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File: 3fc3ca5770fcfe9⋯.jpg (29.93 KB, 640x360, 16:9, IShVD1hl.jpg)

3efc40  No.16342952


Korean players in their ghost town servers


and as an added bonus warcraft 3 is completely dead over there as of last year as well.

Ever wonder why Battle for Azeroth pushed in so many mechanics pulling from mobage instead of rpgs? turns out its because Blizzard has lost the asian audience, china doesn't care about the piggu gweilo game anymore and their last eastern hardcore audience dropped it so hard korean players are posting empty capital hub screenshots to show they are the only player on their server at peak times.

Its kind of funny looking back just how desperate Blizzard have been for those 'play for days while your baby dies' asian mmo users. From Blood Elves to appeal to korea to pandaria to get past the ministry of culture for tencent to the mobile game structure of world quests and the azurite gachashit of today.

Are there any other western devs that in retrospect desperately pushed for the east over their domestic audience they assumed were just locked in?

bdd9d8  No.16342976

honestly, the servers died because of the megalians, not because BfA is bad

bdd9d8  No.16342977


oh, and BfA is really bad

but the megalians are even worse

c7e85e  No.16342980


what are bfa and megaliens. what did all these do? how could a megalien affect the game?

3efc40  No.16342985



This sounds like a 1990's childrens cartoon show like street sharks.

46fb86  No.16342986

>Pandaren were China pandering

Not even close, try redoing a huge amount of artwork just for China. It's satisfying to see their failure after trying so hard to appeal to China. Of course, it's natural that it would have been ignored once China had their own game industry, since China WoW was a self-censored game originally designed to appeal to Western audiences. It's like us buying self-censored games from Japan.

3c9020  No.16342988

File: 5d30a22903e0bd4⋯.png (22.12 KB, 510x546, 85:91, e0bb97622345907b1ab9b71153….png)


Big question to Gookanon or any other gook on the website, are the Megalias the fruit of (((the usual suspects)), the Norks or did they just spring out of the govt/Samsung coalition?

bb6673  No.16342990

I'm sick of China. I want my skeletons back in vidya god damnit.

46fb86  No.16342991



He's talking about the insane feminist cult that until Park's ousting were controlling the South Korean state from the shadows.

Seriously, her aunt or mother or whatever was in the cult.

c7e85e  No.16342992


interesting "from the shadows"

46fb86  No.16342995


Yes, it came out that Park was corrupt as fuck and involved her aunt/mom (I can't remember, this happened years ago now) in all her policy decision-making, who was known to be absolutely batshit insane. Then she was ousted, to South Korea's credit.

bdd9d8  No.16343001


more on that, they're basically what >>16342991

said which currently is dominant force in the south korean government

one of the things that they do is that they send their women to play online games and spam and report EVERY SINGLE KOREAN MAN just for not being one of them until all of them stop having fun and quit the game for good

because they hate men… except black men who they love and want to get impregnated by((no kidding((

and they also don't hate one of the male higher-ups in their political structure, go figure

968714  No.16343002


>WoW is now dead

Has been for years, 99% of the players are bots and chinese gold farmers.

bdd9d8  No.16343003


>)) i thought those were asterisks for some reason; I must not be wide-awake yet

46fb86  No.16343004


Do they really still have a say after Park and her pet hag were kicked out?

718a11  No.16343007

File: 76658ea7e4cc9ba⋯.jpg (35.74 KB, 777x704, 777:704, 76658ea7e4cc9ba05f160e778c….jpg)


How would you design an all-skeleton MMO?

bdd9d8  No.16343008


im not gookanon, thats just what I've read on /pol/

3efc40  No.16343009


>try redoing a huge amount of artwork just for China

You never saw chinese wrath of the lich king did you?

968714  No.16343015


Korea is a test-bed for zionist-american psyops. Expect the same shit to happen in the usa in the next 5 years.

46fb86  No.16343016


I wouldn't be surprised. Park had to get elected somehow.

They also do the whole period blood and abortion fetishism thing. Real stand-up group of gals.


Can't say that I have, I only fucked around on Burning Crusade private servers with friends and never played the game when it was new. I've never touched an inch of Lich King content.

3efc40  No.16343022


Chinas ancestor worship laws forbid the use of bones in media as a extreme form of gross profanity. So shit was extremely edited which took a lot of time. Caclysm then redid the old world and was a massive slog so after heavy editing for china, heavy editing for everyone pandaria was made as something safe to ship everywhere without creating a lot. Its why so many of pandarias models were recycled stuff with new things tacked on.

bb6673  No.16343028


Not sure, but if a game like that existed I would never be bonely

9b78c3  No.16343042

File: 8233aed8dfe9357⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 703x498, 703:498, b0j1aag43j821.jpg)


That's cause most players left once Wrath ended and ever since then the game has been on a downward slope which it has yet to recover from even after 8 years. The only thing keeping this shit from dying off fast is the amount of investment and nostalgia this game holds over it's audience.

3efc40  No.16343044


Last census i saw put EU and US player numbers combined at 700k and falling. Boy did they stop announcing those sub numbers for a reason. I think FFXIV wavers between 350-800l based on content drops.

9b78c3  No.16343056

File: f3373261f941bf1⋯.png (28.11 KB, 877x459, 877:459, afasfsf.png)


Only counting those that got the "dress-up Raubahn" mount from the 4.1 storyline, the number is near 600k. But not counting that, they have around 15 million characters across all regions. But if you go ingame you'll find most regions filled with players, so the 'active player count' is prob around the 2 mill mark across all regions.

faa250  No.16343065


Yeah, they literally want a game where there paycheck directly translates into power and advantage, instead of effort and coordination. Just whip out the money and progress super fast and lord it over everyone else

55179b  No.16343097

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Reminder that blizzard expressed support for megalians (The d.v.a orginisation), watch from 2158s if the timestamp doesnt work.Reminder that hillary, park and merkel attended the same university at one point in their lives

2fc098  No.16343109

>World of Warcraft still exists

I never played it but I feel it should've died a long time ago already.

3efc40  No.16343118


Its whales are the only thing keeping Blizzard in the black.

>Diablo is dead and makes no income

>Same for Starcraft

>Hearthstone is dying, devs jumped ship, its not even mentioned in shareholder calls anymore and surveys are being sent out to every whale market like brazil and korea asking if they would pay for a battlepass for it to try and make any money before its userbase collapses

>They straight up gave up on Heros of the Storm its so dead and making no money

>Overwatch tried to push the whopper button and go full esports, pushed their turbo casual lootbox buying audience away and shocker nobody gives a fuck about mario party: the shooter as an esport

>World of Warcraft is down to 700,000 players in the west or less but the over 50 obese shut in mutt has sunk so much time, money and sense of self worth by brand association into this shit that they literally will play till the day insuline cannot stave off the reaper anymore.

and they have nothing coming in the future but a diablo mobile game made by tencent for china that might be getting band because blizzards pro diversity virtue signalling is anti communist from chinas perspective and the ministry of culture might ban it.

If you see a Diablo Immortal PC port you know the company is in deep shit. Till then WoW has a sub and a cash shop and 700k is still 10.5 million dollars a month before cash shop horseshit.

640ec0  No.16343133


I heard that SC2 got a semicomeback because of lack of RTS games. Is that true? Anyway i expect Diablo 2 remaster, WC4 and mobile games based on all their games before Blizzard folds.

640ec0  No.16343137


I quit Hearthstone after playing for 2 years because it got too expensive and the game got too shallow. Now i play Eternal (played since beta with only 1 break) and some other card games. Used to play Shadowverse and TES legends for a short while but Eternal is better. Faeria is also fun.

65e36d  No.16343143

File: 3b8c86465622766⋯.jpg (10.06 KB, 193x262, 193:262, spotack.jpg)


>LotV launched in 2015

>mfw it`s been 4 years since the RTS genre died and nothing of worth has come out since

Just like MMOs it looks like the genre is curse, does everything that Blizzard touch dies? Does this mean hack`m slash and arena shooters are dead also?

3efc40  No.16343145


No not remotely. After all the pros dropped it, it bombed in korea and the story ending with Kerrigan literally turning into a god angel made of fire to end of evangelion the bad guys and make every planet alive and good forever even the casual players dropped it.

They tried to make a paid battlepass thing but if bombed hard. The game is dead as dicks.

3e6792  No.16343147

>spend all your time and money pandering to bugmen while abandoning your original base

>they either drop you or ban you outright


Friendly reminder Blizzard was founded by a kike and he jumped ship last year because he saw this coming. In fact I'd be willing to bet he planned it.

6f5e9a  No.16343154

File: a4d0aa0eae25a9a⋯.gif (3.56 MB, 256x188, 64:47, minus_20_social_credit.gif)


Friendly reminder that Blizzard just like Bioware were never good, mediocre at best.

3e6792  No.16343155


Lost Vikings and Warcraft 2 were legitimately good.

bcdb38  No.16343159


They had to invent a law to make forming shadow governments around a cult illegal. Pretty surreal stuff.

1f3591  No.16343160

>video games bend over backwards for China again

When will it stop?

8a33e4  No.16343161


supreme commander forged alliance is still active.

old C&C games are pretty active still both c&c online and openra.

war3tft can get a 24 player room to play custom games.

ages of empires has active online as well

and some of these games are being worked on like some C&C modded version games which adds new factions units etc

3e6792  No.16343164


I don't think a new law is going to stop people who never bother to follow them in the first place.

65e36d  No.16343167

File: 0a7bea7f64a9348⋯.jpg (12.38 KB, 221x228, 221:228, fag.jpg)


Don`t pretend you didn`t understand me, I am talking about a competitive, large learning curve, APM intensive game built on a modern engine. All you listed are fun and challenge games, but they don`t have what it takes to be the next Brood War.

c0ff65  No.16343169


Never. China's business laws are predatory as fuck, but shareholders want the market of 1.4 billion bugmen so badly, they'll do anything to get it. It only gets worse from here.

bd1f75  No.16343179

File: b4b7c113691bd16⋯.png (3.23 MB, 2332x6534, 106:297, retards will believe anyth….png)


There is no le spooky shadow cult you dumb nigger

You faggots will believe anything

3e6792  No.16343181

Don't even respond to it.

3a1070  No.16343184


It’s a virtue signaling farce, basically it says we hear the people so we made this law that everyone agrees on but won’t actually stop anything.

