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8b3098  No.3014967

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Q Research supports attacking terrible ideas with better ones. We believe the use of violence only proves a bad argument. We are researchers who deal in open-source information and informed opinion. We neither need nor condone the use of violence in our work here.




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Q's Latest Posts

Wednesday 9.12.18

>>>/patriotsfight/233 —————–—————- How do you demonstrate 'reasonable cause' to regulate and/or break up BIG TECH? ( Cap: >>2998384, >>2998394 )

>>>/patriotsfight/232 ———--------—————- Trump tweet re: Draining the swamp ( Cap: >>2995995 )

>>2995423 rt >>2995106, >>2995190 -----—– Military planning at its finest.

>>2994981 rt >>2994458 ———----------——– Main points of interest only.

>>>/patriotsfight/231 ———--------—————- "SEXUAL MISCONDUCT" ( Cap: >>2994452, >>2994465 )

>>>/patriotsfight/230 ———--------—————- AJ [TEMPLATE] WAS DESIGNED TO ATTACK/CENSOR 'QANON' [primary obj]. ( Cap: >>2994360, >>2994361 )

>>>/patriotsfight/229 ———--------—————- How do you inflict MAX PAIN / DAMAGE? ( Cap: >>2994005, >>2994031 )

Tuesday 9.11.18

>>>/patriotsfight/228 ———--------—————- It's hammer time ( Cap: >>2984597 )

>>>/patriotsfight/227 ———--------—————- TOGETHER we WIN. ( Cap: >>2984055, >>2984053 )

>>>/patriotsfight/226 ———--------—————- Another wave of attacks coming? ( Cap: >>2982152, >>2982168 )

>>>/patriotsfight/225 ———--------—————- Timing is everything. Enjoy the show ( Cap: >>2981825 )

>>>/patriotsfight/224 ———--------—————- Steele req non_extradition to U.S? ( Cap: >>2981754 )

>>>/patriotsfight/223 ———--------—————- Bruce Ohr [in effort to save Nellie Ohr] testifying against Rosenstein, Yates, Lynch, and Comey? ( Cap: >>2982107 )

>>>/patriotsfight/222 ———--------—————- Lisa Page testifying against Peter Strzok? ( Cap: >>2982096 )

>>>/patriotsfight/221 ———--------—————- James Baker testifying against Comey? ( Cap: >>2981672 )

>>>/patriotsfight/220 ———--------—————- Comey in communication w/ McCabe re: 'testimony' 'story'? ( Cap: >>2981649 )

>>>/patriotsfight/219 ———--------—————- King & Spalding hired [last week] to represent Sally Yates? ( Cap: >>2981621 )

>>>/patriotsfight/218 ———--------—————- [RR] req meeting w/ POTUS DECLINED ( Cap: >>2981591 )

>>>/patriotsfight/217 ———--------—————- Coming 'VERY SOON' to a theater near you ( Cap: >>2981124 )

>>>/patriotsfight/216 ———--------—————- Pope Francis Breitbart Article ( Caps: >>2980941, >>2980950 )

>>>/patriotsfight/215 ———--------—————- https://twitter.com/RepMarkMeadows/status/1039582215229857795 ( Caps: >>2980715, >>2980771 )

>>>/patriotsfight/214 ———--------—————- We Will Never FORGET! We Will Never FORGIVE! PATRIOT DAY ( Cap: >>2977922 )

Monday 09.10.18

Compiled here: >>2982713

Sunday 09.09.18

Compiled here: >>2979201

Saturday 09.08.18

Compiled here: >>2979191

Friday 09.07.18

Compiled here: >>2966475

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Dealing with Clowns & Shills

>>2322789, >>2323031 How To Quickly Spot A Clown

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are not endorsements


>>2954845, >>2955152 #DeclassifyFISA <----- MAKE THIS GO VIRAL <-----

>>2956097 Thread Specifically For DECLAS Memes


>>2829643, >>2829673 1986 U.S. District Court Dost test: No CP image guidelines

>>2993403 The OFFICIAL replacement for /r/greatawakening on VOAT (spread for the normies): https://voat.co/v/theawakening

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>>3014567 Graphic On Q Drops "PANIC IN DC" statements start a fire?

>>3014512, >>3014673 Jessica P. Ashooh of Reddit Dig

>>3014504 China Offers Venezuela $5 Billion Loan To Support 'Ideological Ally' Maduro

>>3014498, >>3014554, >>3014655, >>3014883 Lawrence MA Digs Pedo Related

>>3014279, >>3014381, >>3014680 PlaneFag Reports

>>3014242, >>3014300, >>3014343, >>3014388, >>3014510, >>3014596, >>3014700, >>301412 Moar on the Explosions in MA

>>301493 #3814


>>3013946 Some Q archives are going missing - ARCHIVE OFFLINE!

>>3013725 PlaneFag Reports

>>3013583, >>3013802, >>3013860, >>3014093 Gas Explosion Digs

>>3013613 Turkey Amasses Forces in Idlib Ahead of Damascus Offensive

>>3014209 #3813


>>3012775, >>3013099 ScannerAnon updates about the fires

>>3012776, >>3012894 Links to the scanner

>>3012875 Essex county Fire police EMS scanners LIVE

>>3012889, >>3013260, >>3013376 Mass Gas Explosions Digs Updated: 70 explosions, 70 to 100 fires, 4 injured (1 fireman)

>>3012921 BREAKING: FBI Isn’t Investigating Brett Kavanaugh Over Content Of Vague Dianne Feinstein Document

>>3012747 Dig on Alliance for Securing Democracy

>>3013114 Vatican releases 'shockingly inappropriate photo' of giggling Pope and his cardinals meeting to discuss church sex abuse

>>3013234 OH grand jury indicted Bozanich, former mayor Charles Sammarone and Poland developer Dominic Marchionda on 101 public corruption charges

>>3013282 There's Obama level fuckery with Mass's infrastructure.

>>3013420 #3812


>>3011958, >>3012003, >>3012042, >>3012060, >>3012069, >>3012100, >>3012255, >>3012456, >>3012500, >>3012215 Moar on the Massachusetts Gas Fires

>>3012012, >>3012133, >>3012174 Puerto Rico resident: Millions of water bottle still waiting to be distributed

>>3012046 FAKE NEWS VERSUS REAL SCIENCE: Solar activity's influence on tropical cyclone and hurricane activity

>>3012110 Amazon's rising stock gives Jeff Bezos 'financial muscle' in outer space equal to whole countries

>>3012121 Corruption in Puerto Rico

>>3012145 Sessions' statement on 'Election Security' EO

>>3012234 Dig on the Puerto Rican water bottle claims

>>3012246, >>3012390, >>3012521 Manafort Said To Agree To (Tentative) Plea Deal With Special Counsel

>>3012251 Google Scientist Resigns Over Censored Search App for China

>>3012300 Anon's theory: overpressure valves were overrode and boost pumps activated

>>3012424 Bank Of England Warns "No Deal" Brexit Would Lead To Chaos, Crisis "As Bad As 2008 Crash"

>>3012444 Mass Gas Explosions Digs Updated: 60+ Fires, 39 Explosions

>>3012638 #3811


>>3011171, >>3011194, >>3011202, >>3011304 BREAKING: 3 ENTIRE TOWNS In Massachusetts Told To Evacuate As Multiple Homes Are Exploding

>>3011212, >>3011391 Member of Obama's National Infrastructure Advisory has connections to CFR and Atlantic Council, Glenn S. Gerstell

>>3011221 Mass explosions live stream


>>3011266 There have been several gas explosion stories this week

>>3011308, >>3011508, >>3011537 Anon tried to recreate the 8ch IP trace: At no point does it hop to Delray's IP

>>3011385 FBI’s Chief Operating Officer of Cyber Division Abrupty Quits

>>3011420 Anon tried to recreate the 8ch IP trace: Rendered the Delrey IP as the final hop

>>3011455, >>3011460 BREAKING: Map Shows Confirmed Explosions In Lawrence and North Andover, Massachusetts

>>3011639 List of famous people who were born in and attendeed of Philips Academy in Andover Mass

>>3011858 #3810

Previously Collected Notables

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>>3000959 #3794, >>3000956 #3795, >>3000911 #3796

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31eca7  No.3015024

File: aee97c71f289ca4⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_902.jpg)

ty patriots!

8b3098  No.3015025

File: b0ac359b3c02bd9⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Dough.jpg)



4bded4  No.3015028

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




"Yes, Germany was back then a democracy, before us and we’ve been plundered and squeezed dry. No.. What does Democracy or authoritarian state mean for those international hyenas? They don’t care at all! They are only interested in one thing. Are you willing to be plundered? Yes or No?. Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process? Yes or No ? And when democracy is stupid enough Not to stand up, Then it’s good! But when authoritarian state declares “ You do not plunder our people any longer”. Neither from the inside or outside that is bad… In reality money rules in this countries.. They talk about press freedom when in fact all this newspapers have one owner and the owner is, in any case, the sponsor.. This press then shapes public opinion. These political parties don’t have any differences at all like before with us. You already know the old political parties. They were all the same. Then people must think that especially in this countries of freedom and wealth.. There should exist a very comfortable life for it’s people but the opposite is the case. In these countries in the so-called “democracies” The people is by no means the main focus of attention. What really matters is the existence of this group of “democracy makers”. That is the few existence of a few hundred of giant capitalists who own all the factories and shares and who, ultimately, lead the people. They are not interested at all at the great mass of people… Jews! they are the only ones! who can be addressed as international elements because they conduct their business everywhere! It is a small, rootless, International clique that is turning the people against each other, that does want them to have peace. They can suppress us!, They can kill us, if you like! But we will not capitulate!"

"These jews laugh about it. They thought it was a joke. They are not laughing anymore. Today they realize the gravity of the situation. It was a struggle especially against the people who seemed to have omnipotent power in our nation. The struggle against the jews. A satanic power had taken over our whole country. Who had been able to grip key positions of our intellectual and spiritual life but also the political and economical life. And from these key positions they were able to control and monitor the whole nation. This power had, at the same time the influence to persecute even with the law. Those who fought against this power and who were willing to provide resistance in opposition to the advance of it."

"The almighty jewry declared, thus , war on us. and what we have achieved in these years! Until 1939. Their envy grew in the same way. The same men who back then got Germany into WWI. The “Mr Churchill” Started immediately to agitate. The “Mr.Eden” and then of course the jews, with hore belisha at the forefront. The smear campaign began year after year. They said: “Yes, He is arming himself” Yes I’ve always done that. They also asked me before, Why do you have then the sa if you want peace ? Why do you create the SS?.. When however, the only one thing you want is fraternity? Because there are people who don’t want it! and I wanted to show them that I was prepared for the other case. We want nothing but peace! We want nothing but to be left alone! We want nothing but to be able to concentrate on our own duties and responsibilities. What we want is to be judged equally, and we won’t let anyone take our honour from us!."

"The most beautiful possession you have in the world… is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and we will fight! And never slack! And never tire! And never lose courage! And never despair!"

4bded4  No.3015031

File: d0fbdb5d3b6cb2a⋯.webm (3.29 MB, 640x360, 16:9, MSus.webm)

31eca7  No.3015032


oh no


197f05  No.3015033

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 9/13/18 | Fox News

Just in case anyone missed it …

21d994  No.3015034

File: b3eec30274b4fa0⋯.png (824.24 KB, 967x1020, 967:1020, wewin.PNG)

908d90  No.3015037

File: 707b18c0d2717ad⋯.jpg (23.35 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 41l-GUBlqUL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)

We'll have a storm now.. An earthquake if you'd like.

You must stand aside… out of danger.

07d009  No.3015053

File: 425fecff24b5c27⋯.png (153.59 KB, 614x444, 307:222, bofriend.PNG)

same guy????

407672  No.3015054

File: e20605838bc4681⋯.jpg (42.38 KB, 405x523, 405:523, outrage.JPG)

porn star and her lawyer gets more coverage this…..

Where is the outrage

9c3243  No.3015055

Clients who received ‘vampire facial’ at spa are urged to be tested for HIV

The New Mexico health department said it is not aware of any new blood-borne infections after the department announced the closure of an Albuquerque spa being investigated for concerning practices.

The spa offered beauty treatments, including the vampire facial a procedure that extracts platelets from a client's own blood that is then injected into the face through micro-needling. The facial purportedly produces a more youthful-looking complexion.


39f328  No.3015056

File: d7fa20e5753165c⋯.png (476.31 KB, 585x573, 195:191, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

Does Flynn know?

13f821  No.3015057

File: 8d098d0d3b91df4⋯.png (546.06 KB, 529x810, 529:810, ClipboardImage.png)

First boobz

5b169f  No.3015058

>>3015039 (lb)

You are wrong and should feel bad.

Love the hipsanon.

fde715  No.3015059

Thank you BAKER

I've only got PD. Anybody else got Lawrence FD?

c214dd  No.3015060

File: 370ac196eb1675e⋯.jpg (9.02 KB, 255x166, 255:166, dot_connector.jpg)

>>3014399 (lb)

Andover Sex Abuse Report Includes a Teacher Also Named By Choate

"Phillips Academy, the boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts that counts both Bush presidents and John F. Kennedy, Jr. among its alumni, released a report Monday detailing alleged past sexual misconduct between two former faculty members and students."


770320  No.3015061

>>3014690 lb

Looks like an interesting dig anon,

not sure why you are getting push back

Would be curious to know more about the Podesta connection

Is it just from that image, or other sources?

d4e1e0  No.3015062


you got more to post for us?

f994ce  No.3015063

Comey is goin down

5af8c3  No.3015064


Masshole here, born and bred. Confused AF about the ongoing explosions because power at my home west of Boston went out today (unrelated to tonight's fuckery).

I'll tell ya one thing, though, now that I've read about those tunnels under Lawrence, MA: Lawrence is one of the very poorest cities in The Commonwealth and it's FULL of illegal aliens. Full of them. Absolutely replete with illegal aliens. The place is crawling with them.

Those illegals, with their pretty brown skin, have adorable little brown anchor babies. Lots of 'em. And we all know how much The Cabal loves to abuse, torture, eat, and sacrifice little brown babies. I would bet those tunnels were being used for trafficking and worse.

I pray to Christ on a Cracker that Q will tell us whatever he knows about these very disturbing explosions and fires.

Thank you lads. Thank you, Q.

WWG1WGA, even when we're scared. Especially when we're scared....

9b0400  No.3015065

File: be75b198440c2b6⋯.png (328.21 KB, 621x585, 69:65, ClipboardImage.png)

649206  No.3015066

File: b07877b62764688⋯.png (9.97 KB, 370x91, 370:91, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

a0363e  No.3015067

File: b83a05b340d6e14⋯.jpg (74.75 KB, 640x705, 128:141, shruggirl_datshadow.jpg)

File: c8d6975ae35dd08⋯.jpg (643.34 KB, 989x3556, 989:3556, e_bot&flat_tards&muh_joos_….jpg)

File: 6d75cd09743c116⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 5760x4544, 90:71, FlatEarth&MuhJoosSittingIn….jpg)

File: fd4845bd0039c00⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 5760x2153, 5760:2153, FULLCIRCLE.jpg)

Sunlights's the best Disinfectant!

So we understand from the Dox that Microchip = Graham Milton = CTA

We know as a matter of fact from IP post histories that CTA = ebot = flat_tards = muh_joos

We found out yesterday that "Tiresia" (Everyone is a bot) is actually Microchip literally screaming the truth of his own operations to us, but in a clown costume [Goes to show just how effective the AJ template is - He AJ's the Truth].

We also understand that he poisons every meme he comes across by adding subliminal KYS/suicide messages to it.. (especially the baker babes with direct eye contact - by contrast IMGanon is an angel)

He's a puppeteer. What other masks is this fat little fucker hiding behind?

The open borders ban policy only helps this puppeteer's operations.

Because it isn't just that he "posts bad things", it's that he's literally trying to entrain the hivemind into self destruction. He's Evil.

Did you know he's rather infamous for running botnets on twitter, BO? He lied through his teeth to you and you believed it, or you took orders. Which is it? Are you Fighting the Good Fight or not?

0eba37  No.3015068

File: 710a1789d023cd3⋯.jpg (78.61 KB, 1247x578, 1247:578, AQ1.JPG)

File: 1fe771f1a8d3cdb⋯.jpg (64.82 KB, 635x640, 127:128, AQ2.JPG)

File: 73f5c6e07b23c1b⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 776x561, 776:561, AQ3.JPG)

Jessica Ashooh LinkedIn Work History and Education

53a422  No.3015069

File: 22a3f8978e6d1df⋯.png (201.7 KB, 565x278, 565:278, img00061620.png)




086211  No.3015070

File: b61b12d5fd6dab1⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 1024x558, 512:279, vegene.jpg)

f02a5a  No.3015071



This dog Was one of the last posts in the last bread.

0aa726  No.3015072

Call center work sucks huh

85caa3  No.3015073

File: f6a1e9514bda006⋯.jpg (131.51 KB, 640x705, 128:141, af.jpg)

25a51e  No.3015074

File: 50c3655f189358e⋯.png (961.16 KB, 1662x733, 1662:733, ClipboardImage.png)

13f821  No.3015075

File: b246781a4c598d7⋯.png (921.11 KB, 536x810, 268:405, ClipboardImage.png)

f02a5a  No.3015076


This DIG*

8b3098  No.3015077

Notable Bun


>>3014567 Graphic On Q Drops "PANIC IN DC" statements start a fire?

