_8227.JPG)



great posts anons. i'm in the process of building a mind-map now with a tool similar to cmap and it is a MASSIVE undertaking. the amount of information we are dealing with is overwhelming and this thing will be huge when i'm done.

i like the concept of a collaborative mapteam but i have reservations about it.

>OPSEC / doxxing yourself

>disruption from clowns/shills

like it's been said, this is not a game. there is risk and we need to stay as safe as possible. IMO i think we're going to have to work together, but separately … if that makes sense.

i'm using Q's drops as a basis for mapping out the main topics and filling out the surrounding concepts without getting too detailed. for example the 'core' of my map centers around three main topics:

+++ (SA)

++ (roths)

+ (soros)

and from there the spider web extends out into all the different shit that we've been uncovering.

67985f No.409996


I (spreadsheet anon) would love to participate in any capacity needed . This is the crucial step to organizing the data IMO. I will keep checking back here to see if you do want to develop and utilize this, if so, count me in.

2ad425 No.410324


Agreed - there is so much to include. I was thinking we map need to reverse the call for "mapfags" and instead gather subject matter experts (SMEs) in every category - and TEACH those anons how to map in a way that we can link these together, and not need a central hub for now.


Agreed - your approach is more secure for now, and this way we can frame the map out more quickly, section by section - each working independently until we get a baseline map put together. Where my map ends might be links to somewhere in your map, etc.

As we complete a section we publish it on a free/anon host somewhere (?) for comment/critique - collecting feedback to make additions/corrections… this will be critical, since we will not get it right the first time. I think it's important to get it up fast and fix the flaws, polish the message, etc.

Once the concepts are mapped - who knows what other ideas comms anons will have for presenting the data in normie friendly ways. The maps will be the guides, or scripts, for unknown number of others doing inestimable things.

Once the baseline is up, we can version it in sections - in modules - in sections - whatever.


Glad to know you are there. All mappers will greatly benefit from the work you have done, and continue to do for us.

4fe0db No.410559


Know you have spent many hours putting this together. There are so many people/organizations involved in this map of shame/corruption it can get overwhelming some days & why a simple layout is so important. I have excepted the fact I can’t keep up with all the research being done even though I spend time trying to everyday since Oct 30. Thank you for taking the bull by the horns & trying to layout what we’ve discovered on this journey. Appreciate it!

966888 No.411054

File: 52ed44bd148048f⋯.png (377.66 KB, 1918x769, 1918:769, ClipboardImage.png)

Codefags…could this be useful? Linking example:

http:// www.simile-widgets.org/exhibit3/examples/presidents/presidents.html

cbe1bb No.413206


What are some good software (and tolerable free software) and file formats for this kind of work?

328bdf No.416213




OP here. I think all of you anons have some great insight and some amazing ideas. >>409811 said it best about having reservations collaborating especially off-platform. If need be, anons can build separate node build-outs right here. Perhaps for those interested proinfofag anon can post his work or even just a basic non-detailed big-picture view and other SMExpertfags can claim their node from that or portion thereof and build it. If we're looking for many smaller maps to build the main one, we can collaborate and also work separately right here, and everyone can use the software of their choosing, plus archive everything offline - redundant offline archiving.. Just my humble 2 cents on that. Once we have something substantial, we can post the resulting map where others may freely see it or use it.

328bdf No.416225


I'm using iThoughtsX for Mac. It is $50 and very functional.

2ad425 No.417545


I've used CMAP in the past - it's free, and simple to build detailed maps that cross link and have supporting documents.

Its had a few updates since last I used it - I downloaded it yesterday and will work with it on the plane today to get familiar again.

I like that the maps can be shared, can be versioned (to protect against map fuckers), and can be exported to a variety of formats.

https:// cmap.ihmc.us/cmaptools/cmaptools-download/

Just fill out that form w/ bogus info, submit it, and you'll be able to download the software.

Also, once you open the app, you'll be asked for "authoring" data - like your name… I think it's obvious, but please do not put any information in there that can dox you. That information is "embedded" in your CMAP files, which is great if you want people to know who created the map… not great if you want to be an anon.

