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File: 077ab1e7aaf2fbf⋯.jpg (521.4 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 077ab1e7aaf2fbfea054d57ecf….jpg)

29d986 No.847531

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.




#InternetBillofRights https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/internet-bill-rights-2

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29d986 No.847542

https:// pastebin.com/SiJEXpHh

e9c047 No.847555

File: 332926a64fd6bc0⋯.jpeg (93.06 KB, 1024x546, 512:273, DZlvvnUVAAAAUtE.jpeg)

tidal wave

29d986 No.847580


7a1c1d No.847621

Posted this near the end of the last bread but wanted to ensure anons were aware of another hit piece.

Another MSM article on Q. These people are stupid.

https:// www.thedailybeast.com/roseanne-keeps-promoting-qanon-the-pro-trump-conspiracy-theory-that-makes-pizzagate-look-tame

57d544 No.847625


America is done

f1e058 No.847640


military needs to be o border helping bp

cb0211 No.847641

File: e6cf9c9f23282ea⋯.jpg (198.16 KB, 1066x1600, 533:800, e6cf9c9f23282eafd8a3410d4e….jpg)

Thank you for your service, Baker.

(The chubby girl is still eating the other loaf.)

99dc5c No.847643

April 1st is tomorrow! Big day!

c7dbc4 No.847645


>>846750 (LAST BREAD)

>>847574 (OP)

>>> 5774 <<<

<<< 5774 >>>

>>> (((5774))) <<<

<<< (((5774))) >>>

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/298


1a83b9 No.847646

File: b5efd10d1c5afe7⋯.jpg (150.21 KB, 743x730, 743:730, jewinsight.jpg)


Of course! Prepare your kike bitches to be fucked into hundred million pieces by your palestinian brothers.

I hear (((they))) are quite the little wild coal burners who need no convincing getting fucked by others. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

>muh hate

>muh good jooz

Seriously, don't they teach (((your kind))) anything useful these days.

c7dbc4 No.847647

File: 555aebcf0000dc5⋯.png (95.59 KB, 1467x1003, 1467:1003, Capture.PNG)


>>846750 (LAST BREAD)

>>847574 (OP)

>>> 5774 <<<

>>> (((5774))) <<<

<<< 5774 >>>

<<< (((5774))) >>>

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/298

>>847531 (OP)

54a727 No.847648

99dc5c No.847649

File: 28d1a05f811a70b⋯.jpg (79.07 KB, 778x1167, 2:3, tumblr_ltdv7hbTyI1qm85e6o1….jpg)

9930b1 No.847650

File: d5b926a9869ac40⋯.png (944.63 KB, 1089x603, 121:67, 93E4862E-77EA-4F06-8123-35….png)

Don’t know about you all, but I won’t be surprised when the Stormy Daniel et al ruse is flipped on its face, in that (file under: Last Laugh), soon the day will arrive where pre-POTUS billionaire Trump’s consensual sexual relations with grown adults will be juxtaposed to the most abhorant acts of pedophilia revealed by virtue of a laptop that the NYPD confiscated from one Anthony “convicted pedophile” Weinier.

82e4be No.847651

File: fbf0634bc8b3d66⋯.jpg (188.51 KB, 1250x1000, 5:4, shitterhypocrits.jpg)

e70a86 No.847652

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Some music while we wait for the storm to finally beach

a72f96 No.847653


What is the point? Please do more than link graphic and post links. What is the significance?

dc01a9 No.847654

File: a68495205919b7a⋯.png (165.93 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ff5b304346bb15a⋯.png (163.72 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3a8be90ed485140⋯.png (165.5 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dfcf6626696ee22⋯.png (162.79 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fcebeaa79131ad4⋯.png (160.19 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)

All remaining Timewave Zero graphs

a225b8 No.847655

https:// youtu.be/Fcpc7TQxlNs

- Living in the Vatican

5b3496 No.847656

a72f96 No.847657


I'll continue to post for a new baker. If none appear, I'll take it. Thanks for your service, anon.

41f827 No.847658

File: baf7bd5c049bf32⋯.jpg (105.29 KB, 1274x720, 637:360, 1240- 830234123491230Gipsy….jpg)

Lets get it on

America Number #1!

b7c1c9 No.847659


Been saying it– Stormy is a can opener.

She facilitates opening a can of "whoopass" on non-consensual sexual relations.

A conversation that can easily lead into pedo-world.

c7696a No.847660


Godspeed, fellow Anon.

f800ef No.847661

File: f0c96169c52a10e⋯.png (586.44 KB, 950x651, 950:651, Hahahahahaha.png)


Unites Who ?


1880d4 No.847662


No more room in Texas, send them to Connecticut.

275840 No.847664


it seems something interesting. Although sincerely, I never saw. that seems a good report of Bolton, but why in 2019?

https:// theintercept.com/2018/03/23/heres-john-bolton-promising-regime-change-iran-end-2018/

89d939 No.847665


Target acquired

54a727 No.847666


is it normal for both waves to be so close? Blue and purple I mean.

c045d2 No.847667

File: b6d0d938555a094⋯.png (316.99 KB, 330x1069, 330:1069, 4a7671c22766fe1e72ffc51677….png)

File: 6449c42a12bc218⋯.png (460.01 KB, 983x613, 983:613, 69d29ed759cdb99638c98c824a….png)

File: 9fecdd53d015e42⋯.png (849.25 KB, 613x811, 613:811, 9fecdd53d015e4233483423caf….png)

File: 40f79586f6fbf46⋯.jpg (36.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 40f79586f6fbf464a3fcd99f2d….jpg)


New angle Douglas? AIM faggots want to keep going?

3d93bd No.847669

File: a0e58af9f36b4c4⋯.jpg (75.32 KB, 778x468, 389:234, fg7896d98fgf7896b.jpg)

File: 76e5e10fbf59bc7⋯.jpg (58.87 KB, 711x533, 711:533, 6916c37f5fea6966d35289ad4b….jpg)

File: af549b3c63b3cb3⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 515x324, 515:324, s789dfg6sd987g6sd87fg6c.jpg)


All you know in this world is how bad all the Jews are - and you can't even get THAT right. How's it feel to be a complete fuck-up? Rhetorical question, Farley…

(last bread)


>[We see ALL]

>[We hear ALL]

Q team does. You don't, poser. You are just another false "jew" operative and anons here know it. Now, so there's not a repeat of last night's endless slide (you never DID school me, sugarpuff) - I'm just going to filter your sorry ass like most on this board already have. Bye Felicia. See you when you change IPs, faggot that you are.

cc9074 No.847671


Thanks to the Daily Beast for bringing more eyes…Future proves past

256867 No.847672

1. On the one hand: Whoa!

2. On the other: we become Hogg birthers if we share it?

https:// mobile.twitter.com/MikeTokes/status/969301114607648768/video/1

c7dbc4 No.847673


Can you read? I've yet to see this come up or be added to noteables… the year 5774 (ie. ex-rawvid5774 as ref by Q) appears in the podesta leaks.

As a year.

With reference to child killing.

cd7c80 No.847674


I'm watching to see what POTUS does about this. That looks like a whole lot more than 1500 people to me. Will be many thousands by the time they reach the border.

54dce4 No.847675


Eternal September was a good thing after all.

Suppress something and it just gets more powerful.

http:// archive.is/AJFty

b4ddd5 No.847676


wat dis?


275840 No.847677


Sincerely. I don't like that The Algorithms predict futures..

5605fb No.847678


do not touch

9930b1 No.847680

File: a49730ce5abad82⋯.jpeg (31.95 KB, 396x396, 1:1, 5757DBD1-3CCB-4AAC-9B51-0….jpeg)


Consensual/Trump vs non-consensual/Bill/Geoffrey Epstein/Weiner/and the list goes on…

27a2c0 No.847681


Well, I know where he stands ideologically. But he's been a bit flip-floppy over the years as to who he stands with…but that may be part of his waking up or some other strategy. I've always found him "Queued"-in, as it were, to what's really going on, but I've never quite "P"inned him down on which side he falls.

c045d2 No.847682

File: 0b351a6d9e42ef1⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 750x591, 250:197, 2e8f11ba9836df6189c7903a64….jpg)


Hogg has no relevance to us atm.

cfaa45 No.847683


America, the land of free shit for everyone

/everyone that sneaks into the USA

a72f96 No.847684

New Baker Announcement

Earlier request was to eliminate omnibus and war room, as they are stale, but war room posts here

anyway. If no anons object, both will be removed from a future bread. Speak now and support your

objection if you want either of them to remain.

84e783 No.847685

San Francisco, CA | The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is concerned about an estimated 300,000 pounds of counterfeit rat meat that has been sold as chicken wings in restaurants and grocery stores across America.

http:// worldnewsdailyreport.com/rat-meat-sold-as-chicken-wings-fda-issues-warning-before-super-bowl/

41f827 No.847686

File: 82c055358777943⋯.jpg (258.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, quaritch07.jpg)


This is what the wall was originally for

Not mexicans but millions of central and south americans who will head north once their commie-socialist dream shitholes start collapsing.

3d93bd No.847687

File: 0a1ecf3ad2786ab⋯.jpg (42.09 KB, 750x478, 375:239, 0a1ecf3ad2786abdc342daf141….jpg)


Don't they teach remedial reading at clown college, phaggot?

7a0159 No.847688

File: aa908db708debd4⋯.png (410.44 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Real_Housewives_of_the_Dee….png)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=wvWCR_Z6wWk

febb39 No.847689


You know the sheer scale and audacity of the Jew is amazing. They are the meaning behind "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

I have wondered how the Jew could of let themselves get jumped when they thought they were so close to winning. It simply is they have not have had to fear anything for a hundred years or so….and they got very very sloppy.

I am amazed how well it is going. Kim Clement was saying in 2007 this was going to happen in interesting detail. He said the plan was going to be so good so amazing so perfect that humanity was going to be dumbfounded and they would KNOW that God was responsible.

I believe….and it is NOT faith. I KNOW it is a fact that God is doing this. A FACT.

a72f96 No.847691


So, spell it out in the comment, and link the graphic again. I'm the new baker, so convince me

to include it, and I might. Right now… just another graphic. Make it easy by showing relevance.

c4bcb1 No.847692

File: 2c8732dba76005f⋯.png (376.56 KB, 1344x756, 16:9, Mar 30 tidal wave incoming.png)

cd7c80 No.847693


No. Send them to Washington DC.

d8aa68 No.847694

File: 416bb6928c9df90⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, D&T G.jpg)

24e1ff No.847695


care to explain how the year 5774 could be relevant?

b33cdc No.847696

File: a99131565124948⋯.jpg (123.76 KB, 1144x644, 286:161, jeffseseye.jpg)

275840 No.847697


>Not mexicans but millions of central and south americans who will head north once their commie-socialist dream shitholes start collapsing.

Correct. Some countries already are in bankruptcy or a Falling State.

5605fb No.847698


exactly. the one caveat is when you have to take the power structure into account. for example, the electromagnetic thruster technology (think UFO) is very powerful now because almost nobody understands it, so it appears like only muh aliens could do that. this would enable the cabalniggers to fake an alien invasion. so in that case, much better to have the tech in the open so they can't do that.

but intelligence/surveillance technology combined with hidden top-level control is a very, very scary thing. the wrong innovations released to the world would just impower the criminals. see the entire computer industry for an example of that in the world today.

54a727 No.847699

File: fa505f5c558b048⋯.jpg (156.24 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, eating_rats1.JPG)

File: 0a3163a8e5819b3⋯.jpg (50.83 KB, 740x475, 148:95, rats.jpg)

9d351a No.847700


please look at the format here


for Notables section

c045d2 No.847701

File: c563b31887cca4d⋯.png (89.44 KB, 1328x1140, 332:285, umade484488448rr67r7969r.png)


Niggers eat rats. Better than macaco sopa?

7a0159 No.847702


The LET you grab them by the pussy…. the operative word being "let"

275840 No.847703


Hmm. That can to accelerate the plans for the Wall.

3d93bd No.847704

File: 719ec80a327239e⋯.jpeg (65.27 KB, 368x500, 92:125, 719ec80a327239ec111341e9b….jpeg)

03d3e4 No.847705

File: a67f92deeaa5476⋯.png (41.97 KB, 1004x676, 251:169, qresearch Q Research Ge….png)

File: 212c68f8f2f99c1⋯.png (282.57 KB, 872x1202, 436:601, It’s Official The US is i….png)

Baker this is very important, consider for notable post.

Trust Sessions.

8ae0d4 No.847706

File: 7747b05a1d4b981⋯.jpeg (217.92 KB, 750x383, 750:383, 5B2D94F5-D38A-4D5C-AB80-D….jpeg)

edf707 No.847707


Ten Texans on the border could easily take care of that lot.

27a2c0 No.847708


Oh, take it easy on Jason. He's doing a pretty good job playing in the big leagues. He's got that call recorder app down. hahahahaha

b04284 No.847709


Tomorrow is 3.31

1880d4 No.847710


I say we don't send them anywhere, just don't let them in and then we are not responsible.

I know, I'm dreaming

dc01a9 No.847711

File: 11bbd5d2d3c420d⋯.png (161.54 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2c36abbb7da20e0⋯.png (165.49 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c0fbe4eaef133c8⋯.png (162.21 KB, 1119x966, 373:322, ClipboardImage.png)


Pretty much the same

http:// www.fractal-timewave.com/timewave_calculator.php

24e1ff No.847712


fuck that this anon will gladly take a week off. road trip!!!

4f0412 No.847713


Thomas Paine has several resources

1. Sue them for illegally posting his photos here on this board.

Post where the criminals illegally posted the pictures:


2. Report the post where they illegally posted the images of his family.

3. Continue to expose the fake Q even more.

Posts made by genius who deciphered fake Q:



4. Expose the board as being run by Clowns In America.

5. Call in the entire anonymous group to take-down this fake Q.

6. Find the fake Q claiming to be part of the Trump administration.

7. Those claiming Thomas has done something illegal are lying. Fake Q is the one who is in trouble and has done something gravely illegal, by claiming he is part of The Trump administration!

You fuckers on 8 chan messed with the wrong people. Your fake Q is coming-down BIG TIME BABY!!

01e41d No.847715

File: 39f1008cdbd754a⋯.jpg (623.76 KB, 750x1664, 375:832, FiatAlmondsActivated.jpg)

The "Federal" 'reserve' has very effectively devalued every aspect of our lives.

1a83b9 No.847716

File: 600c0f12aa5ffe8⋯.jpg (121.6 KB, 712x709, 712:709, FUCKINGCUNT.jpg)


So tonight, we have demoralization (((shills))), distraction (((shills))), general half-chan tier (((shills))) trying to be politically correct JIDF style, etc.

You can LITERALLY see they are more or less reading right off of the manuals.

They got nothing but 17 year old faggots and washed up kikes to throw at us now.

STAY on TARGET, anons.

Re-read Q drops, discuss and dig into the MK ultra, social media happenings, the FAKE ACTORS who are trying to forment DIVISION by PROVOKING PATRIOTS.

Media is a hollowed out shell that will be SHUT DOWN.

WE, the PEOPLE, will demand its EXECUTION.

If you have noticed, in many 'alternative media sites' such as zero hedge etc, there are WAVES of (((shills))) making anti-trump, anti-patriot like comments and shilling those votes to keep them up at the top. These comments are designed specifically to cater to doubts and 'fatigue' of the Patriot side by bitching and moaning about 'nothing's changed' etc.

See the pattern here?

How does this correlate to all the half-assed attempts at 'demoralization' and 'derailing' you see here?

>Shine the LIGHT BRIGHT [DOA].

>Intelligence A's across the globe in partnership to spy on citizens?

>How do social media/search engine platforms 'weight' elections?


>Election FRAUD cases OPEN - DOJ [many].

>MSM support +talking points

>Shift narrative


>THEY are terrified.

Understand, we are dealing with ACTIVE traitors, and (((shills))) who do this for a living, anons. There are many such 'firms' and 'companies' within beltway, and in virtually every capital of the world.

Social media and general astro-surfing 'atmosphere manufacturing' etc is REAL.

