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File: deaae296c332930⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, QR1601.png)

575acd No.1277408

Welcome To Q Research General

Q's Tripcode: Q !xowAT4Z3VQ

Q's Latest Posts

Monday 4.30.2018

>>1249365 ------------------ Knowing what you know now.

>>1248119 ------------------ Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.

>>1247406 ------------------ No name out.

>>1244154 ------------------ Emmy awards. Red carpet event?

>>1243783 rt >>1243759 Assets in place.

>>1243605 rt >>1243593 EagerLion18: Live fire exercise with Jordanian Marines.

>>1243597 rt >>1243510 Connect. No coincidences.

>>1243510 ------------------ Pompeo visits Jordan.

Sunday 4.29.2018

>>1242689 rt >>1242682 (Q verifies anonymous post)

>>1242682 rt >>1242608 rt >>1242545 R=18 (QAnon ID:038c68)

>>1242619 rt >>1241774 , >>1241803 Do you believe in Coincidences?

>>1233880 rt >>1233553 Operators have died. They lay down their lives so that others may live, FREE!

>>1233553 rt >>1233458 Personal thank you to (you).

>>1233458 ------------------ Be careful who you are following.

Saturday 4.28.2018

>>1229092 rt >>1228857 Stay strong. Stay united. BOOM week ahead.

>>1228613 rt >>1228588 Noted:IP-Ghost:

>>1228588 rt >>1228489 You know that we know. You know what we have. Your move.

>>1218893 rt >>1218465 We are in this together

Friday 4.27.2018

>>1218390 rt >>1218316 Autists need Red Bull?

>>1218299 ------------------ Peace in the Korean Peninsula.

>>1218147 ------------------ Focus only on the FBI [for now]

>>1215845 ------------------ Question everything

>>1215294 ------------------ Questions will reveal answers

>>1214085 ------------------ Reconcile

>>1211768 rt >>1211682 Re_read drops

>>1211682 rt >>1211560 EYES OPEN? COMMS GOOD?

>>1211560 rt >>1211493 What is the purpose of a laser pointer?

>>1211343 rt >>1211294 "Done in 30"

>>1211294 ------------------ Who knows where the bodies are buried?

Thursday 4.26.2018

>>1203338 rt >>1203096 GOOD people are acting on the information.

>>1203057 ------------------ Patience isn't always easy

>>1198932 rt >>1198778 Important note [texts only].

>>1197788 rt >>1197573 How many pics can you find of JL & HRC?

>>1197560 ------------------ Sessions playing 4D chess

Wednesday 4.25.2018

>>1189217 rt >>1189008 Try harder.

>>1187806 rt >>1187631 Welcome to the WH.

>>1187631 ------------------ What happens to...

>>1187021 rt >>1187000 Note 187.

>>1187000 rt >>1186910 Non-public release of Strzock texts

>>1184271 ------------------ Are you awake?

>>1183319 ------------------ Did you know?

>>1181425 rt >>1181379 WW = worldwide. Try harder.

>>1181379 rt >>1181185 They tried to delete the proof.

>>1181185 rt >>1180770 We knew this day would come.

>>1180770 rt >>1180605 The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180770 rt >>1180604 The world is Connected. All or nothing.

>>1180605 rt >>1180433 Think logically\u2026Power shift. Rise of the people.

>>1180433 rt >>1180390 "Politics." Same for Merkel. Think movie.

>>1180364 ------------------ They Feel Threatened By Us

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are not endorsements


All posts from ID 7f3c77:

>>1276770, >>1276785, >>1276788, >>1276798, >>1276809, >>1276820

>>1276850, >>1276865, >>1276892, >>1276916, >>1276934, >>1276965

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>>1277290, >>1277308

>>1276904 Security guards sue Johnny Depp for unpaid wages, dangerous conditions

>>1276969 Black Male Approval For Trump Doubles In One Week

>>1277016 GEOTUS tweet: 'This isn't some game...', >>1277152 ∆ btw tweets...

>>1277108 TEXAS WINS VOTER I.D. FOR 2018 MID-TERMS, >>1276975 Arkansas, too


>>1276273 The Stage Is Set.



>>1275164 CF Investigation

>>1275493 Trump - Kim Gangnam Style Video

>>1275623 Mueller on patent team that may be responsible for MH317 911 drone planes & more

>>1275752 Trump's New Lawyer Likely To Cut Him Off From Mueller Interview

>>1275573 Anon Theory: POTUS is Signaling He Will Declassify All Docs

>>1275802 Culture Shock Within Their Own Country': Saudis Come To Grips With Swift Changes

>>1275814 Ecuador Signs Security Deal With US; Military Presence Expected



>>1274628 Trump's Deputies Eye Plan To Block Chinese Tech Theft

>>1274799 Michelle Obama Declares Herself the 'Forever First Lady'

>>1274747 Pakistan is the Other Rogue State With Nukes - graphic

>>1274673 Evergreen?

>>1274927 Snowe+Cyprus

>>1275079 china Falling In Line With The Plan


>>1273889 Mattis delivers guidance on Guantanamo Bay facility to White House

>>1274023 Cambridge Analytica Closing Operations Following Facebook Data Controversy

>>1273885 (T)rump Needs Our Help - graphics

>>1274042 CDAN Blind - "There will be no questions ever asked unless one of the orphanages selling them is exposed"

>>1274148 ; >>1274102 FLOTUS's Parents Appear in Court with Their Immigration Attorney


>>1272909 Comey Committed Same Crimes He Was Investigating HRC For

>>1272989 Bureaucrats donating $4.4 billion to Syria

>>1273066 ; >>1273109 North Korea Starts Pulling Cables From Tunnels At Nuclear Test Site

>>1273134 Ty Cobb Out as POTUS Counsel In Russia Probe

>>1273155 Trump Approval Rating Hits 11-Month High with Denuclearization Talks on the Table

>>1273226 Trump to Add Clinton Impeachment Lawyer Emmet Flood to Replace Ty Cobb

>>1273359 FLOOD - Future Proves Past?

>>1273393 Facebook hires outside adviser to look for bias against conservatives

>>1273419 Did IAF 'US-made' C-130J...Have Fake Chinese parts?

>>1273444 Are These the Fake Parts?

>>1273514 ; >>1273547 House Lawmakers Formally Nominate POTUS For Nobel Peace Prize


>>1272766 Savannah plane crash in one post for notables

>>1272108 Judicial Watch and Gorka on domestic election interference

>>1272126 Pelosi confirms she will be Speaker if Dems win midterms

>>1272172 NJ Teacher’s Union President covers up child abuse in schools (Project Veritas)

>>1272215 Facebook to increase suppression of select news outlets

>>1272282 Flooding the voter rolls in Greece

>>1272521 ; >>1272562 C130 cargo plane crash in Georgia

>>1272742 Southwest Alrlines flight grounded due to broken window


>>1271358 National Media is The Swamp

>>1271364 US Senators investigating DC cellular surveillance

>>1271497 Peter Foster and EU dig

>>1271642 Email from HRC to HRC; “Can’t we get it done?”

>>1271736 40,000 ft view of the cabalist organizations (commentary/analysis)

>>1271782 ; 1271797 @breaking911 Twitter suspended


>>1270582 Attack on Libyan electoral commission

>>1270595 Russian plane crash, steel, and U1

>>1270615 Australian peso ring trafficker arrested

>>1270621 Hypothesis on the Mueller strategy (commentary)

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8d4ca2 No.1277444

File: 677c3e31556c8de⋯.jpg (160.69 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, bmkrpx.jpg)

Danke, Baker!

8d4ca2 No.1277458

File: 9312d5c6aa52b8f⋯.png (103.55 KB, 643x353, 643:353, 6vTkP7.png)

7a4fa1 No.1277471

Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will face an investigation into allegations he lied under oath if he ever tries to reactivate his law license to practice law, according to the Pennsylvania courts.

Mr. McCabe had been a member of the Pennsylvania bar, but became inactive in 2004 and took “retired” status in 2010. If he were to try to renew his membership in order to practice law, he would have to face a “thorough investigation” of his fitness, the state courts’ chief disciplinary officer said."

fc09e0 No.1277481

File: 1dc89a9627575b3⋯.jpg (68.29 KB, 600x600, 1:1, VFrXwSOEM6CV4hx18iQNzq9NSF….jpg)

e4e7eb No.1277485

File: 0832d8e7c1b1187⋯.jpg (79.46 KB, 450x531, 50:59, yoda.jpg)

File: d37f1b4048c9563⋯.jpg (80.47 KB, 721x736, 721:736, myPillowFILTER.jpg)

File: af548bc9ca24d3c⋯.jpg (14.23 KB, 228x221, 228:221, oldman.jpg)

File: 8ac48434cd69630⋯.jpg (72.95 KB, 700x394, 350:197, shilling.jpg)

File: 062d205f77e385e⋯.jpg (65.07 KB, 600x400, 3:2, shillsjoke.jpg)

Thanks baker!

remember anons, the filter is your friend


3e8991 No.1277491

File: f9f04b01c495f5f⋯.jpg (219.93 KB, 575x559, 575:559, greedy_jerry.jpg)

File: 04654229b4989c9⋯.jpg (111.06 KB, 318x250, 159:125, greedy_pig.jpg)

File: c29ac476121e1c1⋯.jpg (178.46 KB, 883x782, 883:782, jerry_shekels.jpg)

File: b7220a278d22a56⋯.png (64.78 KB, 278x181, 278:181, sloppy_jerry_stupid.png)

File: b98516bf79e70dd⋯.jpg (223.55 KB, 563x403, 563:403, not_youguys.jpg)

Further info found

>>1274041 (prev bread)

dea3e8 No.1277492

File: 9962f1db70e7716⋯.png (631.63 KB, 550x1478, 275:739, ClipboardImage.png)

681b89 No.1277493

In case it hasn't been posted yet, here's surveillance footage of the C-130 crash: https://twitter.com/bnonews/status/991754895115026433?ref_src=twcamp%5Eshare%7Ctwsrc%5Eios%7Ctwgr%5Eother%7Ctwcon%5E7100%7Ctwterm%5E3

3bc6bb No.1277494

File: 8c8b1ed73512b34⋯.png (531 KB, 521x523, 521:523, dank-you-baker.png)

8681d4 No.1277495


corsi bacon tapping line still

3e8991 No.1277496

File: 3b2d97c00226410⋯.jpg (21.23 KB, 640x360, 16:9, epiper.jpg)

File: 424e1f04d768067⋯.jpg (269.04 KB, 722x791, 722:791, false_patriot.jpg)

File: 534656eff036d60⋯.jpg (316.08 KB, 725x788, 725:788, cry_louder.jpg)

File: ad9a138753fafab⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 473x473, 1:1, shekel_4_ur_life.jpg)

c36b93 No.1277498



72c68c No.1277499


I REALLY wish those damned texts got released. It's getting REALLY tough to keep tweeting and trying and digging and endlessly waiting for something that makes it to MSM, like those damned texts. My stomach turns watching all the insane insults hurled at GEOTUS.

92e4a7 No.1277500


Is is a bird flying down?

b9d075 No.1277501

File: 98865d5fa465b51⋯.png (267.11 KB, 362x437, 362:437, 743658638.png)

e776d5 No.1277502


Yes. It's a bird. 100% positive.

8d2d91 No.1277503

File: a687f6e068ab916⋯.jpg (531.49 KB, 1920x1019, 1920:1019, 2018-05-02_18-22-35.jpg)


72c68c No.1277504


cud you pls stop shit posting that every fucking minute?

45e900 No.1277505

File: 25b17b4635e6d63⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 420x291, 140:97, War_Makers_1_Saddam.jpg)

File: b4d945c6d826e60⋯.jpg (47.62 KB, 878x306, 439:153, War_Makers_2_Iraq_WMD.jpg)

File: c9f86f2a6c6996a⋯.jpg (877.25 KB, 660x3878, 330:1939, War_Makers_3.jpg)

File: 33b60fa834d8fd6⋯.jpg (202.29 KB, 1200x937, 1200:937, War_Makers_4_Iraq.jpg)

File: 6f8bf3e20879728⋯.jpg (153.68 KB, 1019x1201, 1019:1201, War_Makers_5_Iraq.jpg)

>>1277157 (lb)

Peace is the objective of Trump.

What changes do you think will need to happen to your beloved Israel and to jew group behavior in the West for it to happen?


POTUS also says that him and Macron have a very good, special relationship when the guy is clearly a puppet for our enemies….expand your thinking…

Go back and watch what Bibi said about Iraq's WMD's before and after 9/11

He's trying to pull the SAME shit.


You trying to equate all criticism made on Israel and jew nepotism, lobbying and over-representation on subversive activities to shilling, and that makes you sound defensive and dishonest.

We need good jews to step up and be vocal against the kikery, the more you try to blindly oppose all criticism and put it under the umbrella of shilling, the more subversive you sound.

So if you have the best interests of the good jews that exist in mind, change your approach.

2d9b98 No.1277506

File: 4729ba0d04b88d3⋯.png (545.29 KB, 800x500, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


Iranian chessmaster

banned from the national team

after taking off her headscarf

at a foreign tournament.

Free the autists!

c36b93 No.1277507


can't be. too fast. it almost looks like the exact image of the plane going down but all weird and shit. like superimposed. idk.

bd9b92 No.1277508


wish there was a better video. i see the object but cant really make it out.

8681d4 No.1277509


strozk texts are homo

3e8991 No.1277510

#WeThePeople 24/7 Patriots' Soapbox Stream refuses to tell the listeners the TRUTH about Corsi!


214842 No.1277511

File: da2002213f194ff⋯.png (108.6 KB, 409x258, 409:258, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

File: 09dbe6dde612834⋯.png (55.52 KB, 831x175, 831:175, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)


9ec252 No.1277512


shes putting a arkencide on him

88bd80 No.1277513

File: 06cabc32b5ce758⋯.png (68.73 KB, 322x264, 161:132, morped.png)

File: 1b9473288bc4ad2⋯.png (284.62 KB, 462x435, 154:145, morped2.png)

File: a69aa4247c9dccc⋯.png (119.38 KB, 314x265, 314:265, morped3.png)

posting these for anyone who needs something to dig

681b89 No.1277514


It's a bird or an insect. You can see it fly in front of the white building.

b3c3ae No.1277516


Looks like a bug in front of the camera

c36b93 No.1277517


i'm tripping, my bad

ac46e8 No.1277518

File: 739c2a8b195d387⋯.jpg (83.48 KB, 750x632, 375:316, 739c2a8b195d3878e0678c272c….jpg)

File: 81c119e6f3de110⋯.png (414.67 KB, 750x498, 125:83, p276.png)

File: 8d4b30d84330d62⋯.jpg (181.71 KB, 1200x945, 80:63, DXFGe5UVAAAnIa6.jpg)

e4e7eb No.1277519

File: 69a67b5f22ab9e7⋯.png (30.64 KB, 633x148, 633:148, ClipboardImage.png)

Why do anons keep saying "DEFCON 5" as if thats a bad thing?

5 is the LOWEST and NORMAL level


be51a0 No.1277520

File: 8105b12d53f77da⋯.png (14.74 KB, 856x210, 428:105, 8105b12d53f77dacbc33335741….png)

File: b5d7bbeae1d19ad⋯.png (248.73 KB, 1280x843, 1280:843, IranianEQtime.png)


anything jump out about this?

6c477c No.1277521

File: 2f671ddc037e783⋯.jpeg (367.84 KB, 1611x939, 537:313, DA50753B-2239-4743-8614-2….jpeg)

the rose garden speech brought me to tears yesterday

god bless President Trump

some symbolism here

3bc6bb No.1277522


We know. Try turn it around, ask for specific improvements, expose when not following up.

f8215c No.1277523


WTF comes flying in??

d930a2 No.1277524

File: bdc0bb593ee249f⋯.png (457.65 KB, 537x573, 179:191, ClipboardImage.png)

b717bb No.1277525


I'll dig after we truly end the fed. Priorities, anon.

3e8991 No.1277526

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Samson Option - How Israel Blackmails The World With Nuclear War

a60fde No.1277527

Q has said many time THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED

Q has said the Great Awakening is about restoring Western Civilization

Q has said the Great Awakening is NOT about race

Q has taught us one important way to ID the cabal dividers - Liberals and Jews

Im not talking about anons that refuse to have their language dictated by PC - I dont care what words you use to

describe a person with slurs or insults. Who cares? What matter is words that DIVIDE WHOLE CLASSES OF PEOPLE WITH


What are THE LOUDEST VOICES on this Board? Easy - the ones who post dozens of time in every bread with the same

shit every time - day after day after day - Pro Israel JIDF and HASBRA infiltrators.

Who has committed to America, has trusted American people and wants to place America ahead of all other nations?

Who has come to 4chan /pol/ and wants to restore US nationalism and greatness?

Who told Israel and the filthy Rothschild kikes to go fuck themselves and the New World Order?

