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File: 0c38d58acfc10e2⋯.webm (4.13 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Autism condensed.webm)

File: d14f958db84fe1a⋯.png (42.46 KB, 300x100, 3:1, Mascot.png)

File: f435f084d3efc4e⋯.png (211.87 KB, 613x948, 613:948, Autism weekly.png)

943b0a  No.513648

Serife thread Three

Known lulzy turkroach sperg who argues with 12 years olds over fictional characters.

Got permananned from DeviantArt before

This turkroach sucks at video, cries hacker when it is losing. Actually dumb enough to get PSN account

This moustache sporting Turkroach is 28 years old in 24 septemper

It's interests includes





This sperg is the definition of autistic kid revs a bleyblade in distance and product of Turkroach incest.

Social crap for cocks mining

DeviantArt: https://kari5.deviantart.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrNk3KbYHTl7mS5VLnTLAWA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/serifemeryemisik

KH13 Account: http://kh13.com/forum/user/58976-serife-isik/

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/serifeisik/videos/all

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/serifemeryemisik/

dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/powerichigo

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/square-enix-petitons-to-square-enix-make-me-and-sora-as-a-canon-couple

852efa  No.513651

Oh you shit i hate you fucking 8chan cyber bully you made me angry you shit and i am with shu kurenai still and leave me alone you asshole 8chan i hade you and stop making hate thread of me i dont want it fuck you

943b0a  No.513656


Make a video or a draw comic about evil anons look like

You look almost like human when you're angry, roach

7f0c4e  No.513657

File: 0cab495764cfe01⋯.png (524.11 KB, 957x1063, 957:1063, caveman_serife.png)


The Legend of Serife part 4: Does Shu Dream of Electric Rape?

d15e91  No.513659

File: cbb58948a037e58⋯.png (407.87 KB, 938x451, 938:451, Capture12.PNG)

Serife took a picture with her husband.

7f0c4e  No.513661


Looks like the Muslim version of Bob.

89709c  No.513662

Hey dipshit, last thread isn't even filled to bump post limit, finish that one first


943b0a  No.513663


>Serife asked

>Anon asked the question

>Near bump limit


89709c  No.513666


Finish that one first, then move here, how fucking retarded are you?

>Let's have 2 threads in the catalog bumped all the time because le ebin meme XD

When will summer end?

943b0a  No.513669

File: e8b71ba6bdaca1f⋯.png (609.69 KB, 933x445, 933:445, Shrek.png)


>Serife keeps begging not to make a thread

>Implying it has to hit 415 to soothe your collapsed rectum.

Your faggotry aside, more teeth and face picture of the turkroach

89709c  No.513672

File: 5c720948143b708⋯.png (120.37 KB, 700x250, 14:5, salty adventure.png)


>Implying you're not a summer fag who panicked and made a new thread since it was way above 300

Did we make any progress doxxxxing her, at least? Post that in the other thread and fill it up , you stupid nigger

943b0a  No.513675


>Too lazy to read the previous thread.

>doxxxxxxxx XD

Nigger. There's only barebones information. This roach travels constantly, hence the constant IP hopping on roach's part

89709c  No.513676


Why is that? Now this is getting interesting, I doubt the stupid roach is smart enough to use a VPN

943b0a  No.513677


Roach leechess off public hotspots, IE cafes, mickey D's etc. Roach is a poorfag. It grows it's own chickens for fucks sakes.

Instagram wipes exif by default, so that's one problem here.

Only locations were airfields where it took selfies. Posted on instagram wipes the exif metadata. There is no mistake the roach is legitimate and mad at /cow/.

I'm tempted to drop a honeypot on Faceberg to get approx location. Fukelos is a handy thing

dd7c3e  No.513706

Shut you fucking racist shit

943b0a  No.513712


Turkroaches aren't people

81f277  No.513721

Shu kurenai is my boyfriend and shut up you racist

943b0a  No.513735


Prove it.

3ed375  No.513739

Shut up you asshole

943b0a  No.513741


Fuck off back to instagram there might be someone who cares there

4de165  No.513751

No you shit until that thread got removed you asshole

90328e  No.513754

File: 1a5bd20334528d7⋯.jpg (66.51 KB, 1188x685, 1188:685, wut.jpg)

It kinda looks like CWC when he started wearing makeup.

90328e  No.513770

I just came across a facebook photo of hers that reveals her city in Denmark. Esbjerg. That narrows it down a bit.

943b0a  No.513773


Drop a honeypot for more approximate location.

90328e  No.513776


Sadly I don't know how. Otherwise I would.

90328e  No.513777

File: c6e74958cd18673⋯.jpg (45.65 KB, 850x580, 85:58, transformers_oc2.jpg)


Have some of Serife's transformers oc as my apology.

943b0a  No.513790



Let me teach you few tools of the trade, because I am in a good mood

Sucker your target using your link that uses one of the following



I use both, former is more innocious and it's not password dependant.

Both are skid friendly. It works on retards, people with shit OPsec, spergs and people who don't pay attention

You could use wide variety of URL shorteners that are friendly of your target

IE derpy.me for horse fuckers


autism.exposed discontinued, but fuck Jewgle.

Add social engineering to this. Also Faceberg scans your links, use shit like discord or DM your target your honeypot.

There you go!

943b0a  No.513791


Forgot Jew.gl was word filtered, my bad

90328e  No.513802

File: f7797a615d05d96⋯.jpg (51.56 KB, 600x960, 5:8, cytard.jpg)


Many thanks, anon. I will put it to use.

943b0a  No.513818


Remember OPsec, throwaway mails, proxy condom, etc.

dca108  No.513833

Haha you shit see that i made http://bucks.as/showthread.php?v=TAIPEX.png racist

a21a6c  No.513835


Want to try that again, roach? But in English this time?

What happened to the third thread? I don't think it hit the bump limit, did it?

dca108  No.513836

You shit goin to die and stop racsim you shit i hope the danish police take your website down and stop anoying me and stop cyber bully

90328e  No.513845


Are you the tryhard from last time? Seriously, the real Serife comes here all the time we don't need summerfags impersonating her to get "epic lulz"

943b0a  No.513846


Danish police can't do shit, fuck off back to deviantart before you hurt yourself

eb2c4b  No.513848


> i hope the danish police take your website

All they are going to do is filtering it from you. Maybe they come to your house, take a look at the router and ask if the racist shorties came through one of the LAN sockets. This another reason why you people call your Turkroaches. All the centuries of legalized incest did a number to the overall Turkish IQ.

943b0a  No.513849


Time to flood that with bots, then.

90328e  No.513852

File: 9dd7a4e4ed4f0f5⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 450x328, 225:164, food_fetish.jpg)



I don't think that was Serife, Pretty positive she isn't online right now.

943b0a  No.513854


Offline where? Faceberg?

90328e  No.513857

File: d40df450bde025a⋯.jpg (75.65 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 0f59d053622f4021c8092a3cae….jpg)

Chijo has been known to lurk and post in Kari5 threads, sometimes impersonating her. I guess the faggot needs the attention because his life sucks?

943b0a  No.513860


Jealous of attention?

