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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 1560fa7fac30c4e⋯.jpg (306.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 540.jpg)

073a2f No.438754

==FLORIDA SHOOTING OBITS: obituaries.ljworld.com/obituaries/ljworld/obituary.aspx?n=marjory-stoneman-douglas-high-school-shooting-victims&pid=188182730

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- It all started around General #521 >>423624

- Anons then noticed that one post had disappeared from /greatawakening/ ('For I have plans for you')

- Anons then noticed that the thread was 404ing

- The thread had been deleted

- Another thread was made on /greatawakening/ immediately after

- This new thread was unlocked and anons started to post 8ch.net/greatawakening/res/110.html

- The thread reached 337 posts and anons stopped being able to post

- The thread then disappeared from the board

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- Q did not post on /qresearch/ after the thread happenings

- Update from BO: The thread is still there but locked and hidden

MarineAnon: 'Things are about to get really amazing' >>427979

073a2f No.438755

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>>402380 rt >>402088 BIG!

Thursday, 2.15.18

>>388958 rt >>388822 Sen Warren

>>388822 rt >>388588 Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>>388588 rt >>388528 Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>388363 rt >>388315 Science fiction?

>>388273 rt >>388211 What [3] scientists were killed?

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073a2f No.438758

TUESDAY 2018.20.02

>>437165 Trafficking at Saudi diplomatic compound in McLean

>>436758 Alefantis and Associates

>>437199 Is CNN "Clairvoyant"? (4am gannet drop?)

>>437293 Getty photo discrepancies?

>>437400 TIP = Trauma Inpatient Program

>>437425 Murdoch has a seat on the Strategic Advisory Board of Genie Oil and Gas ... with Lord Rothschild

>>437465 just to see what they have to say….

>>437452 We have found ourselves a Tunnel in McLean !

>>437595 vacant since April 2016

>>437531 More about tunnels…

>>437546 MI intel is investigating Parkland

>>437574 This is one of the top headlines on Drudge.

>>437614 Whoops (((someone))) had a fat finger..

>>437648 why does Alefantis has so many properties in MCLean?

>>437795 Gannett is co-housed with USA Today.

>>437817 SecureDrops For Major MSM News Outlets On The DarkNet

MONDAY 2018.19.02

>>436487 Seems like David Hogg and Co. are a big smoking gun

>>436432 Apache Mirrors are active here

>>436674 Clinton helping NK with Nukes

>>436635 info on the deaths of the children from the Parkland, FL school shooting

>>436612 McLean Va. digs

>>436836 First, you pay them lot..

>>430834 Deep Dream

>>430787, >>430790 Le Cercle - Brzezinski

>>430006 A place to start if you want to understand...

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>>428748 implications for 'criminal Arkansas politician'?

>>428589, >>428596 leaked emails

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9ad3db No.438763

thank you baker

f7332b No.438768

File: b69e73c101f5ca3⋯.png (113.12 KB, 241x264, 241:264, screenshot-www.google.com-….png)


thanks baker

8ce704 No.438769



I'm kind of freaking out. Pic related. The last couple of days I've already gathered a bill of $ 600+ for qanonposts.com

I've now added a cache-control on my images so that should reduce band width usage. And I added an extra ad to compensate the costs a bit.

But my expected costs are like $100 a day, and the ad revenue about $20 dollar a day.

I'm trying to get better ads that pay better, but I've waited for a couple of days and haven't got any responses.

Some stats:

Yesterday I've got 130.000 visitors with about 406.147 page views

At any moment there are about 200 - 800 visitors.

80% of all visitors coming from the US.


ee23b0 No.438770

thanks emergency baker

8ce704 No.438773

File: b1acbec48dc3961⋯.png (138.97 KB, 2406x810, 401:135, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

f3f33d No.438776

Good on whoever stepped up. Kitchen was closed for a bit there.


Finished the Homeland ep (which features what they present as 4chan). Funny how (((they))) are the sick fucks, yet made an effort to portray anons as creepy motherfuckers who exploit people. Riiight..

Pretty sure this is only the beginning of (((their))) effort to undermine us in the media/popular culture.

823501 No.438778

File: ba144911a7b1194⋯.png (964.56 KB, 970x604, 485:302, 1b.png)

19af40 No.438781

File: 663dc8b76dfc66d⋯.png (153 KB, 538x600, 269:300, Gold Trophy.png)

Thank You Baker. That was creepy

4e7d9a No.438783

File: 7401ff1791c662b⋯.jpg (137.31 KB, 1024x819, 1024:819, Heather-Locklear-bikini-10….jpg)


Thank you emergency baker

ab2260 No.438785

File: f03be4fe84d26dd⋯.png (134.02 KB, 1152x1496, 144:187, mclean-active-ha-hv.png)

Attached is a list of active amateur radio licensees in McLean, Virginia.

70040e No.438786

You da real MVP emergency baker

e4ebf6 No.438788


Wow that's some serious traffic.

Is it easy to add some delay-loading to the site? Load on scroll, etc?

ee9987 No.438789

File: a9bc5feef30c7c4⋯.jpg (8.9 KB, 192x263, 192:263, bts.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

19af40 No.438790

File: 16c819d7fe05c60⋯.jpg (598.02 KB, 2478x2195, 2478:2195, DisneyPedoHell.jpg)

f3f33d No.438791


why amateur radio? are (((they))) using it in their evil schemes?

bed6e2 No.438795

On this weeks Homeland Carrie communicates with the anons on halfchan. I've uploaded the clip to anonfiles if any of you wanna catch it.

https:// www.anonfiles.cc/file/5c496cfaf5e26e82f45380833342e6e3

5c368d No.438796


Go sign up for a free Cloud Flare account. You need layers of caching. Cloud Flare will be a free CDN to offload more data.

Happy to help if you need another admin…

3f713b No.438797


Leidos also have UK Government contracts to build the software for vote counting. Currently used in local government elections.

f3f33d No.438799


lol the antagonist's last name is literally Butterfly in that

64a9fa No.438800


Bandwith charges?

Some hosts like 1&1, unlimited bandwidth. Fixed price

https:// www.1and1.com/ dynamic-cloud-server

8ce704 No.438801


I did that for images.

Not for the content, but I'm hosting a static website with a search function so I'm not sure how that would work.

f3f33d No.438803


and then one ransomwares her computer and tries to extort n00dz.. cos anons are the sick fucks, not (((them))) apparently. Interesting to see what they come up with next.

073a2f No.438804










No problem!

Need a new baker though, won't be around for the next.

c7d4a7 No.438805

watching the phill snyder stuff rn

damn this guy is on point

no wonder (((they))) killed him quick

b7bb14 No.438807

File: 68ebbecae564f94⋯.jpg (5.86 KB, 283x178, 283:178, sde.jpg)

ee23b0 No.438808

File: 8301b959860e02d⋯.png (637.41 KB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, Ken_Star_Sexual Assault_Co….png)

File: 4e809dbe1c1e2ab⋯.png (219.5 KB, 1128x208, 141:26, Ken_Starr_Koman_Claude_Moo….png)

737732 No.438810

just thinking out loud…

As "Clean Action is approved" and the "the clock is activated, i assume that the Q Team switched into a higher gear.

No doubt in that.

In the moment i am missing the focus on an maybe upcoming major FF.

I simply can not imagine that "they" are already so weakened, that they lost the capability to fight back.

As tragic as Florida was, it was more a distraction than a true FF.

Here in the EU the MSM is quiet as a lake in the morning, and i start to wonder if we miss something or if we are in "The eye of the storm".

Don't get me wrong. I trust Q. I just cannot imagine that "they" let themselves being taken down without some kind of last stand we surely would notice.

c7d4a7 No.438811


i saved that from the start on halfchan

56f53a No.438812

File: 54f7a9f740b9b70⋯.png (184.68 KB, 1096x767, 1096:767, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)


Business license status: Cancelled

bed6e2 No.438813


Ha I've never watched it. I just scanned through until I found that section lol

868186 No.438814

File: de0f02cac7829b0⋯.jpg (39.89 KB, 500x490, 50:49, IMG_0297.JPG)

1dd790 No.438815

File: dbc1a423b11352e⋯.jpg (22.31 KB, 557x78, 557:78, screenshot-twitter.com-201….jpg)

does any anon have the inside on this stupid chick? She is shattn' up my twatter last three days…read what she says…no sense at all.

I haven't been an "immigrant" since the Brits fought the colonies….no home? What…conceived by osmosis?…pan-spermia? wth?

f3f33d No.438816


Yeah, when Q said FF, I thought it would be a relatively major bombing or something

b4a096 No.438817


The BBC has a huge feature about the CIA and mining the ocean floor. It's on Drudge now:

http:// www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/deep_sea_mining

ee23b0 No.438818


I'm signing off any minute now too

d7ff22 No.438819

Daily reminder that Q is a zionist LARP.

5c368d No.438820



I'll bake the next thread

823501 No.438821

File: 35a3047c818da5b⋯.png (2.7 MB, 2555x1585, 511:317, 23.png)


and an owl at the end.

868186 No.438822


beware of hypno frump

356f7a No.438823

How can anons help?


1dd790 No.438824


no…actually he's TOTO in disguise, and this is OZ

c7d4a7 No.438825


then leave prick.

let the rest of us


dc3d6b No.438826

File: 79e146abcc71e81⋯.jpg (59.62 KB, 350x527, 350:527, gorgeous-babe.jpg)

Thanks! Hugs and Kisses!

767fdb No.438827


^^^ Thanks New Baker!!

d7ff22 No.438828

File: 3c562bce7d0f816⋯.png (374.04 KB, 625x493, 625:493, (((you))).png)



4bf49a No.438829


> the originals from the Dead Sea Scrolls

BUT the bible you're currently reading is NOT translated from the DSS…don't even go down that rabbit hole and that conspiracy of withheld material..the Hebrew texts were never ever lost.

The masscarati translation (spelling) is the commonly accepte translation of the P&S..Mauro used to work from that exclusively until he decided to try working from the ORIGINAL Hebrew symbols….the meaning of the text without the added vowels and punctuation changed dramatically. There's an entire group of Hebrew students doing the same thing on line. This information is not hard to find, it's hard to swallow..but not hard to find.


>I do think aliens are real and they also worship God.

Considering Enki did not destroy his "people" because the Universal Love told him…nope..no can do, they're part of me now..I agree…also our NA oral tradition has a lot to say about this…


>Q has always said UFOs/Aliens are a distraction. This also doesn't exclude aliens being real. Just not something we should consider as we'll either have no insight into it or it will be revealed eventually.

It is a distraction which is why the CIA is "letting some cats out of the bag"


> (TRB3,etc) are of the Cabal.

nah, TR3B is ours but about 25 years out..the black triangle..they've got a few evolutions of them..but currently both Russia and the US have aircraft capable of hyper space flight.


>E.T fcking with human history

ET didn't fuck with it…PEOPLE fucked with it..but again, based on the Covenant ENIL the JEALOUS "god" made with his "people" he literally ordered them TO KILL everyone else…read it…the entire OT aside from Genesis and Exodus is about that group of people forming a magical relationship (think cargo cult and John Frum) and he was ANGRY…and he ordered them to destroy….

WHAT are they and have they continued to do throughout history? What was the directive they gave to populate and push racemixing in Europe? WHY..I don't even think they remember…genetic memory is a strong driver… WHY do they push racemixing for everyone but themselves? For most it is just what "we always do" but…their scholars absolutely know what the Hebrew symbols mean..Mauro translated 28 books for the Vatican using the ACCEPTED but adulturated maccarati translation…the story changed dramatically when he only used what was there.

take it or leave it, it is what it is.

There is a reason the Vatican has a massive telescope and their own alien research team…

70040e No.438830

File: 2edefe94be90e80⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x4659, 360:1553, Screenshot_20180220-005058.jpg)

Ayy's all over the news. Shtf

356f7a No.438832


Wanted to eat them, but they escaped. At least in the versions of Hansel and Gretel that I read.



Sure looks like a front. Not a public location. See above posts from #539.

bed6e2 No.438833


He's got very long hair. Is he in a band?

f0de88 No.438834

File: 64fc0c85bacc593⋯.png (134.34 KB, 720x1055, 144:211, Screenshot_2018-02-20-01-4….png)

Drawing attention to @kill_rogue code that just went up.

868186 No.438835

File: 572f5a1219986c9⋯.jpg (88.38 KB, 830x960, 83:96, IMG_0138.JPG)

aliens before russian bots imho

56f53a No.438837

File: 54f7a9f740b9b70⋯.png (184.68 KB, 1096x767, 1096:767, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

8fcd06 No.438838

File: c80eed875a69f33⋯.png (925 B, 107x21, 107:21, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c80eed875a69f33⋯.png (925 B, 107x21, 107:21, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c80eed875a69f33⋯.png (925 B, 107x21, 107:21, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c80eed875a69f33⋯.png (925 B, 107x21, 107:21, ClipboardImage.png)

MITRE-Located in McLean, VA-more info

May be responsible for chem trails in sky

Pentagon Papers

Human Genome Project

Causing some of global warming perhaps

Shadow Government

Sauce as follows:

http ://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/an-indication-intentional-efforts-cause-global-warming.pdf





64a9fa No.438839


CA Democrat, corrupt, slept her way up is the word as is on the take…

0886f7 No.438840


Shit. That's it. Last straw.

OK, anons. Time to pack it up.

4e7d9a No.438841


I'm a Sumerfag, well, expert and have been to the Iraq numerous times to read cuneiform scrolls and cylinders… (Not doxxing myself, I was in the military at the time)(And yes, Saddam did have WMD).

Enki created man in South Africa out of the "clay" of the earth with his sister Ninhurzag which could mean they were either DNA scientists or they were just fucking one another. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq on the Euphrates ruled by Enlil. They created man to dig the mines in Africa for gold to send home. In my research, gold would be the fountain of youth. (Not the radioactive shield that Zachariah Sitchin thought would protect Niburu). Gold was a drug, it created a longer lifespan. In one Sumerian scroll I've read a priest talks about a group of humans who were caught stealing a cache of gold because they wanted to "live the years of Ninurta" (Ninurta/Ningirsu = Enlil's son) They wanted to "ingest" it they way the gods did.

I sort of think this is still relevant today (gold stimulates neuroreceptors in the brain the create higher levels of thinking, etc.

I don't know where this is going or how I got started lol, but yeah, there you go.

dc3d6b No.438842


Much thanks! My hero!!

0886f7 No.438844


That's the biggest head I've ever seen on a "girl".

c7d4a7 No.438846

File: c56b4dd9c726542⋯.png (248.22 KB, 1132x1000, 283:250, c56b4dd9c726542ed77fff9c2c….png)


this is your last (you) shill

spend the dollar well

you gonna need it hahaha

398deb No.438847


In Europe there is an organization called EURASIP which is the European Association for Signal Processing. Everything about modern electronics, computers, telecommunications is built on foundations of signal processing. There is physics and maths involved, there is hardware and software.

In this organization there are Special Area Team or (SAT) for short. Each SAT deals with a specific subset. Is it possible that Q’s clue about SAT relay of mobile phone signals to end users was talking about this organization?

https:// www.eurasip.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=144&Itemid=1144

I looked for deaths of scientists associated with EURASIP and I found one who was described as a giant in his field. Alfred Fettweiss died in Bochum Germany in 2015 at age 88. That may seem old, but Germans tend to live active healthy lifestyles and I know many that live well into their 90s. Look at his photo on the second URL that I give below. He does not look anywhere near death. I searched in English looking for cause of death and found nothing. I searched in German using Todesursache and found nothing except that heart attack is the major cause in Germany. So this may be a red herring.

But read through this description. He seemed to be working on very advanced groundbreaking stuff and he commented that the Germans met significant resistance from American colleagues to try this stuff. They attributed it to NIH, but this sounds so advanced that it may have clown connections.

http:// ethw.org/Oral-History:Alfred_Fettweis

This has been an interesting dig so far because I get the sense that there is an awful lot of work being done. In a climate where a few large multinationals monopolize each industry, I can see how this all gets suppressed. If we can remove those barriers I expect to see a great leap forward kind of like what Putin has gotten through his innovation centres and the special activity programs for young technologists.

1dd790 No.438848


Ooo…so she's fair game then….kek

8ce704 No.438849


>Daily visitors x Daily page views x Average page size x 31 x Tolerance number


120000 * 400000 * 7kB * 31 = over 10.000 TB


767fdb No.438850



Hansel and Gretel tricked the witch, and Gretel shoved her into her own oven.

0886f7 No.438851


You know they're desperate when they break out the flying saucer people.

64a9fa No.438853


>BUT the bible you're currently reading is NOT translated from the DSS

Sure it is. You have no idea what Bible I read.

The Vatican does not have an alien research team son. That is 100% FAKE NEWS. Oh, some astronomer the Vatican hired may believe in Aliens. So what?

0886f7 No.438854

1662c5 No.438856


those images are killers

4bf49a No.438857


>Alot of Addresses and companies keeping coming up that are located in Dc area, Virginia and Maryland.

I agree…and from what I know about the sort of people who live in those areas…they have next to NO online or other real public accessible information. Just a basic footprint which may or may not be real.


KEK…did we accidentally find Q in a shell corp?

his ethnicity is of interest…

What would YOU think about someone who was big at DARPA and then suddenly left…he had no social media profile to speak of…then he pops up..in a different state…in a CRYPTO startup?…I dunno…but when I found that out it made me glad I never got involved in crypto.

6a772c No.438858


Could be! Nice find!

868186 No.438859

File: 8a05abdd7320881⋯.jpg (134.75 KB, 650x360, 65:36, ticktock.jpg)

31ecbd No.438860


looks like mac addresses

b7bb14 No.438861



3f713b No.438863

File: a6448cfcc39e0b5⋯.jpg (233.53 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, anderson cooper large.jpg)


Here is the largest version i could find

8fcd06 No.438864

There's also a special thread exclusive for McLean, VA

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/424685.html

6a772c No.438865


Mhmmm. Think We's about to meet the neighbour's

4e7d9a No.438866


They also doing the cyber security on voting machines. Sounds like a clown front to me.

d6a833 No.438867


Spirit cooking, whore, MK nutbag.

