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File: c67a5fb488bd3f6⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2000x1378, 1000:689, thestorm_blue.jpeg)

5bb131  No.22174

The Republic of The United States of America is being Restored

The Silent Executioner has taken the Stand. The floor is yours.

There has been a Storm brewing for more time than we know against the monsters that impoverish our world.

Good hearted Men in positions of Power have each drawn their line in the sand and watched these wretched idiots rape their way across it.


It stands to reason that Good Men across intelligence agencies have set in calculated motion the greatest restoration of Good the world will ever know with an unprecedented python approach of The-One-PedoRing-To-Rule-Them-All fueled by the massive NSA information powerhouse [KEY] turned good under Admiral Rogers.

Jeremiah 29:11 "‘For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope.’”

We are living in historic times, and we've been handed a Map of what's to come, and what's going on in this war between Patriots and Clowns.

Here Are The Facts:

There are over 9,294 sealed indictments in federal courts from 10/30 to 11/22

There have been Thousands of pedophilia-related arrests and sting operations since the day Trump got into office.

As of January 4, 2018, 39 representatives will not seek re-election to their U.S. House districts and an additional 12 have announced upcoming resignations.

Over 40 CEO's of major companies have or announced their resignations.

Here's the catch: The CIA/MSM has lulled the normies into what Q calls Fantasy Land and they cannot handle the Truth.

Solution? Sincere Patriots.

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. ― Thomas Jefferson'''

We are the dot connectors. We are the excavators of obscured facts. We are who we've been waiting for our whole lives. We are the Storm, and we are the Calm Center inside it.

Our Goal Is Simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends [STONE]. We will erode the barriers of ignorance that stand in Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

You know what to do. Godspeed Patriots.



Please read the "About Shills" section below.

Important Post for Q From CodeMonkey:


"The best, easiest and most secure way to do this would be for Q to become a board owner himself.

Q should create his own board via 8ch.net/create.php. Once the board is secured, he should edit the board settings and enable the CAPS ONLY function. When that happens, only moderators can create threads. Once he creates a thread, he can then lock it so only he can post there. In this case, he won't lose the board because it's explicitly for data dumps only (there are many boards like this on 8chan, like PDF libraries, personal blogs etc.). Discussion would continue on /thestorm/ or any other board of your choice.

If you need help setting this up, I'm all ears. No need for private communications whatsoever."

5bb131  No.22177




/thestorm #25, #26 and #27

>>20530 rt >>20277



>>20631 rt >>20603




>>21121 rt >>21093




>>21574 rt >>21481

>>21644 rt >>21852

>>21679 rt >>21584 rt >>21545

>>21777 rt >>21457


>>13696 rt >>13655 "Mark graphic material": gop.gov/solution_content/plannedparenthood/


>>13615 rt >>13534






>>13138 rt >>13129

>>13128 rt >>13104

>>13097 rt >>13061




>>8223 rt >>8172

>>8159 rt >>8109




>>7958 rt >>7935




Q posts in /thestorm/ after migration:




[01/05/18 CBTS and /thestorm/ posts together]


01/05/18 CBTS:

Posts on 01/05/18 (EST) (Archive only)

#299 using name/trip "Q !UW.yye1fxo" & ID:403375 –


www.anonfiles .cc/file/aa5f7432dd68ac9f740e2bd67a2fe118

#295 using name/trip "Q !UW.yye1fxo" & ID:ab7ad6 –

media.8ch. net/file_store/537c23cbde1a9342adaebe37b7f34cae6b77c1f019fcb550d5c01368ac47ef5a.jpeg


>>5204 -> Graphic

01/04/18 (EST)


>>>/cbts/239015 rt >>>/pol/res/11115887


>>>/cbts/239222 -> C!Odemonkey (8ch Admin) Confirmation

>>>/cbts/239917 -> Confirmation The Second

>>>/cbts/239968 -> BO Confirms

>>7686 Archives of Q posts 4/1 and 5/1.




C!0demonkey NEW message on Q/BO Controversy 01/06


C!0Demonkey Confirms Q post made in /thestorm/ 01/06


C!0demonkey on making a CBTS secure board per Q's request


The Board Owner Q IS BACK Tripcode Update


Board Owner's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Update


C!Odemonkey's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Announcement


Board Owner's emergency announcement


>>>/cbts/224690 ← Modanon explains

Q's Tripcodes

For posterity, here are the old trips Q had used so far:

Q !UW.yye1fxo

Q !ITPb.qbhqo


Q !2nVA4xm522

(last trip was wrong trip due to error in entering password)

5bb131  No.22180




Direct links offsite to current graphic compilation of Q's posts (01-05-18)

1: s20.postimg.org/72y9fr8dp/Q_comp_correct_01-05-2018_3of3.jpg

2: s20.postimg.org/q4v4p0wr1/12.26.2017_1of3.jpg

3: s20.postimg.org/4ig482qhp/12.26.2017_2of3.jpg

4: s20.postimg.org/488loswgt/12.26.2017_3of3.jpg

5: s20.postimg.org/52o97urul/Q_posts_1-4-18_pre_and_post_verification_with_new_tripcode.png

6: s20.postimg. org/cdqpa3znx/Q_comp_correct_01-05-2018_3of3_fight_edition.jpg

7: s20.postimg.org/5eexzohkd/thestormqmap1b_1-07-18.png

Graphic Comps of Q posts: postimg.org/gallery/29wdmgyze/

NOTE: All included graphic compilations are based on the one that Q posted on 11-10-17 the day he first used a tripcode on 4/pol/


This gallery is being kept due to the fact that 8ch archive function does not actually archive the images.

Q said that the graphic is "critical" so this is a way to maintain the integrity of his posts in a visual format.




Learn to Read The Map

New throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/qanon-learn-to-read-the-map-hd/



https:// oversight.house.gov/interactivepage/plannedparenthood/


New Spreadsheet

New smartsheet spreadsheet has been made.

NEW LINK: app.smartsheet.com/b/publish?EQBCT=6588bf56d814417bb759beca4fc52232

NOTE: Spreadsheet is and will remain in read-only & download-only mode due to threats by a psycho to delete all the answers/news in the open columns.

We are working on a different solution and will announce when one is found.

THANK YOU all anons who have helped out, added answers, found news items, given support and had patience with this project.


Latest Q Map - Camp David Weekend Edition


>>>/cbts/252184 media.8ch.net/file_store/92a7a7fd28c4fb2505bfc47e0fe2b370a82dc22ab9a2a4f0c27b7aa80f9cec27.jpg

All Q Posts (meta, txt & html): 496 posts (incl. [Reposts], etc) zip file - anonfiles.cc/file/a27edc1e7b365bd954aacd2963d1bd44

Interactive: qcodefag.github.io

Interactive backup: qanonmap.github.io

News Search: qcodefag.github.io/news 2000+ News articles from /cbts/ searchable ← "News unlocks map." -Q, 11/23/2017

Text: [4chan] pastebin.com/vTs4pdpC | [8chan] pastebin.com/dfWVpBbY

Raw Text Q Dump: pastebin.com/3YwyKxJE

Updated QMap PDF: anonfile.com/G1N1v0dfb1/Q_s_posts_-_CBTS_-_4.5.0.pdf

PDF: For Spider Web Mapping dropfile.to/2UrnCy7

Dataset of Q's posts: anonfile.com/M9A8v4d8b3/Q_Spreadsheet_DATASET_01-07.csv >>11976

Time Stamp Spreadsheets: Excel: anonfile.com/t4Pcvbd5b9/Q_Data_Set_-_Minute_Edition.xlsx , CSV: anonfile.com/s6P6vbd5b4/Q_Data_Set_-_Minute_Edition.csv

The Book of Q: pastebin.com/g893uTTk (pdf, parts I-V)

Q Database: db-q.com (has posts, search, glossary, legend, timeline & quiz)

Q turned A: anonfile.com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf (Last Q post on this is from 12 NOV 2017 - It's getting stale)

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: ufile.io/nmyy0

5bb131  No.22184




CBTS 4chan & 8chan Threads Archive list: qarchives.ml/qarchives.html

Archive of all 8chan /cbts/ Research & Topic Threads 12.29.17: pastebin.com/bzKgFDwC

CBTS 8chan Board Archive: 8ch.net/cbts/archive/index.html

Search archive.is for CBTS and Topic Threads: archive.is/offset=50/https://8ch.net/cbts/res/*

4chan Trip-Q Archive: archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Pastebin of Links Posted to 4pol: pastebin.com/A97LLKZL


Q Posts & DJT Tweets Side by Side For Comparison - As Q Requested:


All DJT's filtered tweets (only date and ref #, Tab delimited): pastebin.com/BCzjTNdK

All DJT tweets after 10/27: pastebin.com/PnVUATb4

All Q's posts times and post #s (tab spaced): pastebin.com/uSJsuGH9

Spreadsheet >>15121

'xls -> anonfile.com/D2yfv5d7b0/Q__2F_POTUS_Tweet_Delta.xlsx

.csv -> anonfile.com/E9ycvad2b1/Q__2F_POTUS_Tweet_Delta_-_Sheet1.csv


Tools & Information


Mapping tools: >>>/cbts/111700 , >>>/cbts/119941

Free research resources: >>>/cbts/216402

For site archival: archive.fo/

Marine Codes: marineparents.com/downloads/CP04-AppdxB-Acronyms-Abbreviations.pdf

Encode/Decode Text: paulschou.com/tools/xlate/

The World Government PDF: bureaudetudes.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/wordlgov2005.pdf

Bad Actors and their crimes (WIP): pastebin.com/ZP9izH9s

Reverse Image Search: tineye.com

Compilation of all players/actors and connections: >>13189

Planefag Tools

Public Flight Tracking: flightradar24.com

Military Flight Tracking: adsbexchange.com

Aircraft Incidents: aviation.globalincidentmap.com

FAA N-Number Inquiry: registry.faa.gov/aircraftinquiry/nnum_inquiry.aspx

5bb131  No.22186





>>17909 Upcoming OIG report likely to trigger second special counsel -Zerohedge

>>17871 Phili DA fires 31 on 4th day of job - -Zerohedge

>>17265 Fire and Fury available as pdf - WikiLeaks

>>15938 Iranian oil tanker crashes into Chinese ship near NK

>>14309 JFK Chaos

>>13981 RR Sister in charge of Vaccines for CDC?

>>14304 Chicago to HK flight diverted to alaska - vandalized with excrement

>>13002 Union Station DC Evacuated

>>12990 Emergency landing at JFK - report of engine fire

>>12334 California family dead - murder suicide

>>12275 Plane catches fire after collision on runway

>>11782 Ex-Iranian President Arrested

News Section Consolidation 1.1.18 to 1.7.18


Notable Posts From the Previous Bread(s)

>>17675 Fire and Fury , Ch6 and 10 'O' changed to 'Q' -> WikiLeaks

>>17726 anons 40,000ft view compilation

>>17380 Seven TRILLION Q Connection

>>16799 In-Q-Tel , Genetic Engineering , PepsiCo , TacoBell and 50% reduction in sperm counts

>>16759 Loop Capital Markets - Financials

>>16581 When Fake Communitst took over a Wisconsin town

>>16459 , >>16471 Relationships Map - Huma , VJ , MB

>>15704 [rr_out] Q message , POTUS tweet , time stameed

>>14152 rt >>13838 Epiphany!

>>13959 Body Parts Raid in November

>>13925 Obama agency rules Pepsi use of fetal cells 'ordinary business'

>>13753 7th Floor - wikispooks

>>13760 , >>14161 7th floor is no more

>>13655 , >>13658 House Investigation into Planned Parenthood

>>13556 Missing Money - 13B , 6B

>>13515 First Pentagon Audit in History

>>11987 Airplanes missing and Eric Schmidt

>>11968 Mass data collection since Reagan (1981)

Notable Posts Consolidation 1.1.18 to 1.7.18


Ordered by date. Possible crumbs highlighted with bold.

To bakers: limit to 30. FIFO.


BIGLY: Petition for Disclosure, Find the Exchange:



More info: >>>/cbts/140461

>>>/cbts/120430 (Petition)

5bb131  No.22189




Research Resources >>>/cbts/211983 (for findings that do not fit into threads below)

A peek into (((they))) >>>/cbts/2422

Alien / Disclosure Related >>>/cbts/26613

Asia Foundation >>>/cbts/15984

Bloodlines and Y >>>/cbts/7705

British Connections >>>/cbts/117841

CEO/President/Notable Resignations here with date >>>/cbts/146483

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Creatures >>>/cbts/1411

Executive Order Human Rights Violators >>>/cbts/140461

FLIGHT TRACKING (PlaneFaggotry) >>>/cbts/195194

Godfather III >>>/cbts/2078

Hefner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse >>>/cbts/3952

Hunt For Red October >>>/cbts/3102

Indictments & Arrests >>>/cbts/3163

Israel & Zionism >>>/cbts/1398

Many research links here to give background on current events >>>/cbts/255999

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q >>>/cbts/1391

Missle Research - Why has Q mentioned missile as 'missle' twice? >>>/cbts/147334

North Korea >>>/cbts/1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership >>>/cbts/4249

Plane Crashes Thread >>>/cbts/56075

Q Signatures >>>/cbts/2198

Q Stringer Central >>>/cbts/2300

Planned Parenthood* >>13655

Report Strange NWO Deaths >>>/cbts/114171

Red Cross >>>/cbts/40157

Rothschild Family >>>/cbts/1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E. >>>/cbts/1327

Sealed Indictments >>>/cbts/4409

Sidley Austin Digathon >>>/cbts/15139

Snow White and AI Science >>>/cbts/123576

Soros & NGOs >>>/cbts/1367

Stringers, military courts >>>/cbts/189447

Titanic >>>/cbts/106

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM >>>/cbts/1346

Who is P? >>>/cbts/202645

* ==Emphasized by Q==

**List is in alphabetical order. Findings/files should go to >>>/cbts/211983.

5bb131  No.22192




Through tempest, storm

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.



Memes #1: >>>/cbts/2

Memes #2: >>>/cbts/61078

Memes #3: >>>/cbts/107604

Memes #4: >>>/cbts/142207

Memes #5: >>>/cbts/189835

Memes #6: >>7090

Infographs: >>>/cbts/10

Infograph Central Inc. The RULE OF LAW Series: postimg.org/gallery/fy8cpdzu

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads: >>>/cbts/189875

Meme Ammo: >>7161

Meme Ammo By Topic: pastebin.com/WnudyCpd from >>14323

Image Archive by Topic >>18752 , >>18760 , >>18765




→ Coax them in the right direction. Open minds gradually without bludgeoning or traumatizing. Tactics differ depending on what they already know, and their openness to unsettling new info. Aim for slight to moderate cognitive dissonance (>>>/cbts/134272). Remember that too much too fast can turn normies away. Hammer on current news topics.

Additional Redpill Tactics in Three Parts

Part 1: >>>/cbts/189448

Part 2: >>>/cbts/189460

Part 3: >>>/cbts/189467

Derived from this source file: pastebin.com/mYN5J74B

^^The source of this pastebin is here: pastebin.com/JUp6vUDe (Contains additional links not retrieved from the archives and contains enough redpill tactics for new meme-droppers to learn the skill…)

RedPill Questions - Not Q

>>15931 Foundations

>>15998 Politicians

>>16064 Anti-Trump

>>16204 Planned Parenthood

>>16438 Plane 9/11

Dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks. Your call, Anons. But don't mention 8chan, please.


Prayer Requests: >>>/cbts/55606

Q asked us to pray. Every Good thought helps

Stay positive and loving. Try it at least. Hate only brings darkness.

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

o7 Seth Rich o7

5bb131  No.22200





Before posting links, REMOVE the 'http/https://www' part.

e.g. twitter.com , en.wikipedia.org

When you want to access the site simply copy & paste it at the URL bar and the browser will resolve.

This is done because of how web/http works. If you click the link directly, the

destination site can see which site you are coming from, and that is not desirable.

Use hooktube.com instead of youtube.com

You can anonymously watch youtube videos using the above site.

It has a clean interface and it allows you to download youtube videos easily.

If you use Firefox you can install an addon called Hooktubeify which auto-redirects youtube links to hooktube.

Use duckduckgo.com instead of google.com

You can anonymously search web using this site.

It also has a cool feature called "bangs", which allows you to directly

go to and search within websites using aliases. For example, if you make

duckduckgo your default web search engine, you can type "!wiki POTUS"

directly at the URL bar and it will take you to POTUS' wikipedia page.

