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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, q_general.jpg)

cc452f No.125271

Brace yourselves for stormy seas lie ahead

#Memo #ReleaseTheMemo #DemocratShutdown #ObamaGate WorseThanWaterGate #AmericaFirst

#PatriotsNotRussians trends Monday starting 4AM ET


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cc452f No.125298


i'm feeling better but still not 100%

50f80c No.125306

Good morning anons.

6de0dd No.125307

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳 👩‍🍳

6de0dd No.125311

Grand morning to ye!


182c2d No.125314

Thank you baker.. I hope you feel better soon

a39b5c No.125317


Gratitude to the Baker!

a39b5c No.125320

>>125310 >>125310

977ec4 No.125323

Thank you baker!

38dc9b No.125326

ty Baker Man!

a39b5c No.125327

Oops brain fell out of my head...



ac2423 No.125328

>1 of 22


Any thoughts?

Is it indeed about today?

6de0dd No.125329

👨‍🍳 try hot lemon tea with spoon of honey, two times day times two days. Hope you feel better

4a086a No.125330


Remember to fave and retweet top #Memo tweets so they stay at the top. This signals the algorithm! Otherwise they get knocked down. This is as important/effective than blasting 20 memes with the hashtag. It keeps the Tweets visible. People search "Top" Tweets first!

And add memes in the top tweet comment sections as well as POTUS and other Blue Check Mark accounts! These are the mose visible. The point is to be SEEN.

38dc9b No.125331

File: 96780d44a5c1d84⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, BAND OF ANONS-Q.jpg)

File: b1030a52ed8b347⋯.jpg (113.64 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Coup.jpg)

200fe8 No.125332


I think so. The government shutdown is a big part of it.

0593bb No.125333



9282aa No.125334


Thanks for Selah. Bible Christians don't have any exact translation for Selah but the ones given are reasonable. Some think it is a pause in the Psalm or some kind of a performance direction, assuming the Psalms were once sung.

I'll go with Pause.

The garish colors are not intended to be aesthetic. They are intended to get our attention and improve the signal-to-noise ratio on the bread. Likewise marking the image a spoiler and using (((they))) or black .

4af67b No.125335

Sarah Sanders on Fox at 10am

0593bb No.125336



6de0dd No.125337


Super KEK!

200fe8 No.125338

File: 3754fe4229ebb79⋯.jpg (59.24 KB, 568x335, 568:335, trump disgust 3.jpg)

6d060f No.125339

Sick Anon Reporting Back To Duty!

I had a Nyquil induced dream last night that I wanted to share b/c I when I woke up I thought it was pretty fkn good idea.

I dreamt that we Anons started using Q's signatures or the last line in his post as Hashtags (like #Geronimo, #BombsAway #ShotHeardAroundTheWorld,etc…) We all picked a couple per week that we stuck with and freaking broke twitter (like we did with #ReleaseTheMemo)! lol!!

Anyway, I think we should go with some of the last lines in Q's posts for Hashtags…b/c they are usually are EPIC!

We are STRONGER together and when we all stick to a plan we bring these fkrs down.Thoughts Anons?

977ec4 No.125341

File: 8ae8ce8d9b1dd69⋯.jpg (137.38 KB, 1842x1036, 921:518, d87agf6a98a7df908a7d8.jpg)

4a086a No.125342


Sound is very powerful. Remember God "spoke" the universe into existence. The big bang was a sound, an actual bang! Hopefully this will come to light soon.

But now we MEME

ac2423 No.125345


wonder what could change d's position on the senate today…

c48577 No.125346

The #SchumerShutdown Hashtag Is Getting A Big Boost From Russian Bots

The GOP slogan is now the top trending hashtag being promoted by Russian influence operators on Twitter.

https:// huffingtonpost.com/entry/government-shutdown-russia-twitter-trump_us_5a654795e4b0dc592a0a06c8

38dc9b No.125347

File: 85c2ef1d3cfa705⋯.jpg (241.27 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Psycho Def.jpg)

Is this one…Too over the top…I was…well, having a hissy fit at the time.

a41d41 No.125348

Thank you Baker!

0425b9 No.125349

File: f552ad961babcee⋯.png (136.63 KB, 400x250, 8:5, computerbot.png)

meme concept…kids' a bit young, but you get the idea

Photos of obviously not Russian bots who twat

200fe8 No.125350


Brilliant! Some of the best ideas come through in our dreams. I'm on board!

6d060f No.125351


Good idea on the Meme but it looks like Trump is saying the quote to Hilary. Not sure Normies will get it.

11bd29 No.125352

(Probably stupid) Meme idea:

Some little bot (like those keychain pets from the 90s) with the words, "My mother always wanted me to grow up to be a Russian Bot" with hashtags.

039310 No.125353

File: d4b6c18893af7a8⋯.png (717.36 KB, 680x802, 340:401, ClipboardImage.png)

b355f4 No.125354

Call sign NAF11 over approaching CT now

b355f4 No.125355


Departed Bangor, ME

01e567 No.125356

The Net (refered in Q post)

1995 movie.

Plot relevant.

We've seen movie corelations before.

Newfag on tablet

cc452f No.125357


picture of a robot with text in russian saying "i support donald trump". kek

e5d99d No.125359


Wholehearted attempt.

Focus on #Memo and #ReleaseTheMemo memes.

Centralized effort.

200fe8 No.125360


I think so. People wont bother to open it to read it. Stick to a few readable words

ba415e No.125361


I don't always get trolled by huffpo, but when I do, it's by David Seaman.

e62fb9 No.125362


Wow #SchumerShutdown is top hashtag on that list with around 750k!

GREAT WORK, anons!

#ReleaseTheMemo is number 2 with over 500k!

0425b9 No.125363


I've made like 50 of those already….

f6b69b No.125364

Q team, POTUS, God Bless and God Speed! Please Release the Memo. Set the Truth Free!!!

aa98b0 No.125365



0b66d9 No.125366


#memo is too vague.

Stop suggesting we water down our op.

782098 No.125367

Hey guys, wanna fuck with some lefties?


fb6bf6 No.125369

A plan like this doesn't just happen. It is a deliberate act that is well organized over a long time. BO & HRC are just pieces on the board - did not create and execute plan. Who is the single mind driving this?

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/124488.html#q124583

11bd29 No.125372


Go with the winning horse. Change to #SchumerShutdown on the hashtag. Winning is what is important.

I'm sure Q will understand. We could always put "#memo" or whatev else on the memes, as well.

When you are winning somewhere, don't keep losing somewhere else because that's where you started.

a39b5c No.125373

File: 4b49832e3f58117⋯.png (400.47 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

found this floating around - memeworthy - this is one of the Fox talking points of the day

008ab7 No.125375


Pair HRC with the character Dolores Umbridge.

That will really fuck with them.

6d060f No.125376


We Fkn OWN these stupid people when we work together!!

#ThesePeopleAreStupid. Kek!!!

db5767 No.125378

File: 599c45a1c782c93⋯.jpg (126.09 KB, 875x831, 875:831, IMG_20180120_051937.jpg)

This is why #Memo.


Anyone paying attention?

e5d99d No.125379

File: 8418988cf020234⋯.png (40.57 KB, 362x175, 362:175, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)


We are using both hashtags.

Q's direct message.

#Memo can be used before and after the release.

aa98b0 No.125380

>>125367 this is a good one, but AFTER some evidence gets released of her fucking up haiti into the msm

378cee No.125382


Wow..I am as far from a shill as you can get..use both..I don't give a fuck..UNITY

Point is #releasethememo is happily trending and has been for DAYS...

#releasethememo also in battle tasking in batter..

#memo is not...

e5d99d No.125384

cc452f No.125385



>Anyone paying attention?

please see subject title of this thread

t. baker

2a6263 No.125386

File: 09944d537a1bf95⋯.jpg (7.04 KB, 300x168, 25:14, dream.jpg)


I like that idea

Thank you dream anon

aa98b0 No.125387



make hillary umbridge and shes forcing PRESS people to write #IMUSTNOT TELL LIES

6d060f No.125388


Don't forget to add @POTUS so the post doesn't get shadowbanned.

aa98b0 No.125389

a39b5c No.125390

>>125378 I think some of these folks never read Q's messages simply because they can't decode it. So they come here load up garbage on the board and create infighting… just ignore

0425b9 No.125391

File: fa9f885e0630656⋯.png (397.95 KB, 600x411, 200:137, evil hillary.png)

File: 9e2e1fac62af47a⋯.png (249.92 KB, 600x253, 600:253, memo.png)

File: 7e2356578052fc3⋯.png (857.57 KB, 900x900, 1:1, pepememo.png)

328532 No.125392

File: 02b4bb62877736a⋯.jpg (122.4 KB, 915x768, 305:256, robbinwilliams.JPG)

Let slip the dogs…


f53598 No.125393

File: 5a58a84ecdb1780⋯.png (1.55 MB, 900x600, 3:2, eaglekillsfox.png)


For those that haven't been here long enough to know:

"Eagle" is the secret service codename for B.Clinton. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Service_code_name

Also note, about the animals in general: Eagles are birds of prey. Many are "very aggressive predators" that "have no natural predators" against them to keep them in check, and many are also "protected species."

ca9cfe No.125394




Good shit. Relate it to their fantasy world of choice.

a39b5c No.125395


wasn't referring to you

0ae32c No.125396

File: afc523c664dbacd⋯.jpg (117.32 KB, 1016x1016, 1:1, g34t3bywnju7ik6i.jpg)

a50b9e No.125397


This is really interesting. You are on to something here… Maybe the 16-year plan is the other document they are planning to release along with this to link the memo to the larger plan.

200fe8 No.125398


Thanks. I'll fix that

0425b9 No.125399

File: 8d835f39b25ef13⋯.png (354.45 KB, 600x411, 200:137, evil hillary still with he….png)


jazzed up

9282aa No.125400

File: 4a0ad1d11a990c1⋯.png (36.84 KB, 918x600, 153:100, ClipboardImage.png)


Guise, isn't it totally OBVIOUS that hashtag trending must be done in UNISON (all together now)? If somebody defies the battle plan they are not helping. If they have a good idea they should walk over to the war room, propose the idea there, get a consensus, and then an updated battle plan released for UNISON efforts. Save your individuality for meme content, not hashtag selection.

Trends updated to 8 AM EST pic related.

707d30 No.125401


Could you do another one that says we are not Nazis in place of mockingbird? These are fantastic

07a7d3 No.125402


We need to use all the football hashtags with our posts as well. #SuperBowlLll #Patriots #SuperBowl52 #Eagles and combos, like the #FlyEaglesFly if they are being used.

Also today Jan 22nd is National Blonde Brownie Day

so add in #NationalBlondeBrownieDay. And ofcourse include @realDonaldTrump, because they cannot shadow ban those.

And #Memo #ReleaseTheMemo and #DemocratShutdown.

d3d02f No.125403


wasnt it 2013?

f79544 No.125404

File: fb349e1e0646b52⋯.jpg (343.03 KB, 915x830, 183:166, fb349e1e0646b52ec0584bee7c….jpg)


I was requesting this earlier, THANK YOU for posting it again! Im sure the part between "HUSSEIN" and "Q" is memo although i have some ideas:


This can mean one of 22 members of HOI, i think it is Devin Nunes

>CLAS 1-12

>CLAS 1, 2, 3, 4

I dont think this means class of senate cause if it did i dont make any sense having more than three. It must identify classified person or something.



Podesta give info to Holder

977ec4 No.125405


Follow Q's lead or GTFO

6d060f No.125406


Can you add "black community" or African American Democrats are you still with her:

b355f4 No.125407

File: 446a603895b67c2⋯.png (425.7 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 063F54E2-B600-421D-B804-4A….png)

283f45 No.125408





what would be beautiful is make hussein read it himself on live tv

977ec4 No.125409

File: a85c2c68205620b⋯.jpeg (82.46 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, daf890a7df90as7df9d8as7.jpeg)

File: 0bdf1df49fc0162⋯.jpg (259.43 KB, 1462x1080, 731:540, da78fds980f8a09df8a09sd8.jpg)

919e92 No.125410

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/19/18 (Fri) 02:16:41 No.25

[8] FIRED.

1.Reince Priebus - Chief of Staff

2.Anthony Scaramucci - Communications Director

3.Tom Price - Health & Human Services Secretary

4.Michael Flynn - National Security Adviser

5.Sally Yates -Acting Attorney General

6.Preet Bhara -US Attorney for the Southern District of NYC

7.James Comey - FBI Director

8.Mike Dubke - Communications Director

[X] JAILED. Could that mean 10 already IN jail?

Possible SUICIDES - looking into it….

++ / + TICK TOCK.


c1ac3d No.125411




291f63 No.125412

File: a1d3e8b360a08a6⋯.png (1.06 MB, 768x960, 4:5, Mike Rogers.png)

I don't think we're loving on this guy enough. He might be the one person who saved the world.

c70da3 No.125413


Remember to pre-fix with the subject "on African Americans"

cd6280 No.125416


Thinking the Pocket Billions is at least related to WW3 (War is a Racket type thing) OR her overall PLAN...remember "All for a Buck".

db5767 No.125417


No… I mean that is the memo.

We already have it. That is why Q used #Memo to have us push it.

Look back in the breads. Would have been a few days ago before I got sick and was rendered unconscious for two days. I proposed using #Memo to push the fact we have the memo. Before Q used it.

My head still hurts like hell … So… Whatever… I am going to probably go back to sleep.

Q could spell it out in fucking crayon and these guys would figure out a way to argue over whether it was yellow or lemon.

c1ac3d No.125418



Good idea on the Meme but it looks like Trump is saying the quote to Hilary. Not sure Normies will get it.

Second that

fecdef No.125419

File: c0857a21f466c76⋯.jpg (414.15 KB, 1754x1241, 1754:1241, dramafags.jpg)

24bccf No.125420

File: 4ab753695b760d5⋯.png (217.17 KB, 864x289, 864:289, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5ead1e1b7d07a7a⋯.png (77.8 KB, 652x383, 652:383, ClipboardImage.png)

DUG.jpg - 7:31pm

DOUG tweet - 8:21pm

hour [10] minutes

I mean, this seemed to be overlooked but I dont this this was a mistake…DUG? really?

c70da3 No.125421

From FW Anon

Some inspiration on this Special Day

IF you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,

Or being hated, don't give way to hating,

And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;

If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken

Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,

Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,

And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew

To serve your turn long after they are gone,

And so hold on when there is nothing in you

Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

' Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,

if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,

Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,

And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

a97896 No.125422

File: fde02f04752b92c⋯.jpg (149.88 KB, 1354x755, 1354:755, AC-360_6.jpg)

c1ac3d No.125423



0bef23 No.125424

File: 17741230400a7ba⋯.png (74.63 KB, 627x338, 627:338, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

a39b5c No.125426


Not sure why you are addressing it to my post, i'm with you Anon

283f45 No.125427

039310 No.125428

File: 9e2bc2fb8baa476⋯.png (259.68 KB, 673x535, 673:535, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 32806807a44ac78⋯.png (1.56 MB, 1597x1283, 1597:1283, ClipboardImage.png)


Some images to play with

795ccc No.125429


I think it's 8 fired that we're not aware of yet, but I could be wrong. As far as the X goes, unknown number would be my guess, IE to be determined.

977ec4 No.125430


kek'd on that one

4417a8 No.125431

It is time!


