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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 80ef050b029f9a3⋯.jpg (282.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

b8ea22 No.5703

The Republic of The United States of America is being Restored

The Silent Executioner has taken the Stand. The floor is yours.

There has been a Storm brewing for more time than we know against the monsters that impoverish our world.

Good hearted Men in positions of Power have each drawn their line in the sand and watched these wretched idiots rape their way across it.


It stands to reason that Good Men across intelligence agencies have set in calculated motion the greatest restoration of Good the world will ever know with an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse turned good under Admiral Rogers.

Here are the facts:

There are over 9,294 sealed indictments in federal courts from 10/30 to 11/22

There have been Thousands of pedophilia-related arrests and sting operations since the day Trump got into office.

As of January 4, 2018, 39 representatives will not seek re-election to their U.S. House districts and an additional 12 have announced upcoming resignations.

Over 40 CEO's of major companies have or announced their resignations.

Here's the catch:

The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth.

Solution? Sincere Patriots.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” ― Thomas Jefferson

We are the calm before, during, and after the storm. We are researchers collaborating in an online workspace. We serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States. This is not a joke. Feel proud.

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends.



We will do this by constructing a side by side graphic / github of Qposts and Trump tweets.



Timestamps must be in the same timezone.

Highlight time differences of [5,10,15]

Highlight misspelled words.

It's perfect. Plausible deniability to the world yet ultimate confirmation to us.

We will erode the barriers of ignorance that stand in Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

You know what to do. Godspeed Patriots.



Please read the "About Shills" section below.


Important Update from CodeMonkey:


These two posts are verified as written by me:



>>>/greatawakening/ is Q's board and >>>/qresearch/ is the one he chose for digging. You're free to stay here on this board, of course.

Again, my tripcode was not visible on >>>/qresearch/ because the BO did not add it to the whitelist. He is under no obligation to add my tripcode to the whitelist.



Q has called for the migration from /thestorm/ and the creation of Q ONLY posts blessed by the 8ch admin CodeMonkey.

All further Q posts will be relayed on /greatawakening/ and the research shall continue here on /qresearch/

b8ea22 No.5706

b8ea22 No.5707






Learn to Read The Map

New: throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/qanon-learn-to-read-the-map-hd/



https:// oversight.house.gov/interactivepage/plannedparenthood/


SOLVING ALL CAPS letters: >>>/thestorm/30980

SOLVING Q POSTS: >>>/thestorm/31802

New Spreadsheet

New smartsheet spreadsheet has been made.

NEW LINK: app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=6588bf56d814417bb759beca4fc52232

NOTE: Spreadsheet is and will remain in read-only & download-only mode due to threats by a psycho to delete all the answers/news in the open columns.

We are working on a different solution and will announce when one is found.

THANK YOU all anons who have helped out, added answers, found news items, given support and had patience with this project.


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>>2955 Migration Timeline Capture


>>>/thestorm/30239 (outdated)

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Interactive: qcodefag.github.io

Interactive backup: qanonmap.github.io

News Search: qcodefag.github.io/news 2000+ News articles from /cbts/ searchable ← "News unlocks map." -Q, 11/23/2017

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Q Posts 2017 (meta, txt & html): 460 posts (incl. [Reposts], etc) zip file - anonfiles.cc/file/b93ccf2f2476b34fff65be9f0ad4e75a

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Q turned A: anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf (Last Q post on this is from 12 NOV 2017 - It's getting stale)

Raw Text Q Dump: pastebin.com/3YwyKxJE

Text: [4chan] pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] pastebin.com/dfWVpBbY

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The Book of Q: pastebin.com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

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Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps.

Stay positive and loving. Try it at least. Hate only brings darkness.

b8ea22 No.5720




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They don't care about you, or the subject at hand, or the general worsening situation of the world.

Their interests are either money or delusions of grandeur, or "divide and conquer" ideologies.

So what should you do? What sort of an action you should take? How do you combat them? *drum roll*

You don't.

Even if you read the most insulting thing said to you in your life, such that it shakes your very being,

mountains of rage and sadness gush out from the darkest and deepest pits of your heart:


Turn the other cheek. It is the only way. If you answer, they will be alerted(literally, by software)

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ca519c No.5722

A lot of info on here. Which thread is the Arrest List?

a2b5b5 No.5744


Pass the butter, pls.

4051de No.5746

ugh ive been goin for 48 hours. I am crashin

ef0c55 No.5752



4051de No.5754


dafuq? whered you come from kike?

3dbaa0 No.5758


common spam. ignore/report

5d1886 No.5760



The racial shit is all identity politics. When the perpetrators of this shit go away, people will go back to not caring what other people look like again.

0158cf No.5762

File: 8d33a2e88bab200⋯.jpg (63.08 KB, 612x405, 68:45, 22e4jm.jpg)

d0816e No.5763


I cant find it!!!

Its been scrubbed but it DEFINITELY happened

please OLDFAGS..somebody has to have the pic of the missing "Connecticut Ave" sign!!!

I can't believe it's not included in any of the maps..

Q said things were purposely being left out back when this first started!

ca519c No.5767


It's called Golf.

1d3ac6 No.5771

>>5752 repost from last bread, I am still digging but I bet there is a LOOP connection


Gang warfare on streets of Chicago fueled by Sinaloa Cartel heroin

www. foxnews.com/world/2015/02/05/gang-warfare-on-streets-chicago-fueled-by-sinaloa-cartel-heroin.html

"Now, however, the heavy-hitters from the criminal class appear to be moving to Chicago from south of the border and using the city’s ever-growing Mexican population to camouflage themselves and recruit new members…Chicago is one of the U.S.’s largest interior cargo ports, the world’s third-largest handler of shipping containers…It’s a huge distribution center with so many interstates and train lines that [traffickers] can run their products out of the city"

1b58c5 No.5774



another repost from last bread

a8d8bf No.5776

>>5757 (You)



FAGS PAY ATTENTION TO THIS. 20ish days ago, the ceo of this rail line was done away with… RELATED. THIS.

a8d8bf No.5778


oops sorry

ccf6df No.5780


Thank you Baker. Please update entry in Resources

>All Q Posts (meta, txt & html): 512 posts (incl. [Reposts], etc) zip file - anonfiles.cc/file/a33bf9a05847deb2a49e10c5a596ec95


>All Q Posts (meta, txt & html): 519 posts (incl. [Reposts], etc) zip file - anonfiles.cc/file/884cb98b49b4e8da18087c3edc3df21f

5d1886 No.5783


The connection is probably through Gary Airport - remember seeing something a while ago. Think maybe Geo Web b…. Lola on twat would probably know.

a9145f No.5785


It has to be public! Anything less sets us up for the same shit to happen!

Her and Bill have MURDERED numerous people! They have committed TREASON!

I don't care what regular folks can't handle! That is part of the very problem and the reason we are in the shape we are in!

To prevent this in the future, the population needs to see exactly what the consequences of such actions lead to!

6737b0 No.5787

www .theguardian.com/world/shortcuts/2018/jan/08/chelsea-clinton-church-satan-got-cool

b8ea22 No.5788



ccf6df No.5793


Thank you.

418938 No.5794

File: e2ed9e511cd4bd7⋯.png (28.21 KB, 499x114, 499:114, 7CDCADCD-034F-42B2-83BD-0F….png)

File: 82b062f2231fbd3⋯.png (423.63 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 784B4117-5AFB-432E-88DD-5E….png)

File: 0318e9f7d5e37ac⋯.png (73.1 KB, 276x183, 92:61, AD2A1B07-1365-4EEC-AFAC-64….png)

File: 851a18eeb088352⋯.png (197.23 KB, 492x329, 492:329, E95E1136-0C83-46EF-8401-8D….png)

a8d8bf No.5795


I've literally been sitting on that screenshot on standby for the ceo death. hilarious

a9145f No.5796



061364 No.5797

Hannity just now -

Watch @wikileaks closely! Tick tock.


592d44 No.5798

File: 5eefca6fe423344⋯.png (99.72 KB, 308x285, 308:285, conave.png)


You mean this?

40fe7a No.5800

File: 953430ec6b71e90⋯.png (176.69 KB, 625x494, 625:494, Selection_035.png)

Interesting. From Hannity.

e18fd3 No.5801




cmon anons…

whats this been all about… SA

waleed bin talal


cd053c No.5802

Just saying..



15m15 minutes ago


Do you know that the world's first Bioethics Committee gathered to discuss the fear of cloning Akhenaton? http://freemantv.com/obama-clone-of-an-egyptian-pharaoh/

53b0a1 No.5803

File: f2cf335e16ce672⋯.png (895.04 KB, 1034x624, 517:312, ClipboardImage.png)

53b0a1 No.5804


these are the rail lines that go through chicago

03f2f2 No.5805

God bless this bread, and please let the shill fags get violently ill from it, as it feeds and strengthens the Patriots, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

aeed32 No.5807

File: 91e32a11932e4ff⋯.png (495.36 KB, 718x795, 718:795, ClipboardImage.png)

Large Sting May Be Going Down

http:// www.puppetstringnews.com/blog/largest-sting-op-in-american-history-to-go-down-mueller-to-meet-with-trump

a8d8bf No.5808

File: c50b98c673d8159⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 940x627, 940:627, c50b98c673d8159c603c555522….jpg)

d0816e No.5810


it was missing connecticut ave in Q's original post, remember? the sign wasnt there

09ace2 No.5811


corner of Q & Connecticut

1d3ac6 No.5812


Logistics and Supply Chain Management 101

Location Location Location

85c665 No.5813


bank with 7 spaces from last bread

It’s TD Bank

fb1d23 No.5814


Nice find anon. I had no idea about this. It's VERY telling that POTUS can have direct contact with every cell phone user out there. No longer trust with the actual EAS?

Imagine sitting at your work desk on Mon 22, Jan and hearing, literally, every phone in the office buzzing with POTUS WEAs. Can't wait.

0ebb11 No.5815


> Q on 8chan last night

Bring on the newbies.

02b694 No.5816

"what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive"

"let no weaving spiders come here"


84d9ac No.5817

File: a79ad81b458ce93⋯.png (449.1 KB, 746x960, 373:480, winning.png)

what an absolute fucking joke this board is

more delusional than most of the people in the media and i don't believe they are ½ as serious.

its like this is babbys 1st "internet troll"

This is going to go even more retarded than the cats cradle garbage, it wouldn't surprise if this was the same guy.

e18fd3 No.5818



6e93d8 No.5819

Been feeling so many negative vibes the last 24 hours. Wtf is going on? Never have I ever felt this way. Make it stop, please.

b98d99 No.5820


Wow! Nice find! Knew we'd find something relevant!! Let's get this in the LC thread!! Nice Work!! (On my phone at work but will back on this once I get home, thanks for keeping me informed!)

03f2f2 No.5821


This isn't /pol/. Fuck off.

9ae571 No.5822



14f1db No.5825


I recommend using humor. The coverup for 9/11 had some comical aspects and this is one of them. Tell it as you would tell a kid's fairytale, illustrating with hand motions etc.

"Some planes seem to have flown into Buildings 1 and 2 and there were fires in them but not nearly hot enough to melt steel, but then they fell straight down into their footprints anyway and disappeared in a cloud of dust. (smile or chuckle here, hand going down, say "plop"!)

And Building 7 was nearby and saw all this, and collapsed all by itself out of sympathy even though nothing had hit it. (Say the last one laughing, say "plop!' again.)

And then leave the subject unless they're bothered to challenge or ask about it.

>>5601 no it sucks. He's pushing away his own bargaining leverage. The conservative side doesn't just want the wall but also the comprehensive immigration reform to include chain migration, require e-Verify, and so on. And dammit, with Jones in that Alabama seat, he may get what he wants, the opportunity to take less than he can get on immigration.

Regarding skilled immigration, he's also going to keep those H1B workers here as long as employers want them according to this article.

http:// www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/white-house/article193665104.html

9ae571 No.5827

2715cd No.5829

File: 7ecd593b0a62d6f⋯.jpg (81.33 KB, 1158x414, 193:69, QR 2 Capture Tw Diffs.JPG)

To this amazing Anon, thank you.

Disregard if already in process, but would not be statistically interesting to gather similar data on the last POTUS (nameless) twitter behavior?

My statistician friends may find it highly / significantly different compared to our POTUS #45 as just demonstrated, suggesting further Validation of Q's instructions…..

If so, this would be valuable for print in future History books……

dd46e9 No.5830


I asked you to cite Q's post where he mentioned Connecticut Avenue. It's not in the spreadsheet. If it is not on any of the graphics after 11-10-17, the first day Q used a tripcode, it is because it was a fake (imposter) Q. The rawtxt and spreadsheet (and I magien other compilations, but can't personally vouch) are based on the original graphic comp Q posted on that that day. Anything not on that (before he used a trip and posted a correct graphic) is not valid.

With that said - the spreadsheet contains all that, all in EST. It also contains back-and-forth posts from 8ch/pol/ and /cbts/ when he was unable to use his tripcode, and when the other people on Qteam tested their discrete devices with the 2nd tripcode. These are there for completeness and accuracy. Also duplicate posts [repost] are combined, but are there, with date/timestamp and direct links just like the others. In addition, there are confirmation posts by Codemonkey.

I do not recall ever seeing a post by real Q about Connecticut Avenue. I want the spreadsheet to be absolutely 100% accurate so if it is real and was missed, I would like to know to include it.




If anyone knows of this post and can please give me a citation I would appreciate it.

Accuracy is critical.

1f65c8 No.5831

File: 3a9200ffa7e0379⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180109-144104.png)

0ee536 No.5832

>>5764 (You)


continued YT puzzle from last bread:

The names of the video files are different from the code shown in every video. Put them together? Seems quite impossible to solve without knowing what it is actually …

All the vids only have very few views. Must have been a very specific communication of code.

46430f No.5833



4b91b0 No.5834

File: 175ff83eebf6c9b⋯.png (47.91 KB, 396x338, 198:169, 8C8521BC-3268-43D6-9F8A-DD….png)

85c665 No.5835


TD bank is the one related to fusion gps.

1036dd No.5836


I got into a twatter argument with some fag cuz he said the info on this board was being controlled. I proceeded to tell him he could find out every bit of this info all by himself. Apparently he thinks this board owes him access and all of it's info. I told the dumb fucker he could find this place himself if he wasn't so fucking lazy. people piss me off

e18fd3 No.5837



a2b5b5 No.5838


Who is reporting that?

0158cf No.5839

File: 5084b24bbbe7768⋯.jpg (113.57 KB, 743x499, 743:499, 2018-01-09-13-43-20-.jpg)

dd46e9 No.5840



Please, please cross-post in the Loop Capital thread, keep the info together, can analyze it better and meme the hell out of it

b98d99 No.5841


No doubt on that one. Which tread are the yt vids planted? I'll get on them tonight. See if i can't make sense of them!!

d845ae No.5842


his name was seth rich

bda2d1 No.5843

File: 4972c6229d1f64b⋯.jpg (384.02 KB, 1389x2041, 1389:2041, ZomboMeme 09012018143910.jpg)

Maybe my finest work

Distribute freely

5d1886 No.5844



190b65 No.5845


dcf45d No.5846

File: c8d518492e36549⋯.png (108.02 KB, 329x338, 329:338, Owl.png)



43406a No.5847


That popped up on my phone a little bit ago, from fox news for me.

a2b5b5 No.5848


Thank you.