3e6792  No.16343185

That one either.

bd1f75  No.16343186


But making fun of amerimutts who believe anything they read on a chan is hilarious

55179b  No.16343187


Glow in the dark

640ec0  No.16343188


WC3 were also good. SC2 is also a good game gameplay wise, a retarded story dont make the whole game bad. There are still many games left for Blizzard to make that i think will all do well

>Overwatch Royale. Just make it standalone and rework the heroes a bit so that they fit more into a BR

>Overwatch Mobile (look up Ace Force by Tencent to get an idea what it would play like)

>HotS mobile. Game seems like a game that would do well on mobile

>SC2 mobile (the fact that WC still have a big fanbase and the fact that an RTS dont take as much work as a MMORPG means that it would print mothat is based on Desert Strike (Art of War Red Tides is basically that)

>Diablo 4 (i am sure that will come out someday)

>WC4 (would print money as well)

>D2 remaster (there are no doubt that this will come out very soon compared of other games in the list)

How many of those do you think are likely?

55179b  No.16343191

And right before my reply goes through he exposes himself even more, nothing to see here folks. Just a regular anon here to educate us :^)

3e6792  No.16343193


Warcraft 4, if it ever even gets made, would be complete fucking garbage filled with microtransactions.

3a1070  No.16343194


It’s a feminist organization that wants to kill men dead, that has high ranking members in goverment positions who pass ludicrous laws to make life miserable for everyone else.

So that makes it a cult that runs the country.

918512  No.16343196




Take your meds, seriously

bd1f75  No.16343198


Gonna need some proof of that my tinfoil hat wearing friend

640ec0  No.16343203


99% sure that they will have cosmetic loot boxes like OW. I dont expect p2w however since not even current Blizzard would make a RTS p2w.

3e6792  No.16343208


It doesn't matter if it's pay to win or not. The moment they put that shit in there the entire game stops being about playing matches to win or lose and starts being about logging in daily for some stupid currency to buy stupid shit. The actual game part becomes secondary.

640ec0  No.16343209


I forgot WoW mobile. There are games like MT4 (called Era of Legends in the west) Crusaders of Light and some other WoW clones that earn shitton of money in China. I expect WoW mobile to come soonish as well.

c27f43  No.16343217



A lot of the gookanon's posts are bullshit, but the part about a cult controlling the president was actually true. Here, have kikepedia article on it - that should be "tinfoil-free" enough for you


3a1070  No.16343218


Holy shit your fucking sources are bad too,

>Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

has the Korean form of women as in women equality. So it’s actually about women only.

>Korea gaming law unconstitutional

The fuck are you talking about it was ruled constitutional in 2014. And people are still getting arrested if they mod their games

What kinda of fucking imbecile are you?

bd1f75  No.16343221


Not a single mention of a cult


여성 stems from the hanja 如 which means equal, so no it doesn't mean women but equal

No one's getting arrested and it was ruled unconstitutional. Would love to see some source to back up your bullshit

Great to see you drooling retards will believe anything on the internet and when provided with evidence that you're wrong, will just sperg out.

9b78c3  No.16343224

File: e77eaf3e7476fc2⋯.png (838.55 KB, 1636x441, 1636:441, twitch bias.png)


>Its whales are the only thing keeping Blizzard in the black.

Not just the whales, anon. There are many companies out there that hold a huge bias on games and twitch is one of them. Not only that, the game is holding a monopoly over noobs to the genre as well since it's now the first mmo people hear about even though its far one. It only became popular due to marketing and because the company had a massive fanbase that never really played MMOs before and only jumped on because it was a "warcraft" IP.

>WoW released on 11/23/04 and was originally called an "everquest clone" back then.

>Runescape release on 03/29/04 and was quite popular with the young demographic.

>EVE Online released on 05/06/03 and is still thee most popular spaceship mmorpg.

>Everquest released on 03/16/99 and was the original 'groundbreaking' and 'hardcore' mmorpg

>Meridian 59 released on 06/06/96 and is the first 3D mmorpg that defined the whole genre.

<go to twitch and see this.

90c021  No.16343230

File: 5d7644f6d85c5c8⋯.jpg (153.03 KB, 604x604, 1:1, 1452029554982.jpg)


Fuck WoW for ruining both the genre and the players.

The average MMOfag thinks MMO = dungeons and raids and the only class system is tank/damage/heals.

3e6792  No.16343236


I certainly do get a kick out of WoWfags trying to tell people the game used to have a good community. WoW was THE game that made me start to hate online gaming because it was like wading through a sea of retards, children and posers who don't actually want to be there but pretend to care because it's the hip thing to do now.

bd1f75  No.16343237


oh sorry but yeah Choi was part of a cult but there's no le spooky female only cult controlling SKorea then or now

c27f43  No.16343243


Maybe because the article is brief as fuck? Even then, it mentions:

>"Choi at that time claimed that the shamanic leader can channel communication to her dead mother. Choi Soon-sil is alleged for dictating or at the least influencing her decisions on everything from President Park's handbags to state affairs."

Here's further reading on it if you're interested:


90c021  No.16343246


The only people who thought WoW was good were people who never played MMOs before.

bd1f75  No.16343250


Yes there was a cult involved but there is no le spooky female only feminist cult controlling SKorea then or now

1d935a  No.16343253

File: 5aeffa84f649c35⋯.gif (821.08 KB, 607x609, 607:609, 2450819.gif)


At least they are fighting white supremacy by banning the ok symbol

a4e131  No.16343255

File: ab0730a21880b3b⋯.png (70.62 KB, 400x1200, 1:3, lord skelington.png)


That would be quite the undertaking, no bones about it.

3e6792  No.16343257


I liked the UI and general controls but hated everything else. If I could play FFXI with WoW's controls and with a continuous overworld I think I'd be completely satisfied.

c27f43  No.16343258


Yeah, as I said, a lot of what he said was bullshit, but the president did get controlled

bd1f75  No.16343260


So we are in agreement, sorry I didn't read your post right the first time.

3a1070  No.16343266



That’s not the Hanja you retard the Hanja is 女性家族部. Which in the most literal fuckin term means “female gender family equality ministry”

Stop pulling shit out your ass.


Here’s the law that seemingly still exists in 2017


And here’s some people getting arrested. Now fuck off with your false information and lies.

90c021  No.16343274


The only reason FFXI had such a shitty UI was because it had to be playable on PS2 imo.

3e6792  No.16343278


I really don't mind the UI in that game but the forced delay, the targetting and lack on any kind of advanced movement kills it for me.

bd1f75  No.16343280


It's called the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, look up the site.

Love how you can't refute that.



Good work


“manufacturing and distributing of programs that are not allowed by the game company and its terms of service,”

Do you read the shit you post?

3a1070  No.16343295


>can’t refute it

Are legitimally retarded or do you not know what the fuck you’re talking about because it seems like a mixture of both.

>doesn’t work


>no ones getting arrested for modding games

>Posts evidence that you will

>games are serious business they should be arrested if they don’t suck corporate cock.

Yeah nice goal post moving you sure showed me.

bd1f75  No.16343301


>modding games

>just like selling hacks

So you're fucking retarded, thanks for wasting my time. Filtered.

3a1070  No.16343321


What’s to refute the meaning of words?

女 means women unless you’re retarded that’s what it mean.

>shutdown law set to expire

The original post said you needed to put your social security number if you wanted to play online the dumb fuck said no you didn’t and it was ruled unconstitutional when it was actually upheld.

You yourself just admitted that the law is still ongoing but I’m the retarded one the fuck are you smoking.

>he neglects to mention that said law carries over to mods and private servers

The hacks aren’t the only thing about the law you jackass it covers a variety of normal shit like mods too I didn’t think I needed to spell it for you but it’s clear you’re being disengious.


Ah jumping on vpns.

46fb86  No.16343369


I knew about the Undead racial model edits and figured there had to be a ton of enemies and environment props which looked similar. I'm sure WotLK added even more "problematic" content for China.


>If I say nigger people will believe me over dozens of news articles from independent sources


57c010  No.16343597

File: c26b157ba84b7dc⋯.png (105.19 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>What’s to refute the meaning of words?

>女 means women unless you’re retarded that’s what it mean.

You know you could have just provided a source that would have shut him up. Like copying the character into any online translator, or just displaying a site that lists what the character for "woman" is: http://www.wearyourchinesename.com/chinese-symbols/chinese-symbols-w/chinese-symbol-for-woman.html

57c010  No.16343613

File: 17f6a68ffc1724a⋯.png (110.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fdba407664d2219⋯.png (131.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>여성 stems from the hanja 如 which means equal

<No, it doesn't

57c010  No.16343654

File: 8a7e76b6e081780⋯.png (90.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c8b5618768e1677⋯.png (98.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c34d3e940ac9bf0⋯.png (96.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 492dea690ab14ac⋯.png (89.04 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

One last point to prove: https://archive.fo/WGWi9


>The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (Hangul: 여성가족부; Hanja: 女性家族部, abbreviated to MOGEF) or the Ministry of Gender Equality (여성부, 女性部) is a cabinet-level division of the government of South Korea. It was created on February 28, 1998 as the Presidential Commission on Women's Affairs. The current Ministry was formed on January 29, 2001.


<Bing: Female Ministry Welfare

<Google: Ministry of Gender Equality


<Bing: Female Family Department

<Google: Female family department


<Bing: Gender Equality Ministry

<Google: Women's Department


<Bing: Women's Department

<Google: Female department

Does anything else need to be said?

273767  No.16343656


>posts a "refutation"

>Outright lies and ignores 90% of what was said.

based retard

228211  No.16343676


>i don't believe this

>look it up

>it's real

i have no words

57c010  No.16343689

File: 2b9d7c47c828cc2⋯.png (108.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Also, you can blame this organizations as the reason why Korean gaming is shit:

>On November 2011, the ministry enforced a System of forced shutdown of teenage gaming (청소년 게임 강제 셧다운제도), which has been involved in heavy controversy. The law has been criticized as being ineffective, encouraging teenagers to commit the crime of using their parents' resident registration number, and restricting the production of domestic games.

3e6792  No.16343695


>On November 2011

Oh hey, right around the time competitive SC2 died. What a coincidence.

3a1070  No.16343709



It was so obvious to me so i didn’t think about it.

Kinda like explaining the English word women, it’s so obvious that stopping to explain it just doesn’t register to a normal person.

Half of the thing he posts about is wrong, I only knew it because I have a gook friend not related from 8chan who hates Korea. The ministry of women being one of the more obvious lies to anyone who knows gook, chink, or jap.

The second would be the law being unconstitutional which I knew was a lie because of a recent video on mmorpg private server fiasco where people were arrested but then released after they paid a fine.

I just couldn’t find a video and was waiting for my korean friend to wake up. But it became clear that the anon i was arguing with was just goal post moving.

19c57f  No.16343714

Before this thread I never knew that there was a Korea internet defense force. Great honouru to your ancestors, noble internet soldier.