Let's meme the shit out of this and get it trending! Time to send a clear, concise and to the point message.


977ec4 No.125432


You COINTELPRO or wtf?

162419 No.125433



>wasnt it 2013?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is correct !!!!!!

a50b9e No.125434


I asked about this last night… was it 10 or 1hr 10… bad with the time zones…

795ccc No.125435


Kek. Nothing like rubbing salt into the wound.

162419 No.125436


Meme is Excellent, that hashtag is meaningless

#ReleaseTheMemo will help the trending intent

4417a8 No.125437

File: 26a8556ded8b5bc⋯.jpg (73.31 KB, 500x368, 125:92, torches.jpg)


977ec4 No.125439


Filtering you for glowing

0425b9 No.125440




ok. I did think about that. I think keeping it vague calls out all the white hat finger pointing racist callers…and folds in the poor, deplorables…doesn't exclude anyone.

b65a19 No.125441


CLAS is classified - the author is wrong and has been told numerous times. They posted it to halfchan and told people this graphic was "Q leaking the memo" and it was a sh*tshow - made us look bad. As long as you post this graphic, it will serve to further confuse people - just maybe stop posting it.

002fba No.125442

Dan Romano CEO of motiva replaced by Brian Coffman, is this the start of more ceo,s leaving.

4417a8 No.125443


Filtering you for being a filterfag

26c69d No.125444

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


You have worked so hard! God bless!

You all deserve a short break to rejuvenate yourselves.

Have a savage HIGH ENERGY video full of glorious memes and /ourguy/, Mr. 41020 himself!

6de0dd No.125445


I was pointing out that was a tad strange… they DONT WANT to, but are POWERLESS?

c1ac3d No.125446


Seth Rich

Julian Assange

when it's all done they should have their own holidays

060536 No.125447



…You idiots are really fighting over which hashtags to use?

Let's make this simple.

0. Shut the fuck up.

1. Use both #Memo and #ReleaseTheMemo.

2. When the memo is released, stop using #ReleaseTheMemo.

3. Continue using #Memo after release.


ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE amount of info dropped here by Q last night and you fucks are flipping out trying to get people to use a different hashtag on Twitter?

Clowns are obviously winning today. (see >>125192)


92d4b8 No.125448


It was 51 minutes in between posts.

a8184a No.125449


You know wikileaks is a controlled leak organization, owned and operated as an intelligence operation…right?? please tell me you don't think assange is a lone wolf.

f53598 No.125450


>Highlander II The Quickening

The original theatrical release is considered one of the worst films ever produced.

Plot: News broadcasts announce that the ozone layer is fading, and will be completely gone in a matter of months. A scientific team attempts to create an electromagnetic shield to cover the planet. The shield has the side effect of condemning the planet to a state of constant night. By 2024, the years of darkness have caused humanity to lose hope and fall into a decline.

060536 No.125451


Sorry >>125230 you were included by mistake

2a6263 No.125452

File: 642c98a88fc3ea8⋯.jpg (66.9 KB, 619x500, 619:500, robot lion.jpg)

I felt inspired by the classic Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I Am A Lion) - Die Roten Punkte

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-003rK1vt8

db5767 No.125453


Just venting frustration, I suppose.

We have the memo. The author may have a few points off, but that is the memo.

I guess we wait until Q comes along and breaks it down Barney style, though.

ba4ac6 No.125454


Not Fire Watch at all. Someone else.

4417a8 No.125455


You seem to be the only one fighting. The memo is already SCHEDULED to be RELEASED. Pay attention.

363255 No.125457


Sends msg that Dems are being force to do it. If they are being forced who is forcing them?

f79544 No.125458


Is there a more plausible explanation for what Q meant in his 22 crumb then?

ef4622 No.125459


I'm waiting for more info and happenings, but it's possible that Schumer was trying to avoid the shutdown (and the subsequent arrests) and Trump compelled him to do it by literally scaring the shit out of him.

9d7cde No.125460


All true, but how easy is it for an Iron Eagle to #fly# ?

1fcf79 No.125461

File: baca0a040571e8e⋯.png (389.74 KB, 650x488, 325:244, mg.png)

a65611 No.125462

File: d3fb45a5f47efc4⋯.gif (227.86 KB, 550x220, 5:2, D5F1278D-464D-4728-98E2-F0….gif)

Hahaha. Is GOOG looking at blackmail videos today?

283f45 No.125463


go read about CLAS in relation to communism and it will make sense

Q pointed out VJ and her communist background and affiliations

CLAS involves making our schools and other organizations follow a communist path

i did not believe it until i saw this video

just take a moment and think

https: //youtu.be/xNBl8Re4pU8

6de0dd No.125464


That’s what hit me this morning! Who???? Who is forcing schumer??? Who runs the Dems?

ba4ac6 No.125465


Most of these are NOT Fire Watch. Check the IDs!

Some of you are confusing who FW is. Posts were different in a pattern way and style. ID too.

Some of us know certain details that provided the ID to identify. Have not seen for a while. Pattern was strong around heavy Q posting earlier.

9282aa No.125466

File: 9aeac95456c7c54⋯.jpg (87.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AdmiralRogersPatriot1.jpg)

File: 7368197b84906fa⋯.jpg (96.74 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AdmiralRogersPatriot2.jpg)

File: 23188f3f6e7ccc4⋯.jpg (109.51 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AdmiralRogersPatriot3.jpg)

File: 77c12a524cd48d0⋯.jpg (108.96 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AdmiralRogersPatriot4.jpg)

File: 3673006c49c4794⋯.jpg (96.98 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, AdmiralRogersPatriot5.jpg)


I wish the lighting on his face was better. Tried to clean up the contrast on his face but there wasn't much I could do. What a guy! Here are 5 quick ones…

a81f89 No.125467

File: 6cf92951790efd1⋯.png (264.6 KB, 1368x965, 1368:965, dsfg.png)

f79544 No.125468


I dont believe all of it is in the MEMO just the bottom part about the FISA/DOSSIER/MCCAIN shit. Whats wrong about it?

162419 No.125469



> The memo is already SCHEDULED to be RELEASED. Pay attention.

Just got back here after last night . . please share that info so I don't loose 3 hours trying to find it.

40d592 No.125470


Try an ethnic one with ethnic twists.

(Them)=blacks, women, Latinos, immigrants…

6de0dd No.125472


Is POTUS telling us someone on the outside is running the Dems talking points??? The group that paid schumer just before the vote, he got $500,000 from a group

6de079 No.125473


>…You idiots are really fighting over which hashtags to use?

>Let's make this simple.

>0. Shut the fuck up.

This. Stay together fags.. You're helping clowns.. (1) (2) and (3) are the way to go go goooooo

c70da3 No.125474


Bingo anon

619bec No.125475


Good idea. Maybe we save the more "specific" memes that target special groups once more information is released to the public. Good call Anon!

92d4b8 No.125476


Did someone pick up the torch?

2f27e7 No.125477



Trump….who else. He is slapping their faces with his dick. He is blackmailing them to do this event to stop the government. The military and Trump are fine. They are forcing the Democrats to suicide. Forcing them to do the dumbest possible shit and with Trump starting to control the Media now there is nothing they can do.

039310 No.125478

File: 42b7880cf743486⋯.png (774.57 KB, 798x703, 42:37, ClipboardImage.png)

a50b9e No.125479


I was thinking maybe one was CST and the other EST, and that Q came after, but this makes sense.

0560b5 No.125480


That's what I got too and it's probably the same "group" that sends out talking points to the media. I tried to address this once on the board, but got dismissed.

This is very important and now DJT is addressing it. There is outside influence controlling media and Dems

5e49b7 No.125481

File: 3a1f17ecd94bc58⋯.jpg (156.5 KB, 1096x717, 1096:717, ReleaseTheMemo1.JPG)


c70da3 No.125482


You're confusing me with FW then.


b6933e No.125483

File: 3f869b9a409e935⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 666x623, 666:623, GinsbergMeme.JPG)

6de0dd No.125484


http: //usanewscentral.com/update-charles-schumer-received-500k-donation-pro-illegal-alien-group-just-vote/

45c438 No.125485

File: b6dfa8ab378b1af⋯.png (587.91 KB, 1179x632, 1179:632, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

I'm sure we're all pushing Admiral Mike for a reason and maybe this has already been posted but it should probably be stickied? This is a great link to push! Its a clear and well delivered explanation of the plot to frame POTUS and exonerate Hilldawg. Its the perfect thing to send to your "centrist" friends/family who are starting to come around. Admiral Mike is a leading character.

https:// www.youtube .com/watch?v=aa95jLxZfc4&feature=youtu.be

6de0dd No.125486


Yupppppp let’s dig on that group that paid him

a50b9e No.125487

File: 3be9fa3da0ec540⋯.png (546.27 KB, 1669x887, 1669:887, gitmo7.png)

The morning plane from Gitmo just left, it takes off at either 9 or 10am each morning it seems.

363255 No.125488


If true why would he make that public? Possibly teasing that dems are not in control due to outside influence?

07a7d3 No.125489

File: 22f34e6ff186377⋯.jpg (108.86 KB, 500x625, 4:5, 234yhf.jpg)

cc452f No.125490


not yet, anon

162419 No.125491



Agreed. Antonin Scalia is another victim and big loss to the White Hats. He and Seth Rich have that in common. JA is kicking.

f6b69b No.125492

File: f3d671be320b4f4⋯.png (591.01 KB, 1155x721, 165:103, weektoremember.png)

A Week To Remember?

Interesting article from July.


3754ab No.125493


“Also interesting is, remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents (#MEMO). It’s different for the media (#FULLOFSCHIFF). So everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us(BECAUSE YOU THE PPL R STUPID).”

6de0dd No.125494


Transparency website Glass Tabletop revealed Saturday that just before the Friday evening vote, Schumer received three separate campaign donation from Immigration for Everyone, the Council for Alien Rights, and the Southern Border Defense Fund — three groups that regularly push for complete amnesty for all illegals.

92d4b8 No.125495


It's moving very slowly so you can leave.

Baker here.

1fcf79 No.125496


Whoever has the "insurance" folders.

adaf3a No.125497


One of many who will be hailed as heros once this is over.

ca3f0c No.125498

Thank you baker for your beautiful nourishing bread.

619bec No.125499


#DemsArePowerless. TOP KEK to POTUS!!!

cc452f No.125500


thanks. you got it. pastebin for this one at the bottom of the 2nd post

0c3120 No.125501

File: 51ed4de5e1600ad⋯.png (795 KB, 1055x754, 1055:754, Capture.PNG)

Fixed a border issue. This is good to go now!

977ec4 No.125502

Here's a question I'll prob get scolded for - but what if I want to start from scratch and re-filter? How can I undo previous filterID actions? Thx anons

795ccc No.125503


Didn't he say something along the lines of "Take this as a yes, Mr. President" when he was announcing the shutdown?

200fe8 No.125504

File: 1cebdd00f076e4f⋯.jpg (62.05 KB, 568x335, 568:335, trump disgust 5.jpg)



92d4b8 No.125505


Got it.

0c3120 No.125506


Amen! This man is a Hero. God bless and protect Adm Rogers.

be9fca No.125507


Online says M, W and Fri

fb6bf6 No.125508


This is fantastic! But . . . who created this plan? BO & HRC are just pieces on the board - a long term plan like this came from a single mind - whose??

adaf3a No.125509

GEOTUS had to have fucked Graham over with the tax cut vote. The salt mines flowing during each interview since has been glorious.

My guess is he promised him a DACA deal if he voted on the plan. KEK!

b6933e No.125510

File: f5cb66e9db7bfd7⋯.png (265.66 KB, 388x495, 388:495, ClipboardImage.png)

That feeling you get when you have too many tabs open and you accidently hit the close button.

46655f No.125511

Searched “Aenate” per trump jr. twatt, while probably a typo.

Yielded a thread on political debate site with this link

https:// www.politico.com/story/2017/09/04/alabama-senate-race-special-election-breitbart-242307

fb5abc No.125512


Also Bannon

38dc9b No.125513

File: 4070bb7947c5b4f⋯.jpg (94.78 KB, 650x525, 26:21, JohnnyCashTemplate.jpg)

File: b86f5bf6d03e7b3⋯.jpg (88.88 KB, 687x512, 687:512, Orange is the New Black - ….jpg)

a50b9e No.125515


Yeah meant to say roughly every other day. Probably going to be another flight soon either from Gitmo or leaving Miami to Gitmo.

c70da3 No.125516


What are thinktanks?

Who funds them?

Who donated to Chuckles on Friday?

What do they get in return?

Trading Places

a2709b No.125517

What if the whole "Bimbo Eruption" narrative wasn't a permissive HRC putting up with WJC's affairs, but rather a set-up by HRC the whole time to own/control WJC …

0c3120 No.125519


Q told us it's the TRI families: SA, Rothschild, Soros

But if there is a single mind behind all of this, I think it would be demonic super intelligence – satan.

0950db No.125520


Three separate pro-amnesty groups, supposedly

6dff77 No.125521

File: 756dfa55844b6bc⋯.png (186.59 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, fO2MGqZ.png)


a0dd19 No.125522

Just re-watched DJT's speech at Al Smith Dinner - it's even more relevant now

977ec4 No.125523

Can filtering of IDs be reversed some way?

008ab7 No.125524


Outside and inside influences.

Keep in mind that the Dems are funded by the cabal (as are most of the Reps, but that's beside the point).

What's more, the psychotic voting base has moved beyond the Dems as power figures and have fully embraced the anti-Trump ideology instead; the Dems are only figureheads for the true power at work - the programming, the ideology.

The Dems know this and realize that their careers are on the line, if not entirely over; the only semblance of hope they have left is to continue down the line of mania while praying for profane intervention.

cde613 No.125525

File: 926ed3a6f559418⋯.jpeg (117.43 KB, 1020x652, 255:163, 1516633168.jpeg)

039310 No.125526

File: be405e0ecf793e6⋯.png (553.01 KB, 646x542, 323:271, ClipboardImage.png)

283f45 No.125527

File: 5b33ba854d67f73⋯.png (324.56 KB, 583x513, 583:513, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-22_….png)


business2community wrote and article debunking the donation.

shawn rice wrote it. go look who he works for.

a russian named Vasil Azarov

Azarov wrote a pro Schumer article in Ukranian newspaper here

paid debunker

http:// ukr


a41d41 No.125528


Meme this!!!!

50f80c No.125529


Who donated to Chuck on Friday???

cde613 No.125530

File: dada17940b56562⋯.jpeg (119.45 KB, 1020x652, 255:163, 1516633395.jpeg)

99f550 No.125531


Fuck off debbie

200fe8 No.125532


Grrrrrr – I changed it to 2013 but its not taking. Don't use this one till I get it fixed!!

8d6fd2 No.125533


Mike Green

782098 No.125535


It gets better every time I see it.

cde613 No.125536

File: f337e0de2dac0b2⋯.jpeg (97.16 KB, 1020x652, 255:163, 1516633026.jpeg)

a50b9e No.125537


They probably wouldn't transfer prisoners on these scheduled flights anyway because they would have to mix in with the regular Gitmo staff coming and going. My guess is they are coming on the military flights that keep going dark as soon as they get near Cuba.