Who has repeatedly dreamed about the deal of a lifetime - peace in the middle east without Israel causing wars?

We all know the answer to these questions. In honor of OUR POTUS lets all pledge to COMPLETELY IGNORE OR FILTER ALL

JEWISH LIES AND ANTI AMERICAN PROPAGANDA POSTS ON THIS BOARD. Starve them of any oxygen - give them NO attention or

mind at all. The Jew tricks stop working when nobody cares anymore.

They are now desperate to claim the slightest bit of anon attention. One little mention of kikes and their crimes

triggers 30 or 40 shit posts from desperate JIDF. Ignoring them is the best way of showing our mutual contempt for

them and our great respect for our POTUS. God bless all the anons - you are truly EPIC.

2c15ac No.1277528


Maybe The Iranians must create his own thread.

3e8991 No.1277529


Can't they shadow banned 3 different accounts for asking questions.

98c761 No.1277530




681b89 No.1277531


It's a bird or an insect. Please don't let this consume all the god damn bread.

1fbf9a No.1277532

File: 87b264f96dea4a7⋯.jpg (484 KB, 890x786, 445:393, Ebony_and_Fuckery.jpg)

cb1341 No.1277533

I'll tell you this for free. we go to war with Iran, Trump is finished.

Israel…STOLE nuclear tech from U.S. (Vanunu)

ISRAEL has the ONLY un-inspected nuclear program in the world

ISRAEL was behind 9/11

What happened to BIBI's corruption trial eh?

Who the flipping fuck cares if Iran has nukes?

I for one would be glad..at least it would put a balance in the ME and bring Israel to heel.

FACT: US deposed the Shah of Iran an installed the Mullahs.

FACT: Iranian people have tried on multiple occasions to depose the Mullahs

FACT: The U.S. has continued to ignore and turn their heads each and every time the people of Iran try to get rid of the U.S. installed Mullahs.

FACT: NOW you use this shit YOU did to make a war? ANOTHER FUCKING WAR FOR ISRAEL?

Fuck you, fuck this shit, I am so sick and tired of your filthy fucking wars.

Iran has a right to nuclear weapons, Pakistan has them, India has them…and most of all ISRAEL fucking has them…only thing is ISRAEL stole them! ISRAEL refuses to be inspected, "cause special" ….

I don't think you've any idea the RAGE going to war for Israel will create. I might as well have voted for Hillary for all the good my vote against war did.

WHO CARES if Iran has nuclear weapons? I sure as fuck don't. Why not head off another war and support the people of Iran (you know, the ones you're planning on KILLING) in deposing the Mullahs that they HATE and that WE forced on them?

WHY are you here shilling for war for Israel? You got your bibletards onboard? Do not even think this is going to float. Midterms..fucked…because I for one will tell every single fucking person I know I made a mistake..war is war…Hillary/Trump…both fucking Israeli rubes.

WHO gives a flipping fuck about the EU?

Iran didn't do 9/11 ISRAEL did…(Saudi halped) and here you are sucking Bibi's filthy corrupt dick…and here we are…right where we were before the election.

IRAN has a right to nuclear weapons…if Israel has them Iran should have them..

here's a trick…get Israel to agree to denuclearize…


2c15ac No.1277534


Welcome the Clones..

7eaa6c No.1277535


7/10 cases…bad parts….hhhmmmm

8681d4 No.1277536

how could korea be resposible for so much deception? figure out the three sided building pattern ww. kys cia niggas

3a2e72 No.1277537


No, everyone needs to stay together. BO has also requested no more new threads.

63deca No.1277538

>>1276722 (last bread)

Is that you, son?

968c5b No.1277539


Where's Hussein's tweet? Kanye laid into him pretty well recently.

b717bb No.1277540


Soft disclosure. No happenings of relief for the people but the news can scare this shit out of us with clones and (((Bill Gates))) super virus. Thanks Cue!

92e4a7 No.1277541

Q never mentioned Sasquatch. But I hope he is going down as well.

Michelle Obama Declares Herself America’s ‘Forever First Lady’


c36b93 No.1277542


in good hands, not good for him though.

2c15ac No.1277543

File: ed6e825f467414e⋯.jpg (74.6 KB, 612x765, 4:5, MakeVzlaGreatAgain2.jpg)

Thanks Baker :)

8681d4 No.1277544

File: 850593bc8408a4f⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 600x337, 600:337, bfitunes.jpg)

how did apple become a slave to the human farming

cfc689 No.1277545

File: df2edad1f2bdd0a⋯.jpg (17.5 KB, 182x268, 91:134, MV5BMTQ2NTM2NTY1Nl5BMl5Ban….jpg)

Why is it always 6 million, regardless of what it is? This anon knows the answer.

http:// balder.org/judea/Six-Million-140-Occurrences-Of-The-Word-Holocaust-And-The-Number-6,000,000-Before-The-Nuremberg-Trials-Began.php

5b8e17 No.1277546


buncha christcucks thumping 'muh bible'

gotta die for israel cuz jesus

e776d5 No.1277547

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Take your camelshit sandwich somewhere else, Mustafa.

>Buh, Kikes use Islam as an attack dog for the West! Muh Joosoooooos!

Not buying your dirty goatfucking wares, shitskin. Fuck your prophet.

>Buh I'm not a shitskin. I'm a Nationalist Socialist white dude concerned about muh heritage.

Islam uses Western Civilization as an attack dog against Jews. Go back to ball-fondling Muhammud. Your amateur shit stinks, Osama.

e4e7eb No.1277548


what a load of nonsense and bullshit


filtered for being a WAAA WAAAA MUH JEW SHILL

3d2bad No.1277549

File: 9315f48cc089b79⋯.jpg (41.46 KB, 480x547, 480:547, hillary-chelsea-prison.jpg)

92e4a7 No.1277550


This has to be a fake.

3bc6bb No.1277551


They watch here. Tell them ho they can improve.

Not following up while it are simple tasks exposes them.

72c68c No.1277552


ermm… remember those Nork Nukes?

No codes… just a lumpy paper weight. Earthquake and.. poof gone.

968c5b No.1277553


Not good enough. Prison! Just like they do with everyone else who lies. He went well beyond that.

8681d4 No.1277554

fc09e0 No.1277556


nigger kill it with fire

d930a2 No.1277557


No, see blue check mark

681b89 No.1277558


No Shit.

2c15ac No.1277559


That could have sense..

Iran/Israel and his threats.

https:// defconwarningsystem.com

8d4ca2 No.1277560



>what a load of nonsense and bullshit


>filtered for being a WAAA WAAAA MUH JEW SHILL

Filtered for replying to shill.

563393 No.1277561

previous bread made the shills even more retarded

thanks to the patriot who started that

b717bb No.1277562


This cunt looks too basic…

be51a0 No.1277563


Here's your sign.

f78fc1 No.1277565

[prev bread]

>>1276971 isnt it jewish expulsion history month again?

>>1276976 breddy gud

>>1277011 dubs confirm this spamfag has to go back





8681d4 No.1277566

File: b3b4d3e7d7f1b3d⋯.jpg (265.92 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, blueeyedmanga.jpg)

these cia niggas don't work, they just bs and blamefag

681b89 No.1277567


If you believe this is a real tweet, your father should've pulled out. It's called photoshop.

d930a2 No.1277568


Who cares who you filter?

Filter is not a down vote.

b4e12a No.1277569

>>1276969 (Last bread)

>Reuters Poll: Black Male Approval For Trump Doubles In One Week

This is what scares the shit out of dems.

09b678 No.1277570

The Q warning: Ten 4…Roger That. Don't go nuts. Back to the digging. Back to RedPilling. So Q.. FFDP

You know I got your back

They'll never take that

Until the bitter end

You know I'll never crack

I'll face an army

Can't fucking harm me

Out on the front line

That's where you'll find me

They'll never take me alive

In the pit

Blood on the bricks

Don't look back 'cause I got your six

Won't go down, never gonna quit

Don't turn back 'cause I got your six..

7ed10e No.1277571

File: 9ae48dcba20cb6b⋯.png (921.04 KB, 760x829, 760:829, C130 PLANE AT 7 SEC MARK S….PNG)

File: 3a5f8905b157b19⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1057x672, 151:96, WEIRD OBJECT AT C130 CRASH….PNG)





Seriously, I don't know what to make of it!!! DRONE, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY??

I caught "it" in the screen save attachment here. (To see it, you have to SLOW DOWN VIDEO RIGHT AROUND 10 SECOND MARK.) As you can see in the screen save of the ACTUAL PLANE LOCATION, TWO DIFFERENT PLACES!!!


As you can see in my

f632c3 No.1277572

Been out all day. Great to see all three American prisoners released from NK prison. #WINNING

cb1341 No.1277573


>the ones who post dozens of time in every bread with the same


>shit every time - day after day after day - Pro Israel JIDF and HASBRA infiltrators.

THIS…(((THEY))) think that they're going to get away with it (((AGAIN)))

HOLY shit I kept wondering why Q never ever mentioned the #1 troublemaker in the world…then lots of people started asking and he posted "saving Israel for last"…I didn't believe him and here's the proof…coming on here trying to get his little team on board for war with Iran…FOR ISRAEL?

Again. Here we fucking go again.

Fooled me a good one Trump…fooled me good.

The "evidence"…fuckinA Stuxnet=Israel



fucking nuke that shithole trouble warmongering kike homeland and wipe it fucking off the map…how fast will there be peace in the middle east after that eh?

2c15ac No.1277574


The problem now is that The Human Being could be affected in the Future. (Threat of GMO/WWIII)

We don't know When the Clones will be with the population..

3bc6bb No.1277575

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Battle of Meme's Deep

fc09e0 No.1277576


so its back to anime girl shilling eh

ac46e8 No.1277578

File: eb2f96b358da1bd⋯.png (52.44 KB, 500x303, 500:303, we-have-good-news-and-bad-….png)

File: 72eac92c3d1708c⋯.png (136.73 KB, 500x473, 500:473, gave-nukes-to-north-korea-….png)

File: ac6e5134212878a⋯.png (159.36 KB, 500x754, 250:377, the-plan-assassinate-scali….png)

File: ae03ad77f5452e0⋯.png (3.72 MB, 1510x2328, 755:1164, 6n5m1h3hzdjy.png)

e4e7eb No.1277579


when one of them uses Q's words against the Great Awakening I just reply once saying its bull then filter

they can go on and on about whatever but when they use Q for their own garbage, I reply

but do what you must anon

b717bb No.1277580


Dude, shut the fuck up about this cunt! All of you retarded faggots get distracted so easily. FFS.

ec7ad7 No.1277581

Q is gone, and he's never coming back.

No man can keep up a larp that long. RIP BOOM BOOMs.

0e6d6b No.1277582

File: e01d3202469841e⋯.jpg (15.2 KB, 235x241, 235:241, 6b3287f3422672f0890a96f581….jpg)

File: 6c0bf6d0805c373⋯.jpg (73.7 KB, 666x394, 333:197, unit_photo.jpg)


Hope not.

Might as well go sit in the CIA.

Russia grounding our military planes in Syria.

Military aircraft crashing in US.


Autists need Red Bull?


Operation Red Bull - January 2006 (Security: The search revealed 75 weapons caches terrorists planned to use during attacks in the region.)

Operation Red Bull II - 18 January 2006 (Counterinsurgency: Continue clearing all insurgent operations out of the "Triad" area.)


The 34th Red Bull Infantry Division - Operation Iraqi Freedom 2009-2010





e4e7eb No.1277583

f3464d No.1277584

File: 54fa040650c5c52⋯.png (5.06 MB, 2855x1533, 2855:1533, Screenshot 2018-05-02 16.3….png)


U2 attempting to do a dick pic over LA

460111 No.1277585


That is what I was saying but nobody believes me

72c68c No.1277587


link to vid?

e5a701 No.1277588

File: 3668672e75e2ad0⋯.png (50.71 KB, 350x200, 7:4, assangeversusisraelscreens….png)


Only brainwashed evangelicals….

e4e7eb No.1277589

502783 No.1277590

>>1277531 …wait for it

>Please don't let this consume all the god damn bread.

>>1277571 ..and here we go

7ed10e No.1277592



681b89 No.1277593


It's a fucking bug. You can see it fly in front of the building. Q, please come back.

92e4a7 No.1277594

File: 3976ae324f6d207⋯.jpg (33.51 KB, 373x474, 373:474, 26kp7b.jpg)

453e5f No.1277595

File: 104418bc8576420⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 300x650, 6:13, rudy ee.jpg)

used car salesman quality

3bc6bb No.1277596

575acd No.1277597

File: 73991915ad1b97b⋯.png (183.53 KB, 800x387, 800:387, b5849c2cd4f1a57d1c5df2cda0….PNG)

4c806e No.1277598

File: 16f569282ecbec7⋯.png (403.93 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0001.png)

File: b0d47ff36e505c1⋯.png (400.43 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0002.png)

File: 997ea9812d55c7b⋯.png (401.36 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0003.png)

File: 5a5a50cae387691⋯.png (402.59 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0004.png)

File: de7c636a0249753⋯.png (405.76 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0005.png)

e02dd5 No.1277599


This is pretty good Anon

4c806e No.1277600

File: 403ca62dd1f8dd8⋯.png (399.99 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0006.png)

File: 366e0bab981c4b4⋯.png (400 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0007.png)

File: 7b47c8f297146f0⋯.png (400.26 KB, 406x720, 203:360, 0008.png)

3a2e72 No.1277601


bahahahahahahaha RIP Democrats

4283e7 No.1277602

File: fc27df55f361f22⋯.png (24.63 KB, 477x229, 477:229, Selection_163.png)

File: 99fc323a2d8b9a2⋯.png (287.84 KB, 693x745, 693:745, Selection_162.png)

Q, I think comms are 'heard.' thanks again for all you have done, I can't even begin. Such inspiration.

010a56 No.1277603


Obviously It was Muh joooos

cfc689 No.1277604


I guess many of you would laugh at me for this, and maybe I am wrong. I don't think Chelsea is a bad person. Think she is in a state of denial. I read many of the emails from and to her (Diane Reynolds) and I genuinely think she is on the up and up. Just lost.


fc09e0 No.1277605


no way thats a bird lol

c7b68e No.1277606


That plane lost all controls.Looks like the pilots were out or the controls were taken over. Looks alot like the plane Bev went down on the track .

cb1341 No.1277607


>ermm… remember those Nork Nukes?


>No codes… just a lumpy paper weight. Earthquake and.. poof gone.

What has that got to do with a single TRUE thing I said about Israel?

STOLEN nukes…if we EQ Iran, I saw we EQ Israel and even the playing field!

Not once, not for a second was I ever concerned about NK…not once. (NK intel analyst we called them ROCKS for a reason). YOU"VE been given quite the show and you've swallowed every single word…without thought, without question…now cheerleading the KIKES on yet another destruction mission..

IRAN has only ever acted defensively…can the same be said for fucking Israel…sneaking up snatching Syrian land while you suck Bibi's filthy dick.

1985b2 No.1277608


Hey you dirty goat fucking retard. Your muhhamad was a God damned PEDOPHILE! Fuck Muslims !! Most back ass backwards retards that ever existed. And since you're NAMEFAGGIN, you're filtered, you camel looking bitch. GTFO you're not welcomed here … Jesus still loves you tho, I don't know why, but he does

968c5b No.1277609


This type of research is for (((them))) not us. We spend far too much money trying to play god so (((they))) can benefit.

17af1b No.1277610

1 question survey… https://www. surveymonkey.com/r/73K7C9S

a lot of Pence hate… wondering what I'm missing

07f497 No.1277611



In the movie, Russia is framed for an attack on a US city. MIRROR: The US is blamed for an attack on a Russian city.

This is plausible since POTUS is like Nemerov in the movie: an unknown that's considered to be a hard-liner but in reality is just trying to look out for his people.

In the movie, the bomb used is Israeli that is traced back to the US. MIRROR: the bomb used is IRANIAN and traced back to Russia.

In the movie, and ideologue is trying to pit the US and Russia against each other. MIRROR: The cabal is trying to pit Russia against the US.


dea3e8 No.1277612



f0c5eb No.1277613

File: c2a667978476c8e⋯.png (411.33 KB, 626x338, 313:169, ClipboardImage.png)


Mememaker, mememaker make me a meme. Can you swap out Comey with NBC and put Nancy under the bus please?

https:// www.hannity.com/media-room/nancys-nightmare-nbc-san-francisco-admits-trump-more-popular-than-pelosi/amp/

37a1ac No.1277614

Has anyone taken the time to put all of the resignations and retirements into a spreadsheet or on complete easy to read list other than the thread?

I am doing it but don't want to if it is already done because that is a heck of a lot of work people.

b717bb No.1277615


Now you know what it feels like, dipshit.

e5a701 No.1277616

Only about 6 million Jews in the US of 375 million people….

