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File: 929419eccc29b37⋯.png (8.7 KB, 255x143, 255:143, qresearc.png)

684524  No.5122472

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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>>5117650 rt >>5117543, >>5117590 -——— You attack those you fear the most.

>>5117410 rt >>5117187 ————————— Why does the FAKE NEWS media continue to attack a so-called 'conspiracy'?

>>5114108 ————————————–——– The focus is on the organization itself.

>>5113023 ————————————–——– Reagan Quotes: As Government Expands, Liberty Contracts

>>5110730 ————————————–——– Anons knew?

>>5110466 ————————————–——– Would you know if not posted by individuals on social media? ( Twitter Cap: >>5110493 )

>>5109544 ————————————–——– Prosecution and Transparency is the only way to save our way of life. ( Cap: >>5110360 )

Saturday 2.9.19

>>5101092 ————————————–——– Dark to Light.

>>5100113 ————————————–——– GOOD TO GO (Article Cap: >>5100248 )

>>5099142 ————————————–——– NASA Countdown 101 (Article Cap: >>5099228 )

>>5099089 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS attacks continue? (Article Cap: >>5099163 )

>>5094337 rt >>5094289 ————————— We never left. Time to return publicly.

>>5094276 ————————————–——– Do not mistake 'public' silence for inaction.

Friday 2.1.19

>>4989823 ————————————–——– Sys_conf_spec_y. (image)

>>4989820 ————————————–——– Anons understand.

Sunday 1.13.19

Compiled here: >>5104564

Friday 1.11.19

Compiled here: >>5104559

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>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day


>>5121784 Democrat wall negotiations seek to limit ICE’s ability to house criminal aliens

>>5121797 Rep. Ilhan Omar “all about the Benjamins” outrage circulating

>>5121818 ; >>5121882 WH retweet re: American AI Initiative

>>5121824 Nunes: Mueller won’t find evidence of “muh Russia” bullshit

>>5121849 Antifa member charged with violent attack on Marines is linked to key Democrats

>>5121927 Interesting POTUS scheduling + early AM return to WH

>>5121934 Increase in courts issuing gun seizure orders owing to state legislations

>>5122006 FDA rebukes 17 firms for selling fake Alzheimer’s drugs

>>5122064 New DJT

>>5122072 @Jack summoned by India parliamentary panel on February 25

>>5122113 Hundreds of Southern Baptist leaders, volunteers accused of sexual misconduct

>>5122289 ; >>5122371 ; >>5122394 Re: Carter Page, FISA, and court proceedings

>>5122429 #6542

#6541 Baker Change

>>5121065 Acting Defense Sec. Shanahan in Afghanistan, discussing peace talks and drawdown

>>5121142 Australia finalizes submarine construction contracting deal with France

>>5121165 California to withdraw state troops from US-MX border

>>5121198 UK defense chief claims Britain must be ready to use “hard power” against Russia and China

>>5121218 New DJT

>>5121251 On WaPo “fact-check” faggotry

>>5121265 Snowden, @Jack, and the SignalApp messenger

>>5121269 Washington sheriffs refuse to enforce state’s new strict gun laws

>>5121298 Bronx lawmaker says city council is “controlled” by homosexual community

>>5121319 ; >>5121359 Pocahontas suggesting POTUS is going to prison

>>5121414 Rasmussen poll: POTUS approval at 52%

>>5121469 Continued dig on fetal tissue research and exorbitant university funding

>>5121501 Kentucky proposes new pro-life bill, abortions would be felony with jail time

>>5121585 Associate of former Border Patrol agent pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery

>>5121608 POTUS to sign artificial intelligence order to boost US R&D efforts

>>5121655 #6541


New Baker

>>5120368 Single Shot Cap of Q Prosecution and Transparency post

>>5120390 Printing 3-D body parts

>>5120479 UK Mom arrested for Mis-gendering activist trans

>>5120623, >>5120642, >>5120868 New DJTs

>>5120653 US led coalition unleashes attack on remaining ISIS bastion

>>5120686 Dem. led House Committee on Veteran's affairs launches Mar-a-Lago investigation

>>5120718 Grocery store sparks liberal outrage with "heaven has a wall" advertisement

>>5120829 Weissmann leaks more lies, NYT dutifully reports

>>5120854 #6540

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684524  No.5122487

File: 0314a9556f5c42b⋯.jpeg (14.78 KB, 255x177, 85:59, DayBakerGiftFromNightCrew.jpeg)



Baker Requesting Handoff

Anons, please volunteer.

c85fa9  No.5122531

File: 0e9e47eb273dc8b⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.59 MB, 479x419, 479:419, 28BNsIh.gif)

Thank You baker!

c1f593  No.5122536

File: 50f14aa2944ccfc⋯.jpeg (578.01 KB, 672x1100, 168:275, 2801E78D-4635-450A-9642-0….jpeg)

File: 7fa660ea5e76c8f⋯.jpeg (499.38 KB, 674x1010, 337:505, 3F564D7F-7E18-4638-BC4F-4….jpeg)

File: d50fd208328c8f3⋯.jpeg (54.53 KB, 420x245, 12:7, CB0AAB39-F66B-409F-8870-9….jpeg)

File: 31f7b209bec2650⋯.jpeg (74.55 KB, 421x331, 421:331, 76E34052-8283-4B4B-AD47-3….jpeg)

Build That Wall

9th circus swings our way

New: Another win for DHS in court in the effort to speed up building sections of border wall (the opinion calls them "border barriers") — the 9th Circuit ruled for the govt in a challenge brought by California and enviro groups to expedited construction


The 9th Circuit affirmed a ruling by a district court judge in California finding that DHS did have authority to build these sections of border wall. The 9th Circuit agreed, and found the environmental claims were knocked out b/c the DHS secretary waived certain enviro reqs


f261e6  No.5122538

File: 49d1485f86a1bdc⋯.jpg (133.45 KB, 1700x1050, 34:21, Di10B3ZUUAIUflU.jpg)


TY Baker!

c839bf  No.5122541

File: 52f8cb62f407f93⋯.jpg (18.51 KB, 255x193, 255:193, 52f8cb62f407f93634a8d9d9ed….jpg)

Q Team is destroying the dims from the inside.

AOC and the green deal

Omar all about the benjimans

Amy snowman screaming about global warming

Pocahontas took a DNA test knowing it would fail

Pepsi & Schmuck playing tag in who folds are who holds ground on the wall.


Love this movie

e0c151  No.5122543

File: eebf21c668b1320⋯.jpg (55.39 KB, 255x243, 85:81, REQUESTING_HANDOFF.jpg)

23caee  No.5122544

Where can I find an up to date downloadable archive of q's posts? I am trying to archive OFFLINE as Q has requested.

2506d9  No.5122545

File: 908d9aacc8c1ae8⋯.jpg (286.41 KB, 1440x1610, 144:161, _20190211_112942.JPG)

File: c1d03ea6f19c83f⋯.jpg (231.11 KB, 1748x1301, 1748:1301, _20190211_114506.JPG)

a9d9d6  No.5122546

File: 6d1ae36852fb35d⋯.png (1.28 MB, 853x1280, 853:1280, IMG_721.png)

patriots remember!

0dd4ca  No.5122547

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

what is this?

e2f3b9  No.5122548

File: 96ab78089f70014⋯.mp4 (1.36 MB, 338x180, 169:90, tweet_20190211_164622.mp4)


bd12af  No.5122549

File: b9404d60b363c4b⋯.jpeg (145.32 KB, 686x544, 343:272, 35A03112-4900-4E2A-9C52-2….jpeg)

9c2ec3  No.5122550

Mueller will find evidence of collusion between Kushner and Russia..


c361fa  No.5122551


Scroll up for all resources

c4dbda  No.5122552


Save this if ya want.


982a7e  No.5122553

File: 2b249671cfd7ee7⋯.png (5.5 MB, 1111x7777, 1:7, Q 2018-02-11_A 11-50_15-38.png)

File: 685133077722fd8⋯.png (5.14 MB, 1111x9016, 1111:9016, Q 2018-02-11_B 16-12_20-01.png)


Q 2018-02-11_A 11-50_15-38.png

Q 2018-02-11_B 16-12_20-01.png

d20950  No.5122554


A Slide!

afa876  No.5122555

File: b61d7bbb3f3f956⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2048x1024, 2:1, TheCountdownHasBegun.jpg)

File: 1d56baa01263db0⋯.jpg (791.13 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, LordsPrayer_NMM.jpg)

All eyes on Whitaker

Frenly reminder to check posts made 1 year ago today, to better understand our current events.

The Posts that are unlocked by news in all its forms are revealed as the MARKERS.

What we find between the MARKERS opens more.

Markers -> deltas/timestamps used to arrange them -> paint a 40K ft. V picture.

You can reveal the Truth you've always known existed.

bba1e8  No.5122556

File: 52aecac6135bf81⋯.jpg (72.49 KB, 575x390, 115:78, 2tefe7.jpg)

Jonathan Demme, hero of Haitian artists and Oscar Winner:


a8c8aa  No.5122557

amazing what does and doesn't get into the bread sometimes


eefe6b  No.5122558

File: 9c857944f33ed0d⋯.jpg (41.82 KB, 740x400, 37:20, Kokoh-surf-bikini-surfer-g….jpg)

Patriots Surf!

982a7e  No.5122559

File: 4780750d2bc0a1c⋯.png (3.72 MB, 1111x5091, 1111:5091, Q 2018-02-12 01-22_15-15.png)

File: 221b4a276546398⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1111x2285, 1111:2285, Q 2018-02-13 01-56_02-59.png)

File: e7a31fd41024ecd⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1111x2548, 1111:2548, Q 2018-02-13&12_chairs&flo….png)


Q 2018-02-12 01-22_15-15.png

Q 2018-02-13 01-56_02-59.png

Q 2018-02-13&12_chairs&flowers.png

8cbbd2  No.5122560


It is starting to seem a little TOO perfect

c98f73  No.5122561


TY, Noel Francisco.

f73620  No.5122562

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You are wrong, People everywhere are paranoid and irrational.

63a2fa  No.5122563

No Outside Comms

Anons, please define this in detail for me.

Obviously all these things "Q" are discussed profusely online and elsewhere. Does this refer to Bakers and BV BO comms only ? or am I missing the point. Thanks and have a Glorious Day.

f6fb6d  No.5122564

File: f24fc94b0dd9e6a⋯.jpg (32.69 KB, 600x427, 600:427, POTUS.jpg)

Hey Fam,

I literally have nobody else in the world I can say this to.

Just want to tell somebody.

Got my first (you) from Q team yesterday.

Neat seeing your post on qmap.

Thx for listening.

RIP Chris Kyle

Can't find my pic, but I went to his memorial 2 yrs ago. Left a bullet for him.

9c2ec3  No.5122565

File: 80ee0a0cf133376⋯.png (217 KB, 818x608, 409:304, ClipboardImage.png)

5c4cc6  No.5122566

File: d92f461dd4e8172⋯.png (2.47 MB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Q_POPCORN.png)

23caee  No.5122567


Thank you! I have been here so long, and overlooking the top posts forever that I am pretty embarrassed I didn't check there first.

d4460b  No.5122568


Sometimes we have Bakers… and sometimes we get (((Bakers))). Is what it is.

982a7e  No.5122569

File: 83dbe997eb8dc1f⋯.png (7.52 MB, 1111x9797, 11:97, Q 2018-02-10 03-33_06-33.png)



Q 2018-02-10 03-33_06-33

0dd4ca  No.5122570


i am a shill and slide the board, right?

eefe6b  No.5122571


Comms with mum only.

0a92ba  No.5122572

I will give my life for truth.

5c4cc6  No.5122573

File: 263c08163ff1d0e⋯.png (309.89 KB, 930x989, 930:989, popcorn pepe.png)

a9d9d6  No.5122574

File: 3f1d0212f4fc3b6⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1242x1229, 1242:1229, IMG_726.png)

patriots remember!!

f7a368  No.5122575

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The officer began tasering him when he was half out of the vehicle, before they pulled him to the ground and continued to tase him. Even after Wheatcroft was dragged on the ground towards the back of the car, his feet remained entangled in the seat belt. His older son leaned into the front seat to open the belt to free his father, prompting Schneider to shout at him, causing the boy to burst into tears.

Glendale police said in a statement that Wheatcroft “exhibited verbal non-compliance by refusing to identify himself and failed to obey the officer’s instructions.” Chapman reportedly swung a bag of bottles at Lindsey’s head during the incident, although this can’t be seen clearly in the video.

912c25  No.5122576

File: dc3e0bc67980476⋯.jpg (90.84 KB, 630x400, 63:40, bakergirlpepe.jpg)


4f6e71  No.5122577

File: 96cb9b1120d07b0⋯.png (41.11 KB, 900x356, 225:89, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-3….png)

File: 2987249b5a91143⋯.png (89.76 KB, 900x761, 900:761, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-3….png)

File: 508e32a6de46860⋯.png (550.38 KB, 1195x1679, 1195:1679, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-3….png)

File: 939c0e2e59bfd31⋯.jpg (74.13 KB, 1024x532, 256:133, JFK-Jr.-salutes-dad-1024x5….jpg)

The Broken Presidential Destiny of JFK, Jr.

Israel's "Kennedy Curse"?

Laurent Guyénot • February 11, 2019 • 15,500 Words •

On July 16, 1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior was flying his private Piper Saratoga II, with his wife Carolyn Bessette and his sister-in-law Lauren Bessette. He was to drop Lauren off at Martha’s Vineyard, then fly on with Carolyn to Hyannis Port for the wedding of his cousin, Rory Kennedy, the following day. At 9:39, as he was approaching Martha’s Vineyard airport, John radioed the control tower for landing instructions, giving no sign of difficulty. At 9:41 p.m., witnesses heard and saw an explosion in the sky, at the precise moment when John’s plane suddenly plummeted into the ocean at the radar-recorded speed of 4,700 feet per minute. The next day, pieces of luggage from the plane were found floating nearly two miles away from the point of last radar contact.

The search and recovery operations were conducted by the Air Force and the Navy under national security conditions, with news reporting controlled from the Pentagon. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded its investigation eleven months later, and announced as “probable cause” of the plane crash “the pilot’s failure to maintain control of the airplane”, with “haze and the dark night” being possible factors. The corporate media amplified the implication that John was an inexperienced and reckless pilot who ignored the dangerous weather conditions and who is to blame for his own death and the death of his wife and sister-in-law…


John Junior was literally born with the Kennedy presidency, precisely

17 days after his dad won the election.


“I took John Jr. to meet alone with me for several hours. I was telling him that this speech showed strongly that he should start thinking about going into politics. He said he was interested, but he was still too young. He told me that he had an idea that he should go into politics

in the next century.”


(Remember the "start" according to Q.)

c493ce  No.5122578

File: 1be6345a7dd1a39⋯.jpg (47.89 KB, 488x313, 488:313, 1be6345a7dd1a39d6e01f0b684….jpg)

File: 3253a415b396ebc⋯.jpg (193.51 KB, 1470x828, 245:138, 88bb3025-Antifa-activist-2.jpg)

(((▪︎Antifa activist facing assault charges was tied to Democratic policymakers▪︎)))

What a difference a year made for Joseph Alcoff.

On Monday, the 37-year-old has a court date in connection with charges he’s facing in Philadelphia that include aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation for allegedly being part of an Antifa mob in November that attacked two Marines, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, both Hispanic. Alcoff and two others charged in the attack have pleaded not guilty.

But while Democratic officials are distancing themselves from Alcoff now, may have even had a hand in key policy proposals.

His endorsement apparently mattered when several congressional Democrats in February 2018 issued press releases with his quote backing their bill on regulating payday lenders….cont.


457f0d  No.5122579

File: f3f5c0b9b2e123f⋯.png (98.75 KB, 176x281, 176:281, Qeorge.png)

5c4cc6  No.5122580

File: df35863c38c37d8⋯.jpg (81.75 KB, 415x800, 83:160, df35863c38c37d84246cebb13a….jpg)

8697e2  No.5122581

File: 1ed67accd26dcfd⋯.jpg (136.54 KB, 938x599, 938:599, frens blank.jpg)


>nobody else in the world

I know what you mean, anon.

Glad to be here, too. WWG1WGA.

912c25  No.5122582

File: 6bfecd5939e8277⋯.jpg (240.49 KB, 819x1139, 819:1139, togtfo.jpg)

e0c151  No.5122583

File: 93b7c232bb49e1f⋯.jpg (10.57 KB, 284x177, 284:177, rervvvervv.jpg)

de5d00  No.5122584


Wow, did one of the Ninth Circuit judges beat the devil in a fiddle contest and get back his soul?

45e398  No.5122585

>>5122524 (lb)


Page Not Found

Who is Fta?

4da1b3  No.5122586

9c2ec3  No.5122587

File: e7220b8937e638e⋯.png (211.87 KB, 713x623, 713:623, ClipboardImage.png)



peek a boo

I see you


c839bf  No.5122588


And this Virginia fiasco is priceless.

Next comes the indictments and all hell breaks loose. These people are stupid.

f73620  No.5122589

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Paranoid and irrational people.

