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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, q_general.jpg)

7751dc No.146082

May the wings of liberty never lose a feather








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c3fd9e No.146091

our true history

which has suffered 2,000 years of

corruption it will not take that long to

expose those lies that we hold as truths

today what will take time is the

rebuilding of the belief structures of

this planet as we begin to realize the

enormity of the knowledge held by our

ancient ancestors one that was so

cruelly taken from us

7751dc No.146097

File: 14109a217357344⋯.png (70.75 KB, 632x322, 316:161, Screenshot from 2018-01-24….png)


Tremendous investment by companies from all over the world being made in America. There has never been anything like it. Now Disney, J.P. Morgan Chase and many others. Massive Regulation Reduction and Tax Cuts are making us a powerhouse again. Long way to go! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

f6caf1 No.146105

Thank you Baker!

a816f5 No.146121

File: efe49ed649f03ad⋯.jpg (436.05 KB, 1384x1122, 692:561, Alzheimer Drugs Candidates.jpg)


013fcc No.146122

File: ac5df8ed8c29f31⋯.jpg (158.45 KB, 1040x500, 52:25, 22znt2.jpg)

File: e557f4543039162⋯.jpg (63.01 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2316tj.jpg)

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/956134228726558720

Krassenstein reacts again to Trump tweet. Can someone post these memes as reaction to him? Don't have twat.

8526ba No.146124

TY Mr. Baker

c7ff97 No.146125


What will cutting REGULATIONS and lowering TAXES do in the UK when we leave the EU?

What is hard Brexit?

God Bless POTUS, God Bless Patriots, and God Bless the United States of America

41d9ea No.146126

Bless the baker and his bread…

Never lose a feather loaf!

7751dc No.146127



that article is from 2012, but still a nice find

669f55 No.146128

Reminder for all us newfags:

Q said a lot of MISINFO will be coming out - even from trusted sources and that it is necessary.

Don't get caught up in diversions into the MISINFO.

Don't let some anon drag the discussion here into rants/debates about religion or race. Remember, they want us divided against each other.

FOCUS on what Q has given us. Dig, meme, research. This is not the place for pet opinions or "vetting" some twatter-fag who sounds good.

2ce0ca No.146129

File: 75598b59871c5cb⋯.png (70.45 KB, 566x314, 283:157, screenshot_111.png)

New POTUS tweet

5f1e26 No.146130

Anyone have the particulars of the Hillary-Haiti children kidnap attempt? Woman's name, her old and new title, how many kids, if CF was directly involved?

Need it for meme, which takes long enough without unnecessary research, so asking for an assist here.

8526ba No.146131

File: c8cdcc3880b0c99⋯.jpg (92 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Anon White hats.jpg)

This is to all you anonfags from this lil memefag

with luv (no faggotry)

2ce0ca No.146132

c66206 No.146133

File: f7e9076ee8d8682⋯.png (60.76 KB, 769x841, 769:841, png_1.png)


I meant looking at the internal data bytes. Still working on it. What's curious is why this thing is split into two data blocks inside the image data.

54b297 No.146134


Thanks so much for the cap. But pls next time include the time stamp

0b1aff No.146135


Yes and it fills the damn bread, so you have to read like 5 when you wake up because of all the bullshit its worse the last 2 months with all the groupies, we are anons, saying "hi Q we love you" fuck they don't know who you are, be professional damn

ec3508 No.146136


Pretty sure it was Laura silent who now works for amber alert

221427 No.146137


Let's keep watching this.

ec3508 No.146138


Laura silsby

62959d No.146139


Laura Silsby was her name

I tHink it was 33 kids (because of the numeral significance)but it may have been less. Easy search

7751dc No.146140


>But pls next time include the time stamp

opsec, fam. timestamp is relative to my timezone. the link is in the post so you can see for yourself

41d9ea No.146141

Q has mentioned several times the importance of Unity..and has illustrated how we have been purposely divided. This rabbit hole is the deepest of all…just sayin'

Consider…look at what our Unity is doing here. We are (somewhat) like minded around a purpose that is important to us. What if the world operated they way we do here? No bashing..and if bashing happens, it is gently corrected…

Point is..a Unified WORLD will glow with a beautiful light…

b6f8ea No.146142

File: ad4e8e4d4e9aeb5⋯.png (987.93 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-01-24-04-1….png)

I was browsing plebbit and saw this…


41d9ea No.146143


https:// steemit.com/silsby/@psychanaut/laura-silsby-child-trafficking-in-haiti-with-ties-to-clinton-is-now-laura-galyer-working-at-alertsense-amber-alerts

5f1e26 No.146144




Thanks. That's all I needed. Looking for sauce now. Need a legitimate sauce. Looks like NPR is my goto on this.

Remember, this is for a PSA-type meme series for red pilling "feels" normies.

fc4a10 No.146145

Decompressed png file, still waiting for steganogrphanons to unearth its gold





The heck!

a816f5 No.146146

File: efe49ed649f03ad⋯.jpg (436.05 KB, 1384x1122, 692:561, Alzheimer Drugs Candidates.jpg)


c66206 No.146147


The framework around Q's presence in here cannot be an accident. We assume it's a team; we don't know who ANY of them are, when they'll be back, or even if after every appearance. And we don't know how closely Q is monitoring traffic in here while he's/she's/they're inactive posting.

It all has the tendency to keep politics off the board and keep people focused. You might not expect that to be the result of such a setup, but it seems to be what's happened.

2ce0ca No.146148


Jamie Dimon the CEO of JP Morgan Chase is Barack Obama's (((best friend)))

f670dc No.146149

Back for duty. Anything notable? I am not seeing anything about that image from last night. Had to wade thru a bunch of pelican shit, and seems like the board was a bit distracted.

53e746 No.146150


She doesnt work there as of now, cant find sause but smb posted recently

41d9ea No.146151

Have we confirmed this as accurate? The doc?

https:// twitter.com/TheRealJuIian/status/956116135807565824

7751dc No.146152


>image from last night

afaik it's still being worked on

699d73 No.146153

File: 860a8cd0da6f706⋯.png (2.27 MB, 833x951, 833:951, capture_012_24012018_03374….png)

Twatter reports from the "Greensboro News & Record"

utilized the tIREDwORNoUTpHRASE "'I've never seen

any…" again which was, dontchaknow, provided by the AP.

http:// www.greensboro. com/blogs/clark_off_the_record/russian- disinformation-campaign-in-full-force/ article_3dc0fbee-0050-11e8-87c1-57a066d67d0b.html

ec3508 No.146155


Awwwwwww thanks anon!

5f1e26 No.146156


Dangit! They link to WSJ, but that's behind a paywall. No way I'm giving any MSM triplane* my money.

*The most famous triplane was the Fokker.

41d9ea No.146157


Laura Gayler now..digging…

9455d3 No.146158


3 words again. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

a816f5 No.146159


that is a FAKE JA account!

460691 No.146160

File: 1d1b58c262980b7⋯.jpg (883.53 KB, 1399x866, 1399:866, snowden.jpg)

Q References to Snowden

c66206 No.146161


I guess this means Q is really a KGB devotee. Oh well … we've come THIS far…

aaf4fa No.146162


They are just projecting.

If anything they are all doing what they blame others for doing. Thats how the left works

5e99ad No.146163

I noticed that paramedics were called to a SCOTUS home, probably Ginsburg

41d9ea No.146164


RT story…on Silsby/Gaylar..

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAyQUIZYzjE

8526ba No.146166


well…he did say learn Russian.

On the other had, he did not ever say… learn to like vodka…lol

fc4a10 No.146167


It seems strange that this screenshot would normally be almost 1MB.

It has an embedded color profile P3, is that normal?

Wikipedia says

"DCI-P3, or DCI/P3, is a common RGB color space for digital movie projection from the American film industry."

film industry??

b8958d No.146168


Jamie Dimon is BO best friend, who is on top. Just curious.

7751dc No.146169



41d9ea No.146170



>that is a FAKE JA account!

It is a parody account that does occasionally post good stuff…document looks sketch…

f670dc No.146171


Assange has been busy tweeting. That's interesting.

He's all over Bill Kristol.

Also posted this:

https:/ /theintercept.com/2017/07/17/with-new-d-c-policy-group-dems-continue-to-rehabilitate-and-unify-with-bush-era-neocons/

^ aligns interestingly with Qs secret society stuff

That seems like the cabal that was going to start the war Q spoke of in the 16 year plan.

f6caf1 No.146172


Yeah - last week.

385fe6 No.146173

File: 0e83d9129c372fc⋯.jpg (85.21 KB, 905x514, 905:514, 2018 01 24 06.58 AM EST.JPG)


With EST timestamp

2ce0ca No.146174


Jamie Dimon & Penny Pritzker are also tied into Loop Capital….

d1f1b6 No.146175

Good morning all! Brewing coffee now! Did Q advise on offline storage overnight?

4f0b2f No.146176


THIS is what a President is supposed to do.

The previous admin's TRAITOR was set on DESTRUCTION and did so. She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named would have finished the deal.

e96842 No.146177



f670dc No.146178




f6caf1 No.146179

41d9ea No.146180


Did anyone else see a that video of BO on a plane with reporters..perhaps a campaign plane..where he was showing off his wood? He literally was putting his junk in peoples faces..THEY knew the truth then…

2ce0ca No.146181


Both Disney and J.P Morgan Chase are tied in heavily to Loop Capital –– something's up there's a reason he called out those two companies….

38d5ec No.146182

File: a4e3d2d7dd8fcc0⋯.png (174.48 KB, 777x777, 1:1, a4e3d2d7dd8fcc041c852192c4….png)


No, it was more like pic related.

7751dc No.146183


>dems teaming up with neocons

imagine my shock

c66206 No.146184


That's what I'm wondering. I still have to finish reading through the specs for the PNG file, to see if a block can be defined but not displayed. I just don't have any experience working with the internals of that format; never had a reason to go into it.

41d9ea No.146185


donut..100% agree..something is up with Disney and Chase..

aaf4fa No.146186


Await instructions on how to store the pics, videos and audio he will dump. I dunno when and how short of s timeframe we have to download it all.

But the storage needs to be offline so USB sticks or external harddrives which you will unplug when you have stored anything on it.

I believe the timeframe is about 19minutes for us to get it all and unplug our HDD's cause if you are connected to the internet they will erase it from your pc

4f0b2f No.146187


Agree. When I read those names I thought it was curious as well.

Massive Regulation Reduction

Tax Cuts

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Not so for General Electric…which I find quite interesting.

5dd86b No.146188

File: 9e305bfafef31b1⋯.png (687.85 KB, 589x800, 589:800, ClipboardImage.png)

"Sophia the Robot reveals the meaning of life and the secret to happiness"


c3e95a No.146189

What was in the black spaces in Q's image?

5f1e26 No.146190


Found one on NYTimes. I want to have "reputable" sources to "feels" normies. Who can dispute that NYTimes is reputable?

Ick! I have to go drink some water. I just puked up a little in the back of my throat.

c66206 No.146191


That's a very good point … once the stuff is downloaded onto a flash drive (or whatever), unplug it from the computer and do not plug it back in for any reason (unless instructed to do so by Q). Otherwise, as you said, it'll erase. Or get corrupted or whatever the "let's fuck these people" flavor of the month currently is.

e0c1a4 No.146192


Would it be as simple as changing the image's file type extension and running it through VLC?

That almost seems silly.

Would individual movie frames be 1MB large?

013fcc No.146193


Read board message POTUS referred to via Twat.


e1022d No.146194


sophia is a citizen of saudi arabia - imagine that

d1f1b6 No.146195


I guess its like the alien pic that anons downloaded on 1/2 chan then found out it was missing from their computers. Thats pretty freaky! Seems as tho taking out the final 4 dwarfs might eliminate that issue?

7751dc No.146196



requesting new baker

any takers?

5e99ad No.146197

I will have to rely on you anons to tell me what is in it because I don’t think I can download it

385fe6 No.146198


blonde is not her colour

I think she would be better as a brunette

c66206 No.146199


I tried flood-filling the areas and got no interruptions whatsoever, so it appears to be solid black (say WHA?) with no shenanigans going on.

And the White Hats are probably sitting back in their comfy chairs laughing at us idiots spinning our wheels … ha ha they have no clue … but then, this is the kind of thing we do - investigate - and it's what we're expected to do. So who knows. Q will get back to this image when it's time. Meanwhile my curiosity is going to move me forward.

41d9ea No.146200


WTF with all the AI robots?? Just sayin'

f7e699 No.146201

File: 14c1e1285feaeac⋯.jpg (1007.13 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, 911.jpg)


liar liar pants on fire

"Russia" did 9/11, right?!

c66206 No.146203


There are header fields that mark it as a PNG, and ALL internal fields were correct for a PNG format.

a816f5 No.146204



bd1425 No.146205

this may be about the canadian billionaire that died in december. who is F?


41d9ea No.146206


get'em! Agree on puke..how can that bitch walk free? And guard the fricking hen house at Alert Sense? Oh yea..she was a FOB (friend of bill…)

3e0f6c No.146207


>Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!


fc4a10 No.146208

File: 74d4ef98d8c3cd0⋯.png (31.98 KB, 703x196, 703:196, check.png)

Montagraph did a reality check on Peter Strzok. So seems he is in fact a real person ;)

Monty has a reputation for being quite good at this kind of things … … :D

a816f5 No.146209

"We have an informant that's talking about a group, they were holding secret meetings offsite"


2ce0ca No.146210


The artist created this in 2008 and I see Peter Munk, David Rockefeller, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld….whose the guy with the big nose and the two guys to the right of GW just above Condoleezza Rice?

fc4a10 No.146211


Next step would be to create a torrent to spread the file far and wide.

Once started it will be very difficult to suppress.

e1022d No.146212



a816f5 No.146214

File: 737515e9114609e⋯.png (40.64 KB, 623x353, 623:353, Thomas Paine.png)

e1022d No.146215


paul wolfowitz a neocon

2f396f No.146216

Washington Post

Verified account


3m3 minutes ago


Top Democrats warn of ‘ongoing attack by the Russian government’ amid push to publish classified memo

a78270 No.146217


Paul Dundes Wolfowitz

7751dc No.146218

File: ee32e4d6753e57c⋯.mp4 (629.63 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Db-koxLa3mNmyNrA.mp4)

9bbbee No.146219

File: e412f8e1d7c67b1⋯.jpg (167.47 KB, 1284x633, 428:211, KrassPOS.jpg)

I don't know if these kind of Memes are effective, but they can't hurt, right?

87f95c No.146221

Trump -→ Saudi Arabia -→ hanging princes

Davos -→ ?

afde18 No.146223


guess the main 4am talking point today was russian bots

1c6be3 No.146224



White hats spend a lot of their time laughing at us idiots and mocking Q for thinking so highly of autists/anons.

But when we flood socialz, cause online big storms, and blast MSM, they stop laughing…


2f396f No.146225

Washington Post

Verified account


9m9 minutes ago


CNN’s Don Lemon says Trump rhetoric responsible for threats against network

c3e95a No.146226


Conversion to bitmap renders black?

Seems like a large file at 16bit depth

41d9ea No.146227



Thomas aka TruePundit a great resource and on my rotation…

c66206 No.146228


I'm mellllllting!

6174a8 No.146229


Q did not say that MISINFO, some of which is coming from PAST reliable sources, was necessary.

Back in November they said that DISINFO is real and necessary.

These are two totally different statements about two totally different issues.

