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File: fb4ae10110261a9⋯.png (257.64 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 9854c7e0288a3afa964baf44d2….png)

File: a18a66962e323de⋯.jpg (146.74 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 8f58d49540c26318e4f212ec85….jpg)

2d0a90 No.13735304

Recent news

>Coders still needed. Donate code to the repo

>Unofficial/Official Steam group working as intended, first normalfags spotted in game but goes fine

>Goycord group is keeping normalfags interested and boosting numbers.

>People bitching about goycord group forget it's normalfag containment while discussion is to continue here.

>Halloween event went well. Didn't hit server cap but still some comfy fun

>2.9.3 in the pipeline

TF2V, what is it?

TF2V is a "pre-mannconomy" version of TF2 without the visual clutter and bloat. The only QoL additions is Pyro's airblast and the Engineer building carry. As well as additions of stock gamemodes such as Payload, KotH and Arena


>Full game:



Mega mirror: N/A

Torrent: [Could use one]




Development is focused first on bugfixes, If/when that's all done then focus on weapons can be started. However weapons needed to be coded from the ground up, so unless you want to start that for us then don't ask for something not on anyone's radar right now.

2d0a90 No.13735307

File: 06560a3bc4c5b74⋯.png (32.57 KB, 654x858, 109:143, 6f95b8418a299b47ce26f45f34….png)

File: 9aab7dedd4f6bd1⋯.png (31.09 KB, 598x413, 598:413, 9aab7dedd4f6bd1742ea8d40ca….png)

Here is how to install revemu on windows, i.e. make it no-steam. Technically this needs to be done once by the guy who releases TF2V for the next version, so that the game will be standalone and run out-of-the-box. But anyone can do it. I have shit upload speed.

What you need:

1. Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer from steam. ( Just in case: https://mega.nz/#!AuJgSL6Z!9TatZzJMuSVXUKyRWXbCYq4CWQIUaD-NPmMVCeGIzbo or https://mega.nz/#!BqISUDRB!AINJuuTt4dV4tSuiPwH_ws6u8VsaGzri-grpfGF2aLM

Hash: 3bb2e73-d2d220-698-8376cd-1abbcfa-6781-0ad7f3e )

2. TF2V from OP.

3. Revemu package: https://mega.nz/#!IrJHyJiK!-U9fLMW4hTgCFBaYh9xPIWWjx-TmjNXy-C3O09UDjd4

In case the link goes down, here is the original source: http://bir3yk.net/forum/topic_179/. Gonna need full package from 27.04.2016. Then an update from 20.01.2017, it's a single dll, goes into game root.

Start by placing tf2vintage folder in Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer, instead of sourcemods. Now Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer can be renamed to anything and placed anywhere, I will be calling it game root.

Optional: fire up the game to make sure everything works by creating hl2.exe shortcut and adding -game tf2vintage. See first pic. You won't need that shortcut after this, you can delete it later.

Extract revemu to game root. Second pic is how it should look like.

Shut down steam and fire TF2V.exe.

That's it, make sure everything works.

You can look through rev.ini. But here are the most important things:

ProcName=hl2.exe -novid -noborder -game tf2vintage -steam -silent /help

Your startup parameters. I added -novid (skips into movies) and -noborder (borderless in windowed more, makes no difference in fullscreen). More details: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Command_Line_Options.


Self explanatory.

Everything should work as expected. Only no-steam servers will show up in server browser. They also need to have no-steam in sv_tags, if I'm not mistaken.

Hopefully I didn't fuck up. I won't have time to test linux client anywhere soon, so somebody else should do it. Ask here for any advice. Linux revemu: http://bir3yk.net/forum/topic_180/.

2d0a90 No.13735310


Dev anon's server

5e1a43 No.13735563

There's not an update patch for 2.9.1?

2d0a90 No.13735606


grab 2.9.2

Devanon was supposed to makea lite version but he didn't he needs to start making lite versions without any map folder for any bugfixes

7a2cc7 No.13736047

People said they would be shilling this on the official TF2 community or something, any news?

2d0a90 No.13736066


I have no clue. I didn't hear that. Some people from time to time bring it up. But Never seen any thing recently.

I did suggest at one point people upload videos to the community hub for exposure

7a2cc7 No.13736094


Well, I'll check the server later I hope.

2d0a90 No.13738102


2d0a90 No.13739219

anyone up to play?

2a87c8 No.13739546

when did someone decide to add weapons to this? whats the fucking point of of going through all effort of making 2007 tf2 if you're just gonna add the weapons back in. why not just make a tf2 server with a no cosmetics plugin then?

2d0a90 No.13739585


the end goal is pre-mannconomy TF2 and has been for awhile now. Where the fuck have you been? probably circlejerking in the TF2C discord because they still seem to think that

24d249 No.13740067


Actually, it seems like the current narrative is that it's either A: TF2C without the DM or B: Jury rigged variant of TFPort. They literally cannot comprehend the idea of a third flavor of TF2 existing.

2d0a90 No.13740080

2d0a90 No.13740282

Anyone up for playing?

d0c7c1 No.13740595


9e4509 No.13740599

I'll hop on a bit later today.

d0c7c1 No.13740749


1c95b9 No.13740842


Someone needs to shill it on the TF2 community hub.

d0c7c1 No.13740851


There was an attempt but I don't think anyone feels like playing today.

1c95b9 No.13740867


Is there a post?

d0c7c1 No.13740871


Oh no, I just saw a group notification and I jumped in

9e4509 No.13740875


They like hats and alt guns too much too play. Plus it's too difficult to install for the majority of people who play tf2.

0c163b No.13740967

where do i enter the ip address

2d0a90 No.13740988


open console type "connect <ip>" with <ip> being the UIP address

d0c7c1 No.13741017


Or right-click favorites and slap it there

d0c7c1 No.13747575

Small bump.

39272f No.13754040

ded game

2d0a90 No.13754054


we'll play come friday or something.

