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File: af4716b34464fb6⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1st.png)

467164 No.1167869

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


Redpill for normies: >>1087693 Proof POTUS was behind Q even before he appeared on the chans.




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Monday 4.23.18

>>1164847 ———————- Coming soon.

>>1162020 ———————- It’s time to learn the TRUTH.

>>1160582 ———————- Listen carefully.

>>1159716 rt >>1159482 — When was UBL killed in Pakistan?

>>1159482 rt >>1159198 — Red Cross

>>1159198 rt >>1159032 — Wake up!

>>1159032 rt >>1158853 — Happy hunting!

>>1158853 rt >>1158720 — Happening now.

>>1158695 rt >>1158519 — Order is important.

>>1158519 rt >>1158228 — Like NK, they have been freed.

>>1158067 rt >>1158014 — Why was Armenia mentioned recently?

>>1158014 ———————- The world is awakening.

>>1157518 ———————- Reminder. Iran is Next. Marker.

Sunday 4.22.18

>>1152145 ———————- https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVT-8tUfiE

>>1147720 ———————- Today is Earth Day.

>>1145824 ———————- Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?

>>1140227 ———————- MB Connections

>>1140780 rt >>1140510 — Salon article Michelle Bachmann witch hunt

>>1141069 ———————- Civilization Jihadist

Saturday 04.21.18

>>1133942 rt >>1133925 — AMERICA WILL BE UNIFIED AGAIN! 11.11.18.

>>1133862 rt >>1133796 — They will lose black vote once Haiti revealed

>>1133464 rt >>1133332 — Fire up the memes!

>>1133332 ———————- What will next week hold?

>>1133238 rt >>1133204 — We came here for a reason

>>1133189 rt >>1133099 — Expand Further. Blackwater USA. Plausible Deniablity.

>>1132004 rt >>1131959 — Look at those palm trees!

>>1131877 rt >>1131741 — As the World Turns.

>>1131963 rt >>1131935 — Anons honored by your presence

>>1131741 ———————- Yesterday.

>>1131328 rt >>1131287 — Coincidence?

>>1131266 rt >>1131254 — Think private email addresses

>>1131254 rt >>1131247 — Think public & private Twitter accounts

>>1131191 ———————- Right on Q

>>1130667 ———————- Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest.

>>1130369 rt >>1130171 — Think Sessions

>>1130171 rt >>1130125 — Maggie Haberman on HRC team

>>1130089 ———————- Wikileaks Podesta emails

Friday 04.20.18

>>1124872 rt >>1124637 — The world is watching

>>1124271 rt >>1124212 — Alefantis pic big, but risky

>>1123696 rt >>1123617 — POTUS warning shot

>>1123575 rt >>1123519 — Hussein diddling Maggie/Wendy since 10?

>>1123499 rt >>1123388 — Hussein & Maggie

>>1123388 rt >>1123269 — Agnes Nixon Soap Operas (article)

>>1123269 rt >>1123074 — As the world turns.

>>1123074 rt >>1122995 — The door will be opened later.

>>1122995 rt >>1122741 — Hussein/Wendy Over the Target

>>1122280 rt >>1122226 — Wendy?/Marina

>>1122111 ———————- Hussein with Wendy

>>1121949 ———————- Allison Mack tweet with a pic of Abramovic

>>1121353 rt >>1121283 — Canary palm tree, signal?

>>1121272 ———————- Mack is naming names

>>1117177 ———————- Canary palm tree

>>1116344 rt >>1116307 — TRUMP card coming

>>1116309 rt >>1116269 , >>1116276 — They fall for it every single time/How do you 'legally'

>>1116248 ———————- SR June JA

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467164 No.1167873



>>1133464, >>1134569

Al Gore



Huma+??(how many siblings does huma have?)


1. Map Huma's Family: Parents & Siblings

>>1142939 Huma's Sister, Heba, attempted to undermine RIGHTFUL outcome of Presidential Election

>>1143533 Follow the Money. Check out Dearborn, MI also


>>1143022, >>1143031


>>1143739 MB & OBAMA


>>1101878, >>1101894 Private Investigation Into Obama By Dr. Taitz

Obama Timeline


>>949587, >>949333, >>949547

>>1066725 POTUS Schedule vs Obama 'vacation'



: D/L Video, Data Mine & Build Profile (Eyes Only)''' >>1113402

>>1164303 Nancy Pelosi's Twatter Archive

>>1118046 NP 1997 NK Talk www.c-span.org/video/?91427-1/north-korea-hunger-problem

>>1114611 32 Page PDF on NP: Needs DIGGING

>>1114530 Intelligence Committee Senate Report on NP's NK visit

>>1114037 NK selling arms to Iran: CIA Reading Room sauce

>>1113439 Alexandra

>>1113436 Christine

>>1113406 , >>1113553 , >>1113534 Paul

>>1113414 Offspring: Profiles

>>1107156 Dig On Feinstein's Husband

>>1112484 Complete archive for the @TeamPelosi twatter, including images

>>1111792 NP's financial disclosures

>>1107270 NP's net worth

>>1108812 NP Family: A Who's Who

>>1109003 NP Family: An overview

>>1113725 , >>1114100 Pelosi in NK

>>1113283 , >>1113404 Did Pelosi giggle when asked a Q about NK's recent ICBM?

>>1115633 NP violated NPT and 1994 Agreed Framework

NP Video Links and Resources

>>1113394 Download the NP video using https:// video-download.co

>>1110963 Streamable download of Pelosi NK vid available

>>1113792 Download straight from anonfiles

>>1107614 Pelosi video expanded version

>>1114951 Bash script



video report: https:// twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/987765785400573953

>>1134056, >>1134177, >>1134803

467164 No.1167876



>>1167171 Planned Parenthood Spending $30 Million on Mid-term Elections

>>1167271 Trump's revenge: US crude oil floods European markets in blow to OPEC and Russia

>>1167282 Kim Jong-un visits survivors of bus crash that killed 32 Chinese tourists and expresses his 'bitter sorrow'

>>1167289, >>1167447 Mack is naming names. theory

>>1167311 Singapore PM reshuffles cabinet with succession question looming

>>1167343 Nxivm cult members held wild parties and seminars on Sir Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island, Necker.

>>1167573 Western Spy Agencies Build Cyber Magicians to manipulate online discourse, >>1167590

>>1167492 We The People, Call To Abolish The House Of Lords, >>1167487

>>1167602 Iran joins Russia-led free-trade zone

>>1167623 Initiative to split California into 3 states may be on November ballot

>>1167649 Clare Bronfman, Alisson Mack's Handler?

>>1167679 Bronfmans are connected with the Bushes and Clintons.

>>1167681 1nterview with Sacha Stone: London Tribunal on Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse

>>1167744 De Kalb Junction Getting Rammed By Ddos. Why?

>>1167763 Planting Trees, >>1167862

>>1167768 List Of Charges Allison Mack Includes Child Trafficking, >>1167145


>>1166509 All UN sites info pastebin

>>1166459 Houthi political chief Saleh al-Sammad killed in Saudi air raids

>>1166666 Zach from AJ Infowars?

>>1167004 Digging needed: who was this child

>>1167048 Don't lose focus on Big-Tech, Big-Tech is in the Nordic countries


>>1165496 Iranian spies 'used Red Crescent to enter war zones'

>>1165592, >>1165755 re: full disclosure

>>1165598, >>1165634 UN sites info dump

>>1165650 Red Cross cash vidya >>1165857 Part of Gaddafi's money?

>>1165664 Blind Item - The Church's New Investment

>>1165669 Wtf is happening with this timeline?!? First Kanye drops the red pill and now his wife joins in too???

>>1165679 The Red Cross and the Catholic Church have been collaborating with Nazis and Socialists for decades.

>>1166076 The science agenda to exterminate blacks

>>1166103 The voice of God is still proclaiming "I Am That I Am" Right Now

>>1166190 POTUS Schedule

>>1166230 Miami Herald Files Lawsuit for Sealed Jeffrey Epstein Records

>>1166234 Look who was busy during 2004. A bunch of swamp rats.

>>1166256 Ted Turner is a member of this Steering Committee.


>>1164897 Osama bin Laden Dec 21st Trump EO connection

>>1164931 Pepsi use of cells derived from aborted fetuses reminder

>>1165207 Pakistani Temporary Protected Status Act of 2011

>>1165215 Three Dog Night said it a long time ago.

>>1165331 CDAN –– The Church's Money

>>1165359, >>1165371, >>1165472 Corporations that give money indirectly to Planned Parenthood

>>1165424 Kanye West to Hot 97's Morning Host Ebro Darden: 'I Love Donald Trump'

>>1165442 Elder George Bush hospitalized with blood infection, responding to treatment

>>1165477 REVEALED: Sex cult leader Allison Mack is now seeking a plea deal


>>1164089 Awan brothers timeline

>>1164221, >>1164592 , >>1164700, >>1164737 The UN has a foundation

>>1164254 U.S. government knew Agha Khan of Pakistan

>>1164281 "Bigger than you can imagine." - Q#1123696

>>1164725 Tip on archiving


>>1163239, >>1163355, >>1163400 Torronto van attack thread

>>1163279 Pakistan obtained nukes from Saudi Arabia

>>1163468 Candance tweet re: BLM

>>1163652 Beatiful meme


>>1162483, >>1162723 Maggie Haberman father-n-law is Vartan Gregorian, Armenian born in Iran

>>1162522 Richard Branson ties to Allison Mack

>>1162564, >>1163106 Head of ICRC Detention Program Killed in Taiz

>>1162587 "Red Cross enjoys immunity from judicial process"

>>1162728 Follow the EO's after the pen pics

>>1162731, >>1162958 Sara & Edgar Bronfman Sr: Connections

>>1162755 Saudi Media Claims Houthis Are Holding 19 Oil Tankers Hostage Off Yemeni Coast

>>1162862 , >>1162986 , >>1162991 The External Auditors of the United Nations

>>1162951 109 Former Generals & Admirals letter opposing new CIA head

>>1163047 USAID - 44,650 results in Wikileaks.


>>1161851 Papa Bush hospitalized

>>1161879 Allison Mack charges

>>1161738 POTUS speech with edits related to Q.

>>1161798 Red Cross Chairman of the Board of Corporate Officers

>>1161816 How does the C_A fund non sanctioned ops?

>>1161921 NSA Israel related

>>1162259 Q post related

Best Of Bread >>311157

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467164 No.1167877

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467164 No.1167879

File: e629ad2f365b4cc⋯.png (82.19 KB, 405x296, 405:296, TODAY_i-will-bake.png)

https:// pastebin.com/mhG0rqEW

dough 1461

baker handing off bread

e3f139 No.1167933

File: 8770af424f5d419⋯.jpg (43.5 KB, 720x450, 8:5, herzel masonry.jpg)

So…. Q loves Israel it seems. That means I do too. I was mildly 'Jew Wise' before but now I'm ready to die for the Khazars of Israel. Even if it means fighting Iran 'next'. And the specific reason Israel hasn't been mentioned?


Because Israel is our greatest ally and goyim patriots vote for MORE AID TO ISRAEL.


Q over and OUT

c96cb4 No.1167942



directly involved


refused to bomb ALFRED P. MURRAH building in Oklahoma City in 1995, commissioned by the US govt


55a960 No.1167944

File: 3b14f6674fb4705⋯.png (142.54 KB, 876x1024, 219:256, greedy_soul_merchant.png)


882fc6 No.1167945

Q, is Earth flat?

15a58a No.1167946

File: a6ed01157c62a5b⋯.jpeg (97.23 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, trumpmacronsecret.jpeg)

File: 62e14b296324254⋯.png (121.82 KB, 864x552, 36:23, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

not cool….

what is up with this fucking picture of trump/macron

seems sketchy to me

like someone infiltrated

007972 No.1167947

File: 0968a3fd9777d13⋯.png (189.67 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-24-05-1….png)

Qanon 5 eyes post.

And I believe it's the Moab post too.

Dan Bongino lays it out,

The spying on Trump came from State department not FBI and Nunez laid it out.

Why Adam Shit is scared as hell.

Baker is should be notable big time.

https:// www.bongino.com/april-23-2018-ep-704-a-bombshell-interview-you-must-hear/

220b5e No.1167948


OK, you'll believe a book over ACTUAL EXPERIENCE? That's just bonkers.

95768f No.1167949

File: 74108d26f2d70f7⋯.png (764.19 KB, 696x445, 696:445, republic.PNG)

File: caceeede3f009ba⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, rememberthisday.png)

File: 4b82887c601eb39⋯.png (732.16 KB, 677x448, 677:448, constitution.PNG)

File: 4e052664dd3a3de⋯.png (620.63 KB, 596x447, 4:3, complete.PNG)

File: 948b85aae4d5292⋯.png (713.05 KB, 547x667, 547:667, ussteel.PNG)

0c7775 No.1167950

File: 364801fd3169d7e⋯.png (1.48 MB, 670x771, 670:771, Port of Long Beach_page_00….png)

File: e5eec33ba5b3cd2⋯.png (1.53 MB, 677x786, 677:786, Port of Long Beach_page_00….png)

Port of Long Beach connection to Podesta.

[Middle Harbor Project/Alex Cherin/Jake Sullivan/CH Tung/OOCL/LBCT/Hong Kong]

https:// wikileaks.org/ podesta-emails/emailid/7365



7014b1 No.1167951

File: bbb4ef0ef8b8e20⋯.png (579.19 KB, 1080x1074, 180:179, Screenshot_20180424-175703….png)

Projection. Perception management.

Repeat a lie thousand times and normies will believe.

369c12 No.1167952



Think you are missing the point of what Q said. PPH receives money from tax payer money. Then is caught selling fetal tissue, so obviously their main goal is to promote abortions to make more money. Supply and demand. If they promoted contraception, then they wouldn't make as much money from just the accidental pregnancies. Think of it like getting teenagers a free rock of crack, so that they become addicted.

404955 No.1167953

File: 366585946d011d0⋯.png (356.65 KB, 497x325, 497:325, universityofwisconsin.png)

http:// www.lifenews.com/2015/08/11/university-of-wisconsin-caught-buying-aborted-baby-body-parts-for-research/

Not sure if this still has significance today. I ran across this in my digging

55a960 No.1167954

File: 3587bc5cb95a392⋯.gif (124.63 KB, 320x403, 320:403, waterswig.gif)


>bad wig

735a3a No.1167955


Where's the photo's source, anon? I don't think I saw it last bread.

18b7a4 No.1167956


not at all

i just use the bible because most pro lifers have that as their reference for moral views

i use exegesis in bible analysis and find the truth and fiction and allegory there as it exists

read properly it has much to teach about human life

f65a29 No.1167957


Of course, but only because the whole universe is.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holographic_principle

fd8aa4 No.1167958


Main question, are they allowed to sell aborted tissues by law?

220b5e No.1167959


It does, though I would say my experience was more life affirming than even the Bible.

26a730 No.1167960

File: c3f001726c9213e⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 2336x3504, 2:3, IMG_0836.jpg)


Thanks baker.

15a58a No.1167961


yeah it was towards the end of the last bread

18b7a4 No.1167962


btw my actual experience tells me terminating a pregnancy - although unpleasant and fraught with some perils and abuses itself - is a normal and necessary part of human life

141316 No.1167963

File: a9911b29c9d0178⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1400x1600, 7:8, UBL.jpg)

https:// www.lrb.co.uk/v37/n10/seymour-m-hersh/the-killing-of-osama-bin-laden

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-33152315

http:// www.investmentwatchblog.com/how-did-the-awan-family-become-respected-and-trusted-washington-insiders-is-dc-the-zoo-it-seems-to-be/

https:// www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/8_4_2015_13_24.html

47a904 No.1167964

Divisionfags shit up the last bread with abortion. Division ensued.

Q's PP drop was NOT about abortion…it was about selling baby parts (felony), deep corruption in the organization, collusion with Dem operatives, and the siphoning of $billions from taxpayers.

Don't go down the abortion rabbit hole…might be highly relevant to you personally, but not relevant here.

369c12 No.1167965


Nope, conflict of interest. I couldn't even get my hip joints or shoulder joint when replaced because of bio waste laws.I wanted to make canes and walking stick out of them.

12767c No.1167966


lawless people dont care if its a law

ea6d69 No.1167967

>>1167004 1459

Multiple stories on how the child came to them..common is going to MI

http:// www.religionnewsblog.com/24872/tyke-3-raised-as-shady-gurus-son

Barbara Jeske, a high-ranking NXIVM student, Bouchey recalled, declared that the boy’s grandfather in Michigan gave up the boy after his daughter had died shortly after the child was born. Jeske and Keeffe traveled to the Ann Arbor, Mich., area to get the boy two days later and brought back the child to live with Jeske, Bouchey said. Yet, after about two months he was transferred from Jeske’s home in Clifton Park to Keeffe’s residence a short distance away but much closer to Raniere.

de8e03 No.1167968

File: 243a3707194fbfd⋯.jpg (94.85 KB, 750x483, 250:161, CutTaxes.jpg)


She is DELUSIONAL, and more and more people are seeing that with each new crackpot statement she makes.

d174cd No.1167969


I understand you frustration but the Masons are not a black hat group totally. They were infiltrated by the Jew and lots of their groups took a long time to wake up. Some Mason groups avoided being totally infiltrated. Some had to basically go underground or dark.

MI is basically Masonic. They are not friends of Israel. But with the situation that most religious right people are under the Israel is our friend spell it takes a very clever approach to take Israel down but to not panic the normies while it happens. Keep careful observations on this. Things are not what they seem on the surface.

735a3a No.1167970


Sure was. >>1167884

I'd say that's a morning hello from our friend Q.

220b5e No.1167971


If that's true, then we're not giving the process the proper respect. Sex is the power of life and needs to be engaged in appropriately.

c16a21 No.1167972

File: 50b8366945af95c⋯.jpg (36.57 KB, 728x424, 91:53, BEST FLAG.jpg)


On a Very Positive note, I'd like to apologize on behalf of everyone (including my self) here to any African American men and women we have collectively or individually offended, and especially to our service men and women. We truly respect and admire your Patriotism, it has always been under appreciated! Much regrets. We Love You All!

Thank Each and Every Single 1 of You, GOD BLESS YOU & GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

7014b1 No.1167973

File: da260c274707597⋯.jpg (17.6 KB, 271x186, 271:186, IMG_20180424_180235.jpg)

Think similarity between HRC & Hussein.

18b7a4 No.1167974


selling fetal tissue is illegal under federal law but legal under most state laws

fed law permits states to decide but says they are not to PROFIT from such sales

this is the matter raised in the Q post - pro lifers claim profit is in the chain not just reimbursement

its an accounting issue really - PP follows GAAP which Congress knows and should change of they dont like it

taxpayer funding of abortion has been illegal since the 90's

369c12 No.1167975


Vets don't get offended, we get even. haha

9f143b No.1167976

File: 18df5099b10556c⋯.jpg (78.76 KB, 642x500, 321:250, 18df5099b10556c1b8c65d7831….jpg)

File: d5281d310a056f3⋯.jpg (100.34 KB, 636x499, 636:499, Concernfag 11.jpg)

File: d554a2aeef987e5⋯.jpg (80.48 KB, 852x480, 71:40, ConcernFag 2.jpg)

File: 707a738480cbdc1⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 665x373, 665:373, ConcernFag5.jpg)


At end of Q's post, he said coming soon,,

Not jump on a bandwagon right this second, to start trying to red pill people about Abortion and PP.

Coming soon, means stuff will be coming out more and more about it.

Then we will have the sauce/ proof, in order to wake people up about this whole situation.

The truth will see the light.

Stop concernFagging.



Stop worrying about it,, COMING SOON,, NOT NOW

Q was just sharing those links, so we are kept up to date, on that issue/part of the Storm.

2cc519 No.1167977


Arkansas huh? Not suprised.

AND GOOD LORD, nobody needs Fentanyl to exist. It doesn't do anything theraputic that morphine doesn't do, except that it's potent enough to be used as a weapon. SCHEDULE 1 NOW.

7014b1 No.1167978


End of the days makes one delusional.

369c12 No.1167979


so is founding terrorism, there are ways around all.Not morally right, but happens

b4daa3 No.1167980


I've heard hours and hours of his interviews. They are educational about the process of C _ A

and deep state running drugs and money to fund unauthorized black op. He also goes deep into clinton crimes.

60e4f5 No.1167981

Google Tech Can Pick Voices Out Of A Crowd https:// www.teaparty.org/google-tech-can-pick-voices-crowd-301448/

404955 No.1167982

NIH Revitalization Act of 1993

https:// www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/103/s1

60e4f5 No.1167983

File: 47b9e79b206926f⋯.jpg (214.76 KB, 560x365, 112:73, AA.jpg)

Iran Dumps The US Dollar: ‘The Dollar Has No Place In Our Transactions Today http:// www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/iran-dumps-the-us-dollar-the-dollar-has-no-place-in-our-transactions-today_04232018

df67d0 No.1167984

File: 739c2a8b195d387⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 750x632, 375:316, 739c2a8b195d3878e0678c272c….jpg)

File: 81c119e6f3de110⋯.png (414.67 KB, 750x498, 125:83, p276.png)

File: 8d4b30d84330d62⋯.jpg (181.71 KB, 1200x945, 80:63, DXFGe5UVAAAnIa6.jpg)

File: eb2f96b358da1bd⋯.png (52.44 KB, 500x303, 500:303, we-have-good-news-and-bad-….png)

18b7a4 No.1167985


PP absolutely promotes contraception

and many other womens health issues

that is why POTUS supports PP even though he is pro life

he stated this many times - no tax money for abortions period

PP is not evil folks - yes $$ is fungible that is not an anti PP argument

if you feel abortion is evil god bless you fine - many people do not and that is where it stands

very divisive which is why it has no business here

9d7c8e No.1167986


I tend to agree. Some are absolute tools. Stranglehold on some small towns and large too. Some lodges are legit, lots of ex mil, people who just seem to do good. I think Trump has Scottish Rite ties or is a member too. Personally I'd never join, never been much of a "joiner" or one who wants things dictated to me. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ the best I can, he's my boss.

