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QResearch_Voat: [Reddit Replacement]

File: 6fdea11e4e144cb⋯.png (39.55 KB, 1308x763, 12:7, banned.PNG)

334d59  No.2992341

The greatawakening subreddit has been banned, just 10 minutes ago.

Where do we go from here?

334d59  No.2992359

I liked the subreddit because it was ordered and easier to digest.

d3d586  No.2992362

fuck… thats a loss..

d3d586  No.2992376

was good for normies

334d59  No.2992382



2544d0  No.2992408

fuck. it was a great way to sift through shit while i was at work without having to process too much. unbelievable

334d59  No.2992418

These motherfuckers in charge of reddit KNOW FISA is coming and they will do anything to prevent it reaching normies on reddit.

ecbd8d  No.2992433

All the other banned subreddits was just cover for this!

334d59  No.2992455


milliondollarextreme was also nuked. i browsed daily for some laughs

f1ef91  No.2992478

Dafuq, man?

2c42cc  No.2992480

was there atleast a reason for its ban?

d3d586  No.2992484

rule violation

2b4ef0  No.2992498

I think what finally did it was that r/greatawakening posts were hitting /all/ more often the last couple days.

6f44eb  No.2992546



>This subreddit has been banned for violations of our Content Policy, specifically inciting violence, harassment, and the dissemination of personal information.

Banned 23 minutes ago.

Such BS, over the target?

42926f  No.2992559


why not use this to post links to regular subreddit posts so we upvote the meme's to those not yet aware there's a pill to swallow?

30ed31  No.2992569

Should we move to Voat??

7f2537  No.2992648

Attacks will intensive. Wow, guess so.

3c855d  No.2992670




Checks out. Just go back

7f2537  No.2992672

I guess typing thoughts to a board is a threat?

0fb806  No.2992682

A few days ago I was wondering when Reddit would put a stop to that sub. Sure enough.

7f2537  No.2992684


What was is the rule that was violated?

0fb806  No.2992694


They just flooded T_D with Q followers againt though. Major backfire incoming.

954819  No.2992700

>>2992341 Banning benign, relatively orderly subs now? Imagine that.

0652a9  No.2992706


Yup when owned and modded by (((them))). Why such shock?

7f2537  No.2992708

Didn't Q mention something about media blackout?

d3d586  No.2992743


dont know

>This subreddit has been banned for violations of our Content Policy, specifically inciting violence, harassment, and the dissemination of personal information.

all i got.

c39782  No.2992800

r/The_GreatAwakening is still up. Just over 4,000 subscribers with over 3,000 online at the moment. Unheard of

6940e7  No.2992829

Not like I have anything about this board but that sub was a bit easier to navigate, esp at work. Guess something big's coming…

481926  No.2992848

I guess I am a normie, but I liked using reddit over this so I didnt get in artists way

954819  No.2992851

File: d245781564dbab4⋯.png (62.5 KB, 1073x481, 29:13, Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at ….png)


>The_GreatAwakening BANNED

4db8c9  No.2992852

r/The_GreatAwakening has just been banned as well

631d6c  No.2992857

The_GreatAwakening just banned

29a551  No.2992865

Within 30 minutes, at least three major sub's within Reddit are now Banned:




42926f  No.2992867

Anyone know if this is related to

> https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/virginia-man-pleads-guilty-receipt-child-pornography-0

They arrested Edward Thomas Parsons from the DOD for child porn yesterday, so release came out today.

I wonder if he's got anything to do with parsons.com, a large DOD contractor since 1944

0d2ab8  No.2992892

d13c56  No.2992894


T_GA is RIP as well.

I literally created a post on T_GA less than an hour ago. Went back to check on it and POOF: gone baby gone

faaeac  No.2992897

T_D is removing threads about the banning too.

d13c56  No.2992909


Nope. The Ban Hammer has dropped their too…

61e190  No.2992917


Banned as well

481926  No.2992918

Total banning of anything Q since so many of us were getting Woke on reddit, cant have that

954819  No.2992930

File: 5472346d2fe8971⋯.png (65.36 KB, 1084x564, 271:141, Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at ….png)

4647fb  No.2992954

should just make a thread here for you guys. Although many of the normies there won't want to come on 8ch. A separate thread that isn't the "general" would not run as fast as the generals.

176d71  No.2992958

And that's a good thing. Now the boomers will come here and down the entire bottle of redpills.

d13c56  No.2992967


More evidence of being right over the target: and that something big is gonna drop.

This censorship NEEDS. TO. STOP!!!


176d71  No.2992982

Also FYI there's a decentralized reddit that might be able to be used. No censorship so far. Can't remember the name of it but it uses gun.js for its decentralized database.

d5394c  No.2993006





All banned


d13c56  No.2993015


I'd say the fact that since BOTH GA and T_GA were taken down basically simultaneously suggests that it was targeted rather than for a specific violation.

481926  No.2993017


Is this why

e8b520  No.2993018


Your best choice for similar experience is to go voat. Also be sure to donate to help them with the influx of new users.

9488fb  No.2993025

Fucking communists.

What do we even do? Where can we go? Every time we create a community on Reddit and it picks up steam, they will BAN it. Every time.

61e190  No.2993040


/r/biblicalQ seals the deal. Fucking facists.

954819  No.2993044

File: 7e11938bb32f365⋯.png (65.91 KB, 1103x573, 1103:573, Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at ….png)

r/QProofs BANNED

334d59  No.2993069

I refuse to go to Voat because it's been taken over by literal racists.

481926  No.2993076

Media blackout, stay strong, trust the plan. It's sad because so many on the great awakening were trying to get people to vote. I never saw a violent thread that didnt get molded asal

d3d586  No.2993079

could be relative


176d71  No.2993082

Stop using reddit / voat.