3e6792  No.16343717


There really isn't, at least not for Korea specifically. It's just /intl/ and /leftypol/ covering for their corporate masters like always.

cba01f  No.16343720


east asians are really into cults. Chyna has a cult that even goes to other countries to spread their propaganda in addition to china sending spies to spread their propaganda. Japan has had some issues with cults but there's still a few crazy ones around.

eb4e2a  No.16343730

File: dd5557e84dc6b2d⋯.webm (178.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Ming Kek.webm)

File: c6febe0f66aec9e⋯.png (262.32 KB, 718x489, 718:489, Roaring revenge.png)

File: cb9eed53925b42f⋯.webm (443.59 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Ninja kek.webm)

Oh, this just keeps on getting better and better: https://archive.fo/fQwrq (English translation)

https://archive.fo/jQVdt (Original)


>The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (abbreviation: Leisure Department, MOGEF) is responsible for planning and integrating women's policies, promoting positions such as promoting women's rights



>Since the launch of the Ministry of Gender Equality, there has been no criticism of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family around the Internet. In the early days of the launch of the Ministry of Gender Equality, many of the controversies were triggered by unfounded rhetoric. However, after the Youth Protection Committee ( Youth Protection Committee ) was transferred to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, It is getting bigger.

>In addition, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family was aiming to protect the human rights of women, but it was also a criticism against the powerful sex crimes such as Yoon Chang - jung and the silent conscience of Japanese comfort women.

Decided to through this part through Bing because I didn't think they'd be this blatant:

>Since the launch of the Gender equality Ministry, criticism of the ministry welfare of Women around the internet has never been so constant, and it is linked to the gender equality Ministry's Sonlung theory. The early controversy of the gender equality Ministry was sparked by a baseless hearsay, but after the Youth Protection Committee (Juvenile Protection Commission) was established in the Women's ministry welfare, criticism of the policy, such as "juvenile hazard media" deliberation and "computer games," is growing.

>In addition, the purpose of the Ministry welfare was to protect the human rights of women, but in the case of power-type sex offenses such as the events of the troll, or the comfort of the Japanese woman, I was in silence, the criticism of the hard to understand a consistent diplomacy.

907734  No.16343769


That's true, but the cult was not feminist. It was some "talk to the dead" bullshit, the female cult leader got the hooks into the prime minister when she was very young and her father was still in power. They wrote her speeches, which is why so much of what she said sounded like complete nonsense, and made her wear ugly, cheap clothes they had her pay a fortune for.

The whole thing came to light when the cult leader tried to use the prime minister to get her daughter into some prestigious school for rich girls.

Still, pretty scary that such a batshit insane cunt and her puppet were in control of a country that could have easily led to war with China.


>Japan has had some issues with cults

Issues like making chemical and biological weapons and using them on a subway. After that Japan came down hard on cults to make sure nothing like that happens ever again.

Also, the crazy fuck responsible for the sarin attack was killed a few years ago finally.


Korean gaming was always shit. Even chinks at least made a few neat demakes for the NES and a bunch of RPGs. Korea has made fuckall in terms of games.

8521a5  No.16344018


The world is a fuck, and everyone died. Hundreds of thousands of years afterward, a necromantic god has turned his eye toward earth however, and has used his necrojesus powers to resurrect the entire planet.

8775de  No.16344052

>>16342952 (OP)

What city even is that? It doesn't look like Orgrimmar or Stormwind to me. All the other cities are usually ghost towns, even when the game is popular.


>Blood Elves to appeal to korea

Blood elves appealed to a hell of a lot more than just Korea. They appealed to every underage faggot who wanted an attractive horde character.

626cda  No.16344054


I think it's Bolarus or something like that. A new Alliance hub city for BfA in Kul Tiras.

41ef66  No.16344068



>Holy shit your fucking sources are bad too,

What Sources its literally just believe me bro. Not a single archive or website.

This is what sources look like >>16343597

>Blue Text states that the picture is about Gangnam Station shit

Gook anon says the pictures are Gangam Station shit.

Anon did not even read the pics he posted.

>Im not even going to bother

Well thats clearly a good sign of things to come.

<Red Text stating that the ministry of women is a lie

<It's actually called the ministry of family and gender equality

>>16343654 shows you're wrong or don't know korean.

>Orange Text Shutdown law ruled to be against constitution in 2012

No sources given, but a single google search shows that the law is still in effect


if you read kotaku though you might be under the impression it was unconstitutional


>Green text talks about things not related to pic.

cigarette taxs are to get people to stop smoking. Do you not know how censorship and taxes sometimes go hand in hand?

>Blue text complains that Gook Anon is a/pol/ facist when he cries that his country is being taken over by facists

Well baited. I can't believe i wasted my time on this.

3e6792  No.16344103

>/intl/ puts on it's really bad /pol/ mask again

It would be a bit more funny if not easily predicted.

334fac  No.16344104

File: 78ed3ede5859c62⋯.jpg (45.7 KB, 600x373, 600:373, korean surgery.jpg)

They should give out those monthly free trials at surgery places.

3e6792  No.16344110

File: 8b7775ab42c9c51⋯.png (21.59 KB, 127x219, 127:219, 24 years in mspaint.png)


>be gook

>get surgery

>can't afford the cost

>forced into indentured servitude of gold farming and shilling for Blizzard products for the rest of my life

53fdb7  No.16344144



Anon, plz. C’mon, anon. They had the choice to not be a materialistic savage by not getting the surgery.

3e6792  No.16344157


This completely made up and totally not plausible scenario isn't restricted to just cosmetic surgery.

45665c  No.16344167

File: 34082294f073a36⋯.jpg (158.25 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 69021250_p4.jpg)


F for best panda.

fa35b6  No.16344209

File: 9b9f26dd91e639c⋯.gif (483.14 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Dont cry for me, I'm alrea….gif)

255c9c  No.16344215

File: c7844a618487ffe⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 688.84 KB, 1250x832, 625:416, c7844a618487ffe1a0bdb44b86….png)

File: d2dd73065903a85⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 704.73 KB, 1250x832, 625:416, d2dd73065903a85ec0505f4544….png)

File: a1b4b670c776914⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 659.68 KB, 1250x832, 625:416, a1b4b670c776914777e5202a90….png)

File: 301f261509117cf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 702.13 KB, 1250x832, 625:416, 301f261509117cf7af355b3a2a….png)

130869  No.16344217

File: 4a692ee7127e84a⋯.png (695.44 KB, 994x738, 497:369, 7195ED9B-783A-422D-AD74-60….png)


I’ll cap to her in memorial tonight. Though not like being from a dead game/series has stopped people before.

c23ae5  No.16344283


>Blood Elves to appeal to korea

Huh? Blood elves were to give the horde a pretty race.

7be8ca  No.16344426


If it's like Japanese, it doesn't actually mean "woman", it means "female human".

130869  No.16344446


What exactly is the difference?

41ef66  No.16344456


There is no difference.

女 is female

人 is human

Literally it means female human

Together as 女人 it means women.

Kinda like how faggot can mean different things

3efc40  No.16344461


Yeah, otherwise the asian servers would be all alliance in a binary faction set up for pvp. Do you see the problem there?

7be8ca  No.16344463


It doesn't necessarily imply maturity.


a 10 year old girl

If you insist that 女 must always be translated as "woman", then it would be "10 year old woman child", which makes no sense in English. Women are mature, not children. Ergo, clearly 女 does not mean woman. A newborn baby could be described as 女.

However, 女 cannot be used to apply to non-human animals. Thus, the words is really nothing like any singular word in English semantically.

c23ae5  No.16344465


>it doesn't count if blizz doesn't make it

e5cbc0  No.16344466


Wasn't there also something with being reported IRL for something done in game? Since you have your real ID linked to internet accounts over there?

181a54  No.16344470

File: 1538fbcaadd2555⋯.png (518.89 KB, 680x515, 136:103, OSRS.png)

>Runescape will outlive WoW

What a time to be alive.

96894b  No.16344508

>the Megalian IDF is out in full force ITT


9b78c3  No.16344510

File: bd98ee36791ff0f⋯.png (29.71 KB, 208x193, 208:193, realm online players.png)


at this rate even The Realm Online (released in 96) will outlive WoW and their pop count is low asf.

c27f43  No.16344533


just goes to show you shouldn't believe every shitpost you see. ALthough I have to give the gook some credit, working bits that were actually true into the story made him look a lot more convincing than usual bullshit

3e6792  No.16344571



Just let this remind you and anyone else reading that the whole "it needs millions of subscrubers ;DD" meme is manufactured and forced to trick dumbasses into overinvesting. FFXI had barely 500k subscribers at its peak and it made more money than FF7.

41ef66  No.16344576


Gook never said that Park was megalia controlled only that she was corrupt and taking orders from a female cult leader that indoctrinated her in her youth.

57c010  No.16344589


Yeah, looking back through screencaps, he only said that Megalians were just outrageously insane Park supporters. I can dump my folder, though it's a bit unorganized, and there are some duplicates.

41ef66  No.16344646


go ahead i can use a laugh.

bdd9d8  No.16344655


even with cutscenes everywhere, duty finder existing, and your character being the main character as opposed to everybody else playing the game?

bdd9d8  No.16344657

File: 376eeaab1db40fd⋯.jpg (40.72 KB, 796x498, 398:249, plastic surgery.jpg)

3e6792  No.16344660


Is this the 5th time this week someone misread FFXI as FFXIV in one of my posts or did they actually add a duty finder to the game? I haven't played it since 05.

41ef66  No.16344668


yea they did, i just started last month and i enjoy it immensely.

57c010  No.16344672

File: 2948146e37b948c⋯.jpg (170.34 KB, 1200x570, 40:19, _Daughters_Of_Megalia_Anti….jpg)

File: 4694097eb99bbec⋯.png (163.6 KB, 966x810, 161:135, _Daughters_of_Megalia_Huff….png)

File: 84c038b12306c7b⋯.png (87.07 KB, 971x255, 971:255, _Daughters_of_Megalia_Medi….png)

File: 77aa10531def0f4⋯.png (587.92 KB, 1794x812, 897:406, _Daughters_of_Megalia_Nexo….png)

File: 0693c52c67e1ff9⋯.png (173.44 KB, 1791x344, 1791:344, _Daughters_of_Megalia_Oper….png)



57c010  No.16344674

File: a7ca99f74e97d03⋯.png (234.16 KB, 1470x749, 210:107, 001 (5).png)

File: 70792a0abcc3bbc⋯.png (210.09 KB, 963x658, 963:658, 16-10-27.png)

File: 2c3a11a39b98f6c⋯.png (232.57 KB, 1467x899, 1467:899, 16-10-30.png)

File: dddf8ec055b67bf⋯.png (603.87 KB, 1096x1114, 548:557, 16-11-06.png)

File: 3cf560ce53684d3⋯.png (307.33 KB, 1591x877, 1591:877, 16-11-20.png)

41ef66  No.16344675


quick warning though duty finder is a bitch if you're playing dps, i dont about healers but on average it can take up to 18 mins to find a party if you're dps. Tank is 5 minutes maximum.

