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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, main.jpg)

8a0af6  No.4731369

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Friday 01/11/19

>>4708257 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee

>>4707306 ————————————–——– Public access to intel?

>>4707199 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China?

>>4707080 ————————————–——– BOOM!

Monday 01/07/19

>>4644164 rt >>4644100 ————————— First time in more than 25 years? Morning, Patriot.

>>4644084 ————————————–——– What a coincidence. (Cap: >>4644154)

>>4643565 rt >>4643371 ————————— However, this is incomplete and missing the 3rd Tweet.

>>4643496 ————————————–——– With all of the success that our Country is having

>>4639875 ————————————–——– The hole is deep

Sunday 01/06/19

>>4639347 ————————————–——– Huber Activated - treachery revealed requires accountability

>>4636767 ————————————–——– A stone sits idle. The choice is yours. (Caps: >>4637162 )

>>4635153 rt >>4616371 ————————— Handler (Conductor) (Caps: >>4635308, >>4635399 )

>>4634536 ————————————–——– Get in line.

>>4633937 ————————————–——–- Refusal to provide coverage of successes.

>>4630322 ————————————–——– Money buys POWER

>>4628679 ————————————–——– Anons knew? (Cap and Video: >>4628761)

>>4628579 ————————————–——– Germany losing stranglehold on EU?

>>4628060 ————————————–——– Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted

>>4627556 ————————————–——– [RBG] The clock is ticking

Saturday 01/05/19

Compiled here: >>4652145

Saturday 12/22/18

Compiled here: >>4628830

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are not endorsements


>>4727722 Graphic guide to posting on 8chan

>>4727758 Reminder for (newfags): this is a free speech board

>>4687795 If you don't like it here there are plenty of other places to get Q's drops

>>4680938 , >>4681274 POTUS: "Call Congress, ask your reps to fund wall". Numbers. Call.

>>4668020 , >>4668026 8bit/BO executes an anniversary tripcode check


>>4730672 Trump and Putin keeping the translator notes away from DS ?

>>4730888 because trips, Bezos family line Monsanto&DARPA (Millenium Report so still needs anon sauces)

>>4731252 more Bezos sauce on family line

>>4730951 Mass Fentanyl overdose (breaking news out of local station, Chico CA)

>>4730937 Montana Lawmaker to Propose Giving $8 Million to Help Build Border Wall

>>4730805 >>4730928, >>4730840, Broadway on the Comey twat (HRC Broadway)

>>4730763 Comey going after Maggie ?

>>4731087, >>4731218 Judge Jeanine ? >>4731054 RBG ? the rumor mill is swirling on the COMEy

>>4731111 Masonry Dig bun gets quads

>>4731100 10 more 5 gs (SPaceX success on 10 more satelite delivery)

>>4731342 #6037

#6036 Baker Change

>>4729885, >>4729892, >>4730037 Moar Chinatown digs

>>4730245 Kamala Harris - China & Economic Espionage Act Amendments. (chinatown cont'd)

>>4729969, >>4729938, >>4730143 new COMEY twat "to kill a mockingbird" and full size pic

>>4729977 relevant Q post re new Comey and "mocking bird op"

>>4729999 Gaza Quads, the fightin israeli's and muh rocket

>>4730056 BTFO'd this IP hash "muh mason"

>>4730398 reminder that (both sides) likely play for the same team

>>4730160 Joe M American taxpayer has funded the whole world's descent into ww hell

>>4730438 Tulsi Gabbard's (D-Hawaii) Anti-war vow has D's and neocons heads exploding

>>4730559 #6036


>>4729779 Leaked OSF document: "The Last Election"

>>4729585 1 dead, 1 injured in plane crash on Whidbey Island; FAA issues "no fly zone" order

>>4729562 Twatterfag shows why Acosta's diary entry is Fake News™

>>4729485 Reminder. In 2010 a Clinton aide left classified materials in Chinese hotel room

>>4729322, >>4729653 Moar Chinatown digs continued

>>4729367, >>4729377, >>4729378, >>4729596, >>4729368 Knights of Malta dig + relevant Q drop


>>4729007 Bolton Leaving Turkey After Erdogan Rejects Meeting Request

>>4728968 Public Affairs Manager for PG&E, Joe Wilson, gets around

>>4728890 Call Congress & fund the Wall - Twatter ammo

>>4728591 Bun: MAGA FL Gov DeSantis on FIRE: 'Promises Kept!'

>>4728386, >>4728606, >>4728636, >>4728686, >>4728726, >>4728772, >>4728861, >>4728956 Chinatown / "Watch the water" digs

>>4728320 30 Democrats in Puerto Rico with 109 lobbyists for weekend despite shutdown


>>4728000 Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro formally launches 2020 presidential campaign today

>>4727996 Updated Graphic - POTUS tweet delta 11:11; 2 Days Ahead of Schedule; "This Is It" re: >>4725469

>>4727748 Anon updates graphic of theory on Q2669 re: >>4727109 (pb)

>>4727692 DJT's tweet with video at border has timestamp and length mirroring federal code for Insurrection

>>4727670 Comey tweet this morning uses same quote as DJT tweet in 2012

>>4727611 CDAN Blind regarding Ed Buck attributes to 2 more deaths in Charlotte, NC

>>4727553 POTUS "insurance policy" twat connects to Q570 (graphic); 187 plan

>>4728246 #6033


>>4727342 "Few Know the Plan" graphic; DJT twats about "the plan" today

>>4727180, >>4727193, >>4727213, >>4727320, >>4727440 Call to dig: Camp Fire clean-up, USAID grants, and fuckery afoot

>>4727109 Anon graphic with Huma theory re: Q's 'ABED' image

>>4727038 Scavino twat possible shoutout to /qr/ theory graphic

>>4727031, >>4727117 Anons looking for the 5 W's re: Q's China/HK drops

>>4726924 Tom Fitton: Is the MSM spinning anti-DJT FBI stories ahead of IG report?

>>4726874 DJT tweet from today connects with Q436

>>4726835, >>4726906, >>4727012, >>4727062 "Make it rain" dig - WL Vault 7 + Q828

>>4726776 New DJT Tweet: On the border (Video)

>>4727488 #6032

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ac8255  No.4731399

File: 4f16e617c39735c⋯.png (126.39 KB, 865x795, 173:159, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at ….png)


Thank you Baker!

8a0af6  No.4731407

Baker Requests HANDOFF

b28555  No.4731412

File: 6a837bce0f34954⋯.png (125.55 KB, 403x403, 1:1, RC_?_HUAWEI_P_SMART_2019.png)

File: be18b40e0c49c9c⋯.jpg (374.88 KB, 1188x1600, 297:400, proxy.duckduckgo-1.jpg)

Is this RC featured in Hauwei ad?


98e885  No.4731421



gotcha baker, thank you


8a0af6  No.4731427

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

e3ac03  No.4731429

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Very soon they will get to Macron the Toilet

8a0af6  No.4731430



1d5373  No.4731431



ac8255  No.4731432

File: 15ad5c764c5e066⋯.png (327.35 KB, 766x875, 766:875, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at ….png)

File: f233de3371ce0cd⋯.png (575.36 KB, 648x1154, 324:577, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at ….png)

File: a1e4576ed4fc178⋯.png (723.81 KB, 1307x905, 1307:905, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at ….png)

Special Ops / Foreign Emergency Support Team plane, heading for an Atlantic crossing…

🇺🇸 US Air Force

C-32B 02-5001 RCH589



e976fa  No.4731433

Dafuq is going on??

First israelly flags at the protests in England and now Commie flags at the Yellow Vests protests in France.


f5e21d  No.4731434

File: d008958ffa71b67⋯.jpg (33.87 KB, 530x298, 265:149, 105119761-RTX5L1VL.530x298.jpg)

>>4731395 lb


e976fa  No.4731435

File: aa925be30e9f449⋯.png (359.62 KB, 781x391, 781:391, ClipboardImage.png)


forgot pic

67359b  No.4731436


You couldn’t sleep at night if you knew.

Thats what my father in law told me.

Lockheed Shunk works Area 51 employee.

I asked him “if we were attracted tomorrow by Russia or China would we win?”

He said “Piece of Cake”

He also said nothing he’s worked on for the last 35 yrs has been made Public.

He’s a Patriot and will Not disclose any secrets

dafdef  No.4731437

File: 3677a67b7e6f65e⋯.png (14.21 KB, 357x168, 17:8, Q629.png)

File: c4b399b9f5201ae⋯.png (30.16 KB, 1145x105, 229:21, Q629ReferencedPost.png)

File: 5f6004504e44a36⋯.png (393.89 KB, 476x594, 238:297, Comey629KillMockingbirdtwe….png)

Comey's Tweet about "Mockingbird" Timestamp… 6:29

Q drop #629 is about SecureDrop [4am]


I know timestamps aren't wasted on "nothing."

762c1e  No.4731438


"Manchurian Candidate" ARTICHOKE CIA Files - ARTICHOKE was the CIA'S cryptonym for the study and/or use of special interrogation methods that have been known to included hypnosis, drugs

and total isolation. It grew out of the Agency's Operation BLACKBIRD and was a forerunner to theAgency's MKULTRA.


4d89e6  No.4731439

File: 3eed2897451f3dd⋯.png (165.18 KB, 345x585, 23:39, bezosmellsyou.png)

File: 15cf769b4886f63⋯.jpg (56.69 KB, 345x585, 23:39, creepyBezoWantsToSmellYou.jpg)

File: df8053c5c55e860⋯.jpg (59.6 KB, 345x585, 23:39, sleezycheck.jpg)

38b60c  No.4731440

File: da9d6a17292502c⋯.png (119.42 KB, 709x738, 709:738, 20190113_012845.png)


9b494f  No.4731441

Just started watching the game and it occurred to me the symbolism of the LA Rams. The blue and gold reminded me of Epsteins Island. The horns are obvious. Being LA, makes perfect sense that all their symbolism relate to the evil that comes from the city of angels.

db7662  No.4731442

File: 46ee1c9aacf32a1⋯.jpg (48.56 KB, 620x330, 62:33, image.jpg)


Thank you baker for this wonderful bread!

e551d2  No.4731443


This was prob before they burned it.

dcc83e  No.4731444

File: 9b44cd88a479ad5⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 700x700, 1:1, mazie2RIZARD.jpg)

abb97e  No.4731445


An other cabal tunnel down. Woot.

819a38  No.4731446


That faggot hasn't blocked you yet?

98e885  No.4731447



New Baker Confirmed

thanks for the great bakin'

dbeeb8  No.4731448


Shift in tactics.

How do you ruin good something good and make it completely bad?

Add some poison.


1d5373  No.4731449

File: 0f37bfef4268dfd⋯.png (176.98 KB, 473x356, 473:356, Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at ….png)

Is it Nightshift yet?

e3ac03  No.4731450

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


These police are defending the criminal Macron and fighting against the very people that they should protect.

717a8c  No.4731451

File: c221513df33cfad⋯.jpg (66.55 KB, 790x116, 395:58, FedReserve.jpg)

File: 094d7955adba28d⋯.jpg (111.36 KB, 771x483, 257:161, Shubert.jpg)

>>4731054 lb

>>4731261 lb

The theater is located on 44th st = Obumer

The theater opened in 1913 = Federal Reserve = Federal Reserve Bank = FRB

faaf0c  No.4731452

File: 67bf8ef71596077⋯.png (42.72 KB, 582x357, 194:119, h1.PNG)

File: 9314fa03d200d6e⋯.png (19.34 KB, 618x248, 309:124, h2.PNG)

File: 48ad0cb8cf7962e⋯.png (32.29 KB, 590x220, 59:22, n1.PNG)

File: 9ca5a4dd354ea53⋯.png (16.49 KB, 579x234, 193:78, n2.PNG)

File: dc3e0124d3dc9e5⋯.png (689.27 KB, 621x817, 621:817, n4.PNG)


kys faggot.

894aab  No.4731453

File: fd35b4dabce1258⋯.gif (332.8 KB, 1000x753, 1000:753, night shift neon.gif)

File: 113f39ee7f4ccf2⋯.gif (355.02 KB, 512x640, 4:5, Night shift circle.gif)

File: 0380e2ce39bdc2b⋯.gif (342.41 KB, 1500x1949, 1500:1949, Night shift arrow.gif)

Did someone say – NIGHTSHIFT!!!


db5c02  No.4731454

File: ede57e169c68af4⋯.jpg (139.57 KB, 750x1016, 375:508, 81484cc6228d0574b4bed7c030….jpg)

Anon last bread with Comey Tweet Code -

They do say "All Rise" - When a Judge walks in… RGB.

f5e21d  No.4731455

File: f54e8c25dcea169⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 500x351, 500:351, They-Live-subliminal-messa….jpg)

d234d8  No.4731456

File: 1f1cf4ed108b9bf⋯.jpg (76.65 KB, 650x489, 650:489, Free-for-All-07.jpg)

File: ca5a05878889539⋯.jpg (18.74 KB, 351x280, 351:280, RachelHerbertinFreeForAll-….jpg)

File: 24f9bd00dab339b⋯.jpg (74.35 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg)

File: 7f29de6c8cc24b5⋯.jpg (44.67 KB, 310x445, 62:89, 71P-ARDKvZL._SY445_.jpg)

Vote for No 6, be seeing you.

The Prisoner.

1722a9  No.4731457

>>4731364 lb

They did a George Bush Sr. special before he "died"…. Bye Ruth

faaf0c  No.4731458

File: 16e3526de3f3c08⋯.png (218.97 KB, 588x767, 588:767, n3.PNG)

a36be1  No.4731459

We're still partying it up all Weekend At Ruthie's! She's just hanging on the couch taking it all in, wearing some cool Ray-Bans, surrounded by these two young dudes, Hey, she just waved at me! Killer Party, Ruthie!!!!!!!!re

c06e27  No.4731460

File: 9d5727093201b89⋯.png (442.44 KB, 485x667, 485:667, AQ4.PNG)

File: df82a87d2495c8e⋯.png (518.11 KB, 473x621, 473:621, AQ5.PNG)

So, first it was GHWB now it' sRBG. Do we have a Comey tweet for NoName?

95942a  No.4731461

File: 37c4972a6131059⋯.jpg (141.14 KB, 1024x328, 128:41, DayNight10.jpg)

File: 01da92a8bca2dfb⋯.jpg (191.19 KB, 900x563, 900:563, DigDayNight7.jpg)

File: f71c61da7b55946⋯.jpg (170.07 KB, 1281x720, 427:240, DigDayNight8.jpg)

File: d904b446b17b52d⋯.jpg (589.69 KB, 1323x888, 441:296, DigDayNight9.jpg)


What's a fucking BLE?

f4ebd8  No.4731462

>>4731400 lb

Double eagle = rotschild?

16fee0  No.4731463

LSIP Wonderland protocols systemic surface failure, urgent evaluation, ASCOM briefing at 190107.23Z

db7662  No.4731464

File: 2ede397edb67435⋯.jpg (90.05 KB, 846x846, 1:1, 2ed.jpg)

c530da  No.4731465

Q (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.

Stop with the charade! 20 years planning The Great Awakening NOW IS THE TIME we must vindicate your Father's Honor John John! President Trump, JFK JR, Break it wide open! There IS NO better way to wake the masses to The Great Deceptions of evil that infested our Great Nation. We know, (((they))) know, now let the American people & the World Watching KNOW. We have not forgotten the great sacrifices made by great men & women to get to This point. The Game is afoot, you must capitalize! They who are not awake will not do so until they are SHOCKED AWAKE! The TIME is now, show the world there is Light! ArmyAnon WWG1WGA

8e86b6  No.4731466

File: 68be1b37b96790e⋯.gif (245.71 KB, 350x275, 14:11, Jennifer_Connelly_Horse1.gif)


Thank you baker!

623552  No.4731467

File: 1eec63a518dffe9⋯.jpg (87.68 KB, 927x613, 927:613, Night Shift_6.jpg)

8a902b  No.4731468

File: 5fcbacfd99dddbf⋯.jpeg (103.11 KB, 500x509, 500:509, 7C2A4536-9464-4CF6-A6AD-9….jpeg)

113fa8  No.4731469

File: 25a0f3a6e771838⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 557x343, 557:343, Nordic_Water_Supply_waterb….jpg)

With regards to the whole water-as-blue-gold thing, look at Spragg bags. They can ship the whole Great Lakes to China. I think they still have one aquafir that isn't totally polluted to put it in.


pic related

53f35d  No.4731470

If you're the White Hats / NSA / MIL, do you capture Jacob Rothschild, or just kill him?

e976fa  No.4731471


Pic is from today.

The flag isn't being burned in the clip i screenshotted.

