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File: ee1e510a43b066c⋯.jpg (89.52 KB, 666x500, 333:250, The Storm.jpg)

33f945  No.3146

'''Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."'''

Morale boosting music for the soul

Cockpsarrer - Get a Rope! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMwIOdfYU8E

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. To explain the chaos of our times to our loved ones and friends. We have been chosen to spread the word and to ease and assist the transition of our world.

What resistance do you meet when you talk about Q-topics? Share that here. We will map the barriers of ignorance that stand in our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscience see the world burn.

Can you?

Latest Q posts

















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==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




--These are the only real Q posts--


Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap


Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers. Search by signatures to unlock?

We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

Graphic Qmap

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Remember, we have this entire board to report our research and creations. Find-or-create the thread that digs into an area you're curious about and share great findings back here.

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33f945  No.3148

Our Memetic Ammo. Meme Dumps


Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078 <Yeah, I gave you the wrong one before. My bad!

Infographs >>10 <Harvester is not keeping these up at all. Are you folks with the spider diagrams putting them into infographs >>10 ?

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads

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They Fear Our Confidence. Give them No Quarter.

33f945  No.3150

Latest Findings

(Newest at top - OP's please crosspost in relevant threads)

The Spiders Web with Gannett & Tegna - Spicy Infograph >>>/cbts/107041

YUGE - Public conf. of the CIA, FBI, Treasury, etc using the NSA via MI6 to spy on Trump team >>>/cbts/107004

NEW - Interactive Q Database, Posts, Search, Glossary, Legend, Timeline & Quiz http://www.db-q. com/

NEW - Printable Q PDF's for physical spider web mapping https://www.dropbox.com/ s/ti7o7za7ahpztdk/q%20print.zip?dl=0

Trump just laid a trap for Matthew Spencer Petersen >>/cbts/106664

Major Q Stringer Mostly Decoded! >>>/cbts/106449

Bill Clinton and The Cortes Foundation, relocating Haiti victims >>>/cbts/106462

PIE - Pedo Information Exchange >>>/cbts/105401

Digging into names Q mentioned




33f945  No.3151

----Before Shill Shower----

FED connections and following the husbands >>>/cbts/100016

Growing list of politicians removing themselves from running >>>/cbts/99530

Tenga - Swiss oddities >>>/cbts/99424

Q said "boy, boy/girl" >>>/cbts/99414

A Cooper + his left hand path >>>/cbts/99367

Rosenstein social connections >>>/cbts/99353

High-level officials submit 'unusual' russia brief >>>/cbts/99214

Omarosa calls out USSS >>>/cbts/99221

The Qmap contains circle flow diagrams >>>/cbts/99246

Epstine sickness and dental creepyness >>>/cbts/99250, >>>/cbts/99253

Russia Dossia BS and how was crapped unto the public >>>/cbts/99060

The [Creepy] Dream Boxes Of Gloria Vanderbilt [That are absolutely in no way associated with childhood trauma] >>>/cbts/98907, >>>/cbts/98910, >>>/cbts/98914

GANNETT Trending Story Geo-Maps >>>/cbts/98997

OWL on The National Press Club seal >>>/cbts/99135

GANNETT Brands, "Media that drives action, not passive consumption" >>>/cbts/99155

GANNETT and Tegna are behind major media stories >>>/cbts/98828, >>>/cbts/99234, >>>/cbts/98842, >>>/cbts/99363

Vanderbilt's Biltmore >>>/cbts/98822

TANGENT = GANNETT >>>/cbts/98643

GANNETT Foundation Tax info >>>/cbts/98311, >>>/cbts/98333, >>>/cbts/98353, >>>/cbts/98371, >>>/cbts/98379, >>>/cbts/98395, >>>/cbts/98441

GANNETT related posts: >>>/cbts/96139, >>>/cbts/97689


Timeline of the Great Soroes Honeypot - the elections of alabama >>>/cbts/88502

Distilled Timeline that fits in a tweet for anons that want to Twat on Twatter: >>>/cbts/88471

Gannet related links >>>/cbts/94283

Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson commits suicide(?) over accusations he molested 17yr. old girl >>>/cbts/91858

ONE SEALED INDICTMENT UNSEALED Mass. State Sen. >>>/cbts/87416

Trump reauthorized Office of Special Council >>>/cbts/86640

Updated Wiki >>>/cbts/79357

Manhattan Surgeon of the Elites commits "SUICIDE" (knife in chest) >>>/cbts/81363

Q credit >>>/cbts/79372

Rockachild triggered >>>/cbts/78100

Nellie Ohr >>>/cbts/78459

Ex Spy chief admits deep state vs trump >>>/cbts/78197

Schiff comp'd by Awan >>>/cbts/78101

Schiff protected by CNN >>>/cbts/78173

7.8mm lawsuit over fetal tissue >>>/cbts/77532

Space Bill >>>/cbts/78450 HUGE MILITARY FUNDING >>>/cbts/78463

Anderson Cooper And HoneyBooBoo Would Make Such A Cute Couple >>>/cbts/95460

Is Jeff Sessions = Godfather III??? >>>/cbts/88788

QMap Godfather III: >>>/cbts/90791

Follow The Wives! Anon's list of 100 well-connected women/wives for us to look into

>>>/cbts/80441, >>>/cbts/80448

The Darker Side of Adam (& Wife Eve) Schiff >>>/cbts/74252, >>>/cbts/74070

Melissa Schiff related to Adam Schiff??? >>>/cbts/73904

Bombing in NYC. Beginning of the FalseFlag(s)/Fireworks mentioned by Q in >>>/cbts/70088, >>>/cbts/72178

Q & NYC Bomber Connections >>>/cbts/76134

Michael Hastings Day of Reckoning?! >>>/cbts/71971

POTUS Pensacola Speech Transcript/Breakdown https://pastebin .com/EQUr4puP

& https://anonfile .com/JeBbl3d0bd/0df21dc58f8049177563aa6cd15eb746bef383b4796e9ace4e10b259285774d0.pdf

33f945  No.3152

Q Resources

Q-Text [4chan] https://pastebin. com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile. com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive. com/2017/11/16/q5/

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Part III -> https://anonfile. com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

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Alien / Disclosure related >>>/cbts/26613

Asia Foundation Findings >>>/cbts/15876

The Asia Foundation Dig Thread >>>/cbts/15984

Barry Important >>>/cbts/14627, >>>/cbts

300735  No.3171

File: ddf361c2e735bd4⋯.jpg (57.61 KB, 734x580, 367:290, CIAPutin.JPG)

Does Trump have control over the CIA?

300735  No.3180

File: 58a471fdf03f3f4⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 525x568, 525:568, NKGiustra.JPG)

Bill Clinton with Frank Giustra (Uranium One) in Haiti.

I believe the girl is what Podesta would refer to as Walnut Sauce.

33f945  No.3183



a81730  No.3188


Heads up, under "Out goal is simple:" the phrase "To explain the chaos of our times…" is repeated.

940344  No.3191



Probably a good thing leaf. I think it our biggest mission during the silence and dark times.

Of course, we could spell Our right. (Sorry - spelling nazi alert!)

33f945  No.3192


copy that Ill get the dough modified

563ed5  No.3193

70942b  No.3195

I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but any how…

Do we have some sort of confirmation that the storm is upon us?

940344  No.3196


Plain and simple. No.

Clowns In America are the enemy within. Created and Owned for many decades by Roths/SA/Rockafellers-Soros. Period, end of story. Weakened by SA loss. Soros next. Roths last.

Storm. MAGA.

Rebuild from the bottom (new generation).

Call is WH (honey trap) or CIA (collusion). Answer in MSM reaction tonight/tomorrow. Future proves past.

33f945  No.3197


we dont master archivist gave us the photo for the OP post

82b252  No.3198

FWIW, there's two things to be done.

1. Create memes (an excellent form of communication).

2. Redpill the normies.

I may not be good at memes, but I am good at communicating. So, here's how you can do it.

Start by dropping a seed that something big is coming, a revelation of sorts, that things might not be as they may think they are, to keep an "open mind". Give a few days.

Next, redpill them a little, like how the government (deep state) is not to be trusted.

Lastly, spare them the reality of the end, focusing on preparing them to handle the reality of the end, no matter what it may be.

It's bad, we know it's bad, might even be worse than we may think. Get the normies prepared to handle that, you'll be doing them a huge favor.

And, work slowly. Too fast or far, they'll just write you off as a nutjob, and won't believe a thing you tell them. That's how the left has dealt with us for all these years, called us nutjobs, conspiracy theorists, claimed we were "clinging to our guns and religion" etc.

70942b  No.3200

33f945  No.3201


no problem anon only love over here brother

940344  No.3202


Yes. You are like me. I believe this is the phase of the war we are in. Q runs silent and deep working the 80%. We work the 20% with what he(they) have given us.

82b252  No.3203


We don't, and likely won't. You will know when it's on, and you'll wonder why you missed the start of it. Different theories abound, and only one of them is really right. That said, does it really make a difference? Methinks it doesn't. Meme and redpill, that's our job.

70942b  No.3204


No, no, I was just curious is all.

82b252  No.3207


No harm, no foul (we're good, it's OK).

33f945  No.3208


research is not finished

82b252  No.3211


I think you'll find that ongoing. We here do not control the timeline, remember that. It's outside our control.

300735  No.3214

Saudi Elites-Crypto Jews +++

Rothschilds-Jews ++

Soros, CNN, Brock, etc Jews +

/_\ Protocols of Zion.

82b252  No.3215


Also, research not being finished doesn't stop us from starting the first step. That's an easy one that doesn't interfere with the research.

33f945  No.3216


agree but there are anons telling people to stop researching and only post memes we need a multi pronged approach

327fd1  No.3219

82b252  No.3220


>multi pronged approach

Exactly. We can mutli-task here.

6a6df3  No.3222



Author here, Latest version:


I'm currently baking 3.5.0

327fd1  No.3223



33f945  No.3224


i'll keep an eye out for it

300735  No.3225

I love it. Trump and Mueller play good cop bad cop, dems and neocons call to keep Mueller. Mueller Trump emails disinfo. Lot's of supposed Trump supporters ignoring Q dumps. Now we are seeing there are weed in our own fields.

db4cee  No.3226

File: 7f369703421e9a2⋯.png (306.72 KB, 599x540, 599:540, anon_delivers.png)

https://archive.is/0SzDr This is in my list of stuff to take a look at later. An anonymous post on slashdot posted a bunch of links and called it "Independent verification of FBI Anon claims." Calling it that doesn't make it true, but I haven't gotten around to digging in and verifying any of it.

300735  No.3227

This is pretty sick. They are even trying to hide it anymore.


82b252  No.3228


Exactly. The DummyRats and their ilk the neocons are being played, and are either too dumb or too arrogant to see it. We knew some of the Trump supporters were too blind to see the real truth. Some of them think he's the great Meddiah (he isn't). I'm not saying he isn't good, but I am saying he isn't what they may think he is. Yeah, if I were to exonerate Trump, and out the left, I'd do exactly what they're doing right now. If a left biased crew can't find collusion, then it must not be there, right? If Sessions recused himself so far, why can't he go after the left (he can, as there is no issue now)? Smart thinking, and they even let their opponents do the bulk of the work, as it should be.

563ed5  No.3229

fb9568  No.3230



stew in their own juices, as it were.

563ed5  No.3231


"very special place"

82b252  No.3233


Why attempt to hide the obvious?

Yeah, they're THAT desperate. My thoughts are, we're in the storm, just haven't seen it yet. Tomorrow should be a doozy, know I hear "Cuck" Schumer may resign, after the break. If true, that's awesome.

940344  No.3234

82b252  No.3235


Interesting. Use Soros as a "meat shield"? That would be hilarious. Try to take Trump out, get Soros instead. Ultimate fail.

82b252  No.3236




b44c4d  No.3237

Camp David is the very special place. Trump just tweeted it. Loved the Military Code Meme. Wow. Not a small crumb but easy to digest. Well played, ladies/gentlemen, well played.

940344  No.3238


Lurk, dig, meme. Yes - to each his own.

a81730  No.3239

File: 7fc521db9d695c3⋯.png (509.9 KB, 926x868, 463:434, 7fc521db9d695c37d3575b5642….png)

Dec 11, 10:44:10




We have a special place picked out for GS.

Really special.


79e41d  No.3240

Did the name "Robert Aschberg" or "Expo" come up in any of our Q research re. Soros or anyone else?

Here's an article re. the death of a Swedish alt-media journalist who was about to release news about Aschberg & Soros and possibly very harmful pedo-related info.

http://investmentwatchblog. com/swedish-alternative-media-journalist-bechir-rabani-found-dead-tonight-as-hes-about-to-expose-soros-org/

db4cee  No.3241


Wasn't the special place supposed to be the Alabama special election? That's the problem with being vague. Everything means nothing and could mean anything.

79e41d  No.3242

Interesting summary of "the cabal civil war" - could be good for educating normies:

https: //twitter.com/GalacticRedPill/status/942164142864994304

a81730  No.3243


'Special' has been used in reference to both, and they tie together through Soros.

He infulenced the election. Q said they have a special place picked out for him.

So it's not so much vague as a signature for telling the story.

Read the map lads.

300735  No.3244

File: e55e3a4960e7ded⋯.jpg (47.17 KB, 756x406, 54:29, Soros meme.JPG)

Netanyahu's son did this.

79e41d  No.3245


look at the symbolism on the little girl's shirt (they obviously gave her to wear).

wow, they do flaunt it, don't they. so sick.

300735  No.3246

File: fa59892ef06b2af⋯.jpg (56.82 KB, 1090x423, 1090:423, Hive.JPG)

Giustra company, the Hive

Notice the Y

300735  No.3247

File: dd40188975c9301⋯.jpg (18.76 KB, 781x442, 781:442, Hive II.JPG)

Oops, wrong pic

b3babd  No.3248

Trump: I have no plans to fire Robert Mueller over Russia investigation

275e8b  No.3249


Wow! Could be! Good post Anon!

Someone had posted a pic a while back (cbts) of a rothschld pointing his finger in p. charles' chest as if giving him orders.

Is UK royalty controlled by the r's?

Is harry over there doing some of their dirty work?

Considering who he's going to marry, I wonder!

300735  No.3250

File: 73b3b086c2972dc⋯.jpg (121.63 KB, 870x644, 435:322, MuellerSwampDrain.JPG)


Rosenstein, we have full confidence in Mueller

b3babd  No.3251


Proof that we are very close, if not in the storm.

0e3147  No.3252

Wow just wow if I didn't know better I would think this was Q ! The Canadians murdered were suppose to testify against Hillary. So much info. Please give a listen to all of it and let me know what you think.

America Warned Is Unprepared For Trump’s Cataclysmic D*struction Of “Deep State”


300735  No.3253

File: 94e3edfbc7c0fda⋯.jpg (32.63 KB, 374x409, 374:409, Queensuckerhero.JPG)


Is she even human?

275e8b  No.3254

File: de05e1cd10909cf⋯.png (267.23 KB, 579x471, 193:157, ClipboardImage.png)

See, they want us to take to the streets.

But we are too smart for that.

Remember the art of war…

Patience is a virtue

A virtue they are lacking!

a81730  No.3255


Patriots, rest assured we are in control.

Watch, confirm, and disseminate.

The country is not divided, this is fake news. ANTIFA was organized purely for optics re: division.

It’s FAKE!

Estimated 4-6% we consider ‘hopeless’ and forever brainwashed.

Re-read crumbs re: slave grip the D’s have on the black pop.

Why is this relevant?

Why are jobs/economy (growth) relevant?

This requires a DEEP CLEANING.

These people are stupid.

You are safe.

Have faith.


275e8b  No.3256


Goes without saying that Trump would never fire Mueller…

Way to smart for that!

300735  No.3257

File: 6ef7711a8817a22⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 1345x638, 1345:638, HillaryLeather.JPG)


Hideous was in Canada when these people were murdered. Here she is, the day before in Vancouver, wearing a leather suit. Human leather?

82b252  No.3258


Lots of redpilled responses to those tweets.

275e8b  No.3259


You are no longer human once you've sold your soul!

0e3147  No.3260


I can't wait for these people to go down.

300735  No.3261

File: 07d050fb4694873⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 741x309, 247:103, Twitterban.JPG)

File: 671d9779ab94c09⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 1167x263, 1167:263, TwitterTraffic.JPG)

Twitter banned me for seven days for calling Anderson Cooper a Vanderbilt Deepstate Fag.

lol. Maybe I was getting too much traffic?

82b252  No.3262


You folks did know they're actually German, didn't you?

b44c4d  No.3263

Meuller is playing bad cop. Flynn fell on his sword and now can testify. He is a true hero and patriot. 4D poker. Q says "You are Safe. Have faith."

Enjoy the show. Billionaire deaths highly suspicious. HRC and WJC give the good people of Arkansas a bad rep. Imagine that Arkancided is a commonly understood word now in the world. And everyone thinks of those soulless ghouls. These people are sick. Swamp draining. Enjoy the show.

300735  No.3264


Actually, back in 2007, she has a lineage chart on her website that traced their line back to King David. I wrote a story about it that got some attention, and they removed the link.

08042b  No.3265

File: 362f5c15733bbf5⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 593x568, 593:568, 2017-11-22_02-49-48.jpg)


good to know they're turtling around the big players, you'll likely be banned for doing it again or linking to material that discusses it

You can test their capabilities by linking to an OC infographic discussing cooper/vanderbilt. A human response will be slower and a bot wouldn't have the OC in its' crawler of bannable content. If it's instantaneous or within the hour, they've either dedicated human eyes to your account or their bot is self-updating and reads everyone's images.

d1de71  No.3267

File: e028bf0d0700a38⋯.jpg (262.86 KB, 1080x1352, 135:169, IMG_20171217_172612.jpg)

82b252  No.3268


Taking the streets is what "they" want. Some of them actually think they can win their civil war (they can't). The smarter ones know they can't, but it will deflect attention, change the narrative. They hope to slip away then.

But, we are on to them, and we are smarter than they are. See, their egos blind them to the obvious. They think they are smart, they call us deplorable, stupid and crazy. Yet, we know better. They try to shame us, it doesn't work,

Patience IS a virtue, and one they don't have.

Time is on OUR side, not theirs. They know this.

bd861b  No.3269


Posting this up again.




300735  No.3270

File: 31e9dbc9961b9fb⋯.jpg (76.53 KB, 700x490, 10:7, ObamaBook.JPG)

Possible clue. Q posted a pic of Obama carrying book by Fahreed Cuckaria

Interesting his first book was

The Future of FREEDOM

300735  No.3271


You should post about the MOL connection. That was interesting. Who knows where it could lead. Secret space program?

33f945  No.3273



does this have anything to do with the Hive drop on wikileaks?

300735  No.3274

File: 13438052aa877a3⋯.jpg (50.44 KB, 731x480, 731:480, Delta.JPG)

Worlds busiest airport been out of power for 5 hours now, home of DELTA /_\

70942b  No.3275

Does anybody think that the ATL airport power outage is possibly the storm starting up?