Use steemit, notabug.io

954819  No.2993105

NOT sure if "relevant" … But Breitbart.com is timing out on me. Just me?

9488fb  No.2993108

/r/draintheswamp is the new one I guess.

What's the fucking point, even. It's going to get banned too.

f2a31c  No.2993118

I smell FEAR im seeing Panic in DC and the strongholds of those oh so special ones. Thank you to Q anons WWG1 We GO All. Stay together for the winning!

481926  No.2993119

To all the leftists, this is what communism feels like.

954819  No.2993149


On the 'mild' side. But yes.

01b347  No.2993152


yes yes yes

bfdba7  No.2993153


I think all the racists went to the site they could be racial on. The only reason why "it's run racists" is because they don't have more users over there thinning out the racists.

481926  No.2993158

The Great Awakaning awa getting up to 70k, lots of red pills. 9/11 wtc 7 and stuff started popping up and boom, ban hammer

334d59  No.2993167


In my country we killed communists by the hundreds. Open season on these subhumans when???

481926  No.2993197

It has to start somewhere

5ec7af  No.2993201


Sure, not used by normies, but these days all normie social media is censored, which is why utilities argument for social media is important (backdated to 2016). Told you reddit was a censorship shithole.

Okay, not 'you' specifically. But you catch my drift.

Anyway, I'll be packing my bags (no, not for reddit).

6e34f7  No.2993204


My first post here since the Reddit ban. Where we go brothers, we go all. UK Anon.

ecbd8d  No.2993210



They are separate subreddits with different moderators. The action implies the idea of Q is banned form reddit. That is absurd!

954819  No.2993214


Must have been a traffic jam. Available now.

481926  No.2993218

877df7  No.2993229





176d71  No.2993238

It will turn out to be a good thing. GA was an overmodded echochamber anyway.

Try making a sub on notabug.io. I don't know how to so that, though.

877df7  No.2993243

File: 7155cf5855dc7bd⋯.jpg (17.18 KB, 255x241, 255:241, 7155cf5855dc7bdf999f336bd2….jpg)





481926  No.2993263


Blessed to Teach or Prayingmedic need to address this. A lot of Great Awakening Norms follow them.

780ff3  No.2993281


This place was just created by /r/greatawakening mods

d3d586  No.2993300




954819  No.2993312

File: 4fd301715733c27⋯.png (28.86 KB, 823x237, 823:237, Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at ….png)

Not that I bought into all of his musings, but SB2 content is gone. No ban shown.

d9a953  No.2993326


It's down now.

faaeac  No.2993343


Now list r/greatawakening on the top of its phase 3 on the sidebar

780ff3  No.2993349


>Unironically staying on reddit

You're not too bright are you.

e288da  No.2993357

I will pray the good ones find their way here!

More anons = good.

More shills = what difference at this point does it make? Kek.

Psalm 3:

Lord, how many are my foes!

How many rise up against me!

Many are saying of me,

“God will not deliver him.”

But you, Lord, are a shield around me,

my glory, the One who lifts my head high.

I call out to the Lord,

and he answers me from his holy mountain.

I lie down and sleep;

I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.

I will not fear though tens of thousands

assail me on every side.

Arise, Lord!

Deliver me, my God!

Strike all my enemies on the jaw;

break the teeth of the wicked.

From the Lord comes deliverance.

May your blessing be on your people

8912f8  No.2993365


A new board is opening here


d9a953  No.2993367



It's gone now, too

176d71  No.2993395

Oh my god the automod on this thread!!!


07f216  No.2993398


Ty!!! Just subscribed.

c726fa  No.2993407


Don't worry YouTube will purge them soon enough, too.

954819  No.2993418



Beautiful democracy. Banning by straw poll. hahahahahahaha

954819  No.2993450

File: cc72a76520c2053⋯.png (60.64 KB, 335x347, 335:347, Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at ….png)


Oh well…

cb315c  No.2993460

pretty fucked up

faaeac  No.2993493


The subs they are targeting next

42926f  No.2993508


And it looks like Parsons is the company that rebuilt all the 9/11 damage!

de5d50  No.2993512

954819  No.2993513

File: 8c7751919d5e716⋯.png (25.4 KB, 327x197, 327:197, Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at ….png)

5a8085  No.2993543


Add the NewFag post to the dough for 1st or 2nd post on new breads.

44d12f  No.2993573

File: 7573592b6b21c06⋯.png (35.4 KB, 881x643, 881:643, report.PNG)

Go to: https://www.reddit.com/report

and report https://www.reddit.com/r/TheBanout2018 for targeted harassment,

Doubt it'll do much good since the fascists control all social media platforms but it's better than doing nothing I guess.

ec9c73  No.2993580


So I guess I'm here now, liked reddit tho, for the ability to save stuff etc…

But fuck that shit

07e81a  No.2993586

At this point the fucking commies in silicon valley and every social media giants buildings should be surrounded by thousands of people with torches and pitchforks. And yet…nothing.

Reddit is run by a bunch of limp dicked faggot commies now, Aaron Swartz would be fucking appalled.

481926  No.2993589


You are not alone

42926f  No.2993603


ugh, voat isn't run by people that pay attention. he's regularly going days without checking logs or even noticing the site is down.

you're going to be nothing but disappointed because its down now 403

01b347  No.2993611


which sub?

ronald_swansong is definitely comped

that's why t_ga was made, because of the comped mod team on r/ga

ec9c73  No.2993613


Guess so ;)

Well, to hell hell with them fascist, at least here you can say what you want without some libtard "feeling offend"

01b347  No.2993618


err, sorry. meant to say "which mod?"

