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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

62059f  No.3011090

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Wednesday 9.12.18

>>>/patriotsfight/233 —————–—————- How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH? ( Cap: >>2998384, >>2998394 )

>>>/patriotsfight/232 ———--------—————- Trump tweet re: Draining the swamp ( Cap: >>2995995 )

>>2995423 rt >>2995106, >>2995190 -----—– Military planning at its finest.

>>2994981 rt >>2994458 ———----------——– Main points of interest only.

>>>/patriotsfight/231 ———--------—————- "SEXUAL MISCONDUCT" ( Cap: >>2994452, >>2994465 )

>>>/patriotsfight/230 ———--------—————- AJ [TEMPLATE] WAS DESIGNED TO ATTACK/CENSOR 'QANON' [primary obj]. ( Cap: >>2994360, >>2994361 )

>>>/patriotsfight/229 ———--------—————- How do you inflict MAX PAIN / DAMAGE? ( Cap: >>2994005, >>2994031 )

Tuesday 9.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/228 ———--------—————- It's hammer time ( Cap: >>2984597 )

>>>/patriotsfight/227 ———--------—————- TOGETHER we WIN. ( Cap: >>2984055, >>2984053 )

>>>/patriotsfight/226 ———--------—————- Another wave of attacks coming? ( Cap: >>2982152, >>2982168 )

>>>/patriotsfight/225 ———--------—————- Timing is everything. Enjoy the show ( Cap: >>2981825 )

>>>/patriotsfight/224 ———--------—————- Steele req non_extradition to U.S? ( Cap: >>2981754 )

>>>/patriotsfight/223 ———--------—————- Bruce Ohr [in effort to save Nellie Ohr] testifying against Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, and Comey? ( Cap: >>2982107 )

>>>/patriotsfight/222 ———--------—————- Lisa Page testifying against Peter Strzok? ( Cap: >>2982096 )

>>>/patriotsfight/221 ———--------—————- James Baker testifying against Comey? ( Cap: >>2981672 )

>>>/patriotsfight/220 ———--------—————- Comey in communication w/ McCabe re: 'testimony' 'story'? ( Cap: >>2981649 )

>>>/patriotsfight/219 ———--------—————- King & Spalding hired [last week] to represent Sally Yates? ( Cap: >>2981621 )

>>>/patriotsfight/218 ———--------—————- [RR] req meeting w/ POTUS DECLINED ( Cap: >>2981591 )

>>>/patriotsfight/217 ———--------—————- Coming 'VERY SOON' to a theater near you ( Cap: >>2981124 )

>>>/patriotsfight/216 ———--------—————- Pope Francis Breitbart Article ( Caps: >>2980941, >>2980950 )

>>>/patriotsfight/215 ———--------—————- https://twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows/status/1039582215229857795 ( Caps: >>2980715, >>2980771 )

>>>/patriotsfight/214 ———--------—————- We Will Never FORGET! We Will Never FORGIVE! PATRIOT DAY ( Cap: >>2977922 )

Monday 09.10.18

Compiled here: >>2982713

Sunday 09.09.18

Compiled here: >>2979201

Saturday 09.08.18

Compiled here: >>2979191

Friday 09.07.18

Compiled here: >>2966475

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are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2993403 The OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening on VOAT (spread for the normies): https://voat.co/v/theawakening

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>>3010395 Graphic: Delrey Technologies now hosts the 8ch.net website (government defense contractor and veteran owned)

>>3010409 This is the source document for the mortality claim in Puerto Rico

>>3010457 State Department Pre-Books Kerry’s One-Way Ticket to Gitmo With This Blistering Statement

>>3010499 Catholic Priest Accused of Sexually Abusing Texas Children — Again

>>3010713 Dalai lama: "Europe belongs to the europeans"


>>3010887 18 USC 1362 Communication lines, stations or systems

>>3010963 Reminder: 95% of American flags are made in USA

>>3011082 #3809

#3808 Baker Change

>>3009633 Florence connections

>>3009670 Daily Caller Named Michael Schmidt as Reporter Strzok and Page fed stories to

>>3009673, >>3009684 Syria Update

>>3009751 LIST OF OBSERVATORIES CAMS DOWN (taken over by FBI)

>>3009764 Wealthy elitists literally living off blood transfusions from children

>>3009835 US senator claims Britain's MI6 is planning a fake chemical weapons attack on Syria

>>3009954 Man sued over deadly fire in secret tunnels under his home

>>3010049 Judicial Watch: Strzok-Page Emails Show FBI Officials Using Unsecure Devices for Sensitive Data

>>3010213 Creepy Porn Lawyer will finally be on with Tucker

>>3010214 QAnon: How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH?

>>3010316 #3808


>>3008851 Papadopoulos willing to testify about his “suspicious encounters.”

>>3008898 Kavanaugh's confirmation still on schedule despite Feinstein's letter.

>>3008935 Fager out at CBS.

>>3008966 Amazon's Jeff Bezos to start $2 billion charitable fund.

>>3009040 Report: 3,677 sex abuse cases in German Catholic Church.

>>3009052 ICE arrests 16 during 2-day Operation SOAR in the New York City metropolitan area.

>>3009068 Poland to Veto EU Sanctions ‘in Solidarity with Hungarian People.’

>>3009238 Space station commander flatly denies crew caused leak.

>>3009223 Spygate timeline.

>>3009487 #3807


>>3008152 Google fights to keep local government files secret.

>>3008227 Sex Abuse in England Primary Schools 'Prolific,' Teacher Tells Sputnik.

>>3008252 NYT knew of Google's video's contents but chose not to report it.

>>3008268 Strange observatory occurrences continue.

>>3008292 Tim Allen comes to Trump's defense.

>>3008317, >>3008375 AG Sessions memorandum on litigation guidelines for nationwide injunctions cases – opposes judicial over-reach.

>>3008436 U.S. ‘likely’ has taken over As World's top oil producer.

>>3008534 Judge that worked with Ohr delays documents until after the midterms.

>>3008573 Democrat senator defends ‘well justified’ harassment of Republicans by leftists over judge Kavanaugh.

>>3008700 #3806


>>3007405 List of observatory cams allegedly down.

>>2980434 BO hash-checks LargePictureAnon.

>>3007371 Famous chess Grand Master famously said "I can think 12 MOVES AHEAD.

>>3007311 Puerto Rican mayor and 2 others arrested on corruption charges.

>>3007366 Ex-NYPD detective and wife masterminded multi-million dollar prostitution ring.

>>3007596, >>3007494 The Left gloats as they go into "phase 3" of their suppression of pro-Trump subreddits.

>>3007697, >>3007747 Feinstein and Co. resort to their trademark last resort.

>>3007758, >>3007820 John Kerry met with Iran several times against Trump presidency.

>>3007788 Europe's top court rule's GCHQ's mass surveillance program violates human rights.

>>3007708 New York street gang w/ Mexican cartel connections busted for drugs/murder.

>>3007841 HRC foundation and Google revolving door.

>>3007935 #3805

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File: 4039c4b3034bc68⋯.png (809.67 KB, 1266x1006, 633:503, R3.png)



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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


ce9252  No.3011147

File: 39f48b1d3cc9523⋯.jpg (273.02 KB, 500x705, 100:141, Bless-this-Bread-6.jpg)

File: 779e0ef4aec31f6⋯.jpg (320.9 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Trust-Yourself-GenQ-2.jpg)


672d0d  No.3011150

File: 832f4cc57e2bbe0⋯.png (477.03 KB, 668x709, 668:709, TYB.png)

Nice work, Baker!

b78dc9  No.3011151

File: 1fcdb636acfda37⋯.jpg (126.3 KB, 729x462, 243:154, conus.jpg)

File: 200727272d0e915⋯.jpg (27.87 KB, 474x407, 474:407, Wtrack.jpg)

File: ed5595d58ecbab9⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Wtrack2.png)

[re-post, end of bread]


The only fukery here is that the telescopes were hiding behind solar documentation. Yes- they were taking pics of the sun but that was not their designed purpose.

The NM observatory that was shut down was spying on WHITE SANDS! (the world's premierdefense technology innovators of research and testing).

The massive antenna arrays and tech capabilities were also being used for weather war-fare; directing and guiding weather systems. These stations also increase triangulation of GPS tech- the closer stations are and the more of them there are increases the governments ability to track its citizens!

Having a hard time finding the data but I distinctly recall #44 directing and funding a drastic increase of weather station radar installations. Increasing the number of stations and their proximity to one-another allows for the continual guiding of weather systems between stations. <Get it?

Months prior to leaving office #44 signed a directive. An excerpt form it; transition space weather observation platforms and models from research to operations and from operations to research. That's fukery you can believe in.

The Trump Admin. has changed all Nat'l Weather Service policy as recently as April of this year with new EO's that attempt to bring these agencies back to observation stations from warfare support technology.







daee39  No.3011171

File: 5fa22391f8cdb9e⋯.png (882.52 KB, 1172x804, 293:201, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

ok anons… how many TUNNELS will be found this time?

178100  No.3011173

ab48a5  No.3011175

File: 5df6a6b9cad3360⋯.jpg (62.4 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 892_1000.jpg)

Boobs for the Baker!

Boobs for Victory!

a978cd  No.3011176



82be23  No.3011177



from last bread, BAKER!


66bfc0  No.3011178

File: ce633681cea875a⋯.jpeg (217.05 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 7961C941-A65E-4B24-ACED-1….jpeg)

RE: Explosions in MA

Every. Damn. Time.

ced932  No.3011179

File: 9d77885d6454ea0⋯.png (822.89 KB, 858x521, 858:521, ClipboardImage.png)

Former President George W. Bush on campaign trail for endangered Republicans — but not Ted Cruz

Former President George W. Bush is lending his support and raising money to help some Republicans whose seats are at risk in November.

The former president hosted a private event on Wednesday in Fort Worth, Texas, for State Rep. Will Hurd (R), Politico reported. He also has plans to host a fundraiser in Dallas on Sept. 20 for U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions. Bush lives in Sessions’ district.

But Republican Sen. Ted Cruz from Bush’s home state is notably missing from his event calendar. The race between the senator and Democrat Beto O’Rourke has become increasingly close in recent months.

Cruz worked for Bush during his presidential campaign and during his administration and has said he’s grateful to the former president.

However, Bush spokesman Freddy Ford told The Dallas Morning News that he had no plans of campaigning for Cruz and was not aware of the senator making such a request.

Why is Bush dipping back into politics?

With the November midterm elections less than two months away, the former president wants to help his party keep the majority in the Senate.

“While he prefers to consider himself retired from politics, President Bush recognizes how important it is to keep the Senate and decided to help a few key candidates,” Ford told Politico.

What else?

On Friday, Bush will be in Florida for a couple of events for Gov. Rick Scott (R), who’s in a neck-and-neck battle for a Senate seat against incumbent Bill Nelson (D), according to recent polls. Pro-Scott super PAC, New Republican, will benefit from one of the fundraisers, according to Politico.

Next week, Bush will headline a Fort Worth fundraiser on Sept. 19 for Kevin Cramer, a Senate hopeful in North Dakota.

Also, Bush will hold fundraisers next month for Senate hopefuls Josh Hawley of Missouri and Mike Braun of Indiana.


a4883e  No.3011180

>>3007424 (prev)

Could these be brown dwarfs? I would think that would be the only thing that could withstand the Sun's intense temp. Unless they are alien. IDK

47cb5a  No.3011181


good Q… ;-)

6edfb1  No.3011182

File: 7022bfc5fccabbb⋯.jpg (849.66 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180913-163610….jpg)

"gas explosions"

872dc3  No.3011183

File: 5c248de32b00535⋯.png (243.86 KB, 559x503, 559:503, Comcast outages.PNG)

I can't find much more about this right now.


37ee7b  No.3011184

File: 8595276f5ca5768⋯.png (862.64 KB, 961x765, 961:765, fire.PNG)

Nice pool they got back there…..

5e58c2  No.3011185

wow I cant believe you anons fell for this

>>3010395 Graphic: Delrey Technologies now hosts the 8ch.net website (government defense contractor and veteran owned)

... where are the real autists at... shameful display

1d5867  No.3011186

96a8d0  No.3011187

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


yup this is crazy, 20 homes exploding from gas issues

ced932  No.3011188




Then use the link below to download our work!



Understand this is NOT a chat room, lurk for a few weeks MONTHS AT LEAST before posting and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ OUR WORK, watch how the board operates, learn our comms, use discernment to evaluate who is friend or foe and learn how shills operate!



P.S. Anyone who has an issue with boobs needs to go learn the history of qresearch and what the legends who work here have done for YOU! These are adult women.

We hunt pedophiles. Illegal content is posted by bad actors board mods remove and block but some ip hop, this is a constant battle as the powers that be do not want the TRUTH getting out.


9220d8  No.3011189

File: 440bf0aa3c72d8c⋯.png (147.04 KB, 332x531, 332:531, hillbag-pepe-belly.png)

ty baker

272b1f  No.3011190

File: fc5e4dc09c9f1a1⋯.jpg (95.88 KB, 736x1104, 2:3, baker1.jpg)

>>3010395 (lb)

Boobs for the 8 chan server host Delrey Tech

96b7f0  No.3011191


Hack of SCADA systems for controlling gas line pressures.

62059f  No.3011192


d4fb53  No.3011193

File: 21db229dee73600⋯.jpg (64.1 KB, 625x645, 125:129, interdasting.jpg)

File: dd1f6a64b61967c⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 1200x273, 400:91, Dm-6TwqU8AA2w_b.jpg)

File: 7e3ba67f497dc3f⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 1200x301, 1200:301, Dm-6Uu2UUAAnXWb.jpg)

note a bull?

208fb5  No.3011194

File: 45fb6d6f42d0315⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1280x1174, 640:587, ClipboardImage.png)


They're saying it's because of a high powered gas line

33de62  No.3011195


f924c4  No.3011197

File: 57f795f129fc413⋯.jpeg (123.34 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, Never here.jpeg)

>>3011081 DRT!!

Go get them...

That solves quite a few local mystery's for sure, for me at least.


6edfb1  No.3011198

damn y'all quicker than me lol

1d5867  No.3011199


she is beautiful

47cb5a  No.3011200


almost looks like the Bruce Ohr's house next door. lol hmmm

cd934b  No.3011201

File: bf10a29b6d140cb⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1397x872, 1397:872, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at ….png)

File: 8fdcca909459655⋯.png (469.99 KB, 1331x748, 121:68, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at ….png)

26b918  No.3011202



32882a  No.3011204

BAKER ty ty ty ty… you are the impasse…

there are things happening right now this second…

have been for God forever?


there is a voice brother anon…

hear it

yep… it's God



ask Q, i'm tired…


82be23  No.3011205





51df55  No.3011206


No thank.

Meat curtains

05b508  No.3011207

File: 5a584dd293df9b1⋯.jpg (12.7 KB, 479x434, 479:434, headass.jpg)



Selective posting. You spread disinfo >>3011003

Get your head out of your dumb ass faggot.

b09d36  No.3011209

File: 2969774acc84e79⋯.png (223.64 KB, 700x450, 14:9, sing.png)

File: 395f5013ff31eff⋯.png (70.47 KB, 1509x405, 503:135, here.png)

File: e56c68f5e258430⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1992x1111, 1992:1111, bigjustice2.png)

File: 470239d1abbb9b4⋯.png (588.87 KB, 1200x813, 400:271, secretpolice.png)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

ed95ab  No.3011210


Barium meal?

a70312  No.3011211

Could Massachusetts evacuations be the start of a False Flag event?

a34dc0  No.3011212

Mentioned page 16


Glenn S. Gerstell, of Washington, D.C., who has bundled at least $50,000 for the 2012 campaign, was appointed as a member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Commission on Sept. 9, 2011, according to White House records.


Throughout his 39-year career at Milbank, Mr. Gerstell demonstrated a commitment to public service on the city, national, and international levels. President Obama appointed him to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, which makes recommendations to the president and executive branch on security threats to infrastructure nationwide. Mr. Gerstell also serves on the District of Columbia Homeland Security Commission, which provides oversight of the District’s emergency response and homeland security capabilities. He earlier chaired the board of directors of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority.

He is also a member of the

Council on Foreign Relations and the Atlantic Council;

a trustee of the non-partisan Federal City Council, which focuses on Washington, DC, city issues; a director of

Trickle Up,

a New York-based charity that works on solutions to extreme poverty worldwide; and is the only non-diplomat elected as a member of The American Academy of Diplomacy (for which he served as outside counsel for over two decades while at Milbank).


Mentioned page 16


74d368  No.3011213


Hate to see something happen to it.

82e4c7  No.3011214

File: e1b3c7e8a26060a⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 613x356, 613:356, 487626606-170667a.jpg)

File: 453ef685ef770f5⋯.jpg (158.97 KB, 1069x833, 1069:833, 9d6e363c03972d8c216019ccbb….jpg)

cdabd7  No.3011215

File: c4aa56f283b6159⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.85 MB, 442x366, 221:183, 12weeks.gif)

>>3010639 (Last bread)

Dem politics 101: it's a false accusation of sexual assault.

