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Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Thursday 03.14.2019

>>5691725 rt >>5691475 (/pb) ————————— Not big enough to pull headlines/news away. Think days.

>>5691398 ————————————–——– Be vigilant at all times. (US, UK, FR, IT) See Something. Say Something (Cap: >>5691483 )

>>5690226 ————————————–——– "This is about to break wide open..." (Cap and Video: >>5690246, >>5690415)

>>5685756 ————————————–——– Very SAD to see GERMANY pulling the strings on the UK! Q+ (UK Bread)

>>5685837 ————————————–——– Stand strong, Patriots. The UNITED STATES is WITH YOU Q+ (UK bread)

>>5685074 ————————————–——– "Server config change." (Cap: >>5688088)

>>5684336 rt >>5684297 ————————— Disregard spelling error. On the move.

>>5684297 ————————————–——– TO SUMMARIZE THIS WEEK: RE: [D’s] PREP TO STEAL 2020 ELECTIONS

>>5684025 rt >>5684007 ————————— Good movie.

>>5683938 ————————————–——– Clear history/cookies to bypass all PAYWALLS. Read FREE. (Cap: >>5688121)

>>5683707 rt >>5683675 ————————— "Class A" shares. Fun, nonetheless.

>>5683562 rt >>5683535 ————————— Do you see "CI A?"

>>5683496 ————————————–——– Sometimes the TRUTH is right in front of you. (Cap: >>5688189)

>>5682585 ————————————–——– NELLIE OHR = C_A?

>>5682414 ————————————–——– What did we learn this week? (Cap: >>5686693)

>>5681798 ————————————–——– REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT FACT

>>5681490 ————————————–——– Remember this important FACT (Cap: >>5686574)

>>5681131 rt >>5681048 ————————— AUTISTS SAVING THE WORLD

>>5681047 rt >>5680891 ————————— But, you already knew that from the drop

>>5680891 ————————————–——– PRESS CONF COMING?

>>5680490 ————————————–——– [RR] DEBRIEF COMPLETE

>>5680293 ————————————–——– A_TRAITOR'S_JUSTICE.png

>>5680288 rt >>5680242 ————————— Thank you for your service

>>5677755 ————————————–——– The End Is Near (Cap: >>5678032)

>>5677704 ————————————–——– Happy Hunting! (Cap: >>5678075)

Wednesday 03.13.2019

>>5670419 ————————————–——– "Facebook is my B*TCH." – re: NSA ACCESS (Cap: >>5670486)

>>5669977 rt >>5669639 ————————— The 'cleaning crew' is active.

>>5669520 ————————————–——– LifeLog problems?

>>5668328 ————————————–——– This is not just about sex trafficking [1].

>>5664805 ————————————–——– ALL THAT MATTERS IS POWER.

>>5662895 ————————————–——– Think LifeLog dump.

>>5660203 ————————————–——– Trolling is FUN! PANIC is GOOD. (Cap: >>5660254 )

>>5655015 rt >>5654980 ————————— Figure 3.1

>>5654980 ————————————–——– The Tarmac Meeting. Days Later…. (Cap: >>5655020 )

Tuesday 03.12.2019

Compiled here: >>5678083

Monday 03.11.2019

Compiled here: >>5677813

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

8456d0  No.5692254


are not endorsements


>>5687134 Strzok Transcript: Research so far

>>5639699 MEME WAR! Q requests a meme campaign on POTUS's historic accomplishments

>>5644463 , >>5646510 Baker Protocol: Do NOT Add Non-Tripcode posts from Q


>>5691734 NZ shooters twatter acct

>>5691688 Doomed Boeing Swung Up And Down Hundreds Of Feet

>>5691637 Podesta twat - Australia

>>5691585 WaPo headline in Q link article - clickbait? nothing in article?

>>5692061 New Comey Twat

>>5691965 New Q news broadcast

>>5692034, >>5692005, >>5691966 NZ updates, contd

#7278 Baker Change

>>5690838 screencap of 8chan /pol/ post

>>5690786, >>5690838, >>5690847, >>5690861, >>5691324 Mass shooting in NZ was live streamed, events updates

>>5691464, >>5691484, >>5691451, >>5691348 moar NZ icluding poss graphic YT

>>5690840 NEW: Gillibrand Attended Fundraiser Hosted By Mother Involved In College Admissions Scandal Just A Week Ago

>>5690942 Christopher David Steele and Robert David Steele - call to dig

>>5691153 Intercept shuts down access to Snowden Trove (march 13)

>>5691148 articel on Silicon Valley Bils and their NZ post-apoc fetish

>>5691233, >>5691247, >>5691136 When John Podesta was in news/notables last - it was NZ related

>>5690908 Russian spies may have used tech company named in Steele dossier to hack Democrats

>>5690754 anon screenshots a Q in the movie Hackers

>>5691402 #7278

#7277 Baker Change

>>5689960 ‘It's time to defeat Hamas’: Israeli minister speaks to RT after Gaza rocket fire

>>5689971 Belgium Euthanizes Over 1,000 Patients Every Year Without Their Consent

>>5689999, >>5690028, >>5690407, >>5690480, >>5690567 Police declare "critical incident" in Christchurch, New Zealand; early reports of shots fired

>>5690044 Strzok: Defended Affair, Said Mueller Never Questioned Him On Bias and Revealed A DOJ Deal With FBI

>>5690140 Chris Steele deposition transcript

>>5690263 Israel normalising violence takes precedence over targeted assassinations

>>5690290 Side by side on 12 video links and 12 senators voting against POTUS

>>5690439 Kentucky lawmakers vote to put 'In God We Trust' in schools

>>5690674 #7277


>>5689176 Military aircraft over Fresno, CA

>>5689235 ; >>5689414 Planefag Updates

>>5689313 On KinderCare, Kit Laybourne, and Epstein flight logs

>>5689299 On the Steele deposition and missing parts

>>5689589 William McGlashan, executive of $103B investment fund, fired over college bribery scam

>>5689590 ; >>5689630 Tipster behind college bribery scam revealed; admits he used the service

>>5689618 Article re: Strzok testimony: DOJ had deal w/FBI not to investigate CF emails

>>5689682 Fed. Grand jury returns superseding indictment against NM compound terrorists

>>5689752 US Army tweet: “Never tell people how to do things…”

>>5689848 #7276


>>5688383 Bruce Ohr testimony: political operatives got FBI to investigate NRA

>>5688466 ; >>5688622 ; >>5688814 ; >>5688818 ; >>5688892 Planefag Updates (including Q callsign)

>>5688511 Update on Israel strikes in Gaza

>>5688588 David Kramer dossier deposition

>>5688548 ; >>5688607 Ethiopian 737 crash survivor’s testimony and black box data indicating FF

>>5688615 Re: Something big is about to drop (analysis)

>>5688654 Joint Chiefs Chairman: GOOG refuses to work with US military, but provides “direct benefit” to China’s military

>>5688822 Somali woman charged with terrorizing ND neighborhood tied to sex trafficking case

>>5689051 #7275


>>5688202 Israel strike on Gaza started

>>5687883 Abu Dhabi state investor halts business with Goldman Sachs

>>5687871 Top execs flee FB: CPO, WhatsApp CEO both quit, Stock tumbles

>>5687837 , >>5687844, >>5687992 Planefag Reports

>>5687728 Peter Strzok grew up in IRAN

>>5687674 , >>5687677, >>5687683 Epstein Manifest: Passenger list so far

>>5687654 Catholic Church in Poland admits 380+ children have been sexually abused

>>5687650 Top US military general: Google directly benefiting Chinese military

>>5687628 Bryan Singer fired over child sexual abuse claims

>>5687597 Carter article: Judge rules Obama Officials must answer JW questions

>>5688262 #7274

Previously Collected Notables

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>>5684235 #7269, >>5684825 #7270, >>5685880 #7271

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>>5679407 #7263, >>5680197 #7264, >>5681817 #7265

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8456d0  No.5692267

File: 6a66fcd7fb04400⋯.jpg (71.87 KB, 508x596, 127:149, lights on nightshift.jpg)



post away anons

lag is in full effect

lag protocol engaged

ea891d  No.5692268






Hey Q… Is this "Patriotism" or "American Exceptionalism", I cannot tell?

Fuck your bread.

97d03c  No.5692269

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

866c9a  No.5692270

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.


093593  No.5692271

File: a6b832becdb641d⋯.jpg (47.33 KB, 402x600, 67:100, do not feed.jpg)

896667  No.5692272


seems to get worse over the bread, and is the worst around 700 posts and when baking

54a125  No.5692273

State taking names of teachers who called in sick to protest

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Kentucky's education commissioner wants the name of every teacher who used a sick day to force 10 school districts to close so educators could protest at the state legislature.

At least 10 Kentucky school districts were forced to close several times since Feb. 28 after so many teachers used their sick days that officials could not find enough substitutes to cover classes.

Jefferson County Public Schools, one of the country's largest districts with more than 98,000 students, has closed six times in two weeks as hundreds of teachers packed the state Capitol to protest several proposals that impacted the pension system and education funding.

On Thursday, Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis sent letters to 10 school districts, asking for the names of every teacher who used a sick day on the days the districts were forced to close. He also wanted copies of all affidavits and doctor's notes.

"The Kentucky Department of Education takes the closing of schools very seriously," Lewis said. "While it is important that administrators, teachers and students make their voices heard about issues related to public education policy, advocacy should under no circumstances be putting a stop to learning for entire communities."


393d8b  No.5692274

File: 61cac9b7d2f2480⋯.png (215.2 KB, 623x555, 623:555, ClipboardImage.png)

c94f05  No.5692275

File: 1569344dbee7112⋯.png (52.9 KB, 791x461, 791:461, 89e9395a7c54db57601c3e081e….png)

File: 7b969ebb0f3b044⋯.png (1016.91 KB, 1595x823, 1595:823, 63c87b2f5157a1633b578d87e3….png)

He was being sarcastic you dumb fucking boomers. You retards are too gullible and it shows your newfag. Fuck I hate this Q shit sometimes.


>help meeee

>heeeelp me



c79efb  No.5692276

File: d9017cfda86a093⋯.pdf (867.57 KB, The Great Replacement.pdf)

>>5692158 /pb

>>5692158 /pb

>>5692158 /pb

>>5692158 /pb

>>5692158 /pb

>>5692158 /pb

>>5692158 /pb



>>5692191 /pb

if the link is dead, i'll attached actual PDF

attached PDF… attempted to post above /pb

47c98f  No.5692277

>>5692061 (lb) Comey Twat

>Linked to FVEY? Coded message?


"i have to do this…

"…risk losing job for what is right"

887918  No.5692278

File: 9967ec82b8f7c3c⋯.png (75.98 KB, 1105x707, 1105:707, Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 8….png)

Is it happening for Anon too?

a71133  No.5692279

File: d586533d5f7433e⋯.png (50.88 KB, 318x159, 2:1, RBGDOA.png)

Q–will they use RBG's death as distraction?

How long dead now?

91b109  No.5692280

File: ffd6d9cfae93754⋯.jpeg (34.17 KB, 489x411, 163:137, 0F6E4503-7839-4948-BA97-7….jpeg)

>>5680891 pb







[High Treason]

Treason as against the president, monarch, king or queen, or his/her government.


The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.


Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

9c8fed  No.5692281

George Papadopoulos

‏ @GeorgePapa19

4m4 minutes ago

Great reporting on deep state mole, Stefan Halper, today. Still more to come about him. In order not to oversaturate the news waves, Mifsud news put on hold. He is being held in a NATO country. More soon.

8d25bf  No.5692282

File: 0b4ef24974782ce⋯.jpg (84.3 KB, 736x1143, 736:1143, 60e33c38f8a33939b014173f70….jpg)


Lookin' good, baker.

ea1a76  No.5692283

File: 9f4d3f139b51fe6⋯.jpeg (511.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8478288D-C437-480F-AEA1-5….jpeg)

File: 19783c813ddae55⋯.jpeg (514.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, FF7BE335-C4A5-4805-AE8A-B….jpeg)

File: fdb9395a28d8617⋯.jpeg (501.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, E7C9369D-DE01-4283-9D0C-0….jpeg)

File: d87a25ace7469e7⋯.jpeg (484.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5B9B3927-C930-46E3-B0F0-9….jpeg)

04e526  No.5692284


MUst be a YUGE headline coming …..tomorrow??

4658b7  No.5692285

Shills are glowing at levels not previously seen.

6907d7  No.5692286

File: 9ee1ed7bd15acdb⋯.png (35.11 KB, 615x281, 615:281, PapaD re Misfud 3-14-19.PNG)

Great reporting on deep state mole, Stefan Halper, today.

Still more to come about him.

In order not to oversaturate the news waves, Mifsud news put on hold.

He is being held in a NATO country.

More soon.


aed6c3  No.5692287

File: 6af97da87d3ebd5⋯.png (983.52 KB, 924x1237, 924:1237, conspiracyredpil.png)

File: 24a05a4d9cf8522⋯.jpg (174.28 KB, 619x836, 619:836, greatawakeningredpill.jpg)

File: efdf25d37db68b9⋯.png (553.56 KB, 1168x791, 1168:791, itsallabigclubredpilltruth.png)

File: 083272c582bec67⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 237x382, 237:382, redpill.jpg)


6795c8  No.5692288

>>5692085 lb

So very convenient that the shooter claims Candace as his influence … pick a target, and isolate it: isolate the black conservative female.

Alinski tactics at work … and obviously so.

8234e7  No.5692289


IND PAK rampup - active war. think Clown News Network when Shield became Storm.

or Davy Crocket @ Israel or used to create tsunami.

May this NOT come to pass. Days = Mass Casualty Event (think Indonesian Tsunami or Japan Reactor melt-down)

fe8961  No.5692290

Interesting comment: "These might be migrants" -Prime Minister on victims

a700aa  No.5692291

Please, LORD, cut off Satan and his followers from ALL of their sources of power. Please amplify the power of your people. Please protect your people and keep us safe. Please eliminate any magic loopholes. Take back full control of this world and end the evil. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.

d9e91d  No.5692292

File: 430c204912c7aea⋯.jpg (16.77 KB, 251x201, 251:201, derp 1.jpg)

>>5692244 lb

Be part of the solution and not some bitch-ass whiney faggit soi boi

393d8b  No.5692293


Do something about it faggot

f56b33  No.5692294


Sorry about last bread fight, baker.

e3b0fa  No.5692295

File: fc6a5c80eac80a4⋯.jpg (19.59 KB, 300x249, 100:83, broke it faggot.jpg)


Nigger please……

daaf3a  No.5692296


The shills are alive with the sound of disinformation

3132fb  No.5692297

File: 986b19e8df8fcc8⋯.png (4.23 MB, 1920x1319, 1920:1319, B6107FEF-9610-41BD-9252-6B….png)

e38db9  No.5692298

File: 2e89ee1b7d9d9b9⋯.jpg (12.84 KB, 178x255, 178:255, 2e89ee1b7d9d9b962fc7ac03c6….jpg)

500d7a  No.5692299

File: 1a526ac7ebdad38⋯.png (5.62 KB, 765x85, 9:1, AQ4.PNG)

ChristChurch shooters acct Twitter suspened

3c7aad  No.5692300

File: 9a5dd15eb03db45⋯.png (120.65 KB, 619x591, 619:591, ClipboardImage.png)


Trump tweet from last bread

3cb67d  No.5692301

File: 9e3fa74b10d6cb9⋯.jpg (96.17 KB, 1080x1259, 1080:1259, pi47e911w2m21.jpg)

Thank you, Baker!

11cc95  No.5692302

File: 16e3c9005d86325⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 500x333, 500:333, bum.jpg)


this shits depressing…need more boobs to cheer up the board.

ba36d3  No.5692303

>>5692213 (lb)

Apologies, saw the link you tagged.

No, it was after that clip.