CMAP also has lots of help files and tutorials - it's been around a long time. (I first used this back in 2003/2004).

https:// cmap.ihmc.us/docs/learn.php

2ad425 No.417565


^^^^^^^^^^ I like it.

2ad425 No.417936

Where can I find the qpost spreadsheet(s)? I've looked through other boards, but keep coming up empty. Help pls.

e9b5e7 No.418110


I hadn't come across the Rio Tinto/Rothschild connection. Thanks.

02ebb3 No.418214



Internesting connection.

How come I don't remember all the fuss about this back in 2014, but it is front and center with current admin.

https:// www.blacklistednews.com/Measure_allowing_Rothschild%27s_Rio_Tinto_to_open_a_massive_copper_mining_project_on_sacred_Apache_land_slipped_into_NDAA/39784/0/38/38/Y/M.html

67985f No.418355


Sounds good to me! I'll do whatever anons decide will work best.


Here are some other free programs as well >>9200

I have used Freemind (a fork of Xmap) and eDrawMax, have Inkscape but haven't used it for mapping yet, but it does have that capability.

67985f No.418374


>Where can I find the qpost spreadsheet(s)?

/qresearch/ is the name of the board - the individual threads are located on the board.

The spreadsheet of Q's posts & those he responds to and includes answers & theories & news items related is located here:

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Efm2AcuMJ7whuuB6T7ouOIwrE_9S-1vDJLAXIVPZU2g/edit?usp=sharing

The link will always be in the top posts in the General thread, if it ever has to move for any reason, an announcement will be made in the General and the link to it will be in all subsequent top posts.

1571ad No.420119


Thank you.

9c54ff No.426483

https:// storm.apache.org/

>>426196 See this anon's post in general

Dunno if it's applicable or useful. ICYMI

3cc635 No.431435

Found a free software than may be able to display map, find and display interconnected links and provide a means of presentation.

http:// vue.tufts.edu/features/index.cfm

Take a look and see what you think.

97b7ae No.432179


https:// sourceforge.net/projects/tuftsvue/files/latest/download

Taking a look. Other anons should too.

293c40 No.435880

File: 726eeb2204fd3b3⋯.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1233x1253, 1233:1253, 2273685D-43FA-4221-B07F-5….jpeg)

so I haven’t had much success getting anons to help with digging on map topics on the general thread. maybe we can get more focused here? if any diggerniggers want to gather data points on subjects [any] so us mapfags can start piecing this together that would be awesome.

I’d suggest going through the Q crumbs and find a focal topic then dig on it. the work has been done, anons just need to filter and find the relevant points and connections. a lot of good intel can be found in older boards.

example: the corruption nexus of dems like pelosi, waters, schumer…etc

Or start out with listing all ‘major’ topics…

Anything will help, it’s slow as one anon mapping it out. many maps must be created initially, then we can condense the relevant data into one (or all) maps. and time is not on our side.

I’d share what I have so far but I’m phonefagging.

4925c2 No.439854


I’m interested. I’m working on creating a comprehensive database linking q posts with relevant data from past bread. My thought is that a lot of the data is linked to other persons of interest/topics so a database that is properly organized can help automate or at least make more efficient the processing and connecting of the data. But it will take some time. Once this is done holes or missed connections in the map will be easily identified.

f8989a No.440096


Very nice looking tool to get a quick start.


Do you have a method for easily "tagging" the posts. If so, the tool above (VUE) can quickly indicated similar relationships when you connect via tags. See the video demos at link above.

fb28a2 No.441632

File: dafc563aa882d7b⋯.jpg (8.41 KB, 200x203, 200:203, map_anon_sm.jpg)

File: a80b26cc7aec490⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 1115x504, 1115:504, nk_iran_russia.jpg)

File: 8dce62e42f550b5⋯.jpg (58.56 KB, 1079x668, 1079:668, overview.jpg)


a database would be cool, definitely a lot of work too!

for other map anons, here's my 'node' for nk/spacex/iran/russia. what am i missing?

also, here's an overview example of what my map is starting to look like. (yes i know it's not readable). i'll be able to organize it better as the major data points get entered in. color-coding, graphics, etc will come later.