300735  No.3276


I don't think they are directly linked, but possible. The hive symbol is the beehive, a huge symbol to the Mormons, and of course the NSA has facility in UTAH, and Chaffetz and Reid are Mormons, and the CIA likes to recruit Mormons.

bd861b  No.3277


Yes. Almost definitely.

300735  No.3278

File: a143d1ad79beb4a⋯.jpg (45.97 KB, 739x306, 739:306, Delta II.JPG)


Maybe it will be dark for [10] hours?

Pic related

5d768a  No.3279


Okay now that is interesting, maybe a few cabal trying to flee?

6bd5a6  No.3280

Nice,, your using one of the storm is upon us meme's i made. :)

In top part of bread, you have copied over that stupid whitelist ban notice,lol Maybe remove that from next bread,lol

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that part above,,,,,,,, the ban,,( definitely remove that wording, we are not shill clowns here,lol)

70942b  No.3281


That was one I voted to use for when it did happen, that's why I'm here now as well.

275e8b  No.3282


One of my favorite Q posts!

Thank you! We need to keep this forefront in our mind!

300735  No.3283

File: 2df687568d8d74b⋯.jpg (26.8 KB, 722x236, 361:118, Atl.JPG)


Interesting tweet.

6bd5a6  No.3284

i do think the very special place tweet by trump, was meant for us, :) GENERATION Q

5d768a  No.3285


That has to mean what we think it does.

70942b  No.3286


Well, I think it's safe to say that the storm is upon us now!

5d768a  No.3287


same thing happened in SA, look how that went :)

+++ went bye bye

300735  No.3288

Ever wonder why Atlanta is the worlds busiest airport? Not the world most populated city.

Connection Human Trafficking. Remember the Red Mercury scare and the bridge collapse. Something strange in Atlanta. Georgia, home of the Georgia Guidestones.

70942b  No.3289


Anons, we may be watching history in the making.

6bd5a6  No.3290


When all those planes were flying,, Remember there were 5 US military planes( c-17's i think) and they had one chinese military plane flying with them near Alanta.

70942b  No.3291

We need to get the meme bombers ready to fly on social nets.

Tomorrow is the 18th, we all know that some of the major social medias are going to start censoring posts, but there are othe locations to post stuff.

Joomla and other sites that promote social networking would be a great place to start.

d0eebb  No.3292


>enjoy the show

I wish there was something I could do to help besides being a passive observer.

d1de71  No.3293

Just a theory on Q saying future proves past what if the qmap is supposed to be read in reverse?

bd861b  No.3294



if you can't research, meme.

if you can't meme, SPREAD OTHERS' MEMES. Everyone can spread memes.

There is no excuse for passivity!

70942b  No.3295


Some parts are meant to be read like that.

But you have to be careful when cobbling posts together like that.

7413b9  No.3296


Or maybe they found out children were being flown in/out?

Imagine the chaos if more airports go down…

5d768a  No.3297


Yeah we need to keep an eye out for all airports at this point then.

82b252  No.3298


There's lots you can still do.

Know some people you can redpill? Start slow, and work slow.

275e8b  No.3299

File: b2a59f3b7f8dd46⋯.png (278.89 KB, 572x431, 572:431, ClipboardImage.png)


Every key player was picked for a specific reason. If you read Art of the Deal you will get to know that Trump is all about Revenge!

He gets back at those that have wronged him. Why?

Because he is a LION!

But also because he knows all his enemies are watching to see what he will do, if he does nothing they will all pounce. So he humiliates those that try to hurt him, he annialates them, his enemies see that, their response?


He has chosen or left people in specific roles because he knows their history and what REVENGE they may want just as bad as he does.

Check this post on @TheLastRefuge2 twitter out (links to their website) … regarding the IG. Bwahaahahahha!

82b252  No.3300


I'll bet more are to come.

300735  No.3301

File: 1ca3ee54bce8007⋯.jpg (96.22 KB, 1106x544, 553:272, Atl II.JPG)


Been an electrician for 30 yrs, worked on a few airports. Power doesn't go out like this, just at the airport. It would be larger area. This is targeted power outtage, and since it doesn't serve deepstate purpose, I suggest a Trump operation.

940344  No.3302



Yes!!! Lather, Rinse Repeat




Normies won’t be able to swallow that the cabal has this history and the next false ware is "aliens" - that’s it’s really man, not aliens.

Knowledge is power.

Thank you @GalacticRedPill

940344  No.3304


Maybe to block escape…. Biggest hub. Delays departures all over US/World. Can you smell the fear in the waiting areas as their flights are "Delayed"?

d0eebb  No.3305


Your right. Thanks for being so optimistic.

3bba9d  No.3306

PLEASE: discern this


d0eebb  No.3307


It's either that or the elites are turning off the lights then trying to sneak out on their private jets.

I don't think they're that smart so your theory is most likely correct.

d5ea69  No.3308


the plane is a Xf16

940344  No.3309


Why good and open baker? We sucked on that tit for a while. I'm (We're?) worried you're getting sucked on like Delonge. I smell danger. Maybe a LARP? Keep your kek eyes sharp! Give me something to dig on. I'll dig.

Post 2004 USAF challenge coin. Maybe orbital (MOL) related. Sentry (Eagle eye)/MI collecting into or opening pandora's box. Could not find similar images in whole or part. More crumbs?

940344  No.3310



I don't know of a full delta variant of the F-16. Eurofighter or Desault Mirage?

0e3147  No.3311

The Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL), originally referred to as the Manned Orbital Laboratory, was part of the United States Air Force's manned spaceflight program, a successor to the cancelled Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar military reconnaissance space plane project.

940344  No.3312


Sorry - Ok - found the F-16X full delta….

79e41d  No.3313

This is going @ on Twitter, it's from Wikileaks/JPodesta emails (2014):

"Re: Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s, Request for Meeting to discuss Disclosure-

Five decades of UFO information have dramatically shifted the public > awareness of an extraterrestrial presence. And yet, our government is > still operating from outdated beliefs and policies. These are detrimental > to trust in government transparency, science, religion, and responsible > citizenry embracing the next step in our country’s space travel and > research. > > > > Three disclosure issues are prominent: 1) planet sustainability via next > generation energies such as zero point energy, 2) galactic travel and > research undertaken as an advanced species aware of the extraterrestrial > presence, not as uninformed explorers who revert to colonialism and > destruction and 3) the example of a confident, engaged government who > respectfully regards the wisdom and intellect of its citizens as we move > into space. > > > > I respectfully receive your response to my request for conversation on > disclosure. > > [image: Image removed by sender.] > > Warmest Regards, > > > > Edgar D. Mitchell, ScD > > Chief Science Officer & Founder, Quantrek > > Apollo 14 astronaut > > 6th man to walk on the Moon"

https: //wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/15052


940344  No.3314


Despite my concerns for the good baker's health, I do like someone's pandora's box comment. Keeper of secrets.

Just to blatant to have such a cool challenge coin withe killer eagles and stars and shit, then have a freaking cardboard box in the middle….


79e41d  No.3315


can you connect the dots for us?

940344  No.3316


I know common knowledge, but following my own autist DNA.

Box - Amazon - Amazon/AWS hosting secret cloud for Clowns In Action

http ://www.nextgov.com/it-modernization/2017/11/amazon-web-services-announces-secret-cloud-region-cia/142662/

f9dd0e  No.3317


This is my third posting on this: GitHub is not accurate. I have 18 messages missing from that page. There may be more. The first time I asked if anybody was interested in a list of what's missing, I was told YES "we need everything!" So I spent about 3 hours putting together the list (while at the same time proofing my own local copy), and I uploaded it. Nobody touched it. So I posted again. Nobody touched it. So now I'm posting a third time. GitHub is missing content. http://www.starjourneygames.com/q/qdata.txt

940344  No.3318


Last post was for 3269.

Anons from a couple years ago like to think that Bezos bought WaPo with the $600 mil he maid on the Clowns In AWS contract.

Baker - heading in the right direction, or stop?

79e41d  No.3319

82b252  No.3320


>Bezos bought WaPo with the $600 mil he maid on the Clowns In AWS contract

That's the word I heard, and he acts like it's true.

82b252  No.3321


I heard that too. Hell, it's no real secret Bezos is in their pocket.

79e41d  No.3322


Tom Heneghan Briefing (12-17-17).

Sorry, I'm not familiar w/ Heneghan . . . any anons here who can comment on this report?

b44c4d  No.3323

Post on Twitter says both murder victims from APOTEX were scheduled to be interviewed by the OIG Inspector General Howerwitz investigators this week. Any confirmation.

Tried on twitter to spread some memes but have been shadow banned. Not sure who even sees my tweets but they are not in search thread for #hash tags.

Congrats to We Wish Q A Merry Christmas 2017 meme. Loved the "stockings".

Will have to hang out here I guess.

79e41d  No.3324



b44c4d  No.3326

Listening now.

Wow lots of big names.

The storm is upon us.

387899  No.3327


ok guys i know this became a heated topic, but i finally figured out the AC picture. it has a russian word meaning 'walnut sauce'; it is not 'gannett'. it is Бажже77

e296b5  No.3328

>Ten days.


>Scare tactics (MSM).

>D's falling.

>R's walk-away/removed.

Ten days congressional break.

Darkness in Atlanta airport.

D’s and R’s removed.

These are the signs. The storm is here.

f9dd0e  No.3329


Being 90 minutes south of Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, I wonder if the 10 days of darkness is about that? I couldn't imagine a major airport being dark for 10 days. Too many ways to fix it.

22e9fe  No.3330

File: 10b7753e74414c6⋯.png (222.47 KB, 720x755, 144:151, Capture _2017-12-17-18-58-….png)

Is there an anniversary of some sort? With the airport being shutdown and he posts something like this…just wondering.

b44c4d  No.3331

No one getting out of the country via Atlanta. Tomorrow is an anniversary. Patriots are in control says Q. Wonder if sealed indictments open at midnight. Could be best Monday morning ever.

e296b5  No.3332


It doesn’t say ten days of darkness. Just ten days. And darkness.

300735  No.3333




Atlanta airport shut down….

82b252  No.3334


I would say that's a message. Sounds like it's time. And, no doesn't mean Atlanta airport will stay dark for ten days. Remember it's Ten days and Darkness, 2 separate lines. Could be the ten days of congressional break, and the darkness (outage) at Atlanta. Bear in mind, that didn't say "ten days of darkness".

82b252  No.3335


>Wonder if sealed indictments open at midnight.

Some of them are being outed now.

Looks like Mad Maxine has legal trouble, Schumer may resign, etc. Youtube videos.

b44c4d  No.3336

Tomorrow date was Boston Tea Party.

82b252  No.3337


That would be rich.

79e41d  No.3338

File: e0315c6a6e3a496⋯.png (27.2 KB, 549x120, 183:40, 1.png)


anons, can you take a look at this?

i can't get a hot link on the post so i'm attaching a screen shot.

d3fcbb  No.3339


This might be "out there," but what better place to hide a CIA/illegal/whatever enterprise than in public view in one of the busiest places possible? Tons of peeps coming and going constantly…. Easy egress to multiple locations around the nation and world….

b44c4d  No.3340

Listened to briefing. Named everybody big and said white hats say they indicted.

Not sure who he is, broadcasts from his apartment but gave out address at end. Yikes.

Not very Anon

940344  No.3341


Best Christmas EVER


>3333 The kek is with you.

33f945  No.3342

File: 412ba0d586bff9c⋯.png (51.08 KB, 225x267, 75:89, United_States_Special_Oper….png)

made progress on the challenge coin

the 5 stars could refer to the 5 star general at the time.


The briefly created five star sleeve stripe for General of the Air Force on the McPeak Uniform

General of the Air Force Arnold died in 1950 with no further Air Force officer since promoted to General of the Air Force. The Air Force currently declares that General of the Air Force is an active rank and it could again be bestowed at the discretion of the United States Congress. In 1962, during the Cold War, a petition was raised with the Department of the Air Force to promote General Curtis LeMay to the rank of General of the Air Force due to LeMay's accomplishments with the rise of the Strategic Air Command. The Air Force officially responded to the LeMay promotion proposal in a Chief of the Air Force General Officers Branch letter dated February 28, 1962:


and the spade on the back is a symbol for strategic operations command

f9dd0e  No.3343


"Ten days" had to relate to something.

79e41d  No.3344


didn't Spreadsheet Anon say he'd look at it?

79e41d  No.3345


yep, that's the same link. SA said he'd just gotten back and he'd check out the links. It's going to take some time. Be patient, anon. SA is the best. If you see him on, you can ask him for an update, but that's a lot of links to check out.

0e3147  No.3346

WSB Radio‏Verified

ALERT: Exit from the interstate to @ATLairport has been shut down due to #ATLairport power outage.

b44c4d  No.3347

I read it that QAnon was going dark for 10 days and we were on our own to spread crumbs and do some baking. He said rig for silent running.

He also said "You are safe" and "Enjoy the Show".

I am loving it.

d3fcbb  No.3348


You did it! I only got as far as the two back-to-back z's in the middle and the first letter for sure and was trying to decode but the best I came up with (from earlier thoughts that it was a blog) was bizzp (which was in Turkish). I KNEW it wasn't Gannett!!

940344  No.3349


Good old boys (Stew Webb) video claiming insider leak from Marine alpha/bravo is naming names HRC, BHO, some Bushes, etc classified by POTUS as "domestic terrorists". Bunch of unseals, etc.

Claims Putin/Trump call was more about removing some rouge Clowns planning an attack in US.

Otherwise a bitcoin add.

79e41d  No.3350


can you post the high res pic of AC and the paper?

0d99fe  No.3351

f9dd0e  No.3352


No problem, I just wanted to make sure the updates didn't fall through the cracks. I already have the info so I'm not in any hurry personally. I'm working on my new copy of the Q map. It is one hellatious workload to do it.

0e3147  No.3353

f9dd0e  No.3354


WSB TV in Atlanta is saying on their web site that power has been restored to concourse F.

7413b9  No.3355


Actually, all it stated was:

10 days


Which could be a multitude of things for many different people/groups/organizations. Keep your eyes on the news!

940344  No.3356


Yup - got the spade/spear earlier

1962 gotta be s/n. Coin minted after 2004 (AF ribbon was authorized in 2004)

5 stars are in a constellation formation on the coin, not the pentagon shape of the office. I saw this constellation only on a AF special ops (knight riders) logo with a Pegasus. Kinda matches Lybra, but not really) I don't know of any current 5-star officers alive at this time (not sure).

Baker has more to deliver…. I'm ready to dig when he does.

82b252  No.3357


I saw that one. Nice thinking, but I prefer more corroboration before fully believing it.

79e41d  No.3358


thx, anon. i could barely make out what they were saying and i wasn't familiar w/ either one.

79e41d  No.3359


thought it was interesting they said the cali fires were from satellites (not drones, which is what i've been reading) . . . but all "daddy bush."

things to keep in mind as we move forward.

7413b9  No.3360


"I treat all of my employees as family" I wonder what his family, especially the females, have to say about him….

0e3147  No.3361

Stephen Henderson, the managing director of opinion and commentary at The Detroit Free Press and a Pulitzer Prize Winner, was fired for alleged sexual misconduct, the outlet reported


79e41d  No.3362


with all the work you put into it, i don't blame you one bit for asking. spreadsheet anon is trustworthy and he wants the Q info to be complete and accurate. i haven't seen him on today, but he'd said he'd been out of town/taking a needed break. he'll get to it.

79e41d  No.3363

79e41d  No.3364


the "1962" could be a reference date . . . like to something big that happened in 1962.

bd861b  No.3365


33f945  No.3366

File: 265d902584419f0⋯.pdf (649.57 KB, Kek_keeps_blessing_your_th….pdf)

you are amazing anon we are reading it now

this came from the same source

I don't know what to make of em yet



300735  No.3367


Ahh shit, both the boys from anti school bringin it.

We love a mystery….

33f945  No.3368


anon said the lightning bolts are commonly information transfer

300735  No.3369

Lot of people talking about God these days…

c3e307  No.3370



IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fifteenth day of December, ==in the year of our Lord== two thousand seventeen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-second.


"In the Year of our Lord" hasn't basically been used since the Constitution.

b44c4d  No.3371

File: b64a1d0915c3171⋯.png (1.48 MB, 780x1208, 195:302, vikingmeme.png)

December 16 is Tea Party Anniversary. FLY???FLY was a common Q post. Is that the big day?

Picture attached found on instagram from Dec. 7

Don't know what it is. Just sharing.

df488b  No.3372

Trump’s recent post on Twitter referenced spending the day at Camp David mentioning lots of important work was being done. He called Camp David a “special place”… Soros?

22e9fe  No.3373


Wow. Niiiice. Thank you for pointing this out.

00b00d  No.3374


All this stuff with the Wright Brothers, there is a base in OHIO, an Air Force base called Wright-Patterson. In the past I spent some time training there.

There is some Secret stuff going on there, generally routine stuff like TS material on aircraft data etc, nothing of real value except toward improving our fighter jets performance.

But being Wright Brothers day and the challenge coin issue being possible AF. I think there may be something going down at the base soon maybe?

t. retired milfag

1c23fe  No.3375


I,'ll see what I can put together later tonight, I ,m pretty sure I have radar pic of planes.

00b00d  No.3376

bd861b  No.3377


This is it guys.

He sent these to me in this order saying:

"Here ya go…"

*sends Another_war.txt*

"You will need this next, cheers….."

*sends pdf file*

"Had to get this out, share widely!"

79e41d  No.3378


nice, looking forward to seeing it.

f9dd0e  No.3379


I'm sure he will. I don't need to worry about it being missed anymore. He'll get to it when he's able! Thanks!

00b00d  No.3380



I may be onto nothing but I see a bunch of odd in 1962 at WPAFB. I am probably just at the tip or chasing red herrings but there were partnerships with chemical plants, building research facilities etc.

1c23fe  No.3381


He said it is about the break.

Congress did not start their Christmas break yet, they plan vote on tax bill, and budget, then they will be taking break, I imagine for 10 days.

940344  No.3382


I'm pretty convinced it's a s/n because it is stamped into the coin on a flat "name tag" area, not part of the mold of the coin.

940344  No.3384

File: 53edd7d6f898076⋯.jpg (121.63 KB, 960x640, 3:2, readyreadyreadyready.jpg)

33f945  No.3385


fucking same dude I was so ready go get that shit from PA

ec8fc4  No.3387

File: c994d43001c2ea8⋯.png (45.14 KB, 583x365, 583:365, 10days.png)


>Congress did not start their Christmas break yet, they plan vote on tax bill, and budget, then they will be taking break, I imagine for 10 days.

According to the 2017 Congressional Calendar, they start their break tomorrow.

33f945  No.3388

going down the mushroom rabbit hole rn


this happened recently

d1de71  No.3390


It's the sequence number. Most challenge coins have it. Most of mine do.

33f945  No.3391


what about the constellation?

or the rainbow?

einstien rosen bridge ala rainbow bridge?

