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dda474  No.16684864

For those not in the know, the guys behind Duke Nukem are now making Fem Duke, and it's been in early access for years now. With only a few stages and weapons, but enough of a taste that you basically know how the game's gonna play. I liked the Ion Maiden demo that came with my copy of Bombshell, so I'm a bit optimistic for this game. Not a fan that they changed the character from a literal female Duke Nukem to a Sarah Connor rip-off, but it seems more appropriate for this kinda game. Also I wish she had some sort of kick, instead of a police stick. But yeah, August 15th. Here's hoping it's not shit.

>b-but It's Ion Fury now anon

I don't give a fuck that some half ass Judas Priest rip-offs thinks they own the name Iron Maiden. I'm calling it Ion Maiden.

dfdadf  No.16684905

These alien bastards are gonna pay. No one steals my dick… and lives.

Is it actually good or is it more of the Dusk/Amid Evil "it's trying to ape a retro shooter so it's GOTAYAY guys!" trend?

84ae77  No.16684948

File: 8d7fd61375c6660⋯.jpg (762.64 KB, 1078x1930, 539:965, Screenshot_20190711-124923….jpg)

I'm so happy 3d realms is on the right side of history!


52ca43  No.16684951

Iron Maiden was trying to save us

dda474  No.16684974


Maybe so, but Judas Priest is still superior.

e5c285  No.16684977


It's fuckin amazing how these guys are so obsessed with their OC waifu they still believe it's the same character after 100 redesigns.

7e7e1d  No.16684984


From what I can tell it's a whole lot more faithful, being actually made in Build and all, but the level design is just ass. Tons of vents that just funnel you from one room to the next.

15c69f  No.16684991


Who cares about this SJW game?

dda474  No.16685014


It's an SJW game?

15c69f  No.16685031

File: a54a4b9282a7d48⋯.png (391.83 KB, 1145x697, 1145:697, 2019-07-11 16_35_02-A Visu….png)

ee83a5  No.16685063


>>You won't get nearly instant mods

>>you won't eventually get a nude mod

are you retarded or inbred, anon?

dda474  No.16685074


Well yeah, I figured that was PR bullshit.

e735b7  No.16685090

Should have used the old Bombshell design, but maybe I'll pirate it if it's fun.

9bc553  No.16685094


DUSK/Amid Evil were their own things gameplay-wise, only the visuals and overall set-up were retro.

This one on the other hand looks like it's just Blood but with pseudo-hitscanners instead of hitscanners everywhere and the setting of a cyberpunk Shadow Warrior Classic. Like, it's more competent level design-wise compared to the previous two, but at the same time I find its existence harder to justify when the gameplay is barely any different from existing Build titles.

dfdadf  No.16685096


The old bombshell design as in the ones in the duke nukem documents or the shit top down shooter one?


Hey if it plays like Blood I might be down for it. I just didn't like Dusk that much and Amid Evil didn't look worth trying, especially since anons keep saying the enemy design is shit despite being visually interesting.

e735b7  No.16685099


The Pamela Anderson looking one that was literally a blonde bombshell. Basically the female mirror of Duke.

dfdadf  No.16685108


Yeah I'd dig that.

Man I wonder what Duke Nukem Forever could have been without Broussard's tech chasing. Would it just have been basically an expansion pack like Doom 2 was, or would it have been something really stellar?

e735b7  No.16685111

File: 5ced9ceca367039⋯.png (3.06 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)

This one actually wasn't too bad either. Had a bit of a 90's Tank Girl thing going on. Current design just looks like a generic sci-fi protagonist that could easily be from a Mass Effect game.

dfdadf  No.16685120


I just can't get over the side-shave haircut. Women in vidya or in general shouldn't shave in my opinion.

e735b7  No.16685121


They should have just finished the version of the game that had the Half Life looking graphics. Was it Unreal Engine? That one looked fun.

111313  No.16685122



oy vey cover that slut up with a bhurka, having visible skin below the jawline is a bad look y'all!

0d3733  No.16685127

File: 71930e9ea00a94c⋯.jpg (53.55 KB, 625x446, 625:446, grammar-nazi.jpg)


>Ion Maiden finally releases on August 15th

Releases what on August 15th? Release is a transitive verb, i.e., it requires an object. You can't just release, you have to release something. Here, the game is not the subject, but the object, therefore:

<Ion Maiden will finally be released on August 15th

2c9943  No.16685131

As a fan of old shooters all this shit just makes me think 2 things

>Oh boy more e celebs shilling shit because they're fanboys of the devs

>These people failed at their jobs so bad they're having to beg random people to let them carry on making it.

Duke is the only good build engine game. Blood is unplayable dog shite designed for autists to spam quick saves and grenades. Shadow warrior isn't much better.

I want all these old fucks to die off. Most of them are just leeches who made the tea and cleaned the toilet at id. Once they left id they nose dived and ended up with no other option but to beg like this.

e735b7  No.16685136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I still want to play it. They fucked up so hard by refusing to just settle for second best and get the game out in a reasonable window of time.

dfdadf  No.16685137


Man imagine a politically correct duke nukem.

>Shake it baby Please engage in a completely casual non sexual conversation with me, respectable lady.

04de28  No.16685145



If you read this and your decision isn't immediately to either pirate while telling the devs to go fuck themselves, or outright ignoring it, you don't belong here.

8bfe8d  No.16685155


>Blood is unplayable dog shite designed for autists to spam quick saves and grenades.

Imagine being this shit. I got through it all on LB while only saving at level start and a backup for when I'd die to doors or platforming. Shadow Warrior is the real bullshit.

IM looks whatever. Maybe it will be good, haven't tried the demo.

6965d1  No.16685172


Judas Priest is literally gay

2c9943  No.16685177


Imagine thinking it's fun to walk round corners and find 5 hitscanners, to open a door and find 7 hit scanners, to fight the same tanky boss over and over.

And I'm not even touching how shit the weapons are. Blood is a bad game.