10d453 No.443842


The Library of Alexandria. I fell in love with the name first. The contents kick ass.

10d453 No.443862


I think it might be helpful to start mapping the easiest pills to swallow and move from there. Maybe no more that 20 ideas per page? 4 or 5 pages make a bucket? A bucket fills the final map?

Agreed. More gopher holes that the backyard I grew up in. Gets overwhelming. Maybe breaking down will help.

726a51 No.448224

>>448153 <-- Clue?

Any GISfags in this thread? I'm looking into this, but have very little experience here.

d8e435 No.469537

File: 02f7cf167b2e93e⋯.png (105.96 KB, 861x614, 861:614, MAPDRAFT5.PNG)

8b2fb8 No.475465

File: aa65ae68100ae20⋯.png (265.58 KB, 2353x1547, 181:119, Q_cmap_draft.png)

Ok, I have revised my original concept a bit. As Q has made mention many times, (or perhaps I have read the same thing many times, they are starting to blur together) of maps, webs, keys, etc., a particular post I came across first instance Q ever brought up the subject. https:// archive.4ple bs.org/pol/thread/148136485/#148139234

So, my current revision is that this post may show where the map is to start. Analyze not just the content of the post, but the abstracts surrounding it and defining the totality of the situation. I think there’s something here, I’m just not completely sure what it is so I go with my intuition. Plus, this mapping software is fun.

The keystone is the center of the map and defines the relationships, identities, connections, etc., as well as abstracts detailing the scenario. After this is complete maybe dates may expand outwards (like a web) where we begin to connect happenings and events etc., back to the core info. Still need to fill out a lot of info and flesh everything out just for the base c-map, but I wanted to share where I’m at right now & glean some feedback if there is any out there (appreciate it). Could use some ideas on what to apply to the game theory portion, or really anything on here haha. As I feel that I am a better writer than a mapper, perhaps my efforts might be best served elsewhere. Anyway, keep at it anons

b797bc No.477156


this is good anon kek

3ced84 No.485400



interactive maps with depth of content.


https:// prezi.com/product/

e5668c No.491761

File: 6689f09b24f20cf⋯.png (5.36 MB, 5009x4232, 5009:4232, 43 Connections MAP.png)

File: 1ffa71f7a2988ca⋯.png (18.89 KB, 390x498, 65:83, 43 Connections.png)

File: 897db1fbc1a68c6⋯.png (10.64 KB, 420x222, 70:37, 43 Connections Q post.png)

On Nov 24 in post #225, Q said:

>Map currently has 43 confirmed connections

So I went back through all the crumbs and pulled out the most obvious 43 names that were directly referenced (see spreadsheet pic)

I tried to limit the amount of connections by excluding organizations or people that I considered to be /goodguys/

There are other names like Sessions, Mike Green, Devos etc that were not counted.

I haven't expanded the map to include organizations like Rizvi, the CIA, SpaceX yet… That comes next.

If you want to collaborate and continue expanding the graphic go to:

>https:// www.draw.io/

open the XML fire that's located here:

>https:// file.io/sPPoJk

and keep building!

I will add HTML links to news articles that detail their crimes later.

e81fcd No.491811

File: 4ebda3094a1b21e⋯.png (972.1 KB, 1546x4525, 1546:4525, pizzagate-history-v6.png)

70669a No.500923

Where is Bill Gate's name on this list?

e5668c No.500932

File: 7870c88177ca4c6⋯.png (5.25 MB, 4989x4284, 1663:1428, Steele Dossier.png)

File: 03a2255059276fc⋯.png (29.03 KB, 598x632, 299:316, Web of deceit.png)

File: b14bb792ca6165d⋯.png (93.35 KB, 603x229, 603:229, Grassley List.png)

File: e2d1a2082bb268b⋯.png (370.15 KB, 640x707, 640:707, Nunes Fox & Friends.png)


Part 2: The Steele Dossier

Former and current senior officials at all levels of government have until Friday to answer 10 questions about their knowledge on the dossier before they will be subpoenaed

62cc79 No.520437


I like it!

mindmap is free, shareable .mm source file location/ideas for version control?