34a417 No.5849


Excellent. This Anon approves of this message

85c665 No.5850




3df4a2 No.5851

File: ddb11ebe3939f42⋯.png (743.37 KB, 1250x880, 125:88, screenshot_261.png)

f8a023 No.5852


do a search for the channel name and address. see where it is referenced

cf1bf3 No.5853


Not sure how much attention you folks pay to Canadian outlets…but here are a few articles related to the dead CEO …did he get paid off before getting OFFed ?

cbc.ca /news/business/csx-hunter-harrison-pay-1.4146528

They announced his sick leave on Dec 15th..

cbc.ca /news/business/csx-hunter-harrison-medical-leave-1.4450177

And the next day he's dead…

cbc.ca /news/business/csx-hunter-harrison-medical-leave-1.4450177

46430f No.5854


Except he is an investor in Citibank, no?

84cb56 No.5855


I propose this notice be added to the OPSEC RULES bread slice.



b98d99 No.5856


Sorry my bad. Last bread. #6?

7c7fc6 No.5857


357b38 No.5858

File: e79cd81eb11c97e⋯.png (167.58 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-09-12-0….png)

File: 54097e78bff860a⋯.png (530.05 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-05-15-4….png)

File: 97d1d10137c1385⋯.png (633.93 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-05-15-4….png)

The money comes in to loop from Northern Trust. Locations WW, including Saudi Arabia. This is a WW take over of Infrastructure.. control the transit, control everything coming in and going out. Trafficking people, drugs, money…

I need a shower.. out for a bit

f16a1a No.5859



03f2f2 No.5860


I second this.

a8d8bf No.5861


Him, and the CEO of the pharma company in TO were likely clean up operations for the upcoming storm. Both directly connect to the liberals via fundraising, etc.

6bf655 No.5862


Will do! Excellent work, do you have any softer stuff to introduce to my airy fairy yoga people?

92f513 No.5864


Dianne Feinstein just leaked the transcript of GPS testimony. She's scared lol.

cec9aa No.5865


never forget UN sex trafficking and disease spreading they admitted. killed 10,000 in haiti and infected 100,000+. easy red pill that government orgs cover this shit up for decades. and why cover it up and keep letting it continue? every world government in the UN covered it up. 2011 an article in nyt had it in there. fox last month. keywords… UN sex trafficking fox news and nyt 2011 2017

i put in key words not links because there's more and it can be found this way. not posting every link.

4051de No.5866



Or she just tainted the whole investigation by leaking

6c8dc1 No.5867


sauce? on Twitter?

061364 No.5868

File: e2d85a8b869d9c5⋯.png (78.39 KB, 598x445, 598:445, fusion1.png)

Fusion GPS non-denial

They had to take a break to discuss how to answer this question

>we don't have any agreements like that we would put into writing

<<into writing

I think this tells you where this investigation is going.

a2b5b5 No.5869




c89fb1 No.5870


I have seen this pic as well. Way early days. wish i had saved it.

a801ac No.5871


The one of the tunnel at DuPont with the door or the one,of Q street? I remember seeing both. Q did not post them. Both were from local anons. One was related to pizzagate the other related to Q posts. Both might very likely have been crossposted on voat or reddit. Might want to make a post there to check. Conspiracy subs

c7ad8a No.5872

File: 8f646c90a6dafc6⋯.jpg (771.32 KB, 1850x775, 74:31, cartel.jpg)

d0816e No.5873


I googled it and I found ONE poster on some forum who stated this:

"Who poisoned the waterhole?

Google Maps

What is missing from the graphic? (important)

The address for 1500 Connecticut Ave NW from the green light post

A specific post?"

Somebody purposely removed it. I remember it plain as day…and it's gone. I can not give you an exact post because I dont have it either!

I suppose it does not matter. Theres nothing I can do about it so I wont dwell on it

5d1886 No.5874


No… it wasn't. Read the article or pay attention. SR had NOTHING to do with the dossier.

6c8dc1 No.5875


many thanks

92f513 No.5876



69b672 No.5877

File: 9f8768b187ae243⋯.jpg (109.83 KB, 500x640, 25:32, 22e69q.jpg)

6bf655 No.5878


would it be possible to include a bit of text to give idea what the story is and to link to q post as one is working then more ideas come together?

0158cf No.5879

File: 12e78f53a73a885⋯.jpg (76.62 KB, 495x504, 55:56, 22e6h3.jpg)

b42875 No.5880


the q street photo with tiny puffs in the sky?

85c665 No.5881


Page 279!!

a2b5b5 No.5882

Anons, is anybody keeping an eye on Q's board?

b994c1 No.5883


I am

397b26 No.5884



e18fd3 No.5885


I remember it I remember it

d0816e No.5887




I thought I may have been going crazy!! lmao

Im sure somebody has it.

Now I know why he posted it

Fusion GPS is located at 1700 Connecticut Ave

a2b5b5 No.5888


I'll look!

357b38 No.5889


Need to go offline it will take a few hours, as I'm not good at that part.

b8ea22 No.5890



Adding as such:




3df4a2 No.5891

File: e4aecd95c0bb9e1⋯.png (224.68 KB, 629x884, 37:52, screenshot_262.png)


Loop Capital Deals

Northern Trust Corporation - $350 million (May 3rd, 2017)

Northern Trust Corporation - $500 million (August 1st, 2016)

Northern Trust Co. - $500 million (August 17th, 2011)


4b91b0 No.5893


Our Father, which art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come.

Thy will be done in earth,

As it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive them that trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

The power, and the glory,

For ever and ever.


55c218 No.5894

Anyone have anything solid that crown prince mbs of SA was in vegas on oct 1st?

07b289 No.5895








ugh, so much newfags.

those were apocryphal posts. interesting leads, but NOT Q.

They are archived, though, but giving too much importance is false leads/clownery

7c7fc6 No.5896


just want people to remember

could have not linked that anon


4bb829 No.5897


Checked. Testimony indicating that someone has been killed related to this.

53b0a1 No.5898


solid visual

d0816e No.5900


newfags? seriously?

been here pre-q bruh

If you say it wasnt Q, then ill take your word for it.

I could of sworn it was Q though.

85c665 No.5901


And no one asked about this killing???

a2b5b5 No.5902


Oh shit!

4b91b0 No.5904


Is that you, Rahm?

c7ad8a No.5905


you'd be surprised at what kind of

gang tags

are on the railcars I see

d23299 No.5906


Oh, snap! It IS there on the bottom of p 279

4b91b0 No.5908


Is that you, Lynn?

b42875 No.5909


>If you say it wasnt Q, then ill take your word for it.

>I could of sworn it was Q though.


598864 No.5910

718921 No.5911


all anons should have this open, POTUS twatter open and /greatawakening/ open.

we have a job to do

c7ad8a No.5912

File: 53536f2dc4d434c⋯.jpg (465.89 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, GangstaTBear.jpg)

46430f No.5913


Well now that's interesting. Where is that?

84cb56 No.5914


Formatting suggestion:

Separating those two lines with an empty line so that it makes it easier to read quickly. Less chance of skimming over due to reading difficulty. (from personal experience)

3dbaa0 No.5915





from the pdf:

14 MR. FOSTER: So without getting into naming

15 the sources or anything like that, what steps did

16 you take to try to verify their credibility?

17 MR. SIMPSON: I'm going to decline to answer

18 that.

19 MR. FOSTER: Why?

20 MR. LEVY: It's a voluntary interview, and in

21 addition to that he wants to be very careful to

22 protect his sources. Somebody's already been

23 killed as a result of the publication of this

24 dossier and no harm should come to anybody related

25 to this honest work.

eb8d3f No.5916

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I'm terrible with codefag stuff. No idea what it is, what it does, but I found it and shared it.

>This is the video that starts the sequence. Maybe some other anons smarter than I can make sense of it?

d845ae No.5918



34a417 No.5919


Shine on you glow bright

5d1886 No.5920


There are people lurking here that don't know how the boards work. This stuff is being put out on soc. media… people don't read and they'll just go with a post - disinfo will hurt the work that people are donating their valuable time to complete. I don't mean to be harsh, but people are so worried about namefagging and being the first to put something out, that they're sloppy in their investigating.

397b26 No.5921

flash over Russia sparks fears of a US strike on North Korea



b8ea22 No.5922







3df4a2 No.5924


KEK this has got to be one of those (((losers))) at Loop Capital

69b672 No.5925

File: f665cffb55b2a20⋯.jpg (158.57 KB, 746x499, 746:499, 22e6y0.jpg)

0bee8b No.5926


I recall around that time that may have been a door to a tunnel system under an adjacent DC park. Someone else posted an architectural diagram of the tunnels. I do remember it.

fb1d23 No.5927


Come on now, please don't be from USA.

You simply can't be from USA and not know where that is.

d845ae No.5928



how can we tell if NK still has power or not right now?

this shit just happened

dcf45d No.5930

File: de667a1499730ab⋯.png (41 KB, 493x717, 493:717, Page 279.png)

f8a023 No.5931



af56b3 No.5932


TD Bank has its roots in Canada

eb8d3f No.5933


I suck at deciphering so I have no idea how to approach any of it.

I found it odd and brought it here to see if it makes sense to any anons or if it is relevant.

d0816e No.5935

File: f9bc0b37b1a51b2⋯.jpg (35.58 KB, 720x405, 16:9, thedonald.jpg)

dcf45d No.5936

Press Briefing


a8d8bf No.5937


Toronto Dominion Bank.

cf1bf3 No.5939


Looks like my country likes to export Uranium…to countries including NK….

Canada exported 16,431 tonnes of uranium and uranium by-products (excluding isotopes) in 2013, earning just over $1.6 billion. The countries to which the greatest quantities were exported were:

the United Kingdom (5,958 tonnes),

the United States (5,079 tonnes),

Germany (1,601 tonnes),

France (1,647 tonnes),

China (916 tonnes),

the Netherlands (805 tonnes),

South Korea (287 tonnes),

Argentina (126 tonnes), and

Japan (3 tonnes)

cna.ca /news/transportation-of-nuclear-substances-in-canada/

b42875 No.5940

File: aaaf0a7b7777006⋯.png (343.11 KB, 608x553, 608:553, qstreet.png)


i found this


pic related

4bb829 No.5941

File: db278a5d37fc41d⋯.png (83.76 KB, 603x1025, 603:1025, helos3.png)

9 helos off the coast of New Orleans.

85c665 No.5942


Thanks anon!

0bee8b No.5943


The US Capital

07b289 No.5944

File: dcf313b8af04ad8⋯.png (64.53 KB, 272x204, 4:3, 58277-full.png)




he specifically confirmed the map/graphic that did not include them - might have even been that time when he did the fkn map himself.

Yeguyz might not be new, but you should remember moar. Re-read crumbs.

Re-read crumbs.

7d0855 No.5945


NO, happened at least 12 hours ago.

"Tuesday, 9 January 2018 (about 12 hours ago)" right at the top of the linked article.


c89fb1 No.5946


Yep! that one

84d9ac No.5947


Oh yes, the same way everyone who doesnt think that earth is flat works for NASA


e18fd3 No.5948


Connecticut Ave NW

6ddca4 No.5949

File: 0a11085bbd8dc04⋯.png (6.21 MB, 4747x2756, 4747:2756, Sky Fortress.png)

Don't know..

5d1886 No.5950


Since election - CF and MI lost $ through donations. CF/Red+ swindled Haiti out of money and trafficked their kids

3b654f No.5951


been there. tracks EVERYWHERE. what doesn't come in/go out by rail comes up/goes down the river. They do know how to move merchandise efficiently

6ac76b No.5952


There is a problem in the batter.

Please delete this 2nd line in the "About Shills" section

Read >>>/cbts/226201

That post over at cbts has a major inaccuracy in it. The anon who wrote it did not understand the software here and says the "Spoiler image" control is a sign of a "bot" which is stupid because it is one of the controls and anyone can use it.

I suspect some more of that guy's post was off base as well but this is the thing that jumps out.

Please de-link that old cbts post.

Thanks and we all love you by the way, this is a great batter, no homo.

834105 No.5953


http ://floridapolitics.com/archives/253142-anitere-flores-oscar-braynon

http ://floresbraynonaffair.com/

>Apparently exposing new depths of Florida political espionage, an anonymous internet website appeared Tuesday morning claiming to show secretly-taped videos and secretly-shot photographs supporting allegations of a rendezvous between Republican state Sen. Anitere Flores and Democratic state Sen. Oscar Braynon II.

These fucks are LITERALLY in bed together.

>One Florida Politics reporter had the website texted to him early Tuesday with the message, “Senators Flores (R) & Braynon (D) Caught Caucusing!” The website features grainy, black-and-white video shot through a pinhole lens purported to be of a hallway in The Tennyson, a condominium building in Tallahassee. Accompanying text states that Braynon and Flores had rented rooms there last April, across the hall from one another, and alleges that the surveillance suggested Flores spent several nights in Braynon’s unit.

This shows well-advanced planning. Which one of you glorious fags did this?

>Sunburn reported Tuesday morning that rumors had circulated of an alleged affair between Flores and Braynon, especially in recent weeks.

Planting the seed, much like we are doing here.

>Sunburn also reported a source who alerted Florida Politics to the existence of the website. That person suggested it is the work of former Sen. Frank Artiles, who privately had threatened to expose the two lawmakers referenced in the domain name.

>Artiles, a Cuban-American Republican also from Miami-Dade County, made national news after he accosted Sen. Perry Thurston, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat, and Sen. Audrey Gibson, a Jacksonville Democrat, calling her a “b****h” and a “girl” in a dispute over legislation at a private club in Tallahassee Monday night.

>Artiles also used a slang variation of the ‘N-word,’ referring to white Republicans who supported Joe Negron as Senate President. Thurston and Gibson are black. Artiles apologized on the Senate floor, but eventually resigned this April rather than face a hearing that could have resulted in his expulsion.

Artiles, you glorious bastard!

More double-crossing, scheming, sexy surveillance, racism, backstabbing, and hilarity at links.


dcf45d No.5954




0158cf No.5955

a801ac No.5956


I missed a few threads so sorry if this has been mentioned but several times anons have posted that the U1 ended up in Canada.

1d7dce No.5957


Old research path, but there are indications that Northern Trust 'owns' the BAR association and the IRS.



Provided as FYI, and perhaps more.

a2b5b5 No.5958

File: 7ac1bf5ee21b9e4⋯.jpg (108.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DTH9PcqXcAk44f1.jpg)

bda2d1 No.5959

File: a1c80708a1f1834⋯.jpg (348.16 KB, 1440x2362, 720:1181, ZomboMeme 09012018145815.jpg)

9ae571 No.5960


This is the same, only shorter:

American Uranium 1

makes Canadian Railways glow!

4ae51b No.5961


>God bless this bread, and please let the shill fags get violently ill from it

That's sorcery, faggot.

Repent, then KYS

38afb9 No.5962

File: 9fac61217abd159⋯.gif (2 MB, 297x222, 99:74, skyking-c-m.gif)



Remember that shills are always here.

Remember their divide and conquer strategy.

They will cause arguments and separate the group.

Responses will generate more automated noise.

Filter and move on.

0158cf No.5963

File: daba32175f5db37⋯.png (217.87 KB, 1080x615, 72:41, 20180109_140043.png)

File: 4f1f9c99d96d1e4⋯.png (587.19 KB, 1080x1439, 1080:1439, 20180109_140104.png)

look what Hannity tweeted

4b91b0 No.5964

File: 1f04d32d96f65d9⋯.png (53.91 KB, 327x315, 109:105, 28EBE62D-2EFB-46C4-84BB-8D….png)

File: 536b883bd73ba40⋯.png (53.32 KB, 339x325, 339:325, 352F5C3E-5D8C-40AA-AA4A-D5….png)

File: 17be3df6d014f67⋯.png (53.57 KB, 330x318, 55:53, ADE29A11-B98A-4E6E-B652-2E….png)

964427 No.5965

Any anons notice that posts on the Q only board jump from 1 to 4 and then 5? Did we miss posts 2 and 3 some how. Also, something was modified 2 hours after the 5th post with no new crumbs. No coincidences so I am putting this out there. Love to all you crazy bastards - no homo

9b01de No.5966

I had a dream… The year was 2040. I was an old man, with grandchildren. They were gathered around me wanting me to tell them a story. So, I told them about Q, "the storm" and what we did here…

I told them, we worked tirelessly for months, glued to our screens reading and sharing crumbs. I told them about the great migrations. And, I told them about the evil ones like, HRC, Podesta and Soros.

