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File: 99f79aa0de4db51⋯.jpg (75.88 KB, 563x346, 563:346, nioh-2-logo.jpg)

File: df8132b08ef0bb8⋯.webm (509.24 KB, 470x720, 47:72, YOOOOOOOOOOOOO.webm)

8f41fd  No.16495203

Here we go again.

Nioh 2 closed alpha demo starts in just a couple of days.

8f41fd  No.16495206

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5f7ece  No.16495212


95fd0f  No.16495213

File: 1ebecef6cd51397⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, SoulcaliburVI 2019-05-14 0….png)

4054c1  No.16495214

Tell me how it goes

T. PCfat

38cc18  No.16495232


It'll be ported a few months after it releases on PS4. The PS4 is nearing the end of its cycle anyway.

10b8d3  No.16495236

Was that a devil trigger?

4054c1  No.16495238


I don’t doubt it’ll be ported again considering kecmo was pleased with the sales IIRC.

246a8e  No.16495241


I think it'll release alongside the PS4 version as well since >>16495238 and KT's recent releases have followed the same pattern too.

8f41fd  No.16495250


Oni trigger.

38cc18  No.16495254


That might happen too, at this point I don't see why KT would want or need to be exclusive when they know this will probably sell well on both platforms.

95fd0f  No.16495258

Dual axes and Tanto confirmed.

b79114  No.16495272


Probably a temporary exclusivity deal with the kikes at Sony.

8b73a0  No.16495277

File: a11e2cdf1321ed9⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 450x250, 9:5, [Heavy_Breathing].gif)


5f7ece  No.16495306

File: d89fdaa238e80de⋯.jpg (457.07 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180713012119_1.jpg)


ba01b2  No.16495332

File: f3645ef7baebf3d⋯.webm (1.3 MB, 540x360, 3:2, delight.webm)

>alpha starts on my birthday

I know how i will spend my weekend now

10b8d3  No.16495344

Also I wanted to ask if Ni-oh just stopped working out of the blue on anyone elses PC. It just keeps crashing on the Koei logo and I've tried a lot of those supposed workarounds that go from "reinstall k-lite" to "use this third party program to inject x and y .dlls".


Happy birthday, anon.

0a7729  No.16495345


If you haven't received the invite already you'll have to think of a new weekend plan

ba01b2  No.16495359


No invites, it's download for JP psn users if it was anything like the Nioh's closed beta. Could be wrong, though.

360cc8  No.16495380


I hope they do another survey so we can see the nips whine that it's too hard again.

95fd0f  No.16495392

File: 93f7ca7cd5de339⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _.png)

95fd0f  No.16495403

File: b951e3f625fb1a4⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, __.png)

4054c1  No.16495419

File: cce4f743106d1f2⋯.png (303.55 KB, 640x478, 320:239, D66D7B11-2CA3-4AA9-BB34-04….png)


95fd0f  No.16495431

File: a97516e6c42c5ca⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ___.png)

4054c1  No.16495433

File: f4843f5f089cf27⋯.jpeg (54.76 KB, 352x395, 352:395, F2AE2A95-C618-4815-BE30-8….jpeg)


I really hope you’re just being an epin trole. The first one got a port, and this one is likely to as well.

246a8e  No.16495437


I really hope girls can transform into a Yuki Onna

5f7ece  No.16495451


Please translate the options.

95fd0f  No.16495454


You can customize your Oni form: >>16495392

8d5915  No.16495455


It's standard hair,face, gender options, oni form option too.

a8c1a2  No.16495490


>that fucking dojo back in the sequel


95fd0f  No.16495506

Someone is already streaming it.


246a8e  No.16495507


Probably to save time instead of modeling an entire new dojo.

a8c1a2  No.16495518


Looks like it has everything I hated in Nioh still in it. I'll pass

8f41fd  No.16495528


>my old nemesis the sphere grid has returned


360cc8  No.16495530


That skill wheel just looks annoying to navigate.

8f41fd  No.16495540


And that's fine by me.




That dojo was super comfy. We better get the dojo set as armor this time.

8bb03a  No.16495557


Looks like there's benevolent graves now, so NPC summons.

9799e9  No.16495563

File: 7fd2c0d7b3a8edb⋯.png (25.21 KB, 317x266, 317:266, 7fd2c0d7b3a8edb7b3f06c96c2….png)


>we've gone to the point where a simple loot system is too much for the average guy posting on this board.

You don't even need to worry about it until the last tiers of difficulty, I feel like the issue with Nioh's loot system is blown out of proportion.

You can beat the game without giving two cares about your armor skills easily.

246a8e  No.16495572

File: 5a7315bfe2da8f8⋯.png (10.46 MB, 1920x2786, 960:1393, Fuku Nioh.png)


>And that's fine by me.


I hate it when sequels change the gameplay so much that it's practically another game.

This looks like it's going to be the original game but with more content, and that's what an ideal sequel looks like in my eyes.

8328fb  No.16495596

File: 55e9fb8af8b33db⋯.png (1.76 MB, 800x1131, 800:1131, ClipboardImage.png)



>console war


a8c1a2  No.16495602


It's off-putting and needless busy work. For example one thing I can't fathom: you hold a button to searc, hold, then one or more items drop and you have to press the button separately to pick all of them up. It's the little things anon

360cc8  No.16495603

File: 6675e475277b2a5⋯.jpg (781.55 KB, 1920x1456, 120:91, paper.jpg)

Kid's today can't even manage an inventory.

9799e9  No.16495604


DMC hasn't changed it's core gameplay and only added to what 3 had, and they've been the best ones.

What the fuck do you even mean you mongoloid.

a8c1a2  No.16495609



You mean selling tons of loot between missions? Yeah that requires a lot of management, and is not busy work at all.

ce5b48  No.16495611


Anon, your dyslexia is showing

9799e9  No.16495614


How so?

9799e9  No.16495631


>That's why Platinum games are the better games

It's a good thing you outed yourself as a shitposter.

8f41fd  No.16495634


>between missions

You can dispose of a ton of it at shrines and in fact it's a good idea to do so early on.


>not dissembling or saving for inheriting / ascending

No wonder you're having a bad time with Nioh.

360cc8  No.16495651

What's the spider lily effect?

5f7ece  No.16495652

Has the stream shown what's in "basic" yet? I presume any body sliders are in there. Can you make a loli?

34cd36  No.16495657


Nigger there is a button to lock equipment you want and a button to check all the equipment you have if you can't press two buttons you are a stupid nigger.

9799e9  No.16495659


>God Hand meme

God Hand is great but you really are a bandwagon jumping retard if you think it's better.

34cd36  No.16495694

File: b9d687a32463a2b⋯.png (180.95 KB, 428x340, 107:85, 51254909041.png)



Stop being such a fucking casual.

8f41fd  No.16495701


You have been this mad for the entire thread. Why are you so mad?

5f92d4  No.16495710

Joe hayabusa cameo fight please.

a8c1a2  No.16495717


What does it add to the game, anon

9799e9  No.16495720


>It is better

<30 frame locked

<constant almost QTE mashing sequences

<low possibility of currently available moves

<Transformation is just a get-out-of-jail card that allows you to mash with no regard.

Yeah you are a bandwagon jumping retard, did you came from the Sekiro thread?

34cd36  No.16495725


What does bitching about game mechanics add to your life?

8f41fd  No.16495728


I hope All Gods Village is a stage or side mission.

97e16e  No.16495731


>advertising for a cuckchan e-celeb who steals shit from other people

>youtube embed

Please tell me you're just pretending to be a retard.

a8c1a2  No.16495739



9799e9  No.16495740


Build variety, the rates can be improved but removing the whole system is beyond retarded.

Nioh is well known for allowing a great amount of crazy powerful builds.

246a8e  No.16495749

File: 39054fce98e2789⋯.jpg (308.21 KB, 985x2106, 985:2106, 61627868_p0.jpg)


Seems like he's mad that we don't give our money to Fromsoft.

Sorry e03fb9, I dropped Sekiro the moment it was reveal that it wasn't a Tenchu game, rightfully so too.


>Joe hayabusa

Close, but I think you mean Jin hayabusa. A Ninja gaiden game about Joe Hayabusa would be cool.

Speaking about that, I hope NPC skins return for us people who are too uncreative to make a decent looking character in character creators

34cd36  No.16495760

File: ba19c97ea07dc5d⋯.jpg (16.58 KB, 500x382, 250:191, 1294883407172.jpg)


Neither is

>I'm too lazy to press two fucking buttons


8f41fd  No.16495769


>Seeing wasted potential get a sequel that could fix flaws and not do anything with it leaves me pretty frustrated yes.

Here's the thing: Not everybody considers the loot system to be a flaw or if they do they consider it so minor of one that it's not worth getting their blood pressure up over.

be5a27  No.16495780


so team ninja is just gonna pick who gets the to test the alpha? meaning i can't sign up for this shit unless i'm special or some shit?

also is it true that you get to make your own custom character this time? i didn't like william that much for some reason

95fd0f  No.16495788

File: 11ddd23bb1e72ab⋯.webm (1.36 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bandicam 2019-05-22 22-57….webm)

File: 88ba65ab6c068d7⋯.webm (3.05 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bandicam 2019-05-22 22-58….webm)

8f41fd  No.16495791


>meaning i can't sign up for this shit unless i'm special or some shit?

I don't know under what circumstances get you on the alpha. It might be a lottery for all I know.

>is it true that you get to make your own custom character this time?

Yep. See>>16495392

34cd36  No.16495792


Nigger you just lock the items you want to keep and then hit the select all button. You don't need to fucking spend years getting every gear skill on your shit perfect if you don't want to. You are making it a shit mechanic not the game.

