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Pro Aris et Focis

File: 771d475bb88b27a⋯.jpg (538.6 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qrdk.jpg)

ddda56 No.491262

8chan at Risk

From C!Odemonkey: "The House of Representatives is about to vote to amend section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This opens the floodgates and puts 8chan at risk..."




Schiff Memo


GOP Intel Rebuttal to Schiff Memo


The 2 Docs posted by Q early Thursday morning




Rundown of those 2 docs


Q's Current Tripcode: !UW.yye1fxo

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Friday, 2.23.18

>>480458 Stanislav Lunev

>>480327 Comms Good

>>480311 Sec Test

>>476837 COMMS OFF 2


>>476516 Run Log

>>476461 Sec Test

>>476339 rt >>476325 Sec Test

>>476325 rt >>476229 No Coincidences

>>476245 rt >>476196 Libel Laws

>>476196 rt >>476136 Leaking Info

>>475441 Coincidences

>>475991 Its always about the $$$$$

>>472426 rt >>472314 Confirms BHO-Hezbollah link

Thursday, 2.22.18

>>466606 People Kill People

>>466308 DIVIDED

>>466142 This should scare you (deep state/others)

>>466048 rt >>465930 Breaking up something this big?

>>465919 Clowns in China/other

>>465797 rt >>465779 Did you count spaces?

>>465696 rt >>465258 Learning Comms

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>>458430 Highly protected documents

Wednesday, 2.21.18

>>>/greatawakening/454 [OP]ERATIONAL

>>>/greatawakening/453 !!!

>>>/greatawakening/452 Which are you?

>>448584 US Cyber Task Force

>>448510 rt >>448451 Coincidence? :Protect 6/14-46

>>448465 @Jack thought he was protected rt >>448410 PROJECT DEEPDREAM

>>448399 USSS gun intercept, Protect code

>>448338 Stay tuned. Phase [2].

Sunday, 2.18.18

>>423894 , >>423957, >>423948, >>423953, >>436255

>>422626 rt >>422606 Gannett, McLean, VA, Just the Tip…

Friday, 2.16.18

>>402380 rt >>402088 BIG!


Thursday, 2.15.18

>>388958 rt >>388822 Sen Warren

>>388822 rt >>388588 Why is everything 'really' made in China?

>>388588 rt >>388528 Why is Big Pharma essential?

>>388363 rt >>388315 Science fiction?

>>388273 rt >>388211 What [3] scientists were killed?

>>388168 rt >>388119 Hive-mind

>>388119 rt >>388082 Specific reason

>>387462 rt >>387356

>>382435 rt >>382197 Strong Patriot

>>382225 rt >>382122 APACHE!!!

>>382161 Watch the water

>>381944 Missing the Connections

>>381743 rt >>381653 Hussein's got mail

>>381653 rt >>381597 ALWAYS watching

>>381597 rt >>381564 Point proven

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Stay Safe & God Bless

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ddda56 No.491264

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ddda56 No.491266

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SUNDAY 2018.25.02

>>490154 Warning from C!Odemonkey that 8chan is at Risk

SATURDAY 2018.24.02

>>486303 Collected BHO/Lunev posts from #598

>>485740 BHO's mysterious rise to the presidency

>>485569 Programmed MKSchool Shooters

>>485528 More Bridge links to BHO, The Real Manchurian Candidate?

>>485444 The purpose of crisis actors !

>>484425 BO looking for BVs'

>>484333 Socratic teaching

>>483956 #595 Holy Guacamole Edition summarized

>>483168 #594 Semper Fi Edition summarized

>>482606 The Canadian Connection

>>482562 Snowden defends Comey?


>>482525 #593 Summarized

>>482519 Mass Mind Control

>>482489 Q relies on THAT KIND OF THINKING! Re: Payback

>>482462 >>482345, >>482346 , >>482355, >>482365, >>482542 More on Lunev

>>482440 www.f4ct.co >>482442, >>482447, >>482450, >>482451, >>482453

>>481425, >>481430 -> War in C_A

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>>481234 GHWB Singing?

>>481150 Double Meanings

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>>481065 Spy Exchange??? Snowden for Lunev?

>>480916 Kevin Hogg Real Estate Transactions (Pt.2/2)

>>480912 Kevin Hogg Real Estate Transactions (Pt.1/2)

>>480862 BRIDGE connect -> >>480944 | To BHO? -> >>485144

FRIDAY 2018.23.02

>>475908 Sheriff Scott Isreal

>>471120 Crowdstrike Russian Plane Connection

>>473687 Tavistock=Gannett=CIA

>>473252 China Connection from Q post

>>472696 Links from John Cusack to key players

>>472314, >>472461, >>472580, >>472695 BHO Linked to Hezbolla Medhat El-Ami

>>471106 Don't trip over fake trips

>>470911 Potus Tweets: MS-13 Gang flow in like Water (Screencap: >>470914)


>>470445 Where did the $1.7 Billion Go? -> >>470498 gist of it

>>470360 FBI and NBC worked on JFK Doc

>>470234 A house divided - a beautiful graphic

>>470041 Houston FF in the makings?!

>>469808 We could be doing 'great'

>>469737 Plea the fif!



>>469554 DireQtor

>>469539 Vital Hand Signals?

>>469516 Mueller... Mueller...

>>469067 Going out on a limb...

>>469125 School Superintendent Robert Runcie

>>469188 Just the tip???

>>469432 Q not concerned about hurt children?

>>469470 In the movies it LOOKS real but no one gets hurt!

>>469479 a Map! Looks like FBI is the middle???

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ddda56 No.491270


https:// pastebin.com/zBYMyAkh

91943c No.491279

File: bf55996e2112b3f⋯.jpg (46.7 KB, 640x360, 16:9, d12.jpg)

Thank You Baker

ddda56 No.491286





>>491177 - ENDGAME INC - CIA




>>490870 - HELP CM

91943c No.491299

From an Intel side, what are the main methods of intel gathering Mill Intel would use?

EM chatter - mobile/net.sw/lw/sat

Deep Access to FB/Twitter/and so on…

Does Unicode have a hidden Char Set? Reserved Private Chars?

is there a sub embedded protocol-set in Net Coms

Where is the Hidden Intel we don't see?

5f5f91 No.491303


no deep dream stuff


91943c No.491308


Ok no more - Suppologies

b976c2 No.491324

File: 4a19d5fefbe1ffb⋯.png (170.9 KB, 1091x910, 1091:910, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

http:// spacenews.com/digitalglobe-and-saudi-government-sign-joint-venture-on-satellite-imaging-constellation/

Taqnia has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin Space Systems of Sunnyvale, California, to build a satellite assembly plant on Saudi soil, with the necessary technology transfer occurring in the context of a contract under which Lockheed is building two telecommunications satellites for Riyadh-based Arabsat, a major commercial satellite fleet operator.“Partnering with the premier commercial satellite imaging firm will help to propel the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become a leader in remote sensing and satellite technology,” Taqnia Chairman and KACST President H.H. Dr. Turki Bin Saud said in a statement.


https:// mdacorporation.com/geospatial/international/satellites

5f5f91 No.491330


b976c2 No.491335

File: 25c531af15253a3⋯.png (583.42 KB, 888x695, 888:695, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

https:// mdacorporation.com/geospatial/international/satellites/worldview-3

Surveillance and Intelligence: MDA offers end-to-end solutions to monitor and manage changes and activities worldwide

949295 No.491339


GERMANY calling.

We appreciate a G-backed WW-crypto-currency

w/ cheap and fast transactions.

Accompanied by an WW-guaranteed physical Silver-acceptance

for FREEDOM and ANONYMITY if required.

US-citizen can use the Silver-vault of JPM. [650 Moz]

And WE demand the safety of our borders.

Otherwise we will start to protect them by our own.


We do not forget. Expect US.


b976c2 No.491342

File: 3502d8bed53b128⋯.png (888.35 KB, 1069x739, 1069:739, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

1215c5 No.491351


And don't forget, Hawaii Director of Health Loretta 'Deliana' Fuddy who certified Hussain's birth cert. and died in that hinky plane crash, was connected to Subud.

a853ea No.491352



fa16c6 No.491353

File: c7154194db2eb38⋯.jpg (404.75 KB, 565x692, 565:692, c7154194db2eb38a875e44a6ab….jpg)


Lyn usually gets some 50 replies to her tweets. She announces she's leaving and she's gotten 1.4K < 24 hours. 99% of them say GTFO you evil cunt.


034d38 No.491354

File: 753b7d16fd0d5c7⋯.png (110.45 KB, 1366x647, 1366:647, California Democratic Part….png)

California Democratic Party declines to endorse Dianne Feinstein in re-election bid

https:// www.mercurynews.com/2018/02/25/california-democratic-party-declines-to-endorse-dianne-feinstein-in-re-election-bid/

91a6cf No.491355

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>490798 (From last bread)

>Oppo research on Biden

Embed related

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ-YjGmpO4Q

b976c2 No.491356

WASHINGTON — DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-4 high-resolution-imaging satellite entered service this week, following nearly three months of in-orbit testing and calibration.

DigitalGlobe announced Feb. 3 that WordView-4 had begun serving its first so-called direct-access customer. These customers, usually governments, sign long-term contracts with DigitalGlobe in exchange for guaranteed access to the company’s satellites when they are passing over specified territories.

WorldView-4, like the WorldView-3 satellite that launched in 2014, was built to collect 30-centimeter-resolution imagery. That’s sharp enough to distinguish between cars, trucks and vans and read street markings.

http:// spacenews.com/worldview-4-digitalglobes-newest-satellite-enters-service/

282d80 No.491357


Thank you ==Baker== ! You are doing God's work and are braver than many of us. Really appreciate your effort.

93e27f No.491358

File: ee8791d94dd6173⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 900x484, 225:121, backfire much.jpg)


haha that will defo backfire…. they wont want to mess with us… calling us russian bots is one thing….

5a021d No.491360

File: 4db46a249d18a21⋯.jpg (15.21 KB, 212x197, 212:197, th.jpg)


Nice bread Baker, good first time effort.

On behalf of the Berber people, I accept this bread.

Surely the anti-Baker-thanking faction will not begrudge us this moment.

09d3c2 No.491361


Do you demand from POTUS the safety of Germany's borders??

f1dc8b No.491362


care to explain how ur interpretation would supersede mine, im curious.

btw if blacks "segregated" from whites wouldn't that diminish the power Dems already hold on them? per u blacks wouldn't turn out to vote unless they had a minority candidate. that works too. either get them to join us or get them to leave the dems. same result.

c95d16 No.491363

File: d1d61d33a1fe16e⋯.jpg (160.83 KB, 921x600, 307:200, interncen.jpg)

Memefag offering a censorship meme designed to get democrats triggered. snort.

My only offering. I don't want the focus to shift to this instead of the research being done on Clowns/school shootings.

35a036 No.491364

File: 40071230cfd320f⋯.jpeg (623.7 KB, 1125x1942, 1125:1942, B0D8654D-B415-43D7-8D00-8….jpeg)

this has got to be the BRIDGE

follow the $

this is a “philanthropic” $ tracking database

31a561 No.491365

When high-level encryption is used, monitoring these channels becomes futile.


08b261 No.491366

File: f6cf8bb97281132⋯.jpg (28.22 KB, 593x425, 593:425, 1779931_676535255775259_80….jpg)

Your good with bread I see. How are you with Salmon Loaf Baker?

5bb985 No.491367


That poster is at the beginning of many a bread and pastes the exact same demand…

09d3c2 No.491368


I know and he makes the Germans look like demanding, rude imbeciles.

f8a7c9 No.491369

File: 363a338b6463070⋯.png (491.55 KB, 749x500, 749:500, ClipboardImage.png)


>Just my 2 cents worth, as an anon who hasn't slept in over 20 hrs.


5f5f91 No.491370

File: e8bb2725fe57732⋯.jpeg (41.58 KB, 474x266, 237:133, TASTY-BUNS.jpeg)


Hi~ Thnx! Doing Good. All Loafs Are Fine If They Are !homemade!

took a 12 hour sleep and decided to only LURK today, but when i start lurking, i see that there is no baker present. then, you ofcourse gotta bake.. maga!

f1dc8b No.491371


well this is good news. Feinstein btfo.

1215c5 No.491372


Good news, DiFi is on the way out. Bad news, her challenger Kevin Deleon, is even farther left than she is.

http:// thehill.com/homenews/campaign/375431-feinstein-and-challenger-battle-for-coveted-california-dems-endorsement

5f5f91 No.491373


That's it|!



8ff5f8 No.491374

File: 4b39b6c325d4eeb⋯.jpg (44.02 KB, 409x409, 1:1, tumblr_o1dak3XeQm1v0pigno1….jpg)


Baker you need to fix the bread, it has no number, it should be #605.

And thank you.

b976c2 No.491375

Canada’s MDA Corporation announced last week it will acquire Earth-Imaging Company DigitalGlobe including its commercial satellite fleet capable of delivering the highest resolution imagery available on the commercial market, bringing together leading optical and radar observation systems under one roof.

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates announced the $2.4-billion deal on February 24 after DigitalGlobe signed off on the agreement expected to be closed in the second half of 2017 – pending U.S. government regulatory approvals. The acquisition will allow MDA to become an end-to-end space contractor with branches for satellite development & construction, space communications, robotic technology, and space-based data collection in both optical and radar.

Additionally, DigitalGlobe is partnering with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology and Taqnia Space to manufacture six small Scout imaging satellites to deliver supplementary imagery at high revisit times to complement data delivered by the larger satellites.

http:// spaceflight101.com/mda-corporation-announces-acquisition-of-digitalglobe/

f1dc8b No.491376





True if Big!

5f5f91 No.491377


hey friend

thank for noticing!

it has been reported and posted in meta thread

god bless and maga!!

282d80 No.491378


I think I'm correct in remembering that this was started by Dalio - Bridgwater. Comey was on the board of Bridgewater. Strong speculation in previous breads that it's CIA.

Agreed that NFPs are a big part of the umbrella the cabal works under and that it could be worthy of consideration.

f1dc8b No.491379



ps- I notice the dna wall pattern

f8a22a No.491380



Best filler I've seen in a long time!


76b30e No.491381

Congress needs to be 404d so we can start over. I hate all of these bastards.

8ff5f8 No.491382

File: cfdd129df278440⋯.jpg (108.34 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 259dmy.jpg)




It's not lynn,kek, don't have any good ones of her for meme making yet.

But we should not discriminate, I'm sure Hillary will have her own latrine shifts.

91a6cf No.491383

File: 0f7026911887dc7⋯.png (673.21 KB, 1183x735, 169:105, ClipboardImage.png)



I think you may be right on this Q crumb.

Might be worth researching those 4 organizations involved.

Noticed a Rockefeller foundation connection with one of them. Pic related

http:// foundationcenter.org/about-us

b38167 No.491384


One does not decide to lurk. Lurking takes liddle effort. (liddle)

One decides to speak up, and that is YUGE. (or bake, THANKS BAKER)

08b261 No.491385


they think the out with the old in with th new is the answer to the problem. nothing to do with being weird and out of touch with people.

1215c5 No.491386



De Leon will beat her. He's got the backing of SEIU, a totally left, very powerful union, with ties to Soros.

http:// www.discoverthenetworks.org/printgroupProfile.asp?grpid=6535

http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/seiu-in-california-backs-kevin-de-leon-in-primary-race-against-sen-dianne-feinstein/article/2649025

f1dc8b No.491387


2018 will be glorious!

fa16c6 No.491388


Typical EUfag, forgot how to fight expects the US to solve all the problem they create. Are you French?

We voted TRUMP we get border protection, you voted A. Merkel you get Fucked.

GB is not US ally, DE is not remove your leadership otherwise you will have to wait. EU is last on the list for recovery. SA>US>GB>EU

>We do not forget. Expect US.

I would say you do forget, forget what happens when you elect a NAZI Socialist Leader of your country. Grow up take responsibility for your own country.

/rant over

f09f94 No.491389

bread title missing #605 in my browser??

f1dc8b No.491392

File: 1a21f88b1641c76⋯.jpg (121.4 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, Kevin De Leon.jpg)


looks like he's gonna be easy to discredit

1bbc30 No.491393



@Anon who had asked.

I didnt start the thread mentioned. Many contributed.

Forget the post number but I would think Q might want to know about users like roguejasmine @twitter

FF>Water>Lunev's Book>Poison Potomac?

Blame Q/White hats?

How imminent is this?

Anons have been bringing up "40" as difference between marks on P/twitter and Q/post.

Weird, but Q specifically pointed it out. I think 58 was referenced several times and in other posts. The difference was agreed at 40.

40 marks 40 days/years of tribulation. Date from FREEDOM_FLAG and other things Anon determined 4/2 to be important.

Unverified report that NK attack happens between 3/28-4/2

Do you know what else happens in around 40 days?

——I.G. Report from M.H.——–


5bb985 No.491395


It’s a shill that posts recently first part of the bread. Filter and move on.

Side note they have elections there like we did here. Completely rigged. Majority of Europe wants thei sovereignty back like we do

08b261 No.491396


does soros own the voting machines in germany too? use your head. why is this relevant?

8ff5f8 No.491397



fa16c6 No.491398


tx, right. At this time we lost cabin pressure. We need to put the facemask on us so we can get oxygen before we save the rest. Tx for the shill callout.

31a561 No.491399

File: 0b3a05c38cf2da5⋯.gif (27.33 KB, 300x189, 100:63, EBT_card_10696_7.gif)

Huh. Michigan food stamp cards are called Bridge cards. (Pic of Macinac bridge on it, though - maybe not related)


1bbc30 No.491400


In any case, that's a powerful find.saving to 'favorites' Forgive laziness, let me look at Q post referencing Bridge._X

0190ca No.491401


You should stand up for yourself.

7a8f29 No.491402

File: 5c53deee8738557⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 1130x450, 113:45, Magma16_02252018_5.JPG)

Plane Fag

Magma16 over northeastern Jordan heading north has gone "dark" descending near the southern Syrian border just after I grabbed this screen shot.

09d3c2 No.491403


Q said SA>US>Asia>EU

He never mentioned UK (and why would he, because UK is still included in EU).

77781b No.491405

File: 4ebda3094a1b21e⋯.png (972.1 KB, 1546x4525, 1546:4525, pizzagate-history-v6.png)

MKULTRA is woven into society.

91a6cf No.491406

File: 3f42818a4b6ecab⋯.png (69.42 KB, 1133x884, 1133:884, ClipboardImage.png)




https:// bridge-registry.org/about-us/

"Now, with the support of the Hewlett Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Google Inc., the founding partners have made this vision a reality."

b38167 No.491407

File: 20e6d3aaa2e133f⋯.jpg (91.84 KB, 845x450, 169:90, How-can-I-get-my-dogs-to-s….jpg)

0190ca No.491408


I said stop posting your weird 2pac fanfics at me, thanks. No one is reading that shit.