46655f No.125538


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

6de0dd No.125539

Immigration for everyone… book by Naresh Gehi

Council for Alien Rights, and the Southern Border Defense Fund

Funny I’m not finding these funds online

2f27e7 No.125540


Sure. Trump thinks they are scum. He does not just want to defeat them he wants to do it in Artistic style on National TV and broadcast his dominance to the world. You get that right? They thought they could avoid negative Karma by making their victims fight each other. Trump is making the evil people do all the actions that will destroy themselves. Trump and Q have a sense of humor……a dark, dangerous sense. Happy they are on our side.

70b3f7 No.125541


I realize that not everyone has the opportunity to get an advanced education. See that screen you are staring at? It connects to the internet where you can discover why inciting violence never works.

Actually, everything you will ever need to know is on the internet.

Well, everything except the "MEMO". (ha-couldn't resist that)

c70da3 No.125542


Three organisations

2001 A Space…

99f550 No.125543



Go here www.plebbit.com/newcunts/

a597e0 No.125544

Should be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

283f45 No.125545






i can run circles around these clowns

0ae32c No.125546

File: 4dc2f60a9310fe5⋯.jpg (206.18 KB, 1029x768, 343:256, g563ybb7iddddwdk67e5u6345h….jpg)

6dff77 No.125547

File: f2dce583f0374bd⋯.png (104.68 KB, 578x323, 34:19, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)



c1ac3d No.125548


TFW control>Shift>Tab brings them all back

50f80c No.125549


Go on…

039310 No.125550


The overall plan has been centuries in the making. NWO

cc452f No.125551


yes. click the arrow next to the name and just underneath "add filter" should be a "remove filter" option. if your settings don't let you see the post stub at all, you need the top right corner of the page [options]. in options, find a checkbox for "unhide stub when hiding post"

6de0dd No.125552


I’d have to go back and rewatch …

99f550 No.125553


Lest we forget the god-tier shit posting?

060536 No.125554


Every person involved with these missing data files, their immediate supervisors and their supervisors need to be fined, jailed (30 days+), fired and prevented from every receiving another government job.

Something has to be done - you just can't say "Oh the files are gone" and get away with it. What is up with our government and absolutely NO accountability.

b6933e No.125556


Really. Jeez all this time.


c1ac3d No.125557



Sorry control>shift>t

a0dd19 No.125558

So schummer with russian connection, schummer receiving donations, schummer in trouble

977ec4 No.125559


get fucked if you can't answer straight. I'm trying to get shit done so I can get back to making productive memes.

6b72ac No.125560

>>124573 #MEMO is definitely on twatfacist.

b923fa No.125561


👍posting now to twitter

f68a68 No.125562

File: c2e3f937521ca14⋯.png (3.74 MB, 1750x1167, 1750:1167, Leak C-intel Mil assets.png)

>SAP sell-off

6de0dd No.125563

Schiffty changed his tune last night on the memo. I posted the news article two threads back

ef4622 No.125564


Jew Dems like Schiff were all over that Ukraine business.

182c2d No.125565


used it

and thank you !!!!

b6933e No.125566



977ec4 No.125567


Thanks Anon! That's a big help. I haven't filtered so many it will take too long to fix. This gets that out of the way kek

99f550 No.125568


Triggered David? SB is dead m8

9d7cde No.125569

File: d8a0eca6df46e98⋯.png (380.08 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - juicy.png)

889835 No.125570

File: c127b1aaf5d5f4e⋯.png (186.21 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1514023832203.png)

Morning anons, Taffanon reporting in.

Had a brainwave this morning for the people unable to make new twatter accounts because of text message.

I give you our newest weapon in the meme war.

>https:// www.receive-sms-online.info

>https:// receive-a-sms.com

>https:// smsreceivefree.com

>https:// getfreesmsnumber.com

>Pick a number + add to twatter

>Recieve the text on the website



GL today anons, hopefully this week is the BIGGEST week! Fire away! #Memo #ReleaseTheMemo

c70da3 No.125572


Step One: We admitted we were powerless over our addictions…

Just For Today

2f4aff No.125573

File: 4b7e7c61636b92d⋯.png (544.68 KB, 830x466, 415:233, 1516633378825.png)

977ec4 No.125574


Not triggered - just don't have the patience for some of the clown homos on here kek. All good.

6de0dd No.125575

Told people it was way more then 800,000

http:/ /www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/shock-report-3-6-million-dreamers-us-enough-flip-florida-arizona-georgia-north-carolina/

782098 No.125576


Go to 'options' on the top-right. I think you want to reset the filters you yourself have put up? Go there.

If you want people who filtered you, to unfilter you: delete system32.

b6933e No.125577

File: d1f4bac50917de2⋯.jpg (197.24 KB, 865x657, 865:657, 911BORREDRED.jpg)

So, Bush wasn't part of the 16 yrs plan.

9/11 direct attack?


Carlyle Group?


99f550 No.125578


Fuck off with your ‘innaduhrooooomz’ babble. Self help is over at plebbit

38dc9b No.125579

cc452f No.125580


easiest way is go to options → filters tab → remove all

38dc9b No.125582

File: b3cad45eb5ed1de⋯.jpg (186.15 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, clowns shumer.jpg)

c70da3 No.125583


Top Kek

060536 No.125584


I agree but the flesh and blood agents that assist are in serious need of a few leaky holes in their flesh.

99f550 No.125585


Throwing around the lingo well… screencap this nigger and tell David you need another .25/hr

977ec4 No.125586


KEK'd on that rofl - alt+F4 works too. But thanks all - I got it - unhide stub worked

46655f No.125587


What happened to the live stream?

363255 No.125588

File: 49acd0750a11f03⋯.jpg (66.59 KB, 400x300, 4:3, choke-yourself.jpg)


Makes me think of this.

c70da3 No.125589


Read the President's tweet again you utter cretin.

To what addiction was he referring?


2a6263 No.125590



Immigration for Everyone, the Council for Alien Rights, and the Southern Border Defense Fund

99f550 No.125591


Gotta get that SB raise. 14.50 doesn’t get you far m8

fbcf0e No.125592


Get fucked Lynn

932074 No.125593


>need to be fined, jailed (30 days+)

destroying or tampering with government property or evidence needs to be a hell of a lot more than 30+ days in jail.

That's not even a slight deterrent for future criminals.

REPERCUSSIONS need to fit the crime.

It's not about "losing/destroying an email". It's about the consequences of that email no longer being available. The punishment needs to be based on that.

dbbf33 No.125594

new trump tweet

"End the Democrats Obstruction!"


EDO rearranged could also be EOD = end of day?

Gov shutdown to end by the end of today?

ef4622 No.125595


Who made the plan?

46655f No.125596


Where was Q wrong?

89aea5 No.125597


sorry, but this is pretty lame

c70da3 No.125598


The president was referring to the addiction to money, no?

Step one: We admitted we were powerless…

6de0dd No.125599


Yea but I’m not finding these groups… leads take me to a book, and a team of lawyers

99f550 No.125600



Touché. Top bantz m8

cc452f No.125601

File: 16c6aecc08a9727⋯.png (51.8 KB, 617x306, 617:306, Screenshot from 2018-01-22….png)


46655f No.125602



c297a4 No.125603

File: 16d188e26c45d70⋯.png (305.72 KB, 542x291, 542:291, ClipboardImage.png)


Wel lwritten WOT Anon;

here, have a #MondayMotivation meme!

7fe26b No.125604


And I'm assuming that the 'Southern Border Defense Fund' is not actually a southern border defense fund as it sounds. Typical.

795ccc No.125605

Alert: Starting April 1 California DMV Will AUTOMATICALLY Register Illegal Aliens to Vote—by COURT ORDER

http:// www.capoliticalreview.com/capoliticalnewsandviews/alert-starting-april-1-california-dmv-will-automatically-register-illegal-aliens-to-vote-by-court-order/

200fe8 No.125607

File: 70bde8447be1ce2⋯.jpg (62.76 KB, 568x335, 568:335, disgust 2013.jpg)


Finally! Sheeeeeeshhhhh

6de0dd No.125608


It’s a team of lawyers

6de0dd No.125611


That’s why they’re freaking out about the new census coming

050ebf No.125612


Is this real life?

99f550 No.125613


Holy fugggg. When can we vote for Cali succession? Let them flutter about for 6 months then storm the commie stronghold

0b66d9 No.125614


Bag of dicks.

Bon appetite

060536 No.125615


Yes I agree. They need to treat it like a military command and deal with everyone in the chain.

Any accountability would be better than what we see now.

6de0dd No.125616

New census comes before nov 2020 vote! The new census question freaking out California is one that asks if a US citizen. If they don’t answer or put NO then name is flagged from voting

050ebf No.125617


I don’t see how this is legally possible. Wtf.

b6933e No.125619

File: 8d3638704c6e1e7⋯.jpg (61.3 KB, 626x498, 313:249, EastwoodBAMeme.JPG)

dbbf33 No.125620


or maybe this instead?


EDO Corporation was an American company, which was acquired by ITT Corporation in 2007. EDO designed and manufactured products for defense, intelligence, and commercial markets, and provided related engineering and professional services. It employed 4,000 people worldwide and had revenues of $715 million in 2006. EDO's assets went to ITT Defense Electronics and Services. As of May 2015, these assets are now part of Harris Corporation[1]

a41d41 No.125621


The whole thing is fake

a0dd19 No.125622


Comes from Gateway Pundit and apparently Glass Tabletop may be false? unsure - do not post wihtout sauce

6de0dd No.125623


California is already asking for a split of counties, into two California s. Free California and California…. free California is Pro trump

dbbf33 No.125624



Harris Corporation is an American technology company, defense contractor and information technology services provider that produces wireless equipment, tactical radios, electronic systems, night vision equipment and both terrestrial and spaceborne antennas for use in the government, defense and commercial sectors. They specialize in surveillance solutions,[2] microwave weaponry,[3] and electronic warfare.[4][non-primary source needed]

Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $7 billion of annual revenue. It is the largest private-sector employer in Brevard County, Florida (approximately 6,000).[5] The company was the parent of Intersil (Harris Semiconductor). Most of the wireless start-ups in South Brevard County were founded and are staffed by former Harris Corporation engineers and technicians.[citation needed] The company's Digital Telephone Systems (DTS) division was sold to Teltronics.

In 2016, Harris was named one of the top hundred federal contractors by Defense News.[6] In January 2015, Wired Magazine ranked Harris Corporation—tied with U.S. Marshals Service—as the number two threat to privacy and communications on the Internet.[7]

977ec4 No.125625


Prob Constitutional Amendment required, but could kick Cali. possibly… Fuck - the pencil dicks would have a field day in court…

99f550 No.125626


When you have planted judges and enough money, you can write the (((laws))). Come back in a year and let me know if still on the books

c70da3 No.125627


It won't work.

They would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't have been for you pesky anons.

Famous Five

6dff77 No.125628

File: cc0736e436505e7⋯.png (55.44 KB, 1455x622, 1455:622, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

File: 2b47a50b8cc3597⋯.png (291.14 KB, 620x644, 155:161, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

File: a88b384302cc45e⋯.png (197.8 KB, 602x846, 301:423, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

File: 2b7c824bb3d4db5⋯.png (472.88 KB, 735x914, 735:914, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)


That's the thing… (((They))) aren't Jewish, at all. They are Turkic-Khazarians, fraudulently pretending to be the "chosen people".

2f27e7 No.125629


Going back to Khazaria their native homeland. Got to have a second option now because Israel might not pan out like they thougth.

97234f No.125630

File: 52f4c9477557176⋯.png (29.16 KB, 779x327, 779:327, IF by rudyard kipling.PNG)


Not terribly literate are you?

a41d41 No.125631



363255 No.125632

File: 1bafef57559e96e⋯.jpg (147.35 KB, 849x764, 849:764, fedz.JPG)


And then we have this. Xavier missed the fact that Federal Government trumps State.

92d4b8 No.125633

99f550 No.125634


Fuck em ALL. Give the patriots 48 hours to leave n glass the rest

a41d41 No.125635


It’s fake. 100%

782098 No.125636



626b32 No.125637

Message found on board via Trump tweets.

Tweet times: 5:07 and 5:15 (stretch to 10min (due to Twitter time completion up/down))

Pretty much sure (though not completely) this message is referred to.


Anonymous 01/22/18 (Mon) 04:46:45 ID: 38bf72 No.123919






Veritas Ominas Vincit - Truth Always Conquers.

Total of 4 posts by this ID: 38bf72





97234f No.125638


Thank you for posting those files. Now I need to find the other graphic about them, red background I believe it was. Will have to look back in older breads. Been talking to people about the SoS and need proof.

200fe8 No.125639

http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/22/shooting-at-texas-high-school-suspect-in-custody-police-say.html

c688c6 No.125640


when the job is done we can ask them for a meme war memorial for all of those who did their part

b6933e No.125641


A tsunami is coming..

200fe8 No.125642


A suspected shooter was in custody on Monday after opening fire at a Texas high school, police said.

The status of the victims was unclear at this time.

The shooting was reported at Italy High School, about 45 miles south of Dallas, just before 8 a.m., authorities said.

Ellis County police tweeted that the suspect was in custody.

c70da3 No.125643


This was read at my wedding in 2000.

Chosen for inspiration today.

If you think I was claiming to have written it, you are a moron.

You think Q wrote the Lords Prayer?


c2c4da No.125644

File: be2b7ea63b18c8c⋯.png (13.94 KB, 689x231, 689:231, Q 01-18 20-16 (25).png)


anon–did this post on the Q board?

I have a different post as #25

283f45 No.125645


no it isnt

go look at who wrote the article debunking it

and then go look who the author works for

2f4aff No.125647

File: c717a481560347f⋯.png (889.3 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 1516634505159.png)

File: 4c8fba926103446⋯.png (929.58 KB, 768x960, 4:5, 1516634689712.png)


aww, kquicher bichin

a0dd19 No.125648

File: 7f00d8f798075fc⋯.png (164.15 KB, 510x383, 510:383, ClipboardImage.png)

I've been sitting here way to long! will be back later! Keep up the awesome work Anons, you rock!

50f80c No.125649

Did we have sauce for Schumers donations on Friday?

92d4b8 No.125650


Thank you to those in uniform!

97234f No.125651





99f550 No.125652


Just thinking about how the (((history))) books would be written. Something to effect of ‘the second civil war was fought over racism towards illegal wetbacks’ just like how civil war was fought over slavery

b52603 No.125653


They've been doing this automatically since they began issuing D license's to illegals. And, of course, they are registered Dem. Then at election time, whether they go to the polls or not, they vote. Meaning that the PTB will cast a vote for them.

6dff77 No.125654

File: 73b6a71411c19a9⋯.png (813.87 KB, 798x554, 399:277, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at ….png)


Yep… Except they already have another second option… It's called Astana, Kazakhstan. (AKA The New Khazaria). The imagery in the city will floor you.

795ccc No.125655


No kids please.

6de0dd No.125656


They seem to think they are a country to themselves, but came begging for millions when the damn was going to burst,

38dc9b No.125657

File: 7330d910a95eccd⋯.jpg (147.1 KB, 676x960, 169:240, 7330d910a95eccdfda9e970133….jpg)

Just put a pot on. Anyone want any?