My grandchildren looked up at me and asked, "Did they lock 'em up, serve justice and save the American people, grandpa?"

And I said to them, "Lurk moar, you goddamn newfags. This kinda shit doesn't happen overnight. Yeah, it's been 30+ years, but we're going to get these satanic-pedos, IT IS habbening! Trust me. The fucking countdown started last week, not in 2018. '[10]', Q said fucking '[10]'. Now fuck off you little glow-nigger, shills. You're shitting up the board."

85c665 No.5967



Not sure why the blacked out the bank name though - it’s been known that it was TD Bank.

d0816e No.5968



9125e1 No.5969


It should only be for good intentions. I would say something to the effect of: This is a workspace created for research. In order to keep it a productive environment, please do not directly link to this board.

I would be careful in making this sound like some super secret group. If someone really wants to find it, they can without our any direct help from anyone else. Just my $0.02

f8aca8 No.5970

File: 047b3078df7e2d6⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1500x1446, 250:241, dwyer pepe.png)

Q wrote:

>DEFCON does not refer to Defense r Condition w/ regards to prev post.

I just had the thought that DEFCON could mean



has this been suggested yet?

a801ac No.5971


Iirc the business in the Photo was missing a sign and that was what was pointed out. Not the Connecticut ave sign.

43406a No.5972


Could be oil workers?

84881d No.5973


me too

1d3ac6 No.5974


very nice

9125e1 No.5975


No. Q most likely was testing and deleted the first couple of posts so the first post was from Q

cf1bf3 No.5976


Hunt for Red October? No MSM coverage? Is this real?

onenewspage.com /video/20180104/9481378/North-Korea-May-Have-Hit-One-of-Its.htm

9ae571 No.5977


I love this.

84881d No.5979



a2b5b5 No.5980




4bb829 No.5981

File: 43a823e8eb6472e⋯.png (101.57 KB, 859x606, 859:606, helos4.png)


>Could be oil workers?

Possible. These two look like searching.

a801ac No.5982

It wasn’t Q but Q might have mentioned it in a reply. It was defiantly something related to a business near the sign >>5900

38afb9 No.5983


can confirm the few original test posts was him responding to CM

d845ae No.5984


close enough, i guess

46430f No.5985



Never been there. Never seen an aerial shot like that. Now I know.

834105 No.5986


Samefagging to note that this

==CONVENIENTLY== coincided with Gov. Scott’s State of the State address and new Legislator session. I wonder if we will have some awesome happenings right before GEOTUS’ SotU?

46430f No.5987


bah sorry for the extra link

d0816e No.5988


glad we are not crazy lmao!

thanks anon

1d3ac6 No.5989


he deleted 6 which directed people to this board because twatter terds were linking the /greatawakening/

my theory is [10] delta between 4&5 for POTUS, the 45th President

aab17f No.5990

AHHH! I got it now why the U.S. wants to stop funding the U.N. with their Population fund! Sexual and reproductive health… aye, the pieces of the puzzle fit!

e133f0 No.5991

Press Briefing going on!!

6ee623 No.5992


This is what I remember of the Connecticut Ave Q post also. It was a pic of the intersection. May go all the way back to half chan days.

eaa26a No.5993

I may get yelled at for interrupting the work flow, but this old heart is so thankful I can't remain silent.

I was lurking this weekend on TheStorm when Q gave the Anons an almost unbelievable task with Defcon1. What I saw brought me to tears of joy as the work went into hyper drive.

Then I watched as the Anons didn't miss a beat during the shit storm of transferring to a new board.

All my life I have wondered what would become of our beloved Republic. (I was in elementary school when the bastards murdered JFK). If I die tonight, it will be in peace knowing the my grand children can grow up free because of true Patriots willing to go without sleep and food digging for Truth.

I give prayers of thanksgiving every day to the One who made us for your service.

Be well. God speed to all.

dcf45d No.5994

File: 9afb65fa1a85a7c⋯.png (44.56 KB, 270x223, 270:223, Owl too.png)


I misunderstood your question! lol

4b91b0 No.5995

File: 19a57b723fe785f⋯.png (158.1 KB, 491x207, 491:207, A681A892-906D-4C15-B8B4-F4….png)

a801ac No.5997


There are tons of tunnels in that area. Many connect to rock creek park.

449ef0 No.5998


Amen, 64 million people on twatter are waiting for this

dcf45d No.5999


Amen Anon, Amen!

e04653 No.6000


Nightmare! Not gonna be like that, maybe the first part.

d0816e No.6001


God speed, Anon!

we got this…it will never come to that again. I give you my word.

3df4a2 No.6002


That's the templat owl that surrounds the Capital Building

9ae571 No.6003


Nice bedtime story, nice grandpa, great dream!

Maybe you should make MemeStories for the masses.

3df4a2 No.6004


Templar Owl

5381b4 No.6005


the audio tones in the background add a sense of drama to the info, holds the attention. DEFINITELY a Great redpill

dcf45d No.6006


>Sexual and reproductive health = DEpopulation!

69b672 No.6007

File: 438d5cc107fb0b7⋯.jpg (106.77 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 22e7px.jpg)

4c7835 No.6008


Q Confirmed it stood for DEFense CONtractor.


This comes days after the Ecuadorian election, right? Is it the new president's doing, or something that's been in the works?


I'd say no.. and definitely too contrived

for normies to digest.


Loop Capital has made a deal with DuPont. Look into that. gtg

85c665 No.6009


God bless anon!!

a2b5b5 No.6011



dd46e9 No.6012


I believe you saw it but your confirmation is not the actual citation. I need the actual post # to be able to check it, regardless if it was halfchan, or here on any board.


>those were apocryphal posts. interesting leads, but NOT Q.

And this is exactly why we keep records. This is also why Q got frustrated, posted his OWN graphic, and why all subsequent graphic compilations are built upon that one.


I was in that thread when that happened. That was a fake Q.


Please understand that this particular autist (yours truly) is autistic about accuracy, that's all :) I appreciate you understanding.

7d0855 No.6013


Five-day-old article. Pro Tip: at least please google a flipping "sensational" headline and do a bit of your own research before going on about it.

68a29f No.6014

Sorry catching up, too much needed break.


Most of them have someone hired to do their tweets for them

>>4350. Wow news to me! Never watch him...when did we say we were helping Him????

9125e1 No.6015


I don’t remember Q ever posting this one. The actual original post would need to be found.

9829f6 No.6016


ATTENTION ANONS!!!!!!!!!!...Don't forget that these shill fags get paid $14.50/hr to shoot shill shits at us when we hit their target words...and these shillfukwits have to have TOR (give you the ID:000000) to do their 'job'....

ffeb2b No.6018

File: 1487763fbaf00c6⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 657x1720, 657:1720, Anon Note.jpg)

File: 8f35705fcab1cb5⋯.jpg (1 MB, 665x1302, 95:186, If Clowns come, run ragged….jpg)

a801ac No.6020



3dbaa0 No.6021


>Q Confirmed it stood for DEFense CONtractor.

no, he didn't. check links at the top or sauce me

ef0c55 No.6022



f07407 No.6023

File: f59f42385b4ecc5⋯.png (763.57 KB, 1057x1522, 1057:1522, 1515523093915.png)

637239 No.6024


Didnt see this posted earlier:

"Former Idaho Rep. Brandon Hixon commits suicide after Sex Abuse Claims

d23299 No.6025


Love how his lawyer states: this "honest" work


9dafd8 No.6026



No one saw that right?

0bee8b No.6027


It could be shift change of crew

637239 No.6028


get this shitty journalism out of here. We know Trump isn't that 1 dimensional

d0816e No.6029


i trust your autism.

a2b5b5 No.6030

ef0c55 No.6031


Just like the hub of a wheel.

b8ea22 No.6032






e3f173 No.6033

File: b6b20bdd373aff1⋯.png (393.59 KB, 640x636, 160:159, Get In Pussy.png)

f33a02 No.6034



George Webb has been discounted, but he has always been looking into uranium and Hillary and ratlines and CANADA connection. This vid here is one of many:

https: //youtu.be/_oX6DDb3mLc

8994d8 No.6035

Anons I judge by the fruit.

Alot of what i see now is whenever someone posts something useful its

"Lets kill em or there going to die"

This type of mentality serves only one purpose.

To paint users of these boards as right wing crazies.

What could happen is the cabal choosing to off someone like Chrissy T and blame it on users of these boards.

I am here to research.

I dont like what im seeing.

And been around long enough to see changes.

Where are the Autists and Patriots?

Is it here?

We'll see.

Not that i am important.

I would not be a significant loss to this endeavor.

God Bless Patriots.

ef0c55 No.6037


😂 All is well! (((hugs)))

f07407 No.6038


Its going around twitter. Sorry you have a problem with it.

46430f No.6039


No they don't have to use TOR.

4bb829 No.6040

File: 23aace914c7b87f⋯.png (109.41 KB, 1009x596, 1009:596, helos5.png)


>Could be shift change of crew

When they land, yes. I'm tracking three that are going east and east-south-east that aren't landing - they're going out 100 miles and coming back. Not exactly tour-worthy scenery. Doesn't look like training either. Looks kinda like an effort to find a boat.

ac2893 No.6042


mattis? that you?

b994c1 No.6043


Damn Ol Fag, I got somethin in my eye you bastidd you, ( thanks and a fist bump!!!!!)

69b672 No.6044

File: 4f45d5f52f1b937⋯.jpg (167.49 KB, 893x500, 893:500, 22d4mi.jpg)

1d7dce No.6046


also excerpted:

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) is a trust company authorized to carry on trust and investment management services on behalf of trust funds, special funds and public monies of government bodies and designated institutions. According to bcIMC. “The trust’s investment activities help to finance the retirement benefits of more than 400,000 B.C. residents including college instructors and staff, municipal and healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, public servants and teachers; the staff and faculty at the University of Victoria; and employees of WorkSafeBC, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and others. In addition, bcIMC’s investment activities help to finance the insurance funds that cover almost two million workers and 173,000 employers in B.C.”

“bcIMC – Custodian Northern Trust – KPMG bcIMC appointed KPMG to audit the financial statement of the corporation and the pooled investment portfolios. Details of the services to be provided are outlined in the engagement letter. KPMG also conducts the Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC “1”) audit. The engagement letter using Canadian Standard for Assurance Engagements No. 3416 (CSAE 3416) between bcIMC and KPMG provides information about the appointment and the required services.”

“Super Serco bulldozes ahead

By Daily Mail Reporter UPDATED: 00:00 BST, 2 September 2004

SERCO has come a long way since the 1960s when it ran the ‘four-minute warning’ system to alert the nation to a ballistic missile attack…. Michael Morris, at broker Arbuthnot, says they are ‘a play on UK government spend’ which is rising fast. Read more: www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-1506060/Super-Serco-bulldozes-ahead.html#ixzz4rZS630pB Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook”

“For more than a century, [Serco shareholder] Northern Trust has worked hard building our legacy of outstanding service, expertise and integrity. From a Chicago-based bank founded in 1889, we now have more than 20 international locations and 16,500 employees globally. We serve the world’s most-sophisticated clients – from sovereign wealth funds and the wealthiest individuals and families, to the most-successful hedge funds and corporate brands

38afb9 No.6047



And for Gods sake don't give them a (You), even in a filter.

You just trigger their auto-response algorithm.

02b694 No.6049


please do research on agenda 21

agenda 2030

small arms treaty

they are using the un the help kill us off and tear usa apart

3df4a2 No.6050

File: c9509b75a19a024⋯.png (539.61 KB, 786x745, 786:745, screenshot_263.png)


Interesting, also considering Loop Capital has a significant investment in to Union Pacific Railroad

Union Pacific Corporation - $1.0 billion (March 29th, 2017)

773d2d No.6051


It's prob been said, but go ahead.

a2b5b5 No.6052

We love you Flynn!

018585 No.6053


Article says it happened last April.

a801ac No.6054


Just a recap the owl is Roman Minerva later Athena who is on top,of the capitol dome same as semiramis, Lady Liberty, isis and many more. All relate to Venus if you go far enough back. If you want to know more plug those names into a search engine and there’s endless info.

9ca4e3 No.6055

File: f5d2b91e74729a3⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 568x521, 568:521, dt.JPG)

a801ac No.6056

592d44 No.6057

File: 867516b6b21ebf0⋯.png (139.13 KB, 714x664, 357:332, 1666conave.png)









Seems like it was posted to 4ch but since scrubbed.

Here's where I found it:


Which led me to:


Hmm, Moroccan Embassy at that corner?

Ties to Kaliba?

And wasn't there a Comet Ping Pong somewhere on Connecticut Ave in DC?

d54be3 No.6058

http://www. bbc.com/news/world-europe-42618825

592d44 No.6059


Damnit, sorry, I thought I broke that link. :(

69b672 No.6063

File: 90e7012c18895fd⋯.jpg (83.71 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 22e8om.jpg)

1ab162 No.6064


same as with children, do NOT REWARD misbehaver with attention!

bda2d1 No.6065


Eloquent post and very true we don't sleep we are watching everything rest assured you can sleep well at night we are watching

597c8d No.6066

File: e0583ad168e2c6e⋯.jpg (46.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, trump palantir.jpg)


I saw Q's misspelling his name also, but forgot about it. Now you reminded me. Thanx!

I did some further digging… because it doesn't seems to be about a gay party (which it isn't actually…)

There is also a French article which misspelled Ahmadinejad's name, and a much more important subject.

AhmadinajEd: Iran is ready to defend Egypt and AS in case of attack

(Auto translation from French)


Remember Trump and Egypt's Al-Sisi stood together at the Palantir crystal ball in Saudi Arabia?

I think Q's misspelling was indeed on purpose. There are no coincidences.

This is a very big, but hidden, hint.

My best guess is, like I stated earlier, that the protests in Iran were let to happen to expose deep state agents (CIA, Mossad and MKO) running it.

a801ac No.6067


I remember is clearly being a local who took the pic. I also remember someone mentioning a relevant business in those buildings that was missing a sign.

9dafd8 No.6068

File: b55d6a4dae5f98f⋯.png (618.42 KB, 615x748, 615:748, Trump twitter 1.9.2018.PNG)

c44a68 No.6069


thanks for the gumball, anon

i wasn't aware of that site

d845ae No.6070


strange link potus tweeted:



99c122 No.6071


I am assuming you are putting this in loop thread?

Don’t make an ass of u and me….

ef0c55 No.6072


Warren Buffett owned major share of CNI and was looking to sellout last year…wonder why.


3dbaa0 No.6074


>strange link

it's just a shortened link


357b38 No.6076


Yes will do. I better be safe

a2b5b5 No.6077





I could've sworn he tweeted this yesterday/last night bc I retweeted it already….??

e3fa61 No.6078

is there a thread on how the creators of the simpsons are in the know? cause jesus christ they have fortold to much shit to not be

99c122 No.6079


Source on the pharma thing?

I know it was some kind of hinky deal that made no sense. Couple was perfectly healthy and happy…then dead.

But I didn’t do a lot if research and never saw it.

a2b5b5 No.6080


nvm, the white house tweeted it last night.

a801ac No.6081

It was established it was godfather LLL not iii so something L3 related and there wer about 5 good leads that I saw posted. >>6045

a8d8bf No.6082


> name also, but forgot about it. Now you reminded me. Than

Search for liberal fundraising connections in 2015.