0.02% of population….hmmm who are the rest of the traitors?

ed56bf No.1277617



I think it is supposed to be an insult-

a childish behavior over different opinions-

8681d4 No.1277618

figured out at the ranch

cia niggas can't chop weeds or tell the truth>>1277566

7ed10e No.1277619


In my post…the TWITTER LINK….

Here it is again:


c7b68e No.1277620


WOW what the fuck is that ?!!

4c806e No.1277621



^^^THIS^^^ Mysterious flying object headed towards the crash site caught on camera!

b22294 No.1277622

File: 6f38671ff15d8b8⋯.jpeg (104 KB, 609x499, 609:499, 35BC733A-ECAF-4C6E-AC0D-C….jpeg)

ab8525 No.1277623

File: 0ab013a8d756651⋯.jpg (144.08 KB, 1024x517, 1024:517, spielberg5.jpg)

File: ef13d52d6df3067⋯.jpg (133.27 KB, 1023x547, 1023:547, spielberg4.jpg)

File: c2eb3a4c20f4ec6⋯.jpg (111.65 KB, 1280x501, 1280:501, spielberg3.jpg)

File: 84e33ad0a96a5c9⋯.jpg (200.71 KB, 1024x754, 512:377, spielberg2.jpg)

File: 191a6dc8f5a7400⋯.jpg (193.01 KB, 1024x520, 128:65, spielberg1.jpg)

>>1277472 (last bread)

That is just a coincidence I bet ;)

b717bb No.1277624


"Done in 30"

Almost a week over and still nothing.

Thanks Cue!

968c5b No.1277625


Great analysis anon!

e4e7eb No.1277626



AGREED, well laid out anon

never thought about the mirroring of it

89b0ee No.1277627

File: 4bb1afe078882ee⋯.jpeg (34.33 KB, 533x320, 533:320, 7EE12ED8-3579-40BB-A6DA-F….jpeg)

ab8525 No.1277628

File: eccbeab4f85eb7f⋯.jpg (173.83 KB, 1024x554, 512:277, heather2.jpg)

3e8991 No.1277629

File: cff234860a10c22⋯.jpg (306.9 KB, 723x794, 723:794, fraud.jpg)

e4e7eb No.1277630




d743b2 No.1277631

File: 1e6b9f4fc0ce0cd⋯.png (299.98 KB, 460x420, 23:21, ClipboardImage.png)


I think the elite need some attention.

e242eb No.1277632


oh shit!

72c68c No.1277633


how the FUCK do you see a dick pic in THAT??? OMFG…

2c15ac No.1277634


It's that.

BiBi and the rockolas hit very low to Iran..

Iran right now It doesn't know what to say..

If Destroy an enemy of his mind. it's over..

In theory. Iran is very desperate.. for that it's curious DEFCON 5.

c7b68e No.1277635

=Baker Noteable==

>>1277611 The Sum of All Fears Analysis

45cc2d No.1277636



over target

ab67df No.1277637


I read that Pompeo quote and thought about 5 eyes.

Either all info on NK obtained through them

Or trumps team sees all that 5 eyes has seen.

ef5fcc No.1277638

File: 79886c056317cf8⋯.jpeg (73.68 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, image.jpeg)

>>1276760 (previous bread).

I would this to your definition. A real man, or better, a man of good character. Upright, honest and considerate of others.

"Now when it comes to General Flynn, in contrast to Andrew McCabe, he's a real mensch."

3eb6e1 No.1277639


I don’t believe with both parents as evil/sick as they are could have possibly raised a sweet innocent daughter in denial …your welcome to your opinion but that is mine

87f5a7 No.1277640

>>1277598 Great shots! Something going on here

3a2e72 No.1277641


35th infantry.

b22294 No.1277642


See top of EVERY BREAD

the spreadsheet

USE IT mmkay?

63deca No.1277643


Poor Nasim. I think she should be laid to rest already, proper burial and all.

21efcc No.1277644

A good way to find black hats is to check out 2017 Bilderberg attendance.

http: //www.bilderbergmeetings.org/participants.html

McMaster, Theil, Cotton, Kissinger, Ross

4690f7 No.1277645

File: 11450abea747759⋯.png (4.07 MB, 2026x1385, 2026:1385, ClipboardImage.png)


go back!

4c806e No.1277647

File: 386e08a329ac3e8⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 406x720, 203:360, Security Footage of Savann….mp4)

Video repost watch for unknown flying object flying into the crash site after the plane has crashed then there is an explosion….

<<watch WTF?

502783 No.1277648

>>1277642 >>1277614

no, he means a new one dedicated to resignations, it's an excellent idea

460111 No.1277649

File: 9d5c7c96ea6e8cc⋯.jpg (101.41 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 9RnDgtliOL_HIAplPTvbLr7U0V….jpg)

ab8525 No.1277650

File: f05a90d2a2d04b8⋯.jpg (178.47 KB, 1022x433, 1022:433, yodaGA4.jpg)

File: 43a617d0f412ae0⋯.jpg (168.28 KB, 1024x442, 512:221, yodaGA3.jpg)

File: 3bc2c16fe297dc7⋯.jpg (115.12 KB, 1024x429, 1024:429, yodaGA2.jpg)

File: 20558e413a40d58⋯.jpg (145.29 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, yodaGA1.jpg)

8681d4 No.1277651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


team america fuck yeah

dm rolled dex save

allahu akbar

situation is nutella

214842 No.1277652

File: b24b653740cd77b⋯.png (114.98 KB, 402x304, 201:152, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

File: 73a8be0aa3cf5eb⋯.png (105.45 KB, 822x404, 411:202, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

File: 75dcc48802bf933⋯.png (673.34 KB, 631x689, 631:689, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)


3bc6bb No.1277653

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Begun, the meme war has

d975fc No.1277654

>>1275814 (ob) Ecuador Signs Security Deal With US; Military Presence Expected

Imagine if that's to prevent further caravans from S. America.

e242eb No.1277655

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Cars set on fire as masked protesters rage in Paris on May 1

957875 No.1277656

File: fe1f0fc40360e1b⋯.png (2.08 MB, 1912x729, 1912:729, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1277437 LB

Yes - 3 P8s circling 3 sites: Atlanta, Spartanburg-Greenville (SC), Columbia (SC)

88bd80 No.1277657

File: f4dc72604303af4⋯.jpg (26.97 KB, 480x854, 240:427, F16.jpg)

looks like the front of an F-16

f632c3 No.1277659


I was listening to a speech by Cathy O'Brien today. One of the ones where Roseanne introduced her to crowd. In the speech Cathy talks a lot about the brain and now amazing it is. How we only use 8-10% of it. She said repeatedly we needed to learn to "expand our thinking". This was way before Q, so I wonder if Q and her are referring to a specific tactic to "expand our thinking".

b22294 No.1277660


Check the dedicated threads and notables for every board. No reason NOT to do a dedicated one but info is also available readily

8681d4 No.1277661


im all out of white castle

b4e12a No.1277662

>>1277487 (Last bread)

>If he does it, it will be because it's part of the Plan, part of the script, and needs to happen that way in order for the remaining part of the Plan to come to fruition. Doesn't worry me at all.

Plan or not, the precedent being set is my concern.

Trump won't be in office for ever.

Eventually a leftard will be back in power, and Trump talking to Mueller endangers due process because the left is relentless in pursuit of marxism.

"Well, comtrade, the law says that must answer my questions or I put you in jail. And if you try to lie, I put you in jail. If the truth says you are guilty I put you in jail, and if I don't think you are telling the truth it will be up to you to prove that you are telling the truth or I put you in jail."

See how that works?

Don't think the left will use these tactics against their political enemies?

What is the left doing to Trump right now with this entire Mueller "investigation"?

Trump talking to any prosecutor investigating him for anything is a very slippery slope.

I'll be pissed at Trump if he talks to Mueller … he will endanger us all.


>If Trump gives in to this bullshit, he will set a precedent that will affect every citizen of the United States.

>If Trump sets this precedent, the next leftard administration will throw people in jail for not talking to a prosecutor … exactly like Soviet Union and its satellites did.

1985b2 No.1277663


Poor Nasim my ass. First off, that thing was not a she. Second off she was a fucken Muslim. So what's new, Muslim went into a business and tried to kill some people, but because he was a gay pinkpussy coward, he blew his brains out. The only good thing about Nasim, is that ITS dead now

ef5fcc No.1277664


I always thought it was the term you used when you inserted a dildo in your anus? The Sampson Option! Now I'm really confused.

ee3eb3 No.1277665

e2bbb2 No.1277666


savannah river nuke facility is near there

575acd No.1277667


thx anon…that Notable format makes the baker's job MUCH easier…KEK

681b89 No.1277668


Each time you post this shit it makes me like the dude a little bit more than your previous dumbfuck post.

968c5b No.1277669


You mean this?

>>169315 Notable Resignations Thread 1/2

>>1147812 Notable Resignations Thread 2/2

cb1341 No.1277670



and does it with STOLEN nuclear secrets cause the genius kikes too stupid to make it themselves….kikes steal…faster, easier…

HOW many of you fucking pro Israel SHILLS know how Israel got their over 300 nuclear weapons? RED FUCKING PILL yourself


How many of you Israel fucking shills know that ISRAEL has always refused to have their nuclear program INSPECTED? The only fucking country in the world…


FUCK off JIDF..I will pray daily that some Fucking Arab terror group straps suitcase nukes under their burquas and fucking blows your troublemaking murderous blackmailing country off the face of the earth. You disgust me. The US is evil enough on their own account, we don't NEED JEW HALP being fucking evil…

2c15ac No.1277671



87a8ed No.1277672


Why do anons keep calling the space weapon "rods OF God" instead of its correct name "rods FROM God"?

It's because some people are dumbasses and will just say whatever they think is correct without bothering to take three seconds and look it up first.

3e8991 No.1277673

File: cc0e4bcf97cd55f⋯.jpg (209.63 KB, 1238x821, 1238:821, epied.jpg)

File: 424e1f04d768067⋯.jpg (269.04 KB, 722x791, 722:791, false_patriot.jpg)

File: ad9a138753fafab⋯.jpg (48.16 KB, 473x473, 1:1, shekel_4_ur_life.jpg)

f0c5eb No.1277674

File: 3749f0543e2c0c2⋯.png (555.94 KB, 554x554, 1:1, dawgs.png)


don't think we even need a Q confirm on this one

72c68c No.1277675


Lens flare as far as I can see.

The vid however is great for the planefags.

plane fags: notable


Video of the C130 crash. pls take a look at it.

Looks fucking weird. prop engine falling like that. did tail break of or something??? it's weird.

09b678 No.1277676


I can't find that tweet on her Twitter account

cdea0b No.1277677

File: e52a41a2636a3f8⋯.jpg (13.15 KB, 224x225, 224:225, cyber1.jpg)

File: 4ebe1ebc785a7ee⋯.jpg (14.8 KB, 275x183, 275:183, cyber2.jpg)

Anons something occurred to me

We all know that POTUS makes so many statements and tweets that can mean more than one thing or something that is not the apparent topic of the comment

Here are a couple that stood out for me

A space force?

While addressing members of the West Point football team at the White House, Trump floated the idea of adding a "Space Force" BRANCH to the US military. Say what? said the Pentagon….


We also see many statements about collusion - but what is collusion?

Its a secret cooperation in order to deceive others.

Sounds like POTUS right?

NOW consider the yuge focus Q has placed on all things internet - starting with this board but inc. google FB twitter and on and on - also tons of cyber security and ES - secret comms etc etc

Not to mention all the mentions of MI especially NSA

And BOTH POTUS and Q have expressly talked about NK, the ME and Iran suggesting multiple layers of cabal systems that need to be decapitated. Especially with all the electronic warfare that is also making the news and featured on this board.

How might all this fit together?

What is the plan is not an OUTER space force but a CYBER space force? What if all the talk of space force was just another way to hide "secret cooperation in order to deceive others" In other collusion for THE PLAN.

One that POTUS and MI will set up to bring down all the systems - expose all the bad guys and re-establish as honest open platforms for all? To take the place of the CIA and all their evil systems - replace with the NSA MI controlled cyber space force

Collusion - deception for patriot purposes - all the while setting up the CYBERSPACE FORCE of the US military

f61676 No.1277678


Stop at 9 seconds and see the object fall into the crash. Batman? Seriously something came from the sky after the crash.

969113 No.1277679


drone? So fast?

3a2e72 No.1277681


France has an Antifa problem. They have been protesting there recently.

460111 No.1277682


Q is done. Last message was the last message.

502783 No.1277683


you're not wrong, and people should read the bread more, but it's true there isn't a list of dedicated threads in there. Just some of them in the

>Resources Library

575acd No.1277684



Immortalized in /qresearch/, she is.

8681d4 No.1277685

i guess the rockefellers wanna know wtf that coins huh

474bea No.1277686



Of course this is fake. they might be stupid, but not so stupid.

84c077 No.1277687


He's been doing it for days now.

f78fc1 No.1277688

>>1277513 good find. post in the /pol/ investigations thread

>>1277527 you have to go back and never return. do not post ever again.

>>1277533 dubs confirm, but lose the plebbit spacing, man.

72c68c No.1277689


fucking kek

nice theory.

214842 No.1277690

File: 9dbfd1ad603e0ae⋯.png (79.52 KB, 252x315, 4:5, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)


7f88dd No.1277691

Anons - This n00b is off.

I lurked

I learned

I didn't die when I started some shit!

Respect to all Anons. I am proud just to be a fly on the wall

7ed10e No.1277692

File: 3a5f8905b157b19⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1057x672, 151:96, WEIRD OBJECT AT C130 CRASH….PNG)








b4e12a No.1277693


She's such a caring murderess.

d077d8 No.1277694

(Bread #1600)


Stopping and starting the video, I see the plane falling to the right of those two poles, and then there's something smaller falling that goes behind the pole on the left of those two poles.

308435 No.1277695


going frame by frame, the object noted goes in between the camera and the building's two white doors (@10sec) across the parking lot, prolly an insect.

ab8525 No.1277696


The plane didn't explode either. It looked like a missile strike and subsequent explosion to me.

45e900 No.1277697

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


VIDEO: Rabbi admits that Muslims are Jews work together against Europe

The pedo pig prophet muahamed can go fuck himself :)

And I'm not a National Socialist either, so try a different ad-hominem next time :)

>Islam uses Western Civilization as an attack dog against Jews.

Kek, then why is the vast majority of all initiatives and advocates for open borders made up by jews?

You're so dumb it hurts little kike :)

Peace is the objective of Trump.

What changes do you think will need to happen to your beloved Israel and to jew group behavior in the West for it to happen?


POTUS also says that him and Macron have a very good, special relationship when the guy is clearly a puppet for our enemies….expand your thinking…

Go back and watch what Bibi said about Iraq's WMD's before and after 9/11

He's trying to pull the SAME shit.


You trying to equate all criticism made on Israel and jew nepotism, lobbying and over-representation on subversive activities to shilling, and that makes you sound defensive and dishonest.

We need good jews to step up and be vocal against the kikery, the more you try to blindly oppose all criticism and put it under the umbrella of shilling, the more subversive you sound.

So if you have the best interests of the good jews that exist in mind, change your approach.

1985b2 No.1277698


You might be right Anon. Why would Q post here? This place is full of shills and newfag retards. Kek

c7b68e No.1277699

File: aaa7ed06aee1468⋯.jpg (15.66 KB, 175x255, 35:51, 60e70eb3a9ac70c52669f3e94e….jpg)


I love this post !!

0546e6 No.1277700


Up is down

Left is right

Makes some sense

8681d4 No.1277701


find commmander milwaukee and give it to him for me

e242eb No.1277702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Police unleashes water cannons on protesters in Chilean capital on May Day

87b1da No.1277703



Fucking sick fucks.

63deca No.1277704


Well actually Anon I don't necessarily disagree, but was trying to use reverse psychology in hopes of getting Nasim fag to stop posting. Think Mirror.

3a2e72 No.1277705

The Q is gone forever is the first shill tactic to show up here.


Don't respond.

b22294 No.1277706


We have the BEST anons!!!!!

589d06 No.1277707



Just been watching close because HRC and GS both funding and running NGO's in CenAm

6a33f0 No.1277708


Damn. All I know is we'll never get the truth and they'll say it was pilot error or something.

1985b2 No.1277709

567bf4 No.1277710

@Q very quiet lately , everything alright?

377868 No.1277712


If it's being disclosed, it's already old tech. The clones are among us. I give you Zuckerborg.

But seriously, if they can clone effectively, will they be making their own babies for pedovore use? There was an article just this week about using an artificial womb to produce a mastodon/elephant hybrid. If they have usable artificial wombs, then we're in a whole new world, folks.

Clones are effectively twins. Do we fight for them as well as our own self-borns?

6c477c No.1277713

File: 832bd9a21b5d8e8⋯.jpeg (14.79 KB, 255x211, 255:211, B5390BBF-070C-4DC4-A54C-D….jpeg)

575acd No.1277714

File: ed34729bb808871⋯.png (269.15 KB, 485x532, 485:532, 79ac8e368c746b2128ed8a6519….png)

259a94 No.1277715


it's in about 4-5 frames at the 10 second mark, after the c130 is down. looks like two objects in a couple of the frames, perhaps a drone with a bomb or a missile released just before impact. the orange flames are on the side where whatever that was impacted.