Also want to link to searchable database somehow in


1233ae No.530125

I don't seem to have the technology or expertise to make maps. What if we need a three column map. Original dates counting up to our 111 pivot and then new dates paired with them. A third column for real world news.

All the maps are in chronological order. We have been told many times about looking backward, mirrors and future/past. Will look for matches on the original maps to see if this idea has merit or examples where they match up.

Just sharing an idea anons. Go with it or rip it to shreds as a waste of time.

11990d No.530429


Do you mean 3 dimensions, like

https:// www.visualthesaurus.com

or adding a time warp sort of thing as well?

4a7553 No.535398

https:// i.imgur.com/F1NaiCk.jpg

Here's a map done in cartoon style

4a7553 No.535403

File: bc926333540e1e0⋯.jpg (236.88 KB, 1300x1600, 13:16, F1NaiCk.jpg)

7b35fb No.537626

look at Xmind also

4a7553 No.544484


Good start but Q’s Map – it’s purposes – it’s form - it’s content - is unclear

This needs further discussion and direction from Q.

For those interested in MINDMAPPING - THE BRAIN

There are many different types of mind mapping programmes - many free.

The Brain (version 9 ) has recently come out here:

https:// www. thebrain.com/

Here is an example of one on RussiaTrumpCollusion

https:// webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/A8427B09-D317-A3ED-599A-8D0AA246292D#-6899

Here is another on MK Ultra

https:// webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/6FBA86B0-0C57-9FCA-5CF9-D742DA541AAA

Eyes Wide Open by CrystalClear

https:// webbrain.com/brainpage/brain/4D4F8793-77F0-E038-A31F-89643E69F5A3#-1

You will see that people have put in a huge amount of time into these.

They are all well and good but the big draw-back is they require a lot of time to read.

ea5ee5 No.565676

File: d22e9f62211a182⋯.png (66.7 KB, 764x870, 382:435, TM00.png)

File: 2f529b54c457048⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1489x929, 1489:929, UptonArticle.png)

File: de4dea108f6aa0d⋯.png (149.04 KB, 639x984, 213:328, TM01CircleMap.png)

File: fdcfbb9a1515247⋯.png (130.06 KB, 670x964, 335:482, TM02Bubble.png)


This is the first and second of a series of seven graphics. They explain what "Thinking

Maps" are. These are from a thesis entitled "Thinking Maps as Tools for Multiple Modes of

Understanding" by David Nelson Hyerle. The 11 page monograph going around here has no

completed examples. What I have done is make completed examples and explanations.

The complete monograph from which Hyerle's Chapter 5 Expand Your Thinking is taken is at this link:

https:// files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED332167.pdf

As explained in the first graphic, the problem with the current use of thinking maps is they

are too complex. They should be used to SIMPLIFY. They are NOT for making

compendiums of complete units.

If anyone is interested in the whole series of graphics, then comment on this. If no one is

interested, then I won't shit up the bread with worthless crap and not won't post them.

ea5ee5 No.565705

File: a25bf85a62442ca⋯.png (191.34 KB, 745x964, 745:964, TM03Double.png)

File: e92e08fdacaa755⋯.png (126.6 KB, 750x948, 125:158, TM04Tree.png)

File: e411ba1ec99f176⋯.png (100.3 KB, 927x816, 309:272, TM05Brace.png)

File: 9e15a61de44d826⋯.png (124.21 KB, 671x979, 61:89, TM06FLow.png)


2 of 3

ea5ee5 No.565710

File: 696eedf7c0ac83a⋯.png (149.71 KB, 1390x709, 1390:709, TM07Bridge.png)

File: 69fd1150289edd7⋯.png (9.46 KB, 612x194, 306:97, TM000.png)

4a7553 No.581705


>the problem with the current use of thinking maps is they


>are too complex. They should be used to SIMPLIFY. They are NOT for making


>compendiums of complete units.