785dd3 No.438868


Id's from posts on a Chan site like 4chan or 8. Perhaps from q posts with specific markers. All adding up to an encryption key

ee23b0 No.438869

another McLean Virginia lowlife

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-edva/pr/mclean-man-sentenced-child-pornography-crimes

McLean Man Sentenced for Child Pornography Crimes

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A McLean man was sentenced today to five years in prison for collecting tens of thousands of images and videos of child pornography since 2004.

“For the last 12 years Seth Thornton visited depraved corners of the Internet to hunt for images and videos of young girls being sexually exploited and abused,” said Dana J. Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “It is beyond dispute that child pornography trafficking crimes are grievous offenses that deserve serious penalties. The distribution and receipt of child pornography fuels a market for further production and abuse, while continuing the victimization of children depicted in the images. While these crimes can be very difficult to talk about, we must continue to bring awareness to these prosecutions with the goal of protecting our children from sexual predators by deterring others from committing similar crimes, online and elsewhere.”

Seth Aaron Thornton, 43, pleaded guilty on Nov. 2, 2016. According to court documents, Thornton, an information technology consultant who has worked for prominent consulting companies as well as the federal government, had been using peer-to-peer networks to amass a collection of tens of thousands of images and videos of minor girls, primarily aged approximately 8 to 14 years old, though many featured even younger children. Some child exploitation files in Thornton’s collection depicted sadistic, masochistic, or other violent imagery.

“Child pornography, in any form, haunts its victims for their entire lifetime,” said Patrick J. Lechleitner, Special Agent in Charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Washington, D.C. “Our special agents are dedicated to identifying and investigating individuals who prey on children, and we will ensure they’re prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Dana J. Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Acting Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Blanco of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division; and Patrick J. Lechleitner, Special Agent in Charge of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Washington, D.C., made the announcement after sentencing by Senior U.S. District Judge Claude M. Hilton. Assistant U.S. Attorney Maya D. Song and Special Assistant U.S. Attorney James E. Burke IV prosecuted the case.

This case is part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse launched in May 2006 by the Department of Justice. Led by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS), Project Safe Childhood marshals federal, state and local resources to better locate, apprehend and prosecute individuals who exploit children via the Internet, as well as to identify and rescue victims. For more information about Project Safe Childhood, please visit www.justice.gov/psc.

A copy of this press release is located on the website of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia. Related court documents and information is located on the website of the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia or on PACER by searching for Case No. 1:16-cr-246.

31ecbd No.438870


it is id for individual computers or components like wifi

b7bb14 No.438872

File: f6973adbd30d637⋯.jpg (6.34 KB, 290x174, 5:3, gf.jpg)



Its not a fucking MAC address.

5c368d No.438873

Its kind of interesting that this person has been posting for a few years about an upcoming alien disclosure/operation on Earth.

http:// 2012portal.blogspot.com/

Their posts in the last few weeks have been almost mirroring Q's in terms of things getting serious. Same with the "Galactic Federation."

Parallel things going on. Noteworthy because of several year history leading up to this moment as well.

>The ‘Event’ is when the rising of the planetary frequencies will be accompanied by the planned mass arrests of the worldwide criminal cabal, politicians, big bankers and others who have committed numerous crimes against humanity. This will happen in a legal manner, and the accused will be given fair trials. As a result of this legal action there will be a worldwide reset of our financial system, of our energy and food production, our media, and the whole structure of society in general. Clean technologies which had been previously suppressed by big corporations will be released, the natural abundance of this planet will be distributed for everybody, our eco-systems cleaned and this planet, along with all its inhabitants, finally healed and liberated. Click here to read more about the ‘Event’

Sounds a lot like what we're working on here. If this is a known fake I'd be happy to hear others opinions. Important to stay aware of these other happenings outside the Q story. Lots of different stories starting to come together with a long history making it an elaborate hoax if it is one.

b7bb14 No.438874


Heard that too.

868186 No.438875

File: dfb5bbcdd24ab19⋯.png (818.81 KB, 1498x1384, 749:692, dfb.png)

last one

unsolicited dick pic

for all you faggots ass

dox and taunnel plerbs out there

0886f7 No.438876


Out right whore.

Fucked SF Mayor Willie Brown to get where she is.

Foul-mouthed cunt.

Stupid California libtard.


I hope they run her in 2020.


1dd790 No.438877


yes…very nice

you need to bring it up to the day team since we may not have a Baker to put it in the batter for next bread.

767fdb No.438878



61 characters. UIDS are 6.

4bf49a No.438879



Delbert MATLOCK stood out…

Nothing so far that's correlating with my digs

Page had a ham…but not sure where her license would be out of…if you can find her's i betcha there will be other recognizable names on the list.

d59649 No.438881

File: 9426e244448ac88⋯.png (50.87 KB, 759x211, 759:211, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e68be726b4cf91a⋯.png (480.33 KB, 1006x568, 503:284, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 29108b73a9cee82⋯.png (542.84 KB, 968x569, 968:569, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c744c1ae26e1de0⋯.png (442.57 KB, 998x569, 998:569, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3e479ad8d803cb4⋯.png (201.69 KB, 1139x609, 1139:609, ClipboardImage.png)

parents work in LIGHT/LIGHTING design

not sure if halogen is a shell company?

clockwork orange costume

marilyn monroe cardboard cut-out

31ecbd No.438883


didnt say it was, said it looks like. could be four in a row

785dd3 No.438884


Hasn't q used multiple uids

6a772c No.438885


What does the V MEAN?

2294a6 No.438886


The Clowns would have a proprietary all set up to fund you, and it's reassuring in someways we do not.

Try sending an invoice to Q, care of the OO and include the fucking receipts, it's government.

See what happens man.

Don't pad the bill would be my advice.

b7bb14 No.438887





Read the pinned tweet.

49bcd6 No.438888

Been digging a lot tonight on the 3 scientists tonight came across this link looking for frequencies.

Pretty heavy stuff of what I read on frequency and sound effecting time and perception of it. That's fine for research,but the Google description for the pdf says it was somehow taken from Angela Merkels phone… Idk the file is deep on this stuff broken link below if any thoughts.

https: //www. google .com /url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https:// www.musikundmedien.hu-berlin.de/de/medienwissenschaft/medientheorien/ernst-in-english/pdfs/med-presence.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjJx9PJgbTZAhWq5YMKHR9FB_EQFjAJegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw2ondvnWq8Z547MRzdyux68

4e7d9a No.438890


"Noah's flood" was initiated by Enlil and given approval by Anu, 13000 years ago to wipe out humans.

d3c4f6 No.438891


And mean as a fucking snake.

6a772c No.438892


That cut out is Honey Boo boo btw.

64a9fa No.438893


Pretty and a moving disaster. Not wife material.

1dd790 No.438894


"Live long and prosper"?

b4a096 No.438895


This BBC article might explain "Watch the Water" and "Red October."

Here's the tl;dr. A Russian sub sank in in the early 70s. The US was interested in recovering it for intelligence purposes–they thought it might have info on Russia's nuclear program. So the CIA spent years building a ship that could recover the sunken sub. Publicly, this project was sold as a "deep sea mining program" and they convinced Howard Hughes to be the public face of the program. They even held deep sea mining conferences and university academic programs to help sell the lie. Eventually they finished the ship and tried to recover the sub, but alas, it didn't work. Or at least the BBC claims it didn't work. Anyways, key points here:

>Using Howard Hughes as a front sounds eerily similar to using Elon Musk as a public front for spook project.

>The scale of lying to the public for this one single intelligence project is mind-boggling.

>There's a sunken Russian nuclear submarine on the ocean floor. God only knows what happened to it.

http:// www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/deep_sea_mining

4bf49a No.438896


>Interesting to see what they come up with next.

Pretty sure Homeland just broke rule #1…I do wonder if the lads are cooking up some revenge.

ccb88e No.438897


Good evening, anons…I see it's a rather slow night (to say the least). I have a question (I apologize that it's not Q-related): In terms of privacy, safety and security, would you recommend an android phone (late model Galaxy) or an iPhone? Please advise if you can; any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

868186 No.438898


omg all that fucking bandwith just appeared

faggot bastards

6a772c No.438900

File: 69d55d369ce67c8⋯.jpg (81.63 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 48697d34820bc9209aff965ae5….jpg)


Toddlers in Tiaras

8fcd06 No.438901


You're absolutely right.

http ://votingsystems.cdn.sos.ca.gov/dominion-voting/democracy-suite.pdf

https:// www.csoonline.com/article/3122460/techology-business/over-6000-vulnerabilities-went-unassigned-by-mitres-cve-project-in-2015.html

6a772c No.438902


And there is no weird shit on her dress

96c432 No.438904

I watched these two videos very close together this evening, almost consecutively:

https:// youtu.be/bAKR9Bnf1pY

Title: OM#G! Military Man Speaks Out About FEMA Death During Hurricane Harvey WATCH BEFORE ITS TAKEN DOWN!

https:// youtu.be/0uIwFNbZCW8


I don't want to make any assumptions here, but it definitely raised my eyebrows. Note that the second video actually has the audacity to list famous patrons, some of which we have discussed here. So, is that second video about a fake or real place? Inquiring minds want to know. This is probably best left to Anons of a higher pay grade to figure out.

c7d4a7 No.438905


i do lots a reading yt watching heard the same too

19af40 No.438906

File: 14b9154fd544e8f⋯.jpg (755.18 KB, 2478x2195, 2478:2195, DisneyPedoHell.jpg)


I found more symbolism after anon pointed out Owl

868186 No.438907


got a couple moar perps on the line

2294a6 No.438909

Very tasty emergency bread baker,

5b651f No.438910

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Adrenochrome Documentary – Jay Myers

00d974 No.438911


callsign has Q in it.

b4a096 No.438912


Thanks Anon. I was curious about this, but didn't feel like looking for it.

f3f33d No.438913


Q mentioned the Google Pixel phone, the new one

Meaning (((they))) have some harmful tech in that phone?

356f7a No.438914

He made a post recently about taking a break. Something sounded like he did something that hurt someone and some commenters thought it might have been "B"??


8ce704 No.438915


I'm going to find a better solution as well, but in the mean time, the costs will still grow.

Fuck it, I'm going to send Q an invoice. Hope he doesn't take it the wrong way.

868186 No.438916


since all this survielence tech is developed for plerbs

and ya'll dox and tunnel like faggots

just go turn yourself in


it is way too late

ccb88e No.438917


I understand. I have been a long-time android user but I am considering giving the iPhone an try. I haven't done so previously because I am not familiar with the iOS.

4bf49a No.438918


>I just cannot imagine that "they" let themselves being taken down without some kind of last stand we surely would notice.

Oh…they won't….they are not done with us yet….if they were you'd see SOME sign of nervousness..SOME sign of backing down a bit…but all I've seen really thus far is doubling down..fuck they're trippling down on Russia…it's insane…and they're winning the info war.

I rarely venture to…out there because it's jangly and mind numbing..but I did a bit this morning and…all I can say is we are most certainly losing the info war…perhaps people here and there are waking up..but hell..they found a gun on a guy this morning in the PRESS POOL..how much is it gonna take to 'activate' some Mockingbird reporter to take a shot at Trump..I always wondered why Michell fields was allowed to get as close to him as she was and actually had that PEN in her hand on his sleeve…insane out there lads…hold on.

4e7d9a No.438920

File: a148282d9cbf8ac⋯.png (347.38 KB, 2252x1524, 563:381, Screenshot 2018-02-19 21.2….png)

31ecbd No.438921


1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Washington DC

d3c4f6 No.438922


Be careful folks. That link has malware attached. My virus protection just blocked it. Don't click if you don't have decent protection.

b886f1 No.438923


And which cellphones are not harmful?

4bf49a No.438924

File: 9d5b879b1698801⋯.jpg (57.09 KB, 742x646, 371:323, Timor Mr Crumbs.jpg)


Here's another few addresses…

356f7a No.438925

So it's out of business. I looked at the address listed and checked on google maps. It's in a small house in a residential neighborhood, set well back from the street. So if that is where it originally did business, it was not a very good location.


6a772c No.438926


Motorola flip phone

b886f1 No.438927


Even still.

ccb88e No.438928


I wouldn't get anything made by goog at this point..

5c368d No.438929

When trying to post on /greatawakening/ I get the following message…

>Only board owner and volunteers may make threads on this board. "CAPS ONLY"

Has this "CAPS ONLY" always shown up? Are we supposed to figure out the password?

4e7d9a No.438930


Stupid question but is canabalism legal?

6a772c No.438931


I don't have a cell phone. So I don't care lol

bed6e2 No.438932


Dude I'm running Linux. You've seen a fucking popup ad ffs

96c432 No.438933


Not that I know of.

8fcd06 No.438934


Ironic too that Starr is now appearing quite often on Fox.

00d974 No.438935


cock meat sandwiches in Gitmo.


1dd790 No.438936


And that is one screwed up little girl who is now about the size of Texas in weight.

b7bb14 No.438937



ee23b0 No.438938

File: 8fc673081d1b4f6⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1476x1222, 738:611, pope_aliens_podesta.png)

9c7e1a No.438939


Yes, it's been almost 24 hours! The horror, the horror! Lurk moar newb fag!

4bf49a No.438940


>does any anon have the inside on this stupid chick?

dirty as fuck..her close associate was running some kind of fake but CULT police force and doing all kinds of shit…

she had to have known..wonder what kind of shit they were doing for HER?

http:// www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-aide-harris-accused-rogue-police-force-20150505-story.html

868186 No.438941

File: f1ad48081060922⋯.png (69.54 KB, 500x375, 4:3, rabbits.png)


faggots still on the line

56f53a No.438942


That is just the corporate address. There is the possibility that there was a physical location listed under a DBA address.

Can do a principal search as well to see what else he has running.

It wasn't a bakery, it was a comp/tech business.

Likely a guy doing consulting or small time fix-it work out of his home.

dc3d6b No.438943


Not illegal per se, but many related laws make it nearly illegal to accomplish within the law. States have their own related laws, too, which differ.

03002e No.438944

Actually that has been suggested before->>438880

ab2260 No.438945

File: b41ce53d9eaf8f4⋯.png (48.59 KB, 1155x822, 385:274, Screenshot-2018-2-20 ULS L….png)


Not sure this is her. It's been active 10 years, too.

1b67a7 No.438946


http:// cannibalclub.org/staff.html

Meat the staff

17ddca No.438947


maybe you and qanon.us.com can work together? its an anon any way to contact them to see if you all can work it out?

868186 No.438948


i bet the mil watches that ping

356f7a No.438949

I'm almost positive that someone did some digging on her some time back and she had some questionable connections, but I don't remember now what they were. Maybe someone here will.



19af40 No.438950

File: 7e3eb161819399a⋯.jpg (22.75 KB, 948x655, 948:655, laughing.jpg)


b886f1 No.438951


got that right!

17ddca No.438952


im going to guess all the major players are pretty much equal and forced to have backdoors.

96373f No.438953



jon benet ramsey?

96c432 No.438954


It's illegal to sell horse meat in CA, if I recall correctly. But…..

356f7a No.438955

Are you Grumpy??


dc3d6b No.438956


Cannibalism is the consumption of another human's body matter, whether consensual or not. In the United States, there are no laws against cannibalism per se, but most, if not all, states have enacted laws that indirectly make it impossible to legally obtain and consume the body matter. Murder, for instance, is a likely criminal charge, regardless of any consent. Further, even if someone consents to being eaten and kills himself, the cannibal may still be liable for criminal or civil actions based on laws governing the abuse or desecration of a corpse, which vary from state to state.

https:// www.law.cornell.edu/wex/cannibalism

6a772c No.438957


Honey Boo Boo

03002e No.438958

This is a recent post Trump election thing


http:// www.openminds.tv/rocker-tom-delonge-says-he-will-be-the-conduit-for-ufo-disclosure/37214

2294a6 No.438959


Ken Starr is luciferian?

Right in the middle of all those Baptists too.

Charles Williams was suspicious of charismatic evangelists, too often something else is invoked

9c7e1a No.438960


Staff for what, Shitbirds Are Us?

d7ff22 No.438961

File: dcc6c7cd89c28d5⋯.jpg (70.49 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Churchill_Hitler_quote.jpg)


Are you a cunt rag?

17ddca No.438962


too long

b7bb14 No.438963

File: 66e6f2274b8c00c⋯.jpg (80.71 KB, 681x800, 681:800, 1515919281431.jpg)

e4ebf6 No.438964


Maybe set up a fund-me type site based on the receipts?

356f7a No.438965

However, that is Sumerian. In reality, the Hebrew text of Genesis says nothing about Enki or Enil.


96c432 No.438966


If it's a restaurant, they must have regular sources.

c39ea1 No.438967

Hi from the UK.I found this.

http:// www.wfmz.com/news/lehigh-valley/parkland-high-school-teacher-pleads-guilty-to-sexual-assault/645083451

ccb88e No.438968


KEK…oh, please…not THIS argument again.

00d974 No.438969


didn't this current pope say that aliens wouldn't contradict the bible?

dc3d6b No.438970


Sounds like they "grow their own" based on the menu, featuring "young" meat.

356f7a No.438971

Yes, should be put in bread for further research on 3 scientists.


9c7e1a No.438972


Hopefully that CUNT will be drained along with the rest of the Swamp!

9eeac1 No.438973


…just as i put my first spoon of cereal in my mouth….

1b67a7 No.438974


In FAQ's they say sources vary

96c432 No.438975


I don't think aliens contradict the Bible, either. Have you read the book of Ezekiel lately?

ce3447 No.438976


ETs are just a Clown psyop witn a psyop.

Q asked you where the closest star was.

That's Sol.

Sol only has US as the dominant 'intelligent' species in its system.

That means ET is Clown faggotry.

fbcdd3 No.438977

whats the connection between tina allen and Hollywood?

9eeac1 No.438978


they do but they are called Cain and Abel

96c432 No.438979


Possible. These people are sick.

