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File: e3a2da2a6e1571f⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, thestorm_blue.jpeg)

076436  No.19861

The Republic of The United States of America is being Restored

The Silent Executioner has taken the Stand. The floor is yours.

There has been a Storm brewing for more time than we know against the monsters that impoverish our world.

Good hearted Men in positions of Power have each drawn their line in the sand and watched these wretched idiots rape their way across it.


It stands to reason that Good Men across intelligence agencies have set in calculated motion the greatest restoration of Good the world will ever know with an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here Are The Facts:

There are over 9,294 sealed indictments in federal courts from 10/30 to 11/22

There have been Thousands of pedophilia-related arrests and sting operations since the day Trump got into office.

As of January 4, 2018, 39 representatives will not seek re-election to their U.S. House districts and an additional 12 have announced upcoming resignations.

Over 40 CEO's of major companies have or announced their resignations.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth.

Solution? Sincere Patriots.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. ― Thomas Jefferson'''

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our Goal Is Simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends [STONE]. We will erode the barriers of ignorance that stand in Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

You know what to do. Godspeed Patriots.



Please read the "About Shills" section below.

Important Post for Q From CodeMonkey:


"The best, easiest and most secure way to do this would be for Q to become a board owner himself.

Q should create his own board via 8ch.net/create.php. Once the board is secured, he should edit the board settings and enable the CAPS ONLY function. When that happens, only moderators can create threads. Once he creates a thread, he can then lock it so only he can post there. In this case, he won't lose the board because it's explicitly for data dumps only (there are many boards like this on 8chan, like PDF libraries, personal blogs etc.). Discussion would continue on /thestorm/ or any other board of your choice.

If you need help setting this up, I'm all ears. No need for private communications whatsoever."

076436  No.19862





>>13696 rt >>13655 "Mark graphic material": gop.gov/solution_content/plannedparenthood/


>>13615 rt >>13534






>>13138 rt >>13129

>>13128 rt >>13104

>>13097 rt >>13061




>>8223 rt >>8172

>>8159 rt >>8109




>>7958 rt >>7935




Q posts in /thestorm/ after migration:




[01/05/18 CBTS and /thestorm/ posts together]


01/05/18 CBTS:

Posts on 01/05/18 (EST) (Archive only)

#299 using name/trip "Q !UW.yye1fxo" & ID:403375 –


www.anonfiles .cc/file/aa5f7432dd68ac9f740e2bd67a2fe118

#295 using name/trip "Q !UW.yye1fxo" & ID:ab7ad6 –

media.8ch. net/file_store/537c23cbde1a9342adaebe37b7f34cae6b77c1f019fcb550d5c01368ac47ef5a.jpeg


>>5204 -> Graphic

01/04/18 (EST)


>>>/cbts/239015 rt >>>/pol/res/11115887


>>>/cbts/239222 -> C!Odemonkey (8ch Admin) Confirmation

>>>/cbts/239917 -> Confirmation The Second

>>>/cbts/239968 -> BO Confirms

>>7686 Archives of Q posts 4/1 and 5/1.




C!0demonkey NEW message on Q/BO Controversy 01/06


C!0Demonkey Confirms Q post made in /thestorm/ 01/06


C!0demonkey on making a CBTS secure board per Q's request


The Board Owner Q IS BACK Tripcode Update


Board Owner's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Update


C!Odemonkey's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Announcement


Board Owner's emergency announcement


>>>/cbts/224690 ← Modanon explains

Q's Tripcodes

For posterity, here are the old trips Q had used so far:

Q !UW.yye1fxo

Q !ITPb.qbhqo


Q !2nVA4xm522

(last trip was wrong trip due to error in entering password)

076436  No.19867




Direct links offsite to current graphic compilation of Q's posts (01-05-18)

1: s20.postimg.org/72y9fr8dp/Q_comp_correct_01-05-2018_3of3.jpg

2: s20.postimg.org/q4v4p0wr1/12.26.2017_1of3.jpg

3: s20.postimg.org/4ig482qhp/12.26.2017_2of3.jpg

4: s20.postimg.org/488loswgt/12.26.2017_3of3.jpg

5: s20.postimg.org/52o97urul/Q_posts_1-4-18_pre_and_post_verification_with_new_tripcode.png

6: s20.postimg. org/cdqpa3znx/Q_comp_correct_01-05-2018_3of3_fight_edition.jpg

7: s20.postimg.org/5eexzohkd/thestormqmap1b_1-07-18.png

Graphic Comps of Q posts: postimg.org/gallery/29wdmgyze/

NOTE: All included graphic compilations are based on the one that Q posted on 11-10-17 the day he first used a tripcode on 4/pol/


This gallery is being kept due to the fact that 8ch archive function does not actually archive the images.

Q said that the graphic is "critical" so this is a way to maintain the integrity of his posts in a visual format.




Learn to Read The Map

New throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/qanon-learn-to-read-the-map-hd/



https:// oversight.house.gov/interactivepage/plannedparenthood/


New Spreadsheet

New smartsheet spreadsheet has been made.

NEW LINK: app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=6588bf56d814417bb759beca4fc52232

NOTE: Spreadsheet is and will remain in read-only & download-only mode due to threats by a psycho to delete all the answers/news in the open columns.

We are working on a different solution and will announce when one is found.

THANK YOU all anons who have helped out, added answers, found news items, given support and had patience with this project.


Latest Q Map - Camp David Weekend Edition


>>>/cbts/252184 media.8ch.net/file_store/92a7a7fd28c4fb2505bfc47e0fe2b370a82dc22ab9a2a4f0c27b7aa80f9cec27.jpg

All Q Posts (meta, txt & html): 496 posts (incl. [Reposts], etc) zip file - anonfiles.cc/file/a27edc1e7b365bd954aacd2963d1bd44

Interactive: qcodefag.github.io

Interactive backup: qanonmap.github.io

News Search: qcodefag.github.io/news 2000+ News articles from /cbts/ searchable ← "News unlocks map." -Q, 11/23/2017

Text: [4chan] pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] pastebin.com/dfWVpBbY

Raw Text Q Dump: pastebin.com/3YwyKxJE

Updated QMap PDF: anonfile.com/G1N1v0dfb1/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_4.5.0.pdf

PDF: For Spider Web Mapping dropfile.to/2UrnCy7

Dataset of Q's posts: anonfile.com/M9A8v4d8b3/Q_Spreadsheet_DATASET_01-07.csv >>11976

Time Stamp Spreadsheets: .xls - anonfile.com/D2yfv5d7b0/Q2F_POTUS_Tweet_Delta.xlsx .csv - anonfile.com/E9ycvad2b1/Q2F_POTUS_Tweet_Delta_-_Sheet1.csv

The Book of Q: pastebin.com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

Q Database: db-q.com (has posts, search, glossary, legend, timeline & quiz)

Q turned A: anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf (Last Q post on this is from 12 NOV 2017 - It's getting stale)

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: ufile.io/nmyy0

076436  No.19869




CBTS 4chan & 8chan Threads Archive list: qarchives.ml/qarchives.html

Archive of all 8chan /cbts/ Research & Topic Threads 12.29.17: pastebin.com/bzKgFDwC

CBTS 8chan Board Archive: 8ch.net/cbts/archive/index.html

Search archive.is for CBTS and Topic Threads: archive.is/offset=50/https://8ch.net/cbts/res/*

4chan Trip-Q Archive: archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Pastebin of Links Posted to 4pol: pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


Q Posts & DJT Tweets Side by Side For Comparison - As Q Requested:


All DJT's filtered tweets (only date and ref #, Tab delimited): pastebin.com/BCzjTNdK

All DJT tweets after 10/27: pastebin.com/PnVUATb4

All Q's posts times and post #s (tab spaced): pastebin.com/uSJsuGH9

Spreadsheet >>15121

'xls -> anonfile.com/D2yfv5d7b0/Q__2F_POTUS_Tweet_Delta.xlsx

.csv -> anonfile.com/E9ycvad2b1/Q__2F_POTUS_Tweet_Delta_-_Sheet1.csv


Tools & Information


Mapping tools: >>>/cbts/111700 , >>>/cbts/119941

Free research resources: >>>/cbts/216402

For site archival: archive.fo/

Marine Codes: marineparents.com/downloads/CP04-AppdxB-Acronyms-Abbreviations.pdf

Encode/Decode Text: paulschou.com/tools/xlate/

The World Government PDF: bureaudetudes.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/wordlgov2005.pdf

Bad Actors and their crimes (WIP): pastebin.com/ZP9izH9s

Reverse Image Search: tineye.com

Compilation of all players/actors and connections: >>13189

Planefag Tools

Public Flight Tracking: flightradar24.com

Military Flight Tracking: adsbexchange.com

Aircraft Incidents: aviation.globalincidentmap.com

FAA N-Number Inquiry: registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/nnum_inquiry.aspx

076436  No.19872





>>17909 Upcoming OIG report likely to trigger second special counsel -Zerohedge

>>17871 Phili DA fires 31 on 4th day of job - -Zerohedge

>>17265 Fire and Fury available as pdf - WikiLeaks

>>15938 Iranian oil tanker crashes into Chinese ship near NK

>>14309 JFK Chaos

>>13981 RR Sister in charge of Vaccines for CDC?

>>14304 Chicago to HK flight diverted to alaska - vandalized with excrement

>>13002 Union Station DC Evacuated

>>12990 Emergency landing at JFK - report of engine fire

>>12334 California family dead - murder suicide

>>12275 Plane catches fire after collision on runway

>>11782 Ex-Iranian President Arrested

News Section Consolidation 1.1.18 to 1.7.18


Notable Posts From the Previous Bread(s)

>>17675 Fire and Fury , Ch6 and 10 'O' changed to 'Q' -> WikiLeaks

>>17726 anons 40,000ft view compilation

>>17380 Seven TRILLION Q Connection

>>16799 In-Q-Tel , Genetic Engineering , PepsiCo , TacoBell and 50% reduction in sperm counts

>>16759 Loop Capital Markets - Financials

>>16581 When Fake Communitst took over a Wisconsin town

>>16459 , >>16471 Relationships Map - Huma , VJ , MB

>>15704 [rr_out] Q message , POTUS tweet , time stameed

>>14152 rt >>13838 Epiphany!

>>13959 Body Parts Raid in November

>>13925 Obama agency rules Pepsi use of fetal cells 'ordinary business'

>>13753 7th Floor - wikispooks

>>13760 , >>14161 7th floor is no more

>>13655 , >>13658 House Investigation into Planned Parenthood

>>13556 Missing Money - 13B , 6B

>>13515 First Pentagon Audit in History

>>11987 Airplanes missing and Eric Schmidt

>>11968 Mass data collection since Reagan (1981)

Notable Posts Consolidation 1.1.18 to 1.7.18


Ordered by date. Possible crumbs highlighted with bold.

To bakers: limit to 30. FIFO.


BIGLY: Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange:



More info: >>>/cbts/140461

>>>/cbts/120430 (Petition)

076436  No.19876




Research Resources >>>/cbts/211983 (for findings that do not fit into threads below)

A peek into (((they))) >>>/cbts/2422

Alien / Disclosure Related >>>/cbts/26613

Asia Foundation >>>/cbts/15984

Bloodlines and Y >>>/cbts/7705

British Connections >>>/cbts/117841

CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>>/cbts/146483

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Creatures >>>/cbts/1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>>/cbts/140461

FLIGHT TRACKING (PlaneFaggotry) >>>/cbts/195194

Godfather III >>>/cbts/2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>>/cbts/3952

Hunt For Red October >>>/cbts/3102

Indictments & Arrests >>>/cbts/3163

Israel & Zionism >>>/cbts/1398

Many research links here to give background on current events >>>/cbts/255999

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>>/cbts/1391

Missle Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as 'missle' twice? >>>/cbts/147334

North Korea >>>/cbts/1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>>/cbts/4249

Plane Crashes Thread >>>/cbts/56075

Q Signatures >>>/cbts/2198

Q Stringer Central >>>/cbts/2300

Planned Parenthood* >>13655

Report Strange NWO Deaths >>>/cbts/114171

Red Cross >>>/cbts/40157

Rothschild Family >>>/cbts/1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>>/cbts/1327

Sealed Indictments >>>/cbts/4409

Sidley Austin Digathon >>>/cbts/15139

Snow White and AI Science >>>/cbts/123576

Soros & NGOs >>>/cbts/1367

Stringers, military courts >>>/cbts/189447

Titanic >>>/cbts/106

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>>/cbts/1346

Who is P? >>>/cbts/202645

* ==Emphasized by Q==

**List is in alphabetical order. Findings/files should go to >>>/cbts/211983.

076436  No.19877




Through tempest, storm

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.



Memes #1: >>>/cbts/2

Memes #2: >>>/cbts/61078

Memes #3: >>>/cbts/107604

Memes #4: >>>/cbts/142207

Memes #5: >>>/cbts/189835

Memes #6: >>7090

Infographs: >>>/cbts/10

Infograph Central Inc. The RULE OF LAW Series: postimg.org/gallery/fy8cpdzu

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads: >>>/cbts/189875

Meme Ammo: >>7161

Meme Ammo By Topic: pastebin.com/WnudyCpd from >>14323

Image Archive by Topic >>18752 , >>18760 , >>18765




→ Coax them in the right direction. Open minds gradually without bludgeoning or traumatizing. Tactics differ depending on what they already know, and their openness to unsettling new info. Aim for slight to moderate cognitive dissonance (>>>/cbts/134272). Remember that too much too fast can turn normies away. Hammer on current news topics.

Additional Redpill Tactics in Three Parts

Part 1: >>>/cbts/189448

Part 2: >>>/cbts/189460

Part 3: >>>/cbts/189467

Derived from this source file: pastebin.com/mYN5J74B

^^The source of this pastebin is here: pastebin.com/JUp6vUDe (Contains additional links not retrieved from the archives and contains enough redpill tactics for new meme-droppers to learn the skill…)

RedPill Questions - Not Q

>>15931 Foundations

>>15998 Politicians

>>16064 Anti-Trump

>>16204 Planned Parenthood

>>16438 Plane 9/11

Dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks. Your call, Anons. But don't mention 8chan, please.


Prayer Requests: >>>/cbts/55606

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps

Stay positive and loving. Try it at least. Hate only brings darkness.

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

076436  No.19882





Before posting links, REMOVE the 'http/https://www' part.

e.g. twitter.com , en.wikipedia.org

When you want to access the site simply copy & paste it at the URL bar and the browser will resolve.

This is done because of how web/http works. If you click the link directly, the

destination site can see which site you are coming from, and that is not desirable.

Use hooktube.com instead of youtube.com

You can anonymously watch youtube videos using the above site.

It has a clean interface and it allows you to download youtube videos easily.

If you use Firefox you can install an addon called Hooktubeify which auto-redirects youtube links to hooktube.

Use duckduckgo.com instead of google.com

You can anonymously search web using this site.