90328e  No.513863


Her posting habits have her posting videos on jewtube around 10:00 EST and shitposting here around the same time. Typically she stops shitposting on /cow/ around this time along with her other accounts. That and right now its almost midnight in Denberg leads me to believe her mom/sister regulate her internet usage.

90328e  No.513865

File: 065f1ae021bcb50⋯.jpg (58.88 KB, 960x960, 1:1, bedst_couple.jpg)


Not at all. Just want the TRUE and HONEST turkroach. Accept no substitutes.

943b0a  No.513867


I was referring to Chijo how Turkroach is getting thrice more attention than the loser transfat.

TBH. Mods should just ban the tranny

90328e  No.513870

File: 548584b29efec7e⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 206x257, 206:257, 3chins.jpg)


Ooh, gotcha. It's no secret why. Turkroach Serife is overflowing with meme magic while sadcow transfat cant even keep relevance over at /cuteboys/ or /b/

943b0a  No.513871


Unlike the tranny. Serife actually provides cocks and embarasses it's Turkroach ass. I'm diving knee deep into it's DA shenanigans and arguements it gets on Instagram, tommorow that is Roachie be snoozin'

37db79  No.514040

File: ff2d2f69ee4ea5a⋯.jpg (106.63 KB, 900x529, 900:529, Artistic beauty.jpg)

Fresh cock off DA

220043  No.514056

Do you think the roach has a dynamic IP and thats why it keeps switching ID.

37db79  No.514060


Turkroach is a poorfag who hops from one hotspot to the next

3f2e95  No.514069

Shut you you asshole racist i am goin to still for sue here you bitch 8chan

3f2e95  No.514072

Haha you shit asshole 8chan i dont want tell how i switch ip and stop annoying me you cyber bully and you are racist and stop trolling on me 🖕

37db79  No.514077


Sue then, cunt. Do it already

22ae7d  No.514106


>Chijo lurks Serife threads

Does he actually want to be her Shu?

37db79  No.514123


Transfat is jealous of attention

22ae7d  No.514136

File: 25c656fdfe2e7ac⋯.png (49.84 KB, 259x288, 259:288, 25c656fdfe2e7acd641a7df5b6….png)



Imagine the attention he'd get if he started courting her

37db79  No.514144


I wonder if Serife roleplays, hm.

37db79  No.514209

File: 50d875d16fa262a⋯.png (235.32 KB, 928x600, 116:75, Daki Roach.png)

Imagine a smelly, grease fat blob of a turkroach screaming as it humps one of these pillows


6c5e6e  No.514213

File: 7d7657170f6a48a⋯.png (322.65 KB, 778x880, 389:440, 7d7657170f6a48ad30f7b55889….png)


We should get him to cosplay as shu, pay him, if need be, then hook those 2 tards up so they can make an ultimate tard baby

37db79  No.514216


With Chijo's chopped dick? Transfat needs tweezers to use a urinal.

6c5e6e  No.514220


Well, we all know that the turkroach is the man of the relationship, I am sure she would find a way to snu snu with her shu

98a16e  No.514223

Hey you shit racist what you doing with my picture of my pillowcases

Stop cyber bully me and stop troling and stop racsim

6c5e6e  No.514229

File: fbf37f241621e5c⋯.jpg (301.58 KB, 600x800, 3:4, fbf37f241621e5c450454f1efd….jpg)


What do you think about this boy, Kari?

37db79  No.514241

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


I know you breed with your pillows you sick fuck.

I haven't saved the 11 MB julay picture but this video explains your dakimakura sick fuckery

37db79  No.514243


Someone has to draw Turkroach fucking Chijo in the ass with a saber shaped strap-on with ISIS stamp on in.

Turkroach is devout muslim it's Turkroach's responsibility to behead the sodomite

6c5e6e  No.514244


Wrong poster?

37db79  No.514249

File: 4ca4f63b3aff5ca⋯.jpg (118.7 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Turkey weaponised autism.jpg)


Misfire, sorry. I'm multitasking, sorry man.

I have to compress the Julay MP4, turn it into webm and look into picture The roach took in Turkey.

Is that a metro station?

6c5e6e  No.514251

File: 0434bf69ab1612b⋯.png (87.18 KB, 1104x927, 368:309, euromutt.png)


I dunno, could be europooristan, for all I know, what's the difference?

6c5e6e  No.514253

File: d187150217b5992⋯.png (195.39 KB, 1104x927, 368:309, kari in europe.png)

37db79  No.514256

File: 6849f67993873f9⋯.mp4 (9.03 MB, 160x120, 4:3, JULAYY.mp4)


DA tags tell that it's from her Aunt's balcony in Turkey

>Photography / Other©2018 kari5

>#konya #turkey

WEBM bloats the video, so MP4 would do.

vid is related to Turkroach's pillowcases

a1bab4  No.514259

Oh you little shit asshole racist delete that picture of me you asshole racist and i am with shu kurenai

37db79  No.514267


Make a youtube video asking to take it down, also go to deviantart and ask help from the guy who PM'd you then maybe

6c5e6e  No.514268

File: ddd1ae07bb6fd45⋯.jpg (290.97 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ddd1ae07bb6fd45131ff4eef16….jpg)


This is shu. He loves you too, Kari!

Just don't eat any ramen from him, okay?

dd7c3e  No.514279

I only love shu kurenai from beyblade burst and fuck you asshole

3f2e95  No.514365

Go home you shit racist i have killed 8chan lolcow haha die you racist

943b0a  No.514428

File: 50d875d16fa262a⋯.png (235.32 KB, 928x600, 116:75, Daki Roach.png)


Turkroach fails to realize that people have lives

fbc660  No.514439

Shut up you shit racist 8chan america

fb6924  No.514479

These threads are fucking boring. A bunch of summerfag retards REEEing about roaches while a girl (or troll) comes here and whines without providing cocks.

c18759  No.514480


real fun begins when we find her name and adress, dipshit

943b0a  No.514527

File: 3fa3b22662aac24⋯.png (547.02 KB, 816x595, 48:35, Nigger diet.png)

File: c24d90802d1d86b⋯.png (351.16 KB, 935x452, 935:452, Serife Niggerball.png)



I don't know you know the context that is used in.

Turkroach's full name is well known.

Serife Meryem Isik'

Days first cocks apparently Turkroach is a trans nigger and gets shirts á la Chris

a21a6c  No.514540



So the shirt it commemorate how old she was when her father first raped her?

fb2930  No.514544

File: 177074395a2e5c7⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 206x257, 206:257, manchild.jpg)

File: 5d6665179b2bd86⋯.png (336.39 KB, 816x602, 408:301, lulz.png)

File: 5f722ef7ba57aec⋯.jpg (107.38 KB, 720x960, 3:4, oh_serife.jpg)


Heres some more.

fb2930  No.514547

File: e10d83f3b477b12⋯.jpg (51.45 KB, 960x624, 20:13, untarded4.jpg)

File: 6b5f0400d5c35b6⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 366x206, 183:103, transformers_oc3.jpg)

File: 07f98ce05f505ca⋯.jpg (20.74 KB, 850x580, 85:58, transformers_oc.jpg)

More of her "art"

943b0a  No.514548




Every wondered why turkroach doesn't mention it's father? Even Turkroaches feel shame. Either that or it's a ISIS fighter

fb2930  No.514550


Turkroach and her family moved to Denmark recently (in the last few years from what I can gather. Is Serife a rapefugee?