404955 No.1167987


Well said.

dd066d No.1167989

File: 0148fe8636f346f⋯.gif (168.23 KB, 1164x820, 291:205, How to be one of the Light.gif)

dd066d No.1167990

File: 0148fe8636f346f⋯.gif (168.23 KB, 1164x820, 291:205, How to be one of the Light.gif)

60e4f5 No.1167991

CBS Shamelessly Runs Program on the Inevitable Assassination of Trump https:// www.westernjournal.com/ct/cbs-program-assassination-trump/

fd8aa4 No.1167992


Here is some legal view on it

http:// thefederalist.com/2015/07/15/planned-parenthoods-still-legally-free-to-traffic-baby-body-parts/

cc4287 No.1167993


I totally disagree with the assertion FBI had nothing to do with the spying on Potus. They were up to their eyeballs in it. The facts have already been out there for a year now.

c96cb4 No.1167994

Clive Davis


18b7a4 No.1167995


yes and ALL legal abuses should be stopped and prosecuted to the full extent of the law

congress just makes noise

7dfa47 No.1167996



I saw it last bread. Was thinking Scavino was in here posting.

15a58a No.1167997

File: d969f0161d51671⋯.jpg (239.27 KB, 1280x837, 1280:837, artquotesweet.jpg)


end the abortion talk

at minimum EVERYONE should be against abortion after the fetus is viable…..(20 weeks)

currently you can have abortions legally after 20 weeks

it is blatantly sanctioned legal murder…. and to pretend otherwise is fucking abhorrent.

if you have been tricked into supporting the murder of the unborn…. then you need to wake the fuck up.

Why is abortion the most powerful form of ritual sacrifice? Because it entails the most defenseless victims conceivable (the unborn) being murdered by the very persons most duty-bound to love and protect them from harm – their own mothers, and medical doctors who've sworn oaths to their gods to do no harm.

These ritual murders which society misnames abortions are, furthermore, carried out in a nonchalant and routinized fashion almost exclusively to facilitate hedonistic apathy, laziness, and convenience; symbolically placing ten seconds of sexual pleasure above the value of a humans lifetime worth of living, breathing consciousness.


d298fa No.1167998

File: c60167feb971c8c⋯.png (11.92 KB, 340x270, 34:27, SilverSpoonSbend4US.png)


>Red pilling zombies & robots is easier when the sugar comes on silver spoons.

Well said anon.

Silver makes the bitter medicine taste sweet.

>Get ready for the fold!

there is no Silver Spoon?

e82fce No.1167999

File: 621db9b6a8d7891⋯.jpg (179.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1905daad8a3696b62b6549e29f….jpg)

File: 064da58fd981bcc⋯.jpeg (50.26 KB, 424x689, 8:13, 02915aeed4840072214a7ea2b….jpeg)

File: fcc3e0c1e997223⋯.jpg (38.15 KB, 500x295, 100:59, fcc3e0c1e997223c95392789ad….jpg)

2d684e No.1168000


more importantly is that SS looks into the location to check for bugs. Hope Q has eyes on this shit. can we get some confirmation, or should we phone a friend?

0ee88c No.1168001

File: 35dc43d20ae2519⋯.png (422.59 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424-083830.png)

File: 9772d1d6e6a81ba⋯.png (885.83 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180424-083744.png)


Pics related.

Alek Minassian Canada Van Attacker. Minassian is an Armenian name.


a35485 No.1168002

File: f42defaf05f2dee⋯.jpg (99.83 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1.jpg)

afe461 No.1168003


>Grand Cyclops


They actually use that as a title. KEK

f15ba4 No.1168004

File: bc9797498cce9e3⋯.jpeg (160.65 KB, 740x634, 370:317, MacronTwatter.jpeg)




Not necessarily. You can find it on Emmanuel Macron's twatter: https:// twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron/status/988715689409212416

0b025f No.1168005

File: f05b8e5f6adcfdc⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1915x932, 1915:932, circle.PNG)

File: e4b097fc35c167a⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1918x927, 1918:927, circlesagain.PNG)

File: 5875f99a9ed2836⋯.jpg (18.25 KB, 255x255, 1:1, memeflight.jpg)




Why are most other planes avoiding the area?


18b7a4 No.1168006


see the language "traffic baby parts"


the analysis is correct - these sales were approved by Congress in the very report Q posted it says so

so WTF is Q posting it for?

369c12 No.1168007


now get back to digging

ea6d69 No.1168008


https:// www.xervant.com/contact

https:// www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5jpfcu/lots_of_smtp_attacks_on_xervant_security_company/

Possible relation to the Ddos issues

e9db12 No.1168009


Why do they keep tissues in buckets refrigerated?

c96cb4 No.1168010


EVIL Manager

Whitney Houston

found dead 2 days before Valentine.

Face down with cold body in a bath tub.

One day before she died, her daughter was found unconscious in the exact same bath tub.

On the day of her death, APPLE and Sony Music doubled the prices of her songs.

Makes me think of…

f2df6b No.1168011


Maybe the point is HOW it became legal?

49eb9a No.1168012

Good Morning Anons.

Just popped in to wish you all a great day and to thank you all for your continued efforts.

It personally has helped me in ways I cannot describe.

May God continue to Bless you all.

404955 No.1168013

No, it's not about abortions. It's about selling body parts. Re read the articles Q posted last night. NIH 1993. Thank God for Grassley

c96cb4 No.1168014


Thank you patriot!

We will do amazing things today.

God bless

5eeeb4 No.1168015

I just noticed that all of the pastebins for Q posts seem to be missing the last few.

06fa68 No.1168016


POTUS and Macron through the keyhole

18b7a4 No.1168017


>end the abortion talk

>at minimum EVERYONE should be against abortion after the fetus is viable…..(20 weeks)

i am pro choice and i am fine with this

100% fine except if the mothers life is TRULY in danger - many times this is just an excuse and this should be stopped

i wish the whole issue would go away just like you so why did Q post this crap?

pro life tries to stop it altogether

gun control tries to stop it altogether

both divisive both wrong

34586d No.1168018

File: 6119c68e0a3c83e⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2392, 180:299, tmp_9618-Capture _2018-04-….png)

File: 2512cda278c1056⋯.png (639.03 KB, 1440x2392, 180:299, tmp_9618-Capture _2018-04-….png)

Notable about Red Cross Middle Eastern equivalent : RED CRESCENT PROTECTED BY NATO

Notable also is the Carla Ortiz documentary/interview on syria

https:// www.dailysabah.com/turkey/2017/04/11/red-crescent-trains-white-helmets-against-chemical-threats

95768f No.1168019


It is in AWACS, airborne radar.Standard Flight Pattern.

Ironically I am wearing a NATO AWACS squadron shirt ATM. no joke. lolz

47a904 No.1168020


You are incorrect. That is flawed thinking. PP may do some positive things, but that doesn't absolve the organization from the deep evil they are propagating. They are aggressively sanitizing and promoting abortion, then selling the baby parts to the highest bidder. This is evil regardless of how many pap smears they do. This is evil regardless of your personal stance on life vs choice.

I'm sure you could find something positive the CF did too…doesn't outweigh the real intent of the CF by any stretch.

ae3849 No.1168021

File: bf76075235e10c4⋯.png (723.72 KB, 844x426, 422:213, maxipads.PNG)


What's underneath the wig explains a lot

12767c No.1168022


2d684e No.1168023


He is SO insignificant that jack didnt give him a check mark?

15a58a No.1168024

File: 598e57df9c5339e⋯.jpg (201.2 KB, 663x1024, 663:1024, plannedparenthoooood.jpg)

fd8aa4 No.1168025


Honestly, idk. I am as puzzked as you are. Make it illegal through congress. Sort out issues based on science. Separate early abortions from late, when baby has to be taken out by parts. Make birth control cheaper and morning after available over the counter in every state, like it is in europe. Solve the problem when people meet in the middle

c96cb4 No.1168026


DENMARK just confirmed Ou Bama will be meeting the MP soon. Hm

35912a No.1168027


>why did Q post this crap?


Please everyone

Leave your personal feelings about abortion aside

This issue is about


18b7a4 No.1168028


because pro lifers tried to make it illegal and scotus has to step in

the pro life pols should have MYOB and this would never have divided us

e3f139 No.1168029

File: b8858eee52e93c6⋯.jpg (32.99 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ann lewis president role s….jpg)


I want to agree with you on this. I agree there's a real diversity within the masons and that it is deeply complicated. However I thought the video, with a star of David and the demonization of Hitler was unnecessary. It was a slight narrative shift which perturbed me and I'm not above suspecting that Mossad have 'appeasers' manning this board to reply to posters like myself.

The only possibility that seems hopeful is that ZOG is being very carefully D and C'd by white hats.

As long as these threads keep up a healthy scepticism and remain Jew wise I can't complain too much. But what I fear is a new move by ZOG, sensing things are slipping -judo style - they reposition as patriots and come out at the top of the heap, quietly pushing their demographic war for our destruction whilst waving the respective flags of the host nations they're hollowing out.

Any solution which doesn't reveal the full truth of what they've done will be a sell out. And any solution which does reveal what they've done will result in a bloody revenge of biblical proportions, particularly because almost none of them speak up in defiance of their plan.

Remember anons. Even Roseanne calls us GOYS and talks of 'GOYSPLAINING'. Coincidence she was the first celeb to push Q? Time will tell.

55aa7c No.1168030

File: 9e5578a719e80c4⋯.jpeg (35.42 KB, 528x352, 3:2, 07_wrongferrari1.w529.h35….jpeg)

File: d38b0e59c6a5d35⋯.jpg (57.21 KB, 700x420, 5:3, 3598.jpg)



Song is Bunnyranch from Adam Green.


Bind me, gag me take me to the bunnyranch.

People dying kill me in the packing house.

Even you have to win sometimes dear.

Poison needle smoker,

Break a broken window mind you.

One kiss, two kiss I can make it look like that.

Do me dolly, rape me in the parking lot.

Even you have to win sometimes dear.

Poison needle smoker, break a broken window mind you.

Bind me, gag me take me to the bunnyranch.

Bind me gag me take me to the bunnyranch.

Those are the only songs from friends of mine that I have heard so far,

Considering I don't live in the UK.

I hope these lyrics helped you some

About Adam Green:

Although Green was brought up in a secular Jewish home, his grandparents were very religious. His great-grandmother, Felice Bauer, was engaged to Franz Kafka; her family fled the Nazis in the late 1930s and relocated to New York.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Green_(musician)#Personal_life

Adam Green's great-grandmother was a Bauer. Rothschilds real name was Bauer.

It's all in the family...

People like Green are born into it, calling themselves 'artists'. They're not. Just a bunch of spoiled nitwits, who don't have to work, have nothing better to do than make up disgusting, weird, sick stuff to screw with the minds of innocent children and the gullible idiots, who think it's cool. Please end this bs. These people are really sick.

64d5a8 No.1168031

File: c6d3e2f89886405⋯.jpeg (163.03 KB, 1440x1441, 1440:1441, 1523659050.jpeg)

f3caaa No.1168032


It has always made me wonder how entertainment industry people could get away with so much, now we know it's because they were allowed to by factions in our government

18b7a4 No.1168033


congress approved these sales

it is in the report

read it

at least the summary where this is clearly stated

95768f No.1168034




Nice Dig, Hope this Idjet gets outed soon.

b26176 No.1168035


Horrific, and will turn almost everyone away from the message.

How about a meme that shows a CENSORED box with blood dripping behind it and the words:


18b7a4 No.1168036


congress approved the current system for a good reason

read the report and see

if there are abuses they should be stopped

that is all the report said

did not say make it illegal

f15ba4 No.1168037


Believe me, as an EUanon, he is not insignificant. He scares me. I can see the same BHO fake charm in action here. I hope he will be stopped by POTUS before the EU is transformed into communist hell on earth

2d684e No.1168038


people are so desensitized, a large portion of the gen pop would not even care about this. sad to say. they would just tie it in with some feminism pro girl BS, I say repeal the 19th and reinstate the rule of thumb.

a35485 No.1168039


Welcome to the chans

60e4f5 No.1168040

File: 5f9eac14cd08eb4⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 581x762, 581:762, AA.jpg)


https:// www.lightonconspiracies.com/cody/

5ac2de No.1168041


William Morgan was planning to reveal the darker side of masonry that had invaded the new england lodges and was kidnapped and killed by a group of masons. John Quincy Adams, who was a former mason, learned of this and half of all masons in new england followed his lead and started an anti mason movement. specifically aimed at the darker aspects that were spreading amongst the lodges. It turns out Thomas Jefferson may have been aligned with the darker side because he was a very big defender of Adam Washaupt and subscribed to the one world govt idea, which i actually do not totally disagree with in the future of humanity wayyy down the line, when WE decide to do it, i'm more in line with Manly P Hall on that idea, but when you're doing it by force and destruction and corruption and deceit, thats where things turn a little evil. God speed

fd8aa4 No.1168042


If someone has cancer and uterus removed they would not want to see the results either

0b025f No.1168043


Thanks for the info!


f2df6b No.1168044


I thimk the biggest issue with most pro lifers is being forced to pay for it

Is that not the issue always?

Why the fuck should I have to pay for someone elses fuck up?

If someone shoots up a school why should I lose my rights?

If some one gets knocked up why should I pay for their abortion?

Why should I pay anything for anyone else?

2d684e No.1168045


EU is shit anyway right?

why place the burden on him, why not just back brexit and push like hell?

just curious.

1045d5 No.1168046


>>1167191 (You)

>>1167193 (You)

>>1167199 (You)

>>1167204 (You)

>Thank you so much for sharing… wish you all the best, take good care.

>It wasn't easy but you are still alive, so you probably made the right choice, back then…

>Thanks again, Godspeed

Thank you very much for you kind words and consideration, anon, and for taking the time to respond. It is much appreciated.

8a8cbf No.1168047

QAnon: Patriots Have No Skin Color

A Full Analysis by @IWillRedPillU

http:// thegoldwater.com/news/24041-QAnon-Patriots-Have-No-Skin-Color

https:// twitter.com/TheGoldWaterUS/stats /988760992749408256?s=19

60e4f5 No.1168048

WHISTLEBLOWER ROBERT “CODY” SNODGRES REPORTEDLY IN SERIOUS CAR ACCIDENT FOLLOWING LIVE APPEARANCE https:// www.hagmannreport.com/featured-content/whistleblower-robert-cody-snodgres-reportedly-in-serious-car-accident-following-live-appearance/

60e4f5 No.1168049

Update - Cody Snodgres, CIA Asset & Whistlerblower Released

From Hospital After Serious Car Crash - Now Home Resting -

Brief Recording Of Cody Describing Accident In This Story http:// rense.com/general96/cody.html

d174cd No.1168050


Yes you must keep your wits about you. I have been fearful the whole time that Trump was going to be a limited hangout. That his mission was to spin us away from the Jew. I dont think so now….but we must be very very careful. I was worried in the beginning that this was just two different parts of the Illuminati having a turf war. Still could turn out to be that. But less so every day.

60e4f5 No.1168051


CodySnodgres Pence is Deep State Rothschilds Flip

Christina Pansy



Breaking New Developments in "The Storm" - With Tracy Beanz

Quite Frankly

Recommended for you



The spiraling rabbit hole of the Seth Rich Murder - With George Webb

John B. Wells The ONLY Official CTM Channel



Kim Clement Prophecy - Update On Syria, US, France & UK

Donné Clement Petruska

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Billy Graham - The Cross - Boston MA

Our Only Hope

Recommended for you

Trump Jumps in Bed with CIA, Pedophilia Crackdown - Robert David Steele

Sarah Westall


Mark Taylor Prophecy 2018 - "President Trump Taking on New Sanctions"- Mark Taylor 2018 Update

Listeng to Jesus

Recommended for you


Update From Cody Snodgres Followed by Andrew Drapper & Mark Olshaker

The Official Hagmann Report


#CANARY Q: NXIVM SONGBIRD Al_son Mack, A Sch_ff, Ob_ma, "Wendy" Wass_rman Sch_ltz

You Are Free TV

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Attorney John Haller - The Truth About Those Sealed Indictments on The Hagmann Report

The Official Hagmann Report


Abel Danger's Field McConnell on Las Vegas, Paddock, Pedogate, 911 and JFK

Jason Goodman


Tracy Beanz - 04/16/2018 - Tracys Special Insight into OIG Report

The Official Hagmann Report



Are you Brave Enough? Introducing Gabriel Harber

Tracy Beanz

Recommended for you

Russ Disdar - 04/16/2018 - The Rise of Super Soldiers

The Official Hagmann Report



Could the CIA be sabotaging the Trump cabinet? - Episode #692 with Kevin Shipp

John B. Wells The ONLY Official CTM Channel


Cody Snodgres - First Public Interview After His Accident on The Hagmann Report https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWv2x8iVZYQ

1bfce2 No.1168052

Just seen this on twatter …

Alison Mack's criminal case .. Sorry for bad pic best I found. Sex Trafficking of CHILDREN or by force, fraud or coercion …

Case number is 1:18-cr-00204-NGG-2 there is a pdf link out there but that doesn't work.

c96cb4 No.1168053




We could achieve that he would be unable to enter the EU.

This would cost thousands of Euros and a brave heart to order the sue. GoFundMe -> ban obama from EU?

CIA Chief is currently aswell forbidden to enter EU because of torture

18b7a4 No.1168054


the report does not say there is illegal trafficking as such

it only says PP subsidiaries made a profit on it which is an accounting issue and illegal if proven - technical really the sales are legal

i am certain PP follows GAAP

if they cheated then fuck them but in most peoples minds this is about abortion per se

d298fa No.1168055


Baker, if you're having connection issues, can help compile Notables if you need.

send word if so. thx. for keepin the oven warm.

1bfce2 No.1168056

File: 84411589fa2f296⋯.png (155.37 KB, 752x496, 47:31, ClipboardImage.png)


fuck it …. pic

5086b3 No.1168057


can't help but wonder how this might relate to stem cells and pharma…

147592 No.1168058

"Mornings with Maria" on Fox just played "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right.."

We see you Q

007972 No.1168059


It was FBI management agreed I misstatements, Dan covered that.

Just listen

18b7a4 No.1168060

File: 53bda28c5864972⋯.jpg (15.11 KB, 255x255, 1:1, globalist santa ball.jpg)

File: fb7ddac739af672⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 294x171, 98:57, images (3).jpg)

Thank you CLOWNS for providing this learning opportunity!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Won’t that be fun.

First the original Q who turned out to have a Moby Dick White Whale, his dream of a Patriarchal society with the Catholic’s in charge.

This is NOT the plan

He posted a negative PP article and the anons worked this over for quite a while.

This is one of the Favorite Divisive issues CREATED by the Cabal to DIVIDE We The People.

The anons spoke, as they always do. This is a piranha pond here on the board and you better be able to make your case. Truth and righteousness has so far prevailed on this board, keep it up anons.

This original Q gets kicked out of the car, for white whale, hubris etc.

New Q, things smoothly transition, everything going great.

PP is such a Divisive issue Trump team wants to test the anon pond to see what we think of pro choice, are tentatively optimistic we have put this behind us.

Holding their breath the Team floats out the ruth ginsburg supreme court confirmation hearing. Right off she goes on and on about pro choice. She has to be one of the most wretched creatures to ever walk the planet and the anons know this

And how do the anons respond. Hooray! They have a few sensible comments about funding, and remain firmly Pro Choice.

Now how happy do you think this made the Cabal?

Moving along to yesterday Q posts the following



APART, we are weak.



Ok that’s it, uniting with the black pop too! The Cabal is now going WILD. ALL CONTROL they ever had and ever hope to have is slipping, slipping, away, away.

Quick send out the Clowns for a major attack on the qresearch board.

Hurry, hurry Clowns hack the Q post and do a string of FAKE PP rants.



60e4f5 No.1168061

Cody Snodgres & Ole Dammegard: CIA did 1995 OKLA City bombing to destroy (a) 400,000 Agent-Orange medical files & (b) Evidence of Bill/Hillary Clinton CIA-Arkansas drug smuggling https:// newsinsideout.com/2017/12/cody-snodgres-ole-dammegard-cia-1995-okla-city-bombing-destroy-400000-agent-orange-medical-files-b-evidence-bill-hillary-clinton-cia-arkansas-drug-smuggling/

f15ba4 No.1168062


Because I' a Frenchanon ;-) Brexit is a good first step (if it ever happens), and I support it fully, but the French are not there yet. Too many still believe the Deep State message which is that out of the EU we are insignificant

5ac2de No.1168063


You're a warrior for the truth and the light brother. keep on fighting on. we are with you !


18b7a4 No.1168064


tax $$ has not been used for abortions since the 90's

pro lifers say because $$ is fungible in effect it is

not really valid since large orgs that perform many functions all have this issue

1b4afd No.1168065



60e4f5 No.1168066

Black OPS Contractor Confessions: Cody Snodgres EXPOSING CORRUPTION after 22 yrs silence http:// www.theeventchronicle.com/intel/black-ops-contractor-confessions-cody-snodgres-exposing-corruption-22-yrs-silence/#

dd066d No.1168067


Same thing happened to this whistleblower few months ago:

https:// divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/1224-emery-smith/

His story is a bit too 40k for most anons.

2d684e No.1168068


I doubt if it would gain any steam. do you know how many countries tryed to charge Bushes as war criminals and they were allowed to age like a fine wine, hiding behind weapons payed for by drugs oil and crime?

cc4287 No.1168069


I think it should be spread. It's horrific and normies need to know that. We can't let PP get away with making abortion into a great choice. Sometimes you need the shock value to get your point across.

f2df6b No.1168070


Simple soloution…

You provide abortions you get no tax dollars period

End of story end of argument

621f6c No.1168071


Gives black people a bad name

114799 No.1168072

File: c5c9a5db1a254c4⋯.jpg (55.68 KB, 640x448, 10:7, Macron017.jpg)


17 seconds

https:// twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron/status/988735389182648320

524acc No.1168073


hesitant to point this out, but THIS was in EU news Bigly early this month. weirdest FUCKING story ever.

It doesn't make any sense to me. "official narrative" claims that due to "some glitch" in foreign electricity network" all clocks lost 5 minuts or something. and some time later, it was magically fixed. People who already put the clocks on corrected time, had to redo it, after the situation was "fixed".

I thought this to be STUPID april fools day joke, but found to my horror that mt $$$$ studio programs, that have their own internal clocks (long story) had all sorts of weird hickups and had to be reset in lots of ways. they had lost a lot of their memories etc.

Aint shitting you: WEIRD FUCKING SHIT was happening in EU this month. you tell me: TIME fuckery? Newspaper story Legit??


https:// phys.org/news/2018-04-european-grid-lag-clocks.html

369c12 No.1168074


She gives humans a bad name

b26176 No.1168075


Abortion stops a process best not started. In the worst possible way. But its not about choice. Its Satan Ideology with a money making aspect. Its emotionally fulfilling for the abortion industry and that is a cover for the Satan worshiping aspect.