8f41fd  No.16495796


Didn't bother me.

ef9366  No.16495814

Something that always confused me about Nioh was the VA.

He's from Northern Ireland, but he's doing a very non-Ulster accent in the game for some reason.

8f41fd  No.16495826


What does rolly cat do?

9799e9  No.16495836

File: 7fb0fb9fe571c47⋯.jpg (56.3 KB, 467x700, 467:700, 7fb0fb9fe571c47e86b06640eb….jpg)


Where the fuck is the QTE mashing in any of the dmc games you troglodyte.

Where in the FUCK does DT in DMC allow you to not take any damage.

What the fuck do you mean DMC5 has low amounts of on the fly moves.

You don't play these fucking games. You're a nigger that just spouts out whatever their e-celeb says at the time with no self-cognition what-so-ever.

Away with you.


>optimizing my build takes time

How dare they.

be5a27  No.16495840


i just saw the twitter post team ninja made & it's basically a big thread of people begging so i guess nobody knows how to play it yet

5f92d4  No.16495845


>Close, but I think you mean Jin hayabusa. A Ninja gaiden game about Joe Hayabusa would be cool.

Isn't this set 500 years after the first game? Jin's probably dead already.

>Speaking about that, I hope NPC skins return for us people who are too uncreative to make a decent looking character in character creators

You can just steal their looks you know, i guarantee you the nioh 2 threads will be full of "look at my qt girl" posts, i remember i stole some nigger's cute loli for my dragon's dogma pawn.

8f41fd  No.16495849


Hopefully the beta will be open or maybe they'll change their mind and open up the alpha.

5c84a5  No.16495860

>releasing this garbage in the shadow of Sekiro

They should just cancel it.

8f41fd  No.16495869


>Isn't this set 500 years after the first game?

If that were true then it would be set in the year 2100.

95fd0f  No.16495882

File: ef7b4592f32c387⋯.webm (638.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Maria.webm)

Will she return in Nioh 2?

6cc723  No.16495903


In fairness, I imagine our accent isn't what people typically expect when they think of an Irish accent. In the region of NI I'm from it's essentially a halfway point between Irish and Scottish. My guess would be that the VA director(s) told him to do a more southern sounding one.

Nioh also takes place before the Ulster Plantation, which is where both our accent and the dialect of Ulster Scots originate from, so I guess it wouldn't really make sense if his VA used his normal accent.

2932f4  No.16495905

File: 018e45336c279dd⋯.png (29.27 KB, 598x658, 299:329, 1336608754932.png)

I don't know how anyone could complain about the loot system, you fags were probably the reason the durability from the first game's Alpha was removed and replaced with the practically nonsensical familiarity stat. It's been a while since I've played so I'm not perfectly remembering the names/color off hand but all you had to do was take the lower tier loot (white and yellow was it?) and sell that shit, and then take higher tier loot (blue and purple?) and break it down into crafting materials (mostly the divine chunk things). Then you have the Blacksmith forge you a decent weapon, and use the chunks to reforge it a handful of times until you get some useful attributes applied to it. Then (and here's the nonsensical part) use a couple Whetstones on your new weapon to instantly max out "familiarity." Enjoy your OP gear.

Oh, and you could also spend some of the faction point things to try to randomly drop a decent weapon to reforge instead of making it at the Blacksmith.

435516  No.16495940


>That's why Platinum games are the better games

I don't see how less depth and QTE's make a game better than DMC 3 and 5.

But judging by your other posts you appear to be either underage or retarded.

95fd0f  No.16495945

File: d17cba1f0c63710⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, _.jpg)

246a8e  No.16495950


Maximum comfy

9799e9  No.16495961

File: e566db157cc9385⋯.png (431.1 KB, 780x780, 1:1, 1701d7c0f457b9a7857cdf048e….png)


>you can see your character next to your spirit animal now.

Neat little addition. I wonder if the background will change based on the area you are on.

You better see your character pet them.

03019e  No.16495989

Release next year is likely, around March time. Ideally PC isn't unavailable until a year later and the port is actually good this time around.

03019e  No.16496027


Wrong. I had fairly frequent crashes which required a restart, every few days or so. Lots of stuttering and frame drops as well. Funnily enough, my first play through which was pirated ran a lot smoother than the legit copy.

5f7ece  No.16496029


And being three times what it should be in file size.

091113  No.16496032


When does the game take place anyway? Either way I assume she'll be in it.


Alternatively, just avoid anything that isn't the highest tier and makes your defensive/offensive number higher and just move on. I do that in diablo clones all the time which use the same loot system. The most ADHD player doesn't need to utilize the blacksmith or donating or any of the other mechanics that involve loot. I've seen more grievous problems in other games get hand-waved away but Nioh seems to just reduce some people to complete retards.

c81e31  No.16496039

File: fa5e09cd08ddf15⋯.mp4 (6.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ripsave - Female yokai - b….mp4)

5f7ece  No.16496041


>When does the game take place anyway?

Sengoku Era. It was in the Nipponese description for the original trailer's official upload and has been mentioned a few times in Nipponese.

6c06b4  No.16496042


>Diablo style loot is gatcha tier

How have you fags not choked to death on your own saliva?


>pressing 1 button is too much work


Options, you fucking faggot

<Gradually, I began to hate them.

c81e31  No.16496068


boobs physics confirmed

9ebda4  No.16496074

File: 94ccacf0b58d1e5⋯.jpg (425.02 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 94ccacf0b58d1e5afdc560bc56….jpg)


>Nioh but you can play as qt demon samurai with boob physics

How can other games even compare

246a8e  No.16496082

File: 6108c115c40caf4⋯.png (26.44 KB, 306x291, 102:97, Asuka joy.png)


>Jiggle physics conformed

Bless you TK.

2932f4  No.16496090

I might as well ask, did they ever change Nioh to allow you to be summoned to help someone in a level even though you haven't beaten it yourself? It really needed that for proper co-op with a friend. I know there's that other co-op game mode but it always felt strange to me, were there any changes made to that too?

5f7ece  No.16496099


I might as well ask, did they ever change Nioh to allow you to be summoned to help someone in a level even though you haven't beaten it yourself?

There was a time you couldn't?

2932f4  No.16496110


I guess that answers my question. Yeah when you do the shrine summon thing and they show up glowing yellow in your world, they had to have beaten the level you are in before that would be allowed.

6c06b4  No.16496111

File: 81d7cb78e564e72⋯.png (81.18 KB, 437x294, 437:294, me.png)


>everything about this webm

9799e9  No.16496113

File: 90aea2391cf67cb⋯.png (166.48 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 3990086805310e8d20a57f797b….png)



Fuck yes, god bless Nioh.

I swear to god if sony censors this and causes the pc release to be censored as well.

6c06b4  No.16496116


>There was a time you couldn't?


add688  No.16496127

how do you get into the alpha?

21a884  No.16496139

File: ae8be96bf65d777⋯.jpg (125.13 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 78091490784132324154.jpg)

File: 9be28119a771a49⋯.jpg (75.51 KB, 614x348, 307:174, 758912347824013987.jpg)

File: 1b09eb099d75028⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 500x322, 250:161, 97813259857132441323.gif)


I hope the customization is extensive, I want to play as a petite qt that transforms into a snu-snu rage monster.

d09610  No.16496177

File: 1879b147d1ab8cb⋯.png (469.58 KB, 500x435, 100:87, [006192].png)

Hey I beat the first game a little while ago and I want to know the best way to optimize my gear for the DLC and NG+ because an anon told me to do it.

Whats the best way of going at it?

I barely ever use the blacksmith so I dont know what shes truly capable of.

03019e  No.16496191


Get divine gear, do DLC. The DLCs are a big difficulty spike anyway so don't get too discouraged. If you get lucky enough and farm enough revenants, you can get a big amount of divine gear and soul match them to increase their levels which increases their armour and damage.


Its a bad port, no matter how much we like the game.

c81e31  No.16496204

File: 3772b0ca9f3484a⋯.webm (2.54 MB, 880x496, 55:31, bandicam 2019-05-23 00-00….webm)

2932f4  No.16496213


>Souls community

There is so much wrong with this statement. Nioh isn't a Souls game, and "Souls community" is a term that makes me want to gag.

2932f4  No.16496226


See >>16495905 For how I forged and reforged gear with minimal effort.

606b71  No.16496229


>shitting on someone for bringing up an interesting character concept/build

>using the souls community unironically

problem with souls series is dex fags, and yes, people who use pc engine.

add688  No.16496236

if im forced to play as a female then im not buying it

c81e31  No.16496242

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

character creator

2932f4  No.16496248


It's a character customization system, you'll have your choice.

246a8e  No.16496258


Huh, those faces look surprisingly good.

And here I thought it was going to be a shitty rehash of the CAW assets from the DW Empires games.

2932f4  No.16496262




be5a27  No.16496282


kek i have always felt this way too. i feel like the devs are trying to trans me & i just can't connect

2932f4  No.16496295


Yes I know about that dude, but still.

c81e31  No.16496311

File: b6f72a05539ebb2⋯.webm (4.47 MB, 880x496, 55:31, bandicam 2019-05-23 00-15….webm)

File: d1b89bff40d01e0⋯.webm (3.59 MB, 880x496, 55:31, bandicam 2019-05-23 00-19….webm)

d09610  No.16496316


Whoa you can play as a brown person? I played a few other JRPGS and those kinds of people were out of the question.


That was a good fight. I was surprised that he spoke english for some reason.


Player choice isnt a bad thing dipshit. Let people play as what they want whether its an Afro Samurai character as to guts characters are to Dragons Dogma or some big tiddy nip waifu.