4499ca No.491409


Notice the 2 towers (mountains symbol) and the sun rising . Bridge to a New Day of communism is the symbolism.

1215c5 No.491410


It's the passing of the old guard, an entire generation of congress critters who've been in office far too long and have grown far too corrupt and far too powerful.

Feinstein is 85 years old, has been a senator since 1992.

Other oldies but not goodies – WeDon'tSayHisName, Pelosi, and Waters.

The departure of this group is a weak point, those who replace them won't have their power or prestige. So it's our chance to break them permanently.

8ff5f8 No.491411


TechSoup, founded in 1987 as CompuMentor and later known as TechSoup Global, is a nonprofit international network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provides technical support and technological tools to other nonprofits.

Founded 1987

Founder Daniel Ben-Horin

Type Nonprofit technology

Focus Technology Donations and Data Services


San Francisco

Origins CompuMentor Project

Key people

Founder and Chief Instigator: Daniel Ben-Horin

CEO: Rebecca Masisak


US$38.7 million



Website www. techsoupglobal.org

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TechSoup

It's in Nancy's district in San Fran, imagine that.

fa16c6 No.491412


yeh it was kind of ad-hoc. So GB (MI6) already flipped and decided to play ball. GB is on our side, the most of the EU remaining it no. Particularly DE.


This is interesting, Probably found an ISIS site (I hope). This Syrian conflict thing is like a nightmare that does not end.

0190ca No.491413


Germany is lost. I suggest investing in flamethrowers and rations. You'll need them.

2c7242 No.491414

Rep. Bill Hager ,R. Boca Raton Asks Florida Governor To Fire Broward Sheriff https:// thegoldwater.com/news/19327-Rep-Bill-Hager-R-Boca-Raton-Asks-Florida-Governor-To-Fire-Broward-Sheriff

09d3c2 No.491417


>Particularly DE.

Who controls Germany?

who controls Merkel?

282d80 No.491418


Noted. Baker is awaiting Board Volunteer or Board Owner to edit a correction.

35a036 No.491420


go to home page and type in any organization….

1bbc30 No.491421





I think the 'bread' had just been 'buttered'

This is at least at theory stage.

There was more info on Lunev from last night, dont know if it made morning bread. I'll dig.

Try to cross ref bridge-registry with lunev(if you havent already)

09d3c2 No.491422


A country isn't lost as long as its citizens are fighting the globalists.

1215c5 No.491425


Excellent find anon! Please add this, with a brief write-up, to the resources board so other anons can find/use it.

5f5f91 No.491426


Yes, this is definitely IT



282d80 No.491427


Always remember the concept of double meanings. Never infight about one theory being more valuable than another.

The cabal reuses their words and symbols over and over. Makes sense there would be more than one direction from a single q drop.

8ff5f8 No.491429

File: eb07c8b5df2958f⋯.jpg (30.36 KB, 400x400, 1:1, z2GcKCwv_400x400.jpg)

File: 8d169e79a26eacf⋯.jpg (210.03 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DJyA9MyVwAAcRtT.jpg)


CEO of TechSoup Rebecca Masisak

https: //twitter.com/rmasrmas

She's looks about as special as the rest of them. ( special as in stupid)>>491411

08b261 No.491431


fun to watch. people are waking up to their bs. it's the black pop now and soon the mex over daca. the flippy dems like lgbtq-yaerwtyu will never leave en masse. and the nutcase whites will take more time. midterm will be funny as this plays out. we own the machines by then? or write in only?

0190ca No.491432


POTUS seems like a big fan of multiculturalism.

61521f No.491434


Excellent find, Anon. We know that many "philanthropic foundations" are nothing of the sort, they are money laundering operations set up to enrich their founders. This could be the key to exposing their operations.

fa16c6 No.491435


>Who controls Germany?

Illumisnaughty. Junker

>who controls Merkel?

Sore Os


b2b09d No.491436



fyi Barlow founded eff, a partner of fpf, clowns.

99cf8d No.491437


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_Management_Engine

1215c5 No.491438


Cancel this comment >>491427

Just realized they're a bogie, not a friendly.

1bbc30 No.491443


For Sure Was Complimenting Anon

Anon needs a link to Lunev? I'll dig.

b38167 No.491445


Multiculturalism is a huge fail. immigration is not. POTUS is welcoming of cultural diversity, but multiculturalism is not a term that I believe he would favor. It simply does not work.

282d80 No.491447


Ties in specifically with Warren Buffet asking for the wealthy to commit to giving away half their wealth in their lifetime.

Buffet is of the House of Windsor bloodline. Moves money into the economy under the false premise of giving.

Been to some of these NFP parties. They are lush.

1215c5 No.491448


Praying that DHS comes out with voter fraud confirmation in the Alabama special, and frosting on cake would be the presidential, showing HRC fraud/illegal and dead voting, and that POTUS won pop vote by a landslide.

7a8f29 No.491449

File: c87b891c1ca1fd5⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 1060x447, 1060:447, Magma16_02252018.JPG)

File: 5c53deee8738557⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 1130x450, 113:45, Magma16_02252018_5.JPG)

Been keeping an eye on this USAF Scep Ops flight a good part of the night because of some weird stuff outta these guise in the area for about a week now.

MAGMA16 flew out of Cyprus and approached the Egyptian coastline at 0230 my local time, then went "dark" for ops.

Three hours later, he re-appeared over the Sinai and is now heading north over Jordan, and has gone "dark" at the Syrian border.

Last week, this same squadron sent a "dark" mission over Syria/Lebanon that lasted about an hour and a half.

68a43e No.491450


Soros and Rothschilds.

Look up Kalergi Plan, if you havent heard of it.

8ff5f8 No.491452



This Company TechSoup seems to have alot of power in the world of nonprofits.

TechSoup partners with Microsoft to distribute Microsoft's product donations globally,[13][14] and helps to connect nonprofits and libraries to corporate donors such as Adobe, Symantec, Cisco and Intuit. TechSoup.org also verifies the nonprofit status of organizations seeking donations and matches them to the donated technology products they need

5f5f91 No.491453



99cf8d No.491455

"Trusted Partner" = "anybody who pays us to spam the shit out of you."

67e9f5 No.491456


So let's go back 18 years. I run a small non profit agency. And we need new computers, so the Gates foundation gives us 4 PCs, software etc.

Years later Tech Soup offers updated software at a fraction of the retail price. We buy MS Office, the newest op system, etc., for $400.

A month later, Microsoft sends us a letter saying that we got $14,000 worth of software. Congratulations!

So who cares? The IRS gives a deduction on taxes to Microsoft and every year Bill make another billion or two.

f8a7c9 No.491457

File: d4715d5e72f80fc⋯.jpg (76.74 KB, 653x500, 653:500, 24mnvu (1).jpg)

5bb985 No.491458


I see memes with this.

Any memefags around?

282d80 No.491459

1215c5 No.491460


What blows my mind is that most of the time, even if we grab a "wrong" meaning and dig on it, we still come up with something useful. Feel like the whole thing is one of those carnival side show house of mirrors.

0190ca No.491461


Do you think POTUS expects Jewish culuture to "melt" into the melting pot?

2aee2e No.491462

File: c1c774f4345f29f⋯.jpg (75.96 KB, 888x500, 222:125, Bakery.jpg)

File: 9e083b839d214a6⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, Baker_png.png)

This is in response to the shill bakers that are trying to slide us into oblivion. We are Under Siege, we have awesome bakers and the message is clear. Capisce?

fc6958 No.491463


uhh pretty sure the elections over there are rigged, skyball.

They dont have a choice and its mostly because our past administrations made it that way

282d80 No.491464


There are no coincidences. There are no wrong meanings. Some of my best clues have come from the cl0wn drops.

8ff5f8 No.491465


NGOsource, a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup Global, is an online service for U.S. grantmakers to receive equivalency determinations, which are legal certifications that a non-U.S. NGO is equivalent to a U.S. public charity, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of international grantmaking.Launched in March 2013, it helps U.S. grantmakers streamline their global philanthropy.According to its website, NGOsource was active in 81 countries as of 2015.

The Council on Foundations is an active philanthropic network, founded in 1949, is a nonprofit leadership association of grantmaking foundations and corporations. It provides the opportunity, leadership, and tools needed by philanthropic organizations to expand, enhance and sustain their ability to advance the common good. The Council empowers professionals in philanthropy to meet today's toughest challenges and advances a culture of charitable giving in the U.S. and globally.

Not much information about the council on Wikipedia.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_on_Foundations

1bbc30 No.491466


I see the one guy


fc6958 No.491467

File: 4deaef1eb088465⋯.png (12.4 KB, 537x103, 537:103, ClipboardImage.png)

I didnt notice Q confirmed #7 post on this thread

pretty cool shit

fc6958 No.491469


board…not thread

2aee2e No.491471


Magma flights (JSOC) are really important right now, as JSOC are co-ordinating things. They are the best of the best.

One day, we'll find out what Magma88 and 89 have been up to in Colombia etc.

Hound JSOC flights in the US are also important. They are part of the command and control.

d3ff5b No.491472

Maybe a gag order has now been placed on Hussein, as far as media exposure is concerned hence the zero coverage of his appearance at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference on the Feb 23?

562cf0 No.491473

Re: American Legion (God and Country)

The AL is mainly for enlisted military (NCO's) and has very few officers as members. My opinion is that most of them detest officers.

0190ca No.491474

09d3c2 No.491476


This is wrong 'multiculturalism' is the existence of different cultures in one country side by side and with few or none overlap.

Trump wants the country to come together, to get rid of divisions and to UNITE.

fa16c6 No.491477


So I'm thinking her in a cell, watching her FAM get waterboarded and made to cry and squeal.

I wonder who that Globalist Fam that squealed like pigs was. Probably Rockefeller since the old man dies the rest were like FUCK THIS.

1215c5 No.491478




Wow. Transaction numbers.

282d80 No.491479


Not consistent with Hussein's tweeting.

0190ca No.491481


Do you think Jews will put aside their culture and unite?

d3ff5b No.491482


Well time will tell

96f313 No.491483

5553ff No.491487


Good meme, anon. And it's important to get this out.

93e27f No.491489


we should have had an anon in there with a microphone….

09d3c2 No.491490


Okay: Soros controls Merkel.

Disagree about Junkers, imo he's a drunkard and a puppet only. He's no force or big player in the game.

2aee2e No.491492


Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan.



Look at the prize winners. Maybe it's worth us archiving that list and investigating them all.

d3ff5b No.491493


Last tweet 22nd

dff149 No.491495

File: 0b9d4d84bd59c10⋯.jpeg (135.71 KB, 1242x695, 1242:695, DE20DC3D-00F6-4629-B15B-4….jpeg)

d3ff5b No.491497

fc6958 No.491498


Good work anon!

1215c5 No.491500


True dat. Even some pelican poop.

2aee2e No.491501


Tweeting is public. Talking to the media behind closed doors under an NDA isn't.

It screams that he's breaching a condition placed on him not to interfere further. Stupid, so stupid..

61521f No.491502


These foundations, with more disposable money than many small countries, wield immense political power, concentrated in the hands of very few, that is a threat to the whole planet. What Bill and Melinda Gates, for example, think is "good" - like their third world depopulation and vaccination programmes - can trump elected governments' and voters' concept of what is good for them. They act like cartels and direct the future of the world through their influence. We'd be better off without them.

2c7242 No.491503


What did >>7 confirm?

09d3c2 No.491505


You were talking about Trump. You said Trump is advocating 'multiculturalism. I proved you wrong.

Now you are changing topic and tactics.

End of conversation.

96f313 No.491506


Nice angle you liddle devil you. Great work.

1bbc30 No.491507


It was funny for 3 seconds clown/kids

Is there a hole with your name on it?

68a43e No.491508


yes, very interesting who has won that prize over the years isnt it?

Definitely worth investigating imo, but dont recall Q ever mentioning it. It spells out excatly what is happening in EU though. Complete population replacement, and progressing well. Bastards.

0190ca No.491509


If Jews wont set aside their culture then multiculturalism exists, proving you incorrect. Have a nice evening.

5f5f91 No.491510

File: 282652fe0df7621⋯.jpg (521.65 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 4.jpg)


Capice, amice

91a6cf No.491511


That was Q acknowledging ability (and intent) to post on both GA and Qresearch boards.

68a43e No.491512


* obviously happening in USA as well.

5f5f91 No.491513





f64188 No.491515

File: 0bc8106f12d18c3⋯.jpeg (130.31 KB, 1242x695, 1242:695, 442B583B-5C5E-439B-AC22-0….jpeg)

2c7242 No.491516


ahh ok, thanks

8ff5f8 No.491517

File: 63ebd6fcd7a5c90⋯.png (329.37 KB, 1024x733, 1024:733, Council of foundations 1.png)

File: 750c6302df38faf⋯.png (467.08 KB, 841x933, 841:933, Council of foundations 2.png)


https:// www.cof.org/

5f5f91 No.491519





is how you can spot the lot of them

8ff5f8 No.491520


Thats the Borad of directors for the council of foundations.

b94af5 No.491521


Is POTUS going to ask black people to set aside their culture and integrate it into white culture?

5f5f91 No.491523


council of foundations sounds overarching as shit

a853ea No.491525


Council counsel


dab4a1 No.491526


please don't talk so much thrash. Americans are not experts on europé, and your politics for the sake of israel is the direct reason for the situation here in eu. Your taking out of Kadaffi opened up the flood gates. So thaks for that.

282d80 No.491527


MIT behind closed doors the 23rd. I see you point in mentioning it.

5e7cbd No.491528

Thank you Baker :) I was getting worried for a second kek.

b94af5 No.491529


Sorry, forgot Germans cant detect humor.

f8a7c9 No.491532


Title needs to include Q Research General as well:

Q Research General #605 - ARCHIVE ARCHIVE ARCHIVE

96f313 No.491533


cool story. yet over the month I've stated this ur the first to be against it. Interesting. Judging by ur other posts I see why.

found the shill. You getting overtime for this?

7a8f29 No.491534

File: c5c172785668e37⋯.jpg (12.54 KB, 204x150, 34:25, hasselhoff.JPG)


But they love some Hasselhoff!

282d80 No.491535


Suspect it will. Just can't be modified by baker. Must be done by BO/BV

9d5cb4 No.491536

Morning anons…

>payback for today

I see we are BRIDGE speculating…any thoughts on this sentence?

dab4a1 No.491538


Not German, but you do have a point there :D

But you must understand that your foreign policies have been devastating to our continent. And when the Serbs (God bless them) tried to fix their situation, what did you do? You bombed the shit out of them.

ebe9ec No.491539

File: 0ba76afc4338c3b⋯.gif (602.98 KB, 400x280, 10:7, PFnT.gif)


It could be too late for Western Europe/UK.

Your governments have been overthrown by Elitist Global Totalitarians. You are basically Occupied by an invading force that your Leaders have brought in. (Ya know, the rapefugees.) Maybe you should grow a pair and try this:

aba937 No.491540

File: 706159a807ad2e8⋯.png (685.42 KB, 1746x1288, 873:644, Toriko's_Ultimate_Routine.png)

>>490576 (Bread #604)

"Evil" has several degrees.

Evil wrt oneself **.

Evil wrt one's future/progeny/family.

Evil wrt one's social/tribal order.

Evil wrt one's universe **.

Evil wrt to ALL universes.

(** same thing, but awareness changes dynamics)

Think carefully about the implications.

Evil wrt to a superior level often necessary, wrt to creation/survival of life at an inferior level.

Where do Freemasons feel they belong?

Do they truly believe we are all equals?

Or does "Being Created, as a Man" have a [different meaning among old world societies]?

Refer back to the constitution. Judge their intentions by this fruit. Equality was provided only for those of the "Already Made" classes.

Equality was guaranteed only to Freemasonry.

Again–you as a pedigreed Mason know damn well that–protection of the Order necessitates evil against other consciousnesses/groups.

"Natural Law" boils down to "Eat or Be Eaten".

And (spoiler alert) all self-aware life is cancer wrt to the superior level. If it does not self-regulate (illuminati pop control agenda), those above will do so, lest they be purged as well.

Freemasons/Jews have this silly liddle idea that they can apply "Natural Law" vertically to "Eat" (i.e., subjugate) God. And they succeed at this partly by abusing the knowledge that higher-order beings naturally pay NO attention to lower-order life/activities. EG: how much attention does one pay to the microscopic world; how much does a CEO to his minions?

They thus organize and scheme to usurp the Will/Rights of their Natural/Temporal betters using the tactics of deception and long-term/range societal warfare, essentially to fly under the spiritual radar of their enemies.

Natural Law == Eat or be Eaten.

(…and this RAM is HOAUNGRY!!)

96f313 No.491541


In the same series of bread she we found the BHO hezbollah link and BHO was heading to his secret meeting in Boston (we discovered afterwards)

b38167 No.491542


I don't expect any culture to melt. Ideally, people from other cultures would be integrated into the existing culture.

I stress 'ideally'.

My focus and point was that multiculturalism doesn't work. One or 2 or maybe even 3 cultures can find a way to coexist, but then combine to be one culture. What these ignorant fucks are expecting equates to cultural suicide to any standing culture that attempts it.

American culture has benefited, changed for better and for worse for the cultures it has introduced. Most of those cultures had integrating, adaptive similarities and shit.

There are too many, too soon, too agressive, too prolithic…. for the egsisting culture to be able to survice.

It's all happening so fast that those of the existing culture do not fit in to their own society, yet their children may well do so. They don't even understand their own children, ffs.

The children/generation has not had to adapt, they've been born into something that was very well orchestrated. They are controlled by this force.

I could go on for hours, but I won't.

282d80 No.491544

Anons, let's challenge ourselves today to post in terms of good versus evil instead of Democrat versus Republican.

All the research leads to the push for NWO under evil. They are as committed to their evil god as we are to a True Creator.

See if a new approach clarifies your research.

d10777 No.491545

DWS had SR 187'd by MS13.


Where did she get the MS13?

From her district.

WHO got them for her?

Could it have been Sheriff Israel/how?

Who better to be in touch with them?

Contacts at the jail.

Didn't he meet with DWS about a month

before the Parkland Shooting?


To arrange the Shooting?

Did he set the kid up?


Did he tell his officers to stand down?

Obviously the Mayor, School Board and

Sheriff's Dept are all complicit in Fraud by not arresting teenagers so their Funding doesn't get cut.Totally illegal set up. Once again, DWS's district. She knows they are doing it. She allows them to do it. Wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't her idea.