"Uncovered" just when the vote for confirmation takes place ... FUD meant to sway 2-3 senators from voting for Kavanaugh.

Leftards are very predictable.

If Kavanaugh goes down, Trump will only nominate an even more conservative white male.

Dems are fucking stupid.

This Kavanaugh is pretty liberal. They should take Kavanaugh - it's the best they are going to get.

ab48a5  No.3011216


I'm not a vegetarian.

a34dc0  No.3011217

File: 5e9900b5fc41bb1⋯.png (982.74 KB, 600x900, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

58623c  No.3011218

File: ac4b7f0a703555c⋯.jpg (6.79 KB, 808x73, 808:73, Diversity_Sucks_5.jpg)

File: 99fb5e0af10c6d6⋯.jpg (233.33 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Diversity_Sucks_4.jpg)

File: 8a253295675a977⋯.jpg (383.95 KB, 2506x1109, 2506:1109, Diversity_Sucks_3.jpg)

File: 3ad7568b4fb95e7⋯.png (761.91 KB, 2220x2920, 111:146, Diversity_Sucks_2.png)

File: 249e30c6154570c⋯.png (163.59 KB, 782x699, 782:699, Diversity_Sucks.PNG)

>>3010959 (lb)

From a moral/spiritual sense, we are all the same, but genetics and ethnicity have a big role in mass behavior and social cohesion. That is reality. Pics related.

038464  No.3011219

File: 6d991b0a1e1e406⋯.png (340.92 KB, 1243x1015, 1243:1015, 6whlbg1indi11[3].png)

Can we talk about this?

AZ isn't 2 hours behind EST, it's 3 hours behind

9220d8  No.3011220

File: 26f2b1bc0a90ee5⋯.png (667.04 KB, 683x453, 683:453, pootus-patience.png)

da7555  No.3011221

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mass explosions live.

b8aafe  No.3011222


Facebook Inc. will begin fact-checking photographs and videos posted on the social media platform, seeking to close a gap that allowed Russian propagandists to promote false news during the last U.S. presidential election.


cdabd7  No.3011223

File: a3bff5de819c448⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 780.83 KB, 500x280, 25:14, backnforth.gif)

Thank you Baker.

3c9809  No.3011224


why is this fag not hanging by the rope yet?

5429ab  No.3011225


Fascism on the march….

8b3b86  No.3011226


some state dont do daylght savings i think az is one if them.

any azfags confirm?

f4b196  No.3011227

File: c572b3968405c69⋯.jpg (19.41 KB, 255x245, 51:49, heart pepe.jpg)

>>3011031 (both last bread)


Had the same thought about 7 dwarves. Being put to good use now.

And if indeed it's you, sir, thanks for your service.

BO, BV, CM, this guy. Come on anons. This can't be easy. BO took a week long vacay and the place nearly fell apart.

We owe them a lot if we enjoy it here.

7860a9  No.3011228


I'm pretty sure Q team injects at least snippets into 4am talking points for comms and confirms.

130610  No.3011229

>>3010395 (lb)

Kinda makes me feel like having a big brother standing behind me. I can stick my tongue out at the bullies or flip them off and all they will do is run.

1d5867  No.3011230

File: 83bbb7a86057217⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 3008x2000, 188:125, neverforget1.jpg)

enlarge to see direction… should i make it bigger?

e7874f  No.3011231


"Fires to flush them out.."?

daee39  No.3011233



> fact-checking

against what, where? WHO?

> false news

what false, what fake exactly?


cd934b  No.3011234


>Massachusetts State Police confirm that at least 17 fires and explosions have been reported at separate addresses, but local media reported that additional explosions have been reported at nearby communities.

There are initial reports of injuries, but the extent is unclear.



038464  No.3011235



f924c4  No.3011236


Always with the trees…kek!

88c347  No.3011237

moar democrat treason


China’s government propaganda outlets are actively promoting the anti-President Trump book released this week by Washington Post writer Bob Woodward, called “Fear.”

Two days after excerpts of the book were published, major Chinese state-run propaganda outlets, including China Central Television (CCTV), ran extensive reports on the book on Sept. 6.

beff7c  No.3011238


AZ does not fuck with the clock…best thing ever. kek

20cfde  No.3011239

File: 805ce34d742d4e4⋯.jpg (224.66 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 1536514876621.jpg)

File: 2e4cc4df3a45a70⋯.jpg (652.09 KB, 2391x2485, 2391:2485, 1536296099874.jpg)

File: 991122fd34e0e62⋯.jpg (399.17 KB, 1600x2397, 1600:2397, 1536296067186.jpg)


I mean it's a little more work but it's still fun.

67ba2a  No.3011240

>>3011044 pb


>>3011102 pb

>17 different addresses

130610  No.3011241


and his daddy and the entire bush regime

1d5867  No.3011242


is this a wealthy hood?

e91a23  No.3011243

Lawrence Fire Scanner: Just heard 12 reported fires and no units available to respond. All fighting other ones…wtf is going on?!?

cd934b  No.3011244

File: 55159c5992633ee⋯.png (65.14 KB, 940x332, 235:83, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

JUST IN: Anti-Trump FBI lover Lisa Page confesses in newly released text message that she 'interned under Clinton' - Fox


d4fb53  No.3011245

File: 22867258fa18047⋯.mp4 (7.63 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, useless-to-be-patriots.mp4)


I don't think we have the same morals, spirit? who knows. The rest is true though.

I mean, here's evidence Zionist Judaism (redundant?) is totally incompatible with Patriotism, from their own mouths!

lb poster is just a mad little faggot.

62059f  No.3011246

File: 83929a1ac350786⋯.png (1.27 MB, 4080x1149, 1360:383, NoNamesidebyside.png)


never bought into that one

5429ab  No.3011247


That's a fact, Jack.

e64c87  No.3011248

>>3011019 (pb)

I don't say this often, Anon, and I hope you can really hear this as it's meant:

You are not smart.

a89e10  No.3011249

File: 2cd4da3183cbade⋯.png (311.28 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Church_of_Satan_NFL.png)

File: faa1fe0b46ca9e0⋯.png (57.08 KB, 562x256, 281:128, Church_of_Satan_Poughkeeps….png)

>>3010456 (lb)

I always found the founding of the Church of Satan in 1966 and the football merger in 1966 questionable. Although it was announced 6-8-66.... I bet it really happened 6-6-66.... and then the SuperbOwls started

they love their 666 - even got a PO Box with that number

f52813  No.3011250

File: af0f806ea47dde6⋯.jpg (154.38 KB, 910x1117, 910:1117, with panic comes betrayal.jpg)

9d8884  No.3011251

>>3010608 (pb)

Maybe this was apart of the Iran Deal.

a6462e  No.3011252



1d5867  No.3011253


found the virgin

05b508  No.3011254


Smart meters + gas leak = boom.

Smart meters can be remotely "amped up".

Google "smart meter fires"

ac29c0  No.3011255


roastie af

61b16c  No.3011256


>>3011126 lb Essex County, MA

Salem is in Essex County

maybe the witches are burning?

bd00d7  No.3011257

File: 9b905b975943f2a⋯.jpeg (16.45 KB, 474x271, 474:271, iu-20.jpeg)

File: a1540adc472b0b4⋯.jpeg (653.39 KB, 900x600, 3:2, iu-21.jpeg)

Meme images for CONTROL

178100  No.3011258



74d368  No.3011260

File: 715a51a3b3945e4⋯.jpg (29.85 KB, 424x311, 424:311, kek.JPG)


I bet Monica taught her that little thing Bill likes!

a70312  No.3011261


a857ca  No.3011262

>>3010575 (lb)

Next to all the 9/11 comparisons in Trump's tweet...

Also, take a look at the time he posted… 7:37

Boeing 737


6f87e7  No.3011263

Office of the Press Secretary


September 13, 2018

On Thursday, September 13, 2018, the President signed into law:

H.R. 4318, the "Miscellaneous Tariff Bill Act of 2018," which provides for duty suspensions and reductions for specified chemicals and other items through December 31, 2020.

467241  No.3011264

File: f3436b061f07d27⋯.png (865.35 KB, 798x1429, 798:1429, ClipboardImage.png)

And then I wonder why the fuck women don't belong in the military

All they want is cock and babies

source: https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/your-marine-corps/2018/09/12/trailblazing-female-who-became-infantry-marine-is-getting-kicked-out-for-fraternization/

da7555  No.3011265


Andover, North Andover and Lawrence all going up, anyone with gas connection get out.

3e0e37  No.3011266

There have been several gas explosion stories this week. One was in Pittsburgh on Monday:

"CENTER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A massive methane gas pipeline explosion rocked Beaver County early Monday, sending a huge fire ball into the sky and prompting the evacuation of more than two dozen homes."


5429ab  No.3011267



>JUST IN: Anti-Trump FBI lover Lisa Page confesses in newly released text message that she 'interned under Clinton' - Fox



37ee7b  No.3011268

Morbid thought: was there not one person home out of all the houses????? I read a firefighter is down, but not that any civilians are hurt…

05b508  No.3011269

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

34ed1b  No.3011270

think I just heard that HRC will be on Rachel Maddow show next Tuesday.

Can't find sauce, but maybe one of you can

5a8aa0  No.3011271


6edad7  No.3011272


Is this a federal issue or a state issue? Not federal, that's for sure. POLITICS at its worst.

cd934b  No.3011273

File: ef2b5b106d640b3⋯.png (109.36 KB, 895x591, 895:591, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


>This might help to explain why 20 gas lines across Boston decided to randomly explode this afternoon.


67ba2a  No.3011275


So what was going on in these adresses?

All apartments? Also businesses or stores?

e7874f  No.3011276


Very. New England real estate doesn't come cheap at all..

ced932  No.3011277





130610  No.3011278


this is horrible!

20cfde  No.3011279

File: 2d8d76cb1bba263⋯.jpg (67.05 KB, 1881x299, 1881:299, Trump911Redpill.jpg)

204f36  No.3011280

File: 2f96f9403c824c5⋯.gif (72.74 KB, 129x150, 43:50, 2f96f9403c824c5a470fbdeb80….gif)

038464  No.3011281



Regardless, at the moment AZ is THREE hours behind EST, which makes his death at 7:28 EST, not 6:28 EST

This kinda pisses me off, as it's my favourite Q proof. But I need to be factual

0d0bfa  No.3011282

File: de009d8f62ae7c7⋯.png (147.89 KB, 1495x888, 1495:888, ClipboardImage.png)


a978cd  No.3011283


OUCH, that's not gonna go over well, Scott.

Let's see if it pans out for them.

c69f98  No.3011284

File: 9915b9e940eeacb⋯.jpg (95.97 KB, 1000x664, 125:83, nat.jpg)

bfb1b4  No.3011285

File: db2aa3c6568f9e2⋯.png (378.97 KB, 658x492, 329:246, db2aa3c6568f9e212668d6feba….png)

20 Simultaneous gas explosions in Massachusetts!!

Possible FF.


9fe3cb  No.3011286


Makes me think:

>"PANIC IN DC" statements start a FIRE?

>Twelve moves ahead.

>Suicide watch.


dfd74f  No.3011287

Q do you support the #QUCKED twitter campaign?

1d5867  No.3011288


prolly alot of guilty there then

29756b  No.3011289

File: fe4cfa39aead8f2⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 680x680, 1:1, peperage.gif)

1f1832  No.3011290

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ENDGAME: Disclosure & The Final Defeat Of The Cabal - David Wilcock & Corey Goode - Part 1

Not a larp but use your own Discernment you really do have more than you need I suggest changing your names and brands often!

15aa6c  No.3011291

wow lookner on his stream is really spazzing out over this, he seems freaked out… interesting

ac29c0  No.3011292


nobody wants to know you have no standards and 3 different types of herpes

77c7d1  No.3011293

File: 3d15ff3187257cd⋯.png (281.6 KB, 675x714, 225:238, ClipboardImage.png)

b8aafe  No.3011294




Attacks will only intensify.

All for a LARP?

Imagine the cost of this "fake news" protection team.

d4fb53  No.3011295

File: c2d87214ce89a4c⋯.jpg (33.25 KB, 602x317, 602:317, slayqueen.jpg)


563941  No.3011296

DEVELOPING: Comcast Customers Experiencing Internet, Phone, TV Outages Nationwide

b78dc9  No.3011297


It doesn't matter if K gets in or not.

The entire premise of nominating him was to get the records, which Dems screamed for.

Got Clinton Crime Family docs (K served under BC).

Got Bush library docs as well.

All UNSEALED at the dems request.


f52813  No.3011298

File: d920092d5618eb6⋯.jpg (168.18 KB, 962x583, 962:583, brazil museum why are ds a….jpg)


What are they hiding, eh?

7ad719  No.3011299

File: e7502bb615b7b73⋯.png (152.13 KB, 500x279, 500:279, Image-for-blog-768x429.png)

File: a232e373834ceff⋯.png (145.14 KB, 500x279, 500:279, IGD-arrchive-768x429.png)

File: 8054c86bc302573⋯.png (153.12 KB, 500x279, 500:279, Crimthinc-blog-768x429.png)


da7555  No.3011300



cd934b  No.3011301

File: b76c9ed7f7f793b⋯.png (655.29 KB, 896x1129, 896:1129, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 4d17706a8a99e3b⋯.png (209.23 KB, 650x1246, 325:623, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 469da94f08544f2⋯.png (522.75 KB, 890x658, 445:329, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

At Least 20 Home Explosions Reported In Massachusetts:

- Lawrence, Andover & North Andover

- Injuries Reported

- Evacuations Underway

- If Residents There Know How To Safely Shut Off Your Gas, DO IT NOW




03f990  No.3011302

File: 610d54d073c036c⋯.png (451.87 KB, 633x517, 633:517, Fitton RT Rosiak 9-13-18.PNG)

File: 5530b618657c014⋯.png (69.54 KB, 518x767, 518:767, 1 DC Rosiak re Awan Allege….PNG)

File: 12dfc0a322435f4⋯.png (68.69 KB, 530x744, 265:372, 2 DC Rosiak re Awan Allege….PNG)

File: a9b919b6a64dd53⋯.png (33.98 KB, 419x663, 419:663, 3 DC Rosiak re Awan Allege….PNG)

Perhaps will be relevant soon

Fitton RT'd a reposted article from May by Rosiak

Imran Awan Allegedly Tried ‘To Hide His Money’ While DOJ Negotiates With Him


875bdf  No.3011303

File: 75bacdb9bc4cdf7⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180913-162700.png)

File: bde79808b15f093⋯.jpg (58.06 KB, 407x960, 407:960, Illuminati-rule.jpg)

Candace Owens

Regarding her compelling ICE video. Any anons have insight on her necklace?

Thought of masonry right away and couldn't see this necklaces online in quick searches.

Women are allowed in some of their orders today.

Is she /ourgal/?

a0db05  No.3011304

File: cc9e85601e29b9f⋯.jpeg (488.94 KB, 750x993, 250:331, F15CAB59-ECB2-4642-91E3-9….jpeg)


beb5ce  No.3011305

almost 5p in DC.

9-5 types about off work.

Q should be showing anytime.

e7874f  No.3011306


I think Martha's Vineyard comes under Massachusetts. Says a lot..

5429ab  No.3011307


Water and vinegar woman.

5e58c2  No.3011308

File: d20ff3e8fce3fdd⋯.png (20.6 KB, 617x573, 617:573, ClipboardImage.png)


Okay I tried to recreate, and as you can confirm on this trace, I was able to trace the hops to 8ch's ip (

Confirm it matches the previous end destination of the other traced.

At no point does it hop to Delray's IP.

Try for yourself and see if you hop to delray's IP at anypoint (through either ipv4 or ipv6). Most likely Delray hosts a VPN and that anon was using a VPN, showing why when traced it shows the IP of Delray. If any anons can trace independantly and confirm any hop to delray please post.

Here is just one tool for tracing, use your own if you want.


3acee9  No.3011309

File: 3e3308b0fb4d965⋯.jpg (62.04 KB, 650x467, 650:467, FeinsteinCrazy.jpg)

So much win in this headline about Dianne Emiel Goldman.


There are those Sanpaku eyes again

Every single time

58623c  No.3011310

>>3011155 (lb)

Gas leak?

Or operators destroying cabal logistics (tunnels?)?

daee39  No.3011311


i'm scared at the mental cost to them…

increasing cognitive dissonance to hold on to the "fake news" narrative, at all costs, despite all reality…

563941  No.3011312

File: 61cd3115dd38787⋯.jpg (78.57 KB, 1191x692, 1191:692, Internet, TV, Phone outage….jpg)

5a8aa0  No.3011313


OK, never saw this guy before but he is annoying as fuck after three seconds. I’m all set. thank you.