1e64be  No.16496320

File: baf0dca5e9766f4⋯.jpg (189.48 KB, 960x960, 1:1, autism_awareness.jpg)


c81e31  No.16496325

File: f03f38ed24982c8⋯.webm (727.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, degenerates like you belo….webm)


>Souls community

934f24  No.16496335

File: aeb12a1f17ee943⋯.jpg (229.16 KB, 850x801, 850:801, oy vey.jpg)


>2nd webm

But you oughta webm the tiddy sneks in preparation for the inevitable day those tits get downsized.

70c486  No.16496349


Awesome, now as long as they add in more enemy variety and don't stray too far from how the first game was this should be pretty good.




2932f4  No.16496350


The post wasn't about choice so much as it was just having the preset there out in the open like it's meeting a diversity quota. It's also a joke, so calm your tits.

d09610  No.16496377


>Diversity quota

Eh. Doesnt matter, its a nip game, they usually arent cucked at all, especially the last Nioh.

They are pretty much showing off the options the player has, I played a few other nip games that could let you do that too. Its really nothing to worry about.

>It's also a joke, so calm your tits.

Anon you're a terrible comedian.

b5d06f  No.16496405


I've seen 4-5 new yokai in the streams of the alpha so far. Hopefully all the yokai from the original game return.

c81e31  No.16496410

File: 0882ba29c2d1faa⋯.webm (7.15 MB, 880x496, 55:31, bandicam 2019-05-23 00-41….webm)

435516  No.16496520

File: 3a8afc45f00d994⋯.png (152.22 KB, 314x296, 157:148, Super Wet & Ultra Hard.png)



9ebda4  No.16496537


>Snek titty

Who cares, you seeing that sweet double short axe style

03019e  No.16496538


The problem with Nioh's enemy roster wasn't the variety, it was there, it was the fact the game is so long that you fight them dozens if not hundreds of times. Nioh gives you a shit tonne of content, but it burns me out fast. I couldn't even finish Way of the Strong because of that and there are three more modes above that. As good as it is that Nioh more than gives you your money's worth, quality will always be better than quantity. Weird as it sounds, I want Nioh 2 to be shorter than Nioh so they can deliver with the quality but not stretch it out too thin.

c64f20  No.16496546

File: 44e3176fc854f08⋯.jpg (27.99 KB, 755x621, 755:621, 1505432436.jpg)



>She never got bleached

This is a crime

03019e  No.16496560

File: 88b14cf6abe79e6⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 367x202, 367:202, 1405378852687.jpg)


Or Okatsu, Tome, Genchiyo, Hino-Enma and Yuki-Onna. The lack of Nioh porn is disappointing.

055b8a  No.16496567




Yokai realm with a companion lets you do co-op on missions that both havent beaten yet.

5f7ece  No.16496575


Need to see what's in the body options to judge.


From the looks of it it's just the presets are one for each race (+an extra for Asian), which isn't unreasonable.

d09610  No.16496584

File: 9f53af24b43010b⋯.jpeg (44.73 KB, 681x576, 227:192, 9f53af24b43010b683ee96852….jpeg)


Its a shame that sneks in real life dont have tiddies just like hers.

8f41fd  No.16496717

File: 2e6b38f6ccf88ba⋯.jpg (70.71 KB, 590x584, 295:292, Suuhi_Nure-onna.jpg)

be5a27  No.16496723

File: 96c654e5d4c781b⋯.gif (425.56 KB, 498x235, 498:235, tenor.gif)

>The alpha keys were sent out randomly to PSN accounts that have booted Nioh at some point

somebody said this on youtube - does anybody here know if this istrue?

0b2a11  No.16496726

They better fukin let us play as lolis.

9799e9  No.16496844


Do you? Aniki transcendes the bounds of his sexuality, the man was just impossible to hate, even if he was a faggot.

246a8e  No.16496876

File: b8f359041df9cf4⋯.jpg (12.18 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Thread Derailment.jpg)

21572c  No.16496893


I miss him

d09610  No.16496908


I wonder what his son thinks about his videos, or if hes ever seem them at all?

f10438  No.16496945

oh shit, i forgot the mods here are fucking gay too

im out

1d1b74  No.16496947

File: 744ec706dc13798⋯.png (173.29 KB, 700x935, 140:187, kek.PNG)

File: 61ebb4c71e0346d⋯.png (3.57 KB, 905x22, 905:22, Triggered by Billy.PNG)


Getting triggered over a small 10 post derail of Billy Harrington.

Cuckchan tier

246a8e  No.16496951



5f7ece  No.16496955

Wonder if we'll see the body sliders before the alpha starts.

b4f39f  No.16496967

Really pray we get to fight alongside some of the Sengoku heroes again, it'd be nice to see Yukimura and the Western Army gang again, Date too but im also curious as to exactly who we are going to play as since William doesnt seem to be present

a0062f  No.16496972

File: 8212d6c62213d74⋯.png (226.43 KB, 468x345, 156:115, I sleep.png)


>stay in your containment thread

So where's my gachi thread?

>8 hours for posting gachi


5f7ece  No.16496977


Could be a prequel and we meet Nobunaga and Kenshin.

d09610  No.16496987


Whats even the point of sending out bans when everybody just avoids them using VPNs?

Seafoam may have shoaed that anons post along with a few others, but the memory of Aniki will forever live in us all.



Is there any Amrita present? That was the sole reason why Nioh1 happened. If theres none then I guess that it would be a sequel, if theres some here and there, probably a prequel, I may be wrong though.

b4f39f  No.16496988


>Nobunaga and Kenshin

I'd prefer with Shingen tbh, what a man he was

b4f39f  No.16497017

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Tbh I only just found out that there was now footage for the game as I checked the thread out.

It seems up in the air for being either a sequel or prequel as it is still in the Sengoku period before (((Ieyasu))) wins in Osaka but I think one of the vids above showed some armor that looked like Muneshige's.

Anyways I'll still insist in seeing more of the Samurai characters as the appeal of that fanservice is rather alluring

5f7ece  No.16497091

File: 72bdde15d8e5996⋯.jpg (121.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180617203027_1.jpg)


>Is there any Amrita present? That was the sole reason why Nioh1 happened.

Literally the first line in the game says it was there as early as the 1200s.

(I can't find this exact book. Is it even real? All the other books by Marco Polo I can find have nothing of this sort)

c81e31  No.16497106

File: 53f3f4e839edaae⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1409x798, 1409:798, 0.png)

It's a prequel.

246a8e  No.16497115


Nice, so we'll be able to see Nobunaga when he was alive.

c81e31  No.16497123

So how old is Maria in Nioh 2?

b11814  No.16497125


It really just baffles me at how pick and choosy mods are on what they consider derailing considering 90% percent of the threads on /v/ get majorly derailed one way or another and there is never any bans in most of them.

1adb5e  No.16497142

File: 29fd5f53ddee53f⋯.png (31.58 KB, 243x226, 243:226, 1475985597.png)


There better be an outfit with hip windows

5f7ece  No.16497248

825337  No.16497263


Funny how I'm always in the mix

The other day some people complained about Mark banning by IP too much that threads get a ton of empty replies, around 2 of the 6 anons were shitposting with Jewcy shitposting.

Of course it didn't matter, everyone was banned and all their posts deleted.

Shit, this post is probably going to get deleted, I'm surprised that my Gachi Ban post hasn't been gassed yet

d42583  No.16497278


Mark is a cocksucking kike faggot who never should've been in charge of this board, and all of the vols just follow his dicksucking pattern. What else is new.

8f41fd  No.16497326


I'd like to say loli but 1555 is probably before she was born unless Spanish witchcraft allows you to stay young for an extra long time.

c81e31  No.16497468


I wonder why they didn't kill her if she will not appear in Nioh 2.

0b2a11  No.16497475


Loli maria sidekick!

064aba  No.16497733


Aw shit, seriously? No PC version? That sucks.

a9ddaf  No.16497810



>all those oni abilities

I wonder how hard those are going to get and how practical those will actually be.

4902db  No.16497821


Haven't been keeping up with the game at all. Any new weapon types added in? Does the combat play any differently?


The absurdly arbitrary enforcement of rules is what's going to be the death of this board. And what's worse, a lot of the time it prevents OC from being made because it's "off topic" - the exact type of draconian rule enforcement a lot of us left forums in favor of imageboards for way back when. What's more it really kills the flow of threads, since conversations just naturally flow and delve into sidetracks of other topics before returning to the main, and the harsh enforcement just makes everything feel unnatural and stifled.

8dfd1c  No.16497829


This shit has been happening since last year.

c81e31  No.16497838

To me alpha version of Nioh 2 already looks better than original Nioh.

03019e  No.16497858


Maria's story is pretty shit. She just teleports away and that's the end of it. They could have at least had her die when the yokai she spends all the DLCs building up turns on her. Also the DLCs are set in 1610 onward, so she is really too young to be in Nioh 2.

c81e31  No.16497883


>Also the DLCs are set in 1610 onward, so she is really too young to be in Nioh 2.

She didn't even born in Nioh 2. I was certain that devs will bring her back in Nioh 2.

c81e31  No.16497886

Or maybe Maria is over 100 years old in original Nioh but using some magic she is able to prevent aging.

03019e  No.16497964


I doubt that. Amrita was never explained to do away with aging, John Dee is old and his mising eye allowed the Amrita to make him the spymaster and information agent. They might bring her back and show her getting started, but the setting might disallow that as the war between Spain and England wasn't until around 1585.

9c1485  No.16497986


Well if you're gonna have Kenshin, you're pretty much bound to put in Shingen and Ujiyasu I hope

c7822b  No.16498121


Didn't they make changes to Nioh based on the alpha/beta feedback?

9c1485  No.16498123


Basically, yes. This is what happened with the original Nioh too.

