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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

b9128d No.480681




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Sunday, 2.18.18

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Friday, 2.16.18

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Thursday, 2.15.18

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>>388822 rt >>388588 Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>>388588 rt >>388528 Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>388363 rt >>388315 Science fiction?

>>388273 rt >>388211 What [3] scientists were killed?

>>388168 rt >>388119 Hive-mind

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>>462384 ..i seened it..

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548f72 No.480720

File: 3b530fbcc9904ec⋯.jpg (893.48 KB, 1125x1084, 1125:1084, 1519448585292.jpg)


Can we get it trending?

b9128d No.480726

https:// pastebin.com/VrfxDSeN

Baker going to bed

Been here all day. Good night anons. Good night Q. Good night Patriot watchers.

c35bab No.480770


Control? Power? Money? All of the above?

4c6855 No.480771


not sure… caught this and posted… still digging

c35bab No.480772

File: 4aef08d2df18435⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 600x421, 600:421, 257ejq.jpg)


Get some rest Patriot!

39edae No.480773

File: c103bd0c53d57b8⋯.jpg (124.55 KB, 736x1308, 184:327, 4c74390d5724f7c2c28cff1d4c….jpg)

Thanks Baker.

10a954 No.480774


We need the cures

cf560a No.480775


sanctions vs NK

b9128d No.480776


White van attack on WH. She had a gun with her too.

Cabal didn't really appreciate Trump's CPAC speech as much as we did.

ef6092 No.480777

40:30 drinks the water https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixS9QoPs35M

3c8ddc No.480778

File: 68a6f96268d5efb⋯.jpg (169.24 KB, 450x338, 225:169, ScottIsraelDIRTY.jpg)

30900a No.480780

548f72 No.480781

File: b8f1d2e79d93eb9⋯.jpg (85.56 KB, 1024x930, 512:465, 1519449614049.jpg)

ff65e8 No.480782

This Q post is gonna keep us bust guessing without a little help.

c35bab No.480783

File: 36c8bf428f9cd11⋯.jpg (31.19 KB, 467x259, 467:259, 24xqw8.jpg)


>Trump's CPAC speech

1aafbb No.480784


Both around two months ago.

Yes, I believe so. Even earlier than that, before Q even posted on 4chan, there were organized efforts to defame and discredit the owner, Jim, as "just another Hiroyuki" (you'd need to search a bit if you don't know who that is) who sells user data. This was back when Gamergate was in full swing.

2a54b5 No.480785


That's moar pixels!

e1b9e2 No.480786


epic baker!

>>480765 (last bread)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_23

88cc94 No.480787


What happened 'today' (2/23/18)?

Payback implies an attack or assault, something negative.

So what happened today against POTUS?

I'm thinking CNN or MSM but IDK IDW.

So if we find what happened against POTUS - we can look for the bitch slap!

72cedf No.480788

Stanislav Lunev would conceivably be the most useful advisor to US intel imaginable. He could advise on almost any anti-US strategy concocted, because he'd already done it as former GRU. If successfully turned, the possibilities are just endless. Wow.

I only read the Wiki on him, and it was an eye opener. Just go look. Holy cow.

Whew, anons. Whew.

66b39a No.480789

What is going to happen to our money? How much fraud is there in our markets?

Will we be going back to the Gold Standard?

39edae No.480790


I try my best to keep my word.

d48d21 No.480791

File: b4b6f55410b22a5⋯.png (22.21 KB, 533x270, 533:270, hannsen.PNG)

http:// edition.cnn.com/2001/US/02/27/fbi.spy/

Article about Hannsen(bridge?) had info about a russian defector pic related.

10a954 No.480792


bitch got shot dead

attacked white house in van armed

d0d24e No.480793

anons what happened today that deserves payback?

Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


975b45 No.480794





c35bab No.480795


What exactly was Gamergate?

f2c735 No.480796


Or a warning… the post was Saturday (Today), not yesterday (Friday)

9cc1f3 No.480797

File: 8ab777332dc6eea⋯.png (66.57 KB, 1030x532, 515:266, 8ab777332dc6eeae4b69af8710….png)

hey Q, check this out some anon posted couple breads ago

you dig?

b9128d No.480798


He is a good tool to have for sure.





256391 No.480799




Could the new Manafort charges be what the 'payback' is for?

https:// www. nbcnews.com/news/us-news/former-trump-campaign-aide-rick-gates-set-plead-guilty-n849256

a073db No.480800

File: a50c2411c4afaad⋯.jpg (1.25 MB, 1608x1080, 67:45, IMG_20180223_235154_proces….jpg)


How is the big pharma takedown going?

I'm ready to dispense some

< Red_pills_

aed57b No.480801


Woman with gun tried to run through White House barricade

72cedf No.480802


The only events most of us are privy to are the ones that hit MSM.

I don't think the crazy old bat ramming the White House fence quite merits "payback", unless it was more than that.

Anything's possible.

548f72 No.480803


That is a very long story. Corrupt journos got exposed.

3c8ddc No.480804


code glitch on 8ch?

20910d No.480805


Alice in wonder land wrote by: Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Stoneman Douglas high school shot up.

During the 1930s, she was commissioned to write a pamphlet supporting a botanical garden called "An argument for the establishment of a tropical botanical garden in South Florida."

She was in aclu, red cross, stood for refugee rights, climate and habitat control. Against trade tariffs.

Is this not a conicedence?

Also Thank you patriots.

30900a No.480806

File: 0184a393f02397d⋯.jpg (32.31 KB, 1026x124, 513:62, bridge.JPG)

6d7983 No.480808


Good guys get Susan Rice to rat out on Comey, Brennan, et al?

230179 No.480809


These are very on point. Correct even.

Important reading for everybody:



1aafbb No.480810


You need to remember back then, it was "Cabal-backed country vs. Cabal-backed country". The whole cold war was engineered by the Cabal. They knew exactly where each hand was and were itching for a fight. But then, JFK happened and the Cabal decided to deescalate and wait (see Yeltzin, Solidarność in Poland).

c35bab No.480811


They clearly tried very hard to hack us.

And that what Q is saying when he says "nice try"

ee1298 No.480813

File: 7fa9c5c4095a0c7⋯.jpg (121.24 KB, 750x501, 250:167, IMG_2959.JPG)

File: 3f04337a21b095d⋯.jpg (193.77 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, IMG_2968.JPG)

File: 416eba492e7d27a⋯.png (333.31 KB, 750x321, 250:107, IMG_3322.PNG)

File: d2103519de43867⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1500x1502, 750:751, IMG_3378.PNG)

505505 No.480814



>Stanislav Lunev.



33eaa1 No.480815

File: dadbd573dddc1ab⋯.jpeg (106.51 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, 16029F80-ADFD-42C2-A0CE-1….jpeg)

To all the watchers and hunters who are now the watched and hunted:

Despite decades and centuries of your forebears efforts to stratify and control all global commerce to the detriment of national and individual sovereignty, you and your kin have never been capable of stratifying the human spirit.

Truth prevails

Billions shall live and witness the demise of your parasitical legacy….in fact, its already happening as we all scroll this board.

Justice prevails

Totalitarians can no more control the world than physicists can extrapolate a semblance of reality beyond Plank’s Constant.

Common sense and Reason prevails

God, mankind, prevails.

POTUS is only a year into this leg of the journey and he shall continue prevailing, and winning and winning and stomping the holly fucking hell out of all you pieces of maggot shit so as to restore this great republic to its rightful and intended functionary governing capacity.

You got that? We’re just getting started. The DNC is almost broke, the Russia/Collusion/Obstruction narrative is BTFO, and meanwhile the same sleeping giant that elected POTUS 45 has barely moved its pinky finger since Trump’s victory and yet that alone has sent all ye bad hombres into a tailspin….all while Humanity watches.

dbdcf7 No.480816

File: 5d8b66a753e942d⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 305x310, 61:62, gopherit.jpg)


I'm down with everything but Flat Earth. I was a pilot. I've seen the curvature/horizon…

872d65 No.480817


That's the name of the funeral plans for the Queen. There's nothing secret about them. They practice them once a year. Little known tidbit about events of this nature. There are snipers on top of every building along the route and military units secreted all around the area in case something happens. If it does it will be quickly, and ruthlessly, dealt with.

4c6855 No.480818

Ruddy: What do you think the degree of penetration is of the U.S. government by communist or former communist countries in the CIA, the FBI, and State Department?

Lunev: It could be hundreds. But I don't know the exact number.

9cb2a1 No.480819

Payback for today? ,I think we might be missing something else that happened

507750 No.480820

Payback for today. Hum.

Today is considered:

Saturday, 2/24/18 EST

1e8bc1 No.480821

File: 481f2087d3ea582⋯.png (394.92 KB, 458x628, 229:314, ClipboardImage.png)

Real good bread, Baker.

39edae No.480822


You would need to be way higher than 5 miles to see the curve.

7b48bb No.480823

Something happened to snowden?

dba615 No.480824

File: 4b47a0d00af77a5⋯.png (15.5 KB, 638x237, 638:237, Lunev Eyes Enemy snip.PNG)



The paragraph below is from the publisher’s description of the book’s contents: “Stanislav Lunev, the highest-ranking GRU (Soviet military intelligence) officer ever to defect shares his amazing story with the American public. Lunev reveals:

How the Russian Mafia controls the Russian government, the KGB, and the military.

The existence of Russian suitcase-sized nuclear weapons on U.S. soil.

The existence and testing of seismic weapons.

The KGB’s possible use of American POW’s to test the effects of drugs on Americans.

The GRU’s plan for poisoning U.S. water supplies.

Present Russian government spy tactics against the U.S.

How Boris Yeltsin ordered the KGB to double its corporate, government, and military espionage against the U.S.

The practice of recruiting spies in Congress, in the military, and from the editorial offices of leading American newspapers.

Soviet assassination squads against American leaders.

How U.S. corporations are unwittingly partnering with the Russian Mafia — and much more!!”

cf560a No.480825



2010 2.5 million litres of diesel oil and other hydrocarbons poured into river Lambro in northern Italy


Cuba leases Guantanamo Bay to the United States "in perpetuity" 1903

c35bab No.480826



Flat Earth is ridiculous and totally makes us look like morons to the majority…

ee1298 No.480827

File: 07ed7a14dfb72ee⋯.jpg (210.76 KB, 735x834, 245:278, IMG_3518.JPG)

272d25 No.480828

Things that happened today that could warrant a payback:

Trump and his "toughest sanctions ever" on NK

Trump telling the story of the snake at CPAC

CPAC chanting "lock her up"

Trump announcing he would never mess with the 2nd Amendment

Ivanka in SK

Calling out Dems on DACA

Reiterating the wall and telling how many MS-13 arrested

Tweet about SS

617aff No.480829


Interesting information about smuggling and hiding nukes within an enemies borders. Poisoning major water supplies worse than a suitcase nuke going off though.

a498bc No.480830

Maybe the payback will be us figuring out this BRIDGE shit. Q wouldnt said nice try if we werent attacked in some way

b0897c No.480831

Stanislav Lunev.


ea48a7 No.480832


It was a pushback against hack-fraud SJW journalism influencing the video game industry, and the industry's pandering responses to progressivism/diversity and other pro-globalist ideas and settings. It bubbled under the surface on 4chan and /v/ for a very long time with types like Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian running around espousing division tactics between men and women who just want to play their damn vidya.

dbdcf7 No.480833


Actually on a clear day you can see it @ around 10,000ft (sea-level)

cf560a No.480834


data bridge - russia to HK?

72cedf No.480835


Very true.

Momentarily forgot our admonition to take the long view of history and events.

That's a whole bunch of payback we're due.

d37261 No.480836

File: 853f02effda7f60⋯.png (293.92 KB, 730x604, 365:302, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: 19ee4104c31d5ff⋯.png (69.04 KB, 741x412, 741:412, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

39edae No.480837


Actually, no you can't. Do the trig.

52ab2f No.480838









CNN was set up.





6d7983 No.480839


Maybe. I feel like he was trying to do a NWO pyramid gesture, but upside down. Like the satanists wear the upside down pentacles and crosses to reverse the juju or whatever. Mirror effect. Though…CROSS…hmm…

d0d24e No.480840

Is the payback for the car ramming at the WH?

858ac3 No.480841


Watch the water…

b0897c No.480842


Who can deny any longer that Hillary Clinton presided over a "secret police" force, charged with silencing, bribing, blackmailing, intimidating, and otherwise neutralizing Clinton foes? The evidence is frankly overwhelming.

cfe53c No.480843


I second that. There is no way the Earth is flat. I'd believe the Earth is hollow before I'd believe it is flat. And no, I don't believe the Earth is hollow.

a073db No.480844


Bridges LLC


dbdcf7 No.480845


Hell I'll even be down with hollow earth… but flat? pffff I've seen it.

be9b90 No.480846

Watch the CPAC speech!

We dont say his name!

4d39ea No.480847


Honey-combed (caverns, etc.)

d0d24e No.480848

Car rams the WH gate because the woman has mental issues, on meds too?


BRIDGE Behavioral Rating Inventory for Drug-Generated Effects (biological psychiatry)

c35bab No.480849

I really like Trump's comments about increasing morality in our country.

SOOOO many people have lost the basic morality and ethics that this country once held so high.

And, I'm only 26 saying this hahaha.

ef6092 No.480850

New Jersey bridge corruption people involved?

a073db No.480851

File: a424aaee420da61⋯.png (434.29 KB, 1418x2277, 1418:2277, Capture _2018-02-24-01-34-….png)

a5ee12 No.480852

Through the Eyes of the Enemy: The Autobiography of Stanislav Lunev

Stanislav Lunev on Russian earthquake weapon and secret war plans



1aafbb No.480853


The gist of it >>480803 .

Tl;dr a video game journo from Kotaku was discovered to prop up a slut he's been sleeping with, who made a website masquerading as a video game. This started off a completely retarded spiral for video game journalists who instead of condemning said journo and sticking to ethics, circled the wagons. What followed was at least two years of retardation from the journos, a smear campaign EXACTLY like the one Trump had during the election and a whole bunch of screaming at a monitor. It wasn't pretty, but it got the job done - FCC was notified of abuse, several publications had their ethics standards created/revised.

Gamergate was like a prototype for what is happening here tbh. Julian Assange famously tweeted at the GG crowd saying that "the game journalists are only an extension to what the MSM does". In my belief, Gamergate prepared a lot of us for what is happening now.

9cb2a1 No.480854


The earth isn't flat or round it's oblique

9ef58e No.480855

The Alamo happened on Feb 24th.

872d65 No.480856

File: 53db32f15b7b593⋯.jpg (12.65 KB, 255x168, 85:56, c0f34ea24d8cb371350531b344….jpg)

c35bab No.480857

Kids need to interact with one another more, and other people more.

IPad's should not be raising them…

d48d21 No.480858


The explosion in kabul was near US embassy

http:// foxnews.com/world/2018/02/24/explosion-rocks-kabul-near-us-embassy-and-nato-headquarters.html

e73b59 No.480859


>What happened today that deserves payback?

I took it as payback for black hats attempts to intercept Q's messages to anons here.

My question is what will become of that name drop?

10a954 No.480860

Mackinac Bridge Authority say they know closures like today's are incredibly frustrating for motorists trying to cross between Michigan's peninsulas, but the shutdowns are for everyone's safety. The bridge closed to all traffic Friday around 12:45 p.m. because of ice falling

c35bab No.480861


>▶Anonymous  02/24/18 (Sat) 02:34:37 1aafbb No.4

Almost a test to see how effect us ANONs are on larger scale issues…

d0d24e No.480862

Behavioral Rating Inventory for Drug-Generated Effects (BRIDGE), developed to quantify stimulant-induced behaviors


107dcf No.480863



88cc94 No.480864


Does anyone have the timeframes of the shooting, the driver w/gun and POTUS visit to victoms

cb1a3c No.480865


U1 bridge for Obama/Clinton and Moscow?

