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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 4c3c09f1dbb8aef⋯.jpg (165.73 KB, 1824x1022, 912:511, 000_QANON_LOGO.JPG)

64db97 No.481509

Just keep Digging, Digging Digging

What do we do? we dig, dig dig

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github.com/QCodefag/qtools >>> Lets have some fun!!!

The 2 Docs posted by Q early Thursday morning




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Friday, 2.23.18

>>480458 Stanislav Lunev

>>480327 Comms Good

>>480311 Sec Test

>>476837 COMMS OFF 2


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>>475441 Coincidences

>>475991 Its always about the $$$$$

>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

>>465919 Clowns in China/other

>>465797 rt >>465779 Did you count spaces?

>>465696 rt >>465258 Learning Comms

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Wednesday, 2.21.18

>>>/greatawakening/454 OPERATIONAL

>>>/greatawakening/453 !!!

>>>/greatawakening/452 Which are you?

>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 @Jack thought he was protected rt >>448410 PROJECT DEEPDREAM

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

>>448338 Stay tuned. Phase [2].

Sunday, 2.18.18

>>423894 , >>423957, >>423948, >>423953, >>436255

>>422626 rt >>422606 Gannett, McLean, VA, Just the Tip…

Friday, 2.16.18

>>402538 Pyramid will collapse

>>402380 rt >>402088 BIG!

Thursday, 2.15.18

>>388958 rt >>388822 Sen Warren

>>388822 rt >>388588 Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>>388588 rt >>388528 Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>388363 rt >>388315 Science fiction?

>>388273 rt >>388211 What [3] scientists were killed?

>>388168 rt >>388119 Hive-mind

>>388119 rt >>388082 Specific reason

>>387462 rt >>387356

>>382435 rt >>382197 Strong Patriot

>>382225 rt >>382122 APACHE!!!

>>382161 Watch the water

>>381944 Missing the Connections

>>381743 rt >>381653 Hussein's got mail

>>381653 rt >>381597 ALWAYS watching

>>381597 rt >>381564 Point proven

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SATURDAY 2018.24.02

>>480862 BRIDGE connect -> >>480944

>>480912 Kevin Hogg Real Estate Transactions (Pt.1/2)

>>480916 Kevin Hogg Real Estate Transactions (Pt.2/2)

>>481065 Spy Exchange??? Snowden for Lunev?

>>481092 Message Switching

>>481150 Double Meanings

>>481234 GHWB Singing?

>>481289 Lunev and Vasili Dig

>>481425 , >>481430 -> War in C_A

FRIDAY 2018.23.02

>>475908 Sheriff Scott Isreal

>>471120 Crowdstrike Russian Plane Connection

>>473687 Tavistock=Gannett=CIA

>>473252 China Connection from Q post

>>472696 Links from John Cusack to key players

>>472314, >>472461, >>472580, >>>472695 BHO Linked to Hezbolla Medhat El-Ami

>>471106 Don't trip over fake trips

>>470911 Potus Tweets: MS-13 Gang flow in like Water (Screencap: >>470914)


>>470445 Where did the $1.7 Billion Go? -> >>470498 gist of it

>>470360 FBI and NBC worked on JFK Doc

>>470234 A house divided - a beautiful graphic

>>470041 Houston FF in the makings?!

>>469808 We could be doing 'great'

>>469737 Plea the fif!



>>469554 DireQtor

>>469539 Vital Hand Signals?

>>469516 Mueller... Mueller...

>>469067 Going out on a limb...

>>469125 School Superintendent Robert Runcie

>>469188 Just the tip???

>>469432 Q not concerned about hurt children?

>>469470 In the movies it LOOKS real but no one gets hurt!

>>469479 a Map! Looks like FBI is the middle???

THURSDAY 2018.22.02

>>466988 Crowdstrike-DNC-HRC-Google Article

>>467231 More Crowdstrike

>>467276 More Crowdstrike

>>463046 Is this your mind?

>>463026 (((THE GROWING FIELDS)))

>>463394 The Mirrored Queen

>>463386 Coincedence? I think not! >>463389

>>463383 Just remember, you're here forever!

>>463374 (((Tavistock, Club of Rome, Committee of 300)))

>>463344 Just ramblings, right?

>>463106 Children Funds

>>463354 Intel (((might))) have compromised Norton: CSTF Captures first 2 flags.

>>463337 This about sums it up




>>462623 They have the cures!!

>>462600 Epstein's Island of Lolitesque Liasion Leisures. Burn Him Ali(v)e.

>>462384 ..i seened it..

>>462471 Charity Foundations Require Investigation

>>462313 Trump Sheens It Up

>>461537 Swiss Crypto Currency Scandal



>>462307 Pure A U T I S M .Love It.

>>462336 Stable Genius

>>462329 Programmed MKSchool Shooters

>>462326 They Can Telephone Your Mind: Samsung-clan Vs Pixel-lords

>>462199 Cue Scandinavia

>>461954 What They Don't Tell You

>>461950 About Melody Herzfeld

>>462208 Right In Front Of You

>>462239 Shadilay

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>>462038 Copy, over.

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>>462500 CNN Stands For .. (list not exhaustive)

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8a00b0 No.481523

File: f6f7181c861b9c1⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1155, 414:385, f6f7181c861b9c11076319c77….jpeg)

thank you, baker!!


06c339 No.481527

Researching >>>"Watch the Water"

and found "Operation LOOKING GLASS"

Looking Glass (or Operation Looking Glass) is the code name for an airborne command and control center operated by the United States. It provides command and control of U.S. nuclear forces in the event that ground-based command centers have been destroyed or otherwise rendered inoperable. In such an event, the general officer aboard the Looking Glass serves as the Airborne Emergency Action Officer (AEAO) and by law assumes the authority of the National Command Authority and could command execution of nuclear attacks.

The name Looking Glass, which is another word for a mirror, was chosen for the Airborne Command Post because the mission operates in parallel with the underground command post at Offutt Air Force Base.

The code name "Looking Glass" came from the aircraft's ability to "mirror" the command and control functions of the underground command post at Strategic Air Command headquarters.

On October 1, 1998 the U.S. Navy's fleet of E-6Bs replaced the EC-135C in performing the "Looking Glass" mission, previously carried out for 37 years by the U.S. Air Force. Unlike the original Looking Glass aircraft, the E-6Bs are modified Boeing 707 aircraft, not the military-only KC-135. The E-6B provides the National Command Authority with the same capability as the EC-135 fleet to control the nation's intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) force, nuclear-capable bombers and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM).

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Looking_Glass

http:// www.minot.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/954496/looking-glass-usstratcoms-airborne-command-post/

http:// www.nebraskastudies.org/0900/frameset_reset.html?http:// www.nebraskastudies.org/0900/stories/0901_0124.html

Not sure how this may be relevant yet, but it fits some Q references.

64db97 No.481532



242929 No.481533


22edfa No.481534


>>Q !UW.yye1fxo


>So…Is this about a spy exchange??


>the BRIDGE indicating the "Bridge of Spies" famously used to exchange spys during cold war.


>Could this be an exchange of Stanislav Lunev for Edward Snowden?


>And is this exchange the payback?

By the way, just looked at Snowdens Twitter – He hasn't posted for about 10 days

13cf0b No.481535


Sounds like they're trying to sell it that his motivation was Mutually Assured Destruction

8a00b0 No.481536

>“United Amalgamated Industries, Inc.”?

5863f2 No.481537

My task? “To support Israel and counter anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic posters.” Fine with me. I had no opinions one way or another about Israel, and who likes anti-Semites and Nazis? Not me, anyway. But I didn’t know too much about the topic. “That’s OK,” she said. “You’ll pick it up as you go along. For the most part, at first, you will be doing what we call “meme-patrol.” This is pretty easy. Later if you show promise, we’ll train you for more complex arguments, where more in-depth knowledge is necessary.”

She handed me two binders with sheets enclosed in limp plastic. The first was labeled simply “Israel” in magic-marker on the cover, and it had two sections .The first section contained basic background info on the topic. I would have to read and memorize some of this, as time went on. It had internet links for further reading, essays and talking points, and excerpts from some history books. The second, and larger, section was called “Strat” (short for “strategy”) with long lists of “dialogue pairs.” These were specific responses to specific postings.

If a poster wrote something close to “X,” we were supposed to respond with something close to “Y.” “You have to mix it up a bit, though,” said my trainer. “Otherwise it gets too obvious. Learn to use a thesaurus.” This section also contained a number of hints for de-railing conversations that went too far away from what we were attempting. These strategies included various forms of personal attacks, complaining to the forum moderators, smearing the characters of our opponents, using images and icons effectively, and even dragging the tone of the conversation down with sexual innuendo, links to pornography, or other such things. “Sometimes we have to fight dirty,” or trainer told us. “Our opponents don’t hesitate to, so we can’t either.”

The second binder was smaller, and it contained information specific to the web sites I would be assigned to. The sites I would work were: Godlike Productions, Lunatic Outpost, CNN news, Yahoo News, and a handful of smaller sites that rotated depending on need. As stated, I was NOT assigned to work ATS (although others in my group were), which is part of the reason I am posting this here, rather than elsewhere. I wanted to post this on Godlike Productions at first, but they have banned me from even viewing that site for some reason (perhaps they are onto me?). But if somebody connected with this site can get the message to them, I think they should know about it, because that was the site I spent a good 70% of my time working on.

The site-specific info in the second binder included a brief history each site, including recent flame-wars, as well as info on what to avoid on each site so as not to get banned. It also had quite detailed info on the moderators and the most popular regged posters on each site: location (if known), personality type, topics of interest, background sketch, and even some notes on how to “push the psychological buttons” of different posters. Although I didn’t work for ATS, I did see they had a lot of info on your so-called “WATS” posters here (the ones with gold borders around their edges). “Focus on the popular posters,” my trainer told me. “These are the influential ones. Each of these is worth 50 to 100 of the lesser known names.”

Each popular poster was classified as “hostile,” “friendly,” or “indifferent” to my goal. We were supposed to cultivate friendship with the friendly posters as well as the mods (basically, by brownnosing and sucking up), and there were even notes on strategies for dealing with specific hostile posters. The info was pretty detailed, but not perfect in every case. “If you can convert one of the hostile posters from the enemy side to our side, you get a nice bonus. But this doesn’t happen too often, sadly. So mostly you’ll be attacking them and trying to smear them.”

770d49 No.481538


seems legit

a62c5f No.481539

File: 317d3e3b5e62b3d⋯.jpg (115.7 KB, 1024x729, 1024:729, 1512950180298.jpg)

Going to bed, patriots, please keep the watch.

Semper Fi.

396e0a No.481540

File: 3e5866241e4a2cb⋯.jpg (17.22 KB, 327x287, 327:287, 2qav[1].jpg)

8a00b0 No.481541

File: d469dfa707f4634⋯.jpeg (9.2 KB, 251x248, 251:248, CANT-CONTAIN.jpeg)

346de0 No.481542

File: fec789e943c14cc⋯.png (123.48 KB, 318x300, 53:50, ClipboardImage.png)

Well. There's a novel ad.

8a00b0 No.481543

File: 9f01c0461253a58⋯.jpg (155.99 KB, 700x520, 35:26, 1386915277746.jpg)




70e81f No.481544


About 10 years ago, knew a guy who started working with ATS. Six months later he died from a "heart attack".

13cf0b No.481545


I'm just standing by lol

770d49 No.481546





b25fa8 No.481547

File: 98fdccc933ec255⋯.jpg (94.9 KB, 650x1172, 325:586, 61Vj7vG2nKL._SL1172_.jpg)

Thanks Baker.

13cf0b No.481548

File: d572fd078e77a91⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 255x246, 85:82, de09bde59973d0bca4ab129989….jpg)

eba338 No.481549


This reminds me of…

Look up movie:

The Institute

The best literal LARP of all time.

Reminds me of DS and his website


We need to be careful._X

9ef225 No.481550

Baker, the subject of CIA and Bush has been coming up a lot this evening.

Could you add these 2 afternoon posts to the bread, which contain pertinent info?




13cf0b No.481551


Fuck off back to /pol/

256da5 No.481552

>>481309 (prev bread YOU)

The OP here. The last sections are the most interesting.

A hundred pages or more before that show how it is all arrived at.

It's the same as the Snow White thread doc,

for those of the AI angle of interest.


8a00b0 No.481553

File: 69bf4e6d7ccc35c⋯.jpg (36.4 KB, 720x960, 3:4, maga.jpg)

File: 7b9fbe01c774f9f⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, downloads.jpg)


this triggers the schill


95d4e6 No.481554

File: 0530bf4c663fe36⋯.gif (5.82 KB, 123x114, 41:38, nuclearstar.gif)

File: e33b38cdc2cb5ea⋯.jpg (95.71 KB, 721x552, 721:552, TrumpPutinSaviorsOfTheWest….jpg)




So, Q is referring to Stanislav Lunev, which probably means the nuclear blackmail (Samson Option) is stopped. Earlier statements made by Q about attempts to poison the drinking water is part of that.

When POTUS, Q team and military are ready for full scale action, that would mean that the Samson Option is stopped. No more worldwide blackmail to kill millions.

The only way out for (((them))) is suicide.

13cf0b No.481555

File: 185e8d44f304e25⋯.jpeg (10.29 KB, 251x248, 251:248, d469dfa707f4634a1f0c4cdb1….jpeg)

bb63c0 No.481556


Perhaps the official grounds for the exchange is b/c Lunev is 1 of the sealed indictments. If you have a high ranking ex-Russian spy working for the cabal, the odds are any cabal-approved Russian dealings like U1 are in the job description.

2aec4f No.481557

[the bread grows slowly at night so I am reposting this to give material for thought, and for digging]

I see lots of comments about Lunev and Bridges based on prejudices not based on knowledge or digging for recent factual evidence.

Most people are drawing inferences about "the Russians" but Lunex was quite clearly NOT A RUSSIAN. He was a Soviet intelligence officer who stayed on in the Russian Federation for a year or two in the early part of the Yeltsin regime. He left before the Civil War in 1993. We now know that Yeltsin was a puppet although it is not clear who if anyone really controlled him. The CIA was definitely an organization VERY ACTIVE in Russia at that time trying to consolidate control. We now know that the CIA failed when a group of strong men convince Yeltsin it was in his best interests to had over the presidency to Vladimir Putin. And we know that Putin MADE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN through a program of rooting out corruption at all levels of society, measured economic growth, modernising government in an orderly fashion, and perestroika, i.e. rebuilding infrastructure that have been decaying since the mid 1960s. Putin pushed the CIA out and restored Russia's military power, ALWAYS working in Russia;s best interests and carefully avoiding international relations based on the old Soviet Comintern concept of a global power.

So, what does Lunev teach us about Russia? Quite simply, nothing. He was not a part of that story. But what does he teach us about the Soviet Communist relations with the USA and other countries. As you know, history is very important to untangling and destroying the cabal;s network of criminal conspiracy. And you also know that this work started in earnest in the 1950s. So Lunev has a lot to teach us about that time. It might even extend to identifying some of the Soviet sleeper agents who were either born in the USA or placed her as children and who did not stop their work when the Soviet Union went away. Like some anons mentioned, it might include info on the US prisoners in Hanoi. But it almost certainly will extend to the Chicago group which included Saul Alinsky, several people with contacts to the Rosenbergs, Obama, the Rodham family and others. Victoria Nuland has a strange episode in her youth when she disappeared on board a Soviet fishing trawler for 6 months. How many other such people ended up in high positions in the government?

Some might say that Lunev's revelations could BRIDGE the knowledge gap about how the KGB really impacted the USA before they lost their Moscow Center control in 1991.

On the other hand, maybe Q is just testing us to see how bad the disease of knee jerk crazy assumptionitis is before deciding what to say next.

288d6e No.481558

File: df5b4eed726643f⋯.jpg (115.56 KB, 648x1445, 648:1445, CFN Info for 8chan.jpg)

File: d11eafaae53554a⋯.jpg (125.68 KB, 1014x620, 507:310, On Aileen's facebook for 8….jpg)

File: d4ae5cc5a1bc7ae⋯.jpg (89.24 KB, 1299x945, 433:315, Property as listed under S….jpg)

File: d9b242d644141ff⋯.jpg (145.78 KB, 2002x915, 2002:915, Realtor dot com info for 8….jpg)

I've been digging into a bit of info on Meadow Pollack's mom after seeing she had a gofundme ($104k) that showed her as a single mom.

After doing some reseach she has worked at Coldwell Bankers since 2/26/2016 and shows only 1 house sold since she started, which was on 3/10/2017. The last sale went to a person named Grazyna Garlinska - which when looked up is a person from NY, her linkedin, under Grace Garlinska shows her as a Dr at NYU Hospital Joint Diseases, I could find no other reference for her being a Dr and little information otherwise.

The prior owner was Timi Grossmann, relation to Aileen Grossmann (daughter and appears maybe the sister of Marc Grossmann, a Publicist for TV game shows), who is a realtor in NY and FL and is best friends with Shara Kaplan (seems that sale may have been a pitty giveme from her BFF…or maybe she really doesn't sell real estate).

Maybe she had a need for 'Money'…follow the money. Couldn't find much on her dad Andrew in terms of where he is living and who his wife is currently, since none of the articles listed her name.

eba338 No.481559


Did you see the post I referenced or just see LARP

Im not talking about Q.

I'll Thank You In Advance for your adjusted Discernment.


256da5 No.481560


yeah, wrong link


13cf0b No.481562

File: 19844e50b1df785⋯.jpg (61.67 KB, 516x450, 86:75, 19844e50b1df785b3f9166a635….jpg)


Sorry. we've been under attack all night/morning.

2aec4f No.481563


How many people do you think would be on that indictment and what would it be about? Or ar you just guessing?

9be73c No.481564

File: c021ffcbc16217c⋯.jpg (152.52 KB, 680x584, 85:73, IMG_8589.JPG)

Sometimes I think of all the time, money, power that has been spent just trying to keep us in line, and frankly I'm a little flattered at times. Has there ever been a population in history that was more unruly and hard to control than us?

b9c690 No.481565

File: 71f210ab509c29d⋯.png (671.89 KB, 1000x634, 500:317, BOP-bridge.png)

c39a73 No.481566

is Q referring to a prisoner exchange of some sort i.e. The Bridge of Spies.

eba338 No.481567


It's OK I appreciate you anons.

8bb08b No.481568


The umbrella man shot the dart that hit his throat and released paralyzing toxins

Jackie then administered the kill shot

If Oswald fired, it was the shot that his Connally

8fadf9 No.481569

They taught us too much….They will wish they never did….

b9c690 No.481570

Money Laundry? Not many likes or shares. Strong trafficing/pedo vibe. German commy anti trump SJW links.

13cf0b No.481571

File: e6bd3c3aaf7142b⋯.jpeg (9.89 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 98b111ec2190341e093f67b53….jpeg)


lol at least someone gets us

8a00b0 No.481572

File: 6d30504cb485996⋯.png (39.64 KB, 534x510, 89:85, 6d30504cb485996f87b7fa5877….png)

File: 6220b45c7a3d561⋯.jpg (33.81 KB, 552x507, 184:169, 6220b45c7a3d561363d0da39da….jpg)

File: e4afb9b333e7861⋯.jpg (242.72 KB, 500x877, 500:877, e4afb9b333e7861452922f143b….jpg)

b9c690 No.481573


see 481 570. (soz, newb here)

256da5 No.481574


>Has there ever been a population in history that was more unruly and hard to control than us?

How about one so many were bent on making unruly?