2d0a90 No.13763326


e1fa81 No.13770773

>friday night

>no gamenight

why're we not doing anything again?

d0c7c1 No.13770821


I usually wait for msm to put up a notice via steam group or discord. I'd wait a couple more hours, game usually start rolling at around 3PM PST.

93fb44 No.13770860


bump negated

cb85d9 No.13771468

File: 0c649fd183ff5bc⋯.png (287.96 KB, 594x822, 99:137, 6ad92acfa21af03807984e7bd5….png)

Alright fucksticks let's play

e1fa81 No.13771508


fine jeez

cb85d9 No.13771762

only 5 people in come on

e1fa81 No.13771836

nope nebermind :DD

f7b4a6 No.13772127

File: f6fef587957ba94⋯.png (95.75 KB, 243x243, 1:1, 1428521154590-1.png)



f7b4a6 No.13772164

File: bc87d165ed35e08⋯.png (44.74 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1428521927897-0.png)



2d0a90 No.13772406

gonna hop on

416d56 No.13772413

File: 38fbc854960f7f2⋯.png (385.97 KB, 641x466, 641:466, 1462146517518.png)

>live TF2

>didnt really play much pyro before

>get Thermal Thruster

>launching and ambushing with backburner

>get constantly bitched at for w+m1

>chronic asshurt and bullying abound

>MVP every time

>get the Hot Hand

>use jetpack to get behind enemy

>end up slapping the shit out of 5 people

You guys dont know what you are missing. Heres an idea: Rather than trying to play TF2V by ourselves with 3-5 people we should be stomping the shit out of pubs and reddit

2d0a90 No.13772432



Come play vintage. we've got 8 people so far on.

e5198e No.13772459


But m-muh artstyle!

e1fa81 No.13772504


I'm okay with not having to be reminded the dead ringer exists

416d56 No.13772553


dead ringer got nerfed into the ground

2d0a90 No.13772569


so did everything else. the problem is retail tries to cater to 6s

f7b4a6 No.13772731


2d0a90 No.13772858

was fun ffor the short time we played. Thigns are winding down. Unless I can get devanon to come incognito into that SMC discord or I do so we won't have coders. Still if Vintage is gonna quietly pass away it's better it does that than die from faggotry and drama

f7b4a6 No.13772910


I'll try to get the games going on Friday and Saturday, but if people start to quit because wew nogames it's gonna keep dying until it's dead. The matches that we've played so far were miles better than in base game because the semblance of balance is there and you could tell what's gonna happen when you faced somebody faster because there aren't many weapons, thus not much variation. I'd like to keep that going, even if it's gonna be 4v4 on weekends only.

f7b4a6 No.13772958


Also, mark my words, the second this mod releases non-stock weapons will be the second it dies - some players will quit because of this and with population this low it'll be fatal. We gotta have as many games going as we can before this happens.

2d0a90 No.13772986


We still need to fix bugs. adding items is HL3 time away

f7b4a6 No.13772995


I hope that you're right, but only devanon can say this for sure.

b486bf No.13773242


I think we need to get it done on a single day per week around a persistant time. 'Sometimes fridays, sometimes saturdays maybe later maybe early' throws a lot of people off. And then mention in OP the exact time.

7ef261 No.13776519

File: e87c57227a97971⋯.gif (506.07 KB, 250x300, 5:6, e87c57227a979714c4a7837402….gif)

a-anyone want to play some video games?

a608c8 No.13776543


I'm up for a game.

8f6e95 No.13776545


Fuck you.


7ef261 No.13776633

File: 25fd837c3157610⋯.jpg (227.54 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2ff855fdfffab2ea39b1534b70….jpg)

we've got 5 players if anyone wants to join

fa7dcd No.13776952

Come on in we've got 3v3

24d249 No.13783563

>Page 12

Bumping. I've been throwing around the concept of a content update for this month, and I'm considering doing something e-sports related as something small that would add some interest in it. I've also started throwing around another concept with some of the other developers that isn't sticking as well as I thought it would. Trying to decide on what is the best course of action to get more heads outside of Discord.

eb66b3 No.13783715

>dead thread again

God, you people are dumb.

eb66b3 No.13783827


Bump the thread and join the servers and shit, what else?

7ef261 No.13783920

File: f81e204168e3ef5⋯.png (682.39 KB, 936x1400, 117:175, ed0f499d45c8915cc6a9fb34ad….png)



nigger you better be joking

24d249 No.13784260


Not really. Imagine having a 6s mode and highlander mode available with all the content compatible with TF2V. It would be great to have something to get more attention to the game outside of a dozen anons on a knitting forum.

2d0a90 No.13784279

I'm probably gonna steam ahed myself and try to head into the SMC discord this week. see if I can get someone to help fix at least the cart overtime and the hill issue.


TF2C tried that ages ago mate. During my digging they tried to hock it to the comp scene and got laughed out. everyone who dare criticized it was a troll. Guy ran back to fagpunch where they consoled him.

24d249 No.13784291


>TF2C tried that ages ago mate. During my digging they tried to hock it to the comp scene and got laughed out. everyone who dare criticized it was a troll. Guy ran back to fagpunch where they consoled him.

They did? I mean there is some things they supposedly did and didn't do. My idea was to only add it as a side thing, not actually make it a focus and have it one of those "oh neat" things.

2d0a90 No.13784373


I got bored and did digging. VERY early on the original creator tried to pan that shit as "esports" TF2 and got laughed out.

No use catering to shit.

7ef261 No.13784597

File: dc1e9722279a5fc⋯.jpg (94.76 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1651e855a6d57f1d641ff92c40….jpg)



It's probably for the best that this mod isn't associated with compfaggotry anyway. Those niggers don't give a shit about vanilla tf2 to be with.

a608c8 No.13784715

Does anyone want to play?

24d249 No.13791303


Try Fridays and Saturdays, those are typically your best bet for people playing TF2V.

85e42e No.13794041


Catering to TF2 compfags would largely go against your original goals for this mod.

2d0a90 No.13794736


Gonna try to head into SMC discord tonight problem is since we have no coders it's gonna seem like idea guys. I mean we've had people help attempt stuff even people who've helped compile the ill fated V3RC1

fingers crossed

2d0a90 No.13803647

8e02c1 No.13805405

I-is there a european server?

