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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

74c820 No.434719


74c820 No.434728

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74c820 No.434744



https:// pastebin.com/2BUWj8XD

5ce8a3 No.434754

Putting together a bullet list (no pun intended).


-Nikolas Cruz posts about being a professional school shooter.

-He uses his real name in the post.

-Person that noticed the comment reported it to the FBI.

-FBI was given multiple warnings.

-FBI main office apparently did nothing. Did not inform the local branch.

-The killer talks repeatedly about shooting up the school.

-Classmates were repeatedly joking that he was going to shoot up the school.

-Police were called to his residence over 39 times.

-The police apparently never escalated their concerns - or if they did, they went nowhere.

-the killer was in JR ROTC.

-He was receiving training in warfare (how to shoot guns).

-There are videos surfacing of him getting in fights at the school.

-He was pre-dispositioned to violence - both words and actions.

-His father died when he was young. His mother died late last year.

-He had minimal friends/support network.

-He was outcast at school and even the "artsy" students wouldn't interact with him.

-The killer posted videos of him cutting himself.

-Child Welfare was involved and investigated him.

-He had pictures and videos of him with multiple weapons on his instagram.

-Even with all this, he passed a background check and mental health evaluation to purchase his weapon.

-David Hogg (journalist classmate) has a father that works/ed for the FBI.

-Apparently, he never told his father about a violent classmate that has weapons, was getting JR ROTC training, and threated to shoot up the school.

-If you watch the interviews, his lines were memorized and recited very well. No emotion; well rehearsed.

-Pulse night club shooter - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-Boston bomber - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-New Mexico shooter - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-Ft. Hood shooter - was on the FBIs watch list.

-Charleston shooter - known by the FBI; got his gun due to FBI agent error.


Can people help add, build to this in a way that it can red-pill?

Reddit mentioned he was also being seen by Dr. Lubin for developmental behavior issues, yet I could find no source so won't include without evidence.

ff779f No.434798

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So, we were 100% -

David Hogg caught practicing lines and getting retakes on post-shooting interview AND his father is retired FBI.



74c820 No.434805


THIS IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

a469af No.434818



Need some FAKE NEWS memes on this kid

ff779f No.434824

File: 8233ee679dbdc27⋯.png (660.21 KB, 664x501, 664:501, rockstart.png)

. . . and, FLA school survivors caught partying like rock stars




e3226e No.434830

File: 9106160e0d9d49b⋯.png (222.11 KB, 468x397, 468:397, ClipboardImage(18).png)


Re_read crumbs.

What is the reason this is being brought back up?

There is a purpose for every tweet and crumb dropped.

(F)ollow the money.

(F)uture proves past.

The (G)reat (A)wakening.





>Q (repost)


>False Flag Gannett Parkland High School

Not sure what the (D) would be? But this is intentional.

It's after the shooting so not a warning.

Looks like we are to dig into Gannet along with the false flag narrative.

96f0df No.434831

File: ce97fe047cd79e7⋯.png (212.45 KB, 710x513, 710:513, c73d8ee3d57cd5976eee647e52….png)


yeah, these people are sick.

"lemme massage your baby, please!" "it's backed up by evidence! Let me let me!"

964fb7 No.434832


Don't think they are like thirty year old SAG card carrying actors. But this is a group of operatives being organized and acting out their roles for the purpose of disarming the public. So, yes, they are crisis actors in that sense.

b29914 No.434833

Jeanne W Lin

aad840 No.434834

File: 2fb84de223f9560⋯.jpg (7.51 KB, 250x169, 250:169, 1519054620111s.jpg)

File: e49daef483c09be⋯.png (87.36 KB, 485x392, 485:392, 1519065327331.png)

File: 3d14ab74fd25aeb⋯.png (253 KB, 846x208, 423:104, 1519063944924.png)


There was all kinds of suspicious stuff getting posted about this kids father and being connected to elsagate, adoption scams and similar. On 1/2 chan it kept getting deleted 2-3 min after it would be posted.

7e709e No.434835

File: d286a0dc0c72268⋯.jpeg (226.46 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 58C89D42-7D20-46C8-8CA6-8….jpeg)

aad840 No.434836

File: 92c49469f5eff0d⋯.png (113.5 KB, 390x551, 390:551, 1519066739789.png)

4925b1 No.434837


Does this liddle fag got have a twatter we can meme??

3ed2b9 No.434838

Do we know which Anon is creating this PDF? It's absolutely fantastic, but a month out of date.

https:// anonfile.com/Odm101dfbb/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_5.6.0.pdf

d807d9 No.434839

Democrat guest on Fox just now voluntarily mentioned Pizzagate and Seth Rich. Host tried not to have huge grin and Rep guest almost jumped out of her seat. LOL

1635b7 No.434840

File: d44f0c1846e080e⋯.png (311.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 37472d91bb8c282⋯.png (208.58 KB, 892x542, 446:271, ClipboardImage.png)




https:// twitter.com/delaneytarr

13e214 No.434841


obvious clown op to make us seem like a bunch of kooks.

d69fb5 No.434842


+=King in check, i.e. :protect 6/14-46 in same message

gun at mar-a-lago earlier today.

Q wipes board. Trump tweets after Q wipe have no tweets.

Confirmations are fast. Push these to Corsi or out to the other voices. They're getting it wrong.

96f0df No.434843

File: 2e21c9007cd7a82⋯.jpg (2.8 MB, 2135x3300, 427:660, Allied-Prof-Cebu-Course-fl….jpg)


http:// www.dynamicpediatrictherapy.com/2-day-certification-course-on-pediatric-massage-by-tina-allen/


ff779f No.434844


This kid's a little shit - our Meme Anons will do a fine job. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

96f0df No.434845


of course it was approved to take place in CALI out of all places too.

1dfdae No.434846


Great digging Anon!

No coincedences here!!! Everything has meaning!!!

2da258 No.434847

File: 5203eb21c2eb7f5⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, DWXzpdwVwAAUn6K.png)


018a1b No.434848

Corrupt FBI Hoggs' Kids

Planned school shooting

13e214 No.434849


what the ffffaaacckkkk

dceea8 No.434850


You meme commandos need a patch

2da552 No.434852

File: 805f26b47ac9922⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, 4fef40f87eafbe91fc5939c206….png)


0b3b75 No.434853

File: 6dec6595d7532e3⋯.png (97.11 KB, 720x917, 720:917, Capture _2018-02-19-17-51-….png)

b633b6 No.434854

File: 1b5e16a7d332c92⋯.png (3.81 MB, 3203x2147, 3203:2147, ExpandYourThinkingBigger.png)

>>434809 >>434817 >>434821

Check this out. I did it the day of the shooting, Ash Wednesday.

ff779f No.434855


i think so – read that his pre-shooting TW posts were indicative of his position.

but im not on TW, so don't know

e3226e No.434856


Add "adopted" to mother/father as well.

96f0df No.434857

File: 621b4d9e2177996⋯.png (138.87 KB, 300x300, 1:1, rainbow-princess-1-300x300.png)

File: 41d7b834dc0760f⋯.png (34.73 KB, 742x325, 742:325, testimonials.png)

4925b1 No.434858


Yes!! Thanks anon, top fuckin kek

f4828f No.434859

did anyone see POTUS land at the WH. I usually see it but must have missed it. I also only caught his arm waving as he left Mar-a-Lago. Either I missed my normal watchings or my normal watchings weren't normal

8503b9 No.434860

Lynn de Rothschild had some thoughts on the matter:

@johnpodesta this is pathetic;HRC lost because you ran an arrogant out of touch campaign;you have destroyed a great family and are a loser https:// t.co/iHLnQTilhj

— Lynn de Rothschild (@LdeRothschild) February 22, 2017

For those keeping tabs on Long Arms Lynn

0b1807 No.434861

>>434680(last bread)

Here we go i wondered why cuz less smokers but more cancer

95682b No.434862


the hallway shooter - did everyone catch that

the hallway shooter - did everyone catch that

what other types of shooters were there david?

ff779f No.434863


ohhhh yeah, nice one

2dde66 No.434864

I remember this…really good and makes you wonder


5971c9 No.434865

File: 21de791e99c8db5⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, DeliciousBread41.png)


Delicious bread, Baker

Important post from the end of last bread:


Q team told us what we'd find - a false flag.

74c820 No.434866


Watching now. This has to get out there! This is fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ba99d0 No.434867

These photos of the kids in Florida were taken after the shooting when several of the kids went to be on TV to talk about it.

See this kid's twitter for details.

https:// twitter.com/cameron_kasky




793f34 No.434868

File: aa9fe308a45a02d⋯.png (2.21 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 21C29385-4054-46D5-8561-30….png)

Lookie here! Notice the cover photo.

96f0df No.434870

File: 1bb731dda05f8c2⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 385x302, 385:302, kid-scents.jpg)


just keeps getting worse, anons.

738fd9 No.434871



I have to head out for a bit, but When I was teitter stalking the bimbo that put this up and the creepy kids all involved in acting and theater, it occurred to me that it would make a great meme to compare to POTUS smiling with the people he met. If they are going to be pissed at people meeting the president, then shouldn't they be pissed at kids who supposedly lost friends. Also, a comparison of this shot and one where they are all teary a few moments later, and showing their profiles that proudly proclaim they are actors, or producers, etc. even the Feebs boy.

ff779f No.434872


yep, heard that -

we need to get on this kid, (((they're))) putting him on TV non-stop.

74c820 No.434873


He just arrived a few minutes ago.

b20c27 No.434874

File: 2ee358c4e79e8a8⋯.jpg (102.42 KB, 962x595, 962:595, 494E4B5400000578-5402363-T….jpg)

File: 5a5314123e62798⋯.jpg (132.27 KB, 615x424, 615:424, 3sf4sfsefs.jpg)

13f189 No.434875

211da8 No.434876


hahahahahahahaha 20/10

051f17 No.434877


for god sake its in the batter

QMap PDF (updated 02.15.18) : https:// anonfile.com/Tf39Bad6bd/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_6.8.0.pdf | alternate: https:// fr.scribd.com/document/371832007/Q-s-Posts-CBTS-6-8-0?secret_password=yD8cxAQ5j6PhcrnKYUaB*

0a6f86 No.434878



https:// twitter.com/twitter/statuses/965518198035632129

wtf the bitch is NUTS

1635b7 No.434879

File: 03024f892450842⋯.png (455.17 KB, 588x552, 49:46, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 023eb3002208e4a⋯.png (375.06 KB, 394x384, 197:192, 233.png)


https:// www.channel4.com/news/florida-pupil-delaney-tarr-we-will-keep-going-until-they-cannot-ignore-us-anymore

https:// twitter.com/delaneytarr

https:// www.teenvogue.com/story/i-survived-the-parkland-shooting-delaney-tarr

7e709e No.434880

File: d3dfb5b23cf1e58⋯.jpeg (119.93 KB, 488x604, 122:151, E4676FAE-0AD3-481C-8B99-2….jpeg)

74c820 No.434881


doxed yourself btw. careful with those screen shots.

2dde66 No.434882


What? She already wrote a Teen Vogue article?

e3226e No.434884

This already been established >>434830


ba99d0 No.434885

Many comments below say the stammering was due to trauma. Not verified rehearsal.

The twitter photos were date post shooting when the kids were appearing on tv to discuss. It was not a rehearsal for the shooting.


211da8 No.434886


oh shit , i think you got her , she tweeted the trump threat omg .

6c63a4 No.434887





This looks like him


295dfe No.434888

File: 515c1e6da208cfe⋯.jpg (114.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DWSgvwdWkAU08zm.jpg)

NO EXIF data at all. Removed.

a64362 No.434889




Check out this gude's practice video! lol SAD!!!

https:// twitter.com/TheHangingChads/status/965739365778493441

13e214 No.434890


its a real thing. kids who are not touched cuddled or held are the kids that turn out to be REAL school shooters.

look up attachment disorders then calm down a few notches.

trump was not talking about this and you know it.

aad840 No.434891


What is that link to the cdc…?

95682b No.434892


learn to scrub a photo of all identifying info before you post it ok?

211da8 No.434893


you need to add the tweet threat to POTUS to this

acfa98 No.434894


Twatter's blowing them all up bigly right now. it's awesome

3ed2b9 No.434895


For god's sake thank you! asshole.

2da258 No.434896

File: 877143ceb2b7032⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, crisis kek.png)


here's another

8a8c63 No.434897

Fux news is toe tapping around all the shootings. They are stepping up to the line presenting all the info about all the shooters connected to the FBI but they won;t come out and say it. That is our job ANONS! Guns aren't the problem, the FBI is the problem

2dde66 No.434898

So Micro says their accounts are Soros PR

How would you find that out?

cc32e4 No.434899


@ davidhogg111

@ delaneytarr

@ Cameron_Kasky

@ Emma4Change

These are the 4 students being used.

ba99d0 No.434900

This photo was taken after the shooting, not before.


7f88ec No.434901

File: 5acf4c19f69f58f⋯.jpg (62.97 KB, 435x498, 145:166, Butch Chick.jpg)

File: 9106160e0d9d49b⋯.png (222.11 KB, 468x397, 468:397, 9106160e0d9d49bb75c37a2cb6….png)

File: 42d17b2a817f185⋯.jpg (59.33 KB, 857x245, 857:245, ButchChic2.jpg)

File: b456f27dd9f3da1⋯.jpg (136.74 KB, 632x547, 632:547, Butch chic4.jpg)

http:// coralspringstalk.com/stoneman-douglas-students-launch-craft-into-space-and-back-18484 Pretty good video for a kid. Reconize any other actors? Butch chick for example? >>434798

1635b7 No.434902

File: 91e2f54a90965f5⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



she's wearing the key to unravel this shit FUCK

>>434882 help me find it I'm just trowling their twitters and its a fucking mess

8a8c63 No.434903


Careful not so ANON

a63380 No.434904


Add Chris Grady, Senior at the school to the list. He is on MSNBC with Chris Mattthews trashing the NRA

acfa98 No.434905


any help, he was part of the Aquila Project, an anon looked him up, he has aspirations to go to UCLA for film school; imagine that

2da552 No.434906


God help us.

543294 No.434907

Proof Soros paid for Black Lives Matter



b633b6 No.434908


There are no coincidences right? They MUST do things on certain dates to mock God. The school was names after a feminist who was against the draining of the swamp (everglades), she was openly a hater of God because of her mother's illness during her childhood.

I'm pretty sure that's not the type of people we should be naming schools after.

Anyway I'm sure you get the idea, it was planned to send Trump a message about draining the swamp.

8ff83e No.434909


>David Hogg (journalist classmate) has a father that works/ed for the FBI.

Somebody needs to dig up the ID and history of this kid and verify records.

0b1807 No.434910


Also named the same as hospital kennedy was brought in

13e214 No.434911


the SPELL is real….this is epic fuckery

aba5cc No.434912


IF the Church of Satan comes into any meme forms about this 'girl' bitch. LETS NOT FORGET that chelsea clinton tweeted them Happy NewYear.

(if you can include that in meme, it would be a double whammy)

211da8 No.434913

did any anon save the trump threat tweet today by that blonde chick ?

295dfe No.434914

File: ebf6e6891150752⋯.jpg (194.65 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DWawbsxU0AABAuY.jpg)

NO EXIF data on this one. Pulled the image from twatter. Not a screeshot

a7e43e No.434915

File: ac408a64f3e8860⋯.jpeg (449.58 KB, 994x890, 497:445, A4EC6BB6-72FC-4571-BAF0-0….jpeg)

File: 00f173d2aa2fc94⋯.jpeg (928.07 KB, 956x880, 239:220, 61654C63-CDD9-448D-B8D9-C….jpeg)

File: 3fed316fbf3f218⋯.jpeg (443.16 KB, 952x873, 952:873, 043011F5-216D-4127-81A9-E….jpeg)


From her book

ff779f No.434916


no joke brainiac – the point is, who's partying it up only days after your school has been shot up and your classmates/schoolmates have been murdered.

051f17 No.434917


it even has it own thread dumpfuck


but you didn´t search for it right ?

lazyfag´s and stupidfag´s all around jeesh

233dff No.434918


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat



Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat


Trump Liddle tweat



964fb7 No.434919


What, exactly, is your point? That these kids weren't yucking it up and happily being organized to push an agenda, when the rest of us were being told to be ashamed of ourselves because we allowed this to happen and POTUS was being ripped by the MSM for giving a thumbs up to first responders?

F Off.

2da552 No.434920

cf8603 No.434921


Speaking about 'bad actors'…

It's so obviously fake, you almost starting to think it's been setup to expose this bullshit.

c1e72e No.434922

File: 8ab077c973b65b9⋯.png (536.8 KB, 878x706, 439:353, ClipboardImage.png)



She might be an engineer in D.C.


