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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ze1c02b43c5fc1b06dad409388….jpg)

ca2433  No.5087985

Welcome To Q Research General

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.




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Friday 2.1.19

>>4989823 ————————————–——– Sys_conf_spec_y. (image)

>>4989820 ————————————–——– Anons understand.

Sunday 1.13.19

>>4965770 ————————————–——– FAKE NEWS control over those who don't think for themselves limits exposure of TRUTH. (Cap)

>>4965765 ————————————–——– Law governing removal of a sitting Congress(m/w)/Senator? (Cap)

Friday 1.11.19

>>4956136 ————————————–——– If a woman is selected as the nominee (Cap)

>>4956094 ————————————–——– Public access to intel? (Cap)

>>4956076 ————————————–——– What senior US official is arriving in China? (Cap)

>>4956045 ————————————–——– BOOM! (Cap)

Monday 1.7.19

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are not endorsements


>>5007229 Attn newfags, this is a free speech board

>>5001807, >>5014751, >>5004327, >>5013936 PP/Abortion: Call reps, Memes 4 SocMed

>>5001844 Let's spread this movement worldwide! (Q, Yellow Vest, FREEDOM)

>>5015737, >>5015808 President's Day, February 18, 2019 - #MAGApride Day

#6497 Baker Change

>>5087339 Purported Deutsche Bank chat room logs as part of a guilty settlement on rigging silver prices

>>5087364 Starving Venezuelans Forage Through Garbage Trucks in Failed Socialist State for Food

>>5087392 ISIS leader was nearly assassinated by disgruntled foreign fighters

>>5087405, >>5087618, >>5087710 Crumb #2053 mentioning HRC being in Hanoi

>>5087435 PA bans police from arresting, questioning illegal immigrants over legal status

>>5087451 National Guard general admits his ribbons were upside down during State of the Union

>>5087487 Maduro denies any ties with Hezbollah

>>5087889 Haiti continues to be in riot mode, after failed celebrations of the anniversary of “33” years of democracy

>>5087913 Anons on "Hwood Anon to appear at 2019 Grammys"

>>5087981 #6497


>>5087167 Background on Jacky Rosen, ref lb >>5085919 , >>5085992

>>5087118 Anderson Copper denies CNN were tipped off on Roger Stone's arrest

>>5087081 "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha": 1 year tomorrow

>>5086710 Video: Your Five Minutes Are Up, Mr Chairman

>>5086803 US files False Claims Act suit on a number of IT companies

>>5086680 , >>5086811 'Army training drills continue on Long Beach'

>>5086738 Habberman tweets pic of Mueller and Andrew Weismann

>>5086547 Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy calls on Fairfax to resign

>>5086541 , >>5086604 Netflix, Soros and AOC

>>5086570 , >>5086833, >>5086882 POTUS' tweets: Seconds or minutes? Anons debate (cont.)

>>5086522 , >>5086740, >>5086966 POTUS' tweets: Seconds or minutes? Anons debate

>>5086475 Pompeo reveals new information on the Kashoggi investigation

>>5087205 #6496


>>5086377 Learn to code: 'Nunes talks like a 4channer on Ingraham Angle'

>>5086245 5:5 Marker today?

>>5086208 Kamala Harris: Justin Fairfax should resign

>>5086087 Bezos new 'shadow' advisor is female of Chinese descent

>>5085926 , >>5085986 Cop killing trial documents unsealed but stay hidden

>>5085919 , >>5085992 Dem Sen Jackie Rosen-Rosen to Kyrsten Sinema: "Watch your ass"

>>5085902 Covington mustache guy pops up once again

>>5085784 Simple side by side of the 17 minute delta

>>5085752 , >>5085756 Some Whitaker Highlights

>>5085754 Nigel Farage's new Brexit Party officially recognized

>>5085742 , >>5085745 Syria News

>>5086412 #6495

#6494 Baker change

>>5085607 17 Minute Delta on POTUS' latest tweets

>>5085591 New Mexico House approves full term abortion bill

>>5085513 Judicial Watch Update

>>5085486 JW: Foreign voting in massive numbers

>>5085468 Some of what we know about Mr. Greensocks

>>5085459 Cory Booker compares 'Green New Deal' to moon landing and fighting Nazis

>>5085399 , >>5085578, >>5085423 New POTUS tweeta & Q drop referencing Hanoi (and RBG?)

>>5085386 Renault reports former CEO for €50,000 gift from the Palace of Versailles

>>5085364 Whitaker on lunch. Repost for keks

>>5085348 , >>5085407 New filing in Corsi v. Stone: Notice (Other)

>>5085345 Dig into Google's 'Project Dragonfly'

>>5085140 Missed the Whitaker Hearing? Watch it here. It's epic

>>5085127 , >>5085139 Hussein's tweet, John Dingell, his wife and HRC. Dig

>>5085033 Lindsey Graham calls for a vote on ‘Green New Deal’

>>5085648 #6494

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ca2433  No.5088018

File: fc2ada3fae5c0ca⋯.png (435.89 KB, 1305x970, 261:194, pepebakerchecked.png)

eed4fa  No.5088021

File: cefb5321e79e7fd⋯.jpg (1.64 MB, 2083x2499, 2083:2499, Lights-On-1.jpg)

5b66d8  No.5088027

File: 71b5d38dc8f632a⋯.jpeg (66.67 KB, 650x433, 650:433, 8D59AF9C-54BA-458F-B5FE-6….jpeg)

223772  No.5088041

File: 5fa46561c44aad0⋯.png (258.84 KB, 652x466, 326:233, smollettlove.PNG)

eed4fa  No.5088046

File: c9986e7375c2777⋯.jpg (250.86 KB, 595x473, 595:473, KnowYourEnemy.jpg)

ca2433  No.5088050

File: de1bdaad8668d8e⋯.png (37.42 KB, 250x300, 5:6, de1bdaad8668d8e1e93b9be549….png)

afaba0  No.5088054

File: e0ffc73fdb08e7d⋯.jpg (63.37 KB, 673x500, 673:500, 2t8k48.jpg)

51b04a  No.5088057

File: 49d8dec54af2ea1⋯.jpg (16.49 KB, 400x400, 1:1, POTUS_punisher.jpg)

44f773  No.5088058

File: 611a363cb108d87⋯.png (1.4 MB, 2034x2034, 1:1, secondsKEKs.png)

File: 72c18e2802aa111⋯.png (1.46 MB, 2034x2034, 1:1, qclockfeb8news.png)

File: 426d5073201ab81⋯.png (2.23 MB, 3000x3000, 1:1, qclock3x3whitakerkeks.png)

File: 877d42f333d82b2⋯.png (1.43 MB, 2034x2034, 1:1, qclockKP.png)

Carry On Anons.

Drop these one last time for night shift. Long day for this Anon. Will check in early again tomorrow.


a37360  No.5088059

Time it.

8a441b  No.5088060

Coast Guard searches through the night for missing crew member on downed cargo plane

The U.S. Coast Guard said it would search “through the night” Friday for a missing crew member who was aboard a cargo plane that crashed about 20 miles southeast of Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport after departing from the Bahamas.

The Coast Guard rescued one crew member from the wreckage off the coast of the Bay Harbor Islands on Friday afternoon. Dramatic helicopter rescue, captured on local TV footage, showed rescuers hoisting the man out of the water. The Coast Guard had not located the second crew member as of 8 p.m. Friday.

The 64-year-old Convair 131-B aircraft, owned by Miami Lakes-based Conquest Air Cargo, took off from Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau to Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport on Conquest Air Flight 504, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

In a statement to the Miami Herald, the company said the airplane declared an emergency and attempted a water landing when it crashed 13 miles offshore about 12:15 p.m. Television footage showed the aircraft upside down in the water and with parts detached.


0ecd5e  No.5088061

File: 4155c371aca719d⋯.png (532.49 KB, 640x450, 64:45, ClipboardImage.png)

7fe639  No.5088062

File: 562233b789d8409⋯.png (125.34 KB, 500x304, 125:76, your-penis-5bd725.png)

c85b07  No.5088063

File: 6eb29f78bc2d59d⋯.jpg (239.54 KB, 1240x827, 1240:827, border-wall-ew-212p_78529e….jpg)

GOP/Dems Set to Offer Trump a Quarter of $5.7B for Border Wall

A Republican-Democrat House and Senate committee is planning to offer President Trump a border security package that could include less than a quarter of the $5.7 billion for a U.S.-Mexico border wall he originally requested.

Capitol Hill sources tell the media that a conference committee of Republicans and Democrats is preparing to unveil a border security funding plan that gives only about $1.3 to $2 billion to Trump for construction of his proposed wall on the southern border to stop wage-crushing illegal immigration.

This $1.3 to $2 billion would be the total spending for border security, meaning the funding for the proposed border wall would be a figure potentially less than $1.3 billion.

Despite previously committing that he would not accept anything less than $5 billion in funding for a border wall in a border security package, Trump is now telling lawmakers and aides that he is open to accepting just $2 billion for the wall, sources told the New York Times.


ce24d0  No.5088065

>>5087987 (LB)

Hehe, true, unless there's a dozen green socks black dudes (that's what I was responding to)!

Three possibilities:

1) Not one pair of green socks. Could mean he was lying, or they

just didn't show them.

2) Exactly one pair of green socks. Stone cold proof. Well, that's

what we'll call it.

3) Everyone is wearing green socks. Fuck. Me. Running.

408d69  No.5088066

File: d30f9b4547e1de0⋯.jpg (30.63 KB, 749x346, 749:346, amazon dick pic logo.jpg)

3f86f5  No.5088067

For all those right on the brink of it.

Do it.

Fuck it.


1 time in your life, nut up and Just Fucking Do It.

End it.

cf1944  No.5088068

>>5087993 (pb)

Pointing out the fact that Jews Holy Books call on them to terrorize and pervert non-Jews, is not "HATE", you tree-hugging, faggot.

Jews are in general, terrorists, to the average Gentile. And they should be treated as such. The fact that their hatred for us, compels us to defend ourselves from them, is not "HATE".

ec7453  No.5088069

When anon doesn't have a clue about the dough post time stamp it's time to walk away.

82f6bf  No.5088070

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Q - Dark To Light

We stand at the ready. We fight. Dark to light.

Great Normie Material here

51b04a  No.5088071

File: f77dc1c8bc08d69⋯.jpg (139.74 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, 1.jpg)

File: 945417f0f4e2b69⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 737x491, 737:491, 2.jpg)

File: 9f3c0634eed402f⋯.jpg (47.71 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 3.jpg)

File: b94403b90b08836⋯.jpg (60.99 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 4.jpg)

013915  No.5088072

>>5088016 lb

Yes, God damn it!

9b28b4  No.5088073

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Some things just fit.


2274d0  No.5088074

Only thing they can shut 8ch down for is child porn. Archive that shit.

c3767a  No.5088075

File: 41276e8ef9efa71⋯.jpeg (32.96 KB, 534x383, 534:383, fullsizeoutput_7a6.jpeg)

2d548e  No.5088076


I’ve always said the amazon logo is a penis.

51b04a  No.5088077

File: 70118b2b54275e9⋯.jpg (68.5 KB, 630x630, 1:1, Q_WWG1WGA.jpg)


Great video!

cf1944  No.5088078


I mean… MY holy books don't condone pedophilia and stealing from others. (((Theirs))) does.

But yeah… Say I "hate" them, for pointing it out.


afaba0  No.5088079

File: 7769c5d7649777d⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 3500x2333, 3500:2333, bezos-2012.jpg)

1acd25  No.5088080

File: 6fe312b274a93c9⋯.png (352.34 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)

dbe2e7  No.5088081

Hey Q-Team. time to show up yet?

Can't keep the girls waiting forever!

7fe639  No.5088082


Oh boy..

So nobody told the press that the military is doing it, right now… and the wall funding shit is part of the movie?

Because the wall already got paid for with the omnibus?

7fe639  No.5088083

98e4de  No.5088084

File: e1d537f99c803ff⋯.jpg (68.35 KB, 825x1100, 3:4, 1232924.jpg)

So anons, Whittaker has less than a week to go as AAG. So who is next in line?

af0f66  No.5088085

File: 0c31df1c63d5b91⋯.jpg (392.33 KB, 1279x720, 1279:720, f87dc4bbf4a53c23eb1952441e….jpg)


51b04a  No.5088086

File: c7641828c82afdb⋯.jpg (42.4 KB, 318x480, 53:80, dig.jpg)

File: 8eca8f1af810d13⋯.jpg (117.43 KB, 638x1024, 319:512, mason_royal1.jpg)

File: 9974ac30f0f1e2c⋯.jpg (66.95 KB, 405x607, 405:607, mason_royal2.jpg)

File: 40da1f637eb528f⋯.jpg (158.98 KB, 1160x629, 1160:629, masonDS.jpg)

3f86f5  No.5088087


Its ALWAYS been this way.

For life to exist.

Life must die.


5f9bc1  No.5088088

File: bf9605dfdb28644⋯.png (167.42 KB, 307x319, 307:319, ClipboardImage.png)

Army 'training' in towns…

Check their weapons - is there a plug on the tip of the muzzle?

See image - the yellow plug. (pic related)

If they're 'training' you'll see one of those on every muzzle (if anybody has images ofc)

cf1944  No.5088089


Someone Jewish, obviously. Trump is a pet for Israel.

e7a07c  No.5088090

File: 5f2b5e67ae9b837⋯.jpg (220.36 KB, 484x559, 484:559, 193531.jpg)

the genocide of white people is at the core of Judaism.

These quotes are from the Talmud, the foundational scripture that defines Jewish law and theology:

"Extermination of the Christian is a necessary sacrifice." - Zohar, Shemoth

"Christian birth rates must be materially diminished." - Zohar II, 64 b

"The Jew who spills the blood of a Christian gives the Jewish God a pleasing sacrifice." - Sepher Or Israel 177 b

"Killing a Christian is the same as killing a wild animal." - Sanhedrin 59

"Even the best of Christians should all be killed." - Soferim 15

4e66fa  No.5088091

File: 55fd8ec823b5598⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1231, 1080:1231, Badge bakers.png)


Awesome, baker.

923634  No.5088092

File: 25da125c41d80c5⋯.png (526.38 KB, 600x526, 300:263, edge_to_the_max.png)

78ee59  No.5088093

File: c06c5de256e9af8⋯.png (367.71 KB, 538x358, 269:179, wall-babies.png)

5dc976  No.5088094

File: 8f9bf92cb2235d8⋯.png (415.35 KB, 711x542, 711:542, FedWizards.png)


It is very hard to sue the Fed considering they are their own sovereign piece of land that doesn't answer to US laws. The Constitution only allows the govt to mint silver and gold money, therefore the Fed creates the currency, while the Treasury makes bonds. It is an inherently evil system that was fraudulently created to allow for corruption to occur. Better to abolish or absorb than try to sue.

4e66fa  No.5088095

File: 1f16355a51d35a7⋯.jpg (264.33 KB, 1084x768, 271:192, Together Night Crew Baker ….jpg)

50f4e9  No.5088096


So, take the money and build moar wall? Then seize drug and human trafficking monies and build even moar?

ca2433  No.5088097


Barr is going to be AG anon

I think Whitaker is a good fit for Deputy AG (replacing RR)

05a35d  No.5088098

File: de2e994bb040e2d⋯.png (177.15 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 43a89a7eb3ad73f1631c65315b….png)

9aafdb  No.5088099


The talmud is not a Jewish Holy Book.

It's muh "oral tradition"

2f1845  No.5088100

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Think Vaccines.

350578  No.5088101

File: e177265dd7a1809⋯.png (227.76 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, CAE412B0-092A-4BDF-BDBA-18….png)

File: ebb6a922da49947⋯.png (3.66 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A87AF3E9-B8D1-4818-B7A5-96….png)

File: 30d914be3e5a3c7⋯.png (189.89 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, E9A45669-BD63-4A1B-B0BB-0E….png)

Haitians want Pres. Jovenel Moise gone on the two-year anniversary of his inauguration.

Superior Court of Auditors published a report calling out more than a dozen former ministers and senior officials for poor economic management and the possible misappropriation of development funds loaned to the country from *Venezuela* since 2008.


3f86f5  No.5088102


Someone that will placehold the guy that places holds the guy that supposedly is gonna do something only to be dissapointed, but he might be the guy that does something because he went to this one college and he was apart of this one society that had this one member that did this one thing… etc.

6a49ac  No.5088103

File: 44d396de6fbb3f1⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 360x202, 180:101, 44d396de6fbb3f195fbed29166….gif)

78ee59  No.5088104

File: b93288da20adcbc⋯.png (267.22 KB, 800x820, 40:41, reddit.png)

1acd25  No.5088105

File: 0e6fac35c9626d5⋯.png (352.13 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)


then plz go die. thx.

c7e51d  No.5088106

File: 4d01f2e3ef3a17a⋯.jpg (100.86 KB, 532x800, 133:200, alexandra.jpg)


51b04a  No.5088107

File: bafa6ee0082f513⋯.jpg (112.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, infanticide_is_murder.jpg)

File: b6423b2e1f10c0b⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 800x480, 5:3, pure_evil.jpg)

File: 7ef0f33bd890d0f⋯.jpg (29.8 KB, 450x338, 225:169, thanks.jpg)

File: a9fed3ddfd1da26⋯.jpg (107.94 KB, 960x686, 480:343, a9fed3ddfd1da267230531efa1….jpg)

6b4ed8  No.5088108

File: 2a075b688906a45⋯.gif (826.78 KB, 500x554, 250:277, 2a075b688906a4543db84d2219….gif)

82f6bf  No.5088109


There is quite a nice series of these. I have spent some time today watching them. They are well done and well thought out. My belief they should be spread far and wide.