99f550 No.125658


>digits confirm

You need to go back

f53598 No.125659

File: 5d9e3ecddbf8ee4⋯.png (678.97 KB, 456x507, 152:169, ie2.png)


Yes, good point

ff58bf No.125661

File: c4b6788b4d08724⋯.png (3.2 MB, 4700x3000, 47:30, qresearch149firewatch.png)

File: 6f62b583745df4f⋯.png (5.63 MB, 4700x3000, 47:30, qresearch150firewatch.png)

Graphics re: FW Anon(s) in:


qresearch#150(FW's bizarre but highly-connected-to-recent-events fixation with movies and songs.)

Ps. this also furthers my Theory that Movies arnt just made for "making money" but are instructions/predictions/tells regarding Life as a whole.

283f45 No.125662

File: 55ea210512586d3⋯.png (155.74 KB, 465x313, 465:313, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-20_….png)



kids pull on heartstrings….

like this

6dff77 No.125663


One step ahead of ya, anon. But thank you.

97234f No.125664


No not at all first line said "from FW anon"

It's a good idea to put the author/title to well known poetry.

Not trying to offend you at all.

3ccded No.125665

File: 4b8be65069cc2c6⋯.png (160.87 KB, 930x1092, 155:182, Trump_Tweet_#1_#2_22-01-20….png)

work in progress . . .

[8]m delta on 1/22

post 47 [8] and 1 of 22 >>>/greatawakening/47

38dc9b No.125666


has anyone figured out which past potus is Iron Eagle?

bc993c No.125667

Good morning Anon's.

The Emergency Broadcast System just did another test today on the radio here in Maryland. It's odd to have two in three days.

c70da3 No.125668

Godspeed Anons.

Praying for 4%, will take 6% to save the Faithful.

Judgement Day

88dd79 No.125669



Its actually 11m+ once all is said and done. Not including the 3m+ scum from puerto rico. Its a fuckin disaster.

That would instantly turn all future parties into a european style Center Left + Left + Far Left combo. The right is eliminated since it has no chance of ever winning.

c70da3 No.125670

f07e07 No.125671


Billy Boy Clinton

e712d8 No.125672



the document Joe diG spoke of

April 27, 2017 FISA court opinion


ff58bf No.125673


deleted posts (which Q has done before) may have taken certain post numbers at different points in time.

bdafb5 No.125674


'move bitch get out the way' my sides anon

38dc9b No.125675


thank ya anon

3fcfbc No.125676

File: 9c31daa0e95489c⋯.jpg (241.93 KB, 1080x825, 72:55, Screenshot_20180122-092739.jpg)

Guess we can thank The Admiral, Q and Horowitz for this gem. These guys are fuckin stupid.

782098 No.125677


We don't use kids. We don't need it, and it's below us. Next step will be to target the children of traitors. Slippery slope.

I know you mean well.

88dd79 No.125678


Kek. I was just about to come here and post that. Its been public for months now?

c70da3 No.125679



But IF is famous, it's not usually needed.

Let me guess, you had to look it up?

That's OK.

Those are words to live by.

cc452f No.125681


anon from last thread >>125230 pointed something out to possibly add to the dough. i didn't add it, but since i'm not feeling well maybe someone else's judgement is better than mine right now. i don't think he was a concern troll

99f550 No.125682


Reason shit HAS to start dropping soon. Need time to work on the niggers n push them right. Perhaps we need to pushback the left has abandoned the blacks for the illegals. Blacks and beans already hate each other

6de0dd No.125683

File: 6f76887c99b7b5a⋯.png (291.13 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 9B818AA4-95AA-4824-AF86-00….png)


FromQ board

0aa68a No.125684

Opinions on the NSA reportedly losing/deleting information important to on-going investigations? "Good guys?"

c70da3 No.125685


I'm just you're here and we're in it together.

We are gonna win anon.

99f550 No.125686


>digits confirm

Fuck off with your concern trolling. You obviously aren’t ready for the release. Go back to kikebook. We will summon when ready

c2c4da No.125687



life comes at you fast

gotta stay awake

0425b9 No.125688

File: 8e08f92c513c37e⋯.png (529.08 KB, 600x400, 3:2, hillary black quote.png)

e712d8 No.125689



You do realize that immediately after the dreamers get citizenship they can sponsor their parents and siblings for citizenship…

800k = number of dreamers

3~4m = parents & sibs

87e84c No.125690

File: b5e0e9f68001007⋯.gif (21.06 KB, 255x255, 1:1, MemoDraino.gif)


Good one, anon.

Flushing out the Memo. (animated)

a41d41 No.125691


Sadly it first originated from usanewscentral

99f550 No.125692


I r8 14/88 b8 m8

c70da3 No.125693


OIG has them?

What a wonderful world.

The OIG Report is the Hammer.

734c05 No.125694



Yes, but *this* 16 year plan specifically . . . . that is the root that must be removed . . . . otherwise, it will just cycle over again after we're all gone . . . .

ff58bf No.125695

File: d16820a6fa149cf⋯.png (76.18 KB, 592x474, 296:237, ClipboardImage.png)


FW Anon responded to the second post

88dd79 No.125696


>Need time to work on the niggers n push them right.

I've been waiting to do this for months. There are a lot of "woke" groups out there who could easily be tapped into and promoted.

3fcfbc No.125697


I bet Binney's helping them get them, nothing is ever truly lost

bdafb5 No.125698

File: 1e779ac4e9fdb9a⋯.jpg (131.07 KB, 1496x852, 374:213, NASA.jpg)


6b6881 No.125699


Add in something along the lines of she said this then called Americans deplorable. Still with her?

Just a thought

b6933e No.125702

File: 43997d6e325bf7b⋯.jpg (79.85 KB, 656x408, 82:51, Hillary OrangeWWIII.JPG)

c70da3 No.125703

Was Trump referring to the memo in his tweet or just the shutdown?

6de0dd No.125704



6dff77 No.125705


At what point does gross-incompetence/negligence become a criminal-act done in malice?

FBI = Failed, Bureau of Incompetence

bdafb5 No.125706


guess that means those of us who have been here since the beginning could be college Qprofessors

99f550 No.125707


>tfw niggers become our useful idiots cotton style

Wew lads what a timeline

97234f No.125708


I knew enough of it to know it was famous poetry. I didn't know enough of it to be able to say "That's It by Kipling".

Thanks for not tearing me apart. Much appreciated.

3fcfbc No.125710


I bet it was McCabe, he'll pay

782098 No.125711


You faggot, it's not for us. Take your meds and start lurking with your

>digits confirm

bullshit. You obviously have no idea how imageboard culture works and are throwing around words you learnt just yesterday.

38dc9b No.125712


You go M Horwitz….Mmmm…who let the dogs out..Hoot!

ff58bf No.125713

File: 168107788f11985⋯.png (124.24 KB, 905x392, 905:392, ClipboardImage.png)


actually FW responds to the 2nd >>125695

and the 4th >>125712

99f550 No.125715


Lmfao cool story David. You snowflakes will swing soon too

da197d No.125716


nice dig!

88dd79 No.125717


>Wew lads what a timeline

Its extremely easy since we're actually telling them the truth.

283f45 No.125718


i am talking about the article written by business2community that debunked the article you cited.

schumer is connected to business2community through Azarov

f07e07 No.125719

f165c5 No.125721

File: ef730ec23193617⋯.jpg (975.15 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, SbS2.jpg)

side by side, bitches!

3e5b49 No.125722

I try to figure out Q's post for myself but I'm just not getting the SAP acronym. Anyone?

50f80c No.125723


Fire Watch anon.

782098 No.125724


What kind of bot are you even? Let your programmer look at the code, you're not making any sense.

bc470d No.125725

File: b88060cf01b1b1c⋯.jpeg (623.42 KB, 1894x2683, 1894:2683, 55001560-E08F-4CA1-94D5-5….jpeg)

f07e07 No.125726


Ahh ty anon

c2c4da No.125727


special asset program

88dd79 No.125728


SideBySideFags are the greatest humanity has to offer.

0fd73c No.125729


This is good.

c2c4da No.125730


spook shit

3e5b49 No.125731


many thanks

97234f No.125732


If you were here last night it blew up in here. A email that had been assumed to be fake was in fact revealed to be true AND furthermore… was the reason why Trump won the election.

Then we got further notice from Q himself that we are being watched in here by all 3 letter agencies.

There's 2-3 breads from last night but a lot of them are shilly.

99f550 No.125733


Yes, for YEARS I’ve been shouting to anybody that will listen that the blacks voting Dem has held them back. But yeah of course got the (((racist))) label. 50+ years voting Dem and literally living in 3rd world shitholes, but yeah it’s duh Whiteman brah

1fcf79 No.125734


Special access project. Think Secret programme developed in secret then rolled out to the public via controlled assets to the highest bidder.

2ad9c3 No.125736

excuse interruption, need help in War Room General, coming up on 750 post, one anon wants to archive current board and open new board when time comes, doesn't know how to archive. Help anon. ty ALL.

283f45 No.125738


got it

now go look who wrote and who that person works for

dont be a sheep

cde613 No.125739

File: 48964cd7ec971f3⋯.jpeg (65.71 KB, 1020x580, 51:29, 1516635500.jpeg)

50f80c No.125740



Your Euro-ness is showing.


99f550 No.125741

File: dc8615e6d173d80⋯.jpeg (24.06 KB, 209x255, 209:255, 3F100A5F-0A05-4117-88C1-0….jpeg)

7ceb1d No.125742


Special Access Programs

0fd73c No.125743

OK… this is very weird.. I can't explain

A) why it's even in the waterway.

B) Why it can't make it up the st laurent.

Any explanations, cause, this is weird. Also note Montreal is the home of power and deep state in Canada, despite Ottawa being the capitol.

https:// www.rt.com/news/416613-us-warship-trapped-montreal/

8b2d94 No.125744


VJ Valerie Jarrett (missing the 'e') "Sniffer"

7580a4 No.125745


And "I approve this message"

cecc15 No.125747


Yeah immediately

50f80c No.125748

SAP is special access program. HRC was selling the info she had through her SAP to the highest bidder. That's why it was "America for sale".

369d33 No.125749

Damn….this is excellent, anon >>125501

dbbf33 No.125750




"President Obama to Appoint Harris Corporation CEO to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee"

MELBOURNE, FL/WASHINGTON, D.C — Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS), an international communications and information technology company, announced that President Barack Obama intends to appoint Harris President and Chief Executive Officer William M. Brown to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC).

Brown will be one of 30 chief executives on the committee, which develops recommendations to assure vital telecommunications links through any event or crisis, and to help the U.S. Government maintain a reliable, secure, and resilient national communications posture. Committee members represent major telecommunications companies, network service providers, information technology, finance and aerospace companies.

For more than 30 years, the NSTAC has addressed a wide range of policy and technical issues regarding communications, information systems, information assurance, critical infrastructure protection, and other national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) communications concerns. In recent years, the government, with the support of the NSTAC, addressed new NS/EP challenges caused by several primary factors: the convergence of traditional and broadband networks; the changing global threat environment; and the continuing global expansion of both provider and user communities.

"It is an honor to be appointed by the President to serve on this important advisory committee," said Brown. "Reliable and secure communications plays a critical role in our society. I hope to bring the breadth of Harris Corporation's expertise in assured communications and information technology to issues affecting national security and our Nation's emergency preparedness."

Brown was appointed president and chief executive officer of Harris in November 2011. Before joining the Harris Corporation, he was senior vice president for Corporate Strategy and Development at the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Brown joined UTC in 1997, prior to which he was a senior engagement manager at McKinsey and Company. He began his career at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., where he worked as a project engineer. Brown serves on the Board of the Fire Department of New York Foundation and the Florida Polytechnic Board of Trustees. He received a B.S. and an M.S. from Villanova University, and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

88dd79 No.125751


Hillarys keep them dumb,poor,etc comment will be the final straw for many of them.

10bd28 No.125752

I wonder if Jared or possibly Barron play Minecraft?

4b857e No.125754

File: 205d0204be36fe2⋯.jpg (40.96 KB, 761x700, 761:700, cat.jpg)

File: 49898745501de78⋯.png (743.77 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbsYou_TheCalmBef….png)

File: bb4981edf02a230⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1111x744, 1111:744, Q_BiteCrumbsYou_BE_LOUD_BE….png)

File: 1a670504126366f⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_pepeCrumbs_Amazing.png)

File: 692d7303bef8e59⋯.png (442.34 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_pepeCrumbs_You_During.png)

It is time to make a change

Just relax, take it easy

You're still lost, that's your fault

There's so much you have to know

Learn the map, expand your thinking

Look at me, I am old, but I'm on 8chan

I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy

To be calm when you've found something going on

But take your time, think a lot

Re-read crumbs, expand your thinking

For you will still be here tomorrow

But your dreams may not

How can I try to explain

Markers, deltas, owls and spiders,

It's always been the same, same old story

From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen

Now there's a way and I know that I have to be

The calm before and during the storm

*bonus note to

>>125217 <

>#shillaxing KEK what are the odds and oh, you gave yourself away…

<Sorry to burst yer bubble, but not shilling, it's just a cheesy/corny lil' post re-writing Cat's Father&Son because i had it in my head and it seems quite appropriate.

<Feel free to correct lines/changes if you have a better version to propose, of course...

<However, I do find odd that the lines mentioning calm would be marked as "flags" for shillery... Do you even breadcrumbs, bro?

<Notice it says "It is time to make a change", right there at the start.

<Do you remember who said "The calm before and during the storm"?

<None of this here is saying not to tweet, not to take action. It's just saying not to panic... to have a solid footing on the ground, when the storm strikes hardest. How is that not a good thing?

<Now, you're likely too much of a youngun to know the song, so it's more about you not "getting it" than anything, and i do agree that the tone-police fags and PR-concern fags are hella annoying, but that wasn't the point at all. It's a song, look it up. Purdy good.

039310 No.125755

File: b21399aa4026fd5⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1499x883, 1499:883, ClipboardImage.png)

3fcfbc No.125756

So I know the NSA just got a new IG and saw some news about the IC's or CIA's IG a little while back. I have to believe that they've been working hard too. Drop hammers. Strzok was given up to Mueller in July, most of these people I have to imagine have already been indicted. Glorious times Anons

If you bake it, he will crumb

99f550 No.125757


Still want to know how she uploaded n smuggled the info out. Had to have help from ES

ce49b7 No.125758

File: f0e6192b987e06c⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 847x489, 847:489, weallgo.jpg)

here it is. pls spread it.

will b around all day, if Narrative changes, will make updated version asap.

go go go glorious memewarriors!



0425b9 No.125759

File: 49ee9f99109f4e5⋯.png (623.61 KB, 499x800, 499:800, george cnn.png)

File: 6b0808899795656⋯.jpg (348.85 KB, 600x337, 600:337, heres johnny2.jpg)

File: e851a163ba45930⋯.png (171.81 KB, 600x529, 600:529, pepe release memo.png)

50f80c No.125760


Genius! Great job!

6de0dd No.125761

File: 57b47709799b651⋯.jpeg (239.13 KB, 1472x1472, 1:1, ED7D7A8A-5394-430C-A712-C….jpeg)

File: 2744f2fbe01e172⋯.jpeg (213.52 KB, 1472x1472, 1:1, 394D5113-5A43-44E2-8BAC-B….jpeg)

File: 3007591b0d5280b⋯.jpeg (200.92 KB, 1472x1472, 1:1, CCA6C0C9-332B-42AE-B799-2….jpeg)

dbbf33 No.125762




"Robert Whelen of Harris Corporation Named 'Champion of Change' by Obama Administration"

MELBOURNE, FL, May 10, 2011 — Robert G. (Bob) Whelen, vice president of Real Estate and Environmental, Health and Safety for Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS), was honored by the White House recently as a Champion of Change — a program that is part of President Obama's Winning the Future initiative. Each week, the program features a group of Americans, businesses or organizations who embody the ideals of 'out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.'

