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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

0aa486 No.435435


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0aa486 No.435498

==FLORIDA SHOOTING OBITS: obituaries.ljworld.com/obituaries/ljworld/obituary.aspx?n=marjory-stoneman-douglas-high-school-shooting-victims&pid=188182730

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6de2c6 No.435579

File: 5a2502bf52d85f3⋯.jpg (119.5 KB, 1115x593, 1115:593, 1519075577.jpg)

Thanks for the bread now bring on the criminals

63d8fc No.435612

Everyday lurker, so please no lurk moar…

I just missed the whole Gannett walnut sauce thing? Can someone catch me up?

7605dd No.435615

Why are there two files #535?

bcd181 No.435616


this is the second bread 535

0aa486 No.435617


https:// pastebin.com/VAR5z2bV

180efb No.435618

File: 4c75f638554aca8⋯.png (311.14 KB, 814x897, 814:897, shad hills.png)

Tina Allen (Liddle Kidz)

Husband's band is called Stereo 360

6 6 6 much?


4ae3cc No.435620


Ever look into all of the Satanic connections in Newtown?

bcd181 No.435621

MEME FAGS, be sure to post your memes in MEMES 13, so they'll get spread far and wide

b3683e No.435622

File: 64dba48f445e680⋯.png (38.36 KB, 761x337, 761:337, screenshot_197.png)

The Crisis Actos Dad from Parkland Florida


65ee48 No.435624

File: 07c7362035e4afb⋯.jpeg (111.51 KB, 747x500, 747:500, 3660AA19-D0D2-4005-8308-0….jpeg)

File: a6d232de90a5ed6⋯.jpeg (36.14 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 0FC0EC78-2565-40E1-81DA-5….jpeg)

File: 8a64859bf7d02eb⋯.jpeg (64 KB, 500x331, 500:331, 5BB3DAA5-8851-4918-829F-0….jpeg)

File: 58ad10ee93a1baf⋯.jpeg (86.58 KB, 425x417, 425:417, F70120C5-1375-4EBE-93FC-1….jpeg)

File: dcf53f8c67676a0⋯.jpeg (62.68 KB, 590x393, 590:393, 56CAF8E1-D031-42F3-B5AD-6….jpeg)

d5fad9 No.435625

File: 8c5bc4ac5d0efff⋯.jpg (38.18 KB, 453x500, 453:500, guillotine.jpg)


I really think that if all 100+ of the worst conspirators were guillotined at the national mall, their blood allowed to drain and their heads throws into the reflecting pool. Guarded by US Marines, their blood circulating and their heads bobbing about the waters livestreamed for a Month. Let the smell of the bodies remind those in DC what a real swamp smells like. They will chill the FUCK out from all this screw the public over shit for a while.

I know I'm a bit old school but there is a lot to be said for old school.

dc62b0 No.435626

3a8d7e No.435628

File: 1b60069e45f3457⋯.jpeg (460.19 KB, 1242x1337, 1242:1337, 71B64173-67F7-4D8E-A887-8….jpeg)

File: a5dbfe9d8cb5603⋯.jpeg (849.53 KB, 1242x1826, 621:913, A41E3FA5-8CCB-40CC-B433-9….jpeg)

>>435534 (last bread)

Yes! So, do you think the gold color on his head factors in as well? Expanding my thinking.

Now, we talked all weekend about the $$ paid to Iran, we should also factor in Palestine. Q tied Palestinian $$ in to paying Hillary’s debt. Where does that leave the Clintons (Hill currently in NZ)?

bcd181 No.435629



was wondering if P. fla had the same "problem"

e91903 No.435630

this should be 536 not 535

86b7e9 No.435631

File: e0214137b56cddb⋯.jpg (41.42 KB, 497x351, 497:351, AC_And_HoneyBooBoo.JPG)

File: 481dd02a2c39234⋯.jpg (32.51 KB, 443x592, 443:592, AC_And_Mama.JPG)


Apparently MamaHogg shares a sick fascination with cardboard cutouts.

>Where have we seen this before?

e8e236 No.435632


Correction..she was inspired by Island of dolls episode.. https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx8JkGHaGUI

48b302 No.435633

>>435308This sounds like a scripted threat…

School shooting survivor to lawmakers: 'You need to take some …

"Some of our policymakers and some people need to – they need to look in the mirror and take some action because ideas are great but without action, ideas stay ideas and children die," Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior David Hogg told CNN's "New Day."

wfft. com/content/national/474179883.html

78db45 No.435634


What kind of person thinks this funny or cool? The same kind that would murder innocent children to further their political agenda of taking away our 2nd Amendment right.

379093 No.435635


>wtf… adoptive father was a military intelligence analyst

ohhh that was the adoptive father? even worse

bcd181 No.435636

File: db1a10493e9479b⋯.png (264.07 KB, 391x387, 391:387, myconcerns.png)

File: a2772565e3390ff⋯.png (409.44 KB, 560x476, 20:17, stoplaughing.png)

d5fad9 No.435638

File: 5095cc334be94f4⋯.png (880.68 KB, 1169x798, 167:114, one.PNG)

File: 04794202af1f863⋯.png (951.58 KB, 1226x795, 1226:795, onb.PNG)

File: 4bf7df3e0a14343⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1025x797, 1025:797, three.PNG)

File: 1c23d5946b6475f⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1068x792, 89:66, threeb.PNG)

File: 97b3b9a332b2d49⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1177x795, 1177:795, four.PNG)

2571bd No.435639

This should be #536 BTW


Another reason "kekistan" is shill poison.

ebfa5d No.435640


This is #536, 535 was previous bread

47155a No.435641

File: ea4596c9f7eb2b0⋯.jpg (81.57 KB, 635x500, 127:100, 24wxqf.jpg)

File: 8815209c873f8db⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 24wxvc.jpg)

File: cec8c9ca98e84ab⋯.jpg (86.64 KB, 647x500, 647:500, 24wy2w.jpg)

File: 5632dca7e0a8c86⋯.jpg (42.88 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 24wy3h.jpg)

1a38e1 No.435643


Ohhh fuckkkk

bcd181 No.435644




df9d31 No.435645

File: f9b5e32fc3395b0⋯.png (33.33 KB, 539x317, 539:317, screenshot_198.png)

d5fad9 No.435646

File: cb3c50925649ca1⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1183x794, 1183:794, five.PNG)

File: 5da7c1122b02709⋯.png (894.59 KB, 617x737, 617:737, six.PNG)

File: 85b4ae06b901cdd⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1120x795, 224:159, seven.PNG)

File: 9634fb169471617⋯.png (809.59 KB, 632x797, 632:797, eight.PNG)

File: 51b2ca6d2b377df⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1069x797, 1069:797, nine.PNG)

47155a No.435648

File: 01432e7bd0f02c1⋯.jpg (52.5 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 24wzbc.jpg)

File: deda4dec0aac418⋯.jpg (106.93 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 24wzc4.jpg)

File: 5e1637e4f7d9898⋯.jpg (95.51 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 24wzho.jpg)

5842e1 No.435649



went .. he is getting nailed big time kek

e91903 No.435650


sex with kids etc etc.

65ee48 No.435651


Dude! Really?

2f8e89 No.435652

File: 669aad1966da8f4⋯.png (931.04 KB, 1076x1388, 269:347, ClipboardImage.png)

(last bread)


>Interesting that fox all of a sudden uses [boxed names]


>Coincidence or trying to tell us something?

you already know…

Jan 31 2018 20:58:39

>Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 187fba 229202


>Do you believe in coincidences?

>Expect more.


2eb33b No.435654


Damn , Anon. You may be on to more then you know! This shooting may be connected to Q!

4084a0 No.435655


add this from David Hogg

d5fad9 No.435656

File: 4ef12e579205784⋯.png (726.45 KB, 1151x795, 1151:795, ten.PNG)

File: ab0b8c3fd144c1e⋯.png (1.28 MB, 924x795, 308:265, eleven.PNG)

File: 5e1cd9d2ff61bd9⋯.png (1.29 MB, 985x793, 985:793, twelve.PNG)

File: a4a29073cb7ef28⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1367x793, 1367:793, thirteen.PNG)

File: 009126b2d8cb5c2⋯.png (2.43 MB, 1262x793, 1262:793, thirteenb.PNG)

f31ad5 No.435657


They're ALL in the club. Land whale mama pimping her toddler daughter out and getting herrsef a show on the TV. Fame and fortune.

d5fad9 No.435659

File: 3118e9f248fdb22⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1198x795, 1198:795, fouteen.PNG)

3b6016 No.435660

Nick Cruz was adopted I wonder if he was placed by the same attorney

4084a0 No.435661

File: 3d5f33b87c3958a⋯.png (20.37 KB, 820x144, 205:36, dh2.PNG)

>>435655 forgot to add pic

bcd181 No.435662


that's a cut out of Honey BooBoo - kid was all the rage years ago.

33ec2c No.435663


IF there was REAL FUNERALS of real children, there would be television coverage reruns for months for gun control in your face agenda because the crowds would be in the thousands.

This shit was fakery from trigger click forward.

IF ONE person died I would be surprised, but would be a target kill perhaps of an adult.

They are tearing down the building because the narrative does not fit the evidence they will find.

(absence of, or not matching bulletholes or whatever)

EVEN the COACH that was interviewed about his fellow coach that died looked like he was having a good time on tv. Actors, not even good ones.

THE COACH that "died" being an adult, would have more of a "historical record" of being alive online.

IF he has no valid history, I'm sold on fuckery from point a to b.

Can we dig on him a bit.

In fact, can we keep an eye for the funerals and number of attendees?

832d18 No.435664

If Parkland was a False Flag, it was to cover what happened at the NSA building.

Seems like NSA building stunt was even less reported then Vegas.

7da835 No.435665

I am working through the list. I don't know what to do with it when i find the answer.

0f9584 No.435666





Rename THIS bread please.

#536: Re Name Edition.

If you can.


5d1755 No.435667


Speaking of which, don't see Newsweak-anons' memes in there. Are they stored somewhere else?

acf824 No.435668

File: 6f8ff8195c82822⋯.jpg (57.73 KB, 653x430, 653:430, CryGirlCrisisActor.jpg)

Please add to hit list.

0aa486 No.435669



bcd181 No.435670


so . . . it looks like they're a real family?

just a clown fam?

fe705e No.435671


Dude! Really?

58d6ef No.435672


i seen a short video clip a couple months ago and he had that doll on a talk show i think it was, it was posted in one of the breads long ago

e91903 No.435673


cover for the 2 vehicles that tried to get out? Yeah.

3a8d7e No.435674

File: 03240275e5fd36f⋯.jpeg (398.56 KB, 1242x995, 1242:995, 4BC44171-0868-4A77-B1E4-3….jpeg)

Does anyone recall what the stringer here was? I’ve gone back through the library tonight and reconciling things I don’t have in my mental folders.

5e8295 No.435675


these are good

3d5323 No.435676


Awesome find!

Here is where I'm at:


-Nikolas Cruz posts about being a professional school shooter.

-He uses his real name in that post.

-Person that noticed the comment reported it to the FBI.

-FBI main office apparently did nothing. Did not even follow protocol and inform the local branch.

-FBI was given multiple warnings.

-FBI received a tip Jan 5th from a person close to the killer.

-The killer talks repeatedly about shooting up the school.

-Classmates were repeatedly joking that he was going to shoot up the school.

-Police were called to his residence over 39 times.

-The police apparently never escalated their concerns - or if they did, they went nowhere.

-the killer was in JR ROTC.

-He was receiving training in warfare (how to shoot guns).

-He was pre-dispositioned to violence - both words and actions.

-There are videos surfacing of him getting in fights at the school.

-He posted photos online of animals he had mutilated.

-His adoptive father died when he was young. His adoptive mother died late last year.

-He had minimal friends/support network.

-He was outcast at school and even the "artsy" students wouldn't interact with him.

-The killer posted videos of him cutting himself and inquiring how to get a gun.

-Child Welfare was involved and investigated him.

-He had pictures and videos of him with multiple weapons on his instagram.

-He was getting mental health treatment and was on medication the year prior to the massacre.

-His clinician at Henderson Behavioral Health stated that he was compliant in taking medication and keeping his appointments.

-After the death of his mother, he moved in with Kimberly and James Snead. James Snead is a military intelligence analyst and retired veteran.

-Even with all this, he somehow miraculously passed a background check and mental health evaluation to purchase the weapon.

-David Hogg (journalist classmate) has a father that works/ed for the FBI.

-Apparently, he never told his father about a violent classmate that has weapons, was getting JR ROTC training, and threated to shoot up the school.

-If you watch the interviews, his lines were memorized and recited very well. No emotion; well rehearsed.

-Pulse night club shooter - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-Boston bomber - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-New Mexico shooter - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-Ft. Hood shooter - was on the FBIs watch list.

-Charleston shooter - known by the FBI; got his gun due to FBI agent error.


http:// www.mlive.com/news/us-world/index.ssf/2018/02/florida_shooter_was_living_wit.html

https:// www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2017/1215/Why-did-Broward-destroy-2016-ballots-Sanders-ally-seeks-US-probe

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/family-who-took-nikolas-cruz-said-he-showed-no-warning-n849346

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/social-media-post-led-florida-agency-investigate-nikolas-cruz-2016-n849221



2f8e89 No.435677


Welcome to the Wonderful World of RE_READ THE CRUMBS

bcd181 No.435678


HOLY SHIT anon — awesome


07a9fa No.435679


shroom sitting next to Alice

33ec2c No.435680


She was seen in Paris too.

d960e0 No.435681

Been asking the same thing >>435619

ce85b8 No.435682


That is that Honey Boo Boo kid. Several boards ago (December) an anon linked the video of someone giving AC the cardboard cutout on his then AC daytime talk show.

5e8295 No.435683

File: 12da6c03563ebc4⋯.jpg (56.98 KB, 792x900, 22:25, man-riding-pig-clown-type-….jpg)

c0ee1e No.435686


Interesting hypothesis

1a38e1 No.435687


Old pic is old

cdb758 No.435688


What happened at NSA is two tourists driving a rental made a wrong turn. And when told they were trespassing they tried to leave to circle around the gate and got shot at.

That gate has been a trap for YEARS. People have died there (2015 stolen car makes wrong turn).

That gate needs to be re-designed or closed. It is a disgrace.

2571bd No.435689

File: 3de9a9c687bf63d⋯.jpg (35.51 KB, 1080x637, 1080:637, ovo-owl.jpg)


Ovo is Drake's.

4b8bba No.435691


Could someone please re-post the Anderson Cooper Gannett/Cyrillic thing? I thought I save it, but apparently not.

To answer your question Anon, there's a picture of Anderson Cooper looking at a newsletter. The logo on the newsletter resembles both the Gannett corporate logo and Cyrillic script for "walnut sauce."

Someone please post the screenshot.

bec361 No.435693


can a photofag put AC in a little pink tu tu? that would be great

0aa486 No.435694


My bad. BV/BO has to do it. I cannot edit

bo/bv if you're around can we change this bread to 536 please.

86b7e9 No.435695


If not a crisis actress, this is the most unlucky woman on the planet!!