6a38d8  No.4731472

File: e960de6b3bc5d2c⋯.png (848.21 KB, 725x683, 725:683, KOMO 1 SeaTac Employees W….PNG)

File: 15e2aff47637fa0⋯.png (28.86 KB, 537x446, 537:446, KOMO 2 SeaTac Employees W….PNG)

File: 1d43db5d625ded3⋯.png (30.17 KB, 530x442, 265:221, KOMO 3 SeaTac Employees W….PNG)

'We're suffering': Federal workers in SeaTac rally against government shutdown


“I don’t think people understand or realize that we’re in your community," Tucker said.

"We’re right here and we’re suffering.”

faaf0c  No.4731473

File: 967d6061d1c13cb⋯.jpeg (95.83 KB, 880x486, 440:243, 967d6061d1c13cb9e875db875….jpeg)


oh my… a clown is triggered.

98e885  No.4731474

File: c83605e7f19fdc9⋯.png (239.13 KB, 735x370, 147:74, btfoRfaggots.png)

d9ea1e  No.4731475

Project Sand Dollar

9da9d5  No.4731476

File: 06f49686b9242ba⋯.png (230.43 KB, 720x1236, 60:103, 20190112_202929.png)

>>4731393 (lb)

>Claims others are bots because of a "game" he played "last bread."

>uses pasta 400000 posts old

>gets BTFO

Thanks for playing shill.

Get gud faggot.

a36be1  No.4731477


The chick looks tougher than the dude.

8c3c0e  No.4731478


>Anon last bread with Comey Tweet Code -

>They do say "All Rise" - When a Judge walks in… RGB.

*** Also - when a bride walks the Isle

db7662  No.4731479

File: 9dfdcd261162aba⋯.jpg (71.51 KB, 573x500, 573:500, 2hj60q.jpg)


? Okay there.

1d5373  No.4731480

File: 93488bd99775654⋯.png (268.72 KB, 604x724, 151:181, Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at ….png)

Anons, queue the sad Pepe. These two clowns are destroying my City.

623552  No.4731481


What do we think 'N' is?

ac8255  No.4731482

File: 94ae44ff13df1f8⋯.png (1.13 MB, 814x845, 814:845, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at ….png)

File: 2319ad275ee2a65⋯.png (338.55 KB, 660x546, 110:91, Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at ….png)


>"All rise"

f4ebd8  No.4731483



<nightshift nightshift nightshift

is what mason shills say

- for needed symbolism

- to check how many masons are on duty (working from different locations)

- to encourage themselves for shilling

Topic no1 is muh jew shilling, no2 is concernshilling / distraction by bs

db7662  No.4731484

File: 0eb1c4c237d3bd1⋯.jpg (73.8 KB, 500x570, 50:57, 0eb1c4c237d3bd110be3434e25….jpg)

File: fc62adb9b0b079e⋯.jpg (101.7 KB, 640x482, 320:241, Your tax dollars big3now b….jpg)

6a38d8  No.4731485

File: b9b8f1a7ec25ab9⋯.png (36.8 KB, 647x315, 647:315, Bongino dont be an imbecil….PNG)

It’s now 1 year 357 days and 8 hours into the Trump presidency and there’s STILL not a scintilla of evidence of collusion. Only imbeciles believe in the collusion hoax.

Don’t be an imbecile.


2224dc  No.4731486

File: 3ab6ff4abdd16e4⋯.jpg (101.79 KB, 774x410, 387:205, Tweet.jpg)

42f8b9  No.4731488


kick rocks.

53f35d  No.4731489


It could be "Natural"

1d5373  No.4731490


yer suffering? call yer fucking congressman and tell them to fund the wall.

Trump is brilliant. Get the federal employees engaged.

98579c  No.4731491

Fox news is promoting a phone interview with POTUS on Judge Jeanie

82f8c6  No.4731492

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Americans that get fed up and don't have a group like this.

no flimsy vests on this guy

Marvin Heemeyer

c0efc5  No.4731493


every mutherfukin court in the US says 'all rise' everyday ten times a day

This guy is MKU'd out of his Monarch mind.

5ccee5  No.4731494


(((they))) are stupid enough to believe they are 'protected' KEK

623552  No.4731495


I took it as the jury 'all rise' on first read.

But judge makes sense also.

95942a  No.4731496

File: 3efb75e7ef77e5c⋯.jpg (200.63 KB, 1024x1118, 512:559, PepeDigDayNight.jpg)

File: 86ec9bd53340c97⋯.jpg (495.87 KB, 2134x1380, 1067:690, PepeDigDayNight4.jpg)

File: 7620e0b9340b15a⋯.jpg (139.52 KB, 897x574, 897:574, DayNightTeamAutist.jpg)

dafdef  No.4731497


'''SHIT! The post the Q-referenced post refers to… is '180006'… 186… Comey's TIMESTAMP (converting 29 to 2x9=18) is 6:18… easily morphs into '186'

186 is "86" as in "86'd" or eliminated and one number shy of 187 (murdered)

9311f7  No.4731498


It's Shanghai Pudong, not HK.

42f8b9  No.4731499


hurry up lads, 5,999,999 more to go.

78f92b  No.4731500


Wood chipper. Slowly.

53f35d  No.4731501

File: a4868be3b8ca870⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2qw4ev.jpg)

53f35d  No.4731502

File: d6c1d76c719653f⋯.jpg (34.11 KB, 445x253, 445:253, 2r059k.jpg)

4bd012  No.4731503

File: 09a786ea01f1cc6⋯.png (913.37 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, B74B5361-982B-4EA2-AF81-06….png)

File: be1f503f18cf012⋯.png (100 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 0CC2CA0F-6986-4C27-BBB0-BB….png)

File: 4c59584a51f0671⋯.png (483.04 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 0BA21A7B-FC40-4CC4-9D9F-3A….png)

File: 5978964fca98bc6⋯.png (106.36 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 16389D82-66F8-4677-81F5-67….png)

File: 8488973a2ae85ca⋯.png (187.58 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1F35DB26-814D-466A-84A2-87….png)

Natalie Corona suspect ID’d as Kevin Limbaugh… hide your guns

db7662  No.4731504

File: cd9818eb15e458f⋯.jpg (59.89 KB, 764x512, 191:128, 3bvk03nvzyh11.jpg)

File: 022eb041bb71731⋯.jpg (18.1 KB, 250x229, 250:229, g1337301598384206444.jpg)


You are a beautiful anon.

You too! >>4731499

762c1e  No.4731505


They can afford those union made signs… fuck them!!!

1722a9  No.4731506


Capture him and show the world he's reptilian

623552  No.4731507

File: 6ed91036c37ea40⋯.jpg (228.69 KB, 756x675, 28:25, Newsweek 11292018.jpg)

File: 0321bf41e96ad20⋯.jpg (164.66 KB, 800x600, 4:3, posted 01122019.jpg)

File: b13cdf9c094d797⋯.jpg (123.31 KB, 800x518, 400:259, mind control electric.jpg)

File: 10604369ed2879d⋯.jpg (289.13 KB, 826x562, 413:281, Trump did a lot.jpg)

File: 6aa0342ce057d8b⋯.jpg (125.65 KB, 416x800, 13:25, Ask yourself.jpg)

2d9210  No.4731508

This faggot announcing he's running for prez is the biggest tip off that a bunch of Dems are gonna run, knowing they have no chance in Hell, because they know they're being targeted by DOJ. Their plan is to claim POTUS is targeting them bc they're Presidential candidates.

The Num 1 thing you need to run for POTUS, besides lots of money, is NAME RECOGNITION. No one has a clue who Castro is. So why run?? Barry was considered an "unknown" except he had the Dem Natl Convention speech to lean on for some kind of bona fides. Castro has nada.

What happens if the DOJ takes out most of the candidates with indictments??

256ccd  No.4731509

File: efe67130650435e⋯.jpg (67.66 KB, 695x580, 139:116, QQQQQ.jpg)

7a99d7  No.4731510

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Freud, The Frankfurt School and Divide & Rule Identity Political Psyops, with Examples You Will Recognize

b74e56  No.4731511

File: 0b611388680563c⋯.jpg (175.61 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, night shift 21.jpg)

File: 3cf7b7521266511⋯.png (332.62 KB, 695x888, 695:888, night shift comfefe.png)

File: 368b58b0ca9ff3d⋯.jpeg (353.64 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, niteq.jpeg)

4d89e6  No.4731512

File: f4ff11f905b5920⋯.png (269.83 KB, 621x615, 207:205, Screenshot_2019-01-13 Q Re….png)

6ce13f  No.4731513

File: 3664c454a51b09b⋯.png (8.43 KB, 790x267, 790:267, ClipboardImage.png)

1d5373  No.4731514

File: 255829b215aca4a⋯.png (869.5 KB, 760x569, 760:569, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at ….png)

a36be1  No.4731515


Police only protect the state and its revenue code, they have no duty to protect the People. There's even a SCOTUS opinion that states so.

f4ebd8  No.4731516


All rise

= call to masons/DS actors to step up and do something before "the craft" is fucked?

(It's already fucked of course, but those people are stupid and don't know that…)

e3ac03  No.4731517

>>4730711 (l.b.)

Should be notable

67cd55  No.4731518


Q has posted 2671 times

441 days since the first day Q posted

NOT ONCE HAS Q POSTED ABOUT, responded to or has there been a reference to bewbs or porn EXCEPT the research showing human trafficking, sex slaves, MKultra, brainwashing MSM, corrupt politicians, Planned Parenthood…..ETC….

149405  No.4731519


Dan's the man!

95942a  No.4731520

File: 3b8438f8ca5b2cf⋯.jpg (11.92 KB, 186x255, 62:85, Ginsborg4.jpg)

File: 15fbdbbc06db8ec⋯.jpg (52.94 KB, 600x324, 50:27, Ginsborg.jpg)

File: 1fa665bf27f1449⋯.jpg (219.15 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, GinsborgDie1.jpg)

File: b59711bbc7723e8⋯.jpg (94.51 KB, 549x363, 183:121, GinsborgDie3.jpg)

b74e56  No.4731521

File: a85f0576e12739c⋯.png (536.64 KB, 542x380, 271:190, NCAA game.png)

>>4731330 (lb)

Thanks. The pic is real, found another taken at same event. It was a NCAA game.

db7662  No.4731522

File: bd8b697f9f575cb⋯.png (528.65 KB, 799x536, 799:536, 1480095814670.png)

File: 7644e6d2e22f3be⋯.png (168.06 KB, 500x519, 500:519, why-dont-jews-eat-pussy-be….png)

File: 70c1a373d0e7818⋯.png (60.91 KB, 604x311, 604:311, Shitpost.png)

f4ebd8  No.4731523


Hence, DS in PANIC.


80b666  No.4731524

File: 1246c68b880abe3⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1989x9020, 1989:9020, thrxmpl.jpg)

File: d066f58836dceaf⋯.png (154.9 KB, 730x680, 73:68, whats-it-qm.png)

95942a  No.4731525



ac8255  No.4731526


starve the Podestas and their olk until they eat JR alive - Lynn too.

894aab  No.4731527


WTF are you talking about…Masons…ROFL…

I just like the NEON GIFS…

take your shit somewhere else…

because I'm smelling what you are selling and ain't buying it.

b5ba38  No.4731528

Please embed and share this video!

Under 2 minutes. What is the price of rape?

Wall Math. Cost of wall vs. cost of rape.


Thank you from an incompetent anon.

5580b0  No.4731529

File: 1c483570b08284c⋯.png (960.87 KB, 1211x687, 1211:687, DemHitSquad1.png)

Suggest we do a deep dive on these three Dimocrat libtards and start putting together our opposition research.

a8eb1f  No.4731530

File: 4e0e3e77730b13b⋯.png (212.29 KB, 720x1285, 144:257, Screenshot_20190112-193542….png)

Crumb 1746

96527f  No.4731531

File: 1a3232e6019558a⋯.jpg (376.03 KB, 432x539, 432:539, ns in the house.jpg)


same bat time

same bat channel

are you also red text 'BO is comped' shill?

let's call this the "#2 lodge"

80b666  No.4731532

File: 46ab6b8b3780dcf⋯.png (131.2 KB, 544x534, 272:267, JC.png)

File: 9c2ade2fe568081⋯.gif (644.73 KB, 2222x2209, 2222:2209, nt.gif)

File: d7207679fe9f5f8⋯.png (414.43 KB, 750x754, 375:377, ttg.png)

File: 5e9b07518ee586a⋯.png (141.22 KB, 614x561, 614:561, PCS.png)

c530da  No.4731533



Now do you understand why mirrors and disinformation is necessary?

Logical thinking.



abb97e  No.4731534


Blé means wheat.

Maïs is corn.

98e885  No.4731535


that delusional shill thinks we're all masons because he defends jews

or someshit, it's delusional anyway

db7662  No.4731536

File: 629c532d7cde9cb⋯.jpg (150.71 KB, 408x528, 17:22, This anon is a savage!.jpg)

File: 07f8e89399eb5c1⋯.jpg (38.19 KB, 600x600, 1:1, jew_basic.jpg)

2d9210  No.4731537

File: 0e5cd9098d02c15⋯.jpg (427.58 KB, 1200x1714, 600:857, image.jpg)


Oops, forgot pic.

98e885  No.4731538


how was your timeout?

0fcbdb  No.4731539


Thank you baker, last bread so good. Shills be shilling, anons & bakers don't care.

8a902b  No.4731540



Notorious slush fund



82f8c6  No.4731541

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They aren't angry yet obviously

Marvin's tapes pre dozer attack were interesting

149405  No.4731542

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fun way to redpill kitty lovers

d234d8  No.4731543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

France to deploy 80,000 police as yellow vest protests continue | ITV News

42658b  No.4731545

File: 5afefb78eab8071⋯.jpg (49.54 KB, 594x350, 297:175, 1.JPG)


53f35d  No.4731546


You think they are powerful enough to kill JR?

bb0a80  No.4731547

File: e52a2fc3f85c318⋯.png (23.85 KB, 585x117, 5:1, ClipboardImage.png)

80b666  No.4731548

File: a7aa71de9a59cc2⋯.png (973.5 KB, 912x1111, 912:1111, lovepower.png)

File: ddb44fb0c1afe6a⋯.jpg (615.87 KB, 775x999, 775:999, MAGALuther.jpg)

File: e5d62e97b9efefe⋯.png (618.32 KB, 518x735, 74:105, ThreadJesus.png)

fd0c22  No.4731549


'All rise' after Tom Robinson is convicted for Atticus after verdict

abb97e  No.4731550


DON BONGINO will be there ?

a36be1  No.4731551


Welcome to the real world. Now get a fucking real job doing something that's actually productive.

256ccd  No.4731552

File: c2b0dbd9cafc911⋯.png (293.12 KB, 852x585, 284:195, InDaBotrixxx.png)

5ccee5  No.4731553


jap traitor bitch

gold digging hollywood liberal bitch who thinks she's black

jew who sucks chinese commie cock

all traitors.



hollywood gold digging.

fucking eviscerate these whores.

dcc83e  No.4731554

File: 872de099f3e0539⋯.jpeg (274.12 KB, 2000x1123, 2000:1123, feminazi1.jpeg)


"If the wall prevents just ONE rape, it will be worth it."

<board laggy all of a sudden?

97cf7f  No.4731555

File: 590a6e947bb4925⋯.jpg (36.56 KB, 639x538, 639:538, fein.JPG)


At first glance, her hair is at least 2 inches shorter in this pic than now.

So timing wise, this would be around the Justice K hearing or right before it.

d9ea1e  No.4731556


We end up with the house after all

156d3b  No.4731557

File: 5f0dca7c4ba3fe6⋯.jpg (414.65 KB, 1346x1350, 673:675, 41 mirror of 09.jpg)

File: ec0780cb505cb82⋯.jpg (920.83 KB, 2170x1445, 434:289, 09 mirror of 41.jpg)

File: 7f541f78133fd9a⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2145x2048, 2145:2048, 11 mirror of 39.jpg)


Today's Q Clock :41 - See 05/17

Pic 1

Think Pickle Factory.

Bomb(s) about to blow.

There is no bigger threat to 'them' than the public being awake and thinking for themselves.

What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)?


Guardian of the Pope.


Today's :25/:55 Q Clock Mirror :09 - See 06/14

Pic 2

[[RR]] approved/signed FISA-warrant application(s) to extend surveillance on POTUS/others.

What evidence to support?


[[RR]] @ WH.

Why was Rachel Brand removed?

Critical thinking.

Today's Classic 180-Degree Q Clock Mirror :11 - See 06/16

Pic 3


Bridge between media, FBI/DOJ, HRC+


HRC panic / deal req DEC (think Huber).


Huber = DOJ (no DC)

Careful of clickbait.


a566b4  No.4731558

File: 179ceaccca6f2e8⋯.jpg (123.62 KB, 649x917, 649:917, joseph smith12012019193710.jpg)

623552  No.4731559


I thought that back when Anons first talked about it.

That option made sense, I forget why.

Natural World Order mean anything?

