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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 128b235e86be225⋯.jpeg (11.8 KB, 584x350, 292:175, 1_7R4oz4iOALvCfFurmo8EBg@….jpeg)

56ff10 No.82455

Discuss what we learned about from the Fake News Awards coordinated efforts. How did Twitter respond? How did we win? What did we do to counter? What should we make part of our operations in all future coordination? What worked? What didn't?

56ff10 No.82464

56ff10 No.82475

56ff10 No.82478

56ff10 No.82479

56ff10 No.82483

56ff10 No.82484

5426d7 No.82502

baker here. anon reported there was some confusion or lack of clear instructions in the general thread for this first operation. recommend /OPS/ begins communicating with bakers in both the main thread and >>3301 bread feedback so that bakers might have a full day to outline a specialized bread and then another full day to revise & refine it.

5426d7 No.82515


i also recommend operations be conducted from within the OPS thread, but that might be an unrealistic expectation on my part. it just seems to me that's why that thread exists in the first place. i only bake. i don't make memes or use twitter, so i don't typically follow the memes related threads. i rely almost exclusively on what other anons tell me. other bakers might be different, but i think it should be planned far enough in advance that emergency bakes won't disrupt the operation.

emergency bakes often cause information to get lost. sometimes having to rebuild breads nearly from scratch in worst case scenarios. but they easily can cause an entire day's worth of bread updates to disappear. that's something to keep in mind from a baker's perspective

c40cd6 No.82530

One thing to note from this is, in advance burner accounts need to be created (Twitter etc) these then will be harder to spot and won't be shadow banned / banned instantly. All Anons that are going to flood Twitter etc should get a few set up well in advance.

(Posting from different device as I'm currently protesting an unfair ban) :o/

6a7cff No.82547

/pol/ did not engage. Neither 4 nor 8.

/v/ did not engage.

/b/ did not engage.

/tv/ did not engage.

/co/ did not engage.

/biz/ did not engage.

No other significant old school chan board engaged.

Weird Twitter, Black Twitter etc did not engage.

Even websites that record internet drama did not notice. Not even to mock.

I'm going to be very honest here. I've been on the chans for over a decade and I've taken part in numerous hashtag campaigns, internet raids, etc. The fake news awards got attention. Q did not. Streamers had to have Q explained to them, and they still didn't understand. Q, if you are reading this, you fucked up. /pol/ has completely rejected the equality message. Posters here call themselves anon but mostly they aren't, two months ago they were on twitter or facebook. They don't understand that they are the normies still. They don't understand why it is vital that a large section of at least one of the groups I listed need to engage for this to even be considered a real Anon Op. They have no idea how to make memes that reach across the divide.

If this really was Mr. Trump trying to unite the chans behind him it failed bitterly. I can't state this strongly enough. Most channers are sick of the equality narrative. Most white nationalists saw POTUS fail to protect the protesters at Charlottesville. They like POTUS for his edge, not his hippy dippy "let's all go together" Disneyland stuff.

You said "stand and fight for the world you've always wanted", but most of 8/pol/ and some of 4/pol/ are legitimately genocidal. They want a world, or at the very least an America, free from Jews and blacks and Mexicans. Do you really want them to stand and fight for that? Do you really want me to stand and fight for that?

4/pol/ is almost overrun with Shareblue, 8/pol/'s mods are probably infiltrated by feds, but both boards are still united in considering this a LARP. Again, being completely honest, you massively failed to recruit them.

I don't know what to think. I do know I don't want Jew lawyers in my country anymore, or Jew hollywood types, or Jew communist university professors that hate my race, or Jews infiltrating and subverting other spiritual traditions to favor Jewish viewpoints, or Jews advocating for no borders, or or or. I'll fight for that. I'll fight for /pol/. Not you. Not like this. Not for the false gods of equality and lies.

It would be better at this point if this turned out to be a joke or LARP. You failed to get the real chan intelligentsia (such as it is) on your side, and worse they rejected your message entirely. They care more about freeing the world of savages and semitic schemers than they do putting Hillary in jail, because the former are day to day issues while the latter seems distant and more of a side effect of cultural degeneration. Go figure.

I fully expect you to ignore this and continue flopping about like a fish out of water. You either saw /pol/ reject you repeatedly but kept on, hoping you could scrape together enough twitter/facebook types to succeed, or you're a leftist and did this to undermine /pol/ (which didn't happen) and get idiots shadowbanned from Twitter (which did).

Because these philosophical differences can't be reconciled without deporting POTUS's family, /pol/ is most assuredly not going to help in the future. We seem to be at an impasse here. Ball's in your court, regardless of whether you feel this is a game or not. For /pol/ it is a game, and Kek controls where the dice land.

I would rather avoid civil war and genocidal murder, but if today was the best POTUS and the NSA combined could do, you guys are fucked, and sooner or later people are going to get mad and start executing leftists, Jews etc en masse.

Just a heads up.

Have a nice day.

May God remove the filth from our land.

5426d7 No.82548



in case it matters i bake during the graveyard shift. usually from around 2am to 9am EST, give or take.

5426d7 No.82561

File: e8af691a1d20fc4⋯.png (214.59 KB, 856x674, 428:337, Screenshot from 2018-01-18….png)


capped, because if this heavy, but honest feedback gets nuked, then this board is worthless and Q may as well turn to r/teh_Dahnald for help

56ff10 No.82633

is there a way to make private threads or a private spot for organizers who are more experienced to coordinate the ops before communicating to the mass anons?