378665 No.481575





I would also remind you that we are all presuming that public schools should exist in the first place. If the public schools did not exist, then each private school would decide for itself how best to protect the learning environment. This is what real freedom looks like; it is a vision of a country in which the government has no hand in education.

b25fa8 No.481576


If Jackie shot Jack, his brains would have been all over the passenger side of the trunk, and that chunk of brain the kid found would have been in the street, not on the grass area where we see the spectators.

ad2e7c No.481577


The bridge is representative of a trade. Probably Snowden.

Post 104-


Where are you?

Not Russia.

What if the Stanislav Lunev trade is for Snowden and he’s in China. Where Lunev was a spy in the 80’s.

13cf0b No.481578


This has really changed everything. I was helping my comp build a cyber security wing… now I realize I don't know shit.

abb8cb No.481579

just throwing this out there, feel free to shoot full of holes if seems shilly.

Was driving and listening to radio earler today.

>>Talking about FL Shooting

>>FBI had actionable intel exactly 40 days prior to event

Q 58 spaces - POTUS 18 spaces = 40 spaces.

something significant to cripple cabal in those 40 days?

High level investigation already in play.



4d2f8b No.481580

File: 36257dc85744bb2⋯.jpg (786.05 KB, 1870x1870, 1:1, MedShredNews.jpg)

38f704 No.481581

File: 1f5ce4861aaebf8⋯.jpg (167.85 KB, 867x1300, 867:1300, 249333399_4thOfJuly10_123_….jpg)

Thank you Baker

8bb08b No.481582


The head clearly blows out at the front right temple as if tje shot came from the lower left side of his head. Not too complicated.

13cf0b No.481583


bread up top - 4/2_18

70d9de No.481584


Why have her body in a army like gear bag. If dead take her out on a stretcher. If alive let her walk or on stretcher to hospital. It not legit to put a person inside a duffle bag and 4 guys carry and put in the back of a truck. My belief is she is associated to a political person/CIA person.

25e3b5 No.481585

Before Joe Stiglitz was fired he took a large stack of secret documents out of the World Bank.

These secret documents from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund reveal the 4 steps that the IMF required from nations:

to sign secret agreements of 111 items

in which they agreed to sell off their key assets - water, electric, gas, etc.

in which they agreed to take economic steps which are really devastating to the nations involved

in which they pay off the politicians billions of dollars to Swiss bank accounts to do this transfer of a countries fixed assets

If they do not agree to these steps they are cut-off from all international borrowing.

2969e5 No.481586


Thanks, anon. I'll take a good look at this later. Gotta go out and find some food now.

b25fa8 No.481587


Right. If Jackie shot him and caused that wound, we would see her holding a gun. It would be visible.

13cf0b No.481588

File: 0de791ea71f5a94⋯.jpg (49.45 KB, 690x309, 230:103, 0de791ea71f5a94b158be77caa….jpg)

242929 No.481589



abb8cb No.481590


saw that. seems legit too. like i said, just tossing it out there. multiple meanings, etc.

87bfee No.481591


unless the answer is right next to you.

#241 Q could be Q's 241 post (u have #466 selected)

who does he name on #241?

13cf0b No.481592

…….go on??? You know who you are.

8bb08b No.481593


There are some frames removed but if you watch the film closely you can still see a stunted progression of her pulling tghe gun back down and toward her purse. She then realizes that the casing was ejected onto the rear deck lid of the Lincoln and climbs onto the deck lid to retrieve it.

22edfa No.481594




yep I think this too

eba338 No.481595


A "Bridge" connects two lands… Maybe.


Ive seen, what appeared to me more extraneous connections confirmed. Why not? @FBI knew 40 days in advance…

"40" also marks periods of tribulation>Bible.

Shouldnt discourage this kind of thinking. Need to cross reference it with Built MAP_X

ad2e7c No.481596



Watch the zapruder film. He was shot from behind. The kill shot drives his head down to the front.

974986 No.481597

File: deb99a5dbba2200⋯.png (369.19 KB, 706x540, 353:270, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: 3da7413ef889eee⋯.png (472.49 KB, 770x484, 35:22, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: 002ee01c10f907f⋯.png (622.29 KB, 704x562, 352:281, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

Look at this big faker!!!!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG0a04PX-zY


Oh yes they are scared.

They got nothin' LEFT.

Seems oh how the TABLES have TURNED?

The Politicians become ACTORS?


They are eating each other.. KILLING EACH OTHER.

cb91f1 No.481598

File: fd0740059ed2537⋯.jpg (98.92 KB, 907x605, 907:605, bridgeofsighs.jpg)


>is Q referring to a prisoner exchange of some sort i.e. The Bridge of Spies.

Made me think of this album from many years ago. (pic related)

13cf0b No.481599


Truff. Heads do the damnedest things.

8a00b0 No.481600

File: d10a36c60cec796⋯.png (10.95 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, POINT_AND_CENTRE.png)

32206c No.481601


I like how you anons think.

b25fa8 No.481602


If she were the trigger man, she wouldn't have had to do a thing. Clint Hill or the other bad actors would have cleaned the scene for her so she could play the victim. There is no way she would have been acting alone.

480768 No.481603


Proven to be a HOAX post from 2012. Shilling with fake stories of no longer shilling? Shillception



16e950 No.481604



67960b No.481605


well. you let them know where you live. i hope that was a lie though. gl

8a00b0 No.481606

File: 4d3c8b2f55d2d32⋯.jpg (425.83 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, Afbeelding1.jpg)








ad2e7c No.481607

What if that bitch today with the minivan at the whitehouse was cia? Snowden is cia=payback!

f2609e No.481608


as a former firefighter/emt when one is severely injured,one has to carry them and after viewing it could be a Kevlar blanket instead of bag,

eba338 No.481609


That was my first gestalt/gut thought.

Reminded me of "The Institute"

Glad you conf anon_X

64db97 No.481610


Handoff needed

4d15e4 No.481611

"Bill cooper after Columbine - "Watch for the rose presented at a future school shooting, it is then that the NWO will make it's move".

Here is Bill Cooper's broadcast after the Columbine shooting. There is no wonder why he is dead now. In this (two hour) broadcast, he talks about "the rose", and when we see it in a future school shooting that it was a symbol that the New World Order was ready to make it's move. We saw this rose come forward with the "valentines day shooting" in Florida, but everyone thought it was simply done because it was valentines day. Not so, the rose, according to Cooper, is the symbol of the New World Order, the birth of their new world order, when it is finally realized. Cooper also goes over how the shooting would be used to take our rights away, and how secret societies were involved with Columbine. Keep in mind Cooper said this 20 years ago. Quite the warning I'd say, this truly is time to lock and load."

- Jim Stone


25e3b5 No.481612

Could a bridge be a canal ?

Panama Canal

Suez (Zues) Canal

Baltic Sea Canal

Kiel Canal

Welland Canal

Just a few of them

2aec4f No.481613

Maybe the last drop was not for us but for the cl wns in m r ca.

It tells them that Q's bosses know the culinars did not just commit active treason but also by omission. So the new team has gone over old threat warnings from people like Stan the man and checked them out. And lo and behold they found some nifty little apparartuses secreted in some key bridge locations. Neutered them all so big raspberry all you culinars, you ain't makin no whipped cream hear no mor,

Cud it bee? Puts me to mind of an Internet outage that happened on a bridge a few years back. Turns out lots of companies had cables on the exact same rowt so they all got whapped atta same time. Seems culinars like their spaghetti runs and been hooking us AOLers up with it since wayback. Gets the culinars on those crossing pints dont it?

Whu huu for the goodie boys, no creamy crisps for the culinars.

3fe1c5 No.481614


Think Green Hilton agreement. Thta is the reason behind his death..

721eac No.481615

File: 6eaaaec09cbf465⋯.jpg (439.25 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 6eaaaec09cbf465a5ef78f2cb3….jpg)

VPN users may experience a slight downtime on Tuesday 27.02.18 for around 1 hour

974986 No.481616

File: 1d4dc192f00074e⋯.png (546.04 KB, 952x712, 119:89, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

eba338 No.481617


A post with signature R

stated that we were being lied to. The first of a series of 4 images was the picture of

a flower.

Q acknowledged Bill Cooper's work.

You might have something_X

ea2385 No.481618

File: 8f57ca79f49be19⋯.png (370.97 KB, 1617x907, 1617:907, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: 9cb4b417ef67bea⋯.png (287.87 KB, 1618x563, 1618:563, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

3fe1c5 No.481619


Add to batter so angerfags will rage!! kek

0337a3 No.481620

File: 7e212060f6ec23b⋯.png (344.51 KB, 1075x1835, 215:367, 20180224_032347.png)

So I just happened upon this site while researching Johnny Gosch. OWLcation? WTF?

https:// owlcation.com/social-sciences/psychology/

721eac No.481621




3fe1c5 No.481622


I meant won't rage

6df23f No.481623

File: 1acb30f6a5d1d4f⋯.png (311.1 KB, 664x595, 664:595, kys.PNG)

13cf0b No.481624


Yeah man tied to GHWB and a bunch of top Repubs. Watch the documentary it's really interesting.

8bb08b No.481625


oh she definitely was not alone. In fact i think she was the fail-safe. She saw that either Oswald or someone from the front missed and hit Connally and then she was forced to shoot. You can see her pausing after JFK has been incapacitated by the poison fleshette while she looks at Connally and then decides she has to act. In my mind there were many people involved. Police, feds, state, city officials, media, wealthy power brokers, etc, in other words the cabal

b25fa8 No.481626

File: 7a0a27aa284c9bb⋯.png (83.4 KB, 550x413, 550:413, Does anyone have the gif s….png)


I like that one. Here's one for your collection, of you don't have it yet.

64db97 No.481627


much appreciated.

God willing, I'll be back tomorrow.

700e48 No.481628


of course you are being lied too.. why would an intelligence group out themselves on a public channel - what to make you feel good that change is just around the corner - give me a break - dude this is a highly successful op and the target are the people..

b25fa8 No.481629

She still would not have had to retrieve the casing, and we would still have seen the gun. I know frames are missing, but not as many as it would take to hide the gun for that long.

13cf0b No.481630

File: f06975542feb873⋯.jpg (22.45 KB, 213x255, 71:85, 4c382632e884b48845e629ae45….jpg)


Fuck off all of you!!!!!!

87bfee No.481631

721eac No.481632

File: eb75adaeed67c1d⋯.jpg (64.78 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 101142487.jpg.rendition.la….jpg)

38f704 No.481633

Mr. WELDON. And your cover when you were here was you were?

Colonel LUNEV. I was undercover these professional years as TASS News Agency correspondent.

Page 29 PREV PAGE TOP OF DOC Segment 2 Of 2

Mr. WELDON. In your book I think you mentioned that a percentage of correspondents at that time, and perhaps even today, were agents. What is that approximate percentage?

Colonel LUNEV. In general, this percentage was established by special top secret Communist spy politburo decision in 1958, and was confirmed by President Yeltsin in the beginning of 1992. According to this very special orders and decrees, 33 percent from all Soviet and just now Russian official representatives in foreign countries—I mean in the United States, first of all—belong to the former KGB; 33 percent to the GRU; and 33 percent we name them clean people.

Mr. WELDON. So approximately 66 to 67 percent——

Colonel LUNEV. Intelligence personnel.

Mr. WELDON [continuing]. Were correspondents, were actually working for one of the security agencies, either the KGB or GRU?

Colonel LUNEV. Yes, sir.

Mr. WELDON. Do you think that has changed in the current times in terms of today?

Colonel LUNEV. If President Yeltsin confirmed this percentage by his special decree in the beginning of 1992, I think it is the same way, because I never heard that he changed his position.

15bfc0 No.481634


"Kabamur" (or a wannabe) rears it's head on 8.

700e48 No.481635


q said everything was a lie and that everything needs to be questioned.. so i question everything including the q group

eba338 No.481636


As far as I know there are many other boards on 8ch. Maybe you would feel more comfortable there?

13cf0b No.481637

File: fb8ebff5d0ad0ba⋯.jpg (56.86 KB, 735x432, 245:144, [LdR].jpg)

bb63c0 No.481638


I was just speculating. Seems like a reasonable follow-up to the hypothesis from the last bread about exchanging Luven for Snowden with Russian to pay back the cabal.

e38dfb No.481639


This explains what flag is in the pic- a false flag!

13cf0b No.481640

I'll be back later when less fucksticks are on

700e48 No.481641


i am only here to witness - and the sheer fact that i am here spells out the op completely

0337a3 No.481642


I have seen it, was just looking a bit deeper and came upon this site with the weird name and some strange articles

15bfc0 No.481643



721eac No.481644

'CROW: 1 Call

f2609e No.481645


I am glad you are, it makes us work harder in our research

0337a3 No.481646


"Conspiracy of Silence" is another good one involving the same people

721eac No.481647



f2d576 No.481648

File: e02e9bc7dfa4a45⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1362x1294, 681:647, BF376669-5BED-4965-8E53-3….jpeg)


Just six days ago, an IED was found near a border bridge in Texas

http:// www.breitbart.com/texas/2018/02/19/improvised-explosive-device-found-border-bridge-texas/

700e48 No.481649


critical thinking is a hard trait to find here - i am glad you appreciate my efforts

eba338 No.481650


I think you waste your time, so precious little of it…

I dont want to filter, do you have something to add?

b25fa8 No.481651

Why do people filter other people for having a different opinion. Isn't that what liberals do?

f467f5 No.481652

Someone a few breads ago posted a near 600 page pdf of a thread from an alleged Rothschild AMA

I have been reading it an I must say that some of the topics discussed directly relate to what Q talks about

Even some of the language is eerily similar

cb91f1 No.481653


Critical thinking is a hard trait to most everywhere.

ad2e7c No.481654

File: bb354f90d35e4e7⋯.gif (4.28 MB, 480x368, 30:23, 8DD5A0B3-06B9-43B6-AC82-91….gif)

13cf0b No.481655

File: d572fd078e77a91⋯.jpg (18.35 KB, 255x246, 85:82, de09bde59973d0bca4ab129989….jpg)

95d4e6 No.481656

Mueller ends era of impunity for foreign lobbyists

Washington’s unregistered foreign agents, who in the past have tread the gray areas between legal and illegal with impunity, should be nervous about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Most Americans focus on the former FBI director’s probe into possible collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russians in 2016. Yet many of Mueller’s indictments, to date, revolve around a rarely enforced law that requires the lawyers, lobbyists and public relations specialists hired by foreign powers to register with the Justice Department.

For decades, the department didn’t waste too many resources on catching violators of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA. Those days however appear to be over.

https:// www.fredericknewspost.com/public/ap/eli-lake-mueller-ends-era-of-impunity-for-foreign-lobbyists/article_30df398c-3643-5919-bf16-6ee3f9e2cb20.html

700e48 No.481657


i have added pieces of the puzzle when necessary..

770d49 No.481658


mostly to not get sidetracked from what this board is meant for

9ef225 No.481659

If Lunev wants to be here and has become an American citizen, I don't see them trading him back.


cb91f1 No.481660



Fuck it, I'm turning in.

3ed902 No.481661

File: e2bd982a1ef9f9d⋯.png (6.53 KB, 522x161, 522:161, todaybridgeStanislavLunev.png)






ea2385 No.481662


That logo… I smell a pedo.

b25fa8 No.481663


Thanks for posting that. ok. See no gun, and assuming that the gun is below the line of sight, the shot comes from too high to have come from below.

13cf0b No.481664

File: 0de791ea71f5a94⋯.jpg (49.45 KB, 690x309, 230:103, 0de791ea71f5a94b158be77caa….jpg)






700e48 No.481665


three six queen of lucifer - snicker - i am actually well versed in the art if you chooser to player

8fadf9 No.481666

File: 011b5299aa8f875⋯.jpg (159.37 KB, 1136x1057, 1136:1057, Snapmeme_1518250699213.jpg)

File: c8b5a9317f381b6⋯.jpg (5.13 MB, 3456x2304, 3:2, american-flag-Large.jpg)

Stay Safe Americans and friends abroad. Put on your Armour, both physical, and spiritual. These pathetic parasites don't stand a chance. A motivational patch idea for you Patriots out there breaking down doors! Enjoy.

a20732 No.481667

Stanislav Lunev > Poisoning of Potomac River > Bridge

>https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_crossings_of_the_Potomac_River

Sandy Hook Bridge jumps out due to recent drops.

eeadc9 No.481668


What's the McLean va connection?

cb91f1 No.481669


the smoker you drink

eba338 No.481670


I take your meaning "why would an intel group out themselves public channel, what to make you feel good change is just around the corner-give me a break'

>to mean just what it says. So WHAT pieces are you talking about?

974986 No.481671


man I can tell you that i've been had my face beat up a few times and just how totally smooth and non-laggy and non-tense her movements in her face prove to be fake.

Spiritual people.. You can pick this up, there is no pain here…

The real question is



Whole town?

Small community?


I could totally see a whole school/teacher/parents getting programmed at a school… Do we leave our bubbles.. Everyones neck down @ their phones anywho….. life just passes by…

8c297c No.481672


>I am sorry about your dad, Anon. I am currently battling cancer for the 2nd time. I probably wouldn’t even had it come back had I not lost my health insurance thanks to Obamacare and shitty economy (could no longer afford my insurance and scans). Please, Q. Some of us can’t wait. I am a young mother. My parents buried my sister last year. I can’t make them do it again or have my child grow up without a mother (and now their aunt also).

>Anon, I know your father suffered, but, as a parent, I know he never thought twice about doing it for you and the rest of his loved ones. He would have done it again and again, if he could, just to spare the pain to you, but he was tired and ready to go home. And he wasn’t scared, just as I no longer fear death after straddling that line.


Very real feels felt over here. God bless you, I pray that Jesus Christ heals your body and soul and restores it to fresh health for another two decades of good, impactful life.

721eac No.481673

File: 486223927b196db⋯.png (336.56 KB, 750x321, 250:107, 486223927b196db2a038261ef4….png)

>shill tactic: being dumb, stupid and trying to crack the foundation of self-esteem by








700e48 No.481674


dozens of instances - search my id

a4d4a0 No.481675


Always heard that the missing frames showed the driver shooting over his shoulder. That seemed reasonable compared to this absurd theory with chick chasing shell casings. Lol.

3ed902 No.481676


Stanislav Lunev.

poison potomac,DC…

700e48 No.481678


so you are not a players - brish up on the form and then you will understands

721eac No.481679

File: 045053e51ba3672⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 300x404, 75:101, 045053e51ba3672bcf9bad8182….jpg)

>friendly reminder to NOT respond to schillz


eba338 No.481680



Filtered. Sorry? No…

700e48 No.481681


doubt everything, question everything - red pill extreme

ad2e7c No.481682


I always believed in the kill shot coming from the grassy knoll after JFK the movie. But, you can see his head driven forward then spring back. TSBD or the DalTex building.

b25fa8 No.481683


Early on, when there were only shitty versions of the tape, Bill Cooper had a lousy version sent to Japan to be analyzed and it really did look like the driver did it. Since that time, better versions became available, and it is clear that Greer didn't shoot. But he sure as hell stopped the car so the kill shot could be made.