8456d0  No.5692304

File: 16c14f104a8636a⋯.jpg (805.94 KB, 1099x1195, 1099:1195, 1463462536496.jpg)

awe, i upset newsfag

ba4491  No.5692305

File: 8782fb544a102c1⋯.png (494.93 KB, 748x424, 187:106, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)

US Officials Offered My Friend Cash To Take Down Tehran’s Power Grid

Is Venezuela’s blackout part of US cyber warfare against a Latin American adversary? Has the US engaged in cyber warfare against Iranian infrastructure?


0952f2  No.5692306

Anyone having fuckery posting keep getting error but then double post

ecedff  No.5692307

File: efea6277f7d94ec⋯.jpg (104.67 KB, 637x623, 91:89, 1515973905-3.jpg)


its been awhile sorry

91b109  No.5692308

File: 01e847e0288bc9f⋯.png (121.53 KB, 774x1126, 387:563, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)


Yep, that fits perfectly!!! Great job anon!!! Q???

317c1a  No.5692309


>Think Days

<Be vigilant at all times.

<(US, UK, FR, IT)

<See Something.

<Say Something.

c45fd2  No.5692310


Holy shit you aint kidding.

4658b7  No.5692311


Fuck off!

5839be  No.5692312

File: 72d417ee4cab9cd⋯.jpeg (293.11 KB, 1242x528, 207:88, 4455561B-AAF3-4905-BB8F-2….jpeg)


d9e91d  No.5692313

File: fbdbdaf8ff1d4ae⋯.jpeg (14.59 KB, 255x245, 51:49, Pepe ace of mattis.jpeg)

660291  No.5692314


Which site is that? Haven't had an issue on the chan. Are we getting DDOS'd? Seems we're getting so much flak being over the target. Niiiice.

71616d  No.5692315

That's too tenuous of a link to the CONUS shitstorm, 8,000 miles away, to be worth dividing the very little material they currently have to bash the boss. It'll splash in the US for a day or two. But seriously seems to be a case of one really fucked up dude doing some horribly fucked up shit to some really innocent people. Such is life.

198755  No.5692316

File: b2bbbc612c0d02b⋯.png (218.63 KB, 492x258, 82:43, 2019-03-14_23-16-44.png)

>>5692162 lb

Stoopid and her ilk won't be missed…

4791e0  No.5692317

File: d0a9b12144ca86e⋯.png (61.08 KB, 573x265, 573:265, Screenshot 2019-03-14_23-1….png)


7a7974  No.5692318

File: 7df990c5be78f78⋯.png (96.69 KB, 1621x798, 1621:798, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5691725 (Q pb)

Now that FB is done, they're moving on to voting?


398efd  No.5692319


6fbc5e  No.5692320

>>5692221 lb

yes we see all the [shills].

including the ones egging on pissed off anons here.

There was a reason why midterms turned out differently than what was hoped.

street situation getting worse and worse.

Either our enemies go, or we do. It's that simple and people need to start moving faster in that regard.

oh, and yes, we see [you] too.


db41ed  No.5692321

So after talking about DARPA on LifeLog (kek) a post pops up from a site I don't follow talking about "DARPA Proposes an AI that can monitor the whole world for threats"

Like damn DARPA is that a subliminal message?! Mighty odd indeed!

c0b77b  No.5692322

>>5690415 (PB)

Look at their ties. It's like Easter.

685ba9  No.5692323

File: 61a778aa5f791fb⋯.jpeg (213.33 KB, 750x877, 750:877, 3DC475DB-1721-4A70-9F7C-B….jpeg)

File: 083b9d5ebddc481⋯.jpeg (169.54 KB, 750x945, 50:63, 2B44026B-5524-4DBD-B8F6-2….jpeg)

File: 07d38893505d08c⋯.jpeg (342.05 KB, 2048x975, 2048:975, CB9F071E-B7C9-4A31-B15C-9….jpeg)

File: 229b6693260d854⋯.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 8FE08B9E-9AFA-4D7A-8F58-4D….png)

National “Ag” day…

Ag = Silver = 47. Q47 calls for a false flag, which would be appropriate for the DS based on fear of the 3:14 watch signal posted in Q2647.

The watch posted in Q2319 points to 3:42. 42 minutes on the Q-clock points to 3/14, today.

Stay vigilant #Qanon

dd5854  No.5692324

File: 9d786b47272e13a⋯.png (71.62 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 220px-Military_service_mar….png)

File: 52ae7943de99ff4⋯.png (74.58 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 220px-Emblem_of_the_United….png)

File: c4fa191de18ee89⋯.jpg (124.96 KB, 920x920, 1:1, p14105.jpg)

Aus Anon here working on memes for Trump achievement.

Question: Are their any more arms of the defences that should be added to these three?

I know there is Space Force but there are no veterans there yet.

What about Marines?

Are they separate from the navy?

Any others?

ba36d3  No.5692325


The lag is hardcore.

539232  No.5692326

File: 64290bb8c24abc7⋯.png (157.1 KB, 635x628, 635:628, 2shooters.png)

There are for sure at least 2 shooters..


ecb977  No.5692327


Q and Q+,

My mother is dying of brain cancer, we just found out two days ago. Her dying wish was to have her grandson (my son) see her and and be with her until she dies. He’s in DC and only has four months until his service is finished. The Red Cross reached out to his commander and they gave him 10 days. My mother won’t make it until July when his time is up. Can you do something to help make my moms dying wish come true?! The Red Cross got her hospice paperwork today, this is the last greatest gift to be able to give to my mom, she took care of him as a mother when I couldn’t for various reasons. He has ten days and is coming in the morning, can you speak on his behalf to allow him to stay until the end? Please!

14104b  No.5692328

File: 4cc4cf01d2eda49⋯.png (674.59 KB, 1248x14717, 1248:14717, 1301926592b8ywvu gleu5owil….png)

Event Horizon


a700aa  No.5692329

File: 73d944a93f58947⋯.png (1.2 MB, 951x728, 951:728, ClipboardImage(16).png)


Stefan Halper is Fat Bastard

fe8961  No.5692330

NZ Police Commissioner speaking now.

5a3689  No.5692331

File: df3ae9ffe527238⋯.mp4 (14.14 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Peshwa Warrior Trump.mp4)



I needa nap, i'll be back in a couple hourz.







6ff971  No.5692332

File: e7549992a710539⋯.jpg (133.25 KB, 862x500, 431:250, 2w34in[1].jpg)

2ee9da  No.5692333


Found it:

Complete NZ Shooter Manifesto

Full blown psychopath


c28d31  No.5692334

>>5692092 lb

Re-watching clip, trying to count bullet shots:

9 shots first gun (before throwing to ground),

switches to new gun:

~54 shots (before reloading),

~43 shots (after reloading), then clip ends.

7a7974  No.5692335

0109ac  No.5692336

File: c408d7fdf599f1d⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 793x437, 793:437, IMG_8722.JPG)

b07cb8  No.5692337



3e0522  No.5692338

File: 56808387db5f3e2⋯.jpeg (35.77 KB, 214x314, 107:157, 9DC0EFFD-21A4-43DF-9459-B….jpeg)


Pathetic in its obviousness.

9de4b8  No.5692339

The frickin nut has the navy seal copy pasta in his manifesto.

3f89e3  No.5692340

>>5691725 lb

I have a Real Bigfoot…if that helps.

2d81de  No.5692341


The Deep State Shadow Government


8350f9  No.5692342

File: f8ed469cd2e4857⋯.jpg (70.87 KB, 500x750, 2:3, a0f1771218e31f45b98e1eadfe….jpg)


Someone comes after my kids, it has nothing to do with patriotism or exceptionalism. It has everything to do with preseverence.

Go ahead and twist those words. You are a division shill, and that's all there is to it.

500d7a  No.5692343

File: c0f5265ac463946⋯.png (33.51 KB, 571x369, 571:369, AQ6.PNG)


Shooter Manifesto

91fc0e  No.5692344

File: 4d96c32084c90a5⋯.jpeg (306.62 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 9759A66A-6FA4-4C04-941C-1….jpeg)

File: 1e4a621a89f61f5⋯.jpeg (49.07 KB, 614x407, 614:407, 700AD890-6827-44DB-8C4F-2….jpeg)

File: c414888ff9e6604⋯.jpeg (95.56 KB, 625x500, 5:4, B0B62596-3663-413B-8B1C-6….jpeg)

File: 404464db4b3012f⋯.jpeg (58.46 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 2A2480A6-A675-49C2-A7A8-4….jpeg)

File: fe115b308d98f6b⋯.jpeg (169.4 KB, 748x997, 748:997, FD17BE3D-7229-407D-B5E7-1….jpeg)

b6e77e  No.5692345

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN - Full documentary

(It's a video, click it.)




A lot of anons post the truth about the jews, they are not shills, and are trying to help awaken everyone to their evils. They call you "Goyim" (sheep/cattle), they steal from you from the second you are born, every aspect of your life is a jewish trick, they steal our children to rape and eat, they lied about the "Holocaust", they have been kicked out of every country they have ever been invited into, and they blew up the World Trade Center's just for starters. Pay attention to your fellow anons when they try to give you this information. Don't forget Judaism is a death cult, not a religion.


3c7aad  No.5692346

File: 8d0505e20e30c59⋯.png (73.85 KB, 619x537, 619:537, ClipboardImage.png)

Candace Owens replies to a person that said the Christchurch shooter named dropped her.


896667  No.5692347

File: 13b5f2896e60565⋯.gif (425.67 KB, 931x682, 931:682, zoomer.gif)




887918  No.5692348

NEWS is not what is published, it's all that spreads.


050ab9  No.5692349


Nice! You made me smile, Anon.

ea891d  No.5692350


Yeah, nah… He failed at that. Turns out he doesn't care.

b6e77e  No.5692351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Interview with rabbi Abraham Finkelstein

@ 39:54

"We steal between 100,000 to 300,000 children a year just here in this country, we drain their blood and we mix it with our passover bread and then we throw the bodies into the slaughter houses that we own, and we grind up all the bodies in the sausage and the hamburger, McDonalds is one of our favorite outlets. And the people, they eat it for breakfast, they eat their children for lunch, and uh, us jews we gotta do what we do."

Shills will call it a hoax like they do with everything they don't want you to look at, the statements made in the video check out and all you have to do is be paying attention to see it.

db41ed  No.5692352

File: 38174ec7a066c83⋯.png (993.72 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2019-03-14-21-2….png)

And there's the post

3378f0  No.5692353

File: 4419e4ce04fe8c6⋯.png (378.14 KB, 1004x652, 251:163, Screenshot_2019-03-14 Isra….png)

>>5691725 (lb)

Is this big enough, Q?


3ecaff  No.5692354


Being held?

At the request of whom?

89d370  No.5692355


Keep labeling anyone who questions white genocide a psychopath. That's how we get more of these shootings.

b4e91c  No.5692356

File: f61435f8bd2225a⋯.png (883.74 KB, 929x566, 929:566, Psalm Pepe.png)

>>5692225 (lb) I stole that! Forgot to use it..Be on the lookout for it!

>>5692230 (lb) →o7 I got your six, believe that

>>5692255 (lb) → I love this place, thanks Anon

>>5692258 (lb) → Awesome

8456d0  No.5692357

File: 159c49c14035b28⋯.png (216.85 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3f3f3a2d1866df1⋯.png (341.61 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 55c411f116ccc1a⋯.png (417.94 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

dont cry to bakers nigger faggot newsfag

not my fault nobody likes your shit

90ad66  No.5692358


It can always be spun round to say that if fake news had not incorrectly reported PDJT as a white supremacist racist, this tragedy could have been avoided.

02dc4b  No.5692359


You don't see shit except what you're here to try to do. But everyone else can see it too. Glad this board is tracked - keep posting.

ed9973  No.5692360

File: ec81006ec49820b⋯.png (337.34 KB, 772x803, 772:803, Mifsud.png)

File: fa2d5ae677e1758⋯.jpg (374.16 KB, 1189x1200, 1189:1200, MifsudMap.jpg)


Mifsud is still alive? Surprising.

b09b23  No.5692361

>>5692224 (/pb)

Thank you for your words Daniel.

035fe4  No.5692362

File: 33e68ed44f0ff8d⋯.png (163.36 KB, 680x744, 85:93, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cdf7f164da7c3ae⋯.png (547.78 KB, 994x867, 994:867, ClipboardImage.png)



4658b7  No.5692363


All of Breitbart Mr. President?

Look at their top headline.

5a3689  No.5692364

File: 85941e7b34e5f9d⋯.jpg (85.85 KB, 1092x585, 28:15, _KEKFORCE.JPG)

File: 0d683a6a223f878⋯.jpg (521.85 KB, 987x788, 987:788, growingstronger.jpg)

4c4942  No.5692365


Yea. For a few minutes when I tried to go back to pb

0f9372  No.5692366

File: aef5438416b5f97⋯.jpg (74.03 KB, 400x400, 1:1, _gwskrr7ja0y.jpg)


>lag protocol engaged

horrible here also, Godspeed Baker!

660291  No.5692367


hopefully this person tweeting doesn't end up dead with 2 bullet holes in the back deeming it a suicide. Just like the Vegas shooting. 5 survivors saying multiple shootings died AFTER coming back from that concert. Most, if not all, lived in CA.

d49df0  No.5692368

>>5691725 Qlb

Man… what sorta fuckery do they have up their sleeves?

school shootings? mass shootings? bombs in mail? bombs in cars?

will they have one of their own killed/sacrificed in order to dominate headlines and further victimhood status?

48811b  No.5692369


Looking at the websites for the mosques in nz they don’t look to be used.

Getting another report of a shooting at a school in chch.

Currently 418 pm in nz so schools will be closed

Got link to shooting vid

Can’t get it to work


093593  No.5692370

8350f9  No.5692371

File: 7d3d31ef8f0ac92⋯.gif (676.22 KB, 500x212, 125:53, 7d3d31ef8f0ac928b02548d228….gif)


All good. TY Baker!!!

91fc0e  No.5692372


Apprehended (captured)

6fbc5e  No.5692373


false flag it is then.

guided and prodded I presume.

we know the game.

Q and POTUS the only reason we are all staying chill.

definitely starting to smell like organized false flag type.

cca25f  No.5692374


> Mifsud news put on hold. He is being held in a NATO country. More soon.

Enjoying la dolce vita in Italia?

db41ed  No.5692375

Another thing I noticed was the use of 12 by POTUS and Q the past several days and today it was 12 "republicans" that sided with the demonrats

02dc4b  No.5692376


You notice that a lot of people are ALREADY lying in the corner when he comes into the room?

3ee150  No.5692377

File: 13c719c7c4fcf25⋯.png (103.93 KB, 1263x491, 1263:491, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5692155 pb

Hubris is a helluva drug, anon. Miss Lisa says he's a man of extraordinary intelligence. That's some high-ass praise there, like he really is a fucking Bond super-villain or something kek.


FVEY message seems likely given the NZ shooting.

63e0c9  No.5692378

So many people I talk to still just say that the wall isn't being built. Q could you get Trump to post a video from a drone to show the walls construction? Maybe sped up or something but a long shot just to show that the wall is in fact being built?

e4c724  No.5692379

File: 6909d9ac5ad3672⋯.jpg (53.41 KB, 1080x742, 540:371, FB_IMG_1552618563810.jpg)


They are also trying to blame 8ch

54a125  No.5692380

Child cancer clinic accused of infecting over 100 patients with Hepatitis C

A Russian hospital specializing in treating children with cancer stands accused of years of negligence, with over 100 patients reportedly infected with Hepatitis C. Management has denied responsibility.

The hospital, which is located in Blagoveshchensk in Russia’s Far East, is currently being investigated by federal law enforcement. A probe was launched after parents who claimed their children had been infected filed a complaint. The scandal came to public attention last December, with the reported number of victims growing from a few to 26 to over 100 on Thursday.

The latest accusation comes from Kommersant newspaper, which cited one of the parents involved in the case, who asked for anonymity to shield her from possible pressure.

“After this got into the press, more parents came up saying their children got infected with Hepatitis C after being treated there. We stopped the list at 100 cases, which happened between 2013 and December 2018. In the last three years it was about 60 people.”