The latter is a warning to avoid being deceived by sources that WERE reliable in the PAST - the implication being that they are no longer reliable.

a5ede9 No.146230


Anon, please remove comma between American and hating, and the apostrophe on POSs.

c3e95a No.146231


Need to flood Washington Post mocking their narrative, Twitter is a good start.

All articles asking why only traitors would see Russian Bots where Patriots exist.

c66206 No.146232



5dd86b No.146233

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Finally Meets Sophia the Robot: 'I'm Freaking Out!'"


Chrissy Teigen can finally check meeting Sophia the Robot off her bucket list.

The pregnant Lip Sync Battle co-host, 32, had a surprise meeting with the popular intelligent humanoid robot on Thursday.

Teigen shared her excitement with fans on social media, declaring she was “freaking out”.

“I have a big surprise! Someone came to visit me on set we’re about to get ready for Lip Sync Battle Live and I came in the back and Casey said someone was here to see me,” Teigen said during her Instagram Live.

“I had no idea who came to see me. Doesn’t she look amazing, I’m dying. It’s so cool!” the wife of John Legend told followers after revealing her special backstage guest.

Teigen also responded to fan questions, saying, “She’s been killing the fashion game … I know an iconic duo!”

So was the get-together with Sophia everything Teigen hoped?

“This is so cool. Man, it’s amazing, it’s incredible. You can see inside and all these wheels turning. The future man, you are the future,” the model told her viewers, jokingly adding: “I won’t break her, I’m not gonna touch her.”

Their meeting comes after weeks of back-and-forth between the pair on Twitter, which saw them initially start off as enemies when Teigen slammed Sophia’s design in a December tweet that garnered the mother-to-be over 60,000 retweets and nearly 300,000 likes.

Soon after, Teigen apologized for the diss in a follow-up message, telling Sophia “I love you” and calling her “my queen.” (Last week, Sophia and Chrissy coordinated lunch plans over Twitter.)

This isn’t the first time Sophia has gotten into a much-talked-about interaction with a celebrity.

The robot previously trolled billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk in October while defending her design to Andrew Ross Sorkin, co-anchor of CNBC Squawk Box and columnist at the New York Times.

9bbbee No.146234


Shall do, thank you.

e1022d No.146235




just approved xyzal for use in america in feb 2017

7c19d6 No.146236


I am an Aussie and we are having this debate right now.

We are under a different system of Govt than USA.

Thats first


Socialism is rampart in most Commonwealth Countries,


I think what Q meant is there is a template being made right now in the US dealing with it, that will be he cure for hopefully all of us.

Hang in there Oz got your back.

a816f5 No.146237

AG Sessions Calls for Investigation into Missing Text Messages Promises "no stone will be unturned”


c66206 No.146238


Great catch! My first thought … NO that would not be normal. I'll have to see what other PNG's on my hard drive use, just to get a reference. It may be the default for an iPhone; the device used was a Crapple.

38d5ec No.146240


Sophia seems to spend a lot of time with absolute creeps.

41d9ea No.146241


On this..what do we think of Gowdy?? I go back and forth..Q called him out in a post..and right after talking about Gowdy and ethics committee resignation Q went into corruption..

Do we have clear visibility on Gowdy's hat color?

a5ede9 No.146243


Anons, the graphic was heavily scrutinized last night. There is nothing hidden inside. However, the ratio of the "letterboxed" area and where the good stuff is, is 20:80. Hmmm

699d73 No.146244

File: 671d0f9164b68f1⋯.png (1.99 MB, 727x957, 727:957, capture_013_24012018_04360….png)

Siraj Hashmi, a writer for the

Washington Examiner, explains

why Republicans won the recent

battle in messaging. Bottom line?

Anons are still Anon…sweet.

http:// www.washingtonexaminer. com/another-republican-victory- came-through-shutdown-messaging -thanks-to-trump/article/2646803

2ce0ca No.146246

File: 403202134a4d3a8⋯.png (158.15 KB, 248x367, 248:367, screenshot_113.png)

Who are these two guys? one looks like Norman Lear LOL

41d9ea No.146247


Boy are they pushing this hard…

Plan seems to be to divide by isolation with the only "human" interactions being online…kind of what comes next after FB…from there they could feed us whatever narratives they wanted…

c3e95a No.146249

Before you go hard on Wictor and Rex, consider this…

Do you want this place flooded with their followers?


c66206 No.146250


I would focus on the people at the top of those companies. Maybe the wives too just for good measure.

25361e No.146251

Was the "stay at home" Q post from Monday a confirmation? Was it related to the news that Melania was not going to Davos?

8526ba No.146253


wow…she really needs to get a life.

"Have you ever just looked at something and asked, "Seriously?"

a5ede9 No.146255


Looks to me like Donald Rumsfeld and Rudy Guliani

41d9ea No.146256


ty OzAnon and donut on analysis…

7b9195 No.146257


No. He was talking to someone else.

f7e699 No.146258

File: 7d34e20d641355e⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 390x600, 13:20, 1244.jpg)


The one at WBush elbow is Giuliani.

The long nose? I don't know.

One is Brzezinski, Above W.'s green hat?

Rockefeller is easy.

I think the one above Giuliani is supposed to be Larry Silverstein, who was the [obviously temporary] leaseholder.

It was Rockefeller's baby the "Port Authority of NJ and NY".who passed it to Silverstein shortly [weeks only] before the event. Then LS transferred it back some years later.

2ce0ca No.146259


Indeed we can start with Jamie Dimon CEO of J.P. Morgan who is best friends with Barack Obama….

c66206 No.146260


Never saw here with the top of her head sewn on. We've come a long way from "Danger, Will Robinson!"

e1022d No.146261


giuliani and karl rove

e246b3 No.146262

Q is coming .Greatawakening now updating at 30 secs

37dea1 No.146264


Bring it!!

25361e No.146265


But was it ever figured out who it was? I remember there being a ton of speculation

da322a No.146266


Thanks for the heads up

7b9195 No.146269


No. He said it wasn't for us.

8526ba No.146270

0b1aff No.146271


Yes thats it, Trump can bring America back to it's former self it will help all, we have to team up with other Christian based countries like Russia and stop the communists, I am not an active follower but I would much rather have a kid that has gone astray believe something, people didn't just murder 50 years ago, still have crime and rape but now it ends in death to easily.

41d9ea No.146273



>Looks to me like Donald Rumsfeld and Rudy Guliani


16e7a8 No.146274


They have the same 4 talking points/arguments,( for past couple of years) which are all false, and complete and utter lies,, Russia, Racist, Sexist/cheater and mentally unstable/not intelligent.When one does not work for a couple of days, they go to one of others,,, over and over and over again, spin the wheel, which excuse/lie they will try to push today,lol

1bc001 No.146275


He really doesn't say what about Disney, J.P. Morgan Chase. It is an incomplete sentence. Subjects with no verb. Now what???

e0bd00 No.146276


>Okay Anon, 15 post, what's the deal…


I don't know what that anon is trying to say, but those machines he is posting pictures of are basic lie detectors (the real ones have a lot more sensors but work the same way) They use these to 'read you' while they give you a 'cleanse' but what they are really doing is basically like a catholic confession, well more like a police interrogation under a lie detector but the person getting the 'free reading' doesn't know this. Meanwhile they record the entire thing, document everything said, and add it to their extensive blackmail files. These guys broke tax code, went up against the IRS, told them to fuck off, and won leaving the irs to run off with its tail between its legs. The IRS, no one wins that biggly vs the IRS... It wouldn't surprise me at all for scientology to be extensively tied into all of this. They won VS the IRS by launching a campaign to infiltrate ALL branches of the government with their own members, which the government couldn't fight off as an 'infiltration' because they are a 'religion' and the laws grant religious freedom.

More like a church being used as a shield by a secret society to me.

d093c3 No.146278

Still no arrests of BIG NAMES? No surprise I guess. This will trail on well into the future. Likely past the point all of us are dead and gone. Our children probably won't even be able to get out of this mess. If the "Q" team and POTUS really want to get this done and over with, do it like a fucking band-aid and just rip the fucker off. The slower you do it, the more painful it's gonna be. Just rip that fucker off, release ALL OF THE INFORMATION, make the arrests, and hold PUBLIC fucking trials. The WORLD deserves to know the truth. This is sickening to me that there has been literally NO HARD ACTION TAKEN.

41d9ea No.146279


ty anon!

e246b3 No.146280

Now 10 secs

a0ded6 No.146281

File: 5d2aa0760ae23da⋯.jpg (196.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DEPLORABLEBOTS.jpg)


6174a8 No.146282

File: f3413572ca3b15f⋯.jpg (29.94 KB, 478x315, 478:315, AP_18023829199253-640x422-….jpg)

Soros-Funded Activists Surround Democrat Chuck Schumer’s Home to Demand "Immediate Amnesty for All 12 to 30 Million Illegals Inside the United States"

http:// www


41d9ea No.146284



Anon mentioned earlier that they both tie back to Loop..and a ton of other fuckery…

d093c3 No.146285



Do you fools not understand that the timer for auto refresh will reset to 10 seconds every time you move the page up or down after it sitting for a few seconds? then if there's no replies in that 10 seconds, the time for refresh goes up, in increments until 600.

3e0f6c No.146286


I can't recall him ever posting at this time

406e96 No.146287

Shit I'm happy i went to bed last night when i did…

I was conviced Q was gonna drop the bomb while i slept but whew i didn't miss it.

d037c9 No.146288

File: e843696f8901191⋯.png (62.16 KB, 800x289, 800:289, photostudio_1516798645303.png)


They use the G protein from the aborted child. They extracted protein from that child's kidney back in the '70's, called HRK 293. They have been cloning it since. They use that protein in flavor enhancers. It IS in the product. The protein is in the flavor enhancer. How ppl can mitigate that within their own mind is mindblowing to me.

f7e699 No.146289

File: 3680c0b752f82e9⋯.jpg (24.31 KB, 305x386, 305:386, rovecrop.jpg)


Too skinny for Rove!

94449a No.146290


F is Frank Guistra. Cofounder of Canada arm of CGI.

Gave millions to CF Canada…supposedly big aids drug projects…links to apotex.

c66206 No.146291

Ok kiddies … listen up!

I just removed (entirely) the second image data block from Q's PNG file. It displayed exactly the same. So that block is completely redundant and MUST contain "our special data."

8526ba No.146292


wow…they managed to round up a dozen paid protesters again…lol

e1022d No.146293


yeah you are right

i need coffee -

slept one hour

a816f5 No.146294

File: 12b2829362d2ddf⋯.png (40.71 KB, 493x189, 493:189, Operation Snow White.png)


Remember when Scientology infiltrated the US Govt? Holy Shit!!! I didn't know it was called "Operation Snow White"!!

f670dc No.146295

774e54 No.146296

File: 90669db09b91c29⋯.jpg (36.85 KB, 533x223, 533:223, chuck.JPG)

Actions by a man who is living in fear? IMO not so much.

c34c34 No.146297

File: b61a5846392e73a⋯.png (373.86 KB, 710x473, 710:473, 1516796707230.png)

File: 8f7d068732fd738⋯.png (463.07 KB, 830x467, 830:467, 1516797006426.png)

File: 72d1cfe68be6b66⋯.png (502.1 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1516798682110.png)

6174a8 No.146298



What the hell are you on about?

e1022d No.146299


trust me

scientology is going down - hollywood will be the lynchpin

c74a06 No.146301


Chrissy doesn't realize that Sophia will put her ugly ass out of work one day.

e1022d No.146302



optics from


7c19d6 No.146303


a good list of where he went and what changed after that could be good

that is too narrow

37dea1 No.146304


Sophia is more female than CT

e49ad1 No.146305

File: d8e99d62eef692c⋯.png (96.99 KB, 1025x648, 1025:648, pic FBI 5am EST 24-1.png)

File: cc0e0abf862638a⋯.png (105.42 KB, 1030x682, 515:341, pic patriots 5am EST 24-1.png)

File: a702c29951113a3⋯.png (115.82 KB, 1055x705, 211:141, pic release 5am EST 24-1.png)

File: 9a10fb46376c9ef⋯.png (100.59 KB, 1033x669, 1033:669, pic Russia 5am EST 24-1.png)

File: 30f49adc3d56592⋯.png (101.74 KB, 1024x667, 1024:667, pic trump 5am EST 24-1.png)

GM frm WarRoomEurtw_tf@g.

you did a GLORIOUS job anons!

Posting 4 u 2 articles covering #ReleaseTheMemo

(WH Presser WOOHOO

LINK https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv2BV8MF9D4

and Breitbart article. and off course the TRENDSCORES this morning 5 AM

celebrate! We r getting better at it.

Preparing a new strategy now, posting in the War Room 4 ur input. Drop by and let us know so that we can start working on preparations.

f7e699 No.146306

File: 066e35e738be863⋯.jpg (13.56 KB, 320x176, 20:11, 12400.jpg)


good one!

0b1aff No.146307


In 20 days we have the memo, he goes to jail, we vote in what we want, what do we need Chucky for again?

d093c3 No.146309


Don't be silly, JL probably already has a sex bot for when CT isn't around.

e49ad1 No.146311

File: 33bdcadd4e735e6⋯.png (837.95 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, BREITBART.png)

File: ab0ddc6689bb32c⋯.jpg (72.46 KB, 523x430, 523:430, breitbart2 copy.jpg)

9bbbee No.146312


Just ripping it off like a band-aid is unrealistic, dangerous, and would be incredibly destabilizing. Think bigger. Think of all the possibilities and outcomes for actions.

3ec02b No.146313


That explains the throat cancer

41d9ea No.146314


These choads are always trying to feed us human flesh, blood, and feces…it is 100% intentional. The do it with those they abuse…they slip it into the food supply (MickieD's stories about human meat, etc..), in things we drink (feces in Starbucks..)…

They why eludes me…but I am sure it has to do with their religion…

7c19d6 No.146315

c74a06 No.146316


Soros funded groups put on big protests around his home and office I think. Probably scared the shit out of him.

406e96 No.146318



Don't fear monger.

It's a prettty scary theory and i see why you would think that.

But right now this is nothing but speculation

43d022 No.146319


>Instructions will be sent on how to preserve offline.

Maybe don't worry about sleeping through Q until we actually have the instructions?

a0ded6 No.146320

File: 8be7d0914fc1900⋯.png (780.92 KB, 996x502, 498:251, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at ….png)

36522b No.146321

File: 78e870609e8a807⋯.jpg (226.24 KB, 1016x674, 508:337, MunkMemeIII.jpg)

File: f91323356b91030⋯.jpg (338.97 KB, 1244x918, 622:459, MunkKeystone.JPG)

41d9ea No.146322



#releasethememo !

406e96 No.146323


It just seemed so urgent last night

d093c3 No.146324


So, while criminals are getting away with murder and robbery, the good patriots of America, and people of the world are losing their homes, their families, and dying because they've been pushed out of their homes because of the system we are forced into? There is nothing worse than having information this terrible and NOT putting it out there for people to know. The people of the world can handle it. This isn't the 1800's where people were a lot more "gentile" style then today. In today's world, people get away with all sorts of shit that would make the oldfags sick. So what if it's going to be "destabilizing". You don't honestly think that when the information slowly comes out that some truths aren't going to cause the same effect? So if it's already going to happen with SOME of the information, why not just let it all go? Doesn't make any sense to me. It should be all or nothing. Keep people in slavery, or let them be free. Don't fucking play with peoples freedom and lives. It's bullshit. Get the fucking job done and corruption and shit out. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT.