0d7f2d No.1277716


The Goy Scouts of America?

2c15ac No.1277717


And Macron help the Iran Deal..

Big trouble..

d743b2 No.1277718

File: 1368460bdf17467⋯.jpeg (175.46 KB, 900x601, 900:601, push_bar_to_open.jpeg)


Free bear tomorrow.


214842 No.1277719


The organization moved pedos around like the Catholic Church, so I am not surprised they are in the clutches of the cult.

72c68c No.1277720


where dammit. i didnt see nutting

e5a701 No.1277721


I still believe they intended to wipe out Damascus so all the Evangelicals would get an erection and eventually Russia would figure out it was US uranium…..WW3

0e6d6b No.1277722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d975fc No.1277723



Anyone who thinks the Boyscouts wasn't already dead a few years ago when they let open faggots in their ranks, is a dumb nigger.

e4e7eb No.1277724

File: 61001fc990489eb⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1500x1465, 300:293, mmga.png)

968c5b No.1277725


>What is the plan is not an OUTER space force but a CYBER space force?

It already exists. That's what the USCC is.

89b0ee No.1277726


Blue castle next

8681d4 No.1277727

File: 9e9d4ac8fd85bf8⋯.jpg (56.14 KB, 640x854, 320:427, IMG_0583.JPG)

i bet blinky could do a mean western push in a week

74f7b0 No.1277728

File: 1061863b6a0e175⋯.png (204.68 KB, 1096x698, 548:349, Screen Shot 152.png)

Another indication that Friday will be bigly (look at Q posts 111 days before from 1/13)

c7b68e No.1277729


Whoever did this , GET EM Q !!

ab8525 No.1277730

File: 8a1c6b3e15caddd⋯.jpg (113.46 KB, 770x451, 70:41, WetFartMcCain.jpg)

88bd80 No.1277731


ty posted

cdea0b No.1277732

anona i am glad to report that the muh jew shills have now copy pasted my posts and edited them with their propaganda!

I consider that a complete victory over them

now they have to censor anon truth not just SPEW their garnage over and over

Here is the real version of one post they altered:

party on anons!

Q has said many time THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED

Q has said the Great Awakening is NOT about religion

Q has said the Great Awakening is NOT about race

Q has told us one important wat to ID the cabal dividers -LOOK FOR THE LOUDEST VOICES

Im not talking about anons that refuse to have their language dictated by PC - I dont care what words you use to describe a person with slurs or insults. Who cares? What matter is words that DIVIDE WHOLE CLASSES OF PEOPLE WITH CABAL LIES.

What are THE LOUDEST VOICES on this Board? Easy - the ones who post dozens of time in every bread with the same shit every time - day after day after day - the anti -israel and anti -jew dividers - cant miss them.

Who has committed to Israel, has trusted Jewish loved ones, friends, advisors, and family?

Who has cooperated closely with Israel and provided the best arms and technology we have?

Who moved the US embassy to the true capital of Israel - Jerusalem? Who cut funding for the UN in response to their condemnation of this move?

Who has repeatedly dreamed about the deal of a lifetime - peace in the middle east?

We all know the answer to these questions. In honor of OUR POTUS lets all pledge to COMPLETELY IGNORE OR FILTER ALL ANTI JEW ANTI ISREAL POSTS ON THIS BOARD. Starve them of any oxygen - give them NO attention or mind at all.

They are now desperate to claim the slightest bit of anon attention. One littlewhiff of attention triggers 30 or 40 shit posts. Ignoring them is the best way of showing our mutual contempt for them and our great respect for our POTUS. Bless all the anons - you are truly EPIC.

1dca9b No.1277733

File: b4434ca99e843f7⋯.jpg (14.44 KB, 167x255, 167:255, 0eae054a195c14fc1476d730f0….jpg)


She is Baha'i.

"Purge thy heart from malice and, innocent of envy, enter the divine court of holiness."

45e900 No.1277734

File: 836965582abd422⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3668x3284, 917:821, JDIF.jpg)

File: 3a3de6959ae0668⋯.png (698.67 KB, 1272x692, 318:173, SPLC.PNG)

File: daa6e0c2f801acb⋯.jpg (278.59 KB, 603x1178, 603:1178, SPLC_Smear.jpg)

971e90 No.1277735


It's an old one… but still fits. She so ugly when she gives you head it also counts as anal.

aebcc3 No.1277736


Apr 19 2018 22:11:13

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ



What makes a good movie?


563393 No.1277737



d4b65d No.1277738


Fucking idiots its a bug.. The plane was probably hit by an EW causing the guidance to read out incorrect values to the autopilot.

04a197 No.1277739

Child sex bust at a daycare in PRINCE WILLIAM county in WV.

e242eb No.1277740



safe bet!

8681d4 No.1277741


stop paying reverence to a lie, it ruins life generally

5888cf No.1277742

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.



e4e7eb No.1277743

i knew they looked familiar…

they do it with memes too, horribly btw

d975fc No.1277744



7a4fa1 No.1277745

Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 1, 2018

"Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will face an investigation into allegations he lied under oath if he ever tries to reactivate his law license to practice law, according to the Pennsylvania courts.

Mr. McCabe had been a member of the Pennsylvania bar, but became inactive in 2004 and took “retired” status in 2010. If he were to try to renew his membership in order to practice law, he would have to face a “thorough investigation” of his fitness, the state courts’ chief disciplinary officer said."

07f497 No.1277746








This was running through my head on the way home from work. I'm going to rewatch the movie tonight and expound on it later. Other anons, feel free to add your analysis. I just couldn't stop thinking about this. I had to get it on here for other anons to put eyes on.

45e900 No.1277747

File: 3d1f288766db92d⋯.jpg (506.9 KB, 2047x1582, 2047:1582, Israel_Pedos.jpg)


Fuck them both, the Iran and Israel (pedo central).

I trust Trump 100%.

774419 No.1277748


fast movers….

i suspect its a small drone with advanced tech. designed to be first on scene

575acd No.1277749


dub3's confirm

4283e7 No.1277750

File: 886234209b97179⋯.png (32.8 KB, 576x150, 96:25, ClipboardImage.png)


2268ea No.1277751


Looks like the aileron broke on a short final, might have been stress testing it but it angled into the ground like a stall

1985b2 No.1277752

>>1277714 your Nasim is holding the

>>1277714 gun all wrong. Remember,

>>1277714 the only person HE killed

>>1277714 Was himself .😂😂😂😂

>>1277704 good thinking Anon. I'm tired of seeing this Nasim dude. Ugly and too manly. If these faggots like men in dresses, may I suggest Michelle Obama? At least she could pull off the dress to half the country for 8 years. Kek

8681d4 No.1277753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

egregore peanuts blamefagging for cia niggas

971e90 No.1277754

File: a12b35dec1a143f⋯.jpg (48.8 KB, 926x617, 926:617, file-20171101-19876-1ti4kn….jpg)

3e8991 No.1277755

File: f9f04b01c495f5f⋯.jpg (219.93 KB, 575x559, 575:559, greedy_jerry.jpg)

File: 04654229b4989c9⋯.jpg (111.06 KB, 318x250, 159:125, greedy_pig.jpg)

File: c29ac476121e1c1⋯.jpg (178.46 KB, 883x782, 883:782, jerry_shekels.jpg)

File: b7220a278d22a56⋯.png (64.78 KB, 278x181, 278:181, sloppy_jerry_stupid.png)

More info:

>>1274041 (prev bread)

e3da74 No.1277756

File: fdb177c406fde87⋯.mp4 (6.42 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Bibi asked straight up Doe….mp4)

Bibi won't admit that he has nukes, but says he just won't use them first.


Israel will false flag again, just like the did on 9/11, using their nukes and blaming it on Iran.

cfc689 No.1277757


One thing that catches my attention is how the plane went down. This is a prop plane meant to fly in all kinds of weather. It should be able to coast and level out with most types of failures. Thinking something happened to the steering. It pulls awfully hard to port side.

62fa6d No.1277758

File: cf088bff5e3c5eb⋯.jpeg (91.01 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 9A1DDC7A-CF4E-44D8-AD0B-E….jpeg)

dea3e8 No.1277759

File: 1097aecb74369f7⋯.png (564.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will ‘Dial Up the Intensity’ of News ‘Suppression’ Leading Up to Midterm Elections

7a4fa1 No.1277760

Move Forward @Move_Fwd 5/2/18

Move Forward Retweeted Deplorable FOR TRUMP

Hey @BarackObama thought you closed it? OH WAIT - ANOTHER FAILURE

The Pentagon announced Wednesday that Defense Secretary James Mattis has sent the White House his guidance on transferring NEW individuals to the Guantánamo Bay detention facility.

4c806e No.1277761

File: 742be6d5925a058⋯.png (407.42 KB, 406x720, 203:360, Object Shadow On Building ….png)

File: e969097bcbe03f3⋯.png (409.81 KB, 406x720, 203:360, Object Shadow On Building ….png)


Guise LOOK CLOSELY the object even left a shodow on the ground as it hurled towards the crash site!!!

cb1341 No.1277762


>dubs confirm, but lose the plebbit spacing, man.

dubs confirm my confirmation

sorry..not plebbit..work habit..

21247a No.1277763


Makes me want to see a pile of Meme's saying

"She's so ugly…………?????

Ever Bill thinks she looks like Web!!!!

d743b2 No.1277764

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


e4e7eb No.1277765

6c477c No.1277766

File: 8d47bf9d6263383⋯.jpeg (312.38 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, C9AD65BD-5413-48AF-8B48-C….jpeg)

6a33f0 No.1277767


Sounds like he got a deal.

3bc6bb No.1277768

File: 504fafb3e35ab1e⋯.png (75.61 KB, 549x648, 61:72, awt-title.png)

File: 54da514b073fd5e⋯.png (180.41 KB, 754x672, 377:336, as-the-world-turns-1.png)

File: 0ad14117f8a6eca⋯.png (190.3 KB, 652x617, 652:617, as-the-world-turns-2.png)


According to the book "as the world turns", written in 1993 the original plan was a war between asian countries and the anti christian deepstate controlled west.

So in that point of view they tried to detonate eventually us material in China.

Maybe even more incentive now Trump is president.

On the other hand, maybe more incentive for the deep state to detonate in Russia nowadays, since they went christian.

a68284 No.1277769


Surprised? Any other wouldn't fit their pattern.

d743b2 No.1277770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

8681d4 No.1277771

File: dfe59d9c463c668⋯.jpg (34.22 KB, 474x355, 474:355, dangerousshit.jpg)

by a large factor of math, thorium is the best solution of molten salts

6c477c No.1277772

File: 277b8a680fe52db⋯.jpeg (341.51 KB, 1350x1800, 3:4, AF28E22E-925A-466D-A67A-A….jpeg)

d4b65d No.1277773


The way the plane crashed is VERY similar to how Colgan Air 3407 went down… Different flight conditions, but I suspect thats not a coincidence.

45e900 No.1277774

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

cdea0b No.1277775


not as a BRANCH of the military like army navy etc

ab8525 No.1277776

File: 34d72006e5aa656⋯.jpg (836.39 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, witchhunt.jpg)

b4e12a No.1277777


They let the turd pushing queers take over that organization years ago due to corporate sponsorship pressure.

Anyone with two eyes could see this bullshit coming a mile away.

American traditions are fast losing to degenerate "inclusion".

I walk right past Girl and Boy Scout tables, barely able to hold my tongue in telling them how fucked up they've become.

07f497 No.1277778

d743b2 No.1277779

File: 740d0a9e8b728cb⋯.png (356.68 KB, 409x550, 409:550, ClipboardImage.png)

f632c3 No.1277780


What if it was always a bluff and they don't actually have them?

f0c5eb No.1277781


hopefully we bust that shit up after all the pedos think they are in their little sanctuary … saving it for last.

c7b68e No.1277782


I smell OBAMA

f61676 No.1277783


Out on a limb, remote empty plane, oops went down too fast, missile to demolish evidence. someone claims to have lost loved ones. loved one escape prosecution for crimes.

72c68c No.1277784


He's ight. Something chevron shaped.

COULD be a sparrow diving down, cud be some fuckery.

photoshop anons, pls?

check this our. something is on there. Do it for the Patriots that died in that crash. Give it some effort pls.

Thank you

war room fag

8681d4 No.1277785


pompuos incredulous trying to fraud prol ghost, can't chop weeds or drive tractor

f86600 No.1277786

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

looking back…

Now i see why Clinton HAD to be president by any means

1a1c49 No.1277787


Normally I would post pics to counter that obvious fake. But after her comments today, naaahhhhhh.

cdea0b No.1277788


key word from POTUS

a BRANCH of the military

ie equal to army navy air force marines

big upgrade

b9d075 No.1277789

File: 3d4fffcb8e55de2⋯.jpg (202.74 KB, 862x549, 862:549, coudenhove-kalergi-1.jpg)

File: e3d6bc9ad83fb70⋯.png (377.1 KB, 549x540, 61:60, 8573782110.png)

ab67df No.1277790


Stupid questions so I’m sorry in advance.

What are these planes used for and why would they be circling those locations?

580f87 No.1277791


Good point

589d06 No.1277792


This is the vid from JW of Oct 19th that got me digging


e50aaf No.1277793

File: 592f567977d08a6⋯.mp4 (10.11 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 592f567977d08a673d48dbae02….mp4)

Our POTUS is best POTUS


3e8991 No.1277794

File: e52ec01d1d66235⋯.jpg (245.33 KB, 725x790, 145:158, math.jpg)

#WeThePeople 24/7 Patriots' Soapbox Stream*

*You must agree with us or we will shadow ban you.

45e900 No.1277795


Trump won't glass Israel.

He will remove their influence thou.

5b8e17 No.1277796



>Q is done. Last message was the last message.

Q screwed up by messing with Corsi

Corsi been doing this for 30 years

Corsi is not about to be intimidated

Q is young grasshopper

chastized now

he might be back sometime

but chastened and hopefully wiser

8640eb No.1277797



I thought this was understood?

Anyway thanks for hammering it home for everybody! Gee I wonder who might do something like that? Hmmm…

3f0c5f No.1277798


the plane was cgi

"something" shot down out of the sky to cause the explosion

of the retired aircraft that

was already staged on the ground

3a2e72 No.1277799


Its going to be AWESOME!

63deca No.1277800


> The cabal is trying to pit Russia against the US.

With all due respect for your analysis, Anon, I have never seen the movie but I figured the cabal was trying to pit Russia against the US and visa versa ever since muh Russian Collusion hit the airwaves.

e4e7eb No.1277801


digits confirm!

cdea0b No.1277802


the muhjew asshats have lost their minds and the battle

full corsi mode now

37a1ac No.1277803



I looked through that. I was hoping to find a single compilation in easy to read format. I know it's at the top of every bread but not an easy to read list. I am looking for something that can be shared that people will want to read.

b4e12a No.1277804


Holy shit, anons.

I wan't trying to time that.

I was just responding to the Boy/Girl/It Scout post.

6c477c No.1277805

File: d8adb14206c7496⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 707F79BC-F4A6-4DFE-8E1A-16….png)


nice digits

ab8525 No.1277806

File: 06f718e904ab98c⋯.jpg (223.64 KB, 1200x501, 400:167, SWGA1.jpg)

d72aee No.1277807


And the micro filaments in processed food that turn you into receiver

45cc2d No.1277808


Holy fuck this is WW3

Russia and USA are allies against the deep.

We are making nice and gonna kill those bastard cabal.


74f7b0 No.1277809

File: 4b9e5c76bc2f234⋯.png (856.92 KB, 1100x1500, 11:15, Screen Shot 157.png)



>BIGGER next week.


>Next Week - BIGGER.


>We LISTENED [20/80 />/ 40/60].

Monday 5/7 will be 40 days since JA went offline. Something of biblical proportions?

1c53a2 No.1277810


You spend much to much time on this…..


ee3eb3 No.1277811


where was u on me 5555

f61676 No.1277812



Out on a limb, remote empty plane, oops went down too fast, missile to demolish evidence. someone claims to have lost loved ones. loved one escape prosecution for crimes.

ef5fcc No.1277814

File: d669772f94ccc7e⋯.jpeg (67.81 KB, 800x662, 400:331, image.jpeg)

User id: 3e8991

Just so you know, the 'law' makes no distinction if the animal shows no outwardly sign of trauma. It's still beastiality.

Douglas, the answer is yes. Same law applies as to Tyla.

45e900 No.1277815


No, termites don't fly.

a60fde No.1277816

File: 44b82b82b6bfe91⋯.jpg (56.62 KB, 432x400, 27:25, nukegohere.jpg)

File: 26c97eea96434cd⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 600x582, 100:97, 1517945196099.jpg)


Its pretty much impossible for Cube of Satan worshippers to stand up and say 'Dont kill the others'. Thats why the semites have made an alliance to wipe out the Christians.