5426d7 No.82648


you could make a private board for it, but anyone could follow the link to it. if you wanted strictly private, you'd have to use a different platform. then anons will call you a discord faggot or a famefag

c4249a No.82656


Everyone, I had 30.2K impressions on twatter today with only about 6 hours of invested time seriously interacting with their evil platform.

Check your analytics. It will make you feel better.

c4249a No.82659


We don't want that. We can just use this thread.

c4249a No.82665


I dont think it was necessary to recruit them. Don't you see what we did today? We broke twatter for several hours and they had no way to shut us down. We don't need the extreme right, and in fact, I agree, we don't want to promote their extreme ideals, which are just as bad as the extreme left's.

56ff10 No.82670

Many things went right today. In terms of coordination:

1. Memes were on point, everyone had access to more memes then they could ever need.

2. Twitter tactics were on point, got trending hashtags, tons of attention, more or less bypassed shadow bans. Compiling good tactics to counter Twatter.

3. Hopefully signaled to POTUS and others that there is a decent organized group.


Didn't really integrate Q or red pill anybody.

Seems like some negativity or infighting sparked up across the boards.

5426d7 No.82679


>across the boards

i dropped the mega links on the 4/pol/ thread. anon was calling the thread out for being forced, which it was, and for being a /cbts/ shill but he was also retarded enough to keep the thread bumped. i didn't stay long. i didn't check to see if there was anything on 8/pol/

6a7cff No.82690

File: 98bfa2cb8f85e62⋯.png (206.46 KB, 354x354, 1:1, Screenshot-2017-12-23 Meme….png)


/pol/ was chosen by Q for this Op repeatedly. He wanted them specifically multiple times. So no offense but you haven't been here long enough to understand why anon, and both /pol/s specifically, were asked to do this. Q didn't bring it to reddit, twitter, facebook, or /leftypol/. So yeah, he's kind of stuck, whether you can see it yet or not. I can understand if you don't think Jews are a problem. Spend a few years with 8/pol/ and you'll be amazed what you learn. Just, you know, please lurk a minimum of 2 years before posting. Seriously.

I'm actually a deeply spiritual person and personally opposed to violence. That's why I want them to leave before the killing starts, because some of these anon have been humiliated all their lives, and they are pissed. They have no reason to live in a world they hate, you see? No girlfriends. No friends. Jews calling them evil all day. That kind of energy is very dangerous. They are not going to be easily swayed.

We were told to enjoy the show, though, right? If POTUS can make Jews stop acting like Jews, no one will want to kill them. Let's hope he can MAKE JEWS GREAT possibly for the first time ever.

For all of our sakes.

c4249a No.82697


>Let's hope he can MAKE JEWS GREAT possibly for the first time ever.

Not a biblefag, but it was prophesied that they would eventually see the truth.

8788fb No.82698

File: 7e6a98bfa552bfb⋯.png (333.07 KB, 1012x1284, 253:321, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)

Anons, this is a win. Look who has the top several comments under POTUS's recent tweet. It ain't Krassenstein or whoever the fuck.

This should be a tactic. Everybody make sure to like/comment/RT pro-Trump comments in POTUS's tweets so they rise to the top.

5426d7 No.82710



>hope he can MAKE JEWS GREAT

let's be realistic tho. you can't erase biology. genetic predispositions exist. i'll shut up so as to not derail the thread

6a7cff No.82729

File: cc61c16d2b15a70⋯.png (457.87 KB, 747x514, 747:514, f33baf58b6184b5154a7e1a632….png)


One other thing. Of the chan boards I listed only /pol/ is specifically White Nationalist. The rest are all over the political spectrum. None of them participated. Q failed to get any boards other than this one to engage. This is how success are measured on the chans, by who participates. Each board brings a different flavor to the mix. The memes that flow when multiple boards come together are amazing. /pol/ and /v/ uniting for GG was a blast. Liberals write angry articles about it to this day almost four years later. That stuff is what Q wanted here. That is what the chans represent when properly harnessed.

5426d7 No.83074


>only /pol/ is specifically White Nationalist.

might be more accurate to say you have to larp as a white nationalist to avoid being banned

3d8623 No.83099


"Everybody make sure to like/comment/RT pro-Trump comments in POTUS's tweets so they rise to the top"

good plan, i think.

aa8e09 No.83228


Both sides declared and showed their hand.

There can’t be remediation without that step.

Think about it, otherwise you’re just waiting for an unknown to activate or sabotage at an uncontrollable time.

I’m really proud to ‘know’ you and work with you all. Thank you from my whole heart.

aa8e09 No.83259

Improvement suggestions for future:

Several meme caches had high traffic and slow loading problems.

Meme caches were difficult to search by topic.

Strategies for creating anon accounts could improve.

Switching hashtags, use of hashtags could be tighter.

Saving cannons for later phases could be helpful.

Great job! Truly unprecedented!

Follow up as news cycles respond, let’s work on the marathon approach after the sprint now?

e7be8a No.83289

Good job anon creating the debrief / lessons learned thread. Someone knows what he is doing – respect - no homo.

Before diving in I want to go over the purpose of Q. Q is not here to get help with analysis. Q already has the answers, and far,far more intel then we will ever have. Q is here because DJT knows how he won – the internet. Q is here to recruit /pol in taking down the deepstate and pedos. Crumbs are used to give us ammo for memes. Q wants internet war. We delivered internet war, or if you prefer, cyberwar. Therefore keep that in mind when doing your evaluations.