1df8b4 No.146325


i just woke up..

hadn't even started coffee before i checked here..

(still waiting on the brewing wake-me-up)

b7cc38 No.146326


They're really pushing the bullshit hard with this monstrosity.

699d73 No.146327

File: 8fde9b583c56d90⋯.png (1.72 MB, 599x1001, 599:1001, capture_014_24012018_04563….png)

Nextgov is reporting that the GOP gots itz booost

from their "now-familiar ally":rUSSIANbOTS.

This. Cornyn. Fuuuccck.

http:// www.nextgov. com/analytics-data /2018/01/russian- twitterbots-are-blaming -us-shutdown-democrats/145377/

fadae4 No.146328

41743e No.146329


A 2K resolution frame for digital movie projection is 2048x1080 pixels per frame or 2,211,840 total pixels, times the bit depth (8 to 12 bit)

c66206 No.146330

File: 1bdc276d3b22551⋯.png (14.62 KB, 738x293, 738:293, Q_Png_Analysis.png)

e246b3 No.146332

Update is bouncing - Q is comiming

a816f5 No.146333

File: 46f18dd51c527b8⋯.jpg (319.19 KB, 1011x915, 337:305, 15 - 10 - 5 Minute Markers.jpg)

c66206 No.146334


Last word got cut off. "… having nothing to do with the image displaying."

e1022d No.146335


look bro this isnt a fucking chat room

take your comments back to fakebook and twatter

this is not the place for pussies to pontificate

dig in and work and shut the fuck up

no one gives a shit about your opinion

9b4528 No.146336


found these



c3e95a No.146337

What is on the news right now on the BBC?

What undercover report?

Any resignations?

Is this just the start?

What will it grow into?

Were women brought as bait?

Where is the Dorchester?

What is this the start of?

Who is the former chancellor?

Where does he work now?

Only Fools and Horses

e1022d No.146338


and filtered

e1022d No.146339



e1022d No.146342


take this shit elsewhere different thread

a617c7 No.146343


Speaking of which, they recently bought a major old studio in Hollywood and spent millions refurbishing it.

e5775d No.146344


Great work,

"Dedicated in Destroying" becomes "Dedicated to Destroying" small fix fyi

incredibly good Anon thanks!

7c19d6 No.146345


seeding for the UK ANON's heads up

4d0935 No.146346


They don't even say the info in the memo is fake, they just don't want it released. Surely people can see through this Kremlin linked stuff by now. They don't even show the data proving the people are bots. What a joke

e1022d No.146347


i know

i was involved for long while

9b4528 No.146348

8526ba No.146349


ty…funny, that is how it was orig worded, then I changed it…I'll fix…:)

a1e185 No.146351


Sarah S. mentioned a little girl that wrote to the White House named Sophia yesterday. There is a request by Sophia for everyone to pray for her on 1/26.

c3e95a No.146352

Why is Davis a traitor?

Why must he absolutely hang?

Which secret society is he in?

How soon will he go?

Is he as thick as a bag of mince like his advisors say?

Is he a very sick alcoholic?

Does this justify selling out his country?

Live and Let Die

e5775d No.146353


I can see the image of Paul J W in my mind :)

d093c3 No.146354



It's super funny when you speak the harsh reality of the NOW you get blasted with fags trying to make you look bad because you're right. You guys all think that this is going to make a difference? Show me the arrests of HRC/BO/JM/JP and more, and then I'll believe that we are being "freed" from these tyrants. I got money on the table that says that you will NEVER see any of these people go down in your lifetime. That's a sad time in this world.

So tell me then honestly: WHAT HAS CHANGED IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS?

What exactly has changed in the last 6 months that so "life altering" for ALL OF US that makes any of this real? Tax cuts? Goodie, another $300 a month to remind me how fucked I truly am. And that's if the cuts even apply to me. Nothing that has happened since Trump took office has changed anything significant in my daily routine. And I highly doubt it has for any of you.

1bc001 No.146355


he is more scared of Trump who probably told him to pull the wall. No deal on DACA without wall. Dreamers remain illegal. Dreamers and families get deported. WIN Win

41d9ea No.146357


http:// www.businessinsider.com/bacteria-from-faeces-found-in-starbucks-costa-and-caffe-nero-ice-drinks-2017-6

It shouldn't be lost on anyone that when you google "mcdonalds human flesh" the first thing to pop up is a Snopes report…

9bbbee No.146358


Like I said, 'unrealistic'. That was being kind. And I'll be honest that I don't have the patience to explain it all to you in detail. I rarely call 'shill', but you either are one, or you're heads so far in fantasy land that you can't see what's happening right in front of your face.

You're being selfish, and I'm sure you don't understand that either. You've obviously not thought it through. You've not thought about the detriment that 'your wish' would cause.

I can't be bothered with you.

a816f5 No.146359


>remind me how fucked I truly am

You're fucked!

e246b3 No.146360

Filter if you must but as a long time lurker I have noticed the update function only works on GA when it is active. I’m no fucking shill so I’m saying be ready.

e0bd00 No.146361


Exactly, now just imagine the leads the white hats will get once they sift through all off the scientology blackmail network documentation. Those guys have so many records, and so much dirt on so many people. This is how they operate. It will be their downfall.

e5775d No.146362


It sooo absurd at this point. Only a clinical moron would believe these narratives.

8526ba No.146363

File: bfcb1dc82313a5d⋯.jpg (92 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Anon White hats.jpg)

BO…Plz delete first image >>146131

This one corrected

d79e84 No.146364


Sometimes "Sophia" refers to Planet Earth. Me wonders if some kind of large op is occurring on the 26th, and we need to pray for the whole worlds safety that day.

e1022d No.146365

filtering all distractions today

i urge my fellow anons do the same

its crunch time

dont even respond to these fucks

a617c7 No.146366


We now have a sense of pride in our leadership and a renewed drive to change the world for the better. That's what's changed.

fc4a10 No.146367


Just realize that all Q's screenshots have these black borders of different width.

Not sure if the images are always the same ration

Certainly not same resolution. This time is very highres.

But there might just be something in general about his way of taking and posting these.

Maybe not totally relevant to the content. More related to security or something…

e1022d No.146368


why 26th

2ce0ca No.146369


Scientology operatives committed infiltration, wiretapping, and theft of documents in government offices, most notably those of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Eleven highly placed Church executives, including Mary Sue Hubbard (wife of founder L. Ron Hubbard and second-in-command of the organization), pleaded guilty and were convicted in federal court of obstructing justice, burglary of government offices, and theft of documents and government property. United States v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al., 493 F.Supp. 209 (D.D.C. 1979).

7751dc No.146370


it's the day of her surgery, iirc

d093c3 No.146371


Lets be honest; putting all this information out there is NOT going to be any different than letting it slowly leak out. There's going to be civil unrest no matter which route you take. Why drag it out longer then? These people truly get off on watching the rest of us suffer. And look what's happening with this Q stuff. Goose chase. I've been watching since day 1 when the first post came out, and I've not seen anything yet that is substantial enough for me to believe that this world will ever change.


Everyone except the 1% is fucked.

d093c3 No.146372


L O L. That drive has always been there. Just never gets any traction. And I doubt this time will be any different. Hate to say it, but this world has become to complacent for people to stand up and govern themselves. They want everything handed to them.

c66206 No.146373

Is this getting through? I just made 2 postings about the Q image and not a single reaction. That just isn't believable for this board. >>146330

e5775d No.146374


I'm tossing this in the low volume, and since I'm on VPN…

I did receive what appears to be a cryptic veiled thread on myself this year.

This is not a game. Everyday is a good day to die for Qanon.

5dd86b No.146375

File: a4491f4dbb65f50⋯.png (411.92 KB, 700x419, 700:419, ClipboardImage.png)

article from this week mentioning the Green Revolution, Norman Borlaug, the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. also includes some strange illustrations, like this one.

"Can Planet Earth Feed 10 Billion People?"


94449a No.146376


It’s controlled by a checkbox at the bottom of YOUR screen.

9bbbee No.146377



We don't need your bullshit. Go tell someone who cares. We don't need your negative Nancy fucking attitude here. Its not welcome.

Sorry to everyone else for the caps and my language.

1bc001 No.146378

If Trump and team know everything, they got to know about Joe Scarborough's skeletons in the closet. Dead intern and then goes to work for cable news spreading disinfo. Hoe is so unhinged already,

7751dc No.146379


i've noticed, but i don't know anything about image manipulation things like that, so i don't comment

2ce0ca No.146380


Great articles and this was the correct thread to drop them in thank you….

8526ba No.146381


The Hollywood scuttlebutt it Tom Cruise and w are the leads in the Sci movement. Many have mentioned their fear of the two who it is said wear their 'power' openly. Just wonder if any truth…if it will show up with all the other Calif dirt.

ed99be No.146382


Q has 6 devices.

Also as a matter of procedure, high security areas swap out phone monthly. Don't expect much consistency.

7fef0a No.146383


>I guess this means Q is really a KGB devotee

It would crack me up to find out Q is KGB. America saved by the Russians this go around. Kek, nothing surprises me anymore.

41d9ea No.146384


Snagging this! kek!

d79e84 No.146385

Anyone got a good Snowden meme they can drop me real quick?

Something showing him supporting (((them)))?

Thnx in advance

e246b3 No.146386

Never touched the check but thnx for the tip .Have never seen it active in all the time I’ve checked it. If I am wrong then I’m sorry:

9b4528 No.146387

File: 09b35e7b8f57313⋯.jpg (53.09 KB, 605x406, 605:406, -yoga-18.jpg)

c66206 No.146388


I don't know MUCH about PNG internals because I've never had to delve into them before. The graphical Q map is generated entirely with manual byte-by-byte building of the BMP file with an all-assembly app. I've written network packet drivers, disk drivers, you name it. I am not lacking in knowledge or experience - except about the specific internals of the PNG file.

Removing the first block (which is what we see) and leaving in the second to display still saves as a valid PNG that shows up as all black. Flood filling it to red shows no non-0 (black) pixels.

Today I will be manually hand coding the decompression code for the data blocks. Most initiates would run to ZLIB or whatever else is out there. I am not a newb. I write my own; it's the only way I can trust it.


41d9ea No.146389

65afff No.146390

File: 569a36725e852bd⋯.jpg (18.19 KB, 164x88, 41:22, Black guy happily remindin….jpg)

>ET's are a reality

>bad - weak, lying; good - strong, spiritual

c3e95a No.146391

The 300 members in the UK must be made penniless, powerless and imprisoned.

That is the only solution.

The Ravens will Starve.

The UK will become a republic because the people will demand it.


64408b No.146392



Paine rocks.

ed99be No.146393



I dunno if these were paid. I think these are some of the %3-%4 percent irrevocably brainwashed.

41d9ea No.146394

Off to work and back in another loaf…godspeed and TY TY anons!

donutanon out!

3453a5 No.146395

File: b8179e8932397ce⋯.png (54.98 KB, 1489x825, 1489:825, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at ….png)

Reddit still down… WTF?

They NEVER go down for maintenance for this long. What gives? Huffman in GITMO?

41743e No.146396


Nicely done!

Who's = Who is

Whose = possessive form for Who

should be Whose here

e1022d No.146397


go away

nobody in the KGB has access to the presidents twitter


64408b No.146398


>CNN’s Don Lemon says Trump rhetoric responsible for threats against network

and there it is.

Try reminding these faggots how many cops were killed because of their hands up dont shoot fake news.

7c19d6 No.146399


T_Donald is up

c66206 No.146400

This is most curious. I just found and verified 277, 681 bytes of non-displayed data uploaded by Q and not a single person is interested in it.

Why would that be? That's definitely not the response I'm getting on Twatter.

a816f5 No.146401



Have you listened to the video TP did with Lionel Nation?

You Will Be Completely Controlled — You Are Wetware — Implanted Devices and Mind Control Hijack You


a1e185 No.146402


The little girl from TX, 9 yrs old, is having brain surgery on 1/26 and it was her wish to have everyone pray for her on Friday.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1874&v=h0qBJIQ0ijI

Sophia story starts at 30:10

7c19d6 No.146403


It will be done

210d41 No.146404


Wrong, The guy with his hands together is Larry Silverstein the Jew who owned the Towers. The other one is Rudy Giuliani

7751dc No.146406


can you translate it into usable info tho?

384ff4 No.146407



37dea1 No.146408


Have you interpreted the data?

2ce0ca No.146409

File: db93bb7eef7f736⋯.png (490.49 KB, 1409x885, 1409:885, screenshot_114.png)


Seems to be back up and the site wasn't stored in my cache :)

e0c1a4 No.146411


Was away working on a related project.

This is interesting. Does that block of data produce a separate .png if you were to remove it from the original file?

c66206 No.146412


I'm working on it. I have to write the entire decompression program for whatever method this PNG is using. From scratch.

2ce0ca No.146413


Updated, thx

b6084b No.146414



e1022d No.146415


i know the story - are we saying that sofia the robot is somehow connected? the ai correlation?

41743e No.146416


Nicely done!

One correction:

Who's = Who is (contraction)

Whose = possessive form for Who

should be Whose here

6ebf8a No.146417

File: f6eb06cc335d629⋯.jpg (108.29 KB, 711x806, 711:806, image_data.JPG)


image was a screenshot from an iPhone X.

ee0e6e No.146418

File: e15ceec7065a5b6⋯.jpeg (40.65 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 13DC5DB8-7BDD-43D3-8D83-9….jpeg)



Hamilton 68 is the analytics company they’re using as a source for the Russian Bot story.

Here’s the Advisory Council for Hamilton 68












All Obama Bots

7751dc No.146419


trust me, i'm following your posts, anon.

t. baker

c66206 No.146420


I removed the one we see displayed, leaving in only the "extra" block. It showed up all black. Again, I'm still getting my feet wet with PNG files specifically (as far as their internals) so as soon as that decompression app is done I'll post what I find. If it's valid data, it will most likely be encrypted but we'll see.

16e7a8 No.146422

File: a7e1c6fab4ec5a6⋯.jpg (85.39 KB, 500x573, 500:573, 239hxl.jpg)

File: 8dacbd33d548b49⋯.png (941.94 KB, 661x758, 661:758, Snowden.png)


I made this for you,, not sure it's exactly what your looking for. :)

Here's a blank also.

a1e185 No.146423


It's just KEK that Sophia the AI is in the news and then the WH mentions Sophia.

e5775d No.146424

File: 6f4b22a4804e574⋯.jpg (59.65 KB, 493x392, 493:392, 6e94ee3d0a6d0a64486425b5cc….jpg)

File: cc6cc0b3187ccef⋯.png (366.92 KB, 675x547, 675:547, CSbathroom473829.png)

these go together really well

b04230 No.146425

This is information war anons. We are the true information warriors.

Go to hell Jones.

37dea1 No.146426



e1022d No.146427


just for shits and gigs throw the profile id in a search engine

b04230 No.146428


Bad actor

d79e84 No.146429


Looking for something showing him to be NOT a patriot. No worries, found a few on another thread

4ae402 No.146430

File: c412eb66cae79fe⋯.jpg (88.93 KB, 620x414, 310:207, gump-ron-paul.jpg)

7c19d6 No.146431

I saw this after the Q drop. It was in dark print and said the following,

1125: 2436


hope this is useful

09c8d0 No.146432

The Truth is the worlds most precious resource.

6174a8 No.146433




Seriously, what the actual fuck is this?