It also has a cool feature called "bangs", which allows you to directly

go to and search within websites using aliases. For example, if you make

duckduckgo your default web search engine, you can type "!wiki POTUS"

directly at the URL bar and it will take you to POTUS' wikipedia page.

Although it is allowed, do not provide a valid email address for your comments.

There is very little (if any) reason to do so. This is an anonymous board, and for good reason.


About Shills

Read >>>/cbts/226201


Often anons call each other cancers, but truly, shills are THE true cancer of the internet.

They don't care about you, or the subject at hand, or the general worsening situation of the world.

Their interests are either money or delusions of grandeur, or "divide and conquer" ideologies.

So what should you do? What sort of an action you should take? How do you combat them? *drum roll*

You don't.

Even if you read the most insulting thing said to you in your life, such that it shakes your very being,

mountains of rage and sadness gush out from the darkest and deepest pits of your heart: YOU IGNORE THEM.

Turn the other cheek. It is the only way. If you answer, they will be alerted(literally, by software)

and they will keep pushing and pushing and pushing. The only winning move with them, is to not play.

Remember, they are utterly worthless as human beings. If you truly get angry, imagine that you are talking to a bot.


Last Dough & Baking Instructions


If a baker is needed and you decide to be one:

Read the instructions at the top of the dough and below.

Do not forget to update the link, which contains the dough used for this bread.

Last dough: pastebin.com/aHAhnExQ From thread: 25

647276  No.19899

Delicious… Thank you Baker

fa6916  No.19902

i know i posted this in the last bread - - not trying to spam - - but Q posted about WINDING a clock


i have updated the sorted by time spreadsheet so hours 1 - 12 and hours 12 - 24 are combined — essentially, all posts are in the order of a 12 hour analog clock

someone make a damn clock with this shit

8e321a  No.19903

I am first

204161  No.19904

a8b080  No.19905


Thank you baker

78b630  No.19906



1d60c8  No.19907

in case IDEN has two meanings.. this IDEN is rather creepy


89c37c  No.19908


Super bake.

749d7d  No.19910

File: 4aeeae69f417b99⋯.jpg (289.68 KB, 1219x1096, 1219:1096, Minute.JPG)

Attention TimestampFags

Anyone needing a handy resource for trying to find markers by comparing to POTUS twitter, plotting Q posts on clock faces, etc. please see the below links. I broke out the time for you and sorted by minute, regardless of the day or hour.

Baker feel free to include this if desired, although it's just a minor tweak on the Data set that I keep updated and in the batter.

Excel: anonfile.com/t4Pcvbd5b9/Q_Data_Set_-_Minute_Edition.xlsx

CSV: anonfile.com/s6P6vbd5b4/Q_Data_Set_-_Minute_Edition.csv

9ccc6e  No.19911


I am soooo hoping so! When is the last time he would be able to be in the sunshine!?

8af42c  No.19912


I know it's on their building

a8b080  No.19913

do we have a confirmation on who runs nk or are we still questioning if its cia or EM

73d95e  No.19914

File: 3ea2864d4e13750⋯.jpg (228.88 KB, 786x903, 262:301, 8171361814_e1fa292b44_b.jpg)

d574c8  No.19915


Too slow bruh

73c3c7  No.19916

Q post 01/07/2018:


>We will never lose again win this is finished.

<win not when



Steve Wynn of Las Vegas fame?

caac36  No.19917

fcad16  No.19920

File: 58b54e1e75ce004⋯.jpg (65.08 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 22aoxj.jpg)

749d7d  No.19921


Watch for a POTUS tweet or major news with a keyword of "win."

fa6916  No.19922


thank you for your work

i took your original sheet and made it so hour 12 became hour 0, hour 13 hour 1, essentially combining the posts into a 12 hour clock time frame

>>19902 find it here

couldnt have done it without your work anon, much appreciated, hopefully you can do something with the 12 hour version if you wish to

876041  No.19923

File: 67750cec17e4d0f⋯.jpg (223.72 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 54b6e0056bb3f7674d7f3789-2….jpg)

File: 283aeeb45dae8a5⋯.jpeg (619.53 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, 54b6e0056bb3f7674d7f3789-….jpeg)

d2a77e  No.19925

Love and good intuition will set you free

204161  No.19926

File: bb05d4fdb5c405b⋯.jpg (129.1 KB, 665x445, 133:89, in5.jpg)

8af42c  No.19927

Ugh typed no. In wrong

On great Pepsi meme, I know it's on their building

25376e  No.19928

Abel Danger?

6d233a  No.19929

File: 1b8977df8c91ff3⋯.jpg (274.64 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, jubilee.jpg)

78b630  No.19930


/Ourguy/ since he btfo Jim accosta for cosmopolitan bias

f45f95  No.19931

File: 84b85e66c21920c⋯.jpg (330.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Adam.jpg)

4b7e58  No.19932

File: 4b3f5601096b85a⋯.jpg (38.82 KB, 371x384, 371:384, 22ap1f.jpg)

076436  No.19933


an update is an update , added

204161  No.19934


My thoughts as well.

1c149c  No.19935

We will never lose again ….Win ! This is finished >>19916

caac36  No.19936




Think clock.

Wind the clock w/ all markers.


Future proves past.


>key word timestamp

also, military time

749d7d  No.19937

File: a43b29c8dd6af29⋯.jpg (144.54 KB, 712x709, 712:709, death.jpg)


Thanks, it's a group effort. I was only able to build mine on the back of the rawtext anons that initially scraped data.

1f19b9  No.19938


why would you go to a 12 hour clock? that just causes confusion.

81e9e5  No.19939


Cast your vote for the header picture!


03842b  No.19940

If you haven’t seen the final PP report…..

PP final report archives-energycommerce.house.gov/sites/republicans.energycommerce.house.gov/files/documents/Select_Investigative_Panel_Final_Report.pdf

8e321a  No.19941

I dont think seconds are relevant >>19910

171dcc  No.19942


This guy is too cool and collected. Glad he’s teamQ.

caac36  No.19944


Q said use military time, so 24

marker may be necessary to adjust that

9dd0d2  No.19946


Da fuq?

df80ab  No.19947

MW could also be Mark Warner. He is worth a cool 250 million due to some insider info he got on the telecom industry


5cc32c  No.19948


Thanks for this. That last entry on Sheet 1 of "12:36:31AM" should be 00:36:31, surely!?

1f19b9  No.19949


hour 12 is not 00:00

81e9e5  No.19950

File: 0bb3f91222be8a9⋯.png (489.3 KB, 878x718, 439:359, hr8.png)

File: 8c86206e71652ae⋯.png (477.07 KB, 878x718, 439:359, hr8UV.png)

abdf7b  No.19951


He has that schiffty scum film about him.

5cc32c  No.19952


00:00 = 12 midnight

caac36  No.19953


true, think we are on the page 00:00-23:59

076436  No.19954


can you repost this with the link broken , and ill add it to the dough

df80ab  No.19955

He is definitely smarmy as hell. I hate Schiff…would love to see him go down >>19951

77b09a  No.19956

File: 8b53e5253511b8d⋯.jpeg (66.3 KB, 400x300, 4:3, BCD3E4E4-2F5B-46F9-885B-8….jpeg)

4191f9  No.19957


I meant he makes good points, and that I was filtering the other cucks… #FuckinTriggeredForNoReason

1f337d  No.19958


He is great!! Very smart and together!

I honestly don't know how they all handle it, from POTUS, to him, to Sanders. How they deal with the press and not want to slap them silly. I would have thrown my mic at Jake's ugly face and walked out!

f202f7  No.19959

"Riders on the Storm", the Doors

https: //youtu.be/BLBV6ZwLKDU

d8b163  No.19960


Me too anon, me too!

749d7d  No.19961


They aren't, but they are in their own column, not really affecting the sort, so I left them. More info never hurts.

d574c8  No.19962


JA outside?? In the natures??? Nippy air???? Where could he be!!!??

abdf7b  No.19963

How many will not return to Congress or announce exits this week? 30-40-50? Lyin Elijah, McCainslewabel, who else?

caac36  No.19964


good choice

awesome riffs

53ad95  No.19965

So guys is Julian free? Old video? I don't think so or green screen?


Huge if big

78b630  No.19966

File: 9aeeb17c6d5009d⋯.png (120.64 KB, 1080x747, 120:83, Screenshot_20180107-200316.png)

Hi Anonfriend. I like your style

e2c09f  No.19967



abdf7b  No.19968

9ccc6e  No.19969



8e321a  No.19970


What makes you think the post time is relevant?

What message would it transfer?

Would it nod indicate that there is a limit of posts to how many post will be made?

Does Q responding to anons not destroy the code?

What about the mess with Q being banned?

I fear you guys are wasting your time, drop it and do some productive research

d8b163  No.19971


I think it is Green screen, but i think he left the embassy

5a1a90  No.19972

Where is BO?

Where is Hillary?

Where are the Podestas?

Where is GS?

Where is Imran Awan?

I want to Trust Sessions. I also want these listed parties and others to be prosecuted publicly.

c4beaa  No.19973

http://www. northjersey.com/story/news/sussex/2018/01/07/plane-hard-lands-sussex-county-no-injuries-police-say/1011693001/

Plane 'hard lands' in Sussex County; no injuries, police say

08ea6a  No.19974

File: d7a53064c49d2a9⋯.png (756.44 KB, 888x489, 296:163, Loop Capital.png)


Can I get the stacks of money meme with


1f19b9  No.19975


must be the way it was worded.

00:00 hours has always been midnight, 13:00 is 1:00 in 12 hour clock.

yep, that's it, the way the op posted it.

should have just said transfered to 24 hour clock.

03842b  No.19976

From SpookAnon archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/uid/qxwGMxKu/page/2/

7 entities controlling henchmen 1 dead, 2 in wind since election. Believed they still use Numbers stations. Who are the 7? Soros isn’t one.

Middle henchmen: global elitists, Bilderberg, Zionist Elders, corporations, and banks.

Wars are plotted decades in advance and orchestrated to achieve the destruction of nations and natural elites, depopulation, demoralization, and of course power and profit.

Zionist Elders. Hitler gave them Israel, JFK gave them nukes, what’s do they want from Russia? War.

Hitler died fighting them when they changed the agreement for a better offer.


JFK was killed for attempting to stop them from developing nuclear weapons.


caac36  No.19977


sounds like a 3/10

f8e3e6  No.19978

Bakers…please add Corsi “Errors” to batter so YT fuckery has proper deterrence.

This Corsi shit is flagrant.

“Loop Capital is not the crumb your looking for.” - Corsi

c66e6e  No.19979


what has she done?

204161  No.19980

File: acdfa99f680ebc9⋯.png (667.37 KB, 547x733, 547:733, larry1.png)


My bad son, sorry.

171dcc  No.19981


Agreed. We have a great team. Calm and cool wins EVERY time. Let them throw stuff.

The Long Game.

b48f55  No.19982

File: 900471e58fba88c⋯.jpg (499.85 KB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, trump-cover-final-e1487295….jpg)

Anons- I don't want to distract from convo but I want to make sure banner is acceptable. Several anons have mentioned it is too cluttered. Please suggest any changes and/or create a worthy banner to replace it. If you want to suggest little tweaks I suggest we move to a separate thread as to stop cluttering.

No more name fagging from me. I don't want or need credit/attention and I don't give a fuck if you think my banner image was shit because I'm not an emotional little bitch.

< Here's the original art I was just shopping over if you want it.

593d8d  No.19984

File: 18b59eaee0dd71a⋯.png (13.06 KB, 292x113, 292:113, DoubleQ.png)

Hey timestamp fags I wrote a Python script to analyze Q's posts.

Can map any digit value to any char you want.

https://pastebin. com/BXsvU7Kz

4399a9  No.19985

Can we count? Is this really #24?

caac36  No.19986


they are all good

even the sauce

53ad95  No.19987


The second scene looks legit like hes's outside almost. The leaves and clouds look like green screen tho

4191f9  No.19988


No prob fam, same team.

"Don't F with THIS lad, Eh?" lol

171dcc  No.19989


She’s over the target. Shills are blowing her up.

fa6916  No.19990


Q said to wind the clock, and clocks generally have 12 numbers, so i was looking for a way to order the timestamps around a simple clock


this is true, if you wish to put what i have as hour 00 after 11, please do, but 12 is at the top of the clock , and i am trying to read it like a clock, and for the column sorting sake, that required me to put 0

abdf7b  No.19992


The people are crying out for justice.

9ccc6e  No.19993


Is it Jerome Corsi we are talking about? I got some anon graphics I can send him to correct him on this?

d574c8  No.19994


The one you got is good

If these newfags are more worried about the pic than the content and nutrition of the breads then we’ve got a problem

1f19b9  No.19996


the whole top section is nothing but a novel in itself.

not many will take the time to read all that, let alone hit any of the wall of links in it.

78b630  No.19997


Promoting disinformation

CM confirmed all disputed Q posts as real. She along with doctor diabetus are still claiming they are fake. They are claiming loop capital is not the "crumb you are looking for" - when any half tard with eyes can read Q himself tell us to dig on it.

Disinformation shills

2893a1  No.19998

File: 0e6a8b8aec1569c⋯.png (179.94 KB, 319x219, 319:219, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)


I liked v 3.0 (I think) as well as the current. Great work.

978e2c  No.19999


Great graphics work fellow Anon! Press on. Godspeed!

3e8614  No.20000

File: 2f5b61c296f03dc⋯.jpg (85.32 KB, 590x311, 590:311, ZomboMeme 07012018211007.jpg)

60c083  No.20001

File: 9245f99672b3cbb⋯.jpg (193.08 KB, 798x950, 21:25, LDR MOLOCH.jpg)

File: a259f9d4fd077fd⋯.jpg (157.22 KB, 798x950, 21:25, LDR noose.jpg)

caac36  No.20002


here ya go, anon

https:// www.wattpad.com/437853234-codes-and-ciphers-clock-cipher

78b630  No.20003


She's spreading false information

Filter this glowing nigger

abfd7b  No.20004

I remember 15=Past, 10=Past, 5= Preset from our digging and Q on the CBTS board regarding the time difference between Q and POTUS tweets…could this be relevant to the "clock"? I truly think Q posted the "future" events first then to present…at least at the beginning posts.

What is the connection with Q and POTUS time stamps? I'm pulling my hair out!! Aughh!!

5a1a90  No.20005


Yes Dr. Jerome Corsi

53ad95  No.20006


Holy shit there's shadows on his face, wtf

89c37c  No.20007


The goldleaf lion in the upper-left would be a great add.

d574c8  No.20008

Should we start a new thread dedicated to Tracy fucking Beanz?? This is out of hand

caac36  No.20009

File: 872379f5b8beae0⋯.jpg (106.77 KB, 815x851, 815:851, 1510599925974.jpg)

fa6916  No.20010


>https:// www.wattpad.com/437853234-codes-and-ciphers-clock-cipher

thank you

nice numbers

1fccd9  No.20011

File: 3c5ed204ed6e6e7⋯.png (95.56 KB, 641x593, 641:593, Screenshot 2018-01-07 at 7….png)


Yeah…over the target….no.