9711e1  No.5088110

File: 074837aa58b13ee⋯.jpg (48.92 KB, 664x729, 664:729, Anon.JPG)

308a4e  No.5088111


Why is Harry's head photoshopped onto someone else's body? I'm all for calling out masons, but it should be done accurately.

eed4fa  No.5088112

File: 5e4663eed7a11cf⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 2083x2499, 2083:2499, Coincidence-2.jpg)

File: 5c37a6db7c6b3e8⋯.jpg (274.49 KB, 620x506, 310:253, Hive-Mind-2.jpg)

2274d0  No.5088113

File: 4b274ec41103f02⋯.jpg (43.2 KB, 600x450, 4:3, eat_the_pain.jpg)

How do you bury shit like that?

cf1944  No.5088114


This is all true…

We should not tolerate these people among our communities. We need not be violent toward them. But they have to go…

I mean, c'mon… I have children. I don't want these monsters living in my neighborhood or passing laws in my state. And neither do you… Wake up, people.

8ee1f8  No.5088115


>I’ve always said the amazon logo is a penis

cuz they're dicking us over. . .

0ecd5e  No.5088116

File: fe0e9cb622df331⋯.png (529.72 KB, 640x450, 64:45, ClipboardImage.png)


e1249a  No.5088117


Show us how

1b0518  No.5088118


In 25 below weather

279bf4  No.5088119

Hwood Anon also did a shout out to "Cellebrite". Digital Intelligence helping Elites scrub their Social Media Accounts.


4e66fa  No.5088120


Whit certainly kept his cool and demonstrated great competence as a lawyer being questioned by politically-motivated attack dogs.

308a4e  No.5088121


You don't. You let the scavengers of Africa pick it's bones.

93b557  No.5088122


if what he said is true and everyone is reading the chans, then I wouldn't think he would dare be only one is green socks. or is he not afraid of being identified?

are we sure it is a he?

actor can be actor or actress.

eed4fa  No.5088123

File: cda3f588c0c5de5⋯.jpg (334.98 KB, 600x773, 600:773, Know-Your-Enemy-2.jpg)

01a4e8  No.5088124

File: 0b072b7f8efb726⋯.jpeg (96.62 KB, 824x980, 206:245, 1547388634.jpeg)

50f4e9  No.5088125


Forgot about the sovereign bit. Damn.

af0f66  No.5088126

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

77b712  No.5088127

File: b323eabe9e97449⋯.png (1.7 MB, 925x851, 25:23, ClipboardImage.png)

Arizona Facility Where Incapacitated Woman Was Raped And Gave Birth Will Remain Open

Updated at 10:40 p.m. ET on Friday

The long-term care facility in Arizona where an incapacitated woman was raped and later gave birth will not close, despite a decision by Hacienda HealthCare's board of directors, which was announced Thursday.

Instead, the board agreed late Friday to accept voluntary regulation by the Arizona Department of Health Services, according to a spokesman for Gov. Doug Ducey.


1b0518  No.5088128


you need to see a shrink your diabolical narcissism is showing

3f86f5  No.5088129


I wish I could.


But alas, here I am… yearning.

1ae746  No.5088130

File: a6382f8083f13d1⋯.jpg (124.68 KB, 888x499, 888:499, pepe fight club 1.jpg)

>>5087927 lb

>You stupid faggots need to quit falling for the mason/agency division shit

Number 1- Fuck you

Number 2- no mention of masons or agency division 'shit' as you have implied.

A simple discussion on market avarice and manipulations has nothing to do with dividing anyone.

Number 3- Fuck you again


Where you got that from I do not know. But since you came in at the end of the bread I know exactly where it came from-your common bullshit get the last word in while making shit up as you go.

Fuck off

7fe639  No.5088131


I'm saying.. A lot of evidence pointing to the wall construction having gone on in parallel has floated down the stream. just like the sourced facts the FMSM wing of the D party forced us to construct due to their refusal to do that, either.

Same thing with Donald and the wall. He is finding other ways, just as we must.

Did I mention I'm voting Trump again in 2020?

6d0925  No.5088132


Man, I have to brag on this one,

Was there!


and lucky.

408d69  No.5088133


3 triangles/pyramids inside a heart

fe79b4  No.5088134

File: c5b1145d95507a6⋯.jpg (4.26 MB, 3063x4430, 3063:4430, Mårten_Eskil_Winge_-_Tor'….jpg)

If this was answered, I apologize. Have we figured out why Thor in this painting made in the 1800's has the swstka on his belt??

2ae41d  No.5088135

>>5088032 lb

Pepe, Is that you?


Now, in the South American chessboard, regarding the Venezuelan crisis, we are seeing a direct confrontation between the four major poles of Eurasia – Russia, China, Iran, Turkey – against the US. And with another BRICS member, Brazil, siding against Russia and China.

In a multipolar world, we now have a huge test, because Brazil presides over the BRICS in 2019. How is Brazil going to be seen inside BRICS? There used to be an atmosphere of trust inside BRICS.

I’ve got to say that based on my experience at the Security Council, when I was ambassador, during the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso [from 1995 to 2003], the Russians and the Chinese gave immense weight to respect for national sovereignty. In terms of international law, they always stress non-intervention. I hope we won’t have a confrontation like Vietnam in our region. But when President Trump says that all options are on the table, he’s obviously accepting a military solution. This is very dangerous. I see a very sound Brazilian position coming from General Mourao [the Brazilian vice-president]. And yet the Foreign Ministry says Brazil will support politically and economically a government that does not exist – so that already means intervention.

51b04a  No.5088137


you sure?

description says

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in full Masonic regalia

7412f1  No.5088138


in other words, they paid them off

72213b  No.5088139

>>5088045 lb

>Nope. The key is no refined sugar, little to no dairy, bananas, or fruit juice. Non-fluoride toothpaste too.

All you really need to know is bad bugs in your mouth like acid, and good bugs like alkaline. Help the good bugs outnumber the bad bugs, and you'll have a healthy mouth.

Eating (real) cheese prevents stains (think cheese before wine), neutralizes acid and prevents cavities.

Great toothpaste is Tom's with argenine instead of fluoride. Even better if you mix 50:50 with baking soda in small tupperware.

Keep a water bottle with 1tsp of baking soda per cup of water. Rinse after anything acidic or sugary.

308a4e  No.5088140


The fifth Beatle with the extra chromosome.

50f4e9  No.5088141


Easy for jew to say.

3f86f5  No.5088142


Narcissism.. wtf… Im a lo born just as you… I know this.

0ecd5e  No.5088143


Not if they're shooting simunition.

Kinda like wax bullets in a casing with a low amount of powder. Lower velocity, still hurts like hell. But no one dies. I've used it.

93b557  No.5088144



>For life to exist.Life must die.

Where or when has it been like that.

where does one have to die for one to live?

2274d0  No.5088145


Fuck the feelers.

dc9b69  No.5088146

File: 9dc93bd39774f2f⋯.jpg (8.04 KB, 288x200, 36:25, campo'd.jpg)

all a larp to get viewers


ca2433  No.5088147



1ae746  No.5088149

File: f6be70fa063983b⋯.jpg (11.44 KB, 185x255, 37:51, General POTUS on it.jpg)

3f86f5  No.5088150


I know nothing but of what I see in nature.

cf1944  No.5088151


Baker… Make this a NOTABLE for God's sake.

98e4de  No.5088152

File: b8451c8f623a23c⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 330x361, 330:361, 1233354.gif)

This is tonights slide….

f6757f  No.5088153

File: 7cc9fcccb779b84⋯.jpg (65.06 KB, 975x652, 975:652, labron Shine.jpg)


tryin too hard

7fe639  No.5088154


Fuck the open borders and fuck the criminal migration.

6b4ed8  No.5088155


OK by me.

ce2a50  No.5088156

File: 5ca3c3998c93a9e⋯.jpg (34.16 KB, 700x372, 175:93, charles-spain.jpg)


Elitists Inbreeding

e7a07c  No.5088157


Well said

279bf4  No.5088158

File: 8912b0275b437a2⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 680x382, 340:191, Cellebrite.jpg)

cf1944  No.5088159


No, there are two printed versions. The Babylonian Talmud and the Jerusalem Talmud.

57f60e  No.5088160


In regards to hwoodanon's posts……anon's friend whom was killed, Red(d) Foxx…..

I wonder a few things about this….

#1. The collapse was during rehearsal…this was for a tv series "The Royal Family"….

Do rehearsals usually take place before the actual live shooting and filming or the scene? Seems as though, as a director, producer, film would be running quite a bit, even during rehearsal time, as scenes from rehearsal were probably used quite a bit in conjunction with "actual" live action recording….just makes sense to me, no idea what goes into the production, but quite damn sure editing and adjoining clips is certainly high on the list regarding the final outcomes, and actors probably feel a bit more relaxed when not under the spotlight AND on camera…just a hypothesis…

#2…of all people, Malcom X, aka from the article, Malcom Little….gets a mention……

Raises my eyebrows quite a bit, this hwoodanon does.

93b557  No.5088161


>I know nothing


2274d0  No.5088162


Perfect height.

Keep it clean.

3f86f5  No.5088163


You and others pretend to know what a jew is. You know no more than I do.

ca2433  No.5088164



got sauce for those quotes?

c49ddf  No.5088165

File: 2a014acb56c2100⋯.jpg (71.73 KB, 386x568, 193:284, george-washington-mason-li….jpg)


c/o "History of Freemasonry" by Albert Mackey

70be79  No.5088166

Anons - Probably in a previous bread but Robert (AKA Shorty) De Niro claims POTUS is working for Satan in order to deflect from his own sadistic and satanic deeds. Can't find previous digs (about to nod off) but you all know what to do.


93b557  No.5088167


where do you see in nature that one HAS to die for one to live?

0f28a7  No.5088168

How I walk away

Champion belt around my waist

Big smile on my face

You're fucking with a heavyweight.

If you can't beat me

Then join me or get out the way.

cf1944  No.5088169


THEN, you have the MIshna and Gemara which place the discussions in context, and dispel any notion that Jews try to push that these are "just conversations". It is Jewish Law… Don't be deceived.

350578  No.5088170

File: 1010d7d4413ec1c⋯.png (1.57 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, CCD09246-F83C-432B-85E0-2D….png)


Ancient Nordic symbol of Divinity.


408d69  No.5088171


Sunday night cant come soon enough!

9aafdb  No.5088172


Didn't sabbatai tsvi also write his own version?

And also, possibly, jacob frank?

af0f66  No.5088173

File: ca2579ce629a0c8⋯.jpg (167.25 KB, 400x600, 2:3, sauce force 4.jpg)

3f86f5  No.5088174


Another lie to make yourself feel better.

You know more than I. Ha! I know more than you. Ha!

e7a07c  No.5088175

File: c947b655da27d0f⋯.jpg (203.55 KB, 824x450, 412:225, 4ee5ba129f668ba87d4e85b061….jpg)


c85b07  No.5088176

EPA enforcement drops sharply in Trump’s 2nd year in office

WASHINGTON (AP) — Civil and criminal crackdowns on polluters dropped sharply in the second year of the Trump administration, according to 2018 enforcement figures released Friday by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Trump administration EPA says the agency is taking a new tack with polluters, giving states more of a role in regulation and enforcement and stressing education and voluntary compliance with offenders as well as fines and criminal prosecution.

“In fiscal year 2018, we continued our focus on expediting site cleanup, deterring noncompliance, and returning facilities to compliance with the law,” Susan Bodine, acting head of EPA enforcement, said in a statement.

The EPA has been one of the most active agencies overall in carrying out the deregulatory goals of President Donald Trump.


This agency needs to be shut down.

d51869  No.5088177


>I think Whitaker is a good fit for Deputy AG (replacing RR)

Maybe. But I'm nor betting on it.

Q has mentioned that advantages of temps (The 'Scaramucci' Play). The obvious implication is that Whitaker can freely walk in and fuck shit up without concern for optics or political considerations. This seems incompatible with him staying on as Deputy AG.

408d69  No.5088178

File: 2931e83c2a91506⋯.png (892.94 KB, 1200x1199, 1200:1199, trump full metal scrotum b….png)

615615  No.5088179

File: f0a22c8ee242758⋯.jpg (54.62 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, Beaumont.jpg)

>>5086712 many breads ago

>Hillary in Beaumont, Texas

Found some sauce:


1b0518  No.5088180


then why are you promoting suicide? – where there is life there is hope

– and most narcissists are deeply wounded individuals who worship their false self and loathe their authentic self

cf1944  No.5088181


Does the truth bother you, anon?

Speak on it. Don't be a faggot.

350578  No.5088182



78ee59  No.5088183


how are socks going to get on tv, he's going to have to get in the background of a shot on the red carpet or something

32021c  No.5088184



Always ask for three times what you actually need.

ada975  No.5088185

File: 1abcca23c51bd4c⋯.jpg (120.76 KB, 814x500, 407:250, Red Fox Green Socks.jpg)

308a4e  No.5088186


From a cursory glance around the beard, collar, and ears it looks 'shopped, I could be wrong. And I'm not saying he's not a mason - just that the pic, especially around the outline of the head, looks dubious.

e1249a  No.5088187



1b0518  No.5088188


who is that Canadian with the fake smile?

3f86f5  No.5088189

File: df57081bc5cd595⋯.png (592.5 KB, 1300x740, 65:37, ClipboardImage.png)

f99141  No.5088190


Maybe CoS for POTUS, assuming Mulvaney's not permanent?

5d21b2  No.5088191

File: 5d5e07f88c42734⋯.png (502.88 KB, 756x571, 756:571, 04169EB1-6856-40E9-8FBD-FF….png)

93b557  No.5088192


that is true, but how does that appy to killing a baby for convienience?

50f4e9  No.5088193


I know more than a tob.

cf1944  No.5088194


Because we don't tolerate Jewry around here. And we smash it with a hammer.

57f60e  No.5088195


don't mind em…takes a true unbiased observer to admit they know nothing…that is the primary purpose anons anon…..an anon that knows nothing knows damn more than any who attempt to hide truth in lie, you can bet your ass on that.

013915  No.5088196

WTF is with the green socks?

ca2433  No.5088197


that's true actually

but there's been no talk of you will be taking RR's place

I've just been thinking that because Whitaker impressed me today

95098e  No.5088198

Flight of the Valkaries

Posting in Night Shift cause got no love in dayshift. About a year or so ago I saw on here a vid of the 7 helos flying POTUS into Davos. I’ve searched but can’t find it. Any anon help me out?

ca2433  No.5088199




0542f3  No.5088200


>Capitol Hill sources

an unnamed source is an unnamed source.

8ee1f8  No.5088201

File: 18f8958d5caa437⋯.png (14.67 KB, 408x406, 204:203, Screenshot_2019-02-06 04 S….png)

File: 33284a7c382c79f⋯.png (464.18 KB, 483x380, 483:380, Screenshot_2018-07-29 anci….png)

File: fe33d8a1dcc5a92⋯.png (669.98 KB, 731x411, 731:411, Screenshot_2019-01-23 The ….png)


It's an ancient worldwide symbol.

As far as I can tell it dates back to the time when all the landmass was situated as Pangaea, prior to a series of cosmic catastrophes, This is also incredibly relevant to the character Thor, along with all the other characters of mythology.

90c46f  No.5088202

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"It's the Jews"

"It's the Masons"

It's the highest members of all fraternities, cults, religions, etc. The very tip of the all the pyramids. They call themselves the Elect, or the thousand points of light. Everyone below them doesn't matter. If they can sow division among the Profane (us) So much the better for them. Divide and conquer.

Where we go one, we go all. The ones who lead the way into the future will be the ones who put aside perceived differences and animosity towards our fellow man so we can shine a light on the ones who truly hate us

7f8ca2  No.5088203


I see what you did there.

cf1944  No.5088204


Thanks, anon… From the heart.

6b4ed8  No.5088205

File: cc254c2639a0026⋯.jpg (94.68 KB, 640x640, 1:1, cc254c2639a002664f717419b4….jpg)

223772  No.5088206

File: 613dabab8eab85b⋯.png (318.77 KB, 641x400, 641:400, smolletthoax.PNG)

51b04a  No.5088207


it does. will double check before posting again.

thanks anon.

013915  No.5088208


Speak for yourself, asshole.

641ac3  No.5088209


They are so Stupid. That’ll just make him embarrass them even more.

3f86f5  No.5088210


Truthfully, i dont understand what you are implying with "false self"

Suicude - Some people are created to be sacrificed. Have you know learned nothing on this ride?

e3ff71  No.5088211

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

No homo fags

93b557  No.5088212


even animals kill for a reason to survive, but what does that have to do with killing a baby to survive?

923634  No.5088213

File: ff3a49b603d0acc⋯.png (621.59 KB, 610x915, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

cf1944  No.5088214


Idk… The only version that really matters is the Babylonian Talmud. This is the version that was popularized in Judaic and Islamic-circles.

2274d0  No.5088215

File: b0536257baa1f5a⋯.jpg (218.9 KB, 800x673, 800:673, you_have_the_map.jpg)


How to own a nation.

ae981a  No.5088216


Mothers can have more children… having one at the wrong time could cripple the mothers ability to survive back in the day. We have more tech now so it's not as common… but you have to admit that having a child is a huge financial burden.

mothers leave kids at firehouses or churches all the time because it's convenient. I think that's a better option than leaving it in the woods for the wolves.

308a4e  No.5088217


According to CDAN, De Niro is paying Roman Polanski's bills and supporting his lifestyle.

05a35d  No.5088218

File: 2e2752f43a2ac70⋯.jpg (560.72 KB, 2220x1080, 37:18, Screenshot_20190205-225201….jpg)

who's talking w/ schumer?

3d7f8e  No.5088219

File: 9b4c79b46125747⋯.jpeg (220.67 KB, 1200x769, 1200:769, 9b4c79b46125747cf1f8b996b….jpeg)



Q !UW.yye1fxo No.9 📁

Jan 13 2018 22:18:18 (EST)



We are at WAR [@].



Do you TRUST the US Military?

Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command?










Yes, Q. Yes I do.