02ab2a  No.2993620

File: 27993b3a30a39e2⋯.png (1.14 MB, 2143x2505, 2143:2505, fuckuspez.png)


5d41fb  No.2993637

On the bright side, its one more piece of evidence for the legitimacy of Q.

pizzgate sub banned, CBTS banned, now greatawakening banned.

why ban anything related to Q if he's just a larp? Thank you deep state for providing a red pill I can dispense to friends and family.

675dfa  No.2993652

File: 69807e776e7f5bf⋯.jpg (154.76 KB, 570x574, 285:287, welcomeyall.jpg)

ec9c73  No.2993658


My thoughts exactly! All to damn coordinated

6e34f7  No.2993662

The_SwampWatch is a private sub that I recommend you all join. #welshanon

0bd987  No.2993677


May be a better gain than a loss. I wonder what SIGINT will produce as far as evidence of propaganda (controlling the narrative.) Think EO.

481926  No.2993682


I listen to this thinking of how Q will respond to these deep state cronies

bfdba7  No.2993692

Too bad https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening can't handle traffic.

2143ff  No.2993711

File: d3634e21487dc61⋯.png (29.68 KB, 879x420, 293:140, ClipboardImage.png)

last 3 Qposts, just thought id graf, 500 i guess means socialism in effect

8a1492  No.2993712


I'm having trouble getting on there as well

2cfa36  No.2993713


Reddit hates you, voat is probably also being ddosed right now have seen far more traffic on it than this after pizzagate and during the election.

6e34f7  No.2993721

a member the other day posted on TGA group that the section would regularly show 500. He claimed that this happened before the previous blackout from yonder.

I guess that anon was right .

a0e1a0  No.2993722



12 Sep 2018

Washington’s Cardinal Donald Wuerl announced his upcoming resignation Tuesday, saying he intends to travel to Rome to discuss with Pope Francis his departure from the archdiocese he currently leads.

“I intend, in the very near future, to go to Rome to meet with out Holy Father about the resignation I presented nearly three years ago,” Wuerl explained in a letter to the priests of the archdiocese.

The cardinal said that the decision to remove himself from his leadership role came as fruit of discernment regarding “the best course of action for me to pursue as we face new revelations of the extent of the horror of the clergy abuse of children and the failures in episcopal oversight.”

Wuerl had been implicated in a recent Pennsylvania grand jury report on clergy sexual abuse, which claimed that the cardinal had approved transfers for abusing priests instead of removing them from ministry. It also alleged that he concealed information when priests were reported to law enforcement and oversaw insufficient church investigations into abuse.

976c89  No.2993759


also r/qproofs

ec9c73  No.2993772

Got a question for the 8chanVeterans, what makes this place safer than Reddit, or is it at all?

I like that you don't have to create an account and all

bb361c  No.2993775

voat just went down for me, boy when Q said 8chan would be important in the future they weren't kidding.

481926  No.2993781


No account

01b347  No.2993788


militant leftists dont run this place

ec9c73  No.2993800


Yeah but I mean purge wise.

What stops [them] to take down 8chan as Well?

bb361c  No.2993805


It's not comped by the CIA like 4chan, reddit, FB, Twatter, etc. and the admin is likely coordinating in some way with the Q team

ec9c73  No.2993807


I was hoping for that :D

ec9c73  No.2993812


I see.


481926  No.2993833


I have no idea what they are capable of. It's really out of my realm of thought. I knew gov was messed up but this last year I have found things that made me seriously turn back to God.

976c89  No.2993840

d10d2f  No.2993881


Yeah, I think 4Chan got comped when m00t sold.

ec9c73  No.2993884


Feel ya.

Was a die hard atheist, but now I'm not so sure anymore

99bbe9  No.2993886


In a foreign land here on the boards but part of the same mission.


120ba3  No.2993891



It says that it is being bad and the playpen is broken

c0bd71  No.2993920



Q moved her for a reason.

6e34f7  No.2993933

looking forward to the q drops tonight .

d7faa4  No.2993974


I’m a normie can’t get into voat.co, says forbidden

f3cdcc  No.2993993


T_D is on the list of subs being considered for a banning.

What we need is an executive order (or new amendment) that makes private companies bound to the constitution.

79cc13  No.2993996


Redditfags broke it looking for somewhere to run to

c0bd71  No.2994015

File: 353b84a84198780⋯.jpg (58.56 KB, 450x800, 9:16, 201807042.jpg)


My family is from Hungary, and what you just wrote reminded me of a quick story that my mom told me once. She was visiting Hungary as a tourist back in the 90's - a place she'd never been; she was raised in the USA - and she got lost in Budapest. Her parents were legal immigrants to the USA and when she grew up she learned and spoke both Hungarian and English. While wandering around Budapest, trying to find her way, a local walked up and asked her if she needed help. My mom said she was lost. The local said: "You are Hungarian, I can tell: you can never be lost here. You are home."

Your post made me remember that story. Hadn't thought of it in at least 20 years.


Welcome anon.

20aa9a  No.2994022

File: 6942c10f0f2129c⋯.png (9.41 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 6176a3600d39cd163b0807fedc….png)

File: 6ad1b1e59500ac7⋯.png (14.22 KB, 255x240, 17:16, d033508a9cfab628490f9ca129….png)

File: 502073c289851f3⋯.png (11.58 KB, 255x251, 255:251, f9597f6ef1b23dac3c0a92017b….png)

File: 7360ca71cbfcfef⋯.jpg (74.34 KB, 720x511, 720:511, pepe jesus.jpg)

Pepe sorry for normies…

but Pepe hate reddit… die reddit die!

So Pepe is torn within…

Pepe not Fear, PEPE KNOW! reddit normies come bring concernfag catholicfag zealotfag flatearthfag muhjoofag and all many fagfag make Pepe crazy Pepe Smash!!!