2d0a90 No.13805567


Nope. Someone has to make one. We have a leaf with BR tier ping that plays just fine though

eaf5da No.13805660


I tried pingtest to the ip in the op and it says 209 ms. I don't think that's gonna be playable at all tbh

2d0a90 No.13805762


Bilbo plays with us with a ping of sometimes 999 as a scout.

e1fa81 No.13805766


And he uses it to his advantage, the fucker.

2d0a90 No.13805780


Still funny watching him pull a goku

d0c7c1 No.13808537


That's the average ping of everyone, you'll be able to play fine.

8eb104 No.13808902

I didn't know about this. I quit tf2 when it turned into F2P. This is interesting.

f7b4a6 No.13809008

File: 5df405ac2f83d51⋯.png (137.96 KB, 398x317, 398:317, 1428521483386-1.png)


Come swing by tomorrow evening, we play games at weekends regularly and chances are there's gonna be a game on Saturday as well. Aside from those matches, TF2V is pretty much dead, but they're well worth the download.

f7b4a6 No.13809033



Forgot about that. The matches typically start at around 10 PM UTC on Friday, though there could be delays. Saturday is around the same time. Hope that clears things up.

a2e2b2 No.13810022

Just like to let you people know, the internet company has royally fucked up and is blacked out for the entire county for the past five hours, knocking the server offline. I don't know when it'll be fixed, but hopefully it should be up in time for Friday night.

e1fa81 No.13810083


yeah rip

f7b4a6 No.13810114


I'll host a listen server if it won't be up in time. It'll be painfully horrible, but more or less playable.

4151d1 No.13810163

File: dc3f49a36fd1a11⋯.png (746.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Meet_the_Team_Sandvich.png)

Pre-mannconomy as in all major class unlocks or just stock with new maps?

d0c7c1 No.13810310


The maps and equipment that don't drastically change the class role (sword and board is one that's been said that will never be added) and balancing/tweaking for others done by the dev, presumably. It's going to be a long time until it's implemented assuming TF2V lives for that long so just enjoy it as is.

2d0a90 No.13810525


Posted about it. Devanon is being a defeatist about all this and I'm trying to power ahead but that issue with goycord has fucked mty attempts over

a608c8 No.13815529

When do you anons want to play? It's Friday and you should never be busy on a Friday night, unless you're a normalfag.

7ef261 No.13815641

File: d9e2354ba17a57a⋯.jpg (147.06 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 8c545eaa6c0cecb088058ec734….jpg)


I'll play with you whenever you want anon

a608c8 No.13815771


How about in one hour at 6 PM EST?

7ef261 No.13815848

File: c66d902a3c4a5e9⋯.gif (454.07 KB, 226x281, 226:281, b86ad0b8b05023d8825f809b0e….gif)


sounds good

a608c8 No.13816119


I'm coming.

650a62 No.13816126


I want to go get beer first.

Soon though.

7ef261 No.13816221

File: 6c26e7f60e6505f⋯.gif (458.76 KB, 368x390, 184:195, tailwag2.gif)

2v2 come play anons!

fa7dcd No.13816475

File: d1ae63791f56bc8⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1915x1037, 1915:1037, donutvision.png)

hardcore 4v4 now niggas

650a62 No.13816566

7v7 faggots

2d0a90 No.13816935

11 people bring more bodies

41dda9 No.13817038

where can i download cp_vanguard

2d0a90 No.13817079


we're off it. On Koth_Viaduct now

2d0a90 No.13817189

I wish I had recorded that Koth match. That was fucking intense

Good game

24d249 No.13817202


Don't worry, all matches on the TF2V server are automatically logged and recorded for your later use. I archive all replays on Sundays typically.

41dda9 No.13817297

How come it takes so long to download the maps?

7ef261 No.13817314

File: 606b5ed6e268f11⋯.png (559.06 KB, 574x649, 574:649, 606b5ed6e268f11d79cc14d88c….png)


do you have the latest version of tf2v anon?

2d0a90 No.13817337



24d249 No.13817577



Here's a preliminary link for the time being. I'll up this in the end of the week file as well when Sunday rolls around.

a3ca04 No.13821456

Does anyone want to play in 30 minutes?

d0c7c1 No.13821593


>Posted 24 minutes ago


a3ca04 No.13821644


I'm hopping on rn fam.

f7b4a6 No.13821694

File: fcd1e8606d3e5ca⋯.png (192.92 KB, 444x325, 444:325, 1435081396289.png)


d0c7c1 No.13821758


Making a video at the moment, give me about 30 minutes to an hour. Hopefully you guys will still be there by then.

f7b4a6 No.13822193


i hate this

7ef261 No.13822563

File: fe7fcb65f8994e0⋯.jpg (741.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fe7fcb65f8994e069178c2362d….jpg)

we're playing viaduct if you wanna join anons

41dda9 No.13822713

File: ce68c6040710a02⋯.jpg (78.4 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1445867938427.jpg)

>he went engineer

ced2a6 No.13822770


No one cares. It would be sad if you fuckers weren't so patheticly hilarious.

e1fa81 No.13822873


ebin :DD

7ef261 No.13822902

File: cccc23db3fea21f⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1342x900, 671:450, 2947f5bc202a191676ea971b6c….png)

993184 No.13823370

File: 07eafcad965570d⋯.jpg (43.37 KB, 342x555, 114:185, 13a96b5abd428f31694ece4a36….jpg)

Pretty good 3 hours. I don't think anyone's up for another game tomorrow though, right?


>being this mad over people playing a video game

24d249 No.13826898

File: adc14e979b4e396⋯.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Viaduct Replays.png)

Just like to remind people that don't use Discord that the replays are now available for last week. Download them here: https://mega.nz/#F!6NVRhaQB!2TQbUYKimjdHsuegzLbdJQ

To use, simply boot up TF2V, then using demoui or demoui2 select the demo to load.