0dd4ca  No.5122590


thank God you here to "see" that and point me, so patriots don't fall in my trap,

can i please have an answer why this video vanished?


that was a slide to, and opened people eyes, and cos is fake, tarded criminals deleted from youtube

we will meet one day

c4dbda  No.5122591

File: 49fbdab7e088a32⋯.png (251.2 KB, 1334x868, 667:434, ClipboardImage.png)


Nice digits

All the deltas in one spot…


912c25  No.5122592

File: b974d403bb9713e⋯.jpg (48.33 KB, 457x457, 1:1, fight.jpg)


Tis a lonely fight, anon

d4460b  No.5122593


But their not… Half of them are black.

Womp, womp.

b0b393  No.5122594

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

de5d00  No.5122595

File: 392a0ef1e87f0cf⋯.png (183.14 KB, 500x509, 500:509, 5C8074E3-4BC1-4D19-87D0-85….png)


Awesome fren!

0dd4ca  No.5122596


cia criminal spoted

02e563  No.5122597

File: af828c165138030⋯.png (1.47 MB, 3209x1546, 3209:1546, jenkins.png)

File: 7229bfd1a071bff⋯.jpg (207.02 KB, 740x870, 74:87, RDJj.jpg)

pb, end of bread - should be


d4460b  No.5122598


Anti is half-black/Jewish…. Please.

This is FAKE and GAY.

8697e2  No.5122599


And sometimes shit just gets missed.

Post it again if it matters. If it doesn't let it go.

As imperfect as this is, it's working.

Chaos to hive mind. Ever seen anything like it?

d547d4  No.5122600

File: 2702e80d4e71818⋯.png (838.73 KB, 935x656, 935:656, Newsom Removing NG 2-11-19.PNG)

File: aecad791f440f6d⋯.png (239 KB, 707x891, 707:891, DDG New Mexico NG 2-11-19.PNG)

Just reported on Fox Business

Newsom Removing Nation Guard from Border

New Mexico did the same last week


457f0d  No.5122601

File: 192ee9fca530cbf⋯.png (121.65 KB, 186x330, 31:55, Qeorge 1.png)

File: 6f28daed0b30517⋯.png (121.47 KB, 186x330, 31:55, Qeorge 2.png)


>>5122497 (lb)

let's try that again

ef073f  No.5122602

File: 361d190f02e05ec⋯.png (353.73 KB, 428x336, 107:84, podesta performance art.PNG)

eeefd0  No.5122603

File: a233361c11b73c3⋯.png (600.03 KB, 690x522, 115:87, Screenshot_2019-02-11 Rape….png)


ec910e  No.5122604


please lent me ask this qiestion, seriously:

When you are here on 8chan, is you main purpose to dig, or just sit and wait for someone else to dig and just absorb this info?

If you are digging, how do you do that?

Just google it and look at first 3-4-5 pages and if smething interestin pop up, you copy-pasta it here? Or you read it whole, try to make some intreresting findings and make your "opinion" about that issue with some sources?

What are those sources?

I am asking besause if we use MSM sources, everyone is bitching.

And if you use some unknown sources, everyone is bitching too, becasue it is "known fake conspiracy site"

Is there anyone who is for example using some books, not very known, or libraries, maybe some friends with insider knowledge?

We are seeing in notables Trump tweets, news from well known news sites, but almost any "opinions, theories based on deep dig research".

Not a single for example lawsuit agains MSM media, prepared by LawFags, or againt PedoRings, PP, Senators for HateSpeach… etc

Not mean to bitching, bit sometimes i feel that most of Anons are here just waiting for Q posts, and for miracles.

e2412b  No.5122605

File: dd1e6339e118199⋯.jpg (435.41 KB, 2550x2700, 17:18, 755 Days In Office.jpg)

February 14th is POTUS' 755th day in office.

Q's posted #755 on February 14, 2018.

One year delta

What are the odds?

bba1e8  No.5122606

File: 246344562b623e8⋯.jpg (59.45 KB, 524x499, 524:499, 2tefyw.jpg)


that would be nice, but more probably will be da demz

1dfb36  No.5122607

File: 8d288a27ddc67da⋯.png (156.59 KB, 1080x833, 1080:833, Screenshot_20190211-214608….png)

Jack, jack, come back.

4cd501  No.5122608


very interesting

e0c151  No.5122609

File: 12396dde41fc78d⋯.jpg (80.4 KB, 620x827, 620:827, 12396dde41fc78d8ef9ca4fa15….jpg)

45e398  No.5122610

File: fab6f6d95e54ce3⋯.jpg (67 KB, 689x554, 689:554, Sophia Trump.JPG)

This might explain A.L.I.C.E….

old 'Q' post from the beginning…

Was going thru my Sophia files and found this one…Maj12 was asking about (Alice)..

Have fun with it…


912c25  No.5122611

File: 03c71243bc5bb78⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 1468x1778, 734:889, hivemindq.jpg)

fe4787  No.5122612

>>5122469 Previous

He doesn’t have an agenda to denounce Q. Maybe he just doesn’t believe? There are still individuals in the world who think for themselves and aren’t on a mission. I’ll cut those folks slack as long as they don’t use their platforms to trash us and Q. He supports POTUS, and has a great deal of historical knowledge on the site to support what we are doing.

de5d00  No.5122613


Their new tactic is to try to take out Kushner first. I don’t see how this would help them.

9c2ec3  No.5122614

File: 2570cb7a9437521⋯.png (165.23 KB, 682x491, 682:491, ClipboardImage.png)



a8c8aa  No.5122615


already had the same topic brought up twice today with all kinds of back and forth discussion and notables called out. both bakers refused to acknowledge it, likely just because it involved the JQ

0a97b7  No.5122616


no I think it goes back to Justice Thomas about 8-9 months ago… he gave them a warning shot across the bow… saying that maybe the 9th dist. wouldn't be allowed to hear these cases if they couldn't follow the law and precedent just to spite POTUS

d4460b  No.5122617


Look he posted a self-portrait, to prove it was a Jew-nigger behind the post.

8697e2  No.5122618


Could also be in preparation for full federal military intervention.

Anon not worried at all.

c85fa9  No.5122619

File: f7d0fdb5f005f5e⋯.png (2.64 MB, 1894x1269, 1894:1269, DDDDDB.png)

457f0d  No.5122620

File: 29e6dfe59f4535e⋯.jpeg (96.62 KB, 500x563, 500:563, brainreparing.jpeg)

4d46e4  No.5122621

File: 406ad359160c668⋯.jpg (24.19 KB, 378x377, 378:377, b13.jpg)

Thank You Baker

8697e2  No.5122622

9c2ec3  No.5122623


Who is them?

4f6e71  No.5122624

File: 99508bc091fe882⋯.png (27.37 KB, 489x258, 163:86, Screenshot_2019-02-11-08-5….png)


Ye JR Q o ???!!

I think that was a Q confirmation


0dd4ca  No.5122625



you love to hide the truth, criminals

so you can enslave the world

thing is

NO MORE!!!!!!!!!1


1580ab  No.5122626


Sanela Diane Jenkins (born Sanela Dijana Ćatić; 1973)

From the article on Robert Downey Jr.


Sanela Diana Jenkins is a Bosnian-born former refugee who was married to a top banker and

former head of Barclays bank in the UK, Roger Allan Jenkins.

In 2008 he played a key role in a £7.3 billion investment in Barclays made by the ruling

families of Abu Dhabi and Qatar, and by the Qatari sovereign wealth fund. Since 2011 he has

been a member of the Management Committee and Investment Committee of the Brazilian investment

bank BTG Pactual.

8cbbd2  No.5122627


I really like the part where the muzzy

names the Jew….somebody has to do it!

2d63b7  No.5122628

File: 7a1fff801090793⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 751x500, 751:500, 2jdo32.jpg)

c493ce  No.5122629

File: d3e79aff3d4005b⋯.jpeg (138.34 KB, 960x821, 960:821, b2749fdb1c40eeed73d2c86b7….jpeg)

File: 7e1d751ead3225a⋯.png (2.74 MB, 2750x2125, 22:17, 7e1d751ead3225a819cb63ca25….png)

File: 7bd65ceafd4b255⋯.png (371.69 KB, 670x670, 1:1, d6478909d684505af863ddd4f8….png)

File: 287b9c9ba588e5a⋯.jpg (80.29 KB, 720x890, 72:89, 1 1_190m_p39oiqw1dK1rdxkq5….jpg)

File: 2513ae5f733c59f⋯.png (468.83 KB, 600x478, 300:239, 3b65882dad8e62512b0d6adae4….png)

e0c151  No.5122630

File: 07a0e7c73928bdb⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 618x302, 309:151, 07a0e7c73928bdb3c7d673317d….jpg)

File: 804e22fa3fe032d⋯.jpg (66 KB, 500x327, 500:327, 3rbhj4kj578ko659lo6890lp68….jpg)



639ed0  No.5122631


Found the faggot kike

c8e801  No.5122632


Been here since the beginning and still can't wrap my head around this stuff.

d4460b  No.5122633



What are you, new here?

The Jewish Question.

0a92ba  No.5122634


What happens here is ORGANIC and has been working fine.

What you are doing is called CONERN FAGGING, fag.

c98f73  No.5122635


"Arizona's version of a "stop and identify" law makes it a crime "to fail or refuse to state the person's true full name on request of a peace officer" so long as that officer has reasonable suspicion to detain that person and has informed them of the law requiring the person's true name."


"So, while there is no Arizona law that specifically requires you to carry identification at all times, the statute still has imposed a similar, more lax requirement. Under this law, you can be arrested if you refuse to give up your name to a police officer or provide the officer with a fake name."


2265ae  No.5122636

>>5122390 lb

Feb,4th was also "Museum Monday":

The day RBG was attending a concert in a museum (CNN said).

Only that the museum didn't have any event scheduled on that Monday.

And today Potus will talk about RBG's health…

No coincidence, this USSS tweet about Museum Monday, imo.

0057be  No.5122637


We all have a purpose…some are diggers…some are bakers…some are lurkers…I know my roll. I don't dig and see things the Autists do–They are amazing….I for one spread the word on FB and Twatter….WE ALL HAVE A JOB TO DO… Just realize what you think you need to do to help the cause….We are in this together- whether we like it or not—THIS IS REAL

e0c151  No.5122638

File: 42eb0cc885f2af0⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 185x185, 1:1, mr-men-mr-worry-185x185.jpg)

9d8372  No.5122639

File: 29d6ac3dcb07e40⋯.png (21.47 KB, 1212x182, 606:91, Screenshot_2018-10-26 Q Re….png)

File: b1ad3a5c5958deb⋯.jpg (489.97 KB, 1440x1800, 4:5, Origins of the FBI Briefin….jpg)

File: 8c78ef78ad5d924⋯.jpg (188.89 KB, 904x1168, 113:146, 1 SWIFT.jpg)

File: 331ed774b7f20e8⋯.jpg (288.83 KB, 904x1168, 113:146, 4 SWIFT.jpg)

File: e6a4996783edac3⋯.jpg (88.78 KB, 960x806, 480:403, EL.jpg)

1580ab  No.5122640


short fo:

From the article

Still digging trying to find that pdf….seems to be missing everywhere, odd

9c2ec3  No.5122641


Special Counsel Robert Mueller declared in a new court filing that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn should not serve time in prison because of his “substantial assistance” with investigators - including sharing information on the Trump presidential transition team’s efforts to stop an anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations Security Council.

Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor, ordered Flynn to try to convince Russia to block a UN vote condemning Israeli settlements, Bloomberg reported last year.


cfec16  No.5122642

>>5117650 prior bread


089cf1  No.5122643



For the fags

Understand your point and considering the drama we have seen regarding Democrats and the wall plus all the socialist crap being proposed in the House, this could all be a show. Perhaps the white hats needed to distract the forces of evil long enough to get certain preparations made (as Q has said many times) and perhaps the show was the way to get it done.

I still believe in Ocam’s Razor — the simplest explanation is the correct one. I think the Deep State is still powerful and executing countermoves all through this process.

If it was all a show then why would AS still be trying to protect them with endless investigations?

Confusing, for certain. No one outside of POTUS and the Q team have the full plan. Q has said disinformation is necessary. So, believe what you will but be prepared to shift paradigms if new evidence comes to light. That’s been my standard operating procedure for a while now.

0dd4ca  No.5122644


you had your time

now is the truth time

you will be chased on the streets

this is why you are fighting to hide

you are scared as fuck of truth

criminals, garbage walking


e6fcbe  No.5122645

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



63e6e1  No.5122646


I had one you from Q and it was fucking amazing. Drop #1865 - I called out aj for his fake and gay “we’ve been hacked” website and Q confirmed.

Nothing beats a (You) from Q!

4b82e5  No.5122647

>>5122394 lb

>>5122371 lb

>>5122429 lb

Last bread filled before I could post this.

The Carter Page lawsuit in Oklahoma was dismissed last month.


4d46e4  No.5122648

File: 2142f8d66d20c39⋯.jpg (63.22 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2tbw3u.jpg)

d19bbf  No.5122649

>>5122537 (lb)

>>5122128 (lb)

Rock's from Bosnia as it seems:


Spheroidal weathering can produce such regular shapes, also concretion:


599cf8  No.5122650

File: 87313cc408951b4⋯.gif (590.1 KB, 434x250, 217:125, Dive right in.gif)

02e563  No.5122651

File: 71a2831ba847ae0⋯.jpg (66.8 KB, 697x791, 697:791, 8chan.jpg)


>No Outside Comms

Take it to mean Q will not 'appear' anywhere else. This is home.

457f0d  No.5122652

File: d0139ee5c6d495a⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1553x2859, 1553:2859, 252 - Active Shooter Train….png)


alice refers to a lot of things

ec910e  No.5122653


Well i am doing what i am able to.

Just i have more questions than answers, thats all.

fe00e2  No.5122654


Q does not post outside of 8ch

45e398  No.5122655

File: 90b6b21b5453f47⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 255x212, 255:212, Reagan I salute you.jpg)



9c2ec3  No.5122656


The rock is granite.

639ed0  No.5122657


What does it say on his back at the end?

d547d4  No.5122659

File: 7c9fa3284b038fe⋯.png (61.77 KB, 598x297, 598:297, Free Beacon re Tlaib Farra….PNG)

File: 416b6d5d525bf81⋯.png (160.46 KB, 549x792, 61:88, 1 Free Beacon re Tlaib Far….PNG)

Tlaib Wrote Op-Ed for Farrakhan in 2006



Tlaib writes for Farrakhan and Jarrett has Omar's back

>Muslim Brotherhood asset[s]?

Bread 6542


c839bf  No.5122660

File: 23394384043b207⋯.jpeg (35.48 KB, 311x295, 311:295, 23394384043b207963748e83d….jpeg)

c2b3bc  No.5122661

File: 5d94cc42bbc7af8⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 600x315, 40:21, Comfyj.jpg)

Scot anon here

Feck…I love your Potus…..ahahaha loosen up Democrats

A tweet that says so much so simply

Hope most of my family members listen :(

News on your President is so biased, both left and right. None of us except Anon lurkers have any idea.

I'm comfy. Thank you all

e27367  No.5122662


Nice shot of the Port of Long Beach in the background.

bff103  No.5122663


(((them))) is them

a8c8aa  No.5122664


isn't that amazing???

and someone last bread tried to claim everyone already knew about the JQ and therefore it was old news.

how can the group who is actively trying to kill us every second of every day be old news?


0dd4ca  No.5122665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

72e25e  No.5122666

File: 068a1cb1f45c02c⋯.jpg (57.78 KB, 385x351, 385:351, RuthCoS.jpg)

File: fff63d3d1656a06⋯.jpeg (71.74 KB, 496x576, 31:36, RuthGinsborgMilkCarton.jpeg)

File: 25aebdc3c8529d0⋯.jpg (59.49 KB, 300x400, 3:4, ruthless.jpg)

File: 8b209efca01e980⋯.jpg (125.31 KB, 864x564, 72:47, ruthlessBaderGinsberg.jpg)

File: f4eb012318632aa⋯.jpg (223.71 KB, 746x900, 373:450, Ruth-migrantscaravan.jpg)

c19f42  No.5122667

File: 30dc0c73db40267⋯.jpg (101.07 KB, 800x450, 16:9, DP - 55.jpg)


>Take it to mean Q will not 'appear' anywhere else. This is home.

684524  No.5122668

Baker Requesting Handoff

Anons, please volunteer.

Ghost Handoff will be in effect in 15 minutes.

9c2ec3  No.5122669

File: c5c52328a59f459⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 454x308, 227:154, SpongeBob.JPG)


They are all over the world, and they were used to build the pyramids..

I'm glad you are paying attention

seeds of truth…

df5b76  No.5122670

Russia to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test:


8cbbd2  No.5122671


Is POTUS using his own son-in-law to

expose the Jew tricks?

63a2fa  No.5122672


I was taught long ago… that there can't hardly be a "Q" without a "U" hehehe

9d8372  No.5122673


still pushing white hate are you?

the jews are behind the kkk and naacp and black face

grow the fuck up

45e398  No.5122674


Yea, That would be really odd…coming from a Oversite Government site and is now missing…really strange…good luck.

fe00e2  No.5122675


Ditto for me fren! (and I also got a you from Q back in August woot!)

8697e2  No.5122676


>Rule of Law

Haven't seen that in a few months.

BTW, scrubbing the planet of the ill begotten means ridding those of inferior parentage. If it doesn't then it was a poor choice of words.

5f2936  No.5122677

serious question.

Just watched a native American Indian woman representative on CNN.

