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Pro Aris et Focis

File: aa70b5bab2b85aa⋯.jpg (305.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 5a9fc18a8f371b171a24217b7a….jpg)

08b202 No.383665

"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions."


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d93930 No.383669



Parkland, Florida shooting was a sting operation disguised as a false flag.

In the same vein, the Alabama Special was a sting op disguised as an election.

The media THINKS they are taking orders from the cabal, but since the puppets strings have been cut, the puppets of the cabal are now unwittingly work for us. This is Red October.

How do you expose false flags in the first place? You stage some of your own to expose how they work!

The way we win is we catch them in the act. Build iron clad cases. In this case, show how the media collaborates with Deep State for false flags, while simultaneously demonstrating how the Deep State pulled off past false flags.

2abe4d No.383681

File: 1cac1291492ff95⋯.gif (5.76 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 20180215_032834.gif)

d05b8f No.383683

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ae423d No.383687


>sting operation disguised as a false flag.

If you're saying a false flag by /ourguys/, then no, fuck you.

/ourguys/ would never intentionally put innocent people at risk.

1080ff No.383690

Extraterrestrials are real and play a big role in this, this cannot be hidden for long

5934fd No.383691


Chinese tanker/container ship + dead humans = all over the news.

Search engines are your BFF.

80b19e No.383693

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-14/new-data-shows-yellowstone-supervolcano-strained-magma-chamber-under-immense

7f2a61 No.383694


Some people seem to think a FF is a completely fake event like a stage show, they don't get it

72e830 No.383695

While serious violations like those in the Flint, Michigan, crisis are rare, ensuring reliable access to safe drinking water poses challenges for communities across the country, according to a recent study led by the University of California, Irvine.

Researchers found that between 1982 and 2015, 9 million to 45 million people annually were affected by water quality issues — and that low-income, rural regions were most vulnerable. Infractions were more numerous in “hot spots” in Texas, Oklahoma and Idaho, suggesting that these systems struggle with recurring problems.

For this first nationwide assessment of drinking water quality over several decades, trends in health-related incidents were evaluated along with vulnerability factors possibly influencing the frequency of violations since the 1974 passage of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Not all infractions pose immediate health concerns, but drinking water contaminants can cause short-term illnesses such as gastroenteritis, as well as chronic conditions including cancer and neurological disorders.

https:// www.


d93930 No.383696


No. Our guys would disguise a *staged* false flag as a real false flag in a sting op against the media.

898fdc No.383697

http:// www.cbc.ca/news/world/great-lakes-water-basin-waukesha-1.3650062


207117 No.383698



Injuries = Glowfags

61ec63 No.383699


Edmond de Rothschild: Water is more essential than oil

http:// www.edmond-de-rothschild.com/site/france/en/news/socially-responsible-investing/7677-water-is-more-essential-than-oil

467e40 No.383700


A lot of Mormons are asleep though good people trying to do what is right. And some of the Mormons in government are corrupt which makes people think it's all mormons. It's really sad. But a lot are awake and will fight like bears for this cause and love Pres Trump and this great nation and more and more are waking up everyday!

Also, I have to say - that when you say "deploying against us" I believe there is some of each and every faith deploying against us. We have to be careful not to paint them all with the same brush. Catholics, Jews, Muslims (though it's hard for me to believe that any are good if they believe in Sharia law - but I'm sure there are some non understanding straggler good people in there...kek), mormons, etc. It's not all jews taking over the nation, it's not all catholics are baby penis suckers, it's people of every single faith recruited and people of every faith working for cabal causes (though they aren't really of those faiths - just claim to be and keep up their appearance in those faiths while simultaneously following satan. You can't serve two masters)

627831 No.383701

Maybe there's nothing here. Maybe there is and I'm not autistic enough to see it?

You are missing the connections.

Continue to build the MAP.

MAP provides the KEY.

KEY spreads the TRUTH.



Future proves past.

Trust the plan.


Inside the Secret Program to Build the World's Best Maps

Sep 17, 2012

Google's Ground Truth wants to create the most accurate maps in the world. Here's what that means for the future of everything.

https:// www.citylab.com/design/2012/09/inside-secret-program-build-worlds-best-maps/3193/

4eec14 No.383702


Before this happens here is what needs to happen


Bye Roth_Srs_Frncis_Royals





Soon patriot


e05447 No.383703


I hope for that scenario. Assumed the possibility also…

But didn't want to jump on it just yet because of compromising the narrative.

3776e1 No.383704


Something about a member of Mueller's team meeting "offsite for 3-4 hours with Alex Soros. Maybe an anon has some plausible fake dirt he's giving up on CS. Be very vague so can't be proven/disproved.

Use their Alinsky tactics to start isolating one or 2 individuals. Get them to suspect eachother.

Maybe they'll Arkancide themselves.

83d20c No.383705


Potus is playing the MSM like a stratovarious.

9e426e No.383706

File: 95646355e54f3e5⋯.jpg (80.73 KB, 620x796, 155:199, tyb.jpg)

TY baker

ae423d No.383707

> concer…blah blah blah fuckin blah.. SAD

Doesn't mater if its fake or not. Good people do not put innocents in danger by design. Fuck off.

faf1cf No.383708


You should be a writer for sure. Great minds here .

2aa2eb No.383709


Great post. The main things people believe:

1 Other people / oganisations are well-intentioned

2 The truth only comes from the Mass Media

627831 No.383710


Perhaps the memefags should create memes to explain false flags with examples.

62d127 No.383711


Flat Earth

467e40 No.383712


Nope. Not real. Unless they are human extraterrestrials. Which I do believe are out there.

898fdc No.383713


http:// www.cbc.ca/news/world/great-lakes-water-basin-waukesha-1.3650062


faf1cf No.383714

Who is the BOSS of the Jesuit Superior General ? NOBODY knows that answer.

5f9953 No.383715

http:// www.inspiretochangeworld.com/2015/09/isis-is-working-on-mossadcia-plan-to-create-greater-israel/

d86c38 No.383716


Nestle's wants to privatize all water. The argument is that corporations are better suited to protect and properly distribute the water than society and local [state/city] governments

fa0046 No.383717

File: ba86226855c9c2d⋯.jpg (179.62 KB, 822x1461, 274:487, IMG_3353.JPG)

Notice anything? 'Shooter in Florida' Eagles shirt 2 emblem. Lynn Rothschild?? Is this a connection?

83bb6d No.383719

Watch the Water….

I keep thinking about that mural from NK with the tidal waters destroying a city.

Watch the Water….= Watch NK?

369696 No.383720


I just searched it. so weird. i had not heard it. I was more curious about the weird photo

e05447 No.383721


isis, mossad and cia, that makes total sense - they are all the same "group"

61ec63 No.383722

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Rothschild's Water Wars, Vaccinations & Future Cities

993f37 No.383723

File: 9c7039474df65d6⋯.png (531.25 KB, 800x800, 1:1, TOAD Warrior.png)


Dropping this again in this bread for discussion.

A map is a representation of reality. Q's educational program of crumb tossing and research has resulted in our development of a map that represents reality, not the Alice in Wonderland narrative provided to us. The public, however, is spellbound by the narrative and their view of reality is an Alice in Wonderland fantasy that they believe to be the truth. They are asleep, in darkness.

The central problem is how to wake up the American People who are enspelled. Understanding the map is the first issue, which means understanding how things really work, who the real players are and what their relationships really are.

The keystone is Donald J Trump, who was recruited to become the President of the United States because only the presidency has the power but it has to be held by the right man. The Wizards and Warlocks helped him and prevented the election from being stolen and after he became President, he had the full power of the US military behind him. There are advantages to that and it means he will win the hard battles, but there is another issue that we have to deal with.

The KEYS are individual issues that will unlock an individual's perception of reality (their map). One key is the proof of wild political corruption. Another is the pedophilia. Another is the suppressed cancer/AIDS cures. These are issues that will cause the public to change their perception of reality. They are very powerful keys that will unlock minds and allow the truth to be received. With that truth, the light can be shown on other issues and their map of reality will change.

There is no one, single map because different people can have different perspectives, but the map must represent reality. There is no single key, no single truth and no particular perspective from which the light must shine, because everyone is different. What will work for some will not work for others. Right now they are in darkness, enspelled and asleep. With the right keys they will know the truth and open their eyes to see the light. MAP, KEY, TRUTH and LIGHT were repeated, but HUMANITY only once. There is only one humanity.

Q has repeatedly stated that the future proves the past and I know that some of the answers we think we had months ago have been proven to be incorrect because we are able to see much more now.

Some things are not worth arguing because they divide rather than unite, which is why we need to focus on the major keys first. That means going back to the earliest Q crumbs and re-examining them. Once again Q has told us plainly that we are missing connections. A spider web was used as an example. Spider webs have lines of power/influence running outward from the center, but they are supported by the connections between each line of power. For that we must start again with the 40,000 view and make a map of the connections according to the keys. There can be many webs, all connected back to the cabal.

How are the connections (individuals/groups) connected and what keys connect them?




Political Corruption

Business Corruption



Secret Societies


Satanism/ritual murder

Blinding People

Suppressing Truth

Profiting From The Misery of Others

This, I believe, needs to be explored carefully and fully so we can build a comprehensive map that allows the future news to be read correctly.

How does Q have information about all this? That's classified. Trawling all this data is part of their job, but revealing it is a crime. So, they know the truth but our laws protecting our civil liberties are being used to keep the people deaf, dumb and stupid. That was the entire point of the memo, getting the classified material unclassified so the people could see the truth and wake up to the corruption.

Right now, if the American People had enough of an issue they might turn against the President and he could be removed from office, so it's critical that the people be awakened and go from being asleep to being awake in the light. As long as they're enspelled they will believe the lies the MSM tells them. However, it's not enough for the evil MSM/MOCKINGBIRD garbage to end, all that does is end the lies. The public needs to be educated and the keys will open their eyes.

95% of the people will not respond to dialectic, the facts, logic, reason, evidence and testimony of a rational argument. They will respond to rhetoric, which is purely emotional. The memes are rhetorical in nature and that's why they work so well if used correctly. The most powerful emotion? Shame.

d93930 No.383724


Agreed. If this is the case, and I'm starting to believe it is, we let it play out. Only on this board should be possibility even be discussed.

1080ff No.383725


I know - I am merely prepping the subconscious of those ready.

Glad the false disclosure didn't take off. I would have had to sort that garbage for weeks.

First the Cabal goes down, then the choice to know will be yours.

You can feel the veil of the matrix clamp down on my words. Not for long.

1d69d2 No.383726


That reminds me. It might be time to upgrade "Drain the swamp." In the literal sense, draining the swamp is about removing the water from the swamp. When that's done, everything that was hidden by the water--old tires, lost fishing rods, alligators, and any other trash you can think of--become exposed, and they are seen. With some audiences, at least, we've come a long way doing that. But we don't want a bunch of trash around. There comes a point where we need to "CLEAR the swamp." Or clean the swamp. Or some other words along those lines.

faf1cf No.383727


Frog face MK ultra look in his eyes .

15084b No.383728


Yes. Benghazi... I was gutted. Felt like we abandoned our own (and we did). Then, we had to listen to that awful and insulting explanation. And, then we watched them being eulogized by the very sick people who did not even make an attempt to support. It still burns.

4eec14 No.383729

File: b6fc23aa163a01f⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 260x318, 130:159, d95e07291c14302d565809c11e….jpg)

File: acfb99945b8043c⋯.jpg (46.9 KB, 640x360, 16:9, abdc7547f5dae97bb8cca5e5fa….jpg)

File: c0b6b00404eb2af⋯.jpg (38.28 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 2c7872f680d1247954eec42a3a….jpg)

File: 74512cb298e882c⋯.jpg (27.58 KB, 640x432, 40:27, 74512cb298e882c32bb361cc31….jpg)



http:// yournewswire.com/wikileaks-pope-benedict-deep-state/


f598ae No.383730


Same thoughts here, too.

ea0a59 No.383731


The key!

Look at Assange's post. That uses a hexadecimal alphabet.

What number range are the markers within?

[0] to [15], 16 chars, Base 16

The Q map includes incidental communications with anons, not fit for distributing a key in its entirety since it isn't solely predetermined by Q/Potus.

The markers on the other hand...


Key is hexadecimal and can be derived from the markers.

898fdc No.383732

The lakes' main source of legal protection comes from the Great Lakes Compact, an agreement between eight Great Lakes states that was further approved by Congress and signed by President George W. Bush in 2008.

9e426e No.383734


Noticed that right away. A message

1080ff No.383735


Disgusting. Spoiler these images first :-)

2aa2eb No.383736


Why would ETs coming be a good thing?

faf1cf No.383737


No blood on him I can see . How do you kill 17 and not have a drop of blood on you or even 1 injury apparent?

d93930 No.383738

db584d No.383739


I am preparing to accept even this…

08b202 No.383740

File: 4154e7e16be1be2⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 320x240, 4:3, see ya.jpg)


https:// pastebin.com/DFT39Yth

44099a No.383741

What do we know about Profima SA?

Research in old archives, however, reveals more of the truth. Companies House files disclose that British Grolux Investments inherited its entire property portfolio after a reorganisation in 1999 from two predecessor companies called British Grolux Ltd and Cheylesmore Estates. The shares of those firms were in turn held by a company based at the address of the JP Morgan bank in New York. Ultimate control is recorded as being exercised by a Swiss company, Profima SA.

British wartime records from the National Archives in Kew complete the picture. They confirm Profima SA as the Vatican's own holding company, accused at the time of "engaging in activities contrary to Allied interests". Files from officials at Britain's Ministry of Economic Warfare at the end of the war criticised the pope's financier, Bernardino Nogara, who controlled the investment of more than £50m cash from the Mussolini windfall.

fad848 No.383742


"Lake Michigan has become dramatically clearer in last 20 years — but at a steep cost."

http: //www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-lake-michigan-water-clarity-20180126-story.html

More water in the news.

4eec14 No.383743



The universe is TEAMing with life.

90ad2e No.383744

Nanny Potter at it again:

>The current Q is the product of the Obama stay behind network, Twitter, black hat IC, and the Obama Foundation. Heads Up!!

https:// twitter.com/RoystonPotter/status/963968574611111936

d93930 No.383745



Time travel.

1d69d2 No.383746


Depends which ETs show up.

f598ae No.383747


Right now, the thing I wish for most, is for Q to elaborate on his recent post about the Matrix…particularly the last 2 lines. REALLY makes me think & worry.

faf1cf No.383748

How far away can you get hit with blood? How does he have no blood on him at all?! He shot no one up close ? All from far away? Any soldiers here ? Is it possible to just kill 17 and not have any blood on you?

80b19e No.383749


Good thinking

1080ff No.383750


Because they are good.

Because advanced civilizations figued out that hate and violence always lead to destruction.

So they are not happy with the last of their brethren still living in a crazy place full of evil, and they want to help us clean it up.

08b202 No.383751

File: fa67804541c3e50⋯.jpg (51.86 KB, 533x400, 533:400, Kurt-Russell-as-Jack-Burto….jpg)


prove it. sounds like some shilly bullshit to me.

1d69d2 No.383752


I think Q's twitter timing thing has been sufficient to nix that idea.

faf1cf No.383753


There is a good ET bread where all this is being discussed. FYI.

19a846 No.383754


Here are bunch of cancer cures that cost less than $100:

Sodium Bicarbonate (Red Mill from iHerb.com)

+ Maple Syrup - mix in saucepan and heat till warm. Ratio of 1:3 (1 of sodium b to 3 of maple syrup). Take neat and TAKE IN MORNING (otherwise you might be in for a nasty surprise when in bed - as in possibly massive bowl movement). Reason behind this cure? The stomach of cancer cells are on the outside and that means much bugger surface area to feed. Cancer cells love sugar. Sodium Bicarbonate has oxygen atoms which destroy cancer cells on contact. So the sweet stuff takes the cancer killer straight to the bad cancer cells and kills them off. Hence huge die-off and sudden elimination required. You may be running to the toilet within an hour or so, which is why you DO NOT take this when going to bed.

Oregano oil (www.sel.us)

Take 1 or 2 drops under the tongue.

Extremely potent cancer cure but the oil is very 'hot' and stings like hell if you have too much hence 1 or 2 drops. Under the tongue is where stuff can be absorbed very, very quickly into the blood stream.

Flax seed Oil and cottage cheese

I've never used it but it is well known in cancer cure circles. I have no idea why it works.

MMS (jimhimble.is)

Master Mineral Supplement - Two separate bottles are purchased - Sodium citrate in a 28% solution with water and citric acid (other protocols are now available too). The protocol entails mixing the two with a ratio of 1:5 (1 of sodium citrate to 5 of citric acid) which equals 1 drop (drops are started off at 1 or 2 then increased slowly over time) the combination creates chlorine dioxide, an intelligent chemical that kills pathogens foreign to the human body and can kill over 600 of these pathogens and viruses. A huge range of diseases can be cured: Malaria in 24 hrs, autism over many months, cancer over a few weeks, etc. Go to the site and find where you can get this stuff. Very cheap.

Diatomaceous Earth

Very, very fine powder which consists of fossilized remains of diatoms. Under a microscope these particles have tiny hooks all over them and therefore hook into anything that is a parasite. Parasites are what cause cancer. for a 1lb bag about $5 + shipping. Drink lots of water with this. The powder can be sprinkled on food and has no taste whatsoever.

Essiac Tea

Lots of shill products out there now so to get the correct stuff requires some digging. Tested in the 1920's by a Canadian nurse who was given terminally ill patients. All but 1 (out of, I think, 99) were cured. Ontario medical board made life hell for her even though it was the medical boad who gave her the patients and supported her in the first place. Interesting story. Essiac Tea based on old native American/Canadian protocols.

High voltage colloidal silver

Best colloidal silver is made using high voltage - 2000+ volts. You can use the electronics from a microwave oven after ditching the magnatron (the radiation creating bit). Look up the youtube channel of Bruce McBurney. He walks you through the steps of making a colliodal silver making machine using one of these. This is the system Dr. Horowitz uses to make his colloidal silver, thouhg he does not give any credit to Bruce. Bruce 'died' in March 2015. I believe he was 'taken out' as he made the best colloidal silver in the world.

Cannabinoid Oil

Oil from the hemp plant. Very effective.

And a whole lot more but you can find more in the cancer cure book which you can download here:


And for your information cancer is as easy to cure as a fucking common cold is. All the above were given to my dad (apart from the cannabinoid oil) when I found out he had bone cancer. 6 months after starting to take the above he was cancer free. So fuck you Big Pharma you evil gits.

The CAUSE of cancer was discovered by Dr. Johannes Fibiger and he got the Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1926.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered that a high pH level in the body prevented cancer from taking hold. He actually found that a high pH solution killed off cancer cells. He got a Nobel Prize for that in 1931.

And (((they))) talk about the theory of a high alkaline diet. Fucking bastards. Anyway that should be enough to save most of humanity from any disease anyone cares to know about.

And lastly, here is a phenomenal book on understanding how the body works written by a doctor:


Please download and spread this stuff far and wide. One person off meds is millions of $$$ less in the pockets of the killers.

4eec14 No.383755


Been told that Yournewswire is a fake news outlet

PATRIOTS Please confirm/deny CONTENT.

ae423d No.383756



TY Baker!

07f9e0 No.383757

Anons, I assume all the school shooting -related docs in >>383665 have been backed up elsewhere? Can't have a repeat of LV info blackout ever again with these events..