Pepe convert normie!

Bring normie to Pepe!!!

Pepe is STORM!

0bd987  No.2994033

Maybe this banning will give more people reason to start thinking about redoing the entire computing industry (hardware and software) from the ground up. The standards are all comped.

eeaac6  No.2994041



Blockchain sites like memo.cash are inherently uncensorable. Even if the site is down, the posts are still accessible directly on the blockchain itself. But posting messages requires paying micro-cents (typically bitcoinCash), so traffic on those sites will always be much less than on "free" sites.

42926f  No.2994066


BS, wasn't this made by a pedo and seized?

There's bannedqresearch because qresearch has been controlled to some degree

ec9c73  No.2994090



Hello pepe

Me like pepe

Thanks for the welcome pepe

1ef80a  No.2994093

481926  No.2994099


This had me weak af

07f216  No.2994113


Pepe is my fren <3

9511dd  No.2994117

File: 684247a0e0f2b26⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 474x394, 237:197, pepe-anon-newfag.jpg)


Welcome newfags

92d714  No.2994148

I guess I'll have to start learning how to navigate 8chan

20aa9a  No.2994162

File: d2044430bcd5987⋯.png (31.8 KB, 896x994, 64:71, PEPE BABY 2.png)

File: 367ee8d11092276⋯.jpg (29.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, PEPE MESSED UP.jpg)

File: 95ddd1a5a4f5780⋯.jpg (8.03 KB, 255x176, 255:176, 3b781bc38adb80f31dfb409c5c….jpg)

File: b04f250fe81b533⋯.png (14.25 KB, 255x191, 255:191, fb61df6674ad981b2aa581efc1….png)


why newfag put here?

put here!!!:


pepe tell knew fag once!

42926f  No.2994170


Only companies that took government money would be regulated. Anything else would just get a bad rep and lose visitors

6940e7  No.2994238

b-b-but my friend said pepe is a symbol of white nashinalizzm… The teevee told him so!!

20aa9a  No.2994255

File: 7d160fb65989aaf⋯.jpg (14.73 KB, 255x231, 85:77, 135e02d245f5e408dcbf2d0e9d….jpg)

ff0bb2  No.2994322

FWIW, when T_D gets banned, here are three places where you might be able to find out where the centipedes will gather next:





And, of course, halfchan and fullchan!

d13c56  No.2994324


I reported this. I'll be VERRRY interested to see what happens, if anything.

6e7b3a  No.2994587

File: aa16ab5b3806f77⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 255x255, 1:1, diggingche.jpg)

File: 0fc6c8354818ec4⋯.png (1.33 MB, 919x931, 919:931, ALurk.png)

File: 50495ff5e09b1f1⋯.jpg (49.57 KB, 600x596, 150:149, 8799786458.jpg)

File: 28514b19a964637⋯.jpeg (30.42 KB, 720x717, 240:239, 7D3FD37C-3F0D-4BF3-9FF7-6….jpeg)

Spez is a fucking cannibal, so not really surprised. Fucking fascist d-bags.

d9a953  No.2994659


/thedonald is on the chopping block to be cut off soon

afe53b  No.2994668

Brtishnewfag. Reddit gone and was coming here more anyway. Having a 1st go! Getting more involved.

ff0bb2  No.2994700

Banout will be completed on or before Nov 21. From the right sidebar of r/Thebanout2018


> The night of Thursday, 21st of November. This the night before thanks giving, if the admins want to do something quickly they will have to bring people in and cause interruptions.

4209f4  No.2994701


looks like voat is undergoing server rape from all the defectors in the last few days.

things are really heating up

always remember, it's always darkest before the dawn

481926  No.2994707


That didn't take long

44d12f  No.2994710


I reported them as well but it'll probably end up like everything else. Leftists can scream about killing people, assassination, encouraging suicide, etc. and nothing happens to them.

Just when I think censorship can't get any worse and these platforms might at least ATTEMPT to look neutral they get even worse.

10fdbf  No.2994749

I created a subreddit GREATqAWAKENING.

It was banned within 10 minutes of creations.


3f8330  No.2994822

Q gab group


b8b338  No.2994825

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We are under attack Stand Tall!


120ba3  No.2994835

What about starting a blog. It could be set up where people could follow and comment on .

233bde  No.2994846


he way Reddit approaches the problem internally is a bit more engaged, according to a source within the company familiar with the process. After a subreddit is banned for violating Reddit’s content policy, site admins can follow where the banned users go. And if another like-minded subreddit decides to host the fleeing community, admins ban those communities, too. Earlier this week, an official Reddit spokesperson told The Verge that “as of September 10th, r/milliondollarextreme and associate subreddits have been banned for violating our violent content rules,” which suggests that those associate subreddits, r/BillionShekelSupreme and r/ChadRight, were where the newly banned MDE community went next. The same thing appears to have happened to users of r/greatawakening and r/The_GreatAwakening.

So they continue to ban by association, not actual rule violations…… EDIT: correction its called 'Ban Evasion'. WTF! see /r/thestorm/

44d12f  No.2994854

File: a76e387d815650f⋯.png (102.77 KB, 600x533, 600:533, 3a45c7c142070d3dd6954d5f96….png)


So this coming straight from reddit then.

808824  No.2994887



44d12f  No.2994926


That's fucking bullshit. So if a board gets banned for no good reason, the community of people can't do shit about it. They are completely silenced.

60afc6  No.2994942







60afc6  No.2994954








60afc6  No.2994959











954819  No.2994975


This hit-piece had to be coordinated propaganda, no?

481926  No.2994977


This is Ocasio-Cortez's dream. Full censorship, Moar Gov, bye bye "Righty"

481926  No.2994989


Posted like within an hour of site banned. Ya this was planned

954819  No.2995039


. . . f l a k . . .