521e1e  No.16498132

File: 31c3ef5806d8d5c⋯.jpg (11.02 KB, 640x352, 20:11, caim3.jpg)

>Finally force myself to actually play this

>Insisted on using the single katana for all my previous attempts but this time decide to just stick with what feels right

>mfw using the axe

>mfw using the high stance heavy attack as a distance closing entry hit/combo starter

It finally makes sense now and I may actually be having fun /v/

I'm still going to have the single katana as an off hand since some of the later skills it gets seem to be really good.

d09610  No.16498163

File: 24e10bd28ab4b60⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 24e10bd28ab4b6031ff0c27cd6….jpg)


During both of my playthroughs I have never used the single katana even ONCE.

That just seems like the most boring most basic fucking weapon that the most bland ass people would use.

The axe and spear pretty good, though my favorite weapons though are the






High stance turns you into a walking blender.

Also anon, have fun!

521e1e  No.16498186

File: 8c22739c82ed551⋯.gif (3.47 MB, 500x288, 125:72, swingin the chain.gif)


I'm a sucker for Iai striking it any game and that three-hit combo from a sheathed sword skill for the single katana looks so cool.

Odachi's a lot of fun too though I feel like I'd be gimping myself if I had two big and heavy weapons on me at all times. Haven't had a chance to try the Tonfa or Kusarigamas yet but it'll be hard for me not to quote pic related if I ever had them.

Also I take it the Oni Trigger in Nioh 2 is going to replace the Living Weapon system?

4edf5e  No.16498259

I saw a "call for assistance" blue grave/summon sighn. Any news if we have multiplayer in this game and PvP?

091113  No.16498271


It looks like they'll be NPC graves you can summon for help alongside the graves you can fight. I don't remember if the shrine had the visitor option or not.

62e818  No.16498278


Some sort of PvP that could happen during runs would be fun.

Imagine something like:

>kill bloody grave

>bloody grave dude receives a notification and has 15 seconds to contest it

>if he chooses to contest he may come to your world and fight you for an item drop from you(you don't actually lose it) and 40% amrita(whoever dies can still go back to pick it up, losing maybe 15% amrita)

03019e  No.16498442


Katanas have the biggest skill list and are fun as fuck. Odachis and axes are boring in comparison to the katana, spear and kusarigama (never used the tonfas and dual swords).

70d0c4  No.16498647

File: 6fed9fc49495801⋯.png (533.13 KB, 554x833, 554:833, KRZiO-Another_Hibiki.png)

194eec  No.16498672


I like how the bad ending was even more vanilla than the good

8f41fd  No.16498691

File: 27981cb26d3a9e4⋯.png (2.93 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, Nioh_-_Complete_Edition_Sc….png)


2 kat is pretty good. It's katana focused on defense and rapid cuts. Tonfa is the super fun but underpowered weapon class. You can make a solid tonfa build but it takes selecting the right one and reforging appropriately.

f5b236  No.16498742


Nigga I have maximized build all pieces have +attack, I didn't enjoy the experience one fucking bit, autism made me do it.

Dark Souls I grinded for my build and had a fucking blast.

Painting Guardian Sword +5 enchanted, it has bleed, backflip attack, dagger quick attacks and does nearly 300 damage an attack because Painting Guardian Sword scales S with intelligence.

9fe8fa  No.16498762

File: 908dc548aab062b⋯.png (143.11 KB, 353x411, 353:411, doubt.png)


>i grinded for my build to have +attack

And that's it? Did you not look at the dearth of other abilities to add, or was it too much to comprehend? Not even shit that synergizes with each other, did you match abilities with set bonuses as well?

>dick souls i grinded and had a blast

Pic related

f5b236  No.16498783


>And that's it? Did you not look at the dearth of other abilities to add, or was it too much to comprehend? Not even shit that synergizes with each other, did you match abilities with set bonuses as well?

Why are you so fucking defensive faggot, did Nioh breast feed you?

I brought up +attack because its one of the more laborious grinds for armor, as you need to find gloves with high +attack, get them to max bond, and then do this for every armor piece.


What is there to doubt, why would someone who didn't play the game know about a weapon that had S scaling.

You get the shards from killing slimes which you do with pyromancy in the hallway right next to the bonfire in the sewers.

You get the chunks by killing the moonlight butterfly which is the path leading to Seeth.

You get the slab by exploring in the drained New Londo ruins.

That character took me nearly a 100 hours to get everything perfect.

If you want more details, my other items were barbed shield lightning, enchanted barbed sword (for longer range) and armor was eastern set but the leggings were sealers set for fashion.

7fd000  No.16498813



>Nigga I have maximized build all pieces have +attack, I didn't enjoy the experience one fucking bit, autism made me do it.

>I brought up +attack because its one of the more laborious grinds for armor, as you need to find gloves with high +attack, get them to max bond, and then do this for every armor piece.

+Attack inheritables are fucking useless you mongloid. You get what, +250 from putting it on all your gear? Endgame gear is going to have 2500 to 8000 attack just from the weapon. You're getting maybe, maybe, +10% damage from +250 attack, at the very lowest end.

Instead, you could inherit +13.9% Received Firearms Damage Reduction on to your gloves, legs, and boots, reforge it onto your helm and chest, and become nearly fucking immune to everything that's not a melee attack, including cannon yokai, Date Masamune's ranged elemental bullshit, and the fucking fire trails Wheelmonks leave on the ground. Or you could put +15% running speed on all your gear and turn into sanic. Or you could put +14.9% Defense From Behind on all your gear and become the amazing turtle man, turning his back to become immune to damage. But you just went with a tiny attack boost like a basic fucking bitch.

f5b236  No.16498824


My point wasn't the validity of the build just that the armor system and shit is a fucking grind.

Nioh fags are fucking unbearable, are you the type to also get triggered when someone compares it to Dark Souls?

1d6fa0  No.16498831


I can't imagine them scrapping her considering he she escaped having essentially achieved what she wanted. The Spanish were still a super power at the time the game took place, and she was the only foreigner that made it back and knew about Amrita so it would be utter foolishness if the devs didn't use her again.

7fd000  No.16498840


Your evidence that the armor system is a grind is that you're an idiot and grinded for something that's both very rare and useless. No wonder you didn't enjoy it.

f5b236  No.16498853


The armor system is a grind because you have to hunt for your specific armor set with at least 2 things that are for your build then you hunt for items with attributes you want and then have to rank up that so that you can transfer the attribute.

Its fucking annoying, it won't stop me from playing Nioh 2 though.

Also the item grind wouldn't be so bad if you weren't playing the same maps with re-used assets over and over and over again.

7fd000  No.16498899


>The armor system is a grind because you have to hunt for your specific armor set with at least 2 things that are for your build then you hunt for items with attributes you want and then have to rank up that so that you can transfer the attribute.

No, you kill the boss until they throw up their Smithing text and then you just make the armor set that you want. Then you go into the Reforge menu and Temper the exact effects you want onto that armor using Umbracite you get from completing Twilight Missions or helping people in co-op. The only thing you're correct about is that you have to find armor with inheritables in the wild, but if you head on over to Spirit Stone Huntress in Way of the Strong there's a gigantic field of revenants behind the shrine where people have suicided while wearing gear with good inheritables; +20 CCD weapons, +13.9 RFD helmets, TWDx2 gloves and the like. Then you put the weapons or armor on and use 7 Whetstones (drop from everywhere and you're drowning in them) or 7 Nikawa Glue (craftable using a material purchasable with Glory from the teashop) to instantly max the familiarity. Once you've got your customized forged gear, you take it into the Abyss, defile it, and complete 3 floors to bring it up to your level when you leave.

It's a long process, but almost all of it is under your control. The only parts of Nioh's equipment system where you actually have to grind RNG drops is getting the smithing texts in the first place, and to get accessories with good effects because you can't reforge accessories.

f5b236  No.16498922


>No, you kill the boss until they throw up their Smithing text

Yeah I sure do love those Monster Hunter level drop rates.

7fd000  No.16498970


Yup, but you only have to do that grind once for the sets that you want. After that, you just play the game.

03019e  No.16498975


Nioh 2 is set about half a century before Nioh even starts. Maria shows up in the in DLC which is ten years after the base game ends.

1cbc7d  No.16499015

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Joe Hayabusha game

>Game where the main character is voiced by Norio GOD Wakamoto

>You crossover with Joe Musashi and talk about your sons futures

>Next crossover is Ryu and Hayate crossover



>Boob physics



Wait, if one can customize the Oni appearance, does that mean the females can also customize the difference in boob sizes between the two forms as well? Because we may as well be created the Oni version of She-Hulk if that's the case.


Don't you fucking jinx it.

At this point I kind of want Capcom to put Itsuno on task of reviving Onimusha just to fuck with Koei Tecmo and make another great game with samurai Onis.

03019e  No.16499077


Itsuno is very likely doing Dragon's Dogma 2 next. That may be censored as the character creator from 1 allowed a bunch of different things and it had bust size.

8f41fd  No.16499100


>but you only have to do that grind once for the sets that you want

Or if you're autistic like me you grind for everything.

cc8050  No.16499226


>Yeah I sure do love those Monster Hunter level drop rates.

There are ways to literally double the item drop rate for farming smithing texts.

b7d15a  No.16499384

File: 922f2a37dcb5ef2⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 679x960, 679:960, dont fuck with this loli.jpg)


>Odachis and axes are boring





The axes absolutely decimate any human enemy's KI supply. One measly combo or two and they will already be gasping for air which is enough time to rape their internal organs with a grapple attack

Tonfas are fucking amazing you need to try them right now. They are maybe the most underrated weapon in the game. I enjoyed them so much i mained them during the entire last region of the game

The dual swords are fucking gay and would probably used only by ironic weaboos

e5af32  No.16499489


Inquisitors infused with Amrita.