04de28  No.16685184


I was largely in agreement with you until you claimed it has shit weapons. Blood's arsenal is delicious.

dfdadf  No.16685189


Blood's hitscanners are fun. I put them on the same level of Doom TNT's first few levels with hitscanners, it's an absolute blast mowing through them like a badass.

Episode 3's when I really start hating Blood though.

>weapons are shit

Is this a joke? With the exception of the life leech and voodoo doll it's a fantastic arsenal with lots of great alt fire modes.

04de28  No.16685199


>mowing through them like a badass

I assume you mean playing corner popout with them since they rape your health in a microsecond if you stay out of cover.

e735b7  No.16685204


Someone should really make a version of the game that swaps out the hitscan for projectiles you can dodge. People have remade the entire thing as a Doom mod before, so it can't be that hard.

8bfe8d  No.16685208

File: 0fa473684cf4ac8⋯.jpg (31.23 KB, 502x480, 251:240, plebs.jpg)


Imagine being such an african nigger that you are unable to use the rich and plentiful resources you are given. Use the tommygun to stunlock and the dynamite to blow them to hell, use the flaregun to pick off individual cultists.

13c725  No.16685210

still pirating it to see how shit it might be

04de28  No.16685216


>use dynamite for killing without exposing yourself

>use flares to ignite them from afar

>stunlock with tommygun

>oneshot with the good ol' double barrel

These are all valid ways to handle them, and they are all incredibly boring. Having to stop to use cover/pick something off instead of zipping around like a madman is gay.

dfdadf  No.16685222


Jesus Christ not this argument again. Crouch. Go fast and don't stop, jump and crouch around like a madman. The tommygun stuns enemies. Use large AoE attacks the flare gun/napalm gives you. Aim your shotgun right and you can do Doom regular shotgun ranges with it. Move in and out of line of sight when you're far away, then get up close and personal while crouching to avoid most of their shots. There's usually more than one way into a firefight, choose wisely.

Or just be a bitch and bounce dynamite of corners but that's barely fun.

e735b7  No.16685223


The question isn't whether you can handle it. The question is whether it makes for fun gameplay.

04de28  No.16685234


Crouching and jumping barely impacts how often you get shot.

>move in and out of line of sight

Again, cover is homosex. This isn't fucking SWAT 4.

ca7975  No.16685237


At least she doesn't have that sad sickly pool chlorine dye job that cut has become associated with.


All three of you come off as the simplest brained niggers in niggerdom. The answer is you're bad at games. Probably the same homosexuals that complain about Shogo.

dfdadf  No.16685243


>Crouching and jumping barely impacts how often you get shot.

Bull fucking shit it does. Crouching makes hitscanners miss a lot of their shots.

>Again, cover is homosex. This isn't fucking SWAT 4.

What are your opinions on Doom Chaingunners and Archviles?

2c9943  No.16685252


I fucking hate the flaregun, shooting a guy then waiting for ages until he sets on fire is annoying. And having enemies who fake dying as a common mechanic is bullshit.


I don't find walking round a corner to find a guy with a shotgun there who insta shoots you.


Blood's problems would still remain. It's entire focus is jump scares with shotguns.


>You're a brain dead nigger if you don't like opening closet sized rooms with 4 guys with shotguns camping inside

Blood plays like someone who has no idea how FPS games works designed it. It's objective is to constantly put you in unfun situations and any one who says "that's not fun" has faggots like you calling them casuals. I could play through all of blood and constantly bash my head against awful design decisions or I could just play a game that doesn't have poor game design.

Which do you think I will pick? No one has a problem with Doom having hit scanners, even unfair amounts of hit scanners in some places. They don't even object to monster closests with them in. The objection comes when that is your core gameplay loop. It's just not fun.

04de28  No.16685253


They're the weakest part of the enemy roster, but both are much more enjoyable to fight than the cultists since they have a warmup to their attacks and don't instantly rape 60% of your health.


>fake dying

You can easily just gib them, behead them or burn them though.


>hurr your a nigger

Ok fag.

e735b7  No.16685254


What's the reward in getting good at a game that's annoying to play? You could, but why? Just play a better game instead.

dd8326  No.16685259


Blame, Randy Bitchford.

2c9943  No.16685269


>Burn them

>Shoot with flaregun

>Wait an hour

>They burst into flame

Wow. So responsive. How did I ever live without such responsive weapons?

I'm convinced Blood is the hipster game of choice. They don't like the game, they don't enjoy the game but it makes them feel like they have a big e peen if they say they do. No one gave a flying fuck about blood until like 2 years ago and then we got a source port by an autist and then a new official release. The same shit happened with Shadow warrior which again, no one gave a fuck about and suddenly it's "one of the classics". Rise of the Triad had more of a claim to being a classic but it's remake was so bad even the hipsters hated it. I wonder what game will be rediscovered this way and find it's way onto GOG and Steam next.

dfdadf  No.16685272

I'd like to bitch and moan about how you're both insanely casual but at the same time I can really see someone who sucks complete shit at Blood can view it in such a light. I mean like I said I'm not exactly a fan of the latter half of episodes(you want to talk about bullshit enemies let's talk Hellhounds, or the latter Episode 4 levels where they throw like two stone gargoyles at you, in a very small room with an instant death pit on either side, or the following corridor with three fucking mother spiders who get triggered early in the game and get to spawn a shitton of spiders). But, in my opinion I think Episodes 1 and 2 are pretty fucking good. And I can't stand Quake 1's singleplayer when some anons seem to swear by it. Let's just agree to disagree. From what I remember Ion Maiden/Fury had a demo at some point, did anyone happen to play it? Was it worth playing?


What did that nigger do now?

ac8d7f  No.16685273

File: 04ed0bcac116622⋯.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x848, 75:106, 04ed0bcac116622e971282f769….jpg)

File: c1c5017c9742c1b⋯.jpeg (126.83 KB, 762x785, 762:785, 416656d69174100302906bcce….jpeg)


I pirated the alpha build, it was alright, it felt more like a TC for duke than anything else which was probably what they were going for.

