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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 69c27f16cf6f917⋯.jpg (289.14 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

63f7a5 No.351166

Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


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63f7a5 No.351175


pastebin. com/jwH0vLCt

106517 No.351212

File: 5728c320cbc9261⋯.jpg (327.42 KB, 700x449, 700:449, 731ad4ab7198d955aa75ed538b….jpg)

File: 7175f0d5a9c6f92⋯.jpg (267.61 KB, 650x404, 325:202, f-clintonkim-a-20161031.jpg)

in case missed. fag me dont care wont watch.

all photos shopped? is room even real?

9936d9 No.351220



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34ec34 No.351221

OBAMA's new portrait.

Per the artist

Artist Kehinde Wiley, known for large, colorful portraits of African American subjects, painted the former president’s portrait, which will be displayed in the museum’s America’s Presidents exhibition. The seven-foot portrait features a background of flowers, including chrysanthemums, the official flower of the Obamas’ hometown of Chicago; jasmine, for Hawaii, where Obama spent his childhood; and African blue lilies to reference his late Kenyan father.

43ec3a No.351222


What I think Q is talking about referencing Mike Wallace.

100-800 AD – an incredibly Evil Society Emerges in Khazaria:

Khazarians develop into a nation ruled by an evil king, who had ancient Babylonian black arts, occult oligarchs serving as his court. During this time, Khazarians become known to surrounding countries as thieves, murderers, road bandits, and for assuming the identities of those travelers they murdered as a normal occupational practice and way of life.

800 AD – The Ultimatum is delivered by Russia and other surrounding nations:

The leaders of the surrounding nations, especially Russia, have had so many years of complaints by their citizens that, as a group, they deliver an ultimatum to the Khazarian king. They send a communique to the Khazarian king that he must choose one of the three Abrahamic religions for his people, and make it his official state religion and require all Khazarian citizens to practice it, and socialize all Khazarian children to practice that faith.

The Khazarian king was given a choice between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Khazarian king chose Judaism, and promised to stay within the requirements laid out by the surrounding confederacy of nations led by the Russian czar. Despite his agreement and promise, the Khazarian king and his inner circle of oligarchs kept practicing ancient Babylonian black-magic, also known as Secret Satanism. This Secret Satanism involved occult ceremonies featuring child sacrifice, after “bleeding them out”, drinking their blood and eating their hearts.

The deep dark secret of the occult ceremonies was that they were all based on ancient Baal Worship, also known as worship of the Owl. In order to fool the confederacy of nations led by Russia that were watching Khazaria, the Khazarian king melded these Luciferian black-magick practices with Judaism and created a secret Satanic-hybrid religion, known as Babylonian Talmudism. This was made the national religion of Khazaria, and nurtured the same evil that Khazaria was known for before.

Sadly, the Khazarians continued their evil ways, robbing and murdering those from surrounding countries who traveled through Khazaria. Khazarian robbers often attempted to assume their identities after they murdered these visitors, and became masters of disguises and false identities — a practice they have continued even to this very day, along with their child-sacrifice occult ceremonies, which are actually ancient Baal Worship.

https:// www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

3555e2 No.351223

File: f30ac9580d9944f⋯.jpg (69.36 KB, 1214x737, 1214:737, f30.jpg)


B is my KWEEN!

-clicks pissedoffedly-

46388a No.351224

During your presidency, Kim said, the United States had provided humanitarian aid—rice—to the DPRK for the first time. When the U.S. administration offered to send one of several high-ranking people to the DPRK, the DPRK had agreed only on President Clinton. When the United States confirmed that President Clinton would come, Kim said, the National Defense Commission decided to grant special amnesty to the two journalists. So that this would not happen again, efforts were needed for better relations and the elimination of mistrust between the two countries. During your presidency, Kim said, the United States had provided humanitarian aid—rice—to the DPRK for the first time. When the U.S. administration offered to send one of several high-ranking people to the DPRK, the DPRK had agreed only on President Clinton. When the United States confirmed that President Clinton would come, Kim said, the National Defense Commission decided to grant special amnesty to the two journalists. So that this would not happen again, efforts were needed for better relations and the elimination of mistrust between the two countries.

Do we know anything about how these "rice shipments" were executed? Or any of the other US humanitarian aid for that matter. Where did it come from. what boats carried it? Was there a GSA contract for it? I can't imagine the US has a strategic rice reserve.

c09575 No.351225

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳


Maybe this has something to do with todays drops????

http:/ /www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2018/02/12/15-major-media-outlets-romanticized-slave-state-north-korea/

7baf28 No.351226

File: 9ea36ed73b2ee35⋯.png (162.72 KB, 378x410, 189:205, c25755719a95dcb64231d4b890….png)

As you can see here, there are 2 shadows from the chair legs.

3c1104 No.351227

http:// www.softschools.


39fb86 No.351228

File: c229892e1aa6f2a⋯.png (786.68 KB, 1112x491, 1112:491, ClipboardImage.png)


Back legs are definitely missing.

Shill will try to tell us our eyes are deceiving us.

c83c3b No.351229


We should do a petition to block this shit from being added to the Smithsonian. He is a traitor!

b2ad2b No.351230


I have never seen such evil eyes all in one picture before. but im also missing the point. why would it matter if pic was photoshopped or not? either way the end result is what was intended and what was released and what matters.

7356c0 No.351231

All of these talking heads and CEOs are selected.

Hussein was correct about his and their reality when he said that they did not build it or get there on their own.

That is the world they live in.

6e6883 No.351232


The different flowers in BHO portrait. Are any of them national flowers of other countries? Cant tell what kinds they are.

924a34 No.351233

File: 131afa5d9b25af4⋯.png (202.17 KB, 400x368, 25:23, ClipboardImage.png)

0284df No.351234


I know this isn't in the rules you just posted but can I suggest posting this at the top of each bread? Just a lurker but I get tired of the useless comments making it hard to keep up.

Back to lurking

5c2fe1 No.351235


Actually dove/doves are a well researched Illuminati symbol… Etymology tells us the word Dove is colum…it refers to sacrifice of the innocents. Think Columbine shooting.

7baf28 No.351236


Look for the shadows.

a42c84 No.351237


sitting on the cure

87df69 No.351238

Flowers & Gardens.

Learn the hidden symbolism.http:// www.encyclopedia.com/humanities/applied-and-social-sciences-magazines/slave-gardens

What does a 'Flower' represent?

What does 'Deflower' represent?


c57eb8 No.351239


If back legs are closer together (they are), I see no orientation that could completely block both back legs at the same time from any angle.

544889 No.351240


I can't stand reading the comments on her posts. So many fucking retards.

94e4a3 No.351241


bf78c3 No.351242

To my eye these photos/ set ups are all about positioning

photos projected onto the landscape = ownership/interests

their hand gestures & positioning in photos demonstrate the hierarchy/ where they all fit in

-on the landscape = control

front row, main players

centered on symbols= top

hand positions inside body=inner workings

outside of body= outer bands/ public face

d4e2e9 No.351243


I can see the leg right under his pants, you can see it, look closely.

e83363 No.351244

Major hot mic racial faux pas:

"In 1981, [Mike]Wallace was forced to apologize for a racial slur he had made about blacks and Hispanics. During a break while preparing a 60 Minutes report on a bank that had been accused of duping low-income Californians, Wallace was caught on tape joking that 'You bet your ass [the contracts are] hard to read' if you're reading them over watermelon or tacos.

58f6a0 No.351245


The Obabyrapist painting is apprentice work.

Hers avoid the rank amateurism by aspiring to be genre painting. IE stylized, leans on symbolic language.

Anons could turn out better version of either in an hour or two. But I'm curious about those illuminated bar codes on her dress.

a6e96f No.351246


Respectfully, study Jung's archetypes, tarot, ancient symbology, sacred geometry, synchronicities and teach yourself how to spot repetitive patterns in art, music & math - then you'll see it - a lot of guys in here do and get it immediately

fb7b33 No.351247



e2de71 No.351248


Oh GROSS! Thank you Q

2a10e7 No.351249


>no magnolias

fuck. can you sauce that for me please, anon?

c09575 No.351250


What is the chrysanthemum which is the Illinois state flower

fd8036 No.351251


Yikes! Now we're getting somewhere.

63f7a5 No.351252


Thank you for the direction, sir.


3f363a No.351253

File: 5f70f5745abd27d⋯.png (645.51 KB, 820x2368, 205:592, aerhaerhgy.png)

e057e4 No.351254

Baker, for the latest Q post, you have the rt as 350567. It should be 350576.

Feb 12 2018 10:46:03


ID: 90db37



Chris Wallace looks clean as far as those descriptors used by Q are concerned. Looking into Matthews now


Feb 12 2018 10:47:57



ID: 94b137



https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Wallace

You are not looking close enough.


5c2fe1 No.351255


Heads up anons

Trips… power of KEK is saying to pay attention to this post

c09575 No.351256


*** one is the il state flower

924a34 No.351257



>Flowers & Gardens.

children & sex slave camp?

>Learn the hidden symbolism.http:// www.encyclopedia.com/humanities/applied-and-social-sciences-magazines/slave-gardens

>What does a 'Flower' represent?

innocent child?

>What does 'Deflower' represent?

take virginity


3555e2 No.351258


He symbolically burst the nation's cherry?

94e4a3 No.351259



7baf28 No.351260


>What does a 'Flower' represent?

>What does 'Deflower' represent?

Vagina of a woman, and removal of virginity.

3f363a No.351261


https:// www.express.co.uk/news/weird/917848/Illuminati-real-running-world-former-minister-of-defence-global-elite-cabal

72e4a3 No.351263

#350567 should be 350576 in Qposts

d73e02 No.351264


It’s optical illusion.

0e1a62 No.351265


these pigs steal your money and your health

2a10e7 No.351266




nevermind. see Q >>351238

c0be95 No.351268



3555e2 No.351269


They're trying to paint him as innocent?

72e4a3 No.351270

>>350607 rt >>350567

Wrong….should be 350576

af8a0a No.351271

File: e27a2323c947322⋯.png (104.65 KB, 766x566, 383:283, nunes-sister.png)


11e839 No.351272


No let it stand as symbol of ugly evil villain

that tried to destroy this country

It is hideous

Beauty is daughter of truth

That's why libs called ugliness art

39fb86 No.351273

File: 4dcc349329c7c4e⋯.png (742.97 KB, 1059x485, 1059:485, ClipboardImage.png)

c09575 No.351274


Virgin, deflowering

5d5c96 No.351275

Mike Wallaces mother sided.

Her Father's name is Isaac [Natan Isaac HaLevi] Sharfman

I have already found the Natan connection. Seems a popular name with the Jewish name game.

But HaLevi took me here

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judah_Halevi

Which lead me to

The Kuzari, full title The Book of Refutation and Proof in Support of the Abased Religion (Arabic:  ‎), also known as the Book of the Kuzari, (Hebrew: ספר הכוזרי‬) is one of the most famous works of the medieval Spanish Jewish philosopher and poet Judah Halevi, completed around 1140. It is regarded as one the most important apologetic works of Jewish philosophy.

Divided into five parts ("ma'amarim" – articles), it takes the form of a dialogue between a rabbi and a pagan. The pagan is then mythologized as the king of the Khazars who has invited the rabbi to instruct him in the tenets of Judaism. Originally written in Arabic, the book was translated by numerous scholars, including Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon, into Hebrew and other languages.

The question of whether Halevi's work had any historical basis regarding the Khazars' conversion to Judaism is controversial among scholars.[citation needed]

7233c8 No.351276


Quite possibly!

eeba04 No.351277


What does a 'Flower' represent?


What does 'Deflower' represent?

>Violation/Corruption of Purity or Chastity

0ec7ee No.351278

What happened to B's twitter handle?

Tweets have disappeared, profile pic too

https:// twitter.com/B75434425

B if you're around, let us know

f1a05e No.351279


Rape, perhaps in the literal sense or in the pillage-and-plunder sense (or both)

b68dfc No.351280


Virginities and Slave Gardens 'place to get key nutrient missing from slave diet'…

Special places for puppets to commit atrocious acts?

bec70c No.351281

Symbolism of flowers not a fucking chair, Q hints on a hidden meaning. Drop the chair, otherwise we will have legs/no legs for 2 more breads

87df69 No.351282


Think children.

Think slaves.

Think sheep.


299b8b No.351283

File: a2b7b6183eb16d7⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 2347x1663, 2347:1663, flipped.jpg)

File: d9b1460a903deed⋯.png (42.26 KB, 214x216, 107:108, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)

File: c2bf276096e910c⋯.png (49.26 KB, 494x549, 494:549, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)




37954d No.351284


Cabal are the slave masters and average people are the slaves tending the garden?

9f72a4 No.351285


Wallace enlisted in the United States Navy in 1943 and during World War II served as a communications officer on the USS Anthedon, a submarine tender. He saw no combat, but traveled to Hawaii, Australia, and Subic Bay in the Philippines, then patrolling the South China Sea, the Philippine Sea and south of Japan.

>>Could this be pertinent?

d44455 No.351286


I don't have the software to do it otherwise I would do it myself, but putting some lilies in that pic might be appropriate.

6609a2 No.351287



7baf28 No.351288


Now your just being sick…Kek!

544889 No.351289



e2de71 No.351290



1c8ce8 No.351291


Did you guys NOT read that article Q posted?

Slaves used to grow these gardens to replace crucial supplements in their diets.



0f2e1c No.351292


Deflower Virgin Girl find dream interpretations. Meanings & explanations for Deflower Virgin Girl dictionary!

27243d No.351293


She's just as ignorant as the comments. She's done this shit before too, when she's been wrong about something. Famewhoring will get ya nowhere. Stupid cunt, I hope she is gone.

7baf28 No.351294


But yes, we get the message.

cf0903 No.351296


The lines you drew are not correct for BC's chair, sorry.

Not the right angle.

Move on. The legs are just hidden behind the foreground.

6609a2 No.351297

Pedophile Ring

controlling the children leads to

control of the sheep

b63884 No.351298

To supplement basic provisions provided by their master, some bondpeople grew their own foodstuffs and staple crops for personal consumption or sale. Enslaved men and women typically tended these gardens or "patches" after they had finished their daily or weekly work for their master.

For some slaves, these gardens provided crucial supplements to an otherwise nutrient-deprived diet. The extent to which bondpeople and their masters relied on slave gardens for basic provisioning depended on the type of labor system employed and the region in which the plantation was situated. In Jamaica, for example, slaves cultivated "provision grounds," which were, according to traveler Zachary Macaulay, their sole means of subsistence. Elaborating on this system, Macaulay explained that "[i]f, therefore, they neglected to employ in their provision-grounds a sufficient portion of the Sunday, to secure to them an adequate supply of food, they might be reduced to absolute want" (Macauly 1824, p. 39).

3555e2 No.351299

File: 0ca465aa5bbf649⋯.jpg (212.6 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 479734__safe_solo_twilight….jpg)

82ec61 No.351300


Praying for POTUS! Big Week

e2de71 No.351301


.. and that is why he took all the cabal members in that 'party' room…. brb gotta puke

544889 No.351302


Who fucking cares?