927fbf No.383758

Cabal members are probably raping newborn babies in their mansions while Q is playing around with riddles

Most of the cabal will die in their mansions before they can face justice

I understand that it is going to take time

But still FUCK Q

Q team has the evidence

The videos and pictures EVERYTHING

A minute wasted on games = lives lost

56d345 No.383759

File: 923fccdb27e6403⋯.jpg (184.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, arebelongtous.jpg)


I am not advocating anything illegal, and I'm sure Q cannot blatantly ask us to do it, but…

Unless stated otherwise, I assume one of the reasons Q chose the chans is because they are home to whitehats who have the ability to… safely obtain data not normally available…

6697f1 No.383761

File: d5e3206437cfad0⋯.jpg (554.8 KB, 1850x1850, 1:1, AntifaCruz.jpg)

07f9e0 No.383762

Mr. "Cabal members are probably raping newborn babies" is a shill

08df4f No.383763

Was there any mention of them finding the weapon? Lots of stuff on hearing shots, victims..but didn't see the weapon being recovered.

1080ff No.383764

I can't prove the ET thing due to massive control. I cannot waste time on spoonfeeding.

YOU can only prove it for yourself. Deeper you go the more unreal it becomes, so… be ready.

The choice to know will be yours, as Q said.

But this is not to steal your attention. First the Cabal has to go down, then you will find the hidden Truth very easily.

927fbf No.383765


It's pretty clear that you are a shill

0b30e7 No.383766

<Essiac Tea

Lots of shill products out there now so to get the correct stuff requires some digging. Tested in the 1920's by a Canadian nurse who was given terminally ill patients. All but 1 (out of, I think, 99) were cured. Ontario medical board made life hell for her even though it was the medical boad who gave her the patients and supported her in the first place. Interesting story. Essiac Tea based on old native American/Canadian protocols.

I have personal xp with this. My dada cured his skin and colon cancer with this. It also cured 100% dry eye disease.

Sheep sarrow is the active ingredient that purifies the blood and alkalizes your system. NO CANCER CAN LIVE WHEN YOUR BODY PH IS 7.0 and up.

Essiac is the nurses name backwards.

bc3142 No.383767

File: fabb124bc5615cf⋯.jpg (42.27 KB, 676x456, 169:114, dad-beats-up-molester.jpg)


Me triggered. Not in the least.

898fdc No.383768


S.J.Res.45 - Great Lakes–St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact

110th Congress (2007-2008)

LAWHide Overview

Sponsor: Sen. Levin, Carl [D-MI] (Introduced 07/23/2008)

Committees: Senate - Judiciary | House - Judiciary

Latest Action: 10/03/2008 Became Public Law No: 110-342. (TXT | PDF) (All Actions)

Roll Call Votes: There has been 1 roll call vote


This bill has the status Became LawHere are the steps for Status of Legislation:

IntroducedPassed SenatePassed HouseTo PresidentBecame Law

1d69d2 No.383769

07f9e0 No.383770

I'm not going to directly reply to the post, but 383761. That guy was confirmed as not the shooter right?

15084b No.383771


Thank you very much… I assume that these will be going in the bread? I don't want to miss these, but it seems like all the good stuff happens in the middle of night,

898fdc No.383772


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Water_law_in_the_United_States

e05447 No.383773


if thats not a fake tweet, then they just admitted that is \thierguy\

4eec14 No.383774


The AI is monitoring and manipulating our online interaction and behavior.

We feed it our energy

It stays online.

There are people outside of all the algos

They never use the internet

they design it to keep us online


a31ddb No.383775

I'm thinking about an anagram for RED OCTOBER and according http:// anagram-solver.net/redoctober it's returning…

"Robert D. Coe"

Make any sense?

80b19e No.383776

3f44fe No.383777


I'm with you!

It is obvious that Q team has all the data. Instead of dropping lil drops everytime PLEASE drop ALL and let us process.

You know, we also have a full time job, a child to look after and the washing machine broke!



fa0046 No.383778


Also noticed a video going around where police are coming into the classroom to clear it. It blew up on social media cause they said hands up put your phones down. What I noticed, 1. Who was positioned to film this? Seems heck of odd to be there & calmly set up to film the door where people are coming in. 2. Teacher standing on left side of frame also loooking at the door 3. Someone raising their hands & shaking a lot. 4. One guy sitting on floor, dark shirt, left side closer to center, police come in, he turns & looks behind him at other kids on the floor, & has a smirking grin on his face. He does not raise his hands. Fishy fishy

cfb09c No.383779


Lake Michigan...... My chemistry teacher said that nuclear power plants used to dispose of there spent nuclear fuel rods there. No joke.


Naaw man, I heard they threw him in Lake Superior. Dead bodies don't flout in Lake Superior.... its to cold.

e05447 No.383780

File: 19e1bf4f50d8e3e⋯.gif (340.21 KB, 500x348, 125:87, hovercat.gif)


revel in the fact that AI can never appreciate kittys…

369696 No.383781


i am starting to feel that way. ugh

got to go to bed

898fdc No.383782


This has STINK all over it

08b202 No.383783

File: 7f1606810785a94⋯.gif (2 MB, 268x268, 1:1, tumblr_nsl2i6EehD1qc3ju8o4….gif)

New Baker Required

just about bed time boys even if I'm not baking I'm around

dc68c3 No.383784


Better get to work on that washer there, wrench fag.

927fbf No.383785


Ha my washing machine broke down too

08b202 No.383786

File: 342bb0d6fc9d894⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 812x347, 812:347, 2011-10-29-jackburton.jpg)


good to hear

d05b8f No.383787

File: 5d77a722e685e72⋯.png (302.04 KB, 624x959, 624:959, ClipboardImage.png)


6, July, 1960

Subject: Admiral Piri Reis Map

TO: Prof. Charles H. Hapgood

Keene College

Keene, New Hampshire

Dear Professor Hapgood,

Your request of evaluation of certain unusual features of the Piri Reis map of 1513 by this organization has been reviewed.

The claim that the lower part of the map portrays the Princess Martha Coast of Queen Maud Land, Antarctic, and the Palmer Peninsular, is reasonable. We find that this is the most logical and in all probability the correct interpretation of the map.

The geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.

This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap.

The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick.

We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge in 1513.

Harold Z. Ohlmeyer Lt. Colonel, USAF Commander

db584d No.383788


And even this…

I am really preparing for the moment, when i realize that everything i thought to know or to believe is going to be proven as false.

Even if nothing of such scale may habben.

But i think the events of the last months really showed us the need to be more open minded and to "Expand our thinking"

19a846 No.383789






90ad2e No.383790


Sheep Sorrel.

This is where I get the ingredients because woman doesn't used irradiated herbs. Great place in general. I believe she purchased the original formula from descendants of Renee Caisse (the story is on her site somewhere).

http:// www.herbalhealer.com/

6ee18d No.383791

Nope don't think this is plausible at all.


It's too all over the media and how would you explain that without looking like the bad guys. You'd have to get all these people to go along with you in short time. Just no, I don't think so. Am I misunderstanding what you mean?

1080ff No.383792


Make sure these are safe, especially diatomaceous earth should be "food grade". Dirt cheap too. Try also Chaga tea and beetroot.

dfaaa8 No.383793

File: 4298c841466edd8⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1438x1009, 1438:1009, Capture _2018-02-15-02-58-….png)

File: 116812396874730⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1300x1437, 1300:1437, Capture _2018-02-15-03-42-….png)

Thank-You for the transparency. I do appreciate.

cb206a No.383794

File: 1a8ef68d110a052⋯.png (1.46 MB, 565x903, 565:903, ChelseaIsAnnaJames.png)

File: 6bc98d5f53177d2⋯.png (2.37 MB, 993x831, 331:277, AnnaJamesAKAChelsea[T]eneo.png)

File: 996985f1b3727e3⋯.png (2.89 MB, 988x1021, 988:1021, AnnaJamesDoesNotBelieveInC….png)


5fd1fa No.383795

KEY. What else begins with K? Kike?

72e830 No.383796

File: 16a3faccb730809⋯.jpeg (277.64 KB, 1232x679, 176:97, 29E810D6-0538-4961-9E95-D….jpeg)

Remind me of the tulip fields in Holland

0d4490 No.383797

This guy wouldn't make it in Hollywood. CNN does it again! Wolf Blitzer in quick interview with crying former FBI pundit.

It's damn funny.

http:// thehill.com/homenews/media/373918-cnn-analyst-breaks-down-crying-while-talking-about-florida-school-shooting#.WoTl0osxpR0.twitter

2aa2eb No.383798


>I can't prove the ET thing due to massive control. I cannot waste time on spoonfeeding.

There's all sorts of stuff out there a bout various kinds of ET and different scenarios of the actual physical universe. Its not spoonfeeding to say which you believe to be true.

4eec14 No.383799






Don't forget to sleep, anons

sleep is safe

1d69d2 No.383800


I've already seen enough weird stuff to know things aren't as we've been told they are.

d3f001 No.383801

https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Perry_Barlow Died a few days ago, strongly against DJT.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is an international non-profit digital rights group based in San Francisco, California. The foundation was formed in July, 1990 by John Gilmore, John Perry Barlow and Mitch Kapor to promote Internet civil liberties.

EFF provides funds for legal defense in court, presents amicus curiae briefs, defends individuals and new technologies from what it considers abusive legal threats, works to expose government malfeasance, provides guidance to the government and courts, organizes political action and mass mailings, supports some new technologies which it believes preserve personal freedoms and online civil liberties, maintains a database and web sites of related news and information, monitors and challenges potential legislation that it believes would infringe on personal liberties and fair use, and solicits a list of what it considers abusive patents with intentions to defeat those that it considers without merit.

EFF also provides tips, tools, how-to's, tutorials, and software[5] for safer online communications.[6]

The creation of the organization was motivated by the massive search and seizure on Steve Jackson Games executed by the United States Secret Service early in 1990. Similar but officially unconnected law-enforcement raids were being conducted across the United States at about that time as part of a state–federal task force called Operation Sundevil. However, the Steve Jackson Games case, which became EFF's first high-profile case, was the major rallying point around which EFF began promoting computer- and Internet-related civil liberties. In 1993, their offices moved to 1001 G Street in Washington, D.C.

In the spring of 2006, EFF announced the opening of an office again in Washington, D.C., with two new staff attorneys.[12] In 2012, EFF began a fundraising campaign for the renovation of a building located at 815 Eddy Street in San Francisco, to serve as its new headquarters.[13] The move was completed in April, 2013.[14] On April 1, 2015, Shari Steele stepped down as Executive Director.[15] Cindy Cohn became the new executive director, Corynne McSherry became the legal director, and Kurt Opsahl became the general counsel.

Legislative activity[edit]

The EFF is a leading supporter of the Email Privacy Act.[20]

Recent Activism[edit]

The EFF was active in the United States presidential election 2016 because of online phishing related to the controversy over fabrication of election results. J. Alex Halderman, a computer security professor at the University of Michigan, wrote an article that was published in Medium in 2016 stating he thought it was advisable to have a recount on some of the election results from states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.[29] In retaliation for Halderman standing up for the uncertain election results, a hacker sent anti-Semitic and racist emails to students at University of Michigan signed from Halderman. The EFF publicizes these controversies and promotes the reduction of online phishing.[30]


The EFF has developed some software and browser add-ons, including Switzerland, HTTPS Everywhere, and Privacy Badger.

Secure Messaging Scorecard[edit]

The EFF has also conducted a project named Secure Messaging Scorecard which "evaluated apps and tools based on a set of seven specific criteria ranging from whether messages were encrypted in transit to whether or not the code had been recently audited."[31] Version 1.0 is accessible here. As of April 21, 2017, a revised version is under development.[31]


EFF as of 2014 had $23 million in assets,[33] having received multiple grants or donations above 1 million dollars in its history. On February 18, 2004, the EFF announced that it had received a bequest of US$1.2 million from the estate of EFF member Leonard Zubkoff, a software developer and entrepreneur.[34] It used $1 million of this money to establish the EFF Endowment Fund for Digital Civil Liberties.

In late June 2014 the EFF flew a GEFA-FLUG AS 105 GD/4[40] blimp owned by, and in conjunction with, Greenpeace over the NSA's Bluffdale-based Utah Data Center in protest against its purported illegal spying.[41]

6a396a No.383802


this being the case, maybe the "Watch the water" refers to some swamp creatures that will soon be publicly exposed… future will prove past, just one of my thoughts on this

fad848 No.383803


YOU say you understand that it's going to take time, BUT fuck Q anyway.

That's like saying you know the medicine you're taking for your illness is going to take time to work, but fuck the doctor anyway.

Illogical. Emotional incontinence.

4eec14 No.383804


AI can never appreciate

but we can!


9e426e No.383805


>The end won't be for everyone.

>That choice, to know, will be yours.

Just saying not everyone will swallow the red pills that are coming.

Me, I've been down the rabbit holes brother, truth is stranger than fiction. This descent has been going on for thousands of years. It's gotten real bad in the last ~850.

Study the gnostic concept of the archon. The parasites that took down Atlantis and have been with us since. What is earth anyway?

0b30e7 No.383806


Yes. Ima bad speller.

I'm going to post my info in the vax thread to keep board cleaner. TY!

faf1cf No.383807


Yea the chick on the floor with the shooter in the room, she just happens to be curled up in a ball scared for her life but holding a phone up filming .It's INSANE !

80b19e No.383809

7758a0 No.383810


Bad idea to impersonate a judge.

1080ff No.383811


OK. So there exists a positive ET faction (this is a bit of an understatement) that is interested in our development, but cannot intervene directly because we are mind-controlled slaves and hostages of the Cabal. They have to be removed or else they'd rain down various weapons on us if the ET's tried to show up.

d93930 No.383812


Different groups would be operating with different levels of intel. No one in the media has to know it's staged. They think it's real. The students think it was real, but none of the ones actually involved, those are actors. We wouldn't look like the bad guys, because we will eventually reveal the truth. How the hell else are we going to tell the nation Sandy Hook was staged? You have to get them to accept it as a possibility. Soften the blow.

faf1cf No.383813


That mafia Don said he was in the pillar of the bridge. Gambino in a interview on youtube. He also said 911 was an inside job.

6ee18d No.383814


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIp5xKRsSck

This was a good watch.

That being said, I feel like even time travel is impossible. But I too am open to anything at this point though it seems HIGHLY impossible. Like how in the actual f would that happen?? No amount of technology tells me that we can travel to the future. I think "time travel" i.e. the man in the video I posted above is more of a get in this machine and we will interject some serious mind control into you and make you "think" you just time traveled then inject you with some medicine and leave you on the street for your "trip back". Not sure the purpose but… yeah.

6a396a No.383815


Well, if diseases are cured, it won't be too long until we become overpopulated here on earth. I don't discount anything at this point.

07f9e0 No.383816


I guess a phone, if positioned right, could be useful in allowing you to see if the shooter has gone out of the room or whatever, instead of poking your head out and getting your brain matter all over the walls

1d69d2 No.383817


Bad idea to impersonate anyone. Just do something harmless like a commemorative day.

1080ff No.383818



Just call them ankle biters. Why give them any power with word-programming.

80b19e No.383819


This is how you get V&

c3a55b No.383820


Yea go back to the clown pic idea with a little note. That way no one goes to jail :)

898fdc No.383821

The Kenyan signed the Northeast Marine Monuments Act.

It accomplished one thing. Kicked all the Commercial Fishermen ( generations of family Lobstermen ) out so the GOOD OLE BOY network could have the best Tuna and Trophy Fish grounds of Georges Banks to themselves….IE: Conservation…..

I wish President Trump would repeal it!!!

08b202 No.383822

File: 52ab6476eabe879⋯.jpg (84.77 KB, 500x587, 500:587, can I get a hand.jpg)



07f9e0 No.383823


Yeeaaahhh. Just a little.

Wonder if this could be avoided by sending page 1 of a supposed 2-page document. The page sent would be the one without anything purporting to be the ID of a judge. Pure info for them to lap up and run with, without impersonating judges.

d3f001 No.383824


He died of a heart attack

faf1cf No.383825


Filming anything would be last on my list of things to do.

e05447 No.383826


I was thinking of targeting tomorrow - it's too late today.

Giving some thought to introducing the official "guerrilla channel" for conservatives or something so stupid, that when liberals jump on it they show their libtard colors.

1080ff No.383827


"Population control is dependent on education. We feel an educated population needs no control."

e63629 No.383828

$70 frame $30 museum glass $20 art


9cca35 No.383829


Nope. Innocents died. It wasn't our guys.

1d69d2 No.383831


It's 4am EST already.

d3f001 No.383832



Serendipitously, today marks the 22nd anniversary of his writing of the Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace – a decree that carried the torch of a generation of young hackers, like I once was, helping forge a brave new world where the internet and all the knowledge it contains, knows neither boundaries nor limits, wants most to be free. He will forever be known as the godfather of freedom on the Internet — for threatening to drop his wrench into the complex machinery of whatever injustice he saw brewing. And sometimes he would."



e05447 No.383833


I still got time for that- 50mins…

it's a go!

07f9e0 No.383834


Another idea is start each line or whatever with certain letters to spell out a message. "Fuck Clowns" etc. Add to the butthurt after they realise they were had.

7ed60d No.383835

As I sit here and observe whats going on here on the board and whats happening in the world, I get the urge to replay MGS2

2c9704 No.383836

File: 8342aca458acea3⋯.png (199.16 KB, 991x319, 991:319, Marcel Edward Fontaine.PNG)

5a662c No.383837


> Eagles shirt

School mascot. Shirt matches school colors, also.

e05447 No.383838


Oh turd. Yur right… It's NY time!

Oh well, it wasnt going to actually get in the news anyway.

a31ddb No.383839

File: 06599f21a9ce613⋯.jpg (58.57 KB, 779x427, 779:427, barlow.jpg)

07f9e0 No.383840


(that idea would be if you did a fake *and not illegal* official document of some sort)

cbbd57 No.383841


>process known as "The Apache Way," more than 680 individual Members and 6,500 Committers across six continents successfully collaborate to develop freely available enterprise-grade software, benefiting millions of users worldwide

Now imagine the clowns having complete control of those 680 individuals…

448791 No.383842

File: e3b35b5c23fecdf⋯.jpg (156.74 KB, 898x648, 449:324, 8472d4f5bb91224dbd3bff5ad6….jpg)

Is there any more information about the NSA shooting? Everything is being flooded about the FL shooting. Why are all mass shootings seemingly done with legally owned AR15s? Tried to figure out how gun control got started in France but hit a language barrier. What can you search to learn not just about gun control but weapon control in general?

6ee18d No.383843


Now this is starting to sway me. So. What about the dead in this case? Who are these 17 people? Walk me through this op. lol. Do they have friends that "think" they are dead and they were going to die for real but didn't, or they were never going to die?

I can tell you straight up, if the "government" came to me and said "we are going to do this fake thing here, sign this NDA and play along with us for the betterment of humanity because this was really supposed to happen and we are tricking really bad people while also saving you." I, being the awake one that I am… would say "fuck off, have a nice time I'm not playing your games. I've seen this before." So just trying to understand how this could be possible or I guess I'm trying to make us all think more on it.

False flag attacks a big one for me. I can't take them anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want answers on them so so so so so badly.

6697f1 No.383844


It's Pinned to his twatter

faf1cf No.383845


Time for the enemy Chrissy Cuomo (FUCK YOU) and Evil Alisson (beat down)to get their tank's firing targeting orders from Satan this morning Hi David ! .

8c1a46 No.383846


https:// www.johnperrybarlow-wellnesstrust.com/

1d69d2 No.383847


There's always tomorrow. Hopefully, they won't have seen any related posts.