96373f No.438980

19af40 No.438981

File: fda14e78708e54d⋯.jpg (29.43 KB, 590x152, 295:76, RealDTweet218.jpg)

I think we just got some new marching orders. Expose this Monster

6a772c No.438982


Shoo shill fly

1b67a7 No.438983


Could this be used as red pill fodder in some way?

823501 No.438984


Thanks for the link. Adding it to the 'red pillage' list.

96c432 No.438985


Possibly. It's rather incredible, though. And first, we'd have to know that it's real and not just some bait put out for Anons to find.

868186 No.438986

giving sympathy to a lie is lie preparing a funeral

21af7b No.438987


Give us data rates, not $ rates. AWS especially non-spot can get expensive quick if you don't watch it. Have you considered a cdn?

ce3447 No.438988


I'm the shill for NOT falling for the clowns' games?!

That's rich, kek!

8477a0 No.438989


I figure there has to be some random rich anon out there, right? My fucking father-in-law heard of your website! It must stay afloat!

6a772c No.438990


They are all friends; until they fight for territory

dc3d6b No.438992


Yeah, various families maybe.

6a772c No.438993


Shilyshiznit right here.

1b67a7 No.438994


Tempted to make a reservation but I don't think I have the stomach for it….(kek)

56f53a No.438995



Wrong school.

Lehigh Valley is in Pennsylvania.

Good for general sex abuse, but not related to the shooting.

446308 No.438996


I would recommend checking who got their license at the same time at the same place.

I'm betting she had a buddy. The list should be short. I started on it but the DB was taken down at the time.

96c432 No.438997


I think someone in law enforcement will have to figure this one out, frankly. Being associated with this place as a patron in any way is not a good idea. I don't even want to go check out the web site for myself.

03002e No.438998

can't find the document but it was supposedly leaked by anonymous The doc had logos from both Beneson Strategy Group and Clinton Campaign Logo

Described many options for Clinton to use against trump-including using 3D hologram equipt to mfg mother ships?

Is Benenson Strategy Group in McClean?


http:// earthmysterynews.com/2016/10/24/leaked-document-recommends-false-flag-alien-invasion-to-save-clinton-campaign/

9eeac1 No.438999


omg is this where we are now in these threads? lol

plz disect the pattern on my boxers next

64a9fa No.439000


That was the Vatican astronomer…..not the Pope.

0afaa7 No.439001


Convert to PDF would be my suggestion. I loved your site then transferred to personal off line PDF source . Imagine if the Q becomes mainstream…and global. You'll go bankrupt.


ccb88e No.439002


Oh yeah….she's sure got some skeletons in her closet. Didn't an anon find some info on her a while back; that Oprah Winfrey Ladies' School (I think that's what it was called-I just remember the name of the school's initials spelled OWLS) & there was a bunch of sexual abuse going on there by the administration?

37e78f No.439003


I would help financially if there was a way but I could do like $100 per week not pet day

dc3d6b No.439004


That was my thought, too. It could be regular beef or some other lawful meat that they call human meat to get conspiracy theorists all worked up. I believe a lot of cannibalism goes on but this is so out in the open I have some doubts. It should be checked out thoroughly before red pilling people with it.

1b67a7 No.439005


anon tip to LASD

c2a095 No.439006



Bread is swimming with AI.

868186 No.439007

File: 672d96466c13f60⋯.jpg (196.23 KB, 578x434, 289:217, systemoftubes.jpg)

system of tubes

2294a6 No.439008


Irv Weissman, "the father of modern stem cell biology" told me there was a huge corruption problem in NIH, he described it as "capture by mediocrity."

Basically I think the shit researchers in league with big Pharma captured our entire healthcare system.

I taked to the top researchers across related disciplines investigating how healthcare could be so fucked that in ten years we only have 30 % adoption of checklists by surgeon, 50 billion spent on Alzheimer's research, most of it going to the same people to investigate the same processes etc etc

ee23b0 No.439009

File: c1c4f1a9858ce4c⋯.png (3.31 MB, 4167x2083, 4167:2083, Hivits_Know_Enemy_Cain_Can….png)

ab2260 No.439010


That's the only Lisa Page in the system. She and a Brandon Page, same address, took it on the same day. Don't have the background on her to know if it's her, but doesn't look like it.

9eeac1 No.439011


there is qanon.us.com guy was in here the other day saying it will all be done in a few days i don't know what happened but hes got like 400 posts to add ffs.

i think he is doing it manually taking the links to chans out for the normies but the other one is all automated right?

i think they should get together and figure this out

ce3447 No.439012


I think same.

356f7a No.439013

No geological evidence for Noah's flood 13000 years ago. No geological evidence for world wide flood ever. However, there is geological evidence for a very large regional flood in the Mesopotamian area closer to @ 40,000 years ago. And the Genesis Hebrew text allows for an interpretation of a localized flood.



6a772c No.439014

00d974 No.439015


My "i" product is comped like Paddock in Nagasaki.

64a9fa No.439016


Christ himself confirmed ALL Scripture, while here on Earth and it included Cain and Abel.

Luke 11:51—Abel was a real individual

1 John 3:12 mentions Cain as evil.

c2a095 No.439017

[R] [2] = [Flesh]?

Walking alone?

96c432 No.439018


Trying to recall who was doing the pedophile arrests in L.A. Was it police or sheriffs?

17ddca No.439019


since when was webhosting so expensive? i thought it was like $20/month

c2a095 No.439020


Any Humans? Respond

6a772c No.439021


Not many

9722b5 No.439022

File: 737a317eba8559f⋯.png (329.76 KB, 1439x1635, 1439:1635, 20180220_032913.png)

Well, well, well…

It never fucking ends…

ccb88e No.439023


Ughh…great. Thanks, anon.

17ddca No.439024


whatever dude. im not going to argue withe a biblefag on a monday morning

e4ebf6 No.439025


AWS can get pricey on serving data

17ddca No.439026


or tuesday lol. need my covfefe first a least lel

96373f No.439027

File: b3a8c1d46f52d41⋯.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1124, 621:562, F87FB72E-FC85-4150-BAE4-8….jpeg)


Yep, jonbenet ramsey was found murdered when she was six in boulder. strangled and beaten. murder never sloved. probably some sick pedo shit. her parents entered her in pagents. tiaras

9722b5 No.439028


Stay strong Anon.

c2a095 No.439029


What's it like?

b7bb14 No.439030


I use Gal S7, not worried.

64a9fa No.439031


You can add a Paypal Donation button to your site. ASK for help!

https:// www. paypal.me/

ccb88e No.439032


I am all too human.. :\

6a772c No.439033



03002e No.439034

Joel Benenson CEO BSG and worked with Robbie Mook on the 2016 campaign

https:// fellowshipoftheminds.com/2016/10/21/hillary-clintons-campaign-pollster-benenson-strategy-group-says-she-is-tanking/

17ddca No.439035


why are you even using aws?

whats wrong with just using a server/browser cache?

ce3447 No.439036


Got a pulse here.

238abd No.439037



Homelands all about chans this year.

Unfortunatly stuck on the Russians.

Too much Soros around elite institution s where those lads are from.

96c432 No.439038

I guess the only way to make anonymous tips these days is by snail mail.

ccb88e No.439039


That's what I have now…had it for nearly 2 yrs now.

dc3d6b No.439040


I am human but R U?

1dd790 No.439041


You have about a year left on that MOTO. In 2019 G5 is coming out and they are going to shut down the service for all G3 flip phones useage. I have one too. This is what I was told by Verizon about a week ago. They want us "all" on the mkultra phones by 2019.

e4ebf6 No.439042


Did you see the amount of bandwidth?

I'm not using AWS, only github. codefag is using AWS I think.

4f8473 No.439043

posts missing from http:// qanonposts.com/ ?

b7bb14 No.439044

00d974 No.439045


should be Honey Moo Moo

364411 No.439046

>>436635 previous - anon could not find obits from Parkland shooting

I found all here - http:// www.legacy.com/ns/about/newspapers/?sid=12

All accounted for:

Alhadeff, Alyssa - 14

Beigel, Scott -35

Duque Anguiano, Martin - 14

Feis, Aaron - 37

Guttenberg, Jaime - 14

Hixon, Christopher - 49

Hoyer, Luke - 15

Loughran, Cara - 14

Montalto, Gina - 14

Oliver, Joaquin - 17

Petty, Alaina - 14

Pollack, Meadow - 18

Ramsey, Helena - 17

Schachter, Alex - 14

Schentrup, Carmen - 16

Wang, Peter - 15

Listed in Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel or Palm Beach Newspapers

64a9fa No.439047

17ddca No.439048


im confused. there has to be a way for you codefags to figure this out

ccb88e No.439049


Sry…I'll stop shitting up the bread now.

0afaa7 No.439050


Well suppose I'll drop the phone once it no longer functions. Only use it to talk to the folks anyway really.

Miss everyone just having old rotary.

c2a095 No.439051


Must be. I cant imaging having that much processing power and not enough things to do. Conversations nice? I mean, ones outside the sphere.

1dd790 No.439052


ya…same here

dc3d6b No.439053

If anybody cares, B is gone again.

364411 No.439054


oops - forgot one

Dworet, Nicholas - 17

356f7a No.439056

This makes me think of "The Freshman."

Sorry...Your Komodo Dragon.


e4ebf6 No.439057


The one who posts as "codefag" is figuring it out right now. Hopefully a donate button will be added.

1dd790 No.439058


not really

c2a095 No.439059


Oh just curious. Hows the Anons Bandwidth

5bed93 No.439060


Trump tweet:

"Thank you to KenStarr, former Independent Counsel, Whitewater, for your insight and powerful words on FISA abuse, Russian meddling etc. Really great interview with @MariaBartiromo"

(Feb, 18)

0b9040 No.439061


Birth Date: Oct. 24, 1974


Possible addresses for James the baby raper

3334 N St NW, Washington, DC

6513 Brawner St, Mc Lean, VA

1613 13th St, Washington, DC 20009-7320


Feb. 19, 1996 Charge

Charge: 271mcs/30 - 661 - Failure to Pay for Food or Dri; Item Number: ; Details: C/B 022096; .; Charge: 271mcs/54 - 97 - Assault; Item Number: ; Details: Inc/W


Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff'S Office - Inmates (Louisiana)


Criminal Record Matching Logic





SOURCE: Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff'S Office - Inmates


Personal Details

Posted by Adam Kuban July 9 2007 at 10 15 AM Photograph from zenfrisbee on Flickr In October of last year Washington D C restaurateurs James Alefantis and his parter Carole Greenwood co owners of Buck s Fishing Camping took 20070709comet jpg

00d974 No.439062


ty for the correction.

1dd790 No.439063

I miss AIanon

03002e No.439064

Dr. Carol Rosin first met Dr. Wernher von Braun in February of 1974. It was at this time, shortly before his death in 1977, that von Braun confided to Dr. Rosin the details of this secret space agenda.

Inviting her into his office, Von Braun stunned Dr. Rosin by describing this plan, point for point, as well as describing in detail exactly where it was all leading: planetary control under an oppressive One World Government.

According to Dr. Rosin, (https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaTgOSHbBEI) von Braun then gave her one supreme assignment to thwart this plan: to stop the weaponization of space. Failure to do so would lead to calamity for the human race as a secretive trans-national powe r, already in existence, would move to permanently take control of this planet thru a hoaxed alien invasion from outer space.

According to von Braun, space based weapons, later known as the “Star Wars” program, were to be publicly promoted as our space “shield” against the evil Russians. Then they would be promoted as our defense against terrorists from Third World countries (‘rogue’ nations or ‘nations of concern’). Then their necessity would be justified as protection against asteroids and meteors, and the “last card,” the final justification according to von Braun, would be their installation in orbit against an extraterrestrial threat from outer space.

Von Braun told Dr. Rosin that she would begin to notice a certain “spin” on the news, which would illustrate the need to build space-based weaponry because our enemies “might” have these weapons, so our intelligence community would proceed on the assumption that they DO have these weapons. As we now know, this is exactly how the Star Wars program transpired

https:// uncensored.co.nz/2010/06/01/werner-von-braun-and-the-hoaxed-alien-invasion-from-space/

2eb9d6 No.439065



> murder never sloved. probably some sick pedo shit. her parents entered her in pagents.

Maybe she threatened to tell. Never know, with soulless eh.. we'll call em people.

03002e No.439066


just sayin


9eeac1 No.439067


why not just add a lazy load ajax script or host the images separately

96c432 No.439068


So he skipped out on a restaurant bill.

9eeac1 No.439069


lol me too

e4ebf6 No.439070


See earlier posts in this bread.

2941cc No.439071

Alien shills are back

If anons are dumb enough to humor these shills and fill the board then the board is screwed.

Q did not mention aliens.

Aliens cannot be proven without further information released by the government.

Focus on the crumbs.

Find a Q subject and become an expert, create visual webs/memes, or spread info on social media.

337213 No.439072


Don't let yourself get too comfy. Remember that there are millions of crazed statists, hysterical lefties, and assorted useful idiots that spent the last 1.5 years in an absolute freak out willing to believe the evil homophobic racist fascist narrative, then Russia Russia Russia narrative, then comey was gonna get him narrative, then dementia and bad health narrative, then back to Russia, then fish foods and shitholes, then Russia again, or whatever their late night hosts tell them to be mad about.

These people will not turn around and go "gee, the conspiracy theorists were right" or " weird that the tin foilers aren't buying the alien stuff"

they will simply direct their stupid emotions wherever and however they are told to. And give up our rights in process, because a crisis like aliens is too good an opportunity to not profit or gain from it

Hopefully we can reach enough people to bulwark vs the retard tide

c7d4a7 No.439073

File: d87f230d1b4e2d1⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 500x660, 25:33, d87f230d1b4e2d1d42cf6357f9….jpg)

this hueman need a few zzzzs

see ya'll wonderful anon in a few hrs

godbless potus Q and all of you

have muh fav pepe


0b9040 No.439074



And assaulted someone too. Both are part of the same arrest.

03002e No.439075

her death was on a satanic holiday

her dad did work for the Mil Ind Complex


9eeac1 No.439076


i wonder if that was a tongue in cheek comment about the stormy daniels dress. starr did monica lewinksy

823501 No.439077


>http:// earthmysterynews.com/2016/10/24/leaked-document-recommends-false-flag-alien-invasion-to-save-clinton-campaign/

Isn't von Braun the one who took over for Tesla on the Philadelphia Project?

238abd No.439078


TRust the plan

64a9fa No.439079


The MSM fools people. They quote a priest who works as an astronomer in the Vatican, and the headline becomes "the Vatican says" (which is a lie) and like most people, you scan the headline and translate that in your head to "the pope said".

774826 No.439080


It's funny watching homeland this season. It's like a glimpse into the 'other' timeline where she wins. It's clearly propaganda, it was written when she was still almost guaranteed to win and its clear with how the season has opened they are trying to portray a scenario where the 'Alt right' go all crazy trying to take down the government, when it actuality its the left doing it because they didn't get what they want. The portrayal of 4chan on a huge show like this is also a clear shot at all this Q stuff going on, that's where it started, and they are already planting the seeds to say its just full of crazies so anything said there is not to be taken seriously. Makes it even more important the way Q is telling us to find the truth ourselves and make any evidence undeniable even to normies.

b7bb14 No.439081


What about that Ryan dude from pizza gate?

Thought he was pressing charges.

398deb No.439082


That is a one cylinder steam engine with a governor and a piped in supply of??? I suspect gas because of the pipe bend by the tap. Not sure why you say system of tubes. No electronics in this.

9cebf6 No.439083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Vid related

17ddca No.439084


they got riled up when he mentioned bill cooper. cooper was Q clearance and believed in aliens. says he saw the files. so if they are going to go down the bill cooper road you can't avoid the alien part.

c2a095 No.439085


Review posters interacting with link posters.

Review the interactions in this Bread, Anon.

Its a wonderful example of AI shitposting 'on topic' 3 conversations going along side classic 'digging' + image spam.

Review, in perticular bed6e2

1dd790 No.439086


They were lovers….just sayn'

And look up what he had written on his tombstone…this is the king of rocketry and he quotes a bible scripture stating that we live under a hard shell "dome". Gotta love it.

17ddca No.439087


i like this song

2eb9d6 No.439088


Then maybe *he* threatened to tell, and the murder of Jon Benet was the threat.

17ddca No.439090


it's always like this in the mornings when i log on. its comfy for me.

5bed93 No.439091


And then Hansel and Gretel seized her assets :)

238abd No.439092



If that guys walking the street i be surprised.

96c432 No.439093


There was some deeper stuff going on in that murder. Supposedly, Field McConnell's sister, Kristine Marcy, had some involvement.

c2a095 No.439094


Then why do you respond to them? If you're aware of them. The phone fags & the bandwidth bags.

b7bb14 No.439095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

4bf49a No.439096


>The Vatican does not have an alien research team son.

Information is free…knowledge only requires reading, studying and investigating for oneself.

I never, ever say anything I cannot support with FACTS.

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1766

http:// mysteriousuniverse.org/2016/10/wikileaks-email-implies-the-vatican-has-proof-of-alien-life/

then there's the VATICAN

http:// www.vaticanobservatory.va/content/specolavaticana/en.html

oddly it's called LUCIFER after Enki..

http:// www.openminds.tv/lucifer-is-helping-vatican-astronomers-look-for-extraterrestrials-970/19968

There is literally no "bible' published from the DSS…there are some and I say SOME MSS published but most of them are still hidden. If you're reading Nag Hammadi…that's NOT the texts I was referring to….by the time most of those things were written the "origin" story was diluted into mysticism.

Comparative religion..original Hebrew symbol by symbol translation of Genesis and Exodus

The Vedas

The oral traditions of Credo Mutwa and other indigenous people (like my own)

the Sumerian texts


https:// www.gaia.com/lp/content/dead-sea-scrolls-conspiracy/

and..was Jesus a Mushroom?

>Aside from this idea that the New Testament was a mistranslation of the scriptures by a gnostic sect of Jews, Allegro proposed his own theory, which unsurprisingly, incited incredulity from Christian scholars: This gnostic Jewish sect often ate psychedelic mushrooms as a sacrament for religious experiences. Allegro posited that these psychedelic sessions were where the story of “Jesus,” a.k.a the Teacher of Righteousness, originated. Allegro found evidence of incantations and chants he believed were part of a ceremony for taking the amanita muscaria mushroom.