74677d No.6083


Chicago is a ratline that is set up by the DS to run organs, drugs and weapons through going up to the VA Hospital in Toma, WI for organ transplants and Drugs cut with additives. Chicago has plenty of bodies from all the gang shootings.

e74502 No.6084


This is it boys. Looks like shit won't go down until the 20th at least.

3b654f No.6085


certainly one fine work!!!

and we're off to social media…..

thank you - you done good

9dd744 No.6086


This is amazing. How stupid can people get?

What is this board here for? Why does it exist? What is supposed to be achieved?

Get the word out; red pill the normies

So you propose to achieve that by making sure nobody comes here. Most of the people in here are in here all night. All day. Whatever. They're self-serving. They make memes like there's no tomorrow but who ever sees them? YOU'RE NOT DISTRIBUTING THEM!

Our job is to prevent shock impact, which causes riots, burning cities, and the White House being stormed. Gradual awakening. We have one job. And apparently even that is just too much to handle. "No new people in here!" And we're not effectively distributing anything, so what are we here for?

Some of you just cannot get it through your snowflake skulls of entitlement: THERE ARE NO IDEAL ENVIRONMENTS. THERE ARE NO SAFE SPACES. THERE IS NO PERFECT WORLD. There are going to be people flowing through here. Who do you think is going to obey your silly rules anyway? Is this a bunch of 4 year olds? The shit is going to happen. There will be shills and assholes and clowns, and to everybody else, each one of us is one of the assholes in here. Stop looking for a mother fucking safe space perfect environment. Learn to grow up and deal with adversity. Get the job done when the environment is not perfect.

You are in the same mentality as communist rulers right now: utopia through rules, restrictions, regulations, and forcing those on others.

You can't have a pure environment here. You can't. Get the work done. Stop being little snowflakes and get the work done even when it's WAHHHHHH not so easy to do.

Either we bring the info out of here, or others come here to find it. The former is not happening. And you want to restrict others from coming here. Pure genius. It's inspiring.

Everybody else is going to be spreading the link here far and wide anyway. It's a little too late for that.

You reach a goal by doing what has to be done to get there, not by micro managing the process with an iron fist.

a8d8bf No.6087


https:// www.reuters.com/article/us-canada-death-apotex/canadian-police-probe-mysterious-deaths-of-billionaire-pharma-couple-idUSKBN1EA0H8

Also, the lady is a fucking trannie. This is very very off.. It needs more sauce.

e3fa61 No.6088

edc69c No.6089

File: 4ac5045dd6ce09a⋯.png (5.83 KB, 431x164, 431:164, image.png)

I now ask a silly question.

Q deleted his own post to keep new thread less public.

How will that bring less attention? People can easily find out where the new info is being posted. Normalfags can google it and find about it out in a few seconds.

It makes me wonder.

1d3ac6 No.6091


scary but personal message?

b8ea22 No.6092






a2b5b5 No.6093


There are plenty in here with twitter, etc. They are getting out. Our twitter analytics are off the chart. My God even Hannity is using #Qanon!

What we don't need it to bring twitter here. Most that come here from the outside don't even know how to navigate this board. There is a certain chain of order for this project.

237bab No.6094


this - https://www .sfcg.org/board-of-directors/

Search For Common Ground

Non-Profit on the corner of Conneticut Ave and Q St

John L. Esposito - University Professor & Founding Director, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University

Board of Directors is full of playa's

a8d8bf No.6095

File: 5ea82c6192ecdcf⋯.jpg (35.04 KB, 480x341, 480:341, 5ea82c6192ecdcf3917c87511d….jpg)


bots. traffic analysis. The shills have operation support, so do the clowns.

1d3ac6 No.6096

Report: Bannon Group Tried to Connect Trump to Organized Crime

truepundit. com/report-bannon-group-tried-connect-trump-organized-crime/

54fa2f No.6097


it matters which posts are left visible for the postmap, this one had no important info attached to it aside from board confirmation

d845ae No.6098


yeah i wouldnt trust some jabroonies explaination of what Q did and why

6059e7 No.6099


>http: //theconservativetoday.com/2018/01/secret-service-agent-charged-with-arson-and-destruction-of-evidence-for-clinton-compound-fire/

Kaspar Thelinkovich- Agent name

Q questions regarding the USSS need to be revisited and this guy needs to be vetted.

a801ac No.6101


I got a c-span article about nuclear bombs that seems more relevant than the gay party

e74502 No.6102


you should try to get some sleep. and water. and food. all of the above.

c7ad8a No.6103

File: 70e33b11bad3862⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 1875x1039, 1875:1039, cartel2.jpg)


here's a better blank

edfbcb No.6104


No it was not. Lot of shills in here trying to claim shit is confirmed. Ask for sources

6231b7 No.6105

File: e711354cca70970⋯.jpeg (116.68 KB, 678x487, 678:487, 82BEB561-90EA-407B-BDD6-2….jpeg)

File: 4c0508c09693f60⋯.jpeg (147.85 KB, 1024x814, 512:407, 79C44579-A765-49B2-A4D0-F….jpeg)



0f1492 No.6106

That picture was on /pol (4chan) wasn't it?

Started with the question, "What's missing in this picture?", and it took a day or so to figure out it was the sign.

I'm pretty sure that was a poster similar to FBIanon or WHanon.

It was spring /early summer , perhaps during the George Webb stuff, IIRC.

Don't think it was Q.

3dbaa0 No.6107


every little bit helps, anon. for the people who only care what Q says and don't want to bother with the extra items, they have a clean slate to read Q posts. the people who want to find this place bad enough, will find it. no need for Q to spoonfeed them the link here

03f2f2 No.6108

File: 148139be722e5d7⋯.png (528.54 KB, 1015x535, 203:107, concernfagsbelike.png)


>so what are we here for?

1d3ac6 No.6109


organ traffickers dream, dead thugs with decent organs that nobody gives two shits about, more guns more drugs more violence more bodies, feed the eye

9dd744 No.6110


Well I'm not pulling people in here because I have no interest in doing so. I mostly come here to look for Q traffic. But right now I'm not doing a whole lot to get info out of here either so I am as guilty as anybody. Too buried in my own processing of Q material - and hoping it'll be worth the effort when it's done.

dd46e9 No.6111



Thank you - definitely not Q

f287e8 No.6112


MSM is allowing us to do their jobs on story development. It’s fine. On pol and other sites feebs monitor. If credible information, they investigate. I strongly believe some of the 4,000 arrests worldwide in human trafficking/pizzagate came from anon digging their public sources.

a801ac No.6113


Yes it was. Go to 4plebs and copy and paste it I to a text editor and see for yourself.

190b65 No.6114

Feinsteins dirty husband


9dd744 No.6115


If MSM is using our stuff instead of burying it, then we are already seeing monumental changes in the world.

4bb829 No.6116


These two images do not show the same bridge, IMO.

2223a8 No.6117


DEFCON 1 surface navy association 30th annual national symposium Jan 9-11 at Crystal city Hyatt

529045 No.6118

File: ec433b7a229a3b2⋯.png (715.48 KB, 825x650, 33:26, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah, look at the guns on Ms. Honey.

e74502 No.6119


I think you're kind of a dick, but unfortunately, if you are worried about shills, they will find this place. By saying don't post links to this board, that will only keep normies away. Which may or may not be a good thing.

a801ac No.6120


These are the other pics yes. Those doors are all over the city. One of them said something about kids and is from pizzagate.

69b672 No.6121

File: 27dc630b5edb1b2⋯.jpg (86.05 KB, 669x500, 669:500, 22e9mx.jpg)

99c122 No.6122

File: 1d4287bcb9055ca⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1217x967, 1217:967, 00863FC8-2090-4297-8EAF-DD….png)



4plebs search returns posts


bda2d1 No.6123

File: e96e11197964d17⋯.jpg (218.46 KB, 1314x1224, 73:68, ZomboMeme 09012018153219.jpg)


As requested

f3283e No.6124

Just a lurker, paying increasing attention since FBIAnon. I have seen that Connecticut picture before, but cannot recall context.

a2b5b5 No.6125


Q doesn't post here. He's in his own read only board.

e04653 No.6126


I’m trying to figure out how news will ever be the same again. It’s like we know way before it gets to tv what’s going on, and the truth behind the stories.

69b672 No.6127

File: 14eee9e7c8bff88⋯.png (251.91 KB, 559x401, 559:401, miss mann.png)


It's Miss Mann from Scary Movie

9dd744 No.6128


/greatawakening/? So much confusion … so little time …

3df4a2 No.6129

File: e522876413c3c70⋯.png (151.75 KB, 748x516, 187:129, screenshot_264.png)

a2b5b5 No.6130


OpSec and what not.

3dbaa0 No.6131


yes. if you want verified Q posts, go there


753fe8 No.6132


these are fkn brilliant anon…people are pretty much guaranteed to fall for it eh eh greed…WTG

b5b3a9 No.6133


Feinstein's wealth comes from her husband, who is a huge land developer in California. Though I'm sure he got some sweetheart deals becaus eshe was a Senator.

46430f No.6134


There is still work to be done. That gets harder as the number of twatterers increases, with all those "hi Q!" posts, until no work can be done and the oldfags go elsewhere. Lets not make them do that so we can benefit from their experience. This is getting out there.

1f65c8 No.6135


From last year. The 20th was his inauguration. Big anniversary.

a801ac No.6136


It’s almost i possible to become a millionaire without somehow being connected to organized crime.

69b672 No.6137

File: b04b1f8e8c01480⋯.jpg (74.7 KB, 500x540, 25:27, 22d4x9.jpg)

6e0078 No.6138

File: 730d8ad1808b028⋯.png (36.42 KB, 722x331, 722:331, 1515528379647.png)

38afb9 No.6139


Yes. the basic idea is to keep people out of your workspace so you can get work done.

dcf45d No.6140

File: dfb4ac9aa7d8a42⋯.png (13.66 KB, 544x226, 272:113, 1-9-18 a.png)


WTF are you talking about "Q doesn't post here"?

98f064 No.6141


wonder how LOOP fits into that.

Ratlines at the ports?

Arms, drugs.

Rahm wants to stiff-arm POTUS to keep him out of their business.

84881d No.6142



The ring!

a801ac No.6143

It was a business sign on a building. Not a street sign. The street sign for ct ave would not be on that pole. This I am sure of. >>6106

0f1492 No.6144


Yeah, getting the idea from reading around they're letting future witnesses know what GPS Fusion said to line up testimony and/or to scare away witnesses who would testify against GPS fusion.

Who wants to testify in a private session and have it leaked. Bad hombres out there.

This shit fucking sucks. Gives banana republics a bad name.

cda72e No.6145


>Oh crap…remember that photo the Q posted a long time ago with the Missing "Connecticut Ave" sign in D.C.

Check these images linked in this tweet. Maybe an anon can verify and post.

https:// twitter.com/EyeGloArts/status/930104094227943426

597c8d No.6146


Israeli hidden nukes, you mean?

35e13a No.6147


have any amateur astronomers actually got a track on it yet? would be interesting to see where it tracks in relation with the last one that went up as some seem to believe they will work in tandem.

ca519c No.6148


Time to go bye-bye.

14f1db No.6149


Hope the Dems don't spoil it by voting for it. Meadows is a good guy. I don't know wtf Trump is doing with this.

OK back to work …

a8d8bf No.6150

File: 27a3a26d0dc79e0⋯.jpg (76.87 KB, 838x835, 838:835, DP2L_0oUMAA9TGY.jpg)


Look at it like a bit of an IQ test. We need to shake of a bit of fucking dust here, and a little confusion helps fuck people off a bit.

cec9aa No.6152


one week only?

6e0078 No.6153

File: 51d0fe1f727ce2f⋯.png (20.22 KB, 588x136, 147:34, 1515529620180.png)

a61d9c No.6154


Northern Trust also involved in this. Chicago Childrens Advocacy Center. First found link while seraching for Loop.


Nice logo. Some of other Funders might be worth looking at.

bda2d1 No.6155

Army Regulation AR 530-1 Operations Security September 2014 https:// g.co/kgs/hTTBpc

If there are any questions about what opsec is go buy a f** book here's the link

07463d No.6156


What is Feinstein's play here? Trying to get out ahead of it in an attempt to limit the damage? Or - as someone else suggested - taint the investigation?

597c8d No.6157


When you jewgle these codes, you get encryption sites with a variety of encrypts (sha-1, sha-256 etc.)


6bd211 No.6158


No proof, other than his claim. Looks like he's desperate to avoid further investigation.

a2b5b5 No.6160


How are you this lost? We migrated here for research, Q has his own locked thread that only he can post in.


b8ea22 No.6161


Fair enough.

As long as someone takes over for the next one, it's all good.

592d44 No.6162


Means that Q is no longer dropping anything here.

/greatawakening/ = RO for us fags.

He'll only be confirming/denying our findings with us here is my understanding.

98f064 No.6163


Anon. Plenty is going out on TW. Some people doing daily reports.

190b65 No.6164



a801ac No.6165


They aren’t. The two pics are unrelated. One is from pizzagate the other from Q. Same street tho. Just a few blocks apart.

aed7d4 No.6166



I was here in the beginning and saw this, too! I am looking. This might have been a reference that Q pointed us to, twice. I saw it! CRAP….looking!

2b5013 No.6167



Fear not.


a801ac No.6168


Not Q but cbts sorry

84881d No.6169


Yep PLUS insider trading and corruption.

f287e8 No.6170


If bid process is fair and CBRE was selected as lowest bid according to bid sheet/qualifications, I don’t have problem with this.

The question is, based on the “appearance” of objectivity, was this a third person transaction or was contractor given insider intel.

I have many state workers friends, who “retire”, then bid jobs from old depts-giving decision maker the appearance of fairness. In reality, they met with someone, who told them cost numbers of competitors.

If process was a blind bidder system, that would be different, too. CBRE is a huge real estate company. It’s possible everything was above board. Family members need to be subject to additional scrutiny. There are desclosures on bid forms regarding relatives working in govt. just because huge profit dollar, don’t assume it was under table payback deal. Percentage wise $1billion could be <10% profit.

14f1db No.6171


In other words, a lie under oath to Congress?

He's British so he probably doesn't have to answer for it.

9ae571 No.6172


Sober post. And true.

6f7138 No.6173


Yes. This anon. “Crystal” clear on DEFCON

f8aca8 No.6174


goddamn look at those mitts

I'd read two or three articles about that murder/suicide, not one mention of the shemale. Fucking Canada.

c51784 No.6175

File: c8e8e54a153624c⋯.jpg (43.89 KB, 255x169, 255:169, maxinenoose.jpg)

ed658d No.6177

File: 1265be80674e518⋯.jpeg (166.06 KB, 1407x320, 1407:320, A64D51F1-3866-4474-BEE0-6….jpeg)


Why does this say (you) when it’s not me?

a2b5b5 No.6178


aaaannnnnddddd sent @jaketapper

b8ea22 No.6179


"Bakers"? Plural?

That's a rarity.

Sweet. Enjoy.

f8aca8 No.6180


thanks anon, I missed that thread

3df4a2 No.6181

File: 6a307b8d6862935⋯.png (954.41 KB, 959x717, 959:717, screenshot_266.png)


That painting on the banner is of a woman and a little dog….

images.slideplayer. com/37/10704401/slides/slide_19.jpg

9dafd8 No.6182


I posted this and it came out SO huge. Maybe make them a bit smaller

3dbaa0 No.6183


poor copy/paste job. it's distracting, but get used to it

a8d8bf No.6184


Twas but a mistake once goodsir. Please doth spareth me thine wrath.

f8aca8 No.6185


because you're new

also because that poster copied the text from a reply he recieved

98f064 No.6187


I will check it out and post to TW.


ca519c No.6188


Mil tribunal executions are by injection only.