And they were the good guys all along.

c81e31  No.16499497

File: bc815374723a3f9⋯.webm (4.98 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nioh 2 Alpha - Devil Koda….webm)

8f41fd  No.16499498

File: 7414117216a6606⋯.png (136.11 KB, 700x393, 700:393, Ashikaga_Yoshiteru_Boss.png)


>The dual swords are fucking gay and would probably used only by ironic weaboos

Come say that to my face gaijin.

c81e31  No.16499571

File: 9a12572f7997959⋯.mp4 (1.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, PalatableBowedLiger-mobile.mp4)

c81e31  No.16499590

Check your email.

1725ad  No.16499591


Why do posts like these fucking crack me the fuck up?

8f41fd  No.16499616


Please tell me there is a kodama transformation.

c81e31  No.16499617

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5f7ece  No.16499642

Any footage showing the body sliders yet?


>can enter character creation mid play

Wonder how that works. May just be hair (and yokai form?) or the story is the character is a full on shapeshifter beyond just shifting to yokai.

21e543  No.16499667


In the first game you can change your appearance to be any character you want, so letting you change the customization any time feels like the next logical step.

03019e  No.16499734

Hope this game isn't just Nioh 1.5.

4fdbe6  No.16499796


Interesting, there seem to be 3 yokai forms in that vid, I thought it was only that one with the huge club. I wonder if we'll unlock more or if those 3 are simply the base with which we can play around with.

1725ad  No.16499797


Judging by the existence of "yokai cores" from >>16499497 it can be assumed there's a lot of different transformations.

4fdbe6  No.16499808


I figured those were merely mods ala Diablo 2's gems to bolster your yokai form's strength with. But looking at that youtube video again, I see the player character actually morphing into enemy yokai briefly for an attack so maybe those cores are for that. Also, anyone else noticed that the first 3 guardian spirits you get in the first game are still present in the sequel but got name changes and a different look?

1725ad  No.16499813


It seems more than looks were changed, as the bird went from being wind to lightning.

4fdbe6  No.16499833


I just hope we get some useful waifu spirits like Saoirse and Janomecho again.

8f41fd  No.16499835

Have we seen how onmyo has turned out yet?

3167fa  No.16500000

File: bc740cd653db2cf⋯.gif (2.94 MB, 254x183, 254:183, NG2_Ch99____Ryu_ VigorianF….gif)

File: 6e83537421dc3ae⋯.gif (2.81 MB, 304x170, 152:85, NG3RE_C05.gif)

I just wanted Ninja Gaiden 4, not another Dark Souls ripoff

8328fb  No.16500003

File: b4a49b5738e8ddf⋯.png (196.81 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1463258484872.png)

246a8e  No.16500007


Nice get, but blame Yosuke Hayashi for killing ninja gaiden.

20749a  No.16500097


>alpha demo

Why the fuck would anybody want to demo an alpha build? Oh, that's right… because Beta is now just a rebranding of Early Access and given as a pre-order bonus.

How long until Alphas become the new Early Access, and companies start charging for access to Proof of Concepts? outside of shitty indies on kikestarter and steam greenlight 2.0

f861ef  No.16500110


>You don't even need to worry about it until the last tiers of difficulty, I feel like the issue with Nioh's loot system is blown out of proportion.

I picked up 200 pairs of shit that didn't fucking matter and then the game told me to clean up all my shit and wouldn't let me pick up any new items until I spent like 10 minutes going through that shit and deleting all of it. It was awful and one of the reasons I dropped the game around the fourth zone.

9ebda4  No.16500122


Nigger just sort by value and sell everything you want to. Unless you picked up literally every trash item in the game in which case you should stop being so gay and stupid, you dumb homo.

f861ef  No.16500134


>sell everything you want to.

determining which ones i want to sell or not sell is fucking math homework and i still have to sell them one at a time which is the fucking essence of tedium. grinding the same enemies in an rpg is more exciting than that.

on top of that whenever i found cool shit that worked well together and could be something worth building around everything was useless within a few missions so what's even the fucking point. either just have a ton of straight upgrades where i can hit 'optimize' and autosell or have like 8-30 unique sets of armor with their own properties that i can build with

20c334  No.16500147


Did you not see the button that would let you select all items below a certain rarity to mark for sale/disassembly/offering/donation?

9ebda4  No.16500151


>math homework

The game outright gives you equipment and rarity levels to tell you the general quality. Hell the game gives you so many ways to tell you what equipment is worth picking up and which one isn't

>Rarity level

>Equipment level

>Not picking up weapons your character isn't invested in

>Not picking up armor that you won't be able to wear because of weight/shit defense

>Not picking up amulets that are lower level

Just with those rules I only had to manage my inventory like twice in my first run. You even have an item box back at home base which I kept filling up until NG++. You can even refashion and reforge items you like, I kept reforging a sick ass axe like a third through the game until it got prohibitively expensive and had to switch to another axe which was pretty much the same.

5f7ece  No.16500156

Personally I just used Warrior of the West and farmed revenants to skip most loot till the post-game.

ba799f  No.16500158


Are you an actual negroid?

c81e31  No.16500160

File: 7807681e03fcac1⋯.webm (4.74 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Nioh 2 - Main Menu.webm)

f861ef  No.16500167



rarity has nothing to do with actual usefulness because there were only like 2 attributes that mattered for me.

ps. you're not actually saying it isn't a bad system, just that 'it's not THAT big a deal that it's a bad system'

>>Not picking up armor that you won't be able to wear because of weight/shit defense

Yeah, because defense definitely matters.

4fdbe6  No.16500168


>Warrior of the West

Hard not to when like 90% of revenants rolled that set. I even ended up deciding to handicap myself by using not-as-good gear since I got sick of using that set so much. Still had a blast despite that.

9ebda4  No.16500191


<rarity has nothing to do with actual usefulness because there were only like 2 attributes that mattered for me.

>When rarity dictates the most important attributes

>Defense doesn't matter in NG

Oh God you actually went around the game picking up every piece of trash in the game didn't you? Jesus Christ anon.

If you have any decent vitality just a bit of heavy armor can mean the difference between a OHK and barely making it, the toughness alone for not getting stunlocked is already pretty worth it.

Bottom line, you completely failed at understanding the game's mechanics and we're all stupider from reading your posts.

77ed74  No.16500211

File: e9a19039b256a02⋯.png (3.17 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 9989FEC5-A5B9-41D0-84F6-21….png)

I’m downloading the alpha demo now. What should I expect

4fdbe6  No.16500218


Cute samurai girls and rotund cats that roll.

9ebda4  No.16500221


Does it do anything aside from being fat and cute?

cd2ea8  No.16500229


How coincidental, I just started playing Nioh. It's crashing so often that I haven't left London Tower yet.

5f92d4  No.16500231

>>16500000 checked

Never ever, itagaki was the sole reason ninja gaiden was good, hayashi took a fat shit all over the entire series, of all his games only ninja gaiden sigma plus is redeemable and even then only because it's a fantastic port.

>added slow, boring girl chapters between the fast paced, ridiculous ryu levels in case you were having too much fun (sort of rectified in 3RE with kasumi, who plays just as good as ryu, HOWEVER she doesn't have any story missions, but you can replay the entire campaign as her)

>replaced the in-engine cutscenes of black and 2 with shitty CGI

>introduced no new melee weapons, unless you count hayate's katana

>completely fucked NG2 with his changes: thanks to censoring enemies take a lot longer to kill because their limbs don't come off, locked at 30fps and sub 720p, less enemies on screen, neutered elizebeth and genshin, black spider ninjas no longer rape you offscreen with incendiary kunai

>ninja fucking gaiden 3, which on release had: a ton of glitches, only one fucking weapon (they added the claws and iirc the lunar as DLC a few months later…for $5 each), incomplete moveset for the only weapon you had, ninpo can only be used after you fill up a bar, UTs similarly can only be used once you kill enough enemies, no consumables, can only heal with ninpo, QTEs up the ass, tons of cutscenes and performance issues

c81e31  No.16500341

I can't find anyone who finished the demo.

5f7ece  No.16500347


Please share what sliders are under body.

4fdbe6  No.16500358


Have you found someone who knows how to play at least? All the videos I've come across have players that have souls game mentalities.

8f41fd  No.16500400


We still haven't even figured out what the inhabited kodama bowl does in the last one.

c81e31  No.16500509

Any non casual stream? I hate to watch people complaining like DSP but not funny.

3167fa  No.16500516

File: b968b18fcc451fc⋯.png (1 MB, 4098x1963, 4098:1963, Differences_in_NG1_Black_V….png)

File: 6cabfba725188ca⋯.png (740.94 KB, 5132x1808, 1283:452, Differences_in_NG2_Vanilla….png)

File: f0b24cd5d51fb0c⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1614x830, 807:415, NG1_vs_NG1Sigma_F.png)

File: 385025ffae7cba1⋯.jpg (91.6 KB, 1191x616, 1191:616, NG2_vs_NG2Sigma.jpg)

File: 0b6a6008221df90⋯.png (161.97 KB, 1395x832, 1395:832, NG3_vs_NG3RE_for_Wii-U.png)


>Never ever, itagaki was the sole reason ninja gaiden was good, hayashi took a fat shit all over the entire series

I hate to say it, but I think you're right. Hayashi only seemed to be able to polish the foundation Itagaki made. When Itagaki was gone, and Hayashi had to make his own foundation with NG3, he shit the bed and screwed up bigtime.

Sigma he streamlined things, improved a lot of parts of the game with MINOR tweaks (can jump and shoot arrows, etc). This is what I mean by polish, all he did was take an existing work and give it small tweak improvements without touching anything else, and it was a better game.