That being said don't give them any money what so ever

>>16684948 & >>16685031 should be reason enough for that.

04de28  No.16685280


They ignite when their health falls to zero, so plugging them with the shotty then flaring them is a good combo.

Blood is an absolutely amazing game - except for the extreme frequency of very high damage hitscanners.


>your just bad

Ok fag.

>hellhounds, gargoyles, spiders

Except all of those are great enemies because you avoid damage from them by dodging, not by corner camping like a sperg.

>I can't stand Quake 1's singleplayer

Get out.

dfdadf  No.16685282


>That being said don't give them any money what so ever

I'd like to shell out because for all the flaws a game like Dusk had I'd still take it over like Battlefield 3's singleplayer, but I don't understand why it seems the newer decent FPS games seem to be made or published by faggots.

That game with the really blocky models might be cool but it's way early in development, the one with the really ugly giant HUD elements. I forget what it's called, Proteus or something.

2c9943  No.16685283


I don't think Quake is great but compared to blood it's amazing.

13c725  No.16685287


Randy hasn't done much except tweet

8eaf5f  No.16685654


It must suck to be you, to have more game choices than ever and be unable to do anything but complain.

>Actually mad about aliens, guns and titties

You know who hates stuff like this? Fags and fat bitches. Which one are you?

e735b7  No.16685704



Where? lol. They covered them up.

29e72d  No.16685742


What do you mean? It's been out since Feb.2018.

748066  No.16685750


When they send their shills they aren't sending their best.

82eeb5  No.16685767


You can cover a turd with all the gold, jewelry or whatever ornamental item in the world and it'd still be a fucking turd. Kill yourself, nigger.

ee8082  No.16685833



Nigger autocorrect exists,

I wager whoever wrote this nonsense couldn't draw something similar if tasked and should probably keep their subjective CURRENT YEAR GLASSES to themself.

dda474  No.16685901


That's the demo.

29e72d  No.16685937


I know. It's out and been able to play for over a year and now when it comes out of early access they change the release date. But it's technically out. I hate early access.

618877  No.16685938

I gotta say, it's very impressive how they managed to make a AA game feel so bland, focus tested and watered down.

dda474  No.16685956


>It's an AA game

bullshit, what the fuck did they use the money on? whores and meth?

5b0522  No.16686014

File: 7d98087f3e662d5⋯.png (1.04 MB, 600x1004, 150:251, dukesat.png)

I played through Duke3D on the Saturn for the first time recently. It was really fun and the feel was recreated in the slave driver engine amazingly, enhanced too with the superior slave driver physics, although less free form than quake saturn.

Ion Fury looks really boring. Doesn't the engine have serious issues with performance directly being tied to clock speed, not IPC? Meaning the more detailed things get the higher speed is required because there's basically no real acceleration? I'm looking forward to the drama about its technical issues. I can see discussion of the game dying quickly after a thread, then a thread 6 months down the line asking if anyone played it, sort of like Dusk.

The only other truly good old shooter around is Power Slave Saturn. If you like Duke3D, quake and Doom/Ultimate (not doom 2, quake 2, blood, shadow warrior, anything by monolith) give Power Slave a try, it'll probably hit the spot for you whereas those others missed pretty hard.

e2691a  No.16686035

>strank garl protag

Fucking retards. They just had to ruin it like that. Feels so damn out of place.

738310  No.16686055

File: eb8990d30cb5ecf⋯.jpg (119.37 KB, 1634x1168, 817:584, This pleases me.jpg)


I find it hilarious how they tried to reference Iron Maiden through the naming and font, despite being pretty much the antithesis of that era of metal. Every fucking time something has a reputation of being cool and cutting edge a million faggots jump onto it 10-15 years down the line and turn it into a joke in their desperate attempt at joining in with the cool crowd.

Embarrassing game, embarrassing people involved in the making.

2bef7a  No.16686059



I agree. Women don't deserve rights.

e735b7  No.16686171


The term iron maiden predates the band Iron Maiden.

c20f2a  No.16686198

File: df377f1cf3edda7⋯.jpg (91.46 KB, 337x425, 337:425, duke2.jpg)


>For those not in the know, the guys behind Duke Nukem are now making Fem Duke


It's not the guys behind Duke Nukem, since the original 3DR Team broke up throughout the course of DNF's cursed development. Thank George Broussard for that one, since he mismanaged the project to an extreme level while squandering the money on webcamming his Porsche and allocating the funds to fly to places "for research", while assembling fake trailer content for a game that never existed in the first place in the build that was shown.

The game is made by Voidpoint, which is the team responsible for EDUKE32. The only hand that 3DR has is a publishing and "consultation" role. That said, I think it's pretty good. I loved what I played from the Early Access content, and I'm stoked to play it in full when it hits next month.

Trailer looks good, so I'm optimistic for more.

>that commander keen reference


12f5b3  No.16686207


I saw another design and thought that the new one looked better, this one is way better, should have been this. She doesn't need a suit of armor, Duke just wears a shirt and jeans with some sunglasses anyway.

Fuck it, once the games out I'm going to create a set of new sprites and other relevant art that give her this design.

00c7c0  No.16686265

File: f07b27f34dccac9⋯.png (64.03 KB, 315x256, 315:256, cgabeardthink.png)

This doesn't look too bad but I can't believe they cucked out on the title. Iron Maiden has no case.

I guess they just wanted to cover their bases in case Iron Maiden was successful with the lawsuit.

abca5f  No.16686282

File: 9949a8ea59d3906⋯.gif (19.69 KB, 198x350, 99:175, Leisure-Suit-Larry.gif)


>The design for Ion Maiden's character is overly sexualized as well

>She's not a 400lb hairy bison of a woman(?) with bad tattoos over 60% of it's body, a shaven head, and a pug nose constantly making references to it's fierce vagina.