943b0a  No.514570


Does bear shit in the woods?

The fucktard roach colony are retards leeching on Denmark gibs

943b0a  No.514631

File: 69daaa97ea410f7⋯.png (237.39 KB, 932x444, 233:111, Serife is Obese.png)

File: f7d72c821919bbe⋯.png (483.61 KB, 913x449, 913:449, Serife Fat Roach.png)

File: 8281e5a5db7898f⋯.png (675.16 KB, 913x592, 913:592, Serife weebshit.png)

Gee how did Serife get this fat? She eats garbage

(And bootleg Pocky sticks, serife confirmed to be poorfag)

fb2930  No.514632


She looks to have shaved/waxed her unibrow in this one but for some reason didn't do the same to her mustache…

943b0a  No.514634


Turkroach loses it's power if Moustache is shaven

943b0a  No.514649

File: da98e1620ba0e54⋯.webm (630.7 KB, 202x360, 101:180, Dakimakura.webm)

File: 08172db5fcded49⋯.png (93.57 KB, 794x588, 397:294, Serife Criminal scum.png)


Dakimakura and Roach's ability to understand copyright laws.

Sorry roach this isn't Roach-land free-for-all.

EU is strict about piracy laws, y'know.

Silly Roach

188841  No.514658

Shut up you asshole racist you

I hope the danish police arrast you 8chan lolcow 🖕 fuck you racist

943b0a  No.514659


They can't do jack's shit, Turkroach. Nothing illegal happened hear, retard. Screeching autistically does not remove your permavirginity.

You look hideous, start wearing a burqa

fb2930  No.514661


Sharia Police mistook her for a man so they let it slide.

188841  No.514663

Shut up you shit racist

943b0a  No.514664


Displaying indecensy is still haram, you know.

Throwing a tent on this giant turkroach might help PTSD of children

cbf03a  No.514668

File: 530cf0a32488489⋯.png (705.88 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Richtofen Disgust.png)

I wonder how much of tax payer's money this waste of space eats up daily

943b0a  No.514679


EU gibs, irresisitible to Turkroaches

Fuck goverment foots the travel bills for the mudslimes

fb2930  No.514682


The EU is kinda similar to Serife right now. Its essentially 20 pounds of potatoes in a 5 pound sack.

943b0a  No.514684


EU especially left dominated country carter to every rapefugees and pay for everything.

4de165  No.514687

Shut up you shit racist asshole

943b0a  No.514691


Poor Turkroached, You parasites moved to Denmark to live off welfare, invade and turkroach all day long, every day, week, month and year

0f70c1  No.514693


>talking shit about the EU


495e65  No.514705

Stop talk bad to eu you shit racist 8chan and stop cyber bully me you asshole racist

943b0a  No.514712


You Turkroaches bite the hand that feed you if it wasn't for EU handout's you lot would get gassed by Erdogan or institute full-on sharia law.

You are a welfare leech. Niggers of EU

4ae45e  No.514718

Shut up you shit asshole racist

943b0a  No.514725



4de165  No.514753

Shut up you racist and i wil kiss my shu kurenai and hug him and stop racsim you shit racist

5e0155  No.514816

I am still here you racist asshole

943b0a  No.514890


I can smell you, you only bathe thrice a week

And /cow/ is still here, sue already turkroach

a21a6c  No.514913


Do you think we want you to leave? Your autistic spergging is way too funny to want gone.

943b0a  No.514924


You can't do anything to us,

You're still a fat turkroach

Your brother/father still fights for ISIS

8ch isn't under danish Jurisdiction

You are funny

The ride never ends for you

7ca54c  No.514928

You all are still a shit racist asshole 8chan

943b0a  No.514933


So are you saying your brother is your father and he is a ISIS fighter?

64a4ba  No.514944

Shut up you all asshole bitch 8chan lolcow

7f0c4e  No.514946

File: 5a00bd2cfd5177b⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 894x894, 1:1, me_and_my_pillow_shu_kuren….jpg)

Is it just me or does it look like there's a pretty large wet spot on that pillow?

882eea  No.514974

Hey you shit racist stop stealing my picture of me and my pillow

3d99cd  No.514975

File: 9405115e63f0a42⋯.png (662.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1519583631527.png)


fuck you

d0a7bd  No.514981

Delete your website you shit racist 8chan and delet that fucking shit thread of me you shit asshole

74da3a  No.514982


That's a funicular station, but the photo is too blurred to see the station name.

74da3a  No.514985



literally the only Pocky clone that exists in Turkey, and fucking overpriced


>July 6

we now know she is (or was) in Turkey recently

74da3a  No.514986


If you click the number after "No." in posts you can reply to people

943b0a  No.514994


>Wet stain

Confirmed pillow humper

74da3a  No.514999


Looks like a wet stain because the pillow the case wraps has roses on it. I thought Europoors were smarter than roaches.

943b0a  No.515001

File: 55a901f91db04b6⋯.png (352.22 KB, 808x598, 404:299, Serife Autism.png)


Isn't Turkish Lira like 16 EU cents? Still poorfag

Turkroach reminds of this guy


The difference being this guy was trolling, Serife is dead serious

74da3a  No.515003


It's something like TL5.56 = EUR1.00

and USD is now 5.10

fucking kill me

943b0a  No.515008

File: dbe76db52c0f21b⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, Serife fat reason.jpg)


So basically a tourist could empty shelves and buy himself pocky clone induced food poisoning?

74da3a  No.515017


Pretty much. It comes to like 35 cents per 20-pack.

843fd9  No.515018

shannaro you fucking racist and stop anoying me 🖕

f22979  No.515019


sterilize yourself for the sake of humanity turkroach

843fd9  No.515021

Shut up asshole racist i was playing tea party with my love shu kurenai and my teddy cat 🖕

843fd9  No.515026

8chan lolcow i hate you so much you fucking racist

943b0a  No.515030

File: c466937af7cd2a2⋯.png (425.39 KB, 928x451, 928:451, Three chins.png)


This would explain pic related



/cow/ loves you too, sweetheart. No need to go full tsuntsun on /cow/

d26b67  No.515045

I dont love that shit lolcow is cyber bully me you fucking racist

3d99cd  No.515048

can we kill this thing? I'm serious, thinking of europe getting infested with millions of those inbred, sub human, mentally retarded creatures turns my stomach something fierce. nobody would ever mourn or look for her

943b0a  No.515051


You're the definition on THICC No wonder why your ISIS fighter brother/father

Where in the fuck your is your father, roach . fighting for ISIS or grooming 13 year olds for sex?


d1f634  No.515095

Leave me alone you shit racist and a cyber bully

943b0a  No.515134


So your father/brother supports ISIS. No wonder why you're in Denmark!