Say satan worship, and people look at you like you are crazy. Say these people are mentally ill, without mentioning Satan or Moloch or whatever, and its OK, people will listen and agree. LANGUAGE MATTERS.

Talk up contraception and sexual restraint and not abortion. Say it harms the mother physically and psychologically and suggest that there are better alternatives than abortion.

Laws are not moral. Laws that enforce morality, in fact do not, they actually make things worst, and result in rebellion and chaos. People must choose to be moral, and given leadership and education, they will. Given harsh laws, Satan's followers will be around to take advantage…which is how we got here!

60e4f5 No.1168076

Cody Snodgres – Operation Indigo Skyfall http:// thephaser.com/2018/03/cody-snodgres-operation-indigo-skyfall/ https:// youtu.be/jPsJLSX8s6E

9d7c8e No.1168077


Yup, as I posted in prior bread, the judge is an activist Clinton appointee, who destroyed NYC fire dept. the Lawfirm she has is BIG TIME high $$$$. I'm curious where the money trail will lead as in who got her that kind of representation and how that particular judge was appointed to the case. it smells funny.

18b7a4 No.1168078


amazing how congress never seems to find a common sense solution to anything yet we the people can figure it out every time


cc4287 No.1168079


The "Law" states taxpayer dollars are not to be used for abortions, but I can guarantee you they are. It's also a slush fund with crooked accounting practices.

369c12 No.1168080


I would dig on what would happen if computers lost 5 minutes. Thinking deletion of files maybe?

f15ba4 No.1168081


Waste of time I fear. I do not trust any EU institution, let alone the EU supreme court.

The EU will need to fall first for anything good to happen on an awakening level.

fd8aa4 No.1168082


My goodness no contraception is 100% working, check the stats

0e5523 No.1168083

File: 6c2594c6eb5dbb4⋯.png (56.69 KB, 1030x190, 103:19, gd64h.png)

cc4287 No.1168084


Yeah, it's called lobbyist and they should be banned in DC.

15a58a No.1168085

File: b48a3b982373d59⋯.png (173.58 KB, 697x554, 697:554, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


not a new thing

f2df6b No.1168086


Its easy when you arent trying to skim a few bucks off the top or pay outs from a lobbyist

b26176 No.1168087






They will flinch, and look away and go elsewhere, disliking you for sticking that in their face.

9ef517 No.1168088


It is about abortion. That's how they get the body parts to begin with. POTUS is pro life. Against abortion. The baby killers should GTFO. This is light vs darkness, and you either repent or leave. Help Trump win or go back to being a death zombie.

c3bd2c No.1168089


http:// freebeacon.com/national-security/carter-center-sued-providing-support-terrorists-defrauding-taxpayers/?utm_source=Freedom+Mail&utm_campaign=c8f1aaf319-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_04_23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b5e6e0e9ea-c8f1aaf319-46232593

f15ba4 No.1168090


I expected Brexit to create a domino effect in the EU, but it didn't happen. MSM put a perfect spin on it (racist Brits, etc.) so that there are even more reasons now for people to believe EU must integrate faster now.

I despair

18b7a4 No.1168091


perhaps cabal leaders look at it this way but most of the women who ask for the procedure do not

they feel terrible about it

the facts that the med industry scoops up the parts for research should surprise no one

there is a lot of evil in that institution

15a58a No.1168092

File: c7c788a4f93d850⋯.png (78.19 KB, 1098x146, 549:73, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

735a3a No.1168093


Ah. So maybe it's from Macron's security detail.

34586d No.1168094



Red crescent is in al nusra area

a35485 No.1168095


Absolutely this

18b7a4 No.1168096


welcome to the wonderful world of GAAP

sucks i know

15a58a No.1168097

File: c7c788a4f93d850⋯.png (78.19 KB, 1098x146, 549:73, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: bf9eac5e053db0f⋯.png (64.09 KB, 1099x125, 1099:125, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

a35485 No.1168098

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1b4afd No.1168099


Thank you, you got it right!

3945eb No.1168100


Net paused /hammer on the clock ????

Fake pic push by MSM.

Videos / backup.

Google kill.

YouTube kill.

FB kill.

Twitter kill.

Yahoo kill.

Bing kill.

Instagram kill.

Net will be paused.


On the clock.


278a61 No.1168101


That is a lie.

Abortion is not only publicly funded, in some cases, it is double or even triple funded with tax dollars.

A. Women’s health clinics providing abortion services receive federal funding

B. Women’s health clinics receive state funding

C. Medicaid pays for abortion procedure

D. Organizations donating to women’s clinics receive federal funding

E. Publicly funded universities and research facilities buy fetal tissue from clinics

Frankly, in many cases, I am pro choice and am even supportive of public medical services to pay for abortion…once.

I am not in support of paying for a $600 procedure, 3 times.

Nor am I in support of the bullshit LIE that tax dollars are NOT used.

They are.

524acc No.1168102



Well, "common" or not… FUCKING WEIRD.

I mean WTH? frequency change in powergrid causes TIME to change??

Hello? did I just took a left turn into the fucking twilight zone? what the fucking hell?

I've never hear of this kinda shit before, like 30 years ago?? or EVER?? someone fucking with time?? Psycics anons who can explain this 1 away to me, I'm all ears.

2d684e No.1168103


yep, I ran across a couple of Ladies eating lunch at a nice restaurant here in usa a couple weeks back, and I had the opportunity to inquire about there views on politics in your country.

I would describe them as Libturd lefties all they wanted to talk about was how brexit is screwing up there precious country.

7efeb5 No.1168104


Only idiots have to type (You)

cc4287 No.1168105


I've heard Dan many times. His fame fagging gets on my nerves. Besides, we have better intel here on 8ch, lol.

0c7a3a No.1168106

Imagine if Trump announces he has got Osama Bin Laden… alive… then shows him on TV.

735a3a No.1168107


>https:// twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron/status/988715689409212416

Timestamp appears (I say appears cause I mess shit like that up all the time) 4am EDT.

Also, there's a blue checkmark if you go to the tweet.

194118 No.1168108


Because normies don't know about the trafficking and use in food/medical products.

404955 No.1168109

Allison Mack's attorney represents this guy too

https:// m.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Former-Congressman-Steve-Stockman-ran-massive-12767743.php

867180 No.1168110

Inspiration for our work:

Of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance, what Buddha called 'the greatest evil in the world.' The friction which results from ignorance can be reduced only by the spread of knowledge and the unification of the heterogeneous elements of humanity. No effort could be better spent. ~Nikola Tesla

2d684e No.1168111


and it turns our to be BHO after some plastic surgery, the doctor came forward and blew the whistle, clowns were behind the whole thing.

18b7a4 No.1168112


you are right - medicaid is the biggest laundry loophole - feds pay states and states pay for abortions with that money

congress lies all the time

congress could stop it

you think they dont know this?

house cleaning needed

c03987 No.1168113

File: 46f1f7da5f5e685⋯.jpg (439.45 KB, 728x727, 728:727, WHIA.jpg)

1966b6 No.1168114


Any MOAB's?

Any arrests?


15a58a No.1168115

File: 1d36792ee754501⋯.png (67.62 KB, 693x142, 693:142, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

trump is live

a35485 No.1168116


Yeah your mother has a penis

c03987 No.1168117

File: 1d4bb05bd023542⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 641x530, 641:530, 1d4bb05bd023542875fb5896e0….jpg)

cc4287 No.1168118


Not everyone will flinch away. Why do you think people rubber neck at accidents or go to blood & guts horror movies.

I look at it this way. If it stops even one baby from being aborted, it was a success.

5eeeb4 No.1168119


When do rats swim?

5e9d1c No.1168120


Yep. Waiting for Macron to arrive.

1966b6 No.1168121


I meant anything new

597145 No.1168122

File: 39bb4978d6677fa⋯.png (33.75 KB, 1011x465, 337:155, Covfefe.png)

Thank you God for this life and chance at salvation, that we may witness these terrible times if fruition.

Thank you Bakers for this bread, and Anons for your labors.

Anons, I believe DJT has been anointed a shepherd.

Covfefe, really? it's yiddish? pic related

So he was Talking to (((Them))) and it really is 4D Chess, it's understandable that libtards don't believe it.

I find the second paragraph most intriguing.

For those who are interested, the idea of "covfefe" comes from an old Yiddish tale about a foolish Sephardi rabbi who believed he was called to find and destroy the mythical and rare butterfly known as Benshariza, or "Lucifer butterfly"—a name that comes from "Helel ben Shahar," meaning "shining star" (see Isaiah 14:12; also see Ephesians 2:2, where Satan is called the "prince of the power of the air"). The rabbi claimed that the Benshariza was recognizable by a unique and disturbing pattern on its huge wings, which looked like the moon and star symbol of the god Ba'al-Hadad. He was convinced that this ominous creature housed "the spirit of Satan" and that if he could destroy it, he would free the world of evil.

Seriously. You . Can't . Make . This . Stuff . Up

369c12 No.1168123


I'm not smart on this subject. I know there are some physicsfags on here that can help

5eeeb4 No.1168124


https:// ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/trumps-revenge-u-oil-floods-europe-hurting-opec-125151628–finance.html

258044 No.1168125


PP does nothing at all for women's health issues. Not one PP location treats Endometriosis patients or breast cancer patients or cervical cancer patients or ovarian cancer patients or uterine cancer patients. All very extremely serious diseases that women get. Not one PP location anywhere treats women's health issues. FACT. I know personally, because I did the work of calling PP locations all across the country and even stopping in to make a visit to 3 PP locations with my questions. PP does NOT treat any kind of women's health issue. Being pregnant isn't a health issue. It's a normal process of the human body. Cancers and Endometriosis are not normal, they are real health issues. PP pushes contraceptives and abortions. Nothing else at all. FACT.

95768f No.1168126


Your mom got arrested after she called 911 on a guy who refused to pay her $5 for a blowjob.

f2df6b No.1168127


Dr Corsi….does the Rabbi make you swallow or?

e8f401 No.1168128


The Great Awakening is all about division - dividing between good and evil. Life is the most precious thing we have - that is a self-evident truth since without life we have nothing. Therefore, anything that limits or destroys life is necessarily evil.

524acc No.1168129


So adapt it. take a cute baby pic and draw dotted lines over it, marking organs and putting price tags on it. make sure its a BLACK OR HISPANIC BABY

a35485 No.1168130


Sorry it was news to me last night

1966b6 No.1168131


I know you're lying because she doesn't charge that much

7efeb5 No.1168132

So is Pompeo in yet, or not?

1966b6 No.1168133


He makes me spit it back in his mouth

b36ffc No.1168134


Time to water that tree…

735a3a No.1168135



Notable re: Q's UBL post. Confirmed with an intrigued Pepe by a mysterious anon.

Make sure it gets to the list?

f2df6b No.1168136


Oh my…I dont want to know what he makes AJ do

39c01d No.1168137

File: 7d2d9e0a85e7528⋯.png (397.06 KB, 2440x1688, 305:211, 4-23-18 UBL.png)

UBL post

9d7c8e No.1168138


Should "raid" the offices of Willkie Farr & Gallagher They are BIG and International, representing lots of shady people.

http:// www.willkie.com

I'd love to see the dirt and who are paying them. Since attorney client privilege went out the window with Cohen… turn about is fair play.

d96cb5 No.1168139


Not yet. Committee sent a favorable recommendation to the Senate, and the vote to confirm will be held by the end of the week.

a904a5 No.1168140

File: a2fff1433b68c97⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 4723x3149, 4723:3149, _81A4849-3_k.jpg)

Remember Marina Abramovic and her Spirit cooking she was asked about recently?


Here she says she used "pig blood" because it was similar to human blood.

What wasnt widely known in the 90s until in 1993 they gave the nobel chemistry price to mr kary mullis is that since 1983 you can do dna tests even decades later on smallest pieces of human tissue by the concept of polymerase-chainreaction.

So I strongly suggest DNA testing on Marinas "beautiful poetry" to test if infact pig blood was used or human blood.

Also I strongly suggest a roentgen scan of mr tony podestas golden "art work" of a body in pain. looks like a headless body tipped in molten gold to me.

06ba73 No.1168141


Riight but the point is to red pill them, not immediately gross them the fuck out and validate whatever poo MSM is flinging at us, about us. Sure goreporn is "free speech", but so is screeching in people's faces like a monkey, I guess..

Using the fucking head, counts.

95768f No.1168142


I wanna see a picture of where it came from. Havent seen one yet. great story.

5e9d1c No.1168143


He passed the Senate committee last night with a "favorable recommendation" and now they will vote him in on Thursday.

524acc No.1168144


meme tree into marihuana tree?

ae3849 No.1168145



No, you have it all. all of our research are belong to you now. Any thing changed on the all Anons get a free signed copy of your/our book?

Reciprocity, one of GEOTUS' favorite words, look it up.

1966b6 No.1168146


You definitely don't

7efeb5 No.1168147



a35485 No.1168148

File: 1a823f17ab0e63c⋯.jpg (83.58 KB, 1023x757, 1023:757, shitposter.jpg)

1bfce2 No.1168149

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Made me think of this … Got to love Goldie Looking Chain.

Sorry for shitposting - back to digging.

84b1da No.1168150


Seconded. That post is excellent.


Well done, Anon.

1966b6 No.1168151


No freebies bro

I got a family to feed

And heart pills to pay for

df67d0 No.1168152

File: b86cf4475b6291c⋯.jpg (104.76 KB, 720x682, 360:341, republicanracist.jpg)

File: ddd2cb345c6fea0⋯.jpg (119.1 KB, 400x348, 100:87, 903409366349764.jpg)

b36ffc No.1168153


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_Tree

The new Tree of Liberty. Liberty from Israel and the Jew Banking cartel.

0258e0 No.1168154

having a hard time drinking my coffee this morning hearing about all this cannibal/pedoism

1b4afd No.1168155

Okay folks, what is happening here is that some Normies have joined the Board. They are all about "convincing people", persuasion through kindness and understanding–the same old. That is not the purpose of this Board. This Board is about Research. It's about Truth. And Truth divides. If you don't like it–leave!

5e9d1c No.1168156

Macron has arrived

735a3a No.1168157

File: a9911b29c9d0178⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1400x1600, 7:8, ubl where and when.jpg)


Heads up ANONS! All Q's UBL questions are answered in one quick image, reposted for your convenience.

Spectacular work by the OP.

bd2592 No.1168158



Remember how odd it was, that Macron invited POTUS to Paris for Bastille Day 2017 at the last minute (relatively speaking), and POTUS agreed to go? Way before Q, but already it looked like something was definitely up, we just don't know what. There's got to be a huge backstory there.

Macron reminds me of Kanye, under (((their))) control but still trying to reach out to Trump

47da8d No.1168159

File: a39731dee3bff20⋯.jpg (71.37 KB, 500x655, 100:131, 28znvh.jpg)

48f281 No.1168160

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

CIA whistleblower Gene "Chip" Tatum tells us about a Kissinger/Nixon orchestrated false flag operation during the Vietnam war and the CIA drug trafficking from Central America in the 1980's (Iran-Contra scandal).


Gene "Chip" Tatum was a Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller, Defense Intelligence Asset, and US Army special operations pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada, Tatum was also involved in the Nixon Administrations relations with China, NASA's Apollo Program, the Iran Contra Affair, and several other classified intelligence operations dating through through 1992 . Tatum was a member of the ultra-secret, international G7 run Pegasus "Hit Team" working directly for the sitting President.

From sensitive and highly secret - and hitherto largely unknown - Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset, through to "black ops" activities in Grenada and Oliver North's Iran-Contra "Enterprise," and on to membership in an international "hit team," Gene "Chip" Tatum has seen it all, done it all and is now telling it all.

Tatum knows where the skeletons are buried. Above all he is aware that his testimony implicates serving and former US Presidents, plus a whole list of high government officials, and others, in a welter of nefarious activities - including assassination, blackmail, coercion, gun-running, money-laundering and Cocaine trafficking.

Tatum, a lanky Floridian, turned whistle-blower following his arrest on a treason charge in 1995. The charge was both astonishing and patently ludicrous and resulted in a flurry of press interest with an article appearing in the Tampa Tribune on 4 May 1996. Incredibly, the charge was later dropped to be replaced by a fraud charge - a drastic step-down. Found guilty after his government appointed attorney refused to call any defense witnesses ,he was sentenced to serve a 15 month sentence.

http:// www.chiptatum.com/index.php/ab…

c757e7 No.1168161

what is up with the First Lady's face???? she looks positively frightened.

d298fa No.1168162

Never Forget.

>http:// www. kentucky.com/news/nation-world/national/article209200419.html

April 18, 2018 01:34 AM Updated April 18, 2018 01:35 AM HOUSTON

Barbara Bush gave the commencement address at the all-women Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, on June 1, 1990.

The speech was ranked No. 47 on a list of the top speeches of the century in 1999. The list, compiled by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and Texas A&M University, was based on a survey of scholars who ranked speeches by social and political impact and rhetorical artistry.

He said Bush changed "may" to "will."

Here is the text of her speech:

She related the story by Robert Fulghum about a young pastor finding himself in charge of some very energetic children, hits upon a game called "Giants, Wizards and Dwarfs." You have to decide now," the pastor instructed the children, "which you are — a giant, a wizard or a dwarf?"'' At that, a small girl tugging at his pants leg, asks, "But where do the mermaids stand?" And the pastor tells her there are no mermaids. And she says, "Oh yes there are. I am a mermaid."

64d5a8 No.1168163


Flotus looks stunning as always.

06ba73 No.1168164


Sorry, actually meant >>1168141

as a retort to → >>1168069

9a7f11 No.1168165

It's 9.11


92bdaa No.1168166


You have got to be kidding. Terminating those people that believe it is alright do destroy the life of an unborn child is a much more normal and necessary part of human life than an abortion. Murder is murder, the stage of life has no bearing on that. Your "actual experience" is worthless to everyone else.

e28266 No.1168167

File: 9ec9e88c03e4b8c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1209x713, 39:23, 263d9390017ab777cbdd742b59….png)

Good morning anons may God bless you and keep you from harm today and forever.

7efeb5 No.1168168

You just KNOW after a threat like that we are going to pull out of that deal.

"US will face 'severe consequences' if it backs out of nuclear deal: Iran"


df67d0 No.1168169

File: 03ddb899ce7b16e⋯.jpg (376.39 KB, 683x1024, 683:1024, hey-anonspart-of-the-great….jpg)

File: 128918d497edffb⋯.jpg (98.83 KB, 480x929, 480:929, 128918d497edffb5272adfe196….jpg)

a35485 No.1168170


And you. Amen.

0e5523 No.1168171

I love watching POTUS live!

d41bfb No.1168172


50 Hz / 60 Hz

problem solved

8df97f No.1168173

Q, can you give us anons a percentage of how much the swamp has been drained.


51bf7e No.1168174

File: e1783d193afcb48⋯.png (955.12 KB, 1998x1213, 1998:1213, 2018-04-24_08-28-25.png)

5eeeb4 No.1168175

File: 0f611bb6d84cc5a⋯.jpg (35.68 KB, 594x396, 3:2, 7432d1b5fde4df723070d789c9….jpg)

08ef10 No.1168176

Melania is absolutely stunning!

735a3a No.1168177

File: 1249a7f12c1245a⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x211, 255:211, intrigued pepe.jpg)

When you see this Pepe with one post linked, it's a CLUE to check that post.

Hearding cats around here, but they seem to get the job done.

194118 No.1168178


No harm no foul anon.

0788ad No.1168179

We need more prayer, especially the Rosary.

Pray anons! Pray for Justice!

404955 No.1168180

What's up with these hard drives Zak's speaking of?

5e9d1c No.1168181

File: 8f8bae01a5e5917⋯.jpg (181.93 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, Custom Image 1804201808505….jpg)

ea6d69 No.1168182


http:// www.localsyr.com/news/cny-suspects-among-more-than-100-charged-in-operation-gravy-train/729878687

Drug trafficking related possibly.

05b534 No.1168183

File: 36b47969a721a4e⋯.jpg (152.7 KB, 600x456, 25:19, 50a3a5d1708e89bf663601f81e….jpg)

File: 65c50c978335396⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 591x411, 197:137, 1507971009n.jpg)

9f143b No.1168184


I'll add that to the Advanced Graphics, Proofs, Maps, Side by Sides, Good Memes thread


Do have any others on that subject? i try to psts things togther in groups on that thread( i know its not going to be as ogranized as the first 260 posts, kek)

I also like to post 4 at a time, when i do.

I'll look for some others to post with it,, but if you had any other graphics on this subject, please share, and i can ad them all together.

c96cb4 No.1168185


Glad to see people followed the route I provided.

There is MUCH more Anon. See you tonight

2d684e No.1168186


what grantee do we have that illuminated arent still pulling the strings?

They run the same plays over and over and over.

they want a NWO, what do they do?

Use MSM to show us turmoil all across the globe and usher in the savior of the free world.

He shows us the corrupt banking cartel and what do we do demand a new currency.

and an end to the fed.

This is why lock her up is so important.

lets be real if that dumb bitch was trying to win an election against ourguy she was not pushing very hard.

if this deep state is as powerful as they would have us believe, why would they put such a low energy alcoholic who is dying to run against Trump?

e26690 No.1168187

File: f65ba4f6578579b⋯.png (317.36 KB, 960x720, 4:3, planned parenthood.png)

194118 No.1168188


An absolutely amazing FLOTUS!

3945eb No.1168189


I remember watching a youtube vid about how Serco have job of running Atomic Clock at N.P.L. in UK http:// www.npl.co.uk/science-technology/time-frequency/ I wonder if central algorithm was switched to another clock an example below.

The master atomic clock ensemble at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., which provides the time standard for the U.S. Department of Defense.[1] The rack mounted units in the background are Microsemi (formerly HP) 5071A caesium beam clocks. The black units in the foreground are Microsemi (formerly Sigma-Tau) MHM-2010 hydrogen maser standards.

d7e263 No.1168190


Berenstain on the box Berenstein on the cassett

5eeeb4 No.1168191

Poor POTUS. He looks like he hasn't slept in days. I feel for him…

a35485 No.1168192

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Strongly relevant lyrics…

Arise, children of the Fatherland,

The day of glory has arrived!