72cedf No.480866


Thank you - a war against internet journalists - and the copyright date is 2004. Long time ago in computer years! Will read it tomorrow.

ab4848 No.480867


heavy sanctions on DPRK, calling out MSM some more on their bullshit, praising NRA, red pilling people some more…

272d25 No.480868

File: bc1dfd95edcd264⋯.jpg (22.77 KB, 700x438, 350:219, d552a6b73f5351b9.jpg)

dbdcf7 No.480869

c6df35 No.480870


Great job under high duress, baker. Thanks so much. Sweet dreams


858ac3 No.480871


very interesting

ff65e8 No.480872

William Campbell and U1??

c35bab No.480873

File: f74b05ea726a8d3⋯.jpg (8.99 KB, 255x160, 51:32, bc1dfd95edcd2641464d3335b8….jpg)


f80234 No.480874



b0897c No.480875



This is a serious read

6c223a No.480876


Is he the Hunt for Red October connection?

c35bab No.480877


Most definitely IMO.

4e60a8 No.480878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5e8c8a No.480879

Without gold, the Earth is fiat.

66b39a No.480880


My dad just passed away. He deteriorated in front of my eyes. Against my wishes he went through with the chemo and radiation. 6'2 240lbs withered away to 5'11 160lbs in a year and a half;

No one should have to endure what he endured. No one should have to watch your parent/child/loved one go through it.

I pray there is a cure. I pray people wake up and realize it starts with what you put in/on your body.

10a954 No.480881

File: 10d455f11fd5617⋯.jpg (134.94 KB, 564x564, 1:1, bridge.jpg)

The Bridge?

6d7983 No.480882


Interdasting…would that confirm the poisoning of the water with some sort of drug theory?

Fentanyl is a narcotic though, not a stimulant.

c35bab No.480883


I agree.


Nice Try

Comment was directed at the Black Hats trying to hack this board…

dbdcf7 No.480884

hmmmmm I wonder if L Ron Hubbard who developed the "bridge" to total freedom is related with behavioral social sciences connected to CIA ops….. hmmmmmm

df97a2 No.480885


Another FF?

2ae972 No.480886


I was just digging on Thermofisher connection when Q posted this. Hrm….

c35bab No.480887

File: 4aef08d2df18435⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 600x421, 600:421, 257ejq.jpg)

ad2259 No.480889

File: 08f7fb93181c9c9⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1111x7951, 1111:7951, Q 2018-02-23_2018-02-24).png)

File: d9499c2e7a31222⋯.png (4.86 MB, 1888x5066, 944:2533, Qmap_2018-02-23_2018-02-24….png)

File: 857003d62ced9f0⋯.jpg (4.05 MB, 1888x5066, 944:2533, Qmap_2018-02-23_2018-02-24….jpg)

fresh map

Qmap_2018-02-23_2018-02-24) The BRIDGE edition


Recent map updates

>>468931 Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-22 DISTRACTION edition

>>468949 Qmap_2018-02-07_2018-02-14 PAY THE PRICE edition

1a00b7 No.480890

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

107dcf No.480891

"The very day I wrote the previous post on the secret plan of the death of Queen Elizabeth, news broke of a secret plan to inform the world of the death of Queen Elizabeth — Operation London Bridge."

https:// extra-capsa.com/2017/03/18/operation-london-bridge/

d48d21 No.480892


Agree, since Bridge was all caps that is probably the one

272d25 No.480893

File: a95c55a5f506736⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, Flat-earth-eclipses-are-aw….jpg)

c35bab No.480894


I wonder about Scientology's role in all of this…… Often.

c4003b No.480895

These little fucks that have been all over CNN, Hogg and Associates are mounting boycotts of merchandisers that support the NRA. They are going after Amazon, Walmart, Fedex. They learned our game and now we must beat them at it. We know what to do. Spread the word. We have more money then these little fucks. We got to watch them like a hawk to see what they are up too. THIS IS BIG. TIME TO POUR MONEY INTO THE NRA.

cf560a No.480896


love it.


4c6855 No.480897

http:// www.mega.nu/ampp/lunev.html


I wonder if "watch the waters" relates to the undersea communications cable that the russians have subs posted by to cut communications as Lunev suggested as a tactic.. he also says that the communists have money saved are planning to restart communism in russia

9ef58e No.480898

88cc94 No.480899

File: 073c4e774b80bab⋯.png (1.43 MB, 3356x1996, 839:499, water.png)


my dig

c35bab No.480900


Are Snowden and @Jack hiding out in NK?!

4d39ea No.480901


Germany had a huge march through the streets a few weeks ago too.

b38657 No.480902


The cure's been here for some years. I'm sorry your father wasn't made aware of it in time.

The cure is to combine the GERSON DIET with the BECK PROTOCOL. The Beck Protocol is a system that uses electrical and magnetic pulses to restore the immune system's ability to kill the cancer. The Gerson Diet creates the right electrochemical balance in the body to make the Beck Protocol most effective.

This treatment regimen has no major side effects, is done at home (no hospital fees), and is cheap to implement. Anons, please make sure your friends and relatives know this. I've seen lots of people be cured of cancer in this way.

5bcf1d No.480903


Nice bread, Baker.

dbdcf7 No.480904


and their absolutely outrageous litigation behavior? yeah. protecting something much?

d78a06 No.480905

Q said to watch the water awhile back. Today he posts Stanislav L… wrote about in war, poisoning the Potomac to affect Washington DC

ad2259 No.480906


please update Recent map updates section:

>>480889 Qmap_2018-02-23_2018-02-24) The BRIDGE edition

>>468931 Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-22 DISTRACTION edition

>>468949 Qmap_2018-02-07_2018-02-14 PAY THE PRICE edition

ee1298 No.480907

File: 41af09132fc849f⋯.jpg (244.7 KB, 500x750, 2:3, IMG_3520.JPG)

47a577 No.480908

File: 509024808a80454⋯.mp4 (4.38 MB, 640x360, 16:9, n2du-kgGrOjWNL-w.mp4)

UNLOCK secrets of space

HUMAN exploration

77420c No.480909

File: 088e19dd6045bf1⋯.jpg (336.36 KB, 1067x758, 1067:758, Screenshot_20180224-024015.jpg)

File: b780c8cfcb1411d⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 1079x581, 13:7, Screenshot_20180224-023934.jpg)


Could Q be hinting that they tried this in Flint, MI?

d0d24e No.480910

Another acronym

BRIDGE Battlefield Relevant Instructional Design Guidance Environment

507750 No.480911


So very sorry for your loss anon. God bless you and your family.

58506a No.480912

File: f4d6113f412f203⋯.png (449.38 KB, 963x702, 107:78, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: d7dfef411b38e3e⋯.png (232.4 KB, 495x680, 99:136, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: d31b4e7234dd6ed⋯.png (358.24 KB, 480x592, 30:37, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

Kevin Hogg has some odd real estate transactions. He purchased 2 houses shortly after he moved to florida in 2014. Owned them both until 2017 when he sold it to the president of an Azerbaijani Airline at a 75k dollar loss. Its also odd that Cubic where he "works" is in orlando and he lives in parksdale. Its possible he wanted to "rent one out" but that seems like a weird thing to start doing as soon as you move your family from california to Florida.

9cb2a1 No.480913


In a magnetic field with gravity pulling inward a sphere is created not a disc, you would need more pressure on the top and bottom than the sides, doesn't happen in space, earth is not totally round it's slightly oval which makes it an oblique spheroid, our eyes just can't register the slight difference, to us it looks round like a ball, sorry rover, have to play frisbee another day.

2ae972 No.480914


So today…

White House on lockdown for crazy lady.

I saw on Twatter a pic of her? Leaked??

She was a little crazy-eyed IMO

127b0d No.480915


Nice! Does this connect to Lunev in any way?

58506a No.480916

File: 3912949729efe0c⋯.png (446.47 KB, 919x706, 919:706, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

9fd8c7 No.480917

theory one- man made earthquake in san fran, tried to slip the plate, trigger the 'big one'

theory two- suitcase nuke attempt failed at white house

30900a No.480918


that plus Comeys message is compelling enough for me

a5ee12 No.480919

The Golden Gate Bridge

c35bab No.480920



Their whole methodology is so fucking strange.

I wonder if their insane idea about Alien Overlords might actually be close to the truth with this Knowledge of Archons and the Matrix lol…

7c8ada No.480921

payback for today…. for screwing with the COMMS

5bcf1d No.480922


Mission Impossible?

e9e097 No.480923

On this date in History:

24 Feb, 1991 - US Ground Invasion Kuwait

1991 : A ground troop invasion of Kuwait and Iraq was initiated by the U.S. on this date. This decision was made after six weeks of bombing against Iraq and its army.

2ae972 No.480924



The Lunev connection….he claimed press acted as spies and leaked intelligence

0eef9d No.480925


So sorry for your loss….prayers for you and yours

a073db No.480926

Russians had nukes stashed away.

>Even more details emerged in the summer of 1998, when former Russian military intelligence officer Stanislav Lunev — a defector in the U.S. witness protection program — wrote in his book that Russian agents were hiding suitcase nukes around the U.S. for use in a possible future conflict.

272d25 No.480927

Ok here are some more things that happened today that would warrant payback just via Q's posts:

Referenced the FL shooting as watching a movie

Confirmed a linked Hezbollah bank account to Obama

Posted pic of Hillary with Sheriff Israel

Gave us the scoop on why school shootings

Talked about the end of the MSM via libel laws

Hinted CNN was set up

Hinted SS or white hats leaked info about scripted answers

4c6855 No.480928


but the context as of late deals with media, communications and corruption… primarily media… and Lunev talks about how the soviets were recruiting american journalists back in the 60s… imagine how much power they could get after 60 years

c35bab No.480929

File: bba3b74ec3db253⋯.jpg (84.26 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, Q0xrf.jpg)


No Steve! False Alarm!

That's just MKULTRA programming !!!!

c2d9bb No.480930


Q's picture of London Bridge with a warning.

271f2f No.480931


This is kinda cool.

http:// www.cnn.com/chat/transcripts/2001/02/20/lunev/

Former Russian spy Col. Stanislav Lunev’s reaction to FBI agent’s arrest for spying

February 20, 2001

Web posted at: 7:00 p.m. EST (0000 GMT)

(CNN) – Veteran FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen was charged February 20 with passing classified documents to Russia and with identifying three KGB agents who were working for the United States as double agents. He spent most of his career in counterintelligence operations designed to catch spies, most recently at the State Department. Hanssen even kept his identity a secret from his Russian controllers.

9cc1f3 No.480932


when was this all i can find is 2017


d0d24e No.480933


Trying to figure that out.

Is it just that Lunev is more a symbol, ie a russian agent who flipped or something specifically tied to him?

251e0b No.480934

where is the Q post about voices?

dbdcf7 No.480935

File: 9bcdd375d90ed8b⋯.jpg (92.48 KB, 721x500, 721:500, 9bcdd375d90ed8b5ce4b31c9fa….jpg)


I see what you did there ;)

6c223a No.480936

017 10:13:08 No.150214824

Quoted By: >>150215088 >>150216542 >>150218091


Red Oct sig has not occurred yet.

Follow the map.


I think we just got this piece of the puzzle.

df97a2 No.480937


it say SpaceX…, And the mission to the Moon…, interesting..

a498bc No.480938


Drug-Generated Effects

Is this how the kids are controlled?

9cb2a1 No.480939


And than the Earthquake happened, coincidence?Prob not

b38657 No.480940


This sounds like what the black hats may want revenge for.

5bcf1d No.480941


add to bread?

c35bab No.480942

Trump telling

The Story of the Snake really makes me think there might be something to this whole David Icke Reptillian theory……. Seriously tho.

1dfeb4 No.480943


Anons, have we included this in the water groupings? I may have missed it earlier if so. Worth a repeat in any case. Interesting that its also a florida case.

>Oceans of Water beneath Florida


http:// www.writeintoaction.com/Florida%20Hidden%20Water.html

256391 No.480944


>Behavioral Rating Inventory for Drug-Generated Effects

https:// link. springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-1-4684-3087-5_20

107dcf No.480946





Kazik established the communication bridge that linked Antek to the ZOB

members and other resistance elements. A bridge “shares information … and facilitates

coordination” (Kreps, 1986, p.220) between networks. Underground leadership is

typically isolated from the environment to limit exposure to hostile forces and delegates

the supervision of operations to intermediaries, lieutenants and deputies. Structurally, a

bridge is a “an organizational member who connects a [network] to which they belong

https:// archive.fo/Xi3Su#selection-3111.0-3161.83

f70bb5 No.480947

File: 6a54ae6e912ff8b⋯.png (9.97 KB, 589x117, 589:117, Capture.PNG)



Message received when I tried downloading the referenced docslide file…though it could be because I didn't respond with the Like or +1.

Will try again, but just wanted to pass along the heads up in case others look into it.

272d25 No.480948

a28ada No.480949


You have room for one more on that leaf. I think I need a nap.

dbdcf7 No.480950


and if so how come many of us who may or may not be medicated aren't affected? Stronger will? Faith? Capacity for love?

d48d21 No.480951


http:// www.tmz.com/2017/07/09/white-house-fence-jumper-president-trump-husband/

Jessica Rhea Ford, This is apparently her 4th attempt to get to POTUS, claims he is her husband.

47a577 No.480952


My the deepest condolences and we wish all mighty God remembers him upon his Return

9660d3 No.480953


the creator made off with torture techniques, etc after ww2

that's my theory

c35bab No.480954


Drugs and being raised by IPADs are a great control/programming combination !

3ecc73 No.480955

This is actually

artificial earthquake

, which could be

generated by special devices, whichincrease natural seismic waves

, which are under our (Earth’s) surface and

explode like

natural earthquake

with all following circumstances. Its actually, this weapon developmentwas in place for about more than 20 years and

in the mid of 80s there have been severalfields tests of this weapons and maybe you heard this Armenian city Spitak

was totallydestroyed.B: Good lord, dont tell me

that was a Soviet test? L:

It was

an accidental explosion

https:// www.scribd.com/doc/55599812/Stanislav-Lunev-on-Russian-earthquake-weapon-and-secret-war-plans

ee1298 No.480956

File: a70783b01a67c72⋯.png (588.73 KB, 975x568, 975:568, IMG_3363.PNG)

107dcf No.480957



Message Switching

Message switches receive and hold a message until retrieved by the

correct agent. Frequently called a drop, dead drop, letterbox, etc. the switch may require a

special container to conceal the contents and blend with the environment. The switch

replaces the liaison with a temporary storage facility to retain the message until picked

up. Stanislav Lunev, former GRU Colonel and Soviet defector, used a container that

replicated a Coca Cola can that he retrieved from the roadside. “It was like one of those

cans with a screw lid that people buy in specialty stores to stash their jewelry and thwart

burglars, except this one was designed by the GRU to destroy its contents should it be

opened by someone other than the GRU” (Lunev, 1998, p.144).

https:// archive.fo/Xi3Su#selection-3111.0-3161.83

4c6855 No.480958

Stanislav Lunev story doesnt really make sense… he defects in 1992 after running operations for over 30 years? maybe he has enough plants where he can "come out" but in reality he is still a spy.

ff65e8 No.480959


Remember the weird connections with John Kerry/HRC and Azerbaijan??

61b071 No.480960


>>423894 BO #107 Missing from Q Posts

/greatawakening/ #107 2/18/2018 GO WITH GOD. THE CLOCK IS ACTIVATED. Q

18 Spaces = In GOD We Trust

58 Spaces - 18 Spaces = 40 Spaces

40 Spaces = 40 Days Until Judgement

JUDGEMENT begins Friday, March 30, 2018? http:// beginningandend. com/40-days-until-judgment/

TY POTUS for "I Hear You" Message & CPAC Speech. TY Q for 5:5 Post & Patience. TY Anons for Comfy Bread.


c35bab No.480961


ANONs need rest! It's a very peaceful time to sleep / meditate.

Know we are winning bigly. Know the world is becoming a better place for all. And know a lot of the evil influences rule is over.

KEK :)

7a5f0c No.480962




This is good stuff.

58506a No.480963


No. what were they?

c40f2c No.480964


Haha funny

d0d24e No.480965


San Fran has been experiencing an earthquake cluster today

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-23/what-just-hit-us-bay-area-rattled-unusual-quake-swarm-trains-delayed

7c8ada No.480966


nice find anon

127b0d No.480967


I was asking if “Behavioral Rating Inventory for Drug-Generated Effects (BRIDGE), developed to quantify stimulant-induced behaviors” connected to Lunev. Did he give intelligence on anything related to behavior medication etc…Could Be 2 separate topics, just wondering if they connected.