786302 No.6189

File: 8431c409a76faee⋯.png (584.19 KB, 646x913, 646:913, ClipboardImage.png)


Aye baker! Please update the dough with this:

/-/-/-/-/ New QMap PDF freshly baked.

/-/-/-/-/ With much love. v. 5.0.0

/-/-/-/-/ Updated with The Storm #40

/-/-/-/-/ 2 New boards: /qrsearch/

/-/-/-/-/ & /greatawakening/

/-/-/-/-/ Latest Q posts on those boards.

/-/-/-/-/ Commented and sourced.




a8d8bf No.6190

File: ba35007ee933314⋯.gif (661.66 KB, 218x200, 109:100, thanks-1511627038965.gif)

1d7dce No.6191


thanks, also digging into a tenuous link with a shady org that has alleged international child grabbing facets



84881d No.6192

so what the hell is Q going to confirm today Anons? We have been lazy. Back to work!

948531 No.6193

File: 4e8ae3efbe92d07⋯.jpg (331.21 KB, 504x604, 126:151, QandConnStLightPost.jpg)

File: 79462b36656d3ab⋯.jpg (135.83 KB, 267x373, 267:373, QandConnStLightPost2.jpg)

File: ec43d3bfa2e9a7b⋯.jpg (387.26 KB, 648x421, 648:421, QandConnStLightPost3.jpg)

File: 4e257ce1a5b81e2⋯.png (405.07 KB, 482x540, 241:270, QandConnStLightPost4.png)


I don't have the original, but I have my own I made from Giggle Earth - hope this helps.

3a1317 No.6194


I don't even care if you are a shill, that was hilarious.

e74502 No.6195


i'm brain dead now, what would the implications of this be?

061364 No.6196


>huge land developer in California


Blum is an investment banker with huge holdings in Defense Dept contractors (ie arms dealing) and business in China.

02b694 No.6197

just a quick question

has anybody dug into loop with

any of BO aliases

76b65a No.6199

File: 05b4d6eb28bbdb4⋯.png (3.99 MB, 2434x2434, 1:1, 09AF23C5-19F6-4EAC-868D-3E….png)

File: 130461a9d69cf31⋯.png (3.93 MB, 2434x2434, 1:1, 02E7A0D7-2B78-43FB-84A5-EA….png)

dd46e9 No.6200


AFAIK insider trading is not illegal for politicians. Sick but true.

3df4a2 No.6201

File: dc1743d18ec3b89⋯.png (316.4 KB, 758x318, 379:159, screenshot_267.png)


images.slideplayer. com/37/10704401/slides/slide_19.jpg

625899 No.6202



the two pictures are from opposite sides of the bridge facing opposite directions. Nothing was scrubbed. Try using google maps. Took me a couple of minutes to find both perspectives

76b65a No.6203

File: 2fa33fba70a5cac⋯.png (4.03 MB, 2434x2434, 1:1, 41609A33-BD44-427B-BF61-40….png)

File: 26bf9ba635dc846⋯.png (4.01 MB, 2434x2434, 1:1, 0B1E7476-2858-4FF0-84CD-50….png)

86fc76 No.6206



Has anyone dug into the amount of DIRT (((they))) must have on Fake Tapeworm?

e89425 No.6207


I would have been shooting by now if it weren't for Q. So, not sure what company that puts me in.

However…. I do agree that there is a bit much talk on "let's start a riot". While I certainly share the sentiment, we need to remain composed. Even if it is time for violence, simply lashing out with no plan or regard for the consequences benefits only those who have the power and finances to insulate themselves.

That is part of what Q is here for, I believe. In the face of a media trying to tell us we are losing, there are enough of us who are hot blooded and fed up with the two tiered system of Justice. Q gives us some faith that there is an alternative to holding a Nationwide Sarajevo re-enactment.

People are venting their frustrations a little too much, perhaps - and it is quite possible that the venting was instigated… But the last thing the media wants to do is mention Q-anon. Sure, they could try and say we are all crazies… But the thing is… Most of Trumplandia is full of people who would probably gut most of the people we research and leave them to die on the roadside had they the chance.

There is an extremely deep rift that the media has fostered, and rather than say "they are completely crazy" - people would start looking and realize that "you know… Not sure it was a good idea to do what he did… But… There is some fucked up shit going on.". They have a very narrow space in which to maneuver.


Have we run the misspelling code on covefe? It is so obvious that I could see us missing it for the trees.

84881d No.6208


yep. something else we need to change!

e133f0 No.6209


Mine as well

397b26 No.6210


Dude…I'm crying. Nice.

509960 No.6212


You should take nobodies word on anything!! Trust but CONFIRM for yourself

529045 No.6213


We see Harry Reid and Rahm Emmanuel mentioned in this partial compilation of Feinstein & hubby questionable deals. A billion dollar Postal gimme.

https://www.indybay. org/uploads/2015/12/10/feinstein_corruption_1.2.pdf

6bd211 No.6214


>In morse code, it's either dashes for ellipsis and dots for periods

_.. . ._ _ ….


a2b5b5 No.6215


I haven't but his ass-hole-ness has been played up this week with the whole Stephen Miller interview so I am sure he is going down hard!

cc9faf No.6216

File: 4e90011f353372e⋯.jpg (277.11 KB, 901x1024, 901:1024, 1591.jpg)

you call this new journalism. replacing something that has been long dead, lost to accelerationalism. this shakes me to my bones.

in a practical sense, seperated from all (malevolent or otherwise) intention - why did it die in the first place?

what happened to the dicipline of journalism, since adoption of the mainstream, social media age of internet use? it died in a matter of months, as almost everyone (wikileaks exception?) started to compete with porn and noice for attention. lost track of first priority: truth, enlightening the population. became organised, deliberate manipulation, since first priority was no longer truth, but merely attention.

what i had never before considered was the possibility that this was not merely a tragic trick of fate. unforseen effect of market forces shifting. I had never considered that this might have been deliberate. not so much conspiratorial mind control, but just a complete destruction of the dicipline of journalism, by way of making it economically unfeasable. hungry and greedy men rarely keep their morals for long.

if such a thing had not been done, intentionally, would crowdsourcing all of this have been neccesary? would q not have been able to "just" pull a snowden?

b8ea22 No.6217



Post and link also added to resources library.

e3fa61 No.6218


fucking amazing kek

3f413d No.6220


This is almost certainly right here. Conn ave and Q st.

https: //www.google.com/maps/place/Dupont+Circle,+Washington,+DC/@38.9115642,-77.0452346,286m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b7b7c5d741b8af:0x2ebd3e79025f91b2!8m2!3d38.9096936!4d-77.043339

84cb56 No.6221

> >6086

This board exists for research and discussion of said research. There has been too much repeated faux-newfag-ness and not enough lurking by said faux-newfags.

If you want to redpill the normies (which is already being done in very successful ways), direct them to something like the old cbts or thestorm boards (or, god save their souls, the cbts reddit).

Direct them to the qanon research compilation sites that have been worked on actively. Send them links to the meme archives.

If they are dedicated enough to get brought up to speed and not ask fucking stupid clickb8y questions, then they will probably have the determination to discover this research board.

I don't think we need to broadcast WHERE we do our research, just that the research itself is given to the public in digestible forms.

Saging for TLDR and offtopic

As you were anons.

86fc76 No.6223


There MUST be a shit ton of dirt on that guy. He's GOT to know what he's doing and there HAS to be a strong motivator for him to keep up the charade for so long.

e74502 No.6224


Doesn't saying something like this in an official investigation, merit more investigation regarding his claim though?

0158cf No.6225

File: 226fd7dde674da5⋯.jpg (129.52 KB, 902x500, 451:250, 22eavw.jpg)

File: abccd0d10782817⋯.jpg (127.16 KB, 902x500, 451:250, 22eaut.jpg)

File: 53beb516beba00b⋯.jpg (130.41 KB, 902x500, 451:250, 22earc.jpg)

6f5079 No.6226

File: 85d9b132a2d53b5⋯.png (668.91 KB, 846x826, 423:413, Screenshot 2018-01-09 at 1….png)

24da3f No.6227


you are trying to reason with autistic faggots.

773d2d No.6228


I liked the story until the end. You screwed it up.

07463d No.6229


So what are the recent happenings?

1) Feinstein releases Fusion GPS testimony

2) SpaceX / Zuma status unknown

3) Russian "blast of light", ground shaking

4) Lawmaker suicide

What other recent happenings are missing?

Future proves the past

850d58 No.6230

We REALLY need to start working on a wiki-site. Spreadsheet is super important sauce. Memes our ammo.

But a Well made wiki with trusted sources with all findings and graphics is a super red pill tool.

98f064 No.6231


maybe something on his Trello Board or in his videos.

ffdc66 No.6232

New self inflicted swamp draining

http://thegatewaypundit. com/2018/01/breaking-former-idaho-lawmaker-commits-suicide-sex-abuse-claims/

98f064 No.6233


Are you thinking a public website that normies could go to?

850d58 No.6234


Zuma is not unknown


See n2yo.com search for 43098

43588d No.6235

So, Q told us that SpaceX works for NK paid for by Clowns. Do we think that Patriots have foiled the Zuma mission or is it just a ruse to hide whatever they're doing?

d23299 No.6236



Cryin', anon, cryin'!

e6bdf5 No.6237

Beanz just twatted that she is now the BO here….what in the hell is going on??? This can't end well.

850d58 No.6238



ANd whoever makes it Will get a shitload of google-ad revenue as storm passes

f287e8 No.6239

Can we assume Page was the “FBI source inside Trump’s campaign”?

Reference to Feinstein’s release of transcript. Does anyone have Grassley’s reaction?

6e0078 No.6240


Kek. Drama!

a8d8bf No.6241


i'll fucking blow this place up myself.

948531 No.6242


IIRC the business we discussed that could look down into the door (can't really see in pic 3) would be the PNC Bank.

a801ac No.6243



And doxxed and murdered too?

98f064 No.6244


I agree.

Some shitheads have posted the link to this board and the spreadsheet out to the public via TW.

2223a8 No.6245

Covfefe act of 2017 H.R 2884 relates to the preservation of POTUS social media

6bd211 No.6246


My sides …

850d58 No.6247

File: ec9c085cce05d57⋯.png (3.57 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 1C007264-8C13-4F16-A4B7-E6….png)

7e4bfd No.6248

Tick Tock Detective Brad Frank


7853d1 No.6250



i dont see that tweet link ?

01e848 No.6252


Love it!

850d58 No.6253



98f064 No.6254



221281 No.6255

File: af26b4f87682283⋯.png (311.34 KB, 960x540, 16:9, TheStorm.png)

File: f34946c1e5ee3b3⋯.png (50.55 KB, 656x334, 328:167, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

File: 239b5f77791aba1⋯.png (219.96 KB, 812x1260, 29:45, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

File: ee7a7b84daef237⋯.png (116.88 KB, 834x762, 139:127, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

File: 66e4e8fd03a297d⋯.png (31.25 KB, 784x200, 98:25, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

86fc76 No.6256

Off topic

Nicky Hilton Rothschild's Instagram >> twitter.com/Seb_Aguanno/status/945872467058417665

f008b4 No.6257

File: 20f311391a4c79b⋯.jpg (97.94 KB, 556x682, 278:341, looptyloo.jpg)

For days, I've had that kid's song "Here We Go Loopty Loo" going through my head. Now I know why.

a2b5b5 No.6258


Kenya has a giant power outage right now. The article says "plunged into darkness".


221281 No.6261

File: 15bba4636f6c029⋯.jpg (287.91 KB, 2057x1200, 2057:1200, planned-parenthood.jpg)

File: 112ff2ab9f5c500⋯.jpg (87.27 KB, 899x752, 899:752, Q_PP.jpg)

File: 4c5bb58b014a705⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 580x241, 580:241, Q-PP.jpg)

File: 9661d9b920b69d2⋯.png (977.4 KB, 960x540, 16:9, TheStorm (4).png)

43588d No.6262




There is nothing like that on her Twit feed. There is something about doing a livestream with the mods and BO of The Storm, which I find rather laughable.

a2b5b5 No.6263


EM flipped. IMO. No sauce though.

6059e7 No.6265


Tie it to the Media Matters Blog that had a run back to infinity chan conspiracy QAnon. …. The eye has turned upon us.

43588d No.6266


Just wishing for things randomly? I mean, on what do you base that theory?

ae348b No.6267



Q was post #5 in the very first topic on this board:

https://8ch.net/ qresearch/res/1.html

2223a8 No.6268


Untrue. Nothing on her Twitter. Shill

5381b4 No.6269


i see no such tweet. salsa, por favor?

a2b5b5 No.6270


'Here's my interview with the comp'd BO that Q called out.' Pay me $.

dd46e9 No.6271

File: 670e73e72fab6af⋯.png (62.59 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 1475441648016.png)

bda2d1 No.6272


I just scanned her TL I did not see a tweet like that

190b65 No.6273

Story circulating on twitter that the FBI planted Papadapoulous in the Trump campaign…The link isn't working so I can't post >>6239

3df4a2 No.6274

File: 77df4d22524e16e⋯.png (528.86 KB, 1000x693, 1000:693, img_up_svc-unit-regions.png)

It's important to understand that Loop Capital controls Union Pacific Railroad….

www.up. com/aboutup/reference/maps/

40fe7a No.6275

File: 4e37c1a49394d29⋯.jpg (204.42 KB, 742x854, 53:61, 2017-11-13_1-05-23.jpg)


The door doesn't mean shit. I explained this at length long ago. The door leads to the DuPont Underground that was once an underground railway now turned art center for uppity fags.

Do not attribute the door to anything as the images are from different locations!

76b65a No.6276


I doubt very much Potus & the MI would have let that thing take off or complete it’s mission if it was going to harm us.

f32c2b No.6277


Hello Patriot Anons

Having to switch three boards…whew, was Hillary’s pig Latin tweet verified?

0158cf No.6278

File: 42d8b7cee533d45⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 299x169, 23:13, 22ebwi.jpg)

a2b5b5 No.6279


>IMO. No sauce though.

Why would he be allowed to shoot off another rocket if he had been helping NK? That's my theory.

e0ae35 No.6280

>>5807 ok this is going to get out of hand . We need the break this thing down in phases…

101,102 A,B,C

Something . Newbies will need to start there or their questions will run a muck on the work space .

How many month of tel do we have.

I am down to help . Jus let no where to sep b4 202 or B u get it .

Kool new peeps but still work to be done at a pace that does not account for their learning curve.

New peeps don’t shit up the work space . Plenty of other threads to drop the same questions.


99c122 No.6281







This is 4plebs first time it appeared archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/149187581/#q149193577

But that was AFTER Q started using tripcode….so consensus was, wasn’t Q.

Disappeared doorway was because it was a diff overpass.

1b2d5a No.6282

I went through my FB feed looking for the MOCA event story. Couldn't find it. Much of what I posted in the last couple of years can answer questions here. Might have to spend some time gathering up links.

Plus, there's this from before the election:

They mistake our fervor for hating them. Quite the opposite. I love them so much that I do not want them to live in the hell I see coming if we fail to get the word out to enough people.

98f064 No.6283

Just released by Sen Feinstein:





https ://www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/3/9/3974a291-ddbe-4525-9ed1-22bab43c05ae/934A3562824CACA7BB4D915E97709D2F.simpson-transcript-redacted.pdf

f32c2b No.6285


Present Qfag!

6059e7 No.6286


Live inside the Loop? Get free money from the Loop!

a2b5b5 No.6287

07b289 No.6289

-Boss, they're still on to LoopCapital!


-On it, sir

a2b5b5 No.6290


>https://8ch.net/ qresearch/res/1.html

I'm talking about going forward. Why are you arguing this point? Dig, meme, or GTFO.

e133f0 No.6291



6059e7 No.6292


I was working on with a tag font for the train car… thanks for helping me out, this… this will come in to play. Where can we start an archive of our "press clippings?" lol.