89b17a No.1277817

There is also a RED BULL operation referenced. Read in entirety yesterday. Time well invested. >>1277768

f10006 No.1277818

I fucking love this…

I especially love how it backfired so spectacularly on Moore


d7cced No.1277819

File: 431c3fd644cace8⋯.mp4 (3.69 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, BreakingNLive-991757468060….mp4)



56446e No.1277820


Thx mememaker! You never let me down!

2c15ac No.1277821

File: 70055228f4e2768⋯.jpg (31.48 KB, 399x403, 399:403, 2254b3111c916305a496bc131b….jpg)


<will they be making their own babies for pedovore use?

Remember Susan/Annie Wojcick?

Just that?. that's think in small. With the Clones. You can to create your own army. Do you imagine a Blacks/Muslims/Coppers/Redheads/blonds/Browns/Asians

Think in Resident Evil/Matrix/Star Trek/Star Wars/

With a simple DNA. you can to create your own Human Race. Think in Big.

971e90 No.1277822


Dunno about that mystery object, but the redhead cop they had on giving a statement and answering questions… well, Id really like to put my dick in her ass.

cb1341 No.1277823


>Bibi said about Iraq's WMD's before and after 9/11


>He's trying to pull the SAME shit.

He's pulling the same shit again because it always works.

So…why did a judge say Iran had to pay for 9/11 when it was Israel and Saudi?

And does this mean the entire country of Iraq can now sue America because we fucking totaled their country on the premise Iraq did 9/11…

what now eh?

FUCKING KIKES..I have nevr been a hater in my life but personally knowing Mossad agents, personally knowing…that Iraq was a lie, personally knowing….I am growing…to hate the duplicity and death that the People of Enil aka Jehovah the monster fucking god…have wrecked upon this earth ever since he made that covenant with him…they've done nothing but kill, control and destroy.

774419 No.1277824


advanced anti grav tech….

968c5b No.1277825


Here's the problem. Once a service member is trained and gets some experience in this area, they leave and go work for a gov contractor because they pay a lot more.

6c477c No.1277826

File: d8adb14206c7496⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, BD487479-B12A-4D8D-836C-B6….png)


would be here


if i could

dubs conf

21247a No.1277827

File: 54ae89e6ea74ad6⋯.jpg (223.53 KB, 1075x716, 1075:716, Web.jpg)

What a tangled WEB Hillary wove, right into her uterus!

c7b68e No.1277828

File: 5882636e7c063cc⋯.png (16.44 KB, 255x235, 51:47, 8aab97767f4a0320507c3053cb….png)


THIS !!!^^^ I am excited to hear about it !! Go 4oe 5ive!!

3a2e72 No.1277829


Most likely not. He will remain gagged until closer to the Seth Rich stuff.

0e6d6b No.1277830


You spoke the truth.

971e90 No.1277831


It's a fucking bird well forward of the frame.

3bc6bb No.1277832

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

America - Fuck yea

ee3eb3 No.1277833


shes beautiful but the red heads ascare me

957875 No.1277834

File: 550eb7a3e29a0a7⋯.png (17.37 KB, 222x168, 37:28, ClipboardImage.png)

72c68c No.1277835




a68284 No.1277836


??? No ghosts here. Sounds and vibrations…but no ghosts.

cdea0b No.1277837


check out my post on the new CYBER FORCE us military branch this bread anon

ab8525 No.1277838


Defo looks suspect to me. But then everything does these days kek!

45e900 No.1277839



e3da74 No.1277840

File: b046f00b6b81a75⋯.jpg (36.66 KB, 599x334, 599:334, eft.JPG)



every time anons

cb1341 No.1277841


>What if it was always a bluff and they don't actually have them?

are you an actual tard or just a low info JIDF shill? Please research the Vanunu affair. Israel has over 300 nukes, and they are the only country that gets away with refusing inspection.

45cc2d No.1277842


cinco de mayo

5163eb No.1277843






OMG. MY POTUS IS THE BEST! at everything!!! Kek… Chuck Norris who? Hahahahahahaha

2c15ac No.1277844


Dubs Confirm

She will be avenged

ee3eb3 No.1277845


if i didnt like ya you wouldnt be worth fuckin with : )

54bc19 No.1277846


Operation Scofield

74f7b0 No.1277847


You mean this?

>SR June JA.

88bd80 No.1277848


connection between the two?

4c806e No.1277849

File: 742be6d5925a058⋯.png (407.42 KB, 406x720, 203:360, Object Shadow On Building ….png)

File: e969097bcbe03f3⋯.png (409.81 KB, 406x720, 203:360, Object Shadow On Building ….png)

File: 768a5b485c8de18⋯.png (410.19 KB, 406x720, 203:360, Object Shadow On Building ….png)

File: 18680f1a46afadd⋯.png (407.92 KB, 406x720, 203:360, Object Shadow On Building ….png)

File: 9af6c6144959120⋯.png (409.06 KB, 406x720, 203:360, Object Shadow On Building ….png)

45e900 No.1277850

File: 609515fae9cefcc⋯.png (242.03 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Jew_Picard_1.png)

File: e68ae4855752616⋯.png (64.9 KB, 618x618, 1:1, Jew_Picard_2.png)

681b89 No.1277851


It's a fucking bug. I give up. Q leaves for 2 days and people lose basic cognitive function.

e4e7eb No.1277852



god bless the USA

ab8525 No.1277853



80be43 No.1277854

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Everyone trying to fake their deaths…no planes?

Take a boat.

Bread theme.

4a8e0c No.1277855

File: 1879194a38b1779⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, bird 1.jpg)

File: 4cbf08769e4be26⋯.jpg (52.16 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, bird 2.jpg)

File: b6be81952b8e24a⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, bird 3.jpg)

c7b68e No.1277856


She's a nasty fat heffer ,no? " AIM WILL TAKE YOU OUT!!" Said the dumbest motherfucker in history KEK!!

6c477c No.1277857

File: 20843fe6adc64dc⋯.jpeg (430.35 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 8722C555-C799-4538-9C49-D….jpeg)


thanks mate

89c561 No.1277858




US 'Space Force' exists.


be51a0 No.1277859


a bird can't fly that fast and it did come from the top of the screen.

4c806e No.1277860


Bugs don't leave giant shadows on the ground retard!

7599ce No.1277861

File: cf47bec5a1b213c⋯.png (357.39 KB, 680x694, 340:347, multichekt3.PNG)



They've been corndogging them young boys since its inception, do agaagle search for scout troop leader charged with pedophilia

b4e12a No.1277862


I'm going to need sauce on that red head, anon.

For research.

b9d075 No.1277863

File: 99c58531ed0796e⋯.png (1.59 MB, 944x826, 8:7, 354664593.png)

31b719 No.1277864


But he talked about going to Mars?

b3c3ae No.1277865

e242eb No.1277866

File: b91f83fe4c08f8b⋯.png (52.55 KB, 636x542, 318:271, 5-2-18 Not a game.png)

"This is not a game"

3d4278 No.1277867


8681d4 No.1277868

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

sometimes the best choice is to have your enemy win to avoid a phyrric situation

it's all numbers and herding

then you goose the fuck out of that glary orifice and take his wealth, like that donny darko movie

8d4ca2 No.1277869


No reason to be scared, anon. Just buy some chain mail and tell her you banged her BFF.

6c477c No.1277870

File: 64c63c86b1e15c8⋯.jpeg (423.63 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 90BB3066-C716-45B9-8465-5….jpeg)


lel, i bought it

either way this vid is fucked

potus is gonna be so pissed

37a1ac No.1277871

I asked about a complete list of resignations and found this.


Someone did a bang up job! Thanks whoever did this!!

You ROCK my socks off!!!

eeed40 No.1277872

File: 8dce13643af3c2d⋯.jpeg (497.94 KB, 731x1188, 731:1188, 8D6BFECE-650F-4E45-8806-4….jpeg)


Why does this NAZI collaborator still allowed to operate freely in this country? Has he not committed enough crime against humanity, against the laws of our country? He is openly aiding and abetting criminals who wish to destroy this country and western culture for that matter. Enough is enough!


2268ea No.1277873


I didn't catch the cgi part but it definitely looked like a missile strike after the fact, I thought covering up evidence but then why not just use the missile in the first place

7599ce No.1277874

No anons realize all dough is missing in this bread but me yet?

WTF happened here baker??

971e90 No.1277875


http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/02/c-130-military-transport-plane-crashes-near-airport-in-savannah-faa-says.html

Toward end of video.

45cc2d No.1277876


check your email you are needed back at qanon twitter.

e4e7eb No.1277877




cfc689 No.1277878


Nice digits. I can't help them at their tables anymore either. Used to enjoy helping the kids and now all I see is SJW crap that I can't support.

5de971 No.1277879

Do it Q.

Do it Q.

Do it Q.

Do it Q.

Do it Q.

Do it Q.

Do it Q.

Do it Q.

f61676 No.1277880


WOMEN NEVER grab themselves in that manner. NEVER, nothing to grabbed. Would seem too manly to ever, especially in a dress. NEVER! grabfag

ab8525 No.1277881

File: 001fdee683c92bc⋯.jpg (167.89 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, pelosi2.jpg)

File: aa99876ce8a887f⋯.jpg (141.06 KB, 1024x445, 1024:445, maxine1.jpg)

File: 7071dc3db961d8f⋯.jpg (167.21 KB, 1024x579, 1024:579, schumer5.jpg)

d2f0d8 No.1277882


This article from 4/30 was enough to satisfy me

The retired Lieutenant General, who pled guilty to lying to the FBI while serving the Trump administration, will be hitting the campaign trail this coming week. And he will be doing so for Troy Downing, a Republican businessman and Air Force veteran competing to win the Republican nomination, next Sunday in Billings. This is the second time that Flynn has appeared at a campaign event for a Republican candidate this year.


5163eb No.1277883



Hive mind Anon. Holly shit , it's working..kek

I was thinking the same thing today. We are in the middle of WWlll and the public has no fucken clue…. Military planes going down at a rate I've never seen. But only here, at home. Outside of the US, we are kicking ass!!!! Pissing off the cabal, who in turn, shoot down another military plane. Smh. Praying for this shit to be over. Can't wait for the cabal to be nice and dead

6c6f88 No.1277884


Saturday is 5:5

4a8e0c No.1277885


Bird Strike–Goose-Duck-any large bird could cause that – FOD

Foreign - Object - Damage

681b89 No.1277886


That's because it's not a shadow. It's the fucking bug. If you look…nvm. Hopeless.

acaefe No.1277887


Looks like the plane's wings stalled for some reason. Load may have shifted like the one that came down in the 'stan several years ago. Vid related.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sUWC2jfjqI

97511b No.1277888

File: 1fa418314d7bc9c⋯.png (169.71 KB, 414x285, 138:95, ClipboardImage.png)


e242eb No.1277889

Republican lawmakers nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize www.businessinsider.com/republican-lawmakers-nominate-trump-nobel-peace-prize-north-korea-2018-5

ab8525 No.1277890

File: 66efdffec2d6760⋯.jpg (131.9 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Shakedown3.jpg)

File: c8b07f0994aa95f⋯.jpg (743.35 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Shakedown2.jpg)

File: b89fbf4212c52a2⋯.jpg (294.37 KB, 1024x578, 512:289, Shakedown1.jpg)

e776d5 No.1277891

File: b90f1fb650f66c1⋯.jpg (57.42 KB, 503x218, 503:218, MB.jpg)



Nice try, Jamal.

Do you shave your balls before you fuck goats? Or do you prefer carpety cushion?

c631ad No.1277892

File: 9dfe9131126cf5d⋯.jpg (51.18 KB, 634x415, 634:415, trumptweetiran.jpg)


It appears to be tied to NK many times and I would say strongly connected to NK. IMHO, after reading the crumbs, Iran is being held hostage too.

U1 deal was a cover for their real operations.

Money went to Iran, but not just money, and not just to Iran.

Child trafficking and gold are involved.

And if Uranium (U1) is a cover, is uranium a cover too?

Here are what I believe are all the relevant crumbs re Iran.

And, btw, Iran has a CENTRAL BANK!

Who feeds NK w/ strategic intel? Iran?

What deal was done with Iran under BO?

Why was the deal sealed under a top secret classification?

(May 2010) BO "Russia should be viewed as a friendly partner under Section 123 the Atomic Energy Act of 1954" after agreeing to a new nuclear weapons reduction deal and helping US w/ Iran.

Who is the enemy?


How did NK obtain Uranium?

How did Iran obtain Uranium?

Why did BO send billions (in cash and wire) to Iran?

Why the cash component?

Was the hostage component a cover?

For what?

Could any of the cash component be handed off to other people?

How many planes carried the cash into Iran?

Did all land in Iran?

Did all land in the same location?

Why is this relevant?

Who controls NK?

Who really controls NK?

Don't think of a single person.

Think of a powerful entity.

Why is this important?

What can private planes carry v commercial?

What airport did they arrive/depart from?

What was carried on a private plane to Iran?

Why was the Bin Laden family here during 9-11?


Iran: The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Iran Deal.

Why is this relevant?

Re-read drops re: NK / Iran.

(Y) What does it mean to be covered in gold?

Which couple was photographed covered in gold?


Where did it end up?

What was the purpose?

Who was suppose to win the election of 2016?

Why was the Iran deal kept from Congress and placed at the highest level of classification?

Meaning, a United States Senator could NOT review the deal but other foreign powers could.

How much money was hand delivered by plane(s)?

Why in cash?

Where did the plane(s) actually land?

What was the cover?

Biggest cover up in our history.


c7b68e No.1277893


The Day of the rope !!!


There is that 5D chess I so love !!


Your LIVE !!


It looked like a takedown job for sure. I dont see the second object as a plane because it moves into the foreground at the end of its trajectory. Also in the victim aircraft No pilot would ever fly that shitty unless losing control or knocked out with gas?

4d6e53 No.1277894


Digits of truth

23e11b No.1277895


and no liberal outcry?

b4e12a No.1277896


Stand-up guy you are, anon.


80be43 No.1277897


aiding and abetting.

e242eb No.1277898


the twat says March

f3464d No.1277899

b9d075 No.1277900

File: 9f56f96bacccbd6⋯.png (771.92 KB, 856x570, 428:285, 758477634001299.png)

971e90 No.1277901


"Jim, you double check the straps?"

"What straps?" ← Jim.

4c806e No.1277902

File: 8111551d09e7c72⋯.jpg (41.87 KB, 570x587, 570:587, a7065911be6e51545885b71b96….jpg)

b77199 No.1277903


Need proof anon. A lot of words with nothing backing you up. Show me the LOUDEST VOICES! Show me links to what you say is truth. Without proof your pissing in the wind! What a shit post with nothing to dig into LOL

378dc6 No.1277904


Harvey Weinstein? Kek

c7b68e No.1277905


Wow brilliant Anon. Iran is hostage to the clowns as well. probably the very clowns infecting this board with trash . Evil fucks .

ef5fcc No.1277906


Cheers anon. Have a strong feeling they're back and up to their old tricks.

ee3eb3 No.1277907


lmao, no thanks

would be fun to play with but…

e4e7eb No.1277908



muh jew shill = MB cyberjihadist

c631ad No.1277910



U1 - CS - EU - ASIA\NK

Iran deal.

Russian reset.

Hussein Iran connection.

Controls organizations of people (create division / brainwash) + management / operator of slush funds (personal net worth never reduces think DOJ settlements Consumer Iran Enviro pacts etc etc)

What do Clowns do w/ the access codes and tech?

Who controls NK?

Who really controls NK?

What families are protected using leverage?

Bank/ Financial leverage?

NUKE strike package leverage?

Why is IRAN protected?

Why is IRAN funded by the US?

What news about IRAN broke?


What about WMDs?

Why did Brennan / others provide false intel re: NK capability + IRAN Tech / NUKE DEV?

2011 Shuttle Program terminated by Hussein.

US loses space dominance.


IRAN Nuke deal.

NK Nuke/Missile Tech.


Blind-eye NK [nuke build]

[Clas-1, 2, 3]

Blind-eye Iran [fund and supply]

Blind-eye [CLAS 23-41]

Stage SC [AS [187]]

U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK [+reduce US capacity]

KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)

Operation Merlin (tech).



Iran Deal (funding).



>T cells


NK Nuclear (mini suc)(icbm suc)

>War engine












474bea No.1277911


I agree. On twatter there were people claiming they saw a cross above the crash.

Whatever it is, it is flying quite fast..

0d7f2d No.1277912

File: a661167eee8a6d9⋯.png (16.37 KB, 420x318, 70:53, notagame.PNG)



4bdfa4 No.1277913


That’s spreadsheetanon. Been at it since the beginning. Total badassery!!

f80c18 No.1277914

File: 9e0e55bdf3d2000⋯.png (193.93 KB, 366x393, 122:131, 87wfgs4a8q7x.png)

5163eb No.1277915


Kek. You don't live in the south… And if you do, you live inner city huh?