7ca54c  No.515137

I told you last time leave me alone you racist shit

7ca54c  No.515138

Fuck you 8chan kari5

7ca54c  No.515141

Me and shu kurenai had sleep last night and shut up you asshole racist

188841  No.515268

Fuck you bitch 8chan lolcow racsit

7f0c4e  No.515294


Amerifag here. Is there any country in Europe where you can own a gun? If so and I lived there I would be shooting these fuckers on sight every day.

7f0c4e  No.515296

File: 4438284de39fa6b⋯.jpg (14.74 KB, 206x366, 103:183, serife_frightens_children.jpg)





Every time turkroach gets too butthurt she totally looses her spaghetti and mentions how she raped a underage cartoon character lawl

943b0a  No.515311


Few confirmations

1. You are a pedophile

2. Your dad&

943b0a  No.515323


562314  No.515329

Can you fucking removed my picture of my nephew you shit

racist 8chan and leave me alone you shit

562314  No.515330

Shu kurenai wil kill you forever 8chan you shit asshole delete that thread now plz you asshole

a4b4dd  No.515424

Die you fucking racsit

7f0c4e  No.515427



did you ever go to school as a child?

943b0a  No.515608

File: 87492dd36d2ae96⋯.png (357 KB, 924x450, 154:75, Chris would be proud.png)

Why cows have shit hand-eye coordination?

a21a6c  No.515687


>Shu kurenai wil kill you forever 8chan

Will he call the cyber police and the state police too? Well consequences never be the same?

943b0a  No.515690


Danish police is going to backtrace us!

f417d8  No.515708

I just wish we could get one nasty sex tape of this thick bitch, imagine how amazing it would be so her giving a nice sloppy blowjob to some thicc BBC or twerking on a fat cock that would make me nut in about 3 seconds.

fb6924  No.515715

So what's this thing op keeps putting in every op of these threads about PSN accounts?

943b0a  No.515750


The webm? It's one of Turkroach's well known spergouts, that's why

ab8af0  No.515788

File: 872e1153d8cedd9⋯.jpg (51.05 KB, 474x494, 237:247, 872e1153d8cedd9642a3845ba6….jpg)


What the fuck is wrong with you?

The closest thing you'd get would probably be her going full JULAAY on that Shu daki

943b0a  No.515825

File: bf38baae52b9f72⋯.png (176.99 KB, 931x600, 931:600, What is this.png)

Is this retard failing at proportions or is this something else?

ab8af0  No.515972

File: 962734b2c575fc7⋯.png (621.12 KB, 551x439, 551:439, serife x chijo.png)

Oh fuck, putting Chijo next to her is so uncanny. They might be the perfect match

274ce8  No.515979

File: 2923eb13b14efb9⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1580x2397, 1580:2397, chijo going insane.png)

File: 988a93d05568809⋯.png (3.1 MB, 1550x2639, 1550:2639, chijo going insane01.png)

File: 665ef60c67bc330⋯.png (2.54 MB, 1628x2964, 407:741, chijo going insane02.png)

File: 4e3341338c63fed⋯.png (862.02 KB, 801x1448, 801:1448, chijo going insane03.png)

File: 89bf2a53154ec5e⋯.png (572.16 KB, 1220x1360, 61:68, chijo stalker.png)


Oh shit, is that the "Noun" Person the downy was squealing about for 3 years now?

943b0a  No.516022


Keep Chijo related shit in containment.

95033f  No.516148

File: a6fb4d5977cceb4⋯.jpg (160.48 KB, 908x1448, 227:362, 8ee64907c707b3984fb54be8c2….jpg)


>Autism weekly.png

Does she live in Norway? I've only observed this spergfest in a casual manner and simply assumed she lived in Turkey.

This is why you shouldn't take immigrants from shitholes.

Also on the topic of bullying Serife, pic related is objectively more desirable than the shitheap of human tissue that you compose of.

943b0a  No.516155


Turkroach is from Turkey, it lives in Denmark and the turoach's brother/father is a ISIS fighter until proven wrong

95033f  No.516161


Well at least she'll fit in Denmark, it's like the Brazil of the north with how their low IQ spawn swarm the internet and just make everything a bit worse than it was before.

I always struggle to tell Danish and Norwegian apart when written, though when they talk it's worlds apart.

943b0a  No.516198


Denmark is culturally enrich faggot 'honor rapes', public immolation, kebab shops, rapes, mosques all over the place.

The turkroach here is a proud ISIS supporter and ironically adores culture opposite turkroach ideology.


And no, I'm not kidding about homosexual honor rape, some mudshit raped his daughter's white friend in his garage, beheaded him and set his body on fire


1a065b  No.516324

Leave me alone you shit racist 8chan page and stop cyber bully you shit 8chan

a21a6c  No.516327


>turoach's brother/father is a ISIS fighter until proven wrong

To be fair all mudshits are terrorists until proven otherwise.

dbc714  No.516408

File: 5be183d20d2993d⋯.png (140.96 KB, 1536x424, 192:53, Screenshot_2018-08-07-11-4….png)

File: fc9418950a61963⋯.png (78.71 KB, 1148x370, 574:185, Screenshot_2018-08-07-11-0….png)

File: 3e5286afc8deae0⋯.png (68.22 KB, 911x288, 911:288, Screenshot_2018-08-07-11-0….png)

File: fda14df8d8d1b48⋯.png (93.4 KB, 1518x383, 1518:383, Screenshot_2018-08-07-10-5….png)

File: f03694c1ab6c9c3⋯.png (67.25 KB, 1114x374, 557:187, Screenshot_2018-08-07-10-5….png)


hey, you transphobic shitlord, both chijo and noun, or "serfie", as you call her, have FEELINGS. "serife" here obviously changed her, I am sorry, "his" name so chijo wouldn't track him down, because he's a creepy stalker

but now, that two have been reunited, it's time for a wedding at last!

dbc714  No.516409

File: 8b559643aa82a8a⋯.jpg (371.26 KB, 900x1596, 75:133, 8b559643aa82a8a5f6d3152bc8….jpg)

File: 2042a2aac446d69⋯.jpg (356.4 KB, 1152x2048, 9:16, 2042a2aac446d690b1699c6294….jpg)

File: 9d2229214241ec4⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 81909a529cc5259f4de004f22e….jpg)


Noun, how do you feel about taking a knife and slicing this boy's wrists? He gets off sexually on that, you know

dbc714  No.516412

File: b8757fe5b689ba7⋯.png (43.46 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1532461029853.png)

also, lol at that bumper

943b0a  No.516489

File: 5ff70944eeb1fe7⋯.png (361.92 KB, 931x450, 931:450, BABYFUCK.png)

File: d4aac34bff5e392⋯.png (515.93 KB, 928x450, 464:225, Actually trush.png)

a7625d  No.516490


noun here draws about as well as chijo tbqh


why am i not surprised the muslim is 100% omay with pedophilia?

13307c  No.516491

File: dd1585cf1b24a59⋯.webm (3.36 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Death Metal Rooster.webm)


Basically bread, potatoes and. Um what the fuck? Cupcakes? As I never seen cupcakes this fucking black.

943b0a  No.516504


That's halal and a lot of chocolate mixed in a overcooked muffin.

Why do you think Turkroach is fat?