"Support and Protection of the Natural World Luciferians share some beliefs of New Age philosophies in their celebration and protection of the earth (Terra) and the natural world. "


Maybe just Natural World, no order.

717a8c  No.4731560

File: 74075fa9abecd82⋯.jpg (14.89 KB, 367x243, 367:243, YourFired.jpg)


POTUS should do all the picketers just like Reagan did to the air traffic controllers.

4d89e6  No.4731561

File: 0bbda5345611503⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 655x368, 655:368, slideisstrong.jpg)

File: 4a58f91a8f69349⋯.png (422.81 KB, 650x487, 650:487, Screenshot_2019-01-12 Q Re….png)

File: 562a0ab2ba39978⋯.png (174.13 KB, 242x368, 121:184, Screenshot_2019-01-12 UK H….png)

File: 3eed2897451f3dd⋯.png (165.18 KB, 345x585, 23:39, bezosmellsyou.png)

2d9210  No.4731562


And Ben Carson has been quietly cleaning up the books and dealing with that mess. Quite sure Boy Scout Dr Ben is handing over any evidence of malfeasance to the proper authorities.

abb97e  No.4731563



894aab  No.4731564


I just don't understand why people have to pick on anybody…let it go…

No one here is Racist…

Remember there is only ONE RACE!!!!


dbeeb8  No.4731565


All Rise

Also happens when the Judge Leaves

f5e21d  No.4731566

File: 58159d0a780d9a5⋯.jpg (17.63 KB, 711x400, 711:400, eraserheadinheavenbanner.jpg)

anon posted about fentanyl od…

Thus, the lethal dose of fentanyl comes out to 3,000 micrograms or just 3 mg. To paint a picture in your mind, 3 mg is equivalent to a few grains of sand, a pinch of salt at most. Even police officers and first responders put themselves in harm’s way when responding to the scene of a suspected fentanyl overdose. There is no guarantee that they won’t come into contact with the drug accidentally. Departments across the country are instituting new guidelines to deal with these hazardous new scenarios.

If this weren’t alarming enough, fentanyl has given rise to an even worse variant in recent years. Enter carfentanil: an elephant tranquilizer opioid that is 10,000 times more potent than morphine. An amount smaller than a single grain of sand is all it takes to kill a full-grown adult. It is no wonder why fentanyl and its offshoots are the deadliest opioids currently in existence.


f4ebd8  No.4731567

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yup shills, joooos protesting against cabal globalists, bc the average joe jew is sick of elite fuckery as well.

But shills be like

<muh all jooos, every joooo, kike goy kike

Kek. So obvious.

Look here → joooos, only joooos, every joooo

Do NOT look here → worldwide cabal, ruling families, Freemasons, other masonic orders, Killary&Hussein&Administration, China ,SA, Iran, global terrorism, thinktanks, political advisers, actors, musicians, judges, doctors, fake news reporters, …

If it is that simple like

<muh jooos

why do we even have a research board?


a36be1  No.4731568


I know the feeling. Calfag

888e5d  No.4731569


This is what happens at protests, anon.

Everyone with an agenda crawls out of the woodwork to hop aboard the means to act out that agenda.

A revolution quickly fragments as the power of the establishment wanes. This is a necessary evolution for Europe, but will not be the glorious victory that people are hoping for. Not without substantial intervention from pre-staged operatives to shunt the inertia of these revolutions.

People forget what the French Revolution looked like. You were hauled out and killed in the streets on the basis of accusation, alone. It didn't take long for the revolution to eat its own. This will come to pass in Europe.

"They are pigs! Pigs who must be tamed by force!" - Satsuki Kiryuin.

A revolution under the law is necessary to preserve peace, or someone to become an uncompromising and ruthless warlord who simply kills anyone who is a threat to his rule and exterminates populations who fail to fall in line (Stalin or Mao). This is why Q completes the puzzle to Trump. Alone, Trump would be merely a delay in what must be done. With Q - the possibility for a revolution under the law exists.

Other nations do not have this option, and while Q hints at global operations and plans beyond Trump - the reality is that their options are shaped by the environment in many ways. Europe will go through quite the crucible.

8a902b  No.4731571

File: c414888ff9e6604⋯.jpeg (95.56 KB, 625x500, 5:4, 5C9D4954-E9DF-4F4B-91D5-E….jpeg)

File: fe115b308d98f6b⋯.jpeg (169.4 KB, 748x997, 748:997, 0D1D94A6-269D-41BA-927E-1….jpeg)

1e8371  No.4731572

File: e63a58b3e6d64d3⋯.jpg (184.42 KB, 1200x1228, 300:307, nsbitch.jpg)

fd0c22  No.4731573


i like that one

09b525  No.4731574


why dont you just compare it to a pic from a few days ago?

a12a2a  No.4731575

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7d1aad  No.4731576


Does this mean the interview already happened? or is it live? Is the comey tweet an order to kill the feed and interrupt with news about RBG?

149405  No.4731577



He's trying to out left Ocasio by suggesting a ==90%== tax rate!

Bongino had a good podcast debunking higher tax rates

>Tax evasion is illegal, tax avoidance is not

6a38d8  No.4731578

File: 07495e7193a1008⋯.png (72.27 KB, 652x437, 652:437, Bongino re Hull Jayapal Vi….PNG)

File: 426ba1ee2503acf⋯.mp4 (2.32 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Video Hull re Jayapal MSNB….mp4)

“Crazy, insane things liberals say and are rarely checked for.”

These people need professional help.


ac8255  No.4731579

File: 6edf963dbe92e24⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1224x818, 612:409, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at ….png)

File: b26c9d521c06611⋯.jpg (152.26 KB, 750x739, 750:739, DmDgj2XXoAAswA4.jpg)


they will not take our memes from us.

cdd42c  No.4731580

File: 0b87746f2cd9d30⋯.png (256.56 KB, 451x260, 451:260, ClipboardImage.png)


2d9210  No.4731582


"I'm sittin at the WH shitpostin and trollin while the Dems are all waiting for the Hamner to drop…"

42658b  No.4731583

File: 62ca5fbec8ecfcd⋯.jpg (20.85 KB, 374x309, 374:309, 9.JPG)


Needs a bot now that show-off clockfag bailed

db7662  No.4731584

File: ffba49098736287⋯.gif (292.84 KB, 300x246, 50:41, 1496382286807.gif)

Art at it's finest!

dafdef  No.4731585


Great connections.

Are subtractions of numbers ever part of the deal? As in 9-2=7…"76" reversed… end of Fed Reserve Bank… death… all rise… a 1776 part deux event of sorts.


5580b0  No.4731586

File: f55b4eaa29e6813⋯.png (433.85 KB, 931x879, 931:879, Feinstein2.png)

File: 3e23b95b9b37f16⋯.png (418.93 KB, 879x839, 879:839, Feinstein3.png)

File: e4d0179e8ae807b⋯.png (710.69 KB, 1273x908, 1273:908, Feinstein4.png)

File: 1301e3d3ce58c8d⋯.jpg (310.63 KB, 800x394, 400:197, FeinsteinCartoon.jpg)

6ce13f  No.4731587

File: e31ce761d16ffa2⋯.png (19.38 KB, 555x195, 37:13, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 12185ce4491d37a⋯.png (10.62 KB, 555x154, 555:154, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 101e3604a3fefda⋯.png (15.59 KB, 790x467, 790:467, ClipboardImage.png)


Done…moar KeK.


Goggle seems confused then. Bastards kek.

8a902b  No.4731588


Expect so from Carson.

47e4f8  No.4731589

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Israeli shills always attack Bakers who posts good Qresearch digs with Evidence of Jewish Crimes into Notables. But now,

Self-admitted "Zionist and Jew" Baker Infiltrated 8chan

*Zionist Jew Baker on Friday 1/11/19 put in Notables a whiny spam shillpost that includes the same old stale:

>Look-> muh jooos, all the joooos, it's only the jooooos

Zionist Jew Baker captioned that post in Notables with "Reminder RBG……."

The word "Reminder" is constantly used by the whiny JIDF spam shill in every bread, even on the JQ bread. (the word "Reminder" while linking to posts that the Israeli shill doesn't like is meaningless. Yet the Zionist Jew Baker uses the SAME WORD, hmmm…)

*Thursday Zionist Jew Baker posted for pastebin a Photo of POTUS touching the Whining Wall.

*Thursday Zionist Jew Baker named a Bake the "Happy Birthday Jared Kushner" Edition.

Most anons here don't think much of Chabad Jared.

There was a reason POTUS' Cabinet Revoked Chabad Jared's Security Clearance last year. (MSM says that it was returned)

Do We Have an ISRAEL FIRST Zionist Jew Infiltration into Bakers?

623552  No.4731590

File: 6975bff389273d8⋯.jpg (88.93 KB, 661x500, 661:500, washed up.jpg)

File: 135115cdb7a1be2⋯.jpg (55.26 KB, 800x446, 400:223, Night Shift_7.jpg)

File: 88a7235bc921e2e⋯.jpg (201.47 KB, 748x492, 187:123, Human trafficking CA nancy….jpg)

File: c028f61407bcab7⋯.jpg (116.23 KB, 578x492, 289:246, JA in the news.jpg)

File: 8bfed69f3b440f5⋯.jpg (197.66 KB, 592x901, 592:901, Lets Roll.jpg)

d60c15  No.4731591

File: 21ad8ade4d3774d⋯.png (43.39 KB, 246x246, 1:1, UBERKIKE 01.png)

File: c627924fc93cd97⋯.png (608.43 KB, 591x777, 197:259, UBERKIKE 02.png)

File: 85fb97c0a76577d⋯.png (1.46 MB, 2905x3469, 2905:3469, UBERKIKE 03.png)

File: d50947e8fb74ae7⋯.png (80.16 KB, 364x326, 182:163, UBERKIKE IS FAKE AND GAY K….png)

File: 7eaefdc2c6aa054⋯.png (2.54 MB, 3709x2301, 3709:2301, UBERKIKE IS FROM TEL AVIV.png)


Nobody likes you

abb97e  No.4731592

Why not send to every household 60 mg of FENTANYL, giving the option to use it or throw it in the bathroom. Indeed, the dose would be poisoned to kill instantly. This way you get an idiot free america. With a few millions dead that is but hey, natural selection.

1ac4b3  No.4731593


interesting tech.

i suspect there are easier accessed forms of freshwater than the great lakes.

34262e  No.4731595

File: 754ea798ced083c⋯.png (272.52 KB, 1451x931, 1451:931, 2019-01-12_20-37-22.png)

>>4731280 LB

Thor's hammer

d9ea1e  No.4731596

Boy oh boy, there are a shit-ton of brand new newbies here.

53f35d  No.4731597


Ever since Q dropped that, Ive been dying to find out what it really means

256ccd  No.4731598

File: 2efdc12d93ad249⋯.png (422.92 KB, 852x882, 142:147, LurkMoar.png)

b5ba38  No.4731599


Bless you!!!

db7662  No.4731600

File: e3ffb70bdf33a26⋯.jpg (171.82 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, muh_muh_holocaust.jpg)

6a38d8  No.4731601

File: d079d9a393d340e⋯.png (50.58 KB, 640x368, 40:23, POTUS 1-12-19 5 37 pm PST.PNG)

New POTUS Tweet

I will be interviewed by Jeanine Pirro at 9:00 P.M. on @FoxNews.

Watch @JesseBWatters before and @greggutfeld after.


Fox Live Stream


554d1c  No.4731602

All links below are previous breads. Re Q 2669 and image of airport: TY Anons. Most Excellent.




>>4708847, >>4708878,

>>4708992, >>4709086

B'twixt Night and Day Shift – and SlowAnon (>>4731382) – thanks to all for the Dank Blitz Digging.

Allspeed to the DBD Anons

d847c6  No.4731603


end the bloodline.

78f92b  No.4731604


>brand new newbies

repetitive and redundant.

fba2ab  No.4731605

>>4731400 (previous bread) Prove the existence of such a letter. This is concocted bullshit. Just because you post something that has a few seals and images, anybody can cook up such an image. Show the scan of the letter you have quoted, or give it's inclusion in a reputable source with page number, or you are a liar and a shill. When I have posted about Morals and Dogma, or given facts about Freemasonry, I have been able to back it up with facts, actual scans from the books cited, which anybody can check for themselves. I will oppose attempts by shills such as you to sow division among Anons, to try to drive those of us who are Freemasons away from the cause of restoring the constitutional republic our ancestors in the fraternity fought so hard to establish.

f4ebd8  No.4731606


Have a hug shill.

And some info on Jim and Codemonkey.

>>4527320 lb

97cf7f  No.4731607

File: aea80373406e732⋯.jpg (108.77 KB, 850x782, 25:23, fein2.JPG)

e0863a  No.4731608

File: d42484704a26c1e⋯.png (510.71 KB, 409x530, 409:530, TFS just to make it intere….png)

623552  No.4731609


'Natural' is best guess for now, I suppose, thank you.

51adfd  No.4731610

>>4731448 infiltration as usual, they've been doing it from the beginning.

211389  No.4731611

File: d6bd616d188b62b⋯.jpeg (312.33 KB, 1242x1351, 1242:1351, ED51A306-CB23-43B0-882E-B….jpeg)


53f35d  No.4731612


While I agree, I cant help but wonder if he would be useful alive?

d1602e  No.4731613


prolly get bumped for BREAKING NEWS :

Blind squirrel gets a nut

dafdef  No.4731614


Actually, Is this whole "thing" a 1776 Part II or Part III kinda thing? We've gotten rid of The Banksters before, in Andrew Jackson's time.

ae20c7  No.4731615

RBGs brain is being moved to a jar and hooked up to life support and to an apparatus that lets her communicate. They’ll wheel her out and pump that brain full of juice to keep it alive till the next Dem President! :)

jk, but would they do it if they could?

acf506  No.4731616

File: fb634037dc69a11⋯.jpeg (118.18 KB, 1440x959, 1440:959, 1538828826.jpeg)

b355d6  No.4731617


Goes hand in hand with Maggies tweet about someone riding outside the train.

Someone in the cabal media is singing

f574ac  No.4731618

File: 7683b6cb516bc93⋯.jpeg (170.18 KB, 599x548, 599:548, Dank.jpeg)

>>4730888 Two breads ago re: Gise and Bezos/

HFS. There's a reason to follow the women.

(And if you don't understand, go READ IT.)

291d4b  No.4731619

>>4730805 (lb)

Saw an ad today that Jimmy Fallon is there as well. Something big happening.

a8eb1f  No.4731620


It's a good thing but super annoying.

b9ded8  No.4731621

faaf0c  No.4731622

File: faae3ba9c04644b⋯.png (75.27 KB, 573x481, 573:481, domino.PNG)

Israeli former MOS high ranked officer: If Putin will collude in the Israeli election, he will probably collude in favor of Netanyahu

The man who is responsible for the claim is Haim Tomer, a 30 year MOS veteran, who reached a high rank. This man was involved in a failed (now out of business) Israeli cyber security startup called "the 5th dimension", in that startup company 2 other high ranked individuals were involved - Ehud Barak (corrupt israeli PM who is logged in Epstein lolita express flight logs, was involved with the Blackcube cyber company and was funded by the cabal wexner fund) and Benny Ganz (former IDF chief of staff, a suspected israeli deep state stooge, funded by the cabal Wexner fund).

Looks like MOS are preparing to mirror the potus russian fiasco and are preparing the israeli sheeple for a "pro Netanyahu Russian collusion. This happens while the criminal investigations that the Israeli deep state is running against Netanyahu are starting to crack and it seem more and more as a witch hunt.

could bibi be part of the plan?

We know that many formerly leveraged leaders are part of this global plan. Attached q crumb is relevant.

5d13d6  No.4731623


why did u take the echoes off the global notables baker??


41e9fa  No.4731624

File: bbe8d68f446fbba⋯.png (3.46 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 987BDD73-9347-4880-BA86-C4….png)

365688  No.4731625

File: ca89af57d65561f⋯.jpg (30.01 KB, 451x333, 451:333, Same as it ever was.jpg)

Have doubts about what the shill tactics are?

Scan the last bread and the responses to anyone questioning the narrative that THEY are trying to force everyone into accepting how this place is and works.

anon does not want to be the decider of this at all. THEY decided to come in here and sow division and piss in this yard.

Fed up with the years of this bullshit and how we are all forced to accept whatever it is they decide.

No Moar.

53f35d  No.4731626


Sometimes I truly wonder how people like Maggie actually think there is a chance to escape all this

c0efc5  No.4731627

Anons, just a thought: there are 10K Congressional aides, and they are the biggest shills extant. With the shutdown, are they denied the IP-hopping that keeps their filthy paws clean?

b216db  No.4731628

File: abebd37af3654a7⋯.jpg (70.98 KB, 473x419, 473:419, 2fgqjp.jpg)


Thanks Anon.

Any Anons want to ClockFag then start by reading the posts at today's marker and then the ones at it's classic mirror. :30 minutes away or 180 degrees.