Imperfect, but faithful anon.

cf1944  No.5088220


Swastikas, lurking over that kike's shoulder…


72213b  No.5088221


>where does one have to die for one to live?

Eat a mushroom and think about it, anon.

If you can't figure it out, KYS by rolling round in a bunch of black widows.

350578  No.5088222


It definitely doesn’t apply. I agree w u. Just answering the ? U asked, fren.

77b712  No.5088223

File: 118c3a9bded48e9⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1666x583, 1666:583, ClipboardImage.png)

The ‘boiling water challenge’ is sending people to the hospital

The “boiling water challenge” that has gone viral in the past few weeks as the polar vortex gripped a large part of the United States may be an interesting science experiment, but hospitals say it’s also sending people to the emergency room.

Eight people who took part in the challenge have been treated at the burn center of Chicago’s Loyola University Medical Center since the deep freeze happened last week, spokeswoman Chris Vicik said.

They had injuries to their “feet, arms, hands, face, and varying degrees of burns, as well,” she said.

One person sought treatment at the University of Iowa Burn Treatment Center in Iowa City, spokesman Tom Moore said, and Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis said a “couple” of people were treated there in recent weeks.

It’s not just the people throwing the water who are getting hurt. Vicik said some of the burn victims in Chicago have been those watching the stunt.

That’s also what they’re finding at Hennepin Healthcare, said Angie Whitley, the clinical care supervisor in the hospital’s burn center.

“Some of them being parents or adults (who) go outside with their kids to do it, and the kids kind of get excited and step in the way, and the parents end up throwing the water on the children,” Whitley said.

“Or, people throw it in the air just as a gust of wind comes, and (the water) catches the wind and it blows it back on them — so we see some face scald injuries from that,” she added.

A breakdown in the polar vortex, which normally circulates strong winds around the northern pole, sent that icy blast southward in the past couple of weeks. Nearly three-quarters of the population of the United States experienced temperatures at or below freezing; in Chicago temperatures plunged to minus 21.

Having any bare skin in weather that cold is its own problem, because it poses a risk of frostbite.

“When it’s 20 below, it’s a bad idea to have uncovered skin,” said Dr. Jeff Schaider, chairman of emergency medicine at Cook County Health in Chicago.

Even worse is getting water on that bare skin, he said, because it will accelerate the freezing of the skin, and increase the risk of a cold injury to the skin.

“The gamut runs from essentially being burned from hot liquid to being exposed to the cold air,” he said. “If your hand has water on it, that freezes pretty quick. That’s a bigger risk, actually.”

Treatment depends on how severe the burn, he said. While the most common are first- and second-degree burns to the hand, Schaider said, resulting in pain and blisters, the worst cases could involve skin grafts.

Bottom line: If you want to be wowed by the science and spectacle of the “boiling water challenge,” watch a video. But don’t try it yourself.

“It’s tempting to try,” Schaider said. “It looks like it’s pretty cool, but it’s probably a bad idea.”


dc9b69  No.5088224

File: 044864be0919053⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, jamie foxx.jpg)

9b28b4  No.5088225

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>>5088073 Me

And then there are those absolute deception at Satans finest.


3d474b  No.5088226




unless you want a faggot answer like



93b557  No.5088227


>mothers leave kids at firehouses or churches all the time because it's convenient

what???? where????

98e4de  No.5088228


Yes he did and did a good job of hiding his disdain for the idiots. Mind you, I would have loved for him to say that to at least one of them… KEK

51b04a  No.5088229

File: b4b9efdd142d057⋯.jpg (124.7 KB, 867x576, 289:192, patriots_pray.jpg)

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom,

The power and the glory,



cf1944  No.5088230


…on the non-existent wall.

Oh wait… You meant Israel's, US tax-payer funded wall. My bad.

7fe639  No.5088231


There is never a rationale for eating your own.

3f86f5  No.5088232


If that makes you feel good tonight at the moment. Ok, we'll go with that.

923634  No.5088233

File: a82f32f3c61d8ee⋯.png (679.9 KB, 500x561, 500:561, ClipboardImage.png)

ce24d0  No.5088234


IMO, RR is headed to the bench. That's his desire at least. Remember, he

was nominated in 2004 and the fucking Democrats held him up in committee.

c85b07  No.5088235

File: 79799246453cad2⋯.png (10.79 KB, 233x255, 233:255, pepeice.png)

ICE agents in North Carolina arrest hundreds of immigrants

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Hundreds of immigrants in the U.S. illegally were arrested this week in North Carolina after some local law agencies stopped cooperating with immigration enforcement, a federal official said Friday.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement regional director Sean Gallagher said the arrests resulted from what he termed “the dangerous policies of not cooperating with ICE,” The Charlotte Observer reported.

“This is politics over public safety at its worst,” Gallagher said at a news conference. It’s a change, he said, that gave the agency “no choice” but to conduct targeted enforcement operations like the one this week.

ICE officers have detained 200 people in North Carolina this week. Another 25 were detained at an arms manufacturer in Sanford. Gallagher said more such arrests are likely when ICE is restricted from accessing county jails.

“If they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, my officers will take an enforcement action,” he said.

Since December, new sheriffs in Mecklenburg and Wake counties have reversed a policy that notifies ICE about the legal status of inmates in county jails. The Durham County Sheriff’s Office also ended the practice of honoring ICE detainers.

Charlotte City Council member Braxton Winston said he was threatened with arrest for trying to enter the building without media credentials during the news conference at the Department of Homeland Security office in Charlotte.

Speaking to reporters and activists outside the office, Winston said he was told by ICE official Robert Alfieri that the arrests represent a “new normal” because Mecklenburg County’s new sheriff, Garry McFadden, is not cooperating with federal immigration enforcement.


77b712  No.5088236


What does it mean?

fc4894  No.5088237


Ancient Nordic Legend tells of the fight of Thor when he hammered Og hard on the nose - didn't kill the nigger but it made his nose crooked and his progeny inherited the beak for posterity. He earned the shape of the swastika symbolizing forever two beaks crossing paths in their crooked in their ways identified by the hammer and swastika.

32021c  No.5088238

File: d9e93460de0fe5e⋯.jpg (29.7 KB, 749x346, 749:346, Amazon real dick pic v1.jpg)



Best I can do phonefagging

b39f8f  No.5088239

File: d0471bdf18feb04⋯.png (185.9 KB, 522x593, 522:593, ee81889a64447d50e18742cfd8….png)

731799  No.5088240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're gonna lose

You have to lose

You have to learn how to die

cf1944  No.5088241


They are from the Babylonian Talmud… There are numerous sources. Not sure which one that anon used.

BASED anon (who shared the evil Talmud verses)… Share your source for Baker, so I don't have to dig these up, please.

350578  No.5088242


I never mentioned eating any babies. Not cool at all.

d757e2  No.5088243

File: 45cb4ed0ed69592⋯.jpeg (271.35 KB, 750x746, 375:373, B282ACCF-25F8-40E5-B72B-1….jpeg)


Dafug have you been?

0542f3  No.5088244


So essentially like in Kill Bill.

57f60e  No.5088245


I think it was a move by hwood anon to get all the players in Hwood to look for socks, kek……

after all, it holds A LOT of the people mentioned in the posts on one night with cams everywhere….who's sweatin????

Who is wearing pants that hide socks and who is looking for socks? Genius if you ask me, you have to remember, these are "actors" and they are in their element when called upon to "act" of course, playing a game of "Tony Soprano" would make a lot of em slip. Jmo….

Hell, even me putting this idea out there can't stop the possible chaos hwood anon potentially created with….green socks…

I sense a fucking meme gallery being made outta hwoods green socks kek.

b2b121  No.5088246

File: 06b6003e32b79db⋯.jpg (195.08 KB, 576x384, 3:2, laughs in bacon fucking om….JPG)

File: eab5fa2bb17807c⋯.jpg (97.89 KB, 528x408, 22:17, tuck in my wiener to know ….JPG)

File: a555a7789c76f68⋯.jpg (174.69 KB, 528x408, 22:17, goat humper shill infectio….JPG)

1acd25  No.5088247

File: a2e53d2da2c87fd⋯.png (343.96 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)

82f6bf  No.5088248

File: 6be8a7f99512e86⋯.png (526.51 KB, 770x433, 770:433, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 5504c40931652e0⋯.png (163.72 KB, 300x320, 15:16, ClipboardImage.png)

US officials bust 1.7-ton meth shipment headed to Australia, largest seizure ever

SAN DIEGO — US authorities have confiscated almost a billion dollars’ worth of methamphetamine bound for Australia in the largest-ever seizure of the drug on American soil, Australian police announced Friday after a joint operation.

Around 1.7 tons of meth was seized in California on Jan. 9 by US authorities, along with smaller amounts of cocaine and heroin, police said. The estimated street value of the meth was 1.29 billion AUD, or $911 million and was also the largest-ever shipment intended for Australia. On Thursday, police in Australia arrested six people in the states of Victoria and New South Wales allegedly involved with the US-based crime syndicate believed behind the record-breaking shipment. “Hundreds of thousands of dollars of proceeds of crime was located during the search warrant in Woodstock, and about 6.5kg of (meth) was found at a property in Keilor Downs,” police said in a statement. Three of those arrested in Australia will appear at Melbourne Magistrates Court later on Friday.

Authorities in Canada also conducted searches in Burnaby, British Columbia, as they attempted to crack down on the international crime syndicate believed behind the smuggling. Photos released by police showed the drugs hidden inside electronic equipment and loaded onto wooden pallets. “By stopping this, we have ensured criminals will not profit from the immense pain these drugs would have caused our community,” said Bruce Hill, a spokesman for the Australian Federal Police organized crime unit. James Carouso, the US acting ambassador to Australia, said in a statement that “this historic seizure highlights just how important the US-Australian partnership is in protecting Americans and Australians alike. Every day, US and Australian law enforcement officers work together to keep us all safe.”

According to authorities in the Australian state of Victoria, around 2 tons of meth is consumed in the state every year. “Removing 1.7 tons of (meth) before it reaches our streets will have a huge effect on the illicit drug market,” said Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission spokesman Jason Halls. Last month, police in Australia arrested cabin crew for Malaysia-based carrier Malindo Air on accusations they helped smuggle heroin and meth worth millions of dollars from Asia to Australian cities, as part of a multinational syndicate.


9aafdb  No.5088249


immigrants or aliens? (not ayys)

there is a legitimate difference

51b04a  No.5088250

File: 006c7a054c268ec⋯.jpg (135.19 KB, 1200x818, 600:409, POTUS_muh_jew_fake_news.jpg)

01a4e8  No.5088251

File: bc0af876ea200e4⋯.jpeg (79.94 KB, 614x497, 614:497, 4597A6A9-9AFF-44EA-A278-A….jpeg)

3e484b  No.5088252

cf1944  No.5088253


I'll bet they all get reported too… Pssshhhh

615615  No.5088254


Former Congressman Nick Lampson, who works for the host and who knows the Clintons from their past campaign efforts in his behalf.

3f86f5  No.5088255


A fren is fren is a fren.

Good luck on your journey. I pray it painless.

72213b  No.5088256


Swastika is peace symbol that they turned to hate.

Same with rainbows.

(((They))) always try to corrupt symbols of peace.

ca2433  No.5088257

Notables so far


>>5088063 GOP/Dems Set to Offer Trump a Quarter of $5.7B for Border Wall

>>5088235 ICE agents in North Carolina arrest hundreds of immigrants



>so I don't have to dig these up, please


no idea where they came from

350578  No.5088258



33e9e3  No.5088259


Trump's "Eyeball-To-Eyeball" Orders To The Generals On Syria

Authored by Mark Perry via The American Conservative,

Despite the storm and fury, the Syria withdrawal policy is unambiguous and going forward…

Few other foreign policy decisions of this administration have sparked more criticism than Donald Trump’s announcement that he will remove U.S. troops from Syria. Even as he declared last night during his State of the Union address that “as a candidate for president, I loudly pledged a new approach…. Great nations do not fight endless wars,” he drew a tepid response from Congress. The planned applause line fell discernibly flat.

Perhaps that’s not a surprise, given that the withdrawal has been condemned by leaders from across the political spectrum—including from Trump’s own party. South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham called keeping troops in Syria “vital to our national security interests.” Senator Marco Rubio described the decision as “a major blunder.” Nebraskan Ben Sasse said that Iran, ISIS, and Hezbollah were “high-fiving” the move. Finally, last Thursday, Republican leader Mitch McConnell orchestrated a resolution condemning the withdrawal—which passed the Senate in a lopsided vote.


In truth, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the obvious: that those who whinge on about Trump “turning Syria over to Iran” or “betraying the Kurds” are the same people who got us into this mess in the first place.


5e2c1a  No.5088260

File: b33fee1dbfe9ec4⋯.png (757.39 KB, 688x385, 688:385, Capture.PNG)

Maryam Rajavi: All Iranians demand freedom, democracy, and overthrow of mullahs' regime

Prais- Feb. 8, 2019 - Hail to you my fellow compatriots, the friends of the Iranian Resistance and our dear guests,

You convey the cries of all Iranians against tyranny and dependence. You are the voice of all Iranians who call for the overthrow of the clerical regime and demand the establishment of a republic, based on democracy and separation of religion and state.

From here, we would send our warmest greetings to the protesters in Iran, to the freedom fighters of the resistance units, and the standard bearers of freedom all across the nation.

On the anniversary of the Iranian people’s anti-monarchic revolution, I pay tribute to all the trailblazers and leaders of that great revolution, particularly to Mohammad Hanifnejad, Saeid Mohsen and Ali Asghar Badizadegan, to Massoud Ahmadzadeh, Pouyan, Bijan Jazani, and Shokrollah Paknejad.

Today is February 8th. On the 37th anniversary of the martyrdom of Ashraf Rajavi, Moussa Khiabani and the Mojahedin who accompanied them in their heroic battle, we salute them. Their sacrifice guaranteed the resistance of the people of Iran against the mullahs’ anti-Iranian Caliphate.

With the overthrow of the Shah’s corrupt dictatorship and his regime of torture, his true successors, namely Khomeini and Khamenei, took over the helms. Our people faced a whirlpool of horror and darkness which they had to go through in order to achieve freedom.

Hail to the people of Iran who have paved most of this tortuous path with their uprisings and battles such as the one on June 20, 1981, the Eternal Light battles and the perseverance in Asharf.


fe79b4  No.5088261


So what's the Roths end game? Are they thinking: let's attach this ancient and powerful symbol to one of our puppets who killed gorillians of jews, and then make the people of the New World associate this symbol to anti-semitism, continuing their rule over us while destroying our heritage?

57f60e  No.5088262


pain lets you know you are alive, fren…WWG1WGA

cf1944  No.5088263

Law Enforcement in America can not be trusted and should have a major reduction in power and authority.


f0b624  No.5088264

File: 4dca5de0884d068⋯.jpeg (298.09 KB, 769x1038, 769:1038, five.jpeg)

98e4de  No.5088265


He`s wearing white face!!! He`s RACISSSSST…

013915  No.5088266


Ty, anon.

2ff8a2  No.5088268

File: aadcc633bb85492⋯.png (144.72 KB, 449x346, 449:346, 457a4f2bc3d23fd798d5845289….png)

anything to distract from abortion, green deal and whatever other bullshit the pols are cooking up


50f4e9  No.5088269


Suspected beep booper.

51b04a  No.5088270

File: 4ab36ede151ef16⋯.jpg (42.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, muhjew3.jpg)

350578  No.5088271


Did u see the “bit” about Venezuela loaning Haiti money in the second article about riots?

e0675e  No.5088272


The problem is that women fear motherhood or the childhood of their child far more than the consequence of killing their child.

There are two ways to try and curb this. One could simply end legal abortion and kill women who have untimely miscarriages on suspicion of murder (because DFS is a weapon for nosey or petty neighbors).

Or, the root problem of the fear of motherhood could be addressed (this is not as straightforward).

I think the abortion debate is largely being used to divide people and to further carry the projection that many liberals have been raised with that women are "under attack" for their critical role in the continuation of life. It's a warped view - but there are many warped views out there.

32021c  No.5088273


Top kek!

416f2a  No.5088274

File: 7b139ff7abfe243⋯.jpg (54.05 KB, 680x504, 85:63, mine now frenn.jpg)

b39f8f  No.5088275


racism is sanity anon, don't let the fagtards tell you different.

ce24d0  No.5088276


Maybe. Nobody knows.


This is the likely answer.


No idea, frankly. That would fall into my first category.


Almost cried.

3d474b  No.5088277

0ecd5e  No.5088278



2ff8a2  No.5088279

File: 14aec2447b21c00⋯.jpg (93.43 KB, 960x679, 960:679, Chaos.jpg)

notice a recurring theme here?


51b04a  No.5088280

File: 86de569d631eb96⋯.jpg (65.39 KB, 640x480, 4:3, muh_jew_is_done.jpg)

9cbabb  No.5088281

File: a31314c658277c8⋯.jpg (899.84 KB, 1568x1568, 1:1, Loxism.jpg)

File: 22696a2ecc0b62a⋯.png (19.66 KB, 600x800, 3:4, ItsOkToNoticeJewsAreWhiteH….png)

File: 8affc08e2de38d7⋯.jpeg (310.21 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, FellowWhitePeople.jpeg)


Loxism is real.

98e4de  No.5088282


It was meant to be humour anon….

5e2c1a  No.5088283

File: 303ff997d284e1d⋯.png (65.91 KB, 602x396, 301:198, Capture.PNG)

Yale University Newspaper Editor Urges Students to Spy on White Male Classmates to Be Able to Ruin Their Careers in the Future

Isis Davis-Marks’ article, titled “Evil is Banal,” is filled with racist rhetoric towards her white male peers

“Everyone knows a white boy with shiny brown hair and a saccharine smile that conceals his great ambitions. He could be in Grand Strategy or the Yale Political Union. Maybe he’s the editor-in-chief of the News. He takes his classes. He networks. And, when it comes time for graduation, he wins all the awards,” the article begins.