Guise, if you see this woman at a bar, RUN!!!

ebfa5d No.435696

=baker baker=







Council on Foreign Relations=

Summing up the situation at the present moment, it can, I think, be said that the Establishment (CFR) maintains effective control over the executive and judicial branches of government; that it dominates most of American education and intellectual life; that it has very nearly unchallenged power in deciding what is and what is not respectable opinion in this country. Its authority is enormous in organized religion (Roman Catholics and fundamentalist Protestants to one side), in science, and, indeed, in all the learned professions except medicine. It is absolutely unrivaled in the great new world created by the philanthropic foundations-a fact which goes most of the way toward explaining why so little is known about the Establishment and its workings.

719dd3 No.435698


Thank you. He's so ridiculously obvious it's actually insulting. Asshat has been on every network along with the shaved head chic. Ya, it's just organic. GTFO.

82448f No.435699

So Google only has a handful of images of this guy and doesn't know when he married his wife…Just digging over here.

Aaron Feis

Football coach

Image result for Aaron Feis

Aaron Feis, a football coach who shielded students from a rain of bullets, was the first of 17 fatalities to be identified after a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Newsmax

Died: February 14, 2018, Broward County, Florida, FL

Spouse: Melissa Feis (m. ?–2018)

Children: Arielle Feis

fa8e49 No.435700

>>435586 >Continued from last

He couldn't give coherent answers to anyone either, lights were no but nobody was home.. at least not him.

The FBI swat team had to be the shooters. 17 people over 2 floors. A hell of a lot for one little guy in a trance. That wrestler teacher alone would have had him, gun or not. The kids that witnessed it and are alive left that school with MORE armed police and swat teams outside. They knew to keep their mouths shut. Most of those interviewed were either actors or feared for their lives and just said what they were prompted to.

It's disgusting to lose a child in any circumstance, but to think it's the very people we trust to protect us that are plotting these things against us. No more! We need to blow the lid off this can of worms and expose them all for what they are. God bless those children and their families, and may He show no mercy to those who did this cruel act.

And God also protect Nicolas Cruz, he'll probably be the 18th innocent victim.

fe705e No.435701


Better than my reply anon!

31e460 No.435702


Check the logo in last bread:


e19215 No.435704

File: ac8879e82cd9a27⋯.png (294.32 KB, 1201x591, 1201:591, threadjeff.PNG)

Hid name is Jeff Kasky

0899f0 No.435706

File: 08202a5eaee58d0⋯.png (423.79 KB, 397x495, 397:495, Screenshot-2018-2-17 Meme ….png)

File: e09c377eb8dad46⋯.png (182.15 KB, 539x632, 539:632, 1bad553c7871f0a5ae4caa601f….png)

File: 5ffed187ddaf5b9⋯.png (66.48 KB, 194x165, 194:165, Screenshot-2017-12-17 Бажж….png)


key words: Gannet Tegna Epic

e19215 No.435707

File: d5c8a21a1e819a2⋯.png (16.17 KB, 509x102, 509:102, oneworld.PNG)

ebfa5d No.435708


"report" it and ask the BV to edit.

ce85b8 No.435709



The retweet was about masturbation. I do not know her connection to COS just that she retweeted them.

aebcaa No.435710

File: 8d7a5c66426c59f⋯.jpg (38.79 KB, 736x414, 16:9, VIOLET.jpg)


WOW check THIS OUT: re

Oct 16, 2016 - PELHAM, N.Y. – Violet Massie-Vereker is getting notice for her oratory skills


googled Massie US rep NY:

SAUCE: https:// massie.house.gov/…/rep-massie-introduces-bill-to-abolish-federal-department-o…


Rep. Massie Introduces Bill to Abolish Federal Department of Education

Feb 7, 2017 - “I've always been a proponent of empowering parents, teachers and local school boards who best know our children and their needs," said Rep. Raul Labrador, another original co-sponsor. "Eliminating the U.S. Department of Education is the most important step we in Congress can take in returning…">(You)

ebfa5d No.435712


Look at that, a purple butterfly . . .

e5381c No.435714


EPIC logo top right

6d1405 No.435715


I see you found the DNC photos.

5e8295 No.435716

File: 895498c387abe10⋯.jpg (72.07 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 161128_r29100_rd.jpg)

3714ff No.435717

File: 13b50e06646392a⋯.png (778.47 KB, 1407x1013, 1407:1013, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7121c7d0f862b69⋯.png (829.44 KB, 1153x935, 1153:935, ClipboardImage.png)

Dig on Jeanne W. Lin, continued


It seems strange that a slide presentation she gave in April 2005 (pic 1) is published on http:// slideplayer.com/slide/4634505/

– a website that advertises ‘research paper assignment essay for only $15’? In other words they will write papers for students for a fee.

It says the person who put this slide show onto the website was 'Adam Knight' and it is the only one contributed to the site by Adam Knight.

Pic 2 is a little sample of the presentation contents. (text format)

My browser refuses to play the slide show so I am handing off this dig to somebody else now.

719dd3 No.435719


In all fairness, they wouldn't find much of me on goolag either. Some people are just more private purposefully.

fe705e No.435720





c1e01c No.435721


exactly my thoughts.

0aa486 No.435722

File: 35c6c94f289bfaf⋯.png (86.27 KB, 300x168, 25:14, untitled.png)


33ec2c No.435724

File: 038c9fa95e5556c⋯.jpg (15.95 KB, 236x230, 118:115, 2ebb8fabe42423455f7bb72577….jpg)

File: 566f6f1c75ef4c9⋯.jpg (14.52 KB, 236x250, 118:125, 7ec0be384dd081d16169a24257….jpg)

File: 237a5d1565f8ec7⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 236x247, 236:247, 05570e0f1a656c8c33d2ac570e….jpg)

File: 63d2ea00ae53f63⋯.jpg (102.83 KB, 1039x658, 1039:658, 5648f42cbe635.JPG)

File: d37f6b199846ac2⋯.jpg (45.82 KB, 454x312, 227:156, bonnie-political-45-crisis….jpg)

More crisis bullshit for newbies

b2d8e4 No.435725


Why would Cruz admit to something that didn’t happen?

bcd181 No.435726


are our memes getting posted?!!

a2305e No.435727

File: 0d9d2884c58ae40⋯.jpeg (319.11 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 51F17081-3E72-4A0E-A822-0….jpeg)

379093 No.435728


mkultra post a few breads back talked about how they used paper dolls when conditioning/torturing kids, burned the dolls while the target kid were on drugs, if that didn't work, they'd burn a real kid and make the target kid watch

3d5323 No.435729


Correction: the Snead family is the family that took him in after his adoptive mother died.

I don't know what details are out there about his adoptive father (he died when he was really young).

bcd181 No.435731


very nice

6bee4c No.435732


Runs in the deep state families, no?

b20195 No.435733


Personally i think he didn't do it and was just made to think he did. He doesn't have the blacked out eyes most shooters have

975aaf No.435734




Bill Cooper stated that most all Army Intelligence are Masons and many belong to the Temple of Set….

fa8e49 No.435735

File: 3f58acec123d579⋯.png (88.57 KB, 1002x736, 501:368, USATodayGannett.png)

bcd181 No.435736


so still active -> not retired like the kid said?

db03c8 No.435737


Not proven, however I believe Youtube Kids is 100% MK Ultra

4ae3cc No.435739



Looking for a video I watched some time ago. There was/is a church of Satan in Newtown and it was supposed to have been some sort of hub. Also, there were connections to the church and CIA as well as cash payouts and large assets acquired by "victims"

d5c1e6 No.435740

File: a0f621712a4e8d3⋯.png (90.44 KB, 947x586, 947:586, 3124235fsdfsdf13123213tgfb….png)


5ab2ad No.435742

File: 119f83550cf2234⋯.png (93.05 KB, 500x422, 250:211, 1580913852138.png)








67de0e No.435743

0aa486 No.435744



33ec2c No.435745


He is mind control.

And was probably on his way to do it.

But given option of death penalty…

Also other option: he is acting also (not likely, but has happened before)

Whereas he is given trial presence by VIDEO LINK (church shooter sound familiar).

And found guilty, but the identity he was charged under does not exist, so he never goes to jail.

(simply walks out the video room back door).

86b7e9 No.435746


A false flag does not mean it didn't happen.

It means the story you are getting about it is false and being used to distract you from another habbening

e5381c No.435747

File: 7df4a3d7a544d2d⋯.png (216.98 KB, 995x495, 199:99, Screenshot 2018-02-19 17.5….png)

589338 No.435748


I was just told by another that maybe I was trying to shove horse pills down, and that I need to start with smaller bites. Haha. Maybe so. Its so easy for me forget that what I consider smaller 'conspiracies' are really far out ideas to most. I'll do better next time.

379093 No.435749


oh ok, i thought it was the family that took him in, but i wasn't sure

i bet his biological parents were connected too, either breeders or clowns or something

efe13b No.435750

According to this student, they were told that there would be a mock firefight at the school with police shooting blanks. Something fishy here! https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6LkWBRaQXI

208c5b No.435752

Delaney Tarr Retweeted

Netflix US

Verified account


Feb 13


black mirror is a documentary

814440 No.435753


you think the kid is mentally strong and not able to be persuaded?

e8b34e No.435754

File: 9a454f6dc0fa319⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 444x484, 111:121, bad touch 1.JPG)

File: 751b910070d8180⋯.jpg (49.32 KB, 442x634, 221:317, Bad touch 2.JPG)

This creepy dude wants a tilt at being POTUS.





e91903 No.435756


that's how most false flags get started…. remember vegas!

33ec2c No.435757


Also: he was supposed to die.

I think "ourguys" intervened and allowed the production to happen, but prevented his death.

82448f No.435758

Dec 31, 2017 - The latest Tweets from Aaron Feis (@AaronFeis): "Everybody talking about how to survive a nuclear missile attack, nobody talking about why I should want to."

875635 No.435759

Man, this guy can’t get his story straight!

How nice that he had a producer feeding him lines!

https:// mobile.twitter.com/DBloom451/status/965739131304398848

31e460 No.435760


Same logo here:


3694a7 No.435762

What was the vid with the kid rehearsing lines again?

d960e0 No.435763

File: bb0656c4cb3df69⋯.jpg (37.58 KB, 285x353, 285:353, ClownHoggs.jpg)

1ecc52 No.435764


No its not

08f8af No.435766

File: c43e89354b6ca05⋯.png (948.22 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Eleven_Symbolism.png)

I saw this in a previous bread


and noticed the 11 or ll symbolism

it's everywhere

the Jesuit rings look very similar to Gannett or БАЖЖЕ77 from the AC HBB image

c1a556 No.435767


I'm all for justice. Harsh but fair for the type of crimes we have been researching.I'm even in favor of public executions (hangings) to make a statement, even though the rest of the world will call us barbaric (without a hint of irony in their voices). The point has to be made one good time with some of these black hat fucks.

But sometimes it can be hard to tell who are the evil ones and who are the good ones in here when we start posting shit like this, all blood thirsty. I sympathize with the sentiment, but it ain't cute.

0aa486 No.435768



49adf0 No.435769


Yes. This is it.

People need to stop

with the "no one died"

33ec2c No.435771




db03c8 No.435772


this makes me angry

b2d8e4 No.435773


That’s freaky.

d585c9 No.435775


Gotta say though, I think the focus should be on the news agencies not the character of these kids. More like "Hey MSM/Deep State, the heck is this? Shootings getting sloppy." The kids are just put up to it and wrapped up in something way over their heads.

c079d5 No.435776


The Virginia Tech shooter was said to be obsessed with Collective Soul

fe705e No.435777






bcd181 No.435778

File: d3a52d083d9c825⋯.png (209.04 KB, 501x571, 501:571, hoggsareclowns.png)

096012 No.435779

Prove Cruz is MS13.

33ec2c No.435780


No one died at sandy hook.

IT is worth considering.


And personally, if a funeral of a teen killed in such manner does not get television coverage on this biased media you better ask why not…

cb8e49 No.435781


he interviewed honey boo boo and she called him fruity before he publicly came out and he took a liking to her

896ef9 No.435782

File: 9e513339f16bc61⋯.jpg (73.54 KB, 1076x235, 1076:235, Screenshot_20180219-205258.jpg)


0aa486 No.435783

Is there a baker in da house than can take over for the next bread?

08f8af No.435784

File: bd95aafaa347443⋯.png (675.2 KB, 1100x380, 55:19, Jesuit Rings_2.png)

File: fc4b82c6e20fa22⋯.png (239 KB, 388x352, 97:88, Jesuit_Ring_1.png)



ebe861 No.435785

File: 4f3dcdc2d67387f⋯.jpg (52.08 KB, 513x500, 513:500, sch2.jpg)

d35834 No.435786


the heads and blood will not last. the guillotine itself needs to be built of marble with a stainless blade. we can hold them an extra few months to build something that will stand for several hundred years, ready for service if ever needed again.

8eb70c No.435787

File: 515c1e6da208cfe⋯.jpg (114.55 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, DWSgvwdWkAU08zm.jpg)

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/435703.html

Thread for digging about Parkland photo

c8f572 No.435788


That poor baby!

975aaf No.435789

Be sure to ARCHIVE all the Parkland Florida stuff especially anything dealing with our FBI clown dad….

ebfa5d No.435790


TY! Thought I was filtered or something.

719dd3 No.435792


Has anyone managed to find who he received psyche therapy from? I haven't dug in on it, but figured somewhere here we already know that answer. Obviously Q is pointing us to find connections in the treatment that appear to go beyond the classic SSRI's. If we can trace the Drs of the mass shooters to same school or something, that would be what I'm assuming Q is getting at. MKUltra Drs.

b1c8bc No.435793

File: 033be02d9163b7e⋯.jpg (48.77 KB, 750x500, 3:2, SORRYNOTSORRY.jpg)

Ran across this today (if it's been discussed, disregard)

Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)

is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking emotions, usually beginning in early adulthood, including inappropriately seductive behavior and an excessive need for approval. Histrionic people are lively, dramatic, vivacious, enthusiastic, and flirtatious. HPD is diagnosed four times as frequently in women as men.[1] It affects 2–3% of the general population and 10–15% in inpatient and outpatient mental health institutions.[2]

HPD lies in the dramatic cluster of personality disorders.[3] People with HPD have a high need for attention, make loud and inappropriate appearances, exaggerate their behaviors and emotions, and crave stimulation.[3] They may exhibit sexually provocative behavior, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and can be easily influenced by others. Associated features include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.

https:// psychcentral.com/disorders/histrionic-personality-disorder/

Sound like any (media) we know? They have been screaming from the rafters all day, everyday, about nothing but the FL shooting, gun control and the expediently organized March march.

<Office of the President Enter Stage Right:>

Donald J. Trump‏

Verified account


Following @realDonaldTrump

Obama was President up to, and beyond, the 2016 Election. So why didn’t he do something about Russian meddling?

11:55 AM - 19 Feb 2018

BOOM! Can't get much more ballsy than that! He's basically telling wethepeople that Oblunder didn't care about any Russian meddling going on because it benefitted him (BHO); and, more importantly, telling the media that they didn't care to truthfully report on any meddling (back then ) AND IT'S APPARENT TO EVERYONE. We know all, we see all.

I, for one, would really like some of these asshats removed from television, forever.

3694a7 No.435794


You've heard the "SH was closed" theory right?