What funny is that they "yikes" at those 90's designs without even the slightest shred of self-awareness than in 10 years they're going to be looking back at their comments on 90's designs and feel that it's every bit as cornball and ridicule worthy.

It's like people in the late 80's making fun of the clothes people wore in the 70's. I'd say archive this shit and shove in their faces in a decade, but they'll just laugh it off and claim they were so naive and stupid back then, but that was 10 years ago, and - not at all enlightened like they "currently" are.

Literally fashion trend morality. What a fucking joke.

c20f2a  No.16686283

File: 6e798db9919acd6⋯.jpg (122.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, duke3.jpg)


Iron Maiden had no case, but having to fight a $2M lawsuit when the game is already so close to release, they just wanted the game to be out. Iron Maiden's legal team has much more money to spend in litigation than Voidpoint/3DRs does, and it isn't the first time that 3DR has been fucked over by a lawsuit.

I don't blame them one bit for avoiding the whole thing entirely so that they can just release the fucking thing. Hopefully the game will be good and they'll be afford a countersuit if they really wanted to go that route - but Iron Maiden has already fucked themselves over with the bad PR from it, this is probably Iron Maiden's version of Metallica v. Napster.

71f759  No.16686304

File: 09b60dc97c7267e⋯.png (143.24 KB, 726x660, 11:10, quite sane.png)

Is nothing safe from SJW politics? I'm getting more and more blackpilled every passing day.

582d19  No.16686306


If only Iron Maiden had won the case and taken this cuck company down with it.

5ec170  No.16686317


Im fucking plying, Priest got hard on Sad Wings, but peaked on Stained Class, then they did Point of Entry and British Steel which were shit. Screaming is just dumbed down Stained and the later half of Defenders is shit. Turbo and Ram it Down are godawful and then what? Painkiller? The album they're still trying to copy nowadays? Fuck that.

At least fucking Maiden had a good streak until Seventh Son. They might have been a little formulaic but every time Priest tried doing anything that wasn't fucking balls out metal with a touch of progression like the setlist they had for Unleashed they weren't very good in the best case and were outright awful at worst.


>Metallica v. Napster

Not likely, it's a dick move yeah but what made Metallica v. Napster so infamous was that it dealt directly with the music they made, and it was basically Lars kvetching over missed shekels by people downloading their records. This is just a dispute over the name of the game being a dumb pun on Iron Maiden, which is even more retarded, but it really doesn't affect the listening fanbase much since the people that actually look forward to this game despite the SJW bullshittery and listen to Maiden probably compromise like less than 1% of their fanbase. I couldn't give less of a fuck what name it has since I'm pirating this shit anyway.

738310  No.16686330


Oh fuck off with that shit, the font makes it painfully clear what they were referencing.

111313  No.16686369

File: 0041d0dfa4af2a7⋯.jpg (29.9 KB, 476x480, 119:120, fuCIUQW_d.jpg)


> blackpilled

Don't be a faggot anon. Start lurking /pol/, start working out, stop eating garbage. A civil war is coming to the US, make no mistake, and when it does you better be ready to lynch as many communists as you have rope.

71f759  No.16686376


>Start lurking /pol/

You mean the board with jew/shill/shizo accusation quota per post?

That board is unreadable.

00c7c0  No.16686398

File: 35f794e6ba3d6d1⋯.png (507.44 KB, 522x700, 261:350, ClipboardImage.png)

Game looks fun but this "practical armor" bullshit cuckery needs to go.

I'll get the game but I'm probably going to mod it so that she looks closer to her original concept.

abca5f  No.16686414

File: 02aad1612b88b27⋯.jpg (47.89 KB, 599x800, 599:800, cjeb1hns25iy.jpg)

File: 3ad63adf0e1c314⋯.jpg (43.87 KB, 460x691, 460:691, a7505ef1f5a457d7a742a9ab53….jpg)

File: 1169075d6cdb3f4⋯.jpg (112.77 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, cPXB771.jpg)

File: 2384b2e57c8f22a⋯.jpg (120.13 KB, 610x960, 61:96, 566d98386c8f330c5e3def24e7….jpg)


I honestly don't have a problem with "practical" armor so long as it's a genuine aesthetic choice and fits the art style and tone of the rest of the game. It's when people start to use it as a means of moral peacocking that I want to start shoving woodsplints under the nails of people's twitter fingers.

Maybe it's just a bit of /clang/ in me, but I find plate armor to be incredibly sexy.

00c7c0  No.16686421

File: 665618391e5a56a⋯.png (312.96 KB, 500x702, 250:351, ClipboardImage.png)


Depends on the context I guess. If it's trying to be realistic or something then it would make sense for them to be wearing plate mail (but then again, women in medieval times wouldn't be doing any fighting in the first place).

But here it's just straight poz. Thankfully it's not shoved down your throat extensively since you're playing the game from a first person perspective. But it's still annoying.

Duke only wears a tank top and still fights without any of this practical armor nonsense. Why does Shelly have to? Do they just hate women?

582d19  No.16686438


The main issue is that they want to make the next Duke Nukem/Blood/Shadow Warrior, yet to protagonist looks as generic and stale as possible. Her VA also sounds like she swallowed an ash-tray.

582d19  No.16686450

File: ae138cf565dcd37⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1280x800, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Like said >>16686421, both bikini chainmail and "realistic" plate are valid so long as it fits the style and tone of the game in general.

With Ion Maiden it really just screams "we're cucks and/or fear the twitter mob", chiefly because the game is a spiritual sequel to Duke Nukem (and by extension Shadow Warrior and Blood), and Duke Nukem was as tongue-in-cheek as it gets. Hell, just look at Bombshell from a recent-ish mod, and how she looks like Duke's female counterpart.

>But it's still annoying.

It's also a worrying precedent. If they walked back on the character design because it was too risqué for CY+4, what else did they cut or censor? Can they be trusted not to mess with their product in the future if a leftist complains about it on the internet?