53e6bf  No.3392

File: 2464affacc574cd⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1024x1755, 1024:1755, Andersons-reading-what3.png)


>high res pic of AC and the paper

Best I could do:

7413b9  No.3393

bb6612  No.3394


not his normal font for his twatter posting.

d1de71  No.3395


The question needs to be who's challenge coin is it? Their typically specific to a person or organization.

d40c29  No.3396


Twitter fonts are all the same, he has a modded app

940344  No.3397

File: 139ce6590ee409a⋯.jpg (48.52 KB, 510x340, 3:2, dog drinking water.jpg)

7413b9  No.3398


That is the font on the person's phone, that they chose for their phone.

c8e108  No.3399

File: b2e2a607fb047a1⋯.png (25.49 KB, 600x700, 6:7, all-i-want-for-christmas-i….png)

File: 85040d88afc820f⋯.png (29.98 KB, 600x700, 6:7, i-m-dreaming-of-a-q-christ….png)


33f945  No.3400


is antarctica the white and pandoras box is nuclear science?

22e9fe  No.3401


Oh well, actually that's my font. I was phonefagging when I posted this…lol.

bb6612  No.3402


still not his normal font, and you can make up all the bullshit excuses you want to "justify" his changing it on this one post?

fuck off, liars!

1c23fe  No.3403


Yes, but they are voting on tax before break, and budget was up /due by 22nd I thought, so assumed they would take care of that as well, before their break. Mccaib

n said earlier that he would be missing vote due to health. They have enough votes without him, so b

mot an issue. but they are taking care of tax first. Before their break was supposed to happen on friday, an it was delayed. so breK My not be until tues or wed

0e3147  No.3404

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account


2h2 hours ago


More than a century after conquering flight, the #WrightBrothers continue to motivate & inspire Americans, who never tire of exploration & innovation. This GREAT AMERICAN SPIRIT can be found in the design of every new supersonic jet and next generation: http://45.wh.gov/WrightBrothers

0e3147  No.3405

d1de71  No.3406


I'm not sure exactly how to go about finding it but whoever issued the coin will tell you alot about it. Do you have a pic of it.

a2a2cb  No.3407


I think cbts got attacked by a bunch of idiots or worser.

6a6df3  No.3408

1c23fe  No.3409


If they convene on 3rd of Jan, and they started break on wednesday, not counting weekends,( like congressional calender shows no spaces for weekend days, sat,sun) Then from wednesday the 20th until Jan 3rd, not counting sat and sun,, is 10 days.

33f945  No.3410



challenge coin pic

067dce  No.3411


Atlanta is a human trafficking hotbed like you wouldn't believe. Friend visited there and got completely spooked by just checking into a hotel.

a2a2cb  No.3412

I am sorry

940344  No.3413


Meh… Stale bread me thinks…. Not bad bread. Just stale. I'll absorb it and go back and stare at the map. See if it fills some gaps.

b44c4d  No.3414


Thanks for the bread. Awesome!!!!

fc255b  No.3415

Just went and looked at story about mccain not making it for tax cut vote, theydont need him, and they plan to vote on Tuesday, so looks like the break, may be starting Wednesday (abd by congressional calendar, would last 10 days/10 working days

d1de71  No.3417

File: c6b59f815524db8⋯.png (837.65 KB, 484x931, 484:931, challengecoin.png)


Definitely AF signal unit.

6a6df3  No.3418



Can you add to dough ? Freshly baked with love:


2c8e22  No.3419

File: 0ce2726083bcdc1⋯.png (311.1 KB, 620x470, 62:47, Obi Wan It's Happening.png)

2c8e22  No.3420

File: e16dcd4325127d4⋯.jpg (52.88 KB, 678x381, 226:127, George Soros Q I'm Next.jpg)

2c8e22  No.3421

File: 291e98f45d8f6cb⋯.jpg (71.84 KB, 634x423, 634:423, Trump & Hillary Cardinal D….jpg)

d1de71  No.3422


The eagle, radar, lightning, and the AF rank looks like it could a sort of jsasoc coin.

33f945  No.3423


> jsasoc


b44c4d  No.3424

Is there an original file of the Clinton Body count page from the latest dump?

Hard to zoom in and read. Would like the details.

Shermans died of ligature compression of the neck. Found hanging in their home. Supposed to testify against Clintons. A New York Dr. who committed suicide by stabbing himself in the chest but missed his own heart may need to be added as well.

May need an update ;-)

d1de71  No.3425


A joint spec ops group. Combines army and AF. Located a Bragg.

33f945  No.3426


can you link us some info that we can dig?

275e8b  No.3427

File: ffa362b02779af5⋯.png (109.63 KB, 590x497, 590:497, ClipboardImage.png)



(the person posting had a diff. font on their phone, not POTUS)

d3fcbb  No.3428

Regarding plane crash w/3 dead- company that owned has same name as plane:

https://www .bizapedia.com/md/n761yz-llc.html

S. Allan Adelman listed as rep and is a lawyer in healthcare law.

Is this tied to the Canadians that "suicided" from their balcony? Connected to CF/HRC?

d1de71  No.3429


The mushroom in a box and AF rank could be for ariel nuclear platform.

f9dd0e  No.3430


Never thought of that one. "The break." The light shines, the clouds part, the angels sing, etc.

f9dd0e  No.3431

File: aefe464ca6edaf0⋯.png (802.43 KB, 960x540, 16:9, hallway.png)

d1de71  No.3432


Dig for the unit it belongs to it's not a person specific one like a general or senator. I'd look at SF patches and signal Corp. Patches.

d4e2b7  No.3433


Why don't they like to say his name. Q has said this a few times now and the last time he said it, he followed with "everything has a meaning".

33f945  No.3434


what made you come to that conclusion

300735  No.3435


Mushroom=spec ops

275e8b  No.3436

File: c7c635ebe907d4b⋯.png (434.76 KB, 601x636, 601:636, ClipboardImage.png)

Anybody see this on gateway pundit?…

af68c4  No.3437

File: 82c38f04ece6421⋯.gif (130.31 KB, 508x500, 127:125, 2d9dd02a006b.gif)

82b252  No.3438


>Why don't they like to say his name

Likely because he's a disgraced cheating POS traitor. Why honor him?

82b252  No.3439


Or, mushroom, as keep you in the dark, feed you bullshit.

300735  No.3440


need to know

b44c4d  No.3441

Semper En Obscurus is latin translation for Always in dark (as in keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit). How you grow mushrooms.

b44c4d  No.3442


Now you know.

82b252  No.3443


That's actually what was said. "I'm a mushroom, they keep me in the dark and feed me BS".

ac62b8  No.3444


Yep, you may be next, but we were led to believe that the Rothschilds were out of the pic as well, but as we have all seen according to Lynn's postings it's not true.

d1de71  No.3445


I'm ex military. Challenge coin art tells you about the unit or person. Lightning bolts usually refer to SF. And the radar is signal corp. The plane, AF rank along with the mushroom in a box suggests Ariel platform since the AF controls nukes. The red circle is likely them hitting their mark.

82b252  No.3446


Sure Lynn was the target? I am not.

ac62b8  No.3447


" but we were led to believe"

82b252  No.3448


Radars are also air defense. There's tons of possibilities. Funny there's no unit name on it though. That alone points to very covert ops. And that wave guide does look like pulse ADA radar. Definitely USAF.

82b252  No.3449


I was a bit over that level, most of the time I was active.

6a6df3  No.3450


SF = ? to make sure.

d1de71  No.3451


The bolts going from the radar to the eagle then to the plane to me would be more of a symbol of communication

d1de71  No.3452


Special forces

ac62b8  No.3453


I was here as well when aircrash happened, when sub went missing, when 2nd aircrash happened…so you'll have to excuse the bit of pessimistic tone in that post.

d4e2b7  No.3454


I wish someone would did on why they don't like to same John McStain's name. Q has said it two or three times now and this last time it was followed with, "there's a reason for everything". or "everything has meaning.

af68c4  No.3455


Mushrooms thrive in the darkness and the shit>>3443

Air Force Special Projects has traditionally been in charge of spy satellite development, but there's a lot going on in this coin.

a64bd2  No.3456


Concourse F may be on a separate grid. It was constructed many years after the rest of the airport was built.

The cargo handling facility, separate from passenger terminals, has probably been functioning normally. ATF/tower never lost power, from what I gather.

82b252  No.3457


No problem, I was at half chan most of it, but very skeptical. Don't trust the government. I ought to know, used to work for them (DOD).

d1de71  No.3458


What about the 5 stars? The former 5 branches?

ac62b8  No.3459


>"there's a reason for everything". or "everything has meaning.

So Q mentioned it about this?

I mean ACTUALLY referenced it concerning this particular post?

82b252  No.3460


A LOT going on, for sure.


No clue, last 5 star was Bradley, long time ago (early 50's). Coasties went back to DOT shortly after Nam, IIRC.

I'd say the coin had something to do with special ops and TS level type stuff.

4792c4  No.3461


I just seen this on politico.


Haven't read it all yet. Very long. 3 parter.

d53f10  No.3462


Logbook has

20171218 02:29 24.8 US NAVY JIM CR Direct Orders To Nuclear Sub ExposeNSA

d1de71  No.3463


Not generals. The branches of the military are represented by stars. There were 5 branches but the coast guard falls under DHS now.

d4e2b7  No.3464


I checked the Q map 10 "Days" was mentioned. Just before the word "Darkness"

ac62b8  No.3465


There was a reason for that change.

82b252  No.3466


Yes, seeing Bradley was last 5 star general, and that was a LONG time ago, that's out.

Before the USCG was DHS, they were DOT, not DOD. Only DOD for deployment to Vietnam, they say.

d4e2b7  No.3467


Q shared that at the same time as he shared a photo of BO's (there is no god but allah" inscribed ring. I think he was trying to say that BO is one of the muslims who are committed to destroying the US) , it's just that his job isn't in the trenches of course but stealth Jihad.

ac62b8  No.3468


The only way to have a 5 star now is during war. Get your heads out of your butts.

7fd920  No.3469

940344  No.3470



For those still digging on the coin. I think it was just given to create credibility with the baker. If we dig too much, we risk doxing him/her. Baker can tell me if I'm wrong….

What needs digging is what he followed up with in PDF format posted by Breadbox. Twenty some pages of 4-chan from November. Valuable or a rabbit hole? Filling any holes in the map? Getting us to understand it's not like a one hour TV show where it all comes to a head quickly? Might take a while? The legal process? The redpill process?

I did not find anything in the PDF that made me suspicious of intent. A little too much bible for me, but there may be a lot of good clues in there that slips by me.

d1de71  No.3471


That's what I always found odd. Up until I got out they were considered a branch of the military even though they weren't dod. One of my board questions was about the 5 branches and it included coast guard. It's only 4 branches now.

9ef3f4  No.3472

confirmed, HRC still in "boot" appearing on the ellen "degenerate" show airing 12.15.17. probably the longest recovery time for a broken toe in the history of mankind.

33f945  No.3473

File: 0248ef2f7778c67⋯.gif (211.7 KB, 567x640, 567:640, 012.gif)


anon found this

bd861b  No.3474


This. Guy told me to spread those two files widely. Unsure why exactly.

82b252  No.3475


Actually, predicated by size (and therefore warfare). Bradley was Chairman of the Army, IIRC, and needed to be equal to McArthur, so he was made GOA (5 star) well after WW2. But, like said, a LONG time ago. Too long to be relevant. Therefore very out.

d1de71  No.3476


Which PDF?

82b252  No.3477


Agreed. Time to let the coin go. Too many questions, limited relevance, no answers.

82b252  No.3478


> longest recovery time for a broken toe

For sure. Boot was too much for a broken toe, and explain to me how you fall backwards, yet break your toe. It's covering an ankle bracelet, pretty obvious by now,

d53f10  No.3479


0407z Itami: My CO just told me to watch the US forces here in japan….he told me something about the us missile defense radars been turned on again and also msg been sent to us nuke subs with orders

0409z CLH14: 8431AMsync is really interisting tho

0410z Itami: It is clh14

0412z 31337: Yes. serious shit is going on.

0413z Itami: 6712 usb interresting in its self

0415z Itami: Skyking out of my current base in japan has been shut off and i will be transfered back to the northorn army soon tenshi

0416z Tenshi: Nice

940344  No.3480



Which anon found that? The source of the coin anon? (Y/N)

That is Groom Lake patch for special projects flight test sq. 6 stars (5+1) = Area 51

Coin - we're looking for 4+1 in a similar pattern.

940344  No.3481


>>3366 This one.

940344  No.3482

>>3348 Already posted here

>>3349 Already summarized here


df488b  No.3483

940344  No.3484

>>3338 (corrected) Posted here

>>3349 Summarized here


df488b  No.3485

File: e06ea11aadc3f0d⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, B5439A3C-E0A3-42BD-A270-56….png)

82b252  No.3486


>coast guard

Checked wikipedia. DHS since 2003. Looks like they were never fully DOD, but, they wouldn't be the only ones that have 2 masters. Guard (Army and Air) does, and it's very relevant.

d1de71  No.3487

a64bd2  No.3488


Wonder if the Bush family has evacuated to their compound in Paraguay yet?

1e7a87  No.3489

File: 89686653e6fce6e⋯.png (1.87 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 88E6FF2F-2C34-4802-B278-D1….png)

File: 255c9a077741cb5⋯.png (184.46 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 3A37D1DB-5C0B-46C2-949E-D6….png)

File: a5cad1a4616849c⋯.png (283.7 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, 71A98B37-B0FC-4D2E-9F0C-5C….png)

Have been reading between the lines as Q posted on Nov 12. Came across a lot of interesting info. I figured in between the lines means between letters like lower case L “I” and upper case i or “I” anyway I came across AF web site and I didn’t know that we had Air National Guard.

0ebca3  No.3490

File: 45db8d14a637935⋯.jpg (12.1 KB, 236x236, 1:1, f5deeff3eaa41feec21a445515….jpg)

I wonder if Q meant this MONDAY before christmas

324f17  No.3491


Q already dropped info on this issue. So yes, let Trump fire Mueller.

If you see them riot or take to the streets, call 911 or number provided. The NG will take care of them.

6bd5a6  No.3492

File: 2ebbc36f2321a62⋯.png (3.59 MB, 2560x1317, 2560:1317, Military planes near Alant….png)

The radar pic is from the Dec 10th( someone else posted it,, so not sure if it was made night of 9th?) it was at the same time as all the planes being seen over Denver, South Carolina and other places.


Here is current update of Alanta Airport power outage. ( cause of fire that started outage is unknown)


They arrested 60 on Oct 18th 2017 in Alanta for human trafficking.


CNN head quarters is in Alanta.


was trying to see if anyone of importance lives near by( Elton John lives there part time,lol he is probably involved in Cabal, esp given relations to those we do know are involved)


First people on list of 55 is governor and Mayor. Does anyone recognise any other names( from other corporations or people we have came across?)

5b1fdd  No.3493

we that barely remember this are going to see the parallels to the research we are doing now on Q crumbs…


1606ad  No.3494


1606ad  No.3495

File: c5a33e35b62bc89⋯.jpg (18.77 KB, 420x420, 1:1, paglen8.jpg)

1606ad  No.3496


2d920b  No.3497


I would love for Presadent Trump to fire Muller during the Presadental Address, Apprentice style. "Oh by the way, Muller… Your Fired."

6bd5a6  No.3498

I keep hearing the word storm,, perfect storm.

From today,,


Then Hillary said it too,

Hillary Clinton on the 'Perfect Storm' That Lost Her the Election


6bd5a6  No.3499


Trump is working with Mueller, that's part of the storm,lol

Everyone is talking about how biased Mueller and his team are aginst Trump,, That's the point,, then when they come out with all the indictments for Hillary,, they cannot say they were biased against her,lol

82b252  No.3500


Either that, or both Trump and Mueller are morons (not likely).

d4e2b7  No.3501


Targeted EMP? Like in Saudi Arabia?

327fd1  No.3502

File: 48ae8d56881607b⋯.png (272.24 KB, 616x680, 77:85, Peter S.png)

Awesome Rabbit hole getting pretty deep

82b252  No.3503


EMP doesn't work like many have been told. Yes, it "fries" transistors, but only when they're powered up. Think Yorktown Message, and you'll have to ask a vet (most don't know about it).

6bd5a6  No.3504

Another one bites the dust,,, got another name for list,,

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Representative Ruben Kihuen announced on Saturday that he will not seek re-election, becoming the latest member of Congress to end his legislative career in the face of sexual harassment allegations.

He's a Nevada Dem.


6bd5a6  No.3505


Queen - Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video)


<iframe width="476" height="357" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/rY0WxgSXdEE" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You should have this be the music for thread about congress people who are resigning,lol

a64bd2  No.3506


>First people on list of 55 is governor and Mayor. Does anyone recognise any other names( from other corporations or people we have came across?)

Lifelong metro Atlantan, family in Georgia since before 1800.

1. Nathan Deal = current governor of Georgia

3. Arthur Blank = cofounder of Home Depot, owner of Atlanta Falcons, just built new Mercedes Benz stadium

4. David Ralston = Republic House Speaker, Georgia House of Representatives

5. Richard Anderson = Pres & co-CEO of Amtrak, prev Delta Air Lines CEO, got $72mm Delta stock golden parachute

6. Thomas Fanning = CEO & Pres, Southern Co, the 2nd largest utility holding company in US

7. Johnny Isakson = US Senator (R)

8. Russ Hardin = head of Robert W. Woodruff Foundation (hugely influential in Atl/GA)

9. Alicia Philipp = Exec Dir of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

10. Keith Parker = CEO of MARTA (transit system)

11. Muhtar Kent = Coca-Cola executive (cannot overstate its influence in Atlanta)

12. Mark Becker = Pres of Ga State University

13. Miguel Southwell = Gen Manager, Hartsfield Airport (I don't like to say Maynard Jackson's name, stupid fat liberal)

14. John Lewis = US House of Representatives

15. Egbert Perry = real estate developer

16. Frank Poe = Exec Dir, Ga World Congress Center (convention space)

17. Tim Lee = Cobb County Commission Chairman

18. Michael Phillips = real estate developer

19. J. Alvin Wilbanks = Gwinnett County school superintendent

20. Michael Russell = son of longtime developer Herman Russell

21. John Haupert = CEO, Grady Memorial Hospital (level 1 trauma center)

22. Chris Riley = Chief of staff, Governor's office

23. Casey Cagle = Lieutenant Governor

24. Martin Flanagan = CEO of Invesco, financial management firm

25. Tyler Perry = actor, producer, extremely rich guy

26. Meria Carstarphen = Atlanta Public School superintendent

27. Terry McGurk = CEO, Atlanta Braves, former Turner Broadcasting exec

28. David Cummings = entrepreneur, founded Atlanta Tech Village

29. Bernie Marcus = co-founder with Arthur Blank of Home Depot, major funder of Georgia Aquarium

30. Milton Little, Jr. = Pres, United Way of Atlanta

31. Erick Erickson = conservative talk show host & blogger, WSB-AM750

32. Jeff Graham = gay rights activist

33. Mike Mandl = CEO/Pres, Emory Healthcare Systems

34. G.P. "Bud" Peterson = Pres, Georgia Institute of Technology

35. Sam Olens = former state att'y general, former Cobb County Commission Chairman

36. Steve Koonin = CEO, Atlanta Hawks/ Philips Arena

37. Sara Blakely = invented Spanx, made fortune

38. Ford Fry = chef/restauranteur

39. Donna Hyland = Pres/CEO, Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

40. James Wagner = Pres Emory University

41. Hala Moddelmog = CEO Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, former CEO Church's Fried Chicken & Arby's restaurants

42. Andrew Young = Former US Ambassador to UN, former US Congressman, former mayor of Atlanta

43. Kevin Riley = Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

44. Doug Hertz = CEO, United Distributors (biggest alcohol distrib in GA & AL, founded by his grandfather)

45. Jeff Fuqua = commercial real estate developer

46. Ryan Cameron = morning show host, V-103

47. John Eaves = Fulton County Commission Chairman

48. Mark Toro = real estate developer

49. Russell McMurry = CEO, Georgia Dept of Transportation

50. Shan Cooper = VP & Gen Manager, Lockheed-Martin

51. Raphael Warnock = Senior Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church

52. Larry Gellerstedt = Pres/CEO Cousins Properties commercial real estate developer

53. Virginia Hepner = Pres/CEO, Woodruff Arts Center (High Museum, Symphony Hall complex)

54. Rebecca Serna = Exec Dir of Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

55. Michael Render = rapper

6bd5a6  No.3507


Nice,, Thank you

6bd5a6  No.3508

File: a85b443aa087219⋯.jpg (23.8 KB, 340x270, 34:27, il_340x270.1232653075_aseq.jpg)


In last thread i saw you were researching the wierd coins,, i will have to look at what you found,, i found this info,,

Are those challenge coins? Maybe it's something they use to trade, or for accomplishing certain sick rituals?