2d0a90 No.13838046


2d0a90 No.13838183

So I set up a new normalfag containment server. Giving some people mod to keep things under control if this issue crops up again where I lose access to my account.

247a97 No.13838267

I feel like the population is dying, and I am blaming the maps on it

2d0a90 No.13838317


people burn out and that's fine. In any case I got into the SMC group and the word is out there

24d249 No.13840656


What's wrong with the maps? I mean I know I'm running pretty vanilla, but what seems to be the problem? I've thrown around some ideas for content but almost all of them were rejected.

1fe2b7 No.13843469


It gets a bit boring if it's always vanilla maps, having a run with custom ones like mariokart etc once in a while wouldn't hurt

de1041 No.13843553


No, fuck right off, minecraft/mario maps are utter cancer. If anything, maps that were added later in the game that aren't complete shit should be played, not maps that 13 year old furries play on.

2d0a90 No.13843579


calm the fuck down. You have to realize custom maps aren't just meme maps. custom means made by someone from the community.

Shit like the ghosts of the past map pack is a good example. Its custom maps that were made for the game and meant to be played. The problem is people expect a fastDL server for it so yeah.

would be nice to play shit like CTF_Mach again or CP_Aqua

24d249 No.13844899


I would put the map packs on there if I had a FastDL server to work with, but unfortunately I don't. It's why we're stuck with the vanilla stuff right now.

2d0a90 No.13847133


Pretty sure you can set one up on the same server as the server. From what I've learned source has a very shitty limit for filesizes and fastdl just is a work around for it. Either way we've had people download maps from the server before. FastDL just doesn't make it excruciatingly hard.

24d249 No.13847895

File: eba114dfa746364⋯.jpg (146.38 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, NpljsJU.jpg)

>The current state of TF2C

You know base is fucked when in order to get people to play things that aren't DM, they have to use the dumbest OC to try and reel people in to play.


7ef261 No.13851159

File: 94746f1f9e135b2⋯.webm (890.58 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 94746f1f9e135b2ee7506f530….webm)

MSM you triple nigger where is the latest version of the TF2V source code I spent the better part of yesterday fixing bugs and shit and I realized some of the problems i was having are because the git has a deprecated version

409f70 No.13851215

what are the plans for tf2v

2d0a90 No.13851232


the one in the OP is the latest can you not push updates to it?

My repo is considered non-functioning due to the massive issues with the coding.


>Bug fixes

>Pre-mannconomy weapons

Pretty much TF2

7ef261 No.13851260


The base code is identical to the tf2c base you started with that hasn't been updated in over a year. Even if your repo is a fucking mess you still managed to fix a few things.

7ef261 No.13851274


also just to clarify i want the source 2.9.2 was compiled off of, where the spy mask, cloak bar, etc. where fixed sage for doublepost

2d0a90 No.13851316


Devanon needs to up it.

Or are you using my git and not the main one?

the one from Zgok is heavily broken

7ef261 No.13851326


I can't even access your branch anymore. I'm using the source code that's in the main branch, which has none of the changes made over tf2v's lifetime

2d0a90 No.13851336



Here's mine. Dunno why you can't access it. Also everything you listed is from my broken build that was the ill fated v3RC1 build. A lot of the fixes devanon has made have been to just the models and the like which requires no rebuild of the binaries.

7ef261 No.13851352

File: cfdb2f4b6066450⋯.png (551.12 KB, 698x540, 349:270, 32e864fb5b457db9976f0cd400….png)


Don't know why either. Anyway thanks anon i'll be sure to look over this and see what you did with various different things

2d0a90 No.13851374


I tried to alter the airblast.

My build is extremely broken and I tried to do something simple like remove the GRN and YLW code from the game.

7ef261 No.13851382


it probably wasn't the best idea to go around altering typedefs and deleting things. I mostly want to look at what you did to save me some time in fixing some things. Do you happen to have a list of all the key fixes you made?

2d0a90 No.13851390


Again all I attempted to do was delete the references to the 4team mode in the coding. I got it to compile but the end result was a completely fucked build. You'll also find (maybe) the groundwork for an attempt to make a different airblast more in line with TF2 live than TF2C's "realistic" approach. I wanted to tie it to a convar so servers could toggle

7ef261 No.13851998

File: a1d664d2a2cd8aa⋯.png (487.57 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 3f945fc1008a1c86af46c0db2c….png)

Ok I found the source code for the binaries tf2v is running. Turns out tf2v is currently using binaries from tf2classic 2.00b4 but now I can finally start fixing shit at least

d0c7c1 No.13852038

File: f6b8e3b12883452⋯.gif (704.42 KB, 549x654, 183:218, f6b8e3b1288345299514470883….gif)


Godspeed, nigga.

f7b4a6 No.13852047


this tbh

2d0a90 No.13852071


Not like we'd try and hide it.

Best of luck, would like bug fixers to focus on PL because issues.

Also talking to some guys from the SMC discord they said old TF2 code shits the bed badly on the 2013 framework and suggested if we can't get shit to work to port what we can to the TF2P code and go from there.

7ef261 No.13852309

File: b4a80b32fbe457b⋯.webm (3.5 MB, 854x480, 427:240, b4a80b32fbe457b012d1a6905….webm)


The problem is that the tf2v git doesn't have that version of the source code in it anon. Anyway i'm trying things out now and i'll post if I get anything really good working

2d0a90 No.13852332


TF2P is open source you can grab it off of github


39272f No.13853882


Nobody fucking cares about TF2C asstart. We're here to play vintage. Leave your girly epic drama out of it.

1e1202 No.13855383

Who wants to play?

f7b4a6 No.13855497


In like four hours, sure.

96c373 No.13855840


I'm available.

I just downloaded TF2V, and the fact that the only server has no players is pretty sad.