Although it is allowed, do not provide a valid email address for your comments.

There is very little (if any) reason to do so. This is an anonymous board, and for good reason.


About Shills

Read >>>/cbts/226201


Often anons call each other cancers, but truly, shills are THE true cancer of the internet.

They don't care about you, or the subject at hand, or the general worsening situation of the world.

Their interests are either money or delusions of grandeur, or "divide and conquer" ideologies.

So what should you do? What sort of an action you should take? How do you combat them? *drum roll*

You don't.

Even if you read the most insulting thing said to you in your life, such that it shakes your very being,

mountains of rage and sadness gush out from the darkest and deepest pits of your heart: YOU IGNORE THEM.

Turn the other cheek. It is the only way. If you answer, they will be alerted(literally, by software)

and they will keep pushing and pushing and pushing. The only winning move with them, is to not play.

Remember, they are utterly worthless as human beings. If you truly get angry, imagine that you are talking to a bot.


Last Dough & Baking Instructions


If a baker is needed and you decide to be one:

Read the instructions at the top of the dough and below.

Do not forget to update the link, which contains the dough used for this bread.

Last dough: pastebin.com/Krg2H6d7 From thread: 27

e3521c  No.22209


8fde91  No.22214

File: 92e4b48c47630a8⋯.jpeg (141.07 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 3D475633-FF8A-468B-B63A-1….jpeg)

60ff6f  No.22215

GODSPEED Q we believe

8c654e  No.22220

going through bread faster than a clinton at gitmo

d1924b  No.22221


Thank you baker

b2efbd  No.22222

Needs new Q posts, TIA baker. Good bake otherwise

90c072  No.22224






Here are ALL Q crumbs and posts from the very first post to present in searchable format:


Let's get to WORK.



abed5e  No.22226

Bless this bread to MAGA

b89412  No.22227


More info please.

60af94  No.22228

Our mission

To construct a side by side graphic / github of Qposts and Trump tweets.

Timestamps in the same timezone.

Highlight time differences of [5]

Highlight misspelled words.

Our mission

To construct a side by side graphic / github of Qposts and Trump tweets.

Timestamps in the same timezone.

Highlight time differences of [5]

Highlight misspelled words.

Our mission

To construct a side by side graphic / github of Qposts and Trump tweets.

Timestamps in the same timezone.

Highlight time differences of [5]

Highlight misspelled words.

Our mission

To construct a side by side graphic / github of Qposts and Trump tweets.

Timestamps in the same timezone.

Highlight time differences of [5]

Highlight misspelled words.

8fde91  No.22229

File: c9d710ebebd0429⋯.png (158.5 KB, 1000x700, 10:7, 877EE60B-402F-488E-9F97-CC….png)

Praying for you POTUS.

355876  No.22230

Thank you master baker 👨‍🍳

a92b94  No.22231

From the NYPost article just tweeted by @realDonaldTrump

Generations of families will lead better lives as a result, while a Clinton presidency would have been an orgy of regulations aimed at strangling capitalism’s last animal spirits. …

….There is another potential consequence of the election, too. With Bill and Hillary in the White House, would The New York Times have outed Harvey Weinstein as the sexual monster he seems to be?

I think not, for that would have embarrassed the Clintons because of their own sketchy past on the subject. In that case, the #MeToo movement would not exist and the predators, most of them media and Hollywood liberals, would still be in power.

https://nypost .com/2018/01/06/were-still-better-off-with-trump-than-clinton/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

cdc4f8  No.22232

File: 9b4c79b46125747⋯.jpg (220.67 KB, 1200x769, 1200:769, e8739a359ccfae09fb677e44b8….jpg)

Is Qcodefag creator around still? A request: could we pull trump tweets when there are posts 30minutes away from the other. Is that a possible thing to code via Twitter API?

393dad  No.22233

why so many namefags today? and i have to say something. dont laugh at me…

Q has been posting without his trip today.. how do i know? when he started posting with his trip, he was filtered for me for some reason

19a63e  No.22235

296d8d  No.22236


Should we be looking at THE DIIFERENCE in time between Q's posts & POTUS' tweets? Or btw POTUS's own tweets?

Q just made a point of:

>>POTUS Tweets [15 min] between.

Is there a difference that is measurable & can be patterned on a clock face? Similar to The Doomsday Clock - which also points to a world-changing event.

To me, Q is telling us that by solving this, we will be able to recognize when the hammer is about to drop


Just my thoughts

60af94  No.22237

These resources and the memes we produce will be the ammo in The Great Awakening.

9c1f80  No.22238


God bless you.

8fde91  No.22239


Nice Rack.

6f6fcb  No.22240



https:// archive.is/GM7kA


https:// archive.is/77KhG


https:// archive.is/hI72Z

Spreadsheet will be updated with archived links to Q's posts and those he responded to.

GRAPHIC compilation will be added to off-side permanent gallery and OP notified for inclusion into the pastebin.

c839c2  No.22241


Agreed, SSA. All the more confusing because until now, I am usually displaying 8ch time as relative time rather than absolute time. Thereby concealing an important clue.

03844e  No.22242


e88fc2  No.22243

thank you for da tasty bread baker, god bless

b89412  No.22244


Thanks for tonight baker. You're a true patissier patriot

d1d967  No.22245

POTUS about to drop info bomb ( Nuclear)

64c3ea  No.22246

A red pill of MOAB proportions in about to be dropped. We are being trained to inoculate the blue pilled. We are the chosen, we did not ask , we are responsible.

God bless us in this this mission laid before us.

God bless potus and his team.

God bless the United States of America

e4c3b9  No.22247



>>21985 (prev)

Delta 2 mins between the edit.



Previous deleted out of stress/for correction, sorry.

6d1783  No.22248

Planefag/SkykingFag/Meme Fire Support here…but mostly just been lurking a lot since Xmas…been busy with personal stuff, but things look like they're heating up so,… Just wanted to say thank you to all of you. Truly. You're a special lot of misfits, fuckups and fags. I love you all dearly. Be safe. Drink lots of water.

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name

c58d8f  No.22249



3924d6  No.22250

File: cf6336d57b2c8f3⋯.png (353.89 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-07-22-4….png)

This POUTS tweet should say HUNDREDS not HUNDRED?

f39c8d  No.22251

Mr. President, thanks for having the conviction to take on evil on behalf of our great country and the world. You and the Patriots in your inner circle are truly heaven sent. Proud to have you as my Commander in Chief!!

19a63e  No.22252


Catch up, this is solved. Good effort though.

1dddbc  No.22253


Typo in the batter:

>>21644 rt >>21852

Should be

>>21644 rt >>21582

3bdc04  No.22254


I think it was all a very effective wake-up call about how important our job is in here. We are the main line of defense between here and anarchy when it all starts going public. People will not understand what's happening, and they will fill in the gaps with whatever explanations make sense to them. They will not know what we know (not meaning to sound like we're anywhere near knowing it all). Wake up one, they wake up two more. It spreads fast. Without us, it's going to be a straight shot into riots, civil unrest, crashed markets, and the like.

dab37d  No.22255



Chapter 6 = Assange home?

33b80a  No.22256

anyone remember a recent Trump tweet where he ended it with


??? I wondered what that meant

c59e1e  No.22257


HC sex tape

cc939c  No.22258

we are catching on.

lets flush this toilet Q, we got your back 100% you have our full support. still just waiting on your twet

abed5e  No.22259


This is q confirmed people

Direct from POTUS

We have orders

Informing friends and family when it goes down

5e9120  No.22260


>Q has been posting without his trip today.. how do i know? when he started posting with his trip, he was filtered for me for some reason

know the reasons for being anonymous, newfag. are the words inside an anonymous post valid or are they not? they stand on their own merit

8fb8d5  No.22261

North Korea: US nuclear supercarrier that buried Osama bin Laden ‘coming for Kim Jong-un'



467a02  No.22262

Anyone know the difference between (#) and [#] i Q posts/map?

They likely can't be interchangeable, everything has meaning.

3239b1  No.22263


Guessing you were wrong.

b2efbd  No.22264



d1d967  No.22265


1/17/2018… maybe yes.

03844e  No.22266

When we are looking back at the Q graphics, how can we tell what time zone they were posted in?

08cd67  No.22267



19a63e  No.22268


Good, keep going through and screenshotting any irregularitities like this from POTUS's tweet history. Then, we can compare them to oddities in Q's posts. May lead to something. IMO.

c839c2  No.22269


>Explain to everyone what "graphic form" as far as being an AUTH TOOL goes, please… Myself and others are in the weeds on this reference.

Graphic form means make a screen capture or some kind of visual evidence that can later be used to reconstruct what happened. Auth seems to mean authoritative. If enough of us retain screen captures, that is pretty authoritative.

98786c  No.22270

File: 21a95fb09a969e3⋯.jpg (205.37 KB, 1280x904, 160:113, godemperor_president_donal….jpg)

d5122f  No.22271

File: 5ee153343bdaa28⋯.png (2.13 MB, 777x2825, 777:2825, 092E352F-88B7-4234-81F3-17….png)

d8c55b  No.22272


Thank you for your work. God bless.

4882b7  No.22273

I fuckin love this timeline!

c59e1e  No.22274


is it a successful test if you misspell test?

2cdc45  No.22275

File: 28c94ca3be7d089⋯.jpg (36.31 KB, 249x165, 83:55, 1496439593029s1.jpg)

Confirmed, Captain, no autists in the area at this time

6483ea  No.22276


6f6fcb  No.22277


> A request: could we pull trump tweets when there are posts 30minutes away from the other. Is that a possible thing to code via Twitter API?

There are several methods already existing in the top posts (not associated with github site tho) -

CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: ufile.io/nmyy0

Time Stamp Spreadsheets: Excel: anonfile.com/t4Pcvbd5b9/Q_Data_Set_-_Minute_Edition.xlsx , CSV: anonfile.com/s6P6vbd5b4/Q_Data_Set_-_Minute_Edition.csv

These are likely not updated as of 15 minutes ago :)

c58d8f  No.22278


you caught the 15+1+1 too? q post?

19a63e  No.22279



98786c  No.22280

File: fea67e872dfbf14⋯.jpg (153.29 KB, 500x582, 250:291, 1441861427034.jpg)


ec1102  No.22281


We need to find every Q crumb that has P_Pers in it.

Something tells me those will have special importance.

c0ceb6  No.22282

File: 7fcbc449ec1fb0e⋯.png (268.75 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

f60e0b  No.22283

File: e4f7ca98e8e1acf⋯.jpg (111.27 KB, 887x534, 887:534, e8739a359ccfae09fb677e44b8….jpg)

d3e3c9  No.22284

File: 64d35c32f6bcea9⋯.png (423.27 KB, 831x439, 831:439, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)

98786c  No.22285

File: 4bca46f3205ad10⋯.png (667.59 KB, 700x512, 175:128, SanQuinius.png)

b97ac3  No.22286


Because Q mentioned RedPill website. Maybe we should be looking at that to see if we are supposed to include links or stories covered there? Not sure.

60ff6f  No.22287

Q is all this FATE or DESTINY or are we all just LUCKY

9330ff  No.22288


I have no sauce but I think that the time stamps might be worth watching for a countdown as was alluded go by q…15,14,13…

ebd4c3  No.22289

24244d  No.22290

…Wow, anons. Still in shock after that live confirmation from Q directly to us.


Thanks for that Q. I believe in you, in the President. We believe in you.

God Bless. God Bless all of you, anons.

2cdc45  No.22291


involuntary lol

eef9ea  No.22292


I think the fact that this is never brought up - is a good sign that "chemtrails" in general is just a big conspiracy theory. If they're poisoning the whole world - who benefits? Where do they hide? Not plausible.

3bdc04  No.22293


We will be Andy Griffith; the normies will be Barney Fife.

fe4fea  No.22294

File: 61c5ae7c125e960⋯.jpg (8.12 MB, 8550x7560, 95:84, Q_comp_correct_01072018_3o….jpg)


Wow, gone for a little while and shit goes down. What a day.

Latest Q map

The 7th Floor Is No More &

POTUS speaks Edition

5bb131  No.22295


ty , got it , there were a couple

310af7  No.22296

b032fd  No.22297

File: 763fb270f30072e⋯.png (138.3 KB, 835x845, 167:169, Screenshot-2018-1-8 Donald….png)

6db9a9  No.22298


He never had any! Had a house down the street from HRC since '98 in NY it appears.

98786c  No.22299


Just think, /pol/ is completely in the dark.

19a63e  No.22300



98786c  No.22301

He chose US.

23267b  No.22302



McCabe, Mueller, Comey, Obama, Hillary all run the Uranium Crime Syndicate. They hide their money in Bitcoin.

Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!


a1bde5  No.22303

Twitter users DENVER report outage. (power outage). No other info yet, if important and not weather related. I just update for anons.

2cdc45  No.22304

d8c55b  No.22305


Holy SHIT!!!!! Amazing.

cc939c  No.22306


I dunno about you but I have a small army of people I update pretty regularly, on all these topics. surprisingly enough even the boomers are in acceptance of the human trafficking and PP and all the cash. the only thing people get pissed about, is the politicians retiring to there multi million dollar lavish lifestyles while our children are left with the bill.

393dad  No.22308


so sick of you attention whore/namefag.

8fb8d5  No.22309

Happy Birthday Kim



b97ac3  No.22310

Might be

Authoritative Tool

to explain to Normies what is going on when shit hits fan.

To Prove that this was all planned.

854042  No.22311


Looks evil as fuck

b89412  No.22312


PA I implore you to make a small image showing where you verified your trip change. You will get in trouble.

3bdc04  No.22313


There is no luck. It's far more a matter of your choosing to be here (on levels you have no awareness of) than anybody "allowing" it. Still, gratitude is always the fastest known track to getting more of what you're getting. You can never go wrong with it.

7473d1  No.22315

Some thoughts:

The capitalized words in Q's posts need to be looked at. Everyone is ignoring the fact that he capitalized GRAPHIC.

Stringing together each of the misspellings in order might spell something.

Correlating time gaps with numbers, and then numbers with alphabet letters may produce something.

b623de  No.22316


In programming [] is a lookup like [1,2,3,4] look into the braces like looking at DEFCON 1 but not at

19a63e  No.22317




>type this post

>look left

>see this


d86656  No.22318

Fucking love Emperor God Trump

d3e3c9  No.22319


It's for the normies

bbdfef  No.22320

10.31 Q says

>Proof to begin 11.3

>Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as the 1st marker)

First marker

c0ceb6  No.22321


yup. Every time it's suggested.

b89412  No.22322


You think /pol/ isn't here? :^)

355876  No.22323

d5122f  No.22324

File: 27e8ca94184f186⋯.jpeg (73.7 KB, 1030x403, 1030:403, 0A2A0020-8C65-4471-8F64-0….jpeg)


c54bf3  No.22325

File: eeff9338b1feb3d⋯.jpg (921.1 KB, 1200x792, 50:33, Gtfocusing on space explor….jpg)

467a02  No.22326


If these sick fucks can retire and drink margaritas after what they've done, then there will be civil war I can promise you that.

24244d  No.22327



Will do so. Thanks.

23267b  No.22328

Q has had NO communications outside of this platform? Really?


We told Q about Karen and the GDfacility. Then Karen shows up at Camp David. We know we spoke with Q on the rogue forum before the wipe. He listened and now the planet will be able to each country mint their own currencies free of the banking cartel!!


Well, well, lookie who is at Camp David!



Thank you Q, Trump, Karen and all who are helping to make this a reality!!

c59e1e  No.22329


in programing [] is a key for an array or something like that

23df93  No.22330

CNN right now is talking about how Trump's tweet is ignored by most.

ec1102  No.22331


I think it will include a classified info leaker and the presscunt who printed it.

Trump has been T-ing up the msm a lot this past week.

3239b1  No.22332


MAGAPill. He tweeted it. Thin iirc, he deleted it.

19a63e  No.22333



Now we know where to start from. Thanks.


d8c55b  No.22334

b89412  No.22335

d10923  No.22336

File: 773fefc5294a95e⋯.jpg (108.27 KB, 1395x689, 1395:689, IMG_20180107_215543.jpg)

2128e0  No.22337

Yeah i think it all meant - definite confirmation(DEFCON1) of a personal message (P_Pers)from donald trump(usually 4,10,20=DJT) upcoming, and then there was one. I don't think we are in Defcon1.