Learn to detach your emotions and think with your rational side.

There are those who DIRECTLY benefit from formenting doubt, illusions of power, etc.

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cd7c80 No.847717


Those scavengers will be here by Saturday night. We don't have the wall or even a fence that will keep them out. At least, not yet. If they rush the border they will overwhelm CBP.

66d922 No.847718


1-link 2site

2- what is the Y axis

3- what does this show (data input)

febb39 No.847719


The Jews driving the sheep…..lol. This President aint Obongo….he isnt a Jew puppet.

Those sad hordes of human flesh will never see Texas. Trump will stop them dead in their tracks and they will become Mexico's problem.

Mexico will feel what they have been giving America for so long….a huge mass of unwanted criminal rapist.

And Mexico will become even more unstable….the people will begin to get angry at the government….and some Trump allied Mexican Patriots….(and yes the Mexicans can have Patriots) will flip that Government and they will work WITH Trump in the future.

Do you Jews not understand what is happening yet? Your fucking done….ALL of it.

275840 No.847720


Hmm. The important is Red-pilling to the people. because Same. It's arising the New MSM., and at least, They must say something decent.

94bb64 No.847721


it is 3/31 now

01e41d No.847722

File: 8035a9eba02c36f⋯.jpg (196.31 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)


You're not that important ; )

a72f96 No.847723


Not following you, anon. Most of those are in the notables. I'm the one who pruned it to 10 + current.

Are you suggesting a link to your post? Nothing there links back to viewable links.

6acee4 No.847724

TY Baker!!

e70a86 No.847725

File: 721be390b2cf174⋯.png (1.23 MB, 950x647, 950:647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2f69f14bda3e8bb⋯.png (372.83 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

c7696a No.847727


For the sake of posterity.. I'd post this in at least one more thread before removing.

A. It's Good Friday

B. Anons alertness has been dampened today for whatever reason.

C. I don't have an opinion just hoping to give other anons the opportunity to have one.

Thank you, Baker.

c72175 No.847728

File: c797d8a5327cbb5⋯.png (953.11 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 3F677C21-06A9-43C1-A865-58….png)

54dce4 No.847729

File: 0b6cff459cd3219⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 474x248, 237:124, doug ford.jpg)


>until such open/robust systems exist, you do not want to start weaponizing the process of 8chan.

Too late.

90d28e No.847731

File: 99813dc38db6ac5⋯.jpg (575.57 KB, 2830x1718, 1415:859, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….jpg)

5605fb No.847732


seek alternate hobby

24e1ff No.847733

File: 0cfb9a71a4e0ea8⋯.jpeg (11.86 KB, 235x255, 47:51, pepeking1.jpeg)

a225b8 No.847734

Think my post got deleted for trying to post this

https:// youtu.be/Fcpc7TQxlNs

b4ddd5 No.847735


>Timewave Zero graphs

http:// www.fractal-timewave.com/

9d351a No.847736


no I'm suggesting a change in format to save vertical space

7ebbeb No.847737


No shit? I am absolutely surprised. Who could have seen this coming? I am in a state of absolute shock! That food product coming from China would be something other than what it's supposed to be. Hmmm I am absolutely beside myself…

edf707 No.847739


The hard part would be selecting the gun and ammo pairings.

6acee4 No.847740

MANY MANY Anon Patriots are convinced that AIM4Truth, sadly, has been penetrated by the Deep State, and is either unaware of the infection or being paid by them. Allegedly they have a “benefactor”… time to wonder WHO. In the past two weeks they have gne from logically progressed suggestion of facts to wildly radical accusations of wrong-doing. Their 3/30 video claims that Sessions is “a fixer” and equal to Uranium One. MUELLER was in charge during Uranium One. Also claims that the 12/21 EO was Sessions idea and a plan to copy “Obama’s slush fund habits with Holder”.

These People are Stupid~


30513b No.847741

Shills cleared out for incoming vip?

08eb15 No.847742

File: 4eb8ca537698726⋯.png (243.23 KB, 676x647, 676:647, groceries.png)

File: 1eee76b65481770⋯.jpg (26.53 KB, 360x206, 180:103, devalues.jpg)

5b3496 No.847743

Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Carry on…

f80fcb No.847744


I'm wondering how fast the military can throw up that wall.

I bet they do miles a day.

b04284 No.847745


Time zones then haha

24e1ff No.847746


we need to support her! red pill the world!!!

275840 No.847747


>And Mexico will become even more unstable….the people will begin to get angry at the government….and some Trump allied Mexican Patriots….(and yes the Mexicans can have Patriots) will flip that Government and they will work WITH Trump in the future.

For that Lack time. The Mexicans have a next Nazi for the presidency. Unless that He be overthrown.

878db9 No.847748

File: c0d3f1b21dea307⋯.png (532.19 KB, 602x904, 301:452, ClipboardImage.png)

Real tasty bread, Baker.

Thank you.

6acee4 No.847749


Benefactor to AIM4Truth?? Or is it just SOROS as usual~

Gregory L. Waldorf

Chief Executive Officer and Director, Invoice2go Corporation

Age Total Calculated Compensation This person is connected to 6 Board Members in 6 organization across 12 different industries.

See Board Relationships

49 –


Mr. Gregory L. Waldorf, also known as Greg, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Invoice2go Corporation. Mr. Waldorf served as the Chief Executive Officer of Destination-U Inc. He has a long history of involvement with leading technology businesses. Prior to joining Invoice2go Corporation, he served as the Chief Executive Officer-in-Residence of Accel from February 1, 2011. He served as an Advisor of Grovo Learning Inc. He served as an Advisor of LearnVest, Inc. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Charles River Ventures, where he drove significant global growth through an expansion to 15 countries worldwide. He was a Partner of CRVelocity (CRV). He served as the Chief Executive officer of eHarmony.com, Inc., (alternate name eHarmony, Inc.) from April 1, 2006 to January 18, 2011. Mr. Waldorf was a very active advisor and board member working closely with the founders of eHarmony, culminating in his appointment as Chief Executive officer in 2006. He is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur who has worked extensively with technology enabled growth companies. Through his many years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and investor, he has a strong understanding of the growth company lifecycle from the founding of a business all the way through the leadership challenges of building a high scale company. Mr. Waldorf spent more than 11 years working with eHarmony where he became its founding investor in 2000. He co-founded Destination-U. He was a Partner with Fayez Sarofim & Co. He served as a General Partner of Charles River Ventures. He invested in public technology companies with Pacific Edge Investment Management, LLC, where he served as an Analyst and leaded its Internet group. At Charles River, he focused on investments in e-commerce and Internet companies and in extending its CRVelocity Services(SM) initiative to entrepreneurs and early-stage companies. Mr. Waldorf started his career as a young entrepreneur by founding a software and consulting company before he started high school and he operated that business for eight years through his time in college. In the early days of the commercial Internet, he participated in several early companies including I/PRO and CMGI. He has been Chairman of the Board at Grovo Learning Inc. since July 17, 2013. Mr. Waldorf has been a Director of Charles River Ventures and Lockstar since January 25, 2012. He serves as a Director of Invoice2go Corporation and VivaReal. He serves on the Board of the John Wayne Cancer Institute at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica. Mr. Waldorf is on the Board of Overseers of The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University and Destination-U Inc. He served as a Director of Asimba Inc. He is on the Business Advisory Council of ProPublica. Previously, Mr. Waldorf was a founding member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Management Board. Mr. Waldorf has been a Director of The Lucky Group, Inc. (alternate name BeachMint, Inc). since January 25, 2012. He served as an Independent Director of Trulia, Inc. from January 25, 2012 to February 2015 and also served as its Lead Independent Director. He served as a Director of Zillow Group, Inc. from February 17, 2015 to June 15, 2016. He served as a Director of Liquid Engines, Inc., (alternate name ONESOURCE State Apportionment) and AvantGo, Inc. His entrepreneurial endeavors include being a Co-Founder of Startup. Mr. Waldorf has been cited on matters relating to investing and technology in the New York Times, San Jose Mercury News and BusinessWeek among other publications and he has made numerous broadcast appearances on CNBC. Mr. Waldorf holds an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Collapse Detail

SAUCE https:// www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=136890&privcapId=272701624

84e783 No.847750

File: 669e3ff5f2cac8a⋯.png (1.33 MB, 900x588, 75:49, Marina Abramovic.png)

Disgusting, evil wench

a72f96 No.847751


My plan is to ask this question in several threads before removing, so you first comment is

included. This is the third time it has come up. I will ask again at least two more times before

removing. Taking out HRC's name in the dough

was an easy decision about three or four breads ago. I didn't ask for that one.

1880d4 No.847752

File: 9f210de4f9932e3⋯.jpg (11.58 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 19a74602298d742c83cc2580b1….jpg)

94bb64 No.847753


yep time zones can be a pesky lot

ba32e4 No.847754


Let it go man. No one gives a rip about you except when you try to mold up the bread.

41f827 No.847755

File: b5629175076b474⋯.jpg (92.14 KB, 500x342, 250:171, 4e259d33e403ab5ceaec0721b1….jpg)


>Those scavengers will be here by Saturday night. We don't have the wall or even a fence that will keep them out. At least, not yet. If they rush the border they will overwhelm CBP.

Deploy the NG and MIL. They have to be turned back as much as it sucks and is inhumane. USA isn't here to pickup and fix other peoples messed up garbage dumps.

Also, on a more logical note if you let these people in then it becomes much harder to shut the gates on the next group. Both in making the decision as well as the opinion of the public. Once you open the gates, that's basically it.

5605fb No.847756


believe me, this is weaponized compared to the rest of the internet, but not nearly as weaponized as it could be.

9d351a No.847757


>Most of those are in the notables.

all of them, it's an exact listing of Notables in a slightly different format

c7696a No.847758


Only a 96% decrease in purchasing power…

Nothing to worry about

55f9c9 No.847759

File: dae193c3d30c13f⋯.jpg (132.38 KB, 750x400, 15:8, bar-feature-image.jpg)

4f0412 No.847760


AIM did not subvert your board retard.

Fake Q sabbotaged the legit Q.

873854 No.847761


There are 100 miles of wall already in place and those people marching towards the border will have to submit paperwork like everyone else and wait their turn once they are THOROUGHLY vetted. Could take a long time meanwhile Mexico can host them :)

edf707 No.847762


The only thing going down is your body when they drop the trapdoor on the gallows.

54dce4 No.847763



You sounds a lot like a concern troll that befriended me about 20 years ago and steered me off into a dead end. Turns out he had an agenda too.

Here, read this: >>>/pol/11101940

7a0159 No.847764


Michigan…. that explains it

94bb64 No.847765


don't mess with the bread

b33cdc No.847766

File: b958a686f0b5782⋯.png (645.29 KB, 789x625, 789:625, trumpstar1.png)

55f9c9 No.847767


Stormy and her asshole lawyer and going to get whacked, legally. Would not want to be in their shoes.

89d939 No.847768

File: c4f74104bf19bea⋯.png (259.06 KB, 734x230, 367:115, weree.PNG)

4f0412 No.847769


Our hobby is to sue your asses, take-down your retarded 8-chan board and then take-down your fake Q-larp, a criminal, claiming to be connected to Trump. F-You.

c7696a No.847770

File: 0b17c65d8e70081⋯.png (5.09 MB, 1600x1920, 5:6, Yoda_SWSB.png)


A wise baker, you are.

cd7c80 No.847771


Why are we importing shitty quality and fake food from China when we have so many struggling farmers here?

9712bd No.847772

File: fbc29850cc4ee8e⋯.gif (1.16 MB, 320x176, 20:11, hownottobeseen.gif)


somebody needs trolling and meming lessons…

41f827 No.847773


post more latina tits & ass

1a83b9 No.847774


Beware the (((shill baker))). Suppose passover is (((their))) time to go into over drive.

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

Recommend higher than usual alertness here. Obvious (((subversive tactics))) in progress.

84a72e No.847775


Well, now POTUS can really push for more funds diverted from other projects/agendas into the protection of NATIONAL SECURITY.

After all, he already declared the US in a National Emergency by EO.

66d922 No.847776


Rat is eaten in many countries. (India) But I guess now rat must taste like chicken. Where does one get 300,000 pounds of rat? That's alot of rat.

ac48ed No.847778

File: d0be4b8d99e2210⋯.png (929.64 KB, 1107x845, 1107:845, oct 27th.png)

This happened one day before Q started.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=egnI5_5EhOc

Mattis went unannounced to the North Korean border declaring a commitment to diplomacy and denuclearization of the korean peninsula

Next day Q begins posting? That's probably unrelated but cool

c045d2 No.847779

File: b37c2669a8baa4c⋯.png (252.38 KB, 538x535, 538:535, 1522452771211.png)

(((Advertiser))) Boycott

Who controls advertising?

Interpublic Group:

Michael I. Roth(Jew) – Chairman and Chief Executive Office

Frank Mergenthaler(Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Philippe Krakowsky(Jew) – Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Relations

Omnicom Group:

John D. Wren(White European) – President and Chief Executive Officer

Randall J. Weisenburger(Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Bruce Crawford(White European) – Chairman

Publicis Groupe:

Maurice Lévy(Jew) – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Élisabeth Badinter(Jew) – Chairman, Supervisory Board

Jean-Yves Naouri(Jew) – Chief Operating Officer

WPP Group:

Sir Martin Sorrell(Jew) – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Philip Lader(Jew) – Non-Executive Chairman

Orit Gadiesh(Jew) – Non-Executive Director

The Ad Council:

Peggy Conlon(White European) – President & Chief Executive Officer

Jon Fish(Jew) – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Leshinsky(Jew) – Executive Vice President, Development

Advertising Research Foundation:

Robert L. Barocci(White European) – President & Chief Executive Officer

Steve Coffey(White European) – Chairman

Bernard Bradpiece(Jew) – Treasurer

American Advertising Federation:

James Edmund Datri(White European) – President & Chief Executive Officer

Frank Cooper(Black) – Chairman, Executive Committee

Erik Lohmeier(Jew) – Chairman, Council of Governors

American Association of Advertising Agencies:

Nancy Hill(Jew) – President and Chief Executive Officer

Andy Fletcher(White European) – Secretary-Treasurer

Laura Bartlett(White European) – Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

American Marketing Association:

George Day(White European) – Chairman

Michael Kullman(Jew) – Chairman-Elect

Dave Reibstein(Jew) – Vice President of Finance; Secretary

Association of National Advertisers:

Rebecca Saeger(Jew) – Chairman

Robert D. Liodice(White European) – President and Chief Executive Officer

Christine Manna(White European) – Chief Operating Officer and Secretary

Council of Better Business Bureaus:

Stephen A. Cox(White European) – President and Chief Executive Officer

Alan L. Cohen(Jew) – General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Andrea C. Levine(Jew) – Senior Vice President and Director, National Advertising Division

Direct Marketing Association:

Lawrence M. Kimmel(Jew) – Chief Executive Officer

G. Steven Dapper(Jew) – Chairman

Glenn S. Eisen(Jew) – Treasurer

Susan D. Goodman(Jew) – Secretary

Interactive Advertising Bureau:

Randall Rothenberg(Jew) – President and Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Dolan(White European) – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

David Doty(Jew) – Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

International Advertising Association:

Alan Rutherford(Jew) – Chairman & World President

Michael Lee(Jew) – Executive Director

Sandy Kornberg(Jew) – Treasurer

Radio Advertising Bureau:

Louise “Weezie” Kramer(Jew) – Chairman

Scott Herman(Jew) – Vice Chairman

Jeff Haley(White European) – President and Chief Executive Officer


Of the forty-six(46) senior executives of the major advertising corporations and trade associations, thirty-one(31) are Jews.

60c9fd No.847780



a72f96 No.847781


Without a reason, it is an opinion. Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and to others,

they all stink. Support yours, or be ignored. The old pastebins are there if BO, BV, or others want

to go back to the old format.

For the record, I'm deleting nothing yet. I am asking for opinions with reasons right now. So,

here's your chance to affect the bread without baking yourself.