0f1492 No.6294



The way I saw that interchange was that Miller wanted to tell Tapper his experience with Trump.

That would have meant Tapper would have had to call Miller a liar in order to push the Wolffe book bullshit.

If Tapper called Miller a liar, Miller had the 'tapes', so to speak.

Tapper would have been set up. He wouldn't be able to push anything false.

That's why Tapper wouldn't let him talk.

Miller had him set up with the first Wolffe question and wouldn't let him off the hook, always coming back to the "Let me tell you about the man I know", line.

Means Tapper is dirty and is a marked man, IMO.

I think they're setting these guys up for knowingly using false information to undermine the administration. False information is the key.

f32c2b No.6295


So oldfag qfag here. Where do I find leads to meme or red pill?

e18fd3 No.6296


221281 No.6297

File: 3449a6333138364⋯.png (26.83 KB, 760x146, 380:73, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

File: 68356f03178c83e⋯.png (39.08 KB, 770x242, 35:11, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at ….png)

File: e67e37a814c9145⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 866x762, 433:381, Loop-Grantmoney.jpg)

File: 13403d7ed539c02⋯.jpg (216.75 KB, 970x772, 485:386, loop-Taxdollars.jpg)

File: 9158b53e4f70834⋯.jpg (149.8 KB, 1017x756, 113:84, Loop-taxFunnel.jpg)

d93b03 No.6298


When satanist call President Trump the great beast, you know he's on the right side. LOL

a8d8bf No.6299


I will no longer consider bombing anything.

69b672 No.6301

File: feec35577a50d22⋯.jpg (182.38 KB, 630x1114, 315:557, loop capital ghoulies.jpg)

9b01de No.6302


Fucking [P]... He never let's go.

bda2d1 No.6303


That (((kike))) is going to realize how uninvincible her little Clan is

bb7160 No.6304


fuggin sabed

190b65 No.6305

Starting to get the feeling there will be a Wikileaks drop soon…

d3d73d No.6306


Highlight POTUS Twit … that is a major start

f287e8 No.6307


Thanks. I can dig. I forgot about him,

6059e7 No.6308


Can we get this again with one sauce for each dish?

Inc: Pres had great DACA meeting stuffing it in DF's face as she stabbed him in the back while at the meeting. Tomorrow something from us comes out, so this was strategery and shitting in the drinking well. She must have a lot more to lose than we ever suspected.

a2b5b5 No.6310


Tapper & Acosta have zero chance of surviving the Fake News Awards.

597c8d No.6311


It means we're almost there…

dd46e9 No.6312


Thank you for checking and the confirmation.


>Where do I find leads to meme or red pill?

You could always check the spreadsheet


It's now read-only/download-only, but you can leave comments on rows or the sheet

There's also a Red Pill thread here with posts with leading questions, help get family/friends thinking… (it's in the catalog)

73bcf5 No.6313

File: 118b8f92f159fc4⋯.jpg (194.23 KB, 1024x1014, 512:507, help.jpg)


Strawberry Feels Forever

221281 No.6314

File: e393b3ea6533e90⋯.png (238.66 KB, 960x540, 16:9, TheStorm_Loop.png)

File: 57a8849f8820894⋯.png (144.45 KB, 960x540, 16:9, TheStorm (4).png)

File: b393931c1fdc32c⋯.png (282.83 KB, 960x540, 16:9, TheStorm (5).png)

cec9aa No.6315


I'd hit that! (No Boner)

43588d No.6316


We are being told the mission failed. No idea if that's true but Q plainly said EM is funded by Clowns et al. and is supplying NK. So I'm hoping that people on our side foiled the mission. Never saw a Q post about EM coming over from the dark side.

f32c2b No.6317


So confirmed shills shut down three boards? Wtf

7661a5 No.6318



Looks tasty … codefags?

aab17f No.6319


moving through the swamp

5381b4 No.6320


nice tool set

5728f1 No.6321


its like reverse atlas shrugged. no not reversed, mirrored, no thats not right… ok sorry its inverted and mirrored.


46430f No.6322


re false info. Not so much. See the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act. It basically legalizes lying by the media, and provides for us to pay for it all.

190b65 No.6323

Bannon leaving Breitbart


e49c9d No.6324


Offshore oil and gas rig helicopter transports guaranteed

500,000 flights a year in Gulf of Mexico


a2b5b5 No.6326

5381b4 No.6327


very useful!

6059e7 No.6328


This is what the DF drop was about, that's right. Lots of talk that it's to eclipse it. And that that is what the hour glass is for. I persnally, and only me, surmise it will be what will give POTUS the impetus to stop the madness and muscle Sweden for the bail jumping and whatever garbage GB is scraped together. The article out of the Embassy supports my position they are lining up the ducks…

43588d No.6329


That's my point. Congress has been told the mission failed.

69b672 No.6330


Yeah, with a fucking paint can!

0bfa34 No.6331

File: 9d1882366aa1674⋯.jpg (263.41 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, B75434425_2018-Jan-08.jpg)

Trying to understand the markers. In the attached graphic, the [15] & [1] deltas is time between Trump tweets, but the [10] delta is the time between Q post and Trump tweet. Why are the deltas inconsistent that way?

f32c2b No.6332


Thanks. Looks like Loop Capital still ripe for digging?!

9b01de No.6333


Perhaps, Q group wishes to see who is dedicated to this… who won't quit.

148887 No.6335


Looks great, anon.

I would just make the following punctuation corrections:

"You will soon learn that it is true.

Take the red pill, America. It's time."

061364 No.6336




Not sure the FBI planted him, but I've assumed that HRC planted him to create/invent evidence of collusion, then go to the FBI as a supposed whistleblower.

THEN the FBI could give him a wire to collect more evidence, and/or use his testimony to support FISA.

0158cf No.6337

File: f72b6c606a56b37⋯.jpg (64.42 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 22ecmg.jpg)

c8145a No.6338


Q said specifically that /greatawakening/ was created for His drops only AND He will also still be Posting here in /qresearch/

be9092 No.6339

Meme idea,

my body my choice except when they sneak it into your food.

Thought I saw a meme strategy board, but can't find it.

01e848 No.6340

Was the, 'POTUS opening the door of doors' solved?

f287e8 No.6341

Space X saying no issues with launch on their end. Are we 100% sure Zuma failed? Is this a misdirection?

Zuma launch video.


4bb829 No.6342


>500,000 flights

Ok. What has me watching is that they're going out 100 miles and returning. Also, they appear to go out much faster than they're returning. Looks almost like a searching process, but could be deliveries to platforms. Supplies drops perhaps? These are also very expensive Sikorsky helos. If you know if this is normal behavior, please let me know.

9b01de No.6343


Could this be the tie to Mayo Clinic? Might they be involved in trafficking organs? Or procuring these organs?

a8f972 No.6344

f32c2b No.6345


Current thread? Past thread#? Not twitterfag.

73bcf5 No.6346

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyZET5a5MRA&feature=youtu.be

Yeah this happened.

ac5ba2 No.6347


>re: Connecticut ave photo

here is the post number 149193577

go search in 4plebs pol archive , from mon 13th Nov ,

at that time Q was using !ITPb trip

e3fa61 No.6348


also reports of weird sightings of satellites over head

d93b03 No.6349


Adding to her list of charges. She is a dual citizen(israel) so it could be espionage.

9b01de No.6350


So, what goes on at a convention like this?

397b26 No.6351

Steve Bannon stepping down

dd46e9 No.6352


> Looks like Loop Capital still ripe for digging?!

YES - and particularly, gathering the info from this board and /thestorm/ posts on it and making sure the info is in the thread here for Loop Capital. Not sexy or exciting but so much got found but not concentrated in one place.

It seems like the Clinton Foundation on fucking steroids, so we need ALL the info that has been found to date.

a61d9c No.6353


From there "Illuminari" Dinner:


Luminary Award Dinner Host Committee


Doug Elliott

Melissa Washington

Honorary Chair

Amy Rule !!

Also Crown Family. Dated but informative article. Used to live in Chicago and Crane Report is the go to


190b65 No.6354

Story about Papadapoulous being a plant in the Trump campaign


be9092 No.6355

Reworded to

My body my choice except when they sneak Them into your food

98f064 No.6356


See map in >>6274


Remember 59 and 241 in recent Q post?

There is an old court case about territory and who ruled over it.

Goes back to 1855.

Just wondering if the ruling in that case is being used as justification to protect the railroad-related ratlines in that area? with Loop Capital?

US v Minnesota & NW R. Co. 59 US 241 (1855)

This link is not the whole case, but one of the appeals

https ://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/59/241/case.html

ac5ba2 No.6357




and human trafficking

related to our good owl and Natuashish , i did some digging into that when it dropped

will repost when caught up

5c4692 No.6358



Get off of our board punk. You do know can see your IP?

a801ac No.6359


Top guesses were gates of heaven heh, vault of secret Vatican records, or a generalized door to the truth.

d3d73d No.6360


Smart Choice

43588d No.6362


They are saying their rocket function properly. What happened to the satellite is anybody's guess. Congress has been told it's a "total loss."

01e848 No.6364


Roger, thanks.

d23299 No.6365


He's trying to keep THIS thread (the "work space") from public view. Trying to keep as many shills, clowns and looky-loo's away as possible.

98f064 No.6366


May not fit - but saw the numeric connection + railroads

Jan 5 2018 16:36:38

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ab7ad6


Why is Hussein traveling the globe?


Acct # xx-XXXxx-x-39670

Acct # XXXxx-XXXx-2391

Where did the MONEY come from?

How do you destroy the most POWERFUL country in the world?

Direct attack?

Covert OP by [CLAS-59#241-Q] to infiltrate at highest

level to destroy from within?

Think GAME.

Who are the PLAYERS?

What are the REWARDS?



We will make more public.

SA was strategic.

“We know” “Do as we say or face consequences”

These people are stupid!


69b672 No.6367

File: 2791f3ec78717ab⋯.jpg (117.91 KB, 937x500, 937:500, 22ecyx.jpg)

60578b No.6368

File: 5899aaf2b3f130f⋯.png (413.4 KB, 835x831, 835:831, TwitTRAQR180109.PNG)


TwitTRAQR-anon here, started capturing last known Tweets from some of our favorite peeps. Looking for additional name suggestions for the list.

a8d8bf No.6369

File: 6ac297237de796b⋯.jpg (30.35 KB, 474x266, 237:133, memememe.jpg)

File: e4410b8e2760558⋯.png (144.28 KB, 500x277, 500:277, gentledude.png)

File: f13d8825d620768⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 520x292, 130:73, download (3).jpg)

File: 008db2664f5dbb0⋯.jpg (109.73 KB, 900x674, 450:337, firemarsahll.jpg)

ac5ba2 No.6370

File: 8cd17e149b5dd61⋯.png (353.62 KB, 1904x993, 1904:993, 25-11-17_#small_[5].png)

found an old [5] marker

>Q post :35 #small

>POTUS Tweet :40 #small

9b442d No.6371






5d1886 No.6372

Bannon stepped down from Breitbart

d845ae No.6373

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

03ef1a No.6376


Excellent work anon!

43588d No.6377

File: e1e1d1e2574c964⋯.jpg (135.38 KB, 898x628, 449:314, 409126.jpg)

Israeli Suspect in Kosovo Organ Trafficking Case Arrested in Cyprus

I'm sure most anons know that Israel is a hotbed for organ trafficking. This scumbag has been wanted since 2010. Good story for red-pilling.



07463d No.6379



So what are the recent happenings?

1) Feinstein releases Fusion GPS testimony www.feinstein.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/3/9/3974a291-ddbe-4525-9ed1-22bab43c05ae/934A3562824CACA7BB4D915E97709D2F.simpson-transcript-redacted.pdf

2) SpaceX / Zuma www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=43098

3) Russian "blast of light", "ground shaking" www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5249455/Flash-Russia-sparks-fears-strike-North-Korea.html

4) Lawmaker suicide www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/jan/09/former-idaho-rep-brandon-hix-commits-suicide/#/0

What other recent happenings are missing?

5) Kenya power outage www.nation.co.ke/news/Blackout-throws-Kenya-into-darkness/1056-4257574-tlrfpt/index.html

Future proves the past

0ee971 No.6380



This preemptive normalising of satanism, through association with its more sanitised and politicized public iteration (the Church Of Satan) is clearly a move in anticipation of what they know will be coming out soon. The Guardian article conveniently neglects to mention Crowley's teachings about sex magick involving children, painting him as some sort of counter-cultural hero in favour of "free-love and drugs"… Brace yourselves people, this is only the beginning. And as for the Guardian and others taking this stance - woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

cc5358 No.6381


smithsonianmag .com/travel/underground-tunnel-dc-finally-getting-fresh-air-180955206/

Can't find pic right now. From missing sign vantage point one looks down to see a blue door that connects to the underground.

592d44 No.6382


Love it! List moar!

a801ac No.6383


The lack of info online for Loop is suspicious considering how much money is apparently involved.

3dbaa0 No.6384



9829f6 No.6385


Hmmm…people need to stop bashing GEOTUS…it doesn't end well for them! It is like POTUS has a damn army of Anons backing him!! KEKEKEKEK!

529045 No.6386


Excellent work, superior. There is the loop, plain as day. We flesh it in.

9b442d No.6387


Agree. I will continue to dig.

98f064 No.6388


Steve Bannon to step down, per Breitbart news

"Bannon and Breitbart will work together on a smooth and orderly transition."

1d7dce No.6390


Amy Rule throws $1.5M fundraiser for Kimbal Musk charity that builds CPS gardens


These fucks are so 'incestuously linked'

. feels like on a carousel….

a8d8bf No.6391

061364 No.6392



You only need to look at ShareBlue to see what narrative they are pushing.

Basically its that FBI used the Dossier/Steele only because it backed up what they already heard from a confidential whistleblower - likely Papadapoulous, who himself is probably a HRC plant.

>Steele talked to FBI, and then reported back to Fusion GPS founder that FBI viewed Steele's info as credible, because it corroborated other info the FBI *already* had, including from a Trump source


187a41 No.6393


Is there any relation to DynCorp or other big private companies that deal with defense contracts

dd46e9 No.6395


>The lack of info online for Loop is suspicious considering how much money is apparently involved.


> I will continue to dig.

The free tools here are invaluable to your searching >>4852

You will be amazed at what you can find with them.

9ae571 No.6397


That's big news!

dcf45d No.6400

File: 720448d6f3627b8⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, Rahm HRC Hussein 3 Crooks.png)

850d58 No.6401


6c5eba No.6402

[b]Starting January 20, Donald Trump Can Send Unblockable Mass Text Messages to the Entire Nation[/b]

WEAs allow for targeted messages to be sent to every cell phone getting a signal from certain geographically relevant cell towers (or, in a national emergency, all of them).

Here’s where things get interesting. Per the FCC, a WEA may be sent for three different reasons:

What alerts does WEA deliver?

Alerts from WEA cover only critical emergency situations. Consumers will receive only three types of alerts:

1. Alerts issued by the President

2. Alerts involving imminent threats to safety or life

3. Amber Alerts

Participating carriers may allow subscribers to block all but Presidential alerts.


Now that's going to be useful soon…

That's probably what Q was referring to.

018585 No.6403


Picked up everywhere in record time by media everywhere. Wonder if there's an award for that.

06cdb7 No.6404

Let's keep the memes on the meme thread, please. Tired of scrolling thru them to get to actual work!!

379e2e No.6405


Either with meme. Take in mind that some have covered that ground already . Would not hurt to improve the same message on some.