Yes! Termites fly…

Look it up

e50aaf No.1277916

File: f6f99322a91f507⋯.jpeg (14.39 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 3999f22a91f507ec6b23341e1….jpeg)

To the lurkers of the cabal and deep state. You should seriously consider ceasing your treacherous and backstabbing actions against USA military and intelligence branches.

This will not end well.

45e900 No.1277917

File: 16dcb7273c93b96⋯.jpg (3.62 MB, 3884x7735, 3884:7735, Kikery_Graph.jpg)


Jews in positions of power is 99% of the times a very bad idea.

This shit needs to get fixed, cultural marxism must be banished, one way or another.

c631ad No.1277918



"Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation!"

Re_read crumbs.

What is the reason this is being brought back up?

Thank you Kim.

Deal made.

Clowns out.

Strings cut.

We took control.

Iran next.

Iran next [].

RT days after.

RT Kenya.

No coincidences.








Everything has meaning.









After all these years…….

No MSM positive media blast?


Now Syria?


Russia flex through missile tech?

We started asking “coincidence?” long ago for a specific reason.

Those awake can finally SEE for themselves.


Expand your thinking.

The ‘date’ vs ‘actual’.

Iran next.

Trust the plan!



cfc689 No.1277919


They are too dumb to realize this will backfire on them. The FB users will all be in their cozy little safe echo chambers and have no idea (once again) what a lot of people think and feel.

It's also going to piss a lot of people off. They really do like to shoot themselves in the foot.

e4e7eb No.1277920


8681d4 No.1277921

File: 010f0022fae7ba4⋯.jpg (130.47 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_0354.JPG)

seems the soros league of extreme salad is pushing a agenda of semantics

ab67df No.1277922

File: 091aa499f8f77cb⋯.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1536x1272, 64:53, 8C93105A-4077-4C5F-8C31-3….jpeg)


88bd80 No.1277923


too big. ive had a c-130 lose a propeller in mid flight. it can still fly with one.

ee3eb3 No.1277924


so does the big palento bugs roaches, lol

774419 No.1277926


maybe the load inside the plane all shifted to the left?

maybe remote hack made the left turbine reverse direction?

what else could explain it?

3d4278 No.1277927


Yes I live. Glad to be back. Fuck Apple

c631ad No.1277928




Do you believe in coincidences?


Iran is next.


CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2.



Jan 1.

Jun 1.

No inspection @ GZ NR sites.

No missile tech prevention.

Load carrying.


Think NK.

Who controls the $?

Who really controls the $?

Why does the EU have a vested interest in this deal?

The U.S. will NOT agree to continue the Iran deal as it currently stands.

SA -> NK.

NK -> Armenia.

Armenia -> Iran

Iran ->

Any other rogue nuclear states?

Define hostage.

Define protection.

Who is protected by rogue nuclear states?

Red Cross Iran.

Red Cross Pakistan.

Red Cross NK.

Red Cross ……..

Define smuggle.

What is smuggled?

What funds are used to pay for the goods?

These people are sick.

Iran is next.



POTUS today.

“Mark it down.”

“Bigger problems than ever before.”

SIG to Iran?


3e8991 No.1277929

File: 98ff172a0885f60⋯.jpg (450.37 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, fortold.jpg)

File: 424e1f04d768067⋯.jpg (269.04 KB, 722x791, 722:791, false_patriot.jpg)

460111 No.1277930


It looks like it stalled and rolled

a60fde No.1277931

File: 0fa11917db4a29d⋯.png (7.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 0fa11917db4a29dd044507c277….png)


He actually the dream child of many Intelligence Agencies like CIA and MI6. He will be nearly impossible to jail because of what he knows. Even the EU welcomed him like a God in Brussels.

Do not underestimate. Soros is autistic as fuck.

88bd80 No.1277932


if i remember correctly a juliet only has 2 props

dedef3 No.1277933

Q has been silent. The texts haven't been released. No one in MSM is even talking about them anymore. Something tells me that the chatter right now behind the scenes is incredible. The players are chattering and it's all being picked up. In fact, its so good they are letting it go on. The timetable can shift based on events, info., etc. I think if they move right now, it will shut down the chatter. I think Q knows that when the Q-Team is quiet, it causes the bad actors to chatter. Sit tight, be patient and trust the plan. I remember after that post about "THE BRIDGE" a couple of months ago, Q went silent for several days. Then exploded on a Sunday night and the floodgates have been open. I can be patient. It will just make VICTORY that much sweeter…..

cb1341 No.1277934


I too read all her emails. First thing I noticed is that she's borderline retarded and that Ivy league education had to have been bought and paid for. She's unable to write coherent communication, uses big words uselessly strung together in a pile (like black people do), and she's an emotional retard who asks mummy for everything.

1c53a2 No.1277935


I read that the first cop that went into the room - wait for it……………


ee3eb3 No.1277936


*palemento bugs

e242eb No.1277937

File: c3b1d938752dbba⋯.jpg (727.77 KB, 2604x912, 217:76, 5-1-18 SK removing speaker….jpg)

4bdfa4 No.1277938


I have followed Ryan Mauro of Clarion for a long long time and recently had begun to see as dis/misinfo. Was reassured seeing that Qrumb.

45e900 No.1277939

File: a923e783d76c457⋯.png (886.48 KB, 807x693, 269:231, Israel_Receives_Massive_Ai….png)

File: 1a498c6db7f497d⋯.png (1020.84 KB, 672x5180, 24:185, Israels_Money_Machine_Crim….png)

File: 9d3db69953b4dcd⋯.jpg (130.87 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Jewish_Take_Over.jpg)

File: a906821ce2b66ae⋯.png (1.46 MB, 678x9812, 339:4906, Trump_AntiIranian_Policy_N….png)

File: d786190d5153935⋯.png (1.22 MB, 962x1472, 481:736, US_Atomic_Bomb_Iran.png)


Cry more kike shill :)

Legitimate criticism is not hate nor shilling.

The only hateful person here is you, truth-hatter.

474bea No.1277940

File: af9cd7e3d31b9f0⋯.png (27.53 KB, 603x268, 9:4, ClipboardImage.png)

wikileaks just tweeted this and immediately removed it


23e11b No.1277941


It comes down to the loss of freedom of assembly not given but acknowledged in the Amendment. People forget about this. It comes down to this : Can a group peacefully assemble based upon a group commonality, gender or otherwise, or is this now being taken too.

362c0d No.1277942


>Aiding and abetting

Aiding and abetting is a legal doctrine related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets in the commission of a crime. It exists in a number of different countries and generally allows a court to pronounce someone guilty for aiding and abetting in a crime even if they are not the principal offender.

d867a9 No.1277943

this video is pretty legit about the c-130 crash. haven't seen this one on US news sites yet.

Posted from from PR news station.

https:// www.wapa.tv/noticias/locales/difunden-video-de-accidente-con-militares-boricuas_20131122428272.html

8681d4 No.1277944

mandalay bay looks like a three sided buiding like NK

a68284 No.1277945


Dirty bastages!

471629 No.1277946



589d06 No.1277947

File: cfc05a4412b10b0⋯.jpg (105.48 KB, 960x540, 16:9, lead_960_540.jpg)


U.S. Air Force's X-37B

971e90 No.1277948


We back on the Jews are Termites? Hot damn, it's been hours!

be51a0 No.1277949

File: 3713af3c65e377e⋯.png (585.8 KB, 619x1023, 619:1023, 3obj.png)

After objects starts 2 distinct below and a shadow thing above then looks like one just a little lower to ground.

23e11b No.1277950


First Amendment.

cfc689 No.1277951

I'm a 'white' person who spends a lot of time hanging out in 'black' establishments. It's easier and more productive to share my thoughts about politics with them than it is a boomer SJW. Anyway, I bring this up because a lot of them do like Trump.

8640eb No.1277952

File: f2a3187a2175736⋯.jpg (99.51 KB, 540x500, 27:25, JewComplicated.jpg)

File: 02bd3ee6343b4db⋯.jpg (102.6 KB, 750x500, 3:2, JewWish.jpg)

File: 0b6234a9987dd58⋯.jpg (93.17 KB, 623x500, 623:500, JewKnowing.jpg)

File: 45af87e1899451f⋯.png (927.09 KB, 900x674, 450:337, USAlies.png)

File: 6c0cd54ee5dd7c8⋯.png (323.48 KB, 640x427, 640:427, ALISHTC.png)

Step one

Step two

Step three

Step four

Step five (you are here)

0d7f2d No.1277953


not on a takeoff though. You loose power on a takeoff you are screwed. Most all cannot recover

c0bfb5 No.1277954

File: c1e6038684fb7f9⋯.png (609.89 KB, 926x862, 463:431, test.png)

45cc2d No.1277955


really miss the Jew shills.

f61676 No.1277956


>Susan/Annie Wojcick?


What the hell is out defense. They take 23me dna from unsuspectimg bro and clone knocks on my door. Do I let him in?

37a1ac No.1277957



Deserves a shoutout and a glass of champagne!

f3464d No.1277958


true. approx speed probably means it is closer to camera than appears. if it hit the parking lot there would've been a huge mess.

i concur with the other anons. bug.

c7b68e No.1277959


Reminds me of the old DC 9/10? I cannot remeber exactly, the issue with the rudder hard over crashes in the parker hannafin rudder hydraulic valve getting super cooled air with hot fluid .

c631ad No.1277960



His sole purpose [WH visit] is to convince POTUS, on behalf of the EU, to remain in the Iran deal.


Why is this relevant?

Think pushback.

Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.

Does the agreement define & confine cease & desist ‘PRO’ to the republic of Iran?

What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria?

What if the program never ceased?

What other bad actors are possibly involved?

What would happen if Russia or another foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?


What does U1 provide?

Define cover.

POTUS deCLAS Syria/Iran + U1 connection.

Where does EU fit in?




460111 No.1277961


Did you look at Trump's last tweet. Something we are missing here. John Dowd resigned on March 22.

Donald J. Trump

Verified account


1h1 hour ago


“This isn’t some game. You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States.” John Dowd, March 2018. With North Korea, China, the Middle East and so much more, there is not much time to be thinking about this, especially since there was no Russian “Collusion.”

214842 No.1277962



cb1341 No.1277963


>We know. Try turn it around, ask for specific improvements, expose when not following up.

I gave Corsi a shot listening to the stream. I caught the Kikery straight off and just turned it off. Beanz is kikery too. You can smell kikery a mile off…how many deep cover kike sleeper agents have we had just waiting to jump in and control everything? Smells bad lads.

a60fde No.1277964


The rat is just upset i added some truth to his sperging. Mine is way better.

Q has said many time THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED

Q has said the Great Awakening is about restoring Western Civilization

Q has said the Great Awakening is NOT about race

Q has taught us one important way to ID the cabal dividers - Liberals and Jews

Im not talking about anons that refuse to have their language dictated by PC - I dont care what words you use to

describe a person with slurs or insults. Who cares? What matter is words that DIVIDE WHOLE CLASSES OF PEOPLE WITH


What are THE LOUDEST VOICES on this Board? Easy - the ones who post dozens of time in every bread with the same

shit every time - day after day after day - Pro Israel JIDF and HASBRA infiltrators.

Who has committed to America, has trusted American people and wants to place America ahead of all other nations?

Who has come to 4chan /pol/ and wants to restore US nationalism and greatness?

Who told Israel and the filthy Rothschild kikes to go fuck themselves and the New World Order?

Who has repeatedly dreamed about the deal of a lifetime - peace in the middle east without Israel causing wars?

We all know the answer to these questions. In honor of OUR POTUS lets all pledge to COMPLETELY IGNORE OR FILTER ALL

JEWISH LIES AND ANTI AMERICAN PROPAGANDA POSTS ON THIS BOARD. Starve them of any oxygen - give them NO attention or

mind at all. The Jew tricks stop working when nobody cares anymore.

They are now desperate to claim the slightest bit of anon attention. One little mention of kikes and their crimes

triggers 30 or 40 shit posts from desperate JIDF. Ignoring them is the best way of showing our mutual contempt for

them and our great respect for our POTUS. God bless all the anons - you are truly EPIC.

88bd80 No.1277965


is that when it went down? still trying to gain alt?

8681d4 No.1277966

these blamefagging niggas just need something to gossip about it seems

31b719 No.1277967

Any Excellfag out there know if there is a way to list Q drops in order by time stamp down to the second?

474bea No.1277968


but the same text is still to be found on their twitter, different url/tweet


e776d5 No.1277969


Exactly. It's an existential mission for them.


Same here, anon.

a2f2e0 No.1277970

File: cd595b23472e689⋯.jpg (97.57 KB, 637x545, 637:545, Intabaza2.JPG)

File: 7b89294367d06c8⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 626x404, 313:202, Intabaza3.JPG)

File: c84614b27036651⋯.jpg (65.13 KB, 645x506, 645:506, IntaBlaza1.JPG)

5163eb No.1277971


Kek. Yup. Them palmetto roaches are about half Lb each… You can hear them flying, sounding like a damn helicopter! Bwwwwwwwwww. Kek

87f5a7 No.1277972

>>1277933 I remember that. Thanks in advance. THIS IS NOT A GAME!

b9d075 No.1277973

File: e4296b5fe9f9ecf⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1336x904, 167:113, 29197651671781537459500403….png)

575acd No.1277974


b4e12a No.1277975


We just need to make sure the rope is loose enough at first to fit over his big stupid-looking jug ears.

f3464d No.1277976


fargin iceholes

474bea No.1277977


just now.

see >>1277968

97511b No.1277978

File: c0a3cabf9ce3180⋯.jpg (172.35 KB, 2000x1330, 200:133, cracker.jpg)


thanks for the update.

cfc689 No.1277979


>EU shoe size

I can't figure out how the EU fits in. This one went over my head.

4d6e53 No.1277980


My fiancee is a redhead; her hair darkened over the years, but she still retains the personality thereof, and she's pretty awesome. I'm a very highly blessed man ;)

fc09e0 No.1277981


white sjws are the worst race

7275a6 No.1277982


HOLY SHIT! It's real!!!

36e569 No.1277983


Ah thanks, I needed a good laugh! This posted id FUN-E for sure, you must been new faggot.

8681d4 No.1277984

File: 87df5f190fd9ffb⋯.jpg (194.53 KB, 1064x1600, 133:200, beverageandsocks.jpg)

damn rum nedds joos

eb2a26 No.1277985


From planefag forum.

Loss of power, they declared, stated they were turning back to SAV. That came through my channels at work. We had one of our guys on scene. Brutal. No cars hit on the ground.

0d7f2d No.1277986


Yessir I believe so, it was egressing an airport en-route to TX or AZ cant remember but yeh,

214842 No.1277987

cfc689 No.1277988




88bd80 No.1277989


the size in relation to other objects in the parking lot means it was huge unless it was something small nearer the camera

7e8423 No.1277990

File: 8d04eaa9bc9e673⋯.jpg (94.93 KB, 853x641, 853:641, cia commmunists in ranks.JPG)


89c561 No.1277991


"… NASA cancels lunar rover after Trump vow to return astronauts to the moon..

… NASA began emphasizing commercial space partnerships under former President Obama, but Trump's focus on the U.S. returning to the moon is a shift in policy. …"

>US loses space dominance




4c806e No.1277992





I will repost all the slides later I don't want to clutter up the board however here is a proof sheet story boarding the sequence of the object that came into view after the crash and left a shadow on the ground as it flew over head –– to fast for a bird, and anyone saying it's a bug just KYS and do humanity a favor….

1a1c49 No.1277993

Rudy Giuliani says 13 days ago that he will have this case wrapped up in 2 weeks. That would be tomorrow. Instead, Ty Cobb has left and BC impeachment lawyer has joined the team. Today Rudy says he is open to Potus meeting with Mueller. WTF!?!?!?!?!

Not to mention Flynn has not really been freed, in the publics view. This is total BS and needs to end. This false hope has gotten more than old. Don't be surprised if this is push back up to the elections. In the mean time, we'll just let (((them))) play games with the lives of our service members.

Trying to red pill normies showing the corrupt and double standard is not with the loss of one life.

Shut it down.

Shut them down.

Rant over….carry on.

a2f2e0 No.1277994

File: 447345d2c84cb33⋯.jpg (19.09 KB, 220x330, 2:3, 220px-Alison_Des_Forges.jpg)

File: dde3d942ffecf1a⋯.jpg (128.67 KB, 764x575, 764:575, AlisonDesForgesClinton.JPG)

File: b21de02dd6b2892⋯.jpg (57.35 KB, 645x569, 645:569, planefagging.JPG)

File: 8478b5e0321cb06⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 350x192, 175:96, rawandashootdown.jpg)

971e90 No.1277995

File: 38dd631603c492f⋯.jpg (222.99 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, kanye-west-raps-to-fan-wit….jpg)

2c15ac No.1277996


Think in Big.