13f189 No.434923


What a mindfuck.

It's amazing how those pieces are fitting together.

0be031 No.434924

Thank you for the bread baker, my God bless you and all anons, shills and conscious entities present.

211da8 No.434925

File: b01ac7753fe76b4⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1597x654, 1597:654, zzzzzzzzzccccccnnnnnn.PNG)

8a8c63 No.434926


You don't really think that's a coincidence ,do you?

f9ab46 No.434927

File: c1dafb657a00c27⋯.jpg (864.67 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Getting Ready For The TV.jpg)

7f88ec No.434928

So it's this blond chick……….upset about people being shot wanting to start a go fund me to harm POTUS? HMMMMM side by side.>>434879

f8d425 No.434929

File: c13165c6a859d35⋯.png (628.25 KB, 883x572, 883:572, behold a pale horse.png)

Behold A Pale Horse (pdf and audio book free online)

Author: Milton William Cooper [187] in 2001. Shot by [APACHE] sheriff for taxes just after going public

Covers JFK [187] by C_A because a threat to them

Covers Military Intelligence [Q] clearance

Covers [DELTA] providing security for secret sites D.U.M.B. s

Covers group of [19] Majestic 12 / Majority 12 / CFR / Trilateral

Covers [MK ULTRA] gun control through C_A gun violence

Covers technology withheld and diseases created to control population

Covers Deep State NWO plans to create slave population.

The map was created almost 30 years ago. Future Proves Past.

23abde No.434930



Anons, anything here with this article from today?

Watch the Water... Red October

>Deep Sea Mining Ops Poised to Break Ground 40 Years After Fake One

CIA.. Howard Hughes.. Hughes Glomar Explorer.. Project Azorian.. Hunt for Red October..

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Azorian

aba5cc No.434931


We gotta stop saying that, EPIC is recycled humans!

But it's YUUUGE!

96f0df No.434932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Liddle Kidz™ in Japan | Documentary Film about Pediatric Massage in Japan following the Tsunami


74c820 No.434933


Shaved head chick is quite the actress.

13e214 No.434934


her fucking creepy face is nightmare fuel!

a63380 No.434935

File: 9de7d895e795450⋯.png (20.36 KB, 610x185, 122:37, logokasky.png)

Jeff Kasky is father of Cameron Kasky who is one of students at high school.

He is a mediator attorney

Look at the logo of his company.

http:// www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/florida-school-shooting/fl-school-shooting-inside-20180214-story.html

It is reverse image.

http:// www.kaskymediation.com/jeffrey-a-kasky-esq/

9dfb89 No.434936

File: 8c677ba57168d34⋯.png (825.86 KB, 966x597, 322:199, Bull.png)

File: d98ac624ed66e63⋯.jpg (46.05 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-signs-and-symbols-ru….jpg)


This should answer your question

1635b7 No.434937



13e214 No.434938


pelican really?

85c6db No.434939



Maybe yellow shirt is MI. Took the photo and leaked it. Remember MI has infiltrated bad guy groups. Hence the smile?

71b4c2 No.434941


Follow my ID up the page. I listed other videos. From hooktube. Who runs them? Who funds them? Follow the money.

74bd64 No.434942




a63380 No.434943


Before embarking on his legal career in 1993, Jeff was a music and entertainment agent in New York City, including a stint in the prestigious William Morris Agency’s Agent Training Program. In addition to his career as an attorney whose practice has been concentrated almost exclusively on adoption law, Jeff has been involved in law enforcement for approximately twenty years, and has been a fully-certified and sworn police officer (reserve) since 1999.

Jeff’s experiences in entertainment, adoption, and law enforcement give him a unique perspective from which to approach these types of cases as a mediator.

Jeff has been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida in the Family, County, and Circuit Civil Mediator categories (#21282CFR), and has the requisite additional training to mediate residential mortgage foreclosure mediations (RMFM).

Jeff can be reached directly at Jeff@KaskyMediation.com, and returns his e-mails throughout the day.

78be16 No.434945


This kid doesn't even understand that he's stepped in a MASSIVE pile of shit. The things a son will do to make dad proud.

2dde66 No.434946

Emma 4 Change is the brand-new twitter of the girl that gave the speech

13f189 No.434947



d385dd No.434948


BAKER, this should be added to the dough.

9dfb89 No.434949


A generation of rat fucks

7e709e No.434950

File: 5ff4efeee827820⋯.jpeg (75.58 KB, 620x348, 155:87, 0C05D7B1-0A74-45CF-A01E-0….jpeg)

File: 6aa13cd9a6fda17⋯.jpeg (28.71 KB, 300x200, 3:2, 16D1F7E6-539B-4DDE-8896-2….jpeg)

53ae45 No.434951


Christ hes really grasping at straws today eh?

6a372b No.434952

Does anyone remember seeing something about a potentially dangerous device being discovered in the wall of a white house meeting room? It was discovered by Trumps people after they had moved in and started renovating the place, to remove all the bugs O left.

I've looked for this, and can't find it. Not sure if it came from here, or saw it somewhere else.

I wish I could find it, as I wonder if this was their "insurance policy".

0cb9e3 No.434953

File: 761b3af9fa490e1⋯.jpg (32.28 KB, 370x372, 185:186, TOO.jpg)

Anons, what's the plan for tomorrow? We need a hashtag and fresh memes. Fuck these treasonous little gun grabbers and their "walk outs" or whatever the fuck they're calling their faggy liddle protest.

cc6460 No.434954





"Clowns running the circus" is the new

"Inmates running the asylum"

74c820 No.434955


I just added it with sauce.


25bf06 No.434956


but she has those MK eyes

54f2ea No.434957

CFR - connection to the MSM!

Cooper says,

"Want to know why you can't get the truth off of television, radio, or from newspapers?

=CFR controls them.=

Barbara Walters - ALL OF THEM are members of the CFR"

https:// youtu.be/yUbFwqglIaA?t=3h59m00s it won't let me embed it.

672e38 No.434958


Security camera removed!

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=EOpfHtIlcQ8

aad840 No.434959


>Jeanne W Lin

She has 23 years of experience working on nuclear subs with trident missiles. She has an abstract business website that does don't describe what business she is in. Probably should cross reference with contracting solicitations to find something interesting.

ff779f No.434961


partying it up like it's home coming or smthg – i mean 17 people were MURDERED IN THEIR F'G SCHOOL only days ago.

as bizarre as the S Hoax post-event stuff.

9aeb20 No.434962

File: a3519d6d9f60c31⋯.png (196.66 KB, 363x523, 363:523, Hogg twitter.PNG)

File: 4609065bc65bab5⋯.png (532.99 KB, 650x667, 650:667, Hogg tweet 1.PNG)

File: 08314df3eaff96f⋯.png (400.68 KB, 671x780, 671:780, Hogg tweet 2.PNG)

File: 4cf194c5762fafb⋯.png (43.44 KB, 645x296, 645:296, Hogg tweet 3.PNG)



How old is this kid? Twitter account since 2013??

018a1b No.434963

Praying that Q team can act sooner rather than later, but having patience for sure and certain victory.

It's hard to see these things on a daily basis, and be unable to take immediate corrective action.

Keep the faith, ANONS.

2dde66 No.434964

This is the article from Teen Vogue that Delainey wrote….in 2 days

https:// www.teenvogue.com/story/i-survived-the-parkland-shooting-delaney-tarr

f3d6fd No.434965


https:// twitter.com/HodlBtcoin/status/965653194985664512

Crisis actors and production team take a group selfie just before they have to go out and tell their heartwrenching stories on TV.

5ce18d No.434966


Guy waving hand should say

Sushi is comped, thanks for asking.

d385dd No.434967


Looks awfully similar to the Epic logo and the Gannett "walnut sauce" thing.

8ff83e No.434968


Is it just me or do they look a bit old for HS studenst?

13e214 No.434969


not at all. babies who are not cuddled don't thrive. they die.

0be031 No.434970


photoshopped into life with a demonic glint in her large eye.

4cfa54 No.434971


I see.

https:// twitter.com/rogerborges

cd4bf4 No.434972


Actually crossed my mind anon.

74c820 No.434973

File: 73c8a6bdd9273cd⋯.png (72.24 KB, 947x524, 947:524, C.PNG)


42f969 No.434974

Given what we know now about the number of groups in Haiti after the earthquake that were involved in human trafficking, the fact that Liddle Kidz Foundation was there too raises suspicions. And look at the list of international locations where they operate. Seems to be all the child kidnapping hotspots.

http:// www.liddlekidz.org/where-we-work/haiti.html

Is this what POTUS is hinting at when he uses the adjective Liddle with someone like Adam Schiff. Does Liddle Kidz Foundation have any links to Standard Hotel or its owners?

Liddle Kidz is connected to the pediatric massage movement which is suspected by some to be a cover for grooming children for sex. One organization Touching America Massage is located near a Clinton Foundation office. That was noted on one Liddle Kidz country site.

Figuring out the players in this business and the routes that they use to acquire product, train the product and find customers to rent or buy the product, would be very useful in making a map.

Why did I say product? It really creeps out parents when you refer to kids as "product" but that is the 100% honest truth of how traffickers view kids.

caaa22 No.434975



>J [heart] L'Enfant cafe.

>"I love infants"

Not sure how many times this needs to be said.

In French j'aime = I love

l'enfant = the child


The disgusting humans you showed are disgusting. The CAFE OWNER, of L'Enfant Cafe (which is ON L'ENFANT CIRCLE) is wearing a shirt that says I love L'Enfant



They may indeed be psychos, but ever time I see this stupid bastardization of French I'm going to call it out.

I helped with /pg/ and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence on these scumbags.


Alefantis is not an anagram of a French word. It's a GREEK last name. There are other GREEK people with that GREEK last name.

This is what happens when people don't actually do the research but jump on a bandwagon. If the premise is incorrect, the resulting analysis will be incorrect.

ff779f No.434976


anons never said it was a rehearsal for the shooting – these are post-shooting BS interview takes.

go shill somewhere else, clown

aad840 No.434977


Their US tax returns are redacted.

33b713 No.434978

Just getting in. I'm pretty banged up and beat down from an exasperating day in the field, Soooo what do we do now, anons? Just keep memeing the same things? Keep following POTUS and watching for clues for sure. Maybe he'll drop us some fresh meme themes from time to time. Till Q comes back, if he's coming back. I don't think we've seen the last of him. Kinda expecting a new board and new theme tonight or very soon.

Something interesting I've put together from his recent posts about the clock running and 9:45 am this morning.. 9:45 EST, which just happens to be Mar largo time. USSS found a gun on one of the press pool drivers and interrogated him. Can't help but thing Q and USSS knew about this last night and believe it was going to lead to an attempt on the POTUS. I wonder if that's what he was trying to point us too.

Also heard there was a high level arrest around the same time in Grand Fork MI… but haven't been able to find anything on new or radio about it all day. Nothing in chatter by way of key words either… anyone find anything there?

ff779f No.434979


good. where are our MEME ANONS?????

f02617 No.434980


Every single part of your post, anon, made me laugh… long arm lynn fn KeK

b633b6 No.434981


Correct. That's how they like to play their games and send messages. Sick fuckers. But yeah those FBI guys were the shooters. Had to be to cover the are they did on both floors in that period of time.

Poor fella Cruz is drugged up badly and they've messed with his head for sure. He has probably been led into believing that he actually did it. They are so crafty and adept at building up the scenario in their heads that the victims can see themselves committing the crime.

Cruz might be the 18th innocent victim in the school shooting.

I can't wait to see how they get his fingerprints on the weapon. They might have handed it to him in an interview room or anything before a lawyer was present.

Makes me sick thinking about it!

378dd5 No.434982

Does anybody have that email that talks about Soros at a Collective Soul concert?

2ae510 No.434983


not to dox but yeah im in the hand too.

tons of guns here. we are technicly

rednecks/mountain folk

1635b7 No.434984

File: d44f0c1846e080e⋯.png (311.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 03024f892450842⋯.png (455.17 KB, 588x552, 49:46, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 37472d91bb8c282⋯.png (208.58 KB, 892x542, 446:271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6d0aa1a500ab3ef⋯.png (296.72 KB, 394x384, 197:192, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// www.channel4.com/news/florida-pupil-delaney-tarr-we-will-keep-going-until-they-cannot-ignore-us-anymore

https:// twitter.com/delaneytarr

https:// www.teenvogue.com/story/i-survived-the-parkland-shooting-delaney-tarr



793f34 No.434985

How does one contact a bo?

2dde66 No.434986

The Hanging Chads account had great stuff but just went private…must have been getting flack

207f6b No.434987

with watch the water, not sure if Q related, but it is important to us all, rivers and lakes are vanishing and no-one knows where the water is going

its best to to put "river water vanishing" in the youtube search and go from there, as it is happening everywhere, like lake mead is really low, the Mississippi even after having massive rain last year was getting real low at spots,

idk, no answers, but surly there is questions that need answering…

0ed91f No.434988

File: 5d9fe43b79c8b85⋯.jpg (29.82 KB, 500x356, 125:89, How-males-and-females-take….jpg)


That fucking face . . .

964fb7 No.434989

#neveragain will we be fooled by this BS

543294 No.434990

>>434982 Proof Soros paid for BLM

https:// twitter.com/exposes_racism/status/644680057529757696

969552 No.434991


They need to round these people up and give the latest and greatest truth serum.

7e709e No.434992

File: 450f5c849486ff1⋯.jpeg (31.44 KB, 300x200, 3:2, F2F07E26-8B38-40B2-ACDD-E….jpeg)

0b1807 No.434993

Alefantis is not his real name


cd4bf4 No.434994


Dead Sea drying up, NPR.

4925b1 No.434995

Where was the outrage from these snowflakes about guns while Chicagos murder rates were setting records year after year!?? Oh yea, they're black

8809a8 No.434996

File: 1fb009d640f3baf⋯.png (467.23 KB, 860x858, 430:429, Pills away, lads!.png)


loading this shit into magazines. additional spicy memes bullets are appreciated.

ff779f No.434997


>@ davidhogg111

comment saying:

Why did your mom have a blue page with talking points in front of her during the ABC interview?

any anons know anything @ this?

54f2ea No.434998

File: 4714f7471113f43⋯.png (906.06 KB, 1296x926, 648:463, cfr-media-empire-hd.png)

File: f86f1acc9204083⋯.png (478.37 KB, 1296x1002, 216:167, cfr-imperial-council-hdm.png)

File: f86f1acc9204083⋯.png (478.37 KB, 1296x1002, 216:167, cfr-imperial-council-hdm.png)


https:// cfrmedia.com/

0a6f86 No.434999



>>433910 (bread 533)







74c820 No.435001


Bingo! These are great!

cd4bf4 No.435002


Walk down fifth grade hallway post recess.

233dff No.435003



None of them actually TWEET

They all look and act like NPC's

ff779f No.435004



well, someone released the "takes"

reminds me of the SHoax "father" getting into character before the press interview

THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID - let's reveal them for exactly what they are.

ecad98 No.435005

File: c71caae5ac970c4⋯.jpg (164.51 KB, 720x1252, 180:313, mowedover.jpg)



Oh yeah, mememaker, this is serious autism at work!

d0c3bb No.435006

File: 6d6987d9d4e12f3⋯.jpeg (56.59 KB, 1020x512, 255:128, 1519086805.jpeg)

Shills? Sick em Jimmy!

34247c No.435007


Or put a gun in the guys hand in the back shooting out the ceiling tiles

74bd64 No.435008


>http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/exposed-school-shooting-surviver-turned-activist-david-hoggs-father-fbi-appears-coached-anti-trump-lines-video/

Looking up and to the left is a tell tale sign of lying…

378dd5 No.435009


no it was a Wikileaks email that we thought was fake at first and then Q confirmed it was real but unreleased, Soros at a Collective Soul concert in Toronto

33b713 No.435010


KEK! True dat!

a64362 No.435011

File: 6f773a8412d5f69⋯.jpg (559.55 KB, 1600x1290, 160:129, Florida School shooting.jpg)


ALL a big fucking BS show ACT for "tougher gun laws" as CNN Clowns blasted over and over!

cd4bf4 No.435012


Awesome work anon!

c1e72e No.435013

File: f320eda9cfcaf62⋯.png (678.74 KB, 907x848, 907:848, ClipboardImage.png)


George Mason University alumni site. Probably wrote her own profile. Universities do this to connect students to alums that could offer career path mentoring.

https:// alumnius.net/george_mason_univers-9577-242#id86829020

Jeanne W. Lin

Washington D.C. Metro Area

Principal, LinBridge Strategies LLC

Government Administration


George Mason University

MS, Systems Engineering

University of California, Davis

BS, Agriculture and Managerial Economics

Defense Acquisition University


LinBridge Strategies LLC March 2013 - Present

U.S. Department of Homeland Security July 2011 - February 2013

US Department of Homeland Security January 2008 - July 2011

Committee on Homeland Security November 2006 - December 2007

Department of Homeland Security 2003 - October 2006

U.S. Customs Service/U.S. Customs and Border Protection 2001 - 2003

Naval Sea Systems Command & TRIDENT Systems Command 1978 - 2001


Program Management, Government, Systems Engineering, Integration, Policy, Security, Strategic Planning, Defense, DoD, National Security, Security Clearance, Strategy, Intelligence, Leadership, Navy, Command, Training, Federal Government, Project Planning, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Government Contracting, Military

- - - - -

Her profile on https:// www.federalpay.org/employees/science-and-technology-directorate/lin-jeanne-w

ends in 2012. (Pic 1)

It looks like she left federal government employment circa YE 2012 and started her own consulting company

LinBridge Strategies LLC

in March 2013

I'll dig that next.