She's still saying that Q's posts from the 5th are fake, that Corsi knows all about Q, and she busts on B from this board.

2 hours ago.

a8b080  No.20012


yes jesus christ we are going through bread like a mother fucker

2cd043  No.20013

>>19902 – ok, thank you


perfect…thank you


Wind the clock w/ all markers.


Future proves past.


Piecing all markers together now…tapping into full autism mode.

5ca2d7  No.20014


More Karen Hudes stuff. Common and recent themes on her twatter. Letter pdf posted today.

https://twitter. com/karenhudes



644d44  No.20015


We will never lose again.

W, in this, is finished.

81e9e5  No.20016

File: 9cd791252c98c44⋯.png (240.36 KB, 583x407, 53:37, hr9.png)

File: b1eb2ddc8754029⋯.png (238.78 KB, 583x407, 53:37, hr9UV.png)

63e593  No.20018

Anons - sorry if posted but an important read

https://theconservativetreehouse. com/2018/01/07/wow-interesting-interview-with-joe-digenova-links-doj-nsd-john-carlin-with-fisa-court-judge-rudolph-contreras/

749d7d  No.20019

File: a0064e432b2e677⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 486x286, 243:143, Capture.JPG)


>What makes you think the post time is relevant?

Q has said repeatedly timestamps matter

>What message would it transfer?

That'what we are trying to determine. Various methods being tested, including mapping timestamps to characters, or arranging posts and having markers point to them.

>Would it nod indicate that there is a limit of posts to how many post will be made?

Does a clock run out of minutes to use?

>Does Q responding to anons not destroy the code?

Not if you are filtering that as noise, and only consider marked posts

>What about the mess with Q being banned?

Starting to sound pretty glowy to me, nigger.

>I fear you guys are wasting your time, drop it and do some productive research

How about you go search the archives for how many times Q has asked us to find the keystone, learn to read the map, note the markers.

>pic related

1f19b9  No.20020


your going to throw it all off by 12 hours like that, unless your actually calling out mid day as 12:00.

otherwise it's 1200hrs.

f56eff  No.20022

File: 6d1d108ab4ddc63⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1197x673, 1197:673, MLK Dream.png)

abfd7b  No.20023


YES!!! That would truly be a God send to relieve all debt!!

5a1a90  No.20024


Did we confirm it was her at Camp David? She has twatted that DJT is a fake, back in Jan and March 2017.

4399a9  No.20025


The dude has only looked at Q posts for 10 days and Tracy builds him up as an expert witness.

78b630  No.20026



this is vital because she is fucking up the redpills which is a Q DIRECTIVE TO GIVE THE NORMIES

63e593  No.20027


TB. Enough said.

204161  No.20028

File: 2ef83b94d2405c4⋯.gif (51.57 KB, 300x367, 300:367, 2ef83b94d2405c4a8b3ff966ae….gif)

9ccc6e  No.20029


Done. We just need to prove them wrong with the facts. If he knows that Obama is a fraud there is no reason he shouldn't be able to look at the facts and agree that they need digging.

Bonus if it also shuts up Beanz.

e1193d  No.20030


Tell me that's not a drone…

5fccfc  No.20031

File: 5c3c92f0d96dcb9⋯.png (302.08 KB, 915x506, 915:506, Qlevel.png)


use it if you want

b47a32  No.20032


may the force be with you

1ef3e8  No.20033

15 is 1111

10 is 1010

05 is 0101


is that our countdown our clock?

81e9e5  No.20034

Advice on meme-ing the Black pop.

Look up current trap stars.

5a1a90  No.20035

Karen Hudes—

DJT is a Fake…. Not to be trusted, unless something has changed.


df80ab  No.20036

Mark Warners biggest campaign donors are Chase and the Blackstone Group

caac36  No.20037


>Tell me that's not a drone…


f0b7e9  No.20038


Tell me what post numbers you are missing and I will find them for you if I can.

I just looked, for example for this thread


link left intact because it is internal and it is 404


the archive of that thread exists:


I will go through the spreadsheet and continue to update all of Q's posts on 8ch with direct links to the posts in the archive.fo of the thread.

Did you look on that site also for the threads on /cbts/? He has archives there up to #305


Please also cross-post your findings to the Loop Capital thread!


Well whatever man, I'M the admin of the spreadsheet so I can see all the history of every cell on there. I know what was posted exactly when.

Q definitively stated he/they did NOT post anywhere but halfchan and here.

So anyone claiming to have talked with Q, have had messages from Q or that he/they posted anywhere else is either lying or misinformed (duped).

Q was very, very clear.


>You do not have any of the deleted Q posts there nor any files from the dates I mentioned posted. A huge amounts of dates missing.

Are you talking about on the spreadsheet? Q posts are missing?

If so, please cite exactly which ones, on which dates.


>getting a 404 on that link


Try again, works fine for me. Another anons test please?


>definitely need the pre-deletion caps & timestamps…that's important. also need to verify what time zone they were captured in, which is likely wherever your browser is located.

I'm in EST so that helps. ALL Q posts that I see are on EST. This is harmonized with textanon's raw text file as well.


>all the Q drops from the 25th of December until the second of Feb

Q wasn't around anywhere in February. What are you talking about?

Q has made VERY clear he does NO drops on ANY other site.

You were not talking with Q.


> suggest a format that shows a money loop, or like a loopy loo from the unsuspecting communities and knowing lobbyist donors to Obummer and his cronies and bypassing the communities they are meant to help?

>Or… like a freeway loop that bypasses the hoods for a speedy cash drop to the big playas.

Ok, thank you - I will try to incorporate that.

644d44  No.20039


W I N Conference

A pioneer in the field of professional women’s events and leadership journeys on a global scale WIN inspires leaders, to run companies and initiatives with noble values, and to fully live their own lives with beauty and enthusiasm.

With a creative and holistic take on traditional business topics, WIN has transformed and celebrated thousands of women and hundreds of companies. Through plenary sessions and workshops, the Global WINConference looks at the World, Work and You and how we can all make a contribution as agents of possibility. The Global WINConference is the most established forum on leadership and female empowerment in Europe and it has been running since 1998.

WIN accelerates change by modelling, developing, empowering and connecting leaders in a global, authentic and feminine way.

http ://www.winconference.net/WINConference

63e593  No.20040


You are absolutely correct! That girl needs to shut it. She’s ruining everything.

Too many breads because her “followers” are here

b12fb6  No.20041



youtu.be /4V0N1x675FQ

4399a9  No.20042


Why redundant flags? Balance?

d574c8  No.20043


So do it and be done with it! Nobody gives a fuck about Tracy beanz we are here for much bigger reasons than one dumbass who can’t tell her head from her ass


A real Q post from a real Q post


2cd043  No.20044


This doesn't work….it needs to be sorted by Date & Time so that it will correlate with certain Twatter posts. 1 crumb drop needs to be 1 row with Date & Time of drop.

abfd7b  No.20045


Hmmm…made me think of "bath salts"…wtf was in that and why were people taking it? Somebody (clowns) had to put it out in public and tell people.."oh hey, this will get you really high", but they leave out the part about it making you want to eat people! WTF?!

042d89  No.20046


Fucking shit.

She's getting jerked around because she's an idiot falling for /cbts/ BO being an idiot.

It's a retard chainfuck of glorywhoring going more public by the day.

The drama takes away from the research.

fa6916  No.20047


keep us updated anon

if you need any grunt work done i will be up


i will repost the original 24 hour clock with no changes sort in SHEET 2 of the spreadsheet within the next few minutes

5fccfc  No.20048

63e593  No.20049


Don’t get me started on that fool. He is just like Kaine

57488e  No.20050


I like the original.

Minimalist here, so at most, Lion top left, 'Q' top right, /TheStorm/ across the bottom.

Great work, regardless.

1f337d  No.20051


I know, but I still want to throw something at Jakes ugly face, he's got that droopy eye thing going - perv!

78b630  No.20052


Proof is CM validating the Q posts they dispute. They cannot possibly argue they know more than the fucking site admin

Additionally if you can read you can see Q yelling at us to keep digging on loop and they say he said to disregard. FALSE

2cd043  No.20053


link works now…not sure what changed. thanks

fa6916  No.20054


look at >>19910

for that i think this one will serve you better

df80ab  No.20056

They all look like they have someone locked in their basement >>20049

08ea6a  No.20057


Love it….Next stop Twatter! Keep 'em coming, anon! Thanks!

42db4b  No.20058

Hi i'm a newfag.

I came here yesterday from twitter.

OMG hi everybody!

Guess what? Potus is going to come out and tell the world that people are eating babies!

And And guess what, Pepsi is filled with ground up babies (yeah i saw the stem cells report), the earth is flat, and unicorns are real.

This is like the best day ever!


I Apologize to the Autists still working hard to research hard data for shitting up the board.

It's been an amazing couple of months.

You glorius bastards.

God Bless and Godspeed

c49622  No.20059


That's how controlled opposition works.

Instead of saying something like "The anons…" it becomes "We" like she is digging, etc. Then her drooling followers think that she is in the "know" and that she has "all of the answers." Then she can say whatever the fuck she wants, no matter how off the mark she is.

171dcc  No.20060


Jesus. People are aloud to be wrong on a point. He IS wrong on Loop- he missed it. So what. Steve B of Microsoft said that the iPhone would never gain any market share. It happens.

Focus on Loop, memes and other red pilling activity.

And ironically- I will to. Kek

475ec8  No.20061


Cheap chinese research chemicals of all sorts. Mainly alpha-pvp as far as i know. Synthetic cathinone, psychedelic and stimulant effects. basically kept people awake for days, + tripping = severe psychosis, I think the face eating was just media shenanigans.

5fccfc  No.20062


I think we should keep it like it's been the whole time just take out cbts for the storm

736c1a  No.20063


00:00 is at the top of the clock in a 24 hr. clock. It is midnight.

644d44  No.20064


http ://www.abbreviations.com/WIN



Miscellaneous » Months Abbreviations

Rate it:


Microsoft Windows

Computing » Software

Rate it:


What Is Normal

Internet » Chat

Rate it:


When In Need

Community » Religion

Rate it:


Women In Need


Rate it:


Winn Dixie Stores, Inc.

Business » NYSE Symbols

Rate it:


Warfighter Information Network

Governmental » Military

Rate it:


Wireless Intelligent Network

Computing » Telecom

Rate it:


Wireless Information Network

Computing » Networking

Rate it:


Whip Inflation Now

Governmental » US Government

Rate it:


What's Important Now


Rate it:


Wine Is Not

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

Rate it:


World Information Network


Rate it:


Women's Information Network


Rate it:


Western Integrated Networks

Business » Companies & Firms

Rate it:


Workforce Investment Network

Business » General

Rate it:


Wildlife Information Network

Medical » Veterinary

Rate it:


Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Academic & Science » Chemistry

Rate it:


Work It Now

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

Rate it:


Women's International Net


Rate it:


Writing In Narrative

Community » News & Media

Rate it:


Whats Its Name

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

Rate it:


World Insurance Network

Business » Companies & Firms

Rate it:


Www Irc Nl

Miscellaneous » Unclassified

Rate it:


Winton, Queensland, Australia

Regional » Airport Codes

2cd043  No.20065


ok, thanks…if I can get this data, I can get it deciphered for us.

f0b7e9  No.20066


Ok, that's good. Again, let me know if there is anything missing or if you need anything. I will do my best to help. I'll be popping in and out putting those archive links into the spreadsheet, so if I don't see your reply, YELL AT ME until I do :)

204161  No.20067


Keep up the good work anon.

4399a9  No.20068


also BTW. We are not Q level. We are A level. We were chosen for our A. We are proud of our A.

aca9fc  No.20069

One of the pics say she is a whistleblower. Maybe she’s doing some explaining or maybe she’s blowing some whistles >>19233

1f19b9  No.20070


it's the start of a new 24 hour period.

abfd7b  No.20071


I posted about the 15,10 & 5 as well…BUT NOBODY IS PAYING ATTENTION!!!

5a1a90  No.20072


Can you add more spacing please? Hard to read as is. Thanks


076436  No.20073

File: 83e979b38ba282a⋯.png (806.74 KB, 1858x794, 929:397, the storm catalog.png)


>going through bread like a mother fucker

tell me about it

91b934  No.20075

Why can't I post a meme here that I just uploaded to the meme depository? I get a "That file already exists".

1fccd9  No.20076


Kinda made sense to me after BO posted on reddit that he had a book deal…

I asked her on twit if she's gonna co-author it…

Her 'friends' had to come to her rescue and hug her.

2cd043  No.20077



This doesn't work……not going to work for the cypher guys

d5c694  No.20078


Grind up their bodies and feed them back to (((them))). Don't wanna waste em.

78b630  No.20079


Q told us that we need to redpill normies.

She's now poisoning the pills

Side op needed to meme her into obscurity. Alternatively, we need to distribute our own info free of famefags

749d7d  No.20080


I made that one, if you have a different need let me know and I can try to get you something formatted how you need it.

204161  No.20081


The file already exists.

999ab9  No.20082


I think this background with no extra treatment, with the electric "Q" and "THE STORM" lettering only, is fine.. Simple, crisp and to the point

caac36  No.20083


I don't want any attention given to this work product

that is my main beef

nb4 too little too late

d574c8  No.20084

4399a9  No.20085


Do that shit again and I’ll report your dumbass.

f56eff  No.20086

File: 40bbae65d5e6f00⋯.png (463.61 KB, 588x323, 588:323, obama sold out.png)

ee2fd7  No.20087


The article is from MAY 1, 2017. Get with the program.

c66e6e  No.20088

everyone loved her not that long ago.

c4beaa  No.20089

Loop Capital + Transunion.

Did Loop Capital have insider info on the Equifax breach? Did they cause it or contribute to it? RICO? Espionage? How deep?

https://www. loopcapital.com/loop-capital-participates-co-manager-transunion-665-million-initial-public-offering

978e2c  No.20090

File: 9847998138b9006⋯.jpeg (91.35 KB, 618x412, 3:2, 2920B744-71E6-4B05-B3EC-A….jpeg)

9e427b  No.20091

File: e65151b5b32d307⋯.png (170.17 KB, 585x651, 195:217, ClipboardImage.png)

Last one. Testing the wording.

fa6916  No.20092


yes it should

>>19938 – i have posted the non 12 hour clock – - essentially the original posts sorted by 24 hour time – on sheet 2 of the spreadsheet





link broken here

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets /d/1AA1kJOCfU_W4lJlWDnA6mYh-NnJFL6BmOvE2s8dRSao/edit#gid=569609529

81e9e5  No.20093

File: 8884fe1b0bba4ca⋯.png (197.72 KB, 470x386, 235:193, hrc9.png)

File: 90f7461108c04b8⋯.png (198.32 KB, 470x386, 235:193, hrc9fiendn.png)

05839a  No.20094


because you already posted it on the board

change a pixel if you want to repost

72786d  No.20095


I assumed IDEN means identify. Q has used it at least once before, IIRC.