“One day, I’ll turn on the television — or, who knows, maybe televisions will be obsolete by this point — and I’ll see him sitting down for his Senate confirmation hearing. Yes, he’ll be a bit older, with tiny wrinkles sprouting at the corners of his eyes and a couple of gray hairs jutting out of the top of his widow’s peak. But that smile, that characteristic saccharine smile, will remain the same,” she continued.

Davis-Marks continues on to say in the future, she will be watching that white boy, who by then will be a white man, on CNN. She explains that she will “remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year. I’ll recall a message that he accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.”


eed4fa  No.5088284

File: f295b0cae0d6fa2⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 2290x1200, 229:120, Know-Your-Enemy-4HM.jpg)

ca2433  No.5088285


missed but will add, thanks

05a35d  No.5088286

File: 2ed32434c685d4c⋯.jpg (289.71 KB, 1079x785, 1079:785, Screenshot_20190128-135316….jpg)


"convenient " kekekek

no, it's not about convenience. they do it because they know they cant protect/feed/support the child. they do it out of love with sadness & grief…if they didnt care about the child, they would have killed it.

fe79b4  No.5088287





Also worth noting: on Thor's belt, the symbol is tilted and not straight up and down.

33e9e3  No.5088288


> BASED anon (who shared the evil Talmud verses)… Share your source for Baker, so I don't have to dig these up, please.

Errr.. The entire Biblefag thread? https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4878404.html

Anons have been flogging it and it's getting the shit shilled out of it since we figured out the Pharisees are the Jews, and they're planning the NWO using a one world religion (Noahide World Order - looks like the anon who dug that up was right).

Go check out the thread, it's a hell of a dig.

923634  No.5088289

File: f246cbecac906a5⋯.png (291.66 KB, 1080x520, 27:13, ClipboardImage.png)

013915  No.5088290


Women fear motherhood?

What makes you say that?

1acd25  No.5088291

File: 8634e89fda54440⋯.png (353.56 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)

57f60e  No.5088292


> Another 25 were detained at an arms manufacturer in Sanford.

well, now……how interdasting…I wonder if those 25 were actively using their place of employment for "illegal" arms sales/distribution….

0cd1ae  No.5088293


The question that comes to my mind is…

What percentage of those aborted would have grown up to be Dems, Libs or SJW's?

71da29  No.5088294

File: 576fe40a4858d82⋯.png (433.64 KB, 730x454, 365:227, fuckwhitey.png)

cf1944  No.5088295

File: aa86f081183721d⋯.jpg (85.98 KB, 851x480, 851:480, BLACKFACE.jpg)

b2b121  No.5088296

How many freemasons signed the constitution? 13. Though some evidence exists to show another 24 were Masons, it is not regularly accepted that they were Masons.

Clearly, 13 of the 39 who signed the Constitution were members of Masonic lodges.

Patriotic MASONS…if it wasn't for most of these patriotic American Masons, you would not be here.

George Washington

Benjiman Franklin

Paul Revere

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

James Monroe

John Hancock

Andrew Jackson

Teddy Rosevelt

Audie Murphy

John Wayne

Mayo Brothers (original)

John Glenn

Buzz Aldrin

Guzz Grissom

Neil Armstong

Gene Autry

Nat King Cole

Wolf Gang Amadadeus

Roy Rogers

Glenn Ford

Mark Twain

Gen. Stormin Norman

416f2a  No.5088297


I agree anon. it seems like the board is full of pro-lifers. die hard. nothing wrong with that, at all. simply observing that a majority mentality is being pushed and idk if that is organic or not?

51b04a  No.5088298

b9cf60  No.5088299

File: 6bc7439fd4ddcda⋯.png (173.71 KB, 375x602, 375:602, 6 - Visual Representation ….png)

File: 09712a4703e1efb⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 430x303, 430:303, nightshiftNW.jpg)

…Is it Night Shift yet?

72213b  No.5088300


>Another 25 were detained at an arms manufacturer

Illegal aliens (MS-13?) working at an arms manufacturer.

What could go wrong?

7fe639  No.5088301


There is no reason to reduce the constitutional authority of sheriffs.

They are bound to the constitution. We actually need more of them.

Municipal police are only bound to the policies of their municipality, and are paid from municipal coffers, 'and are not bound to the constitution.

Be more specific, your statement is too vague.

c85b07  No.5088302

1ae746  No.5088303

File: 4d16ecc3cf01f6c⋯.png (268.5 KB, 500x418, 250:209, Muh Joos 9.png)


yet you have one.

and 17 posts already too. 15% of the total

oy vey kiddo

3e484b  No.5088304


How about women actually do what they say they want and start supporting themselves and stop using sex as a tool of manipulation to pay the bills.

dc9b69  No.5088305

File: 855d2e184233af9⋯.jpg (101.67 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IlluminatiWatch.jpg)





YEAH anons…. lets watch the grammys

271f94  No.5088306


Exactly, these bills are pages long, way too much work for folks not usd to doing any. Nobody reads the fine print.

57f60e  No.5088307


kek..hive mind >>5088292

51b04a  No.5088308

File: ddffb6aae140ae8⋯.jpg (40.94 KB, 632x474, 4:3, muh_jew3.jpg)

5d7a1f  No.5088309

File: fbefda7e1ae11b7⋯.png (156.71 KB, 310x252, 155:126, 2019-02-08_23-41-10.png)

3e484b  No.5088310

72213b  No.5088311


High IQ post

cf1944  No.5088312


Yeah, but that was before Jews infiltrated Masonry and redecorated.

e1249a  No.5088313

File: 5e390d8da182f36⋯.png (399.55 KB, 572x701, 572:701, NightshiftEngaged.PNG)

b2b121  No.5088314

File: a555a7789c76f68⋯.jpg (174.69 KB, 528x408, 22:17, goat humper shill infectio….JPG)


1b0518  No.5088315


Thanks Anon.

71da29  No.5088316

File: c5c2db4166d0a34⋯.jpg (117.92 KB, 894x521, 894:521, aliens.jpg)

3f86f5  No.5088317


Underrated Post, IMHO.

51b04a  No.5088318


c8ef73  No.5088319

File: ddf7a731f1f3cbb⋯.jpg (129.94 KB, 578x948, 289:474, 1 (1).JPG)

File: d4dadb9bf2006cd⋯.jpg (86.85 KB, 440x587, 440:587, 1.JPG)

State Department Names Fox News and Navy Veteran Lea Gabrielle to Counter Propaganda


98e4de  No.5088320


Damn that`s a fine set of bewbs…..

1acd25  No.5088321

File: 50aa2dfc38d6763⋯.png (281.09 KB, 490x299, 490:299, ClipboardImage.png)

923634  No.5088322

File: e3d159fb92c4c4e⋯.png (494.7 KB, 620x382, 310:191, ClipboardImage.png)

5e2c1a  No.5088323

File: edd5711c5ad6ea3⋯.png (445.55 KB, 696x442, 348:221, Capture.PNG)

Migrants banned from Finnish schools and daycare centers after multiple child rape cases

The Finnish municipality of Oulu announces that migrants are no longer allowed to visit schools and daycare centers.

The reason is that parents have complained about so-called integration visits and feel worried about their children after the recent rape wave against young girls.

According to the Finnish police, the alleged perpetrators are male migrants who have come to the country in recent years and most of the rape victims are girls under the age of 15.

One of the places the media has highlighted in connection with the rape wave is the municipality of Oulu in North Ostrobothnia. In Oulu, the police are investigating at least ten migrants for serious sexual offenses against girls as young as ten.

As a result, parents have complained and expressed concern about how the municipality can allow the integration project ESIKOTO to continue.


7f8ca2  No.5088324


Maybe we should start with your youngest daughter. For life to exist, Life must die.

Are you ready to set the example?

You've taught them how to live.

Have you taught them how to die?

[it's on]

c85b07  No.5088325

>>5088283 Racist Yale Newspaper Editor Urges Students to Spy on White Male Classmates


cf1944  No.5088326


Interesting distinction. I was not aware of this. While my mind is not changed completely, you have certainly altered my thinking on this. Thanks.

ce24d0  No.5088327


I'll wait for the video. I'm sure someone in here will watch, and report back, and then we'll see the video, and then we'll laugh. Ahh, good times.

b2b121  No.5088328

File: 7cf682cb0658653⋯.jpg (108.14 KB, 408x528, 17:22, Mason shill even with a li….JPG)


c85b07  No.5088329



51b04a  No.5088330

File: 42e7e3be35eeb21⋯.jpg (113.8 KB, 1040x500, 52:25, muhjew1.jpg)

1ae746  No.5088331

File: 73b9bb83843c435⋯.gif (4.76 MB, 490x360, 49:36, Shill Fishing.gif)


NOT a notable

give it up

2547da  No.5088332


> complained and expressed concern

who are these people, saints?

9aafdb  No.5088333


Babylonian Talmud is probably based on the ancient religion

It seems like every ~100 years or so, they have new "messiahs" create a new version of the ancient degeneracy and father a bunch of evil spawn that are spread out all over the world to keep up the push for 1 world control.

eg: sabbathai, frank, crowley

77b712  No.5088334

File: 6cbc2d0df05bcad⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1213x598, 1213:598, ClipboardImage.png)

5 children ages 12 to 16 charged in death of rock singer Kyle Yorlets

Five children, ranging in age from 12 to 16, were charged on Thursday, February 7, in the shooting death of Nashville rock singer Kyle Yorlets, according to a press release from the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.

Three girls, ages 12, 14 and 15, and two boys, ages 13 and 16, were arrested at a local Walmart and charged with criminal homicide. Police said they recovered two loaded pistols, both of which had been reported stolen, when they apprehended the kids. The Hyundai Santa Fe that they used to travel to the store had also been reported stolen. As of Friday morning, the kids remain in a juvenile detention center.

Under Tennessee law, detectives were allowed to publicly identify three of the five children because they have been charged with homicide and are over age 13: Roniyah McKnight, 14, Diamond Lewis, 15, and Decorrius Wright, 16. The names of the 12 and 13-year-olds have not been released.

The press release stated that the five juveniles were in a stolen Chevrolet Colorado in an alley behind Yorlets’ home when they spotted him outside. Police said the kids interacted with the 24-year-old musician before taking his wallet and demanding that he hand over the keys to his vehicle. Investigators believe that Yorlets refused to surrender his keys, which prompted the fatal shooting. It is unclear which of the five children pulled the trigger.


416f2a  No.5088335

File: bb617ae5f8ae3ca⋯.jpg (21.11 KB, 494x484, 247:242, pepefuuuuuuck.jpg)

3e484b  No.5088336


Id say hes been watching to many movies.

a1974b  No.5088337


I'm on the Jay (F not B) side of Jeff vs Jay.

98e4de  No.5088338


Or what can go missing KEK

57f60e  No.5088339


you know as well as I the poster was doing nothing more than fishing, and I concur with your post.

230146  No.5088341

at what point will those apart of this community accept others asking questions that refute or broadly question the goals and intentions of this psyop we are all willingly watching and playing along with?

Knowing what we all know, are we ready to talk like adults without attacking each others character for questioning the status quo?

Or are our heads still so stuck in the sand that any question threatening the agreed upon worldview here is merely an attempt to divide and most likely coming from shills.

I have serious reservations about some things that this movement is promoting as well as Donald Trump himself. Why can't we talk about those things here? There are many people like myself who voted for Trump, will still vote for Trump, but have questions and concerns about some of the things that are going on.

Black and white thinking is that of a communist. Not being able to entertain thoughts of differing opinions is the true mark of the beast. Just pure conformity.

7554b0  No.5088342

File: 22ab36415d3d1f5⋯.png (328.42 KB, 1023x581, 1023:581, National-Voice.png)

e0675e  No.5088343


I think you assume there is much more micromanagement than there is.

"Tools" or "puppets" are not necessarily knowing or fully willing collaborators. When you own the system of capital means, anyone who wants to do anything big ultimately must go through your gates and deal with you.

From there, you know who is doing what and how, get a feel for their ambition, and back the people whose ambitions you can play against each other.

These people do not need to be micro-managed, they were picked to chair more powerful positions because their projected course is what is desired. Hitler likely knew he was something of a pawn or a puppet, and was trying to get to the other side of the board. It's not entirely clear thar everything he did was "as planned" - but it ultimately served the purposes of those who ruled the system. As did America's part, Japan's part, and likely Russia's part (though perhaps not… Stalin reversed a lot of policies that the bolsheviks put in place to subvert Russian culture… So he may have forced their hand by being the only viable option for them to back as an opposition force heading out of World War 2).

51b04a  No.5088344


you glow, shill

33e9e3  No.5088345

File: 01fc367313ef0ec⋯.png (1 MB, 613x3036, 613:3036, MASONS - PIKE WAS A JEW - ….png)

File: d8d9eabe82c345f⋯.jpg (165.08 KB, 622x586, 311:293, MASONS Star_of_Remphan.jpg)

File: 075502ba954faac⋯.jpg (44.73 KB, 320x303, 320:303, MASONS - YEP MOAR JEWS.jpg)

File: 9405bf25e0bf989⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 400x321, 400:321, MASONS - YEP, STILL MOAR J….jpg)

File: daf655f780d3ab9⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 720x450, 8:5, MASONS herzl_on_masonry.jpg)


They got invaded by Pike the Kike in the 1800s, the founders were Masons long before that KYS

Fucking Jews fuck up everything good, it seems.

Shocking they only got kicked out of 109 nations

7fe639  No.5088346



9b28b4  No.5088347

Psalms are the most misunderstood of any scripture by design.


cf1944  No.5088348


"Shill" is the new term Jews use instead of "anti-Semite" to shout-down truthful evidence of Jewish fuckery.

3f86f5  No.5088349


My youngest daughter was planned to live beyond me before I drew my first breath.

The chess moves have been planned and will be executed beyond your scope of understanding.

[they've already died]

b39f8f  No.5088350


Well humor is created by viewing the other race, there's just so many barriers and advocates in the way that it's a bad thing but it's actually very healthy. Flushes your brain out.

3e484b  No.5088351


juz sayin man. seems to be the case these days. Sucking and fucking and sucking and fucking. THen all of a sudden. Oh shit im pregnant? Well duh.

c85b07  No.5088352

>>5088300, >>5088292 Illegal aliens working at ARMS manufacturer in NC


cf1944  No.5088353


Die in an oven, kike.

408d69  No.5088354


Crooked pecker Bezos!

8415b0  No.5088355

File: fbe6fd148ef7c2f⋯.jpeg (326.22 KB, 1339x1289, 1339:1289, organic777.jpeg)


Trust me. This is organic.

013915  No.5088356


Because that's tge only thing some of you chuckleheads respond to in any way.

Kek. That was easy.

42e21f  No.5088357

File: f22e2a81544ee47⋯.png (3.31 MB, 1354x1997, 1354:1997, ClipboardImage.png)

1a3ee4  No.5088359

File: 26b627e2f3d175d⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 6600x5100, 22:17, page01.jpg)

The JFK Prayer Lines Up With Monday

JFK Prayer (post #703 and #1699) line up with the SOTU. The one year delta lines up with Monday 2-10. Five days after the SOTU and Five days before the shut down deadline.

POTUS is always 5 steps ahead.

Note that a number of key dates fall in the mirror of POTUS' Constitution Week Proclamation.

c04305  No.5088360

File: ead895fdf7af456⋯.jpeg (875.08 KB, 1242x915, 414:305, 804C0802-1941-46C8-A00A-F….jpeg)

1ae746  No.5088361

File: d08323b161889cc⋯.jpg (18.22 KB, 300x301, 300:301, Muh Joos 6.jpg)

cf1944  No.5088362

File: 3b851b593098dbc⋯.jpg (247.54 KB, 899x1124, 899:1124, 7b9f2031833f09bbcc47d1e456….jpg)


Yep… It's all Baal worship.

33e9e3  No.5088363

File: b7a744346f97ebf⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1800x1800, 1:1, MASONS DON'TCHA KNOW GOY!.png)

fcf705  No.5088364

File: 464b3e0d54e635c⋯.png (27.43 KB, 112x164, 28:41, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at ….png)

File: c254f1e251b8a75⋯.png (233.06 KB, 481x362, 481:362, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at ….png)

98e4de  No.5088365

File: e5970a7de56dbe2⋯.gif (11.88 MB, 350x452, 175:226, 1232860.gif)

408d69  No.5088366


It means its highly suspect

e7a07c  No.5088367

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They are everywhere

The talmud has been banned from entire countries for these verses its historical record

Books have been written on it

This shit didnt just start yesterday


1ae746  No.5088369

File: 66e5025761b0e67⋯.jpg (298.49 KB, 1440x2160, 2:3, Mirror for you.jpg)


up to 22 already

51b04a  No.5088370

File: 2350a5c836d0c47⋯.jpg (70.91 KB, 750x375, 2:1, POTUS_nope_shills.jpg)

File: ed91536a91e0b69⋯.jpg (105.86 KB, 960x768, 5:4, Pyramid of Control.jpg)

File: 6e2203e60274f08⋯.jpg (102.48 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, DARKtoLIGHT.jpg)

57f60e  No.5088371


meh, may be a notable portion of the article, but I do believe baker has the article in notables anon.

fc302f  No.5088372



nice get AB senpai


71da29  No.5088373

File: 34c5cc4fec90a68⋯.jpg (956.93 KB, 2083x1205, 2083:1205, babykillers.jpg)

3ceff6  No.5088374

File: 7f315f29d4a0f85⋯.jpg (81.5 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, France Girl on Light.jpg)

File: 6a9df6b2612f85a⋯.jpg (116.82 KB, 1429x1349, 1429:1349, France Macron Yellow Vest ….jpg)

Paris Protest Week 14 - late tonight anons.

5e2c1a  No.5088375

File: 00675937e25d3b4⋯.png (355.76 KB, 615x414, 205:138, Capture.PNG)

GOP releases list targeting 55 House seats for pickups in 2020

After 40 House seats swung to Democrats in the 2018 midterms, the Republican Party is targeting dozens of them ahead of 2020 in a bid to win back control of the chamber.