I still have no idea why this crumb was dropped.

7168fd No.435014

File: 2827308bae0d928⋯.png (622.61 KB, 684x901, 684:901, screenshot_185.png)

File: 886cc5d8e238f78⋯.png (558.43 KB, 657x579, 219:193, screenshot_186.png)

File: a54ca90b18f7fb3⋯.png (476.04 KB, 657x398, 657:398, screenshot_187.png)

(((British royalty dined on human flesh))) (but don't worry it was 300 years ago)

<<300 years ago my foot –– cannibalclub.org

They have long been famed for their love of lavish banquets and rich recipes. But what is less well known is that the British royals also had a taste for human flesh.

A new book on medicinal cannibalism has revealed that possibly as recently as the end of the 18th century British royalty swallowed parts of the human body.

The author adds that this was not a practice reserved for monarchs but was widespread among the well-to-do in Europe.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1389142/British-royalty-dined-human-flesh-dont-worry-300-years-ago.html

aba5cc No.435015

File: 5812d705ed911df⋯.jpg (381.83 KB, 1341x675, 149:75, satangun.jpg)


Forgive me Jesus!

1dfdae No.435016


These look more like college students to me.

f3d6fd No.435017

File: 675755fcd315e06⋯.jpg (106.23 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, TRUST THE PLAN.jpg)

5052a4 No.435018


KEK!!!, Saved!!

aab740 No.435019


Deray McKesson. Was huge during Black Lives Matter. Main organizer. I called him the protest whisperer. Hard to catch him on livestreams. Would whisper in a protestors ear and they would go start things with cops or break something.

I can try and dig up all the old stuff with them.

Johnetta Eliza is another big one. They called her Nettaaaaaaaa.

#cutthecheck hit twitter when the people of Ferguson didn't get their paychecks. They rose hell over it.

Darren Seals is another. Twitter was KingDSeals I think. Was murdered.

caaa22 No.435020


If there is actual evidence for that, it's one thing, but this inane practice of making sekrit anagrams across multiple languages and then putting it forth as fact is counterproductive. Like I said - there is a wealth of circumstantial evidence, we don't need to stop to making stuff up out of whole cloth.

I don't need to know about his name right now - if people want a board for /pg/ make one or make a separate thread, I'm not here to derail into that territory. I just really hate seeing shitty output like that portrayed as established fact.

964fb7 No.435021



ff779f No.435022


perfect for a MEME ANON -

faking "sad" for the interview

partying it up behind the scenes.

25bf06 No.435023



>His father died when he was young. His mother died late last year.

those are the adoptive parents

Anyone find anything on the biological parents? He and his brother were both adopted by the same couple

Also something about him living with ex-military after his adoptive mom died, not sure about the details

addf73 No.435024

File: 71c492fa0671ba2⋯.png (260.59 KB, 1144x589, 1144:589, ClipboardImage.png)


restricted his twitter…

SJW's do not do that they want to the world to see the social justice they are braodcasting.

0ed91f No.435026


That doesn't fit the narrative, so it's ignored. The simpletons will simply group all of the black-on-black shootings as part of the "gun problem" in America. Same thing with firearm suicides. That's grouped into the "gun problem" as well.

b633b6 No.435027


Go here:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/143179.html

Make a post calling a BO for discussion, then report your post. A BO will contact you.

74c820 No.435028


Right on!

35bd98 No.435029


Anon, Hotel California line better.

"You can check out anytime you like, but, you can never leave."

7168fd No.435030

File: e99eeec9623085d⋯.png (27.45 KB, 556x162, 278:81, screenshot_188.png)

caaa22 No.435031


link or fake & gay

(even though she is /ourgirl/)

2da552 No.435032


eh, NO.

7e709e No.435033

File: 8e0d51dcd331969⋯.jpeg (45.66 KB, 250x349, 250:349, 0DE119BD-1853-4155-A3CC-6….jpeg)

d0c3bb No.435034


One of my favs. Lost my copy in a poorly executed folder deletion…

a7fdc5 No.435035


I am with you. I think the little tuna taster is 35

543294 No.435036

File: 3de8cc0065f3c6a⋯.jpg (48.2 KB, 536x350, 268:175, Soros.jpg)

>>435009 Soros will #CUTTHECHECK for $20K!

https: //twitter.com/exposes_racism/status/644680057529757696

b20c27 No.435037

File: e8651b0f056e847⋯.jpg (91.97 KB, 627x1122, 19:34, ebf6e6891150752b3381d53c6d….jpg)

a64362 No.435038



This Senior High School 'kid' blasting POTUS doesn't even know the difference between "your" and "you're"! Effing EYEROLL

969552 No.435039


Tweet em

13e214 No.435040


hes probably been brainwashed since birth

ff779f No.435041


not sure, but we need to determine how soon after the shooting the Hoagg kid was giving interviews w/ his prepared script.

how the hell did he have time to prepare a script, memorize it, get on TV?

(i.e., was the script prepared before the shooting . . . ?)

a7fdc5 No.435042


Lou Diamond Phillips, ladies and gentlemen.

9dfb89 No.435043


Mark my words, this troupe of douche & dick bags will be the idiots Trump talks to tomorrow . I fuckin guarantee it.

af210e No.435044

File: 4ab2b2e65d64329⋯.png (619.15 KB, 608x450, 304:225, parkland.PNG)

763baf No.435045

The anti-gun teens are frauds.

The shooting happened in a separate building for freshmen.

f3d6fd No.435046

File: 76cdbd9e2cb5b1f⋯.jpg (103.93 KB, 1200x1148, 300:287, GREAT.jpg)



dc1f6c No.435047

File: 8688101d750194f⋯.jpg (30.68 KB, 587x338, 587:338, threat tweet.JPG)

File: 8688101d750194f⋯.jpg (30.68 KB, 587x338, 587:338, threat tweet.JPG)


This one? She deleted her account.

4925b1 No.435048


Wouldn't it be fuckin great if BLM showed up to their "march" and beat the fuck out of these kids!

aba5cc No.435049


If these kids were not witness to the event, and they are not sad.

Then common sense must ask:

Did anyone die?

I hate to be that person asking, but…

My almonds are speaking to me asking the uncomfortable question.

(I hope no one did)

Splattering blood and gunshots in videos do not discern between a production or real event.

(being anon critical, but it's beginning to look a lot like … not Christmas)

ff779f No.435050


the things an FBI dad will do to advance the agenda . . .

dc1f6c No.435051


No idea why it posted twice!

2da552 No.435052


Funny - her twitter account was gone this morning (I jailed a Rothschild). Nice to see she is back.

aa54f2 No.435053


https:// whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=cannibalclub.org

9dfb89 No.435054


They still do

7e709e No.435055

File: efa9129f9a21c9d⋯.jpeg (27.35 KB, 275x183, 275:183, EB670BF5-10E6-413F-B975-5….jpeg)

d02c9b No.435056


whoa, this led me on a tangent to here

http:// www.orionmindproject.com/MKULTRA-Cats.html

the fuck

df4817 No.435057

File: 162370773097cb8⋯.jpg (475.46 KB, 1076x1388, 269:347, Screenshot_20180219-184017.jpg)

Interesting that fox all of a sudden uses [boxed names]

25bf06 No.435059


>EPIC is recycled humans!

Why not in the notable posts?

ff779f No.435060


from the high school?

a7fdc5 No.435061

somebody needs to put that Lou Diamond Phillips looking gun control fag into some Young Guns Scenes and calling for armed guards in schools and public hangings for pedophiles

d41fc2 No.435062

File: 0269d708a24a5fd⋯.png (381.29 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Intelligence Insider.png)

MUST WATCH video of interview with W - The Intelligence Insider!!!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYE_RJ44_aE

It's over an hour long but stay with it until the end to find out more info about the ANKLE BRACELETS/BOOTS!

You're gonna LOVE what you find out!!!

13e214 No.435064


good point!

7168fd No.435065

File: fff667dcc2ebc50⋯.png (643.58 KB, 597x804, 199:268, screenshot_190.png)


I was looking for something else and stumbled on this cannibal information about English Royalty. It all stems from this book….

Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires: the History of Corpse Medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians 1st Edition

0be031 No.435066


They are trying to create a blizzard,

a big enough demonstrations by snowflakes, they can launch a spectacular FF attack probably by "Trump supporters." A reverse Reichstag fire.

I got stuck in the car wash listening to CNN, they are non stop with that shit, and they are taking it somewhere.

Maybe we should meme snowflakes

Get shot for Soros by Soros to make Trump look like shit -

0a6f86 No.435067


just give us a fucking summary.

aba5cc No.435069



2ae510 No.435070


they dont even look like highschool "kids"

and the other blond chick is 21 and married too

they are just getting sloopy

95f889 No.435071

File: 44fe8279b05d6b1⋯.jpg (81.56 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, DWb_reRXcAUjo4W.jpg)

Gamer Accused of Kidnapping 11-Year-Old Girl He Met Playing Minecraft - http:// breaking911.com/gamer-accused-kidnapping-11-year-old-girl-met-playing-minecraft/ …

f4828f No.435072

File: 8eaed53a063d156⋯.png (269.01 KB, 865x564, 865:564, dh.PNG)

File: 1c6e81df233334e⋯.png (227.77 KB, 865x564, 865:564, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't they clean up social media before staring in their own 15 mins of fame?

ff779f No.435074


wait, everything i read said POTUS cancelled all golf due to the shooting.


b8650d No.435076

0ed91f No.435077


The guy has plenty of punctuation and grammar errors in the posting you're referencing. Not a surprise at all.

To quote the useful idiot, "What does that say about our future[?]"

13c720 No.435079

Heavy happening reports from multiple sources… not a "OMG TODAY HAPPENING" but more like "these weeks/months are going to be a game changer"

8ff83e No.435080

File: 3677127c328c265⋯.jpg (196.55 KB, 1000x566, 500:283, EpicSoylentGreen.jpg)


Epic is Soylent Green.

Soylent Green is people.

f4828f No.435081

File: 1c6e81df233334e⋯.png (227.77 KB, 865x564, 865:564, ClipboardImage.png)


sorry sauce here. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvZD7UkJd24

74c820 No.435082



https:// pastebin.com/k2CT0VdU

13e214 No.435083


no anon….just no…wtf

addf73 No.435084

Hogg kids FB page nothign to see really, tight as dicks hat band.

What teen ager dossn't have videos etc.

https:// www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009658512970

2dde66 No.435085

I saw an interview with Hogg immediately after the shooting…he was not near as polished


f02617 No.435086


The gorilla channel???

e76484 No.435087

File: f757e63b04cae5c⋯.png (68.11 KB, 628x612, 157:153, Gannett Peak.PNG)

Anyone else follow the blog Operation Disclosure today? If so, did you see this today? I took a screen shot. I haven't yet found additional information, so don't jump on me if it's unable to be verified. However, remember that Q has mentioned double meanings plenty of times, and I would hate for this to fall under our collective radar as we research "Gannett."

0c58ac No.435088

File: 91108e5d007fa07⋯.jpg (145.85 KB, 478x409, 478:409, 1er6344w1gd68h48n8b66drt.jpg)

aba5cc No.435089


Want to see something CREEPY:


37246e No.435090


you Magnificent Bastards!

we knew this kid was hinky

4f023b No.435091

File: 1e125d30051fa20⋯.jpg (82.51 KB, 1618x955, 1618:955, true.jpg)


I just checked just now, it's a real twitter account replying to another twitter account

f41f3e No.435092



2fd6b8 No.435093

https:// en.



JUST TO NAME A FEW (There are a lot more that w3 should look into):

Iridium Communications (McLean)

Capital One (McLean)

Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp.(McLean)

Northrop Grumman (Falls Church)

Gannett Company (McLean)

Politico (Arlington)

Tegna, Inc. (Tysons Corner)

USA Today (McLean)

Washington Business Journal (Arlington)

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. (McLean)

UberOffices (McLean)

National Rifle Association (Fairfax)

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors(Arlington)

United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (Herndon)

In-Q-Tel (Arlington)

2ae510 No.435094


sauce it anon

kek meme too btw

25bf06 No.435095


so one of the camera people put that video on YT?

96f7d0 No.435096

Meme idea: Picture of David Hogg.

My dad is exFBI.

I didn't warn him about the shooter.

Now I'm exploiting the deaths I could have prevented.

dca0af No.435097


I was watching live and it was night out, i would guess 8-9pm eastern. I remember thinking jeez kid you witnessed death go home

df4817 No.435099


Coincidence or trying to tell us something?

caaa22 No.435100


WTF is this for?


a7e43e No.435102

File: f510dd6c8d46512⋯.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1536x1794, 256:299, D1849155-E759-4AA6-BCB8-0….jpeg)

File: 9e9e9f42aec68aa⋯.jpeg (2.43 MB, 1536x1794, 256:299, E74BC937-A736-4997-A043-D….jpeg)

This is liddlekidz original website in 2007 and the current one. It hasn’t changed at all. Strange.

304c92 No.435103

File: d82990d28df50d9⋯.jpg (437.13 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Trump_Walking_Alone.jpg)

dceea8 No.435104


Left will eat its own.

0a6f86 No.435105

hey fuckers- this board is NOT a place to come get your view counts so you can make money. post a description and some sauce so we don't have to get off the board if we don't want to. If you're stupid enough to post a youtube video we'll use hooktube to deny you the cash. Tired of this shit.

9dfb89 No.435106


The sooner he meets God, the better.

207f6b No.435107

the real solution to fresh water, it is below us everywhere, so while the surface water of lakes and rivers are vanishing for some unknown reason, the real fresh water supply is below us all

here is a GREAT explanation lesson of our earths water system, what they dont teach us in school

this topic on quality water came up a day or 2 ago in the threads

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUaPleXoK8E

d41fc2 No.435109


From the video description:

"W" takes us behind the scenes to discuss N Korea, understanding the #QAnon posts and what lies ahead in the #WeThePeople movement.

We are political scientists, editorial engineers, and radio show developers drawn together by a shared vision of bringing Alternative news through digital mediums that evangelize our civil liberties.

Forward to 01:02:00 to hear about the ANKLE BRACELETS/BOOTS.

f3d6fd No.435110


washington pro trump twitter accounts

are all atwitter over pending movement

i've never seen them like that

almost exposing the plan

690fd8 No.435112

Been looking at Q's Feb 18 2018 20:57:51 105

1) The verse is Jeremiah 29:11 from the New American Standard version bible.

2) The two Protect lines I believe are saying protect DJT

3) Q+ could be the specific element in the Q team ….. we have Q, Q Delta, and Q+ so far (3 members at present)

I'm sure others have had the same thinking hope i'm not repeating a previous post …. if so sorry

aba5cc No.435113


Willing to bet…

He wont be meeting God.

acfa98 No.435114


I'm gonna guess flavored as well? These fuckers need to burn

d385dd No.435115


Amazon has a significant presence in McLean as well. I believe the cloud hosting division–the one that runs Netflix, Reddit, etc–of their company is headquartered there.

29cf99 No.435116


I really think our best shot is to stick to exposing the truth and memeing about Big Pharma, Mental Disorders & SSRi prescriptions in school shooters. There is plenty of data to back up this assertion.

8ff83e No.435117


Holy shit! Why would someone name their company after a name that is know for cannibalism, unless . . . Barffffff.

ff779f No.435118

File: 42d328ba993d879⋯.png (399.34 KB, 557x474, 557:474, youdecide.png)


for you

f2b082 No.435119

File: 176e97de6e415de⋯.jpg (31.35 KB, 640x371, 640:371, shooterdiagramwokeunwoke.jpg)

File: c41d6430c235c0a⋯.jpg (218.06 KB, 953x960, 953:960, shooterfbidoesnothingever.jpg)

File: a84816c8d3c0836⋯.jpg (91.73 KB, 940x960, 47:48, shooterfbidonothing.jpg)

a7e43e No.435120


Hang him from his neck from an overpass on the local highway.