The twit are the happening so I would seek those since they are fresh. Thank you for your help Patriots

a61d9c No.6407


Its giving me a headache.

dd46e9 No.6409


>Is there any relation to DynCorp or other big private companies that deal with defense contracts

I believe I did see someone make that connection in one of the previous generals on /thestorm/ last night or yesterday. I sincerely doubt that info was put into a dedicated thread either there or here. That's why someone needs to go back through and scrape the research that was found and repost it into the Loop Capital thread.


6bd211 No.6411


> in an official investigation

Congress' "investigations" are dog & pony shows.

The "real" investigations are by FBI … oh, wait.

cda72e No.6413

Trolling for Dirt on the President's List

First a Romney supporter was named on an Obama campaign website. That was followed by the slimy trolling into a citizen's private life.

May 10, 2012

Here's what happens when the president of the United States publicly targets a private citizen for the crime of supporting his opponent.

Frank VanderSloot is the CEO of Melaleuca Inc. The 63-year-old has run that wellness-products company for 26 years out of tiny Idaho Falls, Idaho. Last August, Mr. VanderSloot gave $1 million to Restore Our Future, the Super PAC that supports Mitt Romney.

Three weeks ago, an Obama campaign website, "Keeping GOP Honest," took the extraordinary step of publicly naming and assailing eight private citizens backing Mr. Romney. Titled "Behind the curtain: a brief history of Romney's donors," the post accused the eight of being "wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records." Mr. VanderSloot was one of the eight, smeared particularly as being "litigious, combative and a bitter foe of the gay rights movement."

About a week after that post, a man named Michael Wolf contacted the Bonneville County Courthouse in Idaho Falls in search of court records regarding Mr. VanderSloot. Specifically, Mr. Wolf wanted all the documents dealing with Mr. VanderSloot's divorces, as well as a case involving a dispute with a former Melaleuca employee.Mr. Wolf sent a fax to the clerk's office—which I have obtained—listing four cases he was after. He would later send a second fax, asking for three further court cases dealing with either Melaleuca or Mr. VanderSloot. Mr. Wolf listed only his name and a private cellphone number.

Some digging revealed that Mr. Wolf was, until a few months ago, a law clerk on the Democratic side of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. He's found new work. The ID written out at the top of his faxes identified them as coming from "Glenn Simpson." That's the name of a former Wall Street Journal reporter who in 2009 founded a D.C. company that performs private investigative work.

The website for that company, Fusion GPS, describes itself as providing "strategic intelligence," with expertise in areas like "politics." That's a polite way of saying "opposition research."

When I called Fusion's main number and asked to speak to Michael Wolf, a man said Mr. Wolf wasn't in the office that day but he'd be in this coming Monday. When I reached Mr. Wolf on his private cell, he confirmed he had until recently worked at the Senate.

When I asked what his interest was in Mr. VanderSloot's divorce records, he hesitated, then said he didn't want to talk about that. When I asked what his relationship was with Fusion, he hesitated again and said he had "no comment." "It's a legal thing," he added.

Fusion dodged my calls, so I couldn't ask who was paying it to troll through Mr. VanderSloot's divorce records. Mr. Simpson finally sent an email stating: "Frank VanderSloot is a figure of interest in the debate over civil rights for gay Americans. As his own record on gay issues amply demonstrates, he is a legitimate subject of public records research into his lengthy history of legal disputes."

A look through Federal Election Commission records did not show any payments to Fusion or Mr. Wolf from political players, such as the Democratic National Committee, the Obama campaign, or liberal Super PACs. Then again, when political groups want to hire researchers, it is not uncommon to hire a less controversial third party, which then hires the researchers.

https:// www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702304070304577396412560038208

9580cf No.6414


and moves to China for the $$$

07b289 No.6415


please don't. love having some chaos in the general, it's good to have parallels going… keeps us all in tune


850d58 No.6416






SEE > >>5824

0ad26b No.6417

File: 735362d96a97c57⋯.png (16.36 KB, 458x287, 458:287, Capqture.PNG)

Smoke Reported In Rockefeller Center Subway Station, MTA Says

fa897a No.6418


Is this the person that the transcript Feinstein leaked is talking about?

http:// www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/01/27/mystery-death-ex-kgb-chief-linked-mi6-spys-dossier-donald-trump/

9829f6 No.6419

File: bbdfdf80d337286⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DTIQg6_X4AAijDq.jpg)

Seen over Tehran

e5e797 No.6420


well spotted

69b672 No.6421


Beautifully put!

dd46e9 No.6422


>These fucks are so 'incestuously linked'

And that is what we are supposed to be mapping.

Amy Rule on Board of Directors here


affiliated with B

Husband on Board of C

also on Board of B



The visuals are the key. Public doesn't care about walls of text, but show them how they are linked and they will 'get it' if its done well.

a801ac No.6423



fa897a No.6424



So many overlapping Venn diagrams. They're all swimming in each others' pools.

a61d9c No.6425


Dyncorp is connected to the Crown(owned controlled) family who is connected to Loop through foundations. Crown Family and Northern trust big donors to Chicago Childrens Advocacy Center. Little info i posted previously but a little dated on Crown.

7ab339 No.6426


Looks like 3 beggers to me.

d845ae No.6427


sauce pls, i cannot find

850d58 No.6428




99c122 No.6429






It was Russian spy

3dbaa0 No.6430



>some sort of electrical issue

3 hours ago

718921 No.6431


day of days???

excellent dig

9b442d No.6432


Excellent. I missed that. deeper digging…….

e04653 No.6433


Memes are the work

d23299 No.6434


the [20]th! VERY interesting!

4aeda1 No.6435

Mantech International (MANT) PT Raised to $60.00 at Loop Capital 1/6/18


Interesting board of directors

9829f6 No.6436


Damn good digging!

06cdb7 No.6437


Yeah…no. There's a dedicated thread for memes. They cluster phuk the thread here. Keep em in the meme thread.

43588d No.6438

Praying that our guys got to Zuma and somehow sabotaged it.

9829f6 No.6440


Is that supposed to be the NK president? Because it doesn't look like him...

02b694 No.6441

File: 66a9e00fbe77f54⋯.jpg (274.77 KB, 1339x699, 1339:699, 1 - Copy.jpg)

File: 4f4e71b1a75fe51⋯.jpg (311.36 KB, 1323x599, 1323:599, 2 - Copy.jpg)

File: 09b8063a8e3548c⋯.jpg (306.93 KB, 1143x685, 1143:685, 3 - Copy.jpg)

fa897a No.6442


Hey anon friend, I distinctly remember seeing memes of married couples - one in gov't, the other is a media exec.

There was another one of those big spiderweb charts that showed who was on whose board of directors, and how the companies intertwined.

I'll go fishing in the halfchan archives if that's what it takes!

190b65 No.6444

The Tehran footage was on Wictor's feed


718921 No.6445


after reviewing the article.. he has been able to do this since 1-20-2017

98f064 No.6446


are you seeing what you might expect?

anything weird?

d845ae No.6447


>Praying that our guys got to Zuma and somehow sabotaged it.

praying our guy's zuma mission to NK was a success

4bb829 No.6448


This is horrible. Don't even. Ugh.

3dbaa0 No.6449


except that the meme thread says to dump here and there >> 387

i don't like scrolling through the opening posts. you don't like scrolling past the memes. let's move on

6059e7 No.6450

File: 40eae9fbac69ff6⋯.png (737.48 KB, 1348x1119, 1348:1119, costofcorsi.png)

I meant it…

""Infowars fully embraces “The Storm,” a conspiracy theory called “the new Pizzagate”"

061364 No.6451

Copy pasta from the WaPo article about the Fusion GPS transcript. Here are the narratives they are pushing -

First, it makes clear that Steele was engaged because of his expertise and contacts. He was not told to find anything in particular, but just to research the totality of Trump’s involvement in Russia.

Second, according to Simpson, Trump was doing business all over the former Soviet states of Georgia and Azerbaijan. Interestingly, Trump repeatedly denied having financial ties in Russia itself but never publicly denied operations in states in which Russians exercised substantial influence.

Third, in investigating Trump’s finances they found his properties were not as highly valued as he suggested and, in the case of several golf courses, weren’t making money.

Fourth, Steele took it upon himself to report his finding to the FBI because he believed there was a “crime in progress” and matter of national security. He later relayed to Simpson that the FBI already had information from a campaign source.

Fifth, Trump lied about not knowing who Felix Sater is. Simpson testified, “This was something he didn’t want to talk about and testified under oath he wouldn’t know Felix if he ran into him in the street. That was not true. He knew him well and, in fact, continued to associate with him long after he learned of Felix’s organized crime ties. So, you know, that tells you something about somebody.” We do not know if Sater was in fact tied to organized crime.

Sixth, Simpson called it a reasonable “interpretation” that the Trump Tower meeting was designed by Russian officials to reach out to and cooperate with the Trump team.

Seventh, far from interfering in the election to benefit Hillary Clinton, the FBI did not publicly disclose during the campaign the wealth of information it was learning about Trump and Russia.

98f064 No.6452


Chit - sorry to see that.

18caf7 No.6453



It's no longer possible to save a local copy of the spreadsheet - that is too bad as I had found that to be a useful tool.

Spreadsheet anon, maybe once a week or so could you place a copy that can be downloaded?

07b289 No.6454


i understand your point, almost agree, too.

But the general is the general, it will always be sidetracked by shills, invaded by newfags, etc.

You're well intentioned but ultimately a variant of concern-troll: something like manager-troll (guys guys please let's do this the PROPER way guyz)… meanwhile work/memes/drops/action/fun is ongoing

stop wasting time telling other what and how to do


43588d No.6455


Huh? Is that Kim Jong Un lurking?

Not funny.

8f2951 No.6456

Q, did Diane Feinstein intentionally commit obstruction of justice today by releasing transcript to an ongoing federal investigation? That's 10yrs federal prison from what I see.

850d58 No.6457


Well it would not register if not working/on the bortom of the ocean

e2aa1d No.6458

Listening to AJ like a newfag and I wish he would stop talking about Oprah

d845ae No.6459


thanks buddy

026be0 No.6460


Q did not confirm that .

>> DEFCON [1] Directly after POTUS alters Tweets to [1] min interval and adds "Q" - use graphics. Learn.

03ef1a No.6461

POTUS and team were genius today!

6c5eba No.6462


Never noticed the date. Still, it might be how Trumps sends his personal message soon, as Q said, and can bypass the media.

d845ae No.6463


i was under the impression zuma was an emp going to NK.

what am i missing?

9a68c4 No.6464

As you may know, President Obama announced that the federal government would spend $7 – $12 trillion on the US infrastructure over the next 10 years. With this in mind, I launched an infrastructure fund, JLC Loop Capital Partners, to take advantage of the development opportunities nationally. Initially I thought it would take some time to raise capital, however, my team and I were fortunate that the first investor we approached invested $1 billion. Within the 1st quarter of 2016, we have over $1.3 billion in our newly formed fund that will require a significant and unwavering time commitment from me as I work to secure contracts around the country.

LOOP magic Johnson

9ae571 No.6465


Breitbart spending only 7 lines on that.

5d1886 No.6467

File: 7bfcda9d466c639⋯.jpg (99.82 KB, 337x790, 337:790, Capture.JPG)

File: fd172a63d8d48c4⋯.jpg (65.6 KB, 338x450, 169:225, Capture1.JPG)

Berners got screwed for their campaign donations, but when you're the CEO of Loop or musical bigwig, Quincy Jones, you get a refund..

9829f6 No.6468

Damn these people are sick!!!!! Organ trafficker caught! How many more are still out there?

http: //www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Israeli-suspect-in-Kosovo-organ-trafficking-case-arrested-in-Cyprus-533149

0ad26b No.6469

File: 00b7722ba96519e⋯.png (340.79 KB, 736x774, 368:387, doodre.PNG)

INDIA Har Gobind Khorana: Why Google honours him today

Hailed for constructing the first synthetic gene, Interesting

2b7be0 No.6470

Bill Richardson..

He is North Korea point man.

He was ambassador to the UN too.

The man has been a swamp dweller since the 70s. Seems to me, Richardson is a main player and controller of North Korea. I don't know who does the timeline of information but I believe Richardson needs to be put in as the possible person that controls NK for the clowns. He took Eric Schmidt there.

http://www.cnn.com/ 2013/07/08/us/bill-richardson-fast-facts/index.html

98f064 No.6471


LOL - that's what I am trying to get at…

I have been switching around today over three platforms. Back here, trying to catch up with the latest.

Are we thinking it was a fail?

Musk is tweeting "Falcon 9 has landed at Landing Zone 1"

d23299 No.6472


LOL, Trump "testified under oath" exactly where? This is rich. WAPO, a Very Fake News outlet.

0f1492 No.6473


The first 2 POTUS tweets have a delta of 15. First POTUS tweet in that series is 20:21; the second is 20:36.

Q then starts posting (at 21:09) that the 15 minute delta tweets were signal of initiation of action and that upcoming tweets with a delta of 1 are the instructions trigger.

Further, Q posts the misspellings to key on.

All these Q posts are in between the POTUS tweets.

POTUS tweets at 21:23 and 21:24 (delta 1) with consequential changed. That is the trigger.

Q confirms at 21:27.

Principle, I think, is to see first double tweets with a key delta as a 'BOLO' and the second as the order trigger.

Options would be Q's posts in between.

That's my guess about procedure. I don't know what the stringers mean.

592d44 No.6474


1 = Negative

2 = Affirmative

43588d No.6475




The atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast. We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens.


Nov. 2, 2017

9ae571 No.6476


Looks like the Arabic characters on the left

5ccc8b No.6477

Is this board working hard or hardly working?

Slower pace helping or hurting?

6059e7 No.6478



As well as the one by TMI. Guy on /4pol admitted in a different thread where they were all talking about the Larping they were doing where the photos came from. As well as the human DNA in your burger slide and several of the other tactics they were using to make it painful.

aab17f No.6479

"DEFCON" may refer to; we hack the shit out of the corrupt foundations/organizations.

9829f6 No.6480


I got the photo of of Thomas Wictor Twatter

718921 No.6481


it still may be day of days jan 20

it was inaug day..

also the day he gets to troll the country lol

as the world turns = 1 year (orbit around the sun)

we should be all hands on deck for sure 20th

9c1e2b No.6483

File: cb1cb3622a29da5⋯.jpg (125.33 KB, 807x641, 807:641, whattt.jpg)

someone fʊcking up the catalog?

9580cf No.6484

Who really tortured and killed Otto Warmbier and why? What do we know about that story?

850d58 No.6485


Its up there

Its a Marine sat

It is good.

Google Marine Hymn, look at lyrics first words, then google Montezumas Wrath

a61d9c No.6487


Nice find. Ties in with all of it. Who tossed in 1b though…… Maybe Guggenheim. They gave him more than than that for LA Dodgers. Why does it seem like something is screwy with pro sports teams.

43588d No.6488


Where did you get that impression? (Please don't say Zach in Morocco calling IW.)

Have you read the Q posts about Musk and NK?

850d58 No.6489


Fucking Pampletfagon

a2b5b5 No.6490


What specifically?

4aeda1 No.6491

ManTech International snaps up InfoZen in $180M ‘perfect storm’

18caf7 No.6492


David Brock is really clever.

There is no way in hell any of the MSM narrative is going to turn until bad guys start getting locked up.

Which means, there is no way normies are truly going to accept that Trump has been right about many, many things, until the MSM has to report that the loudest Trump critics were, in fact, criminals all along.

When the "ex-Shareblue" anon appeared at halfchan, he said that the leadership of SB believes that President Trump is a sissy, afraid to use the power at his disposal in a manner that, say, Obama used it or Clinton would have used it.