Whelen and 11 other Brevard County business and community leaders nominated by the Administration were selected to participate in a roundtable discussion on the impact of the retirement of the Space Shuttle on the Space Coast economy, and actions by the Administration that would help mitigate this economic impact. The event was held at the Astronauts Memorial Foundation facility.

Each of Brevard's Champions of Change also will be featured on the White House website May 9-15, where they will post a short blog about the work they are doing in the community and their experience as a member of the roundtable.

According to Whelen, roundtable participants encouraged the Administration to leverage the existing capabilities of the Kennedy Space Center and the high-tech workforce of the Space Coast to include research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and expanding launch capabilities at KSC. This would serve as an economic engine for the region, affording the United States a more cost-effective space program that also would attract new businesses in non-space, high-tech industries. The group also encouraged the Administration to incentivize business to locate, grow and expand on the Space Coast.

"It was a distinct honor and pleasure to be selected as a Champion of Change," said Whelen, who also serves as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast. "In my role at Harris, I have the opportunity to visit many communities and establish business operations around the world. Nowhere else but on the Space Coast have I witnessed a community so determined to succeed — to overcome challenges and emerge stronger than ever."

Whelen has been very active in economic development activities in the U.S. and internationally throughout his career. He is a chemical engineering graduate from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

1fcf79 No.125763


In its most benign form you would take the technology used to dig underground bases and roll it out as something like EM's The boring company.

>>125740 Sorry - Russian is my first language. Beep Boop, biddie biddie biddie

782098 No.125764


1488 motherfucker

f165c5 No.125765

File: 2223fc943c08975⋯.jpg (460.75 KB, 2160x1440, 3:2, SbS2.jpg)



50f80c No.125766


Yes, he helped set up private servers and what not in NK.

6dff77 No.125767

File: 062774bcaf6f506⋯.png (742.21 KB, 1074x894, 179:149, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

7c5550 No.125768


https:// en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Special_access_program

0664a1 No.125769


This is too true for comfort.

7759d5 No.125770


Excellent work Anon , but the VJ JW article was in 2015 not 2018

0eb158 No.125771



(Might have switched IPs)

Thanks anon, much appreciated too.

Hope you're as comfy as me.

Glad of your company.

b6933e No.125773

File: cfa0268e714389d⋯.jpg (44.04 KB, 653x405, 653:405, CaddyShackMemoHot.JPG)

e5d99d No.125774

Memo talk on Fox now.

8b2d94 No.125775


Great job, anon. Thanks.

99f550 No.125776


>should be final straw

Ftfy /faggot/. The ONLY way this will Be final straw is with a push from the black community. As long as it comes from trump or anybody associated w Trump it will be dismissed. Gotta find a woke black that hasn’t been labeled an Uncle Tom to push this

782098 No.125777


>fake jews

mein fucking sides

92874b No.125778


sent it out! Beautiful work. Already getting reactions!

369d33 No.125779

FWIW…..Dilley says the memo will be released soon. Says when you start seeing more police and military floating around town then its coming.

Grain of salt….

5e49b7 No.125780

File: 2ed8c5bc0359d47⋯.jpg (87.65 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, JoeMeme.JPG)

Waddaya think - useable?


ee18fa No.125781

Interesting FBI are deleting texts.

FBI Strzok-Page Text Messages MISSING!

A letter written and made public Saturday, January 20, 2018 by Sen. Ron Johnson, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs revealed startling information - text messages between the FBI agent in charge of the Clinton Email investigation and Lisa Page, DoJ attorney assigned to the FBI and key legal aide to Andrew McCabe, FBI Assistant Director have "gone missing."


97234f No.125782

File: a05421871b75935⋯.png (233.26 KB, 600x411, 200:137, deplorable.png)


took liberties…..

cbb500 No.125783


This is my latest theory ( it’s a topic that’s been driving me nuts!) My apologies if already covered or if I’m completely off target. I have absolutely no intention of misdirecting anyone.

This time I’m trying to look at this signature from a positive angle. I could be completely wrong and it might be an evil person ( Rothschild etc) or entity of course. My humble apologies if so.

I’m no specialist in military matters but every Operation has a name.

Could part, or the whole of the Operation, Potus and the US Military are waging against the Cabal, be “Operation Iron Eagle?”

The bald eagle was chosen on June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the USA.


It is said the eagle was used as a national emblem because, at one of the first battles of the Revolution (which occurred early in the morning) the noise of the struggle awoke the sleeping eagles on the heights and they flew from their nests and circled about over the heads of the fighting men, all the while giving vent to their raucous cries. "They are shrieking for Freedom," said the patriots.

http:// www


Candidate Donald Trump was brave enough to allow Time Magazine, to do a photo session of him, with a feisty bald headed eagle, named Uncle Sam in August 2015. Afterwards he called it “Seriously dangerous but beautiful!”



An eagle purportedly won’t take shelter in a storm as all other birds do but will mount up and fly above it, catching and soaring calmly on the updrafts constantly watching the evolution of things below.

Strong thunderstorms reach up to and above 40,000 feet (7.5 mi), which is higher than most passenger aircraft fly. We learnt AF1 attained these heights on the Asia tour.

Severe thunderstorms can reach 50,000 feet (9.5 mi). This height is well out of the troposphere (where most weather happens) and into the stratosphere. No aircraft except specialized military jets or rockets fly this high. …Iron Eagle stuff too perhaps.

Q told us that the number of people who have the full picture of what is happening, can be counted on two hands. Of these,only three are non military. (It’s an eagle’s eye view at 40.000ft (+)


Looking to the map now, where Q team has signed with, or mentioned “Iron Eagle”, to see any content that could relate to my theory;

1. Nov. 10 2017 >>148779656

Disinformation is real/is necessary.

Picture provides 40.000ft.v.

40.000ft. v. is classified.

Importance of a map for direction.

The war on (our) minds.

Operations underway.

Operators active.

2. Nov 12 2017 >>149063644

Potus coordinating with Russia and China to dismantle the NWO.

Why is NSA so vital?

Enormous scale of events ongoing.

Russia helping kill ISIS.

Operations active.

Joint missions underway.

3. Nov 12 2017 >>149122955

The big ( 40.000ft) conspiracies are in this post;

Family Y, Hitler, purpose of WWII,

Soros & family, purpose of wars, Merkel & family, Titanic > FED. Brainwashing, PSYOP. Hindenberg.

The need to control the truth or it would put 99% people in the hospital.

4. Nov 12 2017 >> 149140639

40.000ft to understand global events.

NSA-Q group?

Who has full clearance to the picture?

SIS is good.

+++Adm R+++

What agency at war w/CIA?

80% covert 20% public

Who are Wizards&Warlocks?

What council do the Wizards& Warlocks control?

Iron Eagle? ( asking if understood yet)


( military code name for Bin Laden)

Of course, the NWO has overtly displayed Eagle symbolism too as did the Roman Empire further back (See Rothschild coat of arms, Nazi Germany, Freemasonry etc) Eagle/Phoenix imagery is prevalent.

Nov. 22 2017 >>150400127

Q retweeted Anon’s question;

“Why is LRD chatting up Eagles on Twitter?”


And then Q asked;

“What US President was nicknamed “Eagle” by the USSS?”

(Bill Clintons’ ).

Then he added “FlyEaglesFly”.

Perhaps LDR and the Cabal have used such code words ( on Twitter etc ) and they’re now busted?

So in this amazing Operation, we’re privy to (albeit in part), are the “imposter” Cabal eagles being put to flight, to then be captured or obliterated by an Operation named “Iron Eagle”?

83e92b No.125784


checked, lets hope youre onto something anon, let today be the day

92d4b8 No.125785



99f550 No.125786


>trips confirm

a50b9e No.125787

Hmm…. who have we seen with a burner phone recently?…

"Top FBI, DOJ Officials Use Drug-Cartel-Style Burner Phones to Dodge Federal Investigators, Lawmakers"


92d4b8 No.125788


Adding to batter.

b6933e No.125789

We want to see raw data from which memo was formed.

7bde73 No.125790

LIVE BREAKING: School shooting in Ellis County, Texas.

50f80c No.125791


Dilly Dilly!!

f6b69b No.125792

Top FBI, DOJ Officials Use Drug-Cartel-Style Burner Phones to Dodge Federal Investigators, Lawmakers


4b857e No.125793

File: 6b14b181183daed⋯.png (805.6 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_KeepThem.png)

da197d No.125794


before Harris: UTC. before UTC: McKinsey

isn't McKinsey Ian Cameron (Mr. Susan Rice)?

e5d99d No.125795


"Is this America or is this the KGB?"

4957c1 No.125796

File: 5347a24fe89cf78⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 2960x1628, 20:11, 16 year plan for H and H a….jpg)


6b6881 No.125797


Love it! Thank you!!

ff58bf No.125798

0eb158 No.125799


Which email?

I got a few hours sleep last night UK time.

All the agencies have been here since before FBIanon.

369d33 No.125800

Lol….He said libs will lose their minds when they find out what Obama andHRC were up to

Guess we will see…….dilly dilly>>125791

40d592 No.125801


Thx, anon.

99f550 No.125802


Fugggg can’t upload rest of rares

ba4ac6 No.125803


Nope. Not same ID. Different pattern of writing.

Not Fire Watch. FW did not write like that. Very different. This seems like someone trying to piggback Q.

c297a4 No.125804


Yup Anons it got way up to shillcon1 in here. The pelicanspamclownshill was a major PITA

200fe8 No.125805

File: 585767984b3aed5⋯.jpg (9.87 KB, 255x198, 85:66, parrot.jpg)


I don't know about you and I didn't say anything at the time, but that creeped me out. There weren't that many of us on the board. (Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean the clowns aren't outside my window!)

e5d99d No.125806


Too much info for normies to digest.

Try to slim it down to 1/5 of the amount of connections.

369d33 No.125807

File: 80e8bd2e14ac2b0⋯.jpg (81.25 KB, 720x754, 360:377, DRBS3TzWkAAC-X6.jpg)

dff211 No.125808


no. the [8] does not include good actors, such as Flynn.

0ae32c No.125810

File: dbaef0ad5db6ce0⋯.jpg (153.12 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 2755736-15638f8e8003_I1.jpg)

6dff77 No.125811

File: c0c853c47470078⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1082x710, 541:355, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

File: 04908297259f38d⋯.jpg (103.66 KB, 595x420, 17:12, netanyahu-america.jpg)

File: bbd20fb1408dd02⋯.jpg (72.6 KB, 455x551, 455:551, Imposters1.JPG)

0eb158 No.125812


Special Access Privilege programs are above top secret and compartmentalised.

Eyes only.

Never supposed to leave SCIF room.

Wars could start over them.

Selling them is about as bad as killing every baby in your own country.

fecdef No.125813


Meh, in an hour or so, there'll be drama over the amount of memes that are posted in the general thread. The same people that took the bait yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, will take it again.

Same shit, different day. ;)

039310 No.125814

File: ae9d1bb8ba800bd⋯.png (215.1 KB, 742x494, 371:247, ClipboardImage.png)

a81f89 No.125815


Good job!

I envisioned something like this (sourced using media articles) when I saw the central image get posted, but haven't had the time to do it, glad someone did.

449f5f No.125816

I've seen very little mention of Valerie Jarret or her father, James Edward Bowman on here, both the subject of Q's last visible drop on /greatawakening/. Going through FBI file on Bowman now, more eyes would be welcome.

99f550 No.125817


No no. Missing the point. I may be wrong, but where that info is stored does not have a usb thumb drive on it. The info should be impossible to smuggle out.

782098 No.125818

File: 78c4048cac4df4c⋯.png (568.28 KB, 673x764, 673:764, 911adcfd1b7c0c69d01f3f77f0….png)


Kek, youre alright anon

ba4ac6 No.125819


Don't get confused by same id. If people using same VPN it will do this. This is a problem we had before trying to identify.

Have not seen FW for a while. Maybe last week, but unsure.

dbbf33 No.125820


still looking into the Harris Corporation, but does this have to do with how all those "deleted" emails and texts aren't actually missing?



"Stingrays, ShotSpotters, and Our New Relentless Surveillance"

It’s time to add a new name to your post-9/11 bestiary of technologies of control. Meet the Stingray, a device whose name sounds like it was ripped from a minor league baseball team in a pathetic attempt to seem fierce. A Stingray is a boxy collection of electronics that, by simulating a cell tower and intercepting cell phone signals, allows law enforcement to track down phones, scoop up their metadata and, sometimes, the very contents of their communications.

Stingrays have been known to the public for a few years, but the federal government would prefer it otherwise. So, too, would Stingray’s manufacturer, the Harris Corporation, a Melbourne, Florida-based defense contractor that pumps out enough communications, surveillance, and IT products to bring in about $5 billion in revenue per annum. That’s a lot of business to keep secret. Fortunately, Harris has found a good partner in the FBI, which has distributed Stingray and other cell site simulators to intelligence agencies as well as municipal police forces all over the country.

Any law enforcement agencies who purchase the Stingray are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, meaning that they can’t discuss the technology—like what it does, or when it’s used—with anyone, be it a judge or a defendant. That’s led to some cases falling apart or defendants being allowed to plead down, when a local cop can’t explain how he found that alleged drug dealer’s phone. In other instances, Florida police officers, prompted by the Marshals Service, have simply lied to judges about their use of Stingrays.

Essentially, then, the FBI—along with the Department of Homeland Security, which provides grants to many local forces to buy these and other militarized policing products—acts as Harris Corporation’s sales agent. By forcing NDAs upon Stingray purchasers, the FBI is helping to corner the market for Harris, whose intellectual property is now treated as a veritable state secret. It is also helping to encourage local police forces to become like intelligence agencies, down to their dissembling about their tactics.

Stingrays (and I’m just using this brand name to stand in for a range of similar products) aren’t benign instruments that can be programmed to track down a single phone and disregard all others. They are capable of sucking up large amounts of data from many phones in an area. These monitoring technologies have spread widely, from Milwaukee to Florida, California to New York. It’s all part of a vast, unaccountable domestic surveillance apparatus, one that, having captured our nation’s seventeen intelligence agencies, is now becoming firmly embedded in local police forces and in everyday police work. Whether it’s U.S. Marshals attaching CIA-supplied Stingrays to planes to track phones over wide areas, or DHS drones operating similar technologies near our borders (and often transferring control of the UAVs to local agencies), these devices are now permanent features of our nation’s dragnet.

Stingray is the boogeyman of the moment, but there’s another one waiting around the corner. The NYPD is currently expanding the use of ShotSpotter, a system of sensors designed to detect and quickly report the location of gunfire, potentially saving police officers precious time. There are problems with ShotSpotter, though. One study in Suffolk County, Long Island, found that only 7 percent of the system’s alarms were verified shootings. (In another study at the Charleston Navy Yard in South Carolina, the detection rate was far higher.)

ff58bf No.125821


you do know that ID's change every thread… lurk moar.