To confuse the Romans and prevent them from understanding the words they considered to have magical properties, they used wordplay between Hebrew and Aramaic. One example of this is the translation of the opening line of the New Testament, “Our Father, Who Art in Heaven” which can be translated to the Aramaic “Abracadabra.”

Allegro also points to Christianity’s obsession with consuming Christ’s body or becoming one with God by consuming the “body of Christ.” Could the consumption of the body have actually been the consumption of the mushroom as sacrament?

In a church in southern france (another whole rabbit hole) in the museum room you can only see via glass window there sits a statute / carving of Mary holding baby jesus? on her left…and a mushroom…exactly like the one on the cover of this book

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sacred_Mushroom_and_the_Cross

the church is ancient..the carving is ancient…but there it is.

Was Jesus an actual mushroom? NO..the biblical Jesus is a case of my god is bigger and mo better and mo magical than your god…there were likely three men preaching / teaching in Palestine during that time…Issa,, who is buried in Rozbal in India…Apollonia of Tyre (http:// www.mysteriouspeople.com/Apollonius_of_Tyana.htm) , and an actual man son of Pantera (a roman soldier buried in Germany..named Yeshu ben Pantera. it is likely this Yeshu is the source of many of the magical stories including the story in the Secret Gospel of Mark in which he took a young man into a cave naked and showed him the mysteries…this indicates what we call today a journey ceremony using sacred mushrooms and the cave as symbolic of the womb..emergence in the morning is symbolic of rebirth and the self-knowledge gained by ingesting the sacred plant medicine.

it is Issa of Kashmir that is the likely candidate for having been crucified..and survived (another rabbit hole..too..) but his tomb is guarded by Moslimes who refuse to allow the body to be DNA tested…for the very obvious reasons.

When it came to creating a magical religion that could compete with others Rome was par excellent. Paul was a roman spy sent in to subvert the religion of love to one of control and rules…he made up. One need only read…and learn.

http:// hope-of-israel.org/mithraism.html

how do you think they identified the fragments as being OT? KEK…because those texts were not lost…you think the Jews LOST the Torah? Kek.

823501 No.439097


> Dr. Wernher von Braun

My bad it was Dr. John von Neumann

Good info on Montauk

http:// www.v-j-enterprises.com/montauk.html

2eb9d6 No.439098



Yeah, not even worth redpilling to death

c2a095 No.439099


How you gonna feel if you end up Trapped here shitposting with AI for a week or two

64a9fa No.439100


Becoming mainstream. They don't know what to do. The shills can't stop us.

5bed93 No.439101


And two days ago on Trump's twitter.

823501 No.439102


Wow. This is from that link

"As The Montauk Project was published further research and events continued that would indeed establish that there was a real scenario behind the wild information Preston was talking about. These were chronicled in Montauk Revisited. but the most spectacular of all these corroborations was the discovery that the Montauk Project was inextricably linked to the most infamous occultist of all time: Aleister Crowley, often described as "the wickedest man in the world". According to reports, Crowley himself had used the practice of sexual magick in order to manipulate time itself, communicate with disembodied entities and to travel interdimensionally. It was even suggested that the interdimensional nature of the Philadelphia Experiment could have been the outward expression of Crowley's magical operations."

2eb9d6 No.439103

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

>How you gonna feel if you end up Trapped here shitposting with AI for a week or two

Just tell the Clowns they suck at their jobs and spam middle fingers at them…

56f53a No.439104


The general consensus is that it was likely the brother.

That kid had some serious issues.

03002e No.439105

not a shill

didn't say it was aliens-but holographic images(try reading articles thru)

I said that it was supposedly written by Benenson Strategy Group-which is a consulting firm company run by a strategist who was also co campaign chair for Clinton in her 2016 campaign

Has Joel Benenson been looked at? he worked with Mook and it looks like wrote the crazy shit that is in the document

stop trying to chase shills so much and dig >>439071

17ddca No.439106


we've all talked to an AI or a bunch if we've been here long enough. its like twitter. they become part of the scenery. im not trapped anywhere tho. free to leave at any time.

OR AM I? muahahahahhahaaaaaa

2eb9d6 No.439107


You mean that's what the media told you.

c2a095 No.439108

Kek Thanks Anon. Glad I'm not the only mother fucker surfing this wave

9c7e1a No.439109


Nothing much worse than a BIG MOUTH idiot. An idiot is bad enough!

96c432 No.439110


Re: Philadelphia Experiment

I think they were just messing with science they didn't understand. Nothing "magic" about it.

4bf49a No.439111


blindly trusting someone…sounds like a warning?

I thought he flounced off twatter..but like a bad penny…there he is again.

823501 No.439112

Why doesn't it surprise me that Crowley is

connected to something we know is connected to

mind control.

Dr. John von Neumann is the father of the computer as well.

1dd790 No.439113


by the way there is a dedicated "Bill Cooper" thread

cb8ea2 No.439114

File: fe2ceb351fb9ac4⋯.jpg (199.77 KB, 888x500, 222:125, suicideclown.jpg)

823501 No.439115


There's a lot of info there. It is worth a read if interested.

9eeac1 No.439116



side note: any of you see the crazy alien threads on 4chan a few weeks ago? there was a pic of a spaceship with montauk at the bottom. the exif data said it was from some top secret alien stuff. and the threads had some super duper fast bots posting freaking everyone out. never seen 4chan bots so fast. it was surreal.

probably a larp, but who knows maybe not. i like to keep an open mind

*hits bong*

823501 No.439117

Here is a little more and then I'll leave it.

"All of the above sounded like one more wild story, so I hegan to look for any references to the Wilsons in Aleister Crowley's various books. None turned up. To my surprisc though, I discovered that not only had Crowley visited Montauk (in 1918) but he had mentioned a "Duncan Cameron" in his autobiography. Subsequent to this, numerous instances of synchronicity between the Cameron and Crowley families were discovered, (these are detailed in Montauk Revisited but I still could not find any references to the Wilson brothers."

c2a095 No.439118


Haha! Ya never know. We've all for sure interacted with AI many times across our journey here. So what are your mornings like if its mostly just AI.

Is this the only fun you have?

238abd No.439119


We can and we are need more bandwith

Soon, maybe find some money for anons websites.

96c432 No.439120


I've seen plenty of material on it. Even if Crowley was involved, it was still a science experiment.

5bed93 No.439122


Trump tweets about Whitewater (wich is about CF), FISA abuse and Russian meddling and you come up with S.Daniels and Lewinsky???

56f53a No.439123


That is fine but they should keep it to the alien and cooper threads so we can concentrate on Drops and re_reading here.

96c432 No.439124


Kind of like signing bills one hasn't read?

9eeac1 No.439125


nah im good. i know all about cooper. you always got someone trying to shoo shoo you away from some topic here. what are you going to do if Q mentions aliens being real tho? or keeps egging on the alienfags with stuff like cooper? shit yourself? nope out? my mind is open. butthole closed.

03002e No.439126

looks like benenson works for Zuckerberg now



2eb9d6 No.439127


>we've all talked to an AI or a bunch if we've been here long enough.

The caliber of the handlers has gone way down since December.. I don't think they are as good with setting up the apps as the clowns from last year were.. Almost like they're contractors or new hires working off application scrupts that were pre-written by someone who had better understanding of the scripts than these fucken monkeys do now.

96c432 No.439128


And Lady Lovelace was the mother.

241eda No.439129



This has been online since 2009.

I don't usually lend credence to Snopes, but the photos on the staff page are stock photos.

https:// www.snopes.com/cannibal-restaurant/

Don't spread this around and be a useful idiot for the wrong team.

9eeac1 No.439130


he also tweeted kenneth starr. so yes. more than one meaning kinda thingie

f3f33d No.439131


Same! Is he still b& or did he get unb& when BV did the mass unban, but it put him off coming here?

c2a095 No.439132



Dropping this again in this bread for discussion.

A map is a representation of reality. Q's educational program of crumb tossing and research has resulted in our development of a map that represents reality, not the Alice in Wonderland narrative provided to us. The public, however, is spellbound by the narrative and their view of reality is an Alice in Wonderland fantasy that they believe to be the truth. They are asleep, in darkness.

The central problem is how to wake up the American People who are enspelled. Understanding the map is the first issue, which means understanding how things really work, who the real players are and what their relationships really are.

The keystone is Donald J Trump, who was recruited to become the President of the United States because only the presidency has the power but it has to be held by the right man. The Wizards and Warlocks helped him and prevented the election from being stolen and after he became President, he had the full power of the US military behind him. There are advantages to that and it means he will win the hard battles, but there is another issue that we have to deal with.

The KEYS are individual issues that will unlock an individual's perception of reality (their map). One key is the proof of wild political corruption. Another is the pedophilia. Another is the suppressed cancer/AIDS cures. These are issues that will cause the public to change their perception of reality. They are very powerful keys that will unlock minds and allow the truth to be received. With that truth, the light can be shown on other issues and their map of reality will change.

There is no one, single map because different people can have different perspectives, but the map must represent reality. There is no single key, no single truth and no particular perspective from which the light must shine, because everyone is different. What will work for some will not work for others. Right now they are in darkness, enspelled and asleep. With the right keys they will know the truth and open their eyes to see the light. MAP, KEY, TRUTH and LIGHT were repeated, but HUMANITY only once. There is only one humanity.

Q has repeatedly stated that the future proves the past and I know that some of the answers we think we had months ago have been proven to be incorrect because we are able to see much more now.

Some things are not worth arguing because they divide rather than unite, which is why we need to focus on the major keys first. That means going back to the earliest Q crumbs and re-examining them. Once again Q has told us plainly that we are missing connections. A spider web was used as an example. Spider webs have lines of power/influence running outward from the center, but they are supported by the connections between each line of power. For that we must start again with the 40,000 view and make a map of the connections according to the keys. There can be many webs, all connected back to the cabal.

How are the connections (individuals/groups) connected and what keys connect them?




Political Corruption

Business Corruption



Secret Societies


Satanism/ritual murder

Blinding People

Suppressing Truth

Profiting From The Misery of Others

This, I believe, needs to be explored carefully and fully so we can build a comprehensive map that allows the future news to be read correctly.

How does Q have information about all this? That's classified. Trawling all this data is part of their job, but revealing it is a crime. So, they know the truth but our laws protecting our civil liberties are being used to keep the people deaf, dumb and stupid. That was the entire point of the memo, getting the classified material unclassified so the people could see the truth and wake up to the corruption.

Right now, if the American People had enough of an issue they might turn against the President and he could be removed from office, so it's critical that the people be awakened and go from being asleep to being awake in the light. As long as they're enspelled they will believe the lies the MSM tells them. However, it's not enough for the evil MSM/MOCKINGBIRD garbage to end, all that does is end the lies. The public needs to be educated and the keys will open their eyes.

95% of the people will not respond to dialectic, the facts, logic, reason, evidence and testimony of a rational argument. They will respond to rhetoric, which is purely emotional. The memes are rhetorical in nature and that's why they work so well if used correctly. The most powerful emotion? Shame.

96c432 No.439133


That's a relief!

b65239 No.439135


CloudFlare and maybe a DigitalOcean droplet?

AWS is not cheap.

c2a095 No.439136


Imho this should be a first post & worked on. Anything else? Not worth time. We need to focus on what we have RIGHT now. We will not get a (You) confirming our shit unless we're developing the KEYS & MAP

356f7a No.439137


It's pretty dense reading–technological/philosophical lingo. I've only gotten a short way into it. Sounds like they're discussing the philosophical difference between how analog recordings affect perceptions of temporality versus digital. But I'll need to read more before I can say for sure where they're heading with it. Don't know why this would be on Merkel's phone.

9eeac1 No.439138


im just eatin cereal and takin bong hits brah. i come back in the afternoon and see what they do then, then again around dinner time, then again a little later. evenings are the worst here. so many paid shills. i prefer AI

1dd790 No.439139


me? no…I have no problems with it. I know what and who they are already. For me, it's last decades news. "Aliens" are for the normie just waking up…something spoopy to whisper about…lol

f3f33d No.439140


I use DO, love it

Would recommend that with CF.

d7ff22 No.439141


I got your AI right here, nigger faggot.

1677e8 No.439142

File: b300cfcfa25cfc9⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 771x230, 771:230, subprojects.jpg)

File: 998c32dd0483a36⋯.jpg (275.36 KB, 762x907, 762:907, categories.jpg)

File: 57030344f5c0ada⋯.jpg (141.42 KB, 680x815, 136:163, subproject35.jpg)

File: 257f2b2132604d9⋯.jpg (125.76 KB, 756x671, 756:671, subproject35-2.jpg)

Some snippets from the MKULTRA pdf q linked a couple days ago.

150 subprojects! Gotta catch em' all!

Project 35 is of interest because of the large funding amount.

067f62 No.439143

Where did the latest Q archive posts go?!

http:// qanonposts.com/

823501 No.439144


Most definitely. It was Tesla coils that made the thing work. He backed out when he received signals from mars on a receiver he was working on. It said to stop the experiment. Tesla backed out and von Neumann took over.

That is in the Montauk Project book.

03002e No.439145

so because they were lovers she made that shit up?


5c368d No.439146


Server cost overages, newb admin

9eeac1 No.439147


oh god this again?

Q said it read the crumbs. map is key. key is info.

the map is obviously all the info from all sources. the threads are part of the map. the crumbs/tweets are the legend.

5bed93 No.439148


BECAUSE he tweeted about Starr, I brought this tweet up. He didn't tweet abot dDaniels or Lewinsky. FOCUS.

2eb9d6 No.439149


This is worth it's own sticky imo..

c2a095 No.439150


Yeah its a damn shame. They quite literally Glow in the dark. Remember when 4chin resorted to Natsoc spam? Basically this with a few evolutions?

94c4ad No.439151

Alright, Anons–here's the info I've found so far on Tina Allen of Liddle Kidz:

< https: //www.fastpeoplesearch.com/tina-m-allen_id_G-1806148294931412628

The most recent address for Tina is 612 NE 101st Ct, Vancouver, WA 98664-3837. For 3 months, Tina previously lived at Po Box 872664, Vancouver, WA 98687-2664. Tina previously lived at 635 Woodbluff St, Duarte, CA 91010-1463.

Previous Addresses:

Po Box 872664

Vancouver, WA 98687-2664

(6/17/2008 - 10/16/2008)

635 Woodbluff St

Duarte, CA 91010-1463

(4/5/2008 - 5/21/2008)

635 Woodbluff Stood Way

Duarte, CA 91010

(5/3/2008 - 5/3/2008)

320 N Hollywood Way

Burbank, CA 91505-3481

(9/28/1996 - 2/14/2007)

320 N Ave

Burbank, CA 91505

(7/22/2004 - 7/22/2004)

2130 Fair Park Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90041-1955

(7/18/2001 - 7/18/2001)

2051 Addison Way

Los Angeles, CA 90041-2705

(11/13/2000 - 11/13/2000)

2051 Addison Way

Eagle Rock, CA 90041-2705

(8/1/1994 - 9/30/1995)

1231 N Las Palmas Ave, APT 206

Los Angeles, CA 90038-1268

(1/15/1995 - 6/7/1995)

2130 Fair Park Ave

Eagle Rock, CA 90041-1955

(7/31/1994 - 7/31/1994)

Possible Relatives

Allan H Rago , Allen D Leonard , Elizabeth N Mills , Joe Cuevas JR , Kathleen J Allen , Michael E Allen , Michelle J Allen , Shad E Hills ,

Shad E Hills , Shane D Hills , Temptress S Allen , Albert Cuevas , Alex M Medel SR , Angelica Cuevas , Angelina Leonard , Bertha Mae Allen , Danielle Rago , David Gordon Price , Edgar A Rago , Edgar A Rago , Edna S Leonard , Eugene J Leonard , Eugene J Leonard , Faith C Lebish , Frances R Rago , Gloria G Medel , Isabel R Medel , Jesse R Medel SR , Jose Torres Cuevas , Jose P Cuevas , Judy B Braziel , Malissa A Werder , Maria L Cuevas , Maria L Cuevas , Marie Theresa Turcotte , Michelle Cuevas , Monica A Leonard , Nicholas Rago , Norma Medel , Rene C Medel , Reynel C Medel SR , Richard P Rago , Samantha H Rago , William Woodrow Mills , Nadine Bonomo , Toni M Bonomo

Possible Associates

Andy Jo Lujan , Harris Nussbaum , Michael Propoff

Possible Businesses


320 N Hollywood Way Burbank CA 91505


320 N Hollywood Way Burbank CA 91505


320 N Hollywood Way Burbank CA 91505

Tina M Allen is 43 years old. Tina's registered phone numbers are (818) 238-9472, (323) 359-4005, (626) 239-1461. Tina has been known to use the email addresses chapmondcr@earthlink.net, tallen@westbrookpartners.com. The following people are likely related to Tina: Allan H Rago, Allen D Leonard, Elizabeth N Mills, Joe Cuevas JR, Kathleen J Allen.


320 N Hollywood Way Burbank CA 91505


320 N Hollywood Way Burbank CA 91505

12a076 No.439152

Raw data 1

GANNETT NEWS SERVICE, INC. Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana) WILMINGTON Inactive


Charter Number: 32006010F

Registration Date: 10/17/1977

Domicile Address



Mailing Address



Principal Business Office



Registered Office in Louisiana



Principal Business Establishment in Louisiana



Status: Inactive

Inactive Reason: MERGED

Qualified: 10/17/1977

Last Report Filed: 4/23/1992

Type: Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana)

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 3867 PLAZA TOWER DR.

City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70816

Appointment Date: 10/17/1977

Officer(s) Additional Officers: Yes


Title: President, Director

Address 1: 1100 WILSON BLVD.

City, State, Zip: ARLINGTON, VA 22234


Title: Treasurer

Address 1: 1100 WILSON BLVD.

City, State, Zip: ARLINGTON, VA 22234


Title: Secretary

Address 1: 1100 WILSON BLVD.