4b7e58  No.20096

File: dbc1daf0b06fe5d⋯.jpg (90.79 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 22apx3.jpg)

typo fix

b12fb6  No.20097

File: a54b4b7295f6883⋯.jpg (9.92 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

Baker on standby

076436  No.20098


they are , they lurk and dig

>its shilly in here atm

1f19b9  No.20099


i liked the one that was originaly used when this board was started up.

63e593  No.20100


Till they realized she’s fake and tries to use some sexy voice on her YT. She’s annoying

736c1a  No.20101


Generally recognized worldwide as midnight. Or are you thinking Q has indicated otherwise?

9ccc6e  No.20102


I sent Jerome graphics and screen shots from the anon research on Loop and also sent him the link to the qcodefag file and asked him to read the crumbs and cross check with current events happening after the crumbs dropped. Not that he will listen to me but maybe it will shut beanz up for a bit.

Trying to hold back the inner bitch here.

b2f9ea  No.20103

Regarding Jews:

Everyone must understand this one important distinction… Jesus mentioned Jews who "say they are Jews and are not". And he implied/said that REAL Jews do the works of their father Abraham. He told us, "You will know them by their fruits".

Hence, he was saying, "#NotAllJews", essentially.

Now, I'm not playing Shabbo's goy here, just saying, if you are a Christian like myself, we ought not cast such a wide net when condemning Jews. If we condemn just one innocent, we are liable.

Khazarian-Talmudists, such as the "Donmeh Jews" (House Of Saud) are the real enemy. Well, them and their puppets/adherents. Talmudism IS Satanism. Make no mistake. It is the fruit of rebellious Cannanite teachings.

Hence, I employ you all to embrace what Jesus taught us… "Know them by their fruits". Discern the enemy by their deeds. The Talmudist is skilled in blending in to various groups to sow discord and draw condemnation on the group at large.

Imagine someone impersonated you. And then that person did a bunch of horrible shit in your name. Would that make you a bad person? You see my point… We must be careful who we cast stones at.

You wanna know who is chosen by God? It is those who answer his call. Those who keep the Father's/God's commandments. Those who follow the leadership of Christ and trust in him. Those who truly repent (METANOIA) and walk the narrow path. That's who.

Whether one buys into the Scofield "chosen people" bullshit or not, is irrelevant. Even a "chosen Jew" is nothing in the eyes the Lord and God, if they do the works of the devil.

(I hope this clears some things up for some folks.)

God bless.

89c37c  No.20104


ML's site has been going 404 all day. I can attest. I grab all of his archives for local storage.

8c11cb  No.20105


Black pop working.jpeg with unemloymenet stats GEOTUS vs. Hussein

171dcc  No.20106


Q- save us from ourselves. We have lost focus.

d574c8  No.20107


Dude we do not need to give her another second of thought. If we act like she doesn’t exist, she disappears. She following crumbles. She will be forced to admit she fucked up. This is elementary school level shit. Ignore the screaming stubborn child in bed and she will fall asleep.

91b934  No.20108


Will try, thanks

736c1a  No.20109

c49622  No.20110


It is very sad, and I know where this all leads, and it ain't a good place.

ac82e5  No.20111

File: 60cfe15442536a7⋯.png (210.79 KB, 777x577, 777:577, Lo Op Capital.png)

c4beaa  No.20112


Sounds like RAHOWA/WCC racial bullshit from the beginning of the internet.

1f19b9  No.20113


if he has, i have not seen it.

21080a  No.20114



2893a1  No.20115

File: 8c0a4ec5f8a986f⋯.gif (1.02 MB, 480x364, 120:91, Q Storm.gif)

If anons like, I can make different versions.

81e9e5  No.20116


Looking real good!

Maybe a white umbilical cord can separate the red and blue half circles?

204161  No.20117


>I didn't get any (you)'s :(


Friendly advice for future reference: kindly remind anons if you feel it's so important, or develop the idea a little more and try again.

2d5134  No.20118

Multiple GEOTUS tweets incoming!

63e593  No.20119


Agreed. Cbts2 almost. Bitchfest

2cd043  No.20120


Here's what I need.

1 - All Q posts sorted chronologically by Date, then Time (24 or am/pm, just be consistent)

2 - All @realdonaldtrump Twats sorted the exact same way as #1 and in the same time zone.

Must be consistent with 24hour or am/pm and ascending or descending. Consistency matters.

a8b080  No.20121

trump latest tweet

“His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that…there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President. Not one. Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Obama’s…..

6:21 PM - 7 Jan 2018

abfd7b  No.20122


It is extremely shilly! Q told USC what to do but nobody seems motivated or focused to do it!! FFS I'm obviously a phone and can't get all the information and crumbs…and it is like we have lost all the true autists!? WTH is going on here?!!

4399a9  No.20123

80ef5a  No.20124


Riding the Storm Out. REO Speedwagon

caac36  No.20125


every report has been dismissed. don't waste everyone's time reporting, faggots.

thanks bo and mods-we were way overbanned at /cbts/

b2f9ea  No.20126


Yeah… You obviously can't/didn't read the post.

Go into a dark-room and glow, shill.

3b75e2  No.20127


these are 3 markers. I doubted the validity of the 3rd one for a while but im convinced that it is now a suitable marker

78b630  No.20128


You're right anonbro

I'm feeling really aggro and probably need a break

I make a point not to use my autism for evil but she pushes all my buttons

Time for a drink

abfd7b  No.20129


Fuk damn autocorrect on iPhones!! KEK!

9ec712  No.20130


Except for the fact this guy has literal link to catalog on his twit page but yeah beaz deserves roasting

72786d  No.20131

File: 646e1e48934558b⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1220x1280, 61:64, CBTS lion large.png)


I always liked pic related the most.

(Sorry to say that I really dislike the light blue one on the OP.)

d574c8  No.20132


Just filter lol it’s a hell of a drug.

9e427b  No.20133

The most annoying thing about TB and the reddit forum is that they have everything WRONG. Q has answered questions and marked correct findings. These people are still looking for the fucking keystone, ffs!

4399a9  No.20134



But the new graphics make us look like a FUCKING YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Enjoy

647276  No.20135

File: 88e01a2cefb18b1⋯.png (221.9 KB, 773x567, 773:567, $$pepe001.png)

afa36a  No.20136

File: 3c017381a7595e7⋯.jpg (124 KB, 965x319, 965:319, Screenshot_20180106-202009.jpg)

… does this mean…

keep focusing on LC


that LC is a distraction? i thought it meant disinfo & to move on…

caac36  No.20137


good stuff anon

if you are clock ciphering, you need this

https:// www.wattpad.com/437853234-codes-and-ciphers-clock-cipher

2cd043  No.20138


Weaponized Autist is here….just need my data…

d574c8  No.20139


Drink up. Big week ahead!

7c77d0  No.20140

Keep fighting Anons!


“You have to believe in yourself. ”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


Jason grinned. He loved the Greeks. They had no organization whatsoever, but they damn well made up for it with enthusiasm.”

― Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

― Arthur Ashe


“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“May God have mercy for my enemies because I won't.”

― George S. Patton Jr.


“Rules are for children. This is war, and in war the only crime is to lose.”

― Joe Abercrombie, Last Argument of Kings


“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

― Sun Tzu


“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.”

― George S. Patton


“There are not more than five musical notes, yet the combinations of these five give rise to more melodies than can ever be heard.

There are not more than five primary colors, yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen.

There are not more than five cardinal tastes, yet combinations of them yield more flavors than can ever be tasted.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”

― Sun Tzu


“Anger may in time change to gladness; vexation may be succeeded by content.

But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“Great results, can be achieved with small forces.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


“Never, never, never give up.”

― Winston Churchill


“I eat problems and shit solutions.”

― [Anon]ymous

df80ab  No.20141

thats a badass image. >>20131

fcad16  No.20142

File: 32255b03c1d1962⋯.jpg (18.01 KB, 292x173, 292:173, 22aq5j.jpg)

d574c8  No.20143


It means keep digging, anon

54e0d9  No.20144


loop muther fucking capital markets

736c1a  No.20145


Perhaps FW will pop on to get us back on track soon.

1073f4  No.20146

WTF "Donald J. Trump

Verified account


5m5 minutes ago


“His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that…there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President. Not one. Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Obama’s….."

076436  No.20147

File: d6ad815fec2cba4⋯.png (141.15 KB, 730x483, 730:483, Trump_Tweet_01-07-18.png)


b12fb6  No.20148


YES YES YES anon this is the ticket MOAR!!!

2d5134  No.20149


Every time I filter - ID+ I get a small hit of dopamine…it feels GREAT!

4399a9  No.20150


Bite me. I have never reported shit. That scrolling bullshit was deserving.

91b934  No.20151

File: 31a25d56589480c⋯.jpg (283.29 KB, 1093x574, 1093:574, dozer.jpg)

78b630  No.20152


It was the second mention of it. It means do not stop digging on loop capital who essentially launder money for obama

171dcc  No.20153


Loop will connect many dots.

5a1a90  No.20154


Loop Capital is worth digging into. Disinfo agents have been directing people away from it.

89c37c  No.20155


I miss TASTY ASS MUSIC. Put a few in the bread myself. So many different styles and I liked them all.

d574c8  No.20156


Nooo my soul

God damnit anon I buried those painful memories and now you made them come back to the surface

Not the chicks man… not the baby fuckin chicks

736c1a  No.20157


More coming. Watch for the word: win

c4beaa  No.20158


Loop Capital buys MMODAL, MMODAL goes bankrupt, comes out with 350m less debt.

https:// mmodal.com/

AI? Strange…

d5c694  No.20159

Hiding behind their own effed up Satanic cozy legal system and red tape.

Watch all the liberals that don't even believe in God start quoting scripture. Glorious.

94419e  No.20160


Haha. I get you.

78b630  No.20162

The more we find on loop the dumber the disinformation shills look.

More loop. more

2cd043  No.20163


see >>20120 – exact date & time is extremely relevant

94419e  No.20164


John Coltrane

72786d  No.20165

File: 1f8f5d682f29d4a⋯.jpg (146.16 KB, 872x620, 218:155, 91.jpg)


Go back.

caac36  No.20166


was directed at the board

you were just the trigger

fa6916  No.20167


by date, then time, do you just mean a chronological depository of all Q posts?

i believe i have that, added to sheet 3 of the google sheets i have posted in this bread

if that sheet is not what you want then i have misunderstood you, sorry, just let me know whats wrong about it

i dont think i can help you with the twats but ill look into it, if not hopefully someone else has access to that

736c1a  No.20168


How is that ambiguous in any way??

Do not lose == Keep

39b762  No.20169


I had to go check Trumps tweet. This doesn't sound like him at all. He's trying to trigger someone the way he worded it.

db8ea2  No.20170


MH370 was a ruse to get suckers to pay to map the Indian ocean seafloor for the Navy that was not yet mapped. Well a small part of it….convenient excuse.

9e427b  No.20171

in > >8223, Q confirmed that P_Pers is 'POTUS_Personal'. In a previous thread (cbts?), Q said that someone takes orders from P. POTUS is P?

204161  No.20172

File: a755f5e9a6d7174⋯.jpg (125.9 KB, 390x398, 195:199, Pac Man.jpg)

d62b2a  No.20173


Totally, I thought it was fake but then why on my twitter?

2cd043  No.20174


look at their bonds from 2006 for [$115,000,000] – track that client, where did those execs go, what industry after Utility – [corn syrup, etc.]

171dcc  No.20175


Well done anon.

54ce04  No.20176


Lol, Is he trolling those who don't accept that he's a stable genius!

Absolutely brilliant!

a8b080  No.20177

can someone post the link to the cataloge of this board please. it took me all fuckin day to get through the past breads and 8chan is already hard af for newfags to go through

7d50e0  No.20178

Water main break causes (more) chaos at JFK (VIDEOS)

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 23:55


751f6f  No.20179


Interested in an explanation for this as well if that really is her at CD.

d574c8  No.20180


Welcome back bruh

b3a407  No.20181

Repost from this morning for greater visibility


I want to revisit these Q crumbs:

Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/19/17 (Tue) 18:20:02 ID: 03c2f4 No.127397

Bill Binney.


Q !UW.yye1fxo 12/19/17 (Tue) 18:22:21 ID: 03c2f4 No.127429


PATRIOT of the highest caliber.


The movie "A Good American" is a documentary about Binney's group in the NSA that developed a project called Thinthread. Thinthread was a project that was originally conceived for analyzing behavior leading up to international military events and then the concept was adapted for preventing terrorism. The project works by identifying transactional networks among all the people of the world. The metadata analysis included communications and financial interaction. It had the ability to identify suspicious behavioral activity even while protecting people's privacy rights by masking people's identity.

It was shut down because it competed in interest with the big government program Trailblazer. Trailblazer was a swamp initiative that created a lot of millionaires, but did not protect the American people. It was more intrusive in breaching people's privacy, and from what I understand relied upon an intimate and detailed database of "all" individuals. and was probably useful as a tool to attack political opposition.

Thinthread was shut down within the NSA and was prevented from being implemented in various applications across several government agencies. The individuals involved in Thinthread were eventually raided in their homes and equipment and documentation for the project were confiscated.

I believe what actually happened was that Thinthread was squashed not because it competed with the swamp's cash cow programs but was shut down BECAUSE IT WAS IDENTIFYING CORRUPTION WITHIN THE SWAMP, and not just external bad actors as it was originally designed to do. It could not help but do this. Not everyone in DC is corrupt, but following evidence of suspicious activity and corruption quickly leads back to the swamp. It thoroughly laid bare the dirty secrets of the swamp.

POTUS had Pompeo meet with Binney in October 2017 and the cover story was that this meeting was related to the DNC "hack".


I think what has happened is that Thinthread was turned back on. The inevitable result was that corruption in the swamp and globally was easily highlighted, and that Thinthread, or a variation of it, is the tool POTUS and Q are using to work their magic.

These people are stupid. Power is the currency of the swamp. They don't understand the higher calling of an American PATRIOT -

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

81e9e5  No.20182

File: 56ed5fdd51c6fee⋯.png (588.55 KB, 1012x832, 253:208, dfeinDstein.png)

d8b163  No.20183


I read something about some buisness men working on Cloaking stuff were on that plane?

81cdfb  No.20184


Tracy treated the dude like an expert ONLY because he has an intelligence background. That was clear. She is imperfect, but will work to ease your concerns. With the complaints going around, she must. Now… Like a good little normie fag I will sit back and lurk.

d574c8  No.20185


He’s, like, jeopardy smart

7d9ae3  No.20186


he's quoting someone . . . another tweet will soon follow

204161  No.20187


Keep me posted

db1448  No.20188

I noticed in prior thread a picture of Karen Hudes at Camp David. Isn't she part of the Dragon family gold lawsuit? I believe Q mentioned something about the belly of the dragon dripping water. I don't know if it's related or not.