1500ce No.480968

4c6855 No.480969


omg i cant believe i didnt notice something

40 days… what biblical event lasted 40 days… Noah at sea from the storm!

87f0a4 No.480970

File: 4c94def8a24299c⋯.png (341.84 KB, 524x351, 524:351, ClipboardImage.png)

d8a79b No.480971


> L Ron Hubbard who developed the "bridge" to total freedom is related with behavioral social sciences connected to CIA ops…

Of course he is….the CIA has been using Scientology to insert spies into other countries for as long as the clams have been around. Have a look at what countries banned that cult.

Also an ongoing mind control experiment.

72cedf No.480972



This needs to go into bread for daytime anons to dig tomorrow.

20ef72 No.480973

File: b62ef57db05bf37⋯.jpg (129.18 KB, 702x390, 9:5, Honorhim.jpg)


Feb 24 2018 01:53:47

Q ID: b7510a


Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


"He then worked as a GRU intelligence officer in Singapore in 1978, in China from 1980, and in the United States from 1988."

Lunev defected in 1992 and provided details to FBI and CIA regarding info on nuclear sabotage as well as chemical and biological attack scenarios to US authorities.

The BRIDGE = Bridge of no return in korea dmz or Bridge of Spies deal?

Lunev's chinese/sing experience = the evidence/intel we needed for the op in shanghai?

He must have provided hell of a lot more than publicly admitted.

378db2 No.480974


It's hard to sleep when Q is on. I feel guilty for going to bed. My country needs me.

7a5f0c No.480975


Christ in the Wilderness as well.

77420c No.480976

File: b780c8cfcb1411d⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 1079x581, 13:7, Screenshot_20180224-023934.jpg)


Did they try this with the water crisis in Flint Michigan?

72e6fa No.480977


Seed of the Serpent

c40f2c No.480978



df97a2 No.480979


Big one?

3ecc73 No.480980

B: What about Russians production of chemical and biological weapons?


If i understand rightly, they continue this production, but most important that they

acceleratedresearch and development for the creation of new type of biological and chemicalweapons and not only this weapons steps because they are working very hard for low frequency radio waves weapons, for laser weapons and for other types of futureweapons systems

https:// www.scribd.com/doc/55599812/Stanislav-Lunev-on-Russian-earthquake-weapon-and-secret-war-plans

271f2f No.480981


think about how well it worked for every company when they boycotted Trump after the election. if you have stocks sell em now because they're gonna plummit.

a498bc No.480982


Maybe they're targeted indvs or given something other than they're being told. Or given a higher dose than others.

c35bab No.480983


What the fuck is going on with Jim Carrey?

It seems like he's trying to dissolve the character Jim Carrey.

Maybe because at the time he was "Jim Carrey" he was behind some dark Illuminati shit…

1500ce No.480985

>>480914 was it Hillary? Kek she couldn’t stand it anymore?

107dcf No.480986


+ receiving of 10 Commandments

c4003b No.480987










58506a No.480988


Legionaire is an anagram for iron eagle.

9fd8c7 No.480989

theory one- man made earthquake in san fran, tried to slip the plate, trigger the 'big one'

theory two- suitcase nuke attempt failed at white house

dbdcf7 No.480990

loudfag doesn't need to be loud.

d0d24e No.480991


He talked of a program to poison America resvoirs

548f72 No.480992


He could be the new Pindar.

39edae No.480993

File: 0f6f4797c00fb11⋯.jpg (69.8 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 250gwj.jpg)

9f75d3 No.480994


see >>470964

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security banned Kaspersky products from all government departments on 13 September 2017. In October 2017, subsequent reports alleged that hackers working for the Russian government stole confidential data from the home computer of an National Security Agency contractor using Kaspersky antivirus software.

Kaspersky has actively denied that it has such ties with the Russian government, but acknowledged that its software had extracted files from the contractor's computer in the course of its operations.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaspersky_Lab

Kapersky discovered the Red October malware

Red October

Main article: Red October (malware)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaspersky_Lab

In January 2013, Kaspersky discovered the Red October malware, which had been used for widespread cyber-espionage for five years. It targeted political targets like embassies, nuclear sites, mostly in Europe, Switzerland and North America. The malware was likely written by Russian-speaking hackers and the exploits by Chinese hackers.[95][96] That June, Kaspersky discovered NetTraveler, which it said was obtaining data on emerging technology from government targets and oil companies. Kaspersky did not identify who was behind it, but it was similar to other cyber-espionage coming from Beijing, China.[97][98] Later that same year, Kaspersky discovered a hacker group it called Icefog after investigating an cybersecurity attack on a Japanese television company. Kaspersky said the hacker group, possibly from China, was unique in that they targeted specific files they seemed to know about before planting malware to extract them.[99][100]

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_October_(malware)

ff65e8 No.480995


Let me find article

9cb2a1 No.480996


Forget the size ,wasn't real big but noticeable

f78920 No.480997


They are extra terrestrial…and that is my guess of what is being alluded to.

I start feeling like my mind has wandered to far at times, but the Creator of the universe did impregnate a virgin girl to deliver our Savior. That is pretty wild.

Angels and fallen angels exist. Recorded from the beginning and have arrived in visual and non visual form- donkey and the angel with the sword only he could see.

The fallen are deceivers, I can't but wonder what they do and how the present themselves.

Can the fallen also procreate with females? Have they in the past? Or am I not interpreting the old testament correctly?

9660d3 No.480998


you mean that list of shill keywords?

7c8ada No.480999


liking this one

47a577 No.481001

Kaspersky lab = Red October

c35bab No.481002




I GUESS SO. I've read he was the "High Priest" of LA at one point, sacrificed his GF who "overdosed" and then got so overcome with grief and lost it and now is revealing them..

df97a2 No.481003


simple.., it was deprogrammed

52ab2f No.481004


obviously TRUMP was aware of the danger

and went there in a safe time.

3c8ddc No.481005

Building Resources In Democracy Governance and Elections

http ://bridge-project.org/en/

a073db No.481006

File: d89922521a3f975⋯.png (71.12 KB, 1056x816, 22:17, twitter tos monitoring.png)


Deep Dream vs. 2A

They are going to use Deep Dream to try to take guns away.

6d7983 No.481007


Nice, anon. Saved the other day, will update with new version. Thx!

But damn, it's friggin spoopy!


Supposedly attacked the WH last year too, 3 times from May to July, I think?


So is he still just a patsy or Dr. Claw?

c35bab No.481008

File: 09c339304d1dc80⋯.jpg (29.33 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: de09bde59973d0b⋯.jpg (18.37 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 087e8fd6922f07c5a873033ef8….jpg)




548f72 No.481009


He could be the anti-Pindar

aed57b No.481010


Except Stanislav Lunev was their asset. So it would have to be something we they did today/yesterday.

Afghan bomb, WH ram, or something we don't know about.

d74b9b No.481011

File: 72f32974147bc6c⋯.jpg (31.25 KB, 474x611, 474:611, lol-gozer.jpg)

File: 7b9fbe01c774f9f⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, downloads.jpg)

File: d13665a24ee25ea⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 400x225, 16:9, rothschild-right-now.gif)

0e6a6d No.481012

File: 3b06cb4c77c1b4a⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1423498912876.jpg)

Mostly useless poster here.

I just wanna say: God bless Q, God bless 8chan and Codemonkey, God bless our President and all of the patriots who have his back.

That's all. Carry on. There are shit tons of lurkers on all platforms.

c35bab No.481013

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy0_IZ0MWts


c4003b No.481014





e1b9e2 No.481015

File: d762fdecd877ed0⋯.jpg (108.61 KB, 450x280, 45:28, IMG_8588.jpg)

File: 6351130a9f4207c⋯.jpg (86.13 KB, 1197x373, 1197:373, IMG_8587.JPG)

4c6855 No.481016

Stanislav Lunev = the BRIDGE = the snake?

c35bab No.481017

6c223a No.481018


There were two 3.3, 3.5 earthquakes in San Fran in last 18 hrs…. not sure if Bridge has double meaning.

beca24 No.481019


>Something happened to snowden?

>Something happened to snowden?

>Something happened to snowden?

Traded back? On a bridge?

72e6fa No.481020

Luke 4: 5-8 shows that early Christians were very aware who rules this world. Our Hollyweird friends with their covered eyes and hand gestures clearly know that to get along you have to go along too. Good job it's time for all that to change.

Jesus rejects Satan and his offer of material power after his forty days in the desert. Let's hope the world will be ready to start doing the same in just a few more weeks.

"And the devil took him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time, and said to him, “To you I will give all this authority and their glory, for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom I will. If you, then, will worship me, it will all be yours.” And Jesus answered him, “It is written,

“‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only shall you serve.’”

dbdcf7 No.481021

ok enough fuckery let's get some pharma memes done

4d39ea No.481022


It's too late to be screaming.

6a5ff3 No.481023


I think he’s into Advaita Vedanta (nonduality Hinduism). Eckhart Tolle. It’s basically you are not a mental construct. Hence not a name, or a role (father, son, husband etc)

5ec81a No.481024

File: 936d486095f02c6⋯.png (232.72 KB, 1416x1659, 472:553, Capture _2018-02-24-02-52-….png)

File: e17679d06bd05f9⋯.png (189.08 KB, 1405x939, 1405:939, Capture _2018-02-24-02-49-….png)

c35bab No.481025


I'm an Avian.


cfe53c No.481026


My sincere condolences as well. This fight we're fighting is so nobody has to go through what he, you, and your family have gone through. We will endure and win this battle!

9cb2a1 No.481027

File: 0bb43781f5437a4⋯.png (569.84 KB, 579x542, 579:542, fred.PNG)

Night all, Godspeed and good luck, the eyes just won't stay open anymore.

548f72 No.481028


Those eyes have seen the 40,000 ft view…

66b39a No.481029


Fallen did procreate with females. That's where the Giants come in. The men of renown.

That's why there was a flood. Noah's blood wasn't tainted.

4c6855 No.481030


dont buy from the sponsors that drop the NRA… our votes might not matter but our money still does lol

5d9233 No.481031


Just took care of it. http:// www.enigma-q.com/qmessagecaps.txt

ab4848 No.481032


we get snowden

they get lunev

7a5f0c No.481033

File: afea916b894d98f⋯.jpg (112.99 KB, 1057x460, 1057:460, C5_Pair.JPG)


Pair of C-5s piggy-backed trans-Atlantic landing at Ramstein at this time.

39edae No.481034

File: fd88f171a8a8b68⋯.jpg (40.85 KB, 568x335, 568:335, 2515ff.jpg)

47a577 No.481035

[kimdotcom@megaupload] # grep -i Podesta *

c35bab No.481036

File: 4aef08d2df18435⋯.jpg (59.37 KB, 600x421, 600:421, 257ejq.jpg)

5701ef No.481037


Awesome bread!!

67d69c No.481038


an hour wasted in research for this :(

This format needs to change

d9ea6c No.481039


>These eyes have seen the 40,000 ft view…


e1b9e2 No.481040


Nah, that's just a fugue state.

271f2f No.481041


no i get it anon im just syaing they all commited financial suicide going after the NRA because the POTUS and the NRA are synonymous

ef6092 No.481042


took 30 days for Hebrews to exit Egypt ,they wondered the wilderness 40 years

548f72 No.481043


What is an Avian?

d74b9b No.481044

File: 33fdbb0f66fc0c2⋯.png (377.17 KB, 640x303, 640:303, 33fdbb0f66fc0c25adb371ce64….png)


the allegory of bridge vs wall building has is not elusive to me anymore

b38657 No.481045


Did Anons ever come to a consensus about why Trump declared Jerusalem to be the Israeli capital?

a28ada No.481046


good night and sleep well.

winning is not a choice

790171 No.481047

File: d2ca367ab42ea9c⋯.png (132.27 KB, 1080x599, 1080:599, Screenshot_20180223-190555….png)


c35bab No.481048

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYshb3ojgDo

Camille Paglia: "Trump is on his way to reelection… Dems have overplayed their hand."

ee4ed7 No.481049




c4003b No.481050






bae567 No.481051



1. Friday release into the MSM cycle

2. The only major Russia related news story that I can think of today (as in 02.23.2018)

d74b9b No.481052

File: 0bbe17254ff9add⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 439x298, 439:298, 0bbe17254ff9addc4b412e1316….jpg)

d48d21 No.481053


This is at least her 4th time trying to get to Potus, saying previously that he is her husband

http:// www.tmz.com/2017/05/17/new-white-house-fence-jumper-repeat-offender/

548f72 No.481054


I'd put it in her fugue tbh

82a51c No.481055


I am sorry about your dad, Anon. I am currently battling cancer for the 2nd time. I probably wouldn’t even had it come back had I not lost my health insurance thanks to Obamacare and shitty economy (could no longer afford my insurance and scans). Please, Q. Some of us can’t wait. I am a young mother. My parents buried my sister last year. I can’t make them do it again or have my child grow up without a mother (and now their aunt also).

Anon, I know your father suffered, but, as a parent, I know he never thought twice about doing it for you and the rest of his loved ones. He would have done it again and again, if he could, just to spare the pain to you, but he was tired and ready to go home. And he wasn’t scared, just as I no longer fear death after straddling that line.


Which may be why the Cabal worship it (ie Saturn/Satan). Spend it wisely, Anons. Please release the cures, POTUS.

cfe53c No.481056


Awesome! Love it.

88cc94 No.481057


POTUS is the Master

Everything is being done like a swiss watch.

So impressed.

There will be doctorate degrees on this timeline

72e6fa No.481058


Shhhh. Where else would you put the US embassy in a liberated and united Palestine? Just moving the pieces into place. But don't upset the children. Some people still don't know that 9/11 and JFK were primarily Israeli operations. Shhhhhhh….. Keep your friends close, and… Remember the LIBERTY!

c35bab No.481059


The ying to the reptillians yang.

c40f2c No.481060

The truth?

The earth is flat.

Hillary was a good candidate.

Obama is a patriot.

Bill Clinton didn't rape a bunch of women.

President Lincoln was killed by some random guy.

JFK was killed by some random guy.

9/11 was committed by some muslim morons too dumb to tie their own shoes.

The cabal wants us to live and thrive.

c35bab No.481061


He is a mastermind.

df97a2 No.481062


The ancient embassy wasn't in the Rothschild Street?

d0d24e No.481063

More Stanislav Lunev sauce.

He defected to U.S. authorities in 1992. Since then he has worked as a consultant to the FBI and CIA.[2] He remains in the FBI’s Witness Protection Program.

He said that his work was extremely successful because he followed a very basic rule that "the best spy will be everyone's best friend, not a shadowy figure in the corner."

He stated that "the GRU and the KGB helped to fund just about every antiwar movement and organization in America and abroad." According to Lunev, the Soviet Union spent more money on funding of U.S. anti-war movements during the Vietnam War than on funding and arming the VietCong forces.

Lunev is mostly known for his description of nuclear sabotage operations that have allegedly been prepared by the KGB and GRU against the western countries. It was known from other sources that large arms caches were hidden by the KGB in many countries for these planned acts of terrorism. They were booby-trapped with "Lightning" explosive devices. One of such cache, which was identified by Vasili Mitrokhin, exploded when Swiss authorities tried to remove it from woods near Berne. Several others caches were removed successfully.[5]

4c6855 No.481064


Stanislav Lunev talked about moving weapons up through mexico and across the border… i wonder if this is one of the main reasons for better border security… immigrants are just a front to keep the american public from panicking

72630d No.481065


>Q !UW.yye1fxo

So...Is this about a spy exchange??

the BRIDGE indicating the "Bridge of Spies" famously used to exchange spys during cold war.

Could this be an exchange of Stanislav Lunev for Edward Snowden?

And is this exchange the payback?

548f72 No.481066

c35bab No.481067




0e6a6d No.481068

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Under "Show post options & limits" paste the YouTube link into the Embed field.

Like this.

c1f3fd No.481069

File: f6205c4c3cb0047⋯.jpg (151.59 KB, 540x960, 9:16, good night sleep tight 04.jpg)


Nice bake(s). Busy night. Appreciated Patriot.

Clowns fuck off.

39edae No.481070

File: 6ca64e4ea2b414f⋯.gif (2.9 MB, 360x202, 180:101, 254qvy.gif)


4d39ea No.481071


No, I meant too late at night - and your screaming caps are too loud.

cf560a No.481072


would affirm lunev is still their agent, no?