07f9e0 No.383848



any more info on NSA thing?

c0dd6e No.383849

SEPT 7, 1776.

World's first submarine attack - Sep 07, 1776 - HISTORY.com

Watch the water.

d93930 No.383850


We're still in the alpha timeline, but in the near future, technology will expand so rapidly that we breakthrough the 4th dimension and *unlock time itself* – which is only a social construct we've created inside the alpha timeline. At the point, we split into infinite parallel universes. The alpha timeline plays on an infinite loop w/ guardian hive-mind time travelers keeping the glue together to prevent any paradox. The tech is simple, they send their future minds to the past w/ robotic avatars. They can achieve this because future us have broken through the false space/time continuum.

8c1a46 No.383851


FEBRUARY 3, 2017


A Conversation on the Frontier in the History of a Whistle-Blower


http:// www.mantlethought.org/philosophy/edward-snowden-john-perry-barlow-and-new-american-frontier

4eec14 No.383852



90ad2e No.383853


Says John from six feet under.

d93930 No.383854


In this theory, there is no deaths. We have crisis actors too.

db584d No.383855


Thats what i mean. For example i always felt that there is something wrong with our society. When i accidentally red pilled myself about the deep state i felt this unbelievable relief because i was right the whole time without knowing it. Then i came here about a month ago and learned about "pizza gate" and the CF. For me as EurAnon these things where completely under my radar. And the deeper i got thanks to you Anons, i started to question barely anything. I don't know where the next six months are going to take us. But as i said i am preparing myself to go back to square one.

Anyhow… What an exiting time to be alive.

Now back to Lurk moar….

a9b4cd No.383856

WHO - World Health Org>>383852

1d69d2 No.383857


I would try WHO.

faf1cf No.383858

Already seeing photos of AR-15s on the front of the communist enemy news pages. Ban guns so they can run us over. KILL THESE FUCKS Q !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ae423d No.383860

Coe, Robert Douglas (b. 1902) — also known as Robert D. Coe — of Cody, Park County, Wyo.

Born in New York, New York County, N.Y., February 27, 1902.

U.S. Vice Consul in Porto Alegre, 1929; U.S. Consul in Calcutta, 1937; Moscow, 1937; U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, 1953-57. Burial location unknown.

(See also U.S. State Dept career summary)

http:// politicalgraveyard.com/bio/cochrane-coey.html

cfb09c No.383861


You might be right…. but how likely is it that this all ties into the Mob, Jimmy Hoffa, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. With all that is going on… I mean $hillary's maiden name is Rodham. Her father was a mob boss.

e05447 No.383862

File: 8a1b70ca151aec7⋯.jpg (138.33 KB, 736x800, 23:25, CIA Crisis MONTRA.jpg)


Watch "we need to talk about sandy hook"

Read "no one died at sandy hook"

These resources explain how they perform the operations…

(pic related)

6215f7 No.383863


Spiders also weave two types of silk.

Structural silk which is non sticky and has high tensile strength and sticky silk used for catching prey.

Find an orb weavers web and touch the web leading from the center to the anchor points on a tree, flower stem etc.

no sticky, touch the strands in between the structural web and you stick to it. This web model IMO applied to what we are dealing with, strutcural web holds it all together and the sticky catches cabal prey. Break the structure and the whole lot comes crashing to the ground, spiders and all.

07f9e0 No.383864


Don't ban guns, ban clowns

4eec14 No.383865



a31ddb No.383866

The Rise of Dot-Communism (1999)

CAMDEN, Maine – The dawn of popular culture is just beginning, John Perry Barlow said in a speech at the annual Camden Technology Conference over the weekend. And it's the Internet that has made it possible.

Barlow, vice chairman of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, argued that because the media sells an audience's attention to advertisers, society has been fed something that looked like pop culture but really wasn’t.

"The people did not create this culture. This culture was created by power. Now, people can manifest their culture and send it anywhere," he said. On the Web, truth will have a bigger megaphone than money and "dotcommunism" will win out.

"The Internet gives all a voice, but maybe not direction," said Alan Kay, vice president for research and development at the Walt Disney Company. "It is extreme democratization, but we need to find a way to criticize these voices. We have to understand now what the benefit or disaster of these new technologies will be."

The Pop!Tech conference on popular culture in the digital age was also notable for some of the things it lacked. Several speakers mentioned MP3s, for example, but nobody discussed the format in depth. And only snippets of pop and alternative music were played.

"I was like, where are the young people?" said Erika Dalya Muhammad, who spoke on a panel about identity and is completing a PhD at New York University on what she calls "cut-and-mix culture," including digital film, contemporary and cyborg art, and music.

The young, urban artists Muhammad studies are devouring mass culture to do "digital combat against mental colonization." Her hope, she said, is that technology will allow some disenfranchised youth to learn their history and "map their own identity instead of having it mapped for them."

Neither erudite papers nor academic analyses got standing ovations at the three-day conference in Camden, Maine. What brought the audience to its feet were Negro spirituals and an ode to transsexualism, sung to the tune of The Lady is a Tramp.

When it came to the really big questions, speakers like Disney's Kay devoted most of their time to the language of music.

Scheduled to lecture on the survival of civilization in a pop culture world, Kay turned the stage over to performer Don Lewis, who played four keyboards with his hands and feet.

Musician Paul Godwin got the 500 conferees grooving with an Indian sruti, led them in a communal "techno growl" and, finally, got people to sing along to a loud telephone dial tone.

"You can sing to machines and realize they are singing to us," Godwin told the crowd. "With any luck, your refrigerator makes a nice sound and you can try this at home."

Later, Sandy Stone, director of the Advanced Communication Technologies Laboratory at UT Austin and a transsexual, did a postmodern show tune that included the line: Simple anatomy is not destiny/This wasn’t fate, but it’s great.

Pioneer digital photographer Pedro Meyer spoke eloquently on how technology is transforming photography and warned against the "arrogance and smugness" of American technologists.

As an example of culture's fluidity and influence, he traced the history of the piñata from 12th century China (where it was filled with seeds) to Italy, Spain, Mexico, and finally to America, where immigrants have transplanted it.

"Who ends up influencing whom?" he asked, signaling for a large piñata in the form of Superman to be swung down from a balcony and across the stage where he was speaking. The papier-mâché superhero was dismembered at a cocktail party that evening.

https:// www.wired.com/1999/10/the-rise-of-dot-communism/

448791 No.383867


cia. gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/

1d69d2 No.383868


I was talking about time anomalies and the like in particular.

faf1cf No.383869


Good points and I do not know. Just laying it out here Gambino said what he said. Good interview as well. Highly interesting listening to him.

cbbd57 No.383870


Frustrates me to know that this murderer does not have a drop of blood on him. He better not leave prison without some type of bullet piercing through his body somewhere. Anywhere.

ae423d No.383871


I can do one or two

6a396a No.383872


Misinformation / Disinformation necessary. If the white hats could pull off a "hoax", won't call it a FF, what better way to show the public how easy it is to manipulate the narrative. Seems dirty, but this is war. If they could show that no one was truly injured or killed; going under the assumption this was a hoax, it would destroy the credibility of MSM. As I've said previously, at this point I don't discount the possibility of anything.

6175eb No.383873

Q mentioned water.

Water re: cures.

Water re: chemicals added.

Water re: rejuvenation from within.

Water re: Operation Kraken

Water re: signaling

Water re: nonstandard medicine

83bb6d No.383874


OK, so the key unlocks the map, or the map unlocks the key.

Hex (JA) was 60 char.

Do we have 60 conf markers?

How to decode to open drop?

faf1cf No.383875


I think Anons are on to something here ….

8c1a46 No.383876


Jackpot!! (already posted below but want it connected with this post so you get a full picture)… He is connected to snowman…

As referred in latest Q post and this article below…

http:// www.mantlethought.org/philosophy/edward-snowden-john-perry-barlow-and-new-american-frontier

2aa2eb No.383877

Possible John Perry Barlow not dead but helping.

1d69d2 No.383878


Combat in/on water, too. He referred to a date that led us to the first submarine.

a9b4cd No.383879

Do you ever feel like you should go back and watch every episode of every season of "The Blacklist"?

09e939 No.383880


he also posted >SEPT 7, 1776.

which is the first submarine attack in history….

a31ddb No.383881

>>383853 It's a 2016' post …

4c6e5d No.383882



Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


THERE IS A PROCESS and a structure to it! Leave the board if you aren't on board! He says these people should not be participating in discussion (i.e. board owner BAN - and I'm not a fan of banning most), if you don't have something to contribute other than impatient BS, how about you leave? I want results NOW as well but I don't have the big picture, and neither do you. Trust or GTFO

8c1a46 No.383883

6175eb No.383884

MAP provides the light.

Terrahertz radiation?

Curative? Water?

Connections… MAP can be like a data dictionary. Nodes are terms in square brackets?

898fdc No.383885

File: 0864f48da006f09⋯.png (725.34 KB, 1057x792, 1057:792, the great awakening.png)

The Sleeper Must Awaken

90ad2e No.383886


I'm quite aware, since the Twat time stamp affirms that. But he's dead now (so we're told; there appears to be speculation on whether this is true or not).

4c6e5d No.383887


Kek. I'm watching Person of Interest right now and that is fitting right into our narrative as well. Crazy

4eec14 No.383888


17 is a signature number


6175eb No.383889


Operation Kraken is a nuclear detonation at the base of a potential landslide in the Canary Islands to flood the Eastern Seaboard with salt water

4c6e5d No.383891


So doesn't this mean Assange is also in their boat? Because he worked with JPB and was sad to see him go. ??

46280f No.383892

how is there to many people ,funny you can irregate a desert for las vegas but refuse the idea for food ! the uk is forced by the e.u to not grow food on all our farms ,the farmers get paid not to plant food ,this causes a shortage and the food prices to rise creating an artificial lack of food !!

wake up ,we can irregate deserts we are growing less food then we used to under direct e.u order in uk !!what you see is not reality !!!

19a846 No.383893

File: 1419ad53a4c4bb3⋯.jpg (249.8 KB, 1189x1008, 1189:1008, Map-key-truth.jpg)


Very well said. Here is your post as an image so that people can save it.

cbbd57 No.383895


This mental exercise only proves to me that the idea of staging false flags that involves real lives being lost is way out there. Even for the typical brainfarts of an anon.

I tried believing that certain events were fake in the past. But it just doesn't work.

It's like the Muslims constantly telling me that Jesus never really died it was all a false flag from the likes trying to confuse everyone.

7a53a1 No.383896

Maybe some don't believe?

How much evidence do you need?

This is not the first, and he will not be the last.

There are some places worse than others.

If you can grasp the history, follow the trails…you would pick it up.

This is only 1 of 5, and I recommend all, because obviously you don't know about it.

Some main excluded of course, because this is what we are really fighting for…the Children.

You don't expect them to fight for themselves do you? There is always choice…so don't make blind one's.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk-67sxjyiY

6175eb No.383897

Bomb at City Airport was bullshit.

They showed an explosion out at sea as a controlled underwater explosion.


Trident attack?

Attack on Canary Islands?

9e426e No.383898

Im 99% convinced Putin is a good guy. He's brought orthodox christianity back to russia in a big way. They are having a resurgence of art and culture

5a662c No.383899


>maybe the "Watch the water" refers to some swamp creatures that will soon be publicly exposed

Good point. Watch the water drain out of the swamp.

Could be.

a9b4cd No.383900

That date could also be referencing:

Fort Lee



Hudson River

Corps of Engineers

West Point


1d69d2 No.383901


Someone mentioned a connection between the name of the town and the name of the hospital where JFK died. I'm inclined to think there's something to that.

ea0a59 No.383902


If it's like that, then

say map is a record of the markers. When you put the markers in the sequence they happened (shown on the map/timeline they occurred) you get the characters in the key in the right order.

"How long is the key?" and "What does it decrypt" need answers too.

2aa2eb No.383903

File: cca2a4d204d5e9f⋯.png (899.55 KB, 1024x667, 1024:667, ClipboardImage.png)

Water: A Key To All Life -

b7783b No.383904


thnx anon. i just had it in 2 screenshots. this is much better.

8c1a46 No.383905


Unsure… more digging needed… A few things are obvious:

1) he just passed away

2) he interviewed Snowman

3) he's said to have influenced Assange

4) he hated DJT

5) he was apparently against all internet spying by government

6) ?

d93930 No.383907


You would do it if the military approached you or if the President called you and assured you it really is for the betterment of humanity.

In this op, the video footage and the crisis actors can all be in a couple of controlled staged rooms. The other students on campus would be none the wiser. Then you deploy the crisis actors on the media for TV interviews. The actors *think* the media also knows it's staged, so they're just reading lines. The media *think* kids died and are still reading their 4am talking point to the *crisis actors.* Media took the bait, hook line and sinker. Discredit the media forever. Arrest and try treason. Expose previous false flags. All in one fell swoop.

e05447 No.383908


I am way less concerned about Putin being true to the cause than Bibi (in Israel)…

Putin stopped letting Russian children being adopted by us citizens because of trafficking.

& Bibi had the highest human trafficking ratios!

fe65dd No.383909

>>383744 If you remember he was gone for awhile and came back with a "new" attitude…somebody got him

8c1a46 No.383910

File: 5b84686a6567f85⋯.png (177.74 KB, 595x450, 119:90, ClipboardImage.png)

2aa2eb No.383911


They seem to have taken all the numbers. Are there any untainted numbers?

fad848 No.383912


Your chemistry teacher was wrong. I spent over 35 years (some in Michigan) in the commercial nuclear industry in radiation protection and chemistry. Spent fuel rods are ultra highly radioactive and were never disposed of by dumping into bodies of water. They are stored in spent fuel pools built into the nuclear power plant until they cool down sufficiently (many years) when they are then placed in specially designed high integrity containers (think bank vault) for permanent storage. The federal regulations regarding release limits for radioactivity in the environment are incredibly restrictive. You violate them and the NRC will have your balls hanging in their office.

a27d47 No.383913

we need a worldwide law ,water must be held by the people for the people ,no private rothchild/private ownership

a9b4cd No.383914


Canada and the US just don't report as Human Trafficking. The kids are just listed as "missing"

9e426e No.383915


Lyricist for Grateful Dead. Maybe Grateful Dead is a CIA creation. LSD was used heavily in their MK ultra experiments. Check some of their lyrics and see what they promote

8c1a46 No.383916

File: 020ee2bd7cd9c2b⋯.png (275.21 KB, 597x444, 199:148, ClipboardImage.png)


Here's Assange's post

08b202 No.383917

File: fa8d800e9df7628⋯.jpg (4.05 KB, 304x166, 152:83, jack burton you sure about….jpg)


nice take it bro

d93930 No.383918


Exactly. And maybe that's what the entire Year One was about. Either running sting op staged false flags, and then running counter psy-ops on top of all of their real false flags.

c3a55b No.383919



90ad2e No.383920


I'm inclined to think so, too, all said and done. But this anecdotal story caught my eye back during Obozo's reign and it created a strange groove in my brain. I always remember it. The story predates Putin's power, of course, so there is that.

http:// www.rense.com/general84/brck.htm

e05447 No.383921


Milk cartons and walmart poster walls are pretty muchv just obituaries. Except for a few domestic (non custodial parent) abductions…

d93930 No.383922


Ding ding ding!

6175eb No.383923

The Sept 7 message was sent

00:01:01 Zulu time.

97e6b1 No.383924


I started building a similar list of keys I tried to put them in order with the most believable. Politicians are corrupt then perverts then pedos then murderers then Satanists then pedovores etc. The first 3 are becoming public. Build on those to get people to go deeper

e05447 No.383925


Same result if paid or threatened by the clowns.

ie: Sandy hook.

83bb6d No.383926


Also, >>371772 and >>382084 from DeltaAnon are important.

Is it possible to add/include JA comms to this masterpiece? It might bear fruit in this idea.

d93930 No.383927


No lives lost. Patriots would never do that. *staged*

c8611c No.383928

Watch the water.

reminds me this https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsunami_bomb

1d69d2 No.383929


And if that's the case, it's a warning to POTUS not to pick up where JFK left off. But I think we can actually succeed this time.

8c1a46 No.383930


I like how you think

58a5c1 No.383931

Emergencyroomfag currently in the ER watching all you autists doing amazing work. Keep it up guys!

c19128 No.383932

>Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered that a high pH level in the body prevented cancer from taking hold. He actually found that a high pH solution killed off cancer cells. He got a Nobel Prize for that in 1931.

Acidity is what causes cancer. Test your tap water, test your bottled water. Acid, acid. Cortisol from stress = acid. Cigarettes = acid in lungs. Plus hydrofluoric acid is how your "fluoride" arrives in water. It was used in Breaking Bad to dissolve bodies.

Get an alkalizing water filter.


>Diatomaceous Earth

>Very, very fine powder which consists of fossilized remains of diatoms. Under a microscope these particles have tiny hooks all over them and therefore hook into anything that is a parasite. Parasites are what cause cancer. for a 1lb bag about $5 + shipping. Drink lots of water with this. The powder can be sprinkled on food and has no taste whatsoever.

Diatomaceous Earth is silica which binds to and eliminates all the aluminum that comes from chemtrails and antiperspirants. It makes your skin awesome. It also punctures tapeworms and parasites like unstoppable gamma rays. It breaks up your turd so you get less constipated. Best halfch/pol/ thread ever was when people took pictures of the tapeworms they destroyed with D.E. That's how I learned about it.

Otherwise I agree with all your stuff.

3f44fe No.383933

8dd72d No.383934


It was before people migrated there.

7a53a1 No.383935


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk-67sxjyiY

8c1a46 No.383936

File: b111ed7048720a9⋯.png (162.06 KB, 590x459, 590:459, ClipboardImage.png)


Not sure if she is related - she works for channel 4… but look on what she is reporting.. interesting

d93930 No.383937


Thank you. We will win.

6175eb No.383938

I've been here since the start and all this has changed our lives.




When a very dark moment came on Dec 22nd, Q rose the Spirit.

Honoured to be alongside you anons.

Never feel less lonely than being amongst you friend anons.

Fight, fight, fight.

ae423d No.383939


Baker Confirmed


4eec14 No.383940



But your post's ending is a signature number too


c9846f No.383941


Q, is the MAP pretty close, so far?

a9b4cd No.383942


Here is some disturbing news for Parkland Hospital.

In 2017, Parkland Health & Hospital System was recognized as a Top Performer in LGBT Healthcare Equality by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of the country’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization

e05447 No.383943


Have you informed your pharmaceutical rep that their services will not be needed soon?


72e830 No.383944

File: 887279142d00430⋯.jpeg (441.29 KB, 1242x2031, 414:677, 1EA6A88D-BAED-4E5C-93C0-B….jpeg)



6ee18d No.383945


No I know how the cabal gets people to do false flags, I'm saying I don't understand how we (/ourguys/) would do a staged FF in place of a real FF. Where are the people who were getting paid? Oh wait, they still think it's real. But what about the shooter? He's taken out and someone goes around shooting blanks? Ah ha. And then the good guys document the payments afterwards, or before. And the narrative to the media, etc. showing the all conspired. WOW. This is amazing. kek. I hope this happened. I REALLY hope this happened.

Do the families of the "dead" go along with it? Are they the paid ones? Where does their "dead" child go? These are questions I couldn't quite understand. I know people who knew Peter Parker and his family, and everything I watched told me he was fake af. But what about those people that knew him and knew that his daughter was now gone? Where did she go? etc etc etc Deep thoughts and questions right now. Humor me.