4f0412 No.847782



Laugh as much as you want idiot, and watch as the scumbag who doxed Thomas has his sox puppets sued out of house and home. Then we go after the true SES criminals and thugs. You are toast retards!!

30513b No.847783


Experimentation waste.

d8aa68 No.847784

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


https:// www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ot-sS1NfuIQ


Day 159.5. Just Spoke Doug Gabriel and Betsy

275840 No.847785


At least. I saw the Chinese Cannibalism and remove a few the trauma. but Still is Horrible, disgusting, macabre that it Exist the Cannibalism. And more of Marina.

54dce4 No.847786


>July 8, 2018

01e41d No.847787


Baker baker


Great find anon


dc01a9 No.847788

File: 1f2152a467c19bb⋯.mp4 (284.19 KB, 360x360, 1:1, Cute Toy.mp4)

5605fb No.847789


that's not me. i'm not trying to cause concern. i currently believe Q is legit and 8chan is an incredibly powerful tool to generate a [currently] unstoppable wave of truth that will overwhelm the opposition. my ONLY point is that the function of 8chan could be multiplied many times with known methods and that humanity isn't quite ready for it until we have platforms (hardware and software) that are much, much more difficult for asshats like the cabal to compromise. that's a statement, not something I think anyone should be concerned about.

55f9c9 No.847790


Waldorf Schools are the worst, faggiest, new-age, mush-minded bullshit ever. Johnny is 10, cant read, but gets a participation trophy. That costs $36K per anuum. Yes, Waldorf Schools are THAT faggoty.

6bb401 No.847791

File: 8d802cad3b482be⋯.png (16.8 KB, 255x255, 1:1, comfy.png)

Anyone hear anything new on the Julian Assange deal? Checked twatter, neither he nor Snow have tweeted since the 27. Makes me wonder if they are preparing a huge wiki dump

9d351a No.847792


You are doing the correct thing BAKER anon

even if you trim that section it is backed up


f80fcb No.847793


So, what's on the disc teased by her lawyer?

Be a real kick if it was Hillary's video.

Why isn't the MSM clamoring for it? Or are they?

I wouldn't know. I don't listen to liars or support them.

b7c1c9 No.847795

Their Anti-Gentilism amazes me to no end.

But POTUS must be very careful to never "call out the Jew", even if he "cleans the Zionists". He needs to go at "CRIMINALS" and never reveal they are collaborating as leaders of the cabal.

IF that information was to be made public, it would be cause for screaming about him being like Hitler (assuming the official Hitler narrative of course).

So I get why he will never call out the "synagogue of Satan" for what it really is.

But the end result will be a world with them out of control. (there is no dispute they are/were in control during all the mess.)

End will be glorious!


Passover 2018 began in the evening of Friday, March 30

and ends in the evening of Saturday, April 7

(days are very symbolic!)

8ff4ae No.847796


I have no objection to their removal now.

God bless, you are doing a mighty job tonight Baker.

16ec9b No.847797



55f9c9 No.847798


Looks like Gramma Betsy told him to stop playing Glowfag on the puter and go to bed.

1880d4 No.847799

File: 8a5f801f0aa8b7d⋯.png (317.29 KB, 600x399, 200:133, ClipboardImage.png)

a72f96 No.847800


I appreciate your comment. I am watching intently, and am making no severe changes without

consideration and other anons' input. I can spot a shill, but it's possible I'll make a mistake.

I'd appreciate if you and other beneficent anons watched over the responses to make sure

I don't fukk anything up.

4f0412 No.847801


You are correct Thomas. Let´s take these M-Fckrs down.


No that applies to your fake Q retard. We is gonna take down your fake Q big-time you idiots!!

1a83b9 No.847802

File: 5ba2796e79d79ea⋯.jpeg (18.5 KB, 252x255, 84:85, GREATactors.jpeg)



Two immediate responses to a last bread posts.

(((kikery))) is coordinated, and obvious now.


5605fb No.847803


you are going to sue me? that'll be easy to defend against since i have not broken any laws.

84e783 No.847804


>Why are we importing shitty quality and fake food from China when we have so many struggling farmers here?

Part os 'their' plan to turn America into a 3rd world shithole!

d8aa68 No.847805

File: 947af489eadd0ef⋯.png (505.16 KB, 783x616, 783:616, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: c5f18616bebfe40⋯.png (632.64 KB, 1066x638, 533:319, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

same. graphic. designer.

3d93bd No.847806




Hilo… Hilo… Wasn't there something we touched upon before that was tied to Hilo (high school)? There *could* be something there…

1a83b9 No.847807


Do not remove, period.

98bc9d No.847808

Before Roseanne ever mentioned Q I remember seeing posts that Roseanne was on our side & Taylor Swift too. Half right so far. TS is on deck.

01e41d No.847809

File: 25c2f696883b269⋯.jpg (196.27 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)


>We is gonna


7e99f9 No.847810

File: e5e74c7b1731491⋯.png (208.14 KB, 434x360, 217:180, 1522474060093.png)

Oh, you think acting is your ally? But you merely adopted acting I was born with it, molded by it.

a72f96 No.847811


Noted. Will be in next bread. Thank you!

a788b9 No.847812


>first we'll sue some random anon, THEN we'll go after the cabal.

Sure seems like you've got your priorities straight..

a5a4e6 No.847813


junior made me buy that damn bunny

4f0412 No.847814


See this also Thomas:













54dce4 No.847815


41 years of military tech for every year of consumer. I've seen what the public would term UFOs too. My family, turns out, is MI and spooky, so your typical tricks don't work. (FWIW I think you really are a writer because you're lazy no-caps, used to an editor correcting.)

16ec9b No.847816


Fuckery with us and her

5605fb No.847817


If it can be shown in court that this is an organized attempt to affect the operation of public consent in government to the point of controlling government, these organizations are in a world of hurt under the current EOs.

66d922 No.847818


who is feeding, sheltering, transporting, and watering this hoard of people? Or are they like dindus and just steal along the way?

c045d2 No.847819


Isnt that the Globalist intent.


George still travelling country on Mossad money. Gives shoutout to AIM frauds. Am I missing something?

d8aa68 No.847820

File: cc49735f76ce640⋯.png (19.6 KB, 411x93, 137:31, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)


my bad anons, didn't see that AIM was featured in capture

either way… spooks gonna spook.

1a83b9 No.847821

File: b7cef28df4397d1⋯.jpeg (33.95 KB, 474x467, 474:467, galacticpepe.jpeg)


(((your kind))) can't meme, period. Seriously, this (((bitch))) is the REASON why you keep FAILING.

>These people are STUPID.

b7c1c9 No.847822


MY hobby is to blow farts up your nose with sealed anus to your face contact…

Who do you think will have more success with your hobby?

(don't sleep with your face up!)

c7dbc4 No.847823


i don't care in the slightest if you want to include it or not, (((most prestigious baker)))

It's new information, or at the very least, it's information that I haven't seen yet, and that i'd wager hasn't been brought up for a while).

This isn't fucking fagbook, there's no likes and no ego here. Dig if you want, or don't.

7ebbeb No.847824


Remember? They signed a trade deal where we sent them whole chicken and they would send it back butchered because it could be done cheaper. Sounds to me like this was the intent the whole time. Probably an insurance scam. Chicken gets sent there. ( profit) Rat gets sent back, claim scammed, collect insurance. (Profit)

ab75e5 No.847825


Truth is truth. It will always win in the end. It cannot be contained

55f9c9 No.847826


Looks like threatfag got to LAIMfag. It's over, kiddo.

Or Gramma Betsy told him to stop playing CIA on the puter and go to bed.

dc01a9 No.847827

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ff4ae No.847828


Nice find. Autism is afoot ;)

God bless.

5605fb No.847830


behold, gentlefaggots! AIM has shown their true priorities! "forget the cabal….let's whine about some random faggot on the internet!"

275840 No.847831


A question. The graphics can be different? and that it depends of a lot of factors?.

878db9 No.847832

File: c5963262526d316⋯.png (612.6 KB, 750x500, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

7e99f9 No.847833


>not recognizing baneposting

What the fuck

d8aa68 No.847834



1a83b9 No.847835



Seriously, this tiny little provocation is worth the (((shilling))) effort tonight?

1500 is the number we fucking get in a WEEK during hussein administration.

FF/Distractions incoming.

Anons, be on your guard.

c045d2 No.847836

File: 77bbecdc690fe97⋯.jpg (136.17 KB, 1024x741, 1024:741, sorospzza69656569565695rir….jpg)


It cant be proved for shit. Theres plenty of other stuff to get Soros on. I just thought it was interesting.

01e41d No.847837


"By way of deception thou shalt do war"

Look for the group behind the proxies.

d8f2a7 No.847838


>>847759 I 2nd this anon. Pick up your BAR and fire away.

54dce4 No.847839



Hogg as Bane is funny, anon. Stolen.

9ddc8c No.847840


It’s Hebrew year, we are now in 5778= 2018, 5774=2014.

a72f96 No.847841


"Period?" OK. I'll put that in the "remove it next bread" column," azzhat. No support, lose your vote.

b7c1c9 No.847842


Anti-Goyimism at it's best!


55f9c9 No.847843


Top shelf Kek

7a0159 No.847845

File: 7551a578cf3943c⋯.png (317.41 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Coordinated_Effort_to_Sile….png)

f80fcb No.847846


You'd think with 450 geniuses backing him up, he'd know better than to post anything on the net he doesn't want to relinquish control of…

450 geniuses couldn't figure that out.

These people ARE stupid.

4f0412 No.847847


O.K. we will do both simultaneously.



user ID# eec77a = the sorry ass that illegally posted the Thomas pictures.



873854 No.847848


Be sure to tell the Cuntclave to let the judge know that all that information is in the public domain and that Doug was publicly doxxing himself on almost all of his famefag videos….

1befb1 No.847849

If James Woods had sex with Roseanne, their child would be a bald eagle.

42e0fa No.847850


I think we should deploy some military-grade sonic nauseators. The whole damn mob will drop to their knees.

55f9c9 No.847851


A Mexican Revolution. Did you know Pepe is part Mexican?

cc9074 No.847852


Thanks. I'm still trying to figure out what the update from 2012 to 7/8/2018, BUT, even losing track of the time wave some time ago, I did presume a delay, and have seen the 6 year delay in action as of late:

Oct 28, 2011 alternate end date

Oct 28, 2017 Q appears

Dec 21, 2012 predicted end date

Dec 21, 2018 Human Rights & Corruption EO

Any ideas re: July 8 2018 for you?

a72f96 No.847853


You misunderstand… I want to include it. You need to make it more clear in a single post, so

that those who hover to check it can see everything. Please, make my job easier by doing

some of the work yourself.

c7696a No.847854


This one here goes out

to all my ANONS out there, man


I'm so lonely

I have no Anons

To call help me diggggg

So i'm all on my ownnnn

I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

I have no Anons

To call help me diggggggggg

54dce4 No.847855


Someone is deathly afraid. They're using techniques that, well, you'll find out.

4f0412 No.847856


That will be for the judge to decide fcking idiots!

e40537 No.847857

AIM shills sure are stupid.

Post #847105 (no link because fuck them getting a (you))

They think, despite the total US national debt being around $21 trillion, some Indonesian has $25,000 trillion that got stolen by the cabal? KEK

84e783 No.847858


New York?


55f9c9 No.847859


Somebody shoot this bitch.

52ed17 No.847860



nxivm = mexico


nxivm = banco de mexico


nxivm washes thru banco de mexico



1a83b9 No.847861


Coordinated indeed.

(((they))) WILL be throwing every tactic they got at us - bread fuckery, messing with contents of notables, bread links to war room and others, etc.

(((shill))) bakers, (((concern fags))), (((deception fags))) ANYTHING.

Be ready, anons.

cc9074 No.847862


>Dec 21, 2018 2017

275840 No.847863

I'm nervous., Those Graphics reflect something sinister about September and November.. :(

cd7c80 No.847864


Outside the pretty parts of the big cities China is a HUGE shithole..full of rats. They make meals out of rats there. Makes sense that they should raise them and sell them to us dumbass Americans since we love to let everyone dump their shit on us.

878db9 No.847865


>Where does one get 300,000 pounds of rat?

Langley, VA

5605fb No.847867


>I've seen what the public would term UFOs too.

i never said i saw them. i implied they exist and that few know how they work. that is all.

i write differently here than i do for formal consumption, which should not surprise anyone here.

dc01a9 No.847868

File: b62cd16fe4f4bd9⋯.png (2.11 MB, 897x900, 299:300, ClipboardImage.png)


The graphs supposedly track novelty vs tradition by date ranges

>This timewave calculator was written by Peter Meyer in November 2011 and revised in December 2012. It does not support zooming in and out or calculation of higher and lower major and trigrammatic resonances. For these you need to use the Fractal Time program, which is on the CD-ROM and the USB flash drive. To see the timewave(s) for the entire 1995-2012 period (with the 2012 zero date) click here. As regards the choice of 2018-07-08 as the zero date, see The Zero Date Reconsidered. Note that a descent of the timewave corresponds to an increase in novelty (or more exactly, in novelty's getting the upper hand over habit, at least temporarily).

http:// www.fractal-timewave.com/timewave_calculator.php

873854 No.847869

File: a6fe742bcb1d204⋯.jpg (48.56 KB, 453x892, 453:892, a6fe742bcb1d204800dc4fa378….jpg)

6bafc0 No.847870

File: 2178565321f303a⋯.jpg (336.4 KB, 764x1024, 191:256, mirrored-queen.jpg)

File: 9be7fbd57e24f03⋯.png (159.88 KB, 379x317, 379:317, wormhole.png)



08eb15 No.847871


Pepe Earthers

c9cd7f No.847872


I think white lists might end up being needed and we’ll all be namefags lol.

275840 No.847873


Yep, but it's Center-America. A swamp of Drugs and MS-13. it's more easy a Revolution in Venezuela and Colombia than Mexico, Just say it.

24e1ff No.847874


oic so the video was from 2014. Maybe has to do with the email scandal which was fresh in that timeline.

89d939 No.847875

File: 4e83e7c9f614766⋯.png (188.69 KB, 403x418, 403:418, haha.PNG)

c72175 No.847876

File: 649c73ee4862de4⋯.png (686.27 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, AC111688-E43A-47BE-8BD3-75….png)

a5a4e6 No.847877


drunkanon, go to bed and be ready to get back to work in the morning.


55f9c9 No.847878


Is that you, Stormy?

febb39 No.847879


Is Rat a word they are using to not freak us out more? Is it not Rat but human?

They want us eat human flesh to do something spiritually to us? Fuck with our souls?

Fuck that.

1a83b9 No.847880


If the overall flow is anything to go by, I can make some good guesses. Most of them are all rational/logical ones anyway.

4f0412 No.847881


Of course we are. Thomas will sue the sox off of those who doxed him.

8ff4ae No.847882


It shouldn'y be hard to write a couple of lines telling what piqued your interest in the email anon. Baker's job is stressful enough, don't make it any harder for him. Please?

God bless.

30513b No.847883

File: 8f220b0b182594f⋯.jpeg (73.13 KB, 540x720, 3:4, hellNaw.jpeg)

6bafc0 No.847884

File: 01a0e29cba80edb⋯.gif (214.07 KB, 219x257, 219:257, 01a0e29cba80edb38078294cea….gif)

54a727 No.847885

d0ef59 No.847886

Consider Douglas Gabriel (Thomas Paine) of AIM has claimed for years that he was brought the original script of Star Wars by Lucas's wife.

He took a shitty script and turned Star Wars into what it is today. He says it was originally a musical and journey seen through the eyes of R2D2 and C3PO.

He also claims to made the Indiana Jones scripts into what they are.

I wonder if any of that is true.

He is a storyteller and understands story. But WTF timeline are we living in fam?

https:// vimeo.com/150449480

7e99f9 No.847887

File: e7b53bda6ea9955⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 205x246, 5:6, 1522473805823.jpg)

873854 No.847888


That's what happens when you wanna be a famefag….

01e41d No.847889

File: 2015a8e23a1a312⋯.png (245.11 KB, 643x537, 643:537, 7235878e276853c952714a1059….png)


You really must be new here.