Completely empty.

f7b4a6 No.13856184

File: fad0ad1c6cbcf5d⋯.png (378.5 KB, 750x768, 125:128, 1444054329820-2.png)

Fuck it.



b3eeb2 No.13856343

File: 380305e25b333ed⋯.jpg (91.52 KB, 262x243, 262:243, kfj.jpg)

We 3v3 now let's go

f7b4a6 No.13856575


96c373 No.13856586


Some sound effects are missing, at least on ganoo loonix

2d0a90 No.13857218


try snd_restart

2d0a90 No.13857269

>Go to make a steam announcement

>Make it and one on the goycord

>Realize the request for gameplay happened 3 hours prior.


d0c7c1 No.13857287


Wanna start it up again?

2d0a90 No.13857303


maybe tomorrow night Gonna play some barotrauma

4151d1 No.13859081

Does anyone know if you still need to change Source 2013 MP to a beta build, or was that exploit patched? There's 4 different beta builds available but some of them seem redundant

1e1202 No.13860873

Any niggas here wanna play later?

96c373 No.13860900


I would like to play even now.

The problem is that we less than 10 people, there isn't much sense in playing at all.

96c373 No.13860901


*with less than

7ef261 No.13861412

File: cbea8d942352055⋯.png (2.19 MB, 1605x962, 1605:962, cbea8d942352055887652c5428….png)



You don't really mean that anon, do you? It's always fun playing with you guys.


I'd love to anon

a608c8 No.13861431


I'd like to play with you anon.

1e1202 No.13861444

I'd say games with at leats 8 people (4 vs 4) are good enough.

1e1202 No.13862060


2d0a90 No.13862645

9 people in game right now

2d0a90 No.13862803

people left for food. Down to 6.

7ef261 No.13863046

File: bcefd9ccbc72635⋯.jpg (147.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, smile.jpg)

Thanks for the fun today anons. I'll try to get something small out for you guys while I work on something bigger

1e1202 No.13866593

File: 1dce50bcbfe6684⋯.png (150.67 KB, 445x528, 445:528, 1dce50bcbfe6684acd8cb8587c….png)

Will we ever get a server with low ping? It feels like every player is always 2 seconds ahead of you, playing from the future.

2d0a90 No.13866619


when some can. We've had hosts come and go.

a1dfcd No.13866703


bball is pretty fun tho tbh

2d0a90 No.13866723


Not really.

a1dfcd No.13866737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


you've never lived lad

2d0a90 No.13866760


Not as fun as prophunt, dodgeball or even surf.

Only niggers like basketball. So how typical of alhablaster to make a niggerball server

a1dfcd No.13866819


im not a nigger and i like it. what does that make me, a double nigger?

2d0a90 No.13866848

f7b4a6 No.13867420

Any of you up for TF2V in like two or three hours?

a1dfcd No.13867423

f7b4a6 No.13868169


7ef261 No.13868206


I'll be on it a bit. I'm still tweaking some things

9ab612 No.13868727


1 player get in here

a49550 No.13868782

>alphablaster allows a literal pedo in his personal discord server

a1dfcd No.13868891


24d249 No.13868923

File: 21c02dc264dbed1⋯.png (872.3 KB, 518x718, 259:359, Dr pavel I'm a bird.png)

Server replays are now available to people to use this week if they want to watch a bunch of bullshit.

Download's the same as the other ones.


a1dfcd No.13868988

File: 3f9e13d932abb5a⋯.jpeg (118.43 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 3f9e13d932abb5af33437ac10….jpeg)


make it six nerds, i know there's another one of you out there

96c373 No.13872011

>>13868988 (checked)

Anyone going to play later?

f7b4a6 No.13872319


Gotta wait until friday night.

7ef261 No.13872831

File: 0b37e34cd49ea45⋯.gif (119.07 KB, 296x572, 74:143, 0b37e34cd49ea454a9c831d698….gif)


i fixed some shit


+Fixed payload hill log errors: payload cart will now conform to uphill and downhill logic on pl and plr maps

+Fixed end-of-round scoreboard not updating after every round

+Disguised health for spy can now be replenished at healthpacks

+Spy will no longer grab the current health of dead players (1 hp)

+Hud now displays disguised target (WIP)

//HACK: added temporary payload overtime logic. Rollback check only occurs on overtime. if check is true, 5 seconds added to timer.

+Added experimental airblast: TF2C's stock airblast does not immobilize players on blast, causing conflicting velocities. This airblast will function more in line with the live version of

TF2. in order to access this experiemental airblast use the convar "tf2c_airblast 2" to activate. In order to reapply the default airblast use "tf2c_airblast 1" instead.


Known bugs:

-After completing waiting for players phase, player may immediately begin moving.

-Spy will consistently select the previous target for disguising if no player of the chosen class exists on the enemy team

-Spy does not cycle between enemy members of a single class

-Dispensers do not restore cloak

-Dispenser trails are visible on cloaked spies

-Spy health does not decay when damaged

GIT: https://github.com/bachingo/TF2Vintage

you only need the bin files located in game/tf2classic/bin. make sure to back up your old bins first

If anyone is willing to mess with the airblast and tell me what needs to be changed that'd be great I wasted my weekend on this

2d0a90 No.13872897



Is this the first V3 release?

who knows

2d0a90 No.13872918


devanon is offline at the moment so it needs time. We'll package the new binaries as stand alones and throw em on moddb.

7ef261 No.13872939

File: 6398cc71176befd⋯.jpg (59.61 KB, 896x580, 224:145, 6398cc71176befd63674864131….jpg)


make sure you include an upgrade package with just the binaries. It's not right to make anons download the whole package again, and it'll save headaches when people inevitable try to connect on outdated binaries

2d0a90 No.13872957


That's my plan. just a "lite" version for V3

V2.9.2 has all the fixes so we can just package it as v3 with a readme to instruct them what to do.