What do anons think of this stuff? I'm not sure what to think about that part of it now. http:// www.crisisactorsguild.com/2016/01/14/sandy-hook-elementary-was-open-part-one-the-lobby/

bcd181 No.435796


no one died at SHoax

i think people died in FLA -> because the sheeple didn't listen and turn in their guns

fa8e49 No.435797

File: ef69d69396303e4⋯.png (254.51 KB, 971x400, 971:400, Think_Mirror.png)



5842e1 No.435798


the pics were when i was there , i am sure by now yes on memes , the traffic was brisk .

2571bd No.435799


>doesn't have much to do with guns

With all the crisis actors and mason signalling, this is turning into the poor man's Sandy Hoax.


e6377d No.435800


that is comical he is catching heck.

His video rehearsing has been posted at least 20 times on first thread. >>435699


Wondering if could be a cgi fake…

da7230 No.435801

An anon found out why Q said SATAN has left the WH at the end of the last bread. Here is a link to check it out


854a4f No.435802


I've often had the same thought, just with a belt fed .30. Guillotine is a nice touch!

5d1755 No.435803



Most recent (so far) been able to find him is 2014, working in LAX area


bcd181 No.435804



0aa486 No.435805


Sandy Hook is a horse of a different color I think. The kids were picked up on that bus and parents didn't know where they were. Then parents were just told their kids died.

That's what I had heard anyway.

6bee4c No.435806


No, these kids need to be humiliated. Their message to other kids is this is the way to catch your 15 of fame which is what most kids want these days. Nip it in the bid.

ec78f0 No.435807

You know when you have like 100 tabs open and you go from tangent to tangent? Thats me…I was looking into Musk and some of th names I kept running across, maybe

Shit…Ill try to remember


96c42c No.435808


Gonna go ahead and agree with Bill Cooper on that one based on personal knowledge. Although could be an outlier, I wouldn't know because I didn't serve.

82448f No.435809


disregard..different Feis…my bad

33ec2c No.435810


The black church shooter was found guilty but if you look up the court info (I watched it play out) you will notice the verdict, but no prison or sentence hearing. It was the day it went out of the news, and no mention of the prison he was sent to, or the duration of stay.

Never happened..

07a9fa No.435811

File: 8f655293fa5a967⋯.jpg (63.83 KB, 296x317, 296:317, d1t1fas8fjm54yu3221dsfqjaf….jpg)


0e318f No.435813


ALL the Aborted babies we let die…

Cause we were afraid to speak up..

We will be held accountable …

5842e1 No.435814


where was podesta ?

0aa486 No.435815


Oh they will def be on Ellen.

896ef9 No.435816


So kdc possibly knows what Snowden took. Maybe even used it to help with k.im

814440 No.435817


11+11+11 is 33 though

7dc65c No.435818


What the??? I hate to even ask what is floating in the water and HOW ANYONE could "partake" in it?


bcd181 No.435819


that's the band we researched a few months ago - it was mentioned in a wikileaks doc, but i can't recall who sent it. it was q-related though

7da835 No.435820


Yes. This one goes deep. Very deep. I've never been nervous on the chan before now.

bb5f5d No.435821


this is shit, just like this board is becoming

these woman look nothing alike

Aurora 2012

Sandy Hook 2012

Boston 2013

Parland 2018

somehow she looks younger six years later

b50d45 No.435822






please look in to who the handlers could have been

who prescribed them meds

who did their counciling

who their parents knew

did they have a favorite teacher or some shit?

There has to have been someone around them that kept a close eye on them.

2f8e89 No.435823


kek technically fukken really? was taken, so i had to get creative

fe705e No.435825


Plethora of persons noting crisis actor faux pas = white hats spelling out truth for normies thus red pilling

33ec2c No.435826


The video "we need to talk about sandy hook" explains it very well. Watch it!

I think it applies here in Florida also.

And YES now you can easily believe that many people could be controlled.

08f8af No.435827

File: 610a3f2640a947c⋯.png (57.6 KB, 411x278, 411:278, Gannett_or_БАЖЖЕ77.png)

fa8e49 No.435828

File: 2e4725b2ac165ff⋯.jpg (236.78 KB, 900x486, 50:27, heatherspeilberg.jpg)

fe705e No.435829


Me Anon

Dude! Really?

0aa486 No.435830


Speaking of the big man….I was expecting a tweet from his way after he landed. He is up to something. I feel a big happening incoming relatively soon.

67e5cc No.435831

File: a80eed076048d26⋯.jpg (60.29 KB, 589x568, 589:568, bugswyatt.jpg)

"I don't want you living with roaches."

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

379093 No.435832



shorter and meaner variations could be:

FBI supports the CIA's Mass Shooter Program

FBI does not interfere with CIA's Mass Shooter Program

abc4a0 No.435833


sorry, Anon

33ec2c No.435834


I can smell the ellen too.

d35834 No.435835


podesta email said he was going to a concert and that going 'was not a code, dont bother looking it up' it was really a concert

08f8af No.435836

File: 75e5c99aedd2a91⋯.png (844.61 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Eleven_Symbolism_v2_33.png)

c6f651 No.435837


It does us harm this kind of obvious crap. Parkland girl is nothing like the others.

fa8e49 No.435838


True, we always know what calm means ;)

6d1405 No.435839



d2583c No.435840


This POS is a propagandist who is at war with those of us who value our freedom to bear arms.

This little cunt is no different from the teenage gooks in Vietnam who were used to kill Americans.

And yes, the stakes are the same.

Wake the fuck up.

It's this 17 year-old prick, or my freedom.

I'm going with my freedom.

You can fuck right off for defending this cunt.

1a38e1 No.435843


Absolutely. Oh forgot about aging HURR DURR

fa8e49 No.435845

File: 041f0353459d713⋯.jpg (268.32 KB, 664x442, 332:221, greatpotus.jpg)

004daf No.435846


[boxed names]

Use of square brackets is the official typographical practice for replacing part of a quoted passage to clarify or give additional context.

Quote probably ended "and, in ways, failed him". "Him" would not have been clear without the part that preceded the quote, but if they replace it with the name, they are changing the quote. So it goes in square brackets to show that it is not part of what the guy actually said.

Another common use is […] to represent text that has been removed to shorten the quote.

Looks unusual because, even though it is the official way of doing it, most news outlets seem to use (parentheses) these days instead of [square brackets].

0ef1ca No.435848

File: 87eb19a0a950b58⋯.jpeg (609.75 KB, 750x1207, 750:1207, 9E8BFB90-D98C-4940-BA90-A….jpeg)

Almond activated…

Atlanta Police search for missing CDC employee http:// www.fox5atlanta.com/news/police-search-for-missing-cdc-employee

719dd3 No.435849


We are dealing with different states obviously, but just like Gannett controls media, is there a link here w a Dr group or a "therapy" group that could be linked nationally? It's something deeper than SSRI's.

bcd181 No.435850


yep. kdc knows all.

aebcaa No.435851

File: 1bcf441a5ae4183⋯.jpg (24.87 KB, 736x414, 16:9, VIOLET Massie Violet Massi….jpg)




HEY BBC!! NY called they want their ACTRESS back!!

6bee4c No.435852


Exactly this. No quarter if we want to be free.

86b7e9 No.435853


Collective Soul with Soros

…yeah, I'll pass

5b965c No.435854


While he was in court today there seemed to be a woman in a red shirt that kept talking to him and smiling.. seemed off.

0aa486 No.435857


She's def an agent. And I don't think she is just sleeping with JA either.

fa8e49 No.435858

File: 926caf61b77762f⋯.jpg (153.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 60222ea50375e366c68f7d5100….jpg)

bcd181 No.435859


yep, that's it, but who was emailing who?

379093 No.435860


kimdotcom! LOL!!

5f8731 No.435861

File: c9fca3ba30df4ee⋯.jpg (61.96 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 163.jpg)

Just on Twater

cb8e49 No.435862


circle around armed guards who were probably signaling them to stop? among huge signs for a mile warning them before they even got to the gate that it was the NSA and only authorized vehicles and trespassers will be shot?


ebe861 No.435863


when i first saw БАЖЖЕ77 about a week

after the Q post

i google it

the results were sooo obviously wiped clean

so then i google imaged it

and the results were full of beautiful women in full professional makeup

but if you scrolled though the result

deep into it

there were mixed in with it pic of very inappropriate pics young girls in seductive poses with professional make up and clothes

2f8e89 No.435864


do. your. own. homework.

https:// qanonmap.github.io/?

e83db8 No.435865

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nip it in the bud indeed!!!

68c695 No.435866


Girl at bar: "I have to warn you. People tend to die around me. But I get paid well."

6304ae No.435867


what kind of memes are you looking for right now? memeanon seeking assignment… been jumping around the breads, if you said it i missed it

fa8e49 No.435869

File: 0fd3b6009bc5da0⋯.jpg (444 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, snowed_in.jpg)

cdb758 No.435870


Obama should be replaced with a vagina.

eeaa30 No.435871

File: c9ffc65753b47dc⋯.jpg (56.08 KB, 532x476, 19:17, sh_laughing.JPG)


anyone rememer this guy?

the video is very inciminateing.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=O43REmjUnLg

b50d45 No.435872



This could easily have been a relative, but smiles tend to calm or settle. If he has an anchor whereby he responds a specific way to a facial expression of a handler, that can be noted and used for later.

Can anyone do digging on this?

b9bb00 No.435873


Six funerals where they have a visitation at the funeral home and buried at a cemetery. Two listing a funeral at the Marriott ?? Three so far just listed on legacy.com referencing newspaper articles about the shooting. Will dig more.This is just like Las Vegas, most of the people listed as from California, never had a funeral.

bcd181 No.435874


does the middle initial match up w/ david hogg's dad?

cb8e49 No.435875


there was posted several times a real pic of the advertisements and the logo . it was gannett there was no cyrillic!

i thought i saved it too but it was CRYSTAL FUCKIGN CLEAR it was a usa today article and it said gannett

fa8e49 No.435876

File: 0ddf97a439453fe⋯.jpg (783.6 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, anonspledge.jpg)

File: 6740ed04af26221⋯.jpg (495.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, weareanonymous.jpg)

5f8731 No.435877


Oh hell ya.

Mr. Memer?

208c5b No.435879

Delaney Tarr Retweeted

Kailee Morgue


Feb 10


u ever look at your eyes in the mirror too long and feel like ur looking at a stranger and you don’t exist and you’re sinking into the back of ur head

384eed No.435881


Once the floodgates of justice are opened they won't close again. They are all going down.

8eb70c No.435882


……they're siblings??????

That cannot be her real name…

c91a4a No.435884


watch the water?

33ec2c No.435885


Archived offline years ago…

Sick fuck.

bb5f5d No.435887







welcome shills, clowns, and fucktards


how about learning how to post fake thumbnails better GTFO


super retard right here

3c6082 No.435888

Non US anons what are some rumors of our political elite in your country? Wondering about what its like on the outside looking in at us. Are there any trafficking rumors or other suspect things they have done when in your country?

cdb758 No.435889


GPS leads you right off that exit. It's simple to make a wrong turn.

They seize assets, search you, violate the 4th Amendment right there. And it's intentional.

A disgrace. A fucking disgrace.

fa8e49 No.435890


Amen brother!

50caa8 No.435891


Got his lines wrong… CNN helping him

https:// twitter.com/twitter/statuses/965722834445234177

929e8a No.435892

File: cb3686dd5617996⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1662x1814, 831:907, @delaneytarr_1.png)

File: 5c7fc5d1f0509dc⋯.png (967.44 KB, 1692x1848, 141:154, @delaneytarr_1stRetweet.png)

File: 4b940d6bf6b6028⋯.png (753.04 KB, 1662x1056, 277:176, @delaneytarr_2.png)

File: f0e830d02a91974⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1672x1389, 1672:1389, @delaneytarr_3.png)

File: c3d90aa3ce08bb2⋯.png (939.7 KB, 1682x1867, 1682:1867, @delaneytarr_4.png)


https:/ /twitter.com/delaneytarr

Certainly weird account - only starts back on Jan 5th?? Says account created in 2014. There is _not a single_ tweet: 100% Retweets (numerous), with zero comments. Some of the retweets are damn odd.

Would agree it's AI / other generated, or doesn't seem to be coming from a rl person.

eeaa30 No.435893



379093 No.435894




48b302 No.435895

Did David Hogg deliberately film students panicking during Parkland shooting to use in rally later?

http:// www.theolympian.com/news/local/crime/article200730604.html


71f9b9 No.435896


Here he is fumbling his lines.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvz3NsbptNc

d5fad9 No.435898


That line of thinking led to Mamby Pamby tolerant slaps on the wrist for decades. It's time for real Deterrence.

There were 400K children that went missing past few years. Many of them were raped and tortured to death by these sick bastards in power. Then they were killed at maximum distress to inject adrenaline into their blood. Then the blood was drank, and their organs eaten as a ritual.

What would be a proper deterrent fitting the Adam Schiffs and John Podestas of the world?

5b965c No.435899



Looked like she could've been from his defense team, or someone from the State. Just seemed strange because she was talking to him while the judge and his defender were talking. Might've been trying to explain what was happening… idk

86b7e9 No.435900


Kevin Richard Hogg

ebe861 No.435901


i agree

Q needs to drop in and re focus us

d960e0 No.435902

BULLSHIT SAME WOMAN and six years older. >>435821

b7899d No.435903


Navyanon here…I can confirm that "ACTORS" and HOLLYWierd are used by DoD for training prior to deployment for TRIAG training prior to deployment since GWOT/OIF/OEF. One of the "ACTORS" (pictured here) I have seen on my ship.

33ec2c No.435904


Thanks, I am a memer not a digger.

But almonds are almonds, no matter the anon that gets them triggered.

I'm very experienced in reading up on past coverups, and this one smells very strong.

Especially since the gun control speeches were written before the shooter was captured.

bcd181 No.435905


right that's the "current FBI Hogg" - but i haven't seen a middle initial for david hogg's dad, have you?

cdb758 No.435906

File: ec23eff05d5b8ee⋯.jpg (8.1 KB, 194x260, 97:130, windspeaks6.jpg)

File: f168f5e0c425c3f⋯.jpg (9.08 KB, 225x225, 1:1, windspeaks5.jpg)

File: a1760aaa23caa4f⋯.jpg (9.97 KB, 225x225, 1:1, windspeaks4.jpg)

File: 8ac3873b3bf83f6⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 338x955, 338:955, ws3.jpg)


Same bitch? You tell me.

929e8a No.435907

File: 7644360df2359de⋯.png (501.11 KB, 1667x1733, 1667:1733, @delaneytarr_5.png)

File: b3425447100a037⋯.png (849.99 KB, 1649x1637, 1649:1637, @delaneytarr_6.png)

File: a2e3526cb0b4eeb⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1650x1770, 55:59, @delaneytarr_DanDaley.png)

File: 4516b44d1da105b⋯.png (294.98 KB, 2114x1499, 2114:1499, @delaneytarr_onlyActualTwe….png)


Few more examples.

Archive the tweets anons.

Only actual tweet noticed was the 14th. Then jumps to the shooting shoot scene for profile background. So odd.

a2305e No.435908

File: 0c926ddec7ccc79⋯.jpeg (155.18 KB, 1221x1054, 1221:1054, 3008ECE7-3E8D-4DCF-95E7-D….jpeg)

c5873d No.435910


And they are fucking good too. Even i was impressed.

4b8bba No.435911



Thank you for re-posting, Anons!