20cfde  No.3011314

File: e45a8a800b30d59⋯.png (597.8 KB, 500x700, 5:7, e45a8a800b30d5977a9979572c….png)

File: c7c9adf6a60ef86⋯.gif (3.62 MB, 400x350, 8:7, c7c9adf6a60ef8685eb549415c….gif)


Cause he isn't super autistic about pussy lips? That's a little harsh, brohan. Why not find some common ground with some tiddies?

d84595  No.3011315

File: 81fd790daf2a8b6⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 1031x1070, 1031:1070, Enjoy the show.jpg)



6375aa  No.3011316


git hub scrapers are wrong. its not at 18:28EST it was at 19:28EDT. they dont account for daylight savings time.

33de62  No.3011317


22a7c6  No.3011318

>>3010395 last bread

Tell micro hes fucked if he tries to take down 8chan


Do you all reaize just exactly how fucking big of news this is?

Every asshat that has tried to discredit Q

Every asshat thats claimed to be Q

Every asshat claiming Q is a LARP



61b16c  No.3011319

File: ff0949261e20e74⋯.png (2.15 MB, 1433x632, 1433:632, fire in MA.png)

Apt complex being evacuated

pic related

a70312  No.3011320

Any Chem or ScienceFags check to see if you can inject something in a gas line to deteriorate the lines. something of that type of theory???

872dc3  No.3011321

File: 304d6ea8eaaf3e3⋯.png (386.93 KB, 538x664, 269:332, 911 Homes explode.PNG)

This is not good at all

At Least 20 Home Explosions Reported In Massachusetts:

- Lawrence, Andover & North Andover

- Injuries Reported

- Evacuations Underway

- If Residents There Know How To Safely Shut Off Your Gas, DO IT NOW

e45ee0  No.3011322

File: 4d5723710836f54⋯.jpg (70.93 KB, 655x916, 655:916, 1536871732749.jpg)

Q need advice.

Is it good to give 4chan to the russians?

appears to be better for now, than having hiroshima selling access, but in the long run it might be a thread.

5429ab  No.3011323

File: 27053d82fb2be33⋯.mp4 (2.84 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Whoomp there it is.mp4)


Whoomp, there is it

f52813  No.3011324


Need a clearer picture of this, but if this is what I think it is, well, we already had our doubts

e91a23  No.3011325

File: ebc7e84b04fa23f⋯.png (3.87 MB, 2012x1588, 503:397, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

Map of fires so far…

dfd74f  No.3011326

File: 71cfb91d48b12f8⋯.jpg (145.5 KB, 675x714, 225:238, POTUSplacardFISA.jpg)

its hammer time

da7555  No.3011327


Kek I know but hes on top of all the twats.

d17aaa  No.3011328

Mainstream media propping up Red Cross (Rothschild) in the latest Cabal attack.


d02566  No.3011329


Oh thank God for pointing this out, I thought the bitch wanted my money. WEW

1205ee  No.3011330


great SB2 is here now...

d4fb53  No.3011331


what, you dont want the wall or something, beaner faggot?

cdabd7  No.3011332

File: 68bb8b1dd7638e9⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 200x200, 1:1, fireangrypepe.jpg)


She has a point.

50,000 illegals per month enter this country … that we know of.

Sick of it.

Talky time is over.

Build the fucking wall!

61b16c  No.3011333




they are literally burning down MA from inside out!

7d482e  No.3011334


Wheres the fun in that anon? Talking shit isnt fun,unless you are playing with fire

e8551f  No.3011335

File: 4746accb46e53c6⋯.jpg (25.61 KB, 347x225, 347:225, downloadfile-22~2.jpg)

Trump is dumb for not declassifying the FISA records.

c398a9  No.3011336


Oh shit, that's a big deal.

Yes, it's good, Russians are /ouguys/ now.

Learn Russian.

038464  No.3011337



EDT and EST are the same fucking thing

146cff  No.3011338


IMO I don't think so. But keep an eye out.

9d773f  No.3011339

File: 826a520f0d9f761⋯.jpg (203.73 KB, 672x936, 28:39, m19-3-ajani-adversary-of-t….jpg)

Meme request!

Could a shoopfag rework this with trump hair, his name instead of Ajani, and the flavor text of:

"The truth is like a lion, set it free, and it will defend itself."

daee39  No.3011340


Russians & Americans are bruddas.

Much psyopd, but so close in spirit, despite all the disinfo and social engineering… it'll get better

6f87e7  No.3011341


the storm comes in many forms

66bfc0  No.3011342


It’s happppennnnning!!!!!


5e58c2  No.3011343



I show independent traces DO NOT confirm this notable >>3010395

please look and also see if any other anons can confirm.

62059f  No.3011344


no they are not anon

EDT is one hour ahead of EST

58623c  No.3011345

File: fb9e72d9f39131d⋯.jpg (513.31 KB, 1280x4200, 32:105, Tucker_based_why.jpg)

File: 5f57820b92c273f⋯.png (82.38 KB, 663x671, 663:671, Tucker_Diversity_1.png)

File: 85a9845eba26bbc⋯.png (77 KB, 639x640, 639:640, Tucker_Diversity_2.png)

Why Tucker is so based and patriotic.

Sauce: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2018/09/13/kin-in-the-game/

f4b196  No.3011346


Wouldn't that be fun!

bfb1b4  No.3011347

File: 5e4dba13d15ad8d⋯.jpg (167.76 KB, 2000x1334, 1000:667, 1527148702607.jpg)


Durov is Libertarian/Ancap and anti Putin/FSB. Everyone seems excited on half right now. We can finally be done with the pedo kike mods and the filthy gookmoot selling everyones info.

daee39  No.3011348


sometimes, not all-year long

82e4c7  No.3011349

"Many houses exploded with no fire"

82b6d4  No.3011350

File: 1e600bcb0fcaa4d⋯.jpg (73.85 KB, 614x591, 614:591, 1511514492141.jpg)


Some random screenshot of a traceroute (that doesn't even mention 8ch anywhere) doesn't really prove anything.

cd934b  No.3011351

File: 78beb16fd94ad13⋯.png (904.79 KB, 1102x1197, 58:63, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

>“Get inspired and depressing reading that article about how Obama approached the mail room,” Page wrote Strzok on Jan. 19, 2017 - the last day of the Obama administration. “Needless to say, it was very different when I interned there under Clinton.”



beb5ce  No.3011352


those don't 'just' happen.

there's zero chance of 'accident' here.

20cfde  No.3011353

File: c68765384440836⋯.png (288.76 KB, 507x371, 507:371, c687653844408360d1b684a0bd….png)


Very comfy to know we're in good company.

2a7f4b  No.3011354

>>3011152 (lb)

He tried to argue against the lengthy logical post that disected shills, because he is the "megashill" user. Yet he didnt have an argument against any point that was meticulously presented in the post, while posting the same old shareblue copypasta snips he always posts.

27ca28  No.3011355


what was that earlier about paper shredder prices sky rocketing on the east coast?

8b170d  No.3011356


Im on comcast in one of the outage areas and i'm fine, no outage here.

875bdf  No.3011357



A source vid.

It appears like an Upside down A with extended crossbar —-

c398a9  No.3011358


I hope it's good news, everything looks good on paper.

Time to go shitpost on half for a bit.

32882a  No.3011359

funny fact.

no not one ever defined Daniel…

not one.

WHO IS DANIEL was always the challenge.

not one faggot knew


zero descirption in the bible.

coiwards had no wonder, no maybe?




62059f  No.3011361




not my expertise, adding anyway

e489e5  No.3011362


how about turning off the f'king gas line running to your house


964db2  No.3011363



Wonder who owns those homes

dcbe69  No.3011364


875bdf  No.3011365





e64c87  No.3011366


We do not "chicken out".

That is America.


78fde3  No.3011367

File: 1df89411c812b62⋯.jpg (157.6 KB, 1024x717, 1024:717, slut detection 101.jpg)


Wear Indicators

1d5867  No.3011368


i could see if there was a earthquake and a main line bursting, but individual houses… no way.

do u know what kind of astronomical odds that would be to just have 2 in same area. def spoofy

5429ab  No.3011369


No, low IQ cockbite.

I–like POTUS–want the fucking wall

I don't asshole women shitting on POTUS because he ain't doing shit fast enough for them.

PS: I post for anons on the right side of the IQ bell curve.

daee39  No.3011370


glad to have you with us, Dan.


66bfc0  No.3011371


It was a joke FFS

e8551f  No.3011372

File: 9bd05bc1d430273⋯.jpg (65.43 KB, 480x709, 480:709, 2hvw1y~2.jpg)

d84595  No.3011373

Either this is mass arkancides or FF or people are an heroing ahead of DECLAS…

Normal? Fuck no.

a70312  No.3011374

Could "DEW" Deteriorate a gas line or can you inject some type of chemical to erode or combine with gas to weaken the gas lines to cause a False Flag event?

82e4c7  No.3011375


What a clever way to kill us

15aa6c  No.3011376

this gas line stuff is wild, this is like some batman level shit

5e58c2  No.3011377


all you have to do to confirm is go to the tool website


type in 8ch.net, put in 40 hops or so to be sure

and see the results. anyone can confirm

37ee7b  No.3011378


yeah I waanna address dig!

beb5ce  No.3011379


get the records out and see if those places had a 'gas company' come out and do 'an inspection' or 'repair' recently.

d4fb53  No.3011381


oh you're just a shit-tier sycophant who knows nothing about how politics work. you put pressure on yourguys to get them to get shit done.

grow the fuck up shitstain.

872dc3  No.3011382


And this is in 3 different town.

ba7cc1  No.3011383


Lotta folks gonna come home to a house filled with gas after getting out of work.

Gotta a smoke?

Sure here's a light……………

62059f  No.3011384

Notables so far, let me know if something was missed


>>3011171, >>3011194, >>3011202, >>3011304 BREAKING: 3 ENTIRE TOWNS In Massachusetts Told To Evacuate As Multiple Homes Are Exploding

>>3011212 Member of Obama's National Infrastructure Advisory has connections to CFR and Atlantic Council

>>3011221 Mass explosions live stream


>>3011266 There have been several gas explosion stories this week

>>3011308 Anon tried to recreate the 8ch IP trace: At no point does it hop to Delray's IP

417593  No.3011385

From Thomas Paine

FBI’s Chief Operating Officer of Cyber Division Abrupty Quits


204686  No.3011386

I wonder if the homes on fire in MA have anything in common in terms of owners. Any correlation.

467241  No.3011387


I wonder what they did… probably cranked up the pressure at the substation.

03f990  No.3011388



>we already had our doubts

Some did / sounded like paid shills

You don't speak for all anons

66bfc0  No.3011389


Just some morning DEW

b78dc9  No.3011390

File: 0aef83551cdb01a⋯.jpg (120.27 KB, 680x564, 170:141, BLMFL.jpg)


PhtojournalistAnon here- worked in the industry for a decade.

If people knew what went on behind the scenes, they wouldn't be supporting this bread and circus show.

My blood ran football.

I HATE what they've turned it in to.

The month of OCT is the longest month of continuous football and they turned our Gladiators in to pink-wearing pussies. Now y'all can watch faggots cheer your fav team.



a34dc0  No.3011391

Glenn S. Gerstell, Chairman, Board of Directors,

DC Water and Sewer Authority

"Friday, March 5, 2004

Good Morning Chairman Davis and Members of the Committee. I am Glenn Gerstell, Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (WASA). I am pleased to be here to provide testimony about WASA's past, current and future endeavors relative to the Lead Replacement Program, and the issue of elevated lead levels in some homes of District residents.

It goes without saying that this issue is of widespread interest, and this is another excellent opportunity to set the record straight on what we are doing about it. I want to assure you that providing safe and clean drinking water to our community is our highest priority. We are vitally concerned with taking the necessary actions to assure public safety in this regard. There are four critical areas I wish to cover today and, of course, answer any questions you and Members of the Committee may have. But before I do that I want to make one key point clear that has been a little fuzzy in the news reports - WASA provides the water, we do not produce it.

WASA is responsible for distributing drinking water safely through our 1,300 miles of water mains under the streets of the District to individual houses and buildings, as well as to several federal facilities directly across the Potomac in Virginia. It is the US Army Corps of Engineers, through the Washington Aqueduct, that draws the water from the Potomac, filters and chemically treats it to meet EPA specifications. While WASA of course works cooperatively and closely with the Washington Aqueduct, treatment issues are ultimately their responsibility."

Watch the water?


87468b  No.3011392


So Russia banned 8chan but is buying 4chan?

a70312  No.3011393

Massachusetts is a Liberal state,

Anyone got a match.

9fe3cb  No.3011394


Regulator on each home feed.

Not possible.

d4fa88  No.3011395

File: 35464839e2fc9e8⋯.jpeg (18.55 KB, 255x255, 1:1, fbc8b6912696bf9e961f625b2….jpeg)

File: b22f38b8fd414b9⋯.png (14.05 KB, 254x255, 254:255, a58f0782db9aa2984244f72235….png)

File: 153ddf978d14582⋯.png (15.08 KB, 255x155, 51:31, e94cc6e904cfb9f5e5b5de3d3e….png)

```This is how muhjoo shill infestation looks like.``` When they are pushing other shit, or busy panicking and regrouping, the word jew appears less than 10 times per bread. When they are here - above 100. Also note they push new talking points each time.

```Their structure:``` one "megashill" that is the main pusher of the narative, and many "satellite" sockpuppet IPs that follow him and assist. The megashill is the main spammer who posts multiple premade shareblue fake info snips. These have been exposed multiple times as either lies (Beria being a jew, and his fake historians) or as cleverly tailored out of context copypasta. The "satellite" sockpuppet user IPs serve as "enforcers" who react emotionaly like low iq retarded imbeciles, or as complete bullshit posters who act as low iq bait for anons.

Now let us apply logical thinking and kill their narative:

>muh evil jews

Yeah. Whatever you say Brock:

>The survey, conducted for Haaretz newspaper to coincide with US Independence Day, found that almost half of Israelis — 49 percent — strongly approved of Trump (and 23% slightly approved), while only 22% disapproved of the US president.


>new survey found that an overwhelming percentage of Orthodox Jews support President Donald Trump.

>According to the poll, which was commissioned by the US-based haredi Ami Magazine, 91% of American Orthodox Jews gave Trump a "Satisfactory" or "Very good"


Claims judaism is evil? - YES

Claims to support trump? - YES

trump has a jewish daughter and family in law? - YES

Does his "support" make sense? - NO

Posts shit that is against q's message? - YES

Stays on q research board even though he ia against the message and spams the hell out of it? - YES

Does it makes sense? - NO


Why is he really here? - MONEY




>Melania and I wish all Jewish people Shana Tova and send our warmest greetings to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the start of the High Holy Days…

Q #1822

>They want you DIVIDED.









Q #1263

>Think logically.

Attack the world?

Are the people of France to blame?

Are the people to blame or the ruling class (leaders/controllers)?

Apply leverage.




Power shift.

Rise of the people.


Not understood?



Who benefits from your posts?

Who are you trying to hide?

Who is the real enemy?

Are you hiding the RULING FAMILIES?

is it jewish to cover yourself in gold? wear

y heads? show the eye of ra? Owls?

arm yourselves with reason anons. It is a death sentence for those paid actors

bfb1b4  No.3011396



Looks like firefighters are overwhelmed and homes are just burning.

5be286  No.3011397

File: edf40a865582664⋯.png (373.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

New reddit sub r/qpatriotsfight

5c7a9c  No.3011398


smells like ff to me

7ad719  No.3011399

File: d89bc6a37ef9faf⋯.jpg (62.03 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, shutterstock_1175773276-e1….jpg)

No more integration? French Education Minister wants Arabic taught at schools


One thing's for sure, they don't need to give driving lessons as being dangerous in traffic is what it's all about being muzzie. hah.


Europe, dumpster of the third world.

a4883e  No.3011400


take a pill

380e08  No.3011401

Brought To You Courtesy of The Red, White & Blue

Toby Keith


daee39  No.3011402


rooooh putain de bordel de merde

dcbe69  No.3011403


Right not likely

More likely your sleeper cells just woke up?

d4fb53  No.3011404


> I post for anons on the right side of the IQ bell curve.


jfc go back to reddit.

>Define 'Narcissist'.

>A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves:

wooooosh.. so smart.

87468b  No.3011405

DJT abnormally quiet on twatter today

25b601  No.3011406

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't know what this is yet and no one else does too. I think even the earlyadopter anons fail to embed their links. A crime.

d4fb53  No.3011407

File: 78ff42c71b0ff99⋯.jpg (36.67 KB, 699x637, 699:637, fff.jpg)

c398a9  No.3011408


From what I could dig, Dan was a tribe who the cabal wants to eliminate the most.