The newspaper said its source involved in the investigation confirmed that some 70 people are considered victims in the case and that the evidence points to a single source of infection. The blame presumably lies with a neglect of safety measures when performing blood transfusions.

The region’s governor responded to the story by saying that the first case of Hepatitis C infection dates back to 2008 or 2009. “Fortunately, this disease is treatable, but this gives some serious fodder to think how it happened and what can be done to avoid it in the future,” he said back in December.

Dr. Ruslan Belous, who heads the hospital, said the scandal comes from an overreaction of parents to the hospital improving its diagnostics rates.

“The source of the infection has not been established yet. Children with Hepatitis C in addition to being treated [at this hospital] also received treatment in hospitals in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Adler, which involved multiple invasive procedures,” he added.


3f89e3  No.5692381




Time for another upgrade !!

ea1a76  No.5692382

File: 9cdcbbfc3a118f2⋯.jpeg (518 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 6C2248F5-4264-48ED-97B5-E….jpeg)

File: 8b56db6b4d345ae⋯.jpeg (518.78 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, C7748AFE-E7CB-4E7C-883A-3….jpeg)

File: 7818d44bdbe0eb3⋯.jpeg (514.21 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 0A2913A8-5C19-401F-96D2-3….jpeg)

6907d7  No.5692383

File: 8e3607ea06763e3⋯.png (361.9 KB, 603x903, 201:301, Carter Page re Two Tiered ….PNG)

File: a21b54af3fae646⋯.png (241.64 KB, 595x772, 595:772, Thorpe re Graham Stmt 3-14….PNG)

… But perhaps that same old Two-Tiered Justice System may soon come to an end:



504a9f  No.5692384

So we’re down to this…

FF in Christchurch?

Is this movie a Tarantino? I mean, how obvious is Christchurch?

f001e6  No.5692385

>>5692267, >>5692272

Ty bakers

>seems to get worse over the bread, and is the worst around 700 posts and when baking

Yeah has been that way for me often as not for awhile, makes for stressful bakin'.

ea891d  No.5692386


What would you suggest? Perhaps, fighting in court for 5 years straight with minimal assistance only from family? You mean lie that?

Or do you mean, kill someone, destroying my own life and still failing to protect my daughter?

Or do mean, run off with her and be charged with "child-trafficking", so you fags can claim your "winning" by taking down "sick" child-traffickers?

Elaborate, hot-shot…

7da37a  No.5692387



584a2c  No.5692388


Something is very suspicious about the manifesto.

096066  No.5692389


Disregard any negative to a common sense posting, anon. Any sane man or woman would defend their child to the end without thinking.

6795c8  No.5692390

File: dff3dc8dc57715b⋯.png (730.37 KB, 620x814, 310:407, ClipboardImage.png)

Thank you Baker.

959a45  No.5692391

File: fc7d1b4b0f6e688⋯.jpg (275.38 KB, 1127x511, 161:73, NoForce3.jpg)

ee88d2  No.5692392

File: ae3f566b6df1ac7⋯.jpg (284.84 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Enjoy-the-Show-PepeMOAB.jpg)

File: 95c1594aae11634⋯.jpg (347.69 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Enjoy-the-Show-Q3014-WW-Pe….jpg)

File: 25dbaff5f692641⋯.jpg (466.67 KB, 1200x1577, 1200:1577, Stand-Up-Liberty.jpg)

File: 6777951dfb8d0ea⋯.jpg (590.21 KB, 1200x1577, 1200:1577, Strong-Together-Liberty-QA.jpg)

File: a5b934d3618b35e⋯.jpg (764.25 KB, 1200x1577, 1200:1577, We-the-People-Take-Back-Li….jpg)

6fbc5e  No.5692393


oh they know me.

Which is why we all know they know [you].

Trust me, we all got good at figuring out shills, no matter how they post.

Keep it up, son.

873c25  No.5692394

File: 9be6d668a5297e5⋯.jpg (453.27 KB, 1079x1524, 1079:1524, Screenshot_20190314-232124….jpg)

File: f629cd473451606⋯.jpg (524.31 KB, 1079x1724, 1079:1724, Screenshot_20190314-231949….jpg)


209058  No.5692395

8chan onion in case they take us down:

Download Tor browser here


8ch's onion site. When the domain goes down point the Tor browser to this address and you will be able to access the site.


Library: inclibuql666c5c4.onion


d09912  No.5692396

File: 0c042685d035a92⋯.jpg (18.91 KB, 277x103, 277:103, IMG_6802.jpg)

68b247  No.5692397


No (p/b), nice slide. Q is not Jesus christ, you should pray instead.

702db3  No.5692398


Or he had a talented team of writers/handlers

2ee9da  No.5692399


Troll on dumbdumb

f56b33  No.5692400


Laughing may not produce the best optics.

d4fb63  No.5692401

File: 6601daa1ee806be⋯.png (17.41 KB, 1012x482, 506:241, 5324a18358448fd8fa8334dce4….png)

Tonight's shills are brought to you by…

d65d11  No.5692402

File: 5cfaac719d38498⋯.png (85.07 KB, 1169x418, 1169:418, iHeartMedia.png)

Live coverage.

They're saying thousands of people on lockdown.

Can anyone from NZ confirm that this is "New Zealand's #1 Talk Station"?


iHeartRadio Awards 2019 red carpet was tonight.


76c7dd  No.5692403

File: 024ff8318a6ad23⋯.jpg (63.84 KB, 1034x831, 1034:831, 2019-02-18 05.35.13 res.cl….jpg)

Q. The Great Awakening; 'Darkness To Light.' -Bringing the truth out safely.

Imagine the ultimate difficult task; namely that of deciding what may eventually be revealed & what must stay concealed for the greater good.

We understand some truths would without a doubt, undermine the very fabric of society.

& that some truths revealed will cause domino effects, that would seed then spawn, terrible troubles in the years to come.

Anons get that.

Anons absolutely believe that there are soon some amazing revelations, facts and truths, to be brought into the public realm at last.

We excitedly anticipate this, knowing the light, justice, change & goodness that will certainly follow.

So our prayers for those deciding what does, are extremely important now.

For those decisions are the most weighty & paradigm changing, that could ever come before 'The Pen' & team.

'Darkness To Light'. Prayer is needed more than ever before.


317c1a  No.5692404


Mola Ram!

It takes heart

17cb23  No.5692405


Except-what time was it in NZ-what day?

c45fd2  No.5692406


>Is this big enough, Q?

Q will wait until they blow up a God damned stadium to tell us..then he'll tell us to be patient..almost there…yada yada yada

3af734  No.5692407


Meh, that's the millionth time that's happened

d7c05c  No.5692408

File: affb8bb0e2b150a⋯.jpg (112.12 KB, 598x700, 299:350, moloch39.jpg)

11cc95  No.5692409

File: 70ce9b76ac21427⋯.jpg (43.7 KB, 818x380, 409:190, rbg.JPG)

happy birthday mr president

01bc54  No.5692410


What a brilliant way to control the masses. Make them think they are free.

3fead5  No.5692411



Yep, noticed that. Could give credence to the two shooter theory if he came through after.

52af05  No.5692412

>>5692256 pb

ah ya got us again, mossad…ya go us

so was this DS payback for Aunt Becky ?

whatre you planning for when Diane from 'Cheers' gets arrested ?

216fac  No.5692413


So page isn't singing??

3ecaff  No.5692414

500d7a  No.5692415

File: e442f280fb1b630⋯.png (12.15 KB, 900x129, 300:43, AQ7.PNG)



They'll label "Right-Wing Extremism"

Spread if needed.

d09912  No.5692416


so not all capital letters DEAD?

d4fb63  No.5692417


CO going rogue.

Pushing white vs black heavily lately.

Not surprised.

3ce7a0  No.5692418



d9e91d  No.5692419

File: 7fd55fba09e909b⋯.jpg (16.94 KB, 255x153, 5:3, Pepe gonna make it with my….jpg)


bad on my end so can't imagine what you have

896667  No.5692420


exactly this: >>5692407

they did this last month, last year, last decade, last century, etc etc etc

fuck them both

396abb  No.5692421

File: f188cce61ebca5f⋯.png (156.31 KB, 770x636, 385:318, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)

File: 02b9c8075399c62⋯.png (649.32 KB, 661x781, 661:781, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)

File: d7548fb13899f7e⋯.png (229.36 KB, 655x747, 655:747, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)


48811b  No.5692422


Nz. Reports of car bomb now in nz

Has not gone off yet

how the fuck do they know it’s a bomb

ea891d  No.5692423


FUCK YOU, you assumptive, degenerate, piece of shit… You don't know me or what I have been through, FIGHTING for the protection of my daughter, you coward, son of a bitch.

You don't know shit. (You) are EXACTLY what is wrong with this nation. Fucking complacent, apathetic, degenerate, loser, you are.

02dc4b  No.5692424


Yeah, but there was no blood. Anywhere. Seems like there would be blood if people are being shot.

b4e91c  No.5692425

File: 7ef91051b8d942b⋯.jpg (15.45 KB, 255x195, 17:13, patriotic pepe.jpg)

>>5692203 (lb) Thanks for throwing it on the socials man. Couldn't do it without you guys.

Just awesome!

37d9fd  No.5692426

File: 5e8c7130855afb6⋯.gif (3.75 MB, 620x311, 620:311, CourageousVictoriousAmeric….gif)

File: 417da7909f278bd⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 216x190, 108:95, 6a010534b1db25970b0192aa7a….gif)

File: f34da38b3d49f4d⋯.gif (968.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, lorentz3d.gif)

Look for the pattern in the chaos

896667  No.5692427




see, now it's fine

but when I was baking, it was almost impossible to post around 680/700, and really hard to bake

89d370  No.5692428

File: 1ce243fec71b222⋯.jpg (7.49 KB, 300x168, 25:14, download.jpg)

<Why did you carry out the attack

>To take revenge for Ebba Akerlund

f9ee23  No.5692429


I hope it's Poland.

3f89e3  No.5692430


Lets take a vote

Who votes for military takeover of DC

and forget about it…

I do…

bb7778  No.5692431

shootings happen in NZ now and again (usually gang related) no international media coverage. This one happens in a mosque and it goes right across the world instantly. That is very strange, spoopy, something not right…..NZ Anon

660291  No.5692432


Down the rabbit hole we go? I suggest sandboxing the adventure with a VM (virtual machine) ISOs are free if you're using Linux distros. Also in the VM, use a VPN….thank me later. Q, can you hire ya boi? Yeeeesh.

9ffb35  No.5692433


she already sang her song. it's in the transcripts. The news is lying and saying she denied interference when she in fact admitted interference from the Obama DOJ

76c7dd  No.5692434


Prayers being said, so that whatever the outcome of your requests; peace and comfort will be over you & all yours.

In Jesus name. Amen.

5884d2  No.5692435


2f5d1d  No.5692436

File: b0d2fe34bafe0b4⋯.png (56.65 KB, 943x643, 943:643, ViewPageSource.png)


Latest Q Brackets contained 63 characters. Verify with Right-Click->View Page Source

47f41e  No.5692437




fe8961  No.5692438

NZ Police: Victims at two locations, both are mosques.

e7fe29  No.5692439

So we're saying theoretically, the NZ shooter made no statement of contact with another or indication of any on his stream/chan post that it was a twofer event.

If anything, his chan post makes it clear it's "one lone nut".

But there are two mosque shooters at the exact same time…


b12612  No.5692440

Egofaggotry literally kills

Disgusting trait that lurks in almost everyone

396abb  No.5692441

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


864a22  No.5692442



That's fear we're smelliin'

97d03c  No.5692443

7da37a  No.5692444

When we do get FF unless, unless they call it off because we know and are preparing, make to to look at it from a was this person apart of any mk ultra brainwashing. That's how they like to do it. They activate these people.

9de4b8  No.5692445


Well written American English for an Australian.

6fbc5e  No.5692446


>Keep labeling anyone who questions white genocide a psychopath.

The key is that they put good people in utterly hopeless situation and make use of them like this.

While keep on retarding our people efforts upstairs to make sure shit goes down like this.

We know.

But we also know that ultimately these fucking scum answer to nothing but fear, violence, and/or implied threat there of.

Which is all we are hoping from Q and POTUS against our enemies.

We stay the course…and hope that many more talented people who don't give a fuck and help out however possible to make the world great again joins folks in DC.

But for sure, our enemies just need to feel fear and pain.

World is full of liars.

We are sick of it, period.

We stay the course.

c837e3  No.5692447

Need Beto Doomer memes

83af37  No.5692448

File: 9bb89cbbcee8059⋯.png (528.21 KB, 1024x555, 1024:555, ClipboardImage.png)


DARPA AI plane wingmen, DARPA AI threat neutralization, supersoldier genetically modified humans, 5g GRID that can TRACK YOUR EVERY FUCKING MOVE even in your own home, chemtrail smart dust on everything.. but hey.. SOOOOOOOON some deep state baddies will be locked up… they won't even need FEMA camps.. just send deathdrones to anyone who doesn't trust the plan enough…

050ab9  No.5692449


Thanks Anon

bb7778  No.5692450


It's Friday 4.25pm 15/3/19

b68f00  No.5692451

File: fe4e21335e67012⋯.jpg (187.23 KB, 800x1177, 800:1177, RNZAF 757-2K2.jpg)

File: 0a24b13b27c9691⋯.jpg (144.54 KB, 1200x565, 240:113, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….jpg)

BOth RNZAF 757 2K2C aircraft are aloft

not sure if that is unusual


873c25  No.5692452


Not sure if credible… could be fake news

168d51  No.5692453

File: f62bca1420be811⋯.webm (620.75 KB, 608x892, 152:223, 1552618280288.webm)

second shooter?

2ee9da  No.5692454


Anything is possible these days.

Human beings are MKUltra'd night and day.

Can tell from some of the shitposter's on here

Some still need a huge red pill.

They've no clue just how mind fucked they are.

f56b33  No.5692455


Fish have a strong odor.

6ff971  No.5692456


Q DID say that attacks will get more and more fierce and more intense.

8d25bf  No.5692457

File: 45ae5a0882c83ec⋯.jpg (118.52 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 45ae5a0882c83ec274a3cce52e….jpg)


>bad on my end

Have a nicer end, anon.

d4fb63  No.5692458

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hannity tonight…

Kek, Tucker starts show with "Battlestations ready."


500d7a  No.5692459


John Podesta just visited NZ.

Look what he brought with him, misery and death.

ee88d2  No.5692460

File: 17e7f910c685d7d⋯.png (18.73 KB, 789x224, 789:224, 8chan-Onion-Address.png)


TY Anon.

Screen-capped for reference.

096066  No.5692461


Shill self-revealed.

Note to employer: Not getting your $8.50/hour out of this teenager.

6795c8  No.5692462

File: e290c3f63362b90⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1064x1600, 133:200, ClipboardImage.png)


His twin sister likes her some reverse cowgirl.

3c7aad  No.5692463


Where are the posts they are talking about?

cca25f  No.5692464

File: 7a447cbce3c03ac⋯.png (744.88 KB, 1240x1244, 310:311, ClipboardImage.png)

More proof that Google is evil. There are some things that should never be known. Google is tempting the time space continuum. Results could be catastrophic.

"A Google employee just broke the world record for calculating pi (just in time for #PiDay)"


d9e91d  No.5692465


been my permanent problem since last fall. Hate saying this but is what it is. That's why I do the assist. Got to do something.

11cc95  No.5692466

File: 873d2b7d550cab9⋯.png (2.34 MB, 1550x1170, 155:117, aac7b33d7671bf6ad044f81f8d….png)


Not big enough to pull headlines/news away.

Think days.


Me tinks this is it for rbg…this will flood the news cycle for daze…more ammo used.