Against us, tyranny's

Bloody standard is raised, (repeat)

Do you hear, in the countryside,

The roar of those ferocious soldiers?

They're coming right into your arms

To cut the throats of your sons, your women!

To arms, citizens,

Form your battalions,

Let's march, let's march!

Let an impure blood

Water our furrows!

What does this horde of slaves,

Of traitors and conspiring kings want?

For whom have these vile chains,

These irons, been long-prepared? (repeat)

Frenchmen, for us, ah! What outrage

What furious action it must arouse!

It is to us they dare plan

A return to the old slavery!

To arms, citizens…

04fb97 No.1168193

baker baker

>>1168100 >>1168073 Correlation to April 6 Q drop?

d41bfb No.1168194

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

linked to Clinton's (?)

e6f7b1 No.1168195

File: 0cc0b0081757316⋯.png (575.75 KB, 489x439, 489:439, 54eec2ab-4e71-4218-a8a0-7c….png)

“Superman never made any money

For saving the world from Solomon Grundy

And sometimes I despair

The world will never see another man like him”

Superman’s Song - Crash Test Dummies

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihUIPlLw2ZE

3c1824 No.1168196


Something isn't correct about the HRC quote about Robert Byrd being a source of counsel while she was secretary of state. The date attributed is 2008 and she began her term in 2009.

7dfa47 No.1168197

File: 5c7cf48459d738b⋯.png (446.91 KB, 893x505, 893:505, qvideo2.png)

30eae1 No.1168198


could you sleep carrying all this on your shoulders for an entire planet?

9d7c8e No.1168199


She's blinking alot too. weird. maybe a threat? I just said a prayer for everyone there.

e8da6d No.1168200

9e0ddd No.1168201


what a find….

39c01d No.1168202

File: c405712f3989cb5⋯.png (70.95 KB, 758x368, 379:184, ClipboardImage.png)


Do you guys think THIS is the "2011 Exchange" Q was talking about?

f2df6b No.1168203

File: fa684c9146fc2ca⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 316x221, 316:221, 911hchchchchchc.jpg)

File: 892f8698b20def0⋯.jpg (96.67 KB, 640x384, 5:3, 911jews.jpg)

e26690 No.1168204

File: c17eb215621ed22⋯.png (450.89 KB, 706x594, 353:297, baby body parts.png)

404955 No.1168205


Oh yeah. Positive Potus won't tolerate the threats. First paragraph too

874a8b No.1168206


Alan Sabrosky meme is disinfo. Picture is Admiral Mullen.

Not looking into the Italian one, but probably disinfo too.

Eat a dick, shill.

e30ff7 No.1168207

File: 52e9ca4158aa10a⋯.png (488.82 KB, 1041x739, 1041:739, 52e9ca4158aa10a10d38571831….png)

ba5967 No.1168208


On April 16 Q says to re _read 5 eyes.

However, 5 eyes is only mentioned once prior on March 10,and Q said it 5 eyes is important, but not relevant for that date and occurrence, which I believe is the Australian phone call leak.

Mon 16 Apr 2018 00:37:31 32a824 No.1061084

Re_read Five Eyes.

Avoid US data collection laws.


Public: Dossier FISA.

Not Public: Five Eyes UK/AUS POTUS targeting using pushed RUS decoy meetings / campaign insertions.

Hussein HRC LL Brennan Clapper NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP UK AUS assist/set up.


So what are we suppose to re_read about 5 eyes?

I am theorizing that we are suppose to re_read all crops with "eyes" and "EYES".

Rand Paul was just on TV saying that the would like a law passed making it illegal for our intelligence agencies to get information of our citizens from foreign countries without a warrant.

And that is what Q was saying here.

Mon 16 Apr 2018 00:37:31 32a824 No.1061084

Re_read Five Eyes.

Avoid US data collection laws.


Public: Dossier FISA.

Not Public: Five Eyes UK/AUS POTUS targeting using pushed RUS decoy meetings / campaign insertions.

Hussein HRC LL Brennan Clapper NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP UK AUS assist/set up.


And here is where Q is saying that is how they targeted Trump and got the 'intelligence" to spy on him with fake dossier.

Sun 22 Apr 2018 13:58:19 195414 No.1145824

Not ‘official’ product - 5 Eyes.

Listen carefully.

No evidence to support POTUS targeting.


Do you understand the gravity of what’s unfolding?


She had to win at all costs.

You know why.

How do people support/vote 4 these people?

http:// video.foxnews.com/v/5774707105001/?#sp=show-clips


When Q says :

"How do people support/vote 4 these people?"

I Believe the 4 people are the other 4 members of 5 EYES.


Mon 16 Apr 2018 00:37:31 32a824 No.1061084

Re_read Five Eyes.

Avoid US data collection laws.


Public: Dossier FISA.

Not Public: Five Eyes UK/AUS POTUS targeting using pushed RUS decoy meetings / campaign insertions.

Hussein HRC LL Brennan Clapper NAT SEC WH SIT RM OP UK AUS assist/set up.


4d48f1 No.1168209


The truth is the truth no matter how horrific.ISIS use the same shock treatment in their videos and pictures and they seem to work for them.

e26690 No.1168210

File: cad80142ae6506c⋯.png (494.43 KB, 697x720, 697:720, 1515369143352.png)


Forgot the logo

c9c9d7 No.1168211


Planned Parenthood is an ongoing criminal enterprise. It's so much deeper than abortion. People need to get a grasp on it. I get so pissed when I talk to women who KNOW this shit is happening and they don't give a FUCK. Why? Because PP gives them free birth control. They see their getting free birth control as more important than stopping these sickos from selling body parts and killing children.

f2df6b No.1168212


Yeah sure thing Schlomo take your 30 pieces of silver and go neck yourself

3c1824 No.1168213


Byrd died in 2010, so the quote most likely came from that time.

bd9469 No.1168214


Perhaps POTUS has just offered France a way to be significant without the EU? Bilateral trade between individual countries can be mutually advantageous.

ae3849 No.1168215



2 way street bro-stop poaching our findings & famefagging & shekel hoarding with them then, and we'll call it a draw. Citations would be a nice start, but how does one go about citing Anon as their source?

b309ad No.1168216

File: 7fe657eb12e383a⋯.png (710.9 KB, 819x668, 819:668, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


2b8db2 No.1168217

File: 8fcf37de46ba960⋯.png (857.96 KB, 876x702, 146:117, Obama and Sex Slave.PNG)

5e9d1c No.1168218

Wow Macron is getting his own mini parade!

0c7775 No.1168219

File: 3f1e1c5d72b07f4⋯.png (1.31 MB, 561x814, 51:74, Document_page_0001.png)

File: 557a592064d1db6⋯.png (1.27 MB, 556x796, 139:199, Document_page_0002.png)

File: c50420d3cd6dc16⋯.png (1.24 MB, 556x778, 278:389, Document_page_0003.png)

File: 4eb9caff37d6768⋯.png (1.29 MB, 556x808, 139:202, Document_page_0004.png)

File: 604a552cf7fdc10⋯.png (1.34 MB, 553x845, 553:845, Document_page_0005.png)

Lyin' Hillary, 2008.

https:// wikileaks.org/ podesta-emails//fileid/14132/3801



e06008 No.1168220


>cool ID


d298fa No.1168221

File: 203c248ef081884⋯.png (209.55 KB, 593x562, 593:562, LadyLib18-04-24 at 9.19.17.png)



Indeed. Digging now.

Let's see how rich the soil is.

e8da6d No.1168222


And she's singing like a canary. Good! Will certainly tie the case to higher ups

3945eb No.1168223

File: 0cb70788175ff90⋯.png (29.95 KB, 670x727, 670:727, Screenshot-2018-4-24 NPL a….png)

c9c9d7 No.1168224


I think all women who are contemplating abortion should be shown an example of the "final product." The way I see it, if you can't stomach it, then you shouldn't be having it done. I hunt. I kill for food. I take no pleasure in the killing, it's just part of life. The way I see it, if I can't stomach the killing and butchering of an animal, then I probably shouldn't eat meat. Same principle.

9f143b No.1168225

File: e7b5b63ef8d8315⋯.jpg (86.04 KB, 474x747, 158:249, Bin Laden operation.jpg)

File: fb64e47d2e52a43⋯.jpg (70.54 KB, 700x536, 175:134, Osama Bin Laden raid.jpg)

File: 65a00b8c3c21e04⋯.jpg (125.67 KB, 950x566, 475:283, Osama compound_graphic.jpg)

File: a80aa942b59fb1e⋯.jpg (596.11 KB, 1650x1275, 22:17, 2011_05-04-obama-did-not-w….jpg)

95768f No.1168226

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Patriots, your news Anchor is Live

390f58 No.1168227

File: 849bf675a7ecb01⋯.png (446.24 KB, 1613x1043, 1613:1043, Alek.png)

I didn't see this in the bread, so my apologies if it has already been discussed.

I "think" I've found the Canadian Van killer facebook page. The first thing that stands out are the friends pictures – looks like possibly human trafficking. Connor Preston - little girl holding up pizza. Rozza Roz - just a picture of a beautiful baby. There are baby pictures as well. Also notice in the address line below - his name is listed as jack.launter yet his facebook page has the name Alek Minassian on it. Weird.

https:// www.facebook.com/jack.launter/friends?lst=100000522436000%3A100003318602952%3A1524574689&source_ref=pb_friends_tl

ae3849 No.1168228


>>How do people support/vote 4 these people?

If I were to name 4, they would be NP, MW, DF, AS, what do Anons think? All Commiefornia?

4647ad No.1168229


Infowars Zak? Fake news - he tried to discredit Q after basically pretending to be Q back in December. I wouldn't waste my time - that guy is an actual LARP.

f15ba4 No.1168230


This is true.

The other option is that we must stop holding on to old paradigms. I don't care about "significance". I want my people to be happy and free from the current slavery (in "golden" handcuffs I have to admit, in comparaison to a lot of other countries).

ae46ad No.1168231

File: 7198a783e4582dc⋯.png (193.13 KB, 654x358, 327:179, ClipboardImage.png)

b35e2c No.1168232


HRC is not important anymore. All those people where part of the old plan…. They don't matter anymore.

Sure justice and the truth is very important in order to preserve the future from future freak like those.

Right now the White hat must dismantle and destroy the people who are not in the spot light but who are the one running the show.

1b4afd No.1168233


FLOTUS has a lot riding on this day as she took over most of the planning for the state dinner. Besides standing in those heels cannot be comfortable. Love this lady!

7dfa47 No.1168234



Here is my take, bin Ladens handler was Pakistans ISI. They knew just as well as we knew exactly where bin Laden was living. Obama needed a big event going into the 2012 election such as the take down of bin Laden. Pakistan was not willing to play ball so we cut them off. Pakistan was dependent on this aid and wanted it turned back on so in exchange they let us put on a big show by taking down bin Laden.

004e61 No.1168235

With one week left in April looks like no fucking arrests or anything being done about the "cabal" yet again. The Trump shit show keeps on rolling down the tracks and all these pedophile fucks get to keep on fucking kids and murdering them.

What's this lying nigger jew Q going to say next? Tell you it's all going down in March because nothing fucking happened in April?

When Trump is out of office and all these pedophiles are still running around free, the real patriots will start putting them down ourselves.

Go fuck this lying sack of shit Q who does nothing but post random riddles to news stories that people who are awake already fucking know and not showing us that anything is being done about it for yet another month.

390f58 No.1168236




c9c9d7 No.1168237


There's a difference between "killing" and "murder." People conflate the two. I get ripped a new one for carrying a handgun and not having a problem with taking the life of a criminal because "thou shalt not kill." Nope, it's "thou shalt not murder." Taking a life in cold blood is a mortal sin, not taking a life in self-defense or in defense of another. That is a just killing.

d298fa No.1168238

File: 4ed6b1dacce7eff⋯.png (80.71 KB, 500x581, 500:581, TreeLibEagleTJ.png)

>>1168221 also meant for


>>1168153 1st quote that came to mind.

5b38b8 No.1168239

File: a4e15ed1e118daa⋯.png (152.91 KB, 322x500, 161:250, jewssellingblacks.png)


>It’s time to learn the TRUTH.

PART 1/4

>Why are Ds inspiring activist groups to remove history of slavery??

Ds inspire activist groups to eliminate the Jewish roots of finance and management during the Atlantic slave trade and onward throughout American history.

https:// www.amazon.com/Selling-Blacks-Historical-Research-Department/dp/0963687727

A genocidal legacy of human trafficking uncovered:

The title says it all. There are 140 pages of ads reproduced from American newspapers of the slavery era. There are Jews selling Blacks as individuals, in gangs, and as families. Jewish community leaders–and even rabbis–offer to buy and sell Black human beings without any moral compunction. When Blacks tried to escape, Jewish slave owners used the newspapers to track them down. Jews acting as slave auctioneers, slave shippers, and insurers of enslaved Blacks also placed ads. Jews bought and sold whole plantations–slaves and all–and they marketed slaves who ranged in age from infants to the elderly. In addition, Jewish merchants arranged bank financing for the purchasers of Black men, women, and children–Black slaves on layaway.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jewish_Confederates

“Those who had studied history and this critical aspect of the impact of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on American society were perfectly content allowing the blame to fall squarely on the shoulders of the White Anglo Saxon Protestants in the South.”

04fb97 No.1168240

PlaneAnon or NavigatorAnon Help Requested

Have a 7nm uninterrupted sight line. Saw what I think was a low flying drone the other night approx. an inch off the horizon. Any way to approximate the altitude?

fd8aa4 No.1168241


…ian is armenian, for sure

d2d322 No.1168242

Hussein heading to this shithole. Looking for safe harbor?

https:// www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/04/obama_jets_off_to_legitimize_south_africas_zimbabwifying_regime.html

0361cd No.1168243

File: d490e06d2ec9d88⋯.png (298 KB, 1036x552, 259:138, HUH!.png)

What the fuck is Sessions doing? Is this the Sheriffs consolation prize for standing down, from the taxpayer.

https:// www.kivitv.com/newsy/florida-awarded-1million-for-parkland-shooting-response?autoplay=true

39c01d No.1168244

File: c3b30f4b105972a⋯.png (49.24 KB, 398x534, 199:267, ClipboardImage.png)

Q's first post about UBL.

194118 No.1168245


Looking at that stinger 4 probably refers to 4 of the 5 eyes.

404955 No.1168246


I admit that's how I've been feeling lately, especially since I've been following Q more and you amazing anons! Their stories doesn't seem to line up with what Q says a lot of times

1045d5 No.1168247


The Sabrowsky quote is legitimate. There are plenty of Youtube videos showing Dr Alan Sabrowsky making these claims in various different ways. Ok, so, the pic is wrong. That is not Sabrosky. But the text is correct and well worth heeding. Do you know Sabroskys' CV at all? Not to be taken lightly (see below).* He's disappointed with Trump right now, sure, particularly in relation to POTUS's Middle East strategy, but he would be great to have on board. And he knows who did 9/11. It's about time more people did.

As for the Cossiga quotes…. well, yeah, you'd be surprised what people know and say. They're usually instantly marginalized as a result. But both Italy and Germany have had a few different politicians who have dared to touch this particularly nasty third rail. I seem to recall Cossiga was one of them, but perhaps you can do a little research for yourself now you've been informed that the Sabrosky quote is legit. There's a world of truth out there awaiting you.

Fwiw… https:// wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it

* "Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO’S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.).A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky’s teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad."

5b38b8 No.1168248

File: b6eaec83ae1c417⋯.png (342.34 KB, 1016x2501, 1016:2501, racedivide.png)



PART 2/4

>Learn the term ‘Projection’

Jewish landowners and investors financed and profited from slavery and today use projection to ensure that the blacks and whites stay divided.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsocwUhjL5s

Dr. Tony Martin and David Irving. The Jewish Role in the African Atlantic Slave Trade. Professor Tony Martin was one of the leading scholars on black history. Little was known about the relationship between blacks and Jews before Dr. Martin read the book the "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews". Professor Martin's life changed overnight after bringing the book into his black history class where he was threatened, and condemned by Jewish leaders to stop advertising the book. Fearless Tony Martin did not waiver and brought the book into the spotlight with major political attacks coming from the Jews. Jews are not Israelites, neither are they the descendants of the biblical Israelites. Many Jews are descendants of Japheth's son, Gomer. The Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Gomer and make up about 80% of the Jewish population worldwide. Ashkenaz was Japheth's grandson (Gen 10). One can only be an Israelite descendant through Jacob, who God later named Israel (Gen 32:28). Jacob was a descendant of Issac, the son of Abraham, who was a descendant of Shem. Although Esau was Jacob's twin brother, Esau was not an Israelite. Esau's descendants are known as the Edomites, who also happen to be Jewish. Edomites, under the instruction of the satanic Rothschild banking family, are the leaders of modern day Israel. Hopefully this information is helpful to anyone confused about the Jewish Israelite identities. The Anglo Saxons through Jacob/Israel are the true Israelite descendants of the bible. There is overwhelming evidence that Jews were responsible for the Atlantic slave trade of the African people. Anglo Saxon Christians are blamed in our history books for black slavery, but this is false. Scottish Anglo Saxon white Christians were actually the ones responsible for building the underground railroads, and fought to have laws passed to help free the blacks, they were known as the abolitionists of Europe and America, which is purposely ignored. White people are not only Jews or Israelites, but make up many different nations; just as Nigerian, and Kenyans don't make up the whole black race. The confusion is that Jews consider themselves a race. Yet most Jews are only biblical descendants of Japheth, Noah's oldest son. (Gen 10).

How American oligarchs created the concept of race to divide and conquer the poor

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/local/how-wealthy-americans-divided-and-conquered-the-poor-to-create-the-concept-of-race/2016/04/19/2cab6e38-0643-11e6-b283-e79d81c63c1b_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.93acfa4e4c79

Question: How did wealthy landowners thwart the efforts of enslaved Africans and European indentured servants to join forces in a common struggle for economic justice?

Answer: Divide and conquer through the invention of race. Make the white servants feel superior to black slaves by virtue of skin color; manipulate poor whites into believing that any perceived gains by blacks had come at their expense.

18b7a4 No.1168249

File: 99b851afe58b027⋯.jpg (342.33 KB, 1200x1803, 400:601, 1200px-Marsha_blackburn_co….jpg)

Trump (pence) retweet this am

PROUD to support our friend @VoteMarsha for US Senate representing Tennessee. Marsha Blackburn is a rock-ribbed conservative who has been a champion of President Trump’s pro-jobs, pro-military, AMERICA FIRST agenda & will be critical ally in the Senate. She has our full support!

Had to look this term up “rock-ribbed”

To mean “uncompromising, unyielding, resolute,” by analogy to actual rocks, which are notably resistant to fads, panics, whims, or much of anything, really.

As applied to individuals, the implication is that the person is not merely resolute, but so sturdy in moral fiber — ribs of rock, spine of steel — as to defy any challenge.

High praise indeed.

We need women like Marsha Blackburn on our team.

Thank you POTUS for supporting her bid for the Senate seat in Tennessee.

I am sure rock-ribbed Marsha really appreciates this compliment and your support!

b4daa3 No.1168250

>>1168233 Yes she does. I'm glad to media will not be allowed. They would find a way to create controversy as a way to tear her down.

b26176 No.1168251


Q asked us to create memes to convince people. that is the OBJECTIVE of this research.

This is not an academic exercise for the ivory tower - or mom's basement - "intellectuals."

2ff55d No.1168252


Correct And the nexus of abortion and racism cannot be ignored. Sanger played the race card with the help of her associates in the "Negro Project"

“…those of us who believe that the benefits of Planned Parenthood as a vital key to the elimination of human waste must reach the entire population, also believe that a double effort must be made to extend this program as a public health measure to Negroes who need is proportionately greater.”

— Dr. Dorothy Ferebee (black physician serving as the Chairman of the Family Planning Committee of the National Council of Negro Women) in presentation at 1942 annual meeting of the Birth Control Federation of America (Planned Parenthood) .

0b028d No.1168253

File: 8c3c67e62618b18⋯.jpg (91.23 KB, 618x683, 618:683, IMG_7219.JPG)

Hey the anon who's post was about Allison Mack, I remembered a Anon posted this last night, its all the was there no link. So, I went back and picked it up

Post said charged on three counts, I'm no lawfag either, so I didn't catch that and looks like a partial page too

0e5523 No.1168254


Fuck off then gimp, stop projecting your pathetic consciousness on here nobody gives a fuck for your personal opinion. Post fact that discredits Q or fuck up.

c3bd2c No.1168255

File: 9becb4b883c8fcc⋯.jpg (79.73 KB, 640x439, 640:439, Guns no Problem.jpg)

This picture says it all.

5b38b8 No.1168256

File: 362ccb1b66349ea⋯.png (371.24 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Hebrew1.png)

File: b50758b0e0c394a⋯.png (203.11 KB, 665x790, 133:158, Hebrewreds.png)




PART 3/4

>Why do we look at skin color?

http:// www.blackhistoryinthebible.com/hidden-history/hebrews-had-dark-skin-evidence-from-the-old-and-new-testaments/

Why do we look at skin?

https:// youtu.be/soheUZ1ERBY

ISRAELI : Confesses Black Americans Are The Real Jews!!

https:// www. youtube.com/watch?v=soheUZ1ERBY&feature=youtu.be

Israelites Unite - Jewish Man admits Blacks are the real Jews!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=JepBHBU9aOw

Revelation 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. The real homeland for the Ashkenazi Jews is near the Caspian and Black Seas, not Palestine. Their ancestors picked up the "Jewish" religion many centuries ago. Due to the widespread ignorance of people in that era, after a few generations they assumed that they were the descendants of the Jews that lived in Palestine.

ISIS in Greater Israel's Scheme

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGRET8c7xNw&feature=youtu.be

2d2916 No.1168257


Facts are a bit wrong here. Whitney’s daughter was found in a tub a year


And her boy friend was found civilly capable of her death, as he was in her will and would have benefitted from her death. Her family had to pull the plug eventually.

He tried to make it look like a suicide resembling her mom.

Whitney’s death is puzzling, but her life was riddled with drugs and going back and forth, and overdose isn’t out of the question.

Though murder in the upper echelon isn’t ever out of the question either.

39c01d No.1168258


Agree, 'UBL was living in a million$ compound yards away from Pakistani military base'!!

194118 No.1168259


Just thought of this but 'directly' being in quotes probably refers to the fact that D's DIRECT said tragic events.