Did she buy off the election for Sheriff Israel?

Just pondering.

8ff5f8 No.491546

File: 4c4b9dc980abdbc⋯.jpg (95.77 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 256a19.jpg)

File: b82070640fa64f3⋯.jpg (136.18 KB, 666x499, 666:499, 257p1s.jpg)

I posted these last night.

The first ones in a series i'm working on.

1bbc30 No.491547

>>491426 (…lol)

>>491373 (…)







Changed my mind. Who fails to update their site since 2016… I'll check it out anyway. Dont think this is it.

Assumed Sincerity in Bread Probably Naive @lurk more.

8ff5f8 No.491548

File: 27d09774954c5d1⋯.jpg (107.56 KB, 666x499, 666:499, 257ixt.jpg)

File: 7e0d477dd5ce406⋯.jpg (130.36 KB, 625x500, 5:4, 258zp9 (1).jpg)

a853ea No.491549

Follow the money always leads to the 501 (3)C tax scam for Freemasons, churches, non profits, foundations, United Way, Red Cross, etc.

8ff5f8 No.491550

File: 0e54c8ddf1df47e⋯.jpg (108.88 KB, 666x499, 666:499, 25932h.jpg)

f8a22a No.491551




Down the rabbithole straight into the murkiest part of the swamp. No shit Sherlock, well dug!

Who'da thunk?

4ff605 No.491552

The shooter at parkland was in full metal gear, video in the article from teacher

https:// www.intellihub.com/teacher-grazed-by-parkland-shooters-bullet-shooter-was-in-full-metal-garb-helmet-face-mask-bulletproof-armor-shooting-a-rifle-i-never-seen-before/

a853ea No.491553


Maybe Trump is going to change that law through the [i][r][s]

2aee2e No.491554


Hubris will always be the undoing of the evil ones. They never think they will get caught.

137639 No.491555

File: cbb39bd93932f9d⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 474x328, 237:164, IMG_0649.JPG)

dab4a1 No.491556


Like you americans are so though, you are the core of the problem. With you being under the thumb of israel, you spread degeneracy all over the World. It only as of recent we (eu anons on this board) has seen anything positive from you. You think we are shit. But remember were you came from.

5f5f91 No.491557

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

a853ea No.491558

File: 68573b512b9ce6d⋯.jpg (128.9 KB, 805x634, 805:634, BirthCertificate.jpg)

fc6958 No.491559


if i wasnt so cheap with the printer ink, i'd print these out

2aee2e No.491560

File: c8ea173a890aa58⋯.jpg (758.13 KB, 1500x1842, 250:307, Wizards.jpg)


Bravo, Anon! Welcome to the ranks of the Badgefags!

5f5f91 No.491561

File: e91edae152883a3⋯.jpg (45.01 KB, 320x319, 320:319, downloads (1).jpg)

2aee2e No.491562


If you want help with curved text, let me know. I can walk you through it in Photoshop.

f64188 No.491563

File: d8cf8579328217c⋯.jpeg (68.53 KB, 466x390, 233:195, 70B1E3E5-6A7D-44F0-967E-7….jpeg)

fa16c6 No.491564

File: 0a0656db745c37f⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, patriotcybercommand.png)



This guy seems like a legit DEFag to me, time of day etc. Welcome aboard fag, wish we could help more but we gotta remove the Globalist Pigs first.


Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.


They have to protect from mass death before we can help local problems

Q did say the Cure will spread WW so it is coming

b94af5 No.491565


The reason I ask these things is because I dont see any way to unite cultures without some cultures being erased. Im curious what other people think. So far there seems to be a consensus that multiculturalism won't work, but no one wants to volunteer any specific minorities to sacrifice their culture in the name of unity. So far it seems to be looking like a "white people shut up and pretend they have no culture or else" situation, which of course is what we already have.

137639 No.491566


Hey ink ain't cheap

dce3ed No.491567


I think the problems you are seeing in GER are a precursor to what would happen in the US if the 2nd amendment abolished. GER, since the world is pretty much under the control of the US Military, and since up to now it has been hijacked by the NATO/UN charters for now you are stuck.

You are right, Hillary/BHO fucked you guys big time when they took out the cork in the African bottle in Libya, which began your problems, but your political class thought this would help then win future elections. Only by mobilizing now can you attempt to stop it, I would attempt to emigrate to the US. If the white, citizens left EUR, your politician would be basically running 3rd world countries with not taxpayers.

Sorry but you got royally screwed by this deal, this is the Alamo here in the US. Come join us and fight.

a853ea No.491568

File: 3aa51ccf35b87ff⋯.png (136.46 KB, 220x330, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

United Way handled the Sandy Hook money

Brian Gallagher is the President and Chief Executive Officer of United Way Worldwide.[1]

Gallagher was born in Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Hobart, Indiana. In 1981, he graduated from Ball State University with a degree in social work and started with the United Way as a management trainee. In 1992, he received his MBA from Emory University, and in 2003 Ball State University awarded Gallagher an honorary Doctor of Humanities.[2]

In 2002, Gallagher was appointed to be the President and CEO of the United Way of America, a position he held until 2009 when United Way of America and United Way International joined to form United Way Worldwide, where he acts as President and CEO.[2] He received total compensation of more than $1.5 million in 2012.[3]

In January 2017, he was appointed by then-Governor of Indiana Mike Pence as a trustee of his alma mater Ball State University for a term lasting until December 31, 2020.[4

8ff5f8 No.491569


Thank you, I was inspired by the Chan Investigation badges, They are AWESOM

I wanted to make some ,, for the many grandmas and other women who work on the boards as well. KEK

08b261 No.491570

the biggest thing that will wake the masses will be that they understand what "drain the swamp" truly means. that it includes dems, gop, church, msm,, education, law enforcement, locally, worldwide. it's still perceived in comments i see on twat/fb/wherever that it's dems only or congress. it will be a great day when it branches.

e56578 No.491571

File: 37b4ef9c4d06d60⋯.png (371.19 KB, 645x577, 645:577, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/02/24/one-of-hollywoods-favorite-diamond-dealers-has-vanished-amid-an-epic-indian-fraud-case/

9d5cb4 No.491572


ty anon..

ahhh…re the BO speech that was "private"? And WE nuked the financial BRIDGE? Ergo Lunev?

282d80 No.491573


LBJ as a senator brought to being 501(c)3 in 1954.

No doubt it was set up to launder money.

I've watched a lot of money laundering in the research here, but dang, anon. You done good.

Red Cross? Clinton Foundation. BINGO

http:// jesus-is-savior.com/ Evils%20in%20Government/Police%20State/501c3_unbiblical.htm

2aee2e No.491574


"I see a bad moon rising, I see trouble on the way, I see earthquakes and lightnin', I see bad times today."

Godspeed, Q and your cohorts, go and take them down with righteous vengeance, smite them down.

d3ff5b No.491575


Was wondering if it has any reference to Operation Payback by anonymous in 2010

2aee2e No.491576


Long range sensors indicate no humour content in this sector, Herr Kapitan.

282d80 No.491577


Don't get me started on the Gates Foundation. Egads.

f8a22a No.491578


agree but no infighting here: where we go one, we go all.

Division is a given, choose your side and play the game.

9d5cb4 No.491579


Right track anon…keep going…where is that popcorn meme when you need it!

5f5f91 No.491580




8ff5f8 No.491581



A friend i showed these to, wants the puzzle one on a tshirt. kek

96f313 No.491582


It's cool though. De Leon is tangled up in some sort of sex assault coverup/scandal. Just ddg "Kevin De Leon scandal". Love to see the mental gymnastics the Dems pull to run him. Hahahahaha

fc6958 No.491583


>polls show Biden would beat Trump

what do we know about polls, guy?

5f5f91 No.491584


if you make a nice meme of it, ill add it to the bake :)

96f313 No.491585


The sell screen print kits to print photos on.

bcf6d9 No.491586

Posted by Resistance Movement spokesperson, Cobra

The Portal: Directed Energy Weapons

http:// 2012portal.blogspot.ch/2018/02/directed-energy-weapons.html

96f313 No.491587


I'm phone fagging atm unfortunately.

4ff605 No.491588


Guise, talking to myself. Girl sees cruz on the stairs while shooting is already on, gear sescribed by teacher is impossible to put on in min also without help. Cruz guilty plea doesn't make sense all evidence according to police is there. Teacher said its like watching a movie, victims are real, shooter is somebody else and professional

d3ff5b No.491589

Was this picked up on Feb. 20th?

An unidentified hacker or hackers broke into a Tesla-owned Amazon cloud account and used it to “mine” cryptocurrency, security researchers said. The breach also exposed proprietary data for the electric carmaker.

The researchers, who worked for RedLock, a 3-year-old cybersecurity startup, said they discovered the intrusion last month while trying to determine which organization left credentials for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account open to the public Internet. The owner of the account turned out to be Tesla, they said.

http:// fortune


137639 No.491590


Poll also said Killary would win too

96f313 No.491591


They're based.


8ff5f8 No.491592


They also have a guy at the mall,( every mall) who will print anything on a tshirt, kek

087b07 No.491593

distractions are abound - from simple operations like these 8ch boards to mass shooting to second amendment battles and even the spread of communism – why do they want the people so busy right now… why do they want infighting and arguments….. like the las vegas illusionist, look at this hand while that hand does the magic…

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-24/ed-curtin-coming-war-end-all-wars

4bfc7f No.491594


You DEMAND? Clean up your own problems. You better start soon because you are already to the point of no return.

81c3d1 No.491595

File: 1c1cb70c8904488⋯.png (98.67 KB, 1115x698, 1115:698, H.R.496 - BRIDGE ACT.png)



That does look important especially with those backers, but it may not be the BRIDGE we're after. Check out this:

Introduced in House (01/12/2017)

Bar Removal of Individuals who Dream and Grow our Economy Act or the BRIDGE Act

This bill amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to provide that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS): (1) shall grant a three-year provisional protected presence to a qualifying alien, (2) may not remove the alien from the United States unless such protected presence is rescinded, and (3) shall provide such alien with employment authorization.

https:// www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/496

Another anon posted this, but when I went back to link it, I couldn't find it.

282d80 No.491596


First time I've seen it. Good get.

From what I've seen, the cabal is infighting. This shows it as well as the Bezos branch is not the same as the Tesla branch.

dab4a1 No.491597


i'm on your side 100% but I sometimes get low spirited when I see anons post stuff like "Eu is doomed" and such. We are not doomed, we can fight as hard as you. But you are right on one thing, we are controlled by traitors and downright EVIL people. They look incompetent, but that is what corruption looks like.


This is true. But let's not thrash each other. We are Brothers and sisters. I hope so much that we can WIN TOGETHER:

96f313 No.491598


>like watching a movie


5f5f91 No.491599


dear schapssbruderman,

defeatism is only allowed if you allow it



for proper response to defeatism



ebe9ec No.491600


Of German descent. Just saying, we are overthrowing OUR Elitist Global Totalitarians like Obutthead and Clinton. This WILL help the whole world but Merkel is one of the SICK Evil problems. If you don't have free elections and can't vote her out then you need to do whatever it takes to put things right. Trump is our last chance at restoring Law and Order from within the law. If this doesn't work, we have to take more drastic measures. You will have to do the same. Just don't be demanding us to help. We'll help on our own as soon as we are starightened out. We always do.

282d80 No.491601


Don't claim right or wrong. The word Bridge points in many directions.

8ff5f8 No.491602

File: 200a86d899bdcbc⋯.jpg (62.18 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 257n3d.jpg)


Oh and heres the crossword i made for this meme.

b38167 No.491603


There's a lot of topics to go hunt down and get lost in, anon. So many of which have, of course been turned into 'specialist' or 'doctorate' crap. We wouldn't know as much as we know without them, of course, but we might know a lot more if they didn't form their liddle clubs a long time ago.

Cultures are most certainly absorbed, but never truly lost. It all depends on the most aggressive/assertive, at the time.

I don't think minorities sacrifice their culture; and when you think about it, who are minorities?

Are, for eg, Hispanics minorities? They are only a minority when they leave their own cultural envelope and enter another's cultural envelope.

The current culture is to shut down the white people and tell them that they have no culture. Apparently cultures that succeed are meant to constantly feel guilty about their success, regardless of the way of the world.

Again, I could go on for hours, but I won't.

a853ea No.491604


Checked it out. Feinstein may be behind allegations, non have been proven, might be dangerous without sauce.

5f5f91 No.491605

File: c439318a07803aa⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 38.23 KB, 92x212, 23:53, n(ice).png)



1bbc30 No.491606


lol, appreciate the encouragement. _X

8ff5f8 No.491607


I don't have photoshop.

d24f70 No.491608

If we are in Phase 2.

May I ask Q How many Phases there are ?

Sorry if is already been answered….

b94af5 No.491609


I think it will end in blood, despite POTUS's efforts, but I'd be happy to be wrong about it.

09d3c2 No.491610


This is not the way it works.

Or would you set aside your own culture to integrate somewhere else.

This is the way it works:

Put America first.

And your specific culture second.

137639 No.491611


We'll just have to meme him groping all those kids when he was swearing in the new congress, there is tons of vid's

ebe9ec No.491612


Fuck you right back.

282d80 No.491613


If you are working with intention follow your instincts. Don't be dissuaded. Already figured out how to work your find into the shell game map.

a853ea No.491614


Bridge should have a direct Lunev connection.

And qanonposts.com/ is missing a bunch of posts.

96f313 No.491615


Use microsoft word (word art) and screen shot it then cut and paste the part u need and viola.

1215c5 No.491616


And expands our ability to reach more people. This is exactly how to do it.

8ff5f8 No.491617


Thank you for your offer. I'll see if i can figure something out for future memes. I also have issues with cutting out images.

Still learning, and working on it.

I've improved quite a bit these past few months.

b94af5 No.491618


Do you think cultural minorities will be receptive to that message?

1bbc30 No.491619

File: c0d5b3ba25a89bc⋯.png (277.65 KB, 509x798, 509:798, hil-larious get it.png)

Im laughing so hard right now… Cant stop, It's probably stress related.

… I'll get back on task. Oh, this graphic always cheers me up.

5bb985 No.491620


Shill that posts early in several loaves.

Filter and move on

4bfc7f No.491621


🤡 shill

fc6958 No.491622


Well if there is one thing I have observed from our great president, it's that he is the global LIBERATOR

If you want your country back, TAKE IT!

Liberal/Globalist/"pro"-gressive Governments have proven time and time again it has ZERO interest in protecting it's citizens. It actually has been putting us in danger. Allowing our ENEMIES in.

Ask your soldiers to make a choice. You want safety at your borders? Good! Thats on you

Unless youre too scared like the cattle they HOPE you are

History has taught us nothing apparently. Fuck money, fuck silver, fuck crypto

Weapon and fire

Thats your freedom

a853ea No.491623

File: ce61d841ca21dda⋯.png (526.14 KB, 709x438, 709:438, ClipboardImage.png)

5f5f91 No.491624

<thank you bo/bv for fixing thread title>

b38167 No.491625


I wanna see your shill detective badge.

96f313 No.491626


Interdasting but allegations are enough anymore and it at least makes him have to deny them all over again and he's been battling several for about 6mo iirc.

087b07 No.491627


at least that is the narrative…

8ff5f8 No.491629


Thank you, I'll look through word, and mess around, see what i can do.

1215c5 No.491630




Here's an article from my old Hussain research files:

(2015) CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet spy files, SUBUD cult, and a dead body

http:// theamericanreport.org/2015/08/19/clues-unlock-obama-id/

9cac26 No.491631


Please dont say that. I startet to prep abput a yeat ago after accidendatly redpilling myself.

My biggest fear is that the storm does not reach above the big sea, and the EU becomes a refuge for „Them“.

b94af5 No.491632


If Europeans aren't willing to kill to defend their homelands, it may be too late.

b2b09d No.491633

File: 57ac050b435430f⋯.jpg (38.86 KB, 458x408, 229:204, dont-panic-let-me-explain.jpg)

So for all the sliding and concernfagging, this bill is only retroactive in the sense that it is but a clarification of existing law, that it is not meant to impede existing law.

It's literally clarifying that 47 U.S.C. 230 never intended to exempt website owners from prosecution over illegal activity, which includes "reckless disregard."

An act of proceeding to do something with a conscious awareness of danger, while ignoring any potential consequences of so doing. Reckless disregard, while not necessarily suggesting an intent to cause harm, is a harsher condition than ordinary negligence.

No wonder EFF(FPF Clowns) are against it.

So, unless CM is grossly negligent without concern for injury to others, then there's nothing to worry about.

eg *knowing* the boards are being used to traffic kids and just dgaf.

2c7242 No.491634

File: f609244463f9e3b⋯.jpg (528.8 KB, 1438x1238, 719:619, Florida Shooting FBI-Sheri….jpg)


FBI ignores a call to their tip line about Cruz.

FBI 'can't find' Cruz after making a comment on a YouTube Video, even though Cruz used his real name. Photos w/guns and knives all over his instagram account. Deputies went to his house 39 freaking times AND 4 Deputies were outside the school while Cruz was inside murdering 17 kids and some how this kid 'slips out' and they pick him up a mile down the road? Yeah….nothing to see here, right?

5bb985 No.491635


You are doing great anon!

96f313 No.491636


No prob. Also snipping tool is a free download for screen caps etc (may be useful instead of using print screen)

dab4a1 No.491637


If your coutry gets rid of the evil, I think it will follow here too. You have no idea how influenced we are by you. We even have the "muh russia" narrative here´. Media spews out how muh russia is a threat to OUR coming election. It's s stupid I can not even. Muh russia, muh russia EVEY DAY here. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic.

You will WIN.

a853ea No.491638

The idea is MEGA

Make Earth Great Again.

If we MAGA, the rest will want what we have, so push, push push, WW

66c3b1 No.491640

>>491555 She said, “ What difference, at this point does it make.”

4ff605 No.491641


He was not, watch the clip in the article

https:// www.intellihub.com/teacher-grazed-by-parkland-shooters-bullet-shooter-was-in-full-metal-garb-helmet-face-mask-bulletproof-armor-shooting-a-rifle-i-never-seen-before/

09d3c2 No.491642


This wouldn't be my first question.

My first question would be:

Am I receptive to this message?

Answer: Yes.

Does it sound logical to me, to put the interests of the country and the people first? Yes.

Are the real interests of the people as a whole benefiting me and my family and my community?

Yes. Because nearly all people want to prosper, want a decent job and freedom.

Why would you assume that cultural minorities are not interested in leading a decent life?

Are politicians interested in benefiting the country and the people. Are so-called 'elites' interested in this?

This is the question here.

Why did Q state: "They want you divided"?

