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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bc99c9150d1e333⋯.jpg (35.17 KB, 534x401, 534:401, 1371000513000-jonathan-mil….jpg)

File: 71c52e082df0090⋯.png (16.09 KB, 446x237, 446:237, Screenshot from 2018-03-07….png)

5db7f9 No.582731

http:// archive.fo/dZfUn

She met Snowden in 2009, looking into the father now. Join me for the fun.

136065 No.582970

https:// www.oracle.com/corporate/acquisitions/micros/index.html

lindsay mills, father johnathan mills, senior software micros systems

136065 No.583285

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micros_Systems#History

136065 No.583390

“MICROS has been focused on helping the world’s leading brands in our target markets since we were founded in 1977, including running more than 330,000 sites across 180 countries today,” said Peter Altabef, President and CEO, MICROS. “In combination with Oracle, we expect to help accelerate our customers’ ability to innovate and differentiate their businesses by utilizing Oracle’s technologies, cloud solutions and scale. We are very excited about the great opportunities this will create for our customers and employees.”

136065 No.583409

https:// krebsonsecurity.com/2016/08/data-breach-at-oracles-micros-point-of-sale-division/

Wasnt snowden in russia, gotta pay those bills

86e1b0 No.583418

File: c3d2ea70fd13954⋯.jpg (58.4 KB, 737x485, 737:485, IMG_0584.JPG)

DELET THIS!!!!!!!!1!!

5db7f9 No.583442

File: 7e2e00d5118921c⋯.png (229.69 KB, 1004x762, 502:381, jonathanmills_linkedin.png)

File: 114a1a4f254ae67⋯.png (13.17 KB, 291x225, 97:75, legacy_systems_comped.png)


>johnathan mills, senior software micros systems

Source is linked in. Pic related.

Micros does PoS software and other software for hospitality. It was purchased by Oracle in 2014 for 5.3billion. Owned by Peter Altabef, he then went on to be CEO of other companies that were promptly acquired by Dell Business and after that he moved on to Micros which was then acquired by Oracle. Peter Altabef got his big break when he met Ross Perot while working for Perot Systems which was also purchased by Dell.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perot_Systems

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_Perot

Don't know what to make of it. Is Jonathan still at Micros?

https:// www.oracle.com/industries/hospitality/food-beverage/solutions/index.html

If Micros is part of the circus then maybe it's being used for logistics and hotels for trafficking fronts.

Peter Altabef, don't know what to make of him. Wealthy, but that is not a crime.

I don't see any glaring red flags with Johnathan Mills either, he's lucky for sure, maybe too lucky (implying connected)


Oh look. Other pic related: 'Affected Legacy Systems' is code for our shit's been broke since inception, potentially on purpose?

5db7f9 No.583459

Are we looking at some kind of logistics trafficking 'front'? Is this for 'choosing' abductees or for keeping your trafficking operation covert?

5db7f9 No.584117

The group who did the hacking was https:// krebsonsecurity.com/2016/07/carbanak-gang-tied-to-russian-security-firm/

Note that on krebsonsecurity it's actually under a category called 'breadcrumbs'.

Artyom “LioN” Tveritinov is some kind of Clown, who knows what flavor. Russian or CIA, maybe no difference sometimes.

25a228 No.584210

https:// leadferret.com/directory/person/jonathan-mills/11990493

25a228 No.584433

File: 01ae5ca7cda1865⋯.png (22.58 KB, 552x58, 276:29, Laurel.png)

File: e9a0f3d9259b684⋯.png (63.12 KB, 678x479, 678:479, Mills1.png)

File: 0b6e3b9ae6ff092⋯.png (36.43 KB, 681x286, 681:286, Mills2.png)

File: 220ee795c887a9f⋯.png (234.72 KB, 582x407, 582:407, MAP.png)

File: e0457c010050e6c⋯.png (191.94 KB, 660x554, 330:277, Oracle.png)

Jonathan Mills lives in Laurel, Maryland as evidenced by this Daily Mail article.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2541656/Jonathan-Mills-Snowden-totally-abandoned-girlfriend-fled-amid-NSA-revelations-dad-says.html

A search of him shows that he works in a technical field.

https:// www.instantcheckmate.com/people/jonathan-mills/

Laurel is located just 11miles from Micros Systems.

https:// www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-mills-90b1168

136065 No.584646

Looks alot like back door financing

25a228 No.585071

Oracle's connection to the CIA

Most Oracle professionals are surprised to learn that the name "Oracle" originates from the name of a CIA project. This article in Forbes Magazine notes that Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison worked on a CIA project with the code-name "Oracle":

http:// www.dba-oracle.com/oracle_news/news_oracle_origin.htm

How CIA stole Oracle from the Russians

http:// wedonotuse.blogspot.ca/2006/11/how-cia-stole-oracle-from-russians.html

ee6914 No.585326


Hotelfag here, Micros systems do NOT collect personal data, the impersonal data input is for credit cards, which correspond with items purchased and place and time of purchase, they are interconnected with external systems beyond a credit card validation system. If there's any shady business with Micros, it is not on the front end. I have worked with Micros for years across a range of systems.