99a82f  No.22338


I think this was a preface, 15, since Q pointed out the repost 15 minutes apart with specifically Goodwin.

But the use of POTUS win following prior Q post provides context.


Jan 7, 2018 09:36:36 PM ….failed policies, washes away any doubts that America made the right choice. This was truly a change election, and the changes Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.” Thank you Michael Goodwin! (Please read entire column) mgoodwin@nypost.com [Twitter for iPhone] link

Jan 7, 2018 09:21:25 PM “His is turning out to be an enormously consensual presidency. So much so that…there has never been a day that I wished Hillary Clinton were President. Not one. Indeed, as Trump’s accomplishments accumulate, the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Obama’s….. [Twitter for iPhone]

35e956  No.22339

Future proves past.

Past = specific times usually in []

Future = An authentication via twitter check the clock.

8fb8d5  No.22340

Kim to change Birthday date?



e610e9  No.22341


No Q posts with word Hundred. Looking for number 100 now to see if I can find a correlation…

e759b6  No.22342


You are a delusional faggot shitting up this place with your garbage. You are wrong about everything. Leave here asshole.

33b80a  No.22343

File: 3062f2067aa86ef⋯.jpg (157.06 KB, 761x624, 761:624, The Importance of #QAnon &….jpg)

c0ceb6  No.22344


HAHAHAHAHA, not a chance. If we had the numbers that show people IN the board and not just answering, like on some of those forums, you would feel like you were on a Toyko subway at rush hour.

4a4466  No.22345

Pray for our troops, about to go in harm's way. There will be casualties among the men who stand between us and the enemy. Pray for their success and safety.

b89412  No.22346


I remember the anon from that website coming to cbts asking what he should do

3bdc04  No.22347


Very soon I will be able to churn out updated maps in a single JPG, all in pro-level graphics, almost in real time. When Q posts at all, he often posts prolifically (those are the best times!) and to be able to provide that graphic FAST will be a big help. Maybe by Wednesday. I have the process pretty streamlined; a custom app only requires the message data and it draws it all out nice and purdy like; then I can pull it into Blender and spit out the map.

0973de  No.22348


They will now be known as MAGAritas.

854042  No.22349


Easy on false idol worship there skippy

d8c55b  No.22350

4df5b7  No.22351

For all Desktop browser users, you will not get an actual timestamp from a POTUS tweet unless you click on the tweet itself. This is IMPORTANT prior to taking screen shots.

Also, as has been stated, you should always keep POTUS open in a separate tab:


23267b  No.22352


It is neither fate, destiny or luck. It is the hard work we did to inform the team how to get the job done. The plan is going beautifully and smoothly, but with dangers of course to all…reason to pray for Assange…bad actors trying to prevent extraction….dangerous….

2cdc45  No.22353

File: a9dca848ac0c8cd⋯.jpeg (7.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, kirk.jpeg)


Mr Sulu, check your console for a private message. Engage.

3239b1  No.22354


You were wrong. And you never had a conversation with Q

112ad3  No.22355

Falcon 9 with Zuma payload launched. You can watch it here….

http://www. spacex.com/webcast


7d146a  No.22356

Has anyone considered the significance of Q's shift from the CALM before the storm to the STORM?

There are no coincidences

He's telling us something

cc939c  No.22357


i like it!

23267b  No.22358


Yes I did. I can prove it.

ab70b7  No.22359

Busted butt all day, whadiya miss?

POTUS/Q-team is in direct comms with us here at /thestorm/ ?!

5a2785  No.22360


/pol/ is here, halfchan just gets flooded with nubs and shills

0973de  No.22361

File: a4b094fff570b6e⋯.jpg (60.46 KB, 634x405, 634:405, 21ry64.jpg)

29ad1d  No.22362


Is there a way to search Twitter archive history to see when POTUS modifies an existing tweet to change a word or letters in a word? or does the original tweet get blown away and no longer searchable?

Based on my understanding, Q will post a marker [#n], then you look for confirmation in POTUS twitter that an existing tweet got modified, and that happens by #n minutes away.

98a0c3  No.22363


You are right!

b2efbd  No.22364

File: c59c6003f02cc47⋯.jpg (289.85 KB, 1066x750, 533:375, 2ks.jpg)

"We will not surrender this country, or its people, to the false song of globalism."

b89412  No.22365


You better grab some popcorn anon

e759b6  No.22366



b97ac3  No.22367

File: 6c270962fb59c05⋯.png (126.16 KB, 923x699, 923:699, screenshotAtUploadCC_15153….png)

Ok sorry Magapill.


Has lists of his accomplishment

Just not sure why Q mentioned it unless we are supposed to tie some of those to previous Q posts too.

abed5e  No.22368


Unprecedented times.

We are helping potus maga

And he says we are winning bigly.

And will never lose again

Keep it strong anons

Home stretch.

Prayers. Law of attraction. KEK whatever you believe, just don't stop believing!!

4040ef  No.22369


Anons, this image reminds me, was the Q reference to Eye of Ra connected to the 9/11 Horus symbol ceremony at Ground Zero?

8fde91  No.22371

File: d9843a1fd14a33c⋯.jpeg (37.04 KB, 248x204, 62:51, B25F2949-832E-4587-BC09-4….jpeg)

cf4836  No.22372

File: f9d06026bbed4ae⋯.png (363.63 KB, 412x380, 103:95, Screenshot-2018-1-7 cookie….png)


here go tell your friends IRL we heard you the last 5 times.

8f2278  No.22373


>distraction and garbage

Get used to it from now on. Distracting posts are the new normal.

There will be bait.

Eventually some erudite anon will need to compose simple instructions to go in the bake, but I can tell you the pattern will be posts that are off-topic followed by responses off-topic by seemingly a lot of people. It is all designed to draw you in.

Bottom line: Ignore and/or filter anything off-topic. Do not respond, do not even read, eventually you will learn to treat them like you treat gnats out in the yard.

6483ea  No.22374


This is beautiful.

2cdc45  No.22375


i believe that is a direct quote


98786c  No.22376



f7916e  No.22377


Thank you! Finally.

Disinformation is real = spat with old BO planned? Fabricated reason to move from CBTS to TheStorm.

Signifies it's here.

23267b  No.22378


Sorry to inform you but YOU are wrong.

And YOU are fake news!!!

d8c55b  No.22379


> The eagle with a gun


0973de  No.22380

File: 3762103ffacba9e⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 505x301, 505:301, 22awhy.jpg)

3239b1  No.22381


Server got overloaded from all the attention iirc

4a4466  No.22383


f93dab  No.22384


Missing "S" - Soros?

3d2508  No.22385

File: 92af7b5ba1347fd⋯.png (281.77 KB, 1152x501, 384:167, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)

>>22143 Not sure what theses HBAL097 are, there are 3 of them do you know what they could be? Nothing coming up for them searching on line Thanks

310af7  No.22386


Nah, old BO actually deleted Q's posts, which Q confirmed were his two threads ago.

5e9120  No.22387

>replying to shills

stop shitting up the board, tbh

9330ff  No.22388

Does anyone have the picture posted by one anon when Q first talked about the owls…

It was a pic of a owl tattoo with a handwritten message. It’s high time we spread it!

a1bde5  No.22389

DENVER : Highlands area, confirmed outage.

36F no bad weather.

(likely ops area)

8f4479  No.22390


Go home girl, you talk too much.

363d1c  No.22392


okay, old lady here. What exactly is upon us. Your saying a storm so is it we hit NK or are we hitting Rothschild in England and taking the B/Witch out??

abed5e  No.22393


You asked me what p_pers meant.

You don't even lurk.

Let alone com with q.

5b6a67  No.22394


Q says this is important. POTUS just communicated directly to us. Thank you, Q and POTUS.

23267b  No.22395


The accomplishments part is true but that article saying Mueller is on the Trump team seems fake as fake can be and not true…

6db9a9  No.22396


He told you EXACTLY why he mentioned it. Further PROOF POTUS is with US! That he is watching, hears our pleas for JUSTICE.

c59e1e  No.22398


shut the fuck up you dumb attention whoring fuck

f43e05  No.22399


Finally, someone gets it.

Jim Reynolds isn't known as the "Muni Bond Man" for nothing.

Response to Request for Proposals for Senior Manager Underwriting Services State of Illinois 2010

"Loop Capital remains firmly committed to the State of Illinois. Since inception, Loop Capital has served on 361 transactions totaling nearly $64 billion."


There's billions more out there to find.

ab70b7  No.22400


what if I already have?

b89412  No.22401


iirc he got fucked over by provider

Was this on cuckchan of infinity?

98786c  No.22402


Speakign of Denver, isnt there supposed to be some really fucked up shit happening in the basement of the Denver Intl Airport? possibly demonic stuff?

c839c2  No.22403


Yes exactly.

May I add one qualifier:

Screen captures that are captured by somebody(s) who have a Twitter account, whose Twitter profile is set to the Eastern Time Zone.

Capturing the text in a database (e.g. github.io) is great but there must be visual evidence to go along with it.

I could do screen captures, but my non-EST timezone and lack of a Twitter account means I'd have to fudge/explain the timestamps (a barrier for explaining to normies). So I un-nominate myself to this task.

9a22e7  No.22404

File: bbb5c74499ec9c5⋯.jpg (40.65 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 22awkf.jpg)

b89412  No.22405


>+1 preparation

d1924b  No.22406


alot of weird shit with that airport

8fde91  No.22407

File: fc3dbe3520a7a1f⋯.jpeg (68.36 KB, 298x403, 298:403, 13506663-2E33-481A-A591-A….jpeg)

393dad  No.22408



f05ed8  No.22409

_y not -y 17th FNA


_ACTION_18_y or ACTION_9_y

8f2278  No.22410



Maybe call it The Corsi Initiative, to better inform the good Dr. that he fed into a major disinformation campaign that undoubtedly forced the Q team to go to extra lengths to show verification.

19a63e  No.22411


Wish I knew, I've been to Twatter like thrice in my life and all within the last 2 months.

Pretty sure not directly related to what you're asking but you (or other researchers) may find these useful:


>CSV file of Q posts, time stamps, and POTUS Twitter: ufile.io/nmyy0

3bdc04  No.22412


YES. This is an irritating fact of life with Twitter. You have to click the tweet to get the time stamp. And take screen caps! Stuff disappears without warning!

I will have my secretary get with George Soros in the morning to correct this flaw. What? He's preoccupied at the moment? Well day-um.

56acfa  No.22413

File: 17aa9e0bfd06b87⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2222x3501, 2222:3501, Q2018-01-07_DEFCON1_A.png)

File: 1b8be17ca5636a6⋯.png (1.66 MB, 2222x2463, 2222:2463, Q2018-01-07_DEFCON1_B.png)

File: 54ab583d427a0d2⋯.png (1009.05 KB, 1111x2552, 101:232, Q2018-01-07_DEFCON1_C.png)

File: 0c3356d827fb28d⋯.png (848.39 KB, 1111x1483, 1111:1483, Q2018-01-07_DEFCON1_D.png)





86d66f  No.22414

File: 2daa34d8dc1f60f⋯.png (2.42 MB, 1668x2224, 3:4, Q15.png)

Q, here's my compilation of [15] [10] [5] [1]

ebb19c  No.22415


I say the same thing to them every time: I don't expect you to believe me; I don't want you to believe me; but when the shit hits the fan, I want you to remember this conversation.

23267b  No.22416




Q has had NO communications outside of this platform? Really?


The fact that Karen showed-up at Camp David proves we spoke with Q and he listened.

5ebb57  No.22417


When POTUS retweeted it, @MagaPill had pinned to the top of his/her timeline the video Liz Crokin did about a Hillary/Huma sex tape.

a1bde5  No.22418


That is true. There is "Deep Underground Military Base" (DUMB) there.

d3e3c9  No.22419

File: d92265e9b4ecf21⋯.png (596.06 KB, 810x604, 405:302, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)

e610e9  No.22420


Q posts which have "100" in them.

Oct 29 2017, 11:11:40 - POTUS is 100% insulated

Oct 29 2017, 20:48:50 - POTUS is 100% insulated

Oct 31 2017, 22:31:00 - Also, he's 100% insulated with zero risk of impeachment (fact).

Nov 2 2017, 11:57:19 - The public has been given a select taste (i.e. sampling) - rest assured others have it all (100% verifiable and impossible to refute).

Nov 5 2017, 22:46:24 - It is being safeguarded for these transmissions but not 100% secure.

Dec 10 2017, 22:32:52 - POTUS 100% insulated.

Dec 23 2017, 11:13:38 - https:// www.crowdstrike.com/resources/crowdstrike-closes-100-million-financing-round-led-google-capital/

24244d  No.22421

Love you all.

Hope you enjoyed the habbenings of the evening. I know I sure did.

However, never forget: THIS. IS. NOT. A. GAME.

Let's make sure we treat this with the seriousness and respect it deserves. Not to mention the dedication and diligence.

86d66f  No.22422

File: 469ab835f08548d⋯.png (835.02 KB, 1747x1278, 1747:1278, Q10.png)


Thanks to all anons for crumbs

56acfa  No.22423

File: 7eb026a21d1ef18⋯.png (3.68 MB, 2222x5956, 1111:2978, Q2018-01-07_DEFCON1)_I.png)

File: 1ddf2951f05aff1⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1111x4957, 1111:4957, Q2018-01-07_DEFCON1)_II.png)



78be61  No.22424

Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs.

POTUS is 100% insulated - any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false.

Follow Huma tomorrow.

POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons.

To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense.

Focus on Military Intelligence/ State Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency What SC decision opened the door for a sitting President to activate - what must be showed? Why is POTUS surrounded by generals ^^

Again, there are a lot more good people than bad so have faith.

This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of players (not just Democrats).

Don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama, Soros, Roth’s, Clinton’s etc have more power present day than POTUS.

Follow the money, it’s the key.

What is Pelosi’s net worth by way of one example.

Why coincidentally is her memory apparently going?

Cover for possible future indictment to plead what?

What if John M never had surgery and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution?

Why did Soros transfer his bulk public funds to a NP?

Note this doesn’t include massive slush funds that are pulled by several high ups.

Why did Soros’ son have several meetings with Canadian PM and how is that related to Clinton’s? Why is MS13 a priority?

Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure?

The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed.

These people are evil.

Operation Mockingbird.

Remember this Q with more breadcrumbs per drop than anyone could wrap their head around. Where is this Q?

f49d4d  No.22425

ba2ce5  No.22426


Love it, nice work

4ec8af  No.22427


Perhaps the Trump tweets mentioning the achievements listed on magapill are the ones to compare against Q posts for the clock

86d66f  No.22428

File: c5b8189f2cd0c60⋯.png (848.53 KB, 1015x1223, 1015:1223, Q5.png)

1d9c95  No.22429


50,000 + feet / 40 mph = Balloons !!

355876  No.22430

Hard to do on iPad Pro still learning this


e676d5  No.22431


Speed is only 36knots, and all have same registration, have to be weather balloons.

23267b  No.22432


who is wating for a paycheck?

I get none..

6db9a9  No.22433


There is more than one "Q".

76bedf  No.22434


Thank you!

19a63e  No.22435


I'd also recommend if you've got the time and what not, just rerererereeeeereading ALL of Q's posts and Trump's tweets from the 3rd. Over days of course, and not to too much detriment of your other research. I'm sure things will reveal themselves to you whether you know some code or not.

3924d6  No.22436

File: ad6ef34b46e46b5⋯.png (320.74 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-01-07-23-0….png)

This one.. what is 2nd A?

2954bd  No.22437


Natural progression! Stages!

44ebca  No.22438


Those are the Google internet ballons for poor peeps

cc939c  No.22439

Niggers playing around with the weather..

Niggers eating unborn baby tissue.

Niggers stealing all our cash.

Niggers shipping our jobs over seas.

Congress doing Lip service to get people angry yet doing nothing about it.

time for the gas chamber to make its big come back!

23267b  No.22440



5ad383  No.22441

File: 83859c77464ef2c⋯.gif (3.11 MB, 480x338, 240:169, TRUMP.gif)


>posts the wrong version

C'mon anon.