47a577 No.481073


That was my theory when I throw my mind map

548f72 No.481074


Are you trying to bamboozle us?

c35bab No.481075

File: da0f80416b2606e⋯.jpg (91.73 KB, 960x540, 16:9, p01bqfk3.jpg)


Ying Yang Twins

a073db No.481076


Makes sense.

0eef9d No.481077


Stay strong anon, God bless you. we are praying for you

df97a2 No.481078


let the drugs..

4c6855 No.481079


possible but didnt Q reference @snowden to not being in russia?

c35bab No.481080


Thanks !

271f2f No.481081


On it on pay day friendo

c35bab No.481082

File: acdb398a4d07b04⋯.jpg (249.97 KB, 474x671, 474:671, 583daf0bf9a726196442c7905c….jpg)

271f2f No.481083


wheres the second i ?

e97cc4 No.481084


fake pic

d0d24e No.481085

Moar Stanislav Lunev…

Lunev asserted that some of the hidden caches could contain portable tactical nuclear weapons known as RA-115 "suitcase bombs". Such bombs have been prepared to assassinate US leaders in the event of war, according to him [1] Lunev states that he had personally looked for hiding places for weapons caches in the Shenandoah Valley area[1] and that "it is surprisingly easy to smuggle nuclear weapons into the US, either across the Mexican border or using a small transport missile that can slip undetected when launched from a Russian airplane.

Suitcase nukes, Mexican Border.

Fits with the tv show The Bridge Mexico connection.

58506a No.481086


What did we get in exchange for this? On of the big obstacles to negotiating a 2 state solution for israel/palestine has always been jerusalem. Putting the US embassy there is pretty much planting a flag for israel in the city.

beca24 No.481087


Tycho Brahe showed an Earth centered system works math wise.

Look in the sky. Is the Earth moving? No, everything else is moving. Not us. Bible is clear about that, Earth does not move.

See? You've been lied to for decades…

3ecc73 No.481088

https:// archive.org/stream/pdfy-UPdzV-p3VZtz_I7-/CI%20Reading%20list_djvu.txt

gotta see this treasure of info

6d7983 No.481089


Not sure, but apparently Sheldon "Mr. Vegas" Adelson is paying for the embassy, at least in part.



c35bab No.481090


For real tho..

Who killed JFK?

548f72 No.481091


You base your spiruality on 2000s rap? That's crazier than the Avian thing. Have fun with whatever is wrong with you.

d8a79b No.481092


>Message switches

speaking of message switching

another head spinning direction change.

Was listening to Tucker this evening and his Q&A about "which country did this?" possible answers Russia / China…it makes me curious about what directions we are never sent in.

Tucker is right, Russia is basically a 3rd world country…it's CHINA that's the threat, and not just to use, but to every place they're buying up land..from Canada to NZ.

So it made me wonder about the age old ploy…pointing one way when we should be looking somewhere else. None of the digs have involved Israel at all and yet we know for a fact….shits habbenin' and they're not really our "friend"..(suck the money use the evangelicals…etc)

We're in a proxy war with Russia via their ally Syria (a broken promise)…and threatening to TKO NK? (a backwards worse than 3rd world country?) None of this makes a bit of sense.

BTW Kim's "sister" is knocked up…go look for yourself.

I just can't wrap my brain around the rhetoric versus action.

Obama's do not arrest policy for minority students in schools was solely responsible for Trayvon Martin not getting arrested with baggies full of stolen jewelry and drugs he was caught with in school…and it is solely responsible for the situation in FLA. Mind bending policy, still in place.

Industry has thankfully seen a great reduction in regulation…but areas of most import to all Americans such as medicine, education and policing…nada. zip…pfft.

And now you are are chasing a dead Russian defector..

Has anyone bothered to look into what's been happening at the CDC and the "wives"..perhaps Q is not mentioning it because he doesn't know..or they don't want people to panic? I'll write that up…because it's fucking scary and we probably need digs.

1e8bc1 No.481093

Real good bread, Baker.>>481065

Why would we exchange the intel asset Lunev for the ratfuck traitor Snowden?

Doesn't make sense to me.

974622 No.481094


I'm in the UK so not sure but I think they have those marches every year. I watched a short speech from the 2015 one, it's inspiring, https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_BjPy19bYs

Much respect to Poland.

66b39a No.481095




I appreciate the kind words.

God Bless

dbdcf7 No.481096


There's a lot going on in Africa and Germany right now. my buddy's ….family member (he claims) is Delta. Yes, that Delta. He said the only thing he was told is that they were sending them to two places this week and it was Germany and Africa.

if anyone can confirm that'd be grrrreeeaaaaatttttt…..

a5186f No.481097


Stanislav Lunev.

http:// www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article42388.html

df97a2 No.481098

File: 553df02bfacb94c⋯.jpeg (202.62 KB, 1200x828, 100:69, 553df02bfacb94c1a2c55fe71….jpeg)



Good Night Anons, HOPE!!

c4003b No.481099


Sorry, Just wanted to make sure everyone saw post.

This is important for us to show a YUGE support for the NRA by joining if you haven't already.

New memberships go to show our support.

6ea520 No.481100

Stanislav Lunev

Poisoning of Potomac River[edit]

According to Lunev, a probable scenario in the event of war would have been poisoning the Potomac River with chemical or biological weapons, "targeting the residents of Washington, D.C."[1] He also considered it "likely" that GRU operatives placed "poison supplies near the tributaries to major US reservoirs."[9] These allegations have been confirmed by former SVR officer Kouzminov [10] who was responsible for transporting pathogens from around the world for Russian program of biological weapons in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. He described a variety of biological warfare acts that would be carried out on the order of the Russian President in the event of hostilities, including poisoning public drinking-water supplies and food processing plants.[11]

From Wiki, watch the water?

ff65e8 No.481101


The mob plus clowns.

4d39ea No.481102


Did you wake up in the wrong century?

ad2259 No.481103

File: 2c6a3991f5d5a96⋯.png (161.8 KB, 1111x420, 1111:420, Q_2018-02-24_01-41_01-42.png)

File: 3b29e4d85b3250b⋯.png (111.34 KB, 1111x285, 1111:285, Q_2018-02-24_01-53.png)

>>480793 >>480927

…well to me it was quite obviously the fuckery over Q's trip/access to the site here.

As payback, Q gave us this extra drop/info…

c35bab No.481104


These little kiddies won't be able to touch the NRA.

No one has ever in history.

6a5ff3 No.481105

Hey I didn’t watch Trump’s CPAC speech. Was he slurring his words at all. That shits been scaring the shit out of me, that they’ve got to him.

a5186f No.481106


Prescott Bush, Clowns

cd65d6 No.481107



@NK and "No coincidences" Re: Phase[2]

Unverified report of NK attack between 3/28-4/2

Q's clock activated post:


Time:9:11 (not a goodguy) sig

Meaning: action defensive. CLEAN ACTION suggests renewal/cleanse of codes/signs

Intercept engaged protect6/14-46 achieved.

Also, clock activated at 9:11 = prevent FF?

I dont nec follow that anons arriving at 4/2 are correct. Believe freedom stringer refers to AUTH action to Operators in domestic/foreign fields. Dont know, they may be right. Why not both? ^NK report above fits in time line.

Felt like a DoS attack, but Q and CM feel confident. Glad we're good.

Fat fingers referencing wrong posts repeatedly @ work.

Also "Key Hour9" was seen in a stringer on FREEDOM_FLAG post. Anons and I have been looking at graphics. More to come on that front._X

dbdcf7 No.481108


that and the fuckery with the car at the WH

c35bab No.481109


That's the theory I've believed as well.

The Kennedy's made a deal to rig the election in Ohio to win the Presidency, and then Bobby started coming down very hard on the Mafia and so they took out the head of the snake, JFK?

d74b9b No.481110

File: e6387e543f979d4⋯.png (9.32 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, noted.png)









ad2259 No.481111




please update Recent map updates section:

>>### Qmap_2018-02-23_2018-02-24) The BRIDGE edition

>>468931 Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-22 DISTRACTION edition

>>468949 Qmap_2018-02-07_2018-02-14 PAY THE PRICE edition


ee1298 No.481112


French-based utility company Suez has secured a €53m contract from the El Salvadoran National Administration of Water Management and Wastewater Treatment Services (ANDA) to renovate the Las Pavas drinking water production plant in San Pablo Tacachico, El Salvador.

http:// waterwastemanagement.cleantechnology-business-review.com/news/suez-wins-contract-for-renovation-of-drinking-water-treatment-in-el-salvador-150218-6056882

d0d24e No.481113

Q’s post seems to be saying that Stanislav Lunev and or The BRIDGE are going to be things used to get payback for today.

61b071 No.481114


Pray for our Patriots! 40 Days Until JUDGEMENT!

Jonah 3:4 And Jonah began to enter into the city a day’s journey, and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be OVERTHROWN.

http:// beginningandend. com/40-days-until-judgment/

f80234 No.481115


got em.

c35bab No.481116




dbdcf7 No.481117



2e79e0 No.481118


As Q says, do you believe in coincidences?

The Parkland shooting stinks to high heaven! Guaranfuckingtee, that the 30 year veteran law enforcement school safety officer, the Broward County Sheriffs standing outside, were all paid to stand down, and Israel himself, for ordering them to stand down or for going anti-NRA for the MSM. The only other possibility is, they were told that they would be victims of the shooter themselves, would have a sudden heart attack, would be suicided, or they threatened harm to their families, if they tried to stop the shooter!

1e8bc1 No.481119


$100 says she's a pussy hat screeching leftist.

c1f3fd No.481120


So that both sides get to execute their Traitors.

Ultimate Win-Win.

1500ce No.481121

>>481105 He was fabulous!

72630d No.481122


not necessarily, Both could be traitors going home for retribution

ad2259 No.481123

>>481111 >>481115

oups missed the link, sorry

Recent map updates section:

>>480889 Qmap_2018-02-23_2018-02-24) The BRIDGE edition

>>468931 Qmap_2018-02-15_2018-02-22 DISTRACTION edition

>>468949 Qmap_2018-02-07_2018-02-14 PAY THE PRICE edition

30ab63 No.481124

File: 1395fc770ed795c⋯.png (27.74 KB, 729x117, 81:13, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

"wheres that confounded bridge"

9660d3 No.481125


I think you might be correct about Germany

aed57b No.481126


We got the embassy there and got an airbase in Israel which past Presidents have been trying to get for decades and failed.

4c6855 No.481127


>http:// www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article42388.html

that 3 :4 again… 58/18 = 3 remainder of 4

38b1de No.481128


Maybe it has something to do with Andrew Jackson and the White House Bridge


"On May 21, 1862, Confederate Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's Valley Army plodded north along this road to threaten Front Royal and outflank Union Gen. Nathaniel Bank's position at Strasburg. With the addition of Gen. Richard S. Ewell's division, Jackson's command numbered nearly 17,000 men and 50 guns. Philip Kauffman, a young man at the time, remembered the Confederates as they crossed the Shenandoah River on the White House Bridge and: "…Stonewall himself as he ran the gauntlet, with bared head, through the marching columns of his 'foot cavalry.' His faded gray uniform with stars on the collar, his black beard and uncovered head, as he loped by the White House on Old Sorrel, are as fresh in my mind as on that day."" Jackson's Valley Army reached Front Royal May 23. There, aided by spy Belle Boyd, it overwhelmed Banks' 1,000-man detachment and continued toward Winchester to attack the main Union army, now in full retreat from Strasburg. Jackson's success was complete.


c35bab No.481129


Who is being watched and hunted?

Evidence/ stories about this ?

f80234 No.481130


already on it. thanks for your work anon

f78920 No.481131


No fear and faith goes a long way anon. I pray for you and your child as well.

I'm sorry you are going through this.

9cc1f3 No.481132


https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=C_BjPy19bYs


b0897c No.481133


Can't find my tinnie hat

66b39a No.481134


I'm sorry to hear that.

I truly believe/know there's ways to beat it naturally.

>>480902 mentioned one already.

These SICK people are trying and succeeding in killing us. From the water to the food. To the air and all of it's pollutants.

I pray you beat it again. I pray you find peace in The Truth.

cd65d6 No.481135


Meant >>488089

>>472314 was good too.

… frustrating.

6f3af5 No.481136


It wasn't Oswald.

5d9233 No.481137

File: d893facab7e654a⋯.png (39.99 KB, 1030x747, 1030:747, qmessagecaps.png)

We now have a text file containing only the uppercase letters from every Q message. It's current through message 480458 sent at 1:53:47 a.m. EST Saturday Feb 24 2018. It contains the message number and a single string of all the uppercase characters in the message. Sample here. Full text file is at http:// www.enigma-q.com/qmessagecaps.txt

86f2ac No.481138


Hell yeah ! Judgement! I'm excited. Are you excited?

7efe20 No.481139

If @Snowden were not in Russia, The only best sneaky place to hide Snowden would be in crimea

c1f3fd No.481140


Sure Clown. Kiss our collective asses.

38b1de No.481141


Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, sorry


going to bed

a44d90 No.481142


pretty sureJFK was killed by giving our treasury the ability to print money again first step of ending fed kennedy 5 dollar bill

a073db No.481143

File: 884e28bbb406a49⋯.jpg (574.28 KB, 1608x1080, 67:45, Glitch-9b9ba6c0-47e2-4ca4-….jpg)

File: 85e93e60c8e8fcb⋯.jpg (133.19 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, my_ultimate_q_branch_by_ce….jpg)

I made a meme. No one commented. Gonna repost and go pass out.

< It's Q…

6d7983 No.481144

Let's say that somehow (((they))) poisoned the water. Were (((they))) gonna blame Russia and then point to what Stanislav said as the "proofs"? FF of epic proportions?

c4003b No.481145


Thank you Patriot. If the NRA gets tons of new members, then these companies that are dropping them will look like fools.

Just think about the ones that reversed themselves on POTUS, when we showed them our force.

Nothing can stop the TRUMPTRAIN.

72630d No.481146


Well that's an interesting point but the bridge is not in Russia

Its a bridge between east and west Germany where they exchange spys between Russia and US. So….Snowden could be in Germany?

39edae No.481147

File: bc7df59e965e3dd⋯.jpg (34.87 KB, 320x480, 2:3, 257fr6.jpg)


Congrats, anon!

dbdcf7 No.481148

File: 9f913c33151e60e⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 465x485, 93:97, 9f913c33151e60eaa6594cb4c7….jpg)


KEKKING KEK you shills are everywhere tonight!!! We already found you on halfchan now GTFO!

38b1de No.481149


I know that was dumb-going to stop now

20ef72 No.481150



Double meaning.

Lunev gave us shit load of info - removal of leverage within US as well as info on chinese and ussr blackhats, which if we follow the right rabbithole should show us WHO these scum are.

Possibly connected to Mcstain/POW issue.

This plus the mitrokhin archives might have given white hats needed intel to move today?

Conscientious defectors were of HUGE help to Patriots.

(((USSR))) was used as leverage against the world, same as (((western elites))). Much info to be gained.

(((they))) will FALL.

c35bab No.481151


Oh yeah slurring big time…

He sounded really sickly and like a total moron.

Fuck outta here.

4c6855 No.481152


the 2nd coming thing always made me laugh… people are like… ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT… my response was like… the end of the world as i know it wouldnt be a bad thing lol

d74b9b No.481153



da4f77 No.481154

An exchange seems more of like a deal than a payback. I think Q is telling us that they flipped a high ranking cabal spy equivalent in value to Stanislav Lunev. Could be Snowden.

b38657 No.481155


It's long been reported that terrorists (aka cabal operatives, often linked to Mossad) have plated nukes around the US in order to blackmail US leaders.

It's not surprising that the Q Team believes the deep state may be considering the use of these weapons. Might be part of why the Houston Medical Center is doing a drill for how they would handle a sudden influx of lots of radiation poisoning victims.