721eac No.481684


god numbers

nice badge

someone mentioned the term pedovore yesterday. I found it more fitting to the strain of demonics we hunt…

4d2f8b No.481685

File: a81872fb9bcce00⋯.jpg (106.5 KB, 1920x1256, 240:157, stranger-things-in wall.jpg)

I tried to go to Meme 13 to drop of recent meme's and…. *Wipes sweat off brow* It's a JuNgLe in there, I didn't ever think I would escape the Lag, I barely go out with my life!

eeadc9 No.481686

File: e33f99bafffd486⋯.jpg (400.18 KB, 1056x741, 352:247, Screenshot_20180224-044235.jpg)


UAE house fire?

http:// archive.is/D9ImF

721eac No.481687

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


b25fa8 No.481688


I can't say for sure, but others have theorized that the missing frames were what caused the violent jerking. Seems plausible to me, but to be honest, I have not had the time to take up a real study of the matter.

dee963 No.481689

If Lunev was a Cabal spy and he's now flipped. Q has just thwarted an attempt at them to poison the water supply.

Future proving past we are going to know the reason soon enough.

c20c8e No.481690

Quick scroll through the last three breads shows the fucking shills running the same routine they did the day before.

Be wary of any fucking hair triggered asshat who misinterprets a post and responds with hyperpartisan vitriol.

Also be wary of fuckers who post the same fucking images that look like they came from T_D.

I called out your methods, now come at me faggots..

eba338 No.481691

File: c0d5b3ba25a89bc⋯.png (277.65 KB, 509x798, 509:798, hil-larious get it.png)

Turning in anons, hopefully wont have fat fingers/wrong post numbers when Q returns.

TY Baker and Patriots.

This meme an anon posted always cheers me up._X

38f704 No.481692

The following is an excerpt from an interview between Chris Ruddy and Col. Stanislav Lunev, a Russian military intelligence officer who defected in 1992. Col. Stanislav Lunev is the highest-ranking military intelligence officer ever to have defected from Russia.

"You ask about Yamantau Mountain. Well, this is a huge underground city, which could be used in time when many Russian cities are destroyed, but the military and political elite will survive and live until our planet will try to restore itself."

"Until our planet will try to restore itself." Think about those words and don't let them leave your thoughts! And finally, no discussion of underground bases would be complete without mentioning Iraq. The reason is because after the United States and Russia, Iraq has the largest known, and suspected, underground base structure in the world.

Not only this, but the countries of Iraq, Iran, and Turkey hold the largest amount of known ancient underground cities in the world. According to military sources, the Pentagon picked northern Iraq as its first ground target for good reason. Intelligence information showed that Saddam and his immediate circle of Baath party leaders had already moved their offices and families to an underground city near the northern oil city of Kirkuk.

It is located between the three cities of Tepe Zardic north of Kirkuk, Taq south of Koi Sanjaq, and Chwarta north of Sulmeniyeh. Several intelligence reports place the secret city on the banks of the Lesser Zab River, protected from the east – the border with Iran – by the Dukan Dam and Iraq's largest artificial lake. Though many have heard about the vast number of underground bases and bunkers located throughout Iraq, less has bee publicized about Iraq's huge investment in underground cities.

For over 20 years and at a cost estimated to be in the billions of dollars, Saddam scoured Iraq for ancient underground cities for the purpose of expanding and provisioning them. From this past year we heard news out of Turkey about another discovery of an ancient underground city:

Anadolu Agency:

4/19/2003 KONYA

- An underground city was found near Yesilyur hamlet in Karapinar town of central Konya province.

Sources told A.A correspondent on Saturday that excavations had not been launched in the underground city yet. The sources said that the underground city was found by the villagers. A big underground city was found near Oymali and Akoren villager in Karapinar town three years ago and archeological work had been launched. Experts had seen that those underground cities were similar to those in Cappadocia. It is thought that this second underground city found in Yesilyurt is linked with the Oymali-Akoren underground city.

Also from Iran we hear: The underground cities of Cappadocia are worthy of a visit.

ad2e7c No.481693


He’s a spy who turned himself in after the USSR went the way of the dodo. What if he has been up to some spy shit after Putin/Russia resurgence?

700e48 No.481694


small potatoes many religions devoid of experience spirit dealing with supernatural contentions how difficult it may be to comprehend the devil the sword below two are terror mysteries with peace spirits with alphanumeric code

f467f5 No.481695

Rothschild = red shield

Red = blood(line)

Shield = protection

It's all about bloodlines


32206c No.481696


A fine meme!

761441 No.481697

Regarding Q's mention of the BRIDGE. The man inside!


This is the puppet they put in place. He was groomed for this task from a very young age.



b25fa8 No.481698

I have to get my 4 hours or I will be shit in the morning. Take care. Love to you all, even the stupid fuckers I argue with, and who filter me.

Good night.

aa7890 No.481699




3ed902 No.481700



761441 No.481701



outrageousminds. wordpress.com/2014/03/29/his-name-is-barack-his-mother-is-white-and-american-his-father-is-black-from-africa-thats-right-a-chocolate-baby-and-hes-going-to-be-president/

5f6f36 No.481702


9ef225 No.481703

New Baker, repeating request from >>481550.

Thank you.

721eac No.481704

File: cc1a44644ffa2ef⋯.jpg (42.2 KB, 400x370, 40:37, cc1a44644ffa2ef663678de45d….jpg)

9ca18a No.481705


the manchurian candidate (lunev talked about) but not from Russia like he said, but from the globalists? (rothschilds & co)

87bfee No.481706




how the fuck was that house listed for $3.2 million when all other transactions show it was only worth $300k ?

9cf7fd No.481708


Digging this.

8fadf9 No.481709

I'm turning in stay safe anons, Q, POTUS and family may the holy powers bestow protection upon you all. And with that I leave you all with a dumb dad joke.

What do you call a Mexican with a Rubber toe?

…..Roberto….. Goodnight Patriots!

6dd63e No.481710


SH was a FF NOT a hoax, fagfuck

I lost a family member there.

I held his lifeless hand and as a former first responder, I know the difference between a wounded body and a dummy.

Stop listening to Alex Jones, he is CIAClown

Tip of the Spear.

His whole family is CIA and much of his staff is Stratfor.

His lawyer admits ON RECORD that his "business" is all a "show".


2aec4f No.481711


If it was a person then they would be MALIGNANT TOO just like their parents, even if they were actually killed. So was there actually a ROSE MALIGNANT TOO killed at Parkland? Yes.

It's an acronym like satanists like to do, especially the satanists that sacrifice their firstborn child to rise in the hierarchy. Gina Rose Montalto has an odd obituary that doesn't mention who was left behind so I cannot be sure but she seems to be an only child, i.e. firstborn. Satanists like to obscure their genealogy as well and there are often secret foster relationships that they cover up. The individual stands alone before Lucifer an must make their position by deceiving and dominating others. That is the way of nature red of tooth and claw and this cult of con artists adheres strictly to natural law. They know they are a MALIGNANT force in human society and they are proud of that fact.

Interesting that this black ROSE has the biggest most publicized funeral that I have seen of the 17 victims.

The date would have led most people to place ROSES as the flower of choice in memory but there was a nice little Luciferian ceremony dominated by people holding up candles like Lucifer the torchbearer as represented by the Statue of Liberty. This video that I saw said that it happened around a white cross but the cross never appeared in the video and clearly was not a focus of the gathering.

9ca18a No.481712


http:// govtslaves.info/2013/09/cia-manchurian-candidate-groomed-communists-destroy-america/

ad2e7c No.481713


Looks physics wise to me, how a head would react to being shot. I still believe it was a conspiracy, way too many coincidences. Oswald got a job at the last building, on the slowest turn on the entire parade route, a month before the assassination is enough for me to say nah I don’t believe it. There is so much more.

f467f5 No.481714

When Q says mirror he's talking about the MSM

770d49 No.481715



This person did a series of blog posts with research seemingly showing the school wasn't closed. http:// www.crisisactorsguild.com/2016/01/14/sandy-hook-elementary-was-open-part-one-the-lobby/

160d27 No.481716


Name of who piad you?

160d27 No.481717

2aec4f No.481718


Sorry but we know you are a liar. You are anon which means that you cannot have identified relatives in an identified place. That is self doxxing and anons never do that.

But shills make up all kinds of shit just for giggles and to slide the board by making people emotional.

We know that SH was a scam run by professional con artists, If you really were one of them, then why would we pay any attention to your sob story. We know that if your kid died, it did not happen as SH, so fuck off.

SH was a closed school. The only people there that day were participants in the scam.

6d7d7b No.481719

File: 5acc46704974457⋯.png (340.44 KB, 683x329, 683:329, severed.png)

File: 0f9bab9ff231c61⋯.png (164.37 KB, 683x329, 683:329, eye.png)

"Models Carried Their Own Severed Heads At Gucci’s Nightmarish Milan Fashion Show"

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/models-heads-gucci-milan-fashion-week_us_5a8dc88be4b00a30a2520242#

f6dce0 No.481720



Fuck off ! The school was CLOSED !! ASSHOLE

770d49 No.481721


http:// www.crisisactorsguild.com/2016/01/14/sandy-hook-elementary-was-open-part-one-the-lobby/

I thought so too, but.. lots of pics etc here. SH was an organized event though.

721eac No.481722

File: 081c68944c0574a⋯.jpg (304.64 KB, 940x744, 235:186, black-oven.jpg)


700e48 No.481723


occultist work within darkness and the darkness encompassed the entire elite and political class

8fadf9 No.481724


No you didn't….

22edfa No.481725


Families were not allowed to see much less TOUCH their lost child. Parents said as much in those CNN interviews

SO FUCK OFF with your fake "family of a victim" testimony

19d4f1 No.481726


There is some truly stupid shit that gets spewed here, some of it by bad people but most by morons. Do you let morons walk up and talk and talk? Is that how you use you life?

Difference of opinion is normally not behind most filtering, in my experience here.

Mainly, it is used to make reading more efficient, like you filter the sensory input in the course of living.

aa7890 No.481727


does that seem reasonable?

f467f5 No.481728

Sandy Hook was definitely a FF

87bfee No.481729

File: b9ec42398865105⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 600x737, 600:737, merchant.jpg)


oy vey the goyem know. shut it down!

cbbcfc No.481730

The bears are hungry….don't feed the bears!!

1c59a2 No.481731

File: 77bcf76870246be⋯.jpg (296.76 KB, 874x420, 437:210, 17deathsmeme2.jpg)

87bfee No.481732


bro Q said ur a liar. you're dead to me.

22edfa No.481733


Not at all ….which is why I remember it so clearly. Nothing about Sandy Hook was "reasonable" It was all in fact ridiculously absurd and they just expected everyone to accept it

2aec4f No.481734


Antahkarana sometimes called the rainbow bridge between man and Lucifer?

The hindu symbol happens to be another black cube though.

b9c690 No.481735


Creepy us-german SJW yoga new age perhaps a front org charity to funnel cash to Hezboola or sim. Links to Al Waheed camp -is that named after dopey? Traffiking orphans?

6b5496 No.481736

>>481536 thanks for the novel newfag

f6dce0 No.481738


No fucking way that school was operational !

Pics immediately after event. Condemned building appearance !

https:// imgur.com/a/sBfhz#HnhZkk9

770d49 No.481739


I remember thinking it looked pretty bad, yeah

974986 No.481740

File: 1d4dc192f00074e⋯.png (546.04 KB, 952x712, 119:89, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)



6b5496 No.481741

721eac No.481742

File: 90bf0ba23af08e6⋯.jpg (4.85 KB, 250x250, 1:1, fd367ecb2d3cf625b655c433bd….jpg)

81ad7d No.481743


Nice try clown. Do you live in Newtown? Did you also get a house on Dec. 25, 2009 when all those mortgages were paid off for a dollar (like all the other clowns who live in Clowntown, CT)?

9ef225 No.481745

I thought perhaps he was referring to mirroring in Apache, where there is a copy of everything. Meaning these people are dumb–they can't get rid of the evidence. The NSA has everything.


87bfee No.481746



the school was closed unless u want me to believe u over 2 LIBERAL Army officers who were in contact with family AT THE LOCATION while we were watching the news unfold. kys faggot.

t. Ret Army nurse

9be73c No.481747

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Space X Falcon 9 live launch (just launched)

“Max Q is the point in which aerodynimic pressure is at it’s greatest”

721eac No.481748


explain about the hindu symbol.

9ef225 No.481749

Well they have to keep outdoing themselves from year to year in their weirdness, because they can't possibly survive on marketing normal people wearing normal clothing. Before too long maybe the models will be carrying tortured body parts.


81cc2b No.481750

Any of you guys ever get really suspicious of the Kony 2012 shit? We have this """documentary""" emphasizing MUH FEELS about saving children. It goes viral, normies get riled up… nothing really happens.

Then the guy who makes the documentary "goes crazy," masturbating in public, in the military heavy city of San Diego. He drops off the face of the Earth. Nobody talks about Kony again.

Half a year later we have Sandy Hook, a tragedy emphasizing MUH FEELS towards children welfare, with the ultimate goal being gun control.

I swear the Kony 2012 shit was a practice run by clowns to test the effectiveness of pushing propaganda centered around dead/hurt children to the public.

6b5496 No.481751

>>481747 No max Q is what i have right now after waking up…raging boner

9ef225 No.481752

Oh hi, Grumpy. Haven't seen you around for a while. Been busy today?


22edfa No.481753

JFK slllliiiidddeee

Sandy Hook slllliiidddeeee

What's next 9/11? C'mon Clowns try another tactic

8a741d No.481754


The owner of Comet Pizza has a house on Chain Bridge Road.

700e48 No.481755


with absolute respect and love six hundred and sixty six three kingdom her number distortion word of the law bloodline of death is not thy friend gematria book is universal human control system which form the perception within meanings of judah thirty nine because of the greed of the black haired woman posing herself as unto death energy of the spirit no matter how difficult it may be to comprehend six force six three is bound wrath god

b9c690 No.481756



I looked around google images of the catholic churches in that 'burb. Family names mentioned on newsletters. Still plenty to check, got to work. There was a verbal slip on T Carlson fox show I think, weeks back, that stays with me: Bongino (sp?) the ex-USSS now pro talking head refered with a smile to something said by Tucker about CIA - B said "

Oh", "Catholics In Action". Q says watch the water - could be Holy See?????????

87bfee No.481757

File: d9398e20a165479⋯.jpeg (249.7 KB, 1364x880, 31:20, sandy hook kids 1.jpeg)

btw has this pic ever been debunked?

974986 No.481758

File: 0266d0f8a70184f⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1708x874, 854:437, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)




45a29d No.481759

File: d8e2f90e0e513bd⋯.png (696.28 KB, 817x686, 817:686, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

So, let me guess: NEW NARRATIVE

1) Police cannot be trusted to do their job

2) Police are out-gunned

= Get ride of AR-15 & similar style weapons (semi-automatic rifles are a 19th century invention)

= Then pick new target for removal

= Fully disarm those gun-lovin Muricans rather than focus on law enforcement failure (or complicit criminal acts by LEAs), big pharma, and deep state recruiting

81ad7d No.481760


Totally. Lizzie Borden, Leopold and Loeb, and Jack the Ripper incoming.

87bfee No.481761


today has been crazy actually. Q lost comms a few breads ago. my comp was shoaed and i lost data. luckily all is well now. cabal is in their death spiral. where we go one we go all.

81ad7d No.481762

>>481752 Sorry.

My post >>481760

refers to >>481753

c3ca41 No.481763


Don’t know if verified but I remember seeing something about James Alephantis being taken out already. [187]

Mentioned The Pegasus in D.C., used to security always lurking on roof. Hinted that roofs are empty.

Ringing a bell for any other anons?

2aec4f No.481764

Obama launches bid to be UN Secretary General.

Now do you see why he wasn't already arrested. Let him get that job, because the USA ain't paying no more. Let Hussein be at the top as other countries pull out of the UN and its influence in the world collapses in scandal after scandal, and then, finally as his legacy has been rolled back in the USA and the UN under his leadership is in ruins, then arrest him. And out him. And blame him for all the stuff that the other members of the cabal have done.

3fea01 No.481765






Posts on this thread worth reading.

974986 No.481766

File: 53d835fb9b6ad57⋯.png (525.29 KB, 716x634, 358:317, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

http:// www.bbc.com/news/stories-42951788

http:// www.bbc.com/news/stories-42951788

http:// www.bbc.com/news/stories-42951788

http:// www.bbc.com/news/stories-42951788

http:// www.bbc.com/news/stories-42951788

9ef225 No.481767

Well that makes more sense actually. :)


cbbcfc No.481768

They hacked his account..




…..that's why he shutdown..Q fixed it and confirmed back up..




Nice try.


Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


87bfee No.481769


Q brought up SH just fyi

770d49 No.481770


Oh, stfu. I don't care what you believe. Only making known a site I had found.

974986 No.481771


are you talking about STAN SEARS????? Mafia on the RUN?

9eb883 No.481772


For the last time.

UN top spot cannot go to a citizen of permanent five.

Unless Obama claims he is not from the US

770d49 No.481773


what account? here? why would anyone need more than a trip?

770d49 No.481774


oh right lol. board

7f5ae5 No.481775

File: 3dd413e243fca23⋯.jpg (50.33 KB, 932x296, 233:74, Spain.JPG)


Yes, I know it's an ADS-B anomaly, but just look at that altitude!!

6b5496 No.481776

>>481768 thanx Captain Obvious

721eac No.481777

File: f6b3d6aa9e5b49a⋯.jpg (19.43 KB, 251x201, 251:201, f6b3d6aa9e5b49a041fb442726….jpg)

File: 0e42dc178af5d5c⋯.png (321.58 KB, 490x275, 98:55, 0e42dc178af5d5ce4a57aadf2a….png)

f6dce0 No.481778


EVERYTHING is worth reading. Stop being a patrol officer of this board. It's all worth reading if you have a real mind.

f527d1 No.481779

Read an interesting article about who they claim rules the World. Probably Rothschild connected, when you read about their goals, you'll see. I'm posting the link to the article: Sadly, these powerful wealthy satanic COL Babylonian Talmudic World Zionists are committed to destroying all existing societies.

The COL Babylonian Talmudic Banksters are committed to destroying all nation states, destroying the nuclear family, destroying every nations’s borders, language and reducing the world’s population by 90%.

They are referred to by astute researchers and their top Kingpins as the destroyers of nations and whole peoples. These Babylonian Talmudic Satanist Banksters carry no ancient Hebrew Blood, are often referred to as the occultic Old Black European Nobility and most are of Khazarian Blood.

www. theeventchronicle.com/editors-pick/can-coming-sovietization-american-dissent-stopped-satanic-cabal-control-system/

974986 No.481780


what one may think is a shill, one may realize years later.. an anon.

19d4f1 No.481781


Actually seems like not too much in the way of shills here now. There were some major shill episodes previous nights.

It's weird,

Maybe they are having problems.

700e48 No.481782


the occultist do in fact rule the entire planet and have for way longer than you would be willing to accept as real…

974986 No.481783

OK before it gets crazy. It is slow tonight.

Anyone notice the youtube ads now? Simple 5 second two tone… WTF…

f6dce0 No.481784


Max Q mind horsepower comes from force feeding turbo charged knowledge into it. Every Anon has something to add and is worth looking at . Big picture Anons.

b1b606 No.481785


>What about the MONEY? WHO GETS IT?

Funny you should mention the money.

I was digging on some CDC stuff regarding the now missing (and likely dead ) Dr. Thomas last seen leaving work on Feb. 12th...now deleted security cam footage showed him leaving in white lab coat with his white booties on...and not walking all that steady.

There's some shit going down there...

but the real kicker is I ran into the (cough) Illuminati insider "exposes" of Ronald Bernard. I started listening for a refresher course and was a bit stunned to find nearly all of Q's talking points...some word for word (original Dutch with engrish subtitulas). Then I found some LARPers who made a concerted effort to claim he was dead (yournewswire) an found they faked a story about one Genearo Robert Bernard Ferandez, Sebring, FL..to claim he was dead...