8fde91  No.22442

File: 3408ea727108569⋯.png (96.4 KB, 500x485, 100:97, 64A3A32F-7785-49D8-9C04-79….png)

cf4836  No.22443


shut up

ebd4c3  No.22444

File: e87aafe2cac2644⋯.jpeg (236.13 KB, 750x551, 750:551, 28FC5F32-CC99-4FBD-9120-A….jpeg)

File: 32a9d9eea5e05c0⋯.jpeg (137.67 KB, 750x345, 50:23, 545D22E8-06BD-46E8-A3C3-E….jpeg)

File: 62807fdad0e62f6⋯.jpeg (154.44 KB, 750x346, 375:173, 22618011-67FA-4AE2-B7A0-5….jpeg)

8f4479  No.22445


Twitter does not allow editing, you either delete it and repost or leave it alone.

No way to search twitter.

A couple of aggregator sites exist, several anons working to see if feed catches and keeps.

From now forward we need to be on toes.

e1d25b  No.22446


THis shit has been known forever you dumb tor fag

ba2ce5  No.22447


read the bill of rights

03844e  No.22448

2cdc45  No.22449

File: 964f1cbb75046d7⋯.jpg (32.63 KB, 188x252, 47:63, 83edb44f084550a59f2d00b763….jpg)


you sound different

98786c  No.22450


damn thats beautiful

c58d8f  No.22451


2nd amendment .. cmon im a canadian

3bdc04  No.22452


There's no shortage of material there. I lived 3 miles from Columbine when they were building the place. MASSIVE cost overruns, then substandard concrete used on the runways, then the automated baggage system that cost gazillions of dollars and was ultimately scrapped because they could never get it to work right. All this when there was nothing wrong with the then-existing Stapleton in the first place. And oh yeah, they chose to put it on land that was WAY outside the city proper; way up Pena Blvd., Colorado's own private tornado alley.

0bd479  No.22453

File: 5ba2be19a44c8a3⋯.png (553.67 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 2A848345-C141-496B-8F1A-5B….png)

740408  No.22454


This Anons

76bedf  No.22455


Thank you, BO/PA! Phew, what a night!

ac1248  No.22456


Highlands or Highland Ranch? big diff and that underground stuff is BS it was a luggage system that was crap

5ebb57  No.22457


Here is a video of Liz explaining what happened with POTUS retweeting @MAGAPill. youtu.be/RrNxE2VJcDI

35b51c  No.22458

File: 99e0c386625c4fa⋯.jpeg (49.84 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, download.jpeg)

c60811  No.22459


2nd Ammendment to our Constitution.

e610e9  No.22460


^^ THIS.

No really obvious connection using "Hundred" or "100" when I reviewed Q posts. >>22341 and >>22420

9330ff  No.22461


Likely the 2nd amendment

b97ac3  No.22462


Yes there is a way to search Trumps but not on twitter. Go HERE and you will see it is capturing all the tweets. Note both of them listed for tonight with times. Not sure what times those are.


It's an anti trump site, but useful for searching his tweets.

26633c  No.22463



been here since 4chan, did my best to assist. hung on every word Q drops. now, just want to see some TANGIBLE results. tired on waiting on cryptic pronouncements and puzzles. Show the stuff. let's see real jailtime. and for fucks sake, full disclosure. not content to be in dark anymore.

23267b  No.22464


Mirrored back at you.

5ad383  No.22465




298d10  No.22466


I saw one last night there too on radar

2128e0  No.22467

Q- Your owl references confuse me. Owl and Y or Google?

19a63e  No.22468


This is good but crucially it needs to show Q mentioning [1] (see recent posts), and Trump editing/deleting and retweeting these posts 1 minute apart after the fact.

I think that's what happened.

b97ac3  No.22469

File: 372945b3d658d9c⋯.png (131.38 KB, 885x436, 885:436, screenshotAtUploadCC_15153….png)


Screengrab from


08cd67  No.22470

"I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith and thy patience and thy works; and the last to be more than the first" Rev. 2:19

3bdc04  No.22471

MAGA … it reminds me of my Tae Kwon Do instructor in the 90's … he was from South Korea and he couldn't say McDonald's right; it came out "Maga-dough-nuh." But you have to slur it all together.

6de5b1  No.22473

we know Q is a team… sometimes that team is speaking to us as anons @ the same times Q is posting here on the board

They are giving us crumbs as anons ….

ignore distractions, see the crumbs in the board keep digging!

ebd4c3  No.22474


Trump has also used 100 several times when speaking.

99a82f  No.22475

File: fa6f85d92ac98b6⋯.png (85.06 KB, 1287x547, 1287:547, 109.png)

File: 199a3ee3a44157d⋯.png (79.4 KB, 627x371, 627:371, Delta109.png)

File: 6c58eaf66e4cad3⋯.png (75.19 KB, 1287x481, 99:37, Delta relevant.png)

10-9 109

Delta Delta

9330ff  No.22476


Love highlands ranch! Hope it’s safe

455fdf  No.22477


magapill is part of qteam

23267b  No.22478


No, you shut-up. Nobody can prove me wrong. Not even Q.

854042  No.22479



1364ae  No.22480


Yes Sir, For God and Country!

3239b1  No.22481


I honestly don't remember WHERE I read that, tbh. It was awhile back, though.

38a0e2  No.22482

File: f3328fd8257e695⋯.png (475.76 KB, 1293x572, 1293:572, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at ….png)

56e318  No.22483

Successive New Zealand Governments have funded the Clinton Foundation's flagship initiative and continue to do so despite it being under criminal investigation.

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) accounts for almost two thirds of the Clinton Foundation's annual income and was, until recently, vice-chaired by Chelsea Clinton with Bill Clinton serving as a board member.

New Zealand's ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade was near the top of a list of donors alongside the World Health Organisation, Save the Children and the Rockefeller Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was one of CHAI's biggest donors, as was the Australian government, which donated more than $US25 million to the organisation.

New Zealand's donation to CHAI is worth $13.7 million.

The Clinton Foundation facilitated the distribution of watered down HIV drugs. Pharmaceutical company Ranbaxy, who partnered with CHAI, plead guilty to seven felonies in relation to the adulterated drugs and had to pay a $500 million fine.


3924d6  No.22484


Fuggg… no sleep I'm losing it after last night

03844e  No.22485

File: 011ba9b23fc4132⋯.jpg (167.95 KB, 995x808, 995:808, arc.JPG)


Look at all of these useful search functions and timestamps

8f5b2a  No.22486

File: 47cd691e9cb2296⋯.png (440.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, f726350.png)


Yessir, Baruch the CBTS BO BTFO

298d10  No.22487


>http://www. trumptwitterarchive.com/archive

awesome thanks

ce066d  No.22488

Shills gonna get fucked up!

b89412  No.22489


No, he specifically said back then nobody from the Trump administration had contacted him

abed5e  No.22490


Q said there are good owls.

Anons think they are a military team to fight cabal

19a63e  No.22491


Very useful indeed. Possible to archive that site?

88a283  No.22492


2nd Amendment

c59e1e  No.22493


u missed a delta in the 12/25 q post

c839c2  No.22494


Time differences of [5] minutes only? Please explain how you arrive at that. Lay it all out explicitly.

In the example we were given tonight there was a time difference of 15 minutes (first pair of tweets) then 62 minutes later, a time difference of 1 minute (second pair of tweets).

The related Post was 3 minutes prior to the first set of tweets.

How do you arrive at "highlight time differences of [5]" (minutes)?

If I'm confused undoubtedly others are too.

8f4479  No.22495

Attentionwhoring shills in this thread running at very high decibel level.

0ff8cd  No.22496


Your presence and your comments are no longer helpful.

Go to Twitter and wait for the word

These people are doing serious work in here GTFO

628f3a  No.22497

File: abedbab8b05652e⋯.pdf (50 KB, 12.20.17-U.S.-Attorney-Gen….pdf)

File: 67ab4d23a95dc81⋯.pdf (1.37 MB, 12.10.17-Timothy-Charles-H….pdf)


^^^ ignorance Will get u no where. r u afraid of what maybe true? u have a hard on for Pence? i don't know if he's good or bad. i liked him b4 but i also liked Kevin spacy.

i like to critically analyze data then judge if crap/shill/fraud… but i can't do that w/out researching. so far, she hasn't said anything in this video that iisn't true. idk about her vids..


… maybe letter is fake about pence & others?? idk won't know until we know>>22174

6f6fcb  No.22498

File: 8a4a525c5d13406⋯.jpg (41.62 KB, 315x400, 63:80, headlessbody.jpg)


True. This is NOT A GAME and TIME IS SHORT

PoTUS needs us to help

>make graphics to educate and calm the public

We can't know what exactly unless we LEARN THEIR COMMS

Beautiful autists can do that. We all have different skills and talents - combine these for weaponized autism that no cabal can withstand, when the full power of /ourguys/ data collection, the US MIL, POTUS and partners around the world are in synch.


>Direct from POTUS

>We have orders

We have our task, let's get to work.

1- What are those "misspelled" chapters in the Wolf book telling us?

home → HQME

Goldman → GQLDMAN

(infamous vampire squid)

Calling attention to the rapacious banking system that enslaves the world

What were the latest POTUS tweets


zerohedge (?)

Anons need to pay attention also to the ripples felt worldwide in various sectors due to the actions being taken. It is always felt in the markets even if the Mockingbirds are silent on the issue or cause of those market changes.

What else?

What mission did POTUS give us via Q team?

>answer the questions

>build the bigger picture

international multi-layer incestuous/nepotistic Gordian knot of businesses/organizations/foundations/governments/people/agencies involved in

< fraud,

< corruption & money laundering

< creating/spreading diseases for profit,

at the same time spreading this via replacement-level migration to subsume sovereignty of nations and destroy a certain racial/ethnic group

→ not mentioned by Q but how could you ignore what the obvious end-goal in Europe is with this nonsense?

< drug production/trafficking to provide deep black funds for the henchmen of the cabal

< using gang members for political assassinations of opponents or witnesses or whistleblowers

< worldwide, coordinated crackdown/house-cleaning of bad actors for the cabal

< noose tightening and limiting options for cabal, bad actors & henchmen (clowns)

< POTUS btfo media and puppets at every turn, giving them rope, leading them to land mines

yes, it's funny to watch them walk into it over and over (none of them read his book, those dummies!)

< election fraud in broad daylight

< scumbags dropping out of govt and business & pedowood, about to have assets "blocked" for corruption etc.

>break it back down into meaningful, digestible chunks

>make graphics to educate and calm the public

What did Q say?

>"find the spiders, build the web (map)"


The map is the web of these spiders and their connections to one another

Board of directors of foundations, charities, organizations, businesses - donors, etc. They are connected and this shows the fraud.




How else will your neighbor understand why Pelosi is being charged? Or some other political icon or media titan?

We have to show them what the Mockingbird media will not!

a1bde5  No.22500

Any planefags watching Denver?

Airport does not seem to be affected in this power outage.

Or does one of our targets live in (or under) Denver?

3524e4  No.22501

Do you remember the first UN speech Prez. did outside at the UN..

Merkle and others were laughing at him ..

Wonder if she's laughing now.

They never thought they would loose.

f60e0b  No.22502

File: af164f8203700a3⋯.jpg (41.86 KB, 576x960, 3:5, 11412288_10206906353358597….jpg)

If you only knew how much of our history has been a lie, you'd all get together with torches and pitchforks and start hunting them down now….

d8c55b  No.22503


:o !!!!!!!!!!

a30e18  No.22504


any chance you can refer us to that owl post?

5e9120  No.22505


filter by ID + replies is working well for me

310af7  No.22506


Baruch and Tracy Beanz BTFO forever and ever.

8f2278  No.22507


There is a shitstorm coming for them, you can be certain. If there were a possibility of retiring to margaritas, they would not have been nearly as out front in opposing the newly elected president.

Major lifestyle modifications are in store for almost all of the guilty. Some have said Trump would want to go lightly on past president, but I don't even know if that is true.

f0a9ce  No.22508


HBALS are balloons sent up to provide wifi internet. Google project. Nothing odd there.

99a82f  No.22509


using search to highlight, can only highlight one term at a time :/

03844e  No.22510


You can export all the data into Excel. There's a button on for that

355876  No.22511


Hmmm…Are there any congressman or senator is on that list who are leaving there seat from that area?

b89412  No.22512


I'm betting 4chan. Would be easy to trace if we know the date Trump tweeted the magapill website. Anon was on cbts that day or day after

a48494  No.22513


We are the calm.

We are what will calm this world.

We'll, literally, be saving this world.

Oh my god.

23267b  No.22514


Not even Q can deny this.

a35ddc  No.22515



> RE: DEFCON [1]

For Christ's sake don't throw that term around in some obscure code. It means real things to a lot of real people. Things might happen when we're really at defcon 1, and they're not in your control. Be careful, I know you're having fun with this, but there's some serious people out here hanging on your every word that are capable of starting a lot of shit.

c59e1e  No.22516


good work anon

86d66f  No.22517

File: d6ba059cbb80411⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2314x1402, 1157:701, Q01.png)

a50512  No.22518

Col. Roy Potter one hour ago….Defcon 1 is the name of the vid….(From 'B')…He's pissed…youtube.com/watch?v=rk1laYbyTGU&ab_channel=roypotterqa

e1fc31  No.22519


Then filter Q. Screenshot. Compare to unfiltered Q?

e3521c  No.22520


Trying to absorb it all!

628f3a  No.22521


wAT?! is this real ??

e759b6  No.22523

File: bfc41a90b828a65⋯.png (112.34 KB, 450x540, 5:6, pepedong.png)

843ce4  No.22524


Not as many as trying. Being handled back end but some always get through.

Keep moving on your mission: GRAPHIC.

a1bde5  No.22525


Dat fur rheal?

ebd4c3  No.22526

File: e2e5ea4ba70814c⋯.jpeg (129.3 KB, 750x377, 750:377, DAA8B671-728C-49F6-90DD-5….jpeg)

d8c55b  No.22527


Isn't it strange how in the Huma email leaks HRC used DELTA if she couldn't get a private plane?

cc939c  No.22528



298d10  No.22529


it's gonna be minutes apart on the same day

dab37d  No.22530


How about: >>22255 ?

3d290f  No.22531

File: 05ef62ee8648345⋯.png (406.09 KB, 736x552, 4:3, dynamic_duo_the_storm.png)

real dynamic duo - Q and POTUS

8f2278  No.22532


Props to you anon, that sounds like a masterwork. Thank you.

7e9f61  No.22533

File: 394e921379f6c3f⋯.jpg (36.34 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

4c3fc6  No.22535

File: 12ae4a5d8e1cd25⋯.png (29.8 KB, 816x662, 408:331, difer.PNG)


Ive noted all the differences in the 2 sets of tweets




>that… There was never a day

<that, (despite my own frustrations over his missteps,) There was never

>There has never been a day that I wished HC were P

<There has never been a day when I wished HC were p

Note: little p is different

>the mere thought of Clinton in the W.H., doubling down on Barack Obama's

<the mere thought of Clinton in the WH, doubling down on Obama's

>This was truly a change election, and the changes

<This was truly a change elections - and the changes

>Trump is bringing are far-reaching and necessary.

<Trump is bringing are far-reaching & necessary

>Thank you Michael Goodwin! (please read entire column) mgoodwin@nypost.com

<Thank you Michael Goodwin!

23df93  No.22536



98786c  No.22537



outdated farm equipment. moving on…

0973de  No.22538


Honest Abe… was a negra?

e3521c  No.22539


Q is going to come and slit your tires if you don't shut up man! Q said it like 3 times! NO COMMS ELSEWHERE!

8f4479  No.22540


Man, I hate cartoon porn but good job, perfect reply.

3bdc04  No.22541



6483ea  No.22542


Which is what this was originally about in the first instance.

MAGA sure - but with the rest of the world being a shithole with a great US, it'd quickly get dragged back there again.

19b28c  No.22543

File: 6fe1979bed43053⋯.png (902.9 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180107-230743.png)

Royston Potter ranting

9330ff  No.22544


Calm down R…I do agree with the “cut the shit” speech though.

It was said many times….”you are safe”

60af94  No.22545



Updated MapleWords here:



Our Mission

To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends [STONE].



We will do this by constructing a side by side graphic / github of Qposts and Trump tweets.



Timestamps must be in the same timezone.

Highlight time differences of [5,10,15]

Highlight misspelled words.

It's perfect. Plausible deniability to the world yet ultimate confirmation to us.