I thought Indians had their own nation. HOw do they server two nations? the USA and their native nations?

82f74e  No.5122678


>Sanela Diane Jenkins



65a60d  No.5122680


What a whiny fucking jew. Every single time.

bff103  No.5122681

File: e64aa3c0aa44d9b⋯.jpg (68.84 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 05d28276becbb42b5380e719fc….jpg)

02ee3a  No.5122682



His AfterEffects skills need work. The masking out of the phone cable in the foreground isn't very good. It doesn't look right when the thing fly "behind" it.

698561  No.5122683


Don't beat yourself up for being sane.

c493ce  No.5122684

File: 6aa187b8c4f061c⋯.jpg (97.49 KB, 626x642, 313:321, 6aa187b8c4f061c065b3d8f6ba….jpg)


Your selective ignorance is obvious.

82f74e  No.5122685

File: ba349eb78095536⋯.jpg (95.23 KB, 573x647, 573:647, Where's Ruth.jpg)

c1cd2d  No.5122686

File: 43b3d77f17f7087⋯.jpg (185.05 KB, 1160x773, 1160:773, download.jpg)

U.S. indicts North Korean national for Sony hack, massive cyberattacks

U.S. prosecutors unsealed charges today against a North Korean national who they say helped orchestrate the 2014 Sony Pictures hack at the behest of Pyongyang officials.

Question to anons

If North Korea was always comped and ran by rouge elements, then "North Korea", never leaked any of Sony's information? So in 2018, who or what did we indict?

3655d9  No.5122687


Thanks Fren. I think we will keep him. Lol

457f0d  No.5122689


>there can't hardly be a "Q" without a "U"

can't hardly be a "Q" without a (You)

not an art fag, but that'd be an amazing meme, fren

de5d00  No.5122690

File: 9ff8285abc8bcf5⋯.jpeg (591.3 KB, 1242x965, 1242:965, 18F3BC28-1ECA-4814-8D33-1….jpeg)

File: 0eb0cc8667137df⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1683, 138:187, 14DA3432-D19D-476A-8BB2-2….jpeg)

File: 65a86b7f56f3986⋯.jpeg (809.82 KB, 1242x807, 414:269, 40DA38D3-66C5-4279-AD1C-C….jpeg)

File: 20285733e011634⋯.jpeg (968.47 KB, 1242x1271, 1242:1271, 83093297-53E3-4F5A-8E69-3….jpeg)

File: ebfbf33bc6acb85⋯.jpeg (830.14 KB, 1242x1347, 414:449, FFCDE71F-963E-46B9-A7BC-A….jpeg)

fd6d8b  No.5122691


In the final scene, we see the wristwatch of the dead man - matching the unseen purchaser - and the camera pans to the man's back, which is branded with the word "pedofilia".


bff103  No.5122692

File: 5018b2d48175257⋯.jpg (164.9 KB, 1305x803, 1305:803, 5018b2d48175257f72608281f6….jpg)

8d0b7a  No.5122693


Right > Left at everything; problem is, the Right doesn't like to play Politics. It's nothing but Liars Paradise and Kleptocracy. So the Right only wakes up to play Politics every once in a while, then goes back to productive work. The Left, being incapable of doing anything productive by definition, being the useless people that they are and surviving only as parasites, then begin to creep back into Politics until the next Left Outbreak. Then the Right goes back and hammers them back down again. Been that way for a long time now.

c85fa9  No.5122694

File: 2e33600e062eab8⋯.png (362.71 KB, 472x1055, 472:1055, Where's RBG?.png)

a8c8aa  No.5122695


man i hate those things tbh

see them flying around when im out walking my dogs

id rather they go away. you can call it paranoia if you want

639ed0  No.5122696


condemning ILLEGAL Israeli settlements

Funny how they left that part out

0057be  No.5122697


That is all you can do!! Keep it up Anon.

And truth be told here—we all have more questions—just have to look for the answers. The questions are being answered 1 BY 1…not our timeline —-This is Q team timeline…they call the shots. I know PATRIOTS are in CONTROL…..to many coincidences to be coincidences!! Have faith and stay the course. WWG1WGA

63e6e1  No.5122698



yep. that’s what i have come to find out. mossad likes subtle subversion too. Long time plants. They dont go out of their way to include crappy notables but some purposefully ignore certain notables.

it is what it is. when we get a based baker, we blast (((them))) tfo.

1580ab  No.5122699


In searching for pdf came across:

Under the Clinton State Department, influence from big money donors appeared to thwart efforts to combat Boko Haram—efforts that might have saved thousands of lives



eefe6b  No.5122700

File: d8ff03672562e71⋯.jpg (4.52 MB, 3872x2592, 121:81, Twin_Peaks_bikini_car_dous….jpg)

Patriots Douse!

8697e2  No.5122701

File: 3fc51476d0b9317⋯.png (14 KB, 181x255, 181:255, shill.png)

8d0b7a  No.5122702


Q only posts here.

1ab41a  No.5122703

File: ef4872ef8d7a4ec⋯.jpg (23.76 KB, 511x288, 511:288, ef4872ef8d7a4ec0a1acdfa3ce….jpg)

>from gamergate


Watch out for shills.

SHILL TYPE: The Changer

>Guys we need a list of demands/goals!

>Guys we need to change the narrative!

>Guys we need a leader!

RESPONSE: Comprehensive rebuttal to all of these - http://pastebin.com/p5dVp1e5

SHILL TYPE: The Fear Monger

>"I heard the SJWs are going to Doxx people"

RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The Defeatist


RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The Dismissive

>"Who fucking cares? Take it to /pol/"

RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The False Flag

>"We should flood Zoe's twitter account and try to induce a meltdown"

RESPONSE: Condemn. Reply and clearly state that you do not agree with the shill. Report on sight.

SHILL TYPE: The Politico

>Inserts outside divisive issue into thread

RESPONSE: Ignore, report, hide post.

SHILL TYPE: The Discreditor

>"Anita Sarkeesian is such a filthy whore. I want to fucking murder her"

RESPONSE: Condemn. Reply and clearly state that you do not agree with the shill. Report on sight.

SHILL TYPE: The Misdirector

>"Hey guys, I found a totally legit chatlog with m00tykins in it"

>"Hey guys, Liana blah blah blah"

RESPONSE: Refocus. May be a misguided non-shill. Remind them and everyone else what the current actions and strategies are.

SHILL TYPE: The Uncertain

>"Guys, I don't know about this anymore. I don't know if we're getting anywhere."

RESPONSE: Encourage. May be a misguided non-shill. Inform them of any recent progress or successes.

SHILL TYPE: The Slider

>"The next poster is [insert name]. Do not believe it"

RESPONSE: None. Do not respond.

SHILL TYPE: The Self-Shiller

>[insert generic shill post] Responds to self with (You) next to reply number.

RESPONSE: Ignore, report, hide post. Carry on the current actions.

By following this guide we ensure that the shills can neither derail our discussion nor make us look bad by posting anonymous hateful diatribes which SJWs can quote for PR.

639ed0  No.5122704

bcd684  No.5122705

File: 9967da96d796d3a⋯.png (966.01 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9268C54A-925F-4548-A81B-79….png)



8d0b7a  No.5122707


Good for you bro. The people who ordered Chris Kyle hit need to pay for the crimes.

1b0747  No.5122709

File: e85f492db40b0d2⋯.png (84.24 KB, 1287x1266, 429:422, SHEEP-OR-NOT.png)

File: 3ed40f9cdf60dc1⋯.png (391.67 KB, 1576x870, 788:435, out.png)

File: 7ed3fb8297da016⋯.png (92.16 KB, 738x222, 123:37, everrytactic.png)

File: 03a727f35ee3b4b⋯.png (15.8 KB, 516x79, 516:79, controlled.png)

Mass Infiltration (everywhere).

If mass infiltration is everywhere, and this board is infiltrated and internally disrupted, then

1. What is infiltrated and disrupted here?

2. What is being done about it?

3. How do we know that any answers pushed for 1 and 2 are not themselves a part of the infiltration?

4. Who can you trust on the internet?

5. Who/what is in control of this board?

9c2ec3  No.5122710


To expose the global cabal called Chabad and their Kabbalah "Tree of Life" bullshit..

The Jewish mysticism and magic is the illuminati.

A promise of hidden secrets..

The secret is, their time is up..

The Comforter that Jesus promised, a man, is here, and (((they))) are outgunned.

d547d4  No.5122711

File: 22bbcefcb79e210⋯.png (397.78 KB, 586x491, 586:491, Jr RT Pollak 2-11-19.PNG)

File: fa13a1485d6f81b⋯.png (483.05 KB, 603x644, 603:644, Pollak re Omar Twitter Mom….PNG)


>>Muslim Brotherhood asset[s]?


c8e801  No.5122712


>Don't beat yourself up for being sane.

Kek! Its hard not to sometimes

9d8372  No.5122713

File: 87ac41b74bebd4f⋯.jpg (231.48 KB, 857x1252, 857:1252, Standard Bank Collateral.jpg)

File: 7a50eacf6117877⋯.png (12.85 KB, 999x222, 9:2, Screenshot_2018-08-26 Q Re….png)

File: 719eb6769c6c355⋯.png (36.71 KB, 640x326, 320:163, 5af6f8df9bfe620748da6b627c….png)

File: bc85f475e90da7c⋯.png (51.28 KB, 649x690, 649:690, 56f447a7f0483786ccc503d2fc….png)

File: dad466999e50482⋯.png (1.79 MB, 960x1774, 480:887, Screenshot_2018-09-02 Q Re….png)

02e563  No.5122714

File: 60fd38053df6aee⋯.jpg (53.81 KB, 930x960, 31:32, GUIDE.jpg)


>i feel that most of Anons are here just waiting for Q posts, and for miracles.

Sadly, that's probably true.

The only way to understand what's been done is to seek that info yourself; you have to do the work.

If you haven't done the work, you can't effectively red-pill anyone else either.

Everything's in play when looking for sauce, bring it back, drop it, get feedback- til you build a NOTABLE.

If diggings not your forte, grab some meme's and take to twitter. instructions below Notables.

c1cd2d  No.5122715


The bot/are you human Faggot is back.

a8c8aa  No.5122716


yeah i've seen it over the last 9 months

took me a while but this place for sure isn't perfect

theres a rat issue for sure

im grateful for the board and have yet to see any issue with BO but I am glad other anons are being vigilant about this

8d0b7a  No.5122717


Why do you think this place gets infested with muh joo shills?

8afa83  No.5122718



Hank Aaron

Surpassed Babe RUTH

1b0747  No.5122719

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

File: 817a8d1b110b426⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais3.png)

File: 5f739aa0bd8fe7b⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1334x4102, 667:2051, ais4.png)

File: ee3ecd8d54e9a3e⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1334x3604, 667:1802, ais2.png)

File: 9ff68fea79e2e31⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1334x3395, 1334:3395, ais1.png)

f73620  No.5122720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Not everyone flying a drone is spying on you. Get over it, do you throw such a fit when a balloon flies over? Have you ever heard of a telephoto lens? The drone doesn't even have a telephoto lens (usually).

1b0747  No.5122721

File: ba5cf8734539f6c⋯.png (285.76 KB, 2079x2344, 2079:2344, ais9.png)

File: 596443717a23374⋯.png (4.63 MB, 1333x5814, 1333:5814, ais8.png)

File: 304ed122c7becc2⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1334x5705, 1334:5705, ais7.png)

File: 9e01f62551ff2db⋯.png (2.63 MB, 1334x6578, 29:143, ais6.png)

File: 5be8836794c2c29⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1334x4674, 667:2337, ais5.png)

c1cd2d  No.5122722



02ee3a  No.5122723


At 180 posts? You're getting lazy. Bye.

9c2ec3  No.5122724

File: 17b39d2d0e540e0⋯.jpg (93.2 KB, 665x500, 133:100, McQueenFaggot.jpg)


Jared is Israel first, alway has been, always will be.

457f0d  No.5122725

File: 8723faab198285b⋯.jpg (97.28 KB, 922x706, 461:353, michelle-obama-gillette.jpg)

1b0747  No.5122726

File: 859ce2e948ce056⋯.png (622.84 KB, 1111x969, 1111:969, TPAW1.png)

File: 1246c68b880abe3⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1989x9020, 1989:9020, thrxmpl.jpg)

File: 030743134e21dcb⋯.png (287.41 KB, 1578x1465, 1578:1465, crspr.png)

File: 2ff37e672fd81d7⋯.png (369.71 KB, 1111x747, 1111:747, ig.png)

45e398  No.5122727


Out in the WEB – Alice could mean a lot of things… but here on 8chan and that was halfchan…it was one the discussions that 'Q' and us were having when Sophia showed up on the scene…I have to believe the 'Q' team would be referring to this A.L.I.C.E. when ever it was mentioned…then again, I could be totally wrong…

34ffec  No.5122728


Them niggas(muhjooshills) are retarded

8afa83  No.5122729


Babe RUTH had 714

Count backwards in POTUS' days in office and provide the date equivalent to 714.

9c2ec3  No.5122730

File: ae01bc2635ec48b⋯.png (348.65 KB, 634x524, 317:262, ClipboardImage.png)


ef073f  No.5122731


very educational

thank you

298ce2  No.5122732


POTUS added 3 judges to 9th ?

8cbbd2  No.5122733

File: 64cdbf8d741749f⋯.png (148.6 KB, 433x420, 433:420, Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 6….png)


This muzzy is making it acceptable for

ANYONE to ask the JQ

1580ab  No.5122734

File: 8a17c4b2710883a⋯.pdf (3.28 MB, 2016-08-25-JC-to-Kerry-Sta….pdf)


Wayback Machine wins:


1b0747  No.5122735

File: 54ad87c6862e439⋯.png (400.7 KB, 667x1043, 667:1043, UNSTOPPABLE.png)

File: 42468f8c8df74ff⋯.png (317.6 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, LB.png)

File: b0997b53fa452d2⋯.png (383.85 KB, 999x999, 1:1, bustem.png)

File: 947678597b84f7d⋯.png (580.99 KB, 610x800, 61:80, LordBolingbroke.png)


I don't understand what you are saying. Could you explain it?

1a8268  No.5122736

File: 8c39ff37a97290a⋯.jpg (599.05 KB, 872x848, 109:106, matrixq1.jpg)

File: 78a9700c95f79ee⋯.jpg (239.19 KB, 1118x2005, 1118:2005, REMEMBER SPYGATE TREASON.jpg)

Thank You Baker



51fd11  No.5122737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Babe Ruth-First Base -Wells Fargo 1973

82f74e  No.5122738

Robert Mueller has spent two years investigating Trump and he hasn't said a word. It's possible he never will.

Mueller's investigation has cast a shadow over nearly all of the first two years of Trump's presidency. Prosecutors working to determine whether Trump's campaign coordinated with Russian efforts to sway the election that put him in office have brought charges against some of his top aides and revealed extensive Moscow ties. But as the inquiry grinds closer to its conclusion, there are signs that the public might never learn the full extent of what Mueller has – or hasn't – found.


65a60d  No.5122739

File: 817e87181402ec2⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1310x830, 131:83, 793x.png)

1b0747  No.5122740

File: 7698fa8985d6e93⋯.png (211.49 KB, 522x352, 261:176, sodmmt.png)

File: c91e3b6cf84667a⋯.png (101.35 KB, 941x411, 941:411, TT.png)


What? Did you quote the wrong post?

d4460b  No.5122741

File: 72ae03568317da7⋯.png (238.63 KB, 314x379, 314:379, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

File: 19727ed16274fd2⋯.jpg (120.75 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 9303766-3x2-940x627.jpg)

File: ccdf07d6b852212⋯.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1920x1280, 3:2, 1534515483339-antifa-blac….jpeg)

File: 60fa6785ec40324⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 920x613, 920:613, 920x920-2.jpg)



>Found the faggot kike

You were saying???

0057be  No.5122742


I salute you too! Thanks Anon

1fa392  No.5122743

File: e26542c37fcc8d6⋯.jpg (121.83 KB, 887x500, 887:500, 1549648276.jpg)


You outed yourself


There's are digs for days with every source imaginable

No one's going to spoon feed you go to half chan for that cuz you are the one who needs someone to tell you what to think, obviously projecting that shallow attitude on autists.

And this is for newfags, to see, not to give you money, even though I know and so do all the other anyone, that YOU are a broke ass division shill

f261e6  No.5122744



TY for the follow-up!

U.S. District Judge Joe Heaton dismissed the suit, which was filed in Oklahoma, saying in his order that the court lacked jurisdiction over the case because both Page and the DNC do not have strong enough ties to the state as the DNC has only a state affiliate.

"This court lacks personal jurisdiction over defendants," Heaton wrote in the order. "Defendants motion to dismiss is therefore granted and this case is dismissed."

Page told USA TODAY he intends to appeal the decision in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit.

639ed0  No.5122745

File: 14664cf0da79293⋯.jpeg (196.55 KB, 670x588, 335:294, 9DAE5682-CE8E-47E2-95AA-8….jpeg)



We know (((your))) tricks

d547d4  No.5122746

File: 485a3c18dc4d861⋯.png (493.05 KB, 599x665, 599:665, NG 2-11-19 9 am PST.PNG)

File: 94f7694644163c4⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1163x771, 1163:771, NG 2-11-19 9 am PST pic.PNG)

@UTNationalGuard members land two UH-60 Black Hawks and a UH-72 Lakota on a building in Salt Lake City in preparation for Exercise Desert Ice.


c8e801  No.5122747

File: 4532b531a4d00bc⋯.png (331.4 KB, 697x745, 697:745, ClipboardImage.png)

Probably not something you should say on air.

be0f86  No.5122748


I came to this board a year ago last week anon. I had absolutely no idea this place even existed.