Deep digging was done to find this.

a4883e  No.3011409


and…. I Love This Bar

8b3b86  No.3011410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

leak project got a guy who went to sunspot nm

b46a22  No.3011411

sry just want to see if i can hit 00

34ed1b  No.3011412

File: 2d636399a676bfe⋯.png (58.24 KB, 839x616, 839:616, gunmanca.PNG)

File: ea647e9b044f976⋯.png (127.62 KB, 841x618, 841:618, gunmanca2.PNG)



Could be a hit job? A cover -up?

Gunman worked for T&T Trucking in CA,

Shoots other people office.

CHIP says he shot himself in stomach.


37ee7b  No.3011413


We haven't heard a peep from Q, either. yet

9d8884  No.3011414

In Mass over 50 fires right now

1043ad  No.3011415

File: f2f5dc75473a943⋯.png (7.33 KB, 295x171, 295:171, agenda21.png)

OUCH… North Andover, MA is an AGENDA 21 city. Maybe a little REZONING going on?


827c8e  No.3011416

Suspected gas explosions damage homes near Boston


There's at least 55 homes on fire now.

130610  No.3011417


I was thinking more of when I was a kid. hehe

and then,,, we don't have to worry about the site being taken down.

5c7a9c  No.3011418


check the schedule for today, anon

something's happening for sure

54f8bc  No.3011419



3c6538  No.3011420

File: dee4a063e4d2904⋯.png (102.91 KB, 1538x835, 1538:835, trace-test.PNG)


Here is the trace test site that rendered the del rey host as the final hop before landing on 8ch.net


ab6baf  No.3011421


I believe she's /ourgirl/. Women can be part of the Eastern Stars but not masons. Plus, a lot of Masons are good ppl, they just don't know what really goes on in their club.

44ea29  No.3011422


How is the Russians with VK?

f52813  No.3011423


Never said I did, but the consensus when I was last in the conversation was she started with AJ.

And that symbol looks like an upside down mason symbol, so take that however you want.

All will become clear.

3fd0aa  No.3011424

File: 6f99f8a5d1f77de⋯.jpg (8.35 KB, 430x280, 43:28, ann coulter 2.jpg)

c398a9  No.3011425


Silence is Bitcoin Cashden

9d8884  No.3011426

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

beb5ce  No.3011427


the pop off valves on the meter risers would stop that. You have to physically crack a line or fitting, then ignite it inside the home to get what we're seeing here.

8b170d  No.3011428


no outage here…

52f17e  No.3011429

File: 17e25994460a761⋯.png (63.42 KB, 525x820, 105:164, Q JEWS DNA ORIGINS OF JERU….PNG)

File: 5f3f87a89c51fef⋯.png (66.01 KB, 543x833, 543:833, Q JEWS 2DNA ORIGINS OF JER….PNG)

File: c53ce456656a287⋯.png (1.55 MB, 882x863, 882:863, Q JEWS 3DNA ORIGINS OF JER….PNG)

File: 1a13791525bd928⋯.png (68.17 KB, 524x823, 524:823, Q JEWS 4DNA ORIGINS OF JER….PNG)

File: 96023c24d901595⋯.png (67.92 KB, 531x871, 531:871, Q JEWS 5DNA ORIGINS OF JER….PNG)

Mysterious 6,500-year-old Culture in Israel Was Brought by Migrants, Researchers Say

Genetic analysis shows ancient Galilean farmers warmly embraced blue-eyed, fair-skinned immigrants from Iran and Turkey in the late Copper Age

By Ariel David Aug 20, 2018

>How the Jews invented God, and made him great

>Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia was a Jewish kingdom

>Unique 1,000-year-old Islamic amulet found in Jerusalem

>CSI study of Shroud of Turin proves again: Jesus relic is fake

Around 6,500 years ago, an advanced new culture surfaced in what is today Israel. Spectacular pottery, exquisite tools and enigmatic works of art appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. The culture would flourish for about 600 years during the late Copper Age, then disappear as inexplicably as it arose.

Secondary burial vessels with human features, over a meter in height and dating to about 6,500 years ago, found in Peki'in Cave yoav dothan

Now archaeologists believe they have deduced its origins: migrants from across the Middle East and Eurasia, who were actually warmly welcomed by local farmers.

At least one of these outsider peoples seems to have included blue-eyed, fair-skinned immigrants, according to a paper published Monday in the journal Nature Communications


c69f98  No.3011430


dead link

e2c65b  No.3011431

File: ec5aa9924539568⋯.png (657.12 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 6B03F8D6-3CF3-4BA2-B4BC-8B….png)

6070f3  No.3011432

over 50 buildings are now on fire/explosions in the Boston Ma area (5 cities)

Facebook Fox 10

f4b196  No.3011433


An AJ style plant? I've always wondered. S(he) does nothing for me. Never has.

e5f6b0  No.3011434

To the Q team, Military, POTUS. Thank You, You are a Huge part of Our new history being made, You are Patriots fighting the Cabal and Hunting down all their evil deeds, We Love you (no homo) and Thank You from the bottom of Our Hearts. May Your journey be Safe and Your Sword be Mighty, I hope you take all those evil scumbags down and show em who's the BOSS!! Godspeed



58623c  No.3011435


Yep. Zionism needs to be banned from the West, its ALWAYS Israel first subversion.

391ac5  No.3011436

Thanks to the anons who posted the map of the explosions.

Based upon what I know about gas distribution, it looks like an over-pressure condition. This would mean that somebody seriously fucked up with the line-pressurization pumps.

Likely to have filled houses with gas until it found an ignition source.

Serious fuckup.

d4fa88  No.3011437

File: 23f4b69f1675b74⋯.jpg (241.11 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 7jJuuOU.jpg)


What cracks me up is that this megashill spamming moron actually outed himself as the megashill spamming moron lol.he wasnt even tagged in the post. Brock resorts to hiring utter retards. They jump on everything their aniffer programms point to.

37ee7b  No.3011438

praying for all of the brave firefighters and first responders answering the call of duty. God Bless Patriots, may they return home safely.

67a3a7  No.3011439

File: 396fe2ae33700ff⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1894x1791, 1894:1791, 15f3710d-4dec-40ea-8114-b3….png)

Number 17 in the headlines again.


a4883e  No.3011440


LMAO That's a little moar than boobs Anon.

067ba0  No.3011441

File: d6bfe69779e2997⋯.jpg (54.54 KB, 480x479, 480:479, 2hvwib~2.jpg)

Trump is stupid for not immediately declassifying the FISA records…

Anons love carnival food.

5a8aa0  No.3011442

File: fbec082a64eec68⋯.jpeg (2.58 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, DDD16E9E-2963-4D93-B470-C….jpeg)

Local news here is saying maybe as many as50 fires ongoing

3c6538  No.3011443

dcbe69  No.3011444

File: 08943f507085dff⋯.png (571.16 KB, 620x350, 62:35, ClipboardImage.png)



Gas fire?

Not look like gas fire.

Gas fire is BOOM…done.

That's not look like gas fire I've seen.

This is a nat gas explosion.

d4fb53  No.3011445


You need to go back, we have enough leafblowers.

9d8884  No.3011446


Link to fires

e9664d  No.3011447

File: e5b21daee4a7d4c⋯.png (50.63 KB, 836x488, 209:122, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)



7ad719  No.3011448


spoiler this gore shit FFS anon!

03f990  No.3011449


>DJT abnormally quiet on twatter today


12 tweets today and multiple [5] RT's thus far

f52813  No.3011450

File: 944d0f318dfb94a⋯.jpg (116.77 KB, 617x768, 617:768, jim carrey number 17.jpg)


Its everywhere man!

64c891  No.3011451


I'm against significantly changing the current abortion laws. I am for drastically reducing the number of abortions by other means. I don't think either side needs to shut up about it but for all of our sakes it would be so much better if we work together to address all the factors leading up to these traumatic events. Don't demonize each other.

How big of an impact has fixing the economy had on this issue? Bigger than you think.

a34dc0  No.3011452


WASA Whistle-Blower Wins Vindication, Reinstatement

" A water quality manager fired by the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority in 2003 was ordered reinstated and awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars yesterday by a judge who said she was improperly terminated after warning federal authorities about excessive lead in the District's tap water.

Seema S. Bhat, who had worked for WASA for four years, had "become an unwelcome whistle-blower" after informing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that lead in the city's drinking water had risen above federal limits, according to a 186-page ruling by Stuart A. Levin, an administrative law judge for the U.S. Department of Labor.

"By reaching out to EPA, she forced the lead issue to the forefront of her supervisor's agenda, and shortly thereafter, he recommended that she be fired," Levin wrote of Bhat.

Under the terms of Levin's ruling, WASA must pay Bhat $50,000 in compensatory damages and $10,000 in exemplary damages, as well as the back pay based on her salary of just over $73,000 a year, benefits, interest and attorneys fees and court costs.

The costs for WASA could total more than $500,000, said Bhat's attorney, Bryan J. Schwartz of the D.C. firm Passman & Kaplan.

"This is a great victory for Ms. Bhat, but also for the people of D.C.," Schwartz said. "It shows that [WASA] will have its feet held to the fire if it fails to provide service in a safe manner and violates the law set forth for people's protection."

Bhat, 59, who lives in Columbia, has been unemployed since her firing, Schwartz said. Although Bhat has sought work, she has had trouble because she was terminated and because she works in a specialized field, Schwartz added.

WASA Board Chairman Glenn S. Gerstell and a spokesman for General Manager Jerry N. Johnson declined to comment, saying they had not seen the ruling.

Although WASA was aware of the

lead problem as early as 2002,

the contamination, which affected thousands of homes, was not made public until a Washington Post story disclosed the results of the agency's tests in January 2004. "


f2da65  No.3011453


maybe give them some 8ch links before they're gone

62059f  No.3011454


thats fucking crazy anon

holy fuck

a30858  No.3011455

File: 505907f348ae195⋯.jpg (151.41 KB, 969x637, 969:637, breaking ma fires.JPG)

BREAKING: Map Shows Confirmed Explosions In Lawrence and North Andover, Massachusetts; Off-Duty First Responders Rushing To Locations In Personal Vehicles


a70312  No.3011456

Overpressured gas valves set off the fires.

False Flags, Anon's get on it.

d36c72  No.3011457

Here's a refresher for those having trouble coming to grips with the JFK Jr. theory.


The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Is JFK Jr. alive, and collaborating with Trump? Behind Q, is R?

Posted By: MrFusion [Send E-Mail]

Date: Sunday, 15-Jul-2018 00:14:11

Rumors are swirling on 8chan about another mysterious anon, R, who seems to have a connection with Q. Furthermore, R appears to be creating the impression that he is JFK Jr., who according to this scenario faked his death in the well-known ditching of his plane off Nantucket, and began formulating a long-term plan with Donald Trump which has led to where we are today.

Unfortunately this is no compilation of R's posts analogous to qanon.pub, rather the posts are scattered on various threads at 8ch.net/qresearch.

As to the connection with Q, you may remember that at one point Q promised there would be a Q&A session on Saturday June 23. But on that Friday, Q had a single post: "Q&A reschedule. Forthcoming." No Q&A with Q ever materialized, but on Saturday, there were extensive posts from R. 8chan anons speculate that Q&A actually meant Q+A, or Q+1, or R.

Furthermore, in Q's last recent post on July 4, Q included an image of an earlier post, which contained the cryptic line "Look there, or [here], or there, the truth is behind you."

An 8chan anon discerned that this appears to refer to an exchange JFK Jr's last interview, with Katie Couric:


Here is the interview, with the relevant part occurring at the 2 minute mark:


For more about the R posts, this thread is a good place to start:


At that top of that thread is a key post from R, which certainly sounds like JFK Jr, or someone pretending to be him:


In 1909, we lost everything.

My father caught on.

1st to the Bilderbergs,

then he caught on the NASA.

He demanded to know who the grey's were and why they were here.

They killed him.

I strategically staged my own death, allied with the one person in this world whom I knew was honorable enough to trust, and we began to build "The Plan."

Penance is coming.

Regardless of what you think, you are not yet awake.

You do not know how deep this goes.

If you knew, you could not sleep.

Many of you could never go on.

You need each other.

You need every ONE of you.

Learn to play nice with each other or be left behind.

If one stumbles, pick them up.

If one asks a question, give them the answer.

That is how we grow.

There's no more room in the plan for arrogance and self importance.

If you turn ONE away, you've hurt the plan.

If you hurt the plan, you'll be left behind.

We are watching.

We see it all.

There are no secrets.

You would never believe the files kept on everyone of you, for that matter, you'd never believe WHERE they are kept.

Prepare for the next phase.

Prepare each other.

You are one.





9fe3cb  No.3011458


At the right air to gas ratio, which is even harder to achieve that chance.

308621  No.3011459

File: b045ed2a7396a2e⋯.png (310.22 KB, 644x406, 46:29, myrtle-beach-projectiles.png)

Watching evacuation videos of people preparing for Florence

(which is now a category 2 storm)

and one guy was saying how important it was to pick up anything in your yard that isn't rooted or tied down because IT WILL BECOME A PROJECTILE in high winds

and – it reminded me of a video of a crew marking off the roads to turn the highways into westward only traffic

all those markers make excellent projectiles

list of live cams in the area



drone view of evacuation on highway

nc webcams; weather live



north carolina webcams


wilmington live cam; satellite; live


carolina beach live cam


live cams playlist, nc



north carolina outer banks; live cam


ocean isle beach


carolina beach, rotating cam


c1f5e1  No.3011460

File: 6a8796eeceb18d8⋯.png (705.06 KB, 720x959, 720:959, 20180913_230239.png)


bdec45  No.3011461

File: c0611f215d2753d⋯.jpeg (134.59 KB, 640x377, 640:377, E5914852-0C83-4C9B-BF56-C….jpeg)


8b3b86  No.3011462

File: 19fcebad789abc0⋯.jpg (13.98 KB, 255x200, 51:40, b343b18980e7f0e0f39358ffb8….jpg)


smells like (pic related)

3c6538  No.3011463




3acee9  No.3011464


WCVB Boston was reporting over 50 fire responses

Local news video is pretty wild



58f1f4  No.3011465

File: 8c4c55079e3657d⋯.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, NotAmdanasLegs.jpeg)



what do you mean ?

also someone provide a good alternative for the reddits /greatawakening/ that is easier to use, sfw, and has a good amount of members

bdec45  No.3011466

File: f4746eecaa6886f⋯.jpeg (217.56 KB, 587x546, 587:546, E6A4EAD8-DB34-4FB6-A064-B….jpeg)

File: 1fb76d070d98098⋯.jpeg (116.66 KB, 640x327, 640:327, 0299511F-52C1-435B-B50F-4….jpeg)

d5d000  No.3011467

" I had intended to go into great detail linking P2, the Prieure de Sion, the Vatican, the CIA, organizations for a United Europe, and the Bilderberg Group. Fortunately, Michael Baigent, Righard Leigh & Henry Lincoln beatChapter Two Secret Societies and the New World Order• 79me to it. I say fortunately, because they confirm my previous allegation that I published in my paper "The Secret Government" that the CIA had plants, called moles, deep within the Vatican. I do not wish to be called a plagiarist so you MUST READ Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Messianic Legacy, both by Baigent, Leigh, & Lincoln. Any reputable bookstore should carry them. Between pages 343 and 361 of The Messianic Legacy you can read of the alliance of power that resulted in a secret world government.Most members of the Freemasons are not aware that the Illuminati practices what is known as "secrets within secrets," or organizations within organizations. That is one purpose of initiation. I cannot excuse any of the members, however, for anyone who joins a society without knowingEVERYTHING about the organization is indeed a fool. Only those at the top who have passed every test truly know what the Masons are hiding,thus rendering it impossible for anyone outside to know much at all about the group. —- Bill Cooper pp. 78.

62059f  No.3011468


its not a theory its a shill tactic


05b508  No.3011469


Ignition source = smart meters…

f52813  No.3011470



There goes the neighborhood

9d8884  No.3011471

mayor says bc of over pressured gas valves

74d368  No.3011472


The gas meters have fail safe devices to eliminate that possibility.

I figure this is DS DEW activity.

964db2  No.3011473


We are evolved enough to know how to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

3c7871  No.3011474

File: 84857e3cb1e1103⋯.png (173.44 KB, 589x642, 589:642, Putin Jews.png)


i thought putin banned 4chan

any russians here?

pic suggests putin would fit in well on /pol/

beb3bf  No.3011475

File: 9c4e9247c2040a9⋯.png (54.82 KB, 940x289, 940:289, ClipboardImage.png)

File: eeba47118052462⋯.png (3.79 MB, 1221x10656, 11:96, ClipboardImage.png)

T-Mobile CTO at MWCA: Sprint merger will accelerate 5G

5G access will arrive faster and be broader under a Sprint-T-Mobile merger, according to CTO Neville Ray, who also said talks with the FCC and Department of Justice have been 'very positive' on the transaction.