0425b9 No.125822

File: 5dc91a75fbcfec0⋯.png (188.19 KB, 600x383, 600:383, the memo post it.png)

File: 65938a5dc6b2555⋯.png (610.84 KB, 600x449, 600:449, frozen jack.png)

File: 51af82071d62af8⋯.png (229.57 KB, 600x337, 600:337, jack truth.png)

7bde73 No.125823


The shooting was reported at Italy High School, about 45 miles south of Dallas, just before 8 a.m., authorities said. Ellis County police tweeted that the suspect was in custody.

dbbf33 No.125824


same article continued:

But beyond its disputed reliability, ShotSpotter is problematic because it embeds urban environments with sensors that, like Stingrays, might pick up far more than they were designed to. That has already happened, with arguments recorded by ShotSpotter before a shooting broke out being used as evidence in court. Once these types of recordings start being used in court, the potential use cases will expand dramatically. That must please current NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, a pusher of the technology, who until assuming his current position sat on the board of SST Inc.—the manufacturer of ShotSpotter.

The lack of open discussion and policy deliberation surrounding these technologies should concern everyone. There has long been speculation about whether foreign elements—whether governments, narco gangs, or simply some rogue hackers—have ever operated Stingrays on U.S. soil. Imagine a few of these scattered around Washington, D.C., mostly undetectable and operated by the Chinese or the Russians, and you can understand why security wonks were shocked that Hillary Clinton was using a private email account as Secretary of State. One ride down the wrong street, and her phone could have been compromised, and no one would have known.

There are glimmers of change, but they may just be mirages in the desert of progress. Virginia recently passed a law that requires law enforcement to get a warrant to get telecom records, a provision that covers the use of Stingrays. Just this week, a Supreme Court judge in Buffalo, New York ruled that the local sheriff’s office must disclose how it uses Stingrays. Expanding on these measures might not curb Stingrays’ use, but adding a warrant requirement is a good step toward accountability.

Yet as long as the federal government and a defense contractor can collude to keep these technologies secret, we can only wonder at their use, and at the scale of their violations.

ba4ac6 No.125825


Not what I was explain. We followed FW before. You obviously are a nOOb who doesn't get it.

Lurk moar faggot.

4957c1 No.125827


Without articles, don't you think normies would cry 'heresay'?

291f63 No.125828


>What a guy!

Outstanding! Thank You. I hope he gets to see some of these and knows how many of us hold him in high regard. He took a big chance going to Trump. He knew who he was up against. Knew he could be William Colby'd. He's the template for an Oathkeeper.

Dubs czeched!

4957c1 No.125830



0eb158 No.125831


Great work.

Suggestion… Replace the Trump line on the left with the Joe one on the right.

Then on the right clip an article on the intern

99f550 No.125832


>you’re alright

Meh sometimes lol. Truly just doing my part Anon while phonefagging

dff211 No.125833


but in the context of Q's posts, CLAS means classified, and that's what's relevant in the Legend.

6dff77 No.125834


Yeah, no…. You're right. Khazarian "Jews" can totally be trusted and are exactly who they say they are… /s

Get your fake-German, LARPy, subversion attempt the fuq outta here.

If Israeli's are Hebrew, than I am a black-negro.

291f63 No.125835


Thanks anon, good one!

c7f851 No.125836

Nov 8, 2018:

Your Excellency,

His Majesty the Emperor just has let it be known to me “that, according to news that came to him yesterday, the Grand Orient has just decided first to depose all Sovereigns – first of all him, the Emperor – then to destroy (?) the Cathol.[olic] Church, to imprison the pope, etc and, finally, to establish on the ruins of the former bourgeois society a world republic under the leadership of American Big Capital. The German Freemasons are purportedly loyal to the [German] Emperor (which is to be doubted!) and they informed him about it. Also England wants to preserve the current bourgeois order. France and America, however, are said to be under the full influence of the Grand Orient [Freemasonic Lodge]. Bolshevism is said to be the external tool to establish the desired conditions. In the face of such a great danger which threatens in addition to the Monarchy, also the Catholic Church; it is thus important that the German episcopacy be informed and that also the pope be warned.” So far the message of His Majesty. I have believed myself to be duty-bound to pass it on to Your Excellency, and I have to leave it up to Your judgment whether You wish to pass this message on to Rome. The stormy demand of the [German] Social Democrats that the Emperor should abdicate gives a certain confirmation to this message. May God protect us and His Holy Church in this terrible turmoil! [….] With utmost devotion and being at His Excellency’s disposal, Cardinal Felix de [von] Hartmann.

(Source: A.S.V., Arch. Nunz. Monaco d.B. 342, fasc. 13, p. 95-96)

9d7cde No.125837

File: a8780b42592bbea⋯.png (292.04 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - pattern.png)

0425b9 No.125838

File: 846d91ab41589f8⋯.png (346.96 KB, 600x411, 200:137, hillary hang.png)

File: 5c86c77d718ac75⋯.png (203.63 KB, 600x338, 300:169, hillary memo.png)

e712d8 No.125839


> mention of Valerie Jarret or her father,

other than the investigation into VJ's relatives for being known communists?

50f80c No.125840


Anyone injured?

0eb158 No.125841


OIG has them already.

Which means it was a lie they didn't capture them.

Or they were erased.

9282aa No.125842


Click Options (upper left corner of this browser window), then Filters, then Clear All Filters.

e5d99d No.125843


Yes they would. Create multiple images.

Take the brain of a normie, they see all those words they immediately shut down.

Great connections, use the most damning ones in one image.

Great work, anon. Keep it up

782098 No.125844


Same here.

have been fucking phonefagging for a year now

fecdef No.125845

File: 33805b8ecd03991⋯.jpg (185.07 KB, 1026x535, 1026:535, IllegalVotes.jpg)

c7f851 No.125846

Last post should read Nov 8, 1918

92d4b8 No.125847


Do you have the " BLEACH BIT THE FUCKING MEMO" Hillary meme?

99f550 No.125848


The struggle is real nigguh

039310 No.125849


Had 2 cups of Bulletproof. good to go

0eb158 No.125850

If the FBI deleted them or didn't have them, then that means OIG got a FISA warrant already.

Wonder which other FISA warrants they got?


4957c1 No.125851


Thanks and thanks for the feedback!

dff211 No.125852


I loved that speech, saw it "live" - confirmed that this POTUS has what it takes to turn this country around. Fearless, Truthful, it was amazing.

6de0dd No.125853


Yup! Just did that! Arghhhhh

0560b5 No.125854



Awesome info, anon. I'm sure they're all front companies with Ukranian connections. Will dig on this.

6dff77 No.125855


"I <3 Adolf Rothschild." - You

6de0dd No.125856


Would that be Q’s line about intercepted?

782098 No.125857


I was laughing at the memetic value of the term, as it looks a lot like fake news.

Calm down and gtkrwn anon.

35787f No.125858


Wonder what that says in Arabic

ff58bf No.125859


ID's change based on thread, only Tripcodes stay consistent through threads/boards/chans.

FW said back on >>>/cbts/213558

"Some know Fire Watch. Some dont. Team members assist and educate each other."

At what point did FW say he was one person? He specifies Team members. FW isnt one person.

I agree that the writing style is different, the one on CBST liked to return every second line.

039310 No.125860


Isn't an Iron Eagle a Colonel that has not made it to General?

6de0dd No.125861


Oops sorry wrong…..

932074 No.125862


yep, people think he is a lone wolf LOL

WL is the opposite of a "wiki"

The name has a double meaning

Pronounce Light L vs Dark L

The MSM made him into a celebrity (marketing)

…and on and on and on but still, people think he is a lone wolf

782098 No.125863



"Q was my very first redpill"-(((you)))

9282aa No.125864


Upper right corner of this browser window. Click Options, Filters, Clear Filters.

e712d8 No.125865

File: 26629ff69f257ba⋯.jpg (106.9 KB, 757x396, 757:396, hivemind3.jpg)

File: bad350f78c2325d⋯.png (254.65 KB, 654x850, 327:425, hivemind2.png)


> I was just about to come here and post that

one of the marvelous things about the hivemind

dff211 No.125866


UNITY, anon. get with the program or leave.

30d245 No.125867


QEII a.k.a. Lillith - implementer of the whore of Babylon's slave system!

ff58bf No.125868

File: 8148817d9682d72⋯.png (2.15 MB, 3514x5008, 1757:2504, cbts251firewatch.png)


Would a noob create a graphic and archive it?

Watch your luminosity levels…

dff211 No.125869


ignore the a-holes, meme anon. thx for your great work.

bdafb5 No.125870




8d8b1d No.125871

Question? Trending Twitter?

Would it be true to say that the Twitter police are controlling what #'s are trending? Because I as a laymen Twitter dummy trying to help by using memes and updated #s by watching these boards I am not sure if we're kicking ass.. If I am wrong , please won't you give me a link, otherwise, this maybe part of the disinformation ? Also TrumpPence45 memed this morning. Thanks for your precious time.

9282aa No.125872


Does spelling it right help?

Schumer (one M)

782098 No.125873


dey dont think it be like it is but it do

236e99 No.125874

Oh Bummer's library no docs http: //www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/10/12/no-obama-documents-in-obama-library-historians-puzzled-by-chicago-center-plans.html

283f45 No.125875


how do most people view social media?

on a phone


way too much text for a phone screen

dbbf33 No.125876


yes, same UTC!


"William Brown appointed President of Carrier Refrigerated Transport"

May 25, 2001

Carrier Corporation announced a new organizational structure for its global refrigeration business, designed to continue achieving operational excellence while growing its position in the global refrigeration industry. William Brown (90-97 NY, NJ) has been appointed president of the Carrier Refrigerated Transport organization. This business consists of the Carrier Transicold Container Products Group, North American and European truck-trailer, and bus-rail air conditioning.

Brown will be responsible for refrigeration transport platforms on a global basis. He most recently held the position of Vice President and General Manager of Carrier's Replacement Components Division (RCD), and in this position achieved extraordinary results implementing a strategy of growth and customer focus.

Brown joined UTC in 1997 following 7 years as a Senior Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company Carrier Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment. It is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, provider of a broad range of high-technology products and support services to the aerospace and building systems industries.

ee18fa No.125877


I also like the #BandOfAnons too

88dd79 No.125878


>Ftfy /faggot/. The ONLY way this will Be final straw is with a push from the black community. As long as it comes from trump or anybody associated w Trump it will be dismissed. Gotta find a woke black that hasn’t been labeled an Uncle Tom to push this

Blacks live online. The avalanche of red pills will be too much for even the dumbest nog to ignore.

b6933e No.125879

File: c49041d0426a70f⋯.jpg (438.66 KB, 1400x1108, 350:277, PeterMunkSchMeme.jpg)

File: f91323356b91030⋯.jpg (338.97 KB, 1244x918, 622:459, MunkKeystone.JPG)

3a9c95 No.125880


we have NO reason to distrust wikileaks.

6b72ac No.125881


SNOPES IS FAKE. Find new sources.

If snopes says it's false, guaranteed it's TRUE!

9282aa No.125882


Well done. Now convert it to a 300 kB jpeg and you're good to go.

0560b5 No.125883


awesome - this will be an immediate eye catcher - thanks, great work

89aea5 No.125884

75ea71 No.125885

File: 39ed9b65f025a02⋯.png (6.95 KB, 427x336, 61:48, whatisthis.png)


Okey, I posted this 2 times before. Here we go again, let's try this …

http:// aangirfan.blogspot.se/2010/12/rothschilds-spice-girl-wikileaks.html

2a6263 No.125886

I've now taken to saying Russian Bots are now using the TrumpShutdown hash tag and also reporting posts that try to name and shame 'russian trolls/bots

519dfc No.125887


It'll be a crack house when this is all said and done !!!

085fb6 No.125888


Yah, lose the trump line-

8234a8 No.125889

Nepolitano > "tremendous pressure to release the memo"

lurking fox

c48577 No.125890

File: 5a837020cd74cc0⋯.png (318.84 KB, 566x296, 283:148, ClipboardImage.png)

Judicial Watch

🔎‏Verified account @JudicialWatch

NEW: Immigrants entering the United States illegally through the southern border are quietly being relocated to different parts of the country on commercial flights, high-ranking Homeland Security officials told Judicial Watch this week.

https:// judicialwatch.org/blog/2018/01/illegal-aliens-quietly-relocated-throughout-u-s-commercial-flights/?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=corruption%20chronicles

4b857e No.125891

File: 85b81ef5235a276⋯.jpg (6.17 KB, 297x170, 297:170, CAT HERDERS.jpg)


there's a lot of pointless paranoia and infighting regarding twitter. Endless time wasted on "am i shawdowbanned?" etc.

i have one twitter, kept posting and soldiering through (not mega-spam levels, though, would use a separate account for massive tweeting), still getting likes and retweets, so they're out there.

Godspeed brother, and FUCK THE GLOWING CAT HERDERS that want to make noobs feel like they absolutely have to follow the plan or the floor under them will collapse

YippeeKiYay motherfuckers

6dff77 No.125892


Says the guy sucking Rothschild cock…

Bet you were real happy with the results of WW2, huh? 15 million Germans murdered. 240,000 actual Jews murdered. And, tons of Khazarian, "I will be like the most high, 'Jews'", re-establishing a homeland in Israel, the deceptive-state created by your boy Adolf Rothschild.

My red-pills would cave your psyche, faggot.

7bde73 No.125893

Not sure. I hope not. "The status of the victims was unclear at this time."

039310 No.125894


any relationship to the 8 fired in post 25?

cd284f No.125895

This is wartime, this is our time

We won't be denied

Feed the fire that is raging inside

This is go time, this is showtime

We will fight 'til their wills are broken

This is game time, an insane time

Let the madness fly

Show them strength that just can't be defied

Find the power to devour

Let the beast inside now be woken

In this world only the strong will survive

Hear the roar and you will know you're alive

Feel the energy build in your soul 'cause it's time

Oh, in the calm before the storm

Another legend will be born

Another battle will be won

We will rise

Oh, so heed the call of confrontation

Today we feed on domination

Secure a legacy that will never die

Be immortalized

Raw emotion, pure devotion

They will testify

And our memory will endure for all time

Never hiding, no dividing

Let them witness us move as one now

Show no mercy, let the world see

We're invincible

Show them nothing is beyond our control

Take it higher, our desire

Will determine what we've become now

Are you ready for the test of your life?

See the fear bleeding right through their eyes

Feel the energy build in your soul 'cause it's time

Oh, in the calm before the storm

Another legend will be born

Another battle will be won

We will rise

Oh, so heed the call of confrontation

Today we feed on domination

Secure a legacy that will never die

Be immortalized

Feel it, take no prisoners now

Take it, there it is standing in front of us

Hear it, our deliverance now

Own it, give them all an image of us that will last for all time

Oh, in the calm before the storm

Another legend will be born

Another battle will be won

We will rise

Oh, so heed the call of confrontation

Today we feed on domination

Secure a legacy that will never die

Be immortalized

Disturbed - Immortalized

932074 No.125897


of course you don't. his info is coming straight from the top of the IC. that's why nothing has ever been wrong or denied by anyone affected

dbbf33 No.125898


oops, meant same McKinsey*

06129d No.125899

update from war room 10:22



97234f No.125900

File: b12e6283eeb1eb0⋯.jpg (50.03 KB, 400x375, 16:15, black woman1.jpg)

Does anyone else notice the digits on these two posts?

