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File: ba96d923f1c351f⋯.jpg (68.54 KB, 617x597, 617:597, IMG_20181112_141553.jpg)


What elements are absolutely fundamental and nesesary to make a good sci-fi movie?


Lack of over saturation.




Btw do you consider the blu-ray release of Solyaris, the very cold blue-tinted one that changed the very core of the film and killed any detail in it, superior to the original?


Depends on what type of sci-fi we're talking about. Are you doing soft sci-fi or hard sci-fi? What genre of sci-fi is it: space opera, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, steampunk (God forbid), time travel, or any other such type? These variables will influence the factors of what makes good sci-fi.

I will argue that, at minimum, a sci-fi movie has to have all the qualities that make good movies in general, plus concepts that are rooted in at least some basis of scientific fact, theory, or hypothesis, and, if we're dealing with soft sci-fi, relevant, non-preachy social commentary.

File: 1417992640860.jpg (28.53 KB, 491x358, 491:358, parallelstreet.jpg)


Hey /film/. I'm really liking this board, so I'll do my part to help keep it alive. Does anyone know of any films similar to The Parallel Street (1961)? I'm thinking of sort of globe-trotting fiction/documentary hybrids with experimental structures and stuff like that. The only one I can really think of is Sans Soleil, so if anyone knows of anything similar to either of these, it would be much appreciated
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File: 662ba3875c62f8e⋯.png (238.67 KB, 720x544, 45:34, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-19h02m2….png)

File: 3d68560e14d41a9⋯.png (366.88 KB, 720x544, 45:34, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-19h04m0….png)

File: 170eb1ab1d107d5⋯.png (448.4 KB, 720x544, 45:34, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-19h11m3….png)


Here are some stills of "One sixth of the world".


File: 5411f2fc039030f⋯.png (308.88 KB, 720x544, 45:34, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-19h24m0….png)

File: 54a932874dfe3fb⋯.png (281.25 KB, 720x544, 45:34, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-19h28m4….png)

File: d9c1917eb283374⋯.png (240.11 KB, 720x544, 45:34, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-19h30m4….png)

File: 27540a8dbb3fbab⋯.png (207.87 KB, 720x544, 45:34, vlcsnap-2018-11-23-19h41m0….png)



if you liked Sans Solei you defenitly should check this other Chris Marker film


it's similar structure, poetic voice over documentary about life and stuff. This genre is called eassy films.


File: f59bb514644f5a8⋯.mp4 (15.9 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, Ouroboros.mp4)

Ouroboros (2017)

>globe trotting

>experimental structures

>fiction/documentary hybrid

Ouroboros is classified by some people as a documentary. I'd push back on that. Calling it a "fiction/documentary hybrid" is better, but still not a perfect description. The director has a visual arts background and this film is more conceptual than genre-based.

You probably won't fully understand this film unless you read an interview with the director.


File: 27a7568d767080e⋯.jpg (117.21 KB, 732x1080, 61:90, Homo_Sapiens-236633766-lar….jpg)

Also, check this one out.

File: 1456110780803.jpg (189.85 KB, 1000x1363, 1000:1363, un_homme_qui_dort.jpg)


Which films would you consider to be essential NEETcore?

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Wow, thanks for the recommendation of bozo texino, really looks prommising. Would you have a torrent which i could use? Or a link to download?



Nevermind, found it.


Just watched Who's Bozo Texino. Thanks for the recommendation, a quite unique documentary.


File: ce207e086b407b3⋯.jpeg (71.07 KB, 640x640, 1:1, f56e62d30711f4a1c3a121c76….jpeg)

File: f34619ef70828b4⋯.jpeg (110.74 KB, 640x620, 32:31, ca21813082469c871a6459864….jpeg)

File: ceabd3de9c1b319⋯.jpeg (121.36 KB, 640x620, 32:31, 695c9483129878c4c65629e94….jpeg)

File: e4cd1741c2c6d17⋯.jpeg (92.11 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 17ff7fc6b9cb14c55272a01e2….jpeg)

File: 6ac2c57971a6bbf⋯.jpeg (84.78 KB, 640x426, 320:213, 987182ae7ce673006fa8a433c….jpeg)


Yeah that's a good one. The director seems like an interesting guy. Here's his website with a long section of viewer reactions


One more NEET documentary

American Nomads

>Well done BBC Documentary focusing on drifters, drop-outs, tramps and RV snowbirds, squatters, hermits, cowboys and Indians in the American Southwest. Very interesting stories on how and why many became nomadic, and what the lifestyle means; all done without judgment or glorification.