The House GOP’s campaign wing has released a list of 55 seats it will target next year, mostly by portraying Democrats as the party of socialism, CNBC reported.

The targeted seats include 41 of the 43 the GOP lost to Democrats — many weeks after polls closed in November.

In particular, the National Republican Congressional Committee will concentrate much of its effort on states where the party lost biggest last year including California, New Jersey, and New York.

The GOP will attempt to portray Democratic freshmen as supportive of socialist economic policies that they will point to as destructive wherever they are tried, such as in Venezuela, which is on the brink of collapse.


fcf705  No.5088376

File: d193bacc8f93abc⋯.png (218.56 KB, 280x382, 140:191, d193bacc8f93abcfa363eb5079….png)

2ff8a2  No.5088377

File: c6bcfd5412989b7⋯.jpg (1.7 MB, 3500x2333, 3500:2333, bez05a.jpg)

731799  No.5088378

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3b8ab4  No.5088379

Fascinating read for those who haven't seen it:

Terry Davis and TempleOS (the guy who started "CIA niggers")


013915  No.5088380


Your ignorance is amazing. And, you show it with such conviction.

3f86f5  No.5088381

File: 10a3f939dda89a7⋯.png (460.83 KB, 990x361, 990:361, ClipboardImage.png)


It is.

Lions kill the old kings offspring.

cf1944  No.5088382


This is what (((They))) do… They seek to destroy every thing Gentiles build.

1e6df1  No.5088383


Nancy Pelosi? Dianne Feinstein? Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

3e484b  No.5088384


whatever floats your boat, but now you got the overfucked ginas now wanting you to pay for thier pregnancy bullshit through your insurance premiums. I mean, if you cant afford to have kids, STOP FUCKING LIKE ANIMALS. Pretty simple really.

57f60e  No.5088385


on another note, if you read the article, they were "detained" and no mention of "illegal" status…….just uncooperative

0ecd5e  No.5088386


No Name's daughter talking smack.

"The feud between Trump and her father began during the 2016 campaign, when the then-candidate mocked the Arizona Republican for being a prisoner of war. Even beyond his death, the president has echoed criticism of McCain, most notably for giving the thumbs-down vote on the Senate’s failed effort to pass the “skinny repeal” of Obamacare."

No Name can't pass anything skinny…just check his whelp.

2547da  No.5088387




1b0518  No.5088388


Dr. Bernard Nathanson who helped push abortion in America confessed it was mainly men who wanted abortion legalized and the pro-abortion lobby lied using fake polls about the support for legalizing abortion. The majority of Americans did not support legalizing abortion. It was just another lie straight from the pit of hell. Early 1900s feminists considered abortion a vicious attack against women – and they were right.

b2e242  No.5088389


2 am, 20 below zero, 50-60 below wind chills, 2 men literally just chilling in the Windy City at 2 am when it’s colder than mars, waiting patiently for their next hate crime victim wearing hoodies, and ski masks, and maga hats on top of the hoodies and ski masks, bleach, brand new clothesline, recognize gay black actor from show only black people watch, Nigger faggot this is MAGA country (downtown Chicago at 2 am)

The fact this shit that never happened was all over the news is what inspires more low IQ “victims” to do gay shit that isn’t believable. I just hope when the tards get caught faking this shit it gets reported.

It’s so shocking and deeply concerning that hate crimes are on the rise, Of course when they try to make news stories out of incidents, it’s the vandalism with shlomo painting swastikas on the paper stuck to gravestones but not getting paint on the stone itself, or the heil hortler spinny stars on the drywall in the vape lounge but never damages anything valuable by the pajeets attempting insurance fraud, or a libtard with a washable paint market on auto glass but never causing any real property damage like breaking the glass, denting the panels, breaking the headlights or scratching the paint, and not because a Jewish teen in Tel Aviv is calling bomb threats to schools and mosques. Yep Hate crimes are on the rise, and you hear politicians claiming right wing white nationalist homegrown terrorism is on the rise and lives are at risk, far more than from illegal immigrants or radical Muslim terrorists. Deebly goncerning.

cf1944  No.5088390


I love that you keep tabs on me, and I don't care about you at all… Kek

3f86f5  No.5088391


Alive = Pain

Then why is death forbidden in times like these?

f60adb  No.5088392




Thread 6493

>Now wrap your mind around this…was the Lincoln assassination a LARP? Just savor the possibility.

What if Lincoln was really killed by his wife for having a mistress and children with his mistress? What if his wife was denied his pension TWICE by the US government?

1e6df1  No.5088393


Finally! Photographic proof that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still alive.

a1974b  No.5088394


It's the red carpet pics to be on the lookout for.

CDAN posts a bunch after awards shows so that's a good starting place.

9aafdb  No.5088395


Oh, do you have something you care to share?

It's not nice to keep secrets.

16fa5f  No.5088396


>Why can't we talk about those things here?

Not research

5dc976  No.5088397

File: 28066be16f8b396⋯.jpg (406.77 KB, 1179x1179, 1:1, 28066be16f8b396350f4366dbc….jpg)

"Don't worry Baby Pepe. I am a loving person, I won't kill you."

82f6bf  No.5088398

File: 128add98f287526⋯.png (881.92 KB, 840x507, 280:169, ClipboardImage.png)

A pilot killed in a California crash was initially identified as a retired Chicago police officer. CPD says it has no record of him.

The man piloting a small plane that broke apart over a Southern California neighborhood had false credentials identifying him as a retired Chicago police officer, authorities said Tuesday, but they still had no immediate answers for the cause of the crash. Antonio Pastini was killed when the twin-engine plane he was piloting broke up shortly after takeoff and fell in pieces in Yorba Linda, igniting a fire in a home where four people died on Sunday. Pastini, 75, was initially identified as a retired officer but Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said there were no records of him working for the department.

Orange County sheriff's spokeswoman Carrie Braun said the credentials recovered from Pastini were not legitimate, but that the pilot was indeed Pastini. Aviation safety experts cautioned against drawing early conclusions about the cause of the crash. "At this stage you don't make assumptions. You let the evidence lead you where it leads you," said John Cox, a former commercial pilot and a veteran crash investigator who is head of the consulting firm Safety Operating Systems. National Transportation Safety Board investigators have been collecting parts of the aircraft, the plane's records and information about Pastini, who was described as a commercial pilot with an instrument flight rating.

Preliminary information showed the plane took off around 1:35 p.m. Sunday from Fullerton Municipal Airport, made a left turn and climbed to an altitude of 7,800 feet (2,377 meters) before starting to descend over Yorba Linda. Weather was intermittently rainy across Southern California during the weekend, but specific conditions the flight encountered were not immediately known.

Observers said the plane initially appeared intact when it fell through a cloud ceiling at an altitude of about 2,000 to 3,000 feet (600 to 900 meters), investigator Maja Smith said. "Witnesses say that they saw the airplane coming out of a cloud at a very high speed before parts of the airplane such as tail and subsequently wings starting to break off," she said. The Cessna 414A has good reputation, said Cox, who said he has flown similar Cessnas since the 1970s. In-flight break ups are uncommon, and causes can range from metal fatigue to instrument failure and forces induced by the pilot, he said. He said the break up may have begun earlier than was apparent to the witnesses. "Small pieces may have come off that are leading up to the cataclysmic break up that people see. You need to make sure that the airplane was fully intact when they first see it," he said. "As an investigator you have to be careful about that." Losing control of an airplane can also lead to a break up. "If you lose control of an airplane you can put enough load on it that it will actually fail, something will break," Cox said. One of the first things that might fail in that situation, he said, is a horizontal stabilizer — the structures that look like small wings on the tail. "Once one of them comes off the loads then on the airplane will exceed what it can then withstand and other pieces will fail due to structural overload," Cox said.

Photos of the wreck showing the outer portions of the wings apparently snapped off are consistent with the type of forces wings are subjected to with the loss of one or more horizontal stabilizers and the airplane loses aerodynamic balance, he said. Video showing puffs of smoke erupting in the sky as the plane fell were consistent with an in-flight break-up rather than an in-flight fire aboard the plane, Cox said. Witnesses described the plane as sounding like a missile or a racing motorcycle. Cox said that could be the result of the engines no longer being under control. The victims inside the home have yet to be publicly identified.


6619c8  No.5088399

File: e71785b629e3946⋯.jpg (101.3 KB, 606x874, 303:437, cheers.jpg)


my gawd there is a heaven 0.0

fc302f  No.5088400

File: 0493399974af7fd⋯.png (792.57 KB, 1572x1824, 131:152, ClipboardImage.png)


e7a07c  No.5088401


For any shills claiming that these verses do not exist - They are blatantly lying.

In fact, there have been many countries that put the Talmud on trial, exposing the atrocious verses and demonic perverse thoughts of the rabbis. Often ultimately ended in a full on banning of the book.

Please research the Disputation of Paris in 1240, also known as the trial of the Talmud. The church was represented by a highly respected former rabbi, Nicholas Donin, who had converted to Chrisitanity and knew the contents of the Talmud.

Most of the trial focused on allegations regarding Talmudic teachings on Jesus and Mary (although other topics were discussed). When Donin asked the rabbis present if the Talmud, in fact, taught Jesus Christ was burning in a cauldron of excrement in Gehenna, one rabbi responded, "there were many men named Jesus who claimed to be the messiah. Is every Louis in France king?" I believe they call that, "Chutzpah."

The rabbis eventually went silent and refused to answer Donins allegations. The Talmud was deemed heretical and thousands of copies were burned. In the years following the trial, tens of thousands of jews converted to Christianity.

This was not the only time the Talmud was put on trial, but it is the most easily researched.


7fe639  No.5088402


The removal of Sheriff Israel should tell us all we need to know.

We need to get more sheriffs that honor their oaths elected into those seats.

And out the crimes of any that commit them. Enough is enough.

c49ddf  No.5088403


Uh huh… MPH disagrees with you.

The Secret Destiny Of America (1944, by Manly P. Hall)

416f2a  No.5088404

File: f27ad362af6a03c⋯.jpg (47.3 KB, 526x440, 263:220, suicidewatch1.jpg)


I agree!! stem cells from aborted fetuses. thank god that patriots are in control now. sometimes I just need a lil nudge that real anons are here still. o7

ps, suicide weekend?

1ae746  No.5088405

File: 7b31583c1c3ee76⋯.jpg (83.76 KB, 300x180, 5:3, Kid would do better.jpg)


that's nice. your boss' do though

you have files on all of us. Suggest you read them.

5d7a1f  No.5088406

File: 3dde56dd4e38fad⋯.png (57.34 KB, 235x141, 5:3, 2019-01-13_12-41-27 2.png)

0aca91  No.5088407


Diamond and Silk called him out. He bocked them on social media. The dudes who beat him up were hookers who didn't get their money.

The truth will come out.

394a0b  No.5088408

File: abe9a76b361fb57⋯.png (703.64 KB, 700x579, 700:579, jackson_lee_wee.png)

50f4e9  No.5088409


understanding scope. chess moves planned. first daughter executed before breath.

d125ee  No.5088410

hitler's t4 program in nazi germany is what the democrat's wish is today. cuomo/northam wish is infanticide. t4

c85b07  No.5088411

VA Evicts Groups that Help Vets

The Los Angeles Veterans Affairs (VA) facility that illegally rents its sprawling grounds to institutions that don’t serve veterans just evicted several groups dedicated to veterans, including a nonprofit that for decades has comforted dying vets and another that helps those who are disabled. While the VA gave the volunteer organizations the boot without offering an explanation, it continues housing a parking lot for nearby upscale shops, a university baseball stadium, a dog park for the professional dog walkers of affluent residents, and athletic fields for a fancy prep school.

It marks the latest of several scandals involving the misuse of this VA property, where a top official pleaded guilty to multiple felonies last year for taking bribes from a parking lot operator that defrauded the agency out of millions. This month at least five established nonprofits dedicated to providing veterans with therapeutic activities, counseling and other valuable survival skills have been evicted while private businesses that don’t benefit vets remain. The Jewish War Veterans is among the organizations that just got kicked out along with Twilight Brigade, the Disabled American Veterans, Vet-to-Vet and the Association for Parrot C.A.R.E., which provides therapeutic activities for vets at its parrot sanctuary. A local newspaper reported the latest travesty at the southern California VA this week, but Judicial Watch has for years investigated, sued and obtained government documents involving the VA’s illegal use of this parcel.


7554b0  No.5088412


17 code

911 code


0f28a7  No.5088413


With the Russia

013915  No.5088414


Hey, try this. If you don't want babies with the one youf having sex with, wear a fucking rubber.

Take some responsibility.

ce2a50  No.5088415

File: fd09914d0725ace⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2290x1469, 2290:1469, drinkpiss.jpg)

c8ef73  No.5088416

File: 58bd55c263b2ede⋯.jpg (117.22 KB, 575x891, 575:891, 1 (1).JPG)

File: 8558a8a153df12a⋯.jpg (104.78 KB, 446x707, 446:707, 1.JPG)

Democrats Propose 3.6 Percent Raise for Feds in 2020


16fa5f  No.5088417


70 yeats ago

350578  No.5088418

File: b2baa789687cdb5⋯.png (1.41 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A3E6F5AC-4A00-4BB2-8066-5F….png)

File: 2bc1f3c34a83fc0⋯.png (1.22 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A250450F-AA91-48E0-BB73-EA….png)

File: 7b2a9643a715005⋯.png (979.24 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 0C61C63B-5E57-4FE6-A85A-EC….png)

File: 112e4cd8153001b⋯.png (2.83 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A2F6F365-0D21-40F0-82C7-21….png)

Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, chant death threats directed at POTUS.


57f60e  No.5088419


forbidden how?

a1974b  No.5088420


I saw several shows in the Basement (Cicero's) and Mississippi Nights.

Whiskey Bottle was the song that killed back then,

cf1944  No.5088421


(((Pastini)))… An Italian Jew with fake-credentials. Why am I not shocked?

33e9e3  No.5088422

File: 848ecc0c8d07749⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 606x423, 202:141, RON PAUL YOU CHOSE THIS.gif)


DHS Issues Waiver To Expedite San Diego Border Wall Amid 69% YTD Spike In Illegals Arrested

The Department of Homeland Security said in a Friday press release that they have issued a waiver "to ensure the expeditious construction and replacement of approximately 12.5 miles of the secondary wall" in San Diego.

DHS cited a 1996 law giving the Secretary of Homeland Security the authority to waive legal requirements for the installation of "additional fencing, walls, roads, lighting, cameras and sensors on the southwest border."

Approximate length and placement of secondary fence project (google maps)

"The approximately 14-mile bollard style wall project in San Diego that was awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on December 20, 2018, will include an area that begins near the eastern end of Border Field State Park and extends east to where the existing primary pedestrian fence ends," reads the release.

There were over 38,000 illegal border crossers arrested by the San Diego Sector border patrol in 2018, while 18,500 have been apprehended so far this year - an increase of more than 69% for the same period last year, according to DHS.

In other border news, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) ordered the Arkansas National Guard redeployed from the Mexican border in New Mexico to Texas in order to assist with border security - after New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham (D) ordered the New Mexico National Guard withdrawn from the border, and directed troops from other states to return home.

Last week, troops from Arkansas and one of the state's LUH-72 Lakota helicopters assisted federal officials in the seizure of 136 pounds of marijuana from four men who were arrested along the Mexico - New Mexico border, according to 5 News.


98e4de  No.5088423

File: 8501f61277a7f91⋯.gif (6.23 MB, 400x411, 400:411, 1232907.gif)

Wait for it……

51554f  No.5088424


you gotta fuck one, marry one, and kill one…..

f941de  No.5088425


When, long ago, the Gods created Earth,

In Jove's fair image Man was shap'd at birth.

The beasts for lesser parts were next design'd;

Yet were they too remote from humankind.

To fill this gap, and join the rest to man,

Th' Olympian host conceiv'd a clever plan.

A beast they wrought, in semi-human figure,

Fill'd it with vice, and call'd the thing a NI99ER.

"On the Creation of Ni99ers" (1912) from chapter "Barbarian & Alien: 1908-1914" in H. P. Lovecraft: A Life by S. T. Joshi.

Yes, Lovecraft used the correct uncensored word, but I have altered it here to help defeat the simplest of "hate" web filters. According to Joshi, this poem was not published; "The text survives, however, in a hectographed copy, which suggests that Lovecraft may at least have passed this poem around to friends or family; it is likely that they approved–or at least did not object–to his sentiments."


SELECTED chapters with commentary

3e484b  No.5088426


Or dont fuck like animals and stop usin the pussy as a tool.

3f86f5  No.5088427


Forbidden in the rules and morals that you know now exist.

416f2a  No.5088428

File: f3247dd217773b6⋯.png (275.27 KB, 436x750, 218:375, wtfmackek.png)

33e9e3  No.5088429



Hilarious you're reduced to this pathetic shit.

230146  No.5088430


It is research though. Anything discussing POTUS, the plan, or the governments true intentions is research.

b39f8f  No.5088431

File: 8673066fe660977⋯.png (554.78 KB, 620x414, 310:207, 8673066fe6609774baf0f6ddb2….png)

8415b0  No.5088432


Then be careful out there.

78ee59  No.5088433

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

1acd25  No.5088434


it's organic and it's not that simple. nothing is ever black and white, well, almost nothing, but in the case of abortion Enough is Enough. They pushed too far, too hard and too fast this time and it is backfiring big time. The abortion debate is now roaring in this country like never before and people everywhere are having to take a hard look at exactly where they stand and where they draw the line. Abortion has become a crutch, a safety net and it encourages risky behavior and results in a domino effect of eroding morals and values. The my body my choice argument is a fallacy and is way overused. It's time to get people out of their comfort zones and make abortion much more difficult to access.