Pizzagate was a hard wake up for me and the only real digging I have ever done was in my efforts to find my valued new frens on 8chan.

I do look for other smarter anons work to fill me in and catch me up.

I am grateful for their hard work.

d4460b  No.5122749

File: cb5d32150ccff12⋯.jpg (420.38 KB, 852x1136, 3:4, Cuck37.jpg)

98d144  No.5122750


Kushner is going to be outed as the leaker of POTUS's daily schedule and other shit.

84fa74  No.5122751

File: c1ea5d5ff175620⋯.jpg (646.25 KB, 1047x892, 1047:892, Screen Shot 02-11-19 at 05….JPG)

"had his hand blown off by a gas grenade in Paris on Saturday says he plans a lawsuit"

'It was his right to protest, now he has no livelihood’ – Yellow Vest on demonstrator who lost hand

Published time: 11 Feb, 2019 09:29 Edited time: 11 Feb, 2019 12:14

The father of the Yellow Vest protester who had his hand blown off by a gas grenade in Paris on Saturday says he plans a lawsuit, while his comrade says it is symbolic that the injury took place outside the National Assembly.

“He has no hand left below the wrist,” Bernard Maillet, father of Sebastien Maillet, told RT during an interview in its Paris studio, adding that his son also sustained an eye injury and does not fully remember the traumatic incident.

“We plan to lodge a complaint, and we will see what happens from there,” he said.

An activist who goes under the name Boudjema, and who was protesting alongside Maillet, said that the injury – one of hundreds sustained since the protests began in November – “concerns all the Yellow Vests.”


e6fcbe  No.5122752

File: 7d99d886743d415⋯.jpg (6.29 MB, 3300x4203, 1100:1401, 7d99d886743d41580cfe9657db….jpg)

1b0747  No.5122753

File: 3f09e67657a40d6⋯.jpg (400.05 KB, 788x788, 1:1, dwarfgs.jpg)

File: 6ce951fef74b2a1⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 940x6768, 5:36, fakies.jpg)

File: ddb44fb0c1afe6a⋯.jpg (615.87 KB, 775x999, 775:999, MAGALuther.jpg)

File: a1fafe1c64b46f8⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1845x4414, 1845:4414, comptbord.png)

f24b3e  No.5122754

File: 713f93815fc2f38⋯.png (331.51 KB, 500x609, 500:609, P&LMadafakas.png)



Hey DB, I can bake.

Confirming Handoff?

I can take one for the team, have not been much of a team player lately.

I won't have any bakes under this hash but here is a paste.


8cbbd2  No.5122755

File: e80a2961182db3b⋯.jpg (15.9 KB, 255x181, 255:181, 48931ee1ab58e7d42ee2c14493….jpg)

c1cd2d  No.5122756


This is my feeling as well.

9d8372  No.5122757

File: dfd0c5d791696d2⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, f1958d563e1cd74c2fa0bb4bab….jpg)

File: 30d5adace235cee⋯.jpg (106.52 KB, 750x743, 750:743, ZimShippingRothschilds911.jpg)

File: c30d27f38a7f4c3⋯.png (430.3 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, PharmaShermanMurderVaccine….png)

File: cbf5899fe4f0248⋯.jpg (156.87 KB, 904x487, 904:487, Marsh-v-Alabama.jpg)


hello rabbi

we know all about the donmeh and the house of saud and the UAE

9a1dee  No.5122758

File: ad91bf2224c1b84⋯.png (1.39 MB, 2045x1326, 2045:1326, Screenshot 2019-02-11 09.0….png)

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Republican U.S. Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr. of North Carolina, a once-fervent supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq who later became an equally outspoken critic of the war, died Sunday on his 76th birthday.

The congressman's office confirmed his death in a statement, saying Jones died in Greenville, North Carolina. His health declining in recent months, Jones entered hospice care in January after breaking his hip. He had been granted a leave of absence from Congress in late 2018 and was sworn in for his last term back home.

Jones was a political maverick unafraid to buck his own party. He was one of the first Republicans to reverse direction on the war in Iraq, even as his North Carolina district included the sprawling Marine installation Camp Lejeune.

His ultimate opposition to the Iraq war came with the irony that he instigated a symbolic slap against the French when their country early on opposed U.S. military action. Jones was among the House members who led a campaign that resulted in the chamber's cafeteria offering "freedom fries" and "freedom toast" — instead of French fries and French toast.

Jones said he introduced legislation that would have required President George W. Bush's administration to begin withdrawing troops in 2006 because the reason given for invading Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, had proved false.

"If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn't have supported the resolution" to go to war, Jones said in 2005. Jones took heat for his reversal from GOP colleagues. He ultimately signed well over 11,000 letters to the families of dead troops, describing that as a penance of sorts.

"For me, it's a sacred responsibility that I have to communicate my condolences to a family," Jones said in a 2017 interview with The Associated Press. "And it's very special to me because it goes back to my regretting that I voted to go into the Iraq war."

Jones, who had served in Congress since 1995, had already announced his 2018 campaign would be his last. His death means Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper will schedule a special election to decide who will complete Jones' two-year term in the coastal 3rd Congressional District. State law requires the schedule include primary races as well in the GOP-leaning district. No specific dates are mandated in the law for the elections.

Jones also was a relentless advocate for campaign finance reform and controlling the national debt. The fiscal and social conservative won unopposed in last November's general election after fending off Republican primary challengers stoked partly by Jones' willingness to dissent from the Washington leaders of his party. For example, he voted against the tax overhaul promoted by President Donald Trump and a "repeal and replace" plan for President Barack Obama's health care law.

In a 2018 AP interview, Jones said that he wasn't afraid to oppose GOP leaders "when I don't think they're right."

"It's absolutely about principle," he said. "When I leave Congress, I would rather have one thing said about me: 'I will never question Walter Jones' integrity.'"

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a release that Jones' "relentless work on behalf of our men and women in uniform, veterans, military families and caregivers honored our American values and strengthened our country."

"He will be long remembered for his tireless advocacy for eastern North Carolina, which he loved dearly, and for always following his convictions, no matter the political cost," added Republican U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina.

Either Jones or his father, Walter Jones Sr., represented eastern North Carolina in Congress for five decades. The elder Jones, a Democrat, represented the region from 1966 until his death in 1992. Walter Jones Jr., then also a Democrat, lost the party primary to succeed him. He became a Republican and was sent to Washington two years later.

Walter Beamon Jones Jr. was born in Farmville in 1943. He attended Hargrave Military Academy in Virginia during high school and then graduated with a bachelor's degree from Atlantic Christian College — now known as Barton College — in 1966.

He served in the North Carolina state House from 1982 through 1992, where he often clashed with Democratic leaders. He and Cooper were among 20 House Democrats who joined Republicans in toppling state Democratic Speaker Liston Ramsey from power in 1989.

In a statement, Cooper on Sunday called Jones a longtime friend and "public servant who was true to his convictions and who will be missed."

Survivors include his wife, Joe Anne, and a daughter, Ashley. Funeral arrangements weren't immediately announced


8afa83  No.5122759

File: b3ac8b28491cc3f⋯.jpeg (52.7 KB, 647x500, 647:500, image.jpeg)

File: cd9dac6d110ca61⋯.jpeg (51.99 KB, 647x500, 647:500, image.jpeg)


Year old memes

02ee3a  No.5122760

File: 3a8713c2cc36940⋯.png (79.4 KB, 640x400, 8:5, mossad_shills1.png)


>Why do you think this place gets infested with muh joo shills?

c8e801  No.5122761


There needs to be justice for shitting on Trump for 2 years, finding nothing and expecting it to be OKAY

9c2ec3  No.5122762

File: 026220bc581252f⋯.jpg (155.51 KB, 962x582, 481:291, KushnerBlackIvanka.jpg)

File: 064cf1a48a9ca3b⋯.jpg (107.84 KB, 840x443, 840:443, KushnerBlackJoose.JPG)

File: a98f73ea4a434a4⋯.jpg (87.01 KB, 980x551, 980:551, KushnerBlackScreamII.JPG)

File: af74f0cb386c4b5⋯.jpg (50.5 KB, 402x344, 201:172, KushnerLBlack.jpg)

File: 9a3e5a6acde6d7c⋯.jpg (32.72 KB, 597x213, 199:71, KushnerLBlackTalmud.JPG)


Why do you call us muhjoo shills, instead of muhjew shills?

Did you know Leon Blacks father started this company. Blacks father committed suicide in 1975 when he was being investigated for bribing officials in the Honduras.

581a69  No.5122763

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>5122527 (lb)


995b11  No.5122764

File: 7eb21bf5a204acc⋯.png (245.45 KB, 395x498, 395:498, 1501534141297.png)


dumbest ass most made up shit I have ever even thought about seeing

02e563  No.5122765

File: dadf0ff1e968d10⋯.jpg (19.52 KB, 401x271, 401:271, RDJ.jpg)


Dayum E- I admire, truly. I don't do the Hollyweird. Haven't had tv in over a decade. Know you cuz you're a party animal! I don't know these people from Adam. Got anything moar on her? It's gonna take good connects and YUGE dirt to make it to Notables and eyes.

d4460b  No.5122766


Go be a Jew elsewhere.

8d0b7a  No.5122767


In the bible, Jesus says something that offends everyone, and most of his followers leave him. Jesus turns to his inner circle of disciples, and ask if they're going to leave him now too.

Peter says, "Where would we go? You have the words of eternal life."

1b0747  No.5122768


How infiltrated do you think this board is? Should we try to do something about it?

afa876  No.5122769


And I've been here long enough to notice a social engineer when I hear one ; )

684524  No.5122770



So glad to see you!

Hope all is well on your end.

Notifying BO/BV's.

Confirming Handoff

Please add the following to the dough:


>>5122536 9th Circuit court affirms that DHS has authority to construct sections of border wall

>>5122647 Clarification follow-up: Carter Page Oklahoma lawsuit dismissed late January

>>5122670 Russia to disconnect from internet as part of planned test

>>5122738 USA Today/Gannett: Mueller has spent two years on investigation, may never say anything

c0d6bb  No.5122771

File: 567d8c61fd7731d⋯.png (15.69 KB, 224x201, 224:201, CH.png)

1fa392  No.5122772



Who's getting ICE'd???

2d63b7  No.5122773

File: 8037867bc89f04c⋯.jpg (23.04 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2tehru.jpg)

34ffec  No.5122774


Hah KYS nigger I ain’t even close to a shill but carry on as you see fit

after you KYS, of course

c1cd2d  No.5122775


Asked for the sauce and not the copy paste in word with no names or urls. Never responds kek

af3a9f  No.5122776


>Anons, please define this in detail for me.

it means Q will only communicate via the 8chan platform

it came at a time of paytriots claiming inside info due to private comms with Q

1b0747  No.5122777


I don't understand what you are saying. Could you make an argument or explain your objections? Thanks.

d4460b  No.5122778



I like it…

f261e6  No.5122779

File: 8ca661239cb9715⋯.png (420.03 KB, 823x902, 823:902, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at ….png)

File: 08ba51c7eb6e924⋯.png (839.67 KB, 480x826, 240:413, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

0b13e7  No.5122780

File: 090757e334545dd⋯.jpg (139.3 KB, 408x528, 17:22, It's called Murder Democra….JPG)

File: 53a64bf2c2b96df⋯.jpg (33.65 KB, 450x363, 150:121, 13339695_10210182801669770….jpg)

File: 4f224f6b7f53a24⋯.jpg (27.21 KB, 260x200, 13:10, plannedparenthood40b.jpg)

File: 4753f99ec36d9cb⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 828x594, 46:33, 725567b3.jpg)

File: 6d0ef0411eca5f6⋯.jpg (203.97 KB, 576x384, 3:2, So just why are we taxpaye….JPG)

An Anon found the great pregnancy photo…Thanks I had to use! Great find!

8afa83  No.5122781


Very nice

8697e2  No.5122782

File: 267f98b5939082e⋯.jpeg (12.92 KB, 229x220, 229:220, peace out pepe.jpeg)


Thanks P&L.

b385eb  No.5122783



Good to go, thank you bakers.

65a60d  No.5122784

File: 7621aabf5b50f48⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 255x225, 17:15, 7621aabf5b50f4884e59023c91….jpg)

175706  No.5122785

File: 510cc489ad2410e⋯.png (797.74 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

[PP] - Investigate? / Convene GJ? / Indict? > Get 'Senate Resolution' First?

Looking for (Clarification). Important to Qresearch understanding of SITU > [PP] Prosecution

* Legal Wrangling questions posed by Q:

>>5114108 (pb) (Q #2686)

Ask yourself a very simple question:

Given the amount of evidence demonstrating illegal & disturbing activities by [PP]- where is the FBI investigation?



What senior political officials are providing cover to [PP]?

Will action be taken by DOJ/FBI?




* There is a (Serious - Legal Wrangling) question raised by a quote from Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs (Stephen Boyd) in his letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

→ This particular statement is (Extremely Relevant) to understand from a (Legal Prosecution Standpoint):

(Fox News - Dec 7, 2017)(linked by Q)


“At this point, the records are intended for investigative use only—we understand that a resolution from the Senate may be required if the Department were to use any of the unredacted materials in a formal legal proceeding, such as a grand jury,” Boyd also wrote.

(Reuters - Dec 7, 2017)

(excerpt → *With added comment about Convening GJs)

“At this point, the records are intended for investigative use only - we understand that a resolution from the Senate may be required if the department were to use any of the unredacted materials in a formal legal proceeding, such as a grand jury,” DoJ Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote in the letter.

*In the U.S. legal system, a grand jury may be convened to determine if criminal charges should be filed in a case.


(Pertinent Question related to the DOJ statement):

>"we understand that a resolution from the Senate may be required if the department were to use any of the unredacted materials in a formal legal proceeding, such as a grand jury."

So; MUST the DOJ (do they HAVE TO?) get "A Resolution" from the Senate BEFORE they use the materials, they got from the Senate, in any GJ/Prosecution case against [PP]?



d4460b  No.5122786


When a shill talks shit because you have exposed Israeli/Jew crimes, just tell them that you have:

Freedom To Critique

c1cd2d  No.5122787


You have no links to your claims. Nothing. Just bullshit you created in adobe.

7412ae  No.5122788




how about snopes and yahoo, eh?

you're busted, shill.

0b78c2  No.5122789


>Exercise Desert Ice

Hmmm interdasting

9c2ec3  No.5122790

File: 2055b12839be5c5⋯.jpg (31.77 KB, 415x416, 415:416, ChabadAbromovich.jpg)

File: 19112f49d3af053⋯.jpg (53.62 KB, 546x569, 546:569, ChabadBlackHats.JPG)

File: 001cc596ce97579⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 462x268, 231:134, ChabadCohen - Copy.JPG)

File: f6413f500c6d535⋯.jpg (28.89 KB, 411x327, 137:109, ChabadFaggos.JPG)

File: 54e1510108960d6⋯.jpg (25.8 KB, 411x262, 411:262, ChabadKushner.JPG)


People are catching on..

The Chabad wanted control of the White House..

Robert Swan Mueller is the Swan song, the stealth bomber.

d5c182  No.5122791



de5d00  No.5122792


Thanks keeping this

912c25  No.5122793


What won't a father do for his daughter?

639ed0  No.5122794


A rabbi calling for white genocide. Why am I not surprised

9d8372  No.5122795

File: 2b80c15779c292c⋯.jpg (81.61 KB, 777x478, 777:478, PatriotsUniteRevolution2.jpg)

File: 9cc009a10421e9b⋯.jpg (88.23 KB, 500x433, 500:433, HolderScandals.jpg)

File: 173fb2d17fd646b⋯.jpg (104.71 KB, 700x700, 1:1, SyriaDetroit.jpg)

File: cdbb109232bab49⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 512x369, 512:369, PattonWrongEnemy.jpg)

File: 7def5a7c42135e5⋯.jpg (210.81 KB, 1000x599, 1000:599, QCrumbVaticanBank.jpg)


why are you spamming the board with this after 5 months of the exact same shit?

00dceb  No.5122796

>>5119843 PB #6539

How did this BS got into the notables?

The Gilets Jaunes are NOT funded by Soros, and Q never claimed they are.

1580ab  No.5122797

File: 1133b9c9908bc1b⋯.png (687.48 KB, 1523x1803, 1523:1803, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f4bd3b277a9ac32⋯.png (618.49 KB, 1517x1798, 1517:1798, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8eac1e2f5d1306e⋯.png (609.52 KB, 1521x1774, 1521:1774, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 90f73c19dae7591⋯.png (667.76 KB, 1510x1737, 1510:1737, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 49b38d9a15e68f6⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1469x3691, 1469:3691, ClipboardImage.png)


From PDF:

8d0b7a  No.5122798


If ALICE is Q, as opposed to Alice & the Bloody Wonderland Alice, it would explain the superhuman planning element we see all around us.

Is ALICE alive?

e2fa33  No.5122800


Post screen cap please. Congrats!