2fc094 No.1168260

File: 797d48119c37d43⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1200x1523, 1200:1523, 1fc26af9fb7d09d1f0d28923e9….png)

Anyone want to autist a transcript of GEOTUS welcoming Macron and Bridg…itte?

He's awkwardly stressing things…

The cadence is… abnormal.

d96cb5 No.1168261




This is the original Hebrew which translates to mean 'you shall not murder'.

The Hebrew language is very nuanced, and many terms are interchangeable. It's important to note the context.

5b38b8 No.1168263

File: 61dbc74c2ea702b⋯.png (125.24 KB, 433x791, 433:791, dualcitizenship.png)





PART 4/4

How many members of Congress have dual US and Israeli dual citizenship??

http:// www. investmentwatchblog.com/how-many-members-of-congress-have-dual-citizenship-with-israel/

dailykenn. blogspot.com/2018/03/how-many-jews-in-congress-have-dual.html

Abby Martin Exposes Zionism & Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBRxt5ufnGg&feature=youtu.be

Comment: “The Zionists have infiltrated high positions in every office of the government, not to mention the lobbyist groups/corporations, and of course the Zionist Federal Reserve Corporation! And YES, the Zionists DO own the media, which is why their crimes go unpunished! If anyone tries to expose their crimes, they immediately use the "anti-Semite" card! They can make or break people overnight! Everything that Israel possesses, was stolen! The plan to take Palestine started back in the 1880s, and rich and powerful Zionists already started manipulating governments! The Balfour Declaration was acquired by the Zionists manipulating the U.S. into WWI. Hitler was manipulated too.”

Isis, Mossad, CIA a family affair

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnCpHidK8dk&feature=youtu.be

“America is a prostitute and her masters and pimps are members of the ZIOMASONIC Kleptocratic Oligarchy which rules over her. Most of her children live without proper healthcare, good schools, or clean water, but somehow this shameless daughter of Babylon fancies herself the queen of nations.”

Halliburton and Mossad Involved in 9 11 2001

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qzWdK5hVwY

d6f951 No.1168264


We need all the allies we can get right now, in the War on evil.

6c0fb0 No.1168265

File: 6b49abcd50c3ce9⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

is this the uniform?

ba0a6a No.1168266

File: b2c4d697a5b3cbc⋯.jpeg (61.39 KB, 581x762, 581:762, 59319918-99A4-4D27-B098-9….jpeg)


Cody Snodgres

“For over 20 years, I was an Independent Contractor (IC), specializing in sensitive, covert assignments, as well as bodyguard work. In 1994 I was given the task to blow up the Alfred P. Murray building in Oklahoma City. This job came from an x-US military man, who told me he worked covertly for CIA. I refused on moral grounds. My strong opposition to attacking U.S. citizens on our own soil changed my status from a CIA asset into a liability, a private, Independent Contractor who “knew too much”.

This is a true story about the U.S. Dept. of Justice’s role in covering up the bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, and the secret reasons why, I believe, it was ordered. Afraid to speak up until now, I am very lucky to be alive to tell this story. Hopefully,enough time has elapsed so that I will not be targeted again, for retribution,as so many “whistle blowers” have been before me. May God bless America, and our fellow Patriots who have fought and bled, for her.”

https:// www.lightonconspiracies.com/cody/

4b9343 No.1168267

File: 8d4de4707cb5975⋯.png (300.66 KB, 1623x1287, 541:429, 2004dig.png)

e3c4c7 No.1168268

File: 08a1c71b99886c9⋯.jpeg (41.5 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4m1q743itoggjkiuns8p.jpeg)

c96cb4 No.1168269

Days before Whitney Houston died, Manager Clyve Davis already prepared his announcement of a new Superstar. Jennifer Hudson.

Remember "The new Whitney Houston" articles? Not funny. Remake of the film "The Bodyguard" with Jennifer Hudson, just days before Whitney died. Coincidence?

So after Whitney fall for drugs, not able to perform concerts anymore, she became worthless for the managers. They already had a plan how to replace her. EVIL

Anons, she died in the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel. Go to maps and look at the ceiling of the Hotel. What does it picture?

Triangles? Arrows? Two pyramid shaped skyscrapers around? Century Plaza towers? What is the garden in front of it aiming at? What does it mean?

Watch: >>1168225


Why did Whitney's daughter died exactly 3 years later in her Atlantas home in a bath tub?

Face down again? CONNECTED ANONS.

What medicine was found in the bathroom?

Mickey fine, LA? Connected to Micheal Jackson? Same medicine? Bigger than you can imagine. Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, George Michael, Prince?

Good luck.

18b7a4 No.1168270

baker very notable

meaning of covfefe!!!!


409e38 No.1168271

Bushes dying off—-I don't believe a word of it. How convenient as their fake & evil world collapses. I don't believe that anyone has died. They are going into hiding. We will find them all. Every one.

fd8aa4 No.1168272


I am still not convinced UBL was aluve by then

c757e7 No.1168273

Thanks be to God the words we hear now are "decisive action" versus "long term schtrategy"

Also: If you have not checked out that AWAN timeline posted by anon last bread, you would benefit greatly by doing so.

Interesting tidbits: the murdered by a dumbbell UN/Antigua representative that was to testify against Clinton ties to Ng Lap Seng goes ALL THE WAY BACK to Chinagate i.e. Port of Long Beach deal.

Also, the Seth Rich timeline is expanded with his being yanked out of Hastings, NE July 5 from an office that the Clintons were PAYING MILLIONS run by a guy with the familiar template of being born in foreign country (Turkey) with a military family and ultimately married up….

https:// awantimeline.com/

b4daa3 No.1168274


May is the name of the month that follows April not March.

c96cb4 No.1168276


Don't believe the story.

It's made up. The boyfriend would not have wanted her death. He was also suffering of "The Project".

afe461 No.1168277


Mandy Briggs is using a picture of Hitomi. Heathen!

3945eb No.1168278


looks like Serco lost contract 2015 still digging

The laboratory was initially run by the UK government, with members of staff being part of the civil service. Administration of the NPL was contracted out in 1995 under a GOCO model, with Serco winning the bid and all staff transferred to their employ. Under this regime, overhead costs halved, third party revenues grew by 16% per annum, and the number of peer-reviewed research papers published doubled.[5] It was decided in 2012 to change the operating model for NPL from 2014 onward to include academic partners and to establish a postgraduate teaching institute on site.[6] The date of the changeover was later postponed for up to a year.[7] The candidates for lead academic partner were the Universities of Edinburgh, Southampton, Strathclyde and Surrey[8] with an alliance of the Universities of Strathclyde and Surrey chosen as preferred partners.[9] The laboratory transferred back to Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ownership on 1 January 2015.[10] https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Physical_Laboratory_(United_Kingdom)

c96cb4 No.1168279


Great anon, read it.

18b7a4 No.1168280



you have no idea how the med industry operates

not to say i approve of their practices but your post is 100% misleading

4647ad No.1168281


She's FEDERALLY FUCKED. And so are all her friends.

cc8d35 No.1168282


And there is no evidence to convince that he's dead.

05b534 No.1168283

File: 45e19659d01d62e⋯.png (198.41 KB, 347x324, 347:324, cadghnvas.png)

File: 6ec2ac9325e38dd⋯.png (325.56 KB, 364x416, 7:8, canvdhklas.png)

c9c9d7 No.1168284


One count of human trafficking, one count of child trafficking, and one count of human trafficking for slavery, etc. She's up shit's creek and her only way out is to sing like a canary.

2b8db2 No.1168285


Why is it cut off before it says the meaning? Where is the link?

bd9469 No.1168286


Quite the welcome for our country's oldest ally.

194118 No.1168287


What kind of weak ass faggot shill doesn't know that March comes before April? What in the ever living fuck!?

1e7382 No.1168288


I agree. They promote abortions, contraceptives and adoption. Health screens for STD's get referred to a doctor as they do not treat anything. I think when a satanic group is all for abortion, you guys might consider that there is "more" to just selling the baby parts, putting in our food and medicine but perhaps part of the sacrifices to Baal that the elite worship.

ba0a6a No.1168289

More on Cody Snodgres

http:// peoplespatriotnetwork.com/tag/cody-snodgres/

http:// rense.com/

https:// www.opdeepstate.com/2017/12/05/cody-snodgres-cia-whistleblower-who-refused-to-blow-up-the-murrah-bldg-in-okc/

https:// projectcamelotportal.com/2017/12/05/cody-snodgres-black-ops-with-ole-dammegard/

0361cd No.1168290

File: 8cc03c2726030af⋯.png (160.62 KB, 750x491, 750:491, Mackcharges.png)


Courtesy of Liz Crokin twatter.Trafficking kids!

92bdaa No.1168291


Absolutely agree. Abortion is murder. Killing in self defense is justified. Killing to defend the life of an innocent that is unable to defend them self is also justified. Even liberal law can't argue against that, they just have trouble defining what life is, and when it starts. But that is because they are evil, and stupid.

c96cb4 No.1168292


the deeper we go…

194118 No.1168293


You should read the notables anon. It's listed from like 5 breads ago.

390f58 No.1168294


The FB yesterday (Alex Minassian) that the killer was identified with and was connected with Armenia was not him. The name was reported incorrectly. The killer's actual name is Alek. This is the FB page for him and it appears to be pedo related.

ea6d69 No.1168295



We allege that the QRS-11 can be used as part of a package of technology to guide aircraft equipped with uninterruptable autopilots turning them into weapons.

We believe that the patent for the device was originally obtained by the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock, AR, specifically by patent lawyer Hillary Clinton, for BEI Technologies, Inc. headquartered at that time in Arkansas.

BEI has deversifed many times since then and the QRS-11 is now Manufactured by CST Systron Donner Inertial

http:// californiananoeconomy.org/content/cst-systron-donner-inertial

Concord, CA. Next thing you know we'll find something made in Lexington utilized for similiar.

18b7a4 No.1168296


>ongoing criminal enterprise



none in the report either

political witch hunt

0d119b No.1168297


Fuck off you state sanctioned babykillerfag. Killing is a choice? Cabal Cabal Cabal

774a90 No.1168298

File: 6868a74f97bd4ef⋯.png (320.35 KB, 646x539, 646:539, strongtogether.png)

18b7a4 No.1168299


qresearch board is a lot of things as it turns out

Don't put limits on what the board is.

Expand your thinking

1045d5 No.1168300





>This is the original Hebrew which translates to mean 'you shall not murder'.

>The Hebrew language is very nuanced, and many terms are interchangeable. It's important to note the context.

All very well and good, or so it would appear. And yet, 'you have heard that it was said…', and all that. On that note, I give you Israel Shahak and his explication of Talmudic/Judaic teachings on murder.

Murder and Genocide

ACCORDING TO THE JEWISH religion, the murder of a Jew is a capital offense and one of the three most heinous sins (the other two being idolatry and adultery). Jewish religious courts and secular authorities are commanded to punish, even beyond the limits of the ordinary administration of justice, anyone guilty of murdering a Jew. A Jew who indirectly causes the death of another Jew is, however, only guilty of what talmudic law calls a sin against the 'laws of Heaven', to be punished by God rather than by man.

When the victim is a Gentile, the position is quite different. A Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of a sin against the laws of Heaven, not punishable by a court. To cause indirectly the death of a Gentile is no sin at all.

Thus, one of the two most important commentators on the Shulhan Arukh explains that when it comes to a Gentile, 'one must not lift one's hand to harm him, but one may harm him indirectly, for instance by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice .., there is no prohibition here, because it was not done directly: He points out, however, that an act leading indirectly to a Gentile's death is forbidden if it may cause the spread of hostility towards Jews.

A Gentile murderer who happens to be under Jewish jurisdiction must be executed whether the victim was Jewish or not. However, if the victim was Gentile and the murderer converts to Judaism, he is not punished.

All this has a direct and practical relevance to the realities of the State of Israel. Although the state's criminal laws make no distinction between Jew and Gentile, such distinction is certainly made by Orthodox rabbis, who in guiding their flock follow the Halakhah. Of special importance is the advice they give to religious soldiers.

Since even the minimal interdiction against murdering a Gentile outright applies only to 'Gentiles with whom we [the Jews] are not at war', various rabbinical commentators in the past drew the logical conclusion that in wartime all Gentiles belonging to a hostile population may, or even should be killed. Since 1973 this doctrine is being publicly propagated for the guidance of religious Israeli soldiers. The first such official exhortation was included in a booklet published by the Central Region Command of the Israeli Army, whose area includes the West Bank. In this booklet the Command's Chief Chaplain writes:

When our forces come across civilians during a war or in hot pursuit or in a raid, so long as there is no certainty that those civilians are incapable of harming our forces, then according to the Halakhah they may and even should be killed … Under no circumstances should an Arab be trusted, even if he makes an impression of being civilized … In war, when our forces storm the enemy, they are allowed and even enjoined by the Halakhah to kill even good civilians, that is, civilians who are ostensibly good.


Pilpul, half-truths, deliberation obscuration, silencing and outright lies sure keep many people from discovering the thoroughly discriminatory and self-serving nature of Judaic "morality". That situation is changing rapidly, however. It will not continue forever.

http:// www.bintjbeil.com/E/occupation/shahak.html#Murder

ae46ad No.1168301


This is plastered all over twatter.

It's not a sex cult, it's a pedophilia sacrifice ring, and Gilllebrand is in on it.

fd8aa4 No.1168302


Yep, its like whom do i believe? Idk

c96cb4 No.1168303

Currently many Clowns on this board.

But not posting. Hiding?

Is the FBI overlooking the board now?

Are the clowns scared to post now?


God bless anons

c9c9d7 No.1168304


I believe there's only a handful of clinics that actually provide anything other than abortions. Iowa shut down PP and SJWs made a huge stink about it. They shut down the fucking abortion mills. They don't make money from giving away free shit or deep discounts. They make money from abortions then selling the body parts (with or without consent). Anyone who supports an organization that employs Godless doctors who casually kill a child who survives an abortion deserves a special place in Hell.

df67d0 No.1168305


I wonder who drafted that and how long beforehand did they do so?

Also, I'm no lawyer but how does that MoU/Dec. 8 2008 get signed on Nov. 6, 2008???

47da8d No.1168306


"Whitney Houston" is 7 and 7 characters

"Jennifer Hudson" is 8 and 6 characters

9ba704 No.1168307


Within the past few years, this Republican Presidential candidate spent ten days at the annual Bohemian Grove party. While there he was apparently videotaped propositioning a male worker there for sex. This male worker arranged for the recording of the politician after the politician was turned down by another male worker. Not only is the proposition recorded but also the exchanging of money and a couple of minutes of footage which leaves no doubt what is going on. All of the footage happened outside under a tree. It is not quite dark so everything is clearly visible. The candidate, who has a very good chance of winning the nomination has been paying the worker several hundred thousand dollars per month to keep the recording secret. I'm actually surprised the guy has not been killed or had an accident. What is going to trip up the candidate is that he is spending campaign money to pay this monthly fee and eventually someone is going to notice.

http:// www.crazydaysandnights.net/2015/04/today-blind-items-bohemian-grove.html

a35485 No.1168308

File: 2df1810c7faac68⋯.jpg (25.19 KB, 696x413, 696:413, 1dqsdr.jpg)

fd8aa4 No.1168309


But last name still sounds armenian

ae3849 No.1168310

File: a7a96fe0a9ff916⋯.png (487.18 KB, 853x768, 853:768, ClipboardImage.png)





Free is the most powerful word in a socialist's mental dickshunary, it overrides what little logic is present every time

e21ee0 No.1168311


amusing how much "anons" (legit or shills, likely both) are so triggered by yesterday's 2 last posts, apparently taken out of their comfort zones by Q himself… and what for?

Speaking of unity, reminding us of its importance, and warning us of grim news ahead concerning PPH…

144f58 No.1168312

Is macron bending the knew rn/ letting everyone know they are with us??? At the gym listening

9d7c8e No.1168313

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

le sigh. watching the Macron welcome. forgive me I can't resist. thank you /pol/

9ef517 No.1168314

The last few Q drops are essentially repeats of earlier drops. I don't recall if Q has ever done that in the same fashion before. Trump is making a move on the African American community. We should concentrate on redpilling them.

1b4afd No.1168315


Have you not noticed in your lifetime that there is no place for discussing raw truth. Here on this board, we have done that. We have been able to probe into topics where in normal conversation we are always told that we can't go there because it might offend someone and so the conversation stops. So many of us are refreshed to finally have a place where we can pursue truth without the concern fags telling us that someone won't like it and we will lose our audience. To hell with the audience! Let's seek truth without restraint.

df67d0 No.1168316


Correction…December 12, 2008

ba0a6a No.1168317



I think yr into something BIG

They do everything in plain sight

Unchallenged for decades


409e38 No.1168318


Looks like Mount Vernon, maybe. A visit to Mount Vernon was on their agenda yesterday afternoon. Do you think TinEye scrapes the web every second? Of course it doesn't. Its data is not going to be less than 1 day old. Don't make something sinister out of nothing.

f357fc No.1168319

File: 5cbfbfca423eac7⋯.png (372.54 KB, 549x307, 549:307, pr.png)


So hard to find the right colour these days.

c3bd2c No.1168320


https:// www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/investigations/dea-drug-industry-congress/?utm_term=.241883e0e1b4

https:// blackburn.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398619

Two completely didn't stories.

I was for opioids while I was getting funds from the drug companies until it became a big problem and then I was against it after I and others completely fucked the pooch on it.

A SOLUTION to the problem………

When everything is nearly fixed it would be nice to see this summer a straight bill produced by Sekulow and Levin to be introduced to congress by the 4 “leaders” of the house and senate for congress to pass eliminating the pensions for all members and all the rest of the freebies these clowns in congress have bestowed upon themselves over time.

Marsha can be a co sponsor.

05b534 No.1168321

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"100% Certain That 9/11 Was a Israeli Operation"

US War College Director

"What Americans need to understand: Israel did it. They did it. And if Americans do understand that, Israel will flat-ass disappear from this earth."

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7xTsWsLbV4

1d3244 No.1168322


Entrenchment at the highest levels.

39c01d No.1168323

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Arrival Ceremony of the President of France and Mrs. Macron

Wow, FLOTUS is lookin sharp!

47da8d No.1168324



Possible add on to >>1167963

d96cb5 No.1168325


He never did a reveal on this one??

15a58a No.1168326

https:// t.co/EvAHyScwNA

c9c9d7 No.1168327


Eat cock you fucking shill kike. Sauce? All over the board you fucking lazy ass nigger look at the Q post about PP. JESUS CHRIST.

f2df6b No.1168328



I would guess this board is a Honey pot from Day1. These idiots rush in here and attempt to deflect and derail Truth and Justice.

I have a good idea where the majority of them operate from and thats why they believe they are untouchable

ba0a6a No.1168329

e8f401 No.1168330


Hear, hear.

22e00d No.1168331


>FBI investigates Boom statements

> Clowns scared to post

kek. it's the general pattern: pretend toinvestigate trump admin, collect info on enemy instead

are the clowns learning?

15a58a No.1168332

File: b193a2647395454⋯.png (131.25 KB, 1233x776, 1233:776, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: 7e7496bc5a370c4⋯.png (102.72 KB, 1249x676, 1249:676, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)



9d7c8e No.1168333


fuck'n a

bad792 No.1168334

Regarding FAKING death (Bushes?)

If you haven't read Miles Mathis's articles, they are worth a look. I was stunned reading about John Lennon, Stephen Hawking, and the Challenger spaceshuttle astronauts. FAKING deaths is something that goes on, with the cabal/elites. (I think Miles is a portrait artist that is very skilled at facial recognition)

Take time and read; judge for yourself.

http:// mileswmathis.com/updates.html

http:// milesmathis.com/hawk3.pdf

http:// mileswmathis.com/lennon.pdf

9f143b No.1168335


Nicki Hilton married the Rothschild scion James Rothschild in 2015. They have been breeding ever since.kek

Pretty sure it was an arranged marriage, like Chelsea Clinton.

For bloodline purposes.

e21ee0 No.1168336


also member that "art experiment" where she sat in a room, and an old lover what brought to her (and brought to tears), livestreamed for the whole world to see (it was one of these cutesy viral sensation videos for a while)…

curious what the actual ritual was.

curious what that man knew, about how evil she truly is…

c96cb4 No.1168337


They are confused.

They have strict rules.

Never act in confusing situations:

Mistakes will be made

d96cb5 No.1168338


After looking at known candidates in 2015, my money is on Rubio.

2d2916 No.1168339


Jennifer Hudson’s first album was released in 2008, she was famous already for four years before Whitney’s death in 2012. She was a not a new star…

194118 No.1168340


Pretty much. They are outside the whitehouse in the lawn giving their joint speech. Had a nice revolutionary war style military parade across the lawn to start it all off.

5fbca8 No.1168341


You remind me of that human bean a couple threads ago. You were given eyes, and given a brain. You have learned to use your eyes to see. Now you must learn to use your brain to process the info your eyes take in.

It's not to late, but this, is something you must do for yourself. I wish you better luck than you've had previously.

c9c9d7 No.1168342


Yes and it's beyond disturbing. Social media has made it nigh impossible to discuss the truth that's right in front of our faces. We get labeled nut cases, conspiracy theorists (something I never would have been considered last year), and so on. I have friends who I can discuss this stuff with but there really is no other forum/medium for this discussion.

5e391e No.1168343

File: c0f872665979d92⋯.png (284.26 KB, 282x810, 47:135, c0f872665979d92801a7fb13c0….png)

Can't take credit for this. But thought it deserved some respect!

d298fa No.1168344


anon., can you pls reference what you are referring to? thx.


>ALL THE WAY BACK to Chinagate i.e. Port of Long Beach deal.

Whoa. fyi to anons. to wish to dig this:

there's a piece in the Notables. from last week that links to an article from the 90s that goes in FULL DETAIL on the Chinagate deal, including the exact participants in the room.

(hint: BC's CoS + #2 @ Pentagon in 1995.)

7efeb5 No.1168345

File: b90d8792ff8e28c⋯.png (207.25 KB, 721x677, 721:677, TW1.png)

So wikileaks is doing Bitcoin as well?

What was it about bitcoin that everybody was saying about a month ago?

621f6c No.1168346

f357fc No.1168347


Kicked out of Armenia and most likely looking for a new new hideout.

ae3849 No.1168348


This is by far the best indication of what awaits in the rest of the 25k sealed indictments.