96c42c No.435912



How we got here is by handling these kinds of fuckers with kid gloves while they're beating the fuck outta us with brass knuckles. "Let's not stoop to their level." Nah, fuck that. I'm not sitting idly by while some little shit who can't even buy cigarettes tells me what I should and shouldn't be "allowed" to own.

86b7e9 No.435913


You calling me out as a shill??

5b965c No.435914

File: ebdccde581d2dfe⋯.jpg (108.98 KB, 1133x850, 1133:850, ncruzcourt.jpg)



This is her.

d960e0 No.435915

Same fucking bitch. aged six years.>>435668

07a9fa No.435916



5842e1 No.435917

File: 5fe998f518d69ed⋯.jpg (233.01 KB, 1024x662, 512:331, 583448602cbe954fb8b4561414….jpg)

cb8e49 No.435918


he is not MS13 he was adopted by a middle class white american cuban woman named cruz

929e8a No.435919


Looks like it, but only picture of her is the video, and the photo shoot background about the shooting. Nothing in ANY of the tweets. Everything just a retweet.

33ec2c No.435920


Bite my pepe!

8eb70c No.435921



I have a thread for you, come fill it in. you have her.

b9bb00 No.435922


She was also the attorney for the Boston Bombing suspect.

96c42c No.435923


His middle name is Richard

e8b34e No.435924


Friends don't let other friends do "Duck Face" selfies.

c1e01c No.435925


Thanks Shipmate.


Anon I know Q posted that photo. I went to ACs IG and couldnt find it. Whats the origin behind it?

cb8e49 No.435927


no its honey boo boo!!!

08f8af No.435928

File: 6c5ab055fa11452⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1282x1062, 641:531, Toddlers_Tiaras_Moms_Makeo….png)


https:// www.today.com/popculture/anderson-cooper-gives-toddlers-tiaras-moms-taste-their-own-medicine-1C9381116

It’s Anderson‘s [Cooper's] Pageant Mom Makeover Experiment! For the first time ever, the moms from the hit TLC show “Toddlers & Tiaras” are getting a pageant-style makeovers

Anderson [Cooper] is joined by veteran pageant girls, as well as the show’s newest addition, viral sensation Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” and their mothers, to discuss the latest controversies from this current season, including hyper-caffeinated drinks and the decision by one of the mothers to have her 8-year-old daughter count calories.

86b7e9 No.435929



Yes, I'm the one who did the deep dig on the Hoggs posted up the bread

cb8e49 No.435931


they're posting the wrong thing! ffs,,,,ughhh

c079d5 No.435932

Does anybody remember a posting from yesterday that was a piece of satanic jewelry? It was a 3d sphere of some sort. The anon posted the image and said watch the bread go nuts or something like that.

e83db8 No.435933


Can only tell by the ears need to get pics of both….

0aa486 No.435936

File: 12be822f398904a⋯.jpg (186.75 KB, 1080x1198, 540:599, 12be822f398904a6981d207b31….jpg)

80f395 No.435937


It was to take focus off of why the school superintendent Robert Runcie’s brother resigned from Department of education because 6 billion dollars is just missing from that department and Obama hid it somewhere!

c506e5 No.435938


https:// www. truepeoplesearch.com/results?name=Kevin%20Richard%20Hogg&rid=0xl

885419 No.435940

File: b5cf70a2249a429⋯.png (362.19 KB, 597x470, 597:470, ClipboardImage.png)


good one!

5d1755 No.435941



Article lists him only as Kevin Hogg, special agent. But this fbi announcement from 2011, and the Nigerian LAX arrest he was involved in, for me, add up to it being the same guy


896ef9 No.435942


think he's LARPing or will release anything. I unfortunately don't think he will until they fix his situation.

096012 No.435943


None of your points say he can't be MS13.

33ec2c No.435944

File: 593a707dfb129bd⋯.jpg (36.76 KB, 180x192, 15:16, temp.jpg)


Oh fagtard, did I forget to ask you to Filter me, I dont want you to get intelligence from anything I post… PLEASE…. DO IT….


0aa486 No.435945


Real name Pamela Gellar I believe but I will double check.

7dc65c No.435946


Second strange story to come out of Atlanta today….

f29910 No.435947

File: 6ce12191f5531c2⋯.jpg (73.02 KB, 720x378, 40:21, crisis.jpg)

Anons, add this lady to the crisis actors at Parkland. There is another picture of her from Henderson or somewhere….

cb8e49 No.435948


you literally have to drive a mile with signs the whole time telling you you made a horribly wrong turn tho…

e83db8 No.435949

File: f9b5e32fc3395b0⋯.png (33.33 KB, 539x317, 539:317, screenshot_198.png)

763c6c No.435950

Didn't JFK die at Parkland Hospital, in Dallas?

0aa486 No.435951



Nevermind. Pamela Anderson is her real name.

c506e5 No.435952


This is him. Haven't been able to get a picture that I'm 100% on.


96c42c No.435953


The addresses sure as shit match up perfectly.

c079d5 No.435954





Collective Soul

Soros transliterates to: an urn or receptacle for keeping the bones of the dead

AI consciousness

096012 No.435955


Ash Wednesday.

e8b34e No.435957


And the Oscar for the most irritating fake ugly cry goes to……..

3a8d7e No.435958

Anyone have link to spreadsheet? Been trying the one in the (Op) but asks me to sign in. I had seen previous post with a password along with the link. Tyia

ce85b8 No.435959



I was opposed initially to keeping the kids out of it as much as possible - then I saw some of their twitter's. All of them, kids, family, MSM need to be exposed. Sooner this goes viral the better,

ebe861 No.435960

File: 049f2961d2080a5⋯.jpg (52.25 KB, 513x500, 513:500, sch3.jpg)

07a9fa No.435961


you will do anything I train you to do

67e5cc No.435962

File: 683997d68a645ea⋯.jpg (56.34 KB, 589x568, 589:568, bugswyatt5.jpg)

File: 68f751c573f67cc⋯.jpg (199.03 KB, 967x768, 967:768, bugswyatt4.jpg)

"I don't want you living with roaches."

Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.

8eb70c No.435963

File: 72cd007bec93163⋯.png (692.34 KB, 971x685, 971:685, ClipboardImage.png)


this is exactly the pattern I noticed too, just utter nonsense. it's all contradictory at best. >>435906

normal 15 year old girls don't hop the world lazily taking pictures all day, they go to school.

http:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/journal/p/1

c8f572 No.435964


That's a shrink. Red and Black. Not good.

bbfc21 No.435965

File: 56f6d709047b8a2⋯.jpg (9.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ed32aebfccafd61391a5b8e9fb….jpg)

099a2b No.435966


Handler eliciting silence programming


One way to teach silence is to repeatedly kill persons of all ages in front of the person being programmed while telling the mind-control victim that the people who are being sadistically killed because they talked. However, the "no-talk" lesson will be repeated and embedded in many different fashions for Illuminati mind-controlled slaves. Perhaps a favorite Illuminati method is to expose the victim to watching dental tortures. The viewing can be reinforced by subjecting the victim to some dental tortures themselves. A common dental torture would be to extract the tongue of a live and conscious victim. Then dental tortures are done to the victim, and the intense jaw pain of the torture is linked to tripping the no-talk programming. If the person talks–their jaw hurts and they may pull up the dissociated feelings of seeing a person lose their tongue. This then will be further backed up by training an alter to carry out Russian Roulette if the system talks, and training numerous other alters other types of suicide if the system talks. In other words many back up programs mutually support each other in overkill. Considering that dental torture is used for no-talk programming, it was with dismay that this author discovered that Virtual I-O Co. is now making virtual reality eye glasses for dental work. Seashells and other images are linked to the concept of "no-talk" via programming laid in using methods described elsewhere.

Another "no-talk" program is the "Don’t tel me" telephone no talk programming.

e9bd53 No.435967





cb8e49 No.435968


nooooo ahhhhhh not this shit again this is a shill slide

60ab03 No.435970

File: 1caa613141f236c⋯.png (117.13 KB, 768x823, 768:823, cnsn1.png)

File: 0deff515ce25f28⋯.png (88.33 KB, 675x675, 1:1, cnsn2.png)

File: 794313381edbaeb⋯.png (22.11 KB, 668x138, 334:69, cnsn3.png)

https:// www.cnsnews.com/news/article/melanie-arter/budget-deal-gop-and-trump-fully-fund-planned-parenthood

4084a0 No.435971


yes https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parkland_Memorial_Hospital

e2dc98 No.435972

File: 45c2b68201aa4b6⋯.jpg (122.48 KB, 960x937, 960:937, 27972195_1547295808723391_….jpg)

eeaa30 No.435973

"Exposure to cell-phone radiation is the largest human health experiment ever undertaken, without informed consent, and has some 4 billion participants enrolled. Science has shown increased risk of brain tumors from use of cell-phones, as well as increased risk of eye cancer, salivary gland tumors, testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and leukemia. The public must be informed."

L. Lloyd Morgan, USA, Bioelectromagnetics Society, Electronics Engineer (retired)

http:// www.powerwatch.org.uk

379093 No.435974



forever after anons will always see a killbox when they see brackets [ ] lol

c506e5 No.435975


They are being used as pawns

5e8295 No.435976

File: 3d6eac3c9b47f28⋯.jpg (117.06 KB, 1303x1859, 1303:1859, d2kpzfz2d1h01.jpg)

File: dca42df5f3845f3⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 506x478, 253:239, DAjYUi0WAAAWKzc.jpg)

File: 9d969a57c169eac⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 500x500, 1:1, DUuN19eVAAA9krU.jpg)

File: ee289bd672eab1a⋯.jpg (112.47 KB, 540x684, 15:19, ylmh8bgz10h01.jpg)

e9bd53 No.435977


Chameleon Boy

33ec2c No.435978

File: 63cc70d50445bfa⋯.jpg (168.29 KB, 530x327, 530:327, children-alive-and-well-sa….jpg)

File: 9dfa5c44cbf55cc⋯.jpg (27.62 KB, 413x309, 413:309, dylan.jpg)

A stroll down memory lane, just in case we are repeating ourselves in Florida and let our emotions get in the way…

I got more. But never forget the "agenda" is more powerful than lives.

abc4a0 No.435979

File: 21746965fcf6114⋯.jpg (23.61 KB, 234x254, 117:127, biden 2020.jpg)


Creepy sick bastard!

0aa486 No.435980


Haha, we've come full circle on this board now!

605150 No.435981


There are other possibilities. What if he was worried about what happened to his baby brother?????

https:// nypost.com/2018/02/17/school-shooters-brother-committed-to-mental-facility/

079b56 No.435982


Is that Robert Byrd?

5b965c No.435983


Yeah especially since she just popped in and started to whisper stuff to him. My spook detector is going off with her.

08f8af No.435984

File: 863d9a3bd5ca1e1⋯.jpg (131.1 KB, 727x499, 727:499, Walnut_Sauce.jpg)

fa8e49 No.435987

File: 698ca6f3b5d6cc8⋯.jpeg (394.1 KB, 1024x575, 1024:575, FLOTUS.jpeg)

0c30d2 No.435988



6bee4c No.435989


They have been weaponized. No different than the guns they want to take out of your hands. Everyone should understand this.

It may not be their fault, but that does not mitigate the damage they can do.

8aaf48 No.435991

I understand the reasoning behind all this gun debate, the great bill cooper book pic that keeps popping up, Q explaining very specifically about them wanting them to take our guns.

But all this back and forth in the "normal" world has me thinking about a "technique the ruling class" uses on us (can't think of a better way of phrasing that)

But basically its a concept that you take a very small portion of a large conversation/concept, definite 2 sides and let people debate that small part of things thinking they are informed. I know this is very vauge, but I figure one of u autists have to know what im talking about

1a38e1 No.435992


Doesn't even imply voting machines.

They are talking about the people they control like machines.

63d8fc No.435993


Thanks! I knew all about the Anderson Cooper pic and how they use Gannett for the talking points drop. Knew about their logo, but had no idea about the Cyrillic script for "walnut sauce".

Sorry, I'm a doctorfag so patients all day, red pill my wife at night

875635 No.435994

Another congressman not seeking re-election.

House Intel Committee member too.

Republican from Florida, Tom Rooney.

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/02/19/rep-tom-rooney-wont-seek-re-election-to-congress.html

aebcaa No.435996



Violet Massie-Vereker as Mary Poppins in Cast B - The Pelhams-PLUS



May 6, 2015 -

https:// oxbridgeacademicprograms.wordpress.com/…/the-oxford-tradition-talent-show…

Jul 24, 2017 - Up next were three vocal >snip< Violet Massie-Vereker duetting

Can anyone find her twitter/her Facebook?? Anons?

Violet Massie-Vereker. Gold Medal (Summa Cum Laude)


08f8af No.435997

File: cb5f13fc50e759d⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1126x1128, 563:564, walnut-sauce77.png)


33ec2c No.435998


He must know something.

Probably getting some "free" therapy to help him deal with reality.

I hope Q & Potus save him or disrupt the operation.

5842e1 No.436000


without the hands of a candidate i no kek

but there they were

e67218 No.436001

File: 9990d38e9e48df8⋯.jpg (644.99 KB, 1840x1840, 1:1, FBIHeadlines.jpg)

da7230 No.436002

We have been looking at the Parkland shooting, but do we have the context right. Everyone seems to think of it as one of many school shootings, but there is another way to slice and dice this info.

Remember that Q told us to look at Mclean VA, the inner circle of the CIA. We assume that these people are all satanists in some way, since Satan is the master of deception and a satanist is a con artist who devotes his whole life to deceit, lies and trickery. According to the film "The Recruit" that is a good description of a CIA agent as well.

So, if McLean is a nest of satanists, is it the only one? Seems unlikely. And now as we investigate the Parkland shooting we find suspicious things in the community, the local FBI, the Broward County sherriff, and so on. Could this be another nest of satanists. If so, where are the other ones.

In Mclean one CEO had links to Phoenix and something called Desert News. If there is a similar nest in Arizona, where is it?

Now, on to this particular school shooting. Some anons think it may be a con and nobody died at all. In at least one case, the student who died was a baby brother so the theory that all 17 were firstborn sacrifices is wrong, although it may be partially correct. We also know that satanists regularly abuse their children, trade them and put them in foster parenting situations, whether legal or informal. Satanists change their names to deceive and to gain favor with their matriarch.

So, is it possible that all or some of the 17 went to other parts of the country in a fostering relationship in ANOTHER nest of satanists?

There is some evidence that some of the Sandy Hook victims are still alive. Where? Is that location another nest of satanists? Same thing with the Challenger disaster. There are claims that those people all survived and are living elsewhere. Let's check these locations. If anons are local they may be able to make discreet inquiries about new students who appeared in local high schools suddenly.

If we suspect a location of being a nest of CIA/DeepState operatives then it should be possible to find connections with Mclean. Family connections, people who relocated to and from, business connections. And especially, lets check every notable person involved with the Parkland shooting and aftermath and their families as well.

08f8af No.436003

File: ab72b15230eb220⋯.png (2.61 MB, 1522x1356, 761:678, steyer_walnut_sauce.png)

File: 92c269011f6c809⋯.png (833.95 KB, 1470x956, 735:478, Steyer_Walnut_Sauce.png)

ebfa5d No.436005

File: 5247ca3daf25f42⋯.jpg (845.9 KB, 3327x1520, 3327:1520, IMG_1374.JPG)

Probably nothing but synchronicity. This is the video that is the full lecture of the book "Beyond a Pale Horse".