Save the 55 mirror for ClockFagging 200.

f51362  No.4731629

To Kill a Mockingbird

Ending: The sheriff arrives at the Finch house to announce that Bob Ewell has been found dead under the tree where the children were attacked, having fallen on his own knife. By this time, Scout realizes that the stranger is none other than Boo Radley, and that Boo is actually responsible for killing Ewell, thus saving her and Jem's lives. In spite of Atticus' insistence to the contrary, the sheriff refuses to press charges against Boo. Scout agrees with this decision and explains her understanding to her father. Boo sees Jem one more time and then asks Scout to take him home, but rather than escort him home as though he were a child, she has Boo escort her to his house as a gentleman would.

Bob Ewell- the main antagonist.

Boo Radley- the recluse who saves the kids from Bob Ewell.

Boo states: "Scout, I think I'm beginning to understand something. I think I'm beginning to understand why Boo Radley's stayed shut up in the house all this time… it's because he wants to stay inside." (23.117) Having seen a sample of the horrible things their fellow townspeople can do, choosing to stay out of the mess of humanity doesn't seem like such a strange choice.



f4a245  No.4731630

File: e77eec75ccade55⋯.jpg (8.11 KB, 255x167, 255:167, damson5fceb3df3f3ae0f79798….jpg)

b74e56  No.4731631

File: f94620be6401a2d⋯.jpg (124.64 KB, 819x512, 819:512, shadilay.jpg)

762c1e  No.4731632


Prove it wrong…. but oh yeah you all keep your little crafty secrets to yourselves. Then again most of the current cattle to the high levels pay their way in and think they are really something.

98e885  No.4731633

Notables so far


>>4731432 Special Ops / Foreign Emergency Support Team plane, heading for an Atlantic crossing


>>4731543 France to deploy 80,000 police as yellow vest protests continue

>>4731545 New POTUS Tweet: Interview with Judge Jeanine at 9 pm est

>>4731602 Bun of anons on Q's airport pic



dindu nuffin, just started this bread

not sure when it would've happened

7e0855  No.4731634


Pfft….take down the Roths???

We have half a dozen proven liars

and traitors just at the FBI alone

and they are still free to twat and

attend Broadway plays.

Face it….nothing is going to change

623552  No.4731635

File: be28e113be03b0e⋯.jpg (147.46 KB, 629x715, 629:715, cia children.jpg)

d9ea1e  No.4731636


Not to put too fine a point on it but that is one ugly bitch.

Add that to crazy…..whew.

d4c98f  No.4731637


There's also not a single arrest, and Corporate media still pollutes the airwaves.

5580b0  No.4731638

File: 89861e670a65e62⋯.jpg (83.62 KB, 600x400, 3:2, MAGAEnvy2.jpg)

File: ce8e2ddac35b383⋯.jpg (554.46 KB, 800x611, 800:611, Obstructionist4.jpg)

File: 4150fee99c638fb⋯.jpg (444.88 KB, 725x561, 725:561, Pelosi7.jpg)

File: 7f1c272921ada0c⋯.jpg (221.54 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Cortez26.jpg)

8a902b  No.4731639


Great Balls of POTUS!

fbd19e  No.4731640

I would add but im blocked so fuck it >>4731555

f12ce2  No.4731641

File: 71af0dd7332428d⋯.png (69.54 KB, 255x176, 255:176, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4768389948dbe88⋯.png (62.58 KB, 193x255, 193:255, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 034068597820bf9⋯.png (81.08 KB, 204x255, 4:5, ClipboardImage.png)

>>4730805 (pb) >>4730928, (pb) >>4730840, (pb) Broadway on the Comey twat (HRC Broadway)

>>4731274 (pb)

So is Comey letting the others know [RBG] is dead, like he did with GHWB using little Benji?

And currently they are trying to coordinate actions thru a (Broadway Themed) Message/Code system?

>>4731218 (pb)

>>4731250 (pb)

Perhaps they need to strategize how to stop the next nominee?


Anons spitballing.

96527f  No.4731642

File: 3e946169fb0dc33⋯.jpg (83.47 KB, 857x480, 857:480, ns 7.jpg)

File: 906018ea0fd36d3⋯.png (330.72 KB, 615x336, 205:112, squatch.png)


yep. masons. pictures don't lie.

751801  No.4731643

>> No.4730475

Geeeez. to the right of your red 'g' and under the black box on the wall stands the dual citizen witch Feinstein. Get out a magnifying glass. I had to.

I don't give a shit if its Huma meeting her. It could be Qung Fang Huma for all I care.

Its at the time XI meets with Jong UN and what a coincidence.

Meanwhile chuckie soros is meeting with Alex Soros over lunch on his days off. Lots of fuckery going on.

PANIC in DC for sure.

Anyone wondering why these brand new power mongering Dems are taking so much TIME OFF during a 'manufactured crisis'?

I'll bet Q has that answer.

34262e  No.4731644

File: c6401d93c9d6d7c⋯.png (725.09 KB, 857x513, 857:513, 2019-01-12_20-44-45.png)


Loves the chinese.


d60c15  No.4731645

File: e2adf925a4b2193⋯.gif (441.26 KB, 280x284, 70:71, fuck-you-sparkly.gif)

c0efc5  No.4731646


PaperClipO'Rama, anon

d1602e  No.4731647

anyone with a fox link?

a36be1  No.4731648


Homeless problem solved.

faaf0c  No.4731649






I thought noetic could be it, but some anons dug "the natural economic order", and it looked like a better candidate:


natural economic order ebook:


f4ebd8  No.4731650

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Gramps House


41e9fa  No.4731651


I fired my what? Or do you mean, “you’re fired”?

78f92b  No.4731652


Not a flattering progression.

f567dc  No.4731653

Kill the mockingbird before the judge comes on, Potus about to drop a MOAB

256ccd  No.4731654

File: f6b0c9c8d396ec8⋯.png (373.86 KB, 600x385, 120:77, ClipboardImage.png)

65d159  No.4731655

f574ac  No.4731656


So Gise's dad was part of paperclip? Like Musk?

751801  No.4731657


>> No.4730475

13c0c4  No.4731658

File: d30f9b4547e1de0⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 749x346, 749:346, amazon dick pic logo.jpg)

4fac5c  No.4731659

File: 90571d5345e63c9⋯.jpg (121.65 KB, 983x650, 983:650, Darth Bader.jpg)


a8eb1f  No.4731660

78f92b  No.4731661

2224dc  No.4731662

File: 32311b26a612f11⋯.jpg (25.43 KB, 768x512, 3:2, Declas.jpg)

d9ea1e  No.4731663

Every time I see Feinsteins square head I think of Herman.

every. single. time.

f4ebd8  No.4731664

To all the shills,

Please, be the lost sheeps that return to their Lord and father and that are welcomed by him. God loves all his children.

Your masters don't give a shit about you, like their masters don't give a shit about them.

All considered profane, sheep.

They will send you to death w/o a blink.

Cut evil masonic ties. Stay away from the lodge and 'brothers'. Now.

You can save yourselves, bc you are so many, they can't doorknob you all!

YOUR chance is NOW. Few time left.

You are shilling (and educating yourselves) here so long, you see God is winning. Join the good site, don't oppose.

Pray. Be saved.

>>4700726 pb - Parable of the Lost Sheep - Luke 15:1-7

Why the secret handshake between police and Freemasons should worry us



Albert Pike: "The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine."


[In bread #5549 some shills openly admitted they are masons. Read for yourself, just glowing obvious.]

d0a22e  No.4731665



>These people need professional help.

that's what made them this insane

a566b4  No.4731666



We need moar gematria!

98e885  No.4731667



751801  No.4731668

a12a2a  No.4731669

File: 96ff039f1dede92⋯.jpg (242.28 KB, 500x1750, 2:7, 1.jpg)

File: cf19bbfa5a87b30⋯.jpg (278.4 KB, 500x1775, 20:71, 2.jpg)


Huge migrant teen detention camp in Texas shutting down

dbeeb8  No.4731670


"All Rise" could be several things

When Judge Enters or Leaves

Code for "Attention on deck, battle stations"

Or could be a double meaning.

95942a  No.4731671

File: e079ababab1c24b⋯.jpg (231.78 KB, 1118x686, 559:343, GinsborgDie2.jpg)

File: c931420573055f6⋯.jpg (109.96 KB, 455x790, 91:158, Ginsborgrecovered.jpg)

File: 63e1e5377e22e12⋯.jpg (221.1 KB, 676x1000, 169:250, RuthBaderGinsborg-Poster.jpg)

File: cad4c0281c9bcac⋯.png (217.11 KB, 510x382, 255:191, GinsborgRBGworkingfromhome.png)


Ruth Bader Ginsborg

623552  No.4731672


Nope, not at all.

America's shame.

How to police a secret organization?

Must trust those you send into the black.

b74e56  No.4731673

File: 59c4e83d0779955⋯.png (615.86 KB, 1736x1271, 56:41, pointingpepe.png)

5d6288  No.4731674


For sure….more on the bookcase on the right of the photo.

6b6482  No.4731675


None of them are regular folks

42f8b9  No.4731676


Don, I am not working tonight(or any night) invite me over and lets talk legalizing pot nationwide. I want to be the official US WEED AMBASSADOR.

ac8255  No.4731677

What does the bailiffag say in a courtroom before the judge walks in:

"All rise"…

Comey in court.

894aab  No.4731678

Guys, you might be getting played by JC…

Think about it…do you honestly think he doesn't visit here occasionally…

If so…don't you think he would know the codes and how/when we decode something…

This decode was not that hard…he could have planted it knowing we would be all over it…

he didn't make it too hard…

Just a observation…I could be wrong…it has been known to happen…

faaf0c  No.4731679


you are an pathetic shill. The dig is well sourced, and you glow.

anons can decide for themselves:

>>4730964 - bot glitches

>>4731030 - detailed bot analysis (backed by a crumb)

>>4731063 - detailed bot analysis (backed by a crumb)

>>4731099 - a detailed example of the bots' semi automatic reply patterns.

a36be1  No.4731680


Theory: The funeral note might have said "GWB is under arrest." Pence got one as a courtesy, the others to fuck with them. If any serious fuckery was to commence, W would have been in the middle of it.

f4ebd8  No.4731681

Since the midterms muh jew shills work in overtime and attack nearly every bread.

Some obvious, many blended in ones.

For reference, look up older breads, where the word jew shows maybe 5 times, not 150 times….like now…

There is no 'the jews'.

There are only single persons.

8 million jews live in israel.

You can't possibly think all are cabal members.

I am sure that many many of the upper part of society are cabal. (Like worldwide!)

And I am aware that many cabal members are jews.

However, there are also many non jewish bad actors. Many, worldwide.

Simplified 'oh fuck, its all the jews' is just not based on any facts and just not true.

It does two things:

1 - it hides the non jewish cabal members (folks from thinktanks, politicians, actors, MSM folks worldwide, …)

2 - it gives the Q movement and especially this board the look of a bunch of non-autists that are not digging for facts, but pushing their simple and obviously wrong opinions.

You must have realized that one of the MSM weapons is to blame POTUS and all his followers as nazis.

Imo the ones pushing non fact based info, by copy pasta in every bread, are 95% shills.

Anons are not that stupid and not that blind for facts.

Only shills have an interest to hide some actors and blame innocent ones.

Is hussein a bad guy? Is he moslem, from kenya?

Is jared kushner a good guy? Is he a jew and right now destroying cabal?

It is not as simple as shills would like it to be.

Think for yourself.

aa7c10  No.4731682

File: ae8024964971741⋯.png (150.6 KB, 497x286, 497:286, jim a.png)

96527f  No.4731683


4 of the 5 in your compilation from #5549 have the same id, dumfag

751801  No.4731684


stupind shit- transposed digits.


get it right next time faggot.

f574ac  No.4731685


No doubt. And maybe not Musk's dad. But clone. Or frozen grandad.

Good grief it is hard to sort it out.

Thanks, helper.

Always amazed by they way y'all intervene.

65d159  No.4731686


You are assending right now.

78f92b  No.4731687

Anyone have a live stream to FOX?

106aff  No.4731688

File: cd64b519fc2989b⋯.png (371.66 KB, 616x693, 8:9, whojewswho.png)


>Yup shills, joooos protesting against cabal globalists, bc the average joe jew is sick of elite fuckery as well.


>But shills be like


><muh all jooos, every joooo, kike goy kike


>Kek. So obvious.

0613f3  No.4731689

File: 83f2d580a72dc1e⋯.jpg (20.06 KB, 299x426, 299:426, merkel1.jpg)


Arrest Merkel

Gitmo? 🥂😎

278651  No.4731690

An epic movie that answers the JQ - Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments"

What is the JQ? Well there are 2 - one specific and one global - the specific one is the Q post - WHAT IS THE VERY SPECIFIC REASON ISRAEL IS "…SAVED FOR LAST"?" To answer that one must first answer the global JQ; that is: "WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE JEW IN HUMAN HISTORY?"

We all know the Jews have a disproportionate role in human history. The Jew is prominent is almost every arena of human activity - finance, business, law, medicine, academia, science, entertainment, literature, media - with one glaring exception - that is politics. Not political influence - in that they excel - by politics I mean ELECTED LEADERSHIP positions. If one looks at the list of Jews in elected positions it barely exceeds the number of Jewish chess grandmasters. What does this tell us? OK look at the movie and what it says about Jews.

The hero is the Egyption prince Moses - strong, handsome, smart, hard working. loyal and just - but guess what - he is really a Jew. We all know the story - he rejects kingship and chooses service. This is the essence of the Jewish archetype - SERVICE. Now look at the villains. The Jew is DATHAN - the prototype weasel who also SERVES (The true Prince) with the goal of greed and avarice for himself. But the essence of the archetype is the same: SERVICE.

And what of Ramses? And Nefertiri? Do they represent service? NO - they are RULERS. This is the ROYAL BLOODLINE ARCHETYPE. It is repeated through history and such a postion is NEVER held by Jews - who ALWAYS serve and are in fact the best servants in the world - thus they are always well rewarded - and thus an object of jealopsy and contempt by other servant class peoples.

And the Ruling Class knows this and exploits it to their full advantage - letting the Jew take the blame for anything and everything and creating a well developed and comprehensive narrative to support this fiction- which the servant Jews accept as part of the bargain.

Can anyone name a Jew that does not serve a Master? Roth you say? No - he is not the Master. Q posts tell us that he is in charge of very specific segments of the NWO - POST 299:

Rothschilds (cult leaders)(church)(P) Banks / Financial Institutions WW Gov Control

So now we know that Jews serve the Master we can answer the second specific question: WHY DID Q POST "We are saving Israel for last - very specific reason"?


278651  No.4731691



I have seen NO serious analysis or discussion of this crumb. What are the requirement for a valid decode? The answer must at minimum be a VERY SPECIFIC REASON.

VERY = in a high degree - Extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, tremendously, immensely

SPECIFIC = particular, specified, certain, fixed, set, determined, distinct, separate, definite, single, individual, peculiar, discrete, express, precise (IE NOT GENERAL)

REASON = a basis or cause for some belief, action, fact or event

OK? so we are looking for "an extremely definite, discrete and precise reason that Q and The Plan have used as the basis for the decision of "saving Israel for last."" AND this reason must be consistent with the Jewish archetype of service. AND it could be due to evil service OR noble service OR a combination of both.

So some critical SERVICE is being performed in or by Israel which makes it necessary to deal with it last - BUT wait - is this the biblical Israel (Jewish peoples) or the State of Israel (Jewish State) Q refers to? It could be either because Q deals with BOTH aspects in the drops - and the answer to that question makes a huge difference. That is so because the Jewish people are scattered all over the earth while the State of Israel is just one place - but a very significant place indeed. So which is it? My guess is the State because Q Post 916 where this is found is in reply to an anon inquiring whether Israel is involved with the Awan matter.

So if we deduce the State of Israel is the topic what could the reason be? We know it involves Awan - a likely Pakistani spy - so we can deduce Israel is either complicit with this spy op OR the exact opposite - that they have intel or resources to expose the truth - we really have no way to know at this point but I speculate that it is the latter. My basis for this speculation is the conduct of POTUS with regard to Isreal given the fact that we (and POTUS) all know (from Q drops) that MOS is dirty - as well as elements of the IDF too. Also consider SA was very dirty and see how POTUS co-opted them - with proof of complicit evil in support of the DS cabal, and a promise to work it out with conditions set by POTUS and the plan.

I deduce that POTUS did the exact same thing with Israel and they are working with POTUS. And what does POTUS say is the biggest prize? PEACE. And we all know that Israel is a key element to that end. We also know that arrangement of the major world powers is a precursor to this result - hence POTUS work with China, Russia, and so many others.