954819  No.2995093


Quote from the Newspeak article:

"Conspiracy theorists are predictably incensed about the ban, with one fellow redditor posting to r/conspiracy, 'Reddit is dead. Soon all mediums will be dead but truth is always truth.' Others theorize that the ban is a signal that The Storm has begun, finally fulfilling the thus-far faith-based promise of mass arrests and a coup."

954819  No.2995146


Q speaks: https://8ch.net/patriotsfight/res/62.html#q230

14316d  No.2995147

File: 6784dc21d0ff929⋯.png (4.47 KB, 322x343, 46:49, Untitled.png)


Post this image on your Facebook

60afc6  No.2995159


Thank you for sharing your story. We're all home here, anon

60afc6  No.2995184


Thanks for the new profile pic, anon

481926  No.2995226


Clowns n shills sleeper cells awaken. Shortly after Q points this out reddit dies

954819  No.2995247


So … Newsweek (Newspeak?), CNET, and The Verge are either (a) colluding with Reddit big dogs, or (b) watching The Movement with a microscope, or (c) all both (a) and (c).

56c797  No.2995263


ga mods are comped u faggot

02ab2a  No.2995322


Stupid and won't work

What will?

GO REDPILL in the COMMENTS of the most popular or rising posts. Even if just remotely related, drop a hint about Q and how greatawakening was just banned

481926  No.2995340


Pretty fast larg article for reddit just being banned. Just my opinion the didnt want to use big name site to avoid being connected early

98555d  No.2995352


You can whine about it or make more. Make 100 more. Make 1000 more. Haven't people learned anything? Always always always have a backup.

ecec66  No.2995362

File: bdba10c2c157d51⋯.gif (891.48 KB, 700x478, 350:239, reddit.gif)


07f216  No.2995462

File: fc4ca642f0a8d55⋯.jpeg (18.7 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 4f0d4bd5d40a92a937322b11e….jpeg)

I'm just so fucking happy to have this place.

WWG1WGA, my fellow patriotic anons.

de289f  No.2995466

File: a65563374ecced2⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 1360x1000, 34:25, the_ban_out.jpg)

attached picture might explain a few things.

481926  No.2995506

>>299268exposing the truth always violates big tech rules of conduct

60afc6  No.2995585

Facebook copypasta for all to eat

A site I regularly visit has just been censored. The GreatAwakening subreddit reddit.com/r/GreatAwakening has WRONGFULLY been censored due to false claims of inciting violence, personal attacks, and dissemination of personal information. NEVER have I seen or came across posts of such nature, and the moderators had stickied posts greeting the tens of THOUSANDS of new subscribers, notifying them of our ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for posts containing incitement of violence, personal attack, or doxxing.

I am no longer on Facebook unless I'm checking my job's Facebook group to check my work schedule, I am completely disconnected regarding social media, but this issue has pressed me to go public with my belief in Qanon and the secret war against the deepstate.

I HIGHLY encourage everyone who comes across this post, to please take just 5 minutes to research Qanon.

Personally, I would much rather believe in something good, and just, and righteous, than believe in nothing at all.






625b9e  No.2995656

Fuck this was good for normie to fucking spread. Fuck. Fuck u spez little bitch.

954819  No.2995776


From the Verge piece (cited by Q):

"The way Reddit approaches the problem internally is a bit more engaged, according to a source within the company familiar with the process. After a subreddit is banned for violating Reddit’s content policy, site admins can follow where the banned users go. And if another like-minded subreddit decides to host the fleeing community, admins ban those communities, too. Earlier this week, an official Reddit spokesperson told The Verge that “as of September 10th, r/milliondollarextreme and associate subreddits have been banned for violating our violent content rules,” which suggests that those associate subreddits, r/BillionShekelSupreme and r/ChadRight, were where the newly banned MDE community went next. The same thing appears to have happened to users of r/greatawakening and r/The_GreatAwakening."


481926  No.2995832

File: 60b76f0bc1f9ef8⋯.jpg (295.87 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 20180912_170138.jpg)

Never seen this until today

1f05e2  No.2995891

Wasn't (((the great awakening))) totally resistant to mention of (((the chosen)))?

Not great for normies if so…

3585e9  No.2995980


Yes they had rule 4 banning anti-semitism. They also silenced any discussion of (((communism)))) as it relates to (((them)))

7cbfc0  No.2996023

Make sure you deactivate your accounts, 70k subscribers leave That is revenue they dont get anymore from ads and the like. We go together we leave together patriots

6e34f7  No.2996066

there's a high chance of this site going down due to q. So, if we all disperse, see you on the other side.

44d12f  No.2996209

What pisses me off the most is the little pussy gender-queer liberal fuckwads work overtime to censor people and then sit around with penis-hole shaped smile on their stupid faces while being to stupid to realize they are the true fascists and haters.

Fuck those tree hugging faggots!

8705fc  No.2996221



Voat is no different than any chan. And like Reddit you can hand pick what you want to see.

Most of those "racists" are shareblue fucks trying to get Voat removed, Very Angry About Censorship channers, trolls and kids realizing god doesn't strike them down for saying nigger, so they say it 9000 times.

23523b  No.2996226


Yet the r/antifa sub remains, among others

215685  No.2996293



More than that, private-message people with stuff that you've found that is incontrovertible evidence of something being fucked up. The mods will scrub your posts on sight, the admins can read your private messages but they have to go looking.


> Most of those "racists" are shareblue fucks trying to get Voat removed, Very Angry About Censorship channers, trolls and kids realizing god doesn't strike them down for saying nigger, so they say it 9000 times.

This bears repeating.