Uploaded Feb 14, 2011

Not sure why but it says "Queue" in the corner.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUbFwqglIaA

e9bd53 No.436006



822a2c No.436007


https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/146483.html#bottom

1ecc52 No.436008


Fake, for the 2000th time. Fake.

ebfa5d No.436010


* Behold a Pale Horse sorry, typo

86ab2c No.436011


I had this argument when this first came out. That has NEVER looked like Gannett to me, that said, Q has referenced Gannett.

0aa486 No.436012


Someone was looking for it. Just posting it for reference.

d09dc7 No.436013


This one caught me off guard I laughed too hard. Well done

c079d5 No.436014

The Rockefellers are arguably one of the most evil families in American history. J.D. Rockefeller, the US’ first billionaire, was responsible for monopolizing the American Medical establishment over 75 years ago, and led the campaign to discredit other natural remedies in favor of the pharmaceutical industry he helped to create. He and his descendants later funded the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, which used Freudian techniques to influence the opinion of the masses. Graduates of this institute went on to assume leadership roles in mainstream media, the government, and corporations. David Rockefeller is the only surviving grandson of J.D. Rockefeller, and, as such, continues his family’s dark legacy by using his incredible personal wealth. He has openly admitted that his family’s long-standing plan has been to create a one world government controlled by elites saying:

Read More: http:// www.trueactivist.com/the-5-biggest-threats-to-humanity-exposed/

822a2c No.436015


you can queue multiple videos on yt

they'll play back to back

cbb5be No.436017

Q, POTUS has taken back control of MSM? FERGIE?

We will never forget!

c0ee1e No.436018


Yeah I saw that too.

208c5b No.436020


was her quote not mine

33ec2c No.436022


That is very observant.

I do think he was talking about programming the machines tho, but good autism makes a good angle….

Soros owns the machines, and loans them to swing states so he can electronically manipulate the vote.

5e8295 No.436023

File: f474429e1bb6287⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1266x1292, 633:646, 1kyvlfxqw9h01.png)

619d95 No.436024


Hiding in the open. Doing something nefarious that seems legit. Playing the long game to corrupt our offspring. Evil, sick minds.

3341a8 No.436025

Does Mueller Indictment Mean Clinton Campaign Can Be Indicted for Chris Steele?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted foreign citizens for trying to influence the American public about an election because those citizens did not register as a foreign agent nor record their financial expenditures to the Federal Elections Commission. By that theory, when will Mueller indict Christopher Steele, FusionGPS, PerkinsCoie, the DNC and the Clinton Campaign? Mueller’s indictment against 13 Russian trolls claimed their social media political activity was criminal because: they were foreign citizens; they tried to influence an election; and they neither registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act nor reported their funding to the Federal Elections Commission.

https:// lawandcrime.com/opinion/does-mueller-indictment-mean-clinton-campaign-can-be-indicted-for-chris-steele/

03df8b No.436026


Hey our old friend Jim (I'd like more walnut sauce) Steyer

3c9024 No.436027

e20e80 No.436028

H headed to Australia and New Zealand.

Bringing in a lot of cash.

http:// www. dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5407097/Hillary-Clinton-heading-Australia-talk-election.html

0c30d2 No.436031

should set the stage for all the illegals that vote getting outed too. Of course the left will try and talk their way out and say its different somehow. >>436025

5013a9 No.436032


Was wondering the same thing. Student records? Yearbook?

5a611f No.436033


I mean, I wasn't there but it seems like he died in that car.

a74e9e No.436034


"Who exposed the pedo network within H wood?

You can’t answer the above but will laugh once disclose details." perhaps??

e9bd53 No.436036



Not human machinations

d0fab1 No.436037

File: 808e5bce379c89c⋯.jpg (106.71 KB, 753x613, 753:613, diddleliddle.jpg)


Pic related from the liddle' website. Sick.

The message instruction videos on YT are disturbing. I would post pics but I don't want to download that sick shit out of principle and self-preservation.

ce85b8 No.436038

File: b29479d5c95aebc⋯.png (109.02 KB, 491x785, 491:785, Barnes Law re Steele 2-17-….PNG)

File: cb26ab856dadbb0⋯.png (112.42 KB, 501x806, 501:806, Barnes Law re Steele 2-17-….PNG)

33ec2c No.436039

File: 44a83642022339c⋯.jpg (181.21 KB, 696x366, 116:61, gunultra.jpg)


The FBI just helping the CIA along with the mission…

b2d8e4 No.436040


The car definitely.

d960e0 No.436041

File: 1899a6f7573f8e0⋯.jpg (53.21 KB, 344x326, 172:163, PLAYED THEGAME.jpg)

This little fucker is the EMEMY.>>435840

885419 No.436042

File: 10c803eb872ae2e⋯.png (84.94 KB, 677x561, 677:561, ClipboardImage.png)

6 people not including the kids?


bb5f5d No.436044


clearly yes


good supporting argument


what? ur screaching is too difficult to understand

6bee4c No.436045


Half his head was shot off. pretty sure he was dead even if his heart kept pumping for a few minutes.

2fae8c No.436048

File: b2bb014fa396e08⋯.png (34.32 KB, 534x139, 534:139, ClipboardImage.png)

Mittens??? Really DJT?

ce85b8 No.436050

File: b6a928fb273defb⋯.png (40.42 KB, 641x300, 641:300, POTUS 2-19-18 6 21 pm PST.PNG)

4cab24 No.436051


Enemies of Hillary?

0aa486 No.436052


TFW you poop your pants.

da7230 No.436053


These are just stupid. The Georgian word is BAZhE, 4 letters B A Zh E

There are no double letters. And the Georgian dish really is a sauce made out of walnuts which grow wild in that country.

We have to drop the stupidity and focus on memes that liberals will actually, read, understand, and take on board. If liberals find it confusing or offensive then your meme just supports the Dems, Hillary and Hussein. We do not want that kind of meme any more.

Now we need to be the liberals' best friend, to provide comfort memes that will plant the seeds in their minds which the NEWS MEDIA will trigger. If we make a meme about stupid Trumpers who actually believe Hillary was from hillbilly Arkansas, and the liberals take that one board, then when Hillary is charged with Vince Fosters murder in Arkansas, their world falls apart. They realize that Trumpers were right, and they become more open to non-confrontational reasoning.

885419 No.436054


Little fucker is a CIA nigger robot android

Bred for this.

THIS is what he was BRED FOR

63d8fc No.436055


Yeah I noticed that logo was the same as in Gannett… so you guys figured out what that represents? It translates to walnut sauce?

3694a7 No.436056


Lanza actually existed?

379093 No.436057


love the cnn one

feel sorry for all the people who wouldn't get it, it was so funny when all the anons were posting - What's up with Q? He's lost it. …Then they counted the ha's

619d95 No.436058


The coach / security guard who died heroically was the coach of an anon on TD. I checked that anons history and seemed to be legit. If that anon was part of it, would have had to have been faking being a major Trump supporter on TD for a lomg time.

33ec2c No.436059


Even protests by Illegals (non citizens) can be considered election tampering…

WE NEED that!

c0ee1e No.436062


More like Al Stroker, amirite?

bb5f5d No.436063

0aa486 No.436064

6bee4c No.436065


Misdirection? Maybe Mitt is going to get rolled up with the rest of the deep state.

abc4a0 No.436067

File: 05d7198ca9f20b8⋯.jpg (46.95 KB, 562x262, 281:131, 2-19-18 c.jpg)

WTF! Really?

0aa486 No.436069


Yes. There are psychiatry records for him.

ec78f0 No.436070

Its gaining steam now…

https:// truepundit.com/video-outspoken-trump-hating-school-shooting-survivor-son-fbi-agent-msm-helps-prop-incompetent-bureau/

ebe861 No.436071

File: 3284aad4b94f917⋯.jpg (70.81 KB, 842x499, 842:499, fake bot2.jpg)

12fb0a No.436072


There is no timeline where that's okay.

47155a No.436073

File: 5401fbc0de59022⋯.png (439.63 KB, 691x455, 691:455, 2018-02-19_0540.png)

f31ad5 No.436074

File: 105f9f4ca4b3316⋯.jpg (54.58 KB, 444x484, 111:121, biden.jpg)

5a611f No.436075


Dude he always does that. Keeps people on a string by killing em with kindness at first, then introducing gentle criticism when needed. Reread Art of the Deal.

2fae8c No.436076


Nice! Didn't consider that!

929e8a No.436077

File: 78b1bea8173c815⋯.png (2.39 MB, 2465x1573, 2465:1573, delaneytarr_journal_stn-20….png)

File: 075a116a426369e⋯.png (1.98 MB, 2387x1466, 2387:1466, delaneytarr_journal_stn-20….png)

File: 687528856e898b5⋯.png (4.4 MB, 2438x1925, 2438:1925, delaneytarr_journal_stn-20….png)

File: c96d43785a4acef⋯.png (2.59 MB, 2024x2036, 506:509, delaneytarr_journal_stn-20….png)

File: 214f4db6dc74d44⋯.png (3.54 MB, 2412x1615, 2412:1615, delaneytarr_journal_stn-20….png)


That's the same person. Looked at one of the journals, and first one had a visit to cnn, with lots of aspirations to be a journalist. Weirder and weirder.

Few screen caps, post 1 of 2.

cb8e49 No.436078


no they are all stupid shills this has been proven over and over and over again. its gannett.

03df8b No.436079

File: f043b3a07c5832b⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 694x680, 347:340, mk-1.jpg)

3c1211 No.436080


The means justifies the end? I'm sure he has a reason for offering his support at this time.

6971cf No.436081


I so want to say "Holy Ghost" to him and see what happens!

08f8af No.436083

File: 3e48591062aaeb7⋯.jpeg (584.09 KB, 1533x1827, 73:87, [E][pic poste other board….jpeg)

File: 9b3869624e15f53⋯.png (723.81 KB, 948x1226, 474:613, Troy_Lavign_Liddle_Kidz.png)

File: ed97a66f4f1ee82⋯.png (430.31 KB, 616x1058, 308:529, Troy_Lavigne_donuts_asshol….png)

File: 40c6aa6ee915d3b⋯.png (261.7 KB, 1180x1218, 590:609, Urban_Dictionary_Donut_Lov….png)

File: b27b054e09908b8⋯.png (208.79 KB, 2168x1368, 271:171, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)

Troy Lavign…. never thought he would be scrutinized by autists…. therefore… he was sloppy

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/19018

https:// thoughtcatalog.com/nico-lang/2013/09/51-gay-slang-phrases-youve-never-heard-before/

ce85b8 No.436084


Hard pass on liking that tweet, sorry POTUS - do what you gotta do I will support from afar on Mitt.

b2d8e4 No.436086


Hard to believe he endorsed that turd.

ec78f0 No.436087


That is her for sure

e8e236 No.436088

File: a308d1009cfac71⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1102x734, 551:367, 2018-02-20_031103_vsco.co.png)

File: 58ebb8b6e975115⋯.png (731.08 KB, 1022x680, 511:340, 2018-02-20_031310_vsco.co.png)

File: 34157b20e0a3c08⋯.png (882.91 KB, 698x1048, 349:524, 2018-02-20_031203_vsco.co.png)

33ec2c No.436089



He existed "as Adam" and "his brother" (forgot his name). Same guy, but had two identities.

See "we need to talk about sandy hook" video.

fa8e49 No.436090


I wish Q were here to break that fucking code for us!

4e12be No.436091


Smoke and Mirrors!!!!!!

Crisis actors Fake FF

the mirror was an Illusion by Houdini that he disappears.

Could mean double. Think Crisis actors. President Bushes advisor Carl Rove

We create reality - Carl Rove

1] titanic

2] hitler suicide - fbi vault lived in SA

3] landing on moon - mirrors illusion

4] 911 Binladen did it yest invade Iraq

5] boston bombing etc sandy hook mirrors.

smoke and mirrors… illusion

6] mocking bird tv mirror distorting reality

Invites to rothchild ball written backwards… need a mirror to read. The cab cannot deal with the light and reality.

Karl Rove - We create reality….

Have They Lied To Us About Absolutely EVERYTHING?? – Bart Sibrel

https: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP6hDD8-FFI

d960e0 No.436092

DUDE……………Same chick. >>435972

08f8af No.436093


Troy Lavigne

"experienced ice cream eater"

"your donuts make me go nuts"

c0ee1e No.436094


In the first pic her complexion suggests she could be related to Cruz

4391d1 No.436095


What if this is all part of the plan. If they know and see all, they would know this was coming. The only way they wouldn’t stop it was if no one was dying.

Picture this… it’s the drama kids, the theatre class asked to participate in a drama to play out the heart ache of a real school shooting. “You can do your part to educate people and help stop gun violence.”

Everything recorded of the “actors” is used to fit a story to the world reflecting a real shooting. Average Joe is none the wiser. Only the people that look twice can see what’s behind the mirror.

What if Q/POTUS are planning to use this one to expose them all. Breaking 911 posted on Twitter today that Trump will be doing “listening sessions” with the students and teachers. I’ll be waiting to see what those look like.

cb8e49 No.436096


gee willakers

07a9fa No.436097



This is like being on the Tea Cup ride at Disney and there is one kid in the cup spinning the hell out of it and your like going just stop and let me off

6d1405 No.436099

File: f5f6743c97cb2d1⋯.jpg (6.13 KB, 246x205, 6:5, BossHogg.jpg)


"Boss Hogg"?

f31ad5 No.436100


Trump'll have Mittens in his back pocket.

3d5323 No.436101



How do we know these kids aren't also being manipulated/handled?

I kind of feel bad for him and the other kids, despite the obvious BS narrative they are spewing. He may be playing the game, but if his dad is FBI and he is being brainwashed, he might not even know. It is obvious he is being used and he is using this as an opportunity. I'm hesitant to see anyone attack him; let's focus on the facts.

cb8e49 No.436102


wow the shills really don't like us digging on the school shooting guys.

b20195 No.436103


That's why its a false reality. its EVERYTHING

096012 No.436104

File: 2f137db5ee8889f⋯.jpg (514.28 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, trump_romney_dinner_576475….jpg)

885419 No.436105


haha no his brother exists though. from what i understand Ryan Lanza was born Adam Lanza but he got his name changed

So Adam Lanza no longer exists because he is Ryan Lanza and not our killer

or maybe none of it exists and im a retard

i could be a retard

e9bd53 No.436107


DJT controls Romney like bitch on a leash. Of course he endorses him!

7dc65c No.436108


Hmmmm…..that would be "ironic" if true….and I agree….think she doesn't too comfortable at that table!!!!

86b7e9 No.436109


GTFO - I have been digging and posting relevant shit since LV and have been busting my ass for this cause planefagging & digging.

I just did the dig that ID'd this punk in Parkland from the last bread, discovered the Spec Ops mission in Leb/Syria overnight just to name two of my RECENT contributions.

Not famefagging, but just pointing out you're a lazy nigger.


a4b351 No.436110


Seriously - WTF? Romney is Globalist/NWO tool all the way.

3694a7 No.436111


I've seen it. Always thought they looked different. Didn't they get the brother because Adam had his ID or something?

a1e727 No.436112


Baker ur still missing Q's post on GA #110.

0aa486 No.436113


Was Orrin Hatch /ourguy/? I thought he was not so much /ours/ but then finally turned his shit around towards the end….