72e4a3 No.351303


Absolutely this!

7baf28 No.351304


You got it!

b68dfc No.351305


The Secret Garden?

c0be95 No.351306

Elaborating on this system, Macaulay explained that "[i]f, therefore, they neglected to employ in their provision-grounds a sufficient portion of the Sunday, to secure to them an adequate supply of food, they might be reduced to absolute want"

They have to tend the garden to prevent themselves from falling into slave level like us.

d73e02 No.351307


The mum also represents the Emperor of Japan.

0ec7ee No.351308


Scary. This is us.

afca59 No.351309

Q. For all the patriots on this planet from all the far corners.


94e4a3 No.351310


agreed anon

63f7a5 No.351311



Bubba and KJI are sitting on the flowers, the innocent people of NK, i.e., their slaves.

The garden is the plantation:

- the people can't leave it and are forced to remain loyal to it

- those slaves are "grown" to whatever purpose is needed by the masters.

– sex slaves

– labor forces

– foreign operatives(?)

34ec34 No.351312


Global human trafficking. Global pedophilia.

299b8b No.351313



This is so sick. Thank you Q

0e7988 No.351314

File: b2b5047cdf5c112⋯.jpg (109.6 KB, 620x340, 31:17, north-korea-defector-kim-j….jpg)



Magnolia –


Magnolia Decoded (1999) - Hollywood Mind Control & Abuse - Jay Dyer

In this episode, I deconstruct P.T. Anderson’s Magnolia and show how the synchronicity in the film relates to both Jung and Hollywood Mind Control and instances of Satanic pedophilia.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoVMW_GIHMQ


North Korea Defector: Kim Jong-un Runs an Elite Pedophile Ring Children picked out from schools to become sex slaves

A North Korean defector, has blown the whistle on Kim Jong-un's gruesome public executions and his control over an elite pedophile ring.Known only as Hee Yeon Lim for safety reasons, the 26-year-old grew up as the daughter of one of North Korea's most powerful figures, army colonel Wui Yeon Lim, who was a member of the supreme leaders' inner circle.Born into Pyongyang's high-society, she says she avoided a life of poverty that is inflicted on the rest of the nation but bared witness to the regime's brutal policies and abuse of power.When her father died aged 51 in 2015, she fled to South Korea with her mother and younger brother.Ms. Lim says she risked her life to flee her country and witnessing horrific public executions and seeing her school friends 'plucked' from class for a life of child sex slavery in a pedophilia network serving North Korea's wealthy elite.

http:// www.neonnettle.com/news/2756-north-korea-defector-kim-jong-un-runs-an-elite-pedophile-ring

f1a05e No.351315


Removing ("deflowering") a vital chemical required for mental / emotional independence?

2a10e7 No.351316



they are the slave owners and we are the slaves, tending our gardens for crumbs

39e299 No.351317



87288b No.351318


North Korea is the test bed for total control of a population WW

0ec7ee No.351319


I do, if it means somebody is cracking down on normie-reaching relays of the board's work

fa7509 No.351321


Slave Gardens

ffb1b6 No.351322


slaves/sheep cultivate the kids/flowers for the master?

baaf04 No.351323

File: 7cfa34af3450148⋯.jpg (80.2 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 24f7ll.jpg)

File: fa0f99e0b216c90⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 900x500, 9:5, 24f7n1.jpg)

File: 8d90089dbc1c7f7⋯.jpg (77.88 KB, 500x349, 500:349, 24f7om.jpg)



>Twatter fodder

>#PigFarma on purpose

c09575 No.351324


They would keep the breeders to bear kids for the elites, use the rest of people as slaves

3555e2 No.351325


Something about innocents and slaughter…

23ce75 No.351326

File: a72c6241097ea4e⋯.jpg (69.56 KB, 676x336, 169:84, Screenshot (11h 36m 30s).jpg)

This on 'The Great Awakening'

cd3ab5 No.351327

I’m going to have to break…too much isn’t lining up. Geopolitically things are crashing around us and we are chasing fucking pics.

We get it, their are cult fucks everywhere! We get they communicate in symbolism! We get that they are in search of world domination!

Fucking tell us something we don’t know!

b101f8 No.351328


That "atrt' needs to come down in due time boss, that is a joke on the masses that needs the bon fire.

a9edc2 No.351329

File: 3037a4d5b7e8198⋯.png (93.7 KB, 826x854, 59:61, Slave Gardens 1.PNG)

File: 58d8dc3e59d7b2d⋯.png (90.6 KB, 844x830, 422:415, Slave Gardens 2.PNG)

File: 6a7d3e92eff1bb8⋯.png (56.63 KB, 827x626, 827:626, Slave Gardens 3.PNG)

7233c8 No.351330


Knew that either way, it would be a very interesting choice of terms; he likes to troll POTUS as much as he can, and take jabs at anons who know the truth and helped elect Trump

756c9c No.351331


The use of children is simple. Young agees. Before 5. The most formidable years to be brainwashed and trained. Most do not fight back. Not like a teen or an adult. Who would commonly resist the control and slavery unless con trolled with drugs

0e7988 No.351332


North Korea Defector: Kim Jong-un Runs an Elite Pedophile Ring Children picked out from schools to become sex slaves


A North Korean defector, has blown the whistle on Kim Jong-un's gruesome public executions and his control over an elite pedophile ring.Known only as Hee Yeon Lim for safety reasons, the 26-year-old grew up as the daughter of one of North Korea's most powerful figures, army colonel Wui Yeon Lim, who was a member of the supreme leaders' inner circle.Born into Pyongyang's high-society, she says she avoided a life of poverty that is inflicted on the rest of the nation but bared witness to the regime's brutal policies and abuse of power.When her father died aged 51 in 2015, she fled to South Korea with her mother and younger brother.Ms. Lim says she risked her life to flee her country and witnessing horrific public executions and seeing her school friends 'plucked' from class for a life of child sex slavery in a pedophilia network serving North Korea's wealthy elite.

http:// www.neonnettle.com/news/2756-north-korea-defector-kim-jong-un-runs-an-elite-pedophile-ring

d4e2e9 No.351333


Oh Shit

d91212 No.351334


Is everything they are doing ultimately related to worship and sacrificing children? For their one world dictatorship and abolishing God?

99c40f No.351335

Now the LARP has moved into the garden lmfao.

185863 No.351336



The back legs of those chairs are closer together also, so it cannot be hidden by front legs!

1a8f8c No.351337


Good question. Many things to be learned.

On it!

14c64d No.351338

The consciousness of people is being raised.

Where we go one we go all.

We are all connected.

I was sitting here this morning saying, what is the main obstacle we are facing?

The damn MSM. No matter what we do they are going to spin, lie whatever. And people will believe that crap.

There must be something that exposes them for who they really are. We already know they get their 4am talking points.

Then Q drop. It's in the air.

There exposure will allow the GreatAwakening!

39e299 No.351339

58f6a0 No.351340

File: 8efb14ecb2ff825⋯.jpg (509.89 KB, 1632x918, 16:9, WP_20150820_20_08_22_Rich ….jpg)

This could help HRC's leaky anus, anons.

We must see that she never obtains this technology. (pic related)

11e839 No.351342


BINGO anon

Cabal just underestimated Patriots resolve

a4bb61 No.351343

controlling the crops, controls the people (sheep)

(might be reaching, but throwing it out there)

b68dfc No.351344


>Born into Pyongyang's high-society

5facc3 No.351345


I have personally come to the conclusion that the Jews have been praying to Lucifer the whole time. The mass of Jew normies dont realize it. But the Jews have always been stratified in tribes. The Levi are the Black Shirt SS of the Jews. Makes sense when you realize the AzecheNAZI Jews are making a joke when their Jewish puppet Hitler renamed the German Workers Party to the NAZI. Some of you are aware that the Jews live for this double meaning triple meaning bullshit. Well the Levi are the master tribe of the Jews. They dont do work. The get to eat the offerings the other Jews have to offer Moloch. No tribe was allowed to make a villiage without Levi in it. Levi marched a day ahead of the tribe. They never told the rest of the Jews the truth in anything and they took great pride in being able to bullshit everyone around them.

I really think when Issac offered up his son to Lucifer that is when that creature promised he would give the world to the Jews.

Well God is done with that shit for now. Rinse. Stop the experiment. The Jews/Khazars fail in the attempt to see if they could develop a soul. But unlike the Grinch seeing the amazing souls of Christians didnt rub off on them. And now we have to take them up to mount krumpet and dump it.

98d06e No.351346

>>351222 That is what we need to break to the public. Sadly when you talk about bad Jews, the Christians blow up and turn away. I tried to do just that but hit a wall

63f7a5 No.351347


Please tell me you just doxxed yourself.

299b8b No.351348


Adrenochrome, MK Ultra, Sex slaves, etc

c09575 No.351349

27243d No.351350


Flowers of all types, around the world, represent female genitalia. To "deflower" is to remove it's innocence, purity, beauty. Sitting on top of the flowers, or having a foot on top of a flower, shows control and dominance over the innocent.

64b767 No.351351


The significance of BC and KJU positioned on top of the flowers is quite telling then. As if they are dominating innocence and beauty.

14038c No.351352


Slave gardens: metaphorical.

N. Korea a slave garden where the cabal "grow" the "crops" for their sacrifices/depraved acts.

Remember, N. Korea has the three generation rule. If someone commits a crime their family is also imprisoned and three generations afterwards are forced to remain in the camp.

I'm guessing the children born in the camp are used for these sick acts.

Look at the accounts of escaped/survived N. Korean prisoners. It makes a lot of sense now.

1c8ce8 No.351353

fbe0dd No.351354


The oldest reference I could find was to a NY times article. dated 2009 https:// thelede.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/08/04/north-korean-tv-coverage-of-clinton-visit/?partner=rss&amp;emc=rss

efbada No.351355


This is effing weird. Does the USCG need to try to lock down Delaware Bay?

afca59 No.351356

Public needs to engineer the outcome, so Military can begin rounding these fooks up.

1530c7 No.351357


Doxing yourself is forbidden.

1dae85 No.351358


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_trafficking_in_North_Korea

efugees of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK or North Korea) are a source for trafficking in persons, specifically forced labor and forced prostitution in several countries.

The North Korean government does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts to do so. The government has explicitly denied that human trafficking is a problem.

39e299 No.351359


Jon Arrizo… u just fucked with ANONYMOUS… RUN!!!

05f54e No.351360

You will cease to exist.

"Truth to power.

How’s the bunker these days?

[14] live


[PEOC force failed]"

Think mirror? 14 = 41

'We' captured 41 from the bunker (GHWB)

46388a No.351361


Asked by Chairman Kim if he had visited the ROK twice while president, Clinton replied that that was correct. President Clinton said he had also recently visited the ROK and had taken the occasion to have dinner with former President Kim Dae-Jung. Chairman Kim said he had heard that President Kim was in critical condition. President Clinton responded that when they had shared dinner, President Kim’s mind was alert but his body was weak. We must rekindle feelings in the ROK about a shared future and supporting each other. [Note: At several points in the latter part of the meeting, Kim engaged in aside exchanges with First Vice Foreign Minister Kang, barely listening to the interpretation of President Clinton’s remarks into Korean.]

This is from podesta wikileaks attachment regarding the 2009 visit. If you read it carefully, it implies Clinton had visited NK 4 times. Also the sick president(different kim). The envoy brought a doctor.

Roger Band, Physician

This guy might be important in the "secret cure" vector.

fa7509 No.351362


It looks like it's time to get to the worst part of all this.

The world has 30 million slaves. The most at any time in histroy

c09575 No.351363



fd29ec No.351364


In my experience, that's not inconsistent with professional portrait lighting. Although if you leave shadows, you are doing it wrong.

4cbd3c No.351365


Need a Pepe in the garden whispering "soon"

2a10e7 No.351366


not when you're an obvious shill

c0be95 No.351367

Elaborating on this system, Macaulay explained that "[i]f, therefore, they neglected to employ in their provision-grounds a sufficient portion of the Sunday, to secure to them an adequate supply of food, they might be reduced to absolute want"


08bc58 No.351368

File: 0945b30b7291662⋯.jpg (22.96 KB, 250x390, 25:39, magnolia-1.jpg)

There are no coincidences.

a7ed8b No.351369


too easy, he is doxxing someone else

eeba04 No.351370


Further confirmation from Q of the EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL, SPIRITUAL warfare which we are ALL caught up in!!

Purity, Chastity, Virginity are all SPIRITUAL "GOODS"

The Profane, Lust/Corruption, Sodomy and all SPIRITUAL "EVILS"

4d3fef No.351371




Same post in both places, which is a first. Wonder if there's a reason for that.

fd29ec No.351372

94e4a3 No.351373



4d9982 No.351374

Hang these people first!

http:// humansarefree.com/2014/06/european-royals-killing-children-in.html

c1e4b3 No.351375

Bit off topic but where is Steve Bannon?

58e8ce No.351376

OK so I dig on Wallace and Brzezinski

End up with a book on operation paperclip.

In this book it mentions that both Wallace and Brzezinski narrated the very first Disneyland tv broadcast called "The race to space".

https:// books.google.co.in/books?id=Rs1CCgAAQBAJ&pg=PT571&lpg=PT571&dq=mike+wallace+brzezinski&source=bl&ots=XOsuBMkq7Y&sig=E4szrQT7dx95S6XwDKXmBsYyhws&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiizduk5qDZAhWEzVkKHbQLCvwQ6AEwC3oECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q=mike%20wallace%20brzezinski&f=false


Did I just hit paydirt or should I dig elsewhere?

I know time is of the essence.

98de22 No.351377

File: 32e3b8dab53b84c⋯.jpg (32.84 KB, 204x400, 51:100, Untitled.jpg)

File: 8d74acc8b613520⋯.jpg (27.98 KB, 204x400, 51:100, Untitled2.jpg)

Come on guys, really?

e411c5 No.351378


Flower - virgin

Deflowered in this context 'popped-blood- sacrificed'

2ea8c0 No.351380


So, he is into human trafficking or grooming?…please install live cams when they are in gitmo..that would be quite a show i bet.

4ff498 No.351381



I just want people to think of a St. Jude's commercial and then try and think of any reason to delay Justice any longer. These ideas are good. Announce the cure and then let justice prevail down the road…

39e299 No.351382


here was 1st

a7ed8b No.351383


whoops meant for this guy


8e7d6e No.351384

File: 7abba4afe5048e3⋯.png (1.18 MB, 600x716, 150:179, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 586cd350c86919c⋯.png (1.78 MB, 856x1024, 107:128, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8a6f826b3eb2c34⋯.png (1.34 MB, 633x901, 633:901, ClipboardImage.png)

some of kehinde wiley's paintings

58f6a0 No.351385


Awareness of Khazarians is more or less confined to the chans. We should probably meme it.

328ac5 No.351386

File: 61a2b1457b1d7ce⋯.jpg (35.35 KB, 330x287, 330:287, 330px-CIA_New_HQ_Entrance.jpg)


Odd the Khazar immigrant families all seem to congregate around the literal clown school. "The headquarters of the [clown school] is located in the Langley area of McLean…."

b101f8 No.351387


They want to deflower all aspects of western society, they dont even hide it anymore.

dbd066 No.351388

File: 41e5f5dd7b4ed9f⋯.png (1.1 MB, 607x868, 607:868, bill_ela.png)


Error level analysis shows no evidence of shopping.