2aa2eb No.383946


>95% of the people will not respond to dialectic, the facts, logic, reason, evidence and testimony of a rational argument. They will respond to rhetoric, which is purely emotional. The memes are rhetorical in nature and that's why they work so well if used correctly.


>The most powerful emotion? Shame.

Is it? If so, how to factor that into memes?

09e939 No.383947

File: c4f7c151bf2ba0f⋯.jpg (67.96 KB, 701x451, 701:451, tsunami.jpg)


Never heard of operation Kracken… BUT I have heard about geologists talking about that "potential" landslide, and the physics behind the ensuing tsunami..

Pic errely related….

83bb6d No.383948


I, we, are trying to decode the 65gb drop from wikileaks last year >>383628

e05447 No.383949


So you are saying that they do the "rippadickoff" procedure with the utmost care…

(its obviously bed time)

5fb3f7 No.383951

File: 0aca80b7fd238d4⋯.jpg (79.49 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 6a010534d9eaef970c0147e043….jpg)

kryptos sculpture Langley.

WW knows where the bodies are buried.

Find the clock.

Find the Key.

Pic Related.

Still havent had this fully explained.

04bff4 No.383952


^^^Bingo Dingo

a9b4cd No.383953


And HRC pays for it..,

1d69d2 No.383954


It's been a weird journey all around. I don't think it's a coincidence, either, that it was Eagles vs. Patriots at the SB.

19a846 No.383955


Acidity is just the type of environment. What acidity in the body does is it allows parasites to flourish in such an environment.

So it is not acidity that causes cancer and disease in general but the parasites that flourish in the acidic environment.

e63629 No.383956

6ee18d No.383957


Ha! I was busy making up my own scenario at the same time you posted this apparently. >>383945

See my further questions. haha

9e426e No.383958


He was an only child and he had three daughters, none of them named Hayley. If she's related it's extended family.

0ed52b No.383959

File: 804ab84057ce7c7⋯.png (17.69 KB, 290x212, 145:106, ClipboardImage.png)

c19128 No.383960


Yournewswire is fake, but Neon Nettle is not (even though it is unsourced).

d93930 No.383961


What shooter? What dead? See you're asking the wrong questions. There doesn't need to even be a shooter or dead. Just a staged event in a controlled setting. Everyone on TV would be actors reading from the script.

1d69d2 No.383962


Hmmmm…. They had everyone believing kids died at SH. To tell the truth, when it comes to this stuff, I don't know what to believe anymore. We've all been lied to many times.

364c7e No.383963

What does Q think about bitcoin?

Is bitcoin funding NK?

Why is bitcoin/crypto a mania?

What happens when your fiat is converted to crypto? What happens to the fiat?

What does ransomware have to do with this?

Who has access to your computer?

Why do people really use bitcoin? What costs the most? Who says they don't use it for that anymore?

North Korean Hackers?

Are North Koreans tech savvy? World renowed developers? Experienced programmers? Master cryptographers?

North Korea: Stage Name?

Russia: Stage Name?


72e830 No.383964

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Nepal's prime minister resigned Thursday after his party lost parliamentary elections, paving the way for a new government.

By BINAJ GURUBACHARYA, Associated Press | on February 15, 2018

https:// www


6697f1 No.383965

File: 1d7769fbec5f914⋯.jpg (555.46 KB, 1850x1850, 1:1, MaxineWatersAntifa.jpg)

I found it interesting MW communicating with the very antifa group who's member Nikolas Cruz is part of.

80b19e No.383966


Communism taking over in Nepal still?

e05447 No.383967


My guess:

WE infiltrated an operation THEY had planned.

I sincerely hope the event went without real casualties.

the "dead" children would be actors, placed beforehand, and relocated afterwards.

With Sandy hook, a "dead kid" was photographed with Obama just days later.

The social security death index (no longer accessible to public because of sandyhook), would list how many deaths on a particular day.

You want to see that at anything less than 17, would prove a false event. (a couple of natural deaths outside of the school is expected)

0ed52b No.383968

File: 12a90d920fa5d32⋯.png (120.23 KB, 401x237, 401:237, ClipboardImage.png)

d93930 No.383969


And the good guys not only document payments, but they document EVERYTHING. Undeniable proof of every detail of what happened. All on video.

72dd30 No.383970



c19128 No.383971


America was great after slavery ended and before the Rothschilds took over the U.S. money supply. It was a very small window.

80b19e No.383972


That's a different guy.

4eec14 No.383973


Bitcoin is more real than clown currency

Who controls FIAT? Rothschild

Who controls Bitcoin? Debatable BUT NOT ROTHSCHILD

c19128 No.383974


Bitcoin bottomed out at $6666.6 the same day the Dow dropped by 665.75.

4eec14 No.383975



0ed52b No.383976


Thanks for the dig, Anon

19a846 No.383977


Someone with the IP just tried hacking my site. This happened just after I posted the cancer cures info. Please ban this user.

And to the fucker who is trying to hack matrixfiles.com good luck to you, asshole.

e63629 No.383978

blah blah blah storm

blah blah blah memo

blah blah blah schiff

blah blah blah

send cash

6ee18d No.383979


I've always heard fake too although this was kinda interesting…(he was the one who wrote the article of the op)

"Sean Adl-Tabatabai is behind the YourNewsWire.com platform, the source of numerous fake news stories including claims that the Queen had threatened to abdicate if the UK did not vote in favour of Brexit as well as reports that Hillary Clinton was connected to a paedophile ring in Washington."



db584d No.383980


>What happens when your fiat is converted to crypto? What happens to the fiat?

Fiat and Coins swap places? Seller <-> Buyer

fad848 No.383981


It has to be before "The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965." This was the beginning of the invasion. When people enter your country with no intention of assimilating into your culture or adopting your values, that's not much different than being slowly invaded by a foreign army. The results speak for themselves and are a big reason we're in the mess we're in today.

You asked, Mr. John Perry Barlow (deceased).

2aa2eb No.383982


Thank you.

80b19e No.383983


Pretty sure only codemonkey can see raw IP

6175eb No.383984

Everyone involved in pharma conspiracy is going to confined and/or exercise and have all their assets seized which will destroy their families and ruin their children.

They have almost run out of time to come forward as whistleblowers.

Whistleblowing at this point is the only way for ANYONE to save their own arses.

Whistleblowing is the ONLY way to save themselves.

They have to hurry now because they need to be first and they need to go PUBLIC now as time has almost run.

Expect a massive rush of whistle blowers in Pharma, trafficking and AID workers.

It is the ONLY way.

0b30e7 No.383985


Thank you for this well thought out response to "understanding the map".

faf1cf No.383986


Jan Michael Vincent?

b7783b No.383987


Unless his father had a brother who had kids. He could have cousins.

b92f01 No.383988



Walk with me…money is control, why does money exist?

What is bitcoin, why does bitcoin exist?

We don't care about money because it doesn't matter, evils enjoy money because it is control.

I hope that helps you understand a little.

6175eb No.383989


Confined or Executed

a31ddb No.383990



Trouble ahead, trouble behind (2002)

Grateful Dead lyricist and Internet guru John Perry Barlow riffs on dot-communism, cattle ranching and stopping content industries from taking over the world–literally.

Totalitarianism. Urban pathology. The death of creativity. These are the fears that keep John Perry Barlow awake at night.

The co-founder of the 12-year-old Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) tries not to be bleak. But he sincerely worries that Microsoft will usurp e-commerce and AOL Time Warner will seize media, and the two forces will extinguish dissenting voices in a "diabolical" plot to own the economy and the human mind.

But Barlow, perhaps best known as a lyricist for the Grateful Dead, isn't entirely forlorn. He's optimistic that courts will soon strike down the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a 1998 agreement that banned unauthorized online distribution of companies' intellectual property. And he's hopeful that Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates–the smartest man Barlow says he's ever met–will hatch a plan to control the Internet that is so ridiculous that it will spark a public boycott that ultimately will topple the software giant.

The 54-year-old owner of an Apple PowerBook–festooned with Grateful Dead bumper stickers–sat down to chai tea in his rent-controlled apartment overlooking San Francisco. Donning black leather pants, cowboy boots, a turquoise necklace and a cell phone earplug, the self-declared "techno hippie" talked to CNET News.com about dot-communism, cattle ranching and the hallucinations of the masses.

Q: What does a self-titled "cognitive dissident" do all day?

A: I'm spending an enormous amount of my time stopping content industries from taking over the world–literally. I feel like we're in a condition where private totalitarianism is not out of the question because of the increasingly thickening matrix of channels of communication owned by the same companies that own content, that own Web properties, that own traditional media.

In essence, they're in a position to own the human mind itself. The possibility of getting a dissident voice through their channels is increasingly scarce, and the use of copyright as a means of suppressing freedom of expression is becoming more and more fashionable. You've got these interlocking systems of technology and law, where merely quoting something from a copyrighted piece is enough to bring down the system on you.

Which companies or organizations constitute this totalitarian regime?

Microsoft, AOL, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), not to mention…Panasonic, Intel–basically, large corporate capitalism in a completely unregulated environment.

I'm a free marketer and I'm not a fan of regulation. But I'm very concerned about what happens when you have these large organisms with no conscience. And why should they have a conscience? They're not human, and they can operate globally without any constraints.

What dissenting stories aren't getting published? What communities aren't being built because of corporate totalitarianism?

I would say that .Net and HailStorm are huge threats and really diabolical. The problem is that hardly anybody recognizes it because they don't know what .Net is or how it works. That's just it: We don't know. We've reached a point where the media are so owned by the large corporations and they live in this tight loop where practically all they can convey is what is already believed. I believe that mass media exists to confirm the hallucinations of the masses. If you want to get a story through that doesn't sync up with the dominant belief system, it's just not going to happen. So who the hell knows what else is going on out there?

After totalitarianism, what's the next biggest battle brewing in cyberspace?

There are a lot of things connected to totalitarianism, such as the ability to affect the technical architecture of the Net and the increasing number of standards and protocols that are being passed down by the likes of Microsoft. I worry that the Net is closing. I would say that (Microsoft e-commerce initiatives) .Net and HailStorm are huge threats and really diabolical. The problem is that hardly anybody recognizes it because they don't know what .Net is or how it works. They don't know that Microsoft is trying to own all of your transactions, literally.

To play devil's advocate, isn't Microsoft simply selling a product that millions of people are willing to purchase at their own will?

https:// www.cnet.com/news/trouble-ahead-trouble-behind/

32485c No.383991



Everyone needs to be VERY careful about articles from both Yournewswire and Neon Nettle. Use your discernment the best you can. Personally, I almost never look at anything from these sites.

09e939 No.383992


I hope you say that everytime before you put it in ;)

4eec14 No.383993



PATRIOTS please confirm/deny CONTENT


627831 No.383994


You can also use diamotaceous earth to kill fleas on a dog, in your home, also works on ants, bed bugs and any other pest with a hard exoskeleton. It cuts them up like nano razor blades, they dehydrate and die. Be sparing with it to avoid inhalation. A little goes a long way.

6175eb No.383995

Expect a FLOOD of whistleblowers.

Watch Assange.

Wikileaks drops incoming.

80b19e No.383996


You were told that it's fake repeatedly.

e63629 No.383997

i like science

da2f8e No.383998

File: c3018c422702ed8⋯.jpg (203.79 KB, 1152x634, 576:317, UNITED STOPPED IN MID-AIR.jpg)

Was going to bed, but saw this. I pray all is well here. Still just sitting there. Look at all the messages

N676UA A8F3C5 United Airlines

UAL128United States Civil

2001 BOEING 767-322

08e119 No.383999


not only is that not the shooter, @maxinepwaters is not maxine waters

d93930 No.384000


Yes, we have to expose SH to expose Hussein, it's necessary. So how do we prove to everyone no kids died at Sandy Hook? What would actually convince people?

a31ddb No.384001



Trouble ahead, trouble behind (2002)

Grateful Dead lyricist and Internet guru John Perry Barlow riffs on dot-communism…

To play devil's advocate, isn't Microsoft simply selling a product that millions of people are willing to purchase at their own will?

Oh, come on. People aren't willing. Microsoft is giving people what Microsoft wants because it has a monopoly, which isn't based on the value of the product but rather a positive feedback loop in the information economy: Everything is compatible with Windows, ergo, Windows prevails and continues to prevail regardless of its liabilities. It's No. 1 because it's No. 1, period, not because it's valuable. In fact, it's become totally diabolical.

If Windows is so bad, why does Apple have a meager 4 percent market share?

Four? Really? Jesus. They really blew that one.

You've been heavily involved in wiring Africa for Internet access. But increasingly, it seems, a new digital divide has emerged–not between the rich and the poor, but between the people who give their consumer data, such as credit card numbers, to corporations, and the privacy zealots who refuse. If this is true, what's the future for the zealots?

That's the new divide, and it's not pretty. I have old hippie friends who refuse to have a credit card and pay for everything in cash and are not essentially engaged in the modern terms of society–and they're living accordingly. They live in shacks in Humboldt County (on the rugged Northern California coast), which is all they can handle because there's so much friction and overhead in their economy that they can't live on a competitive basis with the rest of us. The people who don't opt in will basically have similar lives, be similarly disengaged from society.

Presumably, you'll do more and more purchases online, and presumably, Microsoft will make it more inconvenient for you–unless you provide your consumer data to Passport (the company's database of customer information). At some point, are you going to cave and provide Microsoft your credit card and other data?

I don't know. (Long pause. Heavy sigh.)

I'm really worried about this, and I keep praying for guidance. These are really dark times. On practically every front that I care about, the voices of the foes are winning. I have a beleaguered optimism that this isn't going to continue to be the case, but this is a time to have your faith tested, that's for sure.

You paint a pretty gloomy picture. How can we stop Big Brother Inc.?

People could simply boycott the products. Frankly, I think anybody's a fool to put (Microsoft operating system Windows) XP on their computer. It's like installing a continuous, 24-hour monitor on your mind. But people are doing it like crazy because they don't know any better.

But again, if this is so nefarious, how do we stop it?

In some respects, I've had to rein in my horns a bit to figure out what to say that's constructive–as opposed to saying the sky is falling, even though it is. Basically, I just can't come up with a plan to keep the sky up there. I hope that enough people will become aware of what's going on.

And one thing I've noticed about monopoly in the information world is that while this arena is extremely favorable to growing monopolies very quickly, it's also favorable to disintegrating them. I remember a time not that long ago, when 80 percent of all computers on the planet were dedicated WordPerfect servers. Unless you go to a law firm, you aren't going to find any of those now. So I have some faith that, at some point, Microsoft would do something that is so outrageous that they simply alienate the marketplace, and at some point, Linux or some substitute will take over.

Let's talk about copyright laws, which you hate. How would musicians and other artists make a living if, in your perfect world, copyright law was abolished?

On practically every front that I care about, the voices of the foes are winning. I have a beleaguered optimism that this isn't going to continue to be the case, but this is a time to have your faith tested, that's for sure. You as a journalist produce copyrighted material for a living. You don't make your living on the basis of royalties–and there are very few human beings who do. Royalties are things that get paid to organizations and institutions that have thieved royalties from human beings. The idea that royalties need to be there to "incentivize" creativity is pretty abstract these days.

What you get paid for is the delivery of service. If you're talking about services, it's best not to view what is being served as a form of property.

https:// www.cnet.com/news/trouble-ahead-trouble-behind/

6aac09 No.384002


That's a fake twitter account. Not MW.


1bd742 No.384003


Thank you.

a31ddb No.384004



Trouble ahead, trouble behind (2002)

Grateful Dead lyricist and Internet guru John Perry Barlow riffs on dot-communism…

So should the music industry adopt a publishing model, in which companies give away a newspaper for 25 cents or publish on the open Web but collect revenue from advertisers, referrals or other sources?

In the case of the music industry, the model is already well established: If you're a performing group, you make your money off of performance primarily, but not exclusively.

The Grateful Dead invented viral marketing without really meaning to…We gave our music away. At the time, we did it because we felt there was no way to stop Deadheads from taping it, and besides, we weren't in it for the money, because we weren't making any. But those tapes became the androgen of our success. They spread that virus all over the damn place, and by the time we died, we were the largest-grossing entertainment act in the business because of performances, but not exclusively.

The interesting thing is that our records weren't nearly as good as the tapes that a lot of Deadheads made, but they all went platinum. There is a desire on the part of the fan base to actually own the physical objects, in addition to having the music to play.

But I've been to a bunch of Dead shows and know that no other band conducts concerts like the Dead. How do talented musicians who can't tour as well or as often make money?

Most bands perform. If you allow your music to freely circulate and use it as advertising, it's a big help. Paradoxically, you can allow your music to freely circulate and still sell it if people are willing to pay for your encapsulation of it and for convenience.

I'm writing now for String Cheese Incident, which is like Grateful Dead 2.0, and they're getting big very fast. Their audience has quadrupled in the past year…They've been making their board tapes available online for some time. At the same time, they have a system where they'll ship you CDs of the concert. People are buying them–in spite of the fact that they can download the music.

You lived in San Francisco in the late '60s and '70s when the Dead were giving free concerts in Golden Gate Park and it was all about free love and be-ins. How has the Bay Area changed–particularly in light of the late 1990s dot-com invasion?

San Francisco is one of the most pathological cities on earth. The people who live here lost their sense of human connection (in the '90s). The city was completely emptied of diversity at a certain point, and the entire population that came in were suburban kids who had never lived in any city or town or community in their whole lives. They had no sense of community. It's now a place where if you give eye contact, you get maced.

The culture that has come up around the economy–and I admit I've personally tried to build this economy–is a culture that I can't stand. It's a good thing I have a sense of paradox. But I really don't like the society that has grown up around the dot-communists, who are all products of suburbia and television.

So when the tech industry imploded and all the dot-communists lost their jobs, returned to business school or groveled in blue-collar jobs, you gloated?

Being an Internet guru isn't what it used to be. I lost probably 95 percent of my net worth. But it's been good for the Internet, and in the long term it's going to be very good for the dot-communists. Hey, it hurt me too. Being an Internet guru isn't what it used to be. I lost probably 95 percent of my net worth. But it's been good for the Internet, and in the long term it's going to be very good for the dot-communists. Never has there been a time when there are so many young people who have been poor and then rich and then poor again. I think it's an educational experience that teaches you what's valuable in life. To have a whole bunch of money at a really young age and see how completely useless it is–it trains a lot of folks in the real value of things.

What was the big economic lesson you learned from the tech collapse?

The whole dot-com thing was an effort to use 19th and 20th century concepts of economy in an environment where they didn't exist, and the Internet essentially shrugged them off. This was an assault by an alien force that was repelled by the natural forces of the Internet.

So through the Internet we're creating a new economic paradigm–like the 15th century transition from feudalism to capitalism?

Yes. Exactly.

https:// www.cnet.com/news/trouble-ahead-trouble-behind/

ea0a59 No.384005


I agree with doing that. It's highly likely that would contain the kind of "TRUTH" Q is talking about. So if a key shows up and Q hasn't pointed us at something else, that is the logical thing to try it on.

993f37 No.384006


I think it's the differences that are critical.

Political corruption and the wildly wealthy representatives is an key issue that will really light the fire underneath some, but for others it's just a ho-hum issue.

Pedophilia is a completely different key issue, because the individual who doesn't care about the politics will come unglued for this. We're talking about people who are apolitical and otherwise don't care.

The suppressed cures is also a very powerful key that opens people's eyes and connects to the government corruption (total control of AMA, FDA, NIH) to suppressed cures. How many have lost a loved one to cancer, AIDS or heart disease? What happens when they learn that the cure was found decades ago?