So speaking of "end" my conclusion is that what Q is saving is the end game = peace in the ME with the support of Israel and SA, and peace WW based on that. And the specific reason for that is the fulfillment of not just peace - but the fulfillment of the prophecies, hopes and aspirations of all Abrahamic peoples - and the end of division. A worthy climax for the end of an EPIC MOVIE I say.

53f35d  No.4731692


If he is communicating with DS, he doesnt give a shit if we decode it. Even if Ruth is dead, what are we gonna do?!

888e5d  No.4731693

File: 85dc117566715fb⋯.jpg (88.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


That doesn't really work for those of us who know differently.

I "am a dragon." I am not human. I do not think like a human or value things the same way as a human.

This is my experience - that I am not part of this world of humans, which I generally hold in contempt.

What I do believe, however, is that each person is more capable than they often act, and that each person is valuable regardless of how trivial their role may appear. People do not live for the sake of clothing. Even if they are pigs in human clothing, their existence is not for clothing.

365688  No.4731694

File: 45239ab47d29572⋯.jpg (19.63 KB, 255x249, 85:83, Shill douchebag boss.jpg)

5d6288  No.4731695


I’m sure we are not alone on 8ch

554d1c  No.4731696

File: 6685fa23b2a4468⋯.png (366.23 KB, 1030x520, 103:52, ClipboardImage.png)


Must specifically say Excellent DBD to the Anon who posted >>4709323 . Fine work. Noice to see the research in QResearch is as sharp as ever when called !!

Slow Anon seyz, TY and carry on. Kek.

2224dc  No.4731697


Anagrams to rallies.

b74e56  No.4731698

File: bf9ad134d980768⋯.jpg (366.96 KB, 1181x658, 1181:658, qnightshift.jpg)

3710d6  No.4731699



subtle subversion much??? u fucking removed the echoes from the global notables…

fucking gay af. Mossad in the kitchen??

42f8b9  No.4731700


Fire the TSA and roll back W's Patriot Act.

fba2ab  No.4731701

>>4731632 I HAVE already proved you wrong. I posted the passages in Morals And Dogma that absolutely refute the idea that Freemasonry is Luciferian, or that Albert Pike would make the kind of statements quoted in the supposed letter you have quoted in the image you posted. You are a shill, a very TRIGGERED shill. A shill who has been exposed and proven to be the liar that you are.

d80b0a  No.4731702

File: eba57405546d816⋯.jpg (52.92 KB, 854x348, 427:174, eiyujtrhxgfd.JPG)

5c54cf  No.4731704

File: bd6023acdfd6be7⋯.png (110.83 KB, 432x576, 3:4, whodiditjewsdid.png)

File: d863991b6cd652b⋯.jpg (22.41 KB, 861x576, 287:192, whodunit.jpg)

1ac4b3  No.4731705




2d9210  No.4731706

Why can't we have Gorsuch or Thomas try to call ole Ruthie and see how she's doing? Proof of life is necessary.

61bc17  No.4731707

File: f01468ee079e882⋯.jpeg (34.54 KB, 214x265, 214:265, 421BBCA4-A6A6-4E60-9CAA-4….jpeg)

c0efc5  No.4731708


Families just don't up and die. Well, except the Romanovs. They live and acquire and breed and fight just like we bourgouise do

c7983e  No.4731709


Anons aren't engaging them anymore. So they have to play both sides to slide the bread.

dafdef  No.4731710


Isn't Jeff Daniels the Ship Captain in White Squall where the WWG1WGA saying comes from?

65d159  No.4731711

File: e2232de99038c50⋯.png (52.22 KB, 432x507, 144:169, youbewhew.png)

01c61b  No.4731712


Why would you do that shit. Marijuana will make you as stupid as they are. Why do you want to be stupid?

98e885  No.4731713


see (bottom): >>4731633

727603  No.4731714

File: 29acc2585b38ba3⋯.jpg (455.81 KB, 1277x1044, 1277:1044, death threat2.jpg)


He thinks he's above the President, do you think he cares what we think?

bb2a92  No.4731715



13c0c4  No.4731717


Thats Jeff Bridges

ac8255  No.4731718

File: 4ec7d885ece3db3⋯.png (195.39 KB, 406x527, 406:527, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at ….png)


nice to see you, why don't you have a seat over their…

dafdef  No.4731719


NEVER MIND… Jeff Bridges. That was a whole Google search away. Duuumb.

4d89e6  No.4731720

File: ca356f89a3129bd⋯.jpg (591.17 KB, 2612x3322, 1306:1661, kekistanMirror.jpg)


NightShift…(you) The weakest link in our chain!

42658b  No.4731721

File: 559675f962923ae⋯.png (554.21 KB, 1017x553, 1017:553, Livken.png)


Don't circulate that - all clockfags are NOT Paytriots. Showoff is NOT a Paytriot - can confirm.

c0efc5  No.4731722

File: 9062ea9ca013ecc⋯.gif (5.68 KB, 200x108, 50:27, wut.gif)



1ac4b3  No.4731723


how have i never seen this pic before? well done.

df5d90  No.4731724

File: c10d33ef82b0d80⋯.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1845x1244, 1845:1244, 87E47D56-737C-4EFE-B021-4….jpeg)


I thought for myself… still jo0z

78f92b  No.4731725


Thank you, anon!

f574ac  No.4731726


So who is left unidentified?

3e62a5  No.4731727

First they need to start making signs in English. The whole world reads/speaks English. Second, they need to BTFO people trying to change the narrative. >>4731435

b9ded8  No.4731728


Hm. I thought Jeff Daniels had given up acting..

eaddc3  No.4731729

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>>4731214 (lb)

looks like mkultra

"Civilian looking" white guy walks up

possibly uses a trigger

09b525  No.4731730

ffs stay with what you know


a8eb1f  No.4731731

File: 28a3f0cbdefa9f1⋯.png (106.26 KB, 720x756, 20:21, Screenshot_20190112-195133….png)

5d13d6  No.4731732


Then fix the dough so its back in the next general… or we’ll know ur subverting.

its that easy.

ok? or u gonna keep playing dumb?

256ccd  No.4731733

File: 00fdaec441a0824⋯.png (554.73 KB, 1079x667, 1079:667, ClipboardImage.png)

e3ac03  No.4731734

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

98e885  No.4731735


>all clockfags are NOT Paytriots


so there actually are 'clockfag paytriots'?

this is news to me

91a0eb  No.4731736

File: 0ad3303ede27048⋯.jpg (412.74 KB, 1051x822, 1051:822, 00a0c570da4abfb43kf78f8833….jpg)

13c0c4  No.4731737



Made it a little earlier today, thats why, kek

96527f  No.4731738

File: 892eb23a2d321ac⋯.jpg (90.96 KB, 484x644, 121:161, MOCKINGBIRD.jpg)

File: 501e40a47920bc8⋯.jpg (122.89 KB, 733x499, 733:499, Looney bird Toons.jpg)

File: 76840f0d30acd12⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 506x356, 253:178, end the FED.jpg)

File: a05007467a5dd65⋯.jpg (142.78 KB, 885x500, 177:100, mockery.jpg)


i m excited r u

99be0e  No.4731739

I say take they Dems off vacation, put everyone in a room to vote. They don't get paid, they can not leave until everyone can agree to the wall. Plus their pay goes to the people who the shutdown affects the most. Don't forget FOLKS, we could have built 30 Walls with the $150B that Obama Gave IRAN !

0c2fef  No.4731740

File: 6693adc46203edf⋯.png (52.88 KB, 949x588, 949:588, 13_tweets.PNG)

workfag just got home and it looks like the left has been busy working on the cspan poll (pick related). when i left this am it was reversed those numbers.

Trump tweets for today = 13 and tomorrow is the 13th.

looking at what happened jan 13th over the years.

i like that fake news was strong with the ny times as far back as 1920. oh and check out what got closed 1-13-1971. the 1988 SC ruling sucks. 1989 muh. and 2018 hawaii (anons know what happened that day)


365688  No.4731741

File: 080aa0b207a5d03⋯.jpg (59.17 KB, 753x646, 753:646, 011319 SpaceX layoffs.JPG)


FakeX launches are a notable however laying off 10% of it's workforce is not.

Says it all

53f35d  No.4731742

No, we dont know what US senior official is/was in China.

623552  No.4731743


That book uses lots of words.

When I see lots of words, I think shill.

I think 'why trying so hard to be convincing'.

Where as truth is simple and quick.

5d13d6  No.4731744


same copy pasta every fucking bread.

wish u mossad homos were creative. U make it too easy for us.

087d1c  No.4731745

>>4731274 (pb)

Comey tweet

Timestamp 2nd tweet

F B I (6:29)

c7983e  No.4731746


>where the WWG1WGA saying comes from?

Yes. That and it was written on the bell on JFK's yacht in real life.

1ac4b3  No.4731747


btw JC… we don't self promote our own notables.

a0d5c6  No.4731748

File: c68d0788ce2c9b5⋯.jpeg (352.04 KB, 1242x908, 621:454, 56B0B805-A2DC-423E-A4ED-1….jpeg)

Flip this on Twitter anons

a36be1  No.4731749


Pills, cigarettes, booze, junk food and junk media make you stupid, pot not so much. Many say it actually decalcifies the pineal gland, which is what makes people dumb.

47e4f8  No.4731750

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Israeli shills are Obsessed with the word "Reminder"

Having been outed for it, Jewbot shill tries to change it by using "Member".

365688  No.4731751

File: 4e03ca79b188d64⋯.jpg (15.94 KB, 294x245, 6:5, Numbnuts.jpg)

b74e56  No.4731752


Same. She's in this up to her eyeballs.

I'm also really curious about how she got into this. How cognizant of the consequences was she? Did she know the end game before she signed on?

1ac4b3  No.4731754

d9102b  No.4731756

File: 65c472761ac0f69⋯.gif (231.85 KB, 343x512, 343:512, 20190112_195159.gif)



цммнмм…циþ снект●

762c1e  No.4731757


Actually you traitor \i am a victim of a fucking freemason family and when I was escaping mind control inducement I ran straight back into the MASON family and was reporting in…. then once I realized that I had to escape and run. Fuck you I ride this life ALONE because of the abuse I have been through and when I want to chime in I WILL!!!!

OKAY so you can go on with your little faggot freemason boys and girls club asshole nut I happen to know personally what fuckery happens!!!!

By the way I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO POSTED that image you might want to check ID's of people!!!

I don;t like FREEMASONS, I have every right not to like FREEMASONS and my uncle was also ABUSED by his FREEMASON father. SO YOU GO FUCK OFF and enjoy that really fucked club you defend!

085d64  No.4731758

File: bef445ecc1c6d49⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1770x5000, 177:500, 1201.png)


The stage is set!

34262e  No.4731759

File: cfb69a1c1ae8452⋯.png (77.39 KB, 336x231, 16:11, 2019-01-12_20-52-51.png)

98e885  No.4731760


fuck off, legitimately got the dough this bread


did you post the article?

819a38  No.4731761


Gave Gutfeld a shoutout. Like that guy..

623552  No.4731762

The guy on tv said "who would've thunk…"

I heard "who the f…" kek.

f574ac  No.4731763


Cannot wait until the world is righted. It's got to end soon.

b74e56  No.4731764

File: 1a5d7d6803e6a97⋯.png (467.75 KB, 579x500, 579:500, 5x5.png)

827de0  No.4731765

File: 113f39ee7f4ccf2⋯.gif (355.02 KB, 512x640, 4:5, night shift gif.gif)

4be12a  No.4731766

File: 36598d1c05400c8⋯.png (3.21 MB, 1084x1292, 271:323, 43278032386489.png)

edcb55  No.4731767

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

1ac4b3  No.4731768


well that is an excellent reason. cheers anon.

fd0c22  No.4731769

funny Trump is on a Judges show after that Comey tweet reasoning

df5d90  No.4731770

File: 2c9a2d63ee53b0f⋯.jpeg (195.63 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 8D1D03C0-BC12-4903-9651-6….jpeg)


Easy Shnozzberg you might break a nail memeing

7673a6  No.4731771

Gematrinator.com taken down Jan. 12, 2019


61bc17  No.4731772

File: 2fe80eaf23809ef⋯.jpeg (95.43 KB, 846x500, 423:250, 80124071-DAD2-4DFD-B923-3….jpeg)


The fucking Cubans

13c0c4  No.4731773


Nice mellow 70's Japanese tune

5580b0  No.4731774

File: 02d2551146f91df⋯.jpg (264.16 KB, 800x418, 400:209, Pelosi8.jpg)

1e8371  No.4731775

File: 62750d91eead5f1⋯.jpg (702.7 KB, 2994x1867, 2994:1867, punisherKEK.jpg)

f86ff3  No.4731776



888e5d  No.4731777


There is only one Aim. The imposters thought they were being cute.


Patience is a virtue, Hime.


1:50 is the most relevant mark. My platform can't do embeds. POTUS has this.

96527f  No.4731778


it is almost like there is about to be a great awakening

of some sort

4d89e6  No.4731779

File: 866aa0c22e65dd5⋯.jpg (59.61 KB, 345x585, 23:39, 2%offfforshills.jpg)

a36be1  No.4731780


Naw dude, she's cool. We're partying it up all Weekend At Ruthie's! She's chillin like a villain.

f4ebd8  No.4731781

Definition of rise

1a: to assume an upright position especially from lying, kneeling, or sitting

b: to get up from sleep or from one's bed

2: to return from death

3: to take up armsrise in rebellion

4: to respond warmly : APPLAUD —usually used with tothe audience rose to her verve and wit

5chiefly British : to end a session : ADJOURN

6: to appear above the horizon the sun rises at six

7a: to move upward : ASCEND

b: to increase in height, size, volume, or pitch

8: to extend above other objects mountain peaks rose to the west

9a: to become heartened or elated his spirits rose

b: to increase in fervor or intensitymy anger rose as I thought about the insult

10a: to attain a higher level or rank officers who rose from the ranks

b: to increase in quantity or number

11a: to take place : HAPPEN

b: to come into being : ORIGINATE

12: to follow as a consequence : RESULT

13: to exert oneself to meet a challenge rise to the occasion

Imo call to DS actors / masons to step up and do something.

Quite desperate imo.

Whatcha think?

0510c1  No.4731782

File: d7680786fe38687⋯.jpeg (113.69 KB, 478x762, 239:381, 5A544CEE-3161-454F-AD3E-B….jpeg)

7d1aad  No.4731783


Why would you put the skull and bones imagry on them?

53f35d  No.4731784


Sadly, she prob got strongarmed into it. No doubt she thought it was funny, as she is liberal, and she gets to help her party…. but she prob got pulled deeper and deeper in… not pure evil, but she made her choices and deserves to pay for it

8138df  No.4731785

File: 2f94e0e8423f782⋯.jpg (347.23 KB, 720x718, 360:359, Pepe_Matrix.jpg)


Yes, there are.

5d13d6  No.4731786


so ur not going to fix the echoes???

just making sure we know who the mossad baker is.

>i dindu nuffin so im not fixing it

u really think we that stoopid?

fix it or u will get called out.

98e885  No.4731787


meme war 2020 thread: >>4731041

b216db  No.4731788


That is retarded BULLSHIT.

The Anon who shows off his GIMP skills by compiling Q drops by marker has worked hard here from the beginning.

Those images are free and explained and deciphered by other ClockFags.

Anons who reach out on social media are trying to bring this information to the normies.

53f35d  No.4731789

File: 81b07a0d2699686⋯.jpg (64.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2r0843.jpg)

c0efc5  No.4731790


You no see The Martian?

365688  No.4731791

File: 0838142dff347cd⋯.jpg (25.02 KB, 320x272, 20:17, Wait what.jpg)



they have been here from the start.

1ac4b3  No.4731792


and use my influence politically to financially reward my family.

727603  No.4731793


So you called off the hit?

All life is sacred.

751801  No.4731794



to the right of the 'g' and under the black box on the wall stands FEINSTEIN. Is she meeting someone?



3da57d  No.4731795

File: 898d0d8d725ba62⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1330x1600, 133:160, image.png)

0cc715  No.4731796

File: 0be57b824e9e73f⋯.jpg (75.59 KB, 455x780, 7:12, bezos.JPG)


porkme b

e3ac03  No.4731797


used in the movie Kill Bill

3710d6  No.4731798



anon makes good point. fix it or you will be called a comp’d baker.

623552  No.4731799

File: 805b109c7daaa3e⋯.jpg (248.69 KB, 1600x1142, 800:571, Comfy Q.jpg)

File: 08e51a5c9b95eef⋯.jpg (87 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Thank you Bakers.jpg)

File: b88193aa02f5097⋯.jpg (63.61 KB, 500x552, 125:138, Night Shift Batman.jpg)

File: e52e64ef774357a⋯.jpg (125.62 KB, 517x1100, 47:100, Microchip fake shill.jpg)

File: f7aaae6d79e9896⋯.jpg (155.18 KB, 649x650, 649:650, human trafficking arrest.jpg)


It's like you know me, kek.