181964 No.351389

I find it very weird and suspect how no one has mentioned Mikheil Saakashvili. President of a country right on the border to Russia.

Served during the entire duration of Hillary Clinton as Sec. State.

He was pro EU and a direct threat to Russia

He was extradited to Poland today.

Poland is a Russian ally after the president's plain crash in 2010

Thoughts anyone?

23ce75 No.351390


Megan McCain and Mia….there may be others…

fd29ec No.351391

File: 1ae52cc1acccd17⋯.jpg (114.54 KB, 721x499, 721:499, closet.jpg)

3555e2 No.351392

File: 175570df25ba484⋯.jpg (17.75 KB, 500x375, 4:3, creepy-funny-hedge-homer-h….jpg)


for inspiration…

08bc58 No.351393


They are all about taking virginity. This is also why most American boys have been circumcised. These people are sick!

c0be95 No.351394


People need to wake up before April because we will lose them to outdoor activities all Spring and Summer otherwise and this will take longer than we want.

c5e3e6 No.351395

File: f1e5bafefbc0643⋯.png (122.8 KB, 669x336, 223:112, Traffic Stop.PNG)

6e6883 No.351396


This one seems out there. You telling me they're all lining up for a picture and KJI is all

"Rine up on frower. RINE UP ON FROOWER! We secretry show round eye we run pedo camp in photo!

7372f9 No.351398

File: be9c2bff8f0294c⋯.png (81.29 KB, 943x756, 943:756, angry_octavia_by_hesh4500d….png)

Is B's other account gone, too?

544889 No.351399


She has a family Anon. Maybe she is focusing on them.

63f7a5 No.351400

Flowers in Hussein's portrait = places where he has slave holdings?

36f467 No.351401

White magnolias symbolize purity and dignity.

1530c7 No.351402

So the flowers represent the children that are "harvested" to get the essential part of their "diet" which they are missing.

(((THEY))) are the slaves, to EVIL.

46388a No.351403


This is deep in the rabbit hole.

Remember the cloned Sheep Dolly from this time period?

If you were doing human cloning Antarctica or NK would be the place to do it.

39fb86 No.351404

File: 58a471fdf03f3f4⋯.jpg (64.66 KB, 525x568, 525:568, NKGiustra.JPG)

5d5c96 No.351405

fc4733 No.351406


NO back legs on chair.

bec70c No.351407

Q you said b4 not touched yet, pedo and human trafficking, does that mean you are moving on this target?

1c8ce8 No.351408



To me, if you look at the CUSHIONS beneath KJI and BC, you can CLEARLY see that KJI is sinking down into the cushion on his chair, but BC is not? And with NO rear legs on the chair, this would lead me to believe that this was a PROPAGANDA photo and he WAS NEVER THERE.

58f6a0 No.351409


Thanks Q.

You have forever ruined my enjoyment of landscape painting.

2a10e7 No.351410


that's what i was thinking

7baf28 No.351411

So NK, is breeding children to harvest walnut sauce.

Use the ones that are not going to produce enough sauce for testing of other biologicals.

Such as the one who managed to escape from NK and was found to have some very large worms inside him, or like the US citizen that came back from being a prisoner only to die a few days later.

So there is more than likely enough evidence to prove they are doing human testing of chemical and biologicals it's a matter of making the world see it now.

f277cc No.351412


The children were are and will always be the future. Tell the first one lies and it carries on and on and on.

87288b No.351413


The gardens create a mental leash, just like welfare. Feed them just enough to survive and give them a little something to feel like they are "free", but in reality they will not leave the plantation.

14038c No.351414


Real quick. How do you do this? Can I do this in photoshop to detect shoops?

a99335 No.351415

Take from this what you will…

http:// www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2488.htm

08bc58 No.351416


Obama as born in a North Korean slave garden?

185863 No.351417


correct… agree…

eeba04 No.351418


Can you invert the original?

af8a0a No.351419



so funny

5d5c96 No.351420


That guy is the Canadian miner that paid bill for a speech. Allowed them to ,one khazastan

f0c03a No.351421


Flower represents child. Deflower is too cruel a word. These motherfuckers.

Get them all brother for the sake of our flowers.

God bless you.

8b323d No.351422

Stick to the plan of 4-10-20

don't spook the prey

187ec2 No.351423



What's in Bill Clinton's Slave Garden?

299b8b No.351424

5c2fe1 No.351425

File: cf3b2c108609059⋯.png (88.61 KB, 1036x464, 259:116, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6c9d99d39012467⋯.png (21.36 KB, 937x162, 937:162, ClipboardImage.png)


sauce: http:// humansarefree.com/2013/04/the-vatican-and-rome-esoteric-beyond.html

5d5c96 No.351426

Mine in

c0be95 No.351427


Yes this! This is all I see with BO's painting haha.

c09575 No.351428

46388a No.351429


Martin Shrekili was charged for putting a bounty on hillary clinton's hair. Did he know something in this respect that set off such a serious response?

39e299 No.351431


U1 related?

63ee80 No.351432


Think Hunger Games ?

39fb86 No.351433

File: 5e484864001f88b⋯.jpg (28.48 KB, 702x218, 351:109, NKGiustraII.JPG)

File: 1c9ad2cf860ccf2⋯.jpg (104.79 KB, 782x539, 782:539, Poison Dwarf.JPG)

File: 282a360e9367dfe⋯.jpg (47.44 KB, 1393x523, 1393:523, NKLithium.JPG)

544889 No.351434



24d878 No.351435


Is this a prelude to CF_BOOM_SHOCK_BYE?

181964 No.351436


How is the flow of comments so consistent during morning hours on a workday in the US?

8b323d No.351437

finally have truthful leaders.

d91212 No.351438

Steel Magnolias = Transgendered?

b63884 No.351439

Frank Guistra

He is behind everything

Pedo stuff, U1…all of it


616151 No.351440


Is this why Podesta has artwork depicting children laying in ivy and ground cover type stuff?

9f72a4 No.351441


Wait a sec, could the whole "Start your own garden" thing be used as a cover for Pedos, Sex Traffickers and Slave traders?

0ec7ee No.351442


what's the handle of the 2nd one?

efbada No.351443


KJI and WJC are sitting on stools. Think mushrooms. Or maybe toilet bowls. Either way, defecation on the magnolias.

dbd066 No.351444


http:// fotoforensics.com/

233eb3 No.351445


I think you're getting somewhere with this

299b8b No.351446

File: 52c4a03f8506c97⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 2347x1663, 2347:1663, invert.jpg)

87df69 No.351447


Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Sound familiar?

Wonder where they derived that idea from.

Now comes the 'conspiracy' label.

Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

The end won't be for everyone.

That choice, to know, will be yours.


5d5c96 No.351448


Cold be. I know that he is a billionaire and no mining was allowed in Khazastan for 30 years until Hillary was Secertare and Bill was paid for speeches

c5e3e6 No.351449

File: 63db0791752709a⋯.gif (13.9 KB, 236x92, 59:23, image023.gif)

Who is deflowering who here?

c0be95 No.351450


Yes I think they are going to blow that shit open soonish. Something has to catch people's attn. who aren't already awake.

6931d2 No.351451

File: b7f343ae75815ed⋯.jpg (114.45 KB, 427x626, 427:626, 13OBAMAPORTRAIT1-blog427.jpg)


https:// www.inquisitr.com/4780404/timothy-nolan-former-donald-trump-campaign-manager-sentenced-to-20-years-for-child-sex-trafficking/

56da62 No.351452


Flower = Virginity

Deflower = Rape/taking away virginity

b63884 No.351453


Her 2nd one came up this morning as a follow suggestion

Its gone now

39fb86 No.351454

File: 609fa27515164b7⋯.png (759 KB, 1456x676, 28:13, ClipboardImage.png)


Hunting Lodge?

b3d180 No.351455

File: ec959c7019185bd⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1200x802, 600:401, ClipboardImage.png)

I don't understand how interpreting symbolism of these faggots sitting on a nice rug has anything to do with what we're trying to do here.

Symbolism can be drawn from any and everything. Hasn't anyone ever taken a film class? You can interpret anything any way you like.

Pic related.

5d5c96 No.351456


The Harvest

e2aa0f No.351457


I think Q want's us to MEME

MSM and their love for NK >(but what NK REALLY is…)

cfb55e No.351458


10-4 rear is off

11e839 No.351459


Gayest shit ever saw

How fitting for Hussein

ff9789 No.351460


c0be95 No.351461


Lolololololol. Read the article he posted!

67d162 No.351462


Henry Kissinger - The Mike Wallace Interview (7/13/1958)

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9BG7ZX6RHg

d4e2e9 No.351463

File: 06e3820eec7e6dd⋯.jpg (37.05 KB, 1200x365, 240:73, AR10TAC16.jpg)

I wonder if they understand our symbolism?

82ec61 No.351464


Retribution! TY Q

72e4a3 No.351465


I'm sure it's sick, but we have to stop this! Our children are our future and our legacy!

bec70c No.351466


Those who are here are ready

3555e2 No.351467

File: 4fa9ab2326f3ecc⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1988x1071, 284:153, RuleMinus13.png)


Let's do this.

f0c03a No.351468


NoKo is a hub?

b101f8 No.351469



6931d2 No.351470

oops – wrong text here. Meant to say is this pic of Obama amid flowers related?

1dae85 No.351471


Some of us want to follow this white rabbit as far down the hole as it mother fucking goes. Consequences be damned.

b68dfc No.351473


With you to the end, Q.

94e4a3 No.351474

https:// www.hannity.com/media-room/world-on-edge-israel-warns-iran-of-heavy-blows-after-syria-strike/

7baf28 No.351475


Something close to this.


8eb551 No.351476

File: 0e6cefca872b7d7⋯.jpg (111.32 KB, 1024x722, 512:361, DV2XqQoVMAAxMNb.jpg)

b63884 No.351477


Yes…Guistra is deep in U1

Also in pedo and trafficking

Has a bunch of charities with questionable logos

11e839 No.351478


So you think you know better than Q?

43ec3a No.351479


So we are talking about a group of people who raise/grow children (flowers) and then within their cult of sickness 'take' them or deflower them sexually for what? Fun? Power? Advancement within cabal?

2a10e7 No.351480


>That choice, to know, will be yours.

i want to know it all

fd29ec No.351481


HFS. Great dig.

56da62 No.351482


already knew this, Q

TRUTH BOMB US, we are ready.

95eb28 No.351483


The word 'lord' is derived as the one who controls the grain storage in ancient times.

f4b9e7 No.351484

http:// www.yale64.org/remembrances/wallace_p.htm

In Memoriam

Peter Jon Wallace

Peter Jon Wallace was a son of Mike Wallace, the famed newscaster best known as the principal host of CBS's 60 Minutes. Peter Jon Wallace died on August 31, 1962, in Greece. His death was either at Corinth or on Santorini, depending on which of two conflicting versions you credit.

A Yale Daily News article on Sep. 19, 1962, states:

"Peter J. Wallace, 1964, was killed in a fall this August while hiking in the mountains near Corinth, Greece. Wallace was a member of the editorial board of the Yale Daily News, and had worked for CBS news. His last published work was an article on William P. Bundy. In addition to his activities in the field of journalism, he played tennis for Jonathan Edwards College. He graduated from Millbrook and was the son of television personality Mike Wallace of New York."

Mike Wallace's biography contains the following excerpt:

"It was the death of another son, Peter, 19, in a 1962 hiking accident in Greece, that prompted Wallace to turn from entertainment ― throughout the '50s he hosted game shows and interview shows ― to news. 'I felt I owed it to Peter,' Wallace says, noting that Peter had expressed an interest in journalism, which Wallace told him was a noble profession."

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Bundy

William Putnam "Bill" Bundy (September 24, 1917 – October 6, 2000) was an American attorney and intelligence expert, an analyst with the CIA. Bundy served as a foreign affairs advisor to both presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. He had key roles in planning the Vietnam War, serving as deputy to Paul Nitze under Kennedy and as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs under Johnson.

3555e2 No.351485


Is THAT the original Groyper???

e83363 No.351486


"Wallace was played by actor Christopher Plummer in the 1999 feature film, The Insider. The screenplay was based on the Vanity Fair article, 'The Man Who Knew Too Much' by Marie Brenner, which was about Wallace caving in to corporate pressure to kill a story about Jeffrey Wigand, a whistle-blower trying to expose Brown & Williamson's dangerous business practices."

"[Jeffrey] Wigand became nationally known as a whistleblower on February 4, 1996, when he appeared on the CBS news program 60 Minutes and stated that Brown & Williamson had intentionally manipulated its tobacco blend with chemicals such as ammonia to increase the effect of nicotine in cigarette smoke.[2] Wigand claimed that he was subsequently harassed and received anonymous death threats. Wigand discussed the death threats in an interview."

More about Wigand:

"A crucial and historic battle in the war between the tobacco industry and smokers began with Jeffrey Wigand, a doctor of biochemistry with a career focus on health issues who became the Vice President of Research & Development at Brown & Williamson in 1989. He was hired to research safer means of delivering nicotine by reducing the harm of other tobacco compounds.[13] At the time, both the addictiveness of nicotine and the health hazards of cigarettes were well known by the company and the industry, but kept a fiercely guarded secret. Wigand soon found his research and recommendations discouraged, ignored and censored, leading to confrontations with the CEO, Thomas Sandefur. Thwarted and frustrated, Wigand turned his attention to improving tobacco additives, some of which were designed for 'impact boosting', using chemicals like ammonia to enhance absorption of nicotine in the lungs and affect the brain and central nervous system faster. Wigand believed this process was a deliberate attempt to increase addiction to cigarettes.

Wigand's disagreements with Sandefur reached a breaking point over a flavor enhancer called coumarin, which he believed to be a lung-specific carcinogen that the company continued to use in pipe tobacco. Wigand demanded its removal, but a successful substitute had not been found and Sandefur refused on the grounds that sales would drop. This argument led Sandefur to fire Wigand in 1993 and to force him to sign an extended confidentiality agreement forbidding him to speak of anything related to his work or the company. The penalty for violating confidentiality was loss of his severance pay, potential lawsuit, and loss of medical coverage. At the time, his daughter suffered from a chronic illness, which required continuous medical attention.

Soon after this incident, the seven executives of 'Big Tobacco' testified during congressional hearings that they believed 'nicotine is not addictive'. "

"Despite Jeffrey Wigand's commitment to honor the confidentiality agreement and his initial refusal to talk to Lowell Bergman, a producer for 60 Minutes, Wigand claimed that he and his family were anonymously stalked, intimidated and threatened with death should he talk. At the time, it was thought that Brown & Williamson were behind these intimidation attempts, but, just before the movie The Insider was released, the FBI published a search warrant that was served on Wigand's home, strongly suggesting he fabricated the threats against himself.[15] Bergman provided him with armed bodyguards and, after legal consultation, urged him to testify for the State of Mississippi in a lawsuit against Big Tobacco brought by Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore, a tactic designed to nullify his confidentiality agreement before revealing the truth in an interview with Mike Wallace for 60 Minutes. The tobacco interests responded by getting a Kentucky judge to issue a gag order that subjected Wigand to arrest upon returning to the Commonwealth.