I happen to know a lot about the pharmaceutical industry and I can tell you that the recent drop of info about the "antibiotic found in dirt" is nothing more than damage control.

Antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses. However, in the 1940's Dr. Fred Klenner discovered that large injections of sodium ascorbate was extremely viracidal and he cured both viral pneumonia as well as polio. That was published in medical journals in 1948 and 1949. However, the medical industry knew there were vaccines in the pipeline and suppressed his discovery.

The reason is that when a cure is available the only people who need the cure are the ones who get the disease. A vaccine, however, is a drug they can sell to *everyone* and even get laws passed requiring people to get the drug. Far more profitable.

Intravenous sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) in large doses destroys viruses. So, we've had a cure for AIDS since the 1940's. It's also quite bacteriocidal as well and it's dirt cheap. It's highly effective on some forms of cancer and the biggest problem is it will kill the cancer so fast that if not monitored carefully the patient will die as a result of the necrotic cascade of dead tissue as the cancer tumors die.

The point is that the sauce has been provided. There are journal articles and books about Klenner and his work. It's proven. So why no research? Because you can't patent a vitamin and it's a cure.

How about a meme of:

"Did you know the cure for AIDS was discovered in the 1940's, but the medical industry suppresses it because they can't patent it? In fact, if this cure were available it would make many expensive drugs obsolete."

Have any idea what that would do to the medical industry? What about Rife machines? All pathogens destroyed.

83701d No.384007


Confirming yournewswire as very unreliable source.

5fb8f5 No.384008


It's really quite simple. Watch Psycho-Pass. Not the Matrix. To understand the Matrix, you have to understand human history. You do not get human history from the Matrix.

I have quite a bit of experience of opening my mouth and speaking quite casually to those around me… only to see their eyes glaze over in either confusion, or awe. Was taught addition and inherently understood the concept and existence of exponents.

The number of people genuinely counted among my peers out of hundreds of people can be had on a single hand. By comparison, the average person is endlessly amused by eating, fucking, and shitting. I actually find the average person charming because they can accomplish such amazing things in their freedom, when my contact and assessment of them is incredibly low.

But let's focus on that idea, for a second. Let's say I don't find them endearing. Let's say I fail to look at what they have accomplished on their own, and focus only on that assessment of them. What are they, to me? Tools. Implements. Things to be brought under my ideas and made to further things I have deemed to be worth their time and energy to pursue.

I won't deny that my own mindset touches on a bit more than a tangent with the cabal. I will almost always be on the outside of society, looking in. The things I naturally enjoy thinking about are so far removed from the average person that it is curious to think I am part of the same species. You could say I am a Laputian who was beaten upside the head early enough in the upbringing of commoners to no longer need a straightener as escort. That said, it is next to impossible for people such as myself to truly become a part of society. The question is whether we view our role as being peripheral to society or authoritative within society. Whether we have the right, duty, etc to give purpose to the animals who look suspiciously like us.

If you are the type who can violate laws with no consequence. If you are the type who can engineer economies or literally purchase nations…. then why would you believe in such a thing as God? Why would you believe in anything other than power and the expression of it? Life after death is a silly concept created by the ignorant apes to cope with suffering and self-adhere to moral standards I can re-envision for them. The sky-man has yet to reach down and smack me or my ancestors upside the head - why would I believe that even the laws of physics hold a candle to who and what I am?

There is a deep madness beneath the cabal that compels them to feed upon the labors of humanity. We are without purpose, without existence. What do we do - build, reproduce, die, and crumble… Their 'spiritual evolution' arrives at Nihilism and takes root. It only extends into Narcissism, from there. They are what gives humanity purpose. They give us something that endures. In their minds, we exist for them to use and abuse.

Emotions… feelings… families… these are not things they understand like you or I. These are tools they use to interface with society for the purposes of manipulating it. Most within its upper tiers don't love. They don't understand the concept of giving to another without it being attached to some attempt at engineering. They are machines that have learned to act enough like humans to persuade us into allowing them to rule our society.

But they are not 'human.' Just as I don't feel truly a part of human society, they reject the notion they are part of us. Where I struggle with the fact that I know how you are going to interpret what I say, and that I am selecting what I am going to say based on that - this is something they embrace, completely and totally. They do not have feelings. They do not have emotions. Everything they do is built on manipulation. It is a response they select not because they feel something - but because of how they think you will perceive and react.

I detest that about myself - It is partly why I avoid romantic relationships. While the average person plays the same game, in many cases, they are blissfully unaware and accompanied with plenty of genuine attempts to express a held feeling.

Do androids dream of electric sheep? There are people, some who walk among you… many who look down on you from within your institutions who are robots pretending to be human. They will not prompt a magnetometer, there are no synchros or servos to pull out of their bodies… they are all completely organic, but they do not function the same way you or I do. If I can be said to be anything than a much better actor than they are, myself - as I can at least feel something for people.

Bit of a spoiler warning for Psycho-Pass: https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=QzStP0t-Rv8

1d69d2 No.384009


The fact that it was in DWS's territory makes it unlikely that it /ourguys/ had anything to do with it.

a31ddb No.384010


PART IV (The End)

Trouble ahead, trouble behind (2002)

Grateful Dead lyricist and Internet guru John Perry Barlow riffs on dot-communism…

We're transitioning from capitalism to what?

It's more of a gift or barter economy than we're used to, and it's much more decentralized–a place where the buyer and seller are much more obscure. In the early '90s, people were saying, "This Internet isn't going to go anywhere because there's no economy there, no way to make money there." I would say, "Wait a minute. There are people entering trillions of keystrokes into this database. There's an economy there–but it just happens not to be monetized."

There was this belief that you made money from market cap, and there was no difference between a venture capitalist and a customer–that if you sold your product to a VC you were one step further toward your final goal, which was a ridiculous IPO, following which you'd liquidate and spend the rest of your life chasing starlets on the Riviera. This is not a good reason to start a business. Business should be about the simple proposition of creating a product or service that costs you less than you can sell it for. For a long time, we forgot that.

Do you blame yourself at all for fueling the Internet bubble?

Well, yes. I'm doing a piece now for Forbes about the economics of humility and admitting my own errors in all of this, and trying to evaluate where to go because we've so massively screwed up.

In fairness, I've always claimed that the long-term effects are going to be far more profound than the short-term effects. At the same time, I was certainly one of the primary promoters that this was the biggest thing that had happened since the capture of fire. I still believe that. But I take a slightly longer-term view of it. The capture of fire didn't revolutionize human society in five years. It took thousands. In this case it's going to take a minimum of a century. These initial exuberances were probably counter-productive, and I fully confess to having fueled those fires.

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as someone who did everything he could to keep the Net open and build an architecture for the future that has as its foundation principles of openness and free flow. I want a future where anyone can say anything they want.

You co-founded EFF for that purpose. Is there still a need for it?

Absolutely. More than ever. I don't know who would be fighting these fights if not for the EFF. We need to get rid of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act–that is one of the principal tools of repression. That has to be removed from law, as well as its European equivalents. The EFF is the primary force to make that happen.

I'm convinced that liberty exists in the public's willingness to exercise it. And if people are timid, they're not going to exercise their liberties, and they'll lose them. We have an extremely important function in making people feel there's an organization for them if they want to be brave.

Do a series of mounting attacks on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act give you confidence that copyright laws will someday be struck down?

Yeah. They'll get rid of the DMCA because it's unconstitutional. And at some point, we'll get to a level where the courts agree with us. It's clearly a violation of the First Amendment, and it's being used to create all kinds of secondary violations. I just can't believe that a court could continue counting putting a link to a text file as a criminal act in the United States of America.

You've been a Wyoming cattle rancher, a Grateful Dead lyricist and an Internet guru. Which career did you enjoy most?

I liked being a rancher more than anything else. I'd still be doing it if there were any conceivable way to afford it.

https:// www.cnet.com/news/trouble-ahead-trouble-behind/

07f9e0 No.384011


Neon Nettle reported false info about Vegas witnesses dying. They claimed valet Chad Nishimura was shot outside a church when it was someone else entirely. I don't know how much that site can be trusted. Maybe they simply were given false info by someone else.

6175eb No.384012

Inflammation causes heart disease.

Its processed foods.

Statins are a lie.

Pharma knew.

This will destroy them.

Executions and seizure of all assets.

Will be counted as domestic terrorism and crime against humanity.

0b30e7 No.384013




2ef952 No.384014

faux news still spinning the super calm kids encounters with random numbers and little tidbits of information that sounds all garbled. total blackout of about anything else.

d93930 No.384016


Gabby Giffords = Steve Scalise

Aurora = Vegas

Sandy Hook = Parkland

How do you expose the fake bullshit stage FF's? Stage your own, convince the public… then expose the truth, and prove how you did it. Then tell the truth about the past, and show *why* you had to do it.

faf1cf No.384017


Perfect timing for this . I like this idea !

40415e No.384018


I wonder if Q saying watch the water means Maxine

19a846 No.384019

Going to bed now. Goodnight anons.

de96e4 No.384020

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Another Jolly little witness


Multiple shooters


This whole thing STINKS

a31ddb No.384021



13f6e6 No.384022


1984 reference?

ad4084 No.384023

File: ccbe54aac9c7c7b⋯.jpg (368.04 KB, 752x961, 752:961, JIM.jpg)


>You are missing the connections.

>Continue to build the MAP.

>MAP provides the KEY.

>KEY spreads the TRUTH.

>TRUTH shines LIGHT.


>Future proves past.

>Trust the plan.


Ok here's my interpretation of what Q's getting at;

MAP = all Q's drops on the Chans

Q already said, "Key - unlocks the door of all doors (info)" and suggested that this was also "Adm R/ No Such Agency (W&W)" when explaining what KEY + STONE was, STONE being POTUS/MIL. Therefore,

KEY = information contained within the drops.

The info we have = TRUTH

We spread the TRUTH and it exposed or shines a LIGHT onto all the dark and fucked up things that have been happening.

HUMANITY is saved once the LIGHT has publicly exposed all of the evil acts which have taken place.

In summary, I think Q is telling us to really begin spreading the real info within the drops. My theory is that POTUS needs the PEOPLE to DEMAND action once enough of them are awakened. Think million person march on WASHINGTON.

Question is how do a group of autists on the internet mobilise a nation????????

fc6c47 No.384024

Put my other half on here the other night. Was on for a while and then told me i was a nutter.

Mentioned q drops this morning. Got eye rolls. Now my other half is calling me to say there might be something to it as there are emergency response units out all around our city centre.

9e426e No.384025


Wouldn't hurt to watch mad maxine and also pay attention to what's happening in the ocean/lakes/water supply etc

fad848 No.384026


I think I'll do the same. Sleep well.

19a846 No.384028


You too.

40415e No.384029


Creepy girl. First off, she's at least 20

6175eb No.384030

Pharma and others have murdered, poisoned and kept cures unavailable.

Children and parents have died for their dollars.

This is terrorism.

Pure and simple.

They are about to be held to account.

This is the End for all of them.

There will be a rush to whistle blow.

It will be a race.

With no deals for anyone involved, whistle blowing now is the only way to save themselves.

Especially as the threats stopping them have just been neutralised.

They need to act now.

It is a race against time and other whistle blowers beating them to it.

It is a race to get the truth out.

The alternative is to lose everything.

Money and families, especially their children.

And their freedom.

4c6e5d No.384031

>>383961 Ok but that is confusing. So the deep state had plans to stage it all in the first place, they weren't going to kill anyone? I'm talking about real false flags like Vegas where people actually die. I get that when good guys take over it's controlled and staged and no one gets hurt. It's just so complex. My mind could never understand how the little details worked out if no one really died… like the named dead their supposed families just continue on and the child goes in hiding. How the F?

Do you believe children actually died in Sandy Hook?


I remember that. I analyzed it myself quite carefully and decided that it wasn't really her on his lap, it was indeed the sister and of course she would wear her older sisters dress. I don't think they would be THAT DUMB. Although these people are really stupid. And maybe they would do that to TAUNT. They love to taunt.

Though I think it wasn't really Emily on Obamas lap, I do believe Sandy Hook was a false flag. Just not sure exactly how it went down.

Facking rambling.

40415e No.384032


You're telling them to act now

07f9e0 No.384033


I thought she was kinda cute

6175eb No.384034


Final Countdown.

Whistle blowers have one day left.

Friday is the End.

Too late after today.

4c6e5d No.384035


And don't run to SecureDrop or the like for the whistleblowing. :)

7f2a61 No.384036


Who is this? Can we find her in any yearbook? Said she went there in middle school too. Multiple shooters?

faf1cf No.384037


Sick em Big Dawg !!!!

898fdc No.384038


Try to think literally. Watch the water. What is the most important water? Fresh Water. Where and by who is it being taken control of? I'm quickly finding shady deals everywhere, I'm building a map….. Big Money!!!

2aa2eb No.384039


The Laurel Canyon Conspiracy

"… a trail of conspiracy involving the Military Industrial Complex, the CIA, MK-ULTRA, and murder. Laurel Canyon, California sets the scene for one of the greatest conspiracy theories of recent times. "

There was a site all about this. Seems to have gone but this link has some of it.

http:// www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread861138/pg1

40415e No.384040


Her behavior is odd

4a0b4e No.384041


I don't think it's intended to be scary, or make you worry.

Probably Q was just saying:

The people who want out of the matrix and want to know the truth will have that option.

But not everyone will choose this. The people who are satisfied in the matrix can continue believing in lies, and trusting in deceivers who make them feel comfortable and important.

Q cannot (and would not) force everyone to realize that the corrupt powers of the world systems are basically controlling and manipulating everyone.

His use of the term 'the end' possibly refers to 'the bottom of the rabbit hole' - referenced in the previous sentence about 'the deeper we go.' I don't think he's talking about 'the end of the world as we know it,' or anything like that.

1d69d2 No.384042


I recall seeing a video in which someone was looking for death certificates on Ancestry.com and didn't find any. Don't do that. Ancestry.com only has the records they've bought, and they hadn't bought death records for those years. But there was that strange thing a few years before where people's houses all got paid off. Supposedly, the school was actually closed at the time. Finding records of that could be a key.

62479d No.384043

Blackwater possibly? I still think that LdR's comment is interesting.


351748 No.384044


LdR threatened us with dying of thirst…

faf1cf No.384045


Guy on youtube said he ate lunch in the parkinglot for years. School was closed.

6175eb No.384046



I'm telling them the truth.

Redemption is only through exposure now.

Whistle blowing is the only way to not lose everything.

Whistle blowing laws protect whistle blowers from their own actions.

It's the final get out of jail free card in town.

The threats hanging over them are gone.

Now is their last chance.

1d69d2 No.384047


Is he the one buying up all of the wells?

7819bd No.384048


With humor and insight, one red pill at a time….

72dd30 No.384049

d10957 No.384050


It didn't "sound" scripted. It literally sounded like she was READING from a script!!!!

898fdc No.384051


Q calls her MW . Her last name is waterS.

I doubt Q means her. WATCH THE WATER.

It's either control of Fresh Water supplies or it's about the Oceans…

0ed52b No.384052

File: 8d8d14525f834cc⋯.png (219.98 KB, 586x540, 293:270, ClipboardImage.png)

40415e No.384053


Or the reference to Sept 7, 1776, 1st submarine attack

72e830 No.384054

Off-duty conservation officer and friend drown in ice-fishing accident, leaving grief and questions behind

Department of Natural Resources Capt. William T. Brown said the bodies of the officer and another man were pulled from an ice-covered pond about 11:50 p.m. at Camp Kikthawenund, about 12 miles northwest of Anderson.

Fellow conservation officers recovered their colleague and his friend, Brown said.

Under normal circumstances the conservation officers would handle the death investigation, too. But this case was handed over to the Madison County Sheriff's Office because it involved their colleague.

https:// www


ea0a59 No.384055


Got this one?


1d69d2 No.384057


One person at a time sometimes. I've talked to a couple of media friends of mine and convinced them that POTUS was the right person at the right time. They may not be excited about POTUS, but at least they aren't negative about him anymore.

993f37 No.384058


Or about draining the swamp, or about submarines, or even about the fact the US has been in a long term drought and our aquifers are extremely depleted. Lots of things it could mean

7f2a61 No.384059


Yeah yeah

898fdc No.384060


I'm digging into fresh water purchase. Wells, Great Lakes etc etc etc

9e426e No.384061


I'm more convinced the CIA fueled the hippie movement, or hijacked it like they did with the tech companies and silicon valley. My first instinct is to say Frank Zappa wasn't involved, but then again, maybe if he was a spook he was protected and could talk without repercussion and appear "Woke" while spreading disinfo along with truth bombs. Sort of like William Cooper.

351748 No.384062



898fdc No.384063


Sordid pleasures and a bug-out place

d34841 No.384064

File: 774203799df7f1c⋯.jpeg (622.07 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DWEG1z5XUAEbEKY.jpg-large.jpeg)

Dopey staged pic whats the message here?

24cb90 No.384066



Keys unlock doors. The “doors of perception” being opened (unlocked) will reveal the truth, shine the light. Pray Pray Pray

f10348 No.384067


Anyone know if there has been any 0 zero depth seismic activity or buoys going off in the oceans?… Any subs blown up yet?

4c6e5d No.384069


Wow, you really had me excited to see some movie that is deep and then…. it was anime. I threw up in my mouth and now I'm back. I followed and liked your deep analysis though. Godspeed. I can't do anime. :(

9e426e No.384070


Maybe he realized it's better to be a white hat and be comfy. Maybe not

86d13d No.384071



>Watch the water

>Watch the news re: new drugs coming out [flu/dirt/next?]

I'm thinking this hints at a 'miracle' solution about to be dropped to clean up dirt in water supplies.

6175eb No.384073


Taken and held by the Navy.

Vegan books.

Trump article.

Putin picture.

Phone on paper.

Light shone on picture.

Hand on books a promise to stop.

fc6c47 No.384074


Can confirm nothing like that.

7819bd No.384075

File: 930248ba7b9e51a⋯.png (439.13 KB, 1073x890, 1073:890, screenshot_1288.png)

"watch the water"

Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle

https:// www.motherjones.com/politics/2009/08/fiji-spin-bottle/

d93930 No.384076


No, Deep State is dismantled, but the media doesn't entirely know. They're actually just fucking stupid people. They'll say whatever is put in front of them. They are puppets. There's no families, it's just fake identities, fake backgrounds, fake social media profiles. It's literally just actors working with the media. The event itself was like a movie scene. But none of that matters because the media is complicit no matter what. They're puppets.

Sandy Hook was staged, no one died, a shocking sinister lie. Vegas was an illuminati ritual sacrifice, more sick and disgusting than imaginable, w/ multiple layers of psy-ops involved, and dueling control of the narrative.

2ef363 No.384077

File: 4d586bc93274d91⋯.png (261.19 KB, 601x482, 601:482, ClipboardImage.png)

remote viewer anon:

9e426e No.384078


No he means they are discovering wonder treatments in dirt. Literally


a6e4f2 No.384079

So who is BC and CC Q mentioned?

dc63ae No.384082

File: 4193807846ef5e6⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2000x1336, 250:167, sf.png)

07f9e0 No.384083



I'm not sure what to believe about the school closure atm. I used to be 99% (as close as possible to sure) that it was just a closed school in a small town the rest of the country probably doesn't know even exists, but this site has some interesting info making it look like it was actually open.. and as for the name of the site, it's seemingly making fun of people who think crisis actors were involved. It's not actually run by crisis actors (as far as I know anyway..)

http:// www.crisisactorsguild.com/2016/01/14/sandy-hook-elementary-was-open-part-one-the-lobby/

6175eb No.384084


Clintons sans stinky one

1d69d2 No.384085


https:// www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/nestle-outbids-small-ontario-municipality-to-buy-well-for-bottled-water/article31999831/

ea0a59 No.384086


Didn't Merkel buy around there too? Huge aquifer under there.

f13a94 No.384087


Heard Angela Merkel bought land adjacent to the Bushes in Paraguay.