8350f9  No.5692467

File: 658c1203b4ea9c9⋯.gif (1008 KB, 200x106, 100:53, 200w.gif)


I like you. You can stay.

d09912  No.5692468


8chan home of: https://8ch.net/index.html


0109ac  No.5692469

File: 1277ea476b858a1⋯.jpg (45.3 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_8724.JPG)

2d81de  No.5692470

Q - what was the purpose of the G/T or GATE program?

4a4a59  No.5692471

File: 9f98305b2cc043b⋯.jpeg (60.74 KB, 343x394, 343:394, 711BF814-EDCA-439F-9D97-6….jpeg)

198755  No.5692472

File: ec7fadfa85ca897⋯.png (385.19 KB, 668x1196, 167:299, 2019-03-14_23-26-44.png)

d4fb63  No.5692473

Stay focused anons, don't let them take over the narrative.

3e0522  No.5692474

File: 86626d72d1bb9cd⋯.jpeg (27.12 KB, 400x312, 50:39, 423E0FF7-933E-4920-8956-3….jpeg)

e210ce  No.5692475

File: 39b31d755c994e0⋯.png (66.9 KB, 201x255, 67:85, 231f6568578ddf49e9aaf3b118….png)


Marines Core & Coast Guard would be nice.

685ba9  No.5692476

File: ed50aab3115af0a⋯.jpeg (81.19 KB, 750x480, 25:16, 007BC978-18D1-4E86-8503-F….jpeg)

File: 6881c82e2113377⋯.jpeg (340.44 KB, 750x999, 250:333, A4924A80-727F-4362-91EA-3….jpeg)



Q just said NZ wasn’t big enough to change the narrative, and he pointed out US, UK, FR and IT. Not NZ.

This is the /pb Q pointed to:


c2b53c  No.5692477

File: 0052a26ab25377e⋯.jpg (267.44 KB, 848x676, 212:169, enjoyshow.jpg)

896667  No.5692478


oh wow, I've never dealt with this until now

of course the threads don't load sometimes, but have been lately actually.

71616d  No.5692479


I get it now. This is what Global Deepstate does around the world to influence elections. This was done to influence NZ elections pitting "white's" against "non-whites/immigrants". It's a PsyOp against NZ. The clowns have clowns in clowntown around all downtowns Sick fucks. I hope our allies know which ones are doing this to them. It's not the people of the US. We're being held hostage by an evil cabal, just like all other paper money countries around the world. There are too few good guys to list, but Trump is one of them. You need to figure out how to break your own chains, like we are doing now. Call us when we get settled.

8456d0  No.5692480

#7279 posted in 7280

>>5691734 NZ shooters twatter acct

>>5691688 Doomed Boeing Swung Up And Down Hundreds Of Feet

>>5691637 Podesta twat - Australia

>>5691585 WaPo headline in Q link article - clickbait? nothing in article?

>>5692061 New Comey Twat

>>5691965 New Q news broadcast

>>5692034, >>5692005, >>5691966, >>5691958 NZ updates, contd incl symblosim

>>5692086 Dual Mosques attacked? more shooters?

>>5692129 New DJT -links to Breitbart

>>5692117 John Podesta praises 'superstar' NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (march 11)

5eaeb8  No.5692481

File: 5b0a83b73153ab1⋯.png (549.41 KB, 2083x1043, 2083:1043, THINK MIRRORS.png)

398efd  No.5692482


[-4] :)

c45fd2  No.5692483


You’re a shill.

You whine like a shill. You lie like a shill. You glow like a shill. You troll like a shill.

You’re a shill.

4658b7  No.5692484

c2b53c  No.5692485

File: 74dadf05e62ef86⋯.jpg (139.43 KB, 916x720, 229:180, wrwy.jpg)

6e028c  No.5692486

File: e04864030ec0559⋯.png (22.63 KB, 532x303, 532:303, ClipboardImage.png)

>>5692277 @ELINTNews

Massive casualties in New Zealand attacks, major attacks ongoing against Hamas in Gaza and now DPRK considering ending denuclearisation talks with the US with Kim Jong Un set to make an announcement. What just happened over the last 7 hours to the world?

4AM Meeting try harder to become MSM again

All it´s about Power

864a22  No.5692487

File: 874616fe57aedbb⋯.jpg (12.11 KB, 255x247, 255:247, aa6e573b5618f6c3e6fb52c4cf….jpg)


You gots many frenz here & we're proud of you're work.

584a2c  No.5692488


The way he answers the trump question is telling…

56503d  No.5692489


How can we possibly be the news when we have no idea what is really going on?

We have one NZ anon with us now filling us in on the local news. We don't KNOW any more than anyone else.

d9e91d  No.5692490

File: 188bace7ccf86b9⋯.jpg (120.72 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, KANSAS.jpg)


and what an end it is!

thank's needed some humor

ea891d  No.5692491


Oh, your the smart, tough guy, huh? Tell us, tough guy? What if there is more than one abuser and you cannot get them all at once, meaning your child would be left WITHOUT protection, after you are thrown in prison for murdering the first?

Then what, hot-shot?

You haven't thought this through… Shut the fuck up.

3ee150  No.5692492

File: 2902a324d8e7510⋯.png (296.73 KB, 657x527, 657:527, EyeSpyPepe.png)

I've seen literally nothing on American MSM about the shooting yet…WTF? Shouldn't these fucks be eating this up? Just an observation.that they more worried about the National Emergency Vote and Muh College Bribery.

17cb23  No.5692493


Thought he was in Aus. We can't forget Fat Tony has an org down there.

3f89e3  No.5692494

File: 12d9f3b77dd317b⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 431x337, 431:337, Annotation 2019-03-14 2227….jpg)


daaf3a  No.5692495


Thank you. Kek

6da603  No.5692496

>>5692167 (lb)

maybe but we've got all the firepower.

ff474d  No.5692497


its da shewzzzz

is this part of the movie?

ee88d2  No.5692498

File: bc4db7abe7a17ef⋯.jpg (273.77 KB, 683x512, 683:512, Something-BIG-message.jpg)

ecb977  No.5692499


Thank you, my heart is breaking but the Lord is near to those of a broken heart, thanks Anon

4a4a59  No.5692500

File: 6afd2d66ad388ab⋯.jpeg (135.12 KB, 888x500, 222:125, 2FB6C731-3102-417F-A1FD-3….jpeg)

9daca7  No.5692501




Anons don't condone violence. If they are trying to tie this sadistic individual into Q and the great awakening, a positive movement that wants to see criminals brought to justice, then this was CLEARLY a false flag. These people are sick.

Rest In Peace to the innocent people.

c28d31  No.5692502


Thought was odd at first, but who knows.

He walks down the hallway shooting a couple,

then shots another couple entering main room.

Aims gun at group in corner (people still standing), people fall as he unloads.

Then he swings around to other corner (people laying down this time), then unloads.

Lack of screaming? true, but maybe it was just Shock

Lack of blood? true.

I remember watching gore vids of stabbings with a fucktonnee of bright red blood, almost like food colouring in water.

Then again, some cop-shootings on liveleak don't show much blood.

212f31  No.5692503

I've heard this duck fart in the water before. DS FF before ANTICIPATED bad news……..then no news.

8456d0  No.5692504


Au Ag - Denver Airport

5884d2  No.5692505


yes there are 2 at 2 diff mosques.. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9OMtd_1552616183

794536  No.5692506


No dust from the walls being shot through either. Also, people just fon't fall down like a brick, motionless, after being shot.

15171d  No.5692507

File: 59f68bcbc1e2035⋯.jpg (53.84 KB, 1300x863, 1300:863, 9292978-apple-core-on-a-wh….jpg)


Marine Core


bab48b  No.5692508

Make your intentions known anons

It’s very important


I pray for peace

I pray for evil to remain weak

I pray for love to find those who have succumb to evil

I pray humanity unites in love vibration

I pray for justice

I pray the world wakes up

Nothing will stop us

Nothing will stop the power of love (God)

Evil grows weak

We are strong

89d370  No.5692509


POTUS is 100% down with the white genocide plan.

Did you not listen to his SOTU or CPAC speeches?

2ee9da  No.5692510


Was nothing Anon about that dude.

He let it be known exactly what he was going to do and live streamed it in his own name.

584a2c  No.5692511


It's now the top MSM news story.

9e3df3  No.5692512

Q 3041


>>The unsealing of the first several indictments will bring about 'unity' and 'change' -

>>'change' that 'we' can believe in.

>>Returning 'POWER' to the PEOPLE.

>>Returning 'THE RULE OF LAW' to OUR LAND.

POTUS / Q+ Twat


Kerik went on, “Until the attorney general takes some real action, one in holding them accountable and then going back to look at Hillary Clinton and that entire debacle of the breach of security with the emails, the destruction of evidence, obstruction, [and] conspiracy. Until the attorney general goes back to investigate and prosecute those crimes, there isn’t an American in this country that will ever believe the FBI or the Justice Department again.”


Q > 3041 > 'first several indictments' > change we can believe in > return RULE OF LAW

Q+ > Twat > Kerik > AG Barr > real action > crooked DOJ / FBI players

Q > 3059



Indictments will take the fight back to the DS fake DOJ & pawns

Directly setting the stage to go after Hussein & Clintons next.

Loretta Lynch can directly implicate Hussein and Clintons in a single action.

She better hope she has a good body guard... Did [LL] just become an [active] target?

9a321a  No.5692513


Really any surprise that there is a shooting the same day that Strzok transcripts are released

e4c724  No.5692514


Yes true. Gab was dropped because of the shooter that planned and posted on that platform. Go Daddy dropped them. They got a new platform. They keep saying 8chan is home of Q….like there isn't 500 other topics. I have no doubt they want to take us down.

a2ff4a  No.5692515

File: e34bae566cf8930⋯.jpg (135.06 KB, 833x500, 833:500, MMB.jpg)

465ef8  No.5692516


Yeah, I got one tonight. Haven't seen that in my recollection.

48811b  No.5692517



Nzanon here.

If this is a ff it will be obvious

Nz does not have the skills to cover this up.

It’s still1970 here

d096d7  No.5692518

File: 7eda7a3c4375855⋯.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x1983, 414:661, 890DD0E4-0822-4AC1-8BE6-1….jpeg)


685ba9  No.5692519


That too…

And of course AG Barr…

6907d7  No.5692520

File: c8aadc512787044⋯.png (37.15 KB, 593x308, 593:308, Rudy re PA 3-14-19.PNG)

Two rockets fired on Tel Aviv from Gaza. Hamas said they didn’t do it.

Well then there must be another terrorist group in the PA intent on the destruction of our ally Israel.

There should be no statehood for PA until they show they can control terrorists.


9ceb21  No.5692521

File: 1555a707e2e30af⋯.jpg (296.09 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20190314-222629….jpg)

4 year old sings National Anthem


d4fb63  No.5692522



Might be time to watch Tucker daily as well.

83e785  No.5692523


Clowns in action — try harder to dodge what’s coming….

050ab9  No.5692524


Just like fake killery in Alabama.

8456d0  No.5692525

File: 84731efba77587e⋯.png (926.87 KB, 971x932, 971:932, ClipboardImage.png)


and thats an airplane FAM


f56b33  No.5692526


Then why did he have so many kids?

Actions > words

255cfb  No.5692527



RBG dead? Whenever they announce it she pulls everything for days.

It has to be a mogul. Maybe Priest steps down? They could release a bit of information to get a jump…

ea891d  No.5692528


Spoken like a true, "patriot"… Man, I don't know why I thought you were a bunch of incapable, degenerate, lemmings, who don't lift a finger to enact any real justice. When you share stuff like this in response to an American who is being abused by the corrupt gov't you claim to be fighting against, you can tell you're a real "patriot".

4a4a59  No.5692529

File: 67169d9d91bdc0d⋯.jpeg (244.17 KB, 1500x1018, 750:509, 49C4785E-192E-4B8B-A9B9-6….jpeg)

ea1a76  No.5692530

File: a1b5e78c749a05c⋯.jpeg (26.69 KB, 750x613, 750:613, F19069E8-1FCD-4F8A-B806-7….jpeg)

02dc4b  No.5692531


Yeah, I know what you're saying. Just thought there would be 'some' blood at least. Weird.

97d03c  No.5692532

File: ed6cb0cf6c21d0a⋯.jpeg (117.32 KB, 655x430, 131:86, nobody.jpeg)

3d9d12  No.5692533

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Beware the Eides of March. The shooter chose the anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar.

And he drove during his runaway to a 1968 Vietnam War Era song. Fire.

500d7a  No.5692534

File: 69a1f9d8fabb952⋯.png (610.09 KB, 550x563, 550:563, AQ CallB.png)


Yep, we have our own battles, interventionist mentality only helps the Globalists, NOT the people. Godspeed New Zealand!

3fead5  No.5692535


No, you are right. The lack of blood is indeed very odd. I was just following another line of thought about multiple shooters.

With all those white walls, you’d certainly expect some spatter.

8350f9  No.5692536


You have no idea what I've been through, sugar tits. Perhaps you haven't thought this through?

17cb23  No.5692537


I was responding to anon who was trying to fit the FF on the clock for 3/14.

Brexit is the big game.

1e69c5  No.5692538


try it the easy way - calculate pi using base 12

cca25f  No.5692539


They need to take down facebook first then we can talk about 8ch. Live streaming trumps everything else.

9a321a  No.5692540


Honestly none of those surprise me in the least

685ba9  No.5692541

c0b77b  No.5692542



7165af  No.5692543

File: fe463f88935c7f5⋯.png (14.13 KB, 537x119, 537:119, tarrant templar.png)


The fuck?

5144da  No.5692544

File: a3a07a2aa153bca⋯.png (209.25 KB, 492x276, 41:23, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bfde39700602363⋯.png (227.85 KB, 536x303, 536:303, ClipboardImage.png)

OMG!………. Christchurch Shooter Livestreamed MASS SHOOTING on Facebook! — DOZENS DEAD!





f56b33  No.5692545


FFs have been happening since Kings and Queens.

89d370  No.5692546


The guy is a hero in my book. He is saving his country from an invasion when there are no political / electoral options left.

050ab9  No.5692547



9a34fd  No.5692548

>>5691725 /pb

But the outrage! They're persecuting muslims! /sarcasm


6fbc5e  No.5692549


US msm etc have a vested interest in keeping their muzzy assets emboldened instead of letting every sandnigger know they are going to get fucking killed if they keep fucking with people.

There actually have been vast upticks in arrests of these scum since POTUS got elected, but msm doesn't mention any of the arrests.

Granted we have been extremely frustrated but dig a bit and you will see that it wasn't just POTUS rhetoric that clamped down on the enemies.

msm of course has a mission to not report any of these things, but use other means to keep the assets motivated - trump is going to be impeached, trump this trump that, Q is a larp, demographic trend is irreversible etc.

096066  No.5692550

NZ Shootings?

Are we also being trained to not overreact, wait and look for sauce, and THEN post findings?

We ARE the media.

Time to start acting like it.

393d8b  No.5692551


Anyone who rushes to condemn violence like this is a fucking pussy. People fucking die all the time. How about you feel bad for the poor faggots who burned to death in CA, or those who got murdered by illegals because our government has turned its back on its citizens.

Fuck you. Fuck them. I'm happy a bunch of faggot muzzles got murdered. Serves them right. I hope it happens again and again.

147baf  No.5692552



Potus refers to the Constitution and says We The People.

The 12th sentence of the Constitution says:

The Seats of the Senators of the first Class shall be vacated at the Expiration of the second Year, of the second Class at the Expiration of the fourth Year, and of the third Class at the Expiration of the sixth Year, so that one third may be chosen every second Year; and if Vacancies happen by Resignation, or otherwise, during the Recess of the Legislature of any State, the Executive thereof may make temporary Appointments until the next Meeting of the Legislature, which shall then fill such Vacancies.

The 12th paragraph says:

The Senate shall chuse their other Officers, and also a President pro tempore, in the Absence of the Vice President, or when he shall exercise the Office of President of the United States.

This is the 12th subject addressed:

Article. II.

Section. 1.

The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows

Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.