8103e2  No.20189


Grab this from the batter


It has all Q timestamps in GMT & EST.

trumptwitterarchive.com lets you download a CSV with original timestamps.

9ccc6e  No.20190


Where is the T!!!!!

2cd043  No.20191


yes, let me look

7d50e0  No.20192

File: 99b6e764d5ac21f⋯.png (402.73 KB, 696x394, 348:197, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)

Water main break causes (more) chaos at JFK (VIDEOS) Published time: 7 Jan


31c8c4  No.20193


Just searched fire and fury and quote not there

36b1ee  No.20194

File: cb2ff603aeecf11⋯.jpg (41.28 KB, 641x323, 641:323, deletedtweet.JPG)

Looks like the WikiLeaks tweet with the link to the "Fire and Fury" PDF has been deleted.


caac36  No.20195


>It has all Q timestamps in GMT & EST

sweet! thank you, anon

d574c8  No.20196



You should have that shit memorized

7d9ae3  No.20197


who do you think he's quoting?

007ab8  No.20198

Steve Hilton on Fox has a guy on talking about a lawsuit in FL because the DWS ballots were destroyed too early. Tim Canova. Intredasting

fcad16  No.20199

File: ed4ad021f451888⋯.jpg (56.03 KB, 600x300, 2:1, 22aqfy.jpg)

fa6916  No.20200


consensual im assuming should be CONSEQUENTIAL

736c1a  No.20201


In the menu at both the top and bottom. It says: [Catalog]

f0b7e9  No.20203




Hey, if you are working on the markers, did you see this post below? (maybe it will help)


>Hey timestamp fags I wrote a Python script to analyze Q's posts.

>Can map any digit value to any char you want.




That's weird I've been using it off and on all day (and nite). It seems to be working fine right now. In fact, I'm just gonna archive the entire site heheheh

https:// archive.fo/CR0XP

4399a9  No.20204


Yeah, I’m kinda triggered atm. This place looks like a fucking tube/twatter account. Fucked up graphics and lazy ass wannabes. Fuck it. I’m out.

8e321a  No.20205

I dont get it, why does Q want that we do all the digging?

Why is he not giving to us the information?

Is this some game to Q, or are they doing that to keep as many people involved as possible?

Or is this part of playing with the CIA and the other loosers?

c4beaa  No.20206

Loop Capital CEO also on Board of Directors for

the Chicago Urban League, a non-profit operated by Blackboard Inc, a FOR profit educational company based in DC.

James Reynolds

Chairman and CEO

Loop Capital Markets

Steven J. Sherman

Managing Director

Loop Capital Financial Consulting Services

https://www. thechicagourbanleague.org/domain/10

81e9e5  No.20207


No soylent slides please.

9ccc6e  No.20208



87e8e7  No.20209

File: f665d90f0ba5ddd⋯.pdf (263.46 KB, Timestamp clock.pdf)

File: 78ca312b0282e9c⋯.pdf (614.53 KB, Timestamp timeline1.pdf)

File: 030874452913fa4⋯.jpg (35.69 KB, 413x647, 413:647, Timestamp clock.jpg)

File: 410f6b425ea66b9⋯.jpg (23.61 KB, 415x375, 83:75, Timestamp timeline pic.jpg)

Here's two samples of timestamp clocks/timelines.

On the timeline, I just grabbed the posts that had brackets and ordered them according to timestamp.

On the clock, I only had one delta. I know we have identified more, I just didn't have screencaps of them.

Here are the pdf files and screenshots of the first page of the file.

6fd177  No.20210


Must be something big if it’s taking that long to finish the rest…

c2c44c  No.20211

Anons all waiting for POTUS next tweet like the sunrise after a cold dark night.

7d50e0  No.20212

94419e  No.20213


Come back late. It's cleared out then.

91b934  No.20214


It's about all that I am good for…back to lurking

d9885e  No.20215

Love all you faggots, MAGA!

caac36  No.20216


hang around

this clock cipher is gonna be huge

the hive mind is getting close

ef6b61  No.20217


Never ever forget Anon, the world must know where the nuggets come from

736c1a  No.20218


HA. Keeping an eye out, but this one's taking awhile. Letting his libfags stew…

a8b080  No.20220


just a new fag trynna help out as much as possible

d574c8  No.20221


Still there for me

36b1ee  No.20222


Thanks. Saved a copy myself!

204161  No.20223


Protip: press [home], click catalog in the thin orange banner.

53ad95  No.20224

Who's got a Cap of the deleted Q posts?

1ef3e8  No.20225


real copy does not have Qs at chapter 6 and 10?

1fccd9  No.20226


Excellent. There has got to be something behind her attitude…

CM verified and re-verified…

This is nuts.

Hate to see Corsi spreading wrong info..

Hopefully the info you sent him will make a difference.

f202f7  No.20227

A couple of nights ago when lots of anons were arguing and shitposting about Bannon, an anon posted that that Bannon hunted submarines in the navy and that he became naval director of communications at the pentagon, today Bannon mentioned the same thing, I think Bannon saw the post and how it effectively shut up a lot of the anti Bannon haters, he used it today in this response, it might be a reveal that he 'sees' these posts (I see you)

72786d  No.20228

>>20142 Is that what they are, chicks? Need larger size, min. 600 pixels, 1800 is better. Since I never saw this image before how would I be able to tell what the whitish things are? Looks like large popcorn?

5a1a90  No.20229



Michael Goodwin

cba342  No.20230

2ca92f  No.20231

Has ther been any connections found yet to the Wells Fargo incident?

Creating fake accounts in the name of thousands of customers?

Never punished for that? Hmm!

ac82e5  No.20232

File: 8e47c9ce1725d6d⋯.jpg (542.71 KB, 717x403, 717:403, TheBluesBrothers_QAnons.jpg)

File: bd68a6c1ebbf68e⋯.jpg (204.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TheBluesBrothers_mission-f….jpg)

File: 16c040fa29e4a4b⋯.jpg (238.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, TheBluesBrothers_.jpg)

File: 3e61e266422c605⋯.jpg (81.96 KB, 940x646, 470:323, TheBluesBrothers.jpg)

4b7e58  No.20233

File: 8867261aeeff02c⋯.jpg (111.18 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, coke2.jpg)

61e2ac  No.20234


Kind of eliminates the need for hairnets, eh?

736c1a  No.20235


I'm in the minority, but I say it's not her. Her hair isn't even parted on the correct side. If she was on the list of those going to Camp David, that would be some good sauce, but I am not in possession of the list.

fa6916  No.20236

3b75e2  No.20237

Trump is tweeting, 14mins ago.

its a continuation tweet but there is at least 14 mins gap.

Wouldnt it make sense to have it all written down before hand to pump out all tweets quickly? or is the time between the posts deliberate.

ed3100  No.20238


This dovetails precisely with the Rofschilds AMAQ on GLP years ago. When you think about how many Hollywood movies have been made and watched by billions, with scenes of with the landmarks Western Civilization being destroyed, you can truly grasp what our future has in store for us. They told us beforehand and no one raised an objection.

6fd177  No.20239


Lol well it is odd it’s taken that long. Usually it’s one right after another

076436  No.20240

File: 89c3cf95c817877⋯.png (54.92 KB, 829x621, 829:621, consensual.png)



0d1499  No.20241


Yeah we are!

5a1a90  No.20242




2cd043  No.20243


quick instructions to work it? I just need very precise & accurate chronological data. Think same spot on planet Earth that an event happens.

81e9e5  No.20244

File: 810717d64f85150⋯.png (19.21 KB, 669x500, 669:500, pollresults2.png)

Results as of now. Looks like Lightning is leading!

Vote now at:


3b75e2  No.20245




afa36a  No.20246

my brain doesnt work like urs… i saw it the other way. my bad

e997da  No.20247


Let's make this clear. Q never intended for "Q" to be what went viral. The intention was for answers, information, connections, enlightenment, to be what went viral. Beanz has made it all about Q and NOT about the actual fucking evidence that exposes people to the damn TRUTH. She's a distraction to the ACTUAL mission.

d574c8  No.20248


Hahahha he asked for a link.

That definitely works too but newfag should know the address

ff5fa6  No.20249


https://drive.google.com /file/d/1Bt6BSc-kxJeTUpMEoJkkbEgEZaSmPjA3/view

a8b080  No.20250

….failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice. This was truly a change election, and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.” Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column) mgoodwin@nypost.com

6:36 PM - 7 Jan 2018

9ccc6e  No.20251



751f6f  No.20252


look at her twitter profile pic, part is correct

twitter. com/KarenHudes/status/946428163982315521

36b1ee  No.20253

File: 349dce44d6e9d13⋯.jpg (37.21 KB, 561x416, 561:416, newtweet.JPG)


Looks like they tweeted it again at 8:11pm tonight. Still has the Q in place of O for chapters 6 and 10.

6fd177  No.20254


Or could’ve been tested out here…..

94419e  No.20255


There it is

d9885e  No.20256


That face <<<

8319ab  No.20257


it's supposed to be 'consequential ' lol

https:/ /nypost.com/2018/01/06/were-still-better-off-with-trump-than-clinton/

26ffd4  No.20258


Yup really strange 2 part-er

26ffd4  No.20259


….failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice. This was truly a change election, and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.” Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column) mgoodwin@nypost.com

ed3100  No.20260

File: 1ade8cfc682e696⋯.png (192.08 KB, 1349x639, 19:9, Donald J. Trump on Twitter….png)

94419e  No.20261


921 and 936

475ec8  No.20262


Another tweet coming in [10]? Q going to post with a close delta to POTUS tweet?

3b75e2  No.20263

File: 7a0cc53d39b68cb⋯.png (721.88 KB, 951x856, 951:856, jan8trumptweet15minapart.PNG)

7d9ae3  No.20264


good man.

076436  No.20265


when he's done , we need to compare the tweet to the quote he is using

>notice the " at the start

73e40a  No.20266


Binny was one of the team of independent security researchers who figured out forensically that the info from the DNC leaks was copied at high speed, meaning it could not have been copied remotely, it was copied to a USB or similar device that could support higher speeds. He helped figure out it was a leak, not a hack.

2cd043  No.20267


I don't see a Sheet 3 – only Sheets 1 & 2 using the link above in the Bread. Am I using the wrong one? Followed: app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=526615d9859649bbb85460c498bab296

fcad16  No.20268


I was phonefagging

I'll send a better one in a bit


03842b  No.20269

1. Rothschild

2. Koch brothers

3. QE II & Philip

4. Arnault

5. Mikhelson/Timchenko

6. Liliane Bettencourt (may be dead)

7. SA House of Saud

Banks: bank of China, Bank of England, JPMorgan, Deutsche, Royal NK of Canada, credit suisse,

Oil: Aramco, BP, Exxon, Total S.A.

d574c8  No.20270

File: 979b4b94369ab67⋯.jpeg (408.01 KB, 750x1015, 150:203, 06F297A4-B06C-484F-8B43-C….jpeg)


Top of every thread as well

3b75e2  No.20271


heres hoping.

FW/Q are you watching?

caac36  No.20272



15 is P on the clock

dial it back 15 characters?

204161  No.20273


It's a good start, and thank you, but I find it too illegible personally. Also, I'd point out in case it isn't already widely observed: POTUS's use of the word 'puppets' seems like a confirmation in itself, given the frequency with which Q used the word puppets in his early postings in particular. I hope you continue your efforts!

9df332  No.20274


Thank you Michael Goodwin!

08ea6a  No.20275



b48f55  No.20276


Everything has meaning

57488e  No.20277

File: d879e4fd98e8922⋯.jpg (2.51 MB, 1841x3073, 263:439, Inkedq_LI.jpg)

2c95cb  No.20278

3 boards / 3 months of Lurk'n …

I think I now qualify as a speed reader !!

You Guy's Fuck'n Rock !!

I wish there was more that I can do to help , but all I can do is help spread the word .. I went from sounding like a jerk to people asking me what is going on ….So I guess it is working guy's …

Keep it up Patriot !! , Gitmo need filling !!

61e2ac  No.20279


Terminal at JFK Airport goes dark after power was turned off following a water pipe break that flooded the arrivals area; Port Authority launching investigation into the incident


53ad95  No.20280


Many thanks anon

7d50e0  No.20281

File: ada425503744e3c⋯.png (212.72 KB, 552x599, 552:599, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)

736c1a  No.20283


Donald J. Trump

Verified account


3m3 minutes ago


….failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice. This was truly a change election, and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.” Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column) mgoodwin@nypost.com

cba342  No.20284


He put specifically to read the entire column.

“His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that…there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President. Not one. Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Obama’s…..

….failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice. This was truly a change election, and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.” Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column) mgoodwin@nypost.com

94419e  No.20285


Article Trump said to read.



9ccc6e  No.20286

Need some Q drop about this SpaceX launch.

d62b2a  No.20287


What timezone are you?

7d9ae3  No.20288


anons searched high and low for that [15] . . . ultimately realized it was yet to come.

f8e3e6  No.20289


No, we don’t have to prove shit. It’s flagrant. Baker just needs to add “mistakes to be corrected” to hold non-anons capitalizing and helping accountable for glowing error… There needs to be strong deference for misrepresentations of Q and or Boards so that efforts can not be co-opted.

Hopefully it’s just a mistake, but we wouldn’t let that shit fly with Anons. Seriously, that shit needs to be nipped in the bud.

I’m not out to hate on Corsi or Beanz, but they’re not allowed to leave a steaming pile of shit on the coffee table and expect it to clean itself up. It’s the accountability that comes without anonymity.

“Loop Capital, not crumb your looking for.”

0c75fa  No.20290



…and normies will understand…

And feel really shitty about being pro choice too…

94419e  No.20291



6eddb4  No.20292


SpaceX involvement has been the hardest thing for me to try and understand

f852d9  No.20293


"Goodwin" for a "win"

2893a1  No.20294

File: 0869d927a60e087⋯.gif (710.77 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Q Storm 2.gif)

Please use if liked.

49964e  No.20295

I think Q will verify if that [15] is correct.

5cc32c  No.20296


half-inched n twatted :D

57488e  No.20297


Indeed. I marked the red dot, because the img already existed

f202f7  No.20299


Q knows it t is a way of making learning fun, mysterious, and puzzeling, controlled opposition, he knows most people even most anons were brainwashed since childhood, they all need to be educated in these things q is posting about, he's hoping the memes will enlighten the masses, it's all part of the plan

2cd043  No.20300


I tested this one…the trumptwitterarchive data is not accurate enough…some is, some is not based on when they pulled data. May have to go manual mode for this one, unfortunately.

6fd177  No.20301



fa6916  No.20302

6eddb4  No.20303


woah didn't mean to have that sage there, sorry

80ef5a  No.20304


STFU and lurk moar

81e9e5  No.20305



I was thinking today how much faster I can read now that all this has began.

Q is training us well.

9ccc6e  No.20306


Future proves past!