4223a1 No.607675


THIS > vis.occrp.org

Marketing vid > youtu.be/wMFfxwK_5uw

4a7553 No.636030

File: d73e5e5003b107a⋯.jpg (621.65 KB, 1194x846, 199:141, DeepStateCancer.jpg)




Here is a graphic/mindmap where the Deep State is compared with Cancer.

I think there are many useful similarities between the signs, symptoms, affects and prognosis that normies understand about Cancer which are directly applicable to the Deep State.

I posted this once before but think it was a casualty of DDOS attack.

80ec80 No.642021

Hollywood Abuse Mindmap - sharing in case you can incorporate…

Created a few months ago when Corey Feldman story came out. Research led to uncovering Paramount producers & studio execs, film & television professionals (with connection to sexual abuse scandals) and ties to US govt & Euro Royalty.

Map was made using XMind mind-mapping software and the original file includes links that support each of the various connections.

https:// archive.org/details/ViacomParamount

Not a techfag so could anyone provide referenced original file so I can view links that support connections? Working on Giustra/HW connections and would like to see if there is more "proof." Thx!

bf77fc No.646638

I'm going to read through some of the maps so far and see if there are any other interesting names to add to the list

You all might want to add a node for connections made in this society that was mentioned earlier in the general boards


fb28a2 No.663320


thanks for sharing, i'll try to incorporate some of that into my map. sure wish we could find that original file with the links. i downloaded the files on that archive link but the mindmap file is not there.

cc80dc No.673933


Yeah, I would love to see the original file. This mindmap goes way beyond the obvious connections most of us have made. Figure even if the supporting evidence isn't solid proof, it would still provide a great digging opportunity.

So none of the xml, sqlite, or torrent files contain the referenced information?

I wonder what the creator meant by this: "Note to viewers: This map was made using XMind mind-mapping software and the original file includes links that support each of the various connections drawn therein. If you cannot find the information yourself, please comment this and a link will be replied."

When I left a comment as instructed, a page popped up with lots of code. Didn't have a clue what to do with it, though. Tech not my thing. There's got to be someone here who knows exactly how to access it.

439360 No.752378

the Bible is based on astro-theology when you say YES you move your head up and down as the sun rises and sets in Hebrew the word YES translates to JES as in Jesus in the summer the sun is highest in the sky in this sign of Leo Leo the Lion The Lion King The King Rises in the winter the sun falls lower in the sky and in the winter equinox is stays in the same position for 3 days this is the three date death of Jesus and this spring the Suns Springs up and is in the sign of Virgo the virgin this is the Virgin birth of Jesus there are three places in the Bible where they describe God he is the bringer of light he is The Giver of Life he lives in the heavens he fights the darkness this is obviously the Sun this is why the pope has a staff with a big sun on it and actually says yes inside the sun xhs Jesus also fat a village with two fish meaning the age of Pisces this is why there are bumper stickers of fish with Jesus name in it then he says go into the house with the man carrying the water pitcher this represents the age of Aquarius he says I will be with you to the end of the age the age of Pisces in the song Age of Aquarius by The 5th Dimension it says quote when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars you're in the age of Aquarius that specific planetary alignment happened a few months ago and all the hundreds of years that it does happen what exactly is the 5th Dimension first you must know the fourth dimension is time so the 5th Dimension time is no longer linear and and now it can be manipulated how to do this you must understand quantum physics Quantum tunneling quantum entanglement and most importantly your true power our true power the double slit experiment watch where you put your thoughts there's a reason if there is a Mountain Dew ice glacier Gatorade ice officers Isis terrorist Snowden Isis Space Station double slit experiment not only changes when you look at it but when you think it look it up please this is our power Mind Over Matter quantum Ascension is quantum tunneling this is what the pyramids are for the Mayan pyramid the Great Pyramid of Giza mount kalesh and also the pyramids of the Grand Canyon furthermore the Mayan calendar the i-ching Terence McKenna time-wave zero the Apocalypse simply means change time has falling off as predicted the sun has changed from moving into the energy fields or the ecliptic or the galactic plane this happens every 24 Thousand Years as we change from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius the sun moves through the ecliptic it is not stationary astro-theology taught by Santos Bonacci we need to think bigger Donald Trump's uncle works for the CIA he was the man assigned to gather Nikola Tesla's belongings when he died penniless and broke and a motel room Nikola Tesla the great inventor said he could see past present and future how else do you think Q has the algorithm I can't predict the future it's a time machine as I said where in the 5th Dimension time was the fourth wake up we need to think bigger be smarter thank you for listening love to all together We Are One remember our power love is your only weapon they want you divided organize come together they will send violent people to disrupt the peace it is false Flags they are coming research mount kalesh and CERN and Saturn worship and Sun worship