51fd11  No.5122801

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


this is a good place to start

Learn How To Dig: BIG Resources

72e25e  No.5122802

>>5122006 (lb) "Rebuke" is not nearly enough. The alleged act amounts to mass murder. Justice must come.

>>5121797 (lb) The attack of the low IQ muzzie hags. Their day will come too.

Beyond the beyond that muh Russia is STILL even being talked about in an adversarial way toward POTUS. Enough with the never ending BS—justice for the real traitors who were doing Russia crap.

Warren projecting prison for DJT. Don't worry, Fauxcahontas, you won't languish in that cell for too long before justice is carried out.

83f267  No.5122803

File: df0bb9c1e29183d⋯.jpg (653.41 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190211-111020….jpg)

KANSAS in Hungary on 30th anniv of end of communism. Timing is everything


8d0b7a  No.5122804




d4460b  No.5122805

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

Freedom To Critique… Critique, Critique, Critique.

45e398  No.5122806


nice pull…did anything come of this…Jason is no longer there and Eli is a Democrap?

1b0747  No.5122807

File: 5efc9a83f99e979⋯.png (769.43 KB, 736x667, 32:29, knigt.png)

File: c7fd097cba5eb20⋯.png (294 KB, 480x430, 48:43, ke2.png)

File: 463ff4d9cf01d47⋯.png (403.85 KB, 999x662, 999:662, the-smirk-dossier.png)

File: 9a5a08ce73390da⋯.png (220.29 KB, 931x1023, 931:1023, cat-of-arms.png)


No, I didn't create anything in adobe. Why would I do that?

It is what it is. I think normal humans would at least be curious about it– but most "anons" get FURIOUS about it! lol, I wonder why?

e2412b  No.5122808

File: 8d126c3327725cc⋯.png (21.87 KB, 557x339, 557:339, ClipboardImage.png)

8cbbd2  No.5122809

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A short video describing the important

role Jews have played in making the world

a better place

599cf8  No.5122810

File: e6d20c3f0a349fa⋯.png (24.2 KB, 642x415, 642:415, 021119 AVIS tute holders.PNG)

File: 4b32d100cf94fbc⋯.jpg (67.04 KB, 853x480, 853:480, Upgrayyd.jpg)

Avis shares soar 7% as Goldman upgrades to buy from sell

Shares of Avis Budget Group Inc. CAR, +7.59% soared 7.1% Monday, after Goldman Sachs upgraded the stock to buy from sell, saying valuation looks attractive as most of the headwinds facing the company and industry are priced in. "Further, between the two public Rental Car companies, we view CAR as the better operator and should be able to improve results (EBITDA and Free cash flow) through cost optimization strategies in 2019+," analysts led by David Tamberrino wrote in a note. "And while we still see challenges facing the industry - as we think there is a lack of discipline over a long time period, we think pricing and volume* are holding up well and residual value risk may be skewed to the upside as Auto OEMs have shown discipline recently on incentives." Goldman said it is sticking with a sell rating on Hertz Global Holdings Inc. HTZ, +7.27% which was up 7.1%. Avis shares have gained 22.5% in 2019 so far, while the S&P 500 SPX, +0.06% has gained 8%.


*volumes across the boards have been well below average and this is no exception.

All it takes is 2 minutes to look it up yourself.

This is a common tactic among the big institutional holder's of equity's. Upgrading each other's major holdings. Quid pro quo.

GS is not among the large institutional owner's of this but they benefit greatly when the other's upgrade the positions that it holds.

The performance of this with large holders of this equity are treading water. Most are down about 3-5% already. These reports are also lagging as these numbers were reported at the close of Q3 and much has changed in these positions. Another aspect of we will tell you what to buy while we sell it.

The institutional positions for Q4 will not be released until the end of Q1…..

c1cd2d  No.5122811


No one is curious about unsourced bullshit.

d4460b  No.5122812

File: cdbb109232bab49⋯.jpg (87.74 KB, 512x369, 512:369, cdbb109232bab491c61ed06f65….jpg)


This can't be shared enough…

9c2ec3  No.5122813

File: f51bb4470513bde⋯.png (72.24 KB, 646x603, 646:603, ClipboardImage.png)


Is that you Jared?

You harm one hair on her head, I dare you..


72e25e  No.5122814

File: baaea0c501327ac⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 696x394, 348:197, RuthOnIce.jpg)

File: 16fc451dd422fdb⋯.jpg (74.35 KB, 406x512, 203:256, Ruth-SB.jpg)

File: 182ce45beb221e7⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 656x435, 656:435, RuthSeekersBaderGinsberg2s….jpg)

File: b14a923087d322d⋯.jpg (90.13 KB, 400x512, 25:32, Ruth_Sighting_Bull.jpg)

File: 2f538b7e67fa7eb⋯.jpg (104.97 KB, 315x512, 315:512, Ruth_Sighting_Gator.jpg)

fe4787  No.5122815


Maybe a server delivery to Huber? The one extracted from LA?

65a60d  No.5122816

File: 9aaf1e4d26e6558⋯.png (8.86 KB, 576x576, 1:1, f1fbf6f7429c7ab4d3f265567d….png)

8afa83  No.5122817


Thank you.

Question: Were there any Q posts that day?

dca7d6  No.5122818



do you think anons could get a chant for Q startet?

If a group starts, it is likely more join in chanting. Imo great idea to be loud.


ec910e  No.5122819



I have a lot of thoughts about Q posts, but noone is able to confirm them.


Watch the water

Q post 765 from 15th February 2018

Day before, Q post 758, from 14th February 2018

SEPT 7, 1776.

World’s first submarine attack


Today is 11th February 2019

It will be 3 days untit 14th February

We ca use Delta 2 as Q said

So, should we Watch the water - ocean, ports, for submarines?

Are attacks prepared?

Also, Q post 727 from 11th February 2018

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Scalia was killed 13th February 2018

Is this week for RBG anoune dead?

And also should we watch the water?

Now you tell me, am i shill, concern fag, or i just asker simple question?

2db537  No.5122820

Despite winning for big awards, Mr. Illuminati coat Donald Glover was not present at the grammys. He was unreachable and his social media is very quiet. Many other celebs were conspicuously absent as well


5c4cc6  No.5122821

File: fc6e07e681de7d2⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 351x307, 351:307, D5_IS_AN_AVALANCHE.gif)

9e62aa  No.5122822


I agree on all of those. Pocahontas was added to the list yesterday for me. Self humiliation is just one part of their deal.

684524  No.5122823


Much appreciated, BO/BV.

Thank you for looking out.


All yours, P&L.

Slides for the past couple of hours have been old news pushes without any new info (e.g., Robert Downey Jr., Black Cube).

Outside of that, it's the usual faggotry.

God bless and kick ass.

Lurking for now.

God bless, Anons.

I hope you all have a great day.

d547d4  No.5122824

File: 75bfc955f6e796c⋯.png (128.62 KB, 707x848, 707:848, Archive V Jarrett to Omar ….PNG)


>When a shill talks shit because you have exposed Israeli/Jew crimes, just tell them that you have


Valerie Jarret and the Muslim Brotherhood paying overtime

Bread 6537


Valerie Jarrett has got Ilhan Omar's back!

twitter.com/ValerieJarrett/status/1090804463634472961 / archive.is/gvy7B

402fb9  No.5122825

If Jussie Smollett says he didn't want to call the police but his friends insisted, why was he claiming to have kept the horrifying noose around his neck for an hour, in order to "preserve the evidence" ?

84f9fe  No.5122826


The anwser to your question is…42

067802  No.5122827


hold on to that thought.

912c25  No.5122828

File: 9afc042a4b8b7ba⋯.jpg (450.37 KB, 1440x1021, 1440:1021, wherearethechildren.jpg)

af3a9f  No.5122829


>Anons, please define this in detail for me.

it means Q will only communicate via the 8chan platform

it came at a time of paytriots claiming inside info due to private comms with Q>>5122563


>amazing what does and doesn't get into the bread sometimes

sometimes those items are purposefully ignored, sometimes items are simply missed by an overworked baker.

the amazing thing is that due to the Streisand effect any attempt at long term ignoring or obfuscating an important event / item ultimately fails here due to the way this place works

0dd4ca  No.5122830


Where those beautiful creators that created this?!?!

Where are you?

Why did you let us destroy your beautiful creation?


Please come back, I want you here to save your beautiful creation, even using FORCE. This is my will, and I am sure many other's will too.

Do you hear me screaming for help?????????


f24b3e  No.5122831

File: b2a2b214cfe601d⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 255x174, 85:58, HandoffConfirmed.jpg)



Thanks BO/BV, Thanks DB.

Good to see you as well. My Mac makes a noise every time it is open, so I have been hesitant to use it, but it seems to work fine, just a bit noisy.

Handoff Confirmed

8d0b7a  No.5122832


Pretty sure you're supposed to leave a coin, token, or ribbon tho dude.

6a9cc2  No.5122833


Noticed a while back, that Nadler had scrubbed every reference to any ongoing GOP investigations. No letters to FBI, OIG, nothing. good thing I archived.

1580ab  No.5122834


Not sure but the list of donors $1mil plus, and the State Dept resources being used…

Wonder if this was "pardoned" before Hussein left office.

Still worth digging..some of the names on that list re obvious known bad players.

Could be all of them are

Will dig more

0dd4ca  No.5122835

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1b0747  No.5122836

File: 194babf9bc21aa1⋯.png (560.91 KB, 1111x1317, 1111:1317, Mary-had.png)

File: 388e4c5f65c3a45⋯.png (799 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, yr.png)

File: 751a0c2b0035238⋯.png (862.93 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, eee.png)

File: be91a1f344ec0e1⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1555x2000, 311:400, another-interesting-trip-t….png)

File: 4d30e46703aedd5⋯.png (986.39 KB, 1555x1870, 311:374, frogspuppiesandbirds.png)


What is organic here?

What is infiltrated here?

What controls 4chan?

How is narrative controlled?

How important is social media?

How important are "chans"?

What is infiltrated?

How is 4chan controlled?

What is identical here and on 4chan?

Is that organic?

When did this board form?

Is this board "just another chan"?

Should this board have ITS OWN culture, or slavishly imitate "chan culture"?

What is organic?

How would we know?

d4460b  No.5122837



de5d00  No.5122838


Then why does msm hate him?

599cf8  No.5122839




8afa83  No.5122840

File: 4af7c756373f104⋯.jpeg (59.88 KB, 500x814, 250:407, image.jpeg)

912c25  No.5122841

File: d03752d16f8976e⋯.jpg (77.25 KB, 578x413, 578:413, avicci1.jpg)

f7a368  No.5122842


I watched the video, what I heard was the "victim" not answering the officers questions, he also was not listening as he continued to put his hand in his back pack, having said that, the officer then was triggered and in fear of his and or others lives due to the "victims" lack of cooperation. Try an explain the optics that this shows, causeing problem for those who put thier life's on the line every day to keep people safe, this is not a game, Demonrats want riots and disorder, distraction.

639ed0  No.5122843


Don’t worry, we’re gonna take down the Muslim Brotherhood along with the Zionists. But nice attempt to misdirect, rabbi

34ffec  No.5122844

File: 49e36fcf11db901⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 3088x2316, 4:3, image.jpg)

87d24e  No.5122845

File: f4b95124458acf4⋯.png (340.3 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)

8afd47  No.5122846

File: 78c2d7e6c86caaf⋯.png (318.22 KB, 613x598, 613:598, Screenshot (46).png)

File: b88d2150324bbae⋯.png (126 KB, 630x598, 315:299, Screenshot (45).png)

Have you guise seen this?

d4460b  No.5122847


Not related to what we are doing here…

Take your Jewry back to Israel.

a11024  No.5122848


Hi new guy!

Its a long-standing meme.

Like morans.

1b0747  No.5122849

File: 8d56ce93844ae76⋯.png (240.34 KB, 458x533, 458:533, hjmhy.png)

File: dcc13ef67abcec6⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 2232x14837, 2232:14837, unaware and compliant.gif)

File: 08a9232db5665af⋯.png (1.38 MB, 999x3382, 999:3382, Soros-bares-his-soul.png)

File: 9d331a68fc563a1⋯.png (3.86 MB, 999x6599, 999:6599, nationalism.png)

File: c4f50fa99c1d3b8⋯.png (1.74 MB, 2222x5364, 1111:2682, WhoIsQ.png)

de5d00  No.5122850

File: 57b6d20f1259fb2⋯.jpeg (386.59 KB, 869x671, 79:61, EB93801F-698E-4597-A5A2-2….jpeg)

File: 4306948727b8bc2⋯.jpeg (543.61 KB, 1242x661, 1242:661, E3E9BC41-3ADE-4C8D-86E6-E….jpeg)

File: 8f87ea13db45eb1⋯.jpeg (719.07 KB, 1242x671, 1242:671, F43A7253-50B8-4095-8C0D-6….jpeg)


For those who missed it.

599cf8  No.5122851


love the ali RBG last bread

9c2ec3  No.5122852


Alice is Q = Good

Alice Bloody Wonderalnd = Evil

Two dimensions, same timeline.

5238b1  No.5122853


Ditto. That's what the crowd is chanting in response to the question. Although Mike points down, there isn't much hand motion possible with a mic in hand…Not saying they don't worship the devil but this may be reaching…

9590b6  No.5122854


go back to work Acosta you bum

8a37e7  No.5122855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Welcome to [their] final masQuerade.

c1cd2d  No.5122856



I thought the anti-Christ was to bring peace in the middle east?

1b0747  No.5122857

File: bdc355e0ef1b2b1⋯.png (201.69 KB, 488x742, 244:371, vvvvvvv.png)

File: 3ef1a88dbaae9d7⋯.png (833.84 KB, 1555x1843, 1555:1843, two-bluejays-walk-into-a-b….png)

File: 593cc2230618d70⋯.png (406.83 KB, 717x539, 717:539, BASTEBO.png)


What is infiltrated here?

What is in control here?

Are the people in control here?

How would you know?

9d8372  No.5122858

File: f6a7043982bb9b9⋯.png (2.36 MB, 836x6513, 836:6513, Screenshot_2019-02-09 Jewi….png)

File: 1710c92ff554ca8⋯.png (2.12 MB, 856x4739, 856:4739, Screenshot_2019-02-09 Jewi….png)

File: 92e7af77a631f64⋯.png (2.29 MB, 866x6408, 433:3204, Screenshot_2019-02-09 Jewi….png)

File: a5301796a5bac9d⋯.png (661.49 KB, 702x5929, 702:5929, Screenshot_2019-02-08 Stro….png)


you tell me why for 36 hours not one baker wants to put this in notables anon?

the only anons that comment are the kikes

you all want sauce here it is

2e1f1c  No.5122859

File: 8f88b6f3f1c1d55⋯.png (12.28 KB, 255x167, 255:167, 8567d71e1988978bb974493488….png)

Regarding Planned Parenthood selling fetal "tissues" to the manufacturers of vaccines:

Could autism actually be a prion disorder? It effects the neurons, so the correlation between vaccines and autism, and human tissue in vaccines makes me think prion disorder.

For those who don't know: mad cow is a prion disorder.

cf47e7  No.5122860

File: 36553fc08e42997⋯.png (266.38 KB, 1308x1051, 1308:1051, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5121469 (#6541)

>>5120870 (bread #6540)

>fetal tissue research

>University of Washington - USAspending.gov


Look at this - NIH is responsible for 1/2 of the $9.5 billion in grants that the entire university has received.

On the agency level, HHS is responsible for over 62%.

More and more this is looking like NIH is Ground Zero.

d4460b  No.5122861


He was trolling you, you Jew-rat, fuck… The real meme is, you turds have trouble even speaking the word, "Jew". Because you don't want to draw attention to your sick, perverted, asses. Fucking pedo…

9c2ec3  No.5122862

File: 44a45f30e25f015⋯.jpg (46.84 KB, 500x333, 500:333, SpongeBobJews.jpg)

File: 6c7c2f95998892f⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 403x303, 403:303, SpongeBobJewsTriggered.jpg)

File: fa739e926496009⋯.jpg (39 KB, 401x272, 401:272, SpongeBobKabbalah.jpg)

File: beef20fba08f2ad⋯.jpg (50.58 KB, 455x326, 455:326, SpongeBobKabbalahII.jpg)

File: df4a0600fad07cd⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 625x362, 625:362, SpongeBobKabbalahIII.JPG)

5c4cc6  No.5122863

File: de049908ba48c16⋯.png (6.25 KB, 374x417, 374:417, SUPERB_OWL.png)

72e25e  No.5122864

File: 036fb9409201d59⋯.jpg (96.69 KB, 512x409, 512:409, Ruth_Sighting_Sumo.jpg)

File: 4ae0269cc4ac3ef⋯.jpg (91.29 KB, 512x393, 512:393, Ruth_Sighting_Truckin.jpg)

File: 01b62e01869bb07⋯.jpg (61.38 KB, 349x338, 349:338, rbgproof.jpg)

File: 0d99c1508c0abfe⋯.jpg (258.2 KB, 528x816, 11:17, RBGRuthBaderGinsborgFREE_R….JPG)

File: dba22a0bbd03e9a⋯.jpg (91.26 KB, 892x488, 223:122, RBrazilG.jpg)

c8e801  No.5122865


implying my comment is an attempt to shill? Honestly just wondering what you mean.

de5d00  No.5122866


So why play their game by posting another meme with poison images?

d4460b  No.5122867


Sorry anon… last comment was for the guy you responded to.

e2412b  No.5122868

No Q posts on 1-4-19.