With Ninja Gaiden 2, so much of the flow of the game was changed. In NG2 vanilla there were many fast paced enemies on screen that led to frantic twitch gameplay, you always felt in danger but because you were killing so many deadly enemies you felt quite powerful yourself. In NG2 Sigma, they made fewer enemies on the screen but gave them more health, when they throw you it ends up being a one hit kill (unless you're at full health) that makes it feel quite unfair. When you use an izuna drop on them, which would normally kill normal enemies, they will survive. Additionally, the fewer enemies on screen mean fewer essences in the air to charge up your ultimate attacks, whose invincibility frames you must rely on if you want to survive while dishing out kills. All this ruins the flow of the game, plus destroys the sense of empowerment the player feels.

Razor's Edge fixed many of the flow problems present in NG3, but it still has problems that Razor's Edge couldn't remedy like bad boss fights or those alchemist wizards always blocking attacks, etc.

Such a sad way to go. I thought the series could be saved, but now it seems like it's being outright ignored.

8d5915  No.16500533

Having just finished all of the content. I can say, what's in the alpha is basically more of the same but better. The ability to grapple yokai is fantastic, the yokai forms feel pretty distinct from each other unlike living weapon which was just "what weapon you have".

Tons of smaller QoL improvements, and the bosses feel far more difficult than the first game because of the big ass yokai realm mechanic.

I was worried that they'd butcher it to appeal to… someone, but instead it feels like the first game but better. If they keep it up, and they don't change jack shit the game is gonna be my personal GOTY. I do want to see what else they're gonna change though. Fun demo/10

c81e31  No.16500551

File: d197e7cebeb07a4⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1792x904, 224:113, 1.png)

Blacksmith from Nioh? She was young in Nioh, how can she be in Nioh 2 if it's a prequel?

246a8e  No.16500580


Maybe that's her mom?

1adb5e  No.16500593


Tomoe was cuter.

c81e31  No.16500616

File: ef7e91c70b33d13⋯.mp4 (7.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, AT-cm_34242509712-offset-3….mp4)

5f7ece  No.16500618


Dark Souls/Nioh Wiki

cd2ea8  No.16500631


I always first think it's a furry site before remembering.

4385fc  No.16500649

How are people getting the demo? Is it just on PSN or what?

1725ad  No.16500650


It does kinda sound like a weird portmanteau between jasonafex and second life.

77ed74  No.16500720


You could only select presets I’m afraid. They all had the same body I think

5f7ece  No.16500731


Can you access the menu for it though and see what they're labeled? A few videos show the face slider names.

77ed74  No.16500735

Just beat the first level. Some quick thoughts

Game is fun. It’s very similar to the 1st game with some new stuff

There are cursed and blessed weapons now. Cursed weapons have a bar that fills up and when it does you get a bonus element damage and the weapon talks to you and begs you to kill more

Blessed weapons do bonus Yokai damage

You can do the out of stamina executions on yokai now which is cool

The new transformations function similar to the 1st game but they have special abilities depending on which type.

You turn into either a big hulking one with a club and a parry, a fast one with daggers and a teleport, or a wizard one with ranged abilities.

The dual hatchets are kinda cool because their charged heavy attacks are ranged

Odachi heavy stance is still OP. Swords and spears seem the stance

The human enemies seem the same with one new dual hatchet guy. There are a shit ton of new yokai it seems

Overall, I think it’s pretty good.


If you owned Nioh on PS4, you had a chance to get a code. I got lucky when I checked my email today

200545  No.16500795

File: bf9acad0100062f⋯.webm (15.41 MB, 960x540, 16:9, garfield_becomes_god_and_….webm)




I like the new theme. I still prefer the first Nioh theme tough

2932f4  No.16500954



See >>16495905 for how to deal with the game's loot and not be a retard.

a9ddaf  No.16501061


Wasn't it a point in Tomoe's biography thing that the god(dess?) of the forge was a jealous god and hated seeing women in the forge? I get that it is basically fanservice to have another cute blacksmith, but come on.


That sounds fun. How fleshed out are the youkai forms? I imagine that if a build around getting to and staying in youkai form as long as possible shows up again, they will have to be pretty fleshed out or else that build will be boring as shit.

c81e31  No.16501083


Original Nioh theme plays when you die.

929882  No.16501095


Can you roleplay as a saint character without acquiring and using demon powers or your main character has demon powers by default?

77ed74  No.16501097


I think you could do something like that in the 1st game, so pretty likely. The different forms all have unique movesets but they’re kind of barebones in that regard. They have unique executions though. It seems easier to get the form too, I was able to activate it twice in one boss fight


I don’t think you could do that

There’s actually a really cool section where you walk into a permanent yokai circle and to stop the stamina degradation, you have to kill the yokai is causing it. The world becomes gray and your oni horns appear. I think the idea is that the yokai is so full of hatred that it’s demon powers are corrupting the area around it. There were two sections like that in the first level

929882  No.16501100

File: 4c9f978fe94c877⋯.jpg (704.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 15544119105850.jpg)


I hope it's out in 2019 on PC and without Soyny censorship.

242a5b  No.16501214

File: 97fa8456b617d0f⋯.jpg (204.32 KB, 1024x804, 256:201, nioh5.jpg)


I'd let her pound on my Odachi if you know what I mean

929882  No.16501263

File: c5797b209684c12⋯.png (633.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nioh 2 Alpha _ NEW Skill T….png)

55af93  No.16501265

File: 3c6a1fd6bd78897⋯.jpeg (22.24 KB, 345x328, 345:328, BF8BCDAA-7664-46BA-B175-7….jpeg)

>Fight two of the little yokai monsters

>wound one critically

>the other goes over and fucking eats it and becomes giant

This game is nuts

fe2669  No.16501310

Sekiro ripoff

5f7ece  No.16501355


>There are cursed and blessed weapons now. Cursed weapons have a bar that fills up and when it does you get a bonus element damage and the weapon talks to you and begs you to kill more

Do cursed weapons have an actual negative effect?

360cc8  No.16501364

File: 0c94024f2f52b0d⋯.jpg (838.83 KB, 778x1100, 389:550, onna.jpg)


Was there a survey? Seeing the results from the first game's beta survey was interesting.

929882  No.16501398

Any chance for pc beta in the future?

997b6a  No.16501401

File: 362361797322035⋯.jpg (60.22 KB, 450x253, 450:253, gonna need more bait.jpg)


>Sekio ripoff

>Nioh was out first.

8d5915  No.16502068


Nope, you can't control when the buff goes off, short of changing your weapon when it's almost full, so it's less useful than it sounds. Still fun to dick around with though. It also only lasts for like 30 seconds.


No there wasn't.


Bosses can cause that too, and usually it doesn't break unless you either stam-break them or break a part that spawns. It's pretty fun because it alters their movesets and the like.

5f7ece  No.16502087


Shame he doesn't show what's under weight, muscularity or tattoos but I'm confident a loli is possible.

a9ddaf  No.16502119


LW builds were a thing. I was hoping that the youkai forms would be fleshed out enough for a youkai form build to be both practical and as well thought out as the regular combat.

8d5915  No.16502122


oh something else neat about the big ass yokai zones, if you step into a small yokai zone while in a big one, it drains your ki super fast. Big chunks at a time

8f41fd  No.16502178


Would you say that Sekiro is the Nioh of Dark Souls?

6855d9  No.16502219


Japanomerican King's Field.

8f41fd  No.16502245

File: aa8f980c5f8c066⋯.jpg (277.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Nioh Beta Demo_20160827191….jpg)

File: cdb1d0748b4a990⋯.jpg (442.77 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cv6mFjC.jpg)


Different gril.

>she's wearing a tsuba as an eye patch


929882  No.16502263


His mother?

929882  No.16502518

File: 3296a757404992a⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, nioh 2019-05-24 23-32-38-8….png)

1cbc7d  No.16502731

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



8f41fd  No.16503070


Note that both of the characters in Nioh 1 that have a tsuba eyepatch also have an amrita eye,

1725ad  No.16503106

File: 0965c925c36ca29⋯.gif (989.44 KB, 500x280, 25:14, radical columbine.gif)


Goddamn why can't japan make more games like this?

934f24  No.16503156

File: 12cc06a80adff1c⋯.jpg (4.53 MB, 4940x3508, 1235:877, hideyoshi7.jpg)


I personally felt Sekiro was the Cuphead of Spiderman. :^)


Knowing her history, Yoshihime (Date's mother) would rather be a poison brewer than a blacksmith.


Because Capcom is run by idiots who'll can anything they feel won't sell gorillions because before leaving Inafune told them modestly budgeted titles with decent sales are for fags and that you only make money by westernizing the shit out of their titles.

A new Basara was announced recently, a motherfuckin' mobile game.

Anyway, I'm a bit intrigued by Nioh 2. I skipped the first so maybe I might get this one, hopefully they won't cuck out. Toying with the idea of making a spear/onmyo big titty miko.

fe2669  No.16503164


>Because Capcom is run by idiots who'll can anything they feel won't sell gorillions because before leaving Inafune told them modestly budgeted titles with decent sales are for fags and that you only make money by westernizing the shit out of their titles.

to be fair that worked for Monster Hunter world sadly

now its a shit series.

934f24  No.16503207

File: 1530bbdb556bb97⋯.jpg (160.53 KB, 488x596, 122:149, oichi231.jpg)


MonHun was a homely cashcow for them and I guess it also helps the head honcho of that franchise is the son of the CEO and brother of the president (the Tsujimotos).