8d6d3c No.435121


Can we identify the adults in the photo? Do any link to CNN or a crisis acting company?

2da258 No.435122

File: f426094f7e63633⋯.png (62.66 KB, 596x286, 298:143, Q - https___qanonmap.githu….png)

b633b6 No.435123

File: ca460b971ff074e⋯.jpg (444.07 KB, 824x512, 103:64, HotelGITMO.jpg)


How's this?

cc32e4 No.435125


No she didn't. She just protected her tweets. https: //twitter.com/_windspeaks_

13e214 No.435126


there is no sauce its a pelican fag

ca6148 No.435127


Dude I'm completely on the bandwagon of somethings not right here but guys please let's not attack this poor kid. He's studying journalism and is on the film/journalism crew at the school. Of course he is practicing his lines. Let's not hurt our cause by attacking a kid. He's young and doesn't need his life destroyed by weaponized autism!!!


b8650d No.435128


Link or screen shot?

ff779f No.435129


yeahhhhhhh, excellent, anon – MOAR please

0be031 No.435130


"They must never go back in that building" is a new plaint too.

WTF is that about? Are they trying to act suspicious?

37b2e9 No.435131


These are essential oils used on children as an alternative to regular medication. Good products, no thanks made from kids, made for kids.

8ff83e No.435132



05334a No.435133

File: 888e3bd4bd374e1⋯.png (86.62 KB, 634x536, 317:268, ClipboardImage.png)


thankfully not fake or gay

chekeked it myself pic related

211da8 No.435134


trying to see if this is the same blonde from the crisis actors

5052a4 No.435135


Hmm, For that Musk command to build more underground bases..,Hmm.,Yellowstore, if the earthquakes active the pacific places. (big one).., a world problem with Yellowstore..

13f189 No.435136

That elsagate shit on YouTube jeffy

Same jeffy as jeffyjeffy@aol.com

That's Jeff K

f3d6fd No.435137




b633b6 No.435138


You're welcome :)

aba5cc No.435139


I have not been able to prove any connection to human protein, but I would bet on it.

Of course, I am a memefag, not a researcher.

If an anon that could prove it steps up, go for it.

Pointed it out months ago, no one took after it.

ff779f No.435140

d385dd No.435141


Do you have this in a larger version? I want to share, but it's too small.

a64362 No.435142

File: fe67bdcb4844f63⋯.jpg (115.83 KB, 827x487, 827:487, Florida Students cracking ….jpg)

7f88ec No.435143

Church of mother fucking Satan. Sounds like a normal thing for a pure, innocent 17 year old girl who hates guns to be tweeting with. Hey Mom, Dad, The Church wants to say Hi!


c7294b No.435144


>http:// www.orionmindproject.com/MKULTRA-Cats.html

Dude, these people are fucked. If you click "Source" it goes more into MKUltra and the different levelsm, methods of manipulation and movies that enhance them. Basically NSFL text

These people are sick. This needs to stop

25bf06 No.435145


>It's so obviously fake, you almost starting to think it's been setup to expose this bullshit.

I've wondered that about all the fake tragedies. Why so obvious? They have the resources to make it all flawless and believable.

Did the white hats infiltrate years ago and lead the MK zombies to do dumb things in preparation for the real take down?

bad897 No.435146


Hogg becomes bought off politician in 3 2 1…

ff779f No.435147


but did it look like he was trying to remember lines? or that what he said was scripted?

0a6f86 No.435148

25622a No.435149


Seems to me that the FBI dropped the ball on the Cruz kid for more than one reason. They knew that Wray would get nicked over it and they are probably the ones that groomed the kid in the first place. Now the feeding frenzy continues with all these other diverted school shootings (which they probably weren't going to let happen but definitely be heard about) so there's the commie/elite gun control narrative being pushed all over. These people are truly sick.

257c9a No.435150


Without evidence, what can we believe?

672e38 No.435151

fe206d No.435152


(Marjory) Douglas HS…?

aba5cc No.435153

File: 9a3c47099ece716⋯.jpg (262.22 KB, 741x450, 247:150, gunultra2.jpg)


Along those lines…

ff779f No.435154



e96e79 No.435155


who is the handler?

7e709e No.435156

File: 49816f4c5b1fb1d⋯.jpeg (254.98 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, D1360A4D-EBFB-4EAE-8F93-2….jpeg)

8ff83e No.435157



He looks like an evil fuck.

f02617 No.435158


Imagine the weight on those shoulders

aba5cc No.435159


Probably the black woman doing a selfie in the group party shot.

05334a No.435160


https:// twitter.com/jessieKUSA/status/965491955021983744


2dde66 No.435161


Not really…it was still light out, so it was pretty fresh

He looked a little shaky and didnt talk for long

ff779f No.435162


was thinking the same – no more HS kids than the actors on GLEE.

who are these people REALLY?????

dceea8 No.435163


Better to flip him.

18b6d0 No.435164


Ha! Thought that was a college pic of Harvey Weinstein.

742852 No.435165


this is good

8d6d3c No.435166


Anyone have the video of the "interview"?

e96e79 No.435167


archive this shit

5971c9 No.435168


'D' could also mean the (D)emocrats are in the middle of this false flag. Also, in (D)ebbie Wasserman Schultz' district.

42f969 No.435169


No idea about the cafe ownership, but regardless of architects and cafe's, a pedophile would love to find an excuse to wear a shirt saying "I love kids" in any language. This is not evidence, but this IS a smell which warrants investigation.

As for James Alefantis, he is a different case. The surname's origin is obscure, and is spelled several ways in Greek. The spelling that James uses is very rare in Greece. Also, James appears to be a Rothschild and we know a lot about this family. They are hard core satanists meaning that all of those fully initiated into the bloodline are fully bisexual and have no sexual inhibitions. They will do it with dead bodies, with babies, whoever. Of course they do have preferences like anybody else, and James Alefantis does associate with a hedonistic pedosexual crowd. People who have investigated his businesses and the entertainers that he brings in have made a very strong case for that.

But like all satanists he delights in obfuscation, confusing signals, lies and so on. He may or may not have been born to someone named Alefantis who may or may not have been impregnated by a Rothschild. All of these satanists go to great lengths to break the parental bonds, trading kids, and severely abusing them so they have no bond to mother or father or anyone other than the Grande Dame, the clan matriarch. She is the one who oversees their programming and initiates them, if she chooses them to be full members of the bloodline. Defectives are killed, or used as servants/slaves/toys/whatever. They are of no importance and can be treated like sheep, i.e. like you and me.

So overall, it is fair to say that James Alefantis chose this name because it sounds like J'aime L'enfant. It is fair to see that is partly because James likes to have babies suck his dick with those strong sucking muscles, just like his gay friends. It is also fair to say that James is fascinated with L'Enfant's architecture of DC. And even fair to say that James has a weird name for numerological reasons or because you can rearrange the letters and spell something satanic in some language or other.

However, it is not fair to say any of this as proven fact unless you have actually proven the facts.

Satanists are evil, especially the bloodline ones so they are the enemy. All is fair in love and war. This is war against the satanists so saying anything about them is fair.

But when we take the step of educating an unsuspecting public, it is no longer fair to choose the worst possible interpretation of things. In fact, we must put our people first. The sheep look up to us, even though we are simply sheep who have already looked up from the delicious grass provided by our overlords. We owe it to our fellow sheep to only teach them with proven facts. Our memes should only be factual, our maps must be rigorously fact checked, the way it used to be done in the free press. We are trying to set an example here.

0be031 No.435170


They're pumping the shit out of this shooting, beyond normal MSM death porn.

74c820 No.435171

ae4516 No.435172


Is this really him?

37246e No.435173


there was another call to FBI

tip line by a person close to

him who was very worried. Fox

reported a few times. will try to

find exact words used. may have

said ticking time bomb.

54f2ea No.435174



https:// www.washingtonpost.com/archive/opinions/1993/10/30/ruling-class-journalists/761e7bf8-025d-474e-81cb-92dcf271571e/?utm_term=.c209a1c164ce

71b4c2 No.435176


Our main focus is making sure we have secured a solid trail to all the crimes because we the people do not stand for traitors and criminals running this country into the ground.

Plenty will always multi-dig on these things. The truth will be discovered.

a64362 No.435177



It SAYS "Fan accunt"

7b7b34 No.435178

Shill farm alarm bells ringing 20 minutes ago when we found the crisis actors pictures, all shills to battle stations! Repeat all Shills to battle stations!

Post random irrelevant questions to old topics - group 1

Divert focus onto last researched topic while every real anon clearly focused on crisis actors - group 2

Throw in a little spice and salt with some religion related/race related garbage - group 3.

When I was a newfag the shills were confusing in their complexity, now they’re glaringly obvious. Crisis Actors is over the target, keep the focus Anons.

96f7d0 No.435179

File: 1a8c70fa0672988⋯.jpg (99.42 KB, 630x354, 105:59, Hoggexploits.jpg)

Hogg exploiting dead kids

aad840 No.435180


Here is a presentation she made for DHS regarding border control technology proposals.

something is funny with this person getting a name dropped here.

http:// slideplayer.com/slide/4634505/

ff779f No.435181


we're hot tonight anons – fresh GIGANTIC RED PILL being loaded

42f969 No.435183


Also, who are the 17 dead kids? Are any of them the oldest child in a family? Satanists can gain higher rank in their pyramidal organization by sacrificing their firstborn child.

Joe Biden did it with Beau.

dceea8 No.435184


Right on anon.

f6f006 No.435185


Fuck maybe he can commission a fucking hooked on phonics book as well

a64362 No.435187

2dde66 No.435188

From Loomer…

A student @ #MarjoryStonemanDouglass high school informed me their teachers are sending out details for anti-gun Meetups so students can be seen at today’s @Everytown gun grabber meeting.

Everytown is one of the largest anti 2A groups in the country, funded by Michael Bloomberg.

9f3414 No.435189


I didn't think Church of Satan was a clown op, but now I'm starting to suspect as much. It makes a lot of sense given who frequents/promotes it.

f9ab46 No.435190

File: dc149938e4d04fb⋯.jpg (810.69 KB, 1766x1041, 1766:1041, Getting Ready For The TV2.jpg)

aba5cc No.435191


If anyone can access the SSI (social security index) or the country death index, they will list deaths (at least numbers) for the day.

If it don't add up, it didn't happen.

This was done to prove sandy hook, then they made the SSI non-public.

So we need an anon who has access to do that.

Perhaps there is other aspects.

Like facebook creation dates of victims being all on the same day or within a few days.

(I know not how to check for such things!)

A humble memefag.

1a3769 No.435192


Q mentioned it back on the 31st of October

987057 No.435193

File: 8976529865451f8⋯.png (259.38 KB, 738x251, 738:251, jeff.PNG)

File: 409e88d2095cf27⋯.png (26.46 KB, 1067x226, 1067:226, jeffy2.PNG)

File: 207fe4c7bd8df6b⋯.jpg (74.85 KB, 427x419, 427:419, jeffy3.jpg)

File: e49daef483c09be⋯.png (87.36 KB, 485x392, 485:392, jeffy4.png)

I just got Banned for two days for posting the following:

- Jeff Kasky runs a Elsagate type youtube channel called supermariologan.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ft5BTUV5qV0

- Jeff Kasky runs the "One World Adoption"

- This Adoption agency has been sued in the past for threatening birth mothers.

- His son is named Cameron Kasky and he was at the school shooting and is now the poster child for anti-gun legislation.

- Jeffyjeff (the main character in the youtube series of Supermariologan) has a roblox page full of pizzagate shit.

This is HUGE. There is a strong link of Mk-ultra/pizza gate shit.

Threads over on half-chan are being deleted within minutes. They told me I dox'd some guy but I didn't have anything other then a youtube link and a picture of the asshole.


3a8880 No.435194

I am pissed about those crisis actors…the little shits. I understood how Cruz was set up and why but for some reason those actors made me mad.

af210e No.435195

a64362 No.435196

File: fe67bdcb4844f63⋯.jpg (115.83 KB, 827x487, 827:487, Florida Students cracking ….jpg)

54f2ea No.435197


The Benevolent Empire

https:// carnegieendowment.org/1998/06/01/benevolent-empire-pub-275

9aeb20 No.435198

File: 8f6ad82c528bf0a⋯.png (477.35 KB, 651x579, 217:193, BBLG.PNG)

I probably should not have, but I snort laughed when I just saw this.

a7e43e No.435199


I see we’re setting up a school shooting. My son is a YouTuber and if we could do it at my kids school it could give him some great publicity. Plus he test high on our Monarch Scale.

What the fuck is going on.

25bf06 No.435200


>He's studying journalism and is on the film/journalism crew at the school.

1. You don't know that

2. Irrelevant to the fact that a scripted interview is not a real interview.

59f107 No.435201


Honestly, whenever someone says Honestly along with a bunch of umms and ahhs and backpedaling and shit, you know he's a liar

7168fd No.435202

File: 44bcf8843c8a8ff⋯.png (504.13 KB, 639x413, 639:413, screenshot_191.png)


Temple of Set

https:// xeper.org/

c9a628 No.435203


He more than likely FBI– but you are right that restraint is well-advised.

f6f006 No.435204


Honestly I want to beat the fuck out of these kids. If I EVER caught my son who is that age acting like that he would never see the fucking light of day again until he was 30

cc6460 No.435205


One of their videos advertised a site called BabyBabyOhBaby.com What is with these people?

6c63a4 No.435206

File: edc9b288ee0cd91⋯.jpg (16.76 KB, 349x57, 349:57, aaron burr arrested-02 19 ….JPG)

Did we catch this already?

2/19/1807: Aaron Burr arrested for treason.

2dde66 No.435207

I retweeted that earlier bcs it cracked me up


c7294b No.435208


Me too. I'm sitting here wondering why it upsets as much as something about MK ultra I was just reading. I think it's that they're getting way with it. It's in our faces. People will see every day EAT IT UP. And it's in our faces.

fcacf1 No.435209

Tactical Meme Warfare Division

Needs To Give Us Red Pill Ammo

We Need Impact

We Need Shocking

We Need To Hit Hard

We Need Memetastic

05334a No.435210

File: 292e2b22c4ecc12⋯.png (61.57 KB, 266x367, 266:367, ClipboardImage.png)


just confirmed, is a fan account


bad897 No.435211


The two on the left don’t seem to share the joy.

8170b0 No.435212


Useful Tool.

a64362 No.435213

File: 3af3699ac169f13⋯.jpg (462.76 KB, 1302x1116, 7:6, Virginia Shooting Crisis A….jpg)

4d3835 No.435214

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is it just me or IS this kid in this Youtube video a dead ringer for the Laura Ingraham interview kid shown in the picture of your post? Is it also just me or does the kid in the youtube video have a fake accent?

aba5cc No.435215



Not only the church of satan social neworking, but the entire church of satan organization.

Along with the American Nazi Party, Antifa, and possibly even the "tea party" official groups.

ITS how they operate.

207f6b No.435216


imo, all we need is a law that anyone baring false witness on a news channel is a mandatory sentence of at least 5 years, something like that,

might as well add, using and creating fake news footage, make that sentence to fit the crime, fake a murder, then the fake news film is a sentence of murder with all who participated in the terrorist crime… if they fake a bank robbery, then the sentence for faking it on the news film is a sentence as if they robbed the bank themselves…

fake news would change over night, crisis actors would never agree to lie for them again in interviews…

4daa8d No.435217

This is a big confirmation for me. This person is no BS and she is singing our tune? Huge!>>435017

42f969 No.435218


When it was a carefully staged and planned op, you have to get as much mileage out of it as you can. Each individual satanist gets their own brownie points for the deceptions that they personally do. Everyone wants to get ahead with this op, so they are all miking it as much as they can. No doubt something even bigger is being planned and only the best (at deception) will be chosen to participate.

4d3835 No.435219

File: 94809637a94cc38⋯.png (209.7 KB, 328x289, 328:289, 000.PNG)

File: 20343da7550e0d4⋯.png (455.24 KB, 605x350, 121:70, 001.PNG)


photos together

13f189 No.435220


There is a huge fucking connection here

dceea8 No.435221


This is what the /v/pg people are trying to get out but their reach is limited due to lack of autz. CP seems to be a hot button for Q. Maybe something to bump up to the war room?

a5ebaf No.435222


https:// www. csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2017/1215/Why-did-Broward-destroy-2016-ballots-Sanders-ally-seeks-US-probe

Motive? School shooting covers this up nicely….