I saw this coin with similar mushroom,

d3394e  No.3509

File: 1b773fada26b7eb⋯.jpg (211.22 KB, 1000x861, 1000:861, 1000w_q95.jpg)


ya there are state naval militias as well

275e8b  No.3510


Yes, that explains this…

>>3436 or


& MB having free reign in the WH &

releasing gitmo prisoners, & everything that man has done against America and against Christianity!

275e8b  No.3512


The article doesn't state who the 60 were that were arrested…no names to compare to the 55 most powerful.

6bd5a6  No.3513

File: 6811ea602c38220⋯.png (62.87 KB, 767x704, 767:704, Luke Tweet.png)

e23206  No.3515

File: d05e4c4da214bb5⋯.png (421.5 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-214433.png)

File: 38cb45276217b5b⋯.png (299.3 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-221134.png)

File: 2c65896144284f0⋯.png (326.45 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-221143.png)

I don't know if I am posting in the right spot but this is for BAKERS

e23206  No.3516

File: 2c65896144284f0⋯.png (326.45 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-221143.png)

File: f81754f6280ba57⋯.png (334.48 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-221154.png)

McKinsey!!!!! Bake bitches!!

275e8b  No.3517


The worst thing would be for Trump to fire Mueller. Just today, again, the press core asked him on his way back to the WH from Camp David…"are you considering firing Mueller, he said "No", then after a slight pause he said to the reporter "What, are you surprised?"

Trump wants a thorough investigation done!

BTW - whatever happened to Flynn. Has he testified for the SC? Has he given his account for what happened in the obummer admin? Where's Flynn?

Is Flynn the one exposing Mueller team members like Strzok?

275e8b  No.3518


Sorry, who's linked in is this?

And, Mckinsey is tied to Sidley Austin!

940344  No.3519


And another one's gone and another one's gone; another one bites the dust…..

d53f10  No.3521

File: 2e76bfb5f5d8875⋯.png (262.82 KB, 1797x1435, 1797:1435, Brave_2017-12-18_00-56-41.png)

Last time I saw something like this Trump had just won and they laid off all of their shills. I'm guessing these are brock's shills. The signals today strongly imply tomorrow morning shit is going to hit the fan hard.

e23206  No.3522

I posted twice it only let's you post two images it is John Peek!

e23206  No.3523

That's why I was calling on bakers the link to McKinsey!

a64bd2  No.3524


Somebody call Luke Rosiak and get him up.

I'm up. You're up. We're all up.

Rise and shine, Luke, we need those names.

e23206  No.3525

File: e06685fcd4f1c2a⋯.png (428.03 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-230548.png)

Don't know if your allowed to post links but go to this page

275e8b  No.3526

File: 0e2c97cdc25ae13⋯.png (25.29 KB, 718x287, 718:287, ClipboardImage.png)


wasn't Coca-cola in the Red Red obummer/bono aids campaign?

275e8b  No.3527



4ab142  No.3528

File: 76388109469175d⋯.jpg (16.93 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 71a1772ebf7eafe7826b9d60ff….jpg)

e23206  No.3529

File: 95e824169199a32⋯.png (404.21 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-231850.png)

File: c2e4fd6bcb2ae07⋯.png (392.84 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20171217-231506.png)

Following the money

30c626  No.3530


>Baker has more to deliver…. I'm rea


What are we excepting tomorrow?

33f945  No.3531

I can't identify the mushroom on the challenge coin



I dont know if baker will let me post the screenshots let me ask

275e8b  No.3532


That's the second time!

What movie is that from? Not gladiator?? hmmm.

6a6df3  No.3533


movie 300 "THIS IS SPARTAAAA" ^^

275e8b  No.3534

File: a697dfe5473611c⋯.png (92.17 KB, 397x371, 397:371, ClipboardImage.png)


This and what Luke Rosiac tweeted (72 hours) and what Thomas Paine tweeted.

All happening tomorrow!

275e8b  No.3535


Aaah yes! Seen that!

4ab142  No.3536


300, I use it as a metaphor for all this work you people are doing. It's providing a rerun of the movie where a few stood against the many and still stand after the battle is done.

d53f10  No.3538


Breadbox, the only information I have on the sub, is that final communications with it implied that it was damaged, and that it had been through a salvage operation and somewhat clumsy refurb which included splitting and lengthening the sub (which of course compromises its maximum depth)

275e8b  No.3539


Love it! So fitting! So Cool!

I am in awe of what is going on, just in awe!

fac690  No.3541



yes, Bono and Jimmy was drinking from Coke can and talked of how they support AIDS foundation.

a64bd2  No.3542


Yes - Red.org lists Coca-Cola, Apple, Starbucks, BankofAmerica, SalesForce, SAP (am unfamiliar with this company), Belvedere Vodka, Telcel/Claro (telcom in Latin America), MCM fashion brand, and Beats by Dr. Dre as major partners.

Being on Coca-Cola's various network of boards of directors is a sure sign of a big cheese.

A lot of the Venn diagrams for these Atlanta organizations have significant overlap, as can be seen in this list of staff & trustees of the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation. Woodruff was the President of the Coca-Cola Company from 1923 until 1985 (!!!), and single-handedly made more difference in Atlanta than anything MLK Jr ever did: http://woodruff.org/about-the-foundation/trustees-staff/

No one knew Bob Woodruff's name, because that was how he wanted it. Gave away millions anonymously. It got to the point where if any cause received a huge anonymous donation, they knew it was from him. Woodruff is the textbook example of how you act if you somehow come into a ridiculous amount of money. Tackiness, after all, is the most offensive of sins.

Lots of Democrats on this list, but the current Georgia Gov/LtGov are Republicans, and I would imagine many of the wealthier CEOs are as well. Safe to assume that the leader of any non-profit or foundation is a liberal.

d53f10  No.3543

Epic amount of radio communication in the past 24hr…

18DEC2017 0359 SKYKING



1443 18DEC2017 0349 SKYKING



1442 18DEC2017 0338 SKYKING





1439 18DEC2017 0212 OTHER FOR: FLIM FLAM ORDERWIRE PHONE PATCH REQUEST. 271 DSN PROCLAIM 0 4b8a744ea6ad366d7f08129e5725eaed


1435 17DEC2017 2331 ALLSTATIONS



1437 17DEC2017 2331 OTHER STANDBY FOR HIGH PRECEDENCE TRAFFIC VAGABOND 0 577b393a8b937284da5391abeb9f2f89


# Broadcast Time Type Message Sent By # Files Submitted By Check

1433 17DEC2017 2222 ALLSTATIONS



1432 17DEC2017 2220 OTHER FXLFOMS4ZGDE7??????????????? (INTERRUPTED) AUSTERITY 1 Jenast

1431 17DEC2017 2211 ALLSTATIONS


MATCH BOX 1 Jenast

1430 17DEC2017 2155 ALLSTATIONS






1424 17DEC2017 2120 ALLSTATIONS



1425 17DEC2017 2117 ALLSTATIONS



1423 17DEC2017 2108 ALLSTATIONS




1422 17DEC2017 2048 ALLSTATIONS




1421 17DEC2017 2045 ALLSTATIONS



1420 17DEC2017 1951 ALLSTATIONS

[77 CHAR]







1417 17DEC2017 1603 ALLSTATIONS


[Broadcasted 2 Times]


1416 17DEC2017 1601 ALLSTATIONS


[Broadcasted 2 Times]


1415 17DEC2017 1558 ALLSTATIONS



1414 17DEC2017 1555 ALLSTATIONS



1410 17DEC2017 1541 ALLSTATIONS



1411 17DEC2017 1526 ALLSTATIONS



1412 17DEC2017 1518 ALLSTATIONS



1413 17DEC2017 1515 ALLSTATIONS



1409 17DEC2017 1046 SKYKING


NEWSCAST 0 Hohenjager

1408 17DEC2017 1030 SKYKING


OFFUTT 0 Hohenjager

1407 17DEC2017 0800 ALLSTATIONS



1406 17DEC2017 0753 ALLSTATIONS



1405 17DEC2017 0638 ALLSTATIONS



1404 17DEC2017 0622 ALLSTATIONS



1403 17DEC2017 0253 ALLSTATIONS



1402 17DEC2017 0237 ALLSTATIONS

[52 CHAR]





30c626  No.3544


Can someone break this down or adv what is common vs what is posted?

82b252  No.3545


>Safe to assume that the leader of any non-profit or foundation is a liberal.

Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't. I've been on the steering board of a 501(c)3 non-profit, and can vouch for all of us on the board. Everybody was either a conservative, or right leaning libertarian. Trust me, you'd like them.

Most non-profits, though, are quite liberal in nature. Just not all are.

f9dd0e  No.3546


Who else in that family has public visibility? Check on them for recent activity. Lynn could be having somebody post for her to make it look like all is well. DId her tone or content of her messages shift from before to after the plane/helicopter incident?

d53f10  No.3547


You can go and look for yourself here


6bd5a6  No.3548


I know from before that skyking is ususally only used about 5 times a year, and they are relatively short messages. In November they had hundreds, and with lots of characters.

So YES this is not normal, or ususal traffic. People said the ones in Nov,, were longer and more of them, then what occurred during height of Iraq war.

Been a historically overwhelming amount of messages on skyking, past 2 months.

6bd5a6  No.3549


I'm seeing some very interesting things in those skyking messages. Sounds like they are preparing for something big,,, did you see very bottom,,


We all know what the show is,,lol

6bd5a6  No.3550

Was looking at lynn's tweets,,,,, she tweeted about R chocolates,,


Gee guess what the R stands for,lol

Like the Witch from hansel and gretel,, luring children in with chocolates,lol

Probably something evil lurking around their Chocolate enterprise.

6bd5a6  No.3551

File: 36cb52ec528ad9d⋯.jpg (170.52 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Christmas_36_1024x1024.jpg)


Here is their box of Christmas chocolates,, hmm interesting symbols on them,, look like FBI pedo characters.

6bd5a6  No.3552


And ofcourse the 666,, Whats Christmas without that,,lol,, nice box to give to someone,, YIKES

088ea5  No.3553


With a chess board and pieces. She's playing the game

6bd5a6  No.3555

File: a45a71851c8b451⋯.png (991.19 KB, 1711x923, 1711:923, Belgian shoes.png)

In the Belgravia flagship, glass counters are lined with lacquer-red domed desserts and ‘ingots’ imagined in cocoa-dusted dark chocolate and cherry mousse. It’s a sugar-scented haven where Sir Evelyn, living not far away in Chelsea, can ‘trot down the road to, eat too much chocolate, and wander home slowly to have a sleep’.


He lives near their main store. It's in the heart of London. Near by is 300 year old shoe shop,, they put crests on shoes,,


6bd5a6  No.3556

Lynn is best friends ( BFF'S,LOL) with Hillary Clinton,,,

Remb before i made joke about hansel and gretal and the lure of chocolate.. first line of this story,, YIKES

It's a chocolate box sort of afternoon. At the flagship branch of R Chocolate in Belgravia, three small girls and their mothers are enjoying an after-school treat amid toy soldiers, red ribbons and caramel elephants. An aged billionaire shuffles over to their table. “Have you had some chocolate?” he beams. “Please! You must have some more chocolate…”

As a parent, this is exactly the sort of thing you like to see, isn’t it? A stranger plying your darlings with sweeties before teatime? But this is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, and when it comes to chocolate he’s really just a big kid. At 86, he’s living out his own childhood dream of owning a chocolate shop, a short taxi ride from the Chelsea home he shares with his third wife, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild: American lawyer, businesswoman, fundraiser and BFF of Hillary Clinton. And as she tells me: “Evelyn would like to think of chocolate as a health food. My son once said to me: ‘You know why I love Evelyn? Cause he considers the cocoa bean a vegetable.”


33f945  No.3557


any thoughts on that weird challenge coin?

6bd5a6  No.3558


where did picture come from again? Is there any other references as to what it relates to? other then being a challenge coin( are they just for military?/ armed forces type thing,, or something clubs or individuals have made?

6bd5a6  No.3559

Here are all the events that happened that year( concerning the US.) So need to match up symbols to corresponding event

Part 1

January 1

The United States Navy SEALs are activated. SEAL Team One is commissioned in the Pacific Fleet and SEAL Team Two in the Atlantic Fleet.

NBC introduces the "Laramie peacock" before a midnight showing of the series Laramie.

January 2 – NAACP Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins praises U.S. President John F. Kennedy's "personal role" in advancing civil rights.

January 4 – New York City introduces a subway train that operates without a crew on board.

January 26 – Ranger 3 is launched to study the Moon but later misses its target by 22,000 miles.

January 30 – Two of the high-wire "Flying Wallendas" are killed, when their famous 7-person pyramid collapses during a performance in Detroit, Michigan.


February 3 – The United States embargo against Cuba is announced.

February 6 – Negotiations between U.S. Steel and the United States Department of Commerce begin.

February 7 – The United States Government bans all U.S.-related Cuban imports and exports.

February 10 – Captured American spy pilot Francis Gary Powers is exchanged for captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in Berlin.

February 14 – First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy takes television viewers on a tour of the White House.

February 20 – Project Mercury: while aboard Friendship 7, John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the Earth, three times in 4 hours, 55 minutes.


March 1 – An American Airlines Boeing 707 crashes on takeoff at New York International Airport, after its rudder separates from the tail, with the loss of all life on board.

March 2 – Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 points in a single NBA basketball game.

March 7 – Ash Wednesday Storm: a snow storm batters the Mid-Atlantic.

March 19 – Bob Dylan releases his debut album, Bob Dylan.

March 26 – Baker v. Carr: the U.S. Supreme Court rules that federal courts can order state legislatures to reapportion seats.


April 6 – Leonard Bernstein causes controversy with his remarks before a concert featuring Glenn Gould with the New York Philharmonic.

April 9 – The 34th Academy Awards ceremony is held; West Side Story wins Best Picture.

April 10 – In Los Angeles, California, the first MLB game is played at Dodger Stadium.

April 14 – A Cuban military tribunal convicts 1,179 Bay of Pigs attackers.

April 21 – The Century 21 Exposition World's Fair opens in Seattle, Washington, opening the Space Needle to the public for the first time.


May 1 – Dayton Hudson Corporation opens the first of its Target discount stores in Roseville, Minnesota.

May 24 – Project Mercury: Scott Carpenter orbits the Earth 3 times in the Aurora 7 space capsule.


June 3 – Air France Flight 007, Boeing 707 Chateau de Sully on a charter flight carrying cultural and civic leaders of Atlanta, Georgia, overruns the runway at Orly Airport in Paris; 130 of 132 passengers are killed.

June 6 – President John F. Kennedy gives the commencement address at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

June 11 – President John F. Kennedy gives the commencement address at Yale University.

6bd5a6  No.3560

Part 2

June 15 – Port Huron Statement completed.

June 25 – United States Supreme Court rulings:

Engel v. Vitale: the court rules that mandatory prayers in public schools are unconstitutional.

MANual Enterprises v. Day: the court rules that photographs of nude men are not obscene, decriminalizing nude male pornographic magazines.

June 28 – The United Lutheran Church in America, the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the American Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church merge to form the Lutheran Church in America.


July 2 – The first Wal-Mart store opens for business in Rogers, Arkansas.

July 10 – AT&T's Telstar, the world's first commercial communications satellite, is launched into orbit, and activated the next day.

July 17 – Nuclear testing: the "Small Boy" test shot Little Feller I becomes the last atmospheric test detonation at the Nevada Test Site.

July 22 – Mariner program: the Mariner 1 spacecraft flies erratically several minutes after launch and has to be destroyed.


August 5 – Marilyn Monroe is found dead at age 36 from "acute barbiturate poisoning".

August 15 – The New York Agreement is signed trading the West New Guinea colony to Indonesia.

August 27 – NASA launches the Mariner 2 space probe.


September 12 – President John F. Kennedy, at a speech at Rice University, reaffirms that the U.S. will put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

September 22 – 21-year-old Bob Dylan premieres his song "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall".

September 23 – The animated sitcom The Jetsons premieres on ABC.

September 25 – Sonny Liston knocks out Floyd Patterson two minutes into the first round of his fight for the boxing world title at Comiskey Park in Chicago.

September 29 – The Canadian Alouette 1, the first satellite built outside the United States and the Soviet Union, is launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

September 30 – CBS broadcasts the final episodes of Suspense and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, marking the end of the Golden Age of Radio.


October 14–28: Cuban Missile Crisis

October 1

The first black student, James Meredith, registers at the University of Mississippi, escorted by Federal Marshals.

Johnny Carson takes over as permanent host of NBC's The Tonight Show, a post he would hold for 30 years.

October 12

Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Incorporated was founded at Morgan State College

The infamous Columbus Day Storm strikes the U.S. Pacific Northwest with wind gusts up to 170 mph (270 km/h); 46 are killed, 11 billion board feet (26 million m³) of timber is blown down, with $230 million U.S. in damages.

Jazz bassist/composer Charles Mingus presents a disastrous concert at Town Hall in New York City. It will gain a reputation as the worst moment of his career.