67ba2a  No.3011476

>>2815685 pb

>Anons are not divided.

>Anons are under attack.

>Recognize the difference.

>Trust the plan.


There is again a lot of shilling in here.

Currently much muhjew stuff, besides concernshilling, muh timing, muh habbenings, FE and other bs.

Please think for yourself if this is ok with Qs message.

A lot of cabal folks are from jewish families and also israel is involved in a certain way. That is no secret and was and is being digged on.

However, generally blaming all jews and using 'nose' images, saying 'kike' and 'goy' over and over, is not based on facts and just division shilling.

By that shills hide the fact that the leadership of every religion seems to be involved.

Many CEOs are involved. Many politicians, worldwide. Many advisers from thinktanks are involved. ...  Many are not jewish.

There are many 'real jews' like J Kushner, they are fine people who want freedom like us. Some of the cabal activities have used beeing jew as a shield/cover to hide their activities and blame others.

Also, sacrificing children to moloch, getting high on adrenochome and gay mason stuff is not a jew thing.










>>3010500 pb

>>2941990 pb

>>2990908 pb


>Melania and I wish all Jewish people Shana Tova and send our warmest greetings to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the start of the High Holy Days...

Simplifiying and dividing muhjew shilling is not working. Anons see it.


f71e1b  No.3011477

MEMES banned

NEW in EU, doubt we are far behind….

Following studies that proved the political right was more successful at creating and spreading memes than the left, Facebook has announced it is developing a new AI algorithm that can detect and ban “offensive” memes.


32882a  No.3011478


anon… Daniel scared them the most… you see this.

research why?

Daniel is giving the last word away or keeping it.

Daniel loves God?

Trusts God?

what does Daniel do?


d36c72  No.3011479


Really? Show me.

038464  No.3011480

File: c1e7a7eb0b5ff4b⋯.png (267.67 KB, 1335x1333, 1335:1333, mccain.png)




I want to believe it was the case as much as you do

2d3f24  No.3011481



Link to original article.


5a8aa0  No.3011482

File: adf52081e4c57cd⋯.jpeg (3.28 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 104D3B81-9A2A-43A3-99D5-F….jpeg)

File: 6b276de34cfef6b⋯.jpeg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 7BFE0BD7-89C1-475C-8D0D-0….jpeg)

I can’t help but wonder if this is not an attack!

Verified at least 20 fires and explosions in three different towns.

b88374  No.3011483

File: 99878eabe80057c⋯.jpg (58.31 KB, 746x313, 746:313, Screenshot 2018-09-13_16-0….jpg)

17 separate adresses

get it

daee39  No.3011484


> developing a new AI algorithm that can detect and ban “offensive” memes.

but let's just not define what that is

a70312  No.3011485

All gas fires and explosions were caused by overpressurized gas valves.

Reporting on News right now.

3c6538  No.3011486




f0db4b  No.3011487


shill alert

d02566  No.3011488


When she says "under" Clinton, is that to be taken literally?

54f8bc  No.3011489


this from today?

43c5fb  No.3011490


I can't find ANYTHING about this. All those fires are burning NOW? If so, that's a pretty small area to have so many going at once….

Even here in CA they managed to spread them out over the state.

What kind of properties burning? Commerical, SFRs…one was an apartment building? Price range?

e91a23  No.3011491


I call it BS. Don't see anything even close to that on a traceroute.

Also: the IPs are for the cloudflare front end servers, not the source of truth behind all the site hosting infrastructure.

2103f3  No.3011492


That copypasta is getting tiresome, is it not?

d4fb53  No.3011493

File: d32d1fc93c9e0c1⋯.jpeg (92.95 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, trumpspam.0.jpeg)

e64c87  No.3011494


I'm kinda over TP, right now.

Not to be a jerk or anything. Just over it.

Too much "famefagging".

Same with ZH and Neon.

6a63a2  No.3011495

Explosions in Mass.

Internet outages nationwide

Reddit issues


Observatory shutdown

Are these related?

37ee7b  No.3011496

File: 7eb4e7f853a5296⋯.jpg (14.93 KB, 255x217, 255:217, pepemath.jpg)



f0db4b  No.3011497


very much so, the least they can do is change it up…

ea9958  No.3011498

Anyone know if DEW can be used to ignite natural gas?

3c6538  No.3011499




fb8d0c  No.3011500


Kinda telling they put it in quotes, right?

f924c4  No.3011501


Indiana in certain county's?

a4883e  No.3011502


Not a Peep!


391ac5  No.3011503

What is the significance of the towns involved? Anons need to dig.

98448f  No.3011504

File: 989a5f5c7419d6f⋯.jpg (654.1 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, hurrayGlobalWarming.jpg)

Every time there's a threat of any kind of out-of-the-ordinary weather pattern, the media blows it up like it's never happened before. They do everything they can to imply that it's the result of global warming…yet when it fizzles out, nobody says a damned thing. It's forgotten.

We can't let them forget anymore, anons.

Let them be the party of doom, gloom and bad predictions. They get it wrong far more often than they get it right. Let us be the ones to celebrate good news, and remind everyone that everything happening is due to "Global Warming".

53746f  No.3011505

Avenatti on Tucker tonight

This should be good

82e4c7  No.3011506

File: 3341cd07d518861⋯.jpg (41.69 KB, 297x246, 99:82, 3f649767c337a80c849d421161….jpg)

5a8aa0  No.3011507

File: 42b688e8dc98c9f⋯.jpeg (3.99 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, B87CE255-CBAA-4340-924B-7….jpeg)

5e58c2  No.3011508

File: 99841a74c20b118⋯.png (48.07 KB, 1388x511, 1388:511, ClipboardImage.png)



Okay here is why

You are testing this FROM NEW YORK


New York is the only area that hops to Del Ray, Ive tested from Tampa using this tool and see the results

05b508  No.3011509


3acee9  No.3011510


Paging engineer or plumbing anons

What would cause a "gas spike"

North Andover Town Manager Andrew Mayor said there were many commercial properties affected across the city, with alarms going off in several buildings including First and Main Street. There were no immediate reports of injuries in his community.

Mayor said he was told the incidents were believed to be related to a spike in gas pressure.

Mutual aid has been called in from as far as Cape Ann and southern New Hampshire.

Sauce: https://www.wcvb.com/article/lawrence-massachusetts-multiple-fires-gas-pressurization/23120524

daee39  No.3011511


Everything has meaning.

This is not a game.

Learn to play the game.

067ba0  No.3011512

File: d9cd81e12ca419b⋯.jpg (37.45 KB, 500x606, 250:303, 2hvhvo~2.jpg)

Q is taking the day off.

20cfde  No.3011513

File: 49898624261737f⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 680x462, 340:231, Psalm133.jpg)

File: 593f27dcd5c7784⋯.jpeg (28.14 KB, 474x427, 474:427, 593f27dcd5c77847d5bae445e….jpeg)

a70312  No.3011514

File: fa3eb27a23396b4⋯.jpg (47.54 KB, 559x464, 559:464, Gas Valves.JPG)

Over pressurized gas valves.

3c7871  No.3011515

File: e9a7d5d17c8b346⋯.png (823.18 KB, 860x644, 215:161, Salvini 8ch.png)


Salvini won't let them ban memes in the EU

9fe3cb  No.3011516

>>3011483 REMEBER:

"PANIC IN DC" statements start a FIRE?

Twelve moves ahead.

Suicide watch.


f2da65  No.3011517


The Bushes' private school is there

b6f713  No.3011518

How absolutely desperate must DF be to resort to such naked tricks.

b88374  No.3011519

File: 929cc4aeefb7ca1⋯.jpg (151.78 KB, 1188x661, 1188:661, Screenshot 2018-09-13_16-0….jpg)


pressure x 2… gas leak….. 17 separate adresses

5c7a9c  No.3011520



this is why we don't appoint anyone as moderators or leaders of anon

frankly, we've only really gone along with the BO and BV thing because we have to

how often to BOs and BVs on other boards frequently interact with users?

5a8aa0  No.3011521


Attacks will increase from all sectors

6375aa  No.3011522


it would probably ignite the house first. and it looks like they are burning from the inside so probably not DEW, but i thought the same thing at first. anons reporting local news is saying over pressurized valves. not sure if that makes sense or not though.

53746f  No.3011523

This is horrible!


d84595  No.3011524

File: b638f0d7374d61b⋯.jpg (106.32 KB, 800x800, 1:1, b638f0d7374d61b676d2a02265….jpg)

58623c  No.3011525

File: 91552a7344aba91⋯.png (208.09 KB, 600x652, 150:163, ONUI_1.PNG)

File: 1d57c5ade180952⋯.png (109.57 KB, 650x587, 650:587, ONUI_2.PNG)

File: 02af764a75ebf8e⋯.png (191.35 KB, 628x615, 628:615, ONUI_3.PNG)

File: f866e0e6b79d20c⋯.png (173.13 KB, 601x564, 601:564, ONUI_4.PNG)

File: d679fde2a24b3de⋯.png (123.33 KB, 638x643, 638:643, ONUI_5.PNG)



You have no arguments, you just post news that say that israelis like Trump and the Melania tweet, and as always, those things don't make jewish subversion nor Israeli crime any less real.

Godspeed :)

All cross links from this bread: >>2390914

If you want to know why Israel comes last, this would be a good place to start your digs in what regards that question.

If you do not want to read on this subject, do not read this post.

I suggest you read the bread these come from entirely, these are just a selection.

TL;DR (too long, dind't read, for you newfags):

Israel is a genocidal ever expanding nuclear rogue state that is the biggest haven for pedos and biggest hub for human and organ trafficking in the world right now, and supports ISIS using US tax payer money to do so.

Israel is the HQ of the cabal.

>>2390975 – Jews control the media; not all jews are bad, but the good ones need to speak out against jewish interest groups because those are used to subvert.

>>2391013 – Jewish supremacists have controled the central bank cartel racket since its inception with the establishment of the Bank of England

>>2391053 – The EU was always a jewish supremacist project and being a jew can also mean being racially a jew (doesn’t mean all racial jews are jews in the religious sense)

>>2391083 – Jewish supremacist subversion is the biggest threat to the West and the US today

>>2391107 – The dangers of jewish supremcism and the use of the “anti-semitic” trick to silence legitimate criticism made on Israel and jewish subversion

>>2391143 – Jewish supremacists are the biggest financiers and initiators of anti-2nd amend movements in the US

>>2391159 – The “progressive” political ideology was created and pushed by jewish supremacists

>>2391195 – More info on the origins and main initiators of the “progressive” political ideology

>>2391216 – Antifa is a communist “progressive” para-military arm of the democratic party

>>2391281 – Antifa connections to ISIS and NAMBLA, Antifa in the 30’s Germany

>>2391307 – Neocons are communist Trotskyites

>>2391353 – Jews kickstarted and dominated the slave trade in the US and used Hollywood to pin slavery on the Whites, jews control Hollywood

>>2391478 – More on the jewish initiated slave trade in the US

>>2391496 – Jewish interest groups connection to online censorship

>>2391526 – Jewish hatred of Christians and the dangers of circumcision

>>2391562 – More info on the jewish promoted male genital mutilation (circumcision)

>>2391652 – The term “judeo-Christian” is an oxymoron and an attempt at manipulating Christians

>>2391671 – More on jewish hatred of Christ and Christians and the use of pilpul to deflect that well documented fact

>>2391725 – The jewish talmud promotes pedophilia

>>2391754 – The jewish ritual murder of goyim (non-jew) children is an well documented historical fact

>>2391872 – The foundation myth of the West and our role as anons in the storm

>>2392124 – Jewish hatred of goyim, especially White goyim (loxism)

>>2392177 – Judaism is based on jewish supremacism ( (((God’s chosen mindset))) )

>>2392199 – More on judaism being based on jewish supremacism

>>2392274 – More on judaism being based on jewish supremacism

>>2393477 – Communism was created, financed and spread by jews

>>2393507 – General George S. Patton was killed for speaking out against jewish supremacism

>>2393553 – Israel supports ISIS

>>2393583 – Israel supports ISIS wants wants the Syrian civil war to keep going and Obama gave 38 billion dollars to Israel, Hillary has jewish roots, Obama claims to be practically a liberal jew

>>2395726 – Sayanim, the non-Israeli jewish Mossad colaborators

>>2395838 – Israel is the biggest pedo haven in the world right now

>>2395862 – Israel is the biggest hub for human and organ trafficking in the world today

>>2395991 – David Cole, a jewish historian exposes some of the lies of the official version of the holocaust

>>2396033 – David Irving, historian, exposes some of the lies of the Nuremberg Trials

>>2396017 – Anonymous documentary creator exposes many of the lies pertaining to the fraudulent official version of the holocaust and Nuremberg Trials

>>2396026 – The Surprising Origin of the Six-Million Figure

>>2396099 – Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attack

>>2396414 – Jordan Peterson is a long-con man who is also a globalist and zionist gate-keeper

>>2530175 – Porn is a jewish weapon against the goyim (non-jews)

>>2571682 – Hilter fought the same enemires we are fighting now

>>2571660 – Was Hitler a puppet? Probably not

>>2571666 – Was Hitler a puppet? Probably not part 2

>>2580819 – A message to our jewish allies

To all the Israel first shills on Hasbara duty, read the first post, it literally says: “Reminder that the problem is not jews per-se, it is unchecked jewish supremacism and subversion.”

219988  No.3011526

File: 1b9cc50d106728e⋯.jpg (50.47 KB, 890x534, 5:3, Capture.JPG)




Pretty much what i said on Twatter, then got this. Pic related.

cd934b  No.3011528

File: 8024e68e5157638⋯.png (359.52 KB, 848x462, 424:231, Capture-23.png)

HERE WE GO: Senate Judiciary Committee Officially Sets Date For Vote On Confirming Brett Kavanaugh

The Senate Judiciary Committee has officially set a date for a vote on President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

According to The Daily Wire, the committee will hold a vote on Sept. 20.

The committee voted 11-10 to delay the hearing one more week. Republicans agreed to give Democrats an extra week to review the written responses Kavanaugh provided on Wednesday night, and the delay will also help Red state Democrats come to a decision.

Currently, Republicans control a 51-49 majority in the Senate. In order to confirm Kavanaugh, the GOP needs 50 votes total. As such, there are currently five senators in questions who have publicly stated they are “undecided.”

On the Republican side, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska publicly say they are undecided.

For Democrats, three senators located in Red states — Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota — also claim they are undecided. All three of these Democrats previously voted for Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first nominee to the Supreme Court.

As noted by The Daily Wire, Kavanaugh’s speedy confirmation isn’t unusual.



5dc192  No.3011529

File: afd9d03dd8c024b⋯.jpg (126.49 KB, 867x483, 289:161, corsireddit.jpg)

5a8aa0  No.3011530


It’s high-pressure gas. They are looking for the source. Somehow high-pressure gas was allowed into the residential areas

d36c72  No.3011531


Is RFK Jr. a shill too?


f0db4b  No.3011532


can i get a TL;DR?

a70312  No.3011533



24 explosions

a4883e  No.3011534


Texas fag here, but I Know that Andover is high dollar area. Been there once. Beautiful.

ba7cc1  No.3011535


true reg should handle it and any failure should be routed to vent outdoors.

However what may be occurring is a reaction to HIGH pressure being introduced into the residential / commercial use lines. Maybe some of the regulators were never vented properly during overload failure

33de62  No.3011536


5e58c2  No.3011537

File: 859e32d30c6b73f⋯.png (75.5 KB, 1372x673, 1372:673, ClipboardImage.png)



Heres even a test FROM SAN DIEGO (Where del ray is based)


Obviously that tool is using a service from Del ray for IP hoping

f0db4b  No.3011538


gold star

someone give this guy a snack

e5f6b0  No.3011539


It does look radial, debris everywhere like the explosion was evenly produced inside, I'm thinking total gas build up then…. boom, this is why you evacuate, scary

da7555  No.3011540

File: 44ea7d5bea0134d⋯.png (524.15 KB, 650x433, 650:433, riders_storm.png)

Ride it anons. Shits getting hectic.

df01fd  No.3011541

File: 93ed98e973a7335⋯.jpeg (26.89 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 35464839e2fc9e80f6e21bd44….jpeg)

File: 8252f949eddbcd5⋯.png (4.95 KB, 250x100, 5:2, armedwithtreason.png)

File: 8489be92355cdd7⋯.png (615.24 KB, 640x463, 640:463, jewsaredesperate.png)

Never let your guard down.