57488e  No.20307



0d1499  No.20308


Lightning: It's God striking

fa6916  No.20309



third hseet ofc

d8b163  No.20310

Fire and fury Chapter 6 and 10 = 610

610 = Year 610 (DCX) was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the JULIAN calendar


caac36  No.20311


Like. What would be a better font color than white?

5a0229  No.20312


“consensual,” an apparent misquotation of a New York Post op-ed that called his time in office “consequential.”


70667b  No.20313


Trump is Enlil. Q told us this with the photograph of Thor. The eagle is Enlil symbology

Enlil and Enki have United again. This is truely amazing.

Satan was allowed to rule and to commit genocide of the human race….the demonic Satan symbology proves this.

Enki earth and Enlil (Zeus) will rule together and balance each other out? We will be allowed to keep our memory through incarnation as we grow?

We are safe. We are truely “safe”.

My only concern: does humanity need a ruler and a guide? We would be in good hands, however if we are forced into a situation where we need to bow and worship any ruler, this may not be the best situation.

53ad95  No.20314


Even though it's definitely Q we need him to verify those posts when he comes back to shut up the dissenters

076436  No.20315


>im a little behind in the thread

delta between those two words though



ede171  No.20316


But Trump drinks coke….

1d60c8  No.20317


15 mins between posts

2893a1  No.20318


I'll experiment & post.

81e9e5  No.20319


Thors Hammer!

…poor ice :(

1073f4  No.20320

Shit so 6:36 and 6:21 Post by POTUS 15 mins

a9829c  No.20321



Tilt the fetus towards the blue a bit more so that the umbilical cord can run from the belly button but remain the midline of the red-blue division. Then, move the baby upwards a bit, because we want the blue to be readily apparent and actually emphasized.

56d784  No.20322


Good Win.


ac82e5  No.20323

File: 5f6e77143ac63f9⋯.png (729.62 KB, 1111x618, 1111:618, FOCUS.png)

736c1a  No.20324


Nope, the lady at CD has her hair parted on the opposite side as the pics posted of Karen above. Again, I'm in the minority, and will not slide this thread any further on this matter. Nor waste my time on what I believe to be a red herring.

95e3a7  No.20325

File: 70cc0e7b1f04f33⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 300x100, 3:1, The_Storm_Rain.jpg)

File: 8768b2472657072⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 300x100, 3:1, The_Storm_Snow.jpg)


Here are a few weather variations

5fccfc  No.20326

File: 7c657c48cdc0a55⋯.png (400.84 KB, 566x482, 283:241, Storm.PNG)

ef6b61  No.20327


P is going to be ……………

8103e2  No.20328


Thought it'd be original timestamps there (and not when they pulled it) … will double-check myself. Thanx.

480775  No.20329



2cbc54  No.20330


That's BOSS Anon

204161  No.20331


>Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column)


f8e3e6  No.20332



1073f4  No.20333

10 and 5 were done, rewind the clock, this is epic

81e9e5  No.20334


Left (purple) one is perfect!

Do you have a bigger version?

b48f55  No.20335


Q is missing…

72786d  No.20336

File: f6ce6406c0a28ff⋯.png (446.41 KB, 683x978, 683:978, ClipboardImage.png)



5ca2d7  No.20337


Can't say with 100% certainty its her. We need to find another pic of the CD meeting.

Although, her posts (aside from DJT is a Fake) match much of what is going on here.

Q has taught us:

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

d574c8  No.20338

File: df310706379969f⋯.png (554.3 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 49CEAD0A-D17A-442D-A946-1E….png)

Not all hero’s wear capes yo

My boiiii

He’s not jooish, right?

a9829c  No.20339

For those who didnt see: https://youtu. be/0PWu3BRxn60

4399a9  No.20340


Just fucking shoot me now

57488e  No.20341


I always laugh at the 'i feel Q coming soon' anons.

The last 20 minutes, my gut has been saying he's coming soon with something monstrous.

(That, or I need to eat)

2cd043  No.20342


Perfect….that's got Sheet 3 and is in proper format. Thanks. Time Zone for this again to be certain?

076436  No.20343


not just read , comprehend

94419e  No.20344


Yes, I posted link above

007ab8  No.20345


I agree, but the American mind especially has been trained from birth to follow people, or things, not ideas. And Q has to know that this would happen to a degree in order for his message to get out there. You don't ask questions that smart, in that way without knowing human psychology. In today's society we must attribute everything to someone or something, and identity politics is part of that disease.

6eddb4  No.20346


>Gitmo need filling !!

made me laugh more then it should have

Justice for the children and other victims couldn't come soon enough

9ccc6e  No.20347


!!! :_) !!!

f8e3e6  No.20348

9ccc6e  No.20349



26e889  No.20350

Oh shit. the hacker "4chan" is compiling lists of Tracy Beanz twitter followers to dox.

I've seen the list. This is serious. If you have followed or RT'ed TB you are putting yourself at risk, even more so by being here. They are tracing people from Twitter directly to here.

1f337d  No.20351


What is that a pic of? Looks like soft serve icecream or frozen yogurt??

3b75e2  No.20352


Jan 7 2018, 19:28:14

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 05b846


We will never lose again win this is finished.


We will never lose again


this is finished.

Michael Good >Win

78b630  No.20353


Win misspelling



736c1a  No.20354


Meant for >>20252

I gotta stop talking to myself, kek!

2cd043  No.20355


with the Twitter API, it's relative to the viewer, not the poster for those time stamps. That's also an important distinction in how the cypher works.

204161  No.20356


Please cease linkbreaking. It is no longer required (and never should have been). Thanks though.

53ad95  No.20357


If he does get ready to post that graphic

94419e  No.20358


Some of the wording Goodwin uses is interesting…….

076436  No.20359




conse Q nsual


^^^ say it out loud , sound it out

78b630  No.20360


We need to read the whole article for crumbs

1e37e7  No.20361


The SpaceX launch was successful, ongoing prayers for the rest of the OP with the proper deliverance of the payload to their respective destinations and the operational ability of that which was delivered. Why at night? 'The evening and the morning were the first day,' and this required 'Adult Supervision.' Hopefully the US will lead the world in space exploration, but this requires a far more united humanity. The President extended good will to Our Patriots, and then wished all Patriots good will. The President spoke of the upcoming Olympics in South Korea in his press conference yesterday, hints of a 'reunited peninsula' did not fall on deaf ears. Excluding the Russians from participation is a bit of a low blow from the corrupt IOC, any overtures at this stage might be too late? We're not united as a country, let alone a peaceful world, because of the never ending on-going efforts to divide. 'We conquer.' Those elements face extreme reprisal for their nefarious efforts.

We are all very grateful for the decent 'loaf drops' as indeed we are on a tight schedule time-wise. The time has come to pick up the pace, but 'stages' are needed to adequately set the scenes of social acceptance in exposing the depths of corruption. Ascertaining the motives of those who would seek to thwart Our President in his objectives are relatively simple, but let us not equate 'stupid' with 'evil.' The leaders of the rest of the world are certainly well aware of the corruption that has ruled over US for quite some time now, and it is the task the President to right these wrongs if indeed he is 'the leader of the world.' Many world-wide are importuned by illicit considerations.

'Epiphany Sunday' is a reminder to all of those who travel on life's journey that there is cause for hope, but let us not forget 'Rachel weeping for her children…because they are no more.' Herod took a while to realize he had been duped, and there many of US and around the world, patriots of all nations, who want and reasonably expect 'good to overcome evil.' That time has now come, and we hope & pray that President Trump brings about a greater good from the evils that has so beset us all.

In checking the calendar, it was 1/22/90 and not 1/17/90 of Brit Hume's interview on ABC News.

The other news that broke that morning was that an 'off-world satellite' had been retrieved by US Military reconnaissance forces.

That was a gift from our 'Adult Supervisors.'

What was done with it?


39b762  No.20362



He has been showing up around 11-11:30 pm PST the last few days.

caac36  No.20363



if you could alpha the background…..that would be …..

29098c  No.20364



94419e  No.20365


What the fuck for????

d9885e  No.20366


Ding! Ding! Ding!

That's our 15 min marker.

b48f55  No.20367


What a waste of time.

7d9ae3  No.20368


remember? we even had help from UK anon . . . it was a major effort.

2cd043  No.20369

Anyone have ability to export Twatter posts to spreadsheet?

2cbc54  No.20370

I think no changes. Real nice.

53ad95  No.20371



7d50e0  No.20372

File: a8bc1a55f82dcda⋯.png (132.12 KB, 642x632, 321:316, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)

1f337d  No.20373

File: 003201f0ea54b61⋯.png (13.81 KB, 582x152, 291:76, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 97faa756a7fdcd3⋯.png (13.9 KB, 593x156, 593:156, ClipboardImage.png)

171dcc  No.20374

File: 9c728742cabedc0⋯.jpeg (106.92 KB, 750x420, 25:14, AD589768-E22D-4004-B0C0-C….jpeg)


Haha, couldn’t help it.

94419e  No.20375


No thanks. I'll linkbreak.

1ef3e8  No.20377



or god win?

or godwins law?


>Godwin has stated that he introduced Godwin's law in 1990 as an experiment in memetics

4399a9  No.20378


Trust me. They have all our shit. Clicking on a live link isn’t the problem.

80ef5a  No.20379


This would be awesome if the white background was just transparent have it all the storm behind this fantastic graphic

7d9ae3  No.20380


We will never lose again win this is finished. Q

win, win, win!!!!!!!!

53ad95  No.20381


He's winding that clock, the next in 10 or 5

61e2ac  No.20382


Power and Water at JFK and Trump tweets "W.H." as if they were initials.

Webster Hubbell?

d9885e  No.20383



78af2f  No.20384


The new graphic is great but it would be kind of nice to settle on one so it would be easier to pick out when we go to the catalog.

Not a demand, just mentioning something from a user interface standpoint.

Now I have to really read the descriptions instead of just finding the easily recognized graphic with a number lower than "751" under it.

Nice graphics though, good work by the artist.

5a1a90  No.20385


Agree, this was my first thought

2d5134  No.20386

File: 1ee71490f42d362⋯.jpeg (307.79 KB, 1485x815, 297:163, 1DDEAAA2-D198-49ED-B65C-E….jpeg)

love to all (except the shills)

9ccc6e  No.20387


Where is that article!?

b12fb6  No.20388

File: 6eff717f6fd66ff⋯.png (517.03 KB, 600x500, 6:5, combo 1.1.png)

94419e  No.20389


New York post, Michael goodwin

fa6916  No.20390


no problem, Sheet 3 is in EST.

let me know if you need me to do anything else, i think some anon posted about an exportable trump tweets CSV so i will look into that

excited to see what you can come up with anon

7d9ae3  No.20391


yep. problem was, Q had used the past tense, so anons were convinced all the times given had already occurred. not so.

d574c8  No.20392

File: 7535176c35551f7⋯.png (457.26 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 38A1FF4A-06B4-49DD-BD13-E5….png)

Guess it wasn’t ‘evidence based’ enough ..


95e3a7  No.20393


kek, love you too, nohomo

9ccc6e  No.20394

jk found it.

076436  No.20395


and he confirmed Q , by misquoting the NYpost

see my other post


b12fb6  No.20396

File: 208084dc8ceb4ff⋯.png (512.09 KB, 600x500, 6:5, combo 1.2.png)

4399a9  No.20397


Much better but transparency overlay

95e3a7  No.20398


toooooooooooooooooopppppp keeeeeeeekkkkkkk

b12fb6  No.20399


elaborate with more sauce?

70667b  No.20400

Everyone needs to learn about Annnaki. This will help you interperate what Q is telling us.

When LdR said “we made you”. You will figure out why she says this. (If that was indeed LdR)

Everyone needs to figure this out. It’s key. Astrology is key “above so below”. It’s all connected.


The Awakening

7d9ae3  No.20401


this is the missing "i"

f202f7  No.20402


q iis 50 moves ahead of everyone, q knew he would go viral, how could anyone not wonder who q is?

fa6916  No.20403



5fccfc  No.20404


took it from the other pic, don't have a transparent copy,it would look cool

39b762  No.20405


This is great.

26e889  No.20407


SHIT! I'm on this list and I see my PRIVATE EMAIL!!!! I will NOT POST IT HERE.


If you follow T Beanz on Twitter and come here you are being tracked and put on a DOX list.

This is my last message. I've been comped.

2cd043  No.20408



That's not how it works….hate to be a bummer, but it's not how it works.

076436  No.20409


and it has a missing 'i'

e997da  No.20410


Great catch anon!

4399a9  No.20411

File: fa17c2b23e393d7⋯.jpeg (81.98 KB, 800x450, 16:9, C7F17D01-52B5-4864-9EAC-D….jpeg)

Mount up you fuckers. We gonna raid the palaces.

72786d  No.20412


I posted the link already, here it is again: >>20336

2cd043  No.20413


tell 'em to bring it…I use a Compaq 64

d574c8  No.20415


I posted the link. Pfizer was spending more money than it was worth, apparently.

Gotta cut down on spending. Dog days are over. The trump effect, I’m assuming

94419e  No.20416


Where can we look to see if were on it

caac36  No.20417


get another background and alpha that stuff

you are onto a good one

c2c44c  No.20418


Sucks to learn the hard way anon. This isn't a game.

a19d57  No.20419


Still wearing the boot. Do you think there's more to it than just a broken toe?

d8b163  No.20420


i wonder if it has any meaning though haha

d8b163  No.20421


where can i see the list?

736c1a  No.20422


Also why he typed that it was a "consensual" presidency?

8af42c  No.20423


I thought so. PR, AP, PATRIOTS in FULL CONTROL, maybe even a FEC ref

72786d  No.20424


We did some experiments with the Twitter API a few days back.

IF you have a Twitter account, it shows timestamps according to your Twitter profile, which should be the same as your user agent (PC time zone settings).

IF you don't have a Twitter account and look at Twitter on the web, Pacific Time is displayed. We only tested it in PST obviously could not test PDT in this season.

Does anybody have data to contradict this? If you do, post it here right now, it's needed.

647276  No.20425

There have been 158 diversions from @JFKairport since Thursday (1/4). Of those, 121 have been international flights and 17 happened today.

6e5068  No.20426


Imo, military time is presumed…

Look at all the time stamps on these boards.

cba342  No.20427

From the NY Post article

"If Clinton had been elected, we would not know that top FBI leaders conspired against Trump to help her. Her financing of the Russian dossier would still be a secret, and there would be no knowledge that the FBI used her dirtiest trick to spy on Trump associates. Russian collusion would have been accepted as fact without a shred of evidence."

0c75fa  No.20428


I use a glock 45 mostly with lots of other options, and own lots of land, pigs, and backhoe…

Bring anything.

I'll even dispose for a fee….

53ad95  No.20429

File: 6b5fff90a2ed1b9⋯.jpg (16.56 KB, 460x259, 460:259, 180107082230-stephen-mille….jpg)

Are we worthy?