Also, Q is serious when he says normies' heads will explode if the crimes got out directly. You probably have a high IQ and perceive the distilled, sick humor in sending in a fan letter to an SJW comic book company. You already knew about pedos. You will only see intel on pedo rings as confirmation of what you already know. Normies are busy watching 20 minutes of commercials and 10 minutes of reality TV. You can't understand normies and they can't understand you. Q understands both. Follow Q. Memes will get the info out.

This action was double barbed. Mainly it was used to bloody the troops and evaluate our capabilities. We demonstrated our capabilities. It was also used to give MSM a black eye. It did that. Our memes are now in the wild, being spread by normies. Knock on effect.

That's my backgrounder.

e7be8a No.83329

The good:

An overall win. A big win. Mission accomplished.

+11,000 memes in only a few days.

Memes were organized and stored to mega. Sorted by subject. A great job by an anon.

Meme threads were useful for quick perusal to grab memes that appealed to you.

There was a battle plan that proved to be very useful.

Info published on shadow ban tool and temporary email generation very helpful.

Rolling updates on hashtag rank kept morale high.

Soldiers displayed high morale. Humorous posts on being shadow banned a good sign. "I'm hit". High morale is critical for an op.

Memes tailored for a normie audience.

Improvisation displayed while battle raged. Liking positive tweets on @realDJT and @POTUS an example.

Bakers are soldiers. Good job.

e7be8a No.83344

Additional good things:

Advise on avoiding shadow banning proved effective: i.e. add comments to retweets.

Fall back hashtags in place before Twatter counter attack. We know the enemy.

e7be8a No.83410


Recommend Ops Center have no memes. Keep memes on meme threads.

Some soldiers got trigger happy and went early. – minor.

Some confusion on battle plan. Bakers should include summary battle plan with each bake.

Twatter did shadow ban. We should concentrate on further neutralizing their algos. To be honest they were not very effective.

Facebook was under-utilized. Understandable, all efforts were directed at trending the hashtags. Is their a way to gage effectiveness of a Facebook effort?

Some anon posted that when he tweeted non-political tweets, he unlocked his shadowban. Need more info on method and confirmation from any anon that used this method.

Need to keep one twatter account virgin for later use to hit civilian hashtags.

5426d7 No.83481


>Q is here to recruit /pol

then he fails before he starts. this isn't /pol/

for more info see:



>Bakers should include summary battle plan with each bake.

all due respect, it's been there in each bake (unless it was dropped when i was asleep) for more than 24 hours now, and is still there - but moved to the 2nd post - at the time of this message. it's been there since #87 >>73399

and an improvised version of it was on #86

e7be8a No.83599


Are you saying Q didn't recruit from /pol? Newfags and famefags conducted that OP? Look at it from Q's perspective and Q's objective.

e7be8a No.83642

I read your post. I agree this was not a "victory" for chan culture. And I agree that it is important to keep that in mind. My post is from Q's perspective. If you want to be part of the Q op, then this is where you do it and understanding what he's after is critical. It is important to understand Q's objective. And this is speculation. Q will confirm as time unfolds.

044bba No.83831


>If this really was Mr. Trump trying to unite the chans behind him it failed bitterly.

-→ You lost me at (((Mr. Trump)))

Anons NEVER refer to him as such.

8da97a No.83909



I agree agree mostly with these comments. lol both half and ful should of been involved.

The weaponised autism contain within half hand is phenomenal.

31e2f8 No.84004


>Memes were organized and stored to mega. Sorted by subject. A great job by an anon.

I'm sure that there were more involved, but kudo's to harvester. He seemed to be everywhere at once with answers and organizational tips. The mega site is epic, a foundation upon which we can build a versatile arsenal of highly adaptable memes. My hat is off to the anon's who pulled this off.

As far as the parochial soreheads on other boards, just because it was NIH (not invented here) was no reason to boycott. Though we think of ourselves as a vast reservoir of the dis-enfranchised, we're little puddles when we're divided. We ARE all in this together, act like it.

19e22d No.84081

The result of the operation was not what we wanted and that is fine. If we look from the view of Q and his Intel, it’s all about ‘where we go one, we go all’ that includes white hats, patriotic anons, and most importantly, all the normies who have not even the slightest clue of any of the changes behind the scenes.

It’s not immediately clear to us what the significance of the operation was because most of us have considered this information to be our ‘reality’ and won’t be happy till the lid is completely off as it should be. We forget what it truly was like to be a normie and how ingrained their day to day life is with the MSM/Hollywood/Entertainment. Think of this like a class, we have already learned the material and passed, and therefore the material we learned seems easy to understand, but the normies have not even seen that this ‘class’ is available and thus the material is totally foreign/not grasp-able.

Operation fake news awards as organized yesterday and agreed upon by Q as our ‘1st organized tweet storm day’ is just the beginning of the ‘class’ we are offering to the world of normies. We are basically the patriot news source to the people and are the front line to infiltrate the MSM’s grasp on the normie minds. The function of the MSM to the ‘sick people’, is the same as the function of ‘We the people’ to Q and the alliance. Operation fake news awards is the beginning of ‘our’ siege on MSM control of the normie minds. Q just tested our capabilities that day, and we can now learn and improve for the next ‘class’ we are commanded to give, in order to awaken the public mind. What was accomplished yesterday truly is the beginning of a great awakening of the public mind and it will only improve after this.