October 13 – Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? opens on Broadway.

October 14 – Cuban Missile Crisis begins: a U-2 flight over Cuba takes photos of Soviet nuclear weapons being installed. A stand-off then ensues the next day between the United States and the Soviet Union, threatening the world with nuclear war.

October 22 – In a televised address, U.S. President John F. Kennedy announces to the nation the existence of Soviet missiles in Cuba.

October 27 – The British revue play Beyond the Fringe makes its Broadway debut.

October 28 – Cuban Missile Crisis: Soviet Union leader Nikita Khrushchev announces that he has ordered the removal of Soviet missile bases in Cuba. In a secret deal between Kennedy and Khrushchev, Kennedy agrees to the withdrawal of U.S. missiles from Turkey. The fact that this deal is not made public makes it look like the Soviets have backed down.

33f945  No.3561


so you remember the anon on 4chan that was "taking scalps"

6bd5a6  No.3562

Part 3


November 7 – Richard M. Nixon loses the California governor's race. In his concession speech, he states that this is his "last press conference" and that "you won't have Dick Nixon to kick around any more".

November 17 – In Washington, D.C., U.S. President John F. Kennedy dedicates Dulles International Airport.

November 20 – The Cuban Missile Crisis ends: in response to the Soviet Union agreeing to remove its missiles from Cuba, U.S. President John F. Kennedy ends the quarantine of the Caribbean nation.


December 2 – Vietnam War: after a trip to Vietnam at the request of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield becomes the first American official to make a non-optimistic public comment on the war's progress.

December 8 – The 1962 New York City newspaper strike begins, affecting all of the city's major newspapers; it would last for 114 days.

December 14 – U.S. spacecraft Mariner 2 flies by Venus, becoming the first probe to successfully transmit data from another planet.

December 24 – Cuba releases the last 1,113 participants in the Bay of Pigs Invasion to the U.S., in exchange for food worth $53 million.

December 30 – An unexpected storm buries Maine under five feet of snow, forcing the Bangor Daily News to miss a publication date for the first and only time in history.


American advertising man Martin K. Speckter invents the interrobang, a new English-language punctuation mark.

Publication of Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl.


Cold War (1945–1991)

Space Race (1957–1975)

Vietnam War, U.S. involvement (1962–1973)

6bd5a6  No.3563

File: c6b59f815524db8⋯.png (837.65 KB, 484x931, 484:931, bf0f38a053e462bca8a07ebd4b….png)

3eea69  No.3564


36 pieces = 9

rook = 5

pawn = 1

pawn =1 = 7

Rook on 8 = 13

2 pawns on 7 = 9

Board is backwards i.e. white is where black should be = inversion.

Could go on

6bd5a6  No.3565


not sure what who you are talking about( one that got phonecall and code? from Q)

33f945  No.3566


no that was DTTT

the other anon posted photos of all the people he filtered and said he was "taking scalps"

eg filtering shills

6bd5a6  No.3567

Rember Q said 7 of 10 plane crashes are not an accident,, and earlier we were discussing people of importance in Alanta,, saw this on 1962 list,,

June 3 – Air France Flight 007, Boeing 707 Chateau de Sully on a charter flight carrying cultural and civic leaders of Atlanta, Georgia, overruns the runway at Orly Airport in Paris; 130 of 132 passengers are killed.

6bd5a6  No.3568


They really like the number 7,, and how convenient to lose all the cultural and civic leaders of Alanta.

6bd5a6  No.3569

Bottom of second pic of coin, and in front of 1962,, looks like some type of satellite communication?

They had this on list

July 10 – AT&T's Telstar, the world's first commercial communications satellite, is launched into orbit, and activated the next day.

6bd5a6  No.3570

mushroom and rainbow,, idk,, it was right before the explosion of the 60's counter culture movement( magical mushrooms, rainbows)

They had alot of Space events going on that year too,, no idea why they would be on same coin?

Also it was the first year of navy seals.

6bd5a6  No.3571

The chevron symbol is important in thier cult( part of why they have military people wear them( stripes)

This Swiss guy who did lots of youtube videos ( travels around Switzerland and europe, showing their symbols, and meanings. He talked about their use of the chevron symbol.

Here is his main page.


Want to learn about the Swiss, the family, cult symbols,, this guy knows it inside and out( maybe the worlds expert on them,lol) this video here is a good start..

He explains about chevron,, been awhile since i watched it, so don't remb right off, the significance of the symbol.


33f945  No.3572


this challenge coin is driving me insane

79e41d  No.3573

Did you see this on Magapill: American History According to Q

http: //magapill.com/o/american-history-q.htm

79e41d  No.3574


guess he paid his dues in Haiti . . . 150k children, imagine that.

what's the date of this article? wonder what he did before that.

b44c4d  No.3575

Is Twitter CEO a spirit cooker? The censorship on that platform is appalling. Would love to see true tweet counts for some of the memes here. Thank you Q. Thank you Anons.

Enjoying the show.

f9dd0e  No.3576

My pretty version of the Q map is initially done. It is a single JPG file, 23.5 megs in size. It's 14,500 x 7500 pixels. If you want to download it, it's at http://www.starjourneygames.com/q/qmap.jpg.

This is an early version. Corrections need to be made; they will be done today 12/18. They're minor corrections - primarily to the color coded squares up top and a couple messages have vertical sizing errors but are still quite readable. All the message content should be good.

I made this for a very specific purpose: to facilitate "the connections" the map represents, if that ever becomes applicable. It's supposed to rely on graphical viewing more than actual content, even though all the message content is there. It’s intended primarily to place all messages in a single image, for whatever that might be worth, depending on how the map is actually traversed and read.

It should be viewable in the browser. I wanted it for myself and it took over 80 hours to do it so hopefully it’ll be of some value to somebody out there. Updates will be posted in here IF there are any downloads. If it doesn’t serve anybody’s needs, then that’s how it went. We each have our own focus.

f9dd0e  No.3577


The legend for the four left squares is backward. Anonymous far left, Q with new trip code far right. It'll be fixed next rendering.

f9dd0e  No.3578


It's worse. In my maniacal editing I removed all / characters. I'm going to have to put them back in which means scanning every message. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi.

79e41d  No.3579


and 6 -6- 6- is in the shape of a triangle (2 in top row of candies, and the number 6 on the board).

it will be their downfall . . . can't wait.

79e41d  No.3580


i don't think you'd become twitter ceo if you weren't a spirit cooker. censorship there ramps up today, 12/18. wonder how many have migrated to gab and other sites.

79e41d  No.3581


wow, how many hours do you have in this anon?

f9dd0e  No.3582


Many. I work at home primarily, and pray I'm going to get something generating income. It's hard to quantify work on any one Q thing because it all ties together. Research, editing, being here, being in Twatter (or Gab as Twatter winds down), working in Blender, etc. I'm planning to set up a Q-esque web site; starjourneygames expires tomorrow so today is the last day for it. The new site will include the map and will be up by 1/1 but for now it's not in existence yet.

f9dd0e  No.3583


I wrote an assembly language app to generate the per-message images from text which was mostly copied/pasted from the GitHub site (and other sources before that existed). The app builds the frame depending on the size of the text, converts header info to those color coded squares, scales and embeds any pictures sent with Q messages, and saves an individual image for each message. Those are overlaid onto 4-vertex planes in Blender where the final rendering is done. You can imagine how tedious it is - no error can be overlooked.

f9dd0e  No.3584

Talking about the Q map I made, that reminds me: attendant with the processing of all the message text (for ALL Q messages) is the ability to perform quantification and analysis on the message content. So if anybody has any ideas to run through, I'll program it in as time allows. I tried one run that printed out the first character of each line, and another that printed out all upper case characters in the message. I have a pretty good talent for pattern recognition, and I just didn't see anything notable in that data. But the story of Q *IS* the story of somebody else always discovering things I missed. So any analytical data runs that might be beneficial; runs on all Q messages, just let me know.

300735  No.3585

So, Atlanta airport went dark for [10] hours. Coincidence?

f9dd0e  No.3586


Q said 10 days. I wonder if the nationwide power grid is coming down for 10 days. That would be very bad.

db2aa4  No.3587


Interesting to see the matter of FBIAnon being carried out. Larp or real, again a set of real info.

300735  No.3588


Follow the crumbs.

You have it all.

SEC Conf will be analyzed.

Dark [10].

Enjoy the show!


5ab659  No.3589


Wow, assembly

300735  No.3590

a power outage that lasted nearly 11 hours left passengers stranded in darkened terminals or in aircraft idling on tarmacs.

Nearly 11 hours. so 10 hours and change.

This is a blatant lie.

Georgia Power, the utility that provides electricity to the sprawling airport, said the failure was linked to a fire in an underground facility that damaged substations serving Hartsfield. The blaze, possibly started when a piece of gear failed, damaged access to a backup system, the company said.

300735  No.3592


U.S. President Donald Trump spent the weekend at Camp David with his top generals to map out the exact strategy for decapitating the Khazarian mafia worldwide, say Pentagon sources. “The Atlanta airport was shut down while the Department of Defense refused to disclose the locations of 44,000 U.S. troops who may be involved in terminating the cabal worldwide,” a senior Pentagon source said. There are now close to 10,000 sealed indictments as more and more of the Khazarian criminals give up evidence on their colleagues, the sources say.


db4cee  No.3593


Go back and tell him to burn his employer and scrub anything that could identify him from the evidence.

22e9fe  No.3594


MSM is reporting that it was due to a fire. Ha!

db2aa4  No.3595


That show tapes ahead, usually 2 days but has been known to be weeks ahead depending on show. What we would need to find out is if that show was taped ahead and how far. Regardless, it is still a long time to wear the boot if its for the stated purpose.

300735  No.3596

Interesting that the rich Canadian who was just murdered had a PHD in astrophysics from MIT. Unusual degree for a pharm guy.

9e0ef1  No.3597

File: ea5f0a282ee64f7⋯.jpg (18.07 KB, 360x270, 4:3, absolutely happening.jpg)


How the fuck is she still alive?

Also has anything noteworthy happened yet?

09e422  No.3598


Agreed! The public if they actually did that across the nation… I mean.. people would not only go crazy… but would die. It would be pandemonium. Personally.. I just can’t see potus doing it like that though. I don’t think he would want to cause mass panic.

300735  No.3599


I agree. The Atlanta shutdown is pretty important, given it was on a Sunday, lots of traffic this time of year, and it was 10 hrs, I'm going to mark it in my beaner for future reference. Something big went down at Atl yesterday. No one was hurt, that we know of.

22e9fe  No.3601

Correct me if I'm wrong please.

Q mentioned that we would laugh because who would break the pedo story, right?

I just watched this video on Macaulay Culkin (sp?) and an interview he did in France. Guy says after the article was published it was scrubbed from the net.

https:// youtu.be/9p0EMeFUqsU

22e9fe  No.3602


Maybe in the selected areas where they are working at the time?

9e0ef1  No.3603

File: ba9483342f9c52a⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1434003190253.gif)


>Macaulay Culkin is the key

Somebody keep an eye on him. His life may be in danger.

22e9fe  No.3604


I believe so. This is a recent interview. In it he states when he was 11 this "man" told him to drop his parents and he promised to make him a star. This man also had some special "shoes"on and then mentioned the little girl from poltergeist. Gonna dig a little more on this interview.

09e422  No.3605


Agree! It was very odd. Definitely somehow related.

300735  No.3607


I forgot the CDC is in Atlanta too.

940344  No.3608


Especially when 1962 is the serial number, not the year. Oh well. The anon got his message delivered. If it was a shill to distract the Autists, he would have done it on cbts and pol.

712309  No.3609


So is Rep. Hank Johnson.. maybe an island is about to capsize!

9e0ef1  No.3610

File: cc34cf67b06628a⋯.png (128.91 KB, 252x348, 21:29, 100 DAD.png)


Fucking Spielberg? I always knew he was a monster in the making. Please Q, anyone, expose him before that old bastard dies happy and with a clean continence.

300735  No.3611

File: a4b1dcef52927b5⋯.jpg (56.96 KB, 659x412, 659:412, Trumptrail.JPG)

I'm watching for the Chemtrails to stop. Trump removed climate change from being a National Security threat, which allowed the Chemtrail program exist under secrecy….

33f945  No.3612


alot of people think its nothing man but I wont be satisfied until we find the damn coin. if it is serialized…I dunno ive never seen one like that. PA is draggin his heels on the messages a little bit and is asking us to black out the guys name because it was a private convo. but he posted the convo to the disord under bakers corner with no censorship if you wanna see it.


we are aware of the issue and are using it anyways

https://discord. gg/SQd4x8r

a64bd2  No.3613


>I agree. The Atlanta shutdown is pretty important, given it was on a Sunday, lots of traffic this time of year, and it was 10 hrs, I'm going to mark it in my beaner for future reference. Something big went down at Atl yesterday. No one was hurt, that we know of.

Earlier here, somebody had the CAL flight #'s and times of those two cargo flights that took off at Atlanta during the power outage. Both were en route to Liege, Belgium. Same anon also had the same of a customs clearance and expediting service there at the cargo terminal.

And now, George Webb tweeted this, maybe (?) directed at Andrew McCabe, who he's been firing at all morning:

"Mildenhall investigators on the way to G4S in Chelmsford,UK? You think one plane crash will stop Mattis. Ps - congrats on the CDC evac. Bill Swing’s precious Petri dishes."

CDC headquarters are in Atlanta. In Webb's replies, there was this:

"You William Swing, who serves on a UN commission about sexual abuse and another org dealing w international migration??"

Another reply noted that RAF Mildenhall, which Webb mentions, in Bury St. Edmunds is currently on lockdown due to a "significant security incident". Map is showing it about 2 hour drive from Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury, where the plane/heli crash on the Rothschild estate occurred. RAF Mildenhall is run by the US Air Force.

Easy to imagine that something dangerous was removed from the CDC, driven a few miles to ATL, then whisked out of the country to Liege, Belgium to that sketchy company's headquarters on its very uniquely reinforced/constructed aircraft.

Think we should dig into that company, and William Swing, a bit more. I live in metro ATL, and that entire meltdown stinks to high heaven. It's as fake as George Soros' little costume party in Charlottesville.

d0eebb  No.3614


Yes please do.

300735  No.3615


Anytime I see G4S my interest is peaked. Did you know they are doing security for the Superbowl this year. Sketch.

33f945  No.3616


same, its a public mercenary firm as well as domestic security agency and dirty dirty dirty.

8723e7  No.3617

a64bd2  No.3618


More on G4S from George Webb:

"Mildenhall investigators on the way to G4S UK in Chelmsford? You think one plane crash will stop Mattis?" and then "To all DIA investigators going to G4S in Chelmsford, the guy crashing the gate was a diversion. Check your files."

I'd say you guys aren't the only ones who know G4S has some dirty hands.

2d920b  No.3619


No, I don't think that will happen. I think Q meant he won't be around for 10 days.

I like to think of it as Q' s "Harrowing".

300735  No.3621

File: 7bca6cbe74a93a3⋯.jpg (50.06 KB, 794x488, 397:244, Plane Crash.JPG)


Found this plane crash. Notice the American flag. Usually means govt or military…Plugged tail number into flightaware, flight path doesn't match. Something fishy.



09e422  No.3622


Yes, that too. It will be interesting watching things take place this week and probably through next at least.

300735  No.3623

File: 9b04a5723f807f8⋯.jpg (77.98 KB, 736x478, 368:239, CDCOutbreak.JPG)

Uh oh. Didn't Q mention BREAK?

Head of CDC just tweeted this.

b44c4d  No.3624

Can MEME's be requested. Not very artistic myself. KEKS ARMY on old KISS ARMY logo? Also "badges of honor" for normies featuring PEPE? Recognizing achievement in different areas.

300735  No.3625

File: eece93988add377⋯.jpg (69.49 KB, 656x382, 328:191, Chess.JPG)

I don't know, word on Twitter is Atl was a failed Nuke attack. 8 bombs in total.

Sum of all Fears.

Shall We Play A Game


a64bd2  No.3626

The Indiana crash looks very fishy. Doesn't make sense that they'd have had two dogs on board, though. Hmmm.

George Webb's aforementioned William Lacy Swing: http://archive.is/69Bzv

How are petri dishes, if he's talking about them in the literal sense, connected to the Director General of the International Organization for Migration?

Swing is 83 years old and spent decades as an ambassador to various African nations. This past January, he created a high level task force to improve the UN's approach to addressing and preventing sexual abuse.

His recent interviews and press releases illustrate his pro-migration, globalist views: http://archive.is/w3Tz7

Petri dishes, and an ambassador with all sorts of special travel privileges who has decades of familiarity and connections on the African continent. And mentioned in the same breath with the CDC.

Swing's name comes up in this video about organ harvesting/Dyncorp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqcLQNpdM30&feature=youtu.be

(I don't know how to use HookTube - the learning curve has been steep as hell these last few months)

This Storm is a hell of a lot bigger than we've been thinking it is. No wonder there are so many sealed indictments.

e3a818  No.3627

File: 33bff3ab52f94a5⋯.png (215.72 KB, 934x503, 934:503, darnkess connex.PNG)


Dar es Salaam

North Korean Embassy

Globalist action - fingerprints all over this place

Soros - Clinton Global Initiative

Upon my research I stumbled upon this website:

Do me a solid and check out the into animation and tell me these people arent FUCKED up lol


Not sayin its connected..but dude…look at the into animation..just watch it lol

300735  No.3628

File: d8ea5a3eaaf7ac4⋯.jpg (46.45 KB, 460x653, 460:653, Skippy.JPG)

ESPN CEO steps down due to Substance Abuse.

410de7  No.3629


I mean, why Dicsword?

You can use IRC, like Rizon, freenode (pretty shitty) or synirc

a64bd2  No.3630


Anybody have the two FlightAware screenshots of the two CAL flights that got out of ATL to Liege, Belgium yesterday? Liege is CAL's European handling hub.


This company is freaky as hell. "Complex cargo needs". Look at the pull down menus under products and services. Locations all over North America, Europe, and Asia, with headquarters at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.

They could probably fill a bunch of their HR requirements with G4S personnel.

Couldn't track down a company valuation; CAL is organized as a limited liability corporation.

410de7  No.3631


first nigger president is the worst president in history, worse than carter

f9dd0e  No.3632


I get daily emails telling me that so-and-so mentioned me on Discord and they never did. Blatant false advertising to reel people in.

2b1598  No.3633

Amtrak derailment on I-5 in WA

e3a818  No.3634


Worse than Lyndon Johnson

f9dd0e  No.3635


Ever notice that the only people who get significant business capital are people already in the loop? The only people who get the high up jobs are people already in the loop. People only ever seem to cross that dividing line in the entertainment industry. The rest of us live in isolated bubbles: we work, come home, do a few things for recreation, and our lives never become more than that. All for $50k a year.

Meanwhile "the other side" routinely plays with millions and billions on a daily basis. The Illuminati seems to consist of every human on Earth who isn't "a worker bee."