A ground up operation to nab them all as they snitch on one another. Gotta catch em all! Their stupid mind control/distraction game slogan comes back to bite em on the ass.


cc4287 No.1168349


(((They))) already had the "intelligence", or lack thereof. The dossier was created by Steele and UK gave permission for Steele to had over to (((them))). Now, they needed a way to "legally" introduce it.

Since there was no collusion, what else were they going to make up about Potus to get him Impeached? That dossier was too easily disproven. Either they were going to make something else up or they thought We The People were too stupid to see what they were doing.

Seems there are more than 4 people involved with 5 i's. Maybe Q was asking about 4 people that actually were voted in? BHO. HRC. McStain, Schiff?

95768f No.1168350


Report: Amazon Limits Reviews of Comey Book

http:// www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/04/23/report-amazon-limits-reviews-of-james-comeys-new-book/

c96cb4 No.1168351


Differences to be cleared:


Self-managing/International operating managers


Earning hundred thousands/Earning billions.

Learn the difference

f5ae90 No.1168352


$100k/month in hush money? Not many can support that load.

47da8d No.1168353

File: 55e6d5972c0f2d2⋯.jpg (45.33 KB, 508x219, 508:219, 55e6d5972c0f2d21f9fa5669a8….jpg)

df67d0 No.1168354


Ok, last thing.

Valerie Jarrett's signature doesn't look like she signed "Jarrett".

Looks like a different name or spelling.

Sloppy writing or significant???

4647ad No.1168355


The Democrats in their INCREDIBLE arrogance assume that black people just AUTOMATICALLY LIKE other black people. Unless you're living under a rock, you would know that black people are just like everyone else. Do you automatically trust white people because they're the same color as you? They know that they are lied to. They know that they are manipulated. And as the memes about Maxine Waters start to fly, the truth will set all of us free…

f3177d No.1168356


whats this? real research in a research thread? i feel like i've gone back in time 3 months… put this in notables baker.

41390b No.1168357


Anon. Who cares? Whether it's flat or it's round, it's been that way from the beginning, so who cares? Bugging Q about it is not gonna change it's shape. If you want to believe it's flat, more power to ya, but go to the flat earth thread and flat earth all you want to there. Anons here dont give a rip.

144f58 No.1168358


The layfayette references and Lexington/Concord mention sound to me like macron is putting the cabal on notice that they are with us. Thanks frenchy, I'll stop making fun of your wife for a little while.

c9c9d7 No.1168359


Hiltons, real estate and property development. Trump, real estate and property development. Coincidence or Rothschilds trying to get their hands in yet another cookie jar? I'll choose the latter.

c96cb4 No.1168360


Can't confirm the claim.

But would you be surprised?

Would you?

874a8b No.1168361


Macron spouting globalist tripe…Ugh

18b7a4 No.1168362


the past is the past

many many people were stuck doing all kinds of cabal things.

After all we were all part of this world that has been dominated by the Cabal

I bet you NEVER played along with the Cabal society.

She is on our team now so STFU

39c01d No.1168363

Candace Owens Accuses The Left Of ‘Wanting Their Slaves Back’ dailycaller.com/2018/04/24/candace-owens-black-people-slaves/

524acc No.1168364


thanks anons. clock problems solved. unrelated to Q drop

c9c9d7 No.1168365


They did it with Megyn Kelly's book. Deleted tons of one star reviews. They're doing it again. Fuck you, Bezos.

fb7ff2 No.1168366

File: 8fa0408022d2ac8⋯.png (3.54 KB, 438x78, 73:13, Screenshot-2018-4-24 Q Res….png)


thank you

41390b No.1168367


Wrong. It's cold-blooded, premeditated murder and deserves capital punishment.

ae3849 No.1168368

File: f7d2a84f17ba32f⋯.png (522.81 KB, 680x694, 340:347, multichekt3.PNG)

c96cb4 No.1168369


Your logic is great.

We need people like you on this board.

Share your opinion more frequently if you can.

Thanks for your contribution.

7efeb5 No.1168370

41390b filtering ID+ just so I won't see the FE conversation your trying to spark up.

4647ad No.1168371


Irrelevant - time itself is an illusion in the way that we perceive it. And if you really believe that the earth is flat in our perception of reality, I challenge you to choose any vehicle and try to find the outer edges, or try to fly under it. You can't.

81dfb7 No.1168372

File: 64899e27bfe159c⋯.jpg (76.02 KB, 566x385, 566:385, Christ was Patriot.jpg)


1. a person who vigorously supports his/her native land and its way of life.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender of truth and individual rights against interference by centralized authorities.

5f5908 No.1168373


2ff55d No.1168374


No sauce - not notable

774a90 No.1168375

File: 351df10b5d30479⋯.png (552.15 KB, 720x540, 4:3, lil bastard clock tamperin….png)

18b7a4 No.1168376

File: 2fd0e806fc445be⋯.jpg (6.7 KB, 300x160, 15:8, POTUSLAUGHS.jpg)



A few people have asked me about President's Trump's tweet in which he used the word "covfefe." Most people think he meant to write "coverage" and they have had quite a bit of fun with it, but actually it is a real word of Yiddish origin, meaning "a futile search" or "a pointless and false quest." It was originally transliterated from the Hebrew as "kabfefe," whose etymology is "kab"—relating to the mystical Qabalah—and "fefe," which is a word for "butterfly." What Trump was actually saying in Yiddish tweet-speak was, "We are doing great things despite the press's negative and pointless search, aka fake news."

For those who are interested, the idea of "covfefe" comes from an old Yiddish tale about a foolish Sephardi rabbi who believed he was called to find and destroy the mythical and rare butterfly known as Benshariza, or "Lucifer butterfly"—a name that comes from "Helel ben Shahar," meaning "shining star" (see Isaiah 14:12; also see Ephesians 2:2, where Satan is called the "prince of the power of the air"). The rabbi claimed that the Benshariza was recognizable by a unique and disturbing pattern on its huge wings, which looked like the moon and star symbol of the god Ba'al-Hadad. He was convinced that this ominous creature housed "the spirit of Satan" and that if he could destroy it, he would free the world of evil.

His search became an obsession, driving him across Europe to catch countless butterflies, but all he really caught were rounds of derision. His travels took him from Iberia to Bucharest, then up to Moscow, and finally back to Europe again, where he met his doom in the Palatinate (southwestern Germany), in a little town called Cagelenstat.* There he came across a baron who led him to believe that he had the beautiful butterfly in his possession but retorted, "Why, in the name of all things holy, would I hand it over to a little flitting fly-catcher on some stupid kabfefe!" The rabbi, exhausted and frustrated by his long travels, flew into a rage and lunged at the baron, who promptly drove a battle-axe into his skull and ended the meaningless quest. From that point on the word covfefe has been used to laugh at idiots in search of nothing.

*NOTE: It is likely mere coincidence that Cagelenstat is the original name of Kallstadt, Germany, which happens to be the birthplace of Friedrich Drumpf, the grandfather of Donald J. Trump. Friedrich, or Frederick, who became an American citizen in 1896, often advised his children, "Know what you want and follow your dream, but never get distracted by covfefe!"

e21ee0 No.1168377


yup, it proves that the name was never consistently spelled, and the "mandela effect" is a (bad) joke

2c6ea1 No.1168378

File: a2da5eaddf8bc56⋯.jpg (46.97 KB, 633x434, 633:434, Marco.jpg)

File: e19a4ad3129f8d9⋯.jpg (35.53 KB, 740x459, 740:459, marco 2.jpg)

File: 186ea75db44eaaa⋯.jpg (120.52 KB, 744x550, 372:275, Marco Lyiba.jpg)


There's been rumors.

Did Marco find a way to pay for the hushing by turning to evil dealings?He plays the " I too have student loans I struggled with" act. Either way, I have never trust Rubio… not for a moment.

41390b No.1168379


God bless that baby's soul.

f88e62 No.1168380

Does anyone have a link to the Allison Mack court document from the courts website?

41390b No.1168381

c757e7 No.1168382


I was watching the live broadcast as Potus and Flotus were awaiting the arrival of the Macrons. Was first struck by the elegance of the First Lady yet, as I watched her face I sensed worry and fear and it looked to me as if she was pushing back tears. I have had a sense of dread during this entire speech on the lawn and spent it praying and sending blessings. thank heavens it is over….

ae46ad No.1168383

File: 4387f996666ed9b⋯.jpg (53.03 KB, 848x477, 16:9, CaddyShack.JPG)

Folks, we broke the Matrix…


cc4287 No.1168384


Can you imagine how surprised he was when we stormed the compound? Pakistan sold him out. No honor among thieves.

b433d8 No.1168385

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.


Psalm 73:

Plea for Relief from Oppressors

A Psalm of Asaph.

73 Truly God is good to the upright,

to those who are pure in heart.

2 But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled,

my steps had well nigh slipped.

3 For I was envious of the arrogant,

when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

4 For they have no pangs;

their bodies are sound and sleek.

5 They are not in trouble as other men are;

they are not stricken like other men.

6 Therefore pride is their necklace;

violence covers them as a garment.

7 Their eyes swell out with fatness,

their hearts overflow with follies.

8 They scoff and speak with malice;

loftily they threaten oppression.

9 They set their mouths against the heavens,

and their tongue struts through the earth.

10 Therefore the people turn and praise them;

and find no fault in them.

11 And they say, “How can God know?

Is there knowledge in the Most High?”

12 Behold, these are the wicked;

always at ease, they increase in riches.

13 All in vain have I kept my heart clean

and washed my hands in innocence.

14 For all the day long I have been stricken,

and chastened every morning.

15 If I had said, “I will speak thus,”

I would have been untrue to the generation of thy children.

16 But when I thought how to understand this,

it seemed to me a wearisome task,

17 until I went into the sanctuary of God;

then I perceived their end.

18 Truly thou dost set them in slippery places;

thou dost make them fall to ruin.

19 How they are destroyed in a moment,

swept away utterly by terrors!

20 They are like a dream when one awakes,

on awaking you despise their phantoms.

21 When my soul was embittered,

when I was pricked in heart,

22 I was stupid and ignorant,

I was like a beast toward thee.

23 Nevertheless I am continually with thee;

thou dost hold my right hand.

24 Thou dost guide me with thy counsel,

and afterward thou wilt receive me to glory.

25 Whom have I in heaven but thee?

And there is nothing upon earth that I desire besides thee.

26 My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart and my portion for ever.

27 For lo, those who are far from thee shall perish;

thou dost put an end to those who are false to thee.

28 But for me it is good to be near God;

I have made the Lord God my refuge,

that I may tell of all thy works.

81dfb7 No.1168386

File: d1e839f6ea7bda2⋯.png (4.7 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, F62E46F5-7599-4B73-B4DC-C2….png)


>Christ was a Patriot


Among the many deviations of Christ’s [teaching from the Sermon on the Mount], the chief deviation [is] the failure to acknowledge the commandment of non-resistance to evil, which more obviously than any other shows the distortion of Christ’s teaching [by] church doctrine.

[Christ’s teaching was essentially that] we should oppose evil by every righteous means in our power, but not by [being compelled to act against one’s will]. Christ [advised us to turn the] other cheek, judge not, forgive [those who] wrong us, and love our enemies.

The Church as a church, whatever it may be, in so far as it is a church, cannot but strive …to conceal the real meaning of Christ's teaching and to replace it by their own, which lays no obligation on them, excludes the possibility of understanding the [Truth, and] justifies the existence of priests supported at the people's expense.

And what is most important of all – [is that] the man who has been instructed by the Church in the profane doctrine cannot be saved by his own powers, which, they assure him, is sinful to trust in, but [rather only through their] means of salvation… the teaching of every Church, with its redemption and sacraments, excludes this teaching of Christ…

[Thus, one might conclude that] if a man can be saved by the redemption, by sacraments, and by prayer, then he does not need “good works.”

[It is not] without good reason [then], that Christ's only harsh and threatening reproof was directed against hypocrites and hypocrisy. It is not theft nor robbery nor murder nor fornication, but falsehood, the special falsehood of hypocrisy, which corrupts men, brutalizes them and makes them vindictive, destroys all distinction between right and wrong in their conscience, deprives them of what is the true meaning of all real human life….

[It is from this seed of falsehood, that] …the governments in our time — all governments, the most despotic [to] the most liberal — have become … organizations of violence, which [are ultimately] now employ[ed] for the enslavement and oppression of men…”

The [authorities] do not now lean… even on the semblance of justice, but on an artificial organization which, with the aid of the [social] sciences, encloses all men in the circle of violence, from which there is [little] possibility of tearing themselves away. This circle is now composed of four means of influencing men (intimidation, bribary, hypnotization, and conscription), [which] are connected and sustain one another, as the links in the ring of a united chain.

…There is left but one sphere of human activity which is not usurped by the governmental power — the domestic, economic sphere, the sphere of the private life and of labor. But even this sphere, thanks to the … communists and socialists, [has] slowly [been] usurped by the governments, so that labor and rest, the domicile, the attire, the food of men will by degrees be determined and directed by the governments…

…The attempts of these men at freeing themselves [through violent revolution] only give the governments a convenient excuse for strengthening their power, and actually provoke its strengthening.

[Now,] after eighteen centuries, [we] are faced again with the necessity of solving the question, so long evaded …, as to the acceptance or non-acceptance of Christ’s [central] teaching [of nonresistance to] evil by violence, because it alone frees [us] from that condition of slavery in which [we] have become entangled …

But it is not merely the wretchedness of men’s condition that brings [us] to this necessity… There was a good reason why, in the course of eighteen centuries, the best [of] men …, having recognized the truths of the teaching by means of an inner, spiritual method, should have borne witness to them before men, in spite of all threats, privations, calamities, and torments. With this their martyrdom these best men have put the stamp of truthfulness upon the teaching and have transmitted it to the masses.

[Therefore,] let each man, according to his [own free will], at once realize in his life the truth he knows, or at least cease to support the falsehoods he is supporting in the place of the truth, and at once, [we shall witness] such reforms [man has so long hoped for]-the emancipation of men and the reign of truth upon the Earth.

"[If a] man loves himself, his family, and even his native country, [then why] should he not [also] love humanity? That would be such an excellent thing [and] it is precisely what is taught by Christ."


This was a distillation and readaptation* of Leo Tolstoy’s writings from his classic thesis, “The Kingdom of God is within You”

*[The words in brackets are mine]

524acc No.1168387


moar fakenews probably..was on twat yesterday as well. source either gateway pundit or zerohedge.

hi clowns… nice try.


de8e03 No.1168388

File: 4916768962d3527⋯.jpg (75.83 KB, 626x610, 313:305, clock-ahmed.jpg)

ba0a6a No.1168389


Excellent post


And lmao 🤣

18b7a4 No.1168390


nice anon!

You are paying attention

df67d0 No.1168391


Looks ripe for RICO to me!

4647ad No.1168392


But they will happily give out Gardasil vaccines that CAUSE ENDOMETRIOSIS, STERILITY, and WORSE!

a14cd0 No.1168393


Kek. Fuck the matrix

89014a No.1168394


One of the Frenchies took the photo. Tres artistic, no?

https:// twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron/status/988715689409212416

Here's the translation of the French on Macron's twat:

Thank you, POTUS, FLOTUS for this dinner in the footsteps of our ancestors Washington and Lafayette. They already knew that democracy was worth fighting for.

b4daa3 No.1168395

did Macron just grab POTUS FLOTUS hands and make the goat horn sign?

194118 No.1168396


Yep. France saw the opportunity to become the European leader by siding with POTUS early on. I can see a US military base moving from Germany to France. MFGA

fa41b5 No.1168397


he died in 2002,


that was 100% fake

d3e013 No.1168398

File: 81c4daddd85234c⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1636x1384, 409:346, wa_po_4_24.png)

Inside the secret U.S. stockpile meant to save us all in a bioterror attack

>For nearly two decades, the repository has been almost exclusively managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That will change under a Trump administration plan to shift oversight of the $575 million program to a different part of the Department of Health and Human Services. Doing so, proponents say, will keep the program intact but streamline decision-making and create “efficiencies.”

>This is quite a different kind of warehouse. It and several others across the country are part of the $7 billion Strategic National Stockpile, a government repository of drugs and supplies ready for deployment in a bioterrorism or nuclear attack, or against an infectious disease outbreak — of either a known pathogen or some unknown threat with pandemic potential, which global health officials dub “Disease X”

>Officials won't say how many stockpile warehouses exist. But there are at least six, according to a 2016 independent report. All the locations are secret, including this one in an industrial complex off a busy highway. A reporter allowed to tour the facility had to agree not to disclose the location. No camera, video equipment or cellphone is permitted inside.

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/04/24/inside-the-secret-u-s-stockpile-meant-to-save-us-all-in-a-bioterror-attack/?__twitter_impression=true&noredirect=on&utm_term=.0cd1d375885c

c96cb4 No.1168399

Who was Barbara Crowley?

e21ee0 No.1168400

odd, last post not showing for me on

https:// qanon.pub/

6c0fb0 No.1168401


The kind of utter monster that is capable of this

shall not know mercy

18b7a4 No.1168402


Excellent anon

crushed it

3001fd No.1168403


You are the decoder. Is there anything new?

7dfa47 No.1168404


>>1168117 >>1168135 >>1168150 >>1168157 >>1168159 >>1168184 >>1168225 >>1168267 >>1168324 >>1168356

"a specific bin Laden desk run by one man" - this is the handler, who is the one man?

1ec28b No.1168405

That reception was REGAL AF

Finally, "CLASS" resides at the White House (or whatever you wanna call it - it's in tippy top shape)


5e391e No.1168406


The theory is Barbara Bush is Aleister Crowleys daughter.

7efeb5 No.1168407

File: 0004d57d998d753⋯.png (12.87 KB, 557x225, 557:225, air.png)

524acc No.1168408



- why does Q use "Bin Laden" in 2nd line and talks about "UBL" further on?

Usama? Why not Osama? or OBL?

is Q trying to point out attention to something?

Ubl.. US Bin Laden or whatever?

No one elses autism getting triggered every time u you UBL in stead of OBL?


4647ad No.1168409


So the only R voting against is expected to be Rand Paul? I think Rand Paul is taking his role as the "libertarian purist" too far. I don't think his intentions are pure at all. Maybe he doesn't want to get "beat up by the neighbors" again.

ba0a6a No.1168410




That’s a keeper

cc4287 No.1168411


What about Jeb Bush?

da013a No.1168412

File: fdede0b959873b0⋯.png (566.18 KB, 1200x761, 1200:761, ClipboardImage.png)


Maybe work up a chart like the cow chart with a fetus/baby?

0b028d No.1168413

File: 28de00d5e486268⋯.png (600.83 KB, 1252x1778, 626:889, IMG_3812.PNG)


Good Morning! you are very welcome

1d3244 No.1168414


I'm pretty sure it's in the thread.

1ec28b No.1168415


Osama has been referred to as UBL in all the intelligence documents from days of old to present that I've ever read.

Just like they used to spell "muslim" as "moslem" - it's a phonetic thing

5fbca8 No.1168416


Poverty Pimp Polling:

So we will give her the benefit of the doubt, and say she has 19 female friends; that means that 6 of her closest friends do NOT want to impeach Trump. What have we proved?

That Polling is among the concepts that she doesn't understand. Much like a child who learns a big word, but does not know how to use it in context.

a14cd0 No.1168417


No. Because it's spelled Usama Bin Laden …. Look it up

621f6c No.1168418


The D's thanks to Saul Alinsky and standard Communist operating procedure have controlled the media and education narratives in this country since the Russian Jews immigrated here in 1905 (pre-Bolshevik). They have been able to manipulate the truth. Conservatives have operated under the idea that truth will be truth and get out there. Obviously this is just incredibly naive. Finally with Memes, which combines visualization and words, the patriots can get a voice in the narrative–a voice that will be so unfamiliar to normies who have grown accustomed to the constant blaring of the MSM narrative. It reminds me of North Korea–constantly blaring propaganda except in the US case under the guise of the MSM. Or similar to that old TV show, The Prisoner, with Patrick McGoohan

194118 No.1168419


Cool now explain Sinbad saying he was never in a genie movie and yet the movie exists.

fb7ff2 No.1168420


proves ur in your 20s

b015c8 No.1168421

Abortion was around long before it was legal - thousands of years. The burden (ALL of it) of abortion is carried by the mother - not the father. At best, men can imagine the issue, just as they imagine being shot. But the reality of it is far different. For this reason, I have a real problem with a bunch of old men sitting around and deciding this matter.

I also have issue with "one size fits all" that is inevitable with legal solutions. I have issue with supporting it financially when the division it causes is obvious. I have issue with the myriad complications that pregnancy has which are both visible and treatable today, where in the past they were unknown and resulted in 'miscarriage'. There are so many personal beliefs, circumstances, medical options and other issues that this issue will likely never be resolved legally to full satisfaction of both sides.

I do not know the answer, nor does anyone else or this would not be a divisive issue. I do know that few mothers would want their terminated baby "parted out" and sold off. So my suggestion is that we get rid of this atrocity FIRST, then seriously decide if we even want or need further government intrusion into a very personal issue.

Perhaps the answer is to get government OUT of the issue 100%, and let people do as they wish. The people bear the consequences for this at the most personal level, and restricting or funding either end of the issue seems unfair. This is freedom, and with it comes responsibility - as do consequences - at the most personal level.

I find it interesting to contemplate this discussion pre-1945, when miscarriage was more common, there was no such thing as 'neonatal' and government was subsidizing nothing.

f5ae90 No.1168422


Probably the DDOS attack has freaked it out.

It'll probably show up once the attack dies down. It was pretty bad yesterday.

4f5eb5 No.1168423

File: 4e193f9071460b9⋯.png (129.2 KB, 610x788, 305:394, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


George W. Bush: “My Dad Was Meeting with the Brother of Osama on September 11, 2001. Does That Make Him a Terror Suspect?”

https:// www.strategic-culture.org/news/2015/03/17/bush-my-dad-was-meeting-with-brother-osama-september-11-2001.html

Bush were friendly with the Bin Laden Family. Bin Laden Brother lived in Texas, died in an ultra light plane crash…

http:// www.rense.com/general14/brother.htm

What we don't know is why Salem bin Laden took off in the tiny aircraft and turned toward a nearby row of high-power electrical towers. He climbed, but not high enough to clear the upper power line. The Sprint ultralight got tangled and crashed into the ground 115 feet below.