HOWEVER, 1-4 is on :03 - :33 line on the clock.

Which lines up with 12-5 (D5)


1f2718  No.5122869


I have gotten 2! Such a great feeling! Enjoy fren!

f261e6  No.5122870

File: 09f14647238eca1⋯.png (509.84 KB, 894x608, 447:304, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

the 2 muzzies in congress want their own trip to the Israel - not the one planned by the AIPAC:

Tlaib intended her trip as an alternative to an AIPAC-organized trip for freshmen members of Congress to see Israel. To organize her opposition trip, Tlaib would need to get approval from the House speaker or the leader of a committee on which they sit. Engel and Tlaib do not sit on the same committees.

"I want us to see that segregation [between Israelis and Palestinians] and how that has really harmed us being able to achieve real peace in that region," Tlaib told the Intercept before she took office. "I don’t think AIPAC provides a real, fair lens into this issue."

Tliab is the first Palestinian-American woman and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress. She supports the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, which advocates for the boycott of Israeli organizations and companies to support Palestinian interests. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) is the only other member of Congress to support BDS, but she has not spoken on a trip to the West Bank.


ef073f  No.5122871

File: c58cbff139c09ea⋯.png (280.8 KB, 630x607, 630:607, va gov slavery comments cb….PNG)


af3a9f  No.5122872


nice timestamp

>>/qresearch/4514861 BV: All future official board communications will be done with Tripcode

d547d4  No.5122873

File: 13d90b46b6d8135⋯.png (461.14 KB, 596x507, 596:507, Hannity Tweet re POTUS App….PNG)

File: 43368d40891ac9b⋯.png (607.8 KB, 647x375, 647:375, POTUS Blank 15.PNG)

File: c5d840cf02d7893⋯.png (472.17 KB, 573x625, 573:625, Hannity re POTUS Approval ….PNG)

LATEST POLL: President Trump’s Approval Rating SOARS to 52%



be0f86  No.5122874

>>5122768 I'm new but I'm not BRAND new..go make me a sammich bitch, I'm trying to lurk.

5c4cc6  No.5122875

File: 3df5c1fd241468c⋯.png (573.48 KB, 851x646, 851:646, qstuff7.png)

4c96ea  No.5122876

File: d53d19ef6c8b60c⋯.jpg (124.24 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2s2y1i.jpg)

2d63b7  No.5122877

File: 398c717f1350cae⋯.jpg (41.31 KB, 728x486, 364:243, 2teif5.jpg)

1b0747  No.5122878


What responses are organic?

And what responses are the most worn out, cheesy emulations of "chan culture" (which is itself fake at this point)?

How would you know?

How much fakeness is on the internet?

How would you know?

Did 4chan "suddenly become Nazi" a few years ago?

Was that organic?

Are the chans controlled?

6aaa0a  No.5122879


So is kuru

9c2ec3  No.5122880

File: b4fe49317a1d4a2⋯.jpg (27.95 KB, 455x258, 455:258, SpongeBobIV.JPG)


How's that controlling your own time of death working out for you?

b5e412  No.5122881

>>5122564 ← A bullet = understood.

>>5122681 ← a texan'ned that pepe!

This place is eerily becoming friendlier than real life…

8afa83  No.5122882



Thank you for looking

1f2718  No.5122883

Mark Meadows

‏Verified account @RepMarkMeadows

5m5 minutes ago

With the report of Adam Schiff meeting with Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson last summer, we now have more evidence of Schiff directly contacting people trying to interfere in our election than we ever did on candidate Trump.

Double standard. The collusion investigation is a sham.

d4460b  No.5122884


I second that.

1f2718  No.5122885


‏ @Breaking911

42m42 minutes ago

TRUMP APPROVAL 52%: The Rasmussen daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove.

54 replies 270 retweets 681 likes

e2412b  No.5122886

Thank you for pointing.


f24b3e  No.5122887

File: 95c68386fea06ea⋯.jpg (27.93 KB, 255x235, 51:47, PLBest.jpg)


Hey, how are you? Good to see you!! You are very welcome :)


Thanks, always nice to get a heads up on slides !!


My baking would not be complete without being taunted. Lemme see if I can summon the yellow memes fag too!!

83f267  No.5122888


Hmm is right.


387324  No.5122889

File: 24d5cfab2a85901⋯.jpg (79.15 KB, 539x1022, 77:146, Screenshot_20190211_085055.jpg)

File: fc9c18fbdd47c4f⋯.jpg (81.16 KB, 550x1105, 110:221, Screenshot_20190211_085138.jpg)


Maybe Q was wanting us to go Fake News hunting!

Perhaps tracking down the Journalist who are pushing Fake news and Find out what they have to hide?

Page 1 Google search

Qanon #FakeNews Journalist & editors


Ben Collins

Joe murphy

Brandy Zadrozny

Dennis Romero

William Arkin

(Washington Post)

Eli Rosenberg

Abby Ohlheiser

Rob Brotherton

Cat Zakrzewski



Travis View - cohost, QAnon Anonymous Podcast

Kelly Weill - reporter, The Daily Beast

Shannon McGregor - communications professor, University of Utah

Eric Alterman - Columnist, The Nation

William Arkin - Former defence reporter, NBC News

Anoa Changa - Host, The Way with Anoa

Aaron Mate - Journalist

Cenk Uygur - Creator & host, The Young Turks

(Daily Beast)

Kelly Weill

Will Sommer,

(The Press)

Phil Quin


(Anchorage Daily News)

Tegan Hanlon


Ian Burrows

Peter Marsh

Leah Millis - retuters

(Lynchburg The Advance)






Maggie Serota


Fruzsina Eordogh


Abby Haglage


Rick Rojas


Phoebe Loomes

(Omaha World Herald)

Cleveland Evans


PolitiFact is a property of the Poynter Institute.

Tom Jones

Daniel Funke

Susan Benkelman

Alexios Mantzarlis

Manuela Tobias

Rick Edmonds


Louis Jacobson

(Orange espagne)


(The verge)

Casey Newton

(EMS World)

Anthony Man

Lisa J. Huriash

Linda Trischitta

Brittany Wallman

Tribune News Service




K.T. Nelson

(Version 2)

Christoffer Elmann Ranhauge


Ari Feldman

(Rant News)

Greg Fish

(Right Side Watch)

Kyle Mantyla

Jared Holt



(International Policy Digest)

Samuel Guzman



(The Daily Banter)


(The Daily Dot)

Mike Rothschild


Damir Mujezinovic

(Raw Story)

Martin Cizmar


Caroline O'Donovan

Charlie Warzel

Logan McDonald

Brian Clifton

Max Woolf

(Media Matters)


(ABA Journal)


f5b6b0  No.5122890


They think the investigation into Trump isn't going to affect them, but they couldn't be more wrong.

9d8372  No.5122891


I have screen shots somewhere on here

from 3 weeks ago of the jew police throwing

flash bangs from a side street into a moving crowd 30 yards away that were presenting no problems.

a few of the men in the crowd on the flank went after the police and one of the jew fucks pulled a 9mm on them

8afa83  No.5122892

File: c6bc890d17d4a90⋯.jpeg (17.02 KB, 179x255, 179:255, image.jpeg)

63e6e1  No.5122893


try harder mossad.

REMINDER FOR ANONS: anons can post on any subversive group other than jews without being called antisemitic hate filled bigots… but if u post about the JQ! Watch out!! Mossad hates JQ.

d4460b  No.5122894


>How infiltrated do you think this board is? Should we try to do something about it?

Yeah… Go back to Israel.

72e25e  No.5122895

>>5122871 You can make bank that "Kill 'em All" Northam won't mention the gazillion white Europeans who came here as indentured servants. "Also known as slavery"

00dceb  No.5122896


And what exactly that has to do with the Gilets Jaunes?

6d44c2  No.5122897

File: 5da264ee79e7919⋯.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1826, 621:913, 536C3C0B-94E3-48DE-9233-F….jpeg)

File: 74741c2a9feac27⋯.jpeg (433.94 KB, 2190x1242, 365:207, 9DC9285B-5097-4168-8918-6….jpeg)


Liberals don’t know what to do now


1b0747  No.5122898


What is organic on this board?

This board formed a year ago– how would a character like this end up here?

Who came here?

Jaded, nasty people?

Did they leave 4chan to come here?

Is that believable?

Is this "anon" organic?

Or a stereotype of "chan" that doesn't even make sense HERE– which is not "just some chan board"?

Is the fake image pushed on this board STUPID?

73eceb  No.5122899

File: bdda1bf978a3eea⋯.png (149.39 KB, 669x484, 669:484, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)



b5e412  No.5122900


I like the way you think…

02e563  No.5122901

File: 412bcc267f49ec3⋯.png (50.92 KB, 389x129, 389:129, WWGevol.png)


>Is this week for RBG anoune dead?And also should we watch the water?

This is it for RBG.

ALWAYS watch the water. They are trying to put Fentanyl in our water supply. See LDR's comments from a year ago.

The moar you lurk the moar you'll realize that Qdrops have multiple meanings.

d547d4  No.5122902


>But nice attempt to misdirect, rabbi


Valerie's Bitches in the house [literally and figuratively]

SEE >>5122659

7aae5c  No.5122903


We all have different rolls

I'm a graphicsfag,

part time clockfag,


and general lurking connectthedotsfag.

Sauces are of all shapes and form.

It's called Diversity.

Especially if it can be sauced from 2 different places.

BTW, the smiling school kid is suing the hell out of media and celebrities alike.

ed8a50  No.5122904


YOU have a constitution! Putting your life on the line so you can capitalize off of Americans, and take away their constitutional rights is a police state, and hold no honor.

YOU have a second amendment right to protect yourself. So Americans don't need police officers taking away our rights for the international police departments and their rule of international law..

YOU have the right to privacy.

YOU have the right to be secure in your papers and possessions.

718ebe  No.5122905

File: 50d378318294c9a⋯.png (487.5 KB, 500x522, 250:261, dafuqisdis.png)

5c4cc6  No.5122906

File: b70ca865203b797⋯.png (322.63 KB, 810x466, 405:233, THE_ INGRAHAM_ANGLE.png)

f96de8  No.5122907


And it’s not like anybody else would know wtf you are talking about! But we do!

c1cd2d  No.5122908

Tomorrow will be 3 months since a post from Q on patriots fight.

8cbbd2  No.5122909


Don't get too excited…every POTUS gets

a post SOTU bump

63e6e1  No.5122910


u should cry moar about the JQ - cus thats not what mossad does at all.

63a2fa  No.5122911

File: 0b120c7d9488369⋯.jpeg (8.16 KB, 219x230, 219:230, waaves.jpeg)

749e78  No.5122912

File: a4041771e7dac8d⋯.jpeg (153.13 KB, 750x540, 25:18, 54FAC6B8-8E8C-4B82-AC8E-E….jpeg)

Controlled opposition hurts my brain

7412ae  No.5122913

File: 304476be5328a2a⋯.jpg (69.23 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2t17ry.jpg)

28ea46  No.5122914


I’ve been wondering if the LA operation this week didn’t prevent something bad at the Grammys. A lot of big names didn’t show and some showed up last min. No sauce just a thought.

9c2ec3  No.5122915


If Texas is so great, why do all you dumb motherfucker come to Colorado to vacation?

If God wanted Texans to ski, he would have made shit white.

18bbf0  No.5122916

File: 659ce0d0f3b50e3⋯.jpg (237.51 KB, 500x1800, 5:18, 1.jpg)



Charles Drew: Doctor was a pioneer in storing blood

45e398  No.5122917


Number 98..Jenkins!!!!!!

831135  No.5122918

File: 235469cd6ac03f1⋯.jpg (19.21 KB, 473x709, 473:709, MAKINITSTICK.jpg)

Masters at dangling shiny things for anyone willing to chase them. Kushner is not responsible for the problems with Deutsche bank but it will painted that way. Everyone needs a big name bogey to hurl ammo at.


6668fe  No.5122919


what no MQ?

639ed0  No.5122920

File: 178a62c6e2b3180⋯.png (155.32 KB, 634x545, 634:545, file oct 11, 7 44 27 pm.png)


Sure thing, rabbi. We see (((you)))

912c25  No.5122921

File: 30f447dd98fa892⋯.jpg (163.06 KB, 736x657, 736:657, wakeup.jpg)

ef073f  No.5122922

File: 986b8485e9994b9⋯.png (318.36 KB, 362x355, 362:355, rbg body hidden by pelosi.PNG)

630733  No.5122923

File: 61d13273fa12572⋯.gif (569.17 KB, 498x498, 1:1, thinking3.gif)


It's sad how things won't change around here if we're still using (((their))) tactics to bring (((them))) down. Smearing people with "muh raycizm," "Dems r da real raycists" and so on just keeps the Cultural Marxist conditioning in place. Many here aren't much better than NPCs since they'll just respond with the mindless feel-good slogans like "patriots have no skin color" and so on. If we can't have an honest conversation about the demographics in this country nothing will change. Sad!

b0b393  No.5122924

Found out something very interesting from a federal prosecutor. I was asking about cases that were unsealed, and tried in federal court, and the defendant pleas guilty… When the case is done after the defendant pleads guilty, the judge receives a motion from both the prosecuting attorney and the defence attorney as to what the senates should be…. then it could take between “ 3 to 4 months for the judge to decide on the sentence. “

9d8372  No.5122925

File: fde443f1dafcd7f⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 67e4323f693041b0efe6ee1336….jpg)



Not every question is a problem. They are

a problem.

They aren't even semites. They are forced converts that have adopted the attitudes of the Jews Titus fucked (and rightly so) and the Kikes that killed God.

72e25e  No.5122926

File: 642c9ef40560a19⋯.jpeg (49.09 KB, 522x523, 522:523, RBGMissing3.jpeg)

File: 9df2f8869dc5823⋯.jpg (53.01 KB, 485x365, 97:73, Ginsborg-rbg_where.jpg)

File: e8307f74fef3728⋯.jpg (420.91 KB, 1600x1518, 800:759, RuthBaderGinsburgRBG_on_IC….jpg)

File: 55eef359a814d18⋯.jpg (64.07 KB, 510x382, 255:191, GinsborgRBGworkingfromhome.jpg)

File: c931420573055f6⋯.jpg (109.96 KB, 455x790, 91:158, Ginsborgrecovered.jpg)

9c2ec3  No.5122927


One thing I can't stand is fake cowboys standing in front of Cadllac logos….

237011  No.5122928

The Focus Is on the Planned Parenthood Organization Itself



PP's accounts are a SHAM. Supposed to be a Non Profit Charity

They Deliberately Understate Income & Expenditure ?


THEY Avoid showing details of POLITICAL spending

( ALL THEIR POLITICAL spending is in support of DEMS ? But its TAXPAYERS MONEY ??? )

Big Surpluses .

Big Salaries. CEO is on $523,616 pa !!!


Very Very Dodgy/Unethical Fetal Tissue Activities ?



TOP 100 Sources of Income ?

TOP 100 Recipients of their Spending ?



5c4cc6  No.5122929

File: a74bb0e7d748b23⋯.gif (651.74 KB, 400x225, 16:9, NOTHING.gif)



18bbf0  No.5122930

File: 85aaef0ca5f0138⋯.jpg (236.57 KB, 500x1925, 20:77, download.jpg)


Cardioprotection from stress conditions by weak magnetic fields in the Schumann Resonance band

65a60d  No.5122931

File: 31f74add1c49468⋯.jpg (78.21 KB, 387x692, 387:692, e06afa5576ee98fa72841a905a….jpg)


Big Mike looks huge next to those women. Really puts his secondary sexual characteristics into perspective.

de5d00  No.5122932


On Nightshift there was a post that mentioned Room 23 might be a catalogue (the models are for rent or sale). I’ve been digging on that. Another dig related to the LA raid is that museums may be used for trafficking/money laundering/smuggling. I’m digging on those that pop out as especially weird or connected to Hollywood. There are tons, though.

639ed0  No.5122933


Yeah, their Babylonian money magick never harmed anyone. We love being debt slaves

f261e6  No.5122934

File: 983df1b7d386c81⋯.png (962 KB, 1184x1038, 592:519, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

51fd11  No.5122935

File: 6edbbad821e59f9⋯.png (158.02 KB, 316x217, 316:217, Capture.PNG)

Dems Shady Maneuver to Advance Assisted Suicide

ssisted suicide opponents are accusing Democrats in New Jersey of manipulating the legislative process to pass the controversial bill.

On Thursday, the Senate Committee on Health, Human Services, and Seniors voted 6-3 to advance legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medication to patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses. The result came after New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney and bill co-sponsor Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, took part in the vote despite the fact that they do not sit on the committee. The two Democrats they replaced on the committee, Gloucester Sen. Fred Madden and Essex Sen. Ronald Rice, voted against assisted suicide in 2016.

The vote sparked backlash from bill opponents. Marie Tasy, executive director of New Jersey Right to Life, called the sudden switch from the majority party an "unfair process" designed to tilt the scales of the vote.


f73620  No.5122936


Educate yourself please. Drones are here to stay and preform many useful tasks. They inspect electrical equipment that is dangerous to inspect in person, they help us grow better crops, they survey land for development, they find people trapped in buildings by fire or collapse, they can help find those lost in the wilderness, they inspect railroad tracks, and the list is only growing.