42658b  No.4731800


There's a problem with showoff daily 17:17 clockfag being associated with the Paytriots. He's not - he left when they started monetizing.

78f92b  No.4731801


>There is only one Aim.

After all, they had a network of hundreds of top secret sources…

827de0  No.4731802



365688  No.4731803

File: 2aad18e499e5351⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Fail.gif)

0c2fef  No.4731804



gonna separate the two points of interest on this post.

b74e56  No.4731805

File: 4ec8130376b0bdb⋯.png (663.09 KB, 954x695, 954:695, FlotusPepeRedCapeofTruth.png)

File: 015fc84537436f2⋯.png (7.13 MB, 3001x1874, 3001:1874, POTUS FLOTUS PEPE PUNISHER.png)



It's from The Punisher.

01c61b  No.4731806


Very wrong, If you want to broaden your mind macrodosing LSD is your best bet. Only a micro dose though you don't want a full LSD high. Rumor has it that Steve Jobs micro dosed.

13c0c4  No.4731808

File: 779d76cedf94035⋯.png (2.36 MB, 1372x1200, 343:300, jeff bezos lex luthor 2.png)

Bezos reminds me of Lex Luthor

dafdef  No.4731810


Oh duh… Occam's Razor stuff… go with the obvious. Obvious escaped me. kek.

dd8221  No.4731811

RBG and MockingBird connection.


f4ebd8  No.4731812




98e885  No.4731813


>so ur not going to fix the echoes???

how stupid are you?

I can't edit the breads, not a BV nor the BO, the dough is fixed, which is all I can do

>u really think we that stoopid?

search my ID you fucking idiot, I legitimately got the handoff this bread and have not baked all day

ffs I agreed with the baker who put it in the when the baker did

know what you're talking about before you look like a fucking retard


see above



fukken noted

f574ac  No.4731814


I think I read recently that there's science behind that.

2d9210  No.4731815


They put these polls on Twatter purposefully, bc they know they'll get Twatter approved bots to help give whatever results they need. Then call it a real "poll". Most Anons have been booted from Twatter multiple times for no reason, this anon included. So there's lot of us who can't even help out on polls.

13c0c4  No.4731816


I thought it sounded familiar

d60c15  No.4731817

Israel saved for last for very special reason not mentioned once b/c that's where the last redoubt of the cabal is.

Everything points there, all of history, all the Jewish supremacism proofs, all the symbolism, go look at the pyramid in the center of their fucking supreme court FFS.

Jewish supremacism proofs necessary to redpill normies so when the perp walks start, and they're 50-80% Jewish, they can't reeee MUH HOLOCHAUST to escape.

KYS if kike, if not pull your head out your ass


5c54cf  No.4731818

File: 50b855bae3b4212⋯.png (592.67 KB, 501x500, 501:500, weakandpathetic.png)

7d1aad  No.4731819


The punisher is owned by marvel/disney who are not really the good guys in case you haven't noticed

ccdc79  No.4731820

File: 5bfee7283b640ff⋯.jpeg (561.5 KB, 1099x1132, 1099:1132, 4AF6FD12-AA97-42F2-8D76-B….jpeg)


I lave Anons

67cd55  No.4731821



Q has posted 2671 times

441 days since the first day Q posted

NOT ONCE HAS Q POSTED ABOUT, responded to or has there been a reference to bewbs or porn EXCEPT the research showing human trafficking, sex slaves, MKultra, brainwashing MSM, corrupt politicians, Planned Parenthood…..ETC….

b216db  No.4731822

File: 790ca7f496fad63⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, 11markerswjeremiah.png)

File: 8fca80a924db591⋯.png (280.74 KB, 1212x790, 606:395, WWCFpng.png)


We work for POTUS and Q.

We work for FREE.

We work to save our world.

We are Anons.


087d1c  No.4731823

File: 174ff26d9e9dce8⋯.jpeg (703.59 KB, 750x933, 250:311, 15767E47-2DD9-43A7-9300-1….jpeg)



(Daniels Jeff Theatre)

c0efc5  No.4731824

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Topped ya, anon

365688  No.4731825


tell that to the thousands of military who use it. Fuck who 'owns' it.

f5a199  No.4731826

File: ff4113b892c35ed⋯.png (235.95 KB, 1895x906, 1895:906, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b1926ea1b7070a6⋯.png (245.79 KB, 1890x908, 945:454, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 48edd1639070b81⋯.png (199.97 KB, 1896x731, 1896:731, ClipboardImage.png)


>>>4731111 Masonry Dig bun gets quads

WTF really we have the mason slide in notes, do (((they))) really expect this to fly.





The leaders of Freemasonry love to boast about their leadership in the French Revolution. So do the Jews! "When the Bastile fell," said Bonnet, the speaker at the Grand Orient Assembly in 1904, "Freemasonry had the supreme honor of giving humanity the chart which it had lovingly elaborated."

On August 15, 1789, the Constitutional Assembly of France, of which more than 300 members were Masons, adopted almost word for word, the form determined in the Lodges, which became known as the 'Declaration of the Rights of Man." It was a simple denunciation of the Kingship of Jesus Christ, and membership in His body, the church. The French State openly declared in this Masonic prepared document, that they no longer acknowledged any duty towards God or Jesus Christ and that they no longer recognized the dignity of membership in the Christian church. It organized a vicious attack against Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, which has been carried on relentlessly until the present day.

That was their first step. The subservience of Freemasonry to Judaism soon showed itself. When the question of Jewish emancipation came up in the Constitutional Assembly (1789-1791), it was Masonic deputy Mirabeau, who linked up with the Jews of Berlin and A. DuPont, who rendered the first secret service of Judaism by Freemasonry. There were many more such acts to follow

By 1789, the French State had completely ostracized Christianity, while admitting Jews to full membership. This accounted for the domination of state after state in Europe by the Jews. During successive Masonic revolutions from 1789 to the Spanish Revolution in 1931, the world had heard of the enlightening reforms which separated church from state.

With these reforms came a proliferation of divorce, secularization of education, the suppression of Christianity, the neutralization of private property and the unrestrained license of the press for the glorification of world Zionism and Masonry.


Wonder if my digs will get a notable (You)?

61bc17  No.4731827


That would be Jack Daniels

b9ded8  No.4731828

No I miss a lot of movies. Iirc he was going to retire in the UP of Michigan w his wife.. but maybe he decided not to. I’ll look for that movie. T y!


b486bb  No.4731829

File: 9868203f6878b10⋯.png (115.87 KB, 236x354, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

ee6097  No.4731830


Watch the Watters

12a704  No.4731831



98e885  No.4731832

Notables so far


>>4731432 Special Ops / Foreign Emergency Support Team plane, heading for an Atlantic crossing


>>4731543 France to deploy 80,000 police as yellow vest protests continue

>>4731545 New POTUS Tweet: Interview with Judge Jeanine at 9 pm est

>>4731602, >>4731696 Bun of anons on Q's airport pic

>>4731669 Huge migrant teen detention camp in Texas shutting down

717a8c  No.4731833

File: 6a98e65a812f4b6⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 689x159, 13:3, ShowTime.jpg)


If he was at the theatre, then he was in Manhattan at 2:00 in the afternoon.

d1602e  No.4731834

what did you say to me you fucken doorbell licker

faaf0c  No.4731835

File: 70b745efcd328b8⋯.png (11.19 KB, 548x232, 137:58, rem1.PNG)

File: e4e5a3deee84707⋯.png (373.07 KB, 1173x540, 391:180, rem2.PNG)


oh my…

this ain't gonna age well for the shills.

ada98c  No.4731836

Ok I just woke up from sleeping 17 1/2 hours , Fully rested up , Time to get back to digging into mk ultra files . Missed you anons

34262e  No.4731837

File: afc512b149b8d2f⋯.png (310.24 KB, 489x324, 163:108, 2019-01-12_21-00-47.png)


Yeah, we know.

Creepy 'ole pedo joe!

05ac6a  No.4731838

1ac4b3  No.4731839



and JC uses the same failed grammar, uncapitalized letters, and overuse of ellipses that I do…. for the record, i'm not JC.

51adfd  No.4731840


Go bitch in the JQ thread.

1d6447  No.4731841


Bewbs are a staple of the chans

Get over it

e3ac03  No.4731842


this one sounds satanic..

d9e0c1  No.4731843

File: 7dd10ef3dbed290⋯.jpg (47.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, vietnamlite.jpg)

5c54cf  No.4731844

File: 2cbd69f35961970⋯.png (1013.71 KB, 888x499, 888:499, goatkidfuckingjewsdid911.png)

d4d474  No.4731845

Jesus. Invasion of the clockfags.

278651  No.4731846


>very special reason

moron shitposter cant even quote Q right


47e4f8  No.4731847

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Why does Hussein's head look like it was shopped and enlarged to make it look like his head is twice the size of Mike's , so xe/he/it looks moar "feminine"?

1bfedb  No.4731848


>Daniels Jeff Theater

That's not the name of this theater. It's name is Shubert Theatre.


dafdef  No.4731849


Gotta post a link to this stuff… searching for it isn't as simple and copy, paste, vote… and "simple" is the only route most will take for something this trivial.


6a38d8  No.4731850

File: e158bfab07ec35e⋯.png (801.94 KB, 932x745, 932:745, POTUS on Judge Jeanine.PNG)



[POTUS to be on after Judge Jeanine open].


e12d4e  No.4731851


Did my part. Thanks anon

5d13d6  No.4731852


If its fixed for next bread, then its all good.

b9ded8  No.4731853


Kek. Maybe it was Charlie Daniels. Or stormy.

2d9210  No.4731854


Sorry about the abuse you went through. This bloodline shit is scary stuff. Genetic programming/predisposition to be demons on earth.

82f8c6  No.4731855

File: e1bb9db87ad08fa⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1378x1073, 1378:1073, ClipboardImage.png)

7af290  No.4731856

File: 2341ad9c3b0b3ba⋯.jpeg (115.54 KB, 664x712, 83:89, j.jpeg)


I checked. Here ya go.

365688  No.4731857


in a past bread. Just whistled past it

so there's that.

01c61b  No.4731858


I don't partake but I have read a lot about it's use to curb depression.

17e8fb  No.4731859


Did she get an all expense paid vacation to Puerto Rico too?

b74e56  No.4731860


What baffles me about people like Maggie is … is there blackmail material on her. Do her actions mean they're holding stuff over her? Did she get involved in crimes against children or other evil deeds?

51adfd  No.4731861


Go fuck yourself. That shit is the subversion.

09b525  No.4731862


hes pointing out the DJT not naming the theater

5c54cf  No.4731863

File: dcbf81f90d84703⋯.png (685.03 KB, 528x499, 528:499, iloveisraelfags.png)

98e885  No.4731864


go ahead and repost it

it's not in notables, maybe there's something to the firings

faaf0c  No.4731865

File: 1e60ff7d81aaca0⋯.png (27.28 KB, 571x325, 571:325, nw.PNG)


Silvio Gessel was a business man and an amateur economist.

also attached q post is relevant.

762c1e  No.4731866


Thank you…. adopted into the abuse!!! Which make the fuckery even worse!

256ccd  No.4731867

File: b2eeece4e05f694⋯.png (786.01 KB, 1048x651, 1048:651, ChuckShill.png)

d60c15  No.4731868

File: cb0c2bdbe6ff55d⋯.png (668.13 KB, 1400x1121, 1400:1121, MASONS - JEWS BEHIND EVIL ….png)

File: 9405bf25e0bf989⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 400x321, 400:321, MASONS 9405bf25e0bf989f118….jpg)

File: 075502ba954faac⋯.jpg (44.73 KB, 320x303, 320:303, MASONS 075502ba954faacda7….jpg)

File: 12c5bb5d1b86f1c⋯.jpeg (125.17 KB, 849x424, 849:424, MASONS - 02.jpeg)

File: 6da8c3c9d6b2673⋯.jpg (1.98 MB, 1500x4280, 75:214, MASONS assorted-saturn-sy….jpg)


Evil in Masonry is b/c of Jews.


c0efc5  No.4731869


I haven't been able to figure it out over 20 years.

a8eb1f  No.4731870

File: ae3cc0df5aaec6c⋯.png (321.07 KB, 720x557, 720:557, Screenshot_20190112-195657….png)

File: 72ada580eaf627d⋯.jpg (11.79 KB, 300x180, 5:3, downloadfile-6.jpg)

File: 140f79b60ca6c29⋯.png (186.58 KB, 720x1210, 72:121, Screenshot_20190112-200042….png)

File: 5753ea3bc60834e⋯.png (55.52 KB, 720x333, 80:37, Screenshot_20190112-200401….png)


Throughout the book, a number of characters (Jem, Tom Robinson, Dill, Boo Radley, Mr. Raymond) can be identified as mockingbirds—innocents who have been injured or destroyed through contact with evil.

2d9210  No.4731871


Did you happen to listen to the Dr testimony on SGT Report? That woman took a deep dove in a short amount of time and got fully WOKE on that subject. Pretty impressive her wealth of knowledge.

1ac4b3  No.4731872

File: 61f6b0e76ffd2d4⋯.jpg (29.55 KB, 395x527, 395:527, cd4c1f0581da72d89598639060….jpg)

bb2a92  No.4731873

File: d7017256aa3c55d⋯.png (21.34 KB, 585x167, 585:167, ClipboardImage.png)

Maggie just retweeted.


d9ea1e  No.4731874

Leafie, you are such a kunt.

c29056  No.4731875



883e0f  No.4731876



6a38d8  No.4731877

File: 8f388bb11f0df2b⋯.png (31.28 KB, 631x317, 631:317, Gutfeld re POTUS Tweet re ….PNG)


>Watch @JesseBWatters before and @greggutfeld after.

Hey. Do what the guy says, okay?


3710d6  No.4731878

File: f7ce3d0856948be⋯.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x2159, 1242:2159, 95351D49-7E21-48F9-A64E-A….jpeg)

File: ca0c7b66ba557b6⋯.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1242x2133, 46:79, 54786797-FC05-41DA-99F0-2….jpeg)


if echoes are replaced for next bread, then its not a problem.

It was obviously a deliberate subversive tactic… weather it was u or a one bread baker… if its fixed next general, its no worries.

d679a9  No.4731879


Have not [watched] TV for over 15 years.

Can't take the commercials!!!

I'll catch it later…

67cd55  No.4731880


yeaaahhh, not everyone is brainwashed like u. Just like a liberal or a credit card contract, you add the super small words at the end. I read from the bottom up. Anyone with a brain reads the small print first

5c54cf  No.4731881

Prior to the mid 1700's, jews were excluded from Masonry. Rothschild bought his way in, and over time turned it into what it is today.

7e0855  No.4731882

File: 9f972ccede5c86f⋯.png (170.45 KB, 592x293, 592:293, Screenshot 2019-01-12 at 8….png)

f5a199  No.4731883

Judaism, Zionism and Freemasonry

"Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."—-Rabbi Isaac Wise

“GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.” (The Protocols of Zion, 4:2)

he following could be read in the French masonic magazine Le Symbolisme (July 1928): "The most important duty of freemasonry must be to glorify the Jews, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom."

The high-ranking freemason Dr Rudolph Klein stated: "Our rite is Jewish from beginning to end, the public should conclude from this that we have actual connections with Jewry." (Latomia, No. 7-8, 1928)

A speech at the B'nai B'rith convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in The Catholic Gazette (London) in February 1936 and in Le reveil du peuple (Paris) a little later, stated: "We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. We have made it an honour, a great honour, for the Gentiles to join us in our organizations, which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever. Yet it remains our secret that those Gentiles who betray their own and most precious interests, by joining us in our plot, should never know that those associations are of our creation, and that they serve our purpose…"

"Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history, grades, official appointments, passwords, and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end."—-Rabbi Isaac Wise

The Jewish Tribune newspaper, in 1927, in an editorial, stated: "Freemasonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?"

Ray Novosel, writing from Australia in 2004, states: "Zionist world leaders, men in influential positions with the various Masonic organizations everywhere, have worked "hand in glove" for a universal world revolution, which will bring in the One World Church and a One World Government. Many Masonic Lodges are exclusively Jewish, as are the controlling B'nai B'rith Lodges —the mother of the infamous and very dangerous Anti Defamation League (ADL)."


b216db  No.4731884

File: cebc9eefce39e29⋯.jpg (536.51 KB, 964x771, 964:771, Clock_Farmer.jpg)


This twatter isn't one of the ClockFags as far as I know.

If SOCF was on his show it was to promote Q and QAnon. Doesn't make HIM a paytriot.

That twatter takes information from here and spreads it to normies.