57c010  No.16344677

File: 49c40150b7a9005⋯.png (132.25 KB, 1082x369, 1082:369, 16-11-25.png)

File: ee7b998ba19e0f2⋯.png (55.14 KB, 685x232, 685:232, 16-12-9.png)

File: dc7dfb5dad200ea⋯.png (240.99 KB, 1813x1040, 1813:1040, 16-12-10.png)

File: 068d75c0b7e2eb7⋯.png (118.82 KB, 1052x359, 1052:359, 16-12-20.png)

File: 01a9ceb58b18809⋯.png (643.7 KB, 1763x1631, 1763:1631, 17-1-15 (3).png)

57c010  No.16344678

File: 79fb8681f36deaf⋯.png (282.68 KB, 1534x1046, 767:523, 17-1-23.png)

File: a4caab081784e7d⋯.png (139.7 KB, 1465x381, 1465:381, 17-1-29_Part1.png)

File: f083eaf71f513f7⋯.png (300.77 KB, 1836x972, 17:9, 17-1-29_Part2.png)

File: c040620d6388fd4⋯.png (590.3 KB, 1836x2284, 459:571, 17-2-19.png)

File: 3d6190154afba66⋯.png (353.75 KB, 1836x1088, 27:16, 17-2-24_Part1.png)

57c010  No.16344680

File: 635dbd715260b69⋯.png (322.27 KB, 996x1575, 332:525, 17-2-24_Part2 (3).png)

File: 723f88cc53a4b1c⋯.png (461.66 KB, 1754x2254, 877:1127, 17-2-24_Part2.png)

File: 8ff2bfc6a407aa7⋯.png (428.05 KB, 1506x2371, 1506:2371, 17-3-3.png)

File: f82be44e9d3e7f0⋯.png (81.37 KB, 1508x290, 26:5, 17-3-5.png)

File: dfdaffbada84a74⋯.png (192.89 KB, 1788x583, 1788:583, 17-3-7_Part1.png)

57c010  No.16344681

File: 4ff3d21890a404b⋯.png (148.52 KB, 1788x501, 596:167, 17-3-7_Part2.png)

File: 19d20ef49553a9a⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1789x3860, 1789:3860, 17-3-12.png)

File: b9487bda847a503⋯.png (106.05 KB, 1490x334, 745:167, 17-3-16 (2).png)

File: 477d9ba9e2b328c⋯.png (119.95 KB, 1490x334, 745:167, 17-3-16.png)

File: ed8872560eed44c⋯.png (76.37 KB, 1788x192, 149:16, 17-3-22.png)

57c010  No.16344683

File: 3121566677f3ceb⋯.png (437.17 KB, 960x829, 960:829, 17-3-22_Part2.png)

File: 48fe731a4a60207⋯.png (140.3 KB, 1788x333, 596:111, 17-3-23.png)

File: 91f7cf7411fe2c4⋯.png (176.42 KB, 1788x559, 1788:559, 17-3-27.png)

File: 50c9c73250e1ca2⋯.png (292.2 KB, 1788x344, 447:86, 17-3-29.png)

File: 8f0e03a5d7221a2⋯.png (202.38 KB, 1429x270, 1429:270, 17-3-31_Part1.png)

57c010  No.16344684

File: b9fce33a00e3909⋯.png (254.99 KB, 1788x481, 1788:481, 17-3-31_Part2.png)

File: 1a68f8342eb9265⋯.png (237.64 KB, 1459x1043, 1459:1043, 17-4-5.png)

File: 771e0bd306e38fb⋯.png (253.66 KB, 1220x1210, 122:121, 17-4-10.png)

File: 8637aafcad91c2d⋯.png (120.35 KB, 691x515, 691:515, 17-4-11.png)

File: b1e715b613be5d3⋯.png (188.61 KB, 868x973, 124:139, 17-4-17.png)

57c010  No.16344686

File: b5e99695955bef0⋯.png (170.2 KB, 927x747, 103:83, 17-4-24.png)

File: 2fd2e296a8a049f⋯.png (116.03 KB, 870x514, 435:257, 17-4-28.png)

File: 79bdca618b920d9⋯.png (174.58 KB, 979x671, 89:61, 17-5-2.png)

File: ca6e71ed15f24b0⋯.png (203.26 KB, 870x982, 435:491, 17-5-4.png)

File: 22cf2b1e3ded4c8⋯.png (160.85 KB, 870x848, 435:424, 17-5-6.png)

57c010  No.16344688

File: 5a3a526637fb9cc⋯.png (191.16 KB, 870x892, 435:446, 17-5-11.png)

File: 1e334f2fb83efd8⋯.png (540.53 KB, 918x2100, 153:350, 17-5-30.png)

File: 6407300f03fd828⋯.png (159.05 KB, 784x360, 98:45, 17-7-12.png)

File: 5b7563f3b5b915a⋯.png (940.37 KB, 1783x3599, 1783:3599, 17-7-16.png)

File: ff7295ece622a80⋯.png (66.89 KB, 869x236, 869:236, 17-8-25.png)

57c010  No.16344690

File: 08385f63c3cc413⋯.png (244.91 KB, 869x1373, 869:1373, 17-9-22.png)

File: 71f061739c09c11⋯.png (264.13 KB, 869x1249, 869:1249, 17-10-18.png)

File: b84a6099ff3b7c0⋯.png (345.66 KB, 917x1341, 917:1341, 17-10-18_nonupdate.png)

File: 15ec1a99c1b781c⋯.png (102.87 KB, 869x650, 869:650, 18-7-23.png)

File: baf3eef63646cf5⋯.png (276.71 KB, 914x1299, 914:1299, 18-10-29.png)

57c010  No.16344691

File: c0dd90dbc1bd74d⋯.png (135.7 KB, 1529x506, 139:46, 38 May 23 18.png)

File: e27c58db2b48d79⋯.png (124.83 KB, 1798x342, 899:171, 39 June 12 18.png)

File: 2683399626686c5⋯.png (391.24 KB, 1795x687, 1795:687, 41 June 14 18 Elections.png)

File: f78843512f0f052⋯.png (150.2 KB, 1796x484, 449:121, 42 July 10 18 Korean MeToo.png)

File: f67752182287d0c⋯.png (150.98 KB, 1804x526, 902:263, 43 July 21 18.png)

57c010  No.16344693

File: 566b184d7d0ce8a⋯.png (1.01 MB, 836x6764, 11:89, 566b184d7d0ce8a0b2cf3529bd….png)

File: 375b93a01956e35⋯.png (1.72 MB, 965x2989, 965:2989, 2018-07-08.png)

File: 8debe44d8878e88⋯.png (649.74 KB, 1251x1498, 1251:1498, 2018-08-06_23-48-33.png)

File: 36142d80c606d56⋯.png (169.35 KB, 1255x566, 1255:566, 36142d80c606d564e32801fd4f….png)

File: 1d4a41813667f67⋯.png (1.52 MB, 1185x2691, 395:897, 41696a8e708b4ffd828d8f7383….png)

57c010  No.16344696

File: 042db2581055028⋯.png (544.37 KB, 1280x2144, 40:67, butwait 14746581.png)

File: 259428fed66af95⋯.png (52.73 KB, 1293x320, 1293:320, Daughters_Of_Megalia_1.png)

File: 2758fead91add10⋯.png (57.4 KB, 1287x377, 99:29, Daughters_Of_Megalia_2_Nex….png)

File: aa939e172bccc4f⋯.png (58.56 KB, 1297x451, 1297:451, Daughters_Of_Megalia_3.png)

File: 795e4357b9611d3⋯.png (48.49 KB, 1291x344, 1291:344, Daughters_of_Megalia_4.png)

57c010  No.16344698

File: 9b8605795cc1317⋯.png (654.61 KB, 948x1519, 948:1519, fe8a9a7bc2d40a96058635a99b….png)

File: 45bed382806d5dd⋯.png (250 KB, 936x594, 52:33, Gook comes out of the clos….png)

File: d87b3e03c45b506⋯.png (560.79 KB, 1317x1378, 1317:1378, gookanon_about_korea_and_j….png)

File: 91fdbe326817d3c⋯.png (456.68 KB, 991x987, 991:987, gookanon_esports_cheating.png)

File: c92b3453c008c5f⋯.png (249.62 KB, 991x740, 991:740, gookanon_lynchings.png)

57c010  No.16344699

File: 6bfca5837ad8cb7⋯.jpg (255.73 KB, 1242x596, 621:298, gookanon_on_South_Korean_S….JPG)

File: c6c071ebdda73ec⋯.png (616.45 KB, 1784x785, 1784:785, Gookanon's_triumph.PNG)

File: e5a9a8634890778⋯.png (323.03 KB, 1789x793, 1789:793, IMG_0129.PNG)

File: a7444ddce990ca2⋯.png (48.38 KB, 1789x613, 1789:613, IMG_0130.PNG)

File: 16bba481615fe05⋯.png (147.92 KB, 799x491, 799:491, IMG_0375.PNG)

57c010  No.16344700

File: c7ce559c89f5d1e⋯.jpg (2.34 MB, 1552x7337, 1552:7337, IMG_0388.JPG)

File: 4def34ba95c23dc⋯.png (3.29 MB, 1775x6949, 1775:6949, IMG_0389.PNG)

File: ff6a9cfdf2f2c7c⋯.png (112.08 KB, 914x1168, 457:584, IMG_0762.PNG)

File: fec5b946990bafa⋯.png (85.26 KB, 965x371, 965:371, IMG_0763.PNG)

File: b99caa5e2c75ebb⋯.png (149.07 KB, 1433x396, 1433:396, Japan_and_South_Korea.png)

57c010  No.16344702

File: d486f80cc8d1d03⋯.png (968.17 KB, 1184x1108, 296:277, Rothchild Connection 1.png)

File: 6f061f0c3a69b01⋯.png (229.53 KB, 772x535, 772:535, Rothschild Connection 2.png)

File: daa24fe4a7ad47d⋯.png (583.31 KB, 1794x640, 897:320, shamefylly reposting my ow….png)

File: 13d11440685b9b1⋯.png (129.45 KB, 1274x555, 1274:555, The start of a happy new b….PNG)