Thanks, i actually went to his website just as i finished it. He has some interesting expositions.


File: 142bde59b50b1fb⋯.mp4 (9.32 MB, 640x346, 320:173, Catching Out.mp4)

This thread got me interested in looking for more hobo movies. I found one with potential called Catching Out, not the full thing only this clip

File: 85ba1dcf96a1a55⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 3828x2664, 319:222, MasterandCommander.jpg)


What makes a movie like this resonate with so many men, despite being a fictional romanticization of the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars over 200 years ago?


>What makes a movie like this resonate with so many men

Are you female? I haven't seen this one but I assume men like it for the same reason they like other war films -- adventure, action, heroism, etc.

>a fictional romanticization of the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars over 200 years ago?

Usually a movie about the past is modernity in drag. Also, I don't think a story has to be true or contemporary for people to identify with it.




>fictional romanticization

>British Royal Navy



You mean why anglophonic man-cuck audience like it? Simply beacuse it's exactly as stupid as any other shit action movies they usually watch in televi.




File: 1425608814339.jpg (140.06 KB, 630x1200, 21:40, MV5BMTU2NzI3OTk4M15BMl5Ban….jpg)


What does /film/ think of this? Is it just edgy shite?
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It's always nice to have new people who post instead of lurk. How did you get here?



Migrated here back in 2015 when 4chan started decaying. But only found out about this board recently. I thought /tv/ was the only one film related here, but a guy there mentioned this board and there it is.

I'm kinda sad, i miss the initial flow of posts and posters of the 2015-2016 8chan. But it's a comfy board.



*Because of a thread in 4chan's /lit/. Now i recall better.






So instead of just browsing the board like a normal person you hand picked multiple threads and bumped them without discretion because you felt the need of establishing yourself.

I mean I knew that as 4chan became Reddit, 8chan would eventually become 4chan but I never thought it would be this bad. Oh well.



Too bad you missed out. If you check /tv/ there's a link to /film/ right under the post box.

File: a27a3bbf1b21730⋯.jpg (70.13 KB, 500x596, 125:149, khavn_-1.jpg)


Is Khavn any good?

11 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I'm glad you liked it.



I watched mondomanila and Desaparadiso and i liked very much his style. The latter really struck me hard, since here in Argentina we had a similar experiencie with a Militar dictatorship taking """political prisoners""" and basically torturing them and then killing them, but selling the image that they were "missing", which is very psychotic, even worse than plain killing and telling the famillies what happened.



>here in Argentina we had a similar experiencie with a Militar dictatorship

I didn't know that, I only knew about Chile and Brazil. Now I see you guys had two military coups. I'm surprised the US wasn't more involved with those, but I suppose there's some limit to how much foreign meddling they can manage at one time.



>I'm surprised the US wasn't more involved in those.

It was. It was so involved that if it weren't for the fact that the us didn't want to lose the ""battle against communism"", we wouldn't have had the coups.

Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, all had dictatorships during the same time.



The FMI had a key role too.

File: 1425525059347.jpg (130.1 KB, 1256x919, 1256:919, Andrei_Tarkovsky[1].jpg)


I need some help deciding which of Tarkovsky's films to watch next.
I loved Offret, even though it took a few watches to really become immersed with the experience, and I've tried watching Solaris and Stalker a few times but they both have a weird feel to them that I can't exactly explain, and I had to stop watching because I couldn't become invested in what I was seeing.
What of Tarkovsky's films besides Offret will most help me get a better feel for his direction and stuff, so I can later dive into his more alienating films more comfortably?
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



It certainly adds a bit more context, even if the alien visitation angle is less pronounced in the film. I think what makes it difficult to engage with sometimes is that a lot of the characters come off as unsympathetic. That goes for Solaris as well in my opinion.


File: 1434210105125-0.jpg (57.14 KB, 500x700, 5:7, sol1.jpg)

File: 1434210105157-1.png (216.96 KB, 720x544, 45:34, sol2.png)

File: 1434210105161-2.png (184.02 KB, 720x544, 45:34, sol3.png)

I remember the commentary track for Solaris was helpful in gaining a fuller understanding of what Tarkovsky was doing.

I'd like to watch it again since it's been a number of years for me, along with the remake which I never saw …and hopefully even the 1968 version eventually.


File: 1435349928245.png (562 KB, 1440x900, 8:5, witch.png)


Seconded. It's direct and extremely poignant. One of my favorite films.


“Stalker” basically guides you by the hand all the way. It even has “that's what it all is about” scene for slowpokes, after which all discussion of aliens and connection with book's plot becomes irrelevant.