Instead of considering Trump’s fake news awards to being a dud, consider for a moment what Trump posted is forcing the MSM to cover it and provide an avenue for normies to see the fake news that Trump talks about all the time, and it’s coming from Fake news channels themselves. This opens the possibility for the normie mind to say “wow that news article I called trump out on social media is actually false”. That same normie mind could have noticed our hashtags earlier that day and perhaps it ‘clicked’ for them to look closer at MSM stories and to question. We are freeing the world one mind at a time. The pace of this process is totally dependent on the 20/80 />/ 40/60 pace Q is setting. If things are only revealed at a 40% public rate from now on, that means during this time, this situation won’t and shouldn’t theoretically pop off till Q claims 100/0. How Trump displayed the fake news awards totally represents this (20 or 40 public?), and if he retweeted something with #greatawakening or #wethepeople that had /_\ related topics it would break the pace of Q’s Intel to the public. We have to be patient and trust as Q implies all the time, because everyone here including the white hats WANTS this to pop off as fast as possible. The pace that is set, is for maximum safety of US citizens and the world.

Our duty is the only thing that is certain, we have to strive to be 100% committed, max efficiency, understanding of every normies path to awakening, striving to be united as a people, and above all else make sure those sick people fear our passion as patriots and sleep with one eye open.

“It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”- Samuel Adams

11dad1 No.84143


Even Canada's State Run Media CBC mentionned the Awards on their News Network Last night…I have a few CBC journalists following me on Twitter now too….so it's catching on Internationally….I'll admit when 5pm came and went in every time zone across Canada until 5pm PT….I was growing concerned and I thought we had been set up….I now have 110% confidence in Q, POTUS and everyone here….

HOWEVER….I think there's still ALOT of DIGGING to do, especially for those of us outside the USA, the CABAL and the CULT is WORLD WIDE, they ALL need to be exposed and taken down so that the PEOPLE can take back their countries from the grips of these EVIL dictators

BE VERY PROUND Anons, Although I've only had limited success in getting people to swallow the Red Pill, many of them are holding it in their hand and NOT throwing it in garbage…if that makes any sense LOL

I believe last night's awards was to prove once and for all that they are FAKE….they were FACTS that are verifiable..now the WHOLE WORLD knows that all these News outlets are LYING and VERY BIASED….when the world is told about MOCKINGBIRD, it will be easier to swallow and the proof will already be in their minds….

Personally, I will be taking the Fake News Awards handed out last night and making Memes for each and every one of them…I will also be looking into how Canada's state media ran with those same stories and expose them too….there are other examples that could have made that cut last night too….

Thanks for allowing us LEAFS help in this Mission and I apologize for any skepticism I may have expressed last night around 4:45 PT LOL

3d8623 No.84245


well said, excellent. agreed. who knows what patri_ts accomplished 1/17. MSM won't say. Be ready to do it again, i suppose, perhaps on anything trending. It was nice to see people working together, reaching for their freedom, testing their wings. God bless the helpers of the blind and deaf, the good police, leaders, humble patri_ts.

bc15c4 No.85344

File: dee864a9562aa55⋯.png (293.39 KB, 953x767, 953:767, 33 - 5269VrN.png)


this tbh

I see constant shitposting and allusions on /pol/ to the storm

Not all of them hopped on board, but I'm pretty sure a significant amount did.

0484a2 No.85509


If your statement that you " want a world, or at the very least an America, free from Jews and blacks and Mexicans." is literally true; you may well have already set your fate to be one of disappointment.

Unless Jesus returns and is sporting the same supremacist attitude, your chance at happiness appears very slim indeed. Considering the odds of that happening at all, let alone first, I would be reconsidering my expectations, were I you.

The best thing anyone can do, is follow their heart and do what feels right. If this game doesn't resonate for you, maybe you should be playing a different one. The Good Lord meant for you to be prosperous and happy, if this isn't your means of attaining that end, try something else. There is no harm in that.

I suspect we accomplished more we were expected to. Given that you are no more psychic than we are, how could you possibly weigh the success of our mission when you don't know what it was anymore than we do?

I agree with your assessment that it would be more comfortable to have some tangible feedback, but such is faith, trust and heretofore unknown scope of the end game.

I hope you take this is the vein it was intended and not offensively. I would say I'm on the same side, but I don't really see that to be the case. I think your hoped for goal is what I would view as being a little bit nefarious compared to mine. That does not matter though.

If you must leave, thanks for help, your help is welcomed anytime up the road. If you decide to stay for a bit, we will share the desire to see some tangible results before we are tempted to jump ship with you.

34aace No.85594

File: ba375d413a32ba0⋯.jpg (63.8 KB, 1439x478, 1439:478, c0lpbfwh5kiz.jpg)

I hope CNN is getting slammed with side by sides of fake stories/retractions.

>in fact, I hope all of them are

Makes me wish I'd been keeping track of retracted stories since Trump was elected.

All hail the Shitposter in Chief.

0484a2 No.85597



>Are you saying Q didn't recruit from /pol? Newfags and famefags conducted that OP? Look at it from Q's perspective and Q's objective.

^^^^^ I believe this to spot on.

Q's intent my have simply been to record and document what goes on in the digital world when Corp America is playing God instead of running an unbiased business. He got his evidence. Beyond that, was the intent to expose the media BS to people who are completely blind to that reality. They will have to soak it up over time, but there are crumbs or truth all over the place now.

a22150 No.85645


Q wants to unite the chan culture? I don’t see it that way. He wants to unite America. It begins with the /pol/ who are fearless and passionate. We are merely the seed. The messenger of the messages. It needs to spread like wildfire.