23523b  No.2996302


Unfortunately, many will remain in hopes of the board getting unbanned (because they've seen it happen before) not realizing that when/if it should happen to return it will be fully comped with new oversight meant to spread disinfo and rend the remaining supporters dumbstruck and useless

989453  No.2996397


Damn. That's fucking devious. It's like pouring molten aluminum in an ant hill and then tracking where the surviving ants go and pouring molten aluminum down those ones as well.

481926  No.2996531


I agree, if it comes back clowns will be in full control

b64e1f  No.2996565


Look at the modlist. /r/antifa is controlled by anti-antifa and white nationalists.

5e608c  No.2996590

I'm fucking heated. I want to vandalize reddits servers IRL. but I won't, because that would be stooping to their level.

bbe7c3  No.2996757

Q is now officially a Reddit boogeyman. This banning is great ammo for trolls who just want to fuck with Reddit and make it even more useless, as it gives them an additional way to sow fear and distrust among any remaining Redditors. Just start accusing others of being secret Qanons. Good old police-state paranoia.

7b8399  No.2996781

File: 93829dfdf311b46⋯.png (34.79 KB, 1059x696, 353:232, voat - Copy.PNG)

This is Voat for me right now sadly.

a48d6c  No.2997012

Steve Huffman attended UVA


TJ>>TRAITOR>>destroy Fed Gov't WITHIN>>To separate territory away from US>>Influenced by Jacobinism>>Worked with French Gov't against US

TJ>>Ambassador to France>>Entertained Illuminati members>>Mirabeau,Lafayette>>TJ Attends>>Illuminated Lodge of the Nine Sisters

Creation History>>Illuminati>>Jacobin movement of France>>Jacobin movement of US>>Democratic Club>>US Democratic Party

Jefferson to Phillip Mazzei letter exposed his TREASON

Jefferson>>First Leaker in Federal Gov't>>Leaked to his paper National Gazette>>Others>>New York Argus>>Daily Richmond Examiner>>Boston Idependent Chronicle>>To sow distrust of Washington

Jefferson protected other Jacobin agents within Federal Gov't

Rev. Timothy Dwight, Pres. Yale, warned of TJ's Illuminist background>>Six Frigates book

Edmond Randolph>>TJ's cousin>>US-AG>>Undermined Fed Gov't>>Friends>>Edmond Charles Genet>>Albert Gallatin

6e34f7  No.2997154



got. shut. Down

ecec66  No.2997496

File: eb5b0055f9fd4ec⋯.jpg (49.63 KB, 649x636, 649:636, pepeREEE.jpg)


aade22  No.2997598

This is obviously censorship. I'm all for migration, but we should also retaliate.

MSM (from what I've seen) is only reporting r/greatawakening being banned for "policy violations". They're not mentioning all other subs being taken down.

We should start a bunch of blatantly Q friendly subs and see how many of them get banned.

e92ae2  No.2997666

So Hussein uses the term "Great Awakening" in his stupid speech the other day and then it gets banned? Signal?

e06432  No.2997687


Fight fire with fire

01b347  No.2997759


they have since gone private/invite only and say they will reopen it back in 40 hours or so.



1721f8  No.2997787

I made a board that the Redditors can use, at least temporarily, since Voat hasn't been holding up.


Feel free to use it.

9f3b38  No.2997840


Good catch anon.

a67d4f  No.2998231

notabug.io/t/greatawakening is up! Ready for relocation. Not sure it can handle 70k anons, though.

32a8be  No.2998278

The coordinated MSM on the ban on reddit all for a random LARP who was supposed to stop!

6e7b3a  No.2998419

File: 78a89be793f3e5d⋯.png (21.23 KB, 172x255, 172:255, a7ee050de6751bba84a3ef799d….png)


Trips of truth about the anti-chris. Pic related.

f238e8  No.2998429

File: 5bd89cd79227073⋯.png (39.13 KB, 205x85, 41:17, JustStop.PNG)


Ultra gay…

8c9735  No.2998441

reddit fag here how does I use this fucking board?

a67d4f  No.2998490


You technically can't. qresearch permanently stores Q's posts, so it's culled pretty heavily to prevent the board from overflowing.

You will need to use that guy's /qresearchlite or voat or notabug if you prefer reddit-style communication.

498df1  No.2998512

May I suggest do what the Rogue Warrior does,


Invade one of ((( Their ))) sites for a day.

1721f8  No.2998521

f238e8  No.2998642

File: 27d2b73973c673e⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 265x257, 265:257, 1516140417932.gif)


These faggots need to get a hobby. And not one they can ruin. Go out and paint a landscape or something… Jesus christ.

315b50  No.2998733

File: c98cd208bf173fa⋯.jpg (21.82 KB, 255x202, 255:202, Patriots archive offline.jpg)

File: d48819fbe9e0e87⋯.png (87.63 KB, 442x659, 442:659, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b11f74fbcc570a⋯.png (132.13 KB, 911x963, 911:963, ClipboardImage.png)

Hope that you guys were archiving threads from reddit, OFFLINE. It's super obvious now why we were instructed early on to do so.

a67d4f  No.2998757


I only archived the bad people reddits offline.

>close enough

We can still search archive.is and download zips of greatawakening there though.

b5943c  No.2999094


b5943c  No.2999108


93dfef  No.2999114

BFD! Reddit isn't the only outlet to feed normies the info that they need to get off the fence. Where there's a will there's a way. We are winning, and the evidence of that is shit like this Reddid ban.

The work continues!!!


a67d4f  No.2999351

File: 4769c9ab456f6b9⋯.png (30.63 KB, 1092x370, 546:185, only_one_way_to_find_out.png)

>only one way to find out

c5ffdb  No.2999553


Ok - risking life and limb here. But I’m asking a question. (Kind patriots cover me)

What is T_D?