This confirms the importance of public events. Some of the stuff we have been deducing must get acted out on the public stage. Because the MSM will always have a narrative to encourage Democrats and media at all levels, to dishearten anons, to discourage Trump supporters, and to reinforce the message to normies that Trump is eventually going down and America will be returned safely to rule by the cabal.

bda2d1 No.6493

Loop capital in a nutshell these people were given bailout funds to catalyze an existing business then use those funds to underwrite municipal bonds and other projects all over the world in order to keep the money coming in then the money was used for all types of Nefarious crap human trafficking drug trafficking and God knows what else

a61d9c No.6494


Or as Q sort of points out. Maybe we gave the money……..

07b289 No.6495


would love to know more, felt/knew that the story told was cover from the start…

i thought first he was Clown, but maybe it's them that took him out

98f064 No.6496


total of 3 launches this month, right?

a2b5b5 No.6497


Good point. Knowing what we know now about NK, why was he really tortured.

6059e7 No.6498


Put a wind overlay on the flight patterns, if you are looking at timings. As for the quality of their craft, remember that the next time you go fill your tank. They put a lot of flight hours on those things and it behooves them to have good stuff, in defense.

bda2d1 No.6499

I believe the only way the other half of America is going to ever see HRC or BHO as Criminal is if they are made to admit their crimes on live television any other scenario 60 to 70 million people will riot if these people are locked up or at worst hung for their crimes

7e0fa2 No.6500


I believe you are correct. Or taken from the opposite side? Either way you don't remove a more modern building to replace with older ones.

8b1e92 No.6501

Not that it's super relevant (though you never know), but WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL (posted by Q last night) is from the movie White Squall.

I'm watching that shit tonight anons!

be9092 No.6502


I wonder which of his professors influenced him most

4c8c1d No.6503


This is why . he was transporting oil on the railways when a tanker train rolled into a Quebec town and killed 50-60 people. Immediately divested wikipedia.org/wiki/Lac-M%C3%A9gantic_derailment

e9fdca No.6504


You'd think there was something really wrong with a city when people are pretty much running away from it rather than moving in. Chicago is the shithole utopia liberals always wanted it to be.

a8d8bf No.6505

File: cdefb00955bba2e⋯.jpg (19.49 KB, 267x200, 267:200, she-looka-lika-man.jpg)

File: 28341e5a2462662⋯.jpeg (11.55 KB, 318x159, 2:1, 28341e5a2462662bdc5332b5a….jpeg)

File: 885d03af083607a⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 1512230540849.jpg)

File: 4a768e5e5daefb0⋯.jpg (84.46 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 1512096632417.jpg)

9ae571 No.6506


So, why is Infowars calling The Storm the new Pizzagate?

0a1ba9 No.6507

File: 845321033963315⋯.png (64.96 KB, 698x581, 698:581, ClipboardImage.png)

Interesting article on zerohedge re Trump attending the next Davos meeting…

But then I saw this…

6bd211 No.6508


>Mil tribunal executions are by injection only.

Damn. I was hoping seeing AA guns on PPV.


98f064 No.6509


Definitely can't come from POTUS.

DOJ and Wray from FBI maybe…but can't come from POTUS.

0ad26b No.6510


He saw something he shouldn't have


5d1886 No.6511

File: 73fe90e637b4f63⋯.jpg (117.07 KB, 499x656, 499:656, Capture.JPG)

When you're not spending government dollars one way, you work on the other side and spend them the other. 6/21/2008 Palm Beach Post pg A10

3dbaa0 No.6512


brand recognition, clickbait. gotta sell those water filters, fam

4bb829 No.6513


Likely to discredit it.

190b65 No.6514

Haven't heard much about Otto since he died, but I do remember the parents saying that he was tortured….deaf, blind, teeth missing>>6497

e9fdca No.6515


infowars is a pentagon news front. It's pretty shit tbh.

98f064 No.6517


Media Matters, the left's smear machine, is.

18caf7 No.6518


Don't forget, anon: The ridiculous pace of comments at /cbts and /thestorm was fed by shills and by normies flooding over at the behest of certain youtube celebrities sending people here.

We should be thankful for the lack of destructive posts.

1d3ac6 No.6519



190b65 No.6520

thats so damn funny >>6516

03ef1a No.6521


He invited press into meeting and has the left in meltdown because half said he handled it brilliantly and the other half are arguing with those lefties because their cognitive dissonance is so strong.

It's beautiful.

9829f6 No.6522

File: 764177bd3d08943⋯.jpg (82.13 KB, 1167x853, 1167:853, Julian A. Truth.jpg)

Is JA going to drop some major Truth Bombs? This was on WL twitter page.

a2b5b5 No.6523


And Obama didn't even save him.

5ccc8b No.6524

Sounds like I'm trolling here >>6477 but I legit wondered how it was going today as I've been unable to check in.


6059e7 No.6525


it is a globalist Orgy. It doesn't mean he's going to get naked and lather up in oil. He may be going to spray a firehose on them all.

There are pieces and parts to this job, like any job. We are nationalists, not isolationists.

43588d No.6527

Why did BO scuttle the shuttle program?

What is SpaceX?

Expand your thinking.


NK _ SpaceX.


Why is EM provided BIG WW subsidies?

No subsidies = ?

Clown contribution in exchange for access code?

Why relevant?

Amazon Echo?

Google Home?

Clown contributions?

Apple Face ID Tech?

FB Face ID Tech?

Catching on?

Bombs Away.


2011 Shuttle Program terminated by Hussein.

US loses space dominance.

IRAN Nuke deal.

NK Nuke/Missile Tech.


NASA Tech to ?

HRC SAPs (private server).


$$$,$$$,$$$.00 (pockets).


Left eye [marker].






1d3ac6 No.6528


this I agree with, it's much less chaotic and much more productive

09ace2 No.6529

File: d7bf1f9dec20c13⋯.png (13.07 KB, 1014x120, 169:20, zuma_norad_in_orbit.png)



a2b5b5 No.6530


Yes, haha. He's the best!

0a1ba9 No.6531



Because they got slapped upside the head by Q that's why!

I know some people like info wars or think that AJ is good. But there are some very suttle hints about him that i've seen on his show that make me think he is on the globalist/satanic worshipping side.

98f064 No.6532


don't know how long it will last. Yes grateful…

Jerks started posting the link to this board this morning, on TW.

Tried to stop them…asked them to delete. A few did.

a8d8bf No.6533

File: a7065911be6e515⋯.jpg (43.5 KB, 570x587, 570:587, a7065911be6e51545885b71b96….jpg)


LOL couldn't resist, not personal as you were

e2aa1d No.6534


Soros is such an evil sounding name.

For retrospective reflecting we can just say "We exposed Soros" instead of "George Soros"

That would sound badass

6059e7 No.6535


Not being snarky, Take a scroll through and decide. But welcome back. It was great this morning, then the inevitable and noted riffraff is creeping back in. Just have to stay vigilant, and hate it as I do, filter and filter and filter, which for me at least, is fixed, thank God.

0dae29 No.6536

Suggestions for low-cal bread for consideration -

/ Remove top section, replace with short description of main tasks for the moment (timestamps, clockcypher etc), and progress so far.

/ Q's posts, replace with link to board.

/ Resources, keep.

/ Notable Posts, keep so that anons can catch up.

/ News, keep, so anons can catch up.

/ Archives, remove and link to dedicated archives thread.

/ Meme Ammo and RedPill Tactics, link to dedicated thread/s for these.

/ Opsec & shills, remove, add to opsec thread.

/ Prayers and Mike Green, keep for positivity and remembrance.

/ Baking instructions and last paste, keep.

This would give us a clean top, with the only things to keep updated being Taks, Resources, QGraphics, News & Notable Posts. Anons coming in can quickly see the main tasks we're working on.

>Just ideas. Any thoughts?

8b1e92 No.6537


He's on the side of whoever pays him.

7ab339 No.6538


>Hailed for constructing the first synthetic gene, Interesting


98f064 No.6539



a8d8bf No.6540

File: bfc6ff7345e4509⋯.png (704.91 KB, 488x495, 488:495, bfc6ff7345e4509d7929f75b5f….png)


SOROS - As forward, so is back

It's a luciferian riddle name they gave themselves likely over gay sex.

0a1ba9 No.6541

File: ed4c78f52aa0f01⋯.png (322.6 KB, 1066x457, 1066:457, ClipboardImage.png)


Hmmm! Don't know, but it's still up there supposedly. Found this on twat…

e53b2b No.6542

About the same time that Q said, "follow the wives" he mentioned Chrislaine Maxwell. I have been chipping away at her hx. She is the Madam for Jeffrey Epstien's pedo island. She has connections with Brit Royals. She is a Clinton friend and attended Chelsea's wedding. Prince Andrew was photographed with her and a, presumably, underage girl. Her father was media tycoon Robert Maxwell and a disgraced member of Parliament. After his very mysterious death, it was discovered that he perpetrated one of the biggest pension frauds in British hx. Bilked 100s of millions *US* from pension holders and investors. The money is not all accounted for. With links to Clintons, pedos, Royals, human trafficking, Q's specific mention and pension fraud, I thought there might be some "there" there. I'm stuck, though.

5d1886 No.6543

File: 597f11496febb78⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 440x704, 5:8, Capture.JPG)

File: 9d8baacb15b0b35⋯.jpg (59.01 KB, 413x383, 413:383, Capture1.JPG)

BO's brother-in-law managing director for Loop

AZ Daily Star, 11/16/08 pg F016

6bd211 No.6544


>I would have been shooting by now if it weren't for Q. So, not sure what company that puts me in.

In the company of those successfully distracted by the promise of "free beer next tomorrow."

>an alternative to holding a Nationwide Sarajevo re-enactment.

Would not take that much. Just block off the big Blue cities (NYC, CHI, PHL, BOS, etc). No food + 3 weeks = done.

ac5ba2 No.6545



5ccc8b No.6546


Wonderful that's what I assumed as well. I was here for the migration and helped create the banner but I'm working today. Only had a few minutes this morning and few minutes just now to check in. Good work guys hope we get some big happenings soon.

a718e6 No.6548

WHY did Feinstein released entire secret testimoney of Fusion gps?

>wants to make GEOTUS look bad

HOW did she do that?

>news running with headlines that there was "someone inside the trump administration that.." and "someone has already been killed"

>distraction attempt spotted. suggest memewarfare stating SETH RICH was killed because of the dirty dossier and shift narrative.




09ace2 No.6549



(((we don't want you tracking it)))

74eff3 No.6550



bet he's just going to reinforce the tone that is "I, representing America, am the big swinging dick in the room. We are the most important country to the worlds economy…dont ever fucking forget it."

d23299 No.6551

18caf7 No.6552

File: 4f3249a7b3fc6e7⋯.jpg (73.43 KB, 923x923, 1:1, ryansb.jpg)


Another note about revelations by ex-Shareblue anon:

People we would never have suspected are checking in with Shareblue for the daily narrative.

e04653 No.6553


This could be epic, I hope he brings the camera crew.

6059e7 No.6554


He would sell his mother (and probably trafficked her) for priviledge. He is a Clinton Cabal country selling, lying, frito pie and enchilada eating bastage.

a2b5b5 No.6555

44ab2e No.6556

File: 5d38fc00d2741f6⋯.png (18.27 KB, 736x441, 736:441, data.png)


I took your idea of gathering the deltas of POTUS tweets, and just stuck to one month because it was tedious. Nothing jumps out at me, seems pretty statistically normal

718921 No.6557


BREAKING: Bomb threat reported at cargo building on Miami International Airport property - WPLG

6bd211 No.6558


>Where are the Autists and Patriots?

>Is it here?

Honestly, it seems like there's better "digging" being done elsewhere …

0ad26b No.6559


Wonder what they (really) do with these synthetic genes?

0a1ba9 No.6560


Yeah! And he makes a lot of money!!

f9c193 No.6561


Reading comprehension.

MEDIA MATTERS is calling it 'the new pizzagate'… MEDIA MATTERS is saying Infowars is reporting another 'pizza-gate'

43588d No.6562


Missions sometimes fail. Q has told us of that happening already during this campaign.

190b65 No.6564

I dont remember Q mentioning her…that said, there were so many crazy connections made last summer with all that. Has to still be a honeypot of info…>>6542

f8a023 No.6566

santilli is about to live feed an interview with Cliven Bundy if anyone's interested.

450af5 No.6567


Please note that the article was published in November, 2016, and that it refers to Trump's inauguration day.

The system has been in place for years.

44ab2e No.6568


To clarify, X axis represents number of minutes between a new tweet, Y axis represents number of tweets with that time difference.

Multiple tweets were counted multiple times, for instance three tweets at times 23:59, 23:56, 23:54 would provide a tick for 3 minutes, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes

71dd0e No.6569







0a1ba9 No.6571


can you define your x & y axis?

98f064 No.6572


dedicated work, Anon.

d845ae No.6574


>BREAKING: Bomb threat reported at cargo building on Miami International Airport property - WPLG

wtf is going on at the airports, lately

3dbaa0 No.6576

6059e7 No.6579


Correct. They need to keep the tinfoil cover going on us, that last issue and cover the new one. Remember the playbook: Mock in plain sight and all that.

0ad26b No.6581


To some, it is a frightening future that has synthesized DNA coming to the farm, market, and dinner table.

d845ae No.6583

File: 6c7ae317e87a6ee⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 2140x1600, 107:80, ReallySpecialPlaceCampDavi….jpg)

5ccc8b No.6585


Roger that

0a1ba9 No.6586


26 seconds apart!! :) Great work btw!

98f064 No.6587


I am not…just quoted the previous tweet.

69313d No.6588



Love this meme! However, one question. Do we have proof that the uranium was transported this way. Way early on, there was evidence of it being transported by private companies (illegally). This would be a red pill but we could lose credibility if it can't be proven. Just asking. God Bless!

ad6969 No.6591


Just in case we might need this…

https: //www.mapsofworld.com/usa/usa-csx-transportation.html

35e13a No.6593


Me too, glad I wasn't the only one that picked up on it. There's been so many movie references it's crazy to sit and watch them with new perspective given from these Q drops.

bb01ce No.6594


^^^ This anon is correct. The other way is censorship. Let it happen organically the way it's supposed to and take the ego out of it. We are running out of time. We are all anons. We need all the help we can get.

0ebb11 No.6595

6bd211 No.18640

https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150864944/#150870083


> _FREEDOM-_v05_yes_27-1_z

> _FREEDOM-_v198_yes_27-1_b

> _FREEDOM-_v-811z_yes_27-1_c

> _FREEDOM-_vZj9_yes_27-1_y

> _FREEDOM-_v^CAS0R-T_yes_27-1_87x

> _FREEDOM-_v&CAS0R-T2_yes_27-1_t

> _FREEDOM-_vEXh29B_yes_27-1_ch

6bd211 No.18643


> _FREEDOM-_v_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v_stand_CAN

6bd211 No.18644


> _FREEDOM-_v1_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v1_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v1_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v2_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v3_stand

> _FREEDOM-_v4_mod_D092x

> _FREEDOM-_v4_mod_CAS80^

6bd211 No.18645


> _FREEDOM-_vv1_stand

> _FREEDOM-_vv2_stand

6bd211 No.18646


> _FREEDOM-_vSHAz1EVCB_yes_27-1

6bd211 No.18648


> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC08vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC09vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC10vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC11vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC12vc_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC13vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_stand_DC14vC_EX_y_AW_Conf/stand

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC15vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC16vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC17vc_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC18vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC19vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC20vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC21vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC22vc_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC23vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC24vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC25vC_EX_y_AW_Conf-go

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_stand_DC26vC_EX_y_AW_Conf/stand

> _FREEDOM-_vSA_US_yes_DC27vc_EX_y_AW_Conf/term/zJ&bY028739478-g

6bd211 No.18651


> _FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y

> _Conf_4_3_good_EXT-TVB7xxj_ALL_FREEDOM_#[1-43]_EX_27-1

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