906045 No.481156

File: 28a0fb546c292c0⋯.png (768.34 KB, 600x605, 120:121, ClipboardImage.png)

Trying to find a shot of Moochelle in a swimsuit on a beach is about as fruitful as searching for Bigfoot, which incidentally, is a very similar task. I was finally able to include her & add text. Fire away Anons

72e6fa No.481157


Gotta keep the Babylonians guessing until the last moment. Remember the Liberty.

d4d684 No.481158

I wonder if we gave up Lunev to the Russians in exchange for Snowden. I'm probably way off.

c35bab No.481159



c46685 No.481160


EU rising up more than we are.

Say when.

86f2ac No.481161

File: bab0f53b58bb1c7⋯.jpg (55.79 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1518258716116.jpg)

47a577 No.481162

File: 7013fab641bcbba⋯.gif (945.97 KB, 500x180, 25:9, giphy.gif)


d74b9b No.481163

File: b3520a81c722295⋯.jpg (69.71 KB, 720x662, 360:331, TRUMPDESTROYSTHEFUCKINGSUN.jpg)




ab4848 No.481164

File: 0f11d097fc376b4⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2C557B4B-0373-4708-AC4D-1B….png)

Okay, what in the absolute fuckery is going on?

c35bab No.481165



6a5ff3 No.481166


Learn to spell niger

dbdcf7 No.481167

File: 81797cea5a9eb3e⋯.jpg (11.16 KB, 255x143, 255:143, 148548f5530e2d293e91ff3191….jpg)


Now that's some sexy dough right there

2ae972 No.481168


>Stanislav Lunev.

Claims the press acts as spies. The press helped Menendez get mistrial somehow? Tainted the jury or something else?


>Menendez involved in NJ Bridgegate?

Payback for today.

>Menendez doctor friend sentenced today - 17 YEARS

Interesting to ponder

da4f77 No.481169


was meant for >>481065

9f75d3 No.481170

I don't think there was an ancient embassy. United States wasn't a country in ancient times.


c4003b No.481171


4c6855 No.481172


that part is no longer russia though… its considered eastern europe now… hmm either way it could work

c35bab No.481173

File: 69bf4e6d7ccc35c⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 720x960, 3:4, download.jpg)

File: a5fd4472ee93da2⋯.jpg (16.74 KB, 200x200, 1:1, f1d7c0f676b7de2fea02aaf5b2….jpg)

1de6ad No.481174

The Bridge: https:// books.google.com/books?id=1NFBWsHEbT8C&printsec=frontcover&dq=%22the+BRIDGE%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj_za-MjL7ZAhVK8WMKHfiHARoQ6AEIITAE#v=onepage&q=%22the%20BRIDGE%22&f=false

0cbec3 No.481175

File: 2afbf38dff4783c⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 490x800, 49:80, TAROT_Strength-NetwRevs.jpg)

4ed82f No.481176


The Driver

d8235c No.481177


Jeeze who'd you get those almonds from?

Sure are activated.

ff65e8 No.481178


Betting he was told it was a drill

4c6855 No.481179


right! lol

c35bab No.481180


It was a joke…

9f75d3 No.481181

If Lunev defected, surely that would depend on whether he actually wanted to go back. But Q said that Snowden is not in Russia.


1e8bc1 No.481182



But, I don't know that we would do that to Lunev, after all his help.

Especially not for that cunt Snowden.

Doesn't send a good message to potential/future double agents.

753fdb No.481183


Bravo! Love me some James Bond theme memes! Great work anon

ee4ed7 No.481184



72e6fa No.481185


TEOTWAWKI. Yeah. Since most of the world will be 'dumbfounded dipshits' when the lights go on, that would be a good thing. It's called an Apocalypse for a reason. Most people seem to believe in shadows projected on walls. I say LIFT THE VEIL and let the scales drop. Most people are living in a dream. WAKE UP!

d0d24e No.481186

BRIDGE Bringing Relevant Internet Dialogue to Global Education

e5ec6d No.481187

Because I can't stay mad at yall, because not all of you are (fill in the blank).

Read this: https:// larouchepac.com/20170927/robert-mueller-amoral-legal-assassin-he-will-do-his-job-if-you-let-him

Kissinger has been seen multiple times in and out of the WH and congress. This concernfags me greatly. If they are lying traps for wild animalsqqqqqqqq they better get that one away from power fast because hes worse than they know.

5701ef No.481188


Every time that little Hogg fucker opens his mouth, I want to punch him in the face! He's calling their movement the 3rd Great Awakening! No coincidences! They are shoving it right in our faces!! THIS CANNOT STAND!

3c8ddc No.481189


WRWY just joined up.

5d9233 No.481190


Many people are now convinced that all the evidence for Parkland being a false flag is nothing but a huge conspiracy by the right trying to make people believe there's a huge conspiracy by the left.

c35bab No.481191

File: de09bde59973d0b⋯.jpg (18.37 KB, 255x246, 85:82, 087e8fd6922f07c5a873033ef8….jpg)



ee1298 No.481192

All nations have a stake in addressing this global challenge; when it comes to water security, we sink or swim together.

http:// www.defenseone.com/ideas/2018/02/dont-waste-new-us-water-security-strategy/146056/

1e8bc1 No.481193


>Was he slurring his words at all.

No. That was your mom with a mouthful if jiz.

842bd9 No.481194


when they raised hiram abiff from the dead, the ancient secrets returned to the post-flood world.

hiram abiff had been imbued with tubal-cains smithing knowledge

1 corinthians 11 - when women pray without a head covering, problems are created

0eef9d No.481195


He was at his best!

b38657 No.481196


I only know of one patient who has combined the Gerson Diet with the Beck Protocol and *not* been cured. That fellow waited till he was 36 hours from death, was malnourished and dehydrated, and it was just too late to make a successful intervention by that time.

4c6855 No.481197


i think people misunderstood the true meaning of the second coming… not an apocalypse but a rebirth… like the rebirth of christ

2ae972 No.481198


>Stanislav Lunev

Claims the press acts as spies…

Press leak in Menendez trial:

NEWARK — On the second day of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez’s federal bribery trial, attorneys sparred with the judge about the cost of a luxury hotel room for the senator, questioned an FBI employee about whether she leaked information to the press, and invited jurors inside Dr. Salomon Melgen’s retreat in the Dominican Republic.

Menendez, a 63-year-old Democrat, is on trial before U.S. District Judge William H. Walls along with Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist on an indictment accusing the doctor of bribing the senator with private plane flights, hotel stays and financial contributions. Prosecutors allege that in exchange for the gifts, Menendez intervened with various government officials in the doctor's Medicare billing dispute and other matters.


http:// www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/09/attorneys_judge_spar_on_day_2_of_menendez_trial.html

5d9233 No.481199


It was and they have definitely gotten to her. You should be concerned about her.

dbdcf7 No.481200


Exactly. If they cannot see that this is the season for His coming then at least we'll have 1,000 years to teach them…. Damn come to think of it I guess it really would take 1,000 years to explain this shit.

ed4983 No.481201


But he's just a baby.

ab4848 No.481202


betting you he got sold out by his fellow cops. The blue code is not to be fucked with. Especially in that kind of situation. Other cops are speaking up. Like the Coral Springs PD.

d48d21 No.481203


https:// everipedia.org/wiki/jessica-ford-1/

Don't know about that but she has quite a criminal history drugs alcohol et al

b0897c No.481204


Mortgage your house. Cut them a check.

I'm a member, I donate.

c35bab No.481205

20ef72 No.481206

File: 72cd138cb808126⋯.jpeg (34.03 KB, 474x355, 474:355, SOLZHENITSYN.jpeg)


Many of these conscientious defectors were actual russians/ukrainians what not, unlike the (((bolshevik))) elites who ran USSR who were for most part jewish.

Their defections were motivated by hatred for (((them))) and their (((policies))). Eastern europe and russia suffered immeasurably under (((their))) racial and religious hatred that equals that of the western peoples.

We will win.

d74b9b No.481207

let's hire Ashton Kutcher for deep Hollywood Intel.

ba45ca No.481208



Espionage bibliography?

e5ec6d No.481209

Bonus: Please don't forget for wetwork coverups you need to compromise four people. The Mayor, the DA, the Chief of Police, and the Coroner.

Follow that thread for many insights.

c35bab No.481210



c4003b No.481211


But it is time to show our force.

POTUS tells us not to get complacent

Fight, Fight, Fight

Let's take the fight to them and show them who we are.


d8235c No.481212

ONE thing I cannot get yet, nor think I ever will..


What about the MONEY? WHO GETS IT?

Do we need money for motivation?

We always talk and focus on the MONEY..

But when it is all said and done..

Where does the MONEY go?

9660d3 No.481213


DreamAnon said he saw Texas get nuked

I say we row our boat away from that timeline

ff65e8 No.481214

Remember the video of the gunfire in the classroom? Anyone recall hearing bullets actually hit anything? Bounce off of things, shatter anything?

6f3af5 No.481215


I'll do it today myself.

4c6855 No.481216


it sounds like a parasite that hops from country to country after it gets kicked out

72630d No.481217


yes it does except who are we paying back?

If we are paying back Russia, then no it doesn't make sense.

But if we are paying back the CIA for something (shooting?) then getting their guy Snowden back for prosecution would be a pay back

ab4848 No.481218

File: 11862715d00e829⋯.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 16E0AA3C-B3EF-4CD1-B04D-87….png)


Okay, same guy tweeting out this now

5d9233 No.481219


That's what word around town is but I can't verify.

c35bab No.481220

File: 72cd138cb808126⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 474x355, 474:355, 72cd138cb808126b41270b0571….jpg)



58506a No.481221


That doesn't sound like enough. This is why the Vatican went bonkers. They do not want the Jews in Jerusalem at any cost. Pope went to china to normalize in retaliation. If the Vatican terminates recognition of Taiwan, they are basically done as far as the UN goes. Maybe this is the grand deal.

Israel gets Jerusalem or some fraction of it with support from SA under MBS.

China gets Taiwan. One China dream is finally complete. China drops support for NK. NK/SK reunite. Still need the security council to sign off on it so Russia ends up with Crimea and backs out of Iran and Syria. Brits and French are fall into line with NATO marching orders? The taiwanese lose a lot here, but the rest of the world seems like it would be a safer place.

1de6ad No.481222


The BRIDGE is Hussein.

d4d684 No.481223

I feel like we are starting to run out of time. The media is officially nothing but unhinged globalist propaganda. Youtube is censoring everyone. Twitter is censoring everyone. Heck, Infowars was threatened earlier and they have over 2 millions subscribers. If these people aren't taken down soon, we won't be able to communicate and spread truth anymore.

77420c No.481224



842bd9 No.481225


remember hearing a fire alarm in any of those videos? they said he pulled a fire alarm…. no audio of a fire alarm.

c4003b No.481226




ab4848 No.481227


But I thought he was outside? Didn’t they report that first? Now he’s hiding behind a staircase?

bae567 No.481228


or he's been singing since his defection

5d9233 No.481229


They say she likes to use a glass Kool-Aid pitcher.

1e8bc1 No.481230


Maybe this Scot Peterson is who Q is referring to re who is leaking info.

dbdcf7 No.481231

File: b197491992506ae⋯.jpg (10.4 KB, 197x255, 197:255, thauce.jpg)

cf560a No.481232

c35bab No.481233


Yeah def!

He seems like a very good source indeed ! Honest, genuine, and has a superb relationship with our war hero McCain!

90f9db No.481234

File: bd7245fef40b38c⋯.png (21.41 KB, 485x340, 97:68, GEORGE HW BUSH - 41st Pres….PNG)

File: 4cc760721150ed5⋯.png (3.06 KB, 790x33, 790:33, GHWBUSH 41ST PRESIDENT.PNG)

File: ea85ad8ef849f02⋯.png (2.98 KB, 318x72, 53:12, George HWBush 2time vp.PNG)

File: f84f08e3ab05e98⋯.png (10.48 KB, 772x79, 772:79, george hw bush - watergate….PNG)

Re: #466 - Jan 5, 2018 Q post

Covert OP by [CLAS-59==#241==-Q] to infiltrate at highest level to destroy from within?

George H.W.Bush, 41st President - served twice (2) as Vice President under President Reagan. he was at one time Director of CIA.

c4003b No.481235





4c6855 No.481236


what happens if he already got all of his people into position and the defection was just a smokescreen

72630d No.481237


see my comment here


d2306c No.481238


>Stanislav Lunev.

"Lunev said he is unable to pinpoint the locations of the caches because his orders were only to locate potential sites...

But he insisted that during his nearly four years spent in Washington, D.C., before 1992, he was one of literally hundreds of agents who were told to find such secret hiding places.

"I had very clear instructions: These dead-drop positions would need to be for all types of weapons, including nuclear weapon[s]," Lunev said in a heavy Russian accent.

http:// articles.latimes.com/2000/jan/25/local/me-57346


Bridge collapses into flooded creek in Port Bruce, Ont. Canada?

>Payback for today.



cd65d6 No.481239

Hogg is a mistake; focusing on him is a mistake. He's obvious bait for us to attack and then get shamed for it. News cycle 1 week is a Very long time.

Wondered about Q post line:"How do you get children to lie?"

Threaten his FBI Dad? Do we know the whole story?

Reaching. Similar feelings about Clown News kid; that's precisely why that angle doesnt work.

Exposing MSM links to clowns and their new commentators, family, money is the correct angle. Combine with docs Q posted and any material that can be found based off them. If we sow doubt into MSM listeners, we can Redpill Dispensary them.


6d7983 No.481240


He's probably available. When's the last movie he done did? KEK!


The oldfags are here lel.

6a5ff3 No.481241


Oh, you did it again!

ff65e8 No.481242


Good point. How does one get turned off if pulled on wall?

c35bab No.481243

File: 29cfe7d2b13d7bc⋯.jpg (336.15 KB, 800x612, 200:153, alba1.jpg)

5d9233 No.481244


Where would a cop get the kinds of photos that are leaking? The only source I could imagine for those is No Such Agency, picking up the images as they're taken.

9cc1f3 No.481245

File: 8aa410d12531198⋯.jpg (151.14 KB, 659x1024, 659:1024, Lion-of-Judah-Until-You-Ar….jpg)


Out like a Lamb

87f0a4 No.481246

4c6855 No.481247


lol thats why i have no problems going after that twat… i am a school shooting survivor too

ee4ed7 No.481248


what is this first picture? sorry but i have not seen it before

dbdcf7 No.481249


get out of my head! I was just thinking of Bridge of Spies!

7b48bb No.481250

Bridge possibly United Nations

72630d No.481251

That's true

…. so maybe the Bridge is just a metaphor for exchange and the exchange will happen else where on a neutral ground.

842bd9 No.481252


an actor that wasnt playing ball with the little school play gets outed as a "coward" during a necessary narrative shift away from "crisis actors" being plastered across all media

ab7ced No.481253

Q - I see the Potomac poisoning plot detail. We've been working diligently to address this type of scenario for some years. Ready to help address at scale… Please tell me how to proceed/who to contact, so I can complete the circuit for US, Patriots. Please, tired of revving the engine but not letting off the clutch.

d4d684 No.481254


This picture just made me second guess aliens ruling earth.

1de6ad No.481255


Hussein's anti-American plots are comparable to what the top Russian spy did.

1e8bc1 No.481256


Makes sense.

White hat clowns. Or No Such Agency. Or MI.

ed4983 No.481257


Did you killed anybody?

ab4848 No.481258


Same anon…same

c35bab No.481259

File: 69bf4e6d7ccc35c⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 720x960, 3:4, download.jpg)

File: 4084b9ed280595b⋯.jpg (148.23 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 4084b9ed280595b161ddf8565a….jpg)


Oh man if he's got GWB singing like a canary then….

Holy shit. The train has left the station. I repeat, they are donzo.

72630d No.481260


This was meant for you >>481251

cd65d6 No.481261


Curious, and then the hand-off to WJC/HRC

It's a decent thought anon

6f3af5 No.481262


Looks like a burn victim.

c1f3fd No.481263


Sorry Patriot, but he was told not to go in. All part of the OP. Shitty world.

5fef77 No.481264


That is exactly right - resurrection anyway.

c35bab No.481265



She loves a bit of walnut sauce, but with pasta?!??! THAT'S CRAZY TALK SKIPPY !!!

5d9233 No.481266


This is a really hard sell to half the normie population because it's such high drama and they won't go quietly into the night when somebody is trying to take away their drama. Personally I have lost all patience with the little fucks but they are who we need to focus on so I'm biting my tongue and playing nice. Even when they don't. They are full-on wacky to still be resisting with the evidence that's been laid on them.