The Electors shall meet in their respective States, and vote by Ballot for two Persons, of whom one at least shall not be an Inhabitant of the same State with themselves. And they shall make a List of all the Persons voted for, and of the Number of Votes for each; which List they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the Seat of the Government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate shall, in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the Certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. The Person having the greatest Number of Votes shall be the President, if such Number be a Majority of the whole Number of Electors appointed; and if there be more than one who have such Majority, and have an equal Number of Votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately chuse by Ballot one of them for President; and if no Person have a Majority, then from the five highest on the List the said House shall in like Manner chuse the President. But in chusing the President, the Votes shall be taken by States, the Representation from each State having one Vote; A quorum for this Purpose shall consist of a Member or Members from two thirds of the States, and a Majority of all the States shall be necessary to a Choice. In every Case, after the Choice of the President, the Person having the greatest Number of Votes of the Electors shall be the Vice President. But if there should remain two or more who have equal Votes, the Senate shall chuse from them by Ballot the Vice President.

The Congress may determine the Time of chusing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by Law provide for the Case of Removal, Death, Resignation or Inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what Officer shall then act as President, and such Officer shall act accordingly, until the Disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.

The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be encreased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.

Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

02dc4b  No.5692553


Exactly. I don't know what this was, but it reeks.

d9e91d  No.5692554


mine is processor Im sure of it. win7 and all that. Used to do IT up until about 2000 and the only thing left is a strip and rebuild of driver's. Not taking that chance. Your issue sounded much like mine so just wanted to see what your specifics were.


408831  No.5692555


They - won't be taking this down.


10f938  No.5692556

File: 6933fae97845c11⋯.jpg (85.98 KB, 500x748, 125:187, 2w34mk.jpg)

4658b7  No.5692557

Kerik: FBI Agents 'Scared to Death' of Speaking Against Mueller Probe

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik told Breitbart News that FBI agents are “scared to death” to criticize political corruption and abuses of power at the bureau and broader Department of Justice (DOJ).

“I’ve been targeted by this government. I’ve seen what they can do and why they do it, and when I see this it sickens me, because it impugns the integrity of the FBI and the Justice Department. It impugns the integrity and honesty of the line agents that are in the field who every day put their lives on the line, and it also sends a message to the American people: There is a two-tier system of criminal justice in this country; one for the normal people and one for them, and that they can do anything they want. They’re basically above the law. Because they violated the law, they violated ethics rules, and they violated DOJ and FBI department policy, and nothing happened to them. I think it’s disgusting.”

“Until the attorney general takes some real action, one in holding them accountable and then going back to look at Hillary Clinton and that entire debacle of the breach of security with the emails, the destruction of evidence, obstruction, [and] conspiracy. Until the attorney general goes back to investigate and prosecute those crimes, there isn’t an American in this country that will ever believe the FBI or the Justice Department again.”

896667  No.5692558

File: e011ef9c1f3a13d⋯.png (268.14 KB, 714x485, 714:485, ClipboardImage.png)

8456d0  No.5692559


updated dough


e4c724  No.5692560


True that

713801  No.5692561

File: 7fb1dd551512f30⋯.jpg (553.5 KB, 1400x2150, 28:43, air-america.jpg)

91fc0e  No.5692562


VOlley #1 mockingbird

And go…

842cd0  No.5692563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thanks Baker have a song.

fe8961  No.5692564


Yes but we aren't compromised, and therefore can make observations based on raw news more accurately than the msm.

050ab9  No.5692565

3550ea  No.5692566

File: a571451dec4f1f9⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 450x508, 225:254, TRUST Q.jpg)

355bee  No.5692567

File: 1bd314f5791d89f⋯.png (7.61 KB, 681x92, 681:92, ClipboardImage.png)


Number has been fairly high today on Qmap watching over last 6-8 hours

500d7a  No.5692568

File: febe555b0b84cea⋯.jpg (61.94 KB, 724x752, 181:188, A Dig.jpg)


Dig it, sauce it, Meme it.

73ecf3  No.5692569


That's a "dude"……..right?

b09b23  No.5692570


Much Love.

And so it be.

d4fb63  No.5692571

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Clinton Foundation Not Suitable For Charity Organization & "We know where the bodies are buried."

Justice must be served, the Clinton Foundation and Hillary are GUILTY AS FUCK!

89d370  No.5692572


>so many kids

that he married off to jews?

ae602f  No.5692573

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

they destroy our communities, they destroy our system of government, they call for the genocide of the white race. but they'll never take your spirit Anons.

c45fd2  No.5692574


I hope your MOS paycheck bounces

97d03c  No.5692575

File: 7181e435174ee4d⋯.png (333.74 KB, 626x461, 626:461, digs_bale.png)

faa016  No.5692576

File: 17737c20b29e5ae⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1200x798, 200:133, Clowns.png)

Clown Infestation Edition

842cd0  No.5692577

File: b1b5d18b1ea3d3c⋯.jpeg (12.23 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images (33).jpeg)

0f9372  No.5692578

>>5692419, >>5692427

Idk, I've got a pretty good internet line, but lately I've noticed all sorts of fuckery, both on here and elsewhere. Specially streaming is laggy.

Timing is odd tho indeed, often right around bakin' time, seems choreographed..

Suspecting viruses of all kinds, but who knows..

20ab73  No.5692579

8d842c  No.5692580

3fead5  No.5692581


Been using Tails on a USB stick lately. A bit slow but like everything completely isolated from the PC.

83e785  No.5692582



9de4b8  No.5692583


He claims to have been a poor student, and never went to college, but his writing is extremely good. Few if any spelling or grammar errors.

050ab9  No.5692584


Meant to filter. My bad…

393d8b  No.5692585


I hope you're next.

a41258  No.5692586


>Our ally Israel

Everyone in the Trump organization emphasizes Israel's special ally status.

Is it so that their betrayal will seem that much worse when it is revealed?

3ee150  No.5692587

File: a27cdb5831ba006⋯.png (18.01 KB, 555x175, 111:35, ClipboardImage.png)

7da37a  No.5692588


Yeah but I can't carry my rifle around at work… As much as I would love too

6fca7a  No.5692589

File: ac5fa58236ca94f⋯.jpg (224.1 KB, 639x472, 639:472, ac5fa58236ca94f76eaa9f2229….jpg)


And the 2 rockets that were fired all of a sudden on tel aviv by a small organization called jaish al islam? And it happened after the egyptians helped the israelis and hamas reach a cease fire?

Someone doesnt want that cease fire, and given the timing it is very revealing. The goal was to drag both sides to a conflict


I am mossad for calling out shill hypocrisy. Sure thing.


Talking in plural as if you represent anyone is very shilly.

8562ca  No.5692590

File: aa5514dbdf7b497⋯.jpg (86.4 KB, 540x810, 2:3, d8de76b0b43956bb3bc0706fd8….jpg)

File: 2149d044d0c9726⋯.png (381.9 KB, 504x630, 4:5, c2957151bc402fa2d8ed3ea087….png)

File: f89a11cec2b41e5⋯.jpg (94.37 KB, 600x869, 600:869, 84bf83206294855f0bb044b6f5….jpg)

File: c60f6e3cfe94d6f⋯.jpg (132.04 KB, 740x1080, 37:54, c60f6e3cfe94d6fac8defc588f….jpg)

File: eac38f4e24b0aa7⋯.png (653.72 KB, 996x661, 996:661, 44092a0c233224775dad68eef7….png)


Thank you, baker!

6b0931  No.5692591



Smells like controlled op to take 8Chan down AND pit muslim against christian or east against western civil..

ALSO NOTE: If you have seen the entire video..this looks like a "Clean up" job. He made sure no one got out or up off the floor or out the back.

He blocked the driveway with his car.

No one was to leave…till completion!

Reminds me of how Broward County was teaching men in mosques how to shoot. Was this the CIA cleaning up their dirty work?


d4fb63  No.5692592



ea891d  No.5692593


>My mother is dying of brain cancer

>can you speak on HIS behalf

7b2967  No.5692594

The air felt different today Anons. There is definitely something about to happen.

02dc4b  No.5692595


That's what I'm saying too. You would expect some sort of SOMETHING. Dust, blood…noise…SOMETHING. But nope. There was nothing.

48811b  No.5692596



Police arrested a guy in blue car 30 mins ago

Was not armed.

Re Nz

866c9a  No.5692597




Possible solution to 63 characters between [] in Q3059



e4c724  No.5692598


Good. I never even hear of that news site. They aren't verified.

76c7dd  No.5692599

File: 8b92626c3d43e99⋯.jpg (110.32 KB, 1146x965, 1146:965, 2019-03-15 03.31.14 voiceo….jpg)


EU Parliament head says “Mussolini government did good things too”

The Italian EU politician offered some cautious praise to the policies of the notorious dictator and ally of Adolf Hitler during World War II when he appeared on a popular Radio 24 news show. Tajani acknowledged that Mussolini did a lot of terrible things – from joining forces with Nazi Germany, which was a suicidal move for Italy, to imposing anti-Jewish racial laws, to possibly being behind the assassination of his political opponent, Giacomo Matteotti, who was killed by members of the fascist secret police.


8456d0  No.5692600


anons wanna help newfriend here?

posted same post last bread

show anon the power of screencaps and also help baker date the article and read the article if you are interested lmk

52af05  No.5692601

File: 66939964bb4d899⋯.png (171.06 KB, 437x818, 437:818, mason.png)


wonder if MASON WELLS was there

15171d  No.5692602


Nice ty kek

91fc0e  No.5692603

File: c8d7ff3d9be1357⋯.jpeg (420.97 KB, 1100x1149, 1100:1149, 5859C1B7-EB45-4F12-9DEC-6….jpeg)


Sounds as if he’s truly law and order advocate

4658b7  No.5692604






ba36d3  No.5692605

File: fb9c5996a38b627⋯.png (26.29 KB, 1596x147, 76:7, Screenshot_2019-03-14 Qmap.png)


Holy shit, anon.


Was just looking at the same.

d09912  No.5692606

File: 62dc04c1ec65d43⋯.png (20.69 KB, 120x120, 1:1, Messages Image(3905700448).png)


it's why denver was frozen over, to make the virus in the canister inert

f9ee23  No.5692607


I think we just got to watch how a FF is done. It's fake and gay. Kill shots are not that easy.

3ecaff  No.5692608


Or DS handler

Acting as a friend

Just like David Campos's "building engineer"/C_A handler buddy

That popped up out if the wood work to help guide him through his Ellen interview

Guaranteed you won't find that "engineer" ever again

48816f  No.5692609


No weapon that is formed against US shall prosper.

e210ce  No.5692610


Seriously, I feck up typing ALL the time on here, sometimes I'm pushing the button as I notice annnd it's too late.

9a321a  No.5692611


Thank you

3f89e3  No.5692612


Rand Paul…doesn't surprise you?

6fbc5e  No.5692613


also you can bet the msm is analyzing this board and preparing 4am talking points right fucking now to present it 'to the best abilities' they can in order to use it to its fullest potential.

'muh white terrorist' let's make POTUS walk back all the unity shit.

except of course everybody on the face of the planet wants muzzies dead.

Pile up more muzzies to embolden their assets while presenting crying ass little shits on TV to try and depreciate anger on side of Patriots and make us look bad.

Cry us a river.

These scum won't stop lying until they are dead and that's the end of it. These fuckers are liars, period.

All they want to do is lie, manipulate, rape, and take advantage.

middle east = subhuman shithole full of scum that should have been dead long ago.

6907d7  No.5692614

File: 6f12cf172ae6682⋯.png (123.33 KB, 584x586, 292:293, Hannity Tweet re Iraeli De….PNG)

File: 28d0b69cbe75799⋯.png (117.42 KB, 565x659, 565:659, 1 Hannity re Iraeli Defenc….PNG)

File: a52769ed0e142da⋯.png (82.54 KB, 569x455, 569:455, 2 Hannity re Iraeli Defenc….PNG)

File: af51051423fb404⋯.png (170.02 KB, 598x636, 299:318, Israel Project re Iraeli D….PNG)

File: f5b21ff5fd3440f⋯.mp4 (475.23 KB, 640x352, 20:11, Video Israel Project re Ir….mp4)



Bread 7278


WATCH: Israel's 'IRON DOME' Air Defense intercepts missile above Tel Aviv high-rise.


BREAKING NOW: Rockets Fired Towards Tel Aviv, Missiles Intercepted by Israeli Defenses



ea891d  No.5692615


*my bad… I see what you meant now. Disregard this.

398efd  No.5692616

File: 573ccd04d983233⋯.png (71.78 KB, 458x518, 229:259, ClipboardImage.png)

Still one of my favs..

794536  No.5692617


Children of the elite are the shabbos goy who will share in the reward of a zionist empire. His kids have joined the tribe through marriage

c94daf  No.5692618

File: 666c9b2c9d382eb⋯.png (775.19 KB, 882x804, 147:134, 1234747246246.PNG)


>Fuck you. Fuck them. I'm happy a bunch of faggot muzzles got murdered. Serves them right. I hope it happens again and again.



Not based. Youre the reason our countries have become weak.

ff474d  No.5692619


doesn't exist

465ef8  No.5692620

Anons, don't worry about NZ. It is obviously directed at this board, but it is too late. They are simply trying to prepare for a state of confusion where they claim POTUS is trying to undertake a palace coup in league with evil forces. It is up to us to stop that.

2b5f09  No.5692621



Go look at this link, he shoots a lot and aims high enough he should have hit the walls too. No damage to the walls !!!

317c1a  No.5692622



yes there was, man in white with bloody leg in one of the groups.

woman outside

6da603  No.5692623

File: 21997e281177027⋯.jpg (417.08 KB, 720x960, 3:4, GEOTUS.jpg)


We're all hoping for the best. POTUS has raised a large tent.

397bac  No.5692624


its only a mass shooting worth international coverage if it involves:

- a white guy

- anyone who might be "right wing"

- an AR-15 or "military style rifle"

- high capacity magazines

- victims are children, are of color or of any religion other than Christianity

or in other words, if it fits the globalist agenda of making guns illegal and making nationalism or conservatism look bad, ect….

Gang violence is a desired outcome for the globalist/satanist, so it is ignored or covered for.

Just look at the peaceful protests breaking out over Europe. Protests by the people the global satanists hate. Near complete media blackout.

This shooting happened, this guy was either a DS asset, or guided into doing this by DS assets.

457cf2  No.5692625

File: a52c054a3566082⋯.png (866.61 KB, 930x463, 930:463, ClipboardImage.png)

Fake News App

2d81de  No.5692626




The Deep State Shadow Government

f001e6  No.5692627

>>5692465, >>5692478

Doin' stuff like closing and reopening the browser, running CCleaner in between, or doing that plus turning on/off wi-fi, can get it back working. But then it'll only be good maybe 30sec and you gotta do it again. I been baking thru that for months. It's not always like that, but it is a lot of the time.

5eaeb8  No.5692628



i reeeeeeeee checked it, its 62 characters

c45fd2  No.5692629

File: a5ac94b5e143e88⋯.jpg (69.48 KB, 600x460, 30:23, 15ef1934968625c63e6fb9da88….jpg)

c2b53c  No.5692630


This is a free speech board. Go away if you don't like it.

20ab73  No.5692631


So we aren't being invaded, colonized, replaced?

8d25bf  No.5692632


>I've seen literally nothing on American MSM about the shooting yet…WTF?

They don't want people coming to 8chan

89d370  No.5692633


>killing muzzies instead of jews

well, not totally based.

b12612  No.5692634

Do not reply to shills

ca274f  No.5692635



ea891d  No.5692636


Good luck with that… Q wouldn't speak out for a 5 year-old being abused. I wouldn't hold your breath for this.