25a228 No.585829

Over 300,000 Oracle Point-of-Sale Systems at Security Risk – MICROS POS Breached, Again

Jan 31, 2018

A new security flaw has been discovered affecting Oracle MICROS point-of-sale (POS) systems. The vulnerability allows attackers to collect configuration files from the affected POS systems, and use this data to gain full access to the POS system and attached services. This flaw is highly dangerous considering a lot of customer financial or personal data is linked with these systems.

https:// wccftech.com/300000-oracle-pos-systems-security-risk/

eb982d No.586182

File: f00965926529204⋯.jpg (48.73 KB, 657x548, 657:548, Millsadd.JPG)

File: 6452a4c361c3a6e⋯.jpg (68.72 KB, 634x422, 317:211, mills.jpg)

The address definitely lines up with the photo from the Daily Mail article.

5db7f9 No.587541


Thanks for the input!


So perhaps Micros is just a convenient attack vector?


Yeah besides the potential spook connections this coverup is actually pretty good. I did notice on gmaps that it was taken later in the day and there was no vehicle in the driveway. Might be nothing.

1a4c3f No.588010


I would like to interject something that may or may not be widely known. Many years ago, when Outsourcing became popular, Perot Systems/EDS were at the forefront. I worked at several companies who were “invaded” by their incompetency. My view, they were destroying companies from their base - IT.

I digress; during this time I met folks from EDS as I turned over the “helm” to them. I spent most of my career as a Principal IT Systems Engineering Consultant. During this time, one gets “personal” and discusses work environments. I was always interested in my next opportunity.

Surprisingly, most of these employees made it clear that it was not a direction I should take. Finally, one of them fully opened up. Perot Systems was KNOWN to do MIND CONTROL on their employees. I picked up a similar activities at the Fed, while there. They use strange psychological tactics of making you want to work extremely hard for them, nothing is more important than them and they are the MOST IMPORTANT company doing their work. But Perot also did it over the intercoms, they, like many I have worked at, make you watch video after video and each doing a little more brainwashing. This person said it was so bad that she had to leave. She was getting sever headaches. She was really scared they were all being brainwashed. I couldn’t quite grasp why, at the time. She had tried to convince her husband to leave, but he was beyond help.

These companies use Brainwashing tactics, subliminal messages (sound familiar) and more to get you so swallowed up in the company that you will do ANYTHING for them.

These outsourcing Giants destroyed AT&T, Lucent, Power Companies, Infrastructure and certain Aerospace Companies +++. They sabatoge Systems. They convinced large corporations that moving from the Mainframes (Where Security was stellar) to Open Systems, unsecured servers and more. It started with EDS and Ross Perot. Brainwashing and destruction.

I left the industry completely broken, mentally and physically. They suck the life right out of you if you fight them. Fighting for Security is what I did my entire career. I left knowing our infrastructure was screwed and they all bought into it. Why?

I viewed Oracle as another EDS…PURE POISON!

5db7f9 No.588058


Oracle is poison. Think Redhat, systemd, essentially a hostile linux takeover. Wew lad, this is going to boil over into the Open Source community before too long.

5db7f9 No.588778


You're not the only one saying some crazy shit is going on.

http:// archive.fo/CHiSS

> their bodies sold for meat and their skin

turned into leather products. The defendants are also responsible

for breeding farms, which turn out 2,000 black girls a year, who

are then sold for recreational murder or as human pets.

This does not sound crazy knowing what we know. Maybe the details are off but the overall theme makes sense. This woman knew things. Teri Smith Tyler.

cf066a No.589187


Running our TOP defense systems I. This country. FACT.

cf066a No.589191


In this country.

48ac31 No.589515


I never thought much of the assassination of Ian Murdock, it didn't make sense just as industrial espionage. systemd was political which is why distros adopted it knowing that it's garbage that drives casual users back to more controlled systems like windows, macos, android. Android was never supposed to be used without Google software and is intentionally difficult to remove Google software from. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see silicon valley controlled computers spontaneously delete certain documents.

5db7f9 No.591410

shameless bump

f3208a No.592139


Hey I'm happy bump you up too. Some interesting shit here.