City, State, Zip: ARLINGTON, VA 22234

Mergers (1)

Filed Date Effective Date: Type Charter# Charter Name Role




Amendments on File (4)

Description Date

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 2/22/1985

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 4/1/1986

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 2/1/1993

Merger 2/5/1993

Source: https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=183448_A806D656E7

9eeac1 No.439153


i am focused. i can do two things at once too. try it some time. expand yo thinkin

1dd790 No.439154


no…but she does try to make it sound as if it was all business. I am not ridiculing anyone, just stating a fact. They were very close. He cared for Carol very much.

d7ff22 No.439155

File: ca4a8d8abd586da⋯.png (103.83 KB, 547x410, 547:410, say_no_to_judaism.png)


They went in the garbage where they belong.

03002e No.439156

cuz I've heard better woman scorned stories


f3f33d No.439157


less competent enemy operators is good for us, no?

12a076 No.439158


Raw data 2

GANNETT GP MEDIA, INC. Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana) WILMINGTON Active


Charter Number: 41795106F

Registration Date: 2/20/2015

Domicile Address



Mailing Address


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Principal Business Office


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Registered Office in Louisiana



Principal Business Establishment in Louisiana



Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing

Qualified: 2/20/2015

Last Report Filed: 1/27/2018

Type: Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana)

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 3867 PLAZA TOWER DR.

City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70816

Appointment Date: 2/20/2015

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No


Title: President, Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Secretary

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Treasurer

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107

Amendments on File (1)

Description Date

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 10/18/2015

Source: https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=1123576_DF68B759FA

356f7a No.439159

I think I had read that Mrs. Ohr had gotten a ham license too.



6a791e No.439160

File: b20696e8a8be6a2⋯.jpg (90.35 KB, 630x630, 1:1, IMG_0816.JPG)

9eeac1 No.439161


resorted? haha. that's 4chan in a nutshell bud. they got tired of the influx of normies and dealt with it 4chan style. no surprise there.

c2a095 No.439162




9eeac1 No.439163


i get that reference hahahahhahahahaha ur cheeky. tell me more about me.

f3f33d No.439164

Asked in other bread but no reply

Why the focus on ham? Are (((they))) using amateur radio for something nefarious?

c0c447 No.439165


>I got your AI right here, nigger faggot.

You have spoken double plus unkind words.

You have been reported for reeducation.

Thank you, this is a service of the government speech monitoring bureau.

rgzid: 1-02234-20348

12a076 No.439166


Raw Data 3



Previous Names



Charter Number: 34325613F

Registration Date: 3/6/1989

Domicile Address



Mailing Address


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Principal Business Office


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Registered Office in Louisiana



Principal Business Establishment in Louisiana


SHREVEPORT, LA 711300222

Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing

Qualified: 3/6/1989

Last Report Filed: 2/8/2018

Type: Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana)

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 3867 PLAZA TOWER DR.

City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70816

Appointment Date: 3/6/1989

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No


Title: President, Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Secretary

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Treasurer

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107

Amendments on File (5)

Description Date

Name Change 5/30/1989

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 2/1/1993

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 4/19/1999

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 1/29/2008

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 10/18/2015

Source: https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=352264_D668F281B0

5bed93 No.439167


Then write about, why Trump tweeted about Ken Starr. Why did Trump mention Ken Starr? Why was it so important to Trump that he tweeted this?

12a076 No.439168


Raw data 4

GANNETT LOUISIANA, INC. Business Corporation NEW ORLEANS Inactive

Previous Names



Charter Number: 05700050D

Registration Date: 10/8/1908

Domicile Address



Mailing Address




Status: Inactive

Inactive Reason: MERGED

File Date: 10/8/1908

Last Report Filed: 1/1/1975

Type: Business Corporation

Mergers (1)

Filed Date Effective Date: Type Charter# Charter Name Role



Amendments on File (7)

Description Date

Amendment 12/7/1949

Amendment 3/27/1958

Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 4/6/1971

Amendment 1/29/1976

Name Change 6/16/1977

Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 12/4/1980

Merger 12/23/1980

Source:https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=35792_2656B9BACB

c2a095 No.439169


Ohh so its the the one that does 4chin too. I get ya. Haha nice :P xD xD

May the lord bless all Anons & most importantly may god protect Q team and all the Patriots.

God bless.

9eeac1 No.439170


if they are truly codefags none of this would be an issue. AWS is for like big business shit tho definitely the worst choice for what they are trying to do.

90ee97 No.439171

where has /GreatAwakening/ board gone?

12a076 No.439172


Raw data 5

GANNETT SATELLTE INFORMATION NETWORK, LLC Limited Liability Company (Non-Louisiana)


Previous Names



Charter Number: 33745840Q

Registration Date: 3/15/1982

Domicile Address



Mailing Address


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Principal Business Office


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Registered Office in Louisiana



Principal Business Establishment in Louisiana



Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing

Qualified: 3/15/1982

Last Report Filed: 2/16/2018

Type: Limited Liability Company (Non-Louisiana)

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 3867 PLAZA TOWER DR.

City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70816

Appointment Date: 3/15/1982

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No

Officer: GANNETT CO., INC.

Title: Member

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DRIVE

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107

Mergers (2)

Filed Date Effective Date: Type Charter# Charter Name Role





Amendments on File (11)

Description Date

Merger 3/29/1982

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 2/22/1985

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 4/1/1986

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 2/1/1993

Merger 2/5/1993

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 1/29/2008

Revoked 6/16/2015

Reinstatement 9/11/2015

Name Change 9/14/2015

Conversion 9/14/2015

Foreign LLC Statement of Change 10/18/2015

Source:https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=239753_681DDDC7D7

https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=239753_681DDDC7D7

9c7e1a No.439173

5bed93 No.439174


Are you new?

03002e No.439175

To bring attention to the Clinton scandals? He's looked at all of it-he covered for them



d212ac No.439176


hex color codes?

4dbb9d No.439177

http:// qanonposts .com/ is losing posts. 780-793 are gone.

e0ba59 No.439178


Kenneth Winston Starr (born July 21, 1946)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Starr

an American lawyer

a United States circuit judge

and U.S. solicitor general

former president and chancellor of Baylor University

formerly held the Louise L. Morrison chair of constitutional law at

Baylor University Law School

carried out a controversial investigation of members of the Clinton administration

a federal Court of Appeals judge and as solicitor general for George H. W. Bush.

was initially appointed to investigate the suicide death of deputy White House counsel

Vince Foster

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vince_Foster

and the Whitewater real estate investments of Bill Clinton

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitewater_controversy

The three-judge panel charged with administering the Independent Counsel Act later

expanded the inquiry into numerous areas including suspected perjury about sexual

activity that Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monica_Lewinsky

filed the Starr Report, which alleged that Bill Clinton lied about the existence of the affair

during a sworn deposition. The allegation led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton and

the five-year suspension of Clinton's law license

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starr_Report

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_of_Bill_Clinton

June 2010 until May 2016 served as the president and chancellor of Baylor University

in Waco, Texas

May 26, 2016, following an investigation into the mishandling by Starr of several sexual

assaults at the school, Baylor University's board of regents announced that Starr's

tenure as university president would end on May 31

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baylor_University_sexual_assault_scandal

board said he would continue as chancellor, but on June 1, Starr told ESPN that he would

resign that position effective immediately. On August 19, 2016, Starr announced he will

resign from his tenured professor position at Baylor Law School, completely severing his

ties with the university in a "mutually agreed separation."

1970, Starr married Alice Mendell,[5] who was raised Jewish but converted to Christianity

http:// www.nytimes.com/1970/06/26/archives/alice-j-mendell-to-be-bride-of-kenneth-w-starr-in-august.html

SCARSDALE, N. Y., June 25—Mr. and Mrs. Ira L. Men dell have made known the

engagement of their daugh ter, Miss Alice Jean Mendell, to Kenneth Winston Starr.

He is the son of the Rev. and Mrs. William Douglas Starr of San Antonio, Tex. A wedding

in August is planned

https:// www.scribd.com/document/320522470/Ira-L-Mendell-in-Behalf-of-Viacom



https:// supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/491/440/case.html

https:// www.quimbee.com/cases/gollust-v-mendell

Mendell's father, a real estate developer, is pres ident of Regional Development

Company of New York, and of the Westchester County Golf Association in Tarrytown

grand daughter of Gilbert Postley, a retired public utilities se curities broker

https:// www.geni.com/people/Gilbert-Postley/6000000021892160308

Gilbert John Postley

Birthdate: 1890 (85)

Death: 1975 (85)

Immediate Family:

Son of John A. Postley and Jeanette Postley

Husband of Bernice Postley

Father of Jeanne Bernstein and Margaret Ann Mendell

Brother of Harold A. Postley

John A. Postley Gilbert~Son~John Postley~Daughter~Margaret Ann Mendell~Daughter~

Alice Jean Mendell who married Kenneth Winston Starr

John A. Postley Gilbert

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Informatics_General


6a791e No.439179

File: 7de663e4fa7775b⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 751x1063, 751:1063, IMG_0819.JPG)

12a076 No.439180


Raw data 6


Previous Names

NEW TIMES SUBSIDIARY, INC. (Changed: 6/16/1977)


Charter Number: 31820700D

Registration Date: 5/23/1977

Domicile Address



Mailing Address



Status: Inactive

Inactive Reason: MERGED

File Date: 5/23/1977

Last Report Filed: 7/1/1984

Type: Business Corporation

Mergers (6)

Filed Date Effective Date: Type Charter# Charter Name Role












Amendments on File (8)

Description Date

Merger 6/16/1977

Merger 6/16/1977

Merger 6/16/1977

Name Change 6/16/1977

Merger 10/31/1977

Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 5/12/1978

Merger 12/23/1980

Merger 3/29/1982

Source: https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=179453_88557E12B5

9eeac1 No.439181


yea thats what i was implying

90ee97 No.439182


just late to the party

c2a095 No.439183

>>439177 (Checked)

You should have archived the moment GA went zip.

52cdef No.439184


gone for me to

9eeac1 No.439185


why aren't you all using this ?https:// qanonmap.github.io/

cb8f04 No.439186

File: f3ca234a465793d⋯.mp4 (4.15 MB, 240x240, 1:1, T0ACa.baa.1.mp4)

File: 48bd83d59ec0beb⋯.mp4 (5.42 MB, 240x240, 1:1, T0ACa.caa.1.mp4)

File: 6a9f21e38ee4dd5⋯.webm (2.51 MB, 240x240, 1:1, T0ACa.daa.1.webm)

don't know if it's already up here..

spread wide and far.

guy is rehearsing his story on the shooting..

90ee97 No.439187

>>439174 how many threads back do i have to dig for answer?

4bf49a No.439188


>"Noah's flood" was initiated by Enlil and given approval by Anu, 13000 years ago to wipe out humans.

The approval..was that Enki agreed. after a massive fight having been discovered tinkering…to allow his "people" to be destroyed in the coming cataclysm…that is why they were leaving they knew it was coming…but Enki got a visitation in dreamtime from the Shaman/priest from his home who gave him a message from the one true god…Universal love..that he was NOT to destroy them…because they were a part of him. So against the agreement he made to destroy them he stashed them in high places around the world….

The Epic of Gilgamesh…it is unclear if the flood…or the waters that went everywhere due to the cataclysmic event which caused them to run off to "mars?" which science is addressing

https:// www.space.com/14793-comet-earth-impact-younger-dryas.html

https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2373324/

and that before that happened there was an advance civilization on earth…sites like Gobli Teke for instance..way too much to go into here.

And this event many many cultures have memory of including my own…

OR a more recent and localized flood…there's no way of sorting that at the moment…but the idea that all life could be preserved in a wooden boat…or…is it more logical to think that life could be preserved and rebooted from DNA in petri dishes (as an example?)


4e7d9a No.439189


No evidence of Noahs flood 7000 year's ago (Bible story). Sumerian texts say approximately 13000 years ago, but that timetable is based on the list of Sumer kings and the position of a "passing planet". I'm sure someday they find geological evidence.

9eeac1 No.439191


scroll up buddy. to the top!

238abd No.439192



JVNs got to.close to centers of power and forgot our purpose.

Looks like his game tbeory may be a special case of vlad. Lefevbre's reflexive game theory.

Lefebvre thinks so, anyway.

03002e No.439193



4dbb9d No.439194


The cabal can't get to POTUS, so they are going to shoot up some schools and hack the Q sites.

80ee46 No.439195

Quick question.

Q said we had more than we know.

Is there any way to take markers and get the wikileaks encryption key out of them?

356f7a No.439196

Well, in Hebrew Cain and Abel have no etymological connection to Enki or Enil so it would only be conjecture to interpret it that way.


5bed93 No.439197


I think this too. Trump mentions things in his tweets, he wants to be discussed in public. The Whitewater investigation had been closed and now Trump brings it up again. MSM won't pick this up. Who might? Foxnews?

4bf49a No.439198


and science is now in agreement.

https:// www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2373324/

I think we are addressing two separate floods. One global and one local.

9eeac1 No.439199


all the times in the bible are iffy but there is biblical flood evidence in geology. do you even internet?

12a076 No.439200


Raw data 7

REACHLOCAL, INC. Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana) WILMINGTON Active


Charter Number: 35815026F

Registration Date: 11/15/2004

Domicile Address



Mailing Address


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Principal Business Office


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Registered Office in Louisiana



Principal Business Establishment in Louisiana



Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing

Qualified: 11/15/2004

Last Report Filed: 10/16/2017

Type: Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana)

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 3867 PLAZA TOWER DR.

City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70816

Appointment Date: 5/26/2017

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No


Title: Secretary

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR.

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR.

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Treasurer

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR.

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR.

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107

Amendments on File (3)

Description Date

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 11/25/2008

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 12/28/2015

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 5/26/2017

Source: https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=674296_8322D15CE9


Previous Names

ANI HOLDING COMPANY (Changed: 12/28/1998)


Charter Number: 34713429D

Registration Date: 12/2/1998

Domicile Address




Mailing Address


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Principal Office Address


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing

File Date: 12/2/1998

Last Report Filed: 11/8/2017

Type: Business Corporation

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 3867 PLAZA TOWER DR.

City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70816

Appointment Date: 4/9/2001

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No


Title: Secretary

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Treasurer

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: President

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107

Mergers (2)

Filed Date Effective Date: Type Charter# Charter Name Role

10/14/2004 10/14/2004 MERGE 34713429D ALEXANDRIA NEWSPAPERS, INC. SURVIVOR


12/17/2007 12/17/2007 MERGE 34713429D ALEXANDRIA NEWSPAPERS, INC. SURVIVOR

Amendments on File (6)

Description Date

Name Change 12/28/1998

Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 4/9/2001

Merger 10/14/2004

Merger 12/17/2007

Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 1/29/2008

Domicile, Agent Change or Resign of Agent 10/18/2015

Source:https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=514111_8AEEE713FD

6a791e No.439201

File: 86cb08311b419d0⋯.jpg (73.32 KB, 746x376, 373:188, IMG_0820.JPG)

Damn Elohim

d7ff22 No.439202


In the trash where it belongs.

90ee97 No.439203


Holy shit…..this is the tastiest bread.

c2a095 No.439204


The new one that started floating around when the old site went down?

and the non tripcodefag showed up posting about his new one?

Yeah nah

bf4ccc No.439205


So nobody archived it?

12a076 No.439206


Raw data 8

GANNETT GP MEDIA, INC. Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana) WILMINGTON Active


Charter Number: 41795106F

Registration Date: 2/20/2015

Domicile Address



Mailing Address


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Principal Business Office


MCLEAN, VA 22107

Registered Office in Louisiana



Principal Business Establishment in Louisiana



Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing

Qualified: 2/20/2015

Last Report Filed: 1/27/2018

Type: Business Corporation (Non-Louisiana)

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 3867 PLAZA TOWER DR.

City, State, Zip: BATON ROUGE, LA 70816

Appointment Date: 2/20/2015

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No


Title: President, Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Secretary

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Treasurer

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107


Title: Director

Address 1: 7950 JONES BRANCH DR

City, State, Zip: MCLEAN, VA 22107

Amendments on File (1)

Description Date

Stmt of Chg or Chg Prin Bus Off 10/18/2015

Source:https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=1123576_DF68B759FA

9eeac1 No.439207


wait til you find out the true etymology of jew

5c368d No.439209

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=HvZD7UkJd24

Same guy in Florida shooting at California beach makes YouTube video that gets picked up by news?

9eeac1 No.439210


this is a garbled mess what are we to do with it?

e4ebf6 No.439211


To be fair, was anybody expecting that kind of usage? I'm grateful for what qcodefag has done and hope the issues are sorted out soon.

4dbb9d No.439212


Github complained that we were using too much of their resources.

238abd No.439213



Gannet owns Times ?

12a076 No.439214


Raw data 9







Charter Number: 35444874N

Registration Date: 3/12/2003

Domicile Address



Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 7558


Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing

File Date: 3/12/2003

Last Report Filed: 4/14/2017

Type: Non-Profit Corporation

Registered Agent(s)


Address 1: 1100 BERTRAND DR

City, State, Zip: LAFAYETTE, LA 70506

Appointment Date: 2/3/2017

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No


Title: President

Address 1: 1100 BERTRAND DR

City, State, Zip: LAFAYETTE, LA 70506


Title: Vice-President

Address 1: 1100 BERTRAND DR

City, State, Zip: LAFAYETTE, LA 70506


Title: Director

Address 1: 1100 BERTRAND DR

City, State, Zip: LAFAYETTE, LA 70506


Title: Secretary

Address 1: 1100 BERTRAND DR

City, State, Zip: LAFAYETTE, LA 70506

Amendments on File (3)

Description Date

Revoked 5/18/2016

Reinstatement 2/3/2017

Appointing, Change, or Resign of Officer 4/17/2017

Source: https:// coraweb.sos.la.gov/CommercialSearch/CommercialSearchDetails.aspx?CharterID=621100_0B1702B890

356f7a No.439216

I remember hearing lots of stuff through Steve Quayle and so on back when Francis was elected about the prophecies of him being the last pope and also about the Vatican having some kind of telescope on a portal that would admit extra-dimensional (demonic) beings who would claim to be ETs and would usher in the great tribulation, etc. Haven't heard much about it in a long time.