5bb985 No.491643


Nothing is lost until you give up

a37e1a No.491645

File: 0fdb028b0236ae8⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 801x1200, 267:400, DW4kd4bU8AEPrX5.jpg)

U.S. Army

Verified account


2m2 minutes ago


"Energetically will I meet the enemies of my country."

https:// go.usa.gov/xnGdD

#SundayFunday #ArmyValues

1215c5 No.491646




Dusted this one off for you as well:

Loretta Fuddy, Subud, Bill Ayers, UIC’s Soviet propaganda guru, PLO, UN, the Obama logo designer and CIA’s MKULTRA

https:// www.1776channel.com/2015/07/13/us/fuddy-subud-ayers/

f09f94 No.491647

How come El-Amir has/is connection to Hezbollah?

I didn't see that in any document, it was just(?) an assumption by anon who posted the document:

https:// www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/usao-nj/legacy/2015/02/10/El%20Amir%2C%20Medhat%20Indictment.pdf

I didn't see any proven connection to Hezbollah.

2d40c3 No.491648



Could be french or spanish possibly, for the "europé".


Agreed that for example the french & spanish might be able & willing to fight.

As for the Germans: The "Allies" (west & east) did a good job brainwashing them "bad" Germans after the war for decades ….

I wouldn't count on them to be out on the streets fast. Overwhelming majority are probably gonna sit on their hands for a long time.

But watch out once they wake up and get angry (or hungry) …..

c42dcf No.491649

File: a240f6cde5a23dd⋯.jpeg (30.1 KB, 435x405, 29:27, 48f.jpeg)

Morning lads!

b94af5 No.491650


If POTUS can inspire the black community to stop idolizing gangster culture it will be an amazing accomplishment.

09d3c2 No.491651


This fear is sensible.

bc8e32 No.491652

File: 07cbfcf9f5dcbfc⋯.png (553.3 KB, 1504x1536, 47:48, IMG_1391.PNG)


Santa Fe also provided the site of both the most important intelligence and the most critical counterintelligence meetings in the history of the KGB, Held said. Both took place within a mile of the Bishop Lamy sculpture.

The critical intelligence meeting took place in 1944 on the bridge near Paseo de Peralta and Alameda Street between Klaus Fuchs and Harry Gold. Fuchs was a Los Alamos scientist and Gold was a KGB agent. Fuchs provided Gold with designs for both of the atomic weapons used at Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

https:// www. abqjournal.com/news/state/252342226134newsstate02-25-11.htm

9d5cb4 No.491653


riddles not my gift…give me reems of data and I will get you a prime conclusion..but no riddles please :-)

Could be..what was the purpose of anon payback? I do recall it happening, but forget motive..matching motive might makes sense as a theory…

09d3c2 No.491654


Then let's help him with that.

f8a7c9 No.491655

File: f43e5036814a0ba⋯.png (165.11 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

a853ea No.491656


The SUBUD connection is bizarre.

I traced Obama's dad back to MI5 several years ago. Doubt the info is still there. But everything ties back to the crown.

546253 No.491657

File: 0181f286f575bcf⋯.png (209.37 KB, 1357x899, 1357:899, Capture _2018-02-25-08-24-….png)

KEK-stastically awesome.

a853ea No.491659


This is happening.

There is a huge movement of black people towards Trump. He is sincere to them.

a2c8f6 No.491660


I am. Not sure about the rest…

a37e1a No.491661

File: 4a59f4aa92667e5⋯.jpg (128.73 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DWlEaQjU8AAyNII.jpg)

U.S. Dept of Defense

Verified account


27m27 minutes ago


Live-fire training!

@USMC #Marines fire their service rifles aboard #USSIwoJima during a shooting exercise in the #AtlanticOcean. The Marines are in the region to conduct peacekeeping operations and maintain relations with foreign militaries through joint exercises. #KnowYourMil

b38167 No.491662


We wish!

09d3c2 No.491663


She's preparing to propel censorship for the 'betterment' of internet culture. Therefore she is tweeting this.

1c86d4 No.491664


>Hello POTUS

>GERMANY calling.

>We appreciate a G-backed WW-crypto-currency

>w/ cheap and fast transactions.

>Accompanied by an WW-guaranteed physical Silver-acceptance

>for FREEDOM and ANONYMITY if required.

>US-citizen can use the Silver-vault of JPM. [650 Moz]

>And WE demand the safety of our borders.

>Otherwise we will start to protect them by our own.


>We do not forget. Expect US.


You folks need to get behind politicians that put Germany and the GERMAN PEOPLE before the EU, gloablism, and MIGRANTS. Follow our lead…

fc6958 No.491665


We didnt have a choice in the destabilization of the middle east. We were lied to and OUR government was usurped by commie globalists, same as yours!

Trump wouldn't of made that call, i'm sure of it. Only greed would lead to a decision like that. They saw crude oil and GOLD

And boy, did they get it.

But no, I dont believe Germany is lost. I dont think Europe is lost. I think we are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride. Trumps word is his bond. He promised a storm, and a storm we shall get.

SA → US → Asia → EU

5f5f91 No.491666

File: af4df7dff2344e6⋯.jpg (42.21 KB, 638x359, 638:359, af4df7dff2344e6fc37af239b5….jpg)


as in "oh no, see what i have had to endure on my twatter?"

96f313 No.491667


And hey Hillary was grossly negligent with classified intell and it was all good so CM could just point to the Clinton Clause. He can plead the Sith.

c42dcf No.491668


What's going on here, are we trying to track coms via twat?

b94af5 No.491669


I really don't know how to reply to that. If he comes up with a publicly known plan I'll consider contributing.

1215c5 No.491670



If you happen to use a Canon printer, E-Z Ink is very good quality at a fraction of the brand cost. Makes it possible for me to print out memes and Q stuff to leave on buses, park benches, restaurant tables etc.

8ff5f8 No.491671



Good Morning Anon

3bdc87 No.491672





Remember this?

Why is this relevant? SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4)

I think it is only a matter of time, it will become MEGA.

09d3c2 No.491673


Yes and as in having an agenda together with others, to silence the opposition and the truth movement.

83f3ad No.491674

>>475441 The Broward County Sheriff is a part of Hillary for America as you can see here> Hillary For America Florida leadership council document. https:// www.politico.com/f/?id=00000151-128c-d914-a9f1-f7fefd660000

96f313 No.491675


Last night they posted about watching the water and a pic of a bridge.

f8a22a No.491676


you have a point, agreed.

Don't forget the strategic plan "Full Spectrum Dominance 2020", probably still in effect and more or less on schedule, just like the "Which Way To Persia" roadmap. Just dig. By what I dug you can guess I'm an oldfag but hey, I might be irrelevant today, these documents definitely are still relevant now. So I would advise to read,read,read before you fight,fight,fight.

mohamedanism is being used as the tool of choice to decimate Europe by means of Germany, which is still USA's biggest sock puppet in the game, who rules all of €U through borderrot and monetary imperialism.

Same old same old, divide and conquer.

But >>491413 has a point too.

Don't see how Europe could survive as itself and not as Eurabia without some grueling civil wars and ethnic cleansing going strong.

If you see some solutions other than that, please let me know, I'd rather stay where I am rather than move to some Visegrad country with their impossible languages. Though if need be I'll move alright.

b94af5 No.491677


It will be interesting to see how sincere they are about it when the cameras arent on.

546253 No.491678


Think again anon… Made me tear up with pride when I read this.

https:// .independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/germany-man-immigrant-stabbing-knife-attack-merkel-refugee-policy-heilbronn-government-a8219261.html

b94af5 No.491679


In my country most people are too afraid of being called racist to even speak up for themselves, much less fight.

9d5cb4 No.491680


Prepare for Change (PFC) called everything (for the most part) that is happening now…not necessarily with Q and DJT but big picture…in fact back in 2015. Cobra part of that. Since DJT, PFC has been less accurate and more "out there.."…this information is interesting, but discern with PFC.

PFC is worth a read from a history perspective and if you think you might be starseed, I would say 101 reading material…but discern as with all things here…

1c86d4 No.491681


>We didnt have a choice in the destabilization of the middle east. We were lied to and OUR government was usurped by commie globalists, same as yours!

>Trump wouldn't of made that call, i'm sure of it. Only greed would lead to a decision like that. They saw crude oil and GOLD

>And boy, did they get it.

>But no, I dont believe Germany is lost. I dont think Europe is lost. I think we are in for one hell of a roller coaster ride. Trumps word is his bond. He promised a storm, and a storm we shall get.

>SA → US → Asia → EU

As WE succeed, we're opening the door for other sovereign nations to leave globalism behind. (((They))) will be SO badly wounded…

fc6958 No.491682


If it wasnt for a few patriots (or angels) in our Gov't, Hillary would of won..regardless of votes because our elections are RIGGED

Voting wont do shit over there..They will need to band together and physically remove their elected officials

282d80 No.491683


The Black Forest is their home. Europe will be a long time coming back to the fold. Poland has done it, though. Others will follow.

d18600 No.491684

File: b53a15f3dbd52f1⋯.png (162.75 KB, 2082x1008, 347:168, bill.png)


EFF/FPF pushing against this made me curious as well.

The bill itself seems intent to go after child/human traffickers pretty heavily, as well as what I'd dub as E-Pimps. I'm not well versed in the sly language they use in CONgress, but it seems to read that on a place like 8ch, it would be the USER, and not necessarily the Operator, that would be subject to prosecution for pimping out other people, or trying to traffic kidz, as long as reporting such trafficking posts, and mods deleting them/reporting those users to authorities was continued as the standard procedure (intent to remove such illegal content that was posted by a USER).

The 230 section has a section of specific definitions (information content provider) and (access software provider) which are not used in the 2421A amendment, whereas (Interactive computer service) is used..

<a defendant may be held liable, under this subsection, where promotion or facilitation of prostitution activity includes responsibility for the creation or development of all or part of the information or content provided through any interactive computer service.

I'm also not sure if they specifically have a definition of intent..

Also, maybe I missed it, but I didn't see where there was any retroactive enforcement as some claimed?

Regardless, this bill looks like a major attack against internet pedo traffickers, and I wonder if we would not just be doing their dirty work for them by fighting to prevent it on the grounds of pure internet freedom?

My gut tends to think this bill may be part of the plan to drain the swamp though.

a853ea No.491685

File: d6015062afb0baf⋯.png (541.28 KB, 865x709, 865:709, ClipboardImage.png)

Who needs congress?

b38167 No.491686

File: 4c657d121c60cbc⋯.jpg (317.41 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 6869962-morning-wallpaper.jpg)

Good morning to the new shift.

09d3c2 No.491687


We should stop idolizing 'celbrities', porn, gangsta culture, by not taking part in this, by boycotting events, articles and other instruments of brainwashing. By educating ourselves, redpilling others and striving to lead a decent life and striving for integrity.

087b07 No.491688

File: 0b3bbc41a1aeb31⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 182x256, 91:128, heydrich-endlosung.jpg)

in a conflict designed to bring a final solution to the internal conflict of the planet - it is important to sacrifice all sides of the conflict in a horrifyingly bloody manner in order to seal the change required within those who remain after the final solution.

heydrich endlosung

f8a22a No.491689


(((their))) home? no longer if I'm well informed. Q?

949295 No.491690


The real question is, if POTUS wants us to act or to hold on and follow the plan. GTMO.

WE are still a clown-colony and it is 1 inch to civil war w/ invaders here.

They underestimate us.


But isn´t it better to chop the head of the snake and to avoid the fight?

God bless.


9c4c52 No.491691

File: c1ff319d63293d4⋯.jpg (281.17 KB, 1070x1101, 1070:1101, Screenshot_20180225-072439.jpg)

File: 360c15c42bccd60⋯.jpg (654.21 KB, 1056x1673, 1056:1673, Screenshot_20180225-072536.jpg)

File: 1ac12f24625137e⋯.jpg (79.57 KB, 820x586, 410:293, DW4O3MzV4AAZzV2.jpg)

File: 3cdc8b8c3dc66ce⋯.jpg (158.18 KB, 1072x735, 1072:735, Screenshot_20180225-072642.jpg)

File: 2ba105300ce3823⋯.jpg (402.55 KB, 1065x1339, 1065:1339, Screenshot_20180225-072740.jpg)

http:// m.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Russia-calls-for-talks-with-US-on-North-Korea-543494/

Alot big moves about to happen. First meeting with Pence and now Ivanka. Moves and countermoves. Things are going to get very very interesting after olympics. Is Snowden in NK? Also Don Jr meeting in India while Trudeau is there making a fool of himself visiting a terrorist. Yuge!

76b30e No.491692


That's exactly what they want. Same in the USA by the way for the most part. Anons here are not the norm.

dab4a1 No.491693


Don't underestimate Germans. I'm of the same people, only slightly more strange variant (Swedish). The thing here is: after the WW2 we, just like the japanese for example, had to hide some parts of our Culture, and who we are. But it's only in hiding, not gone. We still can and will fight to the Death if it comes to that. We have nowhere to go, so we will fight. Our Culture is not meek or weak. My grandparents and that generation was the last who didn't "hide" like we are. The situation here is so insane you can not belive it. But Everything here is fake, we fake who we are - we KNOW we are being brainwashed, just like the Weimar republic knew. And that type of brainwashing do not work, only temporary. We are all acting. It'sembarassing, yes. But we are not weak. Our spirits are just low, but in one second, in one day this can and will be reversed. We are "hivemind people" for good and bad. Now it's for bad. But this WILL come to an end.

fc6958 No.491694


Yea, i'd if i'm hopeless optimistic but i'm not scared lol

I can see why some anons are

But i'm not. Our president gave the power back to we the people

IF for some reason, this happens like the away the anons think it will, we DEMAND a change and i guarantee our POTUS will listen to us

I know he will.

He hears us.

b94af5 No.491695


Yes. It will take several miracles. I guess we can enjoy the show.

c42dcf No.491696


Cheers to the day shift!

9d5cb4 No.491697


hey anon…aren't we already doing that?

-movie attendance WAY down

-TV ratings WAY down

-NFL attendance WAY down

-Olympics WORST ratings ever

I would say…as a society…WE are waking up and paying more attention…

WE need to herd the cats :-)

1215c5 No.491698


This is my thinking also. EFF was pro Net Neutrality, fought repeal tooth and nail, so not our guys. We're here for Q, and we're anti-Trafficking. So doesn't seem like this is our battle.

c42dcf No.491700



Lookup the Stockdale Paradox, some anon posted a few days ago.


5f5f91 No.491701


disgusting liddle bitch

will end her life soon

d11c3d No.491702




2c7242 No.491703

THIS bs is wtf Liberals/Democrats/RINOs/NWO/cabal

have done to our fucking country! smdh Welcome to America!

Police Called to School Because ‘Math Symbol Looked like a Gun’ www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/02/24/police-called-school-math-symbol-looked-like-gun/

b38167 No.491704


Stop idolizing bums and tits!

More so, stop idolizing certain bums and tits and making them a standard.

ebe9ec No.491705


I totally appreciate all the good wishes and help from Canadian/UK/EuropeAnons! Western Culture can and will overcome this. We love POTUS and it's good to know other Countries are counting on him and Q also. I just don't like the guy demanding and I wonder why more isn't being done over there to oust the black hats.

UK/Germany etc, we have great strong blood in us. I have seen more and weekly protests and that's a good sign.

Guess I want to stir the demanding guy to get off the pity pot.

c42dcf No.491706


This could be a way to get evidence into the public sphere…have the norks be the source

dde5ae No.491707


There must be a reason why these people want to stay in office till they die…. perhaps they lose their "protection" from "know it all" … and know they will die soon after.

282d80 No.491708


True. I think they are all bunkered down in Switzerland now.

83f3ad No.491709

>>475441 Broward County Sheriff Israel was once accused of sex with 17-year-old, forcing her to get abortion

Integrity? That's Scott Israel. Illegitimate children? That's Scott Israel. A much younger girlfriend on the side? That's Scott Israel. A former girlfriend who had to have an abortion? That's Scott Israel.

https:// www.sott.net/article/377783-Broward-County-Sheriff-Israel-was-once-accused-of-sex-with-17-year-old-forcing-her-to-get-abortion-VIDEO

2c7242 No.491710



>"Keep them starved"

>"Keep them blind"

>"Keep them stupid"

>HRC March 13, 2013

b94af5 No.491711


He doesn't hear me, and he doesn't hear people like me. If things don't improve I'm putting a bullet in my head. I'm done living in fear and being called evil for being white.

96f313 No.491712


Meme it now!

4ff605 No.491713

Trying again

Q: you are watching a movie

Teacher: it was like watching a movie

https:// www.intellihub.com/teacher-grazed-by-parkland-shooters-bullet-shooter-was-in-full-metal-garb-helmet-face-mask-bulletproof-armor-shooting-a-rifle-i-never-seen-before/

If sheriff is responsible, he is there for his life

ddda56 No.491714


Antarctica too. Which makes me wonder if it really is how the Nazis went there (antartica) and then slowly implemented themselves into the chain of US out of Antarctica… What picture is this painting, really?

Cause to me it looks like Russia is MIRROR'd to your US problem.

Same situation, same solution?

546253 No.491715


And Austria. They have a right wing leader now. He's young.

dab4a1 No.491716


We count you YOU, THE PEOPLE also. Do not forget that. Everyday we hope you will succed. And you WILL, because you are STRONG.

dce3ed No.491717


Calm down, you are of no use to anyone dead anon, your letting them win. You took the red pill, and like Q said those of in the know cannot sleep. Its a side effect of the red pill, i am a recovering alcoholic and i have the dark thoughts too. You are not alone, WRWY.

2c7242 No.491718



The 'CURE' will spread WW.

Have FAITH, Patriot.


76b30e No.491719


Thanks for the insight to Sweden anon, I love your country and hope to visit someday!

ebe9ec No.491720

cf10ba No.491721


Red text across bottom - Censorship is misspelled.


A Spelling Nazi anon

1bbc30 No.491722

File: 0d162e2062bf73d⋯.jpg (624.05 KB, 600x800, 3:4, economist_magazine_jan2015.jpg)


cats… rusty the cat.

What/Who is alice looking at again?

Im going to need some rest soon_X

8ee876 No.491723


I rather think that she is covering her tracks and “going to ground” (off grid) like the many fox she’s hunted. Happier times.