6bd5a6  No.3636

BREAKING NEWS: High speed Amtrak train derails off freeway overpass in Washington State in 'mass casualty event' on first day of service.


d0eebb  No.3637


This is big. Think it's related to whats happening?

300735  No.3638

File: ab9d582d1475cce⋯.jpg (75.66 KB, 952x522, 476:261, HarryObama.JPG)

OK, this is weird. Prince Harry (he's been in the news a lot lately since the picture of him in North Korea) interviews Obama in Toronto Canada…same city where Pharma billionaire and wife Honey are found dead….Fucking Obama and Royal…

Then lady on CBS says, I wonder if the President and First lady are going to wedding, as if Obama is still president. WTF.

a64bd2  No.3639


Unfortunately noticed that sad truth years ago, on account of being a blackpilled old fag :(

6bd5a6  No.3640


Not sure,, just saw it,, but any accidents occurring during this time period, need to be looked at more closely.

6bd5a6  No.3642

It's a new route between Seattle and Portland, and happened over interstate 5.

So it is probably blocking interstate.

Lot's of cult/cabal activity in those areas. Seattle and Portland have come up before( in my past research)

f9dd0e  No.3643

Has anybody seen this? They're finding at least one hidden coded message inside one of the Q images that s/he uploaded. If you're going to look into this, you have to use the originally uploaded images to 4/8ch. Can't use copies.


275e8b  No.3645



Worse I think than any of us could imagine and it will all come out.

I will never forget 2011 when Trump was at the press dinner and o'fuck face was ridiculing him.

The look on Trump's face. I got chills just looking at his face - talk about REVENGE!

O'fuck face is gonna get SKEWERED! (legacy wise I mean).

d0eebb  No.3646


These people are still living in a fantasy world.


Blocking a highway is a big deal.


Yes it does.

275e8b  No.3647

File: 8a79106bcbcb4a0⋯.png (91.92 KB, 1182x241, 1182:241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cde5ff964db855e⋯.png (164.1 KB, 397x433, 397:433, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f29e40c12250e61⋯.png (217.98 KB, 426x416, 213:208, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 25fb02f978d8f8c⋯.png (488 KB, 681x578, 681:578, ClipboardImage.png)


This is Awesome Anon!!!

Yes, I did view their intro - sick! WTH!

Their logo is about blowing up the Earth!?!?!!

e3a818  No.3648


hahah im glad SOMEBODY else took the time to look at it!!!!

thank you!

f9dd0e  No.3649


After watching this video through, it seems to be some serious disinfo. Lots of truth mixed in, and if you take it at face value, you walk away deflated and doubting everything about Q. All standard stuff for disinfo.

300735  No.3650


That last image looks like to one on the coin

300735  No.3651

File: d1fe743b9fa1dc4⋯.jpg (121.71 KB, 720x626, 360:313, MoochG3.jpg)


I agree. Pretty sure I know who Q is.

8563cf  No.3652

File: 839db204dfe8ebc⋯.jpg (448.29 KB, 1426x1412, 713:706, rEVOLVEr.jpg)



8563cf  No.3653


Very true. As fragile as our electrical grid is, you wouldn't need EMPs to knock sections out. All you need is two ham radios and a smart person.

8723e7  No.3654

has anyone figured out the pic in the corner of the AC papers? been trying but just can't make it out. ideas?

275e8b  No.3655


This is it Parakletos!

What do we know about the Khazarian criminal cabal? Thread?

f53173  No.3656


Def appears that they have their hands in EVERY aspect of food, energy, transportation, etc, that goes on WORLD WIDE. Kinda scary.

275e8b  No.3658



The last image is from their intro which depicts something hitting earth, spreading and then exploding the entire planet.

I captured these images as the intro played.

The last image looks just like their logo!

8563cf  No.3659

File: cc5dac46a48e8dc⋯.png (464.24 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Screenshot_2017-11-14-16-1….png)

File: 512e7d336ff97cb⋯.png (167.83 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_2017-06-17-09-4….png)


You know he loves that adrenochrome.

275e8b  No.3660

File: c76a7a5b6d33826⋯.png (50.06 KB, 663x226, 663:226, ClipboardImage.png)

This in zerohedge…

d0eebb  No.3661


Connected to this?


300735  No.3662

File: 4881f01abc4d43d⋯.jpg (52.22 KB, 462x454, 231:227, Midler.JPG)

WTF does Bette Midler know about entertainment?

300735  No.3663

File: cf5bee0f07bcdd8⋯.jpg (89.02 KB, 782x617, 782:617, Train.JPG)


275e8b  No.3664

Yes, I realized right after I posted it! Thanks!

5d768a  No.3665


His belt and shoes are apparently made out of the sacrificed little girl from poltergeist.

d0eebb  No.3666


These people are so fucked if this leads back to them.

d0eebb  No.3667


Source on the special shoes.

026ec1  No.3668


it is a honeypot. a bunch of my accounts had been logged out and i had to reassign passwords.

8563cf  No.3669


Like Bathing Apes? Why else would they cost so much?

bd861b  No.3670

Anyone see the "EW" in the lightning on the challenge coin?

300735  No.3671


Electronic Warfare. Mushroom most likely special forces.

08042b  No.3672

File: 23f0551a9751288⋯.jpg (50.94 KB, 624x536, 78:67, 2017-12-18_18-30-11.jpg)


take your pick

300735  No.3673

File: 78b8d505363f777⋯.jpg (52.23 KB, 743x501, 743:501, Train II.JPG)

Track obstruction

b7afac  No.3674




= AwwShitSon

17fade  No.3675

File: e1b819d1a0c0526⋯.jpg (106.12 KB, 800x910, 80:91, IMG_20171218_134518.jpg)

5d768a  No.3676


so that Antifa twitter page was legit..

08042b  No.3677


most open antifa org pages are feds, pouring concrete on train tracks is baseline guerilla warfare tactics.

87c090  No.3678


Starting to look that way to me as well.

b7afac  No.3679


Couldn't say… I posted about it on cbts and someone immediately started shouting about how it was a parody.. I dunno. I suspect shilling… so shillscreaming = accuracy?

026ec1  No.3681

I really doubt it was antifa. Oil and energy companies cause accidents like this all the time to keep people scared of any transportation besides cars.

bd861b  No.3682

Sigh. Wish coinbro would get back to me.

5d768a  No.3683


Antifa is probably the fall guy (media can blame) when really + or ++ has something to do with it.

275e8b  No.3686

File: 0edbc42b9a7dc86⋯.png (26.85 KB, 588x287, 84:41, ClipboardImage.png)

POTUS just tweeted re the Train derailed in WA…

00b00d  No.3687


Saw something on antifa posting instructions on derailing trains using concrete today, probably related.

5d768a  No.3688


start gathering info before the mass erase starts.

300735  No.3689

File: c198a6aed3556b2⋯.jpg (92.7 KB, 618x694, 309:347, Train III.JPG)

File: 4821d3cd1b76832⋯.jpg (98.84 KB, 596x545, 596:545, Train Nature.JPG)

Looks like Antifa (SOROS) left their calling card.

026ec1  No.3690

trump live feed: https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsXiUddxbiI

d53f10  No.3691


messages to "everyone" count as you.

275e8b  No.3692

File: 0edbc42b9a7dc86⋯.png (26.85 KB, 588x287, 84:41, ClipboardImage.png)

POTUS just tweeted re the Train derailed in WA…

Also watch his speech re our National Security Strategy!!

db2aa4  No.3693

https://www .whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/NSS-Final-12-18-2017-0905.pdf

This is the pdf from the WH site about the 4 pillar strategy Trump outlined today.

275e8b  No.3694


Sorry posted 2x….It wasn't showing my original post. Slow?

99084d  No.3695

PA is a clown faggot

db2aa4  No.3696

File: 210f00178e149eb⋯.jpg (308.19 KB, 2048x1360, 128:85, Nissan-Leaf-Glow-in-the-Da….jpg)


Says the glowing CIA nigger

300735  No.3697

Weird, this guy on fox says he didn't see any injured people and it was eerily quiet..This was the first time this train had ran this track..

275e8b  No.3698


POTUS National Security speech is EPIC!!

Must listen…

I caught half way in live, but here:https://theconservativetreehouse.com/

You can listen to the whole thing incl'g Pence's intro.

So far I'm only a little over 10 mins into speech.

Get this: First 10 mins POTUS basically summarizes all of the prior admins (esp hussein's) actions taken to weaken and ultimately destroy our country.

Then - Listen to what he says right after that!

Gotta listen to it!

He hints at the work YOU ALL HERE have been doing!!

08042b  No.3699


The casual tone with which he describes the neolib/con abuse is a big public step forward. Normalization now

300735  No.3703


Confirms that he used SA to cut the funding of terrorism +++

300735  No.3704

File: 02b14b4bd779f01⋯.jpg (59.85 KB, 704x605, 64:55, Anderson Cooper.JPG)

This is just coming across the wires. No wonder Twat suspended my for saying Anderson Cooper is a Vanderbilt Deepstate Fag

c3e307  No.3706



Takedown of Anderson Cooper should be epic and on national TV

08042b  No.3707


waiting to see if this gets some traction to spread

bf19e0  No.3708


if it gets hot and nasty on the boards, I guess you'll know. At some point, someone would have to take a photo of a Gannett stringer to try and disprove this and call the boards asshole crazies, right? Right?

c3e307  No.3709


Going wild on Calm Before The Storm /cbts/ about it.


If you use twatter, make sure you use account you can lose. Cause it will be shut down fast. They are protecting AC

275e8b  No.3710

POTUS on National Security Strategy (NSS):

"…with this new confidence we are also bringing back clarity to our thinking.

We are re-asserting these fundumental truths:

- A nation without borders, is not a nation.

- A nation that does not protect prosperity at home, cannot protect its interests abroad.

- A nation that is not prepared to win a war, is a nation not capable of preventing a war.

- A nation that is not proud of its history, cannot be confident in its future.

- And a nation that is not certain of its values, cannot summon the will to defend them."

Donald J. Trump

President of the United States of America


6bd5a6  No.3711

This is interesting,

December 21, the Winter Solstice, is predicted to be the worst day of 2017

For the first time since 1664, the Sun moves into Capricorn, hours after Saturn makes the same exact shift, causing the sun and Saturn to actually line up.

The Winter Solstice is literally and figuratively going to be the darkest day of the year, and it's all thanks to a rare cosmic incident that hasn't occurred in over 350 years.

As if December hasn't been crazy enough, what with the erratic weather and Mercury going into retrogade, it is, according to astrologers, only going to get worse, with December 21 predicted to be the most horrendous day yet of 2017.

Neil Spencer, an astrologer and author, revealed that this year's Solstice is different from others in the past, because for the first time since 1664, the Sun will move into Capricorn, mere hours after Saturn makes the same exact shift; this will cause the sun and Saturn to actually line up, a phenomenon which is expected to have very uncomfortable consequences.

I bet you this day, and specific alignment have great meaning for them, especially if involving Saturn,, and the Sun. Guess they already know its going to be a bad day for them,lol Good day for the Storm,lol


275e8b  No.3712


Can an awesome meme-ist please meme this?


275e8b  No.3713


10 days


This is more than just interesting anon…

This is epic!

300735  No.3714

File: ddfb38abcc7fd66⋯.jpg (49.09 KB, 856x622, 428:311, AtlantaBank.JPG)



Private OP_END


Follow the crumbs.

You have it all.

SEC Conf will be analyzed.

Dark [10].

Enjoy the show!


Terminal 5

Private Owned Plane

490B ties to Atlanta to Federal Reserve

Power out [10], [10] days before drill

4ab142  No.3715


This is Sparta

db2aa4  No.3716


490b in there as well as Atlanta. Interesting. Good find. This may be it.

300735  No.3717

db2aa4  No.3718


Thank you. Forgot to ask as I do want to read it. Great find!

aa27c5  No.3719


Its interesting, but nothing really jumps out about it… tastes like a nothing burger at least without a side to go with it. maybe a dig on GBC?

6bd5a6  No.3720


And Tax vote is tuesday, the break( congressional break will begin wednesday the 20th,, and they reconvene on Jan 3rd,, which is 10 business/congressional calendar days from 20th to 3rd. And the Saturn sun/ Darkness rare alignment happens on 21st.

Use their own symbols against them( remember he said their symbolism will be their downfall. Something like this involving Saturn( which is high up on their list) they would have to have rituals, events occurring on that day,, they have too,lol it's their cult.

Good time to take them down, while they are all gathered. Fantastic Day/night for a storm.lol

db2aa4  No.3721


Seems to be a doc to express how the FDIC is going to admin a failed bank. If it is relevant, it may be about the bank and why it failed rather than FDIC

bf19e0  No.3722


Board members at the time? How did the baby sitting go? Who bought the bank? How did they get so fucked up? Any suicides are jail time for it?

d27194  No.3723


It looks Dodd-Frank related with Fauxahontas' Consumer Safety Board or whatever it is called.

I noticed that when looking into the National Credit Union Associate EO that President Trump recently signed.

5c6b19  No.3724


Great Meme, Anon. Last line could be "While Carbon Taxing You To Death BHWAHAHA!"

275e8b  No.3725



Let me first be clear, I do not believe in the "astrology" arts (God created the heavens for a reason, not for witches & demons to use them to control people and pervert the heavens themselves). God set the stars in place for multiple reasons, but one of which is to use them for us as signs, i.e. the signs that took place on Sept 23 (Rev 12).

We are and we have been (since the fall of man) battling a very dark force. All of you have seen evidence of it, from it's symbols, perverted song lyrics, barbaric acts of aggression, anti-human agendas, and so on.

We've looked at this from all angles. Including the book of Revelation. I know that we all at one point or another have thought this but haven't actually voiced it, or maybe you have and wished you hadn't gone there.

Look, we are fighting a spiritual fight, we all know that.

But please also know that our God of peace and love and all wisdom and power has already made plans to protect us - "…for we are not the children of wrath". Christians will not suffer or go through the wrath that is coming. God's plan is that we are spared that, this is a loving and gracious God.

However, we are going to go through some tribulation (this is merely referring to a "mental pressure", stress, etc). But our protection comes always from God and it is perfect in ability and timing. When Jesus Christ was dying on the tree, he said in his last breath in Aramaic translated to "My God, my God, for this reason you have spared me." This has been translated in error for years, and protrayed as such in movies as "my God, my God, why has thou forsaken me." That doesn't make sense that God would forsake his only begotten Son in his most needful hour.

My point being is that He, God, our Father, will not forsake us either. Know that!

I'm not saying it's coming now, but some may say it will and may try to instill fear in you.

But God says that we do NOT have the spirit of fear, but of love, power and of a sound mind!

I think Q is talking about more than just a physical darkness, or political darkness, but what they will try to make it into being - a spiritual darkness.

Please just stay vigilant in prayer with a peaceful mind through this time! God Bless!

260f18  No.3726

File: b88525d6095edb9⋯.png (139.41 KB, 712x367, 712:367, Capture _2017-12-18-16-21-….png)

Found this thru twatter…

79e41d  No.3727


i cannot imagine how tedious! sounds like you know what you're doing, all the best, anon.

79e41d  No.3728


thx. have you taken a stab at any of the Q stringers?

275e8b  No.3729


Who posted that?

08042b  No.3730

File: 7eef9c294b72c2c⋯.jpg (12.41 KB, 348x165, 116:55, 2017-12-18_22-47-34.jpg)



also check this captcha

79e41d  No.3731


>https:// youtu.be/9p0EMeFUqsU

Culkin said the guy's shoes were made from the skin of children he and the guy's friends had murdered . . .


I think it does, though Culkin did not specify the color. They f'g make "leather made from human skin" and wear shoes made out of it. If that's not satanic, I don't know what is.

79e41d  No.3732


all those pictures of elites wearing "red shoes."

275e8b  No.3733

File: fd0821159673a08⋯.png (197.65 KB, 491x548, 491:548, ClipboardImage.png)



Outer Light channel reported on a co. that made items from human leather…

275e8b  No.3734

File: fb822fcdf1b6537⋯.png (100.11 KB, 425x299, 425:299, ClipboardImage.png)


We need to dig!

79e41d  No.3735


omg i saw that . . . the look on Trump's face, i mean everyone was just laughing at him. i was cringing for him. i've read Trump won't prosecute ex-presidents (honor of the office and all that), but i sincerely hope Trump makes an exception for Hussein - he actually was not a legit president, so he's fair game as far as i'm concerned.


bb6612  No.3736



82b252  No.3737


And EMP's aren't as scary as folks think they are. I bet the 2 radios & 1 ham operator would work better.

82b252  No.3738


They're already screwed. This just turns the train wreck into a domestic terrorist incident, and makes guilty of 1st degree murder. Fucked is a gross understatement.

79e41d  No.3739


twitter pedo symbols all over the f'g place

79e41d  No.3740


this must be what George Webb was referring to (see anon's post above)

8f8d17  No.3741

Posted in /cbts/

>>119827 >>119844








- - -








(Board Owner, Janitor and Mods. This is not a shill post. Please cut me some slack. This is the only post I'm going put in this thread. I promise. This has meaning relevant to CBTS.)


Searched "USS Human ver two and got this among other things:


USS Nathan James is a fictional guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy, used as the setting for the 1988 post-apocalyptic novel The Last Ship and the television series of the same name.

Armed with two 61-cell Mk 41 Vertical Launching Systems, the Nathan James carries a payload of 28 nuclear-tipped Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles for each Vertical Launching System, for a total of 56 nuclear-tipped Tomahawk cruise missiles rated at 200 kilotons each.[1][2]

What with Atlanta yesterday and some of the speculation surrounding possible trans shipment of nuclear materials, this might be a real tip.


All guided missile destroyers are named after humans, usually famous navel personnel.

>May day

>May days

Plural, two May Day events involving guided missle destroyers.

>SOS and … ___ …

Two calls for help, two events.




Yes, it was all over the news. The guided missile destroyER's, (PLURAL) Fitzgerald, and John S. McCain were involved in collisions. Stupid, avoidable, ridiculous collisions.





Two incidents.

Two Vertical launch missiles?


Find two missing vertical launch 200kt nuclear tipped missiles?


Find out what happened to the two ships involved in accidents and determine if two missiles are missing, and if so, where are they?

I don't think this was a random drunk at the keyboard. A 200kt warhead is a metropolis killer, the "Sum of all Fears". My first trips, 666.

275e8b  No.3742


Oh yes! He's totally fair game. Fine, forget about Clinton and what he did, or the Bushes. But he will get them in other ways. Crooked hrc is another matter, she is also fair game.

Trump coerced hussein to post a birth certificate. He tapped him purposely and the idiot fell for it.

Now he can use that and not only prove it was a falsified doc (already done by J Arpio (sp?)) but also prove where he was indeed born and possibly have all his records unsealed - I think that's what he showed us by unsealing FBI's JFK records. He has no fear!

Therefore, he will prove that h was never a legitimate prez and does not only not deserve protecting but deserves…


275e8b  No.3743


*tapped = trapped

275e8b  No.3744

Wow! Zero was banned on twatter and he had a shit fit on periscope!