You're in way over your head kiddo.

b7c1c9 No.847890


Me thinks that it begins something "symbolic"…

The season is here for Matzah - not the kind of bread we bake here…

Also: I never considered the Hebrew dates in decoding anything of Q… hmmm….

ab75e5 No.847891

File: 87f0bea31f897fe⋯.jpg (764.02 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, venusFT.jpg)



Nice little ditty. What you diggin' on, my man?

d8aa68 No.847892

File: 5af236213e994df⋯.png (171.83 KB, 626x329, 626:329, reticle.png)

File: 17af684085585e1⋯.jpg (135.11 KB, 1183x665, 169:95, comeatmebr0.jpg)



my ID in this thread is d8aa68, faggots.

99dc5c No.847893


Wait, the True Pundit Thomas Paine, or is this someone else?

4f0412 No.847894

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)



Really you faggots. Nice try to cover your ass and ass of your fake Q.

5605fb No.847895


not in a normal court, but we have yet to see how POTUS/MIL is going to deal with military tribunals. they are essentially attacking a non-standard external enemy and may have the military justification to bypass all of the civilian safeguards. for example, they may be able to use all NSA collection in the tribunal exactly as they would with a formal external military.

it'll be interesting to see how far they go with this. i'm hopeful.

54a727 No.847896

File: 01f26d77ca17504⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 255x163, 255:163, 0a1ecf3ad2786abdc342daf141….jpg)

6bafc0 No.847897

File: 49caf87695bc83c⋯.jpg (84.95 KB, 480x809, 480:809, 49caf87695bc83c04de569045b….jpg)



i feel sorry for you and your butthurt that was invited on you from an early age, from people who should be your caregivers..

soz for that mate

i will pray for your soul

edf707 No.847898

Did some looking into AIM.

Here's their whois.

https:// whois.easycounter.com/aim4truth.org

Domains By Proxy is a pretty shady outfit.

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domains_by_Proxy

"Domains By Proxy is also used by a number of organizations such as Clearance.co that target vulnerable individuals by sending threatening psychic letters, such as zodiac-services.com, and fake drug companies such as the now-defunct uk-online-pharmacy.com."

01e41d No.847900

File: 4c844559491be75⋯.jpg (196.22 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)


bye ; )

6bafc0 No.847901

9712bd No.847902

File: 80560079a2b6b7a⋯.gif (2.4 MB, 465x200, 93:40, ohnoes.gif)

5a090c No.847903

File: 3b18224b076e1fc⋯.png (5.46 KB, 240x159, 80:53, Qs.png)


now why would someone want to take down 8chan?

873854 No.847904


I can't wait to watch Doug spend his life savings trying to sue….

1a83b9 No.847905

File: db5193c65c2c7b0⋯.jpg (215.06 KB, 937x960, 937:960, alinsky.jpg)

File: c3b344c7e516890⋯.jpeg (733.27 KB, 2732x2048, 683:512, beyondblueyonder.jpeg)


Add this one to the weak (((shill))) list.



5605fb No.847906


>These people ARE stupid.

yes and their number is fewer and fewer. you'd think they'd bug out like the rest of them have.

4f0412 No.847907



You are way over your head fag. So is your fake Q. The conclave is going to take you down and wipe your ass!!

3d93bd No.847908

File: 2a26a033048c6ed⋯.jpg (38.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 80d6f5cbb78b0c221b068838e5….jpg)




7ebbeb No.847909

54a727 No.847911

File: 5878b210512880f⋯.jpg (13.49 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 7bbeaa8f2abfad4d929c286970….jpg)

55f9c9 No.847912


LAIMfag has a billion genius lawyers on his team. Those geniuses inform him that posting pictures of his autistic rent-a-kids on the interweb is a bad CRIME. Very bad.

LAIMfag's lawyers are geniuses.

873854 No.847913

File: 45ed074e5a7636a⋯.jpg (25.39 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1520061822037.jpg)

cc9074 No.847914



What happened in that time frame (btwn Sept & Nov 2017)? Q.

Think mirror, where the decline actually = increased novelty…

Well, Q definitely brought novelty, and it's only increasing as we go. What you're seeing is GREAT, was predicted to happen approx 5 years earlier than it actually did (all of the Dec 21, 2012 hype, was actually Dec 21 2017, the Human Abuse & Corruption EO, a novelty, hadn't been done before)

61e3f6 No.847915

File: d1fc2f3d10c0144⋯.jpeg (907.5 KB, 1242x1921, 1242:1921, 2C324AC2-BC10-4B22-9974-1….jpeg)

has everyone read the big hit piece on Roseanne, and really … Q, in the beast?

24e1ff No.847916


a72f96 No.847917


Thanks. You are speaking the truth. We bakers try to do this right, but we are human, apparently

unlike our detractors.

d8aa68 No.847918

File: 5af236213e994df⋯.png (171.83 KB, 626x329, 626:329, reticle.png)

File: 8d24fdb573a872a⋯.png (56.78 KB, 416x378, 208:189, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: 17af684085585e1⋯.jpg (135.11 KB, 1183x665, 169:95, comeatmebr0.jpg)


Once Again,

54a727 No.847919

File: c4e061d682ba16f⋯.jpg (69.4 KB, 620x900, 31:45, ct2.jpg)

6bafc0 No.847920

File: 9f417a43524f63a⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)


golden keks from this thread alone

lmao lmao

>lmao we deserve this win

55f9c9 No.847921


If Taylor S needs to be fuckpilled, I'm willing to try.

7e99f9 No.847922

File: 17e79e63225212a⋯.jpg (147.6 KB, 734x1029, 734:1029, 1522474838789.jpg)

89d939 No.847923

File: 9b50bd8db730731⋯.png (378.96 KB, 401x493, 401:493, o;pghpo.PNG)


Oh Hobby, so this was premeditated on your part, oh good cause i just saved that, also if you plan to get ip addresses of anyone here that's an invasion of privacy, and the words TAKE DOWN sounds like a physical fatal threat. Shall we keep playing?

a5a4e6 No.847924


not the same

84e783 No.847925


Nothing these evil bastards do would surprise me, Anon!

4f0412 No.847926


Your numbers will be fewer and fewer as we continue to expose your sorry asses.


He will not need to. The Conclave will pay for it.


CM clown comped.


No, that is what happens when your sorry ass fake Q wants to be a fame-fag idiot.

a9f491 No.847927

print "Hey guys what's i[

3d93bd No.847928


No - True Pundit is /ourguy/

This other guy is a fraud and got called out by Q. They are shitting cows.

9d351a No.847929


that might be grumpy

01e41d No.847930

File: 0949a5412f83ad3⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 273x205, 273:205, MISSEDYOURMARK.jpg)


You'll be left behind and forgotten.

You failed, remember?

We do.

febb39 No.847931


Wow amazing Camel toe. I love it.

b76c9f No.847932


If Jewish date correlations of podesta emails aren't admissable to entertain in relation to a q post containing the same reference number… Then it's quite possible much could go unseen by closed minds.

Understand the mind, culture of the adversary.

7e99f9 No.847933

a95b22 No.847934

What a great Friday night after all where Doug doxxed himself….

275840 No.847935


hmm.., I don't know but those graphics spinechilling. it's as if there a omen very gray for the second stretch. Maybe the C_A use those algorithms for to do the FF and the next plays agaisnt The Mr. Trump.

The good is that We know the posibilities of a moment of other, and so,, Change the future. :)

ba32e4 No.847936


American "Intelligence" Media Paine, NOT True Pundit Thomas Paine.

8ae0d4 No.847937


NXIVM washing through Mexico- weekly. Not sure if it’s via bank directly or one of the hundreds of shell companies Nancy Salzman has. There is an article I read yesterday about this. I need to cipher through the lot.

Just clicked with the Q dropped.

4f0412 No.847938


Sunshine is already logging your IP idiot!

cc9074 No.847940


Yep. Great ain't it? The harder they hit, the worse it will be for them.

1a35dd No.847941

File: 7335fc8261934fe⋯.png (285.46 KB, 657x438, 3:2, image.png)

On Jan 28 POTOS does interview with Piers but all any one can talk about is the Presidents glass of WATER?

Piers Morgan reveals Donald Trump employs a water monitor to make sure his drink isn’t POISONED

The presenter revealed on Instagram that Trump has a trusted member of his entourage buy all his water for him to thwart would-be assassins

https:// www.thesun.co.uk/news/5463261/piers-morgan-donald-trump-water-monitor-drink-poisoned/

2 days later POTUS raises glass to to Dems at SOTU with that Wiley smirk of his.

Next day Q says that if we can find what's really on the doctored image of cellphone it would go viral.

What if they were trying to poison POTUS right there.

What if there was cellphone comms about it during SOTU.

I don't think this was ever resolved.

5605fb No.847942

File: 0b2d147a0132642⋯.png (193.2 KB, 460x332, 115:83, c45d862dcf85871a7003ab635c….png)

4f0412 No.847943


Neither are the legit original Thomas Paine. Anyone can use the name.

3e5f87 No.847944


spent 3 and a half years in costa rica, traveled to nicaragua a lot and Guatemala once, always by bus with the everyday people. what I notice:

–the clothing looks clean and new. have they been given these clothes?

–many of the ladies are wearing flip-flops,they'll never make it in those things

8ff4ae No.847945


It can be a thankless job Baker. Anons have your back. You're doing Yeoman's service tonight and deserve backup ;)

41f827 No.847946

File: a2eca025047665e⋯.jpg (121.67 KB, 728x567, 104:81, 1519084371754.jpg)


Hahaha holy smokes . Well at least Roseanne didn't go out talking about Passover and child sacrifice blood drinking rituals. Might have been worse than crossing the my grandfather died at Auschwitz camp story.

ac48ed No.847947



thank you anons! at your service!

a72f96 No.847948

Either reply to this, or put "baker" in your post if you see anything to be added to bread.

Important Baker Post

d8aa68 No.847949

File: 6867c202a6125b9⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 418.9 KB, 452x460, 113:115, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

3d93bd No.847950

File: 236da60f82d436d⋯.jpg (54.38 KB, 680x504, 85:63, sf98g980sf7dg897sf6dg8976b.jpg)


KEK! The "Conclave"

And you say *we* are a cult? MMMMokay - fekkin' KEK

6c81ae No.847951


I read an article a few months back about some black legislator in Philadelphia wants the Asians that run corner stores to remove the bulletproof glass that keeps them safe behind the counter. It would be suicide for them to do this, and the Asian shopkeepers are being called racists for fighting against it. Of course the legislator that drafted the bill is a black woman.

b7c1c9 No.847952


Satan's High Priestess… Getting a few boners…

What's to see??

(sick braindead soulless look on her face too!)

24e1ff No.847953

Q said 1-2 days to fix /GA/ this is …… 1.5? 2?

4f0412 No.847954

File: 192fa14907bbb75⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 482x256, 241:128, KillYourselfFaggot_.jpg)

55f9c9 No.847955


Threatfag is onto LAIMfag. It's over, kiddo.

54a727 No.847956


gotta love the lawfags

30513b No.847957

File: 327464da568e027⋯.jpg (48.15 KB, 720x534, 120:89, lil_bitch_on_a_bike.jpg)

98bc9d No.847958


Tweet something, apologize, shed light on few people know about human trafficking, dip stage right.

Well done!

4f0412 No.847959

File: 524ce4f5d1ff269⋯.jpg (67.55 KB, 750x600, 5:4, kill_yourself_by_lamont_na….jpg)

f80fcb No.847960


These assholes are helping us wake more and more people up.

They really are just dumber than a box of rocks.

Never seen anything like it.

89d939 No.847961


And the boards and Q have everything…idiot!

1880d4 No.847962


Look MF, there is not one person on here that gives 2 shits about Thomas PainInTheAss.

Love, 1880d4

PS: Tell your SES/NSA/WTF client that he should not post his shit on Social Media or anywhere on the internet for that matter.


9712bd No.847963


Oh, wow, you really, genuinely think you're going somewhere, don't you?

Would you like someone to make YOU a 'hobby'?

82e4be No.847964


kek. If you couldn't tell I'm not actually Thomas Paine. sorry for sliding. dunno why the full-time shill picked up on my inane babble

1a83b9 No.847965

File: 25995e9077bab94⋯.png (67.84 KB, 257x315, 257:315, BOOM.png)


Confirmed, this one is a continuous (((shill team))) member.

For shit's sake, they don't even know how to do this right anymore.


75831a No.847966


>the ones that call themselves jews but are not


>synagogue of satan


Never forget

(((they))) have infiltrated every organization

cc9074 No.847967


ALL publicity, is good publicity. People that had no clue, now they do. They either believe the article on face value, or dig further into it for themselves, ESPECIALLY fans of Rosanne. How many of them will just take this as hate for her renewed success and defend her (and by extension, anything she's promoting) based on that? ALL publicity, is good publicity.

4f0412 No.847968

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)

f526ae No.847969

File: f4c2fa4d16df227⋯.png (42.96 KB, 635x202, 635:202, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't see the word days here.

8ff4ae No.847970

File: 4176201b88d174d⋯.jpg (373.43 KB, 705x800, 141:160, ByeByeBushSnr.jpg)


One for your collection anon.

a65554 No.847971

File: 4309ab28a4c7fd0⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 240x320, 3:4, Chunk-the-goonies-393223_2….jpg)





55f9c9 No.847972


A threatfag target NEVER makes it to court. It's over, kiddo.

4f0412 No.847974

File: 192fa14907bbb75⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 482x256, 241:128, KillYourselfFaggot_.jpg)

f80fcb No.847975


Q said 1-2

He said nothing about whether that was minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years.

3d93bd No.847976

File: d16f84d6df9fc26⋯.png (1.98 KB, 240x147, 80:49, Your_Bullshit.png)

61e3f6 No.847977


that cannot bereal. I call BS. sauce or gtfo

cc9074 No.847978


True anon. ALL publicity, is good publicity. You'd think that they'd know this by now

41f827 No.847979

File: 8b4546ebf8b0aec⋯.jpg (18.6 KB, 375x333, 125:111, 8b4546ebf8b0aec80dc269e58a….jpg)


yea ok

go knock yourself silly bitch

dont forget to clean up after yourself

you must have been one of those bitch cunts who got wasted of 3 beers and then proceeded to puke and shit everywhere at the party

9712bd No.847980

File: 4120b11d35e65a8⋯.gif (1.31 MB, 320x240, 4:3, bigmaclargehuge.gif)


He's coming right at us!!

275840 No.847981


hmm., Maybe it's that We have the Decline in those Months until November and December.

4f0412 No.847982

File: c3383df2e8f56d6⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 596x479, 596:479, UFailedQ.jpg)


You do not know what you are talking about little baby clown.

24e1ff No.847983



94bb64 No.847984


are you..

are you..

coming to the tree?

Strange things are happenin'

5605fb No.847985


go rosanne! she's just broadcasting the hell out of the narrative!

c7696a No.847986


Roger, Roger. Goodnight Anon.


I'm/was digging on this little lady right here… >>844006

Intuition aka The Force is leading the way. But my girlfriend just got grumpy and told me you all will be here tomorrow. Duty calls ;)


Mockingjay out!

1a83b9 No.847987


https:// www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP75-00001R000100050017-4.pdf

Be sure to check out the library section of the clown agency for relevant info pertaining to ALL cases being listed on Q drops.

>We have more than we know

6c81ae No.847988


Look it up fag, why would I lie about it?.

c045d2 No.847989

File: 3284951f30e6f86⋯.jpg (24.8 KB, 480x491, 480:491, 1522051902016.jpg)


No Address no Ph no house pic L2Internet.


We might have to cover our asses around Douglas the Jesuit pedo. What do your experts and Anonymous leet haxxors think of that?

3d93bd No.847991

File: 1552b70fd64a72f⋯.jpg (50.15 KB, 540x405, 4:3, s7f9d86gs9d87g6d87gf.jpg)

55f9c9 No.847992


Brian Williams' grandfather also died at Auschwitz and was a CIA Mk ultra victim in the 1950s.