439360 No.752407

Say Trump + Pence real fast

439360 No.752420

The sun used to be yellow now it's bright white and there's spray the sky always in front of the Sun with chemtrails

873ce0 No.754048


That is AWESOME.

873ce0 No.754328

File: 409563e0b96706a⋯.jpeg (71.94 KB, 640x862, 320:431, 46120E6C-974A-4A38-B0C0-0….jpeg)

File: a80a32c50c5fbd6⋯.jpeg (137.09 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, BC10DC2E-1AC5-42C4-9F80-E….jpeg)

File: ff9b4b45a945cb5⋯.jpeg (91.19 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, 6CC3E4BC-9EB7-4510-BED9-E….jpeg)

File: de43bb334b1eb7a⋯.jpeg (175.27 KB, 579x1024, 579:1024, A4D1D9ED-90FE-4E8F-9E9D-4….jpeg)


I am going to address this the best I can. I’m not sure what your overall intentions are, but I do find troubling disputable findings in your statement. It seems to lend itself more to Plus Ultra and Tomorrowland Theories, than Bible Based. For those unfamiliar, I have done extensive research into this and, at first, sounded awesome. Yet, like many other things, what appears to be awesome, is not.

Let’s start with;

YouTube MxqUHvNDVF0

She passes and her Granddaughter posts

A message that contains her obituary:

The coded message leads to photobucket.

http:// s300.photobucket.com/user/nyfairlady64/library/?sort=6&page=1

Message from the board:

Translation (trylosphere): NUQMMYDA

Now where to go from here?

#thefutureisnotdead #feedtherightwolf #trylosphere



http:// www.tomorrowlandtimes.com/p/the-1952-box.html

Conversation in chat room (2015)

What's Wallace's last name? Oliver?

🔀Oliver Wallace?!? #WO8102013 #thefutureisnotdead #feedtherightwolf

https:// www.flickr.com/photos/wanderlust_traveler/9517389431/in/photostream/


check this out


https:// www.youtube.com/embed/qMIYrtaDALA

These have not been updated since 2015 …. No updates since 2015. Interesting?

@StopPlusUltra You know that @AgentBacardi was the person that found the pin last night and owns it, right? @venusivy @keigosenbei

873ce0 No.754348

873ce0 No.754353


Still from the board;




PLUS ULTRA is a secret society.


Though written off by most as a wild conspiracy theory, they are very real, and they really did abandon us. Comprised of the greatest minds throughout history, PLUS ULTRA was founded by Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Gustave Eiffel, and H.G. Wells in a legendary meeting at the top of the Eiffel Tower during the 1889 “Exposition Universelle” World’s Fair.

“Cras es Noster” is their motto. Latin for “Tomorrow is Ours.” This maxim was true for PLUS ULTRA in more ways than one. Not only did they horde their technological advancements for themselves, but they also took additional measures to preserve the hidden location for which they abandoned us.