166ff2  No.16686454


there's always the pro-gun angle left

69eb8f  No.16686463


>hey fellow xers what if a evil symbol of toxic masculinity was a stonk trigendered lesbian?

9393b5  No.16686466


I was going to mention how it's a red flag worth pirating if for no other reason than to see how the game is without supporting shitty actions, but >>16686450 puts it better anyways

> If they walked back on the character design because it was too risqué for CY+4, what else did they cut or censor? Can they be trusted not to mess with their product in the future if a leftist complains about it on the internet?

Like it or not we're in an age of pozzed gamedev and developers being influenced by people who wouldn't even buy the game with the changes.

You want to throw away your money, then that's your choice. I'm going to see if it's even worth my money first.

111313  No.16686516


Come on now anon, after a week identifying jidf and reporting/filtering them becomes second nature

cf716f  No.16686527

File: 05382f2902e5970⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 466.35 KB, 782x536, 391:268, ionmaidenloss.png)


0d425a  No.16686529


We have niggers using this board not even capitalizing their fucking I's and this is the straw that broke your back?

15b379  No.16686588

File: edda2252718eaf0⋯.jpeg (35.56 KB, 639x361, 639:361, serveimage.jpeg)


So instead of a cool and sexy action girl we now got a boring man with tits. Feminism is all about turning women into inferior men and turning men into inferior women. The feminist ideal is to become a bulldyke, because feminism teaches that all female values are worthless.

b71260  No.16686600

File: 866fbb74b3877e2⋯.png (184.41 KB, 2298x2106, 383:351, 1490060248518.png)


>mfw told a buddy to get duke nukem forever when it released in like 2010 and he said it was the worst vidya purchase of his life and he sold it back to gamestop

d42364  No.16686640


>We have this cool, sexy but not too trashy eesign, with a whip which can be more than just a melee weapon and can be used to steal weapons from the bad dudes' hands or as a grappling hook

<Lol let's ditch that design and give her an ugly arm and haircut, then ditch that one too and give her a generic power armor

I will never not get mad at this.

db7c0d  No.16686740


I wasn't impressed with the gameplay of the preview campaign. Maps are great, it's what you do in them that feels like a very barebones Blood: all enemies are machinegunners that require cover and snapshots to deal with, without melee variants or minibosses; weapons are all the same old, with the sole exception of the bowling bomb which however bugs every time.

It wasn't so smart to make a sequel to the massive flop Bombshell, either. A female Duke Nukem with flat delivery and zero humor isn't fun to play as.

db7c0d  No.16686849


>he memorized a game through trial and error

>he feels gratified through pavlovian conditioning

You think like a bugman

ec4b41  No.16686872

File: 3b6a2bbed23873d⋯.png (707.31 KB, 994x547, 994:547, DNF 2001 2.png)

File: a0216c78d30d0b1⋯.png (495.77 KB, 904x764, 226:191, DNF 2001.png)

File: 14e4881390e2968⋯.png (127.23 KB, 701x928, 701:928, DNF.png)


>muh DNF never existed XDDD

Stop lying anytime now

582d19  No.16686874


Reminder that the only reason we can't play all the various prototypes of DNF is that Randy won't release them.

That disgusting liberal cunt likely deleted them all out of spite.

c63ef4  No.16686889


He let a squirt girl play a magic trick with the builds at his peacock theater. He even showed it to kids.

96cdfb  No.16686941

File: 64fce898b04bd6f⋯.png (4.03 KB, 274x250, 137:125, Just DOS my shit up.png)


>All of older builds of DNF could be gone in a moment just because Randy doesn't care that it never could be done again the same way

polite sage for off-topic

e3c24a  No.16686960

Someone post the link to a demo pls

5b0522  No.16686963


I'm not convinced any of them are more than a couple of scripted events, a few half made prefabs and a couple of hallways that lead into a void.

ec4b41  No.16686984


>I'm not convinced

Yeah, no one cares what you think

582d19  No.16686985


IIRC a lot of them have a lot of content, since the issue with DNF wasn't the work-flow, but the fact the retards in charge drank the Kool-Aid and constantly switched engines/added new gimmicks from other games to make DNF the best game eva.

I'm reasonably sure there's more than enough material around to make a full game out of it, and not the abortion DNF became, which was basically Randy lazily cobbling together whatever assets were finished and calling it a day.

b40cc0  No.16687008

>iron maiden still around

Do they do nothing but occasionally tour and perform hits from that brief period where they could actually produce decent songs? Handful of good records and singles but most of their early and late stuff is utterly abhorrent.

5b0522  No.16687021


Something tells me there's not much of a game in those 12MB of files. I don't need you to care what I think, I know dripping in the doubt will be more than enough to set you off.


With how most game development works I doubt they would get very far before shelving what they did. I'm not going to even say I doubt it, there is literally not a full game out there for any of the other DNF versions.

5c321a  No.16687023

File: c5ce6a205d811f9⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 625x417, 625:417, 40ca39871f959793374fb74093….jpg)


>they actually cucked out and changed the name despite that lawsuit never having a chance in hell of winning and even losing a chance to countersue a bunch of boomer millionaires and making more money out of it that way than they would've ever hopped to make with a shitty version of better,past games


ec9d3f  No.16687031


Amid Evil is a great game that iterates on classic FPS you tasteless faggot.

ec9d3f  No.16687036


Anon, sit down, because I'm about to blow your mind.

You can right click while using dynamite to bank it around corners.

Now go play the game again.

ec9d3f  No.16687040


You can also duck to reduce hitscan hit rates. Face it, you're bad.

0098c4  No.16687042

This reminds me, are there any good Duke 3d mods worth playing? AMC TC looked interested but I was kind of overwhelmed with how much shit you're given from the get go.

0098c4  No.16687044


I hadn't played it yet, it just didn't look particularly interesting and I heard the enemy design, while visually stunning, isn't that good.