He's been exposing who Strzok really is and his father.

82b252  No.3745


>Trump won't prosecute ex-presidents

That may be true, but the AG isn't Trump, nor are any other prosecutors. Not to mention once BHO is outed as a bogus POTUS, then Trump can easily make an exception to this.

79e41d  No.3746


certainly seems to coincide with


SEC = Atlanta

Fail = failed bank

490b = Consent Order FDIC-10-490b

So why is Q pointing this out to us? Anyone?

22e9fe  No.3747


The source was squaker…not too sure how reliable the site is. Said half chan watched this plane.

https:// squawker.org/analysis/atlantacu/

275e8b  No.3748


Great find! Can you post id?

I also read it as …








Is this an ourguy warning us or is this a msg. to someone to take action. With some kind of hint included or to come.

f9dd0e  No.3750

Fox News just ran two significant stories: 1) Obama supporting Hezbollah and blatantly shutting down anti-terror activities, and 2) they just aired the whole UFO story - including showing the video.

bd861b  No.3751


the guy only posted once, and said it would be his only post.

79e41d  No.3752


so, CAL Cargo plane lands at 1pm, blackout starts 6 min. later at 1:06pm, according to George Webb there was a "CDC evac" and something about "precious Petri dishes" (CDC headquarters is in Atlanta)(time of the raid is not noted in anon's post); same CAL Cargo plane departs for Liege Belgium at 6:27pm.


f9dd0e  No.3753


The story floating around is that 44,000 military personnel have already been dispatched for what I assume is the main event, taking down the baby eaters. Trump refused to give the locations of various units and so ATL - now claimed to be the busiest airport on Earth - was shut down for 10 hours.

Wire doesn't burn. Insulation does but wire doesn't. If the fire they're claiming was even remotely possible, it would have happened long ago.

79e41d  No.3754


my brain is having a hard time processing this

79e41d  No.3755


What is the cost of a Human Leather Wallet?

From Euros 9,000 onwards (USD$14,000 approx)

What is the cost of a Human Leather Belt?

From Euros 10,500 onwards (USD$15,750 approx)

What is the cost of a pair of Human Leather Shoes?

From Euros 18,000 onwards (USD$27,000 approx)

275e8b  No.3756




Possible that it is purposely made to sound german/russian to point blame on them?? Probably russian.

USS - as in old ussr?

I'm saying ea word/phrase can have a double meaning.

Dear God! These people are evil, but thank God they are stupid too!

688ed1  No.3757

The cabal: doing it plain sight like putting a porno pic on your wallpaper and hoping mom doesn't notice.

They didn't expect her to lose.

But it was just a matter of time.

9e0ef1  No.3758



Honestly, all the social, political and cultural breakdown and rise in extremists in the last few years can all be traced back to Obama. Just his mere presence set world "peace" and stability back by decades.

82b252  No.3759


>They didn't expect her to lose.

And, therefore got arrogant, very arrogant, because they "knew" they would win.

Just like in Alabama recently, the fools think they have won, when in fact, that was a miserable loss for them. They are outed, and like vampires, they are alergic to sunlight (outing).

82b252  No.3760

Looks like the story on resigning politicians is gaining traction. I was waiting for this to go a little more credible, now it is.


79e41d  No.3761


yep, and rumor has it Struzk did Hussein's fake birth cert.

T's been working Hussein for years . . . and now he's President. gonna be a great show.

f9dd0e  No.3762


USS has always been standard designation for "United States Ship."

79e41d  No.3763


what did 0hour find out @ struck and his father?

314c7e  No.3764



79e41d  No.3765


so bad actors shut down atl airport? is that what's floating?

275e8b  No.3766

File: 75c41456f20827c⋯.png (413.77 KB, 560x602, 40:43, ClipboardImage.png)


275e8b  No.3767


Didn't Q make a reference to SMALL?

275e8b  No.3768



I think that Strzok's father was either CIA or connected somehow with them.

He worked in Haiti, was there when Strzok was 13.

Zero had posted an article on Strzok's dad doing some humanitarian aid work there - concerning providing food for the "women and children". It was a puff piece. But mention his son being 13 and complaining that he wished they had better tv/gaming or something.

I skimmed through it honestly and I'm not sure how he tied him to the CIA.

275e8b  No.3770


You can try his periscope, I haven't had a chance yet….


fb9568  No.3771

Movie Night at the White House -

President Trump is playing the new Churchill (2017) flick to 40 Congressional leaders

275e8b  No.3774


Very true!

btw - assuming everyone here knows what jihad means right? They believe (per Quran) that they are to bring about the end of times through the killing of Jews & Christians. Not true, but that's what they believe.

husein is really stupid!

f4eeb8  No.3775

Has anyone seen the 000000 post in cbts? Legit? Seems like it.

09e422  No.3776

So some shil has been dropping much in Cbts. They dropped this and more on the previous bread. Definitely should check them all out. Talks about shutdown on previous bread as well. Here is last drop:

Anonymous 12/18/17 (Mon) 18:01:28 000000 No.120086>>120119 >>120143 >>120161 >>120171 >>120229 >>120336





Q and some of his Drops explained



Kreab is a Swedish communications consultancy.



OMNICOM GROUP INC—-Incharge of managing literally the worlds corporate management. They decide who gets to be the CEO.












–Swiss Re was the lead insurer of the WTC during the September 11 attacks(kek).









ARM, owned by SOFTBANK makes all the semiconductors in the world, all the other chips like Nvidia still connect to an arm conductor.















—-China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co., Ltd.








–Shillary Clinton won the 2013 Chatham House prize. Only the Purest FAGGOTS get this.


EDELMAN- The only agency that has a true GLOBAL reach, they are everywhere that you can possibly imagine. They manage PR for every sector on the planet.

Just look at their website. https://www.edelman.com/what-we-do/industries/














f4eeb8  No.3778


Yeah that’s the one I’m talking about.

09e422  No.3779

Look at breads 135-137

09e422  No.3780


Sorry my bad. Didn’t realize you posted it. Sorry anon.

09e422  No.3781

Guys…cbts 137.. gone

38010f  No.3782



To me, that screams they got trafficed to NK. How do collisions square with NK nuke launches? I.e. first collision -> largest nk test, another collision -> they're hoarding this one for use…

1ef870  No.3783

7413b9  No.3785


i DISAGREE. I don't think POTUS has gone to all this trouble to OUT the TRAITORS that they are, to turn around and not prosecute them. Their position makes them even more responsible for their actions on behalf of this country. I see them going down in flames. BIGLY.

09e422  No.3786


Okay. Thanks.

9ef3f4  No.3787

History will prove BHO worst press ever!

09e422  No.3788

Anyone got an idea on those posts from the shill. Find any connections with those companies.

6bd5a6  No.3789

File: d18717cc6bd7d3c⋯.jpg (94.73 KB, 519x499, 519:499, 21bkqu.jpg)

I was thinking we should do a,,


set of memes for Anderson Cooper, ,lol throw it back into his face.

7413b9  No.3790


???WTH??? Is that to send them some sort of subliminal message?

275e8b  No.3791


Wonder if hussein and harry had something to do with this?

Where was that, oh here…->


interview was in Canada??

Where hrc was as well. Were they planning on watching from there as things blew up here? Is this a satanic ritual for them? Look at the lighting in that picture.

Why Canada? Launching from there instead of NK?

Sorry! I don't know enough and just ranting asking questions. I'm probably not making any sense.

Actually, Canada would be where the NAU would have been set up I'll bet, esp. since US has a President that pulled us out of the NAU/NWO bs.

Were they planning something to take place in Atlanta?

Busiest airport = more people = big target for them.

Maybe it was supposed to take place today in ATL and the train derailment was just a oh don't look there, look over here distraction.

Meanwhile, they use whatever they had on that plane to get Trump to fold.

Harry, hussein and hrc, trudeu, ?? soros? and whoever else was ready and waiting in Canada to announce that Canada and Mexico have joined together along with the US to form the NAU. While holding us hostage.

Remember they still have people inside a lot of these agencies, probably including the cdc.

Just thinking outloud!

d0eebb  No.3792


Interesting. I wonder if the patriots are going to raid an Eyes Wide Shut type scenario.

fb9568  No.3793


considering the GEOTUS has done before, would chalk up to 'pacing and leading'.

to bend the arc, as it were. marketing psyops.

d0eebb  No.3795


This. Everything ramped up to uncivil levels of extremism, from all angles.

BHO threw gas on the fire as much he possibly could.

275e8b  No.3796


I never could have imagined this level of evil in all my wildest nightmares. I keep picturing the looks on the molesta-podestas faces in that picture of all of them with the red shoes on. Such depravity!

Trump was right again! He called them sadists!

79e41d  No.3798

Q discussed military tribunals.

Q said we have a special place for GS.

Trump tweets he's going to Camp David, a special place.

Could it be that GS was/is at Camp David undergoing a military tribunal?

79e41d  No.3799


i know. whenever i see them (esp. podesta and brennan and cheney), i picture the absolute terror of the children they abuse/torture/rape/murder. i pray Trump brings this to an end asap.

275e8b  No.3800

File: 270faa6d47721f4⋯.png (938.85 KB, 917x647, 917:647, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d8a09336f2cfd35⋯.png (15.69 KB, 901x239, 901:239, ClipboardImage.png)


Lets expose these two - NADLER (D-NY) & LOFGREN (D-CA) (of course)!

Lots of hints here:

They are longtime members = swamp creatures

Hail from power centers = deep state connections?

Could alienate voters = We need to make A LOT OF NOISE about this!

Swamp creatures = > there's a LOT of dirt we should be able to dig up.

Deep State = > How much are they worth? (remember Q asking us that), they accept dirty $$$,$$$,$$$

They are warning other dem's not to overplay their hand (no wonder they've been a little too quiet). They were trying to sneak this by us.

There's some things about thomas paine I'm not 100% sure of, but this is good to know!!

79e41d  No.3802


k thx, someone posted an article about that, but when i read it , i thought it was Strzok over there in Haiti (not his dad). i'll have to go back and re-read that. zero does good research for the most part. he gets banned all the time and always goes back to twit.

410de7  No.3807


Fun fact:

There is audio of John Podesta with a young girl.

Shill me for this, CIA.

275e8b  No.3808


Yup! He's a good guy! Sometimes a little immature, but he loves Trump. He works a lot with Thomas Paine, Imperator Rex and Thomas Wictor.

b90fd5  No.3809

File: aa67299eeb34c27⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 480x360, 4:3, microwave.jpg)


You'd need either a disenfranchised old timer who knew what they were doing or some former employee who didn't mind getting their hands dirty. It's only going to get uglier, but I live for this shit.

5c6b19  No.3810


I could swear that he, or someone with almost exactly the same avatar, was blown as a Shill quite awhile ago. He also wears Thomas Paine as a bono fide pinned at twatter. "Hey, TP can vouch for me." I've caught him twice. I'm only posting this because it appears others may sense the same. Possible double. Then again, I could be sowing disinfo, right?

6bd5a6  No.3811

American soldiers open fire on intruder who used a car to 'ram his way into USAF base' in Britain, amid fears he was attempting to 'steal an Osprey aircraft'


b90fd5  No.3812


>Why Canada?

Justin Trudeau is Phil Castro's bastard.

79e41d  No.3813


thx for the info

efe53a  No.3814


It’s a shill.

efe53a  No.3815



327fd1  No.3816

File: 48ae8d56881607b⋯.png (272.24 KB, 616x680, 77:85, Peter S.png)


This started a long time ago

Yeah. How do you prove a palace coup in a kangaroo court in the banana republic?

c6ec12  No.3817

File: 0f0892b9df52b03⋯.jpg (12.48 KB, 255x170, 3:2, mke.jpg)


275e8b  No.3818


I know. Sometimes I too wonder. Esp. recently, I stopped even looking at his timeline for a while.

Also, with TP, I wonder a LOT! He's appeared on that guy Jason Goodman's channel which was involved with George Webb (another sketchy character that loves hussein). There are diff. people in the Thomas Paine group. I think all ex-fbi.

They've also been involved with that Robert Steele character. Jason and him I think are pretending to be fighting it out. Supposedly, Steele has filed a lawsuit against Jason, but I think they are all in on it together. Some scamming going on there big time!


Webb and TP have been pretty vocal lately haven't they, probably trying to get our attention away from what's really going on. Shit! Can't trust anybody anymore.

But, the article that Zero was showing looked authentic and old. I think it was Strzok's dad, not Strzok himself. Maybe I'm wrong.

Some good info mixed in with some disnfo sometimes, just enough to pass the smell test right.

3b2d20  No.3819


Cautiously, I took the comment as a coded signal that Soros is already off the streets.

79e41d  No.3820


where, on AW's laptop?

275e8b  No.3822


Trump is not only indicting them, lmao…

…he is turning them upside down by their feet and emptying out all their pockets (draining them) and pumping all the $$ they've stolen from us back into our country!

He brought Asset Forfeiture back!

I remember his first day at the White House as president, there was some press there, can't remember but there was some interview or something going on and Trump was sitting behind his desk in the oval office. He started tapping his hands on his phone set and saying something like "Wow, what a great phone system we have here". At the time I knew that was odd, but not sure why. I was very new to Trump.

Later we find out about the wiretapping and listening devices, then I remembered that and just laughed!

He did the same with Asset Forfeiture! From that point on I watched everything I could watch until I got to understand how he signaled what he was really trying to say!

79e41d  No.3823


yep! T's going to have our nat'l debt paid off in no time.

bb6612  No.3824


won't just drive the dems crazy….lol

275e8b  No.3825

I wish I could make memes.

Seems to me that the only thing Mueller investigation has brought to light is more stuff on comey, hussein & crooked's involvement with russia et al and trying to take down Trump illegally.

I was thinking of a meme showing Mueller digging a hole looking for dirt on Trump, and behind him is Sessions & Horowitz taking that dirt and turning it into indictments for the likes of all these characters. Hahaha! That'd be funny!

79e41d  No.3827


seriously, you can do it.

here: https://imgflip.com/

1. get your picture

2. go to imgflip

3. click "make a meme"

4. click "upload your own image"

5. enter text

6. from there, you can either take a screen shot of your meme and post it, or you can email the meme to yourself

09e422  No.3828


I disagree. The info the poster brought is not shill like. Had too much info. Sorry

79e41d  No.3829


looks shill to me, too.

275e8b  No.3830

File: 315df7ed7b87d38⋯.png (262.29 KB, 591x558, 197:186, ClipboardImage.png)


See! Then he'll do something like this…-→

Is he trying to sew dissention? Trump doesn't want to get rid of the FBI, he and Wray want it cleaned up. It can be saved, CIA ?? Maybe, a new very clandestine spy agency that has good leadership.

09e422  No.3831

So I read through all of the posting the “shill” ( what it called themselves) posted. WAY TONS OF INFO!! Talks about the shut down and how it will happen. How muller will act. Talks about Soros being at camp David. And mentions potus tweet of special place. Talks about proof of Hitler and merkle. Also talks about going back to gold standard. Also talk about companies and how all the ceos are connected. I highly recommend anons to look over 136 & 137 bread of cbts. And really look into those posts. Definitely way too much detailed info for a “shill”. And if anyone believes that, are fucking idiots and not actually looks at the info.

79e41d  No.3832


Q said something @ this early on . . . can't be saved or something to that effect. will have to go back and check.

09e422  No.3833


Disagree completely! Way too much damn info and detailed info.

79e41d  No.3834


look at what he says @ Gannet 77.


09e422  No.3835

Those of you just reading one post of that “shill” post needs to go and actually read 136 & 137.. of ALL drops.

09e422  No.3836


There are more fucking posts! Go read the damn bread! Way more than just that post.

79e41d  No.3837


have to clicked his links, done your own research? anyone can post detailed info and make shit up. do your homework and then tell us we're wrong.

79e41d  No.3838

File: 1ef967dfdc2d75a⋯.png (642.09 KB, 754x488, 377:244, kim.png)

79e41d  No.3839

File: 490cb18f4e0c0f3⋯.png (177.5 KB, 771x437, 771:437, RC.png)

db4cee  No.3840


Omnicom was mentioned in GG. There was talk of them owning Publicis, Kroll, and Ketchum which was said to be Putin's PR agency. They had a hand in movements.org and supposedly had links to EA, Scholastic, and CommonCore. No one provided evidence or did any further looking into them.

fb9568  No.3841


Hah. Missed the title of the new Churchill film being showed in the WH tonight.


79e41d  No.3842

File: 183aa965157169e⋯.png (523.78 KB, 758x589, 758:589, JP.png)

09e422  No.3843


His posts stated to really focus on the ceo’s of those businesses/ companies. I have a feeling dirty work behind the scenes.

79e41d  No.3844


knock yourself out.

shill's keeping you very busy . . .

09e422  No.3845


I will continue looking into them. Just wanting to get word out to other anons.

6bd5a6  No.3850

Q is on right now on other cbts thread, with his secondary tripcode ,, double checking numbers

e9d33b  No.3851

File: b777d26904e8295⋯.png (124.68 KB, 1156x674, 578:337, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

Hitler was a Rothschild, artsy-faggot…

His actions resulted in millions of dead Gentiles, in an effort by congressional Zionists of Switzerland to scare Jews into the newly formed Israeli state, which Hitler created (Hint-hint).

Wake up, you got played.

6bd5a6  No.3852

File: 109a4d886c30b3b⋯.png (31.24 KB, 1278x720, 71:40, Q post dec 18.1.png)

b90fd5  No.3853


They will not be able to accept it. They need to keep that tunnel vision; it's handy.

17fade  No.3854

File: ee9af1aa729a545⋯.jpg (47.27 KB, 600x421, 600:421, Filkins-IranianRouteMedite….jpg)

275e8b  No.3855


Ok, my bad! I thought that was about the clowns, not the fbi.

327fd1  No.3856

If you use Twitter and do not want to be block because we are helping Q do ASAP


ada207  No.3857

holy fugg Q is back

275e8b  No.3858


Right! Pelosi's already there!

What did she say about the tax plan - she called it something like "armageddon" or something like that. It's going to effectively take all the money/scamming sources away. Why, they can't have that! The world will come to an end for them!

fcb579  No.3859


Please, PLEASE a link to the post??

Busy with IRL Christmas stuff, time is getting more limited

Thx anons

ada207  No.3860



ada207  No.3861

6bd5a6  No.3862

410de7  No.3863


Propaganda like this disgusts me. Churchill was a warmonger.

275e8b  No.3864


If they are so great, we should post them here.

If they are actual proven facts, more confirmation would help us all to understand and trust the info.

I think we need to be extra careful. Everyone is so vocal today, and I believe it will continue at least for the rest of this week, and change over time as more arrests are made or indictments unsealed. One thing I've noticed is that everyone seems to want to take away attention from the evil one, hussein.

504e81  No.3865

Q posted in cbts time to shut it down here, the community is only divided with the existence of this board.