1ae746  No.5088435

File: 5b8969f486cb15d⋯.jpg (84.31 KB, 1343x756, 1343:756, POTUS and DS.jpg)


watch them too

3ceff6  No.5088436

File: aa206bc95276559⋯.jpg (22.2 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 89b00a4bfe5fc62010d397a39e….jpg)

77fbeb  No.5088437


And you can show that to people, they will completely ignore the actual meaning of the words on the page and call you an anti-Semite.

Fucking infuriating…

1b0518  No.5088438


what's easier for his fans or MSM to believe he was attacked by two hookers he stiffed or he was attacked by two MAGA Trump supporter racists?

5e2c1a  No.5088439

File: 93e878a00341d3a⋯.png (601.2 KB, 618x407, 618:407, Capture.PNG)

Muslim Community Patrol ‘looks like Sharia police’ says former NYPD officer

A former NYPD officer and current host on NewsMaxTV says members of a new Muslim Community Patrol look more like “Sharia police” than civic-minded people concerned about the safety of their neighborhoods.

“Not at all comfortable with this. ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ in NYC, driving cars that look identical to NYPD RMPs. This looks a lot like Sharia Police. In Brooklyn,” former New York City officer John Cardillo tweeted along with a picture of a uniformed MCP member standing in front of one of the group’s two vehicles.


cf1944  No.5088440


Here ya go, Baker:


731799  No.5088441

File: 2b086da52d233c1⋯.png (20.09 KB, 720x644, 180:161, 2b086da52d233c1d1edcc1b90d….png)


cicero's…I used to play there

red sea, blueberry hill…around the same time.

whiskey bottle "..not forever, just for now." great song

3f86f5  No.5088442


Then show me, please.

b2b121  No.5088443

File: 0164c2fc923d51e⋯.png (125.94 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 5366a23d8dea6fab242f6f7b7b….png)

File: a555a7789c76f68⋯.jpg (174.69 KB, 528x408, 22:17, goat humper shill infectio….JPG)



7554b0  No.5088444


Private Attorney General

230146  No.5088445


Now which party is heavily realigning itself with Israel?

All part of the plan, right?

615615  No.5088446


Wait, she ordered troops away from the border AFTER they made that 136 pound bust? This "Lujan Grisham" bitch is dirty. Check her bank accounts for el chapo's fingerprints!

1b0518  No.5088447


NY mayor de Blasio needs to be impeached

cf1944  No.5088448


Here is a source…. They're all there: http://www.talmudunmasked.com/chapter8.htm

1ae746  No.5088449

File: 676620b1effea7f⋯.jpg (31.36 KB, 538x385, 538:385, Flies on shills.jpg)


not notable

a63ba6  No.5088450

File: 1748ed411d2c3d9⋯.jpeg (402.43 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 76744CF6-7501-436F-BBCE-E….jpeg)

Where is Punchy?

013915  No.5088451


It takes two, man. I'm trying to save you a lot of trouble. Wear your fucking rubbers, or you've got nothing to bitch about. Why is this so hard for you?

82f6bf  No.5088452


That's what I was pondering as well, those numbers are what drew my attention to it.

3e484b  No.5088453


eactly. most of us anons are well aware of the jew issue and the roths, but running around bitching about jews accomplishes nothing. Its not going to wake up the sheeple, so what exactly do they hope to achieve other than alienating themselves.

2ff8a2  No.5088454

File: 38b74f8351d17cd⋯.jpg (162.6 KB, 975x652, 975:652, lebron1.jpg)

98e4de  No.5088455


No good actions there period but if one had too, the answer is Pelosi…Pelosi.. and Pelosi….

1ae746  No.5088456

File: 0839048d05d80e9⋯.jpg (126.03 KB, 760x428, 190:107, muh joos 10.jpg)

2274d0  No.5088457

Hot af.

eed4fa  No.5088458

File: 302b7ffadda89cb⋯.jpg (325.16 KB, 736x1066, 368:533, A-Light-for-You.jpg)

50f4e9  No.5088459


Do anons see it now?

e0675e  No.5088460


There is a thing called tact, anon.

Women were taught growing up in the millennial generation that they could choose to have sex for whatever reason they wanted. Contraceptives were going to stop the consequences you weren't ready for - so go have fun.

Women began trying to lead the lives of bachelors - working a career job, finding the social hangouts, and partnering with men for a night of fun.

The result? Somewhere along the line "fuck it, I'm horny now" or that failure rating of contraceptives struck - then women ran into a problem. Their biology has a role lined up for them that they were not prepared for.

I'm not saying they are completely without culpability, but at the same time - this is exactly what they were taught being a free and strong women meant. They then chose a lifestyle built around thrill and amusement and wound up in relationships that were not at all geared to accept the introduction of a child.

Worse - if men suddenly want to try and be responsible, it can be seen, from the warped view they have been programmed with, that men are somehow knocking girls up to try and imprison them in a relationship. Which - to be fair, the male possessive instinct exists, and men are not taught to deal with their own inner beast (or women, for that matter).

The result is a society that is actually very primitive and animalistic with the perception of men 'stalking' women to try and drag them by the hair back into a cave.

Which is why tact is not a bad idea to consider in reality. Sure, this is the chans, so blunt and edgy is the way to go, but when you are actually in a human situation outside if meme warfare, tact and a bit of "hey, we are all on this ship, together" can go a long way to de-escalate someone.

ca2433  No.5088461

Notables so far


>>5088063 GOP/Dems Set to Offer Trump a Quarter of $5.7B for Border Wall

>>5088090, >>5088440 Anti-Christian quotes from the Talmud

>>5088101 Haitians want Pres. Jovenel Moise gone on the two-year anniversary of his inauguration

>>5088235, >>5088292, >>5088300 ICE agents in North Carolina arrest hundreds of immigrants

>>5088259 Trump's "Eyeball-To-Eyeball" Orders To The Generals On Syria

>>5088260 Maryam Rajavi: All Iranians demand freedom, democracy, and overthrow of mullahs' regime

>>5088278 Robert (Beto) O'Rourke will headline a counter rally to POTUS'

>>5088283 Racist Yale Newspaper Editor Urges Students to Spy on White Male Classmates

>>5088323 Migrants banned from Finnish schools and daycare centers after multiple child rape cases

>>5088398 A pilot killed in a California crash was initially identified as a retired Chicago police officer. CPD says it has no record of him

the talmud quotes are sauced

afaba0  No.5088462


Might want to rephrase that last part. Just sayin'.

013915  No.5088463


I'm beginning to think the whole eastern seaboard needs to be impeached.

c85b07  No.5088464

Virginia Democrats Call on the Black Man to Resign by Monday but NOT the White Guys in Blackface


And they reeeeeeealy don't want to talk about killing newborn babies

e3326c  No.5088465


This board has woken many a sleeping goy to the jew problem. You can't solve a problem until you know there is one.

cf1944  No.5088466


Yeah… In April. If that even happens. And how many of our soldiers will have died for Israel by then?

Not your kid, so who cares, right?

5e2c1a  No.5088467

We need to get out of the UN

MIL-OSI United Nations: CDP and UNDP partner to support sustainable development goals | UNDP

Cassa depositi e prestiti (CDP) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) signed a broad agreement to identify joint initiatives aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With UNDP’s extensive network in more than 170 countries, its presence and capacity at the country level, and its central role in driving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this partnership builds on CDP’s renewed international business strategy to promote and finance public – private investments.

Detailed plans to implement this partnership will be developed by the two organizations in the coming months.


b2b121  No.5088468

File: a20c3acd6df9d44⋯.jpg (71.32 KB, 720x497, 720:497, 1512565199558.jpg)

File: 1a4d21d14896eb6⋯.jpg (136.51 KB, 408x528, 17:22, I'm with thomas jefferson ….JPG)

98e4de  No.5088469

File: 5adf37efff2630a⋯.gif (455.94 KB, 160x159, 160:159, giphy.gif)


> 98e4de

731799  No.5088470

File: fa3034d36139bfd⋯.jpg (182.73 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, secretpizzaparty.jpg)

33e9e3  No.5088471

File: 15038f03648f430⋯.png (252.5 KB, 830x699, 830:699, MERCHANT QUOTE PIN HEAD QU….png)



>not notable

013915  No.5088472


Kek….should have said, "so hard for you to comprehend".

1ae746  No.5088473


it's bullshit. they have been trying this since POTUS speech

090bdd  No.5088474

File: be561ae69b9f884⋯.png (108.73 KB, 653x593, 653:593, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2e1ac1f12f672fd⋯.webm (1.06 MB, 272x480, 17:30, muhjooshill shill squad.webm)


Muzzies ain't the only semites with their own police force in jew york.

So many tiers to the justice system now…


3f86f5  No.5088475





Right now is what came next.

33e9e3  No.5088476


What, b/c Trump's not acting as dictator, but according to the plan, this is bad?

You argue like a kike.

78ee59  No.5088477

File: 2aee8f5742f5b7f⋯.png (220.05 KB, 536x280, 67:35, deblah.png)

1ae746  No.5088478

File: 079836061641cfa⋯.jpg (12.67 KB, 226x255, 226:255, PEPE speechezzzz.jpg)

afaba0  No.5088479



2274d0  No.5088480


When you do it, don't do it because you are angry with her.

But fuck that.

4d16f0  No.5088481

27 fucking posts of pure shit. You fucks are so dumb it’s laughable. FFS. Try something new. Even a newfag or normie can see through your shit immediately.

3e484b  No.5088482


I give. Go on about yourself and suck and fuck and play with your rubbers. IM sure he will keep paying your rent till he wakes up one day and figures it out.

aa38f3  No.5088484


Mom i told you not to post on the chans

77b712  No.5088485

File: ff1f2db2db60293⋯.png (2.25 MB, 1043x844, 1043:844, ClipboardImage.png)

26ecf2  No.5088486



mostly niggers are masons these days judging by their cars

ce2a50  No.5088487

File: 069819a2dff2760⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 2290x1469, 2290:1469, drinkpiss2.jpg)

013915  No.5088488


You the monitor of words now?

e3326c  No.5088489


That is hysterical.

5e2c1a  No.5088490


Don't think it hasn't happened before

Argentinian jailed for throwing prisoners from plane

An Argentinian former naval officer who threw prisoners, drugged and naked, to their death from planes was convicted of crimes against humanity and jailed for a total of 640 years by a Spanish court yesterday for his part in the "dirty war" against dissidents conducted by the Argentinian military regime in the 1970s.

Captain Adolfo Scilingo killed 30 leftwing prisoners, who were thrown out at 4,000 metres (13,000ft) above the Atlantic, on two flights.


1b0518  No.5088491


I think the slow withdrawal was a concession to get the withdrawal actualized.

cf1944  No.5088492


Are you going to share this gay meme every thread, faggot?

We're American. We're white. We're conservative. We don't work for Kike-blue, or Muzzie-Cair, or any other organization by America. And we don't tolerate KIKES. Get used to it, cocksucker!

78ee59  No.5088493

File: 32bd031bce31913⋯.png (172.45 KB, 516x300, 43:25, les-nancy1.png)

afaba0  No.5088494


Joking my cocksucker friend.

416f2a  No.5088495

File: d34e27a5795b471⋯.jpg (13.34 KB, 172x255, 172:255, highestrankinganon.jpg)


no thats me

90d579  No.5088496

File: 6bd537741148942⋯.jpg (69.98 KB, 676x960, 169:240, MV5BYmE2OWY0MjctNGU5OC00ZG….jpg)

File: f2a1055b174bd69⋯.jpg (108.57 KB, 510x755, 102:151, MV5BYzJlYmJhZDAtMmE2MC00MW….jpg)

File: b2b119b3673c51b⋯.mp4 (9.11 MB, 960x540, 16:9, New video_Small.mp4)

PEDOWOOD trying to normalize age gap with mature female ?

PEN15 is middle school as it really happened.

Maya Erskine (31 YEARS OLDS) and Anna Konkle (24 YEARS OLD) star in this adult comedy,

playing versions of themselves as thirteen-year-old outcasts in the year 2000,


where the best day of your life can turn into your worst with the stroke of a gel pen.

I mean, it is kind of upsetting because they comment on 13 year old boys,

like omg he so hot, and it is a real 15 year old boy…

If they decides to play 13 year old girls, they should have all other kids in show played by older cast…

3f86f5  No.5088497

File: f8890cf53237f84⋯.jpg (13.39 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f216b79bae953b9dc580bd3726….jpg)

cf1944  No.5088498


…any organization BUT America*

26ecf2  No.5088500

File: 8163e7c51e28a57⋯.jpg (164.39 KB, 1034x799, 22:17, fortbendisd1.jpg)

File: fcc3dbd03bf3ec2⋯.jpg (99.72 KB, 1034x799, 22:17, fortbendisd2.jpg)

File: cbccbb1e455f319⋯.jpg (49.96 KB, 444x398, 222:199, fortbendisd3 - Q and SJL.jpg)

File: 425249ad1302fff⋯.png (358.5 KB, 1238x1268, 619:634, fbisd voat 1.png)

File: ded6eed4057c3bb⋯.png (379.37 KB, 1230x1290, 41:43, fbisd voat 2.png)

Sheila Jackson Lee

Fort Bend ISD


2274d0  No.5088501

Did you ask her where she needs the stimulation?

350578  No.5088502


The Green New Deal needs some Memes showing poor, (overtaxed) homeless, (property seized) starving people (increased grocery prices due to inflation), riding bicycles.

Like a “Walking Dead” scene when the group passes a freeway full of abandoned cars.

Oh wait….just model it after France or Venezuela.

I’d personally throw a toddler on a broken baby bike.

Give normies a visual of “what could happen,” if that shiite gets signed into law.

9b28b4  No.5088503

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It is here.

Just understand and it is clear.

God loves you.


1ae746  No.5088504

File: d818250f1c66faf⋯.jpg (133.11 KB, 699x877, 699:877, 2can joo that.jpg)

50f4e9  No.5088505


Beep boop. No response on file.

57d353  No.5088506

File: f711f2867ee0131⋯.jpg (177.88 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, FreedomFlag.jpg)

57f60e  No.5088507


imo, until people know and understand VERY well about "elections"…I wouldn't put anymore "license to kill" officials who carry guns for a living in a position of power.

People do just fine by themselves, and "police" have one hell of a record of getting away with murder, quite literally. Not saying Law enforcement is not required, just saying that at the current precipice we are at, before we move more into "office" we should ALL have a much better grip on the reality occurring, not just anons in here……EVERYWHERE

230146  No.5088508

Trump supports Red Flag laws and that is a problem.

The uniparty is stronger than ever, they have you all hating crazy Democrats that have been installed to make Democrats unelectable while the old guard is left out hanging, while the real powers that be who recognized the growing nationalism sentiment coming years ago used Trump as a pressure relief valve to satiate nationalists and co-opt their support for

cf1944  No.5088509


Will do, thanks BASED anon-fren.

1ae746  No.5088510

File: 7abbe9eff988b18⋯.jpg (14.99 KB, 474x355, 474:355, Ok Stevie.jpg)

8415b0  No.5088511

File: 717de3c0d94c6d2⋯.jpg (136.56 KB, 800x787, 800:787, IMG_3285.JPG)

8ee1f8  No.5088512


>So what's the Roths end game?

>continuing their rule over us while destroying our heritage?

Pretty much. Only they aren't just ruining our heritage. They're hiding it from us, while they collect what's left of the technology. Meanwhile, there keeping us stupid as we make further advances in technology for them, which they will also use against humanity. Did I mention that how keep us divided over false history, that fuels religious, political, racial and national hate among the common folk, so we kill ourselves off so they can inherit the world?

2274d0  No.5088513


Oh, must have hit a nerve. My bad.

e906ff  No.5088514

>>5087913 PB

Remember grammy awards announced their nominations on [D]ec 5 and we are awaiting a Red Carpet Moab. I'll have popcorn at the ready just in case.

c85b07  No.5088515

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

RAPE VICTIM: Democrat Justin Fairfax Picked Me as Victim Because He Knew I Was Already Raped Before (VIDEO)

A second woman, Meridith Watson, accused Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax of rape on Friday.

But there’s more…

Ms. Watson says Justin Fairfax chose her because he already knew she was victimized before.

According to FOX News, “They say that Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax actually used that prior assault which she had told him about in order to justify the assault that he allegedly perpetrated. They said the pair had one assault after the alleged assault in 2000 at a campus party. He left the campus party. When he arrived he followed her out. She turned and asked, “Why did you do it?” Mr. Fairfax answered, “I knew because what happened to you last year you’d be too afraid to say anything.”


33e9e3  No.5088516

File: 408e070cb375532⋯.jpg (522.9 KB, 816x754, 408:377, WHY SOME JEWS WILL BE SPAR….jpg)

File: f94b0c138c84922⋯.jpg (163.43 KB, 1305x823, 1305:823, WHY SOME JEWS WILL BE SPAR….jpg)


>Are you going to share this gay meme every thread, faggot?

Most of these are probably bots. How else to explain why the are so lame? Even Jews aren't that dumb. They know they don't persuade for shit.

They can't risk actual live Jews hanging out here or you get this (pics related)

4d16f0  No.5088517


Fucking horseshit baker. 1st post itsnt sauced at all, and second is a propaganda website.

3e484b  No.5088518


i was too lazy to type that, thas kinda the point I was trying to make. its come to the point that women use poon as a tool. and yes sheeple men think that the more pussy is some kind of status symbol or whatever. Soon as we figure that out we wont have to sit through endless discussions on abortion and the endless picture of fetuses. Until then this argument will NEVER END! So why even argue it.

8a441b  No.5088519

White House begins search for person who leaked president’s schedule: report

The White House has reportedly launched an internal probe into who leaked the president’s schedule to Axios this week.

Politico reported late Friday that the search, which has been approved by acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and President Trump himself, has reached out to the White House IT office and begun narrowing down a list of suspects.

One administration official told Politico that the culprit was probably a career government employee who works in the White House and not somebody the president had handpicked for the administration.