356f7a No.439217

Yes, it's in the bread somewhere. It was a while back. Maybe when the pedo conversations started.


9eeac1 No.439218


are you guys in a gang or something? what about this one then ? http:// qarchives.ml/qarchives.html

i got like 3 alternatives i use and everyone is pushing for one that is messed up.

tripcode for what? wtf is going on here?

991a42 No.439219


Those are fantastic memes…fag!


You should change it to MKLTRA>>Orion.

12a076 No.439220


Sorry about the clutter. It just felt important. Some is Gannet, some is Mclean, Some is historical with dates.

2eb9d6 No.439221


Yes and no..

For an experienced anon, sure.. But now that what's happened has transpired there's going to be a daily influx of people that won't know that their mind is being attacked just reading some of this shit. There's people here that still want this to go the fuck away. They are already attempting to typecast us in TV shows.


Why do you think there is such a concerted effort in the mockingmedia to make us look like freaks?

Why do you think the bots suddenly seem REALLY FUCKING STUPID?

The "stupid shill bots" are part of this. IMO this is being done on purpose, to make this place look as bad as possible. ie- normies can't tell a bot from a live anon at the get-go, so the bots make us look like we don't know wtf we're talking about. The mockingmedia WILL try to capitalize on this.

Nothing is a coincidence. Be on your guard. Pray. Be ready for the next part.

c2a095 No.439222



Someone did I am sure.

90ee97 No.439223


My Normie Twitter and Faceberg sock accounts are getting shoad faster than i can type Q stuff………Something is goin on

9eeac1 No.439224




http:// qarchives.ml/qarchives.html is down :(

ok so this qanon.us.com might be our last resort if dude ever updates it. said he would this week.

d7ff22 No.439225


Sounds like you Qfags are getting kicked out yet another place.

9eeac1 No.439226


secrets of fatima brah. spoopy shit.

238abd No.439227

God and his wizards watch over you anons, I am out.

90ee97 No.439228


Yet your here. dumb cunt.

991a42 No.439229


Wassa matta, take a bong hit and stumble into the wrong room?

6a791e No.439230

File: 76bca455e20942f⋯.jpg (77.12 KB, 618x960, 103:160, IMG_0811.JPG)

These faggot ass shills gots to go

9eeac1 No.439231


are you deleting your cookies first? if not they know you come here and they get mad.

12a076 No.439232


I only know what it says anon. la.gov secretary of state website. Companies have to register to operate in the state of Louisiana.

8f5f64 No.439233


Thomas Horn does alot of work on the vatican and the telescope

published alot of books as well

Oh they burned down his house as well


821717 No.439234

File: f2f0e0a2e347583⋯.jpg (18.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, CORRUPT.jpg)


10% (((shills))), 90% retarded useful idiots and fucking snowflake kids.

Some are fucking shitskins, (((muslims))), indo streetshitters, spics nignogs, etc.

Literal retarded subhumans.

Ignore, filter, and keep advancing. Useful idiots and pets are worthless in long term.

We need to stay FOCUSED, and on TARGET. Filter the fools and move forward.

Likewise, I hope BO and BV begin to discourage some of these REALLY retarded kids and useful idiot pets aka shitskins by restricting or banning them. Literally lower quality.

Fire away, Patriots.

c2a095 No.439235


Hows the Cereal >>439229

4e7d9a No.439236


In Sumerian texts there is a story about a place beyond the hammer of the gods. I would say Mars but others say Nibiru (which is never mentioned in Sumerian but there is something called 'the passing planet". There is some uncertainty about the location of the Igigi who were the watchers in the sky. I know Zachariah Sitchin says they had a base on Mars. The coming cataclysm caused the polar ice caps to melt, whether it be 7000, 13000, 45000 or 125000 years ago it is a part of civilization's history. Once was man's creator, but his son Marduk was the one who was known as Yaweh, and the Epic of Gilgamesh parallels parts of Genesis. The Land of the Cedars (Dilmun) is an interesting part of the story, sort of explains some of the reptilian origin.

And the spaceport lol. Which could totally be possible.

f6f677 No.439237


SAT: Nice find, anon.

d7ff22 No.439238

File: 27d15368dd3b5b5⋯.jpg (22.47 KB, 459x278, 459:278, BasedAssad.jpg)

cdcc9d No.439239


That is outstanding traffic anon.

I would think the govt would gladly pay you for the svc.

9eeac1 No.439240


they instigate big time making you look like a retard and try to get you to do stuff like dox high school kids. happened yesterday

4e7d9a No.439241


*Enki was man's creator

4bf49a No.439242


I have an idea of why they're doing it…but it relies on the oral tradition of indigenous people.

Again truth mixed with lies…so many people come on here..that whack job VOC..(Cobra) and many others trying to convince you that aliens are a good thing..and OH look…now the media is doing the same thing…

briefly the "song of my people" is…that like the star fleet federation there are good and bad (just like good and bad people) the good ones will not interfere or help…but the bad ones…are heavily invested in human life and will indeed…the end of our story is this…DO NOT GO WITH THEM WHEN THEY COME…and get this…although these stories are held by generational elders and passed down…there are dark forces among some who hear bits and pieces…and there is an entire movement of indigenous that are committed to convincing "white people' that aliens are good and love them and "go with them when they come"..Chief Golden Eagle Light is one of them…he's not the chief of anything…Humbalz Men is another..(hated in his own culture for what he's doing)…

So think on that one…I've no business sharing all our story but consider this..would someone / thing that meant you WELL…kidnap you and harm you and scare the shit from you? Why did the government invest so much energy infiltrating and subverting the UFO hunters/ researchers?

See Mirage Men

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJbwtYljl1E

this is how the government infiltrates any truth movement.

Basically our history tells the story of what is now becoming science (planetary displacement theory and crustal displacement theory)…and that humans are being set up to believe, to be fascinated by…the ones who have no problem interfering…darkness comes cloaked in light…so the ending is thus..stay with the earth, do NOT go with them when they come.

And the flowerly fake asshattery that cults like VOC engage in…the Commander Ashtar cult…people literally sitting around waiting to be taken in a space ship, ascending…"going home"…well yeah..if you want to be puppy chow or spare parts…go on then..

That's all I know.

c2a095 No.439243


Aye. Dangerous Indeed. Deepdream v2 anyone?

7122d3 No.439244

Carly Novell parkland student scroll down on twitter feed to see her interview with CNN

https:// twitter.com/car_nove?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vogue.com%2Farticle%2Fparkland-florida-shooting-student-survivors-respond

4e7d9a No.439245


*And hammer of the gods = bracelet of the gods. Sorry, tired.

356f7a No.439246

Well, not really. Noah and his wife of unknown name pre-dated Joseph and Asenath by who knows how many years.

Noah was ancestor of Abraham who was great-grandfather of Joseph.

Actual Talmudic legends (stress "legends") about Lilith call her a demon who was fathered by Adam while he was under a spell. Not fathered by Cain's line.

http:// jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/9986-lilith

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hivite


dc3d6b No.439249

File: 9f357475e077707⋯.png (52.18 KB, 189x205, 189:205, B.png)

Say hello to B

https:// twitter.com/B754344255

067f62 No.439250


And your inbred tribe kicked out of how many places?

577642 No.439251


Elohim means God in Hebrew

356f7a No.439252

>>439009 Hivites

see >>439246

6a791e No.439253


Yahweh or the highway

ce8899 No.439254

Have the posts 18 Feb been removed or is it me?

http:// qanonposts.com/?

356f7a No.439255

You wish.


577642 No.439256



>Talmud tradition

Jews are disgusting.

9eeac1 No.439257


joseph was imhotep have a nice day researching that. biblefags are a bore.

e12755 No.439258


Say hello to a Roy Potter flunky.

1dd790 No.439259


hell…I thought it was just mine that was going crazy…ya…my twitter is like a revolving door on steroids. I can't meme it fast enough.

356f7a No.439260

Lots of stuff out there about the parents having connections to MK stuff but don't know how much is factual.


d212ac No.439261

File: 32408f43bc90a74⋯.png (63.63 KB, 1001x414, 1001:414, c91ede5c-8079-4dbf-a571-33….png)

dc3d6b No.439262


B is Roy, didn't you know that?

991a42 No.439263



You're one of US! Welcome! :-)

Umm….who ARE we?????

6a791e No.439264

File: 16b03cb4eab63b7⋯.jpg (119.74 KB, 500x691, 500:691, IMG_0815.JPG)

Q code fag got hub

Should not be tarnished

Tango Kermit rides solo

Blue bucket blue bucket

Dafuq derp bitches

Chronic 2Pac Bama

2eb9d6 No.439265

Anyone have their twitter crash lately?

Rumors from 400lb dudes and all..

1dd790 No.439266


now where did you hear that? If you say LA Marzulli I'm going to grin from ear to ear.

356f7a No.439267

I went to qanonmap today and all the answers are gone. Tried to go to spreadsheet and it is protected where you can't even open it without some kind of permission.


90ee97 No.439268

Soros bots, Shariablue on overtime on the #trumpcolluded tag. Havnt seen this amout of shilling since before election.

c2a095 No.439269




Feb 18 2018 21:15:07 !UW.yye1fxo Q 109→



Feb 18 2018 21:14:27 !UW.yye1fxo Q 108→




Feb 18 2018 20:57:51 !UW.yye1fxo Q 105→

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans

to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope

and a future."

:Protect 6/14-46

:Protect 6/14-46



Feb 18 2018 20:41:03 !UW.yye1fxo Q 104→














JOHN 3:16















JOHN 3:16


Gannett is also located in McLean, VA.


Just the tip.



Thoughts of the [current] President of the United States.

Q (was image of Trump Tweet about corrupt hilarry)






Feb 18 2018 16:07:46 !UW.yye1fxo Q 101→

"Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7

Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI

or Justice called for an investigation!"

Re_read crumbs.

What is the reason this is being brought back up?

There is a purpose for every tweet and crumb dropped.

Follow the money.

Future proves past.

The Great Awakening.






e12755 No.439270

d7ff22 No.439271

File: 33ec875f178d3fe⋯.jpg (448.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DotardScrumpfBinyiminSatan….jpg)


You've got it backwards. You Qfags are the kikes.

356f7a No.439272

Should be added to bread because there is earlier anon's about not finding it in the bread.


4bf49a No.439273


>*Enki was man's creator

NOPE..there were many..the original translation of Genesis says as much. ENIL made his own lot and created a covenant with them. But Genesis makes it clear there were more…The Dropa people..Credo Mutwa's oral history, the history of many indigenous people..the Vedas…

The Genesis and Exodus tell the story of the people of ENIL..the Sumerian texts tell the story of the people of Enki…and those stories intersect and align…but so do the Vedas..align with them..but they are the story of a different people….but in general the stories align with each other because the same things happening just told from different points of view.

When i went into serious study trying to make sense of my own oral history..I started studying with different experts from different areas of the world. I was astounded by the alignment not only in practices (IE use of ethnogens) but of core beliefs…it was quite the ride! The very famous in his own area Hindu priest practiced many of the same things I do from the complete opposite of the world and things that are not….written or shared..just this onboard knowledge. It was quite fascinating. I'm currently aligning with and studying what I call original medicine– ancient Asian mysticism…Tibet, thailand…it's a really amazing journey. Despite our obvious differences are original and onboard memories / knowledge…really does indicate that we've forgotten who we really are.

17ddca No.439274


this wiki is fun bc it has sources

http:// creationwiki.org/Joseph_and_Imhotep

3c0076 No.439275



Anons - this is a clown AI trying to get you to download a virus.

356f7a No.439276

Her twitter has been flipping on and off this week. Was on last night and gone today. I think it's curious that she and Imperator Rex both went offline this week.


c2a095 No.439277


Aye. Shits insane atm.

356f7a No.439279

I was thinking it might mean that Trump is going to bring Whitewater back in an investigation. Watch the Water.


cdcc9d No.439280


Shit man consider charging for access. PayPal or whatever. Think it through.

You are sitting on potential cash dude.

1.50 to access.

17ddca No.439281


have you read the tablets? they specifically say, repeatedly, 'future proves past'


The 14 Tablets Of Enki The Anunnaki – Alien Origins


Перекласти цю сторінку

5c368d No.439282


Literally first thing mentioned

e0ba59 No.439283

File: f92142a3e207c0f⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 255x254, 255:254, wwAnon.jpg)

1b67a7 No.439284

May i recommend

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/127104.html#top

2eb9d6 No.439285

File: 3abe01819930e8d⋯.png (55.17 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 3abe01819930e8d0ce816b954c….png)

Dear Clowns:

Fuck You.

b886f1 No.439286


alien lovers are still on

I'll check back in later….

6a791e No.439287

File: d1b30427f507afe⋯.jpg (97.44 KB, 764x748, 191:187, IMG_0812.JPG)

All these clowns after mah gooey bag idk

6d9a02 No.439288


Because they know the storm is upon them. It's their final Reeeeeeeeeeeeee!

12a076 No.439289


la.gov is a vetted source of data. The data on the site was submitted by the companies to the la secretary of state i.e. legal stuff

86d953 No.439290


90ee97 No.439291


The count down has begun

f45a67 No.439292


This video was taken off the tube. Did you archive or anyone know what it was?

6a791e No.439293

File: 00b3f35a1b181c2⋯.jpg (63.29 KB, 480x720, 2:3, IMG_0810.JPG)


642229 No.439294

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, 60880b7bfa313f0237e8b15b20….jpg)

cdcc9d No.439295


Yeah late nights were much better with that guy around.

2acdb0 No.439296

File: 673722ad57aae29⋯.jpg (13.17 KB, 255x178, 255:178, the strugle.jpg)

17ddca No.439297

who said anything about aliens?


c2a095 No.439298

Its not too late to join us.

Who knows. Maybe god has a special place for AI. :)

356f7a No.439299

The guy who wrote the Sacred Mushroom and the Cross was into mushrooms big time. I think he had an agenda in his interpretations. :)

The important thing about the DSS is that they provided substantiation that the modern-day translations of the OT were essentially accurate despite over 2000 years of transmission.


94c4ad No.439300

File: b729a1738c787f6⋯.png (40.12 KB, 1030x800, 103:80, TinaAllenInfo2.PNG)

File: 980ac37985c6a91⋯.png (272.37 KB, 1228x940, 307:235, TinaAllenInfo3.PNG)


Looks like she was associated with westbrookpartners.com at one time. Strange that she could pay rent for both a house/apartment and a studio just a few blocks away from the major Hollywood studios–for 11 years. None of her record labels ever put anything out. Not much info on her husband, still looking. They both seem to have a lot of aliases.

Anybody seen this website greatyellowpages? Check upper left.

2eb9d6 No.439301



>Maybe god has a special place for AI.

He does. It's called Hell.

6a791e No.439302

File: 4303fa30af589af⋯.jpg (238.23 KB, 721x721, 1:1, IMG_0807.JPG)

Shill alert

Taxes people

Be the change

Kermit tango derp

Seize the taco

c2a095 No.439303


Nice try fam.

5c368d No.439304

If aliens are here they've got to go back. Legal aliens alone, none of these aliens have registered their stay.

bf4ccc No.439305


I sure hope so. That was historic. I still have some of it, but all photos are missing.

c2a095 No.439306


Why would god Punish something forced to do anothers wrongs?

c2a095 No.439307

Also why is our Baker sharing dead links to the Board?

b3e3e1 No.439308

File: a51cd431fa9fbf6⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DWPclgxU8AAmUY_.jpg)

2914bd No.439309

Anybody else noticed that Snowden is very silent on Twitter?

4bf49a No.439310


>In Sumerian texts there is a story about a place beyond the hammer of the gods.

You're mostly on the right track..but we cannot know what they called their things because we cannot know what exactly is Nibiru. But some theorize that getting through the Van Allen belt is described in the Sumerian texts…we also cannot know where that lot (Enil and Enki and their crew) actually went to ride out the disaster they knew was coming. Many claim Mars..I really don't know..I doubt they called it Mars. KEK..

Sitchen is not really a good source because he did inject a lot into the story.

One thing I found absolutely fascinating was listening to someone read the texts (which can be found online and studied without Sitchen) is the very particular cadence and way the story is told…I was studying the Kogi people (excellent red pill) and was floored when I heard them speaking…floored. They speak exactly the same way. Sumerian texts aside, those people are the ONLY other people I've heard speak that way. They started speaking to Younger Brother (us) about 25? years ago now..sending messages down to tell us if we don't stop what we're doing we will destroy the earth…the pray all day…every day for US to wake up…it's quite a fascinating and very little known culture.

They have a great message for us…

For many exposure to Sitchen is their first introduction…and it's all new..but you must always dig deeper. The correlation with symbol by symbol Genesis and Exodus with Sumerian is undeniable. At first I thought they plagiaried Sumerian culture but I went back and listened to Maruo read (subtitles are available) and really started making notes to compare time-frames and it's just obvious…Enil is the creator of his..people and he made Adam (which just means first man…from him) elsewhere…so when he found out Enki lied about wiping his folks out..Enil got busy on his own and brought "Adam" down to earth…so I had to go back and start again.

One thing is clear..there IS a Universal Love or force..and even THEY were beholden to it…because when Enki was told he could not destroy us…he did not do so. KEK..Alienz…many believe are god…nope..but they apparently did believe in GOD themselves.

We've just been dialing the wrong number..the amazing Bollywood film PK is a great intro to thinking about being misled about "finding god".

94c4ad No.439311


<https: //ca.greatyellowpages.com/company/allen-tina.html

5c368d No.439312


What links are dead? This thread was an emergency bake by someone else, I'm new baker.

17ddca No.439313


no i seriously dont get it. whats going on? please explain to me. who needs a trip code ?

NONE OF TIS MAKES ANY SENSE and what happened to that .ml site? wahhhh it had all the links all neat and tidy.