96f313 No.491724


It's the Russian bot version.


fa16c6 No.491725


This is actually pretty big. If they turn on the deep state and hand over all nukes…

Then Mad Dog won't have to kill every single one of them

fc6958 No.491726

File: f43d5296e494e6f⋯.png (68.27 KB, 444x237, 148:79, ClipboardImage.png)


We should be demanding an internet bill of rights like Q said

Because I called somebody "retarded" on twitter and my shit got suspended

an internet bill of rights

087b07 No.491727


to bad that cover doesn't tell the real tale and only spells out the desires of the secret world government which still dictates to the president

05c851 No.491728

File: 4a882d2ec1e3a16⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1820x904, 455:226, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 26021b9ffcd38db⋯.png (1.53 MB, 1088x1086, 544:543, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: 8cdfc58ebc7e872⋯.png (2.9 MB, 1654x994, 827:497, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)

File: b28e3c452dda7d1⋯.png (4.87 MB, 2064x1142, 1032:571, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at ….png)


I can't find a street view of where the arrest took place.

b94af5 No.491729


Im considered racist because I stand up for myself, so no, no one stands with me except other people who are labeled racist. POTUS isn't in that group. He never will be. Too busy appeasing minorities. Weakness. The question is whether we fight or die. I dont feel like leading an insurrection, so death is more likely. Going to bed, I guess. Good night.

aba937 No.491730

File: 61401f899e86970⋯.jpg (28.33 KB, 640x360, 16:9, trumpkanye.jpg)


Evil with respect to whom or what?

America, the democratic society?

America, the constitutional republic?

America, as envisioned by the cabal/swamp?


Definitions matter.

To what/whom does 'Humanity' refer?

Does it exclude certain populations?

Do occultists feel it excludes certain pops?

Have notable Cabalists made any such claims?

What did HRC say about [super predators]?

Did she suggest that they are inhuman and thus deserving of basic 'human' rights?

Was the same suggested of other groups?

Does it make more sense to know that you are not seen as deserving sympathy by (((them)))?

Define 'Human'.

Define 'Woman'.

Have these terms ever been synonymous?

Biblically, is Man a person or a Race?

Biblically, is Woman a person or a Race?

One was made to be 'Like God'.

The other inferior, but wanting to be 'Like God'.

They will deprive us of everything.

They will drink us dry and boil our bones.

Because they think survival requires it.

Again: define 'Evil'

76b30e No.491731



1215c5 No.491732



Come on anon, don't give up, man up. Every one of us here gets called evil or some such every day because of something we believe in. I'm Christian, and get attacked by progs constantly. Living in fear isn't caused by *them* it's our individual decision. Choose not to live in fear, and you take the power into yourself. If you've got the courage to put a bullet in your brain, use that courage to choose to live and help us restore America.

a233f2 No.491733


2018 will be glorious.

Hang in there…decades of entrenched corruption take time to untangle and set straight. Gotta prevent all attempts to find some "loop-hole" where (((THEY))) can squirm away from the justice (((THEY) deserve.

282d80 No.491734

Shell game day!

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shell_game

https:// y outu.be/czCwt6fAalA

http:// wallstreetpit. com/9849-how-to-play-the-corporate-shell-game/

https:// www. economist.com/news/britain/21588921-britain-makes-bold-move-making-firms-say-who-owns-them-shell-game

2d40c3 No.491735



I do remember, and am willing to observe patiently ! One reason why I (and all of us) am here. Still have to add that when it comes to the establishment, they are much more entrenched (historically) in Europe, I believe. So my guess would be that it'd be harder to fight or get rid of them in EU.

Not underestimating the germans – grew up there. But remember the author/journalist from the FAZ who publically said he (and others) have been paid regularly by C-A to write/tone articles acc. to their agenda ?

He died of heart-attack, I believe, a couple of years after he came out ….

Not much of a reaction back then amongst the krauts …..

546253 No.491736


Living in fear is one thing that is natural. Animals live in fear since birth. Even predators. Be patient, be observant. Let nature and your God given senses work with you. You will survive, as we will. Take greater pride dying knowing you did it fighting, not rolling over and giving up. Pls!!!!

76b30e No.491737


It is part of human existence but fear shouldn't own you. And our government and culture ensures that it does. Sad!

282d80 No.491738


Nope. Good versus evil. Anons will know it. You seek to subvert the truth.

8ff5f8 No.491739


As crimes are exposed here, people worldwide will begin to look at their own leaders and government. Many of these foundations and corporations, and Obama and Clinton committed crimes across the world.

It will be the cracks of lights through the celler down after the Storm here, beckoning people to want to break open the door and let the light shine.

There have been many resigning in Europe the past couple of months, and many more to come. Did you see these posts,, from a helper anon?

If this is true, it will be alot more then cracks of light that shine through,kek

It was a series of posts, i combined them here.

Anonymous 02/21/18 (Wed) 08:16:15 921384 (23) No.451171>>451210


Kate Middleton pregnancy push.

Didn't join in #metoo.

Went to BAFTAs without photos of William,

Megan Markle Push, less of Harry.

Nothing of Charles or Camilla.

Markle is a spy.

Queen is abdicating.

Charles won't take the throne.

Population being readied for truth about Diana's death.

Missing photos and CCTV coming.

Missing unredacted files coming.

Corbyn is ready to throw the establishment under the bus re: secret societies and British Mockingbird, hence him being warned about the blackmail re: Iran via his spying for the USSR in the past.

Bit quiet really.

Do parties know which communications are monitored?

Do secret societies know which electronic communications are monitored?

How do the heads of these societies communication?

Do they hide in plain site?

Do they use symbols in meetings?

Can the controlled give up their secrets?

Do they plant articles in newspapers?

With code words?

What message was sent when Trump met at Davos?

Where was the message?

What is shoulder to shoulder?

More UK.

Truth about pedo rings coming, including PM May's father.

Mogg, Johnson government coming.

Corruption and pedo scandals about to inundate British parliament.

Miscommunications being used to turn bad actors against each other.

Everyone turning on each other.

No one can be trusted now that the secret societies are being broken up.

It's a race not to be without a chair when the music stops.

Water refers to Big Pharma.

All roads lead from Rome to London.

Expect arson, arson, arson.

Expect a British 9/11.

Expect White backlash.

Expect lynchings.

Expect state of emergency in the UK.

Whites against minorities.

Last card to play.

Economic collapse in the UK.

But they didn't expect the white hats listening to everything too.

They expected Hillary to win.


Shoulder to shoulder.

May bowing to Trump.

As Blair bowed to Bush.

It's intended.

Remove the s

Justin Merkle's puppy?

Dig into his 'adult' profiles.

There, your solution is.

Gerry Adams HATES Corbyn, with good reason.

Loose lips, sink ships.

Look at the different social media handles he has used.

Search across the usual adult platforms.

People aren't as careful back then as they are now.

Even if just a liddle off the middle of the road, it would destroy his media 'pers

629497 No.491740

File: 0fdb028b0236ae8⋯.jpeg (64.25 KB, 801x1200, 267:400, DW4kd4bU8AEPrX5.jpeg)

Energetically will i meet my enemies.

2aee2e No.491741


Crap! You've got me trying to think of words that fit the bloody crossword now! Kek!

7d1ba2 No.491742

File: fa5200525830ff6⋯.jpg (4.51 KB, 416x416, 1:1, american-national-red-cros….jpg)


23 staff members leave Red Cross over sexual misconduct

trtworld.com/europe/ 23-staff-members-leave-red-cross-over-sexual-misconduct-15463

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said 23 staff members had left since 2015 over sexual misconduct, making it the latest humanitarian organisation to be affected by abuse allegations shaking the aid sector.

"Since 2015 we've identified 21 staff members who were either dismissed for paying for sexual services or resigned during an internal enquiry. Another two staff members suspected of sexual misconduct did not have their contracts renewed," ICRC Director-General Yves Daccord said in a statement published on Friday.

087b07 No.491743

File: 2ff662e4729f658⋯.jpg (51.49 KB, 450x274, 225:137, goering.jpg)

d11c3d No.491744

So if the shooter was wearing full metal garb? Wouldn't that be what those cops are carrying out the back door.

1215c5 No.491746


Good morning sunshine!

2aee2e No.491747


Doesn't matter; post the work-in-progress, tell us what you need and we'll do the rest. Sound like a plan?

dce3ed No.491748


If we die it will be at the hand of our enemies, fighting to the last breath, not by our own hands. You should be glad they hate you, firstly they don't know you, and they have been taught to hate you.

Look how effective it is to play the game, Oboma pretended to an American and look how many he fooled. You can go deep cover with a few idiots until the tide turns. Just play their game, while knowing this is not a game.

Read Sun Tzu, Art Of War. Get Strong, get off the board for a few hours, get some fresh air. Then return for battle, you are just getting burned out.

96f313 No.491750


Nope. No way. U imagined that goy. Oy vey shut it down!

t. Sheriff Israel

76b30e No.491751


Was in a bad mood reading news until the sun came up with it's magnificence - and I thought, anons are the sun that will wake up the world!

629497 No.491752

File: f814a161f34a03d⋯.png (706.27 KB, 1080x798, 180:133, Screenshot_20180225-074908….png)

2d40c3 No.491754


I believe he was put there on purpose to propagate some half-assed, soft-"conservatism" to avoid political turmoil as has happened in Italy (5 stars movement), Netherlands or Germany (AfD).

Chances are he's a douche (i.e. of the classical political cast), and doesn't really mean what he says – there's lots he could do, if he meant it, specifically in a small, alpine country as Austria …

2aee2e No.491755


You mistake tolerance for liberalism. Big mistake.

1625c3 No.491756

File: 0b4b343d3cbfcf9⋯.png (1023.08 KB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

aba937 No.491757

File: decb4b893ad4d50⋯.jpg (212.84 KB, 768x1728, 4:9, Eze27-15_a.jpg)


GEOTUS hears all voices of the forgotten.

You currently suffer due to a sustained, generational assault incorporating direct, biological and psychological operations.

Keep the Faith, Brother.

You WILL get what is coming to you.

f8a22a No.491760


Yes well… that is one (1!) drunk pensioner who lightly wounded 3 "refugees" in your linked story.

Germany sure is a lot safer now I'm sure!

Seriously, I honestly doubt that even AFD could turn the tide even if it became larger than CSU/CDU.

Merkel and that Dr Strangelove, whassisname, Stauble, the eugenicist, have been at it far too long.

Germany will live the terrible karma to have utterly ruined the old continent ONCE AGAIN, for the third time in a century. Quite a feat!

That is bound to make the German population into mental minions even worse than today's Swedes.

Worse, any action like this drunk knife wielding will set back still further the time and possibility of some well thought out real solution. my 2ۍ

c928c0 No.491762


Hamze, Broward Deputy Sheriff is CAIR/Hamas/ISW (scroll down):

https:// web.archive.org/web/20180224045134/http:// forums.leoaffairs.com/showthread.php?445016-Broward-Deputy-Sheriff-Nezar-Hamze-Involved-with-Second-Terrorist-Group

1215c5 No.491764


Yep. Same here on the DC coast. Birds singing, sun shining, and a glorious day to kick some cabal ass.

7825fb No.491765


fire him and then charge him

a853ea No.491766

File: 6489a4b1647c368⋯.jpg (207.88 KB, 1588x735, 1588:735, JewCop.jpg)


These boards were (((chosen))) for a specific reason.

8ff5f8 No.491767


the very end part was about That Hogg kid i think.. Sorry

I copied it at the time real fast, and put it in my misc file, to investigate into later,

looking for pics i thought i had of post too. Instead of having to copy it over like that.

087b07 No.491768

File: 278104824790b23⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1254, 320:209, Keppler_Credit_Mobilier_Ha….png)

the art of seppuku

seppuku sometimes referred to as harakiri, is a form of japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment. It was originally reserved for samurai, but was also practiced by other people later on.

96f313 No.491769


Someone said the sheriff is a Muslim yesterday. Not sure if there's sauce but interdasting if true.

1dd19f No.491770

File: fc64f06c7194810⋯.png (92.23 KB, 1375x718, 1375:718, bridge.png)


https:// bridge-registry.org/

9c4c52 No.491771

File: c85a85a7a8744f9⋯.jpg (539.65 KB, 978x1656, 163:276, Screenshot_20180225-075024.jpg)

File: 99629c51616e3b2⋯.jpg (311.31 KB, 978x1159, 978:1159, Screenshot_20180225-075239.jpg)

File: f05f741ccb562b9⋯.jpg (116.73 KB, 947x753, 947:753, Screenshot_20180225-074836.jpg)

File: 94b9861b0216d08⋯.jpg (317.27 KB, 978x1554, 163:259, Screenshot_20180225-074059.jpg)

File: 244777fba5293d8⋯.jpg (237.31 KB, 978x949, 978:949, Screenshot_20180225-074442.jpg)


Agreed. I find it VERY interesting that Russia is now pushing for these talks. Don't know exactly what's about to happen but given all the q posts about that region is it's going to be big. May be a part of Phase 2.

fc6958 No.491772


then you are weak

If you feel like you need to off yourself because you are a coward then so be it, i'll pick up your slack. I feel no sympathy for you. We have too much work to do. Imagine if our founding fathers decided it was "too hard" to FIGHT for this blessed land…

I fear NOTHING. This is worth DYING for.

I'll fight until my last BREATH for my children's children

But I will NEVER cut my life short because of a make believe fear that (((they))) instilled in you


3fc6e1 No.491773

File: 6689f09b24f20cf⋯.png (5.36 MB, 5009x4232, 5009:4232, 43 Connections MAP.png)

File: 1ffa71f7a2988ca⋯.png (18.89 KB, 390x498, 65:83, 43 Connections.png)

File: 897db1fbc1a68c6⋯.png (10.64 KB, 420x222, 70:37, 43 Connections Q post.png)

X post from the Mindmaphomo Thread


On Nov 24 in post #225, Q said:

>Map currently has 43 confirmed connections

So I went back through all the crumbs and pulled out the most obvious 43 names that were directly referenced (see spreadsheet pic)

I tried to limit the amount of connections by excluding organizations or people that I considered to be /goodguys/

There are other names like Sessions, Mike Green, Devos etc that were not counted.

I haven't expanded the map to include organizations like Rizvi, the CIA, SpaceX yet… That comes next.

If you want to collaborate and continue expanding the graphic go to:

>https:// www.draw.io/

open the XML file that's located here:

>https:// file.io/sPPoJk

and keep building!

I will add HTML links to news articles that detail their crimes later.

fd11e6 No.491774

File: 2ec7b3205d6338f⋯.png (37.42 KB, 356x493, 356:493, Screenshot from 2018-02-25….png)


that's a fail, at least in my book

9deaf5 No.491775

File: 9a8a1f4b41d290b⋯.png (35.1 KB, 502x320, 251:160, 5a92adb05cd0f.png)

1215c5 No.491776


That is awesome, love that guy. Any chance you could do one where you swap out "laundry soap" for "Tide Pods"? Got some fakebook peeps who won't get it otherwise, and it's a network I'd like to break into.

5f5f91 No.491777

File: 7b9fbe01c774f9f⋯.jpg (13.04 KB, 480x360, 4:3, downloads.jpg)

2aee2e No.491778

File: a0eb367f247e430⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Kek Flag.jpg)

(cue inspiring music)

Racism is irrelevant here. We fight under the flag of Kekistan for the greater good of all. Wew are not black, white, red or yellow; we are all green and where we go one, we go all.

/salutes the flag of Kekistan

7d1ba2 No.491779

File: 95642eb6f802fcd⋯.jpg (136.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

"Where is Kanye West? Tracking the rapper's disappearing act" After his rant and forced hospitalization, his producer Malik Yusef said Kanye was "getting his memory back". The official story was exhaustion/dehydration. Do you lose your memory from this? What really happed to Kanye West?

usatoday.com/story /life/music/2017/11/16/where-kanye-west-tracking-rapper-year-long-disappearing-act-comeback/870149001/

a853ea No.491780


No, he's the only Jewish sheriff in Florida.

9c4c52 No.491781


Huge! Swamp draining globally.

c928c0 No.491782



Hope they weren’t just the Whistleblowers.

5f5f91 No.491783

File: 0592145476262b3⋯.jpg (87.58 KB, 960x738, 160:123, 0592145476262b346e772c794b….jpg)


the "who kills more people numeric relation" is a powerful meme

c42dcf No.491784



That's a beautiful city filled with swamp creatures. Let's clean house!!

2c7242 No.491785

File: 5949fdccb453f3d⋯.jpg (132.06 KB, 732x540, 61:45, POTUS CPAC 2018 meme red.jpg)


Anon, remember THIS Q post two days ago on the 23rd?

>Watch the speech.

>We are talking to you.

>Proofs only meant for you.


THIS was POTUS talking to you…and to me, and to ALL of us! I just made this meme for you and everyone else to save, and read it often and remember these words from our President!! SAVE IT! You are not alone! :)

1625c3 No.491786


Sorry, not mine.

Just sharing here for those that can meme and for anybody else that wants it.

cf10ba No.491787



We love our grandma anons, oh yes we do!

ddda56 No.491789


any other anons think the US ARMY pic looks dimensional?

f09f94 No.491790


that picture is found related to publishing of the first time in russian magazine of the protocols of the elders of zion

ac0c88 No.491791


I see it the same way. Storm is coming and some people are feeling it. The brainwashed rest is starting to literally fall apart. Families destroyed and devided, mental and physical illnises on the rise, psychotic behaviour, loss of reality, isolation, sexual perversion… everything caused by a massive indoctrination.

c42dcf No.491792


AMEN brother.

We are fighting to secure liberty for generations to come.

And I am fighting for your children as you are for mine.

Where we go one we go all!!!

2c7242 No.491793

File: 0b4e57eea8d6194⋯.jpg (133.4 KB, 722x524, 361:262, POTUS CPAC 2018 meme.jpg)

c928c0 No.491794


Kanye ‘woke’ then started red pilling his audiences, so they institutionalized him ie ‘reprogramming.’

087b07 No.491795

>>491790 yes indeed - have you read the book

a853ea No.491796

File: 99a9117912b66b9⋯.jpg (314.37 KB, 1230x580, 123:58, AsTheWorldTurns.jpg)



d18600 No.491797

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


>Never gonna let you down.

Truly /ourguy/

fd11e6 No.491798

File: ebc18dd9d31e851⋯.jpg (136.61 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, hitler_laughs_in_german.jpg)


>Sorry, forgot Germans cant detect humor.

pic related, for the lulz

2aee2e No.491799


The darkest night is just before the dawn. Stay strong Anon, you are among friends.


b5fa13 No.491800


Nice pic. Is that supposed to be an L5 colony or something from scifi?

ea2b20 No.491802

File: aaaeb0692091d2a⋯.jpg (40.65 KB, 255x252, 85:84, standup.JPG)

GM anons; love you (no homo) but (and)WTF whitehouse.gov petitions for #internetbillofrights is UNDER 500 signatures. Who the hell are we? GEEEEEZ. website says petitions must have over 100,000 signatures in 30 days and we are 20 days in today with 500. SAD.