File: 0c4e1abac8193ca⋯.jpg (241.78 KB, 939x960, 313:320, Worst Korea cancer.jpg)

57c010  No.16344704

File: 16b1ce67aa79707⋯.jpg (621.68 KB, 1489x1523, 1489:1523, worst_korea_1.jpg)

File: ccac62355582d49⋯.jpg (551.61 KB, 1296x1006, 648:503, worst_korea_2.jpg)

File: 24593416a5053fc⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1279x634, 1279:634, worst_korea_3.jpg)

57c010  No.16344709

File: 59edce1d0d5fca6⋯.png (188.26 KB, 794x934, 397:467, 0.png)

File: 8e42bd90355c5af⋯.png (204.78 KB, 1767x564, 589:188, asjuhhgs.png)

File: 30baa368f77c931⋯.png (3.18 MB, 2688x3666, 448:611, CedricInfoMacron.png)

File: d55314e0131cb64⋯.png (236.52 KB, 794x975, 794:975, Gook spirit cooks translat….png)

File: 7405d3939ad5610⋯.png (254.52 KB, 929x591, 929:591, GookAnonPost2.png)

57c010  No.16344712

File: f9b1acf82bbba0e⋯.png (128.61 KB, 875x326, 875:326, GookPost3.png)

File: b51f45f93104064⋯.png (157.04 KB, 868x295, 868:295, GookPost4.png)

File: 95b89c0683f9ac2⋯.png (221.74 KB, 1784x757, 1784:757, Malcron norc comments from….PNG)

File: 89a2d7f8f6c3890⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2481x3307, 2481:3307, page 2 translated updated ….png)

File: f54d5b4004fcf38⋯.png (1.3 MB, 2481x3413, 2481:3413, page1.png)

57c010  No.16344713

File: 2a9bd5bc6d92098⋯.png (1.27 MB, 2481x3307, 2481:3307, page2.png)

4ef366  No.16344723



when gaming started to fall apart

41ef66  No.16344752


Want to know why i believe Gook Anon? Its very simple because im actually belong to one of his country's enemies. You have to understand a very simple fact when two countries hate each other it leads to a bombardment of propaganda insulting each other.

They will do anything possible to tear each other apart dumb rumors, mud slinging, old historical crimes etc. For a long time i thought Gook was just some Chink or Jap psy op shit but he knew certain news just a few days before it hit the fan. He dispelled certain rumors while confirming others. Its the kind of knowledge that only a person that lives there can know.

Then theres his irrational fear of megalia, i laugh but thats the type of hate only a person who lives there can truly manifest.

Do i believe everything gook says? No probably only 70% but that's a pretty damn good number when i compare him to certain other mass media, he might as well be Nostradamus.

2e93c0  No.16345158


Based Snopesanon, always ready to correct the record.

+1 upvote

7d55eb  No.16345170


Did they turn her skull upside down?

65302a  No.16345174


WoW went on for far too long. They need to end WoW, make a solo WoW game and in 10 years make a WoW 2.

3e6792  No.16345202


You know, raiding in WoW I feel would be a whole lot more fun if I could just make a party of AI controlled dudes and customize their attack pattern FF12 style so I don't have to just prey their ADHD riddled nigger brain will do what they're told to do. Maybe even let me control them from an overhead perspective and add town building, perhaps even let me fight other, opposing armies of AI controlled dudes too. Why hasn't anyone done something like that yet?

96894b  No.16345203

Threadly reminder that gookanon told the truth and everyone who says otherwise is a butthurt (((Megalian))).

987c7f  No.16345257


You're an idiot. That shit even got mainstream press coverage, it wasn't just mumblings of conspiratorial anons. Kill yourself.

010b4f  No.16345265

File: 4049bc685bba8f7⋯.jpg (97.77 KB, 666x768, 111:128, 4049bc685bba8f78e07b0dda32….jpg)


>see thread

>see megalians and male feminists try to derail thread while outing themselves


What a bunch of ninnies

f42833  No.16345415


There were groups reporting people on US servers at start of expansion, and Blizz automates bans. People stopped using chat, mostly using discord I imagine; but that massively fractures the community until there isn't one at all.

FFXIV actually did this same thing to themselves having chat broken into hidden player made groups you have to jump through hoops to know about or join. All while ignoring that the regular chat was 99% gold selling spam.

I'm not subbed but fuck if I can find another place with women late 20s to 30s with a hobby outside of reality tv and literal whoring.

f8326e  No.16345444

File: 8cbc1f945ecee9d⋯.jpg (92.14 KB, 599x880, 599:880, niggerwhatthefuckisthisdeg….jpg)

228211  No.16345773


that's a problem with you, not the game.

228211  No.16345774


As soon as they introduced the autoban system, ppl abused the fuck out of it and basically banned anyone who talked on any public chat.

96894b  No.16345798


Yeah, people got banned in the middle of BGs because the opposing team mass-reported some of them. The entire system is shit, which isn't surprising since Actiblizz has been shit since 2004.

1e62a4  No.16345810


3/10 poor grammar gives you away

96894b  No.16345814

File: dc8b2f789ec49b9⋯.png (106.87 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait-regret-nothing.png)


Diablo 3 was shit at release, it only marginally improved after the removal of the real-money auction, but by then the playerbase was gone, and regardless it's still an ez-mode game compared to PoE or Grim Dawn. Even Torchlight 2 is better than D3.

Starcraft 2 was shit at release; 99% of matches were deathballs just being thrown at eachother even up to Diamond League. Brood War is still fun, but all the non-Korean servers barely get more than 2k players during peak times.

Hearthstone is trash, complete pay2win garbage.

WoW is dying, it has less than 2 million subs and BfA is universally derided as the shittest expansion to have been ever made for it. The game went casual in WotLK, fixed itself briefly at the start of Cata before all the wrathbabbies cried too much and they turned it into ez-mode again for the rest of Cata, and that casualized shit-tier trend has continued until today.

Overwatch isn't even worth comment, the game is bleeding players and the 'esports' scene for it is completely dead.

And, while you neglected to mention it since it goes against your narrative, HotS is 100% dead.

d4a50f  No.16345817


w-what? it had millions of players at its peak I remember the jpn S-E press releases

even now it has 677K players per https://mmo-population.com/r/ffxi

e9b8fc  No.16345825

File: 578eb7324afef06⋯.jpg (643.76 KB, 1200x3250, 24:65, Gangrape skellies 1.jpg)

File: 8c7156b509cb676⋯.jpg (671.65 KB, 1200x2900, 12:29, Gangrape skellies 2.jpg)

File: 60f1ef8b25772bc⋯.jpg (975.72 KB, 1200x4200, 2:7, Gang rape skellies expansi….jpg)

15d4a2  No.16345826

File: cfea4e772c469bf⋯.jpeg (220.67 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, 93f512bc771ad50f213bf6875….jpeg)


>you're wrong because my shitty mspaint infographic that can't even provide sources to my counterclaims that does nothing but try to silence people by shaming them says so

Is this bait?

96894b  No.16345831


We have IDs here faggot.

e680c4  No.16345836


That's was FFXIV not WoW, blizzard did this all on their own due to this expansion being a gigantic fucking mess, hell they're so desperate to keep what little players they have left they even put the new races behind month long rep grinds.

f5c636  No.16345837


Age of Empires 2 fulfills all of those criteria, though most people don't play with the "modern engine" since it's worse than the community maintened original. It also has an active competitive scene with lots of tournaments each year. One of them starts tomorrow.

d4a50f  No.16345838


>new races

good joke

b5a8a0  No.16345892

File: 96cd7b86346ba2c⋯.jpg (546.82 KB, 2200x1758, 1100:879, 18_Geena_Davis.jpg)


I'll take this shit bait.

I did enjoy some of blizz games, but ever since WoW was released the company died, they no longer had to try anymore to make a huge paycheck. They probably could have with all that money (see the failed Titan mmo that got all their talented devs fired) but they didn't. Bethesda is guilty of this too since in the time that the took to release morrowind, oblivion, and fallout 3, They couldn't do anything after skyrim but rerelease it many times for free money. There are hardly any other games like them that exist even. All that success and money is a double edged sword. They used to try and make a qaulity game for money. Now that they've caught the eyes of (((investors))) the money comes first and it ruined their products for the foreseeable future.

>Just get into reality and focus on actually money

This has got to be the most jewish and selfish mindset that destroys any human virtues we have left. Why be a jew and follow the money when you could instead advance technology, entertainment, video gaming for everyone instead of fucking it all up for your avarice. By your logic Star Citizen is one of the best damn mmo's ever 'released' since it made so much money and the players "got their moneys worth XD" by flying a $5,000 ship in a pretty box. These companies don't take pride in anything they put out anymore, it's the modern art of video gaming now. Even >>16345825 sounds like it has more thought and talent put into it than what these companies shit out.

If you don't want to have fun with games or take pride in your work, If you don't want to create something for the better of everyone's enjoyment, then you are human waste. A low quality person. And the way you type makes you seem like a really young person who grew up in a world of shit so you think this is all normal and eat it right up.

d4a50f  No.16345896

File: 21f779a80a27856⋯.png (102.07 KB, 185x254, 185:254, ClipboardImage.png)


the kids aren't alright

6f7bc4  No.16345899



please stop noticing patterns goy

19cf03  No.16345902


And how would you know about running a business you stupid nigger, the only part of business you clearly knew about is semantic bullshit in this very thread and you're dogshit at even doing that.

b5a8a0  No.16345913


>unpopular opinion

No you opinion isn't "unpopular" is antipopular.


Nigger. It's not about money at all. They had a talent, they had a vision and they made a mark on pop culture and gaming for a long time. They could have instead gone to another large company and worked programming and had a guaranteed paycheck and made more money. A lot of devs do because gaming market is volatile. They did it because they were young, they can take a hit finincially and bounce back. They want to reach their "dreams" like all kids do. Some just are lucky, some have talent.

Staats made wow what it is and got shafted once blizz decided they wanted to cancel that project. Like it or not they had talent. Bungie's original plants for halo and how it evolved for what it is today, all the effort and mathematics that go into graphics processing. It is a lot of work for a product that isn't guaranteed sucess. They are now successful by virtue of their names and now all the (((investors))) that poured in like Kotick and Probst (the former CEO of fucking CLOROX).

>remember why it was created in first place, guess what. to make money

And that's why this is completely fucking wrong. It's retarded how you can think that, I made much more money waiting tables before I got my degree. I put years of work into my career before I even started making the same and eventually more money. I do it because I like it and I enjoy myself more. Just like these guys did.