943b0a  No.516507

File: 15c5b6945116ca0⋯.png (356.21 KB, 931x449, 931:449, Child Model illustrated.png)

More creepy shit

Why does 28 year old draw infantile children?

a917cc  No.516508

Fuck of you shit 8chan stop cyber bully me you racist

943b0a  No.516510


Make me. Go beg your ISIS fighter brother/daddy to bomb Gabe Watkin's house.

179ce2  No.516529


Is your real name really "Noun"?

943b0a  No.516546


What are you talking about?

943b0a  No.516689

File: 6ea5a72a3668979⋯.png (601.45 KB, 814x598, 407:299, Arrested development.png)

What is with cows and hoarding toys meant for 3 year olds?

825400  No.517079

Fuck you asshole racist and leave me alone

dd6753  No.517104

File: 609ee719c05015d⋯.jpeg (44.87 KB, 640x480, 4:3, d6d5933257f596de0a5e9b0ee….jpeg)


That seems pretty common among autists and most and most cows seem to have a touch of the good old 'tism.

943b0a  No.517114


Swearing more only makes you more adorable as our mascot, Turkroach

a21a6c  No.517367


No. You're /cow/'s mascot until you renounce islam and break up with Shu Kurenai.

43bd09  No.517384

I wil never leave shu kurenai you shit racist

d7c57c  No.517423


You really are a female Sammy. You two should hang out sometime since you both live in Denmark and don't understand interpersonal communication.

c2de91  No.517459


Chijo actually passes next to that creature. Maybe we should sell this relationship to him based solely on that :^)

943b0a  No.517663


How about denouncing Islam? Muslims are pretty anti-anime you know.

f0617c  No.517797

Kiss my ass you shit racist

943b0a  No.517815



7b2e1f  No.517915

Anime is not haram for me you racistfr

943b0a  No.518426



>Use of alcohol

>False idols


>Glorification of degeneracy


5785f8  No.518477

Shut up you racist and beyblade dont use alcohol die you shit asshole shu is not gay and stop cyber bully me and i dont want that shit thread 5

943b0a  No.518483

File: e5dd3c89353352d⋯.jpg (7.4 KB, 262x192, 131:96, No Hijab A CUP.jpg)

File: 1eb4d442fd39579⋯.jpg (498.83 KB, 900x603, 100:67, More Haram.jpg)

File: 1b87ae7a3cb96ed⋯.jpg (18.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, No Hijab.jpg)



>Mythical Figure

>Indescent behaviour

>Women showing off their breasts



943b0a  No.518484

And the people of Moses made in his absence, out of their ornaments, the image of a calf (for worship). It had a sound (as if it was mooing). Did they not see that it could neither speak to them nor guide them to the way? They took it for worship and they were Dthalimun (wrong-doers). [Noble Quran 7:148]


943b0a  No.518485

That being said Turkroach is going to get reported to Sharia police in Denmark and Turkey.

74fb05  No.518492

File: 8a3c9cbcbcbcfc1⋯.jpg (30.67 KB, 479x540, 479:540, HDTV.jpg)


Anime is obviously haram.

a24752  No.518501

3f1217  No.518522

“On the Day of Resurrection a neck will stretch forth from Hell; it will have two eyes to see, two ears to hear, and a tongue to speak. It will say, “I have been appointed to take care of three types of people: every arrogant tyrant, every person who called on some deity other than Allah and those who made pictures” [At-Tirmidthi stated that this Hadith was Sahih – At-Takhwif Min An-Nar, p.179]


54d31c  No.518611

Anime is not haram you racist i alwayse anime and stop cyber bully

a7625d  No.518626


once we find out where you live, you're going to be in serious trouble

3f1217  No.518634


Narrated ‘A’ishah: I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him), and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah’s Apostle (Peace and blessings be upon him) used to enter (my dwelling place) they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) would call them to join and play with me. (The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden, but it was allowed for Aisha at that time, as she was a little girl, not yet reached the age of puberty.) (Fatih-al-Bari page 143, Vol.13) [Bukhari 8:151]

So this quote precisely prohibits playing with pictures so i think that includes “Watching anime” in this scenario, it was permitted for Aisha, but does this apply to every individual or just her? If it does apply to everyone, does this mean just little children? If you have reached puberty you can no longer play with dolls or watch anime?


3f1217  No.518639

“O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters, and the believing women, to draw their cloaks (veils) over their bodies. That will be better that they should be known (as respectable woman) so as not to be annoyed. And Allah is Ever Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” -Al-Ahzab:59 (Qur’an)


cabe22  No.518753

You dont know were i am live you racist

2c9927  No.518905


Oh don't you worry

74da3a  No.519058


You can't visit 8chan in Turkey in the first place because Erdogan blocks it, so he must be out of the country. I don't believe Serife has the IQ to operate a VPN client.

74da3a  No.519062


>i dont want that shit thread 5

So you want thread #5? Great!

74da3a  No.519064

87b3cb  No.519235

I said no to thread 5 you bitch asshole racist

d2d510  No.519330


Thread 5 will happen, don't you worry

d2d510  No.519333

Hey, Serife. Take a picture of your room and post it here and I'll stop. is that okay?

3f2e95  No.519378

The thread made me so mad all this is user is a racist and i hate racist and cyber bully

d2d510  No.519400


Take a picture and show us how mad you are, hold up a middle finger. You have a phone camera, right?

Hold up your middle finger, no face or anything. Give us 8ch exclusive and promise that there won't be more threads!


d2d510  No.519426


Posted here, not instagram. Otherwise threads will continue till the world ends.

Got it, Serife?

06a305  No.519453

Never you shit racist

a21a6c  No.519471


>i hate racist and cyber bully

Have you called the cyber police yet? How's that lawsuit coming along? Actually can you even understand me, Serife? Because you seem to barely understand English.

c021d6  No.519478


Post tits?

d2d510  No.519679


So thread 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and so on it is then. Got it!

74da3a  No.519681


Will we have recurring thread #9s like the Septic thread? I hope so.

a6c406  No.519745


This doll looks nothing like you turkroach. You're 400kg with a mustache and a receding hairline.

d2d510  No.519757

File: ff04707cfef41ef⋯.png (219.71 KB, 352x499, 352:499, It's all ogre.png)

File: 0d8b5b19eb14ea7⋯.png (98.49 KB, 174x237, 58:79, Turk Ogre.png)


These look more accurate, to be honest

5b4316  No.519763

Fuck you hate all of you Racist Cyber bully like cow so much one day Shu gonna fuck all of cow people and racist like you

d2d510  No.519779


You're full of shit. Take a picture of you with your phone now. Do you understand?

Are you that terrified of /cow/?

c021d6  No.519967


Does this mean she won't post tits?

d2d510  No.519980


It means that Roach wants more threads

c021d6  No.519983


Crazy. Are people screwing with her on her deviantart? I see that they get reposted here a bunch, but I haven't seen anyone ridicule her on her own deviantart.

a21a6c  No.519986


>one day Shu gonna fuck all of cow people

Sorry. I understand it's a mudslime tradition to rape children, but I have no interest in gay cartoon children.

d2d510  No.519999


DA is the retard hugbox. She does not have friends there. Turkroach has white knights even.

c021d6  No.520024


>Turkroach has white knights even.