China already is moving his DNA Library.

USA Also.

b9d075 No.1277997

File: 5efbf9ea428c259⋯.png (1.58 MB, 944x826, 8:7, 8681243053786.png)

d7cced No.1277998

File: c29929c34a1dd4e⋯.png (38.73 KB, 1000x189, 1000:189, Giuliani Calls Mueller's D….png)


4c806e No.1277999

File: aa08e5d0dc2935e⋯.png (429.21 KB, 1173x809, 1173:809, Slides.png)

3e8991 No.1278000

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Samson Option - How Israel Blackmails The World With Nuclear War

868935 No.1278001


Good post, by why hang around?

Be back when Q is around, too many shills here these days.

8c1ade No.1278002

File: a6ade19645acefc⋯.png (496.45 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_5496.PNG)


This is YUGE NEWS!!

This is BLOWING liberal heads everywhere because they can't attack POTUS on this!

This also (imo) proves that Kim was Not In control of NK, torturing & ultimately killing OW, or threatening the US! So….will the World finally know WHO was truly running NK? Will the DEEP STATE CABAL FINALLY BE REVEALED?

Is the stage being set?


774419 No.1278003


he started inviting corsi onto his stream to suck up the extra viewers. increase his numbers, ive seen no indication that he gets money from corsi or that he in any way "works for corsi"

though its possible, but if its proven i know i can get atleast half his speakers to vacate.

so prove it. give me something i can show them to prove it,

8681d4 No.1278004

File: 8575cfcc7bc13b6⋯.jpg (175.24 KB, 2040x1130, 204:113, greatmanga.jpg)

a68284 No.1278005


Yes…gathering info

be51a0 No.1278006

File: 3713af3c65e377e⋯.png (585.8 KB, 619x1023, 619:1023, 3obj.png)

File: 5c7faf5a43bf38b⋯.png (620.27 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1obj.png)


first image as 2nd object enter view

second image a frame or two later

d20227 No.1278007

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The way it seems to stall out makes me also wonder if it wasn't a load-shifting onboard. It reminds me a lot of an atlas air crash upon takeoff a few years back (vid related) where some loaded vehicles were not secured correctly and shifted upon takeoff, causing the aircraft's CG to go completely out of the flight envelope..

cfc689 No.1278008



8640eb No.1278009

File: b9d31cbe11d4009⋯.jpg (190.47 KB, 721x500, 721:500, Echoes.jpg)

File: d0497c23eadd10f⋯.jpg (29.89 KB, 800x441, 800:441, EchoFinger.jpg)

File: 1b540d29ed7297f⋯.jpg (39.2 KB, 639x415, 639:415, EchoPlane.jpg)

a2f2e0 No.1278011

File: 6dbdd329969c7a6⋯.jpg (6.22 KB, 242x209, 22:19, We_have_the_best_kind_of_d….jpg)

e5a701 No.1278012


Yep first to get the rope

6a8b79 No.1278013


I find it more than fascinating that we are on a board for the purpose of disproving the "reality theory" yet anons such as yourself will shut down hard working anons because you don't like the ideas being presented in opposition to your desire to remain in bluepilllandia…

It is a great shame…

This board is dedicated to the GreatAwakening…

We are here to dig to uncover the truths of history hidden by the generations of deceivers before us….

In order to be successful in our mission/journey, why can't we understand that nothing we think we know or learned in the past is true/real until we for ourselves have confirmed the status of such information…

(trust but verify…2 or 3 truly independent sources…)

I would also pose that we can never believe anything submitted as fact from any press, government, or private lobby, etc…

We are on our own and must unite, not be divided because we hate to be kicked out of our comfort zones…

This is Anon Territory…there are no "Safe Spaces" here….

Everything is fair game because we must turn over every leaf, look under ever rock, beat all the bushes, and analyze every speck of dust to find the hidden truths…

We are cold case investigators and must not be afraid to destroy "Sacred Subjects"…

Nothing can be omitted from this adventure in Awakening from this deep sleep….

Everything is important to the slightest detail…That's where the devil resides…

Yes, this will create division in the board and increase the level of difficulty in our "research", however the benefits will be worth it in the Freedom of our world…

It's time we step out of the Dark Ages, and Unite within the the Real Renaissance

971e90 No.1278014

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

261554 No.1278015

File: b568b5ef651071b⋯.png (26.47 KB, 586x225, 586:225, ClipboardImage.png)

5d8108 No.1278016


Hey, wait! I think he wants us to dig into Mars candy company.


cb1341 No.1278017


Every single SHILL FOR JEWS needs to wake the fuck up and watch this.

a60fde No.1278018

File: 45e6d9f28b61faa⋯.png (657.05 KB, 1360x766, 680:383, 1525117452076.png)


Sorry bro but those insects actually do work. Its unfair to label them as jews. Jews just lie and swindle others.

4ba5bf No.1278019

I am joining a chorus on here, but it is obvious Iran had nothing to do with 911, and Israeli operatives as well as old-school CIA were to blame. Yet here we are trusting intel from Israel, who has attacked us, while the clearly bogus lawsuit against Iran move forward. It has always been clear to me that the Q project and the apparent plan involved forgiveness for Israeli crimes. 911 not mentioned, Neti and Trump are supposedly close, Israel being saved for last, etc. NSA needed Israeli access, agents, non-citizen intel drops, etc. Israel was the only option for this (or this was apparent to 'patriot Americans' or what we are supposed to be figuring out with a feeling like we are individually clever) Perhaps this 'forgiveness for our assistance' plan was struck to shield several of the players in 911 including old school CIA, Bush and co. I am wondering if this latest move to blame Iran is a last ditch effort to stop progression into the cabal (EU in total and Israel in part). This seems to be a real crossroads in revelation of Q's goals. It is notable that George Webb has very recently spoken more on Q, moving further away. Perhaps, given Q 'hears all and knows nearly all' and assuming Q-allegiance is with the US citizens, we will see this is just another careful trap. Perhaps this is no trap, but a surprise. Or worst of all, perhaps the Q-plan is being taken over by Israeli operatives, and we are simply seeing a terminally ill 'deep state' being replaced with a leaner fresher 'deep state' with the same underlying goals. Israel is the only nation with the intel. capabilities to have leverage over Trump. I suppose the only option if Q-USA was properly cornered by non-USA powers would be to sweep in with Seals and eliminate the blockage. So much hinges on the next few Q drops! If the direction is war with Iran → Q failure, obvious total bullshit – cabal lost a few battles, but still winning the war. Perhaps little bitch Neti will turn on Trump when he doesn't attack Iran, and a final show of false flags and disinformation will erupt.

31b719 No.1278020



'm thinking "wind the clock".

Thank you Anon.

008dd5 No.1278021

FYI Meuller patent link is gone. surprise, surprise https://patents.justia.com/inventor/robert-s-muelle

51cdcc No.1278022


A great script

ffc8f5 No.1278023

File: 19512b03b574b15⋯.jpg (179.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

File: 14515d202b6f288⋯.jpg (322.22 KB, 1440x1899, 160:211, IMG_-wf1thw.jpg)

File: c4bf0a746703252⋯.jpg (311.31 KB, 1440x1957, 1440:1957, IMG_-xvb371.jpg)

File: a67842ff5d63303⋯.jpg (44.84 KB, 385x477, 385:477, pol.ht9 (1).jpg)

File: 9ec741d76fa3e8d⋯.jpg (156.56 KB, 590x738, 295:369, macauley-culkin-satanic-ho….jpg)


Macaulay Culkin told a French radio station that O'Rourke was murdered and turned into leather for shoes. A sector of the satanic pedos refer to themselves as skinners and use kids skin for clothing and accessories. Super, super horrible stuff. She died of septic from a bowel blockage, which supposedly was due to an item from a rape. Sorry anons…horrible

a68284 No.1278025


Should be Format Cell, Number, Time and select the format that includes hours:minutes:seconds

259a94 No.1278026

3d4278 No.1278027

>>1277982. She wouldn’t be that stupid

88bd80 No.1278028



is there any footage from a different angle

3f0c5f No.1278029


no real crash

no chance for casualties

all staged


589d06 No.1278030



72a31c No.1278031


Looks more like Dilbert to me. Side note this is flying over my house right now. Cool.

0d4d26 No.1278032


Fake Account …. Hello …. McFly

1a1c49 No.1278033


haha….TP gets it wrong again.

(Bloomberg) – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a new member of Donald Trump’s evolving legal team, said the president’s lawyers are still open to him sitting down for an interview with Robert Mueller despite the departure of a key advocate for cooperating with the special counsel.


8681d4 No.1278034

File: 118bab3d127c73d⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0411.JPG)

fill a nalgene with ice add tequilla, add some emergenC, try not to spill, go enjoy burning man

971e90 No.1278035


Those fuckers make the candy bars smaller for the SAME PRICE.

815c71 No.1278036

I really don't get what all these plane failures and single crashes accomplish. The general public has no clue. What's the point?

a60fde No.1278037


Spot on. Nobody gets a free pass.

474bea No.1278038

File: af9cd7e3d31b9f0⋯.png (27.53 KB, 603x268, 9:4, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fbe36f030466e59⋯.png (55.13 KB, 614x448, 307:224, ClipboardImage.png)


It's a different tweet.

the text changed: democrat's -→ democrats'

7e8423 No.1278039


why are they being held in the first place?

e5a701 No.1278040


Try harder kike

45cc2d No.1278041

They know, we know.

We are in the standoff phase.

be51a0 No.1278042


That joke about HRC is 10 years old.

fa028a No.1278043

File: 8ba8a107626ed29⋯.jpg (153.25 KB, 1577x791, 1577:791, Bibi83484585.jpg)

9655fb No.1278044


thats what im saying, fake

3aabf0 No.1278045


Its a bird. positive on this.

8640eb No.1278046






97511b No.1278047



Why cause I am black? What are you trying to imply?

Black people can't be Trump supporters?

Smells like microaggression to me.

You better check your privilege at the door, boy.

21247a No.1278048


>http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/02/c-130-military-transport-plane-crashes-near-airport-in-savannah-faa-says.html

In the footage from a few miles away it is plain to see that the plane rolled upside down before nose in. For a plane to completely roll means there was uneven thrust and that some of all of the control surfaces were not responding in all likelihood. That may mean hydraulic and electrical failures all at once. Total power failure is not likely but that may be what it took to see that behavior at under 3,000 feet. It was absolutely nose down as it went behind the trees. Damn few crashes are

9122ed No.1278050

Will Rogers Airport Okla City, stopped air traffic. Evacuating passengers to underground tunnels. Interesting because no tornadoes. Winds of 50-60

c7b68e No.1278051


The HRC face skining video comes to mind. Tony Podestas shoes had a different color than the rest of the people in that one photo. These people are scary and evil !!

8681d4 No.1278052

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b4e12a No.1278053


muh Russia ….

Everthing: muh Russia.

It doesn't fucking stop.

6 degrees of Russia.

everything a leftard thinks about today leads to muh Russia.

At what point do we lock up in a padded cell anyone stupid enough to believe this shit?

b3c3ae No.1278054


Send a message

635033 No.1278056

File: effcd700f5b8392⋯.png (167.97 KB, 555x194, 555:194, XIpic.png)


You can spell NXIVM in it.

815c71 No.1278057


Hasn't changed a dam thing.

63deca No.1278058

File: 7e1d198eaa36975⋯.jpg (24.17 KB, 446x393, 446:393, M & Ms.jpg)



I always throw the blue ones away.

b9d075 No.1278059

File: c936d5ebfba3930⋯.png (163.57 KB, 822x439, 822:439, 28374648200438563895654o28….png)

3bc6bb No.1278060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This will keep the trolls busy 4 at least an hour. Intro of the movie Tarzoon.

8640eb No.1278061




You are still a slave then if you talk like a shitlib faggot

bbace3 No.1278062

>trust Sessions


45cc2d No.1278063

815c71 No.1278064


You could peel it b4 you ate it.

474bea No.1278065


it's nowadays a compliment to be considered a russian troll/agent.

7ed10e No.1278066

File: 5652dd71be035d0⋯.png (684.78 KB, 552x767, 552:767, WEIRD OBJECT WITH SHADOW.PNG)



8681d4 No.1278067

Daft punk is at the trash fence, with lasers

15a3b7 No.1278068


We have it already: www.aboveunity.com

a68284 No.1278069


Reply posted above

Select cells…Format Cells, Number, Time, Select the format with Hours:Minutes:seconds.

be51a0 No.1278070


could be bugs near screen if very fast or something from high up farther out. I don't know. Not a bird.

Note I can't see the shadows some say are on the ground.

63deca No.1278071


Not quite that autistic Anon.

815c71 No.1278072


Q said that video was fake.

b77199 No.1278073


Fake and filtered!

45e900 No.1278074

File: 54d53cb3df5af50⋯.jpg (39.89 KB, 480x470, 48:47, Islam_Path_Of_Islam.jpg)

File: dd8b1380dcc6150⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 600x282, 100:47, Islam_Politics.jpg)

File: 390e3c12c24f625⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 650x400, 13:8, muslim-pederasty.jpg)

File: 814fbe2e61bac4d⋯.jpg (69.52 KB, 935x527, 55:31, Jew_Hypocrisy_2.jpg)

File: 40d3e044b8d41d9⋯.jpg (172.41 KB, 1000x638, 500:319, Jew_Hypocrisy_3.jpg)




Kek, Islam sucks, but you jews love to import it to the West.

You're so pathetic with your grasping at straws :)

Can't wait for you kike shills to get prison time due to RICO :D

3e8991 No.1278075

File: e52ec01d1d66235⋯.jpg (245.33 KB, 725x790, 145:158, math.jpg)

97511b No.1278076



f3464d No.1278077

Who said anyone is trusting intel from Israel? It's all part of the show. Iran deal is probably already done. POTUS doesn't want war.


58b98a No.1278078

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Attorney Joe diGenova may not officially be on President Donald Trump‘s legal team, but watching the action unfold from the stands, he’s certainly trying to heckle the referees.

Appearing on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel with Michael Smerconish, diGenova absolutely laced into special counsel Robert Mueller over the questions he’d reportedly like to ask the president — specifically, those questions relating to the firings of FBI Director James Comey and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The questions are an intrusion into the president’s Article II powers under the Constitution, to fire any executive branch employee. To ask questions, as Mr. Mueller apparently proposes to do, about what the president was thinking when he fired Comey, or Flynn, or anybody else, is an outrageous, sophomoric, juvenile intrusion into the president’s unfettered power to fire anyone in the executive branch. It is a symptom of how ridiculous this appointment was by [deputy attorney general] Rod Rosenstein when he made the appointment with no evidence of a crime.

The attorney added, “These questions are unconstitutional, they are outrageous, and they are just the latest chapter in the most incredible, anti-presidential effort in the history of our country.”

https:// www.mediaite.com/online/joe-digenova-rips-mueller-questions-on-comey-firing-are-sophomoric-juvenile-intrusion-on-trumps-unfettered-powers/

4c806e No.1278079


I definitely noticed that while tracking the video –– 100% weird

be51a0 No.1278080

31b719 No.1278081


Got it, Ty.

fc09e0 No.1278082


were gonna need more rope thats gonna bother me for at least 2 hours

8681d4 No.1278083

File: d6144a210f32767⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 382x500, 191:250, IMG_0121.JPG)

small thermal port below the exhaust

3aabf0 No.1278084


its a bird anon…

better question, why would a bird fall out of the sky the same time as the plane crash?

bb358a No.1278085

is trump controlled by MI the way other actors are controlled by deep state?

7599ce No.1278086


That didn't take long I made that notable 2 breads ago!

e242eb No.1278087


>HOLY SHIT! It's real!!!

Good god, you're such a fucking idiot!

smfh How damn dumb can one fool be?


c7b68e No.1278088


Exactly what I was saying earlier. the plane Bev went down on I watched the rebuild of the data . EXACT same flight path to the ground.

a68284 No.1278089



e3da74 No.1278090

Pretty sure wise aliens from the galaxy's core dumped the jews on peaceful earthlings as a massive shit test in attempts to see if we're ready to handle inter-planetary relationships. To help us grow to the point where we can break their spell and stand up for ourselves, for humanity. Once we rid the planet of this disease we will be free and return ourselves to galactic harmony.

1a1c49 No.1278091


hahahaha…she just guaranteed his safety. Guess who gets blamed if anything really does happen to him.

Wish people would hit up her account accusing her of threats.

4c806e No.1278092


It's NOT a bug so much so that the guy in the video asked "were there two planes involved?"

c7b68e No.1278093


He said "We control" correct??

644009 No.1278094

File: b426e9937875716⋯.jpg (112.81 KB, 500x501, 500:501, 29izhb.jpg)

f78fc1 No.1278095

File: 167c37cf233ea0a⋯.jpg (134.56 KB, 499x484, 499:484, NukeIsraelTshirt.jpg)

>>1277715 agreed looks like this plane was shot down

>>1277724 filtered

>>1277725 a space force may exist, but only to promote the lie that space does. space is fake.