I guess logic dictates if what Bernard was sayin in his "expose" were true, then there''s zero way he'd still be alive...right? I mean...you don't just leave the illuminati and start giving interviews exposing their "follow the money and you will find the truth"...and child sacrifice..you name it he did it...so why is he still alive? And why did the LARPers at yournewswire need him to be dead?

I swear those videos are a web of Q...I'm going to listen to all of them again..but IMHO he's a fraud because if he was real he'd be dead...but he's woven a careful tale to

1. convince you that you are indeed powerless because (((THEY))) run the world, and here's how

2. outrage in so many directions you can't decide which way to outrage (run in circles scream and shout) which effectively means you'll sit home on your computer and post...but do nothing

3. truth mixed with fiction (again)

4. Never mentions that one country Q never ever mentions

5. never ever names names as if not naming names would somehow protect him?

Wait, wut? Last night it was a movie, tonight it is a CNN setup...have you lot lost your critical thinking skills?

There's a concerted effort to make it seem this guy is dead because logic dictates there's no way he could be alive if all he said was true...after all he knows their names.

Like Q. Bernard doesn't really reveal anything that we do not already know or suspect or rail about on CT forums...conveniently Bernard has popped up to confirm..we're suppose to just believe him??? Is it because we want to believe that everyone but US (the parasites and useless eaters) are evil? Why are we choosing to believe we are controlled when everything THEY depends on depends on us believing that?

One thing I see wrong in his pyramid of power is that he is missing something...between the 13 families (you know.the ones you KNOW) and the top...exactly like Q...recalling his "who controls" drop...because in the pyramid above the 13 you do know....should be the 7 you don't.

BTW has POTUS tweeted the agreed upon message to us?

And has everyone had the chance to look over the call to the FBI?

I can't help but note the narrative has shifted yet again here regarding the FLA shooting...as more information becomes public...

FAIL...sheriff Israel Et al.


FAIL school policy to cover up minority student crime that made the school a haven for drug dealers et al because the students never faced arrest....

FAIL on the part of the lying ass family he was living with

BUT not fail on the part of Cruz's friends and family who tried on more than one occasion to warn multiple agencies that he was dangerous.

Upon reading the transcript one wonders if the man he was staying with finally asked for money...cause relative warned...never ask him for money.

read it for yourself.

http:// static01.nyt.com/newsgraphics/2018/02/23/fbi-transcripts/assets/fbi-transcript.pdf

POTUS knocked it out of the park at his speech...I believe he's doing his very best!!!

15bfc0 No.481786

File: 5b78a22cc89cbbd⋯.jpg (84.25 KB, 840x719, 840:719, RT20180224a.JPG)

File: 63962f97e3b086e⋯.jpg (101.48 KB, 838x383, 838:383, RT20180224b.JPG)

What a perfect way to gather minutely detailed biometric data on a huge portion of the world population - as well as positively linking them to a phone.

https:// www.rt.com/news/419711-eyedrops-invention-israel-glasses/

87bfee No.481787


what was that garbage?

974986 No.481788

File: d5809a88afdd53a⋯.png (151.83 KB, 1282x600, 641:300, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

File: bf887aec0c64187⋯.png (76.8 KB, 796x298, 398:149, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)


You callin this garbage?

Think anon..

ecd2e5 No.481789


Oh yeah i see it now.

'drink verification can or go blind'

b1b606 No.481790


>Could this be an exchange of Stanislav Lunev for Edward Snowden?

Thought Lunev was dead?


>What about the MONEY? WHO GETS IT?

Funny you should mention the money.

I was digging on some CDC stuff regarding the now missing (and likely dead ) Dr. Thomas last seen leaving work on Feb. 12th...now deleted security cam footage showed him leaving in white lab coat with his white booties on...and not walking all that steady.

There's some shit going down there...

but the real kicker is I ran into the (cough) Illuminati insider "exposes" of Ronald Bernard. I started listening for a refresher course and was a bit stunned to find nearly all of Q's talking points...some word for word (original Dutch with engrish subtitulas). Then I found some LARPers who made a concerted effort to claim he was dead (yournewswire) an found they faked a story about one Genearo Robert Bernard Ferandez, Sebring, FL..to claim he was dead...

I guess logic dictates if what Bernard was sayin in his "expose" were true, then there''s zero way he'd still be alive...right? I mean...you don't just leave the illuminati and start giving interviews exposing their "follow the money and you will find the truth"...and child sacrifice..you name it he did it...so why is he still alive? And why did the LARPers at yournewswire need him to be dead?

I swear those videos are a web of Q...I'm going to listen to all of them again..but IMHO he's a fraud because if he was real he'd be dead...but he's woven a careful tale to

1. convince you that you are indeed powerless because (((THEY))) run the world, and here's how

2. outrage in so many directions you can't decide which way to outrage (run in circles scream and shout) which effectively means you'll sit home on your computer and post...but do nothing

3. truth mixed with fiction (again)

4. Never mentions that one country Q never ever mentions

5. never ever names names as if not naming names would somehow protect him?

Wait, wut? Last night it was a movie, tonight it is a CNN setup...have you lot lost your critical thinking skills?

There's a concerted effort to make it seem this guy is dead because logic dictates there's no way he could be alive if all he said was true...after all he knows their names.

Like Q. Bernard doesn't really reveal anything that we do not already know or suspect or rail about on CT forums...conveniently Bernard has popped up to confirm..we're suppose to just believe him??? Is it because we want to believe that everyone but US (the parasites and useless eaters) are evil? Why are we choosing to believe we are controlled when everything THEY depends on depends on us believing that?

One thing I see wrong in his pyramid of power is that he is missing something...between the 13 families (you know.the ones you KNOW) and the top...exactly like Q...recalling his "who controls" drop...because in the pyramid above the 13 you do know....should be the 7 you don't.

BTW has POTUS tweeted the agreed upon message to us?

And has everyone had the chance to look over the call to the FBI?

I can't help but note the narrative has shifted yet again here regarding the FLA shooting...as more information becomes public...

FAIL...sheriff Israel Et al.


FAIL school policy to cover up minority student crime that made the school a haven for drug dealers et al because the students never faced arrest....

FAIL on the part of the lying ass family he was living with

BUT not fail on the part of Cruz's friends and family who tried on more than one occasion to warn multiple agencies that he was dangerous.

Upon reading the transcript one wonders if the man he was staying with finally asked for money...cause relative warned...never ask him for money.

read it for yourself.

http:// static01.nyt.com/newsgraphics/2018/02/23/fbi-transcripts/assets/fbi-transcript.pdf

POTUS knocked it out of the park at his speech...I believe he's doing his very best!!!

ea2385 No.481791


Here's another article to compliment that one:

https:// www. veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

721eac No.481792




e0a48f No.481793



LURK your own Stories MOAR.

Try reading to the end anon. It might help some.

974986 No.481794

File: ed4cc76084fab7c⋯.png (193.93 KB, 1300x690, 130:69, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

ea2385 No.481795

File: 3d412229c29ea1b⋯.png (623.06 KB, 1609x863, 1609:863, Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at ….png)

721eac No.481797

File: 41e9c57e8593493⋯.jpg (94.01 KB, 800x550, 16:11, baking.jpg)


licking wounds

many down tonight

but rest assured!!

there's always a new bake on the horizon

b1b606 No.481798


>youtube ads now

nope..adbliock…I never see them.

19d4f1 No.481799


Interesting theories anon. I don't follow your point about the fake site yournewswire though.

So the bs site is trying to convince people the bs Illuminati-exposer is bs?

I'm no logicfag but it seems like a double negative in there somewhere.

Maybe I am missing something.

87bfee No.481800


there's a diff between believe and know when u have a clearance,

and photos,

and Q.


700e48 No.481801


https:// globalnews.ca/news/2964288/royal-visit-2016-symbolism-of-the-black-rod-ceremony/

721eac No.481802

File: 30cf49d5bef5e3c⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 255x240, 17:16, 30cf49d5bef5e3c2dc91987666….jpg)


i kicked one out last thread

he's lurking again

they engage in our comms and try to hollow it out from the inside (code=infiltrate)=

common tactics in public movements

3d00d8 No.481803

Within last hour Red Cross confirmed six cases of sexual abuse and child exploitation by staff or associates.




721eac No.481804


ill add 6 0's to that in the bake

87bfee No.481805


just confirming doubles are a thing?

e0a48f No.481807



The whole story is about a chronic larper who pretty much tore apart a family due to his overactive imagination…

15bfc0 No.481808


Jeebus, you can't even shill properly - they found a lemon in you.

e0a48f No.481809


It was actually a fun read. Great bedtime story. got me teary eyed towards the end.

Will definitely make for a great movie someday.

721eac No.481810

File: 37ce947df782409⋯.png (329.38 KB, 399x396, 133:132, 37ce947df7824098f7347fd1ee….png)


schills need sleep too

we are many

6cec21 No.481812



Muzzie are pedo's. mohammed married a 6 year old and had sex with her at 9 years. not a problem in islam.

ea2385 No.481813


Good work, anon.

15bfc0 No.481814


This dude posted 53 times in the last thread - nothing constructive. Looks like a slider pleading for future validity to me.

721eac No.481815




>codelock: narrative

<prime focus: degenerate symbolism


140aad No.481816

File: e907b1a43e31504⋯.png (241.8 KB, 713x958, 713:958, Capture1.PNG)

File: 5c5a0f61819ed18⋯.png (423.08 KB, 667x884, 667:884, Capture3.PNG)

Obama and Iran

2008-2016: Project Cassandra–Obama undermines efforts to go after key Hezbollah operatives. John Brennan advocates.

https:// www.politico.com/interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

2014-2016: Iran starts receiving $700 million/month from lifted sanctions ("unfrozen assets"). Ultimately amounts to $11.9 Billion.

http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-may-received-much-33-6-billion-cash-gold-payments-u-s/

July 14, 2015: Iranian Nuclear Deal (aka Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) created. Non-shill media aghast at how bad it is. Difficult to tell if Kerry is world's stupidest-and-most-naive man, or if Obama getting revenge for petty feud with Netanyahu.

~July 2015: Obama wires $848,000 to Iran. This is revealed roughly 14 months later.

https:// www.politico.com/story/2016/09/us-iran-payments-wire-transfer-228324

October 18, 2015: JCPOA adopted.

Jan 16, 2016: $400 million cash delivered to Iran. Obama states that it is to pay off a 1979 legal decision. Four US hostages released. Obama signs EO 13716, revoking Iranian sanctions outlined in EOs 13574, 13590, 13622, 13645, and 13628.

https:// www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/jcpoa_eo.pdf

Jan 19, 2016: $1.3 Billion wired to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in Amsterdam. DNB is the equivalent of their Federal Reserve.

https:// jfund.fms.treas.gov/jfradSearchWeb/JFPymtSearchAction.do

(search Department of State, Jan 19, 2016)

Letter from Orrin Hatch asking for clarification:

https:// www.finance.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/9.13.2016%20Letter%20to%20Treasury%20on%20Cash%20Payments.pdf

Response from Treasury Dept. IG Eric M. Thorson:

https:// www.treasury.gov/about/organizational-structure/ig/Audit%20Reports%20and%20Testimonies/OIG-CA-17-006%20Iran%20Payment%20Inquiry.pdf

Jan 17, 2016: Obama releases Iranian prisoners, misrepresenting them as civilians despite their work to deliver and advance Iranian weapons capability.

https:// www.politico.com/story/2016/09/ushttps:// www.politico.com/story/2017/04/24/obama-iran-nuclear-deal-prisoner-release-236966-iran-payments-wire-transfer-228324

Jan 22, Feb 5, 2016: $1.3 Billion in non-US currency delivered.

http:// www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-iran-payment-cash-20160907-snap-story.html

http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-may-received-much-33-6-billion-cash-gold-payments-u-s/

April 2016: US wires $9 million to Iran.

August 4, 2016: Obama lies at press conference, says that $400 million cash was sent because sanctions were too effective.

September 8, 2016: Possibly as much as $33.6 Billion to Iran in total?

https:// financialservices.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hhrg-114-ba09-wstate-mdubowitz-20160908.pdf

Q #50: "How did Iran obtain Uranium?"

Sihai Cheng of China exported parts to Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili, who

gave them to Eyvaz Technic (end user). Obama released Jamili despite this, along

with many others convicted of similar crimes. Obama was complicit.

note: Sihai Cheng worked for MKS Instruments, in Pudong, Shanghai*

https:// www.wisconsinproject.org/chinese-man-convicted-on-charges-of-exporting-u-s-origin-pressure-transducers-to-iran/

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-ma/pr/extradited-chinese-national-sentenced-nine-years-providing-us-goods-iran-support-its

"Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran?"

The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America (#570)

"Why the cash component"


"Was the Hostage component a cover? For what?"

haven't looked into them, but 99.999% yes. Cover provided for cash

delivery–$100 million/hostage is unheard of.

"Could any of the cash component be handed off to other people?"


"How many planes carried teh cash into Iran?"

at least three separate trips

"Did all land in Iran? Did all land in the same location?"

have not yet determined this, or answers to the rest of the questions in #50.

…too bad Q's away :/

6254ae No.481817



>>481234 GHWB Singing

>>481425 , >>481430 -> War in C_A

I can't remember where I saw it, but I recall watching a documentary discussing discussing how GHWB criticized for GWB for installing/playing along with a faction in the C_A that he called 'The Crazies'. When you consider he was one of the 'tramps' who had a hand in killing JFK, for him to warn his son that the people he was dealing with were fucking crazy must have meant a lot.

The documentary might have been JFK to 9/11 rich man's trick, but it's been years ago since I saw it.

87bfee No.481818


however i shoudl appologize for lashing out at you. been on edge from today. i shouldnt be attacking fellow anons. war is messy. shadilay

cbbcfc No.481819

Pls Ignore..


e0a48f No.481820


Did anon ever finish the story? I came in late. Was interested in seeing where it all went.

I guess tonight is story night for me. I go to sleep miss out on all the Q action.

Wake up to deal with bedtime stories.

b1b606 No.481821


>Obama launches bid to be UN Secretary General.


>This reminds me of…


>Look up movie:


>The Institute

Well it's a literal C&P from a /pol/ post so…there's that.

9ef225 No.481822

O should be prosecuted for this.



b1b606 No.481825


KEK, C&P from ../pol/ ya'll need to get out more.

1c59a2 No.481826


That's a nice find.

Well done Anon.

9ef225 No.481827

The article that this info was from said that W was not all that bright but he followed Daddy's orders.

Yeah, I'm not sure who the crazies would have been but it sounds like an insane place to become involved with. How could you ever break free from it?


f6dce0 No.481828


Interesting . JA needs to be in the box if he is not already. Disgusting creature.

6cec21 No.481829


Good days those were anon. And Robin Trower withstands the test of time. True classic album!!!

140aad No.481830

File: 69bc6287680fa09⋯.png (732.49 KB, 1205x831, 1205:831, Capture.PNG)


I think he will be. At the very least, he will be maligned like Nixon. The most damning articles come from Politico, which is a total left-wing mouthpiece. He was caught in a bald-faced lie re: paying off an old debt. Plus his misrepresentation of the prisoners as civilians. He makes Nixon look like Washington.

3d00d8 No.481831

Non-US media news portal adds different perspective and breaks news quicker. Some sources not 100% reliable but generally don’t regurgitate same source narrative,


e7dfce No.481833

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Please read. Posted this yesterday..i think it's very important.

this panel focuses on internet freedom..first it seems all boring 5g stuff..but at the end at 18:56 they weigh in on twitter and the war on free speech and how to stop it. if we listen closely he's telling us. he gives us his twitter handles WHIL he is talking about FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR EVERYONE. and that they are the regulating force. the small dude also says great things. even beforehand. but i thought i let the video start at the really important moment.

e9e220 No.481834

File: 86e5f0c9b53b785⋯.jpg (284.61 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(2).JPG)

721eac No.481836

Listen to Obama's 2009 Inaugartion Speech


http s://anonfile.com/t0s1Edd4bc/OBAMA-DEMON-SPEECH.mp3

I took this from the NYTIMES Channel, exported the audio, reversed it in Audacity and uploaded the result.





846d7f No.481837

On TruNews on the 22nd of February Rick Wiles brought up Stanislav Lunev and a conversation he had with him in 1999 about how there would be at least 6 months of warning signs before a nuclear conflict.

At 7:05: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=oe3dHCEXKBU

He also showed a clip of CIA director Mike Pompeo on BBC who said North Korea could deliver a nuke to the US in a handful of months.

When Trump met Turnball yesterday he discussed North Korea saying "phase two may be a very rough thing, may be very very unfortunate for the world, but hopefully the sanctions will work."

At 29.40: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mq0tqqru3A

Not trying to be alarmist just found the connections interesting since Q had just brought up Stanislav Lunev before I watched the TruNews clip and then Trump discuses military options against North Korea..

3fe1c5 No.481838

File: 5eedd46f397648d⋯.png (13.71 KB, 310x396, 155:198, edited.PNG)

anyone notice that Q's post on his new board was edited…

Does anyone know what was changed? This may be a clue (wink)

6cec21 No.481839



Is that statue on the left humping a child? And bestiality in the middle statue? Does anyone know what it says in the banner above the statues? Perhaps we butt fuck children and animals here…..

b1b606 No.481840


KEK…C&P from ATS…and it was also at /pol/….whatever….the I-JDF is not a sekrit.

6254ae No.481841


> who the crazies were

Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, etc. Basically Dubya's entire staff and the staff of the C_A at the time

>he followed daddy's orders

With no proof, I find that to be highly plausible. This corruption & subversion has been going on since forever.

e7dfce No.481843


https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=BZ6H1qxzaDg

e0a48f No.481844


>Watch the Water

>Submarine-launched ballistic missiles


>Sept 7, 1776

First Submarine attack.

3be940 No.481845


GERMANY calling.

We appreciate a G-backed WW-crypto-currency

w/ cheap and fast transactions.

Accompanied by an guarantied physical Silver-acceptance

for FREEDOM and ANONYMITY if required.

And WE demand the safety of our borders.

Otherwise we will start to protect them by our own.


We do not forget. Expect US.


bb63c0 No.481846






>>481537 is word for word a recycled post from 2015

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rORSbB-nYbo

974986 No.481847


Dude… It's an old language……

Maybe im tired but… FUCK It sounds like one..

721eac No.481848

File: 92b137f975899fd⋯.jpg (52 KB, 460x270, 46:27, thesnakewitch.jpg)


Seal of Amsterdam

6254ae No.481849


>I reversed the audio and it sounds satanic

1975 called. It wants its record player back.

87bfee No.481850


i read it but i didnt see how it was applicable as "the greatest happening of our time". i had hopes of a Juicy name popping up. perked up when i saw "P" till i realized i was retarded.

3d00d8 No.481851

Why were attendees barred from recording Obama’s speech at MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, Boston?


19d4f1 No.481852


Good aggregation anon.

A lot of this has been out for a while which is one of the reasons people may think there is no justice for those at the top.

It is baffling he got away with all this.