We will erode the barriers of ignorance that stand in Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

cc939c  No.22546


ask your self. would we have elected a nigger back in thoes days. you do not need to strain your brain to much to figure this one out.

e1fc31  No.22548


So. If it's 5 minutes past it's currently happening, and if 10/15 it happened earlier then the posted time? Which do these new tweets fall under? Just getting on, haven't really checked yet.

fbd5bd  No.22549


Why do I feel like we launched a rocket “sky fortress” to capture #2. I think I may have missed some.

455fdf  No.22550


if you also read the opinions and news on magapill,there is a qanon video for normies on there


d1924b  No.22551


we wouldnt now even after the last one

fba6ff  No.22552



103448  No.22554

ebcac9  No.22555


>Q has had NO communications outside of this platform?

Q stated NO PRIVATE COMMS with anyone claiming to have a comm channel.

Q stated that THIS is the ONLY comm platform for comms with (us).

Q stated all comms are PUBLIC.

Now shut the fuck up.

a80898  No.22556


OR: 1+5+1+1=8. Tomorrow is 1/8/18. Q has indicated BIG THINGS happening next week.

fc226d  No.22557


Mil Tribunal death sentences are by lethal injection.

048c08  No.22558

298d10  No.22559


You got a picture of Mary Todd too?lol i'll believe anything at this point. no not really.

f60e0b  No.22560


Amazing what a top-hat and a bit of makeup can do, isn't it? MASONS know the truths. They are not your friends.

23267b  No.22561

If anything I claim is not true, let Q himself deny it, not some moron fags who think they know it all… bullshitters!

0973de  No.22562


Just listened to it. He is upset with B posting about defcon 1 without much context. might be an act but idk anymore these days

75375c  No.22563


I think we should look into the C[F]R (C0uncil 0f F0reign R3lati0ns).

There are over 5,000 current members. Can be viewed here:

 cfr. org/membership/membership-roster-a-f


Madeleine K. Albright

Jon B. Alterman

Warren Beatty

Michael R. Bloomberg

Sidney S. Blumenthal

Tom Brokaw

Howard Warren Buffett

Barbara P. Bush

William Jefferson Clinton

George Clooney

Lynn Forester de Rothschild

Richard S. Dreyfuss

Thomas L. Friedman

Tulsi Gabbard

Alan Greenspan

Michael V. Hayden

Jesse L. Jackson

Angelina Jolie

Edward Kennedy

John F. Kerry

Henry A. Kissinger

Joseph I. Lieberman

Jack F. Matlock

John S. McCain

Herbert R. McMaster

Mae Podesta

Colin L. Powell

Condoleezza Rice

David Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller

Mark L. Rockefeller

Nicholas Rockefeller

Steven C. Rockefeller

Susan Cohn Rockefeller

Valerie Rockefeller

Diane Sawyer

Anthony Scaramucci

Joe Scarborough

Eric Schmidt

George Soros

Jonathan Soros

David J. Stern

Jake Tapper

George J. Tenet

Forest Whitaker

Robin Wright


Donald J. Trump

Adm. Michael S. Rogers

Vladimir Putin


https: //en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Members_of_the_Council_on_Foreign_Relations

d8c55b  No.22564

File: 0cc4e4142734adc⋯.png (14.49 KB, 486x194, 243:97, fakeandgay.png)

8f5b2a  No.22565



When Baruch called Q an illiterate teen fag smh

9a22e7  No.22566

File: 327533bb94b04da⋯.jpg (27.89 KB, 480x278, 240:139, 22awwk.jpg)

2128e0  No.22567


Yeah and there are secret units w that used but he also made reference to what they called the Owl and Y cult in the past, and also posted a pic of Guy Rothschild and a woman in a Owl and Y pose. Seemed to suggest that they were in control of it. Not 100% which the owl reference refers to atm.

f43e05  No.22568

NYC HOUSING DEVELOPMENT CORP $442M bond issue dated 6/5/17:

"Certain legal matters will be passed upon for the 2017 Series C-4 Liquidity Facility Provider by Sidley Austin LLP. "

"2017 Series C-1 Bonds Co-Managing Underwriters: Loop Captial Markets"


document keywords : HUD, FHA,

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac

b97ac3  No.22569


All the negative Pence stuff comes from Reddit Meganon. Many who post here follow other anons too.

Tons of videos on Youtube that talk about Q also quote her.

However this is a board for Q analysis, so unless we can remember a time Q mentioned Pence not sure why it's being talked about so much here.

ae8565  No.22570

Ivanka you owe me a game of pinball

1d9c95  No.22571


And this Lurk'r has been trying to fig out the def of KeK ….haha Keeeek !!

c58d8f  No.22572


yes this is true too

a80898  No.22573


For Optics, nothing beats a good hanging!

b89412  No.22574


Lurk moar faggot

a35ddc  No.22575


Yeah, thanks for that. We haven't had a juvenile dickhead on this thread yet. Too much to hope for.

23267b  No.22576


No you STFU.


Explained clearly here, so get lost fag.

355876  No.22577


Yea to most military and veterans it has a VERY definitive meaning….. I’ll notnput that on any memes.

298d10  No.22579


How soon? I'm drooling,lol

103448  No.22580


Focus, please.

Q was very direct in what was needed. Outside personalities are just that, PERSONALITIES.

19a63e  No.22581


>Highlight time differences of [5]

While this may be useful, to say this at the exclusion of other amounts of time is unhelpful because it implies they're not useful too. I would say anything up to 15 min or so, but only as a general rule - so as not to rule anything out.

And not just misspelled words. Unusual capitalization. CAPSLOCK. Coincident words (keywords), especially if recurring and, if they are specialized in either Q's or Trump's posts in any way, then regardless of the relative time difference between them potentially. If you think you find something, share it and we'll discuss.

efd130  No.22582


They run the world….

e610e9  No.22583


Yeah, I'm heading to the Twatter next to search there. Just posting all that I find for the anons trying to correlate.

7e9f61  No.22584


WH-white hats?

IP- IP address?

- &

f60e0b  No.22585

Skyfortress = ISS, captured 2 satellites. The abe picture is real too. Good luck patriots. Hope you can handle the next few days.

ce066d  No.22586

File: 1dd9206f7c35cb8⋯.gif (1.62 MB, 480x274, 240:137, knuck.gif)



I'm ready.

23267b  No.22587


Nobody can prove me wrong, I challenge you!

Let Q himself respond!

And YOU are fake news!

5bb131  No.22588


got it

88a283  No.22589


Thank you, anon.

03844e  No.22590

How can we tell the actual time/time zone of Qs posts from the graphic? Is there anything else with a more reliable indicator of time?

8f2278  No.22591


His name makes it easy to filter him.

Filter him.

Get used to using it on Anonymous posters when you recognize the purposeful distraction or general shitting of the board.

The filter is your personal EMP.

c0ceb6  No.22592


lolly lolly lolly, get your click bait here!

I lost my sense of humor and perspective and haven't really read any of the drops at all that say everyone is safe… so I want a Geraldo moment and maybe I'll get more clicks from the sticks in the mud that do not wait three minutes to see what the fuck is going on before they go running around with their heads cut off… SIR! (salute)


6483ea  No.22593


You're sounding like Baruch now. Fuck off.

1364ae  No.22594


Mooch??? :s

5ad383  No.22595


I'm in contact. Posted this: github.com/QCodefag/QCodefag.github.io/issues/19

b89412  No.22596



19a63e  No.22597



355876  No.22598


Hard for me to time stamp , I’m on central time, not est

99a82f  No.22599

File: 2895af2ee135880⋯.png (74.89 KB, 633x373, 633:373, 53.png)

File: 1e6127ed554d6d8⋯.png (66.92 KB, 633x371, 633:371, 58.png)

File: b9e88df6e9d1d48⋯.png (71.46 KB, 1266x480, 211:80, 5.png)






Here is the 5 minute interval marker on the 23 relevant Delta

Dec 23, 2016 06:58:36 AM my presidency. Isn't this a ridiculous shame? He loves these kids, has raised millions of dollars for them, and now must stop. Wrong answer! [Twitter for Android] link

Dec 23, 2016 06:53:05 AM My wonderful son, Eric, will no longer be allowed to raise money for children with cancer because of a possible conflict of interest with… [Twitter for Android]

7e9f61  No.22600


Glowing namefag

298d10  No.22601


OMG the list, it's never ending, i'll go get more diesel

23267b  No.22602

Trump was clearly watching ONE conspiracy theorist. I said ONE.

38a0e2  No.22603

File: b4a756774511e7b⋯.png (80.44 KB, 637x160, 637:160, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at ….png)


Note: a "Q" is not "missing" from a select word, that I can see. Unless this is meant to mean, a "que"/tip is missing.

"consensual" and "consequential" are two entirely different words. "Consequential" without the "Q" =/= "consensual". It would read; "Conseuential" (Non sequitur).

Trump's tweets at 09:21:25 and 09:36:36 are [15] min. apart.

Full mgoodwin@nypost.com column, HERE: https://t. co/4fHNcx2Ydg

How to wind a clock??? (See image, possibly related).

It's a pleasure to serve.

c59e1e  No.22604


2 ko in one post… well done sir

what an asshole that guy is

9b97f1  No.22605



This goes back to the evening that POTUS tweeted a link to magapill with a story about Q.

The site was swiftly taken down. When it returned no mention of Q.

If you would go back and actually read you would have known this from over a month ago

Those of us that have been here from the start are sick of having to answer these simple answers for you newfags

60af94  No.22606

Careful lads

Have you ever felt the Fear Of Missing Out when someone posts a huge list of names to look into?

Have you ever felt small because a hyped topic is beyond your understanding?

These are rather well crafted red herrings.

Stay on target lads. We have a side-by-side comparison of Trump tweets and Qposts to produce. Q says it's of the utmost importance to The Great Awakening.

You know what to do.

6483ea  No.22607


Nice find anon!

f7ec0a  No.22608


Loop Capital involved in the missing HUD money? 500B

f60e0b  No.22609

23267b  No.22610


Go ahead, make my day. Q cannot deny anything I have said. He knows it is all true, that is why.

0542dd  No.22611

I have a funny feeling that "This is not a game" but we are the controllers.

ebcac9  No.22613


Wedge tactic. Sad. Ignored.

23267b  No.22614


You are the glowing back of a cock-roach.

4c3fc6  No.22615


that little i in the snap is my misstype.

e676d5  No.22616


Vladimir Putin would NEVER be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations plus this has been posted already.

03844e  No.22617

File: e763750e9a39a84⋯.jpg (46.07 KB, 992x165, 992:165, Capture.JPG)


See attached

c58d8f  No.22618



thanks fellow leaf

cc939c  No.22619


great work anon!

b97ac3  No.22620


Thank you for finally listening. I have been posting this in threads for weeks. Every time someone asks if there is a way to see the time on his tweets. FINALLY someone listened.

4e95e8  No.22621

File: c4120d270d0bc8e⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 561x374, 3:2, 115013832.jpg)

Dec 14, 21:43:38

Q !ITPb.qbhqo


Shall we play a game?

Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

Below is the ‘map’ of the twelve (12) countries with giant spider symbolism sculptures in them:

five in North America

one in the Caribbean

two in Asia

one in Russia

three in Europe


Of the twelve locations of the giant spider statues, St Petersburg, Russia and Havana, Cuba are the most surprising. The deep state uses these central banks to control the populations and dictate to the governments what domestic and foreign policy to administer as per Q’s post on December 5th, 2017:

23267b  No.22622


Ignore whoever you want. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong, even Q!

355876  No.22623


Could mean he reached a compromise with Someone

03844e  No.22624


This is my first day on here.

d1924b  No.22625

angelina jolie involved with the human trafficking possibly?

b89412  No.22626


You did good anon

628f3a  No.22627


Will this have his deleted tweets?

23267b  No.22628


No YOU f off. YOU are fake news.

a30e18  No.22629


Thanks for trying to steer us in the right direction.

We had a blunt and direct statement tonight as to what we need to do on our end to help the cause

cf4836  No.22630


god damn you still swinging your dick around

ebd4c3  No.22632


You’re missing the capitalized I and lowercase i in second example

98786c  No.22633


You know it. She's a big time ghoul.

355876  No.22634


I noticed them , and use them… and I thank you sincerely

60af94  No.22635


You're not wrong, we will cover it all.

9330ff  No.22636


Shut the fuck up shill

ce066d  No.22637

File: e3eb5761ff91a2f⋯.gif (751.08 KB, 245x150, 49:30, Ender.gif)

19a63e  No.22638


I'm counting on you anons, I don't have Excel.

7e9f61  No.22639


Q confirms when you're right and ignores when you're wrong.

c839c2  No.22640


POTUS will tweet first. I presume he cannot control exactly when the tweet will be received and timestamped by twitter due to potential conflicting network traffic and buffer latency at Twitter's servers.

Then Q will post here a definite time interval later. I presume he CAN control the exact time of posting here. We have seen plenty of evidence of that (like all the posts whose timestamp ended in exactly :59 seconds IIRC). And also operators who have posted with very strange tripcodes that were obviously manufactured and injected into 8ch's server rather than generated by hashing a password (!FogWarlock is one that I recall from today; there was one other I don't rememeber).

So the time delta will always be between a tweet and an 8ch post, with the tweet always being the earlier message of the pair.

Is that how you see it, Anons? Is my reasoning correct?

a30e18  No.22641


and you still haven't filtered them

lets dig into these marker/tweet correlations

ca64bb  No.22642

Let the filtering of namefags commence

298d10  No.22643


what time zone is the Q post in?,16:52= 4:52 right

d1924b  No.22644


so brad pitt is the same? all in bed with wienstien?

0973de  No.22645

File: 8ef6a3e217b1509⋯.jpg (93.87 KB, 500x748, 125:187, 22ax2n.jpg)

4c3fc6  No.22646


libreoffice may work. not sure if it takes xml or w/e filetype you need

9274eb  No.22647


He's falling to Twitter madness. Happens all the time.

98786c  No.22648


I dont know if he is.


23267b  No.22649


I challenge anyone to prove me wrong, even Q!

56acfa  No.22650

File: d98232baf2a8836⋯.png (490.84 KB, 721x403, 721:403, SKY FORTRESS ENGAGED_.PNG)

>P_pers: [1] Confirmed.





bbdfef  No.22651

Q references to markers. Tweets between 12/7 - 12/17 - 10 & [10]? Connect the markers? Tweet or Q post on 11.3?


>Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker).


>Connect the 'markers.'

>The "marker."


>Find the markers.

>10 & [10].

>12/7 – 12/17.

2cdc45  No.22652

File: a7c06abfbe4c0a3⋯.jpeg (5.61 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpeg)

03844e  No.22653



(Everyone) Be advised that the Trump Twitter archive times a to be tagged as Eastern time

>(Everyone) Be advised that the Trump Twitter archive times a to be tagged as Eastern time

(Everyone) Be advised that the Trump Twitter archive times a to be tagged as Eastern time

cf4836  No.22654


congratulations you are the first person ive filtered in a month

ec1102  No.22655


WRWY = We R With You

Public (not private) = ? Did we figure out what this means?

Any Trump Twats around these Q crumbs?

740408  No.22656

23df93  No.22657


This is why we do not post in twitter what we are doing here.

23267b  No.22658


Boy you all are stupid asses!

5ad383  No.22659


No, don't worry about it.

QCodeFag and I will look into parsing this with Q's stuff, guaranteed. See >>22595

355876  No.22660

75375c  No.22661


Thank you! I spent over an hour going through all the names. Others should check too, I'm sure I missed some.

This doc., featuring Ben Swann led me there:



b97ac3  No.22662


Actually I think the night that happened it was still on half chan and yes I remember.

I was simply stating that q may mean that our map of JUST his posts might not be what he means. Maybe he means side by side. His post then any Trump tweets, or News that is relevant as a real map to what happened.

I was pointing out that since he specifically mentioned that website and said they chose it, maybe they want us to also list some of his accomplishments if they relate to Q so You STFU

8f5b2a  No.22663


Perfect, should be a bunch of tweets to dig into

0973de  No.22664

File: 3ed2c8b1567bb43⋯.jpg (196.39 KB, 1772x997, 1772:997, Shillicon valley.jpg)

f43e05  No.22665



A question for Doctor Ben?

d5122f  No.22666

Who? Wat?


7e9f61  No.22667


Now we need a side by side of this and Qs posts…then put them on a clock

a30e18  No.22668

Any thoughts on 'SKY FOTRESS ENGAGED'?

International Space Station?

e3521c  No.22669


You're going to piss off someone who has the Marines on his side. Do you like angry Marines? You shouldnt.