“Andrei Rublev” is too overwhelming to not understand it.

Other movies work better if you have the experience in dealing with artists' thoughts on art and their own place in physical and imaginary world.



As this anon says: Watch his films chronologically. You'll see how he progresses artistically and the recurrent themes he delves into, i.e. The infancy; spirituality; Horses; The paternal figure; flying as a metaphor, etc.

File: 1430212234998.jpg (35.6 KB, 519x393, 173:131, akira_kurosawa_copy.jpg)


Where should I start with Akira Kurosawa?

1 post and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I would really recommend watching Red Beard after you get done with the ones above.

It's his most underrated film and I would say one of his top 5.


File: 44812798.jpg (64.72 KB, 670x502, 335:251, 44812798.jpg)




this basically.

I started with Seven Samurai and it was stunning. I dont know if others may have catch it, but you could see the influence it had on anime.




I really like the postwar era Kurosawa. I'd recommend you check The drunken angel and A wonderful sunday, and No regrets for our youth.

File: 1426852825296.jpg (140.53 KB, 400x662, 200:331, nostalghia_poster.jpg)


what you think bout this?

have you watch it? Im not sure if I got it…
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



What didn't you get?

Keep in mind that it's a very personal film to Tarkovsky. It reflected a lot of what he was going through personally before he filmed it. If you read his diary, you'll find during this point in time, he was always thinking about his wife, child and home. Hence the black and white dream scenes of Andrei's (the character) wife and family.



Yea… I read the reviews and hows that was his first film away from Russia.

But, its the movie itself which I still have some troubles with, Why the dude setted himself on fire? is the candle thing just an allegory to the struggle and meaningless of life? why people made fun of the old dude when trying to use the candle? what happened to the redheaded woman?

Im planning on watching this movie some time in the future again.



Domenico set himself on fire to be a martyr of sorts. To show how strong his faith was and in what he was preaching to humanity. Sacrificing himself in hopes that they'll see his undying conviction and to consider what he's told them.

I think the candle bit was Andrei (who said earlier that he understood Domenico) trying to show that he too could make a sacrifice (however small it was in scale) and putting faith in Domenico and his beliefs. Perhaps him going through with this one final test of patience and will had some great meaning or purpose to Andrei? I haven't figured this all out myself, tbh.

In the hot springs bit near the beginning they talk about Domenico, his faith and how a madman is very similar if not identical to a spiritual man. The ones in the hot springs are basically your average secular people. With no spirituality or faith in their lives, they believe only what they see and experience and act as if they're "realists". So when they see a man so devoted to his faith, they'll think he's unusual because he's not like them. So he's cast aside and labeled as a madman for his unusual beliefs and actions because they fail or maybe even refuse to see the world through his eyes.

Eugenia got fed up with Andrei's indifference towards her feelings. She wanted to be loved by him. He goes through the whole film not recognizing it or, maybe he does but will never do anything because his love for his wife and family is too great. I think it's the latter considering, Eugenia shows up in at least one of the dream scenes with Andrei's wife, I guess to make the point that Andrei perhaps sees them as similar if not the same person in this sort of confused and depressed state he's been in.

But anyways, she moves on and goes back to her boyfriend (who she brought up earlier in an attempt to make Andrei jealous but he didn't give a shit anyways) and it's obvious she's not happy with this boyfriend. He seemingly doesn't give a shit about her too.


File: 1430166742772.jpg (67.16 KB, 550x744, 275:372, TarkovskyZerkalo.jpg)


Your write up is on point. There's also some foreshadowing(?) about both Domenico and Andrei's fate. Early on in the film they talk about the maid who worked very far from home and burned down her Boss's house just so she could go home. There's also a lot of ideas expressed about the men sharing a fate or soul of sorts. The mirror scene, 1+1=1 and all that eastern philosophy stuff. As you said his diary shows the inspiration for Andrei's character. He even talks about the Russian mist we see in the film. I really love this film, his personal ones are the best.



You should watch tarkovski's films chronologically. There's a lot of recurrent themes in his films, that you will only get once you understand tarkovski himself.

For starters you should always pay attention to the following things: Kids and Infancy; Horses; Religion; The fact of flying; the paternal figure. Those are the ones that i can remember now.

File: a1bfbe7af14f92f⋯.jpeg (22.78 KB, 640x364, 160:91, funnygames025.preview.jpeg)


By which I mean that you guys are disrespectful and ignorant to this art as much as the next redditor.