73512b No.146434


Love it! Can you make just one minor correction? "WHO'S" should be "WHOSE". Twatter grammar Nazis will poke at that instead of the message unfortunately. Otherwise, excellent work!

6ebf8a No.146435


Leading me back to Jesus Campos

Profile ID: ca1a9582257f104d389913d5d1ea1582

0950db No.146438

File: 768f6cf727f4545⋯.gif (136.49 KB, 617x793, 617:793, inteladmission.gif)

I have noticed that sometimes doughs are missing Q posts. The last one I have is >>142428. Are there any recent ones on this board?

Also I don't know if anyone has posted this but here is an image of two posts form a board where an intel engineer explains how Trump was spied on.

d1922c No.146439


So many are getting exposed to the extreme corruption that otherwise they wouldn’t have known about. Release the memo is on the news channels. The meme war is beung blamed the on the Russians, about 65-75% don’t believe the Russia narrative any longer. We are nearly to 80%. People know something is up, but don’t have details, which are also getting into the MSM. The memo will provide the details.

Look at all the digging here that was done. It was available, but maybe people only get bits of it on occasion. Info is there, doesn’t seem to matter much until a person sees it all together.

Enjoy the mastery of it alll. It’s quite exciting. Get over needing to know how it ends.

ced708 No.146440

File: 08027bec215f48e⋯.jpg (28.38 KB, 622x259, 622:259, BrKrass.JPG)




7751dc No.146441


anon, your post might be more useful if you tag the anon you're trying to help


>Jesus Campos

of the LV shooting fame?

c9678c No.146442

File: e0c15fb6a0059fa⋯.jpg (144.28 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, DummieDon.jpg)

3453a5 No.146444

File: 8e654b368004fb9⋯.png (612.78 KB, 1312x730, 656:365, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at ….png)



When did McDonalds go muzzie?

699d73 No.146445

File: b896973d60be118⋯.png (1.42 MB, 548x903, 548:903, capture_017_24012018_05372….png)

Waves of Russian Bots [NOT] appear

in Schiffs office via phone…

https:// www.weaselzippers .us/

3c2cd6 No.146446


I'm curious about this, too. Must have missed it. Anybody willing to give a brief overview?

e1022d No.146447


are you a fucking idiot

go back to reddit

4d0935 No.146449



He's the guy mentioned by John in that 4chan post warning about the Vegas attack before it happened. John said Chertoff would benefit by his company imstalling security machines in Vegas casinos. Anyone have the post?

383e52 No.146450

File: 6b14b181183daed⋯.png (805.6 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_KeepThem.png)

File: 19290901ad7aa39⋯.png (797.62 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_FloodIsComing.png)

File: 8bce6aa22b06c3f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180122_Care….png)

File: 391dc59de6eea12⋯.png (594.63 KB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180123_Comi….png)

File: cd8c71742daebc1⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1111x1111, 1:1, Q_pepeCrumbs_message.png)

7c19d6 No.146452



meant this for you

c3e95a No.146453

Has anyone seen that video of the Asian women laying out the babies like a market stall?

Some whole, some gutted like animals?

That is what we are fighting to end.

7c19d6 No.146454

3453a5 No.146455



e1022d No.146456



not fergeson

do some research before putting out garbage

2913ba No.146457

File: 4c69151786f0e45⋯.jpg (285.54 KB, 1112x1487, 1112:1487, !newsweak6.jpg)

f7e699 No.146458


yah Wolfowitz, Neo-Cons ; large cabal! literally CONS

Univ. of Chicago and connects back to Europe / Germany

Maybe some of those will also get arrested now. We've been told they will get some 9/11 Perps. that would be a satisfaction. Finally.

http:// www.whodidit.org/cocon.html

2c848d No.146459



>Jesus Campos

Could image have come from the same device as the Campos image in that plebbit thread?

2ce0ca No.146460


Alex Jones called Adam Schiff a cocksucker yesterday LMAO!

a816f5 No.146461

File: 518dd9fac5409ad⋯.jpg (405.06 KB, 1458x690, 243:115, Snowden.jpg)




c9678c No.146462


eat a dick, coffee infusion in progress

0b1aff No.146463


search the Q posts for TG

cadf26 No.146464

Good morning! I know many of y'all arent fond of Corsi - but this is great news !

Traitor Schiffs phone was flooded with calls about "we are not Russian Bots!!"

https:// twitter.com/PrisonPlanet/status/956134125034983424

dbf0e3 No.146465


Well? What did the comments say? Give us a report

8526ba No.146466

File: 32bfc55e829d018⋯.jpg (91.88 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Anon White hats.jpg)



lol…my brain is so fried…lol I am stuck in memefag hell lol

correction #2 hot out of the oven

e5775d No.146467


AJ, this guy is legit OG in this battle from the early 90s

Lately I can't wade through the commercials to get enough value

I will say though that David Knight is the absolute best Patriot Journalist in the WORLD right now.

David Night 2024

ee0e6e No.146468


CNN is to blame for The Republican baseball team shooting too.

e1022d No.146469


1. drink coffee

2. make memes

3. spell check memes

4. post memes

5. bite me

174d0e No.146470

Sally Yates is trending on twitter, and everyone thinks she's Mueller's secret weapon.


3453a5 No.146471

File: d668018f644cad6⋯.jpg (56.7 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-mystery-is-the-antag….jpg)


Sick of assholes attacking anons for expressing their wishes to release the informations, ASAP.

Your opinion is welcome and your frustration with the handling of this matter is understood.

Ask yourself this… Who is REALLY the "shill"? The guy asking for the information to be released to the public? Or the guy calling you names and advocating for the information to be held-back to the public?

The implication is obvious.

Godspeed, anon.

4d0935 No.146472


https:// archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/141096258/#q141100963

c9678c No.146473


u right 2,3,1 today …late start, my bad

383e52 No.146474

File: 4d5a3134c449852⋯.png (959.68 KB, 1111x1469, 1111:1469, Q_BiteCrumbs_Ed.png)


fixed it

2ce0ca No.146475


Agreed, I know we give AJ shit here on the board but he really is a patriot and he does know the President and no one ever gives him credit for that LOL

e1022d No.146476


AJ is a paid disinformation specialist

like fox fucker

looks like a good guy

spreads lies

makes people run in circles

nothing ever amounts from his shit

3e0f6c No.146477

My friend , none of these are at 9am

031b4d No.146478

File: 766c82e38f4f578⋯.jpg (75.56 KB, 551x550, 551:550, 1st-recon-a.jpg)

Good morning anons!

Q give us his drop instructions yet?

Warming up computer for air traffic.

2ce0ca No.146479


yea yea yea we hear it every day AJ is a paid shill I even say it. However the fact remains both he and Roger Stone are close to the President like it or not….

09c8d0 No.146480


Because you said so?

a816f5 No.146482


>The guy asking for the information to be released to the public?

The 100% asshats think they know better than POTUS and Q! Get over your fucking self!

3453a5 No.146483

File: 3e22720c55c536d⋯.png (356.43 KB, 759x910, 759:910, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at ….png)


Roger Stone was a member of a sex-cult that brands women, called NXIVM… Fuck him.

9b4528 No.146484

is this profile id anything?

found pic with same id here


e1022d No.146485


FM 34-60 fool

anyone who has spent anytime in cointel

knows what alex is doing


leave the important stuff to the adults

you need to go back to (((kikebook)))


238b85 No.146486

0b1aff No.146487

We need an undercover Mexican (I'm only 1/2) to go under cover and get the DACA gang to start tearing down democrats walls, Schumers first, then Pelosi etc, we can dream right, no walls for dems till we get our wall

ed369e No.146488

File: 228a0d74825c201⋯.jpeg (77.24 KB, 1080x613, 1080:613, 1516798918.jpeg)

1d5ff2 No.146489


but sometimes the posts are quickly deleted, so we need the time stamps in the cap asap.

84612a No.146490


I find this very interesting. The Sumerians state that the recording of things were on what was known as ME's…

ed369e No.146491

File: c07e5ba82e9bf74⋯.jpeg (106.1 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1516799228.jpeg)

f06da0 No.146492


Peter Strzok


North Attleboro MA

Washington DC

Minneapolis MN

Arlington VA

Clarksville TN


Peter P Strzok II

Ladislaus J Strzok

I Strzok

Can’t post his home info, as that would be illegal of me.

a75c6d No.146493


>HRK or HEK?

e5775d No.146494

File: 7f5d2a9890575d8⋯.jpg (150.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 40f88d31260f40f512ed9d9bd3….jpg)


Misspelled Knight but seriously David Knight > Alex Jones.

Guys Real News is VERY good, the purest form of American Values and Truth

2ce0ca No.146495


sauce, I'd like to read the full article….

e1022d No.146496


dont dox yourself = dialectics

3453a5 No.146498


Wrong… "These assholes", believe in "We The People". Beta-followers like you simply need someone else to tell you what to do and give you a gov't-hand to hold. We don't.

Bend over for Daddy-gov't, faggot. Whatever you do, don't think for yourself. POTUS is your overlord. If he says to jump off a bridge, you jump. Meanwhile, some of us have brains and question things.

f06da0 No.146499


His wife Melissa hodgman

2ce0ca No.146500


David Knight is a very respectable journalist

3453a5 No.146501


Got you, fam.

http:// nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2007/10/all_about_nxivm_the_cultlike_o.html

2ce0ca No.146502

a816f5 No.146503


fuck off whiner

e1022d No.146504



e1022d No.146505

filtering all "chat"

e1022d No.146506

BO please start banning anyone with more than one comment that doesnt help connect a dot please

we need thinkers - not talkers


3453a5 No.146507


TIL: Questioning things makes you a "whiner"

Kys, thoughtless-loser.

f06da0 No.146508

Has anyone figured out the image Q posted last night?

1d5ff2 No.146509


i saw it, unfortunately.

a1e185 No.146510


some of do… but you seem to be lacking

9bbbee No.146511


Its not about what the anon is asking. Its the attitude and inpatients that comes with it. And its not about asking for the information to be released or not. Its the negativity and the recruitment like tactic that's being presented, that appears to me to be designed to draw others in to the same hopelessness.

Is the anon here to be comforted? No. The anon is here to cast doubt.

4e6fa2 No.146512


No but i am pretty sure Wikileaks will be involved, at the time of the chessboard post they also posted a decpryption password or something like it.

My theory, someone from Q contacted Wikileaks and they are in cahoots. Maybe Q is Wikileaks its a plausible explanation.

699d73 No.146513

File: 22160c89fcba5aa⋯.png (1.62 MB, 646x877, 646:877, capture_011_24012018_03211….png)

Denise Clifton writes, "Kremlin-oriented trolls…"

https:// www.motherjones. com/politics/2018/01/sean-hannity- is-now-a-top-weapon-for- russian-trolls-attacking-america/

e1022d No.146514


the image itself is not relevant - many tried to decipher the picture and the meta

nothing except 20/80

3453a5 No.146515


Yeah, make sure to announce it, so you can get others to join you… Because you need others to validate your options. Weak mothefucker.

e5775d No.146516


The reason we loose control to Pure evil is because the Devil is the great accuser.

We overlook baby eaters because they point to some guys minor kinks or deviance.

Look at the greater body of work, Stone is a Patriot. This is old news

They attempted to Assassinate Stone with Poison

They attempted to Assassinate him by car accident.

All after TRUMP was elected, Expand your mind !

384ff4 No.146518

37dea1 No.146519

Day qresearch is cancer. Im out

65afff No.146520

Calm down anons. Nothing is worth fighting over - hate and fights have been the end of many a board.

384ff4 No.146521


me too.

f06da0 No.146522


Ok I was thinking he was getting the actual image with the words to us, we are suppose to check on that, and not some hidden message

e1022d No.146523


who cares about mother jones

guess what

every globalist owned news source will write "muh russia bots" today and for the next 48-96 hours.

dont post anymore articles that shit the bread


16e7a8 No.146524

File: ef316135859add4⋯.jpg (856.63 KB, 1399x866, 1399:866, 1d1b58c262980b7920c6c452e4….jpg)

File: 78c688946a168e3⋯.png (146.52 KB, 855x539, 855:539, Q post Snowden.png)


>>146426 >>146428 >>146429 >>146433 >>146447 >>146461 >>146474

In threads a couple of weeks ago, we were discussing, that Snowden had a back key( to the 7 dwarves, CIA Computers) So i took the almost time part as meaning time to take down3,4 and 6,7 the last 4 of their computers, since ,1,2 and 5 are now offline.

Q said everything is not as it appears, some people/patriots had to play along. So we had discussed possibility he was good. And last message, could be taken that way. Maybe need a confirm from Q on that one,, or see what plays out with the It's time message.

b7cc38 No.146526



Thats a different Thomas Paine.

e1022d No.146527


it was a screenshot from an iphonex apparently

2ce0ca No.146529



7c19d6 No.146530


this is a message that should have been for you





this was a few breads back

031b4d No.146531


> at the time of the chessboard post they also posted a decpryption password or something like it.

So our chessfags have the key?

f06da0 No.146532


Have you ever been to a think tank? Apparently not…. because in talking is how people come to solutions

38dc2c No.146533

AS Antonin Scalia

Learn double meanings

e1022d No.146534


why would q out snowden being in russia? almost time is a tick tock statement - never good imho

813039 No.146535




If "nothing ever amounts from his shit" = " paid disinformation specialist"


every radio talk show host from Limbaugh, Hannity, Jones, every youtuber, researcher, whistleblower, white hat 4 and 8 chan anon, basically every single person not on the left = paid disinformation specialist.


Because NOTHING has EVER amounted to anything.

For 100 years, nothing. Presidents killed in broad day light. Nothing. Buildings blown up in broad daylight. Nothing. Theft, murder, blah blah blah….nothing.

Who's gone to jail?

What criminal is dead due to unnatural causes based on their evil actions?

What has come of YOUR efforts HERE?


Suggest you change your qualification requirement for disinformation specialist.

94449a No.146536


>questions validity of Q

>questions validity of POTUS

Fortunately, you will eventually get banned.

e1022d No.146537


yes - been in plenty of these situations

no - random off the trail comments about known info is not helpful

dont assume anything about anyone here

that is a dangerous error

e1022d No.146538



a816f5 No.146539


ok, still a lot of important info in the video

5dd86b No.146540


it’s been in the news recently



0e57d2 No.146542


I really wish it wasn't 6. 7 is a much better number. I would even buy 1 for the cause.

16e7a8 No.146543


Everyone knows Snowden has been in Russia the past few years,, unless you live under a rock.

7b9195 No.146544


Not CIA computers. NSA.

Snowden exposed all NSA methods for tracking data. The goal was to destroy NSA/MI. He's a clown. Clowns wanting to be the only ones controlling that data. Besides clowns we do not have specific persons he was working with/for. But Q Team knows…

f06da0 No.146545

Must be onto something with Snowden…. things start increasing in here when we are on to something..

3453a5 No.146546


He didn't try to cast doubt in anything… He asked for the information to not be withheld. The same as everyone else is doing regarding things like the memo.

It's amazing that when anyone else holds back info from us, everyone cries foul. But if one of /our guys/ does it, many won't even dare question the motive.

God forbid POTUS was ever black-mailed or worse, you idiots would follow him right off a cliff and lose sight of what we're doing here. And make no mistake what we are doing here is taking down the evil pedo-cabal. We are not here to give POTUS or Q hand-jobs and nod our heads in agreement to everything he says. Human-being are fallible. And no one is perfect. Yet your approach and the approach of many others is that, POTUS and Q are infallible and incapable of doing any wrong. Which is not logical-thinking.