598054 No.435223

File: ea994a3b026dcdb⋯.jpg (52.41 KB, 743x466, 743:466, David_Hogg.JPG)

File: bb8b89356e4881a⋯.jpg (43.81 KB, 509x488, 509:488, Rebecca_Boldrick_Hogg.JPG)

File: 44ffd6d654b5fe7⋯.jpg (47.95 KB, 694x424, 347:212, kevin_hogg.JPG)



We’ve suspected it all along, and with a little digging – BINGO!!

>David Miles Hogg, that SJW student from Parkland high school shooting doing all the scripted television interviews calling out POTUS and organizing anti-gun protests, is one of (((them))).

>His mother, Rebecca Boldrick (Hogg) is a rabid anti-Trump and pro Planned Parenthood shill on Facebook, even putting out a post to all her friends telling Trump supporters to unfriend her and get off her page.

But Anons, it gets MUCH BETTER!

>His father, KEVIN RICHARD HOGG is an FBI SPECIAL AGENT, originally from southern California. Took some digging to find, but here is a sworn affidavit signed by Kevin R. Hogg in a case that made national attention in 2011. Shortly afterwards, the family moved to Parkland FL and now his son is on our televisions, conveniently posing as the spokesperson for the (((gun-grabbers))).






7168fd No.435224


>American Nazi Party, Antifa =

Temple of Set

https:// xeper.org/

29cf99 No.435225


I went onto to legacy.com and searched obituaries for Parkland, FL. Near as I can tell, there is only the usual old people who died. Haven't had the time/wherewithal to check surrounding newspapers. But one would think there would be individual obituaries as servics are arranged.

969552 No.435226


Yeah and that piece of shit gets paid by Baltimore School System.

"DeRay was just awarded a job with the Baltimore school district in human resources"

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/06/anti-cop-race-activist-deray-mckesson-lands-job-baltimore-schools-making-165000-year/king $165,000 a year.

13e214 No.435227

1a0147 No.435228

In an online group, the topic of fave conspiracy theories came up. This group has a lot of liberals minded individuals. But I added my two cents in and commented on other's topics. I know I redpilled one as that person requested more info, but I got the overwhelming feeling like I was being laughed at as a nutcase. They couldn't possibly believe that the government isn't always on the up and up, and that the government is just full of people too stupid to plan anything. It felt a bit discouraging that they could so easily dismiss an idea before having done any research on their own. I even did some conspiracies in question form too. I guess I just have to hope I planted a seed in others' minds. Oh, and the vitriol to Trump is so mindblowing. Just felt so discouraging.

4dd959 No.435229

File: 8652b6a9948fb62⋯.jpg (73.95 KB, 887x653, 887:653, FlSchShot.JPG)

8d6d3c No.435230


No I meant the one that has all of the people

-> >>435142

7e709e No.435231


Wha are the # Tags for your mission?

c7294b No.435232


Excellent work, Patriot. These people are sick and we're growing wise to them. These high level pedos are all connected and all protect each other. The CIA, Hollywood, Media are all in on it.

8050df No.435233


The entire school gun control narrative is being exposed as a giant lie.

Super find!

cc6460 No.435235

File: 008dc09aff48a35⋯.jpg (97.86 KB, 577x500, 577:500, 24wxxv.jpg)

109931 No.435236



If he was ever truly a Republican, then I'm Mickey Mouse.

d02c9b No.435237


I'd almost rather scroll through gore.

It sucks, just wanting to hug these people and not being able to

7168fd No.435238


Vegas all over again!!!

29e7a2 No.435239

File: 1981b1402d2732d⋯.png (217.62 KB, 1806x2360, 903:1180, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)


The screen shot is of Book of Q Release #1 from Oct - Nov 2017. (address included)

Please comment with the link to the other Book of Q releases that correlate with the screen shot

Release #1 Oct - Nov 2017 link

drive. google.com/file/d/1G6guY_q-PzZfdJM4ItzmQIF9gfPrOQxk/view

Below are links to a DIFFERENT screenshot compilation of Q posts. I am not looking for these (I found them already)

I) https:// anonfile.com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

II) https:// anonfile.com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

III) https:// anonfile.com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

IV) https:// anonfile.com/Q9X0kedcb4/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712110947.pdf

V) https:// anonfile.com/G024n1dfb6/q_posts_partV_v201712170612.pdf

f4828f No.435240


starring in his own news show twice in his young life? His Twitter is scrubbed from 2015 and earlier. I'd like to see a young picture of him from 2013 like his twitter says the date of joining.

0a6f86 No.435241


I checked this afternoon and only a couple of the kids have actual obituaries up…. 5 days after the fact. And not even real obituaries either.

3c2a98 No.435242

File: 52b3b05dee04f57⋯.jpeg (86.52 KB, 486x640, 243:320, 584930EC-C4AF-4C77-9D37-5….jpeg)

1996, TIME brags about US meddling in Russian elections:

bad897 No.435243


Yes, several breads ago.

05334a No.435244


VERY curious now given recent events

29cf99 No.435245


Do you have a list of names?

a64362 No.435246


its a FAN ACCOUNT, newfag!

8050df No.435247


It's fraud. They are perpetrating a fraud.

""In law, fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain, (PAID to LIE).""

8170b0 No.435248


I've seen videos of kids saying there were more than one shooter but I have not seen anyone identifying Cruz as the shooter.

Did I miss something?

e59a9f No.435249

>>435239Fuck your trying to sell shit shill

54f2ea No.435250


A Politburo for Capitalism?

" . . . this is the seat of the most influential private institution in America and the Western world, the seat of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council for Foreign Relations.

William Domhoff, political scientist: "The Council is the crucial link between the big corporations and the government … The importance of this union for understanding the basic motives and basics of American world politics can hardly be overstated … Yet most of them have citizens This country, which considers itself the best informed community of all time, has no idea of ​​the existence of such a body … "

http:// www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/d-41389590.html

acfa98 No.435251


that was her? oh nice, I retweeted that from Tpaine

ae4516 No.435252


What about “I know the real story, do you?”

42f969 No.435253


They brought in the 17 kids in trance, lined them up and shot them all. Then the bodies were moved and staged while the shooters fired in random spots to keep people away.

Later someone realized that the bullet holes through the walls will tell the truth, especially the ones carrying DNA from the bodies. It will look damning when the police learn the kids were all lined up and shot in one room.

Sacrificing your firstborn children is harder than it seems.

29121e No.435254

File: 1afdb7c3c95876b⋯.png (182.33 KB, 598x929, 598:929, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)

File: dad55c9a1e7899f⋯.png (175.06 KB, 798x406, 57:29, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)

File: 3248525ea8b5c96⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1428x984, 119:82, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)


>Jeanne W. Lin

fcacf1 No.435255


I'm not on twitter.

I'm on FB

My audience is the 35 to 55 crowd.

95f889 No.435256

Everybody must know that the "nice" family that took the school shooter in really knew the kid was fucked up big time. Their own son was there and went to the same school and makes me suspicious about their son too. I wonder if they took him in to get Social Security money and tax breaks etc by doing so. There is no way they did not know the kid was a dangerous FUCK-UP! They should get sued for everything they got and be exiled from that town!!!

27851a No.435257


these aren't bad, just a marketing ploy from a direct sales company

a64362 No.435258


"they" got away with 9/11 and Sandy Hook, they think they can get away with anything!

74c820 No.435259


It was never updated.

eab623 No.435260


He's not a kid. He is a journalist, film maker, entrepreneur and part time dreamer. His words.

He wanted to play liddle games, fuck his smug soyboi shell of a fag

e76484 No.435261


Exactly! Have you noticed how much chatter about a Yellowstone eruption there's been in the news lately? Not to mention all the speculation about an accompanying extinction event. If Operation Disclosure has it right, then all of it seems more than a little coincidental.

0e1dd6 No.435262

File: c840c47a6e0c85b⋯.png (758.86 KB, 2794x825, 254:75, crisis_actors.png)


This is so great. Perfect red pill material.

0ed91f No.435263


Looks great, anon.

It's pretty handy that the (((useful idiots))) provided the world the "camera off" photos by posting them on social media. As Q has said, "These people are really stupid."

33b713 No.435264

Anons, where's the memes linking hogg to his FBI dad? Someone point me in the right direction, bout to shove a red pill up a whole bunch of asses..

59482e No.435265

File: b6f616a9ecf7f5d⋯.jpg (116.65 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, liddlef.jpg)

81eb1e No.435266


that kid looks SOOOOO familiar

9aeb20 No.435267




What are the others last names?

Any other double letter ending last names?

3a8880 No.435268


Same here. Don't know why it upsets me as much either with all this other stuff going on. Maybe it's just a release valve our body/mind needs to do.

b414df No.435269

File: 16d8e96fa480d33⋯.jpg (998.52 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180220-020322.jpg)

Anyone read this page?

Cooper had Q clearance

dceea8 No.435270


One person at a time anon. Take that person to lunch and give them a pill.

25bf06 No.435271


maybe because they are enjoying it so much. Cruz was clearly a victim

969552 No.435272


This has to be exposed. I know there is a plan but this stuff is way too much. And when is FB gonna get its due. Most morons use FB as their only source for news.

378dd5 No.435273

Ok guys, there was an email that was leaked to this board about George Soros being at a "Collective" Soul concert in Toronto. Q confirmed it if I recall. When you look up Soros it transliterates to: an urn or receptacle for keeping the bones of the dead…

or Mayne a soul collector/repository

David Rockefeller lived to be 101. He started the Trilateral Commission and is pretty much known for helping to usher in the NWO with the 9/11 WTC event. Rockefeller was also obsessed with trans humanism. Who replaced Rockefeller? He replaced himself with a new vessel, a Soros, a collective soul. He transferred his consciousness. BOOM!!!

672db9 No.435274

File: dcf53f8c67676a0⋯.jpeg (62.68 KB, 590x393, 590:393, 09A98518-05F1-4FAF-AF2D-0….jpeg)

bad897 No.435275


Is Musk heading up a project to drill into the caldera?

bfae8e No.435276

>>434504 (last bread)

This morning BBC had an interview with a girl student activist - read: ACTRESS - claiming POTUS never visited any of the victims families or the students - Goggle search said otherwise - I can't find a BBC stream video link with her name BUT it shows there are "questionables/actors/assets/brainwashees" being put in front of the news cameras to diss POTUS.

572c87 No.435277



Do we have working pics of the Hogg kids' paretnts?

8ff83e No.435278


Get the PDF from yesterday in the catalog and use that for a cover.

8170b0 No.435279


Destroy the evidence.

SOP for FBI terrorist acts.

They did the same at OKC ,Waco and 911.

81eb1e No.435280


shes a fuckin CIA nigger bred just for this reason

92aa20 No.435281


go away GW

4d3835 No.435282


I agree, more i watch, the looks and the nasal voice was fooling me bad, but the interview kid is i think younger and smaller

3a8880 No.435283


That black eye sure looks fake.

29d35a No.435284


I also posted on the last bread that Coop had Q Level Clearance :)

95682b No.435285

File: 58cb07e6d1176ed⋯.png (177.17 KB, 358x389, 358:389, ClipboardImage.png)


new account here

2612f5 No.435286


Who are the (creepy) older people

ca6148 No.435287




I mean I mostly agree especially when he's playing grown up with his Pres Trump rhetoric. But I do think it should be done with caution so our cause isn't lost on the world as they see us attacking an "innocent" kid. Definitely something not right here

cc6460 No.435288


Is this Nasty Girl even for real?

It's like a school shooting Blair Bitch Project

d385dd No.435289


At least you tried, Anon. You have no idea who read your words or how it affected them. The cabal depends on people remaining silent because of fear of ridicule and people giving up out of discouragement. It's a tough job, but keep at it no matter what.

0be031 No.435290

File: 3c7b3a87380c30c⋯.jpeg (430.55 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, 175c8adbb5e71befed1145ce1….jpeg)

Crisis actors/MSM promoted FFs


4daa8d No.435291

Fuck. Thought I read might be to good to be true. >>435246

29e7a2 No.435292


Thank you. That was the easiest most straight forward answer ever given. I appreciate it.

d1240f No.435293

Did the same thing, destroying Sandy Hook school…>>435279

f4828f No.435294

This David Hogg is getting weirder. A teenage boy is following 112 profiles and 1 of them is the Boring Company???????? ALERT ALERT DOES NOT COMPUTE

5971c9 No.435295


These were always my favorite. Seemed like a great way to red-pill normies.


That's a shame. See above.

b633b6 No.435296

File: 3e46bdd0fff199f⋯.jpg (484.46 KB, 2780x1012, 695:253, pocahontas5billion.jpg)

81eb1e No.435297


more like liddle slaves

8170b0 No.435298


Think of it as the gage of desperation.

7f88ec No.435299

File: 74de43ecaad7e49⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 351x323, 351:323, MOTHERFAKER.jpg)

This is about right >>435072

f3d6fd No.435300

File: 2e92eef32e5f6a3⋯.png (596.36 KB, 666x500, 333:250, flo cr.png)

ff779f No.435301

File: dfab51dd0553167⋯.png (631.92 KB, 659x495, 659:495, crisisactors.png)

File: ac54710a98d5e87⋯.png (635.67 KB, 660x495, 4:3, notbuyingit.png)

7806c4 No.435302


what's surprising about him following the boring comp?

78be16 No.435303


Beat me by a minute. He should've known what he was getting himself into…or maybe not if he was MKULTRA'd. Maybe he should mention he voted for Hillary? Sauce I found would dox him. He's 18, he's a big boy, shall I?

969552 No.435305


Yep laughing her ass off in other picture. The shaved head…Oh I am so gender neutral just look at me…

aad840 No.435306

File: 28533f50c23d1c4⋯.jpg (225.9 KB, 674x1200, 337:600, DVtuuVSU8AABC96.jpg)

File: a33a3662388b49c⋯.jpg (67.46 KB, 955x446, 955:446, DRWcIDTWsAAWDVL.jpg)

File: a33a3662388b49c⋯.jpg (67.46 KB, 955x446, 955:446, DRWcIDTWsAAWDVL.jpg)


Remember nellie ohr getting a hamm license? look who got one the same day.

ff779f No.435307


very nice, anon - love the message

8050df No.435308

File: b2bb708be9cd6a5⋯.jpg (155.56 KB, 956x1382, 478:691, ws2.jpg)


Looks like that @windspeaks bitch about want to hire someone to kill POTUS and pence.

Her twatter has now been deleted.

Same one? ←-Pic

1e1cf3 No.435309


I posted this morning.

▶Anonymous (You) 02/19/18 (Mon) 09:36:14 5b3a58 No.430494>>430515 >>430518 >>430733

Good morning,

I was on YouTube and saw the Parkland students and clicked because I was curious. I have never been so angry because what good these students could do is being perverted to spread a message of banning guns.

I beg of you, listen to this. It is so scripted

They finally found voices that just may keep the sheep asleep, they are using "children" to get the message across but the "children" are being told what to say.


He also said FBI were the first to respond.

Need to dig into this. Need to dig, video, news reports.

What they failed at Sandy Hook, they learned and perfected with older students.

These Students knew about this young man but didn't scream loud enough, they had the same access to media as anyone else but now they have their 15 min.

Trump want to meet with the students but they have a prior commitment at a Town Hall sponsored by CNN with Jake Trapper.

HMMMM, why not meet with the person in Charge of the FBI per their words.

This sounds like Hanoi Jane 2.0

I am just so pissed as my son suffers from schizophrenia and they should focus on mental health not guns. Schools need more resources, education, public awareness.

We must do something to counter this narrative because these STUDENTS are being used.

In the video, you can tell the kids are being coached via ear pieces, body language says it all.


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aVJ46aJKzM&t=28s

I do not know how to combat this because it would look like an attack on "children".

81eb1e No.435310

File: 09045013b181ee2⋯.png (128.37 KB, 396x348, 33:29, ClipboardImage.png)


its their last shot before everything theyve worked for for the past 50+ years goes up in smoke

Burn the bitch down to the ground

6a372b No.435311



Awesome Thanks!

from Q:

"Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected?"


531bcb No.435312


IMO he’s trying to set the narrative that this was incompetence not criminal. To free the bad actors from responsibility.

29cf99 No.435313

Guys – Don't we have any Florida Anons who can supply us with a list of the names of those who were killed? Links to obits? This is just weird.

763baf No.435314

I am just as much 'school shooting survivor' as those kids

dceea8 No.435315


NASA wants to pump water into the lava dome to relieve pressure. Some brave soul's got to do it.