Both of you treat Film as a consumer identity as a football hooligan by choosing a "tribe" and avoiding intellectual discussion, constructive criticism or simple confrontation in favour of primitive and destructive bashing of each others favorite brands.

Both of you are more interested in quantity and respecting over emotionally understanding and absorbing the craft of this art.

Both of you are highly illiterate and pander to the lowest common understanding and effect of this art this being "empathy".

Both of you are anti film and victims of the current methods of distribution that make film something trivial and inferior to television, advertising and videoclip.

Both of you can name more films than any of the great Auteurs in history yet you will never be on the same level of even the lowest of the mass produced confectioners because you treat this art as a flag and as a choice instead of being organically part of your being. This not only is valid for cinema but for everything else and sadly not just on the internet but this malaise of yours is leaking in real life (or maybe viceversa).

Pasolini once said that "what authoritarianism was unable to do with his solemn retoric television did with the opposite". Since television and film do have deep down a blood relation and in a ceratain sense use the same language it's your fault if the world it's in shit.

Instead of being the only sense of reason and the only art form who can still make a difference you guys as the rest of the "cinephile" choose balkanization and hooliganism.



How about you show us how it's done instead of whining about it? If you want to discuss a film make a thread about the film.


>Instead of being the only sense of reason and the only art form who can still make a difference

This smells funky, seems you are cooking a socio-political statement (or only teasing one) as an ideology for a general art form

File: 1437551408363.jpeg (73.99 KB, 500x781, 500:781, gummo.jpeg)


what does /film/ think of this movie? has anyone here even seen it?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


It's weird and there's a couple of interesting scenes but at the end of the movie I thought it was a waste of time.


File: 1445217985906.jpg (98.91 KB, 500x273, 500:273, 4433609964_16e3635c91.jpg)


>not appreciating the film compressed digital footage of Julien Donkey Boy


there was some genuine heart in this film, which I wasn't really expecting



yeah, his movies are just sort of "real" even though they're unreal. if you know what i mean. damn im high


My first impression was that it was a garbage art film but I still saw relatability and subtlety in the acting that a lot of people overlook. At the end of the movie you can see Tummler's lip quiver into a smile a little when he's realized what his life has become, and supplementarily the entire cast except Chloe Sevigny and Linda Manz were locals they hired so maybe he was reflecting on his actual life as well. I haven't seen any other movie that accurately portrays the hedonistic exuberance of going full retard with your friends with then the chair scene as you're then drenched in a loud silence at the realization you're a pigbrained retard who spent his energy and youth wasting away your days goofing off and on top of this that scene became documentary territory as the actors forget they're on camera letting their true selves fully show.

File: 1464855605182.png (8.45 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


and see if other people can guess it

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



you're missing out then

it's satantango


File: 1465085571565.jpg (74.65 KB, 944x599, 944:599, Life of Gypsies by Josef K….jpg)


Always reminded of this image


File: 1465132420104.jpg (72.19 KB, 1242x735, 414:245, satantango-corpse (2).jpg)


oh it does look similar


File: 21a708b049eef70⋯.png (53.96 KB, 1292x592, 323:148, OUT OF THE WAY GWEILO.png)


File: d796137bbafb30a⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 585x329, 585:329, Fallen-Angels.jpg)


I didn't know it but I did an image search for Wong Kar Wai film cigarette

File: 1423210474385.png (161.37 KB, 576x416, 18:13, iwakeup5vx9.png)


The list is helpful to get started on NOIR with plenty of great titles waiting. I've been working through the 250 films on and off for a few years, so why not discuss it here? I hope I'm not the only one interested in this style of filmmaking.


dips bedora
30 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



It plays on how latins that settle in America sound: I can take a stuttering awkward speech but IRL many end up sounding like the most stuck-up Mexican cunts they can pretend to be. Nothing to report on The Third Man since the first attempt with rutracker gave me a Rusky voice-over.


File: 898d23af1ec3cfe⋯.jpg (114.61 KB, 538x839, 538:839, sorry-wrong-number.jpg)

Sorry Wrong Number is top tier phone-noir

This poster is funny. Burt Lancaster smacks around a bedridden Barbara Stanwyck


File: de39b0e4670dae6⋯.jpg (139.38 KB, 655x1000, 131:200, MV5BYzNjNDI1NjctZWY5Ni00YT….jpg)

File: d288c9eabaf2c78⋯.jpg (163.13 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 5-los-tallos-amargos-copy.jpg)

File: 008cfdf23a89ee1⋯.jpg (146.17 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, los-tallos-amargos-2.jpg)

File: 31ca9c5e5729a5f⋯.jpg (46.22 KB, 676x462, 338:231, los-tallos-amargos-11.jpg)

File: def6585a5fa8822⋯.jpg (31.93 KB, 616x472, 77:59, 1523527237.jpg)

What are good noir films made outside the United States? I'll suggest Los tallos amargos from Argentina. The Film Noir Foundation has restored it, but so far the internet only has this TV rip.