I am an indépendant contractor and I can tell you I don't waste GB on garbage footage.

2d63b7  No.5122937

File: 1ab2fae5efa6d1a⋯.jpg (123.4 KB, 1438x1079, 1438:1079, 20bd1l.jpg)

7412ae  No.5122938

File: a4094bf4b41256d⋯.jpg (128.24 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2sz8st.jpg)

84fa74  No.5122939


She be Blick

eeae4a  No.5122940

File: 5a7d0cb856f8a2d⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 595x615, 119:123, Screenshot 2019-02-11_12-2….jpg)


8c82fa  No.5122941


This video for the last couple of weeks has been popping up in my, 'watch next' suggestions multiple times, daily.

I've watched it a couple times years ago. Real or not its positive.

c1cd2d  No.5122942

Charles Kushner: 'I pushed Jared to do the deal' for 666 Fifth Ave


8afa83  No.5122943


Proof Colorado people are schizophrenic.

You hate Texas because you a'int Texas.

You hate California for the same reason.

I spent half a year in your state.

It is where all the rednecks landed that were either too broke or too stupid during the dust bowl.

Incubator of MORANS

a8820e  No.5122944


My fren; Anons deserve some Keks. We've uncovered horrors that would make your average normie seek a scarf & doorknob post haste & we keep going, the hive mind #1 directive barely ever spoken of is

Lock. Her. Up.

We will never forget Benghazi

We will never forget her deleted emails.

We will never forget the Weiner Life Insurance Folder

We will never forget she is tight with Alefantis & the Podestas, who by rights should all have been in front of a gran jury by now.

We march on, we are the real news now. Our movement is worldwide, some of he Q drops hint that there may be cures for many deadly human diseases that have been withheld by Big Pharma & the corrupt Western Medical model. Millions world wide should be VERY interested by this alone, as this bunch are also globalists who run multinational corps in other words these clowns have wide reach & influence.

d2061d  No.5122945

File: c877fb3a5710be4⋯.png (24.66 KB, 597x342, 199:114, Streamed live.PNG)

>>5122175 (lb)

Yes, I'm sure.

8cbbd2  No.5122946


Little Benny doesn't like a little Joo criticism ?


982a7e  No.5122947


> Many here aren't

that's the issue

a09c1e  No.5122948

Anons are two days ahead. Maybe we should start with the numbers on Feb 12?

I will try, but I am simply an anon, not an autist…




10 Feb 2019 - 4:54:04 AM





9c2ec3  No.5122949

File: 08290fe7327d166⋯.jpg (40.17 KB, 337x355, 337:355, ScoobySnacks.JPG)


Jared's Berkowitz (Kushner)'s corruption runs deep..

45e398  No.5122950


Patriotsfight is in a holding pattern!!!!

630733  No.5122952

File: 859319f10e331c0⋯.gif (808.22 KB, 225x249, 75:83, smith.gif)


WTF I love Omar now.

Seriously, it's very telling that we can't even discuss the disproportionate influence a particular lobbying group has on our politicians without being called an -ism. Should make a lot of people think, but I guess not.

c8e801  No.5122953

File: 5845cfb7e281194⋯.jpg (8.31 KB, 250x202, 125:101, 5845cfb7e281194281aa8a058c….jpg)


>picking up explosives.

b5e412  No.5122954



(was gunna say similar!)


72e25e  No.5122955

File: 9427746ae423665⋯.png (4.94 MB, 1172x1776, 293:444, ClipboardImage.png)

Y-head found.

This is a "Vintage European Poster".

Obviously the message is something about the devil made you drink this liqueur to excess and totally lose your mind.

Weird, huh?

Symbolism will be their downfall.

Apparently the Y-head symbolism is nothing new.

5b9fea  No.5122956

File: 39b634eae70806b⋯.png (4.89 MB, 1367x1618, 1367:1618, lost city.png)

Has anyone ever heard of this? You can clearly see the outline of a long lost, complicated city in google earth.

What the HELL?

0057be  No.5122957

File: 2e5a9dd767fd0c9⋯.jpg (91.97 KB, 545x500, 109:100, minn2.jpg)

d547d4  No.5122958

File: 7ad2813dc13abb9⋯.png (361.8 KB, 604x603, 604:603, Kellyanne re Anti Semitic ….PNG)


>Sure thing, rabbi. We see (((you)))


You must be the SEWAGE Kellyanne refers to

Kellyanne Conway Goes All Out on Dems for "Anti-Semitic Sewage," Hurling America Towards Another Shutdown



6dfd70  No.5122959


Standing head and shoulders above the real women. Probably can outbench them too

c1cd2d  No.5122960

Trump's brief Pittsburgh synagogue shooting censure was reportedly crafted by Ivanka and Jared Kushner


d5c182  No.5122961


Kek, yeah, no too smart, no?

5c4cc6  No.5122962

File: 4881981600d97bb⋯.gif (2.75 MB, 480x270, 16:9, STEALTH_BOMBER.gif)

a887c1  No.5122963

File: 20a3cfaab79813b⋯.jpg (192.21 KB, 983x983, 1:1, it has begun.jpg)

File: 785cbe8d00374ac⋯.jpg (176.41 KB, 983x983, 1:1, takedown satanic.jpg)

File: 8b566e4173ced5a⋯.jpg (188.82 KB, 983x983, 1:1, enough of this.jpg)

File: e7a213862d1129e⋯.jpg (126.29 KB, 983x983, 1:1, troll master.jpg)

File: b62c67bf77b76c1⋯.jpg (61.07 KB, 612x407, 612:407, make her famous.jpg)


993939  No.5122964

File: 9c4081e760a7a01⋯.jpg (100.57 KB, 500x557, 500:557, wtpdb.jpg)

b5e412  No.5122965


What day did FOX "accidentally" broadcast the probable truth?

d4c5f4  No.5122966

File: e053ed69bcfbd39⋯.png (568.61 KB, 810x466, 405:233, ClipboardImage.png)


Is Barr the go between for POTUS and Mueller(his handler)?

Would this explain the Barr/Mueller relationship prior?

Would this explain the arms length distance of POTUS to Mueller?

1f6a08  No.5122967


3 (yous) for me but it's about the common good .


02e563  No.5122968

File: 844d045cb574720⋯.png (316.37 KB, 673x526, 673:526, MoozCon.png)

File: e0fbc747259f74f⋯.jpg (548.78 KB, 900x1394, 450:697, baph.jpg)


>the 2 muzzies in congress want their own trip to the Israel

What could possibly go wrong?


These people are stupid

9c2ec3  No.5122969


Well, we ain't running to fucking Texas to get outta the dust bowl.

You fuckers take over Lake City area in the Summer with your overpriced glam camping RVs though…

63e6e1  No.5122970


(((ben))) just completely ignores that communism is a jewish construct.

c98f73  No.5122971



Correct. Shills using this video to divide. Perp had many charges, and this is why he was targeted. Coward used his family as a shield, and not a single adult procured ID.

51fd11  No.5122972

File: da60dffdbae897c⋯.png (406.61 KB, 617x409, 617:409, Capture.PNG)

Police look for motive in Russian death

Police are trying to find a clue behind the death of a Russian who died after falling two stories inside Suvarnabhumi airport's terminal in the early hours of Monday. Deputy police spokesman Col Krissana…


639ed0  No.5122973

File: b128323af950f8b⋯.jpeg (305.81 KB, 1122x962, 561:481, 4A838820-0490-4E6D-8F4E-9….jpeg)


Is that supposed to be an argument? Might want to go back to your training manual

4d46e4  No.5122974

File: b1f203dde8938bd⋯.jpg (112.31 KB, 879x499, 879:499, 2tebdq.jpg)

912c25  No.5122975

File: b333cba2b180dc3⋯.jpg (168.77 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, michelledress.jpg)

982a7e  No.5122976


it's an ad

devil steals a liquor made by nuns

8afa83  No.5122977


You are welcome

ef073f  No.5122978

File: 7e065617dda05d7⋯.png (111.04 KB, 202x229, 202:229, America with POTUS.PNG)

eeae4a  No.5122979


best night of my life when I got a you from da dude, tears, more drive

090153  No.5122980


Because it’s beautiful & there’s no humidity. I would love to live there. But the people are mean.

9d8372  No.5122981

File: f290452e213cb5d⋯.png (754.65 KB, 1177x1177, 1:1, ben-shapiro-square-1024x10….png)

File: 7ce94828ac0acc3⋯.png (3.57 MB, 1584x2896, 99:181, ben-shapiro-square-1024x10….png)

File: 41290f13dd452ec⋯.jpg (266.18 KB, 1198x1011, 1198:1011, ben-shapiro-march-for-life.jpg)

File: 4091e8e0cb1b906⋯.png (587.35 KB, 646x850, 19:25, Screenshot_2019-01-20 pol….png)

File: 8d249c5cf2ef9fd⋯.jpg (325.43 KB, 1410x1706, 705:853, 5b66546d19cde.jpg)


This Jew lawyer is the poster child for

the enemies of God and man.

Only fake Christians listen to kikes

2d63b7  No.5122982

File: fae193ce1e0c0b8⋯.jpg (7.11 KB, 204x192, 17:16, b89de.jpg)

639ed0  No.5122983


My first thought as well

912c25  No.5122984

File: 60a4b343672d18b⋯.jpg (799.41 KB, 1024x1313, 1024:1313, doitpotus.jpg)

File: 8fa4b521c5e12d8⋯.jpg (182.18 KB, 661x538, 661:538, doitq.jpg)

63e6e1  No.5122985


u can post about muzzies all day here and u wont have mossad shills shouting u down and calling u an antisemite.

expose the muzzies - feel free. anons like all info on subversive groups.

only shills cry reeeee with the JQ.

82f74e  No.5122986

NEW REPUBLIC: Puff piece on Maria Butina. Major thrust: She really isn't a spy.

The U.S. government went looking for someone to blame for Russia's interference in the 2016 election—and found Maria Butina, the perfect scapegoat.


8cbbd2  No.5122987

File: 0e8cb646ad63c41⋯.jpeg (13.62 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 1617a96ef35f9498ee87253f8….jpeg)


Kikes are triggered!

982a7e  No.5122988



astroturf much

how obvious can you get?

9c2ec3  No.5122989


How's her husband?

d4c5f4  No.5122990



f6e2ad  No.5122991


We are gonna need more border wall

dc4da0  No.5122992

File: ac5130e0b489515⋯.png (1.36 MB, 818x1240, 409:620, lady gaga jada pinkett smi….png)

72e25e  No.5122993

File: a23a5d0e5b25f24⋯.jpg (353.58 KB, 1834x941, 1834:941, EndPlannedParenthoodKickba….jpg)

File: af9cce791251891⋯.jpg (238.36 KB, 1040x1024, 65:64, EndPlannedParenthoodKickba….jpg)

File: 0fd6fe8390b2bb0⋯.jpg (162.77 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, PlannedParenthoodKickback.jpg)

File: c0c4e88c76042b1⋯.jpg (219.92 KB, 668x395, 668:395, PlannedParenthoodFinances.jpg)


Forensic audit would be great.

I consider the $30M given to Dem candidates a kickback, plain and simple.

This company is very profitable and does not need the >$500M annually that Dem lawmakers have appropriated and give to them yearly.

Kickbacks are illegal, are they not?

Corruption is illegal, is it not?

b24d46  No.5122994


By honouring Dunford Jr. on this way he becomes part of the Dutch Army (ceremonial).

Is this part of the plan? Are US soldiers actually in Europe to liberate us?


https://www.defensie.nl/actueel/nieuws/2019/01/18/generaal-vs-benoemd-tot-commandeur-orde-oranje-nassau (translate feature of Chrome is pretty accurate)

83f267  No.5122995

File: c04fbfa6fb31d90⋯.jpg (892.11 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_20190211_112551.jpg)

4 days until shutdown

d547d4  No.5122996

File: 5677897821c2748⋯.png (44.06 KB, 591x401, 591:401, MMeadows re Schitt 2-11-19.PNG)

With the report of Adam Schiff meeting with Fusion GPS's Glenn Simpson last summer, we now have more evidence of Schiff directly contacting people trying to interfere in our election than we ever did on candidate Trump.

Double standard. The collusion investigation is a sham.


7412ae  No.5122997

File: 528a2b58d19bdeb⋯.jpg (103.56 KB, 732x499, 732:499, 2rh35n.jpg)

File: f9f36ec29734249⋯.jpg (66.25 KB, 474x361, 474:361, 2r2as4.jpg)

63e6e1  No.5122998

File: 63f1ab866a73712⋯.jpeg (160.68 KB, 1242x1050, 207:175, E784AB2C-F213-4AB5-8E05-C….jpeg)


how do they all have these jewish roots?? when jews are 1% of population, when does it become mathematically impossible for it to be a coincidence?

c8e801  No.5122999

File: 2ce333a0501f8ab⋯.jpg (320.46 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 2ce333a0501f8ab8878df34f07….jpg)


Something is very off-putting about this little weasel. And its not the obvious thing. Maybe its out of no where famewhore manlet

d4c5f4  No.5123000


Try-out for SOREASS!

698561  No.5123001


I think it means he gave the response he was trained like a chimp to provide.

c1cd2d  No.5123002

File: adc9f79014a93e6⋯.jpg (53.09 KB, 500x681, 500:681, download (1).jpg)

Activists investigating Ivanka Trump's China shoe factory detained or missing


Still say dark to light is a luciferian reference.

db9b3e  No.5123003

File: a92af904317661a⋯.png (642.8 KB, 935x940, 187:188, ClipboardImage.png)


30b30d  No.5123004

File: f636e929365fd6b⋯.png (88.31 KB, 540x373, 540:373, meme.lurk.moar.less.feels.png)

64e9eb  No.5123005


Because they hate it

and it's funny

f6fb6d  No.5123006

File: 4cc045b78d12081⋯.png (41.94 KB, 1248x234, 16:3, FirstYou'sFromQ.PNG)












>>5122832→Actually, there are a shitload of bullets there. Plus, that's what I had on me. Kek. One less in the clip now. God Bless Texas.






It's not about the (you). It's about the movement, and the common goal of Good over Evil.

Thanks everybody. All the replies mean a lot. More than you know

51fd11  No.5123007

File: 73160d9e83222dd⋯.png (118.61 KB, 386x261, 386:261, Capture.PNG)

MUST SEE: Unhinged Leftist Amy Klobuchar Rants Against Global Warming — Then Immediately Eats Mouthfull of Snow (VIDEO)

Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar announced her run for President Saturday during a blizzard in Minnesota.

She made global warming a major piece of her platform and announcement.

It was 8° in Minneapolis on Saturday.


1580ab  No.5123008

File: df47a852f6be378⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1085x781, 1085:781, ClipboardImage.png)

599cf8  No.5123009

File: a653f7dd45d6922⋯.jpg (41.89 KB, 570x423, 190:141, There are no coincidences.jpg)

fd6d8b  No.5123010

studentdoctor.net forum on abortion pathology. Very disturbing discussions…


6bcfa0  No.5123011


It means the cia will melt you brain because Q is a cia psyop

The only relief is death

Welcome to the targeted individual list anon

d5c182  No.5123012

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chairman Chaffetz Q&A - Planned Parenthood's Taxpayer Funding

6dfd70  No.5123013


So much Jew shilling….. here fight over this.



American Jews Thank Trump in Full Page New York Times Ad

Jewish Democrats push leadership to confront anti-Israel Muslim members

7669c8  No.5123014



learn to kek

world would be a better place.

f261e6  No.5123015

File: c8e31e5632587e7⋯.png (91.13 KB, 760x492, 190:123, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

File: 928555e7dd96033⋯.png (134.38 KB, 755x1000, 151:200, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

Look at the numbers on this chart and tell me this series wasn't worth writing. This is quality public service journalism.



9c880e  No.5123016

File: 3f16ddb929f4ac3⋯.png (192.38 KB, 517x594, 47:54, 3f16ddb929f4ac3403c89803d7….png)

File: c7ead545092d614⋯.jpg (634.15 KB, 1018x981, 1018:981, 89f2964a1c5bb789f29cbe9531….jpg)

new shill narrative push

"Muh kushner is compd". It explains why the board is suddenly muhjew shill infested 24/7 amd why they started the whole chabad angle, a couple of days ago.

b385eb  No.5123017


There is no problem with discretion.

9c2ec3  No.5123018


Nah, just belly up, spark a doob, and we can all get along..

But quit fucking bragging about Texas. Place is a desert. And it's hot. Only thing good about Texas is part of it's coast line, imo..

72e25e  No.5123019


Yes obviously.

My point was the symbolism of the Y-head on the devil and the smaller parallel Y formed by the plume in the inkwell on the table.

Whoever was painting posters back when this was made, obviously had the concept that the Y-head symbolism indicates devilish behavior, loss of self-control, lack of decorum, departure from proper behavior.

Symbolism will be their downfall.

a8820e  No.5123020

File: e3c4ca2dd921ab1⋯.png (3.56 MB, 1462x949, 1462:949, ClipboardImage.png)


Zoom in the streets are named?

630733  No.5123021

File: d35566b14eceae4⋯.jpg (106.76 KB, 400x400, 1:1, stillwaiting.jpg)


Those are some of the gayest Boomer-tier memes I've ever seen.