1e716d No.85648


Whoa! Just checked mine, 35.6K, had no idea about this analytics shit. Not sure what top media tweet means but I had over 1.2k media tweets…. huh, thought I was spinning my wheels yesterday.

4eb347 No.85681



to be truthful. I know many jews, only a minority are good, but those that are good are excellent people with great potential.

The issues jews have is that they are notoriously biased in support of degeneracy or traditions. Even when a jew becomes christian he will willingly stay fucked up, just to not offend the traditions his family lived by.

a71b8d No.86002


>I fully expect you to ignore this and continue flopping about like a fish out of water. You either saw /pol/ reject you repeatedly but kept on, hoping you could scrape together enough twitter/facebook types to succeed, or you're a leftist and did this to undermine /pol/ (which didn't happen) and get idiots shadowbanned from Twitter (which did).


>Because these philosophical differences can't be reconciled without deporting POTUS's family, /pol/ is most assuredly not going to help in the future. We seem to be at an impasse here. Ball's in your court, regardless of whether you feel this is a game or not. For /pol/ it is a game, and Kek controls where the dice land.


>I would rather avoid civil war and genocidal murder, but if today was the best POTUS and the NSA combined could do, you guys are fucked, and sooner or later people are going to get mad and start executing leftists, Jews etc en masse.


>Just a heads up.


>Have a nice day.

hear hear, this post summed up my feelings almost EXACTLY.

I fight every day to do my part to work against the eternal kike that seeks to destroy my culture, my nation and my race.

screw the 'unity' message. i understand america first, however i'm not american, not would i want to be. i abstained from promoting the fakeys, because while i wholeheartedly agree with the pushing back against the leftist dogma, i wholeheartedly disagree with the message of 'unity'

our land

our soil

our race

our blood


56ff10 No.86174

Q is going to post soon and I would bet Q commends all of our work on this coordinated effort. All of you did a great job.

The fact is - coordinating is incredibly difficult. To control and organize all of the collective efforts of anons is gargantuan and that's what a few top level people can contemplate.

Fact is, we really don't need Q or anything else. We legitimately could take the lessons we learned here and apply them to coordinated efforts at creating other trends.

I want us to control the narrative. For example, we get a bombshell report - we force it to trend. We know how to get around Twatter's shadowbanning.

Probably the key lesson I learned about that was to include @realdonaldtrump because allegedly that brings the tweets under the protection of some federal law POTUS signed.

Or say we have an initiative to directly contact POTUS and bring to his attention some news story. We know he's being quaruntined by Kelly and all the other enemies of the state.

We created a trend and that's our power. We can utilize the internet and our own ability to coordinate to drastically influence almost anything we want and that's what I want to harness.

56ff10 No.86200

My point is you look at qresearch or meme boards or Ops boards and that's the army. But here or other discrete boards they don't check is where we can PLOT utilizing those other boards and controlling the army of anons by setting the agenda of the commonly used boards.

The vast majority of anons use MEMES 1-10 or Ops or anything else all because someone set the agenda for the FakeNewsAwards. Well why don't we just continually repeat that effort but instead of letting Q determine that, we set that agenda ourselves. Like exposing the Clintons in Haiti for example when that trend is hot we spin the narrative.

c06c5b No.86210

We made the same mistake here we did in iraq; pull out too early after wrecking everything and then the vacuum from us petering out early allowed shills to take command of the twatter narrative.

Definitely redpilled a massive audience. The trending hashtag lasted all fucking day. And the shockwaves shook multiple platforms; and the msm got rocked with a good shiner. Its gonna be talked about for a few days, too. saw articles being posted by Mashable within minutes after the big tweet talking about how the fake news awards failed (it didn’t.) We got noticed hard; and we’ve only gotten stronger and smarter with what we learned yesterday. Overall, I give us a 7/10.

The best part: we now know we have the power to shake the structures of our oppressors.

56ff10 No.86246

1. Select category of memes (i.e. Clintons Raping Haiti).

2. Establish some type of meme polling to select the consenus of best memes.

3. Prepare and load up sufficient twatter accounts

4. Select hashtags that coopt either MSM hashtags or that we think can trend cleanly

5. Coordinate time in multiple phases across EU into US.

6. Figure out ALL counterattacks to Twatter throttling or shadowbanning (cite realDT or original tweet or whatever we've compiled works).

7. Coordinate the launch starting in EU through US and force a trend.

8. Bombard from all accounts with the ten best selected memes.

More streamlined.

c06c5b No.86324

I was just looking over the major headlines about yesterday. They all paint trump as a self congratulatory asshole and a liar, and make no reference to our efforts. Most of these news sites have disabled commenting on their articles, so dissenting opinions aren’t possible to present. These slanderous and yellow motherfuckers are still in control of the narrative. Something we failed to take into account was their counter narrative. The “2,000 lies” tally specifically.

56ff10 No.86338


They always regain control of the narrative. Always. I don't think we can expect to stop that. They have extreme power over the brainwashed masses.

56ff10 No.86344

And by the way, how'd you search headlines? Google? Exactly. Google is curating all search results to disfavor any dissenting opinions. So the very nature of researching any past webpages or news articles in inherently biased against the truth and our narrative.

56ff10 No.86354

We need to create trends and narratives that are so compelling and so attention grabbing that its almost like clickbait and spreads like wildfire to introduce the mere idea into the hive mind. That's a victory.

fbf96b No.86441

Alright, I'm going to lay down some NLP secrets that I've been keeping to myself because I didn't want them to fall in the wrong hands. But considering my brief time, I have very little to lose at this stage.