4f0412 No.847993

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)

File: c3383df2e8f56d6⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 596x479, 596:479, UFailedQ.jpg)

d8aa68 No.847995

File: f51864b6007b8b1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1349x818, 1349:818, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

275840 No.847997


For something. The Latinas have theirs

f80fcb No.847998


You should go get your own sauce.

It made the news a few months ago.

I bet even Google has it, dumb as they are. They can't even run Youtube.

Perhaps they're just stretched too thin. Must be pretty cloudy there at Google, storing all that data on every man woman and child in the world.

Do you think Ancestry.com stores all that DNA they collect in the Google cloud?

5605fb No.847999

File: 93fdb394ba2cb60⋯.jpg (32.43 KB, 500x443, 500:443, mad.jpg)

087207 No.848000


At this point, our only chance of surviving against the marxist jews is to convert all fema camps into internment camps. It must be done now or else they will kill us all.

dc01a9 No.848001


Supposedly it should be something big and new happening April 3-4. After that it climbs up and drops back down a few times throughout May and June, and finally spirals out into uncharted depths of novelty in July. Supposedly.

>Note that a descent of the timewave corresponds to an increase in novelty (or more exactly, in novelty's getting the upper hand over habit, at least temporarily).

093906 No.848002

>follow the wives



What are Melania and Ivanka doing in plain sight?

What agreements can they make "unofficially"?

As much as we adore the angelic FLOTUS, could it be she is indeed angelic?

Maybe their paths/actions are where Q is pointing us?

41f827 No.848003


>Thomas PainInTheAss.

Are you saying

That Tomas DaAsspained

Is a wee bit butthurt?

4f0412 No.848004

File: 6cb1e1917054122⋯.jpg (738.61 KB, 1750x2500, 7:10, new-red-clown-wig-zoom.jpg)

89d939 No.848005

File: 9c2a8e6c794e0d8⋯.png (37.09 KB, 609x500, 609:500, haahaa.PNG)


You're starting to ooze libtard, please don't get that shit on me,thanks

7a0159 No.848006

File: 7551a578cf3943c⋯.png (317.41 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Coordinated_Effort_to_Sile….png)

6d7985 No.848007


Trail of tacos

3d1177 No.848008

File: c4e164409a4b847⋯.png (38.14 KB, 269x304, 269:304, 7Gaxnaeeyfkpo78FRSds9o.png)

11776d No.848009

File: 1d5d2728f388f11⋯.jpg (102.46 KB, 604x750, 302:375, warriorunamed.jpg)

Welcome - no test flight

55f9c9 No.848010


Does Gramma Betsy know you are threatfagging on her puter when you should be in bed?

1a83b9 No.848011


Trips of foundation CHECKED.

Also, reminder that this is progressing lightening fast:

https:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/28/documents-suggest-possible-coordination-between-cia-fbi-obama-wh-and-dem-officials-early-in-trump-russia-probe-investigators.html

hussein and clown agencies colluding to subvert american politics is REAL MSM news now.

Expect downfalls.

d3aafc No.848012


http:// memoryholeblog.org/2018/03/30/dc-police-march-for-our-lives-planning-preceded-parkland-fl-shooting-by-several-months/

5605fb No.848013



ac48ed No.848015

File: ca0165444850fb1⋯.png (372.45 KB, 720x788, 180:197, 1522452855798.png)

4f0412 No.848016

File: 192fa14907bbb75⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 482x256, 241:128, KillYourselfFaggot_.jpg)

1a83b9 No.848017




e90a03 No.848019


http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/03/30/hillary-clintons-25g-for-rutgers-speech-was-less-than-school-paid-snooki.html

cc9074 No.848020


That is exactly why! I haven't looked into this timewave in a few years ans am still catching up in another tab, I do recall the basics though. Many said "end of the world" in 2012, but never looked into what "world" was ending (too often confused with the end of Earth). The end of the cabal's world, is what I deduced then, and it's becoming even more apparent now that it's the case. When people scream about no happenings, it only shows me that they have no idea what's actually happening ;)

7e99f9 No.848021


https:// www.google.com/amp/www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/14/philadelphia-city-council-approves-bill-to-remove-bulletproof-glass-from-storefronts.amp.html?espv=1

55f9c9 No.848022


LAIMfag's grandfather was killed at Auschwitz and was an CIA MK Ultra victim in the 1950s. I saw it on the internet.

4f0412 No.848023

File: 2a27ba56d660f74⋯.jpg (436.77 KB, 914x1280, 457:640, ANGRY_CLOWN_MASK_GREEN_WHI….jpg)

5605fb No.848024

File: 2972383a9c58bb9⋯.jpg (6.32 KB, 232x217, 232:217, 6c9d125c319ad219832d52c114….jpg)


i cannot stop laughing at this!

61e3f6 No.848025


holy crap I can’t believe they tried such a dumb thing. I can only imagine it gets reversed that’s dumb af and a breach of their rights totally. Hope the city got sued to remove

… /facepalm (sorry this seemed so asinine and i hadn’t heard bouf it)

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/14/philadelphia-city-council-approves-bill-to-remove-bulletproof-glass-from-storefronts.html

41f827 No.848026

File: 70a3c44949b3944⋯.jpg (263.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wawawawawawaaawiyyaaa.jpg)

d8aa68 No.848027

File: 2d9deed6c5e5082⋯.png (122.56 KB, 321x464, 321:464, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

1a83b9 No.848028


These (((kike fuckers))) have trouble keeping facial symmetry.

531282 No.848029

File: 9025208b0f86286⋯.jpeg (628.74 KB, 1242x703, 1242:703, F5BB9B21-09E6-4FB4-8AA8-4….jpeg)

Anyone know the name of the lady who is head of the Amber Alert system?

Before she changed her name she was a Convicted child trafficker (?)

Any sauce too.

I can’t find it anywhere.

4f0412 No.848030


Proves AIM is innocent.

3d93bd No.848031

File: 873e83b17e4c99c⋯.jpg (48.33 KB, 750x462, 125:77, breakdown-who-is-the-real-….jpg)

Go ahead and doxx us, Dougy. Let's see how bad-ass you are. KEK

c526b4 No.848032

File: 626d6897331f66e⋯.jpg (1007.3 KB, 1200x1098, 200:183, chestnuts.jpg)

4f0412 No.848033

File: 192fa14907bbb75⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 482x256, 241:128, KillYourselfFaggot_.jpg)

3d1177 No.848035

File: 3449c4580896870⋯.png (37.97 KB, 259x306, 259:306, 7Gacy6r6977jjhhhutc.png)

cc9074 No.848036


I'm not surprised. Because the parkland incident was already planned to take place after she won. They never thought she would lose.

61e3f6 No.848037


Yeah, I don’t disagree at all, but it sure seems like that should be a trigger for team Q, to me. Go time?

4f0412 No.848038

File: 808b28ad6cd4b5d⋯.png (55.61 KB, 302x302, 1:1, Clown_Q_.png)

c526b4 No.848040

File: 93c088f4ce1fbf4⋯.jpeg (41.18 KB, 650x324, 325:162, icantquityou.jpeg)

087207 No.848041


Every traitor involved has to be executed or else we don't have a country anymore. The world has to be made aware of what happens to those who attempt to harm our Republic.

4f0412 No.848042

File: c3383df2e8f56d6⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 596x479, 596:479, UFailedQ.jpg)

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)

File: 808b28ad6cd4b5d⋯.png (55.61 KB, 302x302, 1:1, Clown_Q_.png)

3e5f87 No.848043


it's been thought that 5774 in Q post is part of a file name. maybe it is actually a jewish calendar year. nice find, anon

4777d9 No.848044

File: 134fa9668101e49⋯.jpg (150.92 KB, 640x496, 40:31, index.jpg)

84a72e No.848045


And you would think these 450 "geniuses" would know that

reposting public domain photos is NOT illegal.

These are obviously teenager foreign shills. They can hardly spell or write.

f80fcb No.848046


It's all good, anon.

These people really ARE that stupid.

Just boggles the mind.

cc9074 No.848047


It's all part of the plan, imo. Q told us more than once that they would do this, lo and behold, they're falling right into the trap, playing their part whether they want to or not. Last think you want to do when you DON'T want people finding out about something, is talk about it. But they're stupid, so they talked about it. Cat's out of the bag.

01e41d No.848048

File: 88125cbb9fec17b⋯.jpg (196.16 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)



4df3e6 No.848049


Laura Silsby (now Gayler) worked for AlertSense. IDK if she's still there.


ba32e4 No.848050


Well, duh. You really do think we're idiots, don't you? Go clave with your cons Douglas.

1a83b9 No.848051


>MSM will not highlight 'bottom to top' unravel.


5605fb No.848052

File: 91a588a53fcda3e⋯.jpg (127.34 KB, 750x600, 5:4, fucktards.jpg)


i r shakin in muh buutz.

c045d2 No.848053

File: 6fcc0d37da0bb8f⋯.jpg (51.73 KB, 750x758, 375:379, 2scoops.jpg)

File: 69136418ed85d84⋯.jpg (60.61 KB, 625x879, 625:879, bezmenov7858756926952801.jpg)


Sorry for that anon. Heres one more appropriate for filthy commies like you.

53ca96 No.848054

File: a78319a24ba0392⋯.png (499.21 KB, 608x541, 608:541, that sucks.png)

a5a4e6 No.848055


OMG he clearly just threatened to butt-sex rape everyone on 8chan!!!!!! Those people are SICK!!!!!!! The threat was posted here. AIM shills (>>847894)

de9212 No.848056


A Jesuit…Douglas is most definitely a servant of Darkness.

b2d852 No.848057

Bit of a morale boost, Anons: There has been a sign!


>They have hived this world to the devil. We will hive it back to God!

55f9c9 No.848058


Evidentiary exclusions dont apply in Mil Tribunals, they hear everything.

I expect that the first Tribunals will lay out many complex involved facts and may take awhile, like over a month. Once these facts are accepted as true by the Tribunals, they can be used as "proofs" (not just evidence) against other Tribunal defendants, thus expediting the trials and sentencing as the processes continue to under a week.

4f0412 No.848059

File: 808b28ad6cd4b5d⋯.png (55.61 KB, 302x302, 1:1, Clown_Q_.png)

File: 86b519173a473f2⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Lettre_bois_clown_Q.jpg)

6c81ae No.848060


Yeah its ridiculous, not only do they want to disarm us, they also want to remove any ability to protect ourselves beyond that.

275840 No.848061


Hmm. Today is the March Madness (Semi-Final). I don't understand the Why Q bet for Kansas (NCAA)., knowing the traps and the symbolism. I think that With the Qposts and these Graphics, We have to see with a lot of Attention..


Interesting.., for the General, I never check the Clown Blog. it's dangerous.


The End is only the beginning. Remember.

4df3e6 No.848062



She no longer works for AlertSense.

Kinda awkward when she was convicted of child trafficking.


41f827 No.848063


>2 days later POTUS raises glass to to Dems at SOTU with that Wiley smirk of his.

>Next day Q says that if we can find what's really on the doctored image of cellphone it would go viral.

some anon did go out to buy the archive video footage of the POTUS speech at SOTU.

Never heard from him again. Misa thinking that this evidence will be used in the near future. Not yet time for this to be out in the public. Better near the 2018 elections.

cc9074 No.848064



Feb 15

Strike back against us?

MSM not happy?

"Conspiracy" label.

Re_read crumbs re: "conspiracy" / MSM coverage.

Who will be next?

They are here.

They will try to discredit.

They are stupid.

They bring more eyes.

The 'proofs' are important.

'Proofs' provide new 'eyes' ability to question.

This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS.

Important to be prepared.

We will help.

TRUTH always wins.

4f0412 No.848066


No he is a brngnchrst.

a72f96 No.848067



I am fully in agreement with you, anon, but OP for that refuses to put it into a single comment so I

can include it in the bread. Would you like to set up the graphic, pull pertinent quotes, and

add a comment to show why it is relevant? I'd really like to put it in the bread, but there's no

context for it yet.

f80fcb No.848068


I thought everybody, and I mean everybody, knew that if you don't want to see it on the Net, don't post it on the Net.

I swear. The stupidity boggles the mind, it really does.

febb39 No.848069


They are in submission. They are doing our redpilling for us by design. You can feel it if you concentrate. Q was not kidding.

They already have total control. It is just how to reveal it to the normies. Normies would riot and panic if all the media was taken away over night. So they get blackmail on the whole group. We then issue orders. We are the new CIA mockingbird press. We feed them stuff to redpill. It will gather steam….faster and faster and faster.

aad8bb No.848070


I believe that was just making the clowns spin their tires as much as we had people looking. The important thing we figured out was that Getty handled all the photographs and we know who's behind Getty.

The cells were captured. They didn't need us to access Getty, since we proved the photos were edited. They published edited photos which goes against their user agreements. Q has access to all, so someone will show those unedited photos eventually.

The biggest news that night was AS having a 45minute phone call with VJ. He's toe to toe with the MB and he'll be exposed soon. MB and Iran are one, so that's part of what's next. Bolton will clean out NSC, since McMaster wouldn't, and Pompeo will clean out State since Tillerson wouldn't. MB is going to wave bye bye soon.

55f9c9 No.848071


actual lolz

ac48ed No.848072

Jean Claude Van Damme shut down after throwing major redpill on tv

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=claY2UU9-5c

3d93bd No.848073

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Jump to 24:56 and Douglas tells all about how he's STILL a clown.


2a5b2a No.848074

File: d998a96ec2322b5⋯.png (400.52 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, JimCarrey.png)

cc9074 No.848075


>The End is only the beginning. Remember.

Oh, that I know. Time is circular.

84e783 No.848076


this made me snort laugh! lmao

6c81ae No.848077


The hoggs bought their home in 2015, probably just setting up shop, getting the little moles in place. You can look up their home on zillow or public records.

89d939 No.848078

I don't know about the rest of you anons but I feel VERY threatened with the people posting the AIM and fake Q stuff, does anyone else feel threatened too? We might have to tell the judge! I feel like they're going to Take Me Down at any minute, very scary.

55f9c9 No.848079


Pizzagate is "debunked." Until it isnt.

4f0412 No.848080

File: 1b35b306b725fd0⋯.jpg (92.39 KB, 366x513, 122:171, ANGRY_CLOWN_MASK_WHITE_BLU….jpg)

a788b9 No.848081

File: 45997fa30213607⋯.jpg (63.36 KB, 672x452, 168:113, 1506880881587.jpg)


Agreed. True anons know the power the chan wields, but just in case anyone needs a refresher- pic related..

52ed17 No.848082

File: f889cc6cfe31350⋯.png (532.83 KB, 800x777, 800:777, nxivm-ihs.png)


they SAY that our DNA exists and is in a double helix formation

I've never seen that shit for myself

I think they just say it because it fits their symbolism / agenda

they say…

they say

"People are made up of this double helix thing called DNA"

what they mean tho


"People are made up with a symbol of our fake ass unproven god who can't prove his worth because he isn't a god"

they are quite full of themselves.

it's sad.

e40537 No.848083


"conspiracy theory"

there it is again

"makes pizzagate look tame"

anons, what do we know about the guy who went into Comet with a gun? Was he with (((them)))? Seems to me that would be a fucking great way to discredit their opposition and set up the 'anyone who believes this stuff is a dangerous nutjob' narrative.

1a83b9 No.848084




If anons can just fucking ignore the retarded niggers bitching about seventeen year old queer faggots and niggers, (((they))) will realize just how much the semites are FUCKED at this point in time.