Quads of Truth. Why doesn't she just stick to there instead of popping up here every once in a while.

4ae45e  No.520035

Shut up you racist and fuck you racist 8chan

c021d6  No.520036



Is this serife?

d2d510  No.520067


Turkroach uses public hotspots

d2d510  No.520329

File: d0f48ebc11e22a9⋯.png (580.59 KB, 933x448, 933:448, Serife Incest with her mot….png)

File: 025ac773a017aaf⋯.png (717.96 KB, 811x596, 811:596, Serife eating poo.png)

File: a7ba814a3aed342⋯.png (570.61 KB, 931x449, 931:449, Roach stache.png)

The retard eats poo, confirmed, mustache grows back instantly and pose with mother/sister

bca77c  No.520376

Shut up you fucking asshole racist and i hate that shit racist site and cyber bully 8chan i dont fucking have autsim and i am not your mascot you shit 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

2c9927  No.520393


Post a picture here and it will stop, do you understand you retard? Picture taken off your phone, anything goes.

c021d6  No.520408


>Post a picture here

Yes. Post a picture here, possibly of your bobs or vagene?

09fbfe  No.520423


Her mom looks dead inside

2c9927  No.520427


>Implying Roaches are alive

4de165  No.520489

Shut up you fucking racist asshole

2c9927  No.520490


Keep talking, fattie

c021d6  No.520491


Serife, post a selfie here.

a21a6c  No.520557


Do something about it, autist. You still haven't called the cyber police or filed that lawsuit. Are you afraid that if you do your dad will find out watch haram cartoons?

3deaf6  No.520578

Shut up you ass hole racist

c021d6  No.520583


We want you to post a selfie, Serife.

2c9927  No.520748


Take a picture with your phone and post it here

47fecd  No.520786

No you shit racist

09fbfe  No.520805

File: 053e08d191dd0aa⋯.png (269.01 KB, 925x443, 925:443, the pinnacle of hentai.PNG)

Stop the fucking presses, I scrolled through her instagram and found this priceless piece of art!

2c9927  No.520868

File: 012fd86ba1824b9⋯.jpg (8.07 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Haram.jpg)



2c9927  No.520872

File: ed69f697b905318⋯.jpg (61.88 KB, 600x516, 50:43, Absolute Haram.jpg)



To quote Nazyak the wise one 'may Allah correct your thinking'

4ae45e  No.520884

Shut up asshole racist bitch 8chan and stop cyber bully me you stupid bitch racist

a7625d  No.520891

File: e9d0002dd605696⋯.jpg (163.87 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, 1465714245809.jpg)

so, do we know where she lives? I heard she really likes it when people smear her house with pig blood

2c9927  No.520901



ae2b83  No.520956

Leave me alone you shit racist and i had blow job shu kurenai junk 🖕 fuck you 8chan lolcow

a7625d  No.520959

File: 616c26c94b9a8a4⋯.jpg (60.83 KB, 924x704, 21:16, 1519697441374.jpg)


cool story, bro

2c9927  No.520971

e5f5da  No.521045

File: 6b1ea169b5a8cad⋯.jpeg (6.96 KB, 224x224, 1:1, download.jpeg)


What is it with you Danish spergs always falling back on the same arguments every time? Your constant "shit racist" comebacks make you sound like pic related.

3f2e95  No.521096

File: 0f0e49f6ca9daea⋯.png (316.31 KB, 1200x1806, 200:301, Untitled142.png)

Do you want that you shit racist asshole

a7b4cb  No.521100


Kari, you need to find Samuel Petersen. He lives in the same country as you, loves anime, and hates trolls. You two would get along great

fb6924  No.521101


Please draw one of you sucking his penis

8ea84f  No.521116

File: b1b8f0c3a948041⋯.png (457.19 KB, 1200x1806, 200:301, kari fixed.png)

How will their babies look like?

cd6a0a  No.521118

We've received several reports of a person named "Shu" being the target of online harassment, homophobiaand potential kidnapping. In the interest of safety we plan on taking the victim into temporary protective custody, and urge people to share any information with local authorities.

Sources have reported witnessing suspects armed with kurenai, a type of bladed weapon which is illegal in Denmark.

The Denmark Police stands by Denmark's LGBT community and proud history of diversity.

fb6924  No.521127

File: 5493cd693253ccf⋯.png (447.85 KB, 720x808, 90:101, 20180814_170044.png)

a21a6c  No.521154


What do you expect? She can barely speak English. It's a miracle she even realizes we're making fun of her.

be298a  No.521172

Stop made fun of me you shit racist asshole

8ea84f  No.521184

File: 3beecd4f0150556⋯.png (117.97 KB, 180x243, 20:27, U W8 mate.png)

c021d6  No.521185


Thanks for the picture, Serife. Don't let them get to you.

a21a6c  No.521196


Make us. Go on call the cyber police. File that lawsuit. I'll wait.

e87925  No.521419


Does she have a pregnancy fetish?

How does the pregnancy timeline work in her head? Will a month or two later she draw herself giving birth and post it here?

ae2b83  No.521433

Shut up you racist and stop make fun of me

a7625d  No.521434

File: e01e67c9a069278⋯.jpg (77.56 KB, 696x927, 232:309, e01e67c9a0692781b6278e08d4….jpg)


make me

74da3a  No.521473


a00177  No.521479


Learn some English phrases other than the 3 you keep spewing first.

2c9927  No.521549

File: a044082754aa042⋯.png (367.32 KB, 929x450, 929:450, Acne 1.png)

File: 9d0b1268eac062e⋯.png (437.55 KB, 931x448, 133:64, Autistic as Fedorov.png)

Gentlemen oily, acne ridden turkroach reached Fedorov tier autism

8d33be  No.521563

Stop annoying me you bitch asshole 8chan lolcow and i am not your mascot and i dont have autsim you bitch i have a eplipsy and stop cyber bully me you racist i am little bit good to english

2c9927  No.521574


Your english suck it takes effort to intepret your posts here, you sperg.

A picture taken with your phone and posted here would make your message more clear.

a21a6c  No.521588


Oh but you are our autistic mascot. Keep on spurging forever and providing us with entertainment.

2c9927  No.521596

I have a request can someone shoop a lips and dick into Turkroache's mouth and Shu Kurenai?

I lost the cock and mouth gif and I can't find it.

5ffaff  No.521602

Shut up you fucking asshole and you still a racist and leave me alone and stop make fun of me

5ffaff  No.521603

I hate you 8chan i am not your mascot you shit

356ea8  No.521606

File: 15ddab7050641bc⋯.jpg (45.46 KB, 960x540, 16:9, laughing turkish whores.jpg)

c021d6  No.521609


Why won't you be our mascot?

4de165  No.521634

I dont want to be your mascot you shit 8chan lolcow

c021d6  No.521636

e9e569  No.521637


I love you, Serife.