582d19  No.16687053


There's shitloads of them, ranging from TCs to map packs. The modding scene is not as expansive as with Doom, but there's plenty of worthwhile mods to play through both for DN3D and Blood.

Strangely enough there's not nearly as much stuff for Shadow Warrior for whatever reason.

89b1b2  No.16687059


>some half ass judas priest rip off

shut your faggot mouth, Iron maiden has more memorable tracks then judas

e735b7  No.16687061

File: 5e00c7313a091bc⋯.png (501.51 KB, 680x473, 680:473, ClipboardImage.png)


Uh. Not really. The Iron Maiden font looks completely different.

582d19  No.16687065


Why are all these supposedly hardcore metal bands such complete faggots? First it's Metallica kvetching about Napster and then Iron Maiden lose their tits a game's title sounds similar to the name of their band.

89b1b2  No.16687066


Doubt it was them, was more likely their legal team

6e9413  No.16687068



lol metallica was always faggots, ever since their first album, megadeth is better metallica to this day, and anthrax is better megadeth, and slayer is better all of them

467cfb  No.16687070


Man, Bruce looks like complete shit. Is he vegan, or something?

582d19  No.16687071


And they have no idea what their legal team is doing why exactly?

89b1b2  No.16687072


Because most large things are completely unaware of what their legal team does on a daily basis unless it's brought up to them by fans.

e735b7  No.16687073


They're old people. They get spooked like horses when they see things they don't understand.

15f578  No.16687074


The enemy design is nothing groundbreaking but it is very servicable. The game excels in level and weapon design. It's the best retroclone I've played so far, easily.

0098c4  No.16687077


Fair enough, I'll try it. Is it as toaster friendly as Dusk?

89b1b2  No.16687083

Oh, the shit cherry on this shit sundae

>HDoomguy worked on it

so you know it's fucking garbage when a faggot who prefers to kawaii uguu his stuff is hired onboard.

15f578  No.16687084


Most likely, but I can't say for sure because my PC is definitely not a toaster and I didn't check. The weapons are actually sprites so that's much easier to render at least.

4adacd  No.16687087


I knew about the torture device before the band believe it or not.

15f578  No.16687088


Gonna need a source on that one.

89b1b2  No.16687089

File: 719a71b7b1db61a⋯.png (357.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Look in the credits, or search hdoomguy+ ion maiden

0098c4  No.16687108


At least it's not some guy who draws blue orc futa or something.

15f578  No.16687111


Well, here's hoping that he made some cute enemies, I guess.

89b1b2  No.16687118


I'd prefer that then generic bullshit

db7c0d  No.16687135

All the posers on this site, boasting they don't buy games and calling everyone a buyfag even when it's supporting good devs.

Then you scratch the facade and here they are, wasting absurd sums on ludicrous scams and camwhores.

ec4b41  No.16687144

File: 804a53f80fcc507⋯.jpg (62.32 KB, 445x418, 445:418, vent.jpg)


F-fuck… you're totally right… I have been lying to everyone this whole time about pirating games… when the truth is Im the world champion of both battleborn and lawbreakers and I bought both of them at full price as pre-orders.

b40cc0  No.16687147


Ha look at this loser, he probably spent 10 WHOLE DOLLARS on a video game, 10 dollars, an astronomical sum which will surely leave him in financial ruin for quite some time.

0098c4  No.16687149


Get off vent or I'll have you bent.

e735b7  No.16687151


Oh shit, you got me.

Wait, no. I don't do that either.

d81dd5  No.16687157


Imagine being so soy soaked that you are embarrassed for designing an attractive female character.

ec4b41  No.16687181

File: 200a7acb822a9fd⋯.webm (4.78 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Red_Light_District.webm)


Who the heck is this?

6898f6  No.16687184


>to not insult the sensibilities of the modern beta male, you still pay her

e735b7  No.16687205


>for a jar of bathwater

0098c4  No.16687217


>the stripclub level has an unskippable cutscene of Duke himself stripping to landwhales and gays

6928a4  No.16687230


It already exists, and it says "Bazinga".

15f578  No.16687246


>No one body shames our liberated women… and remains unblocked on Twitter.

ec7a99  No.16687252


174731  No.16687294

File: 7407794ef905182⋯.png (68.24 KB, 574x868, 41:62, dontbeadumbass.png)


>Release is a transitive verb

u wot m8

6e9413  No.16687308

File: a3a2d457f1b10d7⋯.jpg (30.27 KB, 196x230, 98:115, a3a2d457f1b10d747c43969512….jpg)


wow 0d3733 must feel pretty damn owned now

3ca271  No.16687387

File: d861ab1f0293d16⋯.jpg (34.82 KB, 500x375, 4:3, project geeker.jpg)

File: d4916408497365b⋯.jpg (19.78 KB, 150x300, 1:2, k3f5.jpg)


>Le modern feminist approach

At least take some better inspiration, scrubs.

357db1  No.16687416

File: a4aa064cceac402⋯.png (82.96 KB, 574x868, 41:62, release.png)



Learn to read a dictionary. The usage used is, in fact, transitive, unless you think he's referring to "moving from one's normal position in order to assume another position".

He's still wrong for not understanding that "release" is used in that sense intransitively colloquially, and that that sort of use stems from the journalistic shortening of phrases, removing all articles and most linking verbs. Grammar nazis that don't recognize legitimate colloquial use are the worst.

73751b  No.16687451


He's in his 60s.

c8ec41  No.16687512

File: 9c04cfc66196de2⋯.webm (383.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, THAT_WAS_QUITE_GAY.webm)


>look at me everyone i suck at game, game must suck, anyone that doesn't suck at game is an npc bot bugman


c18905  No.16687568

>3D Realms

Wait, did I missed something?

6e9413  No.16687574


yeah, a few english classes, you esl faggot

ec4b41  No.16687713

File: d5c849c252db874⋯.webm (7.85 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Randy_Pitchford_Sings_Abo….webm)

Will randy sue 3D realms for making a female duke game?