Q said to think logically. That's all were doing. And that's all Anon did. He didn't cause division. YOU and your boyfriends did by attacking him for expressing his views. All I did was defend his right to share his views and you fags attacked me. Real fucking American heroes.

d093c3 No.146547

I just called a couple of the politicians offices and used a simple script:

Politicians office: "hello"

Me: "Hi, i'm an american, NOT a russian bot, and i want you to hashtag releasethememo"

Politicians office: *hangs up*

f06da0 No.146548


I read a post from Q I guess differently than other people. It made it sound to me like snow that would be returning home

6174a8 No.146549


You have over 30 posts on this thread just telling people to fuck off, that you filtered them, and what not to post. You have contributed exactly NOTHING. Now shut your fat fucking mouth and go play in traffic. We're gonna post whatever the fuck we want whether you approve or not. Filthy scat farmer.

87f95c No.146550

I don't know if this is what He was referring to

I just found it interesting

Those you trust are the most guilty of sin.

Who are we taught to trust?

If you are religious, PRAY.

60% must remain private [at least] - for humanity.

These people should be hanging.




Notice the similarity?


Isaiah 49

[24] Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered?

[25] But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee,

and I will save thy children.

b0046b No.146551

File: 7486995c53443d2⋯.png (424.06 KB, 1080x680, 27:17, Blind-eye NK [nuke build].png)

File: 934f0d157e7b8be⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1080x912, 45:38, Blind-eye Iran [fund and s….png)

File: c2e3f937521ca14⋯.png (3.74 MB, 1750x1167, 1750:1167, Leak C-intel Mil assets.png)

>U1 fund/supply IRAN/NK

67af0b No.146552

File: bae1e7a5a6f4376⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 800x164, 200:41, Screenshot_20180124-075825.jpg)


I made a twit account to troll him, but I'm not good at the troll part, and I felt bad afterwards. But I can give the login info if you like

2ce0ca No.146553


Wow and Roger Stone is wrapped up in all of this, smh

d79e84 No.146554


Didn't mean to start a shitstorm. Just wanted a meme!

d398f9 No.146555

If this was already posted, my apologies.

Trying to catch up and stumbled across this.


^^^^^^^ Top Kek

f7e699 No.146557

File: ebfc7fbdf9e0941⋯.jpg (53.03 KB, 648x434, 324:217, greenberg.jpg)


Supposedly, he's been there.

He's also allegedly a Greenberg

5dd86b No.146558

also on the topic of elite sex clubs


d4e473 No.146560

I’m not sure memes are getting out beyond here and few twats. WaPo article comments filled with anti-Trump lies. Comments to other articles are the same. Maybe only 4-6%ers are commenting/replying? Maybe bots? Idk. Just an observation.

e5775d No.146561


Old news, read>


f06da0 No.146562


You didn’t… calm…. but if you read the post Q made last night about snow it seems like some of us reach the conclusion that snow may return home others seem to reach the conclusion that snow was a bad actor

9e897c No.146563


I literally expect the MSM narrative to read:

Russian Bots now have voice software and sound like people!

535dd1 No.146564

File: 5a53677c4ea12c3⋯.jpg (159.39 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DUT7FfBX0AAu93s.jpg)

16e7a8 No.146565

Snowden could be good or he could be bad. Some of what Q has said has been disinformation,

Looking at it logically,, why would Q say almost time? what for Putin and russians to storm where he is and arrest him? lol or maybe time to activate/release something in a good way.

e1022d No.146566


fool i have been here since october homey

i have contributed plenty

its go time

my mouth isnt fat

keep posting your garbage

many dots connected by my posts over the last 90 days


assumption is a dangerous action


3453a5 No.146567


I didn't "question their validity", you statement-twisting faggot… I simply stated the FACT that they are human and therefore fallible.

If you disagree with that, you are a fucking moron. Moron.

a816f5 No.146568

7751dc No.146569


>maybe time to activate/release something in a good way

that's how i read it, but i'm not the biggest autist in the room, by far

d79e84 No.146570


Oh I'm calm haha the chan shitstorms can be kekky. My conclusion is that he's a bad actor.

How else would you get a Hollywood movie made about your "heroism"?

e1022d No.146571


2d5f4f No.146572


Top kek!

Biggest and worst loser of all time

f06da0 No.146573

8392c6 No.146575

File: 37ca6201ea6f9ff⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 540x386, 270:193, wwjd.jpg)


f06da0 No.146576


I’m thinking a drop. Given the context of the whole discussion

699d73 No.146577

File: 52864503cf89bb6⋯.png (2.12 MB, 752x982, 376:491, tWATTERdERANGEMENTsYNDROME.png)

https:// www. theverge.com/2018/1/23/16923306/ twitter-facebook-russian-bot-campaign-releasethememo

2913ba No.146578

File: fef8d43e66f9e14⋯.jpg (89.23 KB, 783x695, 783:695, seth_memo.jpg)

3453a5 No.146579


Yep… Can't believe so many have not heard about this and still dick-ride on this creep.

e1022d No.146580

i have connected alot of dots for people

i am sick of this being a chat board for political commentary and we want justice now bs

this board was chosen because of the autists here

if you arent an autist you should leave

you are hindering the work and the effort

if anyone has a problem with policing up the bread fuck off

a816f5 No.146581

f7e699 No.146582

File: 7a140bcc8f4c0c9⋯.jpg (1017.4 KB, 1340x2222, 670:1111, historyofus.jpg)


oh yes, they want to erase people. & their voices.

But that's not the "way" of the U.S. tradition.

f06da0 No.146583


I think as far is from in our government think he is a bad actor because he did take a bunch of classified information and give it to WikiLeaks. But I think there are a lot of white hats that feel he is a good actor because he exposed a lot of corruption

8392c6 No.146586


did that anon

rose to a pretty high level

was surrounded by rats on my own side

was like trying to fight what POTUS is trying to fight with MI on your side

status quo is the norm - if you want to stay around, you have to do absolutely nothing and go along with "their" agenda

it is definitely one big club and we are not a part of it

d1922c No.146587


Snowden being in Russia is public knowledge. MSM and everywhere. Lits of drama. So what other reason would Q mention him?

1d5ff2 No.146588

File: edcafcb8b8a4153⋯.png (458.7 KB, 656x411, 656:411, patriots.exist1.png)

7ccbee No.146590

UkAnon here. Listening. With you. God Bless Pres Trump, USA, and God bless the British Isles.

May we once again become the country that delivered the Gospel Truth to many nations and return to our God and Creator.

f6caf1 No.146591


^^^ THIS ^^^

Thank you anon!!!

8392c6 No.146592

File: a4ab7420b010998⋯.jpg (139.02 KB, 1492x1002, 746:501, Black_Mail_Able.jpg)


d3b3ea No.146593


trying to get me riled up first thing in the morning I see!

And to fellow anon, good morning to all of you. May it be a glorious day.

16e7a8 No.146594




Have to just wait for confirmation or more crumbs from Q,, and it could be the shills that are calling him a traitor? A post of people's opinions and shittalk, is not proof,lol

Have to see what happens.

9bbbee No.146595


I disagree. To put it simply.

And you've made assumptions of me that our unfounded, based on my comments. You're reaching. I've not attacked you in any way. You assume a lot.

4f20a8 No.146596

File: 25901268ecb70fc⋯.png (144.06 KB, 254x301, 254:301, clinton-topless.png)

e1022d No.146597


because the trap is about to be thrown

the hammer dropped

it was a taunt

public knowledge?

do you think if snowden was somewhere else we would know

maybe Q is saying how is russia like we know you arent in russia anymore

do you understand cointel? at all?

this is not black and white - you have to read into things and use logic

1d5ff2 No.146598


Your turn's coming! Keep praying.

7c19d6 No.146599


OzAnon here

praying for you

hunker down

stay safe

e1022d No.146600



b7cc38 No.146601



Yep, both good.

c3e95a No.146602


We need Mogg in charge of Brexit and Davis to go to rehab before his trial.

The Da Vinci Code

2292d3 No.146603


Or how about "it was a video". Fackin scumbags.

a816f5 No.146604

File: 87ddbfa61bdad0f⋯.jpg (255.95 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, crooked.jpg)


THIS is the face of failure~!

36522b No.146606

File: ae73e13409b1577⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 793x543, 793:543, KJUBirdMemo.JPG)

8392c6 No.146607


kek anon, ty

36522b No.146609

File: ae73e13409b1577⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 793x543, 793:543, KJUBirdMemo.JPG)

f06da0 No.146611


Very true, I’m just trying to fig out Q post last night

d037c9 No.146612


Yes, anon, HEK…typing before coffee. Thanks for the correction

2913ba No.146613

File: 12a3e55754bbdf7⋯.jpg (363.11 KB, 2172x1583, 2172:1583, FURY.jpg)

174d0e No.146614

Pope Francis: Fake news is satanic & the truth will set you free


1d5ff2 No.146615

File: 44a3dc548cd4db3⋯.png (38.44 KB, 687x124, 687:124, uk.png)


UK anon, pic related is for you today! The storm is heading your way.

03a380 No.146616


So there is a TV interview of an old Dutch WWII resistance member.. "Then up in da sky nd ve saw them fokers commin.."

The interviewer turns to the camera with a slight grin and says "I think we should explain to the audience that "Fokers" was a kind of German plane.."

And the Dutchman agrees, "…Ya! And dem fokers vas flie'n Messerschmitts."

8526ba No.146617


I know my Bible anon, and that just laid me on the floor. Add to that this verse, which has haunted me for decades. It comes from the book of Joel (3:3) which is a prophetic book…

"And they have cast lots for my people; and have given a boy for an harlot, and sold a girl for wine, that they might drink."

dbf0e3 No.146618

File: 2be4087929c112c⋯.png (282 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, DACA screamers.png)


When Dreamers become Screamers

f7e699 No.146619

File: 53a6ddac24c420f⋯.jpg (794.37 KB, 1239x1762, 1239:1762, gowdy.jpg)


I hope he on the good side.It would be good if he was.

He blows all the other Prosecutors out of the water? That I can see. Maybe he was born for this. He's young enough.

A good litigator has to have charisma & he's got it.

e96842 No.146620

File: 84023521a6a20cb⋯.png (911.31 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180124-111544.png)

7ccbee No.146621

Agree re Mogg - old school patriot - but The Bible, not The Da Vinci Code, is my primary reference book and standard through which all must be fltered before acceptance.



d3b3ea No.146622


Speaking of the bible, JA has been busy on the Pop again. Sometimes I swear this is dry humor when he does this.


Fake news is satanic…

36522b No.146623

File: bcdccc544c68277⋯.jpg (35.57 KB, 650x438, 325:219, KJUBirdMemo.JPG)

Sorry, meant;

a75c6d No.146624

File: 26ac16a04745ef6⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 603x434, 603:434, Capture ja.JPG)

7b9195 No.146626


Thank you. USA will lead, others will follow in the purge of this evil.

7c19d6 No.146627


thats our orders

f06da0 No.146628



a75c6d No.146629


np was just wondering as I remember reading up on HEK back then…thought maybe I missed some other connection…

ed369e No.146630

File: 281d60365dc9f9d⋯.jpeg (119.4 KB, 1020x824, 255:206, 1516802897.jpeg)

535dd1 No.146632

File: 376f063ad010ba4⋯.jpg (66.2 KB, 750x719, 750:719, DUT9vOFW4AEYfpw.jpg)

b7cc38 No.146633


'..fake news is satanic..'


94449a No.146634


>bend over

>potus is your overlord

Might want to be careful.

0af4fa No.146635

File: 5b6ea514b88769d⋯.png (157.14 KB, 733x73, 733:73, apple.png)


He also tweeted about Apple recently, and I always suspected they were in the badboy club.

My first thought was that these companies he is mentioning now in a positive way are those that have been flipped, and have agreed to a deal with Trump - to stop working against potus, national security, and the American people.

a5c1da No.146637

The more information I obsorb the more I believe these people are uncivilized animals that have been doing this all along for centuries which is why the religious right took the dangerous journey to the new world, they new and we're escaping. Founded on belief in God, makes sense the burning of Salem witches. Ben Franklin trips and buried bodies makes sense, they were still among us, he didn't come alone. Vaccines and flu shots to distemper us to keep us from becoming animals too. Or keep us asleep for the taking. We were screwed by distorted history. Distorted isn't strong enough to describe it but it is all I have at the moment.

36522b No.146638

”They see the blood of a sexually abused infant as the ‘ultimate prize’ and say that it’s ‘highly enriched.'

Mel Gibson

http:// www.wuc-news. com/2018/01/mel-gibson-hollywood-elites-kill.html?m=0

ed369e No.146642

File: 684e91103403cf8⋯.jpeg (113.44 KB, 1020x824, 255:206, 1516802835.jpeg)

2d5f4f No.146643


Never seen this leak; sauce?

87f95c No.146644


Q and DJT obviously have a biblical view

I won't speak more about this here.

I don't want to clog up the board.

a816f5 No.146645



lol sooo funny

a75c6d No.146646


was hoping but nope just being his fake old self I guess

174d0e No.146647

Merkel says the (((New))) world order is under threat


03a380 No.146648


Her whole life has been a series of lies. Got her kicked off Watergate. Totally incapable of telling the truth. Makes shit up for no good reason, even when its easily seen through.

These people as sodifferent from us, I just can't imagine how they think.

d398f9 No.146650

File: aadbed503c346c0⋯.jpg (150.36 KB, 749x500, 749:500, BarrySoldOut1.jpg)

File: 95693a092e71c19⋯.jpg (78.04 KB, 669x499, 669:499, RBs1a.jpg)

7751dc No.146651


bad link?


7c19d6 No.146652


bout bloody time

b7cc38 No.146653


Can't wait for him to start ranting about Russian bots…

c34c34 No.146654


give us a better image if you have access anon

2d5f4f No.146655


I do hope that quote is what is going on behind the scenes regarding the press being free again

87f95c No.146656


Q confirmed it regards Pop

f7e699 No.146657

File: 06cda69d414a14c⋯.jpg (118.91 KB, 720x895, 144:179, popenwo.jpg)


Didn't the "pope" say that people who like "fake news" are cropophilic - those who get sex pleasure from feces?

Was he talking about himself?

6174a8 No.146658



2d5f4f No.146660


The American press, I mean

d037c9 No.146661

She deceives and uses evil for personal gain…which is what a witch does.

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." Exodus 22:18

a1e185 No.146662


Since the Pope is back in the news, thought I would share the video of Trump trolling the Pope - too funny.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8AQler0Dq0

a75c6d No.146664


think is too BUT seeds getting out…

2d5f4f No.146665


satanic digits confirm; amen!

36522b No.146667


http:// www.wuc-news.com/2018/01/mel-gibson-hollywood-elites-kill.html?m=0

1d5ff2 No.146668

File: 04db6547dce60c8⋯.png (506.77 KB, 505x499, 505:499, sr.not.a.bot.1.png)

03a380 No.146669


“The blood of a sexually abused infant is considered highly ‘enriched’ and is highly prized. The money changing hands, the favors, the kickbacks – you have no idea. Babies are a high-functioning currency all of their own. Babies are their premium brand of high-grade caviar cocaine diamond steak.”

Hanging is too good for them.

fadae4 No.146670


If you read the article the NXIVM shit didn't turn truly weird and sexual until roughly 2009.

I mean it was still a cult beforehand, but it wasn't as bizarre.