8456d0  No.5692637


All Good

we are offically EVEN STEVEN

feel free to self nominate again

5144da  No.5692638

File: 0880268c47abb60⋯.jpg (112.5 KB, 1224x822, 204:137, come.jpg)


are you fucking stupid or something you fucking 8chan snob get the fuck out

03348c  No.5692639


>it's why denver was frozen over, to make the virus in the canister inert

please, can you elaborate?

very interested

b41619  No.5692640

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

SerialBrain2: Fast Train and Wacky Nut Job decoded.


e210ce  No.5692641

File: 07e62f6da45d960⋯.jpg (22.79 KB, 327x367, 327:367, 07e62f6da45d960722e1e6bde7….jpg)


Alright bring it… I deserve your jests.

393d8b  No.5692642

fe8961  No.5692643

Local NZ news just aired a caller who claimed to have family in the mosqie at the time of shooting. Strange thing was he is totally cool and calm, despite saying he doesn't know if his relative is 'on the ground'.

396abb  No.5692644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dig Music

a41258  No.5692645


Yeah, this feels wrong. Bodies piled up? Weird.

20ab73  No.5692646


Fucking coward.

ee88d2  No.5692647

File: 13e475bf569c794⋯.jpg (191.12 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, Think-Days-WW.jpg)



d4fb63  No.5692648

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






959a45  No.5692649

File: 51a68a03684b14e⋯.jpg (233.07 KB, 1024x634, 512:317, NoForce5.jpg)

2036fe  No.5692650

File: bece7e913da84e7⋯.jpg (49.71 KB, 660x340, 33:17, 2ub44p.jpg)

441342  No.5692651

File: 617a970b6d8111c⋯.png (641.16 KB, 1000x791, 1000:791, [-5].png)

d9e91d  No.5692652


appreciate the info. Can't do anything about it so on-wards and upwards.


15171d  No.5692653


Good night Mom

cca25f  No.5692654


>That's a "dude"……..right?

Hard to tell these days. What with all the non gender specific non binary fruitcakes running around identifying with whatever they feel like.

3f89e3  No.5692655

Can somebody please post:


I'm not giving the Washington Post even just $1.

0305ed  No.5692656


POTUS tweet confirms Q 3041

Good catch anon

bb7778  No.5692657


Yes and the news is all over emotional - 'This is NZ's darkest day' - rubbish that was when John Key got elected

b6b1df  No.5692658

File: b1e45b1788f7d3e⋯.png (183.82 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 165fdc1c9240bbf4525c8b8711….png)

File: b1e45b1788f7d3e⋯.png (183.82 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 165fdc1c9240bbf4525c8b8711….png)

File: cadcae9f4cb4fe9⋯.jpg (201.42 KB, 640x942, 320:471, 01a02e6aa3d7bb40e01729926b….jpg)

File: 8f661c6a9c516c0⋯.jpeg (30.31 KB, 468x750, 78:125, 0101ecfb4db2d3ecebdf70763….jpeg)

File: 3074a818aaf1b41⋯.png (524.38 KB, 509x810, 509:810, 1795ddaa17b527d34e967cdb8e….png)

685ba9  No.5692659


So was FVEY operating in early 2015 until Q2926 validated my multiple attempts to get through to some of you.

“Prove me wrong”. Be careful what you shit on, ma’am.

c94daf  No.5692660


Theyre cousins and just as parasitic. I'm pleased with the outcome.

393d8b  No.5692661


Muzzies are subhuman and incapable of genuine emotion. Ali can dial a phone, but can't process empathy.

6fbc5e  No.5692662



this is how we know.

this is how we know the shills.

I presume you have no idea what happens outside of your movies?

jesus christ lol

c4414f  No.5692663

New Zealand Shooter is bad press with 8chan tied in.

People who heard the stories about the shooter from 8chan are probably now looking on the boards causing the lag.

This is my guess.

48811b  No.5692664


NZanon here

Nz not used to shootings and many not red pilled.

News in nz does not add up

Mosque website not updated from 2017.

What do we look for

9daca7  No.5692665


I feel bad for ALL innocent people who die, no matter the cause.

I will not, however, feel bad for a RAT FUCK like you when you get pounded daily in jail for the rest of your miserable shitheel life.

PS: Have fun rotting in hell you piece of rebeaten neanderthal shit.

Good wins evil loses.

8562ca  No.5692666


This has Alinsky tactics written all over it. Famefaggin' manifesto was a dead giveaway along with that goofy shit written on his mags.

488138  No.5692667

File: e7c38bb0b64b012⋯.png (8.82 KB, 182x255, 182:255, 588a05d768e0b51091afb53fc0….png)


Whew! That mirror for Jodie foster trhough Hollywood deniro and Regan, that's a long time coming on that ricochet……

What happens when the inertia kicks in

Ms. Owens, we are at your service


e7c7de  No.5692668

File: fc86eaca83b92a4⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1058x845, 1058:845, 0098974650112653.png)

46998e  No.5692669

>>5691725 (Q/pb)

Suitcase nukes. Just because HRC, lost that doesn't mean the cabal has given up the plan she was supposed to carry out. They will never give up. They know they are doomed, win or lose.

f001e6  No.5692670


Yup. Divisions among the cabal. Some think the stunt will work, others higher up know better. Truth is on our side, exposure works in our favor. Memory-holing us or maligning us from a distance is their best play.

355bee  No.5692671


>how the fuck do they know it’s a bomb

Because that is what they put in the car

e96b5f  No.5692672

File: 16ffad87e77bd6f⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 602x341, 602:341, ding.JPG)

864a22  No.5692673


Time for us to take back all our Schitt (((they))) stole & fugged up! Still struggle eating meat & pizza! Hell, now with the wine dig, I think about that but I drink it anyway. kek!

dee9e7  No.5692674

>Breitbart News Network (from POTUS Tweet)

Hum, double meaning exist?

BNN = Boundary Network Node

as defined in Securing Cisco LAN Switches

by Cisco Systems, Inc.

In SNA terminology, a subarea node that provides boundary function support for adjacent peripheral nodes. This support includes sequencing, pacing, and address translation. Also called boundary node.


I looked more into this but found nothing useful, thinking a double meaning might exist with Internet traffic and control.

76c7dd  No.5692675

File: 473bbc42beb065d⋯.jpg (95.58 KB, 1074x918, 179:153, 2019-03-15 03.34.16 geller….jpg)


House Speaker Nasty Nancy Pelosi invited to AIPAC Policy Conference.

This is why the neo-Nazi Democrats spit in the face of the Jews. This is why AIPAC has become a paper tiger. Why should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemn anti-Semitism from Rep. Ilhan Omar when she could have the best of both worlds? Appease the radical left and then receive invites to Jewish events. Nancy Pelosi will also receive vast amounts of donations from many who attend the AIPAC Policy Conference as well. It’s appalling, and so very sad.

President Trump should absolutely address the AIPAC Policy Conference. Nancy Pelosi should not be allowed to spew her lies and false statements of support to the U.S Jewish community unchallenged.


500d7a  No.5692676

File: 966e6b5eb184a8f⋯.png (445.89 KB, 490x471, 490:471, More Memes.PNG)


New Zealand, time to learn how to bake Breads.

ea891d  No.5692677

File: 4bec401143ea0f7⋯.png (114.39 KB, 813x480, 271:160, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)


>Full blown psychopath

Yeah, it's so "psycho" when people share hate-facts, huh?

8350f9  No.5692678


Well, "it" might be Asian, but I has calculator.

a700aa  No.5692679


SerialBrain2 - Retarded gematria and delusions.

826835  No.5692680

File: ac4323b4f51068c⋯.mp4 (5.74 MB, 1280x712, 160:89, NZ short clip shooting.mp4)

Just found out about the NZ shooting…

This is all the video I could find in the last 5 minutes of checking on it… sad..

e4c724  No.5692681


He was high….. What the hell

7da37a  No.5692682

Any big insurance policy taken out on big building lately?

794536  No.5692683


It's a false flag, no doubt in my mind. Nw it;s just a matter of digging for further info. Other artifacts I noticed, as I said last bread, the people standing by their car outside the mosque were not alarmed by the gunman walking near them, the gunman didn't pick a time when the mosque would be full of worshippers, there was no blood or vocalizations by the gunman or victims during the shooting

660291  No.5692684


Well done, anon ;) Stay frosty.

8456d0  No.5692685

>>5692281 New Papa D - mentions Halper - please dig for baker this article, or wheres waldo misfud

b68f00  No.5692686

File: cf0f2e0064b10a7⋯.png (423.21 KB, 500x598, 250:299, pol.png)

5144da  No.5692687

File: 675768a3865aefa⋯.jpg (166.92 KB, 1289x1289, 1:1, pepepoint.jpg)

this board gets pussyfied more and more

c94daf  No.5692688

File: 1fdfd6b6a42c053⋯.webm (1.78 MB, 640x356, 160:89, 1552619491996.webm)

lmao all these retards in denial that these mooslims are fucking DEAD.


76c7dd  No.5692689

File: 2e9d3e6a9197e9f⋯.jpg (19.54 KB, 417x338, 417:338, 2019-03-04 01.34.48 www.go….jpg)

9a321a  No.5692690


No despite his appearance he is still a second gen politic

6ff971  No.5692691

File: 31a79cd21dd4996⋯.jpg (65.63 KB, 1278x378, 71:21, Annotation 2019-03-14 2035….jpg)


Twitter page …. https://twitter.com/i/status/1106380097278361600 does not exist for me

3ecaff  No.5692692



Watch it somewhere else if you want to

Right now it's just being used to try to link this board to that tragedy and the asshole who caused it

Does nothing for our research

2b5f09  No.5692693


If this was real there would be bullet holes in the walls too !!!!

95e3d9  No.5692694

File: 3f55b0f27cbbc1f⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 730x740, 73:74, dug up this.jpg)

File: 84da2ac592919ac⋯.jpg (170.07 KB, 1280x772, 320:193, re class info.jpg)

File: 4f2d0783f51f8f8⋯.jpg (417.89 KB, 1400x1104, 175:138, EO 13526.jpg)

File: 6063432cbe01be2⋯.jpg (277.23 KB, 1718x1030, 859:515, EO 13526 - 5.1.jpg)


re: Classified Materials

1 0f 2 parts

847c63  No.5692695


No dust, no blood, no spatter - the first guy takes two ' hits ' from a shotgun and no hole in his shirt.. please.. point blank would have made a mess.

Showcase this stuff, point it out.

bb7778  No.5692696

look at the speed of this reprting it is even on gatewaynpudit - this is ludicrous from downunder we never get coverage anywhere >>5692548

397bac  No.5692697


Rand Paul didn't vote against because he hates POTUS or doesn't realize the border is a mess…. he votes on principle, he believes no President should have that kind of authority, and once we restore the republic, i agree with him.

d4fb63  No.5692698

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The conversation Bill Clinton had with Loretta Lynch probably went something like this video…


b794bb  No.5692699


Find out where the shooter was staying and find out where john Podesta was staying. Maybe their paths crossed, maybe john Podesta programmed this guy himself

56503d  No.5692700


Fuck off

d9e91d  No.5692701


which reminds me it's been a few breads since I have done that so will bail for now and take a break to do. Ty for the info.

3fead5  No.5692702


Yes, but inside? With all those victims right against the walls? And nothing on them?

Just asking questions, not drawing conclusions yet.

f18c20  No.5692703

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


2ee9da  No.5692704


Evidently he went to every social media he could and posted before he actually went to Facebook and live streamed it. He wanted the world to see that he'd gone off the deep end.

His entire manifesto is posted online too. After I found the 'partial photo' of it… dug some more and found the full written manifesto. He sure did a lot of planning. He practically wrote a book. (if its truly him)

Complete NZ Shooter Manifesto


865e0e  No.5692705




500d7a  No.5692706


Things that just don't make sense.

Things out of place.

People hwo come and go.

95e3d9  No.5692707

File: e2f6f9958d66046⋯.jpg (645.87 KB, 2032x1162, 1016:581, ISOO director.jpg)

File: cc893dd00213863⋯.jpg (230.4 KB, 774x1118, 9:13, Bradley 1.jpg)

File: 982d6892f661600⋯.jpg (305.69 KB, 780x1040, 3:4, Bradley 2.jpg)

File: 22d21ae5b4cd927⋯.jpg (210.85 KB, 570x1040, 57:104, john bolton.jpg)


2 of 2

8456d0  No.5692708



>>5692458 Tucker starts show with "Battlestations ready."

>>5692436, >>5692280, >>5692308 Possible solution to 63 characters between [] in Q3059

>>5692281, >>5692286 New Papa D - mentions Halper, Misfud news on hold

fe8961  No.5692709


Clear cookies to bypass paywall.

a71a1c  No.5692710


SNA is an IBM mainframe network technology, older than token ring.

050ab9  No.5692711


Re-read the drops.

c45fd2  No.5692712

File: b3fbfedc0fa0f45⋯.jpg (91.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2w2lp0.jpg)


>he votes on principle, he believes no President should have that kind of authority

def029  No.5692713


No moaning or screaming?

584a2c  No.5692714

NZ shooter was NOT eyes open.

Claims Trump is a 'symbol of renewed white identity'

Anons eyes open know better.

Something smells

012d09  No.5692715


shake your head and pray… then when it's quiets down go to the Blood Bank and donate. Peace brother this isn't your fault

2036fe  No.5692716

File: 453ebc4fab5c5ef⋯.jpg (45.34 KB, 549x369, 61:41, 2ub48l.jpg)

b41cff  No.5692717

File: 86e5b2282850552⋯.png (49.28 KB, 756x362, 378:181, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fa1f760191f6322⋯.png (35.77 KB, 1774x128, 887:64, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e74fcfe108cf26⋯.png (160.64 KB, 756x704, 189:176, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a088c46862d2b0f⋯.png (455.35 KB, 680x836, 170:209, ClipboardImage.png)

Podesta talks about running by Melbourne's Yarra river (Australia).

The most notable thing about the Yarra is that it is so muddy that it's often said to 'run upside down'.

Not sure exactly what it means but I think there is some signalling going on.

Has Podesta flipped maybe?

Then POTUS tweets Breitbart and we know that Andrew Breitbart famously said 'Fuck you John Podesta' before his untimely death.

54bf01  No.5692718

I don't know if this was posted- about the GoPro video (OAN has the whole video), but watching now and here's what the reporter says, " We have witnessed what we believe to be the actual video and this individual put a GoPro on his head and walked into the mosque…we edited it out, we will not show it. No one should see the unedited version. We witnessed it for a bit and we turned it off. We can only pray that the casualties are low in this situation…Absolutley disturbing. We pray for the people in New Zealand. (This reporter is very shaken up.)

3c375d  No.5692719



I thought NZ doesnt not accept immigrants?!?!?!

I think members of a "mosque" are NOT native born?

a3e2e5  No.5692720

File: e3dc60aebd3eb7b⋯.jpeg (49.2 KB, 577x576, 577:576, B5672DA7-E2EC-4B09-9FD2-2….jpeg)


Pi r round. Cornbread r squared.

e4c724  No.5692721



They took the video down already. He aimed way high. False 🚩

14a512  No.5692722

I'll ask again

Do you want God to DIRECT EVERYTHING you ever do?

Protect you and nurture you and SUCKLE YOU?

Or will you choose free will?


5144da  No.5692723



ff474d  No.5692724


who's talking in background if dey all ded

e85754  No.5692725


i think i get the school shoot in Brazil, but why new Zealand, why not here? are their comm's comped, or are post event investigators now unreliable? just a thought.

c45fd2  No.5692726


I hope Adam Sandler stops making movies.

6795c8  No.5692727

File: 2f474b001ba1a17⋯.gif (158.63 KB, 550x397, 550:397, jihadijohn.gif)


>these mooslims are fucking DEAD.

Oddly, I'm completely unaffected by this event.

No feeling whatsoever over these losses.