55f9c9 No.848085

File: dae193c3d30c13f⋯.jpg (132.38 KB, 750x400, 15:8, bar-feature-image.jpg)

943b5b No.848086

File: fea754d6dc4241f⋯.png (194.7 KB, 456x439, 456:439, dm4y.png)


he was with them, one shot that hit a computer HD. It was a warning to the others with internet manifestations

84e783 No.848087


I love the part near the end when he starts losing it and sounding like Negan, "Fucking, fuckety, fucking, fuck!" lmao

a72f96 No.848088


I agree. If the Gov can have it, one of "we the people" who ARE the government should be able to have one, too.

c526b4 No.848089

File: ec65c55e21f96d9⋯.jpg (34.92 KB, 407x405, 407:405, if-you-wait-by-the-river-l….jpg)

2a5b2a No.848090


I hope he calls the National Guard to force them back.

c045d2 No.848092

File: 8b28d86cfb66436⋯.jpg (196.25 KB, 600x720, 5:6, 8b28d86cfb664365c93965eeaa….jpg)

File: 8d3b4ee84112a84⋯.jpg (51.65 KB, 400x538, 200:269, 8d3b4ee84112a842454f04d40c….jpg)


Death threat detected. My leet Anonymous lawyer team will send you to Guantanamo peasant!

82e4be No.848093

File: 6944ddd5170530c⋯.png (715.92 KB, 1229x691, 1229:691, 1522476146966.png)

087207 No.848094


Hi there nice to see ya!! Bumblebee Tuna, BUMBLEBEE TUNNNAAA!!! Ace Ventura Pet Detective, how are you this afternoon? Alllllllllllrighty then.

a5a4e6 No.848095


Heard she changed her name and is still working with children, now in the West Virginia area. No sauce to share right now. Dig 4 urself.

4f0412 No.848096

File: 9f417a43524f63a⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)

4df3e6 No.848097

File: 12217ef6c523640⋯.png (577.25 KB, 727x633, 727:633, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)


55f9c9 No.848098


Does Gramma Betsy know youre still playing LAIMfag on the puter when you should be in bed?

275840 No.848099


Good Redpill, Must be Recommended to the French.

ab75e5 No.848100

File: 519a9a3ef35d5bb⋯.jpg (290 KB, 1024x1092, 256:273, Choose.jpg)

OK, I'm unclear. Is everyone in here a bot, a shill, shills responding to shills or just a typical newfag? Newfags raise your hand. It looks like this.


f80fcb No.848101


You can tell who's already red pilled by just mentioning covfefe to them.

If they smile, they're in.

Happening more and more every day. I've already red pilled my boss and my co-workers, just telling them what's going on day after day and what I've seen (and can't unsee, ever).

c72175 No.848102

File: 7a70aa4d7b9a8a1⋯.png (9.42 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 71AFF78F-5692-42BD-9E15-1C….png)


Uhm, things are really, really starting to heat up. This is the main thing that pops up on twitter for me when I went into search. BEFORE typing in anything…wow. People aren’t confused ;) twitter just being twitter and laying seeds of doubt.

a72f96 No.848103

Does anyone know where to buy Guy Fawkes' masks? Maybe I'll do a V-blog.

1880d4 No.848104


Its not really a good 8ch session unless you get called out, shamed, blocked, or threatened.

Let's just say, its been a really good night.

3d93bd No.848105


She's up tonight swallowing handfuls of hydrocodone and drinking heavily….

55f9c9 No.848106


Gramma Betsy might take away his puter privileges when she sees all that.

1a83b9 No.848107


Now, I wonder how this could spread.

Mah niggas,




89d939 No.848108


Winning Bigly!

6acee4 No.848109

File: 7ad457a58a565a8⋯.jpg (101.12 KB, 596x479, 596:479, AIMpigfacejpg.jpg)


MORE on "Greg Waldorf" re possible AIM BENEFACTOR ..puter died PhoneFagging this is how the spacing came out couldn't adjust it sorry~


Gregory L. Waldorf

Chief Executive Officer and Director


John K. Locke

Accel Partners

Board Affiliations

Invoice2go Corporation

Ryan J. Sweeney

Accel Partners

Board Affiliations

Invoice2go Corporation

Chris Strode

Invoice2go Corporation

Board Affiliations

Invoice2go Corporation

Meyer Malka

OSIX Corporation

Board Affiliations

Invoice2go Corporation

Virginia G. Breen

Sienna Ventures

Board Affiliations


Frederick J. Beste

Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds

Board Affiliations


Jane Schuchinski


Board Affiliations


Jay T. Simmons


Board Affiliations


Edward J. Mathias

The Carlyle Group L.P.

Board Affiliations

LearnVest, Inc.

James L. Zucco

Corente, Inc.

Board Affiliations


Lee K. Barba

LearnVest, Inc.

Board Affiliations

LearnVest, Inc.

Ann M. Sardini

TreeHouse Foods, Inc.

Board Affiliations

LearnVest, Inc.

Ann F. Kaplan —————–looks familiar——————–

Circle Financial Group, LLC

Board Affiliations

LearnVest, Inc.

Gregory Gerard Coleman

Buzzfeed, Inc. ———————LOOKS FAMILIAR! Dint they OUT the DOSSIER?——

Board Affiliations

LearnVest, Inc.

Janet Riccio

Omnicom Group Inc. ———–DIG ANONS!!

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Susan M. Lyne

AOL Ventures

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Robert Todd Ruppert

European Fund and Asset Management Association

Board Affiliations

LearnVest, Inc.

Alexa Leigh Marie Von Tobel

LearnVest, Inc.

Board Affiliations

LearnVest, Inc.

Mary-Kate Olsen ————“https:// www.usmagazine.com/…/mary-kate-olsen-opens-up-about-married-life-with-ol…Mar 9, 2017 - Mary-Kate Olsen briefly opened up about her marriage to Olivier Sarkozky —————

Dualstar Entertainment Group, Inc.

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Ashley Olsen —— https:// www.thesun.co.uk/…/ashley-olsen-splits-from-58-year-old-boyfriend-richard-sachs…Mar 24, 2017 - DESIGNER and former child star Ashley Olsen has split from her financier boyfriend The 30-year-old star had been dating 58-year-old Richard Sachs – with news of the romance becoming public last November following a month of rumours ———————-

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Grovo Learning Inc.

>SNIP ( there are a ton more in the sauce)

*Data is at least as current as the most recent Definitive Proxy.”

SAUCE: https:// www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/relationship.asp?personId=136890

c526b4 No.848110

File: 6aaded9332610d3⋯.jpg (74.87 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 8pm9s15cbbiy.jpg)

send nudes

84e783 No.848111


Aaaaand welcome to the chans! :)

949878 No.848112


Kek! the last line…

>In an August 2016 Twitter rant, she claimed “jew hater hillary clinton’s handler huma weiner is a filthy nazi whore.”

1880d4 No.848113


https:// www.partycity.com/v-for-vendetta-mask-165490.html?q=guy%2Bfaulkes&lang=en_US&start=2

53ca96 No.848114


how old are you?

a95b22 No.848115


What a douche canoe….

2a5b2a No.848116


She'll be murdered before this is over.

ab75e5 No.848117


and can we just get it through the house already or what? Why the hold up?

c045d2 No.848118


Comet gunman was a friend of some artsy bitch which was friends with James. Why do you think the only bullet fired hit the hard drive?

5605fb No.848119


i've also read that there's no discovery process - just appear with your case and react to whatever is presented.

30513b No.848120


The storm is approaching.

2b489e No.848121


Don't be a maskfag.

Maskfags are comped.

antifa uses the guy fawkes masks.

Guy Fawkes was a failure.

f80fcb No.848122


She'd have to be swallowing handfuls of hydrocodone and drinking heavily…after finding out her grandson is a Liamfag.

Kek, kek, kek.

55f9c9 No.848123


Niggers gonna nig.

cfd893 No.848124


So is she the one Q mentioned on Nov 1st ?

« Who exposed the pedo network within H wood? »

4f0412 No.848125

File: 9f417a43524f63a⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)

8ff4ae No.848126

File: c9b92084aebabac⋯.jpg (396.35 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 2ndchance4.jpg)

File: b2a3b36eb2c16c6⋯.jpg (466.64 KB, 1024x536, 128:67, 2ndchance3.jpg)

File: f773b73529dedd5⋯.jpg (419.77 KB, 1024x552, 128:69, 2ndchance2.jpg)

File: 4d8ab96494c1d93⋯.jpg (695.65 KB, 1024x662, 512:331, 2ndchance1.jpg)

c526b4 No.848127

File: 092642429590a05⋯.jpg (218.79 KB, 1300x931, 1300:931, mahkittehs.jpg)

send kitteh nudes

a5a4e6 No.848128


Feckin love this post, Anon.

That's how we do researching.

Isn't this how everybody

does the thinking stuff???

The brain of a true Anon.

09e289 No.848129


and thats just a single Autist…

30513b No.848130

Is Roseanne going to trigger the storm?

84e783 No.848131


>In an August 2016 Twitter rant, she claimed “jew hater hillary clinton’s handler huma weiner is a filthy nazi whore.”

THAT should get another 100k followers!

a72f96 No.848132


Older than you, in all likelihood. It was a joke, commenting indirectly on the many namefags

here tonight.

c045d2 No.848133

File: f28b8fc4e3f8078⋯.jpg (323.64 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 1522122298881.jpg)


Youre a faggot.

3d93bd No.848134


>Chris Strode

Name rings a bell…

Mary Kate and Ashley? REALLY?? Creepy AF.

4df3e6 No.848135


His father runs an acting school. Shooter was in Haiti. Shooter has an imdb page. All the hallmarks we understand for FF, but normies don't get it.

febb39 No.848136


Amazon had them last year real cheap like ten for 14 bucks…or so. I got ten…to ready for riots…but they have not been used. I got a shield and a riot helmet…lol. Goggles….Ar-15. All set.

Trump got this…

36c16c No.848137

File: 408d54dcc83d670⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, 16:9, aim-ate-imitation.jpg)

d8aa68 No.848138

File: c8f702e03723861⋯.png (217.58 KB, 593x616, 593:616, AIM.png)

55f9c9 No.848139


actual lolz LAIMfag humor is the best we've seen so far.

e40537 No.848140


I remember hearing about that.. was he aiming at it? Evidence destruction + conspiracy nutjob narrative? (two birds, one stone)

01e41d No.848141

File: 6002589b9e33723⋯.jpg (196.18 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)


You're the cat out of the bag ; )

878db9 No.848142


Roseanne knows exactly what she's doing with this "Trump frees trafficked children" post.

Thank you Roseanne.

84e783 No.848143


Yeah, it made me think about that idiot trying to hide his flag, what's that fruitloop's name?

41f827 No.848144

fukc u guys im gettin triggered over here

I need my safe space.

1a83b9 No.848145

File: 73e8d076204437c⋯.png (371.04 KB, 1466x836, 733:418, 7thfloor.png)


FACEBOOK data dump?

Who made it public?

Who sold shares -30 days from announcement?

You can't imagine the magnitude of this.

Constitutional CRISIS.

Twitter coming soon.

GOOG coming soon.

AMAZON coming soon.

MICROSOFT coming soon.


Current censorship all relates to push for power [mid-terms].


Election FRAUD cases OPEN - DOJ [many].

Follow the FAMILY.

Follow resignations [Business/Gov't].


Who made it public?

Who really made it public?

Who is making it all public?




Anons, a reminder to ALL.

FOLLOW Q crumbs when noises get LOUD.

It will remind you to STAY on TARGET.

Dissect the above, keep at it.

087207 No.848146

Pornfag better not show up! Tonight is not the night for his BS!

9ddc8c No.848147


Something to dig into.

c045d2 No.848148

File: 3609655313bf114⋯.png (615.4 KB, 977x624, 977:624, 3609655313bf11422bd4da817c….png)


Sure but that event was the catalyst for literally the entire MSM 'debunking' the truth. Know how much time the faggot actually served?

d8f2a7 No.848149


The Hebrew year 5774 corelates to 2014 on the Gregorian calendar. Not sure I see a big connection to the hillary video 5774…..

55f9c9 No.848150


For normies, a tv show trumps an article every time. For normies, it's ALL about muh tv. Normies are tv addicts.

5605fb No.848151


i remember an anon saying something about needing some twitter accounts with a lot of follwers. maybe it is just me…

c72175 No.848152


That’s exactly my feelings on it too. Thanks Roseanne!

a65554 No.848153


Crystal Clear.

Douglas Gabriel is making multiple threats on life.

189911 No.848154

whats up sluts

c526b4 No.848155

File: e107ace66953792⋯.jpg (71.72 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 15937153_1316147071792084_….jpg)

rodger dat

97cf8a No.848156


you fucking retards realize how dumb you look pushing these fake news sites. jesus christ a HUGE story like this yet only "worldnewsdaily" has it. should tell you something…. CHRIST

2b489e No.848157


People aren't confused. The MSM is saying people are confused. If they are it's MSM's fault for not reporting on pedo busts and presidential EOs. They are deliberately hiding it

e40537 No.848158


someone @ N_A better be looking out for that woman, she's bound to be pissing off a lot of clowns.

55f9c9 No.848159

File: c318426f5ceb8f7⋯.jpg (68.18 KB, 888x499, 888:499, laim this many.jpg)

2080a0 No.848160



Any thing else on Waldorf schools?

Rudolf Steiner?

Theres a lot on new agey stuff.

lucies active there?

5605fb No.848161


this is EPIC

24e1ff No.848162

File: 3a4e4defe7474a0⋯.png (236.62 KB, 633x356, 633:356, mrrobot.png)


we could use Mr. Robot masks….

d8f2a7 No.848163


link to calendar conversion page.


53ca96 No.848164

File: 92f74d6ada5205a⋯.jpg (155.78 KB, 964x640, 241:160, your jimmies.jpg)

3d93bd No.848165

File: 8d8d80065337a6e⋯.png (129.32 KB, 400x378, 200:189, 8d8d80065337a6ea7b7041c8fa….png)

File: 7c975abee8296ef⋯.jpg (18.86 KB, 360x264, 15:11, c632dc07661f39d49526f0f469….jpg)

f80fcb No.848168


Shia LeBeouf.

I thought that was the funniest thing ever. Well, until I came here and see all these glowing clowns try their tired old bullshit.

cfd893 No.848169


God bless you brave Lady Roseanne

41f827 No.848170



>Roseanne knows exactly what she's doing with this "Trump frees trafficked children" post.

She needs a sec detail stat. Cabal does't arrest people and put them to trial.

c526b4 No.848171

File: 52193e479b23c3b⋯.jpg (71.79 KB, 850x960, 85:96, 18952522_1520993627974093_….jpg)

30513b No.848172


Yeah maybe we should look for this shit on CNN or Buzzfeed. Die in a fire.

e40537 No.848173


2014 = first year after she was secretary.. that's the only thing that comes to mind.

what was she 'freed up' to go and do after serving as sec?

a72f96 No.848174

Baker Request

Any notables this thread? Mattis to DPRK border video already added.

42392b No.848175


>mary-kate and Ashley olson

oh no

878db9 No.848176


She's one of many, imo.

55f9c9 No.848177


Those two fagkids have Columbine mass shooter hats. They are therefore school mass shooters.

275840 No.848178


Why do you post cosplayers?

89d939 No.848179


I agree, i feel so unsafe , he's always talking about AIM, what does that mean? does he have a gun pointed at me? What is he aiming at? So threatened.

febb39 No.848181

You want to do podcast or youtube in a mask? Why not get a Trump mask or a Pepe mask or something cool like that.

f80fcb No.848182


Glad she's on our side.

c526b4 No.848183

File: d8a87dbb5e4b7ce⋯.jpg (84.86 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 20229283_1561438850596237_….jpg)

rodger mattis

tequila is green light

blinky nearby

9712bd No.848184


they're trying so hard, though, I almost admire some of the work put in.

eventually they're going to spend so much time here that they'll be redpilled or just take their own life (just given their proclivity for the KYS posts).

call me crazy, but it's kinda fun to watch…q said to enjoy the show, after all.

it's almost as though they don't realize that the effort seems desperate and reflects a desperate outlook.

2b489e No.848185


Or you could use no masks at all. Masks cut the connection between people, if you want to redpill people do it without a mask. If you are too worried about exposing yourself leave it to someone else to blog, or use an original avatar like many youtubers do.

61e3f6 No.848186

File: a9191bcbb6f9ec6⋯.png (9.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, BF1F94C9-74F7-40B9-90A6-36….png)

twitter made a yuge “moment” about Roseanne’s tweet. Which in reality is calling out team Q. was first thing to pop up when I loaded app, top trending moment. Worth checking out the whole “moment” … if you want to get upset…. and the last frame is the daily best article.