It's like HRC had to say stupid things on significant days.

7ceb1d No.125901


Let us just say that the ? is a MOLOCH figure embedded in the stone. Only thing that would make sense. Sick fucks.

7bde73 No.125902

File: 97ead16e2192ee8⋯.jpg (267.91 KB, 2124x562, 1062:281, davos.jpg)

0425b9 No.125903

File: a7118dcdf06b4ec⋯.jpg (216.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, silence.jpg)

ba4ac6 No.125904


You are missing one key factor. Something that can be seen. I will let you figure it out from here.

67c766 No.125905

File: 3ba789edb4384e5⋯.jpg (189.33 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Argali_mountain_sheep.jpg)

File: f39d517a91562eb⋯.jpg (100.94 KB, 1024x687, 1024:687, Corsican-Sheep.jpg)

Anons, if you're called sheepish, remember that sheep can be deadly; VERY deadly. Hunting and mountain anons know what I mean.

Stay Vigilant

88dd79 No.125906



His motives and associations are irrelevant since the info he posts is 100% legit.

369d33 No.125907


Not saying he isn't real…but I read this yesterday. Food for thought


75ea71 No.125908

Nobody still wants to comment my link, or my screenshot of this website? The site states that Wikileaks and Rothschilds Waddesdon Trust had or has the same legal advicer Mark Stephens, and that Assange got an award from The Economist. The Economist is owned by Rothschilds. ANY COMMENTS ?

ba4ac6 No.125909



Do you see?

6de0dd No.125910


Yea posted that yesterday, human services division is doing it

75ea71 No.125911

>>125906 It is not relevant that Rothschilds are involved either ? Or ?

4b857e No.125912

File: f6c572e2061debc⋯.jpg (59.45 KB, 800x450, 16:9, HELL TO THE NAW.jpg)

>"Keep them starved"

>"Keep them blind"

>"Keep them stupid"

6de0dd No.125913


Reading it

9282aa No.125914

File: deac58de0c2be7a⋯.jpg (282.12 KB, 1800x1197, 200:133, Covfefe1.jpg)

283f45 No.125915


why dont you tell us what you think it means

369d33 No.125916


Def shady. Rothschild involvement would be very relevant

bdafb5 No.125917

File: c23840b87604736⋯.jpg (159.11 KB, 1100x1025, 44:41, ASK_Yourself.jpg)


745bc8 No.125918

2368bd No.125919

File: bb30394b7bf7381⋯.jpeg (53.63 KB, 550x360, 55:36, D856B519-7468-47E5-9F85-D….jpeg)

He destroyed privacy and spied on Americans unlawfully. This should be his unpresidential center…

ba4ac6 No.125920


Not FW. Guaranteed.

Wrong track.

6de0dd No.125921


Got uneasy feeling about potus going there

f6b69b No.125922



fcbb4b No.125923

Two important things - please give me 30 secs of your attention:

1) Let's KILL the Russia narrative simply by challenging the logic. Why would Russia be interested in trashing Obama and Hillary? What would they gain by doing that? Nothing! Putin has zero interest in the prior administration because they're entirely. Let's get #RussiaDoesntCare trending by using memes that draw attention to the level of stupidity required to believe Russia gives a fuck about the prior admin. That way we force libs to confront their own logic, as opposed to the #PatriotsNotRussians tag which essentially asks them to trust us. Big difference!

2) Twatters: PLEASE always use #ObamaGate as an anchor tag, no matter what other tags are included. That way we can easily find and help each push the latest redpills. It's a tag that will always be relevant right thru to the end of the storm, plus it continuously drives home the fact that Obama oversaw and directed the entire operation.

Love, respect and thanks to all!

4b857e No.125924



yup that sounds like complete cover story: dafuk US navy is trapped in ice… more like keeping a watch on Montreal Port for bad actors hopping a ride

89aea5 No.125925


quit with this. it's already been proven fake.

ff58bf No.125926



The British is real.

2f4aff No.125927

File: 46ed0fdf1fa4ac9⋯.png (317.48 KB, 500x332, 125:83, 1516636878749.png)


Mostly OT, just addresses part of the 16 year plan

ef4622 No.125928


It is the den of all vipers.

70b3f7 No.125929


I like it. Some like sound bites.

Others want a little more meat. – It looks like that's what you did. I'll use it.

d65fe7 No.125930

Prior Q post listed military trial codes

Does attorney general have power to refer criminal charges to the military or just to civilian courts

75ea71 No.125931


I dicovered this some days ago , and I'm still figuring out this article if it has some substance or not… I wanted to show this because of the Lynn/Economist/Rothschilds/WikiLeaks connection… I'm not the best digger out there, but this article wasn't that easy to dig up…

369d33 No.125932

Someone was just asking what email everyone was talking about….thats all >>125925

7ceb1d No.125933


Let us pray for his safety if he does go there.

200fe8 No.125934

File: 9665cfc00d4c224⋯.jpg (49.01 KB, 568x335, 568:335, funnyfarm.jpg)

97234f No.125935




thank you. nearly filtered you because of the glowing shill you're talking to but saw 11 posts so thought I better look and found out you posted more stuff I wanted.

ee18fa No.125936


I always wondered if the [89] here was saying they had 89 taken to GITMO already. We have seen many planes going there lately.

e14512 No.125938


Anon, I am impressed that your Twats have gained such wide exposure. I'm surprised Twatter allowed you to have 341,781 impressions in 24 hours. I believe that I have been shadow-banned on Twatter because I used to get "likes" and "retTwats" and now I don't. I purposely Twatted under one of Bradley Manning's Twats and got only 1 "like" MY QUESTION: Do you lads know if there is a way to become UN-shadow banned? Or do I have to suck it up and wait for the Trump administration to destroy fucking @Jack's reign of the suppression of free speech? Thank you for your thoughts. . . .

f78ba0 No.125939


Floating brig.

7bde73 No.125940


I pray for POTUS. I've seen a lot of pictures with the snow snipers in the past 3 days, like they are trying to intimidate. The article says he will visit IF the govt. stays shutdown. I'm unclear what day that would be though IF he goes.

283f45 No.125941


no it hasnt why do you keep saying that

why would Q post a fake email bruh

and then post directing everyone to a post stating why it was posted


c7f851 No.125942

For victory we run #FuryOfTheStorm

ff58bf No.125943




What is AA's first step.

God i wish they ended up using LSD in AA

449f5f No.125944


I was thinking more along the lines of Bowmans employment in Iran. I'd like to look into that further. Might be more connections there, given Hossain's dealings with that country.

99f550 No.125945


Thanks for teh lulz m8

ee18fa No.125946


[CLAS_GITMO_ J z9-A][89]

I always wondered if the [89] were 89 already taken to GITMO. We have watched many planes going there already.

6de0dd No.125947


Good idea with the BHO,HRC thing

50f80c No.125948


No, but you sound a lot like FW.

99f550 No.125950

363e49 No.125951


LaVoy Finicum, and the Bundy family

369d33 No.125952


This is interesting as well….


4b857e No.125953


<proven fake.


>proven not published by wikileads

not same thing.


https:// qcodefag.github.io/

NSA put it out there in 2016.

However, it was too big of a drop to be official, it utterly broke the plausible deniability, with the admission of tampering machines + use of code/codebook.

Wikileaks (either to help plan, or in league w bad actors) declared it fake publicly, bad guys breathe a bit but THEY KNOW.


(sorry for taking the bait, y'all, but figure this can help a few noobs who still haven't caught up)

7bde73 No.125954


*if the shutdown doesn't upend his plans.

7a9867 No.125955

File: 3fb489a55f66ada⋯.jpg (127.13 KB, 922x960, 461:480, DUJr7m8VAAEtZjn.jpg)

283f45 No.125956


anyone know what chess move in the game z9-A relates to?

0eb158 No.125957


That's not me. I work in the interest of old Alliances.

Good to be here anons.

The Spy Who Loved Me

92d4b8 No.125958

Can we recap what happened last week?

We had:

Fake News Awards

Government shutdown

Twitter war - #ReleaseTheMemo #WeThePeople and #GreatAwakening

1323cb No.125959


Hillary = Umbridge is a great meme.

But Harry was the good guy, and he wasn't lying. Whereas the MSM is the bad guy, they are lying, and Hillary supports them.

Harry = Pepe. Maybe Pepe could be writing "I am a Russian bot" or something.

062f5a No.125960

Need shadowban check medic… @ orbdamu 😩😩😩 thanks bros

f2cdbe No.125961

Main page of Fox news MS13

www. foxnews.com

6de0dd No.125962


Same here. Prayers for our POTUS!

ef58dc No.125963


And Trumps friends with this Clintons what are you driving at? The Rothschilds are everywhere they own everything. Good luck trying to infer that there is something nefarious about julian receiving that award.

134a5d No.125964

File: 93b89cf700fb41c⋯.jpg (93.45 KB, 826x580, 413:290, c87088239f9113d1566f36d57e….jpg)

File: a7f507153080e03⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1392x800, 87:50, a7f507153080e03e5a2feb9df0….jpg)


A warning to Hillary that it was known that she was rigging the primary and the general…

Dominion Voting Systems…

134a5d No.125965

File: 93b89cf700fb41c⋯.jpg (93.45 KB, 826x580, 413:290, c87088239f9113d1566f36d57e….jpg)

File: a7f507153080e03⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1392x800, 87:50, a7f507153080e03e5a2feb9df0….jpg)


A warning to Hillary that it was known that she was rigging the primary and the general…

Dominion Voting Systems…

d8cc7e No.125966


I have had to create a new account to get the shadow ban to go away (11 Times now)!

dbbf33 No.125967

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


remember when Kellyanne Conway made the comment about microwaves spying on us?

Harris Corporation specializes in surveillance solutions, microwave weaponry, and electronic warfare.

any sort of connection?

99f550 No.125969


Fuck you glowing nigger. You obviously don’t understand what is habbening here

6dff77 No.125970

File: 1209402b72907ed⋯.png (389.17 KB, 1073x440, 1073:440, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at ….png)

75ea71 No.125971

>>125952 Thx gonna read it now…

5e49b7 No.125972

File: 2ed8c5bc0359d47⋯.jpg (87.65 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, JoeMeme.JPG)

File: a66f5d959cb7fe1⋯.jpg (141.43 KB, 1290x720, 43:24, JoeMeme2.JPG)


Here's both


ff58bf No.125973


I gathered that wasnt you specifically, but you are a "Fire Watch" are you not?

88dd79 No.125974


What font is that?

9282aa No.125975

>>125725 Outstanding, both graphic design and content. Catch their eye, make them read.

5a07f9 No.125976

narative is out: russians behind #realesethememo

http: //www.cnn.com/2018/01/22/politics/gop-classified-intelligence-fisa-memo/index.html

99f550 No.125977

062f5a No.125978


Sorry it's @ damuorb

0eb158 No.125979


Who knows where the bodies are buried?

134a5d No.125980


Mods - please delete this post.

Was double posted in error.

92d4b8 No.125981


> positive change in their electoral process through the application of technology.

That's a fancy way to say rig the fucking election.

283f45 No.125982


yeah i get it ….preaching to the choir

my comment was to the fuckstick who said the email was fake.

92d4b8 No.125983


a41d41 No.125984


It’s a message saying not everything is deleted. NSA has everything.

Stay in track

0fd73c No.125985


Umm, the info is real. the back story is NOT. so many new red pills think they understand things… ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE

f78ba0 No.125987


They've had these as long as cellphones have been around, since the early 80's. Organized crime used to use them to clone AMPS phones.

89aea5 No.125989


ok, try this. search wikileaks for it. it's not there. this is a fake. but you newfag teenagers believe everything. fuck off

6de0dd No.125990

At 620 posts, gonna need a baker 👨‍🍳 soon for fresh bread 🍞

134a5d No.125991

File: 8bf5a855e9be79d⋯.png (973.55 KB, 1734x1925, 1734:1925, 8bf5a855e9be79def572da2a00….png)

File: dfce20baf719ee5⋯.png (993.83 KB, 1749x1739, 1749:1739, dfce20baf719ee5bdc44e7c34b….png)

File: 06b019f14b46b35⋯.png (955.44 KB, 1692x1743, 564:581, 06b019f14b46b3525e353ffdda….png)


Source of bot info…

0425b9 No.125992

File: d54f06eb7a34730⋯.jpg (505.18 KB, 675x900, 3:4, stop.jpg)

File: 4955503f67b6c01⋯.png (527.68 KB, 600x800, 3:4, time losers.png)

It's TIME to put this bitch in jail

92d4b8 No.125994

0fd73c No.125995


It's SOMETHING like that… The entire story is fucked. Why on earth did you go UP the St Laurent in December, use an ICEBREAKER to get there, say you were gonna be there 1 day.. then get stuck??

They are using it as an intel post and bring, but I imagine since it's a fancy new one it has all sorts of fun spying shit on it.

6de0dd No.125996



Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

ce49b7 No.125997

File: 2be5c0397ea0b62⋯.jpg (53.38 KB, 1205x258, 1205:258, FABULOUS.jpg)

Look at this!!!!

we need to TWEET AF… look HOW MANY OF US there ARE!!!!!!!!!

euro vid tweet fag (with hitler voice)

BO.. do you want this pic in batter 4 motivation?

993be6 No.125998


освободить записку

ef58dc No.126000


Do you wake up everyday knowing you're retarded?

283f45 No.126001


read this^^^^^^^


i fucking get it…i was slamming the fucking idiot who doubted the validity of the email and the reason q posted

be3b86 No.126002


And Huff Post is just trying to falsely connect Trump with Russian bots.

Remember original maps on Phase 1 of "Release the Memo"—no Russian connections.

MSM using low caliber ammo now.

Or Cabal is posting through Russian VPN's to again muddy the truth.

99f550 No.126003


>being this new

>being such a cunt

Listen faggot. Q himself verified this email. Also verified it’s NOT from WL. Hinted at an unreleased NSA mine. Now fuck off

97234f No.126004



Destiny. Destiny.

People are born for a reason and a season. Most of us have no idea when we are born where we belong or what cog we will play in the world machine.

Trump's grandmother died on 6/6/66

-Israel was 77 days old exactly 777 days after Donald Trump was born.

-Israel’s 70th birthday will come exactly 700 days after Trump’s 70th birthday.

-Donald Trump won the election on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 7th year, 7th month and 7th day in office.

On top of everything else, Donald Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old on his first full day in the White House.

Things happen for a reason, there is a season to everything. You have free will and you can go where you may, but you ignore Destiny at your own peril.

Romney prepared us for these days, with the White Horse Prophecy. It wasn't for a Mormon but it was a sign of the times. One day the United States Constitution will one day "hang like a thread" and will be saved "by the efforts of the White Horse"

I don't know what your destiny is and I don't know your calling, but I know for myself that my destiny and calling is to show people the way through the dark days ahead. I prefer to tell people about Yeshua without a good dose of modern news in it. Even Yeshua said himself… Matt. 11:30- My yoke is easy, my load is light. Heb. 13:2- Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

283f45 No.126005


i am tracking like a stinger missile on a TWA flights ass homey

you should read for comprehension

9282aa No.126006


There is a group called Blacks for Trump. They have a website. Would that be a way to contact them?

7580a4 No.126007


love the TIME piece

782098 No.126008

File: 883fa1c4283d4e0⋯.jpg (701.98 KB, 2849x3474, 2849:3474, 0367c5ff2d5a90732a794a5485….jpg)


Anytime buddy.