732513 No.435316


I'd be checkin' the schul yearbook for theatre and thespian club admin

572c87 No.435317


I looked at his Facebook, 5 pics in three years.. What teen has so few pictures in such a timespan? He be glowing

5052a4 No.435318


Sounds Crazy.., Are you saying that Rockefeller and Soros share the same Body??

969552 No.435319


doxx away

13f189 No.435320


bad897 No.435321


Aren’t they making flamethrowers?

e59a9f No.435322

>>435309 Dont write a fuckin book next time

2ee383 No.435323


Yeah breddy gud but could we please refrain from the israhell dick gobbling? Thanks

af210e No.435324


We need to fire this Kids Dad Q! make it happen :-P

b14a27 No.435325


Baker, oh Baker! Please add to dough

f7d50d No.435326


You're angry because these people are conspiring to have our 2A rights revoked. They are deliberately selling a lie to the public to politically motivate them.

fcacf1 No.435327


Yes. Family types, many are Mormon.

35 - 55 age grp

This is my audience.

They are waking up,

most are middle class

and sick of being screwed

for so long.

They are listening.

35bd98 No.435328


Wicked classic, Thanks anon. Stay safe and godspeed in travels.

92aa20 No.435329


the boring co flame throwers strange, yes but the kid and the butchie girl had a video where they were flying a ballon offshore around the time of rocket launch- kids think EM is cool

aba5cc No.435330

File: ac5c023e0b9a443⋯.jpg (186.78 KB, 529x598, 23:26, killing kids1.jpg)


Had to do it…

bad897 No.435331


Something tells me that’s not going to end well.

e96e79 No.435332

Who is the lawyer representing the shooter? Oh my…

109931 No.435333

File: 82e7ce311e730d5⋯.png (1.04 MB, 750x725, 30:29, Comfy3.png)


Their ass is grass kek!

29d35a No.435334


No pension either….

969552 No.435335


and SATAN gone from the Whitehouse

aab740 No.435336


With the crazy shit I've just learned over the past few months. Anything is possible

a64362 No.435337



I thought you had to be 18 years old to vote?

af210e No.435338


Love Kek

f4828f No.435339

>>435302 he is a teenager and has little to no teens he is following yet follows Boring . They came up in research a few thread back.

211da8 No.435340


anons this is big , is it the same girl ? looks close to me but my eyes are pretty bad .

378dd5 No.435341


Im saying Soros is implanted with an AI device and that Rockefellers consciousness was transferred to Soros. Soros is an AI bot, an urn for the dead

cc6460 No.435342


What is pizza massage? I mean really, WTF

4923cd No.435343


Notice others getting their ham license who are from Virginia?

dceea8 No.435344


They're always trying to kill more people.

81eb1e No.435345


our guns arent going anywhere

they want you to get angry and pissed off

they thrive on it

dont let them win.


KNOW our guns arent going anywhere. They NEVER will. If we want America we need to reach out and take it

But we need to KEEP it. No more sleeping. Town hall meetings..staying involved. Its gunna suck but America is clearly not a "set it and forget it" type of deal

It takes ALOT of awareness from EVERYBODY

4dd959 No.435346

File: 3ea8bd572a24a23⋯.jpg (62.39 KB, 468x397, 468:397, 24x1wh.jpg)

0a6f86 No.435347

http:// obituaries.ljworld.com/obituaries/ljworld/obituary.aspx?n=marjory-stoneman-douglas-high-school-shooting-victims&pid=188182730

main link


>Alyssa Alhadeff passed away on February 14, 2018. Funeral Home Services for Alyssa are being provided by Star of David Memorial Gardens Cemetery and Funeral Chapel of North Lauderdale, FL.

>Martin Duque Obituary

>Martin Duque died February 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. He was 14.

>"He was a very funny kid, outgoing and sometimes really quiet," his brother Miguel wrote on a GoFundMe page. "He was sweet and caring and loved by all his family. Most of all, he was my baby brother."

>More details appear at the Sun-Sentinel and the Miami Herald.

http:// www.legacy.com/ns/nicholas-dworet-obituary/188202015

Nicholas Dworet Obituary

Nicholas Dworet died February 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. He was 17.

Nicholas was a captain of the school's swim team, winning first-place honors in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle at the 2017 Broward County Athletic Association swimming and diving championships.

"He dreamed of making the Olympic swim team," the Dworet family said in a statement. "He believed he could accomplish anything as long as he tried his best."

The Sun-Sentinel quoted one of Nicholas's teammates, Guillermo Barrios: "He was very positive and a very cheerful person. He was always trying to encourage people to push themselves to the limit. He was very dedicated and determined with swimming, and he was a very kind person."

The Miami Herald reports that Nicholas had received a swimming scholarship to the University of Indianapolis.

http:// www.legacy.com/ns/luke-hoyer-obituary/188202022

Luke Hoyer Obituary

Luke Hoyer died February 14, 2018 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. He was 15.

"Luke loved his family," his cousin Grant Cox told the New York Times. "He had a huge heart."

The Sun-Sentinel quoted Luke's aunt Toni Stroud Brownlee: "Luke was a beautiful human being and greatly loved."

The Miami Herald quoted his aunt Mary Beth Stroud-Gibbs: "Our Luke was a precious child."

Seriously….. who publishes obituaries that are this fucking short? Not even a DOB for any of them?

f2b082 No.435348

File: 52a29a799cda16c⋯.png (109.43 KB, 620x620, 1:1, fbiknew.png)

File: 5bef89bf7b325bd⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 960x803, 960:803, fbishooterrussiahoax.jpg)

File: 7cf38a3da4c425e⋯.jpg (36.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, FBIdTerrorist.jpg)

8d862b No.435349


He may very well be one of the MK Ultra kids we are trying to rescue. If it's a child, we need to proceed cautiously

1e1cf3 No.435350

File: cffc8d3d7114cc4⋯.jpg (188.67 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, DAVID HOGG JP.jpg)

David Hogg Meme, not good but I was pissed this morning and not a memer.

0be031 No.435351


These people believe the whole purpose of communication is to secure personal profit and prestige. The content is irrelevant, they want the message to have the right properties. So baldly sated in "the *art* of Memetics .>>435199

969552 No.435352

Lawyer all looped into Pedo-shit dad probably compromised FBI. Kid MK. What could be wrong with the picture.

e59a9f No.435353

maybe the Hamfags can keep a ear to it

257c9a No.435354


This is what I found on the sheriff's website:

http:// www.sheriff.org/PIO/News/Pages/ACTIVE-SHOOTER-AT-STONEMAN-DOUGLAS-HIGH-SCHOOL.aspx


http:// www.sheriff.org/PIO/News/Pages/STONEMAN-DOUGLAS-SHOOTING-TIMELINE-OF-EVENTS-.aspx

I assume the investigation is ongoing.

2da552 No.435355

File: 5ea60186bc4b94c⋯.gif (81.84 KB, 400x400, 1:1, COmfy-pepe.gif)

ff779f No.435356

File: 8fc116b3e00d162⋯.png (643.55 KB, 662x495, 662:495, realstory.png)


for you, anon

13e214 No.435357


I thought so too! he reminds me of Adam Levine

047de5 No.435358


It's really good, anon

42f969 No.435359



http:// saharareporters.com/2011/07/01/seun-noibi-chicago-based-jetliner-stowaway-has-twisted-story

Is this a mind control slave who didn't work out? Read what Jesus said to him

9f3414 No.435360


Can Anderson Pooper outrun an A-10? Let's find out!

672db9 No.435361


Preparation for future




Desensitizing with ritualistic verbiage brain imprints.

0a6f86 No.435362




74c820 No.435363



Yes, its too bad. Whoever made it did a great job!

78be16 No.435364



A TAD bit more on Mr. David Miles Hogg. Address unverified

https:// publicdatadigger.com/FL/parkland/nw-110th-way/124038431/David-Hogg

d807d9 No.435365


need proof she is 21 and married and not in HS


2f1f73 No.435366

File: 2e09cef3b1071b3⋯.png (451.81 KB, 635x666, 635:666, DelaneyTarr.png)

File: 88e28376dfda6bd⋯.png (199.08 KB, 1287x693, 13:7, DelaneyTarr1.png)

File: f7bd8718d193ff9⋯.png (986.6 KB, 721x1003, 721:1003, DelaneyTarrb.png)

File: 288160413fc61b6⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1071x717, 357:239, DelaneyTarr4.png)




http:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/images/1

http:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/images/2

In 2015 she was on a Disney cruise..

http:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/journal/p/1

0be031 No.435367


meta data? dates?

e59a9f No.435368

>>435360 Anderson Pooper needs to be fireboarded

690fd8 No.435369


Maybe so but not the cannon!

572c87 No.435370


Do we have info on Hoggs FBI father?

aad840 No.435371


Autists, something fishy with jean lin here.

Got ham radio license same day as nellie ohr(of fusion gps) I think we're getting help from above on this name.

ff779f No.435372

File: 0c38d9525f8993e⋯.png (645.58 KB, 662x498, 331:249, fraud.png)


here you go

74c820 No.435373


Perfection. I will bake it.

54f2ea No.435374


It won't let me upload it as a .pdf and I can't recall where to post them.

The Presidium

The Establishment is not, of course, at any level a membership organization in the sense that it collects dues, issues cards, or holds meetings openly under its own auspices. It is a coalition of forces, the leaders of which form the top directorate, or Executive Committee -referred to sometimes as "Central."

At the lower levels, organization is quite loose, almost primitive in some cases, and this is one of the facts that explains the differences in definition among experts. In the upper reaches, though, certain divisions have achieved a high degree of organization. For instance, the directors of the Council on Foreign Relations make up a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation. The presidents and senior professors of the great Eastern universities

frequently constitute themselves as ad hoc Establishment committees.

Now and then, the Executive Committee regroups as an Establishment front for some particular end. In the summer of 1961, as a case in point, when anti-Establishment forces in Congress and elsewhere threatened the President's foreign aid program, the Establishment, at the request of the White House, hastily formed the Citizens' Committee for International Development and

managed to bull through a good deal of what the President wanted. The Establishment has always favored foreign aid. It is, in fact, a matter on which Establishment discipline may be invoked.

Summing up the situation at the present moment, it can, I think, be said that the Establishment maintains effective control over the executive and judicial branches of government; that it dominates most of American education and intellectual life; that it has very nearly unchallenged power in deciding what is and what is not respectable opinion in this country. Its authority is enormous in organized religion (Roman Catholics and fundamentalist Protestants to one side), in science, and, indeed, in all the learned professions except medicine. It is absolutely unrivaled in the great new world created by the philanthropic foundations-a fact which goes most of the way toward explaining why so little is known about the Establishment and its workings. Not one thin dime of Rockefeller, Carnegie, or Ford money has been spent to further Establishment studies.*

If it were not for the occasional formation of public committees such as the Citizens' Committee for International Development, Establishment scholars would have a difficult time learning who the key figures are. Committee rosters serve establishmentologists in the same way that May Day photographs of the reviewing stand above Lenin's tomb serve the Kremlinologists. By close analysis of them, by checking one list of names against another, it is possible to keep tabs quite accurately on the Executive Committee.

A working principle agreed upon by Establishment scholars is this: If in the course of a year a man's name turns up 14 times in paid advertisements in, or collective letters to, the New York Times, the official Establishment daily, it is about 14 to 1 that

he is a member of the Executive Committee. (I refer, naturally, to advertisements and letters pleading Establishment causes.) There are, to be sure, exceptions. Sometimes a popular athlete or movie actor will, innocently or otherwise, allow himself and his name to be exploited by the Establishment. He might turn up 20 times a year and still have no real status in the institution. But that is an exception. The rule is as stated above.

One important difference between the American Establishment and the party hierarchy in Russia is that the Establishment chairman is definitely not the man in the center of the picture or the one whose name is out of alphabetical order in the listings. The secret is astonishingly well kept.

Was JFK Member?

Some people, to be sure, have argued that when, as happens most of the time. the Establishment has a man of its own in the White House, he automatically becomes chairman-just as he automatically becomes commander in chief of the armed forces. I am quite certain that this is not the case. For one thing, the Establishment rarely puts one of its tried and trusted leaders in the White House. Dwight Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy have both served the Establishment and been served by it, but neither is or ever was a member of the innermost circle. Both, indeed, were admitted with some reluctance on the part of senior members, and Eisenhower's standing has at times been most insecure.

http:// archive.wilsonquarterly.com/sites/default/files/articles/WQ_VOL2_SU_1978_Article_05.pdf

7e709e No.435375

fadf97 No.435376


Yeah let's frack a supervolcano. Great idea.

ca6148 No.435377


Exaaaactly my thoughts. If a kid is being a Dumbass then they were generally programmed so.

I see him as someone who is next generation journalist and his Dad saw this opportunity for him to show his stuff. To get another one of their own up in there. Sketchy!

f7d50d No.435378


I don't have the arrogance to doubt anything concerning the mysteries that have been withheld from us and the demonic evils behind them.

c7294b No.435379


No he is right. Fuck the stupid actors. Real kids being abused is worse than pretending to kill kids

672db9 No.435380


Chinese collusion

f9ab46 No.435381

File: 504fdab10de3085⋯.jpg (826.4 KB, 1766x1041, 1766:1041, Camera Off Camera On.jpg)

8d7da1 No.435382


Don't forget that they are going to demolish the building because the kids can't go back cuz of the memories!!

6c63a4 No.435383


Nicholas Dworet, 17

Aaron Feis, 37

Jaime Guttenberg, 14

Alyssa Alhadeff, 14

Scott Beigel, 35

Meadow Pollack, 18

Christopher Hixon, 49

Luke Hoyer, 15

Carmen Schentrup, 16

Gina Montalto, 14

Alex Schachter, 14

Peter Wang, 15

Alaina Petty, 14

Martin Duque Anguiano, 14

Helena Ramsey, 17

Joaquin Oliver, 17

Cara Loughran, 14


d69fb5 No.435384


who the hell studies journalism in high school? What happened to liberal arts?

257c9a No.435385


Just Feb 14th and 15th for dates.

5052a4 No.435386




<an urn for the dead

Let's see., If that is true.., So that can to explain the Why the Big tech want a Queen/King AI., (As the IA of Resident Evil, The Red Queen).., hmm., that makes sense., Because, The Dracos, Sirious, etc want to support the development of the Artificial Life..

0c82a0 No.435387

E for Epic ? E at Airport ?

ff779f No.435388


wow, good catch, anon - a satanic fraudster clown helper.

81eb1e No.435389


love them digits!!

2692fd No.435390

File: a86dc10298c7043⋯.png (291.75 KB, 646x957, 646:957, waters-farrakhan.png)

Maxine Waters Attended Nation Of Islam Convention Where Farrakhan Defended Suicide Bombers


c1e72e No.435391

File: 8e6a58c2b37fb08⋯.png (1.06 MB, 812x849, 812:849, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d2852fc5b8f8e1⋯.png (572.17 KB, 743x880, 743:880, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0020379c0c83510⋯.png (389.49 KB, 476x542, 238:271, ClipboardImage.png)




She had 23 years with Naval Sea Systems Command and TRIDENT Systems Command - 1978-2001.

What is TRIDENT?


The Trident missile is a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) equipped with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRV). Originally developed by Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporation, the missile is armed with thermonuclear warheads and is launched from nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). Trident missiles are carried by fourteen US Navy Ohio-class submarines, with American warheads, and four Royal Navy Vanguard-class submarines, with British warheads. The missile is named after the mythological trident of Neptune.

- - - -

It appears she has experience and direct knowledge relating to underwater border defense of the USA and in particular she knows a lot about TRIDENT missile and the submarines that carry them.

http:// www.lin-bridge.com/areas-of-experience/

Areas of Experience

LinBridge offers clients personalized insight and action plans for applying strategic communication, requirements development, and mission execution.

Homeland Security and Defense

Homeland Security Technology

Technology Test & Evaluation

Systems Test & Evaluation

Critical Infrastructure

Border and Transportation Security

Naval Undersea Warfare

She would know what defensive systems are in place, whether/how they have historically been breached or challenged, and possibly how to bypass them.

She would know about acquisition procedures pertaining to nuclear missiles.


f4828f No.435392

File: f3556253c03ea93⋯.png (691.33 KB, 1790x838, 895:419, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm calling bs on David Hogg. He has had his twitter since 2013 yet no younger pictures of him. Has anyone checked instagram? His page is full of " I am a star" type posts so it would make ZERO sense for him to otherwise hide his image from social media!

379d74 No.435393



It won't. One of the keys to an explosive magma is the water content of that magma. If they add water, it will violently explode. And the operators doing it are on a suicide mission. Of course, they'll be mind control slaves doing it at that point.