5822e1  No.16345919

File: 57f22874ede13db⋯.gif (143.4 KB, 500x309, 500:309, c890a407c7f9bffceca621bd64….gif)


>do your own research instead of believing whatever you red on a chan

>on a chan

67fbab  No.16345937

File: acc09bd574ebe51⋯.png (38.35 KB, 174x188, 87:94, 1446436921035.png)


>he used the shorthand word for "an imageboard"

Newfags, ammirite?

7887b8  No.16345945


WoW is dead everywhere. There's no big secret as to why when your company wide philosophy changes into

>sacrifice the long term for short term profit

b5a8a0  No.16345958

File: 012cede6e1b8c8c⋯.png (864.06 KB, 1163x799, 1163:799, niggerroach.png)


>he used shorthand for "A Bolivian elevator mechanic forum"

d4a50f  No.16345967


eh, that's… really tenuous

blizzard saw a feminist organization (remember, feminism is "good" to normalfags) using their copyright in what they felt was a positive way, and decided to highlight it

I don't support feminism, the megalians, or blizzard, but saying that blizzard is OK with this group using their copyright equates to active and conscious support for the megalians is a reach that not even xyber huge could manage

8b7082  No.16346007


Everyone plays a menial in a mass underground dungeon network. Pretty standard MMO play except healing is rare and most spells used for it work dual purpose as damage spells on living things, so healers can be dps.

You start on the surface levels of the dungeon and have to fend off adventurers and the odd animal that wander in, sometimes going to the surface for quests. Over time you get stronger and evolve into better skeletons, moving down in the dungeon to deal with stronger adventurers. The effective end game is becoming the boss of the dungeon at the bottom in a reverse boss fight with some legendary heroes.

Mechanically keep things as normal but with more a focus on skeleton exclusive abilities, healing from unholy magic, being resistant to most weapons, being able to detach bones, etc. The classes could be based on what bone related skills you want. So a skeleton looking to be a hard boy with all the calcium would be the tank, being more resistant to attacks and evolving into bigger harder to kill things. Meanwhile skeletons who regularly use their head to scout things would be the rogues, falling apart with better control so at first you might be able to have a ranged attack by letting your arm crawl away but then later you can fall apart and become a living trap in a bunch of different places. Then unholy mages are the healers/dps with a subclass of necromancy to give buffs and create temporary zombies.

5aa79f  No.16346068


Who's the cutie?

7887b8  No.16346150

Megalians lol, sounds like the dark brotherhood or some shit

65302a  No.16346178


They're one of the worst cults to ever exist in East Asia.

Anyway, Korean men are fleeing their country in droves and look for better lives in Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines and the United States.

Korean women aren't giving birth anymore, the men probably refuse to touch them.

5c22a2  No.16346191


So basically, South Korea is the end goal of every western feminist?

57c010  No.16346209


Yes, and then some

4f3962  No.16346224

File: bc6806d10e8f9a0⋯.jpg (206.43 KB, 1926x784, 963:392, wear the dress.jpg)

b71ef2  No.16346256

File: 21ffaa2528e8bb8⋯.jpg (62.03 KB, 835x368, 835:368, botnet.jpg)

Wanna delete your account? Ok just send us your ID trust us it's just for verification!

3e6792  No.16346408


This is how they're able to fake the active subscriber numbers by the way.

03ac45  No.16346835

File: 091f046308a4a89⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, no_u.png)

File: 04443dff63e8949⋯.png (54.5 KB, 1852x832, 463:208, Screenshot (1346).png)

File: 62e28b2671d8267⋯.png (494.65 KB, 1175x924, 1175:924, Screenshot (1247).png)

File: acbfa8719396fb0⋯.png (24.5 KB, 487x431, 487:431, Screenshot (1344).png)

File: 117f3d9e76ffc84⋯.jpg (569.72 KB, 800x599, 800:599, 131877_177447_5425.jpg)


That post triggers me too much

Everything gookanon says in that pic is right at least to some degree (I have already looked at over 600 articles about this shit)

>Yes nexon did fire being feminist

Nexon stopped working with her because they didn't want to be associated with megalia, not because

<muh feminism

Also nexon didn't fire her you fucking knobhead, my god can you fucking do a bit of research instead of looking at cucktaku. She wass fully compensated for her work and she was a freelance voice actor.

>In November 2015, a Megalian was sued by the Korean web cartoonist MindC for saying she got raped by him which was false (proven by korean police). MindC later sued her. The EJB police department later reported that "she did that because she wanted to get attention.", and the woman was found guilty. pic was taken by the victim MindC[10] Megalia later began a fundraiser to support the woman.

>Megalia 4 had made a T-shirt bearing the phrase "Girls do not need a prince". On Monday, Jayeon Kim (김자연), a South Korean voice actress, posted a selfie on Twitter wearing that T-shirt. In some reports, although it is known "Jayeon Kim, a voice actress who worked for PC game company Nexon, She was fired from Nexon. because only reason that she wearing the Feminism T-shirt",But this is in fact wrong. In fact, Jayeon Kim was not employee of Nexon, she just providing the voice of 'Tina' (티나, a Character of video game Closers). She was not 'fired' from Nexon, basically she was not a Nexon employee. Nexon instead had another voice actress voice Tina, after Jayeon Kim agreed. Nexon stated: "김자연 성우와 원만한 합의 하에 결정된 사항이다. 계약된 보이스 녹음 비용은 모두 지불됐으며, 사용만 하지 않는 것, 이번 업데이트에 사용되는 캐릭터 보이스는 모두 녹음됐기 때문에 추가로 녹음을 진행하거나 별도의 비용이 발생하지 않는다. 이번 사태로 김자연 성우가 일자리를 잃었다는 주장은 왜곡된 부분이다"(Replacement Tina's voice was conducted through an amicable agreement between Nexon and Jayeon Kim. We had already paid for that all contract voice recordings money to her, voice recordings are all finished already, there is no more new voice recording. But we just not using her voice in game. So she did not lose her's jobs or had monetary damages.)

Various political groups did support megalia like the youth green party (a branch of the political party)

The 3rd image in the first image isn't that right though

The link the gook provides is about something else entirely

The Justice party is sucpected to run WOMAD though

JTBC's director Son Seok Hee supported megalia too


the protest did fucking happen and megalians were criticised heavily for it


The Green party supported megalia


Also the fucking The Hankyoreh supported megalia (pic related)

>ruled to be against the constitution in 2012

>no source

>not knowing I-PIN is still in fucking use to this day



Mind C






Article on WOMAD/Justice Party connection


>So far, there is a lot of evidence, but it is confirmed that Seo Dae-moon Kim Nam-hee, a member of the ruling Grand National Party of Justice, is a real operator of War Dom, and it is hard to dismiss it as a vague conspiracy theoretically that she confessed her misappropriation of the party's operating expenses through Twitter. .

>It is a very horrifying story if you leave the other and think that the radical feminism group like Woarmard is connected directly.

Next time faganon do fucking research instead of looking at the front page of naver and thinking

<I did it, gookanon must be lying that faggot cunt

Also gookanon isn't an ILBEfag

Also Ilbe isn't 'dead' unless you consider an 8% decrease over 6 months a lot, I don't know where you got that from.


>They (ilbe) gotten taken over by 60+ year olds

No they haven't look up 'ilbe bvll' on 4plebs.

It's still pretty much filled with gen z posters





>outright lie, there is only the ministry of gender equality

Not really, the ministry of gender equality can also be interpeted as 'Women's Family Department' Pic(2nd) related.

Also he never said that the images posted had to do with webtoon authors you fuckwit. Also most of the authors, celebrities came out as 'megalian' during the T-shirt controversy. The main problem I have with your shit post is that you didn't do fucking research and then call all the posters on this site fucking retarded. kys

tl;dr do fucking reasearch you faggot

03ac45  No.16346842

File: 58ec87bebac9f26⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 650x434, 325:217, pink-parking-spot-e1401391….jpg)


Also park geun hye wasn't part of a 'feminist cult', she is rumoured to be part of le '8 fairies'. That rumor was pretty baseless for the most part and the tablet wasn't verified, it was just some shit JTBC made up.


She was controlled by Choi and that was it.

She did however make a lot of feminist policies

one of them was the $700 Million Plan To Make Women Happy by adding female only parking lots.

I'm not making this shit up


5f7342  No.16346848


>blizzard dont announce subscriber numbers and yet they fake it


03ac45  No.16346852

File: fad7789f6e453de⋯.jpg (63.3 KB, 499x485, 499:485, 1550012600995.jpg)


>A lot of the gookanon's posts are bullshit, but the part about a cult controlling the president was actually true. Here, have kikepedia article on it - that should be "tinfoil-free" enough for you

looking into it no not really his posts are correct (to some extent) everything he says is usually like this, the only problem is he doesn't fully explain what he is talking about and most of the time it is unsourced.

If all his posts were sourced then that would be pretty gud and I'd have no problem with his posts.

dbb885  No.16347012


WoW is a gonner. This is now the era of Elder Scrolls Online.

How the fuck did it come to this? I just want a new game to pay homage to the OG Guild Wars.

41ef66  No.16347013


I never implied otherwise. If you're dps good luck getting into a party finder.

03ac45  No.16347016

3e6792  No.16347025


Knowing Toddthesda ESO's stats are probably even more faked than WoWs.

80af8e  No.16347037


>He uses reddit slang for anonymous skateboards

03ac45  No.16347047


I belive around 80%

Then I just check using google, duckduckgo and serax.

Then I laugh my head off when his shit is confirmed.

57c010  No.16347054

File: 066bd648130518d⋯.png (28.16 KB, 175x386, 175:386, Get out of here!!.png)


>using google, duckduckgo

03ac45  No.16347079

File: f8d85e2f0ca82db⋯.jpg (31.72 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1553625737675.jpg)


fuck, I've been found out

5c22a2  No.16347089


>cuckchan timestamp

You certainly have been.

03ac45  No.16347096



03ac45  No.16347113


>BDO sued their users

WTF, I had that game

c85dbf  No.16348025


you start as just a skull and instead of gear you collect more and better bones to improve your skeleton

at 75% of max level you unlock the ability to completely customize your boner (think spore) The game would have a highly intricate physics system, so the way you build the boneman would actually matter too. Meta would eventually start to look like those robot battles where there are specific highly effective bone builds to counter other players

Anyone willing is allowed to take this idea and make the game but they have to sufficiently credit "intelligent and ambitious 8chan anon" for the original otherwise I will sue.

20cc52  No.16348034


Hasn't this franchise made more than enough billions of dollars though? It has to end at some point. Its been the biggest cash cow of any MMO ever. The profit margin for this game and all its expansions must be absolutely insane.