US has no extradition treaty w/Paraguay.

86d13d No.384089


Interesting, thanks.

467e40 No.384090


This is from September of 2017. We already discussed this in great length on another bread last week sometime. The books say:

A world in disarray

Isis the state of terror

Thank you for being late

The intent TRAP

and 2 becoming vegan (maybe stopped eating humans!?)

The WSJ on top of newspaper is from like Sept July 2017

His computer has Office of Naval intelligence up on it. etc etc . It's a message for sure, just don't know of what. I'm sure the photo of the two princes is part of the puzzle.

e3be06 No.384091








is it just me or do these read like safe houses or other secure locations being checked off as still "OK"?

f10348 No.384092

They also decide where and when its going to rain.

fe65dd No.384093

>>384001 dont write books newfag..nobody reads that much babble

61cc14 No.384094


They all look older now a days with all the make up…

cded91 No.384095


Yes, that one. Sorry I took so long to reply..had to take care of some business. Do you think that he was being strictly metaphorical…or not so much and perhaps we ARE in a matrix of sorts?

24cb90 No.384096


Ops or parts that have been taken care of?

9f05e0 No.384097


agree with the above

- "carpet" is real grass

- wooded area behind

- outdoors

467e40 No.384098


Edit, newspaper from July. Needed to delete the Sept

6175eb No.384099



I suspect Dopey has been playing along a lot longer than we think.

44099a No.384100

Bush Family Buy Up Guarani Aquifer-Paraguay

https:// www.wired.com/2016/04/californias-water-wars-flare-socal-makes-land-grab/

All water belongs to people of the state, but if [Nestlé is] drawing groundwater, that is unregulated.

46280f No.384101

i used to love abovetopsecret but it is tottally compromised now

cfb09c No.384102


She just survived a mass shooting and is not shocked or mournful about any of it….as if she wasn't even there.

4a0b4e No.384104

File: c547a53e83ce60a⋯.jpg (112.42 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ttac.jpg)


Thanks for the details & links.

In addition to the primary goal here - researching Q's hints about corruption in politics, governments, corporations, nonprofits, etc-

I believe another reason people like us are being brought together is to benefit each other with life-changing info, across various topics that we each have studied for years. Not one of us is as informed or capable as the group together.

On the topic you raised, I would also recommend this video series for people new to the alternative medicine aspects: go.thetruthaboutcancer.com

(I understand if this needs to go to a separate thread outside of general Q research.)

6175eb No.384105

My Father always said it would be Water Wars, not oil.

b6a8a6 No.384106


Cane is noteable..he didn't use one before his stay at the "hotel"…rumor was he was hung upside down and "lost a few toes", looks like he's aged a century..horrible decor…sharp contrast to photo on table…kek becoming a vegan…it's a TRAP..kek…someone change the screen to qresearch? Looks like grass so he's out in one of his tents…newspapers…glasses, phone..beads? remote, cordless… Trump Deepens GOP Divide..American papers…thank you for being late..smokey background…highlighters…want to play a game?

e3be06 No.384107


Trump broke him. He just couldn't take being known as Dopey for the rest of his life.

ea0a59 No.384108


That Q post reads like a bit of a systems check. Perhaps confirming that they still have eyes on all of those via satellite, or whatever means the clowns were trying to disrupt at Fort Meade?

467e40 No.384109


I don't think so. I think it was a message to those who he is working with or for for his nefarious purposes. This was before the Las Vegas shooting which he was mostly likely heavily involved in. I don't think he's playing along ever. NO DEALS. He's evil af and never will be playing along. IMO

a6e4f2 No.384110

Q, if you get this, you keep on saying there is more in the map, you just need the key, re-read past crumbs.

Alas the possibilities are endless, can you shine a light by way of giving us an easy puzzle to solve of the same type so we know what we are to look for?

Just an example so we know what type of search to do, does the text make a pattern? Is it a code in the stringers we should be decoding? Is is some double meaning stuff, maybe it's all, but what one are you trying to help us get? Where do we look? Is the key some document used as a encryption/decryption key and we just need to identify the document?

Clearly there are lots of patterns, but what type is the main one, give us an idea as to what kind of analysis!

e63629 No.384111

File: ba0ec150ea5c9b6⋯.jpg (121.54 KB, 960x960, 1:1, IMG_1111.JPG)

9e426e No.384112


I honestly don't see it happening. There's a dozen ways to get clean water and once desalination is figured out cheaply and effectively the Bush's are going to wish they saved their money and bought leonardo davinci paintings instead

fe65dd No.384113

>>384111 nice one anon

2fba1c No.384114


>the devil's version of our Father's painting in the stars

Kek You obviously know virtually nothing about astrology. Ever think there might be a reason why (((they))) have given and continue to give astrology such a bad rep? If you actually knew anything about astrology, you would know that it proves there is not only Higher Consciousness, a Master Creator; but also that this physical world is a School.

Think astrology is really about the stars?

The height of ignorance is to deny something you know nothing about.

8fe270 No.384115

File: 4933b95c7594da1⋯.png (957.34 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180215-101326.png)

Eurofag here.

Pic related - Are they trying to get ahead of the truth?

83701d No.384116


Anyone can switch sides and at this state it's extremely obvious even to the slave population that you can either join the LIGHT or be scrubbed in various effective ways.

a6e4f2 No.384117


Oh D'oh! TY!

2ef363 No.384118


That's true… we could meme a few of the ways.. you know to deter their nasty habit of trying to kill us… its getting really old.

72dd30 No.384119


The books are 'highlighted'

Guard in the background

Becoming a veg is a very good idea

2ef952 No.384120


i have not heard anything but a lot of rambling out of everyone. Almost like libturd talking points only even more retarded. prepped by shills maybe?

d34841 No.384121


TY was not aware about July

1d69d2 No.384122


Metaphorical? I don't know. I do know things aren't quite what they seem. I've been spoons before. Not like the kid in the movie did, though I know it's possible. I don't think anyone makes the spoon stand up again afterward, though. I've seen time anomalies, too. I've heard of someone who could make bullets stop in the air without hitting him. The movie is obviously dramatized, but I am inclined to think that some phenomena depicted are more real than many know.

b6a8a6 No.384123

A death in the family…butthurt PRINCE (kek) Henrick of Denmark

http:// people.com/royals/denmarks-prince-henrik-dies/

1d69d2 No.384124


bent spoons. I swear, someone changes words on me from time to time.

dc63ae No.384125


Snooze, lose, one will.

9e426e No.384126


Denmark makes me think of Lego. Maybe they can build him a really rad coffin

e3be06 No.384127


What a coincidence.

898fdc No.384128


Slick Willy and daughter Chelsea

90ad2e No.384129


Enjoyed that. Very much relate.

2ef363 No.384130


Here's one : https:// www.wikihow.com/Collect-Water-From-Plants

ea0a59 No.384131


I'd prefer they stop making things cancerous as opposed to telling us not to eat anything under the pretense that it can't be helped and wasn't a deliberate act.

cded91 No.384132


I would have to agree. But seriously, those last 2 lines have been spinning around in my head ever since I read them the 1st time.

08df4f No.384133


Books under hand top to bottom:

A world in disarray, Isis the state of terror, thank you for being late, the content trap, how to vegan books.

Us navy on screen from fox

Trump divides the GoP on walstreet j

*Still no table cloth on his head*

Can't see date of paper, but I'd say proof of Life photo.

62479d No.384134

Quite a few articles on Laurel Canyon conspiracy online.



cfb09c No.384135


Oh yeah! That is how they were going to start WW3. Water shortages. Everyone needs water. I bet most of the war would have centered around the Great Lakes around Michigan and Lake Baikal in Russia.

44099a No.384136

Gaddafi's Great Man-Made River

Gaddafi, a man of many visions, had dreamed of seeing an abundance of fresh water in Libya, and wanted to make his home country stand as a proud and free nation. In 1953, the quest for black gold in the vast deserts that reside in the southern part of Libya, led to the discovery of oil and fossil water.

2ef363 No.384137


The AquaMagic machine – which currently cost about $28,000 per unit – can produce up to 120 gallons of purified water in 24 hours, and since it's small it can be toted to disaster sites and Sub-Saharan Africa alike.

07f9e0 No.384138

File: 16df89bdaf73a8d⋯.jpg (100.75 KB, 634x635, 634:635, article-0-1988DC1900000578….jpg)


One less of these obviously outstanding bastions of all that is holy and good

898fdc No.384139


BINGO…keep watching

5c75ea No.384140

I’m trying to fly @ 40,000ft, please don’t let me get too close to the sun.

As Q has stated, “Nothing is random” “Everything has meaning” “Double meanings”

(3 letter agencies, corporations) Many faces/masks/fronts, single connected entity/hierarchy/network (clowns)

(7? is the # relevant? super computers//at least 7 ‘personalities/faces/masks’) (SNOW WHITE) (Is it possible there is a rogue actor within the rogue actors (double agent)?)

Let us gaze down this rabbit hole for a moment (forgive the symbols just how I note)

“Red October”

“Drop “the hunt for”” -Q

Red October may refer to the following:


~underwater/submerged/under the surface/undetectable by types of instruments/water/


~high-level cyber espionage campaign, acquired “hundreds of terabytes of data” across various nations and industries, legitimate top-secret type of info was acquired.

~”The attackers began their assault with spearphishing emails or infected documents tailored to appeal to their targets.”

?What is the most logical deduction to be made here regarding the ‘tailor-made’ness of so many emails to so many individuals/organizations/nations which this ‘malware’ infiltrated?

!Thinking second-order/secondary outcomes/processes from first-order/primary principles

?What is AI?

!”The NSA has everything going back to 2009”

?How long was RED_OCTOBER active, before detected?

~"there is a high degree of interaction between the attackers and the victim - the operation is driven by the kind of configuration the victim has, which type of documents the use, installed software, native language and so on."

?What/who has the capability to adjust to so many variables?

!Perhaps a sophisticated AI and/or a team working in congruence with one another.

!RED_OCTOBER :: solely sought information on high value targets.

~”Information harvested from infected networks was reused in later attacks. For example, stolen credentials were compiled in a list and used when the attackers needed to guess secret phrase in other locations. To control the network of infected machines, the attackers created more than 60 domain names and several server hosting locations in different countries (mainly Germany and Russia). The C&C [Command & Control] infrastructure is actually a chain of servers working as proxies and hiding the location of the ‘mothership’ control server.”

?Is it possible there is no ‘mothership’ control server?

?What is the blockchain?

?What is the blockchain being used to accomplish in the public sphere?

?Is it a coincidence that BTC’s astronomical rise occurs alongside the appearance of Q?

& “… a multi-functional attack platform that includes several extensions and malicious files designed to quickly adjust to different systems' configurations and harvest intelligence from infected machines. The platform is unique to Rocra (i.e. RED_OCTOBER) and has not been identified by Kaspersky Lab in previous cyber-espionage campaigns…”

& “"The main purpose of the operation appears to be the gathering of classified information and geopolitical intelligence, although it seems that the information gathering scope is quite wide,"”

! “Wizards & warlocks” “1 of 4.”

~ ‘wizard’ :: 4. Computers. a software feature that guides users through complex procedures with step-by-step instructions, often presented in dialog boxes.

~ ‘warlock’ :: Warlocks are distinguished from wizards as creating forbidden "pacts" with powerful creatures to harness their innate magical gifts.

!I will note that Q stated also, “{40,000ft. v. necessary to understand [US]}/SA/global events.

Paint the picture.

{Decrease altitude (we will not fly that high again)}.

Higher the altitude greater the [risk] of conspiracy ST.

Many cannot/will not swallow. “

!It’s likely Q has decided here that such things, perhaps specifics, will not be divulged in order to protect their message. This is understandable. Many could not or would not accept certain truths (perhaps some in regards to Q). The messages going forward would contain more specific details and less general/broad data (data which patriots turn into information).

?Is there more being revealed to us by Q we have yet to understand? Is all to be shared?

!Obviously, we must remain persistent. Persistent in analyzing, vetting, and propagating the message.

!I have additional queries but I have left them out of this as I think they may go too high in altitude and/or are not immediately relevant.

!MAP provides KEY (is the key knowledge?) patriots’ Knowledge spreads TRUTH, truth shines LIGHT (shifting of narrative?) LIGHT saves HUMANITY (from, well, y’all know.)

?Am I onto anything here or should I redirect my attention elsewhere, Q? Anons? Just tell me I’m crazy and I’ll go back to the hole I crawled out of and simply witness. Thank y’all for your attention, just trying to help but possibly my particular flavor isn’t pertinent.

God bless y'all

9e426e No.384141


Maybe things don't cause cancer. Maybe Cancer is a natural thing in humans but we're being exposed to something that prevents us from dealing with it naturally.

40415e No.384142


This isn't news

2ef363 No.384143


http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2630864/The-fence-make-water-air-Researchers-reveal-harvest-morning-fog-drinking-farming.html

86d13d No.384144







Britanon here, did anyone decode any more info yet on this possible false flag? Another anon suggested it may be from a bus with brakes being tampered with relating to the 'B-7V'

62479d No.384145

You can check in with geological/seismic sites for worldwide reports on seismic activity.


1d69d2 No.384147


The third to last one. The rabbit hole is deep. The weird politics is only part of it.

90ad2e No.384148


The Black Forest has green grass it seems. And internet.

40415e No.384149

The good thing about water is God allows it to fall from the sky sometimes

4c6e5d No.384150


YW. If you zoom in real good, you can see the date on WSJ. Not on the photo you posted but an original that blows up real clear. And the photo was said to have a July origination date.

>>384106 see my previous post. This was before Vegas attacks, and before Q drops at all


cded91 No.384151


Hell, during hurricane Irma and the 2 other disastrous hurricanes, people were not only fighting over cases of water, but some sick f**ks started price gouging water…we're taking upwards of $70 for a small case. EVERY living thing needs water to survive.

2ef363 No.384152


cancer is an error created by a poor environment… not a disease… We all have tons of cancer cells all the time but the immune system removes them. When the body is so polluted, the immune system is too busy with cleaning up and cannot take care of the defective cells… then they start reproducing and you get sick.

5fb8f5 No.384153


Unfortunately, the true artists have bene largely run out of Hollywood. About the only place you are going to find art, culture, and depth in any media production is out of Asia - which means it is probably in an animated form as far as what gets exported.

I realize that some people can't do anime, for whatever reason (probably because people seem to think it's all hentai, or something), and the genius of its design requires it be made into a format that the average person can digest - it would have to be an extremely faithful live-action rendition. Which means any current Hollywood producer who tries to produce it should probably be killed to prevent repeats of the other atrocities they have committed to Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, etc. When you can fuck up Dragon Ball… eh… I'll just stop.

Point is, western media is generally a trainwreck. I was absolutely shocked when I saw The Greatest Showman and wasn't inspired to drop a 537.82 yottaton yield warhead on Hollywood and end all of the inner planets along with it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am actually inspired to try and put together a live action production of Psycho-Pass that passes along the story to an audience that steers clear of anime. Almost entirely frame-by-frame re-make as budget/tech/reality allows. Sounds extra anal, but when Hollywood starts getting 'ideas' - you get The Last Jedi "I'm going to be deep by having all the characters do the opposite of what common sense suggests." Type "elitist" thinking where the rest of us are just too stupid to understand how deep and amazingly improved the series is.

But I am getting a bit slippery and slidey at the moment. Another discussion for a different place.

257d8c No.384154


You're fucked.

83701d No.384155


He is a fellow human with respectfully different opinion.

40415e No.384156


Youre a concernfag. Dont buy into the fear, anon

fc6c47 No.384157


https:// m.emsc.eu/earthquake/latest.php?min_mag=n/a&max_mag=n/a&date=n/a&euromed=World

f10348 No.384158


I go to Dutch for that.

09b210 No.384159


fusion technologies are the number one thing that would help lift all boats around the world. LENR technologies on multiple fronts for the past few years have seemed to be on the cusp of providing limitless nearly free clean energy .. which of course could make desalinization cheap.

cded91 No.384160


True. The entire post disturbs me honestly..probably more than any of his other posts to date.

898fdc No.384161


Atlantic doesn't have buoy the coverage the Pacific does other than the sosus network.

Seems quiet

44099a No.384162

Water is a basic human right. Governments have sold water to corporations, which in turn sell it back to the citizens.

Can anyone here point me to who has the patent on water?

In some states it is illegal to collect rainwater.

38bf46 No.384163


I was not aware that "Anna James" is Chelsea Clinton so thanks for the heads-up.

24cb90 No.384164

File: bcfbd566258b728⋯.jpeg (162.97 KB, 640x832, 10:13, 3103E8CA-8757-4412-96E6-8….jpeg)

File: 7bfc3310c105cd9⋯.jpeg (169.54 KB, 640x951, 640:951, EA3A3192-9FE3-4E55-8DB1-4….jpeg)

Friend of mine put this together. The pieces fit. Keystone Pennsylvania? Definition of keystone: “The central supporting element of a whole”. Not only does it physically connect to other states (I heard through the tunnel system), but it contains military, data, who knows what else.

Which has Iron Mountain (pic related)….

http:// www.onlyinyourstate.com/pennsylvania/pa-iron-mountain/

Bill Gates rents a facility at Iron Mountain (pic related)

Also, Pennsylvania has a massive tunnel system, in which the destinations are unknown (trafficking possibility?)

http:// www.subterraneanbases.com/pennsylvanias-underground/

And Pennsylvania is a source, destination and pass-through state for trafficking in persons.

http:// jsg.legis.state.pa.us/resources/documents/ftp/documents/SUMM%20Page%20Hum%20Traff%202012%20Report.pdf

Pennsylvania is also known as the home to the unground pentagon:

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raven_Rock_Mountain_Complex

1d69d2 No.384165


Almost looks like he's saying we'll eventually talk about Pres. Eisenhower's bad deal with reptilians.

257d8c No.384167


That's right, that's the way she goes.

Sometimes she goes, sometimes it doesn't.

She didn't go.

That's the way she goes

24cb90 No.384168


Is also on the East Coast—watch water

9e426e No.384169


Not me man. my body is ready. Bring on the reptilians

4c6e5d No.384170


KEK! I liked your elaboration on it all. Maybe I'll stomach anime just to get the message here. My reason is just that it's so ugly. And I have to read. So not really a thought provoking reason of any sort.

And I don't watch much else either because Hollywood…meh. Can't. I haven't seen The Greatest Showman. I heard it's amazing but some of the people who say it's amazing say some other complete and utter crap is amazing so haven't been running out to theatres. I can't give (them) my money. I just can't. I'm sliding now too. Back to work.

bebaac No.384171


I also had a bout w suicidal tendencies a 4 years back. Bush & Obama’s America made me destitute. Lost everything. Went to zero living in my brothers guest room, then my mother’s guest room. Drank a lot.

Decided not to.

4 years later, I’ve Won 2 clios, married now & living. Got laid off recently/ not part of the “Still with her crowd” (fuck Hillary Clinton)!

Never give up.

God Bless all us misfits.

cded91 No.384172


kek…not even that would surprise me at this point.