Wigand's best hope remained in Bergman's pledge to air his story on 60 Minutes. Brown & Williamson threatened CBS with a lawsuit for tortious interference, which could spoil an imminent merger plan with Westinghouse. Instead of the original interview, CBS aired an edited version which did not disclose the crucial details. Bergman bitterly opposed the breaking of his word to Wigand, which eventually led to his resignation from 60 Minutes in 1998.

Brown & Williamson still tried to sue Wigand for theft, fraud, and breach of contract after the sanitized interview was aired, and launched a 500-page smear campaign against him. Fortunately for Wigand, his depositions at the Mississippi and Kentucky state courts were leaked, and were published by the Wall Street Journal as part of an investigative rebuttal to the attacks. CBS News, embarrassed, finally aired the full, original Wigand interview on 60 Minutes, leaving much of the nation in shock.

Forty-six states ultimately filed a Medicaid suit against the tobacco industry, which led to a $368 billion settlement in health-related damages by the tobacco companies."

34ec34 No.351487


Given the truth, the American people will find a way to move forward. Keep up the fight, Q.


fa7509 No.351489


NK is the worlds Petri dish

d56820 No.351490

Don't know if this is anything, but Sweden is one of few (maybe only?) country that has an embassy in NK.

Also saw a picture in last thread from NK, with former leader of Sweden Göran Persson in it.

39e299 No.351491

46388a No.351492


Find the right genes for the ideal pineal gland and manufacture them like cloned sheep.

c0726e No.351493

Q is talking about North Korea. Olympics games going on in SK. CNN obsessing about Kim Yo Jong. BHO back on TV. It has to be connected. There are no coincidences.

0ec7ee No.351494



a1672b No.351495

Another CEO of Axovant which studied cure for Alzheimer’s resigns

ff9789 No.351496


also Bill looks like he's sitting in an armchair. Look at his elbows. Is Bill really not "there".

d91212 No.351497


Matrix is about Mind control. Also mocks the Bible.

7fc7fb No.351498

Flower = innocence

to deflower = to take away innocence

1530c7 No.351499


Harvesting children for the purity of their energy.

Extracted through, rape, torture etc.

Q team are right, these people are EVIL.

0f2e1c No.351500


I'm here till the end.

56da62 No.351501


ONLY the Truth will set us free, we believe that.

ec3760 No.351502


This has got to be exposed to the masses. The sheep still following the lies need to know. They need to be outraged and sick. They need to know pizzagate/pedogate is horrifically real and global. This is why we need a savior. This is why we need Jesus. This is why we must be the light. The depths of evil go beyond mosts comprehension.

1c8ce8 No.351503


OK, now that Q has said this, allow me to pontificate.

Think Adrenochrome, and the shit the elites do for the extra shills. They are LITERALLY growing and harvesting HUMANS for not only consumption, but fun, hunting, and other pedophilia shit, on top of all the other shit. That's why NK is secluded and those who defect usually end up dead.

80e9ea No.351504


truth will set us free,,

6931d2 No.351505

File: b7f343ae75815ed⋯.jpg (114.45 KB, 427x626, 427:626, 13OBAMAPORTRAIT1-blog427.jpg)

e2aa0f No.351506


Hollywood is a psyop

plant the truth as conspiracy…

normies: "Can't be true, it's just like that movie"

b63884 No.351507


That coincides with Dilleys stuff last night about Queen Beatrix and her connection to trafficking, real life hunger games, and Bush connections

80c2b0 No.351508


Where we go one, we go all!

c07ce7 No.351509

What kind of flowers >>350551 ?

http:// www.occult100.com/bos/flowerspower.html

b2ad2b No.351510


The garden and poison ivy symbolize being 'untouchable' and 'immunity' gives him a 'royal' representation.

3555e2 No.351511

File: e2faa3fbb90670f⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 2261x1261, 2261:1261, Trilum.jpg)




f34ce3 No.351512


My $.02, elites suck the blood out of these kids, using their blood as a euphoric high and power trip. Vampires man… Vampires.

6609a2 No.351513



Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Sound familiar?

Wonder where they derived that idea from.

Now comes the 'conspiracy' label.

Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

The end won't be for everyone.

That choice, to know, will be yours.


are we thinking Soilent Green?

67d162 No.351514


NK is breeding virgins for the satanic cult?

63f7a5 No.351515


The implications of that are a bit staggering, sir.

Any other "ideas" in Hwood derived from real-life fuckery? Too many to count? Any you might suggest to give us direction?

299b8b No.351517

File: e271240b044be77⋯.jpg (89.09 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Truth.jpg)

As long as everyone is indeed given that choice. I, for one, want the TRUTH. Thank you Q.

39fb86 No.351518




https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Smwrw4sNCxE&t=7s

14038c No.351519


Q if you know who I am you know I can handle the truth. I want to know. I think I'm starting to get a better idea. I think it's one of the reasons I was targeted. Thank you for having faith in our ability to handle more of the truth! God bless you and the rest of the patriots!

b68dfc No.351520


Well guess what faggot this ain't for you, go home Roger.

17cbd6 No.351521


Also to mention "Hunger Games" which I refuse to watch but know what it's about.

"these people are sick"

5d5c96 No.351522

The want to harvest the crop.

50fe06 No.351523


Another association of Ivy as an evergreen, is perennial life and immortality. It also may represent dependence and attachment, which can be seen in the way it climbs trees and buildings to get sunlight. The ivy leaf is also phallic, depicting the male trinity, but it can also be a female symbol denoting a force in need of protection. Conversely, however, its malevolent, poison feature can cause it to be seen often as ingratitude….

Also Ivy League? Then there are the flowers…

c0be95 No.351524

They dont call us breeders for nothing. They dont like that we procreate "recklessly" when they marry and have kids to create specific genetic lines to continue their power system.

756c9c No.351525


Interestingly enough they recently cloned monkeys. Humans? All the DNA testing options now. More of collection to breed with. A stretch but I'll believe anything now.

46388a No.351526


Sheep = Cloning.

6843b8 No.351527


Here is the explanation as to why Q is here in his own words and why his choose this platform and chaners vindication of their outrage when newbies ask questions instead of lurk, read, digest first and why they get up in arms and nasty.

If you take it personally, then this really is not the place for you because you are not ready to be rinsed/cleansed of the 50+ years of brainwashing.

FYI, I have been called out and I'm okay with it because in my errors I learn that the culture here is the same as in life to a small degree. Lots of frustration for how we as Americans got here, we were sheep to them.

So if your serious about being here and helping to change what you know to be wrong welcome but if not, THIS IS NOT A GAME. WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR LIVES & THE LIVES OF FUTURE GENERATIONS. This is not about who you voted for per se but about PURE EVIL WE THE PEOPLE ALLOWED and complained about but didn't stand up LOUD ENOUGH, we forgot the fundamentals America was founded. Yes, we know 1st,2nd & 4th amendments BUT when was the last time anyone ever read them? Really read them.



The Inner Circle.

Mika Brzezinski.


Family/careers.McLean, Virginia.

The age of tech has hurt their ability to hide/control.

Majority today were ‘born in’ to the circle.

Investigate those in front of the camera who scream the loudest.

These people are really stupid.

End is near.

The media cleanse/JFK.


LONG LIVE CHANERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

87ef7e No.351528



82f996 No.351529

They need children for their rituals and abuse.

We are the slaves that toil for crumbs while we

provide the lion's share to the masters.

They herd us like sheep, and sheer us (steal our children) as a crop.

58e8ce No.351530

https:// whowhatwhy.org/2017/01/09/deep-history-global-drug-connection-part-5-cia-latin-america/

fd29ec No.351531




please consider

56da62 No.351532


Cathy O'Brien revealed as much years and years ago. We also know they have human hunting parties, etc. WE KNOW, we want the evidence and we want they sick demonic people removed from society.

c135ca No.351533


>he is doxxing someone else

that's what i'm thinking, don't fall for it

05f54e No.351534


the entire line:

[14] live = evil [41]

GHWB is the keystone of understanding what and how (and why) President JFK was assassinated, coup in Dallas

Poppy is central to much fuckery

9f72a4 No.351535


That's what i'm thinking, too. Human trafficking is big business around that area.

106b2c No.351536

Q, You're truly a godsend - thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Can you please shed some light on UFOs, Aliens, and or extradimensional beings?

2a10e7 No.351537


first day here, eh? i was new once too. hang in there pal

b3cd90 No.351538


Okay now we're getting into it…

0ec7ee No.351539


>That choice, to know, will be yours.

Since when does the people want to know the ugly? We here want truth. What about them? You seem to imply they will have a choice not to believe the hard reality.

34ec34 No.351540


Clowns are in the middle of it all.

847020 No.351541


I'm in it to the end no matter how crazy this gets.

Can't believe anything else anyways so why not believe the unbelievable?

64b767 No.351542


Obviously not reaching at all!

Congrats Anon!!

d73e02 No.351543


See the Red Cross?

141403 No.351544


Why clone when you can just take what you want?

c09575 No.351545


I agree with you the chair legs are missing.

26de3c No.351546

File: aecc1d69278ec5e⋯.jpg (346.32 KB, 1200x2330, 120:233, tonys_ties.jpg)


tony podesta's neckties seem to take on a whole new meaning

1530c7 No.351547


This campaign is obviously way over your head. Stop posting here before you embarrass yourself any further.


721f9b No.351548

A country where they plant and grow children like a garden, for their consumption?

be26e9 No.351549


any correlation with chess pieces?

d44455 No.351550

The picture behind them with the waves made me think of this.

1And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

b3d180 No.351551


Of course not, quite the opposite. I'm saying asking a bunch of autists to find hidden meaning in an ambiguous photo is like asking a fat kid to pick one thing from the ice cream buffet.

2ea8c0 No.351552


I don't like where is going. But the truth has to come out, no matter how ugly it is, the uglier the truth the longer the world will remember.

d4a3c5 No.351553


There has been a lot of this symbolism shown in media lately… farms of people being harvested for something… Organs and Blood

d56820 No.351554


Swedish embassy in NK. Only western country who has embassy there.

http:// www.swedenabroad.com/en-GB/Embassies/Pyongyang/About-us/About-the-Embassy/

98d06e No.351555

>>351447. We can break it to them in a way they can understand. Just say the word

1c8ce8 No.351556


More often than not, TRUTH is stranger than fiction.

fa7509 No.351557


They built it as a worlds test site. A positive and a Negitive

042f3d No.351558


NK is a sick satanic human garden to grow babies and kids for satan worshippers to eat and sacrifice and pedophiles to f*ck.

eeba04 No.351559


Me likey!

e2aa0f No.351560

Jupiter Ascending:

Elites growing planets for harvest

(Good guys win - save the planet)

produced by <our guy> Mnuchen


b63884 No.351561

I thought she was batshit crazy after watching that video

Now I dont


5c2fe1 No.351562


Unless someone is answering a specific question, the reply post that are only one or two words can be misinterpreted and spin the topic. I posted below about doves and the reply was Seagull. What about seagull? Waste of bread…

Thank you for posting this. >>351220

f0c03a No.351563







babbc7 No.351564







deprive (a woman) of her virginity.


strip (a plant or garden) of flowers.

"deflowered rose bushes"

7baf28 No.351565


Chair legs are out of view, but the shadows, which there are at least 2 light sources that shows the shadows of the legs on the floor.

11e839 No.351566


Do it Q

We are ready

This is a spiritual battle

The Lord has heard the cries of his people

The sacrifice of the innocents will be revenged

39e299 No.351567

b3d180 No.351568


I'll await your expert analysis then. Get to it, artfag.

72e4a3 No.351569

They're using children to live longer and healthier. They're raping them of their innocence, their potential, and their life force.!! DEAR GOD

0b5978 No.351570

First pizza, now flowers. Is anything safe?

d4f967 No.351571


As I'm g as we have free will to make that choice, we make it. Not everyone will. We understand that. Ty for what your trying to reveal and for the plan to do something. But to wake people up. We need unity that all are valuable and need to be a part of the conversation. Agree?

af8a0a No.351572


I choose to know.

How can we help save them?

cfb1e1 No.351573


I'll take the red pill please, lets find the bottom of the rabbit hole.

39fb86 No.351574

File: 2badfe74742f404⋯.jpg (356.09 KB, 1350x736, 675:368, CheckMate.JPG)

File: 321fda2874cff01⋯.jpg (154 KB, 795x450, 53:30, Keystone.JPG)

5d5c96 No.351575


The Kuzari, full title The Book of Refutation and Proof in Support of the Abased Religion (Arabic:  ‎), also known as the Book of the Kuzari, (Hebrew: ספר הכוזרי‬) is one of the most famous works of the medieval Spanish Jewish philosopher and poet Judah Halevi, completed around 1140. It is regarded as one the most important apologetic works of Jewish philosophy.

Divided into five parts ("ma'amarim" – articles), it takes the form of a dialogue between a rabbi and a pagan. The pagan is then mythologized as the king of the Khazars who has invited the rabbi to instruct him in the tenets of Judaism. Originally written in Arabic, the book was translated by numerous scholars, including Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon, into Hebrew and other languages.

The question of whether Halevi's work had any historical basis regarding the Khazars' conversion to Judaism is controversial among scholars.[

https:// en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judah_Halevi

Make Wallaces grandfather was named

Isaac [Natan Isaac HaLevi] Sharfman

0ec7ee No.351576


Exactly. Do not leave them a choice. The horror has to be exposed. Dark creeps abhor light. Normies will see.

e057e4 No.351577


It sounds like the cabal was using NK as the template/test for the future of humanity. This was the beginning of our end. The NK people were the hostage, and the leaders were planted by the clowns. I believe movies such as the "Matrix" and "They Live" were made to warn us and lead us to this moment in history.

21f44a No.351578


as long as we have each other, stay strong and vigilant. We will overcome the darkness that will fall upon our eyes when the truth is revealed. As long as we stay together, than that is all we need.

2d539d No.351579

File: 825eba96a30c429⋯.png (809.09 KB, 4052x2026, 2:1, money-in-treatment-release….png)

File: 28eb3bd57f25b03⋯.png (663.34 KB, 4052x2026, 2:1, release-the-cure.png)



playing off run for the cure. big with women

be26e9 No.351580


Remember all those creepy flower pictures sent to Podesta email?

b68dfc No.351582

We know what





so does



2a10e7 No.351583

hear me out here, i think part of why many of us don't "get it" is because we've known about this shit for years so it's not a revelation and we take the knowledge for granted

7cf896 No.351584


I believe Q was referring to those "flowers" on the floor and what that means. Not the chairs, shadows, or photoshopping.

312618 No.351585



aa6c41 No.351586

File: 990ea7adaf1cb15⋯.jpg (67.36 KB, 500x586, 250:293, Ruth-Bader-Ginsburg.jpg)

c0be95 No.351587


No, the world is their garden. We are the crops. They use us.