4c6855 No.481267


obviously not or id be in prison… fucking weird thing is though… the shooter at my school had the same zoned out look as that nickolas cruz kid

39317b No.481268


it's all looking like these people don't even know who they really are. mind wiped and reprogrammed. sheep.

d0d24e No.481269

Film ideas for The BRIDGE.

Bernhard Wicki’s astonishing The Bridge was the first major antiwar film to come out of Germany after World War II, as well as the nation’s first postwar film to be widely shown internationally, even securing an Oscar nomination. Set near the end of the conflict, it follows a group of teenage boys in a small town as they contend with everyday matters like school, girls, and parents, before enlisting as soldiers and being forced to defend their home turf in a confused, terrifying battle. This expressively shot, emotionally bruising drama dared to humanize young German soldiers at a historically tender moment, and proved influential for the coming generation of New German Cinema auteurs.

dbdcf7 No.481270


And returning as a Lion and his tongue as a sword!!!

21703c No.481271

File: a9542d7fb9dae9d⋯.png (34.92 KB, 892x159, 892:159, Screenshot 2018-02-24 at 1….png)



72e6fa No.481272


As Mike Ruppert (a true patriot, may he rest in peace) used to say, 'the CIA is Wall Street, Wall Street is the USA'. And who is the 'mob' anyway? Go deeper. Always deeper.

http:// americanfreepress.net/PDF/Final_Judgment.pdf

d2306c No.481273

File: 2d904503d16061e⋯.png (334.34 KB, 1598x750, 799:375, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

4c6855 No.481274


very feasible… i have a feeling the us, china and russia are in the same fight together… at least now lol

d0d24e No.481275

Moar Film ideas for The BRIDGE

The Bridge is a 2006 British-American documentary film by Eric Steel spanning one year of filming at the famed Golden Gate Bridge which crosses the Golden Gate entrance to San Francisco Bay, connecting the city of San Francisco, California to the Marin Headlands of Marin County, in 2004. The film captured a number of suicides, and featured interviews with family and friends of some of the identified people who had thrown themselves from the bridge that year.

The film was inspired by a 2003 article titled "Jumpers," written by Tad Friend for The New Yorker magazine.[4] The film crew shot almost 10,000 hours of footage, recording 23 of the known 24 suicides off the bridge in 2004

ab4848 No.481276

File: 142ff1403ee0a6d⋯.jpeg (57.21 KB, 498x435, 166:145, 1FAFCEDF-56C8-4479-AD35-C….jpeg)

c35bab No.481277


Bridge of Spies film?

bae567 No.481278


that's possible too. playing a long game like that, he would need someone here to facilitate, especially while under witsec

d48d21 No.481279

spitballing the connection of Lunev and Crazy girl who rammed the wall. Did / could she have had a suitcase nuke in the van? her 4th time trying to breech the whitehouse,

c35bab No.481280




21703c No.481281


Obama is planning to be UN Secretary General.

e1b9e2 No.481282

File: f6b3d6aa9e5b49a⋯.jpg (19.43 KB, 251x201, 251:201, IMG_8590.JPG)

ed4983 No.481283


Probably a result of traumatic homosexuality as a child

818217 No.481284


La duquesa de Alba de Espana.

A real piece of aristocracy dong

c40f2c No.481285


Every statement is false.

ec6e8e No.481286

"…and I will never ever ever let you down."



(last line of 2018 CPACV speech.)

7c8ada No.481287


he gave a secret speech in Boston 2/23/18

b0897c No.481288

Pharma burning

http:// hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/database/?pageid=event_desc&edis_id=FR-20180224-61988-IND

20ef72 No.481289

File: e9e52a851d34211⋯.png (1.52 MB, 935x936, 935:936, THIS.png)


Also note, both vasili mitrokhin and stanisla lunev defected in 1992…..

no coincidences?

let us dig:

"Notes in the archive describe extensive preparations for large-scale sabotage operations against the United States, Canada, and Europe in the event of war, although none was recorded as having been carried out, beyond creating weapons and explosives caches in assorted foreign countries.[65] This information has been corroborated in general by GRU defectors, Victor Suvorov[66] and Stanislav Lunev.[67] The operations included the following:

A plan for sabotage of Hungry Horse Dam in Montana.[68]

A detailed plan to destroy the port of New York (target GRANIT). The most vulnerable points of the port were determined and recorded on maps.[68]

Large arms caches were hidden in many countries to support such planned terrorism acts. Some were booby-trapped with "Lightning" explosive devices. One such cache, identified by Mitrokhin, was found by Swiss authorities in the woods near Fribourg. Several other caches in Europe were removed successfully.[69] A KGB radio equipment cache was found in woods outside of Brussels, Belgium in 1999.[70]

Disruption of the power supply across New York State by KGB sabotage teams, which were to be based along the Delaware River in Big Spring Park.[68]

An "immensely detailed" plan to destroy "oil refineries and oil and gas pipelines across Canada from British Columbia to Montreal" (operation "Cedar") was prepared; the work took twelve years to complete.[71]"

Corroborates Lunev's claims somewhat.

Old (((USSR))) arms cache and nuclear sabotage/biological chemical operations methods were to be used against US politicians and military as leverage? These info fell into hands of muslims and other black hat puppets?

Sounds plausible.

White hats removed the said assets?

CAIR is connected to broward county cop who was tapped for work in DC during obama era.

CAIR = sandnigger terrorist/racially hostile religious fanatic organization intent on helping muslim brotherhood take over and subvert US and west.

Numerous muslim per capita pop and mosques around DC metro area. Saudis finance hundreds of mosques around US and west.

Arms cache?

Nuclear devices?

Infrastructure sabotage ops planned with intel from former soviet ops?

Who is connected within US to help out these subhuman scum?

(((they))) are ALL traitors, subverters.

Israeli lobbying acts above the law.





5d9233 No.481290


You shouldn't make fun of LDR like this. She can't help what Pepe and Moloch have done to her.

d2306c No.481291


"Ex-Soviet Spy "Lunev" Testifies on Hidden Weapons - Defector tells congressional panel in L.A. of caches set up for sabotage.

>Payback for Today.

What did the Q team do today?

39edae No.481292

File: 417e4273ae8e702⋯.jpg (87.42 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 254icc.jpg)

c4003b No.481293

We don't go after the little fucks like David Hogg.

We just show our strength and force by supporting the NRA.

They are targeting the NRA, and we are the SHEILD that will stop them.

3988b8 No.481294



Lunev defected when GWB was president

ab4848 No.481295

File: c063e11730f47c0⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 2DD13F3D-6C1C-4355-A26F-1A….png)

File: 6518c06a99abd7d⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 5A367073-AB8B-46C6-B6FC-56….png)

Get fucked NYT

not me, just came across it on twatter

dbdcf7 No.481296



39edae No.481297

The NRA are cucks.

c40f2c No.481298

Q, we need something concrete, like a cabal leader suiciding themselves.

72630d No.481299




Great minds and all that

cd65d6 No.481300


Sorry you went through that. Here's my proposal:

The better answer to school shootings would be principals being acknowledged as keepers of the public trust on par with firemen and policemen; they are to be mandated to receive small arms training, a secure coded safe and one pistol. One phone primed with "911" on speed dial.

If they are uncomfortable with that, then they are to assign a teacher designate preferably veteran, in place of them out of the 30-90 teachers on campus. Cost<1000 usd. This is similar to flying on a plane near an emergency exit. We don't need militarized schools= common sense.

Clown News kid is bait. This whole situation is about manipulating people. Careful with it._X

4c6855 No.481301


I got a feeling that we dont really need to worry about it much… the whole story is falling apart fast… just got to wait before the rats start abandoning ship

d74b9b No.481302


>awesome connect!!

5d9233 No.481303


There are any number of them who aren't doing anything special tonight.

7a5f0c No.481304

File: 9ff6915055794ea⋯.jpg (109.83 KB, 981x445, 981:445, CzechAF2.JPG)


Thought the Czechs were going home ….

Not before a stop-over in Philly apparently

c1f3fd No.481305

File: 73160a1521981d0⋯.jpg (69.94 KB, 772x342, 386:171, bridge of spies history.JPG)

File: 27f3bc6e092d044⋯.jpg (309.72 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1280px-Glienicker_Brücke.JPG)


You folks need a geo lesson. Berlin-Potsdam. Germany. Do some research before spouting off. Add value or lurk.

86ea64 No.481306


A man after my own heart.

da4f77 No.481307


Yes you're right. A payback to clowns makes sense together with an exchange with the Russians. Perhaps as another anon suggested Snowden for Lunev exchange. Would also imply that Lunev was recruited by clowns after originally defecting.

4c6855 No.481308


dont sweat it… wasnt your fault and im still breathing… im personally down for arming the teachers

753fdb No.481309


From what I understand, comms were blocked on the board for a time. The payback is for that.

ab4848 No.481310

File: ecb92f0b6fbd383⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 8B9D5DF9-DEA8-4468-A605-C0….png)

File: 696d1c5f9bcdbc4⋯.png (962.07 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E3108F5D-D76D-48C2-83A2-6F….png)


Get fucked MSNBC

d8235c No.481311


Duuuude same vibes here… It would make sense.

Like it looks like Russia has CIA equiv problems as you USA.

I'm Canadian and ours is just completely, unequivocally SMOKED out. Compromised. 100%.

dbdcf7 No.481312


Of course he was. Who do you think he defected TO?

9cc1f3 No.481313

File: b1ea5b87c724b91⋯.jpg (24.59 KB, 629x340, 37:20, b1ea5b87c724b91d2135bf6578….jpg)



kinda scary to think about though

7d95bb No.481314

Lunev deference is a message to Snowden

Snowden is the reverse Lunev, the spy who defected from the US to Russia

ec6e8e No.481315


Goddmanit YES! THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

4c6855 No.481316


didnt need to… triggered you to do it for me … thanks =)

cd65d6 No.481317


You may be completely wrong, but that is an impressive thought-chain. I'll follow that work too._X

86ea64 No.481318


That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

cf560a No.481319


d0d24e No.481320

"The driver was known to the Secret Service, CNN reported, adding that mental health issues may have been a factor."

https:// www.rt.com/usa/419689-white-house-car-barrier/

ab4848 No.481321

File: 5b1700784a3fb56⋯.png (6.01 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 4ED33E4A-C213-4295-9F03-3F….png)

File: a77f8de17c2a045⋯.png (4.72 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, F1D01D35-1293-4AD7-BCBA-F7….png)


Plus you got this daisy running things

d74b9b No.481322



9f75d3 No.481323


see about flat earth

http:// reasons.org/explore/multimedia/interviews/read/interviews/2017/02/23/examining-the-flat-earth-theory

6f3af5 No.481324


>They are targeting the NRA, and we are the SHEILD that will stop them

One can fuck with a lot of things and maybe slide a bit, but one better not EVER fuck with the Second Amendment/NRA and expect to get away with it unscathed.

c4003b No.481325


Agree, a bridge is someone or something that links 2 things together. Doesn't have to be a physical Bridge.

72630d No.481326


Yes! of course! That's a great point!

d74b9b No.481327



9f75d3 No.481328



c46685 No.481329


I don't think it's the Bridge Over Troubled Water song Simon and Garfunkel did.

"Despite the song's five-minute length, Columbia decided to service the song to pop radio. Bob Dylan had previously landed a song past the three-minute barrier on AM radio with Like a Rolling Stone" in 1965, which played into Columbia's decision."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridge_over_Troubled_Water_(song)

"The filming of Catch-22 began in January 1969 and lasted about eight months.[9][10] Simon had not completed any new songs at this point, and the duo planned to collaborate when the filming would be finished. Roy Halee would produce the album, and as was the case with their most recent studio album, Bookends, they created an experimental sound, moving away from typical folk rock and instead exploring new genres.[7]

Bridge over Troubled Water was also the duo's first album to credit the backing musicians in the liner notes. The credited musicians were Simon and Fred Carter, Jr. on guitars, and Hal Blaine on drums, Joe Osborn on bass and Larry Knechtel on keyboards, all of whom were famous Wrecking Crew members."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridge_over_Troubled_Water

271f2f No.481330

File: 7961bd3d2d52846⋯.jpg (38.41 KB, 393x344, 393:344, robert hanssen.JPG)


>FBI agent Robert Philip Hanssen

I noticed his alias "B"


39edae No.481331

File: 6a56573d18b626b⋯.jpg (46.25 KB, 400x387, 400:387, 255145.jpg)

dbdcf7 No.481332


THIS! This need to go EVERYWHERE! Needs a good hash though

d2306c No.481333

File: 5cbda407ddd837c⋯.png (960.61 KB, 820x1262, 410:631, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

9cc1f3 No.481334


OMFG quick somebody go back, fix Hitler he was wrong the whole time!!!

sauces adolf check your sauces

72e6fa No.481335



Alternatively, perhaps it is the true meaning of 'apocalypse' that has been misunderstood here?

'An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, "a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities".'

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse

No reason to believe that this cannot incorporate a deep comprehension of what the Second Coming might entail. On that, I think Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's idea of a singularity known as the Omega Point is very interesting. What does the Second Coming mean? What does it mean to say that Jesus was the Son of God? The Christ? These are just rhetorical questions, but well worth meditation time. There are no simple answers. The main point is, Apocalypse means Revelation, not cataclysm.

Me, I'm just waiting for 'the city [that] lieth foursquare' to descend. When people figure it all out, and many are left wailing outside the walls of the New Jerusalem. Good times ahead. Let's hope the bad times are shortened, as it was promised by John so long ago.

d74b9b No.481336





d8235c No.481337


Dudes a bitch. He almost tripped on his own feet coming to shake my hand.. punk ass bitch.

c4003b No.481338



6f3af5 No.481339


"Better Not Grab My Pussy" T-shirt or GTFO!

4d39ea No.481340


So if everyone was to agree with you - would stop with the flat earth crap? What difference does it make anyway? There are important things to do, and that is NOT one.

256391 No.481341


We don't need to arm teachers; the shootings are fake. We need to hang the traitors who, by staging events, are plotting to take our liberty.

39edae No.481342


They are controlled opposition. Wake the fuck up!

10a954 No.481343


Dont shake hands with the devil

cb84eb No.481344


Da fuck is wrong with his eyes?!

5ec81a No.481345

File: c83e13985307944⋯.png (792.54 KB, 716x1205, 716:1205, Capture _2018-02-24-03-24-….png)


This related directly to the Bible and Jeremiah 29:11 crumb

3988b8 No.481346

Payback for today.


do we have any ideas on what today points to?

77420c No.481347


What of significance is within? Bullet points? Anyone read?

d8235c No.481348



2nded bread

20ef72 No.481349

File: b62ef57db05bf37⋯.jpg (129.18 KB, 702x390, 9:5, Honorhim.jpg)


(((globalists))), who used anti-castro cubans, clown agency, GWHB, etc.

(((cabal))) made largely of jewish and semitic elements who wanted kennedy dead for going against banks, fed reserve, and clown agency.

JFK files reveals anti-castro cubans in cahoots with jewish financiers.

They killed JFK.

c4003b No.481350


I hope so. but we can still show our strength.

c46685 No.481351



"'In Chapter 41 the full details of the gruesome death of Snowden are finally revealed. Despite this, the novel ends on an upbeat note with Yossarian learning of Orr's miraculous escape to Sweden and Yossarian's pledge to follow him there.'''

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catch-22

753fdb No.481353


Comms were blocked on the board for a while. I think that’s what the payback is for.

4c6855 No.481354


i can get behind that

9f75d3 No.481355

Seriously check out Rick Simpson and Rick Simpson Oil.


5e5ea1 No.481356

File: 2ccb1a8530e6522⋯.jpg (302.31 KB, 1704x189, 568:63, Think Water.jpg)

Haven't scrubbed through the comments yet, but according to the his Wikipedia there was a plan to poison the water….

Think water? Were they planning to the poison the water in DC?

dcfc3b No.481357

File: e7c96f5367f0a30⋯.jpg (72.68 KB, 500x704, 125:176, bridge poster.jpg)



Movie from 2006, suicide related.

http:// www.imdb.com/title/tt0799954/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl

d4d684 No.481358


Then try to ban our guns then faggot. You know damn well that any fucking attempt would result in a one party Conservative government for the next century. Your communist loving beta pussies would be on the losing end of one of the worst ass whoopings in world history. STFU and accept the fact that there won't ever be a communist revolution in the US and there damn sure won't ever be a confiscation of our guns. Fuck you!