…. We are all russian bot conspiracy theorists now

55f9c9 No.848187


Youre just a LAIMmouse being toyed with by a few bored Qtists. You think youre in a war, but youre just the butt of a few jokes. Thanks for coming, we needed the levity. You can go back to making youtubes with your gramma anytime.

6acee4 No.848188


ADULT GATE = Keith Raniere ARRESTED IN MEXICO = Trust Sessions

Keiith Raniere==aka VANGUARD

Keith Raniere=NVIXM, The Principle & others~

*Rememer when Aim4Truth did the piece on "Vanguard ETF Fund"?? FALSE FLAGGING the YouTubers!@#! Trying to get the sniffers onto the FUND and off of THE GUY KEITH RANIERE AKA VANGUARD.

Dang—-they ARE Clowns WTF

97cf8a No.848189

File: eace95f857662e9⋯.png (143.95 KB, 755x563, 755:563, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at ….png)


FUCKING dumb motherfuckers

b1c6a1 No.848190

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Jeff Sessions Must Go

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-_N3lMIi4Q

c526b4 No.848191

File: 51fb421e6e97de0⋯.jpg (90.8 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 22467318_1656647587742029_….jpg)

i am up to nearly 3k memes after organization of old and new

e40537 No.848192


Yep. Although Q is someone else who knows what they are doing.. I'm sure any supporter as visible as Roseanne would be on Q's radar, especially when you consider the old Q posts about personalized messages for us when this is finished. They know who we are. Here's hoping Roseanne doesn't get the "Michael Jackson comeback" treatment

b1c6a1 No.848193

File: f3e86789e769256⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 194x268, 97:134, sessions-clown_.jpg)

84e783 No.848194


Oh shit, the "conclave" is coming after you now, dude! :)

c526b4 No.848195

File: 9029fbe6db8882f⋯.jpg (33.84 KB, 607x463, 607:463, 0456.spaceballs.jpg)

drug war symbolism

a72f96 No.848196


Yeah… That "trust Sessions" shit from Q is stupid. Some random anon knows better.

Here's your sign, azzhat.

d8aa68 No.848197

File: bc335861481b7f2⋯.png (230.15 KB, 644x598, 14:13, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)


Just as in the body, eye and ear develop as organs of perception, as senses for bodily processes, so does a man develop in himself soul and spiritual organs of perception through which the soul and spiritual worlds are opened to him. For those who do not have such higher senses, these worlds are dark and silent, just as the bodily world is dark and silent for a being without eyes and ears.

Rudolf Steiner


A talk given at the World Goodwill Seminar, New York, October 2016. John Bloom is Vice President, Organizational Culture at RSF Social Finance (formerly Rudolf Steiner Foundation), a financial services organization offering investing, lending and giving services to those who are committed to improving society and the environment. John has recently been appointed General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America.

9712bd No.848198


1500+ pedophile related arrests isn't worth reporting on. In fact, somehow, it's offensive to the left.

aad8bb No.848199


She's even got ESPN radio personalities asking why they haven't heard anything about it and asking for sauce. They can't keep everyone quiet.

55f9c9 No.848200


I guess the billion genius lawyers on LAIMfag's team havent learned about juries yet. Maybe they went to Waldorf School, wear Dylan Klebold Clown Hats, and frankly, are a little slow.

b1c6a1 No.848201

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Conned by a Sophisticated Psyop

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaKMob-kB6c

189911 No.848202


this is pretty fucking weird dudes

cc9074 No.848203


>call me crazy, but it's kinda fun to watch…q said to enjoy the show, after all.

>it's almost as though they don't realize that the effort seems desperate and reflects a desperate outlook.

THIS ANON GETS IT! Let em post, I say. No need to go the circus when they bring the circus to you

52ed17 No.848204

File: 1f29bac3ec80761⋯.jpg (357.59 KB, 2048x1529, 2048:1529, FFFFF-FFFFFFFF-FFFFFFFF-FF….jpg)


i guess you could say that roseanne became a part of the plan (integral)

she can break it down for people

"look, they are satanic. i didn't make them oo it. it makes me sick." and let that shit sink in


"yeah they steal children and kill / rape babies and it is sick and i don't know how they do it. and they were getting away with it!"

189911 No.848205

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=a52UnkY_wqU

a0ec16 No.848206

File: 31b8bb5d4260d84⋯.jpeg (548.77 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, image.jpeg)

a5a4e6 No.848207

File: eb58c619662778d⋯.png (144.81 KB, 407x330, 37:30, normiesbederpy.png)

File: d0ee410fbf9b630⋯.png (251.02 KB, 500x492, 125:123, wakeup1.png)

File: 1b6a7d06f6dea14⋯.png (319.94 KB, 422x409, 422:409, checkbook.png)

File: e9d93014940645c⋯.png (58.29 KB, 258x194, 129:97, datstorm.png)

2f05cf No.848208

File: e710f85aa7d6619⋯.jpeg (62.27 KB, 500x339, 500:339, 537656.jpeg)


That's a lot of plastics.

189911 No.848209

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e40537 No.848210


If by "Jeff Sessions" you mean you and everyone else associated with those face-painted fucks over in Langley, VA.. then I agree!

(don't bother replying, shill - I won't see your reply nor reply to it)

b1c6a1 No.848211

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q Analysis 973 981

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfdUKJ61cso

c045d2 No.848212

File: 66ab0078fe1222e⋯.jpg (81.87 KB, 733x798, 733:798, 66ab0078fe1222e0a1e212f7f4….jpg)


You need to goto /pol/ to see real psyops. This Douglas monkey is just a washed up NSA sigint who thought he was prepared for us.

01e41d No.848213

File: c0d683a9f84b01f⋯.jpg (39.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 45ed074e5a7636a3d67d02d9e3….jpg)

89d939 No.848214


or aim=asshole I meme

55f9c9 No.848215


Something about this post seems very real.

84e783 No.848216


autist anon!

cc9074 No.848217


Aww that's so cute, they have another one!

a95b22 No.848218


Conned by Doug a sophisticated psyop….

2b489e No.848220

File: 10d2a476d9a6e84⋯.jpg (90.38 KB, 889x500, 889:500, 27h7om.jpg)

6acee4 No.848221

File: 161311f7e2cb56d⋯.jpg (7.5 MB, 9000x6000, 3:2, STFU Clown.jpg)

6c81ae No.848222


Plus POTUS even met with roseanne and furthermore mentioned her show approvingly at a rally. If Q were fake he probably would have told her to back off on it a little bit.

3d93bd No.848223

File: f64b5308fbde79f⋯.png (373.55 KB, 640x417, 640:417, a789g6s87fg6df8g7d6g876b.png)

c526b4 No.848224

File: be08e9af5e8ee25⋯.png (53.47 KB, 720x465, 48:31, 10516638_10152560836074802….png)

berkley faggots ain't sucking each other tonight it seems

e40537 No.848225


You don't have to be a Rothschild to be able to have your own private circus. :)

1a83b9 No.848226



Y'all (((glowing niggers))) need to pack it. Jig is up for tonight.

[We see you]

[We hear you]

We are watching, recording ALL.

Keep this in mind. We will say this once.

c045d2 No.848227

File: cdcc315732e3919⋯.png (68.73 KB, 220x217, 220:217, b62155bcb84f08503f002b7f8c….png)


Why is the man with the tie bending over? Is Doug about to Jesuit his ass?

f80fcb No.848228


You first.

Maybe you could share that Soros money with somebody.

b1c6a1 No.848229

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

QPost 965 - 970 Analysis

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8i7qK3VUbU

a65554 No.848230



First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you,

then you win.


8ff4ae No.848231


They come here to try and annoy us and they end up getting annoyed. Go figure KEK!!

b1c6a1 No.848232

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

QPost 964 Analysis

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SlVnMCkcVY

1a83b9 No.848233


half chan is glowing nigger territory right now. The mods owner, all are comp'd to shit.

/our guys/ know.

c526b4 No.848234

File: 2aba80c3da990f8⋯.jpg (81.18 KB, 500x388, 125:97, IMG_1629.JPG)

for passover

89d939 No.848235


It's like a whole group now that AIM,they act like family, i feel even more threatened now,

5605fb No.848236

File: 3634a0ec98fe0ba⋯.jpg (141.53 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, 3634a0ec98fe0ba889831c7c1b….jpg)


man, you dipshits just don't get it. AIM = clowns

6acee4 No.848237

File: 3f90b19b68cd9d3⋯.jpg (6.59 MB, 6000x4200, 10:7, MUELLER Scalia.jpg)


"Flood detected; Post discarded."

55f9c9 No.848238


When LAIMfag lies on youtube with his gramma, that's officially Elder Abuse. I have 8 billion genius lawyers on my team and that's what they told me.

6c81ae No.848239

I was listening to dan bongino filling in for mark levin earlier on the radio, he also believes sessions set a huge trap for the dirty demons.

b1c6a1 No.848240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

efd806 No.848241


It is far more than any of us can possiby survive , nice run, anons, but i guess it's all over. Pack it up. We all need to get new identities and move to montana to escape these terrifying attacks.

55f9c9 No.848242


Believe me, she's crazy.

c526b4 No.848243

File: 9614f26c81f23ee⋯.jpg (68.55 KB, 749x939, 749:939, IMG_0006.JPG)

fake news be like

afab8b No.848244

POTUS happy Easter/Passover speach on twatter - camera cuts at two different times

"On Easter Sunday we proclaim with joy" -

"Almost 3000 years ago the prophet Isaha wrote"

Big Day Sunday?! Relevance of the prophet Isaha?

b1c6a1 No.848245

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cc9074 No.848246


I feel honored, all of this energy, the time, the funds involved, the human resources, just to try & contradict little ol' us. Damn, we must be valuable!

2b179a No.848247

"My fellow-countrymen are weighed down with chains, while they kiss with fear the hand that oppresses them"

01e41d No.848248

File: c69aea3f43b7af5⋯.jpg (196.09 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)

File: a8bfcceaccc4a70⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)

File: 537ad59caa8492b⋯.jpg (26.14 KB, 273x205, 273:205, MISSEDYOURMARK.jpg)

File: c69aea3f43b7af5⋯.jpg (196.09 KB, 1048x590, 524:295, youFAILED.jpg)

9712bd No.848249

File: 080289665462b9f⋯.mp4 (340.84 KB, 1130x480, 113:48, runhome.mp4)


then they resort to spamming…

5605fb No.848250


now she can start the narrative of asking why the mainstream media isn't reporting about these things.

they have a choice: lose relevance completely or go against the cabal. you can guess which they'll inevitably chose.

a65554 No.848251

File: 99fabadb9e72ccf⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 500x375, 4:3, MV5BMjMwNjYzNzU2Nl5BMl5Ban….jpg)


Nah. Look closer.

Q is about to ream him a new one.

b1c6a1 No.848252

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c526b4 No.848253

File: c0c67332dd5f4f8⋯.jpg (117.85 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0155.JPG)

89d939 No.848254


The Silent Executioner

1a83b9 No.848255


>this board has more power than you realize.

a72f96 No.848256

It is amazing how much energy they put into exposing a "psyop." You would think they have

better things to do.

4103fa No.848257


http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/14/philadelphia-city-council-approves-bill-to-remove-bulletproof-glass-from-storefronts.html

275840 No.848258


Don't worry Anon. I live that All time. kek.

a95b22 No.848259


The way that Doug sat there and threatened Jason Goodman like that he should be ashamed of himself….

c045d2 No.848260

File: 147dad3ba1dfe47⋯.jpg (69.44 KB, 631x533, 631:533, 1522229514592.jpg)


Seems to be some Globalist brainwashing shit where kids dont learn jackshit but the parents pay a ton of money.

84e783 No.848261


After tat twatfag retweeted Roseanne's posting saying POTUS didn't free anyone her TL had 6 or 7 post of twatters sending her articles! lmao

55f9c9 No.848262


FBI op from the get-go.

aad8bb No.848263


They're the midgets that step in when the clowns are on break. I at least respect what the clowns can do. These guys…. kek

b1c6a1 No.848264

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a83b9 No.848265


(((they))) ALWAYS PROJECT.

1880d4 No.848266

File: 767bba8dcfc8fe6⋯.png (86.52 KB, 913x624, 913:624, HarrisWiki.png)

File: fbc19df1e8ad732⋯.png (32.47 KB, 910x257, 910:257, HarrisInc.png)

File: d15492bc3e2182f⋯.png (42.87 KB, 918x370, 459:185, HarrisProducts.png)

File: 59588e0f9a88667⋯.png (62.68 KB, 908x592, 227:148, HarrisAcquisitions.png)

File: d567e4f3722acb7⋯.png (45.23 KB, 1060x288, 265:72, HarrisSeeAlso.png)


Has any anon looked into this company? Forgive me for shitposting but I have been here almost every day for months and I can't find any reference.

There sure are a lot of politicians visiting Melborne, FL lately.

https:/ /en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harris_Corporation

https:// www.harris.com/sis

https:// www.harris.com/what-we-do/intelligence-surveillance-and-reconnaissance

c526b4 No.848267

File: d4bf143ec4e2c7d⋯.jpg (30.92 KB, 337x450, 337:450, IMG_0254.JPG)

61e3f6 No.848268


you have to read the whole thread off that moment, it’s a chain bashing all of us @ Q

e40537 No.848269


Goodman isn't ourguy either, hope you know that. He's in it for the shekels.

b1c6a1 No.848270

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)

File: c3383df2e8f56d6⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 596x479, 596:479, UFailedQ.jpg)

File: 9f417a43524f63a⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)

a72f96 No.848271

Baker Request

Last call for notables. Only have Mattis to DPRK border right now.

61e3f6 No.848272


we are front and center now

8ff4ae No.848273


Easy filtered they glow bigly!

a188a7 No.848274


Well, Snooki is smarter and far more interesting.

c526b4 No.848275

File: f2e89e11f423113⋯.jpg (48.96 KB, 564x540, 47:45, IMG_0206.JPG)


1880d4 No.848276

File: 70eb5dd02100cf2⋯.png (435.34 KB, 1084x877, 1084:877, HarrisRecon.png)

28de78 No.848277


You know that there are dinosaurs recorded in the Bible right? The books of Job, Psalms and Isaiah.

e40537 No.848278


That logo just screams "we're yet another dodgy defense contractor"

b1c6a1 No.848279

File: 9f417a43524f63a⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)

File: c3383df2e8f56d6⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 596x479, 596:479, UFailedQ.jpg)

275840 No.848280


China White Hat confirmed?

5605fb No.848281


archived offline. lends a lot of credibility to the theory that the Roths were pulling all of the strings.

isn't it just amazing all of these videos are coming out like a … tidal wave?

a95b22 No.848282


I understand that but the threats coming out of Doug's mouth were one right after another….

41f827 No.848283


Say that to my face bitch faggot and see what happenes

89d939 No.848284


So you do agree, we're getting attacked, what did we do to deserve these threats, so horrible,now anons have to move,going to put moving fees in with the lawsuit.

3d93bd No.848285

File: bd73777b4a7203f⋯.jpg (139.46 KB, 960x722, 480:361, 2bbaa0dfe6ddeece0c12bf4c21….jpg)




52ed17 No.848286

File: 9b3adf06ebb0cbd⋯.jpg (114.24 KB, 700x560, 5:4, Morgan-Freemang.jpg)

remember the line from Q…..

>[R] - No.

??? remember it???

[R] - No.

It didn't make any sense and appeared at the bottom of a Q post

https:// 8ch.net/cbts/res/51584.html#51984

what if

what if

what if if if if if if if

POTUS was punishing Hussein and making him type as Q and then gave him a question and he had free reign to type "yes" or "no" and he typed "No."

that would be epic

c526b4 No.848287

File: 4af86dd834af64c⋯.jpg (31.36 KB, 399x600, 133:200, IMG_0038.JPG)

not sneaky russians dumby

they are soviet fags

b76c9f No.848288


I Noticed that to. I'm curious what the significance might have been to that. Definitely odd.

d8aa68 No.848289

File: 73097a7d1036b61⋯.png (394.8 KB, 1162x736, 581:368, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: 9ca2276f87305b3⋯.png (161.98 KB, 307x557, 307:557, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

Waldorf Educational Foundation

https:// eternalcurriculum.com/about/


https:// neoanthroposophy.com/contact/

https:// eternalcurriculum.com/about/

a65554 No.848290


He stirs the shit and seems to prioritize pitting 'researchers' against each other.