3378c2  No.20430

what did they mean by this?

https://twitter.com /DeptofDefense/status/950186369187332096

204161  No.20431

So Trump's tweet was missing a T in 'consequential.'

Q's post said 'win' when he meant 'when' based on context.

Letters in question are T, H, E.

a8b080  No.20432


Trump has been the first prez we the people voted for without it being rigged

d574c8  No.20433


Zero fucks given. CIAnigger scare tactics

09c63c  No.20434

File: c00c8b01a31b69e⋯.jpg (58.68 KB, 564x317, 564:317, fwtufslfwtuladiesofspain.jpg)

d9885e  No.20435


Nice!!! Agreed transparent bg needed.

caac36  No.20436



I'm colorblind. the last two look identical.

A deeper red on the second one?

d8b163  No.20437


where did you see the list`?

a8b080  No.20438


at least sense reagan… or jfk

78af2f  No.20439


That was very thoughtful of you anon, Corsi should appreciate the kindness which is not always characteristic of the web nor the chans.

To paraphrase the old Arabic saying, it seems like Corsi backed the stupid horse.

204161  No.20440


Please stop that. Linkbreaking.

f0b7e9  No.20441


>quick instructions to work it?

You'll have to ask >>19984

It's not my script, it's his. I just thought it would help you with your task.


You are most welcome. I hope it helps in some way.


A/B testing

94419e  No.20442


Not convinced it's happening

4399a9  No.20443


Oldfags Atari here

95e3a7  No.20444

File: 9d9f8cc71dfbb4b⋯.jpg (162.14 KB, 700x400, 7:4, TFW_You_think_everyone_com….jpg)


when it's that good…. gotta take that watermark off

ee85d5  No.20445


Unwind - backwards (read it backwards)

b12fb6  No.20446


was the research yeilding any results?

72786d  No.20447

>>20358 Such as? (I admit skimming it real fast – it's hard to stop speedreading after doing it 16 hours a day for >2 months!)

caac36  No.20448


>mo, military time is presumed…

explicitly stated by Q

54e0d9  No.20449

9ccc6e  No.20450


Probably not, haha.

94419e  No.20451

2511c1  No.20452

Rip of the mask show them who you are bro. Eleftheria e thanatos

736c1a  No.20453


Oh… shit!??

c66e6e  No.20454

sounds like a clever way for people to start unfollowing her. also if that is true tracy is getting everyone doxed lol

d8b163  No.20455


because thats not how you do it, remove the http://

39b762  No.20456

Here is the article Trump tweeted we should all read.


4191f9  No.20457


Oh shit, wat up? could be something. does not play into my half-dyslexia very well.

204161  No.20458

File: 09275a6d1109a74⋯.png (142.43 KB, 1348x529, 1348:529, q9.png)

cba342  No.20459

File: cc19d3752a642dc⋯.jpg (9.49 KB, 236x263, 236:263, 9c9e22fc2e37a17ccbb8d92d92….jpg)

f0b7e9  No.20460

File: 237e7c014316bb0⋯.jpg (151.35 KB, 586x597, 586:597, 1472790629350.jpg)

007ab8  No.20461


Sigh. Platypus. All I got on the left overs. That is a discussion for another board. It is quite interesting and if that comes to pass, well then it does. They still aren't getting my gold and I am no one's slave class.

cf3ef6  No.20462


Spoon feeding does not help with critical thinking

Using the Socratic method helps reinforce what we are learning

Some things need to be individually discovered for it to have effect

We are writing history here.

81e9e5  No.20463

File: f0f65f685633b41⋯.png (527.64 KB, 1334x706, 667:353, hrashoe.png)

File: 238f6956ce5a4d7⋯.png (552.36 KB, 1334x706, 667:353, hrashoe1.png)

94419e  No.20464


Animals and spirits. I forget now. Just strange

caac36  No.20465

File: 356b1795ebb50f4⋯.jpeg (4.66 KB, 220x229, 220:229, lurch.jpeg)


please be quite. we break all links here. lurk more

593d8d  No.20466



Read the pastebin. Example timestamp and map files included.

All you need is a python 3+ interpreter on your system. I can't make it any easier.

89c37c  No.20468

Consensual is the correct term, anons, meaning: by the consent of the people.

Consequential is the wrong term.

d574c8  No.20469


Dude this is seriously some shill tactics right now. I can’t believe you guys are dumb enough to actually be scared of following or retweeting somebody on twitter

Ever since we started investigating LOOP CAPTIAL MARKETS, LLC. The FEAR MONGERING has been cranked up to Bush/Obama era government style tyranny lol

You have literally nothing to fear. NOTHING. These people have NOTHING.

You give them the illusion of power

They have none. Relax and research

2893a1  No.20470

File: 757ca3ee176b7b9⋯.gif (747.36 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Q Storm Black.gif)

File: da81ff471727caa⋯.gif (739.41 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Q Storm Red.gif)

File: 92c69500733777e⋯.gif (738.23 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Q Storm Teal.gif)

File: 02578cea3ccaa59⋯.gif (721.3 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Q Storm Purple.gif)


Different colors

007ab8  No.20471


Don't give a shit, but where's the sauce for these little (turd) nuggests?

ac82e5  No.20472

File: f73374b270aac62⋯.png (1.26 MB, 800x1200, 2:3, afg.png)

File: b22937334a8ece6⋯.png (374.08 KB, 711x504, 79:56, WinningBigly.PNG)

File: 7de6d6288d9dc40⋯.png (281.96 KB, 711x331, 711:331, SullivanBeatlesPizza.PNG)

File: b79097332e76487⋯.png (412.01 KB, 527x693, 527:693, CouldYouSleep_MigrantMothe….PNG)

3b1499  No.20473

File: 03f26c8fe8dda62⋯.jpg (543.56 KB, 475x1200, 19:48, kaleChips.jpg)

Following the wives

94419e  No.20474



2ba875  No.20475

File: 4783394baf8e50b⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, VKJJiFj8.jpg)


>Ahmadinejed talking.

ahmadinejad arrested

>ahmadinejed arrested

ahmadinejad arrested

>ahmadinejed arrested

ahmadinejad arrested

>ahmadinejed arrested




>Ahmadinejed talking.

e056e6  No.20476


Got a Red Rider BB gun, but it'll break the skin.

749d7d  No.20477

File: 8bca229c8d0aecf⋯.jpg (1.3 MB, 2244x6636, 187:553, Markers_complete.jpg)

Timestamp Markers submission


Here is my submission for a completed marker list, at least as I currently understand it. Please review and share feedback.

5a1a90  No.20478


No. He misquoted the article intentionally


c66e6e  No.20479


should have been bread

c84e33  No.20480

A /cbts/ post connecting ++ Rothschilds to ownership of many US Electric and Gas companies and grids:

Who is Researcher and California Activist Deborah Tavares?

What threats to citizens and infrastructure has she been warning about?

What did she discover about ++ Rothschilds ++ and California Electric and Gas companies?

Why would a sovereign nation allow an external entity and foreign people to take ownership of the nations electrical and gas grids of their own land?

What would this compromise?

What dangers and threats could this pose to the nation? To the citizens? To the property and home owners?

Why is the electric and gas company under investigation for the fires and complete destruction of thousands of homes and structures in October 2017 in Northern California and December 2017 in Southern California?

Who owns the Electric and Gas companies in the areas of these fires?

Why do Rothschilds own so many of the Electric and Gas Companies in California and other areas of the United States?

Why do the United States not own their own Electric grid and Gas companies?

Why has this compromise been allowed to occur?

Who are the dangerous "helpers" that come in after the fires? After the floods? After the hurricanes?

Who are buying up the homes and properties after the fires for pennies on the dollar?

Are foreign buyers allowed to buy up large areas of these American properties and do they receive perks for doing so?

What is geo engineering? What has Harvard and congress recently been proposing regarding geo engineering for the US?

Who benefits for California to maintain years of drought?

Who owns the water? Who owns the Electric grid?

Who benefits if California Governor Brown declares an area no longer sustainable for human habitation? Who benefits from the destruction of thousands of homes in California and Houston and Puerto Rico?

What does "owning the weather" mean?

Why did the US Military declare they would "own the weather by 2025?"

Who owns and controls the US weather today?

Who really owns and controls the US weather today?

Who benefits when the president declares a state of emergency for States experiencing a natural disaster?

Why does Governor Brown believe so many more disasters will come and the president will no longer be able to continue to send aid to all the states affected by disasters?

Who really controls the weather?

Why did California Governor Brown declare the total destruction of homes and regions "our new normal?"

Why did he say we can expect more and more fires and floods and earthquakes for the next decade?

Who controls the weather?

Who controls the direct energy weapons?

Who controls Haarp?

Who can create earthquakes as a weapon?

Who can create droughts and storms as a weapon?

Who can create fires as a weapon?

Who benefits from "sustainable development?"

Why did Governor Brown leave his state of California during the largest fire in California history to attend the Paris Climate meeting?

Why did Governor Brown state he was more than a state leader that he was really a global leader?

On day 3 of the Thomas Fire in California how did Governor Brown know the fire would continue on for a month?

What are Direct Energy Weapons?

What does a house and car look like after a fire was started in them using direct energy weapons?

What are Microwave Weapons?

Why are Smart Meters being looked at as a link to the fires in the homes in California?

What does modern war look like today?

What are EMFs and Radio Frequencies? What are electro magnetic pulse Weapons?

What are the modern war weapons that can be used discretely?

Can weather and fire be powerful Weapons of war?

What does war look like today?

Why do Americans believe a war is not happening on their soil?

Deborah Tavares Critical World Events Jan 3, 2018 - The Power Hour

https://you tu.be/7Y5zkcyV4Xw

https://you tu.be/-1H9V6TQU_U

6d233a  No.20481

Jim Reynolds, CEO, Loop Capital

Straddling the worlds of high finance and community activism

good read: http: //articles.chicagotribune.com/2013-04-01/business/ct-biz-executive-profile-jim-reynolds-20130401_1_loop-capital-zoetis-equity

05839a  No.20482


especially when there's probably already a cure that has been held back because it would cost pharma profits

60c083  No.20483


You'll shoot your eye out!

738782  No.20485

File: bc60f8a19f21f85⋯.jpg (151.8 KB, 736x838, 368:419, rapeface curze.jpg)


Look at that evil fucker.

I believe in happenings through consensus. I believe if enough people wish him dead, it will happen. Let's all give him our "best" wishes.

Perhaps the blessing of a flesh eating disease.

6e5068  No.20486


We see U, I use a sling-shot.

d2a77e  No.20487


Oh snap. I've been breaking links bad this whole time. Serves me right for not reading the OP…

0c75fa  No.20488


Just a hammer and some pigs, no traces…

BB Gun overkill actually…

db8ea2  No.20489

File: 245e24c7dbcc021⋯.jpg (189.74 KB, 779x1206, 779:1206, forgreen.jpg)

Memes.com has been down for at least 5 days…coincidence? Having to find alternates

aa7858  No.20490

They say your hair will stand just b fore lightening strikes, that’s the feeling I just got after seeing the [15] confirmed

caac36  No.20491


thank you for the patience

last looks best

try blood red on #2

076436  No.20492


it doesn't matter , he was quoting an article , the article says consequential

736c1a  No.20493


Ikr. Messing with this EastCoastfag's sleeping schedule. ;-)

2cd043  No.20494


got it…thanks

27de2f  No.20495


I wouldn't trust Karen as far as you could throw her. I've listened to most of her interviews. She never convinced me she was for anything but NWO or a tool of the BIS

fcad16  No.20496

File: fe00b87ab534228⋯.jpg (87.63 KB, 634x423, 634:423, 22aroo.jpg)

e997da  No.20497


No clue but it's still interesting. Wouldn't put it past WL's to do somethin like that and see if anyone caught on.

007ab8  No.20498


preeeettty much, and not even a good one.

94419e  No.20499


You're fine. Fuck that glowing fag

d9885e  No.20500


> media-hair-on-fire moment

> latest explosion of gossip and sniping

> another day on the razor’s edge

> washes away any doubts

> orgy of regulations aimed at strangling capitalism’s last animal spirits

> judicial food chain

> sexual monster

81cdfb  No.20501


Bull. Even if true, you think we give 2 fs.

204161  No.20502




If you wanna break em, eliminate the www. part I guess.

2cd043  No.20503


haha…which I had gotten one. always had to use the neighbor's

4399a9  No.20504


Taco Bell and phonefag

9211f0  No.20505


Well, thank God I went with my gut instinct on this chic. I watched one of her videos when all this started and didn't get a good vibe from her.

f0b7e9  No.20506


Wait - but aren't Q's markers typically [x] minutes between Q's post and Trump's tweet? Not between Trump's tweets themselves?

e573f9  No.20507


That make difficulties for those of us with certain platforms.

You could just add a capital X at the end of the link. We can delete one character at the end easily.

e1193d  No.20508


I don't care what Michelle told you!!! You will not be pegging me tonight or any other night !!!

647276  No.20509

tweet coming?

78af2f  No.20510


A book deal for BO?


Suggested title: "My 30 Pieces of Silver"

Suggested pseudonym: Pete Best

94419e  No.20511


My impression is she's dumb. Had zero interest

e02d8f  No.20512


Can you say Operation Mockingbird?

https:// 8ch.net/thestorm/res/7090.html#q20202

http:// (Turkish report)

9aa3d3  No.20513

File: a63b630c5e71d64⋯.jpg (728.21 KB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, IMG_1288.JPG)

70667b  No.20515


Woodpecker: Q told us trump was Enlil by giving us the picture of Thor. You should check it out.

8c11cb  No.20516

15 minute time difference in tweets first was at 6:21pst second at 6:36pst

751f6f  No.20517


It's possible that the lady is White House photographer Joyce N. Boghosian but I can't find a picture of her.

caac36  No.20518


that works, but I put a space so that the search engine in some browsers are kicked in without a totally valid link


81e9e5  No.20519


Very good!

89c37c  No.20520



Gotcha, anons. Thanks for the correction.

I retract this:


2893a1  No.20521



working with limited color selection

I'll see if I can find a different program to use

736c1a  No.20523


Yes. I think this was it. The "q" missing which ties it to Q.

I don't think Q himself is missing, I think that was POTUS' "nod" to Q.

8af42c  No.20524


Speaking of shoes

How about, She thought she was a shoe in until she Left it in the middle of the street.

4399a9  No.20525


I’ll fucking age dox myself and say I wrote code on a fucking teletype

6e5068  No.20526


Dude, Make your own Deborah Tavares thread and see it you can answer some of those questions yourself, maybe you get some help.

All that shit don't belong in this thread.

09c63c  No.20527

File: 90ca9b0f021931c⋯.jpg (72.18 KB, 600x659, 600:659, chuck-norris-memes-sleep.jpg)

007ab8  No.20528


Ya think? It isn't even clever. Yawn

0c75fa  No.20529


Hit a burger place, Taco Bell (and their Illuminati commercial lately) are owned by PEPSICO.