546253 No.491803


My background is Czech, and been back to that country many times, 90'-2000's. Also Germany, Austria. Many of them just sit and take it on the head due to the stigma of Hitler and the cold war Cumunism. They will stand up soon, and it won't be pretty. Czech has already voted in Zeman, and he is anti populist. Wants his people to have identity, says no to immigrants from Muslim countries. Says it will dilute their culture and way of life. I'm in Canada, and I see what a diluted culture had done. Canadians governed themselves, now we bend at the knee to other immigrants who will not work hard, pay taxes and bud the nation. Instead we have entitled immigrants, they want mosques, banning of Christian faith, and laws. Canada and the USA were built on immigration, but not this kind. We need to stop this because they won't assimilate to OUR country's ways, and culture. It is a sad day when the needs of a few, outweigh the needs of a nation. That my friend, is the beginning of the end….

8ff5f8 No.491804

File: 95ab8b4851d6518⋯.jpg (110.5 KB, 962x649, 962:649, 49938E0900000578-5432283-i….jpg)

File: b6dfba4007b7325⋯.jpg (150.52 KB, 962x641, 962:641, 499388B300000578-5432283-i….jpg)

It really was the Peace Games! 'North Korea is ready to hold talks with US' as athletes from both countries march together and one of Kim Jong-un's key aides sits inches from Ivanka Trump at spectacular Winter Olympics closing ceremony.

Kim Jong-un is ready to hold talks with the United States as Ivanka Trump sat within inches of a North Korean spy chief during the spectacular Olympic closing ceremony. At today's opening ceremony, the First Daughter Ivanka Trump was sat near Pyongyang General Kim Yong Chol as the pair were both guests of honour of South Korean leader Moon Jae-in. Kim is accused of masterminding the sinking of the South Koran war ship Cheonan that killed 46 sailors and the artillery bombardment of a South Korean island that killed four people. And it has now been claimed North Korea is ready to open dialogue with the United States.

http:// www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5432283/Billy-Wright-flies-flag-closing-ceremony-Olympics.html

934b8c No.491805


Sun rising here!! Good Morning/ Evening Anon!!

1625c3 No.491806

File: 3c9db33dce9c3b7⋯.png (674.97 KB, 808x960, 101:120, ClipboardImage.png)

e55867 No.491807


Someone I know programmed satellites in the 70s. The govt had capabilities back then to read license plates.

There is no way they're paying for the resolution described - to distinguish between cars and trucks? Really?

dab4a1 No.491808


Yes, THEY are. And they are clever too, we have some (stupid and numbing) creature comfort here which THEY brought. But, the second the middle class is robbed of this, even the most frail nerd here will turn into a beast that will shed blood relentlessly. We have nowhere to go, and we are not afraid to die. This "beserker" trait is one of the things we must hide, or something we "traded" for this creature comfort. When this goes everything will be reset. Our old Culture was one of reincarnation, and we still have this trait, but of course we hide it like we must hide pretty much everything.

64dfc1 No.491809

Lot of years carring sidearm I just joined the NRA yesterday….let that sink in for awhile.

1215c5 No.491812


WOW, I need some serious sleep before diving into this. Thank you anon!

557643 No.491813


Concept city I grabbed from internet.

ddda56 No.491814



Dave Chappelle too man, gives me hope that he ISN'T a clone.. Because if Kayne pulled that and is still around… Well.

A man growing that much muscle mass at that age, with the vocal chords drop hints to me genetic alteration, could he have been a experiment gone LIVE?

05c851 No.491815

File: 30a3bf25bc0fc65⋯.png (493.9 KB, 397x720, 397:720, schiffhungry.png)

96f313 No.491816


I was ready eyed through most of his speech. I wasn't the one who suggested "I love you America" as the message when we were trying to vote on one 18 character message and I didn't see anyone recognize it; except one :)

I love my country, I love my countrymen, and I love my POTUS. God bless my fellow anons on this fine Sunday morning.

1bbc30 No.491817

… I dont know, it might be legit @bridge-registry… Ive got work in 5 hours.

2f7499 No.491818

File: afa02993c746079⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 2068x2924, 517:731, obr2000.jpg)

b638c1 No.491819

File: d6a4747107008dc⋯.png (935.22 KB, 723x1514, 723:1514, Capture _2018-02-25-07-33-….png)

96f313 No.491820


*teary eyed

c42dcf No.491821


Saying their membership should be growing?

f8a7c9 No.491822



Yup. Bait. Or she would have not bothered to post. Just left.

c71619 No.491823


A British satellite designed to film full-colour videos and take high-definition photos of Earth has gone into orbit in space.

The prototype, which will be operated by Earth-i, a UK start-up which wants to lead the way in the space data-gathering market, was launched into orbit by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

http:// home.bt.com/tech-gadgets/tech-news/uk-satellite-film-full-colour-videos-earth-earth-i-11364242846749

087b07 No.491824


seems like a valid excuse

546253 No.491825


I heard that they have a Hubble type of telescope(s) pointed at earth. They have a resolution of less than half an inch. Yeah, they could read your newspaper…

8ff5f8 No.491826

File: 3521b7475b6102e⋯.jpeg (139.62 KB, 900x599, 900:599, 1_mRSaQh0SjSrr16Spm1qikQ.jpeg)

File: fff966329448f01⋯.jpg (17.2 KB, 232x218, 116:109, images (24).jpg)

File: 520a2b1a7356fb5⋯.png (1.16 MB, 722x721, 722:721, 520 (1).png)

1bbc30 No.491827


lol thats like doctor strangelove

b5fa13 No.491829


Same. Joined NRA and GOA yesterday. Wife will today.

c42dcf No.491830


Can confirm that came online decades ago

f8a7c9 No.491831


Good idea, but do they have a suitable someone in Germany?

557643 No.491832

File: 0de4475afb52296⋯.jpg (305.01 KB, 1307x934, 1307:934, QMap.jpg)


Nice work! Glad to see the Sauds at the top, many are focusing on bin Talal, but the other two are important too.

087b07 No.491834


and he road the bomb all the way down

b2b09d No.491835



Agreed. Intent (mens rea) is covered under reckless disregard.

Not our battle.


Clown scare, like the gun grab, to hijack and weaponize anons against legit efforts to end human trafficking.

These people are SICK.

There is no Universe where willful, wanton, RECKLESS DISREGARD slippery slopes into plain old-fashioned negligence.

Someone tell CM, it's going to be OK.

e578df No.491836



Seen this a few times now….what is this?

eae68a No.491837


“storm” shelter?

9fd5ef No.491838

Any way we can keep the Roths' hands off the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? Or is that pretty much going to get taken?

7d1ba2 No.491839

Lawyers For The DNC Argue That Primary Rigging Is Protected By The First Amendment

The ongoing litigation of the DNC Fraud Lawsuit and the appeal regarding its dismissal took a stunning turn yesterday. The defendants in the case, including the DNC and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, filed a response brief that left many observers of the case at a loss for words.

The document, provided by the law offices of the Attorneys for the Plaintiffs in the case, Jared and Elizabeth Beck, and appears to argue that if the Democratic Party did cheat Sanders in the 2016 Presidential primary race, then that action was protected under the first amendment. Twitter users were quick to respond to the brief, expressing outrage and disgust at the claims made by representatives of the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Defense counsel also argued that because of Jared Beck’s outspoken twitter posts, the plaintiffs were using the litigation process for political purposes: “For example, Plaintiffs’ counsel Jared Beck repeatedly refers to the DNC as “shi*bags” on Twitter and uses other degrading language in reference to Defendants.” Fascinatingly, no mention is made regarding the importance of First Amendment at this point in the document.

The defense counsel also took issue with Jared Beck for what they termed as: “…Repeatedly promoted patently false and deeply offensive conspiracy theories about the deaths of a former DNC staffer and Plaintiffs’ process server in an attempt to bolster attention for this lawsuit.”

This author was shocked to find that despite the characterization of the Becks as peddlers of conspiracy theory, the defense counsel failed to mention the motion for protection filed by the Becks earlier in the litigation process. They also failed to note the voice-modulated phone calls received by the law offices of the Becks which contained a caller-ID corresponding to the law offices of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a defendant in the case. In light of this context, the Becks hardly appear to be peddlers of conspiracy theory.

The DNC defense lawyers then argued that: “There is no legitimate basis for this litigation, which is, at its most basic, an improper attempt to forge the federal courts into a political weapon to be used by individuals who are unhappy with how a political party selected its candidate in a presidential campaign.”

The brief continued: “…To recognize any of the causes of action that Plaintiffs allege based on their animating theory would run directly contrary to long-standing Supreme Court precedent recognizing the central and critical First Amendment rights enjoyed by political parties, especially when it comes to selecting the party’s nominee for public office.”

It appears that the defendants in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit are attempting to argue that cheating a candidate in the primary process is protected under the first amendment.

If all that weren’t enough, DNC representatives argued that the Democratic National Committee had no established fiduciary duty “to the Plaintiffs or the classes of donors and registered voters they seek to represent.”

It seems here that the DNC is arguing for its right to appoint candidates at its own discretion while simultaneously denying any “fiduciary duty” to represent the voters who donated to the Democratic Party under the belief that the DNC would act impartially towards the candidates involved.

Adding to the latest news regarding the DNC Fraud Lawsuit was the recent finding by the UK Supreme Court, which stated that Wikileaks Cables were admissible as evidence in legal proceedings.

If Wikileaks’ publication of DNC emails are found to be similarly admissible in a United States court of law, then the contents of the leaked emails could be used to argue that, contrary to the defendant’s latest brief, the DNC did in favor the campaign of Hillary Clinton over Senator Sanders and that they acted to sabotage Sanders’ campaign.

The outcome of the appeal of the DNC Fraud Lawsuit remains to be seen. Disobedient Media will continue to report on this important story as it unfolds.


cf10ba No.491840


Congratulations, you're an autist!

b51180 No.491841


What's interesting about BOB is that about a year and a half ago he had a period of being extremely "woke". Talking all day on Snapchat about illuminati, rituals, and that series of mixtapes even has a song about how the queen of England kidnapped all those native kids for her sick hunting party shit.

He at one point even talked about how he had a gun and wasn't afraid of them coming.

Then he went dark for a period and came back and erased any social media posts with anything related to the cabal cult.

05c851 No.491842

File: 9a28e85856a4ede⋯.png (612.56 KB, 720x635, 144:127, tidepod1.png)

File: 940002beff2acd8⋯.png (440 KB, 720x395, 144:79, tidepod2.png)

File: 6c5787412d1827b⋯.png (105.29 KB, 758x528, 379:264, tidepod3.png)

96f313 No.491843


We are with you

5f5f91 No.491844

File: d13665a24ee25ea⋯.gif (1.8 MB, 400x225, 16:9, rothschild-right-now.gif)

546253 No.491845


Roger that anon. Especially useful in geostat orbit. Always pointed at north America

c928c0 No.491846


I spent time with Chapelle in Napa, he’s a ‘woke’ dude. Critical thinker. Highly intelligent.

b5fa13 No.491847


We Are With YOU

1215c5 No.491848



Please repost for the evening Q shift, which is when the grandma anons tend to be here!

2c7242 No.491849

File: c901b5a8cd5f8f9⋯.jpg (122.46 KB, 530x766, 265:383, RIP JFK.jpg)

fa16c6 No.491850

File: 4eb246f1811d264⋯.jpg (459.73 KB, 998x1117, 998:1117, 4eb246f1811d264d70009435c6….jpg)

File: 85916d46f075364⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1024x1280, 4:5, POC_ciabreakup.png)

My First Think Tank Release: How to Break up the CIA

e55867 No.491851


This is true. NRO gave NASA effectively 2 Hubble powered satellites that "were to be pointed at earth": http://


So NRO just magically stops needing them? No, they have something better.

2aee2e No.491853

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Watch this and then re-read your post. We are a band of brothers (and sisters).

c42dcf No.491854


The interesting thing is my sources are all NSA. They had/have all the tech. Not clowns.

2d40c3 No.491855


That's what I am worried about, as usually these "eruptions" (when they happen) always remind me of the firefighter who torched the house in the first place ….

It indeed won't be pretty …. >>491803

…. and it still needs a lot of education/information for them to do what's right instead of following the next best "saviour" ….

5f5f91 No.491856

File: ac0a5c990832202⋯.png (143.02 KB, 270x334, 135:167, ac0a5c990832202a83188268f7….png)


<3 u 2 , POTUS!

2770e4 No.491857

File: 1186a825ab511b0⋯.jpg (44.83 KB, 720x855, 16:19, FB_IMG_1519571087067.jpg)

The generation of zero self-control.

2c7242 No.491858


Aren't you a dear! :)

f8a7c9 No.491859

File: b476bc4e0248cf2⋯.png (270.99 KB, 448x336, 4:3, b476bc4e0248cf210024b6014a….png)

7d1ba2 No.491860

File: 52342cefd6ad0bf⋯.jpg (432.08 KB, 1125x1139, 1125:1139, q9Ag7IR.jpg)

4acaa0 No.491862


Does anyone have a copy of the speech and can post it here? I forgot to record it.

546253 No.491863


Clowns prolly just "borrowed" time with NSA, why pay when you can rent the tech

dc19a3 No.491864


Do one of the account numbers posted by Q match with bridge numbers????

fa16c6 No.491865


Well done Anon! This is BIG.

f8a22a No.491866

File: 995fe1b916440a5⋯.jpg (12.44 KB, 255x189, 85:63, 5414bc536c0b26c95bdef523ee….jpg)


here have one with it

7d1ba2 No.491867

File: 7c7230c43f9e48a⋯.jpg (65.29 KB, 850x960, 85:96, ztp4bylncci01.jpg)

1625c3 No.491868


Page not found

3d4b26 No.491869


https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-conservative-political-action-conference-2/

09d3c2 No.491870


True and GOOD!

But to feel the loss of money and the loss of attention, our friends, families and communities have to understand WHY we are doing this and they have to be convinced that it is a good way of not supporting and even financially reward interest groups that are detrimental to the interests of normal people. Hence, we have to lead by good example and to strengthen our efforts to redpill the people around us.

dde5ae No.491871

Hang in there Anon/Chans… the wind will always blow so be strong and not sway like willows. Q seems to have become the much needed boost needed, but you were here long ago, doing the work you do. Q just added more work. It is YOU… always has been. Have FAITH… you really are seeing much come to pass that was foretold thousands of years ago and you are a major part of the fulfillment. Look in the mirror and really see who YOU really are. The enemy is going all out now, scared… no, they are terrified. The end of all they know is before their eyes. Expect chaos, for that is their only option. Be steps ahead of them as you have been. Trust the Powers who are in this with you. Look, see all those on those for you.. there be more for you than you realize. Have FAITH. All this was to be, is to be.

7d1ba2 No.491872

File: 52342cefd6ad0bf⋯.jpg (432.08 KB, 1125x1139, 1125:1139, q9Ag7IR.jpg)

2d40c3 No.491873


Remove the D from "dnews":


e578df No.491874


I would love to understand all of the iconography (((they))) were implying in that cover.

Anyone know if this has been analyzed and described somewhere?

Is that magazine a propaganda tool for (((their))) plans?

eae68a No.491875


Listened, repeatedly, to Chappelle at club in europe. He has always been woke. He still is woke.

5875d4 No.491876


perfect, ty

7d1ba2 No.491877

File: e42b8ba480ae333⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 750x298, 375:149, 4gkvogech7i01.jpg)

187fe5 No.491878

File: c897b0dc218b52a⋯.jpeg (106.3 KB, 1020x572, 255:143, 1519567816.jpeg)

3d4b26 No.491880

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-proclamation-modifying-continuing-national-emergency-respect-cuba-continuing-authorize-regulation-anchorage-movement-vessels/

Watch the water

1215c5 No.491881


Should this be made a priority? It's in the bread at the top I think, but maybe a meme push?

14d4da No.491882


https:// hooktube.com/watch?v=p2msb0vfjRI

1bbc30 No.491883


trouble lifting eyesockets. See you this evening.

Anon suggested Find a link Hussein foundation(s). Could be leads in The Bridge(book) and then @Bridge-registry.

Just occurred to me. What if this is concerned directly with Snowden.

7d1ba2 No.491884

File: 76be008b0b0039f⋯.jpg (23.6 KB, 400x400, 1:1, zolxuq3dzci01.jpg)

ebe9ec No.491885


The people in Hungary and Poland seem woke also. I loved POTUS speech in Poland. Listen again. He is praising their anti-Globalist efforts and calling for the same from ALL of Europe/UK Patriots. From OUR Patriots too.

7d1ba2 No.491887

File: 85c8af042045d34⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 346x346, 1:1, h4painlpuci01.jpg)

1c86d4 No.491888


>"Where is Kanye West? Tracking the rapper's disappearing act" After his rant and forced hospitalization, his producer Malik Yusef said Kanye was "getting his memory back". The official story was exhaustion/dehydration. Do you lose your memory from this? What really happed to Kanye West?

>usatoday.com/story /life/music/2017/11/16/where-kanye-west-tracking-rapper-year-long-disappearing-act-comeback/870149001/

It's almost the same exact story with DMX. While I believe that Hip Hop in particular has been used to brainwash an entire segment of the population in the worst ways possible, I have respected both DMX and Kanye West for going against the establishment and, in the case of DMX, chronicling his internal and external struggles (i.e. he will 1st rap about evil shit as his masters want him to, then he will express his regret, then he reveals the backlash that he received). Some DMX interviews are great red pill material, especially since a LOT of libs that aren't actually bots are in fact black, and most know his story - just need to be reminded of it…. great RED PILL…. DMX…. memefags, get on it!

09d3c2 No.491889


Yes, we are in this together and will unite for a free and decent life.

2aee2e No.491890

File: cd308d83871125d⋯.png (397.57 KB, 498x639, 166:213, Bomber_png.png)


Rode the bomb, not 'road'. We do that too, with bombs of truth. Now do you see the inspiration?

087b07 No.491891


goto bed anon, the fight here isnt about snowden

1625c3 No.491892


Kek! Trying to trip me up before my coffee has kicked in, eh?


b51180 No.491893


It's clear she is always the final step prior to getting GEOTUS/surrogate for her father. She's always been his favorite and as much as I love Don and Eric, she really is the smartest IMO.

Damien Kushner can fuckoff but I still love Ivanka.

2c7242 No.491895


POTUS makes me cry almost every time I hear him speak! I was a mess for his SOTU and I was a mess for his CPAC speech! And I'm not one that cries very often but something about POTUS just touches my 'hard heart'! He makes me feel so proud!!:)

>>491797 Yes he is! haha

c42dcf No.491896

3fc6e1 No.491897

File: 45211e546639522⋯.png (200.95 KB, 337x332, 337:332, horned man2.png)

>>491812 Thanks NoSleepAnon

>>491832 Yeah, I tried to keep the most important people at the top. The Horned Man is always the Keystone.