"Of everybody who was there, nobody could figure out why he tried to fly over the power lines," said Gerry Auerbach, 77, of New Braunfels, a retired pilot for Saudi Arabian Airlines and for the bin Laden brothers, multimillionaire builders who long ago disowned Osama.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pervez_Musharraf

Connection Bushs, Pakistan Musharraf and Bin Laden… goes deep and no surprise he was being protected by Pakistan. Obama goes in for the "kill" strictly for political reasons, probably to take our eyes off of something else but would explain a whole lot more. its deep.

Pic interesting:

a3005e No.1168424

File: edaaf80c9544c66⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


what i said yesterday.


e21ee0 No.1168425


Hey, glad you caught the answer, wasn't sure.

I've seen a few anons go by here, itching with their personal tale of how this all relates to them, didn't read all of it but it often just felt sad for the poster, who was having rough times…

Your story resonates quite differently… also sad for all you had to go through, of course, but in a much different way.

I really hope having told the story helps you heal more, and thanks again.

Where we are one, we are all.

9d7c8e No.1168426


exact same here. she was noticably blinking. out of character for her. zero smile too. IMO she looked scared. we know she is fine in the public eye. she has top notch staff to aid the dinner. something else. I prayed a few times through that ceremony for the well being of all there. I'm betting a security threat or a stopped attack.

5e391e No.1168427


It can be spelled either way. Like Muhammad, Mohammed, and Mohammad

47a904 No.1168428

File: f8539bdb392a48b⋯.png (562.54 KB, 936x498, 156:83, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


The "conspiracy theory" narrative, public education brainwashing, H-wood, all combined with PC bullshit has worked to a large degree. This will require some serious unravelling. Our culture has been lulled to sleep, but is starting to wake up. It is slowly happening, but it will take time. The important thing is to get people to simply QUESTION EVERYTHING, especially narratives pushed by the media & entertainment complex.

60e4f5 No.1168429

File: dca9a51c334357f⋯.jpg (57.79 KB, 660x371, 660:371, AA.jpg)

'Bin Laden bodyguard' on German welfare http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43878237

e28266 No.1168430

The difference that makes a difference.

Abortion is a schills favorite topic. Human IQ drops rapidly as emotional engagement increases. Abortion makes excellent cover, shills can take any position, even an absurd one and some anon will be triggered and respond. Likewise any schill response (ignored or filtered on other topics) will provoke heated precompiled repliies and detonate a stinking mating ball of circular stupidity.

With our influx of new fags it cant be avoided, hopefull once the normies have been through the arguments a few dozen time they too will want to get back to work, identifing "the difference that makes a difference."

89014a No.1168431


If they had really "gotten" him, they would have paraded the corpse just as they paraded Sadam's sons in photos, and Sadam himself when they pulled him out of his hole. Even if they had only gotten one of his doubles, they would have done it. Instead, they buried him at sea,,,? NO photos?? No proof, except for that one guy from the kill team that wasn't killed later, selling himself on Fox chat shows as "the guy that killed Osama" - ? Somebody ought to dig into THAT guy.

Bin Laden was dead from kidney failure long before, imho.

2ff55d No.1168432


Good Correction needed. SB "when they took God"…

735a3a No.1168433


Now do Gaddafi!

c3bd2c No.1168434



▶Anonymous 04/24/18 (Tue) 08:47:28 18b7a4 No.1168362

>>1168320 (You)

the past is the past

many many people were stuck doing all kinds of cabal things.

After all we were all part of this world that has been dominated by the Cabal

I bet you NEVER played along with the Cabal society.

She is on our team now so STFU


Listen to me you little cunt, you can go fuck yourself.

Your a want to be useless little shit sitting in mommy's basement.

194118 No.1168435


He voted yes.

47a904 No.1168436


Yes - latest Clown divisionfag tactic.

70940c No.1168437

https:// www.theguardian.com/business/live/2018/apr/24/tsb-online-banking-troubles-uk-public-finances-business-live

TSB bank down, Lots of customers checking banks to find 0 balance and even some in overdrafts.

47da8d No.1168438



Pay attention newbies!

35912a No.1168439


>Perhaps the answer is to get government OUT of the issue 100%

Don't tread on me

a9ff8e No.1168440


Not evil? Have you watched the Okeefe videos. KYS

9f143b No.1168441

File: 7facdc28ed066e5⋯.jpg (73.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Purple pepe 3.jpg)

File: 0abe7f6d074cc5c⋯.jpg (53.42 KB, 499x499, 1:1, Purple pepe 4.jpg)

File: 0426095f76e35ed⋯.jpg (58.79 KB, 513x500, 513:500, Purple pepe.jpg)

File: 27f87ca97c6cdbc⋯.png (1.13 MB, 866x900, 433:450, Soros pepe meme.png)



5e391e No.1168442


Is this supposed to mean something in English?

7efeb5 No.1168443

c3bd2c asswipes use fake (You)s.

18b7a4 No.1168444


>I find it interesting to contemplate this discussion pre-1945, when miscarriage was more common, there was no such thing as 'neonatal' and government was subsidizing nothing

This says it all

well done anon

47da8d No.1168445


All your DUM ases belong to us!

6d6906 No.1168446

Rep. Maxine Waters (D, CA–43, FSC, FAN)


14h14 hours ago


Instead of aksing questions like “How do we keep people that want to harm us out of our country?” What we should be aksing is, “How can we become a better country so they won’t WANT to harm us?” #ActOnClimate


ba5967 No.1168447



>"How do people support/vote 4 these people?"

Q is asking "HOW" do you vote 4 these people, not "WHY" do you vote for.

I see a distinction in voting process rather than reason for voting.

0b028d No.1168448


Another anon and I posted these, don't have a link a Anon said earlier I never thread link was broken



05b534 No.1168449

File: c3b0973978801eb⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 500x284, 125:71, tumblr_nsrnt0Xm9k1tvgm9uo1….gif)




"Can't take credit for this."

Not a place to be humble.

Steal memes where found.

Improve, promote and propagate.

Anons are Anons.

MEME WARS - all's fair in meme wars!

735a3a No.1168450

File: cb4f6770bd3bdc0⋯.png (110 KB, 1133x398, 1133:398, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


>https:// www.theguardian.com/business/live/2018/apr/24/tsb-online-banking-troubles-uk-public-finances-business-live

Whoa anons! BIG. Coming soon to a bank near you?

4647ad No.1168451


That's great news - now he doesn't look like a traitor.

00020a No.1168452


The "traditional" Muslim burial at sea kek

c757e7 No.1168453

File: 2b614cb4e457cfb⋯.png (799.05 KB, 961x649, 961:649, diner.png)



Thank you anon! unreal

18b7a4 No.1168454


very well stated anon


621f6c No.1168455


I don't think Bush 41 was in as heavily as some on this board thinks. And I really don't think Bush 43 had much knowledge at all. Not saying they're squeaky clean or innocent–just saying that they're no WJC or BHO.

c96cb4 No.1168456

Cody Snodgres is a liablity.

No asset for decades already.

How could he survive up until today?

47da8d No.1168457



All your D.U.M.B.ases belong to us.

All your Dumb asses belong to us.

I fucked it up. May Kek forgive me.


fb7ff2 No.1168458


http:// www.collegehumor.com/post/7044137/shazaam-is-real

e28266 No.1168459


What's the logo on the purpleshirt?

35912a No.1168460


So bin Laden's bodyguard has been living in Germany for 13 years?

>After obtaining a temporary residence permit in Germany in 1999 he took several technology courses and moved to the city in 2005.

>His asylum application was rejected in 2007 because the authorities had listed him as a security risk. He has to report daily at a police station.


2c6ea1 No.1168461


Can't be brought to justice if you're dead. I'm not ruling fake deaths out. The world is not how I viewed it for so long…. everything under the sun is now a possibility.

36eefe No.1168462

Allison Mack seemingly tried to recruit Emma Watson for alleged sex cult

http:// gkmen.com/2018/04/24/allison-mack-seemingly-tried-to-recruit-emma-watson-for/

During the branding ceremony, prosecutors say Mack placed her hands on the slaves' chest as they cried, telling them to "feel the pain" and "think of (their) master".

According to a criminal complaint, Keith Raniere ran a sex cult.

Raniere is being held without bail after the United States attorney's office told the court the cult leader previously had sexual relationships with two minor females aged 15 and 12.

cc4287 No.1168463


So, we don't have any proof of when ubl really did die. I wonder if that info was kept on HRC's home computer. Hopefully, it's stored somewhere that will be made public in the future.

f5ae90 No.1168464

File: cad87cebd95760b⋯.png (239.05 KB, 480x320, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Regarding fake deaths. Unless I'm incorrect, Is this not Nancy Reagan in white?

Didn't Nancy Reagan die March 6 2016?

WTF am I seeing here?

4647ad No.1168465


OOOOOOO that makes my blood boil…

She's saying that we DESERVE to be harmed. What a treacherous, treasonous witch!

d7e263 No.1168466


JROTC Eagle Battalion

7efeb5 No.1168467


>I fucked it up. May Kek forgive me.

DENIED, and frog pee all over you!!! KJek!

c757e7 No.1168468


I heard that as well….


18b7a4 No.1168469



lots of gross stuff in the world

people in medicine treat it casually to cope

just like cops who see crime

6c0fb0 No.1168470


Can you die of stupdity?

9ba704 No.1168471




Rubio maybe, but I don't know if he has 100k a month.

Who's the SHE? Is it hillary?


We've known for a long time, and we started calling him foam boy. I don't know. With what money?


The older bush's ARE bohemians.

d298fa No.1168472

File: 7cc98ebfc6af256⋯.png (95.96 KB, 676x411, 676:411, FrenchConnection18-04-24 a….png)



Photos through a keyhole and under a gate in Mt Vernon VA in tweet written in French?


AND gifting a tree from Belleau Woods?

Monsieur Macron envoie un message?

b4daa3 No.1168473

does anyone have a link to the fox news showing POTUS with Macron that can replay. I believe I saw Macron grab POTUS and FLOTUS hands and hold up cabal goat horn sing using their hands

e21ee0 No.1168474


important to understand.

difficult not to go too deep, but that's embedded in the defense mechanism, it's a necessary part of it: the more evil they are, the more difficult it is for people to believe it….

Dec 14 2017 21:27:05 (EST) Anonymous ID: 7681cc 99525

Shall we play a game?

Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

Remember, they never thought she was going to lose.

Therefore, they never thought investigations and/or public interest into their criminal acts would be exposed/investigated.

Therefore, they never thought they had anything to fear.

Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism.

Therefore, they were sloppy.

Hussein’s last speech in Chicago re: ‘scandal free’.

Why did he continually emphasize that phrase?

As a backup, they infiltrated and control the narrative (the ‘MSM’).

As a backup, they install only those on the team.

As a backup, they blackmail those that aren’t.

As a backup, they defined ‘conspiracy’ as crazy/mentally unstable and label anything ‘true’ as such.

This works given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable (hard to swallow).

The ‘fix’ has always been in – no matter which party won the election (-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot)).

This was always the promise made to those who played the game (willingly or otherwise) (i.e., they would never lose power).

Power of the (3) letter agencies.

Power over the US Military (WW dominance to push against other nations and install like-kind).

These people are really stupid.

Follow the husbands.

Another Hint:

Ian Cameron

McKinsey & Company

Clowns In America.

Dr. Emmett J. Rice.

Federal Reserve.

Everyone is connected.

How about a nice game of chess?

Nov 22 2017 17:07:59 (EST) Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: YzNom6b4 150517837


Where did it end up?

What was the purpose?

Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?

Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification?

Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could.

How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)?

Why in cash?

Where did the plane(s) actually land?

What was the cover?

Who paid for BO to attend Harvard?

Why would this occur pre-political days?

Who was the biggest contributor to the CF?

The graphic is the key.

Why does the MSM push conspiracy w/o investigation?

Who controls the MSM?

What does the word 'conspiracy' mean to you?

Has the word 'conspiracy' been branded to mean something shameful in today's society?

The world cannot handle the truth.

This pill cannot be swallowed by most.

Risk in painting this picture.



baf106 No.1168475


Follow the money, forward and back.

>SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).

Order is important…

Not everything can be clean

The world is connected.

Define stages.

Define puppets.

Define puppet handlers.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

Define proxy war.

The picture is becoming very full.

73dc00 No.1168476


Not only flat but this is all a simulation running on a C64 machine.

735a3a No.1168477

File: f611d8198e6cb7e⋯.png (437.25 KB, 875x533, 875:533, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)



http:// www.business insider.com/qaddafi-gaddafi-kadafi-qadaffi-libya-spelling-2011-2

Hiccup in my own research. I never manage to spell it the same way twice.

de8e03 No.1168478


That pic isn't from the BB funeral. Someone did a fake vidya and cut to that scene from something long prior. Jimmy Carter didn't attend either.

fdc944 No.1168479

CAL 3?

If they where doing it for the people it would be 1 blue state and 2 red states, but it looks like they are cutting it for the politicians and gerrymander it so that it is 3 blue states, 1 solid blue and the other two deeply divided and conflicted just like the current one. How is that supposed to solve any problems?

0b028d No.1168480


ThanQ, did not see that

194118 No.1168481


Tfw "HRC +++ + +++++" might be "HRC UBL & Obama" ( or "HRC BHO & Osama").

c96cb4 No.1168482

1991 September 18-21

High level project "Slammer"


Russia connection?

735a3a No.1168483


Lost on me. I suck at history.

f5ae90 No.1168484


Yeah I got ya.

Never mind anons.

A record five first ladies attended the funeral of Lady Bird Johnson in 2007: Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush. (David J. Phillip/AP)

524acc No.1168485


LMFAO thx anon

56c79d No.1168486

File: 15aa708b30e1454⋯.jpeg (694.09 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, E773CFE6-E701-4AFF-AA5F-F….jpeg)

Resignation and sauce?

b26176 No.1168487

APRIL 27 (Jan 6) 476:

Marker missed?


POTUS Tweet - RR/out.

Why is this relevant?


>>7935 “Does this mean Ronald Reagan, Q?” (RR)



Think clock.

Wind the clock w/ all markers.


Future proves past.


Why is POTUS referring to the Black pop now?

Refer back to crumbs.


How much did AUS donate to CF?

How much did SA donate to CF?


Why is this relevant?

What phone call between POTUS and X/AUS leaked?

List the leadership in AUS.

IDEN leadership during Hussein term.

IDEN leadership during POTUS' term.

Who controls AUS?

Who really controls AUS?


Why is this relevant?

f357fc No.1168488


Refresh the page!

36eefe No.1168489

File: a5ced12ec667eca⋯.jpg (90.85 KB, 695x500, 139:100, 1tLeINBVezgVF1wRWh82NKhIFs….jpg)

0d119b No.1168490

File: f5dcb16bb507702⋯.jpg (56.28 KB, 983x555, 983:555, PPCriminalM1.jpg)

File: 04b07158935232b⋯.jpg (118.64 KB, 598x640, 299:320, PPCriminal.JPG)

File: 2c565a81e389faa⋯.jpg (115.89 KB, 488x639, 488:639, PPCriminal4.JPG)

File: 0229b9fff67015c⋯.jpg (45.4 KB, 646x299, 646:299, PPCriminal3.JPG)

File: f5dcb16bb507702⋯.jpg (56.28 KB, 983x555, 983:555, PPCriminalM1.jpg)


Likely somewhere in all these sealed indictments. If you were going to drop planned parenthood, you'd do it after dropping some big names like HRC. After that the public would be disinterested.

https:// archives-energycommerce.house.gov/sites/republicans.energycommerce.house.gov/files/documents/Select_Investigative_Panel_Final_Report.pdf

5ffec1 No.1168491


It will never happen.

7efeb5 No.1168492

DOITQ!!! Let's get 9th circuit cleaned out!!!

"Ninth Circuit openings give Trump chance to reform America’s most liberal court"


1d75a0 No.1168493

File: a52324587b506bf⋯.png (208.3 KB, 469x452, 469:452, gunpepe.png)


>PP is not evil folks

81dfb7 No.1168494

File: fe8d71b7296c3bf⋯.jpg (164.35 KB, 836x533, 836:533, POTUS.JPG)



>>Christ was a Patriot


>nice anon!

>You are paying attention




>Excellent anon

>crushed it

6c0fb0 No.1168495

File: 535d2e2e9aeef31⋯.png (107.03 KB, 618x519, 206:173, ClipboardImage.png)

39c01d No.1168496

Grassley Refers Planned Parenthood, Fetal Tissue Procurement Organizations to FBI, Justice Dept. for Investigation

Dec 13, 2016

https:// www.grassley.senate.gov/news/news-releases/grassley-refers-planned-parenthood-fetal-tissue-procurement-organizations-fbi

dec4ad No.1168497

File: e54ed3b4614f0d3⋯.jpg (286.46 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, bumpy-flag.jpg)

File: 6f4df56e85bbcdd⋯.jpg (356.31 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, no-color.jpg)

File: 9c4afa36e7ac162⋯.jpg (344.25 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, wwg1wga.jpg)

File: e17b0a1e52dcc31⋯.jpg (284.2 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, bwamp.jpg)

File: 0f48da067fe581f⋯.jpg (351.12 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, fist-flag.jpg)

18b7a4 No.1168498



PP post missing from all Q post sites except the board archive


5fbca8 No.1168499


You evidently don't realize that calling him Osama was initially started by Boy Bush to intentionally make fun of him by mispronouncing his name. Since the MSM was pro Bush (or they never researched his name to even know that was wrong) they continued and never corrected the practice. Over time it accepted by everybody because everybody he agreed he was the villian of the day, not knowing he was C_A. There you have it. If you research his real name, you will find this:

"Usama ibn Mohammed ibn Awad ibn Ladin, often anglicized as Osama bin Laden, was a founder of al-Qaeda, the organization responsible for the September 11 attacks in the United States and many other mass-casualty attacks worldwide."

f2df6b No.1168500

File: 3d3096978c77c73⋯.png (177.7 KB, 500x522, 250:261, armenian-girls-crucified-d….png)

103rd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide today

bad792 No.1168501


EXCELLENT article "Veil of Invisibility" on Tesla, Bush, etc.

Must read material, I think.

http:// www.human-resonance.org/Veil_of_Invisibility.pdf

47da8d No.1168502

File: d8d18448f057ef6⋯.jpg (969.47 KB, 1800x2536, 225:317, download.jpg)


Had the thought - went to type it, saw the numbers, tried to force the trips.

"Be like water, my friend"


390f58 No.1168503

File: e4a644395552e75⋯.png (809.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, alek3.png)

File: 3afdc1ed1a287aa⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1601x1077, 1601:1077, alek2.png)


Ok – so this just gets stranger and stranger. Apparently there are two facebook pages. See the pic related CNN article that references the last FB post before the killing. Also note the picture of the killer from his facebook page as shown in CNN article.

Now look at pic related from this facebook page. Same dude, full lips, – but contains several younger pictures of himself. The name in the address bar is a different name from his profile name. So a fake profile? But this profile was just created. AND - it has the friends accounts that looks like human and child trafficking. WTF is this? Was the van killer a MKUltra victim – programmed to attack?

Help me dig on this anons. This may be another source of traffickers we can bring down.

d174cd No.1168504


Hillary was chosen for prophecy reasons. She was important for not just her name but who she was. She is a moonchild. Created in a ceremony. These offspring have mystical importance to the Cabal. And they moved heaven and earth trying to force her onto america. And why would they think they couldnt? They gave us a Kenyan homosexual who like fucking 10 year old white girls and a fucking trannie husband with two kids they claimed were their own but were actually just borrowed from some Luciferian friends of theirs. So why wouldnt they think they could force Hillary on America?

0bc43d No.1168505

Just jumped on the board and I'm way behind, so please forgive me if this has been previously covered.

I was thinking about why they keep the races divided and also what the MSM chooses to cover. Check out this story about 4 Black men,young and older, who died but were either missing their organs or their organs were illegally removed!!

http:// affinitymagazine.us/2017/03/15/the-illegal-harvesting-of-black-mens-organs-is-going-unnoticed/

18b7a4 No.1168506

File: 0824fc52ad26aad⋯.jpg (7.79 KB, 259x194, 259:194, PP-SHOOTER.jpg)

9e0ddd No.1168507


Just a thought here, but if the power grid affects time…. if the power grid goes down, time would be affected.

Lest those days be shortened…..

Do these dots connect to the tribulation?

e30ff7 No.1168508


That's most likely where I got the picture

7efeb5 No.1168509

f5ae90 No.1168510


Q #1253 def missing.

It's here tho http:// qanon.news/posts.html

Different codebase.

613259 No.1168511

File: e8297c61c5a6dbd⋯.jpg (85.52 KB, 918x612, 3:2, TruthMalcolmX.jpg)

File: 3e5d6441e1101c8⋯.jpeg (440.58 KB, 1472x1056, 46:33, Truth.jpeg)

File: f4379df5584c161⋯.jpg (204.39 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, TruthBelongs-POTUS.jpg)

File: 3d3ddeef8e0cb5b⋯.jpg (206.24 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, GreatAwakening550.jpg)

File: 70ccfcef2a80c47⋯.jpg (272.99 KB, 1025x527, 1025:527, GreatAwakening707.jpg)


I favor truth.

f6e21d No.1168512


"only knew it was successful after the word 'Geronimo' on the radio, a code word that bin Laden was dead."

I wonder what the code word was if he was captured alive? I don't think they had one. His death was the only purpose. If he came back alive, most of the people in that room would shit themselves.

7efeb5 No.1168513

18b7a4 smells shilly with 31 posts.

fb7ff2 No.1168514

File: 907e1a3b97810fb⋯.png (14.88 KB, 1104x204, 92:17, Screenshot-2018-4-24 Q Res….png)



its not missing… i chked the source, and links work too

35912a No.1168515

File: d72cfffde715637⋯.jpg (47 KB, 699x537, 233:179, whiteguilt=blackgenocide.jpg)

This gentleman was Kanye way before Kanye was Kanye

1e7382 No.1168516


Amen to that! I've tried discussing things learned here with family members and it's like talking to a wall with some. It's sad. I post a few memes on social media daily. I've learned that some people rather stay a sleep and filter those. With the fake news and all the false propaganda out there, it's no wonder people have issues hearing the truth.

9f143b No.1168517



I just noticed on the last meme graphic,, they said they only learned of the mission ebing successful after the navy seals commander heardthe word GERONIMO on the radio,, a code word that Bim laden was dead.,

Could Q's reference to the word Geronimo, be connected to the web of lies associated with Bin Laden?