2f1f73 No.435394

File: b9a336a1b658362⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1331x1009, 1331:1009, DelaneyTarrc.png)

File: 614d7142f751d55⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1335x1015, 267:203, DelaneyTarrd.png)

File: d52aa189b57db8b⋯.png (1.3 MB, 977x1015, 977:1015, DelaneyTarre.png)

File: 788686cbb2e8361⋯.png (2.88 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, DelaneyTarr2.png)

File: 7b1d45099ace3d9⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, DelaneyTarr3.png)


Strange pics for a young girl..

047de5 No.435395


Wish I wasn't on a phone or I would save this, seems important.

aba5cc No.435396


>Seriously….. who publishes obituaries that are this fucking short? Not even a DOB for any of them?

Starting to feel stronger almonds about this entire thing being TOTALLY faked. with no deaths.

The victims are probably burner identities… created by the clowns.

I don't want to disrespect a victim, but without victims we are being ultimately disrespected…

13e214 No.435397



SATAN stands for Satellite Automatic Tracking Antenna

6e8df0 No.435398


They decided against that.

d385dd No.435399


Thank you, Anon!

2ae510 No.435400


anons last night had the sauce

i didnt save it. go back through the breads its there

2dde66 No.435401

CBS news is starting to link that interview

These kids are talking about banning all guns

f4828f No.435402

File: 8eaed53a063d156⋯.png (269.01 KB, 865x564, 865:564, dh.PNG)

>>435392 This kid wants too badly to be a tv star to not have younger images all over social media

78be16 No.435403


Not so far. Only two men by the name of "Kevin Hogg" and one is a registered Republican in Orlando, the other is only 21 and in Gainesville.

13f189 No.435404


To be fair, teenage girls go through multiple retarded phases.

3a8880 No.435405


Doesn't it seem more and more like something is about to happen? Q telling us to archive everything offline, these guys get hamm license to talk to each other if the grid goes down and now I hear NK might hit us with a cyber attack at the end of the month to the beginning of the next.

addf73 No.435406


his FB is the same way, oldest post shows a drone photo business. 2015

But look at his youtube and the drone video is only 8 months old.

d66170 No.435407


Peter Wang? What parent would name his/her kid Peter Wang?

5052a4 No.435409


One of the Rules of the World is, Never play with the Mother Nature..,,Sounds a Terrible Idea..

acfa98 No.435410

File: 9560561a495ef04⋯.png (459.15 KB, 528x499, 528:499, selfie1.PNG)


here's my reply to those fuckers

ff779f No.435411


dad is 51? son said he's retired FBI? at 51?

0c82a0 No.435412


E is for Epic. Remember E in the Map the pic.

bad897 No.435413

29cf99 No.435414


Thank you.

f4828f No.435415


same shit went on in LV shooting. Good luck finding anything about these people who scream the loudest!

257c9a No.435417


> No DOB

There are DOB on the sheriff's website:


54f2ea No.435418


Is this bread worthy?

CFR and the MSM


b633b6 No.435419


You're most welcome. God bless you and all you love.

aba5cc No.435420


Money laundering scheme, honeypot, and gofundme fraud.

the actors get to keep the take from charity.

WELL worth the gig if you are evil enough to pull it off…

(Church of satan says they are that evil)

1e1cf3 No.435421


Dude, 100% agree.

Parent of a schizophrenic and trust me, every kid in a school knows about the kids who have mental illness and SO DO THE ADMIN, COUNSELORS, SECRETARIES.

I am sad for the 17 victims but I am also sad for Nikolas, his life is over and I am 100% sure those kids in that school also played a major part.

And these kids are being paid to appear in the interviews, I posted a meme of DH further down

The kid needed help and he had no advocate, this will happen again and again, if the left keep this up because the family model will still be broken

Again, my heart goes out to the families, my youngest child is 13 and some of the things I have to talk about now scare the shit out of me.

On a side note, my schizophrenic is doing so much better because I screamed Holy Hell to get him services. I told one case worker don't tell me you want to help but your hands are tied, do your job, if not give me the supervisor, I got the help finally.

672db9 No.435422


Why not Willie, Dick, Johnson, a reputable name? Parents!

bad897 No.435423


Plausible especially if disabled.

7f88ec No.435424

and Sandy Hook


6c63a4 No.435425

File: 22b35a7a0776f78⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 250x302, 125:151, herzfeld.JPG)



Thespian Society, teacher sponsor Melody Herzfeld

https:// www.browardschools1.com/domain/6302

378dd5 No.435426

File: b0c0e15c3b0a8ff⋯.png (59.84 KB, 584x402, 292:201, (TRI).png)


Elon Musk is involved in this also. My spidey sense says so. They want a God consciousness to rule the earth. Look at Trilateral Commissions logo

(TRI) = NWO (TRI) is Trilateral Commission

738fd9 No.435427

File: 4647729e0e0c97a⋯.png (52.35 KB, 831x297, 277:99, ClipboardImage.png)

So good thing we like to make screen caps…

572c87 No.435428


Thanks. Want to be sure.

8d6d3c No.435429

Thinking outloud here,

What if the crisis actors purposely did their job so horribly in order to signal to us that it was staged/fake?

Not just us, but normies.

There HAS to be a reason that photos of them laughing/smiling together, videos of them rehearsing, etc were released.

635c06 No.435430

File: 5769288c7cf393d⋯.jpg (16.02 KB, 322x321, 322:321, interesting.jpg)


This was a large, large amount of missing Q posts. We obviously DON'T have everything we need. Was this resolved?

13e214 No.435431


what the fuck

109931 No.435432

File: 62e219abec8c2a8⋯.png (219.45 KB, 450x328, 225:164, AssGrass.png)


Yeppers. Nail on head.


It's just that kind of night!


Confirmed, their ass is grass!


Hell if any of those kids are 14. And what normal parent lets their underage kid on TV like that anyway? Unless a famefag or clown…

4925b1 No.435433


Looks like a Tinder pic wtf!

29cf99 No.435434


It's an elective offered in many high schools.

bad897 No.435436


I wonder how many of these teen activists bullied Cruz?

e96e79 No.435437

Cruz was arrested without incident just over a mile from where he was suspected of killing more than a dozen people, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said.

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/15/suspected-gunman-nikolas-cruz-was-living-with-florida-high-school-student-in-months-leading-up-to-massacre-attorney-says.html

54f2ea No.435438


Please see the attached comments with the links and details.


1a0147 No.435439



Thanks, Anons. I appreciate the encouragement. I did get messaged by three people basically saying that they were conservatives. I did get some support there for speaking out in such a 'hostile' environment which was nice. Seems liberals assume everyone thinks like them so they are free to post whatever grievance while the conservatives are too scared. One at a time. I just gotta keep things in perspective. Thank you

763baf No.435440

If you think you can fake the deaths of kids at a high school, you truly are a demented moron.

485416 No.435441

LDR hopes to live to see the American people disarmed. No and No.

908356 No.435442


wtf… adoptive father was a military intelligence analyst:

"Kimberly Snead, 49, is a neonatal nurse and James Snead, 48, is described as a decorated Army veteran and military intelligence analyst."

http:// www.mlive.com/news/us-world/index.ssf/2018/02/florida_shooter_was_living_wit.html

David Lubin, MD also worked for U.S. Army intelligence:

"Dr. Lubin also held positions with Army Intelligence and NASA where he led teams in the design of user-systems and automated training systems."

http:// www.childpsych.org/clinicians

They look same age-ish…. need to dig further

2f4885 No.435443


Anyone research the names of the so-called deceased. And why aren’t there any funerals just like Las Vegas

742852 No.435444


lol a god conscious already is ruling the earth

0be031 No.435445



retweet that

13e214 No.435446

cf1ef7 No.435447


The one in the yellow shirt is adriana diaz, cbs news correspondant.


5461f3 No.435448




By itself potentially innocent. When combined with Kasky videos though? Baby killing, pedo

and sexual imagery?

25bf06 No.435449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>It felt a bit discouraging that they could so easily dismiss an idea before having done any research on their own.

they are incapable of thinking, that's how they got where they are. as more stuff comes out, they'll follow the herd wherever it goes

you just need to redpill the dogs guiding the herd, the herd itself will never really "get" any of it

vid related: a few dogs, big herd

528bc3 No.435450

File: d6ffe87683964ee⋯.jpg (35.2 KB, 725x460, 145:92, PL1.jpg)


We got this group of actors. What about the assistant football coach AARON FEIS, made out to be the hero that sacrificed himself, and the that did the interview? It was on every major network?

bad897 No.435451


Money hungry famefags and camera whores.

95f889 No.435452

I imagine there isn't a young Republican or Conservative club at that school. There will be a Black Studies group, LBTQ group, Young Democrats, Preparations for anti-gun and anti-Trump protests. I hated that one kid who's father is a FBI agent asking for people to vote out republicans receiving donation by the "Child killing" NRA. Fuck those liberal snowflakes. If they had their way our children will be assaulted, raped, and killed for believing in American values! What a waste these kids are becoming!!

5052a4 No.435453


Wilcock talked about that The Dracos and another entities use the IA slave and destroy the life of the planetary systems..,

8050df No.435454



https:// twitter.com/ windspeaks?lang=en

Deleted from twitter after she threatened POTUS earlier today

99791f No.435455


French Woods is ritzy arts camp. Kid prolly studied acting.

528bc3 No.435456

File: 20a35e182bc1773⋯.jpg (21.1 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 180217134242-florida-anti-….jpg)


5971c9 No.435457


802 vs. 793 is not that large. It's in progress. Qanonmap maintainer picked up the case on the last bread. I expect it to be rectified within a day.

8050df No.435458

File: b2bb708be9cd6a5⋯.jpg (155.56 KB, 956x1382, 478:691, ws3.jpg)


Forget the photo sorry.


https:// twitter.com/ windspeaks?lang=en

Deleted from twitter after she threatened POTUS earlier today

9f3414 No.435459


Looks like an MKUltra school of choice.

43250d No.435460


Aquino is about as sick as they come.He is also Army Intelligence Col.

672db9 No.435461


what if

he was pawned

1635b7 No.435462




I like where your head is at. I'll be back shorty I need to eat and stretch my neck out.

211da8 No.435463


people can still die . the crisis actors push the correct talking points . and obviously some know what is comming .

ff779f No.435464

File: a2772565e3390ff⋯.png (409.44 KB, 560x476, 20:17, stoplaughing.png)

9b3071 No.435465

I’ve been posting here for months and have not have had any issues until I started sharing my MK Ultra experiences. Since then I’ve been banned four times. Apparently the clowns hijack my IP and post a bunch of racist hateful crap.

What the clowns and FBI don’t want you to know is there is a rogue group within these agencies specifically targeting vets particularly vets like myself with a 11B mos. Do you think all the veteran suicides are coincidences? They were drugged and or subjected to electromagnetic waves to scramble their brain. Why do you think Trump has surrounded himself with military generals? Why do you think he was able to turn Mueller? It’s because there is an attack in this country on our veterans. Why? To make it easier for Hillary to allow the globalists to take over. You don’t want a bunch of combat vets with guns stopping your globalist takeover.

I’ve got a lot more to say but the BO is a douche so I’ll probably get banned again.

8050df No.435466

File: 8ac3873b3bf83f6⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 338x955, 338:955, ws3.jpg)

d66170 No.435467


Cosplay queen. Looks strange in the last picture.

13e214 No.435469


don't confuse false flag with false death

aba5cc No.435470


Thespians and Lesbians….

They never shoot up the liberal arts department…

WE NEED a list of VICTIMS AND WITNESSES (activist ones) FACEBOOK statistics!

We need to determine if they all joined facebook & twatter "together" at the same time and if they communicated together as a group beforehand.

(not a twitfag = is that even possible)?

a64362 No.435471



Emma Gonzalez

2da552 No.435472



78be16 No.435473



Any number of reasons someone could be living high off the hog on a federal government pension.

7f88ec No.435474

Church of Satan……….where did these fucked up pics come from? If it's from her account………..she is one fucked up bitch………not girl, not woman……….BITCH. LDR Style.


ff779f No.435476


agreed, but could also be a fake family.

13e214 No.435477


i was looking at the 'happiness is a warm gun' quote

0a6f86 No.435478

File: ff3cc80632931e1⋯.png (231.05 KB, 767x495, 767:495, Alyssa.PNG)


6 million people in the Miami Metropolitan Area. 118 people commented on this obituary, which seems to be the funeral home in charge of her arrangements. A cursory look at the comments, reveals MOST of them are from OUT OF THE AREA, meaning people who believe what was on the news. VERY FEW of them are from the actual Miami area. When a soldier died just a year or two out of high school, we had a thousand people at his funeral. They are reporting this girl to be 15 years old. Her birthday isn't until May 1st, 2018, and she was born in 2003. If I can do basic math on my fingers, she's only 14 years old and 10 months or so.

>http:// obits.dignitymemorial.com/dignity-memorial/obituary.aspx?n=Alyssa-Alhadeff&lc=7084&pid=188191911&mid=7762839

And this is only 1 obituary.

2ae510 No.435480


he prolly saw something he wasnt meant to.

(((they))) offed him to save the op

9f3414 No.435481


That shit is fake. I'm sure I've seen that bottom image before.

bad897 No.435482


That was interesting.

5971c9 No.435483

File: d480a6152fc2a89⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1024x777, 1024:777, LAYB33.png)

Looking at you, Baker

672db9 No.435484


Thinks more highly of herself than she should.

13f189 No.435485


Doesn't really look the same

2ae510 No.435486

File: 50b3b83b6d2d9dd⋯.jpg (139.98 KB, 960x795, 64:53, DWZ05wmWAAExfH0.jpg large.jpg)

found on twatter

aba5cc No.435488


And sadly, it is LEGAL to do these "experiments" to vets.

This anon believes you fully…

Hopefully that will change very soon.

Perhaps by 3-31-18 !

5d53bc No.435489

File: a1c9591a883b015⋯.jpg (279.99 KB, 1228x1676, 307:419, 5598ea5c67cb9f3dc001366380….jpg)

Posted this in previous bread. Lots of 9/11 connections in Q's posts last night before the "clean".

13e214 No.435490

army synthetic telepathy

search that one

1a0147 No.435491


Yeah, that's what it felt like…like I could sadly imagine them being the 4-6% :( But like you said, just gotta keep at it and get the guardian dogs

1ecc0f No.435492


sure is a diverse group of "students"

aad840 No.435493


Yes. I'm a bit nervous now.

c3df83 No.435494

File: 1babc6635b8a2ba⋯.jpeg (561.03 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8C09C2B6-5EC9-464D-9C03-1….jpeg)

File: 9456cac1c59314b⋯.jpeg (229.16 KB, 1242x748, 621:374, C63BA2A0-A732-485A-A0C9-1….jpeg)

File: f1b1b6d08674ade⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1953, 138:217, 3F821503-87F1-4745-B44E-3….jpeg)

File: 56c66210cf0c048⋯.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 392E3506-EDA9-4A3C-8F71-6….jpeg)

File: 0c0242a24d351ae⋯.jpeg (859.98 KB, 1242x900, 69:50, C01B94FD-83AE-4A75-BEEE-5….jpeg)

Hang with me here:

Last week, the Smithsonian portrait (high profile) with Obama/gold on his head, hidden in plain sight by the sperm/swimmer-transfer official NK control from WJC (pre KJU) to Obama? Pics all related. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT that Obamas running around the globe, offering himself up after they fugged the election/power struggle-was a success (for them)?

c7294b No.435495


>http:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/images/1

thttp:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/images/1




c0d7e6 No.435497

File: 13b1c2a945675c6⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 4977x2799, 553:311, Bumper sticker.jpg)

New Bumper Sticker

8c04b3 No.435499

File: f4c406361dc5346⋯.png (306.84 KB, 495x550, 9:10, IMG_3269.PNG)

File: d1110d2829e335d⋯.jpg (76.69 KB, 615x352, 615:352, IMG_3270.JPG)

File: 7ad1c70ae7000c4⋯.jpg (301.07 KB, 846x999, 94:111, IMG_3271.JPG)

File: 750fca9ef73ff26⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 750x541, 750:541, IMG_3273.JPG)

File: c63a75615dcfff2⋯.jpg (148.7 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, IMG_3274.JPG)




acfa98 No.435500


I got that last night, looking into if any of the kids were in drama club. nice butterfly necklace, could just be coincidence though….

d66170 No.435501


Either she had a radical change of heart about guns or the gun quote was more cosplay. Needs context around the tweet.

2dde66 No.435502


Kasky has anti-white crap all over his twitter

95f889 No.435503

Don't forget to vote!!!!

B911 POLL: Do you think stricter gun laws will help prevent mass shootings in America?