>>1277795 bummer. pic related.

a68284 No.1278097


You be like…got all this.

I be like…i see it but still polishing the details.

ab8525 No.1278098

File: 4b9bf2f1230c55b⋯.jpg (230.56 KB, 1024x920, 128:115, ProperFucked.jpg)

846e22 No.1278099

File: c33462c10d39794⋯.png (156.2 KB, 325x328, 325:328, ef964c7c3a18bcbe4ddf61408c….png)

Trump has a orange dick.

96143d No.1278100

File: 243bc55d8fc1d83⋯.jpeg (3.65 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 0AE65DF0-A8F5-40FF-9BA3-E….jpeg)

0d7f2d No.1278101


I really do not know. Look at the crash from the evidence we have. Crashed in a Metro area near where is departed from. Polits are trained to look for empty places, when they hit a populated street it means they had no oportunity. If it was midflight it would likely not be in a high pop area, more like a farm road.

Based on what I am seeing it lost power on takeoff and came down where and in a manner that the pilot did not have much choice.

Note that it came down perpendicular to a pretty good sized road. I'm sure the pilot would have turned:

….Aaaaaand I was right, dint even have to research the images showed enough. heres the sauce>

An Air National Guard C-130 cargo plane crashed Wednesday onto a busy highway moments after taking off from a Georgia


d743b2 No.1278102

File: 1121261f8e17574⋯.jpg (355.67 KB, 1600x1033, 1600:1033, nightcrawler.jpg)


end of the video, she fillets her face off.

Make it rain so hard these fuckers come out of the ground.

3aabf0 No.1278103

8681d4 No.1278104


what is a bad joke

cdea0b No.1278105


not as a BRANCH of military

read more carefully anon

cb1341 No.1278106


>with them than it is a boomer SJW

now red pill yourself on how many of the "white hating white boomers" are actually jews. half has a 'it's always the jews" game.find a whhite person on twatter slamming whites…either do a search on their twats or..twat at them "what about your white priviledge"?

ALWAYS without fail "i'm not white I'm jewish"

MANY of the textbooks that are so completely cucked now..written by jews…jews are 100% behind this white hate shit..

test it for yourself! HalfPol has endless screen shots and not once has the theory failed..find a white hater…it's ALWAYS a Jew.

04cda2 No.1278107


President Trump has proclaimed May 2018 as American Jewish Heritage Month.


1a1c49 No.1278108



Is there anyway they can trace it back to fuckery involved and who might have done it?

c631ad No.1278109



56b3bb No.1278111


The two children at the center of the Hampstead scandal also mentioned shoes made from the skin of babies… Not sure where the particular video where they mention it can be found, but links related:



>"Everybody has skulls worn around the neck (4), on breast, front private, belly, knees, arms. All wear shoes made of baby skin by Felix, Daniel (owners of the shoe repair shop in Finchley Road underground station), Max (Sportec shop on Finchley road).

>Babies are supplied from all over the world. They buy them, inject and send by TNT, DHL service or the parents bring them from other parts of the world. For example Sophie's parents bring them from America, Hawaii; Vanessa (Clark and Lindsey's mother) - from South Africa, Cartney's parents bring babies from Portugal, Spain; Millie's parents bring babies from Gayana, China, India, America. Baby sacrifice, blood drinking, dancing with the Baby's skulls happen in the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Main day is Wednesday, ritual performance is at 11 am in the secret church rooms. Skulls, baby skin shoes are kept in the secret rooms."

eeed40 No.1278112


>Soros autistic as fu!k

As strange as it sounds, I actually went to Grad school with someone who personally knows old man Soros. When bring up his “crimes” he laughs as says “these accusations are absurd. He is an old man who these days mostly worries about his health and his own mortality.” That is a direct quote. I shit you not. Maybe he is just a figure head for more sinister puppets, but need to be stopped regardless.

575acd No.1278113


maybe if you finished spelling his name?


214842 No.1278114

File: 50d520014faec44⋯.png (318.7 KB, 546x674, 273:337, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

File: 9e10460c8777d28⋯.png (154.15 KB, 1360x520, 34:13, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

File: 85217416449f087⋯.png (144.59 KB, 1362x499, 1362:499, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

Azizi-Yarand had been talking online with an undercover FBI confidential human source about his desire to either "make Hijrah [travel]," or to conduct a terroristic attack within the United States.

>talking online with an undercover FBI

>talking online with an undercover FBI

>talking online with an undercover FBI


a60fde No.1278115

File: 2b9e4c1f0e893cd⋯.png (873.96 KB, 1750x2280, 175:228, 1521582752105.png)


No way goy. Only a nazi would accuse rabbis of trying to flood west with muslims and wipe out all of christianity.

e5a701 No.1278116


Its about time they get their just reward

a67953 No.1278117



cdea0b No.1278118



does that sound sensible for a country 20 trillion in debt?

potus has a sense of humor a mile long

45e900 No.1278119

File: 38de14ea0c5274e⋯.jpg (159.72 KB, 683x619, 683:619, Baba_Kamma.jpg)

File: 790a696543a8b27⋯.jpg (136.8 KB, 530x281, 530:281, Flag_Kikery.jpg)

File: a7e6f467d7b1e33⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 456x457, 456:457, Goyim.jpg)

File: fad393a23b2e8b7⋯.png (142.76 KB, 500x507, 500:507, Hasbara.png)

File: 209754e919840a9⋯.jpg (36.29 KB, 461x354, 461:354, Israel_NWO.jpg)


Makes sense.

008dd5 No.1278120

>>1278056 I don't think Vanguard had a single original idea

6f7035 No.1278121

File: e4cb4623f3e88b7⋯.png (16.78 KB, 324x236, 81:59, NTIlogo.png)

4c806e No.1278122


Very good question why would birds falls out of the sky? Microwaves? Death Ray?

acaefe No.1278123


We had a -130 crash into OPs on takeoff many years ago. Pilot hadn't removed the control yoke restraint.

e3da74 No.1278124

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>ALWAYS without fail "i'm not white I'm jewish"

8681d4 No.1278125

File: e7ebb8a28cc26aa⋯.jpg (2.25 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_0167.JPG)


use the laser dmanit, idiots folow

971e90 No.1278126

File: 6f0d3ab88ede9b9⋯.jpg (29.44 KB, 854x570, 427:285, rtx341qy.jpg)

cb1341 No.1278127


>President Trump has proclaimed May 2018 as American Jewish Heritage Month.

Well good to see he took Bibi's dick out of his mouth long enough to do something…

his Israel dick sucking has made me reverse my original belief that Trump managed to avoid the Kike blackmail operations.

I owe lots of people an apology.

d743b2 No.1278128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


He said his best days were behind him.

575acd No.1278129

last call for Notables

ffc8f5 No.1278130

File: 40318eae7dc1235⋯.jpg (528.95 KB, 1439x2284, 1439:2284, IMG_-naeeui.jpg)

File: afec0f3ca87bb7f⋯.jpg (207.11 KB, 1440x1707, 480:569, IMG_h9l2yx.jpg)


Podesta has homemade leather shoes…he also slaughtered pigs for a job in college at what is now Claude Moore Colonial Farm (only privately owned state park).

be51a0 No.1278131


The plane was going down from well before the video started. If that was a munition then they shot it after it went down. Insurance?

e4e7eb No.1278132


8640eb No.1278133

File: 9cd4bcd5a432480⋯.png (64.55 KB, 522x836, 261:418, WTDUP.png)

File: 6945308a06b934a⋯.png (71.25 KB, 461x869, 461:869, WTDUP2.png)

File: fd1161681d57af6⋯.png (64.74 KB, 466x863, 466:863, WTDUP3.png)

File: 7d7eaadd1460172⋯.png (69.62 KB, 468x869, 468:869, WTDUP4.png)

File: ea9f8d09bf60734⋯.png (13.4 KB, 504x153, 56:17, WTDUP5.png)


Jewish "American" Media did 9/11.

The planes are fake.

The "amateur" planes are faked by jews.

All of these "amateur" videos were in the sole custody of Steven (((Rosenbaum))) who now works as a curator at the 9/11 hoax museum in NYC.

Haven't you watched September Clues or September Clues Continued?

So in a way it is worse than Israel.

It is Jews here at home that did it.

Along with their Shabbos Goys.

957875 No.1278134


None that i know of. Was just perusing pizza logos. This one is Firo Pizza in Oklahoma. Their website looks fairly innocuous hosting lots of civic fundraising events. Although they can't spell 'principle' as in "These are our principles". Just passing the time since I am a new identity now.

b4e12a No.1278135

File: 37e998c447d5bba⋯.png (413.18 KB, 661x544, 661:544, idiotkid.png)


You can't be as stupid as this.

846e22 No.1278136

File: 65bf0d80790e961⋯.jpg (68.12 KB, 1200x672, 25:14, DcI9L9EVMAAunPZ.jpg)

What happened to the FBI Trump assassination text's?

008dd5 No.1278137

>>1278113 that's what i get for lazy copy pasta

a61a3b No.1278138


Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

On July 14, 2015, the P5+1 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States), the European Union (EU), and Iran reached a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to ensure that Iran’s nuclear program will be exclusively peaceful. October 18, 2015 marked Adoption Day of the JCPOA, the date on which the JCPOA came into effect and participants began taking steps necessary to implement their JCPOA commitments. January 16, 2016, marks Implementation Day of the JCPOA. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has verified that Iran has implemented its key nuclear-related measures described in the JCPOA, and the Secretary State has confirmed the IAEA’s verification. As a result of Iran verifiably meeting its nuclear commitments, the United States and the EU have lifted nuclear-related sanctions on Iran, as described in the JCPOA.

I don't know if anyone has this, lots to uncover here.


742704 No.1278139

File: 27bdcb1ba279858⋯.jpg (23.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 80bb5e0a50a2b06af0e1bcacfa….jpg)

2018's ongoing crescendo is amazing, Q Team. Thank you muchly.

Also thank you to patriots, anons, bakers, BVs, and BO. We're witnessing and participating in a pivotal moment in human history.

f10006 No.1278141

I know a lot about this case

He wasnt framed by the FBI

He was well known among his group of friends for this kind of talk

He only went online bcs his friends started getting weirded out and wouldn't talk to him much anymore


acaefe No.1278142


National Flight 102 in the 'stan. 2013

4d6e53 No.1278143

LV police release bodycam footage of the entrance to the shooter's hotel room: doesn't show a doggone thing, which comes as totally expected

12ecd2 No.1278144


summary for a workanon?

8681d4 No.1278145

squeeze the facts out of them , they used to call it shoebox concrete back in the day

45e900 No.1278146

File: 9ded917b71edc28⋯.png (120.86 KB, 1024x792, 128:99, Fellow_Whites_1_They_Live.png)

File: 2319e8687c3a793⋯.png (1.64 MB, 2988x2068, 747:517, Fellow_Whites_2.png)

File: e4fb06cc8a53ccf⋯.png (1.38 MB, 345x5000, 69:1000, Fellow_Whites_3.png)

File: 525b4f80023ec82⋯.png (448.56 KB, 644x2016, 23:72, Jew_ShapeShifting.png)

File: 1333c4498c5ebe1⋯.png (85.74 KB, 789x389, 789:389, Jews_Anti_White.png)



Every. Single. Time.

3aabf0 No.1278147


more sciencey, less austin powersy

3a2e72 No.1278148


Somewhat. I think the military probably had/have a plan incase he went rogue or was comp'd at some point.

957875 No.1278149


No idea. Need a real planefag who's a former pilot to 'splain it. I'm an impostor planefag.

a60fde No.1278150


He would never openly admit anything to some peasant below him. You friend thinks he knows Soros.

05cab5 No.1278151


Thought she had plastic surgery….

04a197 No.1278152


The seasoned hand article brings up his unique homemade shoes

96143d No.1278154

File: cb622d4549bb16b⋯.jpeg (84.78 KB, 720x656, 45:41, B6D638E4-CE8A-41FB-9018-5….jpeg)

311a49 No.1278155




Maybe they made some magnetic field that fucked with the electronics.

789b42 No.1278156

4c806e No.1278157


I was thinking possibly the same thing, but why? what was in that plane or WHO was on that plane?

4d796e No.1278158

File: 1aa70e2723a35b4⋯.png (101.08 KB, 474x316, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5268c04930f5f92⋯.png (327.46 KB, 852x480, 71:40, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa886033cb4ed95⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1000x1330, 100:133, ClipboardImage.png)

File: fb19ee26075a344⋯.png (5.2 MB, 2092x1548, 523:387, ClipboardImage.png)


OMG look what I found!!!!!!!!!!!


7e8423 No.1278159

File: c68e7dc295f02d0⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 626x751, 626:751, Wikileaks JA Gag.JPG)

f78fc1 No.1278160

>>1277807 Morgellons from chemtrails - thank DARPA and NASA

>>1277815 um, yes, they do. kill yourself.

>>1277816 kek

>>1277824 electromagnetism disproves gravity, Tesla did so conclusively.

04cda2 No.1278161


We really don't want people like you on our side anyway

b4e12a No.1278162


No Q post today.

Shill storm … mostly muh jooos.

Trump twats need for change in Iran.

3a2e72 No.1278163

File: 4b9ae54ea45032b⋯.png (35.68 KB, 672x313, 672:313, Capture.PNG)

The fucking mayor is going to be on Hannity in 40 minutes.

3aabf0 No.1278164


there were no munitions shot at the plane after the crash, the explosion was from the a/c that was full of fuel because it had just taken off.

5f8bed No.1278165


Not sure about the object but the explosion after crash looked a bit much. Like an atomic bomb plume goes up. Wonder if aircraft was really going onto Area 51?

e776d5 No.1278166

File: 256a0f0ee69d700⋯.jpg (36.23 KB, 300x624, 25:52, DKHD.jpg)


Still not convinced, Haleemah.

Pathetic grasping at straws? Well, we all know what you are grasping at (pic related)

88bd80 No.1278167


i know c-130's are still fly-by-wire. you can see all the cables and pully's from inside. so would losing tail control cause a nose dive like that?

12ecd2 No.1278168


finally a hannity worth watching again

4bdfa4 No.1278169


Yeah Ive thought about what to get for spreadsheetanon once this project is i a different state. Will be something, fo sho!

be51a0 No.1278170


Puerto Rican National Guard is what I heard on the radio.

04a197 No.1278171


Its called the Fibonacci Curve…

214842 No.1278172


Not implying he was framed, just noting every time the FBI is involved with someone for a period of time, whether or not violence ensues

bb358a No.1278173


im surprised this isnt acknowledged to a greater degree. people seem to think trump is directing the military. i think its the other way around. which opens up some interesting questions…

3aabf0 No.1278174


I hope to god you're kidding… or at least a shill… that would at least make me feel better

971e90 No.1278175


Pedo Snail

789b42 No.1278176


No! …very disturbing.

88bd80 No.1278177

File: 6a6d2cbeb59b48f⋯.png (72.82 KB, 300x264, 25:22, final_5adbca5c0446e00014b1….png)

17af1b No.1278179

File: 31283fe6e9244ea⋯.png (35.58 KB, 736x566, 368:283, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at ….png)

Q, can we trust Pence?

21247a No.1278180

I know how we can tell if McCain has assumed room temperature.

Joe Arpaio will be dancing on the Route 10 West ramp in Phoenix naked and smiling!

The networks will cover that faster than his wife and daughter at the front of the hospital doors!

And POTUS will gladly pardon him from lewd and lascivious public behavior before they cuff him!


f10006 No.1278181

Great meme idea, tho…..trace it back to Kevin Bacon


644009 No.1278182

File: f21a69af0b34f1f⋯.png (880.05 KB, 1011x748, 1011:748, ClipboardImage.png)

As rich as this motherfucker is, he can't fix dem teeth?

Can't reconcile it.

be51a0 No.1278183


Please take a Valium before you discover Fractals ok.

e4e7eb No.1278184


He was interviewed today and they "suggested" he not talk about it

he's saying the are bankrupting (WITHOUT CHARGING) anyone associated with POTUS in what he said is an attempt to punish them for winning the election, and has been getting death threats, even part of a rifle was sent to his home

he said he would NEVER work in politics again because of this

he said they are STILL looking at WL, DCleaks, and "guccifer"… STILL

its a rough summary but you need to hear the concern in his voice, hes basically being threatened by the left and Mueller's special counsel

when you're off work, i suggest watching it

c7b68e No.1278186


I would guess Q knows who did it .


That little fucker sure threw his life away .


Hiding the evidence under the state park designation? Where the body's are buried?


It really is an honor to be here with all non clowns . Thank Q . What a story someday we can tell ! just not now !

1dca9b No.1278187

File: 28226747fff4747⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 255x170, 3:2, nasim-harambe-angels.jpg)