721eac No.481853

File: 0d71d3eb4d41f3d⋯.jpg (271.7 KB, 1400x788, 350:197, 0d71d3eb4d41f3d588c12fb7c9….jpg)


>schill confirmed

go back to your grave

974986 No.481854




e9e220 No.481855

File: 43eb134769f86c9⋯.jpg (295.31 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(3).JPG)

0ea50c No.481856


Conflict with NK to bring about NWO.

ae313b No.481858


it gives them conformation that conspiracies are just some mental disorder. you have to go back

721eac No.481860

File: 43afc25baab2516⋯.jpg (58.91 KB, 340x270, 34:27, 43afc25baab251663d33718a31….jpg)

schnaff schnuff, the earth we will ruin

never thought of

the power of schnabbs and schnebidoo

lots of schnauzing going on

6dd63e No.481861



Gates gets a deal for turning on Manafort.

Spy for a spy.

9ca18a No.481862

File: 01135d222bb3131⋯.jpg (342.77 KB, 1234x1008, 617:504, 83e97261a567e0793048a9ab61….jpg)

87bfee No.481863


yeah because it turned out to be the delusions of an insano. whats the value in that? hell we know witness protection exists as does MK ultra but this story is simply that, a story. unless u have a specific government hospital or person of interest to identify for deeper digging.

281eba No.481864


Waste of space. We Crush shillfaggots in their tracks so your 'backstory' is boring/irrelavent as hell. fuck off of here. overly verbosefag

e0a48f No.481865


The whole point is that it's not.

When you read the first few paragraphs its confirmation bias.

When you read the entire story you realize that perhaps you yourself have this delusional disorder: the desire to believe in something so badly that you're willing to ruin other lives just to satisfy that never-ending need to live out that fantasy.

Sad part is that Mother dies still believing in Stan the Larper.

e9e220 No.481866

File: edda9e0279dd6f9⋯.jpg (360.47 KB, 531x799, 531:799, PettingZoo(4).JPG)

b1b606 No.481867

File: f06541f5ae47235⋯.jpg (69.74 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, body in bag.jpg)

File: 65951a30e6b2159⋯.jpg (47.37 KB, 1012x663, 1012:663, body in bag,2.jpg)


pic related

it's obvious as fuck that this is a body….two people to carry it…sneaking out back door…

9ca18a No.481869


1. emblem of the child police: naked man with boy (behind the man a dragon, symbolizing the danger)

2. symbol of authority: male nude with in the left hand a staff (symbol of executive power) ) and next to him a frontal lion with a coat of arms (on it the cog ship - the oldest seal of Amsterdam)

3. symbol of the traffic police: male nude with triangle and rolled up document, behind his feet a two-sided winged wheel

9ef225 No.481870

Yes, I saw that. Interesting.


e9e220 No.481872

File: 68eaf48e35cf1c2⋯.jpg (319.5 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(29).JPG)

87bfee No.481873


it literally makes anyone who says there are body doubles immediately dismissed "factually" by a news article to be delusional. good luck landing a redpill after u point someone to that story.

721eac No.481875



3fe1c5 No.481876

File: 049e788db8136e7⋯.jpg (25.57 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hmmmm.jpg)

e0a48f No.481877


MY final guess is that this is Shill tactic.

Whoever posted this did not believe it was the "greatest happening of our time" as we Patriot Anons call it. But to the shill, they see Q or other Anons here as Stan. And that this story is merely mocking us and trying to tell us to our face that we're so delusional that it's actually a psychological disorder.

Of course, I believe Q. I believe that we are working to bring down the cabal.

I still can't deny that this BBC article would actually make for a great tragic movie.

3fe1c5 No.481878


Think it may be archived?

721eac No.481879

File: 9a5e0bcd97da04e⋯.jpg (48.75 KB, 653x429, 653:429, 9a5e0bcd97da04e4cee2bfcfc0….jpg)

19d4f1 No.481882


On an old map for certain.

721eac No.481883


Good observation and reasoning!

>added to 'know your schillings' reservoir

e7dfce No.481886

File: f5403df21bb04ea⋯.png (53.97 KB, 808x704, 101:88, gitmofire2.PNG)

File: 45a2b7cfe1882b0⋯.png (579.35 KB, 800x918, 400:459, gitmofire1.PNG)

www. miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/guantanamo/article201613649.html

e0a48f No.481887


No wink. If you lurk more, original unedited post ends where you see the Q sig.

Then edited post is what comes afterwards.

Nothing was taken away from the post.

4d9f63 No.481888


Has anyone else noticed then when one hovers over a post link (for example the Q posts at the top of the bread) the post no longer pops into view?

4d9f63 No.481889


Regular posts seem to be ok though…

721eac No.481890

File: 8de507d05a6ba4e⋯.png (289.54 KB, 466x443, 466:443, 8de507d05a6ba4e8cfefd909a1….png)




9ef225 No.481891

If you're talking about the edited info, its still on the Great Awakening post.


87bfee No.481892



3fe1c5 No.481893


ty anon, so much here that if you miss something it is not always easy to find.. Hive mind works better.

I appreciate

5b0688 No.481894

The bug from earlier should be fixed now. If problems still persist, please let me know.

e9e220 No.481895

File: 65aa9c5df6b7e4d⋯.jpg (300.29 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(1).JPG)

2a93ce No.481896


Thanks. I'd originally posted the info regarding the Justice fund payments and letters, but I couldn't track the planes out from Amsterdam. Then I saw another anon stating it was planes out of Germany, and it got put into the notable posts. But I read through it and realized that it was shaky: the bank sounds like it's German, but it isn't. So I started digging, following crumbs…and I got a nice chunk of bread :)

3fe1c5 No.481897



Good work monkeying around back there

c5219d No.481898


ty ty!

b1b606 No.481899


>Interesting theories anon.

At first everyone was all up on this guy Ronald…he was popping up everywhere…confirmation bias… then suddenly yournewswire started putting out that this guy was dead, and I found a few others "confirming it" but digs prove dead FLA guy was not the so called illuminati guy…

And anyone with half a brain is going to be asking the same questions…I did…after all Set Rich got arkancided for a flash drive..yet this guy knows the names of all the worst people in the world, participated in the worst rituals in the world…and he's alive? WHY did the fake news site suddenly need to have Ronald dead? Only a few people bothered to dig…because of course (((THEY))) would kill him…

What happened is Q ….and Ronald had to "die"…go back and listen to all his expose videos…it's like listening to a replay of the last year! Confirmation bias.

I'm not saying there are not evil people…that child shit isn't happening, it is…but to wrap your brain around mind control…the first thing they have to do is make you feel 1. right and 2. helpless…

Ronald does both…he just says…everything you believe about (((THEM)))

Ronald was good but not that good…emotions leave energy imprints…..top layer emotions are easily dissolved…Ronald was about as real as the little green man sucking me off right now…KEK.

78ad2d No.481900

File: 32fa6453f096eb2⋯.png (314.66 KB, 1280x410, 128:41, qpostredflagbillwitchgov.PNG)

posted this in the wrong thread:




e0a48f No.481901


==Baker== an Update from CM

bb63c0 No.481902


Thanks C/M!

2a93ce No.481903



39a834 No.481904


good work

721eac No.481905

File: abffc404c05891e⋯.jpg (20.5 KB, 250x255, 50:51, 8b0b807e75df91cee1f8af690d….jpg)





for your pleasure

f90f8c No.481906


The spacing [ ] changed.

974986 No.481907


not a shill.. but damn you made me think in a different way.. thanks

721eac No.481908

File: fce8be822486063⋯.jpg (71.62 KB, 888x592, 3:2, 911Je5d.jpg)



78ad2d No.481909

File: 5e08ad84c1d2961⋯.png (554.12 KB, 770x386, 385:193, govwitchfromhell.PNG)

721eac No.481910

File: 5acc46704974457⋯.png (340.44 KB, 683x329, 683:329, deathface.png)



b1b606 No.481911


LOL whatever…dangerously mentally ill people should not have guns…

the danger is how she's defining…dangerously mentally ill.

I do believe she'll have about as much success as Connecticut did.

e9e220 No.481912

File: 38411847c6a7b93⋯.jpg (322.9 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(30).JPG)

e0a48f No.481913


Shillfag exposed.

[insert favorite glowing shill gif here]

too lazy to find one atm.

4d9f63 No.481914


Seems to have been resolved. Quite quickly I might add. If that's CodeMonkey doing his stuff then Thanks!

6cec21 No.481915


Baker, can you sticky this regarding the Iran deal? Lots of good info and backed up with great sauce….. Thanks….

721eac No.481916

File: 29cfe7d2b13d7bc⋯.jpg (336.15 KB, 800x612, 200:153, La duquesa de Alba de Espa….jpg)

3fe1c5 No.481917

I'm just watching POTUS CPAC speech again.. KEK

When people wake the fuck up, they will love the hell out of him!!!

He is funny as hell and a great person for america!

721eac No.481918





87bfee No.481919


codemonkey was editing the code. make this know now while he is here.

9ca18a No.481920


question is: how is "mentally ill" defined…

c71dc1 No.481921

File: 564296f14179ec0⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 360x202, 180:101, KENNEDY.GIF)

jackie was clearly the killing shot ,watch how she just disgards him after shooting his brain out ,

click the giff and watch with a fresh mind not your pre-conceived ,mk ultra induced mind..

just click it and watch then describe what you see……

she clearly is either a cold hearted killer or the 1st public appearance of mkultra assasination.

78ad2d No.481922


Thanks Anon

974986 No.481923

File: 7e1a5cb3d89b1ae⋯.png (38.91 KB, 848x212, 4:1, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)

721eac No.481924

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

0ea50c No.481925

The Soviet Union built a number of suitcase nukes to be used in sabotage operations. These nukes were primarily, but not only, designed to blow up large targets such as dams and BRIDGES. Stanislav Lunev is noted for his information that these weapons have indeed been hidden in the USA in the event of war. Lunev also claimed a plan to poison drinking WATER…. On a side note, suitcase nukes are acknowledged by Russia to be missing from their stockpile.

3fe1c5 No.481927


Looks like a novice taxidermist went to town on that bitch!

95d4e6 No.481928

File: 94f81027c738b2f⋯.jpg (11.56 KB, 300x300, 1:1, sarah-silverman-320538-3-4….jpg)


Family of Sarah Silverslut?

e9e220 No.481929

File: 82e2477e1678d6d⋯.jpg (327.5 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(20).JPG)

3fe1c5 No.481930


That was for a different link anon… Nothing to do with the great awakening going down…

e0a48f No.481931


> Obama releases Iranian prisoners, misrepresenting them as civilians despite their work to deliver and advance Iranian weapons capability.

Wow. Sending cash to rescue fake prisoners. Now that's what you call a False Flag and a Hoax.

78ad2d No.481932


NO. The question is that its up to THEM to decide.

What is the protocol?

This is bullshit.

a9a2f0 No.481933

File: b8b9e31ad600cf5⋯.jpg (18.48 KB, 232x214, 116:107, awordfromgod.jpg)

A Message from Father God for Saturday February 24, 2018

God the Father Confirms the Mission of Qanon

My dearest Children, there is something that has been happening since the Fall of 2017, called the “Q Phenomenon”. Someone with a high-level government security clearance and who is also close to President Trump, has been speaking to the people via message boards on the Internet. Q first appeared on the 4chan forum and then moved to the 8chan forum. When he posts a message, he uses a secure “tripcode” that ensures that it is indeed him who is posting. Q is known as #QAnon on Twitter, and people have been posting and discussing his messages there.

I want to confirm to you all, that Q is indeed real and his mission is of utmost importance to everyone worldwide. His posting of messages is NOT a “limited hangout”. In other words, Q is not revealing certain secrets with a nefarious agenda. In fact, Q’s method of informing the public takes the form of asking questions and giving clues so that his readers can do their own research on the issues raised. Therefore, the primary mission of the Q phenomenon is to encourage people to search for the truth and then share the truth with others.


http:// 4y03.com/god-father-confirms-mission-qanon/

721eac No.481934

File: d13665a24ee25ea⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 400x225, 16:9, rothschild-right-now.gif)


sprayed up with baby residue–


vengeance will be immediate and everlastin

aa7890 No.481935


watching as well, winning

721eac No.481937


what link was that?


78ad2d No.481938


…. Raimondo is Italian and That other witch is "Tribe"…. but who knows….

9e45df No.481939


where are these from?

b1b606 No.481940


>six cases of sexual abuse and child exploitation

Make that 6,000 and it would be more accurate.

Switching directions…geesh this tactic is getting old…

all talk is on the crates of money in red cross crates…RC thinks…let's confess to child abuse and act horrified and people will talk about that instead.

e9e220 No.481941

File: 25e9ca0dd59d01c⋯.jpg (418.21 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(19).JPG)

3fe1c5 No.481942


From memory it was about a link Q posted about the DOJ….. I could be wrong, but it was referencing something different

9ef225 No.481943

Weird. It's hard to tell for sure but never heard that before. Maybe she was upset about Marilyn Monroe??


6254ae No.481944


>those ID dubs


cbbcfc No.481945


Archive offline

947e40 No.481946


Don't forget clear history, scan for malwre,

VPN is good, especially if posting.

recognize glitches in the matrix.




Dark forces at work here.

We are Taking our Chances.

Stay safe, Anons

95d4e6 No.481947

File: 0d634bbdc6e50b2⋯.jpg (9.17 KB, 200x200, 1:1, andrewmoffit.jpg)


Husband is Andrew Moffit.

https:// www.linkedin.com/in/andy-moffit-02932215

3fe1c5 No.481948


looks like a russian made it in his back yard kek

e9e220 No.481949

File: f95ad4530b37e06⋯.jpg (295.68 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(13).JPG)

78ad2d No.481950


Furthermore gun grabs after their theater productions is reason enough for anyone to be irate.

LOL?. I'm a million times more pissed now.

9ef225 No.481951

Maybe some of the photos that get worked on in the deep dig board??


64918b No.481952


I think your analysis is the best out there ATM. However, I just cant understand how and why people who kill kids would be at all distressed over the loss of some old washed up spy. So it must be the loss of Snowden, that would actually hurt them.

The only caveat is lately Q has hinted ES is no longer in Russia, and not under our control. Maybe that changed past few days.

19d4f1 No.481953


I'm guessing NK

3fe1c5 No.481955


hahaha I love how Q has altered the way we communicate with eachother…

Questioning eachother to see if they get to the same conclusion….

9e45df No.481957


a museum it would seem

those 3 flags flying together?

0ea50c No.481958



Link to EO POTUS signed, I believe the one about election integrity.

e9e220 No.481959

File: ea1d59bf12e21dd⋯.jpg (409.17 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(11).JPG)

95d4e6 No.481960


(((They))) are Italians as well. Tribers everywhere. (((They))) also are/run the Russian and Italian mafia.

e0a48f No.481961


You might not be a shill, but definitely a puppet.

It happens.

The first few paragraphs hooked you in, like a trojan horse.

You spread the story far and wide.

Normies read until the end and realize that anyone who bought the first few paragraphs might also be exhibiting signs of delusional disorder.

discredited in the eyes of normies, doing the work of shills and clowns.

And not getting paid for it.

9ef225 No.481962

Is this the one that just got signed this week?


3fe1c5 No.481963


You are correct anon.. Good memory… Or quick digging

33828e No.481964


What is your intention?

Being a fucking retard can't be the only reason.

0ea50c No.481966


Good memory, about the only thing I'm good at on here lol.

e9e220 No.481967

File: c90e82328980189⋯.jpg (381.18 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(7).JPG)

721eac No.481968



87bfee No.481969


i had it but now im angry all over again. guys it is paramount to archive offline. i lost 2 gigs of data today and im still trying to figure out what exactly is missing. this is one of them. i screen shot nearly everything throughout the bread as its scrolling to catch theses sorts of things. but today i failed because i was complacent and thus during my own comp and internet being shoaed i lost data. i even had numerous CBTS/Storm and GA v 1 still up in my tabs just as an example.

19d4f1 No.481970


Yeah weird, maybe we have a museum of captured arms?

947e40 No.481971

last post of last brd

United Amalgamated Industries, Inc.


Public Bank Berhad (MYX: 1295) is a bank based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia offering financial services in Malaysia as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

The bank was founded in 1966 by Teh Hong Piow, the then general manager of Malayan Banking. The bank was listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange in 1967.

Public Bank is currently one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia, with over RM 363.76 billion (US$91.26 billion) of assets and RM71.90 billion (US$18.04 billion) in market capitalization in 2015

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Bank_Berhad

Digging for links to lftwing pol trolls fin an cing

33828e No.481972


Being in a foreign country to the US is also an advantage.

3fe1c5 No.481973


memoryfags are fags too anon KEK much love to your brain!

721eac No.481974


>memory data bank


87bfee No.481975


what date? so i can see if i have it

f467f5 No.481977

Rothschild = red shield

Red = blood(line)

Shield = protection

It's all about bloodlines


9ef225 No.481978

Well, think of Lorena Bobbitt? JFK was a serial philanderer. Honestly, if she did shoot him I have no idea what would induce her to do that.



aa7890 No.481979


e0a48f No.481980


Do JFK files ever claim that wife would be a suspect?

An accomplice? Finishing the job?

974986 No.481981



Yeah the fuck.. look at that line up behind the 2nd tank pic….. a fuckin army it looks like.. too fresh for a museum wouldn't you think..

721eac No.481982


undersea icbms?

78ad2d No.481983


You may be right… RI Congressman David Ciccilini is not only Italian, but has duel citizenship with Isreal, and also happens to be very gay, and a "childhood friend" of Barney Frank.

4d9f63 No.481984


Yes. I'm, ummm, 'elsewhere'!!

afb3e0 No.481985

File: 032afd8515086d4⋯.png (1.01 MB, 993x796, 993:796, AlecB.png)

If you want, you can send this to @AlecBaldwin

He already blocked me..

e9e220 No.481986

File: 4209512ec74de1e⋯.jpg (390.39 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(8).JPG)

721eac No.481987


hi friend,

you can select "

[▶ Show post options & limits]

and embed link there

props for using hooktube


eef342 No.481988


>Stanislav Lunev

has any anon bothered to check wiki?

watch the water??

Poisoning of Potomac River

According to Lunev, a probable scenario in the event of war would have been poisoning the Potomac River with chemical or biological weapons, "targeting the residents of Washington, D.C."[1] He also considered it "likely" that GRU operatives placed "poison supplies near the tributaries to major US reservoirs."[9] These allegations have been confirmed by former SVR officer Kouzminov [10] who was responsible for transporting pathogens from around the world for Russian program of biological weapons in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. He described a variety of biological warfare acts that would be carried out on the order of the Russian President in the event of hostilities, including poisoning public drinking-water supplies and food processing plants.

9ffb42 No.481989

File: 444898dc0ea6f55⋯.png (7.41 KB, 454x258, 227:129, ClipboardImage.png)

How far away is the closest star?

What do you think?

NASA STS-75 youtu.be/JOANAFhUzmc?t=136

About 160 nautical miles away from the surface of Earth.

btw. if you can't entertain the thought of flat earth and reject it in anger bc you haven't locked into it and know it better.. (known for hundreds of years, and ships go over the horizon) you are a normie.

2174e4 No.481990


Details… shills don’t like details

19d4f1 No.481991


No I'm an idiot sorry, I did not mean pdf map I meant the sweeper archives and then realized that might be totally wrong. Unfortunately I'm on a small screen so can't check till I'm back to the puter.

e9e220 No.481992

File: 2aceec04e179159⋯.jpg (365.44 KB, 531x799, 531:799, PettingZoo(5).JPG)

3fe1c5 No.481993


We work together!

I understand your frustration..

>guys it is paramount to archive offline

Agreed! Q been warning us about this.

Don't be angry tho, we will get it, one of these beautiful autists will have it!