355bee  No.5692728

File: 117a37a9bef325c⋯.png (44.18 KB, 557x161, 557:161, ClipboardImage.png)

d4fb63  No.5692729

File: 72076e7b08d58eb⋯.jpg (3.09 KB, 206x150, 103:75, ds.jpg)



3cf5b0  No.5692730

File: 86fe9c9d47c3b06⋯.jpg (192.06 KB, 530x644, 265:322, Pepe2Head3.jpg)

20ab73  No.5692731


So is God going to stop the colonization of white countries? Whats he doing about the thousands upon thousands of raped and murdered white women and children?

f18c20  No.5692732

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

The Land Where Money Talks

8456d0  No.5692733

File: feffd2ffbfbf7d0⋯.jpg (35.29 KB, 500x235, 100:47, 1511466007463.jpg)


i appreciate your work NF

lots of anons DO comment on your articles

bakers see you, fam

566907  No.5692734

Think days …..School or college shootings multiple fatalities ….. Gun talk all week ….. wait for it

6904cd  No.5692735



Looks pretty real to me - what do anons think? I could watch the whole thing.

fb02da  No.5692736


I didn't see this video, no doubt now, that really happened, fuked up

4ac8de  No.5692737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Once again the corrupt in Congress have sold out the American people with today's vote re: border security.

I am a DACA and I have made a video exposing how broken/corrupt the immigration system is. In the video I also expose a sharia law Muslim group already well established in America. The video is 40 minutes long. The expose of the Sharia law Muslim group starts at 25:39.

If I fall, know that it has been an honor to serve with you Anons. I have given Q what they need for 2020.


I have made a Twitter account @FightForAmerica if you would like to share my video on social media. WWG1WGA

3550ea  No.5692738

File: e3fb212c654fd1b⋯.jpg (110.54 KB, 603x558, 67:62, AWAKE.jpg)

6fbc5e  No.5692739


laughing because nobody gives a shit about lying pieces of shit subhumans getting off'd like they should.

Also, candace owen is a good woman and you are a fucking cuck.

ba36d3  No.5692740

File: 38cad6dbe7ad7cd⋯.png (58.31 KB, 635x392, 635:392, unplugged.png)

I do think it's spoopy how FB was basically, officially confirmed to be a government arm of DARPA then this FF.

Couldn't help but think though, FB is big on the augmented reality thing and we know they have the tech capable of things far moar advanced than what pedowood shows us.

Just had a little bit of that feeling while watching it.

Almost like a "too good to be true" for the DS.

393d8b  No.5692741


I guess we can agree on that.

02dc4b  No.5692742


Whatchoo talkin bout, Willis?

896667  No.5692743

File: 8790e87db1f96ab⋯.jpg (40.59 KB, 480x480, 1:1, hatecianiggers.jpg)


we dindu nuffin, fuck off

333251  No.5692744

If he had to shoot someone why didnt he shot the cabal assholes

? now its going to be a muslim sympathy narrative!

get ready for more if they push it though and try to make laws protecting islam refugees

3ee150  No.5692745

File: 98bd3c025d76983⋯.png (491.96 KB, 567x735, 27:35, 98bd3c025d769839dfa7613eb4….png)



On FOX just a minute ago…they needed time to spin, I agree.


Crazy we had everything on the guy an hour ago.



Kek, this might be stupid, but was he referring to Marine Core Bob?

73a089  No.5692746

File: 66d76b99c05e2ff⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1668x2136, 139:178, D28BE084-AA3C-4DE6-A6F5-3….jpeg)

North Korea considering suspending nuclear talks with U.S

Looks like “they” are throwing in everything, including the kitchen sink, to try and change the news headlines.


f37380  No.5692747

File: d7af916b450fd6f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 846x491, 846:491, Capture.PNG)

>>5691725 (p/b)


Saipan. Looks like a rock quarry. I've seen men wearing Kufis guarding manning the gate. Saw a shipping container delivered there recently. The view from google maps seems tampered with.

daaf3a  No.5692748


Funny how he's in Australia when the ff happens in NZ

d49df0  No.5692749


Someone knows their propaganda talking points.

3f89e3  No.5692750


I think his ribs still hurt….agree to disagree…

a41258  No.5692752


True! And blood on walls and carpets.

91fc0e  No.5692753

File: 1e4a621a89f61f5⋯.jpeg (49.07 KB, 614x407, 614:407, 8F5A7E5F-138D-4C83-9035-D….jpeg)



It’s what’s for dinner

Mockingbird wants to starve U. S.

79033d  No.5692754

Think Days… like upcoming Holidays ?

Was NZ a setup for a major hit on US soil to be blamed on retaliation.

Hit a few churches on a day or days they will be full?

Still waiting on that "showed" instead of shown answer from the drop with the ^^ after POTUS is surrounded by generals

794536  No.5692755

File: 2801720508210ea⋯.webm (15.76 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 2801720508210ea7dee801094….webm)


Here it is, download it before it's shoa'd

cca25f  No.5692756

File: e0a8154bb97f9ad⋯.png (648.08 KB, 1216x1142, 608:571, ClipboardImage.png)

Just in time for the announcement of Spartacus running for president i am sure. Also coughBeardcough

"Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson are officially a couple"


8456d0  No.5692757


still waiting on the cap - but from what i understand it links to the main page

still wanting the cap nonetheless

bring baker link cap

338c44  No.5692758

File: b2e409b9263e7a5⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 419x505, 419:505, downloadfile-46_1.jpg)



Terrorist state fuck out of America.

0aabcb  No.5692759

File: 52781b2f963da86⋯.jpeg (590.9 KB, 3124x1113, 3124:1113, 96B7AD79-33FA-4AD3-A12E-8….jpeg)

File: 4b7eff0aa192348⋯.jpeg (707.94 KB, 3194x1442, 1597:721, 427F1FED-1704-4354-93A7-8….jpeg)

2ba2a5  No.5692760


Yes, there is another terrorist group operating there. C_A

1e69c5  No.5692761


not much blood, is there?

f18c20  No.5692762

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

It's Happening


fe8961  No.5692763

"Darkest Day In New Zealand History" -Prime Minister

500d7a  No.5692764

File: 62d64a566b8d12f⋯.png (78.43 KB, 972x1215, 4:5, Question 3.png)


Tell me, does that seem the motive of a "disturbed individual" or a manipulated person"?

c94daf  No.5692765



Yea. Its sad muslims cant take over NZ now.

daaf3a  No.5692767


Trying to give the illusion he's not gay

e210ce  No.5692768


Look for your news cycle to LAMBAST you with NONSTOP coverage & guilt trips… then come the new laws for "your safety".

8562ca  No.5692769


Shooter in custody? 100% deep state shooting. If this guy was a legit he would have been shot in the face. But they deep state wants to milk a trial and all of the press that comes with it - negative for conservatives/whites and sympathetic for globalists/shitlibs/muslims.

3e0522  No.5692770

File: 599d2ed7a6afb78⋯.jpeg (79.65 KB, 640x641, 640:641, 43208323-F0A2-4A7A-8A0B-0….jpeg)

14104b  No.5692771

File: 2661554f5e339f8⋯.png (33.73 KB, 429x282, 143:94, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bdcd8e77aa4cdc3⋯.png (291.27 KB, 520x369, 520:369, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dd49231397f9b0c⋯.png (62.24 KB, 1140x652, 285:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f58cad68cc1f0b2⋯.png (389.2 KB, 752x609, 752:609, 2aad51acfa3f81de2e35f4e3d5….png)

File: ad6081006422127⋯.png (453.4 KB, 697x895, 697:895, ad6081006422127c98f320a074….png)

What was it that old guy with the bushy eyebrows always said? The government has a monopoly on the use of force? This fact hasn't attracted the best people, has it? Isn't this what the Bill of Rights is all about, lawfully restricting the government from having a monopoly on the use of force against We The People?

Any senate activity censoring the views, speech and otherwise lawful activities of American citizens in deference to any foreign power, to whom the swamp cretans are so obviously deeply indebted, if not sworn loyalty to, is treason.

52af05  No.5692772



if the MK shooter namedropped Candace

that tells you just how much the DS fears her

who the F would namedrop 8ch & owens

and more importantly, who the F would *believe* that






397bac  No.5692773



Crazy that this despicable act happens the same DAY that the Connecticut Supreme Court rules in favor of saying fuck you to Remington over Newtown School Shooting.

a7107c  No.5692774


This link was removed

I just got to the board and trying to understand what happened

488138  No.5692775

File: 9b0a435838efe40⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 623x400, 623:400, 2vszex.jpg)


Bitter bitch yo self never get even a hey from that fine woman….

Nut up or gtfo

c2cd15  No.5692776

File: e4e53f2967633db⋯.jpeg (211.99 KB, 952x712, 119:89, fullsizeoutput_f0a.jpeg)


w-what me nervous? you guys just wait until i show you what we found on drumpf next…right guys?!

e99f6c  No.5692777


The good news is he mentions Fortnite in his manifesto, so maybe it'll get banned.

83e785  No.5692778


Nothing can stop the PAIN that is coming!

685ba9  No.5692779

File: 61a778aa5f791fb⋯.jpeg (213.33 KB, 750x877, 750:877, 53DBBF49-CD3E-4762-B77F-A….jpeg)


I know. That was me - I never mentioned NZ. I was reacting to the last Q and the potus tweet that connected a false flag drop. Q47 (Ag is 47 atomic number).

Sall good

89d370  No.5692780


not so fast, since jews run it they'll still import more muslims

5884d2  No.5692781


where in the world is it 2 pm tomorrow?

bb7778  No.5692782


the bangladesh cricket team was in the mosque they ran…this is a ff… got to be with all the coverage cause it was in a mosque fits the narrative

e4c724  No.5692783

Not sure if they took it down

Check out @Realjackdawkins’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Realjackdawkins/status/1106377811282092033?s=09

6ff971  No.5692784

File: 89b621d7fef5162⋯.jpg (95.98 KB, 890x883, 890:883, Annotation 2019-03-14 2039….jpg)


Twitter stopping this video from getting out into the wild apparently.


Jack Dawkins

‏ @Realjackdawkins

Forced to delete it, "too real" for some.

eb1fe0  No.5692785


Those who did logistics on plan Z are now shaking there head.

6795c8  No.5692786


Wonder how much that whore is getting paid to act like Cory's girlfriend.

04e526  No.5692787


c94daf  No.5692788

File: 97d982d06a37f3e⋯.jpg (184.08 KB, 750x997, 750:997, 1505097514746.jpg)


>despicable act


6fca7a  No.5692789

File: 5d9c067937ecf8b⋯.jpg (79.41 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 094.jpg)

02dc4b  No.5692790


Need to get NZ anon to tell us what he is seeing over there. Need the mosque websites, names, etc. There won't be much about the shooter if it's a ff, and what there is will be faked.

3cb67d  No.5692791

File: 1b941e7a60d3e6d⋯.png (553.76 KB, 750x509, 750:509, ClipboardImage.png)


7da37a  No.5692792

St. Patricks day is this Sunday… Maybe a shooting on Saturday when everyone is partying? Any marathons or big gatherings? What do you guys think? It would be like shooting fish in a barrel and they have pulled them off before.

24de14  No.5692793

NZ is a FF… Nobody died… "17" injured again ??

Candace ,8chan, what else are they taking down ??

In a Mosque … Hummmmm …

I'm not buying it …

5144da  No.5692794

File: d2fc7bfe3a8ddf8⋯.jpg (103.08 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Christchurch mosque

???a mosque named 'Christchurch mosque'???

97d03c  No.5692795

File: 37263443d010eb8⋯.jpeg (48.97 KB, 714x484, 357:242, booker_over.jpeg)

500d7a  No.5692796

File: 9deaf7a58c4dc47⋯.png (63.76 KB, 149x206, 149:206, Question 1.PNG)


Start digging.

Start Memeing

Welcome to the party, NZAnon!

83af37  No.5692797



<there was no blood


Do I need to unspoiler this shit for your pansy asses? this is a fucking warzone afterall.

91fc0e  No.5692798


Reading tweet from Second Trombone about vote lends credence to veracity of your perception.

6e028c  No.5692799

>>5692777 Digits confirm good idea

83e785  No.5692800


Corey has a new beard….

3f89e3  No.5692801

355bee  No.5692802

File: 155a7bef42deab0⋯.jpg (182.23 KB, 1600x1541, 1600:1541, 850fe0d5361a1bb3a06fa7c963….jpg)


kek been like that since early this afternoon

waiting to break 300k

d4fb63  No.5692803

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What a powerful speech the SOTU was.



d09912  No.5692804


they gotta wait for enough variety of violence and darkness to get drummed up so they can point and say LOOK AT THE BEASTS OF 8CHAN CELEBRATE MURDER

e38db9  No.5692805


This is the Qresearch board.

Q does drops here.

Lurk more!

Research Q drops or bake some breads


(((YOU))) blamed POTUS and Q for your degenerate problems, what do you expect.

9daca7  No.5692806


Bad shit happens to people from every ethnicity you RETARDED FUCK. Good and bad people exist in EVERY culture.

Its a battle of good verses evil. Sounds like your a cunt choosing the wrong side. Shill faggot, you glow.

ba36d3  No.5692807

File: df204c312a7a5a2⋯.jpg (28.87 KB, 474x266, 237:133, cap.jpg)


Trips confirm the fucking silver lining, top kek.

8b88a9  No.5692808

Anons, something BIG is about to drop

52af05  No.5692809

File: ab9e67f3631bb7d⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 634x199, 634:199, 36976BFB00000578-0-image-a….jpg)

c28d31  No.5692810

File: 555aa21817f62fe⋯.jpg (94.99 KB, 800x481, 800:481, 55roundmag?.jpg)


Can any gunfags confirm 55round mag in pic?

He shoots about 54 shots before reloading & throwing mag to ground (@55-57sec in vid).

Wonder if possible to find make & model of gun etc.

I've never fired a gun before, only in counterstrike lul

c4414f  No.5692811


I wonder what Q Post 2653 is about…

f56e57  No.5692812

Hey Q,

Why do spies that get arrested for clowning in Master's land go to Lincolton, Georgia to be held? Re: Reality Loser and the ISIS chick [KAV]?

83af37  No.5692813

File: 2031087fd0c2754⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 210.11 KB, 636x410, 318:205, ClipboardImage.png)




..reposting with screencap..

ff474d  No.5692814


>I do think it's spoopy how FB was basically, officially confirmed to be a government arm of DARPA then this FF.

>Couldn't help but think though, FB is big on the augmented reality thing and we know they have the tech capable of things far moar advanced than what pedowood shows us.


584a2c  No.5692815


Read his manifesto.

Does he sound like an Australian/NZ?

c45fd2  No.5692816


The fact that he names Candacs Owens yet fashions himself as a white nationalist gives the clowns away.

The only other people who talk this way are their media assets accusing black conservatives of white supremacy..

4c4942  No.5692817


This is NZ??

4104d8  No.5692818

File: f5f7fdc3fc6e96a⋯.png (211.26 KB, 547x548, 547:548, NEC-Stuff-1 copy.png)

dc2348  No.5692819


That gutless cunt is bad press for anyone or thing he associates with.

He will burn in hell.

Pray for every child on earth that older generations do no drag them down into another diabolical war.

c2b53c  No.5692820

File: 5a9a75eaf602ad1⋯.jpg (67.57 KB, 720x405, 16:9, timedreams.jpg)

fe8961  No.5692821

TVZN: Bomb found inside car that crashed on Church Street.

6da603  No.5692822

File: cd29387b5acc32f⋯.png (13.19 KB, 252x255, 84:85, meghan7.png)


I seriously doubt that Candace killed anybody kek

959a45  No.5692823

File: 3bc67cca07f37c5⋯.jpeg (18.4 KB, 253x225, 253:225, PrayForPOTUS.jpeg)

ac91e7  No.5692824


She's knows America loves tranny fake first ladies

e210ce  No.5692825


Honestly, I straight forgot it was corps & didn't realize the mistake till too l8. lol

I'm recouping from illness & still not 100% yet, so I'm a bit ditzy.

864a22  No.5692826


What are anons missing if Q posts multiple times & tells us to listen carefully?

ecb977  No.5692827



Whats a slide?