4c6855 No.481359


absolutely… i keep doing what ive always have been doing… share the news.. ask questions… make people think… i find the question is more important than the answer for this reason

441410 No.481360


3rded - very informed Anon…

d0d24e No.481361

Back to basics.

Definition of bridge

1 a : a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression or obstacle (such as a river) a bridge connecting the island to the mainland

b : a time, place, or means of connection or transition building a bridge between the two cultures the bridge from war to peace

2 : something resembling a bridge in form or function: such as

a : the upper bony part of the nose broke the bridge of his nose; also : the part of a pair of glasses that rests upon it

b music : a piece raising the strings of a musical instrument — see violin illustration

c nautical : the forward part of a ship's superstructure (see superstructure 2b) from which the ship is navigated

d railroads : gantry 2b

e billiards : the hand as a rest for a cue; also : a device used as a cue rest

3 a music : a passage linking two sections of a composition

b dentistry : a partial denture anchored to adjacent teeth

c chemistry : a connection (such as an atom or group of atoms) that joins two different parts of a molecule (such as opposite sides of a ring)

4 physics : an electrical instrument or network for measuring or comparing resistances (see 1resistance

4a), inductances, capacitances, or impedances by comparing the ratio of two opposing voltages to a known ratio

256391 No.481363


Clowns; Big Oil; Chicago, New Orleans, and Miami mob; LBJ (ring leader).

LBJ's hitman, Malcolm "Mac" Wallace's fingerprint was found in the sniper's nest.

1e8bc1 No.481364


>The NRA are cucks.

Molon Labe

86ea64 No.481365


Justin Trudeau ridiculed for ‘EMBARRASSING’ Canada by wearing Indian ‘wedding outfit'

https:// www.putnammazda.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh96t9pG-2QIViC9pCh36vA9kEAEYASAAEgLkKPD_BwE


bae567 No.481366



Double trips chekeked


Does BHO know S. Lunev?


Was S. Lunev in Boston meeting with BHO?

9563e2 No.481367


One pistol on a big campus?

What if there are multiple shooters?

An old codger like the principal at the school I went to? LOL.

No, I'd prefer multiple qualified, vetted and stable armed staff. Be they teachers, janitors, campus police or volunteers. Would be nice if they could find jobs for veterans.

c4003b No.481368


Oppostion to what. Without them, Obummer would have already taken our guns. They, the NRA, through us, protects our 2nd amendment and thus is protecting us from a tyrannical government.

You better wake the fuck up.

d74b9b No.481369


>Is Jessica Alba her offspring?

c35bab No.481370


Dustin rules.

5d3f62 No.481371

Watch the water…

Lunev- "poisoning the potomac"

Elites buying water rights world wide

?LDR post on ? 4chan about watching kids die of thirst

It seems likely that they plan to poison water for population control. Then the elites will control all of the clean water supplies….

c40f2c No.481372


Cabal and globalists are the same group. Rothschilds at the top.

5fef77 No.481373


>…the true meaning of 'apocalypse' has been misunderstood…

>a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities…

So you've read the seven seals thread doc? That's what I get from it too.

History repeats by natural forces and divine secrets are about how to harness them.

d74b9b No.481374


cd65d6 No.481375


It hasnt been responded to by Baker or Q so im probably not 'there' yet.

I posted this:


Think Movie

R captain defects to states with sensitive material.

Think Mirror

@Snowden/Compromised Clown Network.

Q: "Drop Hunt for"

= They know where Snowden is.

@Q post Re: "@Jack"

They are letting him know he has a choice, and he is seen: [12:34] is probably a ref to time of meeting. looks like he made his choice with [3]>(Q post) journalists: Cernovic, Posobeic, Loomer censored and then their followers= 'drip'

Article posted on JA twitter after/Article Outline.com

Another Q conf./proof

Like the thought-chain anons_X

39edae No.481376

File: 9fc2ac7be94b865⋯.jpg (23.89 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1517607685739.jpg)


You have no idea what you are talking about. Just because I am critical of a controlled opposition psyop, does not make me a commie. Grow the fuck up and learn to think like an adult.

c1f3fd No.481377


Well said Patriot. Clowns testing everyone's patience tonight.

534aba No.481378

d74b9b No.481379

File: 298295779ee1f5e⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1470x859, 1470:859, take-notice.png)

4c570f No.481380



Ok, anyone that really believes that the earth is flat is embarrassingly stupid!

9563e2 No.481381


So you favor gun-free zones.

What happens when there is a "real" gunman? Fish in a barrel…

3988b8 No.481382

Through The Eyes Of The Enemy: The Autobiography Of Stanislav Lunev

in this he talks about "the bridge" i thought… can't find a download or page on it (yet)

0389ea No.481383

Could poison the water be a metaphor rather than literal? Maybe a disinfo campaign to undermine the movement. On the chans

256391 No.481384


J. Edgar Hoover was also a co-ringleader.

4c6855 No.481385


already started with Fukushima

818217 No.481386


Yes, Jessica is her mother.

18e0d2 No.481387



They dont all.mean a physical earth exactly. Through the looking glass strange geometries apply.

Its a way they use to get around.

Theres no such thing as magic anons but lots of occult science people would mistake for magic.

Low energy pathways between planets, and around the solar system is on weve tested. See Genesis mission.

What you physical senses tell you about reality is unreliable, to the extent it depends on manipulated data and fraidulent social science and economics produced by luciferian.shitbags who bought themselves the fake Nobel prize for economics

One hot bed of toxic theory seems to be the U of Chicage but may just be my looking a book from their press describing human sacrifice.

Must not hang classicists either anons. There's very few and they will be helpful in assembling our true history,.

10a954 No.481388


pray that it is

d74b9b No.481389

cd65d6 No.481390


You're right, re-read referenced post.

Consider just [1] principal or [1] vet teacher per school. It's a massive responsibility a principal should accept or a vet would jump at and Respect._X

72e6fa No.481391


And there was me still hoping and praying that we might hop over the really unpleasant bits in the Revelation of St John the Divine. That whole 80/20 or 60/40 thing may turn out to have been wishful thinking, even on Q's part. Do we really think we get to choose how this story unfolds ourselves? In the end, it's a tale of Cosmic Proportion. Trust in God and try to keep your powder as dry as you can. Things may get rough for us all. On the other hand, I'm still hoping and praying that this can be done smoothly. Only time will tell. Our Adversary will not give up without a fight.

c1f3fd No.481392


That alone does make you a Clown though. Definitely not a Commie. Now go play elsewhere.

e5ec6d No.481393

STOP EVERYTHING AND READ THIS: larouchepac.com/20170927/robert-mueller-amoral-legal-assassin-he-will-do-his-job-if-you-let-him

c4003b No.481394


How about the Van that ran into the barrier at the White House? Might be talking about that. Codemonkey confirmed that board was not under attack.

7127bf No.481395

File: b486a3a1eebc649⋯.png (269.87 KB, 338x500, 169:250, ClipboardImage.png)


40689b No.481396


It's flat. Watch the Truman Show. It's based on fact.

bae567 No.481397



Oh shit! i remember this now! watched it a few times, rarely do that

39edae No.481398

File: ad913084a6237bc⋯.jpg (18.12 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1513488750642.jpg)

15c83a No.481399

I see lots of comments about Lunev and Bridges based on prejudices not based on knowledge or digging for recent factual evidence.

Most people are drawing inferences about "the Russians" but Lunex was quite clearly NOT A RUSSIAN. He was a Soviet intelligence officer who stayed on in the Russian Federation for a year or two in the early part of the Yeltsin regime. He left before the Civil War in 1993. We now know that Yeltsin was a puppet although it is not clear who if anyone really controlled him. The CIA was definitely an organization VERY ACTIVE in Russia at that time trying to consolidate control. We now know that the CIA failed when a group of strong men convince Yeltsin it was in his best interests to had over the presidency to Vladimir Putin. And we know that Putin MADE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN through a program of rooting out corruption at all levels of society, measured economic growth, modernising government in an orderly fashion, and perestroika, i.e. rebuilding infrastructure that have been decaying since the mid 1960s. Putin pushed the CIA out and restored Russia's military power, ALWAYS working in Russia;s best interests and carefully avoiding international relations based on the old Soviet Comintern concept of a global power.

So, what does Lunev teach us about Russia? Quite simply, nothing. He was not a part of that story. But what does he teach us about the Soviet Communist relations with the USA and other countries. As you know, history is very important to untangling and destroying the cabal;s network of criminal conspiracy. And you also know that this work started in earnest in the 1950s. So Lunev has a lot to teach us about that time. It might even extend to identifying some of the Soviet sleeper agents who were either born in the USA or placed her as children and who did not stop their work when the Soviet Union went away. Like some anons mentioned, it might include info on the US prisoners in Hanoi. But it almost certainly will extend to the Chicago group which included Saul Alinsky, several people with contacts to the Rosenbergs, Obama, the Rodham family and others. Victoria Nuland has a strange episode in her youth when she disappeared on board a Soviet fishing trawler for 6 months. How many other such people ended up in high positions in the government?

Some might say that Lunev's revelations could BRIDGE the knowledge gap about how the KGB really impacted the USA before they lost their Moscow Center control in 1991.

On the other hand, maybe Q is just testing us to see how bad the disease of knee jerk crazy assumptionitis is before deciding what to say next.

86ea64 No.481400


I can't tell you how much I appreciate my friends and family right now.

Spiritual nourishment is so very important.

6f3af5 No.481401


He has those "Big Brother is Watching You" eyes.

4c6855 No.481402


no way in hell the earth is flat

6a192e No.481403

File: 533e16f530bc750⋯.jpg (210.95 KB, 960x960, 1:1, BobRoss1.jpg)

dbdcf7 No.481404

File: ab9c9ce616747a3⋯.jpeg (14.54 KB, 255x237, 85:79, allbase.jpeg)


Disinfo? Using our theories of how they work and playing on it? Or is my confirmation bias showing?

da4f77 No.481405


I'm sure the clowns attempt to corrupt every defector. But I doubt the original talks pre-defection would have gone over it. I suspect your average defector would first arrive into the US under the assumption that they're now on team USA. It would seem like a whole new conversation would need to be had about betraying US to the cabal. Makes sense that most would follow through considering they've already once defected with the same clown handlers. But b4 the exchange it's just a speculation that secondary defection succeeded. With the above referenced exchange assumption, it's deduced.

4c6855 No.481406


bob ross ftw

cfe53c No.481407


Hollywood == Fact

Yeah, right.

67d8b3 No.481408

The world's most researched specialty immune supplement supported by 20 human clinical studies, by over 30 papers published in PubMed-indexed journals and by more than 100 pre-clinical and in vitro studies.

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Macrophages: WBC that engulf and ingest bacteria and cellular debris

Dendritic cells: WBC that present foreign substances to B and T cells, initiating an adaptive response

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Increasing the number of T cells by as much as 200%

e1b9e2 No.481409

File: bdc47031b72bd12⋯.jpeg (188.07 KB, 661x397, 661:397, IMG_14C09D6C308C-1.jpeg)

271f2f No.481410

File: 72dabdaa8ff69fc⋯.jpg (140.94 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, whoa.jpg)





dcfc3b No.481411



I guess it's very much related to the coming mas suicides, as Q pointed at…

d8235c No.481412


I mean it presents a lot of good ideas, like the whole sun thing, I bought that part.

I wouldn't say it was flat, or perfectly round.. Maybe its more of a oval shape. squished at the top..

wider in the center..

meh who the fuk knaaoowwwzzzzzz

90f9db No.481413

File: 6d488d45c0a5243⋯.jpg (169.03 KB, 718x901, 718:901, IMG_20180224_043720.jpg)

Disney - subliminally destroying young minds

(Think Mirror)

52ab2f No.481414

File: ca77fbf753d566b⋯.png (16.87 KB, 672x932, 168:233, Future proves past.png)

Future proves past.

News unlocks map.


Payback for today.

9aed09 No.481415

File: 7b7b2853d70fefd⋯.jpg (54.43 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 57f94k4hf7fk83knHyD3.jpg)


Florida school next

Waco they burned the place

4c6855 No.481416


that makes sense

4d39ea No.481417


Yes. Thank you for explaining it better than I could.

0389ea No.481418


That's exactly what I thought when I heard that. Good find

72630d No.481419



Cool Image thx


dc2acc No.481420


Evaluating dick pics from the top floor of the Ryunngong Hotel

52ab2f No.481421

File: 3ea1778e7d9857d⋯.png (8.96 KB, 679x230, 679:230, Future proves past.png)



5fef77 No.481422


don't even stoop there

753fdb No.481423


Q wasn’t really clear what the payback was for, so idk. CM said there was no indication of a hack/attack, but that doesn’t mean one didn’t happen.

bae567 No.481424

9f75d3 No.481425

File: 254c09e194ecf10⋯.png (251.99 KB, 1285x606, 1285:606, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)


I thought the same thing today– GHWB #41 and infiltrating at highest level in the CIA.

I'll post something from today to go with that.

256391 No.481426


The "gunfire" was not even in the classroom; the sound was coming from outside the classroom. The "shots" sounded exactly like blanks.

901718 No.481427


Grammarfag here. It should be "If the Earth were flat…." When you postulate an untrue situation, you use the subjunctive case. "If I were a rich man…." "If man were immortal…."

However, you could say, "If an animal was furry (etc)" because that is probably true.

6f3af5 No.481428


And all those homes burned in CA recently come to mind as well.

4c6855 No.481429


what by saying the earth isnt flat?

9f75d3 No.481430

File: 952009b302edf2f⋯.png (315.2 KB, 1283x638, 1283:638, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: e21a3862a302144⋯.png (80.29 KB, 1205x249, 1205:249, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

e1b9e2 No.481431



c56c29 No.481432


The existing US Embassy was unsafe - possibly boobytrapped, certainly full of bugs. One reason.

80325a No.481433

File: 399c70dd9e004c2⋯.png (55.07 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 88B01AE4-30A2-4878-9218-A4….png)

File: 82fbfa1f6865426⋯.png (98.27 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 4D2EE3F9-D8A5-42A2-A607-6C….png)

File: 92f6fa60daad395⋯.png (97.41 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, D0F286EC-D878-4C8C-BDD7-63….png)

File: 93c64144a3a4201⋯.png (145.14 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, AAA66EC6-AB05-45CC-BBB6-4A….png)

File: c4beaf51c2047ad⋯.png (96.44 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, CE25F06C-F214-4A24-A240-47….png)

BRIDGE likely one of these…

c46685 No.481434

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



From Catch-22


(Bombs Away?)

bae567 No.481435


likely, very ikely

cd65d6 No.481436



Clever math can fool many; I say look at the sun and moon, look at the plants and your hands, reciprocity, fractal geometry, consistent.


Wondered if kubrik faked moon landing; that doesnt mean we didnt go or that the Earth is flat.

@Clever Math Anons and esp myself have to remember to adjust any code/stringer/bracket/graphic work back into the MAP/40000ft v.

Rabbit holes are scary fun @ WHITE_WHITE


=White hate confirmed?


c4003b No.481437


Good point. Something might happen today.

4d9582 No.481438


And it can od kill you dead as shit with miniscule doses. 1/29/18, 100 lb seizure, enough to kill 18 million people. I'm sure that would fuck up a smaller resevoir for a town and be able to kill 10's maybe 100' of thousands depending on where and how it was placed in the resevoir.

2add63 No.481439


I also belive the world is round, because thats what i always been told, and seen in all the Movies and Pictures. And how could something like that be kept a Secret. But I also know that if you fly a fast fighter jet, from the northpole to the Southpole, you and all the instruments would be upside Down, when you follow the curvature to the south

5fef77 No.481440

40689b No.481441


Haiti earthquake 2010 was nuke-triggered. They had relief ships waiting. They setup organ harvesting stations that are probably still operational.

6e3006 No.481442


Checked, I am going to keep an eye on it and see where it ends up.