People hate complainers and condemners. People want positivity and optimism. A person can make so damn enemies if they are negative because nobody wants to be around a bitcher.

Yet here's the thing. People like it when strongmen go after people that the people themselves are pissed off by.

>Trump attacking the media?

Not my problem.

>Trump attacking illegal immigrants who take my jobs, commit crimes, and use up my taxdollars?

God bless the God Emperor.

The reason why Gamergate was so successful was because the media was directly attacking PEOPLE and PEOPLE responded with anger over being attacked. As >>82547 put it

>They care more about freeing the world of savages and semitic schemers than they do putting Hillary in jail, because the former are day to day issues while the latter seems distant and more of a side effect of cultural degeneration

Fake News isn't a day to day problem because Fake News isn't attacking people day to day. If you want to WIN and actually accomplish your goals, start criticizing the people who go after the people. It's so fucking simple, it's absolutely shocking why this isn't common knowledge.

>Universities go after White Men?

Fuck the Universities.

>Antifa is burning down the town?

Fuck Antifa.

>Democrats allowing for open defecation in California?

Fuck the Democrats.

It's so simple. Just find out what the people are pissed about, and then rant about what the people are pissed about. That's Demagoguery 101. They do it in Wresting all the time. Figure out what the people hate, make it into a wrestler, and then hurt the wrestler. Same kind of thing. Find out what the people hate, rage about what the people hate, and then collect the votes.

Fake News, although serious and fake, is Trump's problem, not the people's problem. So as a result, the people don't care about Fake News because it isn't there problem, and so when Trump goes after Fake News, its apathy.


>We need to create trends and narratives that are so compelling and so attention grabbing that its almost like clickbait and spreads like wildfire to introduce the mere idea into the hive mind. That's a victory.

Okay. I was saving this for money, but since my time is short, might as well share.

Memes don't work like evolution. They don't 'evolve' and capture minds. Rather, people are inherently suspecitable to certain memes, and therefore certain memes are effective against certain audiences because each person has an inherent susceptibility to a meme. To win the memetic war, you need to find out what specifically each demographic is susceptible to and then promote that meme through mass promotion. Some demographics respond to certain memes differently. Therefore, the goal is to KNOW your audience, and then TELL your audience what it wants to hear

Look at Lenin's motto, "Land, peace, and Bread." People want Land. People want peace. People want Bread. Therefore, simply say, "I will give the people land, peace and bread," and then the masses will line up like ducks in a line.

So you have to do research and be very methodical. Create a list of demographics, identify what they want to hear, and then tell them what they want to hear. And bam! You got them. Humans are sheep, as much I wish it wasn't so.

Now. To go after the Media specifically, you need to go after the Media in the right way. The Media demonizes White Men. So everytime the Media demonizes White Men, simply say,

>"The media hates white Americans. We must fight the media and their vile hatred of white Americans. It's time for the media, and the Democrats to realize we are all Americans ans regardless of the color of our skin."

Tucker Carlson is doing a fantastic job of taking down the Media. HE finds out things that the Media does to piss off white people, and then brings them on the air, and then goes after them. That's why he does everything right.

You want to go after the Media? Find out what people hate about the Media, and then repeat back to them why they hate the Media. Do the research, and then do press conferences and tweets about the shared hatred of the media and BAM! you win. Hell, I could do it for, but right now, I'm trying to avoid being terminated.

56ff10 No.86671


Interesting. I think we should focus our attention on dividing the lefties against themselves - like when it came out that Hillary stole the entire DNC and election from Bernie.

That should be the focus of a meme. How Bernie got straight robbed and target all those Bernie folks.

56ff10 No.86687

Something channeling their hatred of Trump and reminding them that it was Hillary that forced them to have to endure the HORRIBLE Trump. I think we force it down their throats that Bernie would have absolutely destroyed Trump but because of the Clinton corruption - they now have to suffer. So we channel the MSM hatred of Trump - basically blaming potential nuclear war on Trump but ANCHORING that to BERNIE and why he lost.

fbf96b No.86697


Brilliant anon. Couldn't have said it better myself


That's something that even i couldn't have thought of. Somehow, you managed to tie in Clinton Corruption to the people's grievances. Anon. I wasn't going to say it, but I didn't think it was possible. I strongly recommend this strategy.


56ff10 No.86705

We bombard the internet with the idea that Bernie should have won. So we essentially hijack the anti-Trump narrative and blame it on Hillary.

fbf96b No.86713


Start shilling on



And figure out how to 'steal' the moderators from them. Also check on Jimmy Dore and the Young Turks to see if a deal can be struck. Cenk got burned recently and thrown out of his own movement. I smell blood in the water.

56ff10 No.86739

They won't be able to distinguish us from other liberals. We masquarade as liberals who are die hard Bernie supporters and force trends. Trump is HORRIBLE. The worst thing since Hitler. We produce fake anti-trump propaganda solely to suggest that if we had Bernie - we'd have UTOPIA. And we have Trump and this horrible reality because Bernie didn't run. and Bernie didn't run because HIllary stole it. And the MSM helped her do it (re giving questions, etc.) There has to be incredible ANGER and we could channel it to Hillary + MSM

56ff10 No.86773

Liberals already more or less turned on Hillary. If we use our coordination to push some bullshit about Bernie and create some hysteria about Bernie, more and more will turn on Hillary. Thats going to cause an avalanche of the truth to come out. Instead of trying so desperately to defend Trump and getting targeted by Twatter.