Basara's a series whose most sold entry was about 500K but is, or at least used to be, a cashcow of fujoshi-oriented merchandise. Tragically underneath a series that's probably the female audience equivalent of DOAX, there's a top notch art direction, fantastic OST and core gameplay that evolved to become the closest a hack n' slash can be to a CUHRAYZEEEE game that got two shitty half-baked localizations and the average gaijin never got a chance to see what the series strong points are.

Polite sage for OT.

1adb5e  No.16503383


DOAX has a larger female audience than most people assume. Remember back in 2012 or so when everyone in the industry was trying to figure out what women wanted in video games and they all came up with the same answers - cooperative gameplay, management aspects, social and friendship aspects, dress-up, wide variety of minigames. That's DOAX in a nutshell.

Sage for same.

929882  No.16503541

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9ebda4  No.16503565


Kinda cool double axe moveset. That aside it really is Nioh 1.5 and I'm surprisingly okay with that. I hope they fix the enemy variety and make the game less repetitive. I suppose that short sword execution is going to be shared with all weapons now for youkai or something like that?

4fdbe6  No.16503696


Is it just me or did that boss' death animation bug out? Still pretty neat vid, really wanna try out those hatchets now.

aca8a3  No.16504621

File: 2a7e691fb723a97⋯.png (39.71 KB, 1201x191, 1201:191, Untitled.png)

I've noticed that many people outside of 8ch don't like Nioh and always saying that DS/Sekiro is better.

Steam player count is low as well.

03019e  No.16504624


A lot of From Soft fags don't even touch action games aside from Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro. If you slapped the From Software logo onto Nioh they would be all over it.


>I hope they fix the enemy variety and make the game less repetitive

I bet you they will not fix this.

f301ee  No.16504762

Why has no one mentioned that the main character is a nigger with a mohawk?

89b7a6  No.16504834


>Steam player count is low as well.

The PC port was awful and its still crash prone so that pretty much killed any attachment from that.

The game did sell over 4 million copies so its not like it wasn't a commercial success. All the whiny soulshiters who cry any time they have to deal with more than 1 enemy don't move much beyond their fromsoft titles.


Because theres no main character and you can customize it completely?

f301ee  No.16504846


Yeah I'm retarded. I was watching some white guy play the alpha earlier and his character was a nig.

246a8e  No.16504987

File: fc7a87cf456c05e⋯.png (29.55 KB, 200x193, 200:193, Works on my machine.png)


>The PC port was awful and its still crash prone so that pretty much killed any attachment from that.

aca8a3  No.16504989

File: 7a7685209a2c792⋯.png (442.54 KB, 624x841, 624:841, т.png)

8f41fd  No.16505130

4fdbe6  No.16505141


At least it looks like a made-up sheboon ala Sheva from RE5 instead of face modeling an irl one. Still, I wonder what Nobunaga/Yasuke would say if you were to meet them using a nignog preset.

30ce58  No.16505156

File: 352414e662d39be⋯.jpg (489.36 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1531599057888.jpg)


>I wonder what Nobunaga/Yasuke would say if you were to meet them using a nignog preset

e5af32  No.16505160

Because I hate the soulesque genre, or I would love to play as a spanish inquisitor in Japan to burn demon worshippers.

aca8a3  No.16505168


I don't like souls series but I love Nioh.

901595  No.16505176



>tfw love all the Souls games and Nioh

All this squabbling is pathetic. Nioh is more in line with a third person Diablo meets Enclave anyway.

e5af32  No.16505196



It is just that I hate time wasting. The game perse isn't bad, but losing all your stuff for dying is annoying.

901595  No.16505218


You kind of get used to it really and the more proficient you get at the Souls games the less you lose or rather the less frustrated you get because when you fuck up you know exactly what you did wrong.

Kind of off topic sidenote here but I get the same feeling from Nioh that I got when I first played Demon's Souls. Both are games I had owned for a long time and tried multiple times to get into and failed until one day I just jumped right in and everything clicked. Very few games have done that to me, the last being Armored Core 4.

8f41fd  No.16505356


>but losing all your stuff for dying is annoying.

But you don't lose everything in souls games, just your exp/money.

8f41fd  No.16505357


Actually in Nioh's case you only lose your exp.

89b7a6  No.16505382


Then stop dying :^)

8f41fd  No.16505415


Quick Change + Y. magatama + one piece of the Iga set means that you will almost never die.

aca8a3  No.16505440

2932f4  No.16505443


You don't lose items upon death in Souls games, what are you smoking?

aca8a3  No.16505495


If you throw bomb and die you lose bomb

89b7a6  No.16505499


In Nioh "consumables" come in the form of spells. You have normal items and then you have ninjutsu and onmyo magic which refills when you rest.

2932f4  No.16505519


Death didn't make you lose a throwable, you throwing the fucking thing did. You are retarded. Furthermore, just buy some more, it's not a problem.

8f41fd  No.16505526


Nioh has both consumable and spell type items but it's still a non issue except right at the very start of the game. All of the consumables are easily found, purchased, or crafted once you reach mid game. I can't think of a single consumable that's hard to get.

aca8a3  No.16505534


In other games if you throw bomb and die you didn't lose bomb

2932f4  No.16505544


I'd ask you to name some examples, but that still doesn't change the fact you are retarded and should just go buy more bombs.

8f41fd  No.16505548


Did you not understand? Iga style bombs aren't consumables they're spells that reset when you die or pray at a shrine. Or when you use a shinobi box or the 2 piece Iga set bonus.

9cff35  No.16505551

1cbc7d  No.16505969

File: ce4a34144f4f2e8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.48 KB, 365x800, 73:160, Balder.jpg)


Have we met before? These ramblings about the Tsujis' incopetence and the loving portrait of Basara's very own siren reminds me of something

I miss these games too. The latest being a mobage milk-machine isn't well enough for me, especially given how recently we lost Nagamasa's VA.

77ed74  No.16506046


You don’t lose your stuff when you die, what? You only lose your Amrita and your LW gauge if you die without getting your grave back and even if you do, it’s not a big loss because you can get it back quickly

e5af32  No.16506065


I'll be honest, I didn't play the game. I just assumed it was like all soul-like games.

934f24  No.16506110

File: 91176c34c90f6ff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.3 KB, 852x475, 852:475, a completely different hol….jpg)


I thought that just as long as I didn't start sperging out over Tsuchi I'd keep a low profile but the 'tism shines too bright.

>how recently we lost Nagamasa's VA

Had to look it up, a stroke in October. Poor guy was still in his fifties. Well, here's to Kouji-san, the heavens will never be short on seigi.

Polite sage.

1cbc7d  No.16506153

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No worries, it's nice to see some familiar "faces" after that place was nuked to fucking hell by weaponised tumblr-tism

Yeah. Here's to Kouji-san, he left us too early.

77ed74  No.16506158


>I’ll be honest, I didn’t play the game

Get the fuck out then faggot

7d6d1a  No.16506178


I assume they'll introduce some sort of older Nagamasa for Basara to further differentiate itself from history.

6fcf3d  No.16506222

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is the PC version coming out later this time as well, have they mentioned anything about this?

Also DSP streaming and being complete shit at it as expected

8f41fd  No.16506227


>I just assumed it was like all soul-like games.

But you don't lose everything in other souls games either. Just your souls and in some of them you have the hollowing mechanic too. Your inventory and equipment is entirely safe.

e5af32  No.16506261


Souls are time. If you get killed two times you lost all that time you used to grind that shit.

6fcf3d  No.16506274

File: e66201277df46e7⋯.jpg (226.24 KB, 720x1180, 36:59, 1530663698046.jpg)


>Grinding souls

8f41fd  No.16506288

File: c02e5e538a02e10⋯.jpg (9.67 KB, 300x300, 1:1, summoners_candle_nioh.jpg)


Don't die twice then.


If you are actually grinding for souls then, if you're smart, you're doing it in a place where it's comparatively safe and has a good rate of return.

Nioh is even more forgiving since you can store excess amirta safely as a silbar ingot. Aditionally there is a consumable item that you can use to summon your "blood stain" back to you with no loss and there are two guardian spirits that will protect a portion of your amrita even if you die twice.

a9ddaf  No.16506314


Nioh is incredibly forgiving in that respect. You don't need amrita to buy things, you don't have a constant need for money/souls to repair things, and you have those options to prevent losing it. Plus, it is a stage based game, so once you are done with a stage boss, you are safe and can access any shops you need without needing to worry about fucking up against some chumps and losing everything.

934f24  No.16506319

File: 529e5986503c103⋯.jpg (89.47 KB, 1000x1429, 1000:1429, okatsu.jpg)


Knowing Capcom they'll just sweep it under the rug. Supposedly this mobage doesn't even have the whole cast (missing Imagawa Yoshimoto, Mogami Yoshiaki and Miyamoto Musashi).

>>16506222 (checked)

I'm a bit clueless on these things (though aware DSP is a cancerous moron) but is this guy just streaming himself watching DSP's stream?

Side note, I can't get over the fact that the gaki look rather cartoonish, remind me of the martians from Mars Attacks.

e5af32  No.16506331


Oh, that's curious.

6fcf3d  No.16506340

Anyone know if we'll get to choose different body types (i.e. lolis) like the smith skin or are all customization options basically texture options?


>but is this guy just streaming himself watching DSP's stream?

For the most part. To me it's appealing because watching DSP's retarded ass becomes more entertaining when someone is shitting on him and there's a chat to partake in without getting banned. Also it's funny how his restream has ~3x the viewers of DSP himself.

8f41fd  No.16506375

I've not really been watching any of the streams because I want to experiencing it all for myself but what I want to know is what weapon classes types arein the game? Both melee and ranged.

c8a3e0  No.16506398

File: 883f0e7ff1d1e3d⋯.jpg (578.79 KB, 1200x1168, 75:73, Seven Tidings.jpg)

Probably won't see a PC port for a while, but once it inevitably does I hope that the port is tuned up better than the first one. Played for over 1500 hours and had it crash only a handful of times, but the graphical options are lacking and I'd like some other options to tweak.