2c9927  No.521645

File: b8eeb026e352b73⋯.png (316.61 KB, 931x448, 133:64, Shit OC.png)


But you are

Someone make better version of this, I can't shoop for shit and lack of pictures, well…

5bab4a  No.521699

Eww you shit asshole that nasty i want and i dont love you and i only love shu kurenai you bitch asshole racist 🖕

Me and shu kurenai forever and i am not your mascot 8chan

5bab4a  No.521700

And go fuck your self you shit racist

7efa9b  No.521780

Shut up you racist

a21a6c  No.521882


I'm convinced this cockroach doesn't understand that her gay little cartoon crush isn't real and doesn't love her back.

162367  No.521889

File: eb576127bab363a⋯.jpeg (48.79 KB, 684x546, 114:91, d0916026c3e4801d327af3cdd….jpeg)

2c9927  No.521893

Triple post from the roach. It really got triggered

5bab4a  No.521953

Shu kurenai my anime husbando is not gay and shut up you fucking racist

162367  No.521956

File: 0d624a49cc4e152⋯.jpg (107.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1520039363022.jpg)


*gives him the gay*

whoops, looks like your husband likes other men now, better luck next time, turkroach

2c9927  No.521964

File: 72b899e4c5f5b1f⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1232x1280, 77:80, So gay.png)


Sorry darling he gives a mean handjob

967cd9  No.521973


That's not gay, it's just boys bonding

a21a6c  No.521979


>Shu kurenai my anime husbando is not gay

He is very gay. You have to be a delusional autist to not know he's gay.

2c9927  No.521980


Turkroach is shlicking to this though

2f0c35  No.522062

He is not gay my anime husbando shu kurenai and shut up you shit racist 8chan and shu kurenai is married to me and he had sex with me every night and stop made fun of me you shit racist

fb6924  No.522069

File: 0d43b6bbb7cf5d2⋯.png (479.34 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1913474 - Beyblade Beyblad….png)

File: 869e1cf743e9bd6⋯.png (911.25 KB, 1280x1811, 1280:1811, 1969968 - Beyblade E-sac T….png)


659fe2  No.522080

Shut up you shit racist shu is not gay 🖕😤🖕

74da3a  No.522321


Explain the pictures

78b3bc  No.522346

fact: straight shota is haram

da7f21  No.522361



Her YouTube is fair game. Imo it has more cocks and cringe then her da

da7f21  No.522367


I can understand. If I spawned that retarded abortion I would be dead inside too.

0c1f58  No.522397

Shut up you shit racist and me ojlftand shu kurenai forever and i had sex with shu kurenai

a71351  No.522402


No you didn't, sweet heart

Otherwise, offer video proof

2c9927  No.522449



More I try read this this, worse my English becomes

a21a6c  No.522528


>i had sex with shu kurenai

Playing pretend doesn't count as something happening, Turkroach. Plus if you had your father would have beheaded you for cheating on him and/or having sex out of wedlock.

da7f21  No.522536


I had sex with you Serife. :^)

ac1a98  No.522577

Shut up you shit 8chan racist and stop cyber bully me and i had sleep with shu kurenai last night and fuck off you shit 8chan lolcow 🖕🖕🖕 and stop stealing my info and shut up fucking racists and stay away from me you shit 8chan and i hope the danish police will shut down your website

9c28c5  No.522582


You know he's underage..

2c9927  No.522584


They can't do anything, you sperg

ba1be2  No.522591


I don't think your sister would like you using bad words. I might have to screencap this and show her.

9d682f  No.522605

You dont know my sister you shit and bye bye you shit usa your dollars falling down you shit 8chan you are a fucking racist

e5f5da  No.522623

File: 9ce8524c27260fb⋯.png (17.51 KB, 643x285, 643:285, Kronedollar.PNG)

File: 2750b7b57184371⋯.png (18.63 KB, 651x303, 217:101, liradollar.PNG)


>your dollars falling down

Try again, Turkroach

c3bc18  No.522743


I have sex with your sister every night roach

2c9927  No.522747


You're living off disability gibs, you retard. The reason you aren't put into typical muslim arranged marriage is due to these these reasons

1) You're retarded

2) You're hideous

3) No-one wants you to breed.

Why the fuck do you think they (your roach colony) keep you indoors and private area.


c3bc18  No.522854


Serife you stupid nigger. Turkey's economy is collapsing and it's gonna cause more shitskins like you to flood into Europe and screw up that economy as well. It's funny to see you try to talk about economics when you have no idea.

b0b32e  No.522858

Stop calling me a turkroach is a racist word and shut up you shit racist

e5f5da  No.522878


I hope your Danish is better than your English.

a21a6c  No.522885


You're not people, Turkroach. We can't be racist to you.

2c9927  No.522987


Are you educated, Turkroach?

ae2b83  No.523041

I am a human you shit racist and i had dream had sex with shu in my dream and shut up you shit racist

2c9927  No.523043


You talk like a turkroach, you smell like a turkroach and look like a turkroach

You are not human

a21a6c  No.523073


>I am a human

No you're not. You're a turkroach, mudslime, pedophile, retard, autist and weeb. Any one of those disqualifies you as a human and you're all six. You do the math, but you probably can't do math.

fb872f  No.523087

Just got areound to getting a good look at that schedule. It's a good thing your parents have given up on marrying you off, since you only bathe 3 times a week.

84b009  No.523114


She can't do math.

843fd9  No.523133

Shut up you racist asshole

c54a44  No.523156


I didn't know gorillas could use the internet.

a21a6c  No.523171


Come on now, that's just going too far. Even gorillas groom themselves.

a762dd  No.523200

Ewww that a super racistqdcifz you shit

a21a6c  No.523238



So what you're saying is that grooming and cleaning yourself is "gross" in turkroach culture. That explains a lot actually.

2c9927  No.523249



Did you have a stroke?

Even animals clean themselves more often than you

c54a44  No.523275


More likely a fit of tard rage. Seems talking about her sister is a trigger for her.

2c9927  No.523278



a917cc  No.523301

Shut up you shit racist

2c9927  No.523303


Gorilla speaks! Do we have a translator?

680864  No.523349

You cant make thread 5 you shit racist and shut up you fucking racist

c021d6  No.523351


Soaking up the attention much?

991e96  No.523385

What you shit racist

735748  No.523392

Hey turk monkey, can you do me a favor and quote the ID you are replying to?

a21a6c  No.523556


>You cant make thread 5

Or what? Did you call the cyber police and the state police yet? Or get around to that lawsuit?


I don't think it even understands what the numbers are for honestly. Or what numbers are in general.

4de165  No.523586

Fuck you asshole racist 8chan leave me alone

d15e91  No.523603

File: c591b68d67a2de3⋯.png (114.33 KB, 927x604, 927:604, Capture.PNG)

File: 1727880d07ccdfe⋯.png (6.34 KB, 229x102, 229:102, Capture1.PNG)

Someone got caught stealing. Also love the captcha.

2c9927  No.523609


Turkroach is a art thief? Oh no. It is a creature of grace and fine manners!

711721  No.523613

File: ddc4d8e73dd8ecf⋯.png (626.54 KB, 720x1122, 120:187, 20180819_191919.png)


6b4346  No.523679

Shut up you bitch racist asshole and leave me alone

a21a6c  No.523697


Make us. What're you going to do call the cops? Sue us? Do it. I dare you.

dc03d9  No.523708

The cops wil shut down your website the cyber police wil stop you and your are still a racist

a21a6c  No.523716


And when are the cyber police and the state police going to do this? Give me a time, roach. Is it going to be tomorrow? The day after? Have you even called them yet? What about that lawsuit? Are you going to actually call the cyber police or just autistically spug out about being made fun of for being an unwashed pedophile?