Twatter won't even ban us - they'll think we're leftists.

fbf96b No.86787


And then the best part is that you prepare a pro-nation state candidate to segway support into them, thus creating a situation where you win no matter what. So you weaken the MSM, support your own Progressive Base, while protecting Trump at the same time.

I have full confidence you can pull this off.

56ff10 No.86790

Bernie Sanders


56ff10 No.86801

Utterly destroy the left from within. They'll never recover while Trump flips the black vote.

fbf96b No.86814


Be the Conquistador, anon.

56ff10 No.86823



I mean really, we start this hashtag up same as FakeNewsAwards, it starts trending and the liberals actually carry the torch for us. Then we coordinate to spread another blaming it on Hillary.

Crazy enough to work.

fbf96b No.86859


And then you elevate the game.

Call Harris "Just like Hilary Clinton." And that "we don't need another neoliberal in charge of the Democratic party." So when the Deep State runs their candidate, it's Clinton all over again.

Although most people here are white nationalists, I'm more traditional about preserving the nation-state. An alliance with progressives is a tolerable alternative than to Masonic rule by Satanic secret societies.

56ff10 No.86873


Yep, exactly. I personally feel we spend too much time trying to defend Trump (getting shadowbanned, censored, etc.) or trying to expose "conspiracies" when the most effective method would probably be covert, well developed strategies that evoke extreme anger in the democratic party. We should be spending ALL of our coordinated time on pretending to be an element of the democratic party that is revolting against the democratic establishment. WE should be pretending to be anti-Trump in an effort to organize the Bernie supporters.

56ff10 No.86890

Stage I: Fuel Anti-Trump propoganda and evoke anger. Make it seem like the world is going to end literally. Meme nuclear mushroom clouds and hysteria.

Stage II: Anchor that anger to Bernie Sanders and the disapointment that he lost. Meme the lies and DNC takeover.

Stage III: Blame the democratic party establishment. Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, etc.

fbf96b No.86895


I may be a worthless NEET hunted down like a dog, but if there ever is a way to establish secure communication, I could share ALOT more juicy shit. Some of my ideas can be undermined if the opposition knows about them in advance, unlike the Bernie strategy, and I'd love to share them if there is a possible way.

56ff10 No.86903




56ff10 No.86914


keep them private, they say these boards are watched, who knows. They can't stop this though because we'd be protected against censorship since we are leftists.

fbf96b No.86936


You got it.

e7ebb7 No.88405

i lost current gen bread at bake 100. help?

5426d7 No.88467


i'll take the current bake and start trying to add formatting to it.

e7ebb7 No.88522

File: a9d94ccc95641e1⋯.jpg (187.04 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, shineourlight.jpg)

bless you

5426d7 No.88636

https:// pastebin.com/r0tBaGjs

this is current, with links to new q posts added, but nothing else added. haven't tested it yet to verify

e7ebb7 No.89087

for the record. just realized my retardation…CATALOG….ffs smh and push myself down the stairs

1eb9bf No.99089


You want to start that secrecy shit, go join share blue.

1eb9bf No.99117

Just use the cult cild raping luciferian ways. That's all that's need to get people to sit up and pay attention to otherwise dry issues. Once they wake up, and children in danger do that, then they can take in the scope and scale of the mind control scheme.

955474 No.102858

I have turned a few more eyes to the Q anon. I have been covering it here and I have like 200 people via fb. and 4! twitter followers.

Diligence is Key. Q is always reminding of this. We've been conditioned to instant gratification. We must look at the accomplishment in strides. Q will reach the top of the charts when it is the right time, which will likely be with the bombshell indictments when it will be Heavy on us to keep the facts straight.

Mon-Fri I get to see new faces everyday. I run a taxi company and I swear these people get MAGA PILLED willingly or unwillingly. Always got my aux in my phone and its video after video. I always get hit with the MSM Subjects of Trump and nearly everyone who has a conversation with me lightens the hate on Trump.

I would recommend #AskRandomQuestions publicly about Q anon.

This would also recommend if you drive. Offer rides to people, the gratuity of the ride will already put your beliefs in favor. Kill em with kindness.

Trump has had to really believe in you to come to these boards, to place a team in these boards to give you knowledge and light. These matters were left in the dark for so long. I've know 9/11 was an inside job since 06. I only bring this up because I have never held anything back to spare someones emotions. I am the most brutally honest person you will meet. Try doing that only 5 years after the towers came down, I damn near got into full blown fist fights.

Try tell soldiers who morally join the military for the right reasons but the reality we're in the middle east for the wrong reasons.. Yeah its been a long stressful journey.

I have been so objective towards everything now that I didnt even get to go vote for Trump. Though I would have voted Trump if I had voted. I like everything he said on his campaign but in the same I sat back like, well I liked what Obama said as well and look where that ended.

I thought the shit show was never actually going to come to an end. I figured I would always educate other about the dark side of the street along the way even if it meant going to a FEMA camp to be depopulated.

It is funny how these feelings are never actually set in stone. I have been motivated more than ever to join this resistance and have sat at my pc practically all day today rechecking my twitter constantly. Helped with the memes and #'s With only 4! followers lol.

Be patient, lets build this community, lets share our knowledge. Lets start yelling at people in walmart "HEY! DO YOU KNOW ERIC SCHMIDT?" "No??" "WELL FUCK THAT GUY!" and walk away. It will be silly enough for them to google, bing, or whatever and make them wonder.. USE this, this is, literately activism GOLD!

c1458e No.103490

I made it through the #FakeNewsAwards and #ReleaseTheMemo without getting shadowbanned. I followed the suggestion here to slightly alter memes before posting on social media in order to beat the algorithms. I resized pics, added a few dots, and changed the file name before posting. I suspect this saved my butt and strongly recommend others follow this strategy in the future.

ea57b9 No.103824


great, great job, valuable advice. small parts combined, small roles played, not realizing the strength of ALL people combined. strategies discovered, shared, helping, all the way to success, freedom.