3e6792  No.16348044

File: 196dc098e67b9ce⋯.png (44.12 KB, 914x847, 914:847, with chinks you stink.png)


Billions that they've manage to all but completely piss away in the span of less than a single presidential term.

96894b  No.16348150


Reminder that startpage isn't necessarily any more secure than duckduckgo since, while duckduckgo is owned by a kike, startpage refuses to disclose who owns it in the first place.

Also, the search results in duckduckgo are often better than google/startpage.

f42833  No.16348185


The stock is down under $48. Your chart is very optimistically outdated.

3e6792  No.16348189


I was more waiting for Activision pajeet to show up and screech so I could post that later. Besides, a 4 point dip over 5 words is history book worthy.

dc4161  No.16348703

File: 0ebe05d37849a5e⋯.jpg (99.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, C.jpg)


sounds like shit f2p modus operandi of retarded companies finally catched up to them

>oh shit we're losing players left and right

<what do you mean improve the game? jew the existing players harder to make up for it! grind is content!


>talented devs

left after vanilla or were never part of it (blizz north). the people you talk about don't want to regurgitate the same game for years, most of the rest were just shit-polishers that needed other actual creative devs to come up with stuff they could improve - or did you remember the shitshows in vanilla/BC whenever blizz tried to be "creative"? through how many iterations did meeting stones go, with the majority of them so fucking retarded you had to wonder how they not only came up with that shit but actually signed off on implementing it?

after that it was only a matter of time to go down. if anything it's surprising how long and willing people spread their cheeks for a reaming they gave most other companies shit for.

9edb70  No.16348722


>all those wow players who would stand around lumbridge and tell you to quit rs

>all those wow kids i knew irl who would talk shit about me playing rs

dc4161  No.16348752

File: d467855351f61e2⋯.jpg (51.26 KB, 492x82, 6:1, KOP.jpg)


>fixed itself briefly at the start of Cata before all the wrathbabbies cried too

next you're blaming wildstar bombing on wrathbabbies too. turns out no one wants to do tedious shit that feels too much like an actual chore. sitting 2 hours in scholo was fine in 2005, not in 2011 when you trained your playerbase to aoe boring trash that means shit for 2 years (3+ if you count BC).

it's not even the wrathbabbies fault, because a good dev can easily cater to both and get their dick sucked by both casuals and hardcore, but expecting that from blizzard of all devs is fucking retarded.


gw1 heroes. half the time you'll curse the shit AI that's even more retarded than your average mouthbreather tho, so ymmv


>female only parking lots.

they started that shit in my country recently too. don't get me wrong it makes sense in some places like garages etc, but over here they do it in open spaces in high frequent areas 24/7, because apparently women need protection all day in bright fucking daylight in places you couldn't fart without anyone noticing.

86e58e  No.16348831


>because apparently women need protection all day in bright fucking daylight in places you couldn't fart without anyone noticing.

They do. Especially from themselves, or else they’ll turn into a feminist. This is a natural way of women. The unnatural part is in accomplishing this through the government, rather than individual family units.

7887b8  No.16348842


>fixed itself briefly at the start of cata meme

why do people just repeat lies? the game was done as soon as activision took over

>july 8, 2008

b5a8a0  No.16348852


>left after vanilla or were never part of it (blizz north).

Yea that's what I'm saying, wow was the beginning of the end of blizz because of that and other things. If you want to nitpick meeting-stones as an attempt at being creative that's about the lowest fruit to pick. They didn't work no one ever used them and in the end they became free warlocks. Staats released a book a few months ago about the development of warcraft, every game gets interesting things gutted for the sake of balance or getting the product on the shelf.

3e6792  No.16349178


The game and the MMO genre as a whole were doomed the moment daily quests and token epics were added.

3086ca  No.16349251


MMO genre was already doomed when they started only catering to less than one percent of the player base.

3e6792  No.16349262


My point is that even games that don't do that still have daily bullshit. Hell, it infected the entire industry at this point.

254cdb  No.16349397


>Hearthstone is dying, devs jumped ship, its not even mentioned in shareholder calls anymore and surveys are being sent out to every whale market like brazil and korea asking if they would pay for a battlepass for it to try and make any money before its userbase collapse

Sauce on this? I want to have a good laugh.

254cdb  No.16349437


>Ubisoft +2.13%


3e6792  No.16349454


Odyssey had just come out and it isn't really until after Halloween or so that people really start buying up holiday release games.

e680c4  No.16349472

File: 2b7e7d392843aee⋯.webm (3.78 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 2b7e7d392843aee2d38927b7e….webm)


That's not all they fucked up, they removed PVP vendors now you have to do PvE to gear up for PvP and occasionally get gear though PvP but it's so little you have no choice but to run dungeons.

And in typical blizzard fashion they ignore the tidal wave of complains over this and act like nothing is wrong.

3e6792  No.16349489

File: 63e0bfa0586a430⋯.jpg (34.31 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 59884626957593d7b4e30501c8….jpg)


The entire game has evolved into a thought experiment designed to test the limits of what kind of hoops retards are willing to jump through for bigger numbers and a greater social standing in their fantasy breadline simulator. It's kind of impressive really how long it took for as many people to quit as they have now.

e680c4  No.16349526

File: 42120e3f17aebf5⋯.png (120.45 KB, 2352x804, 196:67, wow-subscriptions-historic….png)


>It's kind of impressive really how long it took for as many people to quit as they have now.

Well blizzard stop publishing active sub counts at the end of WoD due to it falling so low even Vanilla had more users at it's peak compared to it, then recently blizzard released some kind of API that accidentally leaked they only have around 1.7 million subs left not counting china.



f42833  No.16351239


That 1.7m is the month the expansion came out. It's not remotely close to that now.

Catpcha is becoming more and more aids.

bdd9d8  No.16351288


oh, my mistake; must've not remembered that post from earlier this year good enough

I'd be surprised if they didn't also do it in WoW though

815910  No.16351570


Ha ha ha really? Oh boy. Now I want to know how that will affect Classic servers, as gearing up for PvP is also done through PvE in Classic. To be more specific, there are PvP vendors in Classic, but the grind for PvP gear is much, much worse than the raiding grind. As the only people I remember reaching Marshal/Warlord rank could only do it by account sharing and doing PvP almost all day, every day. And raiding gear still outperforms PvP gear in almost every way lol.

e8652e  No.16351585



What happened to them releasing classic servers? I was waiting for that inevitable fuckup to be the final nail in their coffin but I haven't heard anything about it for a long time

21327f  No.16351604

There's a private server that allowed people to build custom classes, another server has permadeaths.

It's not that wow, as in wow sucks is that Biolzard has zero talent. The people who made the company create are long gone.Ultima online and EQ is still kicking around.

If blizzard had talent they would be trying new ideas such as custom classes.

789bd9  No.16351633

File: b7b43b344175529⋯.jpg (328.63 KB, 866x723, 866:723, 37c1b294d52c45d9d965ec38e1….jpg)

3ceb35  No.16351726


>Implying Chinks can't pronounce "L"

Explain how those Chinks have names like Lee Kuan Yew, Lao Tzu, Xiao Long Bao and Ling Mengchu.

This silly meme should die, it just make anyone posting it look ignorant.

96894b  No.16351743


>being this retarded

Are you aware of what transliteration is?

There is no chink on the planet ever named Lao Tzu. There was a chink named 老子 whose name was transliterated as Lao Tzu, but the 'l' is not a direct equivalent. Their 'l' sounds different to the English 'l' as the back of the tongue is higher up, closer to the roof of the mouth, when pronouncing it.


7d55eb  No.16351756

File: 417c64d6a82c433⋯.png (245.37 KB, 922x1300, 461:650, 1549420784.png)


Asians pronounce l and r as the same sound. It's sort of both at once or a sound half way between l and r.

3ceb35  No.16351762


>Their 'l' sounds different to the English 'l' as the back of the tongue is higher up

<Implying English only uses one out of multiple variants of "L" e.g. RP


You're confusing "Asians" with people on the Japanese archipelago.

96894b  No.16351764


Regardless, the common chink 'l' sound is closer to a mixture of an 'l' and an 'r' than any of the English 'l' sounds.

a939e8  No.16351773






Chinks can pronounce 'L' but the best way to describe it is that it's more of a "soft L" if that makes sense, but its not quite an "r" sound either.

789bd9  No.16351791

File: 796f254b6097cad⋯.png (286.2 KB, 1023x1000, 1023:1000, de57562f2c079169677357e5e0….png)


It's a racist shitpost, conflating different asian stereotypes might as well be part of the joke.

d94ede  No.16351808


shut up and post panda girls or fuck off


where do you think you are?

581649  No.16351820


Shibuya Kaho

b63bae  No.16351821

File: 080adcba60ee430⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 560x293, 560:293, Ebola.JPG)


>mmo robot arena

>but bones

Give it a week max before the autists start creating game breakingly destructive starcore tier bonebot abominations. Though it could be debatable whether or not it's a bad thing.

3ceb35  No.16351828


I could settle with this conclusion.

Good one.


Racism ≠ Ignorance.

At least if you're making fun of Chinese, do some research. Mandarin doesn't use English "d", "b" or "g" sounds and replaces them with something closer to "t", "p" and "k" respectively, so start there.



7d55eb  No.16351853

File: b93be361344d5e8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 596.13 KB, 1240x1737, 1240:1737, 1551818536.png)


I hope he finishes this one.

f2d47c  No.16351855



903caa  No.16351864


>wow was the beginning of the end of blizz because of that and other things.

wow or not, the talent was already gone and the industry shifting, any other game would've been equally shit and getting worse

>If you want to nitpick meeting-stones as an attempt at being creative that's about the lowest fruit to pick.

what's there to nitpick? they're are the perfect example how blizz always misses what players want/need even if it would make them more money easily. OF FUCKING COURSE no one used them considering how they were designed by people that don't even fucking play the game or know how the community interacts, so I don't know that point you're trying to make. but here's a fun fact: that's the job of a dev, and a good one knows how to utilize that.

you know what people did instead? installed an addon called call to arms. it was flawed due to the technical limitations like using chat channels, but worked well enough for the most part that blizz could pick it up and improve on it. instead they gutted the functionality and it took them TEN FUCKING YEARS to implement the exact same shit in form of the group finder.

same with the transmog system when other games already had perfectly fine solutions that were miles ahead (only took them what, 1-2 years to catch up and end up with the exact same system?) or housing which is such a piss easy system to implement that whales go nuts over instead we end up with shit like garrisons.

point is all blizz could ever copy someone else, and they can't even do that anymore (or couldn't for over a decade).

789bd9  No.16351878

File: 5b0436564dfab87⋯.png (51.92 KB, 972x615, 324:205, heart.png)



I have a collection of highest quality panda poon from an artist that has been wiped completely from e621 because he was caught tracing poses, and I will never share any of it with you.