8ff4ae No.848291

File: dbce5776120792c⋯.jpg (524.31 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, patriot1.jpg)

File: 688a7a0840a5dce⋯.png (267.29 KB, 1024x621, 1024:621, patriot2.png)

File: cc1e07b026bb8e1⋯.jpg (625.38 KB, 1024x705, 1024:705, patriot3.jpg)

File: 84134824bf9c7d6⋯.jpg (524.96 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, patriot4.jpg)

File: df5ddd3d08a51e0⋯.jpg (594.36 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, patriot5.jpg)


A true gentleman.

f80fcb No.848292


What you really need to do is go see a doctor, build a paper trail on all this stress, because to really prevail in court for an issue like this, you need to prove damages and your doctor's reports, his diagnosis, his prescriptions to help you deal with your stress and FEAR will carry the day. Courts love paper trails.

And leave Montana out of it.

a72f96 No.848293



Please elaborate

cc9074 No.848294


I feel GREAT about it too, the irony is hilarious as shit, AIM keeps missing the target! Wonder how much$ they've spent (wasted) so far to discredit work that we do for FREE & still kick their asses simply by doing what we love to do…

1a83b9 No.848296


Statistically, there had to be some.

61e3f6 No.848297

30513b No.848298

Roseannes entire twitter page is a giant red pill right now!

https:// twitter.com/therealroseanne

189911 No.848299

File: 3548a174935bdb4⋯.png (143.29 KB, 490x250, 49:25, ClipboardImage.png)

b1c6a1 No.848300

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

cc9074 No.848301


Dubs confirm that they can't even stay away…like moths to a flame…

a188a7 No.848302


ermergerd a team of one million genius lawyers will skip Passover to sue you for that.

c526b4 No.848303

File: e2a43779700e669⋯.jpg (43.26 KB, 581x499, 581:499, IMG_0147.JPG)

ae77b9 No.848304

File: c1a617b2a7ff082⋯.png (2.98 MB, 1438x1531, 1438:1531, IMG_6178.PNG)


01e41d No.848305

File: c26710d8da5fd14⋯.png (670.13 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 807e760c963320d365f3d78141….png)

a72f96 No.848306



…quickly. I need to bake soon.

89d939 No.848307

File: 777bc5cb1576db2⋯.png (418.79 KB, 522x434, 261:217, ghjrfyedst.PNG)


How fast can you run? Let's find out

e40537 No.848308


Yeah, the fact he was talking to another ass doesn't mean he was justified in how he behaved. Just making sure anons know what JG's about before they give him any more of that sweet ad revenue.

b1c6a1 No.848310

File: 59331a0229247e3⋯.jpg (8.37 KB, 191x264, 191:264, sessions-clown.jpg)

41f827 No.848311


ive been down in the swamp for eons. That branch of Harris does not do anything special or interesting. If it's on wiki its either too big to conceal and allowed or its a nothing.

d8f2a7 No.848312


I'm so scared….. You're a fuck stain that should have been washed out of your mama's panties. Too bad you didn't run down her leg like the rest of the jiz.

1a83b9 No.848313

File: 11e7df96aae6ed1⋯.jpg (78.64 KB, 600x819, 200:273, behindthecurtain.jpg)

File: 44e91ae6dea0a8f⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bezemovsubersive.jpg)

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)

File: 2eed91ad8aeeff9⋯.jpg (209.36 KB, 1080x1081, 1080:1081, faggotcontainmentzone.jpg)

File: 42aefc6aa8205a8⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, jewishcrimes.jpg)


>These people are STUPID.

>Maxine stupid.

c526b4 No.848314

File: a81a2a838490b37⋯.jpg (143.12 KB, 712x591, 712:591, IMG_0323.JPG)

f315ca No.848315

File: 57356799b211040⋯.png (23.02 KB, 1299x105, 433:35, TwitterStocksale.PNG)

Twitter stock sales

b1c6a1 No.848316

File: 192fa14907bbb75⋯.jpg (38.54 KB, 482x256, 241:128, KillYourselfFaggot_.jpg)

a5a4e6 No.848317



Red-pill with actual facts.

Or else it's not red-pilling.

If you don't know how

to do your own fact=checking,

then ask for help.

6c81ae No.848318


Mattis is at the border of north korea?, I didnt read anything about that.

a188a7 No.848319


Examples must be made.

c526b4 No.848320

File: 4593f198df75742⋯.jpg (258.31 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_0058.JPG)

b1c6a1 No.848321

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8ff4ae No.848322


Love it o7! Adding to my collection.

God bless you Patriot.

a72f96 No.848323


See notables next bread.

2a5b2a No.848324


What a fuckin moron.

a95b22 No.848325


That took place last October 27th

41f827 No.848326


>half chan is glowing nigger territory right now. The mods owner, all are comp'd to shit.

I thought MIL and Patriots crew took over halfchan ops via the Japanese owner purchase

halfchan comped again?!

1a38a0 No.848327


Fakenews CNN will be all over this, telling us their stories and what cruel gov would not help them. It’s got S0ros written all over it. If not addressed, it can really be bad press. They must not be allowed to enter. After that chain migration and 1,500 turn into 50,000.

9712bd No.848328


just before the first q posts.

275840 No.848329


It's Good Redpill for the Frikis. kek.

a188a7 No.848330


Never trust anybody with bad hair, a bad neck beard, and a bad suit. Clown all the way.

01e41d No.848331

File: 3f6a64ac4a4d491⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 273x205, 273:205, MISSEDYOURMARK.jpg)


See, you failed. ; )


22cd62 No.848332


Excellent theory

b1c6a1 No.848333

File: 9f417a43524f63a⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)

File: c3383df2e8f56d6⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 596x479, 596:479, UFailedQ.jpg)


Example must be made of fake Q larper.

ae77b9 No.848334

File: 5c6412fe8724022⋯.png (251.13 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_4702.PNG)

File: dc46c2d36763357⋯.png (239.12 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5105.PNG)

File: 2ddd9d13c0c0105⋯.jpg (91.07 KB, 401x560, 401:560, IMG_5467.JPG)

a72f96 No.848335

Baker Baking

Too late to include China White Hats… whatever that was. Link next bread if it should be in the dough.

c526b4 No.848336

File: 6f53755d0d6fec5⋯.jpg (103.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_0231.JPG)

9f914d No.848337


last bread ==NOTABLE==

52ed17 No.848338


citations provided

high iq


a95b22 No.848339


Correct just before the Q posts started….

a188a7 No.848340


But muh geniuses.

b1c6a1 No.848342

File: 9f417a43524f63a⋯.jpg (86.69 KB, 612x612, 1:1, 9f417a43524f63a55b4ff12b75….jpg)

File: c3383df2e8f56d6⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 596x479, 596:479, UFailedQ.jpg)

File: a40390f6f78f934⋯.jpg (255.9 KB, 509x1440, 509:1440, QResume.jpg)

2080a0 No.848343



You know how Rosanne says she's a "white witch" ?

Dont know enough about occult to pronounce authoritativly but

Steiner appears rosicrucian.

Is that luciferian?


https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosicrucianism

c045d2 No.848344

File: 03d3c429714dffe⋯.png (50.54 KB, 500x460, 25:23, 1522224050493.png)

File: 4f2cd89150846bd⋯.jpg (40.3 KB, 986x746, 493:373, leaf5885891522448206513.jpg)


Walk into /pol/ like a nigger and start typing in caps and see how far you get. OR blend into /pol/ for several months drop the disinfo and get called 'FAKE AND GAY'.

Q came to 4ch for a reason.

3787d0 No.848345



f80fcb No.848346


Kek out loud great, anon.

Well done.

Still kek, kek, kekking, too.

89d939 No.848347

File: 2176690d043a007⋯.png (257.41 KB, 678x503, 678:503, hahaha.PNG)


Show me how

a72f96 No.848348


See me next bread. Please put "Baker" in your comment.

b1c6a1 No.848349

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a83b9 No.848350


Mar 9 2018 06:24:20 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 04b0ec 599642


Track inside sales/divestitures.

They know.

Watch the sell-off/liquidity events.


Compile and collate ALL these divestitures and sells.

97cf8a No.848351

File: 4639867934d4ca6⋯.jpg (17.89 KB, 480x271, 480:271, artcrow.jpg)

File: 8f51ec86bc80761⋯.jpg (237.05 KB, 768x1164, 64:97, sessionsoldschool.jpg)


now would be a good time to invest in crow because it’s going to be a hot menu item very very soon

Chair of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte casually lets it drop yesterday during a radio interview that a grand jury has been empaneled.

Some might see this as a 'casual slip' by Goodlatte, an 'oops I wasn't really supposed to reveal that yet!' moment, but I don't think so. I don't think that was a casual slip any more than Sessions made a casual slip revealing he'd appointed a special prosecutor months ago. Nothing leaks for months and then these guys only tell you when it's too late for it to matter. That is, even IF the DNC/Destroy Trump Media managed to find out who this secret prosecutor is that Sessions has had investigating, who has now empaneled a grand jury? It's too late.

The work's all been done. The final touches are being applied. They can tell you NOW because it's too late for the Swamp and the targets of the investigations to do anything to stop what's coming. A more than year-long war for the control and the soul of the DOJ and it's ancilliary agencies has been underway. Secrecy was a must.

People who demanded one side fight the war by making all it's moves & it's evidence PUBLIC have no idea what they were asking. For more than a year people have loudly demanded that Sessions & those working with him to fix the deep corruption problems inside the DOJ deliberately handicap themselves by providing regular updates on their strategic moves, their progress, what they are doing.

Well screw those people. You don't win a war by constantly updating your enemy on where your forces are, what they are doing, and what your current objectives are comprised of.

Sessions & Trump are going to win this war because they DIDN'T fight it the way many insisted they should: out in the open, for the entire world to see for the past year.

Tell me honestly: who thinks you win a war for the control & the soul of the DOJ against THESE PEOPLE when you are telegraphing every move you are making by calling press conferences & blabbing to the media about everything you're doing?

Sessions appointed a prosecutor in secret to investigate and PROSECUTE the DOJ corruption that IG Horowitz has uncovered and that prosecutor has a grand jury empaneled. He very likely appointed this prosecutor last JULY. And it didn't LEAK. He and Goodlatte are only letting it out now because it's too late for the targets to do anything of consequence to damage the case that's been built.

Mueller's team over there has been leaking like a sieve, keeping all eyes on it since last May. Nobody had any idea what Horowitz was doing or what he'd found until December. Because nothing leaked and nobody knew what was coming. Sessions is playing for keeps and this is deadly serious. Anything you show Congress, especially to Dems on these oversight committees, is going to be instantly leaked to the press. And the targets of the investigations.

That's why Mueller kept everybody transfixed for a year while Horowitz fixed himself for silent running and dove deep from January 2017 all the way to December 2017 and only came up to the surface after he had the evidence. They didn't show Congress JACK during that year.

Many have this idea the IG report will drop,

THEN referrals for prosecution will be made,

THEN a prosecutor will be appointed

THEN a grand jury will be seated & start hearing the evidence… a process that will take months.

In fact this process likely started last July when Sessions appointed a prosecutor in secret. It all starts happening once the IG report drops.

30513b No.848353

Roseanne being the one to call attention to Q could explain why John Goodman has been acting so odd lately.

c526b4 No.848354

File: cd808235347e213⋯.jpg (53.93 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_0217.JPG)

went scottish

c29e39 No.848355


I'm looking…can't find.

Are the Awans tied up in MB?

41f827 No.848356


>Example must be made of fake Q larper.

Remember when your great-great-great-great ancient cabal fag buddies tried to make an example of Jesus. Whatever evil you plot and carry out God always figures out a way to turn it around for good.

a188a7 No.848357


Waldorf Schools are the dumbest fucking shit ever.

1a83b9 No.848358


I'd say half half.

The average (((glowing nigger))) have NO idea the scope of this operation.

Nor do the (((useful idiots))).

[We see ALL]

[We hear ALL]

3d93bd No.848359

File: d30b2c2c9e1d3ad⋯.jpg (116.63 KB, 558x842, 279:421, 98f9s0d7g790d8sfg7sdf098g7….jpg)



a0ec16 No.848360

File: a899769494a066b⋯.jpeg (509.11 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, image.jpeg)

ae77b9 No.848361

File: 5b61b7769c94bfd⋯.jpg (176.61 KB, 688x818, 344:409, IMG_6086.JPG)

6c81ae No.848362


Does a bear shit in the woods?, Does the pope wear a funny hat?.

b1c6a1 No.848363

File: f3e86789e769256⋯.jpg (19.77 KB, 194x268, 97:134, sessions-clown_.jpg)


Jeff Sessions Must Go

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-_N3lMIi4Q

de9212 No.848364


Leave you demonic scum, purveyor of darkness and servant of evil.

275840 No.848365


The White Witch in Alice & Worderland?, it has a lot of sense

52ed17 No.848366


what the fuck!!!! 2018-07-08 WTFFFFF

f315ca No.848367

File: ddf11a958d73518⋯.png (23.63 KB, 1284x102, 214:17, FBTrading.PNG)

Zuck of FB selling more stock…

cd7c80 No.848368

Interesting 'Godfather' note. I didn't know that Rahm Emanuel is also known as 'Godfather'. Just noticed this link on Drudge about the Godfather under attack in Chicago. Is it signifcant that the THREE people who are running against him for the mayor job in Chicago are collaborating together. They have decided to not attack each other during the campaign but to instead aim their collective fire at Emanuel to make sure that they get him out. Where did that come from?

And what dramatic thing might happen if they get Emmanuel out from Chicago and the new mayor actually cooperates with POTUS and brings law and order AND jobs back to the city? What would the Dems do? If this goes the way I'm thinking it will, then Q's plan makes even more sense. If you have a minute read the link to the blog. Chicago blacks are sick and tired of Emanuel. Imagine… Imagine if black people in that city start supporting POTUS. Imaginge WHEN black people in that city start supporting POTUS.

http:// chicago.cbslocal.com/2018/03/29/a-power-play-in-chicagos-mayoral-race/



c526b4 No.848369

File: 6d995d57986a101⋯.jpg (61.92 KB, 1071x1155, 51:55, IMG_0184.JPG)

ain't no hiding either

6acee4 No.848370

File: 0e1051e0a153257⋯.jpg (185.32 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, Gone TO GITMO.jpg)

File: 835738798b541b8⋯.jpg (1.67 MB, 5400x10800, 1:2, 03012018WannabeNSARewrite.jpg)

OK that was fun OUTING ANOTHER of the Great Cabal Washups AIMing (and missing) for ((TRUTH)) MIA SOOOON Future PRoves Past~

Nite Betsy and Waldorf… nice pastime for a Good Friday Nite ohh OOPS did I miss the Oscars?

189911 No.848371


HUGE activity on the stock on March 16th….anything from the PR front a couple days after this by anychance?

1880d4 No.848372


That's just the easiest way to present in case its already been proven a rabbit hole.

I actually know of them through CapRock in Iraq. The ACLU has several "investigations" about the use of the Stingray line by local/state LEO to spy on citizens.

a188a7 No.848373


Yes, the evidence is freely shared among counsel, all of whom are military. Lil Andy doesnt really need a defense fund for his crimes. No private lawyers at the Tribunals, and all Const rights are limited.

d8aa68 No.848375

File: ade9d1d496ae918⋯.png (230 KB, 397x613, 397:613, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: 9419ba54a35d638⋯.png (16.57 KB, 282x90, 47:15, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)

File: 310dc212146068e⋯.png (451.7 KB, 977x359, 977:359, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at ….png)</