23267b  No.22671


Who cares. You are too dumb to understand anyways.

f60e0b  No.22672

File: 7d0128570f1b4ba⋯.png (46.3 KB, 528x276, 44:23, $1.png)

298d10  No.22673


so then do we need to convert the Q posts to est too?Yes

ca64bb  No.22674

I think people are coming here to legitimize their shitty Twatter feeds!


cc939c  No.22675



7f84c7  No.22676


His Mom WAS on the radio on Monday.

She reminds us to support Wikileaks too…FYI

fe5b05  No.22677

File: 565988c21548a87⋯.png (546.13 KB, 1348x920, 337:230, Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at ….png)


tied to –

Original [5]: Q post and Twitter post [5] min apart that verified McCabe as #2


Side-by-side graphic?

Locate and create.[:22]

SEARCH crumbs : [#2]

Who is #2?

No deals.



How can FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, the man in charge, along with leakin' James Comey, of the Phony Hillary Clinton investigation (including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails) be given $700,000 for wife's campaign by Clinton Puppets during investigation?


Previous also logged in graphic form [10] + others?

Timestamps important.




e88fc2  No.22678


i been watching these for about a year… they are always around Porto Rico, i have never seen them up around fl where it was today. and there was only one earlier like it was way offcourse.

fc226d  No.22679


She never smelled right to me. Very NWO.

ede745  No.22680


I have to believe it's fate/destiny. Given the way certain things happened in my life before this, I was looking for meaning and suddenly this all started happening and I have purpose again. I can't believe it's coincidence, not anymore with everything we are learning that there are no coincidences we are all here for a reason.

455fdf  No.22681


cfr has always been bad actors, old news to some of us

c839c2  No.22682


GL quite often means Good Luck.

cdc4f8  No.22683

OK- who is working on what??

5668be  No.22684


Star Wars upgraded

23267b  No.22685


We the People are the government. The Marines serve We The People! So STFU!

e610e9  No.22686


There are no Q posts for January 2, 2018. This does not seem to be a relevant timestamp.

e1fc31  No.22687


Not to be rude, but ignore him. Don't bother calling him out, his game is to shit up this board. Don't participate please.

fe4fea  No.22688

File: a45977b5793f6ac⋯.jpg (8.32 MB, 8550x7560, 95:84, Q_comp_correct_01072018_3o….jpg)



Latest Q map !!!CORRECTED GRAPHIC!!!

The 7th Floor Is No More &

POTUS speaks Edition

9d3618  No.22689



I think we need to be looking for tweets where POTUS starts a thought and finishes the thought in a follow up tweet

51f7e3  No.22690

CLAS could mean Closed Loop Action System. Google references Raytheon. Others reference a management system. Think of them as either pre-authorized procedures, or something automatic that is authorized to act. 1-9 are now authorized and live.

740408  No.22691


Potters been lurking though and non anons are posting the drops fast af

35e956  No.22692


Future proves past.

Delta t in []

Tweet confirms delta t.

0973de  No.22693


I dare say it… the moon?

23267b  No.22694


I am telling the truth. I am not messing up anything.

6483ea  No.22695

With the [0] marker we are looking for a tweet which was posted at the same minute as a Q post.

b89412  No.22696


Sickening. Faggot's trying to make money by forfeiting our most important rule. Not a patriot.

e3521c  No.22697


Roger that.

03844e  No.22698


If we could just get a link of all of the Q posts from here, rather than an image, then we can verify the timestamp.

The times displayed on each of our screens on this board correspond to our desktop time

f49d4d  No.22699

Back in a few hours. This is fucking hopeless. Thanks, YouTubers.

355876  No.22700


Hahaha! Good one! Even those of us that were in the navy never pissed off a marine!

a30e18  No.22701


Q told us tonight that we need to procure graphics pertaining to POTUS tweet timestamps and crumbs/markers from Q as redpill ammo for when the big stuff hits the public

38a0e2  No.22702


Good work, anon

f05ed8  No.22704




35e956  No.22705


Could be a sign off for the evening.

fc9f81  No.22706

Ok kids, here's the deal.. when it's time to pick our guns & fight.. give me a call!

Some of us can't afford to hire someone to do our home repairs & yard work & car repairs & cleaning & everything else, so that we can sit & watch a screen all day for top secret msgs from POTUS & Q, promising us that Justice WILL come (but not until next week).

The secrets, lies, corruption & deception has almost destroyed this country & it has to END! You don't stop secrets, lies, corruption & deception by using secrets, lies, corruption & deception! You stop it with openness, transparency, honesty, & INTEGRITY!! If normies can't handle the TRUTH.. FUCK EM if they can't take the truth! But enough of this puzzle & top secret code nonsense. I have too much work to do.

Q said big happenings this week? Anything less than mass arrests of former & current criminals in our govt IS NOT a 'big happening.'

So much for fucking hoping & trusting others!

23267b  No.22707


Let Q answer that one.

7e9f61  No.22708


I've called out that shill several times

d1924b  No.22709


Blomburg- former mayer or NYC also made the bloomburg terminal. some computer software for wallstreet. also worked with securities. could he be in bed with the rockefellars?

c5fe23  No.22710

Babylon Will Fall

A. Jones talking about the fall of Babylon last night. Today Q talking Defcon 1.

I was in prayer this morning and the Holy Spirit reminded me of this prophetic word regarding (((American Babylon))).

This is a confirmed word from God BEFORE TRUMP ELECTED!


>Operation Let my People Go

>The Spirit of God says, "When Donald Trump is elected, a sign will be given. The

>earth shall quake because of who I have selected. lt's a shift, a shift in the power

>structure that is taking place and another sign will be given when it falls without grace.

>A lightning strike and a great wind shall topple the so called great monument, and they

>will not be able to mend. lt will be a sign that the Luciferian reign and ungodly powers

>are coming to an end. I have had it with time and truth that bends. When it topples and

>shatters the capstone the builders accepted will be exposed for all to see and the one

>they rejected who is me. For these ungodly powers I the Lord God will expose! From

>the (((llluminati to the Cabal))), they are beginning to decompose. For those that speak of

>myths of wrath to come are creating fanaticism, and they will go down to the abyss with

>a cataclysm."

>The Spirit of God says, "The timeline, the (((counterfeit timeline))) that they have used, you

>shall see it and how it's been abused. For the counterfeit timeline that they have used

>to lead my people astray, will be exposed and seen because my remnant people have

>prayed. You people who speak with time and truth that bend, thinking you have

>encircled my body and sealed them in, hoping it's now their end. For you are saying

>they are no longer a threat for they accepted a truth that bends. Woa to you for you

>forgot about my remnant and that's my surprise, and now it's your end and it shall be

>your demise! For the counterfeit spiritual compass that is pulling and magnetizing my

>people off course as it be, will be turned back by my true army, and pointed true north,

>and back to me."

>The Spirit of God says, "Woa to those that have tried to enslave my people, for now I

>will topple your so called steeple. lt has stood for so long, that beast of old called

>(((Babylon!))) For this new world order that seeks to destroy, forgot about my true army

>that's being deployed. My army rise up with a shout, for this evil reign is being exposed

>with clout. My army, my army rise up and take on this beast, and I the Lord God will

>take him down to the least. For this beast is roaring trying to intimidate, through

>assassinations, division, and hate. Rise up! lt's time to battle against this beast with

>extreme prejudice and you will terminate!"

>Your Supreme Commander, God

Source: https://www.sordrescue.com/prophetic-words.html


e676d5  No.22711


I'm leaning toward Sky Fortress being Missile Defense maybe connected to Zuma and/or Iridium launches. Maybe the Iridium satellites are sensors and Zuma is the kill vehicles/interceptor platform

8a0e09  No.22712


I remember..those smug as Sholes are puckering up now…

455fdf  No.22714


look on magapill's opinion page

9d3618  No.22715


I think Q is saying that in the 10 days between 12/7 and 12/17 we should be looking for timestamp markers of 10 minutes

ce066d  No.22716

File: 585383c79a7bf2b⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 450x189, 50:21, battleschoolship.gif)

cc939c  No.22717


ty anon

23267b  No.22718


You are the ones who are going to angry the marines when they have ME to thank!

3239b1  No.22719


I actually had one last night I could only see the top line of. It was the one about how well you would sleep if you knew everything. An awesome anon posted a screencap for me. Could never understand why I could see he'd posted, but never could read it.

44ea99  No.22720


Amen. This is NOT a game.

a58979  No.22721


I chased the links provide in vrious posts and find it probalby acurate in a legal way that Pence ignored POTOS EO on attacking Pediphilia.. Investigators had informationn from another state with connections in Indiana, and when the Other State (FLa) didn't do anything, then expected Pence to act on the Indiana end. Since he did not do so… he must be unconcerned about POTUS EO for some reason.

abed5e  No.22723

Q wants as many confirms as possible.

Our future will depend on these.

To convince normies who can't swallow the pill, we will have to confirm q for them.

8fde91  No.22724

File: 641a9c1fe1a5c49⋯.jpeg (65.97 KB, 501x414, 167:138, 9E0237BD-DA09-4685-BDA1-1….jpeg)

355876  No.22725


Maybe they replace something in the rocket before it went up

815b89  No.22726


It's funny, you know Fox is still totally playing us– just not as bad as the others. They could have Mooch on for 2 yrs every night and nobody would say, 'what's up with the CFR? What exactly is the purpose?' etc.. But they could, and when he gives a canned answer, then they could keep pinning him down. I'll never happen, and all the ppl at FN are well aware of organizations such as CFR.

That is what is so refreshing about POTUS. All the times, during all the interviews and debates in elections past, we would yell at the screen, "Ask her about Benghazi!" And all the obvious things, that we would confront candidates with. And they never do, confirming they are part of the game.

3239b1  No.22727

03844e  No.22728

24e4a2  No.22729

I cannot think of much worse than raw intel on twitter or fb right now. Anyone who does so clearly does not understans why Q brought us together. All they are interested in is taking credit for it. I wish i knew a way to stop it… but i guess i will have to beg people reading this to stop and remove anything raw that they have posted.

23267b  No.22730

Trump was following only ONE conspiracy poster for a long time. Guess who that is?

363d1c  No.22731


Same here my brother told me point blank .. 'get off the damn website your going to and lay of the caffeine" ;-( I told him okay you will think differently in about 2 weeks. When you hear shit on the news.

75375c  No.22732


Sorry, I had not seen it mentioned. It includes A LOT of people we are researching. I was thinking could be close to the keystone or eye.

I think maybe should research it more thoroughly.

Also, I noticed it literally has some "bad actors".

c5fe23  No.22733


>earth shall quake

One week after Trump's election, Christchuch NZ had a 4.1 earthquake

360ac0  No.22734

Are anons working on marker [0]?

5bb131  No.22735

>confirm , for next bake




/thestorm #25, #26 and #27

>>20530 rt >>20277



>>20631 rt >>20603




>>21121 rt >>21093




>>21574 rt >>21481

>>21644 rt >>21582

>>21679 rt >>21584 rt >>21545

>>21777 rt >>21626

ec1102  No.22736


Fake and Gay

98786c  No.22737


I only take stock in what Q says.

d5122f  No.22738


Just tell us. We’re all wound up and loopy rn

78be61  No.22740

This is becoming bullshit. These recent q posts are beyond cryptic and have us running in circles, now asking us to timestamp every POTUS tweet and cross reference with the q posts timestamps to look for hidden messages. This can not get more ridiculous. Does anyone remember early Q? Simple to the point questions leading to actual real research and answers.

fe4fea  No.22741




Any confirmation of this happening?

This would be major yuge.

e759b6  No.22742

File: 433af030768e769⋯.png (311.13 KB, 540x380, 27:19, ClipboardImage.png)


>WHERE IZ MUH Q???!!!!

f0a9ce  No.22743

damn Q set off a nuke in the YT, TW, REDDIT universe with DEFCON[1] thing. OH boy it's all on fire right now. wow….

03844e  No.22744



Is there really not a searchable database of all Q posts

9274eb  No.22745

Here's the ZUMA launch


19a63e  No.22746

I'm thinking of writing a list to add to the batter of 7-10 or however many steps are needed, that all anons should be advised to take.

-Get a screen capture browser extension of your choice (eg, Easy Screenshot).

-Every time Q posts, personally screenshot it and save it in a dedicated folder.

I'm not sure what else to add :/ Maybe it's not a good idea

5e9120  No.22747


i filter by ID + replies. i can't read your posts without making extra effort, simply because you replied to him. it helps quiet a lot of the noise. just saying

628f3a  No.22748


… ok… wait… clowns know we are on here. clowns see these comms… thought is tomorrow something is going to happen to launch… wouldn't clowns just go analyze software, sat comms, run diagnistics, check payload…. etc 2 verify Pres/Q didn't mess with their toy??

98786c  No.22749


Dont look to a namefag for answers, only Q.

cf08f3  No.22750

You've got Vets on edge with "DEFCON". DEFCON1 to us is literal hell. Add in PTSD and it fucks your head.

Not trying to nag what so ever, just a heads up for my shipmates and soldiers.

9a22e7  No.22751

File: 059196c785bbc33⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 22axef.jpg)

cf4836  No.22752

3924d6  No.22753


Sorry on phone can't open both at once. Had a thought the 10 days.. remember we assumed it started when Q said Clock started.. what if he was talking about THE clock he wants put together?

2954bd  No.22755


My filter doesn't seem to work on this faggot! What gives?

f05ed8  No.22756


I remember a POTUS where he spelled out ZERO in all caps

2128e0  No.22757


i have no evidence it doesn't work independently but it may very well have to do w the Iridium system being set up. Interesting point.

23267b  No.22758


Well, you cannot speak for Q.

e1fc31  No.22759


Never filtered anyone, do past posts disappear when an id is filtered? We could go through these boards each night and perhaps catch some great clues. If you filtered him, you likely thought he was insane, which means it might be big.

5bb131  No.22760

8f4479  No.22761



Much easier to parse into codefag chunks than SS which is by lines.

56acfa  No.22763

File: c4715b297a90173⋯.png (565.82 KB, 710x396, 355:198, SKYFORTRESSENGAGED_.PNG)

5b9f1b  No.22764

File: b6862c8921f1550⋯.png (28.56 KB, 660x245, 132:49, digit.PNG)

Out Hackfango!


f24566  No.22765


Watch the disinfo fly!


8fde91  No.22766

File: 92e7d3258cecf49⋯.jpeg (125.19 KB, 596x791, 596:791, 623AF719-F1E4-40B5-B4A4-7….jpeg)


Lead. Follow. Or STFU.

That is all.

ac6366  No.22767


No, but I think he was Jewish. Look at Abraham's nose!

cc939c  No.22768



ive been here since the first drop minus a brief sabbatical.

and I am with this anon 100%

you need an extra gun and a few drops of blood you give me a call day or night!

But I too have much work to do, this country is a fucking mess! bills long days and shit pay.

e610e9  No.22769


Q didn't post on Dec 31, 2017 so there would be no timestamp to correlate, if I am to understand this process correctly.

cf4836  No.22770


you have to refresh the page

38a0e2  No.22771

File: a67822a21dbb664⋯.jpg (46.23 KB, 320x488, 40:61, JWpZV9-Eb2HbL5dAFRzGOqB352….jpg)

I am proud to be in this foxhole with you all… I want to share something with you all, which I view everyday before leaving my home. And, I hope this message serves you all as well as it has served me.

Godspeed Patriots! (4th quarter! Let's turn it up!)

5dd985  No.22772

03844e  No.22773

File: bfe79212f7c2737⋯.jpg (155.35 KB, 882x810, 49:45, Capture.JPG)

26633c  No.22774


who the fuck are you to tell me to leave. been here longer than you, dug more and definitely made more meme. don't like what I say, tuf shit. you GTFO. done more than my share. try reddit, just your style dmbfag

355876  No.22775


I’ve managed to red pill more then half of one of my face book pages, about 360 are now following and sharing the memes I Post! They are doing their own research now! It’s awesome!

d1924b  No.22776

Bloomburg has also switched parties 2 times once from dem to rep then back again

23267b  No.22777


I do not need faggots reading what I post.

Nobody can prove me wrong, not even Q. I am telling you the truth.

ebd4c3  No.22778


What’s your point?

9722ac  No.22779

d5122f  No.22780


He said non nuclear

75375c  No.22782


2 heads of Fox News were on the list, I can't remember their names though.