We'll hold off until the server udpates to the new binaries. Now we just need someone to compile your fixes for linux

7ef261 No.13872966


you might want to hold off on V3 for a bit if possible. I'm going to be a bit busy for the next few weeks so I won't be working as actively on the project, but i'm trying to reverse-engineer the payload hud

2d0a90 No.13872975


Fair enough. I figured though any future fixes could be like 3.1, 3.2, etc

But we'll hold off if that's what you're asking

7ef261 No.13873006

File: 5921f8c6bc10eed⋯.gif (207.9 KB, 354x534, 59:89, 5921f8c6bc10eeddb526b200be….gif)


I definitely want the binaries to be implemented server-side so I can do some playtesting proper. I just want to make 3.0 a bit more grand after all the waiting that's happened

2d0a90 No.13873030


did you just compile the client dlls? or both server and client?

I agree 3.0 needs some fanfare but what and how big is the issue with that.

Still good shit mate. Thanks for taking time out to do that.

7ef261 No.13873055


I always compile both when i'm testing things. Many of the classes in the source sdk have overlap with the server and client calls, and if there's any discrepancies the game environment often won't load

7ef261 No.13873059


they're on the github if you need them

2d0a90 No.13874401

Ok so I tested it and it works. I checked for the spy mask issue devanon said existed in my build but it's not there.

What are we labeling this as 2.9.3 or what?

7ef261 No.13874472


the mask issue had to do with the fact that the code on the repo for both the master and your branch is from a july 2016 commit to the tf2classic github. That build seems to have been a heavily indev build, and after looking at it they did a full rewrite of the mask class so as to generate random masks when disguising as an enemy spy. They also rewrote the weapon calls to accommodate loadouts. I worked off of the februrary commit, presumably the one they shipped 2.0.0b3 with.

2.9.3 sounds fine

2d0a90 No.13874574



7ef261 No.13876471

File: b7a70a52877bb71⋯.webm (13.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, airblast.webm)

I made a clip showing the two different airblasts back-to-back for anyone curious.

2d0a90 No.13876499


So which one is the original one we've run so far and which one is the new one?

Also talked to devanon dunno if he's updated the server. But 2.9.3 is now on the moddb I MIGHT package it as a FULL version alongside the patch so New people won't have to essentially download 2 things. But the patch is live and ready now

7ef261 No.13876589


The first one is the tf2c airblast. Notice that the players can override the velocity set by the pyro's airblast, causing them to go upwards instead of away.

The second one is the experimental airblast

2d0a90 No.13876597


Second one looks nicer, more in line with the retail one. TF2C went with an "Realistic" idea for it and that's the result.

I might submit a fix to shorten the convars they have. Just so it's less to type in and to obviously distant us from TF2C

24d249 No.13877039


I'll pack up a full version when I get a somewhat stable set of binaries ready for V3. I've got to implement some of the other fixes I've done in there, like the file hashes.

7ef261 No.13877080


did you make changes to the binaries? If so i'd like to see what you've done if possible. I didn't realized anyone else was touching the binaries at this point

1e1202 No.13877143

Why would we use the TF2C version of airblast? Either the retail version or the new version from the Jungle Inferno update.

7ef261 No.13877192

File: 2c9b566f8f4284b⋯.jpg (103.52 KB, 642x689, 642:689, 2c9b566f8f4284bb77c987c232….jpg)


Because it's not so simple anon. We've been using the tf2c implementation because that's the only one that existed in the code until now. The codebase tf2c is based off of was from before the pyro had an alt fire, so we can only guess. I'm trying to implement the old vanilla airblast but I need people to test it and tell me what needs tweaking

24d249 No.13880548


Right now I've got mostly content updates, I don't think 2.9.2 comes with the update for Jungle Inferno. I know V3 will have that definitely and the update for badlands.

e2d01d No.13881506


please don't add the update for badlands, it removes the hiding spots from the map, which is fucking retarded. you didn't answer my question

24d249 No.13881567


I answered your question, no.

Also how does the new badlands update remove hiding spots? All I got in my changelog is that it makes some of the lamps noncollidable and the mesa cap to have a medium ammo on the porch.

6e3f0e No.13881577


the hiding spots are the lamp props, most notably on rollout, last and the room to the left of last.

24d249 No.13881604


So you just sat on the lamp props waiting for people at final then? What's the skill in that?

6e3f0e No.13881676


as with any hiding spot if you're not paying attention that's on you. The glass is see-through at last and the player has to be immobolized and out of commission to do it

2d0a90 No.13881706

Putting up a "Full" version with the fixes bach pushed as 2.9.3 I still need to package it but I'll be leaving the patch up to make it easier for existing players


good skill for spies.

In any case yeah Another reason I'm pushing a full is those following the mod will be tipped off to it and I can squeeze out an article too highlighting a weekend gamenight to celebrate the fixes.

24d249 No.13881779



>An exploit is a feature

Nope. Badlands is horribly balanced for attackers and needs fixes to help out the defenders. That's why V3 will have the updated map where it slightly favors defenders more especially in final.

2d0a90 No.13881834



An exploit is going outside map boundaries or the old bug where if you switched to spectator you could TK. A hiding spot isn't an exploit. This is on par with the retarded "fixes" I see from private server owners when players figure out how to farm content on specific classes.

d30034 No.13881869


>Needs fixes to help out the defenders

But all of these hiding spots benefit the defending team more than they do the attacking team. The only hiding spot that's really useful for attacking is the fan at last, and that's only useful if the defending team is retarded and leaves the point open for a back cap.

f29710 No.13882012



What these anons said. The lamp on last allows a soldier or demo to stop poorly planned or rush caps. Under no viable circumstances should an enemy player be camping a point several caps back.

2d0a90 No.13882036


Not to mention it's not like the person is completely hidden. All it's going to take is that initial few shots from a soldier to alert the attackers to someone is up there defending the last point.

f29710 No.13882077


Not only that, the changes Jungle Inferno made actually made badlands less skill based if anything, since ammo is no longer an issue during midfights and theres less imminent threats when pushing last, just slower cap time

2d0a90 No.13887189

2d0a90 No.13893400


2d0a90 No.13894860

So there's a "mod of 2017" going on for moddb.

f9b087 No.13895740


what does the winner get?

96c373 No.13896135

8v8 when?

2d0a90 No.13896837


Prestige. shitty little banner on their mod.