>>3014512, >>3014673 Jessica P. Ashooh of Reddit Dig

>>3014504 China Offers Venezuela $5 Billion Loan To Support 'Ideological Ally' Maduro

>>3014498, >>3014554, >>3014655, >>3014883 Lawrence MA Digs Pedo Related

>>3014279, >>3014381, >>3014680 PlaneFag Reports

>>3014242, >>3014300, >>3014343, >>3014388, >>3014510, >>3014596, >>3014700, >>3014712 Moar on the Explosions in MA

a0363e  No.3015078

File: 0a56126ba364caf⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 1793x900, 1793:900, ThePostThatGotAFLBRemovedB….jpg)

File: 682265b741cd4eb⋯.jpg (1.39 MB, 1829x1535, 1829:1535, BO_Lied.jpg)

File: a9524d27239e129⋯.png (524 KB, 1497x808, 1497:808, ItsCalledGrowing.PNG)


Why? Because we're censored AF here too

Because the spammers/shills are the Censorship program itself, as best it can be deployed on the chans through agents with the same access to the board as you have. (So think like a RedTeam!)

Here's a much needed reminder thanks to the abundance of counselors throwing fits on our board:

I was removed with lies so the clowns could keep their powerhouse of posting IP's.

They're terrified of me because I have their resources mapped out, and I have a system to find more again ; )

They're terrified of you because… well lets find out!

They can be taken out far far far easier than thought, with zero [permanent] friendly fire.

I believed in (You). I still do.

You deserve an uncensored wateringhole after everything we've been through.

Thank you all, for your Time and Service o7

It took over 1,200 hashs and 2 months to boil down which nets were owned.

Those 39 [RB]'s are calculated strikes.

Do something, Coward=

f2c4f0  No.3015079

File: 5a6b29c9b39cf47⋯.gif (3.97 MB, 7000x5893, 7000:5893, 9967aff5a738d3c7783bac8245….gif)

File: 728b0945c94c49c⋯.png (3.44 MB, 2992x3524, 748:881, 728b0945c94c49c7800e290214….png)

File: be39857ac9b34a6⋯.jpg (210.56 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 17fe8b7a76448c1ee1210ad8b7….jpg)

3c95ea  No.3015080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0b21a5  No.3015081


wow you're especially butt mad today

what gives?


70dea8  No.3015082

File: 7a7578484b09015⋯.jpg (94.11 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Monopoly.jpg)

13f821  No.3015083

File: 543eb0ebac7832e⋯.png (284.65 KB, 540x391, 540:391, ClipboardImage.png)

2874ef  No.3015084

Has POTUS mentioned Massachusetts?

bdc1ec  No.3015085

File: d2631f52dc8df0c⋯.jpg (544.34 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, 10cb5d8596c141f914adc92617….jpg)


cd95b8  No.3015086

File: 4bda612d6d385c3⋯.jpg (579.68 KB, 1600x1113, 1600:1113, Screenshot_2018-09-13-18-4….jpg)


Jessica Ashooh, member of the CFR.

254bca  No.3015087

File: 36277477c2befe8⋯.png (25.25 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Screenshot_2018-09-13-18-2….png)

File: 5413affaaec9b8f⋯.jpg (120.68 KB, 480x650, 48:65, 2hv598-1~4.jpg)

Guarantee Lisa Page is headed to prison.

298d7d  No.3015088

File: 03fbc8dd83468ec⋯.png (331.99 KB, 500x551, 500:551, fungalhormone.png)

8b3098  No.3015089

ef2f33  No.3015090


Somehow got in on last post, last bread. Reposting so someone might see it.

Any confirmation on smart shit in fire bombings of Massachusetts?

86be44  No.3015091

File: 1282b2523d32982⋯.png (642.63 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 14CFE1F6-AB9C-4237-9DB8-24….png)

File: 90685afc138b38e⋯.png (3.22 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 2C31D001-57FE-431D-909B-2C….png)

File: a8798d34b650949⋯.png (757.06 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, A4BB8FF5-F46D-4EC9-8D2B-2B….png)

File: 7f246b953270e99⋯.png (703.56 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 9DD30231-B0BE-4704-92C2-8B….png)

File: 90a857fb8b6c573⋯.png (914.71 KB, 1125x2436, 375:812, D32677B9-3A41-48E3-B453-79….png)

Judy Miller Silverman


9c3243  No.3015092

An Arizona man feigning to suffer from Down syndrome tricked a series of female caregivers into bathing him and changing his diaper


f0c990  No.3015093


did you snip the penis off yet?

a0363e  No.3015094

File: 3ee03c8dc4a4a54⋯.gif (2.67 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 3ee03c8dc4a4a5492587e843c2….gif)


Why don't you find out? ; )

fdedff  No.3015095

File: e66faf433bf2422⋯.jpeg (177.24 KB, 1237x700, 1237:700, puzzle.jpeg)

File: 222c4216c8651ee⋯.jpg (358.79 KB, 1525x681, 1525:681, gov doc 2a.jpg)

File: 655069d66f2143d⋯.jpg (242.99 KB, 672x729, 224:243, Yellow Submarine.jpg)

File: 0dc071f817644f0⋯.jpg (159.39 KB, 834x551, 834:551, truth.jpg)

File: f8383420711fa60⋯.jpg (94.43 KB, 682x328, 341:164, neilarmstrong.jpg)

5967f1  No.3015096


Whose property receipt is it?

00e93c  No.3015097

Can a mapfag overlay the pedo map/tunnel map/explosion map on a better map?

See if there is a visual connection? We are staring at a shit ton of different maps. Lets put them together!

2ea0f0  No.3015098

File: 9e309c67bbb9018⋯.jpg (191.99 KB, 1802x941, 1802:941, Zuck02.jpg)

f2c4f0  No.3015099

File: 958fa3adfa72143⋯.jpg (88.45 KB, 1272x688, 159:86, ObamaNXIVM.jpg)

File: f0ae9d24d7a5c85⋯.jpg (108.47 KB, 966x930, 161:155, 1529224226874.jpg)

File: 1b59ff94e13472a⋯.jpg (145.14 KB, 1200x1068, 100:89, 1527830527821.jpg)

File: 5e7f88f651fc33a⋯.png (262.56 KB, 733x715, 733:715, 1525808399536.png)

770320  No.3015100

Does Nancy Pelosi own a pizzeria named Goat Hill Pizza?

>The latest Guccifer 2.0 leaks reveal that Nanci Pelosi’s email account which is registered with Goat Hill Pizza

>The owner of Goat Hill Pizza is Philip DeAndrade.

>He was a former staff member of Nanci Pelosi as recently as 2013

c0628e  No.3015101


I think the anon has been listening since shortly after

Still probably on here somewhere

9b3441  No.3015102

File: 99910ca7e4c5bbe⋯.jpg (11.58 KB, 255x241, 255:241, pepe_kek.jpg)

Tucker and Avenatti trade blows in explosive interview

yt /watch?v=fxjOEbvdDc8

4aa4d1  No.3015103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


97250a  No.3015104

>>3014883 (lb re explosions)

Except the database is for sex offenders, not pedos.

Get a high school blow job by a gal whose mom finds out? You might find a judge labeling you for life.

Not making excuses - just saying not all registered sex offenders are pedophiles. The jump is incorrect on the side by side.

db6102  No.3015105

File: cb77f632056e12e⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1161x835, 1161:835, 21897217832784389089784376….png)

07a143  No.3015106


Keyword: "Trying"

They are FUBAR.

5e3c52  No.3015107

File: 891c04fb1bde416⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 441x570, 147:190, pepe mcthistle.jpg)

Finally home Anons!! Long day. Going to catch up on Tucker / Creepy porn lawyer interview.

Anything else worth my time before I get to work?

e7ae79  No.3015108

>>2815685 pb

>Anons are not divided.

>Anons are under attack.

>Recognize the difference.

>Trust the plan.


There is again a lot of shilling in here.

Currently much muhjew stuff, besides concernshilling, muh timing, muh habbenings, FE and other bs.

Please think for yourself if this is ok with Qs message.

A lot of cabal folks are from jewish families and also israel is involved in a certain way. That is no secret and was and is being digged on.

However, generally blaming all jews and using 'nose' images, saying 'kike' and 'goy' over and over, is not based on facts and just division shilling.

By that shills hide the fact that the leadership of every religion seems to be involved.

Many CEOs are involved. Many politicians, worldwide. Many advisers from thinktanks are involved. ...  Many are not jewish.

There are many 'real jews' like J Kushner, they are fine people who want freedom like us. Some of the cabal activities have used beeing jew as a shield/cover to hide their activities and blame others.

Also, sacrificing children to moloch, getting high on adrenochome and gay mason stuff is not a jew thing.










>>2941990 pb

>>2990908 pb


>Melania and I wish all Jewish people Shana Tova and send our warmest greetings to those celebrating Rosh Hashanah and the start of the High Holy Days...

Simplifiying and dividing muhjew shilling is not working. Anons see it.


e0f34a  No.3015109


When I looked into this a couple years ago she had already sold it but at one time she did own it.

01a4ea  No.3015110


What are the chances that the event in Ma. isn't what they are saying it is?


Power out



Odd scanner traffic

Lack of MSM discussion

Are /ourguys/ going to work?

Guard Active?

98387f  No.3015111

>>3014870 lb


But I think you should keep one period.


Incarceration or Imprisonment

bdc1ec  No.3015112


There are flat earth believers from all over the globe.

752152  No.3015113

File: a76eadf629b850e⋯.png (39.3 KB, 588x254, 294:127, ClipboardImage.png)

All talk and no sauce makes Jack a dumbfuck.

This fuckin' Navy Intel poser is so triggered.

0b21a5  No.3015114


I asked you, "what gives?"

and your response is "find out?"

are you really that brain dead?

no wonder what happened to you happened.

you're just not cut out for this.

a7bf8a  No.3015115

31262c  No.3015116

The fucking PRC gooks was tapping into White Sands comms from the observatory.

It's time to remove gook. GEOTUS, Say the words.

13f821  No.3015117

File: d0f45c1562eb337⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 500x375, 4:3, tumblr_peyjvmMXWE1rj4efco1….gif)


Maahhhh, you had to get the fuckin' satan star, didn't yah? Fuck off, faggot

ee4bcb  No.3015118

File: 3095869c9fd6e4a⋯.jpg (11.15 KB, 255x124, 255:124, b text.jpg)

File: 4aff04632c72ccc⋯.png (484.51 KB, 1627x4668, 1627:4668, Barrack_Obama_Doxed_-_Past….png)

File: fa2880fa8c86635⋯.png (679.22 KB, 927x3705, 309:1235, bobama@yahoo.com_-_Google_….png)

Lisa Page could tell anyone at the DOJ or FBI to not use their Yahoo email account. However, this would be unnecessary because everyone used personal accounts for work.

The only person that was male, risked exposure, that she didn't talk too, and apparently had a yahoo email account was BHO. bobama@yahoo.com was apparently the account. He previously had bobama@ameritech.com before becoming president.

770320  No.3015119


that's just random news, funny but not really for here

86be44  No.3015120

File: e7822024f862027⋯.png (5.3 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 86D7CEC4-0F03-4AD5-A8FC-31….png)

8b3098  No.3015121


Notable Bun


>>3014567 Graphic On Q Drops "PANIC IN DC" statements start a fire?

>>3014512, >>3014673 Jessica P. Ashooh of Reddit Dig

>>3014504 China Offers Venezuela $5 Billion Loan To Support 'Ideological Ally' Maduro

>>3014498, >>3014554, >>3014655, >>3014883 Lawrence MA Digs Pedo Related

>>3014279, >>3014381, >>3014680 PlaneFag Reports

>>3014242, >>3014300, >>3014343, >>3014388, >>3014510, >>3014596, >>3014700, >>3014712, >>3015050 Moar on the Explosions in MA

f1ff5c  No.3015122

Is Q erasing his own posts on PF? Or is something else happening? I noticed while going through my archive that Q posted an image of his posts that went missing.

254bca  No.3015123

File: b119d6d3fc274b1⋯.jpg (45.84 KB, 480x370, 48:37, 2ghhx8~2.jpg)

File: c52acc25b2805f5⋯.jpg (87.07 KB, 750x400, 15:8, 2832vd.jpg)

Sessions is a lazy old fart.

a0363e  No.3015124

File: f59e2ce2edf1664⋯.gif (448.58 KB, 444x258, 74:43, DO_YOU_GET_IT.gif)

fb859a  No.3015125

File: cc46d4f02df48d7⋯.jpg (103.41 KB, 1050x550, 21:11, 785ad5d9f450bcdc5f934783f8….jpg)

cc34a3  No.3015127


well Mass. event would be it… much odd reports and nuggets of info

d25490  No.3015128


reread crumbs

07a143  No.3015129


Thx anon. Obviously changes narrative a LOT if it was before. But still super suspect.

39b2ea  No.3015130

If yer gonny name a bread for 'em, I have to reiterate:

Lawrence, Andover, or most any place else in MA are not likely to be high value or even high visibility targets.

Decaying infrastructure and utility personnel incompetence are certainties.

219a4a  No.3015131

File: f813a75793fd07d⋯.jpg (215.01 KB, 675x714, 225:238, Trump_Card9.jpg)

46e69b  No.3015132


This has to do with Raytheon who has a heavy presence in the area and who is directly involved in the 9/11 false flag. Most researchers are of the opinion that it was a Raytheon missile that hit the Pentagon.


fdedff  No.3015133

File: af078e82b1bdb0a⋯.jpg (111.8 KB, 678x521, 678:521, midnight-sun-flat-earth.jpg)

File: 7a8e173df29ad01⋯.jpg (163.23 KB, 801x434, 801:434, midnight-sun.jpg)

File: 3bf25bd85fb2528⋯.jpeg (99.15 KB, 960x960, 1:1, Do the math.jpeg)

File: 6f6431fc2d95880⋯.jpeg (77.29 KB, 727x850, 727:850, er.jpeg)

e9fafc  No.3015134

File: ae2f59f181c07bb⋯.png (2.37 MB, 2266x896, 1133:448, andover fire.png)

Ok, any Gas Fags know if the gas lines run under the river?

8e1f82  No.3015135

File: 0024ccaa2ec8c0b⋯.png (5.61 MB, 1024x512, 2:1, bobama_yahoo_these_people_….png)

>>3014960 (lb)

>>3014659 (lb)

c0628e  No.3015136

File: 3cfc66bed107e00⋯.png (69.79 KB, 581x313, 581:313, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

fde715  No.3015137


Also, get caught pissing outside and within two miles of a school, same label. In mass there are schools at least every two miles. Don't piss outside…IJS

5aa8f9  No.3015138

What if Q team and POTUS are so in control they let the idiots churn up these storms only to neuter them last minute…and the gassed houses were mostly empty today? All while letting Failstein and Avenothing get lulled into massive embarassment. Watchin Fox news, took a long time to get to these conversations…its habbenin folks

586fda  No.3015139

File: 578e6ae2eb3ec25⋯.jpg (3.71 MB, 3748x4079, 3748:4079, antarcticaa.jpg)

Attention Antarctica Anons

Historical/scriptural evidence of an evil underground army in Antarctica.


f2c4f0  No.3015140

File: eb576b5a5d4ebf2⋯.jpg (344.02 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, 1536751419157.jpg)


Looked like a starfish to me.

0eba37  No.3015141


Baker Notable

Ashooh Member of CFR

7c4adc  No.3015142

Tornado Alley live streaming hurricane florence, Taking bets on when the roof comes off.

https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA3rPY_1t88

6549cb  No.3015143


it's a number thing

bdc1ec  No.3015144

File: 637ef4f6c217ef0⋯.jpg (22.43 KB, 363x379, 363:379, 671a778af408347431c061e2b7….jpg)


Triggered much?

a0363e  No.3015145

File: 5a63ca5981eb3c4⋯.gif (1.37 MB, 498x372, 83:62, tenor (1).gif)


>no wonder what happened to you happened.

This is some advanced PsyOps idk if I'm ready for an enemy of your caliber yet.

9b61d9  No.3015146


I grew up in Haverhill and the tunnels stretch all the way from there to Lawrence and even way further. My father said when they built the new rail lines they entombed the olds ones below but didn't demolish them. Him and his brothers used to sneak in them as teenagers and drink and fool around before they completely sealed them all. But he said they were never demolished completely and he always wondered what fuckery was going on there. Even myself as a kid would feel the ground vibrate at times like a train was coming when playing or fishing in the Merrimack near the lines but there'd be no train running above ground, despite no one ever acknowledging the underground lines still existed.

c97196  No.3015147


gdamn sauce or I break with something lesser.


788c3f  No.3015149

>>3015057 Yep! Step forward for further inspection!

07a143  No.3015150


Oh. A hack is a very good possibility.

5e3c52  No.3015151


Thanks Anon. Already checking into it. very suspicious. very.

60f43e  No.3015152

File: c00edd36c2101d6⋯.gif (3.74 MB, 360x540, 2:3, 1506193853188.gif)

>>3014960 (lb)

Anon is thinking what this anon is thinking.