5a07f9 No.126010


what would crush this russian delusion?

363e49 No.126011


Did we ever find a connection between Q's Dec 10 comment to AS 'hope the $7.8mm was worth it' and the lawsuit in his constituency regarding baby-part sales of 7.8M? I don't recall seeing that research (maybe I missed it) but presumably there is a link there somewhere; it's a pretty specific number

89aea5 No.126012


then why is the dudes names spelled wrong? it's not spelled with 2 fucking Rs faggot

6de0dd No.126013


777 godly number

0eb158 No.126014

50f80c No.126016


Tweeted it out yesterday.

38dc9b No.126017

File: 417eb0a1dbc3a07⋯.jpg (97.67 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Untitled.jpg)

File: 6974039f5378346⋯.jpg (60.43 KB, 683x512, 683:512, MajorPayne-SnowflakeTurds.jpg)

222e82 No.126018


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa95jLxZfc4&feature=youtu.be

Agreed. This should be viewed and SHARED! Easy to understand and follow.

283f45 No.126019

File: eddc890e6784318⋯.png (119.87 KB, 254x392, 127:196, Opera Snapshot_2018-01-13_….png)



go back to (((FAKEBOOK)))

you are not helping

you are shitting in the bread



b6933e No.126020

File: 1b4b74ac9f6519f⋯.jpg (382.84 KB, 1260x907, 1260:907, ASchiffTraitor.jpg)

0ae32c No.126021

File: c3cde925e62534e⋯.jpg (102.32 KB, 788x593, 788:593, wsgethrthrhrt.jpg)

75ea71 No.126022


Yeah but isn't it strange that Assange's lawyer was also advicer for the Rothschilds Waddesdon Trust ? Also check this out ; http:// aangirfan.blogspot.se/2010/11/general-says-wikileaks-is-cia-and.html ←-

c427a6 No.126023


Especially on a slot machine.

6de0dd No.126025


I think they did, if so it would be in the links at top I’m sure.

ce49b7 No.126026


there's 30 MILLION of us!!!!!!!


5629ad No.126027


HOW ??? … PLEASE tell the secret … Do you Anon Types manage to FOLLOW Q, RESEARCH, BE CREATIVE, MEME, & LURK … All at the same time ??? … Am I really getting THAT old ???

0eb158 No.126028


Even if the email if false, may I see it please?

Drops are often fakerised for plausible deniability.

6de0dd No.126029

9d7cde No.126030


>narative is out: russians behind #realesethememo

These were made SPECIFICALLY to counter the "russian bot" & "kremlin-linked accounts" narrative






8234a8 No.126031


We rocked #releasethememo that was huge, now can't stop arguing with the shills.

Lots of discussion about memes and tags but can't see any results; infighting. I hope we can get this together soon. Now not the time to be divided.

4269a6 No.126032

"Moves and countermoves." is a quote from the movie "Sneakers".

In 1969, students Martin Brice and Cosmo are sneakers who hack into computer networks….Martin is approached by NSA officers… to recover a "black box" from mathematician Dr. Gunter Janek, who has developed the box under the project name "Setec Astronomy" supposedly for the Russian government…Martin points out how important the secrecy of the box is to the NSA, who could use it to spy on other agencies


Expand your thinking.

Planned [3].

Moves and countermoves.

Strategy warfare.

This week will be revealing.

SNOW WHITE [1, 2, and 5] offline.

7th Floor is no more.

Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean BIG things aren't happening.


2018 will be GLORIOUS.


0425b9 No.126033

File: 2b6917be966cc0a⋯.png (174.13 KB, 600x337, 600:337, Time russia meme.png)

File: a0186c8ca56807c⋯.png (764.5 KB, 560x747, 560:747, time storm upon.png)

4b857e No.126034

File: cb31f6d2675f147⋯.jpg (117.15 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ha.jpg)


>ermagerd a spellunn mestek

>lurp curnfurmed

ce49b7 No.126035


there's 30 MILLION of us…..

99f550 No.126036


Not familiar with them. Therefore not familiar with their public (((perception))). But no doubt it’s a start. I personally think /ourguy/ needs to be a public figure/ idol the black community can rally behind

be3b86 No.126037


Or loss of each email is a separate charge with 30 days in jail.

97234f No.126038


Berlin Sans FB Bold

782098 No.126039


You're forgetting our dayjobs.

650184 No.126040

Sorry to interrupt. Aspiring Meme Dropper here. Is it permissible to grab memes off the boards to spread on the tweeters? Off Mega? With or without permission? (I'm not familiar using zip files.) Anons doing stellar work. Whatever I can do to help. God bless.

369d33 No.126041

File: b1a04d08eec45bf⋯.jpg (177.49 KB, 1144x1200, 143:150, DQ5TnbOXUAI6bw9.jpg)


Here it is….no one yell at me…just passing it on

134a5d No.126042

File: 0ee41300f559b06⋯.png (132.38 KB, 422x383, 422:383, Screenshot 2018-01-21 at 1….png)

cc452f No.126043


>anon is 1 person

795ccc No.126044


Figure seems a little high to me.

ffaa8e No.126045


Tendencies spelled wrong.gtreat meme.

c1b926 No.126046

File: 9eafc188e578aa5⋯.jpg (108.57 KB, 782x749, 782:749, #Memo.jpg)

Try making memes with #Memo to encourage the trend

ef4622 No.126047


More than 30 million. All independent real people following their conscience. If Brock wasn't a gay psychopath he would understand that when you are a handful of people being paid and you go up against that, you are the bad guys.

f2cdbe No.126048


Black man speaks up. Respect.


89aea5 No.126049

I'm not new faggot. I've been here since Qs first post on half chan back in October so go fuck yourself.


0eb158 No.126051



The first step is to admit that we are powerless over our addiction.

Be it an addiction to alcohol, money, etc…

Schumer is powerless over his addiction to money and sodomy

923aec No.126052

Anyone see Trump's retweet of his earlier tweet.

"Republicans should go to 51%…"

c297a4 No.126053

File: c3976ac2e1c97c6⋯.png (419.95 KB, 539x359, 539:359, ClipboardImage.png)

4b857e No.126054

File: 85b81ef5235a276⋯.jpg (6.17 KB, 297x170, 297:170, CAT HERDERS.jpg)

File: cee6c167794eec5⋯.png (713.94 KB, 797x521, 797:521, ListenGuysWeHaveToDo_IT_Li….png)

ce49b7 No.126055

Donald Trump Jr.‏Geverifieerd account


Volg je nu Je volgt @DonaldJTrumpJr


For those not getting it. To avoid the shutdown you need 60 votes in the Aenate. Republicans only have 51 seats so you need 9 dems. So Schumer either wanted a shutdown putting illegals ahead of Americans or is bad at his job and can’t wrangle 9 votes… or both. #SchumerShutdown

7bde73 No.126057

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

NSA can identify you just by hearing your voice – Snowden leak docs

Published by RT on Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:31:40 GMT

America's National Security Agency has the power to identify people by the sound of their voice. They are thought to be using technology much more advanced than that of Apple or Amazon. That's according to a report based on documents leaked by the agency's former contractor Edward Snowden. Jacqueline Vouga picks up the story.

8234a8 No.126058



MS-13 exports new wave of murderous thugs amid Trump administration crackdown.

cf6118 No.126059


Meme away my friend. Just stick to whats agreed upon. Visit the war room if you need current intel. Spread the message just please DO NOT mention 8chan or this board. Very vital. Only stick to the # we agree upon. Remember to @ potus so you dont get shadowbanned. Cheers!

0eb158 No.126060


On side of anons fight for what is right?

100% always and forever.

6de0dd No.126061

Look folks, don’t need to fight, we are all here for the same Reason. For GOD and country! How we found our way here I’m sure was by divine guidance. I know that’s how I got here. Since the beginning… we are a TEAM! Share ideas, but keep civil, that’s how we get through this all faster. We were chosen, we are the few that remained on task and true to the cause! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! GOD BLESS POTUS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

50f80c No.126062


1.4k retweets yesterday.

060536 No.126064


WL does not have ALL emails NOR have they release all the emails they do have. Your WL search is meaningless as PROOF.

Q posted an email and then deleted it. Backing up his statement that nothing is deleted. It is entirely possible that this email was deleted by the recipients, who thought it was gone forever. Since it is NOT in WL, where did Q get it from? It's not fake. Q is not fake. It was an unpublished email, deleted by the parties involved, that Q put right in their face - NOTHING IS TOTALLY DELETED.

89aea5 No.126065

I'll ask AGAIN? If the email is legit, why did the guy spell his own fucking name wrong? It's Mackler not Macklerr

fucking noobs

f2cdbe No.126066


meme it 60 votes need: 51 Rep..etc

97234f No.126067


saying you like it?

Thank you.

4269a6 No.126068

Could this be Todd Macklerr?

A democratic candidate, former drone pilot. His name is James Macklerr, and he worked at a law firm called Frost Brown Todd. Maybe the bottom part of the memo is fake, and the top email address is from Macklerr at Todd law firm?

ce49b7 No.126069

File: 2be5c0397ea0b62⋯.jpg (53.38 KB, 1205x258, 1205:258, FABULOUS.jpg)

99f550 No.126070


>implying new here means new to this thread

>implying Oct isn’t new

fuck off boomer

2cbf1b No.126071


Don't understand how you can bear to phonefag. Is there an app?

fe1a39 No.126072


are you sure? as a legal immigrant i tried to bring my brother over and was told siblings do not qualify; chain migration only works for an immigrant's parents and children. that was about 15 years ago, may have changed?

guess just want to make sure we are spreading accurate information.

f78ba0 No.126073


In many places "dodge ram" isn't a truck, but what you with your truck.

f2cdbe No.126074


More than liked it, I feel respect.

039310 No.126075

File: de1d815e7adeec4⋯.png (497.48 KB, 632x470, 316:235, ClipboardImage.png)

92d4b8 No.126076

283f45 No.126077



when posted take it

thats why its posted

50f80c No.126078


Hello Dutch anon.

1429b6 No.126079


where is that from?

I don't doubt it however, were fucking shit up

4b857e No.126080


i'd be happy to have a typo in my name if i was caught writing such incriminating garbage

fc0a40 No.126082


So you have NEVER in your fucking life hit the same key twice by accident?

89aea5 No.126083


yeah, it's legit. The guy spelled his own fucking name wrong. idiots.

6de0dd No.126084


Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

782098 No.126085



Hello kaaskopjes.

cf6118 No.126086


Q was showing how even though the FBI might think the text's were deleted they are never truly deleted. Look how he posted something then took it down yet we all still have proof it was there via qcodefag.

Thats how i took it atleast.

ff58bf No.126089


Then explain, im hearing a whole lot of nothing coming from you. You deny but dont explain, i'll continue until you can show me proof.

9282aa No.126090


Spelling nazi here.

Subpoenaed. (Yours has an extra a)

How do you make tiny white text on green background more readable?

99f550 No.126091


>here since first thread blah blah blah

>doesn’t check new q posts

Congrats boomer you have been wandering aimlessly for 4 months doing nothing more than dickride. Sage this faggot

10aa1f No.126093




Democrats Against Citizens of America.

7ceb1d No.126094


An emergent behavior or emergent property can appear when a number of simple entities (agents) operate in an environment, forming more complex behaviors as a collective. If emergence happens over disparate size scales, then the reason is usually a causal relation across different scales.

89aea5 No.126095


I wasn't inferring I've only been on the chans since October idiot.

0eb158 No.126098



That ain't fake.

88dd79 No.126099


Blacks for Trump is good. Hoteps is another.

The biggest hurdle isn't the guys, its the women who are being paid per kid, plus education + jobs. Don't see many of them giving that gravy train up.

75ea71 No.126101

File: d5145d232932df2⋯.png (24.85 KB, 416x658, 208:329, whatisthis2.png)

Another excerpt from another article on same blog/site…

89aea5 No.126105


you can't be serious. It's spelled wrong ALL THROUGH THE FUCKING THING

c7ccb6 No.126107


Michael Horowitz he would not be sidelined and through cleverness he got us the info that is bringing them down.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuV3FlOxh_c&feature=em-lbcastemail

You will want to see this. He even mentions Qanon

75ea71 No.126108


URL : http:// aangirfan.blogspot.se/2010/11/general-says-wikileaks-is-cia-and.html

99f550 No.126109


>Bretty easy after many years m8

f78ba0 No.126111

File: 456c6a186a9d391⋯.jpg (55.24 KB, 594x449, 594:449, Gala Premiere Beatles LOVE….jpg)


>The Spy Who Loved Me


88dd79 No.126112



060536 No.126113


You can run a tracert on macklerr.com. It resolves to

It is in the DNS servers, so it is real enough.

0425b9 No.126114

File: e586ab287c2e86f⋯.png (358.96 KB, 600x333, 200:111, schultz memo.png)

File: 541965a5c4058c0⋯.png (468.1 KB, 600x337, 600:337, shawshankrelease.png)

File: 831fcd337754023⋯.png (135.34 KB, 600x450, 4:3, fbi logo dossier.png)

8234a8 No.126116


talking points starting to emerge.

0eb158 No.126117


So he can claim it's not him.

I've got a fake name that is so common, if you looked it up, you still couldn't find me.

If fuckery is afoot, you would not use an obvious name, if yours is not unique.

99f550 No.126118


>gravy train

Bingo m8! Gotta make them realize the ‘gravy train’ is a fallacy

19d092 No.126119


Think… the email exercise is already confirmed, FBI DELETED-DOJ HAS EMAILS

99f550 No.126121


So still a /newfag/

ffaa8e No.126123

File: e7ea9ef6d885373⋯.jpeg (345.72 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5BC6F07F-60B4-4963-9C44-9….jpeg)

ef58dc No.126124

Actually no I don't see anything strange and now you've just won a filter, congratulations….

97234f No.126125


thank you for another idea for a meme>>126118

c7d553 No.126126


<be me

<4 devices

<4 montitors

<be in front of computers since they where affordable

<be self educated

<question everything

<do music

<be proud without ego-shitting yourself

c297a4 No.126128

File: 84ff048330a0d16⋯.png (894.46 KB, 862x439, 862:439, ClipboardImage.png)

d8cc7e No.126129

Fill this bread!

5e49b7 No.126130


MorningJoe memes here - have at 'em.

88dd79 No.126131


>Realize the ‘gravy train’ is a fallacy

It isn't though so long as they keep printing cash and giving it to them. Forcing volunteer and working for gibs will help.

15a28a No.126133


Are these Q posts confirmed? They showed up last night on this board instead of Q's dedicated board with timestamps 5 hours into the future.

4b857e No.126135


here ya go, noob

https:// qcodefag.github.io/

2a6263 No.126136


Fight back with a narrative about Russian bots using TrumpShutdown

89aea5 No.126137

Guys name is not spelled Macklerr

There is no such company

There is no New Fort Pumper VA

4b857e No.126140


>5 hours into the future.


Nope, anons live abroad and timezones are a thing.

f78ba0 No.126144


Canada uses paper ballots.

Some municipals use scantrons but they always keep the paper.

99f550 No.126145


It IS if pushed right m8. The peanuts these niggers get isn’t enough to live on. Also start memeing the fuck out of lack of safety in dem strongholds (ie murder rate in Chicago)

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