Now I’ll run and hide until all fury has passed and sneak back to find the crumb of an answer.

c5ffdb  No.2999656

Guys drop research into normie sub Reddit pages.

We’ve learned from Q has to teach in the Socratic method of asking questions instead of making statements.

We need to employ our education.

954819  No.2999729




ab1c20  No.2999878


> Socratic method

you faggots have no idea what you're talking about if you think sucking up Qs larpjizz resembles the socratic method

c5ffdb  No.2999915

File: ebd8f7f89a86de8⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1868, 1125:1868, F50BD152-8A42-4826-9D90-D….jpeg)



Look for the most recent great awakening research board (circled) and click on thumb nail.

If you are new to this - do not comment. Just lurk a long time. This isn’t a chat room. No chatting. Only research. Lots of disinformation and distractions are posted to drag you away from the goal. Do not respond to flat earth. Do not respond to anyone saying anything anti trump, maga etc. let their comment die a dusty death.

Leave if you get offended. It’s a rough place. Ask a question and risk getting cussed out. Learn by reading and observing. Never give out any info about yourself

c5ffdb  No.2999976


More like couldn’t-figure-it-out fag. But thanks. I’ll take the insult in payment for the answer

62a789  No.3000163


Shit happened to T_D early on.

ce5c85  No.3000796


Reddit is good for presenting to like minds.

Easy to focus on talking points to help some choke down the red pill across all platforms… Q might be conspiracy theory, but facts are facts.

ece830  No.3000846

Ho.. ly… shit!

I've been pretty much offline today.

Last night I was up late and had five or six comments on GA. I was starting to think of it as my true home on the internet, for all its flaws.

There was a mod post yesterday claiming that this would never happen, since GA was the most viable and active Q spot, and "they" needed to watch it and try to control it.

OK, let's all maintain focus, and think.

This is outright war.

7c029b  No.3002324

File: 007d43586d5ab69⋯.png (195.86 KB, 318x395, 318:395, p4.PNG)

Redditors, please lurk here until you understand why Reddit is heavily frowned upon round these parts. You'll know when that is when you've deleted your account and feel deeply embarrassed about supporting an ideological trap and narrative controller for so long. Then you can finally post here. Please use voat to tip your fedoras and downboat until then. You've aided and abetted the Draconian internet we all find ourselves in. This is the last place on the web for free speech, do your best not to fuck it up here as well. Your identity does not matter here, the merit of your ideas do. When you see posts that seem discriminatory, ask yourself if it is possible to post things anonymously to make a site look bad so it can be shut down. Then use your brain and figure it all out. Now, you are in anonymous whether you like it or not. Nobody wants to see your fat ass or your reddit meetup in your desperate last chance to live a social life. Those days are over now. It is over. Regain your integrity and find out what is truly worth living for. You all make me sick, and God have mercy on your souls.

23523b  No.3002436

23523b  No.3002504


No shit? That's perfect.

Hey! GA exiles! Try a herd migration to r/antifa

d355b6  No.3006427

option to regroup

Voat: https://voat.co/v/theawakening

334d59  No.3006549

OP here. The banning of /r/greatawakening and /r/milliondollarextreme have really tipped me over and I've closed my reddit account.

We need anonymous internet like we had everywhere back in the 90s. Somewhere down the line people became fine with using their real identities online.

42926f  No.3006900


Remember Jefferson created the Navy to deal with international kidnapping of Americans.

I believe it was mostly "radical Islam" but all incidents could just be the preface for what later became the MSM.

06e353  No.3007050

Shills infiltrate:


333249  No.3008042

Fuck Voat GA. Bunch of stuck up asshats that are to busy snickering when the repeatedly write nigger and faggot just because they "have freedom of speech here" to actually help forward the movement by continuing spreading the message of the movement whose name they have hijacked. Pull your panties out of your ass crack and get the fuck to work.

24d316  No.3009921


Thank includes PRINTING them too!

We must preserve this so that all future generations have access to it.

USB drives wont mean shit in 100 years.

Print them out.

dea1fc  No.3010588


yep, fuck that shit….I just went and deactivated my acct there.

56cc05  No.3011203


I felt like a family pet thrown out on a busy highway and then the hyenas came and invited me to their home for dinner. I was dinner.

56cc05  No.3011259


embarassment complete, integrity regained.

f71cfd  No.3011993

File: bf05f689f49e612⋯.jpg (366.73 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180913-173310….jpg)

War drummer treason video shut down

fe2b2c  No.3014438





No, the racists were there long before you showed up. Reddit banned many, many subs before it banned you guys and a lot of those subs were far more right-wing than this place is.

None of you put up a fuss when those evil nahtzees were banned for laughing at niggershines, but when YOU get banned suddenly its a shoah.

Now you want to roll into Voat like a bunch of rapefugees and accuse everyone who makes you uncomfortable of being "trolls" and "shills" to justify your desire for censorship as "moderation".

The people on Voat literally keep the site going with user donations so they can have a place to speak freely. You are willing to stomp all over that just because you're too weak-willed to read things you don't like.

There is no distinction between censoring people for "hate speech" versus censoring people for the kinds of things you patriots like to talk about.

Voaters are being hostile to you right now because they've seen discussions like the one you're having right now- where you delegitimize their right to free speech by making demonstrably false accusations.

You either support free speech or you don't. If you do, you'll be welcome on Voat.

And if you don't support free speech, just switch teams now and save us all the headaches.

db9464  No.3014769


Well that is seriously fucked.

SB2, NeonRevolt and PrayingMedic were all banned from Reddit.