581bb4 No.351588


We're with you to the end, Q! <3

f1a05e No.351589


Shortly after the third movie was made the Wochowski bros. announced their transgenderism. Did they get too close to the truth and thus were quickly pushed into the cult to prevent exposure?

141403 No.351590


It can be done to a nation as well as a woman. To take what is most precious.

928bb4 No.351591

Blue and tinted windows. Left, door about to be breached. Flashbang

72e4a3 No.351592

My mother's heart is breaking right now. I wish I could take every one of those babies to my breast and love them out of the terror.

4b4113 No.351593

File: c63f6a9940c0b51⋯.jpeg (64.38 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 7F54F062-C6E3-42B0-91D1-E….jpeg)

★[Beware the socialistic Surrogates of Satan the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. THERE IZ GOOD OUT THERE. We OPpose DECEPTION.] 19.5

08bc58 No.351594


Artificial simulation confirmed? We are literally going to break out of the matrix aren't we?

187ec2 No.351595



Norks are a walled slave garden for the global elite - providing endless supply of humans for various nefarious purposes

5d5c96 No.351596


+ Maitre

c924ee No.351597


It will be very healthy for the people to discover how little they know.

c0be95 No.351598



d56820 No.351599


"Sweden has given extensive humanitarian aid to the country, channelled through UN bodies and NGOs."

>(((humanitarian aid)))

>(((UN bodies)))


b2ad2b No.351600


Cain was a farmer

c135ca No.351601


Media cleanse as well, so that the facts can't be hidden by talking heads such as Milka

cd3ab5 No.351602



So our 4chan 40k+ view was right on!

We want to know

8f4cfb No.351603



We have GOT to save these children.

be26e9 No.351604


NK farmed virgins?

fa7509 No.351605


Yes. It is very real.

025804 No.351606



I'm already there.

01da35 No.351607

File: 1f83df23a536cca⋯.png (160.52 KB, 668x373, 668:373, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)



Something to do with Transgendering?

43ec3a No.351609

Could the Norks have an advanced cloning facility set up to 'grow' kids to use for whatever sick purpose they see fit?

be26e9 No.351610


Lady is always in white….virgin

fd29ec No.351611


OLDFAGS teach me verify digits with a new Q posts, please.

486fd0 No.351613


Yes, and "Cloud Atlas" - prophetic movie, saw that as the path we were on until Q team came along.

56da62 No.351614


thx - gives us more ideas to meme. good angle.

e83363 No.351615


I've been thinking about this a great deal of late. I had somewhat of a vision recently. It was in context of the new G5 technology and the latest brouhaha about "transhumanism"/AI. I think the "beast" being constructed by Satan's minions will ultimately result in a very Matrix-like(not a fan of the movies, but that was the closest metaphrt could think of. The phase "hive mind" kept occurring to me. His goal is basically to have all of humanity's minds "melded" into a super brain, so that "nothing shall be impossibl" to "them. Very body snatcher-esque.

Is this one of the lines on which you're leading us, Q?

c6a35b No.351616


A controlled population for what ever purpose needed. Pedo, Testing, Army, they will follow their leader to death if needed.

46388a No.351617


Find the ideal genetic seed for pineal glands or whatever they are harvesting and manufacture it. Industrialization in western agriculture increased yields by a factor of 15 in the 20th century.

d4f967 No.351618


As long as we have free will, we have that choice. Not all will see or accept or want to see. Not everyone is the same. As I'm g as we are valued and are part of the discussion, we can help each other in these horrible things. WE CAN NOT STOP IT UNTIL WE ADDRESS IT.

58e8ce No.351620


What is also in Sweden that the elite would covet?

Untraceable Swiss bank accounts perhaps?

27b89f No.351621

File: 8357d2caad5bb70⋯.jpg (112.15 KB, 736x531, 736:531, ANON MAGIC.jpg)



Do people believe all recent resignations, plane crashes, plane re_routes, EMS/EBS activations, blackouts, etc are simply a coincidence?

>No, otherwise we would not be here lurking, researching, and/or meme making anonymously

Why did Sessions [at the beginning] emphasize investigations/proceedings are kept confidential?

>The same reason “a true magician never reveals his/her secrets">>321317

Think magic.

>Magic occurs when the will of the mind manifests by unknown or unrevealed processes.

What you see …….

>What you see and don't

Do you really believe nothing is being done?


Re_read past crumbs.

>Good habit to establish

Who has the power?

>'WE THE PEOPLE have the POWER.'

Why was this emphasized in the beginning?

>"[Because, WE] THE PEOPLE, need to remember how TO PLAY."

You have more than you know.



>"Let these coming days be remembered in our history as the time we fought to recapture the Republic from those evil bad actors who for so long have sacrificed the good people of this land for their own personal gain. Fight the good fight. LET JUSTICE BE SERVED"

>Remember, information is everything, the flow of information is no longer controlled by the MSM, but by you/others.

>Hence, why we are dedicating 'critical' time to distribute crumbs which can be followed in greater detail to paint the entire picture once more information is released.

>Why has POTUS dedicated so much time into labeling the MSM as fake news? Why is this relevant?





dd7be4 No.351622


This matrix analogy can be explained on so many levels…but which is real?

People are energy to produce things do the dirty work for the elite

Or People provide negative energy reptilians feed off of (induced by MSM)

Or children harvested for sex slaves, cannibalism, adrenochrome, blood sacrifice….we're all ready..how much weirder can it get?

or it's all a bit chess game for the elites

and possibly we live in a simulation and are all avatars.

We need to know.

80e9ea No.351623


giving us crumbs as they take more..

2da8f2 No.351624


>Now comes the 'conspiracy' label.

Conspiracies are as common as liars and thieves.

The only people who don't believe in them are the ones with the most to hide.

4a7ec7 No.351625

File: a842c097f98f311⋯.jpg (39.24 KB, 456x342, 4:3, ohshit.jpg)

d73e02 No.351626


Correct, that’s him.

c0be95 No.351627


They use us for lot of different things.

Body parts.







fa7509 No.351628


Many of us already know. This is why we don't sleep. This is why those that know do not sleep

c681ec No.351629


We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism."

1530c7 No.351630


Are you having a conversation with yourself? Fuck off outta here if you have nothing to contribute.


98de22 No.351631

Think children. = Helpless

Think slaves. = Labor

Think sheep. = Food

14038c No.351632



Also, there was a Rothschildanon or Eliteanon (can't remember which) a couple years back who did an "AMA." He talked about all of us being feeders to them. He talked about cultivating bloodlines, etc. He also went into the RH- bloodline conspiracy. Surprisingly a lot of what's been discussed here was touched on in that "AMA."

The big take away I got was they feed on our "pain." Hence why they create world wars, famines, etc.

23ce75 No.351633

I'm waiting for the day Q shows up and says….

All right you fuckers this is whats going on now and what is gonna happen Friday so load them gunz and watch your 6!

Just a thought….KEK

7c7036 No.351634



NK is used as their garden, where they harvest flowers?

c09575 No.351635


Wait you hit on something. Quite a few years ago there was a story about a doctor whose office was rated in Virginia if I remember correctly because she was trying to do human cloning

aa6c41 No.351636

File: d2ab01fdd149e55⋯.jpg (62.63 KB, 613x500, 613:500, Mika.jpg)

8e7d6e No.351637

File: 27f7b045a5adc7e⋯.png (616.67 KB, 620x620, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 86e2e865551391b⋯.png (661.83 KB, 620x620, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9274c5e93563ec0⋯.png (672.71 KB, 620x620, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

here are a few more of wiley's paintings

d44455 No.351638


And then which naturally leads to flowers, earth.

11And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. 12And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.

I'm sure there are other meanings, but this is what was conjured up in my mind by the imagery based on my current knowledge. There are other interpretations I'm sure.

bec70c No.351639

Q drop the bomb already

7baf28 No.351640

Woah, so now I'm wondering if Kim's 'sister' is one of those grown as a slave as well.

73321f No.351641


Taking the red pill, shadilay.

People's mental and soul energy is being tapped off.

All proceedings go to the deity.

The followers can have some. Enough to rule humans.

God/yahweh/allah? Moloch? Who?

d4e2e9 No.351642


Have anything to do with Phil Schneider?

d56820 No.351643


And first murderer.

>Liber Falxifer.pdf

Check it out.

84475f No.351644


They're cannibals…old school satanism…the children's flesh they eat is believed, by them, to be most powerful when the children have suffered massive amounts of agony and pain. Sick!

14038c No.351645

File: 45ceccce0ed7f2f⋯.jpg (19.38 KB, 462x308, 3:2, rg17.jpg)


I'd be down.

6931d2 No.351646

File: 05ccf18b6c0ab3b⋯.png (360.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12a3ba809643045⋯.png (103.07 KB, 1209x891, 403:297, boom.png)


It's going to be like "boom"

b2ad2b No.351647


Now everyone go watch black mirror season one episode two for a very literal representation of these posts.

They enslave the children with technology, media, movies, cartoons, tried and tested MKULTRA style elsagate hypnotic programming.

ba95e5 No.351648


North Korea is the slave garden for the NWO, and harvesting them for blood, parts, pedophilia, etc..

439669 No.351649


NOT a dove, sea gulls

and flower is MAGNOLIA, the national flower of NK.

847020 No.351650


NK is a child growing factory?

for food and sex?

c924ee No.351651


You are right.


d97bc2 No.351652

Pyongyang admitted that it had abducted Japanese nationals and apologized during a visit by Japan’s prime minister at the time, Junichiro Koizumi. A month later, five abductees returned to Japan. As for the remaining Japanese abductees, Pyongyang has yet to provide any acceptable explanations.

https:// www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/10/30/world/politics-diplomacy-world/hacked-memo-reveals-details-bill-clintons-2009-meeting-north-koreas-kim-jong-il/

2ea8c0 No.351653


>Normies will see.

They need a massive punch to the guts to wake up. Q should expose as much as possible without risking a WW or something like that.

56da62 No.351654


have you managed to DESTROY all - some - most of these "human crop farms" and save the children/slaves?

492d09 No.351655


Kim chair slight angle, BC chair perfectly straight (cannot see rear legs)

b68dfc No.351656


Or sheep = followers/do as told

d7a140 No.351657

There have been some people who claimed to be insiders that say the deep state had developed engineered bodies for extra-diemsional beings.

Q saying "energy" reminded me that these bodies needed fear and blood to be able to live.

grow and harvest kids for their walnut sauce and their blood full of adrenaline

cd3ab5 No.351658


at this point Q you could come up with anything and have people blindly follow! While the stories are wild, people will believe!

unfortunately you have to give us some proof!

30e63d No.351659


Ideologies are basically humanities way of choosing not to believe the hard reality.

Most of us have, for one reason or another, found ourselves unable to commit our minds to ideologies anymore. This is why, typically, we will take truth whenever it comes, wherever it comes from, at any cost.

We are not the majority, however.

I am just happy that Q seems to be indicating that at least we will be given a choice to know. I don't know how most of us would be able to live after all this if we were left with half truth. It would drive me mad for the rest of my life, and leave me completely without peace.

1c8ce8 No.351660


9f72a4 No.351661


I'm thinking body parts, too.

5a0f3b No.351662


Wow Q, you almost sound like a traditional Christian Calvinist with that talk. Of course the end won't be for everyone. Keep up the great work Sir!

141403 No.351663


maybe. Keep a population pure and let them grow themselves. Less noticeable.

6e6883 No.351664


Youth is where the miracle cures come from. Blood. Tissue. Life extension. Need a steady and consistent supply.

The rest of us are just slaves toiling away filling their coffers.

d4f967 No.351666



679cdb No.351667


Sounds like the controlled channeling of mass consciousness to create elementals in our 3D


7baf28 No.351668


I wish they would!

a99335 No.351669


Think mirror

23ce75 No.351670

File: 1ad605b2f7f7ad6⋯.jpg (192 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Found_1470072_196607.jpg)


Me too…

fb7b33 No.351671


Like they do when they eat dogs.

1530c7 No.351672


The whole point of this information campaign is to avoid that scenario.


bec70c No.351673



39e299 No.351675


theres lots of proof out there… start with "Ted Gunderson"

d73e02 No.351676


Whoa! That’s some heavy shit.

04fd7b No.351677


For fuck sakes, don’t tell me the cloning and vril droning is real….

Jesus Christ.

I was hoping that was fiction…

84475f No.351678


over 6 mil disappear every year

39fb86 No.351679

File: ac35e425302be81⋯.png (104.98 KB, 821x516, 821:516, ClipboardImage.png)

b63884 No.351681

So NK has been one big experiment in human control from the beginning?

cd3ab5 No.351682



6931d2 No.351683

File: 12a3ba809643045⋯.png (103.07 KB, 1209x891, 403:297, boom.png)


"It's going to be like BOOM"

https:// quartzy.qz.com/1203717/barack-obamas-presidential-portrait-by-kehinde-wiley-be-unveiled-at-the-smithsonian-national-portrait-gallery/

56da62 No.351684


We anons are impervious to "Conspiracy" Labels. Reveal the TRUTH.

d44455 No.351685


On that note, think about the movie, "the matrix." What were humans to the ones controlling them? Nothing but chattel. Look that word up. We are being harvested for whatever they can make a profit on.

c5a532 No.351686


who out them now

14038c No.351687


I'm a bit aroused and jealous at the same time.

0694f7 No.351688


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Edmund Burke

e6f834 No.351689

De-Flower = Taking virginity

Flower = Fresh

Q made this one easy

703b13 No.351690

>>351639 (you)

He's having too much fun continuing the LARP. Or maybe he's busy shipping the (((free beer))) for (((tomorrow)))

d4e2e9 No.351691


Nice symbolism anon, I bet they can understand it.

b68dfc No.351692


Maybe some conspiracies are too evil to be revealed.

Can you imagine if they cloned children?

72e4a3 No.351693


Somebody's gonna geeeet iiiiiit!

e0399b No.351694



Brilliant distillation Anon.

5facc3 No.351695


Never believe any date they say they invented something or made a breakthru. The Jew does not think that way. If they control a new technology they will keep it secret for years and see how best to use it to make money off the sheep or how to use it to kill some of us. They have likely been able to clone humans from before they told us they did it on a sheep.

04f4af No.351697


Does not everyone need to know so it will not happen anymore?

c09575 No.351698

https:/ /www.cbsnews.com/news/doctor-makes-human-cloning-claims/


http: //abcnews.go.com/Technology/story?id=98997


http:// www.nytimes.com/2001/08/08/us/despite-opposition-three-vow-to-pursue-cloning-of-humans.html

847020 No.351700


and/or medical experiments

743642 No.351701

Omg they knew and continued to allow it. This is the sickest thing I could have ever imagined. St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Pure evil. It must end forever. This is a war to end all wars. Prayers for POTUS

64b767 No.351702


I now believe we ARE SHEEP to them! From Planned Parenthood to snuff films, to real life hunger games, to North Korea, these people are SICK. These people think they can just harvest us.

I contrast this to Jesus was the good shepherd, who loved his sheep and looked for even the last one when they were lost.

b68dfc No.351703


Maybe that's all it was for?