05b3cd  No.3866

File: f652c14b20b81cf⋯.jpg (31.17 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1511063082832.jpg)

Oy vey my fellow goyim, it is time to shut it down. Q has returned @cbts ;]

100% confirmed.

Please do not hold strong feelings against Board Owner of /cbts/ he dindu nuffin wrong

05b3cd  No.3867

File: 9618cfee4fd8e70⋯.png (2.74 MB, 3048x5744, 381:718, 8chQDrops2ndHalf.png)

Confirmation, these new Q drops are from /cbts/

bf19e0  No.3868


But won't you have to give up your tag, Tubbs? =)

And honestly, I have seen better work and less shilling being done over here.

6b95eb  No.3869


whered he post? link pls?

fb9568  No.3870

6b95eb  No.3871

e9d33b  No.3872

File: 2f96c2699156d5a⋯.png (39.53 KB, 660x139, 660:139, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: ef4e1b7fd4f50dc⋯.png (37.94 KB, 674x149, 674:149, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: 4eaf4a524fd3645⋯.png (32.29 KB, 707x122, 707:122, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: de82f8bef73685b⋯.png (42.82 KB, 647x140, 647:140, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: 46467be8ba28138⋯.png (40.08 KB, 727x135, 727:135, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

Why am I not surprised?

05b3cd  No.3873


I've been lurking /cbts/ this whole time, and besides I've always posted as anonymous only in CBTS did I take up a trip

e9d33b  No.3874

File: 330ac99f178d8de⋯.png (35.6 KB, 1158x152, 579:76, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: b777d26904e8295⋯.png (124.68 KB, 1156x674, 578:337, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

File: f2b91f1183389a4⋯.png (236.37 KB, 973x536, 973:536, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….png)

I'm shocked… (I'm not)

bf19e0  No.3875


>I've been lurking /cbts/ this whole time-

Who wasn't?! That place is a shit show of bants though, I have seen and participated in "better" work here.

05b3cd  No.3876


Q has returned and posted in /cbts/

I think it is best to consolidate efforts into one board.

And if Q has posted in /cbts/ then therefore it is not compromised.

bf19e0  No.3877


I was there. I won't stop you guys, I don't know who the BO is here, but the possibility of slow bakes that are actually work and back up isn't terrible.

If it poofs, it does, but this has more substance and less shit talk.

a81730  No.3878



https://www.flightradar24. com/data/flights/dl2945

a81730  No.3879


whew, wrong clipboard item.

6a6df3  No.3880

715bc5  No.3881

The Storm is upon us, peeps!

715bc5  No.3882

715bc5  No.3883


>Q !UW.yye1fxo  12/18/17 (Mon) 22:58:04 82d434 No.121559>>121570 >>121571 >>121598 >>121619 >>121640 >>121641 >>121654 >>121694 >>121711


>Clock started - 10 days.


We at the 10 days as of now, folks! Get comfy!

Pop that popped corn and butter it up good!

a81730  No.3884

Declassify what happened in ATL by reading what was said in the past.

Headlines will point you in the direction to search.

It was said between 12/7 and 12/17

Read the take off times of planes in Concourse F + Terminal 5.

It was the private plane departing to Washington Dulles International Airport.

We knew of this extraction.

Extracted was dark.

I referred to this moment, along with others as darkness.

I've done this more than once. We have a special place for George Soros.

Trumps 5 tweets before his "Special Place, Lots of hard work" tweet were related to this extraction. Two earlier tweets than 'Special place tweet' was my signal of darkness.

It's important to pay attention to Trumps tweets, as it's our way of sending you all the message.

We will awaken the population this way.

5f0258  No.3885


Sounds to me like Q indicated clock started on 12/7



6a6df3  No.3886

715bc5  No.3887


Apparently, we were wrong.

This go around Q states it up front.

a81730  No.3888



An unbranded range animal, especially a calf that has become separated from its mother, traditionally considered the property of the first person who brands it.

How do you catch a wild animal?

They arrested George soros.

They fucking knew about this ten days in advance, down to the day, and extracted a lethal weapon (Think chess, bishops are surgical strikers) of the cult. It was him.

The honey pot scared him, they planned this since sessions stepped off his chair and opened the state election up for grabs.

e9d33b  No.3889

Is /cbts/ general #140 up yet? Link please

e9d33b  No.3890

#139 is full

715bc5  No.3891



Been relisted as 139 apparently.

715bc5  No.3892

e9d33b  No.3893


How do I get there… I'm half-retarded

70942b  No.3894


70942b  No.3895

e9d33b  No.3896


Thanks fam

410de7  No.3898


a81730  No.3899

This is huge, there are so many references to darkness.

https://www.usnews. com/news/best-states/georgia/articles/2017-12-07/heavy-smoke-over-atlanta-airport-part-of-fire-training-drill

>a plume of heavy, dark smoke rising over the city and visible for miles.

Exactly the day Q said, 12/7 - 12/17

09e422  No.3900


Of you are too lazy to read the bread cbts 136.. than me posting here won’t make a bit of a difference. If you care to knowread the damn bread. Otherwise I am not going to waste my time with lazy faggots. I’ve stated before they are important.

09e422  No.3901


Gavin a back up board is never a bad idea. If you don’t want to be here, then go there.

275e8b  No.3902


You anon are awesome!

275e8b  No.3903


Chillax! It says "WE" should post them here.


e9d33b  No.3904

File: 0b8d755b85e8801⋯.jpg (45.37 KB, 594x441, 66:49, 1aedf774ef0bcd286650260a3c….jpg)

File: 012bc50c4549efa⋯.jpg (50.91 KB, 506x489, 506:489, 89ebdac6819c9baa80c8b7ea1b….jpg)

File: 114680cd1f25d63⋯.jpeg (8.37 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images-10.jpeg)

File: ba96b140794c622⋯.png (52.21 KB, 647x146, 647:146, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: 4cffd8da327007d⋯.jpg (90.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, alex-soros-globalist-polit….jpg)

All connected… Why? (You know why)

275e8b  No.3905


I'd rather focus on the Q threads - why we are here!

e9d33b  No.3906

Who gives a fuck if we have a "special place" for GS… That guy was about to drop from old-age anyway. What about AS (Alex Soros)? He's fucking GS 2.0, for God's sake.

275e8b  No.3907

File: 0788ec7985d627e⋯.png (4.92 KB, 404x165, 404:165, ClipboardImage.png)

I said trust Sessions man!

He was put their for a very specific reason!

Awesome news from Q today!! I am already doing the victory dance!!

33f945  No.3908


I stepped away for a bit today is it really the end of 10 days of darkness?

105416  No.3909

People still posting here after Q goes back to CBTS?

Just screams CIAnigger splitting boards

3b2d20  No.3910


No! It's related to the Solar Solstice… precisely

3b2d20  No.3911


Sessions has been driving very hard, the war against slavery and pedophilia at the local level. among other things. Last number of arrests I heard was about 6 weeks ago; over 6,000. Other activity he pretends disinterest.

026ec1  No.3912

File: bece3e832224cd6⋯.jpg (3.45 MB, 2000x1762, 1000:881, the-power-of-love-in-the-t….jpg)


Careful forming your opinion on Lucifer. The reason he was demonized was so he wouldn't be called back home to rule Earth and bring it back to his love of Gloria until it was absolutely necessary.

Anyone catch Trump emphasizing MISSILE in his speech yesterday? Ties in with that splash fox post, I bet.

79e41d  No.3913

File: 4a7583646c3caa4⋯.png (170.18 KB, 1795x810, 359:162, Q1.png)

79e41d  No.3914

File: 3f786f1e6e90921⋯.png (38.46 KB, 768x129, 256:43, Q2.1.png)

File: afb69e1203159be⋯.png (25.84 KB, 950x88, 475:44, Q2.png)

79e41d  No.3915

File: b0e787e0fe0717f⋯.png (22.26 KB, 572x87, 572:87, Q3.1.png)

File: d99fae877b923f6⋯.png (39.29 KB, 1790x147, 1790:147, Q3.png)

79e41d  No.3916

File: c672b5adeb79311⋯.png (28.48 KB, 795x106, 15:2, Q4.1.png)

File: 2f771f575745dea⋯.png (46.36 KB, 1583x146, 1583:146, Q4.png)

79e41d  No.3917

File: a91f335efd67769⋯.png (34.76 KB, 879x126, 293:42, Q5.1.png)

File: a5fcda8f65f34a7⋯.png (35.66 KB, 1721x129, 1721:129, Q5.png)

79e41d  No.3918

File: 39a074a9a2fcea7⋯.png (31.46 KB, 737x104, 737:104, Q6.1.png)

File: 980da3d2b7c5785⋯.png (33.04 KB, 1154x127, 1154:127, Q6.png)

79e41d  No.3919

File: 1897b899247d342⋯.png (43.87 KB, 1305x148, 1305:148, Q7.png)

79e41d  No.3920

File: 8cca02ed7566753⋯.png (46.29 KB, 1586x187, 1586:187, Q8.png)

79e41d  No.3921

File: dd9bca38b32a7cc⋯.png (21.97 KB, 574x88, 287:44, 21553.png)


sorry, link should be to 21553

79e41d  No.3922

File: b3ce6d75224e7a7⋯.png (71.54 KB, 1793x249, 1793:249, Q20.png)

79e41d  No.3923

File: d4fde46a38d5801⋯.png (71.56 KB, 1791x251, 1791:251, Q22.png)

79e41d  No.3924

File: 8383373bf6f0ed4⋯.png (64 KB, 1793x248, 1793:248, Q30.png)

026ec1  No.3925


There's various federal employees working in all the threads leaving breadcrumbs to piece together the Q map. not sure how people missed this.

715bc5  No.3926


>I stepped away for a bit today is it really the end of 10 days of darkness?

Clock started has a different meaning to you?


300735  No.3927


Wonder if Maverick refers to John McCain

026ec1  No.3928


who said they have to be consecutive days?

79e41d  No.3929


Q said 12/7 - 12/17 = 10 days he was referring to

300735  No.3930


10 days of darkeness

[10] hours of dark ATl shutdown

So I was watching for plane crashed. One in Indiana was suspicious. Took out Washington DC Civil Air patrol guys…


300735  No.3931

715bc5  No.3932

You people are really being obtuse you know it.

Does Q, or does Q not state = "Clock started - 10 days."

There is no other way to interpret that line.

So why are you trying to dis-info it like you are?

Clowns? Bots? Shills?

Which is it?

026ec1  No.3933

File: f8facaedc2e2fb8⋯.png (94.41 KB, 488x190, 244:95, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

715bc5  No.3934

79e41d  No.3935


see Q posts pasted above

he says the 10 days = 12/7 - 12/17

the ATL shutdown was the darkness, i think

026ec1  No.3936


expand your thinking:

how many holidays are there in a year?

there are x days that are holidays.

when does the year start? Jan 1.

the clock starts at new year and there are x holidays.

10 days of darkness don't need to be consecutive.

79e41d  No.3937


an anon asked Q, "what happened on 12/7" and Q responded, "clock started"

earlier, Q had stated "12/7 - 12/17"

so, the 10 days started 12/7 and ran thru 12/17

300735  No.3938



NAT_SEC_A,H,H, L, B, E, classified Cdg-23k




JUSTICE_FED_J[1-4]_remove + appellate


Going after 43 targets on map

Taking out Judges who reversed orders

Maverick - McCain? #FlySidFly?

026ec1  No.3939


>earlier, Q had stated "12/7 - 12/17"


79e41d  No.3940


did Q say "10 days of darkness" or 10 days (new line) Darkness

? I can't recall and can't go search the Q posts right now. anyone remember?

300735  No.3941


Look for airport disruption today, see who target is.

300735  No.3942


Here's an excellent map that updates itself.


I'm taking it as 10 days to operation

[10] hours airport shutdown.

79e41d  No.3943

File: e94a0be28cbb134⋯.png (294.12 KB, 553x784, 79:112, Q.png)


here. but you need to read the Q posts posted above (there are @ 10 of them)

79e41d  No.3944


what's the significance of the 10 day period from 12/7 to 12/17 that Q referenced?

79e41d  No.3945


thx, i saw some of them. if you have time, plz post the relevant one here for us.

e0232e  No.3946

026ec1  No.3947

File: 5238840100290a6⋯.png (57.19 KB, 446x462, 223:231, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

300735  No.3948


OK, Future op at IAD International Airport Dulles

Terminal #2 today 12/19

Missile shot at Riyahd by deepstate taken out.

79e41d  No.3949


maverick = someone who refused to play by established rules.

given the context of Q's post, i think he's referring to maverick US District and Appellate Court Judges – they're going to remove the maverick Judges (no, i'm not at all suggesting that they'll be killed, but rather, removed from the Courts)


79e41d  No.3950


thx, anon.

given this, Q did not say "ten days of darkness"

rather, he said, "Ten Days." (new line) "Darkness."

In light of his posts last night, I think the 10 days ran from 12/7 - 12/17 (but I don't know the relevance of this period of time . . . any thoughts??), and the "Darkness" at least refers to the ATL airport shutdown. Q says there's more than one meaning for Dark, Darkness. One is the shutdown. Another could be the Darkness of the elites/their satanic cult.

Other thoughts on this?

f61ae9  No.3951


So a possible 'event' at IAD in future to look for in news, or maybe a simple reference to it by POTUS..

79e41d  No.3952




anon a few posts above has a theory, as well on this.

300735  No.3953

File: 004d8ad51e447c8⋯.jpg (77.87 KB, 702x672, 117:112, Dulles Airport.JPG)

Map of Dulles Airport. Note gates match up to Q response.

f61ae9  No.3954


My guess, somthing behind the scenes that we don't know about, yet… I'd be interested to hear from Q what percentage of 'The War' has NOW gone public, as compared to the original "20%" that was stated before…

e0232e  No.3955

af68c4  No.3956


No Terminal 2 at Dulles unless 2=B

f61ae9  No.3957



Q said "Terminal 5" where is this #2 coming from?

79e41d  No.3958


any details on the private operated plane that apparently was heading for Dallas/IAD? or exactly who was extracted? do we know for sure if it was GSoros?

79e41d  No.3959


yeah, i don't think we know yet @ 12/7 to 17, unless someone can figure something out from the news/Trump tweets/Q posts about that time frame.

If there are 19 operations going on now, i'd say the public knows very, very, very little. i just hope it all comes out in the end.

79e41d  No.3960


why do you think it was 404'd? are there any good theories yet on this?

026ec1  No.3961

File: 3daf4978bb9cca3⋯.png (150.96 KB, 1003x684, 1003:684, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: 8c7c048a5e3c375⋯.png (56.58 KB, 705x253, 705:253, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)

File: 465343eb3c144d2⋯.png (47.39 KB, 525x282, 175:94, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)


there's a lot happening in this one. the solo flight that made it out of ATL during the power outage didn't go to IAD, it went to Europe.

My prediction is deep state managed to transport a weapon out and we will see the results of an attack and IAD will see a shutdown of its own, like ATL.

300735  No.3962


Terminal 5 was at Atlanta. New Q drop, read them and get back. He's giving us pretty obvious clues

300735  No.3963


Kushner is bad. He controls WH websites.

f61ae9  No.3964


Got it, kinda glanced over that one.

79e41d  No.3965


no. Q said ATL shutdown was an extraction and it was successful for us.

300735  No.3966

I think Twitter is blocking #QAnon tweets. Not one #QAnon tweet in over an hour. Very unusual considering new Q drop.

Twitter dark.

79e41d  No.3967


agreed, K is bad actor. he bought that Manhatten building w/ the 666 address for 3X's market value. just had to have that satanic number.

79e41d  No.3968


there will be a migration to Gab as T keeps this up.

300735  No.3969


Yes, when Trump recited the poem about the snake, I'd bet it was Kushner he was talking about..

f61ae9  No.3970


Kushner still at WH?

300735  No.3971


Trump needs to sick the FCC on them.

79e41d  No.3972


must break his heart his daughter is married to one of (((them)))

300735  No.3973


Yeah, and he's making secret trips to SA and Israel. I'd bet Trump knows, keeps him on a short leash.

79e41d  No.3974


i think so, but Kelly is keeping him out of the Oval Office.

300735  No.3975


Trump made a speech to all the kikes in Kushner family when they got married, saying it was unexpected.

f61ae9  No.3976


Q talked about that. Seemed to me that he was involved in the SA purge.

300735  No.3977


Let's not forget Kushner is connected to Soros.

026ec1  No.3978

File: 03f2fe2de8c8d7f⋯.png (259.37 KB, 1428x195, 476:65, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at ….png)


oh yeah forgot it was a success

what was extracted? if it was extracted, then was it extracted on that flight that flew to Europe?

where was it extracted to?

where did it come from?

300735  No.3979

Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, is currently in business with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and billionaires George Soros and Peter Thiel,


f61ae9  No.3980


It's a death sentence for Twitter, which is why GS dumped ALL his Twat stock.

79e41d  No.3981

I think whoever was extracted from ATL yesterday was taken to Camp David - a military installation run by Marines/Navy.

I think "other" are being detained there.

CD is a "special place," according to Trump.

Q said we have a "special place" for GS, so he is either at CD already or soon will be. GS may have been the one extracted from ATL yesterday. Q said ATL removed a "Bishop"/chess (second in power to the queen).

We could have even extradited Alaweed by now and he could be detained at CD, as well.

I think the 12 deals that were rejected do not refer to deals w/ Sessions/DoJ, but rather, deals w/ those being held at CD, which is under Military Jurisdiction. It could be that Trump has already invoked his Emergency Powers, out of the public's eye, and Military Tribunals are already being used.

Just my thoughts . . .

300735  No.3982


CAL George Webb distraction.

f61ae9  No.3983


It's that kind of shit that makes me question where Trump's loyalty really lies.

300735  No.3984


Putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Good post!

79e41d  No.3985


what's with Webb? is he CIA? i always thought it was odd he was never suicided.

300735  No.3986

Breadbox, new bread?

8723e7  No.3987

just dropping a thought about the twitter/gab migration. there is no iphone app for gab. even on their website. only google run phones will be able to use it's app. not implying anything. just something to think about and maybe a hint to gab to create on and make available on their website.

79e41d  No.3988


saying their marriage was unexpected? was Trump pissed, letting them have it? do you have a link, I'd love to listen to that . . .

300735  No.3989

#QAnon is working again on Twat.

79e41d  No.3990


well, that's we anons came up with/speculated. Q never confirmed. could be we got it wrong . . . i really need to re-read Q posts from the beginning. i bet there's a lot there that will make sense now.

f61ae9  No.3991


Congress/MSM/SA= pawns

CIA = Knights

Soros = Bishop

Rothschilds = King and Queen


79e41d  No.3992


their mentality is "if we can't use Twitter for our evil purposes, no one gets to use it and we'll shut it down."

why more people haven't moved to another site is beyond me . . . shows the power of these elite "tools of disinformation/control."

79e41d  No.3993


hey, Trump didn't marry Kush. Trump loves his daughter. anon (above) said to check out Trump's speech at their wedding, calling them out?

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