Attacks will intensify! Watch for flak!



db9464  No.3014869


It's a culture war. Old Voats are yelling nigger at the GA refugees who are running to the Mods to keep Reddit style order. Mods react and Old Voats troll the refugees harder. Total shitshow


2777c0  No.3015910


ahem. 8chan had a 'extended maintenance'. it is now hosted by Del Rey systems technologies, a US defense contractor run by veterans.

As close as NSA/MI can keep us without babysitting us totally.

we're good here. but its the only place that is. We can't stay here though or the word will never get out. But this is base of operations while we make attacks on the front.

56cc05  No.3016533


GA refugees got suckered onto a new board when they were unaware there was a current board they could join. Those on the new board were attacked before they knew wtf was going on with the censoring and yeah, now a megashitshow.

db9464  No.3016996


Toto I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

4c2a19  No.3017721


SB2 is disinfo… sorry to burst your bubble

77d316  No.3017819


Try greatawakening instead, same old reddit mods, same old censorship at theawakening

77d316  No.3017839


I once got called a satanist due to the number of letters in a response to his post. Might be a satanist now, should count…

77d316  No.3017848


Greatawakening is the place to be theawakening is same shit different platform

4c2a19  No.3017920


I have been banned from GA twice for calling out his stretch of imagination. He is clown shoes but has a heart and loves his Kroger chicken fries .

8912f8  No.3018443

Does anyone know if this scenario in the article true? Or are we been played in to attacking her name puiclly of Current director of policy at Reddit, Jessica Ashooh.


23ff48  No.3018841

File: ce24d706f087b03⋯.jpg (301.76 KB, 936x960, 39:40, 1473885671866.jpg)


Go back to Reddit for the third fucking to you filthy AIDS infected piece of shit. Literally no one wants you here. VOAT already had a Great awakening subverse that was doing just fine until you Deaddit fags showed up.

If you can't handle a few mean words get in the oven

95eb24  No.3018987

File: 20ddf8fee5e9748⋯.png (239.26 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Anons, this is the new OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening the community would appreciate your help spreading the message and it keeps the normies AWAY from here."

This should NOT be in noteables, THIS SHOULD:

Followers of QAnon, DO NOT subscribe and participate at https://voat.co/v/theawakening

First of all, there is already a long-running Great Awakening board on voat, https://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening

That board has been up for some time, and it's moderators have been there for some time.

The new Voat GA board, theawakening, was set up by old reddit moderators.

So, if you want to get censored, banned, have another board taken away yet again, continue on with reddit-like drama, then just ignore what I am saying and proceed.

If you want a "safe" place for your QAnon news, theawakening is not it. It is the reddit mini-me.

v/GreatAwakening is where you need to visit.

Second of all, THEY WANT US DIVIDED! So. Very. Obviously.

There is no point in a 2nd Great Awakening on Voat, except to lure more QAnon supporters in following the wrong lead.

I am disappointed that 8chan has this as a noteable. You all are supposed to be the best, the autists, the greatest researchers…but no one checked up on it before listing it as a noteable? So I guess bakers / mods here have been infiltrated, too?

I mean, at this point it's to be expected…hence, exactly why patriotsfight exists. I suppose if anything at all can be counted upon, hopefully patriotsfight can…

225d08  No.3019173


There is one abt cakes, bakeries, weddings, gays & freedom of religion….

225d08  No.3019176


I miss the tiny thumbnail memes of reddit already…

225d08  No.3019190

>>3018443 sherlock says it was tennis related cartoon memes along w/ never forgive never forget sentiment for Patriot Day…

c1a8fe  No.3021327

Multiple supreme court cases have established that corporations have many of the same rights as individuals. Especially in the question of free speech. Stands then that no corporation can restrict free speech. Correct? A good lawyer could probably make that case.


e2b7f9  No.3022287

File: ee1461bc28eee26⋯.png (216.49 KB, 384x512, 3:4, ffe9a42077fcad2760c2a70c34….png)


NeonRevolt is sending everyone to Voat, and is trying to backpedal on this.

Voat is where everyone not contributing to /qresearch/ should be. We outnumber the natives by at least dozens to one.

99b756  No.3022521

Voat is currently down. Which seems weird since the new v/theAwakening sub announced they were moving off of Voat. So I am having a little trouble thinking it is because of a bunch of new traffic.

5d62a3  No.3022789


and voat is down for maintenance.

5d62a3  No.3022810


You're way short of 666, Serial Brain migh be able to kabbalah something.

5d62a3  No.3022879


85 White men defeated 5000 tar babies. There was an episode 400 years before this scene where 50 Portuguese soldiers creamed 3000 Congolese.

5d62a3  No.3022890

File: fe8a87d24c33116⋯.jpeg (162.97 KB, 799x800, 799:800, meme harpoons.jpeg)

I made a meme

5d62a3  No.3023022

File: 488babf81f742bb⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1111x741, 1111:741, Q manifesto.png)

Q Manifesto

df46a4  No.3023455


Great. You made a meme.

Did you DL, Mod, Render, meme on your computer?

Did you CLEAN personally identifiable info from the said meme?

Pics you take or dl and mod can contain personally identifiable info within the pic, called exif data, including geolocation data.


mat or mat2

to erase potentially personally identifiable hidden info's from pics.

You could attract bad actors to yours house unintentionally.

db9464  No.3023634


Bubble not burst. SB2 sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me. His wild leaps of logic and gematria bs are mind numbing.

bd63de  No.3023831


I think SB2 is a way for Q to say what he really wants to say in English. The gematria is just a BS cover. I also think Q posts to this board with "insights" that he can't issue directly - just attributable to a "smart" anon. Who the hell knows what's going on?

780ff3  No.3023912

Locked because this discussion is no longer useful >>>/patriotsawoken/

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