48811b  No.5692828


please check

Fox News re nz

Pic shows ambulance staff and yellow vests say


Nz radio just cut off after guest said happened 3 hours ago

c94daf  No.5692829


England, but the point stands.

972faa  No.5692830

File: d816867ad663762⋯.png (446.93 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, SaveAmerica-Susan-Collins-….png)

CNBC: Trump tweets 'VETO!' after Senate votes to block his border emergency declaration

"The Senate voted Thursday to block President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration over the southern border . . .

The chamber comfortably passed the measure in a 59-41 vote. Twelve Republicans who worried about executive overreach supported it . . ."



VETO incoming.


Meanwhile . . .

Those republicans voting to block the President's action are listed below. Of those, Susan Collins, whose term is up in 2020, has announced she is running for re-election. Alexander says he is retiring. As for the others, their terms are not expiring this time around, as far as I can tell.

Marco Rubio FL

Jerry Moran KS

Roger Wicker MS

Roy Blunt MO

Pat Toomey PA

Mike Lee UT

Mitt Romneny UT

Lisa Murkowski AK

Rand Paul KY

Susan Collins ME **

Rob Portman OH

Alexander Lamar TN

**Collins is running for re-election in 2020.

4658b7  No.5692831



The panic in here is at about an 11.

4a4a1a  No.5692832

File: a2b6e3ca3542811⋯.jpg (116.55 KB, 636x949, 636:949, 1a.JPG)

File: 12912aba8901390⋯.jpg (122.39 KB, 535x949, 535:949, 3.JPG)

File: ec853261bac0bcf⋯.jpg (128.73 KB, 530x969, 530:969, 4.JPG)

File: 017e0762482f6a3⋯.jpg (122.45 KB, 539x825, 49:75, 5.JPG)

William and Harry split royal households as Sussexes hire ex-Clinton adviser


d4fb63  No.5692833





c2cd15  No.5692834

File: d30d17907b66b61⋯.jpeg (37.52 KB, 635x372, 635:372, fullsizeoutput_f5a.jpeg)


Never saw why she was in movies. Butt ugly to the bone.

e7fe29  No.5692835

So there is now a reported shooting at the hospital where the original victims were taken?

Along with this second shooter apprehended (I'm thinking camo guy, Sandy Hook type) while orig shooter dead.

6ad3a7  No.5692836

File: d00120482a233fd⋯.png (44.91 KB, 557x396, 557:396, 3063.PNG)

You don't threaten the TRUMP ! Only one course of action remove the threat ! Declassify

Take him down Q

56503d  No.5692837


He's FROM Australia.

5a3689  No.5692838

File: 5cb6baa015c7029⋯.png (288.96 KB, 547x480, 547:480, MAGA.png)

File: 3f5b0b834cf3fa7⋯.jpg (161.55 KB, 1019x878, 1019:878, mastering tactics.JPG)

File: c740fb03908a77f⋯.png (607.94 KB, 1125x1126, 1125:1126, gaurdalwaysthere.png)



your trying to make Trump seem like a selfish Dictator???

we aren't falling for it.


…since it's taking so long to get the FACTS of the evil, pain comes in many different forms.

EACH INVESTIGATION unlocks a new part of what Obama had sealed away and kept secret.

step by step. piece by piece.

this has to be executed with precision and an exact timely matter.


it opens the doors and gives us LEGAL access to where the bodies are buried.

it should be OBVIOUS by now…

>Military planning at it's finest

8b88a9  No.5692839

I read through the Strzok transcripts… nowhere did I see where he is "cooperating witness". He was denying everything

efee82  No.5692840

File: 75610f42ffef330⋯.png (147.09 KB, 1112x410, 556:205, Screenshot from 2019-03-14….png)

red red?


ae602f  No.5692841

File: ca24a6a430f747e⋯.jpg (131.5 KB, 659x657, 659:657, CIA nigger.jpg)


Now what's the next step in your master plan?

5144da  No.5692842

File: 2c55cf5f2119384⋯.jpg (188.65 KB, 881x1175, 881:1175, TrumpChurchillChair.jpg)

File: 863b429a8843aac⋯.jpg (89.95 KB, 1451x909, 1451:909, AManAlone.jpg)

7da37a  No.5692843


Bravo my man. Bravo

03348c  No.5692844


>New Zealand Shooter is bad press with 8chan tied in.

he was on FB also

338c44  No.5692845

File: a5985a3b9bb93aa⋯.jpg (62.34 KB, 500x420, 25:21, 2v993q_1.jpg)

File: d6c9afb7b2ad9d9⋯.jpg (1.23 MB, 2821x4960, 91:160, SH-7.jpg)

Terrorist fags you got something bring it…

8562ca  No.5692846


They just unwrap their kit? Shit looks brand new.

9a321a  No.5692847


I mean he has defended POTUS more than once

d1ff03  No.5692848


I watched the video. There were no big pools of blood or anything. For how many shots he shot there should have been blood everywhere. Screams bullshit to me

566907  No.5692849

Q said this weekend big habbenings …. So DS will pull something tomorrow …. White guy with Maga hat shooting us a black school sounds about right

04e526  No.5692850




8b88a9  No.5692851


I was quoting Q dude

cb1d7a  No.5692852





You seem to have forgotten that TOR is disabled here.

393d8b  No.5692853


Keep sperging faggot. I'm going to set it as my background.

6fbc5e  No.5692854


>literally shaking

oh no poor poor rapist shitskin muzzies

quick! institute laws to make it legal to rape white women and children.

Try it, congress.

Try to fuck with our people further, we all know in the end it's either going to be your kind or us.

Our people hold the lynchpin of violence and your kind can only blackmail, throw useful idiots at us.

Patriots in DC figured out years ago we definitely needed to drag out about 400-500 out into the streets and shoot em in the back of the fucking head to make this right.

LE and military will not be cucked.

Those who do will be considered traitors.

enemies will know what will happen to them if they try anything funny. We are done being sheep.

97d03c  No.5692855

File: 58c5fbf0cfbf7d8⋯.jpeg (87.3 KB, 550x480, 55:48, squirrel-body-ready.jpeg)

afe36e  No.5692856



Digits confirm Fortnight will be banned + Corey has a new beard.

15171d  No.5692858


It's called a "Beard"

6904cd  No.5692859


Saw it before removed. Looks real, but I'm sure a FF could look real if they were trying to convince us of its authenticity by actually livestreaming it on Fuckbook.

842cd0  No.5692860


The Deep State just wants you to have reactions. Fuckem….dont waste your mental effort on their old school fuckery. It does not bother me anymore. Dont care if it is fake or real FF Its all negative bullshit. Let it go.

d4fb63  No.5692861


5144da  No.5692862


it was live streamed on ZUCKS FaceBook

ecedff  No.5692863



56503d  No.5692864


And no telling where else.

9a321a  No.5692865


Optics trust the plan

14104b  No.5692866

File: 43c428891135d47⋯.png (133.47 KB, 271x207, 271:207, 43c428891135d475f7331c5542….png)

File: 669880e4cfddf15⋯.jpeg (129.68 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 669880e4cfddf15d15c8126ae….jpeg)

File: f556cbe1b64fc13⋯.jpg (128.18 KB, 480x680, 12:17, f556cbe1b64fc13380af2d2027….jpg)

File: ad62985263eb037⋯.jpg (124.66 KB, 819x512, 819:512, ad62985263eb037fd4d17e2eba….jpg)

daaf3a  No.5692867


>Remember lads. Subscribe to pewdiepie.

What an odd thing to say

4c4942  No.5692868

408831  No.5692869


He might be thinking about a future Dem

making grabs for Constitutional rights, 2nd

and 4th amendments.

He picks and chooses his battles poorly.

2bfe85  No.5692870

File: 8345077762d9bde⋯.jpeg (75.98 KB, 503x750, 503:750, A8B73684-8043-4FEE-9E91-E….jpeg)

Be careful who you follow

Those with eyes to see will see

8b88a9  No.5692871


We can feel it in the air now! And you can see the mental defeat on the Dems on tv

9527a1  No.5692872

File: f62bca1420be811⋯.webm (620.75 KB, 608x892, 152:223, 2shooters.webm)

2 shooters on video

c45fd2  No.5692873



2ee9da  No.5692874


Individuals like you are the very reason Anon's continue to fight against the very tyranny you attempt to create. You are the darkness, time to wake up from your slumber.

050ab9  No.5692875


Black beard this time as opposed to the white beard he had when he ran for the Senate…

bb7778  No.5692876



No it is just a station for say 30-60 yer olds

c94daf  No.5692877

File: dcce8ee66908225⋯.mp4 (12.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Degrelle.mp4)


>He will burn in hell.

Nope. He dines in Valhalla.

76c7dd  No.5692878


It was monumental indeed.

So much hope and positive projection for the future.

Not just for the US, but all around the globe we pray.

b41cff  No.5692879


> "showed" instead of shown answer

What are you referring to here please anon?

4658b7  No.5692880


Strzok isnt. Page, Priestap, Flynn, both Ohrs, Papadop all are cooperating.

8456d0  No.5692881

722bfc  No.5692882

File: 62c4d1380eb58ac⋯.jpg (2.66 MB, 6560x1728, 205:54, 20170201_162644.jpg)




Christchurch is just a town in New Zealand, it is where everyone flies out of on their way to Antarctica.

7b7220  No.5692883

RE: "Think days"

Might we have a massive Islamic Terrorist sleeping cells activated in response to Christ church shootings?

dc2348  No.5692884


You've never seen the real thing have you…

Stop relying on the movies to make sense of reality.

702db3  No.5692885


There is a Bren(d)an Tarrant.9 account from Sydney Australia on FB. Same guy?


cb1d7a  No.5692886



3378f0  No.5692887

File: ee3a01dca757c33⋯.png (283.39 KB, 340x348, 85:87, Screenshot_2019-03-14 beef….png)


>Time to start acting like it

This just in!!!

New findings reveal that LIVING might actually be responsible for DEATH!!! If you're alive right now, you're going to want to stay tuned to learn how this might affect YOU!!, but first. . .

A word from our sponsors.

5144da  No.5692888

File: 2bb88df984f3963⋯.png (230.74 KB, 712x437, 712:437, ClipboardImage.png)

f18c20  No.5692889

File: 1fb11aae133b27b⋯.jpg (207.85 KB, 650x940, 65:94, 1fb11aae133b27bdaef3b0c0b3….jpg)

File: 46bff84d8d02d85⋯.jpg (81.18 KB, 1188x1200, 99:100, 46bff84d8d02d8505d64624f06….jpg)

File: 52a21cdb093880b⋯.jpeg (323.32 KB, 1400x787, 1400:787, 52a21cdb093880b5deab0f5b0….jpeg)

File: 3a2d0481fcf31be⋯.png (795.3 KB, 550x730, 55:73, ee72d6f917de7320a91a5edf3f….png)

Hollywood news and entertainment is the psychic equivalent of slow poison. Subversive psycho-social programming is designed to be a sweet dream. The sweetness, like sugar's, conceal a destructive toxin: cumulative, progressive and ultimately fatal.

The damage done by legacy media Information Operations (IO) or psyops is incremental. Vocabulary is slowly reduced, falsified history substituted to support the satanist cultists new story of America.

Primary sources, first hand accounts and photographs are stolen from local libraries and archives. Inconvenient facts and eyewitness accounts are removed from history and new evidence injected where necessary. A nation without history has no purpose, it ceases to exist.

Emotion replaces analytic logic, fear replaces faith. Individual and collective cognitive capacity gradually declines over decades. Eventually we become so stupid we can no longer understand what is happening to us.

Information Poisoning

We have been poisoned with bad information. We have been denied real information, and most of us have no idea what, or how much information about reality has been denied us.

1 Information Operations "IO" or psyops cause cumulative progressive damage

2 "Entertainment" programming has been used by enemies of the United States to run sophisticated pysops on the civilian population for the purpose of manipulation and control.

3 Remediating the damage done by such programming is high priority and uses the same tactics technology.

The most effective way to convey large amounts of objectively true complex information about reality to the greatest possible number of people is by incorporating it into the relationship between characters in dramatic entertainment.

Stories can undo damage done us by Information Poisoning, relieve psychological distress, reassure the frightened and deliver the objectively true information about our environment we need, as citizens, to make informed decisions about our future.

We can explain and break cultist conditioning and remove implanted lies, eliminating demons and gradually restoring reality to brainwashed fellow citizens.

Our fellow citizens, the NPCs, have been betrayed and exploited by those they trusted most. The "stars" the "experts" and fake leaders and sports personalities.

TL:dr The same tactics used to poison and control mind and spirit can be used to heal.

Stories are the best mass redpill for sleepers in media-induced trance states. Dramatic storytelling has tremendous explanatory power. This is how we learn about unlearning and relearning, and experience for ourselves the evolution of our understanding when we gain access to important, new objectively true information.

"Legacy media" is running 24 hr a day psyops on the US civilian population. They are doing all they can to destroy us and the country. They are traitors.

They will be stopped.

When they are we need to use all media, all platforms, all channels to remediate psyop damage and replace subversive ideology, demoralizing historical falsehoods, sexual perversion and embedded occult symbolic programming with entertainment that will make us laugh, show us the glorious future ahead and make us smarter, happier and prepared to face a future very unlike our past.

250 million Americans want the truth. Entertainment is not just entertainment. It determines who we are, and who we will be. Stories will facilitate our psychological adaptation to an new expanded psychological and material reality, assisting our transition and incrementally undo the terrible damage done by decades of satanists mind control programming.

0fbe7a  No.5692890

Think days.

St. Patricks


14a512  No.5692891

What if I told you God is, by creation standard… a female.

Would that just be a given?



6ff971  No.5692892

File: 551e3955106fc1b⋯.jpeg (12.99 KB, 188x255, 188:255, 09c151e0871c2d2f54ce7364a….jpeg)

865e0e  No.5692893


could be undercover cops.

5884d2  No.5692894

File: 97093f18cba03e2⋯.png (46.69 KB, 800x386, 400:193, Screenshot_2019-03-14 Mali….png)

File: 8a573533d7a7d97⋯.png (897.88 KB, 735x734, 735:734, Screenshot_2019-03-14 Mali….png)

File: 74da333c667261f⋯.png (635.49 KB, 800x825, 32:33, Screenshot_2019-03-14 Mali….png)

File: 9aaaa14de9c2342⋯.png (47.38 KB, 800x346, 400:173, Screenshot_2019-03-14 Mali….png)

Husseins brother says:

8aca89  No.5692895

File: d840ec6ba162b09⋯.jpg (31.36 KB, 495x710, 99:142, 44-df69y87--rt5ty567657jyt….jpg)

0109ac  No.5692896


No blood.

91fc0e  No.5692897


Stress test

White hats monitoring new servers?

daaf3a  No.5692898


Response to >>5692755

Fixed. Lag is driving me crazy.

54bf01  No.5692899


They are showing the footage in New Zealand on OAN- it does not look faked at all

>>5692794 Christchurch is the city the mosque is in.

cca25f  No.5692900

File: 61b2e35d8f5cb41⋯.png (361.38 KB, 1188x1068, 99:89, ClipboardImage.png)


Malik is on fire tonight. KEK


779c00  No.5692901

File: e3898fbca5389a7⋯.jpg (518.09 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190314-233936….jpg)

File: a3af80a8f7db3e2⋯.jpg (492.96 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190314-233913….jpg)

File: f6f6ac24073ec80⋯.jpg (451.36 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190314-233653….jpg)

Lots of numbers on the gun. 14, 732, 74.

8b88a9  No.5692902


My thoughts too. His live testimony was a great acting job. I think when this is over, we will be utterly shocked at how many bad actors sang. They are stupid not to

5144da  No.5692903



fe8961  No.5692904

TVNZ: Firearm used was an AR-15

*They just called it a 'machine gun'.

397bac  No.5692905


A Civilised people don't kill the unarmed.

We use knowledge and information.

We protest.

When peace is restored in the middle east, they will go back to their homes.

We use force for defense.

Thats what seperates us from them.

KYS you fucking agent provocateur.