The White House earlier this week blasted the leak, which showed that the president has spent about 60 percent of his time over the past three months in “Executive Time.”

“What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules. What these don’t show are the hundreds of calls and meetings @realDonaldTrump takes everyday. This POTUS is working harder for the American people than anyone in recent history,” White House Director of Oval Office operations Madeleine Westerhout tweeted in response.

Aides told Politico that Trump uses those time blocks to watch TV, call people, read newspapers and do other work.

While critics have slammed the schedules as proof the president is slacking on the job, the White House says executive time is used to keep Trump abreast of legislation and maintain relationships on Capitol Hill, among other things.

“He’s not a slacker. The guy works. He may not have it all scheduled but the guy’s a grinder,” David Urban, a former senior Trump campaign adviser, told Politico. “He’s not a guy who sits on his hands.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill on Friday night.

Trump personally has fumed over the massive amounts of leaks that have characterized his tenure in the White House.

“The spotlight has finally been put on the low-life leakers! They will be caught!” the president tweeted in early 2017, shortly after taking office.


1acd25  No.5088520

File: 417a6119cbb46fe⋯.png (353.81 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 977034f3711429b⋯.png (435.31 KB, 500x750, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)

26ecf2  No.5088522

File: dea0841234f06cf⋯.jpg (23.28 KB, 300x320, 15:16, fukin great.jpg)

File: c6371d6871774f8⋯.jpg (8.64 KB, 255x223, 255:223, fukkin saved.jpg)

File: 5052c6c92fb5ac5⋯.jpg (12.42 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Mein_Neger.jpg)

615615  No.5088523

Abortion after 7 weeks is murder, since the pineal gland, through which the soul supposedly comes into the body, is fully formed in the fetus after 49 days.


2ff8a2  No.5088524

File: 2396b971cef2f8c⋯.jpg (110.8 KB, 696x800, 87:100, doge1.jpg)

0f28a7  No.5088525

Dig in, Anons

It's cold out there

26ecf2  No.5088526

File: 0641279a40fae24⋯.jpg (89.97 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Abortion_Cookies.jpg)

File: 7a65b11988e0925⋯.jpg (228.23 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Abortion_Cookies2.jpg)

File: e4a02fda46d02f0⋯.png (715.09 KB, 1546x4324, 773:2162, 242 - 100 Questions for th….png)

4d16f0  No.5088527


Stfu low rent ignorant shill.

50f4e9  No.5088528


I'm a bot magnet tonight! A bot machine, if you know what I mean.

d51869  No.5088529

File: b776c04c25fb6ce⋯.png (30.85 KB, 255x239, 255:239, baitin.png)



05a35d  No.5088530


dude… srly? 2250?!

33e9e3  No.5088531


>Abortion after 7 weeks is murder, since the pineal gland, through which the soul supposedly comes into the body, is fully formed in the fetus after 49 days.


This pisses off the maximum number of people on both sides, so it's the position I think most appropriate.

Fuck 'em all.

cf1944  No.5088532


Fishing for what, faggot?

013915  No.5088533


Anon, stop being such a hater. Go on and fuck your brains out with anyone who will let you. Don't use any protection and see where that fucking gets you.

3ceff6  No.5088534

File: bede1f3e5e9f53d⋯.png (222.64 KB, 627x728, 627:728, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at ….png)

cf1944  No.5088535


You smell, kike.

2274d0  No.5088536


What comes after the PAIN?

Can you feel it?

fc4894  No.5088537


Thank my nigga or do you prefer the nigger version?

Baby killing is a nigger practice too, no love all hate. Satan is still the ancient serpent - Moloch who deceives and teaches to deceive. Swallowswholecumloads will tell you. In Leiu

77b712  No.5088538

File: 919b2858b150e1a⋯.png (536.62 KB, 695x398, 695:398, ClipboardImage.png)

‘THE NEW NORMAL’: ICE Agents Arrest Over 200 Illegal Immigrants in North Carolina

US officials with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency arrested 200 illegal immigrants throughout North Carolina this week; calling the vast operation the “new normal” as local authorities fail to cooperate with federal agents.

“Since December, newly elected sheriffs in the state’s two most populous counties — Mecklenburg and Wake — have reversed a policy that allows ICE to detain immigrants in county jails. Durham County Sheriff’s Office also ended the practice of honoring ICE detainers,” reports the Charlotte Observer.



26ecf2  No.5088539

File: d7fca6918e139fd⋯.png (7.86 KB, 255x116, 255:116, 7b9b441b9a6aea816e4aef639a….png)

File: bccd31ef43c3587⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 4800x2700, 16:9, abebe39ee037924ad6baeec2a4….jpg)

File: 5b8cefd53740ad1⋯.jpeg (281.72 KB, 1068x1500, 89:125, abortion - difference.jpeg)

File: 615973e8f825bbd⋯.jpg (203.75 KB, 1280x847, 1280:847, candle.jpg)

File: 1eff810dcd80a72⋯.jpg (157.84 KB, 902x601, 902:601, AmericaMustWinThisWar.jpg)

b565f8  No.5088540

>>5088523 Abortion is murder any time prior to 7 weeks! Btw…how did you come to your "soul / pineal gland" conclusion?

1ae746  No.5088541

File: a6c1b3ad212bbd6⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1242x1241, 1242:1241, Matrixxx Flash.png)

1b0518  No.5088542


Roths and their buddies are the deceived slaves of Lucifer. And they do not realize they are just his useful idiots and will spend eternity regretting their choices. He hates them almost as much as he hates the rest of us.

1ae746  No.5088543

File: d856692fb72a370⋯.jpg (125.43 KB, 749x1000, 749:1000, Grandma troll.jpg)

afaba0  No.5088544




3e484b  No.5088545


no you havent. You guys have scared more people away from this board that you even came close to waking up. When jourlaists fomr the MSM come in here its so easy to keep the sheeple out by simply showing all the jew shit and then they just write up an article about how we are racist nazis, so the sheeple simple wont even blink an eye at this board. Very simple I think. You gotta slowly lead them into the discussion. Not runing around calling people kikes and murdering jews ffs.

8ee1f8  No.5088546


It's not a bad idea. . .

Before long all the drunk drivers will kill one another off, then we can roll out flying cars for the responsible adults. . .

It could work with gun control. Y'all keep your guns, I'll start building my flying car with laser blasters, now!

8fab5f  No.5088547


Stone cold classic.

33e9e3  No.5088548


>Btw…how did you come to your "soul / pineal gland" conclusion?

Descartes, faggot

cf1944  No.5088549


Are you sure?… Because according to half of this board, the "Nazi-shills" just "made it up".

I mean, who are you to cite historical-facts in the face of autistic-retards who think they know better and who are stumbling-drunk on the Kool-aid of propaganda?

f60adb  No.5088550


Found it in a book I was reading about the Payseurs

1ae746  No.5088551

File: e038ce71726d291⋯.jpg (11.62 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Get your shit together.jpg)

8cc030  No.5088552


Good catch anon.


These people are sick.

590e2a  No.5088553

File: f02252dc8d4eeab⋯.jpg (194.25 KB, 888x499, 888:499, aoc paradise .jpg)

3e484b  No.5088554


lol. good lord people are stupid.

3f86f5  No.5088555


Too many hers to place blame. Its me. The way I was built. emotion causes motion in this game.

0ef01c  No.5088556


The cat.

26ecf2  No.5088557

File: 029653bd1cb17eb⋯.jpg (76.59 KB, 728x461, 728:461, fetos-2.jpg)


>You guys have scared more people away

(((they don't below here)))

with the force of 10,000 suns: GO BACK TO FACEBOOK FAGGOT!!!!!

1b0518  No.5088558


great memes

2ff8a2  No.5088559

Shep has been promoted to head butt boi


8ac235  No.5088560

File: 6f83c8043e5daa7⋯.jpg (69.6 KB, 640x760, 16:19, oIxaubVxxMFiaRcLSegPq2O0Gw….jpg)


you memed it into reality fren!

2f1845  No.5088561


In livestock they are bred by then. Human's are different I guess. Maybe the opposing thumb or the mind that they are scared of?

f941de  No.5088564

>>5084981 lb

>>5084382lb trump tweet

H should be B

think mirror

B should be H

Barack Hussein

I Trump telling us Hussain is dead?

2274d0  No.5088565

Do what you want, but don't hold your breath waiting for me to apologize for the erection. That just makes it harder.

3e484b  No.5088566


You mean the sheeple? THats the whole point dude. Trying to wake people up, not scare the piss out of em.

26ecf2  No.5088567

File: 72fb549d3a23a0c⋯.jpeg (33.91 KB, 500x488, 125:122, Meme_Farmer.jpeg)

File: a5b063af26e1e05⋯.png (895.2 KB, 750x734, 375:367, Trump Crsader.png)

023e88  No.5088568


Damn white kids again!

416f2a  No.5088569

File: e87d7772ba81fac⋯.jpg (12.34 KB, 255x255, 1:1, eyebleach.jpg)

77fbeb  No.5088570


>running around bitching about jews

No one is doing that

I'm attempting to red pill people in my circle of influence, have had some good results

But some I find are just beyond hope, like Yuri mentions in his interview

And I don't typically even bring up the JQ, I only mention the Talmud and it's contents if the conversation steers that way

8ee1f8  No.5088571


>Roths and their buddies are the deceived slaves of Lucifer.

Lucifer is a reference to the planet Venus. They obviously know this, which is why they don't give 2 shits about what they do to us in the course of their lives.

084bb3  No.5088572

So now come to find out my fucken tax person is a liberal. Why do they always bring up politics.

Do others find this happening. Just in random conversation somehow Trump always gets brought up?

1b0518  No.5088573



cf1944  No.5088574


(Have you seen a gayer meme? Kek…)

These JIDF-fags respond to me with this shit within 16 seconds! Fucking awesome.

fc4894  No.5088575


Does it help if I call you muhniggerjuh?

Jorno's should be out practicing their coding, not fucking around the workhouses Cory "ILoveMeSomeSFWhoring-Bookerin

350578  No.5088576


On the right track.

26ecf2  No.5088577


>scare the piss out of em

go away faggot

1acd25  No.5088578

File: ccc7f9c45c50634⋯.png (141.65 KB, 769x573, 769:573, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a0fcb45dadc3181⋯.png (353.2 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)


I was averaging.


In 2015 the CDC estimated a total of 638,169

638,169/365=1,748. So let's call it 1,750. The rate has come down a little bit. My first calculation was based off some older numbers but still…1,750 a day is way too many.

f6757f  No.5088579


Life begins at conception. Biological fact

Birth control killing an unfertilized egg is where I'm at. NO IUD

1ae746  No.5088580

File: 3becfcbeae09eeb⋯.jpg (15.92 KB, 255x255, 1:1, Wild Bill Toga!.jpg)


Can do it faster if you like

You are no match

013915  No.5088581


Unbelievable. But, it's his lesson to learn.

77b712  No.5088582

3e484b  No.5088583


You get my point though right. So if I walked up to a bench and told three people… Hey guys did you know the jews are actually the ones controlling the govenrment and that they are evil. How many of them will listen to you? They are run like hell thinking your a fucking crazy motherfucking nazi.

50f4e9  No.5088584

Lots of chat bots out tonight. Former journalists learning to code? Well, y'all need to learn moar.

cf1944  No.5088585


If you coddle the Jews, then… then they will love you, anon.

Fucking faggot.

0aca91  No.5088586


The end game is not about culture or politics the way that most people view these things. Its about evil. This is why Q brought up the Y-heads and the Satan worship/sacrifice thing. These people are carrying on the traditions of demon-worshiping elites who have ruled societies since (shortly after) the beginning. They want more centralized control. Governments and borders and nationalist policies are in their way. That's what the globalist treaties, open borders, and the UN's MIgration Pact/Agenda 21, etc are all about. The migrations are about redistributing people so that they can spread the needed resources more efficiently via globalized socialism. The plan was to gut the USA and use its wealth to pay for the whole thing. They also needed another big chemical war which was to be the cover for a massive global population reduction. Hillary was supposed to win the election and start a huge war with Russia. She was to keep the TPP and TiSA, the open the USA's borders to the UN.

They seriously never thought she could lose. And after she did their whole plan went to shit.

They don't have an endgame anymore because they are scared of Trump and have no idea what he might do next.

76f7ef  No.5088587

Follow the stars…

Charlottesville, VA Area - Keswick - Cismont Celebrity SHORT LIST:

Screen: Sissy Spacek (Oscar-winning actress), Howie Long (Fox Sports football analyst, Radio Shack pitchman), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (actor, former WWE wrestler) bought a house out in Orange County horse country in 2007, Sister, Sister star Tim Reid and his wife Daphne Maxwell Reid, who are movie producers now, but he'll never be forgotten as WKRP's Venus Flytrap.

Politics: Julian Bond (fiery NAACP chair), Lawrence Eagleburger (frequent Fox News commentator and Secretary of State for about five minutes during administration of Bush 41), Larry Sabato (television's favorite politico talking head), Nathaniel Howell (ambassador to Kuwait during the Gulf War), John Whitehead (religious/civil rights fighter who rose to national prominence by pressing the Paula Jones case against Bill Clinton), Philip Zelikow (historian, UVA professor, Pulitzer Prize winner for authoring The 9/11 Commission Report), Henry Hager (son-in-law of President George W. Bush and a student at the Darden School of Business).

Money: Patricia Kluge (billionaire's ex-wife turned businesswoman), Edgar Bronfman (heir to Seagram fortune and bison purveyor), Coran Capshaw (music mogul, manager of Dave Matthews Band)

Music: Chris Daughtry, Maxine Jones (member of Grammy-nominated '90s girl group En Vogue), Mary Chapin Carpenter (Batesville's resident folkie), Corey Harris (bayou blues), Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, LeRoi Moore, and Boyd Tinsley (Dave Matthews Band), Tom Peloso (Modest Mouse, formerly of local faves the Hackensaw Boys).

Literature: John Grisham (world's #3 novelist– topped only by Dan "Da Vinci Code" Brown and that clever Rowling lady), Jan Karon (Jessica Mitford series), John Casey (Spartina), Rita Mae Brown (from Rubyfruit Jungle to Sneaky Pie Brown mysteries), Ann Beattie and Deborah Eisenberg (darlings of MFA programs), Dahlia Lithwick (legal correspondent for Slate), Rita Dove (former U.S. Poet Laureate) Charles Wright, (Pulitzer Prize-winning poet).

Sports: Gene Corrigan (longtime ACC Commissioner, former NCAA president). Howie Long (Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, see "screen" above), Bob Rotella (renowned sports psychologist to pro athletes galore), Mike Cubbage (former Major League third-baseman, one-time Boston Red Sox manager), Billy Wagner (All-Star New York Mets relief pitcher resides on a farm near Crozet during the off-season), Bruce Arena (former UVA, D.C. United, and U.S. National soccer coach), Pete Gillen (former UVA men's basketball coach, analyst for CBS Sports).

Pop Culture: Peter Max (pop artist whose works look like the Yellow Submarine cover) owns land near Yogaville in Buckingham, Cathy Baker Purcell (the "That's all" girl from Hee-Haw) lives in Orange County, Julann Griffin, ex-wife of Merv, co-founder of Jeopardy!, and owns a farm in Fluvanna.

Moved away: Muhammed Ali ("The Greatest" owned Nelson County property in the mid-'80s), Tami Hoag (best selling author), Dave Matthews (rocker moved here from South Africa when he was 16, moved to Seattle in the early millennium), Tina Fey (30 Rock star, former SNL head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor went to UVA), Katie Couric (America's favorite news gal happens to be a UVA alumna), Jessica Lange, Sam Shepard (romantically linked for decades, this thespian couple owned an Albemarle farm until the mid-'90s, moved to Minnesota and now live in a co-op in New York), Lawrence Ferlenghetti (renowned poet and founder of San Francisco's City Lights Bookstore, he owned a home on Park Street from 1998 to 2002), John Kluge (once the richest man in the world, he's now ranked #52 by Forbes with a fortune of $9 billion), Antonin Scalia (Supreme Court justice was a professor at UVA Law in the late '60s and early '70s), Edward Kennedy (Massachusetts senator

attended UVA Law in the late '50s, left with a J.D. degree and convictions for reckless driving, evading police, and driving without a license).

Dead fraud: Anna "Anastasia" Manahan. Claimant to the Russian throne was determined by DNA in 1994 to be not a romantic, missing grand duchess but a delirious Polish peasant who later married a local eccentric.

1b0518  No.5088588


Sobering - genocide stats

5e2c1a  No.5088589


reality is always so much better

6db3f6  No.5088590

File: 44b93deb06dc1af⋯.jpeg (23.68 KB, 255x253, 255:253, MyWallTrumpBuilt.jpeg)

Open letter to swamp despots, swamp scum, their pirates and their other vermin.


8ee1f8  No.5088591


>Biological fact

Tell that to an atheist, see how far that gets ya

26ecf2  No.5088592

File: 2847b3b61c6092c⋯.png (53.1 KB, 1317x701, 1317:701, digits200000000.png)

File: 73f02431540510c⋯.jpg (662.73 KB, 4032x3024, 4:3, wendys our secret.jpg)

f6757f  No.5088593

File: 58fbd1b51a3e9cd⋯.jpg (79.87 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-evolution-is-the-roo….jpg)

350578  No.5088594


Meme farmer. Top kek.

14ac37  No.5088595


>unfertilized egg

That's prior to conception hombre.

91c60a  No.5088596

So what if Barr appoints Whitaker for assistant AG then steps down?

Asking for a fren

4d16f0  No.5088597


Megashill spouting more shit. >>5088574

And more. You are a leftist jew that hates your own projecting like the cuck you are. Or maybe a mohammed or jesuit cuck?

fb9cf9  No.5088598


It’s a lot easier to start with women. A good ice breaker is Oprah and Satanism. 🤣

3e484b  No.5088599


yup. I give. my point is made. I just get so sick of the abortion argument. Both sides know its never going to end. Like most of this shit, this arguement must be some kind of profitable business of some kind. I just sick of looking at uborn fetuses on billboards all fukin day long.