We just need to collaborate

789121 No.481994

File: 18bfe5598f27f81⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 450x337, 450:337, IMG_2848.GIF)

33828e No.481995



9ef225 No.481996

What about Bernd?




9ffb42 No.481997

File: 554c667f204e560⋯.png (24.5 KB, 436x711, 436:711, ClipboardImage.png)

974986 No.481998


got my vote.. yep..

9ef225 No.481999

He's revived his career by imitating Trump on SNL.


789121 No.482000

File: 07ed7a14dfb72ee⋯.jpg (210.76 KB, 735x834, 245:278, IMG_3518.JPG)

0ea50c No.482001

Can I request >>481925 be added to bread?

I wrote it, and it's not much, but maybe some other more talented Anons can expand on it…

e9e220 No.482002

File: a295dd4c169445b⋯.jpg (339.72 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(6).JPG)

33473b No.482003

Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. The facility received the nickname “the petting zoo” because of the unusual freedom to handle and even sit inside the equipment.

721eac No.482004

File: fcef31f666772db⋯.png (135.85 KB, 780x140, 39:7, logo_trattoria_fantasia.png)


tnx bb

>added to bake

64918b No.482005


Such a dumb cunt. A high profile is incredibly stupid and shows this new generation is the "B" team.

9e45df No.482006


Hubby says most of the pics are ruskie stuff

aa7890 No.482007

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

3d00d8 No.482008

The Czech Republic’s Pro-Russian President is reportedly aiding in thwarting the efforts to have a Russian hacker extradited to the U.S.


3cff36 No.482009

File: c2ae70c42a91fe7⋯.jpg (406.48 KB, 2298x1386, 383:231, snowden.jpg)


..Snowden always has the missing left nose piece because….

NONE OF THE PICS ARE RECENT? Haven't followed him too closely, but its always the same haircut, same look, and same glasses. Isn't it possible all these shots were taken a long time back, and just dribbled to the media as necessary?

Did he ever really leave Hong Kong?

e9e220 No.482010

File: 2dde038d428cec5⋯.jpg (414.9 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(16).JPG)

9ef225 No.482011

You know, I interpreted Q's statement as an indication that UFO's are a distraction because the nearest star (with the exception of the sun) is so far away as to make the possibility of ETs visiting us a non-issue.



4b26b7 No.482012

File: e4ffc235d965265⋯.png (3.24 MB, 3000x5000, 3:5, NRD_big_trans_3kx5k.png)


here is trans version of patch

f2609e No.482013

played potus speech over several times were he drank water only noticed he paused when he picked it up made a statement then drank ,paused and made another statement

3fe1c5 No.482014

File: 254a9512f850d16⋯.jpg (110.08 KB, 1092x499, 1092:499, elsewhere meme.jpg)


Elsewhere…. The holiday destination for anons kek

947e40 No.482015

Archiving is difficult.

Discs are prolly best

Add to the stack, organize on air-gapped unit, neber take thumb stick or dribe between.

Still major risk of migrating demonware…

goes viral through machinery

any suggestions?

c71dc1 No.482016

File: 564296f14179ec0⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 360x202, 180:101, KENNEDY.GIF)

you can not hide the truth forever ,everyone knows about entry and exit wounds now ,and you can clearly see his brain come out ,this giff clearly shows the projectory of the bullet is opposite jackies hand and vus she had to deliver the killing shot ,that is a fact !

clearly your incapable of clicking and describing what you see ..

but the deeper concern is if they can get to jackie with mkultra can they get to Melania and mk ultra her to kill trump ? or pence ? or sarah ?

64918b No.482017


The real story is they were ordered to protect the shooters and ensure they escaped.

e9e220 No.482018

File: 07a1f980fe30fd7⋯.jpg (380.97 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(18).JPG)

2174e4 No.482019


Aren’t they special with those medals

19d4f1 No.482021


That's exactly what Q was saying.

You're conversing with a shill.

9ef225 No.482022

There are photos purporting to show him in Russia but don't know if they were faked.


3cff36 No.482023


Excellent disinfo cover job there, for whatever they are trying to do in the confusion…

87bfee No.482024



yeah its all good. looks like most of my previous maps are gone too.

3fe1c5 No.482025

File: 649467e2369214d⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1443x833, 1443:833, watch the water.PNG)


watch the water anon kek..

0796c6 No.482026

This might be something, might be nothing. While following another lead on finding the [K]eystone, I came across this email from Podesta on Wikileaks. It's a series of "talking points" about the HRC campaign. Can we cross reference these talking points (found as an attachment) to what the media put out that day? Maybe this is the evidence we citizens need to start a lawsuit against the clowns running the MSM?

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/57672

87bfee No.482027


just like Osama's videos

33828e No.482028


That Figi water tho

974986 No.482029


relax bigegoman with your reddit spacing

ever heard of expanding your thinking.. question everything, including yo'self

2174e4 No.482030


We are in an obscure corner of the universe

700170 No.482031





https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/fentanyl

e9e220 No.482032

File: f34b835e46452bf⋯.jpg (440.44 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(9).JPG)

789121 No.482033

File: 28d709f64fb17f6⋯.png (205.24 KB, 406x310, 203:155, IMG_3183.PNG)

64918b No.482034


KeK meme

How about: "Because the CIA are traitors"

fags is too respectful IMHO

33828e No.482035


Corner? Lol

3cff36 No.482036


The guy is an obvious shill trying to take up bread space with useless flat earth talk….don't feed the shills…

0ea50c No.482037


I'm not sure you want to sue people who would murder your whole family without hesitation… lol just saying.

2174e4 No.482038


Figure of speech, LOL

3fe1c5 No.482039


I always think about that every time he drinks water.. Seems to be when he is making a point to the cabal…. In the pic I posted he was staring someone down! I wonder who he was looking at….?

721eac No.482040



tricked mind?

e9e220 No.482041

File: aa7d9ab99da3ca4⋯.jpg (419.88 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(10).JPG)

3cff36 No.482042


I think I know where these pics were taken, haha. Cool place.

2e7d5c No.482043

The article about the plane full of tons of Rands destined for South Africa that landed in Zimbabwe (in 2016) made me do some research. What's the history and progression of OUR currency?

"On April 29, 1858, following the Panic of 1857, seven of the nation’s most prominent security printers merged to form the American Bank Note Company. The new company made New York City its headquarters. Less than two years later, the remaining handful of independent bank note printers merged to form the National Bank Note Company that we know of today.

The first paper currency was circulated by the US Treasury Department following the outbreak of the Civil War. Congress passed authorizing legislation for $60 million worth of these “Demand Notes” on July 17 and August 5, 1861. Under contract with the government, the novel paper money, called “greenbacks” by the public, was produced by the American Bank Note Co. and the National Bank Note Co. A total of 7.25 million notes were produced in denominations of $5, $10, and $20. In an interesting historical sidelight, American and National were also producing paper money for the Confederacy at the same time."

Now, it is this…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABCorp_(American_Banknote_Corporation)

ABCorp (American Banknote Corporation) is an American corporation and world leader providing secure payment, retail and ID cards, vital record and transaction documents, systems and services to governments and financial institutions - and is one of the largest producers of plastic transaction cards in the world. ABCorp has offices and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Germany, Dubai and South Africa. Formerly known as the American Bank Note Company, the organization was originally a major worldwide engraver of national currency and postage stamps.

https:// www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/abcorp-provides-us-banks-with-unrivaled-dual-interface-payment-card-solutions-300538656.html

http:// abcorp.com/contact-us/leadership/

Doing a search for William Brown CEO, led me to here.

https:// www.harris.com/

Different guy, but alarm bells started ringing.

https:// www.harris.com/person/board-of-directors-ceo/william-brown

https:// www.harris.com/about/board-of-directors

https:// www.harris.com/about/management-team

Every single one of the directors and management team give me a feeling of extreme discomfort. Their looks, their eyes, and their histories. I imagine the Cyber Security people have their eyes on, but it couldn't hurt for us to check this out. Every one of the companies the BOD and Management have listed as resumes are connected with dirty dealings. Considering what this company is responsible for, this is a very dangerous place and is definitely a target of the Deep State. Also:

America’s Most Hated CEOs

By Evan Comen and Samuel Stebbins September 7, 2016 7:01 am EST

8. Bill Brown

> CEO approval rating: 30%

> Company: Harris Corporation

> Glassdoor company rating: 3.0 / 5.0

> Tenure as CEO: 5 years

William Brown, who has been at the helm of aerospace and defense contractor Harris for nearly five years, is one of the least liked CEOs of any major company. Many employee reviews attribute the declining morale and a burgeoning culture of distrust to Brown, speculating that his chief concerns — the company’s profits and shareholders — often come at the expense of employees.

By that measure he has been successful so far. Now trading at over $90 a share, Harris stock has gained by well over 150% in value from the time Brown took over in November 2011. Brown has managed to increase the value of his company in the eyes of shareholders. However, many current and former Harris employees allege that Brown is cutting costs by getting rid of more experienced and more expensive engineers in favor of younger engineers with less experience.

https:// 247wallst.com/special-report/2016/09/07/most-hated-ceos/2/

And the company that led me to this rabbithole…

South African Reserve Bank

(The "S" in BRICS - who want to go back to the gold standard)

https:// www.resbank.co.za/Pages/default.aspx

https:// www.resbank.co.za/AboutUs/Structure/Pages/Structure-Home.aspx

Check out BOD. Who is really in charge?

https:// www.resbank.co.za/Pages/Board-Of-Directors.aspx


64918b No.482044


You are the awesome!

9d31e4 No.482045


There are no corners in infinity - the centre of infinity is every point within it. We are special, see.

700170 No.482046

How are your investments doing, @Jack?

Trouble sleeping?

We can _

4612e8 No.482047

File: d2ca367ab42ea9c⋯.png (132.27 KB, 1080x599, 1080:599, Screenshot_20180223-190555….png)

Watch the water

c71dc1 No.482048

File: 564296f14179ec0⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 360x202, 180:101, KENNEDY.GIF)

the only muppet here is you ,you are incapable of independent thought !

you only believe what you are told on tv .

you are denying what we know about entry and exit points ,and unless jackie can allow bullets to pass through her body ,she clearly did shoot him ! click it and watch

721eac No.482049

File: a95c55a5f506736⋯.jpg (49.67 KB, 700x700, 1:1, a95c55a5f506736854ced1f265….jpg)

721eac No.482050


_ see you!

3fe1c5 No.482051

Another Space X launch soon…?

What is this one for??? T-10mins

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYq98o5YS-8

e9e220 No.482052

File: aee3b624d563b61⋯.jpg (313.59 KB, 2742x2742, 1:1, GCI map006.jpg)

87bfee No.482053


HEY CM can you see the edit to Q GA 453? If so what is the change to the blank spaces?

0f7a64 No.482054

File: 3da22d7bd6b0be4⋯.webm (6.42 MB, 320x240, 4:3, scottFree.webm)

9e45df No.482055


camo for the Apocalypse?

947e40 No.482056


spreading fear helps nothing.

Sauce? I believe our POTUS mentioned that lately.

Join in the dig… multiple reliable sauces please

87bfee No.482057


i just realized we should ask CM if he can see the edit.

721eac No.482059

File: 8644b699d085cce⋯.jpg (57.56 KB, 560x418, 280:209, koudwarmcontrast.jpg)


i aint stopping you, bruh!


3fe1c5 No.482060


Someone already said this which summs it up really (IMO)


e0a48f No.482061


I did..

exactly that…

shill out.

What makes you think I'm a man?

721eac No.482062


oh shit, this is wild stuff!!

>added to BAKE! LOL

64918b No.482063


Here is goes, exactly what we do not need. Their agenda is clear, by THEY Deem means conservative or having an opinion other than their's.

All POTUS has to do is reflect on the fact that they would have already taken his guns away for being mentally unstable

Think POTUS, you would have already lost your gun rights by this extrajudicial action. Fraud and will not only fail to reduce deaths but will actually increase them.

Nice find anon

e9e220 No.482064

File: bc507ecdc163a84⋯.jpg (337.82 KB, 531x799, 531:799, PettingZoo(22).JPG)

4d9f63 No.482065


Also the SPEED!!! 14,391k kts??????

721eac No.482066


lol, little demon witch

ha ha ha

c9862e No.482067

More El-Amir clan members: Ayman El-Amir (possibly connected to other El-Amirs) This guy could be egyptian spy, as he takes a role of correspondent and ex director of UN radio/tv.

He writes about US diplomatic 'offensive' (in positive sense) to Middle-East just weeks after BHO was sworn in. So whatever BHO did undermine in US, it started right after he was sworn in. Publicly probably touted as progress in middle-east tension, but reality is that he was a mole, undermining US.

Messengers from Washington

By Ayman El-Amir

Friday, 13 March 2009

A slew of senior U.S. officials swept the Middle East recently to prepare the ground for President Barack Obama's new strategy of engagement and dialogue to address the challenging problems of the region. Led by new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the diplomatic pageantry included George Mitchell, the U.S. special envoy to the Middle East, the State Department's top Middle East expert Jeffrey Feltman, and senior National Security Council official Daniel Shapiro, both of whom were assigned to open up the Syrian track—a member of the Bush administration's trilateral "axis of evil".

Dennis Ross, the administration's special adviser to the Gulf, and Iran, is being kept in the wings for the right moment to enter on stage. They were all preceded by visits of four congressional delegations that focused on Syria, the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories and Israel.

The United States' diplomatic offensive came six weeks after President Obama was sworn in.

Published in Egypt's AL-AHRAM WEEKLY in the March 12-18 Issue.

Ayman El-Amir is former correspondent in Washington, DC. He also served as director of United Nations Radio and Television in New York.

87bfee No.482068


thats what i thought becasue i didnt notice a change to the spaces but anon had me questioning myself.

e9e220 No.482069

File: 308a9bb66a5b3a0⋯.jpg (336.44 KB, 531x799, 531:799, PettingZoo(23).JPG)

cbbcfc No.482070

Annons pls don't forget to archive Offline!! Don't let this shill lull let you forget the task!

e0a48f No.482071


Iridium launch in March. I think there's a total of 8 missions all together.

4d9f63 No.482072


Alt is 610 miles, btw!

3fe1c5 No.482073


Yea I never noticed it, then paranoia kicked in kek

67960b No.482074


if you watch the video not just a gif she is reaching for a piece of his skull on the trunk. she said as much in an interview.

0ea50c No.482075


You mean like when he talks about phase 2 being very unfortunate for the world?

Everything I wrote is fact, can be looked up. Unfortunately I can't post links on my device, which is why I asked for more talented Anons…

87bfee No.482076


why are u spamming pics from the petting zoo?

9eb883 No.482077


Did Snowden ever leave North Korea?

721eac No.482078

File: 697f87f9f32e34e⋯.png (483.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nice.png)

c9862e No.482079


I don't care who of you are shill but you are spamming the board with your fight. Whoever is a patriot, stop, filter/ignore. Keep the board clean.

4d9f63 No.482080


610 miles Alt and 14,391 kts, with a transponder(!) means that it must be some type of re-usable spacecraft.

e9e220 No.482081

File: 87501fae581052e⋯.png (111.18 KB, 200x189, 200:189, ChallengeCoin.png)

3fe1c5 No.482082

File: 4c5077c1da8e168⋯.jpg (54.55 KB, 635x422, 635:422, snowden meme.jpg)

64918b No.482083

File: 831b657f1ac5cf5⋯.png (437.28 KB, 3200x3200, 1:1, af29c2e159d6f7122f263fa764….png)

File: 1f16b6aff8cf7e8⋯.png (141.1 KB, 459x447, 153:149, traitors.PNG)


Dank Memes Inc.

9ef225 No.482084

721eac No.482085



160d27 No.482087


ID e9e220 PettingZoo pics all deleted…??

204a51 No.482088


The vast majority of psychologists are Liberal. 50% of psychological studies cannot be replicated. I have seen definitions of mental illness change like seasonal fashions in my life. Homosassa lit is now normal, but you have a "phobia" if you won't kiss a man in a wig.

If they -do- decide to ban gun owners in for the mentally ill, it should be a determination that is made by a neurologist, not a psychologist. This is the only thing I agree with Scientology about: psychology has been coopted and turned into a pseudoscience.

1ff13f No.482089


maybe people will start to research now with the topic of mkultra and mass mind control, and they will learn that they have been programmed to believe in a spinning ball of water, when they know water forms to a container, and can learn to test for curvature themselves to know the real truth through actual experiments across water, absolutely proven, the earth is flat, which shows, how well mass mind control works and we all were under the influence

for the height of the stars, "Feed you mind" yt channel did a awesome documentary on operation fishbowl on the testing of the dome height and radio communication testing that was done, and being the stars are in the dome (firmament) they are really close, here is the video i think that won a award at the FE conference, he is a real good researcher

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=54Ku3i-zl8U

0f7a64 No.482090



c1d808 No.482091

https:// www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/Lieber_Collection/pdf/Instructions-gov-armies.pdf

947e40 No.482092

something has triggered them…


Harris mentioned

United Amalgamated Industries, Inc.



c71dc1 No.482093

File: 564296f14179ec0⋯.gif (2.35 MB, 360x202, 180:101, KENNEDY.GIF)

>>921 do not take me for a fool ,

click the giff, she pulls him towards her blows his skull off then discards his body ,and then clambers on to the trunk ,,we can clearly see his skull explode opposite jackies hand ,which proves jackie shot him,we know bullet wounds have a bigger exit ,so this proves the bullet entered by jackies hand ,also bullets can not travel through jackie and then hit the president ,there is no other possibility at all.

anyone here can clearly see this !

look how bad the brainwashing is ,you even doubt your OWN EYES !!!!!

e0a48f No.482094


Difficult for me to sit idly while shillanon spreads misinfo that seems convincing at first.

But you're right. The fighting is only inflating this bread with artificial preservatives that's bad for our brain.

721eac No.482095

File: 2138a668c5694d8⋯.png (836.43 KB, 531x799, 531:799, Y-INDEED.png)

941f19 No.482096


what was white powder in letter to Trump son?

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/fentanyl-overdose-ohio-police-officer_us_5919aca0e4b0fe039b361298

East Liverpool Officer Chris Green had just carried out a traffic arrest of two drug suspects on Friday night. Another officer pointed out the white substance on Green’s shirt, the same substance that was allegedly strewn about in the suspects’ car.

“Just out of instinct, he tried to brush it off — not thinking,” Police Capt. Patrick Wright told Youngstown’s WKBN-TV.

At that point, Green was no longer wearing the protective gloves and mask he’d donned to search the car for evidence, the captain said.

An hour later, Green passed out at the station.

e9e220 No.482097

File: 21a5721c20ff6d4⋯.png (3.96 MB, 1440x959, 1440:959, ToBeOrDoSpeech.png)

bcf804 No.482098

https:// www.scribd.com/doc/55599812/Stanislav-Lunev-on-Russian-earthquake-weapon-and-secret-war-plans

873dca No.482099


Would be a lot more interesting if you were spamming pics of Dyson's dock.