6fcf3d  No.16506404


Unless I'm mistaken the only new weapon type in the 'Alpha Demo' is dual hatchets.

77ed74  No.16506455


In the alpha it’s Sword, spear, odachi, and dual hatchet. The first 3 appear exactly the same as the last game and the dual hatchets work like a mix between the dual swords, the axe, and a bit of the kusarigama

246a8e  No.16506461


What about the tanto that's on your character's back now?

77ed74  No.16506467


Oh, that’s a special tool that activates your yokai form. You also use it to perform out of stamina executions on yokai

1cbc7d  No.16506497


They could also keep him mobage only or have him in a very obscure webgame with a very conveincing sound-alike like they did with Itsuki when Tomoko Kawakami passed away.

1725ad  No.16506542

Tell me more about tonfas. I just got the guns tonfas from that one ninja guy, and the smithing text for his armor too. They seem pretty fun. What skills should I use, and is his armor set worth using with his tonfas? Also how do I make them shoot?

8f41fd  No.16506554


>Also how do I make them shoot?

You have to set certain skills for each stance to make them shoot. I can't remember exactly which ones because I never used the Gunsticks much.

ed591d  No.16506585

I hope that we get a better port that doesn't use up a million gigabyte this time, that and DS4 button prompts would be nice.

588fa2  No.16506595


Tonfa Gun activates when you do a Devastation or Crimson Lotus attack and press the button again. So XYY or YXX. The Sarutobi armor is worth using because it gives you Parry Disabled vs Guarding Enemy (Tonfa), which makes your regular attacks not bounce off when you hit a blocking enemy. This is really important for Tonfa because it lets you actually use Devastation and Crimson Lotus vs guarding enemies while in mid or low stance, as well as other combo moves like Shove or Heavenly Chain that deal massive Ki damage to blocking enemies.

1725ad  No.16506652


Why? Are the gunsticks not that good?


Yeah I got it working now. Are they good on bosses? Sounds like you could just rape their stamina then beat on them forever.

588fa2  No.16506673


You just described Tonfa's playstyle. You can't beat on them for literally forever because you're limited by Ki, but if you get good at Flux you can keep hitting people for a long time. Demon Dance gives you iframes when you Ki pulse, Kannagi lets you use Demon Dance to animation cancel Skill attacks, and Pulverize lets you start a Skill attack immediately after Demon Dancing. You can stay on enemies for a very long time, beating them out of Ki and iframing through their attacks, if you get the timing right.

8f41fd  No.16506696


>Are the gunsticks not that good?

No they're pretty good it's just that I set my tonfa build up for LW mode and youkai killing.

0f9565  No.16507031

The most disappointing part of the Nioh PC port is no one did any porn. I thought Team Ninja games at least had a sizable fanbase for doing lewds, but I guess that's only Ninja Gaiden.

246a8e  No.16507134

File: 928f105353fcf52⋯.jpg (3.03 MB, 4320x1920, 9:4, dcvzo5o-f2fcb1dc-e931-4e8e….jpg)


I blame that on how they were more of side characters, sure you can play as them, but you need to grind glory first in order to do so.

But some korean extracted Okatsu and Fuku and rigged them to be playable in DOA5. Someone could probably extract the model from the mod to use in porn.

However, these are "Work in progress" mods. In order to use this gook's "WIP" mods, you need to pay up on his patreon.

I'm not posting pictures of his Fuku mod because he really fucked up her face.

aca8a3  No.16507451


No Maria?

78a4f0  No.16507539

I am afraid that all the new mobs were already shown in alpha and nioh2 will have just slightly bigger monster variety than nioh1.

aca8a3  No.16507676

File: 58d71cae40e5116⋯.png (659.67 KB, 1865x703, 1865:703, 0.png)

234302  No.16507690


Huh, so he isn't so bad after all.

246a8e  No.16507691


Nope. Not even Ginchiyo either.

1b9a6d  No.16507895

Nioh 1. Is it normal that I get same armor with same stats from remnants or my game is bugged?

ae572d  No.16507910


> Is it normal that I get same armor with same stats from remnants

Yes, they have equipped gear you can see it when you summon them.

1b9a6d  No.16507938

File: e11d0653b434377⋯.webm (5.28 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Nioh 2019.05.26 - 14.39.2….webm)



055b8a  No.16507981


This is very common in the game. Its why a lot of people dislike the loot system.

89b7a6  No.16508063



>warrior of the west

Its the basic shitters set. Newbies use it as its the earliest armor set that can get a good synergy going on but end up dying frequently because they don't know how to play.

You probably got your previous set from a revenant of a player who got his set from another revenant to continue this lineage of shitters.


It has nothing to do with the loot system.

abb0e7  No.16508253

File: 02e3f4c11b74f48⋯.png (3.55 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 02e3f4c11b74f4822ad600bd29….png)


>tfw doing light cloth build and laughing at all the warrior of the west/red demon shitters revenants I see

89b7a6  No.16508383


red demon is light armor too though

770fb0  No.16508719

File: f0f47a090c1d932⋯.jpg (663.23 KB, 2500x2500, 1:1, Nioh Maria.jpg)

I found rare high res Maria image. Is she a virgin?

89b7a6  No.16508759


she is probably a clone like Kelley

4fdbe6  No.16508787


She most likely used her "feminine wiles" to convince Masamune and Yukimura to do things so probably not.

770fb0  No.16508799




I think she friendzoned him

4fdbe6  No.16508823


I was kinda hoping Will would have to save her from Yodogimi's Nine-tails form and she'd thank you by being your cocksleeve, but instead she just went poof into a portal. Pretty anti-climactic tbh.

9e7b48  No.16509771

File: da99cd49dbe1450⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 800x372, 200:93, Dodging the sweep with th….webm)

Dodging the sweep with the yokai skill

1adb5e  No.16509828

File: 0e99b56f361cbe4⋯.jpg (41.63 KB, 422x509, 422:509, 1478833992.jpg)

>watching a Nioh 1 speedrunner play the alpha

>they totally fail to learn the snake boss's patterns, eat shit for 45 minutes, and go back to Nioh 1

Did they learn everything they know from imitation? I don't understand.

7d6d1a  No.16509974


>speedrunner fails to learn patterns

…I thought that was the whole point of speedrunning?

9e7b48  No.16510532

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8f41fd  No.16511780


I don't think she is. She doesn't use that discordant ki magic that other homunculi use.

c57491  No.16511979

File: f386523607fb593⋯.jpg (91.53 KB, 466x764, 233:382, 41046558.jpg)


I used dual kats until Tonfas came out because I wanted Tonfas all along

fcd95a  No.16512875

Why does the odachi have the length of a spear, damage of a hammer, speed of a katana?

This weapon is disgustingly strong, how the ever loving fuck did KT think this was a good idea? Usually some weapons have inherent weakness but not the Odachi.

2Axe? Has a bad time in the mid-range, really strong from afar and really strong from up close. Does DPS when left to their own devices but no enemy is going to let you beat up them.

Kat? Zero cons. Good damage, good range, good speed, good options. Great in all situations.

Spear? Great range, sucks up close. Damage is mediocre, but you trade damage for range.

Odachi? As fast as the katana, has the reach of the spear, has the highest damage output in the game, excels at everything.

I was hoping to rock the Odachi and a secondary weapon to supplement it's weakness, but there are ZERO weakness for the Odachi.

Moving on to the new skill system, 90% of the tree is useless bloat noone will use and the other 10% is essential shit like Relentless I, II, III, Kick, Ki Burst, etc.

Weapon Switch Ki Pulse is still shit.

Ninjutsu and Magic seem to be a good place now, sloth isn't disgusting OP anymore and there's a wide array of weapon buffs now that excel in specific things. Still haven't played with Ninjutsu yet, but I still got time to try it. Already clocked in 20+ hours in the alpha.

7d6d1a  No.16512908


>no enemy is going to let you beat up them.

Is this your first Koei-Tecmo game?

6385bb  No.16513805


>This weapon is disgustingly strong

It has no utility and a really dull moveset. The reach doesn't matter because it doesn't have a moveset to utilize it and its very slow even in low stance to the point where you cannot even stunlock a flying bolt reliably with it.

4fdbe6  No.16513995


That shoulder charge move that wrecks ki can be spammed near indefinitely on revenants though. It was also the only way I could do a no-damage run on most human bosses.

f71e09  No.16514209


Any tips for fighting this slut? I'm in the Abyss right now trying to get pass her and it's fucking hard, she one shots me with her amrita ranged attack, it's easy to dodge when she uses it once, but once she starts using 3 times in a row I get fucked.


Is Moonlit Snow still in there? Also I've always thought Odachi were OP on Nioh, massive damage, ki damage and reach, maybe it doesn't have a very versatile skillset, but it gets the job done and it makes the game easy for me, I sort of struggle with any other weapon.

4b2226  No.16514580


Get 100% RFD on your gear and laugh at them

4f91d4  No.16515568

I have a ps4 but I got Nioh 1 on my PC, is there still a way I can get the alpha for Nioh 2?

7a8026  No.16515815


Interesting, I'll get to reforging then.

69f2c6  No.16515973

I have never played Nioh before, but I got an alpha key and the game is fun. I've been using the double hatchets and I am trying to get a hang of the spear. I am kind of struggling to ki pulse on a consistent basis. This really makes me want to play the original.

9e7b48  No.16516024

File: 05d3f7d5722592c⋯.jpg (187.89 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Nine Tailed Fox battle music

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