Remember POTUS met with Mittens for supper to talk about something. IDK what ever happened with that but the Art of the Deal though….

b2d8e4 No.436114


He’s gonna git them Trump Boys.

67e5cc No.436115

File: c300b9f81b0709d⋯.jpg (122.39 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, adamschiffwhy.jpg)

Why Adam….


3c0361 No.436116


My local news reported two were buried by Friday. Here is one of them:


6d1405 No.436117


Over the target. Keep digging.

875635 No.436118

Sorry if already mentioned, but caught my eye.

IED Found on Bridge Connecting Laredo, Texas to Mexico

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/400402/

0c30d2 No.436119

if you trust Trump, then trust him. WTF is with this faggotry about Romney? Maybe he has dirt on him and Romney agreed to play ball Trumps way. Maybe Romney isn't a bad guy.

d5fad9 No.436120

File: cb3c50925649ca1⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1183x794, 1183:794, five.PNG)

File: a4a29073cb7ef28⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1367x793, 1367:793, thirteen.PNG)

File: 743aa3e989b1aae⋯.jpg (36.82 KB, 297x475, 297:475, MV5BMTIwNzY5ODAwOF5BMl5Ban….jpg)

File: e528ef071eb79b5⋯.png (359.67 KB, 797x451, 797:451, purple_moon_2018.PNG)




I know my ideas are Barbaric and seemingly Evil, we all have Evil and Good In us. To Defeat Evil Often times you must be Blacker Than Black.

I've seen more death than most could even contemplate in their deepest fears of hell.

Trust me, people need to be awakened to the Darkness that has been all around them and realize that constant vigilance is required of all Good Men. In the end, it is "The Plan" and that plan it will be. I just hope it's enough for the sake of our Children's Children

8eb70c No.436121


remember your audience. youre shooting for the people asking questions, who know things dont make sense but arent knee deep in the bullshit we're in. give them validation for their questions, make them feel like you have an answer….

29d6bb No.436122


LOVE HOLE? Umm.. that boy is confused.

d960e0 No.436123

Same chick


0aa486 No.436125


Yup, that supper is the one I was talking about.

6971cf No.436126


little bit of flooding going on..

5842e1 No.436127


-of course this , he prolly just wants to smack him around a lil bit get in the ring mittens

763c6c No.436128


Is POTUS a NWO puppet?

885419 No.436129

Q, if you happen to see this, tell the president to have the bodies examined before they destroy evidence!

5d1755 No.436130


Well, the Church of Satan has set up shop in nearby Pompano Beach.


They're also in Ft Lauderdale.

I refuse to go to their website to check for other locations.

5e8295 No.436131

File: a7fc7181de8afef⋯.jpg (143.08 KB, 786x499, 786:499, tom-green-mormon.jpg)

598135 No.436133

File: 977265b21bcd95b⋯.jpg (120.02 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, epicf.jpg)

File: c0f1c432e461366⋯.jpg (127.7 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, could atlasf.jpg)

8eb70c No.436134


Liddle is the worst honeypot I've ever seen guys. Be careful, they WILL plant evidence.

d5192d No.436135


That is worth noting.

379093 No.436136



i think it means young boy like 2

hot dog being older boy like 8 or 9

2fae8c No.436137

File: b3b4cdca44d4d28⋯.png (39.99 KB, 536x158, 268:79, ClipboardImage.png)

33ec2c No.436138


Adam had his bros ID, but he was the same person.

It was all faked and the image of him that looked different than his bro was obvious shop job.

From about 3-5years previous.

(no one is that freakish.)

And the SSI death index listed him as dead the day before the shooting (no other deaths that day of the shooting). So makes me ask, what about mommy….

a3bebb No.436141


POTUS trolled you like all the others.

91b15d No.436142


Beta male cuck. This is what almost killed the USA. - Brock, Alefantis, Stelter, Shep Smith, Schiff, Durbin, Schumer, Swalwell, Copper, Don Lemon, Toobi Chris Hayes, Jim Acosta, Shareblue et al etc ad nauseum

fa8e49 No.436143


Haven't 2 of them setup a GoFundMe and have a march organised?

29d6bb No.436144


I don't blame you. I wouldn't either

abc4a0 No.436145

File: fa4a43ab89a73a9⋯.jpg (77.78 KB, 622x462, 311:231, Jocelyn Wildenstein.jpg)


She should stay away from the plastic surgeon before she ends up looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein!

4e12be No.436146


Crisis actors look in the mirror

Anons important

"We create reality" Karl Rove….

The mirror in the map. Everwhere.

anons you know the truth the light the way. Meme it…. Meme We create reality - Rove

Dems and Repubs the same thing a mirror an illusion of choice. Like Houdinis trick of disappearing.

dems and repus mirror. there are always only two choices. Game theory. most things give illusion of choice. TV always a dem and a repub!!!

How about a Patriot!!!! On these news shows.

Think Double think mirror think illusion

2fae8c No.436147




bb5f5d No.436148


who did u ID?

5a611f No.436149


That's the fuckin Man right there

03df8b No.436150

File: 9a4547fe4deada2⋯.png (264.89 KB, 545x423, 545:423, screenshot_202.png)


Yes that's Delaney Tarr and she has CNN all over her timeline –– BUSTED!!!

https:// twitter.com/DelaneyTarr

493af0 No.436151


Don't have full size versions?

d5192d No.436152


Kinda funny how Boss Hog wears all white like the pope

eeaa30 No.436154


Omaha, Nebraska traficking case:

Conspiracy of Silence (video)

http:// timtate.co.uk/films/


https:// www.theepochtimes.com/researcher-reports-soviets-created-child-trafficking-rings-in-the-west-for-blackmail_2420059.html

0ef1ca No.436155

File: 172332334753f85⋯.jpeg (112.83 KB, 745x511, 745:511, 56A8479E-2184-4CF4-86C3-A….jpeg)

File: ccde47cc97672ef⋯.jpeg (132.21 KB, 750x615, 50:41, 801AA859-DDF8-4126-83FE-3….jpeg)


This one gives no info at all. Busy road to shut down without an explanation..

Downtown Connector reopens after closing for police activity http:// www.fox5atlanta.com/breaking-news/downtown-connector-blocked-for-a-time-due-to-police-activity

abc4a0 No.436156


yeah, right! gtfo

534981 No.436158


I know a game player with this. Name is CyAdora if you ever run across her. That is one sick puppy.

82448f No.436159

Hero Coach that died, Been on twatter 10 years, 10 twats

885419 No.436161

You guys we are supposed to be building an army but we need to get coordinated.

We are a bunch sad individuals if liberty is at stake and only WE know about it and can do something about it

A twitter war is a POWERFUL thing anons

It makes the impossible possible

When we did release the memo on POTUS twitter miracles happened

It needs to happen more often

799f03 No.436162

Why the hell is John Podesta still out and about?!

JP was in anews clip yesterday commenting on russian hacking efforts in swing states

08f8af No.436163

File: 1e6d8be61a19e96⋯.png (52.55 KB, 572x526, 286:263, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)


4e12be No.436164


same debate after shooting

take away guns do not take away guns. The mirror!!!! Always Two choices .

Never seen a debate with a Patriot. Always dem and repub.

fa8e49 No.436165

File: 3e46bdd0fff199f⋯.jpg (484.46 KB, 2780x1012, 695:253, pocahontas5billion.jpg)

33ec2c No.436166


That would be a new M.O. but not beyond belief.

Expanding the mind I see..

ce85b8 No.436167

File: b3d3353f1ce19b3⋯.png (48.47 KB, 645x370, 129:74, POTUS 2-19-18 6 29 pm PST.PNG)

OK, so now after that Mitt tweet, POTUS has to remind us he's still following the plan

379093 No.436169


usually he capitalizes Country, wonder what the difference is or if it's just a good word to capitalize when he needs to insert a capital for the secondary message

d960e0 No.436170

He IS the ENEMY. You pys-op FUCK >>436101

29d6bb No.436171


wasn't there another tweet he sent about a month ago.. that had JOBS JOBS JOBS it?

0aa486 No.436172


How do I type it to make sure it links across the boards properly?

4cab24 No.436174


Huh? These goons would probably enjoy that.

420a84 No.436175

Just a thought, could they be expediting the Obama library as the last prison. It would be fitting for his highness.

abc4a0 No.436176

File: 0941989d78129e7⋯.jpg (60.96 KB, 570x314, 285:157, 2-19-18 d.jpg)

6bee4c No.436177


The billion dollar question. Him and a lot more.

763c6c No.436178


He's funding Planned Parenthood, and supporting Mitt Romney…

0e318f No.436179



b50d45 No.436180

guys did anyone experience any EBS this past week?

061385 No.436181


why would Q post a fake email fool

cb8e49 No.436182

d35834 No.436183


Behold A Pale Horse (pdf and audio book free online)

Author: Milton William Cooper [187] in 2001. Shot by [APACHE] sheriff for taxes just after going public

Covers JFK [187] by C_A because a threat to them

Covers Military Intelligence [Q] clearance

Covers [DELTA] providing security for secret sites

Covers group of [19] Majestic 12 / Majority 12 / CFR / Trilateral

Covers [MK ULTRA] gun control through C_A gun violence

Covers technology withheld and diseases created to control population

Covers Deep State NWO plans to create slave population.

The map was created almost 30 years ago. Future Proves Past.

5842e1 No.436184


omg now the pedeos are blaming russia kek

d960e0 No.436185

No they don't do they……….FUCK em! >>436102

c506e5 No.436186


and accomplices

Liz Perle

Verified account


21h21 hours ago


Here are some handles for the student survivors from Parkland, Florida. Let's follow them, hear them, and amplify them over all other voices right now.










0aa486 No.436187


I got some soap for your mouth. Come here.

8eb70c No.436188

File: b7de9d5ef676ae0⋯.png (860.81 KB, 1145x646, 1145:646, ClipboardImage.png)



Are. You. Kidding. Me.

4084a0 No.436190

>>436167 sorry POTUS not this time! No to Mitt

33ec2c No.436191


THERE is another reason to tear down the school.

Disrupting the classmates who would know this is fuckery for a time such as the news will not care anymore.

Worked in Newtown.

c079d5 No.436192



speaking of Karl Rove…

"Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer sardonically alluded to the conspiracy theories when he was asked in 2012 who makes up the "Republican establishment", saying, "Karl Rove is the president. We meet every month on the full moon… [at] the Masonic Temple. We have the ritual: Karl brings the incense, I bring the live lamb and the long knife, and we began… with a pledge of allegiance to the Trilateral Commission."[11]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trilateral_Commission

e9bd53 No.436194



Security guard


Part time

106132 No.436195


he still has to win, no?

82448f No.436196

File: f2e171ca28705aa⋯.jpg (46.71 KB, 361x543, 361:543, SOH.jpg)

File: 311cf3ac077610c⋯.jpg (72.43 KB, 632x371, 632:371, SOH2.jpg)

Head coach was on Twatter 10 years…10 twats

f31ad5 No.436197

File: 508e21c34bed1c8⋯.jpg (195.6 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, mittens.jpg)

a1e727 No.436198


i have a copy of them all if u need em

da7230 No.436199


I don't get it. Collective Soul is a band that the Illuminati folk like.

Soros is indeed an urn for holding bones. In Ancient Greece they used to put stones into an urn to vote. Ballot meant little ball which meant little round stone.

But maybe the Greeks used bones before they switched to stones. Maybe Soros chose that surname because he did something with rigging elections in Hungary a long long time ago.

325347 No.436200

File: fa9f60108cc3f02⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1111x1335, 1111:1335, Q 2018-01-21 19-31.png)

>>436008 >>435936


<it's not that balck/white.

Does complete bullshit make a good lie? No, it needs parts of truth.

So does a fake, like reusing real old canvases for new forgeries…

This is only partly a fake. Only those that have written/seen the original know exactly.

Likely, the text is all true and only the names have been modified.

It was never intended to be publicly accepted as real: wikileaks had to publicly denounce it as fake.

But that person who went to a not-a-code CollectiveSoul concert knows.

And they know that whoever put that out knows.

That should not be too hard to understand.

db03c8 No.436201

RTC again

316f95 No.436202

>BIG news week?




>[CLAS_GITMO_ J z9-A][89]


6bee4c No.436204


Follow them and humiliate the dog shit out of them.

8eb70c No.436205




65c437 No.436206

Fucking Liberal Snowflake that could have prevented the entire shooting by telling his Dad about the school shooter before he killed those 17 kids!!!


6b8271 No.436207


Orrin Hatch has always been vocal in his support for trump, i think hes definitely our guy, he played a big part in the tax bill as well .

e7eecc No.436208

File: b1e4cb5ce9873e4⋯.jpg (267.04 KB, 720x548, 180:137, 20180219_213159.jpg)

Bill Brystal what is his angle?

who is he shiling for?









86b7e9 No.436209

36193d No.436210


Sauce on Epic? Or quit posting.

420a84 No.436211


Wired like Papadog. What if Papadog was wearing a wire against HRC handlers?

c0ee1e No.436213



061385 No.436214


keep your enemies closer

eeaa30 No.436215


yeah…THAT is laghable…the Russians are to blame for all of their evil ways.

BUT - the video - this story sounds so much like pizzagate - too many coincidences.

8f5514 No.436216

Found an interesting tidbit regarding one of the school shooting student activist.

Jeff Kasky is the father of one of the students, Cameron Kasky, who attend the school where shooting occurred.

Jeff use to be director of One World Adoption.

Make a Pregnancy Statement - one world adoption

oneworldadoption.com › … › About Us › Contact Us

Jeffrey A. Kasky, Esq. is a Florida adoption lawyer and Vice President of One World Adoption Services, Inc., a Florida-licensed not-for-profit child placing agency.

Jeff Kasky, of One World Adoption Services Inc., said he is wrestling with what he fears may be conflicting ethical responsibilities: to turn over any evidence that might help the prosecution or defense in Rowland's case, and to protect children.

http:// articles.sun-sentinel.com/2004-04-01/news/0403311400_1_adoption-records-adoptive-parents-prosecution

The agency had its license revoked in 2014 by the state of Florida for fraud in Congo.

One World Adoption Services, founded in 2003, worked with citizens in the United States and Canada interested in adopting babies from Africa, South America and the Caribbean, according to its website.

“They were really left with no choice but to close,” Joel Ferdinand, One World’s attorney, told Reuters on Friday.

The non-profit agency could not financially afford to go three months without making adoptions, Ferdinand said. The agency’s 120 pending adoption cases will be transferred to other agencies, he added.

The suspension was over alleged bribery and false and improper documentation for adoptions in Congo, Ferdinand said.

https:// af.reuters.com/article/topNews/idAFKBN0F306D20140628

This woman wrote about it here:

This summer, our adoption agency – One World Adoption Services, Inc. – had their accreditation revoked by the Department of State for substantiated claims of corruption and fraud. This was a huge victory for many families in DRC, the US and Canada, but OWAS’ victim list is long. There are dozens of families in the process who are unsure about whether their adoptions will ever be finalized or whether the children should be adopted at all, and there are few people to help get those questions answered. The lawyers that OWAS employed in DRC are now extorting families who seek to retrieve their paperwork or move the children to foster homes. The pain is never-ending, it seems.