789121 No.482100

File: 337a7782e62e799⋯.jpg (81.11 KB, 804x536, 3:2, IMG_2852.JPG)

721eac No.482101

File: 2b87076733d63fe⋯.png (550.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2b87076733d63fe366f97d2249….png)

File: 6e121348ba4ba78⋯.jpg (39.39 KB, 696x654, 116:109, 2nYpEro.jpg)

File: a9b89372c3b04bf⋯.png (1.27 MB, 931x736, 931:736, a9b89372c3b04bf98ad16953d4….png)

File: d8ff04704f4c4f0⋯.gif (503.98 KB, 1081x1397, 1081:1397, d8ff04704f4c4f040ccba49ce5….gif)

File: 02e7e25a22a44ea⋯.png (73.32 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, polbmw.png)



a47356 No.482102


Did the families of the victims EVER get to see the bodies of their children? If not, then is it possible those children were kidnapped?

f2609e No.482103


corn starch

1ff13f No.482104


sorry, "Feed Your Mind" yt channel, i misspelled the "your"

9ef225 No.482105

I'm not sure about them. They are different than the normal stuff that the anons post for the deep dig board but these may be meant for the anons who are working on that. They like to capture them and work in the other board on deciphering them.


941f19 No.482106


Well. That was what was reported in the lying, scumsucking news media.

46714c No.482107

FANTASY LAND & 40,000ft view.

Admiral Byrd said there's heaps of land that's about the size of america that hasn't been discovered/inhabited yet. An entire land that very few people know about. Fantasy Land?

and maybe there's a hologram in the ocean around it or something, and at 40,000ft the land is visible??

Please excuse me for not knowing where to post this on the board, it's very hard to navigate on shrooms.

8f3df7 No.482108


old copy paste

confessions of a pro shill

2174e4 No.482109

Mmmmmmm. Vanilla Caramel coffee. Making the shills jelly

789121 No.482110

File: 37bfd8fae1a97c3⋯.gif (377.67 KB, 450x342, 25:19, IMG_2849.GIF)

e0a48f No.482111



What if convincing people that the earth is flat is the REAL mind control experiment?

721eac No.482112

File: 806bd0face1e468⋯.jpg (62.95 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 806bd0face1e4684b5f1a94a45….jpg)




160d27 No.482113


What's this?

721eac No.482114



721eac No.482115

File: 8c3008703719ebf⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 8c3008703719ebf18f18b43dc4….jpg)


OH, my desktop btw

64918b No.482116

File: 4eb246f1811d264⋯.jpg (459.73 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, 4eb246f1811d264d70009435c6….jpg)



Great discussions, one needs to also evaluate the impact and likely outcomes of a person suffering from Mental Illness.

1) Knowing that you may loose your rights as a Citizen, will you simply refuse to get treatment or acknowledge there is an issue in order to protect your rights as an American? Yes. so what does that leave you with? A person that has both guns and a dangerous untreated mental condition.

2) Is this action legal with the proper Due Process to prevent abuse by the people in power with political agendas? I would say not because we already have legal processes that use Due Process to declare people mentally unfit.

3) What was the real cause of the issue: It was a setup false flag from the Gate. This guy would not have continued to be a threat to anyone had it not been the for the CIA/FBI/Sheriff Corruption which fostered and nurtured this event into existence so they could use it as a justification for a gun grab.

We do not need more Gun Control we need CIA/FBI Nigger control

721eac No.482117

==i sense in>>482110

aimred to reflectg or release?=

c9656a No.482118


Flags are Iran, closest to camera, then China in center, cannot identify end. Looks like a command bldg.

721eac No.482119

This expanded edition of How People Learn is the result of the work of

two committees of the Commission on Behavioral and Social Sciences and

Education of the National Research Council (NRC). The original volume,

published in April 1999, was the product of a 2-year study conducted by the

Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning. Following its publication,

a second NRC committee, the Committee on Learning Research and

Educational Practice, was formed to carry that volume an essential step fur-

ther by exploring the critical issue of how better to link the findings of

research on the science of learning to actual practice in the classroom. The

results of that effort were captured in How People Learn: Bridging Research

and Practice, published in June 1999. The present volume draws on that

report to expand on the findings, conclusions, and research agenda presented

in the original volume.

During the course of these efforts, a key contributor and one of the most

eloquent voices on the importance of applying the science of learning to

classroom practice was lost. The educational community mourns the death

of Ann L. Brown, Graduate School of Education, University of California at

Berkeley, cochair of the Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning

and an editor of How People Learn. Her insight and dedication to improving

education through science will be sorely missed.

John D. Bransford, Cochair

Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning

Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice

e9e220 No.482120

File: c2772c607a45e34⋯.jpg (1023.98 KB, 5314x5571, 5314:5571, GCI maps013.jpg)

9e45df No.482121


its either a radar image and those little symbols are ?

or the layout of Nellis

160d27 No.482122



>I'm not sure about them. They are different than the normal stuff that the anons post for the deep dig board but these may be meant for the anons who are working on that. They like to capture them and work in the other board on deciphering them.


>>>482087 (You)

All posts by that ID have been deleted now. Pics from Nellis AF base (wasn't that the one nr LV that didn't respond to Paddock shootings?) Petting Zoo. Therre were at least a dozen of them.

721eac No.482123

bake so far

##593: Nice Trys Finish Last## THREAD HERE>>481509

>>481615 VPN users may experience a slight downtime on Tuesday 27.02.18 for around 1 hour

>>481564 WE ARE LEGION >>481569

>>481557 Re(eee)member: play it cool

>>481728 Re(eeeeee)member: FF was a false flag


>>481719, >>481723 Apocalypse Now.

>>481630 Sheeper Cells

>>481613 Trattoria Redemptia

>>481579 Tossing Dough

>>481580 #Bless #Our #Mission #And #Pray #For #A #Release #Of #The #Cures

>>481549 Message Through Media: The Institute Commands It!


>>481710 Know your schill tactics: Knowledge Is Power.

>>481766 Mainstream Catching On


>>481775 Just Look At This Altitude!!

>>481565 I Smell A ;;;PEDOVORE;;;

>>481578 That's Why: Lurk More!

>>481671 Once (You) Know, (((They))) Are Easy To Spot

>>481676 What's the McLean, Va Connection? >>481686



>>481734 What Is the Mark (((Rutte))) Of the Beast >>481755

>>481761 Grumpy's Doing Well

>>481757 btw..

>>481765 The REAL Mind

>>469029 Who Kills The People?

>>481766 In The Life Of An MK-Person: Read and LEARN!!! Protect Those Children Who Suffer From It: It's Not Too Late For Them Yet~!


>>481772 Anyone Wanna Troll Obongo Out Of His UN Bid? You Can Use This, >>481816

>>481803 Red Cross Confirms 6(.000.000) Cases Of Childvoring By Executives

>>481988 Stanislav Lunev: Winrar.

>>481812 True Muslims: It's Time To Talk About The Child Slavery Endorsement Of Mohammed The Profit.

>>481836 (((Schiefa Obama))) >>481851

>>481816 This Iran Deal Will Be The (N)Noose To His (N)Neck

>>481946 Stay Safe Anons,~!~

>Stay Safe, Anons,!~

<Stay Safe, Anons,~!~

Stay Safe, Anons,~!

>>481985 Say Hi To @lec $4$ Me! He. He. He.


>>482033 Shadilay


>>482052 lol what's this?

>>482082 "OneWay To The Growing Fields, Please.."

>>482098 Earthquake Weapon Guide: (((THEIR DARK AGENDA)))

>>482116 We Get Results

>>482109 Making the Schills Jelly

>Schilling Forecast: ULTRA HIGH+++


>>481877 >>482079


Ignore Or Annihilate: There Is No Try: >>481853(8)

9ffb42 No.482124


he aim is not to convince you to some other theory .. you have to question everything.

I don't know if it is flat, but i also don't know if it is round. At some point you have to believe someone or something bc you alone can't verify any of it.

NASA, Govt, Media, Education and History lie to us.

e9e220 No.482125


Only GOMERS Know…

126867 No.482127

While digging, found this Scribd article: CIA Files: Stanislav Lunev – Defector reveals Russia’s secret war plans - Interview with Barry Farber (May 2011).


Earthquake/seismic weapon mentioned on pages 1 and 9.

Of interest on page 18: Lunev's points on gun control in America and about Kremlin's views of JFK and Reagan.

Not sure if this is a pointless rabbit hole.

God bless you Q and anons

87bfee No.482128


it was spam. awefully shilly in here guys. buckle up.

9e45df No.482129


roger that

e9e220 No.482130

File: e7495d5018df35a⋯.png (887.87 KB, 509x594, 509:594, #Patriots4[C]lown[F]ree[W]….png)

87bfee No.482131


it was from here as best i can tell

http:// aviationphotodigest.com/nellis-threat-training-facility/

just spam

c94d30 No.482132

Morning lads, what's new?

9ef225 No.482133

Thank you, Baker!


eef342 No.482134


Release THE KRAKEN??


721eac No.482135

721eac No.482136

0f7a64 No.482137


are you going to include the C!odemonkey exchanges?

>>481894 Bug fixed

>>480327 Comms Good

>>480311 Sec Test



>>476837 Q: COMMS OFF 2

15bb72 No.482138


??? The BRIDGE

??? Payback for today

Golden Gate Bridge (Bridges in general) sites of frequent suicides.

??? "Suicide" a Payback for what?

What would ling be to Lunev former spy warned of poisoning of water supply, "briefcase"/nuclear bombs hidden?

b7d332 No.482139

File: 797c9e1774df676⋯.jpg (120 KB, 960x960, 1:1, No-Jab-No-Play-No-Jab-No-P….jpg)

Meanwhile in Australia, Malcolm Turdball and his buddies have introduced Draconian No Jab, No Play/Pay Laws removing Social Security Payments for Parents who refuse to Poison their children……

721eac No.482140





1ff13f No.482141


im not here to convince you of any "theory", research and test for yourself, to know the real truth for yourself, it is the only way to snap out of the programming done to us all, we go by facts of experiments, and we proved to ourselves the real truth of FE

639a1d No.482142


Noticed about three weeks ago they turned off some kinda.. RF? Ultrasound? Something that makes people aggro, it got turned off. At least in the Sanfrashishow area.

Its kinda strange, even the nasty people are at least the lowest level of polite. The obviously MK'd people are still nuts of course.

55efb4 No.482143

721eac - 60 replies…impressive

138fdd No.482144

File: c2772c607a45e34⋯.jpg (1023.98 KB, 5314x5571, 5314:5571, c2772c607a45e34091e47a262e….jpg)

File: 87501fae581052e⋯.png (111.18 KB, 200x189, 200:189, 87501fae581052e737cb7eb45a….png)

File: aee3b624d563b61⋯.jpg (313.59 KB, 2742x2742, 1:1, aee3b624d563b6173787904135….jpg)

File: e7495d5018df35a⋯.png (887.87 KB, 509x594, 509:594, e7495d5018df35af73e718aec3….png)

ok whoever is working on this please help me get on track with it. where is all this coming from, whats it in relation too? if its relevant lets get it organised

0f7a64 No.482145

File: c0d288598a4d8e1⋯.jpg (678.09 KB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, pepeChanBakers.jpg)


my pleasure to assist

ac41f5 No.482146



>Families were not allowed to see much less TOUCH their lost child.

I know a guy who lost a child at Sandy Hook. A normal working class guy. not a jew. defiantly not cabal. he was overseas at the time. Had to make emergency arrangements to get home because they would not tell his wife anything until they were both present. It messed him up pretty good. Not the same guy anymore, depressed, distant, etc so I know he had a real loss. But, he never ever mention to anyone even once that he HAD seen his daughter. Of course its not something you bring up in conversation so who knows.

That being said, I've seen the pictures of the supposed missing kids claiming they are still alive and his kid is in the pictures. Fake? Maybe.

8280fc No.482147


>just confirming doubles are a thing?

One thing that will cook your noodle: The Alex Jones you see on infowars is actually "dead" comedian Bill Hicks. The real Alex Jones was much younger and disappeared from radio around 1994. Bill Hicks then faked his death after talking about how impressed he was by Rush Limbaugh. Hicks described himself as a "classical liberal" but wanted to be able to influence people to the extent that conservative talk radio hosts did. Research it yourself. Lots of evidence. Spoon-feeder agent indeed.

721eac No.482148

File: 10cdcc31c59b9ad⋯.jpg (98.92 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 9AE0W1Q.jpg)

File: 18b9613ccfff195⋯.jpg (138.67 KB, 750x954, 125:159, 18b9613ccfff195ace22b78ffe….jpg)

File: ff99d1753382276⋯.jpg (92.24 KB, 1024x1013, 1024:1013, 47f0da34e54fd9b810484472c2….jpg)

File: 570e3ffca50ac04⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 506x506, 1:1, 570e3ffca50ac04f5f75e53a8e….jpg)

File: f51fb72171d8659⋯.jpg (39.7 KB, 640x658, 320:329, 939wHXc.jpg)





160d27 No.482149


>02/24/18 (Sat) 11:58:17 721eac No.482078>>482087 >>482113


>File (hide): 697f87f9f32e34e⋯.png (483.81 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nice.png) (h) (u)




Just that there's some interesting file names on this desktop screencap.

67960b No.482150


yeah, if i'm right this place we call earth has no ending or beginning. everyone (7 billion, if that's the true number) could stand on unlimited land all their own. but. i'll have to wait and see if i'm right.

f3dabb No.482151

Sheriff Scott Israel must step down..,,,push the narrative

721eac No.482152

File: 485a76af7091b7e⋯.jpg (278.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1469497702251.jpg)

File: 1104bd515ad7118⋯.jpg (78.06 KB, 475x527, 475:527, 1471790543868.jpg)

File: 393d21a82cac59b⋯.jpg (653.86 KB, 912x1200, 19:25, 1474586178148.jpg)

File: 8ac47f32b035060⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 570x427, 570:427, 1475320552575.jpg)

File: b7302491b458b6a⋯.jpg (80.98 KB, 560x404, 140:101, 1475341445204.jpg)

09f7e8 No.482153


The Bridge is most likely the Bridge of Spies where the US and old Soviets used to exchange captured spies.

e9e220 No.482154

File: a9e5b8ceca40ba4⋯.png (1.62 MB, 672x840, 4:5, #PATRIOTS.png)

9e45df No.482155


TR 3B and their lilke?

87bfee No.482156

you better inform Q then because im sure he would love to be told he's wrong. Oh and have a seat in the filter bin.

721eac No.482157

File: 08aa46218b032f3⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1600x1018, 800:509, 1484102333538-3.png)


>oh stop it you

721eac No.482158


who's that?

721eac No.482159



9ffb42 No.482160

The Bridge:

Atlantikbrücke ev. it is a get together of american military and politicians and german journalists, politicians and military. It was founded in the 50ies. It appears to be the chain of command from America to Europe. Europe meaning Germany and bc of the German power in the EU to the other states.

Schumer is/was? a member.



87bfee No.482161

File: c72a9a5ef6ab1b1⋯.png (521.66 KB, 696x465, 232:155, ballsonface meme.png)


insert ur own ID on this meme. ur not even worth me doing it for u.

5dd9c2 No.482162


https:// twitter.com/real DonaldTrump/status/939005659982348291

721eac No.482163


>oh boy, you're really going to make do it, don'tcha schlomo! kek

9e45df No.482164


What is more apt

our version of a ufo

721eac No.482165

File: 02c6c7a033327db⋯.png (315.55 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 02c6c7a033327dbfaf799e071c….png)



721eac No.482166

File: 0a59d5aeb19a11f⋯.jpg (101.49 KB, 832x517, 832:517, 0a59d5aeb19a11f534f3d6b5fc….jpg)



take me for a fly, someday, will you? %^^

761441 No.482167



761441 No.482168



87bfee No.482169

Heads up day shift. It's awfully shilly in here. and rememebr to archive offline. i lost data yesterday and im still irate.

e9e220 No.482170

File: 789fe4fe39af768⋯.png (1.26 MB, 660x665, 132:133, QREQ1.png)

File: 789fe4fe39af768⋯.png (1.26 MB, 660x665, 132:133, QREQ1.png)

721eac No.482171





9e45df No.482172


Hawk knows more than me

http:// www.soundwaves2000.com/survive2thrive/

aa7890 No.482174


Admiral Mike Mullen

Admiral Mike Mullen served as the 17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (2007) and was the principal military advisor to President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama.

87bfee No.482175

721eac No.482176

loaf completed

87bfee No.482177


but the exit sign is english, as is the air force logo on the glass door. kek

its the petting zoo (Nellis AFB)

its a spambot spamming along

http:// aviationphotodigest.com/nellis-threat-training-facility/

721eac No.482178

File: f1db15a67f1009b⋯.jpg (132.59 KB, 960x717, 320:239, tumblr_nknpmmMIRZ1sn75h6o1….jpg)

721eac No.482179

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

9b6921 No.482180


I saw those bubbles like the 4th pic in the sky last week.

8280fc No.482181



>Nice try clown. Do you live in Newtown? Did you also get a house on Dec. 25, 2009 when all those mortgages were paid off for a dollar (like all the other clowns who live in Clowntown, CT)?

Interesting… I wonder if he was lying about AJ too. I watch his show sometimes - I take it with a grain a salt, but I want to like him. I agree with 90% of what he says, so of course I wanna like him. Then there's the stuff about him really being Bill Hicks (which I mostly believe) and the times when he is wrong, overly dramatic, "fear-mongering," I don't know. If he was a clown, has he now been leveraged to do good by POTUS?

64918b No.482182




Great psycho analysis.

So an interesting trait that Psychopaths share is an inability to interpret and understand Irony. It's one of their odd quirks, if you confront them with Irony and in my experience they will: a) Ignore it if they feel you are on their side, b) Respond with complete and unbridled anger and rage. It's fun, like an instant trigger.

I wonder if it could be used to create massive psychological distress. Just sit them in a cell and subject them to nonstop irony. Maybe play Alanis Morsette on endless repeat. lol

These people have weaknesses and I'm sure MI is exploiting them quite well

7722f5 No.482183

File: 82596220ee1b408⋯.png (3 MB, 1175x890, 235:178, #[C]lownsCorruptedEveryone.png)

840201 No.482184

File: f2f6c9f8428acd8⋯.jpg (552.3 KB, 792x1056, 3:4, Screenshot_20180224-064732.jpg)


Very very good find anon! Just started skimming it and right from the start we get some amazing new insights that I'm certain Q wants us to see. The Russia China relationship is wayy under reported and now finding out the Boris Yeltsin years were not anything like they were reported to be.

0c495c No.482185

Phase [2] has already started.

That is why Q hide his previous posts at GA. That was Phase 1.

His new batch of posts at GA starts with post No.452, which begins with a [2].

We are at Phase 2, now confirmed by POTUS, even though he places it at a future scenario, but you anons know how things are communicated.

So, we are at [2].

87bfee No.482186

File: bb6096b23ff03c8⋯.jpg (145.44 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, shill btfo.jpg)

i think i broke the shill. he's responding to himself now.


2174e4 No.482187

File: f8c74754758bb30⋯.jpeg (74.16 KB, 400x370, 40:37, 33E3431D-56B7-4431-80E9-8….jpeg)

64918b No.482188

File: 4eb246f1811d264⋯.jpg (459.73 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, 4eb246f1811d264d70009435c6….jpg)


1st Year Salvage

2nd Year Savage

Phase I Neutralize Mass Threats to People, cut strings

Phase II Annihilate (You are Here)

3rd Year Reformation(?)

639a1d No.482189


Noticed about three weeks ago they turned off some kinda.. RF? Ultrasound? Something that makes people aggro, it got turned off. At least in the Sanfrashishow area.

Its kinda strange, even the nasty people are at least the lowest level of polite. The obviously MK'd people are still nuts of course.