And that makes my belly queazy!

03b993  No.20530



Add to graphic.


8e321a  No.20531

Trump last posT was 27 min ago, still no reply by Q.

See you guys tomorrow

8be30f  No.20532



Under rated. Please re-post. Then pack your bag and get out, you're too close to home.

89c37c  No.20533


Excellent, anon!

72786d  No.20534


>1/22/90 and not 1/17/90 of Brit Hume's interview on ABC News.

>The other news that broke that morning was that an 'off-world satellite' had been retrieved by US Military reconnaissance forces.

Well that is indeed interesting! It sounds like you know…

So far I have not been able to find it using Google search 'off-world satellite' retrieved by US Military reconnaissance

or ABC News search abcnews.go.com/search?searchtext=Brit%20Hume%201990&r=old

This will take some digging apparently. You seem fairly certain of your info…

647276  No.20535


What are you guys talking about, missing Q? There's no missing q in the tweets?

d9885e  No.20536


>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

d2a77e  No.20537


Is Love and spiritual development important?

5a1a90  No.20538


Yo! Keep up the Good work!

78af2f  No.20539


thank you!

d574c8  No.20540


Doubt there’s a cure

But what there is, is preventative measures. The keep us exposed on a daily basis through our everyday products from toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, medicines, vaccines, make up, food, water, AIR.. shit you wouldn’t even think about.

Once you have it, the damage is done. But (((they))) make damn sure nobody is safe.

5fccfc  No.20541


Thank you Q

4191f9  No.20542


Fuckin owned…. lol

53ad95  No.20543


Beautiful, thanks Q

e68440  No.20544


>TONS have. You're not alone.

http:// = the KEY to a LIVE link.

> (You) do not need it in the address bar when u copy/paste a URL (nor do you need the "www"

1b87ad  No.20545


Q says the first marker is November 3rd when the news about Saudi arrests dropped

Another Marker is the Q post about the Lord's prayer and the Pope wanting to change the wording.

Other markers are the Q posts which correspond to POTUS tweets (P_PERS)

4b7e58  No.20546


Welcome back, boss

54e0d9  No.20547

4399a9  No.20548


YummyCo… LMFAO

ca0157  No.20549

Good lord guys. Breaking my Lurk here because you guys are literally shitting up this board. If you weren't born and raised on the chans, or don't have something worth saying stop typing.

Stop sending this shit to youtube, unless it's just a break down of what we know. Stop with the Tracey Beanz bullshit. Stop whining about her, and the rest and get the hell to work.

We're here for a reason. Stop talking about them, it strikes of the same jealousy that we rag on the libs all the time for. Wake the fuck up. Wisen the fuck up, and grow the fuck up.

Our autists have gone, because they don't want to deal with you flaming retards. Read half your posts, then read them again. You're chasing your own tail or just posting pointless shit over and over. It doesn't matter who does what when, unless it's from Q and by Q.

Q's information and connecting the dots is all that matters. Not me. Not You. Not flaming fucking Tracey Beanz or anyone else. Just Q. Focus. Pretend this is your fucking job, or just realize that the fate of the fucking world rides on this shit and take it seriously.

53cff3  No.20550


>i know i posted this in the last bread - - not trying to spam - - but Q posted about WINDING a clock




>i have updated the sorted by time spreadsheet so hours 1 - 12 and hours 12 - 24 are combined — essentially, all posts are in the order of a 12 hour analog clock


>someone make a damn clock with this shit

Anon, this is certainly not manure, it is gold.

How I love spreadsheets, and this one is very fine. Thank you.

No idea how make a clock graphic, but those numbers in Col D are a thing of beauty.

Here's to whoever can create a graphic from this yummy data.

81e9e5  No.20551




2cd043  No.20552


I agree with that. Q has Twatter account, so the API with a Twatter account must be used for consistency of the cypher if that makes sense. Then, everything must be in same time zone and accurate.

5a1a90  No.20553

076436  No.20554

File: 6671e881ae9970f⋯.png (37.37 KB, 445x263, 445:263, speedy-gonzales-A.png)

going to start baking a little bit early me thinks

c2c44c  No.20555

Baker ready? Thread is about to move into hyperspace

0c75fa  No.20556


Shhh.. I worked on shuttle matrix printers!

d574c8  No.20557


Right on time! We’ve gone into shill con5


03b993  No.20558





1e37e7  No.20559


I saw and watched it, fellow Anon, there are no current records of these events.

09c63c  No.20560


I pray and hope, and even expect that there are no children in this pic. Pray and Love.

b12fb6  No.20561


thx bro i'm a novice at photoshop

54e0d9  No.20562



5fccfc  No.20563


OIG? report

caac36  No.20564


gimme a delta, anon

007ab8  No.20565


The first would only be applicable to AFG, I think. Iconic photo isn't it?

2cd043  No.20566


Thanks, sir. Working on the clock/markers. Had issues when other BO deleted some posts, but recovering.

89c37c  No.20567


Corsi, Beanz, and previous BO, take note.

a8b080  No.20568


When will we win? is that what your saying? Jan 15?

13c8f3  No.20569

File: e57f35b2252185e⋯.jpg (209.6 KB, 852x852, 1:1, Snapmeme_1515336159211.jpg)

60c083  No.20570


If these arrests are happening, where do these criminals and the media get the courage to hide it and lie, while attacking POTUS? Do they have a plan?

94419e  No.20571


He just confirmed it

204161  No.20572


I like.


Excellent!!! Keep going.

I'd offer >>20431 may be an indication we're at the beginning of an incoming encoded message via the same format as outlined in that post. This may lead to be a confirm eventually, but it's too early to tell either way for now.

96c2fa  No.20573


Agree. Christ also identified the Pharisees as being from this bloodline ("Your father, the Devil…"). St. Stephen told us who they were and mentioned Moloch and Star of Remphan. Etc., etc, etc. Whoever throws them into the same group is either a shill or has a double-digit IQ.

8e321a  No.20574

File: ec5f04762df98c2⋯.jpg (15.19 KB, 209x215, 209:215, fuck_you.jpg)


You nigger, i was just about to leave

3b75e2  No.20575


Dont worry Clown, Im behind 7 proxies

2511c1  No.20576

We are good at the 15 marker?

0c75fa  No.20577


Welcome Q!

0d1499  No.20578



5a1a90  No.20579



So it (markers) is the diff between POTUS tweets as well as between you (Q) and POTUS

73e40a  No.20580

Is anyone digging into the plane loads of cash that Q has now asked about several times? I don't think he would ask if we could not find the info.

78b630  No.20581


Fucking a right it's confirmed!

No more disinformation shilling beanz and corsi, got it??

e056e6  No.20583


Michael Good[win]

d9885e  No.20584



nypost. com/2018/01/06/were-still-better-off-with-trump-than-clinton/

4399a9  No.20585


Just tell us the Hussein dirty money offshore accounts have been frozen

72786d  No.20586


Anon did not say the retrieval of an off-world satellite by US Military reconaissance was reported by ABC News Brit Hume. He said that news broke the same day. I'm continuing to search without limiting it to ABC news….

514761  No.20587

f8e3e6  No.20588


Nice work, but he really deserves to be hazed.

Need a meme telling big Jer to shut up and lurk moar.

8e321a  No.20589

File: 597dab12d125b7f⋯.jpg (58.61 KB, 695x599, 695:599, WTF_read (3).jpg)


Now I replyed to myself


caac36  No.20591


without ahem, you got a win, anon

maybe smaller font so the beak shows

9ccc6e  No.20592

[win] BIGLY

2cd043  No.20593


Got it…Thank you…Needed that

26e889  No.20594

File: dfa0971da777da6⋯.png (7.03 KB, 365x75, 73:15, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 576df3c6b44a536⋯.png (60.71 KB, 636x324, 53:27, ClipboardImage.png)

78b630  No.20595


We need to make that clock.

61e2ac  No.20597


15th IG documents public

94419e  No.20598


Geez really??? The pic….

007ab8  No.20599


Masking is your friend if nothing else is.

766b20  No.20600


Why the move on the Fake Media Awards?

81e9e5  No.20601

File: 913ed9cce7f1640⋯.png (544.48 KB, 1334x706, 667:353, hrashoeinLeft.png)

73e40a  No.20602

fa6916  No.20603


time btw trump tweets today 15

conseQuential → consensual

03b993  No.20604

LOCK: 15-10-5


[1] SIG


514761  No.20605

File: 293179eba18c7af⋯.png (137.42 KB, 300x300, 1:1, B1D44A5B-F235-4A35-9D5C-C1….png)


Awaiting Orders Comrade!

6d233a  No.20606


if this is you Q just want to say, im with you!

Thank you so much for giving us hope back!

1980ac  No.20607

Trump tweeted a quote by michael goodWIN

In two parts.

15 min apart

15 and Win

4f911c  No.20608


People like you need to just observe, not speak.

f0b7e9  No.20609


Oh, hey, there is now a thread with your red-pill scripts >>>/thestorm/17943

You can plop your scripts (the content, not linking just the post) in there when you make one in a general. They are very helpful to anons :)

If anyone has any other series of questions or questions/statements to help wake up friends & family and get them thinking, feel free to add it in that thread.

f202f7  No.20610

caac36  No.20611


>If you follow T Beanz on Twitter

enough said

89c755  No.20612

94419e  No.20613


I've wondered same

d9885e  No.20614


Q already confirmed 10 and 5 marker.

today is 15 marker.


a8b080  No.20615


Are we in defcon 1?

69d1af  No.20616


The most amazing bird in the world. I love the Bald Eagle. Such a great symbol of USA too. I love watching the Eagle cams that are on online learn a lot from it. Who doesnt like baby Eagles?

738782  No.20617


shoot yourself.

3b75e2  No.20618


omg you are the sex. saved, should be added to dough

736c1a  No.20619


Wrong word consensual for consequential is missing the "q". Maybe a "nod" at Q, and confirmation of the marker.

4c97b6  No.20620


Is that related to your earlier post?

>>13549 : "We will never lose again win this is finished."

f8e3e6  No.20621


She was fine in my book until this bullshit.

73e40a  No.20622


Can you help at all with where to look for the plane loads of cash?

076436  No.20623


and we got it

89c37c  No.20624


We've nailed 15, 10, and 5.

514761  No.20625

File: 89bb010e98887b8⋯.jpeg (73.01 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 62201FBA-4AFD-40CA-AF0E-E….jpeg)


Praying for Q Group & POTUS.

6e5068  No.20626


No harm done, better to ask a question than get a headache over it.

675d23  No.20627



Uh oh

fa6916  No.20628


>CK: 15-10-5


1 SIG → SIGNATURE? or something else?

1073f4  No.20629


Good evening, Q! Thank you!

1b8b84  No.20630


03b993  No.20631


Do you believe in coincidences?

[2] Q Chapters.


d2a77e  No.20632



>Nuclear war is imminent

Why would this happen?

War = SCAM

1073f4  No.20633


No serious DEFCON 1 Nuclear war is imminent?

60c083  No.20634


SpaceX, NK, EMP type disabling?

ceaf14  No.20635


I have just wrote a script for this, it automagically finds them based on the deltas given.

Can provide for any delta you want.

36b1ee  No.20636

File: 51103cecbe77a15⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 560x408, 70:51, tweet1.JPG)

File: dfb9d11553b3478⋯.jpg (47.68 KB, 562x384, 281:192, tweet2.JPG)


Michael Goodwin is NY Post author of article in POTUS tweet.


61e2ac  No.20638


DEFCON 1 is max readiness, war imminent

999ab9  No.20639


>You have literally nothing to fear. NOTHING. These people have NOTHING.

>You give them the illusion of power

>They have none. Relax and research

Thanks for stating this out loud.

IF there are doxxing campaigns going on, the NSA knows where they are coming from, and who it is. The doxxer are committing federal crimes by doing so..

Federal crimes that could give aid and comfort to a foreign enemy combatant during a national emergency via EO is a big no-no. They could possibly face a military tribunal, just like the foreign enemy combatants they are aiding and abetting.

5fccfc  No.20641


Is zero next,countdown.

78af2f  No.20642


Ok that is great.

e573f9  No.20643



1e37e7  No.20645


Q is here.

That is not what I said, the morning of the interview was the day that CBS new reported on the satellite. It was a 15 second clip, you'll never find it.

9ccc6e  No.20646


They went to iran from bho

f99fdd  No.20648

Laguardia down due to weather

JFK has "Water Main Break"

Atlanta International has a "Power Failure"

San Jose International shuts down due to "Suspicious Package"

O'Hare, You expecting a shutdown anytime soon?

60c083  No.20650


The Cabal is desperate, if these GITMO flights were happenings

b48f55  No.20651


I meant from Trump's miss qoute tweet

89c37c  No.20652


Assange is safe

1073f4  No.20653


Sneaky Wikileaks. thanks for the confirm!

61e2ac  No.20655



>[1] SIG

Martial Law, 1 signature away?

54e0d9  No.20656

94419e  No.20657


Defcon 1, nuclear war is imminent

9ccc6e  No.20659


Whats chapter 2?

007ab8  No.20660


6, 10. and Kind of cool.

e997da  No.20662

"Far reaching and necessary…"

08ea6a  No.20663


I agree, the message is infinitely more important than Q. However, the normies have been indoctrinated to follow their "celebs" like anon says here >>20345 They no longer have the attention span to understand anything more than a Kardashian or Teigan twitter about the latest fashions. Sad, but true. Whatever gets them to ask questions other than "What's Kim wearing today?" is probably a good thing.

a24da4  No.20664




S -1 = R




? Take down 15th…Praying

4399a9  No.20666

File: 44d2d86aff8769c⋯.jpeg (82.03 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 02AE6A45-04D2-4BEA-A680-E….jpeg)


We don’t need keys Q. Point us towards the target. They gonna feel the wave of Justice.

c2c44c  No.20667

Q posting DEFCON [1] is a bit intense anons

db8ea2  No.20668


>Q !UW.yye1fxo

Doesn't necessarily mean literally in the way we think of it.

94180a  No.20669


When do we get into the Truths beyond Earth Q?

2893a1  No.20670


DEFCON 1 Maximum force readiness


18e95b  No.20671

File: 1fed5d89d40c9ea⋯.png (350.78 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180108-041118.png)



15 minutes between tweets

e997da  No.20672


Q chapters in Fire Fury PdF release by WL's

0d1499  No.20673


Get 'em, Q!

076436  No.20674

5fccfc  No.20675


Ya think

f202f7  No.20676


pray for America

647276  No.20677


1e37e7  No.20678


It was CBS news radio update.

05839a  No.20679


i heard somewhere that alzheimers is caused by calcification of parts of the brain, which can be healed with certain frequencies or vibrations

hard to believe… but so is most of this

736c1a  No.20680


Of course there is. The word consensual should have been consequential. No q in consensual

73e40a  No.20681


The wikileaks release of Fire and Fury had chapters 6 and 10 modified with Q's instead of O's.

Two chapters.

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