4eec14 No.384173


Thanks fam

44099a No.384174


I already knew….

898fdc No.384175

there was a 5.6 quake 700 mile SE of Sierra Leone but it's the mid-Atlantic ridge. quakes all the time


faf1cf No.384176


Standing on flowers others not on flowers. VIP/Minions?

83701d No.384177


Or more importantly his rejection of the good ET's that contacted him in 1954.

332728 No.384178

File: d82d315cabce697⋯.png (233.19 KB, 1005x407, 1005:407, false.png)

well, looks like the shooter was false flagging

72dd30 No.384179



For about a month I've been " Sing a Song of Sixpence"

4a13a7 No.384180


They are called "siddhis". They are real.

faf1cf No.384181


I lost it all in Obamas America too. Homeless for years basically. Still destroyed financially. Living in below poverty while the welfare ebt thug dindus live like king lions.

faf1cf No.384183


False faggin it?

5fd1fa No.384184


72 = 72 hour window for warning.

1d69d2 No.384185


You do realize those things are something like twice as tall as us, right?

bebaac No.384186



Praying for a better future.

Pushing to make it so.

257d8c No.384187


Where's the sauce?

Sauces of claims?

Anyone could have typed that shit.

38bf46 No.384188


Here's a scary compilation of population statistics and projections. Don't know its origin or whether it's bona fide - came across it and bookmarked.

http:// www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx?pag=1&sort=GDP&ord=DESC

898fdc No.384189

As a kid my old man told me, "don't ever get a job where your elbows are lower than your asshole".

I became an Offshore Commercial Fisherman and discovered what he meant….UGH

d3f001 No.384190


He refers to the pic of the wrong guy.. take it with a grain of salt…

faf1cf No.384191


Perfect niggerkike plan to demonize Trump supporters and shame white men. Death to the NWO !!!!!!!!!!!!

7bd5a2 No.384192

File: bf11fa532224a35⋯.jpg (232.23 KB, 750x375, 2:1, learn-to-read-the-map-map-….jpg)


we already have the map and the spider webs, learn to read the map anons !

Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map”

A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees

https:// throughthelookingglassnews.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/q-anon-learn-to-read-the-map/

961213 No.384193

The teacher being interviewed this am on Fox sounds like it's literally just a replay of his interview with tucker Carlson last night.

01b952 No.384194

SEPT 7, 1776.

http: //www.history.com/this-day-in-history/worlds-first-submarine-attack

faf1cf No.384196

10D here, Today is going to be a BIG day . My spidey senses are ringing off the hook!

4eec14 No.384197

32c72a No.384199


Or maybe even a Stradivarius

86d13d No.384200



Thats my thinking too

257d8c No.384201


Grain of salty clown taken. Don't want to see it spewed around.

a6e4f2 No.384202

File: 5db0ea7f21ad7da⋯.png (782.16 KB, 2194x1208, 1097:604, 6c28fa43ce6983963abbcbcd82….png)

File: 15a12de3367c2e0⋯.png (333.01 KB, 1231x534, 1231:534, 15a12de3367c2e070cc838ae64….png)

File: 0899d5e6470edd5⋯.jpg (635.04 KB, 1200x791, 1200:791, 0899d5e6470edd584272b3571f….jpg)

cded91 No.384203


The pressure does seem to be reaching critical mass, doesn't it?

6175eb No.384204


72 = GB, mainland

b6a8a6 No.384205


LOL so Antifa butthurt over fake shooter pic covering ass…voter record proves he was leftie..

(insert gold star) YOU TRIED!

90bae3 No.384206


This is why the Petition Site at the White House has been reopened.

100.000 SIGNATURES & shit gets done.

"We The People" DEMAND…

9fba34 No.384207

File: 36e350156efce4f⋯.jpg (92.22 KB, 960x600, 8:5, a-sign-of-the-ubs-is-seen-….jpg)

File: f576d2a4de1afae⋯.png (384.07 KB, 1200x1334, 600:667, Coat_of_arms_of_the_Vatica….png)

File: fd7ad06d5d04b0a⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 214x237, 214:237, St Peter Insignia.jpg)

RE: The two keys of the HOLY SEE…

They represent;

1] Temporal Power - Gold hey

2] Spiritual Power - Silver Key

The three keys logo of the JESUIT order (shown) are;

1] Temporal Power

2] Spiritual Power

3] Monetary Power.

UBS bank logo has a more esoteric meaning; "The Keys (plural) to success"

…in which they would be typically and traditionally; Money, Fame, Power.

I imagine the same applies for UBS banl's logo with 3 jeys.

467e40 No.384208


Same with me. The last 3! I was numb for a few days. Couldn't shake it and that's never happened with any Q drops and I've been here from the start. That one hit me hard.

Had a deep convo on here about it with some other anons a few nights later. We decided that it was more the stuff we all know. That they are using us for energy and money and sex etc. They use humans for fertilizer and put it in our food. They kill, torture, and eat babies (hard to even type that). I mean the stuff we know and talk of here is The WORST STUFF EVER. How could anything be worse than that??? If you told even 1/100th of that to a normie, they would immediately think you'd gone bat shit crazy and needed to be admitted to a hospital.

I've racked my brain trying to imagine what else there could be. Being a religiousfag, I just am not buying the interdimensional, time travel, alien invasion aspect of any of it. I think it's just truly all about the depths of the evil of those following Satan. And it's really made me appreciate the 60/40 because I just don't think the general public needs to know some of this stuff. They are better remaining naive in some of these instances. Or SLOWLY acclimated to the depths of it. VERRRRRY SLOWLY.

1d69d2 No.384209


In the beginning, I studied because I was curious. Now I study because I feel a need to not "misfire" so to speak. Think Harry Potter and the way he unknowingly made the glass of the snake enclosure disappear.

40415e No.384210

898fdc No.384211


Wait and See. Jumping on this, no sauce? No Way.

32c72a No.384214


As long as Jimi's playing it, I don't care.

We miss you, Jimi.

0b30e7 No.384215


There it is!!

Also, know how to render antifa useless?

Call their mommy!!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=mALEb6IiKas

0ee8e4 No.384216


this was eye opening for me.can also be found here.


4a13a7 No.384217


Siddhis are side effects of spiritual development. They are not the goal, but some desire them. When you learn to look inside they naturally begin to occur.

b6a8a6 No.384218


obvious date is obvious…unless exif data in photo there's nothing to say all props are props…including dates. He never used a cane before. Post exif data. TIA.

cded91 No.384219


George Bush?

Probably not…just a thought.

627831 No.384220


An anon had a nonanon friend of his look at it and he came up with a pretty plausible meaning for it all. It was several breads back I think and in image form. Sounded like the nonanon was a special operator.

257d8c No.384221


Great Britain?

Lots of muzzies there.

86d13d No.384222




B-7V: Volvo B7 series bus chassis, i.e. the attack payload could be a bus.

627831 No.384223


LOL! Q is going to love that one!

467e40 No.384224


Don't know where the hell but read that earlier too that some girl at the school said that he was a weirdo and no one wanted to be around him. He dogged on muslims and said they were terrorists and that he always wore a "Trump" hat she said. Dang I can't find the sauce. But anyhow, FALSE FAG!

9fba34 No.384225

So……. What would happen if we pranked [a p a c h e]eeee secbox in traditional 4ch style? Interfere with comm/s?

467e40 No.384226


I'm pretty sure it was EXIF data they found. I wish I could find the bread.

9fba34 No.384227



83701d No.384228


Confirming this.

Do not focus on them

faf1cf No.384229


I see the future more in the short term personally .As this continues and we awaken I become more psychic .It is no surprise when I think something and it happens shortly after. I cannot see in the future besides Big Picture. I see a MAGA awakened world soon. I see a healed World. I also see this huge War coming to a head very soon. My short term vision is almost always clear. This thing is about to get crazy for Qteam and us Anon fighters. We are truly risking it all and in up to our neck the lot. God is on our side and goodness will never be defeated . It only get's imprisoned for awhile. The cycle of tyrannical ego's and honest men. The battle of Good and Evil is here now! We fight ! Good Luck today Q and 45 /Anons!! I will be on the wire non stop fighting and researching/adding input. I never thought my 20 years of deep research into this would ever do anything but lead to my grave via the black hand of all for this moment for us to win. I am one man in a sea of asleep people. What a war we have ! Take down the TV news and all will follow. The News casters and MSM anti Trump agenda needs flushed. GITMO for the lot ! Love you guys and dolls 10D out.

28b28e No.384230

File: 28710efa9b711bc⋯.png (50.74 KB, 320x320, 1:1, red herring.png)

961213 No.384231


The same way they did when they founded this nation. Even the info that was published was done so as anonymous or with pseudonyms. America was founded on being anonymous. Only makes sense that anonymous would be chosen to retake America back.

32c72a No.384232

Most gracious and bountiful, Almighty God, Heavenly Father, we beseech you. Grant us your immense knowledge and power. Shine your Light of Wisdom upon anons everywhere, that they may work together in your name. Shine your Light of Justice upon the darkness and evil everywhere, that they may be exposed quickly and completely. Bless us with your greatest Mercy, that we may rid ourselves of this sick, evil plague upon Humanity. We pray in Jesus Christ's name to you. Amen.

6175eb No.384233


Bishop to F7


2aa2eb No.384234


>And it's really made me appreciate the 60/40 because I just don't think the general public needs to know some of this stuff. They are better remaining naive in some of these instances.

That's what got us here. Some thinking the rest don't deserve or couldn't handle the truth. Another anon here described their RELIEF at finding things out. Relief is what people will feel.

The Truth Will Set You Free

cded91 No.384235


I feel ya.

Sometimes the evil/bad that you DON'T know ends up being so much worse than the evilbad that you DO know.

961213 No.384236

2aa2eb No.384237

dde3c6 No.384238



Caution. Check definition: Fasci (as in …..st)

d3f001 No.384239

32c72a No.384240


Yes indeed, it certainly will.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImSyJDPPIfs

2f9272 No.384241



Remember the speech in where Trump was drinking Fiji water.

01b952 No.384242


i read the same here: https: //www.thedailybeast.com/nick-cruz-parkland-florida-shooting-stoneman-douglas-high-school

8d1807 No.384243

File: ed4a36a04731d6c⋯.png (689.92 KB, 1234x1920, 617:960, IMG_0620.PNG)

ea0a59 No.384244


Reads like it was written by a leftpol.

cded91 No.384245


Thank you, anon. Sleep well.

faf1cf No.384246


Trump needs to confiscate this land under the new EO's !

8d1807 No.384247


I believe that was a ”op" child slavery

5c75ea No.384248


Would they follow Satan just for fun? Or with a purpose in mind?

>Expand your thinking

72e830 No.384249

08df4f No.384250


https:// pastebin.com/k6wEetUv&amp;t=h_&amp;ia

Good rational explanation of Delta's.

46280f No.384251

we the people can not allow water to be privately controlled this is corruption of the highest order

13f6e6 No.384252


Watch the water... courts martial in Navy?

www.stripes. com/news/pacific/uss-mccain-s-former-xo-found-guilty-of-dereliction-of-duty-1.511774

72e830 No.384253


Crystal clearly

cded91 No.384254


That being said, however, I would rather know the Truth-no matter how difficult or great it may be-than to continue being a "sheep" to sickos like the Roths, Bushes, Soros, etc..

5b1ef4 No.384255

File: 0dd58abcf2d41eb⋯.png (20.08 KB, 419x149, 419:149, 2018-02-15_10-53-27.png)



This got me thinking Anon.

>Water Rights!!





898fdc No.384256


stop eating kids

faf1cf No.384257


It says Ya Q,s White House

cacb7b No.384258

File: fac562f8f548cea⋯.png (97.32 KB, 533x224, 533:224, ClipboardImage.png)

Q, DELTA signature significance? Yes according to this:

83701d No.384259


lol lets spam the twatter of every roth on the planet with this

8d1807 No.384260


Damn right I want what he did talk if he took anything at all. I'm not from Mossuri, but you still have to show me. Not everything but by "George" (pun intend) we here on Qresearch deserve some kind of disclosure J/S

4eec14 No.384261

ea0a59 No.384262


Yep. Daily BS with their BS.

"I’ve seen him wear a Trump hat,” the student said." They even put that line in its own paragraph.

54ef3c No.384263


This. I'm ready to have my eyes fully opened and understand.

62479d No.384264


Couldn't find the original post which came in yesterday.

>>384091 Here's a copy of it.

627831 No.384265


FWIW, Brenden Dilley's source dropped this last night:

"New York City coastal area is a concern."

cacb7b No.384266

File: 7323a6f1b912eb5⋯.png (26.13 KB, 665x181, 665:181, ClipboardImage.png)


https:// fas.org/irp/doddir/dod/app-J_THREATCON.htm

cded91 No.384267


I did wonder about the sudden change in his signature…

8d1807 No.384268


Thank you my fellow anon, right back at' ha

dde3c6 No.384269


Unless DWS gets stung?

cacb7b No.384270


first ever sub attack was there, Q referenced that by sept 7, 1776.

Corsi is also considering that we don't really know what happened to the 'lost' argentinian sub… it could be used in a rogue operation

3a23fb No.384271


Sept 7 1776 was the first ever submarine attack. Watch the water.

86d13d No.384272




Good find. Not good, but good to know

b61985 No.384273

Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/15/18 (Thu) 17:08:41 276796 No.382161

Watch the water.


"The wars of the twenty-first century will be fought over water." Ismail Serageldin

295b13 No.384274


Can they transmit biological viruses via the Internet yet? Are they trying to? Has anyone noticed anything perhaps?

cacb7b No.384275



- fake hawaii missile attack? from a sub?

- ff operations yesterday

- 'lost' argentinian sub, used as a rogue?

- 'watch the water' = sub attack?

- lot of surveillance planes yesterday

- Q, DELTA threats yesterday

- Q military command posts with the DELTA signature

cded91 No.384276


I do not feel that it is the right of anyone to withhold critical information from another adult human being. We have a right to know the real truth about our history, our origins, EVERYTHING. I can't stand that some get to decide what we are 'allowed' to know and what they get to keep from us our entire lives; pisses me off, quite frankly.

62479d No.384277

File: 3e74436655c9352⋯.png (5.92 KB, 254x82, 127:41, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)

8d1807 No.384278

Do you guys really think that was Q? Everything was off the font, no tripcode. And just very odd in in his message/code. Not himself so to speak.

Some of you have been doing this longer than I have, so?

62479d No.384279


Sorry mistake please delete.

ae423d No.384280

File: eb9dc8aaa0314b1⋯.jpg (74.58 KB, 736x552, 4:3, 47508b20bb3f34570ad20c3386….jpg)


Comfy af anon

62479d No.384281

File: e16644ba7ff686d⋯.png (107.54 KB, 573x306, 191:102, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

9fba34 No.384282

File: 188d4445970227c⋯.jpg (95.8 KB, 1155x723, 385:241, pic1.jpg)

Watching the waters.

d3f001 No.384283

File: 1d40ca9408664bc⋯.png (261.98 KB, 592x484, 148:121, ClipboardImage.png)


1c52fc No.384284


Watch the water…

a6e4f2 No.384285


Was what Q?

86d13d No.384286


Warning European Union


Within 72hrs


B-7V: Volvo B7 series bus chassis, i.e. the attack payload could be a bus?


Heard through increased uk chatter


No info on this


THREATCON DELTA applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is likely. Normally, this THREATCON is declared as a localized condition.

257d8c No.384287



Warning to Europe/Eurpian Union


7- G

2- B

GB - Great Britain


The vehicle a B-7V

B7 Volvo is a bus

Strike package is bus


Warning FOR UK, there is immediate chatter


Xray was a landing zone

Landing Zone - G

City that starts with a G

City in Great Britain that starts with a G


898fdc No.384288


B-7V: Volvo B7 series bus

44099a No.384289

312810 No.384290

A human right Canada rejects: Access to clean water By Maude Barlow and Anil Naidoo Tues., July 13, 2010

https:// www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/2010/07/13/a_human_right_canada_rejects_access_to_clean_water.html

c5401a No.384291


Choice to know will be yours

Red pill or blue pill. YOU have to pick one.

dde3c6 No.384292


Collect and examine photos against that backdrop.

Who is in each photo group?


Links across photos?

46280f No.384293

great my city starts with G ,need to relocate ,after a nice cup of tea of course !

8d1807 No.384294


His recent posts

01b952 No.384295


>City in Great Britain that starts with a G



can't think of other big cities there with G

cded91 No.384296


I think that anon was referring to Q's posts on GA today.

898fdc No.384297


G Where is 00:00 ?

72e830 No.384298

https:// www


83701d No.384300


Q has posted with his tripcode and there were no discrepancies.

As someone who has closely followed Q almost since the beginning my doubts are heavily, heavily dissipating, and when I started I had only passing interest.

This is a part of the larger scheme and things will unfold.

The more he posts the more the truth aligns with what should be happening, if you can resist the satanic matrix programming you will have a much easier time.

3b6c3b No.384301

Should be worth noting that Broward County is the county that the MSM fake news was convinced it would win Hillary FLorida. They mentioned t over and over and over on election night how they had Broward county in the bag and it was going to win them Florida. And also, HRC visited Broward county THREE times in 2 weeks leading up to election night…

So yea.. go back and watch CNNigger on election night and count how many times they say Broward County will win Hillary FLorida.

a6e4f2 No.384302


All his recent posts had his Tripcode.

Not sure what you are talking about, maybe you are confusing the posts Q is replying to or posts replying to Q included as a reference.

46280f No.384303

sas,sbs ,cghq training centres held in a city begining with G in uk to

8d1807 No.384304


Of coarse holding all missiles :)

86d13d No.384305





Warning to Europe/Eurpian Union


7- G

2- B

GB - Great Britain


The vehicle a B-7V

B7 Volvo is a bus

Strike package is bus


Warning FOR UK, there is immediate chatter


Xray was a landing zone

Landing Zone - G

City that starts with a G

City in Great Britain that starts with a G



Warning European Union


Within 72hrs


B-7V: Volvo B7 series bus chassis, i.e. the attack payload could be a bus?


Heard through increased uk chatter


No info on this


THREATCON DELTA applies in the immediate area where a terrorist attack has occurred or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location or person is likely. Normally, this THREATCON is declared as a localized condition.

ae423d No.384306


It really is an incredibly monumental lesson plan.. Let's face it, the Matrix ref was dropped. When you thought it couldn't get any.. yeah.

Worthy of a sticky thread of it's own imo.

cded91 No.384307


Well I understood the general meaning behind that..and I will choose the red pill. Not yet knowing the entire context of that post worries me though.

898fdc No.384308


Greenwich…as in, Mean Time. 00:00

cacb7b No.384309

File: 86772470d500e31⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1032x777, 344:259, ClipboardImage.png)


>Watch the water

9fba34 No.384310


NK angle..

We were tipped off about that photo by Q.

By "watch the waters"…that could be it..

Watch the people in the photos?

How many of these photos are there?

I would imagine all in the photos are up to no good.. especially currently.

Possible anon..very possible..

46280f No.384311

yes the place with sas ,sbs,gchq training centres also hold a missile base begining with G

8d1807 No.384312

File: b881a707505a4dd⋯.png (324.62 KB, 1457x1969, 1457:1969, IMG_0621.PNG)

4505f6 No.384313

In the Greece debt bailout one of the demands from the EU was/is a fire-sale of public assets like the water supply to some private investors.

http:// www.dw.com/en/greece-approves-plan-to-transfer-state-utilities-to-new-asset-fund/a-35909222

898fdc No.384314

File: 4193807846ef5e6⋯.png (2.02 MB, 2000x1336, 250:167, watch h2o lol.png)

fc6c47 No.384315


Heres town















Grange over Sands



Grantown on Spey



Great Yarmouth




cacb7b No.384316


sub attack

cded91 No.384317


Broward county, FL. is a cesspool. Think of the worst parts of L.A. but on a smaller scale.

cacb7b No.384318

File: 86772470d500e31⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1032x777, 344:259, ClipboardImage.png)

257d8c No.384319


Delta nailed. Thanks.