5d5c96 No.351704

If they control the mind they control the soul.

If they take the body they don't have the soul.

They need the mind for the soul.

d271d4 No.351705


fucking rhino ?

4ff498 No.351706

Guys, Thomas Paine from True Pundit has tweeted out about Obama's portrait and Big Pharma not marketing Oxy to docs anymore. Both tweets went out in the last five mins…

2665c0 No.351707

File: 886fcbd48fed013⋯.jpg (89.4 KB, 872x616, 109:77, KJU2.JPG)

File: bbdc3f560b2b8f8⋯.jpg (26.75 KB, 230x397, 230:397, NK FlorEmb - Magnolia2.jpg)

File: 93eba9611e7ff5c⋯.jpg (183.01 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, NK FlorEmb - Magnolia.jpg)

File: 43b7efafeb84985⋯.jpg (89.56 KB, 386x557, 386:557, ObamaPortrait.JPG)


Floor depicts Floral Emblem of North Korea - Magnolia sieboldi. pic rel

Would those be the small white flowers in Obama's portrait? I cannot tell due to res.

d47927 No.351708

Who planted the crop in the first place? What purpose? What entities want to uproot the crop? Why would they plant a crop if they could just strip mine Earth? Not for resources. Why plant a crop if you don't need them for labor?

3a7cad No.351709

Deflower historically means to take ones virginity.

Some believe they get an energetic charge/recharge taking innocence from children.

Thus raping etc of children, feeds their sick agenda.

It is deeper and more convoluted than most can imagine, or are aware of.

b2ad2b No.351710

d73e02 No.351711


That bad boi won’t jam, even in mud.

39fb86 No.351712

File: 08620d57624d146⋯.jpg (70.34 KB, 616x469, 88:67, EastShill.JPG)

a6117b No.351713

Sounds like its gonna be 'mindblowing'.

581bb4 No.351714


Q, honest question: You seem to worry that normal people won't be able to handle the truth. Was it like that for the people on your team? Were there people who couldn't handle it? If you guys can handle it, why can't we?

303807 No.351715


Sheep are prey animals and require a great deal of care and nurture to provide for their needs. They won't/can't lay down to digest their food if they feel threatened. A SHEPHERD LOOKS AT PSALM 23 is a brilliant book.

1530c7 No.351717


You should not be posting here until you have read all of Q. It's pointless and disruptive, not to mention DUMB.


bac60c No.351718


choice it to know - EVERYTHING

481e7d No.351719

File: e0ec6c35f84001e⋯.jpg (69.27 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ScarboroughDeadGirl.jpg)

File: f2fb20e7dfcd9e5⋯.jpg (101.26 KB, 889x500, 889:500, Scarborough - dead intern ….jpg)

File: 94f6d8291bb7d8e⋯.jpg (118.22 KB, 738x499, 738:499, Scarborough dead intern - ….jpg)

File: 6411a57571350d0⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 275x183, 275:183, Scarborough did he murder.jpg)

File: f2398c167e95a7e⋯.jpg (253.99 KB, 1146x722, 573:361, Scarborough intern death i….jpg)


For those who may have overlooked or forgotten some past research, here are a few quick memes to remind us of where we have been, relevant to Q's Mika-takedown today. This topic was first in play here around December 5th.

6d671e No.351720



https:// www.cnn.com/2018/01/24/health/cloned-monkeys-study/index.html

37880c No.351721


Count me in!!

dbd64d No.351722


Q anon mentioned a flower, they are Both Sitting on top of a flower

299b8b No.351723

File: 086ae3e60cdefff⋯.png (266.33 KB, 959x624, 959:624, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)

File: 7e1993b88d23c43⋯.png (185.59 KB, 1228x535, 1228:535, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)

Anon magic right here.

Last two Q posts & this anon posts - check the time markers. Mind blown. Thanks Q!

6b4280 No.351724

The "flower" and "garden" talk is sounding much like The Path.

042f3d No.351725


Yes, which is why Obama is depicted as being engulfed in the leaves and flowers of the garden.

a4bb61 No.351726


so..do vaccines make it easier to harvest energy from humans due to metals in vacs?

c0be95 No.351727

Anons are the new humanitarian aid workers, arent we?

People arent going to take this well, even though they should already be aware of it.

Im so pissed at the education system for causing generations of stoopid people!!!!!!!!

b68dfc No.351728


Does that mean the tinier the flower…..the younger the children?

04fd7b No.351729


Yup, I was a 100% person before…. back that shit off to the 40/60..

People don’t need to know that.

That’s why 99% end up in hospital, for an MRI to check… the elite 1% already know there not drones.

Fuck me.

481e7d No.351730

File: 29458033598d0a2⋯.jpeg (178.14 KB, 925x561, 925:561, Scarborough jokes dead in….jpeg)

File: d06f22dd0b008f2⋯.png (350.45 KB, 649x866, 649:866, Scarborough - medical exam….png)

File: 58a8fc3ac36a6f3⋯.png (298.05 KB, 1439x1399, 1439:1399, Scarborough who is medical….png)

10d639 No.351731


>The question of whether Halevi's work had any historical basis regarding the Khazars' conversion to Judaism is controversial among scholars

THANK YOU for posting this.

Too many people just jump on a theory because someone they like mentions it. When that happens, they repeat it as if it is established fact, when it is no such thing.

The poster you are responding to is repeating what was in Arthur Koestler's book The 13th Tribe, who has (and admitted late in life) a definite reason to push the theory as if it was fact: it was "good for" his people.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Q topics either.

b2ad2b No.351732


sex magick, genetic engineering, control

84e97f No.351733

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGkBxjBs3ZQ

German ! ;D

78050c No.351735

When will we free Subject PK-01?

aa6c41 No.351736

File: a7ad2fdceda8c3d⋯.jpg (46.45 KB, 563x359, 563:359, 120702064821-anderson-coop….jpg)

11e839 No.351737


I venture just 1 of the petri dishes

Africa, Haiti, Old Eastern Block, etc.

What are they doing in Antarctica?

433813 No.351738

File: 74d39817adf97da⋯.jpg (99.64 KB, 988x436, 247:109, Correction.jpg)


Correction Please…

Q's post >>350607

was in response to >>350576

c5a532 No.351739


lose the email newfag

43ec3a No.351740

The sheep comment must have to do with cloning. You wouldn't raise sheep for food if you had a choice. It also probably has the "MIRROR" reference related to it as well. CLONING!

d56820 No.351742


Sweden is safe have NO 1 for terrorists, that I know. They get a secret personal record when they come "home", so you never know who they are. Rumors says ISIS leader is here too…

6d671e No.351743

https:// www.engadget.com/2018/02/09/researchers-grew-fully-mature-human-egg/

b63884 No.351744

Maybe….they took control after the war and just made it one big experiment for all their disgusting ideas


c09575 No.351745



1c8ce8 No.351746


Another mechanism for CONTROL.

I'd like to propose a vote, like the founding fathers would have wanted it:

If you are in favor of DROPPING ALL TRUTH - Yay

If you are in favor of being lead on a goose chase with NO evidence of an end in sight - Nay

432e61 No.351747


The Nasa/Paperclip/Disney element of the cabal goes back to the beginning, after WWII. Just about everything we're seeing today had its roots there.

56da62 No.351748


Where we go one, we go all.

Whatever they do to the least of us, they do to us all.

Tell us the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH. Only then can we go forward as People, as a Nation, as a World.

c924ee No.351749


No need to fear the 'conspiracy theorist' label. The Clowns invented the term and conditioned us to think that it is a bad thing. It is human to seek truth and protect the young. The end will in fact be for everyone.

c5e3e6 No.351750


I believe what Q is inferring is Haitti is a farm to grow children for a variety of perverse uses… Sex slaves, labor slaves, cannibalism… Organs…

30e63d No.351751


So the Cabal views themselves as the gardeners, tasked with cultivating the world as they see fit.

To them, we are merely weeds standing in the way of paradise.

8f4cfb No.351752


“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

― Augustine of Hippo

b68dfc No.351753


ok das cuz he lurks?

67d162 No.351754


>To supplement basic provisions provided by their master, some bondpeople grew their own foodstuffs and staple crops for personal consumption or sale. Enslaved men and women typically tended these gardens or "patches" after they had finished their daily or weekly work for their master.

>Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Is Q telling us that although "we" are the slaves/crops of the controlling powers, we also tend to our own crops (of people) and control them likewise?

89a40b No.351755

Can some one give me the explanation to this ? Deniers keep throwing this in my face Please help or give link if already covered… Thank you.

the fake soros/collective soul email ?

6c06ca No.351756


fucking WOW

8b23da No.351757

Hey Kim its Bill.. Got a helluva deal for ya .. Ill send you rice and nukes and you keep supplying me and hil all that andrenochrome

10d639 No.351758


Markers do not apply to random anon posts, for the 50th time.

39e299 No.351759


thats why i say we rebrand as "Eye-Openers"

9a6833 No.351760

•Magnolia has brown or grey bark that is smooth when the plant is young.

•Magnolia Flower contains both male and female reproductive organs (monoecious plant).

•Bees are main pollinators of magnolia.

•Magnolias are ancient plants. They exist on the planet at least 95 million years. Since they appeared before bees, magnolias slowly changed their flowers to become more attractive to bees (to ensure successful pollination).

•Magnolias do not produce nectar. Instead, they have pollen enriched with proteins which bees use as food. Flowers release sugary scent which attracts pollinators.

•Magnolia produces cone-like brownish fruit that can reach 2 to 10 inches in length. Kidney-shaped seed can be red, orange or pink in color. Seed of magnolia is favorite food of many birds.

•Magnolia is resistant to most pests and diseases. Some species are prone to fungal infections. Larvae of certain insects eat different parts of magnolia tree.

•Bark and flowers of magnolia are used in traditional Asian medicine. Leaves of magnolia are used for wrapping of food in Asia.

•down the hole we go.

Magnolia can live more than 100 years.

http:// www.softschools.


b2ad2b No.351761

11e839 No.351762


Yes cloning for sure

They have been slowly ridiculing us with

Dolly the Sheep projects for years

Of course they are cloning

39fb86 No.351763

File: 398f56a08cc593e⋯.png (77.11 KB, 812x274, 406:137, ClipboardImage.png)


We all have a little gold in us.

Why do they cover themselves in gold?

9f72a4 No.351765


If you can make a side by side Joe killed, Lori K (image) meme, i'll copy it and tweet it.

95b6c2 No.351766



"…key to the garden"?

1530c7 No.351767


Don't type "you" in ( ).



c5a532 No.351768


lose your email address do not dox yourself

3108aa No.351769


But why? Why are they obsessed with this sick stuff?

These people are sick.

6d671e No.351770

sperm in a dish

https:// www.zmescience.com/medicine/genetic/sperm-dish-science-29022016/

https:// phys.org/news/2016-04-scientists-skin-cells-human-sperm.html

581eb1 No.351771

Slave Garden (Bohemian Grove)

Children (Slaves)

Sheep (Sacrifice)

We know where the bodies are buried?

c0be95 No.351772


He's an anon.

303807 No.351773


Oops. hit enter too soon. Sheep are prone to wander and getting into trouble unknowingly. "My sheep no my voice. A stranger's voice they will not follow." John 10: 27

d422fa No.351774


At least 5 on board right now.

044236 No.351775


Get barf bags ready !!!

f198a9 No.351776


Q has said before, Could you sleep if you knew everything?

af8a0a No.351777

File: 36a7861909515d8⋯.png (258.67 KB, 500x604, 125:151, pyramid-antarctica2.png)

56da62 No.351778


these human farms are also used to harvest ORGANS. we know this. their satanic perversities know no bounds. this is why we MUST know the Truth.

dd7be4 No.351779

File: 0d7435925e7d04b⋯.jpg (52.83 KB, 333x333, 1:1, pepe triangle.jpg)



14038c No.351780

Do any fellow anons ever wonder why there weren't more convictions/executions due to human experimentation during WWII? The Germans and Japanese both did extensive experiments that simply could not be done unless done so in a time of war.

I almost feel like WW2 was an excuse for the elite to conduct illegal and atrocious experimentation. This accelerated our understanding of human physiology and psychology.

2faa78 No.351781

What is going on with @B75434425?!

That Twitter account was an awesome source collecting red pill support data.

c924ee No.351782


^^^^^^^^^^^ Here! Here!

c09575 No.351783


Yea know about that one

3555e2 No.351784

File: d49ca77fa3a9b11⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 800x475, 32:19, 405464-377308-800.jpg)


Except this one.

30e63d No.351785



I still can't decide if they are shills, or just as dedicated as they are stupid.

2d539d No.351786


I believe in God. I believe in Satan.

Satan can come up with much worse than I could ever imagine.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

wonder if we will ever know what Jesus was writing in the sand. Reminds me of you, Q. ;-)

f98ac9 No.351787


Some of us have already ventured to the end of the Rabbit Hole Q, whatever you have to say, WE ARE READY.

c09575 No.351788


Didn’t someone in Sweden at sometime supposedly say they cloned human baby

e83363 No.351789

Not for nuthin', but Mike Wallace did a Playboy interview with Hef in 2012:

http:// www.playboy.com/articles/playboy-interview-mike-wallace

d56820 No.351790


Rofschill anon said that we were being harvested for energy, the sweat from our brow. Just like the hooded bee keeper comes and takes the honeycomb from the bees.

025804 No.351791

Once you get they do everything to control or kill us the rest is all methods and ceremonial.

765db2 No.351792


Don't fill in email when posting (all, including clowns can email you now). And don't fill in another name (not appreciated here)

Can hide the post, and repost ….

dbde8f No.351793


It's called the red pill. It's hard to swallow, and there's no going back. I choose truth, knowledge.

8e7d6e No.351794

File: 6d0b089b3416a36⋯.png (1.43 MB, 900x697, 900:697, ClipboardImage.png)

"Artist Kehinde Wiley's 'The World Stage: Israel' at the Jewish Museum"


"Wiley was especially interested in depicting Ethiopian Jews, many of whom were born in Africa and spoke with him about their identity as Israelis and Africans. 'There's also a very strong corollary between the state of Israel and the American experiment around all of these people from different parts of the globe trying to fashion an identity together and being shoved together in the same nation, sort of all being considered equally Israeli,' Wiley explained. 'It doesn’t always make for an easy fit, and I think that’s one of the things that resonates, really, with me.'"

d4e2e9 No.351795

141403 No.351796

File: 016ca1fe289e695⋯.jpeg (363.02 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, monkeys.jpeg)

6c06ca No.351797


i Choose YES

i will discover it

We will discover it

we will dumb it down

and we will awaken people even further, even after this is all over

cd3ab5 No.351798



58f6a0 No.351800


Is Q encouraging anons to personally destroy these vermin?

Anons would enjoy that, but it doesn't seem consistent with Q's strategy.

Are we going hunting Q?

Or just enjoy the show unless you have valid pedo hunter license?