355876  No.22783


Total KEK

23267b  No.22784


No way Jose.

e1fc31  No.22785


If it contributes to the cause, we know sacrifice for county.

9722ac  No.22786


Sorry use next broken one

https ://qanonmap.github.io/

360ac0  No.22787


Is Zero the AL senate fraud?

03844e  No.22788

a45dbc  No.22789


No more puzzles. The American people are ready. Some even very agitated. Re: R. Potter's latest YouTube video.

No more. Just do it. Do not play with us anymore. No more talk. Action a must.

ebb19c  No.22790


We dont give a shit faggot; stfu!

8fde91  No.22791

File: 146b7dacbc119ea⋯.jpeg (125.04 KB, 854x421, 854:421, 3D35D563-16DC-4561-988A-B….jpeg)


Foxhole. Yes. I enjoy this one.


355876  No.22792

9b97f1  No.22793


That's why at the bottom it says NOT on the list you fucking moron

934e74  No.22794



Need clarification for the DEFCON 1

DEFCON 1 is COCKED PISTOL, nuclear war imminent, but post states [non-nuclear]

7af607  No.22795



understandable, but he said

"Defcon [1]" not

"Defcon 1"

vastly different meanings just like Q said

"10" &


fe5b05  No.22796


It's GMT time zone, so it has to be converted and several of those are not accurate posting times after confirmation.

d1924b  No.22797

Bloomburg is apart of the giving pledge who else is on it

aeee84  No.22798


It's called metaphor.

38a0e2  No.22799


Start the show, Hoss. You waiting for an invitation?

e213b9  No.22801


One is at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe

4df5b7  No.22802


Confirmed, to include rt's.

God bless, Patriot!

d5122f  No.22803


I started crying anon…that one word Turning me off…I don’t like where this is heading.

9a22e7  No.22804

File: 59e5b701333411f⋯.jpg (11.94 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 22axjs.jpg)

23267b  No.22805

I predicted all this one year ago and programmed the information to ensure it would happend. Adn only ONE conspiracy theorist got the job done.

c54bf3  No.22806


faggot detected

a35ddc  No.22807


>It was said many times….”you are safe”

Not worried about myself despite you doxxing me, I'm worried about all of the soreheads who want to cut loose when there's nothing left to lose. That's what defcon 1 represents to a lot of people.

455fdf  No.22808

23df93  No.22809

Well Q. Your mission worked. You got the ant hill in an uproar. What now?

2128e0  No.22810

What if Musk or Rogers tipped us off to the Iridium satellite system being installed and nearly completed by the globalists. If you havent read up on it you need to. It was supposed to give the globalists some interesting remote capabilities to my understanding. We might have just showed that we control it with the launch of the final piece and now what they dreamed as their capability just became ours.

d1924b  No.22811

The giving pledge list

Bill and Melinda Gates 77.3

Warren Buffett 66.7

Larry Ellison 49.3

Michael Bloomberg 37.2

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan 35.7

Carl Icahn 21.3

Azim Premji 17.5

Paul Allen 17.4

Ray and Barbara Dalio 15.6

James and Marilyn Simons 15.5

Elon Musk 15.2

Ronald Perelman 14.5

Vladimir Potanin 13.5

Patrick Soon-Shiong and Michele B. Chan 13

Harold and Annette Simmons 10

Dustin Moskovitz and Cari Tuna 9.9

Harold Hamm 9.4

George Kaiser 9.3

Hasso Plattner 9.1

Charles F. Feeney 7.5

Eli and Edythe Broad 7.1

John A. Sobrato and Susan Sobrato, and their son John Michael Sobrato 6.7

Gordon and Betty Moore 6.6

Stephen M. Ross 6.5

Richard and Nancy Kinder 6.2

Hansjörg Wyss 6.1

David and Barbara Green 5.6

George Lucas and Mellody Hobson 5.4

Richard and Joan Branson 5.1

Phillip and Patricia Frost 5

John and Ginger Sall 4.5

Jeff Skoll 4.4

Samuel Yin 4.2

John and Ann Doerr 4.1

Leon G. Cooperman and Toby Cooperman 3.9

Dan and Jennifer Gilbert 3.9

Bernie and Billi Marcus 3.8

Walter Scott, Jr. 3.8

Lynn Schusterman 3.5

Gordon and Llura Gund 3.4

Julian Robertson 3.4

Robert Smith 3.3

David Rockefeller 3.2

Yuri Milner 3.1

Jorge M. Pérez and Darlene Perez 3.1

Ian Wood 3.08

John Paul DeJoria 3.0

Kenneth and Elaine Langone 3.0

Jeff Greene and Mei Sze 3.0

Henry and Susan Samueli 2.9

Romesh and Kathleen Wadhwani 2.8

Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman 2.8

David M. Rubenstein 2.8

John Caudwell 2.7

Bill and Karen Ackman 2.6

Arthur Blank 2.6

Edgar M. Bronfman 2.6

John D. Arnold and Laura Arnold 2.6

Edgar Bronfman, Sr. 2.5

Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg 2.5

Judith Faulkner 2.5

Barron Hilton 2.5

Michael and Lori Milken 2.5

Joe and Rika Mansueto 2.4

Sunny Varkey 2.3

Charles Bronfman 2.3

Thomas and Cindy Secunda 2.3

Bob and Renee Parsons 2.2

Ted Turner 2.2

Byaruhanga Kimberly Junior 2.1

Jonathan M. Nelson 2.1

Albert Lee Ueltschi 2.1

Nicolas Berggruen 2.0

Glenn and Eva Dubin 2.0

George P. Mitchell 2.0

Paul E. Singer 1.92

Mark and Mary Stevens 1.91

Elie and Susy Horn 1.90

Craig and Susan McCaw 1.84

Ted Forstmann 1.80

Peter George Peterson 1.77

Charles Zegar and Merryl Snow 1.76

Dato Sri Tahir 1.74

Reed Hastings and Patty Quillin 1.72

Nandan Nilekani and Rohini Nilekani 1.73

Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg 1.70

Vicki and Roger Sant 1.70

Vinod and Neeru Khosla 1.69

Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor 1.61

Sir Tom and Lady Marion Hunter 1.60

Red and Charline McCombs 1.55

Victor Pinchuk 1.51

Manoj Bhargava 1.50

Eric and Liz Lefkofsky 1.50

Alfred E. Mann 1.50

Ann Gloag 1.49

Michael Ashcroft 1.48

Andrew Forrest and Nicola Forrest 1.46

Patrice Motsepe and Precious Motsepe 1.45

Strive Masiyiwa and Tsitsi Masiyiwa 1.40

Joe Craft 1.40

Hamdi Ulukaya 1.38

Seth Klarman and Beth Klarman 1.38

Ted Stanley and Vada Stanley 1.30

Sidney Kimmel 1.27

Peter B. Lewis 1.25

Steve Case and Jean Case 1.21

Joyce and Bill Cummings 1.20

H. F. Lenfest and Marguerite Lenfest 1.20

Herb and Marion Sandler 1.20

Richard and Nancy Marriott 1.20

Irwin M. Jacobs and Joan Jacobs 1.19

Vincent Tan 1.13

Christopher Hohn 1.10

Jon Huntsman, Sr. and Karen Huntsman 1.10

John Morgridge and Tashia Morgridge 1.09

David Sainsbury 1.08

Dr Mo Ibrahim 1.07

Sara Blakely 1.06

Sanford and Joan Weill 1.06

Sue Ann Arnall 1.0

T. Boone Pickens 1.0

Craig Silverstein and Mary Obelnicki 1.0

Margaret Adams and Sylvan Adams 1.0

Robert and Arlene Kogod 1.0

Denny Sanford 0.9

Tim Cook 0.785

Tad Taube 0.65

Brad Keywell and Kim Keywell 0.6

Steve Bing 0.6

Shelby White 0.6

Harold Grinspoon and Diane Troderman 0.5

Tom Monaghan 0.5

Arif Naqvi 0.5

Lorry I. Lokey 0.3

Duncan and Nancy MacMillan 0.3

John W. Jay Jordan II 0.29

Edward W. Rose and Deedie Potter Rose 0.28

Paul Orfalea and Natalie Orfalea 0.25

Claire and Leonard Tow 0.25

James E. Stowers and Virginia Stowers 0.1

ac6366  No.22812


could you clarify your understanding of that difference, with vs. without brackets?

c5fe23  No.22813





We are being trained as the new Navajo Code Talkers.

Learn the language. Spread the message.

9274eb  No.22814


He did say DEFCON 1


3524e4  No.22815


Both of you…. bullets are flying and your arguing ??…

No time to be a child dammit.. We loose we die …. CAPISH

2b89aa  No.22816

When Trump tweets and Q posts at same exact time ….Does that mean [0] ? Go time ?

03844e  No.22817


My twitter opens them up in Pacific time, and the archive shows the stamps on Eastern time

ab3ddb  No.22818

Are we looking for [0] marker? It was my impression we are waiting for it to happen.

a50512  No.22819


I got BitchSlapped for bringing this up here so even tho Col. Potter has more Intel than anyone on this board I won't get their panties in a wad posting his links again.

LUKE 8:17

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

355876  No.22820


But where is all that money going to

9b97f1  No.22821


Wrong Bitch. We serve the Commander in Chief

c839c2  No.22822



Yes, authentication, for sure. My bad.

Long exhausting days. You guys know how it is. No excuses, just long shifts.

270685  No.22823

Q is Pence?

23267b  No.22824

Q should thank me. I am THE PATRIOT who got the job done.

7af607  No.22825


yeah. but he was highlighting that difference between 1 and [1]

d1924b  No.22826


one sec researching then posting as i go

ac6366  No.22827


Iridium is a satellite phone system so it's like having a cell phone but you can be anywhere on earth (if the network of satellites is complete) don't have to be near a cell tower.

f05ed8  No.22828


Thx, I'm stuck right now working on a slow tablet & that really helps.

3524e4  No.22829


defcon 1 next line

NO nuclear

86d66f  No.22830

File: 75bb780f2128cc4⋯.jpg (769.42 KB, 1024x525, 1024:525, SHIELD-Helicarrier-Screens….jpg)


please let this be true

ebcac9  No.22831

I've decided that filtering the idiots is kinda counter-intuitive; They actually have a use:

They point out the red herrings FOR US, by harping and harping and harping and harping and harping and harping about stupidshit until even the freshest newfag wants to just projectile barf. At that point, it's usually safe to discard what they say, as soon as you see their fagtrip/fagname.

Can't see *what* to ignore if you block them ;p

f0a9ce  No.22832

DEFCON1 and DEFCON[1] being different is fine, if it stayed here. but it didn't, its out there, Reddit, TW, YT, all of them on fire and they know what DEFCON 1 means, but that's all they know, and that's the problem.

23267b  No.22834


Read the Constitution bitch.

e6b6b2  No.22835

File: a230892017415ed⋯.gif (827.17 KB, 320x213, 320:213, a230892017415eda2c25aa2188….gif)

38a0e2  No.22836

File: 099f8c3499856aa⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 1131x1698, 377:566, iStock_000015394762_Medium.jpg)


I'm ready bruh… 2 SCOOPS!

5e9120  No.22837


Q's identity is irrelevant. only his words matter

3239b1  No.22838


Ummm. You DO realize that Q confirmed that, right?

360ac0  No.22839


Brackets mean markers in crumbs and defined triggered by future tweet and crumb time stamp.

75375c  No.22840


Sorry if it was bad timing with the list. I wasn't trying to derail, just wanted to share ASAP.

355876  No.22841


Ok Because I couldn’t find anything

4040ef  No.22842


Sky Fortress may be a non-nuclear Trump card

e759b6  No.22843


I have been doxxed!!!



The hacker "4chan" is doxxing people and targeting US!!! There is a list of people and they are tracing them to here. Now my email is comped.


a30e18  No.22844

File: f70549eb9eec8a9⋯.png (6.87 KB, 422x191, 422:191, Screenshot-2018-1-7 Q.png)

File: fb48e12c7d3418f⋯.png (4.42 KB, 422x126, 211:63, Screenshot-2018-1-7 Q(1).png)

I'm trying to figure these out specifically

7e9f61  No.22845


The dudes a namefag looking for attention, hes got nothing to contribute but narcissism

23267b  No.22846

Q and Trump owe me a thank you. I got the job done.

ab3ddb  No.22847


DEFCON 1 is the highest readiness level. People saw it and are now paying attn. I believe that was the point.

9a22e7  No.22848

File: c328ace06fb61a1⋯.jpg (17.15 KB, 287x176, 287:176, 22axnd.jpg)

aeee84  No.22849


This might get me filtered, but just throwing it out there. Corey Goode says we have at least one of these things.

2128e0  No.22850


Ive heard it was designed to do more than that in a classified capacity. Drone guidance achieved through a fully private means most specifically.

d1924b  No.22851

The giving pledge does not actually give money anywhere it is only a pledge to give a huge proportion of your funds to a charity during your life or when you die

cc939c  No.22852


gridd this bitch down! I garantee after the dust settles there will be no more retarded lefties to vote.

They have no clue how to feed them selfs or to stay warm in a hard winter. they have no survival skillz. me on the other hand.

I have plenty.

e676d5  No.22853

File: e958d4f2a369e4a⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 570x440, 57:44, mkov1.jpg)

File: fdbe25e38b261d8⋯.jpg (268.17 KB, 1908x1024, 477:256, mkov2.jpg)


It already is on orbit, launched Saturday night. I don't think SpaceX,Zuma,Iridium are bad. The good guys are in control. This was to reign in NK. Look up Brilliant Pebbles/Strategic Defense Initiative, Multiple Kill Vehicle, Space-Based Kill Assessment. Why wait to launch kill vehicles after the enemy has already launched? Why not have the kill vehicles in space already. Make sure each one has a solid kick stage to change orbit rapidly and hit the target. Iridium provides targeting data based on infrared sensor co-hosted payload. We would be able to completely own the sky.

cf08f3  No.22854



After years of service its just instilled in you.

All I'm saying. Godspeed Anons.

2cdc45  No.22855

PA gets a new trip and Breadbox is unbanned

fuckery going on behind the scenes

355876  No.22856


I blocked her a week ago

f0a9ce  No.22857


well it worked! lol

e610e9  No.22858


>We need to find every Q crumb that has P_Pers in it.

Jan 7 2018, 22:01:24 - Feel privileged - POTUS just spoke to this board [P_pers]

Jan 7 2018, 21:27:43 - P_pers: [1] Confirmed

Jan 3 2018, 23:43:04 - /[RR-out][P_pers]

Dec 19 2017, 22:12:54 - P_pers: Public (not private).

Nov 25 2017, 13:22:21 - P_pers: WRWY

19a63e  No.22859


I know. I got shit to do in a few hours too. Fucked.

12f6a7  No.22860

File: 1291cd8f6d25ce9⋯.png (125.47 KB, 432x504, 6:7, bravo.png)

>Big Q drop tonight

Sound general quarters lads, sleep is for the weak


ebcac9  No.22861


They are digging their own graves. NSA is run by /ourguys/ now. Hope they all enjoy military prison.

23267b  No.22862


The idiots want to fight while bullets are flying. History repeats itself.

d1924b  No.22863


look at the names on that list tho. zuckerburg. the gates!

ac6366  No.22864


So it's like dereferencing? DEFCON [1] would mean the defcon value is determined by some future thing that will be labeled "1" in a way that we'll be able to figure out then?

fdd6f3  No.22865


>>(9) states of CLAS-ready go-live

"states of CLAS-" is not consistent with Q's prior usage of CLAS:



Are CLAS-1/CLAS-2 etc are specific individuals, or groups of individuals? Or something else?

5bb131  No.22866


C!0demonkey NEW message on Q/BO Controversy 01/06


C!0Demonkey Confirms Q post made in /thestorm/ 01/06


C!0demonkey on making a CBTS secure board per Q's request


The Board Owner Q IS BACK Tripcode Update


Board Owner's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Update


C!Odemonkey's IMPORTANT NEW Tripcode Announcement


Board Owner's emergency announcement


>>>/cbts/224690 ← Modanon explains

355876  No.22867


Same here. And I have enough food to feed 60 people for 10 years

7af607  No.22868


yeah when he said "10" that referred to 10 days, but [10] referred to the [10] marker in the 10 min difference between that Q post and POTUS tweet (Findable on here in several places)

DEFCON 1 is just as you say, Nuclear War Imminent

but DEFCON [1] means that the [1] marker or the 1 minute POTUS tweet difference is imminent.

also, i personally think that it illustrates that the storm is at a figurative DEFCON [1] status, similar to DEFCON 1 in the real world, but only applied to the storm.

a30e18  No.22869


Can someone help me with this?