Anyone else also seem to notice how Hannity was ahead of Q today? Hasn't been like that until tonight...

d4e1e0  No.3015153


based on all the various info last few breads…

it's reading like a huge bust of fentanyl, illegals and maybe traffickers.

the kids being taken to the schools.

the explosions are fuckery - they should wipe out every house if high pressure gas.

the scanner traffic indicates an op, maybe military.

the scanner shit clinches that this is something irregular.


05e94c  No.3015154

File: 534b86b7c25a25f⋯.png (279.37 KB, 741x406, 741:406, CPL.PNG)

1c5190  No.3015155

File: eb4ee0580ac8dfa⋯.jpg (24.27 KB, 474x355, 474:355, jesters.jpg)




This is a mason/shriner/jester operation. Filter and ignore.

2ea0f0  No.3015156


Yes, Q occasionally deletes crumbs from PF.

25fcc8  No.3015157


What? will they get a choice of buying new parents? Doubtful. I think he's saying that he is not interested in fighting us for our freedom. He has used our generations to make his money. That was his only use for us. Now he start training the kids to fight us from within our homes. Schools always need more funding and are eager to accept free technology. If he donates the software then he can control what they are being exposed too. He can donate tablets for kids to take home just like microsoft and google are doing now. They can spy on the kids families and record activity through a backdoor. Essentially recording every point of their life. Also with the new facial tech he could use AI to dictate responses based on expressions or reactions. Basically manipulate them into his brainwashed army.

e662b1  No.3015158


Watch the water phrase paired with gas lines under river is probable.

f0c990  No.3015159


I would run them over the river along a bridge

4e92d1  No.3015160


This Anon knows the rules…

Bush or GTFO!

788c3f  No.3015161

>>3015063 ON WHO!?!

358dab  No.3015162


In between regurgitating these tired disproven memes, try looking up “frame of reference” and actually learn something. You are like a person who has a room full of books you have never read, but somehow possessing them fools you into thinking you have wisdom.

62e284  No.3015163

(Bread #3814)


I remember something about Columbia Gas some years ago. There was some kind of "event" going on or anticipated and concerned mention was made of one of their pipelines that runs along a highway in New Jersey near Newark Airport, also something about them having pipelines down South. (End of transmission from subconscious)

There have been a number of underground explosions in NYC sending manhole covers flying in the air. Then there's this. This site might be a cover for nefarious activities, or a mix of real and manufactured, or it might be real:

The Jamping Jack Flash Hypothesis

(It's a Gas Gas Gas)


Summary of Hypothesis

"The seas, lakes and oceans are now pluming deadly hydrogen sulfide and suffocating methane. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic water-soluble heavier-than-air gas and will accumulate in low-lying areas. Methane is slightly more buoyant than normal air and so will be all around, but will tend to contaminate our atmosphere from the top down. These gases are sickening and killing oxygen-using life all around the world, including human life, as our atmosphere is increasingly poisoned. Because both gases are highly flammable and because our entire civilization is built around fire and flammable fuels, this is leading to more fires and explosions. This is an extinction level event and will likely decimate both the biosphere and human population and it is debatable whether humankind can survive this event."

I will also mention that there has been unusual earthquake activity, strong in the lower part of the planet, but creeping more frequently than usual farther on the upper part.

4bded4  No.3015164

File: 04d968f2bffa7c3⋯.gif (3.45 MB, 650x318, 325:159, 1463878816088.gif)

5af8c3  No.3015166


Masshole here again. Forgot to give you guys this link to the MASSACHUSETTS SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY BOARD:

https:// sorb.chs.state.ma.us/sorbpublic/recaptcharEntry.action?_p=cSuGH3A45Z5yG4v5SHW8jWnzMrfuoOeHPtgS7bCH0l5JXBCZXRb1aWBrSen7EOJvs5oJWG88dxwYIhpCjhEKnuimfFkT3e-Goa_RB36TsWI

If you guys want to start digging, you can find Level 2 and Level 3 Sex Offenders who live and/or work in any given town or city in Massachusetts.

We all know the "elite" pedos evade this kind of listing cuz they're in The Cabal, but this database may, nevertheless, be helpful to us faggots here on 8chan.

Dig lads, dig.

Thank you.

f1ff5c  No.3015167


So deletion itself is a breadcrumb.

17ba37  No.3015168

File: ea4838d270de64b⋯.jpg (19.96 KB, 200x200, 1:1, s200_jessica.ashooh.jpg)


Jessica Ashooh

DPhil awarded May 2011 from University of Oxford for dissertation focusing on ideological influences on US foreign policy toward the Middle East under George W. Bush. Case studies include Lebanon, Iran, Syria, and Libya. Also taught undergraduate courses, including core international relations theory and US foreign policy.

Jessica also holds an MPhil from Oxford (earned as a Marshall Scholar) and an AB from Brown, both in international relations. From 2015 to 2017, she served as the Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council's Middle East Strategy Taskforce, a bipartisan initiative co-chaired by Madeleine Albright and Stephen Hadley on how US policy can better address issues of legitimacy and state failure in the region. She is currently a non-resident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council. She is also a term member of the Council of Foreign Relations and a life member of Chatham House.

Jessica has also been active professionally in the region serving as a policy advisor to a variety of governments, including four years in the UAE Foreign Ministry's Policy Planning Department, where she specialized on the Syria crisis. She has also worked as an advising consultant to the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government's Ministry of Planning.

She also has background in the arena of political risk in the private sector, having worked for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, and as a Shift Editor at Oxford Analytica.

13f821  No.3015169

File: 085ca2ec527b5d2⋯.gif (1.06 MB, 450x221, 450:221, tumblr_p7dpsolnUZ1u29nmmo1….gif)


Maybe ur right anon

97250a  No.3015170


Kek. Yeah, well, not generally a habit of mine, so I'm good anon. But thanks for the warning.

752152  No.3015171

File: 283b55dc1d494ad⋯.png (102.15 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this not the lamest fuckin' book cover and book on Amazon?

This dude is one talentless fuck.

How does he even feed his wife and kid?

Oh wait…he lives with his parents.

0b21a5  No.3015172


I mean, you didn't always spam every single bread. I thought you kinda grew up and got over it. But now that we see DC in a panic, so are you for some reason.

Are your handlers putting the pressure on?

It's too bad you can't discuss anything in good faith, or listen to other opinions.

Q said it best:

>Define 'Narcissist'.

>A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves: narcissists who think the world revolves around them | narcissists preening themselves in front of the mirror?

You fit the definition to the T, no?

a0363e  No.3015173

File: fd99fcc31152828⋯.png (21.11 KB, 1145x170, 229:34, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 93bc3db31ddde60⋯.gif (943.07 KB, 500x658, 250:329, tumblr_np6kxjweRU1r63wjwo1….gif)

File: 5086101f538ed40⋯.jpg (242.38 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 579b1c395d9d7d242659363467….jpg)

39b2ea  No.3015174


except that 9/11 wasn't a false flag. I'll filter you now so that I don't make you like like a blither idiot when I respond to your protestations.

4cb60f  No.3015175

File: a0c29be0dd8d06e⋯.png (517.77 KB, 642x526, 321:263, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6a3f8cf9d8dc707⋯.png (382.32 KB, 523x425, 523:425, ClipboardImage.png)



9b2a5a  No.3015176

>>3012764 (lb)

These shots are from a short video on yt. I caught it this morning. Really interesting. The 2 orbs are of different sizes.

a33cbf  No.3015177

File: dbcd86cc87f0595⋯.jpg (106.28 KB, 539x800, 539:800, girlgun.jpg)

TY to the B's

2d2159  No.3015178

File: 454caddd6dc1821⋯.png (329.4 KB, 748x374, 2:1, Avenatti Blank.PNG)

File: 7b3d6ba4cbaf1ef⋯.png (403.43 KB, 658x328, 329:164, Avenatti Tucker Meme.PNG)




298d7d  No.3015179


Read Notables → Gas explosion(s), maybe 70+, houses destroyed, but only 4 casualties(?), Lawrence/Andover MA, something really spoopy going on with evacuations & state cops & buses. Reporting does not fit together correctly. Anon almonds triggered.

5398dc  No.3015180

File: 270f77f42518b0d⋯.png (387.61 KB, 860x487, 860:487, ClipboardImage.png)

a32d98  No.3015181

lb >>3014883

how about a animated gif overlay switching back and forth?

bdc1ec  No.3015182


This anon doesn't care what arbitrary rules are. Fuck off shill. Want bush? You are on the Internet fool.

11d394  No.3015183

>>3014462 previous

Sunspots+CME+Smart Meters=Carrington Event

97250a  No.3015184


Well that explains that.

Redditanons never had a chance.

5658c5  No.3015185

File: fd309782048206d⋯.jpeg (51.82 KB, 720x445, 144:89, trump_kiss_comey.jpeg)




84dc2f  No.3015186


The Left Can't Meme


a0363e  No.3015187

File: bae49b501dd380f⋯.jpg (242.16 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 579b1c395d9d7d242659363467….jpg)


When you can see past your own issues you can try again ; )

I really ahahahaha wouldn't hold my breath though

13f821  No.3015188

File: 8de76ec05500ef1⋯.png (546.39 KB, 531x531, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8de76ec05500ef1⋯.png (546.39 KB, 531x531, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

788c3f  No.3015189

>>3015092 Soo, When do you get out of the hospital?

86be44  No.3015190

File: e28cbc50611b210⋯.jpeg (142.68 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 5D6100AA-67C5-40C1-B501-A….jpeg)

File: 2da3f4f2f162e60⋯.jpeg (83.83 KB, 636x382, 318:191, 2F4278AD-C956-4E15-BCAF-6….jpeg)

File: 066563da29d4468⋯.jpeg (72.78 KB, 634x479, 634:479, EBFAC83F-3A98-4FD8-BCCE-A….jpeg)

File: 658ed030f9965b9⋯.png (374.72 KB, 640x427, 640:427, E06A71F1-1663-467E-93BB-AD….png)

97250a  No.3015191


This is one fucked-up asshole. I hope he doesn't last long.

39b2ea  No.3015192


this graphic says more about the people who use it than about those the direct it to, I think.

f54c37  No.3015193

File: 192e48a75d40fa6⋯.jpg (30.88 KB, 380x239, 380:239, 11910976-large.jpg)

File: ed86303cab39a29⋯.jpg (43.89 KB, 380x564, 95:141, 11911388-large.jpg)

File: 2a0be66eac6f3d3⋯.jpg (31.55 KB, 623x381, 623:381, IMG_20180913_214843.jpg)


Nov 25, 2012

Springfield explosion investigation continues, officials say gas lines are safe

SPRINGFIELD - The massive explosion that rocked Springfield’s entertainment district, leveling a strip club and injuring 21 people, was caused by “human error” on the part of a Columbia Gas of Massachusetts employee, according to Massachusetts Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan. Officials said a block-by-block investigation since Friday’s blast indicates the city’s gas system is safe, intact and functioning properly. On Sunday, the president of Columbia Gas of Massachusetts announced his company would be compensating the hundreds of victims of the explosion because it was a company error that damaged at least 45 buildings in downtown Springfield. The investigation will now focus on the Columbia Gas employee responsible for puncturing a gas line with a tool, and whether proper protocol was followed in the build-up to Friday’s explosion. The blast injured 21 people and prompted a large-scale evacuation of the city’s downtown entertainment district, Coan said. “Human error¦…¦is what the cause of the explosion was,” Coan said Sunday, attributing the origins of the blast to a utility worker who punctured an underground gas line with a metal probing tool. The incident started with a 4 p.m. report of a strong smell of natural detected in the basement of the Scores Gentlemen’s Club , said Columbia Gas President Stephen H. Bryant. The employee, using electronic monitors, found no trace of gas in the basement. He then went outside to see if the smell could be coming from a line leading to the building, Bryant said. “We do not know what the original smell of gas was,” Bryant said. “It is not unusual to get a call. A lot of things smell like gas.” The standard procedure is to use a metal tool to puncture the ground near a pipe to see if there are pockets of gas in the ground. Instead the employee punctured the pipe near the foundation of the club, he said.


f1ff5c  No.3015194


It doesn't seem that it was what they claimed. And it seems someone other than those who we were told pulled it off was pulling the strings on it. Sounds like a false flag to me.

0b21a5  No.3015195


okeydoke, you sure showed me (and everyone else)

73178d  No.3015197


Now electrical poles making humming noises

8d4af9  No.3015198

File: c65b6b2f82f8cd7⋯.jpg (12.75 KB, 228x223, 228:223, work-quote-yea-you-dont-sc….jpg)

9c3243  No.3015199

China’s government propaganda outlets are actively promoting the anti-President Trump book released this week by Washington Post writer Bob Woodward, called “Fear.”

CCTV produced five reports on its website, noting Mr. Trump’s reaction to the book and his suggestion, according to the book, to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, missile defense system to protect the United States.

“Watergate journalist’s new book infuriates Trump,” read another headline in CCTV, adding, “the White House is shaking.” The official Xinhua News Agency reported that the White House was “shaking” in fear over the book. The official People’s Daily reported similar White House fears and noted that Mr. Trump was infuriated by the book.


5967f1  No.3015200


Humiliation porn……….funny shit ive heard Tucker say in a long time.

c9a939  No.3015201

File: 129cc76adac0d66⋯.png (6.82 MB, 3570x4300, 357:430, UnriggingTheElection.png)

I now STRONGLY believe that Patriots had a military coup BEFORE the Nov 8, 2016 Presidential Election. And Q has provided all the clues AND WANTS US TO KNOW.

If true, the coup was completed by October 28, 2016 when FBI Director James Comey was forced to "reopen" the HRC investigation. The military ensured a free and fair election.

This was EXACTLY one year before Q started posting on Oct 28, 2017. Q says there are no coincidences.

It is the sworn duty of our military to protect our nation from all enemies foreign AND domestic.

This document uses Q posts to outline how I believe the "unrigging of the election" was handled BEFORE the election. It also describes the nationwide "unrigging" that is now likely in place for the upcoming mid terms.

It will truly be a red wave. Please Tweet from your private accounts. Good for normies to understand this concept.

This means Patriots have been in control from no later than the Fall of 2016.

6549cb  No.3015202


sets the crumbs up for perfection…in order and content

31eca7  No.3015204

File: d6632f95ba05fe1⋯.jpg (677.99 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, IMG_917.jpg)

5af8c3  No.3015205


Holy shit, HaverhillFag!


Perhaps someone's trying to destroy evidence, like they did in California recently with the, cough, cough, "wild fires."

Thank you for this info, patriot .

13f821  No.3015206

File: 04bd6f01e50cc88⋯.png (1019.63 KB, 525x810, 35:54, ClipboardImage.png)

752152  No.3015207


You know he lurks here. The best part is knowing he won't respond. He just has to read 'em and weep.

4e92d1  No.3015208

File: ddab577f953f404⋯.png (313.13 KB, 371x448, 53:64, MK - Copy.PNG)

e83f66  No.3015209

File: c657da8018b09c4⋯.jpg (720.24 KB, 2560x2560, 1:1, Creepy Porn Lawyer.jpg)

cc34a3  No.3015210




e662b1  No.3015211


ThanQ anon

13f821  No.3015212


you cucked me, Tuck!

3cee89  No.3015213


He is throwing his whole life away by doing this. There has to be ways to remind and warn him of it. At some point he is going to start looking as frenzied as AJ himself from the stress.


>WWG1WGA, even when we're scared. Especially when we're scared….

The cabal tried to kill God. That means God Himself is going to kill them. Don't be scared. It's not our battle, we're just proxies and servants.

46e69b  No.3015214

ID: 39b2ea is a faggot shill frens

Check their post


>except that 9/11 wasn't a false flag. I'll filter you now so that I don't make you like like a blither idiot when I respond to your protestations.

easy pickins my brothers!

0b21a5  No.3015215

Sure are a lot of jewy retards here who don't know the definition of projection.

They think it's a magic word that wins arguments.

BO was right, the pilpul is thicc

ee4bcb  No.3015216

File: cd0ccad21e7ddf5⋯.jpg (1.62 MB, 4032x1960, 72:35, b text.jpg)

Lisa Page could tell anyone at the DOJ or FBI to not use their Yahoo email account. However, this would be unnecessary because everyone used personal accounts for work.

The only person that was male, risked exposure, that she didn't talk too, and apparently had a yahoo email account was BHO. bobama@yahoo.com was apparently the account. He previously had bobama@ameritech.com before becoming president.


b8ff08  No.3015217

File: 66e9727c6b1ecd2⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1174x1466, 587:733, zmsch - Copy.png)

>>3015003 lb

>>3015003 lb

>>3015003 lb

Here, Anon.

7aa833  No.3015218

File: 3262a6c6d257900⋯.jpg (116.91 KB, 604x828, 151:207, IMG_0391.JPG)

This post will be shilled like crazy…

Pay Attention.

39b2ea  No.3015219


They always do that.

788c3f  No.3015220

File: a287ee1d52371a5⋯.gif (105.8 KB, 758x614, 379:307, clown car.gif)

File: 8daf1b8e9fab961⋯.jpg (198.57 KB, 1058x704, 529:352, deadclown.jpg)

File: 6c998fd7c203653⋯.jpg (39.8 KB, 474x305, 474:305, didsomebodysayflat.jpg)

File: f9c1768b8424ddd⋯.jpg (476.87 KB, 1920x1152, 5:3, flatearth.jpg)

17ba37  No.3015221


4:00 am taking points.