2a10e7 No.351801

the emails are a shill/troll tactic. because every post someone uses an email collects a ton of you's


b2ad2b No.351802

File: ea8144a0ed96bd8⋯.png (302.51 KB, 582x533, 582:533, ClipboardImage.png)



http:// www.crystalinks.com/vril.html

6d671e No.351803

Artificial womb

https:// www.theverge.com/2017/4/25/15421734/artificial-womb-fetus-biobag-uterus-lamb-sheep-birth-premie-preterm-infant

1c8ce8 No.351804


I could sleep A LOT better knowing that the WORLD finally knew the truth and that the end of this would be in sight finally. Instead of only a SELECT FEW HAVING ALL THE INFO.

Q has said it, and it STILL remains at the TOP of the dedicated Q board - TRUTH belongs with the PEOPLE.


5d5c96 No.351805


Okay. Lol. I was just looking at Mike Wallallce.

Followed his Mother's genealogy and it lead me down that path.

9c66b5 No.351806

File: fe2dfe47b1ee48d⋯.jpg (40.07 KB, 312x382, 156:191, lf1.jpg)



7baf28 No.351807



efbada No.351808


So Mike Wallace knew how to do entertainment. No wonder he was so convincing with whatever slant he wanted to put on the "news".

7cf46a No.351809


I have know about all of this since the 80’s.

Ramtha has been dropping these crumbs for years. Glad it is finally coming out to more people.

8692ea No.351810


>Q !

They stole the idea of the Matrix from Philip K. Dick who claimed in 1977 the same storyline (pretty much) had happened to him years earlier.


042f3d No.351811


Yes, just end it in a burning Hell and blot it from all memory.

581bb4 No.351812


Can Q sleep? Can the 9 other people who know the truth sleep? Probably.

1530c7 No.351813


You're not paying attention. Q never said they were worried about people not being able to handle the truth. Re-read the crumbs and stop talking out your ass.

c09575 No.351814


That’s with the Nuremberg trials were about

7f3225 No.351815


Oh yes. WW2 was just to carry out the mass human testing. Wired magazine did a section on the most unethical human testing that brought us current medicine knowledge. Those tests were conducted in WW2 (hypothermia, etc)

b2ad2b No.351817

Q tell them a hint about phantom time

85fbae No.351818


he/she is not only one.. see lots of mails lately


46388a No.351819


President Clinton

John Podesta, Center for American Progress

Douglas Band

Justin Cooper

Roger Band, Physician

Minji Kwon, Interpreter, U.S. Embassy Seoul

David Straub, Associate Director, Korean Studies, Stanford University


Kim Jong Il, Chairman, National Defense Commission

Kang Seok Ju, First Vice Foreign Minister

Doug Band is all over the Clinton Foundation. His brother, Roger, is a doctor who went to NK with clinton in 2009.

bac60c No.351820

Q, is David Wilcock right??

39e299 No.351821


its podesta holding it right?

a9a485 No.351822



Energy Creatures.

Control the youth.


League of Legends.

Riot Games.

Jeffrey Lin.

Tencent Investors.

Silicon Valley.

Social Media.

27def2 No.351823

File: 524c80c6cc61b0a⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2248x1476, 562:369, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at ….png)


8f4cfb No.351824


If we don't stop this, we don't deserve to be in power.

26de3c No.351825

File: e4302e0dd01347d⋯.jpg (103.38 KB, 439x648, 439:648, bo_toliet.jpg)

from thomas paine

1878ac No.351826

what did they to the nk children?

82f996 No.351827

Elizabeth Bathory; bathing in the blood of children to extend her youth.

We are the slaves, allowed a meager existence as long as the masters

get to keep the lion's share of our toils. We are the sheep, who provide

food and clothing to them from our own bodies.

Our children are theirs to do with as they please.

They are SICK.

377edb No.351828



9f65ab No.351829


"those who don't have there name in the book of life"-rev 20 or 21 im no sleepanon td

a1e37f No.351830


Exactly what is prophesied in James 5. The Cabal is using us and feeding us to induce mass sterility.

Terminal Generation

d4f967 No.351831



af8a0a No.351832


Let us at them Q

f6fbc7 No.351833


it’s exactly what we’ve thought all along. A cabal of satanists pledged to Lucifer to take over the world have long sought to control the world, and just as they thought they were entering their “Age of Aquarius”, God intervened to halt their wicked plans. Now it’s time to expose the cockroaches to the light of truth and squash them all.

God’s Kingdom come, His Will be done.

fa7509 No.351834


If you have to ask you don't want to know

73321f No.351835


Children are blossoming.

The cabal consists of flowers who are old, withering and dying.

They fear death above all (death's retribution), so they want to stay alive.

They do so, by transfering the enery from children to themselves

via rituals, sex magick or blood transfer.

[spoiler] there was this article that the blood of young mice elongated the live of old mice.

stemcells replenish the dying body.

this is it.




11e839 No.351836


Yes growing humans

Will kill off real humans and use AI created humans

Why they need driverless cars

481e7d No.351837


>grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

A crop providing WHAT KIND(s) of sustenance to those who consume it?

What KIND(s) of energy?

What METHOD(s) of mind control?

Dig, dig, dig, Anons.

c5a532 No.351838


could you go ahead and post a copy of your drivers license too?

blood type and fingerprint also

597278 No.351839

File: 5268b2510294681⋯.jpg (43.66 KB, 500x497, 500:497, flower_of_life_cube_sml.jpg)

File: 3c9836be174d1fc⋯.jpg (245.62 KB, 800x800, 1:1, Metatrons cube the flower ….jpg)


Does it have to do with the "Flower of Life" and the six petals on the flower as per satanic symbology? I may be way off but maybe not…

b68dfc No.351840


Believing them is the first step I think.

c09575 No.351841


I’m ready… nothing seems to much of a surprise anymore… seems like many here KNEW something, but just couldn’t put their finger on it, till we came together… as a team … we are awesome!

5eb9d5 No.351842


Pizzagate is old news. Prostitute the kids for pleasure, for blackmail. When they're too old to interest the clients, slaughter them for their organs. The rejuvenating power of young blood is known as well.

Arrests when? Hell, just come out and say it. Get Tucker Carlson to say Pizzagate is real and these sickos will instantly run out of places to hide.

67d162 No.351843

File: 603a5f3d7461d39⋯.png (118.32 KB, 330x386, 165:193, 330px-Emblem_of_North_Kore….png)

Aint it funny how the official emblem of North Korea has a Red Star in control of all their power production and agriculture?

233eb3 No.351844

A WaPo article from 2004 detailing the Podesta's fascination with pedo art. The quotes and inferences here are profoundly disturbing.

https:// www. washingtonpost.com/archive/lifestyle/2004/09/23/married-with-art/dee9a0d0-0f0d-4505-b0ef-2f0e1bd1e0e0/?utm_term=.4682fb892a2a

a42c84 No.351845


God please bring Justice. Bring the light. This is disturbing. I want to share some words of inspiration with everybody. Written by my Granny on her 80th birthday. She has since gone to be with God in Heaven. May her words touch your hearts and lift your spirits.

The Six Gifts of Aging

1st Gift - Time

Time, now that I'm 80 years Young, time is a friend. Time is no longer frenetic. Time now flows smoothly.

2nd Gift - Reflection

Once I spent many hours doing things. Now, I spend a vast amount of time thinking(and writing my thoughts as I'm doing now) reading, reconsidering, savoring and yes, oh yes remembering. I've moved from passion to perception.

3rd Gift - Self-discovery

I no longer feel I have to justify my accomplishments. I've moved from defensiveness, to, and I choose the word discernment. I can now find my true self and I do find forms of self-expression.

4th Gift - Freedom

There are no longer any curfews or deadlines to be met. I've moved from compulsion to choice. I have only my loved ones to answer to now.

5th Gift - Spirituality

I find I am now luxuriating in a simple life style. This life is nearly complete by void of distractions. This simple way of life allows more concentration on prayer and contemplation. I listen. God hears. He answers me.

6th Gift - New Beginnings

This extremely important gift allows me to be creative. I no longer feel confined by my job. I am no longer trapped in decisions made in my younger days. Now, I pursue new dreams, learn new skills, and do new things I've never done before.

These thoughts accumulated after much time, as I've already said, by reading and thinking. This is the way I use the majority of my waking hours.

Ecclesiastes 12:13…Fear God and keep His commandments, for that is the whole duty of everyone.


Today would have been her 94th birthday.

7cc2aa No.351846


Clinton and Kim Jong Un are the slaves

The photo represents the location of the market where slaves 'sell' the fruits of their gardening

The fruits of their 'gardens' sold at the market are flowers

39e299 No.351847

Q didnt say anything about cloning… its about the transfer of energy .. taking innocence

141403 No.351848


WTF is with those monster hands? THAT has to have meaning.

8f3d43 No.351849


There it is

5d5c96 No.351850

Been waiting since October 28 for Q to start talking about Aliens lol What a build UP! Blue balls are real.

afca59 No.351851

D.O.N. days of Noe.

2a10e7 No.351852


except every time you try to tell someone who the cabal is people lose their fucking minds

7baf28 No.351853


Never thought of clones as being "those who don't have there name in the book of life", but it would make sense.

1530c7 No.351854


>No comms made outside this platform.

B is a LARP.

cd3ab5 No.351855


Because the Magic is real!

Q-is Satan literally among us, bone and flesh

11e839 No.351856


All of it will come out

Cloning too

14038c No.351857


They barely got anyone though. There were thousands of people involved in the experimentation that escaped prosecution. In fact, the United States imported a bunch of them through Operation Paperclip.

299b8b No.351858




For Christ's sake anons! I'm NOT saying these are fucking markers. I AM SAYING THIS ANON POSTED AT THE SAME TIME as Q, TWICE.

Made me feel all nice and fuzzy inside, and wanted to share.

7f861f No.351859


adrenochrome IS real. It can also be synthesized. I read reports of scientists who made it and experimented with it and their reactions sounded a lot like the effects of ectsacy (MDMA). The video of HRC looking in awe t the balloons dropping=probably high on adrenochrome

018eae No.351860


deflowering.. taking of virginity

759754 No.351861

Color of Podesta's hands.

10d639 No.351862


Seems like it

0cbcb2 No.351863

Liberal Monica Crowley with a piece about Obama's legacy. Good read.

Question: Will the cabal sacrifice Obama and Clinton in the hopes that it is enough?

http:// thehill.com/opinion/white-house/373379-federal-abuses-a-growing-blight-on-obamas-legacy

b2ad2b No.351864


Its even stranger that it was written in the bible about people being underpaid and controlled by the price of wheat

4f7ab0 No.351865


Did anybody notice the color of bill’s hands and the guy on the far right? One hand is much darker than the other one.

c5e3e6 No.351866

File: ea8b4e228553195⋯.jpg (30.78 KB, 232x201, 232:201, 1.jpg)

There isn't much difference between straw brain here– and the American public… Eating GMO corn products… Rallying behind cannibal pedophile plantation owners who run for President… Believing the EIEIO agency will provide government oversight and protect the people…It's enough to make me caw, caw, caw…

Post last edited at

714249 No.351867


let's do this, the planet is with you! I'm ok going at any speed you desired, I just want our planet to be FREED! Thank you Q, thank q.

You know all of us will take the redpill no matter hw hard to swallow it might be

c6a35b No.351869



cf0903 No.351870

File: 49a08cdfcded7a0⋯.jpg (372.24 KB, 1639x790, 1639:790, bho_bushes.jpg)

025804 No.351871


I've always dealt in truths. Have little sympathy for victims. The powerless however, they have my sympathies.

b3cd90 No.351872


ban this idiot before he retards-up the board

ec3760 No.351873


Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming on you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.[a] 6 You have condemned and murdered the innocent one, who was not opposing you.

58f6a0 No.351874


He used the word "resonate."

Prima facie tard.

449106 No.351875

>>351767 (you) just got (you)d

746a49 No.351876

Q i hope that text on my phone was you

cd3ab5 No.351877


Maybe upon the alter of the evil one himself!

c83c3b No.351878

File: 447ded5387571a5⋯.png (487.21 KB, 695x390, 139:78, ClipboardImage.png)

Oxfam: Deputy resigns over sex claims amid crisis talks

Oxfam's deputy chief executive has resigned over the handling of a sex scandal involving aid workers.

The British charity is accused of concealing the findings of an inquiry into claims staff used prostitutes while delivering aid in Haiti in 2011.

Penny Lawrence said she was "ashamed" and takes full responsibility.

Oxfam - which denies a cover-up - has met with the International Development Secretary in a bid to prevent its government funding from being cut.

Mark Goldring, chief executive of Oxfam GB, thanked Ms Lawrence for her service and said he "deeply respected" her decision to accept personal responsibility.

Ms Lawrence joined Oxfam GB in 2006 as international programmes director, leading teams across 60 countries, according to the charity's website.

Reality check: How much money goes to Oxfam?

How will the Haiti scandal affect Oxfam?

Oxfam boss says charity is ashamed

Oxfam did not disclose 'full Haiti details'

"Concerns were raised about the behaviour of staff in Chad as well as Haiti that we failed to adequately act upon," she said in a statement.

"It is now clear that these allegations - involving the use of prostitutes and which related to behaviour of both the country director and members of his team in Chad - were raised before he moved to Haiti."

Meanwhile the European Commission has said it expects full clarity and maximum transparency from Oxfam, adding that it is ready to "cease funding any partner not living up to high ethical standards".

The charity's programme in Haiti received €1.7m in EU funds in 2011.

The Innocent drinks company - one of Oxfam's corporate sponsors which donates around £100,000 per year- said it wants to see a clear plan "for how this could not ever happen again".

Read more here https:// bbc.com/news/amp/uk-43027631

439669 No.351879


Does EVERYTHING include the truth about religion?

Thanks for saving the target who is safe and sound drinking a coffee this morning

https:// m.facebook.com/vyacheslav.ivanov.7334


c09575 No.351880


Because Montasanto is altering the food Many people of breeding age are not able to have kids because their sterilized from the processed foods there eating. So they need the artificial womb. It was all a devised a plan

714249 No.351881

141403 No.351882


B is an outlet. She is here. probably always.Leave it alone. Her reach is important.

98de22 No.351883

Did anyone else watch the North Korean parade, it looked like a celebration not a military parade. Was that FREEDOM DAY?

No missiles just vehicles and everyone waving like they were just freed.

9a6833 No.351884

File: c1e91da9d5bdf78⋯.jpeg (867.23 KB, 1242x1730, 621:865, D3ACE29E-4D0B-4E30-B29C-B….jpeg)

c07ce7 No.351885

File: 1177fe97ca273e7⋯.jpeg (71.85 KB, 867x339, 289:113, B2EE92ED-EE6A-48EB-A009-8….jpeg)



7cc2aa No.351886


Where else?

5c2fe1 No.351887


Paint WHO as innocent…

You guys are so anxious to reply to Q that your posts are meaningless… let's put more thought into our posting while Q is present.

09aed6 No.351888


I speak for myself but I have known for years. I am sure I am not alone. We have stayed silent way too long.

4badce No.351889


Deflower is more generally the loss of innocence.

78050c No.351890

A lot of us are waiting on news of Subject PK-01. When will the world learn the truth?

e6f834 No.351891

De-Flower is pedo term for taking virginity.