3acee9  No.3011542

As much as people freak about doxxing, then idiots turn around and have their and their families' entire lives dug up and hung out to dry on "Finding Your Roots"

Slave owners? Check

Financial shenanigans? Check

Entire playlist of self-doxxing celebrities: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLpyhXf7TTUNoVgK3ktqyQsQSi-M-RGOV


1e0d49  No.3011543


Call in the National Guard. Mutual aid isn't going to be able to support an ongoing operation like that.

c3384b  No.3011544


As soon as they shut that shit down the hurricane went from CAT4 to CAT2 probably CAT1 or less now.

bfb1b4  No.3011545

File: 0570d97f9dcd254⋯.png (252.93 KB, 466x466, 1:1, 5826ce9fde39ea71fbeaa14b3f….png)


You Swallow

Massive Cocks

Daily And

You Like It


d5d000  No.3011546

The Trilateral Commission is an elite group of some 300 very promi- nent business, political, and intellectual decision-makers of Western Europe, North America, and Japan. This enterprise is a private agency that works to build up political and economic cooperation among the three regions. Its grand design, which it no longer hides, is a New World Order.The Trilateral Commission was the idea of its founder, American banking magnate David Rockefeller. The real reason for its formation was the decline of the Council on Foreign Relation's power as a result of the people's dissatisfaction with the Vietnam War. The reasoning behind the move toward the Trilateral Commission was the same as entering two horses in the same race. It doubles the chances of winning. The real power has always remained solidly in the hands of the Council on Foreign Rela- tions.

460e83  No.3011547

File: c9c17caa162655d⋯.jpg (130.51 KB, 600x600, 1:1, IMG_900.jpg)

ty patriots!

b78dc9  No.3011548



f0db4b  No.3011549


give this guy a promotion!

64c891  No.3011550


Well said.

They want us divided.

Sheep no more.

35adeb  No.3011551

File: c2edcbfd0b29106⋯.png (614.47 KB, 640x632, 80:79, 2018-09-13_18-07-13.png)

f4b196  No.3011552


No, Q did not blow up 17 houses.

(((Someone))) might be setting Q up, though.

9eaae3  No.3011553

File: 012a8ffad541e58⋯.jpg (525.62 KB, 860x924, 215:231, redwave.jpg)


kek! ride on anon!

1e00b7  No.3011554

File: 8fa01443377dacb⋯.jpg (4.7 MB, 6000x3376, 375:211, Flag w POW Hi Res.jpg)


Think logically Anons.

Do you think for one NY second, that after planning this operation for many, many years and investing untold amounts of blood and treasure, that our senior leadership would trust this critical portion of the mission to anything other than a completely owned, totally failsafed, robust network?

Seriously? Of course 8ch is owned and controlled by patriotic elements of the government. Now, post like your patriot on a military installation, trooper.

58623c  No.3011555

File: 554e55f423e6941⋯.png (166.86 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 1508820383038.png)


>Front hole expert

29756b  No.3011556


Топ Кек

07b6fb  No.3011557

Yes he has, might as well just leave now. i will stick around and clean up, you can go tho.

5be286  No.3011558


roger. the mod just stickied his post about the ban.

43c5fb  No.3011559


Tribe of Dan isn't Daniel, but Daniel (prophet) detailed empires, nephilim activity, exact day Jesus entered Jerusalem, and exact number of days contained in the final half of the 70th 7 of Daniel (the "Great Tribulation"), which is the 7 containing the reign of the Antichrist.

Tribe of Dan isn't listed in the 144,000 but IS listed in the inheritance and division of land that will take place in the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus on earth.

9fe3cb  No.3011560


That house was equipped with Solar Panels.

Significant or not.??!?

c398a9  No.3011562

File: a541a3d6ed846e1⋯.png (54.11 KB, 1513x186, 1513:186, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


Pass Judgement (on Evil)?

Does Dan represent Lawful Good?

This must scare the Cabal.

>moved northwards


427546  No.3011563


Bet you're right.

147ce6  No.3011564

They are locking down Lawrence Mass, no one being allowed into the city at all. Currently being blocked off per scanner traffic.

74d368  No.3011565


I wager the DS wanted to do this where Flo was going to come onland.



Gas Flow?

DS shenanigans.

beb5ce  No.3011566

where do they put the meters in cities like that? mine's 100 yards from the house but i'm in the country. if my meter popped, the fire would be out there, not inside.

78fde3  No.3011567

File: 6eb1c6d82ce521e⋯.gif (1.48 MB, 350x263, 350:263, jesus wanted me to give yo….gif)


doing the lords work, anon

58f1f4  No.3011568

File: 913b749d9119889⋯.jpg (29.67 KB, 648x486, 4:3, 1522814472826.jpg)



f4b196  No.3011569


Don't trust anyone who is allowed to keep a following in this environment.

67ba2a  No.3011570

37ee7b  No.3011571


oh shit……

1d5867  No.3011572


thought of that to, need to dig on city zoning maps.

the one in cali.. the fires matched a new planned map perfect.

067ba0  No.3011573

File: a07fba805d19d82⋯.png (35.01 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-09-13-14-1….png)

Trump is getting destroyed by the mayor in San Juan Puerto Rico…

219988  No.3011574

File: cceadccc8c7d29e⋯.png (25.32 KB, 234x164, 117:82, A Fedora.png)


Someone needs to look into building codes in Mass. Northerners have stricter laws and quicker to put in new laws on some buildings.

fb8d0c  No.3011575


Hey fucktard,

You already know this (so gfy with whatever your response will be) but We don't doxx Q.

You were told this yesterday ((newfag)) But you continue with this shill slide.

We know you are new cause we discussed all this MONTHS ago. We still don't doxx Q unless you are C_A Nigger. Are you?

5a8aa0  No.3011576


burning from the inside out

18837b  No.3011577

File: c42183857e8eefa⋯.jpg (70.9 KB, 743x577, 743:577, CODE17.JPG)

I bet Alexa set these fires.

I saw a commercial yesterday for a GE oven where you can turn it on via ALEXA and tell her what temp to set it at.

She probably turned on the gas then short circuited herself to create a spark.

a4883e  No.3011578


Sounds like the good guys trying to tone down the hurricane??

3e0e37  No.3011579

"President Trump said that Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Boston are sanctuary cities that harbor drug traffickers responsible for a fentanyl epidemic in southern New Hampshire. City leaders say he is criminalizing immigrant communities."


b9dfed  No.3011580


I started studying Russian at 13.


03f990  No.3011581

File: c41079825549e90⋯.png (552.92 KB, 658x578, 329:289, Drudge re Masslive Gas Exp….PNG)

File: 4cb1555b0b7c196⋯.png (43.36 KB, 579x726, 193:242, Masslive Gas Explosion N A….PNG)


Multiple gas explosions rock Lawrence, Andover and North Andover; neighborhoods being evaculated


526d9c  No.3011582

File: f99572ab7c7e49b⋯.jpeg (25.04 KB, 255x250, 51:50, A0C5DAB9-38A4-4514-B629-C….jpeg)

62059f  No.3011583

NOTAB LES so far, let me know if something was missed


>>3011171, >>3011194, >>3011202, >>3011304 BREAKING: 3 ENTIRE TOWNS In Massachusetts Told To Evacuate As Multiple Homes Are Exploding

>>3011212, >>3011391 Member of Obama's National Infrastructure Advisory has connections to CFR and Atlantic Council, Glenn S. Gerstell

>>3011221 Mass explosions live stream


>>3011266 There have been several gas explosion stories this week

>>3011308 Anon tried to recreate the 8ch IP trace: At no point does it hop to Delray's IP

>>3011385 FBI’s Chief Operating Officer of Cyber Division Abrupty Quits

>>3011420 Anon tried to recreate the 8ch IP trace: Rendered the Delrey IP as the final hop

>>3011455, >>3011460 BREAKING: Map Shows Confirmed Explosions In Lawrence and North Andover, Massachusetts


1e0d49  No.3011584


Dude, there is a difference between a gas explosion and a gas fed fire.

Gas fed fires burn hot and fast, if the gas had a chance to build up in the residence, good chance for explosion.

Firefighter anon

8b3b86  No.3011585

File: 0e3fea04515cdea⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 255x250, 51:50, youcanstayonthissideofthew….jpg)

File: fea5bd2e55f41fe⋯.jpg (8.76 KB, 225x225, 1:1, fea5bd2e55f41fe42c3ade5261….jpg)

82b6d4  No.3011586

File: 55ad2a800138642⋯.png (47.51 KB, 1237x518, 1237:518, Screenshot_2018-09-13 Free….png)

File: 6526115f9c218bf⋯.png (53.53 KB, 1169x578, 1169:578, Screenshot_2018-09-13 Free….png)

File: 75854b568cfd21a⋯.png (48.34 KB, 1400x531, 1400:531, Screenshot_2018-09-13 Free….png)


Does it really mean anything if new york is the only location that manages to go through that server?

d4fa88  No.3011587

Reposting from last bread.

the dalai lama and NXIVM

I dont know if it was in notable. 'nevetheless it is notable imo

>Buddhist leader the Dalai Lama was linked to NXIVM, the controversial self-help organization described by former members as a 'sex cult'

He spoke at an event in Albany, New York, in 2009 and put a Tibetan scarf round the neck of its founder Keith Raniere in what was said to be a 'victory' for NXIVM

DailyMail.com can disclose the Dalai Lama was given $1 million to spend on causes he backs in return for attending the function

The deal to get him to go was made by Sara Bronfman, a billionaire heiress to the Seagram fortune, and Lama Tenzin Dhonden, head of the Dalal Lama's U.S trust

But Bronfman and Lama Tenzin face claims they were lovers, even though the Buddhist cleric took a vow of chastity

NVIVM hailed the Dalai Lama's visit but it is now being hit by claims founder Raniere runs it as a sex cult with a 'harem' of women


eb8e92  No.3011588

File: 48dc5c254e0482e⋯.jpg (39.66 KB, 620x592, 155:148, 1.jpg)



5e58c2  No.3011589


wow think logically, how about trying to recreate the test for yourself?

I exposed the IP trace to be false, please see here:


and here:


3c7871  No.3011590


we keep saying this. no one is listening

35adeb  No.3011591

File: 2b3aa1eb69e922d⋯.png (758.08 KB, 1028x792, 257:198, 2018-08-14_01-56-35.png)

038464  No.3011592


Can someone help me reconcile? Q was off by 1 day and 1 hour, maybe there's meaning to that?

f2da65  No.3011593

File: 420f0833967f6ec⋯.png (171.34 KB, 859x319, 859:319, fire1.png)

File: 3499d91e17f29be⋯.png (50.14 KB, 236x219, 236:219, fire2.png)

File: 6e436d7799155b0⋯.png (403.12 KB, 522x419, 522:419, fire3.png)

File: f5d4dbca9c5fffb⋯.png (170.88 KB, 329x416, 329:416, fire4.png)

338dc4  No.3011594


I'm listening to the scanner channel for Lawrence, MA fire. It's the main area I believe. Or at least has the most scanner traffic. They are bringing in mutual aid from all over the area.

ea0ce7  No.3011595

File: ffab756c2db9fe5⋯.png (220.53 KB, 1411x1580, 1411:1580, Capture _2018-09-13-18-05-….png)


beb5ce  No.3011596


who let this dork in here?

ac9c38  No.3011597

Thank You, Q.

5c7a9c  No.3011598



just be careful of the mod team

they're pretty sketchy

should be fine if the rules are followed though

e64c87  No.3011599


Am I the only one who is like "Whoa - JFK Jr. is Q?"

Or am I just goofball?

Am open to being a goofball - I also kinda believe that we have recently welcomed guests from someplace that is not Earth.

906c6b  No.3011600

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




we have a new leader!

see video

praise kek


called it again

pats self on back

thx anon

231fef  No.3011601

File: 67dab848cfaf0f9⋯.jpg (6.07 KB, 145x188, 145:188, Christopher-Wray-Chris-Wra….jpg)

Christopher Wray partner at King & Spalding

Same law firm as Sally Yates

Wray made $9.2 mil as partner last year


5a8aa0  No.3011602


Massachusetts is a sanctuary state. I know because I live here and I fucking hate it!

66bfc0  No.3011603


This 100% seems like a diversion for cover to move something or scatter emerg send

b78dc9  No.3011604

File: 6f6751b633e75cd⋯.jpg (57.33 KB, 1136x608, 71:38, cloud.jpg)



The radar that the local weatherman has is NOT representative of the real weather either.

People need to acknowledge that the TELL-LIE-VISION is purely entertainment.

We have come to the epiphany that news stories are FAKE, yet we still believe what the weatherman says?


19926a  No.3011605

File: a9686d482cc81a3⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 350x185, 70:37, a9d5d5357381119.jpg)

d5d000  No.3011606

The Council on Foreign Relations controls our government. Through the years its members have infiltrated the entire executive branch, State Department, Justice Department, CIA, and the top ranks of the military. EVERY DIRECTOR OF THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY HAS BEEN A MEMBER OF THE CFR. MOST PRESIDENTS SINCE ROOSE- VELT HAVE BEEN MEMBERS. The members of the CFR dominate owner- ship of the press and most, if not all, of America's top journalists are members. The CFR does not conform to government policy. The govern- ment conforms to CFR policy. The appendix contains the most current listof CFR members that I was able to locate.

a0db05  No.3011607

File: 56898b4b81712e4⋯.jpeg (451.8 KB, 750x999, 250:333, 1C04C2C0-E586-4AA4-98C9-E….jpeg)



96b7f0  No.3011608



We are WELL over-due for an industrial hack like this… it wouldn't surprise me one bit. SCADA systems are very vulnerable.

da7555  No.3011609

Dig Columbia gas

c6367b  No.3011610

File: 1e6edf1f13cd121⋯.jpeg (664.49 KB, 1125x1880, 225:376, 672D9A26-CAB8-40FA-A741-A….jpeg)

File: dc18eed6ad5ef3e⋯.jpeg (554.13 KB, 1125x1888, 1125:1888, D534E352-78A6-4932-B54E-C….jpeg)




Sorry for mobile link, phonefagging.

d4fb53  No.3011611

Jews are using "anti-racism" as a social dominating weapon today the same way they used "wealth equality" to oppress and slaughter and rule over the Russians last century

They'll use whatever bullshit what really matters to them is taking over your country and ruling over you.

They wage war by proxy.

They flood your neighborhood with third world animals then feed them lots of anti-white hate propaganda and make it politically incorrect for police to arrest more browns than whites.

Then they sit back and enjoy watching the white girls get raped.

daee39  No.3011612



seriously, come on.

5c7a9c  No.3011613


someone is sending q/us a message

58623c  No.3011614

File: 0842c6a869dccd7⋯.png (346.87 KB, 646x822, 323:411, q_the_problem.png)

File: f5c16f3824e69a0⋯.png (593.57 KB, 2005x1221, 2005:1221, Jewish_Hate_For_Christians….png)

File: fa6b4cd6668adca⋯.png (129.22 KB, 575x607, 575:607, Jews_Christ_Satan.png)

File: 6688eade8fbad03⋯.png (107.11 KB, 1165x540, 233:108, Jews_Spit_On_Christians_In….PNG)

File: 08ded54c1674506⋯.jpg (262.83 KB, 640x1162, 320:581, Talmud_jews_hanged_Jesus.jpg)


>muh evil jews

I never said its all jews. Pic related 1 :)

>Israelis like Trump and Melania tweeted about jews

Good stuff, but those things don't make jewish subversion and Israeli crime any less factual.

Godspeed :)

All cross links from another bread: >>2390914

If you want to know why judaism IS a supremacist ideology, this would be a good place to start your digs in what regards that question.

If you do not want to read on this subject, do not read this post.

I suggest you read the bread these come from entirely, these are just a selection.

TL;DR (too long, dind't read, for you newfags):

>>2409242 – Why judaism IS a supremacist ideology

>>2409189 – Why judaism IS a supremacist ideology, part 2

>>2562709 – Jewish persecution of Christ and Christians since Christianity inception, part 1

>>2562715 – part 2

>>2562720 – part 3

>>2562725 – part 4

>>2562731 – part 5

>>2562734 – part 6

>>2562740 – part 7

>>2562763 – The Khazar theory

>>2581628 – Usury was (and is) a weapon of domination (debt slavery) over the goyim and its use with that end was and is teached to jews in the Torah

>>2581630 – The history of Poland, the paradise of jews

>>2581633 – Some jews talk about the divine promise of each jew getting 2800 goy slaves when the jewish Messiah comes to them

43c5fb  No.3011615


annnnnd the new q subreddit is gone.

53746f  No.3011616


Feinstein has had this letter about Kavanaugh since July??

So much fuckery going on

fb8d0c  No.3011617


That's AllREDCAPs shill. Newfags love to respond to him. Ignore him.

6605d8  No.3011618

To any AntarcticFags out there:

Why can't anyone go there? Do NOT tell me its the fucking penguin's. Srsly, Antarctica is off limits to all countries… who can't agree on the color of shit…. but they all agree on THIS??.. WHY THE FUCK IS THAT????