PS looks like Robert Kasky is involved in the adoption agency also.


https:// businessprofiles.com/details/one-world-adoption-services…

ONE WORLD ADOPTION SERVICES, INC. was formed on 1995-10-10 in Florida by ROBERT A KASKY located at 400 FAIRWAY DR, SUITE 107, DEERFIELD BEACH, FL, 33441 …

c1a556 No.436217


Death would be the proper deterrent. As much as I would like to allow the VICTIMS (ones still living, anyways) to do with the evil ones what they pleased, the centerpiece of this entire connected enterprise is the torture and rape of children. You do not condemn torture by torturing people, even those who have been found deserving.

I'm all for speedy military tribunals where these fuckheads are given the option of firing squad or hanging. We could even do like Japan and not let them know when the axe is going to fall until hours before so their last days will be spent living at the level of fear they brought out in their victims.

Side note: some of these ass(black)hats would be far better punished by life in supermax where they are the prey (not pray). Many will likely attempt suicide just to avoid that exact outcome.

But I agree there has to be a big show to act as a detterent and put any future asshats on notice. These crimes are the worst imaginable, but We just can't go stopping to the level of our enemy where we seek to torture them like anything positive would come from that.

I'd be content just knowing they are no longer living among us, but I admit that I have not lost anyone directly to the cabal's fuckery, and I may well feel different if I had.

0aa486 No.436218



88e3a3 No.436220

I'm Confused.., I do not know in who to believe it..

02fe97 No.436221


Why is he endorsing Romney, of all people? He coined the term NeverTrump for fuck sake.

fa8e49 No.436222

File: c7f9db1056b2b36⋯.png (74.51 KB, 1002x734, 501:367, AP.png)

File: 3f58acec123d579⋯.png (88.57 KB, 1002x736, 501:368, USATodayGannett.png)


c1e01c No.436223

b50d45 No.436224



Guys, please don't stop.

Do we know anything about her?

I don't want to pull you guys too far away from whatever other ways you might be contributing, but this one might be kind of important.

Anyone help?

dc62b0 No.436226


Message to China?

4b8bba No.436227

File: 2f137db5ee8889f⋯.jpg (514.28 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, trump_romney_dinner.jpg)



Trump has the goods on Romney. This pic says it all. Romney will fall in line.

6d1405 No.436228


Is that Edward Snowden?

6bee4c No.436229


Imagine the mindset of 1.1 million people who would follow a dead man's twitter account that was inactive even before he died.

What does it give these people?

Serious question.

799f03 No.436230



I'm ready to wait a lot more. Not making a microwaved tv dinner here, way more important. Best case scenario another six months at least before big things are seen in public

32a8ea No.436232

File: cbb07daa02c2dde⋯.jpg (105.89 KB, 750x393, 250:131, IMG_3283.JPG)

325347 No.436233



you should be worried when you are not

08c316 No.436234


CEASE. This isn't something that can be put out without BEYOND THE SHADOW OF HELL FUCKING DOUBT IT CAN BE PROVEN.

Tread carefully, anons. This is not a game. FIND PROOF, and if you don't keep this off. This is the type of shit that can discredit people and ruin things, and can be co opted by shills easily.



cf767e No.436235


I wouldn't worry about it. Trump has been very consistent in putting on the appearance of playing nice with these people and letting then hang themselves. The whole keep your friends close and your enemies closer seems to be his policy.

3694a7 No.436236

Who is Delaney Tarr?

dc62b0 No.436237

A reminder to


a2305e No.436239

File: dc466cf5f756f23⋯.jpeg (415.75 KB, 971x1547, 971:1547, A8950084-EA48-42FF-B275-9….jpeg)

cb8e49 No.436240


seriously good question with a likely depressing weird answer

33ec2c No.436242

File: e3fee7060bef8a9⋯.jpg (432.46 KB, 1042x571, 1042:571, Tarr1.jpg)


BLANK for the MEME fags!

bd4383 No.436243


Sauce or fuck off shill!! Video doesn’t say that!

885419 No.436244





dc62b0 No.436247

File: 07911ce4a970356⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 515c1e6da208cfec5d76dfd04a….jpg)

36193d No.436248


A movie is not sauce. This is not a fucking game.

6bee4c No.436249


Lmao I'm actually relieved I can't imagine the answer.

d09dc7 No.436250


Stop with calling everyone a shill. I did hear one of the videos when the kid said they were doing a mock drill with blanks.

c506e5 No.436251

File: 2afec4f1f24940a⋯.png (19.63 KB, 430x240, 43:24, ClipboardImage.png)

5842e1 No.436252

File: 163cc0901d98a3a⋯.png (34.27 KB, 357x327, 119:109, Capture.PNGzzzzzzzzzzzzzke….PNG)

geez guys what do i do ? pic related kek

743370 No.436253

FBI Agent Kevin Hogg:

June 18, 2011


Bob Kennedy introduced the guest speaker,

FBI Agent Kevin Hogg. Kevin grew up in

LA and joined the FBI after graduating from

Cal State Fullerton and serving as a pilot in

the US Navy. He has been stationed at LAX

for last 12.5 yrs.

Kevin (Agent Hogg) told us that 65

million passengers a year pass through LAX,

and it requires over five thousand employees

to make it run. While most of these folks are

normal, there are some fruitcakes and that is

why he stays employed.

There was the guy found jacking off or

the gal giving blowjobs (to which several

members interrupted him to ask, “What airline

is that?”). Evidently, the longer the flight the

more time to get stupid. Most anonymous

calls about suspicious men come from their

pissed-off women who are trying to get them

in trouble!

A new major concern is people shining

lasers at pilots during approach when the

airplane is low and slow. They experience one

to two hits a night by bubbas with their buds,

or from teenage kids or guys over 40 still

living with their mom and dad.

Kevin once stopped a guy on EVA

airlines with modified shoes. The soles were

elongated and stuffed with gum and tissue

paper. He explained that he was actually short

and just wanted to look taller! Another guy,

later found not to be taking his meds, was

leaning over a gal in the seat next to him,

stroking her breasts and talking like a pirate


Kevin also talked about two wheel well

stowaways, one of whom was found frozen to

death. All in all, the brotherhood left with a

new appreciation of what goes on at LAX and

how the FBI is there to nab the bad guys (no,

not the TSA guy who just grabbed your nuts)

and protect the innocent traveler.

http:// www.palosverdes.com/pvbc/howdyin/2011/ha_11_06_18.pdf

d960e0 No.436254

Hey DUMBASS............It's the same fucking chick....playing a role you blind Dutch bastard >>436139

0aa486 No.436255

File: f0abb79917dc82c⋯.png (4 KB, 550x97, 550:97, GA110.PNG)

(reposting for ease of baking)

29d6bb No.436256


if they were visiting the CNN news center, there is a set you can take your picture on that makes it look like you are an anchor. it could simply be that.

797c78 No.436257



It’s Smoke

dc62b0 No.436258


Put the full group chat and red circle her instead for context

42201f No.436260


Please don't send the second one. It will backfire on us.

bb5f5d No.436261


i apologize to lumping you in

thats a lot of hard work

I get very emotional when SandyHook deniers say no one died

my nephew died, I went to the funeral

know who isn't at holidays anymore…HIM

he is actually dead, murdered

fa8e49 No.436262


Memefag at your service. Taking requests :)

abc4a0 No.436264

File: 0bda32686c59d59⋯.png (709.26 KB, 594x514, 297:257, I Am The Fucking Storm.png)


GOOD…'They' know the fucking hammer is coming and they're already starting with the false "Russia Did It" narrative! :)

88e3a3 No.436265


I am always worried.., Now more.., I need a light…, I need to know in Who can to believe..

b50d45 No.436266


dont' forget the kid in the middle who couldn't remember his lines…

or the girl in the middle who was at sandy hook and boston too

a6b10d No.436267


Need to hijack tags. Grab anything gun control or Florida school shooting

4e12be No.436268



there is only two choices. For guns against guns. Thats the debate.

The dems and repubs are mirrors of each other. There is an illusion of choice.

Never talk of SSRI's and meds of the shooter.

Only the debate on guns.

the cabal like to eliminate choices until they get two. Same as in os windows or mac. Database oracle or SQL server. Eliminate mysql kill off companies until there is only two.

6a848e No.436269

File: 1b895be0457fe86⋯.png (452.62 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, KEKBEES for dad.png)

Glorious Anons Let the Hive Mind Rule, A Patch For All!!!

5d1755 No.436270


Can u upload 'em to the meme board? Or did maker-anon not want that?

e6377d No.436271


that is comical he is catching heck.

His video rehearsing has been posted at least 20 times on first thread. >>435699


Wondering if could be a cgi fake... >>436160

Looking at the pictures posted, i would bet she is some ones daughter there.

Cruises, travel etc doesn't come cheap, but miami area is affluent for the connected.

36193d No.436272



cb8e49 No.436274


daaamnnn son! good find. we are over the target. ignore walnut sauce epic gannett shills!!!

2f8e89 No.436275


>They are talking about the people they control like machines.

Now that you mention it, shit!

688e72 No.436276

Radiofag here. Will research licensees tomorrow. Been a long day. The sequential callsign assignments are normal, but could correllate to the same class of test takers and that would be VERY interesting. Be patient with me.

10c26e No.436277


Romney is an assured win. Keep your enemies closer. I know it's not what MAGA wants but Utah is a different animal. Mormons. Romney is their King!

90d385 No.436278

ok so Elon fucking Musk….this is a good guy or bad guy? Or just a pawn to be used?

b50d45 No.436279


>Who is Delaney Tarr?

86b7e9 No.436280


Anon, we're good, and I get it.


c1e01c No.436281


shit Anon. This is the mother of all patches!

03df8b No.436283

File: 7dee32a17ff105b⋯.png (1010.53 KB, 761x886, 761:886, screenshot_206 2.png)

File: f4253bb4c855f29⋯.png (596.98 KB, 669x611, 669:611, screenshot_208.png)


Definitely the same girl –– same mole on chin….screen cap from her twatter

https:// twitter.com/delaneytarr/status/949812730323783680

ce85b8 No.436284


Tears streaming down my face from laughter. I want to tweet that but will wait for the right time.

b1c8bc No.436285

File: 9e4268799b18504⋯.jpg (64.3 KB, 800x416, 25:13, witch.jpg)


This meme prompts other questions for me:

Do we have access to their operating expenses?

Are there any other unusual expenses, specifically payroll expenses? Pertaining to Seth Rich? (Documented payments?)

If they were stupid enough to pay Marina as Operating Expenses, maybe their backroombookieCPA logged other payments.

pic related

061385 No.436286




db03c8 No.436287

File: 897fe4d3341fc43⋯.png (165.98 KB, 620x409, 620:409, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)


875635 No.436288


Acronym possibilities for RTC

Real Time Control

Real Time Clock

Real Time Collaboration

Right To Carry

Real Time Communication

Return To Control

Real Time Command

Return To Custody

605150 No.436290


No sauce but saw it too

7dc65c No.436292


Oh my gosh…HILARIOUS!!!

8eb70c No.436293


creating a full mirror of her vsco site

we have her instagram but its not as effective

we need to find her real twitter still

32a8ea No.436294

File: 9c9e4755c441b0b⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 540x420, 9:7, IMG_2747.JPG)


OPtion (A)


Option (B)

DELETE your computer

cb8e49 No.436295


have we confirmed this kid even knew cruz? it was a huge school and they might have never even seen each other

885419 No.436296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3694a7 No.436297



Thought that was that Alexa, the one interviewed saying she talked to the shooter.

3d5323 No.436298


I never stated he was not the enemy. I eluded to the fact that he is a pawn in their game - potentially powerless/brainwashed.

Talking Psy-OPS: Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Good inspiration for Hillary and Obama. Rule #5: "Ridicule is man's most powerful weapon." https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rules_for_Radicals

Let's focus on the objective and leave the radical rules to the radicals. It doesn't help our cause to sew division.

Talking about the kids:

Delaney Tarr - links to CNN

David Hogg - links to FBI

Cameron Kasky - links to child placement services

Other links?

Here's where I'm at:


-Nikolas Cruz posts on a YouTube video "Im going to be a professional school shooter."

-Nikolas Cruz posts another comment on the U of Texas sniper video "I am going to [do] what he did."

-Person that noticed the comment reported it to the FBI.

-FBI main office apparently did nothing. Did not even follow protocol and inform the local branch.

-FBI was given multiple warnings.

-FBI received a tip Jan 5th from a person close to the killer.

-The killer talks repeatedly about shooting up the school.

-Classmates were repeatedly joking that he was going to shoot up the school.

-Police were called to his residence over 39 times.

-The police apparently never escalated their concerns - or if they did, they went nowhere.

-The killer was in JR ROTC.

-He was a member of the rifle shooting club at the school.

-He was receiving training in warfare (how to shoot guns).

-He was pre-dispositioned to violence - both words and actions.

-There are videos surfacing of him getting in fights at the school.

-He posted photos online of animals he had mutilated.

-His adoptive father died when he was young. His adoptive mother died late last year.

-He had minimal friends/support network.

-He was outcast at school and even the "artsy" students wouldn't interact with him.

-The killer posted videos of him cutting himself and inquiring how to get a gun.

-Child Welfare was involved and investigated him.

-He had pictures and videos of him with multiple weapons on his instagram.

-He was getting mental health treatment and was on medication the year prior to the massacre.

-His clinician at Henderson Behavioral Health stated that he was compliant in taking medication and keeping his appointments.

-After the death of his mother, he moved in with Kimberly and James Snead. James Snead is a military intelligence analyst and retired veteran.

-The killer claimed that he was hearing voices and that they told him how to plan out the attack.

-The killer apparently passed a background check and mental health evaluation to purchase the weapon.

-David Hogg (journalist classmate) has a father that works/ed for the FBI.

-Apparently, he never told his father (Kevin Richard Hogg) about this killer that has weapons, was getting JR ROTC training, and threated to shoot up the school.

-If you watch the interviews, his lines were memorized and recited very well. No emotion; well rehearsed.

It is almost as if someone wanted this to happen.

-Pulse night club shooter - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-Boston bomber - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-New Mexico shooter - interviewed by the FBI beforehand.

-Ft. Hood shooter - was on the FBIs watch list.

-Charleston shooter - known by the FBI; got his gun due to FBI agent error.


http:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/17/florida-shooting-suspect-nikolas-cruz-member-schools-rifle-team/

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/15/florida-high-school-suspect-nikolas-cruz-confessed-was-shooter-affidavit-says.html

https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/5583335/florida-school-shooting-shooter-nikolas-cruz-demon-voices/

http:// www.mlive.com/news/us-world/index.ssf/2018/02/florida_shooter_was_living_wit.html

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/family-who-took-nikolas-cruz-said-he-showed-no-warning-n849346

https:// www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/social-media-post-led-florida-agency-investigate-nikolas-cruz-2016-n849221

www. thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/photos-student-school-massacre-survivors-cbs-reporter-party-like-rock-stars/

www. thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/exposed-school-shooting-surviver-turned-activist-david-hoggs-father-fbi-appears-coached-anti-trump-lines-video/

4712b3 No.436299


Where did you get this. Is this CNN school news indoc?

abc4a0 No.436300


Take it up with the fucking Clowns that killed him with their fucking FF! smfh

0aa486 No.436301


Pawn. "All Your Space Program Belonging To Us."

6bee4c No.436303


I just hope it is not being timed for political (election) reasons. Tired of the October surprise crap.