>This brilliant noir was lauded in its native country upon release, winning Argentina’s Silver Condor Award as the best film of the year, yet it remains unknown in the rest of the world. This is a crime, because LOS TALLOS AMARGOS is one of the best noir-drenched crime films of the 1950s - maybe ever. A deep-seated inferiority complex leads a Buenos Aires newspaper reporter (Carlos Cores) into a seemingly innocent correspondence-school scam with a clever Hungarian expat (Vassili Lambrinos). As the money flows in, so do rising suspicions about the Hungarian’s true motives. One man is driven to commit the perfect crime - with stunning and tragic results. Lauded by American Cinematographer as #49 of the “100 Best Photographed Films of All Time” (DP Ricardo Younis) and featuring an inventive score by Astor Piazzolla, the greatest Argentine musician of the 20th century.


File: a26f1f5dfac196b⋯.jpg (72.62 KB, 391x755, 391:755, 04_133354_0_Backfire.jpg)

File: bcaa39f129e4ca2⋯.png (75.58 KB, 609x803, 609:803, Backfire.png)


File: aeff882e67c4c30⋯.jpg (56.02 KB, 434x476, 31:34, Dq5ohhyWoAIYEeL.jpg)

File: 04fa7c75f6b8557⋯.jpg (65.7 KB, 469x500, 469:500, Dq5okJnXcAAcdlI.jpg)

File: 3e7b94947d34f72⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 394x492, 197:246, Dq5ol-xWwAAaAvL.jpg)

File: a3acba87321c10f⋯.jpg (45.47 KB, 389x383, 389:383, Dq5onbtXQAEqpZL.jpg)

19 Classic Period Noirs, One each year

20 Fine Femme Fatales (actress, year)

20 Film Noir 'Fringe/Deep Cuts'

15 Rare Non-US Noirs

File: 52f09d0ca86243d⋯.png (225.79 KB, 450x325, 18:13, ClipboardImage.png)


best films with cats / based around cats / around cats?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 5963e6aa5edb649⋯.jpg (126.35 KB, 437x640, 437:640, 5021496714_4bd26e7edd_z.jpg)

Not sure if this counts, but it's great.

Just be sure to watch it without watching the trailer before, it gives away too much.


File: 01811725ac40c87⋯.jpg (156.71 KB, 570x823, 570:823, Kaibyô nazo no shamisen (1….jpg)


File: 06862694d34b0a2⋯.mp4 (11.35 MB, 960x720, 4:3, Shozo, A Cat, And Two Wome….mp4)


> Japan

A curious 2hr+ drama about a love triangle. But this love triangle has a cat in the middle. In fact, the man loves his cat more than his wife or girlfriend.


File: cfc29590c1446d7⋯.png (527.93 KB, 425x509, 425:509, whitechapel-catalogue-grin….png)

>it's a Chris Marker romanticizes socialism episode


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Nice one

Now here is a weird Mexican movie about a millionaire psychopath who stalks beautiful women from his helicopter.

The Night of a Thousand Cats (1972)

File: b17c87ab357a88d⋯.png (2.15 MB, 960x1440, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Is pic related the ultimate example of a gimmick flick?

Literally the only thing anyone went on about when it was released was the pretense of being one continuous shot. Any criticism at all was deflected by "dude one take lmao" in the minds of the plebs who raved about it.

Thought the plot was thin and predictable? But dude it was all like one take. Casting a bit weak? Dude it was one take. Compositions lacking any artistic merit or visual language leading to massive blocks of dialogue? Dude it was all one take.

Post other gimmick flicks and your reasons.

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


File: b1797b3b6dbfa87⋯.mp4 (10.52 MB, 498x360, 83:60, Lady In The Lake - Trailer.mp4)

Lady in the Lake was shot entirely POV style. This doesn't always work so well. They didn't have handheld movie cameras in 1947, so there's not too much realistic movement. The viewer feels somewhat anchored in place with the POV of a statue.

But I like this film regardless. It's a fun idea and they made a respectable attempt to create something different.



>They didn't have handheld movie cameras in 1947,

But they did.



>>13399 (Checked)*



For shooting 35mm? Anyway they mostly used large heavy cameras for that movie.



Oh well specify, handheld cameras for other films existed before then.

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