94929b  No.3011619


getting bounced off a teracore01.cwc.com not sure if it's this teracore

Teracore is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Atlanta, GA with offices in the Washington, D.C. metro area. For the past 10 years…


a4883e  No.3011620


1 specific house could have been the target. Have to wait and see what all was destroyed afterwards. Wonder who the target was?

d73564  No.3011621


17 houses miles apart from each other, is it even possible that can be caused by some kind of gas issue?

5a8aa0  No.3011622

Customers who get their gas from Columbia Gas I’ve been told to evacuate and the company is depressurizing the lines now.

8b170d  No.3011623

According to FNC just now, Fienstein has had the letter with the allegations about Kavanaugh since JULY!

7ad719  No.3011624



J'te jure, nique ta mère!

Wollah c'est bon fils de pute que j'te tue.


I wouldn't at all be surprised if said minister were to be (((tribe)))sman. Or freemason at the very least.

62647a  No.3011625

Joseph Mifsud has not been seen since Oct 31, 2017.

The democrats listed him in their Russian Federation lawsuit.

They presume he could be dead?

Is he an informant now?

and the Dems are freaking out so they filed a suit to find him so he didn't squeel?

That date is super suspect.

Right when Q started.

1d5867  No.3011626


official story is bs lies

d36c72  No.3011627


You think about cocks a lot there, little guy.

82b6d4  No.3011628


see map: >>3011460

there's at least 25 locations pinpointed on there.

5e58c2  No.3011630


Baker seriously that tool is using different locations to trace ips. THE ONLY area that del ray comes up is from NEW YORK.

I show this from two different areas:

Honestly I BTFO'd this but I will give up if no one cares.

d4fb53  No.3011631

The nation with the most powerful military in human history is being dispossessed of their country without even being asked if they want it to happen or not


f0db4b  No.3011632


thanks for changing up the pics.

next time can you include naked chicks?

d5d000  No.3011633


Any Gas/ utility fags here , what about pressure RELIEF VALVES , all failed ? WTF ?

467241  No.3011634


right on the house…. in the basement in the utility room in apartment buildings…. it sucks.

82e4c7  No.3011635

"12 Moves Ahead" and checkers

phrase. hmm

CSIS Article "Rumint and International Trade in 2018"

"…Hopefully, the administration officials preparing alternatives for the president to consider have thought about all these things and are coming up with ideas that maximize the impact on China and minimize the cost to us. The one thing we can say with certainty, and not rumint, is that the Chinese have prepared a response and are ready to act. "What worries me is that while we’re playing checkers, they’re playing Go and are already 12 moves ahead" of us in their planning."


e64c87  No.3011636


You have so many other states to move to, Fren!

Don't torture yourself. :)

391ac5  No.3011637

File: bba7bf5b376688c⋯.png (400.65 KB, 648x692, 162:173, ClipboardImage.png)


32882a  No.3011638


hi dumbass.

wake up and figure it out or eat wool.



4a1304  No.3011639

File: daaab6f63cf0d80⋯.png (1.72 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180913-181210.png)

List of famous people born in Andover Mass. A few names stick out is an understatement. Pic related.

33de62  No.3011640


f3eb67  No.3011641


Let me find my raunchiest meme.

875bdf  No.3011642

Last Q drop yesterday!!!!

>"PANIC IN DC" statements start a FIRE?

Boston Fires

19926a  No.3011643

File: 2d5a284a457c348⋯.jpg (114.19 KB, 813x418, 813:418, picture-5.jpg)

1043ad  No.3011644

File: bfac99f053cda28⋯.png (333.95 KB, 794x478, 397:239, north andover.PNG)


North Andover's Master Plan for sustainability includes housing reduction as an Agenda 21 community. Map is attached of their planned 5 year land use.


d4fb53  No.3011645

You can't explain the JQ to people who literally believe that all of Africa should move into the West and racemix with us the sooner the better so that we become one big homogeneous human family and then peace on Earth, just like they have in Africa.

0a6d53  No.3011646


Amen Masshole Anon, very much agreed. We need a support group of our own.

a857ca  No.3011647

File: 752624600547d21⋯.png (689.07 KB, 1354x700, 677:350, Screenshot_2018-09-13 Sky ….png)

54f8bc  No.3011648


idk anon..ive asked Q when hes posted before..no reply

805963  No.3011649

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Comedian Norm MacDonald doing a routine at the White House Correspondence Dinner, 1997.

"I can't believe I'm speaking in a room - I'm standing in a room - with the most powerful man in the country [Federal Reserve chairman at the time].


33de62  No.3011650



9fe3cb  No.3011651


Had a neighbors hose once that looked like that.

Cause: LIGHTNING direct strike.

No shit.

(not suggesting it was lightning tho)

daee39  No.3011652


So pissed off. For years they say "oh but they're integrating, what's uniting everyone is the common language"…

now they got enough numbers in, the tune changes.


467241  No.3011653


Exactly…. they have been doing this shit for years and years and have had plenty of time to plan their counter attacks. And this is one of them.

5e58c2  No.3011654


see the two traces by that tool that when selecting a different location than new york, it is confirmed not to touch del ray.

This means del ray is not connected to 8ch in anyway, otherwise it would connect to it no matter waht location you are coming from


c398a9  No.3011655


My internet went out this morning.

Checked outside and saw a white truck that then drove away.

Got spooped.

Realized it was just an ipv4 issue, ipv6 still worked.

Relaxed, said 17 hail marys, and then it came back.

b9dfed  No.3011656


I would't be at home parked next door.

Fuck no.

I won't lie…that's more total carnage than a lot of tornado hits. Holy shit.

82b6d4  No.3011657

File: 40ac5930b324fac⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1927x10000, 1927:10000, PornographyRedPill.jpg)


Since you asked so kindly.

4a1304  No.3011659


What is Philips Academy?

e4cc19  No.3011660

File: d2ccff46936c92e⋯.png (116.4 KB, 1254x598, 627:299, ClipboardImage.png)

Maybe not so funny if she is a BFF of the Podestas. Hopefully this is just an attempt at humor.

906c6b  No.3011661


so they're going to burn us to the ground

sometimes you don't even know what to say anymore

it's in the script

5a8aa0  No.3011662

File: 63f077e5eaa8336⋯.jpeg (2.25 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 9CDC826D-6E35-432B-AF37-4….jpeg)

d84595  No.3011663

File: 1249a7f12c1245a⋯.jpg (15.6 KB, 255x211, 255:211, 1249a7f12c1245a821c75ef278….jpg)


Okay okay, this is definitely a MESSAGE to Q and POTUS from the cabal. They're desperate to keep DECLAS from happening!!


Sounds like they're trying to setup Q.

f1eb2d  No.3011664

Dozens of fires and explosions across merrimac valley in Massachusetts blamed on "gas leaks"


1d5867  No.3011665


no, the odds of individual houses cannot be computed "exaggerating, but thats how big the odds are" this is intentional.

a857ca  No.3011667



e64c87  No.3011668


You will "give up if no one cares"?

Wow - great job, hero.

219988  No.3011669

File: b579d59ec489725⋯.jpg (6.55 KB, 240x204, 20:17, Question 1.jpg)


And what Gas Company was complicit in this. You know they had an inside man.

ab4ca7  No.3011670

File: a9d4072f9505ef3⋯.jpg (84.88 KB, 571x380, 571:380, ffslolcatsdogswow.jpg)


> https://voat.co/v/theawakening





You don't belong here…your ass is reddit

Begone sub-midwits.

c398a9  No.3011671


Shiiieeeeetttt, people are getting gassed out here.

d02566  No.3011672

fuck off back to Voat

let's get that going

a0db05  No.3011673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Live news of the fires

bdc096  No.3011674

File: 64e0e37a58b459b⋯.jpg (32.77 KB, 140x198, 70:99, img10100081.jpg)


"PANIC IN DC" statements start a FIRE?

Twelve moves ahead.

Suicide watch.

5e58c2  No.3011675


You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink anon.

5c7a9c  No.3011676

File: c6b0221ec5e48c7⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 411x418, 411:418, 1508951751681.jpg)


>When Ben Shaprio thinks he knows something that he can inform you about

beb144  No.3011677

File: 9caf1c700994d4b⋯.png (858.5 KB, 1106x1096, 553:548, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


Are you so stupid?

the “root cause” of human trafficking is actually pornography,

Laila Mickelwait, manager of policy and public affairs for Exodus Cry, an international anti-human trafficking organization, stated that the “root cause” of human trafficking is actually pornography, because of its role in creating a demand for sex.

“Pornography is ubiquitous and self-perpetuating,” Mickelwait offered, and results in a system that is “both creating and supplying demand for commercial sex and thus sex trafficking” through its addictive effects on the brain.

In addition, pornography is filmed prostitution and oftentimes human trafficking itself; she warned that victims of human trafficking are often recorded during sexual acts, such as in “live web-cam pornography,” and that the growing medium of child pornography is always a form of sexual trafficking.

64c891  No.3011678

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They will do anything to make people feel bad about their bodies so they can make money. They feed off your ignorance and fear.

a4883e  No.3011679


Yep, Q said start a FIRE so now they're going to claim Q did it. Just like the BOOMS.

3e0e37  No.3011680

FBI already on scene in Lawrence according to Boston25.

b9dfed  No.3011681




Are you serious right now?

I doubt Q is fucking blowing ppl's homes up dude.

9fe3cb  No.3011682


Thanks for noticing…

(I said it twice in this bread - Kek!)


d4fa88  No.3011683

File: 860c33bca16d0a3⋯.gif (8.2 KB, 255x255, 1:1, bd9d188dee7cbd2629ba058fad….gif)

File: bd3f48780ce3711⋯.jpg (55.53 KB, 490x373, 490:373, e9ydq.jpg)

File: f7bc45ea640edbc⋯.jpg (105.57 KB, 598x792, 299:396, Sjw comp not an argument e….jpg)


Lol what an utter moron. You outed yourself as the megashill again! you werent even tagged in the post moron.

>you have no arguments

"Nice projection :)".

The post is full with arguments yet you project and run from the like fire. Still waiting for a response ":)" lol.and this is the best shareblue has to offer hahaha this and his sockpuppets.

467241  No.3011684



Wouldn't be that due to pressure valves on outside of houses. See other posts…. houses equipped with "smart ovens" and alexa is the perfect combination.

Alexa knows the patterns of the homeowners and the smart ovens can turn on the gas and blow the places to smithereens.

dcbe69  No.3011685


Nope just giving an example of what nat gas looks like when it goes south.

Saw one in my neighborhood years ago.

Cracked foundations a block away. EPIC

f3eb67  No.3011686


Yep, just like the Austin bombings.

32882a  No.3011687


there is a point anon… you missed is…


e1864e  No.3011688


Deep Stater

da7555  No.3011689

File: 4c1e59db25b45c0⋯.png (77.01 KB, 734x282, 367:141, gas_award.PNG)


58623c  No.3011690

File: 627fcc7784d0a57⋯.png (35.39 KB, 582x391, 582:391, Jewish_ideological_suprema….PNG)

File: ff53a0df7ea3837⋯.png (36.3 KB, 579x401, 579:401, Jews_did_not_practice_Usur….PNG)

File: e66d10c5c6bdf1b⋯.png (26.52 KB, 1243x161, 1243:161, Jews_did_not_practice_Usur….PNG)

File: 7ea9f7355d905d3⋯.png (34.13 KB, 551x459, 551:459, Jews_dont_care_for_laws_no….PNG)

File: 6462d7089eb316a⋯.png (37.25 KB, 646x275, 646:275, Talmud_plan_to_conquer_the….PNG)


Define division, please.

Godspeed :)

bd687e  No.3011691

FBI Won't Investigate Sexual Misconduct Allegation Against Kavanaugh

According to the Washington Post, The FBI won't investigate the allegations lodged against Kavanaugh, so he'll simply be tainted with the spectre of a nebulous accusation for the rest of his career.


c3384b  No.3011692

File: 4325c6c9f1695ed⋯.png (521.53 KB, 748x409, 748:409, PL - Copy.png)

872dc3  No.3011693

File: b3887aa3921afac⋯.png (21.75 KB, 479x273, 479:273, Senator Bob Menendez.PNG)

When are THEY going to realize Trump has never said anything that wasn't the truth.


ea0ce7  No.3011694


Maybe if was intentional

5a8aa0  No.3011695

File: c0b3fa1f08067ee⋯.jpeg (2.24 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 2590C5FE-73B9-4A94-B289-6….jpeg)

File: 98a8d8dd8b2eef2⋯.jpeg (2.35 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 78F8B62B-F4A4-4FAB-90A3-6….jpeg)

beb5ce  No.3011696


damn that is no good.

9fe3cb  No.3011697


"Clowns on gas"

not beyond reality.

3c6538  No.3011698


Good find!

58623c  No.3011699


Does not that make them publishers?

How does that work?

62059f  No.3011700


I understand, I still want to keep it in for later so anons can see what the thought process was on the matter

5be286  No.3011701


nope. it's still up. have to put in the entire address including /r/ to get there.

i'm commenting in it right now, look https://www.reddit.com/r/Qpatriotsfight/comments/9fdwzc/rgreatawakening_banned_september_12_2018/e5xjwym/

219988  No.3011702


Was it set up with new "Smart Meters"? or a systematic failure of poorly maintained pipes?

edc6dc  No.3011703


Bitterly ironic. But Kek!

147ce6  No.3011704

They are definitely locking the town down. Odd references to 8 and 6 man "entry teams" standing by. Per scanner traffic.

67ba2a  No.3011705




You are posting this 'valuable info' in every bread.

Every. Single. Bread.

Does it take 10, 15, 20 posts every bread to let anons know your 'digs'?

Why are you really here?

To divide? To distract?

Did you muhjew info ever go notable?

Are real anons replying?

Are you shills paid for?

By whom?

Unfortunately it is neccassary to state this more often for


The shills want to divide and distract.

There is no such thing as "THE Jews".

Blaming all jews in general is not based on facts.

It helps hide the many not jewish bad actors.

The ruling families and a lot of folks ww do not claim themselves jews.









61b16c  No.3011706

File: 564377facc75e7b⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 680x591, 680:591, pepe bd2.jpg)


just remember when your internet goes down, there are still the local PUBS!

Shadilay Anon's!!!


3acee9  No.3011707


Bernie Sanders, Stephen King, Ana Navarro, Anderson Cooper, Cory Booker, George Stephanopoulos, "We don't say his name", Sir Richard Branson, Valerie Jarrett, Ben "Mr. Rehab" Affleck, Alan Dershowitz, John Legend, Soledad O'Brien

Affleck ended up in a pickle when he tried to get PBS to omit an ancestor's slave ownership

Virtue signaling


Don't go digging up your family bones unless you're 100% ready for what you might find

ac29c0  No.3011708

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, bd03036a493a9e71693c39dc1f….gif)

467241  No.3011709


that's why they pushed the smart meters out west so damn hard…. because they wanted to burn down whole neighborhoods. It worked.

bfb1b4  No.3011710

File: fb842b506f94f79⋯.jpg (40.95 KB, 500x393, 500:393, 9047b5ee400b6830f2703ce4ee….jpg)


You forgot to sign R faggot kike.


1d5867  No.3011711


no, and it wouldn't be individual houses it would be the whole street, everywhere the lines are buried.. sidewalks, streets all gone. this in intentional imho

7860a9  No.3011712


I'll let Q explain it for you…

>Coincidence or silent war?

>Nothing is a coincidence.

>We are at war.


>They are trying to start a war.


>Public interest shift.

These people are sick.

29756b  No.3011713

I'm sorry, just seeing this horeshit that's on Fox about a "hidden cam" (((Weinstein))) video.

Haux in obvious giant sunglasses, her pressing herself against him in the video while he "Rejects the handshake."

Looks totally fake.

This is them coming out ahead of time.

Make the fuckers think it's all blown out–she was coming on to him.

Pathetic, Satanists. Keep on trying.

19926a  No.3011714

File: d2d5887e420b9c4⋯.jpeg (155.89 KB, 1440x817, 1440:817, 1535889389.jpeg)

c3384b  No.3011715

File: 5154b4096e3149f⋯.png (609.49 KB, 400x718, 200:359, sara_carter - Copy.png)

17fc82  No.3011716

File: 2be84138e95d8a9⋯.png (101.07 KB, 252x200, 63:50, ClipboardImage.png)

e64c87  No.3011717


Horses aren't quitters.

d5d000  No.3011719


Gas systems should have multiple Fail Safes.

c69f98  No.3011720

File: 83434e207279b6a⋯.png (263.63 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, antipron.png)


is this yours anon?

ea9958  No.3011721

Columbia Gas is a subsidiary of NiSource, Joseph Hamrock, CEO.


82e4c7  No.3011722

a70312  No.3011723



daee39  No.3011724


>why they pushed the smart meters

well, that and easier automated surveillance.

"smart" meters can track every possible pattern/activity

5e58c2  No.3011726


Yes, please just add the ones where I exposed it. I dont want anything to be taken out, just the truth shown.