6bdcf3  No.16687977



6bdcf3  No.16688004

Yeah but really, I'd sooner play Sigil, the midi is fuggin rad.

0098c4  No.16688008

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





6bdcf3  No.16688015

File: 0a69ccd8ee633b6⋯.png (211.95 KB, 500x493, 500:493, doom bun.png)


I didn't want to start tearing guts, it's so good.

0098c4  No.16688427

>just realized it's august the 15th and not july the 15th


6e9413  No.16688438


are you drunk? today is the 12th

0098c4  No.16688446


Meant the release date, anon. I wanted to play this for quite some time since I like the build engine.

6bdcf3  No.16688580


Just play some mods in the meanwhile. I forgot I played DKF it's been so long.

0098c4  No.16688590



What's that? A Forever mod for 3D?

81281b  No.16688692

Imagine projecting this hard :


8f353c  No.16689213


I wouldn't put it past him. The guy looks retarded enough to sue 3DR for using Build in the first place.



Dick Kickem Forever?

88ce84  No.16689216


Donkey Kong Frontier, clearly

43958a  No.16689349

People keep shitting on this game but I'm just sitting here glad we have another wolfen-style 2d graphics in a fps.

876500  No.16689942

File: db890ddd0e7cc8e⋯.jpg (25.17 KB, 321x340, 321:340, IOU.jpg)


<i'm just glad i'm allowed to eat shit with a sugar-substitute topping

your bait is as weak as your resolve, >>>/4um/ wrote back and it misses (You)

7e7e1d  No.16689972


A guy who shits on Blood is a cuckchanneler corporate drone. What a shock.

f8c1b8  No.16690825

File: c7a5a0edf08a73e⋯.png (373.57 KB, 600x812, 150:203, dumb.png)


If anything it's closer to the second definition, but used in future tense.

718b85  No.16691519


>Don’t ask questions just consume product and be able excited for next product

There are enough good games coming out and the existence of those only worth being mocked makes for some fun imageboard posting inbetween

efdbef  No.16691594


Not paying for it either way. Fuck these cunts.

7b527c  No.16692016

File: 5f51bf6c0ed21a0⋯.png (197.22 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Hahah, your game is mine now. I will keep it in the same hole I put the old DNF betas

8339e2  No.16692063


What in the fuck…? That's not even that bad considering Quiet or even Bayonetta.

Jesus christ…

15c69f  No.16692130


Aren't references protected under parody law anyway?

0607ad  No.16692149


This is a trademark issue so the name being too similar is an issue. If Iron Maiden didn't do their duty to defend the trademark they risk losing it to genericide. If the devs had referenced the character after the band and not have made the name of the game itself being just one letter short of "Iron Maiden" it probably would have been okay.

15c69f  No.16692158

File: 3adda6aa04c274a⋯.jpeg (7.79 KB, 200x303, 200:303, 3adda6aa04c274a1dfe66c87b….jpeg)


That sounds like bullshit.

0607ad  No.16692189


losing it to failure to police*



If you fail to police your trademark for too long and allowing others to use it is considered abandoning it in the eyes of the court. The trademarks being too similar is enough for this to be an issue. Also lawyers like busywork for disputes that are likely to be settled out of court because it means money for little effort so they're more than happy to bring up the issue whenever they can.

15c69f  No.16692194


Except Band-aid and Q-tips are used generically all the time and they are still trademarked.

0607ad  No.16692232


Those are registered Principle Register of trademakr s. They're not considered legally owned under US law and can be challenged. But those are examples of companies successfully combating genericide by actively protecting their brands i.e. doing what Iron Maiden is doing.

000000  No.16692263




I haven't seen suck a fat kike shill for while.

I guess Blizzard has a monopoly to steal other people's ideas then. Idea of a copyright is a jewish cancer and always has been.

000000  No.16692289

Also Iron Maiden was always a mediocre band produced by jews to reprogram normalfags. Get fucked.

0607ad  No.16692308


Copyright effectively effectively made that you wouldn't be slaves and to people with more resources who could otherwise steal you idea and bring it to market faster than you could. Don't defend people who are too lazy to do anything original and would than ride the tailcoats of the successful. For every Notch you have ten Voidpoints but the alternative would be having only games by EA, Activision, or THQ because they could steal the code of other and let their army of devs add in nice looking graphics on top.

e735b7  No.16692329


How? By singing in a cheesy manner about sci-fi novels and old war movies? Iron Maiden are fucking dorks. No one's being reprogrammed by them.

ad405e  No.16692574

I played the “Demo” and really enjoyed it. I wonder what will happen if it sells well.

ad405e  No.16692599

000000  No.16692707


>that you wouldn't be slaves and to people with more resources

On the contrary, It's exactly what it does, brainlet.

0607ad  No.16692746


How? I spelled out how it did the opposite and you haven't refuted a single point.

ebcaba  No.16692883


>super-wide shoulders

>really narrow waist with almost no hip curve

This is a man.

7270ee  No.16692934



Is there a decent looking 2d or 3d woman with a side shave and a post apocalyptic getup?

edf92a  No.16692955


Besides looking terrible, that hair cut is up there with the colored hair niggers. At least it functions as an easy to identify warning flag for possible cancer ridden projects.


I played an older version, and it wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. Probably worth a pirate when it is finished though.

e0dae8  No.16692968

What prompted the name change? Was there pending legal action or something? I thought you can make shitty offbrand parodies like Bepsi

ad405e  No.16692969


Nope. The jews at Iron Maiden threatened to sue

000000  No.16693055


You didn't have a single point, just thrown a bunch of unoriginal bullshit you stole from other people.

Absence of copyright wouldn't stop you from doing anything, THQ also does, retard. Activision lawyers can't touch you if theres no grounds. And why the fuck anyone would steal some indie faggot code?