5db7f9 No.592490


>assassination of Ian Murdock

Hanging yourself with a vacuum cord seems…hasty. Do you have more information on this angle? Nothing he worked on screams 'Whack me'.

fc4f4f No.592778


How significant is it that the satellite dish is at a different angle?

I only see two satellite dishes on that building that are similar

5db7f9 No.593034

File: 76319e1da991b9d⋯.png (450.47 KB, 1588x819, 1588:819, Screenshot from 2018-03-08….png)

I want to know more about Teri Smith Tyler.

Her telepathic communication sounds a hell of a lot like that cuban tech they were using to on diplomats iirc. Probably some ultrasonic shit using the eardrum as a resonator or maybe molars or other bone structures, the skull itself perhaps.

If Bill Clinton and Perot are friends, we obviously know Bush Sr. is a Clown, the Clintons are Clowns, ergo 'the company you keep' Perot is a clown. Does the transitive property apply here? 1992 election was an all clown lineup then.

Altabef is probably squeaky clean by design.

But there is a connection here. Perot's wrapped up in Dell and the CIA, Snowden was hired by Booz Allen Hamilton after working for the CIA and Dell after breaking both legs in a training accident when he then worked as a security guard.

Then magically in 2006, 18 months later CIA hires Snowden.

What the fuck. I don't buy it.

CIA see's an easy mark with a clean record (SF recruit).

CIA trains him, puts him at Dell where he's a good boy and passes the first test of malleability.

Perot tells Mills he needs his sex-obsessed daughter to pussywhip Snowden further so they've got their claws in him.

Jonathan Mills or Lindsay Mills (maybe both) are likely Snowdens handlers.

Perot/Dell vouches for Snowden after known he's totally whipped and their bitch.

Booz Allen Hamilton hires him where he gets access to his objective.


>How significant is it that the satellite dish is at a different angle?

Because most of them are TV satellites and they're all pointed at the same satellite. The odd one out is connected to a different satellite. Interesting analysis technique.

5db7f9 No.593059

Lol, Snowden is totally shitting his pants right now.

5db7f9 No.593074

Q you fucking ruthless homie.

5db7f9 No.600576


5db7f9 No.600773

Wew, new Q posts about Snowden reveal perhaps snowdens final destination was HK and Russia was just fake and gay disinfo.

Also about how connected his family is. Not just him but his girlfriend's family too. Which implies they're CIA families, which combined with the last revelation about 'Who Snowden worked for' (China) means China used the CIA to comp the NSA because the NSA had more power in the information age than they did. Which means ultimately that the CIA is just the international cabal mafia dressed up as an American Institution.

Q is pointing out Snowden because Snowden leads to the international stage, the real players. Who has the pull to use China, Dell, HP, the CIA and Booz Allen Hamilton to pull this off. That's a lot of jurisdictions, that's a lot of infrastructure, and that's a lot a lot of planning. Someone needed the NSA gone.

8cf570 No.600903

File: f856bf61755983d⋯.png (457.67 KB, 1500x1374, 250:229, I_see_what_you_did_there.png)


This. Totally agree. The NSA was the one 'wrinkle' that could undo all of this. Snowden was a plant ultimately to bring down the NSA and look like a hero doing it, glamorized in a major motion film, while Assange is holed up for how many years now.

You can even hear the animosity Q has for Snowden…I'll admit, I kinda admired what he did in the beginning. But now the more and more I think about it - he's a saboteur - a traitor - and it's been a huge farce with real implications the whole time. Now you can see the inverse. Where Snowden was the key to bringing NSA down he's also the key to bringing down this whole charade. It makes a lot of sense now why Q spends a lot of time calling out Snowden.

I wonder if the clowns had that 'oh shit' moment when they realized all their despicable fuckery was being scooped up by NSA - or if they knew all along and planned some day in the future to bring it all down by gaining the support of the American Citizens via a soft-spoken beta cowering in a hotel room polished off by cinematic release.

So now - who do we think did the CIA vault drops to Wikileaks?

5db7f9 No.600952


Either the CIA themselves or the NSA as retaliation. I was not really all that impressed with V7, it lacked real teeth imvho. The drop was not that impressive. I remember thinking POTUS made a deal with Assange and gave him a Path to Freedom in return for giving POTUS a chance to wage war with the (((Cabal))) instead of releasing all the weaponized hardware exploits that would literally shut everything down and probably cause a lot of deaths as well.

5db7f9 No.600999

I think the next step is to find out about Snowdens family, and who they're connected with.

5db7f9 No.602520


5db7f9 No.608795


ec08e2 No.697726


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