12efe7  No.4731885

Alfred Matthew Hubbard

K\nown as the "Johnny Appleseed" of LSD, he was also involved with the OSS, precursor to c_a, and involved with adrenochrome



"He and Dr. John Smythies were researching the correlation between schizophrenia and the hallucinogens mescaline and ADRENOCHROME at Weyburn Hospital in Saskatchewan, …"

"That's what kind of guy he was. He started name-dropping like you wouldn't believe…claimed he was friends with the Pope."

f574ac  No.4731886


Nor do I, but it calls to mind, "everything in moderation."

d9e0c1  No.4731887


That girl needs sun screen

95942a  No.4731888

File: bb5a86c2dc34b51⋯.jpg (338.78 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, AcostaDiary2.jpg)

File: 735762bcd127aa5⋯.jpg (291.3 KB, 1202x1199, 1202:1199, AcostaDiary10-19-2018.JPG)

File: b478d4374d11203⋯.jpg (177.89 KB, 1024x538, 512:269, AcostaSta.jpg)

File: b924e96d21343c6⋯.jpg (175.89 KB, 1023x682, 3:2, MemeJimAcostaDearDiaryHowC….jpg)

2d9210  No.4731889


The fact this sociopathic narcissist thinks of himself as a victim is so very appropriate. I wanna see the extra tall orange jumpsuit they've got lined up for this dumbfuck.

6df4b5  No.4731890

File: 4c9a3fbadfb5235⋯.jpeg (172.36 KB, 962x500, 481:250, BFEBC891-DBF1-4E8B-9242-2….jpeg)

819a38  No.4731891

File: 3c5ce866f731b2b⋯.jpg (328.82 KB, 2290x1322, 1145:661, FakeJewYellen.jpg)


Keks in yiddish

365688  No.4731892


Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX will reduce its workforce by about 10 percent of the company’s more than 6,000 employees, the company said Friday.

The company said it will “part ways” with some of its manpower, citing “extraordinarily difficult challenges ahead.”

“To continue delivering for our customers and to succeed in developing interplanetary spacecraft and a global space-based Internet, SpaceX must become a leaner company. Either of these developments, even when attempted separately, have bankrupted other organizations,” a spokesman said in an email.

In June, Elon Musk fired at least seven people in the senior management team leading a SpaceX satellite launch project, Reuters reported in November.

The firings were related to disagreements over the pace at which the team was developing and testing its Starlink satellites.

SpaceX’s Starlink program is competing with OneWeb and Canada’s Telesat to be the first to market with a new satellite-based internet service.

The management shakeup involved Musk bringing in new managers from SpaceX headquarters in California to replace a number of the managers he fired in Seattle.

Last month, SpaceX launched its first U.S. national security space mission, when a SpaceX rocket carrying a U.S. military navigation satellite blasted off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral.

In December, the Wall Street Journal reported that SpaceX was raising $500 million, taking its valuation to $30.5 billion.


8a0af6  No.4731893

File: c322f8758b32df0⋯.jpg (71.44 KB, 700x512, 175:128, Nigh.jpg)


it was a bun of a bunch of links and it got quads, it was links of more than one ID (2 IDs only though) figured it was perfect time to throw them a bone, kek willed it

praise kek

61bc17  No.4731894


That girl needs a vag

d9ea1e  No.4731895

File: ae79a6d4fc13e75⋯.jpeg (273.48 KB, 623x751, 623:751, 06C22897-DE09-4463-B67B-A….jpeg)

f7a856  No.4731896

Davis officer’s killer says in note that he was being bombarded by ultrasonic waves

Davis police investigators said they recovered evidence from the rental property of the man who shot and killed one of their officers Thursday, including a note they believe was written by the man and two guns that were not registered to him.

On Saturday, police released a one-paragraph letter they said was written by Kevin Douglas Limbaugh. Spokesman Lt. Paul Doroshov told reporters that the paper was found face up on the bed of the gunman. The letter reads:

“The Davis Police department has been hitting me with ultra sonic waves meant to keep dogs from barking. I notified the press, internal affairs, and even the FBI about it. I am highly sensitive to its affect (sic) on my inner ear. I did my best to appease them, but they have continued for years and I can’t live this way anymore.”

The simple printed statement was signed “Citizen Kevin Limbaugh.”


f574ac  No.4731897


Calling into…yet he's in the WH all alone.

78f92b  No.4731898


>orange jumpsuit

I hear blue is the new orange…

3101bc  No.4731899


Bake or STFU

51adfd  No.4731900


Hold the line Baker. The fact they're attacking tells you what you need to know. They love their echoes.

34262e  No.4731901

File: 7981ac84a26dd08⋯.png (201.66 KB, 467x307, 467:307, 2019-01-12_21-07-03.png)

1e8371  No.4731902

File: 3b143627ff02055⋯.jpg (64.24 KB, 1024x754, 512:377, mwahloveufrenflotus.jpg)


I tink a newfag forgot to learn our comms, fren!

c0002f  No.4731903

File: d11b726adddaaf4⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 4000x2250, 16:9, ihatecomey.jpg)

a36be1  No.4731904



38dedd  No.4731905


Hammers Honduras off the hop

ffdada  No.4731906

Follow up to the "Stars" post…

Numbers are a bit intimidating. This is what we are up against folks. I only use Twitter so don't have data for other platforms. I would love for us to be able to add to this and find heavy hitting good guys to offset the bad. Note, the lack of some having blue checks was notable to me….

I will need help to continue this if folks think it is note worthy….anyhow here goes:

Q says they think you will follow the stars.

Well, since we have a bit of down time, what if we DO follow the stars? Please add to the list.

Stars that hate President Trump and why?

AND who are the good guys?

Are there more than 10?

We should note these for social media interventions or MK consideration….one way or the other.

I don't know the why's yet.

Hate Trump: (Note Twitter followers)

Ron Perlman: 769,000 followers

Jim Carrey: 18.1 million followers

Howard Stern: 1.6 million followers

Taylor Swift: 83.3 million followers

Cher: 3.6 million followers

Madonna: 2.3 million followers

Ashely Judd: 351,000 followers

John Cusack: 1.6 million followers

Piper Perabo: 154,000 followers

Bette Midler: 1.5 million followers

Kathy Griffin: 2.1 million followers

Meryl Streep: No blue check page

Matt Damon:. No blue check page

Alyssa Milano: 3.4 million followers

Robert Deniro: No blue check page

Samantha Bee:. 516,000 followers

Bill Maher: 11 million followers

John Legend:. I am blocked and can't see.

Chrissy Teigen: 10.7 million followers

Eminem: 22.5 million followers

Snoop Dog: 17.5 million followers

Alec Baldwin: 269,000 followers

All The View Women including Whoopi Goldberg: 1.4 million followers

Tom Arnold: 252,000 followers

Peter Fonda: 57,600 followers

Michael Moore: 6 million followers

Total: 188,688,6001


James Woods: 1.9 million followera

Kristy Swanson: 93,500 followers

Clint Eastwood: No blue check page

Randy Quaid: 88,800 followers

Mel Gibson: No blue check page

Chuck Norris: 123,000 followers

Sean Connery: No blue check page

Roseanne: 918,000 followers

Kanye West: 29.1 million followers

Dennis Rodman: 359,000 followers

Ted Nugent: 358,000 followers

Dean Cain: 285,000 followers

Tim Allen: 376,000 followers

Antonio Sabato Jr: 550,000 followers

Chuck Woolery: 501,000 followers

Charlie Daniels: 933,000 followers

Total: 35,585,300

Not sure:

Weird Al: 5.1 million followers

Bruce Willis: No blue check page

Bill Burr (undercover agent): 1.1 million followers

Brian Regan: 204,000 followers

Dennis Regan: No blue check page

53f35d  No.4731907


Indeed something is keeping her from coming forward and singing. If she had nothing to lose besides putting herself in danger (but white hats would protect her), she would sing and tell all. You are prob right

b74e56  No.4731908


But every single meme with a famous person in it would fall into the same category of being "tainted."

I get it, it's worth questioning, I hate Disney too but I'm also not that orthodox and anons do it better so it's ours now. reclaimed.

2d9210  No.4731909


Oh wow. The adoption scam makes me sick.

d2035d  No.4731910

File: 1d56baa01263db0⋯.jpg (791.13 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, LordsPrayer_NMM.jpg)


Except you blatantly muddy the waters of our clock. Faketriots all.

You idiots still think the timestamps are the markers..

When it's past q drops that have been unlocked by future news.

Those need to be gathered and wound up.

b8c0fa  No.4731911

File: d1a725273110720⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 4e7a81efa2eafba2ea104ec3f8….jpg)

f86ff3  No.4731912

File: 140bee2e56ca0c4⋯.png (35.58 KB, 960x511, 960:511, ClipboardImage.png)

Verizon is having issues since 9:02 PM EST. http://downdetector.com/status/verizon RT if it's down for you as well #Verizondown

9:02 PM - 12 Jan 2019

717a8c  No.4731913

File: 67e3478794bb69e⋯.jpg (52.95 KB, 423x512, 423:512, TantrumMeisters.jpg)

faaf0c  No.4731914

File: fb0d6179cf57d43⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 255x143, 255:143, fb0d6179cf57d4367d13041b7c….jpg)


oh my… a triggered clown.

087d1c  No.4731915


Same theme working backwards



1111 = statute for “murder”

(18 USC 1111)

e3ac03  No.4731916


a lot of pop songs, whether they sound nice or not, always reveal a lot of symbolism and dark occult stuff in their videos, which could potentially be why some of them are very addictive, making you want to listen to them over and over again.

d9e0c1  No.4731917


She doesn't get some sun screen she will age 20 in the next 5

f5a199  No.4731918


I agree with you dumb ass. My point is there is a push to blame the masons on the board of late not the Kabbala lovers. The real masons are the builders not destroyers.

5d13d6  No.4731919

File: c92399b941514d9⋯.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1264x1242, 632:621, 4F35554B-CFBA-4DC4-B5D3-5….jpeg)

File: 23309991adf32be⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2208x455, 2208:455, 12BAD2C6-694A-47FB-B762-6….jpeg)


fuck (((you))) homo.

b9ded8  No.4731920



Ok so I’m not as fucking crazy as I think…but I swear he was a yooper. Kek

be5ac4  No.4731921

File: bf81abfa65369dc⋯.png (608.92 KB, 486x617, 486:617, Screenshot-2018-12-6 to ki….png)


The Plan is so complex that it is even possible Comey flipped long ago…. can't rule it out just because POTUS calls him names.

dafdef  No.4731922


I've seen this a dozen times, but the ending didn't occur to me early enough (forgot) to prevent that "nuts in my throat" feeling at the impact/head-trauma moment. kek.

f574ac  No.4731923


Bezos as a baby?

61bc17  No.4731924


She? Mkay

323ba9  No.4731925


FF for sure. Corona offline? Limbaugh? These people are stupid.

53f35d  No.4731926


Absolutely anon, and I often lean towards Comey DID flip. It just seems to over the top and forced to be real

95942a  No.4731927

File: 4a037cf702f2da7⋯.jpg (104.25 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, GitmoChannel1.jpg)

File: f36c9a17e02ef41⋯.jpg (161.23 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, GitmoChannel4b.jpg)

File: 4af10351571e7bc⋯.jpg (209.47 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, GitmoChannel7.jpg)

File: 7f5e66c6b8dc1fb⋯.jpg (178.57 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, GitmoChannel33.jpg)

File: a65e5f9f2e30256⋯.jpg (174.51 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, GitmoChannel37.jpg)

c29056  No.4731928

File: 1f4df0166f98b65⋯.png (326.48 KB, 851x637, 851:637, Correctol.png)

faaf0c  No.4731929

File: c14dd862bb4cef5⋯.png (82.67 KB, 637x733, 637:733, q_div.PNG)


Thank you baker.

Shill gonna shill. Attached is relevant.

6ce13f  No.4731930

Did POTUS just throw shade at Comey?

Different location? Watching a nice musical?

d9ea1e  No.4731931

b74e56  No.4731932

File: feffd2ffbfbf7d0⋯.jpg (35.29 KB, 500x235, 100:47, frens (2).jpg)

365688  No.4731933

File: 1674d3fbff29a77⋯.png (498.92 KB, 540x720, 3:4, shills taken for walkies.png)


whatever you say….

Holy shit they are dumb fucks tonight

256ccd  No.4731934

File: 55ff38f5c7d8b80⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1242x945, 46:35, ClipboardImage.png)

d0a22e  No.4731935


>All life is sacred.

you people are so confused

2d9210  No.4731936


I wish I could remember the book title, but years ago there was a book written about the occult and music and detailed how certain bands/musicians held seances over their songs in order to influence the listeners. Beatles were one example. Duh.

1e8371  No.4731937

File: 62fd63116285bda⋯.jpg (11.87 KB, 255x219, 85:73, cigpepe.jpg)


mind if I bum ur light fren?

95942a  No.4731938


Needless to say, so far the Gitmo Channel is a spoof; we have no evidence that Comey has actually been charged or arrested.

97cf7f  No.4731939


POTUS just said "Theatre"

Judge made reference to Hamilton in Puerto Rico.

51adfd  No.4731940


Kek, tired ass shit. Go fuck yourself.

03b920  No.4731941


I like that. We all serve a purpose. Lawfag here. Do not have autisms’ brain power to be a clockfag.

1722a9  No.4731942

File: 9bacdbf3579fb7d⋯.png (541.68 KB, 952x548, 238:137, GWins.PNG)

It's so easy to disagree or discredit someone or their beliefs in here, and division all night. But one thing is true, we are fighting against the evil ones who were and are destroying what they see fit. It is about the fight against these evil bastards wherever they may be, in whatever club,organization,country, faith or race, period. They have infiltrated everywhere although that does not mean that everyone who just so happens to be connected to them in any way is corrupt. Good Jews,bad Jews, good Christians,bad Christians, good Blacks,bad Blacks, good Whites,bad Whites,etc.

WWG1WGA Stop fighting against each other, together we are unstoppable, we are fighting evil and WE WILL WIN!

5d13d6  No.4731943


The baker said he agreed with the global notable u dumb fuck.

but keep glowing. I was looking for Phil Turd anyways.

496f08  No.4731944

Q Happy B Day !!!!

156d3b  No.4731945





Thanks, anon. God bless, and carry on, Patriot. o7

I'm not a PAYtriot.

8c3c0e  No.4731946


>Numbers are a bit intimidating. This is what we are up against folks

HOW MANY of those followers are BOTS?

8a0af6  No.4731947



you can put it back on, if you want, was slowly toning it down, triggered them good for a couple of breads,


stop barking orders to the bakery

and fuck off with your threats nigger

faaf0c  No.4731948

File: 4283c86760d6bb7⋯.png (25.93 KB, 611x245, 611:245, qq.PNG)



oh and the echo insertion wasn't subversive?

gotta love shill hypocrisy.

de6a21  No.4731949

File: fd8a5017987ea05⋯.png (612.72 KB, 792x867, 264:289, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3b6e0075ad7db14⋯.png (809.91 KB, 1046x642, 523:321, ClipboardImage.png)




Comey Twat Ginsburg

67cd55  No.4731950


broken….we have a broken baby on board

c0efc5  No.4731951


I guess CINC's giving Maggie one last chance to jump off the Cabal train before tunnel entry. I wouldn't, she'd be lubricating the rails.

f574ac  No.4731952


Sigh. I miss smoking cigarettes. I really really do.

a421b1  No.4731953

File: aa9475bd983e618⋯.png (713.58 KB, 1007x1091, 1007:1091, ClipboardImage.png)

>>1769202 (Qpb)

Who else from #1515 is retweeting this?

721645  No.4731954

File: 9578d0aba0e575d⋯.jpg (25.78 KB, 340x194, 170:97, ted.jpg)

18e8b7  No.4731955


History kinder to comey

Trey Gowdy

13c0c4  No.4731956

Jeanine is looking smashing tonight

8a0af6  No.4731957



youre the fucking dumb one

cant even read

Baker Changes

1ac4b3  No.4731958


one of the early "why did they do this?" questions/answers in the wake-up for some was when PUTIN stopped adoption of russian children to the United States.

f5a199  No.4731959

File: b251c5bcfd5dc26⋯.png (226.85 KB, 594x904, 297:452, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8eb3d49213b2e63⋯.png (54.29 KB, 595x699, 595:699, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 11e365082077479⋯.png (226.17 KB, 596x919, 596:919, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 15aee9b8074fe73⋯.png (63.35 KB, 596x876, 149:219, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d8c5f377abc791c⋯.png (34.34 KB, 602x493, 602:493, ClipboardImage.png)

Masonic Jews Plot To Control World

Now the lid is blown off the forbidden, secret powderkeg of the Masonic Jews who run Israel and, by extension, the United States and the world. Unbeknownst to either the Israeli elite or to America's pro-Israel cabal in Washington, D.C., for over six years I have conducted an intensive investigation of Jewish Masonic influence. Finally, I have released three bombshell videos unmasking my grotesque discoveries in this area, Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem (Available in VHS or DVD), Thunder Over Zion (Available in VHS or DVD), and Cauldron of Abaddon (Available in VHS or DVD).