Another double meaning( that the cabal, would know what geronimo meant in Q's posts,, refering to possibly Pakistan?

Popped in when i relooked at that meme..

36eefe No.1168518

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ea6d69 No.1168519

A lot of good information in this link..and sourced with footnotes. Started off while looking into Highland Group

http:// www.fbcoverup.com/docs/cyberhijack/cyber-hijack-findings.html#highland-forum

9e0ddd No.1168520


Excellent point and way to put it.

51da1c No.1168521

File: 892dd44a27f4dac⋯.png (125.11 KB, 1236x468, 103:39, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


also this: not sure what this "incel" stuff is all about….

http:// www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43877137

9d7c8e No.1168522

File: 7e9f9118ff207ac⋯.png (41.4 KB, 652x598, 326:299, Untitled - Copy.png)

Interesting, a biggie went down

https:// www.yahoo.com/news/french-tycoon-bollore-held-over-suspected-africa-corruption-101537726.html

fd8aa4 No.1168523


Where do you see suspicious photos which made you think of human trafficking, honest question anon? To me looks like teenage account

5963b1 No.1168525


Iran still thinks they are playing the game! The game is over mudslimes!

e21ee0 No.1168526

>>1168498 >>1168510

curious, at least.

yesterday it stayed at "new" permanently, even after i'd refresh multiple times (which isn't the case usually).

not too concerned, didn't miss the post - likely regarding 8chan attacks, as anon said

726708 No.1168527

https:// wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/9612

PDF Final Briefing Binder villa 17

Date: Monday, March 30th, 2015

Time: 17:00 – 19:00 Beijing Time

Venue: Villa 17, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse


Chinese Side

Mr. TUNG Chee Hwa

Lt. Gen. CHEN Xiaogong

Maj. Gen. YAO Yunzhu

Amb. CHEN Naiqing

Amb. CHEN Yonglong

Prof. ZHOU Ji

Prof. CUI Liru (TBC)

Mr. ZHOU Dadi

Mr. HUANG Dizhong

Mr. Alan Wong

Mr. Peter Ting

American Side

Mr. John Podesta

Mr. Rudy deLeon

Mr. Tony Podesta

Mr. Tom Steyer

Mr. Vikram Singh

Ms. Melanie Hart

Mr. Brain Katulis

Ms. Ariella Viehe

Ms. Eryn Sepp

Ms. Aarthi Gunasekaran

Mr. Ken Sofer

76e317 No.1168528

b433d8 No.1168529

Behold the power of God in the Psalms!

The future proves the past.

Psalm 74:

Plea for Help in Time of National Humiliation

A Maskil of Asaph.

74 O God, why dost thou cast us off for ever?

Why does thy anger smoke against the sheep of thy pasture?

2 Remember thy congregation, which thou hast gotten of old,

which thou hast redeemed to be the tribe of thy heritage!

Remember Mount Zion, where thou hast dwelt.

3 Direct thy steps to the perpetual ruins;

the enemy has destroyed everything in the sanctuary!

4 Thy foes have roared in the midst of thy holy place;

they set up their own signs for signs.

5 At the upper entrance they hacked

the wooden trellis with axes.

6 And then all its carved wood

they broke down with hatchets and hammers.

7 They set thy sanctuary on fire;

to the ground they desecrated the dwelling place of thy name.

8 They said to themselves, “We will utterly subdue them”;

they burned all the meeting places of God in the land.

9 We do not see our signs;

there is no longer any prophet,

and there is none among us who knows how long.

10 How long, O God, is the foe to scoff?

Is the enemy to revile thy name for ever?

11 Why dost thou hold back thy hand,

why dost thou keep thy right hand in thy bosom?

12 Yet God my King is from of old,

working salvation in the midst of the earth.

13 Thou didst divide the sea by thy might;

thou didst break the heads of the dragons on the waters.

14 Thou didst crush the heads of Leviathan,

thou didst give him as food for the creatures of the wilderness.

15 Thou didst cleave open springs and brooks;

thou didst dry up ever-flowing streams.

16 Thine is the day, thine also the night;

thou hast established the luminaries and the sun.

17 Thou hast fixed all the bounds of the earth;

thou hast made summer and winter.

18 Remember this, O Lord, how the enemy scoffs,

and an impious people reviles thy name.

19 Do not deliver the soul of thy dove to the wild beasts;

do not forget the life of thy poor for ever.

20 Have regard for thy covenant;

for the dark places of the land are full of the habitations of violence.

21 Let not the downtrodden be put to shame;

let the poor and needy praise thy name.

22 Arise, O God, plead thy cause;

remember how the impious scoff at thee all the day!

23 Do not forget the clamor of thy foes,

the uproar of thy adversaries which goes up continually!

ca8273 No.1168530


This is an attempted coup–government-wide, with MSM aiding and abetting.

Where are the fucking Marines?

These Globalist, sick, SICK, sick pieces of shit have infiltrated every fucking branch of government. Pedophiles, kid-traffickers…GLOBALISTS ALL (yes, R and D, this means) YOU, too.

The only reason we're all still here is because Trump and team are still standing.

Call in the fucking Marines.

a3005e No.1168531


yes it is, and is that is barbara bush behind bill clinton, attending her own funeral.

76e317 No.1168532


Sorry for blank post. It's missing from here: https:// qanon.pub/?

5f5908 No.1168533





fb7ff2 No.1168534


… ARE belong to us"

( • )( • )

7dfa47 No.1168535


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Friday that relations between the United States and Pakistan had reached “a turning point,” and called on Pakistan’s leaders to take urgent measures against Islamic extremists in the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Mrs. Clinton, the highest-ranking American official to visit Pakistan since a Navy Seal team found Bin Laden hiding in a garrison town 35 miles from the capital, did not get public pledges of cooperation from the Pakistanis. But she argued that it was in the interest of both countries to jointly pursue terrorists operating from havens in Pakistan.

“We will do our part,” she said in remarks at the American Embassy here, “and we look to the government of Pakistan to take decisive steps in the days ahead.”

Mrs. Clinton was joined by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, who traveled to Pakistan separately. The carefully orchestrated diplomatic encounter was intended both to cajole the Pakistanis and to reassure them of political support at a time when Congress has threatened to cut economic and security aid. Pakistan has received $20 billion in aid from the United States since 2001.

rest of the article is here

https:// www.nytimes.com/2011/05/28/world/asia/28diplo.html

5fbca8 No.1168536


It's also everywhere else I looked.

Don't know how YOU're having that problem by yourself. Maybe YOU have a re-fresh problem?

0b028d No.1168537



Can I get the above post deleted (one time I didn't copy the trip) A Anon spotted a error on the poem so I'm going to repost it


7efeb5 No.1168538


Now people should be seeing the reason why Q keeps pointing towards military tribunals.

e21ee0 No.1168539


they killed off every operator that took part in the op, so no, coming back with the poor soul sold as "osama" wasn't part of any plan

a9446d No.1168540

File: 13d0e3cfb6a7049⋯.png (38.39 KB, 1334x284, 667:142, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)

File: 782bd8bf25d4687⋯.png (302.69 KB, 1134x1038, 189:173, Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at ….png)


https:// www.nytimes.com/2014/03/23/magazine/what-pakistan-knew-about-bin-laden.html>>1168404

18b7a4 No.1168541


https:// qanon.pub/

https:// qntmpkts.keybase.pub//

these are the 2 i use

post missing on both these

3001fd No.1168542


Barbara Bush is also in that pic.

c96cb4 No.1168543




Most important to gain control.

1a1cbd No.1168544

35912a No.1168545


>probably human trafficking?


shady Sarkozy

>Vincent Bollore, a close friend of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, revived the group's flagging fortunes in the early 1980s, turning it into a global construction, media and transport giant, mostly through acquisitions.

f5ae90 No.1168546


I've seen that before. That happens with the underlying javascript crashes and it can't mark the posts as not "new' any longer.

IMO, there's nothing wrong with any of the sites, it's a side effect of the DDOS attacks here.

524acc No.1168547




Thanks for clearing that up anons.

That triggers me about Hoesseins name

d174cd No.1168548


A life time of Jew propaganda has made them less than they should be. Women should be caring and understanding. But this is proof the Jew tactics of divide and conquer work. They managed to make two parts of the same species fight each other. When we should resist the insanity and remember we can not exist with out the other.

d55239 No.1168549


https:// qanonposts.com/

fd8aa4 No.1168550


Wut? Did we dig here already or is it new?

c96cb4 No.1168551



Ou Bama?

f0446d No.1168552


I’m thinking this is the beginning of the ‘great awakening’. !!!

Seeing others publicly come out and say what they’ve been thinking but have been afraid to speak. I like this guy too

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=xtedZQY2-Ok

04ad29 No.1168553

f5ae90 No.1168554


nah, it's was me jumping the gun. That was an image from 2006.

1a3e0b No.1168555



It wouldn’t surprise me if they are there to secure Pine Gap from the Clowns

ca8273 No.1168556


Military tribunals, hell.

Marines, now.

The MSM would have to cover it, too.

Lower the Boom, Donald.

Whatever you need, I'm there.

18b7a4 No.1168557


Threats is that all you got when LOGIC fails you.

YOU are such a COWARD CLOWN and a stupid one at that

7dfa47 No.1168558


"The Pakistanis promised “some very specific actions” in the near future to show their commitment to fighting terrorism, Mrs. Clinton said in her public remarks, without elaborating.

A senior official traveling with her later, speaking only on condition of anonymity, following diplomatic protocol, said the actions included “specific operations” against individuals. The official said that for security reasons, their names could not be disclosed in advance, and might never be made public."

https:// www.nytimes.com/2011/05/28/world/asia/28diplo.html

2c3715 No.1168559

While I agree that patriots have no skin color, the laws of nature are perhaps the one thing that will not be rewritten. Multiculturalism is still a failed social experiment and always will be. Freedom of association is one of the key freedoms that we've lost and need to take back. People generally judge other people fairly. Our entire justice system is predicated on that assumption. If minority populations were held to the same standards as the rest of us, they'd be far more successful then they are currently (or at least they'd be performing to the best of their ability).

a3005e No.1168560


almost took me for a ride, LOL

c96cb4 No.1168561

The Beatles.

John Lennon?

Official: alone crazy guy. Always alone in conspiracies.

Mind control is very real.


scapegoat. red herring. person accused of a something as a cover for a bigger more elaborate crime.

e28266 No.1168562


French anon, you are welcome in Canada, you can reabsorb your fellow francophone and teach them how to talk and cook. (They forgot…)

3ac6f6 No.1168563

Massive MOAB inbound… watch the news

194118 No.1168564


Put me in coach!


582d69 No.1168565


You're welcome newfag… One. More thing.

Usama bin laden is -UBL

Obama is -Hussein

Just keep that in mind.

36eefe No.1168566

File: 8673a6ea3155b9d⋯.png (67.08 KB, 645x383, 645:383, rgIu3C7dtmQb6QkCK2FYsHn9_D….png)

Behold the FUTURE

1ec28b No.1168567

5fbca8 No.1168568


They are already there, anon. You must be patient, as long as 'we' are feeding them rope, and they continue to use it, it is going to plan.

At the point when there is no more rope, or they stop using it, there will be fireworks.

Wasn't Pat Travers who sang "Boom, Boom. . . Out go the Lights"? Kek

1d75a0 No.1168569


Go back to sucking the turds off of lil Davey's micro-dick.

Obvious ShariaBlew shill is obvious.

2b8db2 No.1168570


I like these

7a2e10 No.1168571

05b534 No.1168572

File: ce1b755f0140f56⋯.jpg (487.77 KB, 2375x1568, 2375:1568, john_george_trump_1907-198….jpg)


John G. Trump, was an engineer at MIT.

JGT examined Nikola Tesla’s papers after his death.

ca8273 No.1168573




04ad29 No.1168574


It was not a social experiment. It was an economic system, created by libs as part of their utopian (control) concept.

ae3849 No.1168575

File: 6d6e77cc26b3505⋯.png (783.14 KB, 1659x1016, 1659:1016, ClipboardImage.png)

64d5a8 No.1168576

0b028d No.1168577

File: 9e4cde488a1f449⋯.png (598.53 KB, 1254x1777, 1254:1777, IMG_7221.PNG)



7dfa47 No.1168578


Maybe Imran Awan was the handler.

36eefe No.1168579

File: 784d1d953f7bf07⋯.jpg (116.93 KB, 981x768, 327:256, f3Atxx7r1tkXFl-F0h-q6WIpf5….jpg)


9d7c8e No.1168580


That's what I'm thinking. Archived.

saved a PDF too just because

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180424141555/https:// www.yahoo.com/news/french-tycoon-bollore-held-over-suspected-africa-corruption-101537726.html

237a6a No.1168581


Yes, but only at a price that covers their actual expenses.

PP is selling to a company that then grossly inflates the price when they sell to the laboratories.

You can bet PP is getting kickbacks from the middle man.

ca8273 No.1168582


I know it's going to PLAN.

Patience is not my best quality.

God's will in all things.

fb7ff2 No.1168583


they spelled TRUTH wrong

c9c9d7 No.1168584


It's one of the negative consequences of the whole feminist movement. Perpetrated by Jews. They want free shit, "I do what I want with my body (and your baby)," "I wanna be treated as an equal." Now they're discovering that their biological clocks are running out and no man wants to go near them. They've shoved men out of the workforce in traditional male dominated occupations like accounting (over 50% of accountants are female), medicine, law, etc. Then they're SHOCKED that men are unemployed, broke, and not "marriage material."

2f5eb3 No.1168585

For the record: Pro-abortionists are that way because they want sex to be "free". Free = no consequences. No consequences = no children. Need I say it out loud? Pro-abortionists are anti-children.

Eat a bag of dicks. Go homo if you don't want children.

7efeb5 No.1168586


Not in the least, you fucking sliding shill!


39c01d No.1168587

File: b6cc817e0360786⋯.png (34.4 KB, 663x257, 663:257, ClipboardImage.png)

NH Poll: Trump Approval Ratings Rising www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/04/24/nh-poll-trump-approval-ratings-rising/

64d5a8 No.1168588


Kept me up all night.

1d75a0 No.1168589



No more ( you )s for the obvious ShariaBlew shill, too stupid to figure out fungible moneys.

e21ee0 No.1168590


<tweeting a cartoonist = radicalized

45d21c No.1168591


33 shitposts of opinion and useless cheerleading

Do you ever shut up?

390f58 No.1168592


Look at the friends profiles - for instance connor may preston. Rozza Rozze. Bakhtiar Khan (posted article on arrest of child trafficker) – other pics suspicious..

2f5eb3 No.1168593


You spelled evil wrong. Not "jews" but EVIL.

c96cb4 No.1168594

Mark Chapman?

Weird lonely guy?


Wanted to get a signature?

John Lennon was a troublemaker.

J. Edgar Hoover hated him. He was put on complete surveillance.

He was a danger.

Dakota building.

How could Mark Chapman know where Lennon will arrive?

False Flag? Hoover requested his death?

df50d2 No.1168595

9f143b No.1168596

e21ee0 No.1168597


ahyes that thing with the clownglobe pic.

no, it doesn't shut up.

81e053 No.1168598

File: 11341a17143987a⋯.jpg (58.11 KB, 401x630, 401:630, FREE FLYNN.jpg)

Reminder Q is a lying fgt

fd8aa4 No.1168599


You poor baby, now you have to compete with women for jobs

cc4287 No.1168600


It's more than likely Jeb would be there than Rubio. Also, Jeb has the dollars to pay the ransom.

1d3244 No.1168601


Q didn't tell us to watch the news. Why are you telling us to do so?

c9c9d7 No.1168602


Oops that was a critical error. Thank you for the correction, anon. FUCKING EVIL.

b433d8 No.1168603


I struggle with patience quite a lot.

Lord, grant me the Grace of Patience, but please hurry up!

04ad29 No.1168604


Yes, but it's also part of the liberal system.

What do "gun control" and abortion have in common?

Why those two causes?

Why do libs choose the causes they choose?

There is a reason….a common thread that dictates the causes and the position.

1d75a0 No.1168605


Kanye dared to think for himself.

To the left, Kanye is now radicalized.

Same fucking shit, different day.

Can blacks not think for themselves without white lefties calling them radicalized?

bad792 No.1168606

File: 9d83ebd5eaf6cb2⋯.png (757.88 KB, 692x417, 692:417, Capture.PNG)


Otto Skorzeny revealed that three American Nazis founded the Internal Revenue Service in 1933 as a private Delaware corporation for Nazi military fundraising. Skorzeny contended that the vast amounts of American tax revenues generated by the IRS went directly into generating the Nazi war build-up from its very inception. The bagman who took the money to Germany was George H. Scherf, Sr. alias Prescott Bush, CEO of Brown Brothers Harriman. The IRS is not part of the Bureau of Internal Revenue – paying income tax to the IRS is not mandatory but voluntary and based on the threat of an audit and financial investigations. Being the frontman for the primary covert finance operation of the Nazi regime, George Scherf, Sr. was indeed the most valuable secret asset of the Third Reich who would work diligently for his entire life to bring about the rise of the Fourth Reich in America.


Skorzeny presented his copy of this remarkable color print (enhanced below), a large group photo of Hitler’s elite youth espionage ring at the Scherf family home around 1938, pointing himself out at the far right. He also pointed out other Nazi agents posing, including Reinhard Gehlen (front), Joseph Mengele (back) and, in German Naval uniform, Martin Bormann (far left) and George H. Scherf, Jr. (center). To the right of Scherf Jr. sits Walther Rauff and in front of him is Dorothy Walker ‘Bush’, wife of George H. Scherf, Sr. (alias Prescott Bush). Scherf Sr. himself may have taken this photograph of his family and friends at their Dölitzsch, Germany home – with his wife, son, and mother (at left, holding Bormann’s hand) – all of the males being close-knit young espionage group members.

Full PDF: Otto Skorzeny revealed that three American Nazis founded the Internal Revenue Service in 1933 as a private Delaware corporation for Nazi military fundraising. Skorzeny contended that the vast amounts of American tax revenues generated by the IRS went directly into generating the Nazi war build-up from its very inception. The bagman who took the money to Germany was George H. Scherf, Sr. alias Prescott Bush, CEO of Brown Brothers Harriman. The IRS is not part of the Bureau of Internal Revenue – paying income tax to the IRS is not mandatory but voluntary and based on the threat of an audit and financial investigations. Being the frontman for the primary covert finance operation of the Nazi regime, George Scherf, Sr. was indeed the most valuable secret asset of the Third Reich who would work diligently for his entire life to bring about the rise of the Fourth Reich in America.


Skorzeny presented his copy of this remarkable color print (enhanced below), a large group photo of Hitler’s elite youth espionage ring at the Scherf family home around 1938, pointing himself out at the far right. He also pointed out other Nazi agents posing, including Reinhard Gehlen (front), Joseph Mengele (back) and, in German Naval uniform, Martin Bormann (far left) and George H. Scherf, Jr. (center). To the right of Scherf Jr. sits Walther Rauff and in front of him is Dorothy Walker ‘Bush’, wife of George H. Scherf, Sr. (alias Prescott Bush). Scherf Sr. himself may have taken this photograph of his family and friends at their Dölitzsch, Germany home – with his wife, son, and mother (at left, holding Bormann’s hand) – all of the males being close-knit young espionage group members.

http:// www.human-resonance.org/Veil_of_Invisibility.pdf

(Nazi, Bush link, etc.)

cc4287 No.1168607


the hell he hasn't

735a3a No.1168608


>http:// www.human-resonance.org/Veil_of_Invisibility.pdf

Well there's a very clever idea. Fits the timeline Q was proposing, too.

e21ee0 No.1168609



Too bad we can't ask Leonard Cohen anymore where he was that weekend..

df50d2 No.1168610


i got my gall stone :)

c757e7 No.1168611


Hey thanks for that one, anon! I'll be back in about a week after reading it…

236 page .pdf


Center for American Progress


Silk Road

North Korea


194118 No.1168612


Are u the same faggot that didn't know March came before April? Can (You) count to 30 mother fucker?

735a3a No.1168613


Sorry about the fagposting link. Unrelated.

8c15b0 No.1168614


Wikipedia, for what it's worth:

"All your base are belong to us" is a popular Internet meme based on a broken English ("Engrish") phrase found in the opening cutscene of the 1992 Mega Drive port of the 1989 arcade video game Zero Wing….

All your base are belong to us

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_your_base_are_belong_to_us

c8df61 No.1168615


Always open source. We need to remember that.

c96cb4 No.1168616

Mark Chapman disappears early.


What woman was at the building door?

What was Lennon arguing with her?

Why/How did she disappear?

On a spot full of police?

Who was backing her?

ca8273 No.1168617


Doesn't it fucking gall you, as an American, that a bunch of pedophiles just tried to kill you and your country and your kids and all your friends?

I want Marines. I do.

God's will in all things.

36eefe No.1168618


The left is so backwards they think black people are not capable of getting an driver license or ID card

a3874d No.1168619

It used to be manageable to keep up with threads. But now there is lots more rich info and memes in threads that seem to move faster than ever.

9f143b No.1168620



c9c9d7 No.1168621


Yeah, and I'm kicking the shit out of them. Out of all of my subordinates, 75% are women. Out of that 75%, 50% have a giant fucking chip on their shoulders. One new hire said to me when I walked into the office, "Who the FUCK ARE YOU?" They don't even know how to behave in a professional environment. My gripe is that I've SEEN the discrimination. I got my foot in the door before this shit got out of control.

2f5eb3 No.1168622


Evil is as evil does.

End of story.

0f9fd0 No.1168623


Nice work

735a3a No.1168624

Seals were supposed to be deadly again the other day. Any updates out there?

a9446d No.1168625

File: a431f49d254d9c5⋯.jpg (896.28 KB, 1400x1131, 1400:1131, iranrc.jpg)

https:// www.theguardian.com/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/174875

7efeb5 No.1168626

Just heard on Fox that the DoJ is going to release those emails of Hildawg's.

55b4c5 No.1168627


A perfect example of how real people, society, has been manipulated by the EVIL at the top to squeeze as much value out of us (their sheep) as possible.

Now that they have reached the point of no return, society must either collapse or the EVIL ones must be destroyed. Hence….Trump, Q, etc.

a3005e No.1168628

File: 8639909241ecf0b⋯.jpg (58.46 KB, 585x231, 195:77, Q - 1253.jpg)


this is the post from qanon.pub yesterday

36eefe No.1168629