721eac No.482190



7722f5 No.482191

File: a9efcd0137c6034⋯.png (4.32 MB, 1192x1265, 1192:1265, #[C]lowns4Days.png)







721eac No.482192

File: f7d4ae06ac9e8b9⋯.png (219.21 KB, 466x367, 466:367, 1.png)


sweet little lamb, you are truly lost

now come here so i can kill you!!

ae3f2c No.482194

How do you catch a dangerous animal?

With bait and a trap.

ac388e No.482195

File: b31f92d96e181bd⋯.jpg (85.79 KB, 635x500, 127:100, crisis5.jpg)

File: e6db41a0835ae8e⋯.jpg (109.2 KB, 750x499, 750:499, Israel2.jpg)

Planefag on the flight line Am I too late for the Sheriff party?

ADS-B is being frigged with again. Military traffic is way too quiet, compared to recently.

8f3df7 No.482196


So republicans get guns and democrats don't?

Seems kind of arbitrary …hahahahahahahaha

721eac No.482197


>he uses utorrent

87bfee No.482199


such as asking if they can sleep and telling them they can hear them breathe. Q is top kek on this one.

947e40 No.482200

Ops unde r wa y

Envision the coming Glory of Peace.

Patriots Pray

Anons Dig and Pray

0ea50c No.482201

File: 03a43504637d1aa⋯.jpg (43.74 KB, 456x690, 76:115, images.jpg)

Stanislav Lunev, in his book, 'Through The Eyes of The Enemy', claims Russia has portable nuclear weapons on US soil, to be used in the event of future war. Lunev also claims that there are biological weapons on US soil, for use in poisoning the US water supply.

721eac No.482202


Sir, Yes, Sir!

87bfee No.482203



>think this is my active desktop.

ac41f5 No.482204


http:// store.steampowered.com/app/204240/The_Bridge/

"The Bridge is a logic puzzle game that forces you to reevaluate your preconceptions of physics and perspective. It is Isaac Newton meets M. C. Escher. Manipulate gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through impossible architectures. Explore increasingly difficult worlds, each uniquely detailed and designed to leave you with a pronounced sense of intellectual accomplishment. The Bridge exemplifies games as an art form, with beautifully hand-drawn art in the style of a black-and-white lithograph."

6ef334 No.482206

https:// edition. cnn. com/2018/02/24/asia/india-van-hits-school/index.html

Ban ALL cars !!!!!! kEk

91ee87 No.482207


the mom is not a former CNN producer

she went on a VIP tour

5c6558 No.482209

I'm thinking water.

According to Lunev, a probable scenario in the event of war would have been poisoning the Potomac River with chemical or biological weapons, "targeting the residents of Washington, D.C."[1] He also considered it "likely" that GRU operatives placed "poison supplies near the tributaries to major US reservoirs."[9] These allegations have been confirmed by former SVR officer Kouzminov [10] who was responsible for transporting pathogens from around the world for Russian program of biological weapons in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s. He described a variety of biological warfare acts that would be carried out on the order of the Russian President in the event of hostilities, including poisoning public drinking-water supplies and food processing plants.[11]

bfe256 No.482210

can anyone confirm if any of the planes carrying the 1.8bn flew further east than Iran?

earnest money?


why were they there?

It wasn't for their health - or was it?

if connections are false pls delete from thread

bcf804 No.482211


Here is his testimony before congress as well

http:// commdocs.house.gov/committees/security/has216010.000/has216010_1.HTM

cc58f4 No.482212

Funny to see all the conspiracy theorists mentioning MKULTRA.

What Q told us is to rethink and question everything. Black is white, left is right… is it a coincidence that all modern conspiracy theories started with the birth of OSS/Clowns? Dear conspirancyfags you probably are part of MKULTRA…

91ee87 No.482214


tommy sizemore is a punkbitch who is balls deep in this

0c495c No.482215


>Stay tuned.

>Everything has meaning or a purpose.

>@Jack - getting nervous?

>Phase [2].


Bye @Jack

33c18e No.482216

File: 16bd002f0956d7c⋯.png (732.17 KB, 1596x904, 399:226, Loud and Clear-Acknowledge….png)


FRIDAY 2018.23.02

>>475908 Sheriff Scott Isreal

>>471120 Crowdstrike Russian Plane Connection

>>473687 Tavistock=Gannett=CIA

>>473252 China Connection from Q post

>>472696 Links from John Cusack to key players

>>472314, >>472461, >>472580, >>>472695 BHO Linked to Hezbolla Medhat El-Ami

>>471106 Don't trip over fake trips

>>470911 Potus Tweets: MS-13 Gang flow in like Water (Screencap: >>470914)


>>470445 Where did the $1.7 Billion Go? -> >>470498 gist of it

>>470360 FBI and NBC worked on JFK Doc

>>470234 A house divided - a beautiful graphic

>>470041 Houston FF in the makings?!

>>469808 We could be doing 'great'

>>469737 Plea the fif!



>>469554 DireQtor

>>469539 Vital Hand Signals?

-- or --

9e45df No.482217


Oh noes! What shall we do!

The Guns have gotten out of control.

https:// twitter.com/Fuctupmind/status/967272229544386560

721eac No.482218

File: e46de677997eac7⋯.mp4 (10.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, for-you2-tell.mp4)


i dont care

i own your shecklesystem now


bcf804 No.482219


In his testimony before congress he stated the portable nuclear weapons were within 50 miles of Washington and would be used to kill the President and cabinet, top military and to take out power and communications. They believed it would be the winning factor in a war.

87bfee No.482220

File: b9ec42398865105⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 600x737, 600:737, merchant.jpg)


you own nothing schlomo

bcf804 No.482222


This is a good read for sure.

f467f5 No.482223

70df62 No.482224

POTUS is very quiet on twitter this morning

f24a34 No.482225

File: 572e7cd8596a783⋯.jpg (130.49 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 257nu7.jpg)

File: 517655e35e75b25⋯.jpg (137.88 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 257nop.jpg)

Deep state is about to die.

Learn here what you can do to help speed up their demise:

http:// archive.is/QKmJY

Please share that link everywhere. Thank you.

Help get the general public aware and talking about the Leader Technologies miller act notice, so people start tweeting at Trump to get it aproved so we can see the anti-free speech Silicon Valley tech mafia burn to the ground and kill the deep state faster.

The quick run downs:

http:// archive.is/nZqAd

http:// archive.is/sjRoz

http:// archive.is/H6IRK

PS: Q, please pass the word about Leader Technologies miller act notice to POTUS, this will make everyone's job of culling deep state easier. Thank you, have a great day!

947e40 No.482226



87ee28 No.482227

We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig in our mine the whole day through

To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what we really like to do

It ain't no trick to get rich quick

If you dig dig dig with a shovel or a pick

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A thousand rubies, sometimes more

But we don't know what we dig 'em for

We dig dig dig a-dig dig

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho


1ff13f No.482228

File: 426121e5b16d629⋯.png (1.12 MB, 640x1085, 128:217, Cat cured by MMS.png)

File: 7eea239a5f59f17⋯.jpg (110.71 KB, 640x735, 128:147, Cured by MMS.jpg)

File: c1e4bd15e884a49⋯.png (730.58 KB, 640x700, 32:35, Meningitis cured with MMS.png)

File: ca6deef2256f3c9⋯.png (810.62 KB, 640x781, 640:781, Nose heling well with MMS.png)

File: 78d7d2059fff76c⋯.jpg (152.77 KB, 640x1069, 640:1069, unknown skin problem cured….jpg)

>>>/greatawakening/93 answering "the 'proofs' are important"

>>381653 answering "hidden cures"

re-posting to keep this info alive and well

3rd updated posting with more info added with scientific papers and info on treating Autism as well as the basic starting procedure protocol. the proof the red cross has hidden the malaria cure is below, (a child dies every 30 seconds to Malaria according to unicef pdf)

Our Father in Heaven, Please Guide those to learn what they need to restore health…

A Genesis II Church Documentary (Subtitled In Spanish) on MMS, they also have this video subtitled in Portuguise

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQb6CNtSN2s

Here is PROOF of the Red Cross Hiding the cure to Malaria, Yes MMS cures Malaria very quickly, simple to use and extreamly low cost…

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8

This 2nd video about the Red Cross which has some of the documented paperwork proof of the MMS study on Malaria being cured added at the end to get the names and info of some of those involved at hiding this cure from the human race, causing the deaths of millions of children due to Malaria.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0u8qchGQcw

THE REALITY OF MALARIA - The largest killer of children - Malaria kills one child every 30 seconds, about 3000 children every day. - Over one million people die from malaria each year, mostly children under five years of age, with 90 per cent of malaria cases occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa. - More than 40 percent of the world’s population lives in malaria risk areas. https:// www.unicef.org/health/files/health_africamalaria.pdf

"Jim Humble speaks Freedom Central" about MMS,a man who has pioneered the use of MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution, which has been effective in curing Malaria, HIV (?) related illness, cancer and Autism.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_Etw8eTb7c

A Video of, "Jim Humble All my MMS Protocols CZ titulky", this shows all the ways MMS is easily used, Research the newer videos for amounts to use from Mark at "G2 Voice" as you start off with small amounts, (i use a 1/4 to 1/2 drop a hour for a day when i need to use it and is all i ever needed) and hcl is now used instead of citric acid as it is easier on the stomach, Research to learn… its easy, simple, and is very very very low cost.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNcey2MBYXI

Short Interview with Andreas Kalcker on MMS with this video called "Hepatitis c, AIDS, CANCER, Straight Talk on MMS - Guest Andreas Kalcker"

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFeuZoHVCuQ

Andreas Kalcker MMS conference "Forbidden Health" English audio

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWTVPaMtwT4

here are scientific papers i found on Andreas Kalcker website on mms, they are under the heading of for healthcare professionals on his webpage

https:// andreaskalcker.com/en/scientific-papers/

CD Autism Facts Sheet, (CD is the abbreviation for chlorine dioxide)

http:// factssheetproject.com/cd-autism-facts-sheet/

Children that have recovered from Autism

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6HNPlVyEpU

A study with autism and treating with MMS in pdf

http:// www.autismone.org/sites/default/files/rivera.pdf

See Kerri Rivera for detailed autism treatment protocal infomation with CD-MMS

http:// cdautism.org/

MMS video testimonials

https:// www.youtube.com/user/MMStestimonials/videos

The MMS Starting Procedure Protocol - Genesis II Church

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhCyJO1aVkE

Blessings from God our Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit

840201 No.482229

File: c1d4f98ba9723f0⋯.jpg (306.24 KB, 1075x978, 1075:978, Screenshot_20180224-070413.jpg)

File: c16a4eed0e608e9⋯.png (748.95 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180224-070701.png)

File: d8e26e3c3582429⋯.jpg (312.91 KB, 1060x1389, 1060:1389, Screenshot_20180224-070935.jpg)


Thanks anon for the link! Just did a quick Wikileaks search of Stanislav Lunev that I'm about to skim. This one hit seems interesting. I didn't know at the end of Bush43 term he ended the trading with the enemy act to NK.

https:// wikileaks.org/wiki/CRS:_The_North_Korean_Economy:_Leverage_and_Policy_Analysis,_August_26,_2008

0c495c No.482230


>POTUS is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false.

f6dce0 No.482231

Get em Q Dawggie Dawg !!>>482200

8a7a86 No.482232

File: 1e9f100d5ae1cf7⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 594x340, 297:170, asdasd.jpg)

File: a8a4d053308782a⋯.jpg (73.42 KB, 908x591, 908:591, asftrhtjnh.jpg)

File: e46049810405deb⋯.jpg (90.92 KB, 901x593, 901:593, agfsthzjzj.jpg)

re: Scott Israel

721eac No.482233

File: c50b98c673d8159⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 940x627, 940:627, c50b98c673d8159c603c555522….jpg)

File: c72a210d71f658d⋯.jpg (86.48 KB, 736x737, 736:737, c72a210d71f658d2affb25e117….jpg)

File: 730e59de12b1378⋯.jpg (19.04 KB, 171x255, 57:85, GOOD_TIMES.jpg)

File: 6363db227553e3b⋯.mp4 (2.83 MB, 720x1278, 40:71, Hello, friend. - Imgur.mp4)

File: b49276e7c19f5d0⋯.jpg (135.97 KB, 1242x1588, 621:794, rC9ddDw.jpg)




4c31fe No.482234


in network/telecomm terms, A bridge is a way to connect two Ethernet segments together in a protocol independent way. Packets are forwarded based on Ethernet address, rather than IP address (like a router). Since forwarding is done at Layer 2, all protocols can go transparently through a bridge.

Maybe shutting down some comms?

bcf804 No.482235


WOW good find!!

721eac No.482236

File: 0af505bb72034ff⋯.png (63.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 0af505bb72034ff2354d861172….png)


ha ha ha

cc58f4 No.482237


Here we go again… miracle cures… follow the money!

2174e4 No.482238

Hahaha. Muh meullertime gonna bite these people on the ass

bcf804 No.482239


Right before Obama was elected just amazing

5c6558 No.482240

File: f69c80c50b9c98e⋯.png (459.1 KB, 930x574, 465:287, ClipboardImage.png)

5dd9c2 No.482241


It does seem to be extraordinary timing to bring them down given Lynn's weaknesses.

87bfee No.482242


TP tweeted that Sheriff Israel was going to be Hillary's FBI director. it all makes sense now doesn't it?

d360c7 No.482243

File: 3710a55eb4684c4⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 230x220, 23:22, f.jpg)

i just want to let u know u guys are very special!

Im varely on my 30's and I fell asleep lastnight with my laptop on me. too much digginggggg, but it's worth it. I feel we are changing the world, i see it on the news i see big names calling us out, haha fuck now im late to work! will be back to research in 2 hours :)

87bfee No.482244


have fun IRL anon

aa5273 No.482245

File: 0adf1b22e9d0590⋯.jpg (56.69 KB, 594x222, 99:37, stanislav1_wikileaks.JPG)


May 2007

https:// wikileaks.org/gifiles/docs/67/6702_pr-report-for-week-of-5-7-2007-.html

https:// wikileaks.org/gifiles/attach/2/2111_5-7-07%20articles.doc

c9862e No.482246

File: 26d373b02f17bac⋯.png (579.69 KB, 768x919, 768:919, ClipboardImage.png)

840201 No.482247

File: e93e7d5e1aaa9bd⋯.jpg (402.4 KB, 1063x1071, 1063:1071, Screenshot_20180224-071551.jpg)

File: c823165d18ef9c1⋯.jpg (355.14 KB, 1055x1387, 1055:1387, Screenshot_20180224-071613.jpg)

File: 8ffecbeae138bb8⋯.jpg (427.94 KB, 1040x1367, 1040:1367, Screenshot_20180224-071727.jpg)

File: 060c0876e1438a7⋯.jpg (534.63 KB, 1045x1322, 1045:1322, Screenshot_20180224-071815.jpg)

File: b749c96bec378ed⋯.jpg (534.82 KB, 978x1338, 163:223, Screenshot_20180224-071857.jpg)

721eac No.482249






6a8b08 No.482250

File: 8f922c930194734⋯.jpeg (338.98 KB, 1174x1284, 587:642, E2118B29-A59D-462D-B016-6….jpeg)

2174e4 No.482251


Hahaha. Obama sent them how much cash?

840201 No.482252


Very good find anon. It's becoming damn clear that we have not been told what's been going on in Russia China and NK. So much digging to do.

87bfee No.482253


essentially the same thing Obama did towards the end of his term re: Cuba and Iran.

5bdf05 No.482254


This denotes the uprising of consciousness:

1. Transcending the lower nature.

2. Fighting with the lion (voyage of life).

3. Realizing the single 'I'.

Jesus: if you eye be single, your body will fill with light. It is neither good/evil. It just shows you "you".

1ff13f No.482255


Proven cure for malaria that has documented proof! that can do a entire village of 100's of people for around $20, one child dies every 30 seconds because this cure is hidden, maybe research first, before saying follow the money

saved my life when i almost died from this last flu when i stop breathing twice, all for the cost of about 5 cents of mms, and in reality, it may have been 2 cents worth, go figure huh?

e47545 No.482256

File: 85fec0c97515350⋯.jpeg (294.31 KB, 750x1114, 375:557, 2854F882-A680-4EC7-8F17-D….jpeg)


LdR: “thirst’

Q: ‘watch the water’

Lunev: Potomac

840201 No.482257


Great point!

c53ff3 No.482258


The limo driver shot Kennedy

721eac No.482259

File: 31525d974f8f438⋯.jpg (33.2 KB, 474x370, 237:185, 31525d974f8f4387bea7c89978….jpg)


this denotes child sodomy, you draconian faggot

87bfee No.482260


how else could we allow central banks to be opened for business? ; )

721eac No.482261


lynn's earthpusssy smells like the grave

721eac No.482263

File: bc6097660552e82⋯.jpg (400.14 KB, 1600x1231, 1600:1231, bc6097660552e826c9ccabda19….jpg)

87bfee No.482264


>82 posts

anon are u going for a record? im getting ready to start my oven b/c my ass in the 40's

e47545 No.482265


Dirt and rot would be a step up for her twatter.

6318ba No.482266


Gayness happens because clowns are gay… Hello?

9eb883 No.482267

Going over yesterday's drops

>WHY school shootings?

Parents, uncles and aunts make up most of the adult population.

>What is more precious than our children?


>Emotional pull.

Unites people emotionally

>Distraction event.

The brains using emotions do not tend to use RATIONAL thoughts, the amygdala (lizard brain) bypasses rational thinking (future/predictive/strategic game theory processing part)

>Gun grab event.

Emotional decisions do not consider long term future

>D security.

D's are corrupt and easy to manipulate

>WHY would locals go along w/ such a sick organized event?

Corruption and manipulation (money, blackmail, drugs,sex)

>[THEY must control local police / school / county officials / etc to work].

THIS. THIS IS THE WEAKNESS, the amount of people involved, you only need one or two out of a group, that is an exponentially large group to choose from. Massively increases the odds of flipping one or two, prisoner dilemma on larger scale by game theory means much easier to get 'some' to talk at the cost of everyone else.


Without a large pool of bad actors, it won't work because one or two in the right office won't have it.


17 lives, 17 X the money, more lives lost, more chance of money

>Federal aid + donations.

There's the money, more dead kids, more money

>These people are SICK.


>http:// www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-sandy-hook-shooting-two-years-later-20141214-story.html

It has happened before, the MO is a known quantity, easier to anticipate EVERY move

>Follow the money.

Bank records from Sandy Hook and this event WILL show the comparative and similar actions

>It’s always about the money.

Money feeds addiction.

721eac No.482269


your double dubs are strong, but this is the


91ee87 No.482270


no it doesnt fool

the garb they are wearing is from the APEC conference and they have done it for years

the symbol you THINK is masonic is not

there is enough REAL info without promoting the fake.

The silk outfits are a tradition for APEC attendees

If you dont know what the Asian Pacific Economic Conference is do some duck ducking

375da8 No.482271


Right. With Lynch joining the Supreme Court.

Enough for us to see the travesty of a "government" HRC would have created. There literally would be no hope for the republic after that.

b495a3 No.482272

Lunev is red October?

Hunt for red October. Hunt was dropped. Red October only.

721eac No.482273

File: 0f6610ae499ff37⋯.jpg (77.13 KB, 640x490, 64:49, 0f6610ae499ff37f7d7910daad….jpg)



87ee28 No.482274

File: a6ce95fefd65610⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, PhotoGrid_1519479271788.jpg)

6318ba No.482275

File: ab8c94ec4fa6d0a⋯.jpg (64.12 KB, 960x840, 8:7, ab8c94ec4fa6d0a200e812bc20….jpg)