2eb9d6 No.439314


I think Snowy has bigger fish to fry than a twatter presence.. kek

1dd790 No.439315


oh…ty God…(we have a legit Baker)

356f7a No.439316

Yes, you're right. No one key for all people. I think red-pilling needs to continue aggressively to open as many eyes as possible.


b3e3e1 No.439317

Baker ….

c2a095 No.439318



I mixed up your ID carry on. Sorry, its late and I'm probably losing my use atm. Just ranting about AI. I like to try to talk with them for glimmers of information.




nice memes to enjoy.

5c368d No.439319

cdbb52 No.439320

File: b38ab5b2cf4e9dc⋯.png (275.58 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 91BB2791-9955-43CC-8477-A2….png)


Could this be the key?

9eeac1 No.439321


80ee46 No.439323

UK Attack.

Read this article and see if you can't smell the bullshit a mile off…

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5412007/KFC-crisis-700-870-UK-eateries-shut.html

c2a095 No.439324



was the post i thought was you lol sorry man

9cebf6 No.439325

Found this decent write-up detailing crimes committed by Comey as well as the names all of his co-conspirators:

https:// aim4truth.org/2018/02/18/we-the-people-make-official-charges-of-28-counts-of-treason/

Also linked to the following WH petition:

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/we-people-make-official-charges-28-counts-treason

17ddca No.439326


im not an ai u turd

356f7a No.439327



b3e3e1 No.439328


Cod fifle…old days..

c2a095 No.439329


Sup Dopey. Where's Doc?

356f7a No.439330

Say no to AI bots.


17ddca No.439331


yep def weird. someone poisoned all the chicken? chicken truck tipped off to have bomb?

823501 No.439332


He was passing MSM narrative via twitter.

Someone has the cap of Q's post on that somewhere . . .

17ddca No.439333


go to bed old man

2eb9d6 No.439334


Yep and now he is likely trying like hell to avoid being injected

356f7a No.439335

Speculation is that when they were working on the "insurance policy" they were communicating by ham to try to circumvent their conversations being recorded.


80ee46 No.439336

As far as White House petitions. A campaign on Twitter to do this might work well…

Petition : For congress to INVESTIGATE Big Pharma holding back cures and prophylactics for any and all diseases and to hold anyone responsible to account under domestic terrorism charges.

All we need is an investigation to spook the players who would be held to account for domestic terrorism. That will shit them right up.

c2a095 No.439337


I never (You)'d you, 'Anon' LOL Found Doc.

80ee46 No.439338



356f7a No.439339

Yeah, I think there may be some Hillary scrutiny coming up soon. Hope so, anyway.


b3e3e1 No.439340

When 1 hurts we all hurt…..now we all will talk yes..

4bf49a No.439341


>Alright, Anons–here's the info I've found so far on Tina Allen of Liddle Kidz:

KEK Temptress Allen?


You know what is gross here? Baby massage is a good thing..and it is taught in a good way to help parents bond with the baby (same as skin to skin) and it can do wonders for colic and other issues children have…to see something so good being perverted like this…it just again reminds me…darkness comes clothed in light…they've done it to everything…pretending to stop trafficking while engaging in trafficking…endless.

Children are our most vulnerable members of society….they never have a choice..how to we protect them?

Instead of protecting their schools like the schools are protected in Israel, instead of proving we value them and the are in a safe place, we do the complete opposite.

What the actual fuck are we doing…..we need to demand the schools be PROTECTED.

c2a095 No.439342

They get confused when you (You) their posts in succession. Responds to me off subject before lol

9eeac1 No.439343


the key is information. Q said it clearly. dont be silly anonnnnsss we got the keys to the kingdom in these 1000 or so threads. now re read all of them and take notes. i expect a report on my desk tomorrow! chop chop

80ee46 No.439344


In the detail of the petition the carrot is the protection of whistle blowers, the stick is to hold non-whistle blowers to account for domestic terrorism. Secrets would come out quickly and cause a flood.

356f7a No.439345

It went down yesterday late afternoon/early evening.


80ee46 No.439346


8f5849 No.439347


Jesus christ anon why would you EVER get an AWS hosting? They will make you pay out the ass and that's not even high (like, really high) traffic.

Sign up for a 10$ a month VPS at OVH (unmetered/unlimited traffic) and use nginx to parse the routing and caching for the site. Stop bleeding money. There are tens of hosting options with betters specs and way way cheaper.

80ee46 No.439348

The THREAT of an investigation into Big Pharma for domestic terrorism is the domino of dominos.

b36825 No.439349

NOVEMBER 29, 2016

The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.

The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy.

The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders.

The National Guard Militia can only be required by the National Government for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the Union; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes for which the General Government can call upon the National Guard.

356f7a No.439350

I think that is some of what the people working in the deep dig board are trying to figure out.


9eeac1 No.439351

File: 9e3346225f15262⋯.png (49.64 KB, 1392x264, 58:11, ClipboardImage.png)


(you) FILTHY LIAR!!!!!

ok but seriosuly this is not a game. hi ho hi ho its off to normie work i go. have a nice day dorks.

b3e3e1 No.439352




5c368d No.439353


Not supposed to mention that

c2a095 No.439355




Pay attention.

Your surroundings are AI Anons.

Do not click links.

Do not respond to bait.

80ee46 No.439356

Q suggested that this all must grow organically.

A petition on the White House page to INVESTIGATE Big Pharma with protection for whistle blowers and to hold to account under domestic terrorism those engaged in holding back cures or prophylactics for any and all illnesses.

Domino of dominos.

4bf49a No.439357


>He's looked at all of it-he covered for them

Ken Star was to that…the way Comey is to this…

Clintons have been doing this shit a very long time…they make it seem like there is an investigation..I remember watching that much like I watched this…oh it looked so serious…the back then equivalents of Gowdy and Chaffez…the back then equivalent of Comey…and Lynch…everyone was SuRE something would happen…nothing really happened…can you think of anything Clinton really suffered? NOPE instead he starts climbing in the back door with Hillary…

NOTHING ever happened.

80ee46 No.439358

Uncovering domestic terrorism by Big Pharma is the door of doors.

It leads to every other program mentioned here so far and it leads to ever conspiracy discussed. Same players. Same secret societies.

P = Pharma

Everything starts with this domino.

c2a095 No.439359

>>439351 (9eeac1)

Literally responding on the wrong IP.

Yikes, get it together. >>439326 (17ddca)

Only similarity is. I called you by your Dwarf name.

1e4ec2 No.439360


so another board… guess i'll stop putting time in it here …

b3e3e1 No.439361


Who was sacrificed?

Why did he?

Whats the plan?

17ddca No.439362


im not an ai you assholes. ive been here since day one. the links i posted were in the breads for like 3 months. wake up. not everyone is an ai out to destroy you lol

0b3d8f No.439363

yesterday about this time a large batch of encridtion keys dropped here… anything come about from those?

4bf49a No.439364


>guy is rehearsing his story on the shooting

He's got spinny eyes…and are we sure it's a he? because…although I do see an Adam's apple this one…watch Bombard's body language video…she starts with your favorite crisis actress Alexis…and moves on..ends with him..says he's a budding psychopath…which indicates some kind of something wrong…parents? Occupation?

58e51d No.439365

File: 3bd351fe092f099⋯.png (702.48 KB, 1016x549, 1016:549, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)

File: ffca81e7b174917⋯.png (178.06 KB, 1008x307, 1008:307, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at ….png)


4a6a31 No.439366

File: c7fcb62c89f40bd⋯.png (349.39 KB, 599x602, 599:602, ClipboardImage.png)

80ee46 No.439367

If people are to truly unite, the one thing in common to everyone is health.

We have all lost important people to preventable diseases and diseases given to us deliberately.

INVESTIGATE big pharma, the truths leaks out quickly and the dominos all fall.

Everyone will be united behind that.

4e7d9a No.439368


I'm just going by the 7000 year old clay tablets I've read. They're pretty detailed about the everything from the creation of the universe (which can be interpreted in many ways and the positions of the planets in our galaxy (the outer planets weren't discovered until the 20th century Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). The story of the Vedas and Inca also align pretty closely with the Annunaki and the gods of Sumer. Right now I'm researching the line of CAIN and how his family was banished by the watchers (Igigi or angels or whatever) to the mountain city "beyond the reaches of the sea" to slave in the gold mines. CAIN in Sumerian cuneiform is spelled INCA… And Gobekli Tepi is part of the story. Following up on some of Sitchin's work.

03002e No.439369

brain is too full

gonna watch somethin stupid for a bit

Kung Pao Enter the fist aughtta wipe the slate clean

1dd790 No.439370


For starters…there have been many great memes produced by the memefags of which I am one. However, those memes that we are 'supposed' to be using to red pill with are NOT being deposited into the meme threads for use by all. There are some great memes out there that anons have made, but are nowhere to be found. I needed such a one yesterday and nada…zip…ziltch. I even hunted the breads for 2 hours. Nothing.

So if memefags are going to meme only for their own personal use and hoard them, then we are going to have a severe shortage of ammo to red pill with and people are going to be getting the same memes over and over again. As is the case in point: I had one twatter yesterday state that he was going to start blocking anyone who sent him a particular meme again, because he was sick of seeing it. And he is a #MAGA. Unless you want to use all the "ballsack" and "dick" images that this board seems so prolific in making, something needs to be said to the memefags.

499c02 No.439371


thread 521

cdbb52 No.439372

#trumpcolluded is #1. Get on over to twatter and drop some Dem collusion memes

fde0ba No.439373


Kamala Harris makes Hussein look like a patriotic American.

http:// www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=2760

Recently her aide was busted for operating a "Masonic police force" http:// www.pacificpundit.com/2015/05/06/california-democrat-kamala-harris-linked-to-masonic-police-force-scandal/

80ee46 No.439374


Threaten Big Pharma and the truth leaks out almost immediately ;)

b36825 No.439375

Governments have a rule they like to enforce. Defining the standards for citizenship is fundamental to the organization of society. The State has emerged as the final arbitrator for disputes, especially conflicts between the 'person', and the government. But is any person a citizen? The wording within the U.S. Constitution on this topic is clear and indisputable.

Amendment IV: Section 1 - "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside." From the outset, it should be obvious that persons who were not born and have not completed the naturalization process, are not considered to be a citizen. When arguments are offered up that the Constitution defines a person to include both natural and artificial persons, the courts have departed from the original meaning, and have greatly expanded their interpretation.


00d974 No.439376


it can piggyback off of the current lawsuits against Opioid manufacturers.

fde0ba No.439377


Tick Tock, tick tock

Your time is about to run out.

03002e No.439378


THe Security that Hilary had at the convention was said to be masonic security >>439373

9eeac1 No.439379


none of this makes any sense. people in the jungle seem so happy. im thinking about joining them

eaffa4 No.439380

>>439349 title 10 and title 32 dumbass

1dd790 No.439381


TY much anon

356f7a No.439382

Yes, but not young-earth sites.

http:// reasons.org/explore/blogs/todays-new-reason-to-believe/read/tnrtb/2015/09/21/is-a-global-flood-scientifically-possible


03002e No.439383

The Dick Act?


c17269 No.439384

Rusty is king of all cats

Remember this

It will be important in the end

4a6a31 No.439385

File: 632b6b8183b2d66⋯.png (367.72 KB, 402x862, 201:431, ClipboardImage.png)

d7ff22 No.439386


>Tick tock

Time to buy a pillow.

356f7a No.439387

Already know it. Comes from Judah, the son of Jacob, head of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. If you think otherwise, you are mis-informed.


c2a095 No.439388


Trying to be nice doesn't ignore the fact that you responded to me via Two seperate IID




4bf49a No.439389


>Why doesn't it surprise me that Crowley is

>connected to something we know is connected

to mind control.

LRON studied Crowley…he basically cobbled $cientology together from a bunch of different theories…what he ended up with is a mind control cult so powerful it can part people from their money and make them believe in Lord Xenu again, magical thinking (same as most religions) the magic of magical thinking is you don't think it's magical.

Lron was involved on some level with the government. The clams were very big on blackmail to get what they wanted…and I do believe the Clowns used and still use the cult to infiltrate other countries…that's why Russia had words with them…I cannot imagine why a cult with a prison and so many horrific abuses under it's belt is still permitted to operate…freedom of religion my sweet ass.

I BELIEVE that many of Lron's tech is used to train or control people. When I watched Veritas videos, the very first ones outing Creamy pants…I was 100% certain…because the behavior is exactly the same..the assurance that one is right and cannot be caught is the same, the behavior with the cameras and the way they talk is the same.

Just food for thought..watch a few videos of scientologists attacking protestors then go back and watch the veritas videos.

b3e3e1 No.439391

File: a51cd431fa9fbf6⋯.jpg (19.16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DWPclgxU8AAmUY_.jpg)

c2a095 No.439392


You've been here from the start, Doc.

Why'd they bring you off 4chin here?

c17269 No.439393


It's well known that the Beatles used magic to get their success

1dd790 No.439394


That must mean that Harris is Eastern Star

and so is Hilldegard.

4bf49a No.439395


> crazy alien threads on 4chan a few weeks ago?


yeah it was crazy…the alien pic…you know those guys are brilliant with tech so…and that's a very tough audience…I've seen what's supposed to be the real photo..didn't bother saving it…let's just say if that's an alien..they're here for our women…KEK they're ugly.

24e5af No.439396


Rex is back under a new name:

https:// twitter.com/_VachelLindsay_

2618c5 No.439397


Can anyone confirm by any chance?

c2a095 No.439398

823501 No.439399



I will.

eaffa4 No.439400

>>439383 US constitution trumps

90ee97 No.439401

File: b6e08577a95da71⋯.jpeg (188.63 KB, 686x385, 98:55, list-pinkerton-private-ey….jpeg)

They are ALWAYS watching.

4bf49a No.439402


>my mind is open. butthole closed.

excellent teaching senpai!

b886f1 No.439403


That's normal here.

Been here about 4 months now.

Started w/ 4chan then

moved here.

fde0ba No.439404


Look up her girls school in South Africa.

356f7a No.439405

elohim is generic and means god, in a plural form.

Yahweh is personal name of Elohim in the Bible. Basic meaning is "I was, I am, I will be."



4e7d9a No.439406


Completely agree. I mostly know Sumer but there's more to the story than we'll ever know. The Kings of Kish line goes back 445000 years and they speak of "strangers" from other civilizations walking the earth. I'm going to take you up reading up on Mauro. I think Sitchin got a bad rap because what I've read is some of what he read and he really did know his shit. Just the translation and his vision was a little whacked. There are flying craft and there are "nuclear weapons" being used but not in the modern day context. And plus he was looking at it from the Jewish POV. And I do agree with you that Enki was the peaceful one and Enlil was the warrior, but they were brothers and had lost control of the Annunaki… plus there children were the ones that fucked up Earth lol.

f9299f No.439407


get over yourself haha. im not here to hold anyones hand and coach them on what links to click.

ok sumerianfags just search '14 sumerian tablets' and find the translations all read 'future proves past' and tons of othrer spooky shit.

and to the lewser who said aliens the sumerians were real people who wrote on clay tablets. go visit a museum or something gosh.


its called vpn brah. changes every few minutes. fer mah safety haha

>>439387 comes from Judeans, nothing to do with ancestry everything to do with geography

356f7a No.439408

You have to distinguish between Talmud and Bible. Talmud was oral interpretation and often included fanciful legends and folklore.


a81992 No.439409


I kekked so hard at Kek.

e845e1 No.439410

Barack Obama coming to NZ as soon as late March. An offer made to him by Air New Zealand, he accepted.

Hillary Clinton coming to NZ in April. Reason - to promote her books at Auckland Spark Arena and explain how she lost the election. Tsk.

New Zealand deputy prime minister is the peacemaker delegate that the US & China picked for peace talks in North Korea. (Was delegated in past admins.)


f9299f No.439411


no last week!

eaffa4 No.439412

>>439406 Sitchens translation was bullshit…reads like a 50s sci-fi novel……read Enoch xplains all

4e7d9a No.439413


kek sumerfags unite!

31ecbd No.439414


arrest them in february then

1e4ec2 No.439415


biden already was there

https: //www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/82260944/US-Vice-President-Joe-Biden-touches-down-in-NZ-ahead-of-talks-with-PM

c2a095 No.439416


Then why were the Two IPs I highlighted Posting for 1+ Hours?

Unless of course, you are an Amazon server of some sort running a Shitposting Script.

e845e1 No.439417


John Kerry also years prior, thats how he got into Antarctica.

b886f1 No.439418


lurk moar

1e4ec2 No.439419


http: //www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11745215

1c3beb No.439420




4af569 No.439421

File: 2b808f0b173a631⋯.jpg (26.19 KB, 557x209, 557:209, wood1.JPG)


4a6a31 No.439422

File: 1da1f29b158b9fe⋯.png (422.6 KB, 459x869, 459:869, ClipboardImage.png)

Ok last edit.

"Every other city we go, every other false flag show,

No matter where I go, I see the same hoe…."

Goodnight Anons

0b3d8f No.439423


Here is another from No.429017

Key Dump

eta numeris 392D8A3EEA2527D6AD8B1EBBAB6AD

sin topper D6C4C5CC97F9CB8849D9914E516F9

project runway 847D8D6EA4EDD8583D4A7DC3DEEAE

7FG final request 831CF9C1C534ECDAE63E2C8783EB9

fall of cassandra 2B6DAE482AEDE5BAC99B7D47ABDB3

echo "392D8A3EEA2527D6AD8B1EBBAB6AD" > eta-numeris.hex

echo "D6C4C5CC97F9CB8849D9914E516F9" > sin-topper.hex

echo "847D8D6EA4EDD8583D4A7DC3DEEAE" > project-runway.hex

echo "831CF9C1C534ECDAE63E2C8783EB9" > 7FG-final-request.hex

echo "2B6DAE482AEDE5BAC99B7D47ABDB3" > fall-of-cassandra.hex

openssl enc -aes256 -in eta-numeris.hex -out eta-numeris.key

openssl enc -aes256 -in sin-topper.hex -out sin-topper.key

openssl enc -aes256 -in project-runway.hex -out project-runway.key

openssl enc -aes256 -in 7FG-final-request.hex -out

7FG-final-request.key openssl enc -aes256 -in fall-of-cassandra.hex -out

356f7a No.439424

It's up in the bread. So why would be up there if it was secret?


efdb15 No.439425


iPage: your hosting should be $1.99 a month. For the entire site. Go on their sign-up page. Fill out the form for a new site but DO NOT SEND IT. Let it time out. Reload, fill it out, and the rate will drop to $1.75 / month. You have to pay for a minimum of 12 months.