Right now they just purchase both faggot and a code if they want it and eventually all worthy intellectual property will be owned by big corporations and protected by government.

Also whats about Notch? Hes so masterfully stole a FOSS game and sold it to MS you still impressed? Otherwise what? You're so afraid talentless hack would have to work.

7e7e1d  No.16693083


So, when are shills going to stop trying to push this? It's trademark that has to be defended, not copyright. There's a reason Apple sues people who use logos of apples and not people who make rounded edged computers sitting on pole stands.

0607ad  No.16693111


>Absence of copyright wouldn't stop you from doing anything

The lack of copyright wouldn't stop anyone from doing anything and that's the problem. It's there to protect big guys from stealing from small guys all the same. Copyright laws are how some no name indie game dev can sue a major entertainment network for stealing his ideas and putting them in their shitty new Star Trek show.

>why the fuck anyone would steal some indie faggot code? Right now they just purchase both faggot and a code if they want it and eventually all worthy intellectual property will be owned by big corporations and protected by government.

Copyright is how they can sell code in the first place retard. With it they have a choice rather than it being stolen from them outright.

>Also whats about Notch? Hes so masterfully stole a FOSS game and sold it to MS you still impressed? Otherwise what? You're so afraid talentless hack would have to work.

He took an general idea (general ideas like genres are not protected by copyright) made it into a cohesive game that people actually cared about, made bank and decided to sell it to microsoft and use what was formerly microsoft's money to do whatever he wants like invest in shitty indie games he likes instead of some bigger company making NotMinecraft that's basically the same game and assets but with more marketing and him and his studio not getting a dime. Sounds like you're a faggot that's salty someone made it.

ec4b41  No.16693114


>Copyright laws are how some no name indie game dev can sue a major entertainment network for stealing his ideas and putting them in their shitty new Star Trek show.


bc4fc9  No.16693129

File: 1e36cc702ad4113⋯.png (1.78 MB, 2000x2729, 2000:2729, VDbUafS.png)


No, because in a post-apocalyptic world 99,9% women would be in tightly-knit tribal societies taking care of children, which are the key to rebuilding the world. It's in their biology, just like in the man's biology is making them safe and providing them with favorable conditions. Mannish dykes in post-apo/punk setting is a feminist soyboy fantasy. Almost everything -punk now is overflowing with soy these days.

7e7e1d  No.16693133


Same thing when it comes to roving gangs of drug addled warlords and whatnot because people don't seem to understand the law is actually what keeps those kinds of people alive.

0607ad  No.16693158

e0dae8  No.16693162




Copyright law exists to defraud consumers and creators that arent rich.

You make a product (((they))) dont like? Prepare to get a legal notice even if you aren't actually infringing on anything. You can either defend your innocence in court which costs money, or settle out of court.

Between you and a multibillion dollar network of jews, lawyers, and industry insiders, guess who runs out of money first?

81281b  No.16693163


>Quiet or even Bayonetta.

>comparing western cuck devs to based idgaf jap feminiciders

81281b  No.16693167


>Copyright effectively effectively made that you wouldn't be slaves and to people with more resources who could otherwise steal you idea and bring it to market faster than you could.

Except it's exactly what it does, but whatever.

b9db90  No.16693187

File: 1f7a99f2fcdcb23⋯.mp4 (8.5 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1f7a99f2fcdcb23b6bd19a8935….mp4)





If this proves anything is that the so called "indie" scene is more fucked than the triple-ay industry since it apparently is full of Philled Fishes trying to make a quick buck and sell out in any way they can

ec4b41  No.16693190

File: 294e16693ef6fd1⋯.jpg (41.32 KB, 300x395, 60:79, Yuuko (4).jpg)


I dont get why indie devs are so vocal and care so much about every little thing, if you didnt want people to pester you about your game why not just NOT use social media and ignore them?

81281b  No.16693193


It's all about getting attention. If I succeeded in making a game I could sell, I'd want all the attention possible, even if it's negative, as long as it sells my game.

1a41e6  No.16693194




Look at all the impotent denials. Every fucking day there's someone confessing he's been throwing shit at kickstarter or early access, not to mention the literal reddit tier 'rate my steam sale purchase' threads that are STILL on the catalog.

You don't get to play the ebin gamer when most here are millennials with the same identical bad habits as a cuckchanner.


>a guy who shits on Blood

You teen niggers are illiterate.

7e7e1d  No.16693195


Almost like the fact they can't find any sort of publisher deal despite people like Devoler cranking out pixelshit faster than Ubisoft can release an asscreed reskin is sign that they have no negotiation and social skills or something.

7e7e1d  No.16693196


We have IDs here cuckchan.

ec4b41  No.16693198



If any game i make becomes really popular do I have to interect with the community? I'd rather completely ignore them and just work

7e7e1d  No.16693204


Just let them make their own communities.

81281b  No.16693215


>If any game i make becomes really popular do I have to interact with the community

Why would you. The attention is needed to get popular, while the opposite can also be true, nothing really forces you to engage in it.

601fb8  No.16693336

File: 0e6a850f7af20c6⋯.jpg (450.23 KB, 1143x643, 1143:643, formerly_maiden.jpg)

1ff463  No.16693353


Never engaging with it is an option but that might really drive off part of your potential userbase for longer term engagement of your game or having them look at your other stuff.

Usually those that do the best are those that respond to you with some level of professional detachment but not enough that it just makes it look like BS PR speech every time they do, basically staying neutral in tone and not getting emotional in how you engage them.

It's kind of hard to accurately describe but usually as long as you don't treat the players as if they're your friends or just paypigs you're doing better than the majority out there so there's that.

ad405e  No.16693447

I actually really enjoyed the "demo". It definitely felt better than any of the other FPS trying to be retro.

3ee794  No.16693464


>half ass Judas Priest rip-offs

Bruce Dickenson isn't a fag, and aside from his raw musical talent he's also an established producer. Tell us more about the leather and assless-chaps wearing faggot from Judas Priest, though.

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