I stand by what I said but that is interesting nonetheless.

865cf9  No.16352052

File: 132e897854eef48⋯.jpg (57.52 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 1464850537852.jpg)


I thought it was japan that had the ghost town problem

865cf9  No.16352059

File: 4252254d07506a6⋯.jpg (38.13 KB, 664x527, 664:527, 133453453453.jpg)



>get yellow fever and have a kid with a qt asian gf

>turns out she had that surgery and the kid looks like a absolute Frankensteins monster, even worse than normal hapa

b5a8a0  No.16352245


>wow or not, the talent was already gone and the industry shifting, any other game would've been equally shit and getting worse

I enjoyed wc3 mainly because of the custom maps, those people left come sc2 like how they refused to make dota 2 and instead said "oh just make dota for our upcoming game sc2!"

>what's there to nitpick?

The dumbest fucking sytem to nitpick. I would queue up in those things for my entire playday just to see if they would work. I talked to other players and made friends with people who could get groups so I never had to use an addon or anything. I know they added a world lfg channel and removed it a few weeks later due to shitposting.


I quit before all that. Current players fallate that shit so hard, when you have so many armor pieces leave it to the players to piece them together. I have no Idea how it affected future choices, new tiers aren't exciting at all. maybe because of this.

>point is all blizz could ever copy someone else

Yea I agree. This dead horse has been beaten.

334fac  No.16352277

File: 74285b89fc0e1a3⋯.mp4 (6.52 MB, 532x640, 133:160, asian cutey.mp4)


Lots of these gooks aren't even doing the surgery, they use clay and tape to sculpt their faces.

3e6792  No.16352291


The high rank pvp weapons and armor were actually better than most BWL drops, the problem being that with the way the rank system worked only like a dozen people could ever have those weapons so nobody bothered. It was a million times more easy to grind Ony for a marginally worse weapon.

3b8621  No.16352445


remember it's the same company that missed the whole moba train with dota and is extremely butthurt about it (to the point it afterwards made modding a stillbirth). the only thing remotely working out was hearthstone, but I'd argue even that was more luck than anything since the market was more than ripe for a "proper" digital cardgame (proper in regards to polish and easy entry, the alternative was either jank or outright shit like mtgo)

>The dumbest fucking sytem to nitpick.

it was an example, and I think you repressed how fucking retarded their whole implementations were (they tried to "fix" several times for months till they settled with portstones). I was a tank in good standing so never had to use it either, but not everybody is that lucky or wants to put in the effort.

- have to travel across the whole fucking world just to queue for that single instance (and that was during vanilla, hope you're ready waiting for the airship and watch your char flying around)

- single stone for a dungeon when stuff like uldaman/brd/ubrs can cover a double digit levelrange, good luck finding 4 others that coincidentally want to do the exact same thing, on top of queuing at that specific stone during your specific timeframe. and that shit was fucking capped for some retarded reason. outleveled the dungeon or want help from max player? ahahhahahhahaha fuck you.

I'm not even sure if you could group for more than one and could group in the meantime, since it grouped you automatically.

It's like taking your average already retarded matchmaking system, lobotomize it and then act surprised when no one uses because it's completely pointless.

it's on the level of 2.1 "oh, people use voicechat? why not put it in the game?" when everybody keeps that shit in a separate program for a fucking reason and has for years at that point.

>I know they added a world lfg channel and removed it a few weeks later due to shitposting.

the main issue is chat is the last common denominator people can coordinate in game before they have to go outside the game, ofc you'll end up with people that abuse it. the addon just scraped "lfg X", put it in a list and propagated that in it's own channel so you didn't have to sit in the city the whole time and could to other shit (ofc people put in stupid shit too, but anybody unable to skip a line with chuck norris jokes has bigger problems). you could even completely ignore chat and put it in the addon directly.

it was smart and all blizz had to do was implement it officially because it only covered the people that knew about it and had it installed, but nope…

>Current players fallate that shit so hard, when you have so many armor pieces leave it to the players to piece them together. I have no Idea how it affected future choices, new tiers aren't exciting at all. maybe because of this.

most people want a cool/cute looking char, even when they don't end up in slutmog to erp in goldshire. heck people called leveling stuff skittles armor for a reasons. long before any wardrobe system armors were already hit or miss, remember the aq stuff? now imagine a system where people have to store all the cool looking shit when they have been complained about space for years at that point (justified or not). and it's not even a fucking f2p game that sells storage space for money so you could at least see why they impemlented it that way (to jew more money out of players). meanwhile lotro and rift had perfectly working systems (which they even improved upon).

it's the same as housing, personally I don't give a fuck about it but some people go in balls deep. you already have all those assets in the game anyway, so why not give people their own space to fill it with whatever shit they want? it's almost completely detached from other systems, so there is close to zero impact on the technical side (database, instances etc). meaning cost/benefit is fucking astronomical. now add to that you can easily put all that stuff you already have as rewards for doing other shit, giving people another carrot to chase (=more and longer subscription money) for the simply cost of implementing private instances.

3b8621  No.16352478


>As the only people I remember reaching Marshal/Warlord rank could only do it by account sharing and doing PvP almost all day, every day.

the worst part of the system was that you had to keep pvping in relation to the rest of your faction. the people on my server were chill enough about it and even rotated in activity so people could get WL more easily, meanwhile alliance had 3 retarded brothers that hogged that spot for months simply because they could nolife that shit.

I'm still salty those fucks at blizzard gave those titles to people getting carried in rated BGs, not even a veteran prefix to show you did it back then.


earthshaker was worth it for the salt and rage alone, and that one dropped in mc. fuck you ragnaros for never dropping that spinal reaper.

7ba9c5  No.16353722


>when they started only catering to less than one percent of the player base

Git Gud is only OK a philosophy when meme souls does it, uh?

3e6792  No.16353754


Raiding never has nor will it ever require skill, only time and luck finding a bunch of other people playing WoW who aren't retarded.

b5a8a0  No.16355610


I don't give a flying fuck about meeting stones. No one ever did except you apparently to go on such a huge tirade about something no one cares about and are smart enough to ignore. I never repressed anything about an aborted system I never used or cared about. I would just message guildies or have someone sit in a city and spam for me.

7887b8  No.16355673


Raiding is genuinely gay and boring. Nothing beats:

>doing your three button dps rotation

>taunting and then using a defensive

>pressing the small, medium, or big heal button while clicking various frames

for 10-15 minutes per boss while playing simon says with DBM. I don't know why raids are be-all end-all, I never stepped foot in a raid until Karazhan came out and still never bothered with them until the end of Wrath when ICC was easy mode, mostly because there was nothing else to do.

b99842  No.16355736


3efc40  No.16355796

File: e4d2f67ad0b6031⋯.jpg (158.88 KB, 950x633, 950:633, The West intimidates the E….jpg)


They may be butterfaces but god bless the gravure thots that dont use irl photoshop.

86445e  No.16355840

File: 332310c6776b610⋯.gif (571.95 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 187A4959-6A18-427B-85AF-42….gif)


Fucking source plz

86445e  No.16355891

3e6792  No.16355916


> I don't know why raids are be-all end-all

Because they take tons of time and resources to put out. It's why Blizzard sabotaged EQ to be raid centric in the first place so they could establish a standard that they knew very few other companies could compete with. There's a reason the only themepark MMO to even get close to WoW after all these years was from squeenix. They're the only other company with deep enough pockets.

c15586  No.16355917

File: 066bd648130518d⋯.png (28.16 KB, 175x386, 175:386, 1554923062.png)



c15586  No.16355928

797b9a  No.16356765


do you have any archives of gooks posts

7887b8  No.16358843


Imo they're boring and gay, why would raids ever be a draw in a new game? It doesn't even sound exciting on paper

>collect like 20 dudes and then do some scripted fights

end game is the biggest meme of all time

3e6792  No.16358912


Tons of people, at least before lootyshooties came out, would play MMOs more as full 3d Diablo than an actual MMO. Blizzard actually knew this and was afraid Diablo 3 would hurt WoWs subs which is why they gave it away for free with yearly subscriptions for a while.

feca44  No.16358979


Most positive perceptions of MMO's coming from the social experience rather than the game play is the answer. How you feel about jumping through a very high amount of grinding hoops to participate in a glorified chat room is up to you, but there's the answer.

3c5fe6  No.16358994

Blizzard deserves all of the suffering in the universe until they return to the Diablo 1 aesthetic in their games

3e6792  No.16358996


>corporate marxism and government intervention can be forgiven if they gib me my graffix

You're the worst kind of person and the reason Blizzard is as bad as they are.

57c010  No.16359170


A couple of those caps are from /pol/ or >>>/gamergatehq/ , but most of them you can find by matching the caps to the archives listed here: https://ggwiki.deepfreeze.it/index.php?title=Thread_Repository

12b66a  No.16359184

Blizzard at this point has turned into Valve

maintaining a catalogue of ancient games with dwindling playerbases by releasing periodic updates

essentially live games without any effort

its sad

797b9a  No.16359918


thank you, I will now try and find all of gooks posts

797b9a  No.16359931


for sience

62f88d  No.16361930


Have you ever heard a foreigner with a heavy accent pronouncing English? They almost always fuck it up. Especially in regions where the native language doesn't use certain sounds that English has. (TH is one of the hardest sounds for children and ESL to learn.)


I've always thought it sounded like LR together. For example, pronouncing Kira as keel-ra.

e11a66  No.16362229



Nigger south koreans are literally forced by the goverment to read torah what do you fucking think

31d7b5  No.16362423


>There is no le spooky shadow cult you dumb nigger

What is this, the year 2001? le spooky shadow cult books, such as the Talmud, are now free for anyone to download from the Internet. A quick "talmud free pdf" on any search engine is all you need, grandpa. The dumb niggers these days are those who don't believe in shadow cults, especially when they're no longer in the shadows.

3e6792  No.16362567


It's funny because if you tried to make reading the torah and talmud part of the American curriculum you'd get suicided faster than 40% of a GDQ audience.

7887b8  No.16362569


speaking of diablows 3 dicks at once, that game was fucking garbage. yet they still took almost all of it's mechanics and implemented them into WoW, even the shit ass lelgendaries. they wonder why nobody likes their game now.

3e6792  No.16362575


To be honest I don't know anything about Diablo 3 because I quit Blizzard entirely in late 09.

187a1d  No.16363159

File: 0f8738be7876e36⋯.jpg (9.22 KB, 368x158, 184:79, justsad.jpg)


>too retarded to recognize what a fucking EXAMPLE is even when literally spelled out

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