470988 No.435505



Same clothing being worn at the time of the TV screening and when the photo was taken. What time were the interviews for TV? Find the location, and the timestamp of the group photo.

54f2ea No.435506








New Baker or current baker please check

81628e No.435507


Everyone Smile!!


d385dd No.435508


I believe you, Anon. Some of those mass shooters were vets complaining about "hearing voices."

18b6d0 No.435509


Recipe for steam explosion? And what happens the moment they pierce a pressurized magma caldera?

Ever lanced a boil?

aad840 No.435510



E Schuck, Mathew S Annandale, VA License Modified


E Mestreau, Eric L Mc Lean, VA License Modified


G Rodriguez, Manuel E Ashburn, VA License Modified


T Carlson, Pamela S Lorton, VA License Issued


T Cary, Timothy C Springfield, VA License Issued


T Thomas, Julie K Herndon, VA License Issued


T Lindblad, Russel F Gainesville, VA License Issued


T Lin, Jeanne W Lorton, VA License Issued


T Chiang, Charles Centreville, VA License Issued


T Taylor, Don D Vienna, VA License Issued


T McKnight, Robert A Fairfax, VA License Issued


T Ohr, Nellie H Mc Lean, VA License Issued


T Ray, Charleen L Stephens City, VA License Issued


T Mason, Glenn A Strasburg, VA License Issued


T Gleason, James A Clifton, VA License Issued


T Kosinski, Kyle G Arlington, VA License Issued


T Deneroff, Jan S Oakton, VA License Issued


T Grottle, Kevin Annandale, VA License Issued


T Sanders, Jeremy D Bristow, VA License Issued


T Nguyen, Duc Manassas, VA License Issued


T Coughlin, David P Manassas, VA License Issued


T Ferington, Esther R Alexandria, VA License Issued


T Poumade, Michael L Annandale, VA License Issued


T Alberts, Colin M Mc Lean, VA License Issued


T Ries, Blaine T Burke, VA License Issued


E Fleck, Francis R Mc Lean, VA License Modified

Archive this list of names anons.

672db9 No.435511




33a50e No.435512


ears and fingers say yes

d028fc No.435513

Little random, just say a dish tv commercial that had a wizard of oz part, seemed pretty sketchy, what else could dish tv be doing.

379d74 No.435514


It is. She's just gotten more plump.

dd7163 No.435515


f3d6fd No.435517

File: 2e92eef32e5f6a3⋯.png (596.36 KB, 666x500, 333:250, flo cr.png)

ff442f No.435518


Maybe we need to post these laughing pictures of the kids on their timelines and ask them what was so funny about 17 people dying

42f969 No.435521


Meme makers need to call out these teenagers for not meeting with Trump to deliver their message about guns. Say that they had their chance to tell him to his face and they wimped out. Is it because they know the whole thing was a fake and they knew he would see through their fakery?

2dde66 No.435522


I remember Ra connecting with Musk somehow. Ill try to remember

6c63a4 No.435523




Herzfeld also advertises as a voice actor.


And has been accused of bullying a student


cc6460 No.435524


Parkland Parkland Parkland

… is the new Russia Russia Russia!

29cf99 No.435525

Guys Like many of you my spidey senses are on high alert with the Parkland school shooting. Not saying it didn't happen but that the anti-gun momentum appears too well coordinated. But I do want to say I think we should drop the speculation on this board like a hot potato. My fear is we are being triggered to respond in ways that will perhaps serve against us in the future.

1635b7 No.435526

File: 65e951548e5af76⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1079x520, 83:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aad1ba735757321⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1086x524, 543:262, ClipboardImage.png)


My heart is breaking. Another MK victim.

http:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/journal/boston

9b3071 No.435527


Same shit is being employed on these troubled kids to encourage them to go on a shooting spree.

bfae8e No.435528

File: 8d7a5c66426c59f⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 736x414, 16:9, VIOLET.jpg)



here she is

"Another student hundreds of miles away from Wednesday's attack, Violet Massie-Vereker, had her own simple and provocative idea to draw attention to the reform debate.

Following on from the success of the #MeToo campaign, she proposed a twist exposing the reality for student and parents' concerns with #MeNext?

(Pic Related)

She stood with a sign outside her high school in Pelham in New York alongside several other students and local parents.

"A number of people have told me it's frightening and powerful, and really sends a message," the 16-year-old told the BBC.

At her high school, the shooting was followed by a special assembly, where the principal gave an address to students where they went over their lockdown procedures.

"She told us, I wish I could assure you that nothing could happen here, but I can't," Violet said.

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43105699

" Image copyright Deborah Lowery "

e96e79 No.435529


Radio licenses?

b633b6 No.435530

File: 697f6c35be1421d⋯.jpeg (314.28 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, pocahontasreturnmoney.jpeg)

File: 3e46bdd0fff199f⋯.jpg (484.46 KB, 2780x1012, 695:253, pocahontas5billion.jpg)

05334a No.435531


Just being sloppy. kinda like the shills here, they don't expect to be seen for what they are, so they get arrogant & sloppy, ignoring the fact that they have easy tells for anyone who's looking for them

13e214 No.435532


i know this for a fact. keep fighting. many others have got your back.

470988 No.435533


Same clothing and necklace.

d385dd No.435534

File: 97d836e048c7988⋯.png (596.11 KB, 720x405, 16:9, Dear Leader Obama.png)

aba5cc No.435535


You can visit QRZ.com and look up any ham operator.

0edd89 No.435536


association with a broader public- touch more hearts - easier to make people believe it is true..

29d35a No.435537

File: 5ceaa1c7a26b363⋯.png (517.81 KB, 874x903, 874:903, screenshot_193.png)

File: efee9f64d062f92⋯.png (25.54 KB, 628x108, 157:27, screenshot_194.png)



Nigerian stowaway had at least 10 boarding passes, none in his name, officials say

http:// latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/06/nigerian-stowaway-had-at-least-10-boarding-passes-none-in-his-name.html?lanow

bad897 No.435538


This shooting even has 8chan off topic.

e42742 No.435539


never really understood peoples revulsion to this. You ever eat a hot dog? If so, congradulations, you're a canibal.

7b5d8e No.435540


got a bigger version?

c91004 No.435542

File: 092c58857817245⋯.png (227.03 KB, 805x1219, 35:53, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)

anyone remember why this advisory team was made? any connections?

572c87 No.435543


Just went there, too. He has drawn heat for his "Outtake Reel", we need to spread it far

13e214 No.435544


someone posted a few days ago that the chick who said there were two shooters and this chick are both from the same small town in PA. it was 4chan screenshots.

cbba95 No.435546

Be the autists we know you can be…

You know how to accept a challange and respond accordingly. It is truely wonderful to watch you work.

7f88ec No.435547

File: 1899a6f7573f8e0⋯.jpg (53.21 KB, 344x326, 172:163, PLAYED THEGAME.jpg)

672e38 No.435548

File: 7907d0b23ab1c52⋯.png (13.59 KB, 622x183, 622:183, ClipboardImage.png)


Think this might be his mom. Google street view shows police car parked in driveway.

13e214 No.435549


might have been the other girl who resembles her actually.

b633b6 No.435550

File: 905144e55b313f4⋯.jpg (111.41 KB, 474x308, 237:154, warren3.jpg)

File: 9137759f7791898⋯.jpg (761.61 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, warren4.jpg)

File: ce51127727ae477⋯.jpg (963.13 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, warren5billion.jpg)

File: b9a00faf09b95b1⋯.jpg (773.87 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, warren666.jpg)

d385dd No.435551


No, sorry. Just re-posting it from earlier bread.

0a6f86 No.435552



8c04b3 No.435553

File: 3cde9fc89e1e6ea⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 615x352, 615:352, IMG_3276.JPG)

File: d3619c8b60d5080⋯.png (308.31 KB, 495x550, 9:10, IMG_3277.PNG)

File: e4bf297009f8009⋯.jpg (139.26 KB, 750x746, 375:373, IMG_3272.JPG)

File: 6f600128f31ecb6⋯.jpg (87.14 KB, 750x318, 125:53, IMG_3275.JPG)




74c820 No.435554

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)


Elon left that team. Pretty early on I believe.

987057 No.435555

File: df5806b8dfc22a7⋯.png (449.51 KB, 1174x805, 1174:805, jeffy8.PNG)


More on Jeffy

d69fb5 No.435556


we had electives. french, german, or spanish. home economics, shop class, construction basics. journalism? might as well just call it intro to marxist propaganda baking.

b00a9e No.435557


501c3, funding from grants of the Dept of Education. SSI and Medicaid billed for massage treatments. Look for the money trail. That is where you will stop it.

5971c9 No.435558

File: 88b2aa86891c1b8⋯.png (914.17 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots51.png)

Patriots make the dough rise

Hope you anons have a Baker. JobAnon has to get some sleep.

1635b7 No.435559

File: a1cc79013935860⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1462x720, 731:360, ClipboardImage.png)


Just awful.


c91004 No.435560


That is true. It always stuck out to as very odd. Its been bothering me. I feel like it fits somewhere

622889 No.435561

https:// tweetsave.com/hodlbtcoin/status/965653194985664512

Here are the crisis actors from Florida in a group selfie before they did their interviews. Enjoy….

0be031 No.435562


There some judge looking into it according to CBS local station.

I get sauce

d6fb59 No.435563


This "actress" has been in another one or two similar roles. Don't ask for sauce - I'm tired of looking at the same old fake crap.

2f1f73 No.435564

File: b9a336a1b658362⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1331x1009, 1331:1009, DelaneyTarrc.png)

She worked with Buzzfeed?


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba24JifXC7w

ca6148 No.435565


This is a super random thought but could brackets signify people who would be killed if they don't do what they are told?? Threatened people?

7e709e No.435566

File: a4c6aea3ef9f09a⋯.jpeg (116.91 KB, 700x394, 350:197, BC0B23A8-4986-46ED-B304-1….jpeg)

File: 8d9ad92bf702de9⋯.jpeg (73.13 KB, 301x450, 301:450, 37832E48-15B5-454B-A68C-F….jpeg)

54f2ea No.435567


In his famous article about “The American Establishment”, political columnist Richard H. Rovere noted:

“The directors of the CFR make up a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation. () [I]t rarely fails to get one of its members, or at least one of its allies, into the White House. In fact, it generally is able to see to it that both nominees are men acceptable to it.”

Until recently, this assessment had indeed been justified. Thus, in 1993 former CFR director George H.W. Bush was followed by CFR member Bill Clinton, who in turn was followed by CFR “family member” George W. Bush. In 2008, CFR member John McCain lost against CFR candidate of choice, Barack Obama, who received the names of his entire Cabinet already one month prior to his election by CFR Senior Fellow (and Citigroup banker) Michael Froman. Froman later negotiated the TTP and TTIP free trade agreements, before returning to the CFR as a Distinguished Fellow.

It was not until the 2016 election that the Council couldn’t, apparently, prevail. At any rate, not yet.

https:// swprs.org/the-american-empire-and-its-media/

9f3414 No.435568


Fuck. This school glows in the dark.

5c053a No.435569


>crime scene recordings

So is gore posting.

Not lessening the heinousness of CP, but I've always found this justification lacking.

>You're raping a child but OY VEY YOU'RE RECORDING IT!

9b3071 No.435570


Thanks. I’m doing great. I’m a fighter!

207f6b No.435571


not off topic, fake news media needs to be stopped, and real news media needs to be installed, then we win big

8c04b3 No.435572

File: 32d1cc2cadd5fd5⋯.png (390.57 KB, 495x550, 9:10, IMG_3266.PNG)

File: b2ce307954fcf64⋯.jpg (120.03 KB, 750x494, 375:247, IMG_2994.JPG)

File: 7168f2e3a2e79c1⋯.jpg (178.02 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, IMG_3002.JPG)

0a6f86 No.435573


what if they were hacked by the good guys and their photos were released? just another thought?

fb9bd2 No.435574


What the fuck. All the confirmation I needed to solidify the meme.

2ae510 No.435575

File: 92b8b1a2fcb0488⋯.jpg (124.13 KB, 528x762, 88:127, 01f7151220b53f713a1ee84418….jpg)


ask and ye shall retweet

697c7d No.435576


Pantyanons can just get over their take it away on these poor kids concerns. They are organized political activists trying to take away our rights and leave us defenseless to the whims of their puppet masters. They are fair game.

8d6d3c No.435580


what post did she take down?

f97006 No.435581

File: 0877138134b1bad⋯.png (457.24 KB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 73335959-4168-4990-8205-BE….png)


I have it. It is a screenshot. SATAN is what they called it.

bfae8e No.435582


>Violet Massie-Vereker


Pelham Sophomore Takes Fourth Place At Forensics Competition …


Oct 16, 2016 - PELHAM, N.Y. – Violet Massie-Vereker is getting notice for her oratory skills.Massie-Vereker and the rest of the Pelham Memorial High School Forensics Team attended the Hugh McEvoy Memorial Invitational at Stuyvesant High School in Manh…"

ae4516 No.435583

f6f006 No.435584

File: f44d0e50eb3f737⋯.jpg (102.15 KB, 500x750, 2:3, congressTruth.jpg)

2ae510 No.435585

File: acb31c40e08d22e⋯.jpg (86.01 KB, 528x762, 88:127, why-wouldnt-these.jpg)


sorry here is the right one

0be031 No.435586


We should try and get photos in evidence for the shooter Cruz

He was likely Monarched

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – The Department of Children and Families will release documents in their investigation of Nikolas Cruz – the confessed gunman who police say opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 people.

The judge ruled DCF can release the 19-page report along with a 3 page summary on an investigation opened in Sep. 2016 and closed in Nov. 2016.

The documents help give a glimpse into Cruz’s life, referring to him as a ‘vulnerable adult’ suffering from ADHD, depression and autism.

The documents do say he was medicated for all those things at the time.

8d6d3c No.435587


Could be that too. Or the person taking the photo intended on releasing it.

1635b7 No.435588


archive everything and be fast this stuff wll dissappear in minutes

0a6f86 No.435590


not off topic at all… we're still busy exposing the fake media for the fuckheads that they are.

If you wanted a different topic should have come in earlier today… this wasn't even a topic in the earlier breads and I've been here since 8am

9aeb20 No.435591

File: 3c7b6675aaf9a75⋯.png (849.95 KB, 890x572, 445:286, Tarr 2.PNG)

File: 4bf5722d2dca2dc⋯.png (30.97 KB, 422x277, 422:277, Tarr.PNG)


Can a meme make do something with her twitter profile (only because it confirms it is her) and the retweet of the church of Satan? I dint even care what the meme is/or says. Here is a different pic of her retweet of COS.

5461f3 No.435592




Seems significant, getting licenses the same day.

Also looks like the call signs are assigned in order, so the people in Virginia with similar call signs would be the most interesting to look at.

ff779f No.435593

File: db1a10493e9479b⋯.png (264.07 KB, 391x387, 391:387, myconcerns.png)

738fd9 No.435594


Pretty much it. They are all so used to just succeeding they forget there is a group of people like us out there fact checking. I may not believe all of this shit, but I do believe there are a lot of fake people out there pressing a SJW agenda and they are going to ride this pony for all it's worth…

81628e No.435595


He is a mediator attorney…FOR ADOPTIONS!!

78be16 No.435596


That's because it is. This has the fingerprints of Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts all over it. "Everytown" and "Moms Demand Action" or whatever the fuck they're calling themselves nowadays. "Everytown" used to be "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" until peopel found out that 50 or so of the mayors were either accused or convicted of serious crimes (drugging a male prostitute, etc).

74c820 No.435597

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)



672e38 No.435600


Scratch that. Mother is Rebecca Boldrick.

Sauce- http:// abcnews.go.com/Politics/im-14-havent-driven-florida-shooting-survivor-lost/story?id=53170105

13e214 No.435601

File: 324939c03a47ef6⋯.png (773.43 KB, 879x537, 293:179, ClipboardImage.png)


he dressed like thoth? for halloween. one of those egyptian dudes. im not good with names lol

598054 No.435602


His mom is Rebecca Boldrick Hogg

8d6d3c No.435603


These are evil people. Beyond comprehension.

742852 No.435604


please include the lost posts from this thread:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/423562.html#bottom

54f2ea No.435605

Are my posts being filtered or something?

I have an entire set layed out for CFR and the media and have been trying to reach a baker with no response.

ff779f No.435608



cc4bf3 No.435609


Here's his twatter. Get after him anons. @davidhogg111

18b6d0 No.435611

File: ef9458ae9be0022⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 500x256, 125:64, tumblr_llm5qduK7h1qgzbvvo1….jpg)


Long Duck Dong?

Couldn't help myself.

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