3fec9b No.103846

Going to put this here because the average posters in the general thread at this point are unthinking sycophants. My faith in Q has been evaporated since November when the cult discussion began. I've stuck around to watch it play out since. Nothing going on right now makes me feel any affinity for Q. Someone posted an infographic yesterday about "how to identify propaganda" and every point on it, every single one, describes the stuff Q says. Demonize your enemies, call upon a higher power, pump up morale, declare victory inevitable, everything on the infograpic was something we are being told here.

If Q represents God somehow, or if this really is about healing mankind, then I'm all for it, but too many things seem to be rather hamfisted lies, exaggerations, etc. I support POTUS. I don't know how to feel about Q. I don't trust anyone telling me I'm equal. I'm not equal to POTUS, he's brilliant and I'm not. At the same time someone with an IQ of 60 isn't equal to me. Inequality is a fundamental part of life in this universe. We don't have to kill each other over it but there's no reason to lie about it, either.

I have no way to prove that Q isn't some foreign intelligence service that has hacked into POTUS's media contacts. That thought bothers me because after all this time I still can't prove or disprove it. The chans have taught me not to trust without verification.

I'm not going to work against efforts here, and I will say that the mods actually do a great job. The culture of unquestioning obedience and confidence without critical thought that has developed, however, isn't something that inspires confidence.

There has been no confirmation, even during the fake news awards push, that POTUS is aware of this going on. Not even a wink. The calm before the storm press conference and interview happened before this started. I am torn: I believe this is real, but I have so many reasons not to. I can't fight for ideals I don't share and an unidentified leader. I'll fight for POTUS. /pol/ will too. But not for Q. There is a very big disconnect there still.

e7364e No.104318


When faced with such doubts do what you think is right and spread what you know in your Heart is true, do not give in to hate and d&c like the old /cbts/ BO.

Q's message, read with a spiritual mind, rings true.

As for the indictments, arrests, etc. it will either come when the time is right or will not come at all.

The important parts, the disclosure of the cabal, the deep state, relevance of unity and "prayer" (hopefully not abused by religious misled people), have been stated. This alone makes for a job well done.

ea57b9 No.109656


like >>104318 said.

Q, real, fake, matters not. He helped us here. We are here together now because people believed in Q. If you think here is better than 2 years ago, protect here, contribute for here, for us ALL here, now, so tomorrow, next year, the world is safe for children to play in the sunlight.

66a678 No.110044


The *real* heirs of the promise will soon learn and the synagogue of Satan will bow down to them. Revelations 2:9 and 3:9

That's what's currently happening if you've been following the inside info posted here.

66a678 No.110315


I'm sorry to hear about this. I understand where you're coming from, and if you haven't looked for Q's postings 5/10/15 or what ever the delta is in the qresearch boards, it can be hard to accept who Q is.

However, I will give you some history that may help you to understand the times that we live in. 50 years ago, was 1967. Israel regained the entirety of Jerusalem as their capitol. 70 years ago, Israel was founded as a nation. Just as the Bible said, in one day. 100 years ago, was the British Mandate for Palestine. We are now in the third modern jubilee, and I personally believe that we are on the cusp of the end times. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us.

Look around this group. It's amazing what we've already accomplished. Not just for President Trump and the Q team, but the wide variety of research available in the regular breads. If you look up Astana, Kazakhstan you will be beyond amazed. Someone posted a picture of the president of Kazakhstan with President Trump, and someone else said "that's the anti-christ". I said- seriously? So I did my research, and sure enough it is. I just want to know what they signed- was it a 3.5 year peace treaty?

There's signs in the heavens- such as the September 23 virgin constellation and the two great American eclipses. For the first 350 years of our history we were a very Christian nation. Have you ever heard "X marks the spot"? Well, the eclipses marked the spot very well. Also, the first eclipse went over 7 Salems, Salem is the Hebrew word for “peace.” Jerusalem, or Ieru-salem means “City of Peace.” Notice… 7 Salems, not 6, not 9.

We are also, relatively speaking, the most isolated and powerful nation on earth compared to the other major players. We also have the ability to defend ourselves against any attack by the Anti-Christ as well.

I can say much more, I spent 4 hours talking about this stuff to a friend the other night. This is enough for now.

ea57b9 No.112346

File: 0ca7a71a11e820e⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 502x538, 251:269, hatchtags1.jpg)

Times get hard, frustrating. Patience, faith required. Hard work.

Thanks to all the anons, working, suffering. Who knows where all this may lead, but it's better than where we were, and what would have been, should HRC became Prez. Yikes!

Don't give all you have, save some for your families, just your small part is enough, and faith. It is enough to shatter darkness, enough to light the way for ALL of is. Return to your lives heros, unbeknowst to others around, they will never truely understand, the help given to this cause.

Also, Help make these trend, make Prez smile, make Q proud.







Mission 2: Also, leave positve thankful message/reply on P_TUS tw_tter. Thanks for economy, tax break, employment, you name it. Mark it pat1 for later measure. ty.

aefb13 No.132650



This isn't a sympathy bread or for recruiting. Preach the wall of text at /pol/ or pull the trigger ffs.

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