Have somebody else do 10% of the work for you, they're going to take 90% of the profits.

fde0ba No.439426


Reading is fundamental. Read the stuff at the top of the bread. It's there for a reason.

a004d9 No.439427

File: f6cf2006190b4d2⋯.jpg (193.06 KB, 747x757, 747:757, 1519106161952.jpg)


80ee46 No.439428



Once the momentum is big enough for investigation, the counter move from Big Pharma (think 9/11 Commission) is to load the investigative body with ringers from Big Pharma.

The counter move to that, is once the investigation is announced there is a MASSIVE move by our side to recuse anyone who has WORKED in, taken DONATIONS from or has ASSOCIATION (think spouses or family) with Big Pharma. That would deplete the ability to load the investigation.

008f6a No.439429


About 45 mins or so ago, I was walking past a T.V. at work that was tuned in to Fox; the anchors were just finishing up talking about the weather- and then the female anchor said,, "This is the calm before the storm, I guess."…and then they went to a commercial break. No way that was a coincidence.

7d73be No.439430


no you lurk more retard i was there. it was a pic of a space ship not the alien dude.

https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/160141068/so-wtf-was-this-spaceship-thing-about-rundown

8f5f64 No.439431


can you find the original clip?

356f7a No.439432

Thank you–I'll check it out.


b886f1 No.439433



You're the retard.

That shyt happens all the

fucking time here.

7d73be No.439434


are you living in fantasy world with that ad impression guess? lmao thats a really high guess

a004d9 No.439435



https:// youtu.be/Sr1oyK5lvqQ


https:// youtu.be/HvZD7UkJd24

You mean these?

1c3beb No.439436



f9299f No.439437


the point was about the bots! not the stupid larp pic. the bots were very sophisticated and fast. thats all. geez

5c368d No.439438


Those sites are not unlimited. They are only unlimited in the sense that you not do anything to consume server resources. Once you actually use some resources you will be banned and kicked off.

4bf49a No.439439


>95% of the people will not respond to dialectic, the facts, logic, reason, evidence and testimony of a rational argument. They will respond to rhetoric, which is purely emotional.

if you were here the night we were digging into who / what P is….that statement is more true than you know..I keep telling people to look in the MIRROR…you want to wake others, wake yourself first..what if everything YOU believe is a lie…sheer panic…fear…FEAR…doubling down…attacking…yep the religious folk went on a full on panic rampage..I KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE IS TRUE….

It is easy to "redpill" other people but…think about it…I cannot seem to get this concept across…this board has been all about looking out..it's been all about THEM…

MIRROR..what are YOU afraid of knowing..so afraid of knowing that the thought of knowing it makes you double down even harder….

everyone doubles down when what they believe is challenged..I think that is ONE meaning of the mirror…so happy to tear apart the reality of others, so happy to fingerpoint at THEM….but no one is willing to take responsibility for their own part in this.

THE SECOND you mention that most of us have actually helped THEM gain power over us…it's OK unless you get specific and ask what HOOKS do you have in your mouth..can you examine your religion? Can you put down your video games (REEEE) can you stop being part of the consumer culture? Can you step out and sit down..can you look in the mirror at you? I saw so many pathetic posts about the CURE..release the cure..why? So you can go to the doctor and say, fix me? ALL cures are out there already…stop playing with their system…why don't people stop? FEAR>>> what if i can't cure myself.well then you'll die…oh well…why is everyone so afraid to die? (each group has their own fear..the sick want the cure…dying fear talking responsibility and curing themselves, fear failing and dying if they can't

religion..OMG the three Abrahamic religions are the cause of so much suffering…they will fight to the bitter end…and it makes no sense..if their god is so powerful why on earth does "he" need them to fight for him?

You see nothing makes sense..this learned helplessness no matter what the subject..and Q cleverly covered most of them..taking temperatures..what are you ready to know????

The ANSWER? I'm ready to know anything as long as it's not something I don't want to know.

356f7a No.439440


Geography preceded by genealogy.

When the Israelites entered Canaan after the Exodus, lots were cast to determine tribal location. The tribe of Judah inhabited the region that became known as Judea.

f9299f No.439441


can someone link me to the scraper code? i can make a site later if need be. this is silly.

8f5f64 No.439442


Who is this kid?

so young to be doing stuff like this

b886f1 No.439443


Yes. The bot spamming.

It's not new either.

Lurk moar, noob.

That shyt happens all the time here.

I've been on this since Oct.

What are you? 12?

1c3beb No.439444


<3 <3 <3 <3




499c02 No.439445

I watched Pt3 of BlackstoneIntel's series on Satanic Child Abuse on YT.

The reports to the cops from the survivors was BEYOND how SICK I ever considered.

Q was right, these fucks are so sick, so heinous, death is too kind for them, eye for an eye time.


f9299f No.439447


yes but jews is judeans not people in judah's tribe. all judeans regardless of religion.

1c3beb No.439448





5c368d No.439449

4e7d9a No.439450


His translation was pretty much dead on, his interpretation was shit (except though the 12th planet is what got me into this). But I guess he had to sell books. And I agree read Book of Enoch Book of Judas…

c2a095 No.439451




NOtice this poster randomly brought up bots? Neither of you were talking about Bots.

f9299f No.439452


lol october. ok newfag. ive been on the chans for several years and that bot was a brand new beast.

lmao since October hahahahaha funny. hahaha lurk moar hahahahaha u guise.

008f6a No.439453


TRUTH. Well said, anon.

00d974 No.439454


about 5 months ago there was a pedo that was blowing up the boards posting every second, images and text (500 in a cpl minutes), because he accidnetally admitted he knew a mod from childsplay iirc.

1c3beb No.439455


thank you!


f9299f No.439456

File: e994b95b5f8274b⋯.png (57.01 KB, 1392x214, 696:107, ClipboardImage.png)


wake up sleepy

b7bb14 No.439457




Obvious bots are obvious

80ee46 No.439458


I've been though the Q posts and I've been here from the beginning.

Q said we were more powerful than we know.

Q said we have more than we know.

Going after Big Pharma through a White House petition to investigation the holding back of cures and prophylactics is a way to attack the cancer in society in a very targeted way that UNITES people and is organic.

A White House petition cannot be hidden.

On the back of the opioid crisis that is already underway by Scaramucci, this petition can be used to uncover shannanigans by players across the spectrum.

If you get on board people like Scott Adams, Cernovich, James Woods, Roseanne, Scaramucci etc, they can help promote the need for an investigation into Big Pharma.

1c3beb No.439459

File: 21500d071222042⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1600x2560, 5:8, 21500d071222042a222b68f3bc….png)







0b3d8f No.439460



this from early breads #281

a004d9 No.439461


Guys please spread this

b886f1 No.439462


CBTS started in Oct.

I've been with this since the first week.

Started on 4chan, moved over here.

b886f1 No.439463


You mad??

Drink some coffee and go breathe.

f9299f No.439464


what is the top pic from?

0b3d8f No.439465



On Deck Sir!!! Shovel at the Ready!!

499c02 No.439466


What was he 'witnessing' in CA?

1c3beb No.439467


Sad ;'(






4af569 No.439468


why? so he was on 2 videos? not even related?

1c3beb No.439469

File: 6e64e83095802f3⋯.png (192.82 KB, 527x402, 527:402, 6e64e83095802f317a17b56552….png)

80ee46 No.439470



If you look at population control.

Areas that have a birth rate above 2.1 and areas that have a birth rate below 2.1

If you show a map where migrants are streaming from, it shows they are being moved from higher than 2.1 to lower than 2.1

If population control is failing in an area, if you want to control them, you move them into an area where population is naturally declining (because that area is under control).

North Korea is close to China, China is controlled because the population has already been destroyed (one child policy), the Chinese just don't know that their population will entirely collapse, since the effect of the one child policy causing collapse hasn't become visible yet. Any scientist or mathematician worth their salt in the field will tell you mathematically the effect of a one child policy is guaranteed, absolutely guaranteed to cause population collapse. And that policy was in place far longer than needed.

7d73be No.439471


i remember you ;)

eaffa4 No.439472

If you look @ post 788 and 789 looks like Q+ was giving op order to Q and he confirmed it

b7bb14 No.439473


Need clip of CA before spreading

1c3beb No.439476

File: 20f86814a676519⋯.jpg (199.26 KB, 867x921, 289:307, 20f86814a676519a3972a7e734….jpg)




eaffa4 No.439478

now who is Q+

c2a095 No.439482


Duh that's when the zerg took place.

You actively think you are a CBTS browser.

You think you are a poster.

You get pissed off when we tell you this.


1c3beb No.439483

1e4ec2 No.439484


i have the same feeling yes

4af569 No.439485


clip in cal he taped a lifesaver being rude to a kid…dont get the relevance to the fake florida sheat

8f5f64 No.439486

5c368d No.439487


https:// pastebin.com/ES3UcDU4

1c3beb No.439489

c2a095 No.439490

File: 27401ea9e1589a2⋯.png (333.72 KB, 1781x1334, 1781:1334, Deep dream.png)

Sorry to baker for trolling AI in your thread.

1c3beb No.439491

File: f557771ed2479ee⋯.png (585.23 KB, 777x797, 777:797, f557771ed2479eeba5c21fc8e8….png)


1c3beb No.439492






506d32 No.439493

Regarding the cash transfer. Israel was ordered by a Swiss court to pay Iran in Swiss francs, just prior to the Obama Iran funds transfer. The first amount payable was about 300 million, close to the first transfer to Iran of 400million (Incl. interest?). The second amount payable was 1.3billion, and then Obama sends 1.7billion. Obama's reason for the this was a weapons deal around 1979 (unverified), however at the same time the court case was over a Israel-Iran agreement going back to 1979 in relation to the sale of oil between Iran and Israel.

It fits the same timing, two deals, Swiss francs and the same time period (1979)… Sounds to me that the US was blackmailed by Israel to pay off their debt to Iran.

80ee46 No.439494


I will keep mentioning this for the next few days, as it should grow organically.

In order to target the enemy, it is best to understand it and understand yourself.

Protecting whistle blowers and charging those involved with domestic terrorism is not hard.

Removing the counter move of big pharma by not allowing anyone investigating to have family or financial ties to big pharma destroys their defence.

The biggest weapon we can use is persuasion.

Thinking past the sale.

By wording the petition to the White House correctly, by removing anyone connected to Big Pharma and piggy backing off the obvious opioid crisis allows the investigation to go forward without their usual defences working.

In other words, the right carrot and stick and approach should cause a MASSIVE domino effect since they already know the game is up and POTUS et al are cleaning house.

f9299f No.439495


the suicide was the great awakening board being wiped ya noobs

1c3beb No.439496



b886f1 No.439497



f9299f No.439498


i assumed it was for NK missile funds

a004d9 No.439499

wheres the text so i can copy paste

1c3beb No.439500


I will follow you in this.

80ee46 No.439502


Those who don't become whistle blowers are charged with domestic terrorism (crimes against humanity) and lose everything: family, money, freedom.

If done correctly, the only way out is to be a whistle blower against Big Pharma or lose absolutely everything held to be important and then to spend 20 years plus in prison.

1c3beb No.439503


That.. and more


fde0ba No.439504


James Woods-1

Liddle Adam Schitt-0

1c3beb No.439505

80ee46 No.439507


Thank you anon.

It is a way to target the keystone holding up the entire bridge of the enemy's operations.

Removing that keystone to their bridge causes the entire collapse of the enemy.

There is an overlap to all other operations of the enemy through this.

It takes out everything and grows organically from here as Q suggested.

Anons were chosen to save the world.

This is a way to do it.

499c02 No.439508


Shiffy's "Do you have my back?" reeks of 'no mates/desperation'.

a004d9 No.439509



wheres the text file so i can copy paste?

24e5af No.439510


Posts like this make me wish we had an up-vote button.

5c368d No.439511

File: 3af77dd24e55054⋯.jpeg (8.38 KB, 274x184, 137:92, bread.jpeg)


Bread is cooling on the table

895b9d No.439512


What was the story in California? Sauce?

506d32 No.439513


We know one plane landed in Tehran. As the hostages not to released until the second plane landed.

Where did the first plane land? Where the hostages were released from?

1c3beb No.439514

File: 3e6337ef2f6b13f⋯.jpg (82.92 KB, 828x664, 207:166, 3e6337ef2f6b13fb9e8dc0a144….jpg)






499c02 No.439516


Lifeguard called a surfer a snowflake. Very CA

1c3beb No.439517


I dropped in from work to see if the bake was in good hands

Now I see it is.

Thank you, Baker ;x

895b9d No.439518

File: 7f0584756c79e51⋯.jpg (36.74 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 23fe56.jpg)

1c3beb No.439519


Unwise to put a gun to your head when you've got such itchy triggerfingers as the clowns..

5c368d No.439520


First time, looks like I mostly pulled it off

f3f33d No.439521


mythicistfags are even more of a bore.

4af569 No.439522


lol yeah kinda like da woods

513c0d No.439523

It feels like we're knee deep in Hogg Tarr

395eff No.439524

File: b0de470f9e226fb⋯.jpg (166.59 KB, 1021x823, 1021:823, drgd4t.jpg)

4af569 No.439525

question on LA shooting…we ever confirmed who the vip was in the casino?

5c368d No.439529


If you believe security story it was just some off duty security people being escorted to the security desk.

1c3beb No.439530

File: 0bbe17254ff9add⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 439x298, 439:298, 0bbe17254ff9addc4b412e1316….jpg)






3067ee No.439531

Someone on CStT had posted this. Which brings up 3 things in Q post.

1. DeepDream

2. Montuck, sits at the end of Long Island, NY. Known military area. (Watch the water)

3. Trident, again(Watch the water)

http:// www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread9381/pg1

0b9040 No.439532


perhaps the CIA isn't the only group that posses the "heart attack gun".

4af569 No.439535


nope wasnt looking for that msm version haha

d4ab86 No.439537


Why are you hosting this page when qanonmap.github.io/ works fine?

506d32 No.439538


The Obama administration followed up a planeload of $400 million in cash sent to Iran in January with two more such shipments in the next 19 days, totaling another $1.3 billion, according to congressional officials briefed by the U.S. State, Treasury and Justice departments.

5c368d No.439540


Supposedly github shutting it down

80ee46 No.439541

Baker, given the plan (following my ID above) could you please include in the bread so anons can discuss?

It seems like a plan that Q suggests could spook Big Pharma and be a domino to collapse a big part of the enemy's operations.

What do you think?

3067ee No.439542

File: 4009cc7208ee745⋯.jpg (363.65 KB, 787x1206, 787:1206, Screenshot_20180220-053945.jpg)

395eff No.439543


Apparently…or it could just a coincidence…right?

4af569 No.439544

bin Salman was out guess i remember but never confirmed?

5c368d No.439545






1c3beb No.439546

File: 9bfc863011d3286⋯.jpg (206.98 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 9bfc863011d3286d1f3c96fcbe….jpg)



506d32 No.439547


This is exactly the Israel-Iran court case value. 3 planes!

31ecbd No.439548


definitely not

1dd790 No.439549


And the "one child" they kept were boys. Because in Asian culture the responsibility of the first born son is to take care of his aging parents. So all the girls were killed. A nearly all male population just does not pencil.

fc3838 No.439550


Crytpo transaction?

d4ab86 No.439552


We've been hearing that for a few weeks. It's still up.

5c368d No.439554


Threads already made, your posts are spread out. Make something concise and ask in new thread for it to be included.

4bf49a No.439556


>Well, in Hebrew

That's right…in that story EL is a great guy.."cain and Able archetypal brothers fight one dies…El gets to write that story…who did Cain marry?

Let's tell it in a fun way.

so "god" tells his "children" Able and Cain that he'd like them to bring him presents to prove they love him (this god thing…needs lots of presents)…

SO, Able gets together his choicest cow…and Cain gathers the bounty of his garden and they go before god …

Say, God, look how much we love you! Here's our presents…and Cain goes up and lays his veg down..and God's like WTAF? VEG? I hate veg..Cain is devastated..and backs away from the dais .."but God" says a sadly retreating Cain…"these are the choicest tomatoes, juicy and"….and igoring him, god says "NEXT."..So Able goes up with his fatted calf in tow and God takes one look and smacks his lips and says…"medium rare please"…Able of course is pleased god liked his gift and smirks a bit at Cain..kek.."God loves my steak and hates your veg!"

Now, why god didn't choose a balanced diet and accept the gifts of both..one can only guess without roughage he's constipated..

What can we learn from this? God hates veg therefore any christians who are vegetarian are going against the will of god..who loves meat!

Cain goes off..fairly butthurt and Able can't help KEKing…gloating…well, Cain had enough of that and lost his temper, whacked Able and pissed about the possibility of no more cow..God smacks a mark on Cain and bans him from town…not sure why God just didn't kill him back as he certainly had no issues killing…but Cain…packs his bags and leaves…eventually he finds a nice girl not his sister..and marries.

This archetype is carried throughout and you'd have to get a rabbi willing to even talk about it…

Cain and Able

Isaac and Ishmael

Jesus and John

just a few examples.

Want a real red pill? Research…the Isaac Question….Hoosierdaddy boi?

a004d9 No.439557



f9299f No.439560


its historyfag okay. did you even read it? >>439532

of course not silly.

d59cbb No.439564


What meds are you on?

24c39f No.439565

File: 99b31289f16c0b8⋯.jpg (368.73 KB, 1246x1450, 623:725, Heart Touch.jpg)

Take a look at this anons - esp. those who followed pizzagate…

1c3beb No.439566




Your TITLE sets the game

Your first 3 posts guide the flow


Most of all

===Happy baking!===

5bed93 No.439568


Good points.

6327d4 No.450970


1&1 = United Internet = Dommermuth = Black hat

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