Illuministic Communism the Goal

The goal of the Jewish Masonic elite is to establish dictatorial Illuministic Communism and to enslave all of mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led by a world messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem.

An essential element in this grandiose plan is the Masonic plot to blow up and destroy Islam's golden-domed monument now sitting on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, despised by Orthodox Jewish rabbis and the secularist Masonic Illuminists alike.


9da9d5  No.4731960

File: 402868d4f172f83⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1546417377676.gif)


>stale pasta

<well sourced

You got caught being a shill faggot.

I'm sure it's not the first time and it won't be the last.

Cry more.

a36be1  No.4731961


Naw, we're at her pad in East Hampton.

106aff  No.4731962

File: 00209d1520bb760⋯.gif (529.48 KB, 350x296, 175:148, racist_goy.gif)


>you people

82f8c6  No.4731963

File: 40c56b7e8cc156f⋯.png (153.75 KB, 611x282, 13:6, ClipboardImage.png)

Haven't seen it said oft

Whoever does these thank you, love them

eaddc3  No.4731964

File: ad2889a58e0b18a⋯.jpg (121.75 KB, 1386x866, 693:433, 1insame.jpg)


Thors day


Jupiters day


5c54cf  No.4731965

File: 40a31d4e5e6588b⋯.png (16.17 KB, 318x295, 318:295, ghjews.png)

2d9210  No.4731966


Nah. He's way too deep and they had others who could help fill in the details who were less important in the scheme of things, like Priestap.

623552  No.4731967

"Evil billionaire George Soros’ dream is a one world government commonly known as the New World Order with the U.N.as the one government for the world. He has over 100 organizations around the world devoted to this ideology. Putin wants him dead or alive for trying to interfere with his government. Soros would like to see this happen before he dies and he is in his mid-eighties now. The people who follow this ideology are known as “globalists.” "

"The schemes involved in implementing globalism are designed to confuse the masses with crises until they end up asking for more centralization and less freedom."


(first time using this site)

087d1c  No.4731968


Same theme working backwards


Possible date?

bb2a92  No.4731969


she retweeted a tweet with "justice" in quotations.

5a30c0  No.4731970

File: c82969e2b225b6c⋯.jpg (24.21 KB, 474x316, 3:2, this is a grain of salt.jpg)

>>4730672 (pb)

>citing unnamed current and former U.S. officials…

that right there tells you everything you need to know.

8a0af6  No.4731971



its the same fucking ID


the whole bread

(((muh echoes)))

e3ac03  No.4731972


yeah the music industry is full of this shit. could be used for both good and dark purposes. but i would speculate its mostly dark for mass mind control purposes.

2ec653  No.4731973

File: 5c62287be0023ab⋯.gif (4.69 MB, 400x225, 16:9, EGWkdZ.gif)

a40263  No.4731974

Trump mentioned James Comey tweet on judge. Anyone have time stamp?

323ba9  No.4731975



>we have the best people, folks

33844e  No.4731976

File: 4282ef62d33b751⋯.jpg (25.9 KB, 256x388, 64:97, Escanaba_in_da_moonlight.JPG)


>but I swear he was a yooper.


39c54e  No.4731977


Good call anon….notable!

f574ac  No.4731978


Maybe she's the one singing as speculated earlier in this bread.

c29056  No.4731979

File: 5b79d0fdaee5c66⋯.png (625.48 KB, 739x960, 739:960, Bewbs.png)


What about the reflection in the pen?

e12d4e  No.4731980

File: ea9bf3c5da49f64⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1439x2573, 1439:2573, Outtage.jpg)

82f8c6  No.4731981

File: d7ff4f136e20ea9⋯.png (553.87 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Thors day

edcb55  No.4731982

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

b8c0fa  No.4731983


Nah man, frens share a burn.. kek!

1d0e29  No.4731984

File: 0bf5d9315949be4⋯.jpg (76.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, yellow-vest.jpg)

01d2ee  No.4731985

File: b40e0ee701a3ad6⋯.jpeg (389.66 KB, 2224x1450, 1112:725, E1B18A5C-2D44-4937-A9EE-8….jpeg)

b216db  No.4731986

File: d1f8e6f472ca36d⋯.jpg (101.88 KB, 963x1016, 963:1016, _20181107_185441.JPG)


You need to go back and read the Clockwork Qrange breads. Don't event know where to start.

And how do you claim it as "our" clock when you aren't one of the ClockFags? (I have posted with them since the beginning, none of them are as ignorant or retarded as you).

I will tell you what reply there with your CF ID. We can discuss it further.

78f92b  No.4731987



f5a199  No.4731988

Lady Queensborough, in her classic textbook, Occult Theocracy, states of the Masonic Lodge: “Every Lodge is a Synagogue of Satan and its ritual is sorcery.”

The Father of Freemasonry is Rabbi Simeon Bar Yochai, who gave the world the corrupt and wicked Kabbalah with its mystical book of Zohar. Delmar Darrah, 33°, in his textbook, Evolution of Freemasonry (1979), emphasizes that “if there were no Kabbalah, there would be no Freemasonry.”

In the Zohar, we are informed that the Kabbalah’s Deity is named Ein Sof (or Ain Sof). His agent, man’s companion, is none other than the great Serpent. This is the same Serpent whom I reveal is worshipped by kabbalist Jews in my exposé book, The Holy Serpent of the Jews.

Rex Hutchens, 33°, author of A Bridge to Light, published in 1988 by the Supreme Mother Council of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, on pages 251-252 affirms that the Serpent is, in fact, a third member of the Holy Trinity. He is, writes Hutchens, “the body of the Holy Spirit.”

Rabbi Yochai’s Zohar further explains that, “The Holy Serpent is the fountain head, root, and essence for all God’s sacred revelatory light.”

Albert Pike states that the religion of Masonry “is identical to the ancient Mystery religions.” And all the Mystery religions, history reveals, worshipped the serpent.

The Holy Serpent is said to be he who elevates man to Godhood, and Masons believe that they shall become divine gods. Eventually the Masons believe, they shall be the “Masters of the World.”

The Royal Secret, wrote Pike (see Hutchens, A Bridge to Light, p. 325) is that the Masonic Lodges shall “make real the Holy Empire” of the Illuminati on earth.

We thus understood why the book of Revelation in our Holy Bible warns that the last day religion of wickedness and abominations on planet earth in the last days shall not be a church or a mosque. Instead it will be the Synagogue of Satan. And therein shall be manifest the worship of the blatantly evil Serpent, the very creature blasphemously worshipped by Freemasons and falsely honored as the Holy Spirit of God.

But who is the Serpent? Unmistakably we discover that the Serpent is, in fact, Satan.

Scholar G.H. Pember, in Earth’s Earliest Ages, affirms that in the Mysteries, we universally find that the object of worship is Satan. He writes: “There is little doubt that the culmination of the Mysteries was the worship of Satan himself.”

We repeat again, then, the revealing statement of Albert Pike, 33°, who gave the world today’s 33 rituals of the Masonic Lodge and pointed all Masons to the author of Kabbalah, Rabbi Bar Yochai: “Masonry,” wrote Pike, “is identical to the ancient Mysteries.”


0a3426  No.4731989

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

63823e  No.4731990


623552  No.4731991

"The two biggest leaders of the globalist movement in this country are Obama and Hillary. They both had a 16 year plan to turn this country into the exact opposite of what it was founded on. Obama was to weaken us globally and he accomplished that as he became the worst president in history. He Depleted our Military and reduced it to pre WW11 levels., He gave us Obama Care which ruined lives took our Dr’s away, raised our insurance rates and five million people lost their doctors and insurance., He allowed Guns to the Mexican Cartels, He let an American Veteran Rot in a Mexican Jail because the poor guy made a wrong turn (It was Trump who got him out), He made secret Deals with the Russians giving them Syria, He Colluded with the Russians by allowing Hillary to sell them 20% of our Uranium Production to build Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs with to use against us. He never lowered our Taxes, He let our jobs go overseas, He hurt our economy by over regulating our businesses. He strengthened the Deep State and allowed it to corrupt our Government, No one trusts our politicians anymore. He helped to divide our nation along racial and ethnic lines, He fostered disrespect for our Military and law enforcement. He wanted to repeal the 2nd Amendment making law abiding Americans defenseless against Violent Criminals. ISIS to him was a JV Team. Yanking all our troops from Iraq led to Isis surge and he trading 5 terrorists for a traitor. The Lib’s and Dem’s are all brain washed by our liberal teachers and professors who have molded the minds of our children to only accept and listen to the view of the Liberal establishment. No room or allowance for honest debate. Obama was out to destroy this country. Along with the help of willing democrats and a compliant media, he nearly succeeded. However, he’s still pulling strings in the background."


d9e0c1  No.4731992

File: 84a8a773bfd9b3b⋯.jpeg (68.14 KB, 800x795, 160:159, doh.jpeg)

b9ded8  No.4731993

306ce9  No.4731994


It uses a drop from the Goldfinger score.

4a3c60  No.4731995

The shutdown never ends.

faaf0c  No.4731996


I agree with BO's readme, faggot, since it his board.

I disagree with the subversive representation of it.

No "discussion" of jews has ever occured here. All there is, is a subversive (pun intended) shill fuckfest.


1. make the q movement look like stormfront/daily stormer clown ops. All for optics, dismiss the q movement as "trump's antisemitic racists

2. chase away new lurkers.

3. make diggers stop at "its the jews", "no need to look deeper, it the jews, we can close qresearch".

No need to look at reformist sjw "jews" vs other jews. No need to mention the fact that trum]s' cabinet, including his daughter are jewish.

4. "The jews" is the oldest decoy tactic there is. Shills have been using it for ages to hide the ruling families behind the jews. Jews don't worship minerva, egyptian gods and owls.

What about payseur? Saud? The muslim brotherhood? China? All these are conveniently absent from the shill narative.

look here [muhjew] dont look here [occult ruling bloodlines]

dafdef  No.4731997



I've been leaning pretty heavily "Comey flipped" for quite a while… don't even remember exactly why… probably several "Hmmm…" moments combined over time.

Perfect example of the phenomenon described as:

"People may not remember what you said, but they'll ALWAYS remember how you made them FEEL."

717a8c  No.4731998


I wasn't 100% onboard with the RBG theory, but leaning that way now. Notice Comey's two twits today, one uses the word judge the other references judge.

f574ac  No.4731999


That's smart stuff.

We had an anon fill much of these in, right?

And one of them is Maggie if I remember correctly.

f5e21d  No.4732000

some would say..kek

0a3426  No.4732001



d679a9  No.4732002

File: 6e06d3b8250140c⋯.jpg (28.5 KB, 148x250, 74:125, Go-Away-Heres_an_idea.jpg)

6df4b5  No.4732003


Today is Jeff Bezo’s birthday.

954e7f  No.4732004


His eye looks normal here. Plus he looks a little like zuckerberg in his youth

f7a856  No.4732005



Gunman who killed Davis Officer Natalie Corona was ordered to surrender AR-15 rifle

The gunman who shot and killed Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona Thursday night has been identified as Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, a 48-year-old man who was ordered last fall to surrender a semiautomatic rifle after he was convicted in a battery case.

Yolo County Superior Court records show Limbaugh was charged in September with battery with serious bodily injury, a incident that a source said stemmed from him punching a co-worker at Cache Creek Casino in the face after a dispute.

The case was resolved as a misdemeanor conviction, and California Department of Justice records show he agreed to surrender a black .223-caliber Bushmaster AR-15 rifle in November.

Court records suggested Limbaugh did not possess any other weapons, and authorities have yet to determine where he obtained the two semiautomatic handguns he may have used in a Thursday night rampage that killed the 22-year-old officer and shot up a surrounding downtown neighborhood.


e9a02b  No.4732006

File: e078008c98d774b⋯.png (1.29 MB, 1200x1920, 5:8, Screenshot_2019-01-12-21-0….png)

File: 656fd8c969e8d26⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Screenshot_2019-01-12-21-0….png)

Jimmy Savile was in the 9th circle cult. He used to go to children's hospitals and would rape kids right in their rooms. As if the cancer wasn't bad enough.

be9d50  No.4732007

File: 4d9e22844489afa⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 600x314, 300:157, cohen.jpg)



99b2cf  No.4732008


Put a bounty on his ass he'll care.

dbeeb8  No.4732009

MH retweeting JJP

leans away from RBG

8a0af6  No.4732010






whats your fucking perversion about putting





b9d15a  No.4732011


It's an inside thing. Sort of. Internet archivists might happen across it with the help of powerful algos/AI.

In short - I have a handle… Used it for some time. There were some very interesting people who found me interesting enough to do an autistic dig on the history of my handle. I suspected they were related to secret societies… As in… Likely attempt to recruit. Possible I'm from a sort of branch bloodline. The group interested in me was from a neighboring region in history and my family name implies a Title belonging to Gradec.

Which is why me and the Slavic/Greek Mason groups on night shift always have fun conversations when I choose to indulge the owls in my trees.

AIM is, in my book, a shot at smearing both me and them. Probably just my inflated ego and they only hit me because I assume everything to relate to me - but it works.

I was on the trail of the rogue spec-war and intelligence agencies for years before Q. People from that group of slavic secret societies even speculated at the idea I started Q, as we have some similar verbal trends at times.

And… Q is basically doing what I promised to do. Just in a less destructive and violent way. So… Yeah… There's only one Aim. The original from that eve of memories.

Although that was before Hime.

Of course, I could also be crazy. That is what makes it so much fun.

6ce13f  No.4732012

POTUS said Coney instead of Comey kek.

09b525  No.4732013

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


d9ea1e  No.4732014

File: 4c9f626df0cc6d8⋯.jpeg (2.24 MB, 1242x1839, 414:613, 56180A53-3835-412B-A03D-7….jpeg)

5d13d6  No.4732015

File: b3b8e20d14a5551⋯.jpeg (556.23 KB, 929x1895, 929:1895, 7C746152-33C8-4C8B-857A-6….jpeg)


the occult ruling blood lines are all jews or crypto jews.

try harder mossad.

How many times does Q have to state mossad??? u fucking faggots are like gnats. annoying af.

13c0c4  No.4732016

File: 7e4f12145d6fe15⋯.jpg (138.42 KB, 636x552, 53:46, sacha baron cohen necrophi….jpg)

faaf0c  No.4732018


looks like you are the one who is crying, trying to protect the exposed spambot.

let the anons decide if it is sourced or not, the positive response it received when first posted (and noted) says it all.

f574ac  No.4732019

One bread for the evening, but given it's a Saturday night, it's been surprising and wonderful.

Manana, y'all.

286932  No.4732020


N does not mean New. At the time Q posted it, it was the same time he posted the Nazi pics. I thought it was in reference to that.

67cd55  No.4732021



nudity, bewbs and porn is the easiest way to manipulate men. FACT.

df5d90  No.4732022

File: 13424f332d55939⋯.jpeg (122.05 KB, 614x347, 614:347, 2B538424-43E5-46F2-9DEA-8….jpeg)

edcb55  No.4732023



762c1e  No.4732024



f5a199  No.4732025


Your post ignores a mountain of evidence and the fact we've already researched and logged the ruling families and secret societies.

But we shouldn't dig on the Fake Jews!

You Glow so much

ce40b7  No.4732026


this is hilarious and amazing

Great stuff Q and team!

78f92b  No.4732027


For what it's worth, AIM always looked like a pretty thinly veiled C_A op to me. Limited hangout; controlled oppo, etc.

73a63a  No.4732028


Even in CA this asswipe is looking at tbe death penalty.

b486bb  No.4732029


and just when they're pushing for a weapon ban, too!

98e885  No.4732030


let me know if I've missed anything important that should be added












1e8371  No.4732031

File: 9575b31a5041a1e⋯.jpg (128.88 KB, 1862x1048, 931:524, whitehatlovesit.jpg)

d9102b  No.4732032

File: 9bb8b1580f5a2ef⋯.gif (487.39 KB, 486x486, 1:1, 20190112_171129.gif)

>and Dons talkin about duct taping and tying the women and children agin… then what?

>they cut'em loose when they get 'em across the border?

What Happens To Them Don¿

ffs… vlad told His Folk●



1d5373  No.4732033

File: da2da83e4ea8ec8⋯.png (146.99 KB, 426x425, 426:425, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at ….png)


Have fun!

717a8c  No.4732034


Coney Island


5d13d6  No.4732035


cus the baker that added that was being sarcastic… cus we know its mossad posing as newfags that dont realize the JQ is something we discuss here

just like posting bewbs.

So u either know this, or ur a newfg or a subversive mossad (((faggot))) attempting to dissuade newfags from connecting the JQ dots.

now cry moar.

7202dc  No.4732036

Potus just said on fox judge jeanne show 53-47 when speaking of winning the senate. Marker maybe? Was right around 9:13pm est. Perhaps the exact time he says it can line up with the Q crumb? Too busy to do this right now. Will rewind DVR and post exact time next bread.