At least they are consistent in their hiring policy.

Is 8 chan hiring?

1109a6  No.3015222

File: 8b0b6b365d08762⋯.png (982.49 KB, 934x503, 934:503, newfags incoming.PNG)

94408b  No.3015223

File: ac1a9f4ea39acf8⋯.jpg (283.23 KB, 620x506, 310:253, Bless-this-Bread--12.jpg)


af37e0  No.3015224


It is really strange. They have 4 staging areas and there hasnt been a single injury / death reported once. They have reinforcements from all over the state and the fires / gas smells stopped being reported 2 plus hours ago. 50 plus homes exploding and MSM doesnt report anything. Multiple references to kids being transported by bus and couldnt find their parents. "Waiting for a green light" comments 3 hours ago, which I assume was made over an incident channel that is encrypted. Police vehicles running out of gas and needing a fuel truck to take care of them if nothing is happening. The pedo map lining up with the homes exploding. Power being cut to the south part of the city. And, all of this is specific to Lawrence Mass only that was locked down. Andover was not and it was used to clear everyone out. What ever is going on, its taking place in Lawrence. Or Lawrence is being used as cover to hit other places surrounding it. This whole shit make no sense based on the response to no injuries and fires being contained hours ago.

b5f2bf  No.3015225


Is this the living demon (huma) or the dead one (rehab whore) ?

39b2ea  No.3015226

This board is flat fucking crazy tonight.

Godspeed, anons.

a328f5  No.3015227

(You) guys will never believe what happened to me…

I was lost for a few months unable to access the breads.

Catalog was out for everybody and I got trapped in the index.

I finally found my way here.

Funny story, a bunch of people from Reddit flooded in and I somehow washed up here when I got sick of their chatty bullshit.

They weren't able to follow me here.

It's for the better.

5e3c52  No.3015228


yep. started with notables. Thank you Anon. Definitely triggerd. nothing fits

e7ae79  No.3015229


>GOAT Hill Pizza

202e09  No.3015230

File: a0669837267b65a⋯.jpg (293.6 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, plusultra.jpg)


GREAT WORK is the language of an initiate.

5b169f  No.3015231

File: 2aec828a197914e⋯.png (644.29 KB, 1736x1271, 56:41, pepe pointing.png)


Wonderful. Thank you, anon

e0f34a  No.3015232


He’s got that weird eye thing going on.

1c5190  No.3015233


Detecting high levels of soy…

298d7d  No.3015234


We've got 1 chopper circling over Andover and N. Andover. Turns out it is news chopper: Fox25 WFXT Boston.

If there are any medevac or blackhawks, ADSB is not showing them.

de0265  No.3015235

File: 10e7decb336bf0a⋯.jpg (83.56 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, 3c404263.jpg)

97250a  No.3015236


I've been begging for weeks.

Apparently my resume isn't up to date.


4ea380  No.3015237

File: 8851db5e0a576fc⋯.jpg (51.99 KB, 751x600, 751:600, 1536885668806.jpg)

>Pedo ring


b75a98  No.3015238


James Comey's. Remeber back when He was shit canned via tweet while on west coast. Yeah then…

60f43e  No.3015239



OK, can someone clear this up for me? I realize that not everyone's face is symmetrical. I also realize that people favor one eye over another, and sometimes, after many years of this, one has a tendency to skint more than the other. But this fucking guy…

He looks like he's taken repeated jabs to the left side of his face from Rock Balboa. Anons know what the fuck I'm talkin' 'bout.

38f58a  No.3015240

Sheep No More


a7bf8a  No.3015241



d25490  No.3015242

File: f80c8c379f69435⋯.png (454.14 KB, 1501x1115, 1501:1115, pepechekked2.png)


made this the other night

for funny things that should be chekked

f1ff5c  No.3015243


I guess they're still getting them. They're still coordinating the reporting since Snow White went down.

76bcb8  No.3015244

File: 8140bd55c1e92dd⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, DemEyesDoh.jpg)

f54c37  No.3015245


heard that, the lady sounded shook.

7497ff  No.3015246

File: 0da3e95c762dec8⋯.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2162x3025, 2162:3025, AAD6F1D6-3ECD-4A4C-83CD-1….jpeg)

Bongino on Hannity, is that a shiner on his left eye???

1c5190  No.3015247


How can a child pay or enter into contracts?

827ab9  No.3015249

File: 2c70875e447b2f5⋯.jpg (65.92 KB, 568x572, 142:143, racistbitch.JPG)

File: 3974c4e013b3156⋯.jpg (70.81 KB, 572x575, 572:575, racistbitch2.JPG)


770320  No.3015250


Wow interesting

Explosions seem to be mostly in North Andover

a328f5  No.3015251

File: 23edb5d51cf7987⋯.png (315.9 KB, 645x432, 215:144, smrt1536631505883.png)


After further review…

I was fucking wrong.

065afe  No.3015252

File: c07c72faa5051fa⋯.jpeg (151.96 KB, 970x969, 970:969, evanfairbanksframebyframe.jpeg)


"This is an excerpt of the email we received and is information that we knew as of the issuance of the flight manifests for all four of the planes allegedly involved in 9-11:"

One quibble:

Believe it or not.

No official flight manifest were released by the airlines.

All data on passengers came from Mass Media

And the names and numbers of victims didnt match between lists from different news outlets.

But I'm not contending that Raytheon execs didn't disappear.

Just that the airlines never official released the manifests nor passengers lists. And there was some confusion over who actually died and how many.

Ask Federal Judge Hellerstein who presided over the cases about the airline manifests.

Lots of data here, but site just stopped working!.

Site was just working.

Now it's been disabled.

Look at that


front page only comes up

on 9/11 it worked fine.

Whoa, I went to a different route and now it's working


Back it up.

f60372  No.3015253

>>3014988 (pb)



made me think of Die Hard 4 : Live Free or Die Hard

basic plot: An organization of Internet-based terrorists led by Thomas Gabriel, are taking control of everything in America from their computers.. Accompanied by Matthew Farrell, one of the hackers who accidentally assisted the villains in setting up the system, McClane must both find Gabriel and help prevent him from taking over America completely.

Called a 'fire sale' - a three-stage plan to cripple the United States, beginning with attacks on its transportation and financial infrastructures, which have already been accomplished. The third stage will be to take out the power grid - everything must go.

The white hat they go to for help is an autist who lives in his mothers' basement called Warlock.

Gabriel (black hat) takes over the nation's television signals, and broadcasts the demolition of the U.S. Capitol building; Bowman and McClane each run into the street for a clear view, and see that the footage was faked.

>random quotes

"Wanted to use more nixon" (in the ransom demand)

"The news is completely manipulated. Everything you hear, every single day is designed by corporate media to do one thing only. To keep you living in fear."

One of the plot points is the black hat increases pressure in gas lines to take out a power plant that controls the east coast, triggering some kind of automatic backup of financial records etc to a data facility run by the NSA, which black hats plan to intercept, and siphon of large quantities of money.

Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Fucker

[bonus round] Live free or Die is New Hampshire's state motto

>could mean nothing, but had my almonds activated and had to find the movie i was thinking of where they increase pressure in gas lines to blow shit up

cd98fa  No.3015254

Don’t want to start a slide, but has any anon dug/seen info that equates Mickey Mouse ears/logo with the bunny ear symbology?

Mini-autist watching an old Disney movie right now and all I can think of is their creepy shenanigans…

60f43e  No.3015256



Squint. Holy fuck I suck at typing today.

5967f1  No.3015257


Ok. Ty.

611fd9  No.3015258

File: 7bb61dc5853bfb6⋯.jpg (43.66 KB, 357x500, 357:500, John Brown.jpg)

the time has come for action

e9fafc  No.3015259




They were saying earlier that it was a gas leak. How can it be a leak if they're not connected across the river. That's why I was asking if the lines would run under

c0628e  No.3015260

5b7207  No.3015261


Women of breeding age are just naturally horny and uninhibited. If you're over 16, take this to the bank.

fc9572  No.3015262

File: de085dfbdb078e6⋯.png (758.83 KB, 1333x1333, 1:1, ReadyTheMemes.png)

Any other ANON find it strange about the FACEBOOK [LIFELOG] news release yesterday?

e662b1  No.3015263


Possible attemp to enlarge secure perimeter while concealing valuable evidence or suspects or victims.

d4e1e0  No.3015264


it makes sense if this is a roundup of many people, with adolescents involved or kids.

MSM not reporting indicates they were not informed or were informed not to cover it.

I wish we had that scanner traffic with timestamps to read!

900cfd  No.3015265

File: 43c07752bb911fd⋯.jpg (28.62 KB, 480x600, 4:5, 440d960909e7ca5e175121f09c….jpg)

So many women of ill repute on the board right now…

Let's class things up a bit.

e662b1  No.3015266

73178d  No.3015267


Now they are dealing with electric poles starting to malfunction and water tanks leaking.

Is there any way to measure the radiation and EM fields in that region?

298d7d  No.3015268



752152  No.3015269

File: 0612b397451475a⋯.png (613.16 KB, 940x540, 47:27, ClipboardImage.png)

Would you like to see my drawwwrings?

This photo is so cringe…lol

788c3f  No.3015270

>>3015178 HOW about: TUCK"S BITCH!

2a9bb8  No.3015271

File: ab0eaa4cd37b6c6⋯.jpg (282.57 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, laughing dog 2.jpg)

7eb386  No.3015272

File: f8dad03797afc50⋯.png (1.39 MB, 932x928, 233:232, 2018-09-13_21-56-59.png)


Howdy Doody would be so jealous to hear that!


a328f5  No.3015273


You should see the other guy.

b42660  No.3015274

File: 676f6dc95821753⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 960x861, 320:287, Globe.jpg)

19ff23  No.3015275

File: 5704cf627c83e3f⋯.jpg (296.42 KB, 1133x647, 1133:647, 3 out of 60 .jpg)


Only 3 of these are even somewhat close to matching as far as I can see.. guess the autists really have left.

17ba37  No.3015276


You need to update your current position to "Gold Star Researcher" & "Supplier of Mammary Glands"

6fd1cd  No.3015277

File: 064206a9d7445e5⋯.png (10.27 KB, 374x228, 187:114, 7345242.png)

I wonder if this has any relevance to the closed observatories…

2d2159  No.3015278

File: efda3c8f9d83ad7⋯.png (540.36 KB, 650x584, 325:292, Mediaite Tweet re Creepy P….PNG)

File: 44f473db41ec5e5⋯.png (285.22 KB, 429x646, 429:646, Mediaite 1 re Creepy Porn ….PNG)

File: 3d2e48d6b03bb07⋯.png (770.78 KB, 434x731, 434:731, Mediaite 2 re Creepy Porn ….PNG)

File: 72c42eaffe0edd6⋯.png (780.35 KB, 444x811, 444:811, Mediaite 3 re Creepy Porn ….PNG)

File: 627c94a8015efd3⋯.png (497.27 KB, 605x333, 605:333, Mediaite Tweet re Creepy P….PNG)

Tucker Carlson Mocks Michael Avenatti With ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ Chyrons Throughout Interview


8b3098  No.3015279

File: 1f2f554f97aadd5⋯.png (235.14 KB, 749x473, 749:473, TuckerMeme.png)

To the Anon who made this:

It was retweeted 6 or 7 times and I got 20+ likes - and I have 64 followers, KEK!!

I would screencap but my twat name is my real name so I can't dox….

c0628e  No.3015280

fc9572  No.3015281

File: 4209d06261d07cf⋯.png (758.83 KB, 1333x1333, 1:1, ReadyTheMemesREVISE.png)


Delete last post.

Any other ANON find it strange about the FACEBOOK [LIFELOG] news release yesterday?

5658c5  No.3015282

File: 9d7d01653bc42bd⋯.jpg (511.85 KB, 1280x1920, 2:3, aYuEXvZ.jpg)

File: 0266b92fabbf8e1⋯.jpg (149.35 KB, 744x1038, 124:173, Bulgarian.jpg)

File: c3fc44ba1a2055b⋯.jpg (199.12 KB, 600x799, 600:799, german3.jpg)

File: 2127d7935b181d9⋯.jpg (138.27 KB, 750x1125, 2:3, poland.jpg)

b8ff08  No.3015283


Do you think that those are "suppliers" to the pedo-network? Or "harvesters"?

Do you see the gap between the pedo image and the explosion image?

Is this a coordinated attack on a pedo-sex slave network?

73178d  No.3015284


Yea this is way way odd.

f1ff5c  No.3015285


But why all at once? There's something we're not seeing.

611fd9  No.3015286

File: 5b8ce70aca4606c⋯.png (118.32 KB, 718x568, 359:284, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: ca0941df61d3180⋯.png (127.25 KB, 718x597, 718:597, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


Freemasons as well.

Page 35


8d4af9  No.3015287

File: 0ef45eb579e25d5⋯.jpg (115 KB, 885x516, 295:172, stormy.jpg)

File: 7d20fd68be526da⋯.jpg (112.71 KB, 885x516, 295:172, stormy2.jpg)

File: 673a03e97ed94b1⋯.jpg (92.46 KB, 804x536, 3:2, mike.jpg)

d25490  No.3015288

File: 5882636e7c063cc⋯.png (16.44 KB, 255x235, 51:47, pepestorm.png)

this is leland vittert right now

don't really like the guy though, give him credit

9a7a76  No.3015289

File: 1028afbf89dd35d⋯.jpg (76.52 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, FeinswineQucked.jpg)

File: 2a03e70476dd3ac⋯.png (163.08 KB, 600x800, 3:4, NewsweekQucked.png)

File: d31626d3399f9be⋯.png (464.62 KB, 996x697, 996:697, QuckedTwitter2.png)

File: 7339837881c12d1⋯.jpeg (39.32 KB, 720x360, 2:1, RosieQucked.jpeg)

File: 4beafe244268fb6⋯.jpg (293.57 KB, 2400x1200, 2:1, StrzokQuckedTF.jpg)

ongoing #QUCKED twatstorm

fire at will

b42660  No.3015290


From all A-round the Globe even..

537805  No.3015291

>>3014388 (lb)

Listen to the scanner for a bit and they mentioned they were heading to 443 andover st to get the kids.

That address is already stripped from Zillow. Its listed elsewhere, but odd to be stripped from zillow. Multi-family building, 2 bd 1 bth


358dab  No.3015292


He didn’t build that….

5967f1  No.3015293


Do morals account for nothing, you fucking pig?

e662b1  No.3015294

1109a6  No.3015295

This new Hannity Weather Channel sucks.

1cb965  No.3015296


What in the actual fuck

d72740  No.3015297

File: 3bf5535271ea65a⋯.png (2.84 MB, 2362x1402, 1181:701, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


ea0501  No.3015298

File: f0095c69fcd942e⋯.png (40.76 KB, 825x601, 825:601, soa_8ch_net.PNG)

File: 727c567b48218b2⋯.png (171.54 KB, 1302x1191, 434:397, whois_104_8_block.PNG)

File: 6a7d0930eca0410⋯.png (33.62 KB, 990x292, 495:146, 104_8_block.PNG)

File: 7556ac1ca9541a9⋯.png (125.22 KB, 1153x1005, 1153:1005, www_8ch_net_ip.PNG)

8ch.net is using cloudflare.com DNS servers (where you browser go to figure out which IP address to use when you hit 8ch.net).

They all resolve to same same set of addresses, except from the Turkey and Russia pops

Network block 104/8 (any ip address under is assigned to Cloudflare too

Traceroute shows a lot of GTT hops, but that's expected as they are a large backbone provider

That means only one thing: we connect to port 443 on this very specific address inside Cloudflare and that's from where we get the page (or post comments).

Beyond this entry point (under the hood) anything can be happening. The Cloudflare server could simply be a thin proxy and the real deal, which sits behind it, stays wherever it needs to be.

06a7df  No.3015299


The news today/tonight is schizophrenic. I gotta burn some of this off at they gym. God speed, Anons .

cc34a3  No.3015300


yeah, that sure looks like

<Moves and countermoves.

good graphic

d25490  No.3015301

File: eb5b0055f9fd4ec⋯.jpg (49.63 KB, 649x636, 649:636, pepeREEE.jpg)


made the connection too

they're panicking, they've lost control

900cfd  No.3015302

File: 5682181ae6ddfb3⋯.jpg (89.85 KB, 536x870, 268:435, c6315b48983d3c854d3af8c03c….jpg)

File: 1f6a99159c15d15⋯.jpg (71 KB, 542x825, 542:825, 508d97fc875bc3b02860541652….jpg)

File: 974761beefdc0ff⋯.jpg (68.05 KB, 564x845, 564:845, 5f55aa9b8f17ab862dde55c7a6….jpg)

File: 874ae9c370072fd⋯.jpg (88.42 KB, 564x845, 564:845, 495aa1a17fac9772ab4fde2f74….jpg)

770320  No.3015303


Was Andover evacuated? If so, they could be doing something while people are gone?

In terms of FF, would think that area is heavily Dem

47e29b  No.3015304

File: 963e6a6310df204⋯.png (961.95 KB, 1348x2760, 337:690, propaganda.png)

File: 2f2bb273c172f56⋯.jpg (148.33 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 1509520770025.jpg)

File: a4cf7a41973baa2⋯.jpg (51.12 KB, 672x372, 56:31, 1509840128715.jpg)

File: effcbc3c86c0702⋯.jpg (111.27 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 1503450807492.jpg)

18d376  No.3015305


Hannity just now.

Camp LeJune / Marines without power, using flashlights and MRE's

1109a6  No.3015306

They should vote on Kavanaugh on Monday at 8 am.

461fe1  No.3015307

Suicide board created, faggots.

9b2a5a  No.3015309


They don't snip it off. they use it as a fake vagina.

611fd9  No.3015310

File: 58ab1f7d4286c4b⋯.png (53.12 KB, 634x270, 317:135, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


2d2159  No.3015311

File: cb6967e9cadb028⋯.png (379.68 KB, 660x753, 220:251, DoD 9-13-18 7 pm PDT.PNG)

Any weather, any conditions, anywhere in the world! 🌍


602ed2  No.3015312

File: 4f572a0b7e9ddf0⋯.jpeg (10.73 KB, 255x79, 255:79, C33E5F33-33CC-49F0-B627-1….jpeg)

5af8c3  No.3015313




God love ya, MassFag.

Thank you for these scanner updates. I'm a scannerfag, too, but not close enough.

I do, however , have a friend who works with the staties so I will contact her and see if she's heard anything….

f54c37  No.3015314



"2 of em ran off down that way"…

e662b1  No.3015315


Latin American population

Ms-13 ground trriops

fd8f00  No.3015316


This pedofuck better be in GITMO way before this happens.

73178d  No.3015317


That is why I was wondering local EM fields. Just odd

7e0042  No.3015318


You’ve never been in emergency services have you? There was a call for FD to check out a gas leak that came via a flag down to PD.

=This is a Slide==

There may be fuckery, but it was what caused the leaks to occur.

611fd9  No.3015319


Forgot the Sauce.


1109a6  No.3015320

5e3c52  No.3015321


yeah… The child is the customer….. right

c97196  No.3015322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f7b3c  No.3015323

For game theory fags - found this briefing from Rand. Here's the abstract - The effectiveness of attacks on time critical targets (suppression of enemy air defenses, interdiction, and anti-theater ballistic missile missions) often depends on decisions made by the adversary. Game theory is a way to study likely changes in enemy behavior resulting from various attack capabilities and goals. Engagement-level combat is treated as a two-player game in which each player is free to choose its strategy. The response an intelligent opponent is likely to make to differing levels of threat capability is critical to understanding and measuring the capability necessary to induce the enemy to follow a preferred course of action. Enemy willingness to engage is an important factor. If the enemy decides not to launch missiles or move ground vehicles, it has become paralyzed, in itself a worthy goal. The emphasis in the study is on the choice of strategies in realistic military situations; all can be analyzed with straightforward mathematics. Finally, the authors discuss situations in which the two sides have different views of the duration of the conflict or the appropriate measures of effectiveness. It is a great advantage to a combatant to know the opponent’s real objectives.

You can ready a copy online here - https://www.rand.org/pubs/documented_briefings/DB385.html. It was produced for the US Air Force in 2004.

Did you know Rand has a project called "Project Air Force".

This research took place in the Aerospace Force Development Program of RAND Project AIR FORCE. The documented briefing expands the game theoretic approach used in Dynamic Command and Control: Focus on Time Critical Targets, MR-1437-AF (government publication; not releasable to the general public). The work was sponsored by the Air Force director of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (AF/XOI), and the Air Force director for Command and Control (AF/XOC)

2ea79b  No.3015324

File: 08ba51c7eb6e924⋯.png (839.67 KB, 480x826, 240:413, Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at ….png)

File: 9205b34df5a6292⋯.png (456.78 KB, 707x671, 707:671, Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at ….png)


ckeck'd dubs

9b2a5a  No.3015325


this guy has to be stopped.

60f43e  No.3015326


I've been there a few times. Trust me, those fucking guys are used to it after receiving over 200 years of Navy hand-me-downs.

1cb965  No.3015327


High tension powerlines do that…

72ae96  No.3015328

File: c88fad04675da4d⋯.jpg (364.76 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, kansas.jpg)


Watch the water

6fd1cd  No.3015329

File: c4a9730a4f5ff5c⋯.png (7.78 KB, 374x159, 374:159, 98352344746635.png)


268aa2  No.3015330

File: 3ca874f122e733a⋯.png (2 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 30DEE63C-5766-4866-983B-33….png)

File: ac7ce5caf719996⋯.png (1.7 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, E97FCD6A-39E3-4900-BEC0-02….png)

File: e5550fd11402563⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, EC02435C-22C4-4CEC-8936-FF….png)

File: 08e12da61a6de85⋯.png (1.8 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 2A2C2B6F-14E0-40D0-85C6-63….png)

File: 97a2382c27b4f01⋯.png (2.5 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 2DB4F994-4D5E-4EC0-BADE-D8….png)

Keystone Strategy - Keystone Expert David Franklyn Shifts McCarthy Institute to Golden Gate University, San Francisco

McCarthy Institute, is the world’s preeminent trademark, consumer behavior, and branding institute.

Keystone Strategy seems to be one of the “top-dogs” in the advertising, marketing, branding, business strategizing, and “consumer research,” realm.


5c3b8c  No.3015331


line the river up

788c3f  No.3015332

>>3015246 Nope, just mad and projecting one! don't stare!

cd95b8  No.3015333

File: 61bb756b2060ea2⋯.jpg (969.5 KB, 1600x2020, 80:101, Screenshot_2018-09-13-18-5….jpg)

File: 968bafd0f7ba704⋯.jpg (344.42 KB, 1600x622, 800:311, Screenshot_2018-09-13-18-5….jpg)


Jessica Ashooh, more info.

Father of Lebanese descent. Attended the American University of Beirut as an exchange student when their PM was assassinated. Born in NH, raised in Manlius, NY, attended Brown University (RI), at some point lived in Ohio.

1c5190  No.3015334


>Hitler was God coming back to punish the (((wicked)))

Well what do you know…

4884bc  No.3015335


"high heel" shoes are retarded. anyone who wears them is stupid. just stand on your tiptoes, ya lazy slut.

0b21a5  No.3015336


control online shopping.

now he controls our food.

next he controls our kids?

Except, he's just the figurehead puppet for the cabal who really controls all that shit right?

40eccc  No.3015337

Porn Shills

Nazi Shills

What other specimens of shill are we collecting tonight?

Odd too, because there's really not a lot popping on the big time. Other than MA burning up.

Reddit Shut down Q…..Comcast Outages….CBS Execs going down…..What else happening on the front lines? Anything else that would garner this much shill fest?

5658c5  No.3015338


So many habbenings, how are they related, the mind wonders.

cf4cfd  No.3015339


anons you know white sands is near this right? You know military testing goes on at white sands right?

Just saying there may be a more rational explanation for this than muh aliens

7eb386  No.3015340

File: cff52916eb47920⋯.png (183.07 KB, 443x298, 443:298, 2018-09-13_22-03-34.png)

File: 3a3ad5f7ccc2268⋯.png (467.55 KB, 760x586, 380:293, 2018-09-13_21-58-38.png)

Rats in DC on the run.


11d394  No.3015341



1a2b79  No.3015342

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Don't (You) get it yet do I have to spell it out 4 u look in the mirror (You) are Q! 5:00 o'clock 55 min

f54c37  No.3015343


nah this was something else, lady on radio was like "uh, can you send people over here… uhh…"

5af8c3  No.3015344



P.S. Guys? Local channel WCVB is twatting and I think the local NBC affiliate is, too. No clue if national news assholes are. .

73178d  No.3015345


Been listening - some fights going on between civis

202e09  No.3015346


The mysterious stranger? The SPERM to the world of the woman.

The SPERM is the SPIRIT.

84dc2f  No.3015347


>What other specimens of shill are we collecting tonight?

List shills?

kek, just yankin yer chain

b8ff08  No.3015348

File: 6cecfe3c025de01⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1133x740, 1133:740, zmsch - Copy (2).png)









Do you see the gap in the Pedo image vs the Explosion image?

5b169f  No.3015349


Basic game theory. What did you want to focus on?

298d7d  No.3015350

File: 5f928d69f906aa2⋯.png (790.01 KB, 1024x636, 256:159, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6affa399ff747fc⋯.jpg (338.37 KB, 1364x982, 682:491, Chopper Lawrence MA 2018-0….jpg)


2nd civilian chopper over Lawrence, MA

No clues from the registration, but '7' on pic looks like another newschopper

4884bc  No.3015351



unless they were invented to train people to get buttfucked. then they may be the smartest footwear ever. still gay though

40eccc  No.3015352

I haven't posted any Jam for Bread all week. Maybe I need to spice it up.

ea0501  No.3015353


One more thing, the entry point is unlikely to be a "server". It's probably the VIP of a load balancer (piece of network equipment used to load balance traffic between multiple hosts)

f0c990  No.3015354

File: 79ed05397cb33f0⋯.jpg (288.81 KB, 1280x846, 640:423, Screenshot_2018-09-14 Goog….jpg)

File: 16b306c35a292cc⋯.jpg (396.97 KB, 1280x846, 640:423, Screenshot_2018-09-14 Goog….jpg)

b44d05  No.3015355

File: 4d83d347dce5f16⋯.jpg (452 KB, 800x1096, 100:137, the shady bunch.jpg)

2ea0f0  No.3015356


The children are for the customers.

17ba37  No.3015357

File: 9d2e1b89da6e767⋯.jpg (74.91 KB, 480x530, 48:53, E1324967396041_2.jpg)

File: e62a6a40f0f9fa8⋯.jpg (66.67 KB, 500x677, 500:677, Kimi1.jpg)

f1ff5c  No.3015358


It's normal for natural gas to rise, so fires at the top of buildings is normal. Could they have just turned on 5G?


298d7d  No.3015359


P.S. that is a stock image of this registration number, not a realtime image. I should have said b4

aafdeb  No.3015360


It's played out

c97196  No.3015361

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

First Warning

07d009  No.3015362

File: 48cafc549c8259f⋯.png (358.64 KB, 673x384, 673:384, bofriend2.PNG)

File: 93eb0f7df6f2692⋯.png (168.17 KB, 1395x687, 465:229, cam.PNG)

File: 6280a1d145388bf⋯.png (37.93 KB, 652x418, 326:209, bofriend3.PNG)


Cyrus Amir-Mokri (Iranian American, mid-40s) – likely candidate for General Counsel at Treasury or SEC Commissioner (or something similar). He has been active on the campaign, and is a national co-chair of the Asian American/Persian American Finance Committee. He is a partner at Skadden Arps in New York focusing on financial services industry and capital markets, and he regularly represents major international financial institutions in banking, securities, and antitrust litigation. He graduated from Harvard College, where he served as co-editor-in-chief of the Harvard International Review, and then earned a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies in 1992 from the University of Chicago, where he was a recipient of a Mellon Foundation dissertation fellowship. He then graduated from the University of Chicago Law School, where he served as a fellow at the Center for the Study of Constitutionalism in Eastern Europe at the Law School. His work at the Center focused on the impact of the rule of law and legal institutions on economic development and political participation. He is very involved in the national leadership of the Iranian American community, having co-founded the Iranian American Bar Association, and the public affairs organizations for the Iranian American community.

Fwd: FW: Asian American Candidates, Muslim American Candidates



b4b8ed  No.3015363

does anyone have the pdf file for Q drops with the cut out of each post? missing archive 2,3 and 4

98387f  No.3015364


So what does that site that tracks people's Fitbit locations have to say about the Lawrence, MA area?

f54c37  No.3015365


thought something along those lines. got 3 channels going crosstalk on all think im growing a 3rd ear kek

e0f34a  No.3015366


I pay attention more nowadays and normal people I come into contact every day don’t have this. I think there’s something weird going on with the eyes/ black eyes. I still think of RA and eye of Horus.

d15d7e  No.3015367

File: 9bab1844095661e⋯.jpg (236.01 KB, 1280x1201, 1280:1201, leave2.jpg)


its supposed to be a gif

and you used it incorrectly

pic related

788c3f  No.3015368

>>3015279 Email this to Tucker Carlson@foxnews.com!

11e105  No.3015369


Are you implying that fungal is a high level cabalist with nothing better to do? Interdasting if true.

fc9572  No.3015370


Remember back in the day when BILL GATES ran Microsoft?

The Federal Gubbermint had massive lawsuits against him.

They went away when he caved and said he would play by THEIR rules.

Now Bill Gates supplies the world with DEADLY vaccines.

e9fafc  No.3015371


Thank you Anon

0c031f  No.3015372

>>3014990 (lb)

>just the tip?

The part of the tip that shreds the narrative and changes the zeitgeist as it passes, yes :)

d4e1e0  No.3015373

File: 3529749f67e251f⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, latmin.jpg)


fmtt but that's funny af anon

e2fc80  No.3015374


On the Andover scanner, they've been investigating gas odors up until now. There was one like 20 minutes ago. But yeah, I heard a few juvenile bus relays and I haven't heard any injuries except for minor things like nosebleeds at staging areas.

0b21a5  No.3015375


>Nazi Shills

When the cabal only goes after right-leaning, especially white, especially nationalist people, and calls them all Nazis.

It makes people like you look really. fucking. stupid.

97ca90  No.3015376


Rand, the bastard child of Tavistock.

25fcc8  No.3015377


I think its likely that someone turned up the regulators manually or hacked the systems to do it. I dont think you would get a rise in pressure in the line from seismic activity or any other natural way. Kinda only happens on purpose. There are many safeguards that are in place on a gas main that shutoff supply if it detects excessive pressure. They would had to have disabled those and then turned it up. Not sure what technology they have in use there.

ade1d5  No.3015378



Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: a9MnCArQ No.150400112

Nov 21 2017 20:18:17 (EST)

Spreadsheet Anon AT !!LytbJwNsQ6v ID: c9QCQdsX No.150398185

Nov 21 2017 20:01:29 (EST)


>What stringer was provided (2) days prior to event?



Bunker Apple Yellow Sky [… + 1]

confirm 0600 (time) yes

Green 0600 (time)

Base Green Yellow (condition yellow?) Air

>What were the keywords in the stringer?





>Guide to reading map?

legend, past provides the future, questions provide the answers

>Lord d R.



>Who was the pilot of the plane?


>What was countered?

Unknown to us

>Who was on the ground (outside) shortly before the collision?

"Unnamed" Rothschild

>Who was in the home shortly before the collision?

Unknown to us now, was "dog grooming event"

>Learn to read the map.

trying really hard, is like herding kittens in here sometimes

>We may have overestimated your ability.

you came to us for certain strengths but there are weaknesses as well, some being exploited

not enough focus

answer the questions

build the big picture

break it back down

make memes for the normies to calm & educate

so we'll be ready for the Storm

We've come a long way Anons…WWG1WGA!!!!

175dcc  No.3015379



788c3f  No.3015380

>>3015287 Her CONDOM!

c0628e  No.3015381

File: 9b4ca9072836ab8⋯.jpg (127.75 KB, 640x1315, 128:263, DnBP6N6WwAEYJ9R.jpg-large.jpg)

Just sayin….

90b53d  No.3015382


Someone needs to shop a dildo or butt plug on that idiot's book cover

41559e  No.3015383

File: 24c720641b8265a⋯.gif (108.59 KB, 321x321, 1:1, E5AA7AB9-F449-4AD5-A724-EE….gif)


Ginsburg. Soon.

d25490  No.3015384


>Porn Shills

>Reddit Shut down Q

Q was never at reddit you stupid boomer

go to sleep

3f7b3c  No.3015385


Analysis of multiple outcomes and secondary strategic objectives.

40eccc  No.3015386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Every Sperm Is Sacred

This goes out to all the lads wanting to waste their precious man seed to the nasty Jew Porn Whores.

Remember you wasting your precious life seed

2874ef  No.3015387

In the towns where the explosions and fires were today the infrastructure is so old that if you live in a house built before 1930 it’s likely the house gets it’s water through lead pipes.

Chew on that…..

b8e4e4  No.3015388


Beautiful women make the bread rise!

1cb965  No.3015389




8b3098  No.3015390


Melania wears them so BTFO

40b43b  No.3015391


"Morning sun brings heat" - that certainly seems to relate somehow. Heat to who? Deep State? Some kind of weapon discovered?

"Undiscovered stars learned". WTF is that? Another sun? A second sun?

This anon thinks that there is a connection…

baabb2  No.3015392

a328f5  No.3015393

File: 944f9c4f770976c⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 229x221, 229:221, Gigz.jpg)

0b21a5  No.3015394


> high level


Nah, I imagine he's a 14 year old heeb who wishes he were cabal. How the fuck did BO/BV vet the guy in the first place, that's the real question.

298d7d  No.3015395

File: 5b060e9713c2fd5⋯.jpg (227.42 KB, 800x565, 160:113, FISACorruptionrats_running….jpg)

File: 9cd267a20c5f136⋯.jpg (256.94 KB, 1050x591, 350:197, PanicInDCRatsEverywhere.jpg)

File: 12306fc13b9bc96⋯.jpg (530.09 KB, 2100x1275, 28:17, RatsInDCDoJTangled.jpg)

File: 7d18d6089a51281⋯.jpg (120.52 KB, 800x422, 400:211, PanicInDCRatsSwim.jpg)

2ea0f0  No.3015396

File: bd9096f6e62f29a⋯.jpg (466.47 KB, 1280x851, 1280:851, rbg03.jpg)

1109a6  No.3015397


Go read a biology textbook, please.

900cfd  No.3015398


405f1a  No.3015399

File: 9148ced4b534ef0⋯.png (716.37 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, ClipboardImage.png)


b0ad3e  No.3015400



He's giving the report, and there is a shadow directly behind him like he is standing in front of a movie screen with waves from beach behind his perfectly cast shadow. It's Wag the Dog all over.

bdc1ec  No.3015401


Oh wow. A 4chan teen anon wannabe Taytay fap fag! I should have guessed. Nice try kiddo.

1cb965  No.3015402


When is the next full moon? special?

51e733  No.3015403


He's going for the James Bond villain look. Now he just needs a gnarly facial scar.

e662b1  No.3015404


Is that what they call it now?


4a5aab  No.3015405


WBZ | CBS Boston News

Verified account


Follow Follow @wbz


#BREAKING: Lawrence General Hospital says they are treating six patients from the gas explosion. Two are in critical condition

5:09 PM - 13 Sep 2018

05e94c  No.3015406

File: b54c28c93c1c3e4⋯.png (337.28 KB, 492x461, 492:461, CPL2.PNG)

af37e0  No.3015407


I didnt hear anything about andover. They were specific about blocking traffic into lawrence and getting everyone out of the city. This was 4 plus hours ago. Been recording it since I started monitoring it and will continue to record it throughout the night and review it tomorrow when I am done being a work fag.

7eb386  No.3015408

File: 5372a3e4322b434⋯.png (413.51 KB, 813x498, 271:166, 2018-09-13_21-58-02.png)

The plan was always about the money!

820aac  No.3015409

File: a6e1a81f719d64a⋯.png (96.4 KB, 1194x288, 199:48, WhiteSandsSpying.png)

Sunspot Solar Observatory finally releases statement amid mounting conspiracy theories a week after it shut down to address a mysterious 'security issue' - but STILL won't say what's going on


Go to 2:35 of the below video link


be9fdf  No.3015410

Cuomo beats Nixon by 32%; Declared winner in NY Democratic Primary. -PIX11 News

2ea79b  No.3015411

File: e028756d8e4512f⋯.png (107.66 KB, 535x646, 535:646, Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at ….png)


Apprehended: Middle Eastern, "Islamic Refugee", in possession of Luna County NM region's gas pipeline plans

Notable suggestion

17ba37  No.3015412


The tip shreds.

It all starts with the tip???

c89296  No.3015413


So what's next MSM bashfest after Crop-Irrigator Flo dissipates?

40eccc  No.3015414

>>3015397 Go back to Reddit please.

fe0dc1  No.3015415


I dont know much about gas line routes, but it looks pretty scattered to me,why not all in rows or right next to each other?

Seems too precise/planned

4bded4  No.3015416

File: f2e19c14bd72401⋯.jpg (84.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hitler.jpg)

8fcf8f  No.3015417

I give it a week before the shills make /patriotsawoken/ look like 1930 Berlin.

f1ff5c  No.3015418


Well, can you think of anything else that happened that could explain why there's such a large spate of these fires? I'm open to suggestions, as are probably the rest of us.

d36ab5  No.3015419


His hood isn't even blowing

5967f1  No.3015420


Put the pipe down. Jesus Christ.

2874ef  No.3015421



News, other than local?

Any mention from POTUS?

c0628e  No.3015422


It was a few years ago, but still food for thought

e52d6c  No.3015423

File: 8767ae1978958e8⋯.jpg (43.23 KB, 340x410, 34:41, danger-niggers-in-area.jpg)


on lawrence police dispatch they were just saying a gas tanker truck is on the way in 15 mins, but why

1109a6  No.3015424


Its been way more than $3B

bc797e  No.3015425

File: f07bcb9c16adbd4⋯.jpeg (496.74 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, 91161027-B640-4E35-9733-A….jpeg)


In case anyone missed it…

baabb2  No.3015426

File: 6bfcade01c83753⋯.png (550.85 KB, 556x556, 1:1, 6bfcade01c837536ddf8e518f9….png)

b0ad3e  No.3015427


Did you see his shadow?

f76869  No.3015428

File: df8cdc971fd879d⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 255x254, 255:254, menmyfaves.jpg)


Thank you so much ScannerAnon

2a9bb8  No.3015429


Just an aside: I live in the woods. And used to have coyote problems. Then a trapper told me to have every human male that ever comes over to the house urinate around the perimeter of property. That, coupled with an intact dog, have kept the coyotes away for 5-6 years now. Do not even hear them anymore.

65f7af  No.3015430

File: 6ce60ef1de0a43a⋯.jpg (328.2 KB, 1238x560, 619:280, d27f25cea10d4eff9f8bbbfca8….jpg)

4bded4  No.3015431

File: 04b1c2435d3ba8c⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HoxT.webm)

1cb965  No.3015432



487a4c  No.3015433


Your sodomite projection is faggot.

c97196  No.3015434


Could be to drain out the pipes or something..

9b0400  No.3015435

File: bb8553a1802082d⋯.png (646.86 KB, 424x601, 424:601, ClipboardImage.png)

60f43e  No.3015436

File: 8dbc3573685b74f⋯.jpg (15.34 KB, 279x198, 31:22, comeonnow.jpg)


The CPL one really got me. Audibly kek'd.


Wife anon made great observation within the first 3 seconds "Sounds like over pressurization of the gas lines (her dad was a builder, so…). Then, she said "Oh, they wouldn't be on fire, they'd just explode and that's it." I no shit did this:

39b2ea  No.3015437

File: 5bb6d9b89c134d2⋯.png (54.5 KB, 768x132, 64:11, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

DeBlasio's Solyndra-esque Money Laundering Plan.

d4e1e0  No.3015438



was watching some feed from LB and that guy was working hard to make things seem dangerous.

people didn't even board the windows up.

made huge deal of a tin roof coming off and branches hitting his car.

after going through Ike and Rita and the rest - this isn't much more than a typical cat1 or 2.

c97196  No.3015439


When does he say it? kek

cbd48c  No.3015440

626d0f  No.3015441

File: eb4c44b86c8c178⋯.jpg (18.34 KB, 255x211, 255:211, b66977e8ac8e87dfd6542217b7….jpg)

File: 8de507d05a6ba4e⋯.png (289.54 KB, 466x443, 466:443, 8de507d05a6ba4e8cfefd909a1….png)

File: 8b0e476357dc8a8⋯.png (477.68 KB, 1142x642, 571:321, 8b0e476357dc8a849b358920bd….png)

File: 8aab97767f4a032⋯.png (595.72 KB, 576x530, 288:265, 8aab97767f4a0320507c3053cb….png)


i got the ban hammer the same day

e662b1  No.3015443


Harvest moon 21 iirc

bdc1ec  No.3015444



Cool story bro

4a5aab  No.3015445

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here this guy is covering it live about 30 miles N. of the guys at top soil

e9fafc  No.3015446


North Andover is a wealthy area. From what everyone is saying, Lawrence is Not.

b625a5  No.3015447


What channels you got

f159b6  No.3015448

Yawn, lame shit tonight

fucking redditards brought their shills…

go back to somewhere else…

ea7c24  No.3015449

NatGasFag here. Posters are saying natural gas relief valves are failing. A search of natural gas relief valves are what we call "regulators" in the industry. They attach to the meter manifold at the house and are spring loaded mechanical devices that reduce the pressure of the gas coming from the mainline to an acceptable usable lower pressure. They are always located on the outside of the house and usually up against the house. They could be individually tampered with using some basic tools but there's no way for them to fail en masse simultaneously. Taking the spring out of them would push a large pressure of gas inside the house and snuff the pilot lights and fill the basement and then the house with gas. If you were home you would smell it. If you were away the house would become a bomb and when your fridge kicked on, the house would blow

ade1d5  No.3015450

My adult son asked me "When this is all done, world corruption exposed, taken down…then what? "

I responded, "I don't know, it will be a whole new world"

73178d  No.3015451

listening to scanner and had a thought

Where did this gas company buy it's meters from?

5b169f  No.3015452


Skimming it. It's look like it's explaining basic non-zero-sum game theory to soldiers who aren't master level chess players. I'll dive into more later, but I don't see much here.

d4e1e0  No.3015453


hope you have time to put it together for us scanneranon

53c1aa  No.3015455

File: edce84828a334a7⋯.jpg (54.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, POE.jpg)

268aa2  No.3015456

File: 3e6f9cfd56f843f⋯.png (1.86 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, C066AD51-7A01-44F5-A4D3-1D….png)


Probably nonrelated…. but, one of

Keystone’s main offices is located in Boston, MA.;

inside the New England Power Building.

(See Building shown on the left, in attachmed pic.)

72df9e  No.3015457


needs a link but fucking relevant

0cffc1  No.3015458

File: e8d36c3773f0305⋯.jpeg (11.79 KB, 255x244, 255:244, RR Barrel rolling.jpeg)

Newish planefags:

These international tags have been ongoing. Seen Italian,Polish-several of those Czech, Yemini (a C-130 over DC a month ago!) You name it and it's been over our airspace. There was an Italia Flight from Rome via NY to SF about 1.5 months ago and it had a military escort. I was not able to sauce an outcome of that escorted flight at time.

55ea8a  No.3015459


This is remarkably good.

9b2a5a  No.3015460


Define "ill-repute"

285339  No.3015461

Resignation of FBI Exec




Teyema Joins Parsons as SVP, Chief Technology Officer

Trent Teyema, one of the nation’s leading cybersecurity experts, is joining Parsons Corporation as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the company’s federal business. Mr. Teyema will drive Parsons’ intellectual property protection and technology solutions through new research and development initiatives and technical engagements with customers.

Mr. Teyema has spent more than two decades in the cybersecurity field, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Cyber Readiness for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and was twice appointed to roles in the White House.

“Trent has proven experience in managing some of our country’s most complex and high-risk national security challenges,” said Carey Smith, President of Parsons’ federal business. “We look forward to working with him to expand Parsons’ technology solutions portfolio as it grows in scope and diversity.”

Mr. Teyema holds a master’s degree in Forensic Science from George Washington University, as well as several technical certifications. His role with Parsons is effective September 24, 2018.

cc34a3  No.3015462


then life can finally start making sense again

e9fafc  No.3015463


definitely fuckery afoot

e4c960  No.3015464


I see what you did there. Nice work

8b3098  No.3015465


Did it!!

8e1f82  No.3015466

File: 2abfe7c9455e19d⋯.png (705.11 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Goddess_Columbia.png)


Goddess Columbia - light

bc797e  No.3015467



Right at the very end! He promised he wouldn’t refer to him as CPL either but as he cut him off as our of time, said “Creepy Porn Lawyer…” guess he won’t be going back on any time soon. Tucker owned him!

17ba37  No.3015468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Hammering hammers time.

Bring the hearing loss!

76cee3  No.3015469

File: 9c58bbc85818d63⋯.jpg (1.86 MB, 1200x1608, 50:67, The_Frog_with_the_Golden_H….jpg)


It's not our battle but we do have to pick a side.

d4e1e0  No.3015470


natural gas is much heavier than air.

fires from natural gas will consume upwards due to heat rising.

was kekking at the way you posted - reads like you think natgas rises.

f54c37  No.3015471


Essex and Southern Rockingham Counties Fire and EMS

North Andover Fire

Lawrence Police Dispatch

& state patrol when ones slow

b0ad3e  No.3015472


Shadow is actually just to left of him.

c97196  No.3015473


"The fire is out.. But now the electrical system is making a great big humming.. Can you send somebody out for m?"

"10-4 we`ll send someone."

900cfd  No.3015474

File: 1a1525cf987fa05⋯.jpg (77.68 KB, 924x960, 77:80, 37069907_10215138759317480….jpg)

5b7207  No.3015475


>Do morals account for nothing, you fucking pig?

Uh, no. It's simply natural selection doing its thing. I know it's hard to get a date from Moms basement, but you need to get out there once in a while.

Morals, that's a mushroom we pick in the spring I think. Take your morels elsewhere, this is 8chan. Bitch.

4a5aab  No.3015476


Still laughing. Sound like a great wife!

31eca7  No.3015477

File: c192012712a3f6e⋯.jpg (172.1 KB, 736x736, 1:1, IMG_918.jpg)

788c3f  No.3015478

>>3015465 now try his facebook page!

d4e1e0  No.3015480


hair from barber shop works too anon.

05e94c  No.3015481


That was me : ) Glad I could be of service

e0f1b3  No.3015482


That's 3 anons thinking along the same line


This was my thought back on the 1st after the national preparedness drop.


responding to this


Then this drop


now we've got Florence and the fires.

84dc2f  No.3015483


Here you go


b92042  No.3015484

File: 19f78065beb7855⋯.png (162.74 KB, 899x767, 899:767, ClipboardImage.png)

File: acbc8dc00e57e2c⋯.png (129.13 KB, 910x795, 182:159, ClipboardImage.png)

Global Shipping Rates Collapse As Trade War Spreads

When President Donald Trump fired the first shot of his trade war cannon at China, the market for international shipping rates spiked higher in April through July amid a jump in demand for hauling of bulk commodities that are essential in powering the Asian country's economy, as traders sought to front-run the implementation of tariffs.

Fast forward several months, with the Trump administration on the verge of slapping even more tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion, and the uncertainties around global trade appear to have finally collapsed some shipping rates.

BIMCO's chief shipping analyst Peter Sand said, “85.3% of Chinese seaborne imports from the US and 58.5% of US seaborne imports from China could become affected by the trade war, if the US and China implement tariffs on a further USD 200 and USD 60 billion worth of goods respectively." And with no demand to pull forward from the future left, Bloomberg reports that demand for the transportation of iron ore and coal on 1,000-foot Capesize vessels has collapsed by 39% since reaching a 2018 peak in early August.


NOTE: Cutting export costs, cutting globalists profits. Winning!

2d2159  No.3015485

File: 3f725b4f762459d⋯.png (455.64 KB, 557x310, 557:310, Tucker CPL 1.PNG)

File: 2bc0c3a930863a1⋯.png (434.81 KB, 559x310, 559:310, Tucker CPL 2.PNG)

File: ae065ef24e1fded⋯.png (432 KB, 556x310, 278:155, Tucker CPL 3.PNG)

File: 31d2c749f17e7f7⋯.png (452.52 KB, 558x306, 31:17, Tucker CPL 4.PNG)

File: 371769a5082fff0⋯.png (440.65 KB, 558x312, 93:52, Tucker CPL 5.PNG)

770320  No.3015486


Good meme

You could post in the DECLAS Meme thread too if you haven't yet

>>2956097 ob

98387f  No.3015487


Significant voltage charge in the ground itself

Causing current to try to creep up the poles to the wires

And in the hot water tank,

The current flow over time has caused metal alloys to separate

Which weakens the tank walls

Talk to salt water sailors about

Even simple things like metal nails in wooden boat construction

You cannot use brass because it falls apart

But pure copper is OK.

a328f5  No.3015488

File: ce4427ca5875e79⋯.png (696.7 KB, 765x597, 255:199, 1536891274804.png)

e2fc80  No.3015489

File: c2a883401d79d06⋯.png (220.42 KB, 600x449, 600:449, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks for the info. This is od- Fire chief hasn't heard from the gas co.

b625a5  No.3015490


thanQ Anon, Thats what i have

8b3098  No.3015491


When I am done Baking I will, Kek

0c031f  No.3015492

File: 3e066375c6a9149⋯.png (792.01 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, creepy_porn_lawyers_be_lik….png)


full kek

fe0dc1  No.3015493



6fd1cd  No.3015494

File: 1a180c45ec9de69⋯.png (37.47 KB, 374x775, 374:775, 8463456355.png)


Keep digging

d15d7e  No.3015495

File: 5bc4aea71f1bafb⋯.jpg (334.74 KB, 1280x1896, 160:237, musicgetsloud.jpg)

e2fc80  No.3015496

7eb386  No.3015497

File: da535ad6f598c7f⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1199x1199, 1:1, 2018-05-02_23-59-13.png)

File: 07e736940f8503c⋯.png (217.78 KB, 476x247, 476:247, 2018-08-05_12-19-08.png)

Every direction you look…

0c031f  No.3015498


It all starts with the tip bby.

726674  No.3015499

man C-Span got the Big 3 stooges on Tuesday with James Clapper,Philip Mudd and Michael Hayden along with host Nicole Wallace grilling Adm.Rogers. its a shame but its same old song and dance. but its fun to watch people relive the past and getting the Admiral to say something bad about Our president.

298d7d  No.3015500

File: a2ba1341d67ac0c⋯.jpg (345.63 KB, 1348x981, 1348:981, 2018-09-14 02:14:35Z.jpg)

File: f6c7f1d2ab5d0e6⋯.jpg (209.34 KB, 1374x846, 229:141, 2018-09-14 02:14:08Z.jpg)


One of the news choppers still circling. The other one has departed the scene.

d8e665  No.3015501

File: cf9c6fb062ed046⋯.png (522.79 KB, 2402x896, 1201:448, bakerwtf.png)

Baker Test Question

I can not find where to delete the post as per

Practising Baking Before Going Live

- Go to 8ch.net/comms/ and post a trial bread over there following the instructions above.

- Please delete your thread afterwards by clicking on the triangle next to your thread header and 'delete post'.

Trying to be helpful but I'll get me coat and fuck off.

73178d  No.3015502


Question - can this system be hacked? Are the meters and regulators computerized and if they are are they china based?

2ea79b  No.3015503

File: 99ee5c730c8dc6e⋯.png (100.14 KB, 924x467, 924:467, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

Pompeo twat


.@khamenei_ir fancies himself the leader of the Islamic world, but his regime has been totally silent as China—the top buyer of #Iran’s oil—has persecuted and detained hundreds of thousands of its Muslim citizens. _#

76cee3  No.3015504

File: 36d0b36af8ef145⋯.png (35.18 KB, 500x473, 500:473, Mariachi.png)

cbc671  No.3015505

File: 55ed6a235871189⋯.jpg (88.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, DumbandDumber.jpg)


Not escaping that way Jim.

f54c37  No.3015506


almost like they heard us talking about em when they killed the Lawrence Fire stream.

f87809  No.3015507


We do have morals, you son of a bitch.

Besides, there's law to back that moral up asswipe.

b0ad3e  No.3015508


The "dock" he is standing on is casting a perfect shadow, as well. Straight behind on the screen.

349428  No.3015509

Where in the fuck is crumbfag? It's been hours!

1cb965  No.3015510


finally someone else bringing it up. We need more diggers on this for sure. Ignore the shills attempting to steer you away from it

7eb386  No.3015511

File: dd5efc136333f66⋯.png (281.44 KB, 499x318, 499:318, 2018-08-05_11-41-56.png)

c214dd  No.3015512

File: 1733eccfe3d11a2⋯.jpg (33.84 KB, 401x468, 401:468, PEPE_ISIS.jpg)


You mean someone couldn't pressure up the pipeline and blow up a few weak regulators?

c89296  No.3015513


Yes! Of Course, Faggot! That's why everybody's supposed to SpiderPig to the ceiling during a gas leak in the house instead of hugging the floor!

where do you find these retards

ab043f  No.3015514

File: edbc5de04338ac0⋯.jpeg (117 KB, 1440x848, 90:53, 1536891370.jpeg)

820aac  No.3015515


Some people just don't know when to quit

cd3f5d  No.3015516

File: 018e4519d4f583d⋯.png (48.9 KB, 520x238, 260:119, ClipboardImage.png)

8b3098  No.3015517

File: 76805d7c8de93bd⋯.png (6.15 KB, 268x188, 67:47, GoldStar.png)


If I could find the correct "Gold Star" I would give it to you - but here, have this and "fix" it <3

b625a5  No.3015518


Wouldnt surprise me, they keep a close eye on this board

a328f5  No.3015519

File: bd8b51a1bffe20d⋯.png (152.79 KB, 500x284, 125:71, wb536891389164.png)

6549cb  No.3015520


i was hoping for a bigger push back from Mr. Rogers

0aa726  No.3015521

Updating my host file

4a30b3  No.3015522


That’s the little faggot

98387f  No.3015523


If the ground becomes electrically charged

Current will flow through anything in contact with the ground

When current flows through a metal alloy in contact with water

The elements in the alloy will separate

This causes metal fatigue/failures to happen.

827ab9  No.3015524

File: dcdde5e3715e5f6⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 469x473, 469:473, walrussaid2.jpg)

f76869  No.3015525

North Andover Fire stream is the only one still up right?>>3015506

40eccc  No.3015526

File: fab3fd38f44aa12⋯.png (135.69 KB, 299x169, 23:13, ClipboardImage.png)


I posted a few pics of what a Nat Gas explosion looks like.

There's no fucking way this is caused by gas company pressure.

Anyone who's hooked up gas will tell you that whole story is bull shit.

Here is a natural gas explosion, but it still not caused by gas regulator going bad. It's caused by appliances in the house.

Fucking regulator going bad is super rare, but all these houses at the same time is complete bull shit.

Anons Stay Alert Fuckery is Afoot.

Someone get out there and find the story!

b92042  No.3015527


Big black guy kicking her back door in is all good too

2ea79b  No.3015528

File: 5e62acc1029a20e⋯.png (383.92 KB, 913x858, 83:78, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 1217b18d7aa8743⋯.png (705.95 KB, 1293x727, 1293:727, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)


Go to Space they said!

0b21a5  No.3015529

File: e0fc5460181f8e5⋯.webm (8.02 MB, 720x720, 1:1, yallniggas.webm)


487a4c  No.3015531


Your sodomite projection is faggot.

3f7b3c  No.3015532

More fun digging into RAND. This tool/manual was published on January 5, 2018.

Defensive Space Analysis Tool (DSPAT): Version 2.0

This manual explains how to use the Defensive Space Analysis Tool (DSPAT), which was developed to compare alternative approaches to space control in terms of their mission effectiveness, feasibility, escalation risk, and political cost.

Holy heck! Skimmed through it. It's a VBA excel tool.

This manual explains how to use the Defensive Space Analysis Tool (DSPAT), which was developed to compare alternative approaches to space control for their mission effectiveness, feasibility, escalation risk, and political cost. Such comparisons are part of an analytical framework that RAND Project AIR FORCE developed in the report Gaming Space: A Game-Theoretic Methodology for Assessing the Deterrent Value of Space Control Options to help decision makers anticipate likely attacks on U.S. space assets and assess which space control options would help deter those attacks, versus which would risk escalating a confrontation or conflict, putting U.S. space systems in even greater risk.


I think I want access to this tool. And what's up with building in Excel? what about Tableau?

b8e4e4  No.3015533


I live in the only house around in a salt marsh and the friggin' rats would gnaw into the house. Tried everything…seriously. What finally worked? A cat. LOL rats smell cat pee and they are gone!

d25490  No.3015534


stfu FEtard

bdc1ec  No.3015535

File: b24052cf0f50cdc⋯.jpg (12 KB, 255x183, 85:61, 41afaf499c6e5d3bde7b366808….jpg)

2d2159  No.3015536

File: 3cfd1ae81535561⋯.png (33.05 KB, 661x282, 661:282, POTUS Schedule 9-13-18 7 1….PNG)

70f0ed  No.3015537

File: 764d006e6bf8d93⋯.png (212.03 KB, 1213x1261, 1213:1261, ClipboardImage.png)

ab043f  No.3015538


Damn straight! But that Trump didn't use a condom!!!!

931f89  No.3015539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

17k people watching a gas station fall apart.

Comfy as fuck.

0c031f  No.3015540


Disable your user.js and see if the problem is still there.

f54c37  No.3015541


that and the county one

0aa726  No.3015542

I thought Alice i. Wonderland was about the hell the cia put ebots mom through

c3d864  No.3015543

Don't forget the former mayor of Lawrence who was also a state rep was at one point indicted for corruption

f2c4f0  No.3015544

File: 5d617c86e6de0fa⋯.jpg (85.45 KB, 779x389, 779:389, Roleplay.jpg)

File: 073292c07463d97⋯.jpg (330.92 KB, 1742x1416, 871:708, scriptedmovie.jpg)

File: 7d1a7e8938ead43⋯.jpg (356.38 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 7d1a7e8938ead43515e4174ded….jpg)

1c80b1  No.3015545


Immorality, lust, white Christian girls = whores, sluts…..

More and more Christian men sex addicts. They've trained you to debase and dehumanize your own sisters and girlfriends as nothing more than tits, ass and pussy.

The Khazarians own the $$$95 BILLION Dollar Porn Industry. (((they))) profit immensely from brainwashing you to see all non-Jewish Shiksas as (((they))) do.

8b3098  No.3015546

Notables This Far

>>3015348 MA Pedo Supply Chain Graphic

>>3015298 8ch TechFag Stuff

>>3015224, >>3015253, >>3015291, >>3015329 Moar on the MA Explosions

>>3015086, >>3015168, >>3015333 Moar Ashooh Digs Member of CFR

Please let me know if anything missed, multi-tasking this bread…

0c69f6  No.3015547

File: 5e6631c68839225⋯.jpg (124.53 KB, 885x1200, 59:80, SmilingPatton.jpg)

Gregg Jarrett on Hannity tonight:

"And where is Huber? Isn't he supposed to be investigating this stuff? Huber is just window dressing."

Jarrett is playing the game.

Disinformation is necessary.

Trust Huber




These people are stupid.

1687d2  No.3015548




I am not a lawyer and even I know Tucker didn't type that in since he was sitting in front of you talking. Sheesh…a lawyer who can't get his facts straight.

9:17 PM - 13 Sep 2018

358dab  No.3015549



I wish Tucker would have just let him speak his piece without interruption. After 40 seconds, he wouldn’t have anything else to say and Tucker could have done what he did. Now MA gets to claim foul.

f57468  No.3015550

Lawrence General Hospital received 10 patients, one of whom was in critical condition and one listed as serious, according to spokeswoman Jill Halsey. One patient was transferred. Andover officials said a firefighter was among the injured.


19ff23  No.3015551

File: f94ab91ab0151e4⋯.jpg (248.07 KB, 1133x647, 1133:647, 3 out of 60b .jpg)


About as close as I could get it..

820aac  No.3015552

e2fc80  No.3015553


Yea, and I looked up the owners of several addresses I heard on the scanners, and I didn't find anything obvious like a criminal record.

788c3f  No.3015554

>>3015533 Panther Urine Works great on the ranch!

73178d  No.3015555


My PD stream went quiet

5f1e09  No.3015556

File: 04b555e989d21f0⋯.png (587.01 KB, 498x533, 498:533, ClipboardImage.png)


37a7b1  No.3015557


This is fucked

f76869  No.3015558


sauce plz? this andover one is gay kek!

489fad  No.3015559

File: 42ccef722ff19be⋯.jpeg (401.65 KB, 750x840, 25:28, A81CAA72-A6E5-4F32-91BC-E….jpeg)


c9a27e  No.3015560

File: c3980b5892c8660⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1600x2498, 800:1249, Screenshot_2018-09-13-19-0….jpg)



What's this? Jessica Ashooh's father Rich Ashooh ran for Congress in NH. Here he is pictured with Steve Forbes (Ashooh on the left)

0cffc1  No.3015561


How about some crop irrigation out west? Less than 3in for 14 months

ea7c24  No.3015562

NatGasFag is not good at posting and sucks at responding. Regulators are entirely mechanical. Most Natural Gas equipment is made in the United States (to my knowledge) by only a few companies like Honeywell, Singer, American Meter, Itron. If they were failing it was most likely sabotage. If there was a manufacturing defect, why would it manifest all at once?

37a7b1  No.3015563



d4e1e0  No.3015564

File: 9495b1ed6045be4⋯.jpg (79.38 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, deebly.jpg)


don't get all scriffy anon.

gas leak you get out.


last place you go is the floor or basement.

if fire is going, then floor best option due to smoke from other flammables.


8e1f82  No.3015565

File: 6ec679454db34a1⋯.png (167 KB, 982x820, 491:410, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)



There are concerns that many more could follow, as energy companies have been ordered by the Government to install smart meters in 53million homes and businesses by 2020.

The programme will cost some £11billion, which is being added to customers' bills. The meters transmit details of a family's energy use to their suppliers using a system similar to mobile phones, removing the need for estimated bills.

One couple, Paul and Lou Lynch, from Enfield, north London, said a tenant in a flat they own witnessed a British Gas engineer get into difficulties as he was installing a smart meter.

The gas supply ignited, setting the kitchen on fire. It was safely extinguished but the rest of the flat was smoke and water damaged and the tenant lost her possessions.

Landlord Mr Lynch said: 'Both myself and the fire officer were standing together when the gas engineer installing the meter … said 'I am really sorry, I've blown up your house'.

'It was devastating. You sit there and think – where do you start? Seven months after the fire, we are still in the same position.'

Marina Devall, from North Wales, told the programme she had just gone outside her rented house to collect her car keys when it went up in flames. 'There wasn't anything we could do, so we just watched the house burn,' she said.

40eccc  No.3015566

File: 67fc50dba9e4a04⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1200x675, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm going to keep posting Nat Gas explosions till Anons get it.

These fires are NOT FROM NAT GAS


Anyone in gas business knows that's bullshit

No such thing as a "Nat Gas Fire"

Gas fucking EXPLODES!

770320  No.3015567


Thank you anon

That's what the official explanation is

Firefighteranon agreed also that it makes no sense

Why don't they just say it's lighting up inside the line house to house?

Strange they don't even give a plausible explanation

5e3c52  No.3015569

omg.. Tucker …. LOVED the creepy porn lawyer interview. Shaaaazaaaaamm!!!

Tucker - 1 Creepy Porn Lawyer - 0

358dab  No.3015570


I wonder if he meant Horowitz instead when I heard that, considerably the context of the segment.

788c3f  No.3015571

>>3015538 There ain't no BLUE DRESS!

b0ad3e  No.3015572


Wow, that was so scary - NOT!

a1f4b6  No.3015573

File: 994901b46be6c0d⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, image.png)

File: fd80013afcfc3b8⋯.jpeg (60 KB, 640x640, 1:1, image.jpeg)

487a4c  No.3015574


Your FEtard projection is faggot.

c3d864  No.3015575

National grid has been on strike what are thr odds either a scab was a asset for deep state or was paid off to do crime

d25490  No.3015576


>>>3015298 8ch TechFag Stuff


40eccc  No.3015577

File: 611ec2145601fc7⋯.png (137.59 KB, 303x166, 303:166, ClipboardImage.png)


This is what happens when Nat Gas goes south

These fires = bull shit

d15d7e  No.3015578

File: 49aec0b6f28b4f6⋯.png (289.3 KB, 565x425, 113:85, gay2.png)


do you even know what memes are?

1cb965  No.3015579



Um lol.. Is this notable? Like…. ? Also, it's laggy af in here. My text line isn't properly aligned within the "quick reply" box. Very strange. very ready for night crew…

b92042  No.3015580

File: 32d400d5784f02e⋯.png (228.53 KB, 383x742, 383:742, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 94968e86c934ce3⋯.png (301.32 KB, 379x767, 379:767, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0ef034b48d1866f⋯.png (485.58 KB, 378x866, 189:433, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 10fdd00e8c9f47c⋯.png (142.07 KB, 379x497, 379:497, ClipboardImage.png)

Deranged Leftists Wishing Trump Supporters Dead in Hurricane Florence - Twitter Does Nothing

There's a stunning display of hatred on Twitter right now, with radical leftists openly calling for Trump supporters to die in Hurricane Florence, which will soon slam into the coast near South Carolina.

Twitter, notorious for shadowbans, censorship, and suspensions of accounts that are pro-Trump, has failed to take any action against those responsible.

Let's take a closer look at the hate speech Twitter is allowing against those in the path of Florence:

The above tweets are absolutely sickening.

While the mainstream media is focused on their endless criticism of the President, let's see them show their viewers what the left is behind.

I dare them.


d4e1e0  No.3015581



hype machine.

must be hunting likes on twatter.

0aa726  No.3015582

But Lillie urban gavevthe cloned phone to aflb

60f43e  No.3015583


She is, anon. Quintessential redhead, too.

f1ff5c  No.3015584


You think the source is wrong?

f2c4f0  No.3015585

File: 83077a87e04a993⋯.png (1.19 MB, 787x1124, 787:1124, 83077a87e04a993dcaa41e7595….png)


Or maybe it's just human nature for adult males to be attracted to naked women.

67d482  No.3015586

File: d68451dece294d7⋯.gif (8.35 KB, 195x232, 195:232, pq_1_bottom.gif)


Yes gotta be careful anon with that spelling. Watch your P's and Q's.

Grammarfag girl might still be lurking from last night. [what a head case]


c214dd  No.3015587

File: 5ceb331c8c41374⋯.png (8.14 KB, 255x153, 5:3, pepe_www_wtf_com.png)


So could a sleeper cell disguise themselves as meter readers in order to faccomplish such fuckery?

It's so weird to have so many go all simultaneously.

2d2159  No.3015588


>Gas fucking EXPLODES!


And that is exactly what is being reported

Explosions with secondary fires

d8e665  No.3015589


Problem still exists. I even tried a few browsers.

I'm not on windows, if that matters.

cb4a43  No.3015591

File: 517f048e27c5ce4⋯.png (149.36 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

does anyone wann double check this for me

qanon.pud word search boom

69 hits

788c3f  No.3015592

>>3015556 Watch the WATER!!

fb859a  No.3015593

File: ec3b07d5f307042⋯.png (857.75 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



Andover has three Level 3 sex offenders who either live or work in town, according to the state's Sex Offender Registry Board.

The Level 3 sex offender designation is reserved for the most severe offenders. Level 3 sex offenders pose a "high risk" to reoffend, according to the state. They are not wanted by police, and it is illegal to use the following information to commit a crime or engage in any discrimination or harassment against an offender.

Click on the icons on the map below for more information about a specific Level 3 sex offender or see the list at the bottom of this page.

Leonard Hileman, 36, works at 207 North Main St. Two counts of rape and abuse of a child and four counts of indecent assault and battery on a person aged 14 or older.

John Moschetto, 42, works at 17-19 Dundee Park (note: the MapQuest map builder did not recognize the address so it is pinned as just Andover). One count of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 years of age (May 28, 1986 conviction) and four counts of rape and abuse of a child (Aug. 16, 2004 conviction).

Peter A. Placet, 58, lives at 29 County Road. One count of indecent assault and battery on a child under 14 years of age and open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior (May 19, 2008).

05e94c  No.3015594

File: d718e77c1833b8f⋯.png (122.97 KB, 613x589, 613:589, GSA.PNG)

98387f  No.3015595


Here is some background material

On electrolytic and galvanic corrosion



120339  No.3015596


Just in time for Creepy Porn Lawyer and those with free Gitmo tickets.

820aac  No.3015597

File: 3c0efdcc60b6fe8⋯.jpg (299.16 KB, 1484x1113, 4:3, W4VR6ZVXUUI6RLSPFQKDTSLNPE.jpg)


‘It looked like Armageddon:’ Gas explosions destroy homes


a328f5  No.3015598





SO Logically thinking…

These homes would have been [targeted].



0cffc1  No.3015599


He has been secured. Whoever took him would not leave his belongings to be found so easily

Arjen would have vanished with ZERO trace, not even belongings.

60f43e  No.3015600


Someone "turned the knob up". Worse attacks always come from within.

489fad  No.3015601

File: 9ee4b6424793fdf⋯.jpeg (136.07 KB, 750x425, 30:17, 118EE545-DB4A-46C4-8DFD-C….jpeg)

1a2b79  No.3015602

File: a1f77c3fdef212d⋯.jpg (11.4 KB, 515x166, 515:166, hopiprophrockbw.jpg)

File: f0e5ee4346bfc3e⋯.jpg (36.85 KB, 430x344, 5:4, aid-me10.jpg)

Sky event = Hopi prophecy= true white brother= blue Katchina

c48a09  No.3015604


until it rains a few times it will

103f85  No.3015605


Who was the Target?

aafdeb  No.3015606

File: 719eb5d44a36639⋯.jpg (185.34 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ZyHS5PE.jpg)

Dig! Meme! Pray!

e7538b  No.3015607


I'm with you Anon, Kek X 2.

c97196  No.3015608

File: 87c1d8b1b51acab⋯.jpg (201.96 KB, 1340x690, 134:69, creepyKEK.jpg)



46e69b  No.3015609

File: d652c29228204a6⋯.png (506.45 KB, 1413x755, 1413:755, ClipboardImage.png)

ab043f  No.3015610

File: 95928068127a0b0⋯.jpg (119.58 KB, 1440x609, 480:203, IMG_20180913_212142.jpg)


I think Tucker did good overall. Creepy Porn Lawyer tried to bait him that he never watched porn.

e4d6f5  No.3015611



homeowner recorded from earlier in day, looked about 7.30-ish by the light, just on Fox 25 Boston at 10:18pm said as he indicated the neighborhood with some house spared and others not "we all have the same regulators…we're on the same line…so how can this happen…there's going to have to be an investigation."

he did use the word "regulator" and he also looked exasperated.

Charlie Baker was on earlier. He could lie in the Olympics that one.

05346d  No.3015612

File: 004b29becf71162⋯.jpg (34.46 KB, 600x444, 50:37, 004b29becf71162735e5e6ea3c….jpg)


the plot thickens

065afe  No.3015613

File: d433b459d9da245⋯.jpg (69.45 KB, 852x517, 852:517, panopticon.jpg)

>>3014870 (pb

13 letters?, what comes from panic


with a space at each end? 11 +2?

"From anger comes delusion; "

from delusion the loss of memory;

the loss of memory causes destruction of discrimination [judgment]

; and from the destruction of discrimination [knowing one thing from the other] he perishes (BG 2.63).

Pan was supposedly a General in the ancient world who created a ruckus which was amplified by a canyon and off rocks. The enemy became afraid and ran.

(from a very old English dictionary)

f54c37  No.3015614


a lot of quiet.

820aac  No.3015615


How is any shooting from Detroit or Chicago news worthy. Part and parcel of living there.

33e07f  No.3015616

File: ec768a5c376c308⋯.png (71.73 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20180913-212405.png)

QMAP says 23

da9de2  No.3015617


Destroying evidence?

487a4c  No.3015618

File: d8a7693382cce68⋯.jpg (23.24 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 9AF8741A-CB77-44D1-BCA8-92….jpg)

ac8eef  No.3015619

File: a124b02d7157270⋯.jpg (70.11 KB, 500x698, 250:349, JFK.jpg)


Smart man, anon. Smart man.

Being outspoken and against blatant, ever present jewish subversion, does not make you pro-hitler. These people are sick and fucking demented, and they have played all sides for a long time.

73178d  No.3015620


or if the meters/regulators are digital they can be hacked or if made out of USA such as China - backdoors.

626d0f  No.3015621

File: d0f520dad4be63f⋯.jpg (164.68 KB, 594x435, 198:145, d0f520dad4be63ff5481f2e333….jpg)

File: 7e212650cd07f1e⋯.gif (489.57 KB, 300x268, 75:67, e44071767f36f22010b9dfa84f….gif)

File: adc94afbc1814f3⋯.jpg (51.24 KB, 500x467, 500:467, adc94afbc1814f389f8a615782….jpg)


he would get beat down roun these parts

40b43b  No.3015622



"Wormwood" is the name of a star in Revelation 8:10-11: “The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water—the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” This is the third of the “trumpet judgments” described in Revelation. The seven trumpets are the judgments of the seventh seal (Revelation 8:1-5). The first trumpet causes hail and fire that destroy much of the plant life in the world (Revelation 8:7).

The second trumpet brings about what seems to be a meteor, comet, or other heavenly body hitting the oceans and causing the death of one-third of the world’s sea life (Revelation 8:8-9). [Anon comment: Or could it be this?]

The third trumpet is similar to the second, except it affects the world’s lakes and rivers instead of the oceans (Revelation 8:10-11). It will cause a third part of all fresh water on earth to turn bitter and many people will die from drinking it.

The word “wormwood” is mentioned only here in the New Testament, but it appears eight times in the Old Testament, each time associated with bitterness, poison and death. The Revelation passage may not be saying that the star falling to the earth will actually be called Wormwood by the inhabitants of the earth. Rather, wormwood was a well-known bitter herb in the Bible times, so by naming the star Wormwood, we are told that its effect will be to embitter the waters of the earth, so much so that the water is undrinkable. It won’t be a matter of simply a bitter taste to the water; it will literally be poisonous. If drinking water is unavailable to one third of the earth’s population, it’s easy to see how chaos and terror will result. Humans can only survive a couple of days without water, and the inhabitants of the affected areas will be so desperate as to actually drink the poisoned water, causing the death of thousands, if not millions of people. [anon comment: Watch the water?]

This is a prophecy that is yet to come in the last seven years of this age, also known as the 70th week of Daniel. This is only one of the natural disasters in the seven trumpets that will usher in the rise of the Antichrist to world power very quickly (see Revelation, chapter 13). Since one-third of the earth is destroyed by these trumpet judgments, this is only a partial judgment from God. His full wrath is yet to be unleashed.

cc34a3  No.3015623

really often think of this Quote… especially now with Mass. oddities

<What you SEE is 2%.

<The WAR is REAL.

4e92d1  No.3015624


Nightly occurrence around here.

5b7207  No.3015625


> there's law to back that moral up asswipe.

Sooo, you're the one going after Kavanaugh for his teen aged date. Thought I saw your halo glinting in the sun, you, who is without sin.

Sorry Sparky, your guilting ain't working here.

Kids will be kids. Keep sex education in the gutter where it belongs. Keep your kids off the fucking internet and they might grow up normal. Sheesh. KYS bitch.

d4e1e0  No.3015626


work in oil and gas offshore.

been in 4 rig fires.

natgas does not rise, but the flames will and the heat will.

natgas heavier than air - fill a balloon with it and watch it sink.

GI Joe physics - you know, the kind where ice sinks in seawater - only works in movies.

67d482  No.3015627


I bet these people won't be allowed to rebuild just like in California unless they abide by Agenda 21 regulations…which really blow.

9b3441  No.3015628


my thoughts too.

8b3098  No.3015629

File: 5fe646debf08e21⋯.jpeg (30.99 KB, 600x563, 600:563, FukkenSaved.jpeg)

19ff23  No.3015630



if you're going to add that pedo supply graphic as a notable, then please add this overlay of the map showing that hardly any of the dots line up >>3015551

c214dd  No.3015631

File: 67c8a372712baa0⋯.jpg (71.73 KB, 726x426, 121:71, Wojak_Has_A_Theory.JPG)


That would indeed be peculiar if all these homes had smart meters in common.

1cb965  No.3015632



Follow this and "Watch the Water"

31f35c  No.3015633


Argentina inflation rate at 34.4% and Central Bank sets interest rates at 60%


Turkey inflation rate at nearly 18% and Central bank interest rates at 24%


Other nations going under as well.

Meanwhile, apparently inflation rate actually 'fell' here in the US - winning!


All the same, it 'is' very concerning seeing other countries going down - given time, it means we're going to follow…

cbd48c  No.3015634


That's normal

9b0400  No.3015635

File: be75b198440c2b6⋯.png (328.21 KB, 621x585, 69:65, ClipboardImage.png)

File: be75b198440c2b6⋯.png (328.21 KB, 621x585, 69:65, ClipboardImage.png)


what if

This is a white hat operation to take out a pedo trafficking ring?

Or conversely, a black hat operation to destroy evidence of a pedo trafficking ring?

8e1f82  No.3015636

File: b3aa6b991a97597⋯.png (110.8 KB, 1350x426, 225:71, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 8da0ffdbd774fbc⋯.png (112.26 KB, 1350x424, 675:212, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

File: 5bf320a98690fcb⋯.png (135 KB, 1360x520, 34:13, Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at ….png)

349063  No.3015637

>>3013070 lb

>>3013151 lb


f57468  No.3015638


Tommy Duggan Twitter – (Valley Patriot newspaper) gives address and street of Mass fires for those wanting to check adresses.


73178d  No.3015639


scanner said they opened the tank valves on purpose why they did not say.

0cffc1  No.3015640


Not a firefag but why would it appear it's burning from the top. All gaslines are on ground or run through floors. No need for them in ceilings. OF course if 2 story the line goes to the device on the outside or??


cb4a43  No.3015641


qmap is utter garbage btw, fucking worthless imo

5085bd  No.3015643

>>3014986 pb

>>3014665 pb

if flushing out some enemies could that be dig into owners of bldgs where explosions occured ~ that might flush out some enemies!

dd403d  No.3015644

File: 9b5a173ade16734⋯.png (349.3 KB, 827x839, 827:839, natgas.PNG)




fdedff  No.3015645

File: fdc4ae9e020829b⋯.jpeg (117.04 KB, 736x736, 1:1, images.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

File: fd9de1724ccf1d0⋯.png (170.2 KB, 413x546, 59:78, ying yang.png)

File: 5c109915243673f⋯.jpeg (63.99 KB, 885x488, 885:488, a.jpeg)

File: a36de04440ce22f⋯.jpg (63.43 KB, 864x486, 16:9, fes.jpg)

File: 0841452e37ca880⋯.jpg (267.43 KB, 1280x621, 1280:621, salt mirro.jpg)

900cfd  No.3015646


Do you have all 4 tablets in good rez, by any chance?

1687d2  No.3015647


I had posted a few breads ago that we need to find which houses 'exploded' plus the ones that were just on fire and see who owns them or lives there. I bet we find a few we know.

d25490  No.3015648


explain or btfo

9b61d9  No.3015649


should be no surprise, as was figured out during gamer gate the big tech guys have all already went heavy into education and controlling the minds and teaching of the youth, Bezos apparently wants in and wants to take it a step further and grab kids before K to start programming them. imagine if they gained complete control which they almost did, within a single generation there'd be almost no one left to resist when they controlled all information, education, etc

05346d  No.3015650


its human nature to find the most calorie dense food, so its cool that companies exploit that?

ac8eef  No.3015651


Been saying this for months. Avenutty is a wannabe tough guy that dresses up like a woman. The idea that he is "a threat to the trump administration" is ALMOST (almost) as funny as chat logs.

But not quite.

cc34a3  No.3015652


>That would indeed be peculiar if all these homes had smart meters in common.

and That should indeed be a yuge fkn scandal if true

e4d6f5  No.3015653


Fox 25 Boston 10:24pm woman anchor just said over pictures of a house on fire that "it looks like it's melted".

Also a firefighter saying he has never seen anything like this before. He's not the first to say so. Odd they let that pass the censor.

0c031f  No.3015654


I'm not going to keep questioning you about your hardware or OS, in this place.

There were documented problems with Apple devices in December- January. Anons could not browse the site correctly, if at all.

You may want to look into running a VM. Sorry :(

e7ae79  No.3015655


Only small damage.

e0f34a  No.3015656

To the sick cabal. I DO NOT CONSENT.

4a30b3  No.3015657

File: 1a2324cf932c7ab⋯.jpeg (18.92 KB, 255x177, 85:59, 723050EA-9DC4-4349-A9EE-C….jpeg)

98387f  No.3015658


All you need to do is put a power cable into the ground at one end of the pipelinesystem

The electricity flows through the ground and everything attached. Any metal in the pipelines starts to carry current flow and far away from your power cable, the ground is no longer charged

So the current exits the pipeline and goes back into the ground

Along the way any metal touching wet earth or water or conductive fluid causes metals to erode. When the metal is weak enough


And now the vibrations from one explosion cause more metal failures and more explosions

6c8271  No.3015659


JFKJr. and GWB there at same time?

Phillips Academy, the boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts that counts both Bush presidents and John F. Kennedy, Jr. among its alumni,

d4e1e0  No.3015660


true, but the main thing is to get them roaming elsewhere.

even pee goes away after a few rains.

unless you are bussing kids in to pee - kek!

they sposed to have a sonic doohickey that works, but dogs cannot abide it.

d25490  No.3015661

anyone notice the LACK of 502s and captcha nonsense today??

ab043f  No.3015662

File: 08e3c100d7c5d59⋯.jpeg (115.15 KB, 1440x1021, 1440:1021, 1524052247.jpeg)


Why you think that?

f1ff5c  No.3015663


The report I found cites injuries.


1a2b79  No.3015664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Why we never went back to the moon look for what happened 9 months after 1st visit ?

626d0f  No.3015665

File: f3f5c4ab516af0f⋯.jpg (66.23 KB, 750x750, 1:1, f3f5c4ab516af0fe2edb905366….jpg)

File: d309527412e8b81⋯.jpg (186.09 KB, 700x465, 140:93, d309527412e8b81d3f95d11348….jpg)

900cfd  No.3015666

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

33e07f  No.3015667


Lol, this is so true. Not even the Left takes him seriously.

e7538b  No.3015668


Kek, and likely Pedovore human trafficking tunnels. Lots of tunnels there, OLD ones.

a328f5  No.3015669

File: 2b1057e4ab7b23f⋯.jpg (20.14 KB, 255x139, 255:139, WeThePe-pe-ople.jpg)


On it.

cc34a3  No.3015670


full smoothness

065afe  No.3015671


This image is of the Maxi trial in Palermo Sicily in the '80's. The parallel trial in the States was called "The Pizza Connection" trials

Freeh who became FBI director in the '90's was a prosecutor in the State -side trial[s]?

When the 50K indictments get opened will we also have to build a special staduim for the trial.

This was for under 100 criminals.

The jails around the circumference was for the accused to watch the trial.

fdedff  No.3015672

File: 1ffc963b7db4e30⋯.jpg (73.95 KB, 607x960, 607:960, gravity weak.jpg)

f1ff5c  No.3015673


I had to do a captcha. You didn't?

f87809  No.3015674


My aunt's neighbor years ago had her garage explode….not nearly as intense as this situation but this does NOT LOOK RIGHT.

Lot of white left….and light materials, for such an explosive fire fed by natural gas.

Days like this I thank fuck I have a tank, not lines like that connected to anywhere or anyone else.

0cffc1  No.3015675


Netflix douchebags were doing that in 2006. Hastings was all over K-12 'standards'.

Hell if I could sell over 10k shares a week Im sure I could make a difference too. Too bad he choose wrong.

198d23  No.3015676


Wait, can we still use that insult now after redditfugee migration?

f54c37  No.3015677

File: 16cb09384661361⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1848x1848, 1:1, 20180913_222627.jpg)

File: 666fd06d089f900⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 1917x1836, 71:68, 20180913_222706.jpg)

cc34a3  No.3015678



yes, one. that's the idea (once every 24h is fine)

50c527  No.3015679

WTF! Other anons having issues with the downloadable archives, and possible malicious code embedded? Clown or MOS code running in the background? I’m not a computeranon but maybe someone else can check. Only started after I downloaded!

285339  No.3015680

Reddit policy executive and member of the Atlantic Council Dr. Jessica P. Shooh coauthored this document.

Didn't read fully, only skimmed, but interesting to read their suggested strategy on the Middle East. To their credit, they did seem to acknowledge that immigrating Third World people all over the damn place wasn't helping anyone. All that does is leave the original troubled geographic areas stressed and abandoned, and displace people who don't have any idea WTF to do now that they're somewhere else.


Original doc is 66 pgs, file size too large for here

a328f5  No.3015681


No Q,<