912c25  No.5123022

Hitler in the news today:

Posted: Feb. 11, 2019 5:16 AM

Posted By: CNN

Five paintings, purportedly by Adolf Hitler, failed to sell on Saturday at a controversial auction in the German city of Nuremberg – the location of several major Nazi rallies during the 1930s.

The watercolors, and a wicker chair emblazoned with a swastika symbol that was also believed to have been owned by the dictator, were among the items on sale at an auction criticized by several of the city's politicians and citizens.

But none of the works met their lofty starting prices, AFP reported, after suspicions about their authenticity were raised.

Among the paintings was a watercolor depicting a mountain lake, which had a starting price of $51,000. The collection comes from "Austrian or European private ownership," from the estates of collectors, and from heirs, according to the auction house.

It remains illegal in Germany to hold public displays of Nazi symbols, except in certain educational or historical contexts. The auction house was consequently obliged to blur out Nazi insignia and symbols in their brochure to comply with German law.

And the sale sparked anger among politicians and the public, with Ulrich Maly, the mayor of Nuremberg, accusing it of being "in bad taste" in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

The auction house was also forced to remove 26 artworks from its brochure over authenticity concerns. "Unfortunately, we must inform you that some of the pictures have been dropped because of a review," the auction house said in a statement sent to German newspaper Spiegel.

This came shortly after prosecutors confiscated 63 artworks bearing "A.Hitler" or "A.H." signatures from the Weidler premises on Wednesday.

Antje Gabriels-Gorsolke, spokeswoman for the Nuremberg-Fuerth prosecution department, told Agence France-Presse that they had opened an investigation into certain individuals "on suspicion falsifying documents and attempted fraud."

"If they turn out to be fakes, we will then try to determine who knew what in the chain of ownership," she said.

Stephen Klingen and Christian Fuhrmeister from the Central Institute for Art History in Munich, south Germany, told CNN that people are "rightly concerned" with the auction. "We are negotiating the past, in this case German past and Nazi memory, which is embodied in Adolf Hitler," they said.

"Something that has been taboo in the past, now pops up – there are collectors who love to buy these objects."

Klingen and Fuhrmeister said, however, that auctions such as this should go ahead despite widespread criticism. "It is a necessary discussion – to reevaluate the way Germany looks back at its Nazi past in the 21st century," they said.

"It is an ethical and moral question – I believe any modern democracy should be able to cope with this."

They added that they would rather see open discussion surrounding the history of Hitler and the Nazis, rather than it once again becoming taboo.

The Weidler auction house had described the event as a "special sale" in its brochure, and said the collection of works includes "rare pictures and furnishings." The auction house did not respond to a CNN request for comment.

Hitler was an aspiring "would-be" artist in his early years, but was rejected twice from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He earned money by selling watercolors and "post-card style" pictures for newlywed couples before enlisting in the German army prior to the First World War.

Klingen described Hitler's artistic skills as "a moderately ambitious amateur," but noted that his artworks were comparable to "hundreds of thousands" of others from the period.

The Weidler auction house has sold a number of alleged pictures by Hitler in recent years, the most expensive of which fetched $147,000 in 2014.

8c1068  No.5123023

File: bd88013ee1b589d⋯.png (163.88 KB, 311x406, 311:406, 2019-02-11_12-30-35.png)

02e563  No.5123024

File: 615c3868f17d216⋯.jpg (443.53 KB, 648x432, 3:2, NYaqDuct.jpg)


>museums may be used for

This Anon believes museum pieces /artifacts are used in conjunction with certain spells and sacrifices. This came up during the 666 Fifth Ave dig and the tunnels that connect it to the National History Museum.

Think Night at the museum, others as well.

Romm 23- where? What building?

639ed0  No.5123025


Your question is equally as valid for all of the shills here. Do they really think anons don’t know and they can trick us?

f6fb6d  No.5123026



see this → >>5123006

87d24e  No.5123027

Woe to those who build unrighteousness and oppression and lay deceit

as a foundation; For they shall be suddenly overthrown, and they shall

have no peace. Woe to those who build their houses with sin; for from

all their foundations shall they be overthrown, and by the sword shall

they fall. And those who acquire gold and silver in judgment suddenly

shall perish.

The entire “foundation” of Jewish identity today is that they are the

“chosen” people of God. Upon this false foundation they have fooled

the world into letting them gain control of almost everything worth

controlling. It was upon this false premise that they stole the land

of Palestine in 1948. It goes without saying that Jews control the

precious metals market worldwide. The house of Rothschild controls the

price of gold worldwide and has total control of precious metals and

diamond mining as well. All of this vast wealth and influence has been

built upon a false foundation of deceit and stolen identity of

Yahweh’s true children, the Anglo-Saxon race. The Jews will pay for

this sin with sudden destruction and eternal judgment at the return of

Yahweh to set up His eternal kingdom on this earth.

8cbbd2  No.5123028


Funny….call out niggers, spics, wops, catholics,

chinks and crickets…..

Type one word about a Jew and it's an ambush

63e6e1  No.5123029

File: 4d8d27c3310492b⋯.jpeg (219.96 KB, 640x1162, 320:581, 7D0BA68D-CBBF-4D31-96DA-9….jpeg)

File: 94f2c21cbadbc4d⋯.jpeg (470.01 KB, 1242x991, 1242:991, 2A1A8EE5-BA39-4C83-B248-7….jpeg)

File: 4c27a2b81ea0564⋯.jpeg (31.63 KB, 400x328, 50:41, 04B31312-CA77-46B1-AC26-F….jpeg)


exactly… and its not like they killed our savior or anything.

ef073f  No.5123030


several occasions Q has said think mirror

so ds dems, mockingbirds, music and entertainment non-stop accusing POTUS of being racist-now proof of racism by dems

this mirror effect will soon be occurring re russian collusion

51fd11  No.5123031

File: b141ee511aeeb81⋯.png (884.85 KB, 872x493, 872:493, Capture.PNG)

Heavy clashes reported in ‘final battle’ against IS in Syria

U.S.-backed forces in Syria were locked in fierce fighting as they pressed the battle against the last enclave held by the extremist group Islamic State (IS) near the Iraqi border.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported “heavy clashes” between both sides on the morning of February 10, as planes of the U.S.-led coalition and artillery bombarded militant positions.

After a pause of more than a week to allow some 20,000 civilians to leave the area, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said they were launching the “final battle” to oust IS from the last scrap of territory it holds in eastern Syria.

An SDF spokesman later said that the battle was “very fierce” as the “most experienced” militants were defending their last stronghold.


7412ae  No.5123032

File: c489ea0f28d27a1⋯.jpg (143.52 KB, 888x499, 888:499, download (2).jpg)

639ed0  No.5123033


LOL, JIDF can’t meme

f73620  No.5123034




2726ee  No.5123035


We should find out who the basket case is who wrote the BS QAnon Wiki

Oh this bastard


8cbbd2  No.5123036

File: 95fcf08e50d8cb9⋯.png (171.29 KB, 406x375, 406:375, Screenshot 2019-02-06 at 1….png)

8d0b7a  No.5123037


It's a direct reaction to the success Kushner is having calming down the Middle East. Many people make their living thriving on chaos.

6668fe  No.5123038

File: f1dd34cd4309d33⋯.jpg (48.52 KB, 588x474, 98:79, DzI7AtZU0AAI1Cg.jpg)


sure thing Muhammad

do the math

JQ shills outnumber MQ shills

50 to 1

581a69  No.5123039

File: f02593607fb5d51⋯.png (663.39 KB, 909x923, 909:923, a_Jews_and_Muslims_against….png)

File: 9b9a22a82e9ba9b⋯.png (448.24 KB, 1217x689, 1217:689, b_Rabbi_disregards_securit….PNG)

File: 1fd0b6464880c6f⋯.png (251.21 KB, 512x913, 512:913, c_Jews_celebrate_muslims_p….png)

File: 7bde38e1d07771a⋯.png (682.94 KB, 864x562, 432:281, d_Youtube_vid_Muslims_and_….PNG)

File: 914e52f436a0adc⋯.jpg (160.06 KB, 1010x783, 1010:783, e_4dc2e71a7bffc305d860e203….jpg)


Did you know…

…that Jewish collective power is one of the main forces in the push for the Islamization of the West?

912c25  No.5123040

File: 4afda293c329ef8⋯.jpg (180.27 KB, 628x590, 314:295, dayshift3.jpg)

eac6db  No.5123041

>>5122307 PB

>>5122229 (You)

>the truth hurts and I have to respect her for speaking up and saying it like it is.

…Like it is…in the minds and hearts of the Muslim Brotherhood

We support POTUS' agenda here, not Zeros


This country has been bought and sold for decades and that is what 45 is stopping.

So maybe a little cunt like you so go back to school and relearn what the Q think is all about.

599cf8  No.5123042

File: 2bde324236c0aa8⋯.jpg (17.45 KB, 474x266, 237:133, you (2).jpg)

f6e2ad  No.5123043

File: c9899474ed2f317⋯.jpg (261.25 KB, 755x1137, 755:1137, IMG_20190211_123530.jpg)

8cbbd2  No.5123044

File: 6b24400368597b9⋯.png (278.04 KB, 485x539, 485:539, Screenshot 2019-01-28 at 1….png)

51fd11  No.5123045

File: 3f25db392195bfa⋯.png (534.58 KB, 636x431, 636:431, Capture.PNG)

Frankenswine: Engineered Food For China’s Engineered Society

China’s Technocracy has a scientific solution for everything, including food. Pork is a staple ingredient in the Chinese diet, but no one knows the long-term health effect of eating genetically modified meat. ⁃ TN Editor

Mutant pigs are to muscle their way onto the dinner tables of China – after the nation fell out of love with fatty meat.

The giant beasts are to become a staple in the pork-loving country which celebrates the start of the Year of the Pig today.

The news comes after China’s Ministry of Agriculture announced hefty hogs have fallen out of fashion due to demands for lean meat.

As the world’s biggest producer and consumer of pork, China has been domesticating hogs to eat for more than 8,000 years.

However, traditional breeds like Jinhua and Chenghua are now dying off as they are deemed too unhealthy for a modern diet.

In 1994, these prize porkers made up 90 per cent of the market in China, but now they account for less than two per cent.

And that leaves the barn door open for double-muscled pigs already being bred in Asia to fill the gap in the market.


718ebe  No.5123046

File: 5c57c167978c653⋯.png (875.35 KB, 800x773, 800:773, Govt-Shutdown.png)

72e25e  No.5123047


>>5122996 Meadows tweet: double standard, collusion investigation is sham

65a60d  No.5123048

File: 5799fb44e73d1c4⋯.png (697.67 KB, 482x710, 241:355, 7958.png)

b24d46  No.5123049


Correction: it makes him part of the Dutch Royal Family. It gives him a rank in our Royal institution. Not the army.

40f711  No.5123050


> Has anyone ever heard of this? You can clearly see the outline of a long lost, complicated city in google earth.

Not that long lost. It's a failed development from the 1950s.


8d0b7a  No.5123051

Bless Israel, and be blessed by God.

Curse Israel, and be cursed by God.

Not for Israel' sake, but for God's sake.

If you're not worried about being cursed by God, you do not know who God is.

0e5b2d  No.5123052

File: 16cd96af5454d20⋯.jpg (94.65 KB, 501x768, 167:256, 63b8c7ea-8aab-409a-83da-95….jpg)


its not autism, its kuru.

d4460b  No.5123053


Wtf, I love Democrats now. (I don't)


SEMITES are Arabs and Jews. Reconcile.

02e563  No.5123055


ThanQ for that Anon!


51ff60  No.5123056

Willie Brown Throws Shade at Ex-Girlfriend Kamala Harris:

Can’t Beat Trump

In his weekly column in the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown wrote:

Make no mistake, President Trump’s State of the Union address was the kickoff for his 2020 re-election campaign, and so far I’ve yet to see a Democrat who can beat him.

[T]he overnight polling after the speech showed that once again, he connected with voters, at least enough voters to make him a 2020 favorite.

You can’t say the same for the Democratic contenders. They all have impressive credentials, winning personalities and positive messages, but none displays the “people personality” that our media-savvy president has mastered.


581a69  No.5123057

File: 4bf7d4993570b5a⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1_Jews_are_dangerous.mp4)


That last pic reminded me of this video.

9c2ec3  No.5123058

File: 052ea2032e64c21⋯.jpg (65.29 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ShrinerClowns.jpg)


It ain't the muslims who own the media attacking QAnon….

eeae4a  No.5123059

File: 561b66f21dd636b⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 563x392, 563:392, Screenshot 2019-02-11_12-3….jpg)


7412ae  No.5123060

File: 5eabc2c3cbf77c0⋯.jpg (57.36 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 2szgdm.jpg)

8661fb  No.5123061

Keep a pair of sunglasses close. The light that's coming will be bright.

7c2d1f  No.5123062

File: 3a49c750312fffc⋯.jpg (68.35 KB, 769x815, 769:815, FrogSkeletonNeverForget.jpg)

9d8372  No.5123063

File: e40a09f64bba669⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1181x795, 1181:795, ShapiroBenBusted9.png)

File: f5a6579ae8577bd⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 662x6124, 331:3062, Screenshot_2018-12-09 Rabb….jpg)

File: a5531ab96ab2069⋯.png (261.22 KB, 671x420, 671:420, shapiro.png)

File: aa6a237309eea48⋯.png (126.71 KB, 862x798, 431:399, swderf.png)

File: 1a93836117eb649⋯.png (337.77 KB, 836x883, 836:883, swedr.png)

c1cd2d  No.5123064


God doesn't give a flying fuck about the geographical locations of a ball God created.

377d8a  No.5123065

File: bb7f701f46c81aa⋯.jpeg (135.5 KB, 650x718, 325:359, 5E3E82FD-562A-4241-BDD4-4….jpeg)


Awesome fren!

b9d5b0  No.5123066

File: 2cd5bbfd93f3c3f⋯.png (477.5 KB, 649x547, 649:547, whitaker.png)


Second that


51ff60  No.5123067

File: 653d9ada76d032e⋯.png (769.97 KB, 1100x826, 550:413, 2020.png)


>Willie Brown Throws Shade at Ex-Girlfriend Kamala Harris:

>Can’t Beat Trump

2d63b7  No.5123068

File: 04d79f36c2953e2⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 777x653, 777:653, 04d79f36c2953e2db8919cacf3….jpg)

5b9fea  No.5123069


What the FUCK

Why would there be street names, there's literally NO HOUSES there

8d0b7a  No.5123070


He says he does.

Might want to start paying attention.

f261e6  No.5123071

File: f86346d7be29700⋯.png (329.46 KB, 1115x1174, 1115:1174, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)


Monday, February 11, 2019

U. S. and West Virginia Reach Settlement With Antero Resources Corporation for Clean Water Act Violations at 32 West Virginia Sites

The violations involved the unauthorized disposal of dredged and fill materials into waters of the United States at or near sites where Antero had constructed well pads, compressor stations, impoundments, pipeline crossings, access roads, and other structures associated with Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction by means of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking.


For more information about Clean Water Act Section 404 protection of wetlands and waterways, visit https://www.epa.gov/cwa-404.

45e398  No.5123072

File: fb2733b23de8317⋯.jpg (133.93 KB, 1128x960, 47:40, The real Amy K.JPG)

8d0b7a  No.5123073


Developer ran out of money.

1580ab  No.5123074

File: 532bc7fa9051159⋯.png (341.56 KB, 1193x396, 1193:396, ClipboardImage.png)

fe8d48  No.5123075

Perhaps reaching over 50% approval rating for this POTUS- is part of the criteria for advancing the Clock.

I would say it’s a huge tick!!

f24b3e  No.5123076

Notables Thus Far

>>5123013 American Jews Thank Trump in Full Page New York Times Ad (of course they do…)

>>5122996 Meadows tweet: double standard, collusion investigation is sham

>>5122935 Dems Shady Attempt to Advance Assisted Suicide

>>5122873, >>5122885 Trumps Approval Rating Soard to 52%

>>5122536 9th Circuit court affirms that DHS has authority to construct sections of border wall

>>5122647 Clarification follow-up: Carter Page Oklahoma lawsuit dismissed late January

>>5122670 Russia to disconnect from internet as part of planned test

>>5122738 USA Today/Gannett: Mueller has spent two years on investigation, may never say anything

Comments welcome & encouraged!!

639ed0  No.5123077

File: d6e7d05d3ffe1b1⋯.jpeg (52.85 KB, 480x360, 4:3, AF83BE8C-195C-4604-8DE6-2….jpeg)


Quick, call for backup! The goyim know!

1fa392  No.5123078

File: a2893dfe1dc8193⋯.jpg (119.92 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 1549738299.jpg)



Dontcha know the almonds are tingling……

b5e412  No.5123079


THATS Fucked up…


d4460b  No.5123080

File: c30df7b8ab2ab0d⋯.jpg (160.55 KB, 800x450, 16:9, RISE1.jpg)

f261e6  No.5123081

File: 1516092d885a86c⋯.png (338.28 KB, 988x938, 494:469, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at ….png)

d547d4  No.5123082

File: 13930c2b8121874⋯.png (44.98 KB, 594x370, 297:185, MMeadows re Schitt Transpa….PNG)


> Meadows tweet: double standard, collusion investigation is sham

Meadows tweeted about Schitt on the 7th as well

Bread 6535