I sound like I'm defending NXIVM, but I'm not intending to..

337779 No.146671

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-24/whistleblower-confirms-secret-society-meetings-between-fbi-and-doj-destroy-trump

695e41 No.146673


Many thanks anon, treasuring this.

d037c9 No.146674


was speaking if Hillary but left that out accidentally. I gotta drink my coffee before posting anymore

d1922c No.146675


I get what you are saying. I got too attached to the hero thing too see anything other than. Redpiilled in Snowden. I feel like a dumbass.

031b4d No.146676

Any other planefags on?

Can you verify no MIL air traffic on the West coast at all?

36522b No.146677

File: 6520c3c3744f26e⋯.jpg (42 KB, 647x319, 647:319, DemonLost.JPG)

3453a5 No.146678

HOLY SHIT… I just uncovered the mother-load of all evidence against the pedo-cabal. It's damning. I'm talking heart-breaking video-evidence, incriminating audio-recordings, and highly damaging-documents. The problem is, it's so shocking you might not be able to handle it, anons…

For this reason, I've decided to NOT expose this evidence and/or share it with you.

You are too fragile.

You cannot handle the truth.

Maybe I'll make 40% of this evidence public. But, you'd never know.

Trust in me. I know better than all of you. And, as such, I will decide what to do with this information.

c34c34 No.146681

c3e95a No.146682


Long term, I just want a better world.

Just remove the cancer.

In Time

ce80b2 No.146683


Thank you, Baker, for all your hard work!

Patriots ALL! Godspeed.

bcee26 No.146684


Unfortunately, this is the predictable result of teasers, cloak and dagger stuff and not clear communication.

This is what the left has been doing…spinning people up and not delivering. Now it is happening on the right.

Tensions and frustrations are building.

People (animals) can only stay in that heightened state for so long.

630c9f No.146685


confirmed , but some can be dark .

406e96 No.146686


LOL fuck off glowshill

2913ba No.146687


See if your doctor can adjust your medcations

6174a8 No.146688


Time for your Tide pod faggot.

1d78b3 No.146689


Is it possible that we already have the encryption key?

1df8b4 No.146690

File: 0c12983245edd5c⋯.jpg (227.61 KB, 1890x891, 70:33, plane.jpg)

a15b04 No.146691

9e897c No.146692

>https:// www.scribd.com/document/369736335/2018-01-20-RHJ-to-FBI-Re-Federal-Records

But the Justice Department also said that it cannot find texts that Strzok and Page sent between December 14, 2016, and approximately May 17, 2017. It blamed a technical glitch.

The department said in a letter to Nunes that the FBI upgraded its phones to Samsung 7s at the time, and that the phones "did not capture or store text messages due to misconfiguration issues related to rollouts, provisioning, and software upgrades that conflicted with the FBI's collection capabilities."

>https:// www.npr.org/2018/01/24/580068641/the-memo-the-bureau-and-the-missing-texts-get-caught-up-on-the-war-over-the-fbi

Trent Leavitt, a Utah-based expert whose firm ‎Decipher Forensics recently was absorbed into EideBailly, noted that the FBI uses forensic technology from the company Cellebrite, which he said offers the industry standard for governments and companies that preserve phone records.

Leavitt said FBI analysts may have selected the less-comprehensive Cellebrite “logical” download option, which includes viewable information on the phone, rather than a more advanced “file system capture” option that also includes deleted pieces of information.


After weeks of insisting that only Apple could help the feds unlock the phone of San Bernardino killer Syed Rizwan Farook, the Justice Department suddenly revealed that a third party had provided a way to get into the device. Speculation swirled around the identity of that party until an Israeli newspaper reported it was Cellebrite.

It turns out the company was not the third party that helped the FBI. A Cellebrite representative said as much during a panel discussion at a high-tech crimes conference in Minnesota this past April, according to a conference attendee who spoke with The Intercept. And sources who spoke with the Washington Post earlier this year also ruled out Cellebrite’s involvement, though Yossi Carmil, one of Cellebrite’s CEOs, declined to comment on the matter when asked by The Intercept.

>https:// theintercept.com/2016/10/31/fbis-go-hackers/

3453a5 No.146693


And the irony doesn't even dawn on them…


03a380 No.146694


Links are broken on 8ch by tradition- don't ask why.

So- remove the space and it works.

031b4d No.146695


>confirmed , but some can be dark .


Still wanted to check though, thanks.

8db485 No.146697

I was thinking about this all night.

Saw mention of this on the board last night.

Said if that's true that's significant and incredibly relevant in the times.

I decided to look it up this morning. It's the new Justin Timberlake video, Supplies, released on 1/18/18.

https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=M4vnmgZLA8s


I only watched the first 2:40 of the video and didn't care to watch any more. Significant things include pyramid burning and witch in a red chair in front of concert crowd… flaming crowns ripped off and people falling from webs dead…

Q's post in qresearch last night was referring to the Satanists killing themselves en-masse once these significant videos reach the public eye. [self destruction] If you understand how they think… you will realize that's what will be happening. Once these people are dead, who ever was under their influence will be running like rats for the exits. Hopefully they will "wake up"!!!!

The ones I know of that will likely be gone include Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. I know you can name many, many more- most likely, all of Hollywood.


this is truly a battle between good and evil. check out the christian research board. list of links near the bottom are all my posts. alignment of 9/23/17 on the sabbath wasn't by chance. Revelations 12 sign.

94449a No.146698


Nice try dickweed.

83e016 No.146699


This is kinda strange. What kind of tactic is this?

c3e95a No.146700


My parents didn't want to know about the dead/newly-born baby market stalls.

I wouldnt force that on them.

Some are too vulnerable to see things they cannot under.

Abuse victims must be given the choice of anonymity.

Trust Q n POTUS anon.

3453a5 No.146701


By this same exact logic, you are calling Q a shill… Do you even realize this, dip-shit?

50b369 No.146702


Laura Silsby

1d5ff2 No.146703


be assured, this IS the beginning for you.

get organized, provide a forum for an insider to make drops. you need meme anons . . . if you've been here even for only a short time, you know the drill.

Godspeed, UK anon.

3453a5 No.146704


So… You're a child.

068f60 No.146705

File: 457a386e01b70aa⋯.png (297.19 KB, 1025x732, 1025:732, CALIFORNIA SOCIALIST.PNG)

File: adbbb5c5c7849fc⋯.jpg (62.06 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, california-flag.jpg)

California State flag change coming.

d3b3ea No.146706

About false Flags, real crazies and our kids.

My daughter listens and is interested in all that we do. She asked me if the kid in KY was a false flag or just crazy. That remains to be seen, but when you have to have conversations over and over again with your kids about what to do if a classmate comes unhinged because you want them to live through high school… it just makes me get up earlier for research and get on here, hoping we can help make a difference.

a1e185 No.146707


Why do these 40/60% shills always leave out the 60% Black Ops part?

We wont KNOW what the 60% did but we should see the results of the op. Maybe these elites will all die of the super flu…

7751dc No.146708


>Links are broken on 8ch by tradition- don't ask why.

lurk moar. the space wasn't the problem

b7cc38 No.146709



Hes quite keen on ridiculing the idea of pedophile rings.

Mr Davis once wrote: “The government has engineered a theatrical emergency — in this case terrorism and hidden pedophile rings — to ram the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill through Parliament without proper debate.

https:// www.express.co.uk/news/politics/691341/Brexit-David-Davis-backs-down-Theresa-May-snooping-law-EU-court-justice

0af4fa No.146710


Could the black-bordered Q pics be intended to be arranged into one graphic so that they fit together like puzzle pieces, giving a visual map of how the topics relate to each other, and possibly revealing something more? Just a brainstorm thought. Apologies if already investigated.

1d5ff2 No.146711


Pope thinks MSM is not fake news, everything else is.

2d5f4f No.146712


Hanging is too good, but once done their proper judgement before The Supreme Judge begins

7ccbee No.146713


I get what you're saying but I think you are not understanding why it is necessary to withhold some information. The corruption is so wide and deep that if it were all exposed at once it would lead to the collapse of every institution of governance necessary for civil society and the result would be anarchy. A slow release that allows institutions, such as the judiciary, to be reformed is better for all of humanity in the long run.

3b853c No.146714


No problemo.

Coming up on 4 months and not one substantial perp walk? The fruit isn't even low hanging - it's fallen and decayed and is started growing many new trees. Talk, talk, talk, talk…

Mostly about things that those of us who have been paying attention ALREADY KNOW. More than half of your "predictions" don't come true or are coincidental [confirmation bias]. Advantage of using code language - you can make it mean many things. Big news week? No, it really wasn't, was it?

Y'all are as effective as Congress. Reflective power only. DC only FEELS powerful but in reality is only dangerous. God gives us power to help people. You NEED to exercise your particular authority and get rid of the crime networks so we can THRIVE. Much restoration work to do yet. Many years of the slow work of service and evangelism. Get to finishing your work, if you are for real, that is. We need to get to ours. Your work is easy in comparison. Tick tock. Tick tock. So far not impressed at all.

This war is over 100 years old now. Time to end it. Stop the freakin' games.

So, yeah, no problemo.

1d5ff2 No.146715


with a new married last name

d09700 No.146716


>Trust in me. I know better than all of you.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


All others pay cash

406e96 No.146717



>>146691 Doesn't understand this board, which is clearly evident from his post.

Either share what he got or GTFO simple as that.

f06da0 No.146718

Anyone see this???? Legalizing euthanasia…a POPE??? Doesn’t Italy have a government?

http:/ /www.wuc-news.com/2018/01/pope-francis-legalizes-euthanasia-in.html?m=0

3453a5 No.146719


Oh yeah… Forgot to mention, "this shill" is doing black-ops with the info I have, behind the scenes. You just can't see it, simpleton.

d037c9 No.146720

amp.dailycaller .com/2018/01/23/congressmen-de-fang-sex-slush-fund-reform/

d3b3ea No.146721


… says the man used to being the definitive voice on all humans should think or know. Disgusting.

406e96 No.146722


whoops not that ^^

>>146678 this

f06da0 No.146723


There’s pics on google images of the branding they did

a75c6d No.146724


JA known for signs of sarcasm in some of his twats…my take same with this one…

7c19d6 No.146725


I saw this a few breads ago after the Qdrop

written in dark writing maybe this will help



8526ba No.146726


glad you guys liked it…it was an honor to make it

9e897c No.146727

>https:// nypost.com/2018/01/23/evidence-suggests-a-massive-scandal-is-brewing-at-the-fbi/

2d5f4f No.146728


Much agreed; and produce movies to redpill future generations

c3e95a No.146729

d3b3ea No.146730


I was trying to point this out to everyone during the shut down, but we had our hands full with Schumer shutdown. Ah well. Sometimes you cannot keep all the balls in the air.

16e7a8 No.146731


Also the part i showed was,, How do you blind clowns?

You take away their spying capabilities, the 7 super computers they use,,,, 3 are down,, so almost time, could be about taking the last 4 offline.

0be682 No.146733

File: 255a78e3d66ea07⋯.jpg (320.96 KB, 659x752, 659:752, snow.jpg)

630c9f No.146734

a note to planefags , i was getting plenty of traffic to Gitmo up intill about a week ago

the last flight i caught was a cessna night vist which is Rare

since then nothing , looking at the big pic it seems like i was catching personel and supplies to get Gitmo maintained and ready go and now all planes go in dark .

031b4d No.146735


Naaa…what we need to do is put them on public display while hanging by their ankles, this way people can go see them and throw rotten eggs, and all that other bad stuff at them.

Then when it's feeding time, they have to smell the stench of the rotted stuff around them and try to hold food down all the while hanging by their ankles like they do them over in SA.

53e746 No.146736

Scrolling thru posts, i sense the origin of division is our long life experience. We are truthseekers-autistic researches. POTUS is our long awaited hope. Q established his connection to POTUS in our doubting heads. POTUS many times has emphasized that he is not going to broadcast plans to his enemies. We feel that we are guided towards smth but we are not given clear directions. That makes us doubt the plan and creates a feeling that we are used, especially cuz we dont see any clear outcomes yet (arrests of higher level). Major question in our heads is whether we are indeed a part of greater purpose operation or it will AGAIN go into smoke. Going back to statement in the beginning, do we have a choice if POTUS is our only hope???

1d5ff2 No.146737

File: 081b842d1475942⋯.png (33.43 KB, 708x130, 354:65, uk2.png)


storm headin' your way

50b369 No.146738


If we only knew who controlled that parody account. A lot of stuff posted on there isn't parody.

848bc5 No.146739


Agree. Was reviewing those same drops an hour ago, and still can't determine Snowden's status. Always keep in mind Q's statement:

Operations underway.

Operators active.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

a75c6d No.146740


already twatted and fb…yes tyvm

699d73 No.146741

File: 1084a6ecbaa9654⋯.png (3.55 MB, 958x1292, 479:646, fOOLSoNtHEhILL.png)


c1e2b4 No.146742


Another suggestion:

Jan 2017: “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told Rachel Maddow. “For a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.”

NOW: “Let me tell you: You take on the Trump administration, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told his mama. “For a practical, supposedly hard-nosed politician, I've been really dumb to do this.”

e1022d No.146743


yes it was a big week

we found out twitter stores child porn among other things

your definition of big resides within a paradigm you alone are the owner of

see how that works?

2984bd No.146744

File: 8872b31e962bbd5⋯.jpg (67.51 KB, 474x706, 237:353, 2.jpg)


Best I could find with image searches.

No reference to tho photo being of HRC. It is mostly "Summer of Love" sort of thing.

Not saying it's not HRC but no proof that it is that I have found so far.

c3e95a No.146745

2d5f4f No.146746


Oh, we could Mussolini the corpses, but God would have their very soul at trial and imprisoned in eternal fire, which is Supremely Awesome

8526ba No.146748



8db485 No.146749


I am of the opinion that the Kentucky shooting was a crazy kid… it could also be a false flag but not as likely… we know not what moves behind the scenes…. and Marshall is also related to the chess board posted a week or two ago.

1d78b3 No.146750


The only issue i have is that they are clogging the board up with useless jibberish (((much like this post))).

Additionally, complaints hold no value and, instead, distract from the collective effort of those researching. Filtering though a bunch of "hurry up, i am getting impatient" posts.

I appreciate that folks are interested and following this madness. We need all the support we can get. I'm only asking that we refrain from clogging the board.

16e7a8 No.146751




We don't know that for sure yet.

9e897c No.146752


got bant for posting DWS taters

can only imagine the banning for HRC tates

2292d3 No.146753


Well he has a point.

50b369 No.146754


Sotomayer - low blood sugar

3453a5 No.146755


I understand that logic (and thanks for conversing like a thinking human-being, instead of just shouting "shill", like a faggot.)

My concern is, we are counting on a corrupt system to clean-up the corrupt system, while giving them time to maneuver and take position, to prevent this clean-up.

It's easy to sit back and tell people to be patient when it's not YOUR kid that is missing, or being abused. Try telling that to the guy whose kid was harmed/murdered/raped yesterday.

The fact is, the majority of folks here have no skin in this game. And those that do, fully-understand that time is of the essence. To the father/mother who has a child/loved one in harm's way, patience is not an option.

d037c9 No.146756

File: 8adc1944f4a633e⋯.png (566.26 KB, 800x800, 1:1, photostudio_1516804515661.png)

File: 2775f268e520e4f⋯.png (568.41 KB, 800x1174, 400:587, photostudio_1516804600762.png)


The gall of these people astound me. We badly need term limits.

d3b3ea No.146757


Anyone else actually wish Qanon were not that high on the list? It just makes things harder in some ways, but who knows. There is a lot of garbage on twitter and that isn't going to change.

f06da0 No.146758


Saw that press conference, little girl going for surgery…

a75c6d No.146759


always does..mini Q haha

87f95c No.146760

2984bd No.146761


I hadn't even thought of that.