1acd25  No.5088600

File: 30b27b6f91ba97d⋯.png (346.76 KB, 411x500, 411:500, ClipboardImage.png)

9a3ab7  No.5088601


How the deep state gets anons to watch the

stars. Lolol

cf1944  No.5088602

File: 10f7636202e7eb7⋯.jpg (89.39 KB, 960x940, 48:47, Trump-Cuck-15.jpg)

1ae746  No.5088603

File: b9d30f25bf32779⋯.jpg (16.51 KB, 420x312, 35:26, Hitler miss me yet.jpg)


is that fast enough for joo?

cf1944  No.5088604

File: 8fb5de8805ef6ba⋯.jpg (91.96 KB, 620x413, 620:413, Cuck28.jpg)

71da29  No.5088605

File: 13e25ad3e1c7601⋯.jpg (449.77 KB, 1984x1144, 248:143, nsdimention.jpg)

fc4894  No.5088606


I see those two kike twins can't remember tehir midget names those 4 foot tall gnomes - the gay boy super power twins… definitely

837f49  No.5088607

File: ef564c8ffbe8e21⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2224x1519, 2224:1519, DDACC52A-ED86-413A-9881-3….jpeg)

Eddie Murphey had a brother on Chapelle >>5088122

show, he passed away in 2017.

78ee59  No.5088608

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

590e2a  No.5088609

File: c927509326d7c4b⋯.jpg (175.32 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 2t8nst.jpg)

ca2433  No.5088610



all those quotes seem to be legit

they're fucked up too

what exactly don't you agree with?

26ecf2  No.5088612

File: d7fbd87bc079d62⋯.jpeg (166.47 KB, 750x424, 375:212, gallows.jpeg)


leave now

8415b0  No.5088613

File: e1f91d0bc8f4d32⋯.png (169.77 KB, 565x353, 565:353, 6549876456m.png)


Fact indeed. Life begins at conception. With a flash of LIGHT.



191eab  No.5088614


The lowest minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hr. If someone works full time for a year that is right over $15,000 before taxes.

3e484b  No.5088615


Ugh I guess some people just dont have it in them to win.

eed4fa  No.5088616


>PEDOWOOD trying to normalize age gap with mature female ?

I've been noticing this trend too.

Perhaps there are high-profile females who would rather no one took their crimes seriously and are prepping the masses to minimize female>male sex crimes against children. (Oprah, are you paying attention? Care to comment on this?)

b565f8  No.5088617


Why would one trust Descartes for such a foundational position?

26ecf2  No.5088618


is that all you got bot?

c85b07  No.5088619

File: 910efd71b3a0c9f⋯.jpg (12.51 KB, 255x187, 15:11, pepecomfyshades.jpg)

6db3f6  No.5088620

The cowards who would suffer a countryman to be torn from the bowels of their society in order to be thus offered a sacrifice to parliamentary tyranny, would merit that everlasting infamy now fixed on the authors of the act!

That these are the acts of power assumed by a body of men foreign to our constitutions, and unacknowleged by our laws; against which we do, on behalf of the inhabitants of British America, enter this our solemn and determined protest. And we do earnestly intreat his majesty, as yet the only mediatory power between the several states of the British empire, to recommend to his parliament of Great Britain the total revocation of these acts, which however nugatory they be, may yet prove the cause of further discontents and jealousies among us.

Thomas Jefferson

5f4daa  No.5088621

File: 9e6f0f67fa67852⋯.jpg (171.72 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 20190208_164215.jpg)

File: 26c637ee6361b73⋯.jpg (129.69 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 20190208_164149.jpg)

AZ Illegals and Drug Traffic

With Codes not known on Jugs

Any Help Decoding?

2274d0  No.5088622

Put it into your kids. Pain coming.

7554b0  No.5088623


Same with suffrage. Men used to be responsible for the acts and obligations of their women. Now, they are responsible for themselves. How's that equal pay feel?

Ran into a woman whose SUV wouldn't start at the gas station. Was impressed she knew how to use baking soda on the battery terminals, but wasn't the problem, alternator. She mentioned she's doing this on her own.

8ee1f8  No.5088624


Aside from atheists, this country allows freedom of religion, and there are several other religions besides Christianity in this World. You can't hold up a Bible and start telling people what to do. Especially when most of the people who read the Bible have no idea what Message is being relayed.

3e484b  No.5088625


Oh god no. Women are so jacked up in trends and cell phones and fasion, I gave up on them. That there is pointless.

2ff8a2  No.5088626

f941de  No.5088627


Seems the word did not originate with a color of skin but with the serpent people, the beast in semi human form.

Not African, but who brought that term out to name the slaves are the same who perhaps were not whites, but were the same who owned slave ships and now have many f the same race in our congress. The same who still see others races as slaves.

013915  No.5088628


I get that.

26ecf2  No.5088629

File: 1bacf84419effc5⋯.png (559.52 KB, 698x440, 349:220, jidfspecops.png)

b565f8  No.5088630



1ae746  No.5088631

File: c15e3d099755e9c⋯.gif (1.05 MB, 245x131, 245:131, Get that roach.gif)


joo are not fast enough

8c0946  No.5088632

File: a80af8ef40d7a16⋯.jpg (151.95 KB, 752x908, 188:227, ocasiojoo.JPG)


cf1944  No.5088633


So you are claiming that the Babylonian Talmud is made up? Because I argued the opposite, and you say I'm a "shill"….

Well, I backed up my talk, Jew… Let's see you back up yours.

I'll wait…

14ac37  No.5088634


$13,852.50 after FICA taxes are stolen by the employer on behalf of the federal government.

b565f8  No.5088635


Spoken like one who considers us animals!

26ecf2  No.5088636

File: 920d261174fd910⋯.jpg (52.54 KB, 322x819, 46:117, jrsmallhands01.JPG)

3e484b  No.5088637


lol. Im done. no more arguing with the nazi tards for the night.

77fbeb  No.5088638


Right, which is why I don't do that, like I said

My point was, when the JQ does come up

you can provide evidence that some group of people wants to kill you

wants to exterminate your kind

they can actually read it, absorb it

completely understand its meaning

and think it's nothing.

All I can think is they are fucking insane

like their defensive instincts are completely absent

350578  No.5088639


Getting warmer.

8415b0  No.5088640


"allows" key word.

But founded on Christian principals.

2274d0  No.5088641

Times up.

084bb3  No.5088642


Chappelle recently touring again, after long break. Did he make a deal?

552d7b  No.5088643

File: b53c64bc6d7741c⋯.jpg (45.76 KB, 386x499, 386:499, hitlermeinwompf.jpg)

013915  No.5088644


Kek. "Their women". You're killing me.

eed4fa  No.5088645

File: 915eac3f1284324⋯.jpg (342.66 KB, 600x833, 600:833, Thank-You-Meme-Farmer.jpg)

cf1944  No.5088646


Jew-rat, false "shill" shouter, BTFO… See for yourself.

f941de  No.5088647

>>5084981 pb

>>5084382 pb trump tweet

H should be B

think mirror

B should be H

Barack Hussein

e7a07c  No.5088648


baker notable

0f28a7  No.5088649

Never catch me.

Only if I allow it.

cf1944  No.5088650


Where's your response to the 1st comment, Jew-rat?

Cat got your tongue, faggot?

230146  No.5088651

this board doesn't want the truth, they just want the comfortable Hollywood ending they've been promised

91c58b  No.5088652


Well if you want to pull some memes representing the Venezuela socialist hospital services there's a plethora of images for the horror show the hospitals have become in this video.


4d16f0  No.5088653


I’m not digging this shit again tonight. Shills constantly quote verses that do not exist. This subversions has been going on hundreds of years. Best to stay away from it in general imo and leave it the appropriate threads. Much debate on the Talmud and it’s contents. Trump has been clear on his Israeli position.

4439c1  No.5088654

File: 8788be1f493dd46⋯.jpeg (364.03 KB, 1811x1148, 1811:1148, F67AE4B0-E5A9-4068-B430-F….jpeg)

File: 0f8fd2829195998⋯.jpeg (723.65 KB, 1936x2448, 121:153, 6627DECA-504B-40AA-8BD5-2….jpeg)

01a4e8  No.5088655

File: 98ab2f937f7a59f⋯.jpg (137.98 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, randy quaid heart.jpg)

File: 3cb4294a80ccf2c⋯.png (432.74 KB, 502x648, 251:324, randywin.png)

279bf4  No.5088656


That's what they are here for, to cause Dissension. You have to ignore them or filter them. It's the only way

27d45b  No.5088657

File: dfeb38fe15f775d⋯.png (390.05 KB, 846x552, 141:92, bezos pocket rocket.png)

fc4894  No.5088658



That JUH gets 200k a year jsut because. where do ((you)) think OcasionnallyCortextuallyConstant gets her socialistic views.

It's American taxpayer funded too!

2274d0  No.5088659

Everybody who has every fucked me hard is gone.

b9cf60  No.5088660

…I blame Saturn worship and that damn cube.

cf1944  No.5088661


I do miss him… And no, I'm not Jewish. Ewwww…. (shivers).

c30584  No.5088662

It's like someone can't figure out that the central red pill in all of this was the Satanic elite sacrificing children.>>5088355

c85b07  No.5088663

File: 7012656a2df1ee4⋯.jpeg (87.21 KB, 1136x841, 1136:841, pepe;;; .jpeg)

Shouldn't Adam Schiff recuse himself from Russia probe now that he's been caught hobnobbing with Fusion GPS?

A while back, then-attorney general Jeff Sessions was forced to recuse himself from the investigation into President Trump's campaign's supposed collusion with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. The grounds for it? Sessions had shaken hands and made small talk with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak, meaning he had a conflict of interest. Sessions, being the honorable naïf he was, obliged.

Where is the pressure for Schiff to recuse himself from this entire Russia farce? Sessions did it. It's now time for Schiff to live by these same rules he created for others.


1b0518  No.5088665

File: 1bd2b69f7a0f439⋯.png (138.91 KB, 796x529, 796:529, Nathanson Lies Behind Roe ….png)

File: 7977c35f8c5e884⋯.png (191.99 KB, 594x768, 99:128, Suppress Life Begins at Co….png)


Dr. Nathanson confessed that to get abortion legalized they had to bury the scientific fact that human life begins at conception.

f6757f  No.5088666


They hated John Paul II for this, he gave the scientific answer and removed all religion from the conversation.

1995 ((Abortion is why they tried to kill him))

60. Some people try to justify abortion by claiming that the result of conception, at least up to a certain number of days, cannot yet be considered a personal human life. But in fact, "from the time that the ovum is fertilized, a life is begun which is neither that of the father nor the mother; it is rather the life of a new human being with his own growth.

It would never be made human if it were not human already. This has always been clear, and … modern genetic science offers clear confirmation. It has demonstrated that from the first instant there is established the programme of what this living being will be: a person, this individual person with his characteristic aspects already well determined.

Right from fertilization the adventure of a human life begins, and each of its capacities requires time-a rather lengthy time-to find its place and to be in a position to act".57

Even if the presence of a spiritual soul cannot be ascertained by empirical data, the results themselves of scientific research on the human embryo provide "a valuable indication for discerning by the use of reason a personal presence at the moment of the first appearance of a human life: how could a human individual not be a human person?".



279bf4  No.5088667


I want the Truth. I want a SHITSTORM of TRUTH.

7aba0e  No.5088668

File: 1bef50effad59c0⋯.jpeg (95.12 KB, 500x609, 500:609, image.jpeg)

78ee59  No.5088669

is there any evidence for vril parasiet eyeball

7aba0e  No.5088670

File: 4af7c756373f104⋯.jpeg (59.88 KB, 500x814, 250:407, image.jpeg)

7dc724  No.5088671

File: 08fbcab869618bf⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1210x794, 605:397, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at ….png)

File: 0534e120e6bb3f7⋯.png (578.24 KB, 1286x1154, 643:577, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at ….png)

File: 7c9c430004cd9ed⋯.png (277.03 KB, 1274x1234, 637:617, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at ….png)

File: dd5afdd0a8d482c⋯.png (75.57 KB, 1232x266, 88:19, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at ….png)

planefags/anons probably pick this up already, but around the same time (Feb. 5), the so called, mil/op 'exercise' was a P-8A Poseidon circling Los Angeles.


013915  No.5088672


You gave them Aids, huh?

5e2c1a  No.5088673


you are mistaken .. people read the Bible and know what it means…also the God of the Bible doesn't force anybody to believe in him that choice is yours .. unlike most other religions

Matthew 10:14

“And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

cf1944  No.5088674


You want to win like Justin Trudeau wants to win. By being a faggy, pansy to your enemies, in hopes they will like you.

We simplified this type phenomena long ago… We call you, "Cowards".

98e4de  No.5088675


Silver jug Center or central

White jug Free water Land and liberty

9b28b4  No.5088676

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


THIS in not POTUS?


023e88  No.5088677


So when did life begin? This age old question that attempts to usurp God's authority by claiming that life "begins" at some point beyond conception has deceived people into believing that they themselves are the author and giver of life.

We are in 2019 and people pretend we haven't made any strides into preventing "unwanted" pregnancies. If it's "your body, your choice", how about figuring out how to not get knocked up?? The rape/incest/health of the mother #'s on abortions are so minuscule that it's a stupid argument for why abortion rights are so necessary. The vast majority of abortions are bc the woman didn't practice safe sex. There's just really no excuse for that in 2019. And yes,blue dude should've practiced safe sex as well, but no one gives a shit about that since the "my body my choice" female gets to decide the life or death of the INNOCENT human produced from that decision.

ca2433  No.5088678



>>5088063 GOP/Dems Set to Offer Trump a Quarter of $5.7B for Border Wall

>>5088090, >>5088440, >>5088401 Anti-Christian quotes from the Talmud

>>5088101 Haitians want Pres. Jovenel Moise gone on the two-year anniversary of his inauguration

>>5088235, >>5088292, >>5088300 ICE agents in North Carolina arrest hundreds of immigrants

>>5088259 Trump's "Eyeball-To-Eyeball" Orders To The Generals On Syria

>>5088260 Maryam Rajavi: All Iranians demand freedom, democracy, and overthrow of mullahs' regime

>>5088278 Robert (Beto) O'Rourke will headline a counter rally to POTUS'

>>5088283 Racist Yale Newspaper Editor Urges Students to Spy on White Male Classmates

>>5088323 Migrants banned from Finnish schools and daycare centers after multiple child rape cases

>>5088398 A pilot killed in a California crash was initially identified as a retired Chicago police officer. CPD says it has no record of him

>>5088663 Should Adam Schiff recuse himself from Russia probe now that it's known he was communicating with Fusion GPS?

you might not like it, but I found those quotes independently, they fucked up and I think notable

32021c  No.5088679

File: 4dcb55e63dbd04b⋯.jpeg (58.2 KB, 618x480, 103:80, 4B03DC4B-FEE4-4F15-AC6C-F….jpeg)

4d16f0  No.5088680


I’m saying you’re an ignorant fuck. You’re replying to yourself as well and have 41 posts shilltard. You don’t know Hebrew history at all. There’s much debate that you try to stereotype to your angle. Your purpose is to do only that and you have your copypasta at hand.

e15012  No.5088681


Another fact that has been buried are the statistics tying abortion to breast cancer. Dig and find the truth about the connection between abortion and breast cancer. HUGE!

98e4de  No.5088682


Adam Schiff sould resign then kill himself and apologize for his mother ever allowing him to be born

5f4daa  No.5088683

File: 31ee90cb8cd3503⋯.jpg (7.59 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, Q 5.5.jpg)

9132ee  No.5088684

People have no idea.

3e484b  No.5088685


Oh once in a while I try to see if the dipshits can actually think.

301c2a  No.5088686


Mad Hatter could be / associated with No name since No Name spent his time in a "H"otel in Hanoi.

Just My Thinking.

2ff8a2  No.5088687

File: e93e3455135dd43⋯.jpg (385.33 KB, 1024x813, 1024:813, anarchycookies (2).jpg)

Will interesting to see how supremes tackle teh question of when does life start. It surely wil be a twist not fathomed by the medical field or the theologians


4d16f0  No.5088688



Who is the 43 post faggot trying to prove a false point?

3e484b  No.5088689

78ee59  No.5088690

File: 47468e89269546a⋯.jpeg (68.77 KB, 800x577, 800:577, deniro11.jpeg)

26ecf2  No.5088691


>nazi tards

you suck at your job

eed4fa  No.5088692

File: b3dc5a3a52ef902⋯.jpg (253.15 KB, 736x1066, 368:533, Light-the-Candle.jpg)

0f28a7  No.5088693

They really don't.

2274d0  No.5088694

Mc Donald, hot af.

Mexican stand off.

9132ee  No.5088695

File: fe6279ea4741ed2⋯.jpeg (84.98 KB, 500x533, 500:533, 25BD4DA1-8E70-44DB-A472-4….jpeg)

Watch me disrupt the board.

cf1944  No.5088696


Yeah, unfortunately my Gentile-overlords only programmed me to expose the crimes of Kikes. Perhaps in 2020 I'll get an upgrade and can expose more about the Canaanites and Khazarians.

1ae746  No.5088697

File: 0be39be5d50aad1⋯.jpg (31.98 KB, 474x470, 237:235, Joo Porn 1.jpg)


told joo…..you are no match

de5520  No.5088698

The show is enjoyable, but I want the director’s commentary.

Where the fuck is Q?

1c2740  No.5088699

File: bfedcac7842d451⋯.png (263.15 KB, 618x412, 3:2, Screen-Shot-2019-02-05-at-….png)

File: 794292fd44fe505⋯.jpg (32.64 KB, 647x368, 647:368, prop-joe-the-wire-dead-rob….jpg)

This bitch look like PROP JOE from the wire.