I've got other ideas that i'll keep expanding. The amount of connections are almost infinite

1215c5 No.491898




Illuminati symbolism on The Economist covers used to be talked a lot. Just goggle or duck The Economist covers symbolism.

09d3c2 No.491899


He hears you already, or why did he run and WIN the presidency? Not for his private goals. He ran for us!

7d1ba2 No.491900

File: 57bfd8cec14b60e⋯.jpg (13.73 KB, 466x390, 233:195, 1494389019679.jpg)

Comey to teach ethical leadership course at College of William & Mary

www.politico.com/ story/2018/01/19/james-comey-william-and-mary-349309

Former FBI Director James Comey is joining the faculty at his alma mater, the College of William & Mary, and will teach a course on ethical leadership starting this fall, the school announced Friday morning.

“I am thrilled to have the chance to engage with William & Mary students about a vital topic — ethical leadership,” Comey said in a statement. “Ethical leaders lead by seeing above the short term, above the urgent or the partisan, and with a higher loyalty to lasting values, most importantly to the truth.”

2f7499 No.491901

File: 2c9e1fca87ecc48⋯.jpg (92.45 KB, 961x624, 961:624, Dew2.jpg)

"Heart attacks can be deadly".

From 2012portal.blogspot.com

b5222a No.491902


there's a rabbit on there too

5f5f91 No.491903

File: 2af45f278cd6e10⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.82 KB, 600x564, 50:47, downloads (2).jpg)


but lyddle whore lynn lurks these boards

tick tock tick tock lynn whore





46b71b No.491905

File: a39fd434e01aa55⋯.jpeg (26.98 KB, 218x255, 218:255, AD9270F7-25F6-46E6-9D53-2….jpeg)

File: f082c07a20a1b1c⋯.jpeg (171.14 KB, 902x902, 1:1, AFFDB24B-4662-487A-A13D-8….jpeg)

File: e124717573c80ba⋯.jpeg (25.64 KB, 204x255, 4:5, 5E304FE8-6E03-4F19-96F0-0….jpeg)


TY, MAGA, Thank God for Trump and Q.

2c7242 No.491906

File: 6e4424f92a552c8⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Scott Israel.jpg)

09d3c2 No.491907


Would be nice. But those people follow their agendas as determined as we will follow our agenda.

557643 No.491908

File: 345c61c6fe29c34⋯.png (347.34 KB, 669x596, 669:596, ClipboardImage.png)

More warning signs ignored.

a37e1a No.491909


Verified account


2h2 hours ago


How heartbreak can hurt your actual heart

Washington Post

Verified account


2h2 hours ago


Bad genes don’t mean you are doomed to heart disease and early death

Sridevi Kapoor fans pay tribute to 'great actress'

Fans have been paying tribute to Bollywood superstar Sridevi Kapoor, who has died of a heart attack at the age of 54.

heart attacks deadly

09d3c2 No.491910


Wise words.

dce3ed No.491911


Amazing work Anon!!!!!

e55867 No.491912


"Seeing beyond short term partisanship" certainly makes me wonder if he may actually be a white hat…

d3ff5b No.491913


Thanks anon

2f7499 No.491914


And a very very relevant article to go with it.

https:// everydayconcerned.net/2015/08/13/holistic-doctors-sudden-cardiac-arrest-targeted-individuals-remote-radiation-heart-attack-weaponry-how-to-protect-yourself/

32ee5a No.491915


= attack on 1A

shootings = attack on 2A

There is liddle difference from my perspective.

When was the last time you saw any CP on the chan's ? Anon's are amazing at self regulating. Achieving a consensus and then enforcing it on their own.

It's amazing to watch anon at work. The whole concept of anon and it's existence is amazing !

these boards are the birth place of anon and any attempt to chain or stifle it should be met with extreme prejudice !

7d1ba2 No.491916

File: 7ad63177197da8d⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 480x603, 160:201, q8q1cnj49di01.jpg)

ddda56 No.491917




09d3c2 No.491918


I read these messages several times and gave a lot of thought to them. They give me hope.

c42dcf No.491919


That's exactly what a black hat would want you to think

934b8c No.491920


I was just reading this on FOX…. Who dies of a heart attack at 54….. at least one that is a dancer and physically fit? seriously.

fc6958 No.491921

File: ab1996c39424bfa⋯.png (429.36 KB, 378x507, 126:169, ClipboardImage.png)

2b3813 No.491922



http:// s3.amazonaws.com/911timeline/2002/msnbc080202.html

El Amir plus Randy Glass plus arming terrorists

5f5f91 No.491923

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

1bbc30 No.491924


considered "Bridge" and "Mirror" yeah,,, youre right later Anons

187fe5 No.491925

File: 00cd09f49da679a⋯.jpeg (96.48 KB, 1080x646, 540:323, 1519568504.jpeg)

76b30e No.491926


Enough with the idol worship that is not what we need. He hasn't saved anything yet.

934b8c No.491927

File: 82c96cfa34decc9⋯.jpg (93.68 KB, 996x748, 249:187, srifevi.JPG)

http:// www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/02/24/sridevi-bollywood-leading-lady-80s-and-90s-dies-at-54.html

Heart Attack

087b07 No.491928

File: 0de22be899e189c⋯.jpg (57.88 KB, 612x960, 51:80, darkness.jpg)


know about this mirror thing do i

5f5f91 No.491929

c928c0 No.491930


Cali has a few ‘into the fire from frying pan’ candidates lined up. But, every split/division is an opportunity. Too bad about the ranked choice ballot chicanery and central tabulator contracts (fractional magic).

bb88be No.491931

4 deputies surround a building (they dont go inside).

How is it that the shooter exits the building without them seeing him?

96f313 No.491932


Maybe Kanye was the one who revealed the Hollywood shit. He's a friend of POTUS's. And It would make us laugh. Just saying.

7d1ba2 No.491933

File: 36495b6e4669700⋯.jpg (352.07 KB, 750x398, 375:199, 3-Dead-Attorneys-In-2-Week….jpg)

3 Dead Attorneys In 2 Weeks In Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s Florida District

commonsenseevaluation.com/ 2017/06/13/standard-11/#sthash.0KmpJRma.SnHJBete.dpbs

1215c5 No.491934


I'm leaning towards there being a much more complex story/explanation for Comey. I don't like him one bit, but I'm reserving judgement. It's going to take decades before what's happening now truly becomes clear, if even then.

5f5f91 No.491935

File: 2df55ab787cb59c⋯.gif (999.26 KB, 375x181, 375:181, 5TX3AeJ.gif)

File: 80a4c3eee496374⋯.jpg (129.04 KB, 605x806, 605:806, 1456195958982.jpg)

File: 8225e0a53e3b321⋯.jpg (72.99 KB, 600x688, 75:86, Ca4KuneUYAAQ2oc.jpg)

File: 7095d68e1daf264⋯.jpg (97.34 KB, 620x826, 310:413, colundi_sequence.jpg)

File: 31178099f93d85f⋯.jpg (85.74 KB, 500x427, 500:427, tumblr_mwlr1sQnuJ1qjnhqgo1….jpg)

2c7242 No.491936




Just search CPAC transcript, Anon!

ea2b20 No.491937


are planefags tracking those plane numbers that were dropped last Saturday night the 17th with respect to the bad actors? should be tracking, too unless already vetted as bs. I have post numbers if you want them

09d3c2 No.491938


Definitely not.

d13f45 No.491940


HP has an instant Ink program. For 300 prints a month I only pay $10. And they send all the Ink free! Before it’s needed!

2f7499 No.491941

557643 No.491942

File: 18b821c94af0e11⋯.jpg (151.49 KB, 1026x768, 171:128, QBert.jpg)

Above my current abilitities to meme, but maybe 43 connection faces put onto QBert pyramid?

8ff5f8 No.491943

File: dbb08e7e02a908a⋯.jpg (113.69 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 259is4.jpg)

b2b09d No.491944



>= attack on 1A

>shootings = attack on 2A

Close, but the fake 1A scare is to undermine laws going after human traffickers.

Just like the school shootings/gun grab is to undermine Constitutional law.

Nothing to be afraid of H.R. 1865, just like nothing to be afraid of the 2nd Amendment.

Unless, that is, you're trafficking kids. In which case, be very afraid.

d13f45 No.491945


They have T-shirt transfer paper, just rem to flip the image before printing. Then iron on… done…

96f313 No.491946


He's just so damn genuine. He's a real man and a hero for sacrificing his lifestyle for this cause.

2d40c3 No.491947



Not that I couldn't imagine that this is possible in general, but it would have to work differently ….

2012portal says it's an electro-laser, which would be the principle of lightning (i.e. an ionized channel created by intense light with the electrical charge following the ionized path). But this probably wouldn't go through walls ….

f5b2a3 No.491948

Anyone know how the vote CODEMONKEY mentioned went?

3fc6e1 No.491949

File: 5174f9fa13cd869⋯.jpg (15.19 KB, 236x236, 1:1, We Know.jpg)

File: f7ce7370670b8fe⋯.jpg (61.97 KB, 594x444, 99:74, Dont Step On Me.jpg)

>>491911 9/11 Digits

Check out this pic of a war criminal standing on the flag.

>>491917 Thank you

eae68a No.491950


Anon thanks for info! Useful.

74f45c No.491951


This SJW boycott will fail miserably just like every other one has simply because the American people do not like being told what to do. I know people who have never even touched a gun and have become life members because of this attack on our 2A rights.

aba937 No.491953

File: d9ecde0a34c7407⋯.jpg (965.93 KB, 1504x845, 1504:845, get-out-20172203[1].jpg)



But also dig further, (((the media))) has been worried about this for a long time. Hence the "never mind Kanye ::eyeroll::" campaign.


No, Chappelle's voice change is something common among certain occult groups. You will find this most predominantly among sorority-trained females and 'Alex Jones'.

It activates serotonin & underlying biology.

Chappelle's technique, however, is crude and suggests he has no ability to resist the control of his handlers. His empathetic powers have been amplified, but this also makes it easier for him to be controlled via occult means.

a23ace No.491954

File: 5dfe52d08fa11eb⋯.jpeg (181.25 KB, 1536x690, 256:115, 605467AC-DA49-4785-B325-8….jpeg)

d13f45 No.491955

File: cc67dff64fa11e6⋯.jpeg (105.41 KB, 720x720, 1:1, AE348C41-6464-43F4-A136-9….jpeg)

2aee2e No.491956

File: 7023f048234dccd⋯.jpg (462.91 KB, 1753x949, 1753:949, GMCGE.jpg)

This bends the needle of my Wierd Shit-O-Meter.. the Coastguard headed inland?

187fe5 No.491957

File: 55d473083f2952d⋯.jpeg (92 KB, 1080x664, 135:83, 1519568867.jpeg)

fd11e6 No.491958


the vote isn't until tuesday

c928c0 No.491959


HSBC, buried investigations, bs coup of a duly elected POTUS, give me a break.

2c7242 No.491960


>Enough with the idol worship

Fuck off, asshat!

It's not fucking 'idol worship' to be proud of our President or our country! You don't like it, GTFO and fuck right off, faggot!

282d80 No.491961


To pick up a royal?

c42dcf No.491962


That's great. I would predict this thing would backfire but you never know. I hope membership is breaking all records right now.

ea2b20 No.491963


stuff falls off the radar so I would agree if other anon think so, too. i don't recall the petition being discredited in any way so i cannot imaging with things the way they are that we would give up on such a simple way to help ourselves unless WE REALLY ARE ASLEEP and TOTALLY FORGOT HOW TO PLAY. I hope somebody pays attention. Hate to scream but….yikes

f5b2a3 No.491964



dce3ed No.491965


The plan was to let him go, and the other police department foiled it by spotting him. This is so dirty, amateur day for the cabal. Sorry to day the shooter was the 18th victim.

5f5f91 No.491966


soylent pink


fc6958 No.491967

File: 8f8c0f20945ab60⋯.png (231.14 KB, 651x450, 217:150, ClipboardImage.png)


mattis made chuck norris cry

09d3c2 No.491968


The decent people in the black communities are for sure seeing through this evil game that is played on all the people.

I watched a video from a black guy, he is an undertaker and he shouted at the parents and their kids to not let it happen any longer that the black people kill themselves. He mentioned that he gets back the dead bodies from shooting victims and shooting perpetraitors, without their intestines and he mentioned that he believes that their organs were sold off. People like him are making an impact.

ea2b20 No.491969


we don't even have 500 signatures yet for the #internetbillofrights petition on whitehouse.gov so how the hell we gonna stop congress? WTF

e341cc No.491970

http:// www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-26/report-into-university-colleges-reveals-bizarre-rituals/9478036

Sydney University, Australia - Hazing rituals uncovered at colleges (dorm accommodation in Australian)

5f5f91 No.491971


>requesting template :3

137639 No.491972


I didn't make it, that's what I get for ripping off lol

2f7499 No.491973


Those beams are less disturbed by solid matter much like wifi

9deaf5 No.491974



Direct link to take action on Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA, H.R. 1865):


8ff5f8 No.491975


Trump would have to sign it right?

fc6958 No.491976

Anybody get chills from Dana Loesch's CPAC speech?

I must of listened to it like 3 times

46b71b No.491977

File: 125cf55cc60718f⋯.png (661.19 KB, 1024x687, 1024:687, AF38BF9C-616D-48C0-843A-E2….png)

File: c47f55bf8dce0f2⋯.jpeg (20.58 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 4E400F16-6879-4C65-A857-9….jpeg)

File: 861a85f1d7d7757⋯.jpeg (33.52 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 06F5A2FE-D6DD-457E-B997-6….jpeg)

Agreed, not giving a (you) to that anon errr possible shill. I haven’t filtered perhaps ever or at least since we got some very ugly graphics posted up in here.


I’ll just leave these here. Might make some new ones today, if anyone has any good #45 meme fodder please drop it off.

557643 No.491978

Trip advisor has talking owl with british accent.

Fuck the crown clowns.

2aee2e No.491980

File: ffc25e0a0d9f893⋯.jpg (452.32 KB, 1919x963, 1919:963, GMCGE_2.jpg)


Possibly. Prince William has flows for the Coastguard and he flew from RAF Valley on Anglesey.

a23ace No.491981


I used CNN’s numbers so they can’t whine.

c928c0 No.491982


Every hashtag is a vote.

2c7242 No.491983


Yes, he is Anon! :)

f0a340 No.491984

Comms still down?

bab874 No.491985


The first thread on Qresearch was posted on 1/08/18 at 22:50 and the final post, #725, was posted at 1/11/18 at 7:47am.

Sounds like the good old days… a thread lasting over 2 days with 193 UID's.

Now we're lucky if a thread lasts 12 hours.

09d3c2 No.491986


He makes the wrong connection. Being raised by his biological father didn't prevent his evil deed.

Family values might have made the difference.

Biological parents and being raised with family values is unfortunately not the same thing.

1dd19f No.491987

File: 5e3de0f81f4be3f⋯.png (46.98 KB, 568x473, 568:473, CAP.png)

File: cf0e767302613ab⋯.png (53.87 KB, 1226x260, 613:130, CAPBridge.png)

File: 4b27eae7b190f75⋯.png (29.76 KB, 615x185, 123:37, CAPHogg.png)

File: 5399e53d5f6f170⋯.png (52.57 KB, 893x576, 893:576, CAPItsOnUs.png)

Looking at the bridge registry and reading about David Hogg, well…look what I found:

fc6958 No.491988

Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

Dana Loesch CPAC speech

5f5f91 No.491992

File: d1ba520a4d19e97⋯.jpg (250.46 KB, 800x1019, 800:1019, battleship_artillery_salvo.jpg)


thats why we need to coordinate our efforts with other platforms

187fe5 No.491993

File: 63c91375ce71bb6⋯.jpg (100.41 KB, 639x388, 639:388, 2018-02-24 14.44.28.jpg)


09d3c2 No.491994


The people in Poland and Hungary are backed by their politicians.

The people in many other EU countries are being fought by their politicians and sold out.

9c4c52 No.491996


I just watched it again. It was amazing. And for her to walk into that lions den on CNN and not back down one iota, I know has gotta have changed some hearts and minds watching. I mean picture a young liberal woman who has never heard a strong beautiful woman talk like that and get viciously attacked is inspiring. Also liberal dudes see her as sexy and strong and will be attracted to that rather than the screaming banshee feminazis they're used to listening to. Fight fight fight!! Everywhere! All the time!

5f5f91 No.491997

File: 590518c6e5031c2⋯.jpg (74.86 KB, 722x879, 722:879, 590518c6e5031c203f23feedf5….jpg)


wtf are you talking about bitch

chappelle is woke and left the hollywood machine

09d3c2 No.491998


It's telling. I wouldn't step on the flag of any country.

5f5f91 No.492000

File: 59686afffaa2d72⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 59686afffaa2d7212b268fb734….jpg)


<no, pls share :3

88404a No.492001


I'm liking this!

557643 No.492002

File: 028c575faf0b5c9⋯.jpg (71.83 KB, 1588x721, 1588:721, SupremeKike.jpg)


087b07 No.492003


you assume politicians have influence. politicians are just talking heads of the establishment… american politicians too - all of them

bb88be No.492004

Great news: The Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday in a case that could shrink government unions and their campaign war chests by as much as two thirds,

074332 No.492005

File: db2dcbe15bc53fe⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 225x225, 1:1, MEMEGRAFFITIARTISTS.jpg)

File: db2dcbe15bc53fe⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 225x225, 1:1, MEMEGRAFFITIARTISTS.jpg)

File: db2dcbe15bc53fe⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 225x225, 1:1, MEMEGRAFFITIARTISTS.jpg)

2aee2e No.492006

File: 0dbf07e1886378b⋯.jpg (427.63 KB, 1913x983, 1913:983, GMCGE_3.jpg)

Coastguard chopper landed approx here. Flight from RAF Valley would have arrived quicker than from Hull.

629497 No.492007

File: a462a83b17a0ed2⋯.png (930.44 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, IMG_20180225_084005_875000.png)


I'm not a meme'r but sometimes I try. Haha.

557643 No.492008

File: ddd2189b7ae7b78⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 607x408, 607:408, GinsbergWitch.jpg)

137639 No.492009

File: d0ba24fdd845e48⋯.jpg (606.59 KB, 1100x733, 1100:733, IMG_0442.JPG)

File: 842d28dc5bd1eb5⋯.jpg (128.34 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, IMG_0447.JPG)

File: 25be423ecdb0c31⋯.jpg (41.17 KB, 474x543, 158:181, IMG_0647.JPG)

File: e5370812ae15087⋯.jpg (94.68 KB, 496x603, 496:603, IMG_0731.JPG)

d08909 No.492010

File: bb5df13225b2eb6⋯.jpg (108.2 KB, 623x539, 89:77, DW4R4KoX0AEXwPH.jpg)

Uranium in the Black Forest!