Sorry to make your life hard baker but this will cause a massive slide if left unchecked

467241  No.3011727


They obviously do. Don't blame the meter or the gas system when it's the fault of "smart appliances"

e4b798  No.3011728

File: 7e966cd075dc4ea⋯.png (16.74 KB, 572x117, 44:9, shapiroknows.PNG)


BEN KNOWS (And probably does).

460e83  No.3011729

File: cd3d1289fffe241⋯.jpg (138.64 KB, 640x640, 1:1, IMG_901.jpg)

19926a  No.3011730

147ce6  No.3011731

"About to start a major evacuation" per scanner traffic.

cd934b  No.3011732

File: 2b3974e9f5114f8⋯.png (80.64 KB, 1457x332, 1457:332, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

3c761c  No.3011733


They only had to change their clothes

5a8aa0  No.3011734

File: bc3f83837728e8c⋯.jpeg (2.34 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 5404C199-E7B2-45FC-9DFD-6….jpeg)

Holy Shit!

4cf9a9  No.3011735

I just received an automated phone call from daughters middle school saying tomorrow they will be conducting an 'ALICE' drill

It's to prepare in case of active shooter

Anyone else hear about this?

Am I being paranoid?

ab4a8c  No.3011736


Sounds like Cabal fuckery to me.

How'd they pull it off though?

f4b196  No.3011737


Shit. Maybe there ARE tunnels.

61b16c  No.3011738


most residents are stuck in traffic and can't get home! How many kids in those apts and homes are alone??? This is scary shit.

b78dc9  No.3011739

File: 5e88dfefbed9c7b⋯.jpg (24.46 KB, 435x248, 435:248, smart.jpg)



WHY? Is there a need to monitor your energy usage multiple times a day?

Does remote monitoring cause layoffs of MANY people?

Do you have to call the electric company when your power goes out? WHY is your consumption is monitored 24/7?


219988  No.3011740


Indeed. What if they do?

ab4ca7  No.3011741

File: c62080ba6a48ab4⋯.jpg (623.26 KB, 1600x977, 1600:977, shillcunt.jpg)

0a6d53  No.3011742


Kinda trapped. Aging parents, industry specific jobs. Family first. Freedom will be earned in the next chapter for this fam.

c398a9  No.3011743


Maybe don't send her to school tomorrow.

2404ca  No.3011744

File: d8090c3818de650⋯.png (67.87 KB, 916x470, 458:235, Screen Shot 68.png)

File: 1a1e4f12b641e70⋯.png (236.81 KB, 930x1204, 465:602, Screen Shot 67.png)

File: ef1b53785dc0132⋯.png (242.66 KB, 1858x802, 929:401, Screen Shot 69.png)

>SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].


097602  No.3011745

hey Q, google tape leaked because "we have it all" or an inside job?

58623c  No.3011746


Sure, read the first 2 posts here: >>2390914

8b3b86  No.3011747

File: d48b4333b4721a0⋯.jpg (43.33 KB, 800x560, 10:7, laughs-in-mattis.jpg)


and thats a reason to ban everyone who ever posted Q stuff..

5c7a9c  No.3011748



pretty obvious, methinks

beb5ce  No.3011749


I've got one of those damn things too.

was here before I got here.

doesn't matter much, they can't do anything with it. 1930's to 1950's tech in this place, and I am going to keep it that way.

fb8d0c  No.3011750


Not paranoid. Let her stay home tomorrow. Just in case.

c6367b  No.3011751


Define ‘projection.”

3acee9  No.3011752

File: e00cae2e98e30e7⋯.jpg (72.83 KB, 889x499, 889:499, FeinsteinChauffeur.jpg)


Justice Kavanaugh won't be tainted with ANYTHING, because America's attention span is too short to remember this weak move by (((Dianne Goldman Feinstein)))

They are really running out of gas in their tank

5a8aa0  No.3011754

File: 1a54241ca8b15fd⋯.jpeg (2.62 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 3F507F0D-5799-4A1E-B75D-0….jpeg)

I don’t believe this is an accident. 50 houses have exploded and three towns. No way is this an accident! I’m sorry I don’t believe it

964db2  No.3011755


I would keep her home if it were me

c0f756  No.3011756


no outage here either

e64c87  No.3011757


And when I say "Horses aren't quitters" I say that as someone who is not a horse and has quit many times. :) Am not trying to be a jerk.

Just don't want to insult horses.

db0849  No.3011758


Harriet Beecher Stowe was an underground railroad tunnel specialist

c398a9  No.3011759

Is this (((their))) 9/11?

I read about that earlier.

17fc82  No.3011760


Jacked up the gas pressure ?

58623c  No.3011761

File: 16af929bba6ede7⋯.png (334.59 KB, 1352x896, 169:112, Spurdo_burge.png)


Benin :DDD

f4b196  No.3011762



ac19ce  No.3011763

File: 61c5873be39bf6f⋯.jpg (85.1 KB, 383x526, 383:526, 61c5873be39bf6fd3ff36ce15d….jpg)

5c7a9c  No.3011764


def a good idea to keep her home tomorrow…

33de62  No.3011765



e5f6b0  No.3011766


Thing that gets me is the over pressure part, how did it spike? Deliberate? I had my house burn down at 19, fire started then made it's way to the gas main, gas main blew and there was a jet flame going through the floor, the ceiling, the roof and burning into the sky, about a 30-40 ft flame. They let that burn from 12:30 at night till 8 in the morning, they told us it needed to be shut by the utility company at the main under the street, they said if they don't do it right, the flame would go through the line and set off the rest of the houses on the block. Maybe something like that happened in this case.

906c6b  No.3011767

anon that was just threatening qanons

wonder where he is right now

hew doggie

460eab  No.3011768


Columbia Gas.

d5d000  No.3011769

50 now

BNL NEWS‏ @BreakingNLiveJUST IN: Massachusetts State Police release map of locations of at least 23 fires/gas explosions. These are only fires that are being attended to by emergency services. Multiple reports suggest that up to 50 structures are on fire across Lawrence and Andover.

edfe52  No.3011770

I live in commifornia; and praying for the red wave. Before I die I believe all the states will be red and I’ll die a happy anon>>3011602

f4b196  No.3011771

Cabal is blowing up their own cabal evidence.

Stavos heatmap time?

bbc38e  No.3011772

Same post…



467241  No.3011773

File: e0cb337a0ff4183⋯.png (505.52 KB, 1491x2575, 1491:2575, ClipboardImage.png)

Wirelessly control from your smartphone with the GE Kitchen app or with a voice command device

GE Profile 30 in. 5.6 cu. ft. Smart Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven and WiFi in Stainless Steel

How hard would it be to put a electronic control on the burner????????

955242  No.3011774

File: 8fe84e00bfe9bc9⋯.png (411.35 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, DCDB4FA1-EC6E-49E6-8B07-AD….png)

19926a  No.3011775


Who the fuck would read all that crap? Horrible meme. Horrible!

1d5867  No.3011776


do not send her to school

975b4b  No.3011777

File: 741d443d878dd4c⋯.png (43.03 KB, 652x524, 163:131, 1536874853749.png)

cd934b  No.3011778

File: 110e87f486bfed2⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1304x858, 652:429, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: fc9cf4cd7390b3a⋯.png (951.51 KB, 930x940, 93:94, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


twat-time = cst

7ad719  No.3011779


You are absolutely right.

A decade ago in France a business owner would get fined a hefty sum if he had something as "sandwich" on his menu because it was foreign language. Television had mandatory quota for homegrown films and EVERYTHING had to be dubbed in French for reasons of uniting and integrating and to keep French language on the world map of important things. Wasn't so important after all.

Raspail avait raison après tout.

467241  No.3011780


You can pay an electrician to put the smart meter on your property line.

5e58c2  No.3011781


yeah you're here shit posting while im here researching and having to explain ip traces exposing misleading notables

Whos the horse and whos leading the horse in this situation?

038464  No.3011782



Seriously has anyone looked into this? I just got BTFO by using this as a Qproof and I suddenly looked like a fucking idiot.

McCain death is wrong by 1 hour

That could be on purpose, maybe there's a deeper proof here?

62059f  No.3011783



>>3011171, >>3011194, >>3011202, >>3011304 BREAKING: 3 ENTIRE TOWNS In Massachusetts Told To Evacuate As Multiple Homes Are Exploding

>>3011212, >>3011391 Member of Obama's National Infrastructure Advisory has connections to CFR and Atlantic Council, Glenn S. Gerstell

>>3011221 Mass explosions live stream


>>3011266 There have been several gas explosion stories this week

>>3011308 Anon tried to recreate the 8ch IP trace: At no point does it hop to Delray's IP

>>3011385 FBI’s Chief Operating Officer of Cyber Division Abrupty Quits

>>3011420 Anon tried to recreate the 8ch IP trace: Rendered the Delrey IP as the final hop

>>3011455, >>3011460 BREAKING: Map Shows Confirmed Explosions In Lawrence and North Andover, Massachusetts

>>3011639 List of famous people born in Andover Mass


no problem, see midway through the bun

3acee9  No.3011784


Aging parents. Sigh.

84 year old mother throws a giant FIT if we dare to leave town.

She doesn't APPROVE of vacations.

"You shouldn't waste money on that"

d36c72  No.3011785


You are seriously mentally retarded. RFK Jr. posted something on Twitter and R posted on 8Chan. I am presenting those posts. How does that have anything to do with doxxing Q? Tell me, seriously, little cunt.

e1864e  No.3011786


There are vents on the gas meters to let over pressurized gas go

d4fb53  No.3011788

File: 47b293fd9ea95b6⋯.jpg (103.49 KB, 561x702, 187:234, DnAC2jdU4AAzD7m.jpg)

In the 50’s, kids weren’t having pills shoved down their throat by (((big pharma))) when they were sad like now, they just needed their toilet paper changed.

4a1304  No.3011789

Can anyone find out if this Philips Academy is in the cordoned area? 180 Mainstreet…

29756b  No.3011790



f0db4b  No.3011791


thanks, but there's no naked chicks in that photo…

care to try again?

e64c87  No.3011792

File: 38dde936fe44271⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 173x255, 173:255, dorkpepe.jpg)

a30858  No.3011793



An electrolaser first ionizes its target path, and then sends a powerful electric current down the conducting track of ionized plasma, somewhat like lightning. It functions as a giant, high-energy, long-distance version of the Taser or stun gun.


e4cc19  No.3011794

File: a50d83e6b709976⋯.png (1.97 MB, 1174x1276, 587:638, ClipboardImage.png)

This post is in response to a post about Delrey systems hosting 8ch.

Makes us proud to be anons in the Q army.


beb5ce  No.3011795


that worked well i see…

1e0d49  No.3011796

File: 8de2401f911b424⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 255x153, 5:3, DJT Laughing.jpg)


Bwa ha ha ha Low energy Jeb not even important enough for an underline….

c3384b  No.3011797

File: c1ec19eccef5655⋯.png (22.63 KB, 532x701, 532:701, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 911647d2b6ff63e⋯.png (571.84 KB, 559x492, 559:492, MB - Copy.PNG)


Always troubled me…

Doesn't seem to fit…

Yes she is CFR

bbf64c  No.3011798

File: 34e916b1dc81f63⋯.jpg (37.11 KB, 634x440, 317:220, blackWomanHugsTrump.jpg)

File: 0cdb37e3c66199d⋯.jpg (81.38 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 8642a0d35960f983027e0d7baf….jpg)

File: 16dcb7273c93b96⋯.jpg (3.62 MB, 3884x7735, 3884:7735, CulturalMarxism_Graph.jpg)


>he didnt have an argument against any point that was meticulously presented in the post,


You actually think your loose-brained words were meticulous? A jumbled heap of words is not an argument any more than a jumbled heap of bricks could be considered a house.

The guy posting evidence that makes Jews look bad, dd1feb, is indeed acting contrary to what Q's call for unity. That doesn't mean dd1feb 's evidence is false. It also doesn't make your arguments logical.

It is possible that dd1feb is posting the truth about the dancing Israelis only because someone (e.g. a pizza merchant) is paying him to do so. That does not convince me that we can make a logical leap and assume that dd1feb is getting paid by Shareblue or Brock Matzoh or anyone else. It is entirely possible that dd1feb simply does not respect Q's desire for unity.

However, for the sake of argument, let us assume that everyone else on the board aside from dd1feb does respect Q's request for unity. Even Q has mentioned that Mossad does evil things and Israel will eventually be punished. Maybe you can be pro-Q and pro-Jew; I imagine Trump himself is pro-Q and pro-Jew. But I don't believe you can be pro-Q and pro-Israel.


"the problem is not jews per-se, it is unchecked jewish supremacism and subversion.”

Perhaps, in some happy future, President Trump will declassify enough docs so that even the normies will see that the modern world has been dominated by psychopaths and their conspiracies. Psychopaths of any ethnic background are dangerous. But some psychopaths are Jewish, and even if non-Jews love every non-psychopathic Jew, non-Jews must reserve the right to take action against Jewish psychopaths.

d5d000  No.3011799

1775 - Revolution starts where ?

, Lexington & Concord Mass.

32882a  No.3011800

You anons



what can i say to get you FAGGOTS moving in on God?

yep… killboxed

do yall want dead?


rather not dumbcum


100 perfuckingpercent


WE DO!!!!!


5c7a9c  No.3011801


don't be a cuck

learn to ignore them and smile and nod while you do it

learn to gain their respect

5a8aa0  No.3011802

File: cec50b29f4a2974⋯.jpeg (4.65 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 02BE533C-0E6B-42EF-BD43-6….jpeg)

Over 50 and counting

c69f98  No.3011803


thanks for the IP traces anon.

i will remember.

2e009b  No.3011804

File: a270f0fb9652024⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 479x434, 479:434, yourproblem.jpg)

e5b75a  No.3011805

File: 610cceb42aa1e00⋯.jpg (170 KB, 800x1034, 400:517, 2 (1).jpg)

File: e4c233e4ae1d40b⋯.jpg (255.85 KB, 1000x671, 1000:671, save-the-planet-kill-yours….jpg)

File: ee9e26bc1b9e71e⋯.jpg (31.45 KB, 292x400, 73:100, cofe3.jpg)

File: e44ae19d9e22e76⋯.jpg (31.43 KB, 268x400, 67:100, sexisgood.jpg)


Church of euthanasia

i go throw up now

bd687e  No.3011806


(((they))) will use it as an attack the same way (((they))) went after Clarence Thomas w/ Anita HIll.

58623c  No.3011807

File: 3e7ce4d7785edf0⋯.png (4.8 MB, 4520x5000, 113:125, 0_Redpilling_Roadmap_9_BLA….png)

File: 9ceabe4db0f1569⋯.jpg (156.39 KB, 600x1030, 60:103, 1_Jews_Slavery_Tony_Martin….jpg)

File: e684bcf0b861edb⋯.jpg (436.2 KB, 698x1249, 698:1249, Jews_HollyWood_4.jpg)

File: e65b714f6d4d9f9⋯.jpg (102.82 KB, 591x502, 591:502, Peres_Hollywood_Jews_Child….jpg)

File: 07dde983cea7dea⋯.png (710.73 KB, 856x483, 856:483, Slavery.png)


Speaking of slavery:

Friendly reminder that it was jews who kickstarted the slave trade in the US and made it flourish over time due to their use of slave labor.

Also important to remember that redpilling the Blacks is paramount to destroy jewish supremacism in the West ASAP, and that Blacks and other minorities are the best vessels to bring the redpill on jewish supremacism to gaslit progressives.

Also worthy of note is the subversive and treasonous way in which jewish supremacists have used Hollywood (which is controlled by jews) to pin slavery in the US on Whites, and the way jewish supremacists have dominated and exploited the Black Civil Rights Movement for their own selfish and subversive ends.

b8aafe  No.3011808

Columbia Gas is owned by NiSource

Link to board of directors for potential digging:


1d5867  No.3011809

File: e11b2f1493651aa⋯.jpg (25.77 KB, 480x360, 4:3, f045fef407ef11523da55c0f32….jpg)

edfe52  No.3011810

Roger That>>3011794

45e33d  No.3011811

File: 23b75c7dbc01d02⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1408x902, 64:41, Capture3.PNG)

Buckle up anons. I don't think the coming storm is what you think it is.

b92782  No.3011812

5e58c2  No.3011813


can you add these two onto it?



this is what shows and explains it using that anons own tool

17fc82  No.3011814


Blanks to be fired during active shooter drill at local school

The A.L.I.C.E. Drill, conducted by school police and a trained A.L.I.C.E. team, will be a scenario including an alleged shooter in the school.

A.L.I.C.E. stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

During the drill, police will fire blanks in hallways to expose everyone to the sound of gunfire in the building. The blanks will not be fired at anyone.

933282  No.3011815


>wow lookner on his stream is really spazzing out over this, he seems freaked out… interesting

Excuse me, but do you think you are in a You Tube live chat?