Justice should not be on the political calendar.

2fe8b3 No.436304

does anyone have the mene with the 2 side-by-side signs about guns and armed school staff with deadly force? I needs it in my pocketses. not in meme thread.

061385 No.436306







5842e1 No.436307


top fkn kek

90d385 No.436308


I would believe it. I think him contracting for Govt under Obama was just him wanting to make money, as anyone would. For all we know, he could be helping white hats disarm and disable all the scary shit Obama put up in space the last 8 years

325347 No.436309

File: 7e395857fb17951⋯.png (495.77 KB, 888x444, 2:1, Podesta_YogiBearCONFIRMED.png)

muh anons doing side-by-side photo reconnaissance RESEARCH

688e72 No.436310


37d218 No.436311


Romney almost ran over me at a state fair (in his golf cart). He looked at me like I was a pleb in his way rather than a potential voter. He's garbage pure an simple.

e8e236 No.436312

File: e42dde433323237⋯.png (582.18 KB, 1098x735, 366:245, 2018-02-20_033305_vsco.co.png)


She has many cemetery pics?

http:// vsco.co/delaneytarr/journal/vermont

Orbs on pic..

86dd60 No.436313



It's very hard to get your head around the possibility that no one died but the GA comes in stages.

STAGE 1 Some think the whole thing is real and multiple people died - they completely accept the narrative (Q's 6%).

STAGE 2 Some think for sure one or two died - while they're not fully accepting the narrative they're still not willing to think that a total fraud could be committed on them, the viewers of this event.

STAGE 3 Some go so far as to consider the possibility that no one died - they do not accept the narrative but still remain open to the possibility that someone may have died.

STAGE 4 For some, no one died - one falsehood convinces them that none of the narrative is true.

This latest ff and people's reactions to it is an example why there is a MAP and POTUS/Q and team have to go carefully.

ebe861 No.436314

File: 71bd70078685f8b⋯.jpg (68.23 KB, 500x726, 250:363, mcqueen.jpg)

325347 No.436315



that's the point

0aa486 No.436316


Fine. But why are they at CNN headquarters in ATL when they live in FL?

368b6b No.436318

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


reminder that there was a boss hogg lookalike for a little caesars commercial

5ab2ad No.436319




3cc8f6 No.436320


He was pronounced dead there. For all intents and purposes, he was dead after the head shot.

32a8ea No.436321

File: 6c2cb4e25001716⋯.jpg (294.64 KB, 844x1225, 844:1225, IMG_3153.JPG)

File: fcf922102810dcc⋯.jpg (374.74 KB, 1242x1809, 46:67, IMG_3157.JPG)

12fb0a No.436322

File: d189a5977e09299⋯.jpg (64.35 KB, 504x605, 504:605, MantisShadedText.jpg)




A community of higher purpose.

A Hive Mind is something else.

db03c8 No.436323

2f8e89 No.436324


And for almost a month after the first time it was called fake, i still wonder, how can any anon be so sure?

1567af No.436325

Off topic slightly but:

Has anyone been listening to coast to coast am radio program, I used to when working overnights but haven't lately and I know Corsi went on there every so often. If so, are they at all talking about the deep state and what is going on? I know the main host was naval intelligence and probably does favors for the deep state as well

bf141a No.436326


Not a fan of MR or UTAH (Data Center) but I will keep my faith in POTUS.

589338 No.436327


It's not sauce, but I think there are some cabal truth in it. They like to hide truth as fiction. Don't want to spoil aspects of the movie, but when I heard about the cabal and such, I definitely thought of this movie along with The Matrix, X-Files, Revolution, and Fringe. And Scandal - the whole B613 bit and white hats

605150 No.436328



Either way he is tied into the space program which is tied into HAARP which is tied into Chemtrails which is tied int weather warfare which is tied into Tesla's research. Huh, look at that. Went full circle from EM to Tesla, whats his car company's name???Tesla, imagine that. And… stop name fagging

08c316 No.436329

File: c3b344c7e516890⋯.jpeg (733.27 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, beyondblueyonder.jpeg)


Correct. Utah is a 'unique' case. Your average mormons are almost inhumanly nice, but there are some less than good shit going on up stairs.

(((clown))) involved. Poor kids.

08f8af No.436330

File: e7d621a2f23adae⋯.png (425.98 KB, 1696x558, 848:279, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)

File: 0cb8663bcf04b3d⋯.png (142.77 KB, 1182x510, 197:85, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)



you're demanding sauce on something from a Q post….. duh

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/421920.html#422606



c506e5 No.436331

File: 4067c02bb562b93⋯.png (43.64 KB, 577x350, 577:350, ClipboardImage.png)


We need to find their fake accounts. IE.. Finsta. This will be where they say the truth.

6d93ba No.436332


I pray to the good Lord that is exactly the case.

He's already been working for months with CrowdStrike to 'fix election problems' before the 2020 Presidential Race. God Help Us!

6bee4c No.436333


I used to run into national pols at different events. They're all slimy as hell.

8eb70c No.436334


url is literally in the picture

0c30d2 No.436335

fucking voice of reason. You'd think this is the first go round for these concernfags


32a8ea No.436336

File: 5b378e323ce8ee8⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 293x172, 293:172, IMG_1816.JPG)


Mind you….

688e72 No.436337

FL false flag info has been conveyed to Lionel. He has balls made of titanium

cb0731 No.436338


There was an EMP exercise about the time Q showed up . Hams were included could be the Military already has them locked in. 1st time Hams were included. I wondered at the time.

5b965c No.436339


All the copies of the photos of her with Cruz do not have a name for her… she is a mystery so far.

875635 No.436340

Moar RTC acronyms

Relative Time Clock

Redstone Test Centre US DoD

Restart Confirmation

Radio Transmission Control

Remote Target Contre

Reconnaissance Technical Center

abc4a0 No.436341

File: c2280fd68e3b8dc⋯.jpg (3.7 MB, 3032x3744, 379:468, FBI Prior Knowledge.jpg)

1a38e1 No.436342

CNN FUCKING hiring actors. Bombshell

49adf0 No.436344


Operation Northwoods

Some situations are designed

to actually kill innocents

and some are completely

staged - no deaths

88e3a3 No.436345

Maybe Geotus trolled to Romney, as the time when Geotus Congratulate to SpaceX (Falcon Heavy)

1f348a No.436346

File: 52688991e28c4c1⋯.png (245.98 KB, 1689x557, 1689:557, note.PNG)

Let me get this straight, you interviewed students while they are in harms way?

fa8e49 No.436347

File: d428c65396178db⋯.jpg (584.24 KB, 1042x571, 1042:571, Tarr_Is_CIA_Plant.jpg)

325347 No.436350


They can't, it's posed as a false dilemma.

Does complete bullshit make a good lie? No, it needs parts of truth.

So does a fake, like reusing real old canvases for new forgeries…

This is only partly a fake. Only those that have written/seen the original know exactly.

Likely, the text is all true and only the names have been modified.

It was never intended to be publicly accepted as real: wikileaks had to publicly denounce it as fake.

But that person who went to a not-a-code CollectiveSoul concert knows.

And they know that whoever put that out knows.

It was a message.

Dismissing it simply as "fake" is missing the point, COMPLETELY.

Here, at this point, though, it is obvious misdirection.

4e12be No.436351

Potus in tweet mentioned relection,

Are the Repubs that reflect like a mirror or reflect like the water does that they are not Rebus.

MCshame is the mirror reflection of HRC Clintons

86b7e9 No.436352

File: cf8ae3758514e85⋯.jpg (82.47 KB, 763x589, 763:589, cnn.JPG)



Apparently a school fieldtrip or something

Similar pic of BoyHogg from MamaHogg's Kikebook page

2fae8c No.436356

File: 7177456313890b9⋯.png (26.46 KB, 536x125, 536:125, ClipboardImage.png)

5842e1 No.436357


that fkn thing abducts me my pants gettin shat

875635 No.436358


Copy that!

6bee4c No.436359


This dude was tipped off. He had to know he was in no danger of getting shot.

885419 No.436360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

wow look at this liddle' cia nigger

90d385 No.436361


Great points, I am on the same page with everything you said. Crazy how taking down the Cabal doesnt even end just on Earth, we have to go to space to stop them from killing us all

08c316 No.436363


Two sides of the same shitcoin.

7a83a7 No.436364




abc4a0 No.436365

Bill Cooper was killed by the -→>APACHE<←- County Sherrifs Department during a raid on his home in November of 2001.

1a38e1 No.436366


Even just the middle picture is good. People might not correlate the top and bottom one as they look kinda different.

5013a9 No.436368

File: f5dc0d79477f625⋯.jpg (206.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Inside the Crisis Actors S….jpg)

Need a Meme to put David Hoggs head on Big Bangs Body for Inside the Crisis the Actors Studio with James Lipton.

da7230 No.436369


That's bullshit. The CIA's MK Ultra project ended in the 1960s. Collective Soul started in the early 90's.

Mind Control programmers use all sorts of materials. Whether they follow MK Ultra style or Monarch style there is no such thing as a playlist. And they do not torture anyone with music.

Most of the programmers are ex-military psyop folk who have training in torture techniques. They use REAL TORTURE not silly music tapes. Their goal is to break your mind, quickly and efficiently. They do not want to torture you or harm you. They want to shatter your mind so they can get on with the longer process of programming alters, triggers and so on.

424cc8 No.436370


please put up more thumbnail clips so when i enlarge offline it reeeeeally blurry. thanks it makes so convincing… THAT I"M AN IDIOT.

36193d No.436371


What I'm getting at is that has been absolutely NO sauce that Epic is putting human children in their products. Therefore, shill should stop posting the stupid memes that suggest this.

4f015d No.436372

File: 1d4e5f1e1515021⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1000x1020, 50:51, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d5cef6c954647f4⋯.png (456.36 KB, 1000x995, 200:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5d03ce1c51441cf⋯.png (572.76 KB, 1000x998, 500:499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e276a90b2cac734⋯.png (603.66 KB, 1000x997, 1000:997, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 480786392938542⋯.png (327.55 KB, 1000x990, 100:99, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// www.amazon.com/dp/1940279003/

10c26e No.436373


We must trust Trump until and unless he really screws up. For now I'm not worried but I'll be watching this closely.

90d385 No.436375


What do you think about Florida and Vegas? Did 17/58 people really die in both events? I do believe people died in both, but I also believe the numbers are lied about in both

08f8af No.436377


kek - love it

maybe another version for normies who don't get the snarky version, that really spells out for them what is doing on in the graphic

but great job either way

c0ee1e No.436378



42201f No.436379


IDK but I have a very bad feeling about how this could be a set up to backfire on us if not handled in the most dignified, objective way. Sure meme him about school shooting facts – the meds, how big Pharma is culpable, how the FBI failed to investigate the warnings, how Donald Trump is not to blame any more than Obama can be said to blame for Sandy Hook. My point is that Memes needed to be crafted with the utmost discretion. Too many normies will be sympathetically siding w/ these kids' messages, regardless if we know the messages have been pre-programmed. I really fear we could see backlash here and lose all credibility right when we need to be our best selves.

605150 No.436380



da7230 No.436381


Q said not to mess with photos. We need court evidence not silly games

325347 No.436382


>MK Ultra project ended in the 1960s

Scoop: they got caught.

They had to change name/go deeper

4e12be No.436383


Hitlers death was faked. The red october submarine saved him. FBI files released

03df8b No.436384

File: a13dbbe5d46cf51⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1292x4700, 323:1175, 1518750410758 (1).png)

File: 4cd1b6767953bad⋯.png (27.28 KB, 174x217, 174:217, Trigger.png)


Don't forget all of Nikolas Cruz subscriptions on YT they are all Elsagate and MKULTRA channels. Especially Sun Media –– Mikey Mouse is a known MKULTRA trigger….

d960e0 No.436385

Got cha……..and good post. But I don't see this boy having a come to Jesus moment. He and his ilk need exposed, humiliated, and fucked up before they realize the lie they are part of………and the Church of Satan chick is with this…then he is the Church of Satan too. From scum come scum.


1a38e1 No.436387


Apache - Fentanyl - Big Pharma - Fentanyl Comes from China - Recent China Trip

0ef1ca No.436388



It was a field trip

If anything say they started rehearsing for their staring till durning the field trip

b50d45 No.436391

I'm enlisting help from other factions. Tell me how I need to instruct them.

0aa486 No.436392

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

8eb70c No.436393

http:// eagleeye.news/news/spirit-week-goes/

suuuuper weird

33ec2c No.436395

File: 00514406a4c3201⋯.jpg (967.37 KB, 1051x1437, 1051:1437, tarr2.jpg)




Black "as TARR" soul!

c1e01c No.436396


5013a9 No.436397


Noted. Must have missed that Memo.. Im not here all the time (work/life) and all I usually see are silly memes.

08f8af No.436399

File: a6f87c7bb98b3f8⋯.png (737.38 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Massage_Kid_thinking_pizza….png)

File: dd271b3dad98ad2⋯.png (783.85 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Massage_Pizza.png)


anon posted these earlier

in this one the kid is thinking about pizza????

and then they use Pizza as an example

read the one from the pizza page

b50d45 No.436400

File: 80a567b7d72ed70⋯.png (286.34 KB, 720x1145, 144:229, 0dcb1b5898a2788a7a61fc70f4….png)


Thank you. I've been repeating this for a weak or two.

da7230 No.436401


Yes, ended. They figured out how to adapt Illuminati programming to militar needs. That was the end of it. Not sure who developed it further into Monarch, but the CIA was into newer stuff like ORION, super soldiers etc.

c1e01c No.436402


bless you.

2fae8c No.436403




dc91bf No.436404


"MKULTRA ended in the 1960s"

>believing the CIA's Official story

>not knowing that MKUltra had hundreds of subprojects

78db45 No.436405

I'm not sure that's his father. That person is not in Florida.

It's more likely this is his father (but not certain):

Gary David Hogg

Aka: Gary P Hogg




Lakeland, Florida

Sevierville, Tennessee

Zephyrhills, Florida

Possible Relatives:

Amy Paulette Hamilton

Cameron Trey Hogg

Jerry Kent Hogg

John Clayton Hogg

Marilyn Pinner Hogg

Paul Hogg

Paul Stephen Hogg

Paul Stephen Hogg

Kathryn Elaine Montgomery

Carletta Dawn Riyahi

d2583c No.436406


All those kids are drama students … IRL famefags.

Gee, how hard was it to get these liddle pukes to go on national TV news programs to spew a desired narrative?

4c4a93 No.436407


Jeez. That's pretty creepy. Thanks for finding, anon.

ce85b8 No.436408

File: 795611acdcc6752⋯.png (27.93 KB, 645x228, 215:76, POTUS 2-19-18 6 48 pm PST.PNG)

6bee4c No.436409


If by field trip you mean recruitment interview.

abc4a0 No.436411


>The CIA's MK Ultra project ended in the 1960s

THAT is bullshit! it was only renamed Orion!

885419 No.436413

File: f692605dfcd0715⋯.png (299.73 KB, 745x387, 745:387, ClipboardImage.png)

90d385 No.436414


Pence is deep state. Swamp forced Trump to pick Pence as VP and threatened to pull rank and run someone else as president if he didnt take Pence

I googled it and the RNC/DNC can actually do that...run whoever they want, regardless of who won the primary.

Trump keeps Pence at arms length and always has

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