Do I need to remove it?

f7e699 No.146762

File: 5ebbeac27a0d5da⋯.jpg (3.58 KB, 251x201, 251:201, popesith.jpg)


>Fake news is satanic…

Of course he does.

There are "all about" inversion.

inversion creates dissonance and confusion.

That's what they hide behind. It's a technique.

They promote the EXACT opposite of the truth.

It's deliberate. & some type of "Spell"

966c47 No.146763


Looks like tire tread marks going horizontally across the middle

031b4d No.146765


> we could Mussolini the corpses


We want their dead bodies to decay and be eaten by the maggots they acted like.

f06da0 No.146767


I don’t know for sure but I Recollect something back during the elections about a little girl that was so pro trump she had lemonade stands and stuff to raise money. I am thinking this is the same little girl

578529 No.146768


Snowden question:

Hollywood movie was Stone who did JFK..

Still don't understand his true intention, but by exposing the sruveillance made us all more concerned about who gets the data and what they do with it.

0be682 No.146769



<<SAP sell-off

Snowden open source Prism/Keyscore (catastrophic to US Mil v. bad actors (WW) +Clowns/-No Such Agency)

Target/weaken conservative base (IRS/MSM)>>

d3b3ea No.146770


Here is the thing about all of these, we know there are distractions, and we know there are negotiations, as they call them. I am unsure how we can get things to become individual items that require votes. It would mean people actually have to work when they got there, sure. But it would be so much clearer.

Item A. Item B. Item C. They should not collectively be item A.

c1e2b4 No.146771

a75c6d No.146772

a5c1da No.146773

Globalism is nothing short of a modern form of barbarism.

fadae4 No.146774


This is their new strategy to try to discourage us and disengage us after the HUGE success with twatter.

They try to minimize Q.

They will try to crush our hope, because HOPE and PATRIOTISM is driving us.



Where we go one, we go all.

2d5f4f No.146775


Total kek

535dd1 No.146776

File: 4d639802570fb78⋯.jpg (66.81 KB, 512x512, 1:1, DUUDIOqXcAAI2x4.jpg)

86254d No.146777

morning anons!

ed369e No.146778

File: 4d48cad0e478568⋯.jpeg (81.73 KB, 1080x610, 108:61, 1516804738.jpeg)

a75c6d No.146779

we have anything on the giving up of first borne s? I cant see anything but am sure there is something to it…

051b06 No.146782

Hi anons , working and listening to some music, came across this one. Hope it lifts the spirit! Good lyrics! Enjoy…

https:// m.youtube .com/watch?v=nsfdr6ynFig


Take a look around me

Taking pages from a magazine

Been looking for the answer

Ever since we were seventeen

You know the truth can be a weapon

To fight this world of ill intentions

A new answer to the same question

How many times will you learn the same lesson?

I think they got it all wrong

We just got to hold on

And on, and on, and on

'Cause we're gonna be legends

Gonna get their attention

What we're doing here ain't just scary

It's about to be legendary

Yeah we're gonna be legends

Gonna teach 'em all a lesson

Got this feeling that we're so sweet caring

It's about to be legendary

This is what we came for

And we couldn't want it anymore

Could never turn back now

Got to leave it all on the floor

Been dreaming of the payoff

Through the struggles and the trade-offs

Write in truth heading on the way up

Tell them the truth but they think it's just made up…

I think they got it all wrong

We just got to hold on

And on, and on, and on

'Cause we're gonna be legends

Gonna get their attention

What we're doing here ain't just scary

It's about to be legendary

Yeah we're gonna be legends

Gonna teach 'em all a lesson

Got this feeling that we're so sweet caring

It's about to be legendary

Eventually their gonna know who's right

To make a stand you got to win the fight

Can't stand the heat then just stay out the light

For you might never make it out alive

You gotta live without the columbines

Let everybody hear your battle cry

Yeah we're gonna be legends

Gonna get their attention

What we're doing here ain't just scary

It's about to be legendary

Yeah we're gonna be legends

Gonna teach 'em all a lesson

Got this feeling that we're so sweet caring

It's about to be legendary

f7e699 No.146783

File: ac0488f9e2ae126⋯.jpg (13.31 KB, 168x300, 14:25, Angela-Merkel-mogelijk-doc….jpg)


Return the bodies to the families.

That's an ancient tradition.

It's a crime not to, no matter what.

We are civilized as opposed to our enemies. Never forget that.

Mussolini desecration of his corpse may have been staged. He may not even have died

Yes, you have to check the body and ID to make sure they are dead.

Live and learn. No more mistakes as what happened with Hitler.

I loved it that POTUS refused "her" hand.

2292d3 No.146785


I bet Q group responded to their letters with "All Your Memos Are Belong to Us".

901772 No.146786


People are excited over the prospect of ol' Ginsberg retiring. When in fact, the situation is MUCH better than that! Not only Elena Kagan, but Sonia Sotomayor as well, both have health issues and they're more than just a little diabetes. Both have spoke about their health and have not suggested a lengthy life term on the bench is likely, I believe the health issues for both are substantial enough that they want to retire.

We will be getting a court FULL of nationalists. It hasn't started to set in for the Left yet.

I can't wait… The despair….

535dd1 No.146787

File: 88e99ec73b1a371⋯.jpg (99.93 KB, 955x700, 191:140, DUUDM13V4AAgH-m.jpg)

b7cc38 No.146788


Well, there's a shit-eating grin if ever I saw one.

031b4d No.146789

File: 56edb11f5697ae6⋯.png (467.15 KB, 1419x815, 1419:815, air1.png)

I don't know, but that's alot of area on the west coast to not even have a USCG helo or any other MIL aircraft on showing.

I mean CA normally has loads of MIL aircraft up and going.

a5c1da No.146790

Just keep the skies clear and give the people the targets and this mess will get cleaned up quick.

535dd1 No.146791

File: b6c38f94385768d⋯.jpg (191.48 KB, 960x768, 5:4, DUUCq8JVwAE9GEA.jpg)

2913ba No.146792

File: aacb1efa8d53668⋯.jpg (233.97 KB, 1112x1487, 1112:1487, !newsweak5.jpg)

edaa26 No.146795


I like.

fdd726 No.146796


I thought the complaint about the Office of Compliance was that people had not heard of it – even though they went thru training or received materials where it was mentioned. I don't recall seeing complaints that that office did nothing when given a credible complaint.

So maybe this is a nothingburger, just avoiding the growth of needless extra bureaucracy. Of course for serious things there are always the police.

901772 No.146797


Oh, okay.

So I guess it's NOT happening then.

We can all go home.

f7e699 No.146800

File: 46ddf1d98a588c1⋯.jpg (780.55 KB, 1356x1552, 339:388, jesusiconvropped.jpg)


I don't have a citation at the moment, but if you read the Bible, and study the definitions and allusions, you'll find it referred to

Apparently the first born had to be taken to the Temple and given to the Priests, as a tax.

Maybe they just had to work there?

Sometimes the parents had the opportunity ot pay some coins instead of the child.

There's a holiday dedicated to that alleged event in the life of King Christ Jesus. I forget what it's called.

fdd726 No.146801

ee0e6e No.146802

The Feinstein/Schill letter to faceberg and twatter regarding Russian Bots is based on information from http: //securingdemocracy.gmfus.org/team/advisory-council

This scam organization is headed but Mike Chertoff and other criminals in the cabal.

Un-fucking-believable. Fuck these people they all belong in jail.

7ccbee No.146803


God, our Creator, is in control even though we cannot always see or understand. It is God who raises up those in authority and God who deposes and disposes, and His timing is perfect and His plan is secure throughout eternity.

Have faith, anon. I know where you are coming from…

Pray:- Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven

94449a No.146804


Off topic but Oliver Stone likes to hire (((young))) prostitutes and beat them if they ask for his cocaine.

436c2d No.146805

File: 35d326808494805⋯.jpg (124.37 KB, 830x1024, 415:512, DTYy2TDW4AUJQPz.jpg)

a1e185 No.146807


Typical leftest fail again - nominate 2 SCJs and they have significant health issues. Did the same with H, totally ignore her health issues.

7fef0a No.146808


>I can't wait… The despair….

Sweet, sweet liberal tears.

901772 No.146810


Are you familiar with the subreddit r/The_Mueller?

96e042 No.146811


info? I'll troll him a bit.

a75c6d No.146812


Agree and got that side of it..looking for the "value" it will symbolize to the Luciferians tho..

ed369e No.146813

File: 0610fef495dabd2⋯.jpeg (171.62 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, 1516805379.jpeg)

7fef0a No.146814


>CA normally has loads of MIL aircraft up

It's early, still dark out there. Peeps just going to work.

535dd1 No.146815

File: 835b3a8867ffeca⋯.jpg (92.36 KB, 720x720, 1:1, DUUFvMxWsAA7Dsj.jpg)

2292d3 No.146816


Chertoff, really? Mister let's shoot up half of Vegas so I can install security systems.

031b4d No.146818


>Return the bodies to the families.

You obviouslt have never been to a military cemetary.

The bodies of foreign soldiers that were captured and died before war was over are buried along the fence line, with their headstones turned away from our fallen soldiers. So they didn't get home to family, and neither should those that commit treason upon their own country.

They can return to their family as ashes!

These are not regular people.

They deserve the worst of anything that can happen to them alive or dead.

50b369 No.146819


Looks like Rumsfield and Cheny

b7cc38 No.146820


We're going to need a LOT of rope…

a9f2bf No.146821

File: 492deaf595773f5⋯.jpg (66.01 KB, 605x406, 605:406, f43tw345yh46u6u.jpg)

d4121f No.146823

File: 9cabe8ee3e0c8d1⋯.png (142.43 KB, 1017x552, 339:184, Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 6….png)

File: 8e79a39bd7442f6⋯.png (71.67 KB, 774x138, 129:23, Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 6….png)




in the process of trying to figure out snowden allegiances I come across this:

Q posts about Binney

Q posts about Snowden

1.7 mil Docs stolen - less then 300k released

http:// www.businessinsider.com/william-binney-and-snowden-traitor-debate-2015-4

How much dirt does Snowden have on 3 letter agencies prior to 2013?

7fef0a No.146824


> subreddit r/The_Mueller?

Nope, don't reddit at all. What's there?

8526ba No.146825

I need help with this one…who is a "big Luciferian fish" that I can memefry?

got a meme half baked

Suggestions plz…

a55b97 No.146826


Amen! BT?

2ce0ca No.146827

File: 0cfadbbc635e8cb⋯.png (389.83 KB, 877x509, 877:509, screenshot_117.png)

9e897c No.146828



c34c34 No.146829

File: ff8f9e2834d7228⋯.jpg (37.8 KB, 360x380, 18:19, Buchenwald01.jpg)

File: 4f92802e72cf560⋯.jpg (57.33 KB, 472x370, 236:185, BuchenwaldApril16.jpg)

When it is all said and done - at some point the nation will have to acknowledge the evils that were blindly supported and why we fought against it.


8526ba No.146830


Good reason to now lift the "hemp ban"…ya think?

94da7c No.146831



8db485 No.146832



>There is a lot of garbage on twitter and that isn't going to change.

be careful what you wish for

apparently you haven't connected the dots yet

alaweed is a majority holder in twitter

6bn of his assets are frozen

once he consents twitter will be under new ownership and entirely new management.

have you missed all the @jack stuff and the child porn allegations flying around here?

Significant things are happening my friend.

c3e95a No.146833

How many mass graves are there in the UK?

How many children from childrens homes have disappeared?

How many civil servants and politicians old and new are involved in cover ups?

How was MI5, MI6 and the Secret Service UK infiltrated?

Did it need to be infiltrated?

What is 5 Eyes?

What do Kim and Julian have?

Why does the Secret Service UK look so hard to root out pedophiles and people who can be blackmailed?

Do they play both sides?

Was there an endemic problem?

Is there an endemic problem?

How many UK politicians are in trouble?

How many are alcoholics and addicts?

When does the Hammer fall?

In the Name of the Father

Any Given Sunday

Love Actually

210d41 No.146834

https ://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=_JiOF68FbDs

Q Group mentioned 4 years ago! In relation to Snowden

3453a5 No.146835


"Impatience" seems to be the #1 concern expressed by many an anon on these boards. If you'd LURK MOAR, you'd know this. Saying so does not make me a shill, or someone fagging up the board. Ignoring the elephant in the room only makes one ignorant of reality.

And faggots like you fail to even acknowledge this and instead call your brothers and sisters "impatient", posting "useless gibberish". Fuck you, you thoughtless,lemming-pussy. Some of us don't need our hands held through life.

My comment DID hold value. It highlighted a very concerning point, being made by several anons here. A point which deserves to be addressed. Your comment did not hold any value and only amounts to bitching about my very relevant, ironic, and intentionally thought-provoking comment.

My comment reflects the will and concerns of THE PEOPLE. (At least, those who think for themselves). Not the will of gov't and bureaucracy, as yours does.

And I find it hilarious, that when I I say I have "damning evidence" but won't release it, "because you cannot handle it", just as Q has, you hate me for it. Yet, you love Q for saying g the same thing to you. My bad for making you look at yourself in the mirror.

I appreciate what Q has done and support POTUS 100%. But make no mistake, this does not mean I will swallow and accept 100% of everything they tell me without question. I am a rational and thinking man, not a child. In fact, I'm happen to be a very, stable, genius. (No shit).

Shit, someone has to question the group-think, mob-mentality, yes-man shit that has recently been posted here. A lot of fags are working overtime trying to turn this into an Israeli echo-chamber, that crushes all deviation from the herd-narrative, like T_D. Consider me the nemesis of such faggotry.

ba1568 No.146836

File: 16a769f484c037f⋯.jpg (3.01 MB, 2620x7430, 262:743, Q_comp_correct_01.24.2018_….jpg)



Latest Q map

@Snowden Edition

535dd1 No.146837

File: d7bf2af2dbadcd4⋯.jpg (134.56 KB, 1200x1084, 300:271, DUUFcEmX4AEJ7Bm.jpg)

d4121f No.146838

File: 5c81da39fb652e1⋯.png (41.04 KB, 541x618, 541:618, Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 6….png)

(off topic reminder)

Q never posted any reference to "rabbit"

Q noted he wouldn't be communicating outside this forum- [where did that Aquarius "pouring" come from?

535dd1 No.146839

File: aeaf995a37da5af⋯.jpg (105.01 KB, 1024x732, 256:183, DUUFY5RVoAAL3Q7.jpg)

ee0e6e No.146840


Here’s the Advisory Council for Hamilton 68












complete fucking joke

Why isn’t Chertoff on TV to answer questions on this bullshit. Our media/press is a disgrace. Their owners, publishers, editors and writers are complicit in treason and clearly subject to execution.

dbf0e3 No.146842

File: 33fb994127c506c⋯.png (239.79 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FISA MEMO - why hide talki….png)

3453a5 No.146844


OMG, this must be memed…

f06da0 No.146845


Omg!!! I remember a news story about 20 yrs ago, it was buried quickly, about mass graves between two buildings one had nuns and one had priests the mass graves were babies! Somewhere in the UK….