4c6855 No.481443


if the earth was flat satellites would fall back to earth a lot sooner… even by my standards… flat earthers are nutters

15c83a No.481444


What if Lunev was a senior KGB guy coming to America to take personal charge of the CIA work since his world in Moscow was collapsing. If he was really a clown and the clowns really are the Communist International, then payback to the clowns might mean trading him to Russia for Snowden. The current Russia is anti-Soviet which means anti-Soviet Style Communism. They do have a Communist party as the official opposition in parliament but they no longer have the same policies and are more of a left-wing socialist party nowadays. Their support is mostly from older people who remember better days in Soviet times, and that is dwindling as Putin's economic miracle continues.

Something here about BRIDGING the gap but I am not sure how this ties to a payback which can be interpreted as both positive and negative.

0389ea No.481445


In MASS it is the main cause of death for kids using heroin because they cut dope with that shit. Lots of friends who died….

f80234 No.481446


hit me up quickly for any dough additions for next bread, thanks

90f9db No.481447


Thanks anon.

No doubt HW papa Bush has his dirty fingers in all of this - from way back!

5fef77 No.481448


Don't feed the fools.

cd65d6 No.481449


Fat fingers fail me sometimes.

like my last post. hate =hat* /whitehat confirmed.

im lurking/researching for awhile. Im a bit behind_X

d74b9b No.481450

File: 0da45e15ce90167⋯.jpg (21.34 KB, 355x286, 355:286, lyn_reagan.jpg)

the larouche connection

>From December of 1981 through February 1983, LaRouche had been tasked first by the CIA and then by President Reagan’s National Security Council to conduct backchannel discussions with Soviet representatives on what became President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative. Beginning as early as 1978, LaRouche had been calling for U.S.-Soviet collaboration in developing beam-weapon defenses to incoming thermonuclear missiles, replacing the insane Anglo-American doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction with one of Mutually Assured Survival. At the same time as he met secretly with Soviet representatives, LaRouche and his associates campaigned publicly for the concept. President Reagan announced adoption of the SDI in a surprise televised address on March 23, 1983.

>In Ap=>ril of 1982, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche traveled to India where they met with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, along with scientists, parliamentarians, industrialists, and economists. In his presentations, LaRouche stressed that the developing sector must band together, creating credit for large scale infrastructure development along lines consistent with Hamilton’s system of political economy. In this endeavor, the British system of Malthusian zero population growth, primitive “sustainable development,” and debt slavery—the policies of the World Bank and the IMF—would be condemned as genocidal and abandoned. True human progress could be scientifically and reliably measured, LaRouche said, by the metric he had discovered, potential relative population density, ensuring continuous progressive economic development.



4c6855 No.481451


someone has to shine the light on the darkness of ignorance lol

52ab2f No.481452


today is just beginning…it should happen today.

d8235c No.481453

File: 6d2783f6748e203⋯.png (318.81 KB, 640x696, 80:87, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)


yea yea yea, i blame the codeine for making me chatty… more pot and lurking… got it

72e6fa No.481454


Sounds good to me. I'm tired of all the Saturnic/Satanic/Setian stuff that those damned (literally) Babylonians have been doing on sacred land for the last 70 years. Drop the stone, great angel! All the merchants of the world have been trading with this great whore for millennia. Jews who are not Jews? Could that be…. because they are Babylonians and perverted ancient teachings by introducing Babylonian doctrines via their Talmud and 'Oral Law'? Jesus was trying to warn the Judeans about the activities of the Pharisees. That's part of why they had him killed. It's a shame that cucked Christian Zionists don't understand that what we know today as rabbinical Judaism is the very thing that Jesus was trying to warn against. The apocalypse - or eye-opening - is gonna hurt a lot of people's brains when the pennies start dropping. Bring it on! Drop the stone, great angel. Babylon delenda est.

20ef72 No.481455


United Airlines Flight 811 accident?

http:// articles.latimes.com/1989-02-25/news/mn-210_1_united-airlines

"All those who died Friday were passengers. They were identified by the airline as Anthony and Barbara Fallon, Long Beach; Susan and Harry Craig, Morristown, N.J; Mary Handley, Bay City, Mich.; Rose Harley, Hackensack, N.J.; Lee Campbell, Wellington, New Zealand, and Dr. John Michael Crawford and John Swann of Sydney, Australia."

d74b9b No.481456


thats fucking grand!!

will mirror disney movies next

5d3f62 No.481457

What the he'll difference does it make if the earth is round, flat, oblong or square?

The evil that is inhabiting it needs to be wiped out. That's not getting accomplished by arguing over the shape of the earth.

5fef77 No.481458

e887ee No.481459


Why is it nobody will really zoom in on that picture. They had a damn girl in that tote bag. You could see long hair dangling from the end of the bag as sure as you see your own face in a mirror. They were there to take someone out. Question is who was she and who did she belong too.

15c83a No.481460


Yeah, any dork knows the earth is flat. I took a ruler outside and checked it myself!

e11dae No.481461

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


9f75d3 No.481462

File: 29eb51b0147b16b⋯.jpg (14.25 KB, 393x204, 131:68, th.jpg)

256391 No.481463


I should say, I am fine with teachers and administrators being armed. That should be up to the school itself. My point is to remind you that the shootings are fake, so we are seeking a solution to a non-existent problem. The real problem that needs a solution is treachery and sedition within our government. They are attempting to destroy our Constitutional Republic by staging false flags. They need to hang.

534aba No.481464



9563e2 No.481465


This seem much more likely:


d74b9b No.481466


you now know the look of your enemy

this is what eating human babes does to you

2add63 No.481467


Agree, but it would be good if it was put to rest, People need to move on to more important tasks

d0d24e No.481468


So was Fukishima.

c46685 No.481469


Everyone of us is the serpent?

15c83a No.481470


Now try playing Obama;s inauguration speech backwards. Seriously.

In fact, any time the left uses a slogan or catchphrase it is worth checking out the audio backwards. Especially if they get a crowd to chant it.

cfe53c No.481471


Thanks for the heads up. I'll do it.

d74b9b No.481472


yes, thats so fucked u[p]

so that thing of the coast of britain a few days ago……..

a reminder?

8728b4 No.481473


GM Q and Anons. 10Danon checking in .Here is a thread on Stanislav Lunev from ATS archives www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread755527/pg1

d74b9b No.481474


i am afraid to, but i will

0389ea No.481475


So being lied to our entire lives makes us the serpent?

e11dae No.481476

i hope not… but maybe

9563e2 No.481477


I agree, hang em. But previous school shootings have shown that schools are prime targets so our children need to be protected.

c2488d No.481478


>Brianna Wu

I think you mean Brian Wu.

4c6855 No.481479

d8235c No.481480


Well lets go back to the simple question?

Do you trust your children teachers with guns?

If no, should you really trust your children mold able mind with them?

Where in lines the problems of our society?

I think we are going to see a much bigger tear in the fabric here… much more then we are anticipating….

Sexual conduct, shootings, mental illness… cesspool - failure.

Time to withdraw from our current ideals and re-draw the coloring board.

c46685 No.481481


And who knows what happened off of LG's SC coast a couple years ago.

9ea12c No.481482



https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabet_Inc.

The company would consist of Google as well as other businesses including X, CapitalG, and GV. Sundar Pichai, Product Chief, became the new CEO of Google, replacing Larry Page.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_(company)

X, an American semi-secret research-and-development facility founded by Google in January 2010 as Google X

has its headquarters about a mile and a half from Google's corporate headquarters, the Googleplex, in Mountain View, California

Work at X is overseen by entrepreneur scientist Astro Teller

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astro_Teller


existence of four Google barges was revealed,registered under the dummy corporation By And Large. Two of the barges have a superstructure whose construction has been kept under the utmost secrecy, while speculations indicate they could be used as marketing for, and stores for, Google Glass. However, these are merely speculations. Others have suggested that it might be used as a floating data center.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tango_(platform)

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_of_Things

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CapitalG

In October 2017, CapitalG invested $1 billion in Lyft.


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyft

raised more than US$2 billion from investors General Motors (US$500M),>>>Alibaba, Andreessen Horowitz, Coatue Management, Didi Kuaidi, fbFund, Floodgate, Fontinalis Group, Fortress, Founders Fund, GSV Capital, Icahn Enterprises, Janus Capital Management, K9 Ventures, Mayfield Fund,>>>Prince Alwaleed's Kingdom Holdings Company, Rakuten, Tencent, and Third Point Ventures

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GV_(company)

GV, formerly Google Ventures

In-Q-Tel >>470797

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-Q-Tel

List of mergers and acquisitions by Alphabet

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mergers_and_acquisitions_by_Alphabet

4c6855 No.481483


exactly… bad education can be more deadly than a gun

640f2d No.481484


That's crazy. Just buried an uncle yesterday who went through the same exact scenario in exactly the same time frame. The minute they told me he was going to do chemo I knew how it'd end. And it did. Horrible, horrible death journey he went on.

d74b9b No.481485



c4003b No.481486


Thanks from all

cd65d6 No.481487


Just imagine tangenting us into discussions of Earth 'flatness' or angry at FL kids instead of attacking MSM.

It paints X-team and Q with a broad ugly brush and dismisses us. So its a distraction that isnt needed.

I was making that point @


It's all bait…Careful with attack . Refer to anon's >>470520

Art of War. a Good book._X

90f9db No.481488


Thanks Anon. My first meme on here.

40689b No.481489


2004 Indian Ocean earthquake / tsunami 26 December

0389ea No.481491

Hire unemployed vets as concealed carry janitors. A sidearm And they have an rifle locked up somewhere with a panic button directly to the police department.

9f75d3 No.481492

Snowden is CIA. I don't think he really defected.

See >>481314

▶Anonymous 02/23/18 (Fri) 05:06:12 06cb69

No.471015>>471029 >>471120

"In retaliation against the NSA, the CIA chose Edward Snowden, who was working for the CIA through Booz Allen Hamilton, to release stolen NSA documents that proved the NSA was illegally spying on Americans through computers, phones, and many other electronic devices. Snowden didn’t work for the NSA and did not have access to NSA files though he released a huge amount of data that confirmed the NSA’s surveillance. Michael Alperovitch’s CIA handlers ordered Snowden to turn over the NSA’s PKI encryption codes so that the CIA could enter the NSA’s system and steal the files needed to prove the NSA’s illegal surveillance. Snowden did not personally have access to those codes nor the information in the NSA system as part of his job."

https:// www. linkedin.com/pulse/three-factions-cia-control-world-covert-fvey-alliance-michael-holt/

This happened in 2013, the same year that the Red October malware was discovered by Kapersky Labs.


Snowden and Michael Alperovitch and Dmitri Alperovitch have all been linked to the CIA.

>>419913 >>470568 >>470773 >>470836 >>470845 >>470869 >>470887 >>470905 >>470964

5d3f62 No.481493


Alphabet Inc

Alphabet agency - C I A


e11dae No.481494

could we "all" be the serpent??

f91cee No.481495

File: 7e0ef326ff31709⋯.jpg (141.36 KB, 523x750, 523:750, IMG_3527.JPG)

File: aa84bb07ff0ba29⋯.jpg (108.2 KB, 750x576, 125:96, IMG_3528.JPG)

File: 952127fc5d8935a⋯.jpg (228.24 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, IMG_3529.JPG)

File: 7b5276bb4cbc954⋯.jpg (230.59 KB, 659x1000, 659:1000, IMG_3530.JPG)

441410 No.481496


> My point is to remind you that the shootings are fake,

Okay, this is probably completely wild but it dropped into my mind so here it is fwiw.

What would you call a person who shoots a film?

Would a learning AI (conveniently for some??) conflate shooting a film with shooting a gun?

Do computers control emergency comms?

c35bab No.481497

https:// consciouslifenews.com/paid-internet-shill-shadowy-groups-manipulate-internet-opinion-debate/1147073/#

14544a No.481498



cfe53c No.481499


Since the OP had 4 out of 5 good points, I think we feel there is hope for them. If it was just one point about flat earth, it would be easy to ignore.

c46685 No.481500


Keyholes, upside down crosses, Lucifer, satan+apples. Never thought about being a serpent. Nothing surprises me and I don't know what to believe anymore.

e11dae No.481501

not by choice anyway….

d74b9b No.481502




033fc3 No.481503


There's a volcano in the Canary Islands that's having quakes and if it blows, they say a large chunk of the island can fall into the Atlantic and create a massive tidal wave that could wipe out the east coast.

c2488d No.481504


He never even 'supposedly' defected. The story was that he was seeking asylum there, not that he changed his allegiances. They were always saying he never gave up any secrets to Russia in exchange for the asylum (which is true - he gave up NSA secrets to the clowns instead!)

72e6fa No.481505


I don't know what doc/thread your are referring to, anon. You can point me in the right direction?

9563e2 No.481506


Fellow anon, please reserve the red text for baker messages or urgent headlines. It's a notch above all caps which is considered rude…

033fc3 No.481507


https:// modernsurvivalblog.com/volcano/300-foot-tsunami-and-east-coast-destruction/

d74b9b No.481508

File: 2f2dad2fdd9f0cb⋯.jpg (22.36 KB, 500x336, 125:84, 2f2dad2fdd9f0cb24c3b67b77a….jpg)

2add63 No.481510


But it shows how open minded, People have become. Now everybody is questioning everything.

9f75d3 No.481511

I'm not the one advocating for flat earth.


cd65d6 No.481512


Agreed Good Work Anon. Something's there.



Good Hunting_X

d74b9b No.481513

File: 1c3d8a5b804a513⋯.jpg (12.39 KB, 220x255, 44:51, 262637cc5afc750be949afa030….jpg)

0389ea No.481514


There is good and bad. That we know for sure. And whatever is good knows your heart brother. You are safe when your heart is true. And I believe yours is.

ef6092 No.481515


most all the girl victims had long hair be hard to speculate if one was alive then died.if she survived it be all over the news

f80234 No.481516

File: d89e4b2f9c10801⋯.png (556.98 KB, 504x449, 504:449, ClipboardImage.png)










52ab2f No.481517

File: e2bd982a1ef9f9d⋯.png (6.53 KB, 522x161, 522:161, todaybridgeStanislavLunev.png)

d74b9b No.481519

File: d0eb5da45e37cbb⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 117254.jpg)


scorched earth

i will scorch you


c2488d No.481522


oy vey

9563e2 No.481524


Be a dick then. Your content hasn't been worth my not filtering you.

4d7900 No.481525


c56c29 No.481526

File: 73548af1884ff6d⋯.png (42 KB, 560x287, 80:41, ClipboardImage.png)

d74b9b No.481528


tick tock tick tock tick tock

4c6855 No.481529

hot potato

f91cee No.481530

File: 41af09132fc849f⋯.jpg (244.7 KB, 500x750, 2:3, IMG_3520.JPG)

c35bab No.481531

By Ex-Shill, Above Top Secret

I am writing here to come out of the closet as a paid shill. For a little over six months, I was paid to spread disinformation and argue political points on the Internet. This site, ATS, was NOT one that I was assigned to post on, although other people in the same organization were paid to be here, and I assume they still walk among you. But more on this later.

I quit this job in the latter part of 2011, because I became disgusted with it, and with myself. I realized I couldn’t look myself in the mirror anymore. If this confession triggers some kind of retribution against me, so be it. Part of being a real man in this world is having real values that you stand up for, no matter what the consequences.

My story begins in early 2011. I had been out of work for almost a year after losing my last job in tech support. Increasingly desperate and despondent, I jumped at the chance when a former co-worker called me up and said she had a possible lead for me. “It is an unusual job, and one that requires secrecy. But the pay is good. And I know you are a good writer, so its something you are suited for.” (Writing has always been a hobby for me).

She gave me only a phone-number and an address, in one of the seedier parts of San Francisco, where I live. intrigued, I asked her for the company’s URL and some more info. She laughed. “They don’t have a website. Or even a name. You’ll see. Just tell them I referred you.” Yes, it sounded suspicious, but long-term joblessness breeds desperation, and desperation has a funny way of overlooking the suspicious when it comes to putting food on the table.

The next day, I arrived at the address – the third floor in a crumbling building. The appearance of the place did not inspire confidence. After walking down a long, filthy linoleum-covered corridor lit by dimly-flickering halogen, I came to the entrance of the office itself: a crudely battered metal door with a sign that said “United Amalgamated Industries, Inc.”

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