I dunno

d6e479 No.13897222


how about tonight faggot

7ef261 No.13898481

File: 351b8e6ea9669c2⋯.jpg (76.44 KB, 648x960, 27:40, 351b8e6ea9669c2f5ba2eba852….jpg)

Any anons want to play some video games tonight?

d0c7c1 No.13898496

File: 60f83772cef9812⋯.png (92.76 KB, 295x368, 295:368, 00101.png)


Damn straight I do. Not right now, but in a couple hours.

7ef261 No.13898510

File: 65240e081dbb7a6⋯.jpg (174.02 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, a47e35e4aab55684da14531b88….jpg)


I'm looking forward to it anon.

server anon can you turn on the experimental airblast for tonight i want to test it out

a1dfcd No.13898528


gibeo vames

ill be on this evening

96c373 No.13898568


>you only need the bin files located in game/tf2classic/bin

Does it mean I only have to download and replace the bin folder or that I should overwrite everything except the bin folder content?

7ef261 No.13898585


download the patch posted here


it should overwrite only the bin folder

7c2528 No.13898945

Who wants to play? Today is Friday.

7ef261 No.13899324

File: 251a57affe1404b⋯.png (4.2 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 251a57affe1404b3f869dcda83….png)



7ef261 No.13899363


f7b4a6 No.13899452



2d0a90 No.13901228


Sniper moves at full speed while zoomed in

Heavy sped up while spinning the minigun

Engi ran normally when hauling

A bunch of shit.

7ef261 No.13901238

File: 4377fc0b00a7db0⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 480x342, 80:57, 4377fc0b00a7db0cdf0044a30e….jpg)


i know that's why nobody is playing i'm fixing it I swear. The movement class got fucked so I need to fix it up

2d0a90 No.13901250


Ok. Someone told me then so I'm just posting them here.


ff1b39 No.13901322


You better fix it by the time Saturday games roll you faggot.

7ef261 No.13901380

File: d8513ea7c89db0c⋯.jpg (182.71 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d8513ea7c89db0c782f877a0df….jpg)


i'll have it fixed tonight faggot you better play video games with me tomorrow

7ef261 No.13901399

File: 96790598f734367⋯.webm (2.51 MB, 642x720, 107:120, 96790598f734367dd9f8366a2….webm)

I found the problem. Turns out the method i used for setting the speed of the player during the airblast kept resetting the player speed when they weren't being airblasted. It should be fixed now just give me a moment to compile and test it

ff1b39 No.13901411

File: 0bad9a8ddb7b10e⋯.jpg (80.33 KB, 532x400, 133:100, F U N.jpg)


even if nobody else joins I'll rekk u with uber medic MLG skills

7ef261 No.13901549


apologies for ruining the vidya today

Studies show i'm not the best bugtester, so bear with me anons.


>Fixed bug where player speed would reset to default regardless of player state

>Fixed payload overtime occuring on non-payload maps

>Fixed spy returning non-existant players for disguise names

>Added cloak regeneration for spies at dispensers + payload based on values taken from tf2 wiki (5%/10%/15%; needs testing)

>Spy health will now decay when taking damage. When taking a hit that would be lethal for the disguised health, health will instead remain at 1hp

>3rd person spectate no longer stuck in the floor

>Experimental airblast has been enabled by default since hostanon is a fag

Known bugs:

<Jumping is possible somewhat during pre-round spawns

<Dispenser will only heal the equivalent damage taken by spy to the disguised health (it was like this in the initial build)

<Spies can see the enemy tag on disguised enemy spies //Not sure about this one. Needs testing

(((MEGA))) LINK: https://mega.nz/#F!AKAGBZza!1hP2nmhLFrWkJaF02QWBAA

7ef261 No.13901552


fugg :DDD

24d249 No.13901721


>airblast enabled by default

I fixed it, you don't need to change anything.

>because hostanon is a fag

I'm spending my electricity and computer parts for your mod and don't get anything in return, you could be at least a little nicer.

f7b4a6 No.13901894


you're a fag but we need you for weekends, so please keep being a somewhat decent fag

2d0a90 No.13903008


Uploading to moddb now as a hotfix.

Also Bach I dunno how it'll impact it but I've been meaning to shorten all the TF2C convars for ease of remembering and to kinda scrub tf2c from the files as best we can. if I can get VS running again would you take a push to your git for the shortened cvars?

7ef261 No.13904472


If you can get that shit working 100% then by all means go for it. I just don't want any more problems being made than already exist. It probably be a better idea to make a branch first though, and then it can later be merged if everything works alright

96c373 No.13904762


Shit doesnt work for me, when I try to get into the server I get prompted back to the main menu.

7ef261 No.13904809


server anon probably hasn't updated yet. We'll have to wait until he does that today

7ef261 No.13904822


actually i can connect to the server just fine. did you replace your bin folder?

d0c7c1 No.13904827


Did you throw it into the tf2vintage folder or the sourcetest folder?

96c373 No.13904836


I put everything in /tf2vintage/bin

7ef261 No.13904861


I just re-downloaded the binaries and replaced mine. I'm still not having any issues connecting. Try re-downloading them, perhaps something was overwritten properly

d0c7c1 No.13904871

File: 1390510f2fbf333⋯.png (2.68 KB, 213x179, 213:179, folder.png)


I've gotten in just fine. I don't know how you're getting that issue.

96c373 No.13904907


Well, I don't know either.

I guess I'll have to re-download the fullgame some time in the future.

In case you want to verify, those are the files in my tf2vintage/bin directory


64e567b731cbde0b0eaccdca987c9104 client.dll
4c7b36eee42616ebb0ecd37a9bd91bc7 client.pdb
f6f59b6a9acd546af8737499b8394942 client.so
f6f59b6a9acd546af8737499b8394942 client_srv.so
a7534cb517dfdb37e63669f0c8fd3eba server.dll
2d6ce6733f0e60da8b3b66e40d5de196 server.pdb
84c0c750f2aa31357f99a0806401ce1c server.so
84c0c750f2aa31357f99a0806401ce1c server_srv.so

7ef261 No.13904911


hey anon quick question: are you running linux by any chance?