To Flower is to bring in a new child. Who is the source or bringing them in is what I think Q is trying to get us to find

2a10e7 No.351893

>inb4 Ayyy Lmao's

b2ad2b No.351894


hidden knowledge. >>351510

87288b No.351895


NK is the test bed for the NWO…

46388a No.351896


The matrix concept has been bandied about by philosophers since at least Plato. Revised famously by Descartes and Baudrillard in Simulacra and simulation in the 20th century. The last book actually appears in the matrix movie.

481e7d No.351897


Heavenly Father and Creator of All,

We implore you to protect the innocent ones and shield the weak and helpless.

Use us, O Lord, in restoring justice and righteousness to this time and place.

May we all grow in virtue and purity,

with greater and greater understanding

and wisdom. Give us the strength to face

these evils. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In the name of your son and our savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

67d162 No.351898




91cdb3 No.351899


It means the so-called artist sucks

4a7ec7 No.351900

f1a05e No.351901

File: 6cfb0e3831c732b⋯.gif (93.66 KB, 300x150, 2:1, bringiton.gif)


I feel like my life has been a continuing series of red pills preparing me for this moment

8d0376 No.351902


(((they))) have done a very good job brainwashing Christians. You are basically taught that if you are against Israel you are against God himself. Hard to break off that mindset. They are afraid they will be going against God…

c09575 No.351903


A whole Lotta kids little kids had STDs

295836 No.351904


African Blue Lilies BHO Birthplace…

"Their symbolism is their downfall"

141403 No.351905


It is both. The virginity being a symbol of that innocence.

e83363 No.351906

According to the [Wachowskis], the core concept of The Matrix was born the following three days with them talking about those ideas.

Their major influences were a combination of Japanese anime titles like Ghost in the Shell and Akira, as well as their love for Kung Fu movies and Hong Kong action cinema like Hard Boiled.

They were also inspired by Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and many literary works like Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."

https:// www.quora.com/How-did-the-writers-of-the-Matrix-trilogy-come-up-with-the-concept-characters-story-plots-twists

d73e02 No.351907


Look at the way his arms are crossed and his feet straight forward. There’s symbolism there.

6a8fa4 No.351908


No shit namefag, lose the name we are ANONS

2d539d No.351909

54b101 No.351910

File: bc07652071bf059⋯.jpg (104.89 KB, 439x648, 439:648, Obamagarden.jpg)

This is a Meme waiting to happen… go memefags

94e4a3 No.351911

When u just lurk all day and night, it is far too easy to see who comes out to play when Q drops a new post…

377edb No.351912


You think you made it to the end lol

67d162 No.351913


Oh yeah? Where?

6e6883 No.351914


Until they figure out how to clone a new body entirely and transfer into that.

Then the herd is no longer needed except those for labor.

f34ce3 No.351915


If I'm losing interest on this subject now that we know the difference between the 2, Q, 'The Choice' that you're speaking of, does it have to do with starting all over, over there?

a3e3d6 No.351916


The photo is not shopped.

This is shill tactics 101, pick something completely inconsequential that may have a little bit of plausible deniability and make anons waste valuable time on it.

Careful to not fall into these traps anons

06bdd3 No.351917

File: cd04b6788b7deaf⋯.jpg (131.94 KB, 1367x818, 1367:818, ###DECEIVED.jpg)

File: 727b35fba091f82⋯.jpg (198.44 KB, 1332x924, 111:77, ###WAKE UP.jpg)

9883ae No.351918


Other World/Inter-Dimensional Entities.

b63884 No.351919



1530c7 No.351920


BULSHIT. And don't tell me what the fuck to do. It has the opposite effect. Take your LARP somewhere else.


7c4b10 No.351921

Did some quick digging on wiki. Mike Wallace's college fraternity has some interesting links. Zeta Beta Tau has guys with links to grand pappy Prescott Bush, the OSS, OJ Simpson's lawyer, Obummer etc. I'm a ukanon so many names don't mean much too me but might to a usanon.

3555e2 No.351922


Barrack bin Laden's post-pretendsidential portraitor…

dbde8f No.351923


No. You can't SLEEP once you're AWAKE. That's the point to all this: the world population is SLEEPWALKING through LIFE. We're in an induced COMA while our LIFE FORCE is drained for nefarious doings. I do not consent any longer.

581bb4 No.351924


Are they cloning us and our children as blood sources?

eda3ba No.351925


Genetic experiments, like before the Flood. The Bible warns us they (men) will repeat those mistakes.

7f3225 No.351926


Breeding humans for the sole purpose of children to deflower? High Satanists do this in covens. Those children never got birth certificates & were delivered in secret.

5d5c96 No.351927

File: a86adce49194db4⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 220x297, 20:27, 220px-Cover_of_Merovingian….jpg)

File: 72bf7a96f2de6c7⋯.png (3.81 KB, 195x258, 65:86, images.png)


Look at the Cube.

What do you see?

The stone one is a symbol used by the Merovingan bloodline.

2a10e7 No.351928


>De-Flower is pedo term for taking virginity.

it's not a pedo term you fucking sperg. it's a common use term in the english language. you don't have to be in the super sekrit baby raper klub to use the term in that way

c09575 No.351929

Guess I need to actually watch the matrix movie.

14038c No.351930

Another theory I was playing with the other day:

Does anyone wonder why they're making genetically modified crops spread world wide? Ever wonder why the bee population is also declining world wide?

If you were to think to yourself: you know what I'm going to go live off the grid and get away from this dystopian NWO.

Well now you have a collapse of the ecosystem. Everyone on planet Earth would depend on the NWO to supply food that was artificially pollinated or produced.

c0cbba No.351931


i think you're just the ONE GUY complaining about bans

7bbf48 No.351932

Red Pill please.

7cc2aa No.351933


The power of individual prayer in the face of injustice cannot be discounted.

Implore of the Lord to redress the grievances of these snakes upon humanity.

89a40b No.351934

the fake soros/collective soul email

Can I get an Explanation for this ? ?

Keeps getting throw in my face by normies….

63f7a5 No.351935


1530c7 No.351936


BULSHIT. And don't tell me what the fuck to do. It has the very opposite effect. Take your LARP somewhere else.


e6f834 No.351937


I think you are on to something

c0be95 No.351938


No. The Vax's are too make us sick so they can make money from us.


d4f967 No.351939


We have to know and reveal what's happening to these victims so we can help them. I pray for us I want to help them. They have endured this he'll, I think we can handle knowing it, they have lived it.

8e7d6e No.351940

File: b7bc5264d555821⋯.png (575.44 KB, 500x700, 5:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a074cc558e35e01⋯.png (1.15 MB, 750x942, 125:157, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b70cae0bb0e118f⋯.png (850.44 KB, 600x761, 600:761, ClipboardImage.png)

some of amy sherald's art

12242e No.351943


Sorry if addressed earlier.

Ritz Carlton building in BKK.

Event parallel with Ritz Carlton in Riyadh?

8b0abd No.351944


OK Morpheus

d44455 No.351945

Psalm 43:3 Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling!

08bc58 No.351948


uhhhhh ch-checked

42676f No.351949

Sorry if this has been suggested…

Has anyone held up a "mirror" the Hussein portrait? Could there be a hidden message in it?

I am not in a place to do it right now.

04fd7b No.351950

The rods from god will be a strike on the underground base taking out these operations.

For fuck sakes.

They’re using the deepfake porn narrative to discredit the coming evidence against them..

Fucking bitches.

f0c03a No.351951


Thank you!

8692ea No.351952


Other realities yes, but the idea of using humans as energy?

25898e No.351953

File: 9c5b6908b8bbfd8⋯.jpeg (132.48 KB, 621x289, 621:289, 66D12417-79D9-48EF-A913-2….jpeg)


Pic related

39e299 No.351954


was there a tech event there too?

7cf896 No.351955

>"Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?"

One point that many aren't aware of, and which may or may not be related to Q's point:

Originally the W. brothers' story was that the humans were being harvested for their mental processing power as a massive hive mind distributed computer for the AI.

This concept was rejected by the film studio, and changed to the concept of harvesting "battery power".

Because the studio thought the viewers would not understand the concept of distributed computing (during that time in the late 1990s).

f6b36e No.351956

crops are genetics mendel's laws… nazi eugenics and race policy was designed by heinrich himmler who was farmer

73321f No.351957


Yes. There are breeding farms.

Human Children bred solely for their twisted purposes.

c135ca No.351959


the VERY 1st time Q mentioned the truth putting 99% in the hospital I though to of Soylent Green…I SINCERELY hope i was wrong

4a7ec7 No.351960

File: a20eb77ec6fab45⋯.png (507.43 KB, 600x600, 1:1, demon_library.png)

File: 2b760b811f5948c⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1009x1424, 1009:1424, baphomet.jpg)

f6fbc7 No.351961


and Amen.

81cbdd No.351962


Who is The Architect?

7f3225 No.351963


Where are those farms - NK perhaps.

5c2fe1 No.351964


What article? Can you share a little specifics. I can't read your mind… yet…

cd3ab5 No.351965


I agree! I h@ve been praying for discernment and the more I think on it the more I realize modern teachings are completely fucked! Save for our one savior

39e299 No.351966

e6f834 No.351967


Original Anon post was accurate. I keep getting 'Golden Rule' banned. Something is up

5d5c96 No.351968

File: cfdb82bc99009cf⋯.jpg (21.08 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 5268b251029468126f174cc377….jpg)

File: a86adce49194db4⋯.jpg (25.94 KB, 220x297, 20:27, 220px-Cover_of_Merovingian….jpg)

File: 72bf7a96f2de6c7⋯.png (3.81 KB, 195x258, 65:86, images.png)

fd29ec No.351969


I think it's pretty clear that Q has already given you the truth, you just won't admit it to yourself.

NK has been a slave garden for the cabal for years. Think Bill Clinton's sex outings to the island.

Little Sister Kim is hanging out in proximity to Mike Pence, the single most sexually restrained man in all the administration, as a symbol that NK guardianship has just changed.

Your stuff about the history of NK keeping camps for generations was interesting. Thanks.

1530c7 No.351970


It's far, far worse than that.

63f7a5 No.351971






Please fill this bread before migrating.

d44455 No.351972

I doubt you're wrong. I thought of it too.

c681ec No.351973

Have they

cloned body parts for themselves?

8b23da No.351974


Shut your cock holster pelican i know thats you

d4f967 No.351975


I have these victims need us to know. HOW else can we help them of its not revealed. I pray for them and us. Knowing is hard but they have lived through it. That's much harder to be overcome than we knowing about it.

b63884 No.351976

Me too…."its people!!"


f6b36e No.351977

heinrich himmler was a farmer believing in at thios time modern genetics and used his experience on "breeding" humans (see lebensborn)

bec70c No.351978


Good question

94e4a3 No.351979


c0be95 No.351980


They also make us easier to control if we are sick and dumbed down from the vax.

11e839 No.351982


You're not wrong

but there's more

d73e02 No.351983


The Red Hot Chilipeppers made a song called Blood Sugar Sex Magic.

99f20f No.351984



July 15, 1960

Democratic National Convention

Quotes from the JFK speech that came to be known as “The New Frontier”

"The New Frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises– it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American people, but what I intend to ask of them."

Their motto was not "every man for himself"–but "all for the common cause."

"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed."

Recall with me the words of Isaiah: "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary."

As we face the coming challenge, we too, shall wait upon the Lord, and ask that he renew our strength. Then shall we be equal to the test. Then we shall not be weary. And then we shall prevail.

- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

https:// jfklibrary.org/Asset-Viewer/AS08q5oYz0SFUZg9uOi4iw.aspx

be26e9 No.351985



I see how hard it must be to sleep at night Q.

God bless you all.

46388a No.351986

https:// www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/10/the-man-at-the-center-of-bill-clinton-inc/505661/

Doug Band has completely fallen out of the news and off the radar. He's been right in the belly of the beast at CF. He and his Brother, a medical doctor, went to NK.

c0cbba No.351987


They are grannies and mommies whose kids went to school to also post here


7f3225 No.351988


and apathetic from chemtrails.

95eb28 No.351989


^ THIS. Leaving out information just creates a small class of 'the englightened.' Sounds a lot like Illuminati, does it not?

Fuck censorship. That's how we got here in the first place.

e5faa6 No.355533


Honestly!! Throw them all on an island and drop a daisy cutter! Stat!

e5faa6 No.355549


Digits!! The Daisy Cutter it is!

e599db No.355550

Q, is Hidden Hand message from 2008ish relevant?

e5faa6 No.355576


I say drop Everything over all airwaves, radio and computer. Vendetta Style!!

e599db No.355589

What does money matter if they have enough for millenias? There has to be an off-world component to this…

b8c5b0 No.355619



"Speaking truth to power is often a hazardous task. Truth when disclosed often injures one or more vested interests. And this is one of the reasons why truth always has a hard time getting through.

The members of the inner circle wield enormous influence and would do almost anything to project that they are indispensable to the holder of power and cut down anyone that poses an existential threat."

Within the power matrix, the person or group of persons who determines financial policies exerts more influence on the centre of power than any other. And, as Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild puts it:

Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.

e5faa6 No.355628


Q, Do (((they))) have anything that can stop us if we rebel? Is there a kill switch embedded in our system? Some kind of illness. What is with all of the Zombie movies if the movies reflect the real truth?

c18ea0 No.355652

File: 3c5e657de4cab52⋯.jpg (182.75 KB, 1331x960, 1331:960, FB_IMG_1518474757952.jpg)

File: 74488885e9adc0f⋯.jpg (175.53 KB, 1362x960, 227:160, FB_IMG_1518474750946.jpg)

Anyone else see what Obama's artist has done in the past?

b8c5b0 No.355681


Washington Post: Donald Trump just went Page Six on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski

"In Godfather 2, the character Nevada Senator Geary was turned from an opponent of Don Michael into a supporter by waking up covered in the blood with a dead prostitute. Once they got you, they got you!"

http:// tomatobubble.com/trump_brzezinski_scarborough.html

6aa62b No.355719


This will also mean we must fight to end abortion. This is not just regarding life outside the womb. The satanic rituals done around an abortion. The selling of aborted baby parts: their legs, arms, heart, neural tube all for sale by Planned Parenthood. To control the CHILDREN is not just pedophilia. It is abortion. What do the Dems (and some stupid R's) fight hardest over? "Abortion Rights" or "Reproductive Rights" or "Healthcare for Women" all the same. The bloodletting for this is approx. 50 million since SC inception of this. So –Q asks us to expand our thinking.

4f6b76 No.370686


Seeds of a lotus flower viable for thousand+ years>>351282

6d75ef No.538149

Deer Dream Explanation — A deer in a dream represents women and children. Capturing a deer in a dream or receiving one as a gift means prosperity, an inheritance, marriage, having children or overcoming one's adversary. Slaughtering a deer in a dream means deflowering a young girl. Bringing a deer inside one's house means finding a bride for one's son. If one kills and skins a deer in a dream, it means that he will rape a noble woman. A deer jumping at someone in a dream represents a disobedient wife. Owning a deer in a dream means marriage to a noble woman or it could represent wealth which is earned from lawful sources.

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