5f5f91 No.492011

File: 903aaf147c08a1a⋯.jpg (45.19 KB, 639x388, 639:388, yuge.jpg)

c780ea No.492012

Anons are setting the narrative! On Saturday during one morning news segment I heard the phrases "crumbs", "digging", "phase 2". Then this morning "toxic waters".

09d3c2 No.492013


Trump, Orban, Duda have influence. They have influence on their people.

3b9b02 No.492014

File: 61309de525a078c⋯.png (26.54 KB, 320x137, 320:137, QDiscoveryLogo.png)

http:// bridgeinvestments.com/

Bridge Investments offers private equity to the lower middle market and, through our Bridge Venture Fund, venture capital for mid-stage venture opportunities. Whether it’s a controlling stake, growth equity or a Series A investment, we look for execution-oriented management teams. The professionals at Bridge Investments have a diverse and unique blend of backgrounds consisting of private equity, real estate, law, investment banking and consulting

Daniel Goldberg

Daniel focuses on acquisitions, portfolio management, investor relations, and realization strategy. He serves as a director to QDiscovery, a leading electronic discovery and litigation support services provider.

QDiscovery (www.qdiscovery.com) is a premier provider of litigation support services specializing in electronic discovery for both law firms and corporations nationwide. QDiscovery combines an experienced team of professionals with highly‐scalable technologies on a hosted platform. The company provides services across the entire EDRM spectrum, including forensics, collection and preservation of data, processing and analysis, hosting, document review, and production of electronically stored information on any operating system or device.

http:// bridgeinvestments.com/

a37e1a No.492015

CNN Breaking News Retweeted

CNN Politics

Verified account


17m17 minutes ago


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says only former Deputy Scot Peterson was on campus during the Parkland school shooting #CNNSOTU http:// cnn.it/2Fv9Ggo

760e9f No.492016



Maybe Tide pods could be the NEW dipping sauce for tendies?

48a580 No.492017

>>491987 Do you think he knows? Maybe we suuld clue him in.

087b07 No.492018


every politician is the same - they answer to a cabal or end up like kennedy…

3b9b02 No.492021

Nunes on Foxand Friends making jokes.

He must be feeling pretty good.

1dd19f No.492022


Trying to follow the $$$$$$$$$$$

56c56d No.492023



The guy who cockblocked it, Jim Prentice, died in a plane crash.

http:// www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/calgary/jim-prentice-crash-pilot-incapacitated-1.3808350

ced150 No.492024

They are claiming that there is now water spead widely on the moon


https:// www.rt.com/news/419761-water-widespread-moon-study/

f8a22a No.492025





The sauce from this:

http:// www.1776channel.com/2015/07/13/us/fuddy-subud-ayers/

http:// theamericanreport.org/2015/08/19/clues-unlock-obama-id/

http:// www.americanfreepress.net/html/global_elite_picked_obama_171.html

http:// fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/russian-official-obama-is-a-communist-kgb-agent/23029



c71619 No.492026



G Soros has 226 on the payroll in the EU parliament'

This vid is pricless,

https:// youtu.be/KV1oySUij9U

b51180 No.492027

Do we have a coordinated effort to buttfuck the companies that are dropping support of the NRA? Similar to how we assisted to rally the normies to support Hannity?

Seems like this needs a meme campaign and coordinated calling/social media bombing

629497 No.492028

File: a12db404d4533af⋯.png (14.99 KB, 240x304, 15:19, a12db404d4533af13ab4165491….png)


Love dat guy

ebe9ec No.492029


Sheriff Israel is a cabal higher up. It's not like the cabal to be that sloppy or to sacrifice their own. Maybe they are being so reduced by Team Q and the freezing of funds that they have to go with a B Team. Maybe they are REALLY desperate.

629497 No.492030

File: cd59e1873f9201e⋯.jpg (149.5 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Custom Image 2502201808441….jpg)

bab874 No.492031




Just a few interesting posts for your pleasure, anon.

09d3c2 No.492032


Then, what are you doing here?

087b07 No.492033


witnessing the end

fa16c6 No.492034

File: e1ca24fccb867b9⋯.png (533.33 KB, 740x449, 740:449, phase_2.PNG)

08f0a1 No.492035


Death to the EU.

Long live the sovereignty of individual European countries.

EU != Europe.

09d3c2 No.492036


I'll watch it.

6568a7 No.492037


Thank you

1625c3 No.492038



09d3c2 No.492039


Do this and be a witness of change.

bab874 No.492040

File: 1fe31aa0ceacf59⋯.png (27.18 KB, 631x339, 631:339, 284904 ref. 285003.PNG)


>>284904 is dead.

Perfect example of why we must archive offline.

Picture attached.

09d3c2 No.492041



282d80 No.492042


"Stored" not mined. Very interesting.

68a43e No.492043


Seen this before. superb vid

946db5 No.492044


anon that is a great find - the black forest reference definitely fits here - this whole thing has been about uranium from the beginning. The podesta tweet from bears ears was the signal to start burning documents

08f0a1 No.492045


Almost all for sale to the highest bidder.

Follow the money.

087b07 No.492046


rather the end of something than the beginning of another

902e0f No.492047

One way or another, we HAVE TO END THIS!

The Deep State has bubbled right to the surface! Simply everything about this stinks to high heaven!

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/david-hogg-unleashes-boycott-rampage-twitter-threatens-ban-anyone-targeting-parkland-students-topics-raising/

557643 No.492048

File: 4c0f8886bb2ab90⋯.jpg (413.12 KB, 1112x1104, 139:138, MEMO Outline.jpg)

File: e2eb84c8164ca94⋯.jpg (242.48 KB, 1496x732, 374:183, MEMO OutlineII.jpg)

File: f53abaed1d4780f⋯.jpg (174.87 KB, 1080x872, 135:109, MEMO OutlineIII.jpg)

9071f9 No.492049


His latest special was full of leftist bs and worshiping of things/money. He is not woke anymore.

bab874 No.492050


Here's a message that ought to be repeated. Anybody from Big Pharma watching today?

If you would like to follow the suggestion… I suggest using a VPN. Many free VPN services out there. Just don't doxx yourself.

7fda88 No.492051


Then begin lifting weights, it will take those feelings away immediately.

09d3c2 No.492052


The Black forest is in Germany.

The former Hunting Castle of the Roths is in Austria and only named 'Black Forest'.

8d74a9 No.492053


Now, wait for evidence of more than one deputy on campus. Possibly, dropping dime…

d3ff5b No.492054

Was there any consensus on the [2] above the definition of Patriot ?



1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

5f5f91 No.492055


might be.

next time, post a small summary of your findings so that i quickly can assess the worth of its content

bab874 No.492057


I forgot to include the preceding.


goes with


as well.

0c7509 No.492058

Youtube and Twitter bans are proof that the Deep State is winning. People with information get murdered left and right. We need Gitmo tribunals right fucking now

074332 No.492059

why does hoggs feelings circumvent what millions of adults think ???

5f5f91 No.492060

File: 86e5f0c9b53b785⋯.jpg (284.61 KB, 799x531, 799:531, PettingZoo(2).JPG)

9deaf5 No.492061



5f5f91 No.492062

File: 57a3c7f1eab4c38⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1430x765, 286:153, 1519507985621.png)

902e0f No.492063


http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/david-hogg-unleashes-boycott-rampage-twitter-threatens-ban-anyone-targeting-parkland-students-topics-raising/

9deaf5 No.492065


Beautiful trips, Anon.

48a580 No.492066

I have to believe this Hogg thing is a sting on more than one front.

4ff605 No.492067


It appears they did the following at parkland. Completely twisted brains of these kids with drills. In addition had cruz with all his mental problems handy. Then brought some professional in full metal garb to actually shoot people. Got this person dead or alive outside through back door. And finally scared kids to go and spread bullshit. Supporting evidence, no reaction to cruz problems, girl talking about seeing cruz in the hallway while shots fired, teacher saying she saw shooter in a full metall garb. Q said you are watching a movie. Teacher said it was like watching a movie.

c42dcf No.492068


CNN was set up?

09d3c2 No.492069


I would say that the bans are proof that the DS isn't defeated yet. But it's certainly not proof that they are winning. We'll see.

074332 No.492070

>>062 wtf is that ,i do not speak russian

08f0a1 No.492071

bab874 No.492072


That's what we're told from a Q post.

557643 No.492073

File: 1efca0dfe2545c9⋯.png (598.5 KB, 717x614, 717:614, ClipboardImage.png)

760e9f No.492074

Is our kitchen safe?

Is the baker protected?

Is he baking?

09d3c2 No.492075

3ad10a No.492076

Nunes just said "over the target" on f&f.

84129c No.492077


Sorry maybe off topic but.

Woke up censored on pol/ this am .

Says I can no longer comment from my country(USA) unless I PAY $ 20.00 FEE.

WTF. Good way to shut down comments. Now I have an opinion TAX.

c42dcf No.492078


Put a liddle covfefe into the dough this time

b51180 No.492079

Also, do we have specific digging into the planned demo of the "freshman building" at MSD?

This was announced on the 16. They still had bodies in the buildings into the night on the 14. Sooooooo we have a planned demo already by the 16th?

48a580 No.492081

>>492068 Yes but the business with the Tony Podesta thing too.

074332 No.492082


just load up a v.p.n

6e59ab No.492083


does this mean we can expect more mouth breathing “muh ppl not look like me” thick skulls inbound?

304075 No.492084

File: cad6eaee4f2fb18⋯.png (290.72 KB, 564x474, 94:79, 78816f83dc003a0188821b945e….png)

File: f61367bb5c960e2⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 478x510, 239:255, 1510640875334.jpg)

137639 No.492085

File: 5414bc536c0b26c⋯.jpg (38.85 KB, 474x351, 158:117, IMG_0645.JPG)

fd11e6 No.492086

File: 6876a836b95a3e8⋯.webm (12.57 MB, 640x360, 16:9, parkland_FL_interview_bef….webm)


>CNN was set up?

wasn't that a direct quote from Q?

i don't feel like digging for the posts but last night a few anons had some really good posts about it. i did save the video anon thinks is a smoking gun though. the shooting happens at 2 in the afternoon and according to the video, the kids are interviewing each other about the shooting a 9 in the morning, hours before it happened

bab874 No.492087


Any thinking anon can see that plain as day. I can't understand why there's so many people on here who are doubting the strategy.

Look at what's on the top of this page.


8ch is going to light up the House of Representatives on Monday.

“Fox Three” indicates the launch of an active radar guided missile like the Voice of the People. Don't be the one on the other end of this call. (Tweaked a bit…. )

a5c975 No.492088

File: 1595022fc51f042⋯.mp4 (2.82 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Heart attack gun.mp4)


>"Heart attacks can be deadly".

bab874 No.492089


are the overnight threads worth digging? Thanks anon.

fef4dd No.492090

File: 6e0d6eec9dedb50⋯.jpg (372.39 KB, 1674x1356, 279:226, WATCHTHEWATER.jpg)






Last one for the day Anons, gotta hit the gym :)


fd11e6 No.492092


the one i was in was breddy gud. give me a few minutes and i'll hunt for my (You)'s to link you the right one.

74f45c No.492094


People at CPAC throwing donations at NRA to the tune of $1k all the way up to $25k. These people don't even understand the NRA and from where it derives its power. From the people. From members themselves.

3fc6e1 No.492095


Baker, please consider adding this to the list of notable posts


c42dcf No.492096


Good one anon, thanks!!

629497 No.492097

File: 3af426fbdbaa5f5⋯.png (412.14 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, IMG_20180225_085941_398000.png)

Personalized Pepe for Nunes

5f5f91 No.492098

File: a9d16bdb0f38d31⋯.jpg (124.55 KB, 650x433, 650:433, csaweapons_f.jpg)


Bake Coming Up

bab874 No.492099


Ty…. I read them every now and then, sounds like last night might have been good.

ea2b20 No.492100


Please say more. Am I missing a board? I mean what the hell? I am baffled by the malaise here.

5875d4 No.492101


these are F'ing great, TY, dropping now

9deaf5 No.492102

File: b8e6166c103b243⋯.png (1004.58 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, LAYB72.png)


Looking at you, Baker

5f5f91 No.492103

File: 212624a5ed96721⋯.png (502.6 KB, 800x499, 800:499, af7ea42d13c8eb868de0b9909d….png)


i meant cross reference it to normie platforms

they need to become aware of the stunt they are trying to pull!1!

48a580 No.492104

>>492081 what say you?

b638c1 No.492105

File: 5cbb40cb48128fc⋯.png (733.32 KB, 1394x1467, 1394:1467, Capture _2018-02-25-09-55-….png)

ea2b20 No.492106


Have you been to white house petition website to sign the internet bill of rights?

d37b27 No.492107

File: c5f4f629d8face0⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 630x472, 315:236, df4tdfg.jpg)


Commi infiltration of our bodily fluids.

613a46 No.492108


They had a 'scheduled drill' in the morning. What a coinkydink that the shooting happened in the afternoon huh?

fa16c6 No.492110

File: c97560bc2b121e8⋯.png (288.45 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 88th_meme.png)

File: e1ca24fccb867b9⋯.png (533.33 KB, 740x449, 740:449, phase_2.PNG)


Spread the truth!

09d3c2 No.492111


I'm really convince that the globalists will lose.

They and their cronies are not supported by the people any longer.

bab874 No.492113

bab874 No.492114


Once you see prophecy and the signs of the times it's quite clear where we're at.

c355ea No.492116


They look Chinese to me

d37b27 No.492117


Be careful with overconfidence. That's what cost Hillary the election.

bb88be No.492119

If the local police actually ran toward the shooter… why didn't they find him?

bda7ce No.492120


I was convinced of that when they started going after pedos. That is the lifesource for these rectum dwellers.

Just as if our churches were destroyed it would ruin our morale.

48a580 No.492122

I’d like some feedback on the Hogg Podesta connection. I think it’s a sting. Wha say you?

5f5f91 No.492123

SUNDAY 2018.25.02

>>492084 KEK

>>491773 +GREAT MAP

>>492085 +covfefe

>>492102 +For (you)

>>492090 watch~the~water!!

>>491992 +In Order To Generate A Succesful Mission Outcome, We Need To Connect With Other Platform

>>492105 + The Associated Press

>>492107 — "Commie Infiltration Of Our Bodily Fluids"

>>492110 [2]

>>491978 +Fuck The Clowns

>>491977 +I Feel You, Brother.

>>491954 (((Soylent Pink Supplier)))

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>>491778 + Kekistania

08f0a1 No.492124


It's OK, the EU will die and individual states will be just fine trading without the EU.

b51180 No.492125

File: 9bcf771682a3408⋯.png (145.09 KB, 1068x743, 1068:743, Screenshot_20180225-084946….png)

Btw I dunno if this has been identified but here is a 4am talking point from yesterday:

"Police officers are people too and we can't expect them to risk their lives" and such.

Boss Hogg parroting this point: www.msnbc.


Pic related

>Liberal nightmare saying exact same thing

9deaf5 No.492127

File: 2ac4a91593ada5e⋯.png (889.25 KB, 1024x777, 1024:777, Patriots89.png)

Patriots make the dough rise

a8965c No.492129


>https:// www.intellihub.com/teacher-grazed-by-parkland-shooters-bullet-shooter-was-in-full-metal-garb-helmet-face-mask-bulletproof-armor-shooting-a-rifle-i-never-seen-before/

Great catch by Shepherd! Full metal gear?! WTF? How could he carry that??

bab874 No.492130


You haven't seen the signs of the times nor do you understand how the signs affect world history.

When you learn to watch and understand what is going on, things become MUCH clearer.

6 months ago would you have heard me saying this? Nope, I'd say you were insane. Now, I'm advocating for others to learn the signs of the times.

09d3c2 No.492131


Being convinced is not the same as being overconfident. Being convinced means to trust in our combined efforts and to fight for our cause.

5875d4 No.492132

File: 7b85e2cb42ef1a6⋯.jpeg (160.29 KB, 960x752, 60:47, 5a92d07cd2789.jpeg)

guys seen this? had to share

bda7ce No.492133


So the 4am talking point is coming from a kid who cant even drive yet.

Wow. they are in trubble.

7d1ba2 No.492134

Thoughts on CNN/Colton Haab? Who is lying?

08f0a1 No.492136


Is Liam Neeson related to him and Trudeau?

bab874 No.492137


You're asking the right questions. Because it was a setup by scum.

08e0da No.492138


The safety of Germany's borders might be a demand of Germany's neighbors. Germany can import all the Muslims it wants. But Netherlands, Poland, France, Austria (and any I left out) should be able to keep them inside Germany.

fd11e6 No.492139


bread 601 >>488207

602 >>489542

i guess i felt like digging after all. these were the posts that really stood out to me last night

147164 No.492140


Like you needed to ask…

1dd19f No.492141


My take on it:


074332 No.492142

why be a police officer ,if you are not willing to help others ???

bda7ce No.492144

File: 1373f7a6bfcda4c⋯.jpg (111.6 KB, 640x363, 640:363, liblickers.jpg)


It is a measure of progress when the news is written by people like THIS (pic related) and the world can see it that way for what it is.

362cac No.492145

File: 68573b512b9ce6d⋯.jpg (128.9 KB, 805x634, 805:634, 68573b512b9ce6da8d6ef467e2….jpg)


keep in mind Percins Coie is also involved with the forged Obama birth certifice. this firm smells to all fucking hell!

bab874 No.492146


Thank you very much anon.

08f0a1 No.492147

629bf7 No.492148


^^^Good attempt at decoding BRIDGE but I agree w/another anon, the website is stale - no new events since 2016. I don't think this is it.

I do want to point out the Federal Government already tracks the money so that WE CAN FOLLOW THE MONEY at the FEDERAL AUDIT CLEARINGHOUSE DATABASE

https:// harvester.census.gov/facweb/

It's ALL THERE! EIN…chief financial officers….AUDITORS…how much Federal Dollars they received…..who they passed Federal Dollars to…..

09d3c2 No.492149


This is the goal!

fc6958 No.492151

File: 3cc21e6ca538aa4⋯.png (240.88 KB, 1106x550, 553:275, ClipboardImage.png)


Where did they go?

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/283878.html

7d1ba2 No.492152


Where is the kid… why isn't he defending himself? seeking legal counsel? doctoring emails seems like a stupid mistake for a FBI agent to make.

48a580 No.492153

>>492141 yipee Skippy!