3ad43e  No.523721


It's Monday, anon. According to her schedule she took a bath today she's good until Thursday. Jesus by Wednesday night she must smell like shit.

a21a6c  No.523723


Do you think she actually cleans herself during a bath? I wouldn't be surprised if she just poared watcher on herself and called it a day. Also, I find it fucking hilarious that their word for bath is 'bad.'

2c9927  No.523873

File: 7dad727cbd462e5⋯.png (504.38 KB, 929x449, 929:449, Turkroach with Daki.png)

Those who will be most severely punished by Allaah on the Day of Resurrection will be the image-makers." (Reported by al-Bukhaari, see al-Fath, 10/382).

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The most severely punished of the people on the Day of Resurrection will be the image-makers.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5950) and Muslim (2109).

You're going to hell for taking indecent self photography (Not wearing a veil) and making mockery of a holy event.

How does that make you feel, roach?

2c9927  No.523874

File: 40bc7c0066b866b⋯.png (192.67 KB, 814x600, 407:300, Heresy Haram.png)

b1c329  No.523881


I bet her heels are on constant display.

2c9927  No.523887


Denmark's and Turkey's Sharia police


2ade7a  No.523901

Stop made fun of me you shit racist and shut up

65e1bd  No.523919


Kari, please see >>523892

Tim tried basically the same thing you are doing right now. He's been with us for over 6 years. Enjoy your extended stay here.

ae2b83  No.523946



Thank you i know i hate that shit 8chan is making fun of peoples

65e1bd  No.523949


You really don't, though. Like a 5 year old (which still above your true emotional age) you just say you do. You're going to have to come up with something better if you want us to leave you alone.

ac1a98  No.524001

Leave me alone you shit racist 8chan

2c9927  No.524012


You've been told before post a picture of your room and post it here

a21a6c  No.524156

This is the Cyber Police. We've gotten several complaints that this website has been continuously harassing autistic pedophiles and are currently investigating said complaints. If this is true you are ordered to immediately desist from such actions or your website will be taken down and will be facing up to 5 years in cyber prison.

2c9927  No.524373


It was supposed to be Beyblade court

2c9927  No.524445

File: 841d568b32ec9bd⋯.png (295.07 KB, 935x451, 85:41, Turkroach diet.png)

Yes Serife drinking gatorade clone helps to burn the fat from those candy bars


d2d510  No.524596

File: d4b3b236adda78a⋯.png (234.55 KB, 816x596, 204:149, Retard speaks.png)

File: e5aa1b5edf35cb3⋯.png (704.16 KB, 810x596, 405:298, Turds.png)

Turkroach garbage cuisine

2f0c35  No.524637

Shut up you bitch asshole racist 8chan lolcow and leave me alone

2c9927  No.524687

74da3a  No.524721


Comment on second pic translates to "With tea to go with it. How nice"

a21a6c  No.524878


Kari5 this is the Cyber Police. It has come to our attention that you have been harassed by this website. We need you to call us to give your statement about these alleged crimes. If for whatever reason you can not contact us directly you may contact your local police.

78d70c  No.525363

I hope all your member get arrasted for harsing me and i hope there shut down your shit website down you shit racist

4dac0b  No.525444


Don't lie. You love the attention you're getting from us. If you didn't you wouldn't post on here every day.

65e1bd  No.525466



This guy tried to get us arrested, too. Post some pics like you were asked amd maybe the mods will delete your threads.

d15e91  No.525500

File: a9bff1ebbaadf53⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 800x600, 4:3, latest.jpg)


Why would I hearse you? Your not dead.

a21a6c  No.525535


Kari 5 this is the Cyber Police. We still haven't received your statement about the alleged crimes preformed by the 8chan lolcows. Your delay in making a statement to law enforcement can prevent charges being brought against the 8chan lolcows. Please confirm if you have contacted your local police about this matter.

4ae45e  No.525536

Shut up you racist and leave me alone

4ae45e  No.525537


How i can do that 🤔

a21a6c  No.525544


Simply contact your local law enforcement agency and describe the incidents. We ask that if possible you record any conversations you have with law enforcement officers and post it to services such as YouTube so that it can be archived and used as evidence in any upcoming cases or trials involving the 8chan lolcows. We thank you for you cooperation in our investigation.

b6c80e  No.525643


I want 8chan lolcow was shut down forever and there need to stop it cyber police there anoying me the 8chan lolcow user i want the owner take down the site down

a21a6c  No.525668


We understand you are upset but please calm down and follow our previous instructions. Contact your local law enforcement officers via phone or going to the station in person. If you do not know the number or address ask your parents for assistance as we can not give that information on this site for fear of compromising our investigation. Please record any interactions you may have with law enforcement officers and post it on sites like YouTube so it can be used as evidence against the 8chan lolcows. We can not simply shut down the site until a thorough investigation has been done and you making your statement and providing evidence against the 8chan lolcows will aid our investigation. Without such evidence from victims such as yourself our investigation could take many years to finish and it would be possible no charges could be filed or arrests made which is why we strongly suggest you follow our instructions as soon as possible.

222784  No.525685


Turkroach is a fat smelly pedophile. Shu is gay.

2c9927  No.525744


Make a youtube video how evil /cow/ is bullying you and Cyber Police will look into it

t. Officer. Hark Court

We at cyber police are happy to stop bullying here if you can provide a narrated video how you are being bullied

Anagrams, anons

2f0c35  No.525775


Thank you cyber police t.officer

2f0c35  No.525776

Shu is not gay you shit cyber bully and stop made fun of me

d15e91  No.525807

File: d5634ee98733d3c⋯.png (108.45 KB, 936x600, 39:25, Capture12.PNG)

>super suite


>a set of rooms designated for one person's or family's use or for a particular purpose.

The word you want is suit.

6a9b7e  No.525839


What a fucking terrible taste on memes and animation movies she has

a21a6c  No.525854


>space for a jacket

>space for what i'm assuming is suppose to be pants

>space for a dildo


bb510a  No.525870

Shut up i use that incredibles meme and shut up you shit racist

a21a6c  No.525872


Oh hello again, autist. You call the cyber police yet? So are we all going to cyber jail or are you just full of shit and empty threats like usual?

0d2b61  No.525875


Serife isn't gonna call the cops. They won't take the testimony of a retard seriously.

f80429  No.525896

I hate that shit thread you racist r

a21a6c  No.525907


Slow down a bit and actually pay attention to what you're typing. You're barely coherent on a good day, but when you're in full spedrage you might as well be talking in an ancient eldritch tongue.

06a305  No.526192

You are full of shit racist on this is page and go fuck your self racist 8chan lolcow

0d2b61  No.526197


Did you take a bath yesterday you smelly mudshit?

2c9927  No.526199


Cyber police is waiting for your report on youtube


Officer. Hark Court

If you fail to comply I'm afraid that there will be a fifth thread

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