Cant find the correlation between the /RR-out crumb from Q and a tweet from POTUS

Q tells us its a marker we missed

38a0e2  No.22870


Okay… Not sure what you're hinting at here. Does "conse" mean something?

a8f81a  No.22871

we are meant to be the CALM before and during the storm, remember?

pull yourselves together and stop freaking out over a word

if you think nuclear war is imminent, ask yourself from where

NK has dud missiles and just agreed to cease hostilities with SK until the olympics

Q keeps telling you to learn how to read his comms and that doesn't mean taking everything he says literally

98786c  No.22872


Q confirmed this about an hour ago, and things were calm, and now people are suddenly flipping out over defcon again? hmm…seems like disruptive noise.

9274eb  No.22873




Zach from infowars explained the ZUMA launch a couple days ago. I'm going back to watch it now. He also said non nuclear.

730bf6  No.22874

File: 49cbdf586e2001d⋯.png (123.22 KB, 1904x858, 952:429, dwadawdwadwqfgegsregaefawd….png)

f24566  No.22875


These posts were meant for us. Now we have everyone in here thanks to certain e-celebs, etc. It was bound to happen. Let them freak out. When they come to see that they have no idea what anything means, maybe they will not be so quick to jump the gun.

ab56c2  No.22876

Pretty Good Coincedence


Q posts

>LOCK: 15-10-5




POTUS quotes NY Post, changes word "consequential" and closes with "Please read entire column"

POTUS corrects tweet with link

>https://nypost .com/2018/01/06/were-still-better-off-with-trump-than-clinton/

Article mentions consequence again and refers to the Clinton's tie to Weinstien

>https://pagesix .com/2017/10/05/harvey-weinstein-accused-of-sexual-harassment-spanning-nearly-three-decades/?_ga=2.164445815.917783553.1515387728-1040308551.1515387728

Article was written on Oct 5 20172017 at 3:00pm

[15]:00 [10] [5]

ab3ddb  No.22877


Mission accomplished.

78be61  No.22878


Point is this feels like an exercise in futility.

When was the last wholesome breadcurmb drop, no cryptic bs?

This isin't a test of the autism.

The original point of Q was to inform us to then spread the info to others.

What's happening now?

Feels like we're trying to decipher gibberish to confirm the authenticity of the person posting.

3924d6  No.22879




86d66f  No.22880


I'm SpartaQus!

23267b  No.22881

I am an Abraham Lincoln. I restore the Republic upon a command from heaven. I am the Dragon Slayer. I am the destroyer of the NWO!!! DO NOT MESS WITH ME!!

f43e05  No.22882


#Business News / April 27, 2011 / 8:45 PM / 7 years ago

Exelon to buy Constellation Energy for $7.9 billion

"Exelon, among the leading U.S. utilities and already the nation’s top nuclear power company, said the combined company will own more than 34 gigawatts of power generation. The company’s fleet would be roughly 55 percent nuclear, 24 percent natural gas, 8 percent renewable and hydro, 7 percent oil and 6 percent coal.

…deal must be approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission,

Barclays Capital, J.P. Morgan Securities, Evercore Partners and Loop Capital Markets were financial advisers to Exelon."


8c654e  No.22883

you can wind an old fashioned clock by putting the key into the keyhole and turning the key

355876  No.22884


we know Gates is involved He donated to the DNC, he’s involved in a lot of child groups and foundations. And he and his wife both created common core

98786c  No.22885


Can we not get bogged down with this again?

664ad2  No.22886


Expertly done.

1dddbc  No.22887



If you'll consider the "testimony" of Corey Goode, then you might also consider the late William Tompkins, who claims he was involved in the design of this and other craft for Navy SSP

360ac0  No.22888


Trumps fixing his tweet was the sign. Time stamps between Q and Trump was the marker to go and look to see what is happening.

c07975  No.22889



03844e  No.22890


Working on it too

740408  No.22891


It's at the top of every single bread. Every single one lurk

abed5e  No.22892


December 10th clock started

f24566  No.22893


Please post a link so we can verify.

54612e  No.22894



Hi, I compiled this file and hosted it on Dropbox. Checked it today and it was 15 pages long (when I uploaded it, it was about 100 pages). I secured the pdf with a password so you couldn't change it.

Someone else hosted it somewhere else, link here.

http://www .stillnessinthestorm.com/2017/11/updated-the-q-book-q-anon-summary-online-reference-release-4.html

Any suggestions?

I didn't re-upload yet, not sure what to do. I'm not in the US, think I'll lay low for now.



3a2680  No.22895



wasnt jong il actually a cockroach. who really controls NK? cockroaches.

073c0e  No.22896


Been here since 1st post on halfchan…all kinds of faggotry with tripcodes/BO and now nothing but geriatric boomers/newfags praying. The Q posts are nothing like the originals and all the autists I respect bailed after 8chan move. I don't want to believe it but think i've just been hoping for something/anything to happen but nothing but goddamn newfags posting nonsense. Goddamn board is like bingo night at the nursing home. Good luck and hope i'm wrong. Oldfag out.

e8b8da  No.22897

File: 04aaa21db778f92⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 2232x5180, 558:1295, 15_to_1.JPG)

This took way longer than I expected, here is the 15 to 1 graphic finally complete.

0973de  No.22898

File: 36705d05eff02bf⋯.jpg (138.75 KB, 975x500, 39:20, 22axr2.jpg)

a8f81a  No.22899



POTUS tweet about how they they tried to kick ronald reagan out for mental instability

7af607  No.22900


defcon 1 is nuclear

defcon [1] is not

296d8d  No.22901


Who owns Fox?

Answers all questions about where the network's loyalties lay.

682252  No.22902


yah, u freaked out Potter!

03844e  No.22903

File: d12097a9cb893a7⋯.jpg (55.13 KB, 1148x304, 287:76, Capture.JPG)

dab37d  No.22904


R= 18th letter

RR = 1818 = 1/8/2018 ?

99a82f  No.22905


Note to self and other anons from 2016!

f0a9ce  No.22906

one thing is for sure right now. Q and POTUS along with NAS and CIA know exactly who is keeping up with this stuff. If this whole thing goes south, they know where we are, we've given up our position. sorry devils advocate for a moment.

a50512  No.22907

I am at Ft.Stewart and if there was a defcon 1 engaged I WOULD NOT BE HERE BEHIND THIS KEYBOARD.

Future Proves Past

96a676  No.22908



If we bake something in the bread she’ll care. This is how shit is co-opted. You can bake deterence in the bread. It’s not personal and can be removed when properly addressed. It deserves to be called out and not dismissed.

With non-anonymimity comes responsibility. The bread has the power of accountability, that’s what this is all about. No?

ac6366  No.22909


Not in English it doesn't.

ab3ddb  No.22910


I DM's him but he hasn't responded yet.

23267b  No.22911


Yes. Really. My name is written on the Stars. I am a Star to save the planet. One among many stars that get the job done.

7af607  No.22912


yeah.. people don't notice the []'s and go "REEE"

9c1b86  No.22913



The real point is PTSD is real. Triggers like inadvertently mention defcon 1, even with qualifying disclaimer is no joke.

I believe Q has significant mil experience based on lexicon.

c5fe23  No.22914

>[1] OWL [1]


One Way Luminescense


https://www.washingtonpost. com/news/checkpoint/wp/2014/08/01/armys-new-high-tech-ammo-could-help-hide-u-s-soldiers-in-combat/?utm_term=.d30840e39c96

a30e18  No.22915


Oh wow I didn't know they tried that on Reagan.

Thanks for the input.

24e4a2  No.22916


You really think Q and his team wouldn't have rather skipped this exercise in what must be occasional frustration and just posted the raw intel all over Twitter and Facebook if it would have worked that way? They do not need us, but they have made us an integral part ot this becajxe this is their plan. Anyone who thinks they can do this better than Q is welcome to take their overconfident ass somewhere else and recruit your own fucking army. But use your own damn intel because since you are so much smarter than Q, you should not need his.

f15adc  No.22917

23267b  No.22918

If you mess with me, you will only destroy yourself!

3239b1  No.22919




Nah, I just figured out why I couldn't see his post. I'd filtered someone + responses, and Q must have been responding to someone I'd filtered "ID+". Will have to rethink that for now and go back to filtering only "ID".

e759b6  No.22920

File: 2a1f1f873fa2df8⋯.png (8.55 KB, 594x62, 297:31, ClipboardImage.png)


No!! IT IS A DOX LIST. I will NOT post here. Here is my email. They have some phone #s.


5b9e3c  No.22921

38a0e2  No.22922


Alright… So, go destroy the fucking NWO then. We'll time you… Go.

3924d6  No.22923


Thank you anon

54612e  No.22924



Hi, I compiled this file and hosted it on Dropbox. Checked it today and it was 15 pages long (when I uploaded it, it was about 100 pages). I secured the pdf with a password so you couldn't change it.

Someone else hosted the original on his site, link here.

http://www .stillnessinthestorm.com/2017/11/updated-the-q-book-q-anon-summary-online-reference-release-4.html

Any suggestions? BO if you care to host the file on the board here, feel free.

I didn't re-upload yet, not sure what to do. I'm not in the US, think I'll lay low for now.



f6aa74  No.22925

Future proves past, but authentication of Q not important.

Markers of when 4-10-20 posted as Q?

ebd4c3  No.22926

File: 40cb3d4066ab49a⋯.jpeg (167.59 KB, 750x502, 375:251, F472AB2E-C918-4AA0-BCBC-5….jpeg)

4040ef  No.22927


Totally non-nuclear

975ae7  No.22928

File: 2e111658330f777⋯.jpg (169.33 KB, 1761x955, 1761:955, zulunk.jpg)

35e956  No.22929


Excellent work! This needs to be at the top of the new bread.

cc939c  No.22930


brah respect if you have served but please if your looking for some hot coco and a hug session reddit would be a better option.

9c1b86  No.22931

298d10  No.22932


I think fox knows a bunch they just don't want to leak anything,waiting for the go ahead

23267b  No.22933


The work is already in progress…we have programmed and and re-programmed the matrix and now the quantum computer serves us!! We are the gods who upon the command of God restore the Republic!!!

5b9f1b  No.22934


There is major freaking out with the yt larpers.


4df5b7  No.22935



f6aa74  No.22936


No coincidences, so let’s pray.

355876  No.22937


Thank you for your service sir from a Navy veteran

0ff8cd  No.22938

You are all a bunch of nutcase luciferians GTFO now

Get behind me SATAN

5e9120  No.22939

682252  No.22940


that doesnt make sense. if use multi emails & not associated with ur real ID u can follow anyone & post here.

proof, or using clown fear tactics

e0dd92  No.22941


Wonder if any of the parasites mentioned all the chaos at JFK, including the (necessary) blackout? Same weather as at EWR & LGA. The airport/plane "incidents" are crazy at this point, and frequency.

98786c  No.22942

https ://defconwarningsystem.com/

http ://www.defconlevel.com/

We're still at Defcon 5

d1d967  No.22944


POTUS is only talking about two people also, BHO & HRC

could be a clue of capture.

e3521c  No.22946


Especially when he says

DEFCON [1] (not nuclear)

3239b1  No.22948


Yes, but at this point, you have to refresh your screen after you filter. I've filtered "Lookie Lookie" in this bread for example. But I filtered him "ID=", because so many people were responding to him. So I wouldn't see all there responses and waste my time with all that, either. Betting it's why I couldn't see that one post from Q - He'd answered someone I'd filtered and the responses…

dab37d  No.22949


Yes, but THEY aren't!

98786c  No.22950


let's hope

9c1b86  No.22952


I work in a building with “do not slam door” signs.

d1924b  No.22953

Jesse jackson was involved to keep the masses distracted with the latest cop shooting and to keep the people divided so to keep us from rising up against our masters the cabal… Correct?

4e20e0  No.22954

Rangers Lead The Way>>22907

7af607  No.22955


yeah… as much as it sucks, it's important to point out the difference between 1 and [1]. even though its mostly noise.

4ec8af  No.22957

OK, no lie, when I I first saw defcon [1] from Q, I about dropped a sonichu in my pants.

934e74  No.22958


Now you sound like Kissenger - Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.

KYS faggot

38a0e2  No.22960


Nice… Date of article?

d3e9c0  No.22961


the graph Q wants is the pic of Trump and Hillary in tweet right above one Trump messed the Q up in it is 1 min before the other tweet. just like Q ask about. Q said graph before they said Defcon 1

60af94  No.22962


Exactly what we need.

Wonderful work anon.

9b97f1  No.22963


That is so bad ass

Without (((Them))) we get the future we should have had by now

23267b  No.22965


What bequethest thou to be hear at this time my fellow comrade?

98786c  No.22967


It has to be shills echoing what people were saying an hour ago to disrupt what could be going on now. Perhaps they are worried.

fad5e6  No.22968

I just woke up can someone post a screen shot of what Q posted please, thx

f24566  No.22969


This is a tactic use to discredit. Take something out of context, blast it everywhere, and when nothing happens, everyone will start to question the source materials i.e. we anons. Then, when we put out good info, those people will not believe it.

44ebca  No.22970

Alright anons, sorry for the wall of text. I've gone through all of Trump's tweets since October 1, 2017 ; pulled all the ones that contain a multi-tweet thread ; analyzed the time difference between them ; kept any of them that were 20 mins or less apart … Here they are sorted from longest to shortest:


03844e  No.22971

File: eec432a1a6e2829⋯.jpg (53.66 KB, 692x396, 173:99, Capture.JPG)


Could also be related to this, given that he said that we missed the marker. Q posted about RR three days before trump post about Ronald Reagan. But I wonder if RR means Rod Rosenstein

0542dd  No.22972


So Q wants us to go back through the map and find these markers and relate them to each tweet.

5e9120  No.22973


>i'm a lazy nigger. spoonfeed me

9b97f1  No.22974


People at Fox know some. They can't pull the trigger until go time though

65d7df  No.22975

Damn, roy potter had a FUCKING MELTDOWN!!

44ebca  No.22976

ba2ce5  No.22977



Are we talking about >>20735

23267b  No.22978


While all should be by now in slavery to the NWO, we DRAGON slayers, upon a command from heaven, are rescuing all the unworthy sheep!!

cc939c  No.22979


granny you lurking?

355876  No.22980


38a0e2  No.22981


Then, explain the difference and what it means, please.

a50512  No.22982

File: 3b441e2a63b5073⋯.jpg (42.87 KB, 1200x667, 1200:667, DS_tf_mWsAIFO_j.jpg)

12 min. ago….

7af607  No.22983


we're over the target methinks. defcon = lowhanging shill disruption target we need to be the calm in the storm i guess, even though it slides the board.

c839c2  No.22984

File: 3d53b5dcf04a519⋯.jpg (640.32 KB, 831x1000, 831:1000, 22.jpg)


All you talk about is "I", "I", "I", "I", "I"…… You crave recognition and attention. A sign of profound immaturity. We have a name for it here…..

360ac0  No.22985


I believe we just need to find Zero marker.

ec1102  No.22986


The msm and dems tried to claim that Reagan had Alzheimers and that he slept most of the day and that his wife Nancy was running the WH.

After his death, Reagan's letters were released and he proved to be brilliant.

Even the msm morons had to admit it.

Same shit they try with Trump, with maybe a few details changed.

Only far the left idiots believe it.

c5fe23  No.22987



ab56c2  No.22988

5bb131  No.22989

File: 4fdc44b80bf73be⋯.png (434.29 KB, 640x427, 640:427, bread - fresh warm crusty.png)





fad5e6  No.22990


Nope not a lazy nigger just trying to collect my bearings before I start work and a little help would be nice, what loaf was the Q drop in?

23267b  No.22991


I do not serve nor represent kiss your ass man. No thanks.

ebcac9  No.22992

Just a though for all of (you) dickheads out there that want to throw out the "Devil's Advocate" game:

He's been over-represented enough throughout history. That by itself should make any Good soul think twice about offering any more aid or comfort to that monster. Just sayin

270685  No.22993

When is the win? The 15th, OIG report.

5bb131  No.22994

I got cha

98786c  No.22995


Trump's even quicker on his feet than Reagan. This will be interesting.

5e9120  No.22996



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