96c373 No.13904958



*insert RMS copy-pasta here*

7ef261 No.13904967


Ok that's the problem. MSM was trying to find someone more experienced to handle linux binaries but i'll do my best. Give me a minute and i'll link you some binaries

7ef261 No.13905122

7c2528 No.13905140

So uh, is the server fucked up?

7ef261 No.13905147

File: 10a755e03b215c4⋯.png (55.4 KB, 302x306, 151:153, ac2a187f7b8b3df4da6707d565….png)


what do you mean?

7c2528 No.13905151


It seems the server wasn't updated or something and people can't join. That's what you guys have been talking about.

d0c7c1 No.13905157


No, someone can't enter the server for reasons unknown while we can get in just fine.

96c373 No.13905167


Nice, it werks now.

The only current issue is related to the sound as I also pointed last week >>13856586

The console gives a cascade of errors about missing .wav files

7ef261 No.13905174

File: 71514f2eccb99d4⋯.gif (3.39 MB, 368x281, 368:281, 41d00eb4dcb8894ab2fe46eee1….gif)



the reason that fine anon could not join was because the linux binaries weren't updated but that has been resolved now.


glad to hear it anon.

7c2528 No.13905178

File: 2d704841ba328fd⋯.jpg (28.44 KB, 410x416, 205:208, 2d704841ba328fdcb82c41d25a….jpg)


Who wants to play?

7ef261 No.13905204

File: 649e28acb838f57⋯.jpg (38.92 KB, 422x530, 211:265, 1447762036769.jpg)


i'll play with you anon

7c2528 No.13905228

File: 3eb9777719c9d85⋯.jpg (13.98 KB, 250x244, 125:122, 3eb9777719c9d85abb00723489….jpg)



Thanks anon

f7b4a6 No.13905312

rip serbian?

7ef261 No.13905314


it seems to be back up

7c2528 No.13905347

Server is back

7ef261 No.13905937

File: cbcd3c966773772⋯.gif (314.1 KB, 361x239, 361:239, cbcd3c966773772f24f1344765….gif)

Now that the server is dead I fixed a couple things I noticed weren't working.

>Fixed movement issues at the beginning of the round

<This might also help with the rubber banding issues but no promises

<Pre-round jumping works again

>Fixed payload hill logic

<Yes i did break it again


wangblows: https://mega.nz/#F!AKAGBZza!1hP2nmhLFrWkJaF02QWBAA

linux: https://mega.nz/#F!ZCYjwBaJ!B_VC2avTmsZSWnoCKF1new

96c373 No.13906016


>This might also help with the rubber banding issues

Fairly sure the main cause of that is the server being in the US.

7ef261 No.13906025


I'm in the US and i was experiencing them as well. Either way optimization always helps

f7b4a6 No.13906315

sorry for quitting this early, internet went out and there's some urgent stuff to do now

2d0a90 No.13906878


Updating as 2.9.3 HOTFIX #2

From now on I'll package linux and windows as one thing since the binaries are so small

2d0a90 No.13907462

Also bach just get rid of the TF2C airblast next update if you can. I think people agree across the board the one closer to TF2 is better.

7ef261 No.13907624


It's not really a big deal to leave it in. Removing it won't improve anything and the new airblast is already enabled by default. If someone wants to use the TF2C airblast for whatever reason they have to enable it through Convars

2d0a90 No.13907647


Fair enough. If the new one is the default that works too

2d0a90 No.13910277

anyone wanna play ina bit?

7ef261 No.13910610


It's been dead this weekend but if other anons chime in I'll hop on for a bit

2d0a90 No.13910619


I've been busy at work and the latest hot fixes seem to address a lot of issues.

2d0a90 No.13910997


7ef261 No.13911067

File: 40583d05d0a1491⋯.png (98.46 KB, 331x331, 1:1, 40583d05d0a1491605ce9cb805….png)

2 people playing right now

1848e0 No.13911135


so by the looks of this thread you got it all sorted out, right?

2d0a90 No.13911140

3 people

d0c7c1 No.13911488

File: beafe16633382b2⋯.png (165.23 KB, 242x264, 11:12, img000002.png)

I hope you guys learn how to replace a bin folder by next Friday otherwise I'll be pouting alone in the corner with like 2 other people

2d0a90 No.13911662


I'll need to write retard proof instructions. I had hoped people would figure it out.

I don't want to make a full version of every hotfix

e924f5 No.13911679

File: 534a4e84eb56c22⋯.jpg (6.67 KB, 238x183, 238:183, 1480519781060.jpg)


>moving png

7ef261 No.13911809

File: 40e7e373665c6b4⋯.png (598.6 KB, 338x338, 1:1, chew.png)

2d0a90 No.13924984


8621a3 No.13925001

File: 3f9b3d1929069cd⋯.png (109.82 KB, 470x405, 94:81, 1462007064609.png)

>still trying to shill this buggy knockoff

2d0a90 No.13925006


We actually have less bugs than TF2C. Not to mention we're more active.

96c373 No.13932169


>Not to mention we're more active.

Are you talking about the player-base or the development?

96c373 No.13932193

File: c6e5b0eeb028160⋯.jpg (22.95 KB, 215x176, 215:176, c6e5b0eeb0281608fd8f03ac84….jpg)

Why has the thread been bumplocked?

3a99c4 No.13932221

File: 83ec50aa8008065⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 200x193, 200:193, b8aa90f7409418c3847d37024b….jpg)


Guess twice, dumbass.

7ef261 No.13932248

File: 77feb79d170b583⋯.png (652.64 KB, 1015x720, 203:144, 8382a12aef34ca3ec9c0254ec5….png)

there better be a new thread when i get back faggots or i won't post my fixes

93ae5e No.13932352


Because (((Mark))) is a massive faggot?

3a99c4 No.13932390

File: 0e13538f8f5006c⋯.png (70.22 KB, 295x293, 295:293, sniper stare.png)


Because it hit the bump limit, dumbass.

2d0a90 No.13932856



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