They may have claimed the future

@TK10815 @keigosenbei @AgentBacardi @venusivy Let's be clear: @NyFairLady64 was the true owner of this pin. #TakeBackTomorrow

873ce0 No.754364



History has lauded these “great men” (and women) of the Plus Ultra society. But the achievements for which they have achieved their cultural immortality are nothing when compared to the unfathomable advancements that gave many of them their literal immortality.


True beauty lied at the heart of Plus Ultra, but the apple rotted from within.


Some have argued that the Society’s good intentions were corrupted by an outsider. That they planned to share their secrets with the world. These delusions all stem from years of pro-Plus-Ultra propaganda, which continue to this day. The Plus Ultra infested Disney company continues to produce skewed accounts of what happened, with a clear bias.


The truth is, Plus Ultra never shared their secrets with us, because they never had to. Like so many elitist groups before them, greed corrupted what began as a truly optimistic endeavor that would have brought Tomorrow to everyone.


And they kept it to themselves. What started as an inspiring campaign of innovation and ambition soured into typical, fearful, selfish abandonment. Plus Ultra unlocked Tomorrowland, but they weren’t ready for the future. Curiosity deserves to be rewarded. Not abandoned.


We Abandoned must stay forever curious.


Together, we can take back Tomorrow.

https:// ameblo.jp/stacyperry109b/image-12074822558-13429271224.html

http:// 666surveillancesystem.com/tag/tomorrowland/

http:// 666surveillancesystem.com/new-listening-movie-entering-the-world-of-surveillance-and-mind-control/

http:// anonsw.github.io/8chjs/

https:// www.captiongenerator.com/936012/Hitler-vs-Q-and-his-Anon-Army

https:// www.trump.ma/videos/Satanic-Illuminati.html

http:// www.tomorrowlandtimes.com/p/the-optimist-tommorowland-arg-full-recap.html

* The Plus Ultra society was formed at the World's Fair in 1889. Eiffel met Jules Verne and Thomas Edison at his Tower apartment to start a secret society of optimists. Key members of Plus Ultra included Ray Bradbury, Amelia Earhart, Mark Twain, Nicholas Tesla, and other key scientific figures. Walt Disney was a member of Plus Ultra.

* The Tomorrowland '56 expansion at Disneyland was actually about training future society members for the journey to an alternate-universe that had been found (or developed) by Plus Ultra. The blueprints for the expansion held key technologies that enabled the journey, including Supra Transport.

* Key VIPs who were encouraged to join Plus Ultra were given a special VIP audio tour of World's Fair attractions - such as Ford's Magic Skyway, and It's a Small World. For those that couldn't attend the fair, a double-grooved LP was given with the details.

* It's a Small World at the 1964 World's Fair contained a portal to Tomorrowland.

For more information on The Optimist, you can visit these links:

The Optimist: Summary and Recap (MiceChat)

The Optimist – Tomorrowland Movie Goes Viral (MiceChat)

Inside The Optimist: Solving Disney’s ARG (Inside the Magic)

Closer to the release of the film, on 2/7/2015, a video was posted by Stop Plus Ultra that contained some The Optimist footage, and appears to be a rebel sequel to the experience:

873ce0 No.754502


Since posting this, I hope the clowns enjoy my keyboard.

Regardless, It is important to know that while Tesla and his rich buddies were working in the TimeMachine that they wanted to share with the world as well as FREE Energy, Tesla began working on the Death Ray with a nefarious character:

That is who’s BROTHER!!!!

http:// lepetitfestival.com/artists-performers/velimir-abramovic/

http:// disq.us/url?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theartstory.org%2Fartist-abramovic-


Once more, it is important that anyone interested in the POWER of the Pyramids, READ:

http:// www.hourofthetime.com/majestyt.htm


http:// humansarefree.com/2011/09/history-of-house-of-rothschild-

Sorry for the long post, but it needs to get out there.

e60104 No.762127




Reviewer: CLIPTO - - March 19, 2018

Subject: Links to the conenctions…

Email cliptograms@gmail.com for the original .xmind file which contains the links associated with the connections.

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