7751dc No.146846

535dd1 No.146847

File: c2e782d7b04def1⋯.jpg (69.11 KB, 639x359, 639:359, DUUE_R5V4AASfie.jpg)

9bbbee No.146848


This arrogant POS has tickets on him/herself.

c90db3 No.146849


Laura Silsby took 33, but was planning on taking 100. She is in US and changed name to Laura Gaylord. Works for a missing children agency. Sick

2292d3 No.146850


Can easily use "key" and "stone" in it too.

14ee05 No.146852



d3b3ea No.146853


I am unsure if you are rhetorically speaking to me or not, and since we do not actually know each other, and change IDs every thread, you have no idea what I do or not, or what connections I had or don't have. Not being argumentative, and I appreciate your enthusiasm regarding all that is happening.

there is a line of condescension that everyone seems to cross at some point and perhaps I only perceive that you crossed yours.

ee0e6e No.146855


Between 50 and 80 million people died in WW2.

That looks like less than 100 corpses. Do you want to do the rest of the accounting before you point fingers?

6461c5 No.146856


Sophia looks like a tranny

901772 No.146857


An entire subreddit devoted to singing the praises of "Bobby Three-Sticks" as they've endearingly nicknamed him. These guys WORSHIP him, go on and on about the immaculate reputation of this guy and the progress his investigation is having.

They honestly believe this man is their ticket to impeachment, and it is right around the corner. When they find out that not only is he not going to be charging Trump with "Russian collusion" type of crimes, but rather it is their own Democrat heros mostly who have something to fear. From Obongo to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, to Hillary, John McSongbird, Jim Comey and many in the FBI, their day is coming, and the Left is NOT prepared for it.

Some will literally slit their wrists, this will be that shocking and DEEPLY devastating.

f06da0 No.146858


There’s a shitton of utube vids about the pedo secret groups and elites . They mention one specific building where the kids are taken to for the elites.

941982 No.146859



62959d No.146860


Re “5 eyes”

Yesterday on AJ he interviewed retired nsa guy “binney”

Binney made reference that I caught, 5 i’s (5 eyes). He was talking about all the intel agencies

C eye a! D eye a! Etc.

that’s how I understood it but he definitely said “the other 5 i’s” might the use if “eye” be a bit of code?

3453a5 No.146863


See… This right here is the faggotry I'm talking about.

Contributes nothing. Fails to acknowledge the concerns of his fellow Americans. Only has ad hominem fallacy bullshit to mask his inability to form a rational argument.

Don't be like this faggot. Use your mind.

f7e699 No.146864

File: 5e1bf6b2d33ee03⋯.png (275 KB, 600x337, 600:337, allyourmemo.png)

8526ba No.146865


20 yrs ago?

Well they recently ummm 2015?…found another one then. They exhumed over 800 babies from a pit outside a nunnery in UK…or Ireland. Can't remember which one.

7c19d6 No.146866



4a33b7 No.146867



578529 No.146868


something similar with orphanages

Dont have sauce handy but outer light/dark did vid on it

e4afcc No.146869


Haha You mean Bill Binney. Yes, we definitely know who that is!!

9e897c No.146870


you lack the disipin

535dd1 No.146871

File: 8feb14d58e13523⋯.jpg (103.84 KB, 1000x942, 500:471, DUUEEosU8AAftei.jpg)

f06da0 No.146872


I remember that!!! Was a huge uproar here in a lot of cath churches!

c66206 No.146873


These are resolutions. Exact same ratio, 1/3 size so I'll look at taking every 3rd byte, etc. First I have to see the raw data. Working on it. Thanks much!

7c19d6 No.146874


this is Anon

8db485 No.146875


not at all trying to be condescending.

I've been lurking/commenting for several weeks now, many days 12+ hours watching threads and doing Q research…. lots of newfags here that don't realize the depth and extent of what is actually going on with Q along with how much things will be changing.

32ced2 No.146876

0b5111 No.146877


Have you been told to lurk moar? 5 eyes is not even a secret thing. You barely understand the world. LURK MOAR.

3453a5 No.146878


Someone mentioned someone working for the "Five eyes" in New Zealand, yesterday, here on these boards. Are we sure it's a reference to the 3-letter agencies?

f06da0 No.146880


Yes seems like the UK has a HUGE prob with orphans… like losing them? So they say

9bbbee No.146881


Unfortunately some will fall for your shit. It can't be helped.

f06da0 No.146882

Strange, you don’t hear about orphanages much here in thenusa

7c19d6 No.146883


someone is typing in dark print and I think they were helping

I wish I could remember the bread no

0b5111 No.146884


So does Canada. Residential schools, missing indigenous women/children inquiry, etc.

c34c34 No.146886


We can walk and chew gum anon

3453a5 No.146887


What "shit" is that?

Some will fall for thinking for themselves???

Yeah… God willing.

I feel sorry for you.

031b4d No.146888


It's called filter, really does work wonders for your sanity when you get stuck with a shill.

8db485 No.146889


I have to go to work and very interested in this but don't have very strong computer skills in decoding… hope this will be in the first post when I get back tonight.

a1e185 No.146890


Who would know? No relatives to worry about. Steady supply - sick

d4121f No.146891

File: c1fde5377ac6972⋯.png (43.84 KB, 537x257, 537:257, Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 7….png)

File: 1c056db25d8edcd⋯.png (52.06 KB, 765x149, 765:149, Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 7….png)


Q signals Sessions to "drop the hammer"

NSA has a record of everything Hammer was doing?

7c19d6 No.146892


Big country

605713 No.146893

Mueller, U1, IOAT and IBM Eclipse back doors.

Lots of sauce for memes.



2292d3 No.146894


Q mentioned 1.4million documents/emails before. 1.7m-300k=1.4m

5acd3a No.146895


Are they in control of the Reddit coms now?

a9f2bf No.146896

File: f452d0ae4f35f2d⋯.jpg (222.95 KB, 1200x792, 50:33, CrLIBZbXYAA3fecvG0hp.jpg)

f06da0 No.146897


Ohh a few threads back, can’t remember the name of the board, but they posts blind something…

ee0e6e No.146898


Not that much gum.

4d0935 No.146899


We'll see more than most just like always, but it will be filed under conspiracy

f06da0 No.146900


So sad.. we HAVE to help the UK when we get the USA finished…

192525 No.146902


I came to chew bubblegum and kick ass and i'm all out of bubblegum.

d5d8a6 No.146903


was 1.2mm that was mentioned, on Dec. 6

9bbbee No.146905


You feel sorry for no one.

You might wanna pull it back a bit. You're glowing so bright that you're giving us all 3rd degree burns.


I do apologies. I'll refrain from further interaction with the maggot.

2292d3 No.146906


Operation Rope-a-Dope

7c19d6 No.146907


yeah highly dark writing

don't know what thats called

but it was after the Q drop

what page was the drop of the picture on?

maybe that will help

39fa1f No.146908

ee0e6e No.146909

File: e8f52e424da023d⋯.jpeg (568.83 KB, 1416x2048, 177:256, 6D0214C7-2BFD-48FD-9C23-8….jpeg)


Did you say hammer?

031b4d No.146912


>I do apologies. I'll refrain from further interaction with the maggot.


It's all good anon!

8526ba No.146913


Oh…I have to meme that!

ee0e6e No.146914

a1e185 No.146915


We have the same problem here. I am totally suspicious of ALL organizations that work with kids - day cares, scouts, even the freaking Olympics…

94449a No.146916


Blind websit is


Referred to commonly as CDAN

Mostly Hollywood bullshit (still will make you sick) but drops political and money stuff too because the serious problems are way connected.

e4afcc No.146917


Are talking about the bitlock code thing? I have a ss.

3453a5 No.146918

File: b442491c09213a7⋯.png (514.39 KB, 957x638, 3:2, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at ….png)

7c19d6 No.146919


this drop does this help

Jan 24 2018 11:26:55



ID: 566a5a



Future proves past.

News unlocks map.


3453a5 No.146920


Don't go insane on us, pussy. Lmao

535dd1 No.146922

File: da1b66b6374cd41⋯.jpg (81.46 KB, 789x438, 263:146, DUUC-NNVMAIWshm.jpg)

0950db No.146923


Considering who he worships (Satan) I think that what he really means is that the actual news which uncovers their dirt is what they call fake news and that is what he is referring to.

So it sounds great for the sheeple, but signals to (((them))) what the next step is going to be be - more effort at 'preventing' fake (i.e. real) news from coming out. Hope everyone gets what I'm trying to say!!

d5d8a6 No.146924

File: e1e117827371be4⋯.png (94.68 KB, 454x376, 227:188, SITREP 24 hr 01.23.2018 17….png)




was it this one?

a1e185 No.146925


It sure does, filtered the idtenT awhile back

7fef0a No.146927


>Some will literally slit their wrists, this will be that shocking and DEEPLY devastating.

It's hard for me to get my head around people being that vested in their hatred, especially when it's been manufactured and instilled into them rather than being honestly won.

I guess I'm cynical about any expectations of resolution of centuries of corruption and subversion in my lifetime. I've been at this a long time and have learned not to turn my rage inward, but to just peck away where I can. Never thought I'd end up here though. "What a long strange trip it's been" since I first read "A Fearful Master" in high school civics.

deaf4a No.146928

File: d30c3cbeea89951⋯.png (167.22 KB, 1395x675, 31:15, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8663166962dc882⋯.jpg (585.11 KB, 1547x860, 1547:860, Parse PNG file on Q post 1….jpg)

File: 9bac1c2042957fd⋯.png (783.6 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 141703 Q Post Image.png)

I have been trying to manually parse the PNG file that Q posted on >>141703 last night. An anon urged me to proceed with this analysis. See pics related. My comments are in pic related.

Basically I found some data within the file that does not seem to parse correctly. I am not sure how a standard PNG renderer handles data that is apparently malformed. There is a 12 byte field that does not appear to match anything in the Version 1.2 PNG spec.

A caveat: I have never tried to analyze a PNG file before so it is entirely possible that my analysis is off-base.

I did not study the entire file, just the beginning portion up to the first IDAT chunk. There may be more stuff in here when analyzed further…

Anons' feedback requested.

62959d No.146929


Have you been told to fuck off? Binney wasn’t referring to that “global agency” he was referring to intel agencies is how I remember it. I’m listening back trying to get sauce so wait a minute

Fuck stick

901772 No.146930

File: 05c371275141313⋯.jpg (37.86 KB, 680x680, 1:1, royals.jpg)

Any UK anons present?

There has been A LOT of chatter abut the UK scandals about to hit. B even said she expects some resignations TODAY.

The royals hurriedly signed up for Twitter and signalled to their people to follow them. Rumor is their comms have been compromised so this is an improv. solution.

ee0e6e No.146931

File: 3447ba00dcdc2af⋯.png (1 MB, 942x618, 157:103, 6F105B78-D986-4BCB-B678-77….png)

It’s coming Anons I can feel it. Better put thing in perspective.

071f73 No.146932


CDAN is really interesting.

3453a5 No.146933


You should give each other hand-jobs, fags.

Fucking sissy head in the sand bromance over here.

e1022d No.146934



you are over analyzing and wasting your time

7c19d6 No.146935


no looking for it now usingqmap

Q's picture

f06da0 No.146936



Nonthat web page that was giving hint like Q about the pedos… someone posted a link to the pages, seems like the girl doing the page knows where the bodies are buried

d4121f No.146938



2018 will be GLORIOUS!

Thor = Sessions…

0b5111 No.146939

File: 17bcaefc72a92b7⋯.gif (484.91 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1511658568130.gif)


The 5 eyes are intel agencies. That's what I was referrring to. This is a very straitforward, normie exposed group. I am fucking well aware of what I said, and your response proves you are a fucking clueless fucking tool who understands VERY LITTLE about even KNOWN geo-politics. Fuck off yourself clownshoes and LURK MOAR. Fuck you're dumb.

c34c34 No.146940


Ops are in Qs hands but they also listen. We all think in different timeframes. What may be unthinkable now won't be later.

7751dc No.146941

ee0e6e No.146942


What are the pixel dimensions of the two black squares and their ratio with the text area? Please.

c3e95a No.146943


Or the opposite of this.

535dd1 No.146944

File: f4de6ed22eabe2d⋯.jpg (115.12 KB, 1080x772, 270:193, DUTyuntVQAA4TGH.jpg)

d3b3ea No.146945


Cool. And again appreciate your enthusiasm. It matters but let's face it, regarding twitter Facebook, the narcissim and lack of actual social interaction they have created. Many people will stretch, bend and out right create "truth", whether based on their perception of reality or their need for attention, that fucking suck. The little people spinning for self gratification, just as MSM does it for ad bucks is disgusting. All of these plarforms are just another aspect of reinforcing people do not think, only feel, and then act on their feeeeeeelings. The emotional manipulation of the populous is a 24/7 crisis that is compounded by reduction on education of critical thinking skills. And all they really do is drive mob mentality and keep people running in circles of emotional turmoil. It's why most of us are actually completely unplugged, but in today's climate, especially right now, with what we are working on, that is not possible, and a terrible idea. learning to filter it all is also a lesson we have to learn. Literally an emotional and intellectual battle every single day.

Putting out good gouge is paramount. there is a ton of garbage on twitter and the POPE is trying to play that up to return the flock. Also, from previous posts of his, Q followers are a direct attack on the church at times and that will not be tolerated. I have no doubt there are Vatican peeps watching us now. It's what I would do. LOL

Everyone sees that something is finally changing and not all are happy about it. I for one am more excited than you can possibly imagine, but I understand both the rule of law and application of beliefs and the balance between them.

3453a5 No.146946

Newest clown-shill tactic = Calling everyone a "clown-shill".

c34c34 No.146949



7c19d6 No.146950


they were giving sizes out



535dd1 No.146951

File: 16e08485817dfff⋯.jpg (358.4 KB, 1200x899, 1200:899, DUUG6xDVoAA4tAM.jpg)

2c848d No.146952


That's actually a pretty old one. Happens here all day.

f7e699 No.146953


I believe there's a veiled reference to human / child [?] sacrifice RE: sons of Issac . The rabbi scholars won't say what their "thunderbolt" sin was - which practice Moses ended.

d4121f No.146954

File: e30c4bebaecf5e3⋯.png (13.58 KB, 72x98, 36:49, Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 7….png)

File: 763c8373bc4bc03⋯.png (540.86 KB, 582x605, 582:605, Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 7….png)



bf4f79 No.146955

This guy DESTROYS the russian bot theory… https:// twitter.com/politicalwilli we need to give him some love! (nohomo)

d3b3ea No.146956


oldest trick in the book. Breath and move on, right?

39fa1f No.146958




>in OP , as always

3453a5 No.146959


Yeah, you're right… Seems to be more prevalent now these days. Hard to tell if clowns or newfags.

4db6a7 No.146962

Fox: Bob Goodlatte just said “It is not a coincidence.”

ee0e6e No.146963

File: 0cb9d4e3008b890⋯.jpeg (117.67 KB, 634x955, 634:955, 7838DB34-3BF3-47F5-8B09-6….jpeg)

On to the next thread. Good work everybody.

Take 10 and smoke em if ya got em.

f06da0 No.146965


About 10 or more threads back someone posted a link to a web page that had a ton of posts hinting at identity of the elite pedos. The person who made the page hinted at knowing where ALL the bodies are buried, they posted some pictures of the pages. I went to the website once the background is all black and the type is white .But I don’t remember the link

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