4eec14 No.384321





62479d No.384322

File: a5d00fb8b1e6b21⋯.png (23.31 KB, 386x227, 386:227, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

File: 20ba37d8630f15c⋯.png (44.66 KB, 711x226, 711:226, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at ….png)

Operation Merlin.

a6e4f2 No.384323

File: 93463915529a994⋯.png (164.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Nope, your view is f'ed up.

Might be a setting.

72e830 No.384324

Watch the water, could refer to


-torrential rainfall


-Flood of information

-drownings - suspect/accidental

-water supply contamination

-Navy activity ( Seals)

-Fiji water

What have I overlooked?

d3f001 No.384325

File: 89b69a4f21eb2fb⋯.png (42.13 KB, 590x243, 590:243, ClipboardImage.png)

6175eb No.384326

X7 = Bus Route

cacb7b No.384327


rogue sub attack

c5401a No.384328

>>384208 remake of War of the Worlds. People just pulverized into fertilizer by aliens. and they were underground for thousands of years dormant. Ugh

295b13 No.384329

File: 9bc23282e2940f6⋯.jpeg (64.11 KB, 800x600, 4:3, DDB41CA2-B093-4113-8DD7-4….jpeg)

898fdc No.384330


It is Greenwich the place on Earth that begins each day at 00:00 IE: 11:59 PM +1 =00:00 time

2aa2eb No.384331


Exactly. Doesn't make any sense. Need to know more.

72e830 No.384332



fc6c47 No.384333

8d1807 No.384334


YEAh that could be didn't think of that, but I like it

LOL:) ty

4505f6 No.384335


Control of nations water supply, by privatization of the public water supply assets, often demanded in exchange for debt bailouts.

86d13d No.384336


Missing how you get XRAY_7 to be landing zone G?

72e830 No.384337

9fba34 No.384338

File: 24764cfccf403a0⋯.png (11.6 KB, 386x227, 386:227, a5d00fb8b1e6b21ea2576f9c23….png)


NK (mini sub ICBM sub)

312810 No.384339

https:// twitter.com/MAGAPILL/status/964002916708347904

BOMBSHELL: Senior at Douglas High School says she spoke to the suspect Nikolas Cruz at the school today while hearing gunshots from the other end of building. NEVER SEEN A GUN.

direct video link https:// video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/963972282979725313/pu/vid/1280x720/t1Syk4HqkCfuPJBj.mp4

72e830 No.384340

fc6c47 No.384341


Quite possible!

ea278b No.384342


Rogue sub like Sept 7 1776, w/ ICBM like Hawaii attempt recently.

a6e4f2 No.384343


Uncheck Options>Forced Anonymity.

I think you might have that turned on.

bfa9c0 No.384344


Stopped being a cannibal?

90bae3 No.384345

File: d03b0b72ecc40a9⋯.jpg (41.55 KB, 495x363, 15:11, Mapbit.JPG)


Landing Zone G - Gatwick Airport?

City that starts with a G - Greater London?

I believe Gatwick Airport is close, if not in, the Greater London area…

995b63 No.384346

File: a99248d6c147d3c⋯.png (233.52 KB, 1289x1102, 1289:1102, IMG_0764.PNG)

FYI if not seen already

6175eb No.384347

X7 Green Park, Lake

Bus Route

44099a No.384348


Everything you have named, as well as who sold the rights/owns the rights to fresh water.

Follow the money.


Weather manipulation hurricanes/droughts.

cded91 No.384350


F*** Adam Schiff…fuggin traitor!!

c95d08 No.384351

Maxine Waters ?

Watch the water.


72e830 No.384352

d3f001 No.384353

Found a little gem here.. https:// www.dailywire.com/news/27167/clueless-stephen-king-thinks-ms-13-firearm-ryan-saavedra# Did he really think it was a firearm or did he imply the guy was a member?

3005ec No.384354


Letter of the alphabet

46280f No.384355

drinking my last tea before evacuating ,wish i had brought biscuits.

ae423d No.384356


(We) all knew it would ramp up

d6f5de No.384357


A signature tells us who writes the message. We have also seen messages signed 4,10,20

I think the two with DELTA were signed by the Q group and the Delta Force group

3005ec No.384358

4eec14 No.384359


See the picture

The books on the desk

two of them have the title



72e830 No.384360



09ebee No.384361


Stop saying "sub" when referring to the unconcious mind.

"Sub" implies subordination.

The unconscious is not subordinate to the conscious mind.

6175eb No.384362

https:// www.salisburyreds.co.uk/timetables/X7

86d13d No.384363


Ok cheers, not sure bout that tho.

46280f No.384364

i have to drive by the royal armouries to get out of G,

8d1807 No.384365



bfa9c0 No.384367


He had to stop eating people.

cded91 No.384369


Now THAT will cause a FLOOD…HERE. FFS

2aa2eb No.384370


Hm. Can they just stop, or is it an addiction?

c7ffff No.384371


>direct video link https:// >video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/963972282979725313/pu/vid/1280x720/t1Syk4HqkCfuPJBj.mp4

Thank you for this link.

t. mobilefag

9fba34 No.384372

Any USSUBS enroute/patrol? MIL High alert?

6175eb No.384373

http:// www.mcgillsbuses.co.uk/mcgills-bus-timetables/x7-greenock-to-glasgow.aspx

83701d No.384374


This is not as evil as people think.

It's good to reduce meat.

It's not good to either exclusively eat babies, or tree bark.

483fc8 No.384375

I've been out most of the day. Can I ask what the hell is going on at the NSA?

Once time is a weird day at work. Twice is a drag show

dde126 No.384376


All of the kids interviewed on Tucker, Hannity & Ingraham sounded scripted and very unemotional. All the hosts commented on how 'poised' they were. All the kids supposedly had just witnessed horrific scenes. All were very calm. So either they wrote out their notes because they were nervous and were still in shock or this was fake. I wasn't a believer in staged FFs, but this made my husband and I think, well maybe…

995b63 No.384377

.>>384369 Yep

54ef3c No.384378


That's my attitude, too. I hope this marks the beginning of the end of secret knowledge. Since youth, I've resented information considered classified that we aren't allowed to know. Black marker on documents is like a middle finger.

Secrecy stress has increased dramatically as technology has improved. Now, ALL of our secrets are known, but our knowledge is constrained and controlled.

46280f No.384379


4505f6 No.384380


it destroys the narrative that (clown) Roy Potter tries to give. Potter said there was/is only 1 q. And the old one was real and now its fake.

This is not the first time q posted a message after glowing mr. Potter went of the rail….

872975 No.384381



faf1cf No.384382


youtube attention whores

83701d No.384383



Check UID's, nothing out of the ordinary.

46280f No.384384


c5401a No.384386

>40,000 feet how to red pill world on any alien stuff. FUND ACADEMIC RESEARCH, big money, IMPORTANT KEYNOTE SPEAKERS (Mattis, DARPA head, NSF head). Provide artifacts for open study: pieces of scrap, signals, footage, etc. Make grants multi year and substantial. TOtally legit, top cover for young aerospace academics. They don’t want to waste their lives inventing Stone Age equivalent technologies when ET tech is real. This gets people thinking wow this is real, disclosure gets easier if Establishment sees incentive.

faf1cf No.384387

Let's see what the enemy is yapping about over on Chimp news ….

4a13a7 No.384388


Disinfo is something or other.

46280f No.384389

>>384879 go check their videos they show this board clear as day

faf1cf No.384390

CNN fist thing I hear from faggot Cuomo. Gun control !

83701d No.384391


Cabal goes down first, then you find the truth in their possession.

For example, Vatican.

4eec14 No.384392

https:// 8ch.net/greatawakening/res/1.html#q69

d6f5de No.384393


Airport code is LGW for London Gatwick. Second largest of London's 5 major airports. They still use buses for many gates to ferry passengers from the gate area to where the airplane is standing on the tarmac.

ae423d No.384394


Sounds like a meme campaign to me…

cacb7b No.384395


what's your problem? troll?

4505f6 No.384396


There is research in his buddy Montegraph and him …it's a a lot more serious/deceptive than that.

c5401a No.384397

faf1cf No.384398


God I hate that demon Cuomo ! 5 min alone with that guy !

fc6c47 No.384399


Like a repeat of nsa yesterday?

4a13a7 No.384400


you just replied 500 posts into the future btw

cacb7b No.384401


sorry, wrong reply … wrong post

72dd30 No.384402


They would be the ones embedding videos so they can follow and shit up the bread better, so what does that tell you about both?

I don't do hats but seriously theirs are pointy with a huge D inscribed on them.

9fba34 No.384403


He's probably scared shitless that his past will come out..all those nasty deals…pals with the Clintons…etc…

44099a No.384404


GCHQ was used as a backdoor into surveillance during the campaign, & Hannigan stepped down.

cacb7b No.384405


what's your problem? troll?

d3f001 No.384408


kekk maybe he has a timetravel tricycle

cacb7b No.384410


what's your problem? troll? filter?

295b13 No.384411

File: 6c177dcf15b89df⋯.jpeg (247.77 KB, 1000x672, 125:84, E3938B6D-C475-42CA-BF3C-6….jpeg)

9fba34 No.384412


Did your mom take away your CAPS lock button?

cacb7b No.384413



disinfo account

c5401a No.384414

>>384391 concur. can say that info and artifacts are in more like tech areas rather than religious areas. FWIW when a certain carpenter had to go, he said he had other sheep

58ef6e No.384415

GCHQ is in Gloucester ..

3776e1 No.384416


Was getting that when url was /index.html go to /catalog.html then click thumbnail pic

61ec63 No.384417


The Waters above or the Waters below?

4505f6 No.384418


https:// steemit. com/q/@flynnl1ve5/roy-potter-only-takes-cash-for-childrens-movies-hmmm

https:// steemit. com/montagraph/@flynnl1ve5/roy-potter-has-teamed-up-with-montagraph-the-starnet-pedo-dealer

04fbcc No.384419

File: 43f813f8712cd33⋯.jpg (110.88 KB, 619x411, 619:411, eaglepride.jpg)

They cannot help themselves.

6175eb No.384420

File: 8338330ef280aa0⋯.jpg (288.53 KB, 1440x1409, 1440:1409, IMG_20180215_113343.jpg)

Cruz alibi

01b952 No.384421


was typing the same lol

https: //www.gchq.gov.uk/what-we-do

44099a No.384422


Out of Meade IIRC….

c5401a No.384423

>>383894 in case any of the multiple active calderas in northern hemisphere break open or are broken open the Southern Hemisphere is best bet to ride out aftermath for generations

44099a No.384424


Fort Meade.

46280f No.384425

i have no problem ,just stating Q said himself they are a group of ppl ,,after studyingTIMES AND DROPS OF Q it is clear there are a few posters dropping Q ,,,EVEN Q NEEDS TO SLEEP SO NEXT SHIFT TAKES OVER

6175eb No.384427

Gatwick Airport

Compromised Xray handler?

cdffcd No.384428


was he even a student?

2aa2eb No.384430


There's no G

An anon made a far reaching leap from XRAY_7 to G (7th letter)

cded91 No.384432

9485bd No.384433


They are Force Components, my guess would be major Command and Control elements to those force components.

c5401a No.384434

>>384425 I like the Lady Q best, I bet she’s a sweetheart and runs a mean 10k.

07f9e0 No.384436


Hmm yeah, why did she see him there?

Wasn't he like.. 19?

Bit old for HS

898fdc No.384437

Jacob Zuma. The president of South Africa resigned at 08:03 local time 2-1518. Today.

72e830 No.384438

ae423d No.384439

File: 86131bf8c1d54dd⋯.jpg (305.88 KB, 1024x523, 1024:523, 77e8143c363da34a513547a887….jpg)



Fresh Bread

Fresh Bread



86d13d No.384440


Agreed. More focus on other definitions of XRAY_7 are needed.

cded91 No.384441


If true that would mean at least 2 shooters…unless she suddenly "dies" before she can screw with the official narrative more than she already has. Prayers for her (if this is legit & she is legit).

2aa2eb No.384442


There is no G

Check Qs actual posts

8d1807 No.384443


Those arrogant murdering freaks I swear to god right here right now if they don't take them out soon, idk know how much longer we can watch bastards spend our money that they all stole from US Fuck me running this bull shit. I hate these bastards their whole god foresankin family has to go now SORRY, IM BETTER NOW


72e830 No.384444



9485bd No.384445







My take is that we will see a major disruption of sea lane traffic. Look for massive exclusion zones around N. Korea or a strange absence of traffic, disrupted patters?

From Yesterday, based on stratagem I'm seeing a possible military engagement of N. Korea

d3f001 No.384446

File: c4ba3655bee15e4⋯.png (420.43 KB, 586x625, 586:625, ClipboardImage.png)

cded91 No.384447


WTF is that???

a27d47 No.384449

uk has far to many towns with a x7 bus service to many to list

72dd30 No.384451


Computer generated face, there is nonhuman symmetry obvious (unbalance) photofags can you toss this around and analyze?

7df298 No.384453

File: 2ffb8d3e9d5e9c1⋯.jpg (324.58 KB, 1552x1528, 194:191, POTUS Signs Space Policy D….jpg)


>Watch the water.

Is this what you were talking about, Anon?

3776e1 No.384454


Putin is not P. !0-31-2017 Q ID'd Putin as someone controlled by the 3 familes, along with Soros, Clinton, Obama. 1st col of first Q map pic.

9fba34 No.384455



Q has been dropping allot of crumbs about NK, nukes, the facade, clowns, obummer, red cross, etc.. Thay MUST be HANDLED sooner than later.

950066 No.384458

>>384023 He told us! We The People! Sign the petitions on the WH petitions page. Get everyone you know to sign the petitions to demand the answers!

63323d No.384459

Sharing some research notes/images relating to SecureDrop - since Q suggests more digging.


898fdc No.384460

But it’s interesting this new Yellowstone information is coinciding with news that a pole reversal is near, the Ring of Fire is waking up, and the sun is approaching its solar minimum which could cause a mini ice age.

ae423d No.384463

Fill the bread lads

01b952 No.384465


0ee8e4 No.384467

File: 114656f02002c14⋯.jpg (51.71 KB, 400x227, 400:227, tng-amatterofhonour3.jpg)


a27d47 No.384468

they are just natural pressure release valves ,more like they are loosing so will attempt to cull us all again like ww2 ,in the hope we will not spread the info to the survivers

09ebee No.384471

Unmanned ET drones suck up water on schedule


The moon is not airless and not dead.

It "rings like a bell" when struck by hard landing space ship or asteroid.

Because it is hollow?

What is going on in the huge caverns?

Automated mining?

Why was the Apollo moon landing program cut short with many missions never flown ?

Why did the planned moon base never happen?

Why are there no hi def photos of the whole moon available for autists to examine?


Ingo Swann "Penetration"

9fba34 No.384474

https:// www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-74.5/centery:36.7/zoom:6

For you wanna be boatfags. Help track.

ca2f9e No.384475

File: 64c837bcad8a466⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 550x410, 55:41, sausages-too-much-bread.jpg)

Too much bread

ea278b No.384477


Please watch Dr Steven Greers recent documentary "Unacknowledged" and you will hear multiple credible MIC whistleblowers with various levels of top secret clearance confirm the existence of ET's, multiple races, and back engineering of UFO's. Ben Rich CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks said "We already have the technology to take ET home" before he died. Lot's of old military / intelligence death bed testimonies coming out. Listen to William Tompkins on Project Camelot 2016, he was 93 then passed away last year. Listen to David Icke who has spent 30yrs+ extensively researching the Reptilians/Djinn/Archons that are in control of the elite bloodlines that are involved in satanic ritual abuse. Yes the normies will think this sounds bat shit crazy but do your research. I didn't kow any of this a year ago. You have to want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If we don't wake up then the Alpha Draconian Reptilians win that means the Illuminati may appear to be defeated but they will resurface, different players. Everyone needs to take a Big Red Pill and wake up, pull our heads out of the sand They are keeping us too busy chasing our tales working 9-5 on purpose, too distracted to have the energy or time to do research ad challenge the status quo. Meanwhile the child trafficking & satanic pedophilia is out of control. Adrenochrome. Read Zecharia Sitchin who was a rare individual who could translate ancient Sumerian clay tablets pre cuneiform / pre egyptian hieroglyphics. Ancient Sumerian civilisation appeared out of no where and archaeologists are at a loss to explain how we went from neanderthal man to advanced knowledge about agriculture and astronomy, information we rely upon to this day. Dr Steven Greer is correct when he says there is no Alien threat. The fact is there is no NEW alien threat because they have been here the entire time. And if you stick your head further down the rabbit hole you will find out that there is evidence of nuclear war on the moon mars and earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. William Tompkins was there in the control room when the moon landing occurred He heard it from the horses mouths that there were alien vehicles surrounding the crater. Why have we never been back to the moon? They weren't impressed that we landed on the moon. The backside of the moon has broken glass domes and other structures on it. I don't know how far Q is goog down the rabbit hole, but there is a war going on. There is a split within the intelligence community as you are already aware. There is also a split in the Secret Space Program - that you will know exists once you do your research. So we have an Earth Alliance and a SSP Alliance currently working together to free us of these Reptilians. is absolutely right when he says Expand your thinking. And he is absolutely right when he says eft is right and up is down. Humanity has had the wool pulled over its eyes for thousands of years in fact. Please do your own research. I only know what I know from doing my own research and a year ago if anyone had tried to tell me any of what I just said above I would have told them they were nuts. And I specialise in psychiatry so I know exactly what psychotic is - and none of these whistleblowers I have been listening to are psychotic or delusional, and I have not made any of this up it is all from highly credible whistleblowers. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of humanity, please do not put your heads back in the sand. I have given you what I consider amongst the best whistleblower testimonies to save you time so please use them as a path to follow, and I am sure you will find plenty more to back it all up. YouTube is excellent resource of you have time to sort through the disinfo that has been put on there to make it too hard for people to do their research and to discredit and undermine the real truth that is also there.

2aa2eb No.384480





3776e1 No.384482


First time I saw this, there were also pics of someone's (can't remember who's) desk with award coins and a ton of stuff on it. My thought was "This container belongs to someone we arrested." Like it was a prized possession of someone that ALL cabal members would instantly recognize. Sent a message to (((them))) maybe.

c669bc No.438742

Watch this water?

http:// writeintoaction.com/Masked%20Police%20Joe%20Gilberti.html

Not sure of the validity but worth a look

07f9e0 No.438743

Finished the Homeland ep (which features what they present as 4chan). Funny how (((they))) are the sick fucks, yet made an effort to portray anons as creepy motherfuckers who exploit people. Riiight..

Pretty sure this is only the beginning of (((their))) effort to undermine us in the media/popular culture.

b31363 No.438764


Greer is a clown. I found some of the interviews convincing but somewhere down the line he shifted from aliens and UFOs to the search for alternate energy sources. Plus the bullshit about gathering to communicate with aliens through personal energy was bullshit.

197f33 No.457203

I have an idea on #788 